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Reference FB121
Covering dates 1558 - 1960
Held by Suffolk Record Office, Ipswich Branch
Extent 46 Series
Creators Church of England, Rickinghall Superior Parish, Suffolk

GENERAL  FB121/A  [n.d.]

Royal occasions  FB121/A1  [n.d.]

Account and 6 vouchers of a dinner to celebrate the Prince of Wales' marriage  FB121/A1/1/1  1863

Resolutions touching a dinner for the poor, to celebrate the Prince of Wales' marriage  FB121/A1/1/2  n.d

Lists of those invited to dinner to celebrate Prince of Wales' marriage  FB121/A1/1/3  1863

Papers concerning a "common offering" by the "Women and Girls of the United Kingdom" to the Queen  FB121/A1/2/1  1886

Balance sheet for Jubilee festivities  FB121/A1/2/2  21 June 1887

Deposited Deeds  FB121/A2  [n.d.]

Grant in perpetuity by Robert Howard of Tibenham and Andrew Burlingham of Burston to Thomas Howard of Bresingham, of property in Bresingham, co. Norfolk  FB121/A2/1/1  25 May 1630

Copy of Court Roll of manor of Thornage recording the admission of Richard Racy to property in Briston  FB121/A2/2/1  29 Oct. 1701

Copy of an entry in the court roll of the manor of Thornage  FB121/A2/2/2  25 Oct. 1710

Recording a conveyance by Richard Racey to Richard Morse, worsted weaver, of property in Briston

Bond  FB121/A2/3/1  25 Mar. 1718

By Michael Barnes, gent., Henry Elmy junior, Malster, William Rust, Malster, William Talbott junior, yeoman, George Elmy, Tanner and Thomas Freeman, Tanner, all of Upper Rickinghall to Mary Bryan of Burgate, spinster, in £60, for the payment of £31.10.0. in a year's time
Endorsed, 1719, 1720, 1721 and 1722 with receipts for interest "for the use of the Townsmen"

Inventory of the goods of Ann Rockett, widow, distrained for 37/6, being rent due to William Paulet  FB121/A2/4/1  21 Nov. 1733

Valuation of the goods of Ann Rockett, widow  FB121/A2/4/2  30 Sep. 1733

Copy of the will of John seaman of 'Thelnetham', Suffolk, butcher  FB121/A2/5/1  27 Jan. 1752

Probate of the will of Thomas Flint, late of Rickinghall Superior, exciseman, Executor, Thomas Jolly  FB121/A2/6/1  8 Feb. 1779

Parliamentary Franchise  FB121/A3  [n.d.]

Copy of such part of the register of voters for the Western division of the County of Suffolk as related to Rickinghall Superior  FB121/A3/1/1  1843

Militia  FB121/A4  [n.d.]

Militia Papers  FB121/A4/1  1792-1808

Taxation  FB121/A5  [n.d.]

Tax collectors' receipts  FB121/A5/1  1690-1696

34 docs.

Parish Records  FB121/A6  [n.d.]

Typed notes on Rickinghall Superior parish records by Basil Brown  FB121/A6/1  n.d. [20 century]

Mission Room  FB121/A7  [n.d.]

Draft of Mission room deed  FB121/A7/1  5 Nov. 1910

1. Rev. Cecil Frederick Blyth, rector of Rickinghall
2. Norwich Diocesan Trust
3. Rev. Cecil Frederick Blyth
George Holt Wilson of Rickinghall Inferior
Walter Simon Reeve of Rickinghall Superior
(1) to (2) and (3) a piece of land in Rickinghall Superior as a site for church chapel mission room

Mission room fire insurance policy  FB121/A7/2  12 Jul. 1909

As FB121/A7/2  FB121/A7/3  8 Apr. 1925

Insurance  FB121/A8  [n.d.]

Insurance papers for St Mary's Chapel of Ease, Rickinghall Superior  FB121/A8/1  1963

CLERGY  FB121/C  [n.d.]

Terriers  FB121/C1  [n.d.]

Terrier  FB121/C1/1  1784

Terrier  FB121/C1/2  1794

Terrier  FB121/C1/3  1801

Terrier  FB121/C1/4  1820

Terrier  FB121/C1/5  1827

Terrier  FB121/C1/6  1834

Terrier  FB121/C1/7  1845

Terrier  FB121/C1/8  1866

Terrier  FB121/C1/9  1908

Terrier  FB121/C1/10  1912

Valuation of Living  FB121/C2  [n.d.]

Account of the clear annual value of Rickinghall Superior rectory of the 3 years ending  FB121/C2/1/1  1 Oct. 1849

Tithes  FB121/C3  [n.d.]

Memorandum of an agreement between the incumbent and the principal land-holders of the parish for composition of tithes  FB121/C3/1  Dec. 1785

Tithe Map  FB121/C3/2  1839

Related information: (for Award see Rickinghall Inferior)

Altered Apportionment of tithe rent charge  FB121/C3/3  1921

Tithe redemption certificate  FB121/C3/4  1921

Tithe redemption certificate  FB121/C3/5  1922

Tithe redemption certificate  FB121/C3/6  1922

Altered Apportionment of Tithe rent charge  FB121/C3/7  1922

Authority for collecting alms  FB121/C4  [n.d.]

Letters patent empowering French protestants to receive alms and exhorting incumbents to request alms from their parishioners for them  FB121/C4/1/1  31 Jan. 1688

Stipendiary Curates Licences  FB121/C5  [n.d.]

Licence to William Wogan Baynes  FB121/C5/1/1  27 June 1825

Licence to Garrod Wade  FB121/C5/1/2  14 May 1828

Licence to Thomas Burroughes  FB121/C5/1/3  26 Jun. 1833

Licence to William Haddock  FB121/C5/1/4  4 Oct. 1844

Licence to Richard Hudson Gibson  FB121/C5/2  13 May 1852

Licence to Walter Henry Partridge  FB121/C5/3  19 Jul. 1871

Licence to Harold Suthery  FB121/C5/4  24 Feb. 1904

Parsonage House  FB121/C6  [n.d.]

Deed of redemption of a fee farm rent on the rectory  FB121/C6/1/1  6 Feb. 1919

Parish notes  FB121/C7  [n.d.]

Notes re incumbents, glebe, charities etc.  FB121/C7/1/1  n.d

Receipt from the town warden of Walsham le Willows for possession of lands in Botesdale  FB121/C7/1/2  1788

Balance sheet for lands held in trust for the two Rickinghalls and Walsham le Willows  FB121/C7/1/3  1789

Copy of list of rectors  FB121/C7/2  1305-1897


As FB121/C7/2 amended to 1936  FB121/C7/3  c1936

A page from Norfolk and Suffolk Journal and Diss Express  FB121/C7/4  17 Sep. 1937

Containing report of Rickinghall parishoners meeting to discuss the union of Rickinghall Superior and Inferior churches

Copy of London Gazette  FB121/C7/5  10 May 1938

Containing orders in Council re the union of the benefices of Rickinghall Superior and Inferior

Letter from Rev. T.O. Coleman rector of Achurch, Peterborough, to the Rev. G.V. Cotton, rector of Rickinghall  FB121/C7/6  25 Sep. 1940

Appealing for contributions towards the repair of the church and also describing the details of briefs collected in 1729 in his church for villagers of Rickinghall and Botesdale who suffered severely from fire

Affidavits for marriage  FB121/C8  [n.d.]

7 affidavits for the marriage of minors  FB121/C8/1/1-7  1822

1 affidavit for the marriage of minors  FB121/C8/1/8  1823

Conversion to Anglican Church  FB121/C9  [n.d.]

Rickinghall Superior renunciation of the church of Rome by Elizabeth Mills, Mary Hamblin, Sarah Mills and John Mills  FB121/C9/1/1  19 Mar. 1802

Notes of dates on which the above in FB121/C9/1/1 first took the sacrament according to the Anglican usage  FB121/C9/1/2  nd

Services  FB121/C10  [n.d.]

Register of Services  FB121/C10/1  1889-1960


Register of Services  FB121/C10/2  1907-1914

Licences  FB121/C11  [n.d.]

Bishop's Licence to Rev. George Hales to perform divine service in premises at Allwood Green in Rickinghall Superior  FB121/C11/1  7 Aug. 1899

Bishop's Licence to solemnize marriages in St Mary's Rickinghall Superior  FB121/C11/2  31 May 1938

[no title]  FB121/C11/3  19 Sep. 1939

Bishop's order regarding the closure of Rickinghall Superior church for all services, marriages and funerals for the duration of the war or until it ceases to be used as a school by evacuation children


Registers  FB121/D1  [n.d.]

Register  FB121/D1/1  1558-1690

Baptisms 1558-1690
(no entries 1628, 1630, 1638 & 1649)
Burials 1561-1686
(no entries 1629-30, 1637-38, 1640, 1647-48, 1650-51 or 1659)
Marriages 1558-1690
(no entries 1629-30, 1633, 1637-38, 1642, 1644, 1647-50 & 1660)
(Few entries are made consecutively, but are dotted, in a haphazard fashion throughout the book)

Register  FB121/D1/2  1686-1784

Baptisms 1691-1780
Marriages 1691-1756
Burials 1686-1784

Register  FB121/D1/3  1754-1790

Banns 1754-1789
Marriages 1754-1790

Register  FB121/D1/4  1791-1812

Banns of Marriages 1791-1812
Marriages 1791-1812

Register of Marriages  FB121/D1/5  1813-1837

Register  FB121/D1/6  1783-1812

Baptisms 1783-1812
Burials 1783-1812

Register of Baptisms  FB121/D1/7  1813'-1850

Register of Burials  FB121/D1/8  1813-1876

Register of Marriages  FB121/D1/9  1837-1937

Register of Banns  FB121/D1/10  1823-1895

Register of Baptisms  FB121/D1/11  1851-1974

(Church closed 1974)

Register of Marriages  FB121/D1/12  1938-1974

(Church closed 1974)

Register of Banns  FB121/D1/13  1896-1939

Copies of Registers  FB121/D2  [n.d.]

Bill indented of Baptisms, Marriages and Burials  FB121/D2/1/1  1806-1807


Copy of Burials and Baptisms for the year  FB121/D2/1/2  1865

Copy of Burials and Baptisms for the year  FB121/D2/1/3  1866

Certificates  FB121/D3  [n.d.]

Certificate of the burial of Joseph Garland  FB121/D3/1/1  28 Sep. 1788

Certificate of the marriage of John Knights and Rebecca Nunn, and the baptism of their son John  FB121/D3/1/2  27 Sep. 1790 & 19 June 1792

Marriage Licences  FB121/D4  [n.d.]

Albert Edgar Hupton, Kirkstead (Nf.) and Mollie Evilinia Sheppard of Rickinghall Superior  FB121/D4/1  8 Apr. 1916

Charles William Cage of Rickinghall Superior and Sarah Elizabeth Foreman of Finningham  FB121/D4/2  21 Sep. 1918

Thomas Thompson of Newborough (Nb.) and Daisy Ellen Cook of Rickinghall  FB121/D4/3  20 July 1922

Charles Reynolds of Garboldisham (Nf.) and Mary Rivett of Rickinghall Superior  FB121/D4/4  4 Mar. 1918

Edward Allison of Aberdeen (Scot.) and Grace Hart of Rickinghall Superior  FB121/D4/5  24 Dec. 1923

Gordon Herald Maurice Kennett of St Helen's Jersey and Mary Augusta Fordham of Rickinghall Superior  FB121/D4/6  15 Apr. 1925


Accounts  FB121/E1  [n.d.]

Account Book  FB121/E1/1  1607-1683

Containing full accounts, 1607-1671, and summary accounts, 1671-1683

Summary Accounts and Appointments Book  FB121/E1/2  1684-1733

[no title]  FB121/E1/3  1734-1935

Account and Appointment Book 1734-1845
Also contains vestry minutes 1932-1935

Churchwardens' Accounts  FB121/E1/4/1  1678

Churchwardens' Accounts  FB121/E1/4/2  1681

Churchwardens' Accounts  FB121/E1/4/3  1684

Churchwardens' Accounts  FB121/E1/4/4  1685

Churchwardens' Accounts  FB121/E1/4/5  1687

Churchwardens' Accounts  FB121/E1/4/6  1689

Churchwardens' Accounts  FB121/E1/4/7  1692

Churchwardens' Accounts  FB121/E1/4/8  1694

Churchwardens' Accounts  FB121/E1/4/9  1696

Churchwardens' Accounts  FB121/E1/4/10  1697

Churchwardens' Accounts  FB121/E1/4/11  1698

Churchwardens' Accounts  FB121/E1/4/12  1699

Churchwardens' Accounts  FB121/E1/4/13  1704

(Vouchers attached)

Churchwardens' Accounts  FB121/E1/4/14  1705

Churchwardens' Accounts  FB121/E1/4/15  1707

Churchwardens' Accounts  FB121/E1/4/16  1709

Churchwardens' Accounts  FB121/E1/4/17  1711

Churchwardens' Accounts  FB121/E1/4/18  1712

Churchwardens' Accounts  FB121/E1/4/19  1713

Churchwardens' Accounts  FB121/E1/4/20  1714

(Vouchers attached)

Churchwardens' Accounts  FB121/E1/4/21  1715

Churchwardens' Accounts  FB121/E1/4/22  1716

(Vouchers attached)

Churchwardens' Accounts  FB121/E1/4/23  1717

(Vouchers attached)

Churchwardens' Accounts  FB121/E1/4/24  1718

(Vouchers attached)

Churchwardens' Accounts  FB121/E1/4/25  1719

(Vouchers attached)

Churchwardens' Accounts  FB121/E1/4/26  1722

(Vouchers attached)

Churchwardens' Accounts  FB121/E1/4/27  1723

(Vouchers attached)

Churchwardens' Accounts  FB121/E1/4/28  1724

(Vouchers attached)

Churchwardens' Accounts  FB121/E1/4/29  1725

(Vouchers attached)

Churchwardens' Accounts  FB121/E1/4/30  1726

(Vouchers attached)

Churchwardens' Accounts  FB121/E1/4/31  1727

(Vouchers attached)

Churchwardens' Accounts  FB121/E1/4/32  1728

(Vouchers attached)

Churchwardens' Accounts  FB121/E1/4/33  1729

(Vouchers attached)

Churchwardens' Accounts  FB121/E1/4/34  1730

(Vouchers attached)

Churchwardens' Accounts  FB121/E1/4/35  1732

(Vouchers attached)

Churchwardens' Accounts  FB121/E1/4/36  1733

(Vouchers attached)

Churchwardens' Accounts  FB121/E1/4/37  1734

(Vouchers attached)

Churchwardens' vouchers  FB121/E1/4/38  18c

Churchwardens' Account book  FB121/E1/5  1845-1931

Churchwardens' Accounts  FB121/E1/6  1920

Churchwardens' Accounts  FB121/E1/7  1921

Churchwardens' Accounts  FB121/E1/8  1923

Churchwardens' Accounts  FB121/E1/9  1925

Fabric  FB121/E2  [n.d.]

Agreement between the churchwardens and John Goldsmith of Redgrave for recasting the 4 existing bells into 5 new ones and hanging them for £35  FB121/E2/1/1  20 May 1712

Agreement for rehanging bells  FB121/E2/1/2  1905

Notebook of donations to tower fund  FB121/E2/2/1  1931

Plan of excavation of Lady Chapel in Rickinghall Superior by Basil Brown  FB121/E2/3  24 Mar. 1952

Seating  FB121/E3  [n.d.]

Plan showing allocation of seats  FB121/E3/1  n.d. [late 19 century]

Loans  FB121/E4  [n.d.]

Promise by William Howchin senior, William Rust junior, Churchwardens to pay to Christopher Gun of Watton, (Nf.) linen weaver 15/- by Easter 1686  FB121/E4/1/1  10 Nov. 1684

Briefs  FB121/E5  [n.d.]

Receipt for sums collected to 6 briefs  FB121/E5/1/1  6 Oct. 1702

Receipt for sums collected to letters; Patent for relief of French Protestants  FB121/E5/1/2  3 Oct. 1694 (?)

Receipt for sums collected to 2 briefs  FB121/E5/1/3  3 Oct. 1694

Sequestrations  FB121/E6  [n.d.]

Sequestration to William Boulter Street and Stephen Warren, churchwardens due to the death of Rev. Richard Compton Maul.  FB121/E6/1  10 Oct. 1888

Sequestration to William Boulter Street and Stephen Warren, churchwardens due to cession of Rev. Charles Walurton James  FB121/E6/2  3 July 1897

OVERSEERS  FB121/G  [n.d.]

Accounts  FB121/G1  [n.d.]

Overseers' Account book  FB121/G1/1  1696-1720

Containing appointments, rates and lists of regular recipients of relief

Overseers' Account book  FB121/G1/2  1721-1753

Containing appointments, rates and payments

Overseers' accounts.  FB121/G1/3/1  1693

Paper account.

Overseers' accounts.  FB121/G1/3/2  1698


Paper account.

Overseers' accounts.  FB121/G1/3/3  1699

Paper account.

Overseers' accounts.  FB121/G1/3/4  1700

Paper account.

Overseers' accounts.  FB121/G1/3/5  1701

Paper account.
Vouches attached.

Overseers' accounts.  FB121/G1/3/6  1702; 1696-7

Paper account. Vouchers attached

Overseers' accounts  FB121/G1/3/7  1703-1704

Paper account 1704

Overseers' accounts.  FB121/G1/3/8  1705

Paper account

Overseers' accounts.  FB121/G1/3/9  1706

Paper account

Overseers' accounts.  FB121/G1/3/10  1707

2 f.

Overseers' accounts.  FB121/G1/3/11  1709

2 f.

Overseers' accounts.  FB121/G1/3/12  1711

2 f.

Overseers' accounts.  FB121/G1/3/13  1712

2 f.

Overseers' accounts.  FB121/G1/3/14  1713

2 f.

Overseers' accounts.  FB121/G1/3/15  1714

2 f.

(Vouchers attached)

Overseers' accounts.  FB121/G1/3/16  1715

2 f.

Overseers' accounts.  FB121/G1/3/17  1716

2 f.

Overseers' accounts.  FB121/G1/3/18  1717

2 f.

(Vouchers attached)

Overseers' accounts.  FB121/G1/3/19  1719

1 book

Overseers' accounts.  FB121/G1/3/20  1720

1 book

Overseers' accounts.  FB121/G1/3/21  1721

2 books

(Vouchers attached)

Overseers' accounts.  FB121/G1/3/22  1722

1 book

Overseers' accounts.  FB121/G1/3/23  1723

1 book

(Vouchers attached)

Overseers' accounts.  FB121/G1/3/24  1725

1 book

Overseers' accounts.  FB121/G1/3/25  1726

2 f.

(Vouchers attached)

Overseers' accounts.  FB121/G1/3/26  1727

1 book

Overseers' accounts.  FB121/G1/3/27  1729

2 f.

Overseers' accounts.  FB121/G1/3/28  1730

2 books

Overseers' accounts.  FB121/G1/3/29  1736

2 f.

Overseers' accounts.  FB121/G1/3/30  n.d

(3 paper accounts & 1 book)

Overseers vouchers  FB121/G1/3/31  18century

Overseers accounts  FB121/G1/3/32  1724

1 book

(Vouchers attached)

Rates  FB121/G2  [n.d.]

Poor Rate  FB121/G2/1  30 Mar. 1773

2 f.

Poor Rate Book  FB121/G2/2  1830

Poor Rate Book  FB121/G2/3  23 Mar. 1832

Poor Rate Book  FB121/G2/4  1 Oct. 1833

Poor Rate Book  FB121/G2/5  27 Mar. 1834

Poor Rate Book  FB121/G2/6  4 Oct. 1834

Poor Rate Book  FB121/G2/7  26 Dec. 1834

Poor Rate Book  FB121/G2/8  26 Mar. 1835

Poor Rate Book  FB121/G2/9  27 June 1835

Poor Rate Book  FB121/G2/10  3 Oct. 1835

[no title]  FB121/G2/11  1833

Rate book for Labour Rates assessed 28 Jan. & 25 Mar. 1833
(Also minutes of a vestry meeting, establishing the rate) 20 Jan. 1833

Poor Rate Book  FB121/G2/12  Mar. 1790

Poor Rate Book  FB121/G2/13  Sep. 1790

Poor Rate Book  FB121/G2/14  Apr. 1791

Poor Rate Book  FB121/G2/15  Sep. 1793

Poor Rate Book  FB121/G2/16  Apr. 1794

Poor Rate Book  FB121/G2/17  Apr. 1797

Poor Rate Book  FB121/G2/18  Oct. 1797

Poor Rate Book  FB121/G2/19  Sep. 1798

Poor Rate Book  FB121/G2/20  Sep. 1799

Poor Rate Book  FB121/G2/21  Apr. 1800

Poor Rate Book  FB121/G2/22  Sep. 1800

Poor Rate Book  FB121/G2/23  Mar. 1801

Poor Rate Book  FB121/G2/24  Sep. 1801

Poor Rate Book  FB121/G2/25  Apr. 1802

Poor Rate Book  FB121/G2/26  Sep. 1802

Poor Rate Book  FB121/G2/27  Mar. 1803

Poor Rate Book  FB121/G2/28  Sep. 1803

Poor Rate Book  FB121/G2/29  Mar. 1804

Poor Rate Book  FB121/G2/30  Sep. 1804

Poor Rate Book  FB121/G2/31  Apr. 1805

Poor Rate Book  FB121/G2/32  Sep. 1806

Poor Rate Book  FB121/G2/33  Mar. 1807

Poor Rate Book  FB121/G2/34  Sep. 1807

Poor Rate Book  FB121/G2/35  Apr. 1808

Poor Rate Book  FB121/G2/36  Sep. 1808

Poor Rate Book  FB121/G2/37  Mar. 1809

Poor Rate Book  FB121/G2/38  Sep. 1809

Poor Rate Book  FB121/G2/39  Apr. 1810

Poor Rate Book  FB121/G2/40  Sep. 1810

Poor Rate Book  FB121/G2/41  Apr. 1811

Poor Rate Book  FB121/G2/42  Sep. 1811

Poor Rate Book  FB121/G2/43  Mar. 1812

Poor Rate Book  FB121/G2/44  Sep. 1812

Poor Rate Book  FB121/G2/45  Apr. 1813

Poor Rate Book  FB121/G2/46  Mar. 1814

Poor Rate Book  FB121/G2/47  Sep. 1814

Poor Rate Book  FB121/G2/48  Mar. 1815

Poor Rate Book  FB121/G2/49  Sep. 1815

Poor Rate Book  FB121/G2/50  Apr. 1816

Poor Rate Book  FB121/G2/51  Sep. 1816

Poor Rate Book  FB121/G2/52  Mar. 1817

Poor Rate Book  FB121/G2/53  Sep. 1817

Poor Rate Book  FB121/G2/54  Mar. 1818

Poor Rate Book  FB121/G2/55  Sep. 1818

Poor Rate Book  FB121/G2/56  Mar. 1819

Poor Rate Book  FB121/G2/57  Mar. 1820

Poor Rate Book  FB121/G2/58  Oct. 1820

Poor Rate Book  FB121/G2/59  Mar. 1821

Poor Rate Book  FB121/G2/60  Oct. 1821

Poor Rate Book  FB121/G2/61  Mar. 1822

Poor Rate Book  FB121/G2/62  Sep. 1822

Poor Rate Book  FB121/G2/63  Mar. 1823

Poor Rate Book  FB121/G2/64  Sep. 1823

Poor Rate Book  FB121/G2/65  Mar. 1824

Poor Rate Book  FB121/G2/66  Sep. 1824

Poor Rate Book  FB121/G2/67  Mar. 1825

Poor Rate Book  FB121/G2/68  Sep. 1825

Poor Rate Book  FB121/G2/69  Mar. 1826

Poor Rate Book  FB121/G2/70  Mar. 1827

Poor Rate Book  FB121/G2/71  Sep. 1827

Poor Rate Book  FB121/G2/72  Mar. 1828

Poor Rate Book  FB121/G2/73  Sep. 1828

Poor Rate Book  FB121/G2/74  Sep. 1829

Bastardy  FB121/G3  [n.d.]

Bastardy bond  FB121/G3/1  4 Oct. 1677

Roger Share man to churchwardens and overseers for the maintenance of Catherine a base child of Sarah Aslett

Bastardy bond  FB121/G3/2  14 Jan. 1715

Matthew List and William Colman of Burgate and Thomas List and Edward Baldry of Wortham for the maintenance of the unborn child/children of Mary Fisher by Matthew List

Warrant to apprehend James Slatter, father of a bastard child of Elizabeth Bloomfield of Rickinghall Superior  FB121/G3/3  16 Feb. 1716

Bastardy bond  FB121/G3/4  9 Feb. 1727

Thomas Greir, linen weaver and Henry Carr of Redgrave to the churchwardens and overseers for a female bastard child of Mary Fisher by David Walter of Redgrave

Bastardy bond  FB121/G3/5  1 Mar. 1732

Thomas Coe of Bury St Edmunds, gardiner to the churchwardens and overseers for a bastard child of Mary Gawsell

Bastardy bond  FB121/G3/6  22 May 1755

William Hunt of Walsham le Willows, labourer, William Hunt the elder, glover, Robert Hunt of Rickinghall Superior, blacksmith, John Hunt of Botesdale, glover to churchwardens and overseers for a female bastard child of Dorothy Silver

Bastardy bond  FB121/G3/7  14 Aug. 1758

Henry Mills of Burwell, Cambs., glover and breeches maker to the churchwardens and overseers for a female bastard child of Ann Chadley

Examination  FB121/G3/8  31 Jan. 1765

Susan Pattison naming Edmund Sanders of Burgate as the father of the unborn child

Examination  FB121/G3/9  11 Dec. 1769

Sarah Cockerill naming Robert Cocksedge as father of her female bastard child

Bastardy Bond: Ambrose Constable, yeoman, to the churchwardens and overseers for two male bastard children of Phoebe Cornish  FB121/G3/10  28 Dec. 1773

Bastardy bond: Joseph Gapp Junior, labourer and Joseph Gapp the elder farmer to the churchwardens and overseers for a female bastard child of Elizabeth Read  FB121/G3/11  14 Oct. 1775

Bastardy bond: Joseph Gooch of Bacton, farmer to the churchwarden and overseers for a female bastard child of Elizabeth Bealy  FB121/G3/12  2 Dec. 1776

Bastardy bond  FB121/G3/13  27 Nov. 1777

John Elliot of Botesdale, surgeon, to the churchwarden and overseers of an unborn child of Sarah Jest (Thomas Watson named as the father)

Warrant to apprehend Charles Rutlidge of Stanton All Saints father of a bastard child of Elizabeth Bailey  FB121/G3/14  16 Nov. 1778

Examination  FB121/G3/15  29 Mar. 1780

Elizabeth Bailey naming Charles Rutlidge as father of her male bastard child

Bastardy bond  FB121/G3/16  14 Dec. 1782

John Garnham, heelmaker to churchwardens and overseers for a female bastard child of Jane Cocksedge

Bastardy bond  FB121/G3/17  2 Jul. 1783

Thomas Nunn of Wickham Skeith and James Wells of Gislingham, farmer to churchwardens and overseers for a female bastard child of Elizabeth Rodwell

Order for William Copeling of Herongate (Ess.) blacksmith to pay towards maintenance of a male bastard child of Elizabeth Bailey  FB121/G3/18  17 Jul. 1783

Warrant to apprehend John Coe of Botesdale father of a bastard child of Elizabeth Bailey  FB121/G3/19  11 Dec. 1783

Order for Henry Warren to pay towards the maintenance of a male bastard child of Martha Kemp  FB121/G3/20  17 Sep. 1788

Warrant to apprehend David Kemp, blacksmith father of a female bastard child of Elisabeth Coe  FB121/G3/21  13 Feb. 1790

Order for David Kemp to pay towards the maintenance of a female bastard of Elisabeth Coe  FB121/G3/22  19 Feb. 1790

Examination of Elizabeth Coe naming David Kemp as the father of her female bastard child  FB121/G3/23  19 Feb. 1790

Examination  FB121/G3/24  2 Mar. 1790

Lydia Coe naming John Uppon as father of her unborn child

Bastardy bond  FB121/G3/25  6 Jul. 1795

John Ray, blacksmith, Thomas Ray of ?Thrandeston to the churchwardens and overseers for a female bastard child of Elizabeth Kerrage

Order for Philip Harris of Wortham to pay towards the maintenance of a male bastard child of Mary Mead  FB121/G3/26  2 Jan. 1798

Order for Isaac Turner to pay towards the maintenance of a bastard of Mary Read  FB121/G3/27  10 Sep. 1799

Warrant to apprehend Oliver Pettit, father of an unborn bastard child of Elizabeth Garwood  FB121/G3/28  15 Dec. 1800

Order for John Sturgeon bricklayer to pay towards the maintenance of a male bastard child of Mary Silvey  FB121/G3/29  20 Apr. 1802

Order to bring Elizabeth Haves, Ann Peck and Elizabeth Camell (all with child) before the justices to enquire into their legal place of settlement  FB121/G3/30  20 Dec. 1802

Warrant to apprehend Richard Keeble, carpenter, father of an unborn bastard child of Mary Cocksedge  FB121/G3/31  26 Sep. 1803

Order for Richard Keeble to pay towards the maintenance of a male bastard child of Mary Cocksedge  FB121/G3/32  9 Jan. 1804

As FB121/G3/32  FB121/G3/33  9 Jan. 1804

Warrant to apprehend Thomas Hudson father of an unborn bastard child of Lydia Upson  FB121/G3/34  14 Oct. 1806

Warrant to apprehend John Ellis of Thetford, (Nf.) father of an unborn bastard child of Lucy Spencley  FB121/G3/35  26 Jan. 1807

Bastardy bond  FB121/G3/36  17 Aug. 1807

John Page of Kenton, farmer to the churchwardens and overseers for a female bastard child of Mary Cooper

Bastardy bond  FB121/G3/37  6 Jan. 1810

Richard Todd the elder, bricklayer and stone cutter and Richard Todd the younger, farmer for an unborn bastard child of Sally Chandler

Warrant to apprehend John Wilton of Botesdale father of an unborn bastard child of Elizabeth Lilleystone, with accompanying note of promise to indemnify the parish against the child  FB121/G3/38  4 Dec. 1810

Warrant to apprehend James Talbot labourer of Rickinghall Inferior father of an unborn bastard child of Elizabeth Baily  FB121/G3/39  17 Dec. 1810

Order for John Wilton of Botesdale to pay towards the maintenance of a male bastard child of Maria Warren  FB121/G3/40  21 Jan. 1811

Order for James Talbot to pay towards the maintenance of a male bastard child of Elizabeth Bailey  FB121/G3/41  29 Apr. 1811

Order for John Garnham to pay towards the maintenance of a female bastard child of Mary Read  FB121/G3/42  12 Aug. 1811

Order for John Greengrass to pay towards the maintenance of a male bastard child of Ann Bealy  FB121/G3/43  13 Apr. 1812

Warrant to apprehend Edmund Bennett of Mellis, father of a male bastard child of Charlotte Kerridge  FB121/G3/44  16 Jan. 1815

Order for James Cutler of Walsham le Willows to pay towards the maintenance of a female bastard child of Elizabeth Bailey  FB121/G3/45  17 Apr. 1815

Order for Richard Todd, stone mason, to pay towards the maintenance of a bastard child of Mary Bailey  FB121/G3/46  26 Apr. 1819

Order for Elijah Berry to pay towards the maintenance of a male bastard child of Charlotte Kerridge  FB121/G3/47  20 Nov. 1820

Order for James Dye, labourer to pay towards the maintenance of a male bastard child of Susanna Williams  FB121/G3/48  28 Jan. 1822

Order for James Pernmant of Haughley to pay towards the maintenance of a female bastard child of Mary Sharpe  FB121/G3/49  3 Aug. 1824

Order for Robert Baker, labourer to pay towards the maintenance of a female bastard child of Mary Flatman  FB121/G3/50  14 Feb. 1825

Warrant to apprehend George Talbot, father of a male bastard child of Elizabeth Bailey  FB121/G3/51  27 Sep. 1825

Bastardy bond  FB121/G3/52  15 Nov. 1825

John Savage, baker to the churchwardens and overseers for a female bastard child of Elizabeth Bailey

Order for John Burton, brazier, to pay towards the maintenance of a male bastard child of Charlotte Kerridge  FB121/G3/53  12 Aug. 1826

Order for John Borley of Walsham le Willows to pay towards the maintenance of a male bastard child of Sarah Jolley  FB121/G3/54  28 Jan. 1828

Order for Benjamin Barnard, blacksmith of Ixworth to pay towards the maintenance of a male bastard child of Sarah Baker  FB121/G3/55  28 Jan. 1828

[no title]  FB121/G3/56  22 Nov. 1828

Order reciting the case of a female bastard child born to Martha Pett of Great Wakering (Ess.) now living in Walsham le Willows and the reputed father being Simon Davis of Great Wakering

Order for John Weston, labourer to pay towards the maintenance of a male bastard child of Maria Sayers  FB121/G3/57  23 Dec. 1828

Order for Jonathan Steggles farmer to pay towards the maintenance of a female bastard child of Susan Rose  FB121/G3/58  21 Jul. 1829

Order for Thomas Cooper farmer of Billingford (Nf.) to pay towards the maintenance of a male bastard child of Lucy Childerhouse  FB121/G3/59  22 Mar. 1830

As FB121/G3/59  FB121/G3/60  22 Mar. 1830

Order for Robert Williams, labourer of Brandon to pay towards the maintenance of a female bastard child of Mary Dye  FB121/G3/61  10 Apr. 1832

Warrant to apprehend Benjamin Barnard, blacksmith of Ixworth father of a male bastard child of Sarah Baker  FB121/G3/62  23 Feb. 1835

Settlement  FB121/G4  [n.d.]

Elizabeth Gorge and children, Rickinghall Inferior  FB121/G4/1  3 May 1678

Settlement bond  FB121/G4/2  10 Nov. 1684

1. Christopher Gun
2. William Howchin
William Rust
Concerning charges arising for Ann Robertson daughter of Robert Robertson late of Rickinghall

Wife of John George and 3 children, Rickinghall Inferior  FB121/G4/3  20 Nov. 1685

John Calver and William his son, Rickinghall inferior  FB121/G4/4  24 Oct. 1686

William Piper, linen weaver, and Elizabeth his wife, Methwold (Nf.)  FB121/G4/5  19 Jun. 1688

John Coldham with his wife and family, Rickinghall Inferior  FB121/G4/6  7 Jan. 1689

John Carter, his wife and child, Rickinghall Inferior  FB121/G4/7  4 Nov. 1693

Thomas Folkes and Mary his wife, Walsham le Willows  FB121/G4/8  20 Oct. 1694

Edward Hunt senior and Elizabeth his wife, Rickinghall Inferior  FB121/G4/9  9 Jul. 1696

Thomas Sillett and Margaret his wife, Haughley  FB121/G4/10  4 Dec. 1698

William Simonds with his wife and children and Jonathan James and his wife and children, Rickinghall Inferior  FB121/G4/11  7 Sep. 1700

John Rich with his wife, Rickinghall Inferior  FB121/G4/12  31 Oct. 1700

Robert Newman, glover, Beccles  FB121/G4/13  13 Jan. 1706

Thomas Alderton, Alice his wife and their children, Cotton  FB121/G4/14  9 Oct. 1706

John Hadly and his family, Lopham (Nf.)  FB121/G4/15  7 Apr. 1707

Edmund Ward, Alice his wife and all their children, Badwell Ash  FB121/G4/16  12 Mar. 1711

Thomas Bost, Lydia his now wife, Thomas Robert, Jonathan, Lydia and Sarah his children, Botesdale  FB121/G4/17  29 Mar. 1711

John Lilliston, woolcomber, Esther his wife and John his child, Hepworth  FB121/G4/18  23 Sep. 1713

Robert Kipping, his wife and family, Rickinghall Inferior  FB121/G4/19  4 Jul. 1715

Thomas Hunt, carrier, Botesdale  FB121/G4/20  12 Nov. 1715

William Wilby and Jane his wife and family, Dickleburgh (Nf.)  FB121/G4/21  ? Apr. 1716

John Brown and Mary his wife and family, Bungay St Mary  FB121/G4/22  25 Sep. 1716

Benjamin Pitt and Jane his wife, Rickinghall Superior  FB121/G4/23  23 Feb. 1716/17

Francis Hanton and family, Gislingham  FB121/G4/24  20 Apr. 1717

James Hargrave, blacksmith, his wife and Elizabeth his daughter, Botesdale  FB121/G4/25  6 May 1722

Robert Shearman, Joyce his wife, Beccles  FB121/G4/26  29 Oct. 1722

John Eldred, Sarah his wife, and Sarah his daughter, Hepworth  FB121/G4/27  5 Nov. 1722

John Nunn, Botesdale  FB121/G4/28  6 Feb. 1723

Edmund Ward, barber, his wife and family, Rickinghall Inferior  FB121/G4/29  2 Mar. 1723

John Nun, Dorothy his wife, Michael, John and Susan their children, Botesdale  FB121/G4/30  7 Apr. 1724

Mary Forgen and Mary her base child, Brooke (Nf.)  FB121/G4/31  22 Mar. 1727

John Hanting, Deborah his wife and Elizabeth their child, Gislingham  FB121/G4/32  3 Sep. 1728

Mary Forgen and Mary her base child, Brooke (Nf.)  FB121/G4/33  6 Oct. 1730

John Waller and Mary his wife, Calverley, West Riding of Yorkshire  FB121/G4/34  10 Dec. 1731

Thomas Bond and Sarah his wife, Stanton  FB121/G4/35  19 Mar. 1731/2

John Lilleston, Mary his wife and John and Mary their children, Rickinghall Inferior  FB121/G4/36  10 Apr. 1732

John Hood, Esther his wife and John and William their children, Rickinghall Inferior  FB121/G4/37  13 Apr. 1732

Edmund Ward, Ann his wife and their children Rickinghall Inferior  FB121/G4/38  1 Oct. 1733

William Bigsby and Elizabeth his wife and John Tweed (William Bigsby's apprentice) Rickinghall Inferior  FB121/G4/39  11 Jan. 1734

John Hunt, Elizabeth his wife and John their son, Botesdale  FB121/G4/40  11 Apr. 1737

Henry Lillystone and Ann his wife, Botesdale  FB121/G4/41  11 Apr. 1737

John Butcher, Elizabeth his wife, George, Elizabeth, Mary Ann and Rebecca their children, Rickinghall Inferior  FB121/G4/42  11 Apr. 1737

Roger Strutt the Younger, Frances his wife and Roger and John their children, Cotton  FB121/G4/43  7 Nov. 1737

Isaac Bennet, Woolcomber, Rickinghall Inferior  FB121/G4/44  12 Apr. 1738

Thomas Wade, Jane his wife and children, Rickinghall Inferior  FB121/G4/45  28 Apr. 1739

Aaron Andrewes and Susan his wife and Aaron their son, Great Yarmouth (Nf.)  FB121/G4/46  14 May 1739

Edward Franks, Ann his wife and John their son, Wortham  FB121/G4/47  30 Jul. 1739

Cornelius Hunt, Hannah his wife and Cornelius their son, Debenham  FB121/G4/48  3 Sep. 1739

John Andrews, Elizabeth his wife and Elizabeth their daughter, Redgrave  FB121/G4/49  22 Oct. 1739

Edmund Folger, Ann his wife, Dorothy and Ann their children, Rickinghall Inferior  FB121/G4/50  20 Oct. 1739

John Bealy senior, Susana his wife and Robert Garrard their apprentice boy, Thornham Parva  FB121/G4/51  25 Sep. 1740

Samuel Lewell, Susan his wife, Susan, Elizabeth, Sarah and Samuel their children Botesdale  FB121/G4/52  10 Nov. 1740

William Lillestone, Sarah his wife and Elizabeth, William, Thomas, Sarah and John their children Hinderclay  FB121/G4/53  20 Nov. 1740

Edmund Rushbrook, Susan his wife and Edmund their son, Hinderclay  FB121/G4/54  27 Dec. 1740

Joseph Moulton and Ann his wife, Eye  FB121/G4/55  29 Jun. 1742

Edmund Foulger and Elizabeth his wife, Botesdale  FB121/G4/56  24 June 1743

Anthony Balding and Elizabeth his wife and Elizabeth their child, Redlingfield  FB121/G4/57  27 Oct. 1743

John Rainbird, singleman, Mendlesham  FB121/G4/58  3 Jan. 1744

Hammond Cooper and Martha his wife, Sapiston  FB121/G4/59  3 Dec. 1744

Thomas Bray and Ann his wife, Sapiston  FB121/G4/60  14 Jan. 1744/5

William Frost, Elizabeth his wife, Keren-happuch and John their children, Thurston  FB121/G4/61  31 Jan. 1744/5

John Brock and Frances his wife and family, Gislingham  FB121/G4/62  21 Nov. 1745

Benjamin Pett, butcher and Martha his wife, Great Livermere  FB121/G4/63  3 Feb. 1745/6

Jonathan Richardson and Elizabeth his wife and Sarah their daughter, Hinderclay  FB121/G4/64  7 Mar. 1745/6

George Waller, Mary his wife and John and Mary their children, Old Buckenham (Nf.)  FB121/G4/65  7 Apr. 1747

Robert Woods and Mary his wife, Botesdale  FB121/G4/66  24 Apr. 1747

Stephen Gissing, Mary his wife and Stephen their son, Thetford (Nf.)  FB121/G4/67  21 May 1748

Roger How, Ann his wife, Roger and Thomas their children, Wattisfield  FB121/G4/68  9 Nov. 1748

William Foyster and Mary his wife, Kenninghall (Nf.)  FB121/G4/69  9 Mar. 1749

Anthony Westhrup, Dorothy his wife, Nanny, Dorothy, Elizabeth and Lucy their daughters, Bardwell  FB121/G4/70  18 Apr. 1750

Robert Cocksedge and Martha his wife and John, Robert, William James, Martha, Susan and Alice their children, Eye  FB121/G4/71  29 Jun. 1751

Robert Rich, Elizabeth his wife, James and Jonathan Rich, Rickinghall Inferior  FB121/G4/72  2 Sep. 1751

Abraham Howard, Mary his wife and Abraham and Mary their children, Botesdale  FB121/G4/73  12 Jan. 1752

Robert Hunt and Mary his wife Walsham le Willows  FB121/G4/74  3 Feb. 1752

Samuel Barns and Elizabeth his wife and Elizabeth, Mary Hanah, Priselea and Samuel their children, Dickleburgh (Nf.)  FB121/G4/75  6 Mar. 1752

Jonathan Ruddock, singleman, Rickinghall Inferior  FB121/G4/76  3 Nov. 1752

James Elmer and Martha his daughter, Rickinghall Inferior  FB121/G4/77  6 Nov. 1752

Boanerges Boast and Jane his wife, and Thomas their son, Rickinghall Inferior  FB121/G4/78  6 Nov. 1752

Elizabeth Hobard, spinster, Wortham  FB121/G4/79  22 Nov. 1752

Jeremiah Burrows, Alice his wife, Thomas, Jeremiah, John, Samuel, Rebecca, Alice and Martha their children, Wymondham (Nf.)  FB121/G4/80  29 Nov. 1752

William Fulcher and Elizabeth his wife and Elizabeth their daughter, Brome  FB121/G4/81  27 Oct. 1753

Stephen Suggett and Ann his wife, Hepworth  FB121/G4/82  9 Nov. 1754

John Buck, brick striker and Alice his wife, John, Jane and Hannah their children, Yaxley  FB121/G4/83  25 Feb. 1754

Woodward Talbott and Mary his wife and Woodward their son, Wortham  FB121/G4/84  28 Dec. 1754

Robert Smith, and Sarah his wife, Attleborough (Nf.)  FB121/G4/85  11 Mar. 1756

Martin Beales and Mary his wife, Parham Hacheston  FB121/G4/86  20 Apr. 1756

Ham Blomfield, Ann his wife and Ham and Edward, Earl Stonham  FB121/G4/87  13 Apr. 1757

Edward Todd, glover and Susan his wife, Eye  FB121/G4/88  26 Dec. 1757

John Godbould and Sarah his wife and Elizabeth their child, Framlingham  FB121/G4/89  14 Feb. 1760

John Took and Elizabeth his wife and John, Andrew, Elizabeth and George, Great Ellingham (Nf.)  FB121/G4/90  7 Apr. 1760

Oaths swearing residency in Rickinghall Superior although the people in question were never rated: William Garrard, Charles Debenham and Charles Cogshall  FB121/G4/91  4 May 1761

Charles Cogsdel, bricklayer and Ann his wife with their children, Wattisfield  FB121/G4/92  18 Aug. 1761

Sarah Plesance and unborn child/children, Diss (Nf.)  FB121/G4/93  23 Jul. 1762

Robert Mayhew, Sarah his wife and Sarah, Robert, Elizabeth and John their children, Finningham  FB121/G4/94  4 Jan. 1763

Joseph Alden, Elizabeth his wife, Dickleburgh (Nf.)  FB121/G4/95  19 Sep. 1763

Settlement Examination  FB121/G4/96  15 Mar. 1764

Isaac Meers, Mary his wife and Mary their child of Rickinghall Superior

Settlement Examination  FB121/G4/97  10 Aug. 1765

John Knights of Rickinghall Superior

John Knights, Fellmonger, Ruth his wife and Elizabeth, Sarah and Ann their children, Hacheston  FB121/G4/98  17 Aug. 1765

Bartholemew Cockrell, tanner, Margaret his wife, Thomas, Margaret, Robert, Elizabeth and Joseph their children, Ipswich, St Mary Elms  FB121/G4/99  30 Sep. 1765

Settlement Examination  FB121/G4/100  15 Oct. 1765

Jane Hubbard of Rickinghall Superior

The information of Edward Beales taken on oath concerning his settlement  FB121/G4/101  17 Dec. 1765

Thomas Brinkly, labourer and Betty his wife and Betty their child, Botesdale  FB121/G4/102  20 Dec. 1765

Settlement examination  FB121/G4/103  9 Jan. 1766

Stephen Clarke, mill-wright of Rickinghall Superior

James Kent and Mary his wife, Occold  FB121/G4/104  26 May 1766

Henry Cator and Elizabeth his wife, Northwold (Nf.)  FB121/G4/105  25 Dec. 1766

Eleazar Fulcher and Ann his wife, Occold  FB121/G4/106  8 Jan. 1767

Settlement Examination: William Baxter  FB121/G4/107  21 Jan. 1767

Settlement Examination  FB121/G4/108  17 Sep. 1767

Ann Hall (now Ann Candler) and Thomas her bastard son

William Baker and Lucy his wife, Mellis  FB121/G4/109  26 Sep. 1767

Robert Burgess and Elizabeth his wife, Rickinghall Inferior  FB121/G4/110  7 May 1769

Settlement Examination: Robert Cocksedge  FB121/G4/111  12 Dec. 1769

Edmund Rayner and Mary his wife, and Mary his daughter, Palgrave  FB121/G4/112  3 Jan. 1771

Robert Everson, blacksmith and Frances his wife and Robert and Frances their children, Occold  FB121/G4/113  3 Jan. 1771

Charles Debenham and Mary his wife with Charles, Henry, James, Thomas and Fanny their children, Botesdale  FB121/G4/114  3 Apr. 1771

George Hubbard, Elizabeth his wife, Mary, George, Elizabeth, William, John, Thomas and Francis their children, Walsham le Willows  FB121/G4/115  1 Apr. 1771

Francis Roper and Sarah his wife, Great Finborough  FB121/G4/116  5 Apr. 1771

Settlement bond  FB121/G4/117  26 Oct. 1772

1. Samuel Garnham, heelmaker
2. Henry Freeman and James Maber (churchwardens)
Samuel Goldsmith & John Mills (overseers)
Concerning charges arising for Benjamin Hayward, his wife and family

Joseph Burroughs, Diss (Nf.)  FB121/G4/118  18 Dec. 1772

Jobe Coo, Margaret his wife and Sarah, Mary, John, Lydia and Elizabeth their children, Ixworth  FB121/G4/119  18 Sep. 1773

James Francis and Lucy his wife, New Buckenham (Nf.)  FB121/G4/120  14 Oct. 1773

James Gorge and Mary his wife, Coney Weston  FB121/G4/121  19 June 1774

John Smith, carpenter and Ann his wife, Cockfield  FB121/G4/122  11 Jul. 1774

John Cooper and Mary his wife, Stanton All Saints  FB121/G4/123  5 Feb. 1776

Settlement Examination (copy)  FB121/G4/124  19 Feb. 1776

William Lillystone brickmaker, now residing in Rickinghall Superior

Settlement Examination (copy)  FB121/G4/125  19 Feb. 1776

Roger How, brickmaker now residing in Rickinghall Superior

Settlement Examination (copy)  FB121/G4/126  19 Feb. 1776

John Murrell, glover, now residing in Rickinghall Superior

John Goddard and Mary his wife and John, Richard and Elizabeth their children, Mendham  FB121/G4/127  11 Apr. 1776

Anne Garnham with Anne her child, Banham (Nf.)  FB121/G4/128  31 Mar. 1777

Charles Woodcock and Phillippa his wife, Botesdale  FB121/G4/129  31 Mar. 1777

William Baley, Ann his wife, William and Henry their children, Botesdale  FB121/G4/130  31 Mar. 1777

Settlement Examination  FB121/G4/131  28 Nov. 1777

Timothy Blythe of Bunwell (Nf.)

Samuel Goldsmith and Mary his wife, Redgrave  FB121/G4/132  6 Jan. 1778

John Blomfield and Mary his wife and John, Thomas, Elizabeth, Robert, Frances, Honour and Samuel their children, Laxfield  FB121/G4/133  17 Jan. 1778

Matthew Burrows and Mary his wife, Shelfanger (Nf.)  FB121/G4/134  1 Jan. 1779

John Wade and Mary his wife, Rickinghall Inferior  FB121/G4/135  24 Feb. 1779

Robert Greengrass, Mary his wife and Mary, Christopher, Robert, John and James their children, Walsham le Willows  FB121/G4/136  6 Dec. 1779

Henry Sillett, gardener, Diss (Nf.)  FB121/G4/137  30 June 1780

Jonathan Farrer and Elizabeth his wife, Brandon  FB121/G4/138  16 Oct. 1780

Robert Crow and Mary his wife, Lydia and Mary their children, Rickinghall Inferior  FB121/G4/139  16 Apr. 1781

Noah Levell and Susan his wife, Susan, Elizabeth Ann, Sarah, Eleanor, Utah, Noah and Elisha their children, Finningham  FB121/G4/140  14 May 1781

James Cocksedge and Ann his wife, Rickinghall Inferior  FB121/G4/141  16 Sep. 1781

William Cooplen, Alice his wife and Thomas and Lettice their children Rickinghall Inferior  FB121/G4/142  16 Sep. 1781

Charles Syer and Elizabeth his wife, Hepworth  FB121/G4/143  15 Oct. 1781

Elizabeth Devereaux, widow, Rickinghall Inferior  FB121/G4/144  7 Nov. 1781

William Garred and Elizabeth his wife, Wattisfield  FB121/G4/145  1 Apr. 1782

Lawrence Garland, Elizabeth his wife and Susan their daughter, Gislingham  FB121/G4/146  17 Sep. 1782

William Greengrass, Walsham le Willows  FB121/G4/147  2 Dec. 1782

Thomas Alecock, Frances his wife and Charlotte their daughter, Botesdale  FB121/G4/148  6 Jan. 1783

Samuel Burroughs, Sarah his wife, William, Samuel, Jeremiah and James their children, East Harling (Nf.)  FB121/G4/149  14 Jan. 1783

Settlement Examination  FB121/G4/150  20 Jun. 1783

Sarah Smith and Nathanael Broderick her bastard child

Sarah Smith and Nathanael her son, Aldeburgh  FB121/G4/151  24 Jun. 1783

Settlement Examination  FB121/G4/152  13 Dec. 1783

John Coe now residing in Rickinghall Superior

John Tricker and Sarah his wife, Yoxford  FB121/G4/153  2 Jul. 1784

John Sparkle and Mary his wife, St Augustine City of Norwich  FB121/G4/154  7 Sep. 1785

Settlement Examination  FB121/G4/155  8 Jan. 1786

John Stannard now residing in Finningham

Samuel Chilver, schoolmaster and Sarah his wife, Hoxne  FB121/G4/156  2 Jan. 1787

John Field and Ann his wife and Frances and Phebe their children Kenninghall (Nf)  FB121/G4/157  9 Apr. 1787

William Hoy, Susan his wife, William and Denny their children, Wortham  FB121/G4/158  26 Mar. 1788

Settlement Examination  FB121/G4/159  27 Apr. 1791

Canham Pitt of Rickinghall Superior

Settlement Examination  FB121/G4/160  27 Apr. 1791

Henry Debenham now residing in Rickinghall Superior

James Arminger and Elizabeth his wife, Hockwold with Wilton (Nf.)  FB121/G4/161  23 Oct. 1791

John Beckham, basketmaker and Mary his wife, St Gregory, City of Norwich  FB121/G4/162  28 Oct. 1791

Samuel Ellet, labourer, Judith his wife, Samuel, Robert, Amelia, David and Mary their children, Gislingham  FB121/G4/163  12 Nov. 1792

Thomas Rambly, Ann his wife and Susannah and Mary Ann their children Forncott St Peter (Nf)  FB121/G4/164  4 Apr. 1793

Settlement Examination  FB121/G4/165  25 Jun. 1793

John Bull of Rickinghall Superior

Settlement Examination  FB121/G4/166  29 Jul. 1793

John Knights, tanner now residing in Rickinghall Superior

Robert Mullenger, wheelwright, Ann his wife and Robert their son, Rushall, (Nf.)  FB121/G4/167  25 Apr. 1794

George Fordham and Grace his wife and Sarah, Adam, Jonathan and Robert their children, Walsham le Willows  FB121/G4/168  9 Dec. 1794

Edward Alderton, cordwainer, Rickinghall Inferior  FB121/G4/169  7 Apr. 1795

Samuel Elliot, Gislingham  FB121/G4/170  22 Sep. 1796

Settlement Examination  FB121/G4/171  2 Jan. 1798

John Dodd of Rickinghall Superior

Settlement Examination  FB121/G4/172  10 Jul. 1798

Henry Kemp now residing in Rickinghall Superior

Settlement Examination  FB121/G4/173  30 Dec. 1799

James Taylor now residing in Rickinghall Superior

Settlement Examination  FB121/G4/174  16 June 1800

Isaac Turner now residing in Botesdale

Settlement Examination  FB121/G4/175  11 Jun. 1801

Sarah Childers of Brentwood (Ess.) a rogue and vagabond with memo to the Keeper of the House of Correction at Chelmsford

Settlement Examination: John Cocksedge  FB121/G4/176  16 Mar. 1803

Settlement Examination  FB121/G4/177  26 Sep. 1803

Mary Sage, singlewoman now residing in Rickinghall Superior

Settlement Examination  FB121/G4/178  9 Jan. 1804

Lucy Spenceley, singlewoman now residing in Rickinghall Superior

Settlement Examination  FB121/G4/179  14 Oct. 1806

Robert Everson, blacksmith, now residing in Yaxley

Settlement Examination  FB121/G4/180  27 Oct. 1806

William Bailey, now residing in Thurlton (Nf.)

Settlement Examination  FB121/G4/181  6 May 1811

John Sheppard a private in the West Norfolk Militia

Settlement Examination: Jemima Parker now residing in Rickinghall Superior  FB121/G4/182  14 Dec. 1812

Settlement certificate  FB121/G4/183  10 Jul. 1815

Ann Kemp, Finningham with letter attached

Settlement Examination: Roger Roper, brickmaker of Rickinghall Superior  FB121/G4/184  13 Jan. 1817

Settlement Examination: Elizabeth wife of Edward Barber of St Mary Elm, Ipswich and Elizabeth Canham of St Mary Elm, Ipswich  FB121/G4/185  12 Feb. 1817

Settlement Examination: Stephen Jaques now residing in Hopton  FB121/G4/186  8 Jul. 1817

Settlement Examination: Mary Bailey now residing in Rickinghall Superior  FB121/G4/187  19 Apr. 1819

Settlement Examination: Stern Young, cordwainer now residing in St James, Colchester  FB121/G4/188  1 Apr. 1820

Settlement Examination: William Roper, a private mariner now residing in Rickinghall Superior  FB121/G4/189  1 Apr. 1823

Settlement Examination: Jemima Baily, widow now residing in Rickinghall Superior  FB121/G4/190  23 Oct. 1823

Settlement Examination  FB121/G4/191  27 Sep. 1825

James Carr of Rickinghall Superior

The Settlement case for Joseph Garnham born at Westhorpe  FB121/G4/192  n.d

Apprenticeship Indentures  FB121/G5  [n.d.]

Ann Ringham, singlewoman to John Wood, husbandman, Rickinghall Superior  FB121/G5/1  20 Nov. 1588

Robert King to Robert Sheep, yeoman, of Rickinghall Superior  FB121/G5/2  1 Jun. 1618

Ellen Crosse to Robert Howchin, tanner, of Rickinghall Superior  FB121/G5/3  2 Jun. 1618

John Crosse to John Garnham of Rickinghall Superior  FB121/G5/4  15 Jul. 1618

William Turner to John Typtot singleman of Rickinghall Superior  FB121/G5/5  16 Jul. 1618

Robert Goldsmith to William Rowght, yeoman, of Rickinghall Superior  FB121/G5/6  5 Apr. 1620

John Masone to John Tiptott yeoman, of Rickinghall Superior  FB121/G5/7  18 Sep. 1630

Alexander Heyward to John Howchin, yeoman of Rickinghall Superior  FB121/G5/8  18 Dec. 1630

Nicholas Sheppard to Henry Howlet, carpenter of Rickinghall Superior  FB121/G5/9  18 Dec. 1630

John Haslett to Anthony Fale, yeoman of Rickinghall Superior  FB121/G5/10  18 Dec. 1630

Richard Hurry to William Rowght, yeoman of Rickinghall Superior  FB121/G5/11  18 Dec. 1630

Anne Bore to Thomas Garlond of Gislingham, yeoman  FB121/G5/12  17 May 1631

Bond  FB121/G5/13  20 Apr. 1681

1. John Haggard, tanner
2. William Rust and Robert Prentice, churchwardens
John Martin and William Talbot, overseers
(1) to (2) to take Elizabeth Notly as his apprentice

Elizabeth Notly to John Haggard, tanner of Rickinghall Superior  FB121/G5/14  20 Apr. 1681

Francis Bumstead to John Chambers junior, tailor of Rickinghall Superior  FB121/G5/15  20 May 1685

Elizabeth Robinson to Thomas Shepherd, linen-weaver of Rickinghall Superior  FB121/G5/16  12 Aug. 1686

Bond  FB121/G5/17  12 Aug. 1686

1. Thomas Shepherd linen weaver
2. William Rust, churchwarden
Robert Prentice and ?Junior Neasy, overseers
(1) to (2) to take Elizabeth Robinson, a poor child as his apprentice

Elizabeth Vincent to Judah Rose, widow of Rickinghall Superior  FB121/G5/18  2 May 1688

Elizabeth Vincent to Judah Rose as FB121/G5/18  FB121/G5/19  2 May 1688

Jacob Bennett to Henry Elmy, tanner of Rickinghall Superior  FB121/G5/20  7 Nov. 1712

Elizabeth Field to John Debenham, currier of Rickinghall Superior  FB121/G5/21  17 Feb. 1720/1

Ruth Brundish to Alexander Riches of Rickinghall Superior  FB121/G5/22  1 Nov. 1725

Zachariah Garred to Robert Cole, tanner of Booking (Ess.)  FB121/G5/23  24 Jun. 1784

George Rich to John Burwood, tanner and felmonger of Saxmundham  FB121/G5/24  29 Jan. 1796

As FB121/G5/24  FB121/G5/25  29 Jan. 1796

Zachariah Steggall to John Steggall, bricklayer of Rickinghall Superior  FB121/G5/26  8 Nov. 1796

As FB121/G5/26  FB121/G5/27  8 Nov. 1796

Charles Kerridge to Francis Sillett, bricklayer of Botesdale  FB121/G5/28  5 Dec. 1797

As FB121/G5/28  FB121/G5/29  5 Dec. 1797

Memo that the churchwardens and overseers of Rickinghall Superior promise to pay Francis Went of Thelnetham 3 guineas as consideration given him as apprentice fee  FB121/G5/30  18 Dec. 1798

Henry Feakes to Edmund Welton, blacksmith of Thelnetham  FB121/G5/31  15 Jun. 1830

As FB121/G5/31  FB121/G5/32  15 Jun. 1830

Bond  FB121/G5/33  21 May 1739

1. Thomas Howe
2. Churchwardens and overseers
(1) to (2) to not take an apprentice which would be a charge on the parish

General  FB121/G6  [n.d.]

Letter to William Tabutt from John Heirt concerning the examination of the former before the justices  FB121/G6/1  n.d. [17century]

Agreement between the inhabitants of Rickinghall and John Sparshall, linenweaver  FB121/G6/2  17 Jan. 1782

Whereby the latter agreed to maintain his stepsons by a recent marriage to the widow of Mr Sheppard

Notification of a rate assessment of £14.5s.9d. for Rickinghall Superior  FB121/G6/3  1786

Letter concerning the will of Thos. Fulcher's father  FB121/G6/4  24 Apr. 1794

The case of Ann Upcraft  FB121/G6/5  23 Jul. 1796

Notice from the churchwardens and overseers of Rickinghall Inferior  FB121/G6/6  29 Jul. 1796

Concerning the removal of Ann Upcraft

Order to the churchwardens and overseers to make distress of the goods and chattels of William Weston  FB121/G6/7  9 Jan. 1804

Letter to the Constable of Ketton (Rutland) concerning the settlement of John Sparkhall  FB121/G6/8  7 Jan. 1809

Notice that Edward Bailey, labourer has neglected and refused to pay his rate  FB121/G6/9  3 Sep. 1825

Notice to overseers concerning a list of all insane persons being paupers in the parish  FB121/G6/10  26 Aug. 1828

As FB121/G6/10  FB121/G6/11  24 Aug. 1830

Bills and explanatory statement  FB121/G6/12  1830

Concerning removal and settlement of various paupers from the parish

Notice concerning vestry meeting  FB121/G6/13  20 Jan. 1833

Bill for Tillett's Settlement  FB121/G6/14  1833

Bill for Daniel Margoram's Settlement  FB121/G6/15  1831-1835

Bill in the matter of an appeal against orders of removal of Eliza Thurlow to Woolpit  FB121/G6/16  1837

Bill for settlement and removal of various paupers of the parish  FB121/G6/17  1839

Bill for Castle's Settlement  FB121/G6/18  1842

Relief  FB121/G7  [n.d.]

Bill for subsistance of Gabriel Brown's wife as he is serving as a substitute for Rickinghall Superior with letter  FB121/G7/1-2  18 Sep. 1793

Order to relieve John Knights an infant son of John Knights, substitute in the East Suffolk Regiment of Suffolk  FB121/G7/3  14 Dec. 1795

Bill for the maintenance of the wife of Richard Lancaster serving as a substitute for Rickinghall Superior  FB121/G7/4  6 Jul. 1797

Complaint by Mary Faux wife of Joseph Faux serving as a private at Ashfield that she is not able to support herself and family  FB121/G7/5  9 May 1804

Order for maintenance of Mary Faux  FB121/G7/6  9 May 1804

Examination of Mary Faux  FB121/G7/7  9 May 1804

Removal  FB121/G8  [n.d.]

Copy of Quarter Sessions order whereby an appeal by the inhabitants of Rickinghall Superior, Thomas Alpe was sent back to Walsham  FB121/G8/1  7 Apr. 1688

Removal order  FB121/G8/2  20 Jan. 1695

Turtle Booty and his wife to St Mary's Bury St Edmunds

Promise by Botesdale to receive John Riches, butcher and his wife Grace and their children from Rickinghall Superior  FB121/G8/3  12 Feb. 1696/7

Removal order  FB121/G8/4  12 May 1698

William Carter and Rose, his wife to Culmondeston with Croxton (Nf.)

Removal order  FB121/G8/5  15 June 1702

John Hart the elder and 3 children to St Mary's Bury St Edmunds

Removal order  FB121/G8/6  15 June 1702

As FB121/G8/5

Removal order  FB121/G8/7  28 June 1712

Robert Ripper from Debenham to Rickinghall Superior

Removal order  FB121/G8/8  2 Feb. 1716

Samuel Loveday, Elizabeth his wife and Margaret his child from Starston (Nf.) to Rickinghall Superior

Removal order  FB121/G8/9  28 Apr. 1718

Richard Good from Redgrave to Rickinghall Superior

Removal order  FB121/G8/10  18 Dec. 1718

Mary Mortimer to Redgrave

Removal order: John Clark to Wortham  FB121/G8/11  11 Feb. 1720

Removal order  FB121/G8/12  11 Feb. 1720

Phillip Berry to Cotton

Removal order  FB121/G8/13  9 May 1720

Jonathan Tipple, Sarah his wife and Jonathan and Elizabeth their children to Rickinghall Inferior

Removal order  FB121/G8/14  9 May 1722

John Hayward and Elizabeth his wife to Rickinghall Inferior

Removal order  FB121/G8/15  30 June 1722

James Warren, Margaret his wife and Thomas and Margaret their children to Botesdale

Copy of Quarter Sessions order whereby on appeal by the inhabitants of Rickinghall Superior concerning the removal of Ann King from Eye (referred to next sessions)  FB121/G8/16  9 Apr. 1725

Copy of Quarter Sessions order as FB121/G8/16 allowing the appeal  FB121/G8/17  16 July 1725

Copy of quarter sessions order allowing an appeal  FB121/G8/18  18 Jan 1719

Concerning the removal of Joseph Garnham from Ashfield

Removal order  FB121/G8/19  2 Jan. 1728/9


John Nunn, Dorothy his wife Sarah, Henry, William, Michael and Susan his children to Botesdale

Removal order  FB121/G8/20  2 Jan. 1728/9


Richard Noble and ? Cless his wife to Rickinghall Inferior

Removal order  FB121/G8/21  20 Dec. 1729

Edmund Ward to Rickinghall Inferior

Removal Order  FB121/G8/22  11 June 173[1]

Sarah Gibbs to North Lopham (Nf.)

Removal order: John Lillistone, Mary his wife and John their son to Rickinghall Inferior  FB121/G8/23  11 June 1731

Removal order: Susanna Baly to Mellis  FB121/G8/24  11 June 1731

Removal order: Ann Keeble to Wattisfield  FB121/G8/25  11 June 1731

Removal order  FB121/G8/26  8 Sep. 1732

Thomas Willet and Mary his wife and Thomas, Richard, Samuel, Mary, Ann, Elizabeth and Martha their children from Walsham le Willows to Rickinghall Superior

Removal order  FB121/G8/27  24 Dec. 1734

Ann Chandler to Rickinghall Inferior

Removal order  FB121/G8/28  10 Dec. 1739

Joseph Sillett and Mary his wife to Hinderclay

Removal order  FB121/G8/29  1 Apr. 1741

Joseph Franks and Mary his wife to Hepworth

Removal order  FB121/G8/30  11 May 1741

Phineas Lock and Mary his wife and Joseph, Mary and Elizabeth their children to St Bartholemew the Less, City of London

Removal order  FB121/G8/31  2 Apr. 1742

Joseph Moulton and Ann his wife to Eye

Removal order  FB121/G8/32  14 May 1743

John West and Mary his wife and Mary their child to South Lopham (Nf.)

Removal order  FB121/G8/33  14 May 1743

Mary Blomfield to Rickinghall Inferior

Removal order  FB121/G8/34  14 May 1743

Thomas Warren and Elizabeth his wife and Mary, Thomas and Sarah their children to Rickinghall Inferior

Removal order  FB121/G8/35  14 May 1743

Joseph Francis and Mary his wife to Great Thornham

Removal order  FB121/G8/36  20 Nov. 1744

John Rainbird to Mendlesham

Removal order  FB121/G8/36a  22 Jan. 1745

William Blowers, his wife Elizabeth with Elizabeth, Lydia and William their children from Ixworth to Rickinghall Superior

Removal order  FB121/G8/37  23 May 1748

Robert Hawes, Elizabeth, Mary and Ann his children from Eye to Rickinghall Superior

Removal order  FB121/G8/38  16 Jan. 1749

William Elliot to Thwaite

Removal order  FB121/G8/39  13 Apr. 1751

Robert Rich, Elizabeth his wife and James and Jonathan their children to Rickinghall Inferior

Removal order  FB121/G8/40  13 Apr. 1751

Elizabeth Pett, widow and George and John her children to Rickinghall Inferior

Removal order  FB121/G8/41  21 Nov. 1752

Susan Silver to Gislingham

Removal order  FB121/G8/42  21 Nov. 1752

Jeremiah Burroughs, Alice his wife, Rebecca, Thomas, Alice, Martha, Jeremiah, John and Samuel their children to Wymondham (Nf.)

Removal order  FB121/G8/43  21 Nov. 1752

Elizabeth Hubbard to Wortham

Removal order  FB121/G8/44  19 Sep. 1754

Stephen Suggate and Ann his wife to Hepworth

Removal order  FB121/G8/45  12 Feb. 1755

John Burroughs and Elizabeth his wife to Yaxley

Removal order  FB121/G8/46  15 Jul. 1755

William Marsh and Mary his wife to Botesdale

Removal order  FB121/G8/47  4 Aug. 1755

Edmund Ford, Rachel his wife and Elizabeth their child from Great Thornham to Rickinghall Superior

Removal order  FB121/G8/48  15 Dec. 1755

John Dixon and Sarah his wife from Diss (Nf.) to Rickinghall Superior

Removal order  FB121/G8/49  6 Mar. 1756

Robert Smith and Sarah his wife to Attleborough (Nf.)

Removal order  FB121/G8/50  6 Mar. 1756

George Butcher, Sarah his wife and Elizabeth their child to Rickinghall Inferior

Removal order  FB121/G8/51  6 Mar. 1756

Thomas Boast and Mary his wife to Rickinghall Inferior

Removal order: Frances Baldry singlewoman from Stratton St Michael (Nf.) to Rickinghall Superior  FB121/G8/52  5 Apr. 1757

Removal order: Martha, wife of Roger Strutt with Roger and George their children from St James Norwich to Rickinghall Superior  FB121/G8/53  6 Apr. 1757

Removal order: John Dixon, Sarah his wife and John their son from St Michael Coslany Norwich to Rickinghall Superior  FB121/G8/54  12 Jul. 1757

Removal order: Samuel Willet and Elizabeth his wife from Walton to Rickinghall Superior  FB121/G8/55  9 Jan. 1760

Removal order: Charles Debenham, Mary his wife and Charles, Henry and James their children to Botesdale  FB121/G8/56  4 May 1761

Removal order: William Garrard and Elizabeth his wife to Rickinghall Inferior  FB121/G8/57  4 May 1761

Removal order: Charles Cogshall and Ann his wife to Wattisfield  FB121/G8/58  4 May 1761

Removal order: William Cable and Rebecca his wife to Stoke Ash  FB121/G8/59  27 Mar. 1764

Removal order  FB121/G8/60  10 Aug. 1765

John Knights, Ruth his wife and Elizabeth, Sarah and Ann their children to Hancheston

Removal order: Jane Hubbard to Garboldisham (Nf.)  FB121/G8/61  15 oct. 1765

Removal order  FB121/G8/62  17 Dec. 1765

Edward Beals, Elizabeth his wife and Elizabeth their daughter to Rickinghall Inferior

Removal order: Edmund Nunn, labourer and Elizabeth his wife to Botesdale  FB121/G8/63  8 Jan. 1767

Removal order: Thomas Hall to Bacton  FB121/G8/64  17 Sep. 1767

Removal order  FB121/G8/65  7 Apr. 1768

Robert Foulger, glover, and Susan his wife from New Buckenham (Nf.) to Rickinghall Superior

Removal order  FB121/G8/66  31 Dec. 1768

Sarah Cockarell, singlewoman from Wattisfield to Rickinghall Superior

Removal order  FB121/G8/67  16 Jan. 1769

William Howes, labourer and Mary his wife to Mellis

Removal order  FB121/G8/68  19 Sep. 1769

Dorothy Westrup to Bardwell

Removal order: Robert Cocksedge, woolcomber to Rickinghall Inferior  FB121/G8/69  12 Dec. 1769

Removal order: John Shepherd and Mary his wife from Hepworth to Rickinghall Superior  FB121/G8/70  23 Oct. 1770

Removal order: Margaret Homes, singlewoman from Ickworth to Rickinghall Superior  FB121/G8/71  7 Apr. 1772

Removal order: Ann Mayston, singlewoman to Hinderclay  FB121/G8/72  6 Sep. 1773

Removal order: Richard Garrad and Elisabeth his wife from Finningham to Rickinghall Superior  FB121/G8/73  21 Sep. 1773

Removal order: James Francis and Lucy his wife to New Buckenham (Nf.)  FB121/G8/74  13 Oct. 1773

Removal order: Lydia Bond, wife of Richard Bond of Wortham, labourer, to Wortham  FB121/G8/75  29 Oct. 1773

Removal order: Rebecca Butcher singlewoman to Rickinghall Inferior  FB121/G8/76  9 May 1774

Removal order: Sarah Bailey singlewoman to West Harling (Nf.)  FB121/G8/77  11 Nov. 1774

Removal order: John Clark, blacksmith from Redgrave to Rickinghall Superior  FB121/G8/78  11 Apr. 1776

Removal order  FB121/G8/79  12 Apr. 1776

Sarah Just, singlewoman Rickinghall Inferior to Rickinghall Superior

Removal order  FB121/G8/80  28 Nov. 1777

Timothy Blythe, husbandman from Bunwell (Nf.) to Rickinghall Superior

Removal order: Thomas Serjeant from Felixstowe to Upper Rickinghall  FB121/G8/81  10 Jun. 1779

Removal order  FB121/G8/82  17 Oct. 1781

Mary Cornish singlewoman to Botesdale

Removal order: Christopher Candler, bricklayer to Diss (Nf.)  FB121/G8/83  21 Jan. 1782

Removal order  FB121/G8/84  13 Jun. 1783

Simon Steady, Elizabeth his wife and Robert and Martin their sons from Heigham, City of Norwich to Rickinghall Superior

Removal order  FB121/G8/85  19 Jun. 1783

Sarah Smyth and Nathaniel Broderick her son to Aldeburgh

Removal order  FB121/G8/86  6 Nov. 1783

Zacharias Garrood from Wortham to Rickinghall Superior

Removal order  FB121/G8/87  15 Sep. 1784

Jeremiah Burrows, labourer to Wymondham (Nf.)

Removal order  FB121/G8/88  6 Jan. 1790

Nathaniel Smith to Aldeburgh

Removal order  FB121/G8/89  5 Apr. 1791

John Harwood and Mary his wife from Copford (Ess.) to Rickinghall Superior

Removal order  FB121/G8/90  15 Jan. 1793

Lydia Upson, wife of John Upson now of His Majesty's first regiment of foot guards, from Ixworth to Rickinghall Superior

Removal order  FB121/G8/91  2 Jan. 1794

Elizabeth Bisebrooke from St Michael at Thorn, City of Norwich to Rickinghall Superior

Removal order: George Hunt and Mary his wife from Gislingham to Rickinghall Superior  FB121/G8/92  2 Dec. 1794

Removal order: Mary Mead (being with child) from Rickinghall Inferior  FB121/G8/92a  12 Feb. 1799

Removal order  FB121/G8/93  22 May 1800

Sarah Saunders, wife of Robert Saunders lately a private in the West Suffolk Militia and Mary her child from Chipping (High) Wycombe (Bucks.) to Rickinghall Superior

Removal order: Sarah Candler, singlewoman to St Peter, Colchester (Ess.)  FB121/G8/94  8 Jan. 1802

Removal order: Elisabeth Baker (being with child) to Wortham  FB121/G8/94a  27 Dec. 1802

Removal order: Ann Peck, singlewoman to Rickinghall Inferior  FB121/G8/95  27 Dec. 1802

Removal order: Sarah Chilvers from St Martin at Palace, City of Norwich with examination of Sarah Chilvers rogue and vagabond  FB121/G8/96  20 Apr. 1803

Removal Order: Mary Sage, singlewoman to Haughley  FB121/G8/97  26 Sep. 1803

Removal order  FB121/G8/98  11 Mar. 1805

Francis Sheppard, linen weaver, Judith his wife and John James, David, Edward and Patrick their children from St James, City of Norwich to Rickinghall Superior

Removal order  FB121/G8/99  12 May 1806

Henry Saunders, limeburner, Elizabeth his wife and Hannah their daughter to Redgrave with court order concerning the quashing due to insufficient evidence of the removal of the above to Rickinghall Inferior

Removal order  FB121/G8/100  21 Apr. 1807

Samuel Smith, Susan his wife and Susan, Elizabeth, Mary Sarah, Sophia and Robert their children from Rickinghall Inferior to Rickinghall Superior

Removal order  FB121/G8/101  27 Dec. 1808

Susannah Peck singlewoman to Walsham le Willows

Removal order  FB121/G8/102  5 Mar. 1813

John Copeland, Sarah his wife and Sarah and Maria their children St James Bury St Edmunds

Removal order: John Fortes from Stowmarket to Rickinghall Superior  FB121/G8/103  5 Apr. 1813

Removal order: Henry Warren and Susan his wife to Walsham le Willows  FB121/G8/104  13 Jan. 1815

Removal order: William Cocksedge to Thorndon  FB121/G8/105  13 Jan. 1815

Removal order: Adam Fordham and Ann his wife to Walsham le Willows  FB121/G8/106  6 Feb. 1815

Removal order: Nathaniel Barrs, Elizabeth his wife and Mary and Elizabeth their children to Wortham  FB121/G8/107  9 Mar. 1815

Removal order: John Kemp and Ann his wife to Finningham  FB121/G8/108  8 May 1815

Removal order  FB121/G8/109  14 Oct. 1919

Daniel Death, butcher, Elizabeth his wife, Maria, George, Robert, Henry, Susan and Charlotte their children to Creeting

Removal order: William Cooper, labourer and Mary Ann his wife to Westerfield  FB121/G8/110  16 Oct. 1820

Removal order: Ann Childers singlewoman to Redgrave  FB121/G8/111  10 Dec. 1821

Removal order: Hannah wife of William Roper now a private in his majesty's first division of Royal Marines and John their son to South Lopham (Nf.)  FB121/G8/112  1 Apr. 1823

Removal order: Frances Potter singlewoman to Westhorpe  FB121/G8/113  16 May 1825

Removal notice  FB121/G8/114  17 Jun. 1825

John Mannistre and Frances his wife and Eliza and Frances their daughters to Euston

Removal order  FB121/G8/115  July 1825

Sarah Copeland with Maria, Eliza, Mary Ann, Thomas, Charles, William and George from St James Bury St Edmunds to Rickinghall Inferior

Removal order  FB121/G8/116  12 Jun. 1826

William Bull, thatcher, to Thelnetham

Removal order  FB121/G8/117  18 Jul. 1826

Ann Self, singlewoman to Walsham le Willows

Removal order: Sarah Jolly, singlewoman from Walsham le Willows to Rickinghall Superior  FB121/G8/118  1 Aug. 1827

Removal order: Susan Tillett singlewoman to St James, Bury St Edmunds  FB121/G8/119  14 Aug. 1827

Removal order: Maria Pitt singlewoman to Walsham le Willows  FB121/G8/120  25 Nov. 1828

Removal order: George Middleditch, labourer to Botesdale  FB121/G8/121  9 Feb. 1829

Removal order  FB121/G8/122  21 Dec. 1829

William Sturgeon and Ann his wife from Rickinghall Inferior to Rickinghall Superior

Removal order  FB121/G8/123  16 Apr. 1830

Susanna, wife of Philip John Finch late of Walsham le Willows, baker and Christiana her daughter to Walsham le Willows

Removal order: Maria Sare to Hessett  FB121/G8/124  15 Jun. 1830

Removal order: Phillis Dye to Ixworth Thorpe  FB121/G8/125  7 Sep. 1830

Removal order: Edward Candler, cordwainer to Ixworth  FB121/G8/126  7 Sep. 1830

Removal order: William Speare, labourer to Mendlesham  FB121/G8/127  15 Feb. 1831

Removal order: Samuel Kemp, labourer to Walsham le Willows  FB121/G8/128  22 Nov. 1831

Removal order  FB121/G8/129  28 Feb. 1832

John Hudson, labourer and Lucy his wife Gislingham to Rickinghall Superior

Removal order  FB121/G8/130  30 Apr. 1833

Stephen Tillet, fishmonger, Mary his wife and Elizabeth and Jane their daughters to Darsham

Removal order: Mary Ann Sheppard singlewoman to Stanton St John  FB121/G8/131  18 Jun. 1833

Removal order  FB121/G8/132  29 Oct. 1833

Daniel Doe, Charlotte his wife Abraham, Charlotte, Robert, Mary, Charles and Harriet their children to Redgrave

Removal order  FB121/G8/133  24 Dec. 1833

Samuel Pryke, labourer to Gislingham

Removal order  FB121/G8/134  23 Feb. 1835

William Tillett, tanner to St James, Bury St Edmunds

Removal order  FB121/G8/135  19 Nov. 1840

Alice Chapman, widow of John Chapman and Charles, George, Mary, Anne, Elizabeth and Thomas their children from St Clements Ipswich to Rickinghall Superior

Removal order  FB121/G8/136  11 Feb. 1841

Joseph Lillystone to Burnham

Removal order  FB121/G8/137  n.d

Elizabeth Blomfield from Hoxne to Rickinghall Inferior

Notice re removal of William Tillett to St James Bury St Edmunds  FB121/G8/138  23 Feb. 1835

CONSTABLES  FB121/I  [n.d.]

J.P.'s Injunctions  FB121/I1  [n.d.]

Injunction by two J.P.'s to the Constable to collect £8.10.4. from the parish  FB121/I1/1  7 Sep. 1796

Being its share of £410.3.0. damages imposed on Hartismere Hundred for trespasses on property in Eye, owned by John Wythe

Injunction from two J.P.'s to the Constable to collect £5.17.7. from the parish  FB121/I1/2  13 Sep. 1823

Being its share of £246.1.0. damages imposed on the Hundred of Hartismere for the burning of premises in Finningham, the property of John Hookham Frere, by persons unknown

Injunction from two J.P.'s to the Constable to collect £1.8.0. from the parish  FB121/I1/3  30 Sep. 1823

Being its share of £59.1.0. damages assessed on Hartismere Hundred for the burning of premises in Finningham, the property of William Turner, by persons unknown

Injunction from 2 J.P.'s to the Constable to collect from the parish £3.10.0.  FB121/I1/4  30 Sep. 1823

Being its share of £147.1.0. damages imposed on the Hundred of Hartismere for the burning of premises in Finningham, the property of William Turner, by persons unknown

Injunction from two J.P.'s to the Constable to collect £5.17.7. from the parish  FB121/I1/5  30 Sep. 1823

Being its share of £246.1.0. damages imposed on Hartismere Hundred for the burning of premises in Mendlesham, the property of Thomas Edwards, by persons unknown

Orders  FB121/I2  [n.d.]

Order to constables to bring James Clakton, labourer of Rickinghall Superior to them on complaint that he has not gained legal settlement in, but is inhabiting Rickinghall Superior  FB121/I2/1  24 Mar. 1800

Order to apprehend John Harwood  FB121/I2/1  27 Jul. 1793

Order to apprehend John Bailey  FB121/I2/3  6 Apr. 1824

CHARITIES  FB121/L  [n.d.]

Town lands  FB121/L1  [n.d.]

(Surveys)  [no ref. or date]

Memoranda of boundaries of pieces of Town Land  FB121/L1/1/1 & 2  9 Jul. 1750

Survey of the Town Houses and Lands, undated  FB121/L1/1/3  18th century

(Title Deeds)  [no ref. or date]

Deed appointing new trustees for 12 acres in Redgrave  FB121/L1/2/1a  1641

Held in trust for the parishes Walsham in the Willows, Rickinghall Superior and Rickinghall Inferior

Conveyance by Leonard Morrys, gent., of Writham, Norfolk, only surviving trustee for 12 acres called Redgrave close or Bretonnes close in Redgrave  FB121/L1/2/1b  1 June 1654

Which was bequeathed to the parishes of Walsham le Willows, Upper and Nether Rickinghall by Francis Rookwood and Thomasine his wife) to new trustees appointed from the three parishes

Lease for 7 years by Stephen Lanham and John Litton to Richard Pyle, clerk, and others, of the Town Lands of Rickinghall Superior  FB121/L1/2/2  20 Jan. 1667

Copy of Court Roll of manor of Westerhall recording the conveyance by Thomas Shepheard, linen-weaver  FB121/L1/2/3  23 June 1668

To the trustees of Rickinghall Superior Town lands of ½ acre by the church-yard there

Quit-claim by the feoffees of the Town Lands to John Bacon of all actions, demands etc.  FB121/L1/2/4  14 June 1677

Lease for 21 years by the Churchwardens and Overseers to Henry Elmy of Rickinghall, tanner  FB121/L1/2/5  25 Jan. 1704

Of those Town lands of Rickinghall Superior which he then occupied, i.e.:-
The meadow and arable lying against lands late of Thomas Ayers
3 acres by Broom hill
½ acre meadow in Long Meadowes
3 acres of arable in Patlott field
1 acre meadow and arable in Micklewood green close
A piece of land in Causey meadow
All to be held for rent of £9 p.a.

Lease for 21 years by the trustees for the Town Lands and the Churchwardens to George Elmy, tanner of Town Lands  FB121/L1/2/6  10 May 1727

Lease for a year, with the intent that a release be later made, of the Town Lands, by surviving trustees to a new set of trustees  FB121/L1/2/7  19 July 1727

Grant in perpetuity by William Howchin and Joseph Howchin to William Cradock, clerk, and others of the Town Lands  FB121/L1/2/8  20 July 1727

Copy of a Court Roll of the manor of Westhall recording the admission of new trustees of Town Lands  FB121/L1/2/9  29 Apr. 1751

Lease for 21 years by the trustees of Town Lands and one of the Churchwardens to Henry Freeman, gent., of the Town Lands  FB121/L1/2/10  24 Nov. 1757

Agreement  FB121/L1/2/11  5 Apr. 1779

Concerning the 'Town Lands' of Rickinghall Superior between the Rev. John Gibbs the younger and others and the Rev. John Gibbs the elder and others

Lease for twelve years, by the Rev. James Ventris of Beeding, Sussex, and John Amys of Rickinghall to Daniel Jacob of Gislingham, miller  FB121/L1/2/12  1 Mar. 1817

Of property in Rickinghall, probably 'Town Land' though not specifically stated to be such

Lease for 12 years by the Rev. William Baynes of Rickinghall Inferior and others to Martin Tydeman of Rickinghall Superior, carrier  FB121/L1/2/13  1 Mar. 1817

Of property in Rickinghall, probably 'Town Land'

Lease for 12 years by the Rev. William Baynes and others to John Dodd of Rickinghall, farmer  FB121/L1/2/14  1 Mar. 1817

Of property in Rickinghall Superior, probably 'Town Land'

Conveyance in trust by John Amys and the Rev. James Ventriss to themselves, the Rev. Thomas P. Slapp and others  FB121/L1/2/15  30 Nov. 1821

Of property in Rickinghall Superior

Lease for 12 years by John Amys and others to Daniel Jacob  FB121/L1/2/16  7 July 1828

Of 'Town lands' in Rickinghall Superior

Lease for 12 years by John Amys to Mr Martin, Tydeman of 'Town land' in Rickinghall Superior  FB121/L1/2/17  7 July 1828

Lease for 12 years by the Rev. Thomas P. Slapp and others to John Dodd  FB121/L1/2/18  13 Oct. 1828

Of 'Town lands' in Rickinghall Superior

Lease by John Amys to William Bailey of property in Rickinghall Superior  FB121/L1/2/19  1840

Lease by Rev. T.P. Slapp and others to John Dodd of property in Rickinghall Superior  FB121/L1/2/20  1840

Lease by Rev. J. Ventris and others to Samuel Ling of property in Rickinghall Superior  FB121/L1/2/21  1840

Lease for 8 years by the Rev. T.P. Slapp and others to John Dodd of lands in Rickinghall Superior  FB121/L1/2/22  1848

Lease for 8 years by the Rev. T.P. Slapp and others to Nathan Marten of lands in Rickinghall Superior  FB121/L1/2/23  1848

Lease for 8 years by the Trustees of Rickinghall Superior Town lands to James Nunn, farmer, of lands in Rickinghall Superior  FB121/L1/2/24  12 Sep. 1872

Admission of W. Warren and W.B. Street, on the regrant of the land of the manor of Westhall  FB121/L1/2/25  31 Jan. 1882

To property in Rickinghall Superior in trust for the parish

Deed of Enfranchisement granted by G.H. Wilson, lord of the manor of Westhall, to W. Warren and W.B. Street  FB121/L1/2/26  1 Feb. 1882

In trust for the parish of Rickinghall Superior, of property situate there

Agreement between the Rector and Churchwardens of Rickinghall Superior and William Baitley  FB121/L1/2/27  8 Dec. 1883

For a year to year lease of property in Rickinghall

Draft lease for 3 years by the Trustees of the Charity lands of Rickinghall Superior to C.W. Hearn of Bacton, Merchant and Farmer  FB121/L1/2/28  11 Oct. 1888

Of property in Rickinghall Superior

Lease for 8 years from 11 Oct. 1910 by the Trustees of the Rickinghall Superior Town Lands to Arthur Ling  FB121/L1/2/29  3 Nov. 1910

Of the said Town Lands

Translation of calendar of feoffment (23 Dec. 28 Eliz. (1585))  FB121/L1/2/30  20 Feb. 1952

By M.P. Statham, Assistant Archivist, Bury St Edmunds and West Suffolk Record Office

Translation of deed relating to town lands in Rickinghall Superior, 22 Nov. 1621  FB121/L1/2/31  24 Mar. 1962

By M.P. Statham

Ms report on Rickinghall Superior Charities  FB121/L1/2/32  n.d. [20century]

Copied from Charity Commission report 1829

Agreement  FB121/L1/2/33  18 Oct. 1881

(1) Trustees of Rickinghall Superior town lands
(2) Robert Henry Hearn ) Merchant & farmers
Charles Walter Hearn ) of Bacton and Finningham
(1) agrees to lease to (2) town lands 38a.1r.7p. situated in Rickinghall Superior for 7 years at £38.10s. p.a.

(Disputed title)  [no ref. or date]

Petition of Thomas Shepphard of Upper Rickinghall, yeoman, to the Lord Keeper  FB121/L1/3/1  23 Nov. 1667

That the Churchwardens may show title to a house and 14 acres of meadow, which they claim to be town lands, but which the petitioner states to be his inheritance

Answer of the Churchwardens to the complaint of Thomas Shephard that they hold as Town Land, property which is his by inheritance, undated  FB121/L1/3/2  (late 17century)

Statement by Thomas Sheppard, linen-weaver  FB121/L1/3/3  8 May 1668

That the suit in Chancery he had commenced against the Churchwardens for the recovery of Town Lands which he claimed by inheritance was without basis, and that he has paid them 40/- as recompense for their trouble

Loan Fund  FB121/L2  [n.d.]

Bond by Roger Sherman, currier  FB121/L2/1/1  30 July 1682

To William Rust Senior and Robert Prentice, Churchwardens and to William Rust junior and John Stanton, overseers, all of Upper Rickinghall in £4. for the repayment of 40/- in a year's time

Accounts  FB121/L3  [n.d.]

Account by John Sparks for legal expenses  FB121/L3/1  nd

Incurred by the trustees for charity lands of Rickinghall Superior, Rickinghall Inferior and Walsham in the Willows

Sealed order of the Charity Commissioners, in the matter of the charity of John Brown  FB121/L3/2  7 May 1909

Coal & Bread Charity  FB121/L4  [n.d.]

Coal and Bread Charity Accounts  FB121/L4/1  Dec. 1923 - Dec. 1924


Certificates  FB121/N1  [n.d.]

Certificate for William Bailey of Thornton declaring him and his wife as incapacitated and therefore unable to support themselves  FB121/N1/1  11 Oct. 1806

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