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Reference 1326
Covering dates 18th - 19th Centuries
Held by Shropshire Archives
Extent 13 files

Folder icon  [no title]  1326/13  16 October 1721

These documents are held at Shropshire Archives

1. Edward Vaughan the elder of Stockin in the parishnof Presteigne co Hereford gentleman, and Hannah his wife and Edward Vaughan the younger of the same gentleman, son and heir of Edward and Hannah
2. Edward Hill of Stepleton gentleman and Mary Hill of the same spinster, only daughter of Edward Hill
3. Thomas Vaughan of Stepleton tanner and John Adams of Presteigne co Radnor gentleman
Consideration:- a marriage to be had between Edward Vaughan the younger and Mary Hill, a marriage portion to be paid to him, and a messuage and lands of Edward Hill in Stepleton co Hereford already settled on her and the heire of her body, a rent of £20 to be paid to Edward Vaughan the elder and Hannah his wife during their lives and the life of the survivor, in part performance of articles of equal date with these presents
(1) Edward Vaughan the elder and Hannah his wife
(2) Edward Vaughan the younger
(3) Edward Hill and Mary Hill
Release of a capital messuage in Stockin (Edward Vaughan the elder) and all appurtenances in Stockin, Upper Willey and Lower Willey in the parish of Presteigne co Hereford, with the new seat in the gallery in the church of Presteigne (reserving the parlor and buttery adjoining, the two chambers over the parlor, the upper garden and the fruit of the orchard next to the now dwelling of Jane Evans widow, being part of the premises, for the lives of Edward the elder and Hannah, with liberty for their servants to brew and bake in the kitchen of the premises whensoever they have occasion, with such firewood as they shall have occasion to use)
To use of Edward Vaughan the elder and heirs until the marriage and until 2 May following, after to use of Edward Vaughan the younger and Mary his wife for their lives and the life of the survivor, after to use of the heirs of the body of Mary by Edward Vaughan the younger and for want of issue to use of the right heirs of Edward Vaughan the younger, provided that Edward the younger and Mary, their heirs, executors and administrators, shall out of the premises pay Edward the elder and Hannah his wife for their lives and the life of the survivor a yearly rent of £20, half the taxes and payments rated on the premises to be allowed out of it, the first payment to be on 2 November 1722, with right to distrain after 40 days.
Covenant as to title and for further assurance by fine before the end of Hillary term next (the fine to enure to uses as above) and by any other fine or recovery required. Warranty.
Signatures of (Edward) Vaughan, Edward Vaughan, Edwards Hill, Mary Hill, Thomas aughan, John Adams; mark; of Hannah Vaughan
Witnesses:- Thomas Dunne, George Legge, Henry Vaughan (mark), Rodd Pyfinch (mark)

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