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Reference 6323
Covering dates 1873-1990
Held by Surrey History Centre
Conditions of access Records relating to named patients are closed to public inspection for 100 years (ref: 6323/6/1-6); 6323/2/1 & 6323/4/1 are closed for 30 years.
Source of acquisition Deposited by Mrs Valerie Cox of Ewell in December 1995.
Creators Epsom and Ewell Cottage Hospital, Epsom
Related information For the papers of W E and W H Bagshaw of Epsom, subscribers to and auditors of Epsom and Ewell Cottage Hospital, which include annual reports, 1873-1910, and papers relating to the opening of the hospital, 1873-1902, and to the building of a new Hospital in Alexandra Road, Epsom, 1886-1890, see 6134/1/1-17. Financial records of the hospital, including salaries books and a superannuation register, 1939-1948, are held as 2865/4/1-5. Annual reports of the hospital for 1909-1925, with gaps, are held as 3967/1-8.

Administrative history:
Epsom and Ewell Cottage Hospital was opened at Pembroke Cottages, Pikes Hill, Epsom, on 24 April 1873. Patients were taken from Epsom and neighbouring parishes. The hospital was financially supported by subscriptions and donations but patients were also expected to make weekly payments during their stay. In 1877 the hospital moved to Hawthorn Place in Epsom. The town chose to commemorate the Golden Jubilee of Queen Victoria by building a new hospital in Alexandra Road, Epsom, to the designs of J R Harding, the town surveyor, which was opened in 1889. The hospital was incorporated into the National Health Service in 1948. It closed in 1988 and was replaced by Epsom and Ewell Community Hospital in Nov 1990.

ANNUAL REPORTS  6323/1  1873-1947

Volume of annual reports comprising numbers 1, 3 to 12, 14 to 19, and 21 to 28 and including the Report of the Committee appointed to build a new Epsom and Ewell Cottage Hospital in Alexandra Road, Epsom, [1890]  6323/1/1  1873-1900

Thirteenth annual report  6323/1/2  1885-1886

Twenty-ninth annual report  6323/1/3  1901

Thirtieth annual report  6323/1/4  1902

Thirty-first annual report  6323/1/5  1903

Thirty-second annual report  6323/1/6  1904

Thirty-fourth annual report  6323/1/7  1906

Thirty-fifth annual report  6323/1/8  1907

Forty-sixth annual report  6323/1/9  1918

Forty-seventh annual report  6323/1/10  1919

Forty-eighth annual report  6323/1/11  1920

Forty-ninth annual report  6323/1/12  1921

Final report and accounts  6323/1/13  31 Dec 1947

MINUTE BOOKS  6323/2  1973-1984

Staff Committee  6323/2/1  1973-1984

Staff Committee signed minute book  6323/2/1  20 Apr 1973 -2 Apr 1984

HONORARY SECRETARY  6323/3  1897-c.1969

Bundle of financial papers and accounts including list of receipts and payments of the Building and Endowment Fund, 1897, a report relating to the reduction of staff and running costs at the hospital, 1903, copy minutes and papers relating to the establishment of a Finance Committee to oversee the financial affairs of the hospital in 1918, income and expenditure account, 1919, and a report and list of subscribers to the Extension Fund account, 1926  6323/3/1  1897-1926

File of correspondence received by the Honorary Secretary. The file is not in chronological order but papers relating to particular subjects were found together and this arrangement has been retained. The subjects include Hospital Trustees, financial investments, fund-raising, staffing, standard of nursing, treatment of accident cases, Ewell Prisoners of War Fund and the treatment of ex-Service men, rating of hospital premises, sanitation, fire protection, fabric and fittings and legacies  6323/3/2  c.1900 -c.1937

Bundle of returns relating to income and expenditure, bed numbers, salary costs and patient statistics made by Epsom and Ewell Cottage Hospital to the Metropolitan Hospital Sunday Fund, with a copy of The Revised Uniform System of Hospital Accounts as adopted by the Fund. The terms of reference of the Fund are not known  6323/3/3  1914-1939

Album of press cuttings relating to Epsom and Ewell Cottage Hospital compiled by the Honorary Secretary  6323/3/4  c.1925 -c.1969

Memorandum from the Ministry of Health to Hospital Officers stating which hospitals should receive particular categories of casualties during wartime  6323/3/5  1940

Envelope listing stock receipts relating to the hospital endowment, reserve fund, general purposes fund, Buller Trust, Allen Foster Fund and Cheam United Services Fund  6323/3/6  nd [?20th cent]


File of papers accumulated by Claudia Attwood, OPD Sister, relating to the closure of Epsom and Ewell Cottage Hospital and opening of the Epsom and Ewell Community Hospital  6323/4/1  1988-1990


Inventory of furniture and effects at Epsom and Ewell Cottage Hospital  6323/5/1  Feb 1926

Inventory of furniture and effects at Epsom and Ewell Cottage Hospital Staff Home  6323/5/2  Feb 1926

PATIENTS' RECORDS  6323/6  1921-1961

Register of treatment of particular patients  6323/6/1  3 Jun 1921 -1 Feb 1922

Register of minor surgery giving the name and address of each patient and brief details of the treatment administered  6323/6/2  1 Jan 1924 -31 Dec 1931

Register of war patients  6323/6/3  11 Aug 1940 -10 Aug 1943

Bundle of covers for medical history documents of war casualties. Details of the patient's name, address, place of injury, religion and next of kin are written on the front of the cover, together with the name of the hospital to which the patient was admitted, their case number and dates of admission and discharge. 6 covers  6323/6/4  31 Mar 1942 -4 Aug 1944

Operations register, giving the name and age of the patient, the date and nature of the operation and the name of the surgeon  6323/6/5  10 Nov 1947 -5 Feb 1954

Operations register, giving the name and age of the patient, the ward they were on, the type of operation and whether it was an emergency, the name of the anæsthetist, surgeon and sister in charge and the type of anæsthetic used  6323/6/6  2 Jan 1954 -21 Dec 1961

Register of daily meals for patients, private patients and staff  6323/6/7  nd [c.1920]


Matrons' Advisory Committee  6323/7/1  1949-1957

The Matrons' Advisory Committee was formed by the Matrons of the Epsom Group in Dec 1949 in response to a request from the Nursing Adviser to the South West Metropolitan Regional Hospital Board. The first secretary was Miss Lines, Matron of Leatherhead Hospital. In 1957 the secretary was Miss G Smallridge, Matron of Cuddington Hospital. The reason for the presence of the records below in this deposit is not known.

Bundle of minutes and correspondence of the secretary to the Matron's Advisory Committee  6323/7/1  9 Dec 1949 -20 Aug 1957

Annual Report  6323/7  1950-1951

Epsom Group Hospital Management Committee Third Annual Report  6323/7/2  1 Aug 1950 -31 Jul 1951

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