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Reference 1320
Covering dates 1232-1946
Held by Surrey History Centre
Extent 12 series
Conditions of access No document may be consulted for legal purposes without the permission of Lord Onslow.

No further details   Stoke Park, 252a, to be sold 15 July 1879; Lot 1. Stoke Park Mansion (rooms described), with stabling, pleasure gardens and park, Stoughton private chapel and Stoke Manor. Schedule; Lot 2. Stoke Park Farm 143a 2r 11p, with farm buildings and homestead; Title to commence with lease and release of 2 & 3 May 1809 (marriage settlement); Solicitors: Walker Martineau & Co. Auctioneers: Lumleys of Piccadilly With plan.  1320/568/1  15 Jul 1879
No further details   Merrow Road Estate: 22 plots of building land to be sold 13 May 1879 by Hewett & Lee. With plan showing Down Road; Solicitors Henry Potter of Farnham and Guildford [?whether Lord Onslow's]  1320/568/2  13 May 1879
No further details   Cross Lanes, Merrow Road, building land to be sold 16 November 1880.  1320/568/3  16 Nov 1880
No further details   Guildford Park Estate: 24 plots of building land and 11 plots on Edgeborough Estate to be sold 7 March 1882. With plan.  1320/568/4  7 Mar 1882
No further details   Freehold building land in Guildford: 7 plots near station 'being remainder of field in which the Iron Church now stands' including Woodbridge Road, be sold 25 July 1882.  1320/568/5  25 Jul 1882

Folder icon  Freehold building land, Guildford; Edgeborough Estate: north side of Merrow Road, west side of Edgeborough Road; New Approach Estate: Woodbridge Road, Onslow Street, 2 plots fronting Cricket Field Road; Stoke Nursery Estate: Stoke Road, King's Road, Markenfield Road, site of railway depot; Guildford Park Estate; To be sold 18 September 1883 With plan.  1320/568/6  18 Sep 1883

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No further details   Freehold building land: 18 plots on south side of Farnham Road, Guildford Park Estate, 20 plots on Walnut Tree Close Estate, to be sold 21 December 1887  1320/568/7  21 Dec 1887
No further details   Freehold building land; Guildford Park Estate: Ludlow Road, Guildford Park Road; Farnham Road Estate: south side Farnham Road next engine shed, reserving footpath; Walnut Tree Close Estate: west side of new road to Walnut Tree Close; Onslow Street Estate; Woodbridge Road Estate; Stoke Nursery Estate: Stoke Road, Chertsey Street; Compton Lodge with garden and grounds; Stoke Fields; To be sold 13 February 1889  1320/568/8  13 Feb 1889
No further details   Stoke, Guildford, Burpham and Shalford; Falcon Road, Stoke; Lot 1: 4 cottages; Lot 2: 4 cottages; Lot 3: 4 cottages; Lot 4: 4 cottages; Lot 5: Cottage; Eagle Road, Stoke; Lot 6: 2 cottages; Lot 7: 1 cottage; Shalford; Lot 8: 2 cottages; Burpham; Lot 9: 2 cottages; Lot 10: Burpham Brickyard and cottage; To be sold 11 July 1903  1320/568/9  11 Jul 1903
No further details   Freehold building land, Newlands Corner Estate. 1st Edition. To be sold in 18 lots 18 Jun 1908. With plans  1320/568/12  18 Jun 1908
No further details   Freehold pleasure Farms in Stoke next Guildford, Woking, Worplesdon, Pyrford, Artington, Send and Ripley; 22 lots, including Old House, Pyrford; Townslow Meadow, in Pyrford; Woking Park Farm, parts of Broadmead, Papercourt Farm, Send; Highlands, Send and Ripley; Heathbarns Farm, Send and Ripley; Send Hill, Scotcher's Mead in Send and Ripley; 8 cottages known as Pimm's Row and Winterhill Farm in Worplesdon, Slyfield Farm Stoke Mill Mead and Park Barn Farm in Worplesdon and Artington and Stoke next Guildford; and Manor Farm in Artington; Stoke Park Farm in Worplesdon and Stoke next Guildford. Other unnamed cottages and land. With plans. To be sold 27 Jul 1909.  1320/568/13  27 Jul 1909

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