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Reference HA12
Covering dates c1100-1951
Held by Suffolk Record Office, Lowestoft Branch
Extent 61 Series
Source of acquisition Additional Deposits Accession 4553 deposited 1978 Accession 6864 deposited 11 September 1984
Creators Adair family, baronets, of Flixton Hall; Tasburgh family of Flixton, Suffolk
Related information Transferred to the Public Record Office in Northern Ireland

HA12/A Family and Personal, Local and Official
HA12/A1 Tasburgh Family
HA12/A2 Adair Family: general
HA12/A3 William Adair
HA12/A4 Alexander Adair
HA12/A5 Robert Shafto Adair
HA12/A6 Sir Robert Alexander Shafto Adair
HA12/A7 Shafto Adair
HA12/A8 Sir Frederick Adair
HA12/A9 Ecclesiastical Patronage
HA12/A10 Schools
HA12/A11 Persons not members of the Tasburgh or Adair families
HA12/B Suffolk Estate: Evidences of Title
HA12/B1 Miscellaneous collections (see note at beginning of this section)
HA12/B2 Early deeds (see note at beginning of this section)
HA12/B3 Family settlements and general evidences of title
HA12/B4 Numbered bundles (see note at beginning of this section)
HA12/B5 Other later title deeds.
HA12/C Suffolk Estate: Manorial Administration
HA12/C1 Feudal and honorial
HA12/C2 Manor of Southelmham
HA12/C3 Manor of Flixton (Priory)
HA12/C4 Manor of Boyses in Flixton
HA12/C5 Manors of Sancroft and Newhall in Flixton
HA12/C6 Manor of Cratfield Roos
HA12/C7 Manor of Creeting St. Olave
HA12/C8 Manor of Depden
HA12/C9 Manor of Naughton
HA12/C10 Manor of Redlingfield
HA12/C11 Miscellaneous manorial records
HA12/D Suffolk Estate: Estate Management
HA12/D1 General accounts and vouchers
HA12/D2 Rent accounts and vouchers
HA12/D3 Particulars and valuations of the estate
HA12/D4 Maps and plans
HA12/D5 Clerk of the Works' reports and relative papers
HA12/D6 Correspondence and letter books
HA12/D7 Lands Improvement Company
HA12/D8 Tenancy agreements and relative papers
HA12/D9 Farms in hand
HA12/D10 Home Farm, with Cooper's, Abbey and Grange Farms: also Flixton Hall Farm
HA12/D11 Southelmham Hall Farm and Roberson's Farm
HA12/D12 St. Peter's or Freestone's Farm
HA12/D13 Shadow Barn Farm (Ilketshall St. Margaret)
HA12/D14 St. Andrew's Farm
HA12/D15 Shotford Hall Farm (Mendham)
HA12/D16 Hill or Harvey's Farm, Redlingfield
HA12/D17 Dandy's Farm
HA12/D18 Ixworth Farm
HA12/D19 Unidentified Farms
HA12/D20 Blacksmith
HA12/D21 Coachman
HA12/D22 Gamekeeper
HA12/D23 Gardener
HA12/D24 Woodman
HA12/D25 Timber-yard
HA12/D26 Brick-kiln, St. Cross
HA12/D27 General and miscellaneous
HA12/E Suffolk Estate: Legal Papers
HA12/E1 Flixton Tithe cause
HA12/E2 Other causes
HA12/F Irish Estate
HA12/F1 Evidences of title
HA12/F2 Leases and relative documents
HA12/F3 Rentals and accounts
HA12/F4 Records arising from the management of the estate, including some records of a semi-official nature
HA12/G Suffolk Estate (Additional)
HA12/G1 Accounts and rentals
HA12/G2 Reference and record books
HA12/G3 Letter books
HA12/G4 Maps and plans
HA12/6864/1-21 Various Flixton Hall Estate records (additional)


TASBURGH FAMILY  [no ref. or date]

Bill acknowledging debt of £40 owed by Richard Webb, London, draper, to John Tasburgh, Norwich, Esq.  HA12/A1/1  4 August 1551

Letter from John Tasburgh, Flixton, to 'his loving brother', Mr. Tracey at (Anuskie) or elsewhere, asking him to come and take up residence at Flixton, and referring to the payment of various sums of money.  HA12/A1/2  6 January 1600

Copy of inquisition taken at the King's Head, Bungay, 16 October 1657, by Henry Hoogan and others, Commissioners of the Lord Protector for finding out and seising 2/3 parts of the estates of Popish recusants, of the estates of Charles Tasburgh in Southelmham and elsewhere.  HA12/A1/3  No date

ADAIR FAMILY: GENERAL  [no ref. or date]

Bundle marked: Miscellaneous Papers, Family Pedigrees and information thereon  HA12/A2/1  25 April 1588-27 December 1880

Bond for the payment of £12: Captain John Harper and his cautioner, Robert Adair, to Alexander Mackgill, Edinburgh, merchant.  HA12/A2/1/1  17 July 1690

Declaration of trusts relating to lease of the town parks of Ballymena made by Sir Robert Adair to Robert Child, Dublin.  HA12/A2/1/2  14 March 1729

Assignment of Chancery Bill  HA12/A2/1/3  17 January 1745

Laying claim to the quarter land of Munineduft, being part of the lands of Lisnasillisbry and Lisbreen, brought by Francis Coughlan, Dublin, against William Magee, Rose, his wife, Alexander O'Hara, Ellinor, his wife, Alice O'Hara, the younger, Alice O'Hara, the elder and Charles O'Hara (as a Protestant discoverer on the several Acts made against the further growth of Popery in Ireland): Francis Coughlan to Sir Robert Adair.

Agreement articles between Sir Robert Adair and Nathaniel Shaw, Dublin, for the lease of houses in Dame St. and Crown Alley.  HA12/A2/1/4  15 July 1727

Declaration of trusts relating to lease of grist mills at Ballymena with the right of toll belonging thereto and the house and land enjoyed with the same, made by Sir Robert Adair to Robert Child.  HA12/A2/1/5, 6 and 9  6 March 1729

3 copies

Declaration by David Phillips, Ballymena, revoking claim to tithes of Ballymena, said to have been leased by Sir Robert Adair in trust for Thomas Phillips, deceased, father of the said David Phillips.  HA12/A2/1/7  23 October 1734

Bond for the payment of £100: John McDouall, Ballymena, to Sir Robert Adair.  HA12/A2/1/8  21 July 1738

Declaration of trusts relating to lease of paper mill in Ballymena made by Sir Robert Adair to Charles Gurnon, Ballymena.  HA12/A2/1/10  2 October 1741

Assignment by Charles O'Hara, Kinsaley, to Sir Robert Adair of agreement articles for conveyance of messuages, etc. in the City of Dublin, granted to Sir Robert Adair by Thomas Hallam, Little Clacton, Essex, in accordance with Chancery decree.  HA12/A2/1/11  20 March 1727

Declaration of trusts relating to lease of town parks of Ballymena made by Sir Robert Adair to Robert Child, Dublin.  HA12/A2/1/12  19 November 1729

Declaration of trusts relating to lease of customs, tolls and other duties payable for cattle, horses and sheep, and also for meal, corn, goods, merchandize, etc. sold at the yearly fairs and weekly markets at Ballymena, made by Sir Robert Adair to Robert Child.  HA12/A2/1/13  6 March 1729

Memorandum of agreement between Sir Robert Adair and James McClurgh, Ballee, farmer, for lease of quarter land in Clogher, Ballymena.  HA12/A2/1/14  23 January 1737/8

Undertaking by John McDouall not to take action against Sir Robert Adair for payment of sum of £150 due on a bond until the 1st May next following.  HA12/A2/1/15  14 June 1737

Undertaking by John McDouall to pay to Sir Robert Adair additional £25 for May rent for the Mill.  HA12/A2/1/16  18 May 1738

A/C of money due for rent, tithes, etc. from John McDouall to Sir Robert Adair.  HA12/A2/1/17  No date

Agreement between Sir Robert Adair and Henry, Earl of Shelburne, for the conveyance to Lord Shelburne of messuages, lands, tenements, etc. in the King's County and County of West Meath, purchased by Sir Robert Adair from Thomas Hallam, Little Clacton, Essex: Sir Robert to have power to let.  HA12/A2/1/18  6 November 1719 or 16 November 1719

Award of arbitration made by Rev. Hugh Maxwell and John Gordon in dispute between Sir Robert Adair and John McDowell and others.  HA12/A2/1/19  31 August 1739

Acknowledgement by Charles Davys, Hampstead, of receipt from Sir Robert Adair of sum due to his late father, John Davys, Hampstead, in the City of Dublin, on a bond made by Sir Robert Adair and John Dunlap, Ballymena, clerk.  HA12/A2/1/20  7 February 1745/6

Deed to declare uses of fine and recovery of manor of Kinhiltstowne alias Ballymena  HA12/A2/1/21  27 February 1682/3

2000 messuages, 1000 cottages, 2 water corn mills, 1 tuck mill, 1000 barns, 1000 gardens, 2000 acres of land, 1500 acres of meadow, 3000 acres of pasture, 500 acres of wood, 500 acres of moss, 500 acres of moor in Ballyloghcary, Loghragery, Ballyclogher, Ballygrigiwarran, Ballydrumnin, Ballyvally, Dunfaine, Ballynagarvey, Ballylissan, Ballymeanoch, Ballyloghan, Ballylymore, Duneveagh, Dungall, Monachan, Clonteconnela, Killflugh, Ballylug, Broghmolt, Cerninicke, Carrowdunway, Antiquintas, Ballynecabragh and the view of frankpledge of Kinhiltstown alias Ballymena: Robert Adair, Benjamin Adair, Loghermore, and Robert Dolway, Dublin.

Agreement by William Ker to surrender to Sir Robert Adair part of the common land near Ballymena leased to him for use as a bleach green, in order that a 'manufacture' may be erected thereon.  HA12/A2/1/22  16 Nov 1741

General release made by David Phillips, Ballymena, to Sir Robert Adair in accordance with agreement made between them for the settlement of their differences.  HA12/A2/1/23  23 August 1734

Bond to abide by award of arbitration to be made by Richard Bickerstaffe and John Donaldson between William and Archibald Adair and William Huston, Collybackie.  HA12/A2/1/24  18 April 1656

A/C of money due to Sir Robert Adair from Charles O'Hara  HA12/A2/1/25  1719

List of debts due to Charles O'Hara from various persons with assignment of the same to Sir Robert Adair as compensation for his having been confined in the King's Bench Prison, Southwark for 4 years on account of the said Charles O'Hara.  HA12/A2/1/26  10 December 1719

Agreement by John Fitzgerald to convey to Sir Robert Adair his interest in Willmore Fens and East and West Fens in the County of Lincoln.  HA12/A2/1/27  26 April 1715

General release: Alexander Boyd, Waterford, to Sir Robert Adair.  HA12/A2/1/28  10 July 1723

Bond for the payment of 20/-: John McCrystyne, Slyweic, County of Typearae to Robert Houstonne, Ballymena  HA12/A2/1/29  18 October 1659

Bond to abide by award of arbitration to be made by Randell Brice between John Gordon, Ballykeel, and Sir Robert Adair.  HA12/A2/1/30  7 Nov 1692

Agreement by Alexander Boyd, Waterford, to pay to Sir Robert Adair 20 years' purchase money for interest recited in agreement articles made between Sir Robert Adair and Alexander Boyd, 9 December 1714, to be computed at yearly rent of 8/- per acre.  HA12/A2/1/31  18 December 1714

Declaration by John Reilly concerning assignment of bond for payment of £921.1.1¼. made by Charles O'Hara to Sir Robert Adair and judgement concerning the same made in Court of Common Pleas: assigned by Sir Robert Adair to John Reilly as security for payment of £326.7.10. due to John Reilly by Sir Robert Adair.  HA12/A2/1/32  20 February 1741/2

Bond made by Robert McAlexander and Patrick McAlexander, Litter, King's County, to Archibald Adair, Litter  HA12/A2/1/33  30 August 1680

Undertaking to execute whatever deeds may be necessary to ensure payment of sums of 600 and 400 Scottish marks, forming part of the marriage portion of Elizabeth Adair, wife of Robert McAlexander, and assigned by them to Alexander Adair.

Inventory of original documents returned to Sir Robert Shafto Adair.  HA12/A2/1/34  9 April 1845

Grant of 5 merk lands of Corgie in the parish of Kirkmaidin in the County of Wigtown by Ninian Adair of Kinhilt to his second son, James Adair and his heirs.  HA12/A2/1/35  25 April 1588

Instrument of seisin following the grant in HA12/A2/1/35 Box 1  HA12/A2/1/36  25 April 1588

Attested copy of return of service of William Adair, Kinhilt, as nearest lawful heir of Ninian Adair, his father, made before the sheriff of Wigtown, 5 April 1608, duly returned to Chancery and notarially attested 13 April 1792.  HA12/A2/1/37  1792

Award of Isabel Edmonstone alias Haddoun concerning controversies between her son, Archibald Edmonstone, Brodiland, and her son-in-law, Robert Adair, Ballymena.  HA12/A2/1/38  27 November 1629

Attested copy of precept of Clare Constat granted by Robert Adair of Kinhilt in favour of William Adair, Corgie, son of James Adair, for investing him as heir of his father in the 5 merk lands of Corgie.  HA12/A2/1/39  19 June 1634

Grant of yearly rent charge of £30 issuing out of town fields, hamlets, lands, tenements, etc. of the town land of Ballylochen and quarter land of Carninnick: Robert Adair, Ballymena, to William Houstone and Marionne Houstone, alias Adair, and to William, their son.  HA12/A2/1/40  29 June 1638

Will of Robert Adair, Kinhilt, made upon his journeying to England to seek relief for his estate in Ireland about to become forfeit.  HA12/A2/1/41  1 March 1646

Assignment by Sir Robert Adair, Kinhilt  HA12/A2/1/42  February 1655/6

Of 5,700 Scottish marks from sum payable to Sir Robert by William Adair, his eldest son, and Sir William Cunyngham, Cunyngham Head, brother of Jeane Cunyngham under marriage contract made between the said parties, to Alexander Adair, his third son.

Declaration by Capt. James Adair and John Boyd that they have appointed Robert Boyd to buy horses in the parish of Kirkmaiden and thereabouts and recommending him to the Laird of Loggan.  HA12/A2/1/43  18 June 1658

Letter from William Adair to his cousin, Andrew Adair of Little Ganoch requesting that payment of money due to him should be made to Archibald Adair.  HA12/A2/1/44  3 February 1657/8

Attested copy of Signature of Confirmation under sign manual of Charles II of Contract of Alienation  HA12/A2/1/45  Copy attested 13 April 1792

Of the 5 merk lands of Drummore in the parish of Kirkmaiden, rinnes of Galloway and sheriffdom of Wigtown in favour of William Adair, minister at Ayr. 15 January 1662.

Attested copy of Signature of Apprysing, under sign manual of Charles II, of the 5 pound lands of Kinhilt in the parish of Stainiekirk, sheriffdom of Wigtown, in favour of William Adair, minister at Ayr. 16 October 1663.  HA12/A2/1/46  Copy attested 13 April 1792

Assignment  HA12/A2/1/47  30 Aug 1680

By Robert McAlexander and Elizabeth, his wife, formerly Elizabeth Adair, to Alexander Adair, Litter, Ireland, of sums of 400 marks and 600 marks payable by John Adair and Sir Robert Adair as part of marriage portion of Elizabeth Adair: in consideration of 500 marks advanced by Alexander Adair to Robert and Elizabeth McAlexander and of other services performed by Alexander Adair on their behalf.

Declaration by Patrick Adair, Belfast  HA12/A2/1/48  19 April 1688

Concerning sum of 5000 Scottish marks paid by Leues Stewart, Elderstown, Scotland, as part of the marriage portion of Anna Helena, wife of William Adair, now deceased, to Sir Bruce Cochrane, at the request of Anna Helena Adair, for the use of her infant son, Robert Adair, and placed by Sir Bruce Cochrane in the hands of his brother, the Earl of Dundonald.

Acknowledgement by Rachel Forbus, alias Adair, of Ballymena, and her daughter, Isabella Adair, of the receipt of all sums due as legacies from the late Sir Robert Adair or her late husband, Mr. Robert Adair.  HA12/A2/1/49  12 February 1691/2

Attested copy of Signature of Confirmation under sign manual of William III of annual rent of £52 from the 5 merk land of Corrauctry in the parish of Kirkmaiden, and sheriffdom of Wigtown, in favour of Alexander Adair of Drummoir, 24 June 1698.  HA12/A2/1/50  13 April 1792

Copy attested 13 April 1792.

Undertaking by Sir Robert Adair, Ballymena  HA12/A2/1/51  1 July 1698

Not to interfere with life rent payable to Alexander Adair, Drummoir, his uncle, and Margaret Agnew, his wife, from lands and estate formerly belonging to Sir Robert Adair and William Adair, grandfather and father of the first mentioned Sir Robert Adair and acquired by Alexander Adair in order to relieve the debts of Sir Robert and William Adair: since conveyed to Sir Robert Adair, the younger.

Letter from Patrick Adair, Belfast, to Sir Robert Adair, Dublin, requesting him to acknowledge bill drawn upon him.  HA12/A2/1/52  22 October 1717

Attested copy of return of service of James Adair, Corgie, Sergeant at Law, as heir of James Adair, his grandfather, the last enfeoffed in Corgie, 13 February 1792.  HA12/A2/1/53  9 April 1792


Inventory of papers relative to Kinhilt and Corgie transmitted to James Adair, Sergeant at Law  HA12/A2/1/54  30 January 1793

Letter from R.P. Assington, Colehouse, to Sir Robert Shafto Adair, St. James' Square, London, concerning family history of the Adairs.  HA12/A2/1/55  25 July 1838

Letter from J. Pulman, Heralds College, to Sir Robert Shafto Adair, expressing sympathy on the death of his father and enclosing extracts from register of St. Bridget's Church, Dublin, of entries relating to the Adair family.  HA12/A2/1/56  10 May 1844

Attested copy of Signature of Resignation and Confirmation under sign manual of William III  HA12/A2/1/57  Attested 13 April 1792

Of the 5 merk land of Drummore together with the advowson of the parish church of Kirkmaiden, the 5 merk land of Kildonan, the 5 merk land of Creichan, the 5 merk land of Corghie, the 16/8 land of Nultwack, the croft of land called Maidencroft alias Covecroft, in the parish of Kirkmaiden, sheriffdom of Wigtown: also the £5 land of Kinhilt comprising the lands of Kinhilt and Cairnputt, the lands of Carfin, the lands of Spittill, the lands of Crothnearroch and Baine in the parish of Portmongomrie and sheriffdom of Wigtown: also the 5 merk land of Little Ginoch in the parish of Inch, and sheriffdom of Wigtown, in favour of Sir Robert Adair, Ballymena, grandson of Sir Robert Adair, Kinhilt, deceased, and nephew to Alexander Adair, Drummore. 5 July 1698.

Attested copy of Signature of Apprysing, under sign manual of Charles II  HA12/A2/1/58  13 April 1792

Of the 5 merk land of Drummore together with the advowson of the parish church of Kirkmaiden, the 5 merk land of Kildonan, the 5 mark land of Crichane, the 5 merk land of Corghie, the 2½ mark land of Cardrynie, the 16/8 land of Multnock, the 16/8 land of Cairnigarroch, the lands of Hailwinnes, the lands of Ain, the lands of Cardraine, the lands of Maidencroft alias Cowcroft, in the parish of Kirkmaiden and sheriffdom of Wigtown; also the £5 land of Kinhilt (see 57), the 5 mark land of Little Gainoch, the markland of Stranrawer and Mukflavia, the mark land of Over and Nether Clenries, the lands of Pintarro, the lands of Mickle and Little Ariolands and lands of Creichane: in favour of Alexander Adair, son of Sir Robert Adair, Kinhilt, deceased. 1 September 1664. Attested 13 April 1792

Unsigned letter without address concerning the early history of the Adair family.  HA12/A2/1/59  No date

Rough note concerning history of various members of the Adair family.  HA12/A2/1/60  No date

Two copies of memorandum in answer to Sir Robert Adair's queries relating to the Scottish estate in his letter of 24 July 1838.  HA12/A2/1/61 & 62  1838

Memorandum concerning coat of arms of Adair of Kinhilt.  HA12/A2/1/63  No date

'The Rebellion of the Earl of Desmond' extracted from Fynes Morysons Itinerary, Part II, Book I, Chapter 1, Page 3.  HA12/A2/1/64  No date

An account of the family of Adair and its origins.  HA12/A2/65  no date

In two pieces

Pedigree of the Adair family.  HA12/A2/65/66  No date

Rough pedigree of the Adair family possibly the basis of HA12/A2/1/66 Box 1  HA12/A2/65/67  No date

4 sheets

Table of pedigree of the families of Kinhilt and Corgie.  HA12/A2/65/68  [n.d.]

Rough pedigree of the Adair family.  HA12/A2/65/69  No date

Rough pedigree of the Adair family. Marked: Pedigree No.1.  HA12/A2/65/70  No date

Rough pedigree of the Adair family. Marked: Pedigree No.2.  HA12/A2/65/71  No date

Pedigree of the Shaftos of Benwell Tower, Northumberland, now extinct.  HA12/A2/65/72  No date

Letter from R.A. Curry, Whittingham College, Highgate Hill (to Lord Waveney) concerning the early history of the Curry family  HA12/A2/65/73  27 December 1880

3 sheets

Letter from R.P. Carrington, Colehouse, to Sir Robert Shafto Adair enclosing answers to queries concerning family history of the Adairs and giving family news.  HA12/A2/65/74  17 July 1838

Bundle marked: 'Sundry Letters and Old Papers useful for Family History'  HA12/A2/2  1652-17 August 1745

Draft proposals made by Sir Robert Adair for supplying the town of Liverpool with fresh water.  HA12/A2/2/1  1717

Agreement articles between Sir Robert Adair and Henry Paris, Dublin, bellfounder, for the casting of 8 bells  HA12/A2/2/2  5 August 1701

Agreement articles between Sir Robert Adair and Thomas Newman, clock-maker, to make a set of chimes for the new bells referred to in HA12/A2/2/2 Box 1.  HA12/A2/2/3  5 August 1701

Receipt from Sir Robert Adair to John Dowell for £4. 5. 5. received at the hands of James Moor in part payment of the last May rent.  HA12/A2/2/4  6 November 1737

Copy of agreement by Sir Robert Adair to assign to Philip Peck of London his interest in agreement for supplying town of Liverpool with water from Bootle Springs.  HA12/A2/2/5  7 June 1742

Acknowledgement by James Scott, Bristo, Chamberlain of the Lordship of Ettrick Forest of receipt from George Currier, of Lindean, on behalf of Archibald Edmistoune, of Duntraith, of 2 years few duty for the lands of Heartwodburn. Dated at Edinburgh  HA12/A2/2/6  24 October 1687

Order of General Sessions of the Peace for the County of Antrim held at Carrickfergus to William Adair and Teige O'Hara, to arrange for levy on the parishioners of Ballymena and Ballyclugg for the repair and rebuilding of the preaching house at Ballymena.  HA12/A2/2/7  6 October 1658

Account from E. Tempest, London, to Lady Adair, for drapery.  HA12/A2/2/8  Settled 6 August 1715

Letter from Sir Robert Adair, Dublin, to Robert Phillips, post master, Ballymenagh  HA12/A2/2/9  3 August 1700

a) collection of rent arrears.
b) some glass and window frames sent by carrier.
c) a forthcoming inspection of Ballymenagh School.

An estimate of the estate of Sir Robert Adair, late Thomas Hollams. (The Irish estate).  HA12/A2/2/10  No date

Estimate of Sir Robert Adair's estate in Westmeath and King's County.  HA12/A2/2/11  No date

Manuscript note concerning; a) Poems written by Alexander Synclare, one an epitaph on Jane Adair, daughter of Sir Robert Adair, another an elegy on the death of Arthur, Earl of Donegal. b) Suggested biography of Patrick Adair, Irish Presbyterian minister.  HA12/A2/2/12  No date

Memorial from Sir Robert Adair to Sir Thomas Franckland and Sir John Evelyn, Postmasters General  HA12/A2/2/13  No date

Concerning proposal to run postal service from Dumfries to Port Patrick, via the mill town of Orr, the Gate of Fleet, Newtoune Stewart, Glenlute(?) and thence to Port Patrick.

Account from Robert Montgomery, blacksmith, to Sir Robert Adair.  HA12/A2/2/14  Settled 17 August 1745

Assignment by Anne Humphry to Sir Robert Adair  HA12/A2/2/15  31 August 1714

Of money arising from sale of Waterpark, Ireland, giving him authority to take whatever measures are necessary to compel William Maynard, Acrriglas, and Peter Carey, Ballymerpatrick, to sell the same, in accordance with the wishes of Henry Pyne, late of Waterpark, deceased.

Copy of exemplification of proceedings in the King's Court (Ireland) concerning recovery of debt: Kyrle Holmes, Covent Garden, Middlesex, against John Asgill, Dublin, otherwise of Lincoln's Inn.  HA12/A2/2/16  T. Anne. c1702-1714

Case and opinion of Maurice Eustace, whether or not the heirs of Sir Robert Adair are liable to any kind of forfeiture for his part in the battle of Dunbar.  HA12/A2/2/17  28 October 1658

Petition from Sir Robert Adair, Kinhilt, to the Commissioners of Parliament of the Commonwealth of England for the affairs of Ireland, for the restoration of his Irish estate, sequestered for his part in the battle of Dunbar.  HA12/A2/2/18  1652

Petition from Archibald and Alexander Adair, sons and executors of Sir Robert Adair, deceased, for the recovery of losses incurred by Sir Robert in raising and maintaining a troop of horse in Ireland to assist General Monck.  HA12/A2/2/19  No date

Information for the Laird of Kinhilt concerning 2 bonds for money payable under marriage contract of the Laird's father and mother, the latter now married to Sir Bryce Cochrane.  HA12/A2/2/20  1688

Agreement for lease for 9 years of 2 acres 3 roods of land in the manor of Kilhillstown. Hugh Adair to David Baily.  HA12/A2/2/21  9 December 1687

Part missing.

Bond for payment of £32: Robert Adair to Thomas Fleming, Dalghorne, Scotland  HA12/A2/2/22  27 July 1680

Copy of affidavit of Sir Robert Adair, one of the defendants in cause brought by William Steuart and Charles Steuart in the Exchequer of Ireland, 17 January 1716/17, with letter from Charles Steuart concerning the same cause.  HA12/A2/2/23  16 November 1716

Copy of agreement between Sir Robert Adair and Edward Weir, Dublin, for the conveyance to Edward Weir of the lands of Lesheen, for his trouble in arranging the purchase of Thomas Hallam's Irish estate.  HA12/A2/2/24  14 March 1714/15

Inquisition held at Antrim to enquire what lands were held by Sir Robert Adair on 24 May 1706, with writ attached: brought at the instance of Thomas Courtney.  HA12/A2/2/25  19 Sept 1706

Manuscript notes for sermon.  HA12/A2/2/26  No date

Inquisition and writ similar to HA12/A2/2/25 Box 1: brought at instance of John Bradey.  HA12/A2/2/27  19 September 1706

Copy of memorial from the commanding officers of the Scots regiments in Ireland and of the Irish regiments in north Britain to Lord Cornwallis and Hon. James Craggs, Postmasters General  HA12/A2/2/28  No date

Concerning unsatisfactory state of packet boat service between Donoghady and Portpatrick.

List of names of Commissioners to take further answer of defendants in cause Charles O'Hara and Joseph Knight against Kyrle Holmes, in London.  HA12/A2/2/29  5 October 1711

Exceptions taken by Charles O'Hara to the answer of Kyrle Holmes  HA12/A2/2/30  23 June 1711

Letter from David Southerland, London, to Sir Robert Adair at Ballymena  HA12/A2/2/31  29 Oct 1714

Concerning (a) a business matter, unspecified, (b) Sir Robert Adair's interest in the Post Office, (c) a difference of opinion between the Dukes of Argyll and Malborough and (d) Lord Mayor's Day.

Answer of Kyrle Holmes, one of the defendants to the bill of complaint of Charles O'Hara and Joseph Knight.  HA12/A2/32  Sworn 19 April 1711

Final concord  HA12/A2/32/33  1632-1633

Moiety of the manor of Fortescue, 2 castles, 300 messuages, 300 cottages, 300 gardens, 2 water corn mills, 3000 acres of land, 500 acres of meadow, 2000 acres of pasture, 1000 acres wood, 300 acres of heath, and 500 acres of moor in Broghnamolte, Carnemnoke, Loghnegary, Longmore, Balleloghan, Ballemenagh, Downefyan, Clogher, Killflugh, Ballycreigbarran, Ballynegarvey, Monaghan, Downgalle, Cabra, Drymfyn, Antynecomitesse and Downeveigh: Robert Adair, quer. and Rory Oge McQuillyn, and Mary, his wife, deforcs. Easter, 8 Charles I.

Translation of the final concord in HA12/A2/2/33 Box 1  HA12/A2/32/34  No Date

Bundle marked: 'Miscellaneous Adair Papers'  HA12/A2/3  14 Feb 1630-18 Apr 1873

Schedule of contents, described as 'Papers forwarded. Oct. 19 1865.'  HA12/A2/3/1  No date

Letter from A. McN. Dickey, South Hackney, to Lord Waveney concerning his title and coat of arms.  HA12/A2/3/2  18 April 1873

Certified copy of release  HA12/A2/3/3  26 September 1727

Of the towns and lands of Kiltubrid Island and Rathmore, part of Avabegg alias Annaghbegg, part of Annamore, part of Leaghil, Ballykillcurragh, Curraghruddery, Upper Derry, being part of the town and lands of Derry, Ballyrock, all of which were in the occupation of John Clarke: also part of the lands of Ballyduffe, Colermanstowne, Rathmagillduffe, Teunecross, Garrysallagh, Ballytennin, Clonebenoge, part of the lands of Lough, Gurtevivin, Cappanlevan, all in the occupation of James Dillon or his widow, Penelope Dillon; also the lands called Churchtown in the occupation of John Dillon, also the lands, part of Bolenargs, in the occupation of George Dillon; also Lissheene in the occupation of John Russell and his partners: all in the King's County, Ireland: Sir Robert Adair to John Damer, Tipperary.

Certified copy of charter  HA12/A2/3/4  9 March 1664

Of 'appretiationis' granted by Charles II to Alexander Adair, son of Sir Robert Adair of Kinhilt, of 5 marks of land of Drummoir, with the advowson of the parish church of Kirkinadin, of 5 marks of land of Kildonan, 5 marks of land of Creichan, 5 marks of land of Corbie, 2½ marks of land of Kirdynie, 16 shillings and 8 pence of land of Multnock, 16 shillings and 8 pence of land of Carngarrock: also all the lands of Kalliens, Aym, Caydram, Madencroft alias Covecroft, all lying in the parish of Kirkmaden and county of Wigtown: also 5 pounds of lands of Kinhilt, comprising the lands of Kinhilt, Carnput, Corphin, Spittell, Croltincorrock and Bayne, all in the parish of Portmontgomerie and the county of Wigtown: also 5 marks of lands of Little Gainoch, lands of Stranraver and Merkslavie, of Over and Nether Clenries, of Glenturro, Meikle and Little Arrelands and of Creichan: also an annual rent of 300 marks from the lands and barony of Wauchtown, an annual rent of 300 marks from the lands of Alderstown. Given at Edinburgh

Settlement by Robert Adair, Ballymenagh, Esq., on his wife, Martha, upon their marriage.  HA12/A2/3/5  5 October 1688

Lease for 99 years  HA12/A2/3/6  8 June 1636

Of the lordship of ? Co. Antrim, moiety of the Tough of Glannarhartie, the town lands of Ballymanagh, Ballyloghan, ¾ of the town lands of Broghnemalte, ¼ of the town land of Carnnenicke, half quarter of the town land of Carnodonavy, the town land of Lymore, half quarter of the town land of Tinshen, the town land of Loughnegary, the half town land of Antequintus, the half town land of Cabragh, the half town land of Doneveagh, 3 quarters and a half of the town land of Dromyne, half town land of Dongall, town land of Monaghan, half town land of Ballye, the town and town land of Cragevarrin, Ballygarvy, Downfean, Clogher, the half town land of Kilfluigh, the half quarter or parcel of land of William Moore and John Magee lying between Ballymanagh and Downefean: Robert Adair Esq. and Jane, his wife, to John Edmonstone, William Houston, Alexander Adair and Thomas Adair.

Copy of decree in cause Stephen, Earl of Mount Cashell, plaintiff, against William Adair and James Walkinshaw, defendants.  HA12/A2/3/7  3 July 1804

Appointment by Col. George Monck (signature) C. in C. British Forces in the Province of Ulster of Sir Robert Adair as Col. of Sir Patrick Weames' Regiment of Horse.  HA12/A2/3/8  22 September 1648

Opinion of Andrew McDouall, Logan, addressed to Thomas Adair, Gainoch, concerning granting of barony of Drumore and Kinhilt and lands of Gainoch in fee.  HA12/A2/3/9  19 September 1737

Apprenticeship indenture  HA12/A2/3/10  18 December 1654

Robert Adair, son of William Adair of Sigie, Galloway, with the advice and consent of Sir Robert Adair of Kinhilt to James Grahame, merchant burgess of Edinburgh.

Note from - Blayney to Mr. and Mrs. William Adair accompanying family papers HA12/A2/3/11a-h received from the widow of the late Sir Robert Adair  HA12/A2/3/11  27 September 1797

Receipt from Rorie Oge McQuillein to Robert Adair Esq. for the sum of £12.15s. being the Hallowtide rent of Laymore Anticountese and his stipend due at Hallowday.  HA12/A2/3/11/a  19 October 1633

Receipt from Rorie og McQuilin to Robert Adair, Esq.  HA12/A2/3/11/b  17 Oct 1631

For the sum of £12.15s. being rent due at Hallowday from the town of Loymoir and the half town of Antequintus, and money due at Hallowday from Robert Adair, Esq., payable during the natural life of Rorie og McQuilin according to order made at the council table.

General release, William Cammone, Dublin, shoemaker, to Rory oge McQwillein and Richard McFerdauagh McQwillein.  HA12/A2/3/11/c  14 Feb 1630

Assignment by Rory og McQuillen to Robert Adair, Esq., of yearly pension of £54.15s. payable by H.M.  HA12/A2/3/11/d  20 August 1630

Receipts by Rorie og McQuiline Glanaghardie, to Robert Adair, Esq., High Sheriff of the County of Antrim  HA12/A2/3/11/e  21 December 1630

For £10 and 5s., in part payment of rent and stipend due from Robert Adair for his half of Glanaghardie according to agreement made between them at the council table, 21 December 1630. On the same paper: a bond made by Rorie og McQuiline to Robert Adair for the execution of an acquittance for the sum of £10. 5s.

Appointment by Rorie og McQuilin of Robert Adair, Esq. to pay rent of Laymore to his wife, mistress Marie O'Neale and also to take up yearly the rent of the town land of Lothnegarrie.  HA12/A2/3/11/f  4 July 1634

Receipt from Rory oge McQuillin of Loghnegary to Robert Adair, Esq. for rent due for the lands of Lymore and Anticountese and for the stipend due at May day.  HA12/A2/3/11/g  20 May 1634

Memorandum from Rorie oge McQuillin addressed to Lord ? as to his assignment to Robert Adair of his yearly pension of 4/- granted to him by His late Majesty, King James, he having already received an equivalent sum from Robert Adair.  HA12/A2/3/11/h  21 November 1633

"... and with all I am ane old man of greatt years not well able to travaill my self and to apeare ance is not lyke to have many dayes theirefore I hope your lordship will take this into your goodly consideration and not suffer any longer delay of this little poore thing which is the meanes of my liveing."

Copy of protest and of state of case between Sir Robert Adair, in the right of Alexander Adair of Drumore, and the representatives of Robert McDowall of Logan concerning bonds granted by Robert McDowall Logan.  HA12/A2/3/12  12 September 1737

Note from 'DG' concerning certain sums of money for which he is responsible. Payments for bottles of rum, etc.  HA12/A2/3/13  No date

Account from Thomas Rayner, goldsmith, in or near Leicester Fields, addressed to Sir Robert Adair at the 'Folchen' coffee house, Southwark, of jewels, plate, etc. pledged with him.  HA12/A2/3/14  1717-1718

Account from Sara Gunnion to the Hon. Lady Adair for brandy, etc.  HA12/A2/3/15  Settled 2 December 1730

Abstract of Sir Robert Adair's charge on James Moor for the produce of his brewery  HA12/A2/3/16  22 June 1728 to 21 September 1730

Renunciation by Margaret, widow of John Johnston, late of Lymore, deceased, to Sir Robert Adair, of her right and title to her husband's goods, chattels and effects: the said John Johnston having died indebted to Sir Robert Adair and others.  HA12/A2/3/17  29 January 1721

Certificate of John Boyd, Commissioner appointed under Acts 2 & 3 William IV and 4, 5, 7 & 8 George IV  HA12/A2/3/18  9 December 1833

For the establishing of Compositions for Tithes in Ireland, for the parish of Kirkonriola, as to the amount of composition payable within that parish and as to the amount of the composition payable to William Adair Esq., as lay impropriator of those parts of the parish known as the townlands of Ballygarvy, Ballymena Town Parks, Belly Bottom, Cabra, Clinty, Clogher and Craigawarren, Derniveagh, Drumfane, Drumfin, Dunclug, Dungall, Killyflugh, Kirkinriola and Monaghan, the remainder being payable to Stephen, Earl of Mountcashel as lay impropriator of the remaining parts of the same parish known as the town lands of Carnlea and Tullyreugh.

Notes for sermon or religious treatise.  HA12/A2/3/19  No date

Appointment of Sir Robert Adair, kt. as Sheriff of the Co. of Antrim.  HA12/A2/3/20  20 December George I (c1714-1727)

Appointment of William Robert Adair 'Levennent' of the Hon. Major General Honywood's Regiment of Dragoons as burgess and freeman of the town of Dunbar.  HA12/A2/3/21  8 June 1728

Appointment of William Robert Adair as free burgess of the town of Ludlow.  HA12/A2/3/22  2 January 1719

Appointment of Captain William Robert Adair of the Hon. Bridadeer General Honywood's Regiment of Dragoons as free burgess of the town of Stranraer.  HA12/A2/3/23  21 December 1728

Formerly contents of small wooden box marked 'A'  HA12/A2/4  26 Apr 1832 - 20 Feb 1905

Letters Patent of Queen Victoria appointing Robert, Baron Waveney, Lord Lieutenant of the County of Antrim.  HA12/A2/4/1  8 November 1883

Letters Patent of Queen Victoria appointing Robert, Baron Waveney, Custos Rotulorum of the County of Antrim.  HA12/A2/4/2  4 November 1883

Great Seal.

Appointment of Robert Alexander Shafto Adair Esq. as Lieutenant Colonel in the Eastern Regiment of Militia for the County of Suffolk.  HA12/A2/4/3  30 April 1853

Declaration by Arthur Foley, Bishop of London, of sequestration of profits, etc. of parish church of St. Thomas, Portman Square, London, on resignation of incumbent, and appointment of Robert Shafto Adair and John Sparkes, churchwardens, as special sequestrators and collectors.  HA12/A2/4/4  20 February 1905

Seal (wafer) of Vicar General and Official Principal of the Diocese of London.

Appointment of Robert Shafto Adair, the Esq. as High Sheriff of the County of Antrim.  HA12/A2/4/5  27 January 1853

Appointment of Robert Shafto Adair, Ballymena, as Deputy Lieutenant for the County of Antrim.  HA12/A2/4/6  9 June 1847

Appointment of Hugh Edward Adair, Esq. as Deputy Lieutenant for the County of Suffolk.  HA12/A2/4/7  7 June 1855

Objection of Henry Leslie, Esq., Seaport Lodge, County Antrim, one of the candidates for the election of a County Treasurer, to William Verner, Esq., another candidate, on the grounds that he is not duly qualified by law.  HA12/A2/4/8  1 December 1858

With covering note.

Admission of Robert Shafto Adair as Freemason in the Scientific Lodge No.131, Cambridge.  HA12/A2/4/9  26 April 1832

Appointment of Colonel Robert Alexander Shafto Adair, Flixton Hall and 7 Audley Square, London, as Provincial Grand Master of the order of Freemasons, for the County of Suffolk.  HA12/A2/4/10  5 March 1860

Appointment of Robert Alexander Shafto Adair, Esq. as Deputy Lieutenant for the County of Suffolk.  HA12/A2/4/11  23 December 1853

Commission of the Peace for the County of Antrim; addressed to Sir Hugh Adair, bart., Ballymena Castle.  HA12/A2/4/12  24 July 1886

Under the signature of the Clerk of the Crown and the Hanaper Secretary to the Lord Chancellor of Ireland.

Appointment of Sir Hugh Adair, bart., Ballymena Castle, as Deputy Lieutenant for County of Antrim.  HA12/A2/4/13  1 December 1890

Appointment of Robert, Baron Waveney, as Colonel in the Militia Forces (Suffolk Artillery Regiment).  HA12/A2/4/14  7 November 1881

Warrant under the sign-manual of Queen Victoria appointing Lt. Colonel Robert Alexander Shafto Adair, Suffolk Artillery Regiment of Militia, her aide de camp.  HA12/A2/4/15  3 April 1857

Copy of the Commission of the Peace for the County of Antrim; addressed to Robert Shafto Adair Esq. of Ballymena.  HA12/A2/4/16  9 March, (1844)

7 Victoria

WILLIAM ADAIR  [no ref. or date]

Bundle of vouchers and other papers of William Adair  HA12/A3/1  c1735-1784

Vouchers of the Duchess of Richmond with various London tradesmen.  HA12/A3/1/a  [n.d.]

Papers concerning bankruptcy of Capt. Alexander Wilson (arrears having come into the hands of William Adair).  HA12/A3/1/b  1753

Appointment of William Adair, Esq., Pall Mall, as attorney for Charles Knowles, Rear Admiral of the Red, to discharge William Bouverie, son and heir of Viscount Folkestone, for payment of £4000 and interest for 8 Salt Orders payable at the exchequer, lent to William Bouverie on his marriage to Rebecca Alleyne.  HA12/A3/1/c  9 August 1755

Papers concerning the discharge and recruitment of soldiers in various regiments.  HA12/A3/1/d  [n.d.]

Papers concerning the admission of sick and wounded soldiers to St. Thomas' Hospital.  HA12/A3/1/e  [n.d.]

Papers concerning deserters from the first Regiment of Footguards  HA12/A3/1/f  1757

State of the accoutrements in the Coldstream Regiment  HA12/A3/1/g  1755

A/C: the Duchess of Richmond with Paul Daniel Chenevix at the Golden Door over against Suffolk Street, Charing Cross.  HA12/A3/2  May 1739-July 1739

Related information: See also HA12/A3/1 Box 1

Book  HA12/A3/3  c1783

Copy of the will of William Adair Esq., relative to the personal estate.  HA12/A3/3/a  Proved 16 July 1783

List of legacies and bequests in the foregoing will.  HA12/A3/3/b  [n.d.]

Inventory of the plate of the late William Adair, Esq.  HA12/A3/3/c  [n.d.]

A/c of the balances as standing in the ledger of the late William Adairat his death.  HA12/A3/3/d  17 May 1783

Particulars of a/c of money lent from the ledger of the late William Adair.  HA12/A3/3/e  [n.d.]

Rental of the estate of William Adair in the County of Suffolk at Michaelmas, 1782, taken from the rental in Mr. Norman's book.  HA12/A3/3/f  [n.d.]

A/c of estates purchased in Norfolk and Suffolk by the executors of William Adair conveyed by deed from the executors to the Trustees.  HA12/A3/3/g  [n.d.]

A/C current: George Durrant with the executors of the late William Adair Esq.  HA12/A3/4  1843-1848

ALEXANDER ADAIR  [no ref. or date]

Bank account book: Alexander Adair, Esq., with Messrs. Croft and Backwell.  HA12/A4/1  25 Jan 1775 - 11 Oct 1781

Parcel marked: 'Old Bills and Vouchers, Alexander Adair, Esq.'  HA12/A4/2  1712-1825

Bundle of numbered vouchers marked No.1  HA12/A4/2/1  1783

1 to 51

Bundle of numbered vouchers marked No.1  HA12/A4/2/2  1784

1 to 17

Bundle of numbered vouchers marked No.1  HA12/A4/2/3  1785

1 to 7

Bundle of numbered vouchers marked No.1  HA12/A4/2/4  1787

1 to 9

Bundle of numbered vouchers marked No.1  HA12/A4/2/5  1788

1 to 4

Bundle of numbered vouchers marked No.1  HA12/A4/2/6  1789

1 to 6

Bundle of numbered vouchers marked No.3  HA12/A4/2/7  1790

1 to 3

Bundle of numbered vouchers marked No.1  HA12/A4/2/8  1791

1 to 4

Bundle of numbered vouchers marked No.1  HA12/A4/2/9  1793

1 and 2

Bundle of numbered vouchers marked No.1  HA12/A4/2/10  1794

1 to 7

Bundle of numbered vouchers marked No.1  HA12/A4/2/11  1795

1 and 2

Bundle of numbered vouchers marked No.5  HA12/A4/2/12  1796

1 to 5

Bundle of numbered vouchers marked No.2  HA12/A4/2/13  1797

1 and 2

Bundle of numbered vouchers marked No.3  HA12/A4/2/14  1800

1 to 3

Bundle of numbered vouchers marked No.3  HA12/A4/2/15  1801

1 to 3

Bundle of numbered vouchers marked No.3  HA12/A4/2/16  1805

1 to 3

Bundle of numbered vouchers marked No.3  HA12/A4/2/17  1806

1 to 3

Bundle of numbered vouchers marked No.1  HA12/A4/2/18  1807

1 and 2

Bundle of numbered vouchers marked No.6  HA12/A4/2/19  1808

1 to 6

Bundle of numbered vouchers marked No.4 and 7  HA12/A4/2/20  1809

1 to 7

Bundle of numbered vouchers marked No.1  HA12/A4/2/21  1812

1,4 and 5

Bundle of vouchers marked: Vouchers: Alexander Adair Esq's Account. Nos. 1-61  HA12/A4/2/22  1783-1788

Particulars, valuation and relevant papers of estate purchased of the trustees of Sir John Kemp.  HA12/A4/2/23  1784

Correspondence and papers concerning means to be adopted for relieving debts of Robert Shafto Adair.  HA12/A4/2/24  1815

Related information: See HA12/A4/2/27 Box 2

Letters relative to the purchase of the Flixton estate.  HA12/A4/2/25  1750-52

Letters and papers concerning farms at Southelmham purchased by the Trustees (of William Adair's estate?)  HA12/A4/2/26  1795, 1797

Particulars of and papers concerning farms detachable from the Flixton estate, prepared for possible sale to relieve Robert Shafto Adair of his debts  HA12/A4/2/27  1817

Related information: See also HA12/A4/2/24

Letters, papers, etc. of Alexander Adair concerning the will of his uncle, William Adair  HA12/A4/2/28  1783, 1784, 1796

Letters and papers concerning accruing interest on the personal estate of the late William Adair  HA12/A4/2/29  1811, 1812

Bundle of bills and receipts of money paid by Mrs. Anna Tasburgh and Mr. George Castor as executors of the will of George Tasburgh, deceased.  HA12/A4/2/30  1735-1737

Particulars, valuations, correspondence and other papers concerning various Suffolk properties purchased by the Adairs (1725), 1752-1825. Including account of William Moody, Winchester, carpenter, to John Wybarne of the same place, 1712-1715, remaining unpaid at his death and paid by his executors  HA12/A4/2/31  1752

Packet  HA12/A4/3  1750/51 - 1857

Triennial statement of yearly rents, land tax, repairs and miscellaneous expenditure on the estates in trust at Flixton and of the entailed estates bequeathed by the late A. Adair, Esq.  HA12/A4/3/1  1839-1842

Receipts for half yearly allowances made by Sir Robert Shafto Adair and for annuities payable under the will of Alexander Adair  HA12/A4/3/2  18 Mar 1856 - 5 Jan 1857

4 receipts

5 January 1857: William Norman for Thomas Lumsden.
18 March 1856: William Day
7 July 1856: Thomas Saunders by Elizabeth Shalding.
18 September 1856: William Day.

Report of work done at Flixton Hall  HA12/A4/3/3  [n.d.]

Up to 20 October 1764

William Hart's accounts for loans made on behalf of William Adair: 17 May 1751, 12 April 1751, 20 March 1750/51.  HA12/A4/3/4  20 March 1750/1 - 17 May 1751

With relevant papers.

Letter written by Ann Warden, Stranraer, to Mr. King, London, on behalf of Sarah Brewster concerning annuity left her by the late Mr. Adair.  HA12/A4/3/5  17 September 1838

Sundry calculations made by R.S. Adair and Morris King relative to Mr. Adair's income from the Flixton estate.  HA12/A4/3/6  No date

Particulars of insurance at the Globe on leasehold estate in Duke St., St. James to Michaelmas  HA12/A4/3/7  1825

Particulars of annuities bequeathed by the will of the late Alexander Adair charged on his real estates in Norfolk and Suffolk to be paid half yearly by William Adair.  HA12/A4/3/8  [n.d.]

ROBERT SHAFTO ADAIR  [no ref. or date]

A/C book: Robert Shafto Adair, Esq., in a/c with Morris King, his agent or steward.  HA12/A5/1  15 March 1833 - 1 January 1837


Packet  HA12/A6/1  25 Jun 1870-8 May 1883

Assignment of life insurance policy to secure £4,000 and interest: Sir Robert Alexander Shafto Adair to Hon. Julia Ashley, 25 June 1870, and reconveyance 8 May 1883.  HA12/A6/1/1  25 Jun 1870-8 May 1883

Notices to the Hand in Hand Fire and Life Assurance Society concerning the assignment of life insurance policy in HA12/A6/1/1Box 3  HA12/A6/1/2 & 3  28 June 1870

Notice to Law Life Assurance Society.  HA12/A6/1/4  6 March 1877

Notice to Legal & General Life Assurance Society.  HA12/A6/1/5  6 March 1877

Notice to Standard Life Assurance Co.  HA12/A6/1/6  8 August 1871

Notice to Clerical, Medical & General Life Assurance Society  HA12/A6/1/7  1 July 1870

Assignment of life insurance policy to secure £5,000 and interest  HA12/A6/1/8  2 Aug 1871 - 8 May 1883

Sir Robert Alexander Shafto Adair to Hon. Julia Ashley, 2 August 1871: with further charge to secure £3,500 and interest, 3 March 1877, and reconveyance, 8 May 1883

Further charge to HA12/A6/1/8/Box3 for £1,000 and interest: Lord Waveney to Hon. Julia Ashley.  HA12/A6/1/9  7 February 1878

Bundle of correspondence and papers of Col. Sir Robert Alexander Shafto Adair as Chairman of Quarter Sessions for the County of Suffolk relating to the rebuilding of Beccles Bridge.  HA12/A6/2  1867-Oct 1869

Printed a/c of receipts and payments of Benjamin Lillistone Gross, treasurer of the Eastern Division of the Co. of Suffolk.  HA12/A6/2/a  Michaelmas 1867 to Michaelmas 1868

The Arterial Drainage of Norfolk by Sir Willoughby Jones, bart., with a map, addressed to Sir Alexander Shafto Adair with the author's compliments. A paper read before Section F of the British Association.  HA12/A6/2/b  21 August 1868

Order of Quarter Sessions for the County of Suffolk appointing select Committee to take into consideration the duties and salary of the County Surveyor.  HA12/A6/2/c  21 Oct 1869

Order of Quarter Sessions for the County of Norfolk to the County Surveyor to consult with the Waveney Valley Drainage Commissioners, the Clerk of the Peace for Suffolk and the Mayor and Corporation of Beccles as to the rebuilding of Beccles Bridge.  HA12/A6/2/d  8 April 1869

Memoir on the defence of East Suffolk  HA12/A6/3  21 Jun 1854

A memoir on the defence of East Suffolk by a force composed of Militia Artillery both stationary and mobilized, supported by the County Militia of the Line, and by Irregulars. By R.A. Shafto Adair, Lt. Col. Comm. Suffolk Artillery Militia  HA12/A6/3/1  21 June 1854


Second copy of HA12/A6/3/1  HA12/A6/3/2  [n.d.]

Book of diagrams accompanying HA12/A6/3/1  HA12/A6/3/3  [n.d.]

Barony of Waveney  HA12/A6/4  10 Apr 1873 - 7 Aug 1873

Letters patent granting the Barony of Waveney to Sir Robert Alexander Shafo Adair  HA12/A6/4/1  10 Apr 1873

Grant by Garter King of Arms, of supporters to arms, in right of peerage  HA12/A6/4/2  7 Aug 1873

SHAFTO ADAIR  [no ref. or date]

Correspondence of Shafto Adair, Esq.  HA12/A7/1  1840-1869

Comprising letters from:-
a) his father, Sir Robert Shafto Adair.
b) his mother, Lady Elizabeth Adair.
c) his brother, Hugh Adair.
d) his uncle, Alexander Adair.

SIR FREDERICK ADAIR  [no ref. or date]

Packet of receipted Bills of Costs  HA12/A8/1  c1903-1905

Archival history:
Received by Sir Frederick Adair from Messrs. Nicholl, Manistry & Co., 30 April 1905, deposited in Locker No.11

Letter from Messrs. Nicholl, Manistry & Co. enclosing Bill of Costs.  HA12/A8/1/1  [n.d.]

As to presentation to living of Homersfield.  HA12/A8/1/2  [n.d.]

As to proving title at the office of the New River Co. to rent charge of £500 a year.  HA12/A8/1/3  [n.d.]

As to heirlooms.  HA12/A8/1/4  [n.d.]

As to reconveyance of Duke of Northumberland's mortgage.  HA12/A8/1/5  [n.d.]

As to reconveyance of mortgage for £1500 held by Messrs. Leeke & Horsfall.  HA12/A8/1/6  [n.d.]

As to reconveyance of mortgage for £5,345.19. 8. held by Trustees of Sir R.S. Adair's will.  HA12/A8/1/7  [n.d.]

As to assignment of tithes arising out of Syleham Manor Farm.  HA12/A8/1/8  [n.d.]

As to charities under the will of William Adair.  HA12/A8/1/9  [n.d.]

As to appointment of agent to Flixton Estate.  HA12/A8/1/10  [n.d.]

As to general business relating to Flixton estate.  HA12/A8/1/11  [n.d.]

As to payment off of Duke of Northumberland's charge on the Suffolk estate.  HA12/A8/1/12  [n.d.]

As to acknowledgements of free tenure in the manors of Burgate, Mellis St. John, FitzJohns, Shipmeadow, Aspall Stoneham and Welby, etc.  HA12/A8/1/13  [n.d.]

As to loan of £3,000 to Sir Frederick Adair.  HA12/A8/1/14  [n.d.]

As to Ballymena Estate: proposed redemption of rent charge payable to Mrs. Stride.  HA12/A8/1/15  [n.d.]

As to general business relating to Ballymena estate  HA12/A8/1/16  1903

As to general business relating to Ballymena estate.  HA12/A8/1/17  1904

As to proposed sale to Ballymena Urban District Council of Ballymena Market.  HA12/A8/1/18  [n.d.]


Agreement between Sir Robert Shafto Adair and Rev. Henry Warren, Flixton, for the erection of a vicarage. Marked: 13, No.19.  HA12/A9/1  23 February 1861

Papers concerning the livings of Flixton, Redlingfield, Needham (Norfolk), St. James Southelmham and St. Cross, Southelmham, with some other records  HA12/A9/2  1854 - 1918

Memoranda concerning vicars of Flixton, dates of their accepting living and of their resignations  HA12/A9/2/a  1907-1918

Contract, specifications and other papers concerning building of parsonage house at Flixton  HA12/A9/2/b  1870-72

Correspondence and other papers concerning presentation to Needham (Norfolk) living  HA12/A9/2/c  1914

Bundle of letters received from Sir Frederick Adair about presentations to Flixton living  HA12/A9/2/d  6 May 1903

Letters, copies of advertisements, etc. re Flixton living  HA12/A9/2/e  1906-7

Papers concerning presentation to the living of St. James Southelmham  HA12/A9/2/f  1907-1913

Particulars of livings of which Sir Frederick Adair is patron  HA12/A9/2/g  August 1913

Papers concerning presentation to the living of Redlingfield  HA12/A9/2/h  1903-9

Papers concerning presentation to the living of St. Cross, Southelmham  HA12/A9/2/i  1904

Papers concerning exchange of fields on Wilby Hall Farm with Edward R. Goldspink  HA12/A9/2/j  1911

Will of Sir Robert Shafto Adair  HA12/A9/2/k  3 October 1854

Bundle marked: Letters, advertisements, particulars re Flixton living. 1913  HA12/A9/3  December 1913

Copies of the Church Times and the Guardian advertising the living.  HA12/A9/3/a  [n.d.]

Bundles of letters of application: annotated by the Flixton Hall agent as 'Unsuitable', 'To be held over', etc.  HA12/A9/3/b  [n.d.]

Bundle of testimonials and some other papers.  HA12/A9/3/c  [n.d.]

Particulars of St. Mary's vicarage, Flixton, with printed notices to applicants not considered suitable and to applicants that the living had been filled.  HA12/A9/4  1914

SCHOOLS  [no ref. or date]

Bundle of papers concerning the erection of a National School at St. Margaret Southelmham  HA12/A10/1  1871-1876

Including correspondence, accounts from architect and contractor, tenders, copy of memorial to the Lords of the Committee of Council on Education, draft deed of conveyance of site, etc.

School Cash Books  HA12/A10/2  1871-1891

Cash book, Flixton Church of England School.  HA12/A10/2/1  1871-1881

Cash book, Flixton National School.  HA12/A10/2/2  1881-1891


Compotus of John Bures concerning the goods of Robert de Sancroft for his receipts and expenses from Whitsun, 8 Edward I to the following Whitsun.  HA12/A11/1  (1280-1281)

With indented acquittance attached.

Quietus rolls  HA12/A11/2  1539-1541

Quietus roll James Marssam and John Trate, sheriffs of Norwich  HA12/A11/2/1  (1539-40)

31 Henry VIII

Quietus Roll Thomas Necton, alderman and John Trace, collectors of subsidies for the City of Norwich  HA12/A11/2/2  (1540-41)

32 Henry VIII

Quietus Roll Thomas Necton, alderman, and John Trace, collectors of 15ths and 10ths for the City of Norwich  HA12/A11/2/3  (1540-41)

32 Henry VIII.

Letter from John Beestone to a friend concerning his recommendation by 'Mr. Secretary'.  HA12/A11/3  20 May 161(7)

Letters Patent of Queen Victoria granted to William Grindley Craig, Gorton, near Manchester, Lancaster, engineer, for invention for improvements in the method of consuming smoke and in the machinery employed therein.  HA12/A11/4  26 October 1854

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