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Reference 3614
Covering dates 1354-1959
Held by Shropshire Archives
Extent 23 boxes
Creators Haslewood, Roger, fl 1934, of Bridgnorth

Administrative history:
The collection was accumulated by Roger Haslewood, solicitor, of Bridgnorth and consists of family papers and deeds, as well as those of a small number of clients.

Deeds, letters and wills of the Haslewood, Stephens, Corser, Stedman and other families. Letters of interest include Peter Stephens' letters about his travels in Italy in the 1750s, correspondence with a Shropshire gentleman, Edward Arnold, in New York and New England at the time of the American War of Independence, letters from a Lieutenant Brisac to his friend Captain Jones in the 1840s and letters from Lt. Roger Haslewood from the Far East in the First World War. Property deeds relate to Shropshire and other counties, including Staffordshire and Worcestershire.

STEPHENS FAMILY  3614/1  [n.d.]

Papers re claim on Stephens estate  3614/1/3-7, 11, 14-24  [n.d.]

Letter from Lancelot Stephens [Peter's father] to Peter Stephens  3614/1/3  3 Oct 1736

1 document

He will not have a woman in his care or custody after misadventure due to drink. Notes that his estates are jointured and his wife had trusted his discretion.

Letter from Edward Chester to Stephens  3614/1/4  1 Feb 1745

1 document

Endorsed: 'The author of this afterwards married this 'buntling' Joyce Garmston who gulled him as a widow of repute to Capt. Stephens though she was a hedger's daughter.
Col. Reynold, Major Jones, Mr West and Mr Chester - as friends always had great regard for brother; he has left a woman in distress with child she cannot support.
He gave her linen, china, pictures, etc. and that these taken from her. Hopes in their generosity they will make her some allowance and child will move them to compassion.
Hopes for meeting to settle.

Notes on Property Case, Defendant (Michael Stephens son of Lancelot).  3614/1/5  1750

1 document

The great-grandfather of his mother (Lucy) died before said Lancelot and never to Michael Stephens knowledge gave anything to Lancelot. On Michael Stephen's intermarriage with Elizabeth, he came into several free/copy/leasehold premises; these were never settled to son's wife; he never knew she voyaged to East Indies or else where or what she brought back, nor of any will his said late son Lancelot had to leave, except clothes; never knew he married; soon after son's death a Henry Wait (employed Michael Stephens as buyer in London) came to Windsor and asked to see to buriel; as had much trouble in illness, asked for clothes, which were granted.
Reverse Notes: Michael Stephens (father of Peter, Thomas, Lancelot) son of Michael Stephens (died 1711). This was his father's defence vs. one 'Buntler' alias Gannel, who had her son under Capt. Lancelot's protection and he dying intestate in Antwerp, she claims his estate; also one Joyce Garson (hedger's daughter of Brosely county Salop) who also was kept and trumped up a marriage claim.
N.B 'The first 'Buntler's attacks were stopped by my father's will; her second could not without tedious/expensive case as there was the Brosely 'Buntler' to oppose.'
Power of court of Chancery necessary, they shall have nothing 'unless my Excutor is as great a friend of theirs as a Newgate solicitor.'

Bill for Peter and Michael Stephens Esq. at the Suit of Lancelot Stephens (infant) and his mother  3614/1/6/1, 2  Feb 1740-c Sep 1745

2 documents

/2 Receipted on reverse by Fotherley Baker.

Draft of Petition to Philip, Lord Hardwick, Lord High Chancellor  3614/1/7  21 Oct 1740

1 document

Re. Lancelot Stephens (three years old) son of Lancelot Stephens (St, Andrew's Holborn) and Elizabeth; grandson of Lancelot Stephens of the Hem, county Salop; great grandson of Lancelot Stephens (The Hem, county Salop).
Elizabeth Stephens (widow/relict) as Executrix petitions that said great grandfather inherited very large real estate, county Salop, by virtue of a deed of settlement; to widow Catherine for life and then by male heairs; also left very large personal estate. Also gave much (including library) to Orator's father; lately in custody of uncles Peter and Michael, one of whom to appear.
Orator's great grandmother Rachal left large personal estate, left as in (2).
Claims personal estate if great grandfather never paid to father but uncles Peter/Michael wrongly possessed of them.
Grandfather of Orator by marriage to Elizabeth had estates in county Middlesex.
Orator's father had voyaged to East Indies; values brought in custody of grandfather. Father made will of 28th August 1736.
By will estate to Orator?oratrix equally or all to her if he dies before 21. He died on 10th September 1736.
Annexed in margin: interval to her proving will caused laughter in court. Will's witnesses proved false later.
Lancelot Stephens will dated 1736 predated death of son Michael and hence he is named in it.
Alleged plaintiff in room at Windsor said to have been confirmed by Lancelot Stephens, Orator's grandfather.
Applies under Common Law as no deeds of said Wills etc. or copies, in Oratrix's hands.
The validity of Oratrix's marriage denied.
Endorsed on outside - vagabond Irish opens recommenced suit.... lasted till 1751... late capt. died intestate not worth a groat but what belonged to creditors... trumped up marriage and so on 'corroborated in court 1749'.

Bond of Thomas Stephens of Bradley, Much Wenlock to Robert Pardoe of Lincoln's Inn, Middlesex  3614/1/11  12 Aug 1745

1 document

Sum of £120.00.
Conditional that if said Thomas Stephens (exces/Admins/heirs) pay £60.00 and 5% interest on 29th September next the obligation to be void; otherwise to remain in full force.
Details of repayments and interest on back of bond.

Fragment of Letter [Thomas Baker to Peter Stephens?]  3614/1/14  7 Nov 1747

1 document

Concerns costs of £35.00 awarded against the addresses in a 'tryal' (sic) about a marriage. This amounts allowed for cost of bringing a witness from Cumberland. Author wants the money repaid shortly, considering the expenses on his own side.
'I hope you'll not for the future harken so much to Hobbs and Waite and leave it to others to judge for you.'
Letter ends in the middle of a paragraph about a woman known to the author.

Letter from Thomas Baker to Peter Stephens, care of Michael Stephens at Broseley  3614/1/15  31 Dec 1748

1 document

Begs speedy answer as has told Mr. Campbell expecting reply from letter not yet written, after the holidays.
Wishes money whether more convenient let it lie at common interest or will be content with further security.
Re. Peter's brother's estate in Holborn, nothing will come till claim of alleged widow and son resolved.
This only possible by her and child answering creditor's bill in Chancery and proving her marriage. She says no money to do it. Without her answer, if Peter Stephens won't let him answer for her, she would go to prison and could refuse to give it there, so Bill dismissed for not proceeding.

Letter from Thomas Baker to Peter Stephens  3614/1/16  25 Apr 1749

1 document

Cause came to be heard February last, took them all afternoon; waited till September last when 'our' evidence took all afternoon (N.B. one day/term)
They won; the child is lawful heir but the houses in Holborn must meet Creditor's charges.
Court would not allow such prior declaration.
Copyhold estate to said child as heir at law of Peter Stephen's father; though childs father is now said to be Eldest son (as has no other provision).
The creditor of this copyhold estate will lose his money, unless can claim Bond on Holborn property.
Has any rent there from been received but £24.00 paid to said Creditor? Or directed the Tenants?
Court has directed peter Stephens to pay costs, as the marraige/ legitimacy were strongly contested.
More especially as said falsely another marriage which contradicted supposed proofs in cross-examination.
Master of Rolls dismissed argument against Will as could not believe man signing it then swear not seen the other sign it.
Re. other rents received.

Letter from Thomas Baker to Peter Stephens  3614/1/17  24 Jun 1749

1 document

Summoned to bring before Master All Deeds/Writings, Books, Papers re. your brother Michaels freehold? personal estate.
Must let know where are and sign affidavit that these are all in possession.
Annexed on outside: 'These duties discharged and delievered before Master Edwards and loged in Chancery Court which if they or anyone were to wipe their backsides with could not hurt us'.

Letter from Thomas Baker to Peter Stephens care of Michael Stephens of Broseley  3614/1/18  18 Jul 1749

1 document

Begs pardon for not answering sooner, but Stephens's adversaries are pursing him.
Gave Peter Stephens notice of acceptance of Bill and it was regulary paid.
Not pressing for affidavit recently, or else would have heard from him.
In case necessary to swear it, Stephens should let him (Thomas Baker) know his whereabouts.
Draft reply on reverse in pencil, much of it faded, concerns trial, and the effects (including twelve cundams) of an intestate.

Letter from Thomas Baker to Peter Stephens  3614/1/19  30 Sep 1749

1 document

Received letter with £20.00 bill on Mr. Cooksey. Enclosed letter from Waite not worth 4d. pastage.
Mr. Chester seen him, re. Joyce Garmson and son, claiming wed to brother Lancelot (Michael). He is sympathetic, but the property if any has already gone to the other child.
Chancery suit stood still for want of her answer.
Gave him copy of Bill 'hoping he will employ someone to put in answer for her', Creditors' bill runs risk of having dismissal with costs otherwise.
He himself would pay for this as it is no detriment.
Re. the affidavit requested, has not had it yet.
Quick response as case begins in Chancery on October 14th.
Francis Bailey is in Chancery; will pay moneys in hands to Mrs Stephens unless opposes, can't be done without answer from Joyce and her son to Creditors' bill; then may be stopped for Creditors' use so not getting Joyce's answer is cruelty, not interest of them and injures creditors.

Letter (fragment) from Thomas Baker to [Peter Stephens?]  3614/1/20  1749

2 documents

The swearing of his affidavit to be placed before Chancery.

Letter re legal dispute and Bill in Chancery  3614/1/21  1749

1 document

'Reply from Mr ? Stephens to Buntlers (sic) aside a Bill in Chancery (Forgery by Peter Stephens)'
Believes grandfather Lancelot Stephens died possessed of large real estate, but ignorant of its value.
Not conveyed to trustees for his use of life, remainder to Rachal, his wife.
Knows nothing of grabdfather's personal estate or anything of Will or Deed of Guft.
Believes his brother Peter Stephens also ignorant of aforesaid premises.
Ditto with regards to late grandmother Rachel's Will or Gifts.
Neither knows nor believes father had any personal estate due brother Lancelot.
Father's attested and proven Will left Peter and Michael Stephens Exectors and left nothing to the late Lancelot, who has therefore no claim.
As to room/rooms at Windsor house, kept locked etc. neither knows or believes.
Any settlement/s made father benefit if Lancelot Stephens to be false knowledge.
As to alleged voyage of Lancelot Stephens to east Indies his father did agree with Capt. of a ship going 'abroad', but Lancelot Stephens was back within two to three weeks.
Neither knows nor belives late father had goods or chattles of late brother, as disposed of (sic) by latter's will.
Knows only small parcel of little value recieved by father of late son. Ignorant of ant marriage; latter was alleged the night he was buried.
Neither he nor brother Peter Stephens, knew of any Will/Deeds of grandfather or destroyed such.
'As to my father's withholding any land or tenements belonging to brother Lancelot Stephens. at age twenty one years....' 'absolutely false'.

Letter from Thomas Baker to Peter Stephens  3614/1/22  9 Feb 1750

1 document

Re. Deed.
Advice on how to make will to meet possible objections; the ward in the Codicil is quite proper.
Mr Campbell will issue Bond of Judgment.
Advice on financial obligations.
Thomas Stephens, one Trustee, is not described sufficiently.
Sent to Bath.

Letter from Thomas Baker to Peter Stephens at Bath  3614/1/23  2 Mar 1750

1 document

Pleased his health improved.
Some time before 'those houses' will be sold and even if were desirable to purchase, Peter Stephen's reported method no good as couldn't raise cash security on old property.
They are let for £63.00 p.a. altogether; ruinous and ready for demolition. Would fetch £630.00 not £1000.00 security.
No purpose to make proposal to Mr. Campbell and anyway Bankers don't lead at 4% p.a. unless can cash liquify in emergency any security. With his (Campbell's) proposal Peter Stepehns would have twelve months to pay.
And the other affair of the houses if still disposed to buy them.
As for trustees to Deed, it is usual to give Christain and Surnames, title and profession and address; proper to let Thomas Baker have information.
Inserting names doesn't look well in a different hand.
The Master has not yet awarded the amount of Costs.

Letter from Thomas Baker to Peter Stephens  3614/1/24  21 Mar 1750

1 document

Mr. Campbell called several times to know response to his proposal to take the bond for what is due to him from late brother the Captain, twelve months over.
He now says will take own course.
Costs taxed at about £90.00. They served Order of Court at Broseley but were disappointed.
They will be pressing for payment.
Campbell will wait twelve months; and if Peter Stephens doesn't move, he'll pay 5% and 4% interest.
Requests expeditious reply.
Notes Prince of Wales died previous evening about 10 p.m. of rheumatic fever.

Report of hearing before Master of Rolls of case Campbell vs. Stephens and Letter from Thomas Baker to Peter Stephens  3614/1/25  13 Nov 1750 and 24 Nov 1750

1 document

Creditors of late Michael Stephens to appear and prove debts and funeral expenses.
Advertisement in Gazette to esablish time; failure to attend nullifies debt.
? Col. Schulz entitled to claim on Bond, waving benefit of his mortgage.
Peter Stephen's, Administrator of Michael, to raise Michael Stephen's personal estate and pay bond in Court of Administration.
Ditto with real estate and accrued rents or profits.
Costs etc. to be decided.
Letter, minutes enclosed; satisfactory. The rents etc. paid to said women and child now to be paid back by them to Creditors.

Letter from Thomas Baker to Peter Stephens at Bath  3614/1/27  2 Apr 1751

1 document

Mr Huck called; satisfied the money in town in a little while.
Please remit it by end of next week.
Mr. Campbell wishes interest to date; will then accept 4% bond extendable for six months.
So if can't pay soon take this Bond.
Glad to hear baths make him merry and cheerful.

Letter from Lancelot Stephens to Peter Stephens  3614/1/112  26 May 1768

1 document

Has tried several times to write but could not.
Has waited near lodgings, but afraid to give offence.
He has never in word or deed offended him and has not yet a while done anything of which would be ashamed.
Has succeeded quite well in life by his industry but he has had misfortune to lose a good wife.
He had four children and no relations. Has very great favour to ask. He has a coffee house (Tom's Devereux Street).
This cost him £400.00 unsecured from friend now dead and he paid in three years. Two houses oppsite him he brought freehold for £500.00 similarly as his own house has no cellars for liquor; executors press and wonders if would help as would repay in two years; he takes £60.00-£70.00 p.a.
Good clientele but thinned due to decrease and promotion; doesn't like to ask them.
Annexed: 'letter from one purporting to be Lancelot Stephens'.

Correspondence of Michael Stephens, father of Thomas Stephens  3614/1/2  [n.d.]

Receipt by M. Stephens for £10.8.0d from Peter Stephens  3614/1/9  2 May 1744

1 document

Allowed £4.0.0 to be paid by him to M. Stephens Jun, making £4.8.0d being money sent to Sergeant Studd for Captain M. Stephen's use.

Letter from Michael Stephens to his brother [Thomas Stephens?]  3614/1/10  9 Jul 1745

1 document

Michael asks for £160.00 as his battalion is about to embark to Ostend; his adjutant's pay is twice that yearly so secured to repay in one year.
Banker Mr. Campbell.

Letter from Robert Pardoe to Michael Stephens  3614/1/12  20 Jan 1746

1 document

Letter is in regard of Thomas Stephens debt on which nothing has been repaid. Michael Stephens is now being asked to repay this debt of his son.

Letter from Robert Pardoe to Michael Stephens  3614/1/13  3 Feb 1746

1 document

Robert says he will wait until next assizes for settlement of remainder of Michael's son debt. Would not distress him further than to secure money due. Received 20 gu. from Mr. White.

Letter (fragment) to Michael Stephens, Attorney at Law, the Amyas, Bridgnorth  3614/1/123  c 1750

1 document

Writer entered a man of war under a captain related to Sir John Norris, one of the Lords of the Admiralty. This captain got drunk on board for three days, was dismissed. Having spent all his money, he enlisted in the Foot Guards. He was whipped through the battalion for pawning his waistcoat. Writer wonders what can befall him next.
Remainder of letter lost.
Docketed 'Bror Lres to shew Mr. Peter'.

Letter from H. White to Michael Stephens  3614/1/46  23 Oct 1753

1 document

Michael Stephens has sent a copy of his father's will to H.White. The freehold estate does not pass by will, unless it is signed by three witnesses. Estate passes to Michael Stephens, subject to his father's debt. To bring an ejectment, a reconveyance must be got from the Clerk of the Peace, provided the full esate is given in the schedule, estate ommitted from the schedule could lead to a charge of perjury.
Leasehold estate is in the hands of the executrix for payment of debts, and subject to the mortgage. On proof of surety, Michael Stephens can reclaim payment for debts discharged by him on behalf of his father's estate.

Letter from Thomas Stephens to [?]  3614/1/108  29 Nov 1766

1 document

Re £56.4.3d due on Bills.
Refers to letters 17th December 1733 / 25th April 1740. Original letters of 14th May 1722 gave orders to Thomas Stephens' grandfather to commence actions vs. Williams and Major; the business was done in case of Peake.
Original articles in Correspondent's possession.

Letter from John Windsor to Michael Stephens  3614/1/109  2 Jul 1767

1 document

Geo. Griffiths told him that latter will meet at any time appointed. Suggests several dates and requests reply by post or safe hands before ? on Sunday when he goes out.

Letter from John Windsor to Michael Stephens' attorney  3614/1/110  3 Jul 1767

1 document

Ask to meet Michael at the Grange on Friday about one; meeting there Mr. Smythe and Mr. Rogers.

Letter (fragment) to Peter Stephens from his father  3614/1/124  c 1767

1 document

Refers to the purchase of lands by Peter from father; he would sell whole and not piecemeal.

Correspondence of Thomas Stephens  3614/1/3  [n.d.]

1 document

General letters  3614/1/3/1  [n.d.]

Letter from Elizabeth to her son Thomas Stephens  3614/1/28  5 Jul 1751

1 document

Sorry to hear he cannot come home till next week; if could start Thursday might have chance to see grandfather alive. He not expected to live since Wednesday, anxious to see Thomas. Begged Mr. Wyke keep him alive as Tom on the road.
Young ones may not come as dull place for them.
'Your brother.... very indifferent'.
Begs Thomas come as soon as possible.
Letter from servant M. Frisby alongside hoping won't delay departure moment longer, only thought of him has kept grandsire alive; not eaten two days, voice altered.

Letters from and about Edward Arnold  36141/3/2  [n.d.]

Letter from Edward Arnold, Norwalk, to Thomas Stephens  3614/1/111  10 Apr 1768

1 document

Arnold says that peace had made debts hard to collect, that he intends moving to Albany, and that he longs to see England if only it did not so adversely affect his health.
He mentions a 'Paper War' between the church and Presbyterians over the proposed introduction of a bishop to the colony.
He fears for the peace, as the majority of people there are dissenters.
He also mentions the marriage of Dick Beache to the daughter of Benjamin Franklin.

Letter from Edward Arnold, New York, to Thomas Stephens  3614/1/113  20 Oct 1774

1 document

Asks Stephens to remit Bill of exchange enclosed on his behalf to Messrs. Kenton, Brown and Son, bankers in Lombard Street.
Expresses his intention of settling his other debts and his account with Stephens.

Letter from Edward Arnold, Long Island, New York, to Thomas Stephens  3614/1/114  2 Aug 1779

1 document

Mentions the burning of Norwalk, Connecticut by General Tryon's army, during which many of his papers were destroyed, though he did escape with his cash.
Staying at Long Island for health reasons, and unsure of future business interests.

Letter from Edward Arnold, New York to Thomas Stephens  3614/1/115  24 Apr 1780

1 document

Has been in poor health since his departure from Connecticut.
Announces his intntion of coming back to England with five or six hundred pounds which he hopes to increase by £300.00 before he leaves.
He also suggest that Stephens begin correspondence with Geo. D. Ludlow, who is looking after Arnold's affairs.

Letter from Geo. D. Ludlow of Long Island, New York, to Thomas Stephens  3614/1/116  25 Aug 1780

1 document

Informing him of the recent illness and death of Edward Arnold, formerly of Salop, leaving no will. Though he had intended to do so, his nervous disease had prevented it, eventually degenerating to 'the most helpless state of idiotism'. His estate must therefore be distributed among his heirs under the Statute of Distributions.

Letter from Wm. Donaldson, enclosing a letter of Geo. D. Ludlow, to Thomas Stephens  3614/1/117  19 Oct 1780

1 document

Donaldson states his willingness to act as intermediary between Stephens and Ludlow, should Stephens find it necessary.

Recipt from Wm. Donaldson on behalf of the estate of Edward Arnold  3614/1/118  11 Oct 1781

1 document

Recipt of Society for the propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts for £2.4s. from Wm. Donaldson on behalf of the estate of Edward Arnold, decd., for the drawing of a Bond of indemnity to the society on the payment of bills drawn on them in favour of Edward Arnold.

Letter from Wm. Donaldson to Thomas Stephens  3614/1/119  10 Nov 1781

1 document

Encouraging patience in the matter of Mr. Arnold's estate. He expresses surprise that so much of the effects have safely arrived, 'considering the critical situation of things in that country'.
He refers to payment of eight missionaries' bills (see D3614/1/118), and refusal of a ninth bill by the Missionary Society. He hopes that he will be reimbursed his costs in this matter.

Bills of William Dunbar  3614/1/120-121  Feb 1782

2 documents

Receipted, drawn on the estate of Edward Arnold, decd.
Totals of bills; £7.5.0 and £3.16.10.

Table of accounts  3614/1/122  12 Feb 1782

1 document

Outlining payments made by Wm. Donaldson, on behalf of Geo. D. Ludlow, Administrator of the estate of Edward Arnold decd.
Also payments made to the estate of Edward Arnold decd.

Letters from Peter Stephens  3614/1/3/3  [n.d.]

Letter from Peter Stephens to Thomas Stephens  3614/1/26  7 Dec 1750

1 document

Peter writes asking Thomas to proceed with all expedition to see his grandfather, who is growing extremely weak. Peter himself is improving in health after blistering and cupping, though muscles on one side of his face are relaxed. Enquires about price of Pyrmont water. Ask him to bring a flute and to leave globes and glass with Mr. Robinson. He will be returning to London soon.

Letter from Peter Stephens to Thomas Stephens  3614/1/29  1752

1 document

Ask for some pills and powders (James' powders, Wards pills) to be sent as the climatic change is affecting him. Limit on expense of items. No address as moving before letters could reach him. Wishes to hear of any political developments, uses an code, e.g. R for talk of rebellion and RRR for actual rebellion.

Letter from Peter Stephens to Thomas Stephens  3614/1/30  2 Jul 1752

1 document

Describes his journey through Picardy to Paris. The former poor and melancholy country, dirty, lice and bed bugs. It improved at Beauvey and Vale of Montmorency. Fontainbleu, excellent road and woods, deprecates Versailles by comparison. The cities are filthy and stink. Left for Dijon, then Chalons, then pleasant country, as Saone falls to Lyons. Rhone very picturesque, Grevoux, Poussin. Saw Pont de Gard. To Baleruch. Back to Lyons through Provence. Taxation is 80%. Protestant freedom of worship except burial.

Letter from Peter Stephens to Thomas Stephens  3614/1/31  10 Jul 1752

1 document

Talks about the Swiss interpreter, who is leaving with the ladies. He may go to Paris as there is some epidemic in the South. Regards to friends and 'old lady in Essex'. He wishes Cleeves was with him as he appreciates architecture.

Letter from Peter Stephens to Thomas Stephens  3614/1/32  1752

1 document

Ask him to come and bring ammunition as has paid artist to last shilling. He ask for the drawing which were not given to Numps should be brought to him. He is missing some books. Bunters sold one or more 'for a gallon of whisky'. Ask for a copy of Beretti's 'Remarks of Italy' from Mr Davy, bookseller.

Letter from Peter Stephens to Thomas Stephens  3614/1/33  2 Oct 1752

1 document

Details of how articles are to be conveyed to him by sea, his postel address is care of Ployart, the Danish consul. Requires one dozen condams (sic) to be sent as he is unable to trust the Italian ones.

Letter from Peter Stephens to Thomas Stephens  3614/1/34  8 Oct 1752

1 document

Comments on Avignon, not pleasant. Fine description of Marseilles and its harbour and an appreciation of French commerce. Civil order so good that streets are safe all night, England is a poor comparsion. French belief in money makes them corrupt. He proposes to spend a year or more in Italy for health reasons.

Letter from ? [Peter Stephens] to ? [Thomas Stephens]  3614/1/35  12 Oct 1752

1 document

Mentions that Hubbald has flee him. He looks forward to Italy but wishes there were English and Welsh people. Details of purchases of pocket inkhorns, two compass seals (cornelian and agate), watches, pair of glass candlesticks with silver sockets, all other plate plain and secondhand, silver coffee-pot for 5/6 persons, knives, scallop dishes, etc. Details of despatch. Other knick-knacks to be sent including tent. He states that 'Everything English sells well in these parts'.

Letter from Peter Stephens to Thomas Stephens  3614/1/36  28 Oct 1752

1 document

He gives directions for despatching commissions and a further list of items brought and items to be sent from England. He has brought some lottery tickets, a half share which he gives to his brother.

Letter from Peter Stephens to Thomas Stephens  3614/1/37  1 Nov 1752

1 document

Ask if he could find a 'genteel' or housekeeper to do cooking, linen,etc. She must be English and does not matter if she doesn't speak other languages. He comments on the wealth of Marsilles but mercantile credit notes are not safe money by comparison with bank notes. He commands the merchants of Lyons and Marseilles rather than the improverished aristocracy.

Letter from Peter Stephens to Thomas Stephens  3614/1/38  Undated

1 document

He has sent 2 pounds of a liquor which when half an ounce is mixed with sixteen ounces of rain, fountain or river water and then warmed it becomes a remedy for a variety of illness, which he lists. He also sends a syringe to be used in applying the remedy. He wishes it to be purchased by subscription or by Parliament as other medicines have. He asks for Thomas to inform him of his experience of liquor.

Letter from Peter Stephens to Thomas Stephens  3614/1/39  10 Jan 1753

1 document

He is at Naples. Describes Italy as a beautiful place but the people he describes as 'ill looking mortals'. Talks about the ruins he has seen.

Letter from Peter Stephens to Thomas Stephens  3614/1/40  4 Feb 1753

1 document

Wishes to see Brooke Forester's opinion on insurance. Talks about healthy places in Italy for people to go who are ill. Description of statues, plate, utensils which were recovered from Hervuleneum (Pompeii?) on excavating the lava from the famous Vesuvius eruption. Wishes for some artist materials from 'my little man in Maiden Lane'.

Letter from Peter Stephens to Thomas Stephens  3614/1/41  23 Mar 1753

1 document

He sends a watch for modernization in the Italian style. He expresses concern for Dr. Cleeve's health. His own health has him confined to the bed but he does get regular visits from English people. He writes concerning a glazing bill for an almshouse and tenants' cottages. He says that those who do not keep their windows in repair are to be evicted. The forks which have been sent did not meet with specifications i.e. not silver or tridents. He makes disparaging remarks about the Neapolitans, their habits and failure of physicians to use accepted medical treatments.

Letter from Peter Stephens to Thomas Stephens  3614/1/42  5 Apr 1753

1 document

Details of how the watch is to be altered, elaborate workmanship required, rough sketches of the required designs. He recommends friends at Bristol and elsewhere. Then he talks about his tent as he has given his to Lewcam.
He has collected seeds but so far no auriculas.
He would like a set of glass buttons.
The rainy weather is causing problems with his rheumatism.

Letter from Peter Stephens to Thomas Stephens  3614/1/43  24 Apr 1753

1 document

He talks about poplars being planted on the W. Moor and in his valley at the Hern.
He mentions a letter which Mr. de Lewcam intends to write to Thomas Stephens and gets a forwarding address in Marseilles for him.

Letter from Peter Stephens to Thomas Stephens  3614/1/44  7 Jul 1753

1 document

Comments on news and friends in England.
Talks about his health and the affect the warm weather is having on it.
Asks for three volumes of Milton to be delivered, and shirts.
Talks about the cost of living and fish.
Ask for some sheep's gut to cover Bologna sausage to be forwarded.
The daughter of Sir John Astley and her spouse called to see him but he was confined to his bed. They believed I was a relative of St Johns but when found nothing was to be got from visiting they did not call again. He calls him an Jacobite.

Letter from Peter Stephens to Thomas Stephens  3614/1/45  26 Jul 1753

1 document

He is embarking for Ischia and just in case there is an accident he lists the clothes, sketches, etc. which are in his French trunk.
He has draw £25 for house expenses.
He asks him to give Mr. Mitford his Milton's and Brooks Modern Practice of Physic, a book that every man who comes abroad should have.
He describes the cloths available abroad and says that English silk, satin and velvet are superior.
Talks about Naples saying that it is the most splendid court in the world.
Mentions a new lottery.

Letter from Peter Stephens to Thomas Stephens  3614/1/47  3 Dec 1753

1 document

Talks about meeting up again with Mr. de Lawcam.
He remarks about the sunny Italian weather and that it is unlikely that he will be returning to England in the spring.
Asks for clothes and watch, modernised, to be forwarded.
He wonders how Col. Sam is and talks about Lacon, who he has low regard for.
He expects to see Mr. Mitford soon as the last report said that he had past Marseilles.

Letter from Peter Stephens to Thomas Stephens  3614/1/48  10 Apr 1754

1 document

He has received the green frock waistcoat and three pairs of breeches.
He is not in debt. Remarks about people who prey on the wealthy.
Talks about the law that has been passed against clandestine marriages.
He says that Mr. Jamenean, the Consul, informed him that since the death of Mr. P there is an appointment, which he wishes some of his friends would take up.
Says if the watch has not be started yet then there is Mr. Cabrier, behind the Royal Exchange, which Mr. de Lewcam recommends.
Letters are to be directed via Messers. Hart and Porter, merchants in Naples.

Letter from Peter Stephens to Thomas Stephens  3614/1/49  6 Aug 1754

1 document

Talks about the paying of Bills.
Talks about his health, due to his Rheumatism the physicians have order him to bathe at A[c]qui which is a day's journey from Genoa.

Letter from Peter Stephens to Thomas Stephens  3614/1/50  3 Sep 1754

1 document

He needs a further £50 due to his illness. Describes the treatment he is having for his illness. His physician, Dr. Bolsone believes the baths would cure Mr. Cleeve's illness. Due to his illness he is not likely to return to Naples until next summer.

Letter from Peter Stephens to Thomas Stephens  3614/1/51  5 Nov 1754

1 document

Talks about Thomas's health.
Comments on his financial position and what he plans to do in the next 3 to 4 years.
He is going to send some seeds.
Talks about his watch being ready and remembers him not to forget the steel chain and also the materials for drawing. He says he has drawn some beautiful views.

Letter from Peter Stephens to Thomas Stephens  3614/1/52  27 Nov 1754

1 document

Mr. de Lewcam is visiting London, and asks for him to be welcomed.
Has enclosed something for Mr. Cleeve and ask him to persuade Mr. Cleeve to go to the Baths as they will help with his legs.
Complains that Coll. Gansel has not replied to his letters.
Says to tell him that the Sonata he wrote is not amongst my things, he must have put it with his own.
Complains about the fact that the watch is not ready and asks for glass buttons.

Letter from Peter Stephens to Thomas Stephens  3614/1/53  3 Dec 1754

1 document

Talks about delays in correspondence, de Lewcam may have called on him before this arrives.
Talks about finanical affairs.
He has dine with a Dutch merchant from Leghorn.

Letter from Peter Stephens, Turin, to Thomas Stephens  3614/1/54  16 Dec 1754

Recommends him to Lard and Brook.
Enquires about Mr. de Lewcam and whether he has reached London.
He wishes to exchange or sale of property because he wants to get rid of restless neighbours but leaves it up to Thomas.
Remembers friends' names Hamus and Reverend Padre Fail 'my confessor'.

Letter from Peter Stephens, Turin, to Thomas Stephens  3614/1/55  15 Feb 1755

1 document

He says that de Lewcam was posted to Turin so he was unable to come to London, which meant that he missed the nasty London winters and the fogs of Paris.
He says that this has been his healthiest winter ever though it has been very cold and snowy. He had a slight cold but this was cured by tea, made with Swiss herbs. He does not know whether it affects the brain like coffee does.
He believes war is imminent.
He is pleased to hear that Brook is attracted to Parliament.
He enquires after friends.
Talks about an opera he went to and remarks on the acting.
Gives his ideas on the heraldic crest which Thomas mentioned.

Letter from Peter Stephens,Florence, to Thomas Stephens  3614/1/56  [25 Feb?] 1755

1 document

He gives an description of the area of Florence, its agriculture and climate.
He says a lottery ticket has won 10,000 [lire].
He describes the activities available in the evening and also says that not all of these activities are available to him because of his health.
He hints at the possibility of a major French invasion in the spring.

Letter from Peter Stephens, Turin, to Thomas Stephens  3614/1/57  15 Mar 1755

1 document

He notes that the envoy and the consul at Naples are or will be recalled. He is wanting a post, not a highly honoured one and he talks about his motives.
Ask if he can send another impression of the shield and ask about his watch.

Letter from Peter Stephens, Rome, to Thomas Stephens  3614/1/58  1 Apr 1755

1 document

Talks about the payment of debts to a Mr Mitford.
He says that Mr de Lewcam wishes to meet Thomas in London.
He describes his activities in Rome.

Letter from Peter Stephens, Turin, to Thomas Stephens  3614/1/59  10 Apr 1755

1 document

Talks about the necessity for war.
He says that he will be on the move soon either to Florence or Rome in is in Turin at the movement.
He talks about the weather and his health.

Letter from Peter Stephens, Acqui, to Thomas Stephens  3614/1/60  4 May 1755

1 document

He talks about his financial matters.
He talks about his plans, that he will stay at Acqui for a few days and proceed with a friend.
He desires to hear about any political news.

Letter from Peter Stephens, Acqui, to Thomas Stephens  3614/1/61  18 May 1755

1 document

He thanks Thomas for the news of the naval victory. He then goes on to talk about the war. He believes that a naval war should be pursued not on land as this would waste men and money.
He talks about how good the baths are for his health and how good they would be for a friend of his.
He talks about his financial matters.
He says that he will be moving to Florence and Rome soon.
Sends regards to friends, especially Nancy, a widow.
Talks about the agriculture in Italy.

Letter from Peter Stephens, Genoa, to Thomas Stephens  3614/1/62  1 Jun 1755

1 document

He describes his journey to Genoa. He passed the Apennines and then came into Genoa at a place called Votin. He decided to sketch a sea view and got arrested for being a spy. He was then confined to his quarters, then transported to the city and to the tower for state prisoners. He was searched and taken to a dungeon. His friends and British consul heard about this so decided to enquire. He was freed and is now staying with friends.
He enquires about the lottery.

Letter from Peter Stephens, Florence, to Thomas Stephens  3614/1/63  13 Jul 1755

1 document

He talks about his friend's health to whom he has recommended the baths at Acqui.
He is bored with Italy.
He talks about his financial affairs and his dream of winning the lottery.
He describes the daily activities of the local population and the scene in the public square in the evenings.
He describes his journey from Genoa, which was stormy.

Letter from Peter Stephens, Florence, to Thomas Stephens.  3614/1/64  5 Aug 1755

1 document

He talks about the taking of enemy ships.
He talks about the need for a fresh correspondence.
He talks about financial matters.

Letter from Peter Stephens, Florence, to Thomas Stephens  3614/1/65  9 Sep 1755

1 document

He talks about the change in correspondence.
He talks about financial matters.
He talks about his attachment to Florence and the possible of his moving on and the need to establish a better correspondence.

Letter from Peter Stephens, Florence, to Thomas Stephens  3614/1/66  22 Sep 1755

1 document

He proposes to contact a merchant in Florence to set up correspondence. He is displeased by the fact Thomas has not set it up.
Mr Lewcam has gone to Paris.
He sends regards to friends and neighbours.

Letter from Peter Stephens, Florence, to Thomas Stephens  3614/1/67  3 Oct 1755

1 document

He talks about financial matters.
He gives a new address.

Letter from Peter Stephens, Florence, to Thomas Stephens  3614/1/68  22 Oct 1755

1 document

He talks about financial matters.
He says do not communicate any information which would stop letters arriving.
Mentions his health being bad.
He asks for a advisement to be inserted in the 'Daily Advertiser'.

Letter from Peter Stephens, Florence, to Thomas Stephens  3614/1/69  27 Oct 1755

1 document

He talks about his financial affairs.
He talks about winter and that Italy can get very cold and there is snow on the mountains already.
Describes the area and the people.

Letter from Peter Stephens, Florence, to Thomas Stephens  3614/1/70  22 Nov 1755

1 document

He says he has received tickets.
He says he will spend the winter in Florence.
He ask Thomas to tell him what the weather is like in England and Peter describes the weather in Florence to Thomas.

Letter from Peter Stephens, Florence, to Thomas Stephens  3614/1/71  19 Dec 1755

1 document

He talks about the affects the earthquake has had on people in Italy. He says that some of the reports he has read are ridiculous. He talks about the damage to buildings, the effects on the rich, the number of people killed and the cost of it all.
On the 9th December Milan was shaken and a ship on the ship was damaged.
He talks about the reports that a plague has broken out in Albania, famine in Lisbon, Rhone is flooded.
He mentions the lottery.
He says post has to go via Holland.

Letter from Peter Stephens, Rome, to Thomas Stephens  3614/1/72  1 Mar 1756

1 document

He describes the festival or carnival that is happening in Rome. He describes the events, balls and theatres. Describes how the horses are decorated.
He says that produce and lodgings are reasonably priced. He describes his home.
He asks after his books and prints and hopes that they are being look after.
He has drawn a picture of a horse decorated with bells and flags.

Letter from Peter Stephens, Rome, to Thomas Stephens  3614/1/73  29 Apr 1756

1 document

Complains about friends not writing.
Asks about the fashions in Paris.
Asks about Mr de Lewcam's health and after other friends in London.
He describes the entry of the French ambassador and his visit to the Pope.
He talks about Palm Sunday and the celebrations.

Letter from Peter Stephens, Rome, to Thomas Stephens  3614/1/74  29 Apr 1756

1 document

He talks about financial matters and where letters should be sent.

Letter from Peter Stephens, Rome, to Thomas Stephens  3614/1/75  2 Jul 1756

1 document

He says that this is the first letter he has received from Thomas, as his other letters were stopped because of the content.
He talks about a incident that Admiral Bing was involved in.
He talks about the ceremony when the Pope receives tribute called 'Spanish Chinea' or 'mare'.

Letter from Peter Stephens, Rome, to Thomas Stephens  3614/1/76  23 Jul 1756

1 document

He recommends Mr Wilson, who he says is a great 'landship' (landscape) painter.
He has enclosed an letter for Nancy and another one is enclosed which is to be left at Craven Street, if John still lives there and if not forward to Bedford Row.

Letter from Peter Stephens, Rome, to Thomas Stephens  3614/1/77  26 Aug 1756

1 document

He has not received any letters about domestic affairs.
He received a letter from Mr de Lewcam, who was disappointed about the company at Smyrna Cafe. Mr de Lewcam hopes to visit Peter and pehaps spend winter in Naples.
He talks about financial matters.

Letter from Peter Stephens, Florence, to Thomas Stephens  3614/1/78  1756

1 document

He comments about the lack of success in the lottery.
He comments about the new tenant.
He informs Thomas of the new address for the letters to be sent to. They are to be sent to Rome not Frescobaldi.
He has recovered from his illness.
He is satisfied with Florence and believes once he has seen the rest of Italy he will return there.
He ask for a pair of lace ruffles for shirts to be sent to him in Rome.

Letter from Peter Stephens, Rome, to Thomas Stephens  3614/1/79  10 Jan 1757

1 document

He talks about his finanial matters and the lottery.
He had a spell of illness but he hopes he will be well enough to enjoy the carnival.
He talks about the fact two new grand opera houses have open and several inferior ones too.
He was disappointed that Mr de Lewcam went back to France due to illness. He is hoping to visit him in the spring maybe.
He wants the ministerial changes relayed to him.
He ask for a pair of Bristol stone shoe buckles, the newest fashion, to be sent.

Letter from Peter Stephens, Naples, to Thomas Stephens  3614/1/80  26 Nov 1757

1 document

He writes that he hopes to return to England in spring with some of his friends.
He has sent six pictures and advise him to hang them by the fire.
He has sent a bottle of water with Mr Combs and Mr Woodward, but ask him not to open it until he is there.
He writes that Mr de Lewcam believes it is strange that news about the lottery has arrived.

Letter from Peter Stephens, Rome, to Thomas Stephens  3614/1/81  13 Feb 1758

1 document

He writes that he has met Mr Brudnell, the son and Earl of Cardigan.
He writes that his health is precarious.
Thomas is to write to him via Marcheses Belloni and to inform him of his health.
He is glad to hear of the military success but is sorry to hear about the loss of Princess Caroline.
He has stopped correspondence with Mr de Lewcam.

Letter from Peter Stephens, Rome, to Thomas Stephens  3614/1/82  3 May 1758

1 document

He talks about his financial matters and the ceremonies that are happening in Rome.

Letter from Peter Stephens, Venice, to Thomas Stephens  3614/1/83  27 Sep 1758

1 document

He remarks about Venice and the regatta on the lagoon.
He informs Thomas of his new address; Smith, the British Consul, Venice.
He talks about his financil matters and that a Mr Lyle is owned £10, which is payable when he returns to England.
He remarks that snow is on the mountains and it is very cold there.
He mentions the lottery.
He answer whether Thomas is going to send any of the boys abroad and that Robert should be taught languages as soon as possible.
He says he will spend no longer than three months in Venice and it depends on his health where he will move to next. He ask Thomas to take care of his health and ask him to send respects to all his usual friends and he asks after their health.

Letter from Peter Stephens, Venice, to Thomas Stephens  3614/1/84  3 Oct 1758

1 document

He writes about his financial matters and ask for Thomas letters to be directed to Joseph Smith Esq., Venice.

Letter from Peter Stephens, Venice, to Thomas Stephens  3614/1/85  14 Oct 1758

1 document

He writes about his financial matters.
He says he hopes to see some places on the continent before the winter comes.
He remarks that Gondolas are the worst kind of transport.
He does not know when he will return to England.
He wishes Thomas a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and asks that his letters be more frequent.

Letter from Peter Stephens, Venice, to Thomas Stephens  3614/1/86  18 Oct 1758

1 document

He writes that he has decided to stay in Venice for the winter months.
He describes St. Marks and the people and the things they do.
He remarks how necessary Gondolas are in Venice to visit friends.
He talks about his financial matters.
He asks about his friends and their health.
He talks about the great entertainments there.

Letter from Peter Stephens, Venice, to Thomas Stephens  3614/1/87  8 Nov 1758

1 document

He says that he hopes his letters concerning his finances have arrived safely.
He plans to stay longer in Venice.
He asks for two paintings and a book of prints to be sent by porter to Lord Brudnell via Lord Cardigan.
He asks whether Mr. Davenport has delivered Peter views of Italy, as these are very valuable to him and he ask Thomas to have a good search for them.
He remarks that he is at a loss without a watch and describe the one he would like.
He asks about the lottery.
He talks about his friends liking a drink, 'he loves his bottle'.
He sends his affections to friends in court and country.

Letter from Peter Stephens, Venice, to Thomas Stephens  3614/1/88  1 Dec 1758

1 document

He writes that he has not hear from Thomas for some time and is worried whether something has happened to him. So he has written to friends in case he is indisposed.
He ask for news of his friends, also news of the lottery and his watch. Asks if has any hogsheads of strong beer.
He ask for some fine Broseley pipes be delivered, with the pictures mentioned in earlier letter.
He enquires about Mr Davonport again.
He remarks on the weather being windy so he was unable to go in his boat so he wrote the letter by the fire.

Letter from Peter Stephens, Venice, to Thomas Stephens  3614/1/89  5 Dec 1758

1 document

He writes that he is glad to find him in good health as he has been so worried about him. He is also glad to hear that Brook Forrester is better.
Enquires about other friends.
He plans to get some pictures of Venice.
He mentions the lottery.

Letter from Peter Stephens, Venice, to Thomas Stephens  3614/1/90  1 Jan 1759

1 document

He mentions his finances.
He writes that Mr Pye is in very good health and has set out for England and asks Thomas to show him Shropshire and make him welcome.
He remarks that the weather is cold.

Letter from Peter Stephens, Venice, to Thomas Stephens  3614/1/91  1 Jan 1759

1 document

He mentions that Mr Pye is going to Shropshire.
He congratulations Brook Forester (?) on becoming Chief Ranger.
He makes remarks about Patriotism and liberialism.
He talks about paintings, his watch and lottery.
He sends regards to his friends, including Nancy, Dr. Parret.

Letter from Peter Stephens, Venice, to Thomas Stephens  3614/1/92  27 [?Jan] 1759

1 document

He remarks on his business matters back in England and ask Thomas to deal with them as he is there.
The carnival is at its height.
He enquires about his watch and his Taylor King.
He remarks that the weather is cold.

Letter from Peter Stephens, Venice, to Thomas Stephens  3614/1/93  2 Mar 1759

1 document

He mentions his finances.
He ask whether Mr Pye has arrived safely. He ask Thomas to inform Mr Pye that he has brought eight more pictures and believe he will not be disappointed by them.

Letter from Peter Stephens, Venice, to Thomas Stephens  3614/1/94  15 Apr 1759

1 document

He mentions his finances.
He remarks that he has not received any letters for some time and that he wishes to hear about friends, neighbours and the lottery.
He describes and reminds Thomas about the watch.

Letter from Peter Stephens, Venice, to Thomas Stephens  3614/1/95  1 Jun 1759

1 document

He mentions his finances.
He remarks about the lottery and how winnings should be shared between them.
He says that he will return to Rome for winter, as the north is not agreeing with him. He says he was unable to visit Germany and is not intending to visit France because it is 'not worth reviewing'.
He says he is going to visit Padua with a friend.

Letter from Peter Stephens, Rome, to Thomas Stephens  3614/1/96  [?] Jul 1759

1 document

He remarks that he has not heard from Thomas for some time.
He writes about the fact that his work has been published.

Letter from Peter stephens, Rome, to Thomas Stephens  3614/1/97  9 Jul 1759

1 document

He remarks that he has received Thomas letters dated the 22nd and 29th of May and the balance of his accounts up to 22nd May.
He has return to Rome for health reasons.
He writes about Mr Smithman and Partners desiring a lease, which he agrees too.

Letter from Peter Stephens, Rome, to Thomas Stephens  3614/1/98  21 Jul 1759

1 document

He writes that he has changed his correspondence from Belloni to Mr. Francis Barrazzi.

Letter from Peter Stephens, Rome, to Thomas Stephens  3614/1/99  14 Aug 1759

2 documents

He says that he has answered that letter with the list of accounts in and to the leasing of Needham Hall.
He talks about his neighbour Brook.
Separate note re rumours that person who met a captain's widow 'was smit and married. Now if it should be the hedger's daughter instead of a lady would it not be droll and very good luck'.

Letter from Peter Stephens, Rome, to Thomas Stephens  3614/1/100  1759

1 document

He asks Thomas to give the enclosed to Mr Lyte.
He writes that he is impatient to hear whether Lord Brudnell return safely to England.
He mentions his finances, lottery and ask after friends' health.

Letter from Thomas Stephens, London, to Peter Stephens  3614/1/101  9 Jan 1961

1 document

He talks about various financial matters.

Letter from Peter Stephens, Rome, to Thomas Stephens  3614/1/102  1 Sep 1761

1 document

He writes about his finances.
He enquires about friends, including Mrs Mitfold, Mr Parrot and Mr Davonport.

Letter from Peter Stephens, Rome, to Thomas Stephens  3614/1/103  7 Aug 1762

1 document

He says that he would rather have his work burnt than printed in Holland and he goes on to talk about book selling and amount of money that could be made.

Parallel Latin and Italian excepts from Virgil  3614/1/104  n.d.

1 document

Note at the top of the page says that these are not dedicated to any one but for the amusement of those who travel.

Letter from Peter Stephens, Leghorn, to Thomas Stephens  3614/1/105  8 Nov 1763

1 document

He is heading back to England by ship 'British Queen'.
He is accompanied by a servant.
He describes the contents of his sea chest.
He gives details of the payment he has made to the captain.

Accounts and financial matters of Peter and Thomas Stephens  3614/3/4  [n.d.]

Copy of Peter Stephens accounts up to the 25th March 1764.  3614/1/106  5 Jun 1766

1 document

Bill listing various specified amounts due to Thomas Stephens for specified items brought on behalf of Peter Stephens.

Notes re ownership of Peter Stephens' drawings and sketches of Italian scenes  3614/1/107  n.d.

1 document

Peter Stephens made 200 drawings/sketches of Italian scenes and entrusted them to Thomas Stephens to have 30 copies or more made.
If Peter dies then ownership pass to Thomas, thence equally to latter's three sons, Michael, Thomas and Jack and then to the Foundling Hospital reserving one eight share to Natale Poszanza, his servant and a native of Arcona, after Poszana's death it passes to his widow Catherine Poszanza.

DEEDS  3614/1/4  [n.d.]

Feoffment  3614/1/125  20 Jul 1354

William de Fililode granted to Hugh de Baqgyne 1/3 of the manor of Alvethely, with all wards, heriots, escheats etc. of the same manor

Deed  3614/1/126  20 Jul 1356

Thomas son of John de Fililode gave to William de Fililode land in Handewykefelde, Nordeley.

Deed  3614/1/127  1359

John, lord of Astley, to John, son of Thomas [Coc] and his wife Margerie, land called the Colverhuse Feld, which John son of Thomas Coc senior held.
Astley. (more)

Deed  3614/1/128  30 Nov 1362

Egidius de Fililode, Roger de Rempstone, Richard de Siche, chaplain and Richard de Fililode give to Dionysus (Denis) of Astley and wife of William de Fililode lands in Astley and Karesleye.

Deed  3614/1/129  1386

Thomas Seabod, chaplain, to John and Edith Holfonde, property at Astley and Nordeley.

Deed  3614/1/130  Jun 1395

John Atte Venne gives unto Andrew Jenkys and William Baret land at Alvy Hekye called Venneland

Feoffment  3614/1/131a  1 May 1416

John Fililode and Henry Dunfolhe grant to Edith, late wife of Thomas Geondon a messuage with land adjacent, called Holfandles, in Astley and Nondely, and a toft with land adjacent called the Vennes, in Alverley, which property they lately had by gift and feoffment from Thomas Geodan. After Edith's death, lands descend to her son John and his heirs forever. Should none of Edith's children leave legal heirs, the lands will default to John Fililode and Egidius Eleack and their heirs forever.

Feoffment  3614/1/131b  1414-1422

1 messuage, lands called the Holfords in Astley and Nondley and a nook of land called the Venne in Alvely. Text of document obliterated. (more)

Deed  3614/1/133  15 Jan 1440

Henry Elcokhe, wife Johanna of Alveley confirms to John Clerke, Dylynton and John Staveney, Asteley a parcel of land called Venne Ruddyng and also parcels of land called The Venlow and the Schomlewey and Holewayland. (more)

Feoffment  3614/1/132  4. May 1439

John, late of Remesley, parish of Alvely and William, late of Alveley, release, grant and quit claim to Henry Eleskhe, Astley and Johanne his wife, the Venne Ruddyngs, Alvely, forever

Deed  3614/1/134  3 May 1470

Thomas Cradley, Bondisley grants to Richard Blyke, son and heir of Richard Blyke for 49s/ 4d, all his land in Brodenuwe land, allhis land in the Fililode field, and WelFefylds and Henddewike fylds in the fields of Nondley Regis and Asteley forever at 5s. p.a.

Feoffment  3614/1/135  1478
Language:  Latin

John Kingge to (Henry) Ryder, son of William Ryder, property in Alveley.

Counterpart arbitration  3614/1/136  12 Sep1572/3

William Gatacre of Gatacre and Thomas Poyner of Beslowe, esquires, indenture between Geo. Bromley.Esq and John Wannton, gent on first part, and William Baylee, on the other part, yeoman, after contravention between the 2 parties concerning a right of passage to a myll called Frogge Myll, Astley, property of W. Baylie-Parties agree to stand by the judgment of Gatacre and Poyner in the matter. Passage right to people of villages of Asteley and Nondeley to Myll without interruption. Baylie to pay to John Wannton yearly (and after his death to Geo. Bromley) 2s.6d

Grant  3614/1/137  23.Apr 1593

From Dame Jane Bromley, Hallon, widow, to Francis Crowther, Allyns, yeoman, in consideration of £90, messuage called Allyns farm and Beckwihts land with all appurtenances; and all that leasow called Seaverne Leasowe, Astley, Abbots for 3 lives (Francis Crowther, Francis Crowther, his son, and Francis Rowley, Seaverne Hall) for £5.13s.4d and 12 wayneloads of wood yearly from Nondeley Wood

Abstract of title  3614/1/138  9/10 Jun1655

Abstract of title of Thomas Stephens to a messuage or tenement and water corn mill called Frog Mill, parish of Astley Abbots, Lease and release enrolled in Chancery between 1 Robert Fayrbeard, Gent and 2 Michael Stephens: 1 - in consideration of £45 releases to 2. The said tenement and mill and all water rights and courses, pools etc, to hold his heirs, executors forever

Indenture  3614/1/139  20 Mar 1656

Indenture between 1 John Huxley Gent.(Broseley) and 2 Michael Stephens of the Hem Linley in 1 Sells a property to 2 called 'Broomy' in Abbots Astley oF the road from Madeley to Bridgnorth, abutting on lands of widow Crowther and Richard Lacon.
2 gives to 1 lands called 'Bromstik' in Astley Abbots, abutting on Widow Crowther's in exchange for above.
Witnessed: D. Sheppard M. Stephens

Exemplification of judgment in the case of Thomas Nickles v. John Bromley  3614/1/140  11.Feb1659

Nickles leased for 5 years Albins Farm, one messuage, 200 acres of land, 40 of meadow and 60 of pasture in Astley Abbots, from Henry Davenport. Nickles was evicted by Bromley who also did £10 worth of damage. An award of £4.10s for costs to Bromley from Nickles, who refused to prosecute his bill after lengthy delays to the case, due to the death of Cromwell, and later the difficulty in forming a jury.

Exemplification of recovery, Hopewood, Sidbury and Astley Abbots  3614/1/141  12 Feb1661

Between John Tyrer, Gent., demandant, and John Dovey, gent, tenant and Sir Henry Littleton Baronet, Thos.Tyrer, gent. of tenement and lands at Hopewood, Sidbury and Astley Abbots.

Deed re Hopewood, Sidbury, Astley Abbots  3614/1/142  20 Sep1661

(1)Henry Bromley, Esq, Holte Castle, Worcester, son and heir of Sir Thomas Bromley, knight deceased, John Bromley Esq, Barborne, Worc, son of Sir Thomas Bromley, deceased, Henry James, Esq Rydmanley Addams, Worc. And Thomas Whittaker, gent.of Grynsley, Worc.
(2) Sir Henry Lyttleton, baronet, of Franchley, Worc. ThomasTyrer, Inner Temple, London
(3) Sir John Tyrer, gent, of Clinley-Lovett, Worcester. and John Dovye, of Nondley,
(4) Humfry Grove, gent, Hall Close, Alveley and John Grove, gent, son and heir apparent of Humphrey Grove and Katherine Bromley, one of the daughters of the said John Bromley.
Consideration of his maternal love and affection for Katherine Bromley and Mary, Anne, Frances, Victoria and Beatrice Bromley and in consideration of marriage between John Grove and Katherine Bromley and for raising of £500 as marriage portion of K.B. to Humfrey Grove.
Henry and John Bromley to (2) forever the manor of Hopewood, with all appurtenances and all other lands late of Sir Edw. Bromley, Knight, Baron of the Court of Exchequer in Hopewood, Sidbury and Astley Abbots and all the Rectory or Parsonage impropriate of Albrighton, and all appertaining lands, buildings and rights to their own use and behoof as freehold tenants until after mentioned fine of recovery is levied, at Hilary Term following in the Court of Common Pleas.
H.G. to hold Albrighton Rectory until marriage portion paid and to receive £30 p.a. out of pertaining rents until payment.

Deed re Hopewood, Sidbury, Astley Abbots  3614/1/143  Michaelmas 1661

Indenture of a fine between (1) Sir Henry Littleton. Baronet and Thomas Tyrer, Gent and (2) Henry Bromley, Esq and John Bromley, Esq
concerning manors and lands in Hockes Wood, Sidbury and Astley. (2 parts).

Deed re Astley Abbots  3614/1/144  25 Jan 1670

(1) Michael Earle, Coventry, Mercer, and wife Mary, late wife and administratrix of Nathaniel Ashe, Coventry, mercer
(2) John Bromley, College Green, Worcester, Esq Recital: John Bromley, 8 July 1651, in consideration of £50, demised unto Anne Crowther a messuage in Astley Abbots and lands and tenements, pastures and leasows belonging to it for 60 years after the death of Jaine Margaret Bromley at £30 p.a.
Recital: By deed Poll, 9 July 1651, in consideration of a marriage between Nathaniel Ashe and Mary Crowther (her daughter), granted said messuage to Ashe from Anne Crowther's death for the remainder of the 60 year term.
Whereas Ashe died intestate, his wife became administratrix of his estate and is thus entitled to the residue of the 60 year term.
Michael and Mary Earle, in consideration of £60 paid by John Bromley, assign messuage and all rights to it for the remainder of the term.

Lease of possession of Hopewood, Sidbury, Astley Abbot  3614/1/145  19 Nov 1675

Release of Alveley, Sidbury, Hopewood, Astley  3614/1/146  20 Nov 1675

(1) Mary Bromley, Anne Bromley, Frances Bromley, Victoria and Beatrice Bromley, daughters of John Bromley, late of Barbonne, Worc, Esq
(2) Henry James, Ridmanley Addams, Worc, Esq
(3) Sir William Bromley, Bagington, Warwick, Knight of the Bath, Thomas Tyrer, Elmley-Lovett, Worc, Esq and William Bowles (Nagley)
Worc. Gent.
Recital:20 Sep1661
(1) Henry Bromley, Esq, since deceased, John Bromley and Henry James and Thomas Whittaker, gent, since deceased, by the names of Henry Bromley, Holte Castle, Worc, Esq, son and heir of Henry Bromley, Esq deceased son and heir of Sir Thomas Bromley, Knight, deceased, John Bromley, Barbonne, Worc. Esq, another son of Sir Thomas Bromley, Henry James, the younger, Ridmanley Addams, Worc, Esq and Thomas Whittaker, Grimley Worc, Gent
(2) Sir Henry Lyttleton, Baronet and ThomasTyrer by names of Sir Henry Lyttleton, Franckley, Worc, Baronet and Thomas Tyrer, Inner Temple London, Gent
(3) John Tyrer, gent, and John Dovey, gent, by names of John Tyrer, Clinley Lovett, Worc, gent. and John Dovey, Nondley, parish of Alveley,
(4)Humfrey Grove, gent. and John Grove, gent, since deceased, and Katherine Grove, widow of John Grove, by names Humfrey Grove, Hall Close, Alveley, gent, son and heir apparent of Humfrey Grove and Katherine Bromley, daughter of John Bromley.
Rectory inpropriate of Albrighton, to the use of Humfrey Grove and his executors for 1000 years and then to use and behoof of John Bromley, Henry James and Thomas Whittaker and their heirs etc. Also all the messuages, cottages etc. of Sir Edward Bromley, Knight, former baron of the King's Majesties Court of Excchequers, at Hopewood, Sidbury and Astley Abbots. to the use of John Bromley, Henry James and Thomas Whittaker and of their heirs etc forever. May be sold along with remainders of rectory and glebelands in Albrighton at best rates. Monies to be used to give £500 apiece for the 5 daughters of John Bromley if possible, money to be used for their maintenance and education. Lands have been sold but rents still go to the maintenance of the 5 daughters of Bromley. By this indenture, Henry James in consideration of trust and confidences, and request of daughters of John Bromley, releases to Sir William Bromley, Thomas Tyrer and William Bowles being in their possession by bargain and sale for a year, all the manor of Hopewood, all cottages, messuages etc. in Hopewood, Astley Abbots and Sidbury, and all estate title, claims etc. of Henry James in the said premises forever to the same intents and purposes as in recited indenture, and upon the same trusts and confidences.
See above ref 3614/1/145.

Bargain and Sale, Nondley, Astley Abbots and Albins Farm  3614/1/147  29 Mar 1680

(1) Sir William Bromley, Bagington, Warwick, Knight of the Bath, Thomas Tyrer, Clinley Lovett, Worcs, Esq, William Bowles, Hagley, Worcs, Gent, John Griffith, city of Worcester, clerk and Frances, his wife, one of the daughters of John Bromley, late of the city of Worcester, Esq decd, Mary, Anne and Victoria Bromley, spinsters, other daughters of John Bromley, Daniel Kendricke, clerk, late husband of Beatrice Bromley, decd, another daughter of J.B.
(2) Lancelot Stephens, The Hen, parish of Lindley, Gent. In consideration of 5s. messuage in Nondley, parish of Astley Abbots, called Albins Farm, with all rights, appurtenances etc.

Deed of Albins Farm, Nondley, and Astley Abbots  3614/1/148  30 Mar 1680

(1) Sir William Bromley, Bagington, Warwick, Knight of the Bath, Thos Tyrer, Clinley Lovett, Worc, Esq, William Bowles, Hagley, Worc, John and Frances Griffith (clerk and his wife, daughter of John Bromley) Worcester, Mary Anne and Victoria Bromley, spinsters, daughters of John John Bromley, and Daniel Kendricke, clerk, late husband of Beatrice Bromley, decd.
(2) Lancelot Stephens, The Hen, parish of Lindley, Gent, (recital see 3614/1/147).
In consideration of 5s. and £1050 to Mary, Anne and Victoria Bromley and John and Frances Griffith and Daniel Kendricke, Albins Farm, Nondley, parish of Astley Abbots to his own use and behoof forever.

Bargain and Sale with provision for recovery, Albins Farm, Astley Abbots  3614/1/149  26 Mar 1692

(1) Lancelott Stephens, The Hen, Lindley, Gent.
(2) Victoria Bromley, parish of St. Hellen, Worcester, spinster, consideration of £900
Albins Farm, parish of Astley Abbots with all buildings, lands etc. appertaining to it forever.
Provided if (1) pays £ 45 p. a. for 7 years on 29 Sept and 26 of March by equal portions (5% interest) and £900 at the end of 7 years, sale becomes void.
Stephens may also recover within the 7 years.
Marked 'cancelled' on dorse.

Bargain and Sale, Astley Abbots  3614/1/150  1 Feb 1697

(1) Sarah Richards, Bridgenorth, widow
(2) Lancelott Stephens, The Hen, gent
consideration of £6
The great tithes of lands in, Astley Abbots, forever.

Articles of Agreement  3614/1/151  2 May 1700

Between Lancelot Stephens the Elder of the Hem, Gent, and Jane (wife) (1st part) and Michael Stephens of the same address, his second son (2nd part)
Re. debts to be paid to named persons (within 6 months). Michael Stephens indemnified from all and sundry said debts. Properties to L and S Stephens securing the said sums, and timber on the land which could be felled to raise cash; the land and timber not to be settled on Lancelot Stephens junior or be part of any new marriage settlement. The deeds of the said properties to be delivered when required to the said Michael Stephens

Bargain and Sale for a year, Albins farm, Astley Abbots  3614/1/152  29 Apr 1707

(1) Lancelot Stephens, the elder, parish of Linley, gent.
(2) Victoria Bromley, Parish of St. Hellens, City of Worcester, spinster
(3) Lancelot Stephens the younger, Inner Temple, London, gent. Consideration of 5s.apiece of 1 and 2 by 3.
Messuage, called Albins, Astley Abbots with all buildings, commonage etc. appurtaining to it.

Bargain and sale  3614/1/153  30 Apr 1707

(1) Lancelot Stephens the elder, parish of Linley, gent. And Jane, his wife
(2) Victoria Bromley, parish St. Hellen, Worcester, spinster
(3) Lancelot Stephens, the younger, Inner Temple, London, gent
Recital: see 3614/1/149 Lease and release. Whereas recovery not executed within specified 7 years, the estate in law of V. B. of and in the premises become absolute, the principal is still owed by 1, and 3 has contracted with him for the purchase of the premises, the equity and the redemption thereof and has agreed to pay £1200
(£900 to V. Bromley. £300 to L. Stephens, the elder)
In consideration of that sum of £ 1200 the Albins, with all lands, buildings appertaining, Astley Abbots, forever

Abstract of the Title of Thomas Stephens to 'Albins Farm', parish of Abbots Astley  3614/1/154  29/30 Apr 1707

(A) (16th Feb. 1659) Verdict (Hilary Term 1659) in Trespass and ejectment between Thomas Nickles, on the demise of Henry Davenport, vs. John Bromley. Found for letter with costs.
(B) (20th Sep. 1661) 4 part Indenture
(1) Henry Bromley /John Bromley / Henry James /Thomas Whittaker
(2) Sir Henry Littleton / Thomas Tyrer
(3) John Tyrer / John Dovye
(4) Humphry Grove / John Grove / Katherine Bromley regarding marriage settlement of Katherine Bromley and John Grove
(C) (29th, 30th, Mar. 1680) The manor of Hoxwood (Oxwood) recovered from John Bromley by Henry Davenport; sale of property in the hamlet of Nondley, parish, Abbots Astley, 'Albins Farm' for £1050 to Lancelot Stephens by the Trustees.
(D) (16th Mar..1692) For £900 L. Stephens sold to Victoria Bromley
(E) (29th, 30th, Apr. 1707) Release between L. Stephens and wife Jane, with redemption clause, Victoria Bromley and L. Stephens (Junior). the latter to pay £1200 to father including distribution of £ 900.

Deed re Barrow and Bromley  3614/1/155  17. Aug 1728

(1) William Bromley, Worcs, Esq
(2) Lancelot Stephens, the Hem, Gent.
All coals on 1's land at Barrow and Bromley to 2 with full mining rights at 6d. per ton for 99 years.
(Agreed 13. Nov 1694)
Case paper concerning this agreement and the attempts of William Bromley, the new lessor, to claim the mine under
with marriage settlement dated before the sale agreement of 1 and 2.
All the while, the mine made no profit. 17. Aug 1728
1726 Rent raised to 1s. 6d. All expenses of Stephens, profit of Bromley, by new articles trespass also paid.
Stephens forced into partnership.

Lease, Astley Abbots  3614/1/156  29 May 1765

(1) Thomas Stephens, Broseley, Gent.
(2) Thomas Shelton, parish of Linley, Millner (sic) in consideration of a yearly rent etc.
Frog Mill, Astley Abbots, and land belonging and building etc, excepting timber and mineral rights for 40 years at £ 19 p.a. clear of deductions except land tax.

Counterpart Lease  3614/1/157  29 May 1765

(1)Thomas Stephens, Broseley, Gent.
(2) Thomas Sheldon, pa. Linley, Millner, counterpart of 3614/1/156

Surrender of Lease  3614/1/158  9 Mar 1775

(1) Thomas Shelton, Frog Mill, Astley Abbots, Millner (sic.)
(2) Thomas Stephens, Benthall, Esq, surrender of lease of Frog Mill by Shelton in consideration of intent that Stephens shall, before July 1st, assign a new lease to him
(see 3614/ 1/159)

Deed re Astley Abbots  3614/1/159  10 Mar 1775

(1) Thomas Stephens, Benthall, Esq
(2) Thomas Shelton Astley Abbots, Millner
In consideration of surrender of a lease (29 May 1765) between 1 and 2 and in consideration of yearly rent mentioned below, a water corn mill called Frog Mill with messuage, barn, stable, garden and orchard belonging to it and parcels of land, meadow etc. belonging in pa. Astley Abbots and pa. Linley called the Sling, Frog Mill and Spring Meadow (c. 8 acres), also 2 parcels of land called the Middle Walks Mill, leasow and Upper Walks Mill Leasow (c. 6 acres) in the parish of Linley, (mining rights reserved.) for 30 years at £19 p.a.

Copy abstract of enclosure award, Nordley Common, with letter  3614/1/160/1, 2  Oct 1775

(i) Thomas Conser, Ryton, gent, and Walter Dutton, Beckbury, Gent, and Valentine Vickers, Cromene, pa. Worfield, Gent, appointed commissioners in accordance with the Enclosure Act 1774.
Abstract of enclosure award for Nordley Common, and Astley Abbots with land and ownership. Details given.
(ii) Letter from John Hand to Thomas Stephens with drawing of his allotment on Nordley Common. (4 Feb 1779)

Attested copy of Lease of three lives  3614/1/161  15 Nov 1800

(1) John Stephens, Bridgnorth, Esq
(2) James Morris, Astley Abbots, Yeoman
lately erected messuage on dwellinghouse with garden and appurtenance in occupation of (2) in Astley Abbots (formerly part of Nordley Common, but allotted by virtue of Act of land to Thomas Pilkington, Gent)
from 29 Sep. last for 99 years on three lives of J.M. on his daughters Mary and Elizabeth at %s. p.a. with no tax deducted.
May not sublet without prior permission of Stephens.

Letter by V. Vickers re Holly Bank Farm  3614/1/162  11 Oct1812

The value of Holly Bank Farm (Estate) so far as land goes; not certain of the timber (p. Astley Abbots ).
Calculates worth as £112.10s.0d p.a.; over 30 years, £3375.0.0, the wood at £25 an acre £500; underwood £130.0.0, giving (timber) £4005.0.0d.
This seems high but the property fills the gap in the estate; But 2 independent valuers could see to this. The house, outbuildings etc. and 75 acres, £99.10s.0d over 29 years £2885.10s.0d, about 20 acres of woodland, £16 p.a. over 26 years, £416 and underwood £130.0.10d.

Court rolls of Badger  3614/1/163  4 Jun 1403
Language:  Latin

William Beauchamp, Lord of Worfield
Extract of Court Rolls of Badger

Badger manorial record  3614/1/164  30 July1506

Script unclear.
Language:  Latin

Thomas Taylor, livery and seisin in part of Badger Manor.

Ackleton manorial document  3614/1/165  1564

Language:  Latin

Parish of Worfield.

Baggesone manorial court roll (Badger ?)  3614/1/166  1421
Language:  Latin

Court Roll of Ackleton Manor  3614/1/167  25 Aug 1583
Language:  Latin

Court Roll of Ackleton and Badger  3614/1/168  21. Nov 1581
Language:  Latin


Court Rolls of the Court of Wards and Liveries  3614/1/169  1607
Language:  Latin

6 sheets, in Latin

Penkhull court roll  3614/1/170  27 Jan 1674
Language:  Latin

Copy of Court Roll of the Small Court of the King at 'Pentkull' [Penkhull, Staffs.] before William, Lord Pagett, steward.
William Boulton surrenders to the King 2 pieces of land in Pentbull, called Le Wheat Leys, to the use of Richard Boulton. Fine of 9d.

Manorial document  3614/1/171  29 Apr1689

Admittance for Roger Barrett, son and heir of John Barrett to messuage, vinyard and land at Ackleton.

Deed  3614/1/172  12 Oct 1697

Between Henry Langley of Nokem (Knockin) Heref, Gent. And Elinor (wife) (1) and William Taylor, of the Heath, pa. of Badger, Gent.
(1) Considering £260 paid by William Taylor to Henry Langley, sell him and his wife (a) messuage the 'Copyhouse' with orchard, garden etc, in the possession of Mary Easthope (widow), all the meadows ' Boards Copy ' and 'Plork' meadow 'adjoining with the horse malt mill', (b) Messuage ' Rondecenem?', garden in possession of Edward Cork, cottage in possession of Henry Onions, William Cumberforme; another in possession of John Pugh, another Edward Ashwood, and others as listed.
(2) and all appurtenances, mineral rights etc.
(3) for 500 years from said date, for the rent of one peppercorn payable March 25th
(4) If said £260 paid back on 19 October 1699 also (?)
(5) £6 10s 0d on 18th April, and 18th October to the said William Taylor, the property will revert
(6) And William Taylor shall receive the rents etc. and forward the remainder to H. Langley after deducting the said £6 10s 0d.
Witnessed John Lowe, John Taylor, Humphrey Grenowes.

Licence  3614/1/173  5 Jun 1701
Language:  Latin

Licence of Samuel Beech in lands and Manor of Alscott, Worfield, for £2 6s, currently in the possession of John Beech.

Copy of charter of Worfield  3614/1/174  6 April 1704

A true copy of the Charter of Worfield, granted to the tenants of the demesne lands of Worfield, commanding that they may pass toll free, according to ancient customs and privilege. Charter: 26 May 16 Edw.1.

Poor assessments  3614/1/175  1761

'The poor loan for part of the parish of Warfield; being two quarters half quarter land tax at 10%'.
Assessments given for Ewdness and Oldington, Newton, Allscott, Winscott and Rindleford, Hallon and Catstree and Worfield.

Printed Notice, Gathering and Sale of Sheep Dung  3614/1/176  17 Mar 1792

Printed notice concerning the gathering and sale of sheep dung from the part of the common of Morfe which lies within the parish of Worfield
All people so gathering and selling are to be liable for prosecution by the copyholders and others commoners, who have a right of pasture there; likewise those who buy the dung.

Draft Assignment, Broseley  3614/1/177  1 Nov 1671 25 Mar 1717

(1) (Elizabeth) Benbow, pa. Broseley, widow and administrator of Francis Barlow, decd.
(2) Francis Adams, Broseley, collier
Recital. 1 Nov 1 Sir John Weld, Willey leased a messuage near Colepitt Hill, Broseley, and about 30 perches of adjoining land for 99 years at 3s. 4d p.a. or 3 lives (Francis, his wife, and Andrew Benbow)
(1) In consideration of the love of her daughter, Elizabeth Adams, and Ann Eaves, wives of (2) and Thomas Eaves respectively, transfers property mentioned above to 2 paying unspecified rent to Ann Eaves for the remainder of the lease. After the death of Ann Eaves, rent to other specified people.
On Reverse: beginning of a draft indenture of lease, dated 25 Mar 1717 between
(1) John Grove, Hall's Close, pa. Alveley, gent. And
(2) Gray James Grove, Pool Hall, pa. Alveley, Esq
Consideration of rents and covenants, 1 leases to 2 all that messuage or tenement;; Draft ends here.

Agreement  3614/1/178  19 Feb 1606

Between Richard and Mary Old and Mary Manning
(1) Agreed between both parties and their solicitors that all differences re. lands, tenements or hereditaments in Rowton, pa. Broseley, or in Sherrifhales, Stafford., and all matters, except those mentioned below, should stand referred to Edwin Skrymsher of Aqualate, Stafford, and Richard Leighton of Rodenhurst, Arbitrators, by and on behalf of said Richard Old, Mary Old, Richard Manning and his wife
(2) Armed with commission of court to examine such witnesses as necessary, and all shall attend when and where duly signified in writing.
Witnessed William Grosvenor and Thomas Powell
(3) Depositions already taken shall be read before the referees, whose verdict is binding
(4) Verdict in writing on/ before next 1st. June, to said court
(5) Referees not to interfere in High Court of Chancery judgment between Michael Stephens and John Old.
(6) If referees differ (re. law / equity) the opinion of Thomas Burton, (Councillor at Law) conclusive.

Articles of Agreement, Broseley  3614/1/179  22 Apr 1607

(1) Richard Old, Christchuch, Oxford University, Ba. of Divinity
(2) Richard Manning, Nettley, and his wife (nee Old) recital of case in Court of Chancery between the above parties re. the rights to a messuage and lands belonging in pa. Broseley, in the possession of William Rutter and called Rowton Hall, (or farm) and a messuage called Gitchfield (sometimes called Withies field) house and Gitchfield (or Seaver) meadow (15 acres, 3roods, 37 perches) and orchard, garden, hempebut and little croft adjoining; also 2 closes called the Withies field, (28 a, 2r, 17p.), in tenure of Francis Oakes on his assigns; also Rowton Green, Wild Croft, Moor (or Moorwell) meadow, the Axe Leasow and Nether Riddings, in possession of William Rutter; also a messuage in Sherrifhales, in possession of Ralph Tildesley, and of a cottage in SherriFhales, in the possession of Eliz. Backhouse, adjoining a tenement of William Belcham, in Broseley (Haddons Tenement)
To settle the dispute it was thereby agreed, covenanted
(1) that Rd. Old should take Rowton Farm, Rowton Green, Axe Leasow, Weld Croft and Moore Meadow ;a;so the SherriFhales properties (ie. Those in possession of Ralph Tildesley)
(2) Richard and Mary Manning to take Gitchfield house and meadow, the hempebut, garden, croft and 2 inclosures called Withiesfield, also Nether Riddings (aka. The Slang) and Haddon's Tenement, also those Sherriffhales properties in the possession of R. Tildesley.
(3) Guaranteed against property claimers on discharge of mortgage etc.
(4) Richard Old to pay Richard Manning £15 on receipt of assurances re. the property. Also will deliver to R.Manning a bond entered by Samuel Old for the division of profitsof Haddon's Tenement, to be cancelled.
(5) R. Manning will release R. Old from a judgment made in the High Court of Chancery between Ml and John Old.
(6) R. Old shall have pathway to Broseley Church from Rowton farm via Nether Riddings, (Arnoldsfield), but shall pay for damage on extraordinary usage.

Summary of Testimonies to Edwin Skimsher, Esq and Richard Leighton, Esq  3614/1/180  18 Apr 1667

(1) John Langley, the Juckis, deposed that he remembered Gitchfield House and Meadow before it was purchased by Mr. Old of f Mr. Porter; house and meadow belonging to ancient freehold of Rowton; ancient house stood where rebuilt one did; meadow used to be known as Withifields. Langley complained that some of his former depositions were incorrectly rendered, leading to some trouble with the Chancery Commission, and the Gattaker, in particular.
(2) John Langley, Swinbatch, born at Swinney, adjoining Gitchfield; formerly a wainway ran through there to Rowton House. Lands adjoining were known as Withifields.
Other depositions to the same effect from John Langley, the Amias; Samuel Langley, Broseley, son of 1; Lawrence Langley, son of 2; John Jobber; John Heddon; John Preen; Jane Cox; John Grey; Richard Owen; Thomas Owen; Lawrence Palmer; David Crow; Rees Pierce; Thomas Lee; Thomas Haddon; Sarah Haddon; Francis Roberts alias Belcham; Edward Cox.
Only 3 of the above were sworn, who gave material evidence for the defendant. Of them, Roberts was excommunicate on oath; Thomas Lee, according to the statements of John Langley, Swinbatch, and his wife, had said that he had never heard Gitchfield called by any other name; and John Addenbrook, Edward Russell and his wife would depose much the same with regard to the evidence given by Thomas Haddon.

Legal opinion  3614/1/181  1667

In dispute betweeen Richard Old, plaintiff and Mary Old, defendant.
Concerns the freehold of Rowton, claimed by the deeds of 5. Dec 1620, bought by Francis Old of William Porter, comprising Withingsfield/Withensfield (32a1r) Heath Ridding and Arnoldsfield and Rowton Green.
Also claims Gitchfield House and meadow, with adjoining croft, Nether Riddings and the 'mow well meadow '. All this claimed in the freehold of Rowton. This confirmed to Francis Oakes by a deed of 1656; lessee bound to build a house on Gitchfield Meadow within 4 years. Area with gardens is 17 ½ acres; alone the meadow is 13 acres. Arguments concerning the place name, the former taxations of the area (ie. The taxation area and the rate- 6-7 cows).
The contention is based on a survey, 10.July 1613.(Langley). There is a large disparity between the size of Withiesfield therein and the lands now claimed. The claims of Wild Croft with Rowton Green, is false, as an ancient hedge separated them, as witnesses have testified.
The claim of Nether Ridding is granted but proven that Nether Ridding is not part of Arnold's field. Moorwell meadow is also not part of the latter. The meadow is neither shown in the deeds.
Acreage according to the old survey-38a 03 r 00p
Acreage of 5 pieces claimed--- 27a 03r 28p
(Cartwrite) DiFerence-- 10a 3r 12p
Taxation argument used to prove that Withiesfield and Gitchfield are the same. Proves that Gitchfield and Rowton were taxed together. Implication of carelessness in the drawing up the deeds which led to the separation of the two Withiesfields from Rowton Green, interposing Heath Ridding and Arnold'sfield.

Depositions under oath  3614/1/182  1667

(1) Sarah Heddon: Gitchfield House and meadow, formerly called Withiesfield, and were held separately from Rowton Farm, but not distinguished by purchase or freehold; the area was called Gitchfield, originally, by the boatmen.
(2) Thomas Lee: same as above, but taxed separately
(3) Thomas Owen: Never heard it called anything but Gitchfield, and separate from Rowton.
(4) Thomas Haddon: the Watermen called it Withiesfield meadow, separate from Rowton, and purchased lands; taxed at the rate of 7 cows.
(5) Francis Roberts: Gitchfield, the modern name for Withiesfield; held separately from Rowton, Wilde Croft anciently used with the demesne;Rowton farm, the Ridding grounds, Rowton Green, and Wild Croft were assessed together at a rate 16 cows. He speaks of the boundaries of Heath Riddings, contradicting the deed of purchase.
(6) Joane Cox: Division of the 2 Riddings and Moorewell meadow.

Schedule and valuation of appurtenances and contents of Rowton Farm, Broseley  3614/1/183  12 May 1684

Ancient freehold of Mr. Richard Old, son of John Old, deceased, and land of Samuel Old, son of Michael Old, deceased.

Attested copy agreement  3614/1/184  Jun 1687

(1) Richard Old B. Divinity (2 ) Richard Manning ,Gent. Agreement for the sharing equally of the costs of repairs to the boundaries of their lands in Broseley as per agreement of 28 May 1687 ( see 3614/1/186 )

Covenant for Right of Way  3614/1/185  [c 1687]

Covenant for Right of Way of Richard Manning through Rowton to Gitchfield, as previously agreed with Richard Old.

Copy of Release  3614/1/186  28 May 1687

Between (1) Richard and Mary( heir of Samuel Old,decd.) Manning and Mary Old, widow of Samuel Old, and (2) Richard Old B.Div. student of Christchurch College, Oxford. 1 grants 2 right of way through Gt. Withies field, Broseley, from Rowton Farm to Severn, starting at Ox Leasow.
Mannings and Old also allow right of way through the lands of Manning, called Nether Riddings or Slang and Arnoldsfield
Document incomplete.

Mortgage  3614/1/187  31 Mar.1696

( 1) Henry Langley, Noke, Hereford, Gent.
( 2 ) Lancelot and Thomas Stephens ,the Hern, Salop., Gents.
for £80, paid by L.S. and £70 paid by T.S.
(1 ) gives for 500 years, Coppy House with all appurtenances, Beandes coppy, Roades messuage, in Brosely on peppercorn rent with provision made for redemption on payment of £159 on 31 Mar.1697

Deed to lead the uses of a recovery  3614/1/188  18 Aug. 1701

Heirs of Richard Old as to a messuage and a cottage in Sheriffhales, Staffordshire, and Rowton Farm alias Rowton Hall in Broseley.

Petition in Chancery  3614/1/189  c1708

Concerns questions relating to coal mining on Rowton land

Articles of agreement  3614/1/190  25 May 1702

Sinking of coal mine and laying of rails involving Rowton Farm, and Gitchfield

Bond for Performance of Covenants  3614/1/191  Aug 1702

1 Matthew Stephens, Church Stretton,Gent.
2 Thomas Stephens, Bradley, Gent.

Attested Copy of Agreement re sharing legal costs  3614/1/192  27 Oct 1707

1 Thomas Spratt, the Marsh, esq.
2 Nicholas Addenbrooke, Chesterton
3 Richard Edwardes, gent.
4 Michael Stephens, Broseley, gent.
5 Nicholas Harrison, master collier
Copy agreement that if Richard Manning, Broseley, should bring a legal action against them for waggoning Rowton coals through Mr Bromley's land to the Severn, they should all share legal costs.

Articles of agreement relating to coal mining  3614/1/193  29 Oct. 1707

1 Thomas Sprott, Barrow
2 Nicholas Harrison, Broseley
3 Michael Stephens
Re coal and ironstone mining at Rowton Farm on Mr Bromley's land. Provision re making new pits, use of rails to the Severn, keeping of accounts, building ginns and ginnhouses, ownership of tools, division of profits.

Articles of agreement relating to mining partnership  3614/1/194  24 May 1708

1 Richard Manning and Mary ,his wife,and eldest son Samuel
2 Lancelot Taylor, Bridgenorth
3 Edward Cox
4 John Pierce
Agreement of partnership for mining land at Arnoldsfield, Heath Riddings and Rowton fFrm.

Copy agreement of assignment  3614/1/195  14 Jun 1716

Joyce Sprott as executrix of her husband's will agrees to sell her right in the Rowton coal works to Lancelot Stephens on behalf of the partners

Articles of agreement concerning partnership matters  3614/1/196a,b  2 Sep 1717

Pit driven under Rowton farm. 1 partner has not paid his share.

Petition in Chancery concerning the title to Rowton Farm  3614/1/197  7 Jul 1718

Articles of Agreement concerning coal and mines  3614/1/198a  6 Sep 1720

1 Edward and Elizabeth Purcell
2 Michael Stephens and Thomas Harrison

Articles of Agreement concerning coal and mines  3614/1/198  20 Oct 1720

1 Nicholas Harrison, Broseley,gent.
2 Edward Purcell, Stafford,gent.
3 Thomas Crompton, Broseley
4 Henry Crompton

Copy of Agreement concerning coal and mines  3614/1/199  6 & 7 Nov 1722

1 Edward Purcell and Elizabeth his wife
2 Christopher Ward, gent, and Philip Purcell

Lease of possession, see D3614/1/4/98  3614/1/200  9 Dec 1723

See D3614/1/4/98.

Release of property in Broseley  3614/1/201  10 Dec 1723

1 Christopher Ward and Philip Purcell of Stafford, gents
2 Edward Purcell of Stafford, gent, and Elizabeth his wife (only daughter of the late Herbert Langley)
3 Michael Stephens of Broseley, gent
Messuage called the Crosse with lands

Settlement of the Manor of Broseley  3614/1/202  11 Mar 1728

1 Edward Purcell of Stafford,gent. and his wife Elizabeth, Mary Langley, widow, parent of Elizabeth
2 Michael Stephens, Broseley, gent.

Letter of Attorney  3614/1/203  1 Jan 1731

Frances Jowkes of Wolverley, widow, to Michael of Broseley and Thomas Stephens of Bradley

Copy of Agreement to Lease relating to mining in Gitchfield  3614/1/204  25 Mar 1731

1 Samuel Manning, Shrewsbury, draper
2 Michael Stephens, Broseley, gent.
3 John Onnions, the elder, Broseley

Copy of Pleas in Chancery relating to coalworks, Gitchfield  3614/1/205  1731

1 R. A. Staney to Peter, Lord King
2 Edward Corbett to Peter, Lord King
Re developments at Gitchfield coalworks.

Agreement to Lease relating to mines in Rowton, Gitchfield  3614/1/206  16 Oct 1733

1 Mary Manning, Broseley, widow and Samuel Manning, Shrewsbury, gent.
2 George Ryder, Quatt, gent., George Boucher, Bridgnorth, grocer, Richard Colley, Bridgnorth, gent.
3 Michael Stephens, Broseley, gent, John Baldwin, gent. Ditton, Thomas Gitton, Bridgnorth, gent., John Ryder, Bridgnorth, surgeon, William Pearce, the elder, Broseley, master collier and William Pearce the younger, son of Richard Pearce

Copy of Mortgage of Rowton Farm  3614/1/207  27 Mar. 1735

1 Richard Edwards, Waternewton, gent
2 Edward Turnoue, Shillinley Park Sussex, Esq.

Case brought against Purcell to oppose his Discharge  3614/1/208  5 Dec 1739

List of debts and handling of assets by Purcell

Letter to Thomas Stephens, Hampstead ( author unknown )  3614/1/209  1740s

Promise to draw up a deed for regular payment of annuity. The whole conveyance would involve the sale to the author, of Stephen's estate for £1200 and a yearly payment of £320, guaranteed out of the author's other estates in Worcs. and Broseley. Suggests the annuity is an ideal qualification to stand for Parliament. A life insurance policy will guarantee the initial £1200 payment. Mention of the dissolution of Parliament and the probable outcome for the Wenlock Borough. (B.F. Esq. [ Brooke Forester ] and his brother Col. F. ). Mention of two acquaintances: R. Wier who has a chandlers shop in London and Wait.

Copy Assignment of mortgage of Rowton near Broseley  3614/1/209  19 Feb 1742

1 Richard Baldwyn, Ludlow,gent Francis Walker, the younger, Ferney Hall Salop., Robert Pardoe, Lincoln's Inn, gent. ( executors of Ches. Baldwyn, sole executor of will of Edward Turnour )
2 Richard Edwards, Waternewton, Huntingdon ,gent.
3 Walter Gough, Penny Hall, Staffs.Esq. and John Biddulph, Cannock, Staffs. Esq. ( executors of the will of Sir Edward Littleton ) and Frances Littleton, widow, guardian of Sir Edward Littleton, nephew of the deceased.

Assignment of Shares  3614/1/211  20 Oct 1744

HASLEWOOD/CORSER  3614/2  [n.d.]

Haslewood family correspondence  3614/2/1-46  1847-1937

Letter to 'My Dearest Love' from (husband) D Binckes (?), St John's  3614/2/1  14 Jul 1847

1 document

Expressing the following information: Weather very hot and overpowering. Mr Woodley and Caroline arrived safe there on Monday night. Wife's sister has got very stout but due to erysipelas. She surprised/disappointed you're away from home. Fred and George in town Saturday last, dined at St John's Wood, treated very kindly. She would be touched by Fred's letter. After speaking Fred thinks might look down on the Longmores as much as selves scorned before - re connections. His brother John's wife is daughter of King of Hanover (legitimate by second wife). Earl of Munster, son William IV, fond of her and friendly with brother. Immense sum named in Fred's letter cannot be kept from them. Reconciled her with King; withheld moneys forthcoming; (sa)id not plebian but gentleman. Queen Victoria, at her Coronation, insisted she attend, coroneted. Will go and stay, early September, George went down to Cambridge, came 'here' on Monday with Caroline; he goes to Cheltenham that evening, back town next day. Sends love, hopes long letter in return. Hopes her sister is improving and that Capt. Jones got rid of gout (see Brisac-Jones letters). Her mother, Mary, Caroline, Letitia sends regards. Does wish discretion re his brother's business.

Letter from 'Adolphus' Duke of Cambridge House  3614/2/2a  18 Aug 1848

1 document

Enclosing a letter (see 3614/2/2b) the importance of which has induced him to seek the Chairmanship of a sub-committee to raise funds necessary to carry its stipulations into effect.

Letter from James Sherwood to George Langley, Culmington, Attorney  3614/2/2b  1710

1 document

Concerning a declaration which may cause dissension. [Difficult to read]

Pencil and crayon sketch depicting a squirrel  3614/2/2c  n.d.

1 document

Letter from R F Haslewood to his father  3614/2/3  2 Mar 1863

1 document

Concerning the holiday planned for the Prince of Wales' wedding and an illness to the school chaplain.

Letter from Martin S Skeffington to Edward W Haslewood  3614/2/4  1 Dec ??98 [1898]

Regarding Sudeley House: Not disposed to spend money on house, nothing approaching wholesale repairs suggested. Suggest looks for tenant with 'less sweeping ideas'. In default let it stand empty as he may be down in early summer and make some quite different arrangements.

Letter from H S Smith Davies, 21 Eaton Terrace, London SW  3614/2/5  10 Mar 1916

Advising him that he cannot help in a particular unspecified matter and recommending him to the General in care of Administration, H Q Western Command, Chester.

Letter from Major General C V F Townshead, Constantinople, to Mrs R F Haslewood, The Croft, Bridgnorth (via the Foreign Office)  3614/2/6  23 Jun 1916

Her letter of 16 May 1916 was received 'c. ten days ago'. He reached Constantinople on the 3 June after traversing Asia Minor. He thanks ladies for thought and sympathy. Supposes she knows he was a colonel in the 85th King's Shropshire Light Infantry, promoted there from the Royal Fusiliers in 1907. The Turks treated him with honour and generosity, he has a pleasant villa on a beautiful island in the sea of Marmara and passes the time sailing. Also mentions Mrs Craig, Mrs Pearce, Mrs Edwards, Mrs Beacall, Mrs Talbot, and Mrs Gladys Haslewood.

Letter from Reggie (Mills) to his Aunt (Miss Rodwell)  3614/2/7  27 Sep 1933

Concerning his mother who is in a nursing home in Eastbourne. He advises against his aunt coming to see her, in case of upset, and informs her of a recent incident concerning a bottle of port which the lady said was stolen from her but which never existed.

Copy of letter from Miss Rodwell to Reggie (Mills)  3614/2/8  1 Oct 1933

Asking if there is any way of seeing her sister (Ada Mills) without her knowing, to avoid her becoming upset.

Letter from Mrs A E Barker to Miss Rodwell, marked 'Personal and Confidential'  3614/2/9  16 Aug 1934

Concerning her sister, Ada Mills, and the poor way in which she is being treated in the Nursing home where she lives in Eastbourne. Describes the 'unscrupulousness, and smiling, lying hypocrisy' of the people in charge of the house.

Copy letter from Roger J R Haslewood, Solicitor, to his aunt Miss Rodwell  3614/2/10  21 Aug 1934

Acknowledging receipt of her letter and enclosure [3614/2/9 is the enclosure] pointing out the difficulties and necessity to investigate the situation regarding Mrs Mills and the allegations being made about the Nursing home.

Copy letter from Roger Haslewood to Miss Rodwell, his aunt  3614/2/11  18 Sep 1934

Concerning the condition of her sister Mrs Ada Mills, who is a patient in a nursing home in Eastbourne. Mrs Mills did not confirm previous reports as her circumstances, but Mr Haslewood feels that some of them were corroborated and recommends that she be moved to a more suitable place under supervision. Haslewood met her with a Mrs Barker the week before.

Copy letter from Mrs Barker to Roger Haslewood, marked 'Confidential'  3614/2/12  19 Sep 1934

Asking that he continue no further with his inquiries concerning Mrs Mills, as it has caused her [Mrs Barker] much trouble and left her on bad terms with the Matron. She says that she only did and said what she had been told by Mrs Mills (even though she knew some things to be untrue) out of pity for her.

Letter from Mrs Barker to Miss Rodwell  3614/2/13  19 Sep 1934

Asking her to discontinue her enquiries concerning her sister for the present, as the visit of Roger Haslewood has upset Mrs Robertson and made Mrs Barker's position difficult. She asks that Miss Rodwell not mention her name in any communication with either Mrs Mills or the Matron, and that Miss Rodwell destroy all letters from her. [Enclosed with 3614/2/14]

Letter from Miss Rodwell to Roger Haslewood  3614/2/14  20 Sep 1934

Concerning his visit to Eastbourne to investigate his aunts complaints and suggesting that they approach Mr Barnard, Ada Mills' trustee, with the information they have and get him to act on her behalf to better her position.

Letter from Mrs Barker to Miss Rodwell  3614/2/15  21 Sep 1934

Apologising for her previous letter which she feels may have upset her. Mrs Barker's sister has since explained how the disclosure of events took place. The Keeper overheard Mrs Mills talking about the visit of Mr Haslewood and 'forced the whole thing out of her' and forced her to say she would not see Mrs Barker again. Mrs Barker's sister said that her condition is worse and that her tea consists of two slices of buttered bread and a tepid cup of tea. Also that stitches from an operation six years before have burst due to the Matron turning her over roughly. Mrs Barker feels that Ada's original problem (alcoholism) must be cured after six years and that the Matron lied about Ada's unwillingness to meet her nephew alone.

Letter from Mrs Barker to Miss Rodwell  3614/2/15a  23 Sep 1934

Concerning the manner of Mr Haslewood's visit and how more could have been achieved by a different approach. She goes to describe the hopelessness and despair of Mrs Mills' circumstances comparing hers to a prisoner with no prospect of release. Mrs Barker also believes that the Matron has taken many of Ada's things. She refers to the threadbare clothes which are left to Mrs Mills and her general lack of freedom, and asks whether Mr Haslewood has written to the Medical Officer of Health for his opinion on the home.

Letter from Miss Rodwell to Mr Roger Haslewood  3614/2/16  26 Sep 1934

Enclosing two letters from Mrs Barker [3614/2/15-15a] suggesting that he informs the Medical Officer of Health of the circumstances 'in that wretched so-called nursing home'.

Letter from Mrs Barker to Miss Rodwell  3614/2/17  17 Oct 1934

Concerning the worsening condition and despair of Ada Mills and the increasing watchfulness of the Matron of all her movements. She also informs her of Ada's need for new underclothes as her current ones are worn and patched and asks if she [Miss Rodwell] could send some clothes down that her sister [Mrs Barker] could get to Ada.

Letter from Mrs Barker to Miss Rodwell  3614/2/18  26 Oct 1934

Concerning her sister's help given to Mrs Mills and the lies put about by the Matron, about whom Mrs Mills wants to see or talk with, Mrs Barker feels that Ada's spirit has been broken by the Matron after 'six years of suffering and brow beating'. Mrs Barker also refers to overcrowding, which means that staff sleep on couches or chairs.

Letter from Miss Sarah A Wilkes, 109 Ringwood Road, Eastbourne to Miss Rodwell, Lodden, near Norwich  3614/2/19  10 Nov 1934

Asking that she address future letters to her sister, Mrs Mills, at 109 Ringwood Road, so that she can be sure of receiving them. Mrs Mills has still not received the woollen vests which Miss Rodwell has sent.

Letter from Mrs Barker to Miss Rodwell  3614/2/20  16 Nov 1934

Concerning a parcel of clothes and how it could be gotten to Mrs Mills in the home without the Matron being aware of it.

Letter from Mrs Barker to Miss Rodwell  3614/2/21  20 Dec 1934

Informing her that the parcel of vests was intercepted by Matron and confiscated. Mrs Mills informed nurse Wilkes (Mrs Barker's sister) that Matron takes any money she gets and goes through her chest of drawers regularly, and punishes her. Ada is too frightened to mention it to her son as Matron is always with them when he visits. Mrs Barker feels that Roger Haslewood should have contacted the Medical Officer of Health immediately after his visit, to propose closer inspection of the premises. There is only one trained nurse (Miss Wilkes) in the home. Mrs Mills has met a man from Norfolk in the home (Mr Goddard). Mrs Barker also voices the opinion that her term in the nursing home is revenge by her son because he didn't inherit his father's money.

Letter from Mrs Barker to Miss Rodwell  3614/2/22  10 Apr 1935

Informing her that Mrs Mills' condition is even worse and that the Matron steals clothes from the patients to give to girls who work in the home. Her sister does not get much opportunity to help Mrs Mills anymore.

Letter from Mrs Barker to Miss Rodwell  3614/2/23  21 May 1935

Commiserating with her on the death of her brother. Mrs Mills' condition is worse and Mrs Barker is of the opinion that Mr Mills has been told that his mother's mental state is worse than it really is.

Letter from Roger Haslewood to Joanna D'Arcy  3614/2/24  18 Mar 1937

Concerning their arrangements over the following weeks for meeting friends to receive engagement gifts and her visit to the Liverpool races. Also some personal thoughts to his fiancée.

Letter from Roger Haslewood to Joanna D'Arcy  3614/2/25  19 Mar 1937

Concerning his activities on the day before.

Letter from Roger Haslewood to Joanna D'Arcy  3614/2/25a  20 Mar 1937

Apologising for the non-arrival of his last letter.

Letter from Roger Haslewood to Joanna D'Arcy  3614/2/25b  21 Mar 1937

Hoping she enjoyed the races and telling her what he's been doing and when he will see her again.

Letter from Roger Haslewood to Joanna D'Arcy  3614/2/26  23 Apr 1937

Concerning his feelings for her and his work on construction of a greenhouse.

Letter from Roger Haslewood to Joanna D'Arcy  3614/2/27  24 Apr 1937

Concerning news of their friends and of Roger's work on the green house. Also more about his love for her.

Letter from Roger Haslewood to Joanna D'Arcy  3614/2/28  25 Apr 1937

Concerning his work and arrangements for a journey to Rugby.

Letter from Roger Haslewood to Joanna D'Arcy  3614/2/29  26 Apr 1937

Concerning personal plans and arrangements and a trip to Cannock Chase. Mentions that he cannot use 'the H K sign' as it is a copyright of the family.

Letter from Roger Haslewood to Joanna D'Arcy  3614/2/30  27 Apr 1937

Concerning what he has been doing and asking when she is to return.

Letter from Roger Haslewood to Joanna D'Arcy  3614/2/31  28 Apr 1937

Concerning what he has been doing and asking when she is to return.

Letter from Roger Haslewood to Joanna D'Arcy  3614/2/32  25 May 1937

Concerning what he has been doing and asking when she is to return.

Letter from Roger Haslewood to Joanna D'Arcy  3614/2/33  26 May 1937

Concerning what he has been doing and asking when she is to return.

Letter from Roger Haslewood to Joanna D'Arcy  3614/2/34  26 May 1937

Concerning furniture to be delivered to her. Encloses sketch of dressing table [see 3614/2/35].

Sketch showing dressing table converted from a Sheraton spinet  3614/2/35  26 May 1937

Letter from Roger Haslewood to Joanna D'Arcy  3614/2/36  27 May 1937

Concerning personal details and arrangements for a holiday in the South-West.

Letter from 'your loving Nanky'  3614/2/37  n.d. [1937]

Agreeing to marry the recipient.

Letter from Ann B to Joanna D'Arcy  3614/2/38  7 Feb 1937

Congratulating her on her engagement and asking her to pay a visit soon.

Letter from 'Auntie Loo' to Joanna D'Arcy  3614/2/39  27 Feb 1937

Congratulating her on her engagement.

Letter from 'Uncle Gerald' to Joanna D'Arcy  3614/2/40  26 Feb 1937

Congratulating her on her engagement.

Letter from 'Mary' [a servant] to Joanna D'Arcy  3614/2/41  27 Feb 1937

Congratulations and best wishes to the rest of her family.

Letter from Cousin 'Rose' to Joanna D'Arcy  3614/2/42  27 Feb 1937

Sending congratulations.

Letter from Gladys E Elwell [her sister] to Joanna D'Arcy  3614/2/43  1 Mar 1937

Sending congratulations and also mentions her plant cuttings.

Letter from Mary Blatherwick to Joanna D'Arcy  3614/2/44  9 Mar 1937

Sending congratulations.

Letter from Gladys to her mother  3614/2/45  n.d.

Letter from 'Roddy' to his mother  3614/2/46  n.d.

Conveyances  3614/2/47-100  1605-1838

Fine  3614/2/47  1605

In octave of Michaelmas 1605 Richard Tedstell alias Farmer and Thomas Hasellwood, plaintiffs John Tedstell, deforceant. One messuage, one cottage with two gardens, one orchard and 30 acres of land, 10 acres of meadow, and 50 acres of pasture in Tedstyll [Tedstill] and Chetton.

Release  3614/2/48  9 Oct 1707

1. Thomas Wollaston, parish Enfield, Staffs., gent and his wife Anne, daughter and heir to Edward Bourne, late felt maker of Bridgnorth 2. William Haslewood, Bridgnorth, gent Consideration: £200 1. to 2. Two messuages in parish St Leonard's in High Street, Bridgnorth, and a stable, reserving right of passage and freedom to lay a water pipe to brewhouse situated behind; freedom to use the compost heap belonging to the tenement with moiety of a pew in St Leonard's.

Copy Bond of Obligation  3614/2/49  9 Oct 1707

If Thomas Wollaston and his wife Anne perform covenants in indenture of release between himself, his wife and William Haslewood, then this obligation becomes void. Obligation in sum of £400

Typed copy of Order, 1739, that Butchers who have set up stalls at the Town Hall, Bridgnorth, be given notice by the bailiffs for them to be removed  3614/2/50  n.d.

Also typed copy of order, 1739, that Roger Haslewood, on surrender of a lease (to his father William, late Town Clerk) of a tenement in Castle Hill, and a malthouse on a street between Castle Hill and Castle Gate, and paying a fine of 2s 6d and rents now payable and hens to the bailiffs shall have a new lease for ninety nine years or the lives of himself and his brothers William and John.

Copy Bond  3614/2/51  9 Jan 1749

Joseph Corbet bound to John Addenbrooke, Dean of the Cathedral Church of Lichfield in the sum of £100 Condition: If there is no impediment to the marriage of Joseph Corbet and Ann Perrott, Brewood, Staffs., spinster, no suit pending in any civil or ecclesiastical court, the parents or governors of the said parties consenting and that they solemnize their marriage between eight and twelve in the morning and shall keep indemnified John Addenbrooke, bond becomes void.

Copy Bond  3614/2/52  27 Jan 1749

Joseph Corbett bound to George Perrott, Gravell Street, London in £1400 After marriage of Joseph Corbett and Ann Perrott, Joseph Corbett will be entitled to £800 in value of the fortune of Ann Perrott. Condition of obligation is that if the marriage takes place and Joseph Corbett dies before Ann Perrott, she gets £700 of his estate plus interest at 4½ % p.a. and obligation becomes void.

Receipt  3614/2/53  29 Apr 1749

To Thomas Boden for £4 4s received of Benjamin Haslewood for a seat in St Leonard's church, Bridgnorth.

Assignment of Lease  3614/2/54  1 Aug 1759

1. Hannah Haslewood, Bridgnorth, widow and admin. of Thomas Haslewood, late of Bridgnorth, ironmonger 2. Anne Wellins, Bridgnorth, widow and admin. of Joseph Wellins, mason 3. Richard Pool, Worcester, innholder Recital 11 Sep 1735: John Corser and John Haslewood, late bailiffs of Bridgnorth, leased to Joseph Wellins a messuage on side of Barnett's Hill, Bridgnorth and a garden (c. 88' x 91') for ninety nine years or three lives (Wellins, his son Edward and Richard Malpas, son of Rowland Malpas the younger, Bridgnorth, glover) 1s p.a. and two fat hens or 1s at the election of the bailiffs.
Recital - Assignment 10 Feb 1738: Assignment - Wellins to Haslewood, consideration of £5 with proviso for redemption on payment of £5 with interest.
Recital: Haslewood died intestate and admin. of his estate granted to his widow. Wellins also died but in his will appointed Richard Pool as sole executor, Pool having renounced it, admin. was granted to Anne Wellins. There is now due to Hannah Haslewood £6 17s 6d in principal and interest for redemption of premises. Anne Wellins and Richard Pool have agreed that Richard Pool may buy back the premises for remainder of lease term. In consideration of £6 17s 6d to Hannah Haslewood and £3 5s 6d to Anne Wellins, bargain & sale for residue of ninety nine year term to Richard Pool.

Marriage Settlement by Lease and Release  3614/2/55-56  24&25 Nov 1749

2 documents

1. Benjamin Haslewood, Bridgnorth, bookseller 2. Sarah Wells, Bridgnorth, spinster 3. Thomas Adney, Bridgnorth, surgeon and Roger Haslewood, Bridgnorth, gent Marriage is to take place between 1. and 2. Consideration of marriage and £450 to 1. when marriage takes place, which is now out at interest or in trust for 2. as part of her marriage portion. Bargain and sale to 3. [in their possession by virtue of 3614/2/55], messuage, brewhouse and buildings in High Street, Bridgnorth, moiety of two messuages in Bewdley, Worcs., near the chapel called the Roundabout, and estate right title etc. forever to the use of Benjamin Haslewood for life, thereafter to the use of Sarah Wells for life in part of her jointure, thereafter to the use of their heirs to the use of the right heirs of Benjamin Haslewood forever. Proviso that part of the premises may be sold by 1. and 2. with permission of 3. After the marriage of 1. to lay out £450 in purchasing, with consent of 3., of messuages etc. to as good a yearly value as possible, to the use of 1. in his lifetime, thereafter to the use of 2. and thereafter to the use of their issue together. In default of issue, to the right heirs of 1. Proviso if 1. should have a son and younger children by 2., shall be lawful for 1. to set aside up to £400 for non inheriting children. If 1. dies without issue before 2., lawful for her to set aside up to £200 for such persons as she wishes, provided the trustees are not answerable for such acts, nor may they deduct costs for themselves.

Marriage Settlement  3614/2/57/1  25 Nov 1749

1. Benjamin Haslewood, Bridgnorth, bookseller 2. Sarah Wells, Bridgnorth, spinster, daughter and coheir of Thomas Wells, late of Bridgnorth, mercer and Elizabeth his wife, deceased, daughter of John Cook, Kinfore, Staffs., deceased, mercer 3. Thomas Adney, surgeon and Roger Haslewood, gent, both of Bridgnorth Consideration of marriage between 1. and 2. and of £450, both have bargained and sold to 3. for a year meassuage with brewhouse and buildings etc. in High Street, Bridgnorth and moiety of two messuage in Bewdley, Worcs., and estate right title interest use possession property claims and demand of 1. and 2., by indenture of 24 Nov 1749. Now making them trustees of the said property to the use of 1. in his lifetime and after that to the use of 2. and then her issue by 1. or failing that 1.'s right heirs. As soon as possible after marriage 1. must lay out £450 to the purchasing of property.

Copy Will of William Plaxton, Inner Temple, London, gent  3614/2/57/2  23 Nov 1745

1) To be buried in Temple Church if dies near London; names six gentlemen to carry coffin; to get one gold Jacob ---? piece each; no rings. 2) Individual bequests (family for mourning); sister Perrott released from any debts owing him. Other named legacies. 3) All real estate to brother-in-law Robert Barber and nephew George Perrott. Rents to sister Perrott by two half yearly instalments. 4) Real estates, after sister's death, sold and moneys divided between her children and those of brother, John Plaxton, other than nephews William Plaxton, Thomas Perrott. 5) Various specified legacies. Witnesses: John Poole, S Barnard Codicil: John Alcock of York and wife, if apply within one month of his death, release of all debts; Executors to decide if share of real/personal estate to Mrs Alcock. 11 Nov 1745 Messrs John Pool, William Dixon testified William Plaxton dead. Will proved 14 Nov 1745.

Copy of Bill in Chancery  3614/2/58  15 Aug 1751

William Plaxton, St Margaret's, Westminster, Middlesex, gent, son and admin. of Rev John Plaxton, late rector of Sutton upon Derwent, Yorkshire, complainant.
Recital - Lease 1 May 1724: Charles late Duke of Somerset unto Barbara Lowther, widow, Catton Park (c. 356 acres 7 perches) with all appurtenances and all parcels of enclosed ground Throw Mines (c. 127 acres) situated in Catton, Yorkshire, for nineteen years at £50 p.a. said lease later assigned to Robert Wilberfosse, who died leaving the lease to his wife Martha, who assigned it £200 to John Plaxton, above, in 1738. Plaxton improved the estate in the hope of a further lease, it was agreed that upon a surrender of the lease, a new lease of twenty one years would be granted from 1740 at the same rent as before in consideration of £400 from Plaxton to the Duke.
Recital - Lease 5 May 1740: Consideration of surrender and £400, new lease for twenty one years at £50 p.a. To secure money to pay consideration, interest and rent arrears, J Plaxton applied to his brother William, Inner Temple, London, gent, to advance him the money and £100 to pay a debt to Samuel Booth. William thus paid a total of £652 15s, the security for which was the leasehold, not mortgaged, but assigned, and a declaration that the lease was only in John's name as trustee for William.
10 Sep 1744: John Plaxton declares himself a trustee in above recited lease, of William Plaxton and George Perrott. Plaxton allowed tenants to attorn to William Plaxton in his life time. William Plaxton, died 20 Sep 1745, by his will 22 Oct 1744 gave John Plaxton £60 for mourning and released him from all debts. Executors saw the assignment of the lease and deed poll only intended as a mortgage, but George Perrott (nephew of William Plaxton) did not and considered it absolute.
23 Feb 1749: John Plaxton, father of complainant died intestate; and his possessions have been granted to complainant prerogative Court of Archbishop of York, including entitlement to the lease. Bill seeks clarification of the position of the complainant and reassignment to him of the lease and of rents accruing since the death of William Plaxton.

Apprenticeship Indenture  3614/2/59  2 Jan 1756

Of William Haslewood, son of John Haslewood, grocer of Bridgnorth, by consent of his father to Benjamin Medlicott, Bridgnorth, tin plate worker, dealer and chapman, for seven years at a premium of £40. Conditions of apprenticeship outlined. Dorse: receipt 20s 1 Mar 1756 and release 6 Jan 1758 of William Haslewood from apprenticeship by Medlicott.

Assignment of Lease  3614/2/60  2 May 1757

1. George Head, Bridgnorth, mason 2. Mary Haslewood, Bridgnorth, spinster
20 Sep 1747: John Goolden and John Guest, bailiffs, and the burgesses of Bridgnorth leased to Elizabeth Walton, Bridgnorth, spinster, garden ground near Castle Hill, Bridgnorth (c. 26 yards long) for ninety nine years or lives of Elizabeth Walton and Jane and Samuel Walton (her brother and sister). Estate and interest now vested in 1. for remainder of said term. Consideration of £30 1. assigns interest in said property to 2. for remainder of term, determinable as by original lease (i.e. for lives of three of above mentioned or ninety nine years).

Bargain and Sale  3614/2/61  24 Mar 1761

1. Thomas Boden, Bridgnorth, peruke maker 2. Benjamin Haslewood, Bridgnorth, stationer
Recital: At vestry meeting, church of St Leonard's, 29 Aug 1742, it was agreed that four seats be built near the south door under 'Master Robon's gallery' by Thomas Boden at his own expense.
Recital: Daniel Adamson, clerk, Master of Arts, late principal Official and Commissary of the Royal Peculiar and Exempt Jurisdiction of the Deanery of Bridgnorth by his lycence, 13 Jan 1742 gave leave to Boden to build the said four seats and dispose of them to his best advantage. Benjamin Haslewood has agreed to buy two of them. In consideration of £5 14s Boden sells two of the new pews to Haslewood.

Abstract of Account  3614/2/62  17 Aug 1764

An account settled between Sarah, Hannah and Mary Haslewood, with a note at the bottom indemnifying Mary Haslewood from two thirds of £320 owed severally to Messrs Adams, £100 debit of £100 and Farr, £50, and to Sarah Corbett (now Morris) £70. [document originally enclosed with 3614/2/67]

Articles of Agreement  3614/2/63  28 Jan 1765

1. Edward Haslewood, Bridgnorth, mercer and Benjamin Yate, Bridgnorth, grocer, Wardens of the Company of Mercers, Drapers, Grocers, Haberdashers, Salters and Ironmongers of Bridgnorth 2. Freemen of the said Company or Society
Recital: Whereas some people, not apprentices of any of the above trades, have sold goods connected with those trades, with no prior permission of the said company, it is proposed to end such practices. It is agreed that if any person, not free of the company, indulges in such trade in future outside usual fair days, 1. shall initiate such proceedings as the council (of the company) advises against the offender. It is agreed that all costs of 1. in prosecutions be met by the Freemen of the Company.

Assignment of Two Leases of two tenements and a malthouse in Bridgnorth  3614/2/64  30 Oct 1766

1. Hannah Haslewood, Bridgnorth, spinster 2. Mary Haslewood, Bridgnorth, spinster Both executrixes and residuary legatees of Sarah and Susannah Haslewood, their late sisters.
Recital - Lease 29 Jun 1753: 1. Sir Thomas Whitmore, Apley, Knight of the Bath 2. Sarah, Susannah, Hannah and Mary Haslewood Two messuages in Listley Street, for ninety nine years (or four lives) at 12s 6d p.a.
Recital - Lease 2 Jan 1766: 1. Thomas Skelding and John Haslewood junior, bailiffs of Bridgnorth and burgesses of the town 2. Hannah and Mary Haslewood A new malthouse in the parish of St Mary Magdalen for ninety nine years or lives of Hannah, Mary and William Haslewood (son of Benjamin Haslewood, Bridgnorth, stationer), rent of 1s and hens (or 1s in lieu). By leases and wills Hannah and Mary are entitled to equal moieties in the leases of the above mentioned properties. Consideration of £20 from 2. to 1. Assignment of moiety to 2.

Assignment of Personal Estate  3614/2/65  30 Oct 1766

1. Hannah Haslewood, Bridgnorth, spinster 2. Mary Haslewood, Bridgnorth, spinster (1. and 2. both daughters of the late William Haslewood, Bridgnorth, gent) Both named in wills of William and Roger Haslewood, Bridgnorth, gents, Sarah and Susannah Haslewood, Bridgnorth, spinsters, son and daughters of William Haslewood.
Recital: Hannah has an undivided moiety of two messuages in High Street, parish of St Leonard's, in possession of Edward Haslewood, mercer and John Haslewood the younger, grocer, with a stable, backside and entry from High Street. Also a seat in St Leonard's church and one quarter and one eighth moiety of a barn in Little Bridge Street, parish of St Leonard's (Sadlers Barn). Also one quarter and one eighth of a messuage, parish of St Mary Magdalen on the east side of Castle Hill, also a pew in St Mary Magdalen's church, also a moiety of two messuages in Listley Street in tenure of Henry Armiger and Richard Hancox for remainder of ninety nine year lease, granted 1753, also a moiety of a malthouse, parish of St Mary Magdalen, and a moiety and one eighth of the plate, china, linen etc. in the house she now inhabits.
Recital: Mary Haslewood has moiety of two messuages at High Street, with a stable, backside etc. and two quarters of Sadlers Barn, two quarters and one eighth of a messuage, parish of St Mary Magdalen, a seat in St Mary Magdalen's church, moiety of two messuages in Listley Street, moiety of a malthouse [as above] and two quarters and one eighth of the china, plate, linen etc. in the house she now inhabits.
Recital: The four daughters of William Haslewood lived together until the deaths of Sarah and Susannah, and spent £600 on building a new dwelling house.
Recital: In consideration of £200 from Mary to Hannah, the latter agreed to indemnify her from all such debts. Also in consideration of indemnification from all other debts of her inherited estates. Hannah assigned all her part shares and property unto Mary including all rent arrears and interests. In consideration of £200 Hannah assigns all stock, household goods, personal estates and premises to Mary.

Abstract of Title  3614/2/66  12 Dec 1766

Of William Haslewood to two houses in High Street, Bridgnorth. Lease and release 8 and 9 Oct 1707.

Release of Annuity  3614/2/67  18 Sep 1782

1. Ann Weaver, Bridgnorth, spinster, annuitant named in the will of Mary Haslewood, late of Bridgnorth, spinster 2. William Haslewood, Bridgnorth, devisee named in the will of a Mary Haslewood
Recital: Will of Mary Haslewood gave to William Haslewood, her nephew, new messuage in which she lived, two messuages in parish of St Leonard's, Bridgnorth, two seats in the parish churches of St Mary Magdalen and St Leonard's, and moiety of a barn in the parish of St Leonard's, charged with payment of an annuity of £8 to Ann Weaver during her lifetime. Whereas William Haslewood has disposed of much of the said property with permission of Ann Weaver he now agrees to enter into a bond with her for payment of her annuity. Consideration of 10s, 1. releases said properties from payment of her annuity.

Marriage Settlement  3614/2/68  13 Jul 1784

1. Catherine Haslewood, Bridgnorth, spinster (surviving executrix of Edward Haslewood, mercer, her father, also legatee of his will) 2. Rev George Lewis, Bridgnorth (Rector of Alehanger, Diocese of Exeter), clerk 3. Rev Daniel Llewellin, Bridgnorth, clerk
Recital - Bond of Obligation 25 Jan 1773: Edward Haslewood the younger, Bridgnorth, mercer and William Baker, Bridgnorth, mercer, in £1000 with a condition that the bond become void if they pay £500 and 4% p.a. Whereas a marriage is intended between 2. and 1. and they have agreed the principal be assigned to 3. for the intents hereafter mentioned. Consideration of marriage and of 5s from 3. to 1., 1. assigns the bond the principal and interest in trust for 1. until her marriage and thereafter 3. receives the interest in trust for 1. and after her death for George Lewis.

Abstract of Settlement  3614/2/69  13 Jul 1784

Of marriage of Rev George Lewis and Catherine Haslewood. [see 3614/2/68]

Attested Copy Assignment of a Bond  3614/2/70  8 Jun 1785

Recital - Bond of Obligation 25 Jan 1773: Edward Haslewood and William Baker bound to Edward Haslewood (father) in £1000 for payment of £500 and 4% interest.
Recital - Will of Edward Haslewood 21 Aug 1772: Left £600 to his daughter Catherine Lewis and after other legacies left the rest of his personal estate to his son Edward. Sarah Haslewood, widow of Edward senior and Catherine Lewis, joint executrixes. Both received several sums from the estate.
Recital - Articles of Agreement 13 Jul 1784: Assigned the bond of Edward Haslewood and William Baker to David Llewellin in trust.
Recital: Agreement between George and Catherine Lewis, with concurrence of David Llewellin, and Edward Haslewood, that Edward Haslewood should pay David Llewellin £400 as Catherine Lewis and Sarah Haslewood had already received part of the residue of the Edward Haslewood estate, to discharge Edward Haslewood from his bond. In consideration of £400 and 5s to David Llewellin, George and Catherine Lewis, David Llewellin assigns the bond to Edward Haslewood.

Draft Assignment and Bill of Sale  3614/2/71  1787

1. Joseph Corbet, the Lodge, Worfield, gent 2. Sarah Malpas, the Lodge, widow
Recital - Lease 1 Feb 1781: 1. Thomas Whitmore, Apley, Esq 2. Joseph Corbet Dwelling house in Forest of Morfe and two warrens of conies for twenty one years at £43 16s p.a. Consideration of annuity of £100 and 5s. Bargain and sale of above and household goods, stock etc. at farm in Bromley, Worfield for remainder of twenty one year term. [Marked 'cancelled' on dorse]

Copy Deed of Trust  3614/2/72  1787

1. Sarah Malpas, Worfield, widow 2. Joseph Corbet, the Lodge, Worfield, gent 3. William Haslewood, Bridgnorth, gent Consideration of agreements and 5s from 3. to 1. Dwelling house and property belonging; and premises mentioned in recited indenture of lease from Thomas Whitmore to Joseph Corbet; and £500; and a bond of obligation entered into by Richard Sochett Esq with all monies due; and £1200 to be secured by mort above recited; and all household goods and stock on the mentioned farms at Bromley, Worfield; upon trust for Joseph Corbet and his heirs for life, and thereafter to 1. then to the use of the children and grandchildren of Richard Corbett, Stifnall, grocer, brother of Joseph, as tenants in common. As to the sums of £500 and £1200, the interest to be given to 1. for the rest of her life, and after that to Jospeh Corbett and after his death, as follows:- £50 to the use of William Haslewood, the rest to be held in trust for division among the children and grandchildren of Richard Corbett. Lease and leasehold lands in trust in the same manner with provisos. [Marked 'cancelled' on dorse]

Certificate to Discharge from Parish Office  3614/2/73  26 Aug 1789

Certificate of exemption from all parish and ward offices in the parish of Bridgnorth, granted to Joseph Corbet for his apprehension and prosecution of Edward Evans for horse stealing. Signed by Sir William Blackstone, Knight and Justice of the Court of Common Pleas, 5 Aug 1770. Attached is Copy Assignment for £1 11s of the certificate, and all rights thereto to William Haslewood.

Copy Assignment  3614/2/74  1 Mar 1790

1. Joseph Corbet, the Lodge, Worfield, gent 2. Sarah Malpas, the Lodge, widow
Recital - Lease 1 Feb 1781: 1. Thomas Whitmore, Apley, Esq 2. Joseph Corbet A dwelling house, Forest of Morfe, Worfield and two warrens of conies for twenty one years at £43 16s p.a. or if Corbet dies during term, lease expires two years after his death.
Recital - Assignment 4 Jul 1789: 1. Joseph Corbet 2. Francis Homfray, Gothersley, Kinfare, Staffs., ironmaster Consideration of annuity of £63 for remainder of lease of above mentioned property and stock or conies.
Recital - Bond of Obligation 4 Jul 1789: Francis Homfray and Walter Henry, Mosely, Esq bound to Jospeh Corbet in sum of £490 for payment of £63 annuity and keeping of covenants in assignment.
Recital - Lease 28 Sep 1782: 1. Samuel Jones and John Bates, bailiffs of town and corporation of Bridgnorth and the burgesses of Bridgnorth 2. Joseph Corbet Piece of enclosed land in lower town, Bridgnorth at Tippin's Cross (c. half an acre) for ninety nine years or three lives at 2s 6d and capons or 2s at specified times.
Recital - Lease 24 Sep 1788: 1. John Bates asnd Jospeh Philips, bailiffs and the burgesses of Bridgnorth 2. Joseph Corbet Two gardens at Tuncroft (or Turncroft) under Castle Hill, Bridgnorth for ninety nine years or three lives at 20s and capons or 2s at specified times.
Recital - Agreement in Assignment: For 10s from Sarah Malpas to Joseph Corbet. Dwelling in Forest of Morfe and annuity of £63 from Francis Homfray and messuages before recited for remainder of twenty one, ninety nine and ninety nine years respectively, subject to payment of rents. Also bargain and sale all household goods, stock, chattels etc. of his messuage in Bromley.

Draft Assignment  3614/2/75  c.1789

1. Joseph Corbet, the Lodge, Worfield, gent 2. Sarah Malpas, the Lodge, widow Draft of 3614/2/74 with rough questions on last pages concerning the validity of Mrs Malpas' declaration of trust.

Copy of Assignment in Trust  3614/2/76  3 Mar 1790

1. Sarah Malpas, the Lodge, Worfield, widowe 2. Joseph Corbet, the Lodge, Worfield, gent 3. William Haslewood, Bridgnorth Consideration of previous (recited) agreements and of 10s grants to 3. in his possession by virtue of Bargain and Sale for six months (2 Mar 1790), prerecited property (messuages, farms etc.) to his own use and behoof forever, subject to redemption on payment of £1200 and interest and to trusts to be recited.

Case for the opinion of Mr Abbott  3614/2/77  22 Jan 1791

In will of George Colley, late of Bridgnorth, gent, 22 Nov 1787, gave his freehold messuage, garden and premises, High Street, Bridgnorth to William Haslewood, Bridgnorth, gent, along with all other real estate on trust to sell at the best prices and to invest the money in government or real securities, interest to Hannah Colley for her life and thereafter the money to his son George. Rents and profits from real estate before sale to his wife. Son George is in debt and in gaol and his friends want him released by a commission of bankruptcy. Haslewood wishes to know if he is sufficiently indemnified under the will in proceeding with a sale of the freehold estate. Answer: that he is entitled to do so and that the purchase would hold up even if Mrs Colley died before its completion.

Quitclaim  3614/2/78  26 Jan 1791

John Clowes, Bridgnorth, yeoman, late of the Lodge, Worfield, quitclaims to Sarah Malpas all obligations, debts etc. due of Sarah Malpas, as executor of Jospeh Corbet, deceased.

Quitclaim  3614/2/79  8 Mar 1791

John Vaughan, late of the Lodge, Worfield, now of Badger, gardener, quitclaims to Sarah Malpas all obligations, debts etc. due of Sarah Malpas, as executor of Joseph Corbet, deceased.

Case for Counsel's Opinion  3614/2/80  25 Jul 1791

Recital: Bond of Joseph Corbet to George Perrott in penalty of £1400 and of circumstances surrounding case between Mrs Malpas and Ann Corbet. Opinion of Mr Plummer, Lincoln's Inn, that Mrs Malpas will not be able sustain her right to Joseph Corbet's personal property under the deed of assignment, whose invalidity would render assignment to William Haslewood also invalid. Mrs Malpas may be compelled to pay above recited bond. The copyhold estate will not be liable for payment of debts. Having referred to Corbet's bill, opinion that debts may be charged of all real estate if personal estate proves insufficient.

Case for Counsel's Opinion  3614/2/81  8 Dec 1791

Recital: Bond of Joseph Corbet to George Perrott in penalty of £1400 and of circumstances surrounding case between Mrs Malpas and Ann Corbet. Opinion of Mr Burton, Lincoln's Inn, deeds independent of circumstances do not appear fraudulent. If proper procedures had been followed and if there were no reason to suppose that Mrs Malpas had not had notice of right or claim of Ann Corbet, opinion that Mrs Malpas' title would be valid. But it seems procedures were not followed and that the assignment was intended to disappoint Mrs Corbet's claim. Opinion that a jury would find the conveyances fraudulent. Corbet's will devises the properties as if the conveyances had nvere been made, lending weight to Mrs Corbet's claim. The failure to enroll renders the annuity deed void in any case. Opinion that the copyhold estate will be liable to testator's debts. Also that if both deeds rendered invalid, William Haslewood would not be justified in surrendering the assignment (3614/2/76) without the direction or authority of the Court of Equity, and advises Haslewood if no suit is brought against him, to file a bill against the several claimants for the directions of the Court. Advises Mrs Malpas to compromise with the several claimants but not to the widow without deducting from the £700 so much as was never received of the marriage portion of Mr Corbet. If compromise doesn't succeed, he would not recommend payment of the widow without a suit.

Accounts  3614/2/82  [1792]

Accounts of William Haslewood with Sarah Malpas, as trustee under a deed of settlement between Mrs Malpas and the late Joseph Corbet. Receipts of £1300 Outgoing £300 (to Mrs Malpas)

Deed  3614/2/83  1 Feb 1792

1. Sarah Malpas, late of the Lodge, Worfield, now of Bridgnorth, widow 2. William Haslewood, Bridgnorth, gent
Recital: 1. William Goodwin, Coalbrookdale, Madeley, gent 2. Sir Watkin Williams Wynn, Winnstay, Denbigh 3. John Congreve, Bridgnorth, Esq Mortgage of the rights for payment of £2000 and interest.
Recital - Deed poll: John Congreve declared that £500 of said sum belonged to Sarah Malpas.
Recital - 26 & 27 Dec 1783: Consideration of 5s to Rev Richard Kilvert and Richard Gwyn by Sarah Malpas and £1200 to John Harding, lease and release mortgage, subject to redemption by payment of £1200 and interest.
Recital - Deed poll: Sarah Malpas declared that £600 of the above belonged to Harriet Gwyn, Bridgnorth, spinster.
Recital - Bond of Obligation: Of Thomas Nickin, Bridgnorth, grocer bound to Sarah Malpas in £400 for payment of £200 and interest.
Recital - Assignment: 1. Joseph Corbet 2. Sarah Malpas For consideration properties in Worfield and Bromley.
Recital: See 3614/2/76
Recital: Memorandum signed by Sarah Malpas and Joseph Corbet that only moiety of household goods at Bromley to be assigned in trust to William Haslewood. This indenture - agreed between both parties that £950 Consolidated Bank Annuities standing in the name of William Haslewood were transferred on trust to pay and apply the said sum plus the dividends thereof for uses dictated in previous recited indenture. Sarah Malpas also acknowledges receipt of £300 from William Haslewood part of said trust monies.

Bond  3614/2/84  8 Jun 1792

Bond of Ann Corbet, Battenhall, Worcs., widow to Sarah Malpas, the Lodge, Worfield, widow in penalty sums of £1000 Condition: if Ann Corbet fulfills terms of arbitration of James Kinnersley, Ludlow, Esq, in case against Sarah Malpas, obligation becomes void.

Attested Copy Arbitration  3614/2/85  28 Jun 1792

Recital: Of dispute between Ann Corbet, Battenhall, Worcs., widow and Sarah Malpas, the Lodge, Worfield, widow.
Recital: Of bonds of obligation of Ann Corbet and Sarah Malpas to abide by arbitration of James Kinnersley, Ludlow, Esq.
Award: 1) Sarah Malpas, before 25 Dec 1792, shall pass £490 to Ann Corbet, which payment is not intended to exonerate the estate of Joseph Corbet from any claim of Ann Corbet. 2) Sarah Malpas and Ann Corbet to pay their own costs in any proceedings taken, and equal costs in this arbitration.

Letter of Attorney  3614/2/86  14 Jan 1793

George Perrott, Headbury, Worcs., Esq Recital: Of bonds of obligation and award of James Kinnersley (3614/2/85). Ann Corbet has since died intestate and her estates granted to George Perrott so he is entitled to £490 awarded of Sarah Malpas to Ann Corbet. Perrott appoints Curteis Hale, Hopton Court, Hopton Wafers, Salop, gent, as his attorney for recovery of £490, failing which he may bring legal action against Sarah Malpas for recovery.

Receipt  3614/2/87  1 Apr 1793

Receipt of Curteis Hale, Hopton Court, Salop, gent, under a letter of attorney of George Perrott, late father in law of Joseph Corbet for £490 from Sarah Malpas (being principal and interest secured by virtue of a bond of obligation [see 3614/2/89]), upon trust for Ann Corbet, daughter of George Perrott, in full claim on the personal estate of Joseph Corbet. Money ordered to be paid by James Kinnersley of Ludlow, arbitrator chosen by both Ann Corbet asnd Sarah Malpas, sole executrix of Joseph Corbet.

Receipt  3614/2/88  26 Apr 1794

Receipt of George Perrott, Cracomb House, Headbury, Worcs., admin. of Ann Corbet, late of Battenhall, Worcs., from Sarah Malpas the sum of £80 which with earlier £490 brings total to the full principal and interest of £570.

Bond  3614/2/89  27 Jan 1749

Joseph Corbet to Geortge Perrott in sum of £1400. Condition that if marriage takes place and Joseph Corbet dies in the lifetime of Ann without issue, then the estate of Joseph Corbet shasll pay to her, before any other debts are paid, the sum of £700 with interest of £4 10s plus £100 p.a. to be computed from his death. If this is done, obligation is void.

Draft Receipt  3614/2/90  Dec 1793

George Perrott, Hadbury, Worcs., Esq, admin. of goods, chattels etc. of Ann Corbet, late of Battenhall, Worcs., widow, deceased, from Sarah Malpas, late of the Lodge, Worfield, now of Bridgnorth. Sum (in payment of interest and remainder of principal due by virtue of bond between Joseph Corbet and George Perrott, then of Gravel Street, London, Esq) unspecified.

Discharge  3614/2/91  10 Feb 1794

Mary Perritt, Kentish Town, Middlesex, widow, John Perrott, Percy Street, London, Esq, George Perrott, Cracomb House, Hadbury, Worcs., Esq, and William Plaxton, Allcock, Pershore, Worcs., gent. Representatives and next of kin of Ann Corbet, discharge Sarah Malpas from all actions, suits, debts, bonds, covenants etc. against the said Ann. Sarah Malpas being the executrix of the will of Joseph Corbet, deceased.

Accounts  3614/2/92  n.d. [c.1795]

3 documents

Accounts of Mrs Sarah Malpas, Worfield, as executrix of late Mr Joseph Corbet, deceased, formerly of the Lodge, Worfield.

Letter from G W (Hand) to Mr Smith, Bridgnorth, Attorney-at-law  3614/2/93  n.d. [c.1795]

Concerning the format of an inventory to begot of the estate of Joseph Corbet, deceased, which has passed into the hands of Sarah Malpas, as executrix. Hand wishes to know whether a case has been, or is to be brought against Mrs Malpas to secure the inventory.

Notes concerning properties of Joseph Corbet 'for Mr Kinnersley's consideration'  3614/2/94  n.d. [c.1795]

1) A lease granted by the Earl of Shrewsbury to Corbet of land near Bridgnorth was not included in Mrs Malpas' accounts, as the rent received was no more than the rent reserved under the lease (as also for houses in Bridgnorth rented under Thomas Whitmore). The clear rent for premises held by lease under the Corporation for ninety nine years is £6 10s 6d. 2) Premises called the Lodge and the Warren were leased to Corbet in 1781 for twenty one years (or two years after his death) at £43 16s p..a. In 1789 Corbet assigned his interest in the Warren to Francis Homfray for an annuity of £63 for the remainder of the lease term, reserving the Lodge for himself.
Corbet died July 1790 Mrs Malpas was house manager from the time he went to live in the Lodge, after he and his wife slit up and he gave up his grocery business. It was June 1791 before Mrs Corbet brought her objection to her husband's will. She claims £700 of her marriage portion, which Corbet 'does not appear' to have received. Writer feels that Corbet would not relinquish his claim to marriage jointure unless she also relinquished all claim to his property.

Bill of Marshall and Smith, Attorneys, Bridgnorth, to Mrs Malpas  3614/2/95  8 Sep 1794

For expenses incurred in the case concerning the property of Mr Joseph Corbet. Total £8 7s 6d plus 1s 6d for messenger - new total £8 9s. Settled on the 8 September 1794.

'An Act for repairing or rebuilding the bridge over the river Severn in the town of Bridgnorth and for opening convenient avenues thereto'  3614/2/96  11 May 1797

Printed by George Eyre & Andrew Strahan (Printers to H M King)

Copy Counsel's Opinion of T Burton, Lincoln's Inn  3614/2/97  8 Dec 1798

Counsel's opinion in the dispute over the estate of Joseph Corbet, deceased. His wife (former) who left him claims that assignments claimed to have been made to Mrs Malpas were fraudulent, thus making her later assignments of property invalid. Counsel's opinion is that the assignments were valid. Further questions concern what would occur if the assignments were fraudulent.

'A survey and valuation of the parish of St Mary Magdalen in the town of Bridgnorth'  3614/2/98  n.d. [c.1810]

Lists of occupants, owners, description of premises, size and annual value. Also door numbers where applicable.

'An Act for vesting the undivided moieties of certain estates of Rev Vincent Edwards and Jane his wife and their issue, and of the devisees of Richard Edwards, deceased, in trustee for sale and for laying out the monies to be produced by such sale in the purchase of other estates, to be settled to the same uses'  3614/2/99  10 Jun 1833

Printed by Printers to the King, G Eyre & A Spottiswoode.

Copy Bill for inclosing lands in the manors of Bishops Castle and Munslow  3614/2/100  1837-1838

Relating to: Beyston [Bayston] Common, parish of Condover, Salop Munslow Common, parish of Munslow, Salop
Printed by Thorp, Pritt & Sherwood, Parliamentary Agents.

Family Papers  3614/2/101-209  1845-1921

General family papers and diaries  3614/2/101-141  [n.d.]

Charcoal print sketch of Herbert G Rodwell by Bomagriel  3614/2/101  1845

Proceedings of the (Select) Committee on the Bridgnorth Election Petition  3614/2/102  7 Mar 1853

Also, minutes of evidence taken before the committee. 'Conpleint of undue election and return at Bridgnorth' Bribery, 'treating' in pubs, etc. alleged. (228pp)

Admission of William Corser of Christ Church, Oxford to Deaconate by the Bishop of Oxford at Christ Church Cathedral  3614/2/103  3 Jun 1787

Ordination certificate of William Corser, B.A., of Bridgnorth, by Bishop of Hereford at Hereford Cathedral  3614/2/104  9 Jun 1805

Rev Corser 'An Act for separating the Chapelries and Chapels of Newcastle under Lyme, Burslem, Whitmore, Bucknall, Bagnell, Norton in the Moors, from Rectory and Parish Church of Stoke on Trent, county Stafford, and for making them five distinct Rectories and Parish Churches and for enabling Rector of said parish church of Stoke on Trent for the time being, to grant building leases of certain glebe lands belonging to said Rectory'  3614/2/105  13 Aug 1807

(Vide Box 15)

Charles Buckeridge, D.D., chief surrogate of dioceses Lichfield and Coventry appoints William Corser, B.A., clerk to vicarage and parish of Leighton, on decease of Thomas Crump; the patron is Thomas Hall  3614/2/106/a, b  10 Nov 1807

(two copies)

John Chappel Woodhouse, D.D., Archdeacon of Salop; James, Bishop of Lichfield and Coventry has instructed that William Corser be inducted in vicarage and parish of Leighton, presented to which by Thomas Hall, Rector  3614/2/107  10 Nov 1807

Witnessed by Thomas Kinnersley and Silbvanus Sart

Robert Nares, Archdeacon of Salop, having received letters mandatory from Rev Charles Buckeridge, D.D., principal surrogate dioceses of Lichfield and Coventry, causes William Corser, B.A., to be appointed Rector of the parish church of Stoke on Trent  3614/2/108  20 Apr 1812

Vacant by the decease of William Robinson, L.I.B., presented by Rev Spencer Madan, D.D., true patron, Dean of Lichfield. Memo: On 22 April 1812 was inducted. Witnessed by Thomas Yedman and Samual Poulson.

Assent of William Corser to Charles Buckeridge, chief surrogate of dioceses of Lichfield and Coventry, in person to the liturgy of the Church of England as then by law established  3614/2/109/a, b  20 Apr 1812

William Corser, B.A., clerk, makes declaration publicly and on paper, and having read the morning and evening prayers, that he unfeignedly assents to the liturgy of the Church of England as presently constituted and to the thirty nine articles  3614/2/110  3 May 1812

Debts of Lieutenant E Haslewood to Charles Cooper  3614/2/111  17 Mar 1812

Total £108 paid by Michael Stephens who is requested of it to remit part sum of £14 13s 6d to Lieutenant Haslewood without delay.

'Genealogy of the family of Haslewood' (Shropshire branch)  3614/2/112-113  1875

By Rev Francis Haslewood, Rector of St Matthew's, Ipswich. Published by Mitchell & Hughes, Printers, 24 Wardour Street, London. (2 copies)

Details of Haslewoods who, in 1777, were tenants of premises belonging to Thomas Whitmore, in the parishes of Stockton and Astley Abbots, and the town of Bridgnorth (from estate plans of that year)  3614/2/114  n.d.

Haslewoods mentioned in the parish registers of Broseley, Shifnal,Madeley, and Quatt (1678-1800)  3614/2/114a  n.d.

Haslewoods mentioned in the parish registers of St Mary Magdalen, Bridgnorth (1610-1812)  3614/2/115  n.d.

J D Haslewood, curate, 1795-1810, at St Mary Magdalen, Bridgnorth.

Haslewoods mentioned in the parish registers of Morville (1562-1812), Ryton (1658-1785), Cardington (1598-1812), Highley (1551-1812), Coreley (1543-1812), Chetton (1538- ?), Astley Abbots (1561- ?), and Upton Cressett (1765-1812)  3614/2/116  n.d.

Haslewoods mentioned in the parish registers of Little Wenlock (1689-1812, marriages to 1837), Kemberton (1659-1812), Sutton Maddock (1559-1812), and Worfield (1562-1812)  3614/2/117  n.d.

Two fragments of extracts from the registers of parishes of St Mary Magdalen and St Leonard, Bridgnorth showing Haslewood names  3614/2/118  n.d.

List of silver in the house  3614/2/119  24 Jul 1901

List of 'Roddy's' [? Lt Roger Haslewood] things from Singapore, including brasses  3614/2/120  n.d.

Battle of Britain Sunday Special Commemoration Service programme  3614/2/121  17 Sep 1944

Service to be held in St Mary Magdalene church, Bridgnorth. (2 copies)

Photograph of section of Bridgnorth low town in flood  3614/2/122  [1946]

From the Bridgnorth Journal. B & W, c. 21cm x 16 cm.

Souvenir programme commemorating the presentation of the Freedom of Entry to Royal Air Force, Bridgnorth  3614/2/123  12 Apr 1950

Invitation from the Mayor to Borough Council members, Magistrates, Corporate officials, RAF, representatives of all organizations and residents in the town and district to attend a memorial service for George VI, in St Leonard's church, on 15 February  3614/2/124  12 Feb 1952

Order of the service for the funeral of Roger J R Haslewood at St Leonard's church, Bridgnorth  3614/2/125  26 Jan 1955

Inventory of furniture at The Croft, Bridgnorth, Salop 'to be retained' [detailed list]  3614/2/126  29 Jun 1956

Complete inventory of furniture at The Croft, Bridgnorth, Salop  3614/2/127  n.d.

Re R J R Haslewood deceased. Complete inventory of contents from which the items in list 3614/2/126 have been chosen.

Diary of Mrs Joan Haslewood, Osprey, 3 Priory Close, St James', Bridgnorth  3614/2/128  1956

Loose leaf August-December 1956. Includes notes on letters written and visitors to her home.

Diary of Mrs Joan Haslewood, Osprey, 3 Priory Close, St James', Bridgnorth  3614/2/129  1971

Includes notes on letters written and visitors to her home.

Diary of Mrs Joan Haslewood, Osprey, 3 Priory Close, St James', Bridgnorth  3614/2/130  1972

Includes notes on letters written and visitors to her home.

Diary of Mrs Joan Haslewood, Osprey, 3 Priory Close, St James', Bridgnorth  3614/2/131  1973

Includes notes on letters written and visitors to her home.

Diary of Mrs Joan Haslewood, Osprey, 3 Priory Close, St James', Bridgnorth  3614/2/132  1974

Includes notes on letters written and visitors to her home.

Diary of Mrs Joan Haslewood, Osprey, 3 Priory Close, St James', Bridgnorth  3614/2/133  1975

Includes notes on letters written and visitors to her home.

Diary of Mrs Joan Haslewood, Osprey, 3 Priory Close, St James', Bridgnorth  3614/2/134  1976

Includes notes on letters written and visitors to her home.

Diary of Mrs Joan Haslewood, Osprey, 3 Priory Close, St James', Bridgnorth  3614/2/135  1977

Includes notes on letters written and visitors to her home.

Diary of Mrs Joan Haslewood, Osprey, 3 Priory Close, St James', Bridgnorth  3614/2/136  1978

Includes notes on letters written and visitors to her home.

Diary of Mrs Joan Haslewood, Osprey, 3 Priory Close, St James', Bridgnorth  3614/2/137  1979

Includes notes on letters written and visitors to her home. Ends 11 April 1979.

Auction catalogue of antiques and household effects at The Croft, Shifnal Road, Bridgnorth belonging to Mrs J Haslewood, Nurse D Pemberton and others  3614/2/138  9 Aug 1972

Auctioneers: Nock, Deighton & Son, 75 High Street, Bridgnorth. Enclosed is a billhead to Mrs Haslewood for purchase of an 18th century Sheraton tea table (£270) [3614/2/138a].

Official guide to Bridgnorth 'Queen of the Severn'  3614/2/139  n.d.

'Souvenir letter card of Bridgnorth, 6 views in sepia'  3614/2/140  n.d.

Views of the North Gate, Town Hall, Severn Bridge, Old Bridge, Castle ruins and St Mary's church, and Bishop Percy's House..

'Topographical account of Bridgnorth by Rev Richard Cornes with considerable additions'  3614/2/141  [n.d.]

(Endorsed 'Lot 53') Contains a Latin dedication to the author. Additions are prefixed (B). Abstracts of various authorities, in the ecclesiastical records, are appended. Copy of ancient armorial bearings of Acton and Burnell, from small marble slab, SW well Abbots Astley church, re Francis Billingsley, there interred. Billingsley motto: 'Procul Ingratitudo'. Other family arms: Kerry, Latham.
Other arms: Thomas Jones, Kent (Hanley), Inscriptions to David Bailye and to Elizabeth Jacobs recorded. The 'air' supposed to be very healthy and condusive to longevity.

Items enclosed in scrapbook 1914-1919  3614/2/142-161  [n.d.]

Photographs and newscuttings  3614/2/142  Sep-Oct 1914

- Photos of the 4th Territorial Battalion, King's Shropshire Light Infantry, Sep 1914. - Newspaper cuttings of King's inspection. - Newspaper cuttings of Kitchiner re Territorials. - On reverse (2) news of Russian victory 26 Oct 1914, south of the Pilitza. - Telegram: sailing on 'Desado' 29 Oct 1914, from Southampton.

Letter from Lt Roger Haslewood to his mother, from HMS Desado at Suez  3614/2/143  14 Nov 1914

- Likely to be at Suez for several days. - Troops went ashore for route march, in coal lighters. Storm blew up and stranded them so bivouacked in old mail boat. - Suez dirty and smelly. English and French inhabitants couldn't do too much; Arabs 'rather frightened'. - Hears 'Emden' and 'Goeben' have been 'put safe'.

Photos of El Kantara, Aden, Bombay  3614/2/144  Nov 1914

Telegram from Bombay advising of safe arrival.

Newspaper cuttings and letters, Rangoon  3614/2/145  10 Dec 1914

- Letter from Rangoon. Arrived there Thursday 9 December. (telegram) - Journey from Calcutta on 'City of Marseilles' not up to standard of 'Deseado': light, high, top-heavy! - Not liked 'Deseado' much; bunkers on fire most of time; boat had terrific list for apparently no reason; and it was 13th trip; 13 tables in saloon; 13 stewards on board. - Cuttings from Wolverhampton Evening News re enthusiastic reception of Shropshire's, Rangoon. - More detailed cutting from the Bridgnorth Journal. - Photos of SS Deseado, of Lalay boys, of temporary camp at Hong Kong. Also a Japanese postcard (tinted).

Letter from Roger Haslewood, Rangoon  3614/2/146  27 Jan 1915

Part transcript - Mahsuds belonging to Beluchis (130th) murdered their Major at Bombay; since under close arrest at Rangoon; Beluchis delighted to get orders from the front. - 'Last Monday' rumours all not well; Tuesday 'F and E Co's' to ready inlying picket to move minute's notice, supplied with forty rounds of ball. - Midnight Wednesday whole battalion on parade; 400 Afridis and Pathians of Beluchis mutinied; to be disarmed that night; he had to take 50 men; total surprise and surrender achieved. - Some locked up, some to own barracks; the Mahsuds put on SS China, pushed off down river, guarded KSLI men;.400 chained up in gaol;'pathetic sight' of fine S J men being shackled but had intended murder British officers next day. - Several ringleaders shot; various other sentences. Rest of Baluchis to East Africa to fight. - 2 postcards of Rangoon.

Letter from Roger Haslewood  3614/2/147  18 Feb 1918

Letter (extract copy) from 'SS Edaveno' bound for Singapore (arrival 20 February);.unaware what trouble is;had to pack everything in less than twenty four hours;.ship is a British Steam Navigation Boat which was commandeered. - Photos of Rangoon (2), of KSLI at Singapore, landing stage, Johore; of Major Dowd, commander HM Sultan of Johore's forces of Sungaliw, Singapore.

Extract copy letter from Tenglin Barracks ('now Buckit Panjany') and Notice  3614/2/148  25 Feb 1915

- ;.5th native infantry mutinied, 'last Monday week shot 6 officers, 40 civilians' (Europeans). - Detachments from French, Russian, Japanese, British warships ashore;they are scouring 80 sq. miles country;700 of 850 have surrendered;most thrown away their arms;only objective to get off island;dense jungle;. - Burnt c. 300 acres;nothing;.to burn more where known rebels are;has five officers with him. - 32 cars used for transport; has field and stationery telephone. - Two publicity shot in Singapore yesterday;thousands of Chinese attended;highly gratified. - Prefers Chinese to Burmese. - Island splendid;pineapples, fruits;.
Notice from Brigadeer General Dudley H Ridout commander, Straits Settlements, re trial of one Naick Kavim Buksh, No. 1775 5th Light Infantry. Was acquitted.

Newspaper cuttings and photos  3614/2/149  1915

- Newspaper report of mutiny at Singapore; c. 30/40 shot;complicity of German prisoners;.to;£'murder women and children';'as on East Coast of England'. - Cutting re territorials releasing regular troops, not being able to see active service. - Advert, of a tailor in Singapore. - Photos of accommodation (etc.) in Singapore.

Letters  3614/2/150  23 Apr 1915

- SS Uganda: lettergram to Military Commandant, Adelaide;from Legge. 58 German P.O.W.'s from Singapore escort of two officers, 28 men due 29 April. Arrange catch SS Montoro to Sydney. If late train escort to Brisbane to catch said ship there. - Letter authorizing payment of funds to State Treasurer, N.S.W. - Extract letter from SS Uganda, 17 Apr 1915,;calling at Fremanthi, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney;confirms lettergram;five days train to Brisbane; - Extract letter from SS Montoro,11 May 1915, from Thursday Island, from captain Haslewood;stopped Gresham Hotel, Brisbane; men in a YMCA place, called Townsville, Cavino Falls like Devils Bridge near Aberystwyth. Thursday Island then Darwin and Singapore. - Two related telegrams. - Photos from Darwin. One of prisoners tunnel.

Letter of Lieutenant R Haslewood from Newport  3614/2/151  7 Aug 1914

Moved 'thither from Barry': his company only. Had to land German prisoners from the Hamburg - Americka boat 'Belgian', crew 60 and 13 officers. Had to arrange patrolling of docks.

Telegraph and tickets  3614/2/152  1 May 1915

-Tickets for mail steamer from Burns, Philip & Co. from Brisbane to Singapore on SS Montoro. 28 men steerage. Captain Haslewood and Lieutenant Marston, salon. - Telegraph details of the arrival of SS Uganda in Adelaide and arrangement of meals/sleepers on train to Brisbane; itinerary enclosed. - Concert programme on SS Montoro, 22 May 1915.

Telegram and photographs, Singapore  3614/2/153  25 Nov 1915

- Telegram: That departs for Hong Kong 'on Monday'. - Portugese Commissariat of Police, Macao.: Visa for Captain R Haslewood, 25 Feb 1917. - Several pages of of photographs of Hong Kong and humorous sketch of 'The non-combatant Corps' arms whose mottoes are 'we don't want to fight' and 'tis conscience doth make cowards of us all'.

Newspaper cutting and photos  3614/2/154  30 Nov 1916

Cutting re presence of Lord French 'in the house' on Thursday 30 November 1916. Also more photographs of Hong Kong and Ceylon.

Menu and programme  3614/2/155  14 Apr 1917

For concert and dinner at the Grand Hotel de L'Europe at Singapore. Also news cuttings about the KSLI in Hong Kong, photographs of Hong Kong and Ceylon, and a postcard of Curban, South Africa. Copy of speech given by Sir F H May K.C.M.G., L.L.D., Governor of Hong Kong to the 4th Battalion KSLI on the eve of their departure.

Telegrams  3614/2/156  2 Jun & 28 Jul 1917

- Telegram from Cape Town, 2 Jun 1917: safe arrival. - Telegram from Plymouth, 28 Jul 1917: safe arrival, next destination unknown.

Telegram, letter and photographs  3614/2/157  30 Jul 1917

- Undelivered telegram: sailed from Plymouth believe destination France. - Letter of Alice Garrett, wife of Colonel Garrett (commander) to Mrs Haslewood 30 Jul 1917: re the disappointment and inconvenience suffered by husband's (and others) not being granted leave after three years absence. Poor mails also. - Report of question asked apropos this by Sir Charles Henry. - Photographs of Haslewood in France (Passchendaele). - Leave/rail ticket to Bridgnorth for Captain Haslewood.

Newspaper cuttings  3614/2/158  31 Dec 1917-1 Jan 1918

- Cuttings re exploits of KSLI at Passchendaele and on Langemarch, Ypres Road. - Commendation from Sir Douglas Haig. - 'Times' cutting, 31 Dec 1917, re the action on Cambrai front.

Telegrams  3614/2/159  Apr 1918

- Telegram from Captain R Haslewood, 16 Apr 1918: re wound to left hand, in general hospital Camias. - Telegram from Captain R Haslewood, 17 Apr 1918: landed in Dover, and London bound for hospital. - Telegram from Captain R Haslewood, 18 Apr 1918: admitted to Prince of Wales hospital, Marylebone. - Notification of arrival there; pass to visit.

Newspaper cuttings and reports  3614/2/160  1918

- Extract from battalion orders for 19 Jun 1918: military cross awarded to Captain R Haslewood re recent operations in the Somme. - 'Court Circular' report from the 'Times' re his investiture, with photograph of him, 21 Dec 1918. - 'Times' report, 26 Sep 1918, relinquishes post due to health. - Report of incident from 'London Gazette'. - Cuttings from military list in 'Times'. - Sir D Haig includes his name for special mention. - History of KSLI from 'Times' of 17 Oct 1918 included. - Battalion awarded Croix de Guerre; colours added. Order of day enclosed. - First Annual Dinner, Café Monico, menu enclosed.

Newspaper cutting and presentation  3614/2/161  1919

- From 'Shrewsbury News' Pt II OF 'Shropshire's Part in the War'. Containing mention of Captain R J R Haslewood. - Dinner invitation for 25 July 1919 for Captain Haslewood and other forces members at Falcon Hotel, Bridgnorth. - Presentation of King's Colour to 56th Infantry Brigade by HRH The Prince of Wales.

Items enclosed in scrapbook 1830; 1880-1926  3614/2/162-207  [n.d.]

Typed transcript of BBC 4pm news bulletin  3614/2/162  5 May 1926

- Offer by a lamp company to supply London hospital. - Introduction of as flat fare of 3d by the Underground Railway Commissioners. - Plan to review government emergency powers. - Times of postal deliveries in London. - Enrolment of three thousand volunteers for the London Underground. - Difficulty of getting meat supplies into London. - News of disturbances at Hammersmith and Poplar denied, as was report of killing of two policemen at Canning Town. - London teachers and pupils asked to carry on attendance at their schools. - Railway companies announce further suburban services.

'The Birmingham Post', strike bulletin No.1  3614/2/163  6 May 1926

- Notice to printing workers that no victimization by trade unions of those who remain at work will be tolerated by the government; measures will be taken to ensure that victimization does not occur. - The strike position in Birmingham has changed little. More volunteers needed for essential services, over charging for fuel and food to stop, and local train services slightly improved. - Baldwin's message to the 'British Gazette' condemning the strike. - Emergency powers regulation only to remain in force for a month. - Baldwin and Lord Birkenhead, Secretary for India reiterate that government will not yield to strike. - List of daily papers now being published. - A 'news agency' peace may be at hand following 'conservations between labour leaders'. - Sporting news.

Official programme for unveiling and dedication ceremony of the Bridgnorth War Memorial  3614/2/164  8 Mar 1922

'Daily Mail' official postcard war photographs  3614/2/165  1916

Numbers 65 - 72 (Series IX)

King's Shropshire Light Infantry recruitment poster  3614/2/166  1914

Auction catalogues of Perry and Phillips, Auctioneers, Bridgnorth  3614/2/167  27 Apr 1903

Auctions of furniture and books of the late Mrs Haslewood in accordance with the instructions of her representatives.

Menu of public luncheon (at the Crown Hotel) to celebrate the Coronation of King Edward VII  3614/2/168  26 Jun 1902

Poster of events for the celebration of the Coronation of Edward VII, by the Borough of Bridgnorth  3614/2/169a  26 Jun1902

Two notices of events for celebration of the coronation of George V, 22-23 June 1911  3614/2/169b  Jun 1911

Proclamation of King Edward VII  3614/2/170  26 Jan 1901

Poster, notice and an invitation from the Borough of Bridgnorth to join the Mayor in drinking the health of the King.

Papers relating to South Africa, etc.  3614/2/171/a-e  1900-1902

- Form of Prayer and Thanksgiving for the restoration of peace in South Africa, 8 Jun 1902. - Hymns of thanksgiving on conclusion of war in South Africa. - List of officers, NCO's and men from Bridgnorth and the neighbourhood serving in South Africa or en route (2 copies). - Balance sheet of the Soldiers & Sailors Help Society, Bazaar held in the Drill Hall, Bridgnorth, 18-19 Apr 1900. Receipts totalled £628, expenditure £94 14s 8d, balance of £533 5s 4d. - Envelope of letter from 'No. 1217 Trooper S Harvey, 13 Co. 5th Batt.' To R F Haslewood, East Castle Street, Bridgnorth 19 Feb 1900.

Letter from S Harvey to Fred Haslewood  3614/2/172  19 May 1900

From Hoopstead Camp. To say took place at sunrise after twenty eight mile surprise march. Shropshire Yeomanry first in town, galloping full tilt two miles, took many prisoners. Is with Methuen's force, about 1200 strong. Hoping big fight following week on Vaal River, leaving that night for Cronstadt or for Gotchestroom. Thinks all soon over! Bad time: biscuits/bullybeef/no tents/bad water. Feeding arrangements very bad.

Special Forms of Service in commemoration of late Majesty Queen Victoria, for use in all churches/chapels of England and Wales and in Berwick on Tweed.  3614/2/173  1901

Page from 'Lady's Pictorial' magazine re Grand Patriotic Bazaar at Bridgnorth, the Queens visit to Ireland, and 'The Handy Man' a 'stirring poem' by Harold Begbie  3614/2/174  28 Apr 1900

Menu of Municipal Banquet/Welcome to Major General Gatacre, subsequent to the Sudanese trouble, Omdurman  3614/2/175  9 Nov 1898

Notice re gift of Bridgnorth Castle ruin and grounds to the Borough  3614/2/176  4 Nov 1897

In celebration of Queen Victoria's diamond jubilee, by W O Foster Esq. Some important dates/details concerning the history of the castle are listed.

Postcard from Venice, printed endorsement: 1st International Art Exhibition, Venice 22 April - 22 October 1895  3614/2/177  19 Oct 1895

From ? to ? Haslewood - Sending card as invaluable to stamp collector, being a special issue for the exhibition, then difficult to get. - Thanks for 'long and cheery' letter. Thinks correspondent was wise to go abroad, glad Connie accompanied him. Thinks Brittany charming new (?) year, proposes joining forces. - Lakes Como, Lugano, Maggiore 'lovely', saw some home friends, too hot to walk. - Venice is accidentally cold, tho' not yet finding gondolier appeal, can easily walk to Piazza San Marco etc. without them.

Arabic card version of St Luke printed in Dinglingen (Baden)  3614/2/178  n.d.

'Ye Play's ye Thynge'  3614/2/179  Jan 1893

Two programmes for Bridgnorth Amateur Dramatic Society, in aid of current funds of Bridgnorth and South Shropshire Infirmary.

Broadsheet (notice) re Municipal Election sent to R F Haslewood  3614/2/180  1 Nov 1892

Defending the reasons for voting for Mr Beach against the views alleged in a recent circular.

Open letter from W H Beach re forthcoming Town Council elections  3614/2/181  27 Oct 1892

- Clique has worked against him. - Pure spring water for a hotel but not for hospital, unsatisfactory reply. - Claims credit for footpath at police station, and planting ivy, creepers severally. - Proposes Free Library/Reading Room, is in favour of Technical Education and Working Mens Meeting Places. - 'Bylet' should become a public garden. Bowling Club damage; peanut rent. - Complains and demands housing action. - Water supply; scandal that filter beds still made, as settling tanks superior. (N..B. seventy two Bridgnorth deaths last cholera plague). - Proposals re canals and railways.

Menu for the 'Dejeuner' on the occasion of marriage of J Harry Bate Rodwell to Emilie Frederica Tipple  3614/2/182  10 Sep 1892

'The Dolleries' - Exhibition/Sale of Toys, Dolls etc.  3614/2/183  16-17 Dec 1891

In aid of the proposed new South Shropshire Infirmary for Bridgnorth and district. Report reprinted from the Bridgnorth Journal, 26 Dec 1891.

Notice of public Ball to celebrate Queen Victoria's golden jubilee (1st class Quadrille Band engaged')  3614/2/184  30 Jun 1887

Notice of public Luncheon to celebrate the golden jubilee of  3614/2/185  30 Jun 1887

Notice re stained glass Town Hall windows  3614/2/186  1887

On the restoration/improvement of the Town Hall in 1887 for the golden jubilee of Queen Victoria. Includes details of donors and themes of the windows.

Notice of free sports and fete for the Bridgnorth celebrations of Queen Victoria's golden jubilee  3614/2/187  28 Jun 1887

Lists events and competitors.

Programme of the Bridgnorth Amateur Dramatic Society in aid of the Bridgnorth Institute  3614/2/188  April 1884

Also: Actor's copy of 'Sweet William', burlesque by Edmund M Southwell - one of the plays advertised, in which R F Haslewood plays Doggrass.

Programme of 'Fayre' at Bridgtnorth In 'Newe Drill Shedde'  3614/2/189  Sep 1882

Detailing stalls, bazaar, refectory, music, photographs, art gallery. Season ticket 1s 6d.

Donation list for the welcome of R F Haslewood and his bride after their wedding tour  3614/2/190  6 Sep 1880

Poem on the funeral of Henry Whitmore at Stockton church (by 'H.S.')  3614/2/191  9 May 1876

Reprinted from the 'Borough of Wenlock Express', 27 May 1876.

Portrait engraving of King George IV (presented gratis with Court Journal)  3614/2/192  1830

Published by Henry Colburn, 1830.

Souvenir programme napkin for two concerts given the 'the famous Besses o' th' barn band' at the Pier Pavilion, St Annes on Sea  3614/2/193  7 Jun 1906

With the words and music of 'Auld Lang Syne' on the borders of the napkin.

Photograph of the Venerable Archdeacon Oldham, Rector of St Leonard's Bridgnorth, 1883-1905  3614/2/194  n.d.

Newspaper cutting: photograph showing the queue to get into Westminster Hall (Daily Mirror photograph)  3614/2/195  1911

Caption over the photograph reads 'King Edward's last resting place'.

Souvenir programme napkin in commemoration of the coronation of the King and Queen  3614/2/196  Jun 1911

Printed by S Burgess, 13 York Place, Buckingham Street, Strand.

Two postcard views of the scenes in Bridgnorth on the day of the Proclamation of Kin George V, 12 May 1910  3614/2/197  1910

Envelope addressed to 'r.f.haslewood, squir, register of the cort, bridgnorth'  3614/2/198  21 Apr 1901

Postcard photograph of Fred Winsley of Quatford and R F Haslewood  3614/2/199  n.d. [c 1911]

Photograph of two men and a woman having a picnic ['RJR Haslewood on right' is written on the back]  3614/2/200  n.d.

Photograph of the 'Snow Statue' made by the Haslewood children [glare has caused photograph to over expose]  3614/2/201  n.d.

Postcard photograph of Philip John Charles Whorton aged 21 years  3614/2/202  n.d.

Card with pressed flowers from Mount Carmel, Jerusalem  3614/2/203  n.d.

The order for the burial of the dead issued for the funeral of the late Captain J S S Haslewood  3614/2/204  27 Jan 1898

Printed for William Jones & Co, Undertakers, Bridgnorth.

Postcard, showing soldiers on horseback on maneuvers, from 'R' to Mrs R F Haslewood, the Croft, Bridgnorth  3614/2/205  3 Aug 1911

Says that he is going out for maneuvers for the next few days so will not have time to write.

Card allowing discounts on cutlery, bags, sterling silver repairs, replating etc., made out to Mrs Haslewood  3614/2/206  1894-1895

From Mappin & Webb, 158-162 Oxford Street, 2 Queen Victoria Street.

Letter from 'Mary Starch, Laundress, Washtub Cottage, Clean Linen Ally'  3614/2/207  n.d.

Informing recipient that she intends to do no more of his washing as he hasn't paid for what she has already done. She refutes the allegation that she uses chemicals. Asks for immediate payment of £2 and will take legal action if not paid. At end marked 'Found in Tom Smith's crackers'.

Scrap book of news cuttings  3614/2/208  1870-1921

Containing cuttings concerning: 1. Bridgnorth Amateur Dramatic Society. 2. Scholarship to Leamington College gained by R J R Haslewood, July 1900. 3. Cuttings on births and marriages of Haslewoods, Whortons, and Southwells. 4. Bridgnorth Royal Amateur Charity's Minstrels, 1878. 5. A seventy four day passage to New Zealand. 6. Bridgnorth debating Society. 7. The Whitmore memorial (unveiling), 1881. 8. Bridgnorth Town Council. 9. Purchase of the gasworks by the Corporation. 10. Encampment of the 1st Battalion of the Shropshire Rifle Volunteers. 11. Official inquiry into collision of the Waitara and the Hurunui. 12. The bazaar for St Mary Magdalene's parish schools. 13. The Egyptian War, 1882. 14. Marriage of Philip T Wharton. 15. Bank robbery in Bridgnorth. 16. London bazaar. 17. Drownings in the Tame. 18. Daubeny v Daudeny and Target (divorce case). 19. Rebellion in Soudan. 20. History of Bridgnorth castle by A S Trevor. 21. Death of Captain Hawkins Smith. 22. Return of General Booth, Salvation Army, 1892. 23. The Severn Valley Naturalist Field Club. 24. Table of fishing seasons. 25. Advertisement for Perry and Phillips, Auctioneers, High Street, Bridgnorth. 26. The 'Victoria' disaster, 1893, off Tripoli (under the command of Admiral Sir George Tryon). 27. The Boer War. 28. The railway fatality of W F Oldham, 1899. 29. Report of assault in Bridgnorth. 30. Obituary of Surgeon Major J A B Horton, 1883. 31. Lady killed in carriage accident at Quatford. 32. A snow statue built by the Haslewoods.

Schedule of Haslewood deeds  3614/2/209  n.d.

Wills  3614/2/210-218  1747-1819

Will of Roger Haslewood, Bridgnorth, gent  3614/2/210  23 Feb 1747

Will 23 Feb 1747, Probate 7 Apr 1752 1. All his debts, expenses and legacies to be discharged. 2. To his four sisters, Susannah, Sarah, Hannah and Mary, his freehold and leasehold messuages etc. and all his personal estate. 3. Same four sisters as joint executrices.

Probate Will of Susannah Haslewood, parish of St Mary Magdalene, Bridgnorth  3614/2/211  24 Dec 1763

1. Six coffin bearers (to be paid 5s each), a minister and clerk only to attend her funeral. 2. To Sarah, Hannah and Mary Haslewood (subject to payment of her just debts and expenses) one quarter part in two messuages, warehouse etc. in High Street, Bridgnorth; one quarter part of seat in St Leonard's church, as tenants in common. 3. To the same, one quarter part in malthouse, parish of St Mary Magdalene; one quarter part in two dwellings in Listley Street. 4. To Mary Haslewood, one quarter part of new messuage in which they live, parish of St Mary Magdalene, and a seat in church of St Mary Magdalene, and one quarter part of a moiety in a barn and lands in St Leonard's and her share in the plate, linen, household goods and furniture in their dwelling house, as well as her silver watch and little desk, and all her own plate and linen (except clothing). 5. To Ann Weaver, servant, all her clothing and £1 5s. 6. Residue of her estate to be divided equally between her three sisters. 7. Mary Haslewood, sole executrix. Will dated 23 Nov 1763

Probate Will of Sarah Haslewood, parish of St Mary Magdalene, Bridgnorth, spinster  3614/2/212  24 Dec 1763

1. To sisters Hannah and Mary, subject to the payment of her debts and expenses, her quarter share in their dwelling house, parish of St Mary Magdalene, with land, garden etc. appertaining, undivided one third share in two messuages, warehouse, buildings, backside High Street, Bridgnorth, in possession of her brother Edward and nephew John Haslewood, undivided quarter part of moiety of barn and lands in St Leonard's and of two seats in the churches of St Leonard's and St Mary Magdalene. To hold as tenants in common. 2. To sisters Hannah andf Mary, undivided one third part of malthouse, parish of St Mary Magdalene (held by lease by John Rhodes) and one third part in two messuages in Listley Street (under lease to Sir Thomas Whitmore, Knight of the Bath) for the remainder of the said lease terms. 3. To sister Hannah, a worked cabinet, to Mary a silver watch and shagreen case. 4. To Ann Weaver, servant, all her clothes. 5. Residue in goods and money equally between Hannah and Mary, whom she names as joint executrixes..

Probate Will of Mary Haslewood, Bridgnorth, spinster  3614/2/213  20 Sep 1770

1. To William Haslewood, nephew and son of Benjamin Haslewood, messuage in which she lived, parish of St Mary Magdalene, two mressuages and warehouse etc. parish of St Leonard's, two seats in St Leonard's sand St Mary Magdalene's churches, a moiety of a barn, parish of St Leonard's (called Sadler's Barn), provided he pays an annuity of £8 to Ann Weaver, Mary Haslewood's servant, for her life to be paid by quarterly instalments, tax free. 2. To sister Hannah Goodwin, red bed hangings, four silver salts, and four shovels. 3. To Mrs Gattacre, wife of Edward Gattacre Esq, a chest upon chest and a cupboard and a ring (valued one guinea) in remembrance. 4. William Haslewood, nephew, silver watch, made by his uncle Thomas Haslewood. 5. To Ann Weaver, a silver watch, No.247, and her clothes (not rings or watches), blue bedsteads and hangings with the bed bolster blankets and covers belonging to it, and three hempen sheets, three hurden sheets, two pillows and a joined chest, and a chest of drawers. 6. Her leasehold estates and the residue of her other goods, personal estate etc. to John Brooke, Bridgnorth, Attorney upon trust for the payment of her debts, legacies, funeral expenses etc., the surplus to William Haslewood, nephew. 7. John Brooke sole executor, giving him a silver two handled Quart Cupp and £10 for his troubles. Will dated 12 Dec 1766.

Probate of Will/ Attested Will attached (dated 17 April 1712) of William Corser of Bridgnorth, mercer  3614/2/214  9 Jul 1712

1. Subject debts/expenses to pay son in law, Gorsuch (?) the sum agreed verbally; to his daughter Sarah Gorsuch £10 instead of 40s he has to be set out to her good within two years of his wife's decease [cf 3614/2/217]. 2. To son Thomas Corser £10 additionally. 3. To Robert Corser, son £100 at age twenty four. 4. Premises/garden in St Mary's Street, Bridgnorth to latter son and his heirs forever; also the little tenements in the Cartway, Bridgnorth and the little house on East side Castle Hill for remainder of leases provided he (heirs/assigns) pay his mother Sarah Corser £4 annuity, quarterly for life. But if would rather not, sell tenements to brother Edward Corser for £100, Edward then to provide annuity. 5. To son Edward Corser £100 at age twenty four and £100 at his mother's decease. 6. All residuary real/personal estate to wife Sarah, sole executrix. Witnessed: G Haslewood ,W Haslewood, J Hughes.

Will and probate of Sarah Corser, Bridgnorth, widow.  3614/2/215  16 Mar 1715

Edward Corser, son, appointed Executor, will dated 24 May 1713. 1. Usual commendation and provisions, £10 for expenses. 2. £200 bequeathed son Edward by father's will be paid. 3. £10 by same will grand-daughter Sarah Gorsuth. 4. To dr Katherine Gorsuth £80 and half her linen. 5. To eldest son Thomas Corser, silver tankard. 6. To son Robert, write off debts and £70. 7. Re £80 owing her from Thomas Blythe for which his son in law Rhoades stands bond for debt £15 owing by Francis Oates shall prove insolvent then financial legatees to meet burden equally. Also if Executors forced pay £40 owing her brother John Tenchor for which late husband bound with Mr Blythe. 8. To brother William Haslewood, two guineas. 9. All residuary personal estate to youngest son, Edward Corser [see 3614/2/217] 10. Latter sole Executor; and of will of late husband William. Witnessed: Elizabeth Sadler William Haslewood

Copy will of Thomas Corser, Bridgnorth, gent  3614/2/216  11 Jan 1753

1. To daughters Frances and Elizabeth £500 and named items. To married daughter Sarah (Ford) £200 more (besides £300 on marriage) and item. 2. To grand daughter, Mary Ford, £20 at twenty one or wedding. 3. To servant Sarah Egginton, two guineas. 4. All real and residuary personal estate to son William Corser, her sole Executor. Witnessed: Benjamin Haslewood John Corser John Brooke

Attested Will of William Corser, Leighton, clerk  3614/2/217  8 Apr 1809

1. All personal estate whatever to William Haslewood, son of Benjamin, of Bridgnorth, on the trusts to be specified thereinafter. 2. To children of John Townsend and wife Rachael, alive at his death, £50 a piece. 3. To god daughter Sarah Eliza Smith, £100. 4. To William Haslewood, £200. 5. To servants at his death, £50 and mourning. 6. To children of late Aunt Ford alive at his death, £100 a piece. 7. Residuary estate: Trust Fund; interest to old servant Mary Hollings for life; then to divide equally to children of Aunt Ford, tenants in common, not joint tenants. 8. William Haslewood sole Executor, usual provisions. Witnessed: Joseph Smith William Parker [cf 3614/2/214]

Copy Will of Elizabeth Shelton, spinster, daughter of John Shelton of Linley, farmer  3614/2/218  9 Nov 1819

All real/personal estate, after debts paid, to Mary, wife of Captain Haslewood for life (to be left by her will as she has heard the testator express); if he is the longer liver of them, then to go according to hiss wife's will. Mrs Haslewood, sole Executrix. Witnessed: Frances Broadfield (mark of), wife of William Broadfield, shoemaker, Bridgnorth Elizabeth Eveson, servant

STEDMAN  3614/3  [n.d.]

Deeds and letters  3614/3/1-70  [n.d.]

Letter from Thomas Stedman  3614/3/1  26 Aug 1699

Draught of his arms as well and exact as could be. The heritage is this:
Galiardus Stedman, duke in Arabia, banished by King Erigonus, came to England at time of Richard Coeur de Lion; went with him to Holy Land (siege of Aron). Received the Holy order of the Sepulchre with Jespah Croft and John de Harley. When back in England married Margret Tatsall, daughter of Richard Tatsall, the younger brother of Roberts Lord Tatsall; he had four sons by her. Heugh, the eldest, he placed in Essex; John the second in Staffs., this was the Shropshire branch of the Stedman family, Richard was placed in Wales, Thomas the fourth, died without issue in Ireland.
Sent by Thomas Stedman, Bridgnorth.
[see also 3614/3/2-3]

Letter from Thomas Stedman to cousin Stedman  3614/3/2  26 Aug 1699

1) Encloses draft of arms as refined and exact as could be
2) History of Stedman pedigree in England as follows:- Galiardus Stedman;..[copy of 3614/3/1]

Proposed Arms (sketch included)  3614/3/3  31 May 1785

Letter from Balliol College, Oxford to cousin Stedman from John Baldwin.
1) Thanks for tokens from latter and grandsire.
2) Thanks news of cousin Isabella's marriage and Mr Thomas Brompton with whom he was by sheer accident related.
3) Regarding finances, bursary bill, wishes money sent expeditiously.
4) Sends note of particulars of heredity, but this by no means exhausts it.
1) Enclosed a draught of his Arms as exactly as could be pen-drawn.
2) Pedigree:- Galiardus Stedman was a Duke in Arabia, came to England in time of Richard Coeur de Lion after being banished by Erigonus. Went with former to Holy Land for good services at Fight of Aron given order of Sepulchre with Jasquor Croft and John de Harley. Then married Margaret Tatsall (daughter of Richard Tatsall, brother of Lord Tatsall). Four sons: Hugh (to Sussex), John (Staffordshire) - Salop branch - Richard (Wales), Thomas (Ireland where he died). Copy of information from 3614/3/1.

Chesterton. Letter from Mr Bucke  3614/3/4  27 Oct 1855

Concerning his father's relationship with a Rowland Stedman also his family relationship to a Captain Stedman who published a book entitled 'A Voyage to Surinam'.

Aston, (Corston), Lauston and Munslow .Appointment of attorney  3614/3/5  14 Jun 18 Henry VI

Roger Stedman and Walter Laurence, clerks, appoint as their attorney John Bottesfed to deliver seisin to Rowland Stedman, Aston and Katherine his wife, in property at Aston, Corston alias Lawton and Morslow.

Agreement concerning lands in Aston and Duddlebury between Thomas Dyke, and Rowland Stedman and John Stedman  3614/3/6  18 Apr 1509

Quitclaim to John Stedman of property confirmed unto them John Ball of Sylden (sic) Salop, husbandman, 4th November 1505.

Transfer of all rights in township and fields of Aston in Corvedale  3614/3/7a,b  26 Dec 1525

Thos Langedon and Rd. Stephyns to Rose Stedman, transfer of all rights in township and fields of Aston in Corvedale, formerly of Thomas Hally and his wife Elizabeth.

Assignment of land from John Chylde of Dudilbury, husbandman, to John Stedman, Aston  3614/3/8  16th cent.
Language:  Latin

Three acres of arable land in the fields of Dadilbury, one acre in the Brodmensse, one in Rypwaye, half an acre in Cleybatche and another half acre on the Portwaye which leads to Ludlow, all currently in the tenure of John Stedman. Assigned to him for ever free of the chief rent.
Witnesses: David Edwards, John Legge, William Ludlowe, John Wellens.

Licence granted by John, Bishop of Hereford to Roger Stedman, clerk, rector of parish church of Munslowe to be absent from his chair to study holy writ in the Acadamy of Oxford or Cambridge for two years.  3614/3/9  11 Feb 1584


Copy Joynture  3614/3/10  16 Oct 1596

1 Michael Stedman, Aston, Yeoman
2 Roger Stedman, clerk and Adam Crowtheve, Knighton, gent
1. Grants messuages, tenements, lands, meadows, leasows, pastures, rents etc being at Aston, Munslow, Didlebury and Corston and elsewhere to 2. after his death to his wife and heirs of his body, thence to 2 and their heirs.

Licence to preach sermons and teach scripture  3614/3/11  18 Jul 1605
Language:  Latin

John Whitgift, Archbishop of Canterbury to Roger Stedman, clerk.

Rent roll of Claverley  3614/3/12  4 Apr 1634

Recognition of all property holders and their holdings in Claverley:.
Walter Brook, Church Wardens, Thomas Selmans, John Perkes, Thomas Hattan, John Yeate, William Fregleton, Thomas Milward, John Shet, Thomas Clemson, Thomas Rudg, Richard Teft, John Brooke, John Barker, Thomas Rudg Clark, William Ballingsley, the Feffies of Twisull, William Booth, William Rudg, Francis Geavenor, Richard Dovi, John Willingsly, William Cheynton, Thos Grovenor, John Beet, John Barnesly, Homprey Thomas, Thomas Hubole, William Gravenor, John Croft, William Perry, Thomas Haues, Jone Meire, Elizabeth Meire, Catren Perry, William Parke, Arthur Lee, John Rogers, - Newnam, John Hadly, Avis Hubole, Thomas Astly, Nicholas Jones, Rowland Yeate, William Perry, William Slerwin, Rondel Grovenor, William Barker, Rowland Onyers, Robert Rudg, Francis Perry, William Thomas, Roger Hardwick, Mortan Briggs, Thomas Whitmore, William Prat, William Rogers, Edward Frayleton, Thomas Milwart, Rowland Leueson, William Hubbel, William Barnsley, Thomas Greene, John Higges, William Bath, William Whitmore.
Also a recognition of tenements and chief rents of the copyholders of Claverley:
Thomas Hatton, William Rudge, Thomas Greene, David Lythall, Robert Ridley, Rondel Gravenor, William Cartwright, Arthur Lee, ThomasHubole, John Higges, William Rudge, Francis Gravenor, Francis Perry, Rowland Dovi, Edward Farmer, William Hubole, John Chapman, Edward Freyleton, William Prat, John Teft, Walter Brook, Edward Gravenor, Morgan Meenes, John Barker, Daniel Rowley, William Gravenor, William Barnesley, John Plimly, William Plimly, John Whitmore, John Ridson, William Bath, Francis and Elizabeth Freyleton,
William Gravenor, Thomas Barker, Rowland Yeate, Arthur Smallman, John Knott, William Perry, Edwin Whitmore, Ysack Wallden, William Rogers and William Hardwick.

Marriage settlement (and copy) of John Stedman the Younger and Ann Lokier daughter of Thomas Lokier  3614/3/13  25 Oct 1648

1.John Stedman the Elder and John Stedman the Younger, Aston, gents.
2.Thomas Lokier, the Marsh, gent, and Thomas Stedman, Stamford, Worcs, clerk
Terms of settlement outlined include the payment of £350.00 to John Stedman the Elder, £150.00 of which to use of John Stedman the Younger and for Ann Lokier if she should survive him. Also land devised under 2.'s including the White House in Aston, with all barns, outhouses etc., and other messuages, tenements, leasowes and pastures, for future use of John Stedman the Younger. Endorsed 20th October 1648.

Copy of indenture  3614/3/14  11 Oct 1649

1 John Stedman the Elder and John Stedman the Younger, Aston
2 Thomas Lokyer of the Marsh and Thomas Stedman of Stamford, Worcs.
See marriage settlement of John Stedman (3614/3/13a & b)
Endorsed 20th October 1648.

Copy of deed of sale  3614/3/15  20 Apr 1650

1 M. Stedman of Stoonton, salop, gent, for £20.00 from
2 John Stedman, Corston, salop, gent, gives cattle and beasts:-4 two year old heifers, 1 yearling heifer, 2 yearling bulls, yearling colt.

Grant of messuages and houses in Aston and Corston  3614/3/16  1 Apr 1651

1 John Stedman the Elder, Aston, gent.
2 Geo Littleton, clerk, of Munslowe and Henry Stedman of Corston, gent.
Now granted his own messuage in Aston, messuage called Broadgate, a house in Corston, messuage lying about the Bach Mill in Aston, a house at Caddeshead, Aston with all lands, gardens, buildings etc. All except lands conveyed to Thomas Lokyer and Thomas Stedman then to use of John Stedman the Younger (3614/3/13a & b)
Agreed that the said conveyed land to be held by 2.'s for the use and behoof of John Stedman, his heirs and assigns for ever.

Copy of indenture between 1 John Stedman the Elder, Aston, gent 2 George Littleton, Mimslow, clerk, and Henry Stedman, Corston, gent  3614/3/17  1 Apr 1651

Messuage in which John Stedman lives, Aston, house in Corston, messuage above the Bath Mill in Aston, with all lands, commons, etc in Munslow and Didlebury, except lands and tenements already conveyed to Thomas Lokyer and Thomas Stedman the Younger.
All these lands forever to use of John Stedman, his heirs and assigns for ever.

Release  3614/3/18  10 Feb 1652

John Colley, Brick Court, Middlesex, taylor, releases John Stedman of Aston, gent, from all manner of obligation which might be thought to exist between them.

Grant from John Stedman the Elder, Aston, gent, to George Littleton, Munslow, clerk, and Henry Stedman, Corston, gent  3614/3/19  17 Jan 1653

1 grants to 2 all messuages in which he now lives and messuage called the Broadgate, Aston, and all buildings, gardens, all lands, meadows, leasows, pastures, fields, woods, commons, profits, for term of his life and thereafter his wife Elizabeth. To be held in trust for heirs of John Stedman.

Copy of indenture  3614/3/20  17 Jan 1653

1 John Stedman the Elder, Aston, gent. 2 George Littleton, Munslowe, clerk, and Henry Stedman, Corston, gent.1 providing jointure for his wife Elizabeth after his death. (see 3614/3/19).

Ockley's opinion in a case showed by John Stedman of Mounslow  3614/3/21  1653

Recital of deed April 1651
Made by John Stedman, Aston to leade the use of a fine; the use of the lands mentioned in the fine to use of John Stedman and his heirs in fee simple.
Recital 1653
John Stedman settling a jointure on his wife and limiting the inheritance of jointured land to the assigns or appointees of John Stedman
Will devising jointured lands, after death of Elizabeth, to Ml. Stedman.
Opinion that lands mentioned are the same and the demises are good.

Agreement to allow Stedman, although a defence council, to be a witness in a case  3614/3/22  6 Jan 1654

1. John Stedman the elder, gent.
2. Edw. Bawdewyn, esq.
3. Rich. Barton.

Agreement  3614/3/23  18 May 1660

Agreed that Edw. Bawdewyn should have the enclosed land between Barge Brooke and John Stedman's land, also enclosed woodland and unenclosed land and the upper end of Stedman's land called Kydnall (part of text obliterated).

Lease of land in Munslow  3614/3/24  14 Jan 1664

1 Rd. Baldwin the elder, of Munslowe, gent and Rd. Baldwin the younger, gent.
2 John Stedman, Aston, gent.
The Cowe Leasowe and the Oakes Meadowe, Munslowe.
Ninety nine years at 12s p.a.

Bond of John Stedman  3614/3/25  8 Jan 1676

Bond of John Stedman the younger to perform stewardship and collect rents and herriotts of Bromfield park and the messuages, lands, tenements of Francis Herbert; also the manor of Snitton and all other rents and herriotts accrueing to Francis Herbert.
If Stedman accounts fully for all such rents and herriotts Edward Lord Herbert, Henry Herbert, Wm. Herbert and Thos. Walcott or any two of them may discharge him from his obligation.

Letter of instruction re valuation of Diddlebury  3614/3/26  25 Apr 1678

Letter of instruction to the appointed presentors and Assessors for the Allottment of Diddlebury for valuation of all persons in the area, in order to exact a tax enabling Charles II to go to war against France. All criteria of valuation under the Act are given in the letter.
Assessors and presentors:- for Diddlebury - Wm. Jones; for Gt. Sutton - Richard Taylor; for Corston Lawton and Little Sutton - Thos. Bayton and Wm. Squier; for Peelon and the Parkes - Thos. Bennien, Rd. Boxter and Thos. Stedman; for Midlehope - John Crowther; for Westhope - John Farmer; for Munslowe - Adam Stedman; for Aston - John Stedman.

Mortgage  3614/3/27  16 Apr 1680

1 Thos Stedman the elder, Aston, gent, John Stedman his son and heir.
2 John Stedman, Oakley, parish Bromfield, gent.
For £120.00 by 2. to 1., messuage of New House, Aston, and other properties for ever.
Facility to reclaim all or any of estate within space of seven years, under reasonable request of cost or charge made by John Stedman, Oakley.

Deed  3614/3/28  8 Dec 1680

1 John Stedman the elder
2 John Stedman the younger, his son, gent.
For £500.00 and £100.00 to be paid six months after his death to whoever he allows in his last will and testament,
1. will give his messuages, tenements and cottages in Aston and Munslowe and all buildings, gardens etc., for ever.

Indenture and copy  3614/3/29  9 Dec 1680

1 John Stedman, Oakley Park, gent.
2 John Stedman, Aston, his father, gent.
To secure payment of £600.00 to 2. by 1.
1. grants 2. all messuages or tenements at Aston and Munslowe, with all appirtenances, buildings, orchards etc for ninety nine years.
If 1. pays £500.00 to 2. or his heirs on three months notice and £100.00 within six months of decease of 2. unto whoever 2. decides in his will. Copy receipted:- 2nd February 1681 for sum of £200.00 and interest of £7.10s and 10th May 1681 for interest of £7.10s on balance of £300.00 .

Inventory of the personal estate of John Stedman, Aston  3614/3/30  31 Mar 1683

An inventory of the personal estate of John Stedman, Aston, compiled by B.Sutley and John Stedman.
Inventory compiled according to what is in each room.

Bond  3614/3/31  24 Jan 1684

1 Francis Smith, Aston, gent.
2 John Stedman, Bromfield, gent.
1 and 2 jointly bound by two bonds (one of penalty of £3,000, other a penalty of £21,00) of 8th January 1676 to Edw. Lord Herbert, decd., and his brother Henry, now Lord Herbert, Thos. Walcott, now Sir Thos. Walcott, and Wm. Herbert.
Conditions: if 2 should yearly or whenever required collect moneys of Great Bromfield manor for his creditors and keep Francis Smith indemnified from obligation of this agreement (as it was Stedman's fault that Smith became liable), the obligation becomes void. Signed by Stedman, and marked ' Cancelled the 2nd of May 1690'.
Note - Stedman appointed clerk to manage the business of John Smetheman's estate, as testor, by executors Wm. Stokese, Rd. Smthyman.

Memorandum concerning agreement between Rd. Baldwin, Munslowe, gent. and Thos. Stedman, Aston, gent  3614/3/32  16 Apr 1685

Memorandum concerning agreement between Rd. Baldwin, Munslowe, gent. And Thos. Stedman, Aston, gent., of Baldwin to let Gill Hill, Aston, to Stedman, for 4s p.a. for term of one lease taken by Baldwin of Sir Thos. Littleton for the lives of Sarah Baldwin the elder and younger and Henry Baldwin, grandchild of Rd. Baldwin and Sarah his wife and the longest lived of them.

Indenture  3614/3/33  9 Jan 1687

1 John Stedman, Oakley Park, gent.
2 Wm Archer, Ludlow, gent
For £200.00, house, messuage and tenement in Aston with garden, orchard etc, then in tenure of Thos. Child Mason, and all meadow called 'the croft' in Aston, then in tenure of Rd. Eaton and meadow called 'the Clark's Yard' Aston, also in tenure of Rd. Eaton, and all houses, buildings, wayes and waterways etc. appertaining to the lands. For ninety nine years - peppercorn.
If £20.00 paid to 2 on 6th January 1688 or 1689 or 1690 with £5.00 on each 24th June and 25th December in the meantime with three months notice of full payment, property will be reconveyed.

Indenture  3614/3/34a & b  20-21 Mar 1690

1 John Stedman, Oakley Park, gent.
2 John Beeston, Ludlow, gent.
In consideration of £5s, two messuages, one cottage, three gardens, fourteen acres of land, sixteen acres of meadow, thirty acres of pasture, one acre of wood and all appurtenances.
Lease and release sale in to possession for £10s to 2 by 1. Proviso that only legal means may be used to regain tenancy or secure a common recovery.

Letters  3614/3/35/a,b  23 Jun 1694 20 Aug 1768

/a John Holloway to Mr. Stedman, 23 June 1694. Re collection of quit rents; finds it proper to distrain and his cousin William Littlesen will inform as to which rents are due; arrears etc.
/b Edward Stedman to Mr ? (Cowns), 20 August 1768 (on rear). As latters diggings have spoiled his corn he has had damage assessed and would think it neighbourly for them to do so; he insists on being paid.

Lease, release and counterpart release  3614/3/36a-c  Jan 1695

1 John Stedman, Oakley Park, gent.
2 his brother Thos., Aston, gent.
Consideration of £400.00
Dwelling called the White House, Aston, with all buildings premises and land belonging; four closes and about one acre of wood called the coppie; the Townsend Leasow, two meadows (the Cow Leasow and the Walk Meadow); pasture called the Broomest; meadow called the Moor, ten ridges of arable land in the lower field, Aston; and four ridges of arable land near Thos. Higgin's pasture called the Moor; nine ridges in the Moor, four ridges near a leasow called sucksitch; six ridges in the Long Acres and four ridges in the Grithorne field; the Broad Poole Leasow, the four acres leasow; a new messuage adjoining the Clay Field in Aston; tenement called Westwall; three leasows called Mindheads, in Aston and a tenement in which Susan Butcher, widow, lives.
To hold forever
One release signed by John Stedman, the other by Thos. Stedman.

Letter of V. Owen to John Stedman  3614/3/37  6 Jan 1687

Letter of V. Owen to John Stedman, Oakley Park.
He thought latter had found bargain offered him too dear; former thought it a fair offer to give liberty to accept it, if to liking since he considers it not too dear.
Sees not too pleased with mention of lease to Brown though it is no more than honest promise.
Always told that Brown and wife must enjoy their possession for life, and was very mistaken if latter did not assent to it.
And he wrote same (at least re his demand) to Sir Thomas Littleton, which if was not mentioned, he cannot help.
If knows from previously, letter offering Brown.
Thanks him. Brown to sell both together. Owen may purchase Stedman need not fear that the offer will go to anyone else.

Lease and Release  3614/3/38 1-3  28-29 July 1698

1 Sir Thos. Littleton, one of Lords Commissioners of His Majesty's Treasury, baronet.
2 John Stedman, Oakley Parke, parish Bromfield, gent
(1) Consideration of 5s
Messuage in Munslow and Aston and a messuage in Aston, parish Mounslow with all lands and buildings appurtaining to them. Bargain and sale for a year.
(2) Consideration of £146
For same premises. Bargain and sale forever.
(3) Consideration of the above

Letter from Sir Thomas Littleton to cousin John Stedman  3614/3/39  29 Jul 1698

He is seeking latter's deed for Baldwins and Moreleys.
Understands by letter of 22nd dated Ludlow, to Mr. Beeston that latter plans to return to former £100.00, and remainder in November.
He agrees. Will keep deeds in own custody till received £100.00; then deliver them to Mr. Beeston's son who will give them to his father, in whose hands content should remain till remaining £56.00 be paid.

Lease and Sublet  3614/3/40  10 Oct 1698

1. Sarah Baldwyn, Munslowe, widow of Rd. Baldwyn, Henry Baldwyn, gent, grandson of Rd. Baldwyn and Richard and Sarah Davies, Upton under Hamon, gent.
2. John Stedman of Oakley Parke, gent.
Estate of Rd. Baldwyn vested in 1.'s so long as term of lease lasts (lease from Sir Edw. Littleton 11th October 1680, for 26s 8d p.a. for ninety nine years).
Here agreed that land be sublet to John Stedman for residue of term (eighty one years) at £10.00 p.a.

Articles of Agreement  3614/3/41  6 Dec 1695

1 John Stedman, Oakley Parke, gent.
2 John Bird, Didlebury, yeoman.
All properties of John Stedman in Aston, except the Malthouse, the Coat and a piece of land between them and the garden. For twelve years at £53.00 p.a.
Conditions include the carrying out of all necessary repairs to the leased property.

Lease  3614/3/42  20 Oct 1699

1. Sarah Baldwyn, Munslowe, widow of Richard, Henry Baldwyn, grandson, gent, Richard Davies, Upton under Hamon, gent. and Sarah his wife, daughter of Rd. Baldwyn
2. John Stedman, Oakley Parke, gent.
By lease of 11th October 1680 Sir Thos. Littleton and Rich. Baldwyn for ninety nine years.
The Blackhouse, with gardens orchards etc., also the Little Meadow, the healthy leasow, the Willsitch, Oakey Meadow, the little moore, Banister's Acre, Hibutt's and all buildings etc.
1. to 2. for rent of £10.00 p.a. for remainder of term (i.e. eighty years).

Copy of agreement  3614/3/43  27 May 1701

1 Francis Smith, Aston Esq.
2 John Stedman of Oakley Parke, gent.
3 Thos. Stedman, Aston, gent.
Concerning water rights in Aston, twelve days each for 1 and 2 per month, remainder to 3.
Marked: 'This copied for Mr. (M1.) Downs of Aston in 1812'.

Munslow Court Roll  3614/3/44  20 Oct 1709
Language:  Latin

Wm. Cromett, Culmington, Salop, Yeoman
John Dubson.
John and Roland Cobbett, attorneys
Care concerning the payment of 40s tax, and attempt to evade payment.

Lease and release  3614/3/45  12-13 Feb 1702
Language:  Latin

1 Sir Thos.Littleton, Soho Square,Middlesex, baronet and Dame Anne, his wife.
2 John Stedman, Oakley Parke, parish Bromfield, gent.
Consideration of 5s Bargain and Sale for a year of a messuage in Munslow, bedside Munslow's common and adjoining Aston's common with timber and wood and lands and buildings appertaining.
2 Consideration of £55 same premises bargain sale forever.

Letter  3614/3/46  10 May

Henry Stedman to Thos.Stedman, a relative. Letter. Mr.John Baldwin informed Henry Stedman that Thos. Stedman wished to buy the estate of Henry, in Corston. Baldwin now says he wants to buy it himself. Henry Stedman sees this as an attempt to block a sale to Thos. Stedman.
Henry Stedman has been informed that Baldwin was the sole instrument in disuading Mrs Awnsham from purchasing the estate. But the real stumbling block for Henry is his sister's claim that the estate had been entailed by his uncle so that it cannot be sold off, without her consent. She said Mr.Wooly, a Worcester attorney, was buying her right. Henry's attorney wrote to Wolly, who replied that he knew nothing of the deal.
It appears to Henry that she could not have a deed of settlement, as she claims. If one were to found it would be worth £500 to him.
A simple fine would block her. Purchasers should not listen to the 'falsities and follies of madwomen'.
Henry Stedman has exhibited a Bill in chancery to find out the full nature of her claim and though he promised £50 without prejudice, he is now inclined to revoke that offer. Henry will not truck with 'silly wretches' but wants good sensible people skilled at law.
Henry would like Thomas Stedman to buy as he believes him to be a relation, Even if her does not buy the estate, Henry would like to carry on a correspondence with him.

Note of epitaph  3614/3/47  22 Jun 1715

Note of the epitaph of John Stedman, gent of Aston, parish Mounslow, buried 22nd June 1715.

Articles of Agreement  3614/3/48  18 Jul 1715

1 Thos. Stedman, Munslowe (Brother and heir of John Stedman, Oakley Park), gent.
2 Mary Stedman, Oakley Park, widow of John Stedman.
John Stedman died intestate. By previous agreement 2. accepted annunity of £30.00 and satisfaction of all the dower which she might claim of property of John Stedman, in lieu of her moiety of the estate.
Articles providing for the carrying out of the articles of the previous agreement.

Tripartite articles of agreement of marriage  3614/3/49  10 Feb 1717

1 Rowland Smethyman, Worfield, oyle maker.
2 Jane Evans, Rowley Hall, Worfield, spinster.
3 Rd.Evans, Rowley and Thos. Blaydon, Rudgeley, Staff., yeoman.
Agreement for laying out £400.00 (£200.00 each by 1. and 2.) intrust to 3. to buy properties.

Letter  3614/3/50  20 Apr 1723

? (E) Hopton ? to Thomas Stedman
Respect he has for family makes him tender in advising placing out of a son whose future happiness depends on the result.
Mr.Charles Baldwyn is intimate friend; he is praiseworthy and discreet; familiar with business of all Mr.Baldwyns clients and has many of his own.
So clerk will not be short of employment to make him proficient in practise of an attorney.
Certain he would be better off in London than in the country.
So thinks London and Charles Baldwin recommended.
This is not so much by way of advice but his sentiments and views.

Note of Thomas Stedman's promising to pay £350 to George Langley on demand  3614/3/51  28 May 1723

Witnessed by John Baldwyn and Richard Baldwyn.

John Baldwin to Thomas Stedman, Aston  3614/3/52  9 Jul 1723

J Baldwin wishes a swift reply to this letter, and an account in writing of the relationship between Thomas Stedman and Francis Stedman, late clergyman of Stoke Lacey, Herefordshire. He wishes to know if Thomas Stedman is to claim to be his heir at law, as his late brother did.
(Heir at law: next male heir of whole blood in descending line).
The exact nature of his brother's claim is not laid out in his bill against John Ravenhills. His widow will either renew the Bill of Revivor or come to terms. If she renews she will be examined in matter abated with his brother's death, and about rent arrears etc., which might be awarded.
John Baldwin apologises for the delay in settling the affair.

Letter Thomas More, Jr. to John Stedman at Aston  3614/3/53  19 Jan 1736

Re business; has sent for relevant documents.
As must meet thereupon and may at the same time execute the deeds to lead thereof; as soon as the same come to him will fix a day for meeting latter's father so as to have everything completed pro forma

Probate. Samuel Amies, Thonglands, parish Munslow, tanner.  3614/3/54  3 Jan 1749

1 To godson Samuel Amies, £30
2 To godson John Stedman, son of Edward Stedman, £30
3 Thomas Evans, godson, son of Edward Evans, £30
4 Godson, Frederick Maddox, £30
5 Godson Francis Wainwright, £30
6 Jane Smytheman (wife of Rowland Smytheman) £20
7 Hannah Hirds (wife of John Hirds) £20
8 Mary Evans (daughter of Thomas Evans) £20
9 Mary Holmes, widow, £20
10 To Sarah Clecton's children by her former husband £5 each.
11 To William Jordan's children by his wife Elizabeth, £5 each.
12 Samuel Miles (son of William Miles) £10.
13. Anne Miles (daughter of Anne Miles) £10.
14 Jeremy Medlicott's children by his former wife Martha, £5 each.
15 Sarah Parsons (wife of William Parsons) £20.
16 Hannah (wife of John Wilkes) £10
17 Anne Pourtney (servant) £20.
18 Frances Williams (servant) 30s.
19 John Smith, John Beaven and John Brow (workmen) 20s each.
20 John Beard (servant) 20s.
21 Richard, John and Francis Kilvert (Kindmen) £5 each.
22 Samuel Amies, son of Bonam Amies, all his freehold lands in Thonglands, parish Munslow, called the Great Snackett, Little Snackett, Mill Meadow and Heacroft Meadow, subject to the following payments:- 10s on 2nd February, 10s on Good Friday next following and 10s on Holy Thursday next, and 10s next Michaelmas yearly to relief of the poor of Munslow.
23 6d to be given to each of the poor at Munslow Church at his funeral.
Other funeral arrangements including payment of two guineas to Rev John Holland.
24 Annuity of £4 to Bonam Amies provided he lives in Samuel Amies leasehold estate in Broadstone, Munslow.
Nominates Rowland Wainswright, Upper Stanway as sole trustee of his will, paying him £12.
Sole executor Rd. Amies, his brother.

Deed of sale by Thomas Lovatt of c. one acre at Hecaleton hide near Poplar Stile, Claverley to Henry Onions for £10  3614/3/55  1 May 1753

Witnessed M Langluy, John Perry

Table of Accounts  3614/3/56  After 1754

Money owed to balance that 'Disbursed on Father's account'.
The owner unclear, possibly John Stedman.

Letter of John Hurd to John Stedman at Mr Guests in the High Churchyard, Bridgnorth.  3614/3/57  4 Mar 1758

1 Was with Uncle Evans that morning.
2 would have latter know would have him come over to him the next day or as soon as possible

John Kilvert to Mr John Stedman at Guest's  3614/3/58  27 Feb 1759

Received letter and can help latter to £200 by time mentioned.
Signs as 'affectionate kinsman'

Letter of Thomas More to Mr Stedman at Mr Guest's  3614/3/59  21 Dec 1759

1 Received yours, intends being home all Christmas.
2 Mr Silver has reviewed draft of proposed mortgage.
3 If Mr Stedman paid same before in gross Thomas More thinks it would be put right, takes a day for the execution of the matter

Inventory of linen clothing belonging to John Stedman  3614/3/60  21 Sep 1761

On reverse a corrected Latin passage.

H Langley to John Stedman  3614/3/61  20 Nov 1761

Thanks latter for care but sent by Betty Evans and received 'it' safe by the hand of 'cuz' Samuel Evans, which he would be pleased to have cuz Langley know when latter come to Aston. Let him see letter there 'which is all but prayer to God for you'
Cuz Brompton joins in regards.

Inventory of stock and implements at Rindleford, belonging to John Stedman.  3614/3/62  3 Nov 1766

Inventory of stock and implements at Rindleford  3614/3/63  19 Jun 1769

Inventory of household goods, given by room, at Rindleford.  3614/3/64  22 Nov 1766

A bill of Messrs Stokes & Smithyman to J Langley  3614/3/65  3 May 1766

For drawing up and attending the execution of all the deeds. Total bill £12 11s 10d.
Bill receipted by J Langley.

A bill of Richard Holland to Mr Edward Stedman.  3614/3/66  4 Jan 1777

Mostly groceries, between 25th August and 19th December 1776. Total bill £2 14s 7½d
Bill receipted by R Holland.

Copy extract of Survey Book of Ludlow Corporation.  3614/3/67  5 Oct 1780

Concerning a piece of woodland in Aston's wood, owned jointly and equally by J Stedman the younger and Ludlow Corporation.
Occupied by Mrs Edwyn and her tenant Francis Humphreys.

Copy of presentment made at the Lords Court, concerning lands at Aston  3614/3/68  nd.

Lands belonging to John Stedman, Anne Knight, Francis Jenkes, William Higgins, William Downe and Francis Smyth and Adam Stedman. Concerns the non-payment of a herriott on the death of John Stedman the Elder.

Letter from John Steadman (Oakley Park) to coz. Thomas of Aston.  3614/3/69  nd.

1) Requests pay the bearer, Thomas Butcher the money due to him: this note latter's discharge.
2) Will send for the Barley on Wednesday or Thursday: Give his duty and service where due; ask the merchant if he would lend sum of money at or before Stretton Fair. Forgot to mention it last time he saw him.

Letter from J.O. (?) Howell to Mr. Stedman  3614/3/70  21 Nov [1799]

1) Just notified of declaration of affairs
2) So he must not fail coming to Sutton Farm on Friday by 7 a.m. and bring with him the case documents for Mr. Slainey.

Bills, Accounts, Inventories  3614/3/71-84  [n.d.]

Four promissary notes from John Stedman to Robert Walker  3614/3/71  6 Jun 1800-6 Mar 1805

Sums totalling £450, to be repaid with interest at 4½%. Signatures torn from them all. Three witnessed by Thomas Smith, one by Sarah Smith. First two totalling £210 receipted 6 March 1806; fourth note dated 6 Mar 1806 for £210.

Account of Thomas Smith with Bates and Jones.  3614/3/72  1804

Executors' account of the late John Stedman.

Rough note of value of assets and amount of debts of John Stedman of Rindleford, deceased.  3614/3/73  1804

List of disbursements made on the seed account  3614/3/74  1804-1806

Total £1,878 8s 8½d

List of money due from the estate of John Stedman.  3614/3/75  nd. [1806]

Some items ringed; W.Bates and B.North; Mr Collin's Stamp Duty on probate; expenses of probate; Devoy and Hardwick; and ten legacies of £5 a piece

Thomas Smith's bill with William Bates.  3614/3/76  25 Jan 1806

Bill mainly for fabrics £1 17s 1½d added to account due, making £11 15s 9d in total. Note on previous bills included. Thomas Smith is executor of John Stedman.

Inventories of machinery at Rindleford Mill.  3614/3/77/1., 2  Mar 1806

2 items)

Gives dimensions of the mill cisterns and crushing machine [may be from the time when the mill was an oil mill].

Receipt for one year's rent of Rindleford Mill.  3614/3/78  22 May 1806

Receipt of £50 by WilliamHardwick from Thos.Smith for one years rent of Rindleford Mill, house and lands, due last 25 Mar. Witness: Richard Collins

Bill from Devoy and Hardwick to the executors of John Stedman of Rindleford  3614/3/79  24 May 1806

Bill of for £1 3s 6d. Receipted by WilliamHardwick.

Account  3614/3/80  1804-1807

Account of receipts from oil, cakes, etc. from Mar 1804 - May 1807, total £2,772 18s 10d.

Account  3614/3/81  1807

Account of William Bates, having received debts from Thomas Smith executor of John Stedman. Addressed to 'Mr.Smith, Bromley'. Remainder due £33 8s 11d.

Account  3614/3/82  1808

Account of monies owed to William Bates for materials supplied to Thomas Smith and the late John Stedman.

Letter from Thomas Smith  3614/3/83  6 Mar

Thomas Smith of Munslow informs his son Thomas Inform of a rent arrear of £164 15s 0d due to the estate of his late uncle John Stedman, not in the account which the younger Thomas brought to London, and must be added. Addressed to: 'Mr.Thomas Smith, Mr.J.Smith or Mr.Backhouse.'
P.S. addressed to Thomas Smith because he is 'more immediately and locally acquainted' with the case than his brother or Mr. Backhouse.

Letter from Thomas Smith to William Skelding,  3614/3/84  9 Mar 1826

Letter of Thomas Smith of Aston, Munslow to William Skelding of the new Legacy Office, London, enclosing signed accounts, unspecified.

Smethymans v. Stedman and others  3614/3/85-115  [n.d.]

Common recovery re land in Aston  3614/3/85  10 Jun. 1722

Robert Savage v Charles Baldwyn concerning one messuage, one garden, and ninety acres of land in Aston.

Bill  3614/3/86  1764

Bill of the representatives of John Smithyman to John Langley jun. £12 10s 6d; receipted by Langley.

Accounts of the executors of John Smithyman  3614/3/87  19 Jan 1765

Full accounts of the estate of John Smithyman, all debts and legacies having been paid. The residue of the estate to be divided in three equal parts is £86 5s

Bill of Thomas Shelding to John Smethyman  3614/3/88  19 Apr 1766

Bill for groceries totaling £2 8s 2d paid by his executors.

Bond of Mary Smitheman  3614/3/89  9 Nov 1768

Bond of Mary Smitheman of Astley Abbots, widow, and William Stokes of Roughton, gent, to Rowland Smitheman gent, in the penalty of £900. If they pay Rowland Smitheman £449 11s 9d with interest of 4% for a year on 17 May 1769 the obligation is void. On reverse, undertaking by Rowland Smethyman to refund one third of rent arrears, and one third of expenses in recovering the said arrears, in proportion to his share therein. Also receipt of Rowland Smethyman of £458 11s 9d due on bond, dated 2 Jun 1769, from William Stokes. Witnessed by John Stedman

Letter from Joseph Boughton of Broad Oak, Westbury, Gloucs. to John Stedman of Rindleford  3614/3/90  1 Jun 1769

Letter enclosing a bill for £65 19s and informing Stedman of what is due to him and Mr.Stokes from Joseph Boughton. He also mentions seeking counsel on his son's legacy money and wants Mr.Stokes to do likewise.

Bond of Joseph Boughton, of Broad Oak, Gloucs. and John Boughton of Adcott, Gloucs. to William Stokes of Roughton, Salop and William Slater of Allscott, Salop  3614/3/91  8 July 1769

Condition of bond if Joseph Boughton pay £100 legacy to John Boughton on his attaining twenty one years, and if John Boughton deliver unto Stokes and Slater the said £100 and other conditions for indemnification.

Letter from Jane Boughton to John Stedman of Rindleford.  3614/3/92  4 Feb 1770

She thanks him for his gifts and informs him of her mother's health and intention to spend the summer with her son Rowland. She also mentions her mother's refusal to pay a Mr.Stocks [Stokes] for her board and keeping of her mare.

Letter from Jane Boughton to Jane Smithyman  3614/3/93  8 Oct 1770

Letter from Jane Boughton to Jane Smithyman, her mother concerning a law suit between her family and Jesobell, (Haill) and William Cadell, which turned out to her satisfaction.

Accounts  3614/3/94  June 1771

Account of money received on the sale of the personal estate of John Smithyman. On reverse is a note on the balance of accounts after some debts have been settled.

Copy of case concerning payments due by the will of John Stedman.  3614/3/95  n.d. [post 1771]

John and Rowland Smythyman pl. v William Stokes, John Stedman and John Stokes defs. Concerning a bond between John and Rowland Smythyman. William Stokes, John Stokes and John Stedman deemed to pay Rowland Smithyman his bond debt and one third of personal estate.

Schedule of payments and legacies  3614/3/96  Post 1776

List of payments and legacies made from the estate of John Smitheman.

Schedule of various financial transactions  3614/3/97  1764-1778

Schedule of legacies settled and other transactions.

Copy account of John Stedman with Isaac Dixon  3614/3/98  20 Mar 1780

Stedman had collected rents on behalf of the estate of John Smithyman. Rents were due to mortgage holder Isaac Dixon. Amount due £616 19s 0d.

Draft answer  3614/3/99  May 1783

Answer of John Stedman, one of the defendants to the bill of complaint in Exchequer of Rowland and John Smethyman pls.. Text amended from plural 'defendants' to 'defendant.' See 3614/3/103

Copy of bill  3614/3/100  Trinity Term 1783

Copy of bill of complaint as presented to the Court of Exchequer by Rowland and John Smethyman pls. v John Stedman, John Stokes and William.Stokes defs.

Copy bill of complaint  3614/3/101  Trinity Term 1783

Rowland and John Smethyman pls. v John and William Stokes and John Stedman defs. Bill of complaint and answers of the defendants.

Brief of Bill of Complaint  3614/3/102  Trinity Term 1783

Brief of Bill of Complaint of Rowland and John Smethyman pls. v William and John Stokes and John Stedman defs. John Smethyman of Rindleford was bound to Rowland Smethyman in penalty to £556. A condition of the bond was that he pay £278 and 4% interest, but he died before paying anything. William Stolks executor of John Smethyman, paid interest on the bond to Rowland Smethyman, father of the complainant, up to 17th November 1768. Rowland Smethyman senior died in 1773, leaving everything to his son Rowland, and appointed John Smethyman and John Congreve his executors. WilliamStokes has since died and appointed WilliamStokes jun. and John Stokes as his executors. Since then Rowland Smethyman has received £50 towards interest on bond. John Stedman seized himself of the accounts of John Smethyman deceased and a part of his personal estate. Complainants want Stedman to pay off the bond debt and interest as well as one third of residue of personal estate of John Smethyman, due to them as heirs of Rowland Smethyman.

Rowland and John Smethyman's Bill of Complaint against John and William Stokes and John Stedman.  3614/3/103a-b  Trinity Term 1783

Also defendants' answers and a schedule of accounts of John Smethyman's estate.

Statement in the case of the affairs of John Smethyman  3614/3/104  1783

Statement of the involvement of John Stedman in the affairs of John Smethyman deceased, and actions taken by him on behalf of the estate of John Smethyman. (Incomplete)

Brief of answers  3614/3/105  1783

John and Rowland Smethyman v John Stedman, John Stokes and WilliamStokes. Brief of the answers of the defendants in this case. Much of text deleted. At the end, text reads 'Deny all unlawful combinations'.

Memorandum  3614/3/106  1783

Memorandum concerning the legal claims of Rowland Smethyman, and the legal questions involved in his case against Stedman and the Stokes family. And on the reverse, a note on profits made on Burcot Farm 1764 - 1769.

Memorandum  3614/3/107  3 May 1784

Memorandum to Mr.Tancred, Chancery Office, London, about the completion of arrangements for the purchase of some land of Rowland Smethyman sen. deceased

Memorandum  3614/3/108  13 Oct 1784

Memorandum concerning the executors of the wills of Rowland jun., Richard and John Smithyman. Also mentions the proportions of mortgage money to each son from their father Rowland Smithyman sen.

Memorandum  3614/3/109  13 Oct 1784

Memorandum concerning problems with a conveyance to a Mr.Bright from the representatives of the estates of Rowland, Richard and John Smethyman, all deceased. On reverse, a note that a copy of the articles of agreement between Rowland jun., John and Richard Smethyman must be brought down to Bristol.

Bond of arbitrament  3614/3/110  23 Oct 1784

Bond of arbitrament of John Stedman of Rindleford, gent, in the sum of £1000 to Rowland Smithyman of Colwich, Staffs., gent. Stedman, his heirs, executors etc.agree to be bound to the arbitration of Wilson Aylesbury Roberts of Bewdley, Worcs., and James Kynnersley of Ludlow.

Letter from Thomas Haslewood to Wilson Aylesbury Roberts of Bewdley, Worcs.  3614/3/111  21 Jan 1785

Haslewood asks that Wilson Aylesbury Roberts act as arbitrator for John Stedman, who (he says) ' was a mere agent. .. in the business and must be paid for his troubles', in the case of Smitheman v Stedman and others.

Executors' accounts  3614/3/112  20 Dec 1785

Bills paid to and by the executors of John Smethyman; evidence in the case of Smethyman v Stedman and others.

Executors' accpimts  3614/3/113  26 Dec 1785

Bills paid to and by the executors of John Smethyman; evidence in the case of Smethyman v Stedman and others. [See 3614/3/112]

Bond of release  3614/3/114  26 Dec 1785

Bond of release of John Stedman of Rindleford, gent, from obligation to Richard Slater of Astley Abbots, Salop, farmer and his wife Mary

Itemised bill to John Stedman  3614/3/115  Jan 1786

Itemised Bill to John Stedman for one quarter of £71 11s 0d his share of the Reference (fee) from Richard Corbett. Also receipt of Richard Corbett for full amount (i.e. £17 17s 0d) owed to him by Stedman.

Wills  3614/3/116-118  [n.d.]

Copy of the will of Thomas Stedman of Bridgnorth, gent.  3614/3/116  6 Feb 1706

10s each to buy rings to Thomas Roe, Elizabeth Mark, John Roe, John Pemberton out of another bequest. £5 to Dorothy Bankes, 20s of which to buy rings for herself and her husband. £5 within six months of decease to Jane Roe and 30s to buy a piece of plate. Robert Roe a silver tankard; desk and bedsteads to William Roe, son of Robert Roe; Elizabeth Roe a set of hangings for a room, and her mother's ring; also a ring to Philip Lutly; also a diamond ring to Margaret Pemberton and 2 houses in Fryer Lane ,Bridgnorth. He releases son Robert Roe from bond, as long as he pays the legacies to Dorothy Banks and Jane Roe. The residue of personal estate to go to Margaret Pemberton. 2 parcels of land in Munslow are to benefit of the poor to be used at the discretion of Philip Lutly, the minister and churchwardens of the parish. Any shortfall in bequests is to be made up by Robert Roe, who with Margaret Pemberton, is to be executor.

Copy will of John Smithyman of Rindleford, Worfield parish, timber merchant.  3614/3/117  12 June 1764

He wishes that debts be paid off as soon as possible after decease. All his estate at Hawkley, Pensax, Worcs., subject to mortgage due to Thomas Powell, is to go to his wife Mary for her life and then to his right heir. His estate at Rindleford is to go to his brother, Richard and his heirs. His personal estate to be sold to pay debts and legacies. To sister, Jane Boulton, £200; to brother Thomas' children, £100 each; to John Stedman £20. The residue of his personal estate is to go to brothers Rowland and Richard, and wife equally. William.Stokes and Richard Smithyman are to be executors.

Copy of will of John Smithyman of Rindleford, Worfield parish, timber merchant.  3614/3/118  12 June 1764

See 3614/3/117.

BROMWICH  3614/4  [n.d.]

Conveyances: Shropshire  3614/4/1-14  [n.d.]

A licence of alienation  3614/4/1  1 Dec 1620

John Nicholls to John Bromwich for 80s, 2 messuages, a watermill, two gardens, orchards and 140 acres of land at Astley, Nordley, Regis and Alveley.

Bond of John Nicholls of Astley, Alveley parish, gent to John Nicholls of Bewdley  3614/4/2  20 Jan 1621

To keep all agreements made in a pair of indentures made 20 Jan 1620, between him and John Bromwych, Bewdley, gent.

Marriage settlement involving the manor of Astley  3614/4/3  17 Sep 1625

Marriage settlement of Francis Bromwich and Jane Lee; trustees Lancelot Lee of Alveley, Walter Kings of Great Witley, Worcs. And John Glassarde, yeoman.

Draft bargain and sale of land in Alveley  3614/4/4  1627

John Nicholls, the Low, Alveley, gent, in consideration of 5 guineas from Francis Bromwich, sells pasture called Ball Croft (c 2 acres) in Alveley, now in possession of Magdeline Roundney. [Parts of agreement deleted]

Assignment of lease of land in Alveley  3614/4/5  31 Oct 1632

1 Jonas Nycolles of Alveley, gent
2 Francis Bromwich, Alveley, gent .
1 assigns to 2 two acres in a common field called Gungate Field previously leased by George Blyke to Humphrey Nycolles jun.

Assignment of lease of land in Alveley  3614/4/6a  13 Jul 1634

1 Thomas Tomkis, of Wolverhampton, gent
2 Francis Bromwich of Astley, Alveley, gent .
A close called Rudge Bache with appurtenances in Alveley for the residue of the term of 60 years at 1d p.a.

Agreement re land in the manor of Astley  3614/4/6b  19 Oct 1652

1 Francis Bromwich, gent, late bailiff of borough of Bewdley, Worcs.
2 John (Worren), gent, new bailiff of Bewdley.
Handing over control of Bewdley gaol. States names of prisoners and reasons for their being there.

Final concord re land in the manor of Astley  3614/4/7  28 Nov 1651

1 Francis Bromwich, gent, his wife Jane and Lancelot Bromwich, gent
2 John Lee and John Tirer, gents,
1 agree that that they hold the manor of Astley with appurtenances, of two messuages, three barns, one water corn mill, one dove house, two gardens, three orchards, 140 acres of land, 14 acres of meadow, 86 acres of pasture, 14 acres of wood, 20 acres of heath and furze at 20s rent at Astley, King's Nordley or Nordley Regis and Alveley.

Lease of Fenne Green, Alveley  3614/4/8  1 Nov 1658

1 Lancelot Bromwich, Enfield, Staffs., clerk
2 William Inch of Fenne Greene, Alveley, yeoman.
Lease of a messuage at Fenne Greene, Alveley, with all meadows, lands and appurtenances lately bought by Bromwich from Thomas Jorden, London for the lives of William Inch, Thomas and Anne Jordan, sons and daughter in law of William Inch at £10 10s p.a.

Lease of land in Alveley  3614/4/9  4 May 1666

1 Lancelot Bromwich of Enville, Staffs., clerk
2 John Lewis, Arley, Staffs., hair sieve maker.
Lease of 2 leasowes in Astley called Pagelands and all buildings etc. thereon, a pasture called Goresley, Astley, with all ways, commons, profits to Lewis, except timber rights for twenty one years at £8 p.a. Lewis is to keep the leased properties in a good state of repair, and pay all land taxes excluding extraordinary taxes and impositions. May not sublet without written permission of Bromwich. [Damaged copy]

Lease for life or twenty one years of a messuage in Astley  3614/4/10  5 Jun 1686

1 Alice Bromwich of Bridgnorth, widow
2 John Low of Astley, Alveley, husbandman
A messuage in Astley with all buildings belonging to it, and Grantum Mill, Balls Close, Hargate Field for twenty one years or her life at £52 4s 8d and a further 30s p.a. for every acre under tillage

General livery of seisin  3614/4/11  n.d.
Language:  Latin

1 Sir Robert Naunton, Master of the Court of Wards and Liveries, and Sir Benjamin Rudgend, Surveyor of Liveries
2 Francis Bromwich, son and heir to John Bromwich
Francis Bromwich was granted a general livery in all his lordships, manors etc. by James I. Bromwich agrees that a regular audit should take place, so that 'The King should not be deceaved'. [No signature or seals] Includes a valor of the manor of Astley

Agreement to levy a fine relating to the manor of Hopton Wafers  3614/4/12  17 Jun 1662

1 Richard Hide, Hopton Wafers, gent
2 Hercules Hide, Hopton Wafers, gent, son and heir apparent of 1., his wife Margaret, and Thomas Kynnersley, North Cleobury, Esq.
3 Thomas Baker, Tatterton, gent, and Richard Kynnersley, Deuxhill, gent.
1 and 2 within a year (at expense of Hercules Hide) will levy a fine to 3 of the manor of Hopton Wafers, capital messuage, lands and other premises of 1 and 2 for the payment of an annuity of £10. Fine to be levied in default of payment of annuity within 21 days of it being due.

Bargain and sale of the manor of Hopton Wafers  3614/4/13  20 May 1677

1 Hercules Hyde, Hopton Wafers, gent
2 Lancelot Bromwich, Enville, Staffs., clerk
Consideration: 5s Manor house and capital messuage of Hopton Wafers with gardens, orchards etc. and messuage, water corn mill, Woffie Fallow, Woffie Peas Stubble (together c 8 acres), two other pieces of land called the Twelve Acres and Hartley fields (c 18 acres), Woffie Corn Stubbles (c 14 acres), Livers Wood (c 14 acres), fallow for corn (c 6 acres), three other closes called Lansich Wall Meadow, The Barley Stubble and meadow (c 12 acres), the meadow behind the barn (c 4 acres), the meadow behind the cow house (c 7 acres), the Batches (c 12 acres), the Hill Close (c 1 acre), Batches Barken Bottoms (c 6 acres) for one year.

Mortgage of the manor of Hopton Wafers  3614/4/14  20 May 1677

1 Hercules Hyde, Hopton Wafers, gent
2 Lancelot Bromwich, Enville, Staffs., clerk
Consideration: £500 Same property as in 3614/4/13. Release forever. Proviso that payment of principal and 3% p.a. interest on 22 May 1680 renders release void.

Conveyances: Staffordshire and Worcestershire  3614/4/15-36  [n.d.]

Inventory of the personal estate of Lancelot Bromwich, late of Enville in Stafford  3614/4/15  4 Jul 1681

Appraised by Gravenor Dyson, John Coxe and John Wilcox. Total value £4608 8s 8d (inventory by room).

Copy articles of agreement  3614/4/16  24 Dec 1624/5

1 Thomas Lowe, The Lowe, Worcs., gent
2 John Bromwich, Bewdley, Worcs., gent
Consideration: £300 Concerning land surrendered and released to Bromwich.

Articles of Agreement  3614/4/17  4 Jan 1625

1 Mary Bromwich, widow of John, of Bewdley, Worcs., gent
2 Thomas Lowe, The Lowe, Worcs, gent
Concerning the surrender of copy hold of pasture lands at Rowmore by Lowe to use of Mary Bromwich.

Agreement to convey lands  3614/4/18/1, 2  17 Apr 1627

1 Thomas Lowe, The Lowe, Worcs., gent
2 Mary Bromwich, Bewdley, Worcs., widow Lowe agrees to convey pasture land at Rowmore. [2 copies]

Reply of William Lowe, complainant, in the case of Lowe v Mary Bromwich def.  3614/4/19  n.d.

The case concerns Lowe's use of the upper end of the Roughmoore pasture

Copy schedule of conveyance of pastures at Rodney and Rowmore  3614/4/20  n.d. [after 1627]

The schedule refers to a grant of October 1571 (from Henry to Thomas Lowe) and later from Thomas Lowe to Mary Bromwich (12 May 1627)

Agreement concerning Rowmore pasture  3614/4/21  6 May 1628

1 Thomas Lowe, The Lowe, Worcs., gent
2 Mary Bromwich, Bewdley, Worcs., widow
£539 debt of Lowe to Bromwich, due on day of this agreement, for redemption of property, mortgaged 17 Apr 1627. Mary will surrender the land in the manor court to the use of Thomas. [see 3614/4/18]

Memorandum concerning the surrender of copy holds to lands at Rudney and Rowmore  3614/4/22  18 Jul 1628

Rudney yearly rent £9, Rowmore £28. [Parties not named]

Schedule with value of demesne lands at Shelsley Beacham  3614/4/23  n.d. [1628]

Listing lands and corresponding rate valuations, totaling £181 9s

Agreement concerning the legacy of Mary Bromwich junior.  3614/4/24  20 Feb 1640

1 Mary Bromwich, widow of John Bromwich, Bewdley, Worcs., gent
2 Francis Bromwich, son and heir apparent of John and Mary Bromwich
Whereas 1. and 2. are debted to James Nashe, parish St Peters, Worcs., and his wife Mary, daughter of John Bromwich, in sum of £250, remainder of £800 portion and legacy of Mary Bromwich the younger. Now 1. has granted to 2. all her malt, barley wood, bloakes, corn and timber in Blackston, parish Kidderminster and the house in which she now dwells, in return for which he shall pay her share of the above mentioned £250

Receipt for 40s (half year's rent)  3614/4/25  26 Oct 1641

From Francis Bromwich for Rodnye and Roughmoore, by Nathan Gyles, on behalf of the Dean and chapter of Worcester.

Declaration of purchase money payable by Lancelot Bromwich, Bewdley, gent  3614/4/26  11 Dec 1649

Contract of 24 Oct 1649 made by John Lee, London, gent, on behalf of Frances Bromwich, gent for the sale of former Dean and Chapter lands, being two pieces of land in the lordship of Moore.

Marriage settlement of Lancelot Bromwich and Alice Coxe  3614/4/27  7 Oct 1651

1 Francis Bromwich, Bewdley, Worcs., gent, Jane his wife and Lancelot their son and heir
2 John Coxe, gent, his sister Alice, spinster, Staffs., and James Nashe, Hartlebury, Worcs., yeoman
Attached is a schedule of rents owed to Alice in her own right and as executrix of her father, John Coxe.

Transfer of the gaol of Bewdley  3614/4/28  19 Oct 1652

1 Francis Bromwich, gent, late bailiff of Bewdley, Worcester
2 John Wowen, gent, new bailiff of Bewdley
1. has given to 2. the custody of the gaol of the borough and all its prisoners i.e. Hugh Yarranton, gent, by virtue of an award against him to Francis Smith for £80 (a debt and £4 18s damages), also by virtue of an award to John Small of £8 (15s 8d damages and costs), also Lewis Dallowe by virtue of an award against him at the suite of John Walker (the sum of 5s 6d damages and 24s 10d costs), also Thomas Dalridge by virtue of an award at the suite of Isaac Worrall and Gregory Collins in an action of debt to the amount of £11.

Articles of agreement to end a dispute over common pasture in the tithing of Blakestone and Netherton, Kidderminster.  3614/4/29  4 Sep 1656

1 Daniel Dobins, Kiddermninster, Worcs., Esq
2 Thomas Mildey, Trinity College, Oxford, Master of Arts; Thomas Burlton, Wribbinhall, Kidderminster, gent; Thomas Pardoe, Cleeton, parish Bitterley, Salop, gent; John Fleming, Blakestone, parish Kidderminster, gent, freeholders; and Francis Bromwich, gent; Walter Pooler, gent; William Horneblower; John Tipper and Joyce Wilks, widow, copyholders. To put an end to controversy between freeholders and copyholders of the tything over common of pasture, which was claimed to be due to them in the lands of Daniel Dobins.

Copy lease of land at Enville, Staffs.  3614/4/29a  16 May 1676

1 Lancelot Bromwich, Enfield, Staffs., clerk
2 Richard Goold, Enville, yeoman
A cottage, a leasow called Crabtree furlong and a parcel, Lerkcocks (c 6 acres) in Littlefields, and the Little Meadow, all in or near parish of Enville for twenty one years at £7 10s p.a. Stipulation that he may not sell or re-lease without the permission of Bromwich.

Copy assignment of lease at Kidderminster  3614/4/30  2 May 1659

1 Mary Bromwich, Bewdley, Worcs., spinster, executrix of Martha Lee, Bewdley, spinster, and Thomas Ware of Kidderminster, Worcs., malster 2 William Reade, Kidderminster, clothier and Isaac Reade, son of William
Recital - Lease 22 Feb 1657: To Martha Lee from Thomas Ware, messuage and premises in Mill Street, Kidderminster and a barn close in Mill Street (c 1 acre) and ten acres at Blackwoods and Cursefields for 1000 years. Now assigns to William Reade for remainder of term, in consideration of £120.

Receipt for £100  3614/4/31  5 Dec 1660

From Frances Bromwich by Mathew Walton on behalf of Nathaniel Tomkins; sum is part of his fine for agreement with the Dean and Chapter of Worcester, of lease at Roughmoore and Ridney.

Receipt for £160  3614/4/32  17 Sep 1661

From Frances Bromwich by Mathew Walton on behalf of Nathaniel Tomkins, sum is part of his fine for agreement with the Dean and Chapter of Worcester, of lease at Roughmoore and Ridney.

Declaration of surrender by in the court of Moore.  3614/4/33  19 Dec 1663

Francis Bromwich, of Bewdley, Worcs., declares he has surrendered to Richard Angell and Thomas Mill, customary tenants of the manor of The Moore of land, that they may surrender it at the next court to the Lord of the Manor or his steward, and that it may be granted to Lancelot Bromwich.

Inventory of the household goods of Mrs Bromwich at Hawkley, Worcs.  3614/4/34  22 Mar 1668

From Mrs Bromwich to J Price for the chapter clerk of Worcester, for lease of Rudney and Roushmoore. On reverse is a list of goods missing. Inventory compiled by Thomas Norris and John Hale.

Receipt for 40s  3614/4/35  25 Nov 1685

Note to the effect that 13s 4d more to be sent. Also, note concerning a Mr Simnell in College of Worcester on 17 November (1685).

Rough schedule of Roughmore and Rudney  3614/4/36  n.d.

Covers the years 1649-1674

Deeds and Wills  3614/4/37-42  [n.d.]

Rough schedule of Bromwich deeds  3614/4/37  n.d.

c 1625-1681

Probate copy of last Will and testament of John Bromwich, Bewdley, Worcs., gent  3614/4/38  21 Oct. 1625

Will 31 Mar. 1725 1. All his lands in Alveley to wife Marie for four years after his death, and then to his eldest son Francis, forever. 2. All furniture and pots etc in the house to Francis. 3. To wife Marie, a third of all household goods and utensils. 4. To sons Francis and Thomas, and daughter Marie, the residue of his goods, provided that his wife has use of all goods till her death. 5. £300 to daughter Marie when she reaches twenty one or if she dies before that age, the money to be divided between his other children. 6. £50 to niece Anne Bowyer. 7. £5 to the poor of Ribbesford. 8. The belfry floor at Ribbesford to be paved from his estate. 9. Residue to wife Marie, his executrix. Appoints John Redforde and John Glasarde as overseers to help her, and 'for their paines' bequeaths 10s to each of them.

Probate copy of will of Mary Bromwich, Bewdley, Worcs., widow  3614/4/39  31 May 1641

Will 12 Jan 1640/1 1. £10 to poor of parish Ribbesford to be paid to bailiff of Bewdley within a year of her death. 2. All goods and chattels to be shared between her three children, once debts and funeral expenses are paid. Names her three children as executors. Includes a schedule of debts owed to the testator, 'Desperate debts without specialties' owed to the testator, and debts owed by the testator.

Probate copy of will of Martha Lee, Bewdley, Worcs., spinster  3614/4/40  13 Jul. 1658

Will 11 May 1658. £3 to poor of Bewdley; 40s to poor of Alveley; 20s to Henry Osland. 2. To three kinswomen, Jane Toye, Anne Hill and Martha Nicholls, £30 each. 3. To kinswoman Mary, daughter of Bartholomew Lane, £20 after her mother's death. Interest until then to her mother Mary Lane. 4. 20s for a ring to cousin Elizabeth Lee. To Lancelot and Alice Bromwich, £3 to buy a piece of plate. 5. £3 to her godson Thomas Monox. 6. To Mary, Jane and Anne Monox, 10s each. 7. To Martha Baker, 40s. 8. 5s to Mary Moneing, 10s to Dorothy Cooke. 9. To Samuel Wood, Alice Oakeley, Alice Cook and Anne Pagett, 5s each.
Also bequeaths sums to brothers and their wives to buy rings.

Probate copy of will of Francis Bromwich, Bewdley, Worcs., gent  3614/4/41  10 Mar. 1667/8

Will - [torn] Oct. 1667 1. £5 to the poor of Bewdley. 2. Furniture and close and buildings at Barkhill to Launcelot Bromwich. 3. £50 to his brother Thomas to be distributed amongst his children. 4. £40 to wife Mary. 5. Silver tankard to Mary Dyson. 6. Silver beer bowl and spoons to wife Mary. 9. Remaining household goods to wife Mary, son Launcelott and Mary Dyson, equally. 10. £5 to Anne Monnox; 20s each to Mary, Jane and Anne Monnox. 11. Malt, barley, wood and woodhouses in value of £100 to his wife and all wheat, rye and muckorne [sic]. 12. 40s to the poor of Abberley, and to the poor of Alveley. 13. 20s for a remembrance ring to his sister Mary Nash. 14. Launcelot Bromwich and Mary Dyson as executors. 15. Residue of estate after bequests, debts and expenses to Mary and Launcelot. 16. Launcelot to keep his uncle Thomas and his son William until he can be apprenticed.

Will of Launcelot Bromwich, Enville, Staffs., clerk  3614/4/42  25 Jun 1681

1. Hawkley Farm and appurtenances and lands at Lyndridge and Pensax and Hoosecoates, messuage at Frundall End, Abberley, to wife Alice for her life and then to Elizabeth Bromwich, daughter and her heirs. If she has none, to Alice Bromwich,daughter and her heirs. 2. The Wylde at Lyndridge and freeholds at Lyndridge, Pensax, Abberley and elsewhere in Worcestershire to Elizabeth Bromwich and if she has no issue, to Alice Bromwich. 3. Manor of Astley to wife Alice and thence to daughter Alice. 4. Fern Green, Alveley to daughter Alice and heirs, if none to Elizabeth and her heirs. 5. £20 to daughter Dorothy Charlton. 6. To Blunden Charlton, grandson, plate in value of £20 or £20 in money. 7. £10 to poor of Enfield. 8. Residue of personal estate to daughters Elizabeth and Alice.

POPE  3614/5  [n.d.]

Shropshire Conveyances  3614/5/1-114  [n.d.]

Lease of tenements and land at Astley  3614/5/1  20 Jul 1533

1 William Jurden, Dousley
2 Richard Jurden, Alveley
All his tenements, pastures and appurtenances in Astley for twenty years at 20s p.a.

Mortgage of lands in Alveley  3614/5/2  18 Mar 1570

1 John Blyke, Astley, Esq
2 Edward Sebright, Blakesall, Wolverley, Worcs., gent
Consideration £62. Pasture called the Culverhouse and adjoining pasture called the Great Meadow and the Foggy leasow, Alveley. Redemption on payment of £62 on 25 March 1573.

Covenant of mortgage of land in Astley  3614/5/3  2 Mar 1575

1 George Blyke, Astley, gent
2 Edward Sebright, Blakesall, Wolverley, Worcs., gent
By indenture of 20 February 1574 for £120 1. sold to 2. the Culverhouse and the Foggy Leasow pastures and the Great Meadow And the Parke field and Hye Bridge leasowes, in Astley and a barn called the Lyttle barne. If within eight years pay back £120 in a lump sum, mortgage becomes void.

Confirmation of grant  3614/5/4  30 Mar 1579

1 Edward Sebright, Blakesall, gent
2 George Blyke, Astley
In consideration of agreement of 2 March 1579. Two pastures, the Culverhouse and the Foggy Leasow in Alveley.

Lease land in Astley  3614/5/5  1 Feb 1582

1 George Blike, Astley, gent
2 Thomas Holloway, Alveley, husbandman; James and Roger Holloway, sons of Thomas
Consideration: £5 Three acres in Astley for three lives. 4d at Feast days of Annunciation and Michaelmas. Two acres in Horgate Field upon the hurst and one in Wolfe Field.

Letters patent - licence to alienate  3614/5/6  2 Mar 1585
Language:  Latin

George Blyke, for 16s 8d, gets licence from Queen Elizabeth to alienate one messuage, one dovecot, two gardens, two orchards, three hundred acres of land, one hundred acres of meadow, five hundred acres of pasture, etc. Common of pasture for all animals in Astley, Alveley, held in chief, to Francis Newport, to hold of the Queen for due services. [ Great seal partially missing]

Redemption of mortgage  3614/5/7  25 Mar 1585

1 Richard Frere, Blanketts, Worcs.,gent
2 George Blyke, Astley, gent
1. received of 2. £360 in redemption of mansion house called Astley Hall and lands at Astley, mortgaged by indenture of 7 December 1580.

Letters patent - licence to alienate  3614/5/8  17 Feb 1604
Language:  Latin

A licence of alienation granted to James Nicholls, Astley Hall, Alveley, gent.

Bond  3614/5/9  4 Oct 1607
Language:  Latin

1 James Nicholls, Alveley, yeoman and John Nicholls, son and heir of James, yeoman is bound to 2. Urban Ayre, Hartlebury, Worcs., gent 1. bound to 2. in the sum of £100, before Humphrey Baker and Richard Englishe, bailiffs.

Inquisition post mortem  3614/5/10  21 Apr 1609

Inquest on the death of James Nicholls before Francis Jenkes and being on a writ of de diem clausit extremum. Concerns his property at Astley. Jury consisted of Roger Rowley of Rowley, gent; Lancelot Ridley of Abbots Astley, gent; Francis Farmer of Ewdnes(s), gent; William Cheese of Astley, gent; Francis Croft of Eardington, gent; Henry Fewtrell of Chetton, gent; William Fewtrell of Hilton, gent; John Howells of Alveley, yeoman; Richard Elcock of Chetton, yeoman; William Perry of Farmcote, yeoman; Francis Cheese of Abbots Astley, gent; Francis Croft of Eardington, yeoman; Robert Fathers of Abbots Astley, yeoman; John Bristow of Chetton, yeoman and Henry Selman of Brockton, gent.

Sale of the residue of a lease  3614/5/11  21 May 1609

John Baskerville of Alveley, yeoman. By indenture, of 8 January 1563, John Blike, now deceased, granted to Roger Baskerville, father of John, patch of land with appurtenances in Astley for 99 years for one red rose at feast of John the Baptist and two capons at feast of Circumcision of Our Lord, 1 January. Now for 'a considerable sum' paid by John Nicholls of Astley, grants it to William Nicholls until lease expires. [signed John Baskerville]

Letters patent granting pardon of alienation  3614/5/12  27 Oct 1617
Language:  Latin

James Nicholls, Astley Hall alienated messuages and lands in Astley to William Acock for the marriage settlement of John Nicholls and Mary Acock.

Marriage settlement?[ Not found]  3614/5/12a  27 Oct 1617

James Nicholls was seized of a capital messuage (Astley Hall), Astley, a messuage in Astley and in Alveley end of 20- in Astley and Nordley and in a messuage, cottage, water mill in Astley in tenure of Thomas Elcock, and in a croft called Call Crofte and one acre in Hargetts Field, Alveley, in tenure of George Fountney and Andrew Arden, by indenture 6 June 1608. - Assigns Astley Hall and all other above mentioned lands in Alveley and Astley and the Culverhouse field, the Foggie Leasowe and two parcels in possession of James Jurden and twenty acres of arable land to his son John Nicholls and Marie Acock, daughter of William Acock, and the heirs of the two of them.

Release of lands at Astley  3614/5/13  15 Apr 1619

1 John Nicholls, Astley, parish Alveley, gent
2 William Merycke,Franich, Kidderminster, Worcs., gent
Consideration £100 Pastures called Park Field, Common Batch, High Bridge Leasow, Long Stubble and the Mill Leasow, in Astley, for twenty one years at 4d p.a. all land taxes to be paid by Merycke.

Lease  3614/5/14  3 May 1619

1 William Merycke, Franiche, Kydderminster, gent
2 William Nicholls, Astley, yeoman
Pastures, leasowes and parcels of land at Alveley for twenty one years at £13 p.a. Namely, the Park Field, the Common Batch, High Bridge Leasow, the Long Stubble, the Mill Leasow.

Assignment in trust of lands in Astley  3614/5/15  1 Jan 1696

1 Roger Pope the younger, (Worceston), Salop, esq, and Elizabeth his wife, daughter of Lancelot Bromage [Bromwich], deceased
2 John Kinaston, Aston, esq, and Richard Mitton, Horleston, esq
3 Sir Thomas Woolrich of Dudmaston and George Weld the younger of Willey, esq
Consideration £5s paid by 2. Messuage called the Wylde, Lindrich, Worcs., and all other messuages, lands etc. in Hawkley, Lindrich and Pensax, Abberley and all other freeholds of the late Samuel Bromage in Worcs. Also lordship of Astley, Alveley with all lands and appurtenances and all his other lands at Alveley and Bewdley, to the use of Kinaston and Mitton until a common recovery shall be had of the premises, until which time they will allow Roger Pope and his wife to receive the rents and profits, and after their deaths, their heirs too will receive the rents and profits of all the said land and properties. Cost of £3,000 to discharge the premises or part thereof. £1,200 to cover any of his debts, £1,800 to the benefit of any of his younger children.

Copy agreement concerning lands at Astley  3614/5/16  29 Jan 1697

Roger Pope and his wife Elizabeth to John Kyneston and Richard Mitton of Astley: four cottages, four messuages, eight gardens, one water corn mill, one hundred acres of Land, fifty acres of pasture, six acres of wood, at 30s rent.

Mortgage  3614/5/17  30 Nov 1697

1 Roger Pope the younger, Worreston, Salop, Esq
2 Sir Francis Winnington, Stanford Court, Worcs., knight
For £1200 properties in Worcs., Salop and Staffs. below recited. If 1. or his heirs etc. pay £36 on 1 June 1698, £1236 on 2 December 1698 this indenture void.
Recital: 1. Roger Pope the younger and Elizabeth his wife 2. John Kynaston esq and Richard Mitton esq 3. Sir Thomas Woolrich, Dudington, baronet and George Wilde the younger, Willey, esq 1. to levy a fine of the Wylde, a messuage in Lindridg, Worcs., and all his messuages in Hawley, Lindridg, Pensax, Abberley or elsewhere in Worcs., and the capital messuage or manor of Astley, Alveley, Salop and of messuages in Load Street, Bewdley, Worcs., and messuage called ffen Greene, parish Alveley, and of two pastures in Alveley and a leasow called Gorsly, in Astley, and a parcel in Upper Arley, Staffs., and a messuage in parish Enville, Staffs. By this settlement there was a power given to 1 to charge the premises or part of it to the sum of £3000 (£1200 of which to be used for his debts).

Mortgage and copy  3614/5/18-18a  30 Nov 1697

1 Roger Pope the younger, Worreston
2 Sir Francis Winnington, Stanford Court, Worcs.
For £1200 The Wylie, Lyndbridg, Worcs., with all appurtenances, and all his other lands in Worcs. Capital messuage and manor at Astley, Alveley with all rents, services etc., two messuages at Bewdley (Load Street) and parcel of land in Enville, Staffs.

Grant of power of attorney  3614/5/19  14 Jul 1708

Bromwich Pope, Wossaston, Esq appoints John Edwardes, Bridgnorth, gent, his attorney to sue for rents owed to him on lands in Bewdley, Worcester, Astley and Alveley; grants Edwardes authority to enter premises in his name to demand arrears and all necessary lawful powers to recovery of rents and arrears.

Counterpart mortgage  3614/5/20a  23 Aug 1710

1 Bromwich Pope, Worreston, Esq
2 Thomas Baker, Boreley, parish Ombersley, Worcs., gent
Consideration £1200 Bargain and sale for one year of the Wylde, and all lands and appurtenances at Lindrich, Wawsley, Pensax, Abberley and elsewhere in Worcs. Manor of Astley, Alveley, two messuages in Bewdley, messuage called Fen Green, Alveley, two pastures in Alveley, pasture in Astley, parcel of land in Staffs., and messuage in Enville, Staffs. Recovery on terms: £30 on 23 February 1711 and £1530 on 23 August 1711 (total 7½ % interest).

Release  3614/5/20b  23 Aug. 1710

Parties and lands as above.

Bargain and sale  3614/5/21  23 Aug 1710

1 Sallwey Winington, Stamford Court, Worcs., esq and Bromwich Pope, Worreston, Salop, esq
2 Thomas Baker, Borely, Ombersley, Worcs., gent
By indenture 30 November 1697 between Roger Pope the younger and Sir Francis Winington - mortgaged property (see 3614/5/17-18a) By this indenture 1, with consent of Bromwich Pope, and in consideration of 10s paid by Thomas Baker, bargain and sale to 3 by virtue of a bargain and sale for a year made 22 August 1710.

Mortgage of a messuage in Bridgnorth  3614/5/22  20 Sep 1611

1 Sir John Whitbrooke, Bridgnorth, knight and Dame Joan his wife
2 Richard Creswell, Bridgnorth, mercer
Consideration £110 Messuage in High Street, Bridgnorth and all buildings and hereditaments appertaining and orchard adjoining Stony Way with provision for recovery within seven years.

Lease of Bridgnorth market tolls  3614/5/23  16 Jan 1637

1 Bailiffs and burgesses of Bridgnorth
2 Humfrey Hill, Bridgnorth, gent
Consideration £122 Toll of corn and grain of markets of Bridgnorth for twenty one years At 13s 4d p.a.; 2, or his lawful deputy, must accept office of court cryer for Bridgnorth.

Petition for relief  3614/5/24  (1675)

Petition of Thomas Geary, Edward Oldbury, John Parker, Joan Purcell and John Penn to the 'Worshipful gentry, the reverend clergie and all other Christian and Charitable persons of Bridgnorth'. On 21 Jun 1675, fire which burned the houses of the petitioners and others. Attached: table of contributions by parish.

Certificate of Daniel Griffith  3614/5/25  4 Jun 1694
Language:  Latin

From the bailiffs of Bridgnorth that he is a burgess of the town of Bridgnorth and entitled to the liberties which attend that status.

Declaration concerning the nuncupative will of Edward Cook  3614/5/26  28 Aug 1742

As regards Tuesday 2 Mar 1741, Edward Cook, late of Bridgnorth, bachelor, having been in the house of William Smallman and his apprentice for four years, being sick; died 3 Mar 1741; he made a will by word of mouth as follows: - £200 to his sister and to her children after her. - Residue to brother Thomas Cook, excluding funeral expenses. Signed by witnesses: Elizabeth Smallman, Richard Bennett, John Nicholls, Mary Adams. Note from Edward Greenly re commission for swearing the witnesses and appointing Thomas Cook administrator.

Marriage settlement  3614/5/27  12 Sep 1788

1 Elizabeth Jones, Bridgnorth, widow
2 John Oakes, Bridgnorth, barge carpenter
3 William Bates, Bridgnorth, banker Settlement of £400 to 3 in trust to apply according to wishes of 1 and 2.

Acknowledgement of bargain and sale of land in Longville  3614/5/28  26 May 1584
Language:  Latin

Copy acknowledgment of bargain and sale agreement 25 May 1584 between: 1. Robert Salter, Littlehales, Salop, gent 2. Edward Lutwyche, Lutwyche, Salop, gent His messuage in Longville, parish Eaton, Salop.

Bargain and sale of land in Longville  3614/5/29  11 May 1590

1 Thomas Corfield, Longville, Salop, yeoman
2 Edward Lutwyche, Lutwyche, Salop, gent and John Lutwyche, Lincoln's Inn, Middlesex, gent
Consideration of £55 for moiety of all those messuages, land in Longville, late in possession of Thomas Corfield, father of the party to this agreement forever.

Bargain and sale of a messuage at Habberley  3614/5/30  13 Feb 1610

Simon Phillipps, parish Kinlet, yeoman, in consideration of the sum of £26 13s 4d paid by his brother Thomas, parish Smethcott, granted, bargained and sold messuage and nook of land and pasture and meadow at Habberley after decease of Margarett Padland, widow of Richard Padland, to Thomas Phillipps and his heirs forever.

Bond for performance of covenants  3614/5/31  21 May 1611

Edward Powys, Ludlow, gent and - [torn] of Salop, tanner, are bound unto Thomas Phillipps, Smethcott, in penalty of £60 conditioned for payment of £30. Condition: Mortgage of same date Powys, his wife, Eleanor and son William assigned a messuage and lands in Habberley to Thomas Phillips for consideration of £30, if redemption made, with interest, obligation is void.

Quitclaim relating to a messuage at Habberley  3614/5/32  24 Nov 1611
Language:  Latin

1 Edward Powys, Ludlow, gent, his wife Elianor, and William Powys, son and heir
2. Thomas Phillippes, Smethcott, gent
Quitclaims all rights to a messuage and pasture land at Habberley.

Deed to lead to the uses of a fine  3614/5/33  17 Apr 1657

1 Richard Phillips, Netley, esq
2 Humphrey Corbett, Longnor, parish Condover, gent and Ffrancis Hincks, Shrewsbury, gent
1 agrees to levy unto 2 a fine concerning a messuage and tenement at Netley (in occupation of Richard Nash), messuage and tenement called Marsley, Habberley (in occupation of Robert Burges), messuage and tenement in Habberley (Lucy Burges), several messuage, tenements, lands, meadows etc. in Smethcott (in occupation of Hugh Davies, John Nicholls, Edward Weaver, William Butcher, Robert Townshend, William Mytton, Thomas Smith, Richard Smith, William Phillips, Richard Bevan, John Jenkin, Thomas Powell, John Wolley, Richard Jones, Thomas Barklam, Richard Owen, in all thirteen messuages, two fulling mills, two cottages, five orchards, fourteen gardens, 215 acres of land, 47 acres of meadow, 206 acres of pasture, in Netley, Habberley and Smethcott. 2. shall be seized of all said properties to the use of Richard Phillips and his heirs forever.

Grant of land in Habberley  3614/5/34  13th century

William son of Roger parson of Habberley to William son of Madoc of Pontesford, messuage and nook of land which he had of John Arundel, lord of Habberley.

Grant / feoffment of a messuage in Much Wenlock  3614/5/35  20 June 1396
Language:  Latin

John de Wylleby grants to John and Alice Pope of Wenlock a messuage in Southpol Street, Much Wenlock with the curtilage forever.

Grant / feoffment of a messuage in Much Wenlock  3614/5/36  31 Jan. 1442
Language:  Latin

1 William Bullok, Newport
2 John Hope, Much Wenlock
Tenement and garden in Southpoll Street lately held by gift and feoffment of Roger Browne of Aston and Margaret his wife. See also 3614/5/36a

Grant / feoffment of a messuage in Much Wenlock  3614/5/36a  1 Feb 1497
Language:  Latin

John Hope of Much Wenlock, corviser grants to Henry Synger, chaplain a tenement and garden in Southpoll Street, which he had by feoffment of William Bullok, Newport, to hold forever. See also 3614/5/36

Feoffment of a cottage in Much Wenlock  3614/5/36b  24 Sep. 1444
Language:  Latin

William Hockyns of Barrow and wife Alice, grant to John Hope of Wenlock, corviser, a cottage in Sheinton Street, Much Wenlock to hold of the chief lords of the fee forever.

Lease of lands in Oswestry parish  3614/5/37  1 Jul 1610

1 Richard Pope, Evenall, Whittington, esq and Mary his wife
2 Griffith ap Robert, servant to Richard Pope
Consideration of £30 Parcels of land in townships of Aston and Hidesland, parish Oswestry, called Cowldwall Meadowe (containing six days worth of hay), Kay yr Mayer, Ernelsmayle, Ewtree Leasowe, Kay yr Counte and arable land called Maes y Fynnenoyer, at Aston Farm. For his life at 40s p.a. and two capons yearly and 23s 4d at his death (as a heriot) 2. agrees to build a barn and other farm buildings on the premises within three years.

Fee farm lease of shops in Shrewsbury  3614/5/38  18 Sep. 1472
Language:  Latin

1 Bailiffs and burgesses of Shrewsbury
2 Roger Horton, Shrewsbury, baker
Fee farm of two shops in Shrewsbury eight silver shillings a year.

Grant of rents in Shrewsbury  3614/5/39  5 Jan 1506

1 Roger Chambre, burgess of Shrewsbury, brother and heir of Richard Chambre, his wife Margaret, cousin and heir of John Shaynton
2 Richard Dicher, burgess of Shrewsbury, dyer
All Rogers's rents, hereditaments etc. in Shrewsbury, which came to him on the death of his brother, to Richard Dicher.

Grant of a garden in Shrewsbury  3614/5/40  2 Nov 1523

1 Elinor Kynaston, Martyn, Salop, widow of John Kynaston, ands once wife of Robert Wicherley of Wicherley, deceased, Richard Wicherley, son and heir apparent of Robert and Elinor
2 Mathew ap Howell, Shrewsbury
A garden in Frankwell at 2s 4d forever.

Lease of a messuage in Shrewsbury  3614/5/41  25 Mar 1541

1 Edward Rawley, Esq, and his wife Fran
2 Richard Owen, Shrewsbury, shearman
Messuage and garden (large) at Dogpole, Shrewsbury for forty years at 20s p.a.

Grant of a garden in Shrewsbury  3614/5/42  28 May 1549

1 Edward Clerke, Shrewsbury, barber
2 George Owen, Shrewsbury, draper
Garden at Claremont Hill in the occupation of Edward Clarke and William Aley, shearman. Gardens at the Teynteres [Tainters]. Garden of forty one ulnas [forearms, ells] wide forever. [Latin]

Lease of land in Shrewsbury  3614/5/43  12 Feb 1554

1 Thomas Fletcher, Shrewsbury, fletcher
2 Richard Blakemore, Shrewsbury, butcher
Piece of land at Claremont Hill. Twenty one years at 14d p.a.

Petition to Queen's Court of Requests  3614/5/44  1 Apr 1572

Petition by George Higgons and George Proud, bailiffs of Shrewsbury concerning a dispute between Thomas Barnell, draper of Shrewsbury, and William Sugden, of Shrewsbury, gent. The dispute relates to the ownership of two shops under the Guild Hall, formerly owned by a William Sugden, gent alleged cousin of the above mentioned William Sugden.

Lease of messuages in Shrewsbury  3614/5/45  6 Oct 1587

1 Richard Ottley, Pitchforde, esq
2 Thomas Ottley, Inner Temple, esq (brother of 1.) and Chrystabel Ottley his wife
Two messuages and gardens (one in High Pavement, one in Rotten Lane), for sixty years at 26s 8d. Can only sublet to their own children.

Counterpart bargain and sale of land in Shrewsbury  3614/5/46  24 Dec 1596

1 Roger Pope, Shrewsbury, gent
2 Richard Swayne, Castle Foregate, yeoman
Consideration of £116 (20s of which 1. acknowledges), £115 to be paid by 2. his heirs etc. at new dwelling of Roger Pope at Augustine Friars, in following manner. £40 at or before 25 March next following, £40 more at or before the feast of Nativity of John the Baptist, 24 June and residue (£35) at or before the feast of James the Apostle, 25 July. Hubbold Fields, Castle Foregate with the liberties of the town of Shrewsbury forever.

Bargain and sale of messuages in Shrewsbury  3614/5/47  4 Jun 1588

1 Richard Ottley, Pytchforde, esq
2 Thomas Ottley, Shrewsbury, his brother, esq
Consideration of £20 For bargain and sale of two messuages, one garden (in High Pavement and one in Rotten Lane), garden adjoining messuage in Rotten Lane.

Bargain and sale of messuages in Shrewsbury  3614/5/48  17 Sep 1591

1 Thomas Horde, Hordes Park, Salop, esq
2 Thomas Ottley, Shrewsbury, esq
Consideration of £6 Messuage (Saracen's Head) in High Pavement, alias Baylie Street, part of another at High Pavement and Raffen Lane, also other parts of tenements and gardens. Refers to previous deed of Alice and John Horde, premises to Hugh Blanley for 99 years, at £5 15s 4d p.a.

Agreement subsequent to a fine levied on premises in Shrewsbury  3614/5/49  10 Oct 1592

1 John Brayne, Shrewsbury, Smyth, and Humphrey Leaton, Shrewsbury, weaver
2 Thomas Ottley, Shrewsbury, esq.
Recital 17 Sep1591: 3614/5/48 Recital fine of above mentioned premises unto 1. by Thomas Horde. This indenture to declare the uses of said fine.

Counterpart lease of messuages in Coleham, Shrewsbury  3614/5/50  12 Oct 1595

1 Edward Screven, Frodesley, esq.
2 George Williams, Corviser.
George Williams for longest life of himself. John or Elizabeth Blakeway; 4s p.a.; the lease can only be demised to one of the Blakeway family. Two messuages in Coleham.

Lease of land in Shrewsbury  3614/5/51  6 Apr 1600

1 Thomas Ottley, Shrewsbury, esq.
2 Robert Smith, Castle Foregate, corviser, and Mary his wife.
Saracen's Head from High Pavement alias Baylie Street and Rotten Lane for sixty years at £3 p.a. Proviso that if repairs not undertaken within six months the lease becomes void.

Agreement to lease two messuages in Coleham, Shrewsbury  3614/5/52  29 May 1602

For £4 5s George Williams, corviser, will assign his Lease of two messuages in Coleham [see 3614/5/50 for counterpart of lease] to Roger Blakeway, corviser. For the lives of George Williams, John and Elizabeth Blakeway, and children of Roger Blakeway

Lease and counterpart  3614/5/53a and b  3 Aug 1607

1 Roger Pope, Shrewsbury, Esq.
2 Richard Pearce, Shrewsbury, mercer
Stable, cowhouse, and adjoining garden, St.Chads and town walls for twenty one years 6s 8d in the first year, then 26s 8d p.a.

Copy lease  3614/5/54  24 Dec 1611

1 Roger Pope of Shrewsbury, esquire, and Thomas his son and heir apparent.
2 Robert Williams, shearman, his wife Ellynor and their son Robert Williams of Shrewsbury
Consideration of 20s A messuage and garden in Mardol. Term: longest life of the three £3 9s 8d p.a.

Counterpart lease  3614/5/55  23 Jun 1613

1 Roger Pope of Shrewsbury Esq.
2 John and Elynor Jeffreys of Shrewsbury and their son John.
Recites lease between Roger Pope and John Jeffreys, the father, baker, 5 Dec (5 Jas. I ) of land belonging to Greyfriars for twenty one years.

Counterpart lease of land in Shrewsbury  3614/5/56  23 Jun 1613

1 Roger Pope, Shrewsbury.
2 Roger and Alice Porter and son Daniel, Shrewsbury
Recites lease between Roger Pope and Roger Porter, 23 March (5 Jas 1) of Grey Friars for twenty one years. Whereas Porter and John Jeffreys had agreed to a division of the property this lease formalises the position of Porter through a surrender and release of the property for 12s p.a. (see also 3614/5/55)

Settlement  3614/5/57  9 Apr 1614

1 Roger Pope of Shrewsbury, Esq.
2 Sir Vincent Corbet of Acton Reynald, Thomas Corbet of Stanwardine of the Wood, Esq., Andrew Corbet, Esq., son and heir of Sir Vincent, Thomas Charlton of Shrewsbury gent, Giles Yonge of Edgmond, gent, and Richard Corbet of Stanwardine, gent.
By marriage settlement between same parties (of Oct 4 James 1) wherein marriage between Pope and Susanne, formerly wife of late William Yonge, was settled. Pope sold a portion of the jointured land called 'behind the walls'. Now in recompense to Susanna, Pope enfeoffs to 2. St. Mary's Friars with lands and fagot house and pigeon house, now in occupation of Griffith ap Richard, baker, and Edward Hughes, butcher, with all appurtenances, forever to the sole use of Susanne and her assigns for life, thence to the heirs of Roger Pope for ever. Enclosed is final concord: Sir Vincent Corbet, Thomas Corbet, Andrew Corbet, Thomas Charlton, Giles Yonge and Richard Corbet qu. v John Pope def. relating to the above lands.

Lease  3614/5/58  9 Nov 1615

1 Roger Pope of Shrewsbury, esquire, and his son Thomas Pope.
2 William Orton of Shrewsbury, shearman
Consideration £8 10s Messuage in Bayley Street for 99 years at 40s p.a., and two good capons at Michaelmas and tenement between Bayley Street and Rotten Lane with all buildings and appurtenances.

Counterpart lease  3614/5/59  20 Jan 1619

1 Roger Pope of Shrewsbury, esq.
2 Hugh and Ciceley Spurstowe of Shrewsbury, gent.
Consideration of £4 Messuage and appurtenances in Bayley Street (High Pavement) and going back to School house lane (Rotten Lane). Term: Seventy years at £3 plus one turkey cock and two days work at harvest time per annum.

Counterpart lease  3614/5/60  30 Jul 1622

1 Roger Pope of Shrewsbury, esq.
2 Adam Johnson of Shrewsbury, baker. of Shrewsbury.
Grey Friars, at Town Walls for twenty- one years at 8s p.a. and work for Pope at harvest-time. Johnson agrees to enclose the demised ground with a fence.

Counterpart lease  3614/5/61  16 Feb 1628

1 Roger Pope of Wolstaston, esq.
2 Samuel Lewes of Shrewsbury, mercer.
Messuage and appurtenances called Grey Friars for the longest life of Samuel, Thomas his son or Mary his daughter at £18. p.a. and a 10 lb sugar loaf each year at feast of St. Thomas the Apostle, and buying with Pope's money sixty bushels of country barley malt at Worcester and the carriage of it to be paid by Samuel Lewes back to Roger Pope at his dwelling ( Augustine Friars) in Shrewsbury before the feast of St. Andrew. Conditions on erection of buildings given including stipulation that £100 be spent on building in first two years of lease.

Counterpart lease  3614/5/62  27 May 1647

1 Roger Pope of Evenhall, Salop, esq.
2 Richard Sutton of Shrewsbury, yeoman
St. Mary's Friars and all land and buildings there unto belonging (formally dwelling of William Kinge) For twenty one years at £9 p.a., two capons at Christmas, 5s. on the death of every principal tenant in name of a herriot.

Lease for possession  3614/5/63  17 Sept 1677

1 Sir John Weld of Willey, and Edward Kinaston of Aldbrightlee, Esq., (executors of the estate of - [torn] Saltingston, executrix of Dorothy Weld, sister of Sir John and Roger Pope of Bridgnorth, esq)
2 Abigail Tournor, Shrewsbury, daughter of Sir Timothy Tournor, deceased.
Consideration of 5s. Messuage called Lyen Hall, Whittington, messuage in Berghill, a messuage or brewhouse in Shrewsbury and a parcel of land called the Grey Friars, messuage selling house and tan house at Shrewsbury, the Black Friars, St. Mary's Friars, both in Shrewsbury and all property of Roger Pope in Shrewsbury. For one year - peppercorn.

Release  3614/5/64  17 Mar. 1684

1 Dame Abigail Yeomans, widow of Sir Robert Yeomans, late of Redland, Gloucs., Baronet.
2 Roger Pope of Bridgnorth, esq.
Whereas Sir John Weld of Willey, deceased, and Edward Kinaston of Albrightlee, esq., executors of will of Mary Saltington, widow decd., who was executrix of the will of Dorothy Weld, spinster, decd., sister of Sir John Weld, and Roger Pope by lease and release ( 7 and 8 September 1677). Consideration of £500 paid by Dame Abigail Yeomans, assigned to her by thename of Abigail Turnour, spinster, daughter of Sir Timothy Tourner decd., a messuage called Evenhall in the parish of Whittington, messuage in township of Berghill, messuage or brewhouse near Shrewsbury and close called St. Augustine Friars, also the Black Friars, in Shrewsbury, also close called St Mary's Friars in Shrewsbury, and all appurtenances, hereditaments etc. of all the said properties. This indenture in consideration of £500 and interest paid by Roger Pope to Dame Abigail Yeomans, all paid premises given back to Roger Pope.

Deed to lead to the use of a common recovery  3614/5/65  3 Jan 1690

1 Thomas Downton sen., yeoman of Alderton, Salop, and wife Judith, and John Redish of Castle Foregate, Shrewsbury, carpenter and Mary his wife.
2 Arthur Tonge of Shrewsbury, gent.
3 Richard Finch of Shrewsbury, glover.
4 Rowland Muckleston of Merrington, gent, and Henry Jenks of goldsmith of Shrewsbury.
3., at or before 1 May 1690, may bring writ of right patent in court of Chancery against 2. by which he will demand a messuage in Alderton and one in Castle Foregate in which the 1.'s now live, to the use and behoof of 4. subject to the redemption of mortgages to them.

Copy lease for possession  3614/5/66  18 Feb 1700

1 Elias Hickes of Shrewsbury, glazier
2 Henry Jenckes of Shrewsbury, goldsmith.
Elias Hickes in consideration of 5s (receipt acknowledged) transfers to Henry Jenckes those messuages in Castle Foregate, Shrewsbury, one now occupied by John Rhodish or underlessees, one in possession of George Howard and one possessed by John Corbett, labourer; with shop, chambers, cellars, gardens for six months from the date of lease sale to the intent that said premises may come into full possession of Jenckes.

Letter of attorney  3614/5/67  18 Feb 1700

Elias Hickes of Shrewsbury, glazier, appoints Henry Jenckes of Shrewsbury, goldsmith, as his lawful attorney to demand rent and arrears due or to due from John Rhodish, bricklayer of Shrewsbury, for three messuages in Castle Foregate.

Bond  3614/5/68  18 Feb 1700

Elias Hickes by indenture of attorney (date as above) has deputed Henry Jenckes to receive rents and arrears due for several messuages mentioned in letter of attorney Condition of obligation is that if Hickes does not discharge the letter of attorney, or release any actions brought in his name for recovery of rents, and if Hickes shall perform conditions in indentures of lease and release 21 and 22 of February1699/1700 the obligation becomes void.

Lease  3614/5/69  2 Sep 1705

1 Roger Pope jun. of Wolstaston, esq.
2 John Hollings of Shrewsbury, doctor in physic.
Piece of land in Mardol, recently enclosed by John Hollings, and being 15ft x 10ft adjoining a new-built messuage of John Hollings in Knuckling Street [now Hill's Lane], Mardol. For five hundred years at 2s 6d p.a.

Agreement  3614/5/70  6 Mar 1489

1 David Hughes, parson of Wentnor.
2 Thomas Madockes of Aughamstow.
Madockes agrees to lease two messuages and nineteen acres in Woolstaston to Hughes who has paid £10 in consideration of forty years. Lands to revert to Madockes and his heirs after forty years.

Feoffment  3614/5/71  20 Feb 1492

1 John Heighway of Stepulton
2 John Gaskewyn
Lands and tenements in Smethcott township and fields forever.

Grant  3614/5/72  29 Aug 1536

1 Richard Walker of Leebotwood, and Elianora his wife, late wife of Thomas Sonkye, decd
2 Eliz. Sonkye, daughter and one of the heirs of Thomas Sonkye
Lands and tenements in Woolstaston and Leebotwood. No signatures, but with a pendant seal [broken].

Copy of court roll  3614/5/73  5 May 1545

Wolstanton manor Richard Madocks, son and heir to Thomas Madocks, decd., seeks admission to messuages and other lands; he is admitted and does fealty. [Latin]

Feoffment  3614/5/74  2 Mar 1568

1 William. Walker, son and heir to Thomas and Elizabeth his wife late of Woodhouse Fields, Wollzaston, yeoman.
2 Oliver Hannes of Lydleys Hayes, husbandman
Consideration £40 Messuage in which Thomas Walker, decd. lived and two fulling mills adjoining as well as all belongings of Thomas and Elizabeth in Woolstaston.

Release  3614/5/75  10 Jan 1577

Richard Montgomery, gent, son and heir apparent to Thomas Montgomery, gent, decd. to Oliver Hannes in accomplishment of a decree of 8 Feb. 11 Eliz. and order of the Queen's Council releases all right to a messuage and fulling mill in Woolstaston and all other properties in Woolstaston in the tenure of Oliver forever.

Bond  3614/5/76  5 Apr 1578

Bond of Richard Montgomery of Shrewsbury gent that Oliver Hanmes, his heirs or assigns shall peaceably occupy his properties - a messuage, a fulling mill, meadow, leasows and pastures - at Woolstaston .

Feoffment of trustees  3614/5/77  20 Mar 1584

1 Richard Harley of Leebotwood, yeoman
2 Edward Corbet, Richard Jones and George Northwood and Thomas Sanckie and their heirs
All his lands in Leebotwood for the use of Thomas Tounge and Richard Tounge, yeoman, of Weston Lullingfield according to a settlement of 10 March 26 Eliz.

Grant  3614/5/78  12 Apr 1587

William Bowdler of Colliers Lye, yeoman to John Hayle of Stretton, yeoman. Consideration of £8 Pasture and tenement called the Park in the township of Woolstaston.

Grant  3614/5/79  26 Oct 1592

John Parkes of Picklescott, yeoman, in performance of an agreement of 20 Oct 34 Elizabeth grants all his messuages and lands in Picklescott to Richard Wildinge of Picklescott and Richard Hotchkis of Patton and their heirs forever.
It is greed that neither this feoffment nor any covenant in it shall be of force in law for the assurance of any other lands of John Parkes to the uses specified, but only those in Picklescott.

Bargain and sale  3614/5/80  19 Nov 1593

1 John Haile of Church Stretton, gent
2 Thomas Higgons, uncle to John Haile. of Lincolns Inn, gent.
In consideration of a certain sum and his affection for his uncle, a cottage and a piece of ground called the Park, Woolstaston. William Bowdler retains the tenancy by paying rent of 5s to Higgons on 9 Apr 1594. (see dorse)

Court proceedings  3614/5/81  1596

Document entitled :- 'a record between my father Pope (Roger) and Partreck (Thomas Partridge)' concerning land in Smethcott. (in Latin) Account of proceedings in a court case concerning disputed land in Smethcott. [Court not specified]

Lease  3614/5/82  4 Apr 1598

1 Roger Pope of Shrewsbury, Esq.
2 Richard Bowdler of Woolstaston, husbandman, and his wife and daughter, both Elizabeth.
Consideration of £2713s 4d Messuage at Wolstaston with all lands and buildings belonging thereto for the lives of the three of them, and the longest life of the three at 8s, two capons at Christmas, suit to appear at the courts of Roger Pope and his heirs at Woolstaston or Smethcott, a wainload of wood p.a. And at the death of any of them, the best beast or chattel to Roger Pope as a herriott.

Quitclaim  3614/5/83  20 Apr 1598

William Bowdler of Colliers Lye, Stretton parish, yeoman, quit claims to Richard Jones of Leebotwood, gent full possession and seisin to a pasture in Woolstaston called le Park.

Settlement in trust  3614/5/84  15 Mar 1599

Thomas Charlton of Shrewsbury, gent, to Thomas Jespar ap Hughe, Shrewsbury, gent all the messuages and lands which he got from Edward Madoxe of Edgeton, decd., and Richard Madoxe, son and heir of Edward properties in Woolstaston to the use of Thomas Charlton for his life, then to Lucy Charlton, his wife, then to Roger Pope and his wife, Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas and Lucy Charlton, and their heirs. Memorandum of livery and seisin on dorse same date.

Release  3614/5/85  15 May 1600

1 Roger Pope of Shrewsbury, esq.
2 Richard Sherry of Wolstaston, husbandman.
Consideration of £30 Messuage in Wolstaston in the tenure of Mary Heynes, widow and all lands belonging to it after her decease for twenty one years at 10s p.a., one good wain load of wood per year, heriot of their best beast, and court service at the courts at Woolstaston and Smethcott.
Note: Mary Heynes died 28 May 7 Jas I

Counterpart lease  3614/5/86  19 Mar 1602

1 Roger Pope of Shrewsbury, Esquire.
2 Thomas Parkes of Picklescott
The messuage where Parkes now dwells, and all other messuages which Pope previously bought from Parkes, except one messuage inhabited by William Hall for term of longest life of the three of them at 20s p.a. and a wain load of wood from Woolstaston Wood yearly.

Lease  3614/5/87  28 Jun 1602

1 John Bradocke, gent, son and heir of Edward Bradocke of Adbaston, Staffs., and his wife Sara.
2 Thomas Parke of Smethcott and Alice Stringer, daughter of Thomas Stringer of Netley.
Recites indenture 10 Jul. 1575 between Edward Bradocke and Robert Parke and his wife Marjory for £40 a moiety of Smethcott Hall, hereditaments and appurtenances for term of their lives. Now John and Sara Bradocke in consideration of £40 from Thomas Parke and Alice Stringer, the above recited moiety for the term of their lives for 11s 8d p.a.

Counterpart lease  3614/5/88  20 Mar 1610

1 Richard Pope of Woolstaston, Esq.
2. Richard Owen of Smethcott under the Longmynd, fuller.
1, in confirmation of grant made by Roger Pope, his father, to 2. as proved by testimony of Robert Lei(ghton), Thomas Parkes, yeoman, and Edward Jones and Joseph Charlton, then servants of Roger Pope, also in consideration of £5, leases to Richard Owen a messuage in which John Owen now lives, gardens, orchards, barns etc. belonging, and a walk mill called Upper Mill in the parish of Smethcott for eight years after death of John Owen and Frances his wife, if Richard so long lives at 25s p.a. and a couple of capons on Christmas Eve, four days yearly help in mowing and court services etc.

Lease  3614/5/89  20 Feb 1615

1 Roger Pope of Shrewsbury, esq., and Thomas Pope, his son and heir.
2 John Bartlam of Woolstaston, miller, William Bartlam, glover, his son and Winifred, wife of William and Thomas son of William.
Consideration of £50 Corn mill, watercourses, a close and a parcel of waste grounds of Woolstaston wood, reserving all oak, ash and crabtrees, for four lives at 46s 8d and two good capons at Christmas p.a.; also suit to appear at courts of Woolstaston and Smethcott; also best beast as herriot on the death of any of them.

Lease  3614/5/90  18 Dec 1618

1 Thomas Phillippes of Smethcott, gent.
2 Richard Smyth of Picklescott, husbandman, his wife Elizabeth and son Thomas
Consideration of £11 Messuage with yard adjoining, barns, buildings etc. in Picklescott and moiety of all lands, meadows, leasows and pastures belonging to said messuage for the term of longest life of the three of them at 20s, a couple of capons at Christmas p.a., and on death of one of them their best beast as a heriot, court service at court of Thomas Phillippes.

Counterpart lease  3614/5/91  30 May 1620

1 Roger Pope of Shrewsbury, esq.
2 Richard Sherrey sen. of Woolstaston, yeoman, Mary Sherrey, widow of Thomas Sherrey, decd., son of said Richard, Richard Sherrey of Woolstaston, eldest son of Thomas Sherrey, decd.
Recites deed of 14 January 1572/3 in which Thomas Pope, late of Shrewsbury, gent, and his wife Lucy leased to Richard Sherrey and Thomas Sherrey sen., then of Wolstaston, husbandman a messuage and appurtenances in Woolstaston, the third party being Thomas Sherrey the younger, now deceased. Consideration of surrender of above recited lease by Richard Sherrey, and of £60 from Mary Sherrey to Roger Pope. Lease for their three lives at 8s 8d p.a., two good capons at Christmas and one good wain load of wood yearly.

Counterpart lease  3614/5/92  1 Jul 1625

1 Roger Pope of Shrewsbury, esq.
2 Thomas Heynes of Smethcott, yeoman.
Consideration of £13.10s and services during the term of lease. Tenement in which Heynes now lives and adjoining close (six acres) in Smethcott, also tenement and closed land adjoining his own tenement for eighty years or for three lives of Heynes, his wife Margaret, and daughter Mary Mountford at 20s. p.a., four capons at Christmas, and 50s as a heriot at the decease of any of them (Thomas, Margaret or Mary) and also the best chattel of the remaining tenants. Haynes also to perform office of woodward and bailiff under and for Roger Pope collecting rents, attending courts of manor of Smethcott or Woolstaston)

Counterpart lease  3614/5/93  1 Nov 1625

1 Sir Thomas Harris of Boreatton and Dame Sara, his wife.
2 Richard Scawtock of Leebotwood, tailor and Margery his wife.
Consideration of 20s. Messuage and tenement in Leebotwood late in possession of Anne Stephens, widow, with appurtenances and hereditaments for 99 years if they or their first son should live so long at 16s. p.a.

Copy of will  3614/5/94  -

Copy of the will of Sir Samuel Harris: Debts to be paid including £20 his late brother, Sir Thomas Norris owed to Joseph Shelldon of London, draper. John Shelvock of Shrewsbury and Richard Reynolds lands in Leebotwood and Shrewsbury, to sell for trust, conveying interest/profits to uncle Roger Norris (assignees/heirs). Property now occupied by Peter Boltfield to go to John Shelowork. Three sisters £300 shared Property in tenure of John Hochkis to go to Richard Reynolds Property in the tenure of Richard Gordon sen. to go to Richard Gordon To Mrs. Elizabeth Wilds, widow £4 to buy mourning. To Richard Reynolds all residuary personal estate. Richard Reynolds and John Shelvock to be executors and to have equitable right of redemption. Witnesses: Richard Salter, Richard Taylor, Henry Shipman

Lease  3614/5/95  10 Nov 1629

1 Richard Pope of Woolstaston, esq.
2 Richard Gough of Ludlow, gent.
Consideration of £27 Moiety of tenement called the Talbott, Leebotwood and moiety of buildings, orchards, gardens, lands, tenements, leasows, pastures water-ways, profits and other appurtenances, now in tenure of Thomas Freeman by indenture of 7 Nov. 1593 for his life, twenty one years at 40s. p.a. and two good capons at Easter.

Lease  3614/5/96  20 Jun 1630

1 Richard Pope, Woolstaston, Esq.
2 Robert Townshend of Smethcott under Longmynd.
Consideration 30s and of surrender of earlier leas with four years not expired. Messuage in Smethcott with croft, gardens, orchard adjoining for 99 years for the lives of himself, Ellynor Cocke, daughter of John Cocke of Batchcott, yeoman, and Richard Sherrye, son of Richard Sherrye of Woolstaston at 5s. 4d. p.a. and one good capon, and at his death or death of any of his heirs or any other party, best beast or chattel as a heriot.

Counterpart lease  3614/5/97  3 Aug 1647

1 Roger Pope of Wolstaston esq.
2 Joseph Charlton of Woolstaston, gent, and Sara Crowther of Picklescott, widow.
Consideration of £10 Tenement with all buildings and appurtenances and named lands for 99 years at 10s p.a. and two capons and Christmas and appearance at Woolstaston and Smethcott courts on reasonable summons and the best beast in the name of heriot of 40s, at the decease of either of them.

Lease  3614/5/98  30 May 1650

1 Sir Thomas Harris of Boreatton
2 Thomas Hammans of Leebotwood, yeoman.
Consideration of £3. Messuage and appurtenances at Leebotwood in possession of Katherine Davis for 99 years at 6s 8d p.a. and two fat hens at Christmas, 5s as a heriot and suit of court and other services to Sir Thomas Harris.

Lease  3614/5/98a  3 Aug 1653

1 Sir Thomas Harris of Boreatton
2 Richard Evans of Newtown, Baschurch, dyer
Consideration of £50. Messuage in Leebotwood in occupation of Richard Davies with all buildings and appurtenances; and all meadows, leasows, pastures and arable lands for 99 years at 40s. p.a., a couple of capons at Christmas and two days work on harvest.

Lease  3614/5/99  30 Sep 1652

1 Richard Phillippes of Netley, esq.
2 Richard Jones of Smethcott, tailor.
Consideration of £4. Pasture called Pluntnall and meadow called Haslemoor Meadow in Smethcott, in the occupation of Richard Owen for 99 years at 40s p.a., a couple of capons at Christmas and two days work on harvest.

Bargain and sale of remaining term of lease  3614/5/100  8 Feb 1659

1 William Whicke of Leebotwood, miller.
2 Mary Whicke of Leebotwood, spinster.
Recites indenture of 23 May 1650 by which Sir Thomas Harris of Boreatton let to William Whicke messuage in Leebotwood for 99 years, then to Mary Whicke and Elizabeth Hotchkies. By this deed William Whicke grants all right to the messuage to Mary Whiche until the end of the lease.

Draft plea  3614/5/101  1659

Case of Prows v. Phillipps, concerning properties at Smethcott and Picklescott. ([ncomplete]

Bargain and sale  3614/5/102  23 Sep 1669

1 Richard Clutton of Oxford, esq.
2 Roger Pope of Woolstaston, esq.
Consideration of 5s. Messuage or tenement, two parcels of land, one or four acres adjoining Penne's well, a pasture called the Put (or foot) gate leasow, a meadow called the Partgate, close called Carpenter's Yard and a ridge of land in a meadow called Foe Meadow adjoining part of the glebeland all situated in Smethcott; a messuage or dwelling with yard in Picklescott and moiety of all his lands in Picklescott .

Bargain and sale  3614/5/103  12 Nov 1671

1 Roger Pope of Willey, esq.
2 Dorothy Weld of Willey, spinster.
Six month bargain and sale. Four messuages in Leebotwood in possession of John Hotchkis, Richard Gough, Thomas Coleborne and William Evans, and Isabell Evans; also a messuage in Woolstaston being in possession of Sara Rogers, and St. Mary's Friars, Shrewsbury.

Mortgage  3614/5/104  4 Sep 1672

1 Roger Pope of Woolstaston, esq.
2 George Llewellin of Shrewsbury, merchant.
Consideration of £200 Capital messuage and lands and all buildings at Woolstaston Hall. Provision for redemption on payment of £6 on 5 Mar 1673, and £200 on 5 Sep 1673.

Counterpart lease  3614/5/105  1 Jan 1680

1 Roger Pope of Woolstaston, esq.
2 Thomas Barklam of Woolstaston, yeoman.
Consideration of £60 Messuage now occupied by Sara Rogers with all rights, except timber and mining and right of way for himself and his workmen for 99 years at £5 p.a. and two fat capons at Christmas, service at the courts of Woolstaston and Leebotwood, and at decease of Thomas, Richard or William Barklam the sum of 20s. in the name of a heriot

Lease for possession  3614/5/106  5 Jun 1688

1 Richard Llewellyn of Shrewsbury, clerk and James Llewellyn of Shrewsbury, gent.
2 George Wyld of Willey, esq.
Consideration of 5s. Capital messuage at Woolstaston [Woolstaston Hall] with all estate and rent right. Six months, with the intent of sale into actual possession of George Wyld.

Assignment of lease  3614/5/107  3 Feb 1691

1 Roger Pope sen. of Bridgnorth, esq.
2 Richard Rawlins of Longnor, yeoman.
Recites deed 9 Apr 1672: 1 Roger Pope 2 John Cole, Stepleton. Consideration of £264; capital messuage, lands etc. for 99 years at £18 p.a..
Recites deed of 2 Aug 1675 1 Roger Pope. 2 John Jeffreys. Remainder of term assigned to John Jeffreys.
Now in consideration of surrender of lease and 5s paid by Edward Jeffreys to Roger Pope, Pope leases to Richard Rawlins the capital messuage called New Hall, Smethcott with appurtenances, except one little messuage with four parcels of land and all wood timber and trees, and all quarries, mines etc. which remain unto Roger Pope. For 99 years at £18 p.a., couple of capons at Christmas, service at court of the manor of Smethcott with reasonable notice.

Release  3614/5/108  12 Nov 1701

1 Roger Pope sen. of Bridgnorth, esq., and Roger Pope jun. of Woolstaston, Esq.
2 William Colbarne. Leebotwood, gent.
Recites deed of 13 Jul 1666: Roger Pope sen. to Thomas Colbarne, father of 2. capital messuage, lands and appurtenances at Woolstaston, also Barker's tenement with a backhouse and sheepcote, the first messuage for 99 years or three lives; and Barker's for the same term, paying £8 p.a. for the first mentioned messuage and 40s p.a. for Barker's estate right in Barker's tenement now rests in 2. William Colebarne the younger (William Colebarne the Elder, Thomas The Elder and Thomas the younger being decd.). 2. wishes to change the life term of the lease removing the name of Eleanor Colebarne, and including that of Anne Sankey, his sister. To this purpose he has surrendered and released his estate right to Barker's tenement.
Consideration of £8 lease of Barker's tenement for 99 years or three lives, William Colbarne, Anne Sankey, and Mary Breese, wife of Thomas Breese, Barnham Broome, Norfolk, gent), at 40s and two fat capons at Christmas p.a.

Deed to lead to a common recovery  3614/5/109  10 Jan 1709

1 Bromwich Pope of Woolstaston, esq.
2 Launcelot Taylor of the Inner Temple, London and Launcelot Stephens of the Inner Temple, London, gents.
Pope intends to levy to 2. a fine of his capital messuage, manor house, farm in which he now lives in Woolstaston, messuages inhabited by Richard Botfield (formerly Thomas Sherrey), John Smith, Michael Sankey (formerly Thomas Rogers), John Charlton (formerly Edward Reynolds), George Langford and a messuage lately inhabited by Roger Harris; all lands, buildings etc, in Woolstaston, Smethcott and Leebotwood. Lands reserved to the use of Bromwich Pope and his heirs.

Bargain and sale  3614/5/110  15 Feb 1709

1 Bromwich Pope, of Woolstaston, esq.
2 Francis Ash of Atterley,
Consideration of 5s. Messuage in Smethcott currently of Richard Rogers; messuage in Leebotwood where Roger Rogers, decd., dwelt; several messuages in Woolstaston where Richard Botfield, Michael Sankey, Thomas Bartlam jun., John Charlton, George Langford and John Smith lately or currently dwelt; also annuity of £92 payable from the manors of Woolstaston, Smethcott and Leebotwood and lands belonging by Roger Pope, grand father of Bromwich..

Surrender  3614/5/111  16 Apr 1738

1 Richard Harrington of Woolstaston, yeoman, Ann Heighway, widow of Picklescott; Richard Rawlins of New Hall, Smethcott, yeoman; Richard Barklam sen. of Woolstaston, yeoman, John Newell of Picklescott, labourer and Timothy Charlton of Woolstaston, yeoman.
2 John Dovey of Clement's Inn, Middlesex, gent.
3 Catherine Pope, heir and devisee of Bromwich Pope of Woolstaston, Esq, decd.
Recites indenture of 8 Aug 1727 between Bromwich Pope and Richard Harrington leasing messuage with all appurtenances at Woolstaston for term of life at £35.17s. p.a.
Recites indenture of 13 Jan 1724 between Bromwich Pope and William Heighwey leasing a house and yard at Picklescott, and land called the Sallings, the (Floss), the Lampitt butts, for term of life of his three sons at 10s p.a.
Recites iindenture of 7 Dec 1711 between Bromwich and Roger Pope and Robert Heighwey leasing a messuage and appurtenances in Picklescott for term of life of his sons and two daughters at 40s p.a.
Recital By indenture 7 Apr 1730 Between Bromwich Pope and Richard Rawlings Messuage called Newhall and all appurtenances, for term of life of himself and his two daughters at £18 p.a.
Recites indenture of22 Oct 1711 between Bromwich Pope and Thomas Barklam leasing a messuage nd several closes at Woolstaston for term of life of himself and two sons at £5 p.a.
Recites indenture of 8 Jul 1725 between Bromwich Pope and John Newell leasing a messuage in Woolstaston for term of his life at 2s. 6d. p.a.
Recites indenture of 28 Mar 1730 between Bromwich Pope and Timothy and Elizabeth Charlton leasing a parcel of land called Brisewall, the Turnabout Leasow and Turnabout Meadow, the Lords Bank, Hobbins Oak and the Wessell for life at 40s p.a.
Recites iindenture of lease and release 13 and 14 Apr 1738 between Catherine Pope, John Dovey and William Lacon Childe. Catherine has granted all the recited properties to John Dovey.
By this indenture all the tenants surrender the freehold on the properties to John Dovey provided they retain profits as if surrender had not occurred and provided Dovey pay them £1000 .

Declaration  3614/5/112  30May 1738

William Lacon Childe of Kinlet, esq. and George Weld of Willey, esq.
By his will Bromwich Pope of Woolstaston, 16 Oct 1729, devised all his lands and messuages unto the above and Thomas Acton in trust for the payment of his debts from interests and profits thereon and devised his personal estate to his daughter Catherine, who when she reached twenty one he appointed her sole executrix and Childe and Weld as her guardians. Real estate realized £7460 less £63 for an error; this was not enough even with personal estate to cover debts. Childe and Weld agree to release forever quit claim unto Catherine Pope, and to pay costs and charges of Catherine Pope on request.

Schedule of rents  3614/5/113  1738

Schedule of rents owed to Catherine Pope, totaling £861 16s 8d 4/3 also schedule of payments made by Thomas Dudley, totaling £834 11s 3d 4/3

Chancery brief  3614/5/114  1747

Case between John Oliver, Lord Viscount Weymouth, and Mary Langford, plts. And Catherine Pope and Thomas Dudley, defts. concerning disputed boundaries of Woolstaston manor at Longmynd forest.

Other County Conveyances (Worcestershire, Montgomery, Middlesex)  3614/5/115-134  [n.d.]

Court roll  3614/5/115  4 May 1560

Court leet roll of the manor of Arwistley Urched manor; presentments of Mauleth.

Marriage Settlement  3614/5/116  11 Dec 1577

1 Matthew Moris of Kerry, Montgomery, gent.
2 Richard Phillippes of Llandeenane, Montgomery, gent, Reginald Phillippes of Caersdues, Montgomery, gent, John ap David of Llandeenane, gent and Howell ap Moris Glyne of Llandeenane, gent.
A marriage is to take place before Michaelmas 1584 between Moris ap Matthew, son of 1. and Jane uz Davide, daughter of David ap Owen, late of Llandeenare, if Jane agrees. If Moris dies before then, a marriage will be arranged between Jane and Matthew ap Matthew. If Matthew should also die before the marriage, Oliver ap Matthew is to marry Jane. If Oliver should die, Edward ap Matthew is to marry Jane. If Edward dies before the appointed date, then Jane is to marry John ap Matthew. All marriage arrangements subject to Jane's consent.
1. to pay to one of 2's or Jones uz Phillippe, mother of Jane uz Davide, sum of £30 at Michaelmas 1578 and £40 at Michaelmas 1585.

Bond  3614/5/117  20 Dec 1577

Morgan and John Gwyn observe all agreements in indentures of bargain and sale of lands in County Montgomery, dated as above, between Morgan Gwyn, John Gwyn, gent and Charles Foxe of Bromfield, Salop, esq for £200.

Marriage settlement  3614/5/118  9 Jul1586

Jenkins ap Owen ap Gruff of Kile Krennydd, Montgomery, in consideration of marriage between Rice ap Jenkin (his son) and Jane Howell, daughter of Howell ap M(er)edd of Llandinam, Montgomery grants a messuage in Kile Krennydd.

Articles of Agreement  3614/5/119  15 Apr 1587

1 Roger Pope of Shrewsbury, gent.
2 Lewis Gwyne of Llanydloes, Montgomerys., gent.
Upon surrender of 2. of an indenture of lease of estate right, title etc. in a messuage with all appurtenances, unto Roger Pope. Agreement to lease messuage in Kylgerrmethe, Mont. to Thomas Griffiths of Trevellyne, Mont., gent, for remainder of unexpired term of lease at £40 p.a. 2. to pay £5 to 1. for the residue of messuage and land surrendered and 20s p.a. for remainder of lease period .

Quitclaim  3614/5/120  6 Feb 1600

Morgan Gwynn of Llanydloes, Montgom. Esq. unto his son Lewis Gwynn, all right, title, interest etc. in a messuage mills, lands etc. in Montgomery, and twelve messuages also in Montgomery, in townships of Lyanlette of Bodayoch, Trewythen, Trevelyn, Dolegooden, Kylegerremyth and Kylmachar.

Bond  3614/5/121  3 May 1601

Lewis Gwyn of Llanydloes, Mont., gent. and Myles Gwyn of Llanydloes, gent are to observe agreements in indenture, date as above, between themselves and Roger Pope of Shrewsbury, esq. for a bargain and sale or feoffment of a parcel of meadow called Croyrgloith y Degymdy and a messuage on said meadow for £30.

Grant of attorney  3614/5/122  28 Sep 1601

Roger Pope of Shrewsbury, esq. grants power of attorney to Thomas ap Jasper ap Hughes to receive on Roger's behalf from Philip ap John deeds of conveyance of three parcels of land in Bodaioche, parish Trevegloes, Mont.

Declarations  3614/5/123  27 Sep 1733

Separate declarations by John Wilson, John Griffith and Evans Woosname, of Montgomery of their willingness to become tenants of William Lacon Childe and George Weld, guardians of Catherine Pope, having previously been tenants of Bromwich Pope deceased.

Articles of Agreement  3614/5/124  9 Mar 1605

1 Arthur Ingram, John Fearne and James Collimore of London, esquires, commissioners or deputies in the names of Charles, Earl of Nottingham, Lord High Admiral of England, and William Lord Howard of Effingham, son of the Earl of Nottingham, for making compositions for licences for keeping of taverns and selling of retail wines in England and Wales agree with
2 Thomas Hayward sen. of Bewdley, Worcs., inn keeper to secure a wine licence for himself and thereafter his sons Thomas and Edward.

Release  3614/5/125  n.d.

Roger Pope, brother of Bromwich Pope, late of Woolstaston, esq., deceased in consideration of an annuity of £150 given by the will of Bromwich Pope releases and quitclaims to Catherine Pope, only daughter, heir and executrix of will of late Bromwich Pope, all sums and all part-share and divided belonging to Roger Pope arising out of real and personal estate of William Whitmore of Barnes, Middlesex, esq., decd. and all sums, legacies etc. provided for him under the will of Roger Pope, his father, and all other claims against Catherine Pope, as heir or executrix of Bromwich Pope, except the annuity of £150 left to Roger and the reversion of the manors and properties late of Bromwich Pope devised to Roger, if Catherine should die without issue.
Assigns to Catherine any money entitled her from estate of William Whitmore.

Grant of attorney  3614/5/126  23 Mar 1666

Thomas Greves, late of Blackgreaves, now of Worcester, esq. grants power of attorney to Daniell Greves of Moseley, gent, and John Harrison of Halesowen, Salop, gent. to deliver seisin to Edward Parkshouse of Sedgley, Staffs., gent lands and appurtenances at Moseley, Kingsnorton, Worcs. Sold to him by deed of 15 Sep. 1553.

Bargain and sale for 6 months  3614/5/127  21 Sep 1668

1 Edward Parkeshouse of Gwarn Hall, Sedgley, Staffs., gent.
2 Humble Ashenhurst of London, gent.
Messuage and land (as 3614/5/128) for six months to the intent that release of the premises to 2. may be better executed.

Mortgage  3614/5/128  23 Sep 1668

1 Humble Ashenhurst of London, gent.
2 Edward Parkeshouse of Gwarn Hall, Sedgley, Staffs., gent, Samuel Whyte ot - [hole], Worcs., gent.
For security of £125 ( greater part of consideration money for which Edward Parkeshouse bargained and sold messuages mentioned below to 1.) 1. has bargained and sold unto 2. messuage with all buildings, lands etc. appertaining and meadow called the Little Stockinge (one and a half acres) the Bryne Croft (two acres), the Moore (one and a half acres), the Close next to the house (one and a half acres), the Well Close (three acres), on Mosely, parish Kingsnorton, Worcs., currently in tenure of Roger and Sibell Walker, Balsall Heath, by virtue of a demise for their lives. 2. to take possession after deaths of Roger and Sibell Walker for two thousand years, provided if 1. pays to 2. £125 within one year, bargain and sale becomes void, which sum is in trust for daughters of Edward Ashenhurst, Old Parke, parish Dudley, Staffs., gent.

Lease  3614/5/129  28 Mar 1682

1 Joseph Withers of Birmingham, clerk.
2 Thomas Withers of Moseley, Kingsnorton, Worcs., stuff weaver.
Messuage with appurtenances and buildings and an adjoining close of c.1½ acres in Moseley except all timber, for 29 years at £3.12s. p.a. and a total of £61 during the said 28 years.

Marriage Settlement  3614/5/130  16 Apr 1698

1 Anne Smith, late of Balsall Heath, Worcs., now Birmingham, widow, only daughter and heir of Thomas Smith.
2 Robert Rotten of Balsall Heath, gent and Samuel Eden of Birmingham, gent 3. Thomas Tyrer of Birmingham, gent.
Messuage called Balsall and other lands to 2. in trust to the uses indicated in the indenture.

Lease  3614/5/131  2 Feb 1753

1 Mary Pardoe of Bewdley, Worcs., widow
2 John Patten of Bewdley, grocer.
3 messuages, with buildings, gardens, orchards etc. at Wyre Hill near Bewdley and a meadow called Hales Park, except all oak, ash, elm and other timber for twenty one years at £33 p.a. (and £5 p.a. for every acre of the meadow ploughed).

Abstract of title  3614/5/132  8 Sep 1757

Abstract and title to an estate near Moseley, Kingsnorton, Worcs., 1653-1755. now property of the coparcenery heirs of John Deane deceased., mortgaged to John Kettle, 16 Aug 1757 for securing £240 and interest at 4% p.a. Final deeds recited: John Deane mortgages the premises and by collateral security subjects the same to the payment of £650 and interest to John Wyke. 6 Jul 1753 and 12 Apr 1755

Assignment of part of a lease  3614/5/133  11 Mar 1769

1 Edward Milner of Shipton, yeoman.
2 John Pope of Holdgate, yeoman.
Recites agreement of 12 Mar 1767 between Rev. Charles Hicks, vicar of Longstanton and Edward Milner by which Hicks agreed to demise unto Milner glebeland belonging to the vicarage of Longstanton, tithe free for 21 years if Hicks were vicar of Longstanton for that period at £31.10s p.a.
Now Edward Milner assigns to John Pope all those pieces of the glebeland currently occupied by him, Pope, for the residue of the 21 year term at £12 p.a.

Lease  3614/5/134  10 Jul 1789

1 Samuel Peach of Seisdon, Staffs., gent, Vincent Edwards of Wolverhampton, gent and Elizabeth his wife.
2. Thomas Davis of Birmingham, victualler.
Land with dwelling house at Balsall Heath, Kingsnorton, Worcs., excepting timber and mineral rights and right of passage through said leased property. Term of 14 years at £28 p.a. and £10 per acre sown by Davis with flax, hemp or rape and all payments excepting Land Tax.

Miscellaneous  3614/5/135-139  [n.d.]

Agreement  3614/5/135  1 Feb 1610

1 Roger Pope, esq. of Shrewsbury, sole executor of late Robert Pope of Shrewsbury.
2 John Hawley, principal of Gloucester Hall in the university city of Oxford and Amy his wife, late wife of the said Robert Pope.
Richard Hughes and his late father Humphrey, gent, Shrewsbury, stand bound to Roger Pope in penalty of £100 for payment of £60. Andrew Lewys, gent of Shrewsbury is also bound to R Pope in penalty of £100 for payment of £55. Roger Pope has some properties of Robert Pope's estate valued at £8. Those indebted to Robert Pope are Philip Jones £17.3s; Francis Williams £12; Edward Sheldon £3.16.4d; Thomas Atherley £25.7s; Randall and John Walley £16.16s; and Tooley £3 12s. By this indenture John and Amy Howley relinquish all claims to the executorship of the will of Robert Pope and all other claims whatsoever to goods of late Robert Pope except her dower and agreed sum from her legacy and debts due to the estate.

Bond for the performance of covenants  3614/5/136  3 May 1619

Bond of John Nicholles of Astley, gent and William Nicholls of Ramesley, yeoman, to William Meryche of Franche, Kidderminster, Worcs., gent. in £200 to observe covenants of indenture between William Meryche and John Nicholles.

Assignment of bond  3614/5/137  21 Nov 1690

Roger Pope, Esq., Bridgnorth, by obligation 3 Jul 1680, in penalty of £400 for payment of £200 and interest on 4 Jan following the obligation, still stands bond to Mary Tench. The bond now belongs to Dorothy, daughter of Mary Tench, being part of a £250 legacy from her grandfather. Her husband Charles Kynaston, gent, assigned all right to the legacy on any estate left to his wife by her grandfather unto Thomas Edwards of Shrewsbury, esq. and Samuel Bowdler of Arlescott, gent, in trust for his wife's use. By this assignment, Mary Tench assigns bond in trust for her daughter to the said Edwards and Bowdler.

Lease  3614/5/138  16 May 1601

1 ?Alain Tyford
2. ?William Clittord. [Ink faded badly and document virtually illegible. Term of 80 years consideration and yearly rent illegible.]

Lease  3614/5/139  29 Sep 1721

1 Mercy Pope, wife of Bromwich Pope of Woolstaston, Esq.
2 Walter Hill of Bennington, Astley, Worcs., yeoman.
Messuage wherein Richard Buit lives, in Astley called Dodnell with barn, garden and orchard thereunto belonging and all lands, currently in possession of Hill for 21 years at £11 p.a.

Wills  3614/5/140-147  [n.d.]

Probate copy of will of Robert Pope of Shrewsbury, draper, Diocese of Coventry and Lichfield  3614/5/140  17 Feb 1605

To wife Amy, - pounds. To children which she now is great of £600. To his brother-in-law, Thomas Charlton, £10 a year for life. To his brother Roger Pope, £100. To Alice Fox for her and her children, £20. To Uncle George J -, ? pounds. Suzan Lewis, £5. To Thomas Appreech, curate of St Chad's, 20s. £100 to be set forth at the discretion of - for use of the poor of St Chad's, St Mary's, St Alkmund's and St Julian's forever. Roger Pope executor. Proved 8 May ? [Document badly eaten]

Letter of administration.  3614/5/141  18 Nov 1646

Prerogative Court of Canterbury certificate re the goods of John Pope late of Clent, Staffs., granted to Alice Pope

Probate copy of will of Margaret Pope, London, widow, late wife of Roger Pope, late of Evenhall, esq.  3614/5/142  15 Aug 1646

To her father, Thomas Mitton, esq,. a bay nag and to her stepmother 40s for a ring. To her uncle Sir Robert Napier, 40s to buy a ring and the same to Lady Penelope, his wife. Sir Thomas Harris and his wife (her sister) 20s each to buy rings, and silver watch to same sister. To Sir Richard Napier (uncle) a young bay filly and to his wife, Dame Mary 40s, as a token of love and respects to her. To buy a ring, and also a plush mantle. To Edward Mitton, brother and Richard Pope and sister Mary Cooke, a mourning ring each to the value of 20s. To Richard Mitton esq., brother and his sisters, Magdalen, Christian and Sarah - to buy rings to wear in remembrance of her. To Magdalen Mitton a new gown and quilt with silk and gold fringe. To Christian Mitton a coat. To Sarah a flowered gown and all her other clothing divided equally among her said three sisters. Frances Stapleton, cousin Mrs. Elizabeth Leed and Thomas Edwards of Killhennery, 20s each for remembrance rings, also a pair of silk stockings to Thomas Edwards. Bequest to poor of Whittington; other bequests partially missing to some servants. Residue of personal estate after bequests and debts paid to younger son, Thomas Pope. Should he die to go to Roger Pope; if he dies her sisters. Executors; Thomas Mitton esq., (her father) and Sir Robert Napier, Knight and baronet and Sir Richard Napier (Knight), her uncles. Probate: Oliver Lord Protector 7 Nov 1654 [Document badly eaten, seal partially lost]

Letter of administration of Margaret Pope of Woolstaston  3614/5/143  8 May 1667

Granted under the seal of Gilbert, Archbishop of Canterbury. [Badly faded]

Letters of administration of goods of Thomas Pope of Hordley  3614/5/145  2 Jan 1671

Granted to Roger Pope esq., his brother.

Probate copy of will of Henry Pope of London, gent.  3614/5/146  16 May 1690

Discharges Lieut. Col. Roger Pope from his debt of £133 21s 6d Gives all monies owed to him from Ireland to Lieut. Col .Pope and his horses in Ireland. To Roger Pope the younger a blue suit trimmed with gold and lace and a sliver fringed belt. Thomas Weld a scarlet suit trimmed with silver and laced. To George Pope, a silver hilted sword. To Roger Pope the younger a beaverette hat. To Mr. Brewdnell, tenant of lieut. Col. Pope, 'a Settcote coate'. To Elizabeth Weld 'my grey nagg' £5 to Mrs. Darnell to buy her mourning. To Phillippe, Col. Pope's servant all his linen, shoes, stockings and horseman's sword. Residue after bills to Roger Pope the younger, his executor. Probate certificate 11 Aug 1690 at London

Probate copy will of Roger Pope of Woolstaston  3614/5/147  [n.d.]

To son Bromwich Pope all real and personal estate, once all expenses have been paid. Sole executor: Bromwich Pope. Probate certificate P.C.C 7 Mar 1706/7.

ADNEY  3614/6  [n.d.]

Shropshire Conveyances  3614/6/1-18  [n.d.]

Copy release  3614/6/1  3 Jun 1709

Thomas Baker of Much Wenlock, clerk, releases Thomas Adney of Bridgnorth, gent, and Christopher Morrall of Much Wenlock, mercer, from all actions, suits, damages etc, which he had against them.

Copy release  3614/6/2  16 Jun 1712

Benjamin Adney of Wolverhampton, locksmith, son of Benjamin Adney of Dodmore, Salop, gent, deceased, releases his brother Thomas of Bridgnorth, gent and his uncle Thomas Browne of Clunton, Salop, gent from all suits, monies, bonds etc.

Assignment of lease  3614/6/3  13 Jun 1713

1 Launcelott Taylor of Bridgnorth, gent.
2 Sarah and Susan Rogers of Shrewsbury, spinsters, daughters of Gabriel Rogers, bookseller.
3 Thomas Adney of Bridgnorth, gent.
4 William Owen of Shrewsbury, gent, son and heir of Thomas Owen of Whiteley.
Recites 22 Mar 1709 whereby Owen leased to Launcelott Taylor a messuage and farm called Whitley in St.Chads parish, another messuage at Whitley, 4 at Whelbach, and a dwelling house and fulling mill at Whelbach for 59 years. Also recites: Gabriel Rogers, bookseller, judgement against T. Owen on a bond in penalty of £780 ( for payment of £390) (Michaelmas 1701) Now for securing payment of £410 and interest to 2., 1 assigns to 3. (in trust for 2.) the above recited lease for remainder of the term with a proviso for redemption of the lease on payment of £410 and interest as follows:- £100 on 13 June 1715; £100 on 13 Jun 1716; £100 on 13 June 1717; and residue of £70 interest on 13 Jun 1718.

Schedule of sums paid  3614/6/4  1721-1729

Particular of sums paid by Rachael Adney, defendant, to and for the use of complainant John Adney, and laid out and disbursed on his account since the decease of Thomas Adney, June 1721 - October 1729.

Schedule of estates of Thomas Adney  3614/6/5  1721-1729

Particular of real and lease estates of Thomas Adney, decd., that are unsold, distinguishing what is leasehold and what is freehold. Properties include messuages and caves in Bridgnorth.

Schedule of rents and profits  3614/6/6  1721-1729

Particular of what rent and other profits have accrued due and received by Defendant, Rachael Adney from the estate of Thomas Adney, decd. since his death, exclusive of taxes and other allowances to tenants.

Schedule of debts  3614/6/7  1721-1729

Particular of debts owed by Thomas Adney at the time of his death, to whom they were owed, upon what security, how the debts arose and whether they have since been paid by the defendant Rachael Adney, and details of other sums discharged by Rachael as executrix of Thomas Adney's will.

Schedule of estates  3614/6/8  1721-1729

Particular of the real and lease estates and of the personal estate of Thomas Adney, decd., and the yearly values of these.

Schedule of property sold  3614/6/9  1721-1729

Particulars of those parts of the real and personal estate of Thomas Adney, decd., that have been sold by Rachael Adney, executrix, with details of cost and to whom sold.
Also details of sums received by Rachael from the other personal estate of Thomas Adney.

Copy acknowledgement of bond of indemnity  3614/6/10  12 Nov 1734

Rachael Adney of Bridgnorth, widow, Thomas Adney of Bridgnorth, surgeon and Lancelot Adney of Birmingham, Warwicks cutler are bound unto Sir Richard Acton of Aldenham, Salop, barrister, in the sum of £1000.
Recitals: By will of Thomas Adney, 29 April 1721, late husband of Rachael Adney and father of Thomas and Lancelot (above mentioned) devised all his properties at Chetton, Bridgnorth and Alveley, all Salop, and his freeholds in the parish of Stanton Lacy, nr. Ludlow, to his wife and brother-in-law, William Cocks of Long Stanton, Salop, yeoman, to be sold when best price offered, his debts to be paid out of the selling price, remainder of unsold estate or money to be equally divided amongst his children. Adney died soon after and his will was proved in Prerogative Court of Canterbury. In pursuance of the will, Rachael Adney and William Cocks sold estates at Chetton and messuages in Bridgnorth to pay debts and expenses. In further pursuance, they sold for £620 by release of 12 November 1734, to Sir Richard Acton the several messuages built by Rachael Adney at Cartway Head (formerly called Cripplegate), Bridgnorth, 7 messuages in Tryan's Lane (otherwise Hangman's Lane), Bridgnorth, 5 messuages in a lane between Cartway and St.Leonard's Church, 3 tenements in Skinner's Load, Bridgnorth. Whereas Thomas Adney, decd, had purchased in 1719 a moiety of the last 3 tenements which were subject to 3 mortgages of £10, £30 and £50 respectively and had never been assigned and the last two have never been discharged. It is uncertain whether the mortgages applied to any of the premises demised to Acton. Of the estate of Thomas Adney, decd,.only 3 messuages in Bridgnorth, 2 acres of land, and the estate at Alvely remained unsold (value c £80) For £220 lease of 99 years of freehold messuage to Sir Richard Acton. Children have been asked to release all right in conveyed premises to avoid future controversies and agreed to do so. The condition of obligation is that if above mentioned mortgages refer to premises demised to Acton, then Rachael Adney, Thomas Adney, Lancelot Adney and William Cocks shall make good the costs of discharge.

Copy articles of agreement  3614/6/11  12 Nov 1734

1 Rachael Adney of Bridgnorth, widow, Thomas Adney and Lancelot Adney.
2 Richard Acton of Aldenham, Salop, barrister.
1 agree that within a year of Richard Adney reaching 21 years, they will procure sufficient releases and assignments, as 2's counsel should decide fit, to be delivered to 2. of all premises before conveyed to 2. Collateral security to procure Richard Adney to release when he comes of age.

Copy of bond of obligation  3614/6/12  22 Nov 1734

Rachael Adney of Bridgnorth, widow, Thomas Adney, surgeon, and Lancelot Adney of Birmingham, cutler, are bound unto William Cocks of Long Stanton, yeoman in £1000.
Recital of bequests of land by Thomas Adney to the above mentioned Rachael Adney and William Cocks with intent to sell and of the sale of some of the land by Cocks in his capacity of trustee, to Saul Waring of Ludlow for £1250 and to Richard Acton, and Robert Lawley for £1100 and Abraham Yestop for £60. Condition that if Rachael, Thomas and Lancelot Adney keep Cocks indemnified from all expenses incurred by joining in the deeds of transfer then the bond becomes void. On reverse is a short pedigree of the Adney family and a note of the conveyed premises.

Account  3614/6/13  Oct 1739

Richard Acton's account with Rachael Adney November 1737 - October 1739; balance £633 19s 9d.
Note to the effect that this is in his own handwriting.

Release  3614/6/14  5 Feb 1747

Recites will of Rachael Adney, widow (29 September 1739) directing that her sons lay out £200 in the purchase of an estate for her son John for life, then to Ann Adney. John Adney since dead, and estate not purchased, so that Ann became entitled to £200. She began a suit against Thomas, Lancelot and Richard Adney for payment. They had laid out the money in old South Sea annuities, and now agree to transfer them into the name of Ann Adney, as long as they are indemnified of John's debts. This document releases them from such obligation in consideration of the transfer of the South Sea annuities or their equivalent value.

Authority to Receive Rents  3614/6/15  4 Dec 1753

1 Lancelot Adney, Ironmonger of Birmingham and Richard Adney of Bridgnorth, Salop, sadler.
2 Thomas Adney of Bridgnorth, surgeon.
Recital: Simon Jennings of Alveley, Salop, and 1's and 2 filed a bill in the Court of Chancery, Trinity 1746, against William Smith of Claverley, Salop, gent to recover a parcel of land in Alveley (Tadpole Meadow). Later Sarah Smith, widow, mother of William Smith was made a defendant and Thomas Adney no longer a complainant. Case still pending. Recital: At the time it was agreed between Simon Jennings and 1's and 2, that all costs be met according to their respective claims and interest in the land ( ie. 2/3 by S.Jennings and 1/3 between the others). Recital: 1's and 2 are seized as tenants in common of the freehold of one third of 2 messuages in Alveley, late in the possession of said Simon Jennings decd., now of Anne Jennings, his widow, the whole at the rent of £30 p.a They also hold the freehold of 2 messuages in Bridgnorth ( rent of £1 5s p.a.) and c.1 acre in the High Field, parish St Leonards ( rent of 14s p.a.) Recital: Bond of obligation of Simon Jennings ( 14 August 1753) to William Clare of King's Nordley, parish Alveley, gent in the penalty of £130 for payment of £65 and 4% interest per annum. Recital: Agreement Simon Jennings charged his 2/3 of the farms above mentioned to Clare for securing £400 and £65 interest. Said £65 is arrears owed to 1's and 2. and Clare's name only used in trust for them. 1's now give authority to 2 to receive all rents and arrears due on the above mentioned premises, subject to provisos.

Mortgage  3614/6/16  20 Oct 1756

1 Lancelot Adney of Moseley, Kings Norton, Worcestershire, gent.
2 Esther Rowley of Darlaston, Staffordshire, widow.
Consideration of £140. A messuage in Pinfold Street, Birmingham, and 2 messuages in Cartway, Bridgnorth, Salop, and a messuage in a lane between St Leonard's Church and Fryer Load, in Bridgnorth, and a half acre plot in Bridgnorth for 1,000 years. Proviso for redemption of payment of £140 and 5% interest on 20 April 1757.

Collateral security  3614/6/17  20 Oct 1756

1 Lancelot Adney of Moseley, parish King's Norton, Worcestershire, gent.
2 Esther Rowley of Darlaston, widow.
Recital 15 July 1740: 1 Sir Henry Gough of Edgbaston, baronet. 2 Lancelot Adney. Messuage with outbuildings etc. and lands (c 18a 1r 20p) in Harborne for 99 years at £9 9s p.a. Recital 20 October 1756: Mortgage 1 Lancelot Adney. 2 Esther Rowley, consideration of £140 demise of messuage in Pinford Street, Birmingham, 2 messuages in Cartway, Bridgnorth, a messuage near St. Leonard's, Bridgnorth, and parcels of land (c ½ acre ) in Highfield, Bridgnorth, subject to redemption on repayment of £140 and interest. This indenture to better secure such payments and in consideration of 5s assigns above recited property in Harborne to Mrs Rowley.

Bond for performance of covenants  3614/6/18  20 Oct 1756

Lancelot Adney is bound in the sum of £280 to Esther Rowley, for securing £140 and interest at 5% p.a. on 20 April 1757.

Other County Conveyances: Worcestershire, Staffordshire, Warwickshire  3614/6/19-53  [n.d.]

Quitclaim  3614/6/19  3 May 1546

Thomas Child, son and heir of John Child and Katherine his wife, to William Jones of Astanton his rent in houses and lands in Astanton, which William Jones held of Thomas Child by gift and feoffment to the said William.

Marriage settlement  3614/6/20  1 Oct 1623

1 Thomas Shaw sen. Of Dudley, Worcs., yeoman, Mary his wife and Thomas his son and heir.
2 John Baker of Halesowen, Salop, yeoman and his daughter Isabell.
3 Oliver Shaw, Wombourne, Staffs., yeoman and William Cartwright of Oldbury, Salop, yeoman.
In consideration of a jointure to be made for Mary Shaw for her life, and of the marriage between Thomas Shaw jun. and Isabell Baker and of £100 to Thomas Shaw sen. from John Baker, Thomas Shaw sen. and jun. give 2 messuages with a garden and crofts, between High Street and Horsepoole, Dudley, a pasture called Lideate Field with a cottage (in Dudley). a parcel of land in Dudley, and 7 acres in the common fields of Dudley and a messuage, now in occupation of Thomas Shaw sen., and a messuage in Northfield, Worcs. with all leasows, closes etc, also in Northfields, in trust to use and behoof of Thomas Shaw sen. and Mary his wife, for their natural lives, thereafter to Thomas Shaw the younger and his heirs of his body, lacking such beings, to his right heirs forever. The dwelling in Northfields and moiety of gardens, etc. appertaining to Thomas Shaw sen. for life of Thomas Shaw jun., thereafter to the use of Isabell Baker, in the name of a jointure and in recompense for her dower.

Conveyance  3614/6/21  13 Feb 1637/38

1 Walter Rotton of Coventry, gent, son and heir of John Rotton, late of Moseley, Worcs., decd.
2 Thomas Greves of Yardley, Worcs., Esq.
Consideration of £1000 Sale of messuage with all buildings, appurtenances etc, in Moseley, King's Norton, Worcs., and all meadows, leasows, closes etc, appertaining forever.

Defeasance of lease  3614/6/22  11 Oct 1642

1 Elizabeth Holte, daughter of Sir Thomas Holte of Aston near Birmingham.
2 Thomas Greves of Moseley, Worcs. esq.
Recital Consideration of £500 - bargain and sale to Elizabeth Holte of messuage with outbuildings in Moseley (11 October 1642) and all the lands appertaining to it. Intent that Thomas Greaves pay £20 at date of 14 October and 14 April each year until October 1645, thus allowing him to re-enter, rendering above recital void.

Mortgage  3614/6/23  11 Oct 1642

1 Thomas Greaves of Moseley,Esq
2 Elizabeth Holte, daughter of Sir Thomas Holte of Aston.
Consideration of £500 Lease. Messuage and land appurtenances in Moseley for 99 years to the interest mentioned in 3614/6/22

Release, final concord and bond  3614/6/24-26a  20 May 1649

1 Thomas Greves of Blackgreves, Kings Norton, Worcs., Esq.
2 John Hunt of Smethwick, Staffs., yeoman.
Consideration of £717. Sale of messuage called Baswall Heath House with all buildings, lands etc, in Moseley, Worcs. Bond in sum of £1400 of Thos. Greves to perform covenants (3614/6/25) and indentures of sale (3614/6/26-26a). Final concord [2 copies] John Hunt qu. v. Thomas Greves esq.

Attested copy attornment of tenancy  3614/6/27  19 Jan 1722

Recital of assignment 1 June 1721 1 Thomas Cheek of Bewdley, haberdasher. 2 Thomas Griffiths of Bewdley, upholsterer. 3 Thomas Baker of Bewdley, gent Messuages in Bewdley to Thomas Baker subject to proviso of payment of £250 and interest. The money was not paid as required by said proviso and messuages now in possession of George Willis, (£7 5s p.a.), Edward Rebells (£4 10s p.a.), Richard Corker (£2 15s p.a.), Richard Jones (£4 p.a.) John Clarke (30s), George Poole (35s p.a), Martha Cook (£2 p.a.), and John Tyler (17s p.a.). Said tenants all attorn to be tenants of Baker at the above mentioned rents.

Assignment of mortgage  3614/6/28  1 Jun 1722

1 Thomas Cheek of Bewdley, Worcs., haberdasher of hats.
2 Thomas Griffiths of Bewdley, upholsterer.
3 Thomas Baker of Bordley, Ombersley, Worcs., gent.
Recital 25 December 1717: Mortgage 1. Thomas Griffiths. 2. Thomas Cheek. Messuage with appurtenances, and dwellings in Bewdley with proviso for redemption on payment of £2 10s on 25 June 1718 and £102 10s on 26 December 1718 to Thomas Cheek. Recital 9 April 1722: 1. Thomas Griffiths 2. Thomas Cheek. Consideration of £50. Thomas Griffiths released proviso on condition that if Thomas Griffiths should pay £150 and interest on 9 October 1722, becomes void. None of the £150 has yet been paid. 1. in consideration of £150 from 3. assignment of mortgage subject to proviso of redemption by Griffiths.

Draft abstract of title  3614/6/29  1669-1729

Abstract of title of Miss Adney to a leasehold messuage, piece of land and premises at Moseley, King's Norton, Worcs. 5 May 1669: Bargain and sale 1 Richard and Daniel Greves of Kings Norton, gents. 2 Roger Walker of Kings Norton, yeoman. Consideration of £52 for 1000 years at 6d p.a. 25 Mar 1671: 1 Roger Walker. 2 Thomas Withers of Moseley, stuffweaver. Consideration of £65. 27 Mar 1671: 1 Thomas Withers 2 Joseph Withers of Birmingham, Clerk. Consideration of £61 16 May 1691; 1 Joseph Withers. 2 Humfrey Cookes of Birmingham, gent. Consideration of £61 24 Mar 1698: 1 Humfrey Cookes. 2 Jonathan Seeley of Birmingham, baker. Consideration of £72 4s and £22 16s. 29 Jan 1708: 1 Mary Seeley, spinster and Sarah Seeley of Birmingham, spinster. 2 John Silke of Birmingham, Baker. 3 John Baylis of Birmingham, salesman and Richard Kettle of King's Norton, Worcs., yeoman. Grant premises to 3. upon trust that they should suffer 1s for their lives and dispose of it according to Mary Seeley's last will and testament. Mary Seeley later married John Silke. 6 Feb 1729: Will of John Silke of Birmingham, baker, leaving his goods, chattels, premises, to be equally divided between Mary, his wife and his daughters, Mary Silke and Sarah Adney.

Letter of Attorney  3614/6/30  24 Apr 1714

John Silke of Birmingham, baker, appoints John Foxall of Birmingham, ironmonger to be his attorney to tender deeds (of mortgage and purchase ) to Henry Guest, late of Birmingham, now of Dublin, fork-maker, for his signature and seal and to pay Guest £8. 10s consideration money, and authorise him to bring action against Guest should he refuse to sign, upon the penalty for performance of covenants.

Final concord  3614/6/31  Trinity 1720- 1721

1 Humphrey Toley and John Silke. qu.
2 George Taslow, John Fletcher and his wife Mary, Rd. and Richard Wooley and his wife Rebecca def.
Concerning messuage, 1 cottage, 2 gardens, 7 acres of land in Oldbury, Staffs. 1. paying £60.

Bond for performance of covenants  3614/6/32  21 Apr 1725

George Holtham of Birmingham, short cutler, bound to John Silke of Birmingham, baker, in sum of £100 for performance of covenants in assignment (see 3614/6/33).

Assignment of moiety of lease  3614/6/33  21 Apr 1725

1 John Silke of Birmingham, baker.
2 George Holtham of Birmingham, short cutler.
Recital 22 May 1724: Lease to 1. and Henry Woodward of Birmingham, carpenter, of 2 messuages in Moore Street, Birmingham, with all appurtenances, buildings etc, for 99 years at £20 p.a. by Joseph Freeman, Walsall, Staffs., gent, and Susanna, his wife. Now for £43, Silke assigns his moiety of lease to Holtham for remainder of 99 year term, subject to covenants in above recited lease.

Draft abstract of title  3614/6/34  Oct 1708- Dec 1777

Abstract of title of Miss Adney to an estate at Moseley, King's Norton, Worcs.

Articles of agreement  3614/6/35  21 Jan 1740

1 Thomas Aynsworth of Birmingham, baker
2 Lancelot Adney of Birmingham, cutler
For conveyance of the estate right and title of 1. in messuages, lands, tenements etc, being a moiety, of premises which belonged to his late wife in Kingsnorton, Birmingham, Oldbury and Harborne, counties Worcs., Warwick., Salop and Staffordshire respectively.

Copy mortgage  3614/6/36  6 May 1741

1 Lancelot Adney of Birmingham, cutler and Sarah, his wife.
2 Anne Brearley of Handsworth, Staff., widow.
Recital: 1 's become entitled to a moiety in a messuage and four pieces of land ( c. 6 acres) in Harborne, Staffs. and 2 other pieces of land ( c. 5 acres) in Harborne, and in 8 other messuages with 5 pieces of land ( c.9 acres) in King's Norton, Worcs. and another messuage with a parcel of land ( c. 2 acres) also in King's Norton; also moiety of 2 dwellings in Birmingham (Meeting Street) and of several others in Oldbury, Halesowen, Salop. Acknowledged and levied several fines on these premises. Declared the uses of the fines by indenture, 29 Jun 1734, with proviso to change uses or trust thereby made. This indenture revokes trusts made by previous indenture, now to the use of 2., her heirs and assigns subject to later proviso. Also in consideration of £300 moieties released to 2. in her actual possession ( by virtue of bargain and sale made 5 May 1741 for one year). Proviso for redemption of payment of £300 and 4% interest p.a.

Abstract of title  3614/6/37  1738-1752

Abstract of title to the estate of the late Lancelot Adney at Harborne, Moseley, Birmingham, Edgbaston and Oldbury. Lease and release 30-31 January 1738: 1. Mary Silke of Bridgnorth, spinster 2. Daniel Sealey of Bridgnorth, gent. Consideration of £59 9s for moiety of messuages in Harborne, Moseley, Birmingham, Edgbaston and Oldbury. Lease and release 2-3 November 1739: 1. Daniel Sealey. 2. Thomas Aynsworth of Birmingham, baker, and his wife Mary. 3. William Caldwell of Birmingham, cutler. Consideration of £74 17s 6d by 3 at request of 2 subject to the proviso by Mary Silke. Fine Easter Term 1740: Caleb Lane and Thomas and Mary Aynsworth and Mary Coton of one messuage, a barn, a garden, an orchard, ten acres of land, three acres of meadow, three acres of pasture and of a moiety of one messuage, six cottages, seven gardens, twelve acres of land, two acres of meadow, four acres of pasture and common pasture in parish Yardley, Moseley, and parish King's Norton, Worcs. Fine Michaelmas Term 1740: 1. Caleb Lane and Samuel Westwood and Elizabeth, his wife 2. 2. Thomas and Mary Aynsworth Concerning 3 messuages and 2 shops in Birmingham. Lease and release 13-14 February 1739: 1. Thomas Caldwall and Mary Aynsworth. 2. Thomas Wilson of Birmingham, baker. 3. Daniel Whalley, ironmonger of Birmingham. Consideration of £75 18s 10d also £224 1s 2d to Aynsworth from 3. Lease and release 7-8 May 174): 1. Thomas Aynsworth and Mary, his wife. 2. Lancelot Adney of Birmingham, cutler and Thomas Adney of Bridgnorth, surgeon. In trust for use of Lancelot Adney and his heirs. Consideration of £470 Assignment 8 January 1741: 1. Daniel Whalley 2. Lancelot and Thomas Adney 3. Reuben Parker of Birmingham, silversmith. Proviso for redemption by Lancelot Adney on payment of £300 and interest on 8 Jan 1742. Assignment 14 February 1742: 1. Reuben Parker. 2. Lancelot Adney. 3. Joseph Carless of Birmingham, gent. Adney did not redeem above assignment. In consideration of £300 from 3. to 1. assignment with proviso for redemption by Adney on payment of £300 and interest on 14 Aug 1742. Assignment 24 Nov 1752: 1. Mary Carless of Birmingham, spinster 2 Lancelot Adney 3 Richard Simcoe of Birmingham, gent. Consideration of £300 from 2. to 1. and interest and 5s by 3. and 1.assigned to 3. in trust to attend and wait upon the freehold and inheritance thereof.

Copy grant of annuities  3614/6/38  25 Nov 1752

1 Lancelot Adney of Birmingham, cutler.
2 Mary and Sarah Holmes, late of Birmingham, now of Chester, spinsters.
Consideration of £600 for annuities of £22 10s each to be taken from properties in Harborne, Staffs., free of all taxes and deductions.

Mortgage  3614/6/39  29 Nov 1752

1 Lancelot Adney of Birmingham, cutler.
2 Mary Carles of Birmingham, spinster.
Recital 27 Sep 1699: Governors of Free Grammar School of Edward VI, Brymyncham (Birmingham) let unto Thomas Baldwin, then of Birmingham, a messuage near Edgbaston Street and Mercer's Street and another house in Edgbaston Street for 99 years at £8 10s p.a. Recital: Assignment of said lease to Lancelot Adney. Now for consideration of £100 for securing repayment thereof and interest at 4% 1. has mortgaged the above recited property to Mary Carles.

Bond for performance of covenants  3614/6/40  29 Nov 1752

Lancelot Adney of Birmingham, cutler is bound in the sum of £200 for repayment of £100 and 4% interest to Mary Carles of Birmingham, spinster. (see 3614/6/39)

Assignment of mortgage  3614/6/41  2 May 1757

1 Mary Carles of Birmingham, spinster.
2 Lancelot Adney of Moseley, parish King's Norton, Worcs., gent.
3 Thomas Lakin of Birmingham, candlestick and toymaker.
Recital 27 September 1699: Governors of Free Grammar School of Edward VI, Birmingham, lease to Thomas Baldwin, a messuage in Edgbaston Street and one in Mercer's Street and a house in Edgbaston Street for 99 years at £8 10s p.a. (Recital 3614/6/39) Now for consideration of £100 from 3. to 1., assignment of mortgaged premises, and £400 from 3. to 2., subject to redemption on payment of £500 and interest on 2 November 1757 by Adney.

Release  3614/6/42  29 Sep 1757

1 Lancelot Adney of Moseley, Worcs., gent.
2 John Kirby of Birmingham., Innkeeper.
Consideration of £80. Sale in actual possession by virtue of a bargain and sale for a year made 28 September 1757 of a messuage, brewhouse, garden etc. in Tamworth Street, Lichfield, currently occupied at rent of £4 p.a. by John Yardley.

Assignment of a leasehold mortgage  3614/6/43  12 Jan 1758

1 John Clay Hallen of Birmingham, gent.
2 Lancelot Adney of Moseley, parish Kingsnorton, Worcs., gent.
3 Thomas Townsend of Birmingham, gent.
Recital 18 March 1747: Lease by Daniel Ruston of Tividale, Rowley Regis, Staffs., gent, to Thomas Greaves sen. of Kingsnorton, husbandman of a messuage and 3 closes of land in Moseley for 20 years at £28 15s p.a. Recital 16 April 1757: Assignment to Lancelot Adney of said premises subject to the rents only, by Thomas Greaves jun. to whom the lease had been assigned by Thomas Greaves sen. Recital 24 November 1757: 1. Lancelot Adney. 2. John Clay Hallen. Consideration £71 17s 3d for mortgage of said leased premises to secure repayment with 5% interest. Now owing £72. 6s 3d. Now this indenture for a consideration of £72 6s 3d from 3. to 1. assigns the mortgage subject to redemption by Adney on payment of principal and interest to Townsend.

Bond for performance of covenants  3614/6/44  12 Jan 1758

Lancelot Adney of Moseley, Kingsnorton, Worcs., gent, is bound to Thomas Townsend of Birmingham, gent, in the sum of £144 12s 6d conditioned for payment of £72 6s 3d and interest at 5% on 12 Jul 1758 in discharge of proviso clause in indenture of assignment (see 3614/6/43).

Bond for performance of covenants  3614/6/45  [n.d.]

Lancelot Adney of King's Norton, Worcs., gent, is bound to John Clay Hallen of Birmingham, gent, in the sum of £180 for payment of £90 and interest at 5% p.a. on 5h Aug 1759.

Appointment of attorney  3614/6/46  5 Feb 1759

Lancelot Adney of Kingsnorton, Worcs., gent, to George Boughey, Thomas Fisher and Thomas Cecill, attorneys of the court of Common Pleas, asking any of them to appeal for him in the court of Common Pleas and there to receive a declaration in an action of debt upon a bond for £180 besides cost of suit, at the suit of John Clay Hallen of Birmingham.

Assignment of Mortgage  3614/6/47  24 Mar 1759

1 Thomas Lakin of Birmingham, candlestick and toymaker.
2 Lancelot Adney of Moseley, Worcs., gent.
3 Thomas Russell of Birmingham, merchant. Recital 27 September 1699: Governors of Free Grammar School of King Edward VI, Birmingham, let to Thomas Baldwin a messuage in Edgbaston Street and one in Mercer's Street, and a house in Edgbaston Street for 99 years at £8 10s p.a. Recital 29 November 1752 [see 3614/6/39] Recital 2 May 1757: 1. Mary Carles. 2. Lancelot Adney. 3. Thomas Lakin £100 is still owing to Mary Carles, all interest having been paid. Lancelot Adney secured the money and a further loan of £400 from Thomas Lakin, mortgage transferred to Lakin. All interest has been paid and only the principal sum of £500 remains outstanding. Lakin needs the money so Adney asks Thomas Russell to pay it for him, taking an assignment of the premises as security for payment. By this indenture the mortgage is assigned to Russell for considerations of £500 to Thomas Lakin and £200 to Adney with proviso for redemption by Adney on payment of £700 and interest on 24 September 1759.

Bond  3614/6/48  24 Mar 1759

Lancelot Adney is bound to Thomas Russell in the sum of £1400 for the securing of £700 and interest and performance of covenants in indenture of assignment. [see 3614/6/47]

Brief for defendants at Assizes  3614/6/49  Summer 1760

Simon Holdfast, pl. vs. Lancelot Adney, William Hart, Hannah Hart, widow, Joseph Hart, Joseph Hall, John Austin, Thomas Parker, Daniel Green, Amos Grey, William Astley defs. The defendants are said to have entered with force 6 messuages, 6 cottages, 8 gardens, 8 orchards, 17 acres of land, 17 acres of meadow and 17 of pasture in Harborne, Staffs., which Thomas Goodger had leased for 7 years to plaintiff, the term being unexpired, and ejected him and caused him damage to the value of £20. Plea of Not Guilty entered. This document - abstract showing defendant's title to both moieties of said premises.

Assignment of mortgage  3614/6/50  29 Mar 1760

1 Esther Rowley formerly of Darlaston, Staffs., now of Birmingham, widow.
2 Lancelot Adney of Moseley, Worcs., gent.
3 Thomas Adney of Bridgnorth, Salop, surgeon. Recital 20 October 1756: Demise for consideration of £140 [see 3614/6/16] the better to secure said sum. Lancelot assigned one messuage and parcels of land in Edgbaston to Esther Rowley subject to redemption on payment of £140 and interest. Adney did not pay on time, so Rowley's interest became absolute. The interest has been paid and only the principal is due. Thomas Adney has since paid the principal sum and a further £36 to Lancelot Adney. In consideration of these sums, Esther Rowley assigns the recited premises to Thomas Adney, and Lancelot Adney confirms the assignment subject to proviso for redemption on payment of £176 and interest.

Assignment of mortgage  3614/6/51  5 Apr 1760

1 Thomas Adney of Bridgnorth, Salop, surgeon.
2 Benjamin Haslewood of Bridgnorth, stationer.
Recital 29 March 1760: 1. Esther Rowley of Darlaston. Staffs., then of Birmingham, widow. 2. Thomas Adney Recites 3614/6/16 mortgage to Esther Rowley for securing £140 and interest. Assignment of 3614/6/16 to Thomas Adney in consideration of £140 to Esther Rowley and £36 to Lancelot Adney subject to proviso of redemption by Lancelot Adney on payment of £176 on 29 September 1760 and 4% interest p.a. Now this indenture in consideration of 5s assigns the mortgage in trust to Haslewood of above recited premises for use of Thomas Adney and his heirs etc.

Assignment of lease  3614/6/52  30 Sep 1767

1 Edward Marshall of St Mary, White Chapel, Middlesex, carpenter.
2 Lancelot Adney of Stoke Newington, Middlesex, gent.
Recital 30 January 1767: 1. Robert Clavering of Christ Church, Middlesex, carpenter. 2. Edward Marshall. Lease of a piece of land 17ft x 50 ft in High Street, Mile End New Town, St Dunstan, Stepney for 68 years less five days at rent of £1 11s 6d from Michaelmas 1767, first year for a peppercorn. Marshall has since built and insured a messuage on the premises. For consideration of £100 assignment of lease for remainder of term. Proviso of redemption on payment of £100 and interest at Michaelmas 1768. As security, Marshall has given over to Adney, an insurance policy on the property (value at £100 ) until payment is made.

Memorandum of agreement of purchase  3614/6/53  26 Dec 1782

Agreement between 1 Mary and Rachel Adney of Bridgnorth, spinsters. 2 Charles Simpson of Lichfield, Esq. For consideration of 1s.and £349 19s for absolute purchase of 2 messuages with all buildings, appurtenances, etc. in Tamworth Street, Lichfield, and 2 pieces of land situated in a common in Lichfield called the Wissidge Field (c 1 ¼ acres). The second part of purchase fee to be made at the time of conveyance.


Letters from Lieutenant D P Brisac to Captain Jones  3614/7/1-39  1844-1847

Letter from Lieutenant Brisac to Captain Jones  3614/7/1  21 Feb 1844

Having been unsuccessful in applications for loan of £10 till 15 April and as his fund expired previous evening leaving him minus the rest of the quarter, solicits kind favour which should be punctually returned with many thanks.

Letter from Lieutenant Brisac to Captain Jones  3614/7/2  30 Oct 1844

Regrets to say appears too much opposition to devising his little property to his afflicted daughter. Captain Norton declines his opinion. However, may he venture to solicit correspondent's assistance.

Letter from Lieutenant Brisac to Captain Jones  3614/7/3  30 Oct 1844

1) Presents compliments to latter, begs favour of loan of £10 for 6 months as interest on plate would be due Friday 1 Nov. 2) Mrs Brisac. Too sensible of 'ulterior measures' on the part of others.

Letter from Lieutenant Brisac to Captain Jones and reply from Captain Jones to Lieutenant Brisac  3614/7/4  30 Jun 1845

1) Has been informed that Captain Jones., with many others, has signed a document against him, through the boy Walter Harry Sargeant Brisac absenting himself without leave on provocation since 26 Oct 1843, of which you are in possession. 2) Whatever course intended, but fair to advise him of, in respect to the Service as he knows not when and where such boy is; he availed himself of the same being 21 years of age. 3) If will favour with party or parties' names concerned shall feel obliged. His daughter knows person relating to Captain Jones. Reply 1) Received extraordinary note; Lieutenant Brisac should priorly ascertain facts; this nonsense/trash he is unaware of, nor attaches credence to it; not habit of associating self with such matters. Insist on name of informant, though cannot take that notice at moment, which it demands.

Letter from Lieutenant Brisac to Captain Jones  3614/7/5  26 Oct 1845

1) Regrets to hear of indisposition, begs say. 2) Mr Purdui can offer no advice. 3) He being a 5% gent must be resigned to where hate directs. 4) Permit to return sincere thanks for valuable exertions. 5) Has written to Ireland as is quite clear Mrs Brisac. is next of kin and requested the ( ?) to procure their parents' wedding and burial certificates and her baptism. 6) These may suffice, with best carte (?) (Magna Carta?) 7) P.S. Mrs Brisac continues very ill.

Letter from Lieutenant Brisac to Captain Jones  3614/7/6  1 Nov 1845

1) Thanks for letter, received that a.m. when called at (?) Billiter Street and received interest as parties would not call for it. 2) Mr Mittons furnished a receipt for the amount that a.m. 3) Should be very happy to see him. Regrets to say Mrs Brisac. not quite well. Usual felicitations.

Letter from Lieutenant Brisac to Captain Jones  3614/7/7  4 Nov 1845

1) Thanks for letter and regrets to hear of indisposition, hopes for best. 2) The whips he left are on the nails in the back parlour which might have escaped notice. 3) Mr Gunker (?) sent his clerk to Mitton's office 4 times; they know nothing about it. 4) Is still more indebted to Captain Jones as went to him and paid with a severe lecture. Had addressed letter threatening to call in the mortgages which Mr Gunker negatived instanter. 5) Consequently no one can convey it by sale or letting but Captain Jones, for Lieutenant Brisac's daughter. 6) New address very pleasant and cheaper; is Old Kent Road district, postman informed, to prevent delivery delay. 7) Usual felicitations. Daughter going to her governess's quadrille party; pleasant 2 mile walk that evening. 8) Has addressed Lady H. and Colonel Delap (?) re. Mrs Brisac's case, hoping may have desired effect.

Letter from Lieutenant Brisac to Captain Jones  3614/7/8  6 Nov 1845

1) Thanks for kindness, in his hurry forgot. 2) Hopes will take charge of his 2 gig whips. 3) That morning saw Mr Mitton and informed shall be happy to see you and have house let as soon as convenient or sold to arrange affairs. 4) Mrs Brisac. is fatigued. 5) Usual felicitations.

Letter from Lieutenant Brisac to Captain Jones  3614/7/9  10 Nov 1845

1) He arrived safe and sound; returns sincere thanks and gratitude for Captain Jones's nobleness of mind in conjunction with Mrs Brisac. and Mr Marshall. 2) Kind regards to Mrs Jones. and self. 3) Permit him to state £300 will be taken for the freehold, and the purchaser defray the transfer; then it produces the balance to his daughter. 4) If Captain Jones should see Mr Davies might mention her again to him, with our compliments to the old lady. 5) Usual felicitations.

Letter from Lieutenant Brisac to Captain Jones  3614/7/10  14 Nov 1845

1) In answer to his letter, shall esteem it a particular favour on behalf of his daughter to preclude any further conspiracy related to the freehold, which shall be sold for £300, or if he will advance 3150 to reimburse (?) your kindness and discharge their paltry mortgages (?) then let it for 12 years at £13 per annum reserving £3 per annum to (Lieutenant Brisac's) daughter, with attested copies of title and allow him (Lieutenant Brisac) to end remainder of life in quietly (?) there; which would ever be retained in his breast. 2) Has received letter from Cork, regrets he ha no friend in town; no reply elsewhere. The distance from the Hard's (?) Arms to the P.D. who can direct him (Captain Jones) is about that to the market. His presence will be consolation to the letter (sic.) 3) Usual felicitations.

Letter from Lieutenant Brisac to Captain Jones  3614/7/11  17 Nov 1845

1) Received kind information late on Saturday, which is a counterpart of the other case, no doubt, through the (mortgages?) 2) However, he proposes to see Mr Nokes on the subject if Captain Jones thinks it to be necessary. 3) Day very fine; happy of his company. 4) Irish affair appears to be in a 'fair' train which will prove beneficial. 5) Sensible of his and Mrs Jones.'s kind thoughts re: their future welfare and beg to return Mrs Brisac. and daughters' respects. 6) 'Extreme errors', as wishes to save the post. Mortgages had better be cautioned in their proceedings.

Letter from Lieutenant Brisac to Captain Jones  3614/7/12  19 Nov 1845

1) Having only considered contents of polite letter received last, they have to suggest £13 per annum, payable quarterly in advance. If lady approves, so far so good. 2) Probably she may be a permanent tenant. 3) Much regrettable Captain Jones troubled with trifling applications, but hopes ere long something might occur to clear the Aegean Stables, despite the vile attempts towards him. 4) Usual felicitations. 5) The weather is against Captain Jones marching yet, when the (route) arrives would be very happy to see him.

Letter from Lieutenant Brisac to Captain Jones  3614/7/13  21 Nov 1845

1) Has honour to enclose the express terms which he hopes will prove satisfactory and shall feel indebted to him to witness same (;.ing) the greater part thereof. 2) Respects to Mrs Jones.

Letter from Lieutenant Brisac to Captain Jones  3614/7/14  29 Nov 1845

1) Has received half note of £5 from Mrs Pain, she does not remember the £20 (?) 2) However as soon as the other arrives, he shall have pleasure in returning Captain Jones' kind favour. 3) Prevailing illness of Mrs Brisac and daughter has prevented his addressing Mr Jones for his wife's hospitality previous Sunday. 4) P.S. Militia expected proceed to Ireland. No news from Mrs Dickenson or elsewhere. Strange commodities.

Letter from Lieutenant Brisac to Captain Jones  3614/7/15  3 Oct 1845

1) Has pleasure to return his kindness by his (Lieutenant Brisac's) daughter. 2) Thinks the old lady and gent had better declined their offers, having refused. 3) That morning a friend contacted him re the cottage, who may become a purchaser £300; subject to a deposit of £150 which he thinks will meet Captain Jones' approbation. 4) The note was from Brisac's son at Greenwich, whom he shall see. 5) Mrs Brisac usual felicitations.

Letter from Lieutenant Brisac to Captain Jones  3614/7/16  4 Dec 1845

Has pleasure to acknowledge kind favour, begs to say his friend called that afternoon subsequent to posting a letter to Marshall & Scrimster, him to call at Wooldridges respecting the situation with reference to Captian Jones for further information, if he ;;;;;of the cottage, which hopes meets with latter's approbation. Mrs Brisac usual felicitations to him and Mrs Jones & 'Belisa' ? P.S. Has severe cold, but look forward to Ireland - 'advised today'.

Letter from Lieutenant Brisac to Captain Jones  3614/7/17  6 Dec 1845

1) Thanks him and Mrs Jones for what conferred on wife & daughter. Mrs Brisac continued much the same. 2) Has received letter from Captain Dussell, stating family will not be benefited until Lady H's decease. Mr Shillito has promised to do what he can for her. 3) The (partly to?) (headache?) now furnished him: cannot be executed having no exemption to return to fill up. his income etc. same as previous year. If will be good enough ( - ) this to the collectors should be greatly obliged, also entering the dog with Mr Barrie, collector in that district. 4) Advised Irish folks of necessity required; 'which it is to be hoped will be (ere?) long; to remove the Aegean (?) stable, and his friend may purchase.

Letter from Lieutenant Brisac to Captain Jones  3614/7/18  17 Dec 1845

1) In consequence of the return being required within the ( ), conceived it better to march to Bexley previous afternoon instead of Bromley that very day; to avoid collision that cold pierced him. 2) However, returned safe and sound being nailed to their wishes. 3) Mrs Brisac & daughter send usual regards.

Letter from Lieutenant Brisac to Captain Jones  3614/7/19  20 Dec 1845

1) Received letter; if would be kind enough to transmit it to the Half Moon, he will call for Mrs Jones and corresponds esteemed kindness which Mrs Brisac & Daughter return sincere thanks. 2) Last (E )? ( )? Mr (L )? In the Borough being one of the (Lea;?) however referred him to correspondent. 3) Opposition very strong; his (terms) have been purchased by some mean fellow as soon as they were placed at Half Moon; the collectors request suffered return at Bexley. 4) That day ascertained Lady D's pretended lawyer not at Cecil St, Strand, nor in directory. If could see the lines (Times?) of 10th last. Probably his correspondent will give if opinion relating to advertisement named penitence as it appears to be a counterpart of her ladyship's productions to him.

Letter from Lieutenant Brisac to Captain Jones  3614/7/20  [n.d.]

1) Thanks Captain & Mrs Jones for esteemed presents. 2) Has received letter from Ireland stating the (Revd?) will return in 2 months, when their interests would be attended to; 3) Previous day signed memorabilia for intended War Decorations, which might have compensated for past services. 4) Co. Delas (?) as also Dr Shillito with the Pettiward (?) family. Having addressed him re adverts attended in his last to the correspondent. 5) Mr Saint suggested to him not to refuse £250 or £10 per annum;; (he) being well aware Harramans paid £13 and property shall not be sold less than £300. 6) Usual personal regards. Also would be happy see him when in town.

Letter from Lieutenant Brisac to Captain Jones  3614/7/22  27 Jan 1846

1) Had letter previous day of J. Barrett intimating 'the parties' intentions re the cottage. If he has ceilings cleaned, pump repaired, paper pasted, appoint an agent at Bexleyheath to receive the clients at a proper time. If parties sign the agreement transmitted to correspondent previous Friday, may have possession if correspondent approves. 2) Then can return counterpart to him witnessed etc. according to Lew Book of Landlords and Tenants. 3) Nothing to be said re. receiver of Rent when payable as can insert objections in docts. Later. There can be no reasonable objection; if so had better address him by letter. 4) Regards to him & Mrs Jones. Colds still severe; no news arriving makes it worse. Thinks W. Davies should confirm self re ladies who said could assist. 5) Thanks for interests in his behalf which should not be forgotten. Endorsed: 'Pardon me if in error'

Letter from Lieutenant Brisac to Captain Jones  3614/7/23  3 Feb 1846

1) Regrets hear of correspondent's severe attack but probably speedy restoration of health may occur as fine weather approaches. His silence is from same source as Mrs Brisacs very unwell. 2) Begs to state Wm. Walker's brother has been in conversation about the cottage which writer thinks far more desirable, Mrs Willcox in her note of 9 September declined further 'conference' on the 'subject'; this renders it necessary that the documents should be signed by herself in his correspondent's or Mr Purdue's presence to indemnify writer re the (newt?) 3) 'It would have been a dereliction of duty to correspond if he answered Barnett's 2 letters ( ) not paid'. 4) 'Trusting this explanation will suffice'. 5) Mr Walker's mother expected return town soon; visited son who lives opposite Revd. 6) 'Has had no answer to appeals from Lady D. leaving himself and family penniless; begged her have humanity to purchase necessaries of life'. 7) Usual regards of families, mutually.

Letter from Lieutenant Brisac to Captain Jones  3614/7/24  21 March 1846

1) Has received 2 notes and should have had much pleasure in responding to the 1st were it not for the (2nd?); however has endeavoured to 'attain me' to answer his of yesterday relating to various things which appears rather ?'repalatable' to the would be tenants. 2) The Bexley being is (intimate) with the market gardener who is completely disappointed in his views as well as his deceased comrades. 3) 'The person he accepted marched with him to listen (?) the 6th (;) to have the requisite notices for his clients which he accepted and stated a transfer would be, he wanted badly to ascertain if it was a purchase', this part we kept to ourselves & entered agreement that £150 be advanced to pay off mortgage on 20th inst. with 1 yrs rent at £12 payable quarterly in advance, remainder purchase money paid within period £262 net. 4) Considered if this better to release himself as soon as he could, having bal. of £50 and that to pay to daughter. 5) Thompson's bill is £14 4s 6d; he'll wait till 5 April as didn't receive writer's letter re house or wouldn't have written to him. 6) Lady D. & her 'Jackall' are treating the act with contempt; only wishes correspondent could give them sermon as he claimed at her hands £475, being the balance due to him post deducting £25 of the £500 bequeathed by uncle's letters. 7) Her lawyer has at her instance charged him with attempting obtain £500 by threats/intimidation. This vague charge is false, so much so that it has solicited Colonel Delass (?) with said Lieutenant., 'to reappoint me with consequence'. 8) Irish affair 'is at a stand through the Revds severe hiccoughs' which writer 'hopes will not be long, believe me, Dr.' (Lied?) 9) Usual family regards

Letter from Lieutenant Brisac to Captain Jones  3614/7/25  13 April 1846

1) Tenders sincere thanks for advising discharge of bills of Bexleyheath, which writer effected from 'trifling pittance' previous Saturday by P.O. orders sent to Messrs Clark and Wooldridge; hopes will be approved of. 2) Person who has cottage appears lately to show disposition for litigation; thinks he will be foiled. 3) Lady D. & her would-be lawyers conduct w.v. to Colonel; delays re-appointment writer to the Regiment, which has required his specific reason in non-compliance with the 120th Article of War addressed to him through the (Adjutant?). No answer yet. 4) Irish affair still dormant, which adds to Mrs B's affliction being a year to the day. 5) Regards from Mrs and Miss B to Captain and Mrs Jones. 6) Happy to hear soon re conveying 'the person's occupation' of the cottage and budget of Bexleyheath mews.

Letter from Lieutenant Brisac to Mr Jones  3614/7/26  June 1846

1) Received polite note previous Saturday, contents confirming the insubordination relating to his repeated disappointments. 2) Necessity of a final rearrangement if not, advised the said officer that I should submit the affair to Messrs Dodd;;he is quite inanimate; hopes time will arrive when enemies must drop their hold of dilapidations. 3) Colonel (delays) specified reason contrary to the usage of the service. 4) No tidings from Ireland, time will only unfold. Subsequently addressed a friend at the admittance for a staff appointment to the Sec. at War; nearly (?) no answer; yet even that better than nothing at all through Lady D. & the Rest (?). Has taken liberty to lead you slowly. 'I shall be happy to see you if convenient' 5) Usual family regards. Address enclosed: 4 Dorset Terrace, Opp. Mear (?) Terrace, Park Rd., Peckham.

Letter from Lieutenant Brisac to Mr Jones  3614/7/27  16 June 1846

1) Sprit of litigation predominant with person & jackass. 2) Letter to Mitton requiring more than he can furnish them with; consequently he suggested the day before better submit case to Mr Dodd, he knowing title to be genuine; copy of agreement sent to Mitton, leaving out the £150 as was proposed which is clearly defined. 3) 'There are too many candidates on the list, so says the Sec. at War with regret, unable to comply with request. Hopes can procure him a situation 'at either railway station' 4) Mentioned to Mitton yesterday that if parties would like to pay him £240 instanter would forego the remainder, which will make deposit correct; the sacrifice better than Chancery suit as he said to M. He did not relish Mr Dodd's reference. It only corresponds with the person's talking. 5) Was Mr Dickinson's wish to have £130 paid when the Deeds were completed. The next Thrsday he is going to L.'s (?) suspending the affair as he requested the day before. 6) Mrs & Miss B. wish kind regards to Mrs J. & himself. P.S. (1) E.E. mind agitated though such vile proceedings. P.S. (2) 'Lady D is still mentor of Boyle philosopher who; is v. little acquainted with military etiquette (Depth?) will appear deficient as (angle?) is varied of the lance sees the Duchess at the office who is in want of money & hopes it would be settled soon as disagreement unpleasant. P.S. (3)'When opportunity offers shall be happy' P.S. (4) Last Thursday called at Eastcheap hoping to see Mr J.

Lieutenant Brisac's inventory of possessions  3614/7/28  n.d.

Cash prices listed for various items as furniture/china/glass.

Letter from Lieutenant Brisac to Mr Jones  3614/7/28  25 June 1846

1) Begs enclose office order for £1 and regrets not in his power to return kind favour, hoping ere long a settlement of the matters will follow as the fellow was coming to at last. 2) Advised Mr Thompson, who called the other day, on subject, which was unpleasant. 3) Regards as usual 4) Endorsed: 'matter long - winded'

Letter from Lieutenant Brisac to Mr Jones  3614/7/30  5 Aug 1846

1) Expresses thanks for kindness. 2) 'Some illiterate person' has communicated with Stamp Office w.r. to their old dog, intimating duty not paid; advised by; received letter to this effect back from said offices. 3) That morning had done so which will be very galling as no doubt object was £20 penalty. Expressed displeasure as collector had said would not be so much for it till the next September. 4) 'Lady D more determined than ever with her jackass against a poor devil' 5) They intend to dispose dog; its licence expires 25 March 1847. 6) Regards etc.

Letter from Lieutenant Brisac to Mr Jones  3614/7/31  12 Aug 1846

1) Thanks for kind note & enclosure; called at Mr L's that day who will address Mr J on subject. 2) W.r. to cottage the fellow reckons chickens before they are hatched; Mitton only waiting the draft of conveyance; strictly enjoined him have whole paid through the (sustenance?) he has read. 3) Hopes this would prove satisfactory. 4) Good wishes etc. 5) P.S. Has applied Paymaster General for Lieutenant Shilton's situation, at Chelsea College, he vacating it under certain auspices - excuse errors, shall be happy hearing. Surveyor's answer re. dep. Is evasive as he got certificate from magistrate at Bromley derived from official returns made to the officers of p. Bromley.

Letter from Lieutenant Brisac to Mr Jones  3614/7/32  19 Aug 1846

1) Received kind note of 17th past; just when he (s) called at Mr Trollope's who delivered his compliments to Mr J. with many thanks. 2) Previous day had note from Ireland which thinks to submit to Mr Dodd. If unfortunate event should occur all would be lost. 3) The fellow's writ in the boro' expired 1 August. Is any punishment attached to it? Canaille! 4);; not settled yet but as soon as Mitton receives the draft approves it will write to Lt. B. 5) Pleasure that Mr J. Pleased with proceedings; shall carry out to utmost abilities, with many thanks his kind consideration. 6) Is expecting answer from the;; gents every post. Mrs B & daughter send regards to Mrs J and him. 7) P.S. 'The old gent's is a happy release'.

Letter from Lieutenant Brisac to Mr Jones  3614/7/33  14 Sep 1846

1) N.B. Either 14 Sep or 6 Oct is not a Monday. 2) Has been waiting to convey some eligible communication thanking for polite favours. 3) Alas, fear the fellow is trying to effect his ruin in bargaining £50 costs already. 4) Mitton told him last Saturday, if this is done through others at Bexleyheath, being disappointed, it should be divulged. No 1; from Cork: his application had not been delivered at Pay Offices last Thursday: he marched Friday with copy of it, and enclosures: re foolish answer 'I had claim through Progenitor.' 5) Which trusts may be effected dismay of Lady D Boyle, D Jackdale, Mariny (etc). 6) Felt Davies would endeavour to get old lady give him £5 or £10, acceptable relying on his honour. 7) Daughter at dress-making with good folks, Bermondsey Congenial. The medical gents requested she walk out every day, pay them £2 premium for 2 yrs - Not out of the Wey - hopes he and Mrs J approve, no other way possible for health. 8) Has torn up Lady D's paramour's vague assertions at her instance to herself because it disturbs him to see his blindness. 9) Would Mr J advise him to go to Mr Dodd relating to cock, as Mrs B is indisposed at its non arrival. 10) Hopes Mrs J the healthy etc. 11) Notes letters delivered at 9 instead of 11-12: very convenient.

Letter from Lieutenant Brisac to Mr Jones  3614/7/34  17 Sep 1846

1) Has just received correspondent's favour, to lay the £50 costs on two; the parties had not been at Mr Mitton's that day. 2) Which leaves the affair had referment bill to warrant, Mr T., such his clerk to obtain the mortgages, signature & you may rest assured he will with much pleasure attend correspondents advice in arranging everything in his power so soon as opportunity offered. Has written to Ireland again.

Letter from Lieutenant Brisac to Mr Jones  3614/7/35  18 Sep 1846

1) Has been to a Mr Mitton & settled the affair being obliged to take his note of hand of £74 7s 10d payable 26 March 1847 - & £10 cash, the matter made safe by Mr Mitton's depositing the deeds with Mr Dickinson (?) as security. Costs amounted to £51 2s 2d 2) In haste writing hope so far satisfies Mr Jones that he hopes will not tarnish his credit - permit offer respects to Mrs J. Hopes to hear from him soon.

Letter from Lieutenant Brisac to Mr Jones  3614/7/36  6 Oct 1846

1) Was in hopes the Irish affair wd. have terminated ere then, saving him the trouble of his pen again. 2) With regret finds some friend still stabbing him in the dark, as Wm. Monks sent man to enquire when £10 to be paid, as understood part of the money for house recd. On producing bill date is too long for discounting. 3) Desired Mitton write explanation, at same time requested Mr Lg (?) to see fellow to pay £70 down and he would return him his bill. 4); it is ardent wish to return your esteemed kindness;. 5) Regards to Mrs Jones and wish speedy recovery. 6) P.S Sudden change in weather caused colds & flu; thanks God they are well as expected. 7) Endorsed: 'I think the old lady should do something for me'. 'E.E. applying useless'.

Letter from Lieutenant Brisac to Mr Jones  3614/7/37  8 Mar 1847

1) Has been favoured with petite note regretting Mrs Jones and self unwell during winter; same with Brisacs. 2) She had attack apoplexy on 19 Dec; medical advice; no hope recovery though may linger some time. What with being massacred by the lady, Mr Davies; Sir William H's, closing all proceedings entirely for some years on Lady H's account and the later indisposition with the Irish affairs has drained him of every shilling as presently; if it should appear, assures Mr J that past favours speedily returned with much thanks. 3) If could assist him in conveying 'this case' to the lady might be of some service. 4) His daughter very ill at home. Mr Mitton will see about the Fellow's note as she obliged him which has kept Mrs B alive. 5) Has discharged what were pressing; Mr Monks; said opinion of him never altered from known father's respectability. Sends regards to Mrs J and self.

Letter from Lieutenant Brisac to Mr Jones  3614/7/38  14 May 1847

1) If was aware of an offence to him in not writing or sending, which regrets to repeat is out of his power till the Irish money comes to his hands when won't fall to post down with it and return his sincere gratitude for his esteemed kindness as stated in his own letter of 8 Mar relating to disappointment. 2) Has always stated truth of situation; bread and water, no money after 10 April; consequently the charitable lady was appreciated of it, she might possibly confer a favour. 3) Notified agent at Cork re death, 14 April. No reply. 4) Mrs Brisac regrets affairs unsettled on correspondent's part but hopes to live to receive it. 5) His daughter is ill. 6) Lady H has at last defined her with secret determination through her libelling Jack in office, ie. she will not give or advance Lieut. Brisac a 6d. 7) ;.' has secretly admonished him for inciting her to act of mutiny by his gross epithets at her instance, no doubt, under a pretext of annulling his least claim;. re the required proof he sent her. 'He' also states she feels for him for treatment he has received from Lieut. Brisac. 8) Sic Wm. H. ' should take this to Court of Inquiry under twenty eight and fifty second articles of the Marine Mutiny Act as she charges Lt. Brisac with conduct in virtue of them. 'What will some ladies do next, if;. to vilify any man by proxy'. 9) As he has;.. a reasonable compensation, no answer, there is less consideration in multitudes of counsellors than one; 'fellow whose aim is to further his low, grovelling ideas by destruction of valuable husband of large family'. Begs pardon for interceding; hopes early day will arrive to return kindness Sends regards to Mrs Jones and correspondent.
Noted: Rheumatism commencing again. Bread is 11d here.

Letter from Lieutenant Brisac and two other letters.  3614/7/39  2 Jul 1847

Describes Mrs Brisac current state of poor health, due to bread and water system. Will send on essentials once the Irish affair is settled (famine). He expects £10 from a lady and when he gets it will return £5 to (Jones) his correspondent. Money would enable him to buy food, vegetables and beer 'to which we have been stranger this two years'. Also; Copy of letter sent to a Mrs Dickinson, Bramble House, Hamstead, Staffs., from Arabella Marshall Brisac, communicating her mother's indisposition, since the Bristol Riots (against Parliamentary Reform 1831), and her father's rheumatism. Asks a favour of her on behalf of her parents. Copy of letter (11 June 1847) to Mr O' Keefe, Esq., Cork Street, Cork, from D P Brisac, asking for Mr Murphy's immediate attention to the distribution of money. Mrs Brisac's proportion would be deemed of infinite service

Accounts  3614/7/1-39  1845-1860

Account Book of Lieutenant Brisac  3614/7/40  1845-1860

Account with R E Potten, wine merchant, Dartford; cash advanced to Lieut. D.P. Brisac, Royal Marines; Dr James Longmore in account with Mrs Sophia Smith; Eastern Counties Railway, Co (office), Bishopsgate Station, London; Government 3% Consolidated Annuities stock; Da. Thomas J Smith, St John's Lodge, Worcester; Thomas Woodley. executor of the late Captain Jones; Messrs Forbes & Co, Bankers.


Probate of will, will attached, of Blayney Baldwyn of Croft, Herefordshire, clerk  3614/8/1  11 Aug 1742

1 Margaret Baldwin, spinster, sole executrix. 2 By virtue of M.S. leaves to wife Jane for life £200 annuity paid ½ yearly. 3 His manors of Newton, Co. Hereford and Orleton, Co. Hereford, and all tenements except that in Broad Street, Ludlow, Co. Salop and 2 small tenements nearby & certain lands p. Yarpole, Co. Hereford, which grounds wishes to augment parsonage of Croft to Rev. William Adams of St. Chads, Shrewsbury and Thomas Higgins, attorney of Leominster, in trust for heirs of body of Blayney Baldwyn; in default to sister Mary/heirs; default to cousin Arthur Blayney; default to cousin John Thomas, male heirs, bodily. 4. To wife £200 soon on his decease and all linen and house in Broad Street, Ludlow for life; and two small adjacent tenements and all household items. Then to his heirs, default to cousin Arthur Blayney; default John Thomas, as heirlooms, various bequests; residue to sister Mary Baldwyn, Executrix.

(Copy) Will of Henry Bourne of London, Haberdasher.  3614/8/2  1 Mar 1693

Extracted from prerogative Court records. 1. Usual commendations, provisos. 2. All messuages property p. Stottesdon, Co. Salop, called 'Blundells' and all associated property, whether in reversion or remainder to brother-in-law Thomas Wicksted and his wife for life; then to pass to niece Margery, daughter of above said. If she has no lawful bodily heirs, to niece Anne Bourne, dr. of bro. Edward; if no issue; to his right heirs forever. 3. Re said Wicksteds, all messuages/property in Oldbury and Bridgnorth, Co. Salop, except house of Almhouse Close, Bridgnorth for his brother's lifetime; he to be paid annuity £16; house computed as £8 with repairs chargeable. He then leaves said to n. Anne Bourne default to Margery Wicksted default to his own heirs. 4. If brother Edward beings any suit, then annuity to Wicksted. 5. If he lives peaceably, then to bequeath lease on house in Broad Street to Wicksted to pay £4 p.a. to brother Edward p. Bennet Hincke, London and to the Wicksted/Bourne nieces. 6. Almshouse (part) in p. St. Leonards, Bridgnorth, to poor set by brother Wicksted and heirs; rent given to poor of Almshouse. 7. £50 to purchase land, interest to give 1d loaves to poor by churchwarden. 8. Moneys owed by Thomas Hillesden to children of brother Henry Bourne (decd) alive at testator's death. 9. To servant Sarah Nixon (if serving) £5. 10. To servant Samuel Bourne, stock of hats etc. except goat/camel hair, gold, jewels, plat etc. which he lists bequests of next; to Wicksteds & Ann Bourne. 11. Financial legacies to said nieces and to brothers Edward and Abraham Bourne of Wicksteds part with Broad St house, Edward B. to have first refusal. 12. To Lancelot Taylor and wife 20s for rings. 13. To brother Wicksted, the 1/64 share of ship 'Bankley Castle'. 14. Residuary real/personal estate subject usual provisos to brother Thomas Wicksted and heirs for ever. 15. Executors: Thomas Wicksted, Abraham and Edward Bourne.
Witnessed: George Mason, Ja. Taylor, Sarah Nixon, Thomas Jackeman. Probate granted 7 Mar 1694.

Wills  3614/8/3  1683-1729

Wills of: (fastened together)
29 (1683) William Bradeney of Nether Penn, Stafford.
30 (1691) John Bradeney of Nether Penn, Stafford.
31 (1691) Margaret Bradeney of Nether Penn, Stafford.
32 (1675) John Bradeney of Nether Penn, Stafford.
33 (1715) Thomas Bradeney of Nether Penn, Stafford.
34 (1724) John Bradeney of Nether Penn, Stafford.
35 (1726) Esther Bradeney of Nether Penn, Stafford.
36 (1729) Ann Sidgwick of Wolverhampton, Stafford.

Will  3614/8/4  12 Oct 1683

Will of William Bradeney of Nether Penn, Stafford.
1. To son William Bradeney £10 in annual instalments of £1 payable Xmas Day.
2. Son John Bradeney sole Executor and residuary legatee.
Witnessed: Anne Lea, Mary Wightwicke

John Bradeney of Penn, Co. Stafford.  3614/8/5  21 May 1689

1. Whereas covenanted with brother-in-law Thomas Backe (5 Jun1679) to lay out £800 owing him from said T.B. as part of wife's portion; in T.B's hands in lands, uses as specified.
2. Bond for £400 to T.B. payable from said £800.
3. The residuary > £350 payable from designees of T.B., Messrs Robson, Smith, Davenport.
4. These sums left to wife Esther and son John, with any due from T.B's articles (land)
5. Lands/tenements to (4) but £200 to brother Samuel.
6. To daughter Anne Bradeney £350 at 23 years of age
7. To daughter Susanna £15 in yearly £1 at Xmas.
8. To daughter Katherine £300 at age 23.
9. If these not paid, then assigns named properties.
10. Woods to be felled for timber, to pay legacies.
11. To wife Esther her clothes, all furniture etc; or to return to son as she has jointure > £16 p.a.
12. All residuary real/personal estate to son John.
13. Wife Esther, Executrix.
14. Any doubts decided by John Whitmore of Ludlow.
Witnessed: W. Marsh, J. Marson, Anne Nicholes

(Copy) Will of Margaret Bradeney of Nether Penn, Co. Stafford, usual commendings, (spinster)  3614/8/6  15 Feb 1689

1. To brother Samuel £40, to sister Hannah Perry, £20; to Mary Perry the daughter of late sister Mary Perry, £30. 2. To the latter various bedding, curtains, linen. 3. To cousins Wm, Thomas, Margery Perry (of Mary Perry) 20s apiece. 4. To cousins Sarah, Margaret, Mary Bradeney (children of Samuel) 20s apiece. 5. Clothes to Hannah and Mary Perry. 6. All residuary estate to brother Thomas Bradeney.. 7. Executor: Kinsman Thomas Pudsey; to him 20s. Witnessed: Thomas. Pudsey, Robert Reynolds.

Copy Will of John Bradeney of Nether Penn, Co. Stafford. (Proved Lichfield, 1675).  3614/8/7  30 Apr 1667

Usual commendations. 1. To William Bradeney (son) various furniture. 2. To John Bradeney (son) £4 3. To Thomas Bradeney (son) £4 plus goods. 4. By deed dated 29 Nov 1623 between him (1st), Wm. Carbet (2nd) Alexander Whightwicke & John Carbet (3rd) reserved to (1st) to dispose ½ lands in Overpenn, Nether Penn & Orton, Co. Stafford, subject 30 yr provisos; and by deed 24 Nov1625 (1st) conveyed ½ premises during 30 yr post decease for now wife Katherine if she live; if > 20 year after him, Messrs Margaret, Hannah Bradeney and Barnsley to apply to younger children, Samuel, Margaret, Hannah Bradeney and Mary Perry) but redemption conds. To Wm. Bradeney. 5. To Samuel B., £4; to son-in-law John Perry, £4, To daughter Alice Baker £4; daughter Margaret B., £20, Hannah B. £20. 6. Residuary estate to wife Katherine; she and Wm. Barnsley Executors. Witnessed: Tho. Pudsey, Sarah Pudsey, Wm. Hayward

Copy Will of Thomas Bradney of Nether Penn, Co. Staffs. (Proved Lichfield, Nov 1715).  3614/8/8  11 Aug 1715

Usual commendations and debt/expensive provisions. 1. To kinswomen Mary Green/heirs forever, messuages and lands etc. in Over Penn, Nether Penn, Orton or elsewhere Co. Staffs or in England. 2. To said Mary Green all goods/chattels etc. 3. She to be sole Executrix.
Witnessed: Elizabeth P. Northwood, John Hayes, Wm. Waldron

(Copy) Will of John Bradney of Wolverhampton, Co. Staffs. (Proved Wolverhampton, 1724)  3614/8/9  24 Jan 1723

Usual commendations/debt/expenses provisions. 1. To sisters Elizabeth, Mary Bradney/heirs, all messuages, lands etc. in p. Wolverhampton, Co. Staffs except 2 houses in Barn Street and Lady Meadow, with barn; but to pay £5 to brother Thomas Bradney for life; to cease if he litigates against sisters. 2. All estate to sisters; they to be his Executrices. 3. He gives 20s to 40 poor people.
Witnessed: Richard Coore, John Whitwick, D. Twigg

(Copy) Will of Esther Bradeney of Nether Penn, Co. Staffs provided Lichfield, March 1726)  3614/8/10  14 Dec 1720

1. Usual commendations/debt and expenses, provisos. 2. To daughter Ann Sedgwick, £5, to sister-in-law Raphael Sedgwick 1s. 3. To grandson John Bradeney Sedgwick 20/-. 4. To D. dr. Ann Sedgwickall clothes; and all her interests in her brother Bache's estate. 5. To Executors, 2 houses/lands specified and other such as detailed, late of estate of brother Thomas Bache, decd. 6. To son John Bradeney all tithes for Penn, Muchell. 7. To son John Bradeney all money, securities, leaseholds, jewellery, chattels, personal estate. 8. He sole executor. 9. To poor of parish £5 in two annual instalments. 10. To living servants 5s apiece. 11. To cousin Joseph Bradeney £5 in £1 annual lots.
Witnessed: E. Foster, J. Bradeney, H Hookes (?), Wm. Downing

(Copy) Will of Ann Sedgwick of Wolverhampton (proved in Commons 1729)  3614/8/11  3 Aug 1728

1. By Virtue of M.S. she has liberty of disposing of certain lands; should go to brother Bradeney heirs, but as doubt, she makes disposal; she revokes M.S. and makes her husband Raphael heir. 2. As late brother John Bradeney (m. Jane, now widow) left estates to her (A.S.) for want of issue, she settles these too on her husband (R.S.) and also any estates from Jane Bradeney. 3. Estate in Penn is hers on decease of sister Jane Bradeney; devises to husband (R.S); with freedom to fell timber; orders that Penn estates pay £100 p.a. after death of him and sister-in-law to parish poor. Residuary Penn estates to Thomas, son of William Bradeney; trustee of Charity (& heirs) 4. To cousin Joseph Bradeney £20 and decent burial. 5. To Sarah Kidson £3 p.a., for her/spouse's life 6. To Margaret Hill £3 p.a., likewise her cousin Billingely. 7. To child of cousin Thomas Bache if male, estates at Northfield/husband's for life (otherwise for ever.) 8. Husband Dr Sedgwick sole Executor.
Witnessed: Dorothy Ladbroke, Elizabeth Woodcock, Mary Pill, Thomas Bradshaw

Last Will and Testament of Stephen Bradshaw, (Latomer) (Bramstone Heath, p. Gonsall, Co. Stafford)  3614/8/12  13 May 1795

To be given Christian burial and after just debts paid from real/personal estate. 1. To Elizabeth Fieldhouse all household goods/implements of husbandry for life and to have possession of his dwellinghouse so long as is unmarried; at her decease to son John Fieldhouse, the tenement/barn/jackpond/'The Lower croft' 2. To daughter Elizabeth Fieldhouse and Martha Fieldhouse between them or all to survivor, at 21; the son aforesaid to not take possession until 12 without Executor's consent; the said children to have access and able to stay several nights; whoever last survives to take property. Executor: John Phillips (Schoolmaster), Elizabeth Fieldhouse
Witnessed: Thomas Golden, Geoffrey Crompton. Sworn before Townsend Forester at Broseley. (C) Copy of burial register dated 22 Nov 1820.

Letters of Administration, Copy of entry in Parish register and Copy of Burial register  3614/8/13  27 Jun 1825

(A) Letters of Administration of Sarah Burn (70) died intestate, late wife of Thomas Burn. He sole administrator and beneficiary. (B) Copy of entry in parish register 27 Oct 1792 of marriage between said Thomas Burn and Sarah Goolden. Witnessed: Thomas Goolden Geoffrey Crompton Sworn before Townsend Forester at Broseley. (C) Copy of burial register dated 22 Nov 1820.

Will by word of mouth, of Edward Cook  3614/8/14  28 Aug 1742

As regards Tuesday 2 March 1741, Edward Cook, late of Bridgnorth, Co. Salop, having been in house resided with William Smallman for 4 years being sick died 3 Mar 1741; he made Will by word of mouth as follows: 1. £200 to his sister and to her children after her. 2. Residue to brother Thomas Cook except funeral expenses. Signed by witnesses: Elizabeth Smallman, Richard Bennettt, John Nicholls, Mary Adams. Note from Edward Greenly re. commission for swearing the witnesses and appointing Thomas Cook administrator; the draft will being that given on reverse of card; instructions as to bond of formally double deceased's estate not under £100. Commissioner to sign.

Probate of Will, Copy Will Annexed, of Joseph Corbet, late of p. Worfield Co. Salop ('The Lodge')  3614/8/15  24 Aug 1790

1. Sarah Malpas (widow) sole Executrix; as named. 2. Usual debt/expense provisions. 3. Surrendered named lands to lord of manor, and now all messuages, land, property, to William Haslewood (son of Benjamin, of Bridgnorth) and heirs forever; but nevertheless Upon trust to pay rents (etc.) to Sarah Malpas (widow) (The Lodge, Worfield) for life. Then to sell up and distribute cash to children/grandchildren of brother Richard Corbet living at her decease; in accordance her Will: defaulting none, the latter to keep ½; the other ½ to Joseph Smith of Bridgnorth (or Exec/Admins). Receipt of Jos. Corbet a discharge. 4. All residuary personal estate to Sarah Malpas. Witnessed: Thomas Nickin, John Jolley, A. Phillips

Probate of Will, Will Annexed of Sarah Corser. Will dated 24 May 1713, decd. of Bridgnorth, widow  3614/8/16  16 Mar 1715

Edward Corser (son) appointed Executor. 1. Usual commendations and provisions, £10 for expense. 2. £200 bequeathed son Edward by father's will be paid. 3. £10 by same will to granddaughter Sarah Gorsuth. 4. To Dr. Katherine Gorsuth £80 + ½ her linen. 5. To eldest son Thomas Corser, silver tankard. 6. To son Robert, write off debts + £70. 7. Re £80 owing her from Thomas Blythe for which his sister-in-law Rhoades stands bond for debt £15 owing by Francis Oates shall prove insolvent then financial legatees to meet burden equally. Also if executors forces pay £40 owing her brother John Technor for which late husband bound with Mr. Blythe. 8. To brother Wm Haslewood 2 gns. 9. All residuary/personal estate to youngest son Edward Corser. 10. Latter sole Executor; and of Will late husband William. Witnessed: Elizabeth Sadler, William Haslewood

Copy will of Thomas Corser of Bridgnorth, Co. Salop.  3614/8/17  11 Jan 1753

1. To daughter Frances and Elizabeth £500 and named items. To married daughter Sarah, (Ford) £200 more (besides £300 on marriage) + item. 2. To granddaughter Mary Ford £20 at 21 or Wed. 3. To servant Sarah Egginton 2 gns. 4. All real and residuary personal estate to son William Corser; he sole Executor. Witnessed: Benjamin Haslewood, John Corser, John Brooke

Probate of Will, (Attested Will d. 7 Apr 1712 attached) of William Corser of Bridgnorth, Co. Salop.  3614/8/18  9 Jul 1712

1. Subject debts/expenses to pay sister-in-law Gorsuch (?) the sum agreed verbally, to his daughter Sarah Gorsuch £10 instead of 40s he has to be set out to her good within 2 yrs of his wife's decease. 2. To son Thomas Corser £10 additionally. 3. To Robert Corser, son, £100 at age 24. 4. Premises/Garden in St Mary's St., Bridgnorth to latter son and his heirs for ever; also the little tenements in the Cartway, Bridgnorth and little house on E. Side Castle hill for remainder of leases, provided he (heirs/assigns) pay his mother Sarah Corser £4 annuity, quarterly for life. But if would rather not, sell tenements to brother Edward Corser for £100, Edward then to provide annuity. 5. To son Edward Corser £100 at age 24 and £100 at his mother's decease. 6. All residuary real/personal estate to wife Sarah, sole Executrix. Witnessed: B. Haslewood, W. Haslewood, J. Hughes

Attested Will of William Corser of p. Leighton, Co. Salop  3614/8/19  8 Apr 1809

1. All personal estate whatever to William Haslewood, son on Benjamin of Bridgnorth, on the Trusts to be specified thereinafter. 2. To children of John Townsend and wife Rachael, alive at his death £50 apiece. 3. To god-daughter Sarah Eliza Smith £100. 4. To Wm. Haslewood, £200. 5. To servants at his death, £50 and mourning. 6. To children of late Aunt Ford alive at his death, £100 apiece. 7. Residuary estate: Trust Fund; interest to old servant Mary Hollings for life; then to divide equally to children of Aunt Ford, tenants in common, not joint tenants. 8. William Haslewood sole Executor, usual provisions. Witnessed: Jos Smith, Wm. Parker

Assent of William Corser, to Charles Buckeridge  3614/8/20  20 Apr 1812

Assent of William Corser, to Charles Buckeridge, chief surrogate of dioceses of Lichfield and Coventry, in person, to the liturgy of the Church of England as then by law established.

Ordination papers of William Corser  3614/8/21  20 Apr 1812

Robert Nares, Appointment of Salop, having received letters mandatory from Rev. Charles Buckeridge, D.D., principal surrogate dioceses of Lichfield and Coventry, causes William Corser, B.A. to be appointed Rector of the Parish church of Stoke-on-Trent vacant by decease of William Robinson, L.I.B. presented by Rev. Spencer Mada, D.D., true patron, Dean of Lichfield. Memo. On 22 Apr 1812 was inducted. Thomas White, Registrar.

Ordination papers of William Corser  3614/8/22  3 May 1812

William Corser makes declaration publicly and on paper, and having read the morning and evening prayers, that he unfeignedly assents to the liturgy of the Church Of England as presently constituted and to the 39 articles.

Copy Will with Codicil of John Eardley of Nordley, Abbots Astley, Co. Salop.  3614/8/23  31 Mar 1790

1. To son John Eardley, two messuages/gardens in Broseley, Co. Salop; and heirs. 2. To son Richard, house near Market Hall, Broseley and his lawful heirs. 3. In default of issue, to grandson John Eardley, son of his son William. 4. To Richard, two beds/hangings etc. and other furniture in rooms occupied by him above brewhouse. 5. Plus all iron stock in trade as blacksmith and lease of house now lives in; and to pay all just debts. 6. To daughter Jane Charles, £5 to son William £2, grandson John Thomson £3. 7. To daughter Sarah Rowley, bed. To daughter Elizabeth & Margaret Eardley, all personal estate/belongings residuary. 8. Executors: Samuel Rodon, John Pitt. Codicil: Bed over brewhouse to son John; daughter Margaret to have room as long as lease lasts, free. Witnessed: Thomas Pitt, Ed. Harper.

Copy Will of Jane Glenny  3614/8/24  7 Sep 1825

To sister Jane Burn, 4 family portraits; all apparel, rings, chattels. To nephews John, Thomas and Benjamin Willoughby residue of estate; these latter there to be Proved 30 Oct 1824; above data is copy verification data.

Fragment of Will of Mary Goolden  3614/8/25  Undated

(Copy) Letters of Administration of Thomas Goolden  3614/8/26  25 Nov 1825

(Copy ) Letters of Administration of Thomas Goolden, died intestate, late of Temple Cloud, Co. Somerset. Jane Goolden (widow/relict) sole Administrator.

Will of Henry Jenks of Shrewsbury  3614/8/27  9 Jan 1735

1) To sister Anne Conn (widow) and cousin Mary Wingfield 10 gns apiece. 2) All residuary real/personal estate to his wife Jane Jenks. 3) The latter to be sole Executrix.

Probate of Will, Will Annexed, of John Lem of Bridgnorth, Co.Salop.  3614/8/28  3 Dec 1691

Usual commendations/provisions. 1) To niece Mary Bond all messuage / interest he dwelling in, viz. sign of Castle of Bridgnorth, and all connected property. 2) To sister Sarah Attis (?) annuity for life of £6 from rents of said, payable Annunciation, Michaelmas. 3) If overdue >21 days, can destraint property for it. 4) To nephew Richard Grove £5 annuity for life. Rent charge on Castle House; to cease on marriage when he is to get £100. 5) To wife Mary, silver tankard and £300, nest of boxes. 6) To wife Mary and niece Mary Bond all his malt and barley stores and all drink in cellar, equally divided; they to continue 3 months after his decease. 7) To niece M.B. house/property 'Flower Deluce' (?). 8) To son-in-law John Astley black cloak, signet ring, tobacco box, silver stopper. 9) £10 to p. Sr. Leonards, Bridgnorth, to set up poor in apprenticeships; likewise £5 to p. St. Mary Magdalen. 10) All real/personal residuary estate to Mary Bond; she sole executrix. In case of dispute to consult Lancelot Stephens, William Hamond and John Onsley (?), Trustees. Witnessed: John Russell, William Evans, Thomas Wished (?)

Attested will of Humphrey Longmor (Sr) of Nordley Common, p. Astley Abbots, Co. Salop  3614/8/29  15 Jun 1769

1) To wife Mary all tenements etc. on Nordley Common, for life. 2) Then to his son Joseph Longmor, Weavers House on Nordley Common which presently occupies, theirs for ever. 3) To son Thomas Longmor after aforesaid wife's decease, the other dwelling on Nordley Common/heirs, for ever. 4) All residuary real/personal estate to said wife Mary; she also to be sole Executrix. Witnessed: Elizabeth Allsop, George Allsop, John Colinge, Jr.

(Copy) Will of E (G?) Norris  3614/8/30  [n.d.]

1) Debts to be paid incl. £20 owed to him be late brother, (E) Thomas Norris to G. Shelldon of London (draper). 2) To John Shelwork of Shrewsbury? Richard Reynolds re. lands in Leebotwood and Shrewsbury, to sell for the Trust, conveying interest/profits to uncle, Roger Norris (heirs/assignees). 3) Property now occupied (disp) by Peter Boltfield to go to John Shelwork. 4) Legacy to his three sisters. (£300 shared). 5) Property in Tenure John Hockfis (?) to Richard Reynolds (heirs/assignees forever). 6) Property tenured by Richard Gordon the elder, to Richard Gordon (Heirs/assignees). 7) To Mrs Elizabeth Wilds (?) (widow) £4 to buy mourning. 8) To said Richard (Reynolds?) all residuary personal estate. 9) Richard Reynolds, John Shelwork: Executors, and they have equitable right of redemption. Witnessed: Richard Palston, K. Chipman, Richard Taylor, W. Norris ?

Last Will and Testament of Susanne Patten.  3614/8/31  2 Jul 1776

1) Interest on £500 secured by mortgage on tolls of certain gates (Newnham Bridge to Bowdley, Co. Worcester), part of £800 of estate of late husband (John Patten) to 2 sisters Mary and Sarah and the survivor of them during respective lives; after that £500 to Hester, daughter of her brother Thomas Pardoe and to Ann, daughter of late sister Ann (widow of Benjamin Taylor) equal shares. 2) of the other £300 :- a) £100 to Esther Pardoe b) £100 to Ann, wife of Jacob Child Smith (Bridgnorth) c)£100: Executor to pay annually (6 monthly etc) Johana, daughter, nephew Francis Taylor (interest?) and at Executor's decease to give Johana said sum. 3) Bequests to sisters-in-law Hester Pardoe and Jane Page; to sisters Mary and Sarah Gordon Jacob Child Smith and named persons. Codicil: Memo: she entitled to £763 14 9d moiety of husband's estate £1527 9 6d. Gives £500 to brother Thomas Pardoe; brother-in -law Thomas Page in Trust, interest to Joseph Crump (Shrewsbruy) et al; after deceases to sister- in-law, Jane Page, residue to her also. Witnessed: Eliz. Bates, Fra. Holland, W. Waddington.

Attested Will of Elizabeth Peach, wife of Thomas Peach of Wolverhampton, Co. Stafford  3614/8/32  19 Jul 1766

1) Whereas deed of release of 4 May 1757 between husband (said) and her, one of 3 sisters in law of John Doane, lately d. intestate, 2) St Luke Bell, John Powell (2nd) re her 1/3 share in named properties at Moseley, Kings Norton, Co. Worcester; nr. Beast Market, Wolverhampton, Co. Stafford; and on Spicer Street Birmingham; Sardin p. Shareshill, Co. Stafford; certain fines levied, said properties to be the 2nd parties' for ever/ for the uses following; property at Kings Norton to use of Thomas Peach (hbd) for life; then and with the other properties, unless specified in deed, to Elizabeth Peach and heirs forever. After decease of husband to sister Mary Dix (widow) (Kings Norton); Wolverhampton, Birmingham, London property to Joseph Carles and John Powell in trust for nieces Elizabeth Edward Ann Tucker. £20 annuity to Mary Dix, with normal conditions; plus all her clothes, linen, rings. Witnessed: John Richards, Richard Walker

Copy Probate of Will of Mrs Elizabeth Peach, wife of Thomas Peach, of Wolverhampton, Co.Stafford.  3614/8/33  7 Jan 1768

1) To husband all real/personal estates in Shareshill, Kings Norton, Co. Stafford and Worcester or Warwicks. 2) Her husband sole named Executor.

Copy Will of William Plaxton  3614/8/34  23 Nov 1745

1) To be buried in Temple Church if d. nr. London; names 6 gents to carry coffin; to get 1 gold Jacobus piece cash; no rings. 2) Individual bequests (family for mourning); sister Perrott released from any debts owing him. Other named legacies. 3) All real estate to brother-in-law Robert Barber and nephew George Perrott; rents (net) to sister Perrott by 2 ½ yearly instalments. 4) real estates, after sister's death, sold - moneys divided between her children and those of brother, John Plaxton; other than nephews William Plaxton, Thomas Perrott. 5) Various specific legacies. Witnessed: John Poole, S. Barnard. Codocil: John Alcock of York and wife; if apply within 1 month of his death, release all of debts; Executors to decide if share of real/personal estate to Mrs Alcock. 11 Nov 1745: Messrs John Pool, William Dixon testified William Plaxton dead. Will proved 14 Nov 1745

Copy of Will of William Pully (Hassington, Co.Essex).  3614/8/35  20 Dec 1640

1) Sole named Executrix wife Pully, Winifred. After expenses/debts/bequests she to inherit the entire residue. She to take rents of his lands in Much Stanbridge for life. 2) She shall pay £5 p.a. in Bridgnorth to Mr Thomas Holland and Mr John Farmer on behalf of his sister's and his brother's children, (Elizabeth and John) until each shall have received £5. Charges his brother Richard Pully (and his sons Richard, William) to this; if they default, his cousins Holland or Richard of Bridgnorth to sell land Much Stanbridge to that effect. 3) To wife Winifred for life land Beauchamp Roding, Essex, and house; then to give £16 for people of Bridgnorth, young who need it; one person taking it exempt for 3 years; 2 per year. Otherwise by default to brother Richard and heirs. 4) To cousins Robert and Margery £34 apiece at 21. Estates Beauchamp Roding worth £26 14 0d net in 1805.

Will of Elizabeth Shelton (spinster) daughter of John Shelton of Linley  3614/8/36  9 Nov 1819

All real/personal estate, net of debt, to Mary, wife of Capt. Hastwood; then to him for life, then to Mrs Thomas Edwards, a relative of his wife. Witnessed: Frances Broadfields, Elizabeth Eveson

Memorandum purporting to be Will of M ? JN ? Shilton  3614/8/37  14 Dec 1818

After debts paid, dr. Betsey: left her the Mill, land and tenement thereto and his house and land at Cramstoneyeath p. Nesal. Left dr. Mary land and cottage and tenement p. Astley Abbots. All stock equally divided between said daughters; if dr. Elizabeth dies without marrying, re mill and ½ property, mill not to be sold out of family. Martha Wharton left cottage on Norley Common, p. Astley Abbots and land and tenements; she cannot inhabit till d. William and Mary Loyd; to be good to them as she is v. trusty a servant. He is indebted to Richard Thomas £100. No signature. Unwitnessed.

Memorandum purporting to be Will of M ? JN ? Shilton  3614/8/37  14 Dec 1818

After debts paid, dr. Betsey: left her the Mill, land and tenement thereto and his house and land at Cramstoneyeath p. Nesal. Left dr. Mary land and cottage and tenement p. Astley Abbots. All stock equally divided between said daughters; if dr. Elizabeth dies without marrying, re mill and ½ property, mill not to be sold out of family. Martha Wharton left cottage on Norley Common, p. Astley Abbots and land and tenements; she cannot inhabit till d. William and Mary Loyd; to be good to them as she is v. trusty a servant. He is indebted to Richard Thomas £100. No signature. Unwitnessed.

Copy letters of Administration of Mary Willougby with copy of death register of her, late wife of Nicholas Willoughby, p. St. George, Hanover Square, Co. Middlesex (Queens Row, Pimlico)  3614/8/38  13 Aug 1825

Granted to son, John Willougby, as father Nicholas died without administering (sworn under £200).

Ordination certificate of William Corser, B.A of Bridgnorth Co. Salop  3614/8/39  9 Jun 1805

Ordained by Bishop of Hereford at Hereford Cathedral on the aforesaid date, a Sunday.

Admission of William Corser of Christ Church, Oxford to Deaconate by the Bishop of Oxford at Christ Church Cathedral  3614/8/40  3 Jun 1787

Appointment certificate  3614/8/41  10 Nov 1807

Charles Buckeridge, D.D., chief surrogate of dioceses Lichfield and Coventry appoints William Corser, B.A., clerk to vicarage of p. Leighton, Co. Salop; on decease of Thomas Crump; the patron is Thomas Hall.

Appointment letter  3614/8/42  10 Nov 1807

John Chapel Woodhouse, D.D., Archdeacon of Salop; James Bishop of Lichfield and Coventry has instructed that William Corser be inducted in vicarage p. Leighton Co. Salop, presented to which by Thomas Hall, rector. Was inducted by latter, witnessed by Thomas Kinnersley and J. Sart (?).


Shropshire deeds and court rolls  3614/9/1-12  1544-1776

Confirmation of grant  3614/9/1  27 Sep 1544

William Tyndale and Henry Oxenden confirm to John Payton the manors of Oldbury and Severnhall; and lands in Bridgnorth, Kings Ashley and Bonges

Assignment of mortgage  3614/9/2  5 Jun 1700

1. Thomas Voyle of Bridgnorth, gent and Mary his wife, late Mary Bond of Bridgnorth, spinster 2. William Bridger sen. of Bridgnorth, gent. Recital: settlement 4 Jun 1695 between 1. Thomas Voyle and George Former of Bridgnorth, baker and Joyce his wife, mother of above Thomas Voyle. 2. Mary Bond of Bridgnorth, spinster 3. Thomas Wickstead of Bridgnorth, gent, and John Huxley jun. of Stanley esq. and 4. Edward Cleive of London, merchant, Susanna his wife and Sarah Richards of Bridgnorth, widow. By the above recital, 1. and 2. assigned to 3. a messuage called Flower de Luce, Hungary Street or St. Mary Street and several messuages in Lysley Street and a meadow in Bridgnorth, a barn in Lysley Street to the use and behoof of 1 for ninety nine years, thence to use of 3.
Recital: lease and release 3-4 Jun 1700 1. Thomas and Mary Voyle 2. Robert Crudgington of London, yeoman all the above with appurtenances. Now 1. for better securing of £100 and in consideration of 5s from 2. assigns the messuages, lands and premises above mentioned for 99 years with the proviso that if 1. pays £103 at or before 4 Dec 1703, 2. will convey for remainder of term to whoever 1. appoints, on failure of such an appointment 1. reversion to Crudgington for remainder of term.

Quitclaim  3614/9/3  5 Nov 1553
Language:  Latin

Edward More of Shipton, Salop, gent, quitclaims to Edward Powys of Stanwey, Salop, gent, Elizabeth his wife and Richard Powys Henlie of Salop, gent, son and heir of Edward Powis in their full possession pastures in Stanwey, in tenure of John Badicocke, and messuage with land and pastures in Bradston (Broadstone) Salop, in tenure of John Badicocke; also lands in Astwalle (Astwall) and Longfyldes Dale, Salop.

Brief for defendant  3614/9/4  1760

Case of Margaret Langford, plaintiff, against Thomas Dudley, defendant. Concerning an alleged attempt by Dudley to deprive the plaintiff of her right of common pasture on the Longmynd forest, by turning loose one thousand sheep, fifty mares, fifty geldings, one hundred cows and one hundred oxen in the pasture land.

Bond of Obligation  3614/9/5  26 Apr 1776

Richard Grainger of Acton Burnell, labourer and John Thomas of Cardington, turner and handicraftsman, are bound to Richard Walker of Morville in £20. Richard Grainger and John Thomas in consideration of eleven guineas paid to Richard Grainger by Richard Walker, and Richard Grainger and John Thomas have agreed to maintain 'a base born child' (Richard Williams, son of Ann Williams) until he is 7 years old, and in that time to keep Richard Walker indemnified of all expense of maintenance. Conditioned on maintenance of Williams.

Assignment of debt  3614/9/6  17 Jul 1659

1. Ellinor Yonge of Pimley, widow and executrix of John Yonge 2. John Haynes of Hinton, gent. Recital Richard Phillippes of Netley, gent, being indebted at time of his death of £100 to Edward Owen, on 27th August 1637 became bound to John Yonge in penalty of £200 for payment of £104 on 9th Feb 1638. The money was not paid so an action for debt was brought to court of Common Bench against Richard Phillippes. John Yonge to have all goods and chattels of Phillippes beside the cattle of his plo[ugh] to the value of the debt, damages and costs. Consideration of £160 paid to Margaret Owen by John Haynes, assigns to Haynes property being John Yonge's to hold until £160 levied.

Lease  3614/9/9  3 Feb 1695

1. Sir Thomas Wolryche of Dudmaston, Salop 2. John Russell of Bridgnorth, bookbinder, and Sarah his wife. For consideration of £350 in the name of a fine and rents 1 leases to 2 a messuage in the parish of Quatt with all lands, buildings and appurtenances excepting timber and mineral rights, and reserving a right to entry to the premises and lands devised for lives of Russell, his wife and son John or longest liver of them, at 20s per annum or best beast at the death of each of them as a herriott and 2 fat capons or 5s. at Christmas p.a. and also paying all rates and taxes.

Bond for performance of covenant  3614/9/10  12 Dec 1649

Condition that if the bounden John Brome of Salop, gent, or his heirs etc. keep the covenants, articles agreed in pair of indentures (12 Dec 1649) between William Fowler, High Sheriff of Salop and John Brome, this covenant becomes void.

Genealogical notes  3614/9/11a-c  n.d.

Genealogical notes on the Slaney and Langley families

Schedule of deeds  3614/9/12  n.d.

Schedule of deeds 1763-1801 concerning the Glaze family; no property mentioned.

Out County: Staffordshire, Warwickshire, Kent and London deeds  3614/9/13-54  1662-1879

Copy of court roll  3614/9/13  12 Oct 1668
Language:  Latin

Deanery court of Wolverhampton: Richard Beckett of Hatherton and Anne, his wife, daughter and sole heir of John Wyley of Hatherton deceased are admitted to a cottage, croft called Wright's croft and other lands in Hatherton.

Copy of court roll  3614/9/14  19 Dec 1707
Language:  Latin

Deanery court of Wolverhampton of Francis, Earl of Bradford William Hicken of Hatherton Staffs., gent and Elizabeth his wife surrender to the use of Thomas Walton a cottage and garden, backside and Wright's Croft in Hatherton at £4 p.a..

Copy of court roll  3614/9/15  6 May 1712
Language:  Latin

Deanery court of Wolverhampton of Henry, Earl of Bradford Thomas Walton of Four Crosses, Hatherton, Staffs., yeoman and Anna, his wife. Lands and premises in Hatherton surrendered to them by John Walton, Thomas's brother, proviso for redemption on payment of £21. Endorsed (18th May 1731) receipt of Thomas Harttell for £20 from John Walton.

Copy of court roll  3614/9/16  30 Mar 1714
Language:  Latin

Deanery court of Wolverhampton of Henry, Earl of Bradford William Anson of Shatborough, Staffs. Surrenders land in Hatherton to the use and behoof of Thomas Walton of Hatherton, and after his death to the use of John Walton second son of Thomas Walton. Proviso that if Anson pays £40 by given date, surrender becomes void. Thomas Walton confirmed as tenant subject to the above proviso.

Marriage settlement  3614/9/17  5 Sep 1727

1 John Hands sen. of Birmingham, butcher, his wife Sarah and elder son Humphrey, barber.
2 John Simmons, toymaker and John Tunkes, gent.
Marriage settlement of Humphrey Hands and Mary Simmons. For consideration of £100 and a tenement and messuage in Mercer's Street, Birmingham to 2. in trust to uses mentioned. Conditions of settlement given.

Copy of court roll  3614/9/18  9 Jun 1730

Deanery court of Wolverhampton of Henry, Earl of Bradford. Walter Willoughby of London, yeoman is admitted to a cottage at Four Crosses, Hatherton formerly in possession of Thomas Willoughby paying 5s per annum without any deduction or taxes.

Copy of court roll  3614/9/19  25 May 1731

Deanery court of Wolverhampton of Henry, Earl of Bradford John Walton of Four Crosses, Wolverhampton, Staffs., yeoman, mortgages property in Hatherton to John Harper of Hilton, Staffs., for payment of £60 before 25th May 1733

Copy of court roll  3614/9/20  25 May 1731

Deanery court of Wolverhampton of Henry Earl of Bradford Thomas Harper alias Hartell of Hilton, Wolverhampton, yeoman is admitted to property in Hatherton (see 3614/9/19). In possession of John Harper being the mortgaged property of John Walton, subject to proviso for redemption.

Copy of court roll  3614/9/21  13 Feb 1732

Deanery court of Wolverhampton of Henry, Earl of Bradford John Walter of the Four Crosses, Wolverhampton Staffs., yeoman and Ann his wife consent to surrender a messuage in Hatherton parish, Wolverhampton and closes called the Brookhurst the Earthells and Well meadow all in Hatherton to the use and behoof of John Pace of Pileton, Penkridge, Staffs gent provided that if John Walter or his heirs or assigns should pay £200 to Pace on 13 Feb 1736 with interest, the surrender shall be void. Footnote to the effect that Pace now has possession of the premises subject to the above mentioned proviso.

Copy of court roll  3614/9/22  26 Aug 1735

Deanery court of Wolverhampton of Thomas, Earl of Bradford Thomas Walton, Hatherton parish Wolverhampton, Staffs, yeoman and Mary his wife surrender to the lord of the manor 3 closes called the Priest's Paddocks and the Moon Yard in Hatherton to the use and behoof of William Persehouse of Wolverhampton, mercer. Provided that if Thomas Walton or his son Thomas or their heirs or assigns should pay to Persehouse £105 on or before 26 Aug 1736, by 2 equal instalments the surrender becomes void. Persehouse admitted as tenant to lord of the manor subject to the proviso above mentioned and the payment of £2 10s to the lord of the manor.

Copy of court roll  3614/9/23  18 Dec 1739

Deanery court of Wolverhampton of Thomas, Earl of Bradford John Pace of Pileton, Staffs., gent, John Walter of Four Crosses, Hatherton and Ann his wife surrender messuage near Four Crosses and parcels of land meadow and pasture (Renard Riddings, lower and upper leasowes, Lower and Upper Crofts, the Moore, the Farther or furn Croft, the lower and upper Meadows ,the Brooke hunts and the Brooke land meadow and other lands, all in Hatherton) to the use and behoof of Thomas Nickin of Birmingham, mercer, for his life and thereafter to such uses as Nickin should prescribe in his will. Nickin is admitted as tenant of the mannor.

Copy of court roll  3614/9/24  22 oct 1757

Deanery court of Wolverhampton of Sir Hugh Brigges and John Hill esq. John Snow before the court by virtue of a letter of attorney made to him by Gregory Hickman of Wolverhampton, ironmonger and Elizabeth his wife desires to be admitted as tenant to that manor in a messuage near the Four Crosses, Hatherton and the Rinard (or Strict) Riddings, the lower leasow, the upper leasow, the upper and lower crofts, the Moor, the Farther (or Furn) Croft, the upper and lower meadows, the Brook Hunts, the Brook land Meadows, the Heath Hills, the Well Meadow, the Priests Paddocks and the Moor yard, all in Hatherton, then in possession of Thomas Walton. Admission granted on the recital to the lords of the manor.

Copy of indictment of default  3614/9/25  1694-1695

John Hippisley against John Elly. Indictment of default on debt of £74 8s 4d

Copy judgment  3614/9/26  Jun 1684

John Hippisley against John Elly. copy of judgment awarding £78 8s 4d to John Hippisley.

Copy judgment  3614/9/27  1694

Warner against Elly, copy judgment

Memorandum  3614/9/28  n.d. [After 1710]

Notes of the appointment of executors of the wills of John Hippisley of Warwick, gent (2 Nov 1684) Katherine Hippisley widow (12 Jun 1700) and Stephen Nicholls of Warwick chandler (30 Mar 1710)

Genealogical notes  3614/9/29  1713

Short pedigree of the Elly family beginning with John Elly chaplain to the Marquess of Worcester. Also note concerning the possibility of creditors foreclosing on the estate of John Elly, apothecary.

Release  3614/9/30  20 Apr 1742

1 John Hayes of Wolverhampton esq son and heir of John Hayes deceased, gent of Wolverhampton
2 Ann Hayes of Wolverhampton, spinster, daughter and devisee of said John Hayes decd
3 Elizabeth Deane of Wolverhampton, widow
For consideration of £190 to 1 and 2. release into her actual possession (by virtue of bargain and sale for a year 19 Apr 1752, a messuage with brewhouse, coalhouse and garden in Wolverhampton .

Receipt  3614/9 31  29 Nov 1744

Receipt of Walter Dovey for £21 which he had of Samuel Bennett for a front pew in the north gallery of Wolverhampton church.

Deed to lead to a recovery  3614/9/32  4 May 1756

1 Vincent Edwards of Wolverhampton, mercer.
2 William Crawly of London, gent
3 John Hurd of Shifnall, gent
For consideration of £178 10s paid by John Hurd 5s paid by Crawly to Edwards he sells the moiety of a messuage in Waters Upton now in possession of John Hurd, Richard Pointon and John Jones, moiety of the Tentry Hayes, the Birch, the Esp leasow, the three Crofts, three butts of yield land ground, the meadow and the High Heath all at Waters Upton. Also moiety of all messuages, burgage and malthouse in Shifnall (William Haughton) and of closes called Lambsmith Leasow and all buildings etc thereunto. Moiety of all other properties in Waters Upton, Shifnall or anywhere in Salop, or of anything which came to him from the will of Richard Horner late of Shifnall, uncle of V Edwards. To W Crawly to become tenant to the freehold to suffer a recovery, John Hurd demandant. Property in Waters Upton to be the use of John Hurd and his heirs etc, forever. Property in Shifnall to be to the use of V Edwards and his heirs forever.

Copy bond  3614/9/33  n.d.

Bond of William Wenman of Wolverhampton, Staffs, ironmonger, to Henry Wood the younger of Wolverhampton distiller and Edward Leigh of Cheadle, Staffs, gent, in £2000 A marriage is intended between William Wenman and Ann Wood, daughter of Henry Wood the elder, distiller and in consideration thereof and of £400 he is to receive as part of marriage portion, and in consideration that Henry Wood the elder by lease and release granted unto Henry Wood the younger and Edward Leigh a moiety of a messuage in Oaken, Codsall, Staffs and of his lands there. If Ann Wood survives William Wenman, she is to receive interest of £1000 to be placed out on a mortgage of some freeholds in Staffs, Warws., Salop and Worcs., after her decease £1000 to be paid equally between the children of her and Wenman. Condition of obligation:- if marriage takes place and Ann Wood survives him and the executors, within one month of his death pay unto Henry Wood the younger and Edward Leigh sum of £1000 to the intent that they shall place it at interest on freehold property for the use of Ann Wood and if William Wenman pays £400 to the executors of Henry Wood the elder within 12 months of his decease, bond will be void.

Articles of agreement  3614/9/34  12 Apr 1763

Agreement of Elizabeth and Ann Tucker, spinsters of Wolverhampton, coheirs of Laurence Tucker, on the disposition of his personal and real estate. Yearly rent totalled £49 6s Personal estate valued at c.£1000.

Conveyance  3614/9/35  2 May 1764

1 Mary Bennett of Shrewsbury spinster, John Bennett of Morf, Salop, gent, and Lacon Bennett of Shrewsbury, cutler and Elizabeth his wife, heirs of Samuel Bennett deceased, sadler of Wolverhampton
2 Vincent Edwards of Wolverhampton draper.
1. In consideration of £25 sells a front pew in the collegiate church or royal free chapel in Wolverhampton, having three other pews, one of which Samuel Bennett had purchased of Rupert Dovey gent. [see 3614/9/31]

Memorandum  3614/9/36  n.d.

Richard Yardley by virtue of a deed of 20 Oct 1601 is possessed of a tenement (60ft x 48ft) for ninety nine years at 12s 4d p.a. John Edmonds, Richard Yardley and John Smith and theirs heirs are freely possessed of a capital messuage and 4 cottages viz Edmonds has a messuage, stable, orchard and garden and 2 parcels measuring c one acre. Yardley has two messuages, two stables, buildings, three orchards, two gardens and parcels measuring 2 roods. John Smith has a messuage and gardens containing c twenty perches. Also another twenty perches and land valued at 5d p.a (Copy document in Latin)

Copy of marriage settlement  3614/9/37  1 Oct 1679

1 Anne Yardley of Warwick, widow and Humphrey Yardley of Warwick, gent, oldest son of Anne.
2 Ann Weale of Warwick, spinster, daughter of John Weale of Warwick, decd., woolen draper.
3 William Colinore of Warwick, Esq., John Smith of Warwick, gent and Edward Willet of Newbold Comyns, Warwick, gent.
4 John Clarke of Clifford's Inn, London, gent
In consideration of a marriage between Humphrey Yardley and Ann Weale and £600 and a further £260 from Dorothy Weale, mother of 2 (£600 was 2.'s inheritance from her father), sells to 4. two messuages in Warwick, a meadow and close and close and crofts, four messuages in Warwick, to the use and behoof of Ann Yardley during her life, thereafter to the use of Humphrey Yardley, after his death to the use of Ann Weale.

Survey  3614/9/38  8 Mar 1685

Survey by James Fish of a house and ground rented by Humphrey Yardley in Warwick. Table of dimensions of property (in feet) given.

Bargain and sale  3614/9/39  24 Jun 1720

1 Francis Smith of Warwick, gent.
2 Joseph Battesson of Warwick, grocer.
Recital 10 Mar 1693: 1. Sir Henry Puckering als Newton of The Priory, Warwick. 2. John Hopkins of Birmingham, gent. Lease of two mills for 500 years at £10 p.a. Recital 12 March 1693: 1. William Bolton,Warwick, esq. lord of the manor of Warwick. 2. John Hopkins. Permission to build cisterns not exceeding 20 x 16 yards, for 500 years in the borough and liberties of Warwick, under condition at 2s 6d p.a. Recital 25 December 1703: Hopkins assigned his interest and terms to Moreton Slaney, gent, Robert Mansell, Isaac Spoorer, Richard Parkes and John Piddock.
Recital 25 March 1704: 1. John Hopkins. 2. Slaney, Mansell, Spoorer, Parkes and Piddock. 3. John Williams, Warwick, gent, Henry Jephcott, the Priory, gent and Ffrancis Smith. Assignment to 3.
Recital: Richard Parkes did not execute the last mentioned indenture, but did so by indenture 1 Jan 1705. The said liberties - not enough to support the water works. Sir Henry Puckering was dead and the premises legally vested in Dame Jane Bowyer. The pipes were not laid conveniently, Dame Jane gave permission to relay them.
Recital 20 June 1706: 1. Dame Jane Bowyer and Vincent Grantham and Richard Grantham. 2. John Williams, Henry Jephcott and Francis Smith. Lease of all the recited premises and authority and equipment at rent of £5 p.a. for remainder of 500 years. Richard and Vincent Grantham inherited after death of Dame Jane who sold the premises to Henry Wise.
Recital 1 November 1709: 1. Henry Wise of Brompton Park, Kensington Middlesex, esq. 2 Andrew Card of Gray's Inn Middlesex, esq. and Jacob Tonson sen. of St Andrew's, Holborn, Middlesex, gent., John Williams, Henry Jephcott and Francis Smith. Ratification of previous lease. Williams has since died, and Joseph Battesson bought their shares in the premises from their executors. For consideration of £80 Francis Smith bargains and sells his share in the premises, rights etc. to Joseph Battesson, subject to the payment of several yearly rents of £5 and 2s 6d for remainder of term.

Note  3614/9/40  n.d. [after 1745]

Short pedigree of Francis Smith (as far as his grandchildren ) with monetary sums by each name (legacies?) Also notes on Sir John Hubard, Ipsley, and John Morteboye, Birmingham.

Copy schedule of deeds  3614/9/41  20 Sep 1754

Schedule of deeds received by Francis Stokes from Mrs. Wright, widow and sole executor of James Wright, esq, deceased.

Copy bond for performance of covenants  3614/9/42  16 Nov 1781

Bond of John Sneyd of Bell Mount, Stafford, esq to Francis Stoles in the sum of £100. Condition if that Sneyd keeps the covenants agreed in indenture of four parts (same date) then obligation becomes void.

Mortgage  3614/9/43  27 Mar 1786

1 Francis Stokes of Old Swinford, Worcs., esq. and Francis Smith Stokes, gent, his eldest son.
2 William Chance and Edward Homer of Birmingham, merchants.
For consideration of £1200 secured on messuage and coach house in Sheep Street, St Mary's Warwick, and parcel of ground on Sheep Street (50 x 11 yards) in occupation of Mary Waston at £21 a year a messuage nearby (currently rented at £10 p.a.) a messuage also in Warwick with a close nearby, a meadow (Lynnen Lane meadow ) and another messuage in Warwick and several parcels of land collectively rented to Bernard Geary at £44 10s p.a., a messuage and garden (£2 15s p.a.), a dwelling ( £2 12s 6d p.a.), two small dwellings (£1 10s) a stable building (£1 p.a.) a close of two roods, seventeen perches (£4 4s p.a.), all within borough of Warwick and were purchased by Francis Smith from Humfrey Yardley, gent, deceased; also a close at Saltisford (£6 p.a.), a close called the Black Yard (c. four acres at £12 p.a.), a close called Salter's, for one thousand years with the proviso that upon payment of £1200 and all lawful interest, the said property may be redeemed. Interest set at 5% p.a.

Deed to lead to the use of a fine  3614/9/44  7 Sep 1789

1 William Sneyd of Belmont, Staffs., esq., eldest son and heir of Penelope and John Sneyd; Penelope, deceased, was younger daughter of Thomas and Penelope Kinnersley, both deceased of Loxley, Staffs.
2 John Hardcastle of Symond's Inn, Chancery Lane, London, gent.
3 Francis Stokes of Oldswinford, Worcs., esq., and Benjamin Pearson of Tettenhall, Staffs., gent., a trustee of Francis Stokes.
In pursuance of a covenant made by the father (see 3614/9/42) of William Sneyd he has covenanted with Francis Stokes to lay before the Court of common Pleas one or more fine or fines Sur cognizance de droit come ceo etc. and cognizances to be named of all that one fifth part of three dwelling houses in Oldswinford, and of the land lying nearby (c.2 roods, 26 perches) and in another parcel of land in Oldswinford, part of the Vineyards, and also a parcel in Oldswinford (c.2 roods, 32 perches), and a piece in Old Swinford (c.3 roods, 32 perches). All said lands and premises to the use and behoof of Francis Stokes and Benjamin Pearson and the heirs of Francis Stokes forever.In trust as to the estate of Benjamin Pearson to the only benefit of Stokes and his heirs.

Lease for possession  3614/9/45  11 Feb 1790

1 Francis Stokes of Oldswinford, Worcs., esq. and Francis Smith Stokes of Churchill, Worcs., gent.
2 Oliver Dixon of Oldswinford.
In consideration of 10s to each of 1s, bargain and sale for a year of a messuage with coach house and buildings in Sheep Street, St Mary's, Warwick, and a parcel of ground, a messuage in the borough of Warwick, messuage near Sheep Street, the Tyle house Close, the Lynnen Lane Meadow and 2 other messuages in parish St Mary's, Warwick, all bought from Humphrey Yardley by Francis Stokes. Also Lyndsey's Close (c.4 acres) and Salter's piece and a close near Gogbridge, 2 closes called the Clay close (c.8 acres near suburbs of Warwick) and the Middle close (c.4 acres) and a close (c.8 acres and an adjoining meadow (c.6 acres), and 2 closes at Ayton, St. Nicholas' parish called Spittle Mill Close and meadow and a close in Mill Street. The intention of this transfer to enable Oliver Dixon to be in actual possession and seisin, enabling him to take a grant and release of the freehold reversion of the premises.

Marriage settlement  3614/9/46  9 Nov 1812

1 Jane Eleanora Stokes, Roughton, Worfield, Salop, spinster
2 William Wight of St. Catherine's Hill, Guildford, Surrey, esq., Capt. of 2nd Surrey Regiment of Militia.
3 John Freeman of Barwood, Aston near Birmingham and Edward Sheriff of Oldswinford, Worcs., gent.
In consideration of the intended marriage (of 1. and 2.) and of 10s by 3. to 1. all that sixth part or interest in her late father's real and personal estate, and in personal estate and in personal estate and effects of her late brother James Marshall Stokes, and in the monies realised by their sale to Freeman and Sheriff upon trust firstly to raise £500 out of it for the use of 2., to raise a further £2000 from the said trust and put it in securities the interest whereof to go to Jane Eleonora Stokes, and to William Wight if he should survive her. After their deaths, to pay the principal of £2000 and interest to whatever children they have, subject to directions in writing of either 1. or 2. The residue of the trust money to be placed at interest for the benefit of William Wight. Proviso to alter the use of the trust money to the use of either party, or to the purchase of freehold or copyhold lands, or to appoint new trustees.

Bearer bond  3614/9/47  10 Jul 1825

Bearer bond for one pound of the Hereford City and County Bank, value paid, 10 Jul 1825, signed by Charles Cusack.

Printed pedigree  3614/9/48  n.d.

Printed pedigree of the 2nd Lady Essex Ker.

Lease  3614/9/49  1 Aug 1662-1663

1 Vincent Nethersole of Canterbury, gent.
2 William Tucker of Woemenswold, Kent, yeoman.
Lease of the capital messuage in Woemenswold with buildings, lands etc, belonging, containing c.300 acres excepting timber rights and woodlands, and allowing liberty of entry to the property for 1. and his heirs, workers, etc. for 9 years at £85.00 p.a. and £3 per acre of 3 cow pastures ploughed during the said term.

Assignment of lease in trust  3614/9/50  27 Mar 1769

1 Marmaduke Smith of Cornhill, London, haberdasher.
2 William Sydenham of Cornhill, haberdasher.
3 John Withers of Cheapside, London, linen draper.
Recital 23 Jun 1758: 1. John Holmes of New Bond Street Buildings, London esq. 2. Marmaduke Smith. A messuage in Cornhill with appurtenances for twenty one years at £85 p.a.
Recital 31 Jan 1759: Articles of Agreement between Marmaduke Smith and William Sydenham. Sydenham paid £1200 for the goodwill of Smith's trade and the assignment of remainder of lease with shop fixtures, and pay for all stock in trade, and that lease should be assigned to John Withers for better securing of payment.
Goods and stock in trade valued at £1714 to be paid to Smith in three equal instalments. Consideration - £1200 to Smith from Sydenham and 5s from Withers to Smith. Bargain and sale of above mentioned messuage to Withers for remainder of 21 year lease (10 years) in trust for Smith securing of £1714 firstly. Then in trust for Sydenham, but subject to yearly rent of £85 payable to John Holmes.

Mortgage  3614/9/51  15 Jun 1799

1 Thomas More of London
2 Thomas Cocks of Brockton
1. is bound to 2. in £1600 for repayment of £800 1. mortgages assurance policy for £800 in consideration of a debt. Premium of £23 18s p.a. and claim of £1000 for death within 3 years.

Table  3614/9/52  n.d.

Printed table of plants which have medicinal uses, compiled by plant class and giving details of order, plant name, natural order, origin, part yielding medicine, its form, properties, dosage, active principal and substance name.

Magazine cutting  3614/9/53  3 Apr 1858

Four page section of 'The Field, The Country Gentleman's newspaper' with articles on John Baker, a 'leading sportsman'; Hog spearing in India and other hunting pastimes.

Galley proofs  3614/9/54/1-2  1 Oct 1879

Two galley proofs of chapters XV-XVII of 'Paul Fairfax' by Mortimer and Frances Collins, No. 8 in a serialization of the book.

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