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Catalogue of the papers and correspondence of CHRISTOPHER STRACHEY (1916 - 1975)

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Reference NCUACS 71.1.80
Covering dates 1930 - 1983
Held by Oxford University, Bodleian Library, Special Collections and Western Manuscripts
Extent c 55 boxes
Source of acquisition The material was assembled from the house of Mrs. Barbara Halpern, Strachey's sister, and from his room at the Programming Research Group, Oxford.
Creators Strachey, Christopher, 1916-1975, computer scientist
Arrangement The extensive nature of the material necessitated a division into 'Sections' which is in many ways artificial. A general list of contents is given on pp. 2-3, and a more detailed index of the Working papers, notes and calculations precedes Section C; introductory notes accompany each of the major projects and cross-references are provided where possible.
Related information Mrs. Halpern retains a small amount of personal material and photographs.
Oxford University Programming Research Group retains the following manuscript lecture notes
Diploma Course 1968-69
Introduction to Programming Languages.
Lecture Notes, Hilary Term 1970
Mathematical Theory of Semantics.
Lecture Notes, Michaelmas Term 1971
Theory of Mathematical Semantics, Lattice Theory.
Lecture Notes, Hilary Term 1972
Semantics of Programming Languages.
Lecture Notes, Hilary Term 1973
Mathematical Semantics of Programming Languages.
Lecture Notes, Michaelmas Term 1973
Fundamental Concepts in Programming Languages.
Lecture Notes, Hilary Term 1974
Mathematical Semantics of Programming Languages.
Lecture Notes, Hilary Term 1975
Mathematical Semantics of Programming Languages.
Note Compiled by Jeannine Alton, Harriot Weiskittel and Julia Latham-Jackson
We are grateful for help and information received from many sources in assessing and identifying material, and in drafting the catalogue, most particularly to
Professor B. Randell, University of Newcastle, for his general interest and advice.
Dr. C. Phelps, Oxford University Computing Laboratory, for advice on mathematical calculations.
Mr. M. Woodger, National Physical Laboratory, for advice on ACE.
Dr. D.F. Hartley, Cambridge University Computing Laboratory, for advice on CPL and BCPL.
Mr. M. Harper and Dr. J.E. Stoy, Oxford University Programming Research Group, for advice on Strachey's work at Oxford.
Mr. D.G. Vaisey and Mr. D.S. Porter, Bodleian Library, Oxford, for patient support over a long period.
Mrs. M.M. Edwards, for careful and accurate typing, and forbearance with successive drafts and revisions of the catalogue.

Administrative history:
Christopher Strachey was born in 1916. His father was the cryptographer, Oliver Strachey, from whom he may have derived his lifelong love of visual, verbal and mathematical puzzles and problems. His mother, Ray Costelloe, was an active suffragist; she built, largely with her own hands, the 'Mud House' near Haslemere which was a family holiday home and was used by Strachey throughout his life as a place of retreat for thinking or writing.
Strachey was educated at Gresham's School, Holt, Norfolk (where he won a medal for the High Jump), and at King's College, Cambridge. He read mathematics and physics, and on leaving the University took an appointment as a Research Physicist in the Valve Research Laboratories, Standard Telephone & Cables Ltd., where he worked on the theoretical design of centimetric radar valves. After the war he became a schoolmaster at St. Edmund's School, Canterbury, 1945-49, and at Harrow School, 1949-52. It was during his period at Harrow, and in his spare time, that he began to construct a draughts-playing program for a computer. His temperamental ingenuity and mathematical training coalesced and he had found his metier. According to The Times obituarist, he 'suddenly appeared' in 1950 at the National Physical Laboratory 'with a draughts-playing program for their Pilot ACE'; this is not strictly the case, though it is true that 'this was extraordinarily sophisticated work, particularly for an unknown amateur'. In fact, Strachey had learned the autocode of the Pilot ACE from M. Woodger in January 1950 and had devised a draughts-playing program, but was frustrated by the delay in commissioning the machine, which was not capable of running his program until late 1950. A demonstration in 1951 of an improved version of the program and, characteristically, of a program to play 'God Save the King' on the Manchester Mark I machine led to his appointment as Technical Officer, National Research Development Corporation, 1951-59. During this period Strachey was involved in work on various computers built by Ferranti Ltd. and by Elliott Bros., though he is also remembered for another jeu d'esprit, the 'Love Letters' program for the Manchester machine.
Major projects were the St. Lawrence River Power Project, described as 'another tour de force which advanced the opening of the Great Lakes to shipping by many years', logical design for the Elliott 401, and the overall design of the Ferranti Pegasus. Of this, Strachey wrote: 'Pegasus was unusual in that this assembler and library system was designed and completely written before the prototype machine was completed. I did most of the work of commissioning the prototype machine'. A not dissimilar example of his insistence on the primacy of software may be seen many years later, in March 1969, when Strachey's operating system (written in BCPL) for the Modular One machine supplied for his Programming Research Group in Oxford enabled the machine to pass its acceptance trials within hours of its delivery and to be in full operation in 48 hours.
In 1959, at the first international conference on information processing, Strachey gave a paper, Time-sharing in Large Fast Computers, which broke new ground at the time. Strachey himself later moved away from the concept and became 'largely disenchanted with the idea of using a very large machine to do a great many very small jobs', but his name has remained associated with time-sharing.
In the same year, 1959, Strachey left the National Research Development Corporation and, with Peter Landin as his assistant, set up a private consultancy, working from his London house in Bedford Gardens. This was a relatively rare enterprise for the period, and he was consulted by a large proportion of the computer manufacturers then operating in Britain, as well as continuing to work on specific projects for the National Research Development Corporation. His own primary interest in high-level programming languages and mathematical semantics was furthered by his work on LIST for the EMIDEC 2400 machine, and led in 1962 to a part-time appointment at Cambridge University Mathematical Laboratory and a Senior Research Fellowship at Churchill College, Cambridge. The project was the design of the hardware and software of the Titan computer, later known as the Atlas 2. Strachey's specific contribution to the project was the development of a general purpose programming language (known as CPL) and its compiler. In a tribute to Strachey, published in Computer Bulletin, September 1975, David Barron writes of this episode
We never did get a compiler, but at the end of it he had formulated some of the fundamental ideas of modern programming languages, had sown the seed for the work on formal semantics that he and Peter Landin were later to pursue, and I had gained an understanding of programming languages the depth of which I have only recently come to appreciate.
One of our first concerns was the name of the language. One of the ideas we floated, and discarded as too presumptuous, was 'Programming language one'. We have been kicking ourselves ever since. We eventually settled on CPL, for 'Cambridge programming language', and when later a group from the Institute of Computer Science in London joined the project the same acronym was used, the meaning now being 'Combined programming language'. It did not escape notice that the initials could also denote 'Christopher's programming language', and that is how I, for one, would wish it to be remembered. We devoted a lot of time in the early days to syntactic matters, particularly to the problem of defining operator precedence so that the 'obvious' mathematical meaning of an expression is retained. However, this preoccupation with syntax was short-lived, being terminated by the enunciation of Strachey's first law of programming: 'Decide what you want to say before you worry about how you are going to say it'. Following this dictum, Christopher began to think about the formal semantic definition of languages, particularly by use of the lambda calculus, and produced a number of highly significant concepts, notably 'left hand values' and 'right hand values', the direct descendant of which is the reference concept that is central to Algol 68. Although CPL was never completely implemented, and scarcely used, it had a remarkable influence. BCPI., devised by one of Strachey's students as an implementation subset of CPL, had established itself as an implementation language in its own right; POP-2 and Algol 68 show many traces of CPL in their design.
The work on CPL also bore fruit more directly for Strachey. It led to his development of the General Purpose Macrogenerator, 'a simple but very general string processor', and to the paper Towards a Formal Semantics, which he described as 'the beginning of a mathematical (as apposed to operational) approach to formulating the semantics of a programming language', and on which he continued to work, in collaboration especially with Dana Scott, for the rest of his life. It also led to the Summer School on 'Advances in programming and non-numerical analysis' held in 1963 at Oxford, where, in 1965, the Programming Research Group was established under Strachey's direction. He remained there, as Reader then Professor in Computation, and Fellow of Wolfson College, until his death in 1975.
From about 1962, Strachey began to be increasingly involved with public life and policy in computing. He served on various committees of the British Computer Society, the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research and later the Science Research Council, the International Federation for Information Processing, and others. He was also in demand for lectures and papers, at conferences, working parties, symposia and the like, as well as to referee research proposals and publications. In 1971, Donald Michie wrote: 'Today an "invisible college" of programming theory exists throughout the Universities of Britain. Almost every member of this "college" was guided along the path at some stage by Strachey's direct or indirect influence'.
Although, in compiling the above outline of Strachey's career and work, use has been made of printed obituaries and tributes, the collection itself documents the whole story, often in great detail. This is because Strachey was of a squirrel-like temperament, retaining his own papers and incoming material. From time to time, too, he would draw up a tabulated 'state of affairs' document summarising aspects of his life and activity. Much of the collection is indeed Strachey's own manuscript, in a small hand which hardly varied with time; the programming for the Manchester machines, the mathematical calculations on eigenvalues, the LISP compiler, the Modular One Compiler, and many others, are all entirely in his hand. There are also multiple drafts for major papers on Fundamental Concepts in Programming Languages (1967, unpublished), Varieties of Programming Languages (1972), and A Theory of Programming Language) Semantics (1974, unpublished). Of more than personal interest, too, are the various receipts and account books, particularly those relating to his private consultancy, which show how such an enterprise could be run at the time.
The Section on Strachey's consultancies often includes programs, reports and other printed or duplicated material emanating from the firms or manufactures involved. These have been retained, as subsequent mergers and changes in the British computer industry have often occurred.
There is no bibliography of Strachey's writings; he was notoriously reluctant to commit himself to academic writing and some of his major work remained unfinished or unpublished at his death. Shorter articles, papers and drafts can be found passim. See especially Sections C, F and G; there is a note in the introduction to Section H on such material included there.

CSAC 71.1.80/C.1 - CSAC 71.1.80/C.19 Standard Telephone & Cables Ltd. (S.T.C.), 1939-45
CSAC 71.1.80/C.20 - CSAC 71.1.80/C.26 Automatic Computing Engine (ACE), 1950-51
CSAC 71.1.80/C.27 - CSAC 71.1.80/C.115 National Research Development Corporation (N.R.D.C.), 1951-59
CSAC 71.1.80/C.116 - CSAC 71.1.80/C.135 Private Consultancy, 1959-64
CSAC 71.1.80/C.136 - CSAC 71.1.80/C.201 Cambridge University Mathematical Laboratory, 1962-65
CSAC 71.1.80/C.202 - CSAC 71.1.80/C.274 Oxford University Programming Research Group (P.R.G.), 1966-75
SECTION H CONFERENCES CSAC 71.1.80/H.1 - CSAC 71.1.80/H.41


[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/A.1  1977

Obituaries and tributes, by D.W. Barron, Lord Halsbury, and others.
Also included here is a typescript of 'An Appreciation of Christopher Strachey and his Work' by D.S. Scott, published as a Foreword to J.E. Stoy: 'Denotational Semantics: The Scott-Strachey Approach to Programming Language Theory', M.I.T. Press
Some of the material has been drawn on in framing several of the catalogue entries.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/A.2  1946-1973

Biographical material and interviews.
Includes miscellaneous curricula vitae, autobiographical notes, etc. prepared by Strachey on various occasions, 1946, 1956, 1962, 1965, 1967, 1971, 1973.
'Getting down to software fundamentals', interview with Strachey by Nancy Foy, in Dataweek, Vol. 12, no.2, 8 July 1970 (photocopy). The original publication also carries a front cover photograph of Strachey.
'The word games of the night bird', interview with Strachey by Nancy Foy, in Computing Europe, 15 August 1974.
'Computing: Can Britain Set the Pace', article by D. Michie in University of Edinburgh Bulletin, November 1971.
Some of the material has been drawn on in framing several of the catalogue entries.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/A.3  1971-73

Bibliographies and lists of published works, mainly prepared by Strachey for Lord Halsbury at various dates
Some of the material has been drawn on in framing several of the catalogue entries.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/A.4  1975

Letters of condolence received on Strachey's death.
Organisation and programme of Requiem Mass at Blackfriars, Oxford, 21 June 1975.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/A.5  1948-1974

Related information: For further diaries covering Strachey's work as a private consultant, see CSAC 71.1.80/A.56-CSAC 71.1.80/A.60.

Pocket diaries: 1948, 1949, 1952-65 (2 diaries for 1965), 1968-74.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/A.6  1926-1964

Tabulated account of his life and activity, drawn up by Strachey.
The information, itemised by year and by month, is compressed in Strachey's very tiny handwriting on to 2½ sheets of writing-paper. The earliest entry is for 1926, and the entries have been added in blocks of two or three years at a time, to the end of 1964.
Personal and professional events are recorded, and the account is remarkable for the amount of information encompassed.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/A.7  n.d

Address books (8) and loose pages of addresses. One of the books bears a note by Mrs. Halpern (Strachey's sister): 'must have been started some time in the 1930s at latest'.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/A.8  1934-1945

Miscellaneous receipts and accounts.
3 packets parcelled and labelled by Strachey as follows
'Cambridge receipts 1934 - August 1939'.
'Blackheath 1939-1940'.
'Ilminster receipts'.
Included here are miscellaneous receipts 1941-45 relating to Strachey's employment at Standard Telephones and Cables.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/A.9  1940-47

Related information: For receipts and accounts at Harrow, see CSAC 71.1.80/A.32.
For account books covering Strachey's work as a private consultant 1959-65, see CSAC 71.1.80/A.48-CSAC 71.1.80/A.55.

Miscellaneous receipts and accounts.
2 green account books, one including details of Strachey's administration of various family accounts and monies, 1941-42, one 'Letter Book', 1940.
2 envelopes of Bank Statements covering Strachey's and family accounts, 1940-1947.
1 S.O. Book of domestic accounts, n.d. c.1945.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/A.10  1930-1935

Gresham's School, Holt
Medal for '1st High Jump, under 16'.
Essay on 'Unselfishness' dated May 1935.

King's College, Cambridge  CSAC 71.1.80/A.11-A.17  1935-1939

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/A.11  n.d

Ring-back notebook of 'Miscellaneous Notes' of lectures attended: includes
'Cockroft (sic). Production and Measurement of Low Temps.'
'Adiabatic Demagnetisation'.
'Properties of Liquid Helium'.
'Resistance of Metals at Low Temps.'

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/A.12  1936

Notebook, dated October 1936, 'Constitution of Matter. Lord Rutherford'.
Notes on lectures.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/A.13  1937

Essay on current trends in vice, submitted for the James Essay Prize, (typescript), 14 pp.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/A.14  October 1938

'History of Morals', an outline plan of research, 3 pp.
Includes letters, from Joan Bennet and Basil Willey to whom Strachey appears to have written about the scheme.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/A.15  n.d

'Value Judgments. Ethics and Aesthetics'. Ms. draft for a talk.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/A.16  n.d

'Science, Psychology and Religion'.
Plan for an essay or more extended work, covering 'The battle, The proponents, The result, The solution', with 4 pp. more developed ideas.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/A.17  1939

Ring-back notebook, 'Atmospheric Electricity', notes of lectures attended, some dated January 1939.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/A.18  1939

Correspondence relating to Strachey's appointment as Physicist, Valve Development Laboratory, Standard Telephones and Cables Ltd. [S.T.C.]

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/A.19  1943

Brief correspondence re Strachey's enquiry about admission as Research Student at Cambridge. Includes postcard sent from T.R.E. Malvern by E.S. Shire referring to Strachey's work at S.T.C.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/A.20  1945

Correspondence with S.T.C. re Strachey's wish to leave the Company and pursue a teaching career, 1945; includes testimonials from C.E. Strong (Chief Radio Engineer, S.T.C.) and from D. Beves (King's College, Cambridge).

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/A.21  1945

Miscellaneous applications for posts in schools.

St. Edmund's School, Canterbury  CSAC 71.1.80/A.22-A.29  1945-48

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/A.22  1945

Correspondence and appointment as physics and mathematics master, St. Edmund's School

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/A.23  October 1945

Journal kept by Strachey of early days at St. Edmund's

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/A.24  1949

Loose-leaf notebook with detailed plans for physics syllabus and for advanced mathematics scheme, with breakdown into terms and periods, forward planning to 1949, and fully written-up course with demonstrations on Surface Tension for 6th Form.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/A.25  March 1946

Notebook, '10 Questions', on calculus, algebra and mechanics.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/A.26  n.d

Notebook, 'Higher Certificate Maths and Physics Answers' (analyses of previous examination papers).

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/A.27  n.d

Notebook, 'Cambridge Maths. Scholarship papers. Solutions' (analyses of examination papers set by different Cambridge colleges).

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/A.28  n.d

Notebook, 'Mathematical Problem Papers, Solutions'.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/A.29  n.d

Folder of material relating to music at St. Edmund's.
Includes a talk by Strachey 'On learning a musical instrument', encouraging boys to join school orchestra, and his description, instructions and diagrams of the school gramophone.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/A.30  1948-49

Miscellaneous applications for posts in schools
Includes copies of Strachey's c.v., letters of application and testimonials, correspondence with referees and schools.

Harrow School  CSAC 71.1.80/A.31-A.38  1949-52

(Strachey taught Mathematics and Physics.)

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/A.31  1949-1951

Correspondence re appointment (1949), housing arrangements (1949-50), confirmation of appointment as Master of the School (August 1951) and resignation on acceptance of post with National Research Development Corporation (November 1951); mainly with Headmaster and Bursar.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/A.32  1946-48

Receipts and accounts during employment at Harrow (some of the salary statements also cover employment at St. Edmund's School, Canterbury).

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/A.33  n.d

Miscellaneous papers and calculations on physics, especially electricity and circuitry.
Notes on 'Circle Constructions (Apollonius problem)'.
Ms. on 'Quantum Theory of Radiation','Atomic Energy', etc.
Detailed tables of pupils' performances in mathematics and physics examinations.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/A.34  n.d

Miscellaneous general knowledge papers set at Harrow by Strachey.

2 papers on Cybernetics, perhaps for meeting of club or society at Harrow, with interesting views expressed; duplicated typescript.  CSAC 71.1.80/A.35, A.36  [n.d.]

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/A.35  n.d

'Cybernetics', 15 pp.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/A.36  n.d

'Social implications of cybernetics. The coming second industrial revolution', 10 pp.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/A.37  1950-1951

'Interplanetary travel'.
Ms. and typescript versions, and calculations on various factors in space travel.
A copy of Harrow School magazine for 1950, in which the article appeared (pps. 18-23) is included.
Also included here is a copy of H.M. Inspectors' Report on Harrow, May 1951.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/A.38  1950

Folder inscribed 'Miscellaneous maths problems (in hand!)'.
Miscellaneous notes and calculations, n.d. but c. 1950. Some intended for school use, others more advanced.

Technical Officer, National Research Development Corporation [N.R.D.C.]  CSAC 71.1.80/A.39-A.42  1952-59

Related information: See under National Research Development Corporation in correspondence for references to projects undertaken by Strachey.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/A.39  1951

Correspondence re Strachey's appointment to the Corporation, with M.H.A. Newman, Lord Halsbury and others, October-December 1951. Strachey's letter to Newman of 5 October 1951 gives a clear outline of his career to date, referring to his growing interest in digital computing via M. Woodger and ACE, A.M. Turing and the Manchester machine, his draughts programme, etc.
Newman's and Halsbury's letters refer to the impressive quality of the programs prepared by Strachey for the Manchester machine, including his 'God Save the King' musical program.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/A.40  1952-1959

Envelope of 'Salary and fee slips 1952-59'

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/A.41  1956-57

Patent Application for 'Improvement in or relating to circuit arrangements for dividing binary numbers', invented by Strachey during work on Elliott D.F. Calculator while employed by N.R.D.C.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/A.42  1959-1963

Correspondence and drafts re Patent Application for 'Computer Director Case', 1959. Correspondence continues 1960-63.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/A.43  1956-57

Application for appointment as Director of the University of London Computational Unit.
(Strachey applied for the post in November 1956 and withdrew his application in March 1957.)

Work as Private Consultant  CSAC 71.1.80/A.44-A.60  1959-64

During this period Strachey worked from his home of 9 Bedford Gardens, London. His chief assistant was Peter Landin.
Notes, working papers and correspondence relating to the various jobs undertaken will be found in the relevant Sections of the catalogue. See especially CSAC 71.1.80/C.116-CSAC 71.1.80/C.135.
The accounts, receipts, etc. in the folders below are of interest in showing how a consultancy of this type, rare at the time in Britain, could be pursued.
Strachey took steps to wind down the business in October 1964, though the final accounts go up to 31 July 1965.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/A.44  1959

Correspondence re Strachey's plans for his consultancy

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/A.45  1959-62

Correspondence and requests for books from ASLIB

[no title or date]  CSAC 71.1.80/A.46

Miscellaneous office correspondence.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/A.47  1959-64

Correspondence with and re P. Landin
Includes references, which summarise the work done on Orion, CPL, etc.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/A.48  1959-60

Receipts and accounts

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/A.49  1960-61

Receipts and accounts

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/A.50  1959-64

Correspondence re P.A.Y.E., National Insurance, Graduated Pensions, etc.
Includes Strachey's letters declaring his business closed.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/A.51  1960-65

Certified accounts with detailed statements of income and expenditure

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/A.52  April 1959-June 1963

Bank book

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/A.53  1959-July 1965

Petty Cash book

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/A.54  December 1963-April 1965

Stamp Account and letter book

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/A.55  1959-64

Account Book for P. Landin

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/A.56  1960

Diary for P. Landin

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/A.57-A.60  1960, 1961, 1962, 1964

Strachey's Engagement diaries

Churchill College, Cambridge  CSAC 71.1.80/A.61-A.64  1962-65

Strachey was a Senior Research Fellow of the College and was engaged in part-time work at the Mathematical Laboratory on CPL and the Titan project. His work was at first 'half-time' and later 'three-quarter time'.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/A.61  1962-1965

Brief correspondence with the College, including letters from Master (Sir John Cockcroft) offering Research Fellowship, 1962, and accepting Strachey's resignation on his departure to Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1965.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/A.62  1965

Correspondence with M.V. Wilkes, Director, Mathematical Laboratory, re offer of post for work on Titan project (1962), and Strachey's resignation

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/A.63  1964

Application for post of Professor of Computing Science, Imperial College, London
Includes brief correspondence with S. Gill, who was appointed to the Chair.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/A.64  n.d

Correspondence re invitation to Strachey to work on time-sharing project at Computer Center, Berkeley, California. (Declined through pressure of work and other projects.)

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/A.65  1961-62

King's College, Cambridge
Brief correspondence re Strachey's election as member of High Table, dining rights, etc.

Visit to Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1965.  CSAC 71.1.80/A.66, A.67  1965

Strachey was Visiting Lecturer for 7 months from September 1965.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/A.66  n.d

Letter of appointment, miscellaneous accounts and receipts, travel arrangements, etc.
Correspondence with J. Weizenbaum re Project MAC and Strachey's report on his visit to Project MAC.
Letter to P. Elias with Strachey's outline of his proposed 'Mathematical Theory of Programming Languages Seminar'.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/A.67  1965, 1966

Correspondence with I.B.M. U.K. Ltd. re Strachey patents

University of Oxford  CSAC 71.1.80/A.68-A.73  1966-75

Related information: For working notes on projects carried out by P.R.G., see CSAC 71.1.80/C.202-CSAC 71.1.80/C.274.

In April 1966 Strachey took up an appointment as 'leader of the group for research into the non-numerical uses of computers which is being set up in the Computing Laboratory under a grant from the Science Research Council'. The appointment carried the status of Reader; Strachey became an ad hominem Professor in 1971, his group being known as Programming Research Group (P.R.G.), see Section B. The Chair of Computation is now statutory, Strachey's successor (C.A.R. Hoare) being the first incumbent; the Chair carries with it a Professorial Fellowship at Wolfson College, where Strachey was a Fellow from 1966.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/A.68  1976

Miscellaneous correspondence, letters of appointment, applications for sabbatical leave, correspondence re change from Reader to Professor, etc. A copy of O.U. Gazette re applications for the 'newly established Professorship of Computation', May 1976, is included here.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/A.69  1971-74

Correspondence and papers re 'B.R.S. Trust', a charitable educational Trust, founded by Strachey with Trustees A.W. Blackwell, M.P. Ramsbotham, J.D. Spofforth. Strachey did not wish his name to be directly connected with the Trust, which was intended to make small grants to individuals for educational purposes. His own letters and notes on the subject were often written on a computer.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/A.70  1973

Plans for alterations, furnishings, etc. at Strachey's house, 18 Worcester Place, Oxford

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/A.71  c 1973

Guest-lists and costings for house-warming and parties

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/A.72  1961

Related information: See also CSAC 71.1.80/F.18

Folder of 'puzzles', verbal, visual and mathematical, created by Strachey at various times.
Included here is correspondence and material related to Strachey's winning of the New Scientist competition, three times running in 1961.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/A.73  1975

Strachey's last computer programs at Oxford, 30 March and 7 April 1975, with descriptive ms. note by M. Harper (Programming Research Group).

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/A.74  n.d

Photographs and drawings of Strachey, from childhood.
Includes a 'computer portrait'.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/A.75  1934 - 1952

Miscellaneous biographical items.
'Catalogue' and 'Share Certificate' of 'The Mud Press' with a note by Mrs. Halpern that this was started and run by Strachey at age 11.
(The Mud House was the family home at Haslemere where Strachey regularly retreated to relax and think.)
Education Certificate, 1934.
Report on Strachey drawn up by Vocational Guidance Department, National Institute of Industrial Psychology, 1938.
B.B.C. Listener Research Report on a talk by Strachey 'Control without Men', May 1952.
Notebook inscribed 'Notes from Books', beginning with notes (perhaps at Cambridge) and continuing with inventories and particulars of The Mud House.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/A.76  1971 - 1973

Miscellaneous biographical items re music, the Savile Club, The Cranium, Election to Distinguished Fellowship British Computer Society 1971, plans for holidays, draft of Strachey's Will, c. 1973.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/A.77  1960-61

Miscellaneous biographical items.
Folder of correspondence, claims, etc. re a car accident

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/A.78  n.d

Miscellaneous biographical items.
Passport, health certificates, membership cards, presscuttings, etc.

SECTION B OXFORD UNIVERSITY  CSAC 71.1.80/B.1 - B.30  [n.d.]

Related information: See also CSAC 71.1.80/A.68, CSAC 71.1.80/C.202-CSAC 71.1.80/C.274.

This Section traces the formation and expansion of the Programming Research Group under Strachey's leadership, and also includes some material relating to Wolfson College of which he was a Fellow.
The Programming Research Group was established at Oxford to investigate the general theory of information processing and the nature of computing machines. After an unsuccessful initial application by Strachey directly to the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research for a grant to establish such a group (CSAC 71.1.80/B.2), Leslie Fox, Director of the Oxford University Computing Laboratory, applied in September 1964 on Strachey's behalf for a grant of £194,506 over 7½ years (CSAC 71.1.80/B.4). In January 1965 a grant was awarded for £62,750 for the period 1 July 1965 to 31 July 1967. This original grant was extended and supplemented by the Science Research Council (successor to D.S.I.R.) over the years; when Strachey submitted his final report to the Science Research Council in May 1974, the funding totalled £224,900. Although the grant officially began on 1 July 1965, Strachey did not take up his post as leader of the Programming Research Group until April 1966. He became Reader in Computation in 1967 and Professor of Computation in 1971. He was elected a Fellow of Wolfson College in 1966 (CSAC 71.1.80/B.27).
The many Progress Reports and descriptions of the Programming Research Group and its work illustrate the emergence of the Group's 'worldwide reputation as a centre both of theoretical work in the formal semantics of programming languages and of experimental work on operating systems and virtual machine design' (CSAC 71.1.80/B.9).
The interview with Strachey published in Dataweek (CSAC 71.1.80/A.2) gives an informal account of the P.R.G.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/B.1  1962-63

Related information: See CSAC 71.1.80/E.24.

'Computers and University Research'.
4 pp. memorandum prepared by Strachey, June 1962, and circulated to D.S.I.R. Working Party on Computer Science.
Also included is a copy of a 'Memorandum on a proposed research unit in computer science' by M.V. Wilkes, 16 March 1963, also prepared for Working Party.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/B.2  1963-1974

Related information: See CSAC 71.1.80/B.4 for related correspondence.
See CSAC 71.1.80/B.9.

'Research in the theory of computation and information processing'.
Ms. draft (18 pp.) and 2 typescripts (November 1963) of Strachey's application to D.S.I.R. for grant to establish a new unit for research in theory of computation.
A revised version, dated September 1964 and included here, was later used as Appendix B for the final report to the S.R.C., 1974.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/B.3  1962-63

Miscellaneous notes prepared by Strachey when writing the application.
Includes curriculum vitae, notes on salary scales and staff requirements, 'categories of the computing sciences', notes on 'M/c lang.'.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/B.4  1964-66

Folder of correspondence and papers documenting the preliminary negotiations which led to the establishment of the Programming Research Group.
Includes: Draft application by L. Fox to D.S.I.R. for a grant to Oxford University for research into non-numerical uses of computers, to be directed by Strachey (July 1964).
Strachey's ms. 'Notes on Fox's application'.
Correspondence between Strachey and Fox re this application and minor amendments suggested by Strachey. Strachey sent Fox a copy of the 'technical note' (in CSAC 71.1.80/B.2) to accompany the proposal.
After the grant was awarded (from 1 July 1965), the correspondence continued re space, equipment and budget requirements of the new group. The name 'the programming research group', suggested by Strachey in his letter to Fox, 6 May 1965, was adopted.
Some correspondence with and re prospective members of the Group is also included.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/B.5  1965-1975

'SRC Grant. Formal Documents'.
Includes: Copies of submission to S.R.C., official correspondence with S.R.C. and Oxford University re original grant to establish the Programming Research Group and re the extension and supplementation of the grant.
Draft of letter by Strachey to S.R.C. reporting on work of Group to January 1969.
Letter from Leverhulme Trust Fund awarding grant to Strachey (to be channelled through Oxford University) for employing a research assistant on computer languages.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/B.6  1973-74

Related information: See also CSAC 71.1.80/B.10. There is some overlap of contents between these two folders, but they remain in their original order.

Folder inscribed 'SRC Grant. General Accounts and Estimates'.
Correspondence with Oxford University and S.R.C. re budget estimates, salaries, equipment, maintenance agreements.
Strachey's notes, calculations, drafts of letters and memoranda.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/B.7  1965-1969

'Progress Reports. SRC and University'.
4 reports for the Computing Laboratory, Oxford, 1965-66, 1966-67, 1967-68, 1968-69 (one page typescript each).
5 reports to the Science Research Council
1965-66 2 pp. typescript
1966-67 2 pp. typescript
1967-68 5 pp. typescript
1968-69 13 pp. typescript
1970-71 13 pp. typescript
These reports provide a valuable summary of the activities of the Programming Research Group, its equipment, staff changes, publications and its theoretical and practical work.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/B.8  1968-74

Various documents describing the work of the Programming Research Group, 1968-74. All are stencilled copies of typescripts and are a useful supplement to the official reports in CSAC 71.1.80/B.7. They were perhaps collated by Strachey when he was preparing the final report to the S.R.C. (CSAC 71.1.80/B.9).
Includes: 2 notes prepared for prospective graduate students, November 1968 and September 1970.
3 pp. note probably prepared for Oxford University re research, teaching, staff and publications of P.R.G., October 1970.
10 pp. copy of 'Application for a Research Grant' (to the S.R.C. for a supplement to the original grant), March 1971.
2 pp. note 'Position in 1972 and after'.
4 pp. draft report (by V.E.M. Bowell) evaluating work of P.R.G., August 1971.
Last page of letter from Chairman, Sub-Faculty of Computation, to Secretary of Faculties, Oxford University, re 'small number of academic posts in computing', 1974, and referring to the 'international reputation of P.R.G.'
2 pp. note prepared for presentation to Computing Science Board (see additional papers and correspondence in CSAC 71.1.80/B.10), June 1974.
The folder also includes miscellaneous 'hand-outs' for students and staff of the P.R.G. re library, course work.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/B.9  1974

Related information: See also the papers for Strachey's presentation to the Computing Science Committee (CSAC 71.1.80/B.10).

'Programming Research Group, Oxford. Final Report to the Science Research Council on Grant B/SR/14943. May 1974'.
29 pp. typescript.
This official report is a careful detailed account of the origin and work of the Programming Research Group during the period of its support by the S.R.C. (1 July 1965-31 July 1974). Strachey discusses in the report the current work of the Group, the degree of success of its original aims, the results achieved, and also provides a chronological account of its progress.
The report includes 4 appendices: a copy of the original application, the technical case for the original application, a list of publications and an annotated selected bibliography.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/B.10  1966-74

Folder of correspondence with the S.R.C. with reference to queries re administration of the grant (provision for senior visiting fellows, additional equipment costs, allocation and apportionment of staff salaries, claims for travelling expenses to conferences).
Folder includes copy of report by D. Park to S.R.C. following visit to USA, May 1967, and also minor correspondence with Oxford University re revision and supplementation of the grant and re salaries paid by the University.
Folder also contains correspondence with the S.R.C. re meetings of the Computing Science Committee (of which Strachey was a member, see CSAC 71.1.80/E.42 et seq.), a copy of Strachey's Comments on d'Agapeyeff's Paper 'Large On-Line D.P. Systems (Business Utilities) and their Software Engineering', sent by d' Agapeyeff before the January 1969 meeting, and papers (including ms. notes) for Strachey's presentation to the Computing Science Committee, 25 June 1974.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/B.11  1970-71

Folder of correspondence re arrangements for Board of Visitors of the S.R.C. Computing Science Committee to inspect work of Programming Research Group, 20 October 1970.
Folder includes one letter re visit by Board on 2 June 1971.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/B.12  1974

Folder of correspondence re arrangements for visit by P.R. Odgers and S.F. Edwards of Department of Education and Science to S.R.C.-supported groups in Oxford, 2 July 1974.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/B.13  1970-71

'Quinquennial Application (1972-7), Oxford University'.
Folder of correspondence and papers re submission by the Computing Laboratory.
Includes: drafts of application (by L. Fox)
Estimate of annual cost of Programming Research Group for 1972/73
Copy of 'Report of the Committee set up by the Faculty Board [of Mathematics] to prepare the Quinquennial Application'
Copies of correspondence between Strachey and Oxford University re S.R.C. grant (1971).
The Report was unable to recommend the establishment of a Chair in Computation; letter from Strachey re the Report.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/B.14  1967-1970

Software Committee, Oxford University Computing Laboratory.
Minutes and papers for 2 meetings (23 November and 11 December 1967). Papers include reports on ALGOL, COTAN maintenance, use of consoles and copies of Strachey's papers 'KDF 9 Software' and 'The Provision of Software'.
Folder also includes minutes of meeting of senior staff of Oxford University Computing Laboratory and interdepartmental memorandum re Computing Science Departmental Committee.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/B.15  1971-74

'System Meetings'.
Folder of papers and notes by Strachey for meetings within Programming Research Group. Ms. notes by Strachey on 'Strings and Characters in BCPL'. Notes by other members of the Group on matters for consideration at the meetings.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/B.16  1966-68

Folder inscribed 'Next Oxford Computer'.
Papers and minutes of Computing Laboratory Sub-Committee, established to prepare submission to the Computer Board for new computing equipment and staff at Oxford.
Questionnaire (December 1966) and resulting report (May 1967) on 'Computing in Oxford University'.
Minutes of meetings on 5 April, 6 May, 31 May 1968. Correspondence.
Cost comparison for central machine room hardware.
'Configuration for the New Machine'. 2 pp. memorandum by Strachey, 6 May 1968.
Draft report for the Computer Board, 27 May 1968, with ms. annotations by Strachey. Typescript of additions to the document, circulated to Sub-Committee after its meeting to discuss the report.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/B.17  1967-68

'Software Blast'.
Papers re supply of computer software to universities, as submitted to the S.R.C. and the Computer Board for increased funding. See CSAC 71.1.80/E.43 for similar material.
'The Provision of Software'. 2 pp. memorandum, 15 December 1967, sent by Strachey to B.H. (now Sir Brian) Flowers, Chairman of the Computer Board for Universities and Research Councils, and to F.J.M. Laver of the Ministry of Technology. Reply from Laver, 27 December 1967; very full reply from Flowers, 3 January 1968.
'Software for University computing'. 10 pp. memorandum by D. Michie, January 1968.
'Provision of Software to Universities as a Computer Responsibility'. 3 pp. draft of paper by A. Colin, Strachey and R.M. Needham for the Computing Science Committee of the S.R.C. Letter of comments from L.F. Rutherford, Secretary of the Computer Board, as passed on by J.H. Price of the S.R.C. with revised draft of the paper (not in folder). Both letters annotated by Strachey.
2 offprints of articles re software.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/B.18  1968

Applications and related correspondence for positions in the Programming Research Group as Departmental Research Assistant and/or Programmer (not indexed).

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/B.19  1965-74

Requests to join or work with the Programming Research Group, either on a permanent or part-time basis or as a visiting fellow. Some professional exchanges are included. In chronological order.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/B.20  1966-75

Requests to visit Strachey and the P.R.G., from academics and industrialists in Britain and abroad.
Includes copy of Strachey's letter to The Observer, 1973, in response to an article by E.F. Schumacher re optimum size of machines and of organisations.
In chronological order.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/B.21  1967-70

Requests to study at Oxford University or in Programming Research Group (not indexed).
Arrangements for appointments, suggestions for alternative courses at other universities. In chronological order.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/B.22  1972-74

Correspondence and papers re Strachey's external examining for the B.Sc. course in Computer Science, University of Warwick.
Includes copies of proposed examination papers, Strachey's comments on the papers and his own notes, correspondence re arrangements for Examiners' Board meetings, etc.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/B.23  1968

Correspondence and papers re loan of films from Bell Telephone Laboratories, USA for showing at Computer Film Festival, 15 March 1968, and at talk to engineering group in Oxford (see CSAC 71.1.80/G.23 for Strachey's notes for this talk).

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/B.24  1968

'Burroughs Machines'.
Notes and minor correspondence re possible purchase of new computer by Oxford University.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/B.25  1966-68

Papers and notes re furnishings and estimated expenditure for house at 45 Banbury Road, Oxford, occupied by Programming Research Group.
Correspondence with L. Fox and with Oxford University Chest re allocation of expenditure.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/B.26  1966-69, 1974

Miscellaneous notes, invoices and correspondence re minor expenses of Programming Research Group as passed to Oxford University Chest for payment from S.R.C. grant (not indexed).

Wolfson College.  CSAC 71.1.80/B.27-B.29  [n.d.]

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/B.27  1968-75

Letter offering Fellowship of the College, 29 July 1966.
Miscellaneous correspondence re college business.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/B.28  1966

'Wolfson. Architect's Brief'.
Duplicated papers re requirement of new college; 7 pp. typescript of Strachey's comments on the brief.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/B.29  1968-73

'Wolfson. Misc.'
Committee papers, all with Strachey's annotations.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/B.30  n.d

'List of files etc'.
Ms. and typescript lists of files maintained by Programming Research Group, and of Strachey's own files.
Note: Most of the headings listed in this folder appear as catalogue entries, but some have not survived.


The papers are presented chronologically as far as possible, in sub-sections devoted to various stages in Strachey's career (see list of contents overleaf). Strachey's own autobiographical notes make plain that many of his ideas developed from work in progress and flowed into later projects, and the separation here adopted is acknowledged to be an artificial one and is far from implying any break in the work.
These notes and papers were kept by Strachey separate from correspondence and committee files, but should nevertheless be read in conjunction with Sections D and E, and the N.R.D.C. correspondence in Section J, to which cross-references are given where possible. Strachey's own folders, titles and descriptions are retained, and bundles of notes clipped together by him have been left in his order. The early material was rarely dated, and was often written on the back of used papers dated several years previously, or on class exercises from school-mastering days. In these cases, approximate dates and descriptions have been suggested. Very bulky folders have been split for ease of handling, and a note made of their original grouping. Strachey's titles and descriptions are given in inverted commas.
During his employment at N.R.D.C. (1952 - 59), Strachey was principally concerned with the Ferranti computers for Manchester University, designed in conjunction with the Firm, the University and N.R.D.C. Most of these notes are simply headed 'M.U.C.' or appear on worksheets similarly headed, and it has not always been possible to assign them with certainty to a specific task or routine related to the project. See note to CSAC 71.1.80/C.27 - CSAC 71.1.80/C.115.
STANDARD TELEPHONE & CABLES LTD. (S.T.C.), 1939-45 CSAC 71.1.80/C.1 - CSAC 71.1.80/C.19
AUTOMATIC COMPUTING ENGINE (ACE), 1950-51 CSAC 71.1.80/C.20 - CSAC 71.1.80/C.26
Draughts-playing program
CSAC 71.1.80/C.27 - CSAC 71.1.80/C.33 Completion of draughts-playing program
CSAC 71.1.80/C.34 - CSAC 71.1.80/C.36 Love-letters program, miscellaneous notes
CSAC 71.1.80/C.37, CSAC 71.1.80/C.38 St. Lawrence River Power Project
CSAC 71.1.80/C.39 - CSAC 71.1.80/C.64 Manchester University Computing Machine Laboratory
CSAC 71.1.80/C.65 - CSAC 71.1.80/C.94 Ferranti Pegasus Computer. Design and projects
CSAC 71.1.80/C.95 - CSAC 71.1.80/C.102 Very High Speed Computers
CSAC 71.1.80/C.103 - CSAC 71.1.80/C.115 Miscellaneous notes and drafts
PRIVATE CONSULTANCY, 1959-64 CSAC 71.1.80/C.116 - CSAC 71.1.80/C.135
CSAC 71.1.80/C.116 Royal Radar Establishment
CSAC 71.1.80/C.117 Ship Fairings
CSAC 71.1.80/C.118, CSAC 71.1.80/C.119 Traffic Control
CSAC 71.1.80/C.120 ALGOL
CSAC 71.1.80/C.121 - CSAC 71.1.80/C.135 LISP/EMIDEC
CSAC 71.1.80/C.136 - CSAC 71.1.80/C.184 CPL
CSAC 71.1.80/C.185 - CSAC 71.1.80/C.196 BCPL
CSAC 71.1.80/C.197 - CSAC 71.1.80/C.201 General Purpose Macrogenerator
CSAC 71.1.80/C.202 - CSAC 71.1.80/C.207 Visits and work at Project MAC
CSAC 71.1.80/C.208 - CSAC 71.1.80/C.212 KDF 9
CSAC 71.1.80/C.213 - CSAC 71.1.80/C.223 Modular One (Mod 1)
CSAC 71.1.80/C.224 - CSAC 71.1.80/C.241 Formal Semantics
CSAC 71.1.80/C.242 - CSAC 71.1.80/C.274 Miscellaneous notes and drafts

STANDARD TELEPHONE & CABLES LTD. (S.T.C.)  CSAC 71.1.80/C.1-C.19  1939-45

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.1  n.d

Valve Laboratory Reports
This work was carried on at Woolwich, London, until 1940, when it was transferred to Ilminster, Somerset. The first four of the Reports listed below were produced from Woolwich, the remainder from Somerset; Strachey wrote or collaborated in all the latter, except where indicated.
The Reports bear the firm's number as follows
(From Woolwich) T.G.4, T.G.6, R.G.8, R.G.13
(From Ilminster) R.G.14 (not by Strachey) CSAC 71.1.80/G.67
CSAC 71.1.80/G.20 CSAC 71.1.80/G.69
CSAC 71.1.80/G.36 CSAC 71.1.80/G.74
CSAC 71.1.80/G.43 CSAC 71.1.80/G.75
CSAC 71.1.80/G.46 CSAC 71.1.80/G.77
CSAC 71.1.80/G.50 CSAC 71.1.80/G.79
CSAC 71.1.80/G.52 CSAC 71.1.80/G.83
CSAC 71.1.80/G.55 CSAC 71.1.80/G.84 (not by Strachey)
CSAC 71.1.80/G.56 CSAC 71.1.80/G.85
CSAC 71.1.80/G.57 CSAC 71.1.80/G.93
CSAC 71.1.80/G.58 CSAC 71.1.80/G.95
CSAC 71.1.80/G.59 (not by Strachey)

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.2  1940-44

Folder of miscellaneous lists of Laboratory Reports issued by various S.T.C. departments.
Miscellaneous bibliographic references and related offprints

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.3  1939-43

Strachey's Order Book indenting for items of equipment and machinery, various dates

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.4  n.d

Notebook inscribed 'Mathematics', with contents page by Strachey, n.d.
These notes may have been begun during work at S.T.C. and continued later.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.5  n.d

4 bundles of notes and calculations, the first being a sequence of 41 numbered pages, all on calculation of focal length through a slit. n.d., perhaps 1939-40.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.6  1939-1940

'Velocity modulated receiving tubes. Theoretical notebook' (pages torn from a ledger-type foolscap notebook).
Notes begin 'The following are the results of calculations carried out between December 1939 and June 1940' and are dated 10.6.40.
Later notes are headed 'Theory of velocity modulated oscillators'.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.7  1940

Related information: A copy of Strachey's 'Memorandum' is enclosed; it appears also as CSAC 71.1.80/G.45 in CSAC 71.1.80/C.1.
(Material originally included in CSAC 71.1.80/C.9.)

Correspondence etc. re Memorandum by Strachey, published in Wireless Engineer, May 1940, correcting a previous letter on velocity modulated beams by R. Kompfner.
Kompfner corrected his article and also corresponded with Strachey.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.8  1942, 1943

Miscellaneous correspondence and memoranda on velocity modulation.
Includes copy of letter from Strachey to P.B. Moon re velocity modulation and klystron, 1942.
(Material originally included in CSAC 71.1.80/C.9.)

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.9  1940

Bundles of notes, almost all with numbered pages, n.d. but probably begun 1940
'Dynamic Similarity in Large Gaps', 3 pp.
'Reflecting Fields with Space Charge', 15 pp.
'D.C. Transit Time in a Reflecting Field', 7 pp.
'Theorem in Reflecting Fields', 4 pp.
'Conditions for... reflexion in the absence of space charge', 2pp.
Untitled, 13 pp.
Untitled, 10 pp.
Graphs of parabolic fields.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.10  n.d

3 bundles of notes, graphs and calculations
'H.F. Slope of Infinite plane diode'.
'Calculation of field in cylindrically symmetrical system'.
'Fremlin's Integral' (J.H. Fremlin was a colleague and collaborator of Strachey's at S.T.C.).

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.11  c 1942

3 bundles of untitled notes with numbered pages, and miscellaneous loose pages. n.d. c. 1942.
Includes copy of letter to P.J. Daniell arranging for Strachey and Wallis to visit him to discuss velocity modulation, 1942.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.12  n.d

Folder 'Miscellaneous Maths'.
3 bundles of notes on numbered pages, on Fourier coefficients.
Notes on Hahn functions.
Notes on Elliptic functions.
Shorter notes on Laplace transforms, etc.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.13  1942 - 1943

Bundles of notes, 'Problems'.
Ms. notes on calculation of date of Easter, signed H. Spencer Jones 27 February 1943.
Brief correspondence re work at Ilminster, 1942.
(Material originally in CSAC 71.1.80/C.12 above.)

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.14  1944 - 1945

Bundle of notes and diagrams 'Counters for D.A.', n.d.
Extensive bundle of notes 'Shell Velocity Tables prepared for S.T.C., July 1945'.
Miscellaneous notes on circuitry and switching, n.d.
Folder includes letter from P.J. Wallis, 1944.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.15  n.d

Notes on Bessel Functions.
An extended series of notes, in pencil, in a sequence of 4 bundles; 'Bessel Functions', pp.1-30; 'F of 3rd Kind', pp.31-49; '2nd Type', pp.50-68; 'Fourier-Bessel Series', pp.69-77.
Shorter notes on 'Bessel Functions'.
(Kept originally with CSAC 71.1.80/C.16.)

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.16  1945

Notes on Legendre Functions.
2 bundles of notes, in pencil, in sequence, pp.1-16 and pp.17-34.
Bundles of notes on T' functions.
Miscellaneous notes on 'Contour or Complex Integration'.
1p. notes 'Peano', dated on verso 1945.
Other ms. and duplicated material (not by Strachey), 1945.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.17  1944-1945

Autograph ms. of extended report on 'The Theory and Design of Velocity-Modulated Oscillators'.
The ms. is dated February 1945 (an earlier title-page is dated July 1944) and has a space for the Value Laboratory Report number to be inserted.
Folder includes summary, contents, text, references, tables, indexes.
Included in the folder is a bundle of early notes and drafts for the report, written on the back of an adaptation by Strachey of 'The Crooked Billet', apparently for amateur production.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.18  1946

'Relay Switching'.
Notes on circuitry, perhaps begun at S.T.C., and continuing at St. Edmund's, Canterbury, 1946.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.19  1941-47

'Radio, etc.'.
Miscellaneous notes, circuit diagrams and manufacturers' literature, mainly on valves, acoustics, gramophone and radio receivers, etc. Various dates


This section is primarily concerned with a draughts-playing program which Strachey began in his spare time while teaching at Harrow School. Strachey heard of the work on the Pilot ACE machine on 22 January 1950; by 23 February 1951 he had devised a program for the machine using eight delay lines (its full capacity), and the program was tried out on 30 July 1951 at the National Physical Laboratory at Teddington. (We are indebted to Mr. M. Woodger for this detailed information.)
The program developed into an attempt at autocoding (see Strachey's letters to A.M. Turing (CSAC 71.1.80/C.22) and M. Woodger (CSAC 71.1.80/C.23) of May 1951) and was modified and tried out on the Ferranti Mark I machine at Manchester University. Its success, and Strachey's skill in programming, led to his appointment to the National Research Development Corporation in November 1951.
The original program was reconstituted by B. Munday at N.P.L. in 1958 to be run on DEUCE (the successor of the Pilot ACE), and a copy is included by the courtesy of Mr. M. Woodger as CSAC 71.1.80/C.26 below.
For the continuation of Strachey's work on the draughts-playing program on the Manchester machine, see CSAC 71.1.80/C.27 - CSAC 71.1.80/C.33.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.20  1950

Folder labelled 'Relays'.
Miscellaneous notes for circuits, etc. n.d., but probably early work on draughts program 1950 (all written on verso of Harrow School exercises and notices).
Includes 5 pp. ms. notes in the hand of M. Woodger on the principal machines available, workers in the field, notes and diagrams on circuits.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.21  n.d

Folder labelled 'Notes for lectures, possible future papers, etc.' n.d.
3 bundles of notes
'Generalised Programming'.
'Analysis of Programming for ACE'.
Untitled notes on brackets (may refer to later work at Manchester).

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.22  1951

Strachey's copy of his letter to A.M. Turing, 15 May 1951.
Written immediately after hearing Turing's talk 'Can Digital Computers think?', broadcast on BBC Third Programme on same day.
In his letter Strachey discusses the general problems of 'thinking machines', their application to the Manchester machine, and his modification of his ACE draughts program.
Note: The original of this letter is in the manuscript collection of A.M. Turing in King's College, Cambridge. (CSAC 53/7/77, Item D.5).

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.23  1951

Folder labelled 'Universal Languages for Programmes'.
Miscellaneous bundles of notes on the subject, some written at later dates (one refers to ALGOL).
Folder also includes typed 'Extracts from letters C. Strachey to M. Woodger 25 May 1951', beginning: 'I have an idea about making the ACE do part of its own programming'.
Note: The originals of these letters, and of accompanying correspondence 24 February-2 June 1951, are in the possession of Mr. M. Woodger.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.24  n.d

'ACE coding programme (Incomplete)'.
Folder containing 16 bundles of notes, calculations and diagrams on the subject, some on verso of Harrow School exercises.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.25  n.d

'ACE Draughts. Current Programme'.
Miscellaneous notes and calculations

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.26  1958

Reconstitution by B. Munday in 1958 of Strachey's draughts-playing program (written for Pilot ACE), to be run on DEUCE.
22 cards, and 21 pp. program (photocopy of Strachey's ms.).


The material relates to the following principal projects in which Strachey was involved during this appointment
CSAC 71.1.80/C.27 - CSAC 71.1.80/C.33 Completion of the draughts-playing program begun for ACE.
CSAC 71.1.80/C.34, CSAC 71.1.80/C.35 'Love Letters' program, miscellaneous notes.
CSAC 71.1.80/C.37, CSAC 71.1.80/C.38 St. Lawrence River Power Project.
CSAC 71.1.80/C.39-CSAC 71.1.80/C.64 Manchester University Computing Machine Laboratory.
CSAC 71.1.80/C.65-CSAC 71.1.80/C.94 Ferranti Pegasus Computer. Design and projects.
CSAC 71.1.80/C.95-CSAC 71.1.80/C.102 Very High Speed Computers.
CSAC 71.1.80/C.103-CSAC 71.1.80/C.115 Miscellaneous notes and drafts.
Strachey's folders have been retained, and his titles or descriptions given in inverted commas. In the absence of his own indications, exact dates or attributions cannot always be given with certainty. Very bulky folders have sometimes been divided for ease of handling, and a note has been made of such cases.
For material relating to Strachey's appointment to N.R.D.C. see CSAC 71.1.80/A.39 - CSAC 71.1.80/A.42.
For projects undertaken at the request of N.R.D.C. when Strachey was working as a private consultant, see CSAC 71.1.80/C.117, CSAC 71.1.80/C.118-CSAC 71.1.80/C.119, CSAC 71.1.80/D.100-CSAC 71.1.80/D.103.

Completion of draughts-playing program  CSAC 71.1.80/C.27-C.33  1951-52

Related information: For the original work designed for ACE, see CSAC 71.1.80/C.20-CSAC 71.1.80/C.26 above.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.27  n.d

'Draughts. "Paper"'.
Includes: 4 pp. typescript on 'Draughts. General Considerations', perhaps introduction or contribution to a book on the subject.
Ms. and 2 typescript versions of a paper titled 'Programme for Manchester University Computer', giving 'modifications to the programme described above to make full use of the facilities of the Ferranti machine'.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.28  n.d

Folder containing 13 bundles of notes, calculations and diagrams, most on paper headed Manchester University Computing Machine Laboratory, but some on verso of Harrow School exercises.
Some of the bundles bear Strachey's ms. comments or explanations on attached notes.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.29  1952

Related information: see CSAC 71.1.80/C.32.

'Draughts. M.U.C. Programme and Notes etc.'.
Folder containing 10 bundles of notes, calculations and routines, many with Strachey's notes on the machine's game, e.g.: 'Not forseen by me - a good move'
'Purposeless - the strategy is failing badly in the end game', etc.
Various dates July-August 1952, though some notes are on verso of Harrow School exercises.
Strachey used some of these specimen games and comments in his paper at Toronto in September 1952

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.30  n.d

(Originally kept with CSAC 71.1.80/C.29).
6 bundles of notes and photographs, with notes and explanations by Strachey, as follows
'Example of machine errors. The machine (literally) had a screw loose when it did this'.
'Photographs of the monitor tube display during a game of draughts. These are best viewed at arm's length'.
'Examples of draughts as played by the machine. Most of these were expemental and show signs of errors, either in the programme or in the machine'.
'The complete programme for draughts as printed out by the computer' (dated 10 July 1952).
'Flow diagram and programme for the inner section of draughts. This part allows the machine to decide its own move. (This is my own working copy - hence its dog-eared state)'.
'Draughts. Instructions'.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.31  n.d

'A Programme for Making a Calculating Machine Play Draughts'.
45 pp. ms. and typescript paper.
Miscellaneous drawings and diagrams for paper on draughts-playing machine (probably for Toronto paper).

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.32  1952-1959

'Logical or Non-Mathematical Programmes'.
Draft notes, ms. and typescript versions of paper given by Strachey at Association for Computing Machinery (A.C.M.) meeting at Toronto, September 1952.
Folder also includes offprint of a later paper on the subject by A.L. Samuel, 1959.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.33  1952

Related information: See CSAC 71.1.80/H.2 for a similar notebook kept on Strachey's journey to USA in 1957.

Blue exercise-book of notes taken on journey to Canada and USA, September 1952.
Includes an account of preliminary talks with Professor Watson about the St. Lawrence Seaway project (see CSAC 71.1.80/C.37, CSAC 71.1.80/C.38), of discussions and people met at A.C.M. Conference, and of Strachey's visits to firms and universities in USA to see work in progress on computers, with his views on the various methods, programs, costings, etc. of Harvard Mk. IV, RCA Bizmac, UNIVAC machines.

'Love Letters' program  CSAC 71.1.80/C.34, C.35  1952

Two folders of notes, calculations and routines for a program to write love-letters, for the Manchester machine.
This is a good example of Strachey having fun while trying out new routines.
The notes are not dated, but are probably late 1952, as there is a reference to 'Toronto input' (the Toronto A.C.M. meeting in September 1952).

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.34  n.d

'Love Letters Programme M.U.C.'.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.35  n.d

'L.L. Mk.II'.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.36  1952-1956

'Notes on papers, lectures, etc.'.
Folders of notes taken by Strachey at lectures or colloquia, or from articles in the literature, by Wilkes, Fox, Lanczos, etc.
Very few are dated, but some are dated 'Cambridge Colloquium 12.6.52.' and '26.4.56.'

St. Lawrence River Power Project  CSAC 71.1.80/C.37, C.38  1952

The first sale of the Manchester Mark I computer built by Ferranti Ltd. was to the University of Toronto in 1951, through the close association of the Ferranti Electric Co. with Professor Watson of the University. The machine was known as FERUT (Ferranti University of Toronto).
In 1952 the University wished to make use of its computer to assist the Canadian Government in its share of the cutting of the St. Lawrence Seaway, and in particular by computing water surface profiles above a dam over a 50-mile stretch of the river past the Thousand Islands. Strachey met Professor Watson in September 1952 (see CSAC 71.1.80/C.33) and subsequently produced a program with the codename Backwater.
The program was successful as such, but the machine had 'teething troubles' and was difficult to service and maintain at so long a distance.
The project is described in the following extract, quoted by permission from a private history of the Ferranti Computer Group
The St. Lawrence Seaway job however was an opportunity for N.R.D.C., and particularly for Christopher Strachey who was lent to develop the program for calculating the effects of the plans on the water flow of the river past the Thousand Islands. Vivian Bowden had sold the computer to Toronto University in 1951; Strachey went over in the autumn of 1952 and in three months the computer had done sums which it had been estimated would take clerks with hand machines 20 years.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.37  1952-1956

Folder of notes including
Outline of the problem (sent from Toronto) with specifications, definitions, etc. 6 pp. May 1952.
Strachey's ms. notes on the organisation of his program, 4 pp.
Letter and draft for an article on the problem by H. Cotton of Ferranti, sent to Strachey for comment, 1956.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.38  1952-1955

Related information: See CSAC 71.1.80/G.1 for a course of lectures given there by Strachey on the Ferranti Pegasus.

'Backwater - FERUT'.
Folder of notes, calculations, routines.
17 bundles, of which the first carries a ms. note by Strachey 'Schematic plan of part of the St. Lawrence river covered by the 'Backwater' programme (about 50 miles). The loops represent islands. Dotted lines indicate alternative directions of flow in a channel.
(These are work sheets)'.
Only one set is dated, 5 November 1952.
Folder also includes the programme of a course of lectures on 'The application of digital computers to technical research and development' given at Northampton Polytechnic, London, October 1955, at which Strachey spoke on the St. Lawrence project.
Northampton Polytechnic had a Pegasus computer provided by N.R.D.C., and was in the forefront of computer studies in UK educational institutions.

Manchester University Computing Machine Laboratory  CSAC 71.1.80/C.39-C.64  [n.d.]

Design and projects.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.39  n.d

Ferranti Ltd. folder, containing an 'Introduction' to the new Ferranti High Speed Digital Computer.
29 pp. duplicated typescript, signed B.V.B. (Bertram Vivian Bowden, now Lord Bowden).

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.40  n.d

Related information: (see CSAC 71.1.80/A.39).

'Programmers' Handbook for Manchester Electronic Computer Mark II', inscribed 'With the Compliments of A.M. Turing' (not in Turing's hand). n.d., perhaps March 1951.
This is the First Edition Handbook, compiled by Turing himself, and very difficult to operate. Turing is known to have sent a copy to Strachey while he was working on his draughts-playing program at Harrow. Strachey contrived to master the handbook sufficiently to be able to run his draughts program on it overnight when he visited Manchester. This was considered a real achievement.
The handbook bears ms. annotations and corrections by Strachey.
Note: Though described as 'Handbook... mark II', this is the Mark I Handbook, which was the basis for modifications introduced for Mark 1*, and for Mark II (subsequently Mercury).

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.41  1952-1953

Programmers' Handbook (Third Edition) for the Mark II (Mark I*).
Includes prefaces to the First Edition (as in CSAC 71.1.80/C.40) n.d., the Second Edition, by R.A. Brooker, August 1952, and the Third Edition, by R.A. Brooker, September 1953.
The handbook bears ms. annotations and corrections by Strachey.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.42, C.43  1951-52

2 black ring-back notebooks of programme sheets, codes and routines for the Manchester machine.
These contain duplicated and ms. material of various dates 1951-52, with some ms. pages of calculations inserted or loose, dealing with assembly, input, floatcode and other routines, preparatory to revision of handbook.
The duplicated pages bear many ms. comments, corrections, etc. by Strachey.
Note: CSAC 71.1.80/C.43 contains a useful note contributed, 1978, by M. Campbell-Kelly on the likely attribution of various routines to A.M. Turing, C. Popplewell, A. Glennie, R.A. Brooker and Strachey.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.44  1956-57

Photographs of Manchester University Computer (most with description on verso).
Photographs of Ferranti Pegasus, taken in London, and of the Ferranti production line at the Moston works, Manchester.

'Ferranti Mk I*'.  CSAC 71.1.80/C.45-C.49  [n.d.]

Contents of a folder of miscellaneous notes, calculations and reports as follows

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.45  n.d

Strachey's original folder, including ms. notes on 'Ferranti Fort Halstead machine', miscellaneous codes, notes and queries by Strachey

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.46  1952

Related information: (see CSAC 71.1.80/C.33).

'B.T.M. Cards - Punch & Read'.
Includes a note of principal computer laboratories and researchers in USA, perhaps for 1952 journey

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.47  1953

Ferranti's List DC 6 of instructions, etc. for Manchester Universal Electronic Computer, with notes and queries by Strachey

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.48  December 1953

'Radix 32 Input Scheme' (duplicate typescript)

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.49  November 1953/January 1954; March 1954

'Proposed acceptance tests for Ferranti Manchester Universal Electronic Computer' (duplicated typescript)
'A radix 10 system of coding for Mark I' (duplicated typescript)

Notes and routines for the Manchester Computer  CSAC 71.1.80/C.50-C.61  [n.d.]

These consist of notes and calculations for various procedures suitable for the Manchester University Computer and are almost all on the programming sheets designed for the machine.
Very few of the routines are dated; Strachey's descriptions are preserved. Information kindly supplied by Dr. C. Phelps (Oxford University Computing Laboratory) is given with acknowledgement in some of the entries.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.50  n.d

'M.U.C. Uncompleted Routines'.
Bundles of notes, calculations and first drafts for procedures, bearing notes and descriptions by Strachey as follows
'Multiple length arithmetic'.
'Input D. Needs revision - will not accept blank tape before number sequence...'
'Reconsider when Formal Role working is possible'.
'Check by planting'.
'Worth further consideration'.
(This set is considered 'much more advanced than the others' by Dr. C. Phelps).
'Dull - needs revision'.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.51  1951, 1953

(Continued from above)
14 bundles of notes, calculations and routines

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.52  n.d

Folder of calculations and routines, perhaps related to above (some headed Pageprint, Floatpoint, etc.) but kept as loose sheets, not in bundles.
'M.U.C. Various Routines (some untested)'.
Large folder of bundles of notes, calculations and routines, which have been divided for ease of handling.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.53  1952-53

'M.U.C. Various Routines (some untested)'.
Large folder of bundles of notes, calculations and routines, which have been divided for ease of handling.
Input and other routines, (in original folder).

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.54  1952

'M.U.C. Various Routines (some untested)'.
Large folder of bundles of notes, calculations and routines, which have been divided for ease of handling.
16 bundles of notes, etc. relating to Floatpoint and Floataid routines.
The routines, which go up to 'Mark VI', were begun in 1952; they include one bundle labelled by Strachey 'Completed routines', one bundle consisting of an account of the purpose and use of a floating binary point, and one bundle with correspondence from K.V. Huddart, 1952, perhaps related to CSAC 71.1.80/C.63.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.55  1955

'M.U.C. Various Routines (some untested)'.
Large folder of bundles of notes, calculations and routines, which have been divided for ease of handling.
6 bundles of notes dated 12 April 1955, on Bessel Functions Chebychev series, double length arithmetic, correction routines, etc.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.56  n.d

'M.U.C. Various Routines (some untested)'.
Large folder of bundles of notes, calculations and routines, which have been divided for ease of handling.
2 undated bundles of notes.
Printout using all above routines, with ms. note by Strachey: 'Examples of the computer output (Manchester University machine).
The large sheet is a test of an output routine and consists of the numbers ± 2±n for n < 39.
There is one error due to a programme fault'.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.57  n.d

'Math. Theory of Subroutines for various functions'.
Large folder of notes and calculations, some on verso of Harrow School exercises, some on Manchester University Computer progroamming sheets, etc.
Exercise book, 'Constants and Useful Numbers in Binary notation' (and other notes).

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.58  n.d

'Math. Theory of Subroutines for various functions'.
Large folder of notes and calculations, some on verso of Harrow School exercises, some on Manchester University Computer progroamming sheets, etc.
3 Bundles of notes on mathematical functions (in original folder)

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.59  1956

'Math. Theory of Subroutines for various functions'.
Large folder of notes and calculations, some on verso of Harrow School exercises, some on Manchester University Computer progroamming sheets, etc.
'Arctan' (2 bundles, some pages dated 1955).
'EXAPP' (2 bundles).

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.60  n.d

'Math. Theory of Subroutines for various functions'.
Large folder of notes and calculations, some on verso of Harrow School exercises, some on Manchester University Computer progroamming sheets, etc.
4 bundles of notes
'(D.L.) Digital Division'.
'Digitwise formula'.
'D.L. Exp.'.
'Elem. Fns.'

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.61  n.d

'Math. Theory of Subroutines for various functions'.
Large folder of notes and calculations, some on verso of Harrow School exercises, some on Manchester University Computer progroamming sheets, etc.
Miscellaneous untitled notes, mainly of approximations to elementary functions.

Projects using Manchester University Computer routines  CSAC 71.1.80/C.62-C.64  1951-53

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.62  1951-52

'Surge Shaft'
This was the 'Garry Project' for the design of a Quoick surge shaft, for Sir William Halcrow and Partners.
Bundle of notes and calculations re project from Sir William Halcrow and Partners, December 1951-January 1952.
Ms. and typescript versions of Strachey's description of 'Surge Shaft routine' and 'Fundamental equations'.
8 bundles of notes, calculations, routines.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.63  December 1952-May 1953

Correspondence and papers re the Ising model of ferromagnetism, a problem suggested to Strachey by S.P. Frankel, California Institute of Technology and worked out with the help of K.W. Huddart.
Folder includes correspondence and 6 bundles of notes, calculations and routines, and computer printout of program with Strachey's comments.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.64  n.d

'Head Wrightson'.
Notes and calculations for a routine of this name for M.U.C., apparently based on 'Equations of Equilibrium for Three-Stage Let-Down of Kuwait Crude' (enclosed)

Ferranti Pegasus Computer. Design and projects  CSAC 71.1.80/C.65-C.94  January-March 1955

The Pegasus machine incorporated some of the techniques of standard packages developed for the 401 computer made by Elliott Bros. with support from N.R.D.C. The abbreviation F.P.C.I, used on many of strachey's folders, originally designated Ferranti Packaged Computer No.1, but later stood for Ferranti Pegasus Computer.
Strachey was responsible to N.R.D.C. for the overall machine design, instruction set and detailed writing of the multiplier-divider units; he also specified and wrote much of the initial software which contained a comprehensive assembly system for incorporating library sub-routines.
The Pegasus machine proved very popular, and 38 were made. See CSAC 71.1.80/G.1 for a course of lectures on 'Programming for the F.P.C.1' given by Strachey at Northampton Polytechnic, London
See CSAC 71.1.80/D.41-CSAC 71.1.80/D.81 for material relating to Ferranti Mercury and Orion machines.
The folders preserve Strachey's ordering and titles, though very bulky folders have been divided for ease of handling. Few of the documents are dated, and some of the early items relate to the Ferranti machines in use at Manchester and Toronto on which Strachey learnt and tested programming ideas and techniques.

'Notes on Logical Design'.  CSAC 71.1.80/C.65, C.66  [n.d.]

Bundles of notes and routines for Pegasus, with titles as follows

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.65  n.d

'2 digit mult[iplier] with 1 adder'
'F.P.C. Divider. Proof of algorithm'
'F.P.C. Division Algorithm'
'General Division Processes'
'Fast Division by 3'
'Slow signed multiplier'

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.66  n.d

'3 - address code' (3 bundles).

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.67  n.d

'Logical design of Units'.
Bundles of notes and calculations, with titles as follows
'Decimal conversions'
'Ternary Logical Units'
'Search Register'
'Tape Input (Magnetic and Paper)'
Some loose pages, and a note by D. Gillies on 'Gillies Adder-Subtractor'.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.68  n.d

'F.P.C. Library Subroutines'.
Folder of miscellaneous routines with Strachey's ms. note of contents on the cover. These are tested routines of square root, exponentials, logs, sin/cos, arcton, Input Output Steering routine.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.69  n.d

Routine called 'R.C.S. [Routine Changing Sequence].
Notes, calculations and test.
This may be Strachey's first scheme for calling routines (Dr. C. Phelps's note on the work is included in the folder.)

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.70  September-December 1954

'F.P.C.1. Tape Codes'.
Folder of correspondence, drafts and calculations re above, and Strachey's proposals
Includes commercial literature from Creed & Company on teleprinters, suggested models for codes (some by Strachey, others annotated by him), notes of discussions between Ferranti and N.R.D.C., drafts and calculations by Strachey and others, comments on Strachey's codes, correspondence on articles.
Strachey's outgraphs draft on 'F.P.C. Tape Code', 10pp., is included here.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.71  1954

'Punched Paper Tape Codes'.
Duplicated copies of Pegasus Input and Output Teleprinter Code (December 1954) and F.P.C. tape code, with many ms. corrections and annotations by Strachey.
These are based on, but not identical with the draft in CSAC 71.1.80/C.70 above. Dr. C. Phelps notes that the eventual code adopted came to light for the first time in Strachey's scribbled changes on p.6 of the document.

'Paper on Elem. Fns.'  CSAC 71.1.80/C.72-C.78  [n.d.]

(On routines devised as library subroutines for Pegasus)

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.72  n.d

'Routines for calculating the Elementary Functions'.
Ms. and typescript of paper so titled.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.73  1955

(Originally kept with above)
Bundles of related notes and calculations
'Chebychev Polynomials'
'F.P.C.1. Notes for Subroutines'
Untitled (some pages dated 1955) and loose sheets.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.74  n.d

'Elem. Fns.
3 bundles of notes and calculations, and loose sheets

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.75  n.d

'Elem. Fns.'
3 bundles of narrative, notes and calculations on 'Exponential Routines

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.76  1955-57

Originally kept with CSAC 71.1.80/C.75
Work on 'Wide-range logarithm' sub-routine for Pegasus, notes, calculations, printouts.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.77  1957

Related information: Originally kept with CSAC 71.1.80/C.75

Correspondence and offprint on 'infinite series' and 'numbers with negative base

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.78  n.d

Related information: related to above CSAC 71.1.80/C.77

'"Chebycheff" Fraction. Approximations'.
Miscellaneous calculations.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.79  1955

'Misc. Pegasus'.
3 bundles of notes and calculations some pages dated

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.80  n.d

'F.P.C. M/D Layout'.
5 bundles of notes and calculations.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.81  September 1954

'F.P.C.1 Loading and delays through units'.
Miscellaneous notes and calculations.
Typescript copy of 'loading rules'

Projects using Ferranti Pegasus Computer  CSAC 71.1.80/C.82-C.94  [n.d.]

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.82  1956

Work on 'Fultter' in aircraft. Begun April-June 1956.
This work, carried out in collaboration with R. Penrose, produced a program for testing on Pegasus, and led to further work by Strachey on matrices and collaborative work with J.G.F. Francis.
See CSAC 71.1.80/C.112, CSAC 71.1.80/F.12.
6 pp. ms., and typescript, with ms. corrections, of paper on 'Flutter'.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.83  n.d

Related information: Originally kept with CSAC 71.1.80/C.82

Work on 'Flutter' in aircraft. Begun April-June 1956.
This work, carried out in collaboration with R. Penrose, produced a program for testing on Pegasus, and led to further work by Strachey on matrices and collaborative work with J.G.F. Francis.
See CSAC 71.1.80/C.112, CSAC 71.1.80/F.12.
Calculations, routines and printouts.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.84  1956-1957

Work on 'Flutter' in aircraft. Begun April-June 1956.
This work, carried out in collaboration with R. Penrose, produced a program for testing on Pegasus, and led to further work by Strachey on matrices and collaborative work with J.G.F. Francis.
See CSAC 71.1.80/C.112, CSAC 71.1.80/F.12.
'Some matrix problems arising from the consideration of flutter in aircraft'.
4 pp. ms. and typed versions of paper dated 1 November 1956 with authorisation to publish, dated November 1957.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.85  1958

Related information: Originally kept with CSAC 71.1.80/C.85

Work on 'Flutter' in aircraft. Begun April-June 1956.
This work, carried out in collaboration with R. Penrose, produced a program for testing on Pegasus, and led to further work by Strachey on matrices and collaborative work with J.G.F. Francis.
See CSAC 71.1.80/C.112, CSAC 71.1.80/F.12.
5 bundles of notes and calculations on flutter, almost all in Strachey's hand but some with additions by R. Penrose.
Includes note on 'The information required from flutter calculations' (not in Strachey's hand) and a letter on eigenvalue from R. Penrose, March 1958.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.86  1957-58

Work on 'Flutter' in aircraft. Begun April-June 1956.
This work, carried out in collaboration with R. Penrose, produced a program for testing on Pegasus, and led to further work by Strachey on matrices and collaborative work with J.G.F. Francis.
See CSAC 71.1.80/C.112, CSAC 71.1.80/F.12.
Correspondence on 'Flutter'
Includes: Letter to D.B. Gillies on Pegasus and on 'Flutter' (Strachey's carbon only), February 1957.
Correspondence with Armstrong Whitworth Aircraft Ltd. re visit by Strachey to demonstrate his 'Flutter' program on the Company's Pegasus machine, December 1957.
Correspondence with aircraft companies.
Miscellaneous brief correspondence with collaborator, J. Francis.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.87  1957

Work on matrices using Pegasus (probably begun January-March 1957).
'Hilbert Matrix'.
Calculations, routines and printouts on Hilbert coefficients, eigenvalues and eigenvectors (printouts dated April-May 1957).

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.88  n.d

Work on Matrices using Pegasus (probably begun January-March 1957).
'Hilbert Matrix Programme'.
Similar material, routines and printouts on Hilbert coefficients, idempotents, eigenvalues and matrix inversion.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.89  1957

Work on Matrices using Pegasus (probably begun January-March 1957).
'Bordered Inversion'.
Calculations, routines and printouts on 'Bordered Hilbert test' and 'Bordered Inversion' (printouts dated October-November 1957); includes bundles of notes on 'Entry', 'Error Analysis' and a note headed 'A new method of inserting matrices'.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.90  December 1958

Work on Matrices using Pegasus (probably begun January-March 1957)
Loose pages of notes, originally kept with above.
Letter on matrices from J.H. Wilkinson

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.91  1959

Work on Matrices using Pegasus (probably begun January-March 1957).
'Transformer Matrix Switching'.
4 pp. ms. and miscellaneous typescript pages of a paper dated 2 November 1959, with miscellaneous bundles, loose pages and photocopies of notes and calculations.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.92  1958

'Reactor Instability Problem'
Statement of problem (duplicated typescript, 7 pp.), and Strachey's calculations, using Pegasus machine.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.93  n.d

'Coding Experiments'.
6 bundles of notes aiming to translate Pegasus programs to EDSAC II. n.d. but after 1958.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.94  1959

Related information: See CSAC 71.1.80/C.98

'Possible Order Codes'.
Calculations and routines for MUSE (Manchester University Computer) especially re autocode and floating point arithmetic, in response to a letter from N. Brown, January 1959 (enclosed).

Very high speed computers  CSAC 71.1.80/C.95-C.102  1957-59

Correspondence, committee papers, notes, calculations, etc.
Strachey was a representative of N.R.D.C. at meetings and on the Working Party to consider this project, and was in attendance at meetings of the N.R.D.C. Sub-Committee on Electronic Computers until March 1959.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.95  n.d

Miscellaneous reports and memoranda re I.B.M. Stretch Computer (a very high speed machine) sent to Strachey as background information, with a memorandum by D. Hennessey.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.96  1957

'Large machines'.
Folder of miscellaneous papers
Includes: Summary of meeting to discuss the technical problems of the development of a high speed computer, held at Harwell, April 1957.
Ms. and typescript versions of Strachey's paper on the design and specification of such a machine, July 1957.
Calculations and notes by Strachey for machine design and for administrative structure.
Memorandum on project by D. Hennessey, September 1957.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.97  n.d

Correspondence, July 1957-January 1958, with companies in USA for information on high-speed circuits and components.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.98  January-June 1958

Related information: (See CSAC 71.1.80/C.94)

'Very fast machines'.
Folder of miscellaneous papers
Includes: 'N.R.D.C. and High speed computers', chronological summary of meetings during 1957 and notes on those attending meeting at Harwell, February 1958. (Strachey was N.R.D.C. representative at this meeting.)
Agenda and report of meeting.
Interim report, Strachey's comments, discussions on wording, draft and final version of report (by Strachey, D.J. Wheeler, E.H. Cooke-Yarborough, J. Howlett) on Manchester Electronic Computer Project.
(N.R.D.C. Sub-committee on Electronic Computers Paper 170). This is the MUSE machine.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.99  1959

'Computer SubCo'.
Mainly Committee papers of N.R.D.C. Sub-committee on Electronic Computers, September 1958-March 1959, bearing on discussions re high speed computers, N.R.D.C. support for and relations with various UK and other computer manufacturers.
Strachey was a member of the Sub-committee until he and Lord Halsbury left N.R.D.C. in March 1959.
In addition, the folder includes memoranda from Strachey on 'Possible Development from the Emidec 2400' (December 1958), 'EMI and Ferranti Proposals for a High Speed Computer' (February 1959), and Lord Halsbury's 'Swan Song' on proposals by E.M.I. and Ferranti (March 1959).

2 folders labelled 'Compiler'.  CSAC 71.1.80/C.100, C.101  [n.d.]

Bundles of notes, calculations and printouts (printouts dated June-October 1958).

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.100  1958

5 bundles

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.101  1958

2 bundles and loose pages.
Probably related to, or developed from, work on fast computer project.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.102  1958

'Gabor', August-September 1958.
Folder of calculations, printouts, etc. related to new developments in cathode-ray tubes discussed in paper by D. Gabor et al, Proc.I.E.E., 1958; a copy of the paper, and correspondence from Gabor re 'electron-optical computations on flat TV-tube' are included. Probably undertaken as study of cathode ray tube storage re I.B.M. Stretch and high speed computer project.

Miscellaneous notes and drafts  CSAC 71.1.80/C.103-C.115  [n.d.]

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.103  n.d

'Notes for papers'.
Folder of miscellaneous material, including plan for projected book 'Introduction to Programming', which was to include discussion of important advances made by projects undertaken during Strachey's period at N.R.D.C. (St. Lawrence Seaway, Flutter, Logical Design, Autocode, etc.).

'Numerical Analysis'.  CSAC 71.1.80/C.104-C.114  [n.d.]

The following folders were all kept together by Strachey under the general heading 'Numerical Analysis etc. Flutter, Codiagonal Methods', though the material refers more widely to various problems on which he worked 1952-59; it also continues to c. 1961-62 during his period as a private consultant after leaving N.R.D.C., and especially to his collaborative paper on matrices.
The material may have been assembled for the projected book referred to above.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.104  1952

Bundles of notes and calculations, perhaps for Manchester Computer, or for Elliott 401 at Cambridge, as follows
'Runge Kutta. Gill' [Stanley Gill]
'Determining Equations'
'Special case A'
'4th order Complete solution'
'5th order (incomplete)'
Includes a letter from D.B. Gillies.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.105  n.d

'Miscellaneous Maths. Current'.
2 bundles of notes on asymptotic expansions.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.106  n.d

'Linear Accelerator. Maths'.
2 bundles of notes, and extensive loose pages of calculations.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.107  n.d

'L - R
'Q - R'
Miscellaneous notes and calculations.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.108  1958

'Roots of Tridiagonal. Autocode programs'.
Calculations, routines and printouts (some pages dated May 1958). 5 bundles.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.109  1960

Program for codiagonal matrix; this is written on ALGOL, probably 1960 and may not be Strachey's work.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.110  n.d

'Polynomials. Roots etc.'.
3 bundles of calculations.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.111  c 1958

'Matrix Algebra'.
8 bundles of calculations and loose pages.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.112  n.d

Related information: See also CSAC 71.1.80/F.12.

'Codiagonal Forms in Matrix Eigenvalue Problems'.
Miscellaneous ms. drafts for paper with this title, perhaps early form of that later published with J.G.F. Francis, Computer Journal, 4.
Includes drafts for 'Preliminaries', 'Special Codiagonal Forms', 'Derivation Form', 'Matrix interpretation of analogue of Bairstow process for Codiagonal form', 'Real roots of an unsymmetric matrix', and heavily corrected typed version.
Folder includes 8 pp. ms. note in another hand 'On the automatic choice of 'best' values for the parameters in Tchebycheff iteration', discussing an automatic program written for EDSAC.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.113  n.d

Related information: (Kept with CSAC 71.1.80/C.112 above.)

'Rotated Schwarz. Location of roots on real axis'.
Miscellaneous bundles of notes and calculations on work of Schwarz, Lanczos, and other problems of Codiagonals, Tridiagonals, Polynomials, etc.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.114  1961, 1962

Related information: related to and kept with CSAC 71.1.80/C.112.

Miscellaneous notes, some with various dates

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.115  n.d

'Conformal Transformations'.
5 bundles of miscellaneous mathematical calculations on transformations, etc., n.d. but using Pegasus.

PRIVATE CONSULTANCY  CSAC 71.1.80/C.116-C.135  1959-1964

Strachey left N.R.D.C. in 1959 and set up formally as a private consultant in June 1959, with Peter Landin as his assistant (see CSAC 71.1.80/A.44-CSAC 71.1.80/A.60). While maintaining relations with official work through N.R.D.C. and other committees, etc., he undertook commissions from computer manufacturers on the design and use of computers. Much of the material in the folders below should therefore be read in conjunction with the relevant folders in Section D. Consultancies, to which cross-references are given where possible.
From about 1960 Strachey adopted the (not invariable) practice of date-stamping his notes, and these dates are given in the items below, as well as the titles or descriptions on the original folders. In the case of loose papers, however, it has not always been possible to assign them with certainty to a specific project among the several in which Strachey was often simultaneously involved at this period.
His work on LISP for the EMIDEC 2400 (see CSAC 71.1.80/C.121-CSAC 71.1.80/C.135, CSAC 71.1.80/D.14-CSAC 71.1.80/D.32) consolidated his approach to the mathematics and semantics of high-level programming languages, and led to his participation in the work of the Cambridge group on CPL (see CSAC 71.1.80/C.136-CSAC 71.1.80/C.184) and his Fellowship at Churchill College (see CSAC 71.1.80/A.61). His private consultancy business was formally wound up in 1964 before his visit to M.I.T. and his appointment at Oxford.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.116  1960

Royal Radar Establishment All-transistor Computer (RREAC), February-June 1960.
Description and order code of machine, Strachey's comparative notes on its performance, 2 copies of his 'Report on the computer being built at RRE' (2 pp.), 7 June 1960.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.117  1960-1961

Work on 'Ship Fairings'. December 1960-October 1961. (undertaken at request of N.R.D.C.)
Notes, graphs, calculations, computer printout on Pegasus autocode re problem of fitting the curved end portions of a ship, and Strachey's 'Comments on a Note on Ship Fairing' (2 pp.). n.d. but probably October 1961.

Work on Traffic Control  CSAC 71.1.80/C.118, C.119  1960-61

(Work undertaken in conjunction with N.R.D.C. and Road Research Laboratory.)

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.118  1960-1961

Includes: Memos. etc. from N.R.D.C. re collaborative work on the problem with Road Research Laboratory and electronic equipment manufacturers, February 1960.
Ms. and typescript versions of a paper by Strachey: 'Simulation of traffic behaviour on a digital computer', 3 March 1960.
Memo. of Informal Discussion on 'Future developments in traffic signals', held by Institution of Civil Engineers, Traffic Engineering Study Group, 16 March 1961.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.119  1961

Includes: Diagrams and calculations by Strachey, especially on traffic control at junctions.
Copy of a paper 'Traffic simulation programme' for Pegasus, by J.G.F. Francis, June 1961, probably developed from above.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.120  1960-61

Related information: See also CSAC 71.1.80/F.13-CSAC 71.1.80/F.16.

Miscellaneous papers on ALGOL
Perhaps assembled for review/comment on paper by H. Rutishauser 'Interference with an ALGOL-procedure' (a copy of which is enclosed) for Review in Automatic Programming.
Folder also includes a copy of 'Towards an ALGOL translator' by Bryan Higman, 1961, with comments by P. Landin and M. Woodger, and an offprint of 'Report on the algorithmic language ALGOL60' by J.W. Backus et al.

Work on LISP (LIS + Processing language)  CSAC 71.1.80/C.121-C.135  [n.d.]

Related information: see CSAC 71.1.80/D.14-CSAC 71.1.80/D.32.

LISP is a computer language based heavily on ALGOL and was put forward by J. McCarthy in 1960.
Strachey's folders of work on LISP below date from 1960 and relate to the development of a LISP-type language for the EMIDEC 2400. Much of the work is entirely mathematical, but there are some narrative sections and a little correspondence.
As work progressed, Strachey seems to have developed other languages, e.g. BL (Basic Language) which he tried out on EMIDEC and other machines (see especially CSAC 71.1.80/C.134, CSAC 71.1.80/C.135).
The presentation is chronological as far as possible, but not all the notes are dated.
For further material on Strachey's consultancy with E.M.I. and his work on their machines

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.121  June-September 1960

'L.B. I. Programmes' (LISP Bootstrap).
Notes, calculations and printouts re 'Set up LIST program' on EMIDEC 2400.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.122  n.d

'LISP Bootstrap'.
Miscellaneous notes, all lose pages

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.123  July-October 1960

'EMIDEC 2400
LISP Bootstrap Translator' (L.B.T.)
Notes, calculations and printouts.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.124  July-October 1960

'LISP EMI 2400. Machine results etc.'
Mainly printouts, with Strachey's comments on results.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.125  1960

'BL [SYMBOL: right arrow] AL, AL [SYMBOL: right arrow] ML
Assembly and Translation'.
4 bundles of notes, October 1960, on 'Assembly', 'Translation from L.B.I to Assembly coder', 'Temporary Translation of Assembly', 'LB I', and 3 pp. note on 'Structure of List Bootstrap Process' with definition of terms, etc. December 1960.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.126  n.d

'LISP. General functions in L.B.'
Notes and calculations, all loose pages

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.127  1960-1961

Miscellaneous bundles of notes, calculations and narrative. Various dates, beginning December 1960, but mainly July and November 1961.
The notes are on list processing, and may be related to the Film Store Test Equipment of the EMIDEC 2400; miscellaneous information sheets and function tables, annotated by Strachey, about the Film Store Test Equipment are included with the notes, and one bundle is headed 'Film Test Store. LISP'.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.128  September-October 1961

Related information: Related to CSAC 71.1.80/C.129

'Polynomial Operations'.
Miscellaneous bundles of notes, calculations and narrative
These are almost entirely mathematical, one set being headed 'EMI 2400. Restricted Rational Fractions and Integers'

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.129  1961-1962

Notes, calculations and printouts, various dates October 1961-February 1962.
Included with one bundle is a letter from Strachey to N. Brown (E.M.I.) October 1961: 'here are the machine language functions and the LISP functions for performing arithmetic on rational fractions'.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.130  November 1961

Copy of official Design Specification for machine, compiled by N. Brown

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.131  March, April 1962

Miscellaneous narratives and notes
On various topics, e.g. time-sharing, control strings, evaluation, etc.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.132  1962 - 1973

Draft manual or description for a LISP language.
Tagged folder of notes (various dates May-July 1962), with separate bundles and loose pages of notes (various dates October 1961-October 1962) all kept together, with a note by Strachey added. c.1973: 'LISP-like system. Probably for EMIDEC 2400?'.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.133  n.d

6 pp. typescript note 'Subroutines written for the LISP System', beginning 'In order that programming effort among those interested in the Strachey Lisp system may be coordinated...' (not by Strachey).

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.134  September 1960-February 1961

'L.B. for Pegasus etc'.
Folder of notes and calculations.
An attempt to test Basic Language (BL) programs on other computers, Pegasus, Orion, Edsac II.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.135  n.d

'LIST Progs.'
5 bundles of undated notes
'Basic Language Structure' (B.L. sometimes L.B.)
'B-List C-List'
'List Program'
'General form of writing List programs'
'Define Macro'

[no title or date]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.136-C.201

Strachey's period of work in Cambridge was relatively short. He joined the Mathematical Laboratory on a part-time basis in 1962 (see CSAC 71.1.80/A.62) and left to take up an appointment at Massachusetts Institute of Technology in September 1965 (see CSAC 71.1.80/A.66), subsequently moving to Oxford.
The period was nevertheless an important one in which he participated in major projects, notably CPL, and began work on several other ideas such as the Macrogenerator and formal semantics which were continued later and elsewhere.
The heading has therefore been adopted, partly for convenience but also because it represents a genuine chapter in Strachey's career.

[no title or date]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.136-C.184

In the Technical Report. CPL Working Papers (CSAC 71.1.80/C.153) these initials are expanded as Combined Programming Language, thus encompassing both the origin of the project as a joint endeavour between Cambridge and London Universities, and its intention to develop a language with the properties of ALGOL 60 and of a list processing language such as LISP.
The initials are, however, often understood to stand for Cambridge Programming Language, and are so expanded in A. Hyman, Computing. A Dictionary of terms, concepts and ideas, London 1976, where it is defined as 'A specialized programming language of great logical power developed by Christopher Strachey'. Less seriously, CPL was sometimes taken to refer to Christopher's Private Language, reflecting Strachey's major contribution to the work of the team.
Because CPL and its development BCPL originated in Cambridge, all the related papers have been kept together as an entity, although they extend over a much wider spread of time and place, covering Strachey's period at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and his appointment at Oxford, as well as similar comings and goings among other members of the CPL team.
The following remarks and descriptions of the history of CPL are adapted from the Preface to the Working Papers (CSAC 71.1.80/C.153)
'In October 1962 a joint research project was begun by the University Mathematical Laboratory, Cambridge and the Institute of Computer Science, London (then known as the University of London Computer Unit). The aim of this project was to design and implement a new programming language for use on the Atlas I and II (Titan) computers in the two establishments.
The initial team consisted of D.W. Barron, D.F. Hartley and C. Strachey from Cambridge and J.N. Buxton and E. Nixon from London.
It was intended that the language should possess the advantages of the general structure and precise description of Algol 60 but should be of wider practical utility. Many of its main features were settled at an early stage and were described (in 1963) in a paper on the Computer Journal (CSAC 71.1.80/C.141, CSAC 71.1.80/F.24).
The design of the language, as apposed to its implementation, was never more than a part time occupation for any of the authors. As the language gradually approached its present state, the authors' meetings became less frequent and those who were not actively engaged in an implementation found it more difficult to keep in touch with the language. At the same time some of the people who were engaged in an implementation began making substantial contributions to the language itself. During the period 1963 to 1966 D.W. Barron left the CPL language group and D. Park and M. Richards from Cambridge and G.F. Coulouris from London joined it'.
Two versions of an Elementary Programming Manual were produced (CSAC 71.1.80/C. 145 and CSAC 71.1.80/C. 152) and three chapters of an Advanced Programming Manual were written by Strachey (CSAC 71.1.80/C.147).
In the spring of 1965 the authors decided to prepare and if possible publish a Reference Manual which would contain a complete description of CPL as it then stood. A first draft was prepared by Buxton and was followed by a second by Buxton, Hartley, Richards, Park and Coulouris, each writing one or more sections. This second draft (CSAC 71.1.80/C. 148) was sent to Strachey at M.I.T. for extensive editing and revision (CSAC 71.1.80/C.149-CSAC 71.1.80/C.151).
After Strachey returned from M.I.T. the authors held a meeting in Oxford on 24 June 1966 (CSAC 71.1.80/C.156) at which they decided to publish a Technical Report. This Report (known as the 'Working Papers') would consist of the 2nd edition of the Elementary Programming Manual (CSAC 71.1.80/C.152) and the revised draft of the Reference Manual which had been circulated in the spring of 1966 (CSAC 71.1.80/C.151).
The Technical Report (CSAC 71.1.80/C. 153) was the last formal report by the authors although work continued on CPL, especially on compound data structures and segmentation, and on BCPL, devised by M. Richards as a subset of CPL (CSAC 71.1.80/C.185-CSAC 71.1.80/C.196), for several years.
The papers are grouped into 2 sections
CSAC 71.1.80/C.136-CSAC 71.1.80/C.157 'Published papers'.
These are any semi-formal papers issued by the group-early Titan programming papers, CPL Bulletins and Circulars, Programming Manuals with Appendices and Supplements, various versions of the Reference Manual and the Working Papers. Included in this section are any drafts and working notes specifically linked to a publication.
Special attention is drawn to CSAC 71.1.80/C.155, the folder of 35 CPL language papers.
CSAC 71.1.80/C.158-CSAC 71.1.80/C.184 Working Papers.
These are the less formal notes, calculations, printout, etc. generated by Strachey and the other members of the team. They are of a very miscellaneous composition and often cover a wide span of dates, owing to Strachey's habit of reworking his files or creating new ones from several disparate subjects. The contents of each folder have been left in Strachey's original order and enumerated as far as possible, although it will be obvious that they are very much interrelated. Cross-references have been given where possible, but do not claim to be complete.

'Published Papers'.  CSAC 71.1.80/C.136-C.157  [n.d.]

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.136  18 May 1962

'Programming Language for TITAN', by D.F. Hartley (Titan Programming Paper No.1)

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.137  28 May 1962

'Provisional Description of Titan for System Programmers', by D.W. Barron
10pp. In 2 parts.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.138  June 1962

'A Survey of Some Programming Languages', by D.W. Barron and D.F. Hartley (Titan Programming Paper No.2)

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.139  13 August 1962

'A First Outline of the Proposed Cambridge Programming Language', by D.W. Barron, D.F. Hartley and C. Strachey (Titan Programming Paper No.4)

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.140  1963

'The Main Features of CPL'.
15 pp. typescript headed 'Second Draft 18.1.63'.
'The Main Features of CPL'.
14 pp. typescript, similar to but not identical with above, intended for circulation within the University of London Computer Unit.
Later revised versions of these papers appeared as Titan Programming Paper No.5 (CSAC 71.1.80/C.141 below) and as an article in The Computer Journal, 6.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.141  1963

'The Main Features of CPL', by D.W. Barron, J.N. Buxton, D.F. Hartley, E. Nixon and C. Strachey. (Titan Programming Paper No.5), 26 February 1963.
In an introductory note D.W. Barron explains that the proposals in Titan Programming Paper No.4 (C. 139) 'formed the basis from which CPL was developed, in cooperation with the University of London. On 21 February 1963 a Symposium on Development of New Programming Languages was held at London University, and for this a paper called 'The Main Features of CPL' was prepared. This paper is now issued, with corrections, as Titan Programming Paper No.5'.
Also included here is a typescript of the article with same title published in The Computer Journal, 6.
See CSAC 71.1.80/F.24 for a copy of the published paper.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.142  1963

'An Introduction to CPL for Titan - Part I', by D.W. Barron, July 1963, with errata lists 1 and 2.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.143  1964

'CPL Bulletin, Number 1', by D.W. Barron, February 1964, with set of programming examples.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.144  1965

'Titan CPL Object Code Circular IV', by J.C. Gray, January 1965.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.145  n.d

'CPL Elementary Programming Manual. Edition I (London)' by J.N. Buxton.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.146  1965

'Appendix II to CPL Elementary Programming Manual', by J.C. Gray, May 1965.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.147  1963-1964

'CPL Advanced Programming Manual. Drafts'. Various dates, December 1963-September 1964.
Typescript drafts by J.N. Buxton of several sections of the Manual, December 1963 and January 1964.
Duplicated typescript of Manual by J.N. Buxton, June-July 1964, heavily annotated by Strachey.
Strachey's ms. and/or typescript drafts of
Table of Contents
Items and Types (2.3)
Names, Brackets, etc. (2.4)
Constants (2.5)
Expressions (all of section 3)
Declarations (parts 1 and 2 of section 5)
Numerical Constants (11.2)

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.148  1965

Related information: see CSAC 71.1.80/C.149 below

'CPL Reference Manual. Draft I'.
In the spring of 1965 the authors decided to prepare and publish a Reference Manual which would contain a complete description of CPL as it then stood. The first draft was prepared by J.N. Buxton after a series of meetings at which the authors discussed the points at issue. A second draft was then prepared by Buxton, Hartley, Richards, Coulouris and Park, each one writing one or more sections. These were then revised, edited and partly rewritten by Strachey.
This is a looseleaf notebook containing the typescript of portions of Draft I and the whole of Draft II. It is heavily annotated by Strachey with some amendments by Park. This is the copy used by Strachey at M.I.T. when editing and revising the Manual. The various sections of the draft are dated August-September 1965.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.149  1965-1966

'CPL Reference Manual. Notes'.
Large looseleaf notebook containing correspondence and notes exchanged between Strachey at M.I.T. and Park at Cambridge (acting on behalf of the CPL authors) re revision and editing of Reference Manual. Over the course of 7 months (the correspondence dates from 28 September 1965 to 16 March 1966) Strachey sent lengthy comments and notes on the draft (CSAC 71.1.80/C.148 above) which were then discussed by the authors in England and their decision communicated back to Strachey for further revision and editing. Thus a very full record is preserved of the hundreds of decisions (both major and minor) taken by the authors in designing the new language.
The notebook also contains some correspondence exchanged between Strachey and Buxton, mostly concerned with the technical details of publication but also discussing the possibility that M.I.T. might adopt CPL as its chief teaching language for undergraduate courses.
The notes appear in every form, manuscript, typescript, photocopied, stencilled. Most of Strachey's notes bear later ms. annotations recording answers and decisions by the Cambridge and London groups.
The notebook also demonstrates the difficulty in communicating over a long distance on the numerous points in question and the problems raised by the logistics of typing, proofreading, time lags, etc.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.150  n.d

'CPL Reference Manual. General'.
One folder of material assembled by Strachey for use in editing and revision of reference manual while he was at M.I.T.
Typescript of table of contents with notes by Strachey of progress of each section (draft, typescript, editing, completed, assembled).
Comments by M. Richards and D. Park.
Miscellaneous ms. notes (none dated or titled) by Strachey while formulating revisions.
'Some Linguistic Problems in the Choice of Mathematical Terminology'.
1p. note by Strachey circulated at M.I.T. asking for suggestions for new words to describe 'a function with no arguments' and 'a function of a variable number of arguments'.
Photocopies of ms. drafts (not in Strachey's hand) of Appendix I - Preprocessor, Appendix 2 - Basic symbols in canonical CPL and publication synonyms, Appendix 3 - Standard functions, routines, data items, etc., Appendix 4 - Alternative character sets.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.151  1965-1966

'CPL Reference Manual. Draft 2, Copy 1'.
Draft as revised and edited by Strachey. Most of the sections are dated November-December 1965 or January-February 1966; these are photocopies of editions produced on the CTSS system at M.I.T. and sent by Strachey to Park on 10 and 28 February and 2 and 16 March. (See CSAC 71.1.80/C.149 for correspondence relating to the production of this draft.)
The table of contents on p.1 of the draft bears ms. annotations by Strachey to show which sections were missing or needing revision. At a meeting held in Oxford on 24 June 1966 it was agreed 'to make the present second draft of the reference manual available to a restricted audience as a research report from the two Universities'.
It was also agreed that J. Buxton would contribute section 2, D. Park section 9.3 and M. Richards Appendix 1. The typescripts of these sections (dated July 1966) are included in this draft which, annotated and amended by Strachey throughout, became the major part of the 'Working Papers' (CSAC 71.1.80/C.153).

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.152  1966

'CPL Elementary Programming Manual Edition II (Cambridge)', by J. Buxton, J.C. Gray and D. Park, January 1966. Strachey's annotated and revised copy.
This eventually became the first part of the Working Papers (CSAC 71.1.80/C.153). The ms. amendments and annotations by Strachey were transferred to the version included in the Working Papers so that the Programming Manual would not have to be re-typed.
Inserted at the back of the Manual is a 3 pp. 'Supplement to the CPLElementary Programming Manual' by L.J.D. McIntyre, 9 May 1966, which describes the facilities available in the trial CPL system in use at Cambridge.
Included here is a 1 p. note by M.V. Wilkes, 23 May 1966, 'Introduction of CPL for limited experimental use', notifying members of Mathematical Laboratory, Cambridge, that experimental CPL system was available.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.153  1966

Related information: see CSAC 71.1.80/C.152
(see CSAC 71.1.80/C.151)
(see CSAC 71.1.80/C.187)

'Technical Report. CPL Working Papers'.
The Working Papers were issued in July 1966 following a meeting of the CPL authors in Oxford on 24 June. They consisted of 2 parts: 1. The second edition of the Elementary Programming Manual and 2. An unfinished Reference Manual. The concluding paragraphs of the minutes of the 24 June 1966 meeting (see CSAC 71.1.80/C.156) state: 'The circulation of the CPL Technical Report will conclude the phase of effort on CPL which has continued for the past four years, and at this stage most authors will probably wish to discontinue their efforts in a formal way... CPL of course needs major further work, particularly on data structures and program segmentation. C.S. (Strachey) and D.P. (Park) propose to study this at Oxford, and M.R. (Richards) may implement it at M.I.T.'
Strachey's preface to the Working Papers, which gives a useful account of the history of CPL and its documentation, has been heavily drawn upon in preparing the entries for this section of the catalogue.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.154  July 1966

'CPL Papers. Manuscript Drafts'
Ms. and typescript drafts by Strachey of various sections of the 'Working Papers' (CSAC 71.1.80/C.153)
Includes: Preface (4 pp.)
Editor's Apologies (3 pp.)
List of Changes Foreseen in CPL (3 pp.)
Table of Contents, Sections 1 and 2 (2 pp.)
Brief correspondence with colleagues re assembling and publication of CPL manuals.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.155  1963-1965

'CPL Language Papers'.
One folder containing sequence of 35 papers (plus 3 unnumbered papers at the beginning of the series, and 1 paper between 23 and 24) issued by the CPL team from October 1963-January 1965. These represent a record of the proposals and decisions re the language of CPL as well as a record of meetings of the team, held in London and Cambridge, with J. Buxton acting as secretary. All are typescript (many are stencilled copies prepared for distribution to all members of the team) unless indicated otherwise. Many bear annotations by Strachey, some very extensive. They are presented below in numerical order, which corresponds to the brief index Strachey compiled and kept at the beginning of the folder. The descriptive format is name of paper, number of pages, author, date.
'LISTS etc. (Part 1)', 4 pp., Strachey, 10 October 1963.
'LISTS etc. (Part 2)', 9 pp., Strachey, 14 October 1963.
'Data Structure', 9 pp., ms., Strachey, 4 October 1963.
1. Minutes of CPL Meeting, 17 October 1963, 3 pp., Buxton (annotated by Strachey), 18 October 1963.
2. A Note on Left-Hand Values, 2 pp., typescript with annotations and 1 p. typescript incorporating revisions, Strachey, 13 August 1963, reissued 18 October 1963.
3. 'A Proposal for Lists', 2 pp., Nixon, 31 October 1963.
4. 'Definitions and Allied Topics', 3 pp., Hartley, 28 October 1963.
5. 'Revised Syntax of Definitions, etc.', 2 pp., Hartley, 27 October 1963.
6. Minutes of CPL Meeting, 5 November 1963, 2 pp., Buxton, 13 November 1963.
7. 'Words and Strings', 2 pp., Needham, 14 November 1963.
8. 'for commands', 2 pp., Barron, 14 November 1963.
9. 'A Note on Strings', 2 pp., Buxton, 18 November 1963.
10. Minutes of CPL Meeting, 19 November 1963, 2 pp., Buxton, 2 December 1963.
11. Minutes of CPL Meeting, 8 January 1964, 1 p., Buxton, 9 January 1964.
12. 'Notes on where and function definitions, etc.', 10 pp. ms., 5 pp. typescript, Strachey, 24 January 1964.
13. 'Pre-processor Rules and Syntax', 4 pp., Hartley, 2 February 1964.
14. Minutes of CPL meeting, 29 January 1964, 2 pp., Buxton, 7 February 1964.
15. Minutes of CPL meeting, 18 February 1964, 3 pp., Buxton, 2 March 1964. Strachey queries, 'CPL Paper No. 15?'.
16. 'Left Hand Functions, etc.', 4 pp. ms., 3 pp. typescript, Strachey, n.d.
17. 'CPL Expressions', 2 pp., J.B.H., 20 February 1964.
18. Minutes of CPL meeting, 25 March 1964, 1 p. Buxton, 15 April 1964.
19. Untitled paper on fn and rt variables, 1 p., Buxton, 21 April 1964.
20. Minutes of CPL meeting, 30 April 1964, 2 pp., Buxton, 4 May 1964.
21. 'The Pre-processor', 2 pp., Richards, 8 May 1964.
22. 'The Application of Left Hand Functions', 2 pp., Strachey, 6 May 1964.
23. Minutes of CPL meeting, 25 May 1964, 1 p., Buxton, 28 May 1964.
'London CPL I/O and Magnetic Tape Facilities', 3 pp., Buxton, 22 May 1964. Not numbered but retained in the sequence by Strachey.
24. Minutes of CPL meeting, 18 June 1964, 1 p., Buxton, 23 June 1964.
25. 'A-lists', 4 pp. ms., 4 pp. annotated typescript, 2 pp. duplicated typescript incorporating revisions, Strachey, 10 September 1964.
26. 'Types of Function Variables', 5 pp., Strachey, 11 September 1964.
27. Minutes of CPL meeting, 3 November 1964, 2 pp., Buxton, 17 November 1964.
28. 'Boolean Expressions', 2 pp. ms., 1 p. typescript, Strachey, 17 November 1964.
29. 'Comment: a Proposal', 1 p., Park, 7 December 1964.
30. Minutes of CPL meeting, 5 January 1965, 1 p., Buxton, 20 January 1965.
31. Minutes of CPL meeting, 2 February 1965, 1 p., Buxton, 5 February 1965.
32. 'Files and I/O', 3 pp., Buxton, 22 February 1965.
33. Minutes of CPL meeting, 30 March 1965, 2 pp., Buxton, April 1965.
34. Minutes of CPL meeting, 6 May 1965, 2 pp., Buxton, 21 June 1965.
35. Minutes of CPL meeting, 29 June 1965, 1 p., Buxton, 7 July 1965.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.156  1966

'CPL Meetings, Agenda, Minutes, etc.'
Minutes for the meetings of
1. 24 June 1966 at Oxford where it was agreed to publish the Working Papers.
2. 1 September 1966.
3. 6 October 1966 where Strachey's draft proposal on compound data structures was circulated (see CSAC 71.1.80/C.179).
4. 3 November 1966 (includes copy of Agenda).

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.157  April 1965

2 Papers by G.F. Coulouris on CPL I

Working Papers.  CSAC 71.1.80/C.158-C.184  [n.d.]

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.158  c1962

Early working notes on CPL, with reference to ALGOL.
6 pp. note on 'Labels', using the early designation 'result of' instead of the later 'value of'. (All in Strachey's hand.)

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.159  1962

Preliminary work for CPL; ms. notes dated 5 July and 9 October 1962.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.160  n.d

'CPL Object Program. TOP 1 and 2'.
Ms. notes and narratives on 'Two main schemes', 'Pointers, B-lines, etc.', 'Formats, etc.'.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.161  n.d

'TOP 1 and TOP 2'.
Folder of notes for preliminary planning of implementation of CPL on Titan. Several sets of notes: 'Scheme 1. Open', 'Scheme 2. Closed. TOP 2 CPL Titan Object Program. Allocation of B-lines, Storage, Parameters, Monitor Numbers, etc.', 'Test TOP 1/1'. n.d. but probably 1962.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.162  1962-1963

'Compound Data Structures'.
Miscellaneous notes and narratives on lists (December 1962-January 1963), constructors, etc.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.163  n.d

Miscellaneous notes and routines (not all in Strachey's hand).

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.164  1962-64

'Dead CPL papers'
One folder of typescripts on points which became outdated or were superseded by later papers and which were kept together in this folder by Strachey. Includes
'Operating System for Titan', 3 pp., by D.W. Barron, 16 July 1962.
'Titan Operating System - User's View', 2 pp., by Barron, annotated by Strachey, n.d.
'Preliminary Description of the Titan System Program', 5 pp., probably by Barron, n.d.
'Titan System Program: Use of Magnetic Tapes and Core Storage', 2 pp., probably by Barron, n.d.
'Towards the Definition of a Programming Language for Titan. The outlines of the programming language for Titan are now beginning to emerge. The language to be called CPL, is to be based on ALGOL 60. These notes indicate the lines along which ALGOL 60 will be changed and extended', 3 pp., n.d.
'Note on Name or Address Variables', 3 pp. photocopy of ms. draft by Strachey, 12 October 1962.
'Note on Documentation', 1 p. typescript, 19 October 1962.
Typescripts by various members of the CPL team (Nixon, Buxton, Hartley) re definition of CPL, November 1962.
'CPL Syntax -3/3/63', with ms. note by Strachey 'Out of Date'.
'Implementation of CPL Declarations', 2 pp. typescript, J.H.M., 18 October 1963.
'Titan CPL Compiler. Basic Operations Macros', 6 pp. duplicated typescript by M. Richards and D.W. Barron, 6 January 1964.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.165  1963

'CPL Compiler
Syntax. Diagram. Transformation to AE'.
Folder of notes and narratives, mostly 1963, all by Strachey unless otherwise indicated. Includes
'CPL Object Program on Titan', 17 pp. ms. draft, n.d.
'Various forms of factorials', 6 pp. ms. notes, n.d.
'DIAGRAM. Functional Form of "Diagram" and form Analysis', 4 pp. ms. notes, n.d.
'Actual output of DIAGRAM', 2 pp. ms. notes, n.d.
'Output of DIAGRAM', 1 p. typescript draft by J.H. Matthewman, 11 November 1963 responding to 3 pp. ms. draft by M. Richards of the same title. Both drafts sent to Strachey for his information.
'Method of preparing CPL syntax', by J.H. Matthewman, 17 October 1963, 2 pp. typescript.
'Use of the syntax reading program', by J.H. Matthewman, 8 November 1963.
'CPL Syntax' (all are typescript)
17 May 1963, 3 pp., with annotations by Strachey.
31 May 1963, 2 pp. (titled 'CPL Syntax with practical expression analysis').
6 August 1963, 5 pp., with 1 replacement sheet.
19 September 1963, 5 pp.
'Irons Translator', 3 pp. photocopy of ms. (not in Strachey's hand), n.d.
'Applicative Expression Form of Analysis Tree', 4 pp. ms. by Strachey, 2 July 1963 (CW/6).
'Reduction to Applicative Expressions', 8 pp. photocopy of ms. draft (not in Strachey's hand), with annotations by Strachey (CW/7).
Several loose pages of miscellaneous notes on expression analysis routine, syntax as written, etc. (typescript and ms.)

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.166  1963

'CPL Compiler
Canonical Variables'.
Folder of notes and narratives, mainly June-August 1963.
'Canonicalization of Variables', 5 pp. ms. and 4 pp. typescript draft by Strachey, 5 July 1963.
'Canonicalization of Variables', typescript and ms. drafts by Strachey and JBH, 6 August 1963.
Note on 'space allocation for CV fns.' and 'FULs', 2 pp., 1 July 1963.
'Examples of CV reduction', 9 pp. ms. with 'Condensation', 3 pp. ms.
'Translation Environment', set of ms. notes (pages not numbered).
'Formats for CV functions', 2 ms. pages, 29 June 1963.
Miscellaneous ms. notes (some dated 23 and 29 June 1963.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.167  1963

'CPL Syntax'.
Miscellaneous notes and routines, Includes
'CPL Syntax - 14/3/63'. Description of Preprocessor Categories. Expressions, Commands, Forms, Definitions.
'Syntax of Expressions', 4 pp. ms.
Miscellaneous pages of ms. notes on Transformations, Commands, Command forms of operators. Definition forming operators. Preprocessor rules, etc.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.168  1963

'CPL Compiler
Classification. Types. Transfer Function'.
Miscellaneous notes and narratives, some dated March 1963. Includes
'Evaluation of Expressions. B-Reduction', 3 pp. ms.
'CPL Operators', 3 pp. ms. (not in Strachey's hand).
'Translation of AE's (B-reduction ?)', 3 pp. ms., 19 March 1963.
'CPL Basic Functions', 1 p. typescript.
Notes on types of operators, 5 pp. ms., 25 March 1963.
Miscellaneous ms. notes, not labelled or dated.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.169  1963-65

'CPL Compiler
Syntax Condensation'.
Folder of miscellaneous notes and narratives on the implementation of CPL, Includes
Miscellaneous ms. notes by Strachey, some dated May 1963.
'Condensation Structures and Functions', 15 pp. ms. draft by L.J.D. McIntyre, 16 October 1964.
Typescript of CPL Syntax, 8 February 1965.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.170  1963

'CPL Programming Examples'
Miscellaneous drafts and narratives, mainly by Strachey.
'Examples of CDS Programs'
'Tree Sort'
'Examples of CPL [word illegible] and Compiler Language', May 1963.
'Target Strategy Bracketing Program'
'University Mathematical Laboratory, Cambridge. CPL Programming Examples', July 1963
'Permutation in Lexographical Order'
'Preferred type: complex'
'Fast train'
Miscellaneous sets of unlabelled and undated notes and routines, all by Strachey

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.171  1963-65

'CPL. Formal Semantics'.
Miscellaneous notes and narratives illustrating Strachey's increasing interest in the semantic rather than the syntactic uses of CPL.
'Closures, Functions, etc.', 3 pp. ms., 18 January 1963.
'Semantics of where clause', 2 pp. ms., 30 January 1963.
2 pp. ms. notes on for-loop, 14 March 1963.
'Towards a Formal Semantics', 13 pp. ms. by Strachey, n.d.
'Towards a Formal Semantics', 5 pp. typescript (probably by R.M. Burstall), n.d.
'Basic Ideas', 4 pp. ms. by Burstall, 23 November 1964.
'Progress? with CPL semantics', 3 pp. typescript, 14 December 1964, with several other pages attached ('Structure Definition of Applicative Structures and Command Structures', 'Functions', 'Translation') that were annotated by Strachey and re-typed on 19 December 1964.
'Some Investigation into the Formal Semantics of CPL', by R.M. Burstall, January 1965. Typescript with ms. annotations.
Chapter I Dealing with Functions and Routines by the techniques of C. Strachey
Chapter II First attempts at formalising the translation (p.1 only)
Chapter III A different approach to CPL semantics, and miscellaneous loose pages of definitions.
Miscellaneous loose pages of notes and narratives by Strachey.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.172  October-November 1964

'CPL Subsets'.
Folder of notes and drafts
'CPL Subset. Proposed restrictions', 2 pp. typescript by R.M. Burstall, 29 October 1964
'CPL Subset. Proposed semantic restrictions', 2 pp. typescript with ms. annotations by Strachey, 23 November 1964
'Baby (Basic) CPL', 1 p. ms. notes, n.d. This may be the earliest reference to BCPL, with hesitation about its name

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.173  February-March 1965

'CPL Object Code
Execution System'
Miscellaneous notes and narratives
'Proposed Scheme for Segmenting CI's and SSR's, 3 pp. duplicated typescript by Strachey, 18 February 1965.
'CPL Compiler Executive System. Tape Titles', 2 pp. duplicated typescript by Strachey with annotations, 5 March 1965.
Various duplicated sheets on 'Teletype Eight-Level Code', 'PDP-7 Instruction Summary', 'Maglayout 1'.
'"Display" etc.', 2 pp. typescript (CW 4)
Ms. notes on 'Altering a single CI or SSR', 'Construction of Executive System (TOP 2)', 'Steps in setting up an object program', 'Setup and Op. System for Object Code' and various untitled sheets of notes. n.d.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.174  1962, 1965

'CPL Pending
(Language and General)'
Miscellaneous notes and narratives
Ms. notes on 'Abstract Objects, Written Expressions, Machine Representations', 28 November 1962.
Notes and queries 'for next CPL Language Meeting', n.d.
3 pp. ms. draft of letter to editor, Communications of the A.C.M. about 'the difficulty of inventing and describing a major programming language', in which Strachey discusses the problems encountered by the CPL team.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.175  c1966

'CPL Programs
Linear Algebra'
Miscellaneous ms. and typescript examples using CPL

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.176  c1966

'CPL Syntax'.
Miscellaneous notes and narratives headed 'Examples of Scope Rules', 'Juxtaposition and implied multiplications', 'CPL Syntactic Questions', 'Syntax of Nodes and Elements' and 'Syntax of Pointers'.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.177  1966

'CPL Reference Manual
Working Papers'
Material arising from the publication of 'CPL Working Papers' (CSAC 71.1.80/C.153).
Typescripts of several papers by R.M. Burstall, 18 August 1966
'Types and Structures', 4 pp.
'Nodes and Elements', 2 pp.
'Extension to Structure Definitions', 1 p.
Duplicated typescript of 'The Switch Command and Lookup Expression', 2 pp., by M. Richards, 6 October 1966.
Typescript of 'Streams' and 'Segmentation'.
Miscellaneous notes by Strachey.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.178  1966

'CPL Streams'
CPL Memorandum OX1 from Strachey and Park, 3 December 1966, on TrS [In] function.
CPL Memorandum OX2 from Park, 7 December 1966, of 'Comments on CS's Streams'.
Ms. notes by Park and Strachey on streams.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.179  October-November 1966

'Data Structures'.
Miscellaneous notes and narratives on compound data structures, arising from publication of the Working Papers
1 p. ms. notes of agenda for CPL meeting, 3 November 1966 (see also CSAC 71.1.80/C.156 for minutes of that meeting).
Ms. notes and typescripts on 'Pointers' (one typescript is dated 31 October 1966).
'Compound Data Structures', 15 pp. ms. draft proposal by Strachey (probably this is the draft that is referred to in minutes of CPL meeting 6 October 1966, see CSAC 71.1.80/C.156).
5 pp. typescript version of above, Serial no. OX3.
'Examples of CDS Programs', 6 pp. ms. (includes notes on examples).
'Examples of Structures Using Nodes', 3 pp. ms.
'Juxtaposition and implied multiplication', 1 p.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.180  1965-66

'Miscellaneous Tech. Chiefly Compound Data Structures'.
One folder of miscellaneous ms. working notes and papers; few are labelled or dated. They are left in the order kept by Strachey and include list of 'Words which are not well understood', 'Some problems in dynamic storage allocation' by M.D. Mcllroy, 20 February 1968, 'Compound Structure Type Syntax' and 'Compound Structure Expression Definition'
Notes on streams, nodes, variables, structure definition. Also includes notes for CPL language meeting, n.d. and list of 'Basic Concepts in CPL (in Programming Languages'), n.d.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.181  June-July 1968

Miscellaneous ms. notes and drafts on CPL

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.182  September 1967-February 1968

'Character Codes'.
Miscellaneous notes and tables
Mainly related to attempts to use CPL on Atlas and KDF 9 machines.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.183  December 1967

Folder of miscellaneous notes and printout on 'Character set questions'

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.184  1966-68

'CPL. Notes and revisions'.
Folder of miscellaneous notes and narratives
'CPL Working Papers. Suggestions for Amendments and Extensions of the Language', 3 pp. ms. of introduction, lists of amendments, suggestions, and points for discussion.
List of 'Work to Do' (on CPL and BCPL), 12 April 1968, on the reference manual, formal semantics, BCPL, machine design, etc.
'Programmers Parametrically Polymorphic Functions'.
'Proposed Revision of CPL Expression Syntax'.
'Syntax and Grouping' (2 November 1966).
Duplicated set of notes for the revision of CPL, no author or date. Heavily annotated by Strachey.
Miscellaneous loose pages of notes.

[no title or date]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.185-C.196

The material in this section includes correspondence on CPL and BCPL (CSAC 71.1.80/C.185 - CSAC 71.1.80/C.188), copies of the BCPL Reference Manual (CSAC 71.1.80/C.189) and Compiler (CSAC 71.1.80/C.190), and notes and routines by Strachey and the Programming Research Group 1967-73 for BCPL (CSAC 71.1.80/C.191 - CSAC 71.1.80/C.196).
The initials BCPL are usually understood to denote Basic Computer Programming Language, though see CSAC 71.1.80/C.172 for Strachey's alternative expansion Baby CPL.
BCPL was devised by Martin Richards at M.I.T. as an implementation subset of CPL. In a letter to L. Goldthorpe, 3 November 1967 (CSAC 71.1.80/C.186) Strachey described BCPL as looking 'rather like CPL but is designed to be easy to compile and to make it possible to produce fairly good code'. The original plan had been for Richards to write a CPL compiler in BCPL, but he later decided to concentrate his efforts on improving the BCPL compiler (see CSAC 71.1.80/C.187). In Oxford, Strachey and the Programming Research Group developed an operating system written entirely in BCPL for their Modular I computer which was delivered in March 1969.
Because BCPL was developed from CPL, it is not possible to make a strict distinction between work on the two languages. The folders below are mainly concerned with BCPL and usually bear Strachey's headings to that effect, but there are numerous references to CPL, and it will have been observed that some folders in the preceding section on CPL contain papers or material on BCPL. Similarly, it has been thought best to leave material on BCPL in the 'Cambridge' period of Strachey's career although the work on BCPL was done after his move to Oxford. For additional material on the Mod. I and KDF9 computers, as well as other projects of the Programming Research Group, see CSAC 71.1.80/C.208 - CSAC 71.1.80/C.223.

Correspondence on CPL and BCPL  CSAC 71.1.80/C.185-C.188  1966-70

Includes letters describing plans and research, as well as shorter correspondence re distribution of manuals, requests for further information, meetings and visits, etc. Some are carbon copies only of Strachey's letters.
In chronological order.
4 folders

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.185  1966

(Includes letter to R.F. Churchhouse, 31 May, enclosing 1p. note on 'CPL Compiler', and letter from F.G. Duncan, 10 December, with comments on CPL Working Papers).

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.186  1967

(Includes letter from P.J. Landin, 22 January, on data structures, correspondence with C.S.L. Atkinson re use of BCPL for Code Generator for the ICT 1900, carbons of Strachey's letters to accompany copies of his Copenhagen lectures, 'Fundamental Concepts in Programming Languages' (see CSAC 71.1.80/F.40-CSAC 71.1.80/F.54), and of letter to L. Goldthorpe, 3 November, describing plans for implementation of CPL and BCPL).

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.187  1968

3 pp. typescript letter, 4 April 1968, from M. Richards at M.I.T., giving reasons for his decision not to write a CPL compiler in BCPL, but rather to improve the 'efficiency and machine independence' of the BCPL compiler. 'I realized that the reasons for using CPLOCODE as the intermediate object code are not valid if BCPL is implemented for its own sake. I have thus chosen to specify and implement an alternative object code which is specifically designed for BCPL'. A printout of an example of its use was enclosed with the letter and remains in the folder. Also included is a photocopy of 'Compilation of Demo BCPL. Not debugged', 5 May 1968, sent by Richards and annotated by Strachey.
The letter also describes the arguments employed by Richards in a paper he was writing on 'rationalizing my views of types'.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.188  1968-70

(Includes letter from A.G. Frazer, 6 February 1968, on data structures, brief correspondence re Modular One operating system, 1969, and on BCPL operating systems OS1 and OS2, 1970).

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.189  1967

'BCPL Reference Manual. Project MAC', by M. Richards, 21 July 1967. 27 pp. stencilled copy.
Includes copy of 'CPLOCODE Language' by M. Richards, 12 March 1967, 8 pp.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.190  1967

'BCPL Compiler', by M. Richards
60 pp. of computer printout annotated by Strachey. The BCPL compiler was itself written in BCPL and was designed to be easily transferable to other machines.

Notes and routines implementing and using BCPL, by Strachey and Programming Research Group  CSAC 71.1.80/C.191-C.196  1967-73

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.191  n.d

'BCPL Line Imager. Atlas [SYMBOL: right arrow] Internal.'
Calculations and tables on 'Special characters', 'Internal from Atlas'.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.192  1967

'BCPL Object Code.
Investigations for Improvement'.
Folder of ms. notes, n.d., and 2 printouts (1967).
Printout of User Code Assembly System, 28 November and 1 December 1967, heavily annotated by Strachey.
'Translation of for-loops', ms. notes.
'Collapse entry', ms. notes.
Printout 'Tree Ocode List Run', heavily annotated by Strachey, n.d. (related to work on 'Internal from Atlas' and 'Special characters' above).
Miscellaneous ms. notes and printouts.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.193  n.d

Folder of miscellaneous notes
'Abstract Syntax of BCPL Declarations', 10 pp. ms.
'BCPL Compile-time Reports', 4 pp. stencilled typescript.
'BCPL Queries', 1 p. ms.
Miscellaneous ms. notes labelled 'BCPL special fns', 'Notation', 'Semantics of BCPL', 'Types in BCPL', 'Useful Functions', and many sets of notes which are not labelled.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.194  1968

'BCPL/CPL Preprocessor'.
Folder of ms. notes, narratives and routines, some bearing various dates
'BCPL Preprocessor', 3 pp. ms.
'Recognizers for Lexical Analysis', 11 pp. ms.
'Main Outlines of Preprocessor', 3 pp. ms., 21 May 1968.
'Notes on existing BCPL Compiler', 1 p. ms., 19 May 1968.
'Note on Numbers and Constants in BCPL Compiler'
1 p. ms., 20 May 1968.
Notes on streams, 7 pp. ms., 21-22 May 1968.
'Underlined Words', 10 pp. ms.
'BCPL Canonical Symbols', 8 pp. ms.
Notes on character sets.
3 sets of ms. notes, not titled or dated.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.195  n.d

Related information: see also CSAC 71.1.80/C.194 above

'BCPL Misc. Notes'.
Folder of notes, including
'Character Sets etc. in BCPL compiler', 3 pp. ms.
'Optimisation of OCode', 1 p. ms.
'The AE syntax for BCPL', 2 pp. typescript.
'BCPL Formal Semantics' by P. Wallis, 6 December 1973, 33 pp. photocopy of typescript and ms. draft.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.196  1973

Folder of miscellaneous undated ms. notes, on streams, recursive and non-recursive functions, Tree Streams (by D. Park), etc.
Some of the material, including printout dated 1973, relates to an 'Algol Compiler in BCPL' which was an uncompleted project of the Programming Research Group.

[no title or date]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.197-C.201

Related information: See also CSAC 71.1.80/F.32.

General Purpose Macrogenerator (GPM)
In an autobiographical note written in 1971, Strachey described this as follows
An interesting byproduct of the work on CPL and its compiler was the General Purpose Macrogenerator which is in effect a simple but very general string processor. This program has now been implemented in almost every country in which computing is a research subject - I certainly know of implementations in Australia, Japan, Poland, Norway, Denmark, Germany, France, Italy, Holland as well as several in England and America. It gives an elegant example of the use of a stack and shows the power of functional composition to construct complicated operations from simple primitives. It is not, however, of any very deep theoretical interest and I now regard it as a rather beguiling time-waster.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.197  1965

'A General Purpose Macrogenerator'. University Mathematical Laboratory Cambridge Technical Memorandum No.65/1, March 1965.
Duplicated typescript, 40 pp., with ms. corrections and errata, June 1965.
(The paper was also published in the Computer Journal, October 1965, see CSAC 71.1.80/F.32.)

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.198  15 January 1964

'Macrogenerator Mk. II'.
2 pp. typescript routines

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.199  January, February, April 1964

'Macrogenerator Mk.III'.
Bundles (some extensive) and loose pages of routines, test printouts, comments on results, etc., most headed 'CSMG3' [C. Strachey Macrogenerator Mark III] and many worked on Titan Program sheets.
Only a few sheets have dates

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.200  March 1965

'GPM. General Macro Definitions'.
Notes, routines and test printouts, mainly on 'Defargval' routine

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.201  1966

Correspondence with B. Raphael, Chairman of Comparison of Languages Subcommittee, A.C.M., with questionnaire and Strachey's reply describing GPM

[no title or date]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.202-C.274

See CSAC 71.1.80/A.68 and Section B for the history and setting up of P.R.G.
The material includes work on the following, as well as on other projects.
CSAC 71.1.80/C.202 - CSAC 71.1.80/C.207 Visits and work at Project MAC
CSAC 71.1.80/C.208 - CSAC 71.1.80/C.212 KDF9
CSAC 71.1.80/C.213 - CSAC 71.1.80/C.223 Modular One (Mod I)
CSAC 71.1.80/C.224 - CSAC 71.1.80/C.241 Formal semantics (with D. Scott and others)
CSAC 71.1.80/C.242 - CSAC 71.1.80/C.274 Miscellaneous notes and drafts.
Strachey's main interest in the later part of this period, on mathematical semantics and programming theory, was disseminated chiefly through discussions, lectures and talks, or shorter papers, but not by any comprehensive publication during his lifetime (see CSAC 71.1.80/F.61-CSAC 71.1.80/F.75).
Much of the work was collaborative with Strachey's colleagues in P.R.G., notably D. Park, D. Scott and J.E. Stoy, and with research students such as R. Milne, C. Wadsworth; contributions from these and others are included in the folders and idenfied where possible.
Guidance from M. Harper and J.E. Stoy on the content and dating of some of this material is very gratefully acknowledged.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.202-C.207  1966-70

Visits and work at Project MAC (Multiple-Access Computer, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Papers and correspondence relating to various visits paid by Strachey to Project MAC to lecture and advise, including reports and professional correspondence re projects, courses, personnel, as well as travel and personal arrangements, etc.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.202  1966

CTSS (Compatible Time-Sharing System) Programmer's Guide

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.203  April-November 1966

Correspondence with J.M. Wozencraft re work in progress, personnel, CPL Compiler, etc. at Project MAC

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.204  May 1967-July 1968

Correspondence and reports, re Strachey's visit to Project MAC to assess and advise on 'programming linguistics', graduate course, July 1967, with miscellaneous reports on the course and on the visit, and recommendations for revisions.
Contract, travel visa arrangements, etc. are also included.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.205  July 1969

Correspondence, etc. re visit to lecture at M.I.T. in summer session course on 'Programming Linguistics'
Includes correspondence on research in progress, travel and financial arrangements, etc.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.206  1969

Bell Telephone Laboratories.
Invitation to Strachey to visit and lecture at Laboratories during visit to US for M.I.T. Summer Session
Includes correspondence on research in progress, travel and financial arrangements, etc.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.207  1970

Correspondence, etc. re visit to M.I.T. to lecture at second Summer School on Programming Linguistics in July 1970.
Includes professional correspondence on research in progress.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.208-C.212  1967-69

This was Oxford University's Computer. Strachey used this machine and the Atlas machine at Chilton for various translating and implementation programmes using CPL and BCPL.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.208  c1967

Miscellaneous notes and routines for programming experiments on KDF9, 'line imager', Atlas-ASC II, etc.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.209  c1967-69

'KDF 9 Programs'
Miscellaneous notes and routines.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.210  c1967

'KDF 9
Macrocode System. Writeups, etc.'
8 pp. typescript note on 'Macrocode System for KDF 9', explaining purpose of system and terms used: LUP (Load Update Pair), FVL (Free Variable List), 9 January 1967.
3 typescript notes on aspects of the system.
4 ms. notes, two of them being drafts for above.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.211  n.d

'Code Generator for KDF9. OCode to User Code'.
'User Code Generator for CPL OCode', 8 pp. ms.
25 pp. ms. of program for code generator, n.d.
Numerous sets of ms. notes on code generator.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.212  1969

BCPL Usercode Generator
KDF 9 Streams'
One folder of stencilled reports; nos. 1-13 are dated June 1969.
1. 'Storage Allocation'
2. 'KDF9 Character Input Stream'
3. 'Temporary Monitor Routine and Error Exits'
4. '8 bit characters (from P702) to KDF9 6 bit characters Input Stream'
5. 'Titan Characters to 8 bit Characters Input Stream'
6. 'Titan 7-bit Input Stream'
7. 'Punch Tape Code to Line Printer Code Output Stream'
8. 'Blank Output Streams'
9. 'Punch Tape Code to Line Printer Character Stream'
10. 'Device "Streams"
11. 'User Code Character Output Streams'
12. 'Temporary Merge Output Streams'
13. 'User Code Block Output Streams'
14. 'Line Imager'
15. 'Tab Replaces'
16. 'User Code Generator for CPL Code'
17. No title

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.213-C.223  1969-71

Modular One (Mod I)
This was the P.R.G. Computer, supplied by Computer Technology Ltd. for Strachey's S.R.C. project. The S.R.C. grant was agreed in November 1968 and the machine was delivered in March 1969. Strachey and his team had written a compiler and operating system, using BCPL, and the machine was operating almost at once. This episode is described as follows in 'Getting down to software fundamentals' (included in CSAC 71.1.80/A.2)
'Mod One arrived midday on March 19, and passed its acceptance tests that evening. Less than 48 hours later they had the whole lot working.'

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.213-C.215  January and February 1969

3 sets of tagged ms. notes and test printouts for Mark I and Mark II Intercode for the Modular One machine.
Most of the notes are date-stamped

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.216  1969

'Set up Bootstraps'.
Looseleaf ring binder of ms. notes and routines, almost all in Strachey's hand, but with some later material by D. Park, P. McGregor. Strachey's notes are dated January-February 1969.
The material is divided as follows
'Set up General'
'Bootstrap I'
'Bootstrap II'
'OS1 Set up'
The notes by Strachey are designs for programs to load the P.R.G's Operating System (OS1) into the Modular One Computer from paper tape. They are in 'Written IC' (Interpretive Code, designed by Strachey in the sets of notes in CSAC 71.1.80/C.213-CSAC 71.1.80/C.215) for Bootstrap I and Bootstrap II, Tape 1, and in BCPL thereafter. There is later material from other members of P.R.G., as this was an active working file until at least 1971.
(Information supplied by M. Harper of P.R.G.)

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.217  1969-71

Tagged folder of stencilled notes, information and routines kept as a manual for Modular One. Various dates

Work on 'Exec. I'  CSAC 71.1.80/C.218-C.220  1969-70

'Exec. I' was the Executive program supplied by Computer Technology Limited with the P.R.G.'s Modular One machine. CTL would not supply the text of the Assembly Code program, so Strachey produced an unannotated listing from the Assembled binary tape.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.218  c 1969

'Modular I. Exec.I'
Bound folder of program, with some ms. annotations. n.d.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.219  n.d

Miscellaneous ms. decoded and annotated sections from CTL's Exec. I program, produced by Strachey from the unannotated listing, to see how it worked. Probably 1970.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.220  1970

Miscellaneous ms. notes, all re decoding and annotating of CTL's Exec. I program, some with dates March-April 1970. One technique for describing what a particular subroutine did was to write an 'equivalent' BCPL routine, and there is a 2-page narrative note describing conventions to be used when doing so.
(Information supplied by M. Harper of P.R.G.)

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.221  1970-1971

'Stream Compiler'.
Miscellaneous bundles of notes and routines, all in Strachey's hand, some dated December 1970-January 1971, on the design and implementation of the 'Stream Compiler' which was a new compiler for BCPL to run on the P.R.G.'s Modular One System. The work was being done by one of Strachey's D.Phil. students (Alan C. Bamford) under his direction.
(Information supplied by M. Harper of P.R.G.)

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.222  1971-1973

Printout headed 'Russian Problem', December 1971. (Program for the 'Stream Compiler')
Also included are printouts for 'Factorial' program and of part of the 'Stream Compiler' itself, and other notes and printouts 1972-73.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.223  1971-1978

Strachey's Original Specification for an 'Off-Line Job Queue' for the P.R.G.'s Modular One computer, dated 28 May 1971.
This program served as a 'batch processor' for programs held in a queue. [A version of the program is still in use (January 1978)]
(Information supplied by M. Harper of P.R.G.)

[no title or date]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.224-C.241

Formal Semantics (in collaboration with D. Scott and others) including [lambda] - Calculus (CSAC 71.1.80/C.237-CSAC 71.1.80/C.240).

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.224  1969

'Notes for Book on Math. Th. of Comp.'
Plans, chapter headings and notes for book 'A Mathematical Theory of Computation', to be written by Scott and Strachey. The plan and chapter headings are in Scott's hand; comments, notes and drafts for sections of the work are by Strachey. Various dates August 1969.
The book was not completed, but many of the notes and calculations in the following folders were preparatory material for the project.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.225  1970

Related information: see CSAC 71.1.80/C.228 below

'Various formal prog. languages'.
Notes and ideas on types of languages, some by Scott but mainly by Strachey.
'Language 0'
'Language 1'
'Mini-language 1', February-March 1970
'Language 2. Assignment and Hops'
'Language 3. The simple procedure language', by Scott and Strachey

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.226  n.d

Related information: Kept with CSAC 71.1.80/C.225

'Paradigm Prog. Lang. (PPL). Version 1' (by Scott and Strachey).
'P.P.L. Version 2' (by Scott and Strachey).

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.227  n.d

Related information: Kept with CSAC 71.1.80/C.225

Shorter notes
'Languages' (possibly outline for work to be done for projected book)
'Algol 60' (on verso, 'Language O')
'A purely applicative language'
'Commands or expressions'
'Simple programming language with side effects'

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.228  August 1970

'Mathematical Semantics for two simple languages'.
Duplicated typescript of paper read by Scott and Strachey (on Language O and Language 1) at Princeton

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.229  1970

'Jumps, etc.'
Sequences of notes and routines (collaborative work with Scott).
'A small "Continuation" language' (typescript note, basis of the work)
'Program Segments', calculations and narrative, 2 items both April 1970
'Jumps, Hops, Labels', more extended sequence of calculations and narrative, April 1970
'Commands/Jumps Semantics'
'Examples of Hops, Skips and Jumps (approx. PAL)'
'Attempts at Jumps'
'Jumping Into and Out of Expressions', 3 pp. narrative by Strachey dated August 1970, ms. and typescript versions.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.230  July 1970

'Data Types in Programming Languages'.
2 ms. drafts for work, perhaps lecture, with this title

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.231  1970-1971

'General Notes on Series
Typographical Expts.'
Notes and examples of symbols for computer languages, in various type-faces, in connection with planning and publication of P.R.G. Technical Monographs, 1970-71.
Includes letter to Scott on the subject, March 1970.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.232  1969-1972; 1970-1972

'Formal Semantics
Miscellaneous work more or less in progress'.
Bundles of notes, calculations and narrative, various dates March 1969-February 1972, with headings or titles as follows
'Basic Functions'
'Conditional Expressions'
'Simple language without side effects'
'Sample Class 2 language (derived from PA)'
'Abstract syntax'
'Stored Commands'
'Lists and Polyadic functions'
'Example (2nd Loop th.)'
'Loop Theorem I'
'Simplification of fixed point results'
'Assignment method for recursion'
'Dijkstra's Problem' (2 sets, February 1972 and earlier work, March 1970)
Untitled (on Dijkstra)

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.233  n.d

Undated notes and calculations by Strachey on same subject (kept with above).

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.234  n.d

Notes and ideas by R. Milne, S. Linfoot and other members of P.R.G. (kept with above)

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.235  1970-1971

'Formal Semantics
Tagged set of 'Miscellaneous Formulae' in Strachey's hand, various dates March 1970-March 1971.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.236  n.d

'Useful formulae and equivalences' (by C. Wadsworth, annotated by Strachey).
Miscellaneous problem sheets, etc. by D. Park, J. Stoy and others (kept with above).

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.237  December 1970

'[lambda] - Calculus and models'.
Includes paper by D. Park, and miscellaneous notes by Strachey

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.237 A  1970

'Lattice Theory. Misc. Notes'.
Bundles and loose pages of notes by Strachey, Scott, Park, and handout for lectures on Lattice Theory.
Includes 'Revised version' of Park's paper 'The [lambda] - Combinator in Scott's [lambda] - Calculus Models' and a copy of his covering letter to Scott, October 1970. Various dates

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.238  1970

'[lambda] -Calc.'
Includes extended narrative by Strachey ' [lambda] - Calculus as a language. Contains details of proof of correctness of substitution lemmas etc. in the model', December 1970.
6 bundles of notes and calculations by Strachey, R. Milne, C. Wadsworth.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.239  1973

'Dana Scott's LAMBDA and Simplified universal domain'.
Copy of Scott's paper 'A simplified construction for [lambda] - Calculus Models' delivered at Uppsala, April 1973.
Extensive notes and comments on above by Strachey.
Various dates, May-June 1973.
'Subsets of Pw', notes by Scott (Trinity Term 1973).

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.240  1973-1975

Various notes and problems on [lambda] - Calculus, perhaps for course of lectures, annotated by Strachey, 1973.
Correspondence with P. Welch 1975 re a problem arising from the lectures.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.241  1972

Folder of research material on programming languages and miscellaneous problems, by members of P.R.G. and others, sent to Strachey or kept by him as background information. Mainly 1972.
Includes reports and papers on research in progress by R. Milne, C. Wadsworth (P.R.G.); extended correspondence between D. Scott and R. Milner, 1972, on [lambda] - Calculus and lattice structures; notes on 'Jump-free PAL' by S. Linfoot (P.R.G.).

Miscellaneous notes and drafts  CSAC 71.1.80/C.242-C.274  [n.d.]

'An Abstract Model for Storage'.  CSAC 71.1.80/C.242, C.243  [n.d.]

Related information: See CSAC 71.1.80/G.34

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.242  n.d

'A.M.S. Manuscript. 1st Draft'.
Ms. and first typed draft with ms. corrections for Introduction and Chapter I of work with this title, July 1971.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.243  1970-1971

'An Abstract Model for Storage'.
Folder of notes, plans and calculations, some under title 'An axiomatic model of storage', a few by Scott but almost all by Strachey. Various dates June 1970-May 1971.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.244  c1970-1971

'Notes on "call by name" and "call by value"'.
Notes and papers, probably taken for, or at, discussion meeting at P.R.G. n.d. c.1970-71.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.245  1971

'OS6. Text and some notes'.
Notes and calculations on 'Free Store Package' and vectors, with test printouts, dated October-November 1971.
For P.R.G. in-house seminar on 'Style in Programming' which discussed examples of bad programming style found in the OS6 system.
(Information supplied by M. Harper of P.R.G.)

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.246  1972-74

Folder for 'Bug file' and other notes
The idea of the 'BUG FILE' was that all the members of P.R.G. would analyse (and record) their program bugs so that causes of mistakes could be recognised. Unfortunately most people (including Strachey) only kept their file for a week or so, and nothing came of the idea.
(Information supplied by M. Harper of P.R.G.)

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.247  October-November 1972

'Bit Streams'.
Notes and printout

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.248  1972-74

'Console Experiments'.
Folder of miscellaneous material on programming and use of P.R.G.'s computer; includes a few notes and programs by Strachey, and some notes and reports by other members of P.R.G. Various dates

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.249  1971-72

Related information: See CSAC 71.1.80/H.32.

'Machine Design'.
Notes, calculations and drafts on ideas for computer design, various dates
'Possible I.C. Machine', 24 February 1971.
'Design of Large Computer Systems', 5 pp. ms. draft, possibly draft for paper or recommendation.
The sub-heading is 'Sequel to Time-sharing in Large Fast Computers' and suggests that the reduction in cost of hardware means that time-sharing is no longer desirable except in small-scale console systems on local small computers. n.d.
Untitled similar draft on machine design, n.d.
'Notes on Very Large Projects', 5 pp. photocopy of ms. draft, with a note 'Notes not used at Conf. on Undergraduate Curriculum in Comp. Sci., Univ. of Waterloo, 2-3 October 1972'.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.250  n.d

Miscellaneous notes and calculations, perhaps also for ideas on machine design, on 'Hops', 'Stack machine' (1972), 'Squasher Table' (for BCPL), etc.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.251  6 March 1973

'Design of new programming languages'.
Miscellaneous notes for talk or paper to answer questions 'Why? How? What for? What?'

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.252  1973

'Manifest Functions'.
Includes notes on 'Manifest functions' and also other notes on language design headed
'Language I', June 1973
'Error exits from functions and routines', August 1973
'Dynamic type checking', n.d.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.253  1973

Miscellaneous bundles of notes, calculations and narrative, mainly on 'Conditional Expressions', and various 'Models of Store'. Various dates, latest December 1973.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.254  1973-74

Miscellaneous narratives, notes, calculations, routines and printouts, mainly connected with an Anagram program which Strachey was developing

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.255  June 1974

Ms. questions and problems on formal semantics and concepts in programming languages, devised for section 'Theory of Programming Languages' in Honour School of Mathematics, Oxford

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.256  March 1974

Miscellaneous notes and calculations on semantics, some dated

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.257  March-April 1975

Miscellaneous routines and test printouts. Mainly for 'Recipes' program, possibly intended to test ideas on compact storage of information, and some general P.R.G. computer documentation

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.258  n.d

'Misc. Programming Notes and Tricks'.
Folder of miscellaneous material, mainly on self-reproducing programs devised by Strachey and others in P.R.G. Includes a sequence of notes by Strachey on 'Recursive Routines and Loops'.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.259  n.d

Miscellaneous undated notes, some for programs, some for problems and puzzles. Various periods to 1972.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.260  1972-1973

Miscellaneous notes and narratives, perhaps for talks or papers on various problems, e.g. store, recursion, continuation language, domains, etc., some dated 1972 and 1973.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.261  1974

'Notes on various topics'.
'On models', ms., perhaps for short talk, 5 pp., November 1974.
'Thoughts about Syntax', ms. 1 p. n.d.
'The Axiom of Choice', n.d.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.262  1966

'Misc. notes for papers, articles, etc.'
'Notes on self-teaching programs', 1 p. with note, M.I.T. 1966.
'Abstraction in Programming Languages', 1 p. notes
'Numerals', 2 pp.
Plan for publication on philosophical foundations and methods of language programming, under 17 headings with notes on contents, 7 pp. n.d.
'Logical Structure of a Small Operating System', 3 pp.
'The Structure of Operating Systems', 4 pp.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.263-C.274  1968-75

Teaching and research material
This material came to hand at a late stage in the preparation of the catalogue. Its inclusion here as an addendum unavoidably breaks the chronological order roughly preserved in the preceding entries.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.263  1969

'Misc. semantics'.
Typescript and ms. notes on various topics, by Strachey and other members of P.R.G., 1969.
Includes two tagged bundles of notes by Strachey, on 'ALGOL Formal Semantics' and 'Types and other Manifest attributes'.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.264  1969

'Seminar on formal semantics. Mich. 1969'.
Ms. notes by Strachey on D. Scott's seminar on formal semantics given at Oxford, November 1969. Includes some teaching material distributed by Scott.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.265  1969-72

'Style in programming
Notes, exercises and examples for courses at Oxford.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.266  Mainly 1970

'Style in programming
Notes, exercises and examples for courses at Oxford.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.267  1972-73

'Style in programming
Notes, exercises and examples for courses at Oxford.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.268  September 1968

Undergraduate Computer Course
Notes, exercises and examples for vacation courses on programming, at Oxford.
Examples and exercises

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.269  September-October 1972

Undergraduate Computer Course
Notes, exercises and examples for vacation courses on programming, at Oxford.
Material for a course on 'Introduction to Computing'

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.270  September 1973

Undergraduate Computer Course
Notes, exercises and examples for vacation courses on programming, at Oxford.
Material for 'Undergraduate Computer Course'

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.271  1971-74

'Logical Hardware Lecture Notes, Hilary 1971'
Tagged bundles of notes and narratives, and miscellaneous exercises and problems, bearing various dates

[no title or date]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.272

'Handouts (Technical)'.
Folder of ms. and duplicated material, notes and examples on semantics, [lambda] - calculus, etc., probably for teaching.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.273  March 1974-March 1975

Miscellaneous ms. notes and narratives, various dates

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/C.274  January-February 1975

Tagged bundle of notes on 'Outline of Processes of Computation'
With some loose pages of diagrams on same subject headed 'Abstract Process of Computation' and 'Concrete Process of Computation'.

SECTION D CONSULTANCIES  CSAC 71.1.80/D.1 - D.109  [n.d.]

Most of the material dates from 1959-64, when Strachey was in practice as a private consultant; some antedates this period, (see CSAC 71.1.80/D.82 - CSAC 71.1.80/D.84 for advice requested while Strachey was still teaching at Harrow)and several firms maintained an arrangement, whether on a formal or an ad hoc basis, for several years after the formal winding up of the practice.
Though industrial firms form the major part of those involved, Strachey was also consulted by universities, research establishments and official bodies such as National Research Development Corporation.
The material is presented alphabetically. It may consist of formal and financial agreements, arrangements for visits and meetings, working notes, research material and reports, and should be read in conjunction with items in Section C relating to e.g. work on E.M.I. and Ferranti computers, and with the index.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/D.1  May 1962

University of Adelaide Computing Centre.
Exploratory correspondence re project to write 7090 FORTRAN translator for CIRRUS computer at Adelaide. Strachey was willing to undertake the project in conjunction with A.S. Douglas of Corporation for Economic and Industrial Research, and a costed plan was submitted. The project appears not to have developed.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/D.2  March 1963

Bank of Ireland.
Brief correspondence re advice on use of Computer for Bank of Ireland.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/D.3  July-September 1962

Burroughs Corporation.
Brief correspondence and note of meeting

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/D.4  January 1961-February 1963

C.A.V. Limited.
Strachey was recommended to the firm by Lord Halsbury, and acted as consultant for them in devising and supervising acceptance tests for their new Leo III computer.
Folder includes correspondence re meetings, working papers and routines, programme and schedule of acceptance tests, notes and memoranda on meetings and discussions, reports on 6 days of acceptance tests, publicity leaflet issued on formal acceptance of the machine.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/D.5  1973-1974

Computer Technology Limited.
Brief correspondence re possible consultancy arrangement, and also re exchangeable disc for Mod. I at P.R.G., October-November 1973.
Correspondence re proposal for Minicomputer Industry in Europe, 1974.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/D.6  1958-1962

Corporation for Economic and Industrial Research (C.E.I.R.).
Note by Strachey of visit from President, C.E.I.R. (H.W. Robinson) re possible consultancy. 1960.
Brief correspondence with A.S. Douglas re NIGEL project, 1962.
Included with the folder is a letter re possible consultancy with I.B.M. 1958.

Computer Analysts and Programmers Limited (C.A.P.)  CSAC 71.1.80/D.7-D.9  [n.d.]

Strachey became a Director in 1963, resigning this title on his appointment to Oxford in 1967 but remaining a shareholder and 'Consulting Fellow'.
2 folders of general correspondence with directors and officials re Strachey's association with the company, statements of account and dividends, appointments, etc.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/D.7  1962-64

(Includes draft brochure of company's services).

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/D.8  1965-74

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/D.9  1973

Correspondence with M. Dan Oestricher re visit to Strachey's P.R.G., Oxford, and Strachey's comments on a note to appear in C.A.P. Views about research in progress at P.R.G.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/D.10  1964-65

University of Edinburgh Department of Electrical Engineering.
Strachey acted as Consultant to J.V. Oldfield in his research project 'A visual display system for dynamic design'; a copy of the research proposal is included.
Brief correspondence re project, and high-speed data links required.

Decca Radar Limited  CSAC 71.1.80/D.11-D.13  [n.d.]

Strachey acted as consultant on the design of a digital data processor (D.D.P.) for the firm.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/D.11  June-November 1961

Tagged folder of correspondence re consultancy arrangements and fees with members of Computer Division, Decca Radar, including advice by Strachey on planning and personnel of programming section.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/D.12  May-August 1961

Tagged folder of Strachey's notes, calculations and routines, various dates, with duplicated background information sheets from Decca Radar Ltd.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/D.13  September 1961

Ms. and corrected typescript versions of Strachey's 'Preliminary Report on the Choice of an Order Code for the D.D.P.', June, 'Supplementary report on the Choice of an Order Code for the D.D.P.', July-August, and 'Final Report on the Choice of an Order Code for the D.D.P.'

Electric and Musical Industries Limited (E.M.I.).  CSAC 71.1.80/D.14-D.32  [n.d.]

Strachey was retained as a consultant by E.M.I. from June 1959. The Computer Division of the firm was bought out by International Computers and Tabulators Ltd. (I.C.T.) in 1962; Strachey continued his consultancy (then for I.C.T. Product Planning Division) until 30 November 1963.
See Section C for further notes and working papers related to various E.M.I. projects, LISP, and highspeed computers.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/D.14  April 1959-June 1964

Tagged folder of general correspondence with officers of E.M.I.
Consultancy arrangements
Commission to report on EMIDEC 1100 (March 1960) and EMIDEC 2400 and 3400 (May 1960)
Letters to N. Brown re Strachey's LISP functions (October 1961)
Commission from E.M.I. Electronics Ltd. 'to develop an ALGOL compiler written in a machine independent language' (June 1962).

EMIDEC 1100  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/D.15  n.d

Miscellaneous information sheets re Emidec 1100, and miscellaneous notes by Strachey on machine and an administrative structure.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/D.16  n.d

'EMIDEC 1100 Programs'.
Miscellaneous ms. notes and routines.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/D.17  1959-1960

'Postmortem routine'.
Various notes and printouts headed 'Postmortem' (not in Strachey's hand), various dates July 1959, March 1960.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/D.18  1960

'Report on a study of the Emidec 1100'
(Addressed and sent to Mr. C. Metcalfe in answer to his letter of March 1960 (see CSAC 71.1.80/D.14)
Typescript and ms. draft, 26 pp., final version 17 pp., May 1960.

EMIDEC 2400  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/D.19  n.d

Program Input Routine (Part 3 of EMIDEC 2400 Data Processing System). Background material sent to Strachey for information.

[no title or date]  CSAC 71.1.80/D.20

Related information: see CSAC 71.1.80/D.24 below

2 Samples of data processing programs in use on EMIDEC 2400, sent to Strachey for information and referred to with misgiving in his report.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/D.21  n.d

'Current 2400 Programs'.
Miscellaneous ms. calculations and routines by Strachey.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/D.22  n.d

'Current EMI 2400'.
Similar material.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/D.23  n.d

'EMI 2400 Completed programs'.
Similar material, on Floating Point.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/D.24  1960

'Report on the EMIDEC 2400, September 1960'.
Ms. notes, plans and drafts, first typescript with ms. revisions 11 pp. + 2 pp. addendum, typescript final version 9 pp. + 2 pp. addendum.

EMIDEC 3400  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/D.25  1959

E.M.I. duplicated memoranda on Fast Computer and development of Emidec 3400, February, April, November (2) 1959; undated table of comparison of Emidec 2400 with I.B.M. 7070.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/D.26  n.d

Strachey's notes and calculations, mainly on administrative and financial matters, staffing for 1100, 2400, 3400, etc. (kept with above).

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/D.27  1960

E.M.I. duplicated memoranda, progress reports, etc. on 3400, including 'Proposals for the development of a new high speed computer', May 1960, and Progress reports May, June, August, September, October 1960.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/D.28  n.d

Strachey's ms. notes and drafts on 'Dynamics' and 'Geodesics'. (kept with above).

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/D.29  1961

E.M.I. duplicated memoranda, reports, specifications, tests, etc. on 3400 project, February, April (2), May, June, July, August, September, October, November, n.d. (December)1961, and a Note on Nebula.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/D.30  n.d

'EMI 3400. A.V. Logical Design'.
Strachey's folder of notes, calculations, routines and circuits.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/D.31  December 1958

Copy of letter from Strachey to P.M.S. Blackett on 'the mathematical successor of the Emidec 2400' (written from N.R.D.C.)

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/D.32  March 1957

Copy of E.M.I. memorandum on ATHENE, heavily and unfavourably commented upon by Strachey.

Elliott Brothers (London) Limited.  CSAC 71.1.80/D.33-D.37  1960

Strachey advised the firm on the Order Code for the Elliott 502 Computer.
The material in CSAC 71.1.80/D.33 is mainly official specifications, codes and routines supplied by the firm, some annotated by Strachey, with notes of meetings. CSAC 71.1.80/D.34-CSAC 71.1.80/D.37 are Strachey's own notes, etc. on the problem.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/D.33  n.d

Tagged folder of specifications, layout and diagrams of Elliott 502.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/D.34  1960

Minutes and notes of meetings, with papers and reports on various aspects of the micro-instruction code for the 502, some annotated by Strachey; brief correspondence re meetings is sometimes included from Roger L. Cook (Technical Services Manager, Computer Centre, Elliott Brothers).
The material relates to meetings on 6, 20 January, 10, 17, 24, 29 February 1960.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/D.35  1960

Similar material for meetings 9, 27 March, 1, 7 April, n.d., 9, 13 May 1960.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/D.36  n.d

Strachey's notes and calculations for Elliott 502 Micro Order Structure.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/D.37  n.d

'Bull Code'. Notes and routines with this name for Elliott.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/D.38  1956-1961

English Electric Company Limited.
Brief ms. notes by Strachey on English Electric DEUCE Computer Manual, 1956.
Brief correspondence 1961.

Evershed and Vignoles Limited  CSAC 71.1.80/D.39, D.40  1961

Strachey submitted a report to the firm on a statistical analyser.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/D.39  October-November 1961

Ms. plan and draft of report, and final typescript version

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/D.40  July-September 1961

Miscellaneous ms. notes, diagrams and calculations for the above

Ferranti Limited.  CSAC 71.1.80/D.41-D.81  [n.d.]

Following his resignation from N.R.D.C., Strachey acted as private consultant to Ferranti Ltd. 1959-62, with special responsibility for the development of an autocode for the ORION computer. Strachey's assistant Peter Landin was principally engaged on this work under Strachey's guidance. The final report, scheduled for February 1962, was not formally completed.
The Computer Department of Ferranti Ltd. was sold to I.C.T. in 1963. Because few records survive elsewhere for the Orion project, the memoranda, research papers, manuals and company material circulated to Strachey by the firm, have been retained.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/D.41  1959-62

Correspondence with Ferranti
Includes negotiations re consultancy, signed Agreement for 'the preparation of an autocode for scientific work on the Orion Computer', schedule and provisional outline of report on Orion Autocode November 1961-June 1962, termination of consultancy as from November 1962.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/D.42  1961

Miscellaneous correspondence re despatch of manuals and Company literature, company conferences, etc.
Includes correspondence re data transmission links.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/D.43  1960-63

Folder of correspondence exchanged with P. Landin as Strachey's assistant with responsibility for Orion Autocode
Includes technical correspondence, invitations to and reports on conferences or meetings attended by Landin vice Strachey, comments on drafts of proposed manuals, and notes by Strachey and Landin for their Autocode Manual, September-October 1961.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/D.44  1956-62

Material on Mercury Autocode Programme
Mainly duplicated papers, notes of meetings, etc. on Mercury Autocode and its extension to programs for Orion and Atlas.
Includes papers and Autocode Bulletins 1-3 by R.A. Brooker, and Ferranti papers: Extended Mercury Autocode on Orion and Atlas, November 1961, and Addendum to above, February 1962.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/D.45  March-April 1961

Miscellaneous ms. and typescript notes and working papers for programs on Orion project (not in Strachey's hand). Some dated

Departmental memoranda, technical notes; minutes and notes of meetings and discussions on various aspects of Orion design, extension of Mercury autocode to Orion, etc. attended by Strachey or sent to him for information.  CSAC 71.1.80/D.46, D.47  [n.d.]

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/D.46  6 October 1960 - 30 December 1960

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/D.47  6 January 1961 - 4 October 1963

Official research papers and drafts prepared for or circulated by Ferranti Computer Department on various aspects of design and programming of Orion; some with annotations by P. Landin.  CSAC 71.1.80/D.48-D.81  1959-62

In date order

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/D.48  1959

Orion System (publicity booklet)

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/D.49  1959-1960

Ferranti Orion. Provisional Order-Code, July 1959, 'with some amendments inserted by P. Landin (especially for times) 6/4/60'.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/D.50  1959

Ferranti Orion Data-Processing System. Provisional description, August 1959, annotated by P. Landin.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/D.51  March 1960

Ferranti Orion Data-Processing System. Description of a provisional Program-Input routine, annotated by P. Landin

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/D.52  28 March 1960

The Orion Nebula. A brief description of the proposed commercially oriented language for Orion

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/D.53  April 1960

Ferranti Orion Data-Processing System. Organisation and Monitoring Program

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/D.54  April 1960

Orion. Proposed Scheme for Program-Input, (diagram with note by P. Landin on verso

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/D.55  April 1960

Ferranti Orion. Provisional description of a symbolic input routine, with corrections and revisions by P. Landin

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/D.56  April 1960

Ferranti Orion. Provisional Description, 2nd edition

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/D.57  4 May 1960

'A preliminary note about the execution on Orion of Mercury autocode programs that include machine orders', by P. Landin

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/D.58  July 1960

Ferranti Orion. Primitive Input scheme

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/D.59  November 1960

Ferranti Orion. The built-in programmes

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/D.60  January 1961

Ferranti Orion. Provisional Description, 4th edition

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/D.61  March 1961

Amendment to above

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/D.62  3 January 1961

Ferranti Orion. The built-in programs

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/D.63  31 January 1961

Draft of Portion of Chapter XIII of the Nebula Programming Manual

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/D.64  6 March 1961

Ferranti Orion. Programming Exercises (machine coding)

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/D.65  14 March 1961

Ferranti Orion. Examples of complete problems for programming

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/D.66  22 March 1961

Ferranti Orion. Examples of the Use of the 101 Output Conversion Instruction

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/D.67  24 March 1961

Ferranti Orion. Two simplified problems relating to Insurance Office Work, for programming

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/D.68  n.d

Ferranti Orion. A simple program 'Special Factorize', [March 1961].

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/D.69  7 March 1961

Ferranti Orion. Description of Card Readers, Card Punches and Line Printers

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/D.70  May 1961

Ferranti Orion. Two sample complete programs

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/D.71  June 1961

Ferranti Orion. Sorting time graphs

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/D.72  11 August 1961

Ferranti Orion. Programming Exercises (addendum to CSAC 71.1.80/D.64)

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/D.73  26 January 1962

Ferranti Orion. Description of Card Reader, Card Punch and Line Printers (revised version of CSAC 71.1.80/D.69)

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/D.74  16 January 1962

Ferranti Orion. A Fortran Compiler for Orion

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/D.75  1 August 1962

Ferranti Orion. Data Input System. Specification

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/D.76  22 October 1962

Ferranti Orion. Data Input System. Specification (revised version of above)

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/D.77-D.79  October 1961

3 copies of Draft 'Orion Autocode - Users' Handbook', 70 pp. + 4 pp. Index
All copies bear annotations, comments, deletions, etc. by P. Landin, 'CMP', G.E. Felton, and Strachey.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/D.80, D.81  1961-63

Orion Programmers' Reference Manual, Vols. 1 and 2.
2 Ring-backed looseleaf binders of programs and instructions bearing various dates and many annotations and corrections in several hands as above.

Foster Brothers Limited.  CSAC 71.1.80/D.82-D.84  1950-51

Strachey was recommended to this firm by a mutual acquaintance, during his period at Harrow School.
The firm, which manufactured tapered steel poles for telegraph lines, required formulae for the calculation of stress loads vertically and horizontally.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/D.82  June 1950-May 1951

Correspondence re problem and Strachey's progress with it

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/D.83  n.d

Notes, calculations and graphs on the problem, many on verso of class exercises at Harrow.
Ms. and typed versions of Strachey's report 'Calculation of test loads for tapered tubular poles'.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/D.84  n.d

Miscellaneous drawings, diagrams and specifications sent by Foster Bros. to Strachey and with his annotations, additions, etc.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/D.85  1965

Glyndebourne Festival Opera
Correspondence re possible use of computer for Glyndebourne Opera bookings.

International Computers and Tabulators Limited (I.C.T.)  CSAC 71.1.80/D.86-D.90  1962-1968

Note: I.C.T. bought E.M.I. Computer Division in 1962 and Ferranti Computer Department in 1963, and became International Computers Limited (I.C.L.) in 1968.
Strachey became a consultant in 1963, his contract being renewed periodically to May 1965 when he left for M.I.T. He resumed his consultancy in July 1966.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/D.86  1960-1965

Correspondence on consultancy and renewals, 1964-65.
Includes one letter on Mercury Auto Code, 1960.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/D.87  1966

Correspondence on consultancy, visits, etc., and on disc store

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/D.88  January 1967

Correspondence re Basic Language Machine.
Includes I.C.T. draft manual, with comments and annotations by Strachey

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/D.89  June 1967

Correspondence re 1908 computer design

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/D.90  1968-71

Correspondence re meetings and project, especially re Interactive Programming System and user methods.
Includes reports and papers.

Mullard Equipment Limited.  CSAC 71.1.80/D.91-D.96  1961-65

Strachey was appointed Consultant to the firm from December 1961 for four years, to work in 'the field of telegraph switching'. He terminated the consultancy in 1965 when winding up his existing consultancy business before leaving for M.I.T.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/D.91  1961-65

General correspondence re consultancy, including copy of Agreement

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/D.92  1962-1964

Related information: (CSAC 71.1.80/D.95 below).

Correspondence, memoranda, etc. re meetings and projects, mainly on Electronic Telegraph Switching, and patents on 'Memory Systems' arising therefrom (1962). Some briefer correspondence on Parcel Conveyor Control (1964) is included.
Includes 2 reports by Strachey, 7 March 1962: 'Electronic Telegraph Switching. Draft Proposals' and 'Parallel Access to a Drum'. November 1961-November 1964.
Note: Fuller correspondence, drafts and information on Patents was kept in a separate file

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/D.93  December 1961 - March 1962

Brief notes and working papers by Strachey on Electronic Telegraph Switching project

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/D.94  January-February 1962

'Mullard Equipment. Working Notes'.
Tagged folder of notes and routines for the Electronic Telegraph Switching project, various dates This is the full record of Strachey's work on the project, and the basis of his summary reports in CSAC 71.1.80/D.92, an extra copy of which is included here.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/D.95  March 1962-August 1964

Correspondence, drafts, amendments, etc. re patenting of 'Improvements in or relating to information storage systems' (joint inventors were Strachey and Peter Swift of Mullard) Patent Application 19287/62. PHB 31100, on Drum Storage; Patent Application PHB 31141 (inventor Strachey) on Random Access to Drum Store.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/D.96  17 August 1961

'Logarithmic Calculator'.
Ms. and typescript drafts for a paper with this title, prepared for Mullard Ltd. and dated. (This antedates Strachey's formal consultancy with the firm, but was kept with the later material.)

National Institute for Research in Nuclear Science ATLAS Computer Laboratory, Harwell.  CSAC 71.1.80/D.97-D.99  1962-1964

Strachey was appointed Consultant to ATLAS Computer Laboratory, initially for one year from September 1962, the appointment being renewed in 1963 and 1964. On his appointment at Oxford he continued to serve as member of the Extramural Research Panel.
Correspondence re meetings, research projects, appointments, publications of books or reviews, miscellaneous proposals for ATLAS laboratory.
3 Folders as follows

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/D.97  1962-63

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/D.98  1964

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/D.99  1966-70

National Research Development Corporation (N.R.D.C.)  CSAC 71.1.80/D.100-D.103  1959-62

Related information: See also CSAC 71.1.80/A.39-CSAC 71.1.80/A.42, CSAC 71.1.80/C.27-CSAC 71.1.80/C.115.

Strachey ceased work as a full-time salaried employee of the Corporation in March 1959. From 1 June 1959 he entered into an Agreement with the Corporation to work for it as a private consultant for a specified number of days in each of the three years to 1962. The Agreement was renewed in May 1962 for a further six months, covering the period June-December 1962.
Some of the material in Section C relates to commissions undertaken for N.R.D.C. under this Agreement; see especially work for Royal Radar Establishment, on Ship Fairings, Traffic Control and EMIDEC, and Strachey's tabulated chronicle of his activities in CSAC 71.1.80/D.103.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/D.100  1959-62

'N.R.D.C. Agreement and correspondence relating'
Strachey's tagged folder, including drafts of agreement, final 'Deed' as signed 1 June 1959, and letter of renewal for six months from 1 June 1962.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/D.101  1959-61

'N.R.D.C. Pension Fund'.
Strachey's tagged folder of miscellaneous correspondence, re above.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/D.102  1959-62

'N.R.D.C. General Correspondence'
Strachey's tagged folder of correspondence and reports exchanged with Michael A. Wright (Strachey's successor with responsibility for computer activities at N.R.D.C.) on various projects with which Strachey was concerned.
They include
Letter re LIST structure problems, August 1960.
Strachey's report on 'Information Processing Languages', in particular LISP, 5 pp., February 1961 (see also CSAC 71.1.80/C.121-CSAC 71.1.80/C.135).
Plans for conference and meetings in USA, February 1961.
Correspondence on Ship Fairing, November 1961 (see also CSAC 71.1.80/C.117).
Computer Patents, August-September 1962.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/D.103  1960-62

Tabulated chronicle of activities, 3 pp.
With 1 p. to a year, this gives, in very compressed form, a complete breakdown of Strachey's work and allocation of his time as between N.R.D.C., E.M.I., Decca, Mullard and other projects for the 3 years 1960-62.
As in CSAC 71.1.80/A.6 a considerable amount of information is encapsulated in small compass.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/D.104  October 1960-July 1961

Rio Tinto Management Services (U.K.) Limited.
Correspondence, notes of meetings and discussion re possible use of computer for ore-bed and other mining assessments in the Company's work.

Siemens Edison Swan Limited.  CSAC 71.1.80/D.105-D.108  1958-60

Papers relating to Joint N.R.D.C./Siemens Computer Project, in which Strachey was one of N.R.D.C. representatives; the project became A.E.I./N.R.D.C. project from 1 January 1960.
Mainly committee papers, progress reports, etc. re 405 Computer.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/D.105  1958-1960

Agendas and Minutes of Progress Meetings, October 1958, January, March, May, June, July, August, October, November, December 1959, January, February, March, August 1960.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/D.106  1958-1960

Memoranda and reports prepared for Progress meetings by N.R.D.C. and Siemens, some written or annotated by Strachey.
Paper, 4 December 1958, by C.R. Merton outlining history of the 405 project, and future policy.
Paper, 8 December 1958, by Strachey on 405 project and future policy.
Schedules for acceptance tests and reports on machine's performance. November 1958-August 1960

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/D.107  January-June 1959

Miscellaneous duplicated notes and schedules for machine. Various dates

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/D.108  1959

Looseleaf ring-binder of specifications, preparation sheets, etc. prepared by Siemens for the machine

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/D.109  1962-63

Solartron Electronics Group
Brief correspondence and working notes on project for 'Eurocontrol Radar Simulation'


The material is presented in alphabetical order of name of committee or organisation.
Committee and background papers have been included when they deal with projects in which Strachey played a major part.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/E.1  1968-72

Association for Computing Machinery, British Chapter.
The British Chapter was formed in 1968.
Correspondence, papers re organisation of the Chapter, minutes of 2 meetings.

Automatic Programming Information Centre (A.P.I.C.)  CSAC 71.1.80/E.2-E.4  [n.d.]

A National Conference on Automatic Programming held in Brighton, April 1959, recommended the establishment at Brighton Technical College of a National Centre of Information on Automatic Programming - to maintain a comprehensive library of the literature in the field and to publish an annual review. Strachey served on its Advisory Committee; the Organising Secretary was R.H. Goodman.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/E.2  1959-61

Related information: See also CSAC 71.1.80/E.10.

Notices and minutes of meetings of the Advisory Committee, correspondence, especially re relationship between British Computer Society and A.P.I.C.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/E.3  n.d

Correspondence with R.H. Goodman, mainly re Strachey's and P. Landin's requests to borrow or have photocopies of articles from the A.P.I.C. library. Some correspondence re reviews by Strachey or Landin for publication in A.P.I.C. bulletin is also included.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/E.4  1965

Correspondence, with R.H. Goodman re possible publication of Strachey's paper on a general purpose macrogenerator in Annual Review in Automatic Programming. The paper was published in The Computer Journal see CSAC 71.1.80/F.32.
Later correspondence and papers re future of Annual Review following the death of R.H. Goodman, 1967.

British Computer Society (B.C.S.)  CSAC 71.1.80/E.5-E.20  [n.d.]

The Society was founded in 1957.
Strachey served on many of its committees and study groups, and as Chairman 1959-62 of the Committee on Scientific Programming Languages. He also contributed papers to The Computer Journal, and acted as referee for manuscripts submitted for publication.
He was made a Distinguished Fellow of the Society in 1971.
For other material re conferences or projects sponsored by B.C.S. see the general index.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/E.5  1959-62, 1972-75

Miscellaneous papers and correspondence re activities of B.C.S. (conferences, discussion meetings, Annual General Meetings, etc.)
Mainly printed material, but includes correspondence re proposed European Computer Society (ECI). Conference planned for Amsterdam 1976 for which Strachey was to serve on the Programme Committee.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/E.6  1968-75

Correspondence and papers re Strachey's membership in the B.C.S., his appointment as a Distinguished Fellow (1971) and re his membership of I.F.I.P. Working Groups 2.2 and 2.3.
Correspondence for 1968 refers to the Extraordinary General Meeting of the Society in March to consider revision of articles of membership.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/E.7  1961-62

Correspondence and papers on 'Non-Numerical Analysis'
In October 1961 The Computer Journal (Vol.4, No.3, p.212) published an article by L. Fox called 'Computing Machines for Teaching and Research' which elicited a lively correspondence in the Journal re the validity and importance of non-numerical analysis. Strachey and S. Gill replied immediately to Fox 'Your stirring article which has just appeared in the Computer Journal was obviously intended to cause controversy and we have risen to the bait'. They wrote a lengthy letter which was published in Vol.4, No.4, January 1962, and which was answered by Fox in the same issue. In this second letter Fox offered to organise a Summer School in Oxford in 1963 'on "Non-numerical applications", "Artificial intelligence", or whatever title is thought desirable, at which Gill and Strachey and other workers in these fields could give us the benefit of their knowledge'. This became the very successful Summer School on Advances in Programming and Non-Numerical Computation. (See CSAC 71.1.80/H.11, CSAC 71.1.80/H.12 for correspondence and papers re this School).
Folder does not contain a copy of Fox's original article, but includes
Typescript, stencilled typescript and proof of Strachey's and Gill's letter.
Typescript and stencilled copy of Fox's rejoinder.
Correspondence between Strachey, Gill, Fox and E. Mutch (Editor of the Journal).
Photocopies of numerous letters sent to the editor of the Journal and passed along to Strachey, Gill and Fox (these letters have not been indexed).
Copy of interesting, lengthy letter from Gill to the editor, 18 January 1962, re philosophical 'background' to the controversy.

B.C.S. Committee on programming notation  CSAC 71.1.80/E.8-E.10  1958-62

In July 1958 the British Computer Society established an Advisory Committee on Standardization of Automatic Coding Notation to formulate suggestions for a uniform programming language for scientific problems. The Committee went through numerous changes of name: it became the Research Committee on Scientific Programming Notation in December 1958, the Committee on Scientific Programming in November 1961 and the Committee on Scientific Programming Languages in February 1962. S. Gill served as Secretary of the Committee throughout its existence and Strachey served as Chairman from October 1959 until the Committee was disbanded in July 1962. The B.C.S. established a Standard Programming Languages Committee which held its first meeting on 13 February 1962 and on which Gill and Strachey served. No material relating to this committee survives here.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/E.8  1958-1962

Research Committee on Scientific Programming Notation.
Minutes of meetings 1-22 (21 July 1958-1 May 1962).
Agenda for meetings 2-22.
Committee on Automatic Coding for Business Problems (the parallel committee to the Scientific Committee).
Minutes of meetings 1-4 (31 March 1959-6 November 1959).

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/E.9  1959-62

Folder of drafts for papers produced by the Committee
'Suggestions for Notations': 6 pp. ms. and 4 pp. typescript draft by Strachey, 26 February 1959, considered by the Committee at its meeting on 3 March.
'Towards a Common Programming Language'.
3 typescript drafts of paper by Gill describing the aims of the Committee and including examples drawn from Strachey's notes (above). 3 pp., 4 pp. and 5 pp. drafts, all annotated by Strachey. The final version was published in the Computer Bulletin, vol.3, no.1, April 1959.
Typescript draft (5 pp., annotated by Strachey) of paper on layout of cycles and on operators (probably prepared by H.H. Robertson with M. Woodger), 29 June 1959, published in the Computer Bulletin, vol.3, no.3.
'Notations for Subroutines', 5 typescript drafts of paper on this subject (4 pp., 5 pp., 7 pp., 7 pp., 8 pp., all annotated by Strachey). The last one bears extensive comments by P. Landin.
'Some notes on the use of auxiliary subroutines', 2 pp. draft by D. Wheeler, 2 pp. note by Strachey, 19 February 1960, commenting on Wheeler's draft, 2 pp. 'Some further notes on the use of subroutines', 31 March 1960, annotated by Strachey and Landin.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/E.10  1958-62

Folder of correspondence and papers re the work of the Committee.
Topics include
Proposals of Association for Computing Machinery and the German Association for Applied Mathematics and Mechanics on standardization.
ALGOL and the November 1959 meeting in Paris.
The Automatic Programming Information Centre in Brighton.
An Expanded Alphabet.
Notification of meetings.
Disbandment of the Committee, etc.
Much of the material consists of carbons of letters written by Gill on behalf of the Committee or of photocopies of letters received.

Working Party on a Travelling Computer for Schools, and computers in education.  CSAC 71.1.80/E.11-E.13  1961-63

This was originally an independent working party chaired by R.H. Tizard to explore a proposal by Strachey that a small computer be mounted in a lorry and taken round to schools for demonstrations, lectures and practical experience. The Working Party was later sponsored by the British Computer Society.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/E.11  n.d

Correspondence re proposals, correspondence with school masters re feasibility of the scheme (their replies were uniformly favourable), and with the School Mathematics Project.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/E.12  1962

Minutes and notes for meetings.
Numerous drafts of explanatory proposals and papers re above.
Extracts from replies and comments by schools re the proposal (see correspondence in E. 11).
Strachey's ms. notes.
Estimates of costs.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/E.13  1963

Miscellaneous material relating to the teaching of computation in schools and examinations at A-level in the subject
Proposals, sample examination papers, correspondence re meetings to discuss project.
See CSAC 71.1.80/F.29, CSAC 71.1.80/F.30, CSAC 71.1.80/H.10 for further material relating to computers in education.

Study Group on Artificial Intelligence and Simulation of Behaviour (A is B).  CSAC 71.1.80/E.14, E.15  [n.d.]

Following a one-day symposium on A is B held at Northampton College of Technology in September 1964, Strachey joined a committee to further the project.
The other members were D.E. Broadbent, I.J. Good and D. Michie, and the Secretary was M.B. Clowes until December 1965, when the position was filled by R.M. Burstall.
The B.C.S. encouraged the project with publicity and a small financial grant.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/E.14  1964-65

Correspondence re project
Includes first Newsletter.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/E.15  1966-69

Strachey resigned from the Committee in June 1969.
Includes some correspondence on CPL.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/E.16  1974

Joint Mathematical Council.
Strachey succeeded M.V. Wilkes as B.C.S. representative on the Council from July 1974.
Brief correspondence re appointment.
Background material re Council.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/E.17  1961-70

Miscellaneous reports by Strachey on mss. submitted for publication in the Computer Journal

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/E.18  1960-67

Miscellaneous reviews by Strachey for the Computer Journal and the Computer Bulletin

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/E.19  1965

Miscellaneous correspondence arising from publications by Strachey in the Computer Journal, especially re 'An Impossible Program' published as a letter to the Editor, January 1965, 7.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/E.20  1957-73

Invitation to lecture to various B.C.S. groups and branches

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/E.21  July 1959-September 1960

British Standards Institution Panel on Punched Tape Coding.
Committee papers, drafts of British Standard for Codes for Punched Tapes, with comments by Strachey and C.R. Merton, N.R.D.C., and others.
Strachey's ms. notes

Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (D.S.I.R.). Working Party on Computer Science  CSAC 71.1.80/E.22-E.31  [n.d.]

Note: This material should be consulted in conjunction with that relating to the Science Research Council (S.R.C.) (CSAC 71.1.80/E.42-CSAC 71.1.80/E.63) which developed from D.S.I.R.
Following proposals by D.L.J. Perkins of I.C.T. and his correspondence with Sir Philip Morris, a meeting was called for 31 July 1962 under the Chairmanship of Sir Harry Melville (Secretary, D.S.I.R.) 'to discuss a proposal that a school of Computer Science or Computational Philosophy should be founded' (CSAC 71.1.80/E.22). It was agreed to appoint a Working Party to review the current use of computers in research and to recommend proposals for further research.
The Working Party, which was Chaired by L. Howarth, held its first meeting on 23 October 1962. Strachey was invited to act as its consultant (CSAC 71.1.80/E.23), his main task being to review previous work and research in progress in UK (CSAC 71.1.80/E.29-CSAC 71.1.80/E.31) and to present reports to the Working Party (included in CSAC 71.1.80/E.26, CSAC 71.1.80/E.27).
The final report of the Working Party was issued in April 1964 (CSAC 71.1.80/E.28).

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/E.22  1961-1962

Preliminary correspondence and papers.
Includes invitation to meeting, copies of proposal by D.L.J. Perkins (June 1961) and subsequent correspondence, list of those invited to meeting on 31 July 1962 and Note of its decisions.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/E.23  August 1962-May 1963

Correspondence re Strachey's appointment 'to act as consultant and expert adviser' to the Working Party, conditions of appointment, termination of agreement with effect from 1 April 1963.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/E.24  1962-1964

Correspondence re Strachey's paper on 'Computers and University Research', written 26 June 1962, which was circulated to the Working Party and appeared as Appendix II of its final report, April 1964.
A copy of the paper is included.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/E.25  23 October 1962

Papers for Working Party meeting

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/E.26  1963

Papers for Working Party meeting 26 January 1963.
Paper 8 is Strachey's 'Report on computer science in the U.S.A.', Paper 9 is his 'Report on computer science in the U.K.', Paper 11 is a memorandum from M.V. Wilkes and Strachey.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/E.27  1963

Papers for Working Party meeting 26 March 1963.
Paper 14 is Strachey's 'Note on Present Position', Paper 15 is the report on his enquiry on 'Current Computer Research in England', Paper 16 is a Memorandum by Strachey 'in my private capacity'.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/E.28  1964

Minutes of meetings.
Drafts of final report, April 1964, which recommended support for Wilkes's and Strachey's proposals for a research group at Cambridge.
Letter of thanks for participation.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/E.29  1963

Material collected by Strachey for his enquiry into current research.
In February 1963 Strachey circularised numerous universities and researchers who made 'unusual' uses of computers in their work. He sent out 63 queries which elicited 35 replies by 15 March (the date on which he prepared the report); several replies were received subsequent to that date.
Folder includes a copy of Strachey's original letter, a list of those circularised, Strachey's ms. notes and a copy of his report on the enquiry (4 typescript pages; circulated as paper 15 of the Working Party - see CSAC 71.1.80/E.27).
Strachey numbered each reply as it was received and they are presented in this order. He also numbered correspondingly the names on the mailing list and thus this list serves as a useful index to the material.
See CSAC 71.1.80/E.30 for replies to letters received by D.M. MacKay on this subject.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/E.30  1962-63

Ms. notes by Strachey on visits to research projects in UK, for memoranda for the Working Party. Includes photocopies of letters sent to D.M. MacKay from workers in various UK universities, passed on to Strachey for information.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/E.31  1962-63

Miscellaneous correspondence on visits by Strachey, research projects in UK and overseas, etc.
Brief routine correspondence re Working Party

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/E.32  1963-1965

Department of Scientific and Industrial Research, Research Grants Committee.
Strachey was appointed to the newly-constituted Computing Science Sub-committee of the above in October 1963. The Chairman was Lord Halsbury.
Letter of appointment and brief correspondence re first meeting of the Sub-committee on 18 November 1963.
Committee papers on support for computer research, heavily annotated by Strachey who describes one as 'a quite deplorable paper calculated to put irrelevant bureaucratic difficulties in the way of anyone trying to start anything interesting in computer research. It should be resisted'. Various dates November 1963-March 1965.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/E.33  1970-72

Diebold Research Program - Europe, Advisory Committee
Strachey was invited to become a member of the Advisory Committee when it was formed in 1971.
Correspondence and committee papers.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/E.34  1972-73

European Association for Theoretical Computer Science
This Association was formed in 1972 and held its first meeting in Warwick, March 1973.
Brief correspondence re Association and meeting.

International Federation for Information Processing (I.F.I.P.)  CSAC 71.1.80/E.35-E.41  1962-75

Miscellaneous material relating to I.F.I.P. conferences and activities, and in particular to Working Group, 2.2. (Programming Languages) and 2.3 (Programming Methodology) on both of which Strachey served.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/E.35  1962

Symposium on Advanced Computer Organization, I.F.I.P. Congress, Munich, 27 August-1 September 1962.
Strachey did not attend the Congress.
Correspondence re invitation to Strachey to be one of the speakers (invitation declined; David Wheeler was the UK representative).

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/E.36  1964-1966

Related information: See CSAC 71.1.80/F.31

Formal Language Description Languages, I.F.I.P. Working Conference, Vienna, 14-18 September 1964.
Programme, list of participants, correspondence.
Strachey contributed a paper on 'Towards a Formal Semantics' which was not published until 1966 in Formal Language Description Languages for Computer Programming, ed. T.B. Steel Jr., North Holland. Strachey described this paper as 'the beginning of a mathematical (as opposed to operational) approach to formulating the semantics of a programming language'.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/E.37  1966

I.F.I.P. Working Conference on Symbol Manipulation Languages, Pisa, September 1966. Sponsored by Technical Committee No.2. Strachey chaired one of the sessions.
Folder includes invitation, programme, list of participants, information re arrangements for the conference, 4 pp. typescript by Strachey 'of what I would have liked to say' for publication in the proceedings (on a 'tree sort', in CPL).

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/E.38  1967-1975

Miscellaneous papers and correspondence re I.F.I.P. meetings.
Technical Committee No.2 Working Conference, Oslo 1967, on 'Simulation Languages'.
I.F.I.P. Congress, Edinburgh, August 1968.
Technical Committee No.2 Working Conference, Norway, August 1973.
Technical Committee No.2 Working Conference, Hungary, September 1975.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/E.39  1967-1974

I.F.I.P. Working Group 2.2.
In 1967 Technical Committee No.2 (Programming Languages) established 'a working group on the problem of formal language description languages for the purpose of creating some order in the area of describing programming languages for digital computers'. Strachey served as a member of this working group from its inception.
Correspondence, lists of members, notices of meetings, discussion of topics to be covered. See also Strachey's correspondence with S.R.C. re grants to attend the meetings in CSAC 71.1.80/B.10. 1967-74
Strachey's 'Fundamental Concepts in Programming Languages' appeared as Paper 1 in Bulletin no.1 issued by the Working Group 20 February 1969. (See CSAC 71.1.80/F.40-CSAC 71.1.80/F.54).

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/E.40  1968-1969

Folder of Strachey's notes on technical papers and questions for discussion at W.G. 2.2 meeting, Copenhagen, July 1968.
Includes 3 pp. typescript 'Some Features of Programming Languages', notes on types, 1st and 2nd class objects, L and R values, sequencing, definitional structure, etc. and copy of Strachey's letter to D. Scott, 3 September 1969.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/E.41  1969-1970

Related information: See also Strachey's correspondence with S.R.C. re grants to attend the meetings in CSAC 71.1.80/B.10.

I.F.I.P. Working Group 2.3
At its meeting in October 1969 the I.F.I.P. General Assembly authorised the establishment of a Working Group on Programming Methodology. Strachey served as a member of W.G. 2.3 from its inception. See note by M. Woodger, Chairman of W.G. 2.3, 22 December 1969, on the origin and background of the Working Group.
Correspondence, lists of members, notices of meetings, agenda, informal minutes (including extensive sets of informal notes by the chairman)of 1st meeting, Copenhagen, March 1970 (17 pp.) and 8th meeting, Munich, December 1974 (62 pp.).

Science Research Council (S.R.C.) Computing Science Committee.  CSAC 71.1.80/E.42-E.63  1965-74

Related information: (see CSAC 71.1.80/E.32)

Strachey had been a member of the Computer Science Sub-committee of the Research Grants Committee of the D.S.I.R. since its inception
When this was disbanded and the S.R.C. was established he was invited to become a member of the new Committee (from 1 October 1965 to 1968). During his service he visited various university research teams and continued to referee grant applications for research in the field.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/E.42  1965-68

Related information: Some similar correspondence is included in CSAC 71.1.80/B.10.

Letter of invitation to serve on the Committee, correspondence re meetings and visits, Committee papers, letter of thanks on termination of service

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/E.43  1966-68

'Software workshop'
Strachey's tagged folder of papers and correspondence re the establishment of a national software workshop/research centre.
Draft papers were prepared by D. Michie and Strachey (June-September 1966) and were discussed at various meetings with colleagues. See also the Minutes of the Committee for 21 February 1967 when the workshop was discussed (included in CSAC 71.1.80/E.42).
The folder includes various drafts for discussion papers, notes of meetings and proposals for action.
See CSAC 71.1.80/B.17 for similar material.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/E.44  1966-67

S.R.C. Working Group on Computer Education
Strachey and N.S. Sutherland were asked by the Computing Science Committee to prepare a paper 'embodying members' criticisms of the Report' of the Working Group.
Strachey's tagged folder includes correspondence and comments by other members of the Computing Science Committee, drafts of Strachey's and Sutherland's paper, final agreed copy of Computing Science Committee's comments and of Mathematics Committee's comments.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/E.45  1970-71

Long-Range Computing Research Policy Panel, Computing Science Committee, S.R.C.
Committee papers and correspondence.
Reports on 2 special meetings for the Panel, at Edinburgh on 28 October 1970, on artificial intelligence, and in London on 8 December 1970 on programming theory and the theory of computation.
First draft of 'Final Report of the Long Range Computing Research Policy Panel', February 1971, heavily annotated by Strachey.
Correspondence on forecast of future research developments, 1971.

Reports on grant applications, research projects, visits to laboratories, research teams, etc.  CSAC 71.1.80/E.46-E.63  1962-74

17 folders in chronological order.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/E.46  1962-63

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/E.47  1964

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/E.48  1964

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/E.49  1965

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/E.50-E.53  1966

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/E.54  1967

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/E.55  1968

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/E.56  1968

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/E.57  1968

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/E.58  1969

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/E.59  1970

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/E.60  1971

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/E.61  1972

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/E.62  1973

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/E.63  1974


Most of the bibliographies and lists of publications prepared by Strachey in his lifetime were incomplete or selective, omitting early works or those which he considered to have been superseded by developments in the subject and in his own field of interest. The list below therefore includes several items which do not appear in the various bibliographies in CSAC 71.1.80/A.3.
Many of the items comprise working notes, correspondence, background or research material, and examples of the extensive drafts, consultative comments and redrafts to which Strachey - for whom formal academic writing was reputedly a chore - submitted his work.
The items are presented chronologically and cross-references are given where possible to related material in other Sections of the collection. See especially the introduction to Section H for a list of talks, papers and contributions by Strachey at conferences, symposia, etc. and which are included in that Section.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/F.1  1946

'An expression for the Sine of a Fourier Series', by C. Strachey and P.J. Wallis, Phil. Mag. Ser.7, xxxvii, February 1946.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/F.2  1946-1952

Related information: Note: For Strachey's paper 'Logical or non mathematical programmes', Proc. A.C.M. Conf. 1952, see CSAC 71.1.80/C.32.

'Hahn's Functions m ([alpha]) and m ([alpha])', by C. Strachey and P.J. Wallis, Phil.Mag. Ser.7, xxxvii, February 1946.
Both these papers acknowledge permission to publish from Standard Telephones and Cables Limited.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/F.3  October 1954

'The "Thinking" Machine', Encounter, III
Xerox copy of published article.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/F.4  1959

The Institution of Electrical Engineers, Measurement and Control Section: Specialist discussion meetings on new digital computer technique, 16-17 February 1959. Proc. I.E.E., 106, Part B, no.29, September 1959.
Contains Strachey's paper 'Programme-controlled time sharing', his opening remarks to Discussion on 'Special aspects of logical design -I' and various contributions to discussions at other sessions.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/F.5  June 1959

Related information: (An early version of work later published as CSAC 71.1.80/F.12).
See also CSAC 71.1.80/C.112.

'"Elimination" methods in matrix eigenvalue problems', by Strachey and J.G.F. Francis
Duplicated typescript.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/F.6  1959

'Time sharing in large fast computers'.
Typescript abstract, and 2 typescript versions of paper read of UNESCO conference on information processing, Paris, July 1959.
Strachey describes the paper as follows: 'Time Sharing in Large Fast Computers was probably the first paper to discuss time-sharing and multi-programming as we now know them. It is a matter of history that the time-sharing idea became extremely fashionable in the middle sixties and dominated much of the work on computing at that time. When I wrote the paper in 1959 I, in common with everyone else, had no idea of the difficulties which would arise in writing the software to control either the time-sharing or multi-programming. If I had I should not have been so enthusiastic about them.'

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/F.7  n.d

'On Taking the Square Root of a Complex Number', The Computer Journal, 2.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/F.8  1960

Paper on 'learning programmes'.
2 drafts (not identical), dated April 1960, of comments and discussion by Strachey on ideas for self-organising programmes by Mr. Maine and Dr. Ross Ashby.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/F.9  1960

'Initial Definition of Interpreted Functions'.
2 drafts, variously dated October and November 1960 (perhaps related to work on List Processing Language).

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/F.10  1960

'Two Contributions to the Techniques of Queuing Problems', The Computer Journal, 3, July 1960.
Ms. draft, correspondence with editors and colleagues re paper, revisions and corrections, corrected proof, offprint of published paper.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/F.11  1960-1961

'The Characteristics of Computers of the Second Decade', discussion meeting of British Computer Society, held at Northampton College, September 1960. Computer Bulletin, March 1961.
Strachey opened the first general discussion session, and made several contributions to the discussion.
Offprint of proceedings.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/F.12  1961

Related information: See also CSAC 71.1.80/C. 112, CSAC 71.1.80/F.5.

'The Reduction of a Matrix to Codiagonal Form by Eliminations', by Strachey and J.G.F. Francis, The Computer Journal, 4, July 1961.
Ms. drafts of paper, correspondence with editor, offprint of published paper.

2 folders of notes, routines and correspondence on use of an ALGOL program to reduce a matrix to a codiagonal form.  CSAC 71.1.80/F.13, F.14  [n.d.]

Related information: Based on program outlined in CSAC 71.1.80/F.12 above.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/F.13  1961

'Real Eigenvalues on EDSAC'.
Notes, routines and printouts, some with notes and comments by M.V. Wilkes, various dates April 1961.
Typescript of paper on 'Real Roots of an Unsymmetric Matrix', 5 pp., March 1961.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/F.14  1961

'ALGOL Programs
Derivative Form
Real Roots'
5 bundles and loose papers of notes and routines on above topics, various dates, March-April 1961.
Includes correspondence from M.V. Wilkes expressing satisfaction with the use of ALGOL for these problems.

'Some proposals for improving the efficiency of ALGOL 60' (with M.V. Wilkes), Comm. ACM  CSAC 71.1.80/F.15, F.16  4, November 1961

A paper linked to CSAC 71.1.80/F.13-CSAC 71.1.80/F.14 above, first published as Technical Memorandum 61/5, 29 July 1961, of University Mathematical Laboratory, Cambridge.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/F.15  1961

Miscellaneous ms. plans and drafts for paper, including comments by P.J. landin, various dates June-July 1961.
A copy of Technical Memorandum 61/5 is included here.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/F.16  1961-1962

Correspondence with collaborator, colleagues and editors re publication of paper and reactions to it. May 1961-February 1962.
An offprint of the published paper is included here.

Shorter publications, reviews, reports  CSAC 71.1.80/F.17-F.19  1959-62

The numbers in square brackets indicate a numbering system used by Strachey, not corresponding to chronological order, or including his major papers.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/F.17  1959-1960

Comment on Genie. An Intermediate Range Assembly System, 20 July 1960 [9].
Report on Chorofas: 'Advanced Programming Systems', 12 October 1960 [10].
Letter to Editor, New Scientist, on 'Computers and Decision Making', 16 February 1960 [11].
Review for Computing Reviews, 20 July 1960 [12].
Press-cutting of Art Buchwald's interview with Strachey in New York, N.Y. Herald Tribune, 19 June 1959 [13].
Ms. draft paper on 'Automatic Programming', n.d. [14].

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/F.18  1960-1961

Related information: See also CSAC 71.1.80/A.72.

Copy of The Times Supplement on Computers in Commerce, 4 October 1960 [15].
Review by Strachey of 'Annual Review in Automatic Programming', ed. R. Goodman. (Contains the papers presented at the Brighton Conference, April 1961), see CSAC 71.1.80/E.2), several drafts and versions, January 1961 [16].
'Bitwise Operations', 3 pp. with 3 pp. calculations, for Communications of the A.C.M., January 1961 [17].
Review of P.H. Nidditch, 'Elementary Logic of Science and Mathematics', 24 January 1961 [18].
Ms. solution to problem in New Scientist, 7 March 1961 [19].

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/F.19  1961-1962

Review of C.V.L. Smith, 'Electronic Digital Computers', for Computing Reviews, 11 July 1961 [22].
Review of J.E. Whitesitt, 'Boolean Algebra and its Applications', for Computing Reviews, 11 July 1961 [23].
Review of 'The Logical Design of STRETCH', ed. W. Buchholz, ms. and typescript versions, May 1962 [28].
Review of Cooper, 'Formal Differentiation of Algebraic Expressions', 8 February 1962 [30].
Review of G.L. Hollander, 'Drum Organisation for Strobe Addressing', for Computing Reviews, [31].
Offprint of report on Zurich Conference on ALGOL with ms. note by Strachey, 'This is one of the early papers on ALGOL and in fact refers to ALGOL-58. It is now of historical interest only'. [32].
Review of K.E. Iverson, 'A programming language', for Computing Reviews, 1962 [33].

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/F.20  1960-1974

Association of Computing Machinery.
Correspondence with editors re Strachey's contributions to Computing Reviews and Communications of A.C.M.
Includes reviews and reports by Strachey, various dates 1960-62, 1966, 1973-74.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/F.21  1961-1962

Ms. and typescript notes on 'Use of Computers', perhaps for talk given at Manchester College of Science and Technology, or prepared for B.V. Bowden, Principal of College.
Includes 2 letters from B.V. Bowden, September 1961 and November 1962 and printed background material, including script of talk 'From Hunch to Science', by Barbara Wootton, broadcast 20 February 1962.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/F.22  1962

'A new tool of the intellect', The Observer Weekend Review, 18 February 1962.
Ms. draft of article, revisions and corrections, editorial correspondence and correspondence with readers of article, press-cutting of article as published.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/F.23  1962

Contributions to Discussion meeting of British Computer Society, 18 April 1962.
Reprint from The Computer Journal, 5, 1962.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/F.24  1963

Related information: See also CSAC 71.1.80/C.141.

'The main features of CPL' (by Barron, Buxton, Hartley, Nixon and Strachey).
Reprint from The Computer Journal, 6, 1963.

Reports, notes and correspondence on computer research in British industry and universities, prepared on various occasions  CSAC 71.1.80/F.25-F.30  1962-65

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/F.25  1962

Related information: See CSAC 71.1.80/E.22-CSAC 71.1.80/E.31

'Computers and University Research'.
2 drafts (June 1962) of a paper prepared at the request of P.M.S. Blackett, and later circulated as a paper for D.S.I.R. Working Party on Computer Science.
Correspondence with Blackett and H. Jones re feasibility of establishing a research team in computing theory at Imperial College.
'Proposed Group to Study Mathematical Aspects of Computer Use', 4 pp. typescript annotated by Strachey 'Gill's proposals to Imperial College'.
Copy of application to D.S.I.R. by H. Jones for grant to investigate 'the mathematical basis of computer programming', and copy of letter withdrawing application.
1 p. untitled note by Strachey, 27 June 1962, on mathematical theory of information processing, with ms. note by Strachey 'submitted to Churchill College'.
2 pp. 'A project for investigation' by P.J. Landin, 29 June 1962.

'The Computer Industry'.  CSAC 71.1.80/F.26, F.27  [n.d.]

A paper prepared by Strachey at the request of P.M.S. Blackett, based orginally on a Report from E.M.I. Research Laboratories, by W.E. Ingham and L.F. Broadway, but developed into a comparative survey of the Computer Industry in UK and America, with proposals.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/F.26  n.d

Correspondence, including invitation to write paper, list of those to whom it was circulated, and comments from them (includes 2 pp. typed comments from S. Gill).
A copy of the E.M.I. Research paper is included here.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/F.27  1964

Ms. draft, typescript and duplicated versions of paper, 9 June 1964.
Research material with comparative performance figures, press-cuttings, etc.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/F.28  1965

'The Future of Computers in Great Britain'.
Several ms. drafts of paper prepared by Strachey for B.V. Bowden, January 1965, on the use of small computers for teaching purposes in schools.
Folder also includes copy of 'Tentative Plan for a National Computer Authority' by S. Gill, September 1964, sent to Strachey for information; correspondence with Bowden and C.P. Snow; correspondence and information re Digital Equipment Corporation to whom Strachey had written for information re their PDP 8 Computer and its suitability for teaching purposes; copy of 'The Government, The Computer Industry and Computer Technology in the United Kingdom', by W.S. Elliott, 16 February 1965. (Section 5: Computers and Computer Courses for Schools and Colleges draws on Strachey's papers 'The Computer Industry', June 1964 (CSAC 71.1.80/F.26 above) and the paper prepared for Lord Bowden above.)

Work on Computers for Schools  CSAC 71.1.80/F.29, F.30  1965

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/F.29  1965

Carbon of note by Strachey 'Computers in Great Britain' (on computer education) sent January 1965 from Churchill College, especially on use of PDP8 for the purpose, and related correspondence.

[no title or date]  CSAC 71.1.80/F.30

Related information: See CSAC 71.1.80/E.11-CSAC 71.1.80/E.13, CSAC 71.1.80/H.10 for other material on computers in education.

Ms. (untitled and undated, but probably prepared for above scheme) of information about computing, devised for school children and introducing competition 'to arouse interest in electronic computers and in the process of writing programs for them', accompanied by problems for solving.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/F.31  1964-1966

Related information: See CSAC 71.1.80/E.36.

'Towards a Formal Semantics'.
Paper submitted at I.F.I.P. Conference, Vienna, September 1964.
Typed draft with ms. corrections and revised version dated July 1964, ms. list of errata and references.
Offprint of paper from conference proceedings ed. T.B. Steel, North-Holland Publishing Co., Amsterdam, 1966 (includes discussion of paper at conference).

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/F.32  1965

Related information: See CSAC 71.1.80/C.197-CSAC 71.1.80/C.201.

'A general purpose macrogenerator', The Computer Journal, 8, October 1965.
Offprint of published paper.
2 related papers: 'Proposed Scheme for Segmenting CI's and SSR's signed CS, February 1965; 'A Comparison of the Facilities of TRAC, SNOBOL, LISP, COMIT and the General Purpose Macrogenerator of C. Strachey', Cambridge Language Research Unit Document 4, August 1967, annotated by Strachey.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/F.33  2 July 1966

Draft Specification for 'Magtyper', 3 pp.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/F.34  1966

'How to make computers do difficult things easily'.
Summary only of paper given by Strachey at Machine Intelligence Workshop, 1966, held at Experimental Programming Unit (later, Department of Machine Intelligence), Edinburgh.
Folder contains abstracts of all papers given at the Workshop, which included R.J. Popplestone's POP-1, and related material on the Experimental Programming Unit.

'Systems Analysis and Programming', Scientific American, 215  CSAC 71.1.80/F.35-F.39  September 1966

Strachey described this as 'a popular article... it describes, amongst other things, a draughts-playing program'. Strachey found difficulty in writing, and in adequately illustrating, the article, of which many drafts, revisions and alternatives survive in the folders both of working papers and editorial correspondence.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/F.35  1966-69

Editorial correspondence including invitation to write article (for special September issue of Scientific American on Information) and its content, miscellaneous additions and revisions, proposed German translation

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/F.36  n.d

Extensive ms. working papers, plans, diagrams and drafts, including comments by colleagues.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/F.37  n.d

Folder labelled 'Scientific American. Spare copies'.
Ms. drafts and revisions (not spare copies).

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/F.38  n.d

Extensively revised proofs and diagrams.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/F.39  1970

Copy of Scientific American, 215, with article as published.
Later correspondence re inclusion of article in Scientific American Reader on computers and computation

'Fundamental Concepts in Programming Languages'.  CSAC 71.1.80/F.40-F.54  1967

Related information: See CSAC 71.1.80/H.19-CSAC 71.1.80/H.21

This was a course of lectures given at the International Summer School in Computer Programming, Copenhagen, August 1967. Publication of the Proceedings was held up by editorial dilatoriness for so long that it was shelved, and Strachey continued to revise and rewrite his paper in the hope of having it published elsewhere as an extended journal article or a monograph. It remained unpublished, though some 250 copies were privately circulated.
Strachey described Fundamental Concepts as 'an important paper; it describes the basic principles underlying computing in a relatively unmathematical manner'.
In view of the importance Strachey attached to this unpublished paper, a full record of its composition and revisions has been retained.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/F.40  1967

Lecture notes, circulated for Summer School on Computer Programming, Copenhagen, August 1967, duplicated typescript with ms. corrections and revisions, 17 pp.
The lectures were originally given from these notes, which were the basis for all subsequent written versions.

Autograph ms., corrected typescript and revisions of paper, as follows  CSAC 71.1.80/F.41-F.53  [n.d.]

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/F.41  n.d

1.1, 1.2. Preliminaries, 2.1-2.6. Basic Concepts.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/F.42  n.d

3.1-3.2. Conceptual Constructs.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/F.43  n.d

3.3-3.4. Recursion. Commands and Sequencing.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/F.44  n.d

3.5. Abstraction and Application.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/F.45  n.d

3.6 (originally 3.5). Functions and Routines as Data Items.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/F.46  n.d

3.7 (originally 3.6). Types and Polymorphism.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/F.47  n.d

(Originally 3.7). Compound Data Structures.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/F.48  n.d

4. Miscellaneous Topics.
First typescript version, with ms. corrections.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/F.49  1967

November 1967 version of paper, with ms. comments and alterations by Halsbury, and errata list dated 1967.
Note: The table of contents shows some reallocation and renumbering of sections from that in the ms. version above, when the section on 'Recursion' was replaced.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/F.50  1967

'Author's Copy' of above, with some ms. corrections by Strachey and Halsbury, a letter (with 2 pp. list of 'notes') by Lord Halsbury to whom it had been sent for comment, December 1967. (see F. 49 above).

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/F.51  1967-70

'FCPL Working Papers', miscellaneous notes and drafts, including title pages, errata lists, etc. of various dates

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/F.52  1970

Pressboard binder, titled 'Fundamental Concepts in Programming Languages 1970', a photocopy of sections 1-3 only.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/F.53  1973

Another photocopy of above, with index dated October 1973, and extensive corrections and comments by R. Milne, J.E. Stoy and Strachey.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/F.54  1969-71

Correspondence with publishers re paper or monograph, mainly with editor of Computing Surveys (includes referees' favourable reports and comments)
Correspondence with Edinburgh University Press, Clarendon Press, Academic Press (1970), North-Holland Publishing Company (1971).
A duplicated copy of the paper appeared in Bulletin No. 1 of I.F.I.P. Working Group 2.2, 20 February 1969 (see CSAC 71.1.80/E.39).

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/F.55  1967

'The Provision of Software'.
2 pp. note dated December 1967.
Duplicated typescript.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/F.56  1968

Related information: See also CSAC 71.1.80/F.34 above.

Report on the Multipop system, and POP-2 language, prepared for Department of Machine Intelligence and Perception, University of Edinburgh (formerly Experimental Programming Unit)
Ms. and typescript versions of report, with Strachey's notes on performance of system, and related material on reference manual, etc.
Brief correspondence with D. Michie.

'Varieties of Programming Language'.  CSAC 71.1.80/F.57-F.59  1972

Related information: See CSAC 71.1.80/H.31

A paper read at the International Computing Symposium, Venice, April 1972 and published in the Proceedings.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/F.57  1971-1972

1 p. note on 'Varieties of Programming Language' dated August 1971, perhaps prepared for conference programme.
Errata and comments on paper, March 1972.
Ms. of text as circulated as Technical Monograph PRG- 10, September 1972.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/F.58  n.d

'Paper on Programming Languages'.
Ms. drafts and working notes for paper, including headings for talk or speech at meeting on GOL, n.d. and kept with above but perhaps intended for another occasion.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/F.59  n.d

'Paper on Programming Languages'.
Folder of drafts, mainly on existing languages, 'Assignment Statements', 3 sections on 'Subroutines'.
(Material kept together in this folder by Strachey, though possibly used on different occasions.)

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/F.60  1972

'OS6 - An experimental operating system for a small computer. Part I: General principles and structure' (with J.E. Stoy). The Computer Journal, 15, September 1972.
Offprint of published article.

'A theory of programming language semantics'  CSAC 71.1.80/F.61-F.75  1973-75

This work was submitted as a joint entry by Robert E. Milne and Strachey for the Adams Prize Essay of the University of Cambridge (closing date for entries 31 December 1974).
Strachey was Milne's Supervisor for his Thesis 'The formal semantics of computer languages and their implementations', submitted for a Doctorate of Philosophy at Cambridge (see CSAC 71.1.80/F.61-CSAC 71.1.80/F.64 below). After their subsequent collaboration for the Adams Prize, Strachey devoted much of the last months of his life to preparing the manuscript for publication, but died in May 1975 with the task incomplete. Milne rewrote and completed the work, which was published as 'A Theory of Programming Language Semantics' by Robert Milne and Christopher Strachey, Chapman and Hall, 1976.

Typescript copy of R.E. Milne's thesis.  CSAC 71.1.80/F.61-F.64  [n.d.]

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/F.61  n.d

Chapter I.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/F.62  n.d

Chapter II.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/F.63  n.d

Chapter III.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/F.64  n.d

The three 'chapters' all include pages of ms. comments and notes by Strachey.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/F.65  1974

Ms. draft for the Adams Essay, including abstracts, contents list, etc. almost all in Strachey's hand, with some notes by Milne and others. Various dates, mainly October-December 1974.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/F.66  1974

Strachey's worksheets for Adams Essay, November 1974: an itemised breakdown of the work, specifying dates of composition, typing, checking, comments, etc. for each sub-section.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/F.67  1974

'Elementary Results', miscellaneous notes and calculations, various dates, November 1973, February, July, September 1974.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/F.68  1974

Ms. notes, and first ms. drafts, July-September 1974.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/F.69  1974

Ms. notes and drafts, Preface and sections 1.2-1.9, September-December 1974.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/F.70  August-November 1974

Ms. notes and drafts, sections 3.1-3.8

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/F.71  1974-1975

Folder of miscellaneous notes and calculations, mainly testing out various hypotheses, November 1974-March 1975.
Includes copy of a note by R. Milne on 'Induction rule for loops' and two bundles of more extended notes (each 10 pp.) by Strachey, March 1975.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/F.72  March 1974-January 1975

Miscellaneous ms. notes of plans for essay, queries and problems to be checked, notes of 'Possible changes, etc. for Book', list of 'Late Alterations', Strachey's 7 pp. list of comments. Various dates

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/F.73  n.d

'SAL Standard Semantic Equations'.
Miscellaneous notes and examples for SAL 'a large and powerful paradigm programming language' introduced as Chapter 3 of Adams Essay.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/F.74  n.d

Photocopy of Preface, Abstract and specimen pages of Essay, submitted to publisher.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/F.75  n.d

Brief correspondence with University of Cambridge regarding Essay.
Includes errata list.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/F.76  1961-63

Circulation lists for Strachey's publications


Arrangement: The material is presented chronologically.

Related information: See Administrative History for a note on lectures given by Strachey at Oxford and retained at Programming Research Group.

The substance varies from brief notes and headings for talks to substantial manuscript or typescript drafts, sometimes accompanied by research material, manufacturers' literature and correspondence.
The earlier lectures were undertaken while Strachey was employed by N.R.D.C. and often at its request; almost all of these refer to problems arising from projects in hand such as the Ferranti Pegasus, CPL, theory of programming, etc.
See Sections F and H for other lectures or papers by Strachey.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/G.1  1955

Related information: (see also CSAC 71.1.80/C.65-CSAC 71.1.80/C.81 for working notes on Ferranti Pegasus).

'Programming for the F.P.C.I.', a course of 10 lectures delivered by Strachey at Northampton Polytechnic, 13 January to 17 March 1955
Printed programme and synopses of the lectures.
Ms. synopses of the lectures.
Ms. draft of 1st lecture 'Introduction to Programming for Computers', 7 pp.
Ms. notes for lectures 2 and 3.
Ms. notes for last lecture 'Mathematical Theory of some Subroutines', 10 pp.
Printed material for distribution to students - programming exercises, diagram of computing store, etc.
Folder also includes programme for series of lectures by J.H. Wilkinson on 'Programming for Pilot Ace and Deuce', and 'Short Bibliography on Automatic Digital Computing Machines'.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/G.2  1955-1957

'Birmingham Lecture Notes'.
Strachey contributed lectures to courses on operational research, sponsored by the University of Birmingham Institute for Engineering Production, on several occasions in 1955 and 1957. He was invited to repeat his lecture on 'Electronic Digital Computers' in September 1957, but declined.
'Notes for a talk at Birmingham University Operational Research Course', 13-14 October 1955. Ms. notes 6 pp., correspondence.
'Electronic Digital Computers', lecture for courses in April and May 1957. Ms. notes (6 pp. draft, 1 p. synopsis), printed notes for distribution.
Programmes for course on 'Operational Research', 13-14 May 1957 and on 'Electronic Computers in Industry', 15-19 April 1957. (Strachey is not listed as a speaker for this course.). Correspondence.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/G.3  1957

'Notes for Various Lectures'.
Folder of miscellaneous sets of ms. notes; one is labelled 'Notes on Binary Floating Point'.
Includes correspondence with M.V. Wilkes and E.N. Mutch re Summer School on scientific applications of digital computers held in Cambridge in September 1957. Strachey's lectures were titled 'Review of Commercially Available Computers'.
Folder also includes brief correspondence re a British Council Course on Digital Computers, November 1957, at which Strachey lectured, and brief correspondence with manufacturers and firms re details of their machines, for use in the lectures.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/G.4  1958

Talk to Senior Officers' Training Course, Royal Army Pay Corps, Devizes, September 1958.
1 p. ms. notes for talk.
Correspondence with organiser re arrangements for talk which was originally scheduled for January 1958 but postponed because of Strachey's ill-health.
The subject was 'Problems attendant upon installing a computer' with special reference to the N.R.D.C./Siemens project.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/G.5  1958

'Computer Techniques', 2 lectures for course on Electronic Computers and Business Problems, Dundee Technical College, 23-27 June 1958.
Printed programme and information re the course, correspondence.
Stencilled lecture notes 3 pp. for Strachey's lecture.
Carbon copies of lectures by S. Gill on programming, programming developments, information and coding, which were delivered at the same course.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/G.6  1958

'Some Commercially Available Computing Machines', lecture at Course on Applications of Computers, Faculty of Applied Science, University of Nottingham, 15-19 September 1958.
Programme of the course, correspondence re Strachey's lecture.
Lecture notes prepared for distribution (typescript with ms. annotations and printed copy).
Ms. notes prepared by Strachey for his lecture.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/G.7  1959

'Some Aspects of the Logical Design of Very Fast Computers', lecture to the Middlesbrough and District Branch of the British Computer Society, 7 January 1959.
Printed notice of lecture.
Ms. notes and drafts for lecture (10 pp. and 6 pp.). Typescript draft (3 pp.).
Transcript of lecture and of ensuing discussion with ms. corrections, amendments and additions by Strachey (26 pp.).

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/G.8  1962

'A method for finding the real eigenvalues of unsymmetric matrices'.
Talk given to Numerical Analysis Study Group of British Computer Society, 15 February 1962.
Brief correspondence with H. Goldenberg (organiser) re delivery of talk.
Includes programmes for finding real roots, and miscellaneous bundles of notes and loose papers on the subject.

Lectures  [no ref.]  1962-63

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/G.9  1962

'Notes on a Talk to a School', ms., 3 pp., 21 February 1962.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/G.10  1962

'Computers and the Intellectual Revolution', ms. 3 pp., 30 October 1962. Programme announcing lecture (to the Middlesbrough and District Branch of the British Computer Society) with reproduction of Strachey's article in The Observer Weekend Review, 18 February 1962
'A New Tool of the Intellect' (see CSAC 71.1.80/F.22).

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/G.11  1962

Lecture on the importance of computers, King Edward's School, Surrey, 10 October 1962.
Correspondence with science master re arrangements (no notes or text of lecture).

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/G.12  1962

'How to Make Computers Do Complicated Things Simply', ms. 8 pp., 17 November 1962, for meeting of Oxford and District Branch of the Mathematical Association held at University of Reading. Correspondence and programme.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/G.13  1963

Lecture to Study Group of Institution of Electrical Engineers on Computer Design, 24 April 1963. 1 p. ms. notes for talk, correspondence re arrangements.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/G.14  n.d

'Digital Computers and Automation'.
Film made by Central Office of Information for release on television in the Commonwealth by British Information Services. Strachey introduced the programme, linked the sequences and provided the conclusion.
Correspondence, C.O.I. research document, script with Strachey's annotations, typescript of Strachey's contribution, short film strip.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/G.15  1965

Related information: See also correspondence and working papers re CPL (CSAC 71.1.80/C.136-CSAC 71.1.80/C.184) and re Strachey's later visits and work at M.I.T. (CSAC 71.1.80/C.202-CSAC 71.1.80/C.207).

'Mathematical Theory of Programming Languages'. Seminar given at M.I.T., autumn 1965.
Typescript synopses of seminar with ms. additions by Strachey, list of topics for term paper.
Ms. notes (1 p.) for introduction to the seminar. This is a very interesting exposition of Strachey's approach to teaching: 'Not a carefully prepared logical sequence of arguments leading irresistibly to a splendid conclusion. But a series of guerilla forays into a jungle of incomprehension in the course of which we shall retrace our steps, change our minds, run up against blank walls, but, I hope finally emerge with some inkling of the lay of the land and a smattering of the techniques of jungle warfare'.
Extensive ms. notes, calculations and diagrams prepared by Strachey for the seminar. These have been left in their original ordering and groupings.
In his letters to Leslie Fox (CSAC 71.1.80/B.4), Strachey describes the seminars ('I was somewhat disconcerted to find that there are nearly thirty people who want to come') and comments on their value as a catalyst ('... partly as a result of having to prepare for them and partly as a result of the actual discussions in the seminars, I have managed to clear up my ideas on a number of points and am now even more convinced than before that we have a new branch of mathematics to deal with').

Lectures  [no ref.]  1965-66

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/G.16  1965

'Importance of computers', notes for talk at Southampton, July 1965, 7 pp. ms., 2 pp. typescript program. Probably for Schools Mathematical Project.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/G.17  1966

'The Relationship of Operating Systems and Programming Languages', talk at Mathematics Seminar, Harwell, 13 October 1966: abstract and correspondence, 6 pp. ms. draft of talk.

Lectures  [no ref.]  1967

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/G.18  1967

'Outline of CPL', lecture for A.F.I.R.O. in Paris, 20 March 1967, 6 pp. ms., typescript of abstract.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/G.19  1967

'Computing Research in U.K.', lecture in Grenoble, 21 March 1967, 3 pp. ms. (see CSAC 71.1.80/H.19 for correspondence re this lecture).

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/G.20  1967

'Names and Addresses', or 'What Happens when Variables Vary', Oxford Invariant Society, 14 November 1967. 7 pp. ms.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/G.21  1967

'First and Second Class Citizens in Programming Languages', Birkbeck College, London, 28 November 1967.
9 pp. ms., programme, correspondence re arrangements for talk.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/G.21A  1967

'Introduction to Non-Numerical Programming. Lecture notes for Course to Psychologists, 1967'.
Ms. notes for a collaborative course at Oxford with D. Park. Both Strachey's and Park's contributions are tagged together, presumably in the order in which they were given.
See General Introduction for a note on lectures given by Strachey at Oxford and retained at Programming Research Group.

Lectures  [no ref.]  c.1966-69

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/G.22  1969

'Notes for Talks, etc. Mathematical Basis of Programming Languages', folder of miscellaneous ms. and typescript material of various dates, as kept by Strachey under the above heading.
'Fundamental Mathematical Concepts Underlying Programming Languages', 2 typescript drafts (2 pp. and 3 pp.) with numerous ms. amendments by Strachey, for introduction to a longer talk or paper on this subject.
Abstract of 'Towards a Formal Semantics', 2 pp. typescript (1966), 7 pp. ms. of same title.
'Basic Mathematical Concepts Underlying Programming Languages', lecture given at Pisa, December 1969. 8 pp. ms. notes.
'A problem with loops', 4 pp. ms.
'Appendix. Summary of notation used in this paper', 5 pp. ms.
Miscellaneous pages of ms. and typescript draft, notes, calculations.

Lectures  [no ref.]  1968-69

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/G.23  1968

'Computers for Engineers', Oxford, 15 March 1968. 6 pp. See also CSAC 71.1.80/B.23 re loan of films from Bell Telephone Laboratories, to illustrate this lecture.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/G.24  1968

'What Will Computing Systems Be Like in 1980?', Leicester Branch, British Computer Society, 21 March 1968. 5 pp. ms., correspondence re delivery, synopsis for distribution to members.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/G.25  1969

'Programming Languages', Oxford Branch, British Computer Society, 28 January 1969. 16 pp. ms. (not all in Strachey's hand), printed notice of lecture.

Lectures  [no ref.]  1969

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/G.26  1969

'Future of Programming Languages'. 5 pp. ms. of talk delivered at I.C.L. Bracknell, 20 February 1969, and I.C.L. Stevenage, 24 February 1969.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/G.27  1969

'How to Try without really computing', 3 pp. ms. of talk to the Oxford Invariant Society, 21 October 1969.
Miscellaneous notes and 'Problems for Invariants' on 'The Game of Moo' for the Invariant Computer Group, founded Michaelmas Term 1968.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/G.28  1969

'BCPL usage and research', 1 p. typescript abstract of talk delivered at I.C.L. Advanced Programming Techniques Symposium, December 1969.

Lectures  [no ref.]  1970

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/G.29  22 January 1970

'Games, Playthings and Learning Programs for St. Edward's School', Oxford, 8 pp. ms.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/G.30  30 January 1970

'Computers and Civilization', or 'What Kenneth Clark Left Out?' 5

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/G.31  5-18 April 1970

'Computers', talk at Mathematics Today course for teachers of mathematics, Oxford, 2 sets of ms. notes, programme of the course.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/G.32  12 November 1970

'Current Literature Seminar. The work of Dana Scott. Outline of a Math. Th. of Computation', 8 pp. ms.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/G.33  December 1971

'An unusual operating system written in a high level language'. Seminar at Department of Machine Intelligence, Edinburgh, given in the course of visit with S.C.R. Board of Visitors.
Notice of seminar and brief ms. notes only.

Lectures  [no ref.]  1971-73

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/G.34  1971

Typescript summaries of 3 talks: 'An Abstract Model for Storage' (Essex, 19 May 1971), 'The Logical Structure of a Single User Operating System' (Cambridge, 20 May 1971) and 'Experiments on the Design of Processors to work efficiently with Compilers', with correspondence.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/G.35  16 November 1971

'Games on Computers. Bristol Association of Young Scientists (?) - Oxford Schools', 3 pp. ms.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/G.36  25 April 1973

'Work in progress at the Oxford Programming Research Group', seminar at Cambridge 8 pp. ms.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/G.37  19 February 1975

Correspondence re seminar on semantics of programming languages, to be given at Department of Artificial Intelligence, Edinburgh, in the course of visit with S.R.C. Board of Visitors.
Includes programme of visit.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/G.38  n.d

Folder of notes for lectures, undated.
'Use not construction of computers', 7 pp. ms.
Lecture on methods of programming, 8 pp. ms.
Typescript of contribution to discussion on programming languages, paginated 53-69; heavily annotated by Strachey.
7 pp. ms. notes, under 9 sub-headings, for talks on computers.

Correspondence re lectures and papers. Mainly invitations to lecture, contribute to seminars, etc. in UK and overseas.  CSAC 71.1.80/G.39-G.42  [n.d.]

4 folders

Arrangement: In chronological order

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/G.39  1960-64

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/G.40  1965-67

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/G.41  1969-71

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/G.42  1973-75

SECTION H CONFERENCES AND VISITS 1956-75  CSAC 71.1.80/H.1 - H.41  [n.d.]

The material is presented chronologically.
It includes correspondence with organisers of conferences re invitations, travel arrangements, fees, etc., lists of speakers or participants, Strachey's oral or written contributions and the like.
Several folders contain ms. or printed versions of lectures or papers by Strachey which do not appear in Strachey's highly selective bibliographies of his own work in CSAC 71.1.80/A.3, or in Section F. For ease of reference, such folders are listed below.
CSAC 71.1.80/H.6
CSAC 71.1.80/H.7
CSAC 71.1.80/H.8
CSAC 71.1.80/H.9
CSAC 71.1.80/H.10
CSAC 71.1.80/H.15
CSAC 71.1.80/H.18
CSAC 71.1.80/H.19 - CSAC 71.1.80/H.21
CSAC 71.1.80/H.22
CSAC 71.1.80/H.35

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/H.1  1956

Congresso della Società Italiana per il Progresso delle Scienze, Sicily, 15-21 September 1956.
Correspondence, travel arrangements, list of speakers at Mathematical session.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/H.2  1957

'American Trip 1957'.
Strachey made the trip in order to attend the Association for Computing Machinery Conference, 19-21 June 1957, Houston, Texas. While in USA he also visited the Lincoln Laboratories of M.I.T., the I.B.M. laboratory at Poughkeepsie, N.Y., the University of Illinois, the Remington Rand laboratory in Philadelphia and Bryn Mawr College. Strachey kept a notebook recording details of these visits (staff, equipment, programs, procedures, specifications and design of machines) as well as notes of addresses, travel arrangements, expenses incurred, during his journey. This journal is an interesting record of the state of computing in USA at that time.
The folder also includes a small amount of correspondence re scheduling of visits and material collected at the conference.
See CSAC 71.1.80/C.33 for a similar notebook kept on Strachey's journey to Canada and USA in 1952.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/H.3  1958-59

Symposium on the Mechanization of Thought Processes, National Physical Laboratory, 24-27 November 1958.
Lists of delegates.
Copies of 3 papers presented at the symposium, including one by A.M. Andrew on 'Learning Machines'. Strachey commented on this paper, both at the Symposium and in the press.
Folder includes Strachey's 1 p. ms. notes on the paper, 2 ms. drafts of letters to the press and 3 pp. typescript of Strachey's contribution to the discussion following the paper.
Transcripts of Strachey's remarks in the various discussions at the Symposium, heavily amended and annotated, sent to him for corrections before publication.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/H.4  n.d

Strachey's extensive ms. notes and calculations.
Printout of computation of single and double digit decimal sums, prepared as background material for his comments above on A.M. Andrew's paper.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/H.5  1960-64

Symposium on Matrix Computations, sponsored by Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, Gatlinburg, Tennessee, April 1961.
Another symposium (with the same title) was held in Gatlinburg in April 1964. Strachey attended both symposia. On the 1961 visit he also spent some time at the Carnegie Corporation, M.I.T., and I.B.M.
Correspondence re arrangements to attend Symposia and to visit American research laboratories and institutions.
Strachey's ms. notes on papers presented by others at the 1961 Symposium.
Lists of participants (1961 and 1964).
Programmes of lectures (1964).
Duplicated papers as distributed at 1964 Symposium.
Photographs (1964).

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/H.6  1961

British Association for the Advancement of Science, Norwich, 30 August-6 September 1961. Strachey delivered a paper on 'Developments in mathematical and information processing languages', at a discussion on universal languages.
Typescript drafts of various portions of his talk. 5 pp. typescript summary for distribution at session.
Printed copy of B.V. Bowden's talk on 'The Impact of Automation'.
Press-cuttings re Strachey's paper.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/H.7  1961-62

Symposium on Symbolic Languages in Data Processing, sponsored by International Computation Centre, Rome, 26-31 March 1962. Strachey was one of the panellists at the discussion on 'Metasyntactic and Metasemantic Languages'.
Correspondence re arrangements for symposium and for travel.
Printed material (programme, memoranda, etc.) distributed at symposium.
The discussions were printed in the I.C.C. Bulletin, 1, July 1962, of which a copy is included in the folder.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/H.8  1962

Conference on Automatic Programming Languages for Business and Science, sponsored by the British Computer Society and Northampton College of Advanced Technology, London, 17-18 April 1962.
Correspondence, programme, list of participants.
2 pp. Strachey's notes for his talk.
13 pp. transcript of Strachey's talk on 'Future Prospects' and transcripts of his several contributions to the discussion.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/H.9  1962

Programming Systems Symposium, London School of Economics, 2-6 July 1962.
Correspondence, programme, list of participants.
Abstract of Strachey's talk on 'Programming in Function Languages'.
Copy of paper by P. Wegner on 'Communication between independently translated blocks'.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/H.10  1963

Related information: See CSAC 71.1.80/E.13, CSAC 71.1.80/F.29, CSAC 71.1.80/F.30 for further material relating to computers in education.

Conference on Computer Education, Hatfield College of Technology, 30-31 May 1963.
Prospectus, programme, list of participants, correspondence.
2 pp. ms. note, transcript and revised typescript of Strachey's contribution 'What are the demands made by computer science on the educational systems'. This is a very interesting exposition by Strachey on the potential uses of computers, the importance of software vs. hardware, and the intellectual revolution brought about by the advent of computers.
Folder contains copies of papers presented by others (H.G. Ap Simon, D.W. Hooper, E.C. Clear Hill, W.G. Bickley, J. Crank, B.S. Walker, S. Gill, F.S. Ellis, M.M. Barritt).

Summer School on 'Advances in programming and non-numerical analysis', Oxford, 26 August-6 September 1963.  CSAC 71.1.80/H.11, H.12  1961-65

2 folders

The Summer School was sponsored by the Oxford University Computing Laboratory in association with the Delegacy for Extra-Mural Studies and was organised by Strachey, L. Fox and S. Gill. The lectures given at the Summer School were published by Pergamon Press in 1966. Strachey and D. Barron gave 8 lectures on 'Programming'; see the note in CSAC 71.1.80/A.1, written by Barron after Strachey's death and published in Computer Bulletin, which describes the Summer School and the writing up of the lectures.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/H.11  1961

Correspondence between Strachey, Gill and Fox, re organisation and programme of the School (preliminary work began in 1961). Copies of letters from Fox to lecturers.
Draft pamphlet with comments by Gill.
List of participants. Programme.
Correspondence re publication.

[no title or date]  CSAC 71.1.80/H.12

Related information: See also CSAC 71.1.80/E.7.

One folder of technical papers, drafts and notes for lectures on programming, 3 pp. draft on 'Other Problems', 1 p. on 'Machine Design', 1 p. on 'Artificial Intelligence'. Notes on 'Automatic Abstracting'.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/H.13  1964

Visit to Centro Studi Calcolatrici Elettroniche, Pisa, to deliver lectures on the mathematical concepts underlying programming languages, and to CERN to talk about time-sharing, December 1964.
Correspondence, travel documents and notes of expenses.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/H.14  1964-65

Seminar on the Teaching of Computational Science, Liverpool University, 31 March-1 April 1965.
Correspondence, programme, information for participants.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/H.15  1965

School Mathematics Project, conference at Southampton, July 1965.
Programme, list of participants, correspondence re arrangements for Strachey's lecture.
Synopsis of Strachey's contribution, 'Computer Programming'.
2 sets of ms. notes 'Solutions to examples' for class following the lecture.
Copies of synopses and example sheets for other lectures in the conference.

Programming Languages and Pragmatics, A.C.M. Working Conference, San Dimas, California, 8-12 August 1965. Strachey chaired the session on 'Descriptive or Declarative Languages'.  CSAC 71.1.80/H.16, H.17  1965

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/H.16  n.d

Preliminary notices and planning papers. Programme and list of participants.
Correspondence re organisation of sessions and subsequent publication in Communications of the ACM.
Strachey's notes on descriptive languages, list of 'Words which are not well understood' (see CSAC 71.1.80/C.180), 'How is translating like other data processing?'.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/H.17  n.d

Copies of other papers presented at the conference.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/H.18  1966-67

Seminar on Time Sharing, University of Bergen, 6-8 February 1967.
Strachey's talk was called 'The Economics of Time Sharing in a Not Perfectly Affluent Society'.
Correspondence, programme, list of participants.
Ms. draft of talk; several sets of notes (11 pp. total).

International Summer School on Computer Programming, sponsored by NATO Science Committee, organised under the auspices of the Technical University of Denmark, 7-25 August 1967.  CSAC 71.1.80/H.19-H.21  1966-68

Related information: See CSAC 71.1.80/F.40-CSAC 71.1.80/F.54.

Strachey delivered a course of lectures called 'Fundamental Concepts in Programming Languages'. He wrote the lectures up for publication, but the official conference proceedings were not published. Several hundred copies of Strachey's paper were circulated privately. In his annotated bibliography (CSAC 71.1.80/A.3) Strachey called it 'an important paper; it describes the basic principles underlining computing in a relatively un-mathematical manner'.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/H.19  n.d

Correspondence re arrangements for Strachey's lectures, and organisation of summer school. Preliminary notices, list of participants, programme, correspondence re publication.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/H.20  n.d

2 pp. typescript abstract and 1 p. outline of Strachey's lectures.
Ms. draft of lectures 34 pp..
Typescript, annotated 24 pp.
'Some remarks on C. Strachey's lectures', typescript of talk by R.M. Burstall, who conducted the closing discussion after Strachey's lectures.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/H.21  n.d

Printed material distributed at conference. Includes stencilled copy of notes distributed by M. Nivat prior to his address at one of the closing sessions.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/H.22  1968-72

Symposium on Computer Science, Girton College Cambridge, 8-12 August 1969. Strachey gave a talk 'Is Computing Science?' which was later published in the Bulletin of the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications, 1970.
Correspondence re organisation of Symposium and publication of its proceedings.
Several versions of Strachey's talk
Ms. notes 6 pp.
Typed transcript 11 pp.
Ms. notes for revision for publication 1 p.
Annotated typescript (8 pp. + 1 p. ms. table)
Final typescript 10 pp.
Photocopy of published version (1970) with later revisions (October 1972) to table of subjects for inclusion in computing courses graded according to relevance and to state of development.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/H.23  1969-70

NATO Conference on Techniques in Software Engineering, Rome, 27-31 October 1969.
Formal notification of conference, list of participants, correspondence re publication of conference proceedings.
Papers re proposed establishment of International Institute for Software Engineering.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/H.24  1968-70

Visit to Germany, 7-16 December 1969, sponsored by the British Council. Strachey visited the Institut für Mathematik und Datenverarbeitung in Bonn and the Technical University in Munich but had to cancel his lectures in Erlangen due to illness.
Correspondence re arrangements for trip (lecture schedule, topics, travel documents).
Itinerary and programme as organised by the British Council.
Strachey's report 2 pp. on his visit.
'Fundamental concepts of Prog. Lang.': 1 p. of notes for 'one lecture', 2 pp. of notes for 'three lectures'.
'Logical Structure of a small Experimental Operating System', 2 pp. notes.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/H.25  1969-70, 1972

Related information: See also CSAC 71.1.80/H.28.

Symposium on The State of the Art, sponsored by Infotech, March and May 1970. Strachey spoke on 'The Influence of Software on Machine Design' in the 'Fourth Generation' series of lectures in May.
Correspondence, programme, list of speakers.
Printed abstracts of talks by participants, including synopsis of Strachey's contribution.

'Computing and Data Processing', CERN Summer School, Varenna, 30 August-12 September 1970. Strachey served on the Advisory Committee which organised the Summer School.  CSAC 71.1.80/H.26, H.27  1969-70

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/H.26  n.d

Correspondence re meetings of the Advisory Committee, copies of invitations to prospective speakers, sent to Strachey for information.
Minutes of the meetings of the Advisory Committee committee papers, timetables.
Bulletins 1 and 3.
Strachey's ms. notes taken at meetings.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/H.27  n.d

Copies of abstracts of lecture courses at the School.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/H.28  1970-71

Related information: See CSAC 71.1.80/H.25 for a previous Infotech Symposium.

Symposium on the State of the Art, sponsored by Infotech, February 1971. Strachey spoke on 'Varieties of programming language: Language comparison techniques', in the 'High Level Languages' series of lectures.
Correspondence, programme, list of speakers.
Printed summaries of talks by various participants, including synopsis of Strachey's contribution.
Correspondence re publication.
Folder also includes later request (1972) for Strachey to contribute a paper on systems measurement to the report based on State of Art lectures, June 1972.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/H.29  1971

Visit to Denmark to lecture in Aarhus and Copenhagen, September 1971.
Correspondence re arrangements for Strachey's visit.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/H.30  1969-74

'The Teaching of Computer Design', fourth in a series of International Seminars in Computing Science sponsored by I.B.M. and the University of Newcastle, held in Newcastle, 7-10 September 1971. Strachey had intended to participate but a change in scheduling of his lectures in Denmark (see CSAC 71.1.80/H.29) made it impossible for him to attend.
Correspondence re travel and conference arrangements, programme, lists of participants and speakers.
Folder also includes invitations to attend the 1969-70, 1972-74 Seminars. (Strachey did not attend any of them.)

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/H.31  1971-72

International Computing Symposium, organised by the European Chapters of the A.C.M. in cooperation with the Associazione Italiana Calcolo Automatico, Venice, 12-14 April 1972. Strachey presented a paper 'Varieties of Programming Languages'.
See CSAC 71.1.80/F.57-CSAC 71.1.80/F.59
Correspondence, programme, list of participants.
1 p. abstract and 12 pp. (+ 1 p. errata list) typescript of Strachey's talk.
Folder also includes correspondence with Paolo Ercoli re arrangements for 2 seminars Strachey gave in Rome, 6 and 7 April 1972, on 'Outline of a Mathematical Approach to Programming Language Semantics'. 14 pp. ms. notes for these seminars (see also CSAC 71.1.80/H.32).

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/H.32  1972

Related information: See CSAC 71.1.80/C.249

Conference on Undergraduate Curriculum in Computer Science, University of Waterloo, 2-3 October 1972. Strachey gave a position paper on 'The Academic Viewpoint'.
2 pp. typescript synopsis of Strachey's presentation.
27 pp. partial transcript of talk.
Correspondence, list of participants, copy of the proceedings with report of Strachey's talk.
Folder also includes summaries of 4 talks which Strachey offered to give to the University of Waterloo Computer Science Department.
Ms. notes 9 pp. for 2 seminars on 'Outline of a Mathematical Approach to Programming Language Semantics' (see also seminars delivered in Rome, August 1972 - CSAC 71.1.80/H.31)

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/H.33  1972

Workshop on String Processing Techniques, sponsored by the Office of Scientific and Technical Information, 20-21 November 1972, Watford.
Programme, list of participants, abstracts and printed copies of some of the lectures given. (Strachey was not one of the speakers.)

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/H.34  1972-73

Logic Colloquium, University of Bristol, 16-20 July 1973. Strachey presented a paper on 'Some Unsolved Problems in the Theory of Computation'.
Correspondence, preliminary notices, programme, list of participants.
Typed abstract and 2 pp. ms. notes for Strachey's contribution, July 1973.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/H.35  1973-74

Software '73 Conference, Loughborough University of Technology, 9-11 July 1973. Strachey spoke on 'How can we put programming theory into practice?'.
Correspondence, list of delegates, transcript of questions and answers at the discussion following Strachey's lecture.
2 pp. ms. notes and 20 pp. typescript (+ 1 p. abstract and 1 p. bibliography) of Strachey's contribution.
This talk was used as a basis for a presentation at the I.B.M. Scientific Center, Peterlee, on 14 August 1973. The folder includes correspondence and travel documents re this presentation. Strachey was also invited to repeat the lecture at the Computing Laboratory, University of Kent, 1973 and 1974, but declined.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/H.36  1973-74

Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science Semester, Stefan Banach International Mathematical Center, Warsaw, January-June 1974. Strachey planned to attend during April but had to cancel his visit owing to pressure of work in Oxford.
Correspondence, programme.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/H.37  1975

Presentation by Strachey to the Real Time Software Techniques Study Group, set up by Computers, Systems and Electronics Requirements Board of the Department of Industry in 1974 'to study the background to programming methodology, for future real-time computing systems'. Strachey spoke on 'Problems of specifying languages and their influence on machine design', 20 January 1975.
Strachey's 3 pp. ms. draft, typescript extracts from minutes of meeting of 20 January summarising Strachey's presentation and comments, correspondence.

Shorter correspondence re conferences, symposia, overseas visits, etc. 4 folders presented in date order  CSAC 71.1.80/H.38-H.41  [n.d.]

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/H.38  1966-68

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/H.39  1969-70

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/H.40  1971-72

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/H.41  1973-75

SECTION J CORRESPONDENCE  CSAC 71.1.80/J.1 - J.72  [n.d.]

Related information: For shorter correspondence re invitations to give lectures or papers, see CSAC 71.1.80/G.39 - CSAC 71.1.80/G.42.
For shorter correspondence re conferences and visits, see CSAC 71.1.80/H.38 - CSAC 71.1.80/H.41.

The material is presented as follows
CSAC 71.1.80/J.1 - CSAC 71.1.80/J.46 Correspondence with individuals and organisations
CSAC 71.1.80/J.47-CSAC 71.1.80/J.53 Shorter correspondence with publishers and editors
CSAC 71.1.80/J.54-CSAC 71.1.80/J.67 References and reports
CSAC 71.1.80/J.68-CSAC 71.1.80/J.72 Miscellaneous shorter correspondence (not indexed)
The correspondence is presented alphabetically, with dates and a note of any material of particular personal or technical interest.
Extensive correspondence with an individual is lodged in a personal folder or folders; shorter exchanges are grouped together in a miscellaneous folder.
Shorter correspondence relating to projects undertaken when Strachey was on the staff of National Research Development Council appears under N in CSAC 71.1.80/J.27, CSAC 71.1.80/J.28 and is itemised. See also correspondence with Lord Halsbury, CSAC 71.1.80/J.12 - CSAC 71.1.80/J.19.
Not all the letters survive, and a note has been made in the entries for cases when only Strachey's carbon remains.

Correspondence with individuals and organisations.  CSAC 71.1.80/J.1-J.46  [n.d.]

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/J.1  1957-1965

Alway, G. (macrogenerator, CPL) 1965
Ashby, W.R. (memory score) 1957
Auerbach, I.L. 1962

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/J.2  1961-1968

Bastian, A.L. (Contract Bridge Bidding Language, LISP) 1962
Bauer, F.L. 1961
Birmingham and Midland Institute (machine-produced poetry) 1968
Belnap, N.D. 1970

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/J.3  1960-1965

Bowden, B.V. (Computer Sub-Committee)
(Strachey's carbon only) 1961
Bray, J.W. (Labour Science & Technology Group) 1965
Brooker, R.A. 1960
Buckingham, R.A. (Institute of Computer Science, London) 1973

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/J.4  1963-1969

Burstall, R.M. 1963-64
Clauser, F.H. (offer (declined) for Strachey to lead computing program at University of California, Santa Cruz) 1966
Clegg, D. (hierarchical methods in programming) 1969

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/J.5  1966

Colin, A.J.T.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/J.6  1962-1973

Churchhouse, R.F. (first mention of 'multi-access') 1973
Cornford, C. 1968
Cowling, T.G. (Chair of Computing, Leeds University) 1964
Davy, J. (chess-playing program) 1962
De Lotto, I. (macrogenerator) 1966
Dijkstra, E.W. (photocopy of letter to J.E. Stoy retained by Strachey with his own papers) 1973

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/J.7  1958-1966

Duncan, C.J. (Monotype control tape) 1962
Eperson, D.A. (film strip on calculating machines) 1958
Ershov, A. (CPL) 1966

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/J.8  1968, 1971

Evans, A.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/J.9  1960, 1963, 1971

Flexner, W.W.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/J.10  1969, 1971

Fraser, A.G.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/J.11  1963, 1966; 1972

Frost, P.H.
Givens, W.

Halsbury, J.A.H.G.  CSAC 71.1.80/J.12-J.19  [n.d.]

Correspondence and memoranda exchanged re N.R.D.C., its projects and policy 1953-55 as follows

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/J.12  May 1953

7 pp. Memorandum by Strachey on 'Future Work' re his own projects especially for 401 and Autocode

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/J.13  Sept 1953

3 pp. note by Strachey on 'Digital computing and information handling', prepared for and sent to P.M.S. Blackett

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/J.14  Sept-Oct 1953

'N.R.D.C. Policy on computers', note prepared by Halsbury and submitted for comment to Strachey and D. Hennessey, with Strachey's annotations, copies of his comments and those of Hennessey, letter from Halsbury

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/J.15  Sept. 1953

5 pp. memorandum from Halsbury on machine logic, heavily annotated by Strachey

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/J.16  Oct 1953

Comments by Halsbury on Strachey's paper on 401 Code

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/J.17  7 and 11 Jan 1955

Memoranda by Strachey on his dealings with Ferranti and Manchester University over Mark II computer, 2 versions

Personal and professional correspondence on research projects, publications, general developments in computer science, etc.  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/J.18  1960-65

(Halsbury's letter of 22 April 1965 draws an interesting comparison of 'Tristram Shandy' with a computer 'supervisor program')

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/J.19  1968, 1970

(Includes note by Halsbury on Desargues' Theorem), 1971, 1974 (includes note by Halsbury on possible sequence control of cell cycles)

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/J.20  1964-65

Higman, B. (macrogenerator)

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/J.21  1964, 1966, 1965-75

Home Office (classification of fingerprints)
Institute of Contemporary Arts (Computer Art)
International Business Machines

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/J.22  1959, 1974, 1965, 1974, 1966-67

Joseph, Sir Keith
Knuth, D.E. (history of 'time-sharing')
(Includes copy of letter on Strachey's terminology 1968)
Landin, P.J. (Strachey's carbons only)
Laski, J.G. (mathematical semantics and Adams Prize work)
Levinstone, A. (CPL)

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/J.23  1972

Lighthill, Sir (Michael) James (re Lighthill's enquiry into current research into Artificial Intelligence)
Includes also brief correspondence with producer of BBC TV 'Controversy' programme on the Lighthill report, at Royal Institution, July 1973, which Strachey attended, re a correction to be made following advice from J. McCarthy.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/J.24  1967, 1967, 1963

Lindop, N.
Maddison, R.N. (macrogenerator)
Madge, J. (computers for hospitals)

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/J.25  1962-73

Michie, D. (general scientific correspondence, including references to A is B Committee, Machine Intelligence Workshops at Edinburgh, etc.)

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/J.26  nd, 1971, 1973

Milner, R.

National Research Development Corporation.  CSAC 71.1.80/J.27, J.28  [n.d.]

Correspondence exchanged with individuals or re various projects undertaken by Strachey during his service with N.R.D.C.; in alphabetical order.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/J.27  1956-1959

Blackett, P.M.S. (Stretch) 1959
British Transport Commission (check digits) 1959
Brooker, R.A. (matrices) 1958
Elliott Bros. (Bull Printer code) 1956
E.M.I. 1957
Ferranti 1957-58
Greig, W.A. 1959
I.C.I. 1957

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/J.28  1958-1959

Remington Rand 1958
Rose (Fast adder & multiplier) 1958, 1959
Siemens project 1958
Silver City Airways 1958
Miscellaneous internal memoranda.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/J.29  1960-1967

National Science Foundation (including Strachey's own description of his work in progress 1960, 1961 for Current Research & Development in Scientific Documentation) 1960-61
Needham, R. 1966
Nygaard, K. 1967

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/J.30  1961-64

Playfair, Sir Edward
(Includes draft of speech to be given by Playfair at Computer Conference in USA, with Strachey's annotations and comments)

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/J.31  1965-1973

Rees, D.H. (closing down of Elliott NRDC 401) 1965
Rego, F.A. 1972
Riding, G. 1973

Richards, M.  CSAC 71.1.80/J.32, J.33  1965-67, 1974

The correspondence, which is amost entirely technical, deals with CPL (and manual), BCPL, KDF9 and general matters relating to the setting up of Strachey's Programming Research Group at Oxford. During the period of the correspondence, either Strachey or Richards was at Project MAC, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, hence the long and detailed accounts of technical projects and problems.
Strachey hoped that Richards might accept a post with the Programming Research Group, Oxford, but he remained to complete his thesis and work on BCPL in America.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/J.32  December 1965-March 1966

(Includes Strachey's offer to Richards of a post and his outline of projects for the Programming Research Group, and letters by Richards on CPL work at Cambridge, England)

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/J.33  December 1966-December 1967

(On CPL, BCPL, KDF9, written while Strachey was in Oxford and Richards in Cambridge, Massachusetts) and one letter 1974.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/J.34  1957; 1967; 1961

Samuel, A.L. (Strachey's own projects, and current state of computer activities in UK)
Saville, N.R. (macrogenerator)
Schwarz, H.R. (ALGOL as standard language)

Scott, Dana S.  CSAC 71.1.80/J.35-J.41  1969-75

Scott and Strachey collaborated closely from 1969 until Strachey's death. In December 1971, Strachey wrote: 'In September 1969 Dana Scott came to Oxford and as a result of discussion about the formal semantics produced his theory of continuous lattices and was able to give for the first time a set theoretic model of [lambda] - calculus. To my mind this work has changed the whole basis of the theory of computing and promises to provide the sound mathematical foundation which has so far been lacking. There is a great deal of work still to be done in applying this to the problems of actual programming languages and developing general theorems and techniques for providing properties of programs. This work and the practical work on systems continue to form my main pre-occupation.'
The collaborative work was often carried on by correspondence when Strachey or Scott were abroad, and these frequent and lengthy exchanges enable the growth of ideas to be charted. Though other matters are discussed, such as travel and conference plans, publication and circulation arrangements, appointments, etc., the bulk of the correspondence remains primarily technical in content.
Papers discussed, often by their initials, are 'Outline of a Mathematical Theory of Computation' (OMTC), 'Lattice of Flow Diagrams' (LFD), 'Towards a Mathematical Semantics for Computer Languages' (TMSCL). Copies of letters from colleagues, publishers, etc. are sometimes included. The 1970 correspondence was kept by Strachey in 2 looseleaf ring binders, with an (incomplete) index by him (CSAC 71.1.80/J.36, CSAC 71.1.80/J.37).

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/J.35  April-September 1969

Arrangements for Scott's stay in Oxford, travel and conference itinerary, correspondence on 'push-down stores' (PDS), axioms, etc. (some letters are annotated by Strachey), and including some correspondence with C.A.T. Hoare.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/J.36  April-July 1970

Looseleaf ring binder of correspondence, while Scott was in Princeton
Mss. and working notes are also included.
Includes ms. index by Strachey. Letters are numbered in sequence as follows: DS I, CS I (with ms. and notes), DS II, CS II, DS III, DS IV (including plans for series of P.R.G. Technical Monographs), CS III, DS V, DS VI (including correspondence with D. Michie, N. Belnap), CS IV (including ms. by C. Wadsworth), CS V (including ms. of Scott's OMTC papers), CS VI, CS VII, DS unnumbered (reply to C. Wadsworth), DS unnumbered (including correspondence with A. Evans, D. Michie), DS IX.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/J.37  1970

Looseleaf ring binder of correspondence, August 1970-May 1971. Letters numbered as follows: DS I (New Series) (including correspondence with N. Belnap, C. Böhm), DS II (including correspondence with E. Engeler, C. Wadsworth, and Scott's ms.), CS I (New Series) (including Strachey's ms. on Jumps), CS II, CS III, DS IV (including correspondence with L. Smullin), CS IV, CS V, DS V, DS III, DS VI, CS VI, DS VII, CS VII, CS VIII (including circulation lists for papers), DS VIII, CS IX, CS X, DS unnumbered (including correspondence with J. Fox)

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/J.38  1970-71

Correspondence not included by Strachey in looseleaf binders, but covering same period and material; includes suggestions from colleagues, correspondence with editors, annotated draft of paper "Towards a Mathematical Semantics for Computer Languages'.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/J.39  1971

Correspondence with J. Reynolds

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/J.40  1970

Correspondence with D. Michie and D. Park

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/J.41  1970-75

Miscellaneous correspondence with Scott, various dates

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/J.42  1959-1974

Sessions, R.E. 1974
+G, D. (macrogenerator) 1967
Tocher, K.D. (plant simulation programme) 1959
Trask, M. (history of computing) 1974
Ullman, J.D. (loop theorem) 1971
Van Horn, E.C. (CPL) 1966

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/J.43  1974-75

Wadsworth, C.
Includes earlier correspondence (1970) with H.B. Curry re work in which Wadsworth was interested, on Böhm's Theorem.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/J.44  1962-1968

Walden, D.C. (macrogenerator) 1967-68
Wallace, V.L. 1966
Weizenbaum, J. (KLS and LISP systems) 1962

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/J.45  1960-1970

Wilkes, M.V. (brief correspondence on LISP and ALGOL) 1960
(Draft mss. by Wilkes annotated by Strachey) 1970
Woodger, M. (ALGOL, macrogenerator) 1964-65

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/J.46  1957, 1965

Wynn, P. (early ALGOL) postcard
Young, D.A.

Shorter correspondence with publishers and editors.  CSAC 71.1.80/J.47-J.53  [n.d.]

Requests to Strachey to write or advise on books or articles, report on mss. submitted for publication, etc., including various possibilities for the publication of the work on programming language semantics submitted for the Adams Prize. (see also CSAC 71.1.80/F.61-CSAC 71.1.80/F.75)
The correspondence is presented alphabetically, with dates, and a note of any material of particular interest.
7 folders as follows

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/J.47  1964-1974

Academic Press (on [lambda] - calculus, lattice theory and programming language semantics) 1970, 1973-74
Cambridge University Press (Computers for schools) 1964
Chapman & Hall 1974

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/J.48  1966-1975

Collins Publishers (entries for Dictionary of Modern Thought) 1974-75
Computer Weekly 1971
Encounter 1966
Encyclopedia Britannica (invitation (declined) to contribute article on 'Computers') 1970

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/J.49  1966-1974

G.T. Foulis & Co. 1966
History & the 20th Century 1969
L'Informatique 1972
Institute of Mathematics and its Applications (Journal) 1967
(Bulletin) 1970
Macdonald & Co. 1964, 1970
Macmillan 1974

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/J.50  1960-70

A.J. Moakes (computers for schools) 1962
New Scientist 1961, 1968
Oliver & Boyd 1960
Penguin Books 1968, 1970

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/J.51  1964-1975

Pergamon Press Ltd. 1964
Prentice-Hall Inc. (re Programming Language semantics) 1974
Software (Wiley interscience) 1971
Springer-Verlag 1973-74
Transcripta Books 1975

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/J.52  1962-74

The Times Publishing Co. Ltd.
Letter to the Editor on STD 1962 (not published) (and a letter to Marghanita Laski on same subject)
Ms. letter from Assistant Editor requesting article on computer and the arts, 1964
Letter to the Editor on 'A Computed Name', published 25 January 1972
Letter on spelling of 'program' to correct mis-spelling of the word in above letter, January 1972
Letter to the Editor on production costs of fuel, January 1974

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/J.53  1967-72

Miscellaneous reports on books or articles submitted to Strachey by publishers and editors for comment

References and reports.  CSAC 71.1.80/J.54-J.67  [n.d.]

Academic appointments.  CSAC 71.1.80/J.54-J.59  [n.d.]

6 folders

Arrangement: In alphabetical order.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/J.54  n.d


[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/J.55  n.d

G - L

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/J.56  n.d


[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/J.57  n.d


[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/J.58  n.d

M - P

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/J.59  n.d

R - W

Research projects, reports and prizes.  CSAC 71.1.80/J.60-J.63  [n.d.]

4 folders

Arrangement: In chronological order.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/J.60  1965

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/J.61  1968-70

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/J.62  1969-72

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/J.63  1973

Examinations and theses.  CSAC 71.1.80/J.64-J.66  [n.d.]

3 folders

Arrangement: In chronological order.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/J.64  1961

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/J.65  1970

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/J.66  1973-74

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/J.67  n.d


Miscellaneous shorter correspondence  CSAC 71.1.80/J.68-J.72  [n.d.]

(Not indexed).

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/J.68  1959-73

Shorter scientific correspondence.
Requests for information, exchange of reprints, permission to quote material, sent or received by Strachey. (Many refer to Macrogenerator, Time-sharing and 'Fundamental Concepts' papers.)

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/J.69  n.d

Strachey's requests for reprints or information from colleagues.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/J.70  n.d

Brief correspondence re requests for information, references, permission to quote from Strachey's publications.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/J.71  n.d

Brief correspondence to accompany publications sent to Strachey.

[no title]  CSAC 71.1.80/J.72  n.d

Miscellaneous shorter correspondence.

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