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Reference 6275
Covering dates 1964-1969
Held by Surrey History Service
Conditions of access Although the burial registers are open to public inspection, items 6275/2/1-2 are closed to public inspection for one hundred years.
Source of acquisition Deposited by the Librarian of the College of Nursing at West Park Hospital per the Curator of Bourne Hall Museum, in January 1994. The reason for these records having been given to the Library of the College of Nursing at West Park Hospital is unclear, but they are believed to have been presented to the library by an audio-visual technician from Long Grove Hospital when it closed in 1992.
Creators Horton Estate Cemetary, Epsom, 1902-; Long Grove Hospital
Related information For registers of deaths at Long Grove Hospital, Epsom, 1907-1938, see 6251/4/92-99. Those relating to The Manor Hospital, Epsom, 1909-1920, are held as 6282/13/66-67. For registers of deaths at West Park Hospital, Epsom, 1924-1962, see 6294/7/56-63. Records of St Ebba's Hospital, Epsom, are held as 6292/-.Records of Horton Hospital, Epsom, are held by the London Metropolitan Archives.

Administrative history:
The Horton Estate Cemetery was established in Hook Road, Epsom, in 1902 for the interment of patients from the Epsom Cluster of Hospitals administered by the London County Council (LCC). The survival of these copy burial registers kept by Long Grove Hospital, relating to the same cemetery and covering the same period suggests that while Horton Hospital maintained the official burial registers, the other hospitals which comprised the Epsom Cluster (Long Grove, The Manor, St Ebba's and West Park Hospitals) each kept their own copies. The fair registers kept by Horton Hospital were deposited with Surrey History Centre in May 1996 and are held as 6336/-. They provide a more complete record of the burial of patients from each of the Epsom Cluster Hospitals at the cemetery but, because they have not been thoroughly checked for accuracy, the registers which comprise the present deposit have been retained as a point of reference in case of difficulty. Searches for details of the burial of particular patients should, however, be made in 6336/- rather than in the imperfect copies held in the present deposit.

In the burial registers the letters 'a' and 'b' after the plot numbers indicate the relative position of the burial to the path; 'a' being nearest the footpath and 'b' further away. From c. Jan 1947 'c' and 'd' were also used on some plots numbers, suggesting that plots might now accommodate four bodies.
Annotation relating to the location of particular graves shows that there was a chapel at the cemetery. However, according to a memorandum of 1 Feb 1932 from the Chief Officer of the LCC Mental Hospitals Department to the Farm Bailiff at Horton, now inserted in 6336/1, the cemetery was not consecrated.
Although burial registers relating to service personnel buried at the Horton Estate Cemetery during the Second World War are held at Epsom Cemetery, Ashley Road, Epsom, correspondence inserted in 6336/1 relates to two Commonwealth war burials at the cemetery in 1918 and 1941.


Horton Estate Cemetery, copy of register of interments of patients from the Epsom Cluster hospitals, including grave number, name of hospital, name and age of patient and date of burial. The volume covers plot numbers 1-2258 but there are many gaps and the plot numbers are arranged in batches of numbers rather than numerical order: Plots 2-46 face p 1, plots 954-1190 cover pp69-73, plots 192-320, 1880-1889, 2130-2247, 1300-1326, 900-956, 414-550, 602-752, 629-675, 848-874, 676-695, 1090-1091, 1070-1072, 1092, 1070-1072, 1094-1100, 1082-1088, 1068, 2182, 696-863, 202-207, 864-867, 212-217, 868-871, 222-228, 872-874, 232-237, 875-879, 243-247, 880-883, 252-257, 884-887, 262-268, 888-891, 273-278, 892-895, 283-287, 896-899, 292-297, 900-902, 913-914, 303-306, 880, 1118, 882, 1116, 1114, 8884, 1108, 1120, 886, 1102-1104, 888, 870, 890, 872, 876, 868, 878, 1112, 1110, 1499, 1497, 1501, 1106, 1495, 640, 31-59, 7-27, 4-189, 238-256, 307-322, and 6 follow on un-numbered pages. Roman Catholics are listed at the rear of the volume and cover plots 1276, 616-846, 189, 1054-1066, 1278-1288, 1450-1578, 1690-2048, 2097-2258  6275/1/1  15 Aug 1907-27 Jan 1939

Dissection of burials register, including date of burial, name of hospital, name of patient and grave number. The plot numbers covered by this volume, 114-1549, duplicate those covered by 6275/1 while relating to different names. This may indicate re-use of plots. Numbers of bodies received from each hospital are stated at the end of each month  6275/1/2  1 Apr 1926-26 Aug 1939

Register of interments, including grave number, name of hospital, name and age of patient and date of interment. The plot numbers covered by this volume include 904-1572 and there is some duplication with 6275/11/2  6275/1/3  27 May 1930-25 Aug 1939

Hospital undertaker's notebook, including names of patients, their measurements, place of burial, date of removal and date of burial. The name of the hospital is not given but appears from an examination of the death registers, 6251/4/92-99, not to be Long Grove  6275/1/4  14 Jun 1949-4 Jan 1957


For post mortem registers of Long Grove Hospital, 1907-1950, see 6251/4/100-125.

Long Grove Hospital post mortem examination book, female  6275/2/1  13 Dec 1962-17 Jun 1969

Loose post mortem examination reports found inserted in 6275/2/1. 12 items  6275/2/2  6 Jul 1965-26 Jan 1970

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