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Reference FL571
Covering dates 1561 - 1992
Held by Suffolk Record Office, Bury St Edmunds Branch
Extent 26 Series
Source of acquisition acc. nos. 1725, 1837, 1838, 2301(pt.), 7709, 7757, 9924
Creators Church of England, Flempton with Hengrave Parish, Suffolk

Items which relate specifically to Flempton or Hengrave are so denoted in individual entries; other items in sections FL571/1-12 relate to Flempton with Hengrave

PARISH, GENERAL  FL571/1  [n.d.]

Vestry and Parochial Church Council  [no ref. or date]

Minute book of vestry and P.C.C.  FL571/1/1  1923 - 1957

Including particulars of charities, extracted from Reports of Suffolk Charities, 1923

P.C.C. cash book  FL571/1/2  1939 - 1959

P.C.C. cash book  FL571/1/3  1960 - 1969

P.C.C. annual statements of accounts  FL571/1/4  1935 - 1963

34 items

P.C.C. half-yearly and quarterly statements of accounts  FL571/1/5  1972 - 1978

25 items

Letter concerning parochial contributions to Diocesan Board  FL571/1/6  Jun. 1922

PCC minute book  FL571/1/8  1958-1976

Choir and organ fund committee minute book  FL571/1/9  1954-1958

Benefice  [no ref. or date]

Copy of Order in Council  FL571/1/7  1959

2 items

Uniting benefice of Flempton with Hengrave and benefice of Lackford, with accompanying letter from Church Commissioners 28 Jul. 1959; 3 Sep. 1959

CLERGY  FL571/3  [n.d.]

Services  [no ref. or date]

Register of services, Flempton  FL571/3/1  1923 - 1948

Register of services, Flempton  FL571/3/2  1948 - 1975

Register of services, Hengrave chapel  FL571/3/3  1901 - 1922

Register of services, Hengrave chapel  FL571/3/4  1923 - 1951

Register of Services  FL571/3/46  1910 - 1923

Terriers  [no ref. or date]

Terrier  FL571/3/5  1846

Terrier  FL571/3/6  1854

Inventory  FL571/3/7  c.1922; 1967

Tithe  [no ref. or date]

Related information: see also FL571/3/35,39

Account book of profits of tithe and glebe  FL571/3/8  1768-1853

Volume includes accounts of repairs at rectory, 1768-1817; statement of valuation of tithe of Hengrave, 1811; memoranda concerning crops, 1853
1768 - 1817; 1853

Copy tithe apportionment, Hengrave  FL571/3/9  (1840)

2 enclosures

Copy tithe apportionment, Flempton  FL571/3/10  (1843)

1 enclosure

Copy statement of determination  FL571/3/11  (c.1845)

Defining boundary between Hengrave and Flempton for tithe rent charge purposes

Note of corrections to Flempton and Hengrave tithe apportionments  FL571/3/12  1845

Adjusted tithe rent charge, Hengrave  FL571/3/13  1862

Adjusted tithe rent charge, Flempton  FL571/3/14  1862

Certificate of redemption of tithe rent charge, Hengrave  FL571/3/15  1921

Certificates of redemption of tithe rent charge, Flempton  FL571/3/16  1921 - 1922

3 items

With accompanying letter from Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries

Institutions  [no ref. or date]

Related information: see also FL571/3/35 and FL571/5/14

Instrument of induction of the Rev Jonathan Carter, following death of last incumbent, the Rev William Wilson  FL571/3/17  1768

Statement of presentations giving names of patrons and clerks, 1730-1845  FL571/3/18  mid 19th cent

Institution of the Rev William Richard Bain and related papers  FL571/3/19  1851

5 items

Including instrument of induction

Benefice  [no ref. or date]

Letter from Ecclesiastical Commission concerning cessation of payment of procurations  FL571/3/20  Apr. 1881

Letter from Ecclesiastical Commission concerning investments held in trust 12 Jan. 1928  FL571/3/21  1928

Rectory  [no ref. or date]

Related information: see also FL571/3/8

Answers to questions relating to ecclesiastical dilapidations  FL571/3/22  1883

2 items

With accompanying letter to Mrs Bain, widow of the late Rev William Richard Bain 26 Sep. 1883

Copy schedule of repairs following report by Diocesan Surveyor (21 Jan. 1884)  FL571/3/23  1884

Schedule of repairs, with order of liability to the executors of the late Rev William Richard Bain  FL571/3/24  1884

26 Feb. 1884

Papers relating to ecclesiastical dilapidations  FL571/3/25  1923 - 1930

4 items

Including report by Diocesan Surveyor, 1929, and ordinary assessment, 1930

Copy purchase deed of freehold house and land, Flempton  FL571/3/26  1929

3 items

For use as parsonage house for benefice of Flempton with Hengrave, Hengrave Estates Ltd to the Rev Cecil Downton, with plan, and accompanying letter from solicitor (24 Jul. 1929); 13 Nov. 1929

Copy order  FL571/3/27  1959

2 items

Cancelling ordinary assessment of 4 May 1954 relating to former benefice of Lackford (united with benefice of Flempton with Hengrave in 1959), with accompanying letter from Church Commissioners (23 Sep. 1959); 9 Oct. 1959

Advowson  [no ref. or date]

Related information: see also FL571/3/35

Attested copy of deed of consolidation of advowsons of Flempton and Hengrave (1589)  FL571/3/28  1823

Abstract of title of Peter Cloves of Woodford (Ess.), esq., to advowson of Flempton cum Hengrave  FL571/3/29  1848

Sale particulars  FL571/3/30  1848

With ms. note of agreement to sell by agents for vendor, [Peter Cloves to the Rev William Richard Bain of Fornham All Saints]

Schedule of title deeds  FL571/3/31  c.1849

Memorandum of deposit of title deeds with William Richard North of 5 Greens Row, Chelsea (Mx.), esq., by the Rev William Richard Bain  FL571/3/32  1853; 1862

Document includes schedule of title deeds, and note of their return to the Rev W.R. Bain on 8 Mar. 1862

Estate of the Rev William Richard Bain  [no ref. or date]

Quarterly statements of account for rent of properties in St Leonard's Terrace, Chelsea (Mx.)  FL571/3/33  1882 - 1890

35 items

Death certificate of the Rev William Richard Bain 10 Aug. 1883; (d. 5 Aug. 1883)  FL571/3/34  1883

Correspondence to Mrs Bain (executrix of the late Rev W.R. Bain) from Rivington and Son, solicitors, 1 Fenchurch Buildings, London E.C.  FL571/3/35  1883 - 1889

48 items

Chiefly relating to institution of the Rev O.E. Owen, sale of advowson, and sale of house at 26 St Leonard's Terrace, Chelsea (Mx.). Letter dated 21 Aug. 1889 relates to an amended tithe apportionment which was adopted without having been signed by Tithe Commissioners

Correspondence to Mrs Bain from Biddell and Blencowe, auctioneers and land agents, Bury St Edmunds  FL571/3/36  1883 - 1884

6 items

Relating to valuation and sale of personal effects of the late Rev W.R. Bain

Letter to Mrs Elizabeth Gordon Bain from the Western Mortgage and Investment Company acknowledging payment for debenture 11 Dec. 1883  FL571/3/37  1883

Correspondence to Mrs Bain from Charles Bennett, stock and share brokers, 2 Capel Court, London E.C.  FL571/3/38  1884 - 1889

27 items

Letters to Mrs Bain from I. Green, 103 Northgate Street, Bury St Edmunds  FL571/3/39  1884

3 items

Concerning payment of share of tithe commutation, with statement of account

Sale particulars, 26 St Leonard's Terrace, Chelsea (Mx.)  FL571/3/40  1888

Correspondence to Mrs Bain from Mrs Eleanor Mary Methuen of Avonwood, Clifton, Bristol  FL571/3/41  1889

7 items

Concerning proposed sale to Mrs Bain of house in Pembroke Road, Clifton, Bristol, including two draft replies from Mrs Bain

Letter to Mrs Bain from The Regent's Park Estate Office and receipt for rent for 87 Pembroke Road, Clifton, Bristol  FL571/3/42  1890

2 items

Miscellaneous  [no ref. or date]

Miscellaneous papers relating to keeping of parish registers and civil registration of deaths  FL571/3/43  1868 - 1938

10 items

Notices of provisional valuations under Finance (1909-1910) Act, 1910 for school house and garden, Flempton, Hengrave church and churchyard, and land in Bury Road, Flempton  FL571/3/44  1913 - 1914

5 items

Insuarance policy for chancel, Flempton, excluding stained glass windows  FL571/3/45  31 Dec. 1927

REGISTRATION  FL571/4  [n.d.]

Parish registers  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  FL571/4/1  1561 - 1696

Baptisms 1561 - 1696
Marriages 1561 - 1696
Burials 1561 - 1696

[no title]  FL571/4/2  1695 - 1744

Baptisms 1695 - 1744
Marriages 1695 - 1743
Burials 1695 - 1742

[no title]  FL571/4/3  1744 - 1812

Baptisms 1744 - 1812
Marriages 1744 - 1768
Burials 1746 - 1812
(2 enclosures)

[no title]  FL571/4/4  1783 - 1793

Baptisms 1783 - 1793
Burials 1783 - 1793
(Duplicate register kept for purpose of recording duty payable)

Baptisms  FL571/4/5  1813 - 1874

[no title]  FL571/4/6  1754-1806

Marriages 1754 - 1806
Banns 1754 - 1806

[no title]  FL571/4/7  1806-1812

Marriages 1806 - 1812
Banns 1806 - 1811
(3 enclosures)

Marriages  FL571/4/8  1813 - 1845

(2 enclosures)

Burials  FL571/4/9  1813 - 1955

Banns  FL571/4/10  1824 - 1921

6 enclosures

Marriages  FL571/4/12  1837 - 1992

Marriage licences  [no ref. or date]

Marriage licences  FL571/4/11  1810 - 1915

21 items

William Cooke of Boxted Mary Pugh of Hengrave, widow  FL571/4/11/i  20 Aug. 1810

George Cooper of Flempton Elizabeth Ann Steel of Chimney Mills  FL571/4/11/ii  17 Nov. 1817

George Wright of Hengrave, widower Sarah Dear of Hengrave, widow  FL571/4/11/iii  26 Sep. 1822

Samuel Payne of Cockfield Hannah Payne of Hengrave  FL571/4/11/iv  28 Jul. 1828

James Steel Wright of Hengrave Mary Hawkins of Flempton  FL571/4/11/v  17 Nov. 1828

William Fife of St Mary's [Thetford?] (Nf./Sf.); Ann Newell of Flempton  FL571/4/11/vi  9 Jan. 1830

George Mumford of Little Cornard Marianne Longar of Hengrave-cum-Flempton  FL571/4/11/vii  6 May 1832

John Keeble of Lavenham, widower Maria Evered of Flempton  FL571/4/11/viii  5 Nov. 1834

James Skinner of Hengrave-cum-Flempton, widower; Catherine Shea of Hengrave-cum-Flempton  FL571/4/11/ix  30 May 1854

Thomas Brooks Bumpsted of Great St Mary, Cambridge; Margaret Louisa Yaustin Doria of Flempton  FL571/4/11/x  31 Jul. 1856

John Robert Petch of Staveley (Db.) Martha Herrington of Flempton  FL571/4/11/xi  2 Jan. 1857

James Bacon of St. Mary the Great, Cambridge, widower Martha Anne Cooper of Flempton  FL571/4/11/xii  23 Jan. 1857

Robert Henry Steel of Fornham All Saints Letitia Raynbird of Hengrave  FL571/4/11/xiii  21 Apr. 1857

Ellen Parsk of Hengrave George Ellis of Euston, a minor aged twenty years  FL571/4/11/xiv  10 Jun. 1859

Josiah Ambrose of Clare; Augusta Herrington of Flempton-cum-Hengrave, a minor aged twenty years  FL571/4/11/xv  23 Dec. 1859

John Cates of St James, Bury St Edmunds; Jane Harrington of Flempton  FL571/4/11/xvi  15 Aug. 1863

Arthur Poole of St John, Bury St Edmunds; Mary Ann Spalding of Hengrave  FL571/4/11/xvii  3 Dec. 1881

Charles Brand of Hengrave; Eliza Gulliford of Hengrave  FL571/4/11/xviii  29 Sep. 1888

Thomas Osborne of Flempton; Florence Julia Musk of Flempton  FL571/4/11/xix  7 Jun. 1890

Ernest Ralph Tungate of Ipswich; Georgina Maud Newcomb of Flempton  FL571/4/11/xx  28 Oct. 1911

Alexander Milne of Radlett (Hrt.); Norah Mary Collins of Hengrave  FL571/4/11/xxi  11 Jun. 1915

CHURCHWARDENS  FL571/5  [n.d.]

Accounts  [no ref. or date]

Account book, Flempton, including accounts of payment of rates  FL571/5/1  1872 - 1915

Bills and receipts, Flempton  FL571/5/2  1914-1921

11 items

1914 - 1915; 1921

Annual statement of accounts, Flempton  FL571/5/3  1931

Account book  FL571/5/15  1915 - 1939

Faculties  [no ref. or date]

Faculty for repairs, Flempton  FL571/5/4  1885

4 items

Including removal of west gallery, reflooring and partial reseating of nave and altering of position of seats in chancel, with related papers including licence for performance of divine service in Flempton school room during period of closure of church for restoration

Faculty for provision of new oak altar table, Flempton  FL571/5/5  1928

Fabric  [no ref. or date]

Related information: see also FL571/3/45

Plan and elevations of proposed lych gate, Flempton 24 Jun. 1931  FL571/5/6  1931

Plans and elevations, Flempton church  FL571/5/7  Jan. 1936

2 copies

Plan of detail of chancel arch, Flempton  FL571/5/8  Jan. 1936

3 copies

Plans and elevations showing proposed alterations to Flempton church, prepared by Naish and Mitchell 10 Jun. 1936  FL571/5/9  1936

2 copies

Plan and elevation of proposed new window, Flempton church, prepared by Naish and Mitchell 10 Jun. 1936  FL571/5/10  1936

2 copies

Outline specification of proposed works at Flempton church  FL571/5/11  Jul. 1936

Prepared by Naish and Mitchell, architects, 8 Hatter Street, Bury St Edmunds

Letters to Sir John Wood, Bt., Hengrave Hall, from Naish and Mitchell  FL571/5/12  1936

2 items

To accompany plans and specifications for Flempton church 24 Jul. 1936; 11 Sep. 1936

Sectional plan and elevations of altar, Flempton church  FL571/5/13  1938

Showing cross to be planted on altar front, prepared by W.H. Mitchell, architects, 38 Churchgate Street, Bury St Edmunds 9 Mar. 1938

Miscellaneous  [no ref. or date]

Notice to churchwardens of proposed institution of the Rev Cecil Downton 30 Aug. 1922  FL571/5/14  1922

OVERSEERS  FL571/7  [n.d.]

Accounts  [no ref. or date]

Account book (showing annual statements of accounts), Hengrave  FL571/7/1  1868 - 1898

1 enclosure

Rates  [no ref. or date]

Related information: see also FL571/12/3

Valuation list, Hengrave  FL571/7/2  1885

Valuation list, Hengrave  FL571/7/3  1895

Rate book, Hengrave  FL571/7/4  1885 - 1887

Rate book, Hengrave  FL571/7/5  1887 - 1889

Rate book, Hengrave  FL571/7/6  1889 - 1892

Rate book, Hengrave  FL571/7/7  1892 - 1896

Rate book, Hengrave  FL571/7/8  1896 - 1897

Book of rate receipt counterfoils, Hengrave  FL571/7/9  1890 - 1894

Book of rate receipt counterfoils, Hengrave  FL571/7/10  1894 - 1897


Accounts  [no ref. or date]

Account book, Hengrave  FL571/8/1  1891 - 1893

2 enclosures

Account book, Hengrave  FL571/8/2  1893 - 1896

2 enclosures

Rates  [no ref. or date]

Rate book, Hengrave  FL571/8/3  1892; 1896

Rate book, Hengrave  FL571/8/4  1897

CHARITIES  FL571/11  [n.d.]

Related information: see also FL571/1/1

Carter's Charity, Flempton  [no ref. or date]

Related information: see also FL571/11/4

Letter to the Rev C. Andrews, Flempton, from N. Dalton, Bury St Edmunds  FL571/11/1  1817

Including notes of the terms of the bequest of the late Rev Carter 5 Nov. 1817

Letter to the Rev O.E. Owen from Registrar of Diocese of Norwich  FL571/11/2  1893

Concerning unsuccessful search for title deeds of 3 acres presented to living by the late Rev Jonathan Carter 21 Jun. 1893

Copy letter from Hengrave Hall Estate Office to Charity Commission  FL571/11/3  1923

3 items

Concerning payment of annual amount due, with notes of terms of bequest, and reply from Charity Commission concerning dividends held in trust, and establishment of a separate account for the Carter Educational Foundation (two-thirds of Carter's endowment) 12 May 1923

Firmage's Charity, Flempton  [no ref. or date]

Related information: see also FL571/11/6

Letter to J.M. Rutterford from C.A.A. Richards, Nacton  FL571/11/4  1922

Concerning lapsed keeping of accounts of Carter's and Firmage's Charities 18 Dec. 1922

Letter to J.M. Rutterford from C.A.A. Richards  FL571/11/5  1922, c.1917

2 items

Enclosing a list of rent paid annually, 1895-1917
23 Dec. 1922; c. 1917

Poor's Land Charity, Flempton  [no ref. or date]

Letter from Charity Commission requesting accounts of Poor's Land Charity  FL571/11/6  1923

3 items

Including Firmage's Charity and Lady Kytson's Charity (Coal), with copy reply from incumbent 1 Jan. 1923; 19 Jan. 1923

Typewritten notes concerning terms of Poor's Land and Lady Kytson's Charities  FL571/11/7  c. 1920's

4 items

SCHOOLS  FL571/12  [n.d.]

National School  [no ref. or date]

Related information: see also FL571/3/44 and FL571/5/4

Copy conveyance of site for school for united parishes of Flempton and Hengrave, rector of Flempton with Hengrave to the National Society  FL571/12/1  (1875), 1906

2 items

With plan, and declaration by William Nichol of Hengrave, land agent, that this is a true copy (14 Oct. 1875); 28 Mar. 1906

Copy conveyance, as in FL571/12/1, with exception of declaration (14 Oct. 1875)  FL571/12/2  1875

School rate book (payments collected by overseers of Hengrave)  FL571/12/3  1884 - 1898

Dame School  [no ref. or date]

Government circulars concerning attendance at unendowed Dame School  FL571/12/4  1819

3 items

With draft reply from incumbent (including reference to Dame School at Little Saxham)

MISCELLANEOUS  FL571/13  [n.d.]

Office copy of disposition  FL571/13/1  (1848)

(Bequests include establishment of charity at Lerwick, Scotland) of Francis Yates, late of Streatham (Sr.) and of 21 Mincing Lane, City of London, wine merchant, with administration, extracted from registry of Prerogative Court of Canterbury

Statement of case concerning will of Francis Yates, with opinion on behalf of next of kin  FL571/13/2  1867

Letters to Mrs Bain [widow of the Rev W.R. Bain] from E.L. Fox  FL571/13/3  Jan. 1888

2 items

Concerning payment of fees for medical attendance

Plan of ground floor and first floor [presumably Hengrave Hall] showing proposed new drainage system  FL571/13/4  c. 1930's

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