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Reference 1511
Covering dates 1547-1948
Held by Suffolk Record Office, Bury St Edmunds Branch
Extent 939 files
Source of acquisition The collection as a whole was transferred from the Borough Library, Bury St. Edmunds, on 16th April, 1965.
Creators Ford, J C, of Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk

Collection of prints with a few water colours, brass rubbings, etc. Subjects are chiefly Suffolk buildings but there are portraits, etc., also. Substantially this appears to be the collection of J.C. Ford of Bury St. Edmunds; a number of large parish folders have his writing on them. However, it is probable that additional items (possibly parts of other collections) have become incorporated.

ACTON  1511/1/1-2  [n.d.]

Print. Brass of Sir Robert de Bures 1302. From rubbing by T. Montagu Benton  1511/1/1  1903

2 copies

Print. Brass of Sir Robert de Bures 1302. Drawn, etched and published by J.S. Colman  1511/1/2  Jan 1817

ALPHETON  1511/4/1  [n.d.]

Print. Alpheton Church  1511/4/1  Undated

AMPTON  1511/5/1-7  [n.d.]

Print. Arms of Rev. James H. Stuart  1511/5/1  Undated

Print. Arms of Henry Calthorpe, Esq.  1511/5/2  Undated

Print. Ampton Hall. Engraved by J.C. Varrall from a sketch by J.C. Smith.  1511/5/3  1818

Bibliography: Pub May 1st 1818

Print. Ampton Church. Williams  1511/5/4  undated

Photograph. Ampton Hall  1511/5/5  undated

6 Brass rubbings. From Ampton (St. Peter's)  1511/5/6  1887

Print. Ampton Hall  1511/5/7  undated

ASHFIELD MAGNA  1511/6/1-14  [n.d.]

Print. Ashfield Church  1511/6/1  undated

Print. Edward Thurlow, Lord Chancellor. T. Wright  1511/6/2  undated

Print. Edward, Lord Thurlow. S. Collins, painter J. Condé engraver  1511/6/3  Pub Feb 29th 1792

Print. Edward, Lord Thurlow  1511/6/4  Pub by T. Chapman Nov 14th 1795

Print. Edward, Lord Thurlow from "European Magazine"  1511/6/5  Pub by J. Sewall June 1st 1789

Print. Edward, Lord Thurlow  1511/6/6  undated

Painting. Arms  1511/6/7  undated

Print. Thurlow. Engraved by Hopwood from drawing by W.H. Brown.  1511/6/8  Feb 24th 1797

Print. Lord Thurlow, High Chancellor  1511/6/9  1792

Painting. Key. Ashfield Magna  1511/6/10  1885

Painting. Emblems of Crucifixion from bench-end from Ashfield Church. H. Watling  1511/6/11  1885

Print. Arms of Edward Thurlow  1511/6/12  undated

Print. Genealogical Table of Thurlow family  1511/6/13  undated

Print. Arms of Edward Thurlow  1511/6/14  undated

ASSINGTON  1511/7/1-2  [n.d.]

Print. Assington Hall, residence of John Gurdon, Esq. Engraved by J. Hawksworth  1511/7/1  undated

Print. Assington Hall, residence of John Gurdon, Esq. Engraved by J. Hawksworth.  1511/7/2  undated

BADWELL ASH  1511/10/1  [n.d.]

Print. Badwell Ash Church  1511/10/1  undated

BARDWELL  1511/11/1-6  [n.d.]

Print. Bardwell Church - The King of Terrors  1511/11/1  undated

Lithograph. Bardwell Church - The Last Judgement. J.C.L. Sparkes  1511/11/2  undated

Lithograph. Bardwell Church - St. Christopher. J.C.L. Sparkes  1511/11/3  undated

Lithograph. Bardwell Church - Legend of St. Katherine. J.C.L. Sparkes  1511/11/4  undated

Print. Manor House Chimney  1511/11/5  undated

Print. Bardwell Church. Williams  1511/11/6  undated

BARNARDISTON  1511/13/1  [n.d.]

Print of Sir Thomas Barnardiston  1511/13/1  undated

BARNHAM  1511/14/1-2  [n.d.]

Prints. Ruin of Church of St. Martin and Barnham St. Gregory. Jas. Mathew artist Sidy Hall, engraver  1511/14/1  undated

Print. Ruin of Church of St. Martin. Jas. Mathew Sidy Hall, engraver  1511/14/2  undated

BARNINGHAM  1511/15/1-3  [n.d.]

Newspaper cutting. Late Rt. Hon. George Ward Hunt, M.P.  1511/15/1  undated

Coloured print. Window at Barningham  1511/15/2  undated

Brass rubbing. Barningham  1511/15/3  Aug 1882

BARROW  1511/16/1-12e  [n.d.]

Print of James Shillito Butcher. (Trade card)  1511/16/1  undated

Print of Tomb of Sir Clement Heigham, Barrow Church. J.C. Buckler, artist James Basire, engraver  1511/16/2  undated

Drawing of Plan of Barrow in 1597  1511/16/3  undated

Print of Arms - Heigham. R. Hart  1511/16/4  undated

Print of Barrow Church. J.C. Buckler, artist J. Basire, engraver  1511/16/5  undated

Print. Font in Church. J.C. Buckler, artist J. Basire, engraver  1511/16/6  undated

Print. Plan of Barrow Church J.C. Buckler, artist J. Basire, engraver  1511/16/7  undated

Print. Seal  1511/16/8  undated

Print. Barrow Church  1511/16/9  undated

3 copies

Print. Family Tree - Heigham of Barrow  1511/16/10  undated

Map. Plan of the Lodge Estate, Barrow  1511/16/11  1886

Brass rubbing. Barrow  1511/16/12a  1887

Brass rubbing. Barrow  1511/16/12b  1887

Brass rubbing. Barrow  1511/16/12c  1887

Brass rubbing. Barrow  1511/16/12d  1887

Brass rubbing. Barrow  1511/16/12e  1887

BARTON (GREAT)  1511/18/1-8  [n.d.]

Sketch. Barton Park. George Quinton  1511/18/1  1802

Print. Gt. Barton Hall - Seat of Sir Charles Bunbury  1511/18/2  undated

Print. Barton Hall  1511/18/3  undated

Print. Barton Church  1511/18/4  undated

Print. John Saith Phillip's Arms & original signature. H. Salt - Heraldic Office  1511/18/5  undated

Print. H.W. Bunbury, Esq. T. Lawrence, painter  1511/18/6  1812

Bibliography: Pub Oct 31st 1812

Print. Barton Hall. Engraved by W. Wallis from sketch by T. Higham  1511/18/7  July 1st 1818

Print. Barton Mere House  1511/18/8  undated

BEYTON  1511/29/1-2  [n.d.]

Photographer. Bramfield - interior of of Church  1511/29/2  undated

Print. Beighton Church  1511/29/1  undated

2 copies

BILDESTON  1511/30/1  [n.d.]

Print. Catherine Parr  1511/30/1  undated

BOXFORD  1511/35/1  [n.d.]

Print. Boxford Church Porch (?)  1511/35/1  undated

BOXTED  1511/36/1-8  [n.d.]

Print. Boxted Church  1511/36/1  undated

3 copies

Print. Boxted Hall. Engraved  1511/36/2  1818

Print. Boxted Hall. S. Clarke; J. Hawksworth  1511/36/3  undated

2 copies

Print. Monument to Sir J. Poley of Wrongey in Boxted Church. F. Day  1511/36/4  1853?

Print. Monument of Abigail, wife of Sir J. Poley, in Boxted Church. F. Davy  1511/36/5  1863?

Print. Recumbent effigies of William Poley and Alice his wife in Boxted Church.  1511/36/6  undated

Print. Arms of J.G. Weller Poley of Boxted (1672)?  1511/36/7  undated

Brass Rubbing. Writing of 1543  1511/36/8  1888


Sketch. Church, Bradfield Combust  1511/37/1  Aug 22nd 1852

Engraving. Arthur Young. From miniature by Mr. Jagger, drawn and engraved by George Quinton  1511/37/2  undated

Map. Plan of Bradfield Hall Estate. T. Way, lithographer  1511/37/3  undated

Photographer. Bradfield Hall?  1511/37/4  undated

Photographer. Bradfield Lodge?  1511/37/5  undated

Photographers. Bradfield Park?  1511/37/6  undated


Print. Church at Bradfield St. George.  1511/37/7  undated

3 copies

Print. Church at Bradfield St. Clare  1511/37/8  undated

3 copies

Print. Church at Bradfield Combust  1511/37/9  undated

Print. Arms of Arthur Young  1511/37/10  undated

Drawing. Key of Church of Bradfield St. George  1511/37/11  14 Apr 1890

Engraving. Arthur Young. Walker and Boutall  1511/37/12  undated

BRADLEY - MAGNA and PARVA  1511/38/1-4  [n.d.]

Brass Rubbing. Inscription - John Le Hunt In Little Bradley 1605  1511/38/1  undated

Page of Book. The Ninth Book containing Actes and things done in reign of Edward VI  1511/38/2  1547

Brass rubbing. Little Bradley - woman. J.C. Ford  1511/38/3  1895

Brass rubbing. Little Bradley - man. J.C. Ford  1511/38/4  1895

BRANDON  1511/43/1-9  [n.d.]

Print. Gold Cross - Coin inset - Heraclius I and his son, date 613-641.  1511/43/1  undated

Map. Corner - map of county of Suffolk.  1511/43/2  undated

Sketch. Gibbet of two men. From Rev. Thomas Kerrick 1785, from "Hanging in chain"  1511/43/3  1891

Printed billhead and card. George Craske - Commercial Inn, Brandon (The White Hart). J. Barwick, engraver Boston  1511/43/4  1891

Printed billhead. Richard Nash - The Chequers, Brandon. Bodwell, engraver  1511/43/5  undated

Printed card. Diggon - Saddler and harness maker. J. Jones, engraver  1511/43/6  undated

Printed card. William Forster, Steeltrap Manufacturer  1511/43/7  undated

Print. Charles I  1511/43/8  undated

Print. James II. Ravenet engraver.  1511/43/9  undated

BRETTENHAM  1511/45/1-4  [n.d.]

Bill. Bought of A. Brewster, week's grocery bill for family of nine  1511/45/1  undated

Print. Brettenham Hall  1511/45/2  undated

Print. Brettenham Church  1511/45/3  undated

Map. Plan of Brettenham Park Estate. T. Way, lithographer  1511/45/4  undated

BROCKLEY  1511/48/1-7  [n.d.]

Print. Brockley Church  1511/48/1  undated

3 copies

Print. Brockley Church. I.C. Buckler, artist; J. Basire, engraver  1511/48/2  undated

Print. Ground plan Brockley Church  1511/48/3  undated

Print. Susanna Maria, wife of Rev. Fred. Barnwell. Simon Walter (painter)  1511/48/4  undated

Print. Rev. Fred. Barnwell, Rector of Brockley. Adolphus (painter)  1511/48/5  undated

Plan. The Six Bells  1511/48/6  undated

Painting. Brockley Church key  1511/48/7  1888

BURES  1511/51/1-2  [n.d.]

Printed card. B. Hills - Clock and Watch maker  1511/51/1  undated

Page. Pedigree of Waldegraves of Smallbridge  1511/51/2  undated

CAVENDISH  1511/59/1-4  [n.d.]

Print. Thomas Cavendish. Page, engraver  1511/59/1  undated

Print. Swan Hall, nr. Cavendish. John S. Corder  1511/59/2  1892

Cutting. Article from "Builder" re "Priest's Door," Cavendish Church  1511/59/3  6th Sept 1879

Print. Priest's Door, Cavendish Church. H.W. Brewer  1511/59/4  undated

CAVENHAM  1511/60/1-2  [n.d.]

Print. Rt. Hon. Charles Lord Viscount Townshend  1511/60/1  undated

Print. Cavenham Church  1511/60/2  undated

CHEDBURGH  1511/62/1-3  [n.d.]

Printed card. William Garwood, cooper  1511/62/1  undated

Print. Chedburgh Church  1511/62/2  undated

Plan. The Marquis Inn  1511/62/3  undated

CHELSWORTH  1511/63/1-2  [n.d.]

Print. Ancient Mural painting as discovered in Chelsworth Church. Mason, artist Walter Hagreen  1511/63/1  1850

Print. Ancient Mural painting as discovered in Chelsworth Church. Mason, artist Walter Hagreen  1511/63/2  1850

CHEVINGTON  1511/65/1-5  [n.d.]

Print. Plan of Chevington Church  1511/65/1  undated

Print. Chest in Chevington Church. Drawn W. Twopeny Etched W.S. Wilkinson  1511/65/2  undated

Print. Chevington Church. J.S. Basire  1511/65/3  undated

Print. Porch of Chevington Church. R.J. Simpson, artist  1511/65/4  undated

Print. Chevington Church  1511/65/5  undated

CHILTON  1511/66/1-2  [n.d.]

Sketch. Arms on Crane Monument, Chilton Church  1511/66/1  undated

Print. Sir William Wyndham. Ravenet, sculptor  1511/66/2  undated

CLARE  1511/67/1-13  [n.d.]

Prints  1511/67/1  1810-1819

a) Clare Church. Engraver W. Deable Drawn T. Heigham Pub. May 1819
b) Clare Castle from banks of the Stour (as 11). J. Grieg Pub. Sept. 1810
c) Part of Clare Castle walls J. Grieg Pub. Sept. 1810

Printed card. Foulger - Saddle etc. maker  1511/67/2  undated

Photographer. Cross and Chain, and newspaper cutting. From Bury Post  1511/67/3  Dec 12th 1865

Print. The White Swan  1511/67/4  undated

Print. Clare Priory  1511/67/5  undated

Print. Clare Priory. E. Sims, J. Hawksworth  1511/67/6  undated

Print. Antient House, Clare. J. Grieg  1511/67/7  1810

Bibliography: Pub Sept 1 1810

Print. Church, Clare. W. Deeole and T. Heigham  1511/67/8  May 1819

Print. Clare Castle. J. Hawksworth  1511/67/9  1840

Print. Remains of Clare Castle  1511/67/10  undated

Print. Clare Castle from banks of the Stour. J. Grieg  1511/67/11  1810

Bibliography: Pub Sept 1810

Print. Keep of Clare Castle. J. Grieg  1511/67/12  Sept 1810

Print. Clare Castle. J. Newton  1511/67/13  undated

Bibliography: Pub April 12th 1787

COCKFIELD  1511/69/1-3  [n.d.]

Print. Cockfield Church  1511/69/1  undated

Map. Plan of Accommodation land at Cockfield. Cleer S. Alger, lithographer  1511/69/2  1887

Map. Plan of Old Hall Estate. Cleer S. Alger, lithographer  1511/69/3  1882

CORNARD (MAGNA and PARVA)  1511/72/1  [n.d.]

Print. The Rectory, Cornard Parva  1511/72/1  undated

CONLINGE  1511/75/1-7  [n.d.]

Print. Branches Park. T. Way, lithographer  1511/75/1  1887

Brass rubbing. Inscription of Robert Higham and his wife  1511/75/2  undated

Brass rubbing. Robert Higham and his wife  1511/75/3  undated

Brass rubbing. Robert Higham and his wife  1511/75/4  undated

Brass rubbing. Their children  1511/75/5  undated

Brass rubbing. Their children  1511/75/6  undated

Brass rubbing. Arms  1511/75/7  undated

CULFORD  1511/79/1-17  [n.d.]

Print. Charles, Earl Cornwallis. Painted by H.D. Hamilton engraver F. Bartolozzi  1511/79/1  1792

Bibliography: Pub July 14th 1792

Print. Culford Hall. G. Hollis, Engraver  1511/79/2  1799

2 copies

Phototint. Culford Hall. James Akerman  1511/79/3  June 8th 1894

Print. Marchioness Cornwallis  1511/79/4  undated

Print. Marchioness Cornwallis. Mackenzie, Engraver  1511/79/5  April 2nd 1810

Print. Marquis Cornwallis. Godefroy, artist J. Pass, engraver  1511/79/6  undated

Print. Marquis Cornwallis. Painted by A.W. Davis Engraved by F. Bartolozzi  1511/79/7  undated

Print. Arms of Charles, Lord Cornwallis  1511/79/8  undated

Print. Arms of Marquis Cornwallis  1511/79/9  undated

Print. Culford Church  1511/79/10  undated

Print. Culford Hall. Engraver J.C. Varrell Sketched T. Higham  1511/79/11  undated

Bibliography: Pub July 1st 1818

Print. Charles, Marquis Cornwallis. Painted J.S. Copley Engraver S. Freeman.  1511/79/12  undated

Print. Charles, Marquis Cornwallis. J. Wright, Engraver  1511/79/13  undated

Print. Arms of Charles, Lord Cornwallis  1511/79/14  undated

Signature of R Benyon de Beauvoir  1511/79/15  Sept 17th

Print. Sir Nathaniel Bacon and copy of his autograph. From original painted by himself  1511/79/16  undated

Print. "Broken knees - a case for Elliman's". By Jno. Sturgess engraver J. Swain.  1511/79/17  undated

Related information: Similar advertisement used as a backing for 1151/79/2

DALHAM  1511/80/1  [n.d.]

Print. Dalham Church  1511/80/1  undated

DENHAM  1511/83/1  [n.d.]

Print. Denham Church  1511/83/1  undated

3 copies

DENSTON  1511/85/1-7  [n.d.]

Print. Denston Church. S. Williams  1511/85/1  undated

Photographer. Denston Church  1511/85/2  undated

Photographer. Denston Church - interior  1511/85/3  undated

Brass rubbing. Woman  1511/85/4  1887

Brass rubbing. Woman  1511/85/5  1887

Brass rubbing. Knight  1511/85/6  1887

Brass rubbing. Inscription  1511/85/7  1887

DEPDEN  1511/86/1-10  [n.d.]

Print. Arms of Rev. M. Lloyd  1511/86/1  undated

Print. Depden Church  1511/86/2  undated

Pen and ink. Key of Depden Church  1511/86/3  undated

Brass rubbing. Arms in Depden Church  1511/86/4  1887

Brass rubbing. Arms in Depden Church  1511/86/5  1887

Brass rubbing. Inscription  1511/86/6  1887

Brass rubbing. Kneeling lady  1511/86/7  1887

Brass rubbing. Kneeling lady and 2 children  1511/86/8  1887

Brass rubbing. Kneeling knight and 5 children  1511/86/9  1887

Brass rubbing. Kneeling Knight and 2 children  1511/86/10  1887

DOMHAM SANTON  1511/87/1  [n.d.]

Print. Arms of Thomas Wright  1511/87/1  undated

DRINKSTONE  1511/88/1-6  [n.d.]

Print. Drinkstone Church  1511/88/1  undated

3 copies

Print. Arms of John Harcourt Powell  1511/88/2  undated

Drawing. Arms of Henry Horn  1511/88/3  undated

Painting. Joshua Grigby, gentleman of Drinkstone Park. Copied by H. Watling from original  1511/88/4  undated

Plan. Drinkstone Lodge. Cleer S. Alger, lithographer  1511/88/5  1886

Plan. Drinkstone Park. J.G. Lenny, surveyor  1511/88/6  April 1818

ELMSETT  1511/91/1-2  [n.d.]

Print. A Suffolk Stallion. W.H. Davis W. Backshell  1511/91/1  1853

Bibliography: Pub 1853

Print. Elmset Church. Engraver Sands from drawing J.P. Neale.  1511/91/2  undated

ELMSWELL  1511/92/1-3  [n.d.]

Print. New Manor House. Photographer-lithographer Akerman  1511/92/1  undated

Print. Elmswell Church  1511/92/2  undated

Map. Plan of farms in Elmswell and Wetherden. Cleer S. Alger, lithographer  1511/92/3  1887

ELVEDEN  1511/93/1-3  [n.d.]

Print & plan. Elveden Hall. John Morton, Architect from "The Builder"  1511/93/1  Nov 18th 1871

Print from newspaper. Elveden Hall visited by Prince and Princess of Wales  1511/93/2  undated

Print. Elveden Church. Williams  1511/93/3  undated

EUSTON  1511/95/1-12  [n.d.]

Print. Euston Hall  1511/95/1  undated

Coloured print. Euston Hall  1511/95/2  undated

2 sheets

Print. Euston Hall. J. Grieg  1511/95/3  Mar 1st 1806

2 copies

Print. Euston Church  1511/95/4  undated

Print. Euston Hall (Rackham's Ladies Memorandum Book)  1511/95/5  1809

Print. Euston Hall. Engraver R. Acon Drawing T. Higham.  1511/95/6  May 1819

Print. Temple in Euston Park. J. Stoner  1511/95/7  Pub Mar 1806

Print. Arms of Charles, Duke of Grafton  1511/95/8  undated

Print. Arms of Fitzroy, Duke of Grafton  1511/95/9  undated

Print. Charles Fitz-roy, Duke of Grafton. Benoist engraver  1511/95/10  undated

Print. Bennet, Earl of Arlington. Houbraken, engraver  1511/95/11  undated

Print. Her Grace the Duckess of Grafton. G. Kneller, Painter Goldor, engraver  1511/95/12  Pub Jan 31st 1787

EXNING  1511/96/1-4  [n.d.]

Print. Pyx found in Parish in 1845. J.F. Clarke  1511/96/1  1845?

Print. Exning Church. On stone by W. Walton from sketch by R.B. Harraden.  1511/96/2  undated

Coloured print. Exning Church. Standadge & Co. Lithographer  1511/96/3  undated

Printed Bill. A catalogue of entire agricultural stock etc. of Mr. John Speller. T.C. Newby, printer.  1511/96/4  1834

FAKENHAM  1511/98/1-3  [n.d.]

Print. A screen in the Church  1511/98/1  1818

Print. Fakenham from meadows. J. Storer  1511/98/2  Mar 1806

Print. Fakenham from Euston Park. J. Grieg  1511/98/3  March 1806

FELSHAM  1511/101/1-4  [n.d.]

Map. Felsham Estate. John Croft, surveyor William Penny, lithographer  1511/101/1  undated

Map. Plan of small freehold Residential estate - "Yewlands." Cleer S. Alger, lithographer  1511/101/2  1882

Print. Arms of Thomas Anderson  1511/101/3  undated

Map. Felsham Hall and village  1511/101/4  1837

FLEMPTON  1511/103/1-5  [n.d.]

Print. Flempton Church. J.C. Buckler, artist J. Basire  1511/103/1  undated

Plan. Flempton Church  1511/103/2  undated

Prints. Seals 1-12. Js. Basire, engraver  1511/103/3  undated

Plan. Flempton Hall and Rectory  1511/103/4  undated

Map. Flempton  1511/103/5  undated


Print. Fornham Hall. Drawn H. Davy Engraver J. Lambert  1511/105/1  undated

Print. Fornham Hall. Engraver J. Grieg  1511/105/1a  [n.d.]

2 copies

Bibliography: Printed Apr 1st 1818

Plan. Fornham All Saints Church  1511/105/2  undated

Print. Fornham All Saints Church. J. Basire, engraver J.C. Buckler, artist  1511/105/3  undated

Print. Mrs. Turner of Fornham St. Martin in her 101st year (Print and article from Illustrated London News)  1511/105/4  undated

Map. Fornham Hall  1511/105/5  undated

Brass. Man, and Arms, Fornham All  1511/105/6  1887

rubbing. Saints  1511/105/6a  undated

Print. Seat of Bernard Howard, Fornham - Rackham's memorandum Book. Designed Pickett Engraver Angus  1511/105/7  1804

Print. Fornham St. Genevieve Seat of Duke of Norfolk. Engraver J. Hawksworth Orig. F.H. Turnor Barnwell  1511/105/8  undated

Print. Gateway to seat of Sir George Mannock, Bart. STOKE-BY-NAYLAND  1511/105/9  undated

Painting. Church and camp  1511/105/10  undated

Print. Seat of Duke of Norfolk Fornham St. Genevieve. Thomas Wright, artist W.B. Cooke, engraver  1511/105/11  undated

Brass rubbing. Inscription on tomb of Thomas Manock, 1656 - Fornham All Saints  1511/105/12  undated

Brass rubbing. Inscription - Thomas Barwick 1599  1511/105/13  undated

FRECKENHAM  1511/107/1-2  [n.d.]

Print. Base-relief of St. Eligius?  1511/107/1  undated

Print from newspaper. Freckenham Church and ruins of Church tower  1511/107/2  1880

GAZELEY  1511/112/1  [n.d.]

Print. Isaac Barrow 1676. D. Joggan artist Bernigeretn engraver  1511/112/1  undated

GEDDING  1511/113/1-5  [n.d.]

Pamphlet. Proposed Restoration of St. Mary's Church with photographer J. Sidney Boucher, Rector.  1511/113/1  1884

Photographic lithograph. St. Mary's: Restoration. Wyman & Sons  1511/113/2  17th Jan 1885

Print. Remains of Gedding Hall. Engraver J. Grieg. Sketch T. Higham.  1511/113/3  1818

Bibliography: Pub Aug 1818

Newspaper cutting. Remains of Gedding Hall. Conolly  1511/113/4  undated

Pamphlet. Sale of Manor of Gedding. Wiles and Sones.  1511/113/5  Jan 1889

GLEMSFORD  1511/116/1  [n.d.]

Map. The Cocke Inne  1511/116/1  1868

HADLEIGH  1511/121/1-26  [n.d.]

Print. Hadleigh Church and Rector's Tower. Engraver W. Deeble Drawn T. Higham  1511/121/1  1st March 1819

Print. Door and South Porch, Hadleigh Church. J.S.M. artist W.R. Tymms lithographer  1511/121/2  undated

Print. Stall end, Hadleigh Church. A.F.S. Sprague artist  1511/121/3  undated

Print. Brackets in roof of chancel in Hadleigh Church. A.F.S. Sprague artist  1511/121/4  undated

Print. Alleged tomb of Guthrum?. J.S. Mulley artist  1511/121/5  undated

Print. Hadleigh Church, south elevation. artist  1511/121/6  undated

Print. A Palimpsest Brass and matrix and another brass  1511/121/7  undated

Print. Hadleigh Church windows. F. Davy  1511/121/8  1858

Print. Arms of Hadleigh. O. Jewitt  1511/121/9  undated

Print. Rectory Tower, front. J.S. Mulley  1511/121/10  undated

Print. Stone, Inscription, Arms and Seal?  1511/121/11  1859?

Print. Old Chests, Hadleigh Church  1511/121/12  undated

Print. Burning of Rev. Dr. Rowland Taylor, 1555.  1511/121/13  undated

Print. Dr. Taylor rebuking a Popish Priest. T. Bonles, engraver  1511/121/14  undated

Drawing. Martyrdom of Dr. Taylor. Edition 1583. H.W.?  1511/121/15  undated

Print. Inscription on stone, re Dr. Taylor  1511/121/16  undated

Page. William Alabaster, D.D. Thompson  1511/121/17  undated

Print. Rev. Isaac Toms. Ridley engraver  1511/121/18  1st May 1801

Print. Independent Chapel, Hadleigh, erected 1832. Printed Dean & Muncay  1511/121/19  undated

Print. Monument erected in memory of Dr. Rowland Taylor  1511/121/20  undated

Bibliography: Pub Hardacre c.1872

Print. Shelley Hall, nr. Hadleigh (from map).  1511/121/21  undated

Brass rubbing. Inscription - wife of T Moswell, 1605.  1511/121/22  undated

Brass rubbing. Arms.  1511/121/23  undated

Brass rubbing. Inscription - William Foorthe and his wife.  1511/121/24  undated

Printed page. Martyrdome of Dr. Taylor. Edition of 1583  1511/121/25  1583

Printed pages. Actes and History of Dr. Taylor.  1511/121/26  1596-97

HARGRAVE  1511/123/1-2  [n.d.]

Plan. Hargrave Church  1511/123/1  undated

Print. Hargrave Church. J.C. Buckler J. Basire.  1511/123/2  undated

HARTEST  1511/124/1-2  [n.d.]

Print. Village Club House, Hartest. Blomfield  1511/124/1  1888

Painting. Revett's all  1511/124/2  undated

HAVERHILL  1511/126/1-4  [n.d.]

Print. Rev. James Bowers, late of Haverhill. Freeman engraver  1511/126/1  Sept 1821

Watchmaker's paper. J. Purkiss of Haverhill  1511/126/2  undated

Watchmaker's paper. Palmer, of Haverhill  1511/126/3  undated

Watchmaker's paper. W. Carter, of Haverhill  1511/126/4  undated

HAWKEDON  1511/127/1-2  [n.d.]

Print. Thurston End in Hawkedon. J.S. Corder  1511/127/1  1892?

Print. Thurston Hall. J.S. Corder  1511/127/2  1893


HAWSTED  1511/128/1-40  [n.d.]

Pedigree. Drury De Hawsted  1511/128/1  undated

Plan. Hargate House and Lands 1663. J. Basire, lithographer  1511/128/2  undated

Brass rubbing. Ursula, dau. of Sir Robert Drury, wife of Giles Allington. J.C.F.  1511/128/3  July 1886

Print. Hawsted Church Tower  1511/128/4  undated

Print. Arms - Thomas Gery Cullum  1511/128/5  undated

Print. Arms - Thomas Gery Cullum  1511/128/6  undated

Brass Rubbing. Inscription - Hawstead Church  1511/128/7  1889

Brass rubbing. Figure - Hawsted (All Saints)  1511/128/8  1887

Print. Hawsted Church - one side of pulpit  1511/128/9  undated

Print. Ancient statue at Hawsted Place, 1578. Rushbrook artist Malcolm engraver  1511/128/10  1812

Map. Manor of Hawsteed with Buckenhams. J. Basire lithographer  1511/128/11  undated

Print. Brasses - Sir William Drury, Joan and Elizabeth, his wives - Hawsted Church. J. Basire artist and engraver  1511/128/12  undated

Photograph. Document - Grant to Babwell Friary of 10 acres of land and 10 acres of meadow in Fornham All Saints and Fornham St. Martin, signed Richard, Duke of York, 1447.  1511/128/13  undated

Photograph. Rood screen, Bawsted Church  1511/128/14  undated

Photograph. Stained glass window, Hawsted Church  1511/128/15  undated

Photograph. Monument to Sir William Drury d. 1589.  1511/128/16  undated

Photograph. Monument to Elizabeth Drury  1511/128/17  undated

Photograph. Painted panel (?) - At the bottom "This monument..... in the Monastary of Seeynt Edmounds ....."  1511/128/18  undated

Photograph. Grave of Arethusa Mary, dau. of William Wybrow Robertson and grand daughter of Susanna Arethusa Cullum, d. 1905.  1511/128/19  undated

Photograph. Interior of church  1511/128/20  undated

Photograph. Sidney Isabella Milner Gibson, dau. of Susanna Arethusa Cullum, d. 1880.  1511/128/21  undated

Photograph of painting?. South view of Hawstead Place, property of Sir Thomas Cullum.  1511/128/22  undated

Print. Hawstead Place, from a rude drawing in the possession of Sir Thomas Cullum, Bart.  1511/128/23  undated

Photograph. Tablet in Hawstead Church to memory of Susanna Arethusa Cullum (Mrs. Milner Gibson) d. 1885. Phot. by F. Watson  1511/128/24  undated

Brass rubbing. Arms, from the tomb of Joan, 1st wife of Sir William Drury - Hawsted Church. J.C. Ford  1511/128/25  July 1886

Brass rubbing. From the tomb of Sir mWilliam Drury, Hawsted Church. J.C. Ford  1511/128/26  July 1886

Brass rubbing. Inscription from tomb. ? J.C. Ford  1511/128/27  July 1887

Brass rubbing. Female figure - Hawsted Church. ? J.C. Ford  1511/128/28  1887

Newspaper cutting. Cattle struck by lightning during a recent storm near Bury St. Edmunds. "Graphic"  1511/128/29  undated

Print. Sance-Bell on Rood Screen at Hawsted. Miller Smith  1511/128/30  undated

Print. Hardwick House. J.C. Buckler, artist; G. Hollis, engraver.  1511/128/31  undated

Print. Hardwick House  1511/128/32  undated

Print. Hawsted Church. J.C. Buckler, artist J. Basire, engraver  1511/128/33  undated

Print. Brass - Ursula, daughter of Sir Robert Drury, wife of Giles Allington, Hawsted Church. J. Basire, artist & engraver  1511/128/34  undated

Plan. Hawsted Church  1511/128/35  undated

Print. Fitz Eustace, Hawsted Church. J.C. Buckler, artist; J. Basire, engraver  1511/128/36  undated

Print. ? Part of the Etruscan Tomb at Hardwick House  1511/128/37  undated

Print. Various seals. G.F. Storm, artist & Engraver.  1511/128/38  undated

Print. Various seals. G.F. Storm, engraver  1511/128/39  undated

Print. Pedigree of Cullum of Hawsted and Hardwick  1511/128/40  undated

HENGRAVE  1511/130/1-40  [n.d.]

Print. South front of Hengrave Hall  1511/130/1  undated

Bibliography: Pub by J. Jendall

Prints. Hengrave Hall Drawn J.C. Buckler; Engraver G. Hollis  1511/130/2  undated

2 copies

Prints. Hengrave Hall - The Inner Court. Drawn J.C. Buckler; Engraver W.R. Smith  1511/130/3  undated

2 copies

Prints. Hengrave Hall - The Gate House. Drawn J.C. Buckler Engraver Henry Le Keux  1511/130/4  undated

4 copies

Print. Hengrave Hall. From a sketch by C.J. Richardson Lithographer. Day & Son  1511/130/5  undated

Print. Hengrave Hall - view of the central or entrance compartment. Drawn J.C. Smith Engraver Wm. Woolnoth  1511/130/6  1809

Bibliography: Pub 1st April 1809

Print. Hengrave Hall. Sketch T. Higham Engraver W. Wallis  1511/130/7  undated

Bibliography: Pub 1st May 1818

Print. Hengrave Hall  1511/130/8  undated

Photograph. Hengrave Hall  1511/130/9  undated

Photograph. Hengrave Hall  1511/130/10  undated

Photograph. Hengrave Hall, West front  1511/130/11  undated

Print. Tomb of Thomas Darcy, Hengrave Church. Drawn and etched by J. Le Keux  1511/130/12  undated

2 copies

Print. Tomb of Sir Thomas Kytson Hengrave Church. Drawn and etched by J. Le Keux  1511/130/13  undated

Prints. Tomb of Margaret, Countess of Bath, Hengrave Church. Drawn and etched by J. Le Keux  1511/130/14  undated

2 copies

Photograph (mounted). Hengrave Hall and Church  1511/130/15  undated

Photograph (mounted). Hengrave Hall  1511/130/16  undated

Photograph (mounted). Hengrave Hall, West front  1511/130/17  undated

Photograph (mounted). Hengrave Hall, West front  1511/130/18  undated

Print. Hengrave Hall. Drawn J.C. Buckler Engraver G. Hollis  1511/130/19  undated

Print. Hengrave Church  1511/130/20  undated

Print. Hengrave Hall. Drawn and etched J.C. Smith  1511/130/21  undated

Bibliography: Pub 1st July 1890

Print. Hengrave Church  1511/130/22  undated

Print. Hengrave Hall, South front From a photograph by W.S. Spanton  1511/130/23  undated

Bibliography: From The Builder, August 4th 1900.

Print. Hengrave Hall, The Gate House  1511/130/24  undated

Plan. Hengrave Village and Hall  1511/130/25  undated

Print. A Corner of Hengrave Hall  1511/130/26  undated

Print. Ground plan of Hengrave Hall Ground plan of Oxburgh Hall, Norfolk. Drawn by F. Mackenzie Engraver John Le Keux  1511/130/27  undated

Bibliography: Pub 1st Aug 1809

Print. Hengrave Church. J.C. Buckler, artist; J. Basire, engraver  1511/130/28  undated

Print. Plan of Hengrave Church  1511/130/29  undated

Plan. Hengrave Hall - ground floor of mansion  1511/130/30  undated

Printed page. Pedigree of Kytson of Hengrave  1511/130/31  undated

Print. "Map of Hengrave, taken in 1588". Drawn and etched by J.C. Buckler  1511/130/32  undated

Print. Ground plan of Hengrave in 1776. Drawn by Robert Ruchbrooke, Esq., Etched by J.C. Buckler  1511/130/33  undated

Print. Font, Hengrave  1511/130/34  undated

Print. Hengrave Hall  1511/130/35  undated

Printed page. Pedigree of Gage of Hengrave  1511/130/36  undated

Print. Sir Thomas Kytson (From the original at Hengrave). Holbein, painter; R.W. Sievier, artist  1511/130/37  undated

Print. Various carvings, etc. of parts of Hengrave Hall. J. Basire, engraver; J.C. Buckler, artist  1511/130/38  undated

Photograph. Hengrave Hall  1511/130/39  undated

Print. Hengrave Hall, Seat of Sir Thomas R. Gage.  1511/130/40  1854

Copies information: A large number of copies of 3 prints of the Hall used in Gage's History of Hengrave are also available

Bibliography: From "Illustrated London News" 1854

HERRINGSWELL  1511/135/1  [n.d.]

Painting. Herringswell Hall  1511/135/1  undated

HESSETT  1511/136/1-17  [n.d.]

Print. Ground plan of Church of St. Ethelbert, King & Martyr. J. Drayton Wyatt Mens. & Artist  1511/136/1  undated

Print. Church of St. Ethelbert, Hessett, view of chancel and vestry with details. J. Drayton Wyatt Mens. and Artist  1511/136/2  undated

Print. Church of St. Ethelbert, Hessett, various details. J. Drayton Wyatt Mens. and Artist  1511/136/3  undated

Print. Church of St. Ethelbert, Hessett, View of South Porch, Tower, etc. J. Drayton Wyatt Mens. and Artist  1511/136/4  undated

Print. Church of St. Ethelbert, Hessett, elevation of south porch etc. J. Drayton Wyatt Mens. and Artist  1511/136/5  undated

Print. Church of St. Ethelbert, Hessett, various details. J. Drayton Wyatt Mens. and Artist  1511/136/6  undated

Print. Church of St. Ethelbert, Hessett, Interior view in nave, looking east. J. Drayton Wyatt Mens. and Artist  1511/136/7  undated

Print. Church of St. Ethelbert, Hessett, font and ancient step-ladder in vestry. J. Drayton Wyatt Mens. and Artist  1511/136/8  undated

Print. From inscription on outside of north wall of vestry of Hessett Church.  1511/136/9  undated

Print. From inscription on the vestry of Hessett Church.  1511/136/10  undated

Print. Mural painting, north aisle, Hessett Church  1511/136/11  undated

Photograph. Obverse of English painted Burse, Hessett Church. Photographer - Belton & Reed, London  1511/136/12  undated

Photograph. Reverse of above. Photographer - Belton & Reed, London  1511/136/13  undated

Photograph. Obverse of English painted Burse, Hessett Church. Photographer - Belton & Reed, London  1511/136/14  undated


Photograph. Obverse of English painted Burse, Hessett Church. Photographer - Belton & Reed, London  1511/136/15  undated


Plan. Hessett, Bradfield St. George and Beyton. Cleer & Alger, lithographers Diss  1511/136/16  1886

Print. Mural painting in Lanivet Church, Cornwall  1511/136/17  undated

HONINGTON  1511/141/1-7  [n.d.]

Print. Honington Church, and cottage in which Robert Bloomfield was born. Drawn & engraved by J. Storer  1511/141/1  undated

2 copies

Bibliography: Pub 1st March 1806

Print. Robert Bloomfield. Cromack Engraver  1511/141/2  undated

Print. The Mother of Robert Bloomfield. R. Violet, painter  1511/141/3  undated

Print. Robert Bloomfield. Drummond painter Ridley engraver  1511/141/4  1st Dec 1801

Print and article. The cottage wherein Robert Bloomfield was born  1511/141/5  undated

Print and article. Birthplace of Bloomfield (From 'The Mirror of Literature, Amusement and Instruction' Saturday March 25, 1826. Price 2d.  1511/141/6  undated

Print. Birthplace of Robert Bloomfield, Honington.  1511/141/7  undated

HORNINGSHEATH  1511/142/1-11  [n.d.]

Print. Arms - Scarlin  1511/142/1  undated

Print. Title page from 'Pawsey's Ladies Fashionable Repository for 1872 - Horringer Church. Capone  1511/142/2  undated

2 copies

Print. Bishop Bedell  1511/142/3  undated

Print. Arms (in stone) - Marshall Earl of Pembroke. G.F. Storm, artist  1511/142/4  undated

Print. Horningsheath Church. J.C. Buckler, artist; J. Basire, engraver  1511/142/5  undated

Plan. Plan of an Estate at Horringer. Straker & Sons, London  1511/142/6  1863

Plan. Plan of Shrubland Lodge Estate, Horringer. Cleer S. Alger, lithographer, Diss  1511/142/7  1889

Plan. Plan of an Ancient Road at Horningsheath, proposed to be discontinued, and of a New Road proposed to be set out in lieu thereof. J.G.Lenny  1511/142/8  1830

Printed bill & title page. Horringer Festival, August 12, 1814. Excursions through Essex, Suffolk and Norfolk. Gedge & Barker, Bury. Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme & Brown, &c.,  1511/142/9  1814; 1818

Print. Plan of Horningsheath Church  1511/142/10  undated

Brass Rubbing. Relating to Mary Lucas, Horninger - 1618. J.C.F.  1511/142/11  August 1886

HUNDON  1511/144/1  [n.d.]

Plan. Savage's Farm. C.S. Alger, lithographer Diss  1511/144/1  1889

HUNSTON  1511/145/1-3  [n.d.]

Print. Arms - Eliza Heigham  1511/145/1  undated

Print. Arms - Heigham  1511/145/2  undated

Print. Arms - Heigham  1511/145/3  undated

ICKLINGHAM - St. James and All Saints  1511/147/1-3  [n.d.]

Print. Icklingham St. James Church. Drawn and lithographer by D. Haylock  1511/147/1  undated

Photograph. Church Chest, Icklingham  1511/147/2  undated

Plan. The Wether Hill Estate, Icklingham  1511/147/3  1886

ICKWORTH  1511/148/1-31  [n.d.]

Photograph. Map constructed from Ickworth Survey Book 1665. By R.G. Hervey  1511/148/1  1946-1948

Print. Ickworth. Engraver J. Hawksworth  1511/148/2  undated

Print. Elevation of North and South fronts and ground plan, Ickworth. J.C. Buckler, artist J Basire, engraver  1511/148/3  1837

Newspaper photograph. Irish House of Commons, 1790 - College Green, Dublin. From the picture painted by H. Barraud and J. Hayter  1511/148/4  undated

Newspaper photograph. Key to above  1511/148/4a  undated

Print. Brass - John Harvye c.1420. W.R. Tymms, lithographer  1511/148/5  undated

Print. Arms of Manners, Duke of Rutland  1511/148/6  undated

Print - newspaper. Bishop. From the "Graphic"  1511/148/7  10th April 1886

Print. Arms - The Rt. Honble. George William Lord Hervey  1511/148/8  undated

Print. Arms - The Rt. Honble. Lady Hervey, and the Honble Felton Hervey, Esq.,  1511/148/9  undated

Print. Brass of Sir Nicholas Hervey, Ampthill Church, Bedford. Edward Kite, printer  1511/148/10  undated

Print. Brass - Margery Argentein, d. 1424, in Elstow, Bedford. W.R. Tymms, lithographer  1511/148/11  undated

Print. Brass - Elizabeth Hervey, Abbess of Elstow. W.R. Tymms, lithographer  1511/148/12  undated

Print. Various Arms. W.R. Tymms, lithographer  1511/148/13  undated

Print. Arms, Crest and Quarterings recorded with the Pedigree of Hervey of Ickworth at the Visitation of County Suffolk, 1561. W.R. Tymms, lithographer  1511/148/14  undated

Print. From the title page on Camdens History of Queen Elizabeth, 1635. W.R. Tymms, lithographer  1511/148/15  undated

Print. Ickworth House, and Mary Queen of Scots  1511/148/16  1829

From Gedge's Town and Country Ladies own Memorandum Book or Fashionable Companion for the year 1829. Engrave by Alfred Adlard

Print. Ickworth, North front. J.C. Buckler, artist J.W. Appleton, engraver  1511/148/17  undated

Print. The Marquis of Bristol. N. Ploszczynski, lithographer; M. & N. Hanhari, engraver  1511/148/18  undated

Bibliography: Pub 2nd June 1856

Print. Frederick Augustus, Earl of Bristol, Bishop of Derry. Painted by Angelica Kauffman; Engraved by James Bromley  1511/148/19  undated

Print. Frederick William, Marquis of Bristol. Painted by Sir Thomas Lawrence; Engraved by James Bromley  1511/148/20  undated

Print. Arms of John Hervey of Ickworth - 1698. W.R. Tymms, lithographer  1511/148/21  undated

Print. Ickworth Church; J.C. Buckler, artist J. Basire, engraver  1511/148/22  undated

Print. Ickworth - 1828. J.C, Buckler, artist J. Basire, engraver  1511/148/23  undated

Print. Pedigree - Hervey of Ickworth  1511/148/24  undated

Print. Plan of Ickworth Church  1511/148/25  undated

Print. Arms - The Rt. Honble. John Lord Hervey, created Baron of Ickworth in the County of Suffolk, March 23rd 1702. W.R. Tymms  1511/148/26  undated

Print. Arms - The Rt. Honble Sir William Harvey, Kt. & Bt. Lord Harvey of Rosse in in Ireland, created Lord Harvey of Kidbrooke in Kent 7 February 1627. W.R. Tymms, lithographer  1511/148/27  undated

Print. Arms - Hervey de Yeon First John Hervey Second John Hervey. W.R. Tymms, lithographer  1511/148/28  undated

Print. George, Lord Digby Earl of Bristol. Printed for T. Hinton at the Kings Arms in Newgate Street.  1511/148/29  undated

Print. Seal of Hervey of Stanton. A.H.C.H.; W.R. Tymms, lithographer  1511/148/30  undated

Print. Arms - Hervey, Earl of Bristol  1511/148/31  undated

IXWORTH AND IXWORTH THORPE  1511/152/1-16  [n.d.]

Print. Seal of Ixworth Monastery. Drawn and etched by Walter Hagreen  1511/152/1  undated

Print. Seal  1511/152/2  undated

Print. Headed "Open Timber Roofs of the Middle Ages, pl. 42" Roof over South Aisle, Ixworth Church. Measured and drawn by Raphael and J.A. Brandon. J.R. Jobins, lithographer  1511/152/3  undated

Drawing. Patriarchal Calvary Cross, from a stone fixed in the front of a house at Ixworth, 1884, T.C.F. H.M. [...]   1511/152/4  undated

Print (coloured). Cross, etc. J. Cleghorn, artist and engraver  1511/152/5  undated

Print. Broken slabs found in Ixworth Church. W.R. Tymms, lithographer  1511/152/6  undated

Print. Panel and monogram, Ixworth Church. Walter Hagreen, artist and engraver  1511/152/7  1850

Print. Elevation of Cudington's Monument, in Ixworth Church. S. Collins, artist Walter Hagreen, engraver  1511/152/8  1850

Painting. Bronze fibula ornamented with coloured paste ..." and legend... "July 28, 1852 ....."  1511/152/9  undated

Sketch. Ixworth Church  1511/152/10  undated

Photograph. Joseph Warren  1511/152/11  undated

Brass rubbing. Inscription - Richard Codington  1511/152/12  1887

Brass rubbing. Man kneeling - Richard Codington  1511/152/13  1887

Brass rubbing. Woman kneeling - Elizabeth Codington, and two children of her former marriage (to Thomas Buckenham of Great Livermere). (Inf. ex. County Churches - T. Hugh Bryant).  1511/152/14  1887

Rubbing. Incised stone in the south-east buttress of the steeple of Ixworth Church. (and legend). Note by Mr. Warren  1511/152/15  undated

Plan. Ixworth village and surrounding area  1511/152/16  undated

KEDINGTON  1511/153/1-4  [n.d.]

Photograph of print. Kedington or Ketton Hall as standing in 1785  1511/153/1  undated

Print. Sir Nathaniel Barnardiston of Ketton, died 1653, aged 66. From a print by Van Hove  1511/153/2  undated

Newspaper cutting. Risbridge Union Workhouse, at Kedington  1511/153/3  undated

Plan of an estate at Kedington, Hundon and Little Wratting. G.A. Burgess, lithographer  1511/153/4  1888

KENTFORD  1511/155/1  [n.d.]

Plan. Kentford Village  1511/155/1  1842

LACKFORD  1511/159/1-3  [n.d.]

Print. Ground plan of Lackford Church  1511/159/1  undated

Print. Lackford Church. J.C. Buckler artist J. Basire, engraver  1511/159/2  undated

Print. Font in Lackford Church  1511/159/3  undated

LANGHAM  1511/160/1  [n.d.]

Painting. Key  1511/160/1  1889

LAVENHAM  1511/161/1-27  [n.d.]

Print. The Old Guildhall, Lavenham. Photo-lithographer, Sprague & Co.,  1511/161/1  undated

2 copies

Print. Lavenham Church. Whimper  1511/161/2  undated

Photograph. Lavenham Guildhall before restoration.  1511/161/3  undated

Brass rubbing. Baby - SS. Peter and Paul  1511/161/4  1887

2 copies

Brass rubbing. Inscription - Simonds D'Ewes  1511/161/5  1887

Brass rubbing. Kneeling woman and children (facing left)  1511/161/6  1887

Brass rubbing. Kneeling woman and children (facing right)  1511/161/7  1887

Brass rubbing. Thomas Spring II  1511/161/8  1887

Print. Wayside Noted in East Anglia - Lavenham Streets (from The Builder). John Sherwell Corder  1511/161/9  12th April 1890

Print. Lavenham Church - exterior. Drawn by J.P. Neale Engraved by W. Wallis  1511/161/10a  1st April 1825

Print. Lavenham Church Tower. Drawn by J.P. Neale Engraved by W. Wallis  1511/161/10b  1st Feb 1825

Print. Lavenham Church - interior. Drawn by J.P. Neale Engraved by W. Wallis  1511/161/10c  1st April 1825

Print. Lavenham Church - exterior. Drawn and engraved by T. Higham  1511/161/11a  1st May 1818

Print. Lavenham Church - exterior  1511/161/11b  undated

Print. Lavenham Church - exterior  1511/161/11c  undated

Print. South View of Lavenham Church. Drawn by J. Kirby Engraved by I. Wood  1511/161/12  25th March 1748

3 copies

"Ink-Photo". Lavenham Church (From The Builder). From a photograph by Mr. Spanton, Bury St. Edmunds.  1511/161/13  16th Aug 1884

Woodcut. Old Houses at Lavenham. A.R. Blundell  1511/161/14  1912

Brass rubbing. Arms - Lavenham Church SS. Peter and Paul  1511/161/15  1887

Brass rubbing. Allaine Dister  1511/161/16  1887

Print. From "The Builder" - Melford Hall, sketches in Melford Church, Lavenham Cross, Porch - Hengrave Hall. Photographer-lithographer Sprague & Co.  1511/161/17  28th July 1900

Print. The Oxford Chantry, Lavenham Church. H.W. Brewer, A. Berry, Engraver  1511/161/18  1878

Print. Old House, Lavenham  1511/161/19  1878

Newspaper print. Lavenham Church - (inscription relating to Allaine Dister [No. 16] on back).  1511/161/20  undated

Print. Tracery from 'Spring' pew Lavenham church  1511/161/21  undated

Print. Mr. W. Biddell (West Suffolk), and small piece of paper with signature, on the back of which is written in pencil "M.P. for Lavenham."  1511/161/22  undated

Print. The Old Workhouse, Lavenham  1511/161/23  undated

Print. Lavenham Church. Drawn and engraved by T. Higham  1511/161/24  1st May 1818

Print. Lavenham Church. Whimper  1511/161/25  undated

Print. Ground plan of Lavenham Church. Gentlemen's Magazine Vol. 57  1511/161/26  1st May 1787

Photograph. "Part of Lavenham Church" The Porch, from 'The Builder'. From a photograph by W.S. Spanton  1511/161/27  28th July 1900

LAWSHALL  1511/162/1-3  [n.d.]

Print. Lawshall Church  1511/162/1  undated

Print. Arms - Revd. Nathaniel Colvile, D.D.  1511/162/2  undated

Printed watch paper. Robert Armstrong, Clock and Watch Maker, Lawshall  1511/162/3  undated

LIDGATE  1511/165/1-5  [n.d.]

Plan. The Cropley Grove Estate. Standidge & Co. lithographer  1511/165/1  undated

Plan. Gesyns Estate in Lidgate and Wickhambrook. Cleer S. Alger. Lithographer  1511/165/2  1888

Plan. The Oak Inn  1511/165/3  undated

Print. John Lydgate, from a limning in the manuscript of 'The Pilgrim' preserved in the Harleian Library. Drawn by J. Thurston Engraved by W.C. Edwards  1511/165/4  1st Jan 1822

Print. Dan John Lydgate, Monk of Bury St. Edmunds, Poet Laureat. From a plate by Vertue, copied from a M.S. in the Harleian Collection  1511/165/5  undated

LIVERMERE - MAGNA and PARVA  1511/166/1-7  [n.d.]

Print. Brass - Hugh de Bokenham  1511/166/1  undated

2 copies

Print. Brass - Joan de Bokenham  1511/166/2  undated

3 copies

Print. Livermere Hall, seat of N.L. Acton, Esqr. Engraved by W. Wallis from a sketch by T. Higham  1511/166/3  1st April 1818

Print. The Seat of N.L. Acton, Esqr. Livermere near Bury, Suffolk - Engraved for Rackham's Country and Town Memorandum Book for the year 1803. Designed by Pickett Engraved by Angus  1511/166/4  1803

2 copies

Print. Livermere, Suffolk, the Seat of N. Lee Acton, Esqr., - Engraved for Rackham's Fashionable Reporitory for the Year 1812  1511/166/5  1812

3 copies

Print. Livermere Park, Suffolk, the Seat of N.L. Acton, Esqr., - Engraved for Rackham's Fashionable Repository for the Year 1817  1511/166/6  1817

Page 341 from ? book. Short article relating to brass plates in Great Livermere Church  1511/166/7  undated

MELFORD  1511/170/1-43  [n.d.]

Print (Photo-tint). New Reredos, Long Melford Church. J. Medland, Architect James Akerman, London  1511/170/1  undated

Ink-Photo. Long Melford Church (From 'The Builder'). From a photograph by From a photograph by Mr. Spanton.  1511/170/2  23rd Aug 1884

Print. Arms of Serjt. Martyn  1511/170/3  undated

Print. Arms of Revd. Edward Cobbold, M.A.  1511/170/4  undated

Print. Hyde Parker, Esq., Vice Admiral of the Blue  1511/170/5  undated

Print. Vice Admiral Parker  1511/170/6  1st Dec 1781

Print. Masonic letter. Hill, engraver  1511/170/7  18--

Plan. The Rose and Crown Inn, Bridge Street, Meldord. (Lot 2.)  1511/170/8  undated

Plan. The Bull Inn, Melford, (Lot 3)  1511/170/9  undated

Print. Katherine Mylde, wife of Sir Thomas Clopton, knight Painted glass in Melford Church of about 1485.  1511/170/10  undated

Coloured print. The Lady Anne Percy - west window, North Aisle, Long Melford Church. Drawn and etched by H. Watling Stonham  1511/170/11  undated

Brass rubbing. From the tomb of Roger Martyn, Long Melford Church. J.C.F.  1511/170/12  June 1884

Print. Long Melford Hall, the Seat of Sir William Parker, Bart. Sketched by T. Higham Engraved by E. Roberts  1511/170/13a  1st April 1818

Print. Long Melford Hall, the Seat of Sir William Parker, Bart. Drawn and engraved by T. Higham  1511/170/13b  1st Oct 1819

Newspaper print. The Prince of Wales and Party Shooting on Melford Hall Estate  1511/170/14a  ? 1865

Newspaper print. Grand Ball in Honour of the Prince and Princess of Wales at Melford Hall  1511/170/14b  Nov 1865

Print. Melford Hall. Drawn by J.P. Neale Engraved by W. Wallis  1511/170/15a  undated

Print. Melford Hall (as 1511/170/15a.). Drawn by J.P. Neale engraved by W. Cooke, junr.  1511/170/15b  1st Feb 1825

Newspaper Print. Melford Hall. ? Bow Billy  1511/170/16  9th May 1866

Print. Long Melford Church (south view). Drawn by J.P. Neale Engraved by W. Wallis  1511/170/17a  1st March 1825

Print. Long Melford Church  1511/170/17b  undated

Print. Long Melford Church. Sketch by T. Higham Engraved by J. Grieg  1511/170/18a  1st April 1818

Print. Melford Church and Rectory, the Residence of the Revd. Edward Cobbold, M.A.. Gainsborough Dupont, artist R. Sands, engraver  1511/170/18b  undated

2 copies

Brass rubbing. Richard Martin, d.1624. J.C.F.  1511/170/19  June 1884

Print. Brass of a Member of the Clopton Family, Melford Church  1511/170/20  undated

Print. Bas-relief in the wall in the north aisle of Long Melford Church. J. Carter, artist Basire, engraver  1511/170/21  undated

Printing. Under the Canopy of Sir John Clopton's tomb, Melford Church.  1511/170/22  undated

Print. Sketches - Melford Hall, Long Melford Church, Lavenham Cross and the Porch, Hengrave Hall (from 'The Builder'). Photographer-lithographer Sprague & Co.  1511/170/23  26th July 1900

Print. Church of the Holy Trinity, Long Melford - front, sections looking west and north and south elevation. Drawing by E. Lauriston Conder R.I.B.A. Silver medal competition.  1511/170/24  1886

Brass rubbing. Male and female figures (no inscription). J.C.F.  1511/170/25  1884

Print. Melford Church - view across the choir near the altar. Drawn by J.P. Neale Engraved by W. Wallis  1511/170/26  1st March 1825

Print. Long Melford Church As 1151/170/17b  1511/170/27  undated

Print. Long Melford Church - north east view  1511/170/28  undated

Print. Long Melford Hall, The Seat of Sir William Parker. Engraved for Rackham's Country and Town Ladies Memorandum Book for 1820.  1511/170/29  1820

Print. Melford Hall, Seat of Sir Hyde Parker, Bart, M.P. Drawn by Gainsborough Dupont; Engraved by J Hawksworth  1511/170/30  undated

Print. Kentwell Hall, The Seat of Richard Moore, Esq., Drawn and engraved by T. Higham  1511/170/31  1st April 1818

Print. Kentwell Hall, the Seat of Hart Logan, Esq M.P. Drawn by Gainsborough Dupont; Engraved by J. Hawksworth  1511/170/32  undated

Print. Kentwell Hall. Drawn by J.P. Neale Engraved by W. Deeble  1511/170/33  1st Dec 1824

Print. Melford Hall As 1151/170/15a. Drawn by J.P. Neale Engraved by W. Wallis  1511/170/34  undated

Print. North West View of Long Melford Hall J. Johnson artist 1787 J. Basire lithographer  1511/170/35  undated

Print. "Some Cottages at Long Melford"  1511/170/36  undated

Print. "Kentwell Hall". A.G.  1511/170/37  13th Aug 1884

Plan. Plan of Lot One comprising The Mansion and Domain of Kentwell. Neele & Sons, London  1511/170/38  ? c 1860

Print. Kentwell Hall  1511/170/39a  undated

Print. Kentwell Hall, Seat of Richard Moore, Esq., Drawn and engraved by T. Higham  1511/170/39b  April 1st 1818

Print. Kentwell Hall, Seat of Hart Logan, Esq., M.P. As 1151/170/32. Drawn by Gainsborough Dupont; Engraved by J. Hawksworth  1511/170/39c  undated

Print. Kentwell Hall. Drawn by J.P. Neale Engraved by W. Deeble  1511/170/39d  1st Dec 1824

Print. Long Melford Hall, Seat of Sir William Parker, Bart. Engraved by E. Roberts from a sketch by T. Higham  1511/170/40  1st April 1818

Print. Kentwell Hall, Seat of Richard Moore, Esq., As 1151/170/39b. Drawn and engraved by T. Higham  1511/170/41  1st April 1818

Print. Visit of the Prince and Pricess of Wales to Melford Hall - The Bonfire on the Green  1511/170/42a  1865 ?

Print. As above - The Shooting Party counting the Head of Game  1511/170/42b  1865 ?

Print. The Arrival of the Prince and Princess of Wales at Melford Hall, Suffolk, The Seat of Lord Alfred Paget  1511/170/43  1865 ?

MILDENHALL  1511/176/1-12  [n.d.]

Water colour. Fenland.  1511/176/1  1879

Print. Cross section and view from above of burial mound. H.F. artist  1511/176/2  undated

Print. Warren Hill, Mildenhall, Urn, spear heads, etc. Kell Bros. Lithographer  1511/176/3  undated

Print. Trade Card of Rolfe, Saddle and Harness Maker, etc.  1511/176/4  undated

Print. Trade card - George Gooch, the Bell Inn  1511/176/5  undated

Print. ? Book plate of Sir Thomas Hanmer 1707  1511/176/6  undated

Print. ? Book plate of John Steel.  1511/176/7  undated

Print. Part of North Aisle, Mildenhall Church  1511/176/8  undated

Print. East end, Mildenhall Church  1511/176/9  undated

Print. North east corner of chancel, J.H. buttress of North aisle, Angel on hammer beams of Nave roof, Mildenhall church  1511/176/10  1872

Print. East window of Chauntry, Piscina in north aisle, spandrel in North aisle over organ. J.H.  1511/176/11  1872

Plan. Mildenhall and surrounding area  1511/176/12  undated

MONKS ELEIGH  1511/177/1  [n.d.]

Print. Monks Eleigh Hall, 1873 (from sale catalogue)  1511/177/1  undated

NEDGING  1511/180/1  [n.d.]

Plan. The Nedging Hall Estate and Naughton Hall Farm  1511/180/1  1891

NEWMARKET  1511/184/1-10  [n.d.]

Print. Mr. John Clark of Newmarket. R. Crane, painter H.R. Cook, engraver  1511/184/1  1st Oct 1834

Print. Newmarket. Engraver by J. Walker from original by R. Harraden  1511/184/2  1st July 1801

Newspaper print. The Life of a Derby Favourite: coming home after exercise. From a photograph by H.R. Sherborn, Newmarket.  1511/184/3  undated

Newspaper print. View of Newmarket  1511/184/4  undated

Newspaper print. At Kempton Park Races: Some notabilities present in the paddock on Saturday  1511/184/5  undated

Plan. Newmarket. From the "Warren Tower" estate sale  1511/184/6  1881

Print. Rutland Memorial, Newmarket. J.F. Clarke, Architect  1511/184/7  undated

Print. John, Marquis of Granby. Engraved by W. Bond from an original by Sir Joshua Reynolds.  1511/184/8  1st Dec 1810

Print. "Perspective view of Newmarket with a description of the Horses and Carriage that ran there the 29 Augt. 1750." (Description missing). Engraved for the Universal Magazine  1511/184/9  1750

Print. "A Representation of the Carriage which was drawn by four Horses at Newmarket on Wednesday, August 19, 1750 - Nineteen Miles within an Hour."  1511/184/10  undated

NORTON  1511/185/1  [n.d.]

Etching. An Oak at Norton in Suffolk Drawn and etched by J.G. Strutt  1511/185/1  1st June 1821

Related information: See sheet 59a.

Print. Arms of Alldersey Dicken  1511/185/2  undated

Plan. Lot 11, The Fox and Hounds, Norton (on back 1868)  1511/185/3  undated

Plan. Lot 18, Farm at Norton (on back in pencil '1868')  1511/185/4  undated

NOWTON  1511/186/1-18  [n.d.]

Print. ? Bookplate of James Oakes (Arms)  1511/186/1  undated

Print. ? Bookplate of James Oakes (Arms)  1511/186/2  undated

Print. ? Bookplate of ? Almack (Arms)  1511/186/3  undated

Print. Ground plan of Nowton Church  1511/186/4  undated

Print. ? Bookplate of James Henry Porteus Oakes  1511/186/5  undated

Print. Nowton Cottage, seat of H.J. Oakes, Esq. S. Clarke, Melford Hawksworth  1511/186/6  undated

Print. Nowton Church. J.C. Buckler, artist J. Basire, engraver  1511/186/7  undated

Print. Nowton Cottage, Nowton Court  1511/186/8  undated

Print. Nowton Cottage, the residence of O.R. Oakes, Esq. Etched by J.O. Browne  1511/186/9  undated

Postcard. Carving in Church, the Adoration of the Magi. F.L. Ranson, Lavenham photographer.  1511/186/10  undated

Postcard. Fresco in Holy Trinity Church, Long Melford. F.L. Ranson, Lavenham photographer.  1511/186/11  undated

Print. Title page from Frost's New Town and Country Ladies Memorandum Book Fashionable Repository for 1835 - showing Nowton Cottage. Engraved by Sands  1511/186/12  1835

Print. Bookplate of Mr. Orbell Ray Oakes.  1511/186/13  undated

Painting. Norman Doorway, Nowton Church. H.W.  1511/186/14  undated

Plan. Nowton Lodge Estate. C.S. Alger, lithographer  1511/186/15  1886

Plan. Nowton Hall Estate. C.S. Alger, lithographer  1511/186/16  1889

Print. Cottage at Nowton. Engraved by Sands  1511/186/17a  undated

Print. Cottage at Nowton large  1511/186/17b  undated

Print. Nowton Court. S. Clarke, Melford Hawksworth  1511/186/18a  undated

Print. Ruins at Nowton Court The Seat of H.J. Oakes, Esq., E.S. Fulcher  1511/186/18b  undated

Print. Cottages, at Nowton  1511/186/18c  undated

PAKENHAM  1511/192/1-11  [n.d.]

Print. Pakenham (new house)  1511/192/1  undated

Print. Book plate - Spring Casborne  1511/192/2  undated

Print. Pakenham Church from the South West. R.W. A.E.O.  1511/192/3  2nd Oct 1851

Print. Pakenham Church. Drawn and etched by H. Davy  1511/192/4  1822

Coloured print. Nether Hall  1511/192/5  undated

Print. Nether Hall. Clay, Son & Taylor, lithographers.  1511/192/6  undated

Plan. Estate at Pakenham and Barton - Lot 2. Cleer S. Alger, lithographer  1511/192/7  1886

Print. Pakenham Church prior to its restoration. S.S. Teulon, Architect, artist; Walter Hagreen, aquaforts, engraver  1511/192/8  1850

Print. Sir Thomas Thornhill, Bart., M.P. Vincent Brooks, Day & Son, lithographer  1511/192/9  undated

Plan. Part of Barton Mere Farm. Cleer S. Alger, lithographer  1511/192/10  1888

Print. Pakenham Church  1511/192/11  undated

POLSTEAD  1511/195/1-2  [n.d.]

Print. Polstead Church. Drawn, etched and published by H. Davy, Ipswich.  1511/195/1  24th Aug 1849

Plan. New House Estate, Polstead. Cleer S. Alger, lithographer  1511/195/2  1884

PRESTON  1511/196/1  [n.d.]

Plan. Down Hall, in the parishes of Preston and Thorpe Morieux. Martin & Hood, lithographer  1511/196/1  1878

RATTLESDEN  1511/197/1  [n.d.]

Print. Rattlesden Church  1511/197/1  undated

REDE  1511/198/1-2  [n.d.]

Print. Ground plan of Rede Church  1511/198/1  undated

Print. Rede Church. J.C. Buckler, artist; J. Basire, engraver  1511/198/2  undated

RICKINGHALL (Inferior and Superior)  1511/201/1-2  [n.d.]

Print. Rickinghall Inferior Church. Drawn, sketched and published by H. Davy  1511/201/1  1827

Print. Plan of Rickenhall Church. Drawn and measured by R. & J.A. Brandon  1511/201/2a  undated

Print. Rickenhall Church. Drawn and Measured by R. & J.A. Brandon J.K. Colling, lithographer  1511/201/2b  undated

RISBY  1511/202/1-9  [n.d.]

Photograph. Risby Church  1511/202/1  undated

Print. Risby Church. J.C. Buckler, artist; J. Basire, engraver  1511/202/2  undated

Print. Risby Church. J.C. Buckler, artist; G.F. Storm, engraver  1511/202/3  undated

Print. Risby Church - Tower Architect; Chancel Architect; ground plan. J.C. Buckler, artist; J. Basire, engraver  1511/202/4  undated

Print. Risby Church. W.F. Francis  1511/202/5  14th Sept 1864

Print. Slingsby Bethell, Esq., one of the Sheriffs of London and Middlesex 1680. (In pencil on back - Sherwin engraver).  1511/202/6  1st July 1880

Brass rubbing. Inscription - Mr. Edward Kirke, d.1613.  1511/202/7  1889

Plan. Risby Hall Farm  1511/202/8  1889

Print. Risby Church - details. J.C. Buckler, artist  1511/202/9  23rd April 1830

ROUGHAM  1511/203/1-10  [n.d.]

Print. Chamber in Roman Barrow opened at Rougham 15th September 1843. J.S. Henslow, artist  1511/203/1  undated

2 copies

Print. Rougham Hall, Seat of P. Bennet, junr., Esq., J. Clarke, Melford; J. Hawksworth  1511/203/2  undated

2 copies

Print. Rougham Church  1511/203/3  undated

Print. Monument of Sir Roger Drury in Rougham Church (From "Gent. Mag."). Rev. Thos. Image, artist; B. Longmate, engraver  1511/203/4  July 1813

2 copies

Print. Ground plan and cross section of burial. Cowell's Anastatic Press, Ipswich.  1511/203/5  undated

Print. Bookplate - Edward Kedington Bennet  1511/203/6  undated

Painting. Interior of the Tumulus, Rougham. T. Wright  1511/203/7  1844

Printing. Exterior of the Tumulus, Rougham. T. Wright  1511/203/8  1844

Brass rubbing. Sir Roger Drury, Rougham Church  1511/203/9  1887

Brass rubbing. Margery, wife of Sir Roger Drury, Rougham Church  1511/203/10  1887

RUSHBROOKE  1511/204/1-13  [n.d.]

Print. Rushbrooke Hall, Seat of Col. Rushbrooke, M.P.  1511/204/1a  undated

2 copies

Print. Rushbrook Hall, the Seat of Col. Rushbrook. Drawn and engraved by T. Higham  1511/204/1b  1st Sept 1818

Print. Rushbrooke Hall. Drawn by J.P. Neale Engraved by W. Tombleson  1511/204/1c  1st Sept 1823

Print. Rushbrooke Hall, Seat of Col. Rushbrooke, M.P. Bourne Hawksworth  1511/204/1d  undated

2 copies

Brass rubbing. Arms  1511/204/2  1887

Brass rubbing. Arms  1511/204/3  1887

Print. Pier to railing round moat, Rushbrooke Hall  1511/204/4  undated

Print. ? Book plate - Sir Charles Davers, Bt.  1511/204/5  undated

Photograph. Rushbrooke Hall  1511/204/6  undated

Print. Queen Elizabeth. Engraved for the "Universal Magazine"  1511/204/7  Pub 1749

Print. Queen Elizabeth  1511/204/8  undated

Print. Queen Elizabeth. Copied from an authority in the British Museum  1511/204/9  undated

Print. Rushbrooke Hall entrance  1511/204/10  undated

Print. Henry Lord Jermyn and autograph from an original letter "in the possession of John Thane."  1511/204/11  undated

Print. Rushbrooke Hall  1511/204/12  undated

Brass rubbing. Inscription - Thomas Badby  1511/204/13  1887

SAPISTON  1511/205/1-4  [n.d.]

Print. The Farm House at Sapiston. Drawn and engraved by J. Storer  1511/205/1  1st March 1800

2 copies

Print. Sapiston Church. Drawn and engraved by J. Greig  1511/205/2  1st Mar 1806

3 copies

Print. Austin's Farm at Sapiston the early residence of Robert Bloomfield and facsimile of part of "Richard and Kate" with signature.  1511/205/3  undated

2 copies

Print. Sapiston Church  1511/205/4  undated

SAXHAM, GREAT  1511/206/1-20  [n.d.]

Pedigree. Eldred de Saxham Magna  1511/206/1  undated

Print. Memorial, inscription etc. John Eldred, Great Saxham Church. J. Basire, engraver  1511/206/2  undated

Print. Various seals and arms. J. Basire, engraver  1511/206/3  undated

Print. "From a map of Great Saxham, surveyed for John Eldred, Esq., in 1729" and South front of Saxham Hall. J. Basire, engraver  1511/206/4  undated

Print. Plan of Great Saxham Church. J. Basire, engraver  1511/206/5  undated

2 copies

Print. Great Saxham Church. J.C. Buckler, artist J. Basire, engraver  1511/206/6  undated

2 copies

Print. Great Saxham Hall, The seat of Thomas Mills, Esq., Engraved by J. Grieg  1511/206/7  1st Feb 1819

Brass rubbing. Eldred, d. 7.9.1632  1511/206/8  1887

Brass rubbing. Inscription - English  1511/206/9  1887

Brass rubbing. Inscription - Latin  1511/206/10  1887

Brass rubbing. Arms  1511/206/11  1887

Brass rubbing. Arms - ships  1511/206/12  1887

Brass rubbing. Arms -  1511/206/13  1887

Brass rubbing. Arms - ship  1511/206/14  1887

Brass rubbing. Arms - ship, cliffs  1511/206/15  1887

Brass rubbing. Arms  1511/206/16  1887

Brass rubbing. Arms  1511/206/17  1887

Brass rubbing. Arms  1511/206/18  1887

Brass rubbing. Inscription - John Eldred  1511/206/19  1889

Brass rubbing. Figure of man - ? John Eldred  1511/206/20  1887

SAXHAM, LITTLE  1511/207/1-13  [n.d.]

Print. Tower of Little Saxham Church. Drawn by W. Twopenny Engraved by W. Wilkinson  1511/207/1  undated

Print. Tower and Tower Architect, Little Saxham Church. J.C. Buckler, 1829  1511/207/2  23rd April 1830

Painting. Key from Saxham Parva, exact size  1511/207/3  1885

Print. Lozenge  1511/207/4  undated

Print. Little Saxham Church. J.C. Buckler, artist J. Basire, engraver  1511/207/5  undated

Print. Little Saxham Church. W.F. Francis  1511/207/6  15th Sept 1864

Print. Little Saxham Church. Godfrey, engraver  1511/207/7  1st July 1778

Print. Interior of Little Saxham Church, west end. Drawn by W. Twopenny Etched by W.S. Wilkinson  1511/207/8  undated

Print. Pedigree of Croftes of Little Saxham  1511/207/9  undated

Print. Plan of Little Saxham, 1638. Guilielmus Covell  1511/207/10  undated

Print. Plan of Little Saxham Church. J. Basire, engraver  1511/207/11  undated

Print. Pedigree of Hethe of Little Saxham  1511/207/12  undated

Print. William, Lord Croftes, from the Collection of Earl Spencer  1511/207/13  undated

SHIMPLINGTHORNE  1511/210/1-5  [n.d.]

Print. Chadacre Hall, Suffolk, Seat of Thomas Hallifax. S. Clarke, Melford, J. Hawksworth  1511/210/1  undated

Print. South front and plans of Chadacre Hall (Watermark and date 1823). Drawn on stone by J.G. Lenny  1511/210/2  undated

Print. Plan of Chadacre Hall Estate. J.G. Lenny, Surveyor  1511/210/3  1823

Print. Plan of the Thorn Estate. Madeley, lithographer  1511/210/4  1836

Print. Plan of the "Hermitage Estate". Cleer S. Alger, lithographer  1511/210/5  1886

SICKLESMERE  1511/213/1  [n.d.]

Sketch. Blacksmith's Shop, Sicklesmere. Ellen  1511/213/1  c.1850

SOMERTON  1511/218/1  [n.d.]

Print. The Manor Estate at Somerton. Henry Stanley, Surveyor, Bury St. Edmunds Cleer S. Alger, lithographer  1511/218/1  1878

STANNINGFIELD  1511/222/1-14  [n.d.]

Print. Coldham Hall, Bury St. Edmunds. C.F. Kell, lithographer Holborn, E.C.  1511/222/1  1574

Print. Coldham Hall  1511/222/2  undated

Print. Coldham Hall, principal front. Utting  1511/222/3  undated

Print. Coldham Hall, Garden front. Utting  1511/222/4  undated

Print. Coldham Hall - seal of John de Rokewode, of Stanningfield, 37. Edw. III  1511/222/5  undated

Print. Tower, Stanningfield Church  1511/222/6  undated

Print. "Discovery of the gun powder plot"  1511/222/7  undated

Print. The Anniversary of the Gunpowder Plot: The Execution of the Conspirators. From a print published in 1795  1511/222/8  undated

Print. Mrs. Inchbald (From the "European Magazine"). From an original painting Russell painter Wooding engraver  1511/222/9  undated

Print. Mrs. Inchbald. Drawn (with permission) by Cook and engraved by Walker, ornamented by Collings.  1511/222/10  Pub Sept 1 1787

Print. Plan of Semers Hall Estate. Cleer S. Alger, lithographer  1511/222/11  1878

Print. Plan of Stanningfield Hall Estate. Cleer S. Alger, lithographer  1511/222/12  1887

Print. Plan of Little Saxes Farm. F.H. Dunnett, lithographer Bury St. Edmunds  1511/222/13  1878

Print. Plan of the Coldham Hall Estate. C.F. Kell, lithographer Holborn, E.C.  1511/222/14  1893

STANSFIELD  1511/223/1-3  [n.d.]

Number not used  1511/223/1  undated

Print. Plan of Rayments Farm Estate. Cleer S. Alger, lithographer  1511/223/2  1887

Plan. Survey of a farm belonging to the Revd. Mr. Scrocold in the occupation of John Everit. Hinby of Melford  1511/223/3  1775

STANSTEAD  1511/224/1  [n.d.]

Print. Spring Hall, the Seat of R. Mapletoft, Esq., S. Clarke, Melford, J. Hawksworth  1511/224/1  undated

STANTONS  1511/225/1-3  [n.d.]

Print. Arms of George Bidwell, Rector of Stanton All Saints and Stanton Saint John the Baptist  1511/225/1  undated

Print. Seal of William Cokherd found at Stanton. 1871  1511/225/2  undated

Related information: SEE Suffolk Institute of Archaeology Proceedings Vol. IV

Print. Plan of freehold farms at Stanton. Cleer S. Alger, lithographer  1511/225/3  1887

STOKE-BY-NAYLAND  1511/226/1-10  [n.d.]

Print. Tower of Stoke Church. Drawn, etched and published by H. Davy  1511/226/1  undated

Print. Tendring Hall, Seat of Sir William Rowley, Bart., M.P. Engraved by J. Grieg from a drawing by T. Higham  1511/226/2  1st Dec 1818

Print. Entrance to Giffards Hall, Stoke-by-Neyland (sic), the Seat of William Mannocks, Esq. Engraved by E. Roberts from a drawing by T. Higham  1511/226/3  1st Dec 1818

2 copies

Print. Brass - Sir William de Tendring, d.1408  1511/226/4  undated

Print. Brass and inscription of Dorothy Sanders. Drawn, etched and published by T.S. Colman  1511/226/5  1817

Print. Brass and inscription - Lady Katherine Howard d. 1452. Drawn, etched and published by J.S. Colman  1511/226/6  1817

Print. St. Mary's Church  1511/226/7  undated

Print. Stoke Church, by Neyland (sic). Engraved by W. Deeble from a sketch by T. Higham  1511/226/8  2nd Feb 1818

3 copies

Sketch. Stoke by Nayland Church  1511/226/9  undated

Print. Stoke Vicarage. W. Dixon, painter S.J. Arnold, artist J. Wright, engraver  1511/226/10  undated

STOW - WEST  1511/228/1-18  [n.d.]

Print. West Stow Hall. Engraved by E. Roberts from a sketch by T. Higham  1511/228/1  1st April 1818

2 copies

Print. West Stow Hall. Etched by S. Rawle from a sketch by J.C. Smith  1511/228/2  1st April 1809

Print. Part of West Stow Hall, S.W. Drawn and etched by H. Davy  1511/228/3  1821

Print. West Stow Hall. Drawn in lithotint by J.D. Harding  1511/228/4  1st Oct 1843

Print. West Stow Hall - as above - tinted. From a drawing by W. Miller  1511/228/5  undated

Photograph. Interior - Fresco on chimney breast. W.S. Spanton, Photographer, Bury St. Edmunds.  1511/228/6  undated

Photograph. West Stow Gatehouse  1511/228/7  undated

Print. Entrance to West Stow Hall. Drawn and etched by H. Davy  1511/228/8  1821

Printed page. Re West Stow Hall  1511/228/9  undated

Print. "On the jamb of door at West Stow manor"  1511/228/10  undated

Print. Saxon Fibulae from Stow Heath. C.R.S.  1511/228/11  undated

Print. From Stow Heath. C.R.S.  1511/228/12  undated

Print. Saxon remains found at Stow Heath  1511/228/13  undated

Print. Saxon remains found at Stow Heath. C.R.S.  1511/228/14  undated

Print. From Stow Heath  1511/228/15  undated

Print. Mural painting, Gate-house, Westow Hall. R.J.S. artist.  1511/228/16  undated

Print. Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk, ob.1545, H & s.  1511/228/17  undated

Print. Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk, ob. 2545, T.Q.L. From the original in the collection of His Grace, The Duke of Bedford. Engraved by W.H. Mote  1511/228/18  undated

STRADISHALL  1511/231/1  [n.d.]

Print. Plan of Moat Farm Estate. C.S. Alger, lithographer  1511/231/1  1886

SUDBURY - ALL SAINTS, ST. GREGORY, ST. PETER  1511/234/1-32  [n.d.]

Print. North west view of Sudbury Priory. Drawn by James Kirby Engraved by I. Wood  1511/234/1  25th Mar 1748

2 copies

Print. Chilton Dell near Sudbury  1511/234/2  undated

Print. "Gainsborough's First Attempt at Portrait Painting"  1511/234/3  undated

Print. Gainsborough's Birth-place, Sudbury  1511/234/4  undated

Print. Schombergh House, where Gainsborough died, Aug. 2nd 1788  1511/234/5  undated

Sketch. St. Peter's Church, Sudbury  1511/234/6  undated

Print. The Church of St. Peter, restored, at Sudbury  1511/234/7  undated

2 copies

Print. Font, St. Gregory's Church, Sudbury. ??? Engraver; T. Carter, artist  1511/234/8  undated

2 copies

Print. Remains of the Bishop's Palace, Sudbury  1511/234/9  undated

Print. Remains of the Bishop's Palace, Sudbury. Engraved by J. Grieg; Sketched by T. Higham  1511/234/10  1st Aug 1818

2 copies

Print. Belle Vue, Sudbury, residence of Edmund Stedman, Esq., Drawn by Gainsborough; Dupont; Engraved by J.; Hawksworth  1511/234/11  undated

Print. Aubries, near Sudbury the seat of Caledon Alexander, Esq., Drawn by Gainsborough; Dupont; Engraved by J.; Hawksworth.  1511/234/12  undated

Print. The Ryes Lodge, near Sudbury the Residence of N. Barnardiston, Esq. Drawn by Gainsborough Dupont Engraved by J. Hawksworth.  1511/234/13  undated

Print. Sudbury Priory, Suffolk, as it appeared in the year 1750  1511/234/14  undated

Print. St. Bartholomew's Chapel, Sudbury. J. Hawksworth, engraver  1511/234/15  undated

Print. The Pulpit in All Saints Church, Sudbury. Etched by H.W. King  1511/234/16  undated

2 copies

Print. Ancient Timber House at Sudbury (From Gent. Mag. Vol. XVI, Aug. 1841). J.A. Repton, F.S.A., artist; J. Swain, engraver  1511/234/17  undated

Print. Letters Patent of Roger de Mortemer, Earl of March, etc., re election of two sergeants to bear maces.  1511/234/18  17th June 1397

2 copies

Print. Queen Jane Seymour, died 1537 From the original of Holbein in Robinson the collection of His Grace the Duke of Bedford. Engraved by H.  1511/234/19  undated

Print. Revd. Joseph Steer. Engraved by J. Cochran from a photograph by Baugh.  1511/234/20  undated

Print. Brass. J. Johnson, artist  1511/234/21  undated

Print. Cross Street, Sudbury  1511/234/22  undated

Painting. Gainsborough's birthplace, Sudbury 1727, died 1788  1511/234/23  undated

Print. Title page - Poems from Fulcher's Ladies Memorandum Book and Poetical Miscellany - incorporating North View of St. Gregory's Church, Sudbury. Published by G.W. Fulcher, Sudbury.  1511/234/24  undated

Print. St. Bartholomews, Sudbury  1511/234/25  undated

Print. Seal or stamp, Sudbury  1511/234/26  undated

Print. Thomas Gainsborough, R.A. Murray, engraver  1511/234/27  undated

Print. Rev. John Mead Ray, Sudbury. Ridley, engraver  1511/234/28  1st May 1797

Print. Watch paper - William Debenham, Market Hill, Sudbury  1511/234/29  undated

Print. Trade card - William Baker, Commercial Inn and Posting House, Sudbury - Times coaches leave the Rose and Crown on reverse.  1511/234/30  undated

Painting. Master John Shorne, St. Gregory's Church, Sudbury. H.W.  1511/234/31  undated

Print. Frescoes at the Church of St. Gregory, Sudbury - St. Peter, St. James, St. John, St. John the Baptist, Elijah and Moses. Designed by Mr. Aveling Green  1511/234/32  undated

THELNETHAM  1511/238/1  [n.d.]

Print. Plan of the Thelnetham Estate. Cleer S. Alger, Lithographer  1511/238/1  1888

THETFORD  1511/239/1-15  [n.d.]

Print. Porch of the Free School, Thetford. Engraved by J. Grieg from a drawing by J.S. Cottman  1511/239/1  1st July 1818

2 copies

Print. Interior of the Nunnery, Thetford. Engraved by W. Deeble from a drawing by J.S. Cotman.  1511/239/2  1st July 1818

2 copies

Print. Part of the Nunnery, Thetford. Engraved by J. Grieg from a drawing by J.S. Cotman.  1511/239/3  1st July 1818

3 copies

Print. Thomas Paine. The picture, by Peel, of Philadelphia  1511/239/4  25th July 1791

Print. Watch paper - Spendlove, of Thetford.  1511/239/5  undated

Print. Watch-paper - John Spendlove of Thetford.  1511/239/5a  undated

Print. Trade card - William Bond, Gun and Pistol maker, of Thetford.  1511/239/6  undated

Print. Trade card - S. Cole of the White Hart Commercial Inn, Thetford. Lebasle, Birmingham  1511/239/7  undated

Print. Billhead - Nicholas Diggon, currier and leather cutter, Thetford.  1511/239/8  undated

Print. Stamp or Seal - Thetford.  1511/239/9  undated

Print (coloured). A View of Thetford from the River Ouse (From Accum's Guide to the Thetford Spa). Wilkinson of Thetford, artist William Read, engraver Maiden Lane, Covent Gdn.  1511/239/10  undated

Print. The Danish Mounds, Thetford. Drawn and engraved by J. Grieg  1511/239/11  1st March 1806

Print. The Place Farm, near Thetford. Drawn and engraved by P. Storer  1511/239/12  1st March 1800

Print. Entrance into Thetford with St. Peter's Church (Published for Accum's Guide to the Thetford Spa). Wilkinson of Thetford William Read, engraver  1511/239/13  undated

Print. The Abbey Gate. J.W. Artist Etched by H. Davy  1511/239/14  1st Dec 1821

Print. Remains of St. Nicholas Church, taken in 1815. J.W. artist Etched by H. Davy  1511/239/15  1st June 1821

THORPE MORIEUX  1511/241/1  [n.d.]

Print. Plan of the Valley and Elder House Farms. Cleer S. Algar, lithographer  1511/241/1  1887

THURLOW  1511/242/1  [n.d.]

Print. Plan of the Temple End Estate. Cleer S. Algar & Son, lithographer  1511/242/1  1891

THURSTON  1511/243/1-5  [n.d.]

Print. South west view of Thurston Church, as rebuilt. (J.H. Markwell, architect). Day & Son, lithographer  1511/243/1  undated

Drawing. Tomb stone in the Churchyard, St. Peter's, Thurston. J. Darkin  1511/243/2  1845

Print. St. Peter's Church, Thurston. A.C.W.  1511/243/3  undated

Print. Manor of Neatherhall in Thurston. L.H. Bradford & Co., lithographer  1511/243/4  undated

Print. Thurston Cottage, near Bury St. Edmunds, late the property of N.S. Hodson, Esq.  1511/243/5  undated

TIMWORTH  1511/244/1  [n.d.]

Painting. Key of Timworth Church Tower. H.W.  1511/244/1  1887

TOSTOCK  1511/245/1-2  [n.d.]

Print. Tostock, near Bury St. Edmunds, The Seat of George Browne, Esq. T. Higham, artist  1511/245/1  undated

2 copies

Print. Arms of James Oakes.  1511/245/2  undated

Photograph. Of print of Francis Grose, Esq., Written underneath "Captain Francis Grose, F.A.S.,F.R.S.,F.L.S."  1511/246/4  undated

Related information: As in 1151/246/3

TROSTON  1511/247/1-7  [n.d.]

Print. Troston Hall, The Seat of Capel Lofft, Esq., Drawn and engraved by J. Grieg  1511/247/1  1st Mar 1806

Print. Plan and details of South Porch of Troston Church  1511/247/2  undated

Painting. "A View near Bury - Suffolk" Capel Lofft in foreground. F.M.V.F.  1511/247/3  undated

Print. Edward Capell, Esq., from a model in plaster taken from the life by Roubilliac. Anker Smith, engraver  1511/247/4  3rd Oct 1787

Painting. Troston Hall. George Quinton  1511/247/5  1808

Painting. Troston Hall. George Quinton  1511/247/6  1808

Print. Troston Hall, The Seat of Capel Lofft, Esq., Drawn and engraved by J. Grieg  1511/247/7  1st Mar 1806

Related information: As 1151/247/1

TUDDENHAM (ST. MARY)  1511/248/1-2  [n.d.]

Painting. Key  1511/248/1  1889

Sketch. Plan of Tuddenham, 1831  1511/248/2  undated

WALDINGFIELD - MAGNA AND PARVA  1511/251/1-6  [n.d.]

Print. Waldingfield Church Chest  1511/251/1  undated

Tracing. Arms of Robert Apleton  1511/251/2  undated

Brass rubbing. Arms - Waldingfield Parva. J.C. Ford  1511/251/3  1894

Brass rubbing. Knight - Waldingfield Parva ? Robert Appleton. J.C. Ford  1511/251/4  1894

Brass rubbing. Mary, the wife of Robert Appleton of Waldingfield Parva (See note on back for further information). J.C. Ford  1511/251/5  1894

Brass rubbing. Arms - Waldingfield Parva. J.C. Ford  1511/251/6  1894

WALSHAM-LE-WILLOWS  1511/253/1-7  [n.d.]

Print. The Last Supper-terra-cotta panel, in Walsham-le-Willows Church. George Tinworth  1511/253/1  undated

Print. Bench-end, Walsham-le-Willows Church  1511/253/2  undated

Print. Walsham Hall. Cleer S. Alger, lithographer Diss  1511/253/3  undated

Sketch or tracing. Plan of Walsham  1511/253/4  1842

Print. Plan of part of Walsham Village.  1511/253/5  undated

Print. Plan of an estate at Walsham-le-Willows. Cleer S. Alger, lithographer  1511/253/6  1882

Print. Plan of The Old Hall Estate, Walsham-le-Willows with particulars from "The Land Agents Record" Sept. 17th 1881. Cleer S. Algar, lithographer  1511/253/7  1881

WANGFORD  1511/255/1  [n.d.]

Print. Plan of Wangford Church and Priory Remains taken in 1861. E.L. Blackbourne, Architect  1511/255/1  undated

WATTISFIELD  1511/256/1-7  [n.d.]

Print. Cottage interior, woman cooking  1511/256/1  undated

Print. Interior of Inn - man reading paper, dog at his feet; Apparently entitled "January" only tops of letters showing. J.S.W  1511/256/2  undated

Photograph. Old Meeting House, Wattisfield  1511/256/3  Pre-1877

Painting. Square jar with squares and diamonds painted on sides  1511/256/4  undated

Print. Particulars and Conditions of Sale of the Manor of Wattesfield Hall with Gyffords in Wattisfield and Halymote  1511/256/5  30th June 1880

Print. Rev. W. Garthwaite, Wattisfield. Engraved by Cook after an original painting  1511/256/6  1833

Print. The Revd. Thomas Harmer - from the original painting in the possession of G. Mallows, Esq., Wattisfield. R.M. Meadows, engraver  1511/256/7  undated

WESTLEY  1511/262/1-5  [n.d.]

Print. Old Westley Church. J.C. Buckler, artist J. Basire, engraver  1511/262/1  undated

Print. North Door of Old Westley Church (Joins back of No. 1)  1511/262/2  undated

Print. Plan of New Westley Church  1511/262/3  undated

Print. Plan of Old Westley Church  1511/262/4  undated

Print. Arms - Clare Earl of Strigal  1511/262/5  undated

WHELNETHAM  1511/267/1  [n.d.]

Print. Richard II (Underneath in pencil: Edward Langley, Duke of York, (Richard II) Whelnetham.  1511/267/1  undated

WHEPSTEAD  1511/268/1-5  [n.d.]

Print. Ground plan of Whepstead Church  1511/268/1  undated

Print. Whepstead Church. J.C. Buckler, artist; J. Basire, engraver  1511/268/2  undated

Print. Plumton, The Seat of Lieut. Genl. Sir Thomas Hammond, G.C.H. J.C. Buckler, artist G. Hollis, engraver  1511/268/3  undated

Print. Plumton House, Garden front. Cleer S. Alger, lithographer Diss  1511/268/4  undated

Print. Plan of the Plumton House. Cleer S. Alger, lithographer Diss  1511/268/5  1890

WICKHAMBROOK  1511/270/1-14  [n.d.]

Print. Mrs. Beale. Engraved by Hopwood from a painting by J.C.  1511/270/1  1st Feb 1812

Print. Mrs. Beale and her son Charles. Mary Beale, painter T. Chambars, fc.  1511/270/2  undated

Print. The Revd. Samuel Cradock, B.D. sometime Fellow of Emmanuel College in Cambridge. R. White, engraver  1511/270/3  undated

Brass rubbing. Arms - All Saints Church  1511/270/4  1887

Brass rubbing. Arms - All Saints Church  1511/270/5  1887

Brass rubbing. Arms - All Saints Church  1511/270/6  1887

Brass rubbing. Inscription - Thomas Burrughe - All Saints Church (1597)  1511/270/7  1887

Brass rubbing. One male and two female figures ? Thomas Burrughe and his two wives  1511/270/8  1887

Brass rubbing. Six figures  1511/270/9  1887

Brass rubbing. Three figures  1511/270/10  1887

Print. Plan of Ashfield Green Farm (Lot 1). Cleer S. Alger, lithographer  1511/270/11  1889

Print. Plan of Newhouse Farm (Lot 4). Cleer S. Alger, lithographer  1511/270/12  undated

Print. Aldersfield Hall Farm (Lots 5, 6, 7 & 8). Cleer S. Alger, lithographer  1511/270/13  undated

Print. Plan of Aldersfield Place Farm (Lot 2). Cleer S. Alger, lithographer  1511/270/14  undated

WISTON  1511/274/1  [n.d.]

Print. South doorway of Wiston Church. Engraved by W. Deeble from a drawing by T. Higham  1511/274/1  1st Mar 1819

WOOLPIT  1511/277/1-10  [n.d.]

Print. Woolpit Church, one bay of Clerestory  1511/277/1  undated

Trade card. Charles Parker, Commercial House, Woolpit  1511/277/2  undated

Print. Woolpit Church. Engraved by W. Deeble from sketch by T. Higham  1511/277/3  1st Sept 1818

3 copies

Print. Bench-end, Woolpit Church  1511/277/4  undated

Trade card. Of John Caldecott, Proprietor of the Brick Kilns, Woolpit with prices of bricks  1511/277/5  undated

Print. Porch of Woolpit Church. G. Frost, artist Heath, engraver  1511/277/6  1814

2 copies

Print. Interior of Woolpit Church. Drawn and measured by R. & J.A. Brandon J.K. Colling, lithographer  1511/277/7  undated

2 copies

Print. Plan of Woolpit  1511/277/8  1814

Print. Plans of Estates in Suffolk, including Accommodation Meadows at Woolpit (Lots 1 and 2) and Small Farm at Woolpit (Lot 3). Cleer S. Alger, lithographer  1511/277/9  July 1886

Print. Plan of Woolpit Church. Drawn etc. by R. & J.A. Brandon  1511/277/10  undated

WORDWELL  1511/278/1-3  [n.d.]

Print. Wordwell Church - From Gent. Magazime. J.G. Lenny, artist S. engraver  1511/278/1  April 1824

2 copies

Painting. Wordwell Church, Suffolk, proposed restoration. S.S. Teulon, Architect  1511/278/2  undated

Painting. Coffin shaped stone and inscription in Wordwell Church. H. Watling  1511/278/3  undated

WORLINGTON  1511/280/1  [n.d.]

Print. Plan of a freehold and tithe-hold estate, Worlington. Cleer S. Alger, lithographer  1511/280/1  1890

RELIGIOUS HOUSES  1511/285/1-10  [n.d.]

Painting. Columns - Tuscan, Doric, Ionic, Corinthian and Composite  1511/285/1  undated

Print. South West View of Tintern Abbey. On stone by Joseph Horner  1511/285/2  undated

Print. West Front, Tintern Abbey. Day and Haghe, lithographer  1511/285/3  undated

Phototint. Lincoln Cathedral - Angels' Choir (From "The Building News"). Photographed by W.A. Skill, lincoln; Photo-tint James Akerman, London  1511/285/4  24th May 1889

Print. Hexham Abbey - Section through Trancepts. Measured and drawn by Mr. C. Clement Hodges  1511/285/5  undated

Photo-tint. The Prior's Door, Ely Cathedral  1511/285/6a  undated

Photo-tint. Rochester Cathedral, West Doorway.  1511/285/6b  undated

Print-coloured. The Abbey Church of Waltham Holy Cross, the new East End  1511/285/7  undated

Photo-tint. Window designed for Newcastle Cathedral by E. Frampton (From "The Building News"). Photo-tint by James Akerman, London  1511/285/8  18th Nov 1887

Print. St. Mary's Church, Worstead, Norfolk - West elevation, Cross Section, South elevation, Details of Aisle windows. Measured and drawn by Mr. H. Tooley  1511/285/9  undated

Print. Hexham Abbey Church - View of the Choir looking West  1511/285/10  undated

NORFOLK - MISCELLANEOUS  1511/286/1-2  [n.d.]

Print. Cross found under the Chancel Floor, Buckenham St. Nicholas, Norfolk. Drawn and etched by N. Ninham  1511/286/1  undated

Print. Interior of East Dereham Church. Jas. Scales  1511/286/2  undated

Letter and newspaper re Stanfield murder  1511/286/3  1848-1849

LEAD PIECES - COINAGE  1511/287/1  [n.d.]

Print. Of ten Lead Pieces  1511/287/1  undated

PORTRAITS  1511/288/1-22  [n.d.]

Print. The Revd. Charles Andrews (Rector of Flempton). Painted by Charles Jenour; Engraved by G. Turner  1511/288/1  1st Oct 1823

Print. Of John Gage ? Painted by Margaret Carpenter; Engraved by Thomas Hodgetts.  1511/288/2  undated

Print. Robert Sparrow, Esq., (of Worlingham Hall, Suffolk). Painted by T. Phillips, R.A. 1821. Drawn on stone by R.J. Lane, A.R.A. 1828; Printed by C. Hullman.  1511/288/3  undated

Print. Sir John Gage, Bart., Engraved by R. Cooper  1511/288/4  undated

Print. Sir Thomas Hanmer, Speaker of the House of Commons (From a picture at Bettisfield). J. Allen, artist W. Bond, engraver  1511/288/5  1st Aug 1798

Print. Cardinal Wolsey. Publisher S.A. Oddy, Pickett Street, Strand, London.  1511/288/6  undated

Print. Sir William Fowle-Middleton, Bart, of Crowfield Hall and Shrubland Park, Suffolk. Engraved for J.F. Dove by R. Graves  1511/288/7  19th Sept 1826

Print. "Grafton" (autographed). Engraved by Percy Roberts from an original picture.  1511/288/8  undated

Print. Henry Duke of Grafton, natural son of Charles II by the Dutchess (sic) of Cleveland, obit 1690. R. Dunkarton, engraver  1511/288/9  undated

Print. Mr. Jermyn, The Suffolk Antiquary [...] (written in pencil on the back). Mrs. Pulham, painter Godby, engraver  1511/288/10  undated

Print. Sir Edward Gage, Bart. Engraved by R Cooper.  1511/288/11  undated

Print. Sir Thomas Gage, Seventh Bart. of Hengrave. Jagger painter 1806 Mrs. Dawson Turner engraver  1511/288/12  undated

Print. Lady Penelope Gage. R. Cooper, engraver (from the original at Hengrave). (Original now at Angel Corner).  1511/288/13  undated

2 copies

Print. Admiral Lord Viscount Keppel. From an original Picture by Sir Joshua Reynolds, in the Collection of His Royal Highness the Prince Regent. Drawn by J. Jackson, Engraved by E. Scriven.  1511/288/14  12th Mar 1814

Print. Sir John Gage, K.G. Engraved by Edward Scriven, Historical Engraver to His Majesty.  1511/288/15  undated

Newspaper print. The Rt. Rev. Lord Arthur Charles Harvey, D.D., Bishop of Bath and Wells.  1511/288/16  undated

Print. Thomas S. Gooch, Esq., M.B. [...] , G.H. Harlow painter  1511/288/17  1818

Print. Sir Thomas Cullum, Bart. Peter Lely, Eq. Aur. painter. J. Basire, engraver  1511/288/18  May 1813

Print. Charles Frederick Barnwell. Printed by Graf and Soret.  1511/288/19  undated

Print. Sir Benjamin Collins Brodie, Bart., P.R.C., Sergeant-Surgeon to the Queen (Pencilled note at bottom "Born at Boxford, Suffolk"). H. Room J. Brain  1511/288/20  undated

Print. Sir Nathaniel Barnardiston d. 1653, aged 66. From a print by Van Hove.  1511/288/21  undated

Print. John Lydgate, Monk of Bury St. Edmunds, Poet Laureat. From a plate by Vertue copied from a M.S. in the Harleian Collection.  1511/288/22  undated

ARMS  1511/289/1  [n.d.]

Print. Arms of Jackson impaling Ray, both of Suffolk; from a salver in the possession of Gery Milner-Gibson-Cullum, Esq., F.S.A.  1511/289/1  undated

COPIES OF CARTOONS BY H.W. [...] BUNBURY  1511/1547/1 - 4  1750-1811

Coloured print. Billiards  1511/1547/1  1750-1811

Coloured print. A Long Minuet  1511/1547/2  undated

Coloured print. Morning of the Man of Taste  1511/1547/3  undated

Original. Pencil sketch - A Hail Storm  1511/1547/4  undated

TRIGG COLLECTION  1511/1549/1 - 29  [n.d.]

Sketch. The staircase in Thurlow Hall  1511/1549/1  undated

Sketch. Near Sudbury. Chas. Simpson  1511/1549/2  undated

Sketch. Septaria keep, Orford Castle  1511/1549/3  undated

Print. Arches and Piers in the old chancel at Orford. W. Wilkins, artist Basire, engraver  1511/1549/4  undated

Sketch. House - Nr. Bungay  1511/1549/5  undated

Sketch. Chimneys - between Beccles and Blythburgh. C. Varley  1511/1549/6  undated

Print. Monument of John Fitz-Alan Earl of Arundel, d.1434. Drawn and etched by C.A. Stothard  1511/1549/7  1815

Sketch. Great Thurlow Church  1511/1549/8  5th April 1804

Print. A Genealogical table of the Noble Family of Keppel  1511/1549/9  undated

2 copies

Print. Arms of The Rt. Hon. Augustus Keppel, Viscount Keppel of Elveden  1511/1549/10  undated

2 copies

Print. Arms of The Rt. Hon Other Lewis Windsor, Earl of Plymouth and Baron Windsor  1511/1549/11  undated

Print. A Genealogical Table of the Noble Family of Windsor, Earl of Plymouth &c.  1511/1549/12  undated

Print. A Genealogical Table of the Noble Family of Willoughby, Baron Willoughby of Parham.  1511/1549/13  undated

Print. Arms - The Rt. Hon. Henry Willoughby, Baron Willoughby of Parham.  1511/1549/14  undated

Print. Arms of The Rt. Hon. Edward Noel, Viscount Wentworth, Baron Wentworth of Nettlestead.  1511/1549/15  undated

Print. A Genealogical Table of the Noble Family of Noel, Viscount Wentworth &c.  1511/1549/16  undated

Print. Arms of The Most High Puissant and Noble Prince, James Hamilton Duke of Hamilton and Brandon, Marquis of Hamilton and Clidesdale and Baron of Dutton.  1511/1549/17  undated

Print. A Genealogical Table of the Noble Family of Hamilton, Duke of Hamilton and Brandon.  1511/1549/18  undated

2 sheets

Print. Arms of The Rt. Hon. Edward Thurlow, Baron Thurlow, of Ashfield in the County of Suffolk.  1511/1549/19  undated

Print. A Genealogical Table of the Noble Family of Thurlow, Baron Thurlow.  1511/1549/20  undated

Print. Arms of The Rt. Hon. George William Hervey, Earl of Bristol and Baron Hervey of Ickworth.  1511/1549/21  undated

Print. A Genealogical Table of the Noble Family of Pierrepont, Duke of Kingston &c.  1511/1549/22  undated

2 sheets

Print. Arms of Howard, Earl of Suffolk.  1511/1549/23  undated

Photograph. Cross and inscription  1511/1549/24  undated

Receipt. Halwicke Manor, Norfolk - for £20 paid by Eustace Tyrrell for farm of site of monastery of Thetford, 5 April 1600; with [19th-20thC.] note - Owen Sheppard, Esq., the recipient.  1511/1549/25  undated

Receipt  1511/1549/26  1800-1900

By [Sir] [rue] Drury of £10.15s. of Eustace Tyrrell, gent., farmer of certain lands in Shelfanger, for half year's farm due, to use of the Queen, 17 April 1591; with [19th - 20thC] note on Sir Drue Drury.

Acquittance  1511/1549/27  1800-1900

By William Dyx, auditor, of Eustace Tirrell, gent., for year ending at Michaelmas 1582; with [19th - 20thC] note on William Dyx and Eustace Tyrrell.

Note on John Dorant of Northales [ ? Hales, Norfolk] 18 March 1535 [evidently taken from his will] relating to provision for church repairs.  1511/1549/28  [19th - 20thC]

Petition (abbreviated)  1511/1549/29  (1878-1903)

To H.H. Pope Leo XIII for an Apostolic Blessing to be granted to Fr. Lazenby and Maria Catherina Milner Gibson for their efforts in re-establishing the Feast of St. Edmund. Apparently signed by Pope Leo

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