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Reference FL572
Covering dates 1558 - 2001
Held by Suffolk Record Office, Bury St Edmunds Branch
Extent 20 series
Source of acquisition FL572: acc. nos. 759, 1051, 7751, 9503, 9846, 9868, 11095, 11391, 11816
Creators Church of England, Fornham All Saints Parish, Suffolk

PARISH, GENERAL  [no ref. or date]

Related information: see also FL572/3/27

Parochial Church Council  [no ref. or date]

P.C.C. minute book  FL572/1/1  1921 - 1934

P.C.C. minute book  FL572/1/2  1934 - 1941

P.C.C. minute book  FL572/1/3  1941 - 1950

3 enclosures

P.C.C. minute book  FL572/1/4  1950 - 1968

2 enclosures

Annual statements of accounts  FL572/1/5  1962-1967

3 items

1962; 1966; 1967

Miscellaneous  [no ref. or date]

Pastoral Order changing boundaries of Bury St George, Fornham All Saints with St Martin cum St Genevieve, and Westley  FL572/1/6  1933

With plan

CLERGY  FL572/3  [n.d.]

Related information: see also FL572/4/2; FL572/13/4

Services  [no ref. or date]

Register of services  FL572/3/1  1898 - 1904

Register of services  FL572/3/2  1904 - 1922

Register of services  FL572/3/3  1922 - 1937

Register of services  FL572/3/4  1937 - 1948

Register of services  FL572/3/5  1948 - 1955

Register of services  FL572/3/6  1955 - 1965

Register of services  FL572/3/7  1966 - 1981

Terriers  [no ref. or date]

Terrier  FL572/3/8  c.1840

Terrier  FL572/3/9  1841

Terrier  FL572/3/10  1846

Terrier  FL572/3/11  1899

Tithe  [no ref. or date]

Tithe apportionment  FL572/3/12a  1839

Altered tithe apportionment  FL572/3/12b  1869

Altered tithe apportionment  FL572/3/12c  1933

Tithe map  FL572/3/13a  1839

Map accompanying altered apportionment  FL572/3/13b  1869

Map accompanying altered apportionment  FL572/3/13c  1933

Altered tithe apportionment, with plan  FL572/3/14  1859

Memorandum of receipt by Arthur Wolfe of tithe apportionment and map  FL572/3/15  1891

17 Oct 1891

Certificate of redemption of tithe rentcharge  FL572/3/16  1922

13 Apr 1922

Benefice  [no ref. or date]

Printed letter and copy instrument relating to payment arising from Procurations  FL572/3/17  1881

(17 Feb 1881); Apr 1881

Receipt for interest paid on consolidated stock 27 Oct 1897  FL572/3/18  1897

Licences to curates  [no ref. or date]

Related information: see also FL572/5/1

Copy licence granted to the Rev John Gill (11 Nov 1893)  FL572/3/19  (1893)

Copy licence granted to the Rev Ralph Granby Sadleir (3 Apr 1897)  FL572/3/20  (1897)

Copy licence granted to the Rev Henry Brooke Waterfield (12 Feb 1900)  FL572/3/21  (1900)

Confirmation  [no ref. or date]

Confirmation register, Fornham All Saints and Westley  FL572/3/22  1949 - 1979

1949 - 1955; 1960 - 1968; 1974 - 1979

The Rev M.R. Pirani  [no ref. or date]

Scrapbook of newspaper cuttings and ephemera  FL572/3/23  1926 - 1957

Chiefly relating to the career of the Rev M.R. Pirani in New Zealand, 1938-1952 and 1955-1957 and in Bury St Edmunds, 1953-1955; some cuttings relate to history of Abbey and of Cathedral Library, Bury St Edmunds
5 enclosures 1926; 1938 - 1957

Miscellaneous  [no ref. or date]

Transcript of parish registers, 1558-1638; 1707  FL572/3/24  [early 20th century]

Transcript of parish registers, 1637-1707  FL572/3/25  [mid 20th cent.]

Correspondence and notes relating to family of James Haddy Williams (rector of Fornham All Saints, 1814-1842), and their connection with Charles Lamb  FL572/3/26  1935

5 items

Including typescript copy of Lamb's unpublished acrostic on Mrs Grace Joanna Williams

Log book of church events  FL572/3/27  1955 - 1984

With some related papers including Order in Council uniting benefices of Fornham All Saints and Fornham St Martin with Timworth, 1983
3 enclosures 1955 - 1958; 1969 - 1984

Letter from Roger Fulford to the Rev Peck, referring to building of new rectory  FL572/3/28  [1960's]

Copy photographs of, and biographical notes on, Rectors of Fornham All Saints  FL572/3/29  1986

Tree Preservation Order: churchyard and cemetery  FL572/3/30  1992

REGISTRATION  FL572/4  [n.d.]

Parish registers  [no ref. or date]

Related information: see also FL572/3/24, 25

[no title]  FL572/4/1  1558 - 1728

Baptisms 1558 - 1728
Marriages 1558 - 1614; 1619 - 1728
Burials 1558 - 1614; 1619 - 1728

[no title]  FL572/4/2  1714 - 1783

Baptisms 1714 - 1783
Marriages 1714 - 1768
Burials 1714 - 1783
Volume includes:
list of rectors of Fornham All Saints, (1619)-1892
list of rectors of Westley, (1565)-1777; 1842-1892
memoranda of perambulations of parish boundaries, 1751; 1779
extract relating to Fornham transcribed from Dr Tanner's Collections, 1759
copy extract from will of John Spink of Risby, farmer, bequeathing £50 to be invested and dividends used to purchase bread for poor of Fornham All Saints, (1822)

Marriages  FL572/4/3  1754 - 1773

Marriages  FL572/4/4  1773 - 1783

[no title]  FL572/4/5  1783 - 1786

Baptisms 1783 - 1786
Burials 1784 - 1786

Marriages  FL572/4/6  1783 - 1786

[no title]  FL572/4/7  1786 - 1813

Baptisms 1786 - 1813
Burials 1786 - 1813

Marriages  FL572/4/8  1788 - 1812

Marriages  FL572/4/9  1813 - 1837

Burials  FL572/4/10  1813 - 1953

Baptisms  FL572/4/11  1813 - 1884

Banns  FL572/4/12  1823 - 1904

Baptisms  FL572/4/13  1885 - 1977

Banns  FL572/4/14  1965 - 1992

Marriages  FL572/4/15  1837 - 1991

Marriages  FL572/4/16  1992 - 1994

Marriages  FL572/4/17  1994 - 1998

Marriages  FL572/4/18  1998 - 2001

CHURCHWARDENS  FL572/5  [n.d.]

Accounts  [no ref. or date]

Receipt for fee for curate's licence  FL572/5/1  1894

Letter accompanying receipt for payment for stained glass window  FL572/5/2  1912

2 items

Accounts of choir and Sunday School, and fund for sick and poor  FL572/5/3  1932

Papers relating to the Miles Sargent Memorial Fund  FL572/5/4  1960 - 1961

20 items

Faculties  [no ref. or date]

Faculty for installation of electric lighting 2 Oct 1936  FL572/5/5  1936

Faculty for re-location of footstones against appropriate headstones in closed churchyard 13 Apr 1960  FL572/5/6  1960

Faculty for alterations to sanctuary and replacement of memorial altar hangings to the late Rev Canon Miles Peard Sargent 13 Jul 1960  FL572/5/7  1960

Faculty for placing of altar rail and kneeler 16 Jul 1962  FL572/5/8  1962

Faculty for installation of oil-fired heating 20 Aug 1962  FL572/5/9  1962

Faculty for removal and disposal of pews in north transept 3 Feb 1964  FL572/5/10  1964

Archdeacon's certificates  FL572/5/11  1968-1974

4 items

1968; 1970; 1974

Installing aumbry in Lady Chapel  FL572/5/15  1986

Improvements to organ; rearrangement of pews; extension of vestry  FL572/5/16  1986

Placing statue of Virgin Mary in Lady Chapel  FL572/5/17  1986

Repairs to tower  FL572/5/18  1987

Improvements to interior lighting  FL572/5/19  1995

Repairs and redecoration of chancel  FL572/5/20  1995

Rebuilding churchyard wall  FL572/5/21  1995

Fabric  [no ref. or date]

Related information: see also FL572/5/2,4; FL572/13/4

Copy of report on state of church  FL572/5/12  1863

Cancelled mortgage  FL572/5/13  1863

2 items

For purpose of repairing church, churchwardens and overseers to Secretary of the Public Works Loan Commissioners, with accompanying declaration 15 Oct 1863; 17 Oct 1863

Papers relating to loan from Public Works Loan Board  FL572/5/14  1864 - 1883

4 items

CHARITIES  FL572/11  [n.d.]

Related information: see also FL572/4/2

Burial ground  [no ref. or date]

Order in Council  FL572/11/1  1899

Directing that no new burial ground shall be opened in parishes including Fornham All Saints without approval of Secretary of State 7 Oct 1899

Letter of approval by Secretary of State of site for new burial ground  FL572/11/2  1899

4 items

With plan and regulations for burial grounds 5 Oct 1899

Conveyance of ground for use as burial ground  FL572/11/3  1899

Fornham All Saints, John Wood of Hengrave Hall, Esquire, to the Rev Charles Lett Feltoe of Fornham All Saints and others; with plan 1 Nov 1899

Appointment  FL572/11/4  1944

Deed of appointment of the Very Rev John Herbert Orpen, rector of Fornham
All Saints with Westley, and Rippon Charles Browne, of Fornham All Saints, farmer, as new trustees 24 Oct 1944

Deed of appointment of the Rev Frank Bennett, rector of Fornham All Saints with Westley as new trustee 6 Dec 1948  FL572/11/5  1948

Copy letter concerning burial ground, from John Wood of Hengrave Hall (3 Mar 1950)  FL572/11/6  1950

Charity Commission scheme and accompanying letter  FL572/11/7  1961

2 items

5 Apr 1961; 23 Jun 1961

Papers relating to planning permission for extension to burial ground, with plan  FL572/11/8  1971

Charity Commission scheme 12 Apr 1972  FL572/11/9  1972

2 copies

including one sealed copy

Agreement  FL572/11/10  1972

Relating to land adjoining burial ground, between John Charles Browne of Moseley's Farm, Fornham
All Saints, farmer, and the trustees; with plan 23 Jun 1972

Deed of exchange of property in Fornham All Saints  FL572/11/11  1972

Between the trustees and John Charles Browne of Moseley's Farm, Fornham All Saints, farmer; with plan 4 Aug 1972

Schedule of documents relating to Burial Ground Charity  FL572/11/12  c.1972

Poor's Land  [no ref. or date]

Order of exchange of lands in Fornham All Saints by Board of Agriculture and Fisheries  FL572/11/13  1915

Under terms of Enclosure Acts, between George Espec John Manners of Fornham Park and trustees for poor of Fornham All Saints; with plans 8 Mar 1915

William Firmage  [no ref. or date]

Charity Commission scheme, with accompanying letter  FL572/11/14  1936

2 items

20 Nov 1936; 14 Dec 1936

Village Hall  [no ref. or date]

Conveyance and trust deed, with plan, Hengrave Estates Ltd to the trustees 27 Oct 1953  FL572/11/15  1953

Charity Commission order, and related letter  FL572/11/16  1954

2 items

Letter from Ministry of Education  FL572/11/17  1962

MISCELLANEOUS  FL572/13  [n.d.]

Manor of Fornham All Saints  [no ref. or date]

Photocopy of copy made in 1965 of part of survey by Thomas Warren  FL572/13/1  (1768)

Showing land in Fornham All Saints, Fornham St Genevieve and Fornham St Martin

General  [no ref. or date]

Pencil sketch of buildings near the Aldridge, Fornham All Saints 25 Jul 1835  FL572/13/2  1835

Pencil sketches of the river Lark at Fornham All Saints, and cottage, [Hall Lane], Fornham [St Martin]  FL572/13/3  1835

Album of photographs  FL572/13/4  c.1893

Depicting Fornham All Saints church (exterior and interior), rectory, Mrs Syer's house and inhabitants of village; named individuals are: The Rev C.L. Feltoe, Mrs Feltoe, the Rev Carpenter, C.T. Hay and Mrs Syer

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