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Papers of Addison, Jesson and Copper, Solicitors of Walsall

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Reference D1317
Covering dates 17th - 20th Century
Held by Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent Archive Service, Staffordshire Record Office
Extent 45 series
Creators Addison, Jesson and Cooper of Walsall, Solicitors

Administrative history:
The predecessors of the present firm of Addison, Jesson and Cooper appear to have been established in Walsall by 1818 when Richard Jesson, attorney, is recorded at Digbeth. By the end of the 19th century, there appear to have been two distinct firms, that of Marten, Marlow and Jesson in Bridge Street, and of Addison and Cooper also in Bridge Street. In 1940, these two firms were still separate, and it is assumed that any partnership must have taken place after this date.
The collection is useful for a number of aspects of the history of Walsall and its surrounding area. Among the clients of the firm were the Tongues of Aldridge Manor, (D1317/1/15), the Clarks of Aldridge Lodge, (D1317/1/4), David Rose, ironmaster of Darlaston, (D1317/1/11), Richard Haines of West Bromwich, coalmaster, (D1317/1/5), the Hills of Walsall, (D1317/1/6), and the Middletons and Stubbs of Hammerwich, (D1317/1/9 and D1317/1/14). The business, personal and industrial interests of these clients are well represented in the collection.
The collection also contains the papers of the Estate of Crowther Smith of Wolverhampton, one of the first developers of middle class housing in the area around the park at the end of the 19th century. The papers do contain specifications of some of the houses built, as well as details of eventual sales. The Tongue family papers reflect the interests of a small landed family in an area, Aldridge, which was becoming industrialised and who took advantage of the developments of the coal industry by leasing mines to colliery companies. In addition, the involvement of this family in local parish affairs has led to the survival in this collection of a number of Aldridge parish papers including an 18th century tithe and Easter offerings book, faculties for the rebuilding and restoration of the parish church, churchwardens' accounts, 1762-1859, vestry minutes, 1828-1837, overseers of the poor accounts, 1765-1786 and trustees' minutes for Aldridge Free School.
Industrial development is reflected by a number of mining leases in which various clients were involved, but more particularly by the surviving papers of the Blacklees Company of Cannock, Shareshill and Cheslyn Hay (D1317/2/1). This company was formed in 1895 for the purpose of acquiring lands by purchase or lease for the purpose of mining. The title deeds for the Rugeley rolling mill and forge from 1718 are included with papers relating to Cheshire, Manners and Company, tinplate manufacturers of Rugeley (D1317/2/5).

Papers Relating To Clients  [no ref. or date]

Main Clients [Private]  [no ref. or date]

Bayley of Willingsworth Hall, Sedgley And Knowle, Co. Warwick  [no ref. or date]

James Bayley  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/1/1/1  n.d

Plan of property at Darlaston belonging to James Bayley.
Adjoining landowners named.

[no title]  D1317/1/1/2  1836

Marriage certificate of James Bayley and Ann Bayliss.

[no title]  D1317/1/1/3  1863-65

Case papers relating to complaint of debt, Williams et al v. Bayley.
Includes appellants' and respondent's cases, bill of complaint,defendant's answer.

[no title]  D1317/1/1/4  1865

Will of James Bayley of Knowle, farmer, and of Willingsworth Hall, coal master.

[no title]  D1317/1/1/5  1868

Copy will of same.

[no title]  D1317/1/1/6  1868

Death certificate of James Bayley.

Thomas Bayley  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/1/1/7  1845

Copy will of Thomas Bayley of Great Bridge, West Bromwich.

[no title]  D1317/1/1/8  1850

Probate of will and codicil of Thomas Bayley.

Elizabeth Bayley, widow of Thomas Bayley  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/1/1/9  1879

Deed of revocation by Elizabeth Bayley of trusts declared by settlement of 14 Sept. 1871 and declaration of other trusts.

[no title]  D1317/1/1/10  1887

Probate of will of Elizabeth Bayley of Lozells, p. Aston, co. Warwick.

Elizabeth Bayley, daughter of Thomas Bayley  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/1/1/11  [1836-1887]

Schedule of deeds and writings belonging to Miss Elizabeth Bayley (copy).

Abishai Smith  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/1/1/12  1882

Probate of will of Abishai Smith of Handsworth, executor of will of Elizabeth Bayley.

Brace of Needwood House  [no ref. or date]

Abstracts Of Title  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/1/2/1/1  [1869-1895]

Abstract of title of F. A. Brace to land and dwelling house called Mount Pleasant situate at Doveridge, co. Derbys.

Sales Off, Doveridge Estate  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/1/2/2/1  1899

Additional piece of land (576 sq.yds.), delineated on attached plan, at Doveridge for churchyard purposes.
Draft conveyance
F. A. Brace/Trustees of Doveridge churchyard

[no title]  D1317/1/2/2/2  1902

Moiety of hay tithe arising out of hereditaments in Doveridge.
Copy draft conveyance
F. A. Brace/Hawthorn

[no title]  D1317/1/2/2/3  1902

Piece of uninclosed land situate in open meadow called the Netherwood, p. Uttoxeter.
(4a Or 10p)
Copy draft conveyance
F.A. Brace /Coulson

[no title]  D1317/1/2/2/4  1902

Messuage situate in Doveridge and piece of land with woodyard and buildings situate near the Upfield.
F. A. Brace/Dainton

Leases to Brace  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/1/2/3/1  1895

Capital messuage called Doveridge Hall, situate p. Doveridge, with stables, gamekeeper's cottages, gardener's house etc.
All fixtures and household furniture belonging. Also lands called Park Bridge Flat and Lawn, Field at Keeper's House, farm buildings, yard, workhouse, garden, coachman's cottage; exclusive right of sport and fishing over Doveridge Estate.
Rt.Hon. Henry Anson, Baron Waterpark/F. A. Brace
+ letter of agreement re same.

[no title]  D1317/1/2/3/2  1895

Doveridge Hall, as above
Draft lease

[no title]  D1317/1/2/3/3  1897

House and land (13a 2r 10p) p. Doveridge Tenancy Agreement + counterpart

Tenancy agreements from Brace  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/1/2/4/1  1898

Agreement for letting of land in Doveridge called Little Mill Holme and The Fold (6a 3r 7p)
F. A. Brace/John Robinson

[no title]  D1317/1/2/4/2  1901

Agreement for tenancy of house and land at Doveridge called "Mount Pleasant" (9a 11p)
F. A. Brace/C.W. Jervis Smith

General Estate Agreements  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/1/2/5/1  1898

Copy agreement relating to claims for siltage in compensation reservoirs belonging to Staffs. Potteries Waterworks Co.
Meakin, owner of Cheddleton Flint Mill, Birch, owner of Froghall Colour Mill, Bolton, owner of Oakamoor Brass and Wire Mills, Lord Shrewsbury, owner of Alton Paper Mill, Bettany, owner of Rocester Flour Mill, Newton, owner of Tutbury Corn Mill, F. A. Brace, owner of Doveridge Corn Mills/Staffs. Potteries Waterworks Co.

[no title]  D1317/1/2/5/2  1900

Agreement for keeping cattle off footpaths at Doveridge.
F. A. Brace/Adams

Plans  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/1/2/5/3  1890

Size 25½ cm. x 38 cm. Surveyor Hamnett & Co.

Plan of the Doveridge Hall Estate, cos. Derby and Staffs., drawn up for sale.
Fields numbered, farms named. Shows Doveridge Hall, glebe land and other privately owned land.
Paper, coloured, backed with embroidered gauze.

Frank Addison Brace, Personal Papers  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/1/2/6/1  n.d. e.20th c

Index to stocks and shares held: entries marked by initials Fab (probably Frank Addison Brace) and FFC (probably Frederick Fuhrman Clarke).

[no title]  D1317/1/2/6/2  1910

Valuation of certain items of furniture at Needwood House for sale from Sir William Bass to F. A. Brace.

[no title]  D1317/1/2/6/3  1912

Inventory, valuation of furniture, pictures, silver, plate, china, horses, carriages, fixtures and effects, the property of Mr. and Mrs. Brace, taken for insurance purposes.

[no title]  D1317/1/2/6/4  1912

Inventory and valuation of Needwood House, property of late F. A. Brace, taken for purposes of administration.

[no title]  D1317/1/2/6/5  [1912]

Copy of death certificate of Frank Addison Brace of Needwood House, Rolleston.

Mrs. Brace, widow of F. A. Brace  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/1/2/7/1  1912-1913

Solicitor's correspondence file relating to Mrs. Brace's business affairs, including the possibility of her moving to Coton Hall, surveys of Coton Hall, installation of electric lighting.

[no title]  D1317/1/2/7/2  1912

Estimate of proposed alterations, painting etc. at Coton Hall.

[no title]  D1317/1/2/7/3  1913

Specification and estimate for installation of electric lighting at Coton Hall.

Doveridge Estate Papers, pre-Brace  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/1/2/8/1  1898

Draft mortgage of life interest and policy of assurance for sum of £7,000 to secure £6,500 + interest.
Henry Anson, Baron Waterpark/Life trustees of Commercial Union Assurance Co. Ltd.

[no title]  D1317/1/2/8/2  1901

Conditions and particulars of sale of properties and lands at Doveridge to be sold by Lord Waterpark.

[no title]  D1317/1/2/8/3  1903

Notice of sale of freehold properties in Doveridge including Cavendish Lodge (8a 2r 24p)

Chavasse of Walsall  [no ref. or date]

Chavasse as mortgagee  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/1/3/1/1-6  1887-1903

Messuage called "The Railway Tavern" situate at Pelsall, with stables, outbuildings, bowling green and land belonging (boundaries).
Plot of land nearby (1r 23p) with two cottages called the Barn Cottages and another messuage (boundaries).
Mortgages and reconveyances including:
Mortgage, Finney/James & Wilson, 1887
further change, Finney/James & Wilson, 1887
reconveyance, James & Wilson/Starkey & Starkey, 1888
mortgage, Finney/Chavasse & Adams, 1889
mortgage, Finney/Chavasse & Adams, 1892
further change, Finney/Chavasse & Adams, 1897
transfer, Chavasse & Adams/Chavasse, 1897
reconveyance, Chavasse/Tomblin, 1903

William Chavasse, personal papers  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/1/3/2/1  1800

Probate of will of William Chavasse of Walsall.

[no title]  D1317/1/3/2/2  1862

Residuary accounts under will of William Chavasse.

[no title]  D1317/1/3/2/3  1862

Legacy and receipts under will of William Chavasse.

[no title or date]  D1317/1/3/2/4

Release of trusts under will of William Chavasse
Pit et al, beneficiaries/Chavasse

[no title]  D1317/1/3/2/5  1883

Agreement for use of shares bequeathed to Nicholas Chavasse under will of William Chavasse for payment of debts.
Nicholas Chavasse/Horace Chavasse

Henry Chavasse of Walsall  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/1/3/2/6  1879

Letters of administration with will annexed of Henry Chavasse.

William Chavasse of Walsall  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/1/3/2/7  1880

Administration of the effects of William Chavasse

John Scott Chavasse of Sidney, Australia  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/1/3/2/8  1879

Letters of administration of John Scott Chavasse of Sidney.

[no title]  D1317/1/3/2/9  1880

Residuary accounts under will of John Scott Chavasse.

Isabella Chavasse  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/1/3/2/10  1880

Residuary accounts and legacy receipts under will of Isabella Chavasse.

Clarke of Aldridge Lodge  [no ref. or date]

Tenancy Agreement  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/1/4/1/1  1900

Agreement for tenancy for Gravel Pit Piece, Boot, Barn Lane Piece and Whetstone Flat, p. Aldridge.

[no title]  D1317/1/4/1/2  1903

Draft memoranda of agreement for tenancy of Aldridge Lodge and draft statement of account.
L. A. Clarke/F. G. Clarke

[no title]  D1317/1/4/1/3  1910

Agreement for tenancy of lands, ps.
Great Barr and Aldridge, with farmhouse and cottage adjoining Bosty Lane.
Schedule attached

Estate papers  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/1/4/2/1  1865

Notes relating to Hay Head limestone mines including notes of levels, sketch plans, section of sinking made by Mr. Robert, correspondence.

[no title]  D1317/1/4/2/2  1910

Correspondence relating to letting of Aldridge Lodge Farm.

Maps  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/1/4/3/1  1886

Ordnance survey book of reference to plan of the parish of Aldridge.

[no title]  D1317/1/4/3/2  1916

Sale plan and particulars of freehold and copyhold estates together with mines and minerals comprising Gillity Greaves Farm and Ryecroft Farm situate in borough of Walsall and parishes of Great Barr and Rushall.

Business Papers  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/1/4/4/1  1887

Memorandum and articles of association of the London Nitrate Co. Ltd. [printed]

[no title]  D1317/1/4/4/2  1900

Report of 10th Annual Meeting of the Santa Rica Nitrate Co. [printed]

[no title]  D1317/1/4/4/3  1900

Report and accounts of the Great Central Railway [printed]

[no title]  D1317/1/4/4/4  19--

Copy sales of debenture stock in the Great Western Railway Co. and London & South Western Railway Co. Clarke/Heathcote & Disney

F. F. Clarke, Personal Papers  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/1/4/5/1  1898

Papers relating to court case following collision between dogcart and horse (Clarke) and bicycle (Wright) + copy correspondence between parties.

[no title]  D1317/1/4/5/2  1898-99

Income tax assessment notice.

[no title]  D1317/1/4/5/3  1900

Receipt from C. F. Croker for payment of annuity with covering letter to Mr. Clarke.

[no title]  D1317/1/4/5/4  [1901]

Copy of death certificate of Frederic Fuhrman Clarke of Aldridge Lodge.

Executors of F. F. Clarke (including sale of Aldridge Lodge)  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/1/4/6/1  1902

Probate papers, estate duty accounts, valuation of property for probate, copy will of F. F. Clarke and corrective affidavits.

[no title]  D1317/1/4/6/2  1903

Draft declaration of trusts for securing an annuity of £165 charged on Aldridge Lodge.
Croker/Executors of will of F. F. Clarke

[no title]  D1317/1/4/6/3  1901-1911

Executors' cash book, principal and income accounts.

[no title]  D1317/1/4/6/4  1901-1912

Executors' cash account book.

[no title]  D1317/1/4/6/5  1902-1910

Executors' cash (capital account) book.

[no title]  D1317/1/4/6/6  1903

Sale catalogue of Aldridge Lodge, with agricutural land and other property to be sold by representatives of F. F. Clarke.

[no title]  D1317/1/4/6/7  n.d. ? c.1903

Inventory of furnishings, plate, pictures etc. at Aldridge Lodge.

[no title]  D1317/1/4/6/8  n.d.; post-1900

Inventory of linen at Aldridge Lodge.

[no title]  D1317/1/4/6/9  n.d.; post-1900

Inventory of pictures at Aldridge Lodge.

[no title]  D1317/1/4/6/10  1902

Inventory of silver at Aldridge Lodge.

[no title]  D1317/1/4/6/11  n.d

Inventory of silver arranged under name of member of Clarke family to whom it will be given, with note of weight, value per oz. and total value of each piece.

[no title]  D1317/1/4/6/12  1904

Sale notice of live and dead farming stock and outside effects at Aldridge Lodge (late F. F. Clarke) + inventory.

[no title]  D1317/1/4/6/13  n.d

Catalogue of contents of 43 Elm Park Garden, including books, pictures, furniture, silver etc. proposed to be distributed among members of the family.

[no title]  D1317/1/4/6/14  n.d

Catalogue as above, marked with allocation to members of the family.

Rev. H. J. Clarke, of Great Barr, personal papers  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/1/4/7/1  1898-1899

Income tax assessment papers.

C. H. Clarke of Bromley, personal papers  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/1/4/7/3  1894-1895

Bundle of family correspondence relating to settlement of estate of C. H. Clarke of Bromley, Kent (? father/brother of F. F. Clarke of Walsall, solicitor).
Also includes copy letters of administration, conditions of sale of 25 Park Road, Haverstock Hill, Middlesex, draft assignment of same, 1895, list of debts due.

Other Personal Papers  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/1/4/7/2  1907-1909

Sundry cash account book including Mrs. L. A. Clarke's carriage account, E. J. Clarke's office expenses and monthly share accounts of various members of the family.

Richard Haines of West Bromwich, Coal Master  [no ref. or date]

Family Settlements  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/1/5/1  1835

Messuage with outbuildings, yard and garden situate at Snow Hill; messuage with outbuildings, situate at Horsely Heath, p. Tipton.

Leases to Haines  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/1/5/2/1-2  1839-1855

Mines of Thick Coal & Gubbin Ironstone lying under messuage, cowhouse, pigsty and premises situate in Oldbury and under several closes of land called Lower Meadow, House Close, Rye Grass Meadow, Mill Close, Little Leasow or Lower Spring Close, Lower Dudley Leasow, Second Dudley Leasow and Hurley's Close; also under piece of land called Fordrift Meadow near Oldbury (25a).
All pits, shafts, offices, building, machinery etc. belonging comprised in attached schedule.
Leases for 25 yrs.
Davies/Badger & Williams/Clifton & Molineux/Underhill, Whitehouse & Johnson Nicklin et al/Haines & Davies
Includes later agreement for annulling agreement for lease of mines at Newbury Lane, Oldbury, 1873.

[no title]  D1317/1/5/2/3  1855

Agreement for lease of Thick Coal lying under land at Newbury Lane, Oldbury, under closes called the Vineyard, Lower Oaks, Upper Oaks, the Knowl, Far Knowl, Long Hill, Brierley Hill and Little Hill.

[no title]  D1317/1/5/2/4  1865

Agreement for lease of Thick Coal under land at Portway, ps. Rowley Regis and Oldbury.

[no title]  D1317/1/5/2/6  1877

Surrender of lease of Thick Coal lying under Portway Farm, ps. Rowley Regis and Oldbury, part of Sampson's Colliery.
Haines' Executors/Auden

Exchanges  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/1/5/3  1870

Agreement for exchange of mines situate at Rowley Regis, delineated on attached plan.
William, Earl of Dudley/Richard Haines

Executors of Richard Haines  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/1/5/4/1  1872

Will and codicil of Richard Haines of Roebuck Lane, West Bromwich.

[no title]  D1317/1/5/4/2  n.d

List of mortgages and interest due on death of Richard Haines.

[no title]  D1317/1/5/4/3  1873

Agreement between persons interested in the residuary estate of Richard Haines for distribution of certain parts of his estate among persons not named as legatees.
Fellows, Haines, Grey, Fretwell/Haines & Watson.

[no title]  D1317/1/5/4/4  1877

Receipt for deeds received by W. H. Fellows as executor of Richard Haines.

[no title]  D1317/1/5/4/5  1878

Assignment by surviving trustees of will of Richard Haines by Joshua Fellows to residuary legatees under will, and release of trustees.

Hill of Walsall  [no ref. or date]

Title  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/1/6/1/1/1-16  1811-1870

Close of land situate in township of over Stonnall, p. Shenstone, formerly part of Shire Oak Common (14a 21p).
Earlier deeds include additional plots of land on Shire Oak Common.
Title deeds including:
Printed inclosure act, lands p. Shenstone, 1811
Mortgage, Woodhouse/Brittlebank, 1827 mortgage, Woodhouse/Hanbury, 1837 copy of will of Thos. Woodhouse, 1857 abstract of title of Charles Woodhouse, 1814-1857
Mortgage, Woodhouse/Wright et al, 1858 abstract of title of Messrs. Hill, 1870
Commissioners of Shenstone Inclosure/Blore/Brittlebank/Woodhouse/Hill

[no title]  D1317/1/6/1/2/1-23  1838-1933

Ogley Hay Farm, Brownhills (120a 2r 27p), plot of garden situate in Chester Road, Ogley Hay. Blacksmith's shop, cottage and garden fronting to Lichfield Road, Brownhills; four cottages and gardens fronting to Lichfield Road; seven cottages and gardens called Seven House Row, two cottages and gardens situate near the end of Great Charles St.; thirty cottages at the corner of Ogley Square; old school converted to 2 cottages.
Specified ground rents, Ogley Hay.
House called Belle Vue, Sandwell St., Walsall.
Earlier deeds include: foundry and engine manufactory at Ogley Hay.
Title deeds including:
Inclosure award for Ogley Hay, 1838
Mortgage, Cotterill/Green & Nicholson, 1846
Mortgage, Cotterill/Green & Nicholson, 1846
Mortgage, Gibbons/Fielden, 1866
Disclaimer of trusts, 1901
Inclosure Commissioner for Ogley Hay/Cotterill/Gibbons/Hill

[no title]  D1317/1/6/1/3/1-9  1840-1852

Piece of land situate at Ogley Hay bounded by Burntwood Road and Great Charles St. (2401 sq. yds.).
Title deeds including:
appointment, Brewer/Wood, 1841
appointment, Brewer/Smith, 1841
mortgage, Wood/Hill, 1843
transfer of mortgage, Hill/Barber, 1845

[no title]  D1317/1/6/1/4/1-2  1841-52

Piece of land (2a 1r) bounded on the south by Great Charles St. and situate at Ogley Hay.
Title deeds
Cotterill/Lowe and Stephens/Hill

[no title]  D1317/1/6/1/5/1-2  1863 & 1933

Undivided part or share in three recently enfranchised cottages and gardens in close of pasture land called the Old Brick Yard (3a 1r 7p) p. Wolverhampton and in close of arable land called the Far House Piece (2a 2r 20p), all of which are situate in manor of Stowheath at Windhorn, p. Wolverhampton; also in cottage, garden allottment and adjoining pieces of land called Far Bratch, Middle Bratch and Near Bratch, all situate at the Bratch, p. Wombourn.
Title deeds: (conveyance of 1933 includes Wombourn property only)
Williams/Directors of Birmingham & District Banking Co./Hill/Hill's executors/Yates

[no title]  D1317/1/6/1/6/1-3  1838-1868

Lands, messuages, workships etc. unspecified by name but delineated on plan. Note of acreages on plan.
Title deeds including:
abstract of title, 1838-1866

[no title]  D1317/1/6/1/7  1870

Piece of land, formerly part of Shire Oak Common in township of Stonnall and Lynn (14a 2r 14p formerly 14a 29p) at Ogley Hay.
Plan on dorse
Yates/Masfen/Hill & Hill

[no title]  D1317/1/6/1/8  1933

Two dwelling houses, Nos.13 & 15 Ogley Hay Road, Brownhills; two dwelling houses Nos.25 & 27 Lichfield Road, Brownhills; 29 dwelling houses called Ogley Square, Ogley Hay Lane; four pasture fields adjoining London, Midland & Scottish Railway and Brownhills Common, field of arable land situate in Narrow Lane, two fields of pasture land nearby, freehold ground rent of £38.3.10. issuing out of land at Brickkiln Lane.
Keay & Hill/Hill et al.

Sales Off  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/1/6/2/1/1-33  1753-1933; 1805; 1821

Steelhouse Lane Estate, p. Wolverhampton viz. close of land near the Windhorn and other piece of land (½a) formerly copyhold within the Manor of Stowheath (cf.D1317/1/6/1/5/1-2).
Deed of 1933 refers to Mills Farm, Wolverhampton which may include the above land.
Title deeds (mostly copy court rolls) including:
administration with will annexed of Elizabeth Bradney
licence to William Hill to get clay under said land
conditions of sale 1859
abstract of title, 1859
deed of enfranchisement, 1862

[no title]  D1317/1/6/2/2  1893

Right of way over part of land delineated on enclosed plan, bounded by Jessons Lane, Lysways St. Lodge Road and Emery St.
Conveyance and release

[no title]  D1317/1/6/2/3  1922

Deed of covenant in respect of premises called Belle Vue, Sandwell St., Walsall.
Frost & Co.Ltd./Keay

[no title]  D1317/1/6/2/4  1938

Nos. 13 & 15 Ogley Hay Road, Brownhills Draft conveyance, supporting documents and correspondence.
Hill et al/Wigley

Leases and agreements to Hill  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/1/6/3/1  1854

Agreement for lease of piece of land in Sandwell St., Walsall, delineated on plan.
[Boundaries given]
Term: 99 years
Peter Potter, agent to Earl of Bradford/Hill

[no title]  D1317/1/6/3/2  1904

Assignment of leasehold premises viz. one undivided moiety in piece of ground with messuage built on same, situate in Belle Vue, Walsall, and in piece of ground abutting west onto Sandwell St.
Trustees of will of William Henry Hill, deceased/Trustees of will of Thos. Alva Hill, deceased.

Leases and agreements from Hill and supporting papers  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/1/6/3/3  1909

Duplicate agreement, supplemental to lease by W.H. & T.A.Hill of 1887 to Walsall Wood Co. re payment of royalties.
Keay, Greatrex & Hill (Hill's trustees)/Walsall Wood Colliery Co. Ltd.

[no title]  D1317/1/6/3/4  1905

Statement to directors of Walsall Wood Colliery Co. of coal drawn and sold, and of bricks made and sold.

[no title]  D1317/1/6/3/5  1933

Draft suggestions for renewal of lease of mines belonging to Hill's Trust to Walsall Wood Colliery Co.

Rentals  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/1/6/4  1900

Account of rents received by trustees of Thos. Hill for various properties.

Estate Papers  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/1/6/5/1  1886

Correspondence from Duignan and Elliot solicitors re proposed purchase of one acre of land from Brownhills Local Board by T.A. & W.H.Hill + draft conveyance.

[no title]  D1317/1/6/5/2  1910

Tithe redemption receipt on property called Sandy Mount and part of pasture field adjoining situate p. Walsall.

Plans  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/1/6/6  1870

Tracing plan showing boundary of land belonging to William Hill, adjoining Snakes Lane, situate near the Windmill, Walsall.
+ printed sale plan of same area.

Personal  [no ref. or date]

Hill/Greatrex Marriage Settlement  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/1/6/7  1879

Sum of £1000 in trust for Ellen Handford Greatrex.
Marriage settlement in consideration of marriage between Thomas Hill and Ellen Greatrex.

Thomas Hill, dec'd., Trustees' papers  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/1/6/9/1  1878

Probate of will of Thomas Hill of Walsall

[no title]  D1317/1/6/9/2  1881

Disclaimer by Thomas Cockbain of all real and personal estate devised by will of Thomas Hill to Thomas Alva Hill, William Henry Hill and Thomas Cockbain.

[no title]  D1317/1/6/9/3  1909-1912

Real estate realisation accounts of trustees of late Thomas Hill.

[no title]  D1317/1/6/9/4  1933

Release from original one fourth share of beneficiary and residuary estate of Thos. Hill, dec'd., and all income arising from it, and of all claims etc. in respect of same.
Covenant of indemnity
Yates/Keay and Hill

Appointment of trustees  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/1/6/9/5  1901

Appointment of new trustees under will of Thos. Hill, dec'd., and declaration vesting trust estate.
Hill & Greatrex/Keay & Greatrex

[no title]  D1317/1/6/9/6  1912

Death certificate of Bertram Greatrex of Walsall, trustee of Thomas Hill.

[no title]  D1317/1/6/9/7  [1912]

Certified copy of same

[no title]  D1317/1/6/9/8  1920

Appointment of new trustee of will of Thos. Hill, deceased.

[no title]  D1317/1/6/9/9  1933

Appointment of new trustee Keay/Keay & Hill

[no title]  D1317/1/6/9/10  1933

Appointment of new trustees of leasehold property in Lysways St., Walsall, in place of public trustees.
Yates et al/Keay & Hill

[no title]  D1317/1/6/9/11  1935

Appointment of new trustees Hill et al/Keay & Hill

William Henry Hill, personal papers  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/1/6/9/12  1892; date of probate, 1892

Will and codicils of William Henry Hill of Walsall

[no title]  D1317/1/6/9/13  [1892]

Copy of same

Mary Ann Hill, personal papers  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/1/6/9/14  post-1901

Account of property for estate duty belonging to Mary Ann Hill, late of Waterloo Rd., Wolverhampton.

[no title]  D1317/1/6/9/15  1902

Account of property chargeable with estate duty.

Thomas Alva Hill, deceased, Executors' Papers  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/1/6/9/16  1901

Probate of will of Thomas Alva Hill of Walsall, merchant.

[no title]  D1317/1/6/9/17  1901

Account of property chargeable with estate duty on death of T. A. Hill.

[no title]  D1317/1/6/9/18-19  1903-1904

Corrective affidavits for Inland Revenue re T. A. Hill's estate.

[no title]  D1317/1/6/9/20  1904

Account of property chargeable with settlement estate duty.

[no title]  D1317/1/6/9/21  1904

Account of settlement estate duty payable on death of T.A.Hill with schedule of freehold properties attached.

[no title]  D1317/1/6/9/22  n.d. c.1904

Schedules of freehold and leasehold property of T.A.Hill and apportionment of rents of real and leasehold property to date of death.

Appointments of T. A. Hill's Trustees  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/1/6/9/24  1926

Deed of appointment of new trustees under will of T. A. Hill.
Ellen Handford Hill/Mildred Hill

[no title]  D1317/1/6/9/25  1933

Deed of appointment of new trustees of will of T. A. Hill.
Hill/Hill & Greatrex

Trustees Accounts  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/1/6/9/28  ½ year ending June 1904

Executors' Accounts, late T. A. Hill.

[no title]  D1317/1/6/9/26  ½ year ending Dec. 1904

Exectors' Accounts, late T. A. Hill.

[no title]  D1317/1/6/9/27  ½ year ending June 1905

Executors' accounts, late T. A. Hill

[no title]  D1317/1/6/9/29  31 Dec. 1905

Trustees of will of late T. A. Hill, balance sheet.

Ellen Handford Hill, Personal Papers  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/1/6/9/30-31  1932

Certified copy of and death certificate of Ellen Handford Hill, widow of T.A.Hill.

[no title]  D1317/1/6/9/32  1932

Account of property chargeable with estate duty on death of Ellen Hill.

[no title]  D1317/1/6/9/33  1932

Succession duty accounts.

[no title]  D1317/1/6/9/34  1933

Legacy receipt for pecuniary legacy.

Holden of Halstead Co. Leics. and Aston, Co. Derbys  [no ref. or date]

Title  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/1/7/1/1  [1742-1803]

Abstract of title of Rev. Charles Holden to an estate for life in land at Long Eaton, co. Derbys., contracted to be sold by him for the purpose of redeeming the land tax charge upon his settled estate.

[no title]  D1317/1/7/1/2  1768

Attested copy of declaration of trust of James Shuttleworth esq., that the estates third part in the manor of Halstead, co. Leics., and messuages etc. in Halstead, Tilton, Marfield, Whatburgh etc. were purchased with money arising from the personal estate and rents from the real estate of the late Robert Holden.

[no title]  D1317/1/7/1/3  [1776-1843]

Abstract of title of feoffees of Burton Town Lands to freehold lands situate at Aston, co. Derbys., proposed to be exchanged with Edward Holden for lands situate at Sawley, co. Derbys.

Family Settlements: supporting papers  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/1/7/2/1  1873

Schedule of title deeds and writings in the custody of the trustees of Mr. and Mrs. Holden's marriage settlement re Edward Anthony Holden and Susan Drummond, his wife.

[no title]  D1317/1/7/2/2  1916

Statement of share of trust fund under Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Cookson's marriage settlement [1894], appointed to Col. Holden for life and his son on attaining the age of 21.

Leases  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/1/7/3/1  1896

Aston Hall, co. Derbys.
Lease for 21 years

[no title]  D1317/1/7/3/2  1919

Farm at Halstead, co. Leics., called Red Lodge
Counterpart lease
Clarke & King (Holden's executors/Adnett

Tenancy Agreements  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/1/7/4/1  1868-70

Tenancy agreements, various properties, Halstead Estate

[no title]  D1317/1/7/4/2  1911

Counterpart agreement for tenancy of Doveridge Cottage
E.C.S.Holden/Marquess of Anglesey

[no title]  D1317/1/7/4/3  1919

Draft tenancy agreement for Halstead Farm, p. Halstead (200a 2r 12p)
Clarke & King (Holden's executors/Adnett

Halstead & Tilton Estate, Papers  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/1/7/5/1-2  1869

Compensation award in respect of the Mill Lane, Halstead to be paid by E.A.Holden

[no title]  D1317/1/7/5/3  1869

Valuation of tenant right upon land at Halstead

[no title]  D1317/1/7/5/4  1872

Report on the proposed Newark, Melton Mowbray & Leicester Railway and minerals under land proposed to be taken.

[no title]  D1317/1/7/5/5  1873

Great Northern Railway (Melton Mowbray to Leicester), notice to owners including E. A. Holden.

[no title]  D1317/1/7/5/6  1874

Great Northern Railway, notice to lessees.

[no title]  D1317/1/7/5/7  1874

Great Northern and LNWR joint lines, notice to E. A. Holden to treat.

[no title]  D1317/1/7/5/8-9  1880-84

Printed statements of parochial accounts for Tilton-on-the-Hill.

[no title]  D1317/1/7/5/10  1887

Valuation of tenant right (Jones to Holden) upon farm at Halstead.

[no title]  D1317/1/7/5/11  n.d

Copy specification of works to be done in erection of cottage at Tilton.

Aston-on-Trent Estate, co. Derbys., Papers  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/1/7/5/12  1846

Notice of exchange of land between E.A.Holden and Burton trustees.

[no title]  D1317/1/7/5/13  1846

Observations on title of feoffees of Burton Town Lands to estate at Aston to be exchanged with E. A. Holden.

[no title]  D1317/1/7/5/14  1847

Copy return to the Bishop of Lichfield re exchange of land to be made between Holden and feoffees of Burton Town Lands.

[no title]  D1317/1/7/5/15  1879

Correspondence from Ecclesiastical Commissioners re interest due on mortgage of property belonging to benefice of Aston-upon-Trent following death of E. A. Holden.

[no title]  D1317/1/7/5/16  1884

Report on and valuation of three farms at Aston-on-Trent.

Doveridge Estate, Papers  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/1/7/5/17  1905

Estimate for positive renewals at Doveridge Hall.

Plans  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/1/7/6/1  n.d. 19th c

Size: 1m 30cm x 68cm. Scale: 6 chains = 1inch

Plan of Aston, co. Derbys., glebe land annotated with state of cultivation.
Adjoining land owners named

[no title]  D1317/1/7/6/2  n.d

Size: 58cm x 45cm; Scale: 6 chains = 1 inch

Printed sale plan of Halstead estate p. Tilton-on-the-Hill, co. Leics.
Coloured, acreages marked, adjoining landowners named.

[no title]  D1317/1/7/6/3  n.d

Size: 56cm x 45cm; Scale: 6 chains = 1 inch

Printed plan of Halstead House estate.
Coloured, acreages and field numbers, adjoining landowners named.

[no title]  D1317/1/7/6/4  n.d

Printed plan of Halstead House estate.
As in 1/7/6/3

[no title]  D1317/1/7/6/5  n.d

Size: 42cm x 26½cm; Scale not given

Sketch plan of lands at Halstead and Tilton for Edward Holden.
Field numbered

[no title]  D1317/1/7/6/6  1873

Size: 51 cm x 55 cm.

Plan showing proposed railway through E.A.Holden's land, p. Tilton (Midland, Manchester, Sheffield and Lincolnshire Railways).

[no title]  D1317/1/7/6/7  1873-4

Plan showing section of proposed railway through E.A.Holden's land (Great Northern and LNW Joint Lines) p. Tilton.

[no title]  D1317/1/7/6/8  n.d

Plan (part of deposited plan) showing line of railway through E.A.Holden's land p. Tilton.

[no title]  D1317/1/7/6/9  n.d

Section of proposed railway at Tilton.

[no title]  D1317/1/7/6/10  n.d

Plan showing line of proposed railway through land belonging to E.A.Holden (Market Harborough, Melton Mowbray and Nottingham Railways) p. Tilton.

[no title]  D1317/1/7/6/11  n.d

Plan of line of railway at Tilton through land of E.A.Holden.

Business Papers relating to Tivoli Theatre, Manchester  [no ref. or date]

Title deeds etc.  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/1/7/7/1/1  [1825-1829]

Abstract of leases relating to property formerly the Folly, now called the Tivoli Theatre.

[no title]  D1317/1/7/7/1/2  [1825-1896]

Abstract of leases relating to property formerly the Folly Theatre of Varieties, now the Tivoli.

[no title]  D1317/1/7/7/1/3  [1825-1918]

Schedule of deeds relating to the Tivoli.

[no title]  D1317/1/7/7/1/4  1825-1918

Schedule of deeds and copy deeds re same, including mortgages, Lever/Clark & King 1918.

[no title]  D1317/1/7/7/1/5  1897-1921

Copy deeds relating to the Tivoli Theatre including mortgage, Tivoli/Consolidated Exploration & Finance Ltd., 1897.
reassignment, Clark & King/Lever, 1921.

[no title]  D1317/1/7/7/1/6  1913

Abstract of title of Tivoli Manchester Ltd. and their mortgagees, to site of Tivoli Theatre.

[no title]  D1317/1/7/7/1/7  1915-1917

Draft lease of Tivoli Music Hall + draft agreement for sale supplement to lease.
Correspondence and opinion re same.

[no title]  D1317/1/7/7/1/8  1917

Assignment of and release of claim to chattels and other matters in connection with Tivoli Music Hall.
Tivoli Manchester Ltd. & their liquidators/F.R.Clarke

[no title]  D1317/1/7/7/1/9  [1867-1917]

Abstract of title of Francis R. Clarke & Thomas Poole King, executors of the will of E.C.S. Holden to Tivoli Theatre.

[no title]  D1317/1/7/7/1/10  1917

Agreement for purchase of the Tivoli Theatre
Clarke & King, Holden's executors/Lever

Mortgages  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/1/7/7/2/1  1898

Tivoli Theatre
Transfer of mortgage & further change for securing £12,000.
Consolidated Exploration & Finance co. Ltd./Tivoli Manchester/E.C.S.Holden

[no title]  D1317/1/7/7/2/2  1917

Draft release of equity of redemption in Tivoli Music Hall.
Tivoli Manchester Ltd. & their liquidators/Clark & King

Valuation  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/1/7/7/3/1  1910

Report & valuation of Tivoli Theatre.

[no title]  D1317/1/7/7/3/2  1914

Provisional valuation of theatre for purpose of Finance Act, 1910.

Accounts  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/1/7/7/4/1  1915-1917

Statement of theatre rent account.

[no title]  D1317/1/7/7/4/2  1915-1917

Rent Account for theatre.

[no title]  D1317/1/7/7/4/3  1913

Statement of receipts and payments for 3 years ending 30 April 1913 and from May to Oct. 1913.

[no title]  D1317/1/7/7/4/4-5  1915-1917

Account of bar takings + draft.

[no title]  D1317/1/7/7/4/6  1915

Statement of affairs, liabilities and assets of Tivoli Theatre.

[no title]  D1317/1/7/7/4/7  n.d

Affidavits made by E.C.S.Holden re debts owed to him by Tivoli Theatre.

Sale of theatre  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/1/7/7/5/1  1913

Sale catalogue of the Tivoli Theatre of Varieties.

[no title]  D1317/1/7/7/5/2  1915

Summary of statements of affairs of the theatres at the date of the resolution to wind up the company.

[no title]  D1317/1/7/7/5/3  1917-18

Report for Holden's executors on abatement of rent payable on Tivoli Theatre and correspondence relating to fall in theatre takings owing to restricted tours, and statement of takings.

[no title]  D1317/1/7/7/5/4  1918

Case for opinion of counsel re sale of Tivoli Theatre, Manchester.

[no title]  D1317/1/7/7/5/5  1918

Observations and requisitions on title to the Tivoli Theatre.

Solicitors' Bills  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/1/7/8/1-5  1868-1913

Various solicitors' bills of costs relating to business affairs, E. A. and E. C. S. Holden.

Edward Anthony Holden, Personal Papers  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/1/7/9/1  1846

Declaration relating to family of E. A. Holden.

[no title]  D1317/1/7/9/2  1877

Probate of will of Edward Anthony Holden of Aston Hall, co. Derbys.

[no title]  D1317/1/7/9/3-6  1877-86

Solicitor's bill for settlement of E. A. Holden's estate.

[no title]  D1317/1/7/9/7  1885

E. A. Holden, dec'd. receipt for £4000 and interest in satisfaction of convenent contained in Mr. and Mrs. Lovatt Comeron's marriage settlement.

Edward C. S. Holden, Personal Papers  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/1/7/9/8 & 14  1898 & 1906

Will of Edward Charles Shuttleworth Holden.

[no title]  D1317/1/7/9/9  n.d. post-1900

Account of Capt. Holden's war service in South Africa.

[no title]  D1317/1/7/9/10  1901

Appointment of E.C.S. Holden as Major in Derbyshire Yeomanry.

[no title]  D1317/1/7/9/11  1901

Warrant under Royal Sign Manual to Capt. E.C.S. Holden conveying to him dignity of Companion of Distinguished Service Order.

[no title]  D1317/1/7/9/12  1902

Account of voyage to New York by ? E.C.S. Holden. Recounts stay at Waldorf Astoria Hotel, train journey to Chicago, El Paso, characteristics of Mexico, Mexican dress, description of Parras, a Mexican town, Mexican food and peasants, mining in Mexico, Mexico City, President Diaz of Mexico, Vera Cruz, journey back to Europe.

[no title]  D1317/1/7/9/13  1906

Copy of certificate of marriage between E.C.S. Holden and Aimee Marguerite Cookson.

[no title]  D1317/1/7/9/15  1911

Certificate of presentation of Lieut. Col. E.C.S. Holden at levee at St. James's Palace.

[no title]  D1317/1/7/9/16  1915

Assignment of reversionary interest in sum of £1000 under will of Hon. Alan Joseph Pennington, dec'd., to secure £515.
E.C.S. Holden/Richardson and Lascelles

[no title]  D1317/1/7/9/17  1916-1920

Account book of executors of will of Col. E.C.S. Holden, dec'd.
Includes details of assets and incumbrances.

[no title]  D1317/1/7/9/18  1916-1928

Estate accounts of Col. E.C.S.Holden.

[no title]  D1317/1/7/9/19  1917-1933

Correspondence with Inland Revenue re succession duty etc. payable on death of E.C.S. Holden.
Also includes copy valuation of silver belonging to A.C. Holden.

[no title]  D1317/1/7/9/20  1921-1923

Bank book, executors of E.C.S. Holden in account with London County Westminster and Parr's Bank Ltd.

[no title]  D1317/1/7/9/21  n.d

Medal ribbons belonging to ? Col. Holden.

Aimee Holden, wife of E.C.S. Holden, Personal Papers  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/1/7/9/22  1911

Certificate of Mrs. Holden's presentation at court.

[no title]  D1317/1/7/9/23  1913

Copy valuation of furs for purposes of Mrs. Holden's probate and correspondence re same.

Anthony Shuttleworth Holden, Personal Papers  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/1/7/9/24  1908

Copy of birth certificate of Anthony Shuttleworth Holden, son of E.C.S. Holden.

Marten of Canterbury  [no ref. or date]

These papers have probably survived here owing to the connection with Alexander Marten, one of the partners in this firm.

Papers relating to executorship of Peter Marten, deceased.  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/1/8/1/1  1889

Appointment of Alexander Marten as trustee of will and codicils of Peter Marten, deceased, in place of Peter Loubert Marten.
Marten/Marten et al.

[no title]  D1317/1/8/1/2  1897

Agreement for payment of £600 to Henry Blaxland and Henry Martin Blaxland from estate of Peter Marten, deceased, and for discharge of sum of £1333-13-6.
Blaxland/Blaxland/Marten/Trustees of will of Peter Marten

[no title]  D1317/1/8/1/3  1906

Statement in relation to certain advances made to Blaxland family, resulting in loss to estate of Peter Marten deceased, with view to assisting determination of how loss is to be borne.

[no title]  D1317/1/8/1/4  1906

Deed of family arrangement apportioning amounts of loss to be borne by beneficiaries of will.
Marten/Marten & Marten/Gardner-Waterman & Green/Marten/Barnes et al.

[no title]  D1317/1/8/1/5  1909

Account of estate duty payable on death of Benedicta Marten.

[no title]  D1317/1/8/1/6  1910

Certificate of payment of estate duty payable on death of Peter Marten.

[no title]  D1317/1/8/1/7  1911

Deed of release and indemnity against accounts of late Peter Marten esq.
J.G.Marten et al/A. Marten
Attached: profit and loss accounts, 1881-89, and various other accounts submitted and accepted.

[no title]  D1317/1/8/1/8  1911

Request to trustees of will and codicil of Peter Marten to invest shares of late Emily Blaxland under Marten's will in specified securities.

[no title]  D1317/1/8/1/9  1911

Appointment of Henry Marten Blaxland to be trustee of share of residuary estate of Peter Marten bequeathed upon trust for Emily Blaxland.
Alexander Marten/Henry Marten Blaxland

Papers relating to Peter Marten's executorship of will of Elizabeth Ashbee  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/1/8/2/1  1845

Probate of will of Elizabeth Ashbee of Boughton under the Blean, co. Kent.

[no title]  D1317/1/8/2/2  1845

Residuary account of Elizabeth Ashbee.

[no title]  D1317/1/8/2/3  1846

Legacy receipts and annuity receipts under will of Elizabeth Ashbee.

[no title]  D1317/1/8/2/4  1846

Release of residuary estate of late John Ashbee.
Ashbee/Ashbee's executors

[no title]  D1317/1/8/2/5  1893

Residuary accounts of estate of Elizabeth Ashbee.

[no title]  D1317/1/8/2/6  1899

Proposed distribution of James Ashbee's shares by estate of Elizabeth Ashbee, deceased, with memorandum of table of next of kin.

[no title]  D1317/1/8/2/7  1893

Account of surviving executors of will of Peter Marten, acting as executors of will of Elizabeth Ashbee in account with Ashbee's beneficiaries.

Middleton of Hammerwich  [no ref. or date]

Title Deeds  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/1/9/1/1/1-7  1791-1855

Messuage with outbuildings, garden and several doles of land called Ingrams Croft, Barn Croft, Crab Tree Piece, Middle Piece, South Creswells and North Creswells, Glass Croft, all of which are situate in p. St. Michael's, Lichfield.
Title deeds including :
copy will of John Reading of Pipe Hill, 1791
copy probate of will of Ann Willington of Pipe Hill, 1840
[no actual conveyance to Middleton]

[no title]  D1317/1/9/1/2/1-5  1799-1823

Seven messuages with shops, garden, situate in Hammerwich, wind cornmill and malthouse with all outhouses etc. belonging also in Hammerwich.
Conveyance of 1799 includes lands called the Meerway Piece, the Middle Moor, the Two Moors, the Croft and the Garden situate in Hammerwich.
1. Bradburne by direction of Webb/Middleton/Middleton
2. England/Middleton/Middleton
[Cover marked "sold to John Benton and Thos. Stubbs]

[no title]  D1317/1/9/1/3/1-6  1805-1862

Named lands and premises situate in townships of Hammerwich, Burntwood Ediall and Woodhouses including Middle and Broomy Meadow, Cawes Croft, Fenney Ley, Chapel Piece etc. (90a 1r 16p, 40a 1r, 8a 28p, 5a 1r 2p.)
Inset plan in conveyance of 1862.
Title deeds including:
mortgage Middleton/Hanbury, 1805
assignment of mortgage, Hanbury/Wood, 1820
assignment of mortgage, Wood/Southern, 1842
Spencer & Armshaw/Middleton/Middleton

[no title]  D1317/1/9/1/4/1-2  1824

Messuage in Hammerwich with malthouse, bakehouse, stable, barn & other outhouses now divided into three tenements. Closes of land called the Near Meerway Piece, the Middle Moor, and the Moors Meadow. Newly-erected windmill and two newly-erected dwelling houses built on Near Meerway Piece.
Release & assignment of term

Thomas Middleton of Hammerwich, Personal Papers  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/1/9/2/1  1840

Letters of administration of Thomas Middleton, deceased.

[no title]  D1317/1/9/2/2  1840

Legacy duty receipts under will of Thomas Middleton, valuation of furniture and effects, accounts of bills settled.

William Middleton of Hammerwich, Personal Papers  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/1/9/3/1  1862

Probate of will of William Middleton

[no title]  D1317/1/9/3/2  [1866]

Extracted copies of baptismal certificates of children of late William Middleton.

[no title]  D1317/1/9/3/3  1879

Bundle of papers relating to settlement of estate of late William Middleton including residuary duty accounts, receipts, solicitor's bills of costs.

Middleton Family Settlements and Subsequent Papers  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/1/9/4/1  1865

Lands and heradits as set out in schedules and delineated on plan in townships of Hammerwich, Burntwood Edia II & Woodhouses in trust for sale with declaration of trust of purchase money.
Conveyance in trust
Middleton/Fowler/Baker, Fowler & Marlow

[no title]  D1317/1/9/4/2  1865

Messuages etc. situate in townships of Hammerwich, Burntwood Edia II & Woodhouses, p. St. Michael's, Lichfield.
Proceeds of sale of same are to be applied on specific trusts.
Marriage settlement
Middleton/Fowler/Fowler & Marlow

[no title]  D1317/1/9/4/3  1904

Appointment of new trustees under Mr. Middleton's settlement.
Smith/Middleton/Marlow & Middleton

[no title]  D1317/1/9/4/4  1908

Appointment of new trustees
Middleton/Middleton/Marten & Tombs

[no title]  D1317/1/9/4/5  1917

Schedule of deeds and documents relating to the Middleton marriage settlement trust.

[no title]  D1317/1/9/4/6  [1865]

Certified copy of marriage certificate of William Middleton and Mary Jessica Fowler.

[no title]  D1317/1/9/4/7  1877-1919

Authorities to trustees of Middleton Settlement Trust to make investments in stock and under various mortgages.

[no title]  D1317/1/9/4/8  1898

Papers re investment of £3,700 in the Eastern Mortgage & Agency Co. including authority to trustees to invest, application, report of directors and correspondence.

[no title]  D1317/1/9/4/9/1-15  1899-1919

Trustees statements of accounts showing amount of surplus income after payment of Mrs. Middleton's annuity of £300 per annum.
Annual statements also include Marlow, Marten and Jesson's bills of costs.

[no title]  D1317/1/9/4/10  1921

Receipts for shares paid out to Middleton children under Mr. Middleton's fund.

[no title]  D1317/1/9/4/11  1923-1924

Receipts for distribution of £7-3-1 per share under Middleton Settlement Trust.

[no title]  D1317/1/9/4/12-13  1930

Final distribution account under Middleton Marriage Settlement Trust + receipts for shares of settlement funds.

William Middleton of Alphinton, Personal Papers  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/1/9/5/1  1904

Probate of will of William Middleton of Alphinton, Co. Devon.

[no title]  D1317/1/9/5/2  1904

Estate duty account on property of late William Middleton.

S. T. Middleton, Personal Papers  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/1/9/6  1923

Statement of account of S.T.Middleton to show his financial position.

Walter Ward Middleton and Alfred Harry Middleton of New Zealand, Personal Papers  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/1/9/7/1  1923

Letters of administration of Walter Ward Middleton, late of Wellington, New Zealand.

[no title]  D1317/1/9/7/2  1923

Letters of administration of Alfred Harry Middleton, late of Blenheim, New Zealand.

[no title]  D1317/1/9/7/3  1923 & 1929

A.H. & W.W. Middleton, receipts for legacy payments and solicitors' bills of costs.

[no title]  D1317/1/9/7/4  1929-30

Final distribution account under estates of W.W. & A.H. Middleton and receipts for balance of shares in residuary estate.

Miss L. S. Middleton, Personal Papers  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/1/9/8  1930

Final distribution account under will of Miss L. S. Middleton and receipts for residuary estate.

Miss M.V.H. Middleton, Personal Papers  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/1/9/9  n.d

Statement of final distribution account under estate of Miss M.V.H. Middleton.

Solicitors' bills  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/1/9/10/1  1903-04

Solicitor's bill of costs to Mrs. M.J. Middleton re her share under the will of her uncle, Rev. A. E. Fowler, deceased.

[no title]  D1317/1/9/10/2-3  1918-29

Marlow, Marten and Jesson's bills of charges to the trustees of the Middleton Settlement Trust.

Nicken of Little Wyrley  [no ref. or date]

Title deeds  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/1/10/1/1  Dated 1613

Cottage in Little Wyrley and two parcels of meadow ground called Story Moore Meadow and St. Margaret's Meadow.

[no title]  D1317/1/10/1/2-3  1693

Three closes of pasture and one meadow called the Gaynes Meadow, p. Norton Canes.
Lease/Marriage Settlement

[no title]  D1317/1/10/1/4-23  1699-1791

Capital messuage or manor house, closes of land called the Big and Little Banhurst, John Charles Croft at Brockton Gates, the Little Coat Leasow, the Coat Leasow Meadow, the Big Coat Leasow, Brooke Fold, Barn Croft, Dry Leasow, Daniel's Croft, Stable Crofts, Bailey's Yard and Fold Yards, Walton Brook Meadow all situate in Brocton, p. Baswich.
Messuage situate in the High St., Stafford, with seat or pew on south side of St. Mary's Church.
Undivided moiety in farm house in Shareshill; one eighth part of water mill commonly used as a walk mill and called Deep Moor Mills. Two closes of land called the Pickerells, closes called Broad Leasow, Rough Piece, Paddock, Ashbrook Close, Clover Piece, Hall Fold, Clay Flat, Wash Meadow all lying in Shareshill.
Closes called Blakefield Close, Ash Furlong, Stonnall Meadow, Gains Gap, Waterfield Moors situate in townships of Essington, Bloxwich, Little Wyrley, Norton and Bushbury.
Title deeds including:
abstract of title, 1699
mortgage, Nabbs/Wolsley, 1705
mortgage, Mountford & Morrey/Hawkins, 1720
mortgage, Nicken/Smith, 1725
mortgage, Nicken/Nicken, 1736
marriage settlement, Nicken/Nicken, 1729
marriage settlement, Feepound/Knight, 1791
1. Nabbs/Morrey/Feepound/Nicken
2. Stubbs/Nicken
3. Nicken/Nicken

Leases  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/1/10/2/1  1741

Messuage inhabited by Margaret Nicken situate in Little Wyrley.
Eight parcels of land called Coalman Fields, Middle Coalman Fields, Nether Coalman Fields, Moorheads Meadow; piece of land taken out of Ash Furlong called the Oven Piece in Little Wyrley. Piece of ground in Bushbury called Little Rowbridge
[boundaries specified]
Lease for 21 years
Dyott et al, feoffees of Lichfield Conduit Trustees/Nicken

[no title]  D1317/1/10/2/2  1790

Farm situate at Little Wyrley
Lease for 18 years
Nicken and Feepound/Stubbs
[document mutilated]

[no title]  D1317/1/10/2/3  1807

Messuage in Little Wyrley and 15 closes of land belonging situate at Little Wyrley, Bloxwich, Essington and Norton.
Lease for 21 years
Nicken & Knight/Stubbs

Personal Papers  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/1/10/3/1  1759

Release of trusts
Margaret Nicken/Hannah Nicken, executrix to John Nicken & guardian to Margaret Nicken.

David Rose, Ironmaster of Darlaston  [no ref. or date]

Title Deeds  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/1/11/1/1/1-34  1712-1870

Three messuages situate at Catherine's
Cross, Darlaston, close of land called the Flaunch, close of land called Coal Pit Flat and piece of land adjoining same.
Title deeds including:
copy will of Edward Blakemore, 1732
probate and copy of will of John Blakemore, 1788
probate of will of Alice Tibbett, 1797
office copy of will of Jos. Blakemore, 1812
plan of land belonging to Jas. Beddow, n.d. in Darlaston
copy settlement on Beddow/Hydes marriage, 1837
mortgage, Beddow/Crowther, 1838
probate copy of will of Jas. Beddow, 1839
Parkes/Blakemore/Blakemore & Muckley/Beddow/Leas Adams/Rose

[no title]  D1317/1/11/1/2/1-5  [1755-1877]

Abstract of title to certain shares of coal mines under lands and heredits in Darlaston, formerly purchased from representatives of John Bird by John Harper.
Also copy conveyance, Day/Blakemore, 1749
copy agreement, Stowell/Harper, 1818
copy probate of will of John Harper, 1841
[Property was conveyed to Rose by the trustees of Elizabeth Harper, but there is no actual conveyance in the bundle]
The following properties and lands are all included in a series of mortgages from 1881-1892 included in D1317/1/11/1/3/1-17 and in a further mortgage of 1901 in D1317/1/11/1/10/1-16 and for this reason have been arranged together as follows. The original bundles have not been split.

[no title]  D1317/1/11/1/3/1-17  1768-1892

Mill forge and furnace with land adjoining called Stone Field Works, Bilston.
Closes of land in Darlaston called Brickkiln Field, the Cow Fleet and the Slang.
Closes of land in Darlaston with mines and minerals below including mines under piece of land called Homersfield at Mount Pleasant in Bilston.
Title deeds including:
abstract of title, 1768-1859
mortgage, Rose/Lloyds Banking Co.Ltd. 1881
transfer of mortgage, Lloyds/Duignan, 1882
mortgage, Rose/Lloyds Banking Co. 1882

[no title]  D1317/1/11/1/4/1-14  1777-1853

[Included in above series of mortgages, 1881-1892]
Two messuages situate at Moxley fronting to Walsall Turnpike Road.
Messuage at Moxley fronting to turnpike road with outbuildings and garden and messuage adjoining.
Small piece of land at Moxley with all minerals lying under same.
Title deeds including:
mortgage, Wood/Francis, 1781
assignment of mortgage, Wood/Hurst, 1797
assignment of mortgage, Hunt & Wood/Wood, 1799
assignment of term, Wood/Foster, 1814
further change, Wood/Foster, 1817
probate of will of Thos. Wood, 1846
Crewe & trustees/Wood/Wood/[Rose]

[no title]  D1317/1/11/1/6/1-7  1826-66

[Included in above series of mortgages, 1881-1892]
Two pieces of land in Darlaston, part of Cockheath and four messuages built thereon.

[no title]  D1317/1/11/1/7/1-7  1830-1865

[Included in above series of mortgages]
Two dwelling houses, one a beerhouse called the Angel situate at Cockheath, p. Darlaston, with brewhouse, stabling and outhouse, bounded by road from Bilston to Wednesbury.
Title deeds

[no title]  D1317/1/11/1/8/1-11  1830-1865

[Included in above series of mortgages]
Piece of land formerly part of Cock Heath
[boundaries specified]
Title deeds including:
mortgage, Vernon/Thornhill, 1837
transfer of mortgage, Thornhill/Capner, 1844
transfer of mortgage, Capner/Smith & Martineau, 1851
transfer of mortgage, Smith & Martineau/Field, 1856
Blakemore/Taylor/Vernon/Vernon's trustees/Rose

[no title]  D1317/1/11/1/11/1-4  1852-1857

[Included in above series of mortgages]
Eleven undivided 24th parts and interests in mines of coal and ironstone under mines situate at Cockheath, p. Darlaston, subject to certain liabilities and mine rents.
Title deeds including:
abstract of title, 1809-1848
abstract of title, 1814-1850
Harper's devisees & executors/Rose

[no title]  D1317/1/11/1/14  1866

[Included in above series of mortgages]
Agreement for sale of two pieces of land in Wednesbury fronting to towing path of canal with plan.
Company of Birmingham Canal Navigations/David Rose
The following lands and properties are not included in the mortgages:

[no title]  D1317/1/11/1/5/1-7  1815-1832

Messuage situate p. Wednesbury [boundaries given]
Title deeds including:
abstract of title of William Lowe, to premises at Moxley mortgage, Lowe/Adams/Lawton's executors, 1828
Lowe/Adams/Lawton's executors

[no title]  D1317/1/11/1/19/1-9 and 1/15/1-5  1826-1885

Albert Ironworks, Moxley
Title deeds including:
mortgage, Yeomans/Bruerton, 1835
mortgage, Yeomans/Adams, 1843
mortgage, Rose/Bilston District Banking Co. 1867
family settlement, Rose/Rose, 1875
Blakemore/Tilley and trustees/Yeomans and trustees/Rose

[no title]  D1317/1/11/1/19/1-11  1833-1866

Shop or slaughter house and workshops situate at Catherine's Cross, Darlaston; part of garden belonging to same; messuage lately erected, piece of land called Brickyard Piece lying in Heath Field, Darlaston.
Two pieces of land in Kingshill Field p. Wednesbury.
Title deeds including:
probate of will of William Wood, 1824
mortgage, Wood/Butler, 1833
probate of will of William Wood, 1839
mortgage, Longmore/Davis & Davis, 1858
mortgage, Wood/Davis, 1866

[no title]  D1317/1/11/1/10/1-16  1854-1906

Piece of land called Corweths Croft, p. Darlaston together with all mines and minerals beneath.
Two parcels of land at Moxley divided by Birmingham Canal.
Pieces of land near Catherine's Cross called the Flaunch and the Coal Pit Flat and other pieces of land there (unnamed).
[See also D1317/1/11/1/4, 6, 7, 8, 11 and 14 for description of further property included in mortgage of 1901 within this bundle]
Title deeds including:
abstract of title of trustees for sale under will of Samuel Addison, to lands in Darlaston, 1757-1854 abstract of title of trustees of will of John Taylor, 1854 mortgage, Moxley Colliery Co./Staffs. Financial Co. 1892 transfer of mortgage, Lloyds Bank/Rose mortgage, Rose/Jones, 1901 transfer of mortgage, Staffs. Financial Co. Ltd./F.M. Rose, 1904
Addison's trustees/Hickman/Davies/Rose/Moxley Colliery Co./Rose

[no title]  D1317/1/11/1/12/1-6  1864-1873

One seventh part in messuage and building used as a cowhouse situate at Catherine's Cross.
Messuage converted into two dwelling houses situate at Catherine's Cross, with warehouse and workshops.
Horton and Atkinson/Rose

[no title]  D1317/1/11/1/13  1866

Undivided moiety in two pieces of land near Bull Lane Bridge, p. Wednesbury.
Copy conveyance

[no title]  D1317/1/11/1/16/1-41  1869-1877

Lands in Darlaston called Flanch Hole Piece and two cottages, the Spigott, part of Crab Tree Piece, New Piece or the Sling, Low Crab Tree Piece, piece of land near Lower Crab Tree Piece with mines lying under same.
Also mines and minerals lying under towing path, canal bank and canal, p. Darlaston.
Title deeds including:
abstracts of title, 1809-1867 copy Chancery certificate and orders, 1869
Chancery receipts etc.
Committee for estate of Mary Smith/Smith/[Rose]

[no title]  D1317/1/11/1/17  1877

Schedule of deeds relating to heredits at Goldthorn Hill, Moxley and elsewhere, vested in Lewis and Taylor by indenture of 1/12/77 upon trust to secure payment to Lloyds Banking Co. of certain promissory notes.

[no title]  D1317/1/11/1/18  1912

Schedule of deeds relating to Victoria and Albert Works, Moxley, in connection with Fullwood mortgage.

Mortgages  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/1/11/2/1  1855

Mortgage of moiety of land and premises at Darlaston.
Rose/Trustees of Bilston Banking Co.

[no title]  D1317/1/11/2/2  1862

Receipts from Wolverhampton and Staffordshire Banking Co. paid on David Rose's mortgage account.

[no title]  D1317/1/11/2/3  1862

Mortgage of shares and interests in several promissory notes comprised in indentures of 1 Dec. 1877.
Rose/Rose et al

Leases to Rose  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/1/11/3/1  1873

Mines of coal, ironstone and fireclay situate under several closes of land situate at Broadwaters, p. Wednesbury and also under such parts of Birmingham-Wolverhampton turnpike road and the road leading from Wednesbury to Darlaston.
Lease (with plan)
Sir Horace St. Paul and his mortgagee/Rose

Leases from Rose  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/1/11/4/1  1875

Moxley Ironworks near Wednesbury with all plant and machinery itemised in schedule.
Detailed schedule of plant included.
Rose/Chavasse and Southern

Family Settlements  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/1/11/5/1  1868

1. Parcel of land called the Sandholes in Moxley, three parcels of land formerly part of Little Moxley Field; parcel of land, part of Cockheath at Moxley with 3 dwelling houses erected on same. Two parcels of land at Moxley adjacent to the towing path.
2. Four parcels of land situate at Goldthorn Hill, in occupation of David Rose, with mansion house on same called Goldthorn Court.
3. Two parcels of land, part of Great Moxley Field.
4. Parcels of land at Moxley fronting to Wolverhampton-Birmingham Road, with dwelling house and buildings standing thereon.
5. All household furniture and chattels belonging to David Rose.
6. Policies of assurance for £300, £499-19-0 and £3,000.
Family settlement
Rose/Rose, Rose & Duignan

[no title]  D1317/1/11/5/2  1877

Conveyance and assignment of real and personal estate upon trust to secure payment of certain promissory notes at maturity and subject upon certain trusts for benefit of Mr. Rose's family.
Rose et al/Trustees

[no title]  D1317/1/11/5/3  1877-1884

Indemnity by the beneficiaries under the family settlement by David Rose to trustees of settlement + release of shares in Nottingham Joint Stock Bank.
Trustees/Rose, Rose & Rose
Bdl. also includes consent re repayment of £7,500, 1884 and requirement by G.D.F. Rose re his portion of £8,000.

[no title]  D1317/1/11/5/4  1881

Declaration by David Rose in respect of his family and family settlement made in respect of his children.

[no title]  D1317/1/11/5/5  1883

Agreement re liability for principal sums of £2,500, £1,050 and £4,000 secured by mortgages and comprised in indenture of settlement of 1 Dec. 1877.
Rose/Rose et al

[no title]  D1317/1/11/5/6  1886

Deed of discharge from trusts of settlement of 1 Dec. 1877.
Rose/Rose, Rose & Duignan

[no title]  D1317/1/11/5/7  1888

Legal papers re claim arising from terms of settlement of 1 Dec. 1877 including statement of claim, minutes of judgement and decree, chancery order.

[no title]  D1317/1/11/5/8  1890

Deed of discharge of Henry Fullwood Rose from trusts of settlement of 1 Dec. 1877.

Personal Papers  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/1/11/6/1  1854-1866

Solicitors bill of costs to Daniel Rose

[no title]  D1317/1/11/6/2  1869

Bill to David Rose for conveyance of messuage and house at Rookery Lane, Goldthorn Hill.

[no title]  D1317/1/11/6/3  1881

Attested declaration of David Rose & W. H. Duignan to Rose marriage, children etc.

Estate of Joseph Crowther Smith  [no ref. or date]

Title  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/1/12/1/1  1844

Plot of land situate at Netherton, p. Dudley, Co. Worcs. with two messuages standing on same.
Conveyance upon specified trusts Clarke/Crowther Smith

[no title]  D1317/1/12/1/2  1878

Piece of irregularly-shaped land situate at Whitmore Reans, p. Wolverhampton (241 sq. yds.)
Plan on dorse

[no title]  D1317/1/12/1/3/1-20  1804-1880

Pieces of land adjoining to the Tettenhall Road, p. Wolverhampton, formerly called the Dog Birch and Bosses Croft.
Title deeds including:
marriage settlement, Bamford/Brittain, 1804
copy will of William Bamford of Rugeley, 1807
mortgage, Earp/Lakin, 1843 further charge, Earp/Lakin, 1843 equitable mortgage, Clarkson/Smith, 1880

[no title]  D1317/1/12/1/4  1883

Deed to declare priorities of securities and charges given before 14 February 1883 to J.C. Smith, Lawley Tavernor Smith and Sidney Smith.
Clarkson & Clarkson/Smith et al

[no title]  D1317/1/12/1/5  1883

Piece of land situate at Slade Hill, Wolverhampton, fronting to newly-laid road called Albert Road.
(inset plan)

Abstracts of Title  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/1/12/2/1  1847-1882

Abstract of title of John Clarkson and his mortgagees to land forming part of Parkdale Estate, Tettenhall Road, Wolverhampton, contracted to be sold to Edmund Skinner.

[no title]  D1317/1/12/2/2  1881-1933

Abstract of title of trustees of will of Joseph Crowther Smith, dec'd., to freehold heredits at Parkdale, Wolverhampton.

[no title]  D1317/1/12/2/3  1882-1928

Supplemental abstract of title of trustees of will of Joseph Crowther Smith to heredits at Parkdale, Wolverhampton.

[no title]  D1317/1/12/2/4  1920, 1924 and 1926

Abstract of title of trustees of will of J.C.Smith, deceased, to land etc. at Parkdale.

[no title]  D1317/1/12/2/5  1920 and 1928

Abstract of title of trustees of will of J.C.Smith, deceased, to Nos. 28, 7-12 Parkdale, Wolverhampton.

Agreements  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/1/12/3/1  1886

Agreement for letting of land near the Park, Wolverhampton.
Duke of Cleveland/Clarkson

Sale off, Parkdale Estate  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/1/12/4/1  1919

Papers relating to the sale of "Comely Bank", Parkdale, Trustees of Crowther Smith/Kidson.
Includes contract and conditions of sale, correspondence re sale, draft conveyance, requisitions on title, abstract of title of Crowther Smith's trustees to Comely Bank, original sale particulars and plan (1881) of building land on Parkdale Estate.

[no title]  D1317/1/12/4/2  1920

Contract and conditions of sale of No. 11, Parkdale, correspondence and draft conveyance.

[no title]  D1317/1/12/4/3  1920

Papers relating to sale of No. 28 Parkdale.
Include contract and conditions of sale, statutory declarations, copy deeds, and draft conveyance.

[no title]  D1317/1/12/4/4  1923

Contract and conditions of sale for No. 12 Parkdale.
Cook & Myatt, trustees/Sankey

[no title]  D1317/1/12/4/5  1923

Statutory declaration of J.G.Cooke in respect of No. 12 Parkdale.

[no title]  D1317/1/12/4/6-7  1923

Conveyance of No. 12 Parkdale (copy) Plan attached
Also requisitions on title

[no title]  D1317/1/12/4/8-10  1923

Contract and conditions of sale of freehold land in Albert St. and Clifford St., Wolverhampton, draft conveyance with plan and requisitions on title.

[no title]  D1317/1/12/4/11  1923

Draft conveyance of No. 14 Parkdale with plan, requisitions on title and correspondence.

[no title]  D1317/1/12/4/12  1924

Declaration of J.G.Cooke in respect of No. 25 Parkdale.

[no title]  D1317/1/12/4/13  1924

Papers relating to sale of No. 27 Parkdale.
Includes draft conveyance, contract and conditions of sale, requisitions on title, plan and correspondence.

[no title]  D1317/1/12/4/14-15  1926

Papers relating to sale of land at Parkdale.
Includes contract for sale, draft conveyance, correspondence, requisitions on title.

[no title]  D1317/1/12/4/16  1929-30

Papers relating to sale of No. 10 Parkdale.
Includes sale particulars, draft contract for sale, draft agreement.

[no title]  D1317/1/12/4/17  1933

Papers relating to sale of Nos. 1-3 Parkdale Cottages, (off Lower Vauxhall), 7, 8 and 13 Parkdale, Wolverhampton and 21-22 Birchills St., Walsall.
Trustees/Bell, Guest and Crombie.
Includes draft conveyance, contract of sale, sale particulars, abstract of title of trustees of J.C.Smith, requisitions on title.

Other Sales  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/1/12/4/18  1895

Piece of land fronting to Albert Road, Wolverhampton, and messuage standing on same.
Draft conveyance and plan Smith/Hayward
Also requisitions on title, agreement etc.

[no title]  D1317/1/12/4/19  1921

Papers relating to sale of piece of land at north end of Lower Vauxhall St., Wolverhampton.
Includes draft conveyance, correspondence, requisitions on title.

Mortgages to Smith  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/1/12/5/1  1861

Several plots of land situate near Blakenall Heath, in the foreign of Walsall, with six messuages, outbuildings and piggeries on same.
Second mortgage

[no title]  D1317/1/12/5/2  1883

Bundle of charges made by John Clarkson on his Parkdale Estate for payments to be made to J.C.Smith.

[no title]  D1317/1/12/5/3  1890

Plot of land in Wolverhampton and four messuages standing on same.
Transfers of mortgage:
Tarratt/Faraday, 1890
Shelton/Smith, 1893
Smith/Smith's trustees, 1920

Legal Papers  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/1/12/6/1  1882

Instructions to counsel to settle draft conveyance of land at Tettenhall Road with plans of same.

[no title]  D1317/1/12/6/2  1905

Copy case and opinion of Lorence Ryland re rights of Smith's trustees as mortgagees in respect of some of late J.C.Smith's property.
Also writ, Smith v. Clarkson, 1895 and correspondence re same

[no title]  D1317/1/12/6/3  1905

Case for opinion of Lorence Ryland re mortgage on J.C.Smith's property.

Leases and tenancy agreements  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/1/12/7/1-5  1883-87

Agreements for letting of messuages in Parkdale, one being No. 10 J.C.Smith(mortgagee)/Clarkson (beneficial owner)/Hatton, Evans, Kidmore and Lovatt

[no title]  D1317/1/12/7/6-10  1892

Two seams of coal called the Deep and Shallow Coal together with the Four Yard Coal, lying under land shown on plan, p. Wolverhampton.
Surrender and lease for 7 years
Starkey/Cooke (Smith's trustees)/Gittings
Also admeasurement of coal worked by Wilkinson and Gittings, 1893-4, and correspondence.

Estate Papers, Parkdale, Goscote and Birchills Estate  [no ref. or date]

Agreements  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/1/12/8  1900

Admissions of right of way over Little Bosses Meadow, p. Shenstone.

Rent Receipts  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/1/12/9/1  1932

Account of Parkdale rents received

[no title]  D1317/1/12/9/2  1933

Statement of rents for the Parkdale estate + supporting vouchers for disbursements.

[no title]  D1317/1/12/9/3/1-22  1922-1932

Rent accounts with vouchers to account for Birchills Estate.

Maps and Plans  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/1/12/10/1  n.d

Scale: 1 chain = 1"; Size: 96 cm x 75 cm

Plan of Rough Hills Estate, Wolverhampton, belonging to William Fenn [Parkfield Rd.]

[no title]  D1317/1/12/10/2  1881

Sale plan of building estate at Parkdale, situate on Tettenhall Road, Wolverhampton.
Coloured plan and elevations of newly-built houses.

[no title]  D1317/1/12/10/3  n.d

Sale plan (coloured) of a portion of the Parkdale estate, Wolverhampton.

[no title]  D1317/1/12/10/4  1920

Scale: 1 chain = 1"; Size: 96 cm x 75 cm

Plan of the Parkdale Estate

[no title]  D1317/1/12/10/5  n.d

Plan of land marked "sold to Mrs. Ann Woodward" off Tettenhall Road, Wolverhampton.

Estate Accounts  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/1/12/11/1  1905-1925

Executors' accounts for Goscote Estate, Parkdale Estate and General Estate expenditure.

[no title]  D1317/1/12/11/2  1931

Statement of trustees' accounts for Goscote, Parkdale, general.

Estate Papers  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/1/12/12/1-8  1880-1881

Papers re building of houses at Parkdale including specifications, valuation of work, particulars of billiard room and stables etc.

[no title]  D1317/1/12/12/10  1893-94

Account of coal worked from Goscote estate

[no title]  D1317/1/12/12/9  1923

List of tithes payable on Goscote properties belonging to J.C.Smith's estate.

[no title]  D1317/1/12/12/11  1795

Letter from Samuel Pipe Wolferston to Joseph Smith re dispute over sale of land.

[no title]  D1317/1/12/12/12  1795

Order relating to settlement of dispute between Joseph Smith et al.

Sale Catalogues  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/1/12/13/1  1906

Particulars of sale of the Bowling Green Farm, p. Wheaton Aston.
[by order of trustees of will of J. C. Smith]

[no title]  D1317/1/12/13/2  1928

Sale catalogue of residential and investment properties situate ps. Penn and Wolverhampton.

Personal Papers  [no ref. or date]

Joseph Crowther Smith, trusteeships  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/1/12/14/1  1863

Probate of will of Esther Crowther of Claverley co. Salop.

[no title]  D1317/1/12/14/2  1882

Release of trusts under will of Esther Crowther, deceased.
Evason, Evason and Crowther, residuary legatees/J. Crowther Smith, trustee

Executorship of will of Joseph Crowther Smith  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/1/12/15/1  1886

Copy will of Joseph Crowther Smith of Newbridge House, Wolverhampton.

[no title]  D1317/1/12/15/2  1887

Probate of will of Joseph Crowther Smith

[no title]  D1317/1/12/15/3  1904

Copy schedule of deeds and documents handed to Joel Cooke, Walsall Solicitor, re J.C.Smith, dec'd.

[no title]  D1317/1/12/15/4  1912

Statement of receipts and payments, principal and income.

[no title]  D1317/1/12/15/5  1920

Appointment of new trustee under will of Joseph Crowther Smith.

[no title]  D1317/1/12/15/6  1904-1905

Executors' cash book, receipts and payments.

[no title]  D1317/1/12/15/7  1925-1933

Executors' accounts.

[no title]  D1317/1/12/15/8  1925-1933

Executors' cash book, receipts and payments.

Spittle of Wednesbury  [no ref. or date]

Title deeds  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/1/13/1/1/1-8  1776-1834

Copyhold properties in manor of Wednesbury viz. messuage with shop, outbuildings and appurts. adjoining the road leading from Wednesbury town to Leigh Brook, lower part of messuage lying in Campfield Lane, third part in piece of land called Gravel Pit Acre, fronting to Churchill Lane, two cottages and gardens situate in Dudley St.
Surrenders and Admittances
Copy court rolls
1. Stone/Spittle
2. Martin/Grainger/Spittle
3. Parke/Espley

[no title]  D1317/1/13/1/2/1-2  1803-1805

Piece of land part of Upper Kite Croft, other piece of land bounded by Lower Kite Croft and the road leading from the Market Place in Wednesbury.
Also road over part of Lower Kite Croft.
Title deeds

[no title]  D1317/1/13/1/3/1-12  1824

Undivided third part in copyhold piece of land called the Gravel Pit Acre, fronting to Churchill Road, Wednesbury.
[cf. D1317/1/13/1/1]
Surrender and Admittance (copy court roll)
Bdl. also includes:
sale notice and plan of freehold dwelling house near Hill Top, W. Bromwich, 1829
plan of building etc. belonging to Mr. Spittle in West Bromwich, 1826
schedule of title deeds relating to land and premises at Hill Top, West Bromwich, property of Robert Spittle, 1831
two solicitors' bills re Hinchcliffe mortgage and correspondence re mortgage, 1853.

[no title]  D1317/1/13/1/4  1853

Copyhold building used as stable situate in Potters Lane, Wednesbury.
Surrender and Admittances (copy court rolls) Wood/Spittle

[no title]  D1317/1/13/1/5  1853

Schedule of title deeds deposited by Mr. William Spittle relating to his title to freehold land in Misty Croft, Wednesbury, as collateral security for repayment of £200.

Family Settlement  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/1/13/2/1  1855

Piece of land situate near Hill Top, p. West Bromwich, twenty messuages with shops, outbuildings belonging built by Robert Spittle; eleven other messuages with shops etc. belonging.
Piece of land taken out of close called Oaklers Croft or Meeting House Croft situate near Ebenezer Independent Meeting House.
Piece of land at West Bromwich Heath (668 sq. yds.)
Family settlement to specified uses. Robert Spittle/Wm. Spittle and Thos. Disturnal.

Mortgages  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/1/13/3/1  1829

Messuages, lately divided into two dwelling houses, with brewhouse, stable, slaughter-house, cattle shed and outbuildings, erected on piece of land in Wednesbury; also part of piece of land called Lower Kite Croft.
Mortgage by demise

Business Correspondence  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/1/13/4/1  1827-1841

Robert Spittle's business correspondence, mostly re purchases of property.

Sale Particulars found in Spittle's papers  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/1/13/5/1  1834

Sale particulars and plan of Oakswell Hall, West Bromwich with mines and minerals below.

[no title]  D1317/1/13/5/2  1836

Printed sale plan of freehold premises and building lots at Bradley, p. Bilston, belonging to representatives of the late John Wilkinson.

[no title]  D1317/1/13/5/3  1836

Particulars and conditions of sale of manor of Bradley and Bradley Ironworks, and of two estates, ps. Wednesbury and Darlaston. Includes plans.

[no title]  D1317/1/13/5/4  1841

Notice of sale at the Whetly Farm, Bromsgrove, co. Worcs. of live and dead farming stock, implements of husbandry and household furniture.

[no title]  D1317/1/13/5/5  1841

Valuation of Whetly Farm

Stubbs of Hammerwich  [no ref. or date]

Title Deeds  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/1/14/1/1 and 1/14/2/3  1828

Newly-erected messuage with outbuildings; piece of land adjoining being part of lands called the Near Mear Way. Piece and garden adjoining same in township of Hammerwich.
Title deeds including abstract of title 1799-1824

[no title]  D1317/1/14/1/2  1841-1869

Messuage called the Warren House with outbuildings and garden etc. belonging; other messuage called the Plantation Farm, situate at Ogley Hay (32a 3r 1p)
Title deeds

[no title]  D1317/1/14/1/3 & 1/14/2/4  1865-1869

Messuage and farm called the Lambs Lodge situate in township of Hammerwich (48a 3r 34p)
Draft conveyance of equity of redemption, schedule of deeds + abstract of title, 1802-1865

[no title]  D1317/1/14/1/4  1870

Draft conveyance of plot of land formerly part of Cannock Chase or Hammerwich Common, situate near Burntwood, p. Lichfield St. Michael.
Title deeds including:
abstract of title, 1856-1863
probate of will of James Stubbs, dec'd.1863
correspondence re purchase, 1863-1870
Devisees and equitable mortgagee of James Stubbs dec'd/Thos. Stubbs

[no title]  D1317/1/14/1/5  1872

Piece of land called the Moss Piece in township of Hammerwich.
Reconveyance (draft)

[no title]  D1317/1/14/1/6  1872

Close of land called Bellison's Croft (2a 1r 36p) in township of Hammerwich.
Jones and Stubbs/Stubbs
cf. D1317/1/14/4/6

Abstracts of Title  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/1/14/2/1  [1724-1811]

Abstract of title of William Stubbs to messuage, land and premises situate p. Shenstone.

[no title]  D1317/1/14/2/2  [1725-1804]

Abstract of title of Robert Webb to lands in p. Hammerwich called the Far Meerway Piece, the Nether Hole, the Marl Pit Close, the Brook Piece, the Lower Moors and the Gresleys Meadow, all situate in Hammerwich.
[cf. D1317/1/14/1/1]

Mortgage papers  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/1/14/3  1877

Draft declaration by Frances Stubbs and Emma Stubbs against incumbrances on giving further security to Joseph Taylor.

Sales Off  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/1/14/4/1  1869

Piece of land (2a) situate in the township of Hammerwich (2a)
Draft conveyance

[no title]  D1317/1/14/4/2  1871

Reversionary interest in three undivided fifth parts in several pieces of land in Ogley Hay, adjoining to Stonnall and Hammerwich Rd. on the north-west divided into eight parts and containing 66a 26p
Draft conveyance in trust for sale and declaration of trust of purchase money.
Stubbs/Hibbit/MacCauley and Hibbit

[no title]  D1317/1/14/4/3  1872

Agreement for sale and purchase of lands detailed in attached schedule (101a 1r 8p) township of Hammerwich.

[no title]  D1317/1/14/4/4  1898-1900

Supporting papers to MacCauley/Brown conveyance, contract and conditions of sale, bills of costs, correspondence requisitions on title.

[no title]  D1317/1/14/4/5/1-2  1900; [1854-1893]

Copy draft conveyance of four undivided fifth parts in 9 (formerly 8) pieces of land lying together and adjoining the Stonnall-Hammerwich Road on the south-west (66a 26p) at Ogley Hay.
Plan attached
Collicott et al/Brawn
Also draft abstract of title of J.G. MacCauley (Stubbs trustee) et al to same, contracted to be sold to Brawn.

[no title]  D1317/1/14/4/6  1902

Parcel of land called Moss's Piece (5a 1r 38p)
Draft conveyance, correspondence + schedule

Leases  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/1/14/5/1  1845

Messuage with garden and appurts. called Mill Cottage and piece of land (3a) situate at Hammerwich.

[no title]  D1317/1/14/5/2/1-2  1867 & 1873

Two allotments of land situate on Cannock Chase (137a 3r 21p).
Copy of sketch map to be shown on lease.
Lease and assignment
Also includes covenant to observe covenants + correspondence re same.

[no title]  D1317/1/14/5/3-4  1874

Capital messuage and premises with man servant's cottage, carriage house, stabling, garden, croft etc. situate in township of Hammerwich.
Lease for 10 years + counterpart Stubbs/Wright
+ Correspondence re same.

[no title]  D1317/1/14/5/5-6  1883

Messuage and premises called Fair View situate in township of Hammerwich.
Lease for 5 years
+ correspondence re same.

Tenancy and Other Agreements  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/1/14/6/1  1859

Agreement for letting of two fields situate in Ogley Hay called the Upper Bog and the Bog Meadow.
[17a 21p]
Caddick, Stubbs' trustee/Till

[no title]  D1317/1/14/6/2  1866

Agreement for increase in payment of rent for 2a land in Hammerwich.

[no title]  D1317/1/14/6/3  1889

Draft agreement for yearly tenancy of field called Moss's Close in Hammerwich (5a 1r 38p).
Marlow (as receiver and agent)/Mann Correspondence re tenancy

[no title]  D1317/1/14/6/4  1893

Agreement for tenancy of messuage and premises called Fair View situate at Hammerwich.
Marlow, as receiver and agent/Eglington

Estate Papers  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/1/14/7/1  1869

Draft conditions of sale of freehold farms with messuages and several detached pieces of freehold land situate in Ogley Hay.

[no title]  D1317/1/14/7/2  1869

Draft particulars and plan of freehold farm and several detached pieces of land, including part of the Warren House Farm and the Lambs Lodge Farm, Ogley Hay.

[no title]  D1317/1/14/7/3  [1869]

Copy particulars of the Warren House Farm, the Plantation Farm and Lambs Lodge Farm.

[no title]  D1317/1/14/7/4/1-22  1872-1882

Rentals for the Warren House Farm

[no title]  D1317/1/14/7/5  1886

Valuation of Bogs Farm (Thos. Seedhouse, tenant), correspondence re distress for rent and subsequent sale, sale notice, plan of land owned by Stubbs.

[no title]  D1317/1/14/7/6  1896-1897

Papers and correspondence relating to tithe rent charge, payable to vicar of Lichfield St. Mary's on land owned by Stubbs.

Plans  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/1/14/8/1  n.d mid 19th cent

Plan of property purchased by William Stubbs from William Middleton at Hammerwich.

[no title]  D1317/1/14/8/2  n.d 1860s

Plan of Lambs Lodge Farm, Hammerwich, giving field names and acreages.

Papers re William Stubbs executorship of will of James Caddick, dec'd.  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/1/14/9/1  1854

Eight pieces of land situate at Ogley Hay adjoining on south-west to Stonnall-Hammerwich road.
Attested copy conveyance to uses declared by will of James Caddick, dec'd.

[no title]  D1317/1/14/9/2/1-8  1854

Draft deeds relating to Stubbs' executorship of Caddick estates including:
conveyance as above
conveyance of piece of land formerly called the Upper and Lower Intacks, and Cote Meadow adjoining, situate at Bickford p. Penkridge.
Caddick and Stubbs/Robinson
extract from will of James Caddick correspondence

[no title]  D1317/1/14/9/3  1874

Draft declaration by Frances Stubbs, widow, of Pipe Hill and daughter of of James Caddick, and Emma Stubbs as to title, rents and profits of farm and lands at Ogley Hay purchased by late William Stubbs for the uses of the will of James Caddick.

[no title]  D1317/1/14/9/4  1874

Deed of receivership of rents of estate at Ogley Hay purchased by William Stubbs as trustee of James Caddick, for uses of Caddick's will.
Stubbs and mortgagee/Marlow

William Stubbs, Personal Papers  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/1/14/9/5  1865

Probate of will of William Stubbs of Hammerwich (copy)

[no title]  D1317/1/14/9/6  1865

Receipts for payment of debts and promissory notes paid by William Stubbs, trustee named in the will of William Stubbs late of Hammerwich, following his death.

George Stubbs, Personal Papers  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/1/14/10/1  1856-1870

Office copy of probate of will of George Stubbs of the Warren House, Ogley Hay (1856), executors accounts (1870), affidavit re will (1870), correspondence re settlement of affairs, 1868-1870.

Thomas Stubbs  [no ref. or date]

Papers re Stubbs Settlement Trust  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/1/14/11/1  1871

Copy draft settlement made on marriage of Thomas Stubbs with Miss E. L. Hibbit of money arising from three undivided fifth parts in real estate conveyed to trustees by indenture of even date, in trust for sale of and of £1000 covenanted to be paid on death of settler.

[no title]  D1317/1/14/11/2  1871

Correspondence relating to Stubbs settlement.

[no title]  D1317/1/14/11/3  1900-1917

Stubbs' trustees (MacCaulay and Marten) Capital Account Book.

[no title]  D1317/1/14/11/4  1901-1907

Bundle of routine correspondence relating to Stubbs Settlement Trust.

[no title]  D1317/1/14/11/5  1903

Calculation of net interest allowed by Lloyds Bank on Stubbs Settlement Trust funds.

[no title]  D1317/1/14/11/6  1902-1906

Bundle containing

[no title or date]  D1317/1/14/11/6/1

Appointment of new trustees under trust

[no title or date]  D1317/1/14/11/6/2

Trustees Bank Book

[no title or date]  D1317/1/14/11/6/3

Authority to trustees to make advance

[no title]  D1317/1/14/11/7  1917

Appointment of new trustees under settlement Stubbs/MacCauley/Stubbs
Also schedule of documents relating to trust and bill of costs re appointment

[no title]  D1317/1/14/11/8  1917

Copy of Mrs. Stubbs consent to reinvestment of money received from Gittings' executors and correspondence re war bonds and war loan

Papers relating to Stubbs trusteeship by Christopher Chattock  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/1/14/11/9  1874

Draft declaration of trust of £600 secured by bill of sale of Thos. Stubbs Chattock/Stubbs

[no title]  D1317/1/14/11/10  1874-1899

Declaration of trust of £600 secured by bill of sale, schedule of title deeds belonging to Thos. Stubbs, deed of receivership of rents of estate at Ogley Hay, papers and correspondence re winding up of trust on Chattock's death.

[no title]  D1317/1/14/11/11  1874

Crops of corn and hay, grass and clover now growing upon Bardley Farm, p. Stoddlesdon, and also all stock and farm machinery belonging to same.
Mortgage by assignment for £600 Stubbs/Chattock

Frances Stubbs, Personal Papers  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/1/14/12  1890-1892

Papers relating to settlement of estate of Frances Stubbs, widow of William Stubbs, deceased, including succession duty accounts, account of succession duty payable, solicitors bill of costs and correspondence re same.

Emma Stubbs, Personal Papers  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/1/14/13  1898

Correspondence relating to death of Emma Stubbs, and settlement of her affairs and debts.

Miscellaneous, Stubbs, Personal  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/1/14/14  1891-1900

Letters to Mr. Marlow, solicitor, from various members of the Stubbs family requesting financial assistance.

Tongue of Aldridge Manor  [no ref. or date]

Title Deeds  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/1/15/1/2  1787-1840

Close of inclosed land lying in Aldridge called Middlemore Field
Title deeds

[no title]  D1317/1/15/1/3  1816

Piece of land (1096 sq.yds.) situate in Aldridge part of the garden of Edward Tongue.
One other piece of land (454 sq.yds.) in front of Edward Tongue's house and used as part of the Town St. Croxall/Edward Tongue

[no title]  D1317/1/15/1/4  [1799-1828]; 1824-1830

Abstract of title of trustees to a plantation at Aldridge to be sold to Edward Tongue; also additional abstract, correspondence re same, case for opinion.

[no title]  D1317/1/15/1/1  1844

Undivided moiety in lease/release of 1814 in capital messuage situate at Frankley, co. Worcs.; several other specified lands in ps. Frankley and Bromsgrove
[specified by plan endorsed on conveyance]
Capital messuage called Aldridge Manor with lands belonging specified on plan.
Tongue & Boultbee/Tongue

[no title]  D1317/1/15/1/5  1850 [1802-1844]

Abstract of title of William Tongue to freehold estate, p. Bromsgrove, co. Worcs.

[no title]  D1317/1/15/1/6  1851-64

Bundle of draft deeds relating to purchase of 4 closes viz. Brownings Croft, Tranton Field etc. (26a. 15p.) from Holden's trustees with abstract of title of same trustees and sale conditions and plan.

[no title]  D1317/1/15/1/7  1852

Draft conveyance of, correspondence and legal papers re piece of land in Aldridge formerly called Daniel Field.

[no title]  D1317/1/15/1/8  1853

Several closes of land formerly divided into five but now into four, called the Wharf Fields, three of which lie on the western side of the Wyrley and Essington Canal and the other on the eastern side, p. Aldridge.
Conveyance (inset plan) Adams/Tongue

[no title]  D1317/1/15/1/9 & 1/15/1/20  1853 & 1880

Close of pasture land called Churn Hill (8a 20p) bounded on the front by the road leading from Great Barr, and by the road leading from Erdington and Castle Bromwich. Close of land (6a 3r 21p) bounded by Whetstone Lane and close called Ancett Field Flat, all situate p. Aldridge.
Conveyance (inset plan)
Reconveyance (Ancett Field only)
Adams & Clarke/Tongue/Whitehead Croxall/Tongue

[no title]  D1317/1/15/1/10  1853

Piece of land in Aldridge called Churn Hill and two other pieces lying near a lane called Western Lane.
Title deeds including
abstract of title of Swift's devisees printed particulars of sale
Swift's devisees/Tongue

[no title]  D1317/1/15/1/11  1855

Inclosed piece of land in Aldridge called Middlemore Field (5a 1r 10p)
Conveyance (plan attached)

[no title]  D1317/1/15/1/12  1865

Three arable fields situate in Aldridge.
Requisitions on title, abstract of title of devisees in trust of late Mary Ann Allport the land and premises including Windmill Croft, draft deeds for purchase.
Allport's devisees/Tongue

[no title]  D1317/1/15/1/13  1868

Copy draft agreement for purchase of land at Aldridge (24a 2r 31p) called Bythams, Three Acre Piece, Brownhills Croft and The Nuthills.
Trustees of Hartropp Settled Estates/Tongue

[no title]  D1317/1/15/1/14  1869

Three doles of land called the Druids Heath Field, the Near Bythams and the Far Bythams, p. Aldridge.
Conveyance (inset plan) and supporting documents including valuation of timber, 1869
Williams & mortgagees/Tongue

[no title]  D1317/1/15/1/15  1869

1. First, Second & Third Druid Heath, Wharf Piece, First & Second Ox Meadow & Plantation, Harborough Meadow & Intake, Top Tree Field (47a 1r 37p) in exchange for
2. Part of Noddy Park, part of Druids Heath Field, Near Parthams, First and Second Little and Big Bithams, The Bithams, Three Acre Piece, Brownhills and Barn Piece (57a 3r 26p).
Deed of exchange (inset plan) to specified uses under powers of Vincent Tongue's marriage settlement and instructions re same.
Whitehead, Addenbrooke and James, trustees/Tongue/Croxall and Whitehead

[no title]  D1317/1/15/1/16  1869

Southernmost part of close of pasture formerly divided into three or more folds called Noddy Park and the Elm Flatts.
Conveyance to specified uses Williams and mortgagees/Tongue

[no title]  D1317/1/15/1/17-18  1869

24a 2r 31p of land at Aldridge
Draft deeds, legal papers and correspondence re purchase by Tongue including
abstract of title, 1810-1868
schedule of deeds, 1867
Hartropp Settled Estates/Tongue

[no title]  D1317/1/15/1/19  1869

Lands in Aldridge including Druids Heath
Title deeds including deed of exchange, 1869
abstract of title 1806-69
Whitehead, Addenbrooke & James/Tongue Tongue/Cooke

[no title]  D1317/1/15/1/21  1882

Plot of land, garden, dwelling house and blacksmith's shop in Aldridge
Draft conveyance and supporting papers Tarratt/Tongue

[no title]  D1317/1/15/1/22  1883; [1826-1875]

Abstract of title of Randal Francis Tongue Croxall to piece of land and heredits situate at Aldridge

[no title]  D1317/1/15/1/23  1883

Cottage, garden, parts of Hall Croft, part of First Prince Pie and part of Cock Field, p. Aldridge, in exchange for
parts of Lower Field and -- Pieces
Deed of Exchange
Tongue/Whitehead et al, trustees of marriage settlement of Vincent Tongue
[Document damaged]

[no title]  D1317/1/15/1/24  1914

Bundle of abstracts of title to various premises of devisees in trust for sale under will of Mrs. Janet Tongue
+ list of other sale lots requiring abstracts of title.

Family Settlements  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/1/15/2/1  1814

Copy of marriage settlement Tongue/Croxall

[no title]  D1317/1/15/2/2  1864

1. Capital messuage with stables, outbuildings etc., situate in Aldridge. Several parcels of land called the First and Second Ox Meadow, the Plantation, the First, Second and Third Druid Heath, the Far Bithams, the Second Bithams, Harborough Meadow, Duttons Field, ButchersCroft, the Whetstone, the Three-Cornered Field. Three messuages with garden in Whetstone Lane in Aldridge and three other messuages in Aldridge specified by tenant.
2. Parcel of land (9a 3r 2p) situate in Aldridge, parcels of lands (5a 13p & 5a 11p) & four parcels called the Wharf Fields.
Marriage settlement, Tongue/Burton
Tongue/Croxall/Tongue/Burton/Whitehead & Addenbrooke, trustees
Endorsed with various appointments of new trustees
cf. D1317/1/15/3

[no title]  D1317/1/15/2/3  1875

Draft supplemental estimate of title of trustees under settlement made on marriage of Capt. Vincent Tongue and Miss Janet Burton to piece of land at Aldridge.

Mortgages  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/1/15/3  1853

Close of land (9a 3r 2p) bounded on south by road leading from Aldridge to Little Aston; also close of land (6a 37p) adjoining first piece of land, close of land (5a 13p) bounded on south by Aldridge-Little Aston road, close of land (5a 11p) close of land called Ancett Field Flatt (4a 22p) all situate at Aldridge.

Leases  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/1/15/4/1  1871

Piece of land called Drumblederry situate p. Aldridge for the purpose of a canal basin.
Lease for 35 years (inset plan)
Tongue/Tongue/Millward & Riddell

[no title]  D1317/1/15/4/2  1873

Mines of coal, ironstone and fireclay lying under lands called First Ox Meadow and Plantation, and Second Ox Meadow, to the bottom of and including the Yard and Brooch coal, and also under the site of so much of the canal as divides the said land, p. Aldridge.
Lease for 21 years
Tongue/Riddell & Millward

[no title]  D1317/1/15/4/3  1878

Mines and veins of coal lying under three closes of land and slang called the Wharf Pieces situate at Aldridge (21a 17r 34p)
Counterpart lease for 31 years (inset plan)
Tongue/Leighs Wood Colliery Co. Ltd.

[no title]  D1317/1/15/4/4  1878-84

Mines of coal, ironstone and fireclay situate at Aldridge under lands to be specified in schedule.
Draft lease
Tongue/Riddell & Millward
Also includes correspondence, prospectus for New Victoria Colliery Co. Ltd., alterations in terms

[no title]  D1317/1/15/4/5  1883

Mines and veins of coal lying under three closes of land called the Wharf Piece situate at Aldridge
Counterpart lease for 60 years
Janet Tongue/Aldridge Colliery Co/Perry
Endorsement: memorandum re reduction of royalty rents and increase of minimum

[no title]  D1317/1/15/4/6  1883-84

House, garden, and named fields in Aldridge called Hall Croft, Shut Cross Field, Bithams, part of Noddy Park
Also includes: schedule of lands, correspondence

[no title]  D1317/1/15/4/7  1883

Manor house at Aldridge with gardens etc. and several closes of land.
Lease for 21 years (counterpart)
Plan annexed
Janet Tongue/Cooke

[no title]  D1317/1/15/4/8  1890-1901

Mines and minerals at Aldridge lying under lands delineated in plan
Tongue/Aldridge Colliery Co.
Also includes: draft grant of wayleave through mines situate at Aldridge
Tongue/Aldridge Colliery Co.
memoranda re reduction of royalties
correspondence between S. & J. Bailey & Holbeche & Addenbrooke re lease, rents, royalties etc.

[no title]  D1317/1/15/4/9  1891

Lands situate p. Aldridge (15a) and delineated on inset plan with mines and seams lying under Wyrley and Essington Canal.
Counterpart lease for 21 years
Janet Tongue/Aldridge Colliery Co. Ltd.
+ Memorandum re reduction of royalty rents, increase of minimum rent and extension of term to 1st Jan. 1922.

[no title]  D1317/1/15/4/10  1889-92

Lands in Aldridge called Barn Piece, Parkes Piece, Dutton Field and Pare Meadow.
Tongue/Marriott & Richards, Hadlon, Cooper, Aldridge Colliery Co.
Bld. also includes valuation of tenant's right at Manor House Farm, 1891, report on tenancy, 1890, correspondence re damage caused by mining, 1889-91, agreement for making of catchpit, Tongue/Guardians of Poor, 1892.

[no title]  D1317/1/15/4/11  1901

Land at Aldridge (11a 3r 22p) fronting to road leading from Stubbers Green to Aldridge with right to deposit spoil from Leighswood Colliery.
Lease with plan
Tongue/Aldridge Colliery Co.

[no title]  D1317/1/15/4/12  1901

Piece of land situate at Aldridge being the greater part of a piece of land (11a 3r 22p) fronting to the road from Stubbers Green to Aldridge with right to deposit spoil on same arising from mines being worked by them.
Counterpart lease for 42 years (inset plan)
Tongue/Aldridge Colliery Co.

[no title]  D1317/1/15/4/14  1915

Farm lands, rick yard and farm buildings situate at Aldridge namely Druids Heath Field, Near Bithams and Far Bithams, First and Second Bithams, Three Acre Piece and Little Common Piece, The Bithams and part of Hall Croft.
Counterpart lease for 3 years Croxall and Fletcher/Walton

[no title]  D1317/1/15/4/13  1919

Coal and ironstone mines situate at Aldridge lying under 15a land.
Deed extending terms of lease of 14 Sept. 1891.
Higginson and Whitehead, devisees in trust under will of Janet Tongue/Aldridge Colliery Co.

Sales Off  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/1/15/5/1  1853

Piece of land situate at the Earlsway near Bromsgrove Sickey, co. Worcs.
Draft conveyance
+ solicitors correspondence

[no title]  D1317/1/15/5/2  1871

Two closes of land at Aldridge called Windmill Croft and land called Upper Wharf Piece.
Draft conveyance, abstract of title, supporting papers.
Tongue/Aldridge Gas Co.

[no title]  D1317/1/15/5/3  1875

Land (unspecified) situate at Aldridge
Draft agreement for sale and conveyance Tongue/Midland Railway Co.
Also correspondence, undertakings, counsel's opinion on title.

[no title]  D1317/1/15/5/4  1879-80

First Ox Close situate in Aldridge
Draft conveyance, abstract of title, correspondence
Tongue/Midland Railway Co.

[no title]  D1317/1/15/5/5  1903

Bundle of correspondence, legal papers, conditions of sale, abstracts of title relating to field at Aldridge.

[no title]  D1317/1/15/5/6  1913

Piece of land (1r 11p) adjoining north side of Birmingham Canal and basin of canal on east in Aldridge
Draft conveyance + supporting papers, including: abstract of title requisition on title plan
Tongue/Birmingham Canal Navigations

[no title]  D1317/1/15/5/7  1920-1925

Lands in Aldridge called First and Second Ox Meadow and Drumblederry Piece.
Draft conveyance
Tongue's trustees/Aldridge Colliery Co.
Supporting papers including:
1. draft charges, Tongue's trustees/Marlow, Marten & Jesson
2. S. & J. Bailey's report in matter of subsidence to Canal Basin near Hopley's Bridge and surface damage as result of flooding.
3. plan showing damaged land, 1924
4. Sketch plan of old workings from Victoria Colliery entitled "Tongue No. 2 Lease Brooch Coal", 1924
5. Sketch plan of Tongue No. 2 lease Deep coal, Shallow coal and Seven Fast Coal, 1924.
6. Sketch plan showing site of damaged land, old shafts (Victoria and Speedwell Colliery)
7. Correspondence between solicitors re damage

[no title]  D1317/1/15/5/8  1925

Piece of land situate at Aldridge (1r 23½p)
Draft conveyance + supporting papers including Abstract of Title.
Higginson et al (Tongue's trustees)/Company of Proprietors of Birmingham Canal Navigations.

TenancyAgreements  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/1/15/6/1  1863

Cottages in Aldridge
Tenancy agreements Tongue/various

[no title]  D1317/1/15/6/2  1915

The Manor House, Aldridge
Tenancy agreement
Croxall and Fletcher/Committee of Auxiliary Convalescent Hospital for Wounded Soldiers

[no title]  D1317/1/15/6/3  1915

Two fields of meadow land (8a 2r 13p) situate at Aldridge lying north and south of the Daw End Branch of the Birmingham Canal Navigations.
Tenancy agreement
Higginson and Whitehead, Tongue's trustees/Bannister

[no title]  D1317/1/15/6/4  1915

Close of pasture land (4a 11p) situate in Drumblederry Lane, Aldridge.
Tenancy agreement
Higginson and Whitehead, Tongue's trustees/Cooper

Wayleave/General Agreements  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/1/15/6/5  1890

Grant of wayleave through lands situate at Aldridge for the purpose of conveying coal, cannel, ironstone, fireclay etc. from the Aldridge Colliery Company's mine.
Inset plan
Janet Tongue/Aldridge Colliery Co.

[no title]  D1317/1/15/6/6  1915

Agreement in respect of waterpipes and catchpit for Speedwell Colliery, Aldridge.
Plan attached
Higginson and Whitehead, trustees/Aldridge Colliery Co.

Estate Papers  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/1/15/6/7  1799, 1813 and 1882

Three certificates for redemption of land tax on lands and appurts in Aldridge.

[no title]  D1317/1/15/6/8  1801

Receipts for payments made by Edward Tongue for road notes.

[no title]  D1317/1/15/6/9  1881

Valuation of Aldridge Manor House.

[no title]  D1317/1/15/6/10  1891-92

Correspondence and papers relating to dispute between Cooke and Tongue in matter of Agricultural Holdings (England) Act, 1883, and compensation due to Mr. Cooke.
Also includes claim for damages, receipts and appointment of referee.

[no title]  D1317/1/15/6/11A  1897-98

Copy guarantee on account of Aldridge Gas Co., solicitors correspondence re same, copy of report and statement of accounts of Gas Company.

[no title]  D1317/1/15/6/11B  1909-11

Accounts of royalties received by Mrs. Tongue on her leases to Aldridge Colliery Co.; plan of areas worked by Company and correspondence re misunderstanding of payment of royalties.

[no title]  D1317/1/15/6/12  1911

Copy correspondence between Jesson and Holbeche, surveyors of Birmingham, re tenancy of Butchers Croft, p. Aldridge.

[no title]  D1317/1/15/6/13  1913

Correspondence between Marlow, Marten and Jesson, solicitors, and Inland Revenue re valuation of land leased to Aldridge Colliery co., including plan of same and return made by Jesson to Inland Revenue.

[no title]  D1317/1/15/6/14  1913

Correspondence between Tongue and Inland Revenue re payment of Mineral Rights Duty under Finance Act 1910.

[no title]  D1317/1/15/6/15  1913-1914

Statement of royalty and wayleave rents payable by Aldridge Colliery Co. to executors of Mrs. Tongue and executors' instructions to advise on same.

[no title]  D1317/1/15/6/16  1919

Solicitors' correspondence with S. & J. Bailey re extension of lease to Aldridge Colliery Co.

[no title]  D1317/1/15/6/17  1930-33

S. &. J. Bailey's report on lands leased by Aldridge Colliery Co. from Tongue, including spoil heaps, surface damage etc.
Also notices to determine tenancies of surface land, correspondence re land let to Aldridge Brick and Tile Co.

Maps and Plans  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/1/15/6/18  1813

Sketch map showing alterations made by Mr. Tongue before the front of his house.
Shows former boundaries of street.
Attached: survey of portion of land lately taken from estate of Edward Croxall and added to Edward Tongue's garden.

[no title]  D1317/1/15/6/19  1828

Plan of buildings for sale situate at Aldridge and belonging to Edward Tongue.

[no title]  D1317/1/15/6/20  n.d

Plan of fields at Aldridge giving name of owner and acreage.

[no title]  D1317/1/15/6/21  1873

Plan of foot roads, p. Aldridge, proposed to be stopped by order of sessions.

[no title]  D1317/1/15/6/27  1883

Plan of exchange of land at Aldridge between Croxall and Tongue.

[no title]  D1317/1/15/6/22  n.d

Plan of part of Aldridge showing marked lands and site of Leigh's Wood and Coppice Hall Colliery shafts.

[no title]  D1317/1/15/6/23  n.d

Plan of lands, p. Aldridge, in half mile radius from No. 1 Pit, Coppice Hall Colliery.
Lands coloured according to landowner, with key to same.

[no title]  D1317/1/15/6/24  n.d

Plan showing line of deviation of railway through Aldridge. Fields numbered and collieries marked.

[no title]  D1317/1/15/6/25  n.d

Sketch plan of site for Aldridge Gas Works
(¼ a.)

[no title]  D1317/1/15/6/26  1903

Sketch plan showing land near Aldridge Manor House; shows High St., New Road, Rookery Lane and Baker Lane.

[no title]  D1317/1/15/6/28  n.d

Plan of land at Aldridge near Leighs Wood and Coppice Hall Colliery, drawn by S. & J. Bailey.
[May be in lease to Aldridge Colliery]

[no title]  D1317/1/15/6/29  n.d

Plan showing front of Mrs. Tongue's house "as planned by Mr. Webb".

Sale Catalogues  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/1/15/6/30  1882

Sale plans and conditions of sale of surface and mineral property at Aldridge and Walsall Wood including the Moss House and adjoining malt house, Little Bourne, Whetstone Croft and closes on Druid Heath.

[no title]  D1317/1/15/6/31  1865

Sale particulars and plan of family residence (late Miss M.A.Allport) and land in Aldridge.

[no title]  D1317/1/15/6/32  1865

Printed sale plan of land in Aldridge.

[no title]  D1317/1/15/6/33  1868

Sale particulars and plans of building sites in Aldridge called the Bithams, Elm Flatts, Aldridge Pool Fields, Rail Flatts.

[no title]  D1317/1/15/6/34  1869

Particulars of sale of freehold building and accommodation lands situate p. Sutton Coldfield, a portion of the Four Oaks Estate.

[no title]  D1317/1/15/6/35  1873

Sale particulars and plan of freehold brick and tile yards called Aldridge Tileries with several closes of land, house, 21 workmen's cottages at Aldridge.

[no title]  D1317/1/15/6/36  1873

Particulars and conditions of sale of brick and tile manufacturing trade and stock etc. at Aldridge, wharves at Newport and Walsall, wharf and saw mills at Sandhills.

[no title]  D1317/1/15/6/37  1881

Particulars and conditions of sale of freehold properties situate at Aldridge and Shelfield.

[no title]  D1317/1/15/6/38  1914

Sale catalogue and plans of the Manor House, Aldridge, farm buildings, garden, farm lands, 17 cottages including village post office, telephone office and valuable building sites.
[2 copies]

[no title]  D1317/1/15/6/39  1914

Sale catalogues of furniture and appointments at the Manor House, Aldridge.

Edward Tongue I, personal papers  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/1/15/7/1  1802

Attested copy will of Edward Tongue of Aldridge, distiller.

[no title]  D1317/1/15/7/2  1804

Will and probate of Edward Tongue

Edward Tongue II, personal papers  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/1/15/7/3  1848

Correspondence between Edward Tongue and his solicitors re purchase of his brother's share of Ramshead Moor situate p. Shenstone including copy of sale particulars.

[no title]  D1317/1/15/7/4  1879

Will and probate of Edward Tongue of Aldridge.

[no title]  D1317/1/15/7/5  [1879]

Extracted copy of same

[no title]  D1317/1/15/7/6  1879-80

Residuary account of late Edward Tongue od Aldridge, succession duty accounts, receipts for probate duty etc.

[no title]  D1317/1/15/7/7  1879

Valuation of household effects of late Edward Tongue

[no title or date]  D1317/1/15/7/8

Bank book, executors of late Edward Tongue in account with Lloyds Bank.

Aldridge Parish Records  [no ref. or date]

These records survive here mainly by virtue of Edward Tongue's role as churchwarden, member of the vestry of Aldridge parish church, and general involvement in parish affairs. He was also a trustee of Aldridge Free School. It is possible that his son, Vincent, may also have played a similar role.

Incumbent  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/1/15/7/9  1773-1777

Tithe and Easter Offerings Book Gives details of alteration in tithe 1768, 1770 and 1775.

[no title]  D1317/1/15/7/10  1849-1879

Preachers Book, giving name of preacher and by whom licensed.

[no title]  D1317/1/15/7/11  1849-1877

Register of persons confirmed in Aldridge giving name, age, occupation, by whom prepared and confirmed and where confirmed.

[no title]  D1317/1/15/7/12  1849

Copy Order in Council for separation of chapelry of Great Barr from rectory of Aldridge and for constitution of separate parish for ecclesiastical purposes.

[no title]  D1317/1/15/7/13  1852

Printed order of service for laying of foundation stone of new north aisle.

Fabric  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/1/15/7/14  1769

Copy extracted faculty for erection of gallery at west end of Aldridge church to provide additional seating and a seat for William Penn and J.B.Hawkesford.

[no title]  D1317/1/15/7/15  1841

Faculty for enlargement of Aldridge church and other alterations with plan.

[no title]  D1317/1/15/7/16  1852

Faculty for rebuilding and extension of north aisle, taking down of western gallery, rearrangement of pews, with plan.

[no title]  D1317/1/15/7/17  n.d

Part of set of plans for the extension of Aldridge church:
ground plan No. 15
east elevation No. 16
south elevation No. 17

[no title]  D1317/1/15/7/18  1852

Contract for enlargement of parish church
Highway/Rector and churchwardens of Aldridge

[no title]  D1317/1/15/7/19  1852

Bill of costs for faculty for Aldridge church.

[no title]  D1317/1/15/7/20  1853

Contract for additional work at Aldridge church and bill for same.

[no title]  D1317/1/15/7/21  1854

Aldridge Church Restoration Account, printed statement of accounts, receipts, payments and donations.

[no title]  D1317/1/15/7/22  1859

Receipts relating to revarnishing of seats in Aldridge church.

[no title]  D1317/1/15/7/23  1896

Heating plan for Aldridge church.
[2 copies]

[no title]  D1317/1/15/7/24  1896

Specifications for installation of heating apparatus into church and correspondence re same.

[no title]  D1317/1/15/7/25  1896

Sections through boiler room of church, drawn up in connection with installation of heating.

Churchyard  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/1/15/7/26  1827-8

Minutes of committee appointed to superintend the enlargement of Aldridge churchyard.

[no title]  D1317/1/15/7/27  1872-74

Statement of money received and payments made by Dr. Cooke respecting enlargement of churchyard.

[no title]  D1317/1/15/7/29  1885

Consent by churchwardens to burials in Aldridge churchyard.

[no title]  D1317/1/15/7/30  n.d. late 19th c

Volume of churchyard inscriptions ? Aldridge churchyard.

Churchwardens  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/1/15/7/31  1762-1859

Churchwardens' accounts, summary receipts and detailed disbursements.
Also includes memoranda of replacement of north east window in church and subscription list, 1842, some vestry resolutions including thanks to Edward Tongue for serving as churchwarden for 12 years, memoranda and subscription list re enlargement of Aldridge church and re loan borrowed for same 1841, memorandum re cementing of outside of church, levy for 1828.

[no title]  D1317/1/15/7/32  1859, 1865, 1867

Churchwardens' vouchers including cleaning and revarnishing of pews, alteration to clock.

[no title]  D1317/1/15/7/33  1854

Notice of refusal of R.B.Smith to pay donation of £10 to enlargement of church being dissatisfied with seat allotted to him.

Charities  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/1/15/7/34  1695

Grant of Annuity of 26/- per annum for bread for poor of Aldridge.
Davies/Wood et al

[no title]  D1317/1/15/7/35  1767

Bond and copy for payment of the sum of 4/- to the churchwardens and overseers of Aldridge every Good Friday to be distributed among the poor at Copyhall, p. Aldridge.
Day/Churchwardens and Overseers of Aldridge.

[no title]  D1317/1/15/7/36  1864

Correspondence with Charity Commissioners re Aldridge doles.

[no title]  D1317/1/15/7/37  1874-1878

Dole Account Book for Good Friday Dole and St. Thomas Dole.
Gives list of recipients' names + amount paid.

[no title]  D1317/1/15/7/38  1878

Account of dole distributed on St. Thomas's Day.

Vestry  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/1/15/7/39  1820-1824

Select vestry memorandum and resolution book.

[no title]  D1317/1/15/7/40  1824-1828

Minutes and resolutions of select vestry.

[no title]  D1317/1/15/7/41  1830-1837

Minutes of select vestry

Overseers of the Poor  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/1/15/7/43  1762

Overseers' account book, detailed disbursements and monthly pay.

[no title]  D1317/1/15/7/44  1765-1786

Overseers' account book, detailed disbursements and bye pay.
Also includes: vestry resolutions, 1765-1786, churchwardens' accounts, 1769, surveyor of the highways detailed receipts and disbursements, 1769.

[no title]  D1317/1/15/7/45  1766; 1801-1807

Volume containing poor law settlement examinations.
Also contains copies of parts of wills re benefactions to Aldridge poor.

Miscellaneous, Parish  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/1/15/7/46  [11 Ed.III 2 Hen. IV]

Extracts from lay subsidies relating to Aldridge & Barr.

[no title]  D1317/1/15/7/47  19th cent

Notes on coats of arms in Aldridge Church

[no title]  D1317/1/15/7/48  1802 & 1833

Population abstracts for Aldridge

[no title]  D1317/1/15/7/49  1870

Printed statement of accounts relating to building of Stubbers Green School, Aldridge.

[no title]  D1317/1/15/7/50  1876

Printed tract entitled "Ritualism not Romanism" in reply to Rev. R. Roberts' sermon delivered in the Agricultural Hall, Walsall.

[no title]  D1317/1/15/7/51  1884

Printed note re burials in Aldridge parish.

[no title]  D1317/1/15/7/52  1886

Copy of Aldridge Parochial Record [printed]

Aldridge Free School  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/1/15/7/53  1832-1847

Trustees' resolution and minute book.
In back of volume, receipts and disbursements, 1833-35.

[no title]  D1317/1/15/7/54  1852-1855

Trustees' minute book

[no title]  D1317/1/15/7/55  1812-1823

Account book, receipts and disbursements.
At back of volume, minutes of trustees.

[no title]  D1317/1/15/7/56  1823-1832

Account book, receipts and disbursements.
At back of volume, minutes of meetings of trustees, 1824-1832.

[no title]  D1317/1/15/7/57  1834-1855

Account book containing account of cash paid on account and account of rents received.

[no title]  D1317/1/15/7/58  1885-86

Vouchers for Aldridge School

[no title]  D1317/1/15/7/59  1821

Printed regulations agreed upon before Commissioners for enquiring into charities as to certain points re management of Aldridge School.

[no title]  D1317/1/15/7/60  n.d. 19th cent

Notice to trustees of Boys' School from ratepayers of Aldridge re nominations for office of governor of school.

[no title]  D1317/1/15/7/61  1830

Copy of original writings belonging to Free English and Latin Grammar School at Aldridge and an address to the inhabitants. [printed pamphlet]

[no title]  D1317/1/15/7/62  1831

Address by Charles Juxson to trustees of Aldridge Free Grammer School [printed]

[no title]  D1317/1/15/7/63  1831

An Address to the Trustees of the Aldridge Free School to the Master of the School and to the inhabitants of the village of Walsall [printed]

[no title]  D1317/1/15/7/64  1879

Scheme of Charity Commissioners for administration of Aldridge Grammer School.

Edward Croxall Tongue, Personal Papers  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/1/15/7/65  1834

Correspondence and legal papers, including copy citations of consistory court case, evidence, case for opinion relating to legality of clandestine marriage between Edward Croxall Tongue, minor, and Mary Anne Allen, widow, of Birmingham.

[no title]  D1317/1/15/7/66  1834

Further correspondence re Tongue/Allen clandestine marriage and copy libel in Consistory Court of London.

Vincent Tongue, Personal Papers  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/1/15/7/67  1856

Letter to Vincent Tongue from Randal F. Tongue re Vincent's proposed marriage.

[no title]  D1317/1/15/7/68  1883

Probate of will of Vincent Tongue of the Manor House, Aldridge.

[no title]  D1317/1/15/7/69  1883

Application by Janet Tongue for probate of goods of Vincent Tongue.

[no title]  D1317/1/15/7/70  1883

Valuation of household furniture and farming stock of late Capt. Tongue.

[no title]  D1317/1/15/7/71  1904-1906

Various papers relating to settlement of Vincent Tongue's affairs including bank book, schedule of trust deeds, correspondence with Mrs. Janet Tongue.

Janet Tongue, Personal Papers  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/1/15/7/72  1883-1900

Stock Account Book

[no title]  D1317/1/15/7/73  1884 and 1901

Share certificates (2), one for Pelsall Iron and Coal Co.

[no title]  D1317/1/15/7/74  1885-1895

Correspondence and papers relating to Burton Trust for Mrs. Tongue's nephews and re fraud perpetuated by one of trustees.
Includes correspondence, case for opinion, memorials, disposition in trust.

[no title]  D1317/1/15/7/75/1-11  1886-1913

Bank books

[no title]  D1317/1/15/7/76  1900-1901

Correspondence relating to Mrs. Tongue's shares, dividends etc. in various railway companies.

[no title]  D1317/1/15/7/77  1904-1911

Correspondence between Mrs. Tongue and Miss Jane and Miss Emma Tompson re payment of their bills during illness.
Draft charges, cancelled cheques etc.

[no title]  D1317/1/15/7/78  1908

Copy will of Janet Tongue

Papers relating to executorship of Janet Tongue's estate  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/1/15/7/79  1914-1923

Bundle of receipts for distribution of income under will of Janet Tongue, dec'd.

[no title]  D1317/1/15/7/80  1914

Bundle of papers relating to sale of late Mrs. Tongue's estate including: sale catalogue of furniture at the Manor House, list of silver removed from Manor House, auction sale particulars, list of china, list of properietory shares or debentures of public companies, copy insurance policies etc.

[no title]  D1317/1/15/7/81  1914

Mrs. Tongue's account with grocer, Thos. Potts, Aldridge.

[no title]  D1317/1/15/7/82  1914-15

Residuary accounts, annuity receipts and settlement duty accounts.

[no title]  D1317/1/15/7/83  1914-15

Solicitors' bills of costs to executors of Janet Tongue.

[no title]  D1317/1/15/7/84  [1921]

Certified copy of death certificate of Christopher John Whitehead, executor of Mrs. Tongue.

Main Clients [Business]  [no ref. or date]

Blacklees Company Ltd.  [no ref. or date]

This company was formed in 1895 for the purpose of acquiring lands by purchase or lease in order to carry out the business of colliery proprietors. Between 1895 and 1903, the company acquired various agricultural properties in Staffordshire, amounting to 200a in all.
Various parts of the estate were eventually let to T. A. Hawkins & Co.

Blacklees' Estate; Title  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/2/1/1/1/1-9  1753-1903

Messuage called Blacklees Farm with several closes of land belonging (86a 1r 31p); closes called Middle Piece, Meadow, Big Piece, Cow Pasture, Little Pit Leasow, Big Pit Leasow, Little and Big Brick Kiln Leasow, Tenth Pit, Rough Pit Close, Rough Close, Clover Leasow, Piece next Coal Pit, all situate at Saredon, p. Shareshill, with mines, veins and seams of coal, ironstone and fireclay lying beneath.
Title deeds including:
abstract of title, 1753-1804
sale particulars of Bentley Farm, 1824
Sandles/Cobb/Stokes & Foster/Blacklees & Co./Vernon

[no title]  D1317/2/1/1/2/1-34  1821-1934

Four closes of pasture land situate in Great Wyrley p. Cannock called Campions Wood (10a 3r 5p).
Title deeds including:
abstract of title, [1738-1840]
mortgage, Stokes/Walker, 1821
assignment of mortgage, Walker/Groves, 1821
assignment of mortgage, Toft/Ward
mortgage, Cotterill/Fisher, 1840
transfer of mortgage, Fisher/Taylor, 1849
abstract of title, 1840
abstract of title, 1847-1892
mortgage, Cotterell/Birmingham Banking Co. 1865
transfer of mortgage, Liquidators
Birmingham Banking Co./Pool, 1865
transfer of mortgage, Pool/Cotterell, 1867
sale particulars, 1892
mortgage, Broughall/Chavasse & Adams, 1893
transfer of mortgage, Jones/Hand, 1907
transfer of mortgage, Hand/Thomas & Boulton, 1912
transfer of mortgage, Boulton/Brooke & Boulton, 1920
transfer of mortgage, Boulton/Joborne & Boulton, 1922
abstract of title, 1893-1930.
Stokes/Cotterell/Broughall/Blacklees Company

[no title]  D1317/2/1/1/3/1-6  1855-1915

Three closes of land, formerly in one piece called Long Cheslyn Hay.
Deed of partition of 1879 also includes two messuages in Darlaston, one called the Dragon Inn, and five messuages in Darlaston adjoining Church St., and close of land adjoining Walsall St.
Title deeds including:
deed of partition, 1879
abstract of title, 1879-1897
mortgage, Duignan/Hatton, 1898
transfer of mortgage, Hatton/Hatton, 1915
Scudamore/Smith/Dorsett/Blacklees Co.

[no title]  D1317/2/1/1/4/1-24  1871-1909

Hollybush Hall or Black Lees House situate in Little Saredon, p. Shareshill. Lands called Moat Piece, Far Moat Piece, Part Moat Piece, Meadow, Square Piece, Kitchen Croft, Broad Field, Big Field, part Cow Pasture, Pasture Piece, Little Notley, in all comprising 66a 3r 33p.
Title deeds including:
mortgage, Allen/Wilkinson, 1871
mortgage, Allen/Stephens& Wilkinson, 1873
mortgage, Allen/Wilkinson, 1875
further charges, Allen/Wilkinson, 1877-1880
transfer of mortgage, Allen & Wilkinson/Harris, 1880
agreement re working of mines, 1909
abstract of title, 1848-1889
abstract of title, 1855-1888
mortgage, Blacklees Co./Harris
mortgage, Blacklees Co./Metropolitan Bank of England & Wales, 1909.
plan of Holly Bush estate
Allen/Harris/Blacklees Co.

Abstracts of Title  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/2/1/2/1  [1895-1916]

Abstract of title of Blacklees Co. to mines and minerals in Cheslyn Hay lying under Cheslyn Hay, two closes called the Far Hill and the Near HIll, farm house, buildings, and 15 closes of land (80a 3r 2p), close called the Common Field, all in Cheslyn Hay.

Schedules of deeds and properties  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/2/1/3/1  [1895-1933]

Schedule of freehold properties of Blacklees Co. and title deeds relating to them.

[no title]  D1317/2/1/3/2  1936

As above

[no title]  D1317/2/1/3/3  1936

Schedule as above but with deeds grouped under each property

Mortgages  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/2/1/4  1917

Allotment of land at Cheslyn Hay (boundaries) containing 3a 1r 21p with mines and minerals beneath; also Campions Wood Field, Campions Wood, Bogs Meadow and Field (16a 1r 2p) in Great Wyrley; close of land called Cheslyn Hay Piece (4a 2r 12p) with mines and minerals below; Blacklees Farm (80a 3r 21p) in township of Saredon, p. Shareshill, The Common Field in Cheslyn Hay and close in Cheslyn Hay called the Far Hill.
Blacklees Co. Ltd./Parry & Quance

Sales off  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/2/1/5/1  1924

Agreement for sale and purchase of mines and minerals situate at Cheslyn Hay under piece of land bounded by Brick Kiln Lane and Pinfold Lane.
Blacklees Co. Ltd./T. A. Hawkins and Sons Ltd.

[no title]  D1317/2/1/5/2  1934

Seven pieces of land situate in Saredon and Cheslyn Hay (26.450a) called Little Motley, Common Field, 3 closes in Cheslyn Hay and 2 others formerly one known as Long Cheslyn Hay with farmhouse and buildings on same.
Copy conveyance
Blacklees Co. Ltd./Parry/Hawkin's mortgagee

[no title]  D1317/2/1/5/3  1945

Seam and mines of coal and ironstone situate under piece of land (8a) near Blacklees Farm and adjacent to barrier against Mitre Fault.
Blacklees Co. Ltd./T. A. Hawkin's & Sons Ltd.

Leases to Blacklees Co.  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/2/1/6/1  1899

Mines and minerals lying under closes of land called the Foxholes, Shorters Field, the Common, the Croft, house and orchard at Cheslyn Hay and undivided moiety under closes of land called Wilsons Field also in Cheslyn Hay.
Lease for 60 years (plan included)
Clewley/Clewley/Blacklees Co. Ltd.

[no title]  D1317/2/1/6/2  1899

Coal, ironstone and fireclay lying under lands called the Foxholes, Shorters Field, the Common, the Croft and Wilsons Field all situate at Cheslyn Hay.
Lease for 60 years (copy)
Clewley/Blacklees Co. Ltd.

[no title]  D1317/2/1/6/3-4  1900

Mines of coal lying under piece of land at Saredon (16a 2r 35p)
Lease for 60 years and counterpart
Plan attached
Boulton/Blacklees Co. Ltd./Peake & Parry

[no title]  D1317/2/1/6/5-8  1906-1914

Mines of coal, ironstone and fireclay, red clay and brickearth lying to west of Mitre Fault under land at Wyrley (51a 1r 27p) delineated on enclosed plan.
Lease for 60 years
Also supplemental deed varying royalty and licence for underlease of certain seams of coal viz. The Robins, Broochbench, Bass & Cinder Coal.
Duke of Sutherland/Blacklees Co. Ltd.

[no title]  D1317/2/1/6/9  1911

Deed of covenant claryfying royalties, payable under lease of 26 Sept. 1899 of mines and minerals at Cheslyn Hay.
Clewley & Clewley/Blacklees Co. Ltd.

[no title]  D1317/2/1/6/10-11  1923

Seven seams of coal called the Eight Feet, the Cannel, the Shallow, the Chase Deep, the Robbins, the Brooch and Benches and the Bass Seam lying under lands at Saredon, p. Shareshill.
Agreement and lease for 33 years
Broughall et al/Blacklees Co. Ltd.

Leases by Blacklees Company  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/2/1/7/1  1899

Seams of coal called the Eight Foot Coal, the Cannel Coal and the Benches Coal under lands situate at Cheslyn Hay.
Lease for 14 years (counterpart)
Blacklees Co./Hawkins

[no title]  D1317/2/1/7/2  1903

Lease as above
Blacklees Co./Hawkins

[no title]  D1317/2/1/7/3  1903-11

Abstract of assignments of T.A.Hawkin's leases from Blacklees Co.

[no title]  D1317/2/1/7/4  1903

Field in Cheslyn Hay called "The Common Field" with power to build an isolation hospital.
[Mines reserved]
Lease for 15 years
Blacklees Co. Ltd./Cannock R.D.C.

[no title]  D1317/2/1/7/5-6  1904-1905

Shooting rights over Blacklees Farm and two other fields situate partly in Cheslyn Hay and partly in Shareshill.
Counterpart leases
Blacklees Co. Ltd./A. C. Vernon

[no title]  D1317/2/1/7/7-8  1911

Mines situate under land (14.85a) situate p. Shareshill with right to raise same.
Agreement and supplemental agreement
Blacklees Co. et al/Holly Bank Coal Co.

[no title]  D1317/2/1/7/17  1913

Seams of coal called the Eight Feet, the Cannel, the Shallow, the Deep, the Robbins, the Brooch and Bench and the Bass at Cheslyn Hay.
Licence to underlet to T. A. Hawkins
Boulton/Blacklees Co.

[no title]  D1317/2/1/7/9  1913

Close of land lying between Brick Kiln Lane and Pinfold Lane called the Far Hill at Cheslyn Hay.
Lease for 14 years
Blacklees Co./Cheslyn Hay Parish Council

[no title]  D1317/2/1/7/10  1912

Surrender of leases of mines situate at Cheslyn Hay.
T. A. Hawkins and Sons Ltd./Blacklees Co. Ltd.

[no title]  D1317/2/1/7/11  1921

Field situate in Cheslyn Hay (2a 3r 26p) adjoining the Common Field comprised in indentures of lease of 1903, for purposes of isolation hospital.
Lease for 20 years
Blacklees Co. Ltd./Cannock U.D.C. and R.D.C.
cf. D1317/2/1/7/4

[no title]  D1317/2/1/7/12-13  1923

Ungotten seams namely the Eight Feet, the Cannel, the Shallow, the Chase Reap, the Robbins, the Brooch, the Bench and the Bass Seams lying under land situate in Saredon and Cheslyn Hay.
Lease for 33 years and agreement
Blacklees Co./Broughall, Worsley and Parry/T. A. Hawkins and Sons Ltd.

[no title]  D1317/2/1/7/14  1924

The Common Field situate in Cheslyn Hay [5a 2r 6p]
Lease for 7 years
Blacklees Co. Ltd./Cannock R.D.C.

[no title]  D1317/2/1/7/15  1934

Piece of land situate at Shortheath p. Bloxwich and all mines of coal and ironstone below (10a)
Assignment and deed of variation of lease
Bell et al/Hilton Main and Holly Bank Collieries Ltd.

[no title]  D1317/2/1/7/16  1940

Three additional seams of coal underlying land at Saredon, Cheslyn Hay and Wyrley, called the Yard Coal, the Heathen Coal and the Four Foot Coal.
Heads of agreement for demise
Blacklees Co. Ltd./T. A. Hawkins and Sons Ltd.

Agreements  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/2/1/8/1  1920

Agreement between Blacklees Co. and sub-lessees, T. A. Hawkins and Sons Ltd. and Great Wyrley Colliery Co. relating to the Mitre Fault.
Plan attached

[no title]  D1317/2/1/8/2  1923

Deed granting powers of leasing
Peake et al/Hatton, Hatton & Nichols/Blacklees Colliery Co.

[no title]  D1317/2/1/8/3  1923

Undertaking to indemnify Blacklees Co. against claim made by Hawkins and Co. against them.
Hatton & Nichols/Blacklees Co.

[no title]  D1317/2/1/8/4  1932

Duplicate agreement for erection of two poles and three stays on land in vicinity of Cheslyn Hay.
Cannock U.D.C./Blacklees Co. Ltd.

Tenancy Agreements  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/2/1/9/1 & 6  1899& 1916

Farm house, outbuildings and 5 closes of land (18a) situate at Cheslyn Hay, p. Great Wyrley.
Tenancy agreement for 1 year
Blacklees Co. Ltd./Heminsley
Blacklees Co. Ltd./Greenhill

[no title]  D1317/2/1/9/2  1902

Blacklees Farm consisting of farmhouse, outbuildings, 15 closes of land (82a 1r 26p) p. Shareshill.
Tenancy agreement
Blacklees Co. Ltd./Heminsley

[no title]  D1317/2/1/9/3  1902

Field called Cheslyn Hay Piece situate in Cheslyn Hay, p. Great Wyrley.
Tenancy agreement
BlackleesCo. Ltd./Clewley

[no title]  D1317/2/1/9/4  1904

Piece of land (3a 1r 36p) situate at Cheslyn Hay
Tenancy agreement
Blacklees Co. Ltd./Heminsley

[no title]  D1317/2/1/9/5  1905

Field (3a) situate at Cheslyn Hay
Tenancy agreement
Blacklees Co. Ltd./Heminsley

Estate Papers  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/2/1/10/1  1924

List of tenants of Blacklees Co., rents paid and property held.

[no title]  D1317/2/1/10/2  n.d

Particulars of Blacklees Estate

Plans  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/2/1/11/1  1892

Scale: 6" = 1 mile; Size; 59cm x 38½ cm

Plan of Blacklees Estate showing line of Eight Feet workings from Essington Colliery.

[no title]  D1317/2/1/11/2  n.d

Scale: 6" = 1 mile; Size: 36cm x 25cm

Plan showing freehold and leasehold land comprising Blacklees Estate.
Also shows approximate position of Cannel Seam.

[no title]  D1317/2/1/11/3  n.d

Scale: 6" = 1 mile; Size: 35cm x 23 cm

Plan of Blacklees Estate showing land leased from Hatton's trustees and approximate position of barrier in Cannel Seam.

[no title]  D1317/2/1/11/4  n.d

Scale: 6" = 1 mile; Size: 31cm x 25cm

Plan showing Holly Bush Hall, Blacklees Farm, Campions Wood, all comprising the Blacklees Estate.
Also shows boundary of land belonging to Holly Bush Coal Co.

[no title]  D1317/2/1/11/5  n.d

Scale: 1: 2500; Size: 72cm x 46cm

Plan of Blacklees Farm

[no title]  D1317/2/1/11/6  n.d

Scale: 1: 2500; Size: 27cm x 46cm

Plan showing land belonging to Blacklees Co. lying between Pinfold Lane and Brick Kiln Lane

[no title]  D1317/2/1/11/7  n.d

Scale: 1: 2500; Size: 23cm x 17cm

Plan showing piece of land lying adjacent to Blacklees Co. land at Cheslyn Hay

[no title]  D1317/2/1/11/8  n.d

Scale: 6" = 1 mile

Plan of Blacklees mineral area

[no title]  D1317/2/1/11/9  n.d

Scale: 6" = 1 mile; Size: 27cm x 34½cm

Plan showing surface land belonging to Blacklees Co. at Blacklees Farm showing mines belonging to Company and seams leased to Messrs. Hawkins.

[no title]  D1317/2/1/11/10  n.d

Scale: 6" = 1 mile; Size: 41cm x 29cm

Plan of Cheslyn Hay showing marked lands probably belonging to Blacklees Company.

[no title]  D1317/2/1/11/11  n.d

Sketch plan of area of land (1a 1r 6½p) at Blacklees Farm adjoining to Brick Kiln Lane.

[no title]  D1317/2/1/11/12  n.d

Scale: 25" = 1 mile; Size: 34cm x 34cm

Plan of land lying adjacent to road leading from Saredon to Cheslyn Hay between land belonging to A. L. Vernon and Charles Clewley.

[no title]  D1317/2/1/11/13  n.d

Scale: 1: 2500; Size: 36cm x 39cm

Plan of land lying between land belonging to Blacklees Company and A. L. Vernon and adjacent to the road leading from Shareshill to Bloxwich.

[no title]  D1317/2/1/11/14  n.d

Tracing plan of fields called Clover Leasow Field, Field next to Coal Pit Field, Rough Pit Close, The Rough Pit, Tench Pit Leasow, Little & Big Brick Kiln Fields adjoining road leading from Laney Green to Walsall, ? Cheslyn Hay.

Company Administration  [no ref. or date]

Administration of Blacklees Company  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/2/1/12/1-2  1895

Memorandum and articles of association

[no title]  D1317/2/1/12/3  1903-04

Out-letter book

[no title]  D1317/2/1/12/4  1934-1942

Correspondence file re mineral duty assessments and tithe rent charge redemption.

Shares  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/2/1/13/1-2  1909

Debentures for £100 in name of Alfred Hunt Lewis, solicitor, and Broughall.

Business Papers  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/2/1/14/1  1895

Memorandum and articles of association with additional resolutions of extra-ordinary general meetings of shareholders, 1908, and order of High Court re reduction of capital of company, 1944.

[no title]  D1317/2/1/14/2  1905

Authority from Blacklees Co. to the secretary of the company to act in matters of bankruptcy.

[no title]  D1317/2/1/14/3  1943-45

Legal papers relating to petition for reduction of capital (Chancery Division, High Court), order confirming reduction, case for opinion and order for reduction of capital from £10,000 to £7,000.

Balance Sheets  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/2/1/15/1-5  1909-48

Balance sheets and revenue accounts of Blacklees Co.

Royalty Accounts  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/2/1/16/1  1917-1942

Royalty accounts, T. A. Hawkins and Sons, Ltd., in account with Blacklees Co.

[no title]  D1317/2/1/16/2  1919-1938, 1941

Royalty accounts, T. A. Hawkins and Sons, Ltd., in account with Broughall's Executors and Parry.

[no title]  D1317/2/1/16/3  1920-1939

Royalty accounts, Blacklees Co. in account with Duke of Sutherland.

[no title]  D1317/2/1/16/4  1927-1941

Royalty accounts, Blacklees Co. in account with Broughall, Peake and Parry/Broughall's executors and Parry.

[no title]  D1317/2/1/16/5  1921-1940

Royalty accounts, Blacklees Co. in account with H.C.Clewley.

Cannock Agricultural Company  [no ref. or date]

Administrative Papers  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/2/2/1/1  1894, 1896, 1897

Directors' report and accounts [printed]

[no title]  D1317/2/2/1/2-3  1905 & 1907

Agreements for employment as general manager and secretary in business of Manure Manufacturers, Seed Merchants and Dealers in Agricultural Implements. [i.e. Cannock Agricultural Co. Ltd.]
Cannock Agricultural Co./Hart
Cannock Agricultural Co./Williams

Cannock Brewery Co.  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/2/3/1  1880

Papers relating to Cotterell/Scattergood agreement in Cannock Brewery Co., memoranda, capital accounts of company, statement of accounts in private and sales ledger. 1880

Cannock and Hednesford Gas Company  [no ref. or date]

Leases  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/2/4/1/1  1873

Copy assignment of lease and leasehold land at Hednesford p. Cannock, comprising 1a 3p.
Myatt/Hednesford Gas Co. Ltd.

Business Papers  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/2/4/2/1  1896-97

Printed resolutions and notices relating to the amalgamation of Cannock District Gas Light Co. with Hednesford Gas Co.

[no title]  D1317/2/4/2/2  1897

Memorandum and articles of association of the Cannock Hednesford & District Gas Co.

[no title]  D1317/2/4/2/3  1897

Directions to liquidator of both Cannock and Hednesford Gas Companies for the allotment of shares in the new Cannock and Hednesford Gas Co. Ltd.

[no title]  D1317/2/4/2/4-5  1897

Counterpart agreement and draft for sale of undertakings of Cannock District Gas Light Co. and Hednesford Gas Co. Ltd. to new Cannock Hednesford and District Gas Co. Ltd.

Cheshire, Manners and Co., tin plate manufacturers, Rugeley Plating Mill  [no ref. or date]

Title  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/2/5/1/1-61  1713-1890

1. Freehold water mill used for the rolling of iron and formerly part of an oil mill with piece of land adjoining generally covered with water and used as a mill pond.
Messuage near mill called George James' House. Building nearby used as a warehouse, piece of land adjoining called Oil Mill Meadow and all buildings on same, all situate p. Rugeley.
Water steam mill situate in Rugeley used for the rolling of iron with piece of land adjoining used as pool and all equipment belonging to mill.
2. Buildings standing on land formerly called Paper Mill Green within the manor of Hagley, all of which were formerly used as a tin plate manufactory, and have now been converted to a dwelling house, p. Rugeley.
3. Piece of land formerly part of the works of Hagley Manor called Paper Mill Green, p. Rugeley.
4. Plot of land (216 sq. yards) with buildings partly used as stables etc. situate on south-west corner of Little Hodgley Field, p. Rugeley.
Other properties mentioned intermittently within the deeds include messuage used as chemical works in Hodgeley Field, p. Rugeley, slitting mill in Cannock Wood and forge belonging to same (1799), p. Rugeley.
Conveyance of 1735 (D1317/2/5/1/7) contains inventory of dead stock at Rugeley plate Mill.
Title deeds including:
mortgage, Fisher/Stubbs, 1738
copy of will of Walter Stubbs, 1735
abstract of title of Viscount Anson, [1768-1819]
copy of will of Francis Hurd, 1779
ground plan of tinplate manufactory at Rugeley Forge, n.d. 18th cent.(D1317/2/5/1/26)
abstract of title of Hon. Robert Curzon to capital messuage at Hagley, [1809-1827]
mortgage, Barker/Scott, 1814
mortgage, Barker/Capper, 1816
abstract of title of John Smith, 1834
mortgage, Cheshire, Manners & Co./Wright et al, 1860
abstract of title, [1873-1889]
1. Fisher/Stubbs, Barker & Fisher/Hurd et al/Barker/Cheshire/Heighway
2. Chetwynd/Curzon/Cheshire/Heighway
3. Brittain & Emery/Capper/Hopkins/Barker/Cheshire & Manners & James/Heighway
4. Anson/Cheshire & Co./Heighway
5. Smith/Cox/Cheshire, Manners, James & Moxon/Heighway

Deeds of Arrangement  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/2/5/2/1  1885

Deed of arrangement for regulating the use of water from the Forge Pool, Rugeley.
Heighway et al/Stokes & Co.

Papers relating to bankruptcy of Cheshire & Manners  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/2/5/3/1  1865

Composition deed, assignment and rebate for benefit of creditors.
Manners & Cheshire, iron and tinplate manufacturers (debtors)/Langdale/Davis, Bishell & Kempson, trustees/Creditors of Manners & Cheshire

[no title]  D1317/2/5/3/2  1869

Assignment for benefit of creditors of all real property, merchandise, stock-in-trade etc.
Manners, iron and tinplate manufacturer/Heath, Bishell & Boaz/Creditors of John Manners

East Cannock Colliery Co.  [no ref. or date]

Leases  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/2/6/1/1 2/6/2 & 2/6/3  1820

All mines of coal and ironstone within and under closes of land containing 307a 3p situate at Hednesford, p. Cannock, being part of several estates called the Cross Keys Estate and the Hemlock Farm.
Detailed schedule of field names attached and plan of lands numbered to correspond with scheule.
Lease (counterpart) for 30 years
Williams, Williams, William Williams, ironmasters/Brace, Stokes, Harrison and Butler
Endorsed with assignment of lease to East Cannock Colliery Co. in 1871.
Mortgage of same, E. Cannock Colliery Co./Staffs. Joint Stock Bank 1879
Also release of surface rights, E. Cannock Colliery Co./LNWR Co. 1878

[no title]  D1317/2/6/1/2  1875

Deed of arrangement relating to lease of colliery, mines etc., at Hednesford, p. Cannock.
Williams et al/East Cannock Colliery Co.

Agreements  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/2/6/4  1877

Agreement for making of siding and maintenance of same at Hednesford, as delineated on enclosed plan.
LNWR Co./E. Cannock Colliery Co. Ltd.

Liquidation Papers  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/2/6/5  1881

Assignment of mines at Hednesford comprised in lease of 24 Oct. 1880 with all business plant and machinery.
E. Cannock Colliery Co./Fisher, liquidator/Staffordshire Joint Stock Bank Ltd./E. Cannock Colliery Co.

J. B. Lewis and Son, Ltd., Hosiery Manufacturers of Nottingham  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/2/7/1  1893

Memorandum and articles of association of J. B. Lewis and Son, Ltd., of Nottingham and Cossall, hosiery manufacturers.
[Solicitors for this firm are L. W. Lewis and Sons, Walsall; it is possible that there may have been a family connection with J. B. Lewis]

[no title]  D1317/2/7/2  1893

Agreement for sale of hosiery business i.e. leasehold and freehold lands and premises, goodwill, stock-in-trade etc. [duplicate]
James B. Lewis and Sons Ltd./J. B. Lewis and Sons Ltd.

[no title]  D1317/2/7/3  n.d

Form of debenture for £500 for J. B. Lewis and Sons Ltd.

Smethwick Brass Co.  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/2/8  1801

Eleven shares and one half share in Smethwick Brass Co. and capital stock of and in all leasehold interests etc. belonging to the Company. Two shares and one half share in Ellsmere Canal Navigation. Debt of £50 owing to Elizabeth Davis as executrix of Thos. Davis from Guardians of Poor of parish of Harborne. Debt of £100 due to Elizabeth Davis. Debt of £62 owing to estate of Thos. Davis all of which is to be in trust for partners or proprietory of Company and in payment for debts of items of money owing from Thos. Davis, deceased, to said Company.
Counterpart assignment
Elizabeth Davis, widow of Thos. Davis, clerk to Smethwick Brass Co./Cooper, Ratton and Aspinall

Other Business  [no ref. or date]

Miscellaneous, Partnership Agreements, Memoranda of Association etc.  [no ref. or date]

Millington/Mogg of West Bromwich, coalmasters  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/3/1/1  1856

Deed of partnership for working of mines of coal and ironstone at West Bromwich.
Millership (sic)/Mogg

[no title]  D1317/3/1/2  1856

Deed of dissolution of partnership

[no title]  D1317/3/1/3  1864

Warehouse, wharf and cottage near -- Bank, West Bromwich.
Lease for 14 years (inset plan) and assignment
Jones/Owen/Hughes/Millington & Millington, coalmasters

[no title]  D1317/3/2  1870

Memorandum of association of Hednesford Market Hall Co. Ltd.

Rigby/Rigby of Wednesbury, coach ironwork manufacturers  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/3/3/1  c.1875 - 1885

Articles of partnership in business of general coach ironwork manufacturers for term of ten years, to be carried on at the Britannia Works and New Britannia Works, Wednesbury.
John Rigby of Wednesbury/David Rigby of Wednesbury

[no title]  D1317/3/3/2  1884

Probate of will of John Rigby, coach spring manufacturer.

[no title]  D1317/3/3/3  1884

Life insurance policy on life of David Rigby.

[no title]  D1317/3/3/4  1885

Notice of assignment of policy of insurance on life of David Rigby as security for mortgage.

[no title]  D1317/3/4  1892

Memorandum and articles of association of the Ashmore Park Colliery Co.

City Deep Ltd., Transvaal  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/3/5/1  1913

Memorandum of association and proposed amended articles of association of City Deep Ltd., incorporated in the Transvaal.

[no title]  D1317/3/5/2  1912

Twelfth Annual Report [printed]

[no title]  D1317/3/5/3  1913

Report of proceedings at Special General Meeting of shareholders [printed]

Bankruptcy Papers  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/4/1  1823

Certificate of bankruptcy of William Brown of Cannock, miller, dealer and chapman.

Miscellaneous Probate and Administration Papers  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/5/1/1-2  1880

Copy will of Rev. Canon Curteis of Lichfield. 1880
Also settlement of share under will of Rev. G. H. Curteis dec'd (draft). 1880
Trustees of will of Rev. G. H. Curteis/Hilda Curteis

[no title]  D1317/5/2  1860

General release of trusts under will of Joseph Dicken, late of Sedgley + supporting papers incl.:
residuary accounts
will of Joseph Dicken, 1849
chancery papers
Dicken et al/Holden et al, trustees

[no title]  D1317/5/3/1-3  1834

Administration of effects of Mary Glover, of Cannock, dec'd., legacy and residuary duty accounts.

[no title]  D1317/5/4  1897

Probate of will and codicil of Rowland Hill of Denbigh House, Tipton.

[no title]  D1317/5/5  1898

Letters of administration of Harriet Laport of Hampsted Heath, co. Middlesex.

Deeds etc., not forming part of the above sections, arranged by parish  [no ref. or date]

Aldridge  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/6/1/1/1-34  1668-1882

Messuage with outbuildings called Bosty Lane Farm situate in Aldridge.
Closes of land called The Poplars, the Guineas Meadow, Crow Meadow, the Enclosure, Long Meadow, Garden Leasow, Cottage Leasow and the Flats.
Earlier deeds mention lands called the Highfields and the Slings, Sherratts Fields and Crow Crofts, and reflect the gradual acquisition of lands belonging to farm.
Title deeds including:
mortgage, Wheeley/Medley, 1690
marriage settlement, Simcox/Reynolds, 1732
assignment of mortgage, Rogers/Lea, 1768
conveyance to uses, Bache/Wilde, 1777
assignment of mortgage term, Lea/Fallows, 1796
mortgage, Eyland/Norman, 1877
mortgage, Eyland/Chapman, 1877
will of Anne Eyland, 1881
mortgage, Eyland/Hunt & Gorse, 1882
Ward/Wheeley/Simcox/Tranter/Rogers/Haughton/Keen/Eyland/Floyer/Simcox/as above
Daniel/Haughton/as above
Lea/Haughton/as above

[no title]  D1317/6/1/2  1822

Three messuages, one barn, one stable two cowhouses, three gardens and 32a land p. Aldridge
Final concord
Adams/Haughton et al

[no title]  D1317/6/1/3  1876

Undivided third part in three closes of land called the Walsall Wood Pieces (16a 1r 2p) lying in Aldridge.
Highway & Blackburn, trustees of will of G. B. Stubbs/Gordon & Harrison

Cannock  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/6/2/1/1-7  1871-1886

Plot of land situate at Churchbridge, p. Cannock, fronting to Walsall St. with manufactory and buildings.
Title deeds including:
mortgage, Whitehouse/Second Wolverhampton 1880 and South Staffs.
Benefit Building and Investment Society
mortgage, Whitehouse/Cannock Mutual 1880
Permanent Building Society
further charge, Whitehouse/Permanent Building Society 1882
further charge, Whitehouse/Permanent Building Society 1886

[no title]  D1317/6/2/2  1876

Piece of land (550sq. yds.) situate on Cannock Chase fronting to the main road from Huntington to Hednesford, p. Cannock.
Conveyance (inset plan) + plan of freehold building land, mortgage, Montgomery/Cotterell 1876
Barton and Platts/Montgomery

[no title]  D1317/6/2/3  1879

Six closes of land situate at Leacroft within the Manor of Cannock and Rugeley, p. Cannock, called Plantation, Washbrook Meadow, Lower Richardson's Field and the Smallhursts
Harrison and Harrison/Hutton and Brace

Cheslyn Hay, p. Cannock  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/6/2/4  1828

Piece of land (4a) situate at Cheslyn Hay
Lease for 7 years

Great Wyrley, p. Cannock  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/6/2/5  1807

Two parcels of land lying in fields called Oathill Field and Broadmeadow Field in liberty of Great Wyrley, p. Cannock.
Assignment in trust to attend the inheritance of term of 500 years.
Price, executor of Price/Whitmore, Jones and Blakemore, devisees in trust of Poyner/Stokes and Collins, trustees.

[no title]  D1317/6/2/6  1819

Messuage with stable, mill, garden and premises adjoining situate at Wyrley.
Lease for 30 years or for life of Rebecca Hicks.

Hednesford, p. Cannock  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/6/2/7  1872

Piece of land (1080 sq.yds.) situate at Hednesford, p. Cannock [boundaries specified]
Conveyance (plan)

Darlaston  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/6/3/1/1-8  1794-1858

Piece of land formerly part of Clarkes Leasow. p. Darlaston; small piece of land also part of same and 4 messuages with brewhouse, workshop and other buildings erected on same.
Two messuages with workshops and garden ground in Darlaston near the Brick Kiln Bank.
Front messuage with ground belonging and two messuages at the back lately used as four shops in Darlaston.
Two messuages with garden, outbuildings etc. belonging adjoining to Wolverhampton Lane, Darlaston.
Small messuage and piece of land at back of lane in Darlaston.
Piece of land whereon messuage formerly stood, now with two messuages on same, p. West Bromwich and small plot of land nearby.
Three messuages near Dashfields or Dangerfields Lane, p. Wednesbury, piece of land fronting to same and three messuages fronting to Dangerfields Lane.
Title deeds including:
mortgage, Jones/Smith, 1813
administration w. will annexed of John Jones, 1858 deed of partition between devisees under will of late John Jones, dec'd. 1858

[no title]  D1317/6/3/2/1-2  1814

Messuage with shop, barn and other appurts situate in Cock St., in Darlaston.

Mining Leases  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/6/3/3  1841

Mines and veins of coal lying under piece of land called Mallins Piece, situate in Darlaston.
Lease for 2 years

Lichfield, Leases  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/6/4  1878

Plot of land situate at Pipe Marsh, p. Lichfield St. Michael (1a 10p) with liberty to dig for stone, slate, clay etc.
Lease + counterpart for 99 years Marquess of Anglesey/Hill

Longdon  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/6/5/1  1804

Abstract of title of John Lane to close of land at Longdon Green (2r), contracted to be purchased by Thomas Ashmole.

Norton Canes  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/6/6/1  1873-77

Piece of land (3a 9p) in p. Norton Canes [boundaries specified] and other piece of land (1a 1r 8p) in same parish.
Title deeds including abstract of title, 1873-1874

Leases  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/6/6/2  1816

Farmhouse with barns, stables, outbuildings and several closes of land situate at Brownhills p. Norton Canes
Lease for 14 years

Sale particulars  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/6/6/3  n.d

Printed particulars of the estate of Christopher Wood of Norton-under-Cannock to be sold for the payment of debts.

Rugeley  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/6/7/1  1869

Piece of land situate in Rugeley lying at the eastern corner of a piece of land called Bryan's Lake with messuage erected on same.
Conveyance (inset plan)
Landor, surviving trustee of Easton settlement/Easton/Buttery

[no title]  D1317/6/7/2  [1879-1891]

Abstract of title of trustees of will of late George Buttery to piece of land with messuage and buildings, part of Brian's Lake, p. Rugeley.

Rushall  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/6/8/1  1740

Messuage situate in Rushall with croft of land and garden adjoining; other croft of land also situate in Rushall.
Conveyance in trust

Mortgages  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/6/8/2  1880

Piece of land situate on the west side of Homebridge St. or Lane in Rushall [boundaries specified] with four messuages erected on same; other piece of land situate in Rushall bounded on north by Homebridge Lane with three messuages erected on same.
Stringer/Staffs. Joint Stock Bank Ltd.

Shenstone  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/6/9/1  1815

Strip of land (2a 11p) for the purpose of making a canal and wharf to branch out of the Wyrley and Easington Canal Navigation lying upon Stonnall Common, Over Stonnall; other strip of land (2r 11p) for the purpose of making a road from the wharf to the turnpike road, lying on Stonnall Common.
Wyatt & Eagle, Commissioners for the Inclosure of Shenstone/Brawn and Brawn/Hinckley (trustee)

Tipton  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/6/10/1/1-7  1881-1890

All beds of coal and ironstone lying under a parcelof land called Doe Bank, p. Tipton (3a 20p) and also under half of Birmingham Canal, bounding on same piece of land.
Piece of land near to Ocker Hill (22a 10p) and mines of coal and ironstone lying under same, all of which comprises the Ocker Hill Colliery.
Title deeds including:
assurance of 1883 containing plan
mortgage, Longmore/Lewis, 1883
Underhill/Longmore/Underhill/Jones/[Duighan & Elliot]

Walsall  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/6/11/1/1-48  1613-1800

Three messuages situate in Rushall Street, Walsall, newly built on site of former messuage.
Settlement of 1759 also includes messuage in Windmill Field or Mountford Street, and three other messuages nearby.
Title deeds including:
marriage settlement, Peate/Moore, 1685
copy will of Richard Sanders of Walsall, 1734
mortgage, Bell/Hawe, 1736
assignment of mortgage, 1737
family settlement, Hodgkins/Hodgkins, 1759
mortgage, Hodgkins' trustees/Fowler
assignment of mortgage, Hodgkins/Grimbaston, 1776
assignment of mortgage, Hutton/Wright/Harrison, 1783
marriage settlement, Davis/Hodgkins, 1793
mortgage, Davis' trustees/Harrison, 1795
assignment of mortgage, Harrison/Davis, 1800
1. Stone/Collyer/Harrison/Peate
2. Lawrence/Saunders
3. Bell/Bell/Hodgkins/Davis

Bloxwich, p. Walsall  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/6/11/3  1793

Abstract of conveyance relating to title to lands in Bloxwich.

[no title]  D1317/6/11/4  1805

Abstract of feoffment to butts of land in Woodhill Field, Bloxwich.
Wightwick & trustee/Stokes

[no title]  D1317/6/11/5  1825

Five messuages, three shops, seven gardens, 3a land, 2a meadow, 3a pasture, ps. Walsall and Sedgley.
Final concord

[no title]  D1317/6/11/2/1-3  1868

Five closes of land with mines and minerals lying below situate at Bloxwich called Higgins Piece, Simpkiss Piece, Lower Cordcroft and Upper Cordcroft; also two pieces of land called the Big Meadow with minerals below.
Title deeds including mortgage, Lindop/Bealey, 1868, + plan

[no title]  D1317/6/11/2/4  1872

Piece of land called Wall End Croft and messuage with garden belonging at Bloxwich with mines of coal and ironstone below.
Devisees in trust of late William Ward/Lindop

[no title]  D1317/6/11/2/5  1872

Two pieces of land called Broomy Closes situate at Bloxwich; two other parcels of land situate at Wall End with mines lying below.

[no title]  D1317/6/11/2/6-7  1900-1912

Abstracts of title of Bloxwich Colliery Co. Ltd. to freehold property at Bloxwich.

[no title]  D1317/6/11/2/8  1930

All ungotten mines and minerals lying under piece of land situate at Brick Kiln Bridge, Bloxwich
Copy conveyance
Parry/Birmingham Canal Navigation

Walsall, Mortgages  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/6/11/7  1881

Piece of land bounded by Farrington St. and Regent St., Walsall. Five messuages with the shopping and outbuildings erected on same, one of which is a public house called The Great Britain.
Llewellen/Staffs. Joint Stock Bank Co.

West Bromwich  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/6/12/1/1-2  1882-1888

Messuage and licensed house called the Stork Inn situate at Great Bridge p. West Bromwich.
Lease for 7 years + tenancy agreement Naylor & Naylor, mortgagees/Hodgkins' lessee Hickman
Hodkins/Butler and Co.
+ Schedule of landlords and tenants fixtures.

Wolverhampton  [no ref. or date]

Bentley: mining leases  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/6/13/2/1-2  1862 & 1876

Five closes of land situate at Bentley, p. Wolverhampton [boundaries], with all mines of coal and ironstone lying beneath same, with liberty to dig for same, later known as Beachdale Colliery.
Mayor & Aldermen of Walsall/Davies & Whitehouse
Mayor & Aldermen of Walsall/Stanley & Whitehouse

[no title]  D1317/6/13/3/1-2  1877 & 1887

Several pieces of land at Bentley, p. Wolverhampton forming part of the Bentley Estate. Numbered schedule and plan of lands included (116a 1r -p).
Mines and beds of coal ironstone and clay lying beneath (part reserved).
Lease for 21 years + release of trust, Thomas/Thomas
Antrobus, mortgagees of property/Earl of Lichfield/Thomas Thomas

Pelsall: mining leases  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/6/13/4  1869

Mines, beds and seams of coal lying under piece of land called Broomy Croft [5a 1r 22p], Long Croft (4a 6p), Holly Bush (2a 2r 9p), Big Broomy Croft (6a 39p), all lying within the township of Pelsall.
Demise for 7 years
Bickford/Bickford & Brevitt/Bickford/Lancaster/Guy & Wootten

[no title]  D1317/6/13/5  1874

Colliery called the Moat Colliery, mines of Deep and Shallow Coal, Bass Coal and Yard Coal lying under lands situate at Pelsall called the Moat Farm (53a 2r 35p) and also under lands lately waste and under one half of the road leading from Pelsall to Brownhills and under 1 acre of freehold lands p. Norton Canes.
Lease for 10 years

Willenhall: mining leases  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/6/13/6/1-28  1854-1902

Piece of land (837 sq.yds.) situate at Willenhall; piece of land (35a 13p) called the Willenhall New Colliery with all mines and minerals below; piece of land at Willenhall (22a 2r 9p) called the Back Lane and Stringers Colliery.
Close of land in Willenhall (17a 1r 2p) with mines lying under same and three blast furnaces and ironworks called at Willenhall Furnaces.
Land at Bloxwich called Sneyd Lane Collery.
Title deeds including:
mortgage, Urwick, Fletcher & Slly/Urwick, 1871
further change, Willenhall Furnaces/Fletcher & Urwick, 18 [...]
mortgage, Willenhall Furnaces/Urwick & Fletcher, 1877
transfer of mortgage, Urwick/Stubbs, 1883
transfer of mortgage, Stubbs/Fletcher, 1901
transfer of mortgage, Fletcher/Barnes, 1902
schedule of deeds
Hinckes/Fisher/Fletcher, Solly & Urwick/Willenhall Furnaces Ltd

Out-County Deeds  [no ref. or date]

Cheshire  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/6/14/1/1-16  1795-1879

Plot of land situate in Edgerley, p. Cheadle and borough of Stockport with messuage and cottage standing on same in Moseley St.
Title deeds including abstract of title, 1849

Denbigh  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/6/15/1  1913

messuage and premises situate at Rhos-on-Sea, p. Llandrillo-y-Rhos.
Draft reassignment

Devon  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/6/16/1/1-2  1880-1915

Messuage and farm called Shapcote Barton situate p. Knowstone with several woods belonging called Shapcotte Wood and Ragman's Cleave.
Tenement called Tongue situate p. East Anstey.
Policy of assurance numbered 29111 under standard life assurance policy
Mortgage + subsequent transfers
Handford/Gosse/Gosse/Wade & Birmingham/Greatrex

Flintshire  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/6/17/1/1  1861

Mines of coal lying under lands called Henblas and Derwen, p. Holywell.
Lease for 21 years + plan

[no title]  D1317/6/17/1/2-3 & 5-6  1868-1881

Mines under parcels of land (85a 1r 23p) p. Holywell, delineated on plan and called Caea, Drill, Pen Longley, Coetia Llyyd, Pen y Garreg Hen Efol.
Lease for 21 years, assignment + declarations of trust.

[no title]  D1317/6/17/1/4  1876

Mines under lands situate in township of Brynhard p. Holywell, comprised in attached schedule.
Lease for 10 years
Owen/Henblas Mining Co.

Monmouthshire  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/6/18/1/1-8  1742-1794

Messuage and tucking mill with garden, plots of ground and appurts.; messuage and water corn grist mill with garden and two plots of land p. Liantillio Pertholey.
Earlier deeds also include manor of Llantillio Rhydderch.
Title deeds including:
Copy will of Arthyur Jones of Llantillio Pertholey, 1761
Copy will of Anne Jones, 1775
copy will of Arthur Jones of Bath, 1794

[no title]  D1317/6/18/2/1-3  1849-1851

Messuage and water corn grist mill with stable, garden and plot of 1a. situate in Llantillio Pertholey. Piece of land (13p) adjoining new road leading from Abergavenny to Hereford, and piece of land divided from above and bounded by mill stream and Gavenny Brook also situate in Llantillio Pertholey.
All interest in messuage called Easthams situate in foreign of Kidderminster.
Policy of insurance dated 12 Feb. 1842 with Imperial Life Assurance Co.
Title deeds including mortgage, Corbett/Crump, 1849
Assignees of James Corbett, a bankrupt/George Crump

Warwickshire  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/6/19/1  1852

Agreement for lease of messuage in Smithfield St. in city of Coventry, and also for building used as theatre adjoining same, with dressing rooms, scenery and appurts belonging.
Lease for 21 years Shepheard/Hall and Pitt

Worcestershire  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/6/20/1/1-22  1687-1793

Newly-built messuages with gardens built on 2a land lying in Ellarne Field in the borough of Kidderminster situate near Crab Tree Closes and also newly-erected shop.
Marriage settlement of 1743 also includes messuages situate in Church Street and stable lately built on piece of ground lying behind Church Street, Kidderminster.
Title deeds including:
Marriage settlement, Hanbury/Williams, 1743
mortgage, Doolittle/Wheeler, 1772
assignment of security, Wheeler/Penn, 1777
mortgage, Penn/James, 1778
transfer of mortgage, James & Penn/Rennalls, 1782
abstract of will of James Rennalls, 1789
Penne/Cole/Hanbury/Penn/Doolittle/Penn/Penn's creditors

[no title]  D1317/6/20/2/1-29  1738-1824

Piece of land situate in Churchfield, Kidderminster and twelve tenements erected on same piece of land (¾a.) at Mount Pleasant.
Title deeds including:
Administration of will of Richard Tyler, 1778
copy will of George Tyler, 1796
administration with will annexed of Richard Tyler, 1814
assignment of leasehold premises, Tylor/Tyler, 1817
plan of premises, 1824

[no title]  D1317/6/20/3/1-10  1745-1828

Three houses situate in Worcester Street and piece of land called the Hill situate behind the same and converted into gardens in Kidderminster.
Deed of 1749 also refers to messuage situate at Cakebold, p. Chaddesley Corbet.
Title deeds including:
Probate of will of Mary Watkins, 1746
copy will of John Watkins, 1776
mortgage, Wright/Collins & Causer, 1811
[Fragile bundle]

[no title]  D1317/6/20/4/1-14  1745-1795

Five tenements situate in and near Barn Street, near the Horsefair.
Two other messuages fronting to Church Field Lane.
One deed also refers to four tenements in Worcester Street.
Title deeds including:
copy will of Thos. Haddock, 1764
mortgage, Haddock/Watkins, 1775
assignment, Watkins/Price, 1777
further charge, Haddock/Price, 1777
mortgage, Wright/Brecknell, 1792
Hancox/Haddock/Price/Wright Griffiths/Wright

[no title]  D1317/6/20/5/1-15  1751-1848

Messuage with garden, lands and premises situate near the Square in Kidderminster called the Barley Mow (2a).
Title deeds including:
Copy probate of will of John Rook, 1819
abstract of title, 1765-1848
Dixon/Guest/Rooke/Rooke's trustees/Piper/Heath

[no title]  D1317/6/20/6/1-8  1773-1818

Enclosed liece of arable land in Colefield within the borough of Kidderminster [3a]
Boundaries specified
Title deeds including:
copy of will of Humphrey Brooks, 1792
abstract of title, 1773-1791

Mining Leases  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/6/20/7  1889

Seam of coal called the Ryder Coal lying under the Gyb House Farm (84a), p. Rock.
Lease for 14 years (inset plan) Hanbury/Davis.
Also agreement for surrender and assignment to lessor of mines, engines, weighing machines and all machinery and other stock-in-trade, as payment for unpaid royalties.

Miscellaneous Abstracts  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/7/1  [1745-1788]

Printed abstract of the title of James Rann et al to estates of late Matthew Stubbs of Walsall.

[no title]  D1317/7/2  1893

Printed abstract of title of Duke of Sutherland to part of the Trentham Estate, drawn up in connection with the Wolverhampton sale.

Professional Papers re former partners of Addison, Jesson and Cooper  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/8/1  1903

"The Law of Husband and wife in relation to Contract and Tort", an essay submitted by BertramCrump, articled to Eldon and Crump for a Prize Essay Competition.

Miscellaneous Papers  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1317/9/1  n.d. 18th cent

Manuscript pedigree of Chadwick family of Lancashire

[no title]  D1317/9/2  1815

Apprenticeship indenture
William Stretton of Fazeley/John Redfern of Tamworth, wheelwright and pump maker

[no title]  D1317/9/3  1853-1862

Account book of money advanced by Mrs. Russell to Mrs. Addison Russell for housekeeping and other expenses of herself and her children

[no title]  D1317/9/4  1869

Two undivided fourth parts of John Robert Freeman and Elizabeth Freeman in messuages, lands etc. of late George Freeman (unspecified)
Conveyance upon trust
Freeman & Freeman/Freeman & Freeman

[no title]  D1317/9/5  1893 & 1908

Norton Cannock Coal Co. Ltd., report and accounts [printed]

[no title]  D1317/9/6  1900

Share certificate in Vukwe Gold Claims Ltd. in name of Herbert Swinburne of Francistown and correspondence re same

[no title]  D1317/9/7  1911

Report of directors and statement of accounts of Tarapaca and Tocopilia Nitrate Co. Ltd. [printed]

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