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Supplementary catalogue of the papers and correspondence of Nikolaas Tinbergen FRS, (1907-1988), ethologist

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Reference NCUACS 79.8.98
Covering dates 1959-1975
Held by Oxford University, Bodleian Library, Special Collections and Western Manuscripts
Extent 181 items
Source of acquisition The papers were received in October 1998 from the Department of Zoology via the Bodleian Library, University of Oxford.
Creators Tinbergen, Nikolaas, 1907-1988, ethologist and scientist
Note (Compiled by: Adrian Nardone and Peter Harper)
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We are grateful to the Department of Zoology and the Bodleian Library, University of Oxford for making the material available and to Professor M.S. Dawkins for her advice.

Administrative history:
Nikolaas ('Niko') Tinbergen was born in The Hague, Netherlands on 15 April 1907. After secondary school he spent a couple of months in autumn 1925 at the Rositten observatory, East Prussia which pioneered the scientific ringing of birds. This experience of biological fieldwork persuaded him to study zoology at the University of Leiden. In 1931 he was appointed 'assistant' in the Leiden Zoology Department and in 1932 he was awarded his PhD for homing studies on Philanthus wasps. Married in 1932, Tinbergen and his wife spent fourteen months in Greenland studying the snow bunting, the red-necked phalarope and the husky. Returning to Leiden he taught experimental zoology and animal behaviour until 1949, by which time he was Professor and Head of Department. His career was interrupted during the Second World War when he was imprisoned as a hostage by the German occupation authorities. In 1949 he resigned his Professorship at Leiden and accepted a lecturership in A.C. Hardy's department at Oxford University, where he remained for the rest of his career. He was appointed Professor of Animal Behaviour in 1966 and retired in 1974.
Tinbergen was one of the founding fathers of modern ethology. At Leiden he developed laboratory work, in which the three-spined stickleback proved a particularly successful experimental animal, and field studies initiating projects on wasps, butterflies and hobbies. His work on the breeding behaviour of herring gulls also dates from this period and, like the stickleback research, became one of the classics of ethology. He spent spring 1937 working with Konrad Lorenz at Altenberg near Vienna, Austria, an association that was to have the greatest importance for their science. After the move to Oxford, Tinbergen built up a research group that had a profound influence on the development of ethology around the world. In particular, his research focused on the adaptedness of behaviour, the work on the herring gull initiated in the Netherlands developed into comparative studies of many gull species. His most influential book, The Study of Instinct appeared in 1951 and he also wrote books for the educated layman and made scientific films such as the Italia prizewinner 'Signals for Survival'. Examples of significant professional affiliations include the International Ethological Conferences held biannually from 1951 and the Serengeti Research Institute, Tanzania established 1966. Tinbergen became increasingly interested in the application of the ethological approach to man, and in retirement he and his wife collaborated on a study of childhood autism publishing Autistic children - new hope for a cure in 1983.
Tinbergen was elected FRS in 1962 and in 1973 he shared with Lorenz and Karl von Frisch the Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine. He died on 21 December 1988.

This catalogue of papers of Nikolaas Tinbergen is a supplement to that compiled in 1991 (NCUACS 27/3/91). Section B (Research) has been arranged and numbered to follow the sequence of the previous catalogue, which should therefore be consulted in conjunction with this catalogue. Papers relating to Tinbergen's societies and organisations and visits and conferences files (not represented in the original collection) form two new sections in the supplementary catalogue, section F (Societies and organisations) and section G (Visits and conferences).
Section B, Research, is made up of research funding papers from the Department of Zoology, University of Oxford covering the period 1959 to 1975. The papers illustrate not only Tinbergen's personal research areas but also his interests in the production of scientific films as an educational tool, the advancement of ethological studies in general and the application of ethological principles to the study of mankind. The papers include correspondence, application forms, reports and financial statements. Research funding bodies with which Tinbergen dealt include the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research, the Science Research Council, the Medical Research Council, the Nature Conservancy and the United States Air Force, European Office of Aerospace Research, Brussels, Belgium.
Section F, Societies and organisations documents a number of the national and international bodies with which Tinbergen was associated 1964-1974. The papers show Tinbergen operating at a national and international level. There are papers relating to Tinbergen's acceptance of an invitation to join the Board of Directors of the Centre Royaumont pour une science de l'homme which covers the period 1973 to 1974. The Department of Science and Industrial Research (from 1965 the Science Research Council) papers relate to Tinbergen's membership of the Working Party in Animal Behaviour Research. The papers cover the period 1962 to 1967. This group reviewed the state of animal behaviour research in Britain and put forward recommendations on the future course that should be taken. Tinbergen's Nuffield Foundation papers relate to his participation in the Nuffield Foundation funded Science Teaching Project as a member of the School Biology Project Consultative Committee. The papers cover the period 1961 to 1971. During his period of membership, from 1962 to 1967, Tinbergen took part in developing O-level and A-level biology courses and the papers reflect his views on the teaching of biology, in particular animal behaviour.
Tinbergen's Royal Society papers indicate the level of his formal activity within the Royal Society. The material covers the period 1963 to 1968. He was also a participant in a specialised Royal Society group that discussed current research in non-verbal communication in animals and man. The Serengeti Research Institute papers cover the period 1954 to 1975 and relate to Tinbergen's part in the foundation of the Institute and to his subsequent involvement with it.
Section G, Visits and conferences, consists mainly of correspondence relating to the organisation of the biannual International Ethological Conference, covering the period 1962-1970. There is much material relating to conference details such as selection of venues, themes, speakers and delegates. There is also a group of photographs featuring delegates of the Fourteenth International Ornithological Congress, Oxford, 1966. Tinbergen was the Secretary General of the Congress.

SECTION B RESEARCH  NCUACS 79.8.98/B.40-B.85  [n.d.]

RESEARCH FUNDING  NCUACS 79.8.98/B.40-B.85  1959-1975

Tinbergen's papers relating to research funding from the Department of Zoology, University of Oxford for the period 1959-1975. They deal with funding for individual projects and associated project staff matters as well as with Tinbergen's efforts to interest research funding bodies in increasing their commitment to animal behaviour research in Britain.

Papers re funding for the project 'Brain stem stimulation and ethological studies on birds'; papers re Tinbergen's proposed animal behaviour institute at Oxford.  NCUACS 79.8.98/B.40-B.85/B.40-B.65  1959-1968

Twenty-six folders.

Administrative history:
The brain stem stimulation project ran from October 1961-January 1967. It was funded by the United States Air Force, European Office of Aerospace Research, Brussels and in the latter stages by the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (whose research funding responsibilities were taken over by the Science Research Council in 1965). This was a joint project with D.M. Vowles. Tinbergen also sought funding from the United States Air Force to aid in the setting up of an animal behaviour institute at Oxford.

'U.S.A.F. Grant No. AF EOAR-65-14, 61-11. Correspondence dating from 1959-1967'.  NCUACS 79.8.98/B.40-B.85/B.40-B.65/B.40-B.49  1959-1967

Contents of folder so inscribed, divided into ten for ease of reference.

Correspondence and papers including grant applications, financial data, etc  NCUACS 79.8.98/B.40-B.85/B.40-B.65/B.40-B.49/B.40-B.48  1959-1967

Correspondence and papers  NCUACS 79.8.98/B.40-B.85/B.40-B.65/B.40-B.49/B.40-B.48/B.40  1959 February-March

Related information: See also NCUACS 79.8.98/B.72, NCUACS 79.8.98/B.74-NCUACS 79.8.98/B.79.

Includes correspondence re Tinbergen's proposal to the United States Air Force for aid in the setting up of an animal behaviour institute at Oxford.

Correspondence and papers  NCUACS 79.8.98/B.40-B.85/B.40-B.65/B.40-B.49/B.40-B.48/B.41  1960 October

Correspondence and papers  NCUACS 79.8.98/B.40-B.85/B.40-B.65/B.40-B.49/B.40-B.48/B.42  1961 February-November

Correspondence and papers  NCUACS 79.8.98/B.40-B.85/B.40-B.65/B.40-B.49/B.40-B.48/B.43  1962 June-November

Correspondence and papers  NCUACS 79.8.98/B.40-B.85/B.40-B.65/B.40-B.49/B.40-B.48/B.44  1963 February-December

Correspondence and papers  NCUACS 79.8.98/B.40-B.85/B.40-B.65/B.40-B.49/B.40-B.48/B.45  1964 January-December

Correspondence and papers  NCUACS 79.8.98/B.40-B.85/B.40-B.65/B.40-B.49/B.40-B.48/B.46  1965 April-August

Correspondence and papers  NCUACS 79.8.98/B.40-B.85/B.40-B.65/B.40-B.49/B.40-B.48/B.47  1966 January-October

Correspondence and papers  NCUACS 79.8.98/B.40-B.85/B.40-B.65/B.40-B.49/B.40-B.48/B.48  1967 January-December

[no title or date]  NCUACS 79.8.98/B.40-B.85/B.40-B.65/B.40-B.49/B.49

5pp draft typescript report re methods for raising tame experimental gulls, ca 1967; 4pp draft typescript paper entitled 'Displacement activities and arousal' by J.D. Delius, ca 1966; 8pp draft typescript paper entitled 'Species isolation between the Herring and Lesser Black-backed Gulls Larus argentatus and L. fuscus', by R.G.B. Brown, ca 1964.
J.D. Delius and R.G.B. Brown were researchers on the brain stem stimulation project.

'U.S.A.F. (E.O.A.R.) Accounts for Grant AF EOAR 61-11 (1961/62), Grant AF EOAR 62-22 (1962/63), AF EOAR 64-2 (1964/65)'.  NCUACS 79.8.98/B.40-B.85/B.40-B.65/B.50-B.57  ca 1961-1968

Contents of folder so inscribed divided into eight for ease of reference.

[no title]  NCUACS 79.8.98/B.40-B.85/B.40-B.65/B.50-B.57/B.50  September 1963-May 1968

Correspondence etc re research funding and reports.

[no title]  NCUACS 79.8.98/B.40-B.85/B.40-B.65/B.50-B.57/B.51  ca 1961-1967

Accounts and related notes

[no title or date]  NCUACS 79.8.98/B.40-B.85/B.40-B.65/B.50-B.57/B.52

14pp typescript draft research funding renewal application for the period 1 February 1965-31 January 1967', February 1964; 5pp proposal for a five year programme of research for the brain stem stimulation project, March 1964; 6pp typescript research funding application amended for 1964-1965, ca 1964

[no title]  NCUACS 79.8.98/B.40-B.85/B.40-B.65/B.50-B.57/B.53  1961-1962

Two typescript project reports (both 5pp)

[no title]  NCUACS 79.8.98/B.40-B.85/B.40-B.65/B.50-B.57/B.54  1962-1963

Two typescript project reports (5pp, 7pp)

[no title]  NCUACS 79.8.98/B.40-B.85/B.40-B.65/B.50-B.57/B.55  1964-1965

Two typescript project reports (9pp, 7pp)

[no title]  NCUACS 79.8.98/B.40-B.85/B.40-B.65/B.50-B.57/B.56  1965-1966

Two typescript project reports (3pp, 4pp)

[no title]  NCUACS 79.8.98/B.40-B.85/B.40-B.65/B.50-B.57/B.57  1966-1967

Three typescript project reports (1pp, 15pp with tables, 5pp)

Bundle of papers re research funding from the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research, divided into eight for ease of reference  NCUACS 79.8.98/B.40-B.85/B.40-B.65/B.58-B.65  1964-1967

Cutbacks in United States Air Force funding led Tinbergen to seek supplementary funding from the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research for the remaining two years of the project (1965-1967)

Correspondence and papers including funding applications, financial data, etc  NCUACS 79.8.98/B.40-B.85/B.40-B.65/B.58-B.65/B.58-B.62  1964-1967

Correspondence and papers  NCUACS 79.8.98/B.40-B.85/B.40-B.65/B.58-B.65/B.58-B.62/B.58  1964 February-March

Correspondence and papers  NCUACS 79.8.98/B.40-B.85/B.40-B.65/B.58-B.65/B.58-B.62/B.59  1964 March-December

Correspondence and papers  NCUACS 79.8.98/B.40-B.85/B.40-B.65/B.58-B.65/B.58-B.62/B.60  1965 January-October

Correspondence and papers  NCUACS 79.8.98/B.40-B.85/B.40-B.65/B.58-B.65/B.58-B.62/B.61  1966 January-November

Includes 4pp typescript report for the period February 1965-January 1966. ca February 1966.

Correspondence and papers  NCUACS 79.8.98/B.40-B.85/B.40-B.65/B.58-B.65/B.58-B.62/B.62  1967 January, April

Includes 15pp typescript project report with tables for the period February 1965-January 1967.

[no title]  NCUACS 79.8.98/B.40-B.85/B.40-B.65/B.58-B.65/B.63  February-July 1967

Reimbursement claims

[no title]  NCUACS 79.8.98/B.40-B.85/B.40-B.65/B.58-B.65/B.64  ca 1965

11pp typescript report entitled 'Breeding success and population growth in a colony of Herring and Lesser Black-backed Gulls Larus argentatus and L. fuscus' by R.B.G. Brown

[no title]  NCUACS 79.8.98/B.40-B.85/B.40-B.65/B.58-B.65/B.65  ca 1967

9pp typescript report entitled 'Research proposals for a study on behaviour and brain stimulation in the Ring Dove' by D.H. Vowles

Bundle of papers re M. Impekoven who researched under Tinbergen's supervision at the Department of Zoology, Oxford including material re research funding for the project 'Effects of internal state on stimulus selection in birds', divided into six for ease of reference  NCUACS 79.8.98/B.40-B.85/B.66-B.71  1963-1968

Impekoven initially worked under Tinbergen's direction as a postdoctoral research student in 1964. She carried out research into survival value of spacing-out in camouflaged animals and on aspects of the behaviour of the fox. Research funding from the Department of Science and Industrial Research (from 1965 the Science Research Council) was obtained in order to employ her as a research assistant. She worked under Tinbergen in this capacity from January 1965-September 1967 on the project 'Effects of internal state on stimulus selection in birds'. Funding for a new research assistant was obtained after Impekoven's departure in September 1967 via an extension of the original grant until March 1968.

Correspondence and papers including funding applications, financial data, etc  NCUACS 79.8.98/B.40-B.85/B.66-B.71/B.66-B.70  1963-1968

Correspondence and papers  NCUACS 79.8.98/B.40-B.85/B.66-B.71/B.66-B.70/B.66  1963 July-December

Correspondence and papers  NCUACS 79.8.98/B.40-B.85/B.66-B.71/B.66-B.70/B.67  1964 January-December

Correspondence and papers  NCUACS 79.8.98/B.40-B.85/B.66-B.71/B.66-B.70/B.68  1965 June-December

Includes 1p typescript with attached diagrams outlining research plans for stimulus selection in birds project, 12 February 1965; 3pp typescript of 1965 annual project report, 21 December 1965.

Correspondence and papers  NCUACS 79.8.98/B.40-B.85/B.66-B.71/B.66-B.70/B.69  1966 July-1967 January

Includes 2pp typescript of 1966 annual project report, ca December 1966; 5pp typescript final project report for the period January 1965-September 1967, November 1967.

Correspondence and papers  NCUACS 79.8.98/B.40-B.85/B.66-B.71/B.66-B.70/B.70  1967 February-1968 February

Includes recommendations.

[no title]  NCUACS 79.8.98/B.40-B.85/B.66-B.71/B.71  ca 1964

Reimbursement claims, February 1967-February 1968; 2pp manuscript and 4pp typescript research funding application notes

[no title or date]  NCUACS 79.8.98/B.40-B.85/B.72

Related information: See also NCUACS 79.8.98/B.40, NCUACS 79.8.98/B.74-B.79.

Letter and financial estimates re Nature Conservancy financial support for animal behaviour research in the Department of Zoology, University of Oxford, August 1963.
The letter appears to be part of an ongoing correspondence between Tinbergen and the Nature Conservancy. In it Tinbergen outlines the advantages of a permanent research unit, at Oxford, with a recurrent grant as opposed to grants for research on a yearly basis, his attached financial estimates deal with both scenarios for the financial year April 1964-March 1965.

[no title]  NCUACS 79.8.98/B.40-B.85/B.73  October 1963

'D.S.I.R. Interview Report', two 1pp typescript reports so entitled
The reports concern researchers in the Department of Zoology, W. Murdoch and S. Malhotra respectively, outlining their reasons for going abroad to take up research positions.

[no title]  NCUACS 79.8.98/B.40-B.85/B.74-B.79  1965-1972

Related information: See also NCUACS 79.8.98/B.40, NCUACS 79.8.98/B.72.

Administrative history:
The Oystercatcher project ran from April 1966-March 1969 and was funded by the Science Research Council. Tinbergen's principal research assistant was M. Norton-Griffiths who left the project in September 1967 to take up the position of senior ecologist at the Serengeti Research Institute, Tanzania. On 26 February 1969, at the invitation of the Medical Research Council, Tinbergen spoke at their monthly meeting on the subject of animal behaviour research as a part of medical research. He used the occasion to encourage the Medical Research Council to incorporate formally research on animal behaviour into its programme. In order to demonstrate his views practically, he later applied for research funding from the Medical Research Council so as to renew the Oystercatcher project in 1972. Tinbergen's application was unsuccessful and he turned instead to the Science Research Council where he obtained funding. The return of Norton-Griffiths to the project was essential to its going ahead but he was forced to withdraw owing to other commitments and the project had to be abandoned.

Correspondence etc re research funding for the project 'Development of feeding behaviour in Oystercatchers Hematopus ostralegus'; correspondence etc re Tinbergen's efforts to encourage the formal commitment of the Medical Research Council to the discipline of animal behaviour research.

[no title]  NCUACS 79.8.98/B.40-B.85/B.74-B.79/B.74  November 1965-May 1970

Bundle of correspondence and papers including research funding applications, financial data, etc re Norton-Griffiths and research funding for Oystercatcher project

Bundle of correspondence etc, divided into five for ease of reference  NCUACS 79.8.98/B.40-B.85/B.74-B.79/B.75-B.79  1968-1972

[no title]  NCUACS 79.8.98/B.40-B.85/B.74-B.79/B.75-B.79/B.75  February 1968-February 1969

Correspondence re arrangements for Medical Research Council meeting

Correspondence re Medical Research Council meeting  NCUACS 79.8.98/B.40-B.85/B.74-B.79/B.75-B.79/B.76  February-March 1969

Includes 10pp typescript memorandum in which Tinbergen summarises the arguments he made at the meeting; 5pp annotated typescript notes for memorandum.

Correspondence and papers including grant applications, financial data, etc re research funding for the Oystercatcher project, divided into three for ease of reference  NCUACS 79.8.98/B.40-B.85/B.74-B.79/B.75-B.79/B.77-B.79  1970-1972

Correspondence etc  NCUACS 79.8.98/B.40-B.85/B.74-B.79/B.75-B.79/B.77-B.79/B.77  1970 February-March

Correspondence etc  NCUACS 79.8.98/B.40-B.85/B.74-B.79/B.75-B.79/B.77-B.79/B.78  1972 January-April

Correspondence etc  NCUACS 79.8.98/B.40-B.85/B.74-B.79/B.75-B.79/B.77-B.79/B.79  1972 July-December

[no title]  NCUACS 79.8.98/B.40-B.85/B.80-B.84  1971-1975

Related information: See also NCUACS 79.8.98/B.36 of previous NCUACS catalogue 27/3/91.

Administrative history:
The Sheepdog project ran from April 1972-March 1975 and was funded by the Nuffield Foundation. Tinbergen's research officer was L. C. Shaffer and his research assistant was B.A.C. Shaffer.

Bundle of correspondence and papers including grant applications, financial data, etc re research funding for the project 'Study and film of the behaviour of sheep dogs', divided into five for ease of reference

Correspondence and papers  NCUACS 79.8.98/B.40-B.85/B.80-B.84/B.80  1971 October-December

Correspondence and papers  NCUACS 79.8.98/B.40-B.85/B.80-B.84/B.81  1972 January-February

Correspondence and papers  NCUACS 79.8.98/B.40-B.85/B.80-B.84/B.82  1973 January-November

Includes 2pp typescript progress report for the period April 1972-April 1973, ca April 1973.

Correspondence and papers  NCUACS 79.8.98/B.40-B.85/B.80-B.84/B.83  1974 January-September

Includes 6pp typescript progress report for the period April 1973-April 1974, ca April 1974.

Correspondence and papers  NCUACS 79.8.98/B.40-B.85/B.80-B.84/B.84  1975 April

Includes 3pp typescript progress report for the period April 1974-April 1975; 8pp typescript final report. ca April 1975.

[no title]  NCUACS 79.8.98/B.40-B.85/B.85  March 1975

Contents of folder
Papers re research funding for the project 'A neuro-ethological study of grooming and its serial organisation in crickets'.
Tinbergen does not appear to have been involved in this project, the papers are his copy of the Department of Zoology, Oxford research funding application made by researchers C.R. Dawkins and P.L. Miller.


NCUACS 79.8.98/F.27-NCUACS 79.8.98/F.41 ROYAL SOCIETY


Administrative history:
The Centre Royaumount was established ca 1970-1971 for the purpose of bringing the life sciences and the human sciences into a common field of investigation so as to further the development of a unified science of man. Tinbergen accepted an invitation to join the Board of Directors in 1973. It was the duty of the Board to decide upon overall policies and budgetary allocations.

[no title]  NCUACS 79.8.98/F.1-F.75/F.1, F.2/F.1  November 1973

Invitation and letter of acceptance

[no title]  NCUACS 79.8.98/F.1-F.75/F.1, F.2/F.2  ca January 1974

Booklet describing the Centre Royaumont, ca 1973; 1p manuscript notes


Tinbergen was a member of the Department of Science and Industrial Research (from 1965 the Science Research Council) Working Party in Animal Behaviour Research. The objective of the Working Party was to look into ways of how best to support ethological research in Britain. Part of its work included assessing the present state of animal behaviour research in Britain. The first meeting of the Working Party was held on 23 May 1962 and a report was produced on 24 May 1967.

Correspondence including Working Party papers etc  NCUACS 79.8.98/F.1-F.75/F.3-F.9  1962-1967

Correspondence  NCUACS 79.8.98/F.1-F.75/F.3-F.9/F.3  1962 December-1963 May

Correspondence  NCUACS 79.8.98/F.1-F.75/F.3-F.9/F.4  1963 June-July

Correspondence  NCUACS 79.8.98/F.1-F.75/F.3-F.9/F.5  1964 October

Correspondence  NCUACS 79.8.98/F.1-F.75/F.3-F.9/F.6  1964 December

Correspondence  NCUACS 79.8.98/F.1-F.75/F.3-F.9/F.7  1965 January-March

Correspondence  NCUACS 79.8.98/F.1-F.75/F.3-F.9/F.8  1965 September

Correspondence  NCUACS 79.8.98/F.1-F.75/F.3-F.9/F.9  1965 September-1967 May


In December 1961 the Trustees of the Nuffield Foundation agreed to fund a comprehensive programme to further the teaching of science and mathematics in schools. The project was in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, the Scottish Education Department, the Science Masters' Association and the Association of Women Science Teachers as well as leading industrial firms and professional scientific organisations. Consultative Committees were formed for the various disciplines involved. In September 1962 Tinbergen was invited to join the School Biology Project Consultative Committee. He worked on the design of O-level and A-level courses. He resigned in August 1967.

Bundle of papers re School Biology Project Consultative Committee divided into thirteen for ease of reference  NCUACS 79.8.98/F.1-F.75/F.10-F.26/F.10-F.22  1962-1966

[no title]  NCUACS 79.8.98/F.1-F.75/F.10-F.26/F.10-F.22/F.10  September 1962

Correspondence re invitation to join Consultative Committee

Correspondence and papers including minutes, reports, proposals, etc, re committee matters and O-level biology course  NCUACS 79.8.98/F.1-F.75/F.10-F.26/F.10-F.22/F.11-F.15  1962-1963

Correspondence and papers  NCUACS 79.8.98/F.1-F.75/F.10-F.26/F.10-F.22/F.11-F.15/F.11  1962 October-1963 January

Includes 9pp annotated typescript draft syllabus by Tinbergen, April 1963.

Correspondence and papers  NCUACS 79.8.98/F.1-F.75/F.10-F.26/F.10-F.22/F.11-F.15/F.12  1963 April

Correspondence and papers  NCUACS 79.8.98/F.1-F.75/F.10-F.26/F.10-F.22/F.11-F.15/F.13  1963 May

Includes 14pp typescript foreword and synopses of a Teacher's Guide to a one-year experimental course, May 1963.

Correspondence and papers  NCUACS 79.8.98/F.1-F.75/F.10-F.26/F.10-F.22/F.11-F.15/F.14  1963 June, July

Includes 9pp typescript analysis of schools participating in one year trial course, June 1963.

Correspondence and papers  NCUACS 79.8.98/F.1-F.75/F.10-F.26/F.10-F.22/F.11-F.15/F.15  February 1966

Letter re using the Nuffield O-level course as the basis for designing the programme of teaching machines

Minutes, reports, financial statements, etc re Nuffield Foundation Science Teaching Project, School Biology Project Consultative Committee, School Chemistry Project Consultative Committee, etc  NCUACS 79.8.98/F.1-F.75/F.10-F.26/F.10-F.22/F.16-F.21  1961-1963

Six folders

[no title or date]  NCUACS 79.8.98/F.1-F.75/F.10-F.26/F.10-F.22/F.22

1p typescript list entitled 'Elementary Science Film Loop Program, Completed Film Loops'; Biology for grammar school, John Murray, 1961, annotated.

Bundle of correspondence re School Biology Project Consultative Committee O-level and A-level courses, divided into four for ease of reference  NCUACS 79.8.98/F.1-F.75/F.10-F.26/F.23-F.26  1964-1971

Correspondence  NCUACS 79.8.98/F.1-F.75/F.10-F.26/F.23-F.26/F.23  1964 January-1965 May

Correspondence  NCUACS 79.8.98/F.1-F.75/F.10-F.26/F.23-F.26/F.24  1965 July-1966 April

Correspondence  NCUACS 79.8.98/F.1-F.75/F.10-F.26/F.23-F.26/F.25  1966 May-December

Correspondence  NCUACS 79.8.98/F.1-F.75/F.10-F.26/F.23-F.26/F.26  1967 March-1971 November

ROYAL SOCIETY  NCUACS 79.8.98/F.1-F.75/F.27-F.41  1963-1968

NCUACS 79.8.98/F.27-F.36 Government Grant Board G
NCUACS 79.8.98/F.37 Sectional Committee 7
NCUACS 79.8.98/F.38-F.41 Study Group on Non-verbal Communication

Government Grant Board G  NCUACS 79.8.98/F.1-F.75/F.27-F.41/F.27-F.36  1963-1968

Administrative history:
The Royal Society Government Grant Boards (A-H) administered parliamentary scientific research grants. In January 1964 Tinbergen accepted an invitation to join Board G which was responsible for assessing and awarding research grants for the disciplines of Zoology, Comparative Anatomy and Anthropology. He resigned ca late 1967.

Bundle of papers divided into ten for ease of reference  NCUACS 79.8.98/F.1-F.75/F.27-F.41/F.27-F.36/F.27-F.36  1963-1968

[no title]  NCUACS 79.8.98/F.1-F.75/F.27-F.41/F.27-F.36/F.27  December 1963

Letter accepting invitation to join Grant Board G

Papers  NCUACS 79.8.98/F.1-F.75/F.27-F.41/F.27-F.36/F.28  1964 January-October

Papers  NCUACS 79.8.98/F.1-F.75/F.27-F.41/F.27-F.36/F.29  1965 May-September

Papers  NCUACS 79.8.98/F.1-F.75/F.27-F.41/F.27-F.36/F.30  1965 October, November

Papers  NCUACS 79.8.98/F.1-F.75/F.27-F.41/F.27-F.36/F.31  1966 January

Papers  NCUACS 79.8.98/F.1-F.75/F.27-F.41/F.27-F.36/F.32  1966 May

Papers  NCUACS 79.8.98/F.1-F.75/F.27-F.41/F.27-F.36/F.33  1966 October

Papers  NCUACS 79.8.98/F.1-F.75/F.27-F.41/F.27-F.36/F.34  1966 November

Papers  NCUACS 79.8.98/F.1-F.75/F.27-F.41/F.27-F.36/F.35  1967 May

Papers  NCUACS 79.8.98/F.1-F.75/F.27-F.41/F.27-F.36/F.36  1967 October-1968 May

Sectional Committee 7  NCUACS 79.8.98/F.1-F.75/F.27-F.41/F.37  1966-1967

Administrative history:
Tinbergen was a member of Royal Society Sectional Committee 7 from August 1966 to April 1967.

[no title]  NCUACS 79.8.98/F.1-F.75/F.27-F.41/F.37  June 1966-June 1967

Correspondence and papers

Study Group on Non-verbal Communication  NCUACS 79.8.98/F.1-F.75/F.27-F.41/F.38-F.41  1966-1968

Administrative history:
In January 1966 the Council of the Royal Society decided to form a study group to promote the interdisciplinary exchange of information about non-verbal communication in animals and man. Discussions and readings of scientific papers on non-verbal communication took place at the Group meetings. Tinbergen accepted an invitation to join in January 1966.

[no title]  NCUACS 79.8.98/F.1-F.75/F.27-F.41/F.38-F.41/F.38  January 1966-February 1966

Correspondence including minutes, draft rules, etc re establishment of Study Group and invitation for Tinbergen to join

Annotated minutes, reports, etc re Study Group on Non-verbal Communication  NCUACS 79.8.98/F.1-F.75/F.27-F.41/F.38-F.41/F.39-F.41  1966-1968

[no title]  NCUACS 79.8.98/F.1-F.75/F.27-F.41/F.38-F.41/F.39-F.41/F.39  1966 February-October

Includes 1p typescript abstract and 2pp annotated typescript notes re lecture by Tinbergen entitled 'Ritualization in animals - consideration of methods', Group meeting, Ciba Foundation, 11 February 1966.

Minutes, reports, etc  NCUACS 79.8.98/F.1-F.75/F.27-F.41/F.38-F.41/F.39-F.41/F.40  1967 March-October

Minutes, reports, etc  NCUACS 79.8.98/F.1-F.75/F.27-F.41/F.38-F.41/F.39-F.41/F.41  1968 February-May

SERENGETI RESEARCH INSTITUTE  NCUACS 79.8.98/F.1-F.75/F.27-F.41/F.42-F.75  1964-1974, nd

Administrative history:
At the invitation of the Serengeti Research Project, Tanzania (established in 1959 by Tanzania National Parks) Tinbergen visited the Serengeti in December 1964 to January 1965 to assess impartially the value of ecological research carried out under its auspices. This proved a first step to obtaining funding for a permanent research institute to take over the Project's responsibilities. The Serengeti Research Institute was officially established in July 1966 following a request from Trustees of the Tanzania National Parks. The Serengeti Research Society inaugurated in December 1965 managed the Serengeti Research Institute financially and scientifically. The objective of the Institute, as with its predecessor, was to support ecological studies of the Serengeti. Tinbergen was a member of the Institute's Scientific Council and was also the Scientific Council's first annual Chairman. There are some minutes, reports, etc relating to the Serengeti Research Project amongst the Institute's papers and where this occurs it has been indicated in the list.

Bundle of papers, divided into twelve for ease of reference  NCUACS 79.8.98/F.1-F.75/F.27-F.41/F.42-F.75/F.42-F.53  1964-1967

[no title]  NCUACS 79.8.98/F.1-F.75/F.27-F.41/F.42-F.75/F.42-F.53/F.42  November 1964-March 1967

Correspondence re zoological field studies in Africa, the establishment of the Serengeti Research Institute, elephant safety in the Serengeti National Park and reports of the Ngorongoro Conservation Unit, Tanzania

[no title]  NCUACS 79.8.98/F.1-F.75/F.27-F.41/F.42-F.75/F.42-F.53/F.43  November, December 1966

Correspondence re arrangements for visit to Kenya and Tanzania

[no title]  NCUACS 79.8.98/F.1-F.75/F.27-F.41/F.42-F.75/F.42-F.53/F.44  January 1966

'The Serengeti Research Project', 10pp and 4pp typescripts by Tinbergen so entitled.

[no title]  NCUACS 79.8.98/F.1-F.75/F.27-F.41/F.42-F.75/F.42-F.53/F.45  ca 1966

'The aims of the Serengeti Research Institute', 3pp annotated typescript speech by Tinbergen so entitled

'S.R.I. minutes of meetings'. Contents of folder so inscribed, divided into four for ease of reference  NCUACS 79.8.98/F.1-F.75/F.27-F.41/F.42-F.75/F.42-F.53/F.46-F.49  1965-1971

Minutes, accounts, etc.
Tinbergen has made annotations and doodles on some of the material.

[no title]  NCUACS 79.8.98/F.1-F.75/F.27-F.41/F.42-F.75/F.42-F.53/F.46-F.49/F.46  December 1965

Serengeti Research Society

[no title]  NCUACS 79.8.98/F.1-F.75/F.27-F.41/F.42-F.75/F.42-F.53/F.46-F.49/F.47-F.49  January 1967-January 1971

Three folders.

Serengeti Research Institute Scientific Council

[no title]  NCUACS 79.8.98/F.1-F.75/F.27-F.41/F.42-F.75/F.42-F.53/F.50  1964

Report on management policy and report of the Board of Trustees published by Tanzania National Parks

[no title]  NCUACS 79.8.98/F.1-F.75/F.27-F.41/F.42-F.75/F.42-F.53/F.51  1964-1966

Three annual reports published by the Ngorongoro Conservation Unit

[no title]  NCUACS 79.8.98/F.1-F.75/F.27-F.41/F.42-F.75/F.42-F.53/F.52  1965-1966

Four bulletins published by the Ngorongoro Conservation Unit

[no title or date]  NCUACS 79.8.98/F.1-F.75/F.27-F.41/F.42-F.75/F.42-F.53/F.53

'Het Serengeti National Park in Tanganyika' by F.J. Appelmann, Natuur en Landschap, (January 1961), pages 95-103. (Dutch).
37pp typescript report entitled 'Third report: August, 1963-January, 1964 National Geographic Society - Cornell University Antelope behaviour study' by R.D. Estes.

Bundle of papers, divided into eleven for ease of reference  NCUACS 79.8.98/F.1-F.75/F.27-F.41/F.42-F.75/F.54-F.64  1965-1969

[no title]  NCUACS 79.8.98/F.1-F.75/F.27-F.41/F.42-F.75/F.54-F.64/F.54  August 1965-November 1966

Correspondence re Serengeti Research Society and Institute
Includes 2pp typescript notes re make up of Serengeti Research Society, August 1965; 4pp typescript paper re functions, membership and proceedings of the Scientific Council, January 1966

Correspondence re Serengeti Research Institute  NCUACS 79.8.98/F.1-F.75/F.27-F.41/F.42-F.75/F.54-F.64/F.55-F.60  1967-1969

[no title]  NCUACS 79.8.98/F.1-F.75/F.27-F.41/F.42-F.75/F.54-F.64/F.55-F.60/F.55  May 1967

Correspondence re funding for projects, February-May 1967
Includes 12pp typescript research funding application for the project 'Behaviour and ecology of the Spotted Hyaena' by H.J. Croze

[no title]  NCUACS 79.8.98/F.1-F.75/F.27-F.41/F.42-F.75/F.54-F.64/F.55-F.60/F.56  September 1967

Correspondence re newspaper criticism of Serengeti Research Institute, etc

[no title]  NCUACS 79.8.98/F.1-F.75/F.27-F.41/F.42-F.75/F.54-F.64/F.55-F.60/F.57  October-December 1967


[no title]  NCUACS 79.8.98/F.1-F.75/F.27-F.41/F.42-F.75/F.54-F.64/F.55-F.60/F.58  March-November 1968

Correspondence re 'Photo - ecology project' and search for research workers to join staff

[no title or date]  NCUACS 79.8.98/F.1-F.75/F.27-F.41/F.42-F.75/F.54-F.64/F.55-F.60/F.59

Correspondence etc re Tinbergen's visit to the Institute from December 1968-January 1969, November, December 1968

[no title]  NCUACS 79.8.98/F.1-F.75/F.27-F.41/F.42-F.75/F.54-F.64/F.55-F.60/F.60  September, October 1969

Correspondence re arrangements for Scientific Council meetings; correspondence re research project funding for a vulture ecology project.

Minutes, reports, mission statements, etc of the Serengeti Research Project and Serengeti Research Institute  NCUACS 79.8.98/F.1-F.75/F.27-F.41/F.42-F.75/F.54-F.64/F.61-F.63  1962-1969, nd

[no title]  NCUACS 79.8.98/F.1-F.75/F.27-F.41/F.42-F.75/F.54-F.64/F.61-F.63/F.61  1962-1963

Serengeti Research Project

[no title]  NCUACS 79.8.98/F.1-F.75/F.27-F.41/F.42-F.75/F.54-F.64/F.61-F.63/F.62, F.63  1966-1969

Two folders

Serengeti Research Institute

[no title]  NCUACS 79.8.98/F.1-F.75/F.27-F.41/F.42-F.75/F.54-F.64/F.64  nd

2pp typescript statement of the Board of Trustees of the Tanzania National Parks re Serengeti Research Institute, ca 1965; 2pp typescript entitled 'To the members of the "Africa Committee"' re Serengeti Research Institute.

[no title]  NCUACS 79.8.98/F.1-F.75/F.27-F.41/F.42-F.75/F.65  May-June 1967

'S.R.I. Meetings'. Contents of folder so inscribed
Correspondence re appointment of Deputy Director of the Serengeti Research Institute.

[no title]  NCUACS 79.8.98/F.1-F.75/F.27-F.41/F.42-F.75/F.66  February 1969

Letter from Tinbergen to the Ford Foundation giving his assessment of the work of the Serengeti Research Institute

'S.R.I. Reports'.  NCUACS 79.8.98/F.1-F.75/F.27-F.41/F.42-F.75/F.67-F.75  1965-1974, nd

Contents of folder so inscribed, divided into nine for ease of reference
Reports, etc of the Serengeti Research Project and Serengeti Research Institute.

[no title]  NCUACS 79.8.98/F.1-F.75/F.27-F.41/F.42-F.75/F.67-F.75/F.67  1963-1966

Serengeti Research Project
Includes assessments of ecology of the Serengeti area and of current research projects.

[no title]  NCUACS 79.8.98/F.1-F.75/F.27-F.41/F.42-F.75/F.67-F.75/F.68-F.72  1966-1974

Five folders

Serengeti Research Institute Director's quarterly reports (incomplete set)

[no title]  NCUACS 79.8.98/F.1-F.75/F.27-F.41/F.42-F.75/F.67-F.75/F.73  1966-1968

Serengeti Research Institute Director's reports to the Scientific Council (incomplete set)

[no title]  NCUACS 79.8.98/F.1-F.75/F.27-F.41/F.42-F.75/F.67-F.75/F.74  ca 1969

Serengeti Research Institute Director's report to the Ford Foundation

[no title]  NCUACS 79.8.98/F.1-F.75/F.27-F.41/F.42-F.75/F.67-F.75/F.75  nd

1p manuscript notes re Serengeti Research Institute matters


International Ethological Conferences  NCUACS 79.8.98/G.1-G.22/G.1-G.11  1962-1970

Bundle of correspondence etc re arrangements
The conferences were held at a different location biannually from 1951 onwards. Material exists for the period 1962-1970 relating to arrangements for the conferences held from 1963-1971. The conferences were an important influence on the development of the study of ethology. Tinbergen was a member of the organising committee.

Correspondence  NCUACS 79.8.98/G.1-G.22/G.1-G.11/G.1  1962 October-1963 September

Correspondence  NCUACS 79.8.98/G.1-G.22/G.1-G.11/G.2  1963 April-July

Correspondence  NCUACS 79.8.98/G.1-G.22/G.1-G.11/G.3  1964 February-September

Includes correspondence re possibility of holding the Eighth International Ethological Conference (1965) in the USA (it was eventually held on 21-30 September in Zurich, Switzerland).

Correspondence  NCUACS 79.8.98/G.1-G.22/G.1-G.11/G.4  1965 January-August

Correspondence  NCUACS 79.8.98/G.1-G.22/G.1-G.11/G.5  1966 January-December

Correspondence  NCUACS 79.8.98/G.1-G.22/G.1-G.11/G.6  1967 February-December

Correspondence  NCUACS 79.8.98/G.1-G.22/G.1-G.11/G.7  1968 February

Includes 41pp typescript list of previous conference participants (1951-1967).

Correspondence  NCUACS 79.8.98/G.1-G.22/G.1-G.11/G.8  1968 March-July

Correspondence  NCUACS 79.8.98/G.1-G.22/G.1-G.11/G.9  1968 August-December

Correspondence  NCUACS 79.8.98/G.1-G.22/G.1-G.11/G.10  1969 May-September

Correspondence  NCUACS 79.8.98/G.1-G.22/G.1-G.11/G.11  1970 October-December

Fourteenth International Ornithological Congress, Oxford  NCUACS 79.8.98/G.1-G.22/G.12-G.22  24-30 July 1966

Tinbergen was Secretary General.

[no title or date]  NCUACS 79.8.98/G.1-G.22/G.12-G.22/G.12-G.21

Ten folders

Informal photographs numbered one to fifty taken of delegates during the course of the Congress (photograph number thirty-three missing).

[no title or date]  NCUACS 79.8.98/G.1-G.22/G.12-G.22/G.22

Group photograph featuring the Permanent Executive Committee of the Congress with attached annotated photocopy of the photograph.
Group photograph featuring the president of the Congress, D.L. Lack and former presidents with attached annotated photocopy of photograph.

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