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Reference HA11
Covering dates 1547-1952
Held by Suffolk Record Office, Ipswich Branch
Extent 110 SERIES
Creators Rous family, Earls of Stradbroke

List of sub-divisions:-
A1. Genealogical.
A2. Literary.
A3. Games and Pastimes.
A4. Newspaper cuttings.
A5. Rous Family: General.
A6. Sir John Rous, 2nd Baronet.
A7. Sir John Rous, later 1st Earl of Stradbroke.
A8. Charlotte Maria Whittaker, wife of the 1st Earl.
A9. Henry Rous, 2nd son of the 1st Earl.
A10. Hugh Rous, 4th son of the 1st Earl.
A11. Thomas Rous, 5th son of the 1st Earl.
A12. Charlotte Rous, 2nd daughter of the 1st Earl.
A13. John Edward Cornwallis Rous, 2nd Earl of Stradbroke.
A14. Augusta Musgrave, wife of the 2nd Earl.
A15. 3rd Earl of Stradbroke.
A16. Helena Keith Fraser, wife of the 3rd Earl.
A17. 4th Earl of Stradbroke.
A18. Rous Family: unidentified.
A19. Bonham Family.
A20. Unidentified.
List of sub-divisions:-
B1. General bundles.
B2. Lieutenancy.
B3. Quarter Sessions.
B4. County Council.
B5. Poor Law.
B6. Agriculture.
B7. Harbours.
B8. Railways.
B9. Navigation.
B10. Turnpikes.
B11. Waterworks.
B12. Education and Schools.
B13. Friendly Societies.
B14. Savings Banks.
B15. Charities.
B16. Ecclesiastical.
B17. Loyal addresses and petitions.
B18. Parliamentary.
B19. Party politics and elections.
B20. Naval.
B21. Australian papers.
B22. Great Exhibition, 1851.
B23. Parish records: Wangford.
B24. Parish records: Henham.
B25. Parish records: Ilketshall St. John.
B26. Parish records: Ilketshall St. Lawrence.
B27. Patronage.
B28. Social events.
B29. Sporting events.
List of sub-divisions:-
C1. Evidences of title.
C2. Manorial.
C3. Estate papers.
C4. Correspondence.
C5. Legal papers.
C6. Account books.
C7. Vouchers.
C8. Particulars for sale.
C9. Maps and Plans.
C10. Advertisements.
C11. Leases.
C12. Church Farm, Blyford.
C13. Church Farm, Bruisyard.
C14. Hall and Wood Farms, Bruisyard.
C15. Union Farm, Bulcamp.
C16. Darsham Farm.
C17. Dennington Farm.
C18. Green Farm.
C19. Henham Hall Farm.
C20. Lime-kiln Farm.
C21. Ling's Farm.
C22. Lyon's Farm.
C23. Manor Farm.
C24. Park Farm.
C25. Elm Farm and Reydon Grange.
C26. Sotherton Farm.
C27. Valley Farm.
C28. Unidentified farms.
C29. Tithes.
C30. Taxation.
C31. Insurance.
C32. Footpaths.
C33. Sporting rights.
C34. Enclosure.
C35. Game.
C36. Crops, stock, etc.
C37. Stables.
C38. Dairy.
C39. Brick-kiln.
C40. Lime-kiln.
C41. Timber.
C42. Marshes.
C43. Allotments.
C44. Shepherd.
C45. Carpenter.
C46. Buildings. Humphry Repton's 'Red Book' 1790: HA11/C46/64
C47. Household.
List of sub-divisions:-
D1. Cheltenham.
D2. London.
D3. Cambridgeshire.
D4. Cumberland.
D5. Middlesex.
D6. Norfolk.
D7. France.
D8. Ireland.
D9. Unidentified.
List of sub-divisions:-
1. Maps.
2. Suffolk Books.
3. Microfilms of Books.
4. Fragments
5. Miscellaneous

FAMILY AND PERSONAL.  [no ref. or date]

GENEALOGICAL  [no ref. or date]

Armorial, general, including arms of Rous of Henham and of Rous of Suffolk.  HA11/A1/1  17th Century. 1600-1950


Pedigree of Rous family. Mounted on wooden roller. t.  HA11/A1/2  [n.d.]

Edw. III to 1877

Notes concerning the early of the Rous family.  HA11/A1/3  Undated

Notes concerning Dr. John Whitaker of Sherborne and the Whitaker family. (Charlotte Maria, the second wife of the first Earl of Stradbroke was the daughter of A. Whitaker, Esq.)  HA11/A1/4  1547-1848

[no title]  HA11/A1/4/1  1799-1848

[no title]  HA11/A1/4/2  1587-1775

[no title]  HA11/A1/4/3  1547-1792

[no title]  HA11/A1/4/4  1547-1823

[no title]  HA11/A1/4/5  1654-1844

Pedigree of the Whitaker family, with relative correspondence, and rough pedigree of the Rous family.  HA11/A1/5  1849-50

Notes concerning the Tempest family.  HA11/A1/6  1652-1774

Pedigree roll, Rous family, beginning temp. Edward III, first compiled c.1770, with additions to 1950.  HA11/A1/7  1770-1950

Coloured, on vellum.

Note concerning 'the Rous who accompanied William the Conqueror to England', written on notepaper of Quarr Abbey, Ryde, I.O.W.  HA11/A1/8  1898

LITERARY  [no ref. or date]

Verses by Mr. Nassau on the subject of the possibility of hares mating with rabbits.  HA11/A2/1  Undated

Verses on the River Usk and humorous narrative poem.  HA11/A2/2  Undated

Prologue for 'The Smuggler's Daughter' by J. Bedingfield, R. N.  HA11/A2/3  1899

Diary of the siege of Paris.  HA11/A2/4  1870


Related information: See 6

Poem by Gilliam Southey on the park at Henham 1972, with an explanatory letter by Lord Stradbroke 1972.  HA11/A2/5  1972

Diary of the siege of Paris.  HA11/A2/6  1870


GAMES AND PASTIMES  [no ref. or date]

An Arithmetical Pastime: intended to infuse the rudiments of arithmetic under the idea of amusement  HA11/A3/1  Undated

The Royal Genealogical Pastime of the Sovereigns of England  HA11/A3/2  1791

NEWSPAPER CUTTINGS  [no ref. or date]

Copy of the Overland China Mail  HA11/A4/1  29th November, 1848

Cutting from Morning Herald  HA11/A4/2  22nd August, 1849

Cutting from the Times concerning attendance of Prince Consort at Westminster Play  HA11/A4/3  1851

Copy of the Times  HA11/A4/4  4th December, 1852

ROUS FAMILY: GENERAL  [no ref. or date]

Packet labelled: 'Prints of Henham Hall and leaves from historical books on Henham'  HA11/A5/1  1820-1903

With some other papers, chiefly verses and the like.

Henham Fete. National anthem with addition of special verse concerning Lord Lieutenant.  HA11/A5/1/1  1863

Funeral programme, Augusta, Countess of Stradbroke.  HA11/A5/1/2  [n.d.]

Hymns for the same occasion.  HA11/A5/1/3  [n.d.]

Photographs, Lord Stradbroke and 2 children.  HA11/A5/1/4  Undated

1st N.R.G.A. Open air service, Henham Park, to celebrate birth of Viscount Dunwich.  HA11/A5/1/5  26th July, 1903

Admission ticket, funeral of Queen Victoria, memorial service in Westminster Abbey  HA11/A5/1/6  2nd February, 1901

Dinner menus, Henham Hall  HA11/A5/1/7  19th November, 1883, 5th October, 1893, and 21st November, 1893

Buffet menu, Henham Hall  HA11/A5/1/8  27th September, 1898

Licence to kill game, Lord Dunwich  HA11/A5/1/9  1881

Wedding service, St. Paul's Knightsbridge  HA11/A5/1/10  1898

Photographs, Mr. Bravo and Dr. Gully  HA11/A5/1/11  1876

Passport, Earl of Stradbroke  HA11/A5/1/12  1859

Weights and measures of children at Henham Hall  HA11/A5/1/13  1866-1874

Hymns, funeral of 2nd Earl  HA11/A5/1/14  1886

Speech on Navy estimates, Hon. Capt. Rous, R.N., M.P., House of Commons  HA11/A5/1/15  1842

Funeral service, Hon. Christopher Simon Rous, [...]   HA11/A5/1/16  [n.d.]

Dinner menus, coming of age, Viscount Dunwich  HA11/A5/1/17  1883

Prints of Henham Hall by J.P. Neale, T. Higham, 1818, and Mrs. Barne, with pages from 'Antiquities of Suffolk'.  HA11/A5/1/18  1820

Photographs of Edward, Prince of Wales  HA11/A5/1/19  1870

Typewritten copy of Letters Patent of Henry Vill, being an exemplification at the request of the Master, Fellow and Scholars of Christ's College, Cambridge, relating to the exchange of Bromehill Priory with premises in cos. Norfolk and Suffolk for the manor of Roydon in cos. Essex and Hertford  HA11/A5/1/20  13 May, 1532

Photograph album. Miscellaneous portraits.  HA11/A5/2  1863-1864

Photograph album, undated. Chiefly Harrow portraits, masters and boys.  HA11/A5/3  Undated

Scrapbook containing prints, engravings and sketches, showing chiefly costume in the nineteenth century, wild birds and views and including views of Shrubland Park, Barham, undated, and of Southwold, 1820, a copy of the epitaph of Sir John Rous of Henham, knight, and of Dame Elizabeth his wife, (1652); and a list of saints and representations of their symbols in Suffolk (1652) - twentieth century.  HA11/A5/4  1652-1820

Sketch book containing chiefly coloured plates of horses and greyhounds, nineteenth century.  HA11/A5/5  [n.d.]

SIR JOHN ROUS, 2nd BARONET (d.1730)  [no ref. or date]

Alphabetical list of knights baronet from their first creation in 1611 to the end of the reign of William III. By Sir John Rous  HA11/A6/1  1703


Bank books  [no ref. or date]

Sir John Rous with Ransom, Morlan and Hammersley  HA11/A7/1/1  1787-1794

Lord Rous with Hammersley, Montolieu, Brocksbank and Greenwood  HA11/A7/1/2  1795-1801

Lord Rous with Hammersley, Montolieu, Brocksbank, Greenwood and Drew  HA11/A7/1/3  1797-1803

Packet of correspondence  HA11/A7/2  1814-1826

Related information: See also: HA11/B16/7 to 9

Letter from Charlotte Mary, Dowager Countess of Stradbroke, to her son, the 2nd Earl, concerning purchase of some cottages  HA11/A7/2/1  19 April

Letter from H.W.R. Birch, Sibton, to his uncle, the Earl of Stradbroke, concerning expected visit from Anthony (Rous)  HA11/A7/2/2  7 December, 1826

Letter from William Rous to his father, the Earl of Stradbroke, concerning loan made to Henry (Rous ?)  HA11/A7/2/3  7 November, 1825

Note for speech or essay on the theme that the man who prefers another's lot or who aims beyond his sphere in life can never be a happy man.  HA11/A7/2/4  [n.d.]

Letter from Crabtree, 54 Lambs Conduit St., to Lord Rous, concerning settlement of Sir Thomas Gooch's property  HA11/A7/2/5  20 January, 1814

Letter from the Earl of Stradbroke to H.W.R. Birch denying any agreement to let him have the livings of Southwold and Reydon on their being resigned by his son, Anthony  HA11/A7/2/6  19 October, 1826

Letter from the same to the same concerning possibility of living at Saxmundham becoming available  HA11/A7/2/7  No date


Scrapbook containing miscellaneous newspaper cuttings, programmes, various race meetings, (St. Helena's Turf Club), Deputy Earl Marshal's Order concerning robes, coronets, etc., to be worn by peers at Coronation of George IV, drawings of leaves. Marked 'Charlotte Maria Rous'.  HA11/A8/1  1817-1818

Pencil and watercolour

Letter by Dowager Countess of Stradbroke to 'Mr Laurence' re misdirection of mail  HA11/A8/2  29 Nov 1844

HENRY ROUS (2ND SON OF THE 1ST EARL)  [no ref. or date]

Letters from Sir Henry Hotham and Lord Melville, from the Admiralty, concerning the resignation of Capt. Henry Rous from the command of the 'Sappho'.  HA11/A9/1  1821

'A Series of Four Sketches illustrative of various situations of H.M.S. Pique, on her homeward voyage, from the moment of her coming off the rocks on the coast of Labrador, until her being docked at Portsmouth in October, 1835'. Drawn on stone by J.C. Schetky, marine painter to His Majesty and the Royal Yacht Squadron and dedicated to Capt. the Hon. H.J. Rous and the late officers, seamen and marines of the frigate. With also account of court martial held at Portsmouth, 20th October, 1835.  HA11/A9/2  1835

File of correspondence, newspaper articles, relating to H.M.S. Pique.  HA11/A9/3  1952-1972

HUGH ROUS (4TH SON OF THE 1ST EARL)  [no ref. or date]

Bundle  HA11/A10/1  1723-1852

Notes concerning the Whitaker family  HA11/A10/1/1  1723-1852

Passport, Hugh Rous, issued by French Charge d'Affaires for travel to France and allied countries  HA11/A10/1/2  1821-1822

THOMAS ROUS (5TH SON OF THE 1ST EARL)  [no ref. or date]

Latin exercise book, Tom Rous.  HA11/A11/1  1817

CHARLOTTE ROUS (2nd DAUGHTER OF THE 1st EARL)  [no ref. or date]

Extract from Norwich Mercury on the death of Lady Charlotte Micklethwaite, daughter of the first Earl of Stradbroke. (Charlotte Rous married Nathaniel Micklethwaite of Beeston, Norfolk, 1810).  HA11/A12/1  8th May, 1830

Printing plate, and printed specimen, of HA11/A12/1  HA11/A12/2,3  8th May, 1830


Bundle of vouchers, formerly contents of small wooden box, with personal account book of J.E.C. Rous, before and after joining the Coldstream Guards, 1810-1811.  HA11/A13/1  1823-1829

Letters from J.E.C. Rous to his father and mother, Lord and Lady Rous, during the Peninsula campaign.  HA11/A13/2  3rd July, 1812, to 3rd July, 1814

Related information: For transcript of these letters see JF3/1.

Cover for petition addressed to the Earl of Stradbroke, House of Lords.  HA11/A13/3  1850

Packet  HA11/A13/4  1825-1885

Copy of letter written by Lord Stradbroke to Lord Lathom in reply to latter's invitation to attend private meeting at Lord Salisbury to discuss Egyptian affairs  HA11/A13/4/1  21 February, 1885

Householder's schedule, Census of the Population, Henham Hall  HA11/A13/4/2  1851

Letter from Robert Murdoch, College Green, to the Earl of Stradbroke, concerning marriage settlement, Lord Glengall  HA11/A13/4/3  27 July, 1853

Letter from Sir Francis Knollys, Abergeldie Castle, Ballater, to the Earl of Stradbroke declining invitations on behalf of the Prince of Wales and Prince Albert Victor  HA11/A13/4/4  9 October, 1884

Letter from R. Garrett, Leiston, accompanying copy of the Mark Lane Express Newspaper (now wanting)  HA11/A13/4/5  21 September, 1847

Suggested letter to be sent to the Secretary of State for the Colonies concerning sentence passed on Col. William Rous by the Maltese magistrates.  HA11/A13/4/6  No date

Notice of assessed taxes addressed to Lord Dunwich, Hertford St.  HA11/A13/4/7  1 December, 1825

Letter from G.H. (?) Seymour, to Lord Stradbroke thanking him for letter written on his behalf  HA11/A13/4/8  30 July, 1872

Letter from C. Power to the Earl of Stradbroke thanking him for his support  HA11/A13/4/9  1 November, 1856

Letter from G. Bromhead to C. Power, Slige, (sent with 9) concerning appointment of Chief Constable for County of Lincoln (?)  HA11/A13/4/10  10 October, 1856

Copies of letters from Col. Lacey, Adj. General at Gibraltar, to his father  HA11/A13/4/11  18 August, 1856

List of subscribers towards wedding present to Lt. Col. the Earl of Stradbroke from the National Artillery Association  HA11/A13/5  Undated

Address of welcome to Lord and Lady Stradbroke on their return to reside at Henham after their marriage.  HA11/A13/6  Undated

List of subscribers to testimonials from the tenants of Lord Stradbroke's Suffolk estates.  HA11/A13/7  Undated

Address of congratulation from Suffolk tenants on the birth of a son and heir.  HA11/A13/8  1862

Address of congratulation from 3rd Battalion, Suffolk Artillery and Rifle Volunteers, on birth of son and heir.  HA11/A13/9  1863

'A Few Parochial Features of Wortham' by Rev. Richard Cobbold, M.A., rector of Wortham. Dedicated to the Earl of Stradbroke. Contains descriptions of old inhabitants with their portraits.  HA11/A13/10  1828-1870

Letter from the Earl of Stradbroke, Terquay, to Mr. Loder, Woodbridge, concerning the return of a letter.  HA11/A13/11  30th March, 1881

Letter from the Earl of Stradbroke, Henham, to -----, suggesting date for an appointment  HA11/A13/12  31st October 1874


Diaries of Augusta, wife of the 2nd Earl  HA11/A14/1  [n.d.]

Diary of Augusta, wife of the 2nd Earl  HA11/A14/1/1  24 Aug 1848 to 20 Mar 1849

Diary of Augusta, wife of the 2nd Earl  HA11/A14/1/2  1855

Diary of Augusta, wife of the 2nd Earl  HA11/A14/1/3  1870

Diary of Augusta, wife of the 2nd Earl  HA11/A14/1/4  1871

Diary of Augusta, wife of the 2nd Earl  HA11/A14/1/5  1873

Diary of Augusta, wife of the 2nd Earl  HA11/A14/1/6  1874

Diary of Augusta, wife of the 2nd Earl  HA11/A14/1/7  1875

Diary of Augusta, wife of the 2nd Earl  HA11/A14/1/8  1876

Diary of Augusta, wife of the 2nd Earl  HA11/A14/1/9  1877

Diary of Augusta, wife of the 2nd Earl  HA11/A14/1/10  1878

Diary of Augusta, wife of the 2nd Earl  HA11/A14/1/11  1879

Diary of Augusta, wife of the 2nd Earl  HA11/A14/1/12  1880

Diary of Augusta, wife of the 2nd Earl  HA11/A14/1/13  1881

Diary of Augusta, wife of the 2nd Earl  HA11/A14/1/14  1882

Diary of Augusta, wife of the 2nd Earl  HA11/A14/1/15  1883

Diary of Augusta, wife of the 2nd Earl  HA11/A14/1/16  1884

Diary of Augusta, wife of the 2nd Earl  HA11/A14/1/17  1885

Diary of Augusta, wife of the 2nd Earl  HA11/A14/1/18  1886

Diary of Augusta, wife of the 2nd Earl  HA11/A14/1/19  1887

Diary of Augusta, wife of the 2nd Earl  HA11/A14/1/20  1888

Diary of Augusta, wife of the 2nd Earl  HA11/A14/1/21  1889

Diary of Augusta, wife of the 2nd Earl  HA11/A14/1/22  1890

Diary of Augusta, wife of the 2nd Earl  HA11/A14/1/23  1891

Diary of Augusta, wife of the 2nd Earl  HA11/A14/1/24  1892

Diary of Augusta, wife of the 2nd Earl  HA11/A14/1/25  1893

Diary of Augusta, wife of the 2nd Earl  HA11/A14/1/26  1894

Diary of Augusta, wife of the 2nd Earl  HA11/A14/1/27  1895

Diary of Augusta, wife of the 2nd Earl  HA11/A14/1/28  1896

Diary of Augusta, wife of the 2nd Earl  HA11/A14/1/29  1897

Diary of Augusta, wife of the 2nd Earl  HA11/A14/1/30  1898

Diary of Augusta, wife of the 2nd Earl  HA11/A14/1/31  1899

Diary of Augusta, wife of the 2nd Earl  HA11/A14/1/32  1901

Packet of personal papers and correspondence  HA11/A14/2  [n.d.]

Letters from Viscount Dunwich to his parents from Henham, 1870, 1875, Brighton, 1875, Harrow, 1878, Dunkeld, 1883, Home, Capri and Venice, 1885.  HA11/A14/2/a  1870-1885

Letters from Lord Stradbroke to his mother from Suez, the Malabar coast and the Arabian sea (on board the yacht Lancashire Witch), 1886 and 1887, from Naples, Palermo, Port Augusta, Valletta and the Dardanelles, 1889, from R.M.S. Umbria, Salt Lake City, Sheridan Ford and Mitford, 1890, from Henham, 1893, 1899, Melton Mowbray, 1893 and from Felixstowe, 1901  HA11/A14/2/b  1886-1901

Letters from the Countess of Stradbroke to Viscount Dunwich from London, 1865, Torquay, 1868, Henham and Carisbrooke  HA11/A14/2/c  1865-1868

Letter from the Dowager Countess of Stradbroke to Lord Stradbroke from Southwold  HA11/A14/2/d  1900

Letters from Lord Stradbroke to Lady Stradbroke from London, 1857, 1867, and from Wangford, 1863  HA11/A14/2/e  1857-1863

Letters from Florence and Samuel Baker to Lady Stradbroke from Newton Abbot, 1888, 1893, and from Ethel Baker to Lady Stradbroke on Samuel Baker's death, 1894  HA11/A14/2/f  1888-1894

Letter from A. Bonham to Viscount Dunwich from Harrow, with letter from Viscount Dunwich  HA11/A14/2/g  1868

Letter from E.M.Biddet (children's nurse?) to Lady Stradbroke from Henham  HA11/A14/2/h  No date

Letter from Lady Musgrave to Mrs. Wood on the death of her husband, from Eden Hall  HA11/A14/2/i  No date

Letter from G. Parker, London, to Lady Stradbroke concerning Viscount Dunwich's achievements at Cambridge  HA11/A14/2/j  1883

Letter from Lord Randolph Churchill to Lady Stradbroke concerning Viscount Dunwich joining the Primrose League  HA11/A14/2/k  1884

Letter from Sir Walter Barthelot to his aunt, Lady Stradbroke, from the Transvaal  HA11/A14/2/l  1900

Address of congratulation from tenants on Suffolk estates on birth of son  HA11/A14/2/m  No date

Account of Faraday & Son, electric light engineers, for installing electric light at 33 Belgrave Square  HA11/A14/2/n  1897

Note-book containing heights and weights of children at Henham  HA11/A14/2/o  1859-1888

Short prose version of the Ancient Mariner by A. Stradbroke  HA11/A14/2/p  1894

Photograph of Lord Stradbroke by Schemboche, Firense  HA11/A14/2/q  no date

Photograph album: Rous, Musgrave family portraits, etc. Water-colour and pen and ink decoration by Ada Musgrave. Album mounted with silver  HA11/A14/3  1870-1890

Papers, pamphlets and correspondence concerning strike of agricultural labourers  HA11/A14/4  1874

Letter from H.J.Hotham, Trinity College, Cambridge, to Lady Stradbroke, advising her about sending Viscount Dunwich to the University.  HA11/A14/5  30th October, 1878

Two sheets.

Part typewritten.

3RD EARL OF STRADBROKE  [no ref. or date]

Post Office Savings Bank book, George, Viscount Dunwich.  HA11/A15/1  1868-1879

Letter from Viscount Dunwich, Henham Hall, to his mother.  HA11/A15/2  15th August, 1878

Packet of personal papers and correspondence  HA11/A15/3  1879 to 1947

Appointment as Vice-Lieutenant during absence of Marquis of Bristol from the United Kingdom  HA11/A15/3/a  25th June, 1903

accounts for Lord Dunwich, Harrow School, Summer Terms  HA11/A15/3/b  1879 and 1880

Letter informing Lord Stradbroke of his appointment as A.D.C. to the king at the coming Coronation  HA11/A15/3/c  21st June, 1902

Appointment at Companion, Order of the Bath. Signature of Edward VII.  HA11/A15/3/d  24th June, 1904

Grant of permission to wear insignia of Order of the Saviour, conferred by the king of the Hellen  HA11/A15/3/e  18th October, 1912

autograph letters of Austin Chamberlain, 1908, and of James Balfour  HA11/A15/3/f  1901

Address of congratulation from Blything Rural District Council and Board of Guardians on his marriage.  HA11/A15/4  1898

Grant of supporters to coat of arms, Earl of Stradbroke.  HA11/A15/5  1902

Certificate of registration of motor-car.  HA11/A15/6  30th August, 1906

Letter from the Prince of Wales (later George V) thanking the Earl of Stradbroke for hospitality at Henham.  HA11/A15/7  1906

Appointment as Commander, Royal Victorian Order.  HA11/A15/8  1906

Address of congratulation from Mayor, Aldermen, Councillors and citizens of Melbourne, on termination of office as Governor of Victoria.  HA11/A15/9  1926

With common seal of the city.

Diary of the 3rd Earl.  HA11/A15/10/1  1928

Diary of the 3rd Earl.  HA11/A15/10/2  1929

Diary of the 3rd Earl.  HA11/A15/10/3  1930

Diary of the 3rd Earl.  HA11/A15/10/4  1931

Diary of the 3rd Earl.  HA11/A15/10/5  1932

Diary of the 3rd Earl.  HA11/A15/10/6  1933

Diary of the 3rd Earl.  HA11/A15/10/7  1934

Diary of the 3rd Earl.  HA11/A15/10/8  1935

Diary of the 3rd Earl.  HA11/A15/10/9  1936

Diary of the 3rd Earl.  HA11/A15/10/10  1937

Diary of the 3rd Earl.  HA11/A15/10/11  1938

Diary of the 3rd Earl.  HA11/A15/10/12  1939

Diary of the 3rd Earl.  HA11/A15/10/13  1940

Diary of the 3rd Earl.  HA11/A15/10/14  1941

Diary of the 3rd Earl.  HA11/A15/10/15  1942

Diary of the 3rd Earl.  HA11/A15/10/16  1943

Diary of the 3rd Earl.  HA11/A15/10/17  1944

Diary of the 3rd Earl.  HA11/A15/10/18  1945

Diary of the 3rd Earl.  HA11/A15/10/19  1946

Diary of the 3rd Earl.  HA11/A15/10/20  1947

Two visiting cards of the Earl of Stradbroke, Queen St., Mayfair.  HA11/A15/11  Undated

Notes kept by the Earl of Stradbroke and 'Old Benstead' concerning the history of Wangford and of some of its inhabitants.  HA11/A15/12  Undated


Diary of American tour  HA11/A15/13/1A  15 Aug - 29 Oct 1890

Diary of Spanish tour  HA11/A15/13/1B  18 Aprl - 20 May, 1906

Diary of African tour  HA11/A15/13/2A  18 Feb - 1 May, 1912 (?)

Diary of Egyptian tour  HA11/A15/13/2B  30 Dec 1916 - 28 Mar 1917

Diary of Australian tour  HA11/A15/13/3  24 July - 13 Sep 1924


Correspondence of Sir Charles Fraser, 7th Hussars, India and elsewhere. Including references to Indian Mutiny, siege of Lucknow, etc. Also file of transcripts of the same correspondence.  HA11/A16/1  1840-1895

Two copies of pedigree of Fraser family of Ledeclune and Morar, baronet. One copy addressed to Keith Alexander Fraser, 7th Hussars, from his uncle, Sir William Augustus Fraser, 4th Baronet.  HA11/A16/2  1889

Scrapbook containing records of the Fraser family, addressed to Keith Alexander Fraser, 7th Hussars, from his mother, 27th March, 1900  HA11/A16/3  1870-1900

Commissions, James Keith Fraser, 1st Life Guards. With signatures of Queen Victoria.  HA11/A16/3/a  1852, 1855, 1872 and 1877

Red Cross papers. Franco-Prussian War. (National Society for Aid to Sick and Wounded in War).  HA11/A16/3/b  1870

Election to Order of St. John of Jerusalem  HA11/A16/3/c  1875

Papers concerning appointment as Military Attache at Vienna, including appointment on international Military Commission to arrange armistice between Serbia and Bulgaria.  HA11/A16/3/d  1885-1890

Appointment to Order of St. Michael and St. George.  HA11/A16/3/e  1886

Papers concerning his appointment as Inspector General of Cavalry  HA11/A16/3/f  1890-1895

Letters on the engagement between Lord Stradbroke and Miss Helena Keith Fraser.  HA11/A16/4  1898

Letters on the occasion of the marriage between Lord Stradbroke and Miss Helena Keith Fraser.  HA11/A16/5  1898

'A Canadian Autumn', by Helena, Countess of Stradbroke.  HA11/A16/6  1906

Related information: [& see also T.4409]

Plans of village club house, for the Countess of Stradbroke, Alfred Bossom, architect, New York City.  HA11/A16/7  1906

Letters written to the Countess of Stradbroke during the illness of her husband.  HA11/A16/8  1912

Letter from William Rous, Worstead House, Norwich, to Lady Stradbroke.  HA11/A16/9  22nd July, 1914

Record books of soldiers in Lady Stradbroke's Military Hospital at Henham  HA11/A16/10  1914-1919

Record book  HA11/A16/10/1  October, 1914, - April, 1915

Record book  HA11/A16/10/2  April to May 1905

Record book  HA11/A16/10/3  May, 1915, to April, 1916


Record book  HA11/A16/10/4  April, 1916, to January, 1917

Record book  HA11/A16/10/5  January to June, 1917


Record book  HA11/A16/10/6  June to October, 1917

Record book  HA11/A16/10/7  October, 1917, to April, 1918

Record book  HA11/A16/10/8  April to October, 1918

Record book  HA11/A16/10/9  October to December, 1918

Record book  HA11/A16/10/10  December, 1918, to January, 1919

Letters to the Countess of Stradbroke from soldiers, relatives and staff of Red Cross Hospital at Henham Hall. Arranged alphabetically with a few unidentified letters and photographs, and signed votes of thanks, letters of birthday congratulations, entertainment programmes, subscription lists, etc.  HA11/A16/11  1914-1921

Plans of proposed house at Ullapool for the Countess of Stradbroke.  HA11/A16/12  1938

Letter from Malcolm MacDonald (signature), Colonial Office, to Lady Stradbroke concerning George Rous.  HA11/A16/13  4th January, 1940

Packet of personal correspondence  HA11/A16/14  1905-1942

Including autograph letters of:-
Princess Helena Victoria, 1942
W.S. Maugham
Lord Kitchener
Austin Chamberlain, 1905
Joseph Chamberlain, 1906

Photograph album, views of Luton Hoo, interiors and exteriors. Marked 'H.S.' With photograph of staff, Henham Hall, also undated.  HA11/A16/15  Undated

Photograph album, members of the Fraser family and their friends.  HA11/A16/16  1891-2

Certificate from the British Red Cross Society that Lady Stradbroke's name has been inscribed upon the Roll of Honourable Service.  HA11/A16/17  15th October, 1918

Diary of Social engagements, principally Lady Stradbroke  HA11/A16/18/1  1927

Diary of Social engagements, principally Lady Stradbroke  HA11/A16/18/2  1928

Letter:- Cope to Lord Stradbroke enclosing sketch (of bookplate?) 14th June (c.1899) in envelope with 3 specimen bookplates, one for 1st Earl and 2nd wife, two for 3rd Earl and wife, and beginning of a reply dated  HA11/A16/19  23 June, (18)99

4th EARL OF STRADBROKE  [no ref. or date]

Personal papers and correspondence concerning the christening of the fourth Earl of Stradbroke, 1903-1946. Including note from Queen Alexandra, Sandringham, in her own handwriting, consenting to act as godmother  HA11/A17/1  1st May, 1903

Letter from Intelligence Division, Naval Staff, Admiralty, to Lord Dunwich with photostat copies of 3 charts made during the O.R.P. 'Orzel's' escape from Poland in 1939.  HA11/A17/2  21st August, 1946

The Shanghai Hounds  HA11/A17/3  1923

Printed report for 1923.

The Shanghai Hounds  HA11/A17/4  1924

Printed report for 1924.

ROUS FAMILY, UNIDENTIFIED  [no ref. or date]

Latin and English verses on the death of Dr. Rous.  HA11/A18/1  Undated. 1870-1899

Cover for letter addressed to the Earl of Stradbroke, 18 Queen St., Mayfair.  HA11/A18/2  Undated

File of watercolours, landscapes, historic buildings, etc. All by the same artist (not identified). With some miscellaneous engravings, etc.  HA11/A18/3  Undated

Scrapbook containing advertisements for household goods, recipes for cures, etc., etc.  HA11/A18/4  1840s

3 sheets of Latin verse headed: "Prologus ad Eunuchum, 1822", "Epilogus, 1824" and "Prologus in Eunuchum, 1826".  HA11/A18/5  1822-1826

Letter from M. Bergeon, notary, Paris, stating that Madame Moray has sent the 100,000 francs to pay her daughter's dowry.  HA11/A18/6  6th April, 1857

Photographs of letters from H.L.Rous about horse-racing, 1850, 1861-70 with letter from Secretary, York County Stand, 1964.  HA11/A18/7  1850-1870

Diary  HA11/A18/8  1884

Diary  HA11/A18/9  1885

Diary  HA11/A18/10  1886

Diary  HA11/A18/11  1887

Diary  HA11/A18/12  1887

BONHAM FAMILY  [no ref. or date]

Packet of personal papers.  HA11/A19/1  1829-1870

Death certificate, Henry F. Bonham, New Shoreham, Sussex, Colonel in the army  HA11/A19/1/a  22nd February, 1856

Plans of accommodation on ship 'Barrette', Archibald Shannon, Commander, with amounts of passage money, etc.  HA11/A19/1/b  1829

Papers concerning Commission of Henry W.M.Bonham in the Army  HA11/A19/1/c  1868-1870

UNIDENTIFIED  [no ref. or date]

Modern seal, armorial, unidentified.  HA11/A20/1  Undated

LOCAL AND OFFICIAL  [no ref. or date]

These consist of papers accumulated by the family as a result of their interest in national and local affairs as well as papers accumulated in the performance of duties as local officials e.g. in the Lieutenancy.
They begin with a series of bundles in which various papers of this nature, as well as others, have been gathered together.

GENERAL BUNDLES  [no ref. or date]

Bundle  HA11/B1/1  1734-1765

Correspondence and papers concerning advisability of taking turnpike road to Beccles. Including list of inhabitants of Beccles who favour its stopping short of the town by 8 miles. 1734  HA11/B1/1/1  [n.d.]

Correspondence between Sir John Rous and Captain J. Sinclair, charged with shooting game without leave and also described as ex-convict, thief and forger. 1785  HA11/B1/1/2  [n.d.]

Letter from William Plummer, Blakesware, concerning exchange of farms, 1765. In fragments.  HA11/B1/1/3  [n.d.]

Newspaper cuttings, letter and broadsheet concerning Parliamentary election for Suffolk. Sir John Rous and Mr. Richard Holt. 1767  HA11/B1/1/4  [n.d.]

Letter from R.G., Dunwich, to Mr. Dresser, Blyford, declining a certain proposal. Undated. In fragments.  HA11/B1/1/5  [n.d.]

Copy of love letter addressed 'Dear Miss'.  HA11/B1/1/6  [n.d.]

Draft letter from J.R. to Mr. Revett concerning publication of letter.  HA11/B1/1/7  [n.d.]

Letter from Samuel Kilderbee asking for position as (steward of manors). With note as to reply sent. 1755.  HA11/B1/1/8  [n.d.]

Bundle  HA11/B1/2  1791-1816

Cutting from Evening Post concerning lords of manors. 1791.  HA11/B1/2/1  [n.d.]

Letter from C. Drummond, Charing Cross, concerning legacy left to Miss Lockwood. 1817.  HA11/B1/2/2  [n.d.]

Correspondence and papers concerning Suffolk estate matters. 1813 to 1816.  HA11/B1/2/3  [n.d.]

Correspondence concerning security for son of Charles Tower for living outside King's Bench Prison.  HA11/B1/2/4  [n.d.]

Letter from Newmarket concerning horse 'Tigris'.  HA11/B1/2/5  [n.d.]

Number of poor entitled to medical attendance, Blything Hundred.  HA11/B1/2/6  [n.d.]

Correspondence concerning purchase of stocks.  HA11/B1/2/7  [n.d.]

Bundle  HA11/B1/3  1790-1812

Act to provide for the defence of the Realm, 1798.  HA11/B1/3/1  [n.d.]

List of parishes, with number of men, wagons, horses, etc. (For militia purposes). Blything Hundred.  HA11/B1/3/2  [n.d.]

Resolutions of magistrates deputed from counties of England and Wales assembled at St. Alban's Tavern by desire of Society for giving effect to H.M. Proclamation against vice and immorality. 1790.  HA11/B1/3/3  [n.d.]

Duties and powers of public officers and private persons with respect to violations of public peace.  HA11/B1/3/4  [n.d.]

2 copies

Second letter from Minister for Foreign Affairs at Paris and answer returned by Lord Grenville, Foreign Secretary. 1800.  HA11/B1/3/5  [n.d.]

Form for warrant for payment to wife of militia man.  HA11/B1/3/6  [n.d.]

State of claims, Uggeshall Enclosure. 1797.  HA11/B1/3/7  [n.d.]

Related information: HA11/C34/2

Bill for better relief for the poor, 1795.  HA11/B1/3/8  [n.d.]

Notices concerning use of Patent Anti-attrition composition for carriage wheels. 1818.  HA11/B1/3/9  [n.d.]

Numerous copies

Letter from James Borton, Esq., concerning invention for saving lives of persons in vessels stranded near the shore. 1812.  HA11/B1/3/10  [n.d.]

Form for warrant to constable to convey charge to gaol.  HA11/B1/3/11  [n.d.]

Notices of prizes for stage coachmen, post lads, etc. who can show certificates that they have driven over 1000 miles with 1 priming of Patent Anti-attrition composition.  HA11/B1/3/12  [n.d.]

Numerous copies

Advertisement for the same composition. W.D.Bellamy, Charing Cross.  HA11/B1/3/13  [n.d.]

Numerous copies

Circular accompanying 'Act for establishing regulations respecting Aliens arriving in this Country'.  HA11/B1/3/14  [n.d.]

Advertisement: medicines sold by Godfrey & Cooke, chemists, Covent Garden.  HA11/B1/3/15  [n.d.]

Vouchers, 1797-1798.  HA11/B1/3/16  [n.d.]

Account of game killed at Rendlesham, 1806-7.  HA11/B1/3/17  [n.d.]

Interpretation of statute for Provisional Cavalry by G. Paul.  HA11/B1/3/18  [n.d.]

State of pay of Sergeant and Trumpeter and their horses. With note of allowance to innkeeper for a sergeant, trumpeter and their horses. 1800  HA11/B1/3/19  [n.d.]

Copies of letters praising Anti-attrition Composition sold by W.D.Bellamy, Charing Cross.  HA11/B1/3/20  [n.d.]

Vouchers, James Reeve, Q.M., Blything Troop of Cavalry. 1796-8  HA11/B1/3/21  [n.d.]

Copy of Farmers' Journal, 7th September, 1812.  HA11/B1/3/22  [n.d.]

Bundle  HA11/B1/4  1824-1825

Apprenticeship indenture, William Eade, Blythburgh, to the Earl of Stradbroke, 1825. (Blything Union)  HA11/B1/4/1  [n.d.]

Similar, James Dunnett, Stoven, to the Earl of Stradbroke, 1825.  HA11/B1/4/2  [n.d.]

Similar, Susan Hurren, Wangford, to the Earl of Stradbroke, 1825.  HA11/B1/4/3  [n.d.]

Synopsis of the London Pharmacopoeias, 1780 and 1809.  HA11/B1/4/4  [n.d.]

Plan for window frame.  HA11/B1/4/5  [n.d.]

Advertisement, composition to improve growth of grapes, peaches, etc. Messrs. Fleetwood & Co., London.  HA11/B1/4/6  [n.d.]

Similar, Mr. Sculthorpe, setting up as surveyor and estate agent, 1824.  HA11/B1/4/7  [n.d.]

Advertisement, composition to make leather waterproof, Messrs. Fleetwood & Co., Hampstead Road.  HA11/B1/4/8  [n.d.]

Bundle  HA11/B1/5  1830

Extracts from petition concerning state of working classes.  HA11/B1/5/1  [n.d.]

Resolutions of meeting of Glasgow Chamber of Commerce, 1830.  HA11/B1/5/2  [n.d.]

Copy of petition from 3 Hundreds of Newport, Bucks., to House of Commons in support of emigration for relief of poor.  HA11/B1/5/3  [n.d.]

Resolutions at meeting of Committee for promoting free trade to India and China at Liverpool, 1830.  HA11/B1/5/4  [n.d.]

Statement concerning pernicious tendency of public rail roads and steam carriages and universal distress of the farmer, Richard Milnes, 1830.  HA11/B1/5/5  [n.d.]

Outline of system for remodelling the currency. Extracted from 'The Atlas', 17th January, 1830.  HA11/B1/5/6  [n.d.]

Bundle  HA11/B1/6  1830

Results, Deptford Union Coursing Meeting, 1830.  HA11/B1/6/1  [n.d.]

2 copies

Letter concerning relief of distressed agricultural labourers in Suffolk, 1830.  HA11/B1/6/2  [n.d.]

Statement of reasons for removal of restrictions on trade with India and China: issued by the Liverpool Committee.  HA11/B1/6/3  [n.d.]

Statement of deputation from Dudley neighbourhood to solicit renewal of Act to prevent working classes being paid with goods instead of money, 1830.  HA11/B1/6/4  [n.d.]

Copy of petition from Glasgow to House of Lords to remove restrictions on trade with East.  HA11/B1/6/5  [n.d.]

Report on funds and finances and East India Co. presented to Liverpool Committee on East India and China Trade.  HA11/B1/6/6  [n.d.]

List of articles sold by James Beale, hosier, glover and military stockmaker, New Bond St.  HA11/B1/6/7  [n.d.]

Results, Newmarket Coursing meeting, 1830.  HA11/B1/6/8  [n.d.]

Bundle  HA11/B1/7  1835-1837

Form for ordering Lords and Commons Journals, 1836.  HA11/B1/7/1  [n.d.]

Observations on the introduction and cultivation in Ireland of Phormium Tenax and other fibrous plants as substitutes for hemp and flax by Capt. George Harris, R.N., addressed to all those interested in the welfare of Ireland.  HA11/B1/7/2  [n.d.]

Certificate of membership, Societe Francaise de Statistique Universelle, Earl of Stradbroke, 1835.  HA11/B1/7/3  [n.d.]

Letter concerning deeds used in Southwold Tithe suit, 1887.  HA11/B1/7/4  [n.d.]

List of officers, subscribers and abstract of rules, East Suffolk Hospital. 1836.  HA11/B1/7/5  [n.d.]

Advertisement, J.&.A. Davies, sponge and brush merchant, Strand.  HA11/B1/7/6  [n.d.]

Prospectus, Kent Railway, with map, 1836.  HA11/B1/7/7  [n.d.]

Similar, Eastern Counties Railway, 1835.  HA11/B1/7/8  [n.d.]

Brief statement why Society of Friends object to paying tithes, 1832.  HA11/B1/7/9  [n.d.]

Plan for improvement of vicinity of Westminster Abbey showing new Houses of Parliament, Law Courts, Exchequer and Record Offices, etc., 1834.  HA11/B1/7/10  [n.d.]

Bundle  HA11/B1/8  1835-1836

Letter and copy of resolution concerning subscriptions to Conservative Committee of Eastern Division of Suffolk. 1836.  HA11/B1/8/1  [n.d.]

Prospectus, Central Society of Education.  HA11/B1/8/2  [n.d.]

Advertisement for Bayly's 'White Racer' and 'True Blue' peas.  HA11/B1/8/3  [n.d.]

Terms of agreement to put end to dispute between Corporation of Southwold and Lord Stradbroke concerning tithes, 1834.  HA11/B1/8/4  [n.d.]

Prospectus, Saxmundham Corn and Cattle market and annual bullock and lamb fair, 1836.  HA11/B1/8/5  [n.d.]

Advertisement, Colonial Patent Rope, twine and sailcloth, Capt. Harris, R.N., Grimsby, 1835.  HA11/B1/8/6  [n.d.]

Prospectus for new periodical 'The Church of England Quarterly Review'. 1837.  HA11/B1/8/7  [n.d.]

Abstract of accounts, Southwold Harbour, 1836.  HA11/B1/8/8  [n.d.]

Price list of trees and shrubs, Beccles Nursery, 1836.  HA11/B1/8/9  [n.d.]

Bundle  HA11/B1/9  1835-1837

Advertisement, Vaucher's Swiss Portable Fire Engine, manufactured by Joseph Bramah and Sons, Pimlico, 1835.  HA11/B1/9/1  [n.d.]

Note concerning weather-boarding.  HA11/B1/9/2  [n.d.]

Prospectus, London and Paris Courier, an English newspaper to be published in Paris, 1835.  HA11/B1/9/3  [n.d.]

Advertisement, J.&.A. Davies, sponge merchants and brush manufacturers, Strand.  HA11/B1/9/4  [n.d.]

Advertisement, Leonard Phillipps, Vauxhall, apples and pears.  HA11/B1/9/5  [n.d.]

Prospectus, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia Land Co.  HA11/B1/9/6  [n.d.]

Price list, Norwich Nurseries.  HA11/B1/9/7  [n.d.]

Price list, trees and shrubs, Beccles Nursery, 1835.  HA11/B1/9/8  [n.d.]

Copy of resolution for Society for Promoting Improvement of Ireland, 1835.  HA11/B1/9/9  [n.d.]

List of Guardians, Blything Union, 1836-7.  HA11/B1/9/10  [n.d.]

Forms for warrants to constables to apprehend persons. 8.10.74  HA11/B1/9/11  [n.d.]

copies  HA11/B1/9/3  [n.d.]

Notice of adjourned public meeting, Labourers' Friend Society, 16th July, 1835.  HA11/B1/9/12  [n.d.]

Notice, Labourers' Friend Society, 1835.  HA11/B1/9/13  [n.d.]

Bundle  HA11/B1/10  1832-1841

Letter from S. Coates, Ballymacarberry, concerning finance, 1841.  HA11/B1/10/1  [n.d.]

Note concerning value of Irish estates.  HA11/B1/10/2  [n.d.]

Note concerning moieties of Maria and James FitzPatrick.  HA11/B1/10/3  [n.d.]

Account of total expenditure of Blything Union from poor rates, extracted from parish books, 1832-1841.  HA11/B1/10/4  [n.d.]

List of shareholders.  HA11/B1/10/5  [n.d.]

Bundle  HA11/B1/11  1838-1844

Certificate of character, Robert Ficklin, College for Civil Engineers, Putney, 1844.  HA11/B1/11/1  [n.d.]

Suggestions for enquiries to be made by Royal Commission as to causes of incerdiarism and means of checking it. With list of fires in Suffolk, Essex, Norfolk and Cambridgeshire, 1840-4. 5.7.88 Suff & Norf missing.  HA11/B1/11/2  [n.d.]

Copy of enactment concerning payment of poor rates by owners of property rated at less than £10 p.a.  HA11/B1/11/3  [n.d.]

Note of acreage of Eyke rectory free of rates, 1829-35.  HA11/B1/11/4  [n.d.]

Account of births, deaths and marriages in Blything Union Register, 1838-43, with other memoranda.  HA11/B1/11/5  [n.d.]

Account of expenditure from poor rates, Blything Union, 1839-43.  HA11/B1/11/6  [n.d.]

Letter from Suffolk Fire Office, Bury, concerning fires which have occurred in the County, 1844.  HA11/B1/11/7  [n.d.]

Letter from Governor, Bury Gaol, concerning number of prisoners charged with arson, 1844.  HA11/B1/11/8  [n.d.]

Forms of certificates, East Suffolk Agricultural Association.  HA11/B1/11/9  [n.d.]

Political broadsheet 'The Pitt Pound versus the Peel Pound', that taxes laid on commodities do not add to their intrinsic value.  HA11/B1/11/10  [n.d.]

Cases concerning inclusion of clause for payment of Assignees in Bill dealing with insolvents.  HA11/B1/11/11  [n.d.]

Bill for advertising, 1843  HA11/B1/11/12  [n.d.]

Petition to House of Commons from parish of Groton concerning protective duties on agricultural products.  HA11/B1/11/13  [n.d.]

Copy of memorial from J. Mason, Landing Surveyor's Office, to Commissioners of H.M. Customs concerning his promotion, 1844.  HA11/B1/11/14  [n.d.]

Letter from Inspector General's Office, H.M. Customs, concerning vacancies in Landing Waiters' Dept.  HA11/B1/11/15  [n.d.]

Letter from Thomas Mills, Stutton, requesting inclusion of his son's name in Commission of the Peace, 1844.  HA11/B1/11/16  [n.d.]

Letter from Alfred Trusson, Darsham, requesting intercession on his behalf for post in Customs House, 1844.  HA11/B1/11/17  [n.d.]

Copy of letter from J. Evans, to Barrington, Son & Co., concerning payment of rent to Lord Stradbroke, 1844.  HA11/B1/11/18  [n.d.]

Letter from James Mason concerning failure to receive promotion in Landing Surveyor's Office, 1844.  HA11/B1/11/19  [n.d.]

Letter and invoice for 6 dozen bottles of wine, 1844.  HA11/B1/11/20  [n.d.]

Grocery bill, Fred. Valle, 21 Haymarket, 1843-4.  HA11/B1/11/21  [n.d.]

Betting account, Newmarket Spring Meeting, 1844.  HA11/B1/11/22  [n.d.]

Acknowledgement of money received on account, Drummond & Co., Charing Cross, 1843.  HA11/B1/11/23  [n.d.]

Bundle  HA11/B1/12  1832-1850

Hints on employment of agricultural labourers by Benjamin Colchester, Ipswich, 1849.  HA11/B1/12/1  [n.d.]

Pamphlet on the annexation of Great Britain to her Colonies by means of Halifax and Quebec Railway combined with Ocean Omnibuses, 1850.  HA11/B1/12/2  [n.d.]

Advertisement 'Illustrations of Remains of Roman Art at Cirencester' by James Buckman and C.H. Newmarch preparing for publication.  HA11/B1/12/3  [n.d.]

Pamphlet by Edmund Taunton (signed copy) concerning Sir Robert Peel's standard of exchange, 1849.  HA11/B1/12/4  [n.d.]

Reprint from Liverpool Mercury being an address on the Queen's Speech and Practical Science by William Parker, M.R.C.S., L.A.C., 31st December 1832.  HA11/B1/12/5  [n.d.]

Certificate of qualification to hold commission as Captain in East Suffolk Militia Regiment, 1846. (Copy)  HA11/B1/12/6  [n.d.]

Form for list of 1st class boys entered as volunteers for the Royal Navy.  HA11/B1/12/7  [n.d.]

Notice of assessment of property and income tax, Henham, 1846.  HA11/B1/12/8  [n.d.]

Notes concerning calculation of taxes.  HA11/B1/12/9  [n.d.]

Request from Miss Lovett Shekleton, Cool, Co. Cork, to put Lord Stradbroke's name on list of subscribers to her novel.  HA11/B1/12/10  [n.d.]

Letter from J. Crabtree concerning proposed railway in Suffolk.  HA11/B1/12/11  [n.d.]

Letter from Jonathan Gooding concerning Southwold Harbour, 1846.  HA11/B1/12/12  [n.d.]

Printed address to citizens of Glasgow by James Lumsden concerning Tidal Harbours Commissioners, 1846.  HA11/B1/12/13  [n.d.]

Case against Encumbered Estates (Ireland) Bill.  HA11/B1/12/14  [n.d.]

Letter from Jonathan Gooding concerning Southwold Harbour, 1847.  HA11/B1/12/15  [n.d.]

Memorial from Commissioners, Southwold Harbour, to Lords Commissioner for Office of High Admiral concerning Harbour Conservancy Bill, 1847.  HA11/B1/12/16  [n.d.]

Opinion of counsel concerning assessment of County rate.  HA11/B1/12/17  [n.d.]

Letter from Thomas Mayhew concerning sale.  HA11/B1/12/18  [n.d.]

Warrant to Lord Lieutenant to call out pensioners in case of emergency, 1847.  HA11/B1/12/19  [n.d.]

Writs and returns of Lord Rendlesham for election of Irish peer to sit in House of Lords. Witness by Lord Stradbroke as magistrate, Co. Waterford, 10 Victoria.  HA11/B1/12/20  [n.d.]

Letter from R. Glever, London, concerning Southwold Navigation, 1846.  HA11/B1/12/21  [n.d.]

Account of Earl of Stradbroke with O. Weatherby for horse-racing, 1845.  HA11/B1/12/22  [n.d.]

Petition from Joseph Turner, Ludgate Hill, requesting aid in securing appointment, 1846.  HA11/B1/12/23  [n.d.]

General statement of funds and list of officers, Blything Savings Bank, 1847.  HA11/B1/12/24  [n.d.]

Letter from W. Kerr Brown, Folkeston, concerning state of sea fisheries, 1847.  HA11/B1/12/25  [n.d.]

Act to amend law concerning removal of poor persons from England and Scotland, 1847.  HA11/B1/12/26  [n.d.]

Assignment of land with mill in Ballymacarberry, Galway, 1847.  HA11/B1/12/27  [n.d.]

Report on Bilboa drainage, Thomas Brazill, Dublin, 1847.  HA11/B1/12/28  [n.d.]

Notice, Newcastle upon Tyne Races, 1848.  HA11/B1/12/29  [n.d.]

Bundle  HA11/B1/13  1847-1850

Advertisement, iron barrows, Edward Hill & Co., Brierley Hill Iron Works, near Dudley.  HA11/B1/13/1  [n.d.]

Similar, wrought iron farmers' hurdles.  HA11/B1/13/2  [n.d.]

Report of Blything Bridge Committee, Quarter Sessions, Beccles, 11th March, 1850.  HA11/B1/13/3  [n.d.]

Advertisement, Edward Hill.  HA11/B1/13/4  [n.d.]

Rental of certain Irish estates.  HA11/B1/13/5  [n.d.]

Letter and statement of James Borton concerning omission of Nathaniel William Hallward, clerk, from Commission of the Peace.  HA11/B1/13/6  [n.d.]

Letter from Mayor of Ipswich requesting Lord Stradbroke's support of Great Exhibition, 1850.  HA11/B1/13/7  [n.d.]

Letter from J. Kerrick, Geldeston Hall, concerning fees of Clerks to Justices and Clerks of the Peace, 1849.  HA11/B1/13/8  [n.d.]

Circular from Alexander Plumpton, London, to Lord Stradbroke, as Chairman, Blything Union, advertising White Haricot Beans, 1849.  HA11/B1/13/9  [n.d.]

Verses: 'An Epistle from Abraham to Sarah'.  HA11/B1/13/10  [n.d.]

Account for keeping horses, 1849.  HA11/B1/13/11  [n.d.]

Notice, Society for Reform of Colonial Government.  HA11/B1/13/12  [n.d.]

Notice, Metropolitan Free Hospital.  HA11/B1/13/13  [n.d.]

Request for relief from R. Chicken, York, 1848.  HA11/B1/13/14  [n.d.]

Advertisement, Farmers' account book, recommended by Royal Agricultural Society.  HA11/B1/13/15  [n.d.]

Auditors' report and list of donations, British Archaeological Association, 1848.  HA11/B1/13/16  [n.d.]

Return of 1st Troop of Suffolk Cavalry and correspondence concerning other troops, 1848.  HA11/B1/13/17  [n.d.]

Letter from Miss Catherine Inglis, Castle Douglas, Ireland, concerning propagation of Protestantism in Ireland, 1848.  HA11/B1/13/18  [n.d.]

Letter from Philip Lome concerning his appointment as paid Guardian, Glasha House, Ballymacarberry, 1848.  HA11/B1/13/19  [n.d.]

Resolutions concerning and rules of Society for promotion of Irish industry.  HA11/B1/13/20  [n.d.]

General statement of income and expenditure, Ipswich Turnpike, 1847.  HA11/B1/13/21  [n.d.]

Letter from John Borton, Bury St. Edmunds, concerning training of Yeomanry, 1848.  HA11/B1/13/22  [n.d.]

Forms for certificates of good conduct of servants.  HA11/B1/13/23  [n.d.]

Circular and prospectus, London Society for Protection of Young Females, 1848.  HA11/B1/13/24  [n.d.]

Form for covenant between landlord and tenant.  HA11/B1/13/25  [n.d.]

Bundle  HA11/B1/14  1849-1850

Circular from Charles D. Young & Co., London, advertising special lot of iron field gates, 1849.  HA11/B1/14/1  [n.d.]

Advertisement for invisible wire fencing, Charles D. Young.  HA11/B1/14/2  [n.d.]

Notice, National Beneficient Institution, for widows and unmarried daughters of military and naval officers, clergy and professional men, 1850.  HA11/B1/14/3  [n.d.]

Advertisement for wire netting and plant guards, Charles D. Young.  HA11/B1/14/4  [n.d.]

Notice concerning amalgamation of Bury and Suffolk Herald and Bury and Norwich Post, 1849.  HA11/B1/14/5  [n.d.]

Price list, Nursery and Bracondale Horticultural Establishment, Norwich, 1849-50.  HA11/B1/14/6  [n.d.]

Table of fees and local allowances for constables, Suffolk, 1849.  HA11/B1/14/7  [n.d.]

'Sabbath Labour in the Post Office', letter addressed to Lord John Russell by Rev. R.W. Dibdin, M.A.  HA11/B1/14/8  [n.d.]

Advertisement, iron gates, Charles D. Young.  HA11/B1/14/9  [n.d.]

Bundle  HA11/B1/15  1845-1851

Map showing proposed additions to Ipswich, Norwich and Yarmouth Railway, 1845.  HA11/B1/15/1  [n.d.]

2 copies

Notice of application for Framlingham Branch Railway at Cransford, 1845.  HA11/B1/15/2  [n.d.]

2 copies

Circulars from Home Office concerning militia, 1830, 1845.  HA11/B1/15/3  [n.d.]

Results, Swaffham Coursing Meeting, 1845.  HA11/B1/15/4  [n.d.]

Map of Lowestoft Railway and lines connected therewith, 1845.  HA11/B1/15/5  [n.d.]

Prospectus, Ipswich, Norwich and Yarmouth Railway, 1845.  HA11/B1/15/6  [n.d.]

2 copies

Map of proposed London and Norwich Direct Railway.  HA11/B1/15/7  [n.d.]

Vouchers, household and personal items, London and Ipswich, 1841-2.  HA11/B1/15/8  [n.d.]

Tailor's bill, Balsdon 2 Crookes, Bond Street, 1845.  HA11/B1/15/9  [n.d.]

Letter from Thomas Welch concerning appointment as Judge at Port Philip (Van Diemen's Land). 1845.  HA11/B1/15/10  [n.d.]

Notice of application for Cork and Waterford Railway, 1845.  HA11/B1/15/11  [n.d.]

Copy of letter sent to Prime Minister concerning plan for general telegraph system, printed by Bretts Electric Telegraph, July, 1845.  HA11/B1/15/12  [n.d.]

Letters and draft conveyance of land on Brussells Green, Darsham, 1851.  HA11/B1/15/13  [n.d.]

Bundle  HA11/B1/16  1851

Letter from Home Secretary (Sir George Grey: signature) concerning corps of Yeoman Cavalry, 1851.  HA11/B1/16/1  [n.d.]

Letter from W. Aldrich concerning dismissal of nurse from almshouses at Boyton, 1851.  HA11/B1/16/2  [n.d.]

Letter and memorandum concerning purchase money for cottages at Wangford, 1851.  HA11/B1/16/3  [n.d.]

Valuation of Kilmanahan and part of Kilnamack.  HA11/B1/16/4  [n.d.]

Letter from J.M. Crabtree concerning dismissal of nurse from almshouses at Boyton, 1851.  HA11/B1/16/5  [n.d.]

Bundle  HA11/B1/17  1840-1852

'The Lifeboat' Journal of the National Shipwreck Institure, 1852.  HA11/B1/17/1  [n.d.]

'Distress in Ireland', narrative of William Edward Forster's visit to Ireland, 1847.  HA11/B1/17/2  [n.d.]

Report of Committee on Equity, Society for Promoting Amendment of the Law.  HA11/B1/17/3  [n.d.]

Draft report on principles of punishment, to the same, 1847.  HA11/B1/17/4  [n.d.]

Testimonials, Capt. Marcius Rigg, Deputy Chief Constable, Nottingham, 1844.  HA11/B1/17/5  [n.d.]

Evidence before Select Committee on laws respecting gaming, 1844.  HA11/B1/17/6  [n.d.]

Similar  HA11/B1/17/7  [n.d.]

Official circular, Poor Law Commissioners, 1st January, 1845.  HA11/B1/17/8  [n.d.]

Resolutions of Blything Board of Guardians concerning parochial settlements, 27th January, 1845.  HA11/B1/17/9  [n.d.]

Minutes of evidence taken before Select Committee on High Constables' bill, 1845.  HA11/B1/17/10  [n.d.]

Draft report of Select Committee to take into consideration the expediency of establishing compensation to be made to owners of land compulsorily taken for construction of railways.  HA11/B1/17/11  [n.d.]

Evidence before Select Committee on compensation for lands taken or injured by railways, 1845.  HA11/B1/17/12  [n.d.]

Prospectus, Royal Agricultural College, Cirencester, 1845.  HA11/B1/17/13  [n.d.]

Advertisement, Joseph Croucher, Charing Cross, for improving agricultural land, 1845.  HA11/B1/17/14  [n.d.]

Prospectus, Ipswich and Yarmouth Coast Railway, with a map.  HA11/B1/17/15  [n.d.]

Particulars for sale, outlying estates of Earl of Gosford, with plans, 1845.  HA11/B1/17/16  [n.d.]

Letter to Earl of Stradbroke as to expediency of improving Southwold Harbour, published at request of Harbour Commissioners, 1840.  HA11/B1/17/17  [n.d.]

Map, Ipswich, Norwich and Yarmouth Railway, 1845.  HA11/B1/17/18  [n.d.]

Notes on Canada by member of Essex Agricultural Protection Society, 1845.  HA11/B1/17/19  [n.d.]

Evidence before Select Committee on laws respecting gaming, 1844.  HA11/B1/17/20  [n.d.]

Statement on transfer of property by public auction and private contract by Alexander Rainy, 1845.  HA11/B1/17/21  [n.d.]

'The Apologists of City Administration' reprinted from Westminster Review, June, 1844.  HA11/B1/17/22  [n.d.]

Bundle  HA11/B1/18  1841-1853

'Currency Reform', the true remedy for our present agricultural depression, by Charles Haward, 1852.  HA11/B1/18/1  [n.d.]

Letter requesting contribution towards Coal Fund for poor of Rendham, 1853.  HA11/B1/18/2  [n.d.]

Printed address to Queen from lay members of the Church of England against Church of Rome.  HA11/B1/18/3  [n.d.]

Handbock, General Steam Navigation Co. giving particulars of departures, routes, etc., 1847.  HA11/B1/18/4  [n.d.]

Copy of series of letters concerning tithes.  HA11/B1/18/5  [n.d.]

30th Annual Report of St. George's and St. James' Dispensary, Golden Square, with 4th Report of Samaritan Fund, 1847.  HA11/B1/18/6  [n.d.]

2 copies

Note concerning Broad Oak Farm in Peasenhall and Badingham, 1847.  HA11/B1/18/7  [n.d.]

Note concerning casualties on various railways.  HA11/B1/18/8  [n.d.]

Copy of letter to Times concerning Bill to permit men to marry sister of deceased wife.  HA11/B1/18/9  [n.d.]

Petition from parish of St. Clement, Ipswich, to House of Lords against Act to amend law relating to removal of poor.  HA11/B1/18/10  [n.d.]

Letter from J. Harvey, Halesworth, requesting aid for education of his son, Anthony, aged 8, with testimonials as to lectures delivered by the boy, 1842-3.  HA11/B1/18/11  [n.d.]

Letter from Home Secretary approving assembly of 1st Loyal Suffolk Yeomanry Cavalry at Bury St. Edmunds, 1847.  HA11/B1/18/12  [n.d.]

Advertisement, G.M. Clarke, oil-merchant, wax and tallow chandler, Regents Park.  HA11/B1/18/13  [n.d.]

Observations on Act, 4 & 5 William IV, cap. 76 concerning union of parishes for Poor Law purposes.  HA11/B1/18/14  [n.d.]

List of names arranged in time-table (purpose unspecified).  HA11/B1/18/15  [n.d.]

Letter to Clerk, Blything Board of Guardians, from Colonial Land and Emigration Office concerning emigration of young single females with children, 1847.  HA11/B1/18/16  [n.d.]

Copy of letter from Guardians to Poor Law Commissioners concerning case of pauper, John Barker, 1847.  HA11/B1/18/17  [n.d.]

Reasons for sanctioning Birkenhead, Lancashire and Cheshire Railway Bill, with map. House of Lords, 1847.  HA11/B1/18/18  [n.d.]

Notes concerning Great Western Railway, c. 1847.  HA11/B1/18/19  [n.d.]

Invitation to private view of picture of Queen by Count D'Orsay, 121 Pall Mall.  HA11/B1/18/20  [n.d.]

Evidence of Joseph Kincaid, Esq., before Select Committee on Colonization from Ireland, 1847.  HA11/B1/18/21  [n.d.]

Speech of Marquis of Westmeath in House of Lords respecting law of landlord and tenant in Ireland, 3rd May 1847.  HA11/B1/18/22  [n.d.]

Report of Committee on Law of Property, Society for Promoting Amendment of law.  HA11/B1/18/23  [n.d.]

Similar report on Colonial and Navigation Laws as to Colonial Judgeships, 1847.  HA11/B1/18/24  [n.d.]

Catalogue wrought and cast iron and wire work, Charles D. Young and Co., Edinburgh.  HA11/B1/18/25  [n.d.]

Prospectus, Imperial Life Insurance Co. 1841.  HA11/B1/18/26  [n.d.]

Invitation to private view, candelabra in chrystal glass, made for H.R.H. Ibrahim Pacha by F. &. C. Oslers, Oxford St.  HA11/B1/18/27  [n.d.]

Petition from parish of Sproughton concerning Bill for improvement of health of towns.  HA11/B1/18/28  [n.d.]

Advertisement, hare and rabbitt proof wire netting, Charles D. Young & Co., Edinburgh.  HA11/B1/18/29  [n.d.]

Similar, invisible wire fencing.  HA11/B1/18/30  [n.d.]

Return of expenditure, East Suffolk Constabulary Force, 1847.  HA11/B1/18/31  [n.d.]

Advertisement, anti-corosion paint, Ridley and Grimwade, St. Clements, Ipswich.  HA11/B1/18/32  [n.d.]

Bundle  HA11/B1/19  1845-1852

Letter from J. Curry, Hayle, concerning appointment for his son in one of H.M. Dockyards, 1852.  HA11/B1/19/1  [n.d.]

Return for assessment of profits in trades, professions, etc. Property and Income Tax, Earl of Stradbroke, Henham, 1851.  HA11/B1/19/2  [n.d.]

Letter from J. Kerrick, Gildeston Hall, concerning appointment at Deputy Lieutenant, Suffolk, and inclusion of Rev. Hopper, Starston, in Commission of the Peace for the same, 1852.  HA11/B1/19/3  [n.d.]

Letter from J. Jermyn, Colonel, West Suffolk Militia, concerning state of the regiment, 1852.  HA11/B1/19/4  [n.d.]

Letter from the same concerning application of Lieut. Gen. Gooch for leave to retire, 1852.  HA11/B1/19/5  [n.d.]

Letter from the same concerning the appointment of sergeants, 1852.  HA11/B1/19/6  [n.d.]

Circular from War Office concerning payment of non-commissioned officers on militia staff, 1852.  HA11/B1/19/7  [n.d.]

Proposals for alteration in Receipt Stamp Tax by William Christy, London and Kingston, 1845.  HA11/B1/19/8  [n.d.]

Certificate of qualification to serve as Lieut. Col. in West Suffolk Militia Regiment, George Deare, 21st Fusiliers. 1852.  HA11/B1/19/9  [n.d.]

Memorial from Deputy Lieutenants and others of Eastern Division to H.B. Bence, Esq., Colonel, East Suffolk Militia, concerning billetting of men in public houses. With covering letter. 1852.  HA11/B1/19/10  [n.d.]

Note concerning population of England, 1852.  HA11/B1/19/11  [n.d.]

Advertisement for 'Economical' Manure, substitute for guano: Coveney, Great Tower St., London. 1853  HA11/B1/19/12  [n.d.]

Household and personal vouchers, London, 1852, 1853.  HA11/B1/19/13  [n.d.]

Form for precept to constables for militia training and exercise.  HA11/B1/19/14  [n.d.]

Return of volunteers enlisted in West Suffolk Militia, 1853.  HA11/B1/19/15  [n.d.]

Bundle  HA11/B1/20  1848-1853

Report of Committee to investigate on what authority fees and disbursements claimed by Coroners are chargeable on County rates.  HA11/B1/20/1  [n.d.]

Letter from Nathaniel Barnardiston, Sudbury, concerning origin of Corps of Yeomanry in Suffolk.  HA11/B1/20/2  [n.d.]

Circular from War Office concerning discontinuance of rank of Colonel in Militia regiments, 1853.  HA11/B1/20/3  [n.d.]

Letter from 'a ratepayer of East Suffolk' concerning Chief Constable's salary, 1853.  HA11/B1/20/4  [n.d.]

Letter from War Office concerning payments to Clerks to volunteer forces. 1853.  HA11/B1/20/5  [n.d.]

Extracts from rate book, or similar book, Irish estates.  HA11/B1/20/6  [n.d.]

Copy of 'The Home', January, 1852. Sealed for post unbroken.  HA11/B1/20/7  [n.d.]

Letter from Secretary of Suffolk Fine Arts Society asking Lord Stradbroke to become a member, 1851.  HA11/B1/20/8  [n.d.]

Act to amend law of evidence, 1851.  HA11/B1/20/9  [n.d.]

List of acting magistrates, County of Suffolk, 1851.  HA11/B1/20/10  [n.d.]

Letter from War Office approving appointments to be made on permanent staff of West Suffolk militia, 1853.  HA11/B1/20/11  [n.d.]

Results, Newmarket Coursing Meeting, 1851.  HA11/B1/20/12  [n.d.]

Return of sums paid to Justices and Clerk of Peace attending Quarter Sessions, 7 years to 1850.  HA11/B1/20/13  [n.d.]

Act to amend law relating to expenses of prosecutions, 1851.  HA11/B1/20/14  [n.d.]

Voucher, Robert Douglass, Piccadilly, lamp manufacturer, 1851.  HA11/B1/20/15  [n.d.]

Vouchers, Howard & Co., cheesemonger, Oxford St., 1851.  HA11/B1/20/16  [n.d.]

Voucher, James Fairman, gun-manufacturer, Jermyn St., 1851.  HA11/B1/20/17  [n.d.]

Advertisement 'L'Assemblee Nationale', daily papers, published in England by De Bernady, Adelphi.  HA11/B1/20/18  [n.d.]

Circular and copy of account, Quatt School, Bridgnorth, belonging to Bridgnorth Union, 1848.  HA11/B1/20/19  [n.d.]

Act for further extension of summary jurisdiction in case of larceny, 1850.  HA11/B1/20/20  [n.d.]

Pamphlet on Industrial Training of Pauper children in Guiltcross Union, Norfolk, 1850.  HA11/B1/20/21  [n.d.]

Certificate of qualification for captaincy in East Suffolk Militia, Frederick Barlow, 1852.  HA11/B1/20/22  [n.d.]

Bill to regulate practice at election of members of Parliament and to prevent bribery and corruption, c. 1853.  HA11/B1/20/23  [n.d.]

Advertisement 'Oke's Magisterial Works'.  HA11/B1/20/24  [n.d.]

Cutting from Times, December, 1853, concerning strike in Lancashire.  HA11/B1/20/25  [n.d.]

Sermon preached on death of Earl of Ducie by Rev. Capel Molyneux B.A., in the Lock Chapel, 1853.  HA11/B1/20/26  [n.d.]

Statement of lots purchased by Trustees, Lady Glengall's Trust, 1853.  HA11/B1/20/27  [n.d.]

Letter from H.W. Bence, Thorington, on militia matters, 1853.  HA11/B1/20/28  [n.d.]

Notice to Earl of Stradbroke, as patron of rectory of Eyke, East Suffolk Railway (Halesworth to Woodbridge) 1853.  HA11/B1/20/29  [n.d.]

Results, Newmarket Coursing meeting, 1854.  HA11/B1/20/30  [n.d.]

Bundle  HA11/B1/21  1789-1882

Petition and certificates on behalf of Jesse James Clark for admission to Royal Military Asylum, 1842.  HA11/B1/21/1  [n.d.]

Part of letter from Ireland concerning law suit for recovery of rent, 1851.  HA11/B1/21/2  [n.d.]

Epilogue delivered at entertainment at Henham National School by John Stagoll, and letter concerning his early life and education. 1878.  HA11/B1/21/3  [n.d.]

Rent roll of estate of Earl of Stradbroke in city of Limerick to be sold. (After 1818)  HA11/B1/21/4  [n.d.]

Examination of Edward Carroll as to dispute with James Marcley concerning loss of his field: Tipperary.  HA11/B1/21/5  [n.d.]

Account of Earl of Stradbroke with Robinson and Barlow for preparing mortgage. 1844.  HA11/B1/21/6  [n.d.]

Act for abolishing capital punishment in cases of letter stealing and sacrilege. 1835.  HA11/B1/21/7  [n.d.]

Letters concerning militia equipment, 1836.  HA11/B1/21/8  [n.d.]

Circular from War Office concerning reduction in number of drummers and drum major, 1835.  HA11/B1/21/9  [n.d.]

Letter from Thomas Lambert, Kilbarrymeaden concerning deprivation of his holding, 1848.  HA11/B1/21/10  [n.d.]

Vouchers, Rutland Arms Inn, Newmarket, 1844.  HA11/B1/21/11  [n.d.]

Voucher: El. Flatman, for care of horses, 1844.  HA11/B1/21/12  [n.d.]

Order for diversion of bridleway in Bulcamp through lands of Sir John Rous, with plan, 1789.  HA11/B1/21/13  [n.d.]

Balance sheet, Henham estate, 1882.  HA11/B1/21/14  [n.d.]

Voucher for glazing and bricklaying, John Herring, 1828.  HA11/B1/21/15  [n.d.]

Bundle  HA11/B1/22  1769-1909

Poetical epistle on Major Money's ascent in a balloon from the city of Norwich and his descent into the sea seven leagues off Lowestoft, by the Marquis of Townsend. Undated.  HA11/B1/22/1  [n.d.]

'A Standing Navy more economical and efficient than our present irregular force, with some remarks on naval titles, naval courts martial, officers' messes, etc. 1851'. Author not named but marked 'with the author's compliments'.  HA11/B1/22/2  [n.d.]

Report of committee of Jockey Club to consider rules and orders. 1858.  HA11/B1/22/3  [n.d.]

Prospectus, East Suffolk Railway Co., 1855.  HA11/B1/22/4  [n.d.]

Memoir of 2nd Earl of Stradbroke, died 27th January, 1886. Reprinted from Ipswich Journal.  HA11/B1/22/5  [n.d.]

2 pages from 'The Beehive', 20th June, 1874  HA11/B1/22/6  [n.d.]

Cutting from the Times, 7th October, 1843, concerning Liverpool Agricultural Society.  HA11/B1/22/7  [n.d.]

The Workman's Foreign Trip and Talk about Trades Unions and Parson. Undated.  HA11/B1/22/8  [n.d.]

'Flint-work Inscription on Blythburgh Church' by Sir W.R. Gowers, reprinted from Proceedings of S.I.A., Vol. XI. 1901.  HA11/B1/22/9  [n.d.]

The Family Economist, a penny monthly magazine, September, 1853.  HA11/B1/22/10  [n.d.]

Programme, review of the fleet by H.M. the King, 31st July, 1909, with descriptions and pictures of warships and plan of the review.  HA11/B1/22/11  [n.d.]

New York Daily Globe, 20th November, 1850.  HA11/B1/22/12  [n.d.]

Speech of Rt. Hon. Sir C.T. Metcalfe, bart., Governor of Jamaica, on proroguing the Jamaica legislature, 1840.  HA11/B1/22/13  [n.d.]

Type-written notes for speech by Earl of Stradbroke as Master of Henham Hunt. Undated.  HA11/B1/22/14  [n.d.]

Cutting from the Times, 22nd December, 1859. Lord Palmerston at Romsey Agricultural Association.  HA11/B1/22/15  [n.d.]

Notice concerning Johns & Co's. Permanent Stucco Wash, Cement and Paint, 1855.  HA11/B1/22/16  [n.d.]

British Army Despatch, Horse Guards, Ordnance and East India Co's Military Service Record, 8th September, 1848.  HA11/B1/22/17  [n.d.]

Map of part of estate of Francis Wilson in Barcony of Owney and Arra, Co. of Tipperary, 1769. By Richard and Charles Frizell.  HA11/B1/22/18  [n.d.]

Catalogue of nursery stock cultivated for sale by John Ewing, Norwich, 1853-4.  HA11/B1/22/19  [n.d.]

Dinner menu, coming of age, Viscount Dunwich, 22nd November, 1883.  HA11/B1/22/20  [n.d.]

'Early Piety or Memoirs of Children eminently religious' by Rev. George Burder. Marked 'Augusta Musgrave, 11th January, 1835, with Cousin Edwd. and Jane Carus Wilson's kind love'.  HA11/B1/22/21  [n.d.]

Bundle  HA11/B1/23  1813-1901

Form for certificates, East Suffolk Agricultural Association.  HA11/B1/23/1  [n.d.]

Modern copy of MS. in Blois collection being a statement by Sir John Rous concerning a perambulation of the bounds of Henham  HA11/B1/23/2  [n.d.]

Notice to the Earl of Stradbroke concerning land at Brampton affected by the Thetford to Reedham extension and the Halesworth branch of the Norfolk Railway, 20th November, 1846.  HA11/B1/23/3  [n.d.]

Draft consent of the Earl of Stradbroke as patron of the rectory of Eyke to the commutation of tithes in that parish, May, 1845. With covering letter from Benjamin Moulton  HA11/B1/23/4  [n.d.]

Prospectus, Royal Agricultural College, Cirencester  HA11/B1/23/5  [n.d.]

Premiums, rules and regulations, East Suffolk Agricultural Association, 1849.  HA11/B1/23/6  [n.d.]

Petition from Robert Henry Rockhill, Mr. Smith's School, Crouch End, Hornsey, son of John Rockhill, Stoven, farmer, to Lord Stradbroke asking him to obtain for him a position in the Post Office or the Bank of England, 24th May, 1848.  HA11/B1/23/7  [n.d.]

Letter from H. Bence, Thorington Hall, to Lord Stradbroke concerning County bridges in the parish of Henham, 2nd April, 1834.  HA11/B1/23/8  [n.d.]

Draft petition from Blything Union for the abolition of the laws of settlement, December, 1850.  HA11/B1/23/9  [n.d.]

General statement of income and expenditure, Ipswich Turnpike, January to December, 1842.  HA11/B1/23/10  [n.d.]

Letter from William Long to Lord Stradbroke giving an account of a visit to the almshouses at Boyton, 5th February, 1868.  HA11/B1/23/11  [n.d.]

Letter from Henry Edwards, Stradbroke, to Rev. Collet Havingham (?), Suffolk, concerning parish rates; 10th April, 1834.  HA11/B1/23/12  [n.d.]

Copies of letters from Francis, Soames, Wokingham, to John Read, solicitor, Halesworth, concerning rates under the Lighting and Watching Act, 12th and 17th August, 1843.  HA11/B1/23/13  [n.d.]

Amount of rates collected for the parish of Dennington 1874-1889, and their allocation for various purposes.  HA11/B1/23/14  [n.d.]

Cutting from the Morning Post, 19th December, 1851, concerning the Duke of Newcastle and his tenantry.  HA11/B1/23/15  [n.d.]

Cutting from the Times, 24th December, 1851, concerning the Agricultural Districts of England  HA11/B1/23/16  [n.d.]

Account of losses by fire from 1842 to 1851, West Suffolk Fire Office, distinguishing losses by incendiarism from losses by other causes, on all descriptions of property  HA11/B1/23/17  [n.d.]

Extract from minutes of meeting of Wangford Board of Guardians, 8th March, 1854, concerning the abolition of the law of settlement and removal.  HA11/B1/23/18  [n.d.]

List of Mr. J.O. Leman's pupils, 1st September, 1851, to 10th October, 1853, and of Mr. G.O. Leman's pupils, 26th November, 1849, to 14th October, 1853.  HA11/B1/23/19  [n.d.]

Letter from Archdeacon Philpot, Providence Villa, to Lady Stradbroke concerning arrangements for taking service at Wangford; 24th August, 1883. Note on the envelope that the Archdeacon was 92 when he wrote this letter  HA11/B1/23/20  [n.d.]

Circular letter from Clerk to Blything Union giving notice that at weekly meeting of Guardians on 10th July Rev. Henry Owen intends to bring conduct of Relieving Officer Fisher to the notice of the Guardians, 24th July, 1854.  HA11/B1/23/21  [n.d.]

Handbill concerning emigration to Queensland; issued by the Agent General for Queensland, Charing Cross, London  HA11/B1/23/22  [n.d.]

Publisher's prospectus for 'County Architecture; a work designed for the use of the Nobility, Landed Proprietors and County Gentlemen, being a Series of executed Works and Designs for Buildings connected with Landed Property' by John Birch, architect. Also similar prospectus for 'Examples of Agricultural Labourers' Cottages' by the same author  HA11/B1/23/23  [n.d.]

Two handbills, Devitt and Moore's Australian Line: Ocean Training Ships for Officers and Premiums for Midshipmen and Apprentices, including list of Midshipman's Outfit for Austrailian voyage of 9-10 months. With covering letter to the Countess of Stradbroke, 8th June, 1896  HA11/B1/23/24  [n.d.]

2 letters from J.C. Lockwood, Chislehurst, Kent, to Lord Rous, concerning Attorney General's opinion on a question of tithes, 13th and 19th March, 1813.  HA11/B1/23/25  [n.d.]

Newspaper cutting containing correspondence relating to recent election for East Suffolk, February, 1876.  HA11/B1/23/26  [n.d.]

Page from 'The Beehive', 14th March, 1874, containing articles on free trade.  HA11/B1/23/27  [n.d.]

Circular letter asking for subscription from brother officers and friends to purchase Government Annuity for Col. Barrow, late of the Coldstream Guards, January, 1854.  HA11/B1/23/28  [n.d.]

Reprint from the Essex County Chronicle, October 29, 1886, concerning Castle Hedingham Pottery.  HA11/B1/23/29  [n.d.]

Pamphlet: Village Cooperative Stores, by Walter Morrison, Esq.  HA11/B1/23/30  [n.d.]

Letter from N. Birkinshaw, railway surveyor, to Lord Stradbroke, asking for employment with East Suffolk Railway or on his lordship's estate, 26th September -.  HA11/B1/23/31  [n.d.]

List of receivers: Bayse and Fordham, receivers from Walker and Moone, who are receivers from people named in the list.  HA11/B1/23/32  [n.d.]

Medical prescription signed B.G. Bridie, 4th December, 1846.  HA11/B1/23/33  [n.d.]

Letter from the Comte du Parc, Gratz, Austria, asking for assistance in his impoverished state; 22nd August, 1848.  HA11/B1/23/34  [n.d.]

Photograph: King George VI landing to visit boys' camp at Southwold, August, 1938.  HA11/B1/23/35  [n.d.]

Price list, Earl's Coronation robes; William Northam, Covent Garden, June, 1901.  HA11/B1/23/36  [n.d.]

2 pages of notes taken from Appendix to 13th Annual Report of Poor Law Board concerning population and rates.  HA11/B1/23/37  [n.d.]

Letter from Thomas Mayhew, Saxmundham, to Lord Stradbroke, concerning financial affairs of the Saxmundham Corn Exchange Committee, 10th May, 1841. Also letter from Mayhew to Robert Knipe Cobbold concerning his contribution to the undertaking, letter from Cobbold to Lord Stradbroke and draft of Lord Stradbroke's reply, December, 1847.  HA11/B1/23/38  [n.d.]

Form for memorial to the Committee of the Council on Education for subscription towards expense of building a school.  HA11/B1/23/39  [n.d.]

Covering letter from John Macgregor sent with address to the Queen (wanting) adopted at public meeting of Lay Members of the Church of England; 17th December, 1850.  HA11/B1/23/40  [n.d.]

Printed proposals for a new Reform Bill. Marked "With the Attorney General's Compts. 23 October '58".  HA11/B1/23/41  [n.d.]

Printed appeal by Rev. Thomas Gerard Ferrand, rector of Tunstall, on behalf of the widow and 3 children of the late Miles Rudland, surgeon and apothecary; with covering letter from Rev. Ferrand to Lord Stradbroke commending this appeal, 18th July, 1854.  HA11/B1/23/42  [n.d.]

Circular letter from John Frederick Noott, curate, Westhall, to Lord Stradbroke asking for assistance with erection of National School and teachers' residences in the parish; 23rd February, 1854.  HA11/B1/23/43  [n.d.]

Names of soldiers serving in South Africa whose wives and children live in the north Blything area; supplied by A.K.M. Brown, Hon. Sec. Suffolk Branch, S.S.F.A., 16th January -.  HA11/B1/23/44  [n.d.]

Notes concerning the life of Barbara Nanson who opened a Dame's School at Westleton, but, on the opening of the National Schools, had to apply for parochial relies and was admitted to Bulcamp workhouse.  HA11/B1/23/45  [n.d.]

Letter from J.G. Mayne, East Suffolk, concerning inquest on a man named Smith, under order for removal from Proclaimed Area because of his general behaviour and utterances; 27th November, 1914.  HA11/B1/23/46  [n.d.]

2 pages

Letters from Rev. G.F. Pooley to Lord Stradbroke concerning the establishment of Sunday and day schools at Bruisyard, 6th December, 1847, and 2nd January, 185 [...]   HA11/B1/23/47  [n.d.]

'New Music'. The overture to Kilmainham as executed in Downing St. the solo parts by a distinguished performer from Midlothian, who plays the Lyre & guarantees to change his tune often'.  HA11/B1/23/48  [n.d.]

Letter from C. Lane to Lord Stradbroke concerning compensation to tenant farmers for improvements; no date.  HA11/B1/23/49  [n.d.]

Order of General Sessions of the Peace at Beccles, 13th March, 1848, reappointing magistrates of Blything Hundred a Committee to receive tenders for the rebuilding of East Bridge in Westleton.  HA11/B1/23/50  [n.d.]

Voucher, John Martin, Wrentham, grocer and draper, to Rev. Mr. Edgill for blinds, books and pencils, January, 1853.  HA11/B1/23/51  [n.d.]

Admission tickets, House of Lords, for the trial of Earl Russell; 2nd day, 19th July, 1901.  HA11/B1/23/52  [n.d.]

Printed resolutions of the shipowners of Glasgow on the subject of a bill to amend the laws relating to the relief and support of merchant seamen, their widows and children, 26th December, 1848.  HA11/B1/23/53  [n.d.]

Questionnaire to be answered by parties making application for a portion of the funds arising from Mr. Betton's charity (for assistance with the erection of National and parochial schools).  HA11/B1/23/54  [n.d.]

General statement of income and expenditure of the Aldebungh Turnpike, January to December, 1844.  HA11/B1/23/55  [n.d.]

6 letters appealing for assistance  HA11/B1/23/56  [n.d.]

a. from Rev. G.F. Pooley, Cransford, for Clothing Club at Bruisyard, 6th November, 1849.
b. from Rev. John Hill, Cranoe Church, Market Harborough, for subscriptions to volume of sermons preached on the occasion of the reopening of the church, 10th November, 1848 (?).
c. 3 letters from John West, Mile End, concerning MS. of poem, November, 1849.
d. from Benjamin West, Clerkenwell, asking for brace of pheasants, 15th December, 1849.

Notes from case Evans v. Stephens, 17th May, 1791, concerning division of Counties; prepared for the Lord Lieutenant.  HA11/B1/23/57  [n.d.]

Letter from the Countess of Stradbroke to Mr. Lomax refusing invitation to attend meeting of the Guardians of Blything Union and giving her views on the best way to mitigate the burden of the rates; 17th October, 1887. Note on the envelope "Written at the request of the Board of Guardians, Bulcamp, & read by the Chairman, 1889".  HA11/B1/23/58  [n.d.]

"..... a woman's duties are in her own home and amongst women; and if she happens to possess any brains they ought to be used to influence the men of her own family, and not be displayed in public".

Printed map of the Sanitary Districts in the County of Suffolk showing also civil parishes, 1888.  HA11/B1/23/59  [n.d.]

Bundle  HA11/B1/24  1846-1876

Papers concerning appointment of special constables to deal with riots in Newmarket Union workhouse, 1850.  HA11/B1/24/1  [n.d.]

Return of offences committed in County of Suffolk, 1846.  HA11/B1/24/2  [n.d.]

List of persons tried at Quarter Sessions, 1854.  HA11/B1/24/3  [n.d.]

Petition of Justices against County Financial Board Bill. Undated.  HA11/B1/24/4  [n.d.]

Memorial of magistrates concerning crime of incendiarism. Undated.  HA11/B1/24/5  [n.d.]

List of persons committed to Bury prison, 1850 and 1851.  HA11/B1/24/6  [n.d.]

Newspaper cutting: letters concerning incident at meeting at Corn Exchange, Ipswich, 1876.  HA11/B1/24/7  [n.d.]

Petition requesting meeting of magistrates to discuss question of having only one Court of Quarter Sessions for the County of Suffolk. Undated.  HA11/B1/24/8  [n.d.]

LIEUTENANCY  [no ref. or date]

View of encampment at Fornham near Bury St. Edmunds by J. Kendall  HA11/B2/1  1782

Enrolment articles for independent troop of Yeomanry Cavalry in Blything Hundred; to be called Loyal Blything Suffolk Yeomanry  HA11/B2/2  1700-1799

Proposals for rendering general body instrumental to general defence in case of invasion. Printed at Ipswich (John Bush)  HA11/B2/3  (c. 1800)

8 copies.

Twelfth report of Commissioners of Military Inquiry: Ordnance Office.  HA11/B2/4  1810

Memoir on the defence of East Suffolk by force composed of militia artillery, supported by militia of the line.  HA11/B2/5  1800-1899


'The Militia of the United Kingdom with suggestions for Permanent Organization' by R.A. Shafto Adair.  HA11/B2/6  1800-1899

Plan of Artillery Defence for the County of East Suffolk, presented to the Earl of Stradbroke (as Lord Lieutenant) by R.A. Shafto Adair, Lt. Col. Comm. Suffolk Artillery Regiment of Militia.  HA11/B2/7  Undated

Letters concerning accounts of Paymaster Wales, East Suffolk Militia.  HA11/B2/8  1832

Certificate of discharge, David Kett, Wisset, Royal Artillery.  HA11/B2/9  1836

Letter from William Berkham concerning administration of militia.  HA11/B2/10  1843

Bundle  HA11/B2/11  1845-1937

Letter from War Office approving appointment of Sergeant Major John McGregor as Adjutant to the West Suffolk Militia, 24th January, 1846.  HA11/B2/11/1  [n.d.]

Letter from Henry Waring, Guernsey, asking for appointment to lieutenancy in the Suffolk Militia, 13th December, 1845.  HA11/B2/11/2  [n.d.]

Letter from War Office approving appointment of John Sheppard Esq., as Captain in the East Suffolk Militia, 18th June, 1846.  HA11/B2/11/3  [n.d.]

Letter from War Office approving appointment of Cornet Peter Huddleston as Lieutenant in the 1st Loyal Suffolk Yeomanry Cavalry and of Fuller Maitland Wilson, gent., as Cornet, 8th May, 1846.  HA11/B2/11/4  [n.d.]

Monthly return of the permanent staff of the East Suffolk (Light Infantry) Regiment of Militia, commanded by Col. Henry Bence Bence, 1st June, 1847.  HA11/B2/11/5  [n.d.]

Letter from the War Office asking Lord Stradbroke to investigate the case of Captain Pretyman of the East Suffolk Militia, charged with misconduct, 25th June, 1846. With copies of relevant documents.  HA11/B2/11/6  [n.d.]

Letter from George Gooch, Ipswich, to Lord Stradbroke resigning his commission in the West Suffolk Militia, 28th August, 1852.  HA11/B2/11/7  [n.d.]

Rough memorandum concerning the male population of the County and the number of men required for the Militia.  HA11/B2/11/8  [n.d.]

Letter from Lord Palmerston to the Earl of Stradbroke recommending the use of carbines by the Long Melford Troop of Yeomanry Cavalry instead of pistols and lances, 13 December, 1853. (Signature of Palmerston)  HA11/B2/11/9  [n.d.]

Letter from Lord Roberts (signature) at the War Office declining further advancement for Major Vane Stow, 1st City of London R.G.A. (Vols.). 27th May, 1903.  HA11/B2/11/10  [n.d.]

Letter from Lt. Col. George Deare, Commandant of the West Suffolk Militia, to Lord Stradbroke, concerning the resignation of Capt. Thomas Ross, 28th October, 1855. With relevant letter from Ross.  HA11/B2/11/11  [n.d.]

Circular letter from the War Office concerning the supply of uniforms for drummers and buglers, 20th May, 1853.  HA11/B2/11/12  [n.d.]

Fragment of letter bearing signature of Peel.  HA11/B2/11/13  [n.d.]

Newspaper cutting concerning appeal by Lady Stradbroke to provide colours for the two battalions of the territorial force of the County. No date.  HA11/B2/11/14  [n.d.]

Newspaper cutting concerning church parade at Henham Hall by the 1st Norfolk Royal Garrison Artillery before transferring to the Territorial Army. No date.  HA11/B2/11/15  [n.d.]

Cutting from the Eastern Daily Press, 6th February, 1907, concerning inauguration of new drill hall premises at Great Yarmouth by Lord Stradbroke.  HA11/B2/11/16  [n.d.]

Printed Proposals for rendering the body of the people instrumental to the general defence in case of invasion. No date. Printed by Bush, Ipswich. (as HA11/B2/3)  HA11/B2/11/17  [n.d.]

Letter from Lord Jermyn, Ickworth, to Lord Stradbroke, concerning the appointment of Edward Clarke as an ensign in the West Suffolk Militia, also concerning his own position as Hon. Colonel to the Regiment, 26th September, 1855.  HA11/B2/11/18  [n.d.]

State of the West Suffolk Militia, Bury St. Edmunds, October, 1855.  HA11/B2/11/19  [n.d.]

Circular letter to Lord Stradbroke concerning subscriptions for memorial to the late Field Marshal Lord Raglan, August, 1855.  HA11/B2/11/20  [n.d.]

Letter from Lord Jermyn to Lord Stradbroke concerning appointment of William Kelly as sergeant on the permanent staff of the West Suffolk Militia, 21st July, 1854.  HA11/B2/11/21  [n.d.]

Reprint from the Gloucestershire Echo, December, 10th, 1936, concerning meeting at Withington calling for the revival of the County Militia.  HA11/B2/11/22  [n.d.]

Printed pamphlet: On the Danger of Invasion and the Means of Avoiding it. April, 1858.  HA11/B2/11/23  [n.d.]

Minutes of meeting of Deputy Lieutenants held at the Great White Horse Hotel, Ipswich, 10th December, 1853; with covering letter from W. Salmon, 12th November, 1853  HA11/B2/11/24  [n.d.]

Newspaper cutting being letter from R. Gunther, Withington, concerning the revival of the County Militia, 25th January, 1937.  HA11/B2/11/25  [n.d.]

Reprint from the Wilts & Gloucestershire Standard of letter from A.J. Collins, Evesham, on the same subject, 2nd December, 1936.  HA11/B2/11/26  [n.d.]

Notice of appointment of special constables by Justices of the Peace to deal with disturbance at Wickham Market.  HA11/B2/12  1848

Letter from Home Secretary informing the Earl of Stradbroke of the Queen's approval of appointment of Deputy Lieutenants.  HA11/B2/13  1848

Sir George Grey: signature.

Printed letter addressed to Lord Lieutenant advocating County meeting to consider the re-assumption of Papal Supremacy.  HA11/B2/14  1850

Act to consolidate and amend laws relating to Militia.  HA11/B2/15  1852

Memoranda on drill and instruction of militia recruits.  HA11/B2/16  1852

Bundle of copies of 21st annual report of Council of United Services institution.  HA11/B2/17  1852

Letter from H.J.B. Young, Hollesley Rectory, Woodbridge, requesting inclusion in Commission of the Peace.  HA11/B2/18  1853

Act to suspend making of lists and ballots and enrolments for the militia.  HA11/B2/19  1853

With covering circular letter from the War Office.

Circular from Home Office concerning discontinuance of rank of Colonel in militia regiments.  HA11/B2/20  1853

Resignation of James Parry of his commission in the Suffolk Artillery Regiment.  HA11/B2/21  1853

Monthly return, West Suffolk Militia.  HA11/B2/22  October, 1853

Request to Lord Stradbroke to apply to Secretary of State for transfer of Colour Sergeant George Gulley from the 46th Regiment to Permanent Staff of West Suffolk Militia.  HA11/B2/23  1854

Warrants to the Earl of Stradbroke to draw out and embody West Suffolk Militia and Suffolk Regiment of Artillery.  HA11/B2/24  1854

Signatures of Sir George Grey, Home Secretary, and of Queen Victoria.
Two separate warrants.

Minutes of meeting of Deputy Lieutenants at Shirehall, Ipswich.  HA11/B2/25  7th January, 1854

Minutes of meeting of Deputy Lieutenants at Great White Horse Hotel, Ipswich.  HA11/B2/26  11th February, 1854

Minutes of meeting of Deputy Lieutenants, Shirehall, Ipswich.  HA11/B2/27  9th May, 1854

Letter from War Office concerning transfer of Colour Sergeant Martin Heybyrne from 73rd Foot to permanent staff of West Suffolk militia.  HA11/B2/28  1855

Application for majority, Captain James Chamber, Suffolk Artillery.  HA11/B2/29  1855

Letter from War Office approving, appointments of lieutenants in East Suffolk Regiment of Artillery.  HA11/B2/30  1855

Names of those proposed by Lord Lieutenant for addition to the Commission of the Peace.  HA11/B2/31  3rd November, 1856

Instructions to Chief Constable on return of Lord Lieutenant to Henham.  HA11/B2/32  1857

Circular from War Office concerning course of musketry instruction for adjutant and 2 sergeants of permanent staff of militia regiments.  HA11/B2/33  1859

Application of Capt. Robert Carew for post of adjutant to any Volunteers Corps in the County.  HA11/B2/34  1860

Review of Suffolk Rifle Volunteers, Carlton Park.  HA11/B2/35  21st September, 1861

3 copies.

Print of fete and review of Suffolk Volunteers, Henham Park.  HA11/B2/36  29th July, 1863

With letter from Lady Augusta Stradbroke to Lord Balfour inviting him to Henham for shooting, 20th September, 1863.
Also 2nd copy of the print.

Programme, church parade, to commemorate transformation of 1st Norfolk R.G.A. into County Territorial Forces of Norfolk and Suffolk.  HA11/B2/37  29th March, 1908

Cutting from Eastern Weekly Press concerning church parade at Henham, 1st Norfolk Royal Garrison Volunteers.  HA11/B2/38  4th April, 1908

Army Order, being a message from King George V on his accession.  HA11/B2/39  1910

Several copies.

Appointment of the Earl of Stradbroke as Lord Lieutenant of the County of Suffolk.  HA11/B2/40  1934-1935 25 George V

Great Seal.

Letters and papers from R.J. Gunther, Andoversford, Gloucs., concerning revival of militia in modernised form.  HA11/B2/41  1936

Souvenir booklet presented to the Earl of Stradbroke as Lord Lieutenant on his inaugurating new water undertakings to serve Bildeston, Boxford, Brettenham, Edwardstone, Lavenham, Nedging with Naughton, in Cosford R.D.C.  HA11/B2/42  1937

Forms for warrants to petty constables to give notice of training and exercise to enrolled men.  HA11/B2/43  Undated

Form for precept to constables for militia training and exercise.  HA11/B2/44  Undated

Notes by Miss L.J. Redstone and correspondence with the Admiralty concerning the office of Vice-Admiral of the Suffolk coast.  HA11/B2/45  1950-1952

Letter from Capt. F.R. Bingham, R.A., reporting on the camp of the 1st Norfolk Volunteer Artillery. 15th August, 1899.  HA11/B2/46  1897-1899

Together with account of expenditure for years 1897/8 and 1898/9.

QUARTER SESSIONS  [no ref. or date]

Bond, Thomas Dering, as Received of H.M. share arising from sale of goods forfeited by the Customs and of fines recovered before the Justice of the Peace. (Sir John Rous a party to the bond).  HA11/B3/1  7th March, 1778

Case whether franchise or division of Bury St. Edmunds should contribute towards new gaol at Ipswich.  HA11/B3/2  1786

Regulations for new gaol at Ipswich.  HA11/B3/3  1791

Printed order of Justices of Blything Hundred concerning Assize of Bread.  HA11/B3/4  1793

Bundle of Acts of Parliament  HA11/B3/5  1822

Act of Parliament: To facilitate summary proceeding before J.P's  HA11/B3/5/1  1822

Act of Parliament: For more speedy return and levying of fines, penalties etc.  HA11/B3/5/2  1822

Act of Parliament: To amend Act for relief of insolvent Debtors  HA11/B3/5/3  1822

Act of Parliament: To provide for imprisonment with hard labour  HA11/B3/5/4  1822

Act of Parliament: To consolidate Acts concerning rogues and vagabonds  HA11/B3/5/5  1822

Act of Parliament: To extend laws against receivers of stolen goods  HA11/B3/5/6  1822

Act of Parliament: To amend law with regard to recovery of damages caused by riots  HA11/B3/5/7  1822

Act of Parliament: For more adequate punishment of persons convicted of manslaughter  HA11/B3/5/8  1822

Act of Parliament: Appointment of magistrates in Beccles division to superintend bridges  HA11/B3/5/9  1822

Circular and returns of magistrates and magistrates' clerks' fees.  HA11/B3/6  1835

Order of Quarter Sessions appointing Earl of Stradbroke and other members of Committee to examine County rate.  HA11/B3/7  1836

List of parishes, arranged under Hundreds, in each division, with account of acreage, poor rates, income tax and county rates.  HA11/B3/8  c. 1843

Returns of prisoners in Ipswich Gaol and Beccles House of Correction.  HA11/B3/9  1846-1851

Printed depositions and correspondence concerning officer of Suffolk County Court.  HA11/B3/10  1849

Note concerning proportional rates (?) between various counties.  HA11/B3/11  1849

Return of expenditure of East Suffolk Constabulary for 4 years.  HA11/B3/12  28th February, 1850

Annual reports, Suffolk Lunatic Asylum  HA11/B3/13  1850-1857

1. 1850
2. 1857

Letter from John Gooding, under-sheriff, concerning wages of Justices and Clerks of the Peace.  HA11/B3/14  1851

Note of number of prisoners in Ipswich Gaol.  HA11/B3/15  17th February, 1851

Note of Justices present (at Petty Sessions).  HA11/B3/16  January-December, 1852

Act to consolidate and amend law for provision and regulation of lunatic asylums for counties and boroughs.  HA11/B3/17  1853

Appeal for subscriptions for a Reformatory School for County of Suffolk.  HA11/B3/18  1855

Election list, patients to be admitted to Eastern Counties Asylum for Idicts and Imbeciles, Colchester.  HA11/B3/19  12th January, 1860

Cutting from newspaper concerning appointments to magistracy.  HA11/B3/20  1883

Treasurer's account, Eastern Division of the County of Suffolk.  HA11/B3/21  1887-9

Account of fees to be paid to the Clerk of the Peace.  HA11/B3/22  Undated

Letter from Rev. Robert Cobbold, Carlton, concerning administration of Justices in cases of larceny and the like.  HA11/B3/23  Undated

Table showing account of traffic through Wickham Market for various purposes with account of population and acreage.  HA11/B3/24  Undated

Account of population of the County of Suffolk arranged according to divisions and Hundreds.  HA11/B3/25  Undated

Cases not triable by Court of Quarter Sessions which might be disposed of by that Court.  HA11/B3/26  Undated

Forms for various business  HA11/B3/27  Undated

Warrant to pay reward for apprehension of deserter.
Warrant to distrain for refusal to pay fair wages.
Warrant to search for rogues and vagabonds.
Warrant to discharge from custody.
Settlement certificates.

Proposed motion for return of wages paid to Justices under statutes 12 and 14 Richard II.  HA11/B3/28  Undated

COUNTY COUNCIL  [no ref. or date]

'Fifty Questions and Answers on Local Government Act, 1888'. By H.C. Alchorne Bingley, barrister.  HA11/B4/1  1888

Standing orders, East Suffolk County Council.  HA11/B4/2  1889

List of County Aldermen and Councillors and committees upon which it is suggested they should sit.  HA11/B4/3  1889

Reprint from Suffolk Chronicle of account of first meeting of East Suffolk County Council at Shire Hall, Ipswich.  HA11/B4/4  2nd February, 1889

Statement showing financial effect on entire county of a complete union of the administrative counties of East and West Suffolk.  HA11/B4/5  February, 1898

Printed report of Committee of Blything Rural District Council to consider taking over parish highways.  HA11/B4/6  (1890)

East Suffolk County Council handbook.  HA11/B4/7  1901

POOR LAW  [no ref. or date]

Blything Hundred Incorporation Act.  HA11/B5/1  4 George III. 1763-1764

Act for the better relief of the poor in the Hundred of Blything.  HA11/B5/2  1764

Amount of poor rates paid by parishes of Chediston, Cookley and Walpole in Blything Hundred.  HA11/B5/3  1804, 1814, 1824, 1834

Bundle  HA11/B5/4  1835-1836

Notices: Committee for promoting emigration of females to Austrailian Colonies, 1836.  HA11/B5/4/1  [n.d.]

2 copies

Advertisement: ship 'Camden' embarking for Australia from Gravesend.  HA11/B5/4/2  [n.d.]

Scheme for victualling female emigrants to Australia. John Marshall, agent to Committee, Cornhill, London. Several copies.  HA11/B5/4/3  [n.d.]

1 copy

Copies of papers presented to House of Commons by Emigration Committee concerning emigration to Australian Colonies, 4th March, 1836.  HA11/B5/4/4  [n.d.]

Poster: Emigration to Van Diemen's Land. Ship 'Amelia Thompson' leaving Gravesend, 28th April, 1836. Several copies.  HA11/B5/4/5  [n.d.]

1 copy

Circular from Emigration Department, Colonial Office, concerning wages in Van Diemen's Land, 1836. Several copies.  HA11/B5/4/6  [n.d.]

2 copies

Printed extracts from letter from John Sullivan, surgeon-superintendent of emigration ship 'Canton' addressed to Chairman of Emigration Committee, 1835.  HA11/B5/4/7  [n.d.]

Letter to Lord Stradbroke concerning particulars of ship 'Launceston' to be despatched to Van Diemen's Land, 28th April, 1836.  HA11/B5/4/8  [n.d.]

Address given at public dinner at Halesworth proposing toast of Blything Union.  HA11/B5/5  1837

Official Account of the Parochial Charities and Public Trust Funds belonging to each parish in Blything Union. Published by order of the Board. Halesworth, printed by T. Tippell.  HA11/B5/6  1838

Bundle  HA11/B5/7  1848

2 copies of Official Circular of General Board of Health to bodies charged with execution of Public Health Act and Nuisances Removal Act. 21st November, 1848.  HA11/B5/7/1  [n.d.]

Returns to Poor Law Board of statements concerning prevalence of sheep pox. 1848. With circular from Poor Law Board. Parishes of Wrentham, Huntingfield, Blythburgh, Stoven, Covehithe, Walberswick, South Cove and Henham.  HA11/B5/7/2  [n.d.]

Circular from Silver & Co., London and Liverpool, with list of clothes and other necessities for emigrants to Australia and New Zealand.  HA11/B5/8  1848

Statement of James Hill, Superintendent of Labour, Bulcamp House, concerning the administration of labour there.  HA11/B5/9  1849

Industrial Training of Pauper Children in Giltcross Union, Norfolk.  HA11/B5/10  1850

Copies of correspondence between Poor Law Board and Blything Guardians concerning maintenance orders where relief is charges to Common Fund of Union.  HA11/B5/11  1850

List of Guardians, Blything Union.  HA11/B5/12  1850

Letter from Clerk to Blything Guardians concerning charges against a Mr. Rackham.  HA11/B5/13  1853

Petition to House of Lords from Guardians of Samford Union for establishment of local authority to inspect and supervise living conditions.  HA11/B5/14  1853

Draft minutes of weekly meeting of Blything Union Guardians  HA11/B5/15  1st August, 1853

Charges of Rev. Henry Owen, Guardian, Blything Union, against Anthony Fisher, Relieving Officer.  HA11/B5/16  1854

Case for relief of William Walling, Dunwich, formerly of the ships 'Urgent' and 'Black Prince' in the Royal Navy.  HA11/B5/17  1867

Letter from Robert Logsdon, London, concerning publication of report on emigration to foreign countries.  HA11/B5/18  1874

Circular from Local Government Board concerning Public Health (Interments) Act.  HA11/B5/19  1879

Collectors' monthly statement of accounts, Blything Union.  HA11/B5/20  1882-1890

List of subscribers to testimonial from Guardians and Officers of Blything Board to the Earl of Stradbroke on the 50th unanimous election of the Earl as Chairman of the Board.  HA11/B5/21  1884

Collectors' monthly statement of accounts, Blything Union.  HA11/B5/22  1891-1892

Notice of appeal against assessment to poor rates, Shaddingfield, Wangford Union.  HA11/B5/23  1898

Standing Orders regulating administration of Out-door Relief in Blything Union.  HA11/B5/24  1899

Petition from agricultural labourers in and around parishes of Wickham Market, Easton, Parham and Glemham, to House of Lords to repeal Poor Law Amendment Act.  HA11/B5/25  Undated

Note concerning death of Sarah Mountain in Bulcamp House.  HA11/B5/26  Undated

Note concerning fees to be paid to various officers dealing with Union business.  HA11/B5/27  Undated

Councel's opinion concerning burial of paupers and payment of fees.  HA11/B5/28  Undated

AGRICULTURE  [no ref. or date]

Related information: See also HA11: 6483/39 and GC 491 for items re Suffolk Agricultural Association

Letter to Chelmsford Agricultural Society on causes of distressed state of agricultural classes by Lord Western  HA11/B6/1  1835

Premiums offered by the East Suffolk Agricultural Association with rules and lists of members  HA11/B6/2  1835-1859

Premiums with rules and lists of members  HA11/B6/2/1  1835

(1 copy returned to Lord Stradbroke, 26 July, 1955)

Premiums with rules and lists of members  HA11/B6/2/2  1836

Premiums with rules and lists of members  HA11/B6/2/3  1845

Premiums with rules and lists of members  HA11/B6/2/4  1847

Premiums with rules and lists of members  HA11/B6/2/5  1857

Premiums with rules and lists of members  HA11/B6/2/6  1858

Premiums with rules and lists of members  HA11/B6/2/7  1859

Request for subscription to East Suffolk Agricultural Association  HA11/B6/3  1845

Cutting from the Times of speech by Lord Brougham to the Cumberland and Westmoreland Agricultural Society  HA11/B6/4  31st August, 1849

'Ploughing by Steam' by Lord Willoughby de Eresby  HA11/B6/5  1850

Speech by George Frederick Young at public meeting at Framlingham, concerning price of corn. John Moseley, Great Glemham, in the chair.  HA11/B6/6  1851

Cutting from Times concerning Royal Agricultural Society.  HA11/B6/7  15th July, 1853

Notice: Suffolk Branch of the Anti-Malt Tax Association.  HA11/B6/8  Undated (after 1860)

'The Farm Labourer' by Sir Baldwyn Leighton, bart  HA11/B6/9  1872

'The Agricultural Labourer' by a Farmer's Son. Sent by the author to Lord Stradbroke.  HA11/B6/10  [n.d.]

1 copy with 2 copies of press opinions on the pamphlet.

Prospectus for 'Capital and Labour', weekly newspaper promoted by National Federation of Associated Employees of Labour.  HA11/B6/11  1874

Letter from John Waller, Hazlemere, near High Wycombe, concerning disputes between farmers and their employees.  HA11/B6/12  1874

To the Countess of Stradbroke congratulating her on her reply to the Bishop of Manchester's attack on the farmers of the Eastern Counties.  HA11/B6/13  1874

Bundle of 14 letters

With poem: 'The Strikes', dedicated to the British workman.

Concerning County meeting to be held at Ipswich to try to resolve disputes between farmers and their employees. With rules of Stoke and Melford Union Association or Benefit Society, 1873.  HA11/B6/14  1874

Bundle of letters

Cuttings entitled 'The Age We Live In' concerning disagreement between farmers and labourers in the Eastern Counties.  HA11/B6/15  18th April, 1874

Copies of Labourers' Union Chronicle  HA11/B6/16  1874

[no title]  HA11/B6/16/1  25th July, 1874

[no title]  HA11/B6/16/2  8th August, 1874

Rules and membership card, National Agricultural Union.  HA11/B6/17  1896

Forms for certificates for labourers, servants, shepherds, prize cattle, East Suffolk Agricultural Association.  HA11/B6/18  Undated

1 set of forms returned to Lord Stradbroke, 26th July, 1955

National Co-operative Land Society.  HA11/B6/19  Undated


Rules, National Federation of Associated Employers of Labour.  HA11/B6/20  Undated

Notes for speech to Agricultural Association (Suffolk).  HA11/B6/21  Undated

Draft letter from Lord Stradbroke in reply to printed letter concerning locked out agricultural labourers at Newmarket.  HA11/B6/22  Undated

Petition from East Suffolk Agricultural Protection Society to House of Lords against extension of system of bonding foreign corn introduced by Act of 1828.  HA11/B6/23  Undated

'Our Food Supply in Time of War' by Capt. Steward L. Murray, Gordon Highlanders.  HA11/B6/24  Undated

Of 'The Farm Labourers' Catechism' by the Chairman of the North Essex district of the National Agricultural Labourers' Union.  HA11/B6/25  Undated

3 copies

Made up pamphlet consisting of cuttings of speech by Mr. Briggs concerning taxation of agricultural produce, stuck into a small book.  HA11/B6/26  Undated

Notes concerning state of agriculture.  HA11/B6/27  Undated

Cutting of copy of letter sent to Lord Granville by Mr. T. Briggs concerning free trade.  HA11/B6/28  Undated

Circular letter from Mr. Harley, London, enclosing printed prospectus of book on Dairy Farming and printed proposal for making unadulterated bread in London  HA11/B6/29  1829

HARBOURS  [no ref. or date]

Letter from J. Jermyn, Halesworth, as town clerk of Southwold, concerning appointment of temporary collector of harbour dues.  HA11/B7/1  1802

Historical report on Southwold Harbour by Lieut. F.W. Ellis, R.N.  HA11/B7/2  1839

Letter to the Earl of Stradbroke as to expediency of improving Southwold Harbour by means of River Blyth. Published at request of Southwold Harbour Commissioners.  HA11/B7/3  1840

Report to Commissioners of Southwold Harbour on state of harbour, bar and river by James Walker, Esq., Civil Engineer.  HA11/B7/4  25th August, 1841

Memorial from Commissioners of Southwold Harbour to the Lords Commissioner for the office of High Admiral concerning proposed 'Harbour Conservancy Bill'  HA11/B7/5  1847

3 copies.

Letter from J. Gooding, Southwold, concerning claim of Commissioners of Woods and Forests to sea shore and soil and bed of tidal harbours and navigable rivers.  HA11/B7/6  1851

Bill, Aldeburgh Harbour of Refuge.  HA11/B7/7  1851

Plans, Aldeburgh Harbour of Refuge, by Peter Bruff.  HA11/B7/8  1851

Statement to support Bill, Aldeburgh Harbour of Refuge.  HA11/B7/9  1851

Abstract of Treasurer's account, Southwold Harbour.  HA11/B7/10  1856

Print of launching of 'Ipswich' lifeboat, River Orwell, later stationed at Thorpe, near Aldeburgh.  HA11/B7/11  29th May, 1862

2 copies.

RAILWAYS  [no ref. or date]

Bundle  HA11/B8/1  1845

Form for subscription list to promote Ipswich-Yarmouth Railway, 1845.  HA11/B8/1/1  [n.d.]

Prospectus, Ipswich-Yarmouth Coast Railway, with map, 1845.  HA11/B8/1/2  [n.d.]

2 copies.

Report to Committee of London and Norwich Direct Railway upon the proposed line by John Rennie, 1845.  HA11/B8/1/3  [n.d.]

Prospectus, London and Norwich Direct Railway, with map.  HA11/B8/1/4  [n.d.]

Report of committee of town of Great Yarmouth on London and Norwich Direct Railway.  HA11/B8/1/5  [n.d.]

2 copies.

Prospectus, East Suffolk Railway.  HA11/B8/2  c. 1853

3 copies

Timetables: Eastern Counties and Eastern Union Railway, being supplements to the Ipswich Journal  HA11/B8/3  1855-1859

Timetables  HA11/B8/3/1  1855 (April)

Timetables  HA11/B8/3/2  1856 (January)

Timetables  HA11/B8/3/3  1858 (April)

Timetables  HA11/B8/3/4  1858 (May)

Timetables  HA11/B8/3/5  1858 (December)

Timetables  HA11/B8/3/6  1859 (February)

Draft agreement between Eastern Counties Railway Co. and Sir Samuel Morton Peto, Westminster.  HA11/B8/4  1858

Souvenir Programme: cutting the first sod for the Mid-Suffolk Light Railway by H.R.H. Duke of Cambridge at Westerfield Junction.  HA11/B8/5  1902

2 copies.

Papers and correspondence concerning case as to investment in the Mid-Suffolk Light Railway.  HA11/B8/6  1907

Map of London and Norwich Railway through Bury St. Edmunds.  HA11/B8/7  Undated

Plans and sections of Halesworth, Beccles and Haddiscoe Railway.  HA11/B8/8  Undated

C.S. map showing route of Halesworth, Beccles and Haddiscoe Railway.  HA11/B8/9  Undated

Draft report of Committee on desirability of constructing railway from Slough to Windsor.  HA11/B8/10  Undated

NAVIGATION  [no ref. or date]

Report of Surveying Officers appointed by Admiralty under Preliminary Inquiries Act, 9 & 10 Vic., Norwich and Yarmouth Navigation.  HA11/B9/1  Undated

TURNPIKES  [no ref. or date]

Bundle  HA11/B10/1  1803-1807

Act to continue term for amending read from Ipswich to Southtown and from Darsham to Bungay, 1807.  HA11/B10/1/1  [n.d.]

Enclosure Act, Shaddingfield Common, 1803-4.  HA11/B10/1/2  [n.d.]

Act to enlarge powers for repairing road from Little Yarmouth to Blythburgh and from Brampton to Halesworth  HA11/B10/2  1811

General statement of income and expenditure, Aldeburgh Turnpike  HA11/B10/3  1850

WATERWORKS  [no ref. or date]

Map showing course of mains and positions of principal reservoir, Lambeth Waterworks  HA11/B11/1  Undated

EDUCATION AND SCHOOLS  [no ref. or date]

Letter from Rev. Robert Cobbold, Carlton Rookery, concerning reading room and institute at Saxmundham.  HA11/B12/1  21st December, 1847

Balance sheet and list of subscribers, Westhall National schools.  HA11/B12/2  1855

Book of poems by A.J. Swinburne, being a souvenir of the 21st anniversary of the East Suffolk prize scheme.  HA11/B12/3  1901

Petition from Aldeburgh Mechanics' Institute to House of Lords for distribution of reports published by the House.  HA11/B12/4  Undated

FRIENDLY SOCIETIES  [no ref. or date]

Rules and tables, Suffolk Provident Society.  HA11/B13/1  Undated (after 1875)

14th Annual report, Suffolk Provident Society.  HA11/B13/2  1888

Notes concerning formation of Friendly Society for agricultural labourers in Suffolk.  HA11/B13/3  Undated

SAVINGS BANKS  [no ref. or date]

General statement of funds and list of officers, Blything Savings Bank.  HA11/B14/1  1849

CHARITIES  [no ref. or date]

Particulars of appointments of Trustees, Mary Warner's Charity, Boyton.  HA11/B15/1  1736-1757

Notes concerning Boyton Charity.  HA11/B15/2  1777-1805

Letter from Rev. W. Aldrich, rector of Boyton, and chaplain to almshouses, concerning details of Boyton charity.  HA11/B15/3  1853

Letter from William Crabtree, Halesworth, concerning lease of dock at Boyton, subject to condition that they do not take clay belonging to trustees of charity exported from the quay there.  HA11/B15/4  1853

ECCLESIASTICAL  [no ref. or date]

'The Saints Everlasting Rest, a treatise of the blessed state of the saints' by Richard Baxter. Dedicated to Sir Thomas Rous and Lady Jane, his wife: "This first part of this Treatise was written under your Roof".  HA11/B16/1  1688

Particular of the rectory of Dennington.  HA11/B16/2  1774

Account of institutions to the vicarage of Sutton, taken from Institution Books.  HA11/B16/3  (1662-1786), 1804

Letter from Robert Field requesting particulars of Sutton living.  HA11/B16/4  1807

State of purchase of vicarage of Sutton, Rev. Jacob Chilton, of Lord Rous.  HA11/B16/5  1808

Notes concerning the living of Sutton.  HA11/B16/6  Undated

Letter from H.W.R. Birch, Sibton, to his uncle, concerning appointment to livings of Reydon and Southwold.  HA11/B16/7  1825

Related information: See also: HA11/A7/2. Put with this letter: a photostat copy of portrait of Rev. Birch in the possession of Major Pope (a member of the Birch family) (Neg. No. 852).

Consent of H.W.R. Birch to arrangement concerning livings of Southwold, Yoxford and Bedfield.  HA11/B16/8  1826

Related information: See also: HA11/A7/2.

Letter to Mr. Birch concerning his preferment.  HA11/B16/9  1826

Related information: See also: HA11/A7/2.

Notes concerning value of advowson of rectory: Arthur Morgan, Equitable Assurance Office.  HA11/B16/10  1834

Form for appointment of chaplain.  HA11/B16/11  1841

3rd annual report of Diocesan Society of Archdeaconry of Suffolk for promoting education.  HA11/B16/12  1842

'Conference between two men who had doubts about Infant Baptism' by Rev. W. Wall, published by S.P.C.K.  HA11/B16/13  1847

Estimate for restoration of St. Peter's Church, Wangford.  HA11/B16/14  1848

Design for pavement, Wangford Church Tower.  HA11/B16/15  Undated

Plan of proposed lay-out of ground immediately surrounding Wangford church.  HA11/B16/16  Undated

Note concerning tithes, Rectory of Alderton.  HA11/B16/17  1849

Sermon preached at Southwold church in memory of Rev. H.W.R. Birch, by his son.  HA11/B16/18  1854

Sermon preached at anniversary of new church at Sotherton by Rev. W.E. Scudamore.  HA11/B16/19  St. Andrew's Day, 1855

Printed memorial and circular addressed to Lord Palmerston for clergy and laity of Archdeaconry of Suffolk for division of episcopal jurisdiction over the diocese of Norwich.  HA11/B16/20  1857

Copy of tracing made, 1774, by John Ives of centre light of middle window of north aisle of St. Peter's Church, Wangford.  HA11/B16/21  September, 1881

Drawings, tracings and relevant papers, East window, Wangford church.  HA11/B16/22  1886

Design for church window, location and date unknown.  HA11/B16/23  [n.d.]

Booklet containing words of 2 hymns, on cover 'St. Albans, 21st December, 1899'.  HA11/B16/24  1899

Notice of tithes due to vicar of Yoxford.  HA11/B16/25  1901

Letter from Mrs. Jane Long, Sternfield, to Lord Stradbroke, concerning presentation to the living of Saxmundham.  HA11/B16/26  6th December, -----

Notes concerning 2 candidates for a vacant living, Rev. Brown and Rev. North.  HA11/B16/27  undated

Constitution and rules, Corporation for relief of poor widows and orphans of clergymen of the archdeaconries of Sudbury and Suffolk or elsewhere in Suffolk.  HA11/B16/28  undated

Plans of Wangford Church  HA11/B16/29  1800-1899

Plans for new chancel: E.L. Blackburn, architect: no date (19c.). Numbered 1 and 7.  HA11/B16/29/1 and 2  [n.d.]

Detail of chancel roof: no date (19c.).  HA11/B16/29/3  [n.d.]

Details of new book boards and fronts to Lord Stradbroke's and East Pew: E.L. Blackburn, architect: no date (19c).  HA11/B16/29/4  [n.d.]


Petitions to House of Lords against admission of Jews to Parliament  HA11/B17/1  undated

From parish of Saxmundham.  HA11/B17/1/1  [n.d.]

From parish of Kelsale with Carlton.  HA11/B17/1/2  [n.d.]

From parish of North Cove.  HA11/B17/1/3  [n.d.]

From parish of Frostenden.  HA11/B17/1/4  [n.d.]

From parish of Lackford.  HA11/B17/1/5  [n.d.]

From parish of Great Thelnetham.  HA11/B17/1/6  [n.d.]

Loyal address from Borough of Beccles to the Queen on the marriage of Princess Royal with Prince Frederick William of Prussia.  HA11/B17/2  undated

Lists of signatures with place of residence and some occupations, probably for testimonial or petition.  HA11/B17/3  undated

PARLIAMENTARY  [no ref. or date]

Verses on the withdrawal of the Merchant Shipping Bill.  HA11/B18/1  1875

Part of paper on Tariff Reform.  HA11/B18/2  Undated. (after 1907)

Reasons for opposing amendments to Bill in Parliament.  HA11/B18/3  1911

Proof for correction of speech by Earl of Stradbroke in House of Lords.  HA11/B18/4  18th March, 1914

Form for appointment of proxy to attend House of Lords.  HA11/B18/5  Undated. (t. Vict.)

Abstract of various laws for better ordering of society: printed by Young and Bacon, Norwich.  HA11/B18/6  Undated

Notes concerning supporters and opposers of Bill for railway, N.W. London, Harrow, Brentford district.  HA11/B18/7  Undated

Notes concerning the growth of British economic power.  HA11/B18/8  Undated


Narrative account of election at Stowmarket.  HA11/B19/1  Undated. 1700-1799

Copy of letter from R. Holt, Bury St. Edmunds, to Samuel Kilderbee, concerning same election.  HA11/B19/2  1761

In fragment.

Suffolk Poll Books  HA11/B19/3  1784-1790

1. 1784. (2 copies, 1 annotated)
2. 1790. (2 copies)

Bundle of papers concerning case relating to Suffolk election: including case for opinion of counsel, agents' account, publicans' accounts, lists of names of those who were appointed Canvassing Committee for the different Hundreds.  HA11/B19/4  1791

With household vouchers, 1817-1818.

Verses in support of Kelly.  HA11/B19/5  1852

Printed letters addressed to electors of City of Westminster by De Lacy Evans and John Villiers Shelley: prospective candidates.  HA11/B19/6  1857

Circular concerning formation of branch of Primrose League to be known as the 'Rous Habitation'.  HA11/B19/7  1885

Numerous copies

Agent's report, Eye Division of Suffolk Conservative and Unionist Association presented at meeting of Executive Committee.  HA11/B19/8  5th February, 1927

Note concerning those present at meeting at 'Angel', Bury St. Edmunds, who promised 'neutral assistance'. Also at the 'Star and Garter'.  HA11/B19/9  3rd and 19th March, 19 (?)

Verses in support of Greville.  HA11/B19/10  Undated

NAVAL  [no ref. or date]

Navy list  HA11/B20/1  1817

Print of scene at banquet: testimonial to Admiral Rous  HA11/B20/2  1866

AUSTRALIAN PAPERS  [no ref. or date]

Bundle of papers and correspondence concerning James Lowe, transported for 15 years for shooting and wounding a man, including cutting from Sydney Morning Herald, 11th March, 1846  HA11/B21/1  1846-1849

Letter from James Lowe requesting certificate as to his good character before transportation. Endorsed with certificate  HA11/B21/2  1849

Letter from James Lowe, Hobart Town, to the Earl of Stradbroke, concerning his possible restitution  HA11/B21/3  1850

Cover for letter addressed to James Lowe, Hobart Town  HA11/B21/4  1850

Newspaper Copies  HA11/B21/5  1907-1926

Victoria Daily Colonist, 10th October, 1907.  HA11/B21/5/1  [n.d.]

Melbourne Sun, 8th April, 1926.  HA11/B21/5/2  [n.d.]

GREAT EXHIBITION, 1851  [no ref. or date]

'Model Houses for families built in connexion with Great Exhibition of 1851 by command of H.R.H. Prince Albert by Henry Roberts, F.S.A.'  HA11/B22/1  1851

PARISH RECORDS: WANGFORD  [no ref. or date]

Receipt for procuration due from parish of Wangford, from Thomas Tedman, prebendary, cathedral church of Norwich, to Thomas Rous  HA11/B23/1  3rd October, 1550

Receipt for procuration and synodal, parish of Wangford  HA11/B23/2  1568

PARISH RECORDS: HENHAM  [no ref. or date]

Vestry meeting and parish meeting minute book.  HA11/B24/1  1882-1926

Overseers' account books  HA11/B24/2  1801-1857


1. 1801-1838.
2. 1838-1857

Letter from Poor Law Commissioners confirming resolution of ratepayers and property owners to borrow £100 for emigration purposes.  HA11/B24/3  1857

Assessment to poor rates.  HA11/B24/4  1863

Rate book.  HA11/B24/5  1881-1884

Highway surveyors' account book.  HA11/B24/6  1794

Repairs expenditure account, Surveyor of Highways.  HA11/B24/7  1881


Assessment to poor rates.  HA11/B25/1  1832


Assessments to poor rates  HA11/B26/1  1824-1842

Assessments to poor rates  HA11/B26/1/1  1824


Assessments to poor rates  HA11/B26/1/2  1842


Account of relief paid, ordered by Weekly Committee  HA11/B26/2  1829-1830

PATRONAGE  [no ref. or date]

List of persons and ages, with dates and (patrons)  HA11/B27/1  1700-1799

Bundle  HA11/B27/2  1835-1865

Letter from Calvert St. Academy, Norwich, concerning subscription copy of Companion and Key to History of England, 1836.  HA11/B27/2/1  [n.d.]

Request for donation to Limerick Mendicity, 1835.  HA11/B27/2/2  [n.d.]

2 copies

Request for assistance, W. Browne, Globe Lane, Ipswich, 1836  HA11/B27/2/3  [n.d.]

Request for position as letter carrier for G.P.O. 1836.  HA11/B27/2/4  [n.d.]

Petition from Eliza Goggin, widow of Michael Goggin, stamp distributor, against eviction, 1835.  HA11/B27/2/5  [n.d.]

Petition from Laurence Ryan, Middleshanacloun, on loss of his mare.  HA11/B27/2/6  [n.d.]

Letter from Thomas O'Brien, Newport, against eviction, 1836.  HA11/B27/2/7  [n.d.]

Request for assistance in finding situation, Samuel Denny, Sweffling, 1836.  HA11/B27/2/8  [n.d.]

Letter from Thomas Alleyne, Templemore, asking for recommendation as Magistrates' clerk: together with copy of memorial to the Bishop of Carhill, Cork and Limerick for a situation to which he was entitled because his father was tenant to the Kingston estate, 13th July, 1836.  HA11/B27/2/9  [n.d.]

Account of New Year's gift to poor children, living in Henham or Bulcamp and working with the Earl of Stradbroke  HA11/B27/3  1865

Form for subscription being made for Mr. Barber's benefit  HA11/B27/4  Undated

Copy of petition of John Scowen, late coachman of the Ipswich and Norwich mail, now destitute  HA11/B27/5  Undated

SOCIAL EVENTS  [no ref. or date]

List for ball.  HA11/B28/1  22nd November, 1853

Henham Fete bills.  HA11/B28/2  1863

Book of tickets, Henham Fancy Fair.  HA11/B28/3  27th September, 1866

Papers concerning Henham Harvest Homes.  HA11/B28/4  1869-1871


Dinner menu, Henham Hall.  HA11/B28/5  22nd November, 1893

List of tenants invited to Henham Hall.  HA11/B28/6  28th September, 1905

Programme, Henham Harrier Puppy Show.  HA11/B28/7  1906

Programme, Royal Review of Boy Scouts at Windsor Great Park.  HA11/B28/8  4th July, 1911

Account for Wangford, Henham and Sotherton Coronation festivities.  HA11/B28/9  1937

Copy letter by Lord Stradbroke to Mr. H.R. Plant, commenting on the latter's book The Village of Dennington and referring to the celebrations for the Jubilee of King George V.  HA11/B28/10  26 Jan 1978

SPORTING EVENTS  [no ref. or date]

Note concerning dogs.  HA11/B29/1  1818-1819

Results of coursing meetings  HA11/B29/2  1822-1828

Swaffham and Newmarket.  HA11/B29/2/1  1822 (February and November)

Swaffham and Newmarket.  HA11/B29/2/2  1823

Newmarket.  HA11/B29/2/3  1824

Swaffham and Newmarket.  HA11/B29/2/4  1825

Swaffham and Newmarket.  HA11/B29/2/5  1826

Swaffham.  HA11/B29/2/6  1828

Bundle  HA11/B29/3  1828-1830

List of runners, Leamington Stakes, Warwick Races, 1830.  HA11/B29/3/1  [n.d.]

List of races, Egham, 1830.  HA11/B29/3/2  [n.d.]

List of dogs and prices offered.  HA11/B29/3/3  [n.d.]

Results, Swaffham Coursing meeting, 1828.  HA11/B29/3/4  [n.d.]

Lists of runners, with weights.  HA11/B29/3/5  [n.d.]

List of runners, Ascot Heath, 1830.  HA11/B29/3/6  [n.d.]

Letter from Thomas Agnew, Manchester, to the Earl of Stradbroke, accompanying copy of etching by Reynolds of Waterloo Coursing meeting, painted by Mr. Ansdell.  HA11/B29/4  17th May, 1842

Letter from Francis Clarke, Doncaster, concerning bets laid on various horses.  HA11/B29/5  1847

Copy of the Racing Calendar.  HA11/B29/6  21st April, 1850

Notice of sale of greyhounds, Dycer, Dublin.  HA11/B29/7  12th April, 1855

Journals, Henham Harriers  HA11/B29/8  1888-1911

[no title]  HA11/B29/8/1  1888-1894

With photographs.  HA11/B29/8/2  1894-1911

Lists of Waveney Harriers.  HA11/B29/9  1888-1908

Handbook, Oakley Park Harriers.  HA11/B29/10  1907-1908

Newspaper cutting headed: 'Early Shooting Parties'.  HA11/B29/11  Undated

SUFFOLK ESTATE  [no ref. or date]

EVIDENCES OF TITLE  [no ref. or date]

Release  HA11/C1/1  17th October, 1584

By Nicholas Hare of Stowbardolk, Norfolk, Esq., to his cousin, Thomas Rous of Dennington, Esq., his wardship and marriage for which Thomas Rous had lately compounded with Nicholas Hare: also grant by Nicholas Hare to Thomas Rous of all such lease, etc., as Thomas Rous, father of the Thomas Rous, party to this document, died seized of. Seal: armorial.

Copy of the will  HA11/C1/2  15th July, 1609

Of Michael Hare, Bruisyard, Esq., 'now being confined at Bruisyard aforesaid for cause of my conscience in matters of religion'. He desires to be buried in his chapel at Bruisyard Church, newly built by him, between his two deceased wives. The principal beneficiaries are his nephews, Sir John Rous and Nicholas Tymperley.

Marriage settlement  HA11/C1/3  21st February, 1824

Spencer Horsey Kilderbee, son and heir of Rev. Samuel Kilderbee, Great Glemham, D.D., and Lady Louisa Maria Judith Rous.

Quit claim  HA11/C1/4  Undated

To 6 acres of land in Brampton, held of Jordan de Brampton, Geoffrey Coe to his daughter, Mariote. Seal: white wax.

Grant of 6 acres of land  HA11/C1/5  Undated

In Brampton, held of Jordan de Brampton, Mariote, daughter of Geoffrey Coe to Ralph de Monei. Consideration: 14/-. Annual rent: 9d. Scutage: 20s 2d.

Grant of 6 acres of land  HA11/C1/6  Undated

In Brampton, of the fee of Hugh Jordan, 12½ acres of land in Stoven in the field called Northfeld: also all the meadow which Roger de Money holds in Stoven in the hand of his mother Dotis and 8 cartloads of turf annually from the marshes called Horsfen, Nethstall or Grimesfen: Roger de Money to his brother, Alan. Annual rent 16d. For the king's military service: 20s. 6d. Green and yellow silk seal bag.

Grant  HA11/C1/7  Undated

To the church and priory of St. Peter, Wangford, of 2½ acres of land in Brampton by Alan de Moneya. Annual rent: 2d. Consideration: 2½ silver marks. Seal: white wax.

Grant in free alms  HA11/C1/8  Undated

Of annual rent of 18d by Ralph, son of Eudonis de Mellis, to the church and monks of St. Peter, Wangford.
The rent made up as follows:-
8d from Benedict de Holebec) 16d from Holketelespettel
8d from Richard Svarttbrod) or
2d from Hugh Pennewit) 2d from Netlespettel

Quit claim  HA11/C1/9  8th May, 1379

By Thomas atte Medwe of Pakefield and Alice, his wife, to Brother Roger de Shropham, Prior of Wangford, to messuage with appurtenances in Benacre lately belonging to Bartholemew Carman, formerly Alice's man.

Letters of naturalisation  HA11/C1/10  8th November, 1393

For the alien priory of Wangford. By writ of Privy Seal. With pen and ink decoration. Great Seal of Richard II, edges chipped, otherwise in good condition.

Register of Wangford Priory  HA11/C1/11  Undated 1500-1535

Hide cover

With also survey of Henham and Reydon.

Copies of deeds of grants and other memoranda concerning Reydon, Uggeshall, Henham and Benacre.  HA11/C1/11/a  [n.d.]

Account of subsidy from the Priory's possessions, 1532.  HA11/C1/11/b  [n.d.]

Account of spiritualities and temporalities of the Priory.  HA11/C1/11/c  [n.d.]

List of works.  HA11/C1/11/d  [n.d.]

Extracts from Wangford manor court rolls, 6 Edward I to 16 Henry VIII. Courts with leet, covering also Henham and Reydon.  HA11/C1/11/e  [n.d.]

Articles of agreement  HA11/C1/12  1537

Between Richard Freston, Esq., and Anthony Rous Esq., made at the instance of the Lord Privy Seal, concerning variances between them as to the 'celle' of Wangford and the manor and lands belonging thereto.
Included in the articles:-
a. Richard Freston is to relinquish his claim to the lease of the cell to Anthony Rous.
b. He is to sell the goods belonging to the cell for the payment of the Prior's debts.
c. Anthony Rous is to pay to Richard Freston 20 marks for redemption of lease to Sir William Cundall, priest for the serving of the church of Wangford.
d. Richard Freston is to have the office of stewardship and bailiffship of the manor of Wangford as granted to him by the Prior of Wangford.
e. Richard Freston is to have £20 for his good will. 30th April, 1537

Receipt for 40 marks by Richard Freston to Anthony Rous, part payment of sum due to him by order of award made between them.  HA11/C1/13  24th October, 1537

Bill of sale by Thomas Bery, Prior of St. Peter, Wangford, to Richard Freston, Esq., of  HA11/C1/14  25th January, 1537/8

56 combs of wheat @ 6/- the comb: £16. 16s.
18 combs of barley @ 2/8 the comb: 48/-
40 combs of bley @ 2/4 the comb: £4. 18s. 4d.
8 combs of rye @ 4/- the comb: 32/-
11 calves: 26/8
2 steers: 33/4
2 calves of 1 year: 10/-
30 sheep and lambs: 40/10
14 swine: 33/4
20 young heifers @ 8/- each: £4
Shod cart and 4 horses: £4
Lease of Stoven granted to John Robynson for a fine: £1
The Prior's debts are as follows:-
To the Duke of Suffolk: £13. 10s.
To Richard Freston, Esq: £10. 3s.
To Anthony Rouse: ( )
To ( )
To John Sone: £3. 16s. 10d.
To Sir William Cundall: 20/-
To ( )
To the vicar of Covehithe for reparations and other things: 33/-
A surplus of 4/- is paid by Richard Freston to the Prior.

Grant of annuity  HA11/C1/15  4th November, 1556

Of £6. 16s. 8d. arising from the manor of Wangford, for the term of 21 years: Thomas Rous, Esq., Henham, to Robert Hoxton of Sotherton and Thomas Walbye of Reydon, yeomen: in recompense and consideration that Robert and Thomas were held to John Mayhewe, Chyppesby, Norfolk, yeoman, for the payment of £143. 6s. 8d. and that the said John is now paid.

Copy of court roll  HA11/C1/16  1668

Manor of Wangford: surrender by Joseph Lillye of all his copyhold property held of this manor to the use of Sir John Rous, bart.

Quit claim  HA11/C1/17  29th June, 1318

To Roger Fyn, Laxfield, Roger Seyly, Alice Seyly and Alice Crysp, daughter of the late Roger Crysp, Laxfield, with all their families and chattels; also to the tenements which Roger Fyn and Robert Seyly, father of Roger Seyly and Alice Crysp held in Laxfield of William Jayot; also to all other lands and tenements which William Clouting acquired from William Jayot: Johanna, widow, of William Jayot, Ocholt, to William Clouting, Laxfield.

Quit claim  HA11/C1/18  19th March, 1366/7

To 3 rods of land in Laxfield, John Pelse and Robert Poteman to John Damett.

Deed of covenant  HA11/C1/19  29th September, 1539

Made by Anthony Rous, Esq., Dennington, to John Markaunte of the same place, smith, to take necessary steps to ensure John's good title to 3 pieces of pasture in Laxfield, parcel of lands called Clowtynges and Brydgis, containing 3 acres: Anthony Rous also bargains and sells to John Markaunte all evidences relating to the said pasture: he also agrees to indemnify John Markaunte against all claims of dower in the land by right of his wife, Agnes: John Markaunte agrees to pay Anthony Rous annuity of 3d. Consideration: £10.

Conveyance  HA11/C1/20  12th October, 1539

Of 3 pieces of pasture in Laxfield, parcel of lands called Clowtynges and Brydgis, containing 3 acres: Anthony Rous, Esq., Dennington, to John Markaunte of the same place. Annual rent: 3d.

Conveyance  HA11/C1/21  10th March, 1443/4

Of close called Hobyes in Dennington: Robert Rous, Dennington, to Reginald Rous, Richard Alred, chaplain, and others. Seal: armorial, Rous.

Bargain and sale  HA11/C1/22  4th October, 1556

Of pastures, lands and tenements called Langhow and Donwaldes together with the fending of the ways and paths in and about the said close called Donwaldes: Thomas Rous, Henham, Esq., to John Smyth, Laxfield, yeoman, reserving to Thomas Rous, as lord of the manor of Dennington, fealty and suit to the court general, to be led yearly for the manor, or 4d amerciament, and 31/6 annual rent.

Covenant by Thomas Rous Esq.  HA11/C1/23  12th July, 1600

Of Henham, to John Smythe of Parkefyld in Laxfield, that 5 pieces of land in Dennington in the occupation of Amos Fyske, conveyed to John Smith, were not held of the Queen in chief nor by knight service.

Acknowledgement  HA11/C1/24  12th July, 1600

For receipt of £300 purchase money for 5 pieces of land in Dennington, Thomas Rous to John Smith of Laxfield.

Copy of court roll  HA11/C1/25  20th December, 1726

Of the manor of Dennington with the members: admission of Robert Bence, Sibton, gent., to 1½ acres of land on the surrender of Robert and Thomas Partridge, husband and son of Maria Partridge, deceased.

Copy of assignment  HA11/C1/26  3rd July, 1886

Of iron room and its contents on piece of arable land called Church Field in Bruisyard, Edmund Dubois Cavell, Oaklands, Rendham, to Rev. Richard Peek, Sweffling.

Conveyance  HA11/C1/27  15th July, 1504

Of messuage with small garden adjoining in Wangford, a piece of marsh with a piece of land and a piece of meadow in Henham: John Wyld, Wangford, to John Martyn, Wangford, Thomas Gelyett and Thomas Barker, all of the same.

Copy of court roll  HA11/C1/28  15th April, 1545

Manor of Wangford; re-admission of William Bacheler and Johanna, his wife, to a cottage and pightle in Henham and 3 acres of land in Henham and 1 acre of land adjoining Le Wyke.

Copy of surrender  HA11/C1/29  23rd December, 1813

Of 1 piece of land called Ketteretts Brook and 2 pieces of land in close called Ketteretts, and 1 parcel of land called Mell land with a mill at the east end of the same piece, in Darsham, copyhold of the manor of Darsham with Yoxford: John Potter, demandant in recovery suffered of these lands, in confirmation of grant by way of exchange executed by Lord John Rous to Rev. Bence Bence in Thorington, Darsham and Bramfield.

Memorandum of agreement between Lord Rous, Henham Hall, and William Neeve, Darsham, farmer, for the lease of Darsham Hall.  HA11/C1/30  1815

Conveyance  HA11/C1/31  1840-1849

Fragments of

Of messuage and lands in Darsham.

Bond to surrender tenement called Belamyes, copyhold of the manor of Wrentham Poynings, lying in Wrentham: John Kempe, Frostenden, husbandman, and Thomas Walbye, Reydon, yeoman, to Thomas Rows, Henham, Esq.  HA11/C1/32  14th December, 1547

Agreement for the lease of Fern Hill, near Windsor, for Ascot Race Week: Countess of Mansfield, Langham House, Portland Place, to the Earl of Stradbroke, 18 Queen St., Mayfair.  HA11/C1/33  4th June, 1850

With list of dilapidations on the Earl's quitting the premises, 15th June, 1850.

Lease of the manor of Burlingham, Norfolk, with appurtenances in Burlingham, Kirby, Brammerton and Rokelond, for 20 years: John Leigh, Isely, Cumberland, to Edmond Whyte, Shottesham, Norfolk, Esq.; the manor being subject to two rent charges, both of 40/- each to William Russell, Norwich, and to Vincent Copton, London, skinner, for the terms of their lives.  HA11/C1/34  30th November, 1536

Bond for the payment of £20 10s. John Haddenham, Middleton, yeoman, to Anthony Soane of Heveningham, yeoman.  HA11/C1/35  14th April, 1707

Copy of the will Of Isaac Clarke, Butley, blacksmith.  HA11/C1/36  1820

Type-written copies of deeds and other documents, chiefly concerning Laxfield and Dennington.  HA11/C1/37  1539-1736

MANORIAL  [no ref. or date]

Court bock  HA11/C2/1  1589-1591

Paper, parchment cover

Courts with leet: also lists of suitors.
Manor of Reydon: 34 Elizabeth to 8 James I.
Manor of Henham: 34 Elizabeth to 7 James I.
Manors of Reydon and Henham mixed: 32 and 33 Elizabeth.

Fragment of court roll, Henham with Cravens. Used as envelope  HA11/C2/2  1687

Rental, manor of Henham  HA11/C2/3  1537/8

1 paper

Bundle of rentals for the manor of Reydon, Henham, Wangford and Sotherton, with one for the manor of Bulcamp.  HA11/C2/4  1611-1702

Rentals  HA11/C2/4/1  1611

Rentals  HA11/C2/4/2  1644

Rentals  HA11/C2/4/3  1645, 1656

Rentals  HA11/C2/4/4  1651

Rentals  HA11/C2/4/5  1656

Rentals for 6 years.  HA11/C2/4/6  1666

Rentals  HA11/C2/4/7  1669

Rentals  HA11/C2/4/8  1678

Rentals  HA11/C2/4/9  1679

Rentals  HA11/C2/4/10  1683

Rentals  HA11/C2/4/11  1688

Rentals  HA11/C2/4/12  1688

Rentals  HA11/C2/4/13  1689

Rentals  HA11/C2/4/14  1690

Rentals for the manor of Bulcamp.  HA11/C2/4/15  1702

Rental for the manors of Henham with Cravens, Sotherton, Wangford, Reydon, Bedfield, Farm Hall in Brundish, Dennington with the members, Bruisyard, Soke Bretton.  HA11/C2/5  1644-1691

1 Book

With loose rental for Cullyer rents, 1660, and rental for the manor of Henham, 1703.

Rental for the manor of Reydon.  HA11/C2/6  Undated

1 Book

Rental  HA11/C2/7  1740-1740

1 Book

For the manors of Henham with Cravens, Wangford, Reydon, Reydon Cullyer rents, Sotherton and Uggeshall

Rental for the manors of Henham with Cravens, Wangford, Reydon, Reydon Cullyer rents, Sotherton and Uggeshall.  HA11/C2/8  1747

1 Book

Rental for the manors of Henham with Cravens, Wangford, Reydon, Reydon Cullyer rents, Sotherton and Uggeshall.  HA11/C2/9  1754

1 Book

Analysis book, manor of Reydon.  HA11/C2/10  t. Elizabeth to 1729

In fragments

Abstracts of courts, accounts and other records, including a letter concerning Castle Ward payable to the Honour of Eye, 1459/60, manor of Darsham with Yoxford and Hinton.  HA11/C2/11  Undated

Torn and crumpled.

Court book, general courts, manor of Darsham Hall with Yoxford  HA11/C2/12  June, 10 James I to 1621

Paper, no cover

Abstracts of rolls of manor of Darsham late Priory, made by John Holland, surveyor.  HA11/C2/13  (t. Edward III to t. Elizabeth) March, 1597

1 Book

Rental, with memoranda, for certain lands of the manor of Thetford, in Darsham  HA11/C2/14  Undated

Torn and crumpled.

ESTATE PAPERS  [no ref. or date]

Memorial of things to be done at Wangford' being notes concerning business to be seen to there.  HA11/C3/1  Undated 1500-1599

Note concerning rent 150 acres of land in Dennington.  HA11/C3/2  1795-1849

Bundle  HA11/C3/3  c.1796

Descriptions of farms with account of acreage and some plans: Darsham, Playford Hall, Dennington, Bruisyard, Badingham, Sotheton, Wangford.

Statement of matters taken into consideration by meeting of stewards of courts in East Suffolk, concerning the recovery of admission fines.  HA11/C3/4  6th March, 1798

Schedule of estates in Suffolk.  HA11/C3/5  1799

Account of contents of farms surveyed by Mr. Peak: Henham, Sotherton, Wangford, Reydon, Bulcamp, Uggeshall, Shaddingfield, Darsham.  HA11/C3/6  1799

Notes concerning a settlement, possibly a marriage settlement.  HA11/C3/7  Undated 1770-1799

Valuation of farm in Henham and Sotherton belonging to Lord Rous, occupied by Mr. Cottingham.  HA11/C3/8  22nd January, 1801

Account of Suffolk estate let since the valuation of Mr. Freeman and Rev. Mr. Close.  HA11/C3/9  c. 1803

Two copies of contents of estates, surveyed for the Earl of Stradbroke.  HA11/C3/10  1806

Information of Thomas Harold, Benacre, against Colds and Larter as to game offences.  HA11/C3/11  1824

Receipt from Stamp Office for duty on legacy: William Rufus Rous.  HA11/C3/12  1827

Bundle  HA11/C3/13  1828-1841

Letter from F. Robinson concerning mortgage deeds  HA11/C3/13/1  1841

Page from particulars for sale concerning Irish estates.  HA11/C3/13/2  [n.d.]

Account and vouchers, Jenner, Bush and Jenner for obtaining letters of administration of estate of Hon. and Rev. Hugh Anthony Rous  HA11/C3/13/3  1828

Note of leases of various farms and the date of expiration: Dennington, Bruisyard, Darsham, Henham, Bulcamp, Shaddingfield, Uggeshall, Wangford, Sotherton, Blyford.  HA11/C3/14  1829-1849

Account of Thomas Capon with R. Garrett & Son, Leiston Ironworks, Earl of Stradbroke's farm.  HA11/C3/15  1846

Bundle of valuation relating to Henham, Darsham, Bramfield and Wangford.  HA11/C3/16  1851-1863


Valuation of house and premises in Wangford in occupation of George Philip Freeman.  HA11/C3/17  1854

Valuation at Carlton Hall.  HA11/C3/18  1858

Account of sale at Carlton Hall.  HA11/C3/19  1858

Total quantity of land on Henham Hall estate.  HA11/C3/20  1863

List of persons in Westleton district served with notice not to trespass on Lord Stradbroke's estate.  HA11/C3/21  1869

Bundle  HA11/C3/22  1870-1882

Particulars and valuation of Dennington Hall Farm  HA11/C3/22/1  1870

Similar, Wood Farm, Dennington  HA11/C3/22/2  1870

Account and stock returns, Henham estate, for 3 weeks ending  HA11/C3/22/3  30th July 1881

Account and Stock returns, Henham estate, for three weeks ending  HA11/C3/22/4  20th August, 1881

Account and Stock returns, Henham estate, for three weeks ending  HA11/C3/22/5  10th September, 1881

Account and Stock returns, Henham estate, for three weeks ending  HA11/C3/22/6  22nd October, 1881

Account and Stock returns, Henham estate, for three weeks ending  HA11/C3/22/7  12th November, 1881

Account and Stock returns, Henham estate, for three weeks ending  HA11/C3/22/8  3rd December, 1881

Account and Stock returns, Henham estate, for three weeks ending  HA11/C3/22/9  24th December, 1881

Account and Stock returns, Henham estate, for three weeks ending  HA11/C3/22/10  14th January, 1882

Account and Stock returns, Henham estate, for three weeks ending  HA11/C3/22/11  4th February, 1882

Account and Stock returns, Henham estate, for three weeks ending  HA11/C3/22/12  25th February, 1882

Account and Stock returns, Henham estate, for three weeks ending  HA11/C3/22/13  18th March, 1882

List of tenants with comparative rents.  HA11/C3/23  1877, 1892, 1894

Account of acreage in numerous parishes and value compared  HA11/C3/24  1873, 1894

List of cottages belonging to the Earl of Stradbroke, including description of property and tenants.  HA11/C3/25  1874

Instructions given by Lord Tollemache to his agents in the management of his landed estates.  HA11/C3/26  1875

List of farm tenants and rents, showing reductions.  HA11/C3/27  1877 and 1882

[no title]  HA11/C3/28  1700-1903

Bundle of estate papers, correspondence, vouchers and advertisements, etc.

Tithe accounts  HA11/C3/28/a  1895-1901

Valuation of live and dead farming stock, White House Farm, Bulcamp  HA11/C3/28/b  undated

Tender and specification for work in outside repairs and painting to 33 Belgrave Square and Mews  HA11/C3/28/c  1881

Account with Thomas Arber, estate agent and auctioneer  HA11/C3/28/d  1857

Balance sheet of sheep, Park Farm, Henham  HA11/C3/28/e  1860

Account of Cross, Ram & Co., of costs, incident to obtaining £12, 500 from Lord Ashtown's executors, sale of Eyeke advowson, sale of Darsham estate, etc.  HA11/C3/28/f  1890

Agreement for lease of Fern Hill, Windsor, Sir Felix Booth, bart., to Earl of Stradbroke  HA11/C3/28/g  1849

Part of tithe book, concerning Bulcamp, Bruisyard, Darsham, Wangford, Yoxford, Reydon  HA11/C3/28/h  1903

Plan of copyhold land in Darsham  HA11/C3/28/i  1700-1799

Labour expenditure, Henham Gardens.  HA11/C3/29  1889

Account of seeds sent from Park Farm to Manor Farm, Henham.  HA11/C3/30  1894

Abstracts of bills due  HA11/C3/31  1895-1901

Abstracts of bills due  HA11/C3/31/1  1895

Abstracts of bills due  HA11/C3/31/2  1897

Abstracts of bills due  HA11/C3/31/3  1899

Abstracts of bills due  HA11/C3/31/4  1900

Abstracts of bills due  HA11/C3/31/5  1901

Notice of intention to quit farm at Peasenhall, Charles Ludbrook.  HA11/C3/32  1896

Henham estate accounts: annual account of receipts and expenditure for the years 1905-1915 inclusive.  HA11/C3/33  1905-1915

Capital account.  HA11/C3/34  1906-1907

Summary of land bought at Brampton by the Earl of Stradbroke.  HA11/C3/35  1908

Copies of accounts.  HA11/C3/36  1921-1926

Typewritten note concerning papers sent to Mr. Campling.  HA11/C3/37  3rd August, 1935

File of reports and memoranda on Henham estate farms.  HA11/C3/38  1937-1939

Note concerning rents and assessments, Henham and Sotherton.  HA11/C3/39  Undated

Acreage of farms in hand, Earl of Stradbroke.  HA11/C3/40  Undated

Valuation, Dennington Hall Farm.  HA11/C3/41  Undated

Note concerning division of lands in Darsham.  HA11/C3/42  Undated

Notes concerning Miss Alexander's real estate.  HA11/C3/43  Undated

Estimated income and expenses, Hadingham's Farm, Sotherton, and Heffer's Farm, Bruisyard.  HA11/C3/44  Undated

Form for lease of farm by the Earl of Stradbroke.  HA11/C3/45  Undated

Note concerning flowerpots.  HA11/C3/46  Undated

Note concerning contents of a box.  HA11/C3/47  Undated

CORRESPONDENCE  [no ref. or date]

Letter book, Thomas Freeman, Henham and Ipswich, as Lord Stradbroke's agent.  HA11/C4/1  1858-1887

Letter books  HA11/C4/2  1913-1923

Letter books  HA11/C4/2/1  January to July, 1913

Letter books  HA11/C4/2/2  August to December, 1913

Letter books  HA11/C4/2/3  December, 1913, to April, 1914

Letter books  HA11/C4/2/4  April, 1914, to January, 1915

Letter books  HA11/C4/2/5  January, 1915, to June, 1916

Letter books  HA11/C4/2/6  June, 1916, to January, 1917

Letter books  HA11/C4/2/7  January to September, 1917

Letter books  HA11/C4/2/8  September, 1917, to March, 1918

Letter books  HA11/C4/2/9  March to September, 1918

Letter books  HA11/C4/2/10  September, 1918 to March, 1919

Letter books  HA11/C4/2/11  March to December, 1919

Letter books  HA11/C4/2/12  December, 1919, to October, 1920

Letter books  HA11/C4/2/13  October, 1920, to May, 1922

Letter books  HA11/C4/2/14  May, 1922, to September, 1923

Postage books  HA11/C4/3  1918-1919

Postage book  HA11/C4/3/1  1918

Postage book  HA11/C4/3/2  1918-1919

Bundle of correspondence concerning estate matters  HA11/C4/4  1790-1822

Memorandum of agreement to lease farm in Buisyard.  HA11/C4/4/a  1790

Statement of Miss Hatch's property.  HA11/C4/4/b  1822

State of claims, Sotherton Enclosure.  HA11/C4/4/c  1802

Form of reading Riot Act.  HA11/C4/4/d  1802-1819

Bundle of correspondence concerning estate matters  HA11/C4/5  1688-1823

resolutions of meeting of proprietors, parish of Stradbroke, concerning application to Parliament for Inclosure  HA11/C4/5/a  7th July, 1810

copy of order and proportion agreed upon by owners and tenants, Henham and Sotherton, having common rights  HA11/C4/5/b  17th March, 1688

contents of Sibton Town Lands lying by Bulcamp Toll Gate.  HA11/C4/5/c  1810-1823

Letter from R. Field, Ufford, concerning tithe of hay from Sutton farmers.  HA11/C4/6  1808

Letter from W.J. Wallent, Reydon, concerning tithes.  HA11/C4/7  1825

Letter from W. Crabtree, Halesworth, concerning leases of farms.  HA11/C4/8  1826

Letter concerning exchange of lands between Lord Stradbroke and Lord Henniker in Brundish, Tannington and Bedfield. With relative papers.  HA11/C4/9  1853

Letter and draft deed concerning conveyance of common rights on Brussells Green, Darsham.  HA11/C4/10  1853

Letter from N.A. Collins, Lincolns Inn, concerning mortgage.  HA11/C4/11  1853

Letter from Inspector George Edwards, Halesworth Police Station, concerning poachers in Lord Stradbroke's woods.  HA11/C4/12  1859

Letter from Charles Creasey, estate agent, Ipswich, concerning valuation of Manor House Farm.  HA11/C4/13  1894

Letter from Office of Surveyor of Taxes, Great Yarmouth concerning amounts due for property at Darsham.  HA11/C4/14  1895

Correspondence with Cecil H. Cribb, B.Sc., F.I.C., F.C.S., concerning water supply at Henham.  HA11/C4/15  1897

Letter from Bernard Jannsen, Westhall, Wangford, concerning keeping of estate accounts.  HA11/C4/16  Undated

Bundle of letters from the Earl and Countess of Stradbroke to their agent, W. Mitchell. Some letters from Lord Stradbroke in Egypt. Includes time when Henham Hall was a military hospital.  HA11/C4/17  1913-1920

File of correspondence between the Earl of Stradbroke and the Henham estate office.  HA11/C4/18  1943-1945

Part of letter from William Baker concerning payment of tax by tenant.  HA11/C4/19  Undated

File of correspondence between the Earl of Stradbroke and the Henham estate office  HA11/C4/20  1940-1942

LEGAL PAPERS  [no ref. or date]

Petition from Alice Duffeld, widow of William Duffeld, London, surgeon, seeking restitution of the lordship of Muston, Lancs., wrongfully claimed by Richard a Barlowe, bastard, and John Beron  HA11/C5/1  Undated 1400-1499

Copies of court roll of the manor of Bedfield: exhibited in Exchequer Proceedings, Sir John Rous, bart., v. Powell, clerk.  HA11/C5/2  1612-1704, 1723

Case of John Howse and others, respondents, against Sir John Rous, bart., appellant, concerning copyhold land in Bedfield. To be heard in the House of Lords  HA11/C5/3  1725

Interrogations in Exchequer Proceedings between Sir John Rous, bart., and William Powell, clerk, and others as to customs in regard to copyholds of Bedfield manor  HA11/C5/4  Hilary Term, 10 George I. 1723-1724

Survey of tenement late Mayhews taken by Benjamin Reeve to be exhibited upon Sir John Rous' commission at Debenham against Sir John Barker and others relating to copyhold lands of the manor of Bedfield  HA11/C5/5  Undated. 1700-1799

Bill of costs, in cause Lord Winchelsea and Sir John Rous and others  HA11/C5/6  1782-1783

Account with Messrs. Wilmot, Dunn and Lancaster  HA11/C5/7  1783

Bill of costs with Messrs. Wilmot, Dunn and Lancaster, in cause Lord Winchelsea and Sir John Rous and others.  HA11/C5/8  1783-1786

1. 1783.
2. 1786.

Two letters concerning costs, in cause Sir Edward Dering, bart., Sir John Rous and others against Lord Winchelsea  HA11/C5/9  c.1786

Sir John Rous' account for conveyance from Mrs. Taylor and others.  HA11/C5/10  Undated 1700-1799

Account with Messrs. Lyon and Collyer  HA11/C5/11  1801

Account with Messrs. Drummond & Co.  HA11/C5/12  1806

Lord Rous' costs ending Trinity Term  HA11/C5/13  1810

Account with Messrs. Crabtree and Allcock  HA11/C5/14  1826

Accounts with Messrs. Cross, Ram & Co  HA11/C5/15  1887-1914

Accounts  HA11/C5/15/1  1887

Accounts  HA11/C5/15/2  1894

Accounts  HA11/C5/15/3  1895

Accounts  HA11/C5/15/4  1897

Accounts  HA11/C5/15/5  1899

Accounts  HA11/C5/15/6  1901

Accounts  HA11/C5/15/7  1902

Accounts  HA11/C5/15/8  1903

Accounts  HA11/C5/15/9  1904

Accounts  HA11/C5/15/10  1905

Accounts  HA11/C5/15/11  1906

Accounts  HA11/C5/15/12  1914

(Manorial account)  HA11/C5/15/13  1914

Cash account with Willet Ram  HA11/C5/16  1896

Account with Messrs. Saltwell, Tryon and Saltwell concerning marriage settlement, Earl of Stradbroke and Helena Fraser  HA11/C5/17  1898

Accounts with Grogan and Boyd  HA11/C5/18  1903

Accounts  HA11/C5/18/1  1903

Accounts  HA11/C5/18/2  1903

ACCOUNT BOOKS  [no ref. or date]

General account books  HA11/C6/1/1  1777-1781

General account books  HA11/C6/1/2  1782-1787

General account books  HA11/C6/1/3  1788-1794

General account books  HA11/C6/1/4  1795-1800

General account books  HA11/C6/1/5  1801-1805

General account books  HA11/C6/1/6  1806-1809

General account books  HA11/C6/1/7  1810-1813

General account books  HA11/C6/1/8  1814-1819

General account books  HA11/C6/1/9  1820-1825

Estate books  HA11/C6/2/1  1831

Related information: FOR HA11/C6/2/1 SEE HA11/C6/21/2

Estate books  HA11/C6/2/2  1832

One copy

Estate books  HA11/C6/2/3  1833

Estate books  HA11/C6/2/4  1834

One copy

Estate books  HA11/C6/2/5  1835


Estate books  HA11/C6/2/6  1836


Estate books  HA11/C6/2/7  1837

Estate books  HA11/C6/2/8  1838

Estate books  HA11/C6/2/9  1839

Estate books  HA11/C6/2/10  1840

One copy

Estate books  HA11/C6/2/11  1841

Estate books  HA11/C6/2/12  1842

One copy

Estate books  HA11/C6/2/13  1843

Estate books  HA11/C6/2/14  1844

Estate books  HA11/C6/2/15  1845

3 copies

Estate books  HA11/C6/2/16  1846

Estate books  HA11/C6/2/17  1847

Estate books  HA11/C6/2/18  1848

Estate books  HA11/C6/2/19  1849

Estate books  HA11/C6/2/20  1850

One copy

Estate books  HA11/C6/2/21  1851

Estate books  HA11/C6/2/22  1852

Estate books  HA11/C6/2/23  1853

One copy

Estate books  HA11/C6/2/24  1854

Estate books  HA11/C6/2/25  1855

Estate books  HA11/C6/2/26  1856

One copy

Estate books  HA11/C6/2/27  1857

Estate books  HA11/C6/2/28  1858

Estate books  HA11/C6/2/29  1859

One copy

Estate books  HA11/C6/2/30  1860

Estate books  HA11/C6/2/31  1861

One copy

Estate books  HA11/C6/2/32  1862

Estate books  HA11/C6/2/33  1863

Estate books  HA11/C6/2/34  [n.d.]

1864 One copy

Estate books  HA11/C6/2/35  1865

Estate books  HA11/C6/2/36  1866

One copy

Estate books  HA11/C6/2/37  1867

One copy

Estate books  HA11/C6/2/38  1868

Estate books  HA11/C6/2/39  1869

Estate books  HA11/C6/2/40  1870

One copy

Estate books  HA11/C6/2/41  1871

Estate books  HA11/C6/2/42  1872

One copy

Estate books  HA11/C6/2/43  1873


Estate books  HA11/C6/2/44  1874

Estate books  HA11/C6/2/45  1875

One copy

Estate books  HA11/C6/2/46  1876

Estate books  HA11/C6/2/47  1877

One copy

Estate books  HA11/C6/2/48  1878

Estate books  HA11/C6/2/49  1879

Estate ledgers  HA11/C6/3/1  1829

Estate ledgers  HA11/C6/3/2  1883

Estate ledgers  HA11/C6/3/3  1884

Estate ledgers  HA11/C6/3/4  1885

Estate ledgers  HA11/C6/3/5  1886

Estate ledgers  HA11/C6/3/6  1887

Estate ledgers  HA11/C6/3/7  1888

Estate ledgers  HA11/C6/3/8  1889

Estate ledgers  HA11/C6/3/9  1890

Estate ledgers  HA11/C6/3/10  1891

Estate ledgers  HA11/C6/3/11  1892

Estate ledgers  HA11/C6/3/12  1893

Estate ledgers  HA11/C6/3/13  1894

Estate ledgers  HA11/C6/3/14  1895

Estate ledgers  HA11/C6/3/15  1896

Estate ledgers  HA11/C6/3/16  1897

Estate ledgers  HA11/C6/3/17  1898

Estate ledgers  HA11/C6/3/18  1899

Estate ledgers  HA11/C6/3/19  1900

Estate ledgers  HA11/C6/3/20  1901

Estate ledgers  HA11/C6/3/21  1902

Estate ledgers  HA11/C6/3/22  1903

Estate ledgers  HA11/C6/3/23  1904

Estate ledgers  HA11/C6/3/24  1904

No. 1.

Estate ledger  HA11/C6/3/25  1905

No. 1.

Estate ledger  HA11/C6/3/26  1906

No. 1.

Estate ledger  HA11/C6/3/27  1907

No. 1.

Estate ledger  HA11/C6/3/28  1908

No. 1.

Estate ledger  HA11/C6/3/29  1909

No. 1.

Estate ledger  HA11/C6/3/30  1910

No. 2.

Estate ledger  HA11/C6/3/31  1911

No. 3.

Estate ledger  HA11/C6/3/32  1912

No. 4.

Estate ledger  HA11/C6/3/33  1913

No. 5.

Estate ledger  HA11/C6/3/34  1914

No. 6.

Estate ledger  HA11/C6/3/35  1915

No. 6.

Estate ledger  HA11/C6/3/36  1917

No. 7.

Estate ledger  HA11/C6/3/37  1919

No. 8.

Estate ledger  HA11/C6/3/38  1921

No. 9.

Estate ledger  HA11/C6/3/39  1923

No. 10.

Estate ledger  HA11/C6/3/40  1925

No. 11.

Estate ledger  HA11/C6/3/41  1926

Estate ledger  HA11/C6/3/42  1927

No. 12.

Estate ledger  HA11/C6/3/43  1928

Estate ledger  HA11/C6/3/44  1929

No. 13.

Current cash account books  HA11/C6/4/1  1823-1824

Current cash account books  HA11/C6/4/2  1824-1825

Current cash account books  HA11/C6/4/3  1825-1826

Current cash account books  HA11/C6/4/4  1826-1827

Current cash account books  HA11/C6/4/5  1827-1828

Current cash account books  HA11/C6/4/6  1828-1829

Current cash account books  HA11/C6/4/7  1830-31

Current cash account book with tenants' and estate accounts.  HA11/C6/5  1827-1828

Related information: Duplicate of HA11/C6/4/5

Thomas Freeman's cash account with the Earl of Stradbroke  HA11/C6/6/1  1824-1828

Thomas Freeman's cash account with the Earl of Stradbroke  HA11/C6/6/2  1828-1831

Thomas Freeman's cash account with the Earl of Stradbroke  HA11/C6/6/3  1829-1830

John Stamford's cash account with the Earl of Stradbroke.  HA11/C6/7  1824-1829

Cash book, farming account.  HA11/C6/8  Michaelmas, 1828

Estate cash books  HA11/C6/9/1  1884-1885

Estate cash books  HA11/C6/9/2  1885. August to October

Estate cash books  HA11/C6/9/3  1885-1886

Estate cash books  HA11/C6/9/4  1886-1887

Estate cash books  HA11/C6/9/5  1887-1888

Estate cash books  HA11/C6/9/6  1888-1889

Estate cash books  HA11/C6/9/7  1889-1890

Estate cash books  HA11/C6/9/8  1890-1891

Cash books commencing 11th October each year  HA11/C6/10/1  1891

Cash books commencing 11th October each year  HA11/C6/10/2  1892

Cash books commencing 11th October each year  HA11/C6/10/3  1893

Cash books commencing 11th October each year  HA11/C6/10/4  1894

Cash books commencing 11th October each year  HA11/C6/10/5  1895

Cash books commencing 11th October each year  HA11/C6/10/6  1896

Cash books commencing 11th October each year  HA11/C6/10/7  1897

Cash books commencing 11th October each year  HA11/C6/10/8  1898

Cash books commencing 11th October each year  HA11/C6/10/9  1899

Cash books commencing 11th October each year  HA11/C6/10/10  1900

Cash books commencing 11th October each year  HA11/C6/10/11  1901

Cash books commencing 11th October each year  HA11/C6/10/12  1902

Cash books commencing 11th October each year  HA11/C6/10/13  1903

Office cash books  HA11/C6/11/1  1893-1895

Office cash books  HA11/C6/11/2  1895-1897

Office cash books  HA11/C6/11/3  1897-1898

Office cash books  HA11/C6/11/4  1898-1899

Office cash books  HA11/C6/11/5  1900-1901

Office cash books  HA11/C6/11/6  1901-1903

Henham Estate: general cash books  HA11/C6/12/1  1905

Henham Estate: general cash books  HA11/C6/12/2  1907-1910

Henham Estate: general cash books  HA11/C6/12/3  1910

Henham Estate: general cash books  HA11/C6/12/4  1913

Henham Estate: general cash books  HA11/C6/12/5  1915-1919

Henham Estate: general cash books  HA11/C6/12/6  1917-1921

Henham Estate: general cash books  HA11/C6/12/7  1921-1923

Henham Estate: general cash books  HA11/C6/12/8  1924-1926

Henham Estate: general cash books  HA11/C6/12/9  1927-1928

Henham Estate: general cash books  HA11/C6/12/10  1928-1931

Miscellaneous cash account books  HA11/C6/13/1  1868-9

Miscellaneous cash account books  HA11/C6/13/2  1882-91

Miscellaneous cash account books  HA11/C6/13/3  1885-9

Miscellaneous cash account books  HA11/C6/13/4  1889-93

Miscellaneous cash account books  HA11/C6/13/5  1893-1902

Petty cash books  HA11/C6/14/1  1904-5

Petty cash books  HA11/C6/14/2  1905-8

Petty cash books  HA11/C6/14/3  1908-11

Petty cash books  HA11/C6/14/4  1911

Petty cash books  HA11/C6/14/5  1917

Petty cash books  HA11/C6/14/6  1924-31

Petty cash books  HA11/C6/14/7  1931

Petty cash books  HA11/C6/14/8  1936-9

Journals  HA11/C6/15/1  1904

Journals  HA11/C6/15/2  1935-1938

Farm ledgers  HA11/C6/16/1  1885-6

Farm ledgers  HA11/C6/16/2  1886-7

Farm ledgers  HA11/C6/16/3  1887-8

Farm ledgers  HA11/C6/16/4  1888-9

Farm ledgers  HA11/C6/16/5  1889-90

Farm ledgers  HA11/C6/16/6  1890-91

Farm ledgers  HA11/C6/16/7  1891-2

Farm ledgers  HA11/C6/16/8  1892-3

Farm ledgers  HA11/C6/16/9  1893-4

Farm ledgers  HA11/C6/16/10  1894-5

Farm ledgers  HA11/C6/16/11  1895-6

Farm ledgers  HA11/C6/16/12  1896-7

Farm ledgers  HA11/C6/16/13  1897-8

Farm ledgers  HA11/C6/16/14  1898-9

Farm ledgers  HA11/C6/16/15  1899-1900

Farm ledgers  HA11/C6/16/16  1900-1901

Farm ledgers  HA11/C6/16/17  1901-2

Farm ledgers  HA11/C6/16/18  1902-3

Farm ledgers  HA11/C6/16/19  1903-4

Farms ledger  HA11/C6/17  1934-1935

Farms cash books  HA11/C6/18/1  1885

Commencing Michaelmas in these years.

Farms cash books  HA11/C6/18/2  1886

Commencing Michaelmas in these years.

Farms cash books  HA11/C6/18/3  1887

Commencing Michaelmas in these years.

Farms cash books  HA11/C6/18/4  1888

Commencing Michaelmas in these years.

Farms cash books  HA11/C6/18/5  1889

Commencing Michaelmas in these years.

Farms cash books  HA11/C6/18/6  1890

Commencing Michaelmas in these years.

Farms in hand ledgers  HA11/C6/19/1  1883

Farms in hand ledgers  HA11/C6/19/2  1883-1884

Farms in hand ledgers  HA11/C6/19/3  1884-1885

Farms in hand cash books  HA11/C6/20/1  1878

Farms in hand cash books  HA11/C6/20/2  1879

Farms in hand cash books  HA11/C6/20/3  1881

2 copies

Farms in hand cash books  HA11/C6/20/4  1884

Cash and rent account books  HA11/C6/21/1  To Michaelmas, 1830

Cash and rent account books  HA11/C6/21/2  To Michaelmas, 1831

2nd copy

Rent books  HA11/C6/22/1  1883

Rent books  HA11/C6/22/2  1884-5

Rent books  HA11/C6/22/3  1886

Rent books  HA11/C6/22/4  1887

Rent books  HA11/C6/22/5  1888

Rent books  HA11/C6/22/6  1890

Rent books  HA11/C6/22/7  1891-1892

Rent books  HA11/C6/22/8  1904-1906

Rent books  HA11/C6/22/9  1907-1911

Rent cash account and rent ledger account books  HA11/C6/23/1  1880

Rent cash account and rent ledger account books  HA11/C6/23/2  1881

Rent cash account and rent ledger account books  HA11/C6/23/3  1882

Rent cash account and rent ledger account books  HA11/C6/23/4  1893-1894

Books containing various rent accounts  HA11/C6/24/1  1885

Books containing various rent accounts  HA11/C6/24/2  1889

Henham Cottage rent book.  HA11/C6/25  1884-1899

No covers.

Henham Farms rent book.  HA11/C6/26  1899-1901

No covers.

Labour account books  HA11/C6/27/1  1837-1848

Labour account books  HA11/C6/27/2  1849

Labour account books  HA11/C6/27/3  1854

Labour account books  HA11/C6/27/4  1859

Labour account books  HA11/C6/27/5  1869

Labour account books  HA11/C6/27/6  1910

Farming account book.  HA11/C6/28  1792-1804

Robert Crabtree's account book of fines and other casual profits of the Earl of Stradbroke's manors.  HA11/C6/29  1835-1850

Memorandum book containing J. Day's bills and notes concerning Halesworth lands.  HA11/C6/30  1839

Collected accounts book.  HA11/C6/31  1867-1878

Account book, East Suffolk Farms.  HA11/C6/32  1878-1879

Related information: Transferred to HA11/C6/20/1.

Farm and estate account books  HA11/C6/33/1  1883

Estate: Charles A. Creasey in account with the Earl of Stradbroke

Farm and estate account books  HA11/C6/33/2  1883

Farms: Charles A. Creasey in account with the Earl of Stradbroke.

Farm and estate account books  HA11/C6/33/3  1883-4

Estate: J. Stagoll in account with the Earl of Stradbroke.

Farm and estate account books  HA11/C6/33/4  1883-4

Farms: J. Stagoll in account with the Earl of Stradbroke

Receipts and payments book.  HA11/C6/34  1884

Estate receipts and payments book.  HA11/C6/35  1884-1885

Similar to HA11/C6/34.

Summary of cash and ledger entries.  HA11/C6/36  1901-1902

Loan account and tenant right valuation.  HA11/C6/37  1905-1935

Audit book.  HA11/C6/38  1914-1925

Rough cash book.  HA11/C6/39  1918-1921

Account book.  HA11/C6/40  1929-1932

Payments book.  HA11/C6/41  1931

Index book (to ledger).  HA11/C6/42  [n.d.]


Index book (to ledger).  HA11/C6/43  [n.d.]

VOUCHERS  [no ref. or date]

Bundles of vouchers, marked 'Bills paid'  HA11/C7/1  1773-1902

Vouchers  HA11/C7/1/1  1773-1774

Vouchers  HA11/C7/1/2  1775

Vouchers  HA11/C7/1/3  1775-1776

Vouchers  HA11/C7/1/4  1776

Vouchers  HA11/C7/1/5  1777

Vouchers  HA11/C7/1/6  1777-1778

Vouchers  HA11/C7/1/7  1778

Vouchers  HA11/C7/1/8  1778

Vouchers  HA11/C7/1/9  1779

Vouchers  HA11/C7/1/10  1780

Vouchers  HA11/C7/1/11  1781

Vouchers  HA11/C7/1/12  1782

Vouchers  HA11/C7/1/13  1782

Vouchers  HA11/C7/1/14  1783

Vouchers  HA11/C7/1/15  1783

Vouchers  HA11/C7/1/16  1784-1785

Vouchers  HA11/C7/1/17  1785

Vouchers  HA11/C7/1/18  1786

Vouchers  HA11/C7/1/19  1787

Vouchers  HA11/C7/1/20  1787

Vouchers  HA11/C7/1/21  1787-1788

Vouchers  HA11/C7/1/22  1788-1789

Vouchers  HA11/C7/1/23  1789

Vouchers  HA11/C7/1/24  1789-1790

Vouchers  HA11/C7/1/25  1790

Vouchers  HA11/C7/1/26  1790-1791

Vouchers  HA11/C7/1/27  1791

Vouchers  HA11/C7/1/28  1791-1792

Vouchers  HA11/C7/1/29  1792

Vouchers  HA11/C7/1/30  1792-1793

Vouchers  HA11/C7/1/31  1793

Vouchers  HA11/C7/1/32  1794

Vouchers  HA11/C7/1/33  1794-1795

Vouchers  HA11/C7/1/34  1795-1796

Vouchers  HA11/C7/1/35  1795-1796

Vouchers  HA11/C7/1/36  1796

Vouchers  HA11/C7/1/37  1796-1797

Vouchers  HA11/C7/1/38  1797

Vouchers  HA11/C7/1/39  1797-1798

Vouchers  HA11/C7/1/40  1798-1799

Vouchers  HA11/C7/1/41  1799-1800

Vouchers  HA11/C7/1/42  1800-1801

Vouchers  HA11/C7/1/43  1801-1802

Vouchers  HA11/C7/1/44  1804-1805

Vouchers  HA11/C7/1/45  1804-1805

Vouchers  HA11/C7/1/46  1806

Vouchers  HA11/C7/1/47  1806

Vouchers  HA11/C7/1/48  1806-1807

Vouchers  HA11/C7/1/49  1808-1809

Vouchers  HA11/C7/1/50  1814-1815

Vouchers  HA11/C7/1/51  1815-1816

Vouchers  HA11/C7/1/52  1816-1817

Vouchers  HA11/C7/1/53  1817-1818

Vouchers  HA11/C7/1/54  1820-1821

Vouchers  HA11/C7/1/55  1821

Vouchers  HA11/C7/1/56  1821-1822

Vouchers  HA11/C7/1/57  1825-1826

Vouchers  HA11/C7/1/58  1827-1835

Vouchers  HA11/C7/1/59  1829-1833

Vouchers  HA11/C7/1/60  1833

Vouchers  HA11/C7/1/61  1834

Vouchers  HA11/C7/1/62  1835

Vouchers  HA11/C7/1/63  1840

Vouchers  HA11/C7/1/64  1841

Vouchers  HA11/C7/1/65  1842

Vouchers  HA11/C7/1/66  1843

Vouchers  HA11/C7/1/67  1845

Vouchers  HA11/C7/1/68  1846

Vouchers  HA11/C7/1/69  1847

Vouchers  HA11/C7/1/70  1848

Vouchers  HA11/C7/1/71  1849

Vouchers  HA11/C7/1/72  1850

Vouchers  HA11/C7/1/73  1851

Vouchers  HA11/C7/1/74  1852

Vouchers  HA11/C7/1/75  1853

Vouchers  HA11/C7/1/76  1854

Vouchers  HA11/C7/1/77  1855

Vouchers  HA11/C7/1/78  1856

Vouchers  HA11/C7/1/79  1856

Vouchers  HA11/C7/1/80  1857

Vouchers  HA11/C7/1/81  1858

Vouchers  HA11/C7/1/82  1859

Vouchers  HA11/C7/1/83  1860

Vouchers  HA11/C7/1/84  1894

Vouchers  HA11/C7/1/85  1895

Vouchers  HA11/C7/1/86  1896

Vouchers  HA11/C7/1/87  1897

Vouchers  HA11/C7/1/88  1898

Vouchers  HA11/C7/1/89  1899

Vouchers  HA11/C7/1/90  1900

Vouchers  HA11/C7/1/91  1901

Vouchers  HA11/C7/1/92  1902

'Mr. Marsden's bills': vouchers for building Henham Hall.  HA11/C7/2  1792-1820

Related information: N.B. Other vouchers of the same kind are to be found among the 'Bills paid'.

Vouchers  HA11/C7/2/1  1792-1794

Vouchers  HA11/C7/2/2  1793-1794

Vouchers  HA11/C7/2/3  1795

Vouchers  HA11/C7/2/4  1796

Vouchers  HA11/C7/2/5  1799

Vouchers  HA11/C7/2/6  1819-1820

Bundles of vouchers marked 'Country bills'  HA11/C7/3  1816-1827

Vouchers  HA11/C7/3/1  1816

Vouchers  HA11/C7/3/2  1817

Vouchers  HA11/C7/3/3  1818

Vouchers  HA11/C7/3/4  1819

Vouchers  HA11/C7/3/5  1821

Vouchers  HA11/C7/3/6  1822

Vouchers  HA11/C7/3/7  1826

Vouchers  HA11/C7/3/8  1827

Bundle of vouchers, found loose among other papers.  HA11/C7/4  1779-1913

Bundle of vouchers  HA11/C7/5  1844-1845

Particulars for Sale  [no ref. or date]

Manors of Middleton with Fordley, Middleton Chickering, land in Darsham, Middleton and Westleton: also Great Wooden Sluice Marsh, Stockton, Norfolk. With plans.  HA11/C8/1  1839

Wood Farm Estate, Reydon. With plan.  HA11/C8/2  1842

Worlingham estate with manors and advowsons.  HA11/C8/3  1849

Engraving of Worlingham Hall.

Westhall Estate. With plan.  HA11/C8/4  1859

Two farms in Westhall and Brampton. With plan.  HA11/C8/5  1873

Shops and house in Wangford.  HA11/C8/6  1895

Beerhouse called the 'plough', Wangford. With plan.  HA11/C8/7  1901

Darsham Hall Estate. With plan.  HA11/C8/8  1912

6 copies

Farming stock, Manor Farm, Henham.  HA11/C8/9  1904

Farm stock, Hall Farm, Bruisyard.  HA11/C8/10  1904

2 copies

Farming stock, Green Farm, Henham.  HA11/C8/11  1904

3 copies

Farm stock, Starston Place Farm, near Harleston, Norfolk.  HA11/C8/12  1910

Bruisyard Hall, with photographs and plan.  HA11/C8/13  1918

3 copies

One copy mildewed, one copy without plan and photographs.

Flixton Hall estate.  HA11/C8/14  1920

MAPS AND PLANS  [no ref. or date]

Map of estate of John Rabett in Blyford, Henham and Bulcamp. Endorsed Smith's Farm Blyford.  HA11/C9/1  Undated. 1800-1899

Note that estate was purchased by Lord Rous in 1801.

Plan of messuage, lands and tenements of Thomas Bedingfield, Esq., in Bramfield. By John Pulham.  HA11/C9/2  1600-1699

Copy made in 1730 of undated map.

Plan of estate at Bruisyard.  HA11/C9/3  Undated

Rough plan of 2 woods in Bruisyard, the property of Lord Rous.  HA11/C9/4  Undated

Plan of the parish of Brundish. Printed with manuscript additions.  HA11/C9/5  1840

In fragments.

Map of estate in Bulcamp belonging to Lord Rous.  HA11/C9/6  Undated

Taken by Lord Stradbroke, 23 Feb 1961

Rough plan of estate in Bulcamp, the property of Lord Rous.  HA11/C9/7  Undated

Taken by Lord Stradbroke, 23 Feb 1961

Rough plan of farm at Campsey Ash.  HA11/C9/8  Undated

Plan of farms in Darsham in the occupation of William Brown and Francis Martin, both belonging to Major Rous.  HA11/C9/9  1718

Plan of part of Yarmouth - London road showing strip of land with trees claimed by Sir John Rous as waste of the manor of Darsham.  HA11/C9/10  Undated 1700-1799

Rough plan of estate in Darsham, the property of Lord Rous. Undated  HA11/C9/11  1570-1630

With: plan of copyhold lands, manor of Thetford Priory, Westleton, Kelsale, Austins and Abbotts, in Darsham.

Plan of estate in Darsham, the property of Richard Day, Esq. By Thomas Freeman, junior.  HA11/C9/12  Undated

Bundle  HA11/C9/13  1800-1899 Undated

Plan of Sillets in Darsham in occupation of Alexander Woods.  HA11/C9/13/1  [n.d.]

Plan of Reydon Wood.  HA11/C9/13/2  [n.d.]

Plan of farm in Darsham.  HA11/C9/13/3  [n.d.]

Plan of Woods Farm.  HA11/C9/13/4  [n.d.]

Plan of stables.  HA11/C9/13/5  [n.d.]

Map of estate in Darsham belonging to R. Sparrow, Esq.  HA11/C9/14  Undated 1800-1899

Plan of Cheyney Green, Darsham.  HA11/C9/15  1840

Plan of estate for sale in Darsham and Westleton.  HA11/C9/16  1876

Plan of estate in Dennington in the occupation of Benjamin Pipe. By S. Bransby, land-surveyor.  HA11/C9/17  1840

Plan of estates in Dennington and Brundish to be sold by auction.  HA11/C9/18  2

copies 1871

Map of part of the manor of Henham made for Sir John Rous by R. Nicholson. Coat of arms.  HA11/C9/19  1699

Map of part of the manor of Henham made for Sir John Rous by R. Nicholson. Coat of arms.  HA11/C9/20  1701

Map of lands in Bulcamp, Reydon, Erostenden and Uggeshall made for Sir John Rous by R. Nicholson.  HA11/C9/21  1699

Map of Rankins Farm and other lands in Henham made for Sir John Rous by R. Nicholson. Coat of arms.  HA11/C9/22  1700

Map of Shaddingfield Farm made for Sir John Rous by R. Nicholason. Coat of arms.  HA11/C9/23  1703

Mounted on wooden roller in glass show case.

Map of estate of William Boyce in Henham, surveyed by Thomas Barker.  HA11/C9/24  1755

Bundle containing  HA11/C9/25  1804-1814

1. Map of Henham Park showing crops grown, 1804-1814
2. Map of farm somewhere between Dennington and Aldeburgh.

Map of estate in Henham and Thorington, the property of Lord Rous. William Peak, surveyor, Thorington.  HA11/C9/26  Undated

Plan of estate in Peasenhall and Badingham, the property of Alderman Manning, Esq. Taken by Isaac Johnson, 1811.  HA11/C9/27  Mapped 1830

Map of the parish of Reydon. William Peak, surveyor, Thorington.  HA11/C9/28  Undated

Plan of the parish of Reydon.  HA11/C9/29  Undated

Rough plan of estate in Reydon, the property of Lord Rous.  HA11/C9/30  Undated

Marked: 'Reydon Inclosure. Second meeting. 13th September, 1798. Exhibited before us. H. Jermyn. Wm. Catling. Robt. Boyden.'

Tracing of plan of 2 farms in Reydon and Wangford, occupied by F.G. Freeman.  HA11/C9/31  Revised, 1862

Plan of 2 farms in Reydon and Wangford, occupied by F. Freeman. By J. Stagoll, Halesworth.  HA11/C9/32  1863

Plan of estate, the property of Mrs. Mary Knights, in Sotherton, surveyed by John Dodd.  HA11/C9/33  1815

Plan of farm in Sotherton occupied by Thomas King.  HA11/C9/34  1826

Map of estate in Sotherton, the property of the late William Boyce. Surveyed by William Peak.  HA11/C9/35  Undated

Rough map of estate, in Sotherton, Holton and Henham, the property of Lord Rous.  HA11/C9/36  Undated

Map of estate belonging to Lord Rous in Sotherton, Uggeshall and Henham.  HA11/C9/37  Undated

Plan of farm in Sotherton to be sold by auction.  HA11/C9/38  1865

Map of the parish of Uggeshall.  HA11/C9/39  Undated

Reference book to map of Uggeshall. Marked No. 42.  HA11/C9/40  Undated

Plan of part of the glebe lands belonging to the rectory of Uggeshall, also of lands belonging to the Earl of Stradbroke.  HA11/C9/41  1841

Plan of lands in Uggeshall belonging to the Earl of Stradbroke.  HA11/C9/42  Undated

Related information: See Ha11/C9/43 for detached portion of this map.

Part of map of lands in Uggeshall belonging to the Earl of Stradbroke.  HA11/C9/43  1837

Part of Ha11/C9/42.

Map of estate of Henry Thompson, Esq., in Uggeshall, Stoven and Brampton. Formerly Buttons and Barbers. Richard Barnes, surveyor, Lowestoft.  HA11/C9/44  1833

Rough plan of estate in Wangford, the property of Lord Rous, in the occupation of Mr. Bardwell.  HA11/C9/45  Undated

Endorsed: 'Reydon Inclosure. Second meeting, 13th September, 1798. Exhibited before us H. Jermyn, Wm. Carling, Robt. Boydon'.

Rough plan of estate in Wangford belonging to Lord Rous.  HA11/C9/46  Undated

Rough plan of estate in Wangford and Reydon belonging to Lord Rous.  HA11/C9/47  Undated

Plan of piece of land in Wangford, in the occupation of Samuel Stimpson, the property of Benjamin Reeve.  HA11/C9/48  Undated

Plan of boundary between lands of Benjamin Reeve and the lands of the Earl of Stradbroke in Wangford, with proposed new boundary.  HA11/C9/49  1843

Map of the parish of Yoxford. Richard Barnes, Lowestoft.  HA11/C9/50  1811

Map of an estate in Yoxford, the property of Sir Charles Blois, bart. Copied from Barnes' map of Yoxford.  HA11/C9/51  1836

Plan of an estate in Yoxford, the property of Mr. Hunt.  HA11/C9/52  Undated

Plan of estate in Yoxford.  HA11/C9/53  Undated

Map of land on road from Dunwich to Bungay, by Thomas Pulham.  HA11/C9/54  Undated

Part of plan of farm, location and date unknown.  HA11/C9/55  [n.d.]

Working drawing for plan of lands: location and date unknown.  HA11/C9/56  [n.d.]

Map of Henham Commons and Sotherton Moor in Henham and Sotherton. By Isaac Johnson.  HA11/C9/57  1794

Rough plan of common land in Sotherton called Sotherton Moor.  HA11/C9/58  Undated

Plan of footpath from Halesworth to Walpole. Surveyed by John Sarter, Halesworth.  HA11/C9/59  1798

Plan of proposed new road from crossways on turnpike road near Toby's Barn, Blythburgh, to Black Shore and Southwold. J. Stagoll, Bramfield.  HA11/C9/60  1839

plans  HA11/C9/61  Undated

4 Plans

Fastened together

Of separate departments of new road crossing land occupied by R. Reeve, Henham.  HA11/C9/61/1  Undated

Of new roads, location and date unknown.  HA11/C9/61/2  [n.d.]

Of proposed alteration of line of turnpike road from Scotia Drift, Henham, to Wangford Bridge. H. Watling, Wangford.  HA11/C9/61/3  Undated

Plan of flats and salts in Bulcamp belonging to Sir John Rous, bart., surveyed by Robert Barfoot.  HA11/C9/62  1765

Decorated with pen and ink continuous line drawings. In fragments.

Plan of marsh in the hamlet of Bulcamp belonging to Nathaniel Micklethwaite, Esq., the tithes of which are sold to the Earl of Stradbroke.  HA11/C9/63  1839

Plan of marsh and new wall at Bulcamp, the property of Lord Rous.  HA11/C9/64  Undated

Plan of marches and other lands in Blythburgh, the property of Sir Charles Blois, bart. Surveyed by H. Read  HA11/C9/65  1812

Plan of marches and lands, location and date unknown.  HA11/C9/66  [n.d.]

Plan of allotments in Wangford.  HA11/C9/67  1854

In two fragments.

Plan of allotments in Wangford belonging to the Earl of Stradbroke.  HA11/C9/68  1895

Tracing of plan of allotments in Wangford belonging to the Earl of Stradbroke.  HA11/C9/69  1895

Map of the Henham Hall Estate in Henham and surrounding parishes. Drawn by John Stagoll, surveyor, Halesworth.  HA11/C9/70  1865

Rescued from the fire at Henham Hall, 26th February, 1867

Map of the Henham Hall estate lying in Henham and the surrounding parishes, compiled and drawn by John Stagoll.  HA11/C9/71  1872

Returned to Lord Stradbroke, 12th May, 1909

Map of the parish of Dennington with portions of adjoining parishes shewing the Dennington estate, the property of the Earl of Stradbroke and other properties abutting thereon. Drawn by John Stagoll, Halesworth.  HA11/C9/72  1863, revised 1878

Map of the estates of the Hon. Lord Rous in Darsham, Bramfield, Yoxford and Thorington: including also the remainder of the parish of Darsham showing to whom each farm belongs. Surveyed by William Peak.  HA11/C9/73  1803

Book of plans of the Henham estate, originally compiled about 1800, possibly by William Peak  HA11/C9/74  1850-1879

On the reverse side of these pages are a series of maps of the estate by John Stagoll, some corresponding to the maps on the opposite page with refs HA11/C9/74/opposite

Estate called Darsham Hall, occupation Thomas Kent.  HA11/C9/74/i  [n.d.]

Estate in Darsham and Yoxford, occupation James Pope, John Foulsham and D.E. Davy.  HA11/C9/74/ii  [n.d.]

Estate in Darsham, Bramfield and Thorington, occupation James Cooper.  HA11/C9/74/iii  [n.d.]

Estate in Darsham, occupation John Kemp.  HA11/C9/74/iv  [n.d.]

Remainder of parish of Darsham, not the property of Lord Rous.  HA11/C9/74/v  [n.d.]

Estate called Dennington Hall.  HA11/C9/74/vi  [n.d.]

Estate in Dennington, occupation Elizabeth Barnes.  HA11/C9/74/vii  [n.d.]

Estate in Dennington and Brundish, occupation John Kent.  HA11/C9/74/viii  [n.d.]

Estate in Dennington, Tannington and Brundish, occupation James Clamp.  HA11/C9/74/ix  [n.d.]

Remainder of the parish of Yoxford, not the property of Lord Rous.  HA11/C9/74/x  [n.d.]

Estate in Blyford, Bulcamp and Wenhaston, occupation Samuel Smith.  HA11/C9/74/xi  [n.d.]

Estate in Bulcamp, occupation William Dodd, Lord Rous, Samuel Crisp and Blything Corporation.  HA11/C9/74/xii  [n.d.]

Estate in Bulcamp, occupation Robert Plant, Lord Rous, James Cooper, Robert Porter and William Garthwaite.  HA11/C9/74/xiii  [n.d.]

Estate in Bulcamp and Henham, occupation William Lyon, 1836, by John Stagoll, land surveyor, Bramfield.  HA11/C9/74/xiv  [n.d.]

Park and Farm of Henham Hall.  HA11/C9/74/xv  [n.d.]

Estate in Henham, occupation Robert Porter.  HA11/C9/74/xvi  [n.d.]

Estate in Henham and Sotherton, occupation L. Cottingham.  HA11/C9/74/xvii  [n.d.]

Estate in Henham, occupation Samuel Crisp.  HA11/C9/74/xviii  [n.d.]

Estate in Reydon, occupation Edmund Plant, Robert Gayford and William Leatherdale.  HA11/C9/74/xix  [n.d.]

Remainder of parish of Reydon, not the property of Lord Rous.  HA11/C9/74/xx  [n.d.]

Estate in Wangford, Reydon and Bulcamp, occupation John Blomfield.  HA11/C9/74/xxi  [n.d.]

Estate in Wangford and Henham, occupation George Smith.  HA11/C9/74/xxii  [n.d.]

Several occupations lying in Wangford, Reydon, Uggeshall and Frostenden.  HA11/C9/74/xxiii  [n.d.]

Remainder of parishes of Wangford and Henham, not the property of Lord Rous.  HA11/C9/74/xxiv  [n.d.]

Estate in Sotherton, Uggeshall and Henham, occupation Robert Sowter.  HA11/C9/74/xxv  [n.d.]

Estate in Sotherton and Holton, occupation Thomas Atkins.  HA11/C9/74/xxvi  [n.d.]

Farm in Sotherton and Henham.  HA11/C9/74/xxvii  [n.d.]

Estate in Shaddingfield, Stoven and Brampton, occupation William Scarff.  HA11/C9/74/xxviii  [n.d.]

Farm in Uggeshall, occupation James Girling.  HA11/C9/74/xxix  [n.d.]

Farm in Uggeshall and Stoven, occupation Timothy Leman and William Kent.  HA11/C9/74/xxx  [n.d.]

Farm in Uggeshall, occupation Mrs. Bardwell.  HA11/C9/74/xxxi  [n.d.]

Farm in Uggeshall, occupation Henry Youngman.  HA11/C9/74/xxxii  [n.d.]

Farm in Uggeshall, occupation Samuel Gray and others, 1850, revised 1862.  HA11/C9/74/xxxiii  [n.d.]

Wood Farm in Reydon and Wangford, occupation George Canler, 1850, revised 1861 and 1880. Drawn by J. Stagoll from Tithe Map and revised.  HA11/C9/74/xxxiv  [n.d.]

Farm in Uggeshall, occupation William Jennings, 1850, revised 1861 and 1880, drawn by J. Stagoll.  HA11/C9/74/xxxv  [n.d.]

[no title or date]  HA11/C9/2/74/ii/opposite

Farm in Darsham, occupied by executors of late Robt. Foulsham and another farm in Darsham and Yoxford occupied by Thomas Elvin Capon, copied from new book, 1852, revised 1862.

[no title or date]  HA11/C9/2/74/iii/opposite

Farm in Darsham and Bramfield occupied by James Girling, copied from new book 1852.

[no title or date]  HA11/C9/2/74/iv/opposite

Brussels Green Farm in Darsham and Westleton, occupied by Geo. Pooley, 1878. Copied from the new book, 1879. And Mill Farm, Darsham, occupied by Simon Kemp, 1850. Revised 1865-79.

[no title or date]  HA11/C9/2/74/v/opposite

Dennington Lodge Farm in Dennington and Brundish; occupation Robt. Capon, 1871. Copied from New Book, 1879.

[no title or date]  HA11/C9/2/74/vi/opposite

Dennington Hall Farm, occupation Thomas Capon, 1847. Revised from New Book, 1852, 1879.

[no title or date]  HA11/C9/2/74/vii/opposite

Tannington Lodge Farm in Tannington and Dennington, occupation Jephthah Capon, 1878, copied from New Book, 1879. And Wood Farm in Dennington, occupation Thomas Capon, 1847; revised from New Book, 1852 and 1865.

[no title or date]  HA11/C9/2/74/viii/opposite

Farm in Brundish and Dennington, occupation Thomas Capon, 1847. Copied from New Book, 1852. Revised 1862, 1865.

[no title or date]  HA11/C9/2/74/ix/opposite

Farm in Dennington, Tannington and Brundish, occupied by Thos. Capon, 1847. Copied from New Book, 1852. Revised 1862.

[no title or date]  HA11/C9/2/74/x/opposite

Farm in Dennington and Brundish, occupation Joseph Wells, 1871, revised 1878. Copied from New Book, 1879. And farm in Dennington and Saxtead called Dennington Place, occupation Edward Cook, 1863. Copied from the sale plan.

[no title or date]  HA11/C9/2/74/xi/opposite

Farm in Blyford, Bulcamp and Wenhaston, occupation Mrs. Turrell, 1865. Revised 1879.

[no title or date]  HA11/C9/2/74/xii/opposite

Blything Union Farm in Bulcamp and Henham, occupation Charles White and others, 1865. Revised 1880.

[no title or date]  HA11/C9/2/74/xiii/opposite

Farm in Bulcamp, occupation Wm. Ling and others, 1862.

[no title or date]  HA11/C9/2/74/xv/opposite

Henham park and the Park Farm, in hand, 1865, revised 1879.

[no title or date]  HA11/C9/2/74/xvi/opposite

Farm and several small occupations in Henham, Sotherton, Wangford and Uggeshall, occupation Wm. Sewell and others, 1862. Revised 1865, 1879.

[no title or date]  HA11/C9/2/74/xvii/opposite

Farm in Sotherton and Henham, occupation Thos. Pilbean, 1862. Revised 1879.

[no title or date]  HA11/C9/2/74/xviii/opposite

Farm in Sotherton and Henham, occupation Charles Hayward, 1862.

[no title or date]  HA11/C9/2/74/xix/opposite

Farm in Reydon, occupation Mrs. Freeman, revised from Tithe Map. 1852. Revised 1862, 1880.

[no title or date]  HA11/C9/2/74/xx/opposite

Elms Farm in Wangford and Uggeshall, occupation Alfred Hadingham, 1880. Copied from New Book.

[no title or date]  HA11/C9/2/74/xxi/opposite

Farm in Wangford, Henham and Bulcamp, occupation Frederick G. Freeman, 1862.

[no title or date]  HA11/C9/2/74/xxii/opposite

Farm in Wangford, and Henham, occupation Geo. L. Mayhew, 1862. Revised 1880.

[no title or date]  HA11/C9/2/74/xxiii/opposite

Grange Farm in Reydon and Wangford, occupation John Bicker, 1861, revised 1880.

[no title or date]  HA11/C9/2/74/xxiv/opposite

Westhall Hall Farm in Westhall and Brampton, occupation Messrs. Alfred & John Wiseman, 1861. Revised 1880.

[no title or date]  HA11/C9/2/74/xxv/opposite

Farm in Sotherton, Uggeshall, Henham and Brampton; occupation Miss Sowter, 1861, revised 1879.

[no title or date]  HA11/C9/2/74/xxvi/opposite

Two farms in Sotherton and Henham, occupation Wm. Sewell, 1861; revised 1879.

[no title or date]  HA11/C9/2/74/xxvii/opposite

Brock Farm, Sotherton, occupation Saml. Freestone, 1865; copied from New Map Book, 1879. And farm in Sotherton occupied by Mrs. Clarke, 1861, revised 1879.

[no title or date]  HA11/C9/2/74/xxviii/opposite

Farm in Shaddingfield, Stoven and Brampton, occupation Wm. Yallop, 1861. Revised 1879.

[no title or date]  HA11/C9/2/74/xxix/opposite

Farm, late Borton's, in Uggeshall, occupation Sharman and Sutton, 1880. Copied from new book.

Composite 6" (1926 & 1928 editions) showing the Henham Estate.  HA11/C9/75  [n.d.]

ADVERTISEMENTS  [no ref. or date]

Catalogue of plantsand seeds sold by Conrad Loddiges, nursery and seedsman, Hackney.  HA11/C10/1  1783

Bound in fragment of 18c. deed of Rous family.

Horse Bazaar: George Young, Portman Square.  HA11/C10/2  1823

3 copies

Letter from The Grove, Little Bealings, concerning poplar plants.  HA11/C10/3  1826

J.N. Sherington, Iron, Steel, Oil and Colour Merchant, Great Yarmouth.  HA11/C10/4  1845

Patent Hand Pipe and Tile Machine, manufactured by Garrett & Son, Leiston Works, Saxmundham.  HA11/C10/5  1846

Portable Steam Engine and Thrashing Machine: R. Garrett & Sons, Leiston Works, Saxmundham. With relative letter.  HA11/C10/6  1849

Patent Horse Hoe blades: R. Garrett & Sons, Leiston Works, Saxmundham.  HA11/C10/7  1851

Poster advertising various agricultural implements made by R. Garrett, Leiston Works, Saxmundham. With engraving of factory.  HA11/C10/8  Undated

Frederick Horncastle's Complete Catalogue of French journals and periodicals published in Parish.  HA11/C10/9  c.1848

Continuous wire fencing: Edward Hill, Brierley Hill Iron Works, near Dudley.  HA11/C10/10  31st August, 1848

Continuous wrought iron fence: Edward Hill & Co., Brierley Hill, near Dudley.  HA11/C10/11  Undated

Digging, hay and other forks, Winton & Sons, Birmingham.  HA11/C10/12  c.1851

Twisted Wire Strand Fencing for railways, etc., Francis Morton & Co.  HA11/C10/13  1858

Wrought iron and continuous fencing, Johnson Bros. & Co., Broad St., London.  HA11/C10/14  1859

Roll containing plans and description of Cunningham's Patent Fire-proof flooring. J. Cunningham, architect and civil engineer, Liverpool.  HA11/C10/15  1865

Price list: Henry Edwards, Wine and Spirit Merchant, Woodbridge.  HA11/C10/16  1866

Memorandum from J.F. Margetson, chemist and dentist, Halesworth, to C.A. Creasey, Henham Hall Farm, concerning Dick's Chemical Fire Engines and General Fire Apparatus.  HA11/C10/17  1882

Issue of shares to complete purchase of Humphrey's Horse Repository, Cheltenham.  HA11/C10/18  1898

Issue of 40,000 £1 shares, British Non-Flammable Wood Co.  HA11/C10/19  1899

S. & J. Ashford, cabinet makers and undertakers, Saxmundham.  HA11/C10/20  Undated

Fish manure, Lowestoft Guano Co.  HA11/C10/21  Undated

Catalogue of books and manuscripts illustrative of the family of Rous: Francis Thorpe, 178 Piccadilly, London.  HA11/C10/22  Undated

Advertisement, John Cording, 281 Strand, London, waterproof clothing, with patterns of cloth.  HA11/C10/23  Undated

LEASES  [no ref. or date]

Bundle  HA11/C11/1  1854-1876

List of farms in Dennington proposed to be let at Michalemas  HA11/C11/1/1  1871

Draft conveyance of pieces of land in Dennington sold to Jacob Baldry  HA11/C11/1/2  1st October, 1869

Proposals for lease of Westhall Hall, the Earl of Stradbroke to A.M. and J.W.G. Wiseman  HA11/C11/1/3  1859

Agreement to lease farm in Sotherton, the Earl of Stradbroke to Samuel Freestone  HA11/C11/1/4  1874

Agreement for right of sporting over Bruisyard estate, the Earl of Stradbroke to Richard Garret, Esq.  HA11/C11/1/5  1871

Agreement for hire of cottage by Darsham Railway, the Earl of Stradbroke to the Great Eastern Railway Co.  HA11/C11/1/6  1863

Agreement between A. and J. Wiseman and H.R. Stanford concerning valuation of Westhall Hall on the transfer of the lease  HA11/C11/1/7  1871

Agreement for hire of 4½ acres of land in Stoven, the Earl of Stradbroke to Rev. W.C.Safford  HA11/C11/1/8  1861

Agreement for hire of the Cross Bow Inn, Sotherton, the Earl of Stradbroke to John Golding  HA11/C11/1/9  1864

Agreement for lease of farm in Blyford, the Earl of Stradbroke to Mary Ann Turrell  HA11/C11/1/10  1863

Copy of insurance policy, Henham Hall, with the Sun Fire Office  HA11/C11/1/11  1868

Insurance policy, Valley Farm, Henham, with the Royal Exchange Assurance  HA11/C11/1/12  1861

Insurance policy, stock and implements, farm at Henham, with the Royal Exchange Assurance  HA11/C11/1/13  1860

Insurance policy, Park Farm, Henham, and Union Farm, Bulcamp, with the Royal Exchange Assurance  HA11/C11/1/14  1852

Insurance policy, farm buildings, Union Farm, Bulcamp, with the Royal Exchange Assurance  HA11/C11/1/15  1854

Summary of the Earl of Stradbroke's cattle insurance for the Henham Dairy, with the Suffolk Cattle Insurance Society  HA11/C11/1/16  1865-1866

Insurance policy, the Earl of Stradbroke's cattle in Henham and adjoining parishes, with the Norfolk Farmers' Cattle Insurance Society  HA11/C11/1/17  1860

Insurance policy, Henham Hall, with the Royal Exchange Assurance  HA11/C11/1/18  1859

Insurance policy, Tower Mill, Wangford, with the Norwich Union Fire Insurance Society  HA11/C11/1/19  1870

Insurance policy, stock, implements, etc., Church Farm, Blyford, with the Norwich Union Fire Insurance Society  HA11/C11/1/20  1876

Insurance policy, stock, implements, etc., farm at Sotherton, with the Norwich Union Fire Insurance Society  HA11/C11/1/21  1876

Copy of agreement for lease of farm in Stradbroke, Horham and Hoxne, to Richard Cracknell.  HA11/C11/2  1796

Copy of lease of farm at Henham to Robert Porter.  HA11/C11/3  1816

Lease of farm at Sotherton to Robert Sowter.  HA11/C11/4  1819

Lease of farm at Dennington to Messrs. Welham.  HA11/C11/5  1824

Lease of farm at Henham and Bulcamp.  HA11/C11/6  1825

Lease of farm at Bruisyard to Benjamin Greenard.  HA11/C11/7  1834

Lease of farm at Uggeshall and Frostenden to James Jennings.  HA11/C11/8  1845

Lease of farm at Uggeshall and Stoven to Timothy Leman.  HA11/C11/9  1846

Lease of farm in Darsham, Blythburgh and Bramfield to James Girling.  HA11/C11/10  1846

Lease of farm at Uggeshall.  HA11/C11/11  Undated

Agreement for letting cottage in Wangford, the Earl of Stradbroke to John Etheridge  HA11/C11/12  24 January 1908

Agreement for letting cottage in Sotherton, the Earl of Stradbroke to Harry Stone of Sotherton  HA11/C11/13  25 November 1913

Agreement for letting cottage in Sotherton, the Earl of Stradbroke to Harry Stone of Sotherton  HA11/C11/14  25 November 1913

Agreement for letting cottage in Wangford, the Earl of Stradbroke to Hilda O'Neill of Halesworth  HA11/C11/15  9 Aug 1915

Agreement for letting cottage in Sotherton Corner, the Earl of Stradbroke to Walter Reynolds of Lowestoft  HA11/C11/16  20 Aug 191[?]

Agreement for letting cottage in Lowestoft Rd., Wangford the Earl of Stradbroke to Martha Moore of Frostenden.  HA11/C11/17  8 February 1918

Agreement for letting the White House, Bulcamp, the Earl of Stradbroke to Walter Howe of Darsham  HA11/C11/18  30 June 191[?]

Agreement for letting Church Farm, Uggeshall, the Earl of Stradbroke to Albert Hunter of Withersdale  HA11/C11/19  11 June 1948

Arbitration award concerning rent payable by C. S. Easy to Lord Stradbroke for White House Farm, Bulcamp.  HA11/C11/20  9 August 1954

Agreement for letting Alms House, Wangford, the Earl of Stradbroke to Miss Brown  HA11/C11/21  19 March 1956

Agreement for letting Alms House, Wangford, the Earl of Stradbroke to Mrs A. Smith  HA11/C11/22  n.d

Agreement for letting 20, Sotherton Corner, Halesworth, the Earl of Stradbroke to Mr A. Gilbert  HA11/C11/23  n.d

Agreements signed by F.I. Shepherd concerning rent of Union Farm, Bulcamp  HA11/C11/24  16 April 1951, 5 Oct 1956

CHURCH FARM, BLYFORD  [no ref. or date]

Account of sale of farming stock  HA11/C12/1  1876

CHURCH FARM, BRUISYARD  [no ref. or date]

Statement of account between the Earl of Stradbroke and Arthur Eade, Church Farm, Bruisyard.  HA11/C13/1  1893


Valuation of effects.  HA11/C14/1  1903

UNION FARM, BULCAMP  [no ref. or date]

Account books  HA11/C15/1  1825-1860

Account book  HA11/C15/1/1  1825

Account book  HA11/C15/1/2  1847-1848

(Labour book)  HA11/C15/1/3  1855-1859

With observations as to past seasons. (Cash book)  HA11/C15/1/4  1851-1860

Labour book  HA11/C15/2  1830-1944

Labour book  HA11/C15/2/1  1830-1831

Labour book  HA11/C15/2/2  1848-1849

Labour book  HA11/C15/2/3  1849-1850

Labour book  HA11/C15/2/4  1853-1856

Labour book  HA11/C15/2/5  1935-1936

Labour book  HA11/C15/2/6  1936-1944

Milk Yields  HA11/C15/3  1919-1929

DARSHAM FARM  [no ref. or date]

Account book, Foulsham's Farm. (Cash book)  HA11/C16/1  1851-1853

Labour book  HA11/C16/2  1851-1853

DENNINGTON FARMS  [no ref. or date]

Cash book.  HA11/C17/1  1928-1934

Account of carrying on farm at Dennington, trustees of James Heffer.  HA11/C17/2  1851-1852

With also:-
a. copy of warrant of attorney to secure £250 and interest, John Stanford to Earl of Stradbroke, 1834.
b. Norwich and Woodbridge corn average, 1850-1851.

GREEN FARM  [no ref. or date]

Account books  HA11/C18/1  1915-1942

Account book  HA11/C18/1/1  1915-1917

Account book  HA11/C18/1/2  1938-1940

Account book  HA11/C18/1/3  1940-1942

HENHAM HALL FARM  [no ref. or date]

Account books  HA11/C19/1  1822-1881

(Ledger book)  HA11/C19/1/1  1822

Account book  HA11/C19/1/2  1825

Part of cover wasting.

Account book  HA11/C19/1/3  1827

Account book  HA11/C19/1/4  1847-1848

Labour books.  HA11/C19/1/5  1871-1874

Labour books.  HA11/C19/1/6  1877-1879

Labour books.  HA11/C19/1/7  1879-1881

Labour books  HA11/C19/2  1881-1898

Labour book  HA11/C19/2/1  1881-1883

Labour book  HA11/C19/2/2  1897-1898

Baxter's farm account book, containing note as to contents of this farm.  HA11/C19/3  Undated

LIKE-KILN FARM  [no ref. or date]

Labour report.  HA11/C20/1  1935-1936

LING'S FARM  [no ref. or date]

Account book.  HA11/C21/1  1851-1853

Labour book.  HA11/C21/2  1851-1853

LYON'S FARM  [no ref. or date]

Account books  HA11/C22/1  1935-1939

Account book  HA11/C22/1/1  1935-1936

Account book  HA11/C22/1/2  1937-1939

MANOR FARM  [no ref. or date]

Account book  HA11/C23/1  1910-1912

Labour books  HA11/C23/2  1916-1943

Labour book  HA11/C23/2/1  1916

Labour book  HA11/C23/2/2  1936-1939

Labour book  HA11/C23/2/3  1939-1941

Labour book  HA11/C23/2/4  1941-1943

PARK FARM  [no ref. or date]

Account books  HA11/C24/1  1830-1944

Account book  HA11/C24/1/1  1830-1831

Account book  HA11/C24/1/2  1831-1832

Account book  HA11/C24/1/3  1833

Account book  HA11/C24/1/4  1848-1849

Labour book  HA11/C24/1/5  1850-1852

Labour book  HA11/C24/1/6  1855-1857

Labour book  HA11/C24/1/7  1857-1860

Labour books  HA11/C24/1/8  1860-1863

Labour book  HA11/C24/1/9  1867-1870

Labour book  HA11/C24/1/10  1870-1872

Labour book  HA11/C24/1/11  1873-1875

Labour book  HA11/C24/1/12  1879-1883

Account book  HA11/C24/1/13  1891-1896

Account book  HA11/C24/1/14  1903-1904

Account book  HA11/C24/1/15  1906-1907

(Labour account)  HA11/C24/1/16  1909-1910

Account book  HA11/C24/1/17  1914-1915

Account book  HA11/C24/1/18  1916-1917

Account book  HA11/C24/1/19  1936-1937

Account book  HA11/C24/1/20  1937

Account book  HA11/C24/1/21  1938-1939

Account book  HA11/C24/1/22  1939-1940

Account book  HA11/C24/1/23  1941-1942

Account book  HA11/C24/1/24  1942-1943

Account book  HA11/C24/1/25  1943-1944

Cash account books  HA11/C24/2  1881-1892

Cash Account book  HA11/C24/2/1  1881-1882

Cash Account book  HA11/C24/2/2  1892

Labour books  HA11/C24/3  1852-1909

Labour book  HA11/C24/3/1  1852-1854

Labour book  HA11/C24/3/2  1863-1866

Labour book  HA11/C24/3/3  1864-1869

Labour book  HA11/C24/3/4  1875-1878

Labour book  HA11/C24/3/5  1887-1891

Labour book  HA11/C24/3/6  1904-1905

Labour book  HA11/C24/3/7  1905-1906

Labour book  HA11/C24/3/8  1907-1908

Labour book  HA11/C24/3/9  1908-1909

Corn books  HA11/C24/4  1867-1885

Corn book  HA11/C24/4/1  1867-1878

Corn book  HA11/C24/4/2  1879-1881

Corn book  HA11/C24/4/3  1879-1883

Corn book  HA11/C24/4/4  1884-1885

Granary books (2)  HA11/C24/5  1932-1934

Account of sale of lambs, pigs, etc.  HA11/C24/6  1852

Stock books  HA11/C24/7  1867-1883

Stock book  HA11/C24/7/1  1867-1876

Stock book  HA11/C24/7/2  1881-3

ELM FARM AND REYDON GRANGE  [no ref. or date]

Account book  HA11/C25/1  1918-1919

SOTHERTON FARM  [no ref. or date]

Account book: Hadingham's Farm.  HA11/C26/1  1850

Labour book.  HA11/C26/2  1899

VALLEY FARM  [no ref. or date]

Account book.  HA11/C27/1  1860-1861

Labour reports  HA11/C27/2  1902-1946

Labour report  HA11/C27/2/1  1902-1903

Labour report  HA11/C27/2/2  1905-1906

Labour report  HA11/C27/2/3  1906-1907

Labour report  HA11/C27/2/4  1908-1909

Labour report  HA11/C27/2/5  1914-1915

Labour report  HA11/C27/2/6  1916-1917

Labour report  HA11/C27/2/7  1917-1918

Labour report  HA11/C27/2/8  1931-1932

Labour report  HA11/C27/2/9  1932-1933

Labour report  HA11/C27/2/10  1933-1935

Labour report  HA11/C27/2/11  1935-1936

Labour report  HA11/C27/2/12  1936-1937

Labour report  HA11/C27/2/13  1937-1939

Labour report  HA11/C27/2/14  1939-1941

Labour report  HA11/C27/2/15  1941-1943

Labour report  HA11/C27/2/16  1943-1946

Labour account book, Valley, Manor and Union Farms.  HA11/C27/3  1859-1872

On and off book (transfers). With rough sketch of lands flooded at Blythburgh.  HA11/C27/4  Undated. (c 1953)

UNIDENTIFIED FARMS  [no ref. or date]

Account books  HA11/C28/1  1824-1937

Account book  HA11/C28/1/1  1824

Account book  HA11/C28/1/2  1836-1837

Account book  HA11/C28/1/3  1840-1941

Account book  HA11/C28/1/4  1844-1845

Account book  HA11/C28/1/5  1883

Account book  HA11/C28/1/6  1935-1937

Labour books  HA11/C28/2  1850-1913

Labour book  HA11/C28/2/1  1850-1853

Labour book  HA11/C28/2/2  1912-1913

TITHES  [no ref. or date]

Tithe books  HA11/C29/1  1836-1913

Tithe book  HA11/C29/1/1  1836

Tithe book  HA11/C29/1/2  1842

Tithe book  HA11/C29/1/3  1843

Tithe book  HA11/C29/1/4  1845

Tithe book  HA11/C29/1/5  1846-1848

Tithe book  HA11/C29/1/6  1848

Tithe book  HA11/C29/1/7  1852-1863

Tithe book  HA11/C29/1/8  1864-1876

Tithe book  HA11/C29/1/9  1877-1892

Tithe book  HA11/C29/1/10  1894-1913

Tithe accounts  HA11/C29/2  1897-1913

Tithe account  HA11/C29/2/1  1897

Tithe account  HA11/C29/2/2  1913

Tithe registers  HA11/C29/3  1914-1936

Tithe register  HA11/C29/3/1  1914-1931

Tithe register  HA11/C29/3/2  1932-1936

Extracts from tithe apportionments concerning lands belonging to the Earl of Stradbroke.  HA11/C29/4  1888

Summary of tithes, property of the Earl of Stradbroke.  HA11/C29/5  1901

Bundle containing valuation of tithes, with relative papers, for the parishes of Reydon, Dennington, Wangford and Yoxford.  HA11/C29/6  1773-1825

Papers concerning tithes, parishes of Yoxford, Darnsham, Wangford, Henham, Reydon, Bruisyard.  HA11/C29/7  1810-1838

Papers concerning tithes, parishes of Stoven, Wenhaston, Wattisfield, Reydon, Yoxford, Darsham, Wangford, Bramfield  HA11/C29/8  1829-1842

Lists of tithes, Bulcamp, Bruisyard, Darsham, Reydon, Wangford and Yoxford, and from whom they should be recovered  HA11/C29/9/1  1902

Lists of tithes, Bulcamp, Bruisyard, Darsham, Reydon, Wangford and Yoxford, and from whom they should be recovered  HA11/C29/9/2  1904

Bundle of papers and correspondence concerning Reydon and other tithes, payable to the Earl of Stradbroke.  HA11/C29/10  1908-1909

Tithe rent charge, parish of Brundish.  HA11/C29/11  1842

Letter informing Rev. Birch, Southwold, of meeting of parishioners, Bedfield, to discuss commutation.  HA11/C29/12  1837

Correspondence and papers concerning tithes, parish of Blyford.  HA11/C29/13  1831-1835

Papers concerning commutation, parish of Blyford.  HA11/C29/14  1835-1839

Letter concerning holdings of owners and occupiers of land, parish of Blyford, with view to commutation.  HA11/C29/15  1838

Amount of tithes due from the parish of Dennington.  HA11/C29/16  1823-1824

Papers concerning commutation, parish of Dennington.  HA11/C29/17  1835-1838

Papers concerning meetings as to commutation, parish of Dennington.  HA11/C29/18  1837

Tithe rent charge account book, parish of Dennington.  HA11/C29/19  1838-1841

Account of compositions in lieu of tithes, parish of Ilketshall St. John.  HA11/C29/20  1829-1835

Notes concerning meeting to discuss commutation, parish of Ilketshall St. John.  HA11/C29/21  1837

Custom of tithes in the parish of Ilketshall St. John as decided at meeting to discuss commutation.  HA11/C29/22  20th November, 1837

Minutes of meeting to discuss commutation, parish of Ilketshall St. John.  HA11/C29/23  19th December, 1837

Draft agreement for commutation, parish of Ilketshall St. John.  HA11/C29/24  Undated

Notes concerning tithes, parish of Ilketshall St. Lawrence.  HA11/C29/25  1845

Summary extract from tithe apportionment, parish of Ilketshall St. Lawrence.  HA11/C29/26  1848

Notes concerning tithes, Reydon and Southwold.  HA11/C29/27  1832

Notes concerning tithes, parish of Reydon.  HA11/C29/28  1835

Account of small tithes due to Rev. Birch, rector of Reydon  HA11/C29/29  Michaelmas, 1836

Tithe rent charge, parish of Tannington.  HA11/C29/30  1842

Rough accounts of tithes received from the parish of Thorington.  HA11/C29/31  1835

Case concerning tithes and glebe of consolidated rectories of U(ggeshall) and S(otherton). Arthur Morgan, Equitable Assurance Office.  HA11/C29/32  7th December, 1833

Papers concerning poor rates and commutation of tithe, parish of Uggeshall.  HA11/C29/33  1835-1838

Assessment, tithe commutation, parish of Wenhaston.  HA11/C29/34  1838

Case for the opinion of counsel concerning Yoxford tithes.  HA11/C29/35  1813

TAXATION  [no ref. or date]

Papers concerning property and income tax.  HA11/C30/1  1851-1857

Property and income tax returns  HA11/C30/2  1853-1861

Returns  HA11/C30/2/1  1853

Returns  HA11/C30/2/2  1861

Return for assessment of income tax on lands and tenements, Henham and Wangford.  HA11/C30/3  1854

Notes made for property and income tax returns  HA11/C30/4  1857-1867

Notes  HA11/C30/4/1  1857

Notes  HA11/C30/4/2  1864

Notes  HA11/C30/4/3  1867

Registers of returns, No. 4. (returns to Inland Revenue of rent received)  HA11/C30/5  1910

3 volumes

Notices of assessment of super-tax.  HA11/C30/6  1912-1913, 1913-1914 (1912-1914

Tax returns.  HA11/C30/7  1922-1927

INSURANCE  [no ref. or date]

Prospectus, North British and Mercantile Insurance Co.  HA11/C31/1  Undated. 1800-1899

Lists of Fire Renewal Premiums, North British and Mercantile Insurance Co.  HA11/C31/2/1  1896

Lists of Fire Renewal Premiums, North British and Mercantile Insurance Co.  HA11/C31/2/2  1904

Domestic servants' policy, Henham Hall, North British and Mercantile Insurance Co.  HA11/C31/3  1907

FOOTPATHS  [no ref. or date]

Papers concerning stopping up of bridleway in the parishes of Darsham, Yoxford, Bramfield and Thorington  HA11/C32/1  1797

Justices' order for stopping up bridleway in parishes of Darsham, Yoxford, Bramfield and Thorington  HA11/C32/2  1797

Plan of bridleway in Darsham intended to be stopped up  HA11/C32/3  Undated

Consent of Lord Rous to proposed diversion of footpath between road from Wangford to Sotherton and paddocks in Henham  HA11/C32/4  5th January, 1814

SPORTING RIGHTS  [no ref. or date]

Counterpart lease of sporting over two farms at Darsham and Westleton to Thomas Lomax, Esq.  HA11/C33/1  1879

Counterpart lease of shooting, Darsham Cottage land, to Thomas Lomax, Esq.  HA11/C33/2  1880

Agreement for lease of shooting over marshes in Bulcamp, to Col. Le Mesurier, Clyde Cottage, Southwold.  HA11/C33/3  1895

Agreement to let Henham shooting to Capt. Quintin Dick.  HA11/C33/4  1898

Agreement to let Henham shooting to Alfred Bovill, Esq.  HA11/C33/5  1900

Agreement to let Henham shooting to Capt. George R. Tufton.  HA11/C33/6  1907

ENCLOSURE  [no ref. or date]

Bill to enclose commons and waste lands, Reydon.  HA11/C34/1  1798

State of claims, Uggeshall Enclosure.  HA11/C34/2  1797

Related information: HA11/B1/3/7

Commons Enclosure Bill.  HA11/C34/3  1845

GAME  [no ref. or date]

Game books  HA11/C35/1  1829-1937

Game book  HA11/C35/1/1  1829

August 1964 Returned to Lord Stradbroke

Game book  HA11/C35/1/2  1897-1904

Game book  HA11/C35/1/3  1904-1908

Game book  HA11/C35/1/4  1908-1913

Game book  HA11/C35/1/5  1913-1918

Game book  HA11/C35/1/6  1918-1937

4.8.1964 Returned to Lord Stradbroke

Game account and coursing book.  HA11/C35/2  1820

4.8.64 Returned to Lord Stradbroke

Gamekeeper's book.  HA11/C35/3  1887-1913

Gamekeeper's wages book.  HA11/C35/4  1888-1900

Gamekeeper's labour reports.  HA11/C35/5  1939-1942

CROPS, STOCK, etc  [no ref. or date]

Cropping books  HA11/C36/1  1849-1885

Cropping book  HA11/C36/1/1  1849-1857

Cropping book  HA11/C36/1/2  1858-1866

Cropping book  HA11/C36/1/3  1867-1874

Cropping book  HA11/C36/1/4  1875-1878

Cropping book  HA11/C36/1/5  1881-1885

Corn books  HA11/C36/2  1849-1882

Corn book  HA11/C36/2/1  1849-1853

Corn book  HA11/C36/2/2  1855-1867

Corn book  HA11/C36/2/3  1880-1882

Grain account book.  HA11/C36/3  1885-1886

Granary price book.  HA11/C36/4  1930-1932

Steam thrashing machine account.  HA11/C36/5  1852-1858

Straw ledger.  HA11/C36/6  1880-1883

Hop account.  HA11/C36/7  1847-1849

Stock books  HA11/C36/8  1849-1882

Stock book  HA11/C36/8/1  1849-1867

Stock book  HA11/C36/8/3  1880-1882

Red Poll Herd book, including stockman's register of birth and ear marks.  HA11/C36/10  1914-1920

Two books containing cuttings from the 'Farmer and Stockbreeder' concerning pigs, sheep, poultry, pasture and ley.  HA11/C36/11  1938

Transfer books  HA11/C36/12  1920-1926

Transfer book  HA11/C36/12/1  1920-1924

Transfer book  HA11/C36/12/2  1924-1926

STABLES  [no ref. or date]

Stud book.  HA11/C37/1  1805

Returned to Lord Stradbroke 4.8.64

Account book, Stallion 'Quiz'.  HA11/C37/2  1813-1814

Sycophant's account book.  HA11/C37/3  1849

Coachmen's account books  HA11/C37/4  1883-1893

Account book  HA11/C37/4/1  1883-1884

Account book  HA11/C37/4/2  1888-1893

Stud groom's account book.  HA11/C37/5  1883-1886

Advertisements for thoroughbred stallions  HA11/C37/6  [n.d.]

2 copies

Advertisements for thoroughbred stallions  HA11/C37/6/1  1900

'Spotstroke', Sproughton Hall, Ipswich

Advertisements for thoroughbred stallions  HA11/C37/6/2  1895

2 copies

'New Orleans', Henham

Advertisements for thoroughbred stallions  HA11/C37/6/3  1892

'Comet', Henham

Advertisements for thoroughbred stallions  HA11/C37/6/4  1906

'Purser', belonging to the Earl of Stradbroke

Book containing suggested names of horses, with engraving of Henham Hall by Barenger, made for Rackham's Country and Town Lady's Memorandum Book for 1806.  HA11/C37/7  Undated

Account of Richard Lewis (groom?) with the Earl of Stradbroke for the stables.  HA11/C37/8  1884-6

DAIRY  [no ref. or date]

Dairy account books  HA11/C38/1  1849-1891

Account book  HA11/C38/1/1  1849

Account book  HA11/C38/1/2  1852

Account book  HA11/C38/1/3  1861-1870

Account book  HA11/C38/1/4  1869

Account book  HA11/C38/1/5  1871

Account book  HA11/C38/1/6  1890-1891

Dairyman's day book.  HA11/C38/2  1867

Dairyman's account book.  HA11/C38/3  1867

Dairy accounts  HA11/C38/4  1849-1895

Dairy account  HA11/C38/4/1  1849

Dairy account  HA11/C38/4/2  1892

Dairy account  HA11/C38/4/3  1895

BRICK-KILN  [no ref. or date]

Brick-kiln books  HA11/C39/1  1825-1943

Brick-kiln book  HA11/C39/1/1  1825-1837

Brick-kiln book  HA11/C39/1/2  1837-1848

Brick-kiln book  HA11/C39/1/3  1849-1869

Brick-kiln book  HA11/C39/1/4  1863-1887

Brick-kiln book  HA11/C39/1/5  1921-1943

Brick-kiln ledgers  HA11/C39/2  1837-1882

Brick-kiln ledger  HA11/C39/2/1  1837-1846

Brick-kiln ledger  HA11/C39/2/2  1848-1882

Index to brick-kiln ledger.  HA11/C39/3  Undated

Brick-kiln account books  HA11/C39/4  1871-1883

Brick-kiln account book  HA11/C39/4/1  1871-1915

Brick-kiln account book  HA11/C39/4/2  1883

Blomfield's brick-kiln, goods delivered.  HA11/C39/5  1890-1916

LIME-KILN  [no ref. or date]

Day book.  HA11/C40/1  1834-1850

Lime account.  HA11/C40/2  1834-1851

Lime ledgers  HA11/C40/3  1834-1849

Lime ledger  HA11/C40/3/1  1834-1848

Lime ledger  HA11/C40/3/2  1848-1849

Index to lime ledger.  HA11/C40/4  Undated

Lime-kiln book.  HA11/C40/5  1851-1859

TIMBER  [no ref. or date]

Account of stuff sold in oak and ash plantation, Darsham  HA11/C41/1  1814

Plantation, wood and timber account  HA11/C41/2  1828-1834

Timber and underwood books  HA11/C41/3  1828-1864

Timber and underwood book  HA11/C41/3/1  1828-1844

Timber and underwood book  HA11/C41/3/2  1845-1855

Timber and underwood book  HA11/C41/3/3  1856-1864

Plantation books  HA11/C41/4  1834-1849

Plantation book  HA11/C41/4/1  1834-1838

Plantation book  HA11/C41/4/2  1838-1842

Plantation book  HA11/C41/4/3  1842-1846

Plantation book  HA11/C41/4/4  1846-1849

Timber yard day book.  HA11/C41/5  1837-1839

Day book, plantation work.  HA11/C41/6  1845-1849

Account of goods and materials provided by the timber yard  HA11/C41/7  1845-1856

Account  HA11/C41/7/1  1845-1851

Account  HA11/C41/7/2  1851-1856

Account of sale of timber and wood on Manor Farm, Church Farm and Westhall Hall Farm, also building material at Westhall Hall Farm.  HA11/C41/8  1872

Timber yard time book.  HA11/C41/9  1879-1887

Account of timber sold from Henham estate.  HA11/C41/10  1887-1898

Labour reports, woods.  HA11/C41/11  1913

Timber yard labour reports  HA11/C41/12  1914-1941

Timber yard labour report  HA11/C41/12/1  1914-1915

Timber yard labour report  HA11/C41/12/2  1939-1941

MARSHES  [no ref. or date]

Marshmen's wages account books  HA11/C42/1  1845-1886

Marshmen's wages account book  HA11/C42/1/1  1845-1850

Marshmen's wages account book  HA11/C42/1/2  1850-1856

Marshmen's wages account book  HA11/C42/1/3  1856-1865

Marshmen's wages account book  HA11/C42/1/4  1865-1870

Marshmen's wages account book  HA11/C42/1/5  1870-1877

Marshmen's wages account book  HA11/C42/1/6  1877-1886

ALLOTMENTS  [no ref. or date]

Rent book.  HA11/C43/1  1884-1900

SHEPHERD  [no ref. or date]

Account books of sheep and pigs killed for meat  HA11/C44/1  1848-1850

Account book  HA11/C44/1/1  1848-1849

Account book  HA11/C44/1/2  1849-1850

CARPENTER  [no ref. or date]

Day book, labour.  HA11/C45/1  1848-1858

Day book, articles constructed and prices.  HA11/C45/2  1837-1863

BUILDINGS  [no ref. or date]

Architect's report on Henham Hall by Edward M. Barry, Westminster.  HA11/C46/1  23rd March, 1858

Report on proposed additions.  HA11/C46/1/a  [n.d.]

External alterations.  HA11/C46/1/b  [n.d.]

Plan of park.  HA11/C46/1/c  [n.d.]

Alteration of approaches.  HA11/C46/1/d  [n.d.]

Mausoleum.  HA11/C46/1/e  [n.d.]

Alteration of London Lodge.  HA11/C46/1/f  [n.d.]

Roll by Edward Barry.  HA11/C46/2  1858

Plan of proposed additions, Henham Hall.  HA11/C46/2/1  1858

Elevation showing proposed additions. (First and second floor plans).  HA11/C46/2/2  1858

Design for mausoleum  HA11/C46/2/3  1858

Plan of proposed additions, Henham Hall, by Edward Barry. (Ground floor plan).  HA11/C46/3  1858

Plan of proposed new wing, Henham Hall, by Edward Barry.  HA11/C46/4  1864

Roll by Edward Barry.  HA11/C46/5  1859-1861

Elevation, new wing, Henham Hall.  HA11/C46/5/1  1864

Details of parapet.  HA11/C46/5/2  1861

Wiseheart's Dublin views.  HA11/C46/5/3  undated

Print of Chateau Eleanor Louise.  HA11/C46/5/4  undated

Working drawing for little parterre west, Henham Hall.  HA11/C46/5/5  1859

Plan of principal floor, Henham Hall by Edward Barry  HA11/C46/6  1867


Roll by Edward Barry.  HA11/C46/7  [n.d.]

Plan showing proposed arrangement of forecourt, Henham Hall  HA11/C46/7/1  1864

Tracings HA11/C46/7/1 one enlarged.  HA11/C46/7/2, 3 and 4  [n.d.]

Plan of end of west garden, Henham Hall, with tracing. Edward Barry  HA11/C46/8  1865

Plan of sunk flower bed in west garden, Henham Hall. By Edward Barry.  HA11/C46/9  1869

Packet  HA11/C46/10  1858-1872

Plan for west garden, Henham Hall  HA11/C46/10/1  1869

Sketches for candelabra.  HA11/C46/10/2  [n.d.]

Wrought iron door, Bernard Bishop, Norwich  HA11/C46/10/3  Undated

Sketches for gates and railings and for formal garden, with covering letters, W.D. Nesfield, London  HA11/C46/10/4  1859

Account for chimney pieces, mirrors, etc., Benier, Parish. With relevant letters.  HA11/C46/10/5  1866

Letter from Howard & Sons, Berners St., giving estimate for reinstating upholstery and cabinet work damaged in the fire at Henham  HA11/C46/10/6  25th May, 1867

Letter from Robert Allen, Southwold, to the Countess of Stradbroke and plan for additional stonework on the conservatory steps  HA11/C46/10/7  10th May, 1872

Note of 'Extras after Contract': comprising estimate for work to be done on furniture and fittings  HA11/C46/10/8  No date

Letters from Lucas Bros., Lambeth, concerning alterations to be carried out at Henham: 15th June and 16th November, 1868: together with estimate from Messrs. Jeakes, Great Russell Street, for alterations and additions to bathrooms, plumbing, etc  HA11/C46/10/9  13th June, 1868

Plan for small building (? dog-kennels)  HA11/C46/10/10  No date

Plans and drawings for enlargement of London Lodge. By Edward Barry.  HA11/C46/11  1865

5 plans

Cover marked: 'Tracings of Mr. Barry's plans'.  HA11/C46/12  [n.d.]

Plan of proposed additions to Henham Hall, by J. Heygate Vernon.  HA11/C46/13  1886

Two copies of tracings of proposed additions, Henham Hall. (Barry's plans).  HA11/C46/14  Undated

Tracing of elevation towards main entrance, Henham Hall. (Barry).  HA11/C46/15  1858

Plans of 2nd floor, Henham Hall. French.  HA11/C46/16  Undated

2 plans

Sketch plans for dining and drawing rooms (Henham Hall). With list of locks to be alike with common keys.  HA11/C46/17  Undated 1800-1830

Plans for decoration of billiard room (Henham Hall).  HA11/C46/18  Undated 1800-1830

Bundle  HA11/C46/19  1859-1868

Account with John Howard and Sons, London, for decorations, etc. at Henham Hall  HA11/C46/19/1  1865

Estimate of work to be done at Henham Hall (Lucas Bros: new buildings, west wing).  HA11/C46/19/2  [n.d.]

Trade card, with prices added, Requillart, Roussel & Chocqueel, furnishers and carpet manufacturers, Tourcoing and Aubusson, France.  HA11/C46/19/3  [n.d.]

Letter from Benier, Paris, concerning work done at Henham Hall  HA11/C46/19/4  1867

Account of work done at Wangford School  HA11/C46/19/5  1859-1861

Letters and papers concerning work done at Henham Hall by Benier, Paris  HA11/C46/19/6  1866-1868

Account of Requillart, Roussel & Chocqueel for goods supplied  HA11/C46/19/7  1866

Estimate of work to be done at Wangford Church  HA11/C46/19/8  1863

Estimate for heating greenhouse  HA11/C46/19/9  1868

Plans and elevations for new west wing at Henham Hall  HA11/C46/19/10  1867

Account for alterations to the heating at Henham Hall.  HA11/C46/20  1902

Estimate for work to be done at Henham Hall, W.G. Lilly, Wrentham.  HA11/C46/21  1903

Plans and notes for improvements and alterations to gardens, pavilion, gates, railings and orangery at Henham Hall.  HA11/C46/22  1859

Roll of tracings  HA11/C46/23  1862

Showing proposed garden and alteration of approaches, Henham Hall, to conform with other circumstances  HA11/C46/23/1  [n.d.]

East portion of east garden  HA11/C46/23/2  1862

East end of south terrace, west garden  HA11/C46/23/3  1862

Rough plan of dining and drawing rooms, undated. French.  HA11/C46/23/4  [n.d.]

Gamekeeper's cottage.  HA11/C46/23/5  [n.d.]

Location and date unknown.

Roll  HA11/C46/24  UNDATED

Plan of park showing proposed alterations to roads.  HA11/C46/24/1  Undated

Plan of proposed forecourt, Henham Hall.  HA11/C46/24/2  Undated

Working drawing of garden, Henham Hall, W.B. Thomas.  HA11/C46/25  1863

Plan of east garden, Henham Hall. (1 copy and tracing)  HA11/C46/26  1864

Roll  HA11/C46/27  1864

Plan of proposed forecourt, Henham Hall  HA11/C46/27/1  1864

Detail of arches for walk under larch  HA11/C46/27/2  1864

Plan of chapel, location unknown.  HA11/C46/27/3  [n.d.]

Detail of oak fence; by East Lodge.  HA11/C46/27/4  (1864)

Details of arch and column, Henham Hall.  HA11/C46/28  1864

Iron gate at end of colonnage.  HA11/C46/29  Undated

Plan, elevations and sections for sunk bed, east garden, Henham Hall.  HA11/C46/30  1864

Plan of proposed gardens and balustrade. Thomas Chinnery.  HA11/C46/31  Undated

Plan and elevation, London Lodge.  HA11/C46/32  Undated

Plans, drawings and tracings, East Lodge. (Blythburgh Road) by E.L. Blackburn, architect  HA11/C46/33  1864

14 items

Plans, drawing and sections, East Lodge. (Blythburgh Road).  HA11/C46/34  1864

4 items

Related information: HA11/C46/33

Plan of East Lodge. (Section).  HA11/C46/35  Undated (1864)

With plan of windows, mouldings, etc.

Plan of gateway, East Lodge.  HA11/C46/36  Undated

Detail of gates, Henham Lodge. (East Lodge)  HA11/C46/37  Undated. (1864)

Detail of carriage gate. (East Lodge)  HA11/C46/38  Undated. (1864)

Roll  HA11/C46/39  Undated

Plan of site for conservatory, John Weeks, horticultural builder, Chelsea.  HA11/C46/39/1  Undated

Tracing of detail of steps to conservatory.  HA11/C46/39/2  [n.d.]

Plan of conservatory, John Weeks, horticultural builder, Chelsea.  HA11/C46/40  Undated

Detail of steps to conservatory, John Weeks, horticultural builder, Chelsea.  HA11/C46/41  Undated

Plan of furnace for hot-house.  HA11/C46/42  Undated

Description of drainage and water supply, Henham Hall, by Banner Bros. & Co.  HA11/C46/43  1884

Dimensions of rooms, Henham Hall, with details of wiring.  HA11/C46/44  1923

Detail of wrought iron grille, Bernard, Bishop and Barnard, Norwich and London.  HA11/C46/45  Undated

Plan of curling table.  HA11/C46/46  Undated

Tracing of lion.  HA11/C46/47  [n.d.]

Plan and tracing of Bruisyard Hall.  HA11/C46/48  Undated

Plans for building Dennington Hall, William Studd.  HA11/C46/49  1860

Fragment of plan, ground floor alterations, Sotherton Hall, E. Johnson Hindes, Beccles.  HA11/C46/50  1898

Hall Works book.  HA11/C46/51  1907-1908

Hall Works labour report  HA11/C46/52/1  1935-1936

Hall Works labour reports  HA11/C46/52/2  1936-1937

Hall Works labour reports  HA11/C46/52/3  1937-1938

Repairs books  HA11/C46/53/1  1914-1916

(Accounts of all repairs to the estate property)

Repairs books  HA11/C46/53/2  1927-1932

(Accounts of all repairs to the estate property)

Bundle of contracts, tenders, agreements, etc., for additions, repairs and maintenance, cottages and other estate buildings  HA11/C46/54  1859-1863

Including also:-
a. specifications for building Dennington Hall, 1860-1861.
b. agreement for the same, William Studd, jn., 1 Crown Court, Pall Mall, London, builder, William Studd, senior, Dennington, William Rudd, Badingham, bricklayer, 1860

Repairs and additional buildings required on Henham estate.  HA11/C46/55  1868

Plans of farm buildings, Bruisyard.  HA11/C46/56  Undated

Plans of proposed new cattle sheds at Mr. J. Parry's farm.  HA11/C46/57  Undated

Plans, elevations and estimate for cottages on Wangford Hill.  HA11/C46/58  Undated

Plans for gamekeeper's cottage, (Henham).  HA11/C46/59  1807

Plans, elevations and details of chimneys for cottages. Location and date unknown.  HA11/C46/60  [n.d.]

Roll  HA11/C46/61  [n.d.]

Plans for cottages, location and date unknown.  HA11/C46/61/1  [n.d.]

Plans and specifications for labourers' cottages, Society of Arts  HA11/C46/61/2  1864

Plans and suggestions for dwellings adapted to the working classes. By command of His late Royal Highness Prince Albert in connection with the Great Exhibition  HA11/C46/61/3  1851

Print of Henham Hall by H. Davy, Globe Street, Ipswich.  HA11/C46/62  November, 1858

Photocopies of plans and elevations for the rebuilding of Henham Hall, prepared by James Byres, architect, Rome.  HA11/C46/63  1774

"Henham Hall in Suffolk: A Seat of Sir John Rous, bart." Suggested improvements by Humphrey Repton, comprising text, plans, and sketches.  HA11/C46/64  [n.d.]


Related information: [For colour photographs. see P495]

The premises first viewed December, 1790
Compiled at Harestreet by Romford, April 1791

Letters from Percy Muir and D Welch referring to Reptons Book.  HA11/C46/64 part  [n.d.]

Bill of Sale dated 12/9/1949.
Plan of Pleasure garden and kitchen gardens.

Photocopies of plans, drawings, elevations, etc., for rebuilding Henham Hall by James Wyatt, architect.  HA11/C46/65  1793

Photographs of Henham Hall, interiors and exteriors, taken before its demolition.  HA11/C46/66a  August, 1953

With also photograph of fireplace from Henham in the Court Room of the Worshipful Company of Butchers and covering letter

Duplicate set of photographs as HA11/46/66a mounted in album. Returned to Lord Stradbroke  HA11/C46/66b  25.10.66

Blue print floor plans of Henham Hall: no date (20 c.)  HA11/C46/67  [n.d.]

4 plans

Floor plans of Henham Hall showing heating and electric light systems as altered: no date (20 c.)  HA11/C46/68  Undated 1900-1999

4 plans

HOUSEHOLD  [no ref. or date]

Packet  HA11/C47/1  1827-1902

Inventory of library, Henham Hall  HA11/C47/1/1  1827

Inventory of furniture, plate, linen, books, wine, etc.  HA11/C47/1/2  1827

Inventory of household furniture, location and date unknown  HA11/C47/1/3  [n.d.]

Letter from Lady Adela Cochrane, 1902, concerning miniature of her father and correspondence with Royal Exchange Assurance concerning the same.  HA11/C47/1/4  [n.d.]

Inventories of plate, Henham Hall  HA11/C47/2/1  1827

Inventories of plate, Henham Hall  HA11/C47/2/2  1852

Inventories of plate, Henham Hall  HA11/C47/2/3  1874

Inventories of plate, Henham Hall  HA11/C47/2/4  c. 1875

Inventory of plate, property of the Earl of Stradbroke, Henham Hall. Made by Walter H. Willson, King St., St. James', London, W.l.  HA11/C47/3  April, 1936

Inventory of plate belonging to the Earl of Stradbroke.  HA11/C47/4  Undated

Inventories of furniture at Henham Hall  HA11/C47/5/1  1863

Inventories of furniture at Henham Hall  HA11/C47/5/2  1864

Inventory of books, Henham Hall  HA11/C47/6  1869

Rough inventory, Henham Hall  HA11/C47/7  1905-1906

Account book, food and household goods  HA11/C47/8  1801-1825

Household account book  HA11/C47/9  1881-1885

Account of things brought into the house  HA11/C47/10  1884-1886

Account of farm produce sent to Henham Hall  HA11/C47/11  1896-1898

Meat books  HA11/C47/12  1852-1856

Meat book  HA11/C47/12/1  1852-1853

Meat book  HA11/C47/12/2  1855-1856

Grocery account books, with E. Read  HA11/C47/13  1845-1850

Grocery account book  HA11/C47/13/1  1845

Grocery account book  HA11/C47/13/2  1845

Grocery account book  HA11/C47/13/3  1847

Grocery account book  HA11/C47/13/4  1849

Grocery account book  HA11/C47/13/5  1849

Grocery account book  HA11/C47/13/6  1850

Account book, Earl of Stradbroke in account with James Parry, Henham Hall kitchen, dairy and still-room  HA11/C47/14  1875 and 1876

Cellar books  HA11/C47/15  1792-1878

Cellar book  HA11/C47/15/1  1792

Cellar book  HA11/C47/15/2  1792-1793

Cellar book  HA11/C47/15/3  1794, and from October, 1796

Cellar book  HA11/C47/15/4  1794-1795, and from October, 1796

Cellar book  HA11/C47/15/5  1795

Cellar book  HA11/C47/15/6  1795-1796

Cellar book  HA11/C47/15/7  1797

Cellar book  HA11/C47/15/8  1798

Cellar book  HA11/C47/15/9  1798

Marked: 'Butler's. James Sturgeon'.

Cellar book  HA11/C47/15/10 and 11  1799

One marked: 'James Sturgeon'

Cellar book  HA11/C47/15/12 and 13  1811

Cellar book  HA11/C47/15/14  1869

Cellar book  HA11/C47/15/15  1869-1878

Servants' wages books  HA11/C47/16  1848-1879

Servants' wages book  HA11/C47/16/1  1870

Servants' wages book  HA11/C47/16/2  1870

Servants' wages book  HA11/C47/16/3  1877-1880

Servants' wages book  HA11/C47/16/4  1879

Female servants' wages book  HA11/C47/17  1864-1868

Menservants' wages book.  HA11/C47/18  1884-1885

The Earl of Stradbroke in account with James Arthy for medicines, etc.  HA11/C47/19  1857-1859

Rough account book.  HA11/C47/20  1809-1812

Visitors' book, Henham Hall.  HA11/C47/21  1876-1896

Letter from Requillart, Roussel and Chocqueel, furniture manufacturers, Paris, concerning supply of chandelier.  HA11/C47/22  1864

Letter from Herbert Broom, Holton, concerning reproduction of Chippendale chairs.  HA11/C47/23  1927

Book of prescriptions belonging to J. Rous.  HA11/C47/24  1754

Three prescriptions including one for rheumatism.  HA11/C47/25  Undated

Cure for distemper.  HA11/C47/26  Undated

Recipe for rhubarb dinner pill.  HA11/C47/27  Undated

Account of garden produce sold.  HA11/C47/28  1890-1900

Letter concerning rose plants to be sent to the Duchess of Hamilton.  HA11/C47/29  1902

Copy of 'The Home, The Altar, the Throne and the Cottage's magazine edited by Richard Castler.  HA11/C47/30  21st June, 1851



CHELTENHAM  [no ref. or date]

Bundle of vouchers marked 'Cheltenham bills'.  HA11/D1/1  1821

LONDON  [no ref. or date]

Bundles of vouchers marked 'London bills'  HA11/D2/1  1814-1819

London bills  HA11/D2/1/1  1814

London bills  HA11/D2/1/2  1815

London bills  HA11/D2/1/3  1815

London bills  HA11/D2/1/4  1818

London bills  HA11/D2/1/5  1819

Letter from George Ryan, London, concerning lease.  HA11/D2/2  1803

Letter from George Ryan, London, concerning refusal of lease.  HA11/D2/3  1803

Letter from John Robins concerning lease of 32 Hertford St., London.  HA11/D2/4  1806

Estimate of works to be done at Hertford st., (London) by Mr. Cundy.  HA11/D2/5  1807

Specifications and estimates for work to be done at 33 Belgrave Square for the Countess of Stradbroke.  HA11/D2/6  1880

Letter from Waller & Co., Eaton Square, concerning tithes payable for 33 Belgrave Square, London.  HA11/D2/7  1900

Letter concerning lease of 25 Eaton Rise, Ealing.  HA11/D2/8  1902

Specification of work to be done at 138 Laxham Gardens, Kensington.  HA11/D2/9  1902

Plans, estimates and letter from Thomas Cundy, Pimlico, concerning alterations to Hertford Street, London.  HA11/D2/10  1807

CAMBRIDGESHIRE  [no ref. or date]

Correspondence with J. Beauclerk concerning purchase of land in or near March, Cambs., from Sir H. Peyton.  HA11/D3/1  1821-1822

CUMBERLAND  [no ref. or date]

Plans of gardens at Edenhall, taken by Henderson.  HA11/D4/1  1860

MIDDLESEX  [no ref. or date]

Plans of conservatory, Hillingdon House, for H.R. Cox, Esq., by V. Assridge and Son, Uxbridge.  HA11/D5/1  Undated

NORFOLK  [no ref. or date]

Letters and papers concerning money deposited on behalf of Philip Pullyn with Moxon and Brosgrove, Grays Inn, until his admission to various Norfolk manors was settled, but never returned.  HA11/D6/1  1769

Bundle of vouchers marked 'Caister bills'.  HA11/D6/2  1792-1794

Valuation of estates in Caister, Norfolk, belonging to Rev. Lockwood.  HA11/D6/3  Undated. (18th c.)

Plans for installing electricity, Shropham Hall. Norfolk, by Baily, Grundy and Barrett, Ltd., Cambridge.  HA11/D6/4  Undated

FRANCE  [no ref. or date]

Letter from John Bowers, Jermyn St., concerning payment of contributions on land in France, with application from same, enclosed as specimen.  HA11/D7/1  1853

IRELAND  [no ref. or date]

Irish estates account book.  HA11/D8/1  1766-1774

Diary of business concluded in Ireland.  HA11/D8/2  1791

Bundle of estate correspondence, including many reference to disputes with the tenantry, & 2 items relating to Suffolk  HA11/D8/3  1803-1853

HA11/D8/3/a rental, Waterford estate, 1841-1842.
HA11/D8/3/b notice of meeting of Society for Protecting Rights of Conscience in Ireland, Sussex Hotel, Tunbridge Wells, 1885.

Bundle of correspondence concerning Irish estates.  HA11/D8/4  1806

(Mainly proposals for leases)

Letter from Michael Blood, Dublin, concerning deeds and purchase of estate.  HA11/D8/5  1809

Letter from Thomas Kemmin, Dublin, concerning payment of interest.  HA11/D8/6  1814

Letter from Thomas Kemmin, Dublin, concerning payment of bill.  HA11/D8/7  1814

Letter from William Blood, Limerick, concerning accounts.  HA11/D8/8  1822

Letter from William Blood, Limerick, concerning contribution to Newport Poor Fund.  HA11/D8/9  1822

Letters from William Blood, Limerick, concerning attack by priest of Bilboa.  HA11/D8/10  1823

Letter from William Blood, Limerick, concerning lease of mountain farms.  HA11/D8/11  1823

Survey (map) of Ballykildine, County Roscommon. By Brassington and Gale.  HA11/D8/12  1836

Valuation of woods in county of Waterford, property of the late Lord Middleton.  HA11/D8/13  1839

Letter from S. Coates containing rough valuation of Irish estates.  HA11/D8/14  1840

Letter from S. Coates concerning mortgage of property.  HA11/D8/15  1841

Copy of 2 letters concerning dispute as to boundary between property of Lord Stradbroke and Lord H. on mountain near Knockraka.  HA11/D8/16  1841

Letter from James McGarthy, Shanacloon, concerning eviction.  HA11/D8/17  1842

Survey of Stradbroke estate in Barony of Glenahiry, parish of Kilonan and County of Waterford. Hodges and Smith, Dublin.  HA11/D8/18  1843

Letter from Land Commission Office, Dublin, concerning evidence given against Lord Stradbroke in the matter of payment for improvements, e.g. affecting his estates.  HA11/D8/19  1845

Copy of the Tipperary Constitution.  HA11/D8/20  15th March, 1845

Lease to Michael Nugent of lands in Tooreagh.  HA11/D8/21  1846

Letter from Mary Mulcahy, Ardbadon, requesting money for drainage of lands.  HA11/D8/22  1850

Letter from Society of Attorneys and Solicitors of Ireland stating objections to Process and Practice (Ireland) Bill.  HA11/D8/23  1850

Bundle of rentals and balance sheets, Glenaherry, Tipperary and Limerick, Kilbarrymeaden estates.  HA11/D8/24  1850

Letter from Michael Gorman asking to be allowed to continue his lease: Ballicleave.  HA11/D8/25  1851

Letter from Hugh Flannery, Barnadomeery, asking for renewal of lease.  HA11/D8/26  1851

Letter from Daniel Kennedy, Trilarf, concerning valuation of his farm.  HA11/D8/27  1851

Letter from Rector of Newport, Tipperary, requesting support for County of Tipperary Protestant Orphans Institution.  HA11/D8/28  1852

Particulars for sale, estates in Kilbarrymeaden, Waterford.  HA11/D8/29  1852

Rental of house and demesne of Churchtown, Co. Waterford, to be sold by auction.  HA11/D8/30  Undated (after 1852)

Letter from S. Coates concerning lead and silver mining.  HA11/D8/31  1853

Letter from S. Coates concerning estate accounts.  HA11/D8/32  1st April, 1853

Letter from John Prendergast, Cloncul, renewing offer to lease Ballyclonaugh Farm.  HA11/D8/33  1853

Prospectus, Oola Silver, Lead and Copper Mining Co., Limerick.  HA11/D8/34  1854

Notice concerning Waterford and Lismore Diocesan Church Educational Society, showing officers and committee, accounts, lists of schools, etc.  HA11/D8/35  1854

Petition to Queen, and relative papers, concerning payment of wages and prize money to Dennis Hulpen, of ships 'Dryad', 'Druid' and 'Champlain', reputed to have deserted at Ash Island, America.  HA11/D8/36  1857

Consent of trustees of Rt. Hon. Countess of Glengall allowing William Bourke to assign or sublet premises in the Square of Cahir.  HA11/D8/37  1857

Bundle  HA11/D8/38  1858

Glenaherry balance sheet  HA11/D8/38/1  1858

Kilbarrymeaden balance sheet  HA11/D8/38/2  1858

Balance sheet, Tipperary and County of Limerick  HA11/D8/38/3  1858

Rental, Glenaherry estates  HA11/D8/38/4  1858

Kilbarrymeaden estates, rental  HA11/D8/38/5  1858

Rental, Tipperary and Limerick  HA11/D8/38/6  1858

Rental, Glenahiry.  HA11/D8/39  1860

Balance sheet, Glenahiry.  HA11/D8/40  17th March, 1860

Balance sheets, Kilbarrymeaden  HA11/D8/41/1  1860

Balance sheets, Kilbarrymeaden  HA11/D8/41/2  1861

Rental, Tipperary and Limerick.  HA11/D8/42  1866

Rental of houses and lands in city of Limerick to be sold by auction. With plan.  HA11/D8/43  1873

Map of Ireland by R. Roque, chorographer to H.M.  HA11/D8/44  Undated c.1760

Letter from Ralph Wilson, Castledown Rock, concerning assistance for himself and his sons.  HA11/D8/45  Undated

Account of value of rents from the Irish estate.  HA11/D8/46  Undated

Memorial from Thomas Warde, Clonmel, seeking assistance for his distressed state, resulting from litigious tenants and nonpayment of rent.  HA11/D8/47  Undated

Statement concerning administration of workhouse at Scariff.  HA11/D8/48  Undated

Report on mills in Ireland.  HA11/D8/49  Undated

Bundle of letters from Lord Dorchester and various solicitors, estate agents, etc. to Lord Rous concerning dispute about estate at Cullen, Tipperary, arising out of the will of Lord Dorchester's father: Lord Rous' claim to the estate was in the right of his wife, formerly Miss Wilson.  HA11/D8/50  1799-1800

UNIDENTIFIED  [no ref. or date]

Letter from F.W. Shearing concerning payment of taxes.  HA11/D9/1  1899

PRINTED MAPS AND BOOKS  [no ref. or date]

MAPS  [no ref. or date]

Robert Morden's map of Suffolk. Showing hundreds.  HA11/E1/1  1695

Map of Suffolk with inset map of Ipswich, by Joseph Hodskinson. Dedicated to the Lord Lieutenant (the Duke of Grafton). With engraving of the Abbey Gate, Bury St. Edmunds.  HA11/E1/2  1873

Greenwood's Atlas of England and Wales, 1831. Part III. Relating to Essex, Suffolk (showing hundreds), Huntingdon, Bedford, Rutland, Nottingham, Lincoln, Gloucestershire, Monmouth, Glamorgan, Brecon and Radnor, Northumberland and Durham.  HA11/E1/3  [n.d.]

Conditions of access: HA11/E1/3 NOT TO BE PRODUCED


Map of Ipswich by Joseph Pennington.  HA11/E1/4  1778

2 copies

N.B. A photostat copy of this map has been made for general use (Neg. No. 33)

Plan exhibiting the remains of the ancient city of Dunwich. Dedicated to the Society of Antiquaries by Thomas Gardner, 1753. With engravings of Dunwich, Southwold, Blythburgh and Walberswick churches.  HA11/E1/5  [n.d.]

Bryant's map of the County of Suffolk.  HA11/E1/6  [n.d.]

SUFFOLK BOOKS  [no ref. or date]

Visitations of Suffolk made by Hervey, Clarenceux King of Arms, 1561, Cooke, Clarenceux King of Arms, 1577: Raven, Richmond Herald, 1612. Edited by Walter C. Metcalfe.  HA11/E2/1  [n.d.]

General views of agriculture drawn up for the consideration of the Board of Agriculture, for the counties of  HA11/E2/2  1793-1974

1. Suffolk, by Arthur Young, Secretary to the Board, 1794.
2. Norfolk, by Nathaniel Kent, 1794.
3. Middlesex, by Thomas Baird, 1793.

Suffolk in the Nineteenth Century by John Glyde, junior.  HA11/E2/3  Undated

White's Suffolk Directory.  HA11/E2/4  1885

MICROFILMS OF BOOKS  [no ref. or date]

MS. Book of Music for the Cittern, with Stradbroke bookplate, c. 1590. (University of California Library, MS. No. 581).  HA11/E3/1  [n.d.]

(1 reel positive microfilm).

FRAGMENTS  [no ref.]  1500-1599

Fragments of early (?16c) books ("The Shepardes Kalender" & Valentine and Orson"), used to line a wooden box  HA11/E4/1  1500-1599

MISCELLANEOUS  [no ref.]  1683

The trials of Thomas Walcot. John Rous, William Hone, William Lord Russell and William Blagg, for high (reason for conspiring the death of the King...July 12-14, 1683 London, 1683  HA11/E5/1  1683

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