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Reference DD\WBS
Covering dates 1641 - 1966
Held by Somerset Archive and Record Service
Extent 12 boxes
Source of acquisition C/2427, G/765
Creators Wells Blue School, Wells, Somerset
Arrangement 1-18 Deeds and leases of charity properties 1654-1847
19 Surveys and plans 1685, 1788-1848
20 Miscellaneous estate papers 1809-1949
21-26 Trustees and Governors Minute Books 1713-1954
27-29 Finance Committee minute books 1884-1925
30-33 Other minute books 1901-1939
34-44 Account books 1701-1928
45-55 Ledgers and Cash Books 1899-1948
56-59 Fee books 1908-1945
60-74 Application and Admission Register 1879-1944
75-77 Scholarship Registers 1880-1943
78-81 Staff Registers 1892-1958
82-92 Miscellaneous 1641-1966

Wells Blue School
Wells Blue School was founded in 1654 by Margaret, widow of Ezekiell Barkham of Wells, gent. The charity was endowed with property at Henstridge, the income to be used for paying a schoolmaster's salary of £20-0-0 pa. and the residue for apprenticing the boys when they could 'read, write and cast accounts'.
In 1675 by the will of Adrian Hickes of London a charity for the benefit of the poor of St. Cuthbert's parish was established although lands in Wells and Glastonbury to endow the charity were not purchased until 1701.
In 1713 a voluntary subscription school was established in Wells for boys and girls and a schoolroom was built for this purpose by Philip Hodges. He also purchased land in Glastonbury St. John, the income from which was to be used to pay the master's salary.
In 1715 it was proposed that Barkham's and Hickes's charities should be amalgamated.
In 1723 Philip Hodges by his will empowered the master of the subscription school established in 1713 to teach also the pupils of Barkham's charity school. Lands in Lympsham, East Pennard and Pylle were purchased in 1732 and an estate at Norwood Park, Glastonbury in 1735.
In 1740 the estates of all three charities were transferred to new trustees. Some property in Frome was acquired between 1732 and 1764 and in Queen Camel between 1730 and 1739.

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