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Photographs mainly relating to Ipswich

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Reference K 451
Covering dates Late 19th - early 20th century
Held by Suffolk Record Office, Ipswich Branch
Extent 42 items
Source of acquisition Acc. No. 6632

Views of Ipswich and surrounding area

BUTLEY - Butley Priory (photo by H. Welton, Woodbridge)  K 451/1  nd c1900

DUNWICH - pony and trap in yard of Barne Arms Hotel (photo by Artis & Vivian, Halesworth and Yoxford)  K 451/2  nd c1900

EASTON - Easton church (photo by W. Vick, Ipswich)  K 451/3  nd c1800

FELIXSTOWE - donkeys and donkey cart on sea front  K 451/4  nd c 1900

FELIXSTOWE - family on beach near hot and cold salt water bath rooms  K 451/5  c 1875-80

nd c 1920's  K 451/6  IPSWICH - stall of All Saints Men's Club at fete (photo by E. Philpott, Ipswich)

IPSWICH - man in horse and trap in courtyard of the Golden Lion Hotel (photo by Adolphus Tear, Ipswich)  K 451/7  nd c 1910

IPSWICH - Tower Ramparts (photo by W. Robinson)  K 451/8  c 1930

IPSWICH - Bridge Street, shortly before street widening scheme  K 451/9  c 1902

IPSWICH - steam ship Essex on the river Orwell  K 451/10  c 1910

IPSWICH - group of men outside restaurant in St. Peter's Street (later became Hand in Hand public house)  K 451/11  c 1910 nd

IPSWICH - Constantine Road destructor chimney (photo by Adolphus Tear, Tibbenham, Ipswich)  K 451/12  c 1900

IPSWICH - view of Stoke Bridge area, showing White Lion Inn  K 451/13  c 1900

IPSWICH - group of railway workers  K 451/14  c 1910

IPSWICH - group of railmen on G.E.R. locomotive no. 1518 in sidings  K 451/15  c 1910

IPSWICH - Cornhill (photo by W. Vick, Ipswich)  K 451/16 a + b  c 1900

IPSWICH - laying foundation stone of new Corn Exchange, Ipswich, by D.H. Booth, Mayor  K 451/17  22 Oct 1880

IPSWICH - premises of J. Martin, 2 Fore Street, a hardware shop known as Birmingham House; (photo by Kerby & Son, Electric Light Studio)  K 451/18  nd c 1890

IPSWICH - the "Karnser", Stoke Street  K 451/19  before 1898

IPSWICH - lock gates and barges (photo by W. Vick, Ipswich)  K 451/20  nd c 1900

IPSWICH - St. Nicholas Street, showing Unitarian chapel entrance before road widening  K 451/21  nd

IPSWICH - house and office of A. Ramsey, bricklayer, Rendlesham Road  K 451/22  nd c 1905

IPSWICH - childrens ward at East Suffolk and Ipswich hospital (photo by W. Vick, Ipswich)  K 451/23  c 1875-1880

IPSWICH - Wolsey's Gateway (tinted photograph)  K 451/24  nd c 1910

IPSWICH - official opening of new sewer, featuring A. Wrinch, Mayor  K 451/25 a + b  15 June 1881

IPSWICH - view of Ipswich from Stoke hill  K 451/26  1887

IPSWICH - view of Ipswich from Stoke hill showing houses under construction on Burrell Road by George Kenney  K 451/27 a + b  July 1892

IPSWICH - view of Ipswich from Stoke hill (photo by J.D. Piper, Ipswich)  K 451/28 a + b  July 1887

IPSWICH - view of Ipswich from Stoke hill  K 451/29 a + b  July 1887

KERSEY - views of the village  K 451/30-32  nd c 1900

KESGRAVE - Kesgrave Hall, alterations  K 451/33  1902

UFFORD - "Beverley" race horse and groom Arthur Smith (photo by A.S. Fisk, Woodbridge)  K 451/34  27 June 1881

WOOLVERSTONE - the Cat House (Poulton's series)  K 451/35  nd c 1890

Workmen repairing farm machinery  K 451/36  nd

Unidentified school group  K 451/37  1908

Boating party outside Victorian gothik design cottage  K 451/38  nd c 1860

unidentified school (photo by C. Trudgill, 131 Handford Road, Ipswich)  K 451/39  nd

horse and delivery cart of Charles Freeman, butcher of Claydon  K 451/40  nd

Seasonal workers from Suffolk employed at M. & B. Brewery Maltings in Burton on Trent, Staffordshire  K 451/41  nd c 1900

Lady in invalid carriage drawn by donkey  K 451/42  nd c 1890

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