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ICI Paints Division, Stowmarket

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Reference HC411
Covering dates 1871-1979
Held by Suffolk Record Office, Ipswich Branch
Extent 5 series
Source of acquisition Received by Suffolk Record Office on 14 July 1981
Acc. no. 6141
Creators Patent Safety Gun Cotton Co Ltd, 1863-1874, Stowmarket, Suffolk, manufacturers; Necol Industrial Collodions Ltd, 1918-1926, industrial lacquer manufacturers; New Explosives Co Ltd, 1885-1907, Stowmarket, Suffolk; Nobel Chemical Finishes Ltd, 1907-1919, Stowmarket, Suffolk; ICI Ltd, Paints Division, 1926-, Stowmarket, Suffolk; Imperial Chemical Industries Ltd, Paints Division, 1926-, Stowmarket, Suffolk

Administrative history:
A brief history of the Stowmarket Works
The Stowmarket Gun Cotton works (Patent Safety Gun Cotton Co. Ltd.,) was built in 1863 on land owned mainly by the Prentice family. An explosion on 11th August 1871 demolished the works, killing 24 people and injuring 75. The works was rebuilt in 1873/74 and re-named the Stowmarket Guncotton Company. The Prentice family sold the factory in 1880 when a new company, the Explosives Company took over. The factory was extended in 1885 and the name changed to the New Explosives Co. Ltd. More land was purchased in 1896 when building of a new Cordite factory commenced, being completed in 1898. By 1907 the works had been acquired by Nobel's Explosives Ltd. The factory was put on a war footing in 1914, employing women for the first time. After the war, the factory was turned over to the manufacture of industrial lacquer etc., and the name changed to Necol Industrial Collodions Ltd. The site was acquired by I.C.I. in 1926.

Records relating to the I.C.I. Paints Division site at Stowmarket, comprising original records of successive owners of the site from the early 1880s, sundry printed papers re I.C.I. Ltd., and photographs, including some of the aftermath of the 1871 explosion at the works.
HC411/1 MINUTES, 1929 - 1932
HC411/2 REGISTERS OF EMPLOYEES, etc. c. 1883 - 1974
HC411/3 FINANCIAL RECORDS c. 1913 - 1938
HC411/4 PHOTOGRAPHS, c. 1871 - 1970s

MINUTES, 1929-1932  HC411/1  [n.d.]

Minutes of Works Council meetings, Nobel Chemical Finishes Ltd.  HC411/1/1  1929-1932

1 volume

9 May 1929-24 Nov. 1932

REGISTERS OF EMPLOYEES etc., c. 1883-1974  HC411/2  [n.d.]

Register of female employees, New Explosives Co. Ltd. (Cordite factory)  HC411/2/1  1915-1919

1 volume

Alphabetically arranged, giving name, address, age, date of joining, date and reason for leaving employment

As HC411/2/1  HC411/2/2  1915-1919

1 volume

Not alphabetically arranged

Register of female employees, New Explosives Co. Ltd. (Gun-cotton factory)  HC411/2/3  1915-c. 1920

1 volume

Alphabetically arranged; details as for HC411/2/1

Register of employees  HC411/2/4  c. 1883-c. 1919

1 volume

AS HC411/2/1

AS HC411/2/1  HC411/2/5  c. 1883-c. 1919

List of employees who acknowledge having heard the rules in force at the works  HC411/2/6  1887-1908

1 volume

poor condition

Register of employees  HC411/2/7  c. 1887-c. 1915

1 volume

poor condition

Alphabetically arranged, giving name, address, date of joining, date and reasons for leaving employment

AS HC411/2/7  HC411/2/8  c. 1902-c. 1915

AS HC411/2/7  HC411/2/9  1908-1913

At back of volume, list of "men who have left and and reason for doing so", 1908-1913

AS HC411/2/7  HC411/2/10  c. 1908-c. 1921

As HC411/2/7  HC411/2/11  c. 1915-c. 1920

General Register, kept in accordance with various Factory Acts  HC411/2/12  1915-1920

Comprising register of young persons, accidents etc., New Explosive Co. Ltd.

AS HC411/2/12, Necol Industrial Collodions Ltd.  HC411/2/13  1920-1936

AS HC411/2/12 Nobel Chemical Finishes Ltd.  HC411/2/14  1936-1937

As HC411/2/12 Nobel Chemical Finishes Ltd.  HC411/2/15  1938-1948

AS HC411/2/12 I.C.I. Ltd  HC411/2/16  1949-1956

Registers of young persons under 18 years of age, and certificates of fitness for employment, being part II of the General Registers as HC411/2/12  HC411/2/17-20  1949-1974

4 volumes

c. 1972-1974

'Register of persons employed in painting buildings and the work on which they are employed'  HC411/2/21  1945-1951

Kept in accordance with the Lead Paint (Protection against Poisoning) Act, 1926, and comprising lists of persons so employed and lists of jobs
11 entries only

FINANCIAL RECORDS c. 1913-1938  HC411/3  [n.d.]

Schedules of wages, New Explosives Co. Ltd., detailing scales of pay etc. in the Gun-cotton and Cordite factories  HC411/3/1  1913-c. 1920

1 file

Mainly printed

'Departmental Summary of Wages etc. Capitalized', New Explosives Co. Ltd.  HC411/3/2  1921-1934

1 volume

Few entries only

'Oncost Allocation Table' book, Nobel Chemical Finishes Ltd.  HC411/3/3  1936-1938

1 volume

Quarterly accounts

'Cost Report' book, Nobel Chemical Finishes Ltd  HC411/3/4  1937-1938

1 volume

Containing details of wages, materials etc.; quarterly accounts

File of sundry accounts  HC411/3/5  1938

PHOTOGRAPHS c. 1871-1970s  HC411/4  [n.d.]

File labelled Mainly Historical  HC411/4/1  1871-1979

56 items

Containing photographs of and photocopies of papers relating to the 1871 explosion, photographs of factory buildings, early advertisements etc.

File labelled Mainly Historical  HC411/4/2  c. 1885 onwards

21 items

Containing photographs of employees

Files labelled Personality Portraits I, II  HC411/4/3,4  1940s - 1970s

90 items and 143 items respectively

Containing photographs of individual employees etc.

File labelled People at Work  HC411/4/5  1950s - 1970s

156 items

File labelled Building and Plant  HC411/4/6  1950s/1960s

110 items

File labelled Sporting Activities (of employees)  HC411/4/7  c. 1940-c. 1960s

32 items

File labelled Pensioners containing photographs of former employees' outings etc.  HC411/4/8  n.d

14 items

Photographs of the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh's visits to the works  HC411/4/9  1961

file; 40 items

Some photographs undated

Photographs of young employees on Youth Training Scheme for the Duke of Edinburgh's Award  HC411/4/10-13  c. 1963-c. 1967

4 boxes, total of 178 photographs

Photographs of various works' presentations  HC411/4/14  [c. 1960s]

92 items

Some photographs undated

File labelled Social containing photographs of employees at various social functions  HC411/4/15  1940s onwards

60 items

File labelled Odds and Ends  HC411/4/16  [n.d.]

Containing miscellaneous photographs including aerial ones, photocopy maps etc.

MISCELLANEOUS  HC411/5  [n.d.]

Code book - 'Paint and Lacquer Group Raw Material Code', Nobel Chemical Finishes Ltd.  HC411/5/1  April 1938

Code book - 'Paints Division Hollerith'  HC411/5/2  Jan. 1953

'Products Stock Account' book, detailing particulars, weight, value etc. of products  HC411/5/3  1939-1949

'Certificate of adequate means of escape in case of fire' as under the Factories Act 1937 sec. 34  HC411/5/4  4 Nov. 1938

7 sheets


Notes [?compiled by Mr. Wrinch] on the Paints Division at Stowmarket and for a talk on the history of the works  HC411/5/5  nd

1 file

Newspaper cuttings re the I.C.I. Paints Division, Stowmarket  HC411/5/6  nd

1 file

Printed pamphlets  [no ref. or date]

Works rules, I.C.I. (Paints Ltd.), Stowmarket works  HC411/5/7  June 1941

Booklet relating to the Stowmarket works  HC411/5/8  post 1965

As HC411/5/8  HC411/5/9  post 1972

Programme of Supervisors' Course, I.C.I. Ltd. Stowmarket  HC411/5/10,11  nd

2 copies

5-13 May n.y.

'Rules governing the staff pension fund'  HC411/5/12  1945

Laboratory staff handbook, I.C.I. Ltd. Paints Division  HC411/5/13  Nov. 1947

'The I.C.I. method of job appraisement for general worker jobs'  HC411/5/14  Feb. 1948

'Imperial Chemicals workers pension fund' - summary of the scheme as revised on  HC411/5/5  29 Sep. 1952

'The chemical industry and challenge to Britain', issued by I.C.I. Ltd. for the information of stock-holders and employees  HC411/5/16  Feb. 1954

Rules of I.C.I. Ltd. (Paints Division) works  HC411/5/17  June 1954

Summary of I.C.I. employees' profit-sharing scheme  HC411/5/18  Oct. 1954

Rules of Imperial Chemicals (Workers) Friendly Society  HC411/5/19  1955

'I.C.I. Ltd. Works Council Scheme: Functions and Constitution revised' to  HC411/5/20  Dec. 1956

'Protection of Employment' I.C.I. Ltd.  HC411/5/21  June 1958

'Agreements between I.C.I. Ltd. and the Trades Unions concerned, relative to working conditions and negotiating procedure'  HC411/5/22-24  1958-1965

Sep. 1958
Mar. 1960
May 1965

"I.C.I. Ltd. Works Council Scheme: Functions and Constitution revised' to  HC411/5/25  May 1966

'I.C.I. Workers Pension Fund' - new pension proposals  HC411/5/26  June 1966

'Salaries and Payment Conditions for weekly staff' I.C.I. Ltd.  HC411/5/27  1976

Staff rules and instructions, I.C.I. Ltd. (Paint and Lacquer group, Works and Laboratories)  HC411/5/28  n.d

I.C.I. Ltd. notes on retirement  HC411/5/29  n.d

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