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Reference CSAC60.4.78
Held by Oxford University, Bodleian Library, Special Collections and Western Manuscripts
Conditions of access NOTE: All requests for access to the papers should be addressed in the first instance to the Keeper of Western Manuscripts, Bodleian Library, Oxford.
Source of acquisition The papers were received from Mrs. Eileen Coulson (widow) who had assembled them from CAC's Department, his study at home and other sources.
Creators Coulson, Charles Alfred, 1910-1974, scientist
Bradford University
Peace Studies Library: books, periodicals and pamphlets from CAC's library.
Cambridge University
University Library: CAC's notes on lectures attended as undergraduate and graduate (see A. 19.8).
Wesley House: CAC's papers relating to the 'Cambridge Group' movement.
London University
Audiovisual Centre: two videotapes of lecture 'What happens to an electron in a molecule?'
King's College Library: a comprehensive collection of books on Science and Religion, separately housed as 'the Coulson Collection'.
Open University
Tape of lecture 'Making Models. What is applied mathematics all about?' (see B. 10.6)
Oxford University
Bodleian Library: (1) addenda to main collection (restricted to 2004, including information about individuals and organisations, and family letters).
(2) CAC's correspondence with W. Hume-Rothery (CSAC 1/73, Items 132, 132a, 133, 133a).
(3) collection of CAC's publications.
Mathematical Institute: photographs of CAC and scientific books from CAC's library.
Radcliffe Science Library: scientific books from CAC's library.
Theoretical Chemistry Department: photographs of CAC, scientific books from CAC's library and collection of CAC's publications.
Wadham College Library: scientific books from CAC's library.
Royal Society, London
Collection of CAC's publications.
Bibliography Reproduced by permission from Biographical Memoirs of Fellows of the Royal Society, 20, 1974, 116-134
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[444] (With G. N. ROBERTSON) Theory of the broadening of infra-red spectra of hydrogen bonded systems. Proc. R. Soc. Lond. A 337, 167.
In course of preparation
1974 (With A. DOMENICANO & A. VACIAGO) Molecular geometry of urea derivatives: a bond angles-bond lengths correlation.
(With R. B. MALLION) On the question of paramagnetic 'ring currents' in pyracylene and related molecules.
(With J. A. N. F. GOMES & R. B. MALLION) Ring magnetic susceptibilities in conjugated hydrocarbons.
(With H. H. G. KÖPPEL) Pure rotational spectrum of BF3.
Note. Manuscripts, letters, working papers and a collection of minor works have been deposited at the Bodleian Library, Oxford.
Note The catalogue of the Coulson papers has been a collective labour and we are very grateful to the following individuals:
to Mrs. E. Coulson, Miss R. Schwerdt, Dr. R.B. Mallion, Dr. W.E. Duncanson and Dr. S.L. Altmann for their initial work in ordering the papers and for information and advice during the later stages of preparing the handlist for publication;
to the Department of Western Manuscripts of the Bodleian Library for making available space in the stack in which to work on the collection and for advice on its arrangements and presentation;
to Mrs. M.M. Edwards for careful and accurate typing, and immense patience with successive drafts and emendations of the handlist.

Administrative history:
The papers deal primarily with CAC's own career from about 1930 to his death in 1974, but include some earlier material relating to the Coulson family, especially Alfred Coulson, CAC's father (earliest date 1905); there is also reference to posthumously-published scientific papers by CAC, to obituaries and tributes, and to a collection of his lectures scheduled for publication in 1978.
Before handing on the collection, Mrs. Coulson, assisted by Miss R. Schwerdt (CAC's secretary), Dr. W.E. Duncanson and other advisers, had perused the papers and placed them in numbered folders and boxes; the initials 'RS' and 'WED' appear on many of the folders. Material considered to be sensitive was removed and transferred by Mrs. Coulson as a separate collection to the Bodleian Library, where it will remain under restriction until 2004. Correspondence was segregated into separate sections (C and G, see notes on pp.134-135, 242) according to the degree of scientific detail it contained, and a full list of CAC's book reviews was compiled by Mrs. Coulson (Box CSAC 60.4.78/D.9); the entries for Boxes CSAC 60.4.78/B.28 - CSAC 60.4.78/B.42 are based on notes made by Dr. R.B. Mallion, Mrs. Coulson and others. We are very pleased to acknowledge this invaluable work initially done before processing began.
The collection, when received, was therefore already partly sorted, numbered and boxed, and this seriously curtailed the degree of flexibility of treatment which it could subsequently bear. Material which might have been re-assembled by subject, chronological or alphabetical order could not be re-assigned because boxes were full and index numbers already allocated. Folders, some exceedingly bulky and heterogeneous in content, could not be split into more manageable units without creating a reference system so complex as to be unproductive. Furthermore, new material, which continued to be received from time to time throughout the processing period, could not be slotted into its logical place for lack of room and could only be attached at the end of a section. Sections A and B have suffered particularly from these addenda; the anomalies which have ensued, though greatly regretted, were inevitable, and every effort has been made to supply cross-referencing and links between items.

Introductory note to Section A
Note on 'Travel arrangements', Boxes CSAC 60.4.78/A.5 - CSAC 60.4.78/A.11
Introductory note to Section B
Introductory note to Sections C and G
Note on Shorter correspondence, Boxes CSAC 60.4.78/C.23 - CSAC 60.4.78/C.38
Note on Miscellaneous correspondence, Boxes CSAC 60.4.78/C.39 - CSAC 60.4.78/C.44
Introductory note to Section D.
Introductory note to Section E
Introductory note to Section F
Index to organisations in Section F
Introductory note to Section G
Introductory note to Section H
An account of CAC's scientific achievements, particularly in relation to molecular structure and bonding, is given in the Memoir by S.L. Altmann and E.J. Bowen FRS (Biographical Memoirs of Fellows of the Royal Society, 20, 1974, 73-134) to which reference should be made and a copy of which is included in CSAC 60.4.78/A.14.2. Mention is made there also of his 'many-sided' life, but only a study of the manuscript collection is likely to convey the actual work-load he undertook or the charge of energy and dedication which he brought to it. Similarly, his 'legendary' correspondence is referred to in several published tributes, as is the concluding episode when, learning that his illness was terminal, he signed eighty letters, many of which he typed himself, in the three days before his death to leave his life in order; but it is only when these letters take their place in the folders at the end of a lifetime's correspondence and friendship, or to close a newly-projected line of research, that their poignancy is realised.
From his first academic appointment at Dundee in 1938, CAC attached the greatest importance to fostering or creating research schools, and as his international reputation grew his Summer Schools, Rencontres and other meetings developed into increasingly major undertakings of widely-attended renown, while he was under constant pressure to accept research students and colleagues on sabbatical from all over the world. His successive departments were prolific in publications and in students who continued to spread his methods and influence. The care he showed for them extended to material details of housing, schooling, and finance as well as to supervision of research and subsequent career. The paternalism of the guidance which he gave reflects the 'family' atmosphere he deliberately created through informal coffee gatherings, Christmas parties, summer picnics, reunions, anniversary celebrations and similar activities designed to foster a sense of community.
This 'group' activity almost certainly derives from his particular pursuit of the religious life, and can already be seen strongly at work in CAC's years at Cambridge 1928 - 38, in which he organised meetings, Sunday schools, summer camps, fellowship sessions and the like for friends from city, country and university circles. From the same years also date his pacifism (which he put into practice in the Second World War) and his many humanitarian interests such as care for the unemployed or the refugees of the 1930s. The extent to which these concerns continued and proliferated in later years can be seen in the collection, though it is less easy to realise at first sight now deliberately he mingled 'science' and 'religion' in his life and how interfused they are in all his dealings.
It might seem from the above that CAC was overly idealistic; but this is not the case. Though he was besieged by calls to lend his time, his name or his support to countless causes, many seemingly worthy, he by no means accepted them all; the many letters in which he explains his decision to decline such appeals are carefully reasoned, kind and helpful, but illuminating in their revelation of his sharp eye for ill-conceived, specious or uncandid proposals. Even so, he was prodigal in the causes he undertook and the energy he expended; the unpublished talks, sermons and contributions in the collection would, if brought together, double the official bibliography of 444 items. Major writing or lecturing commitments were preceded by a culling of material - quotations, press-cuttings, statistics, etc., many annotated - which has its own interest in providing a tour d'horizon of a topic at a particular time.
The working papers, calculations and correspondence, particularly in Section B, help to provide a picture of the development of theoretical chemistry as a subject of scientific research and as an academic discipline with which CAC was closely involved from about 1930 until his death in 1974. CAC was himself aware also of the importance of lecture notes and drafts as a source of historical information on teaching methods, curriculum development and the spread of new ideas from the frontiers of research through the various strata of the education system; hence his preservation of his notes taken as an undergraduate and graduate at Cambridge University (A.19.8) and his retention and updating of his own lectures and talks.
In many respects, the correspondence remains the feature of the most lasting interest. The range and number of CAC's correspondents may indeed be guessed from a glance at the general index, but the brobdignagian size and disparate content of his daily postbag can best be gauged from the folders of 'shorter' exchanges where the random chance of alphabetical order has thrown together correspondence of every level of discourse and opinion. CAC's replies never cease to astonish, while being instantly recognisable. It could truly be said that he never wrote a routine letter. His distinctive style, present from the earliest years, rests on a syntax designed to convey the quality of the speaking voice; it reflects an unwearied patience, integrity and unfailing concern with the welfare of his interlocutors, be they eminent colleagues, members of a congregation or unknown persons from the general public. He touched countless lives, and never without effect.
Titles or descriptions in inverted commas are those which appear on the folders or documents, either in CAC's hand or in those of Mrs. Coulson and her advisers who looked through the material after his death.
The documents are too numerous to be individually itemised or calendared, but an account of the contents of each folder is given which it is hoped will suffice to furnish adequate guidance to its substance.
Publications which are listed in the Bibliography of the Royal Society Memoir by S.L. Altmann and E.J. Bowen are referred to in the form R.S.... placed at the end of the relevant entry or entries.
The only other abbreviation used in CAC, which Coulson himself always employed when referring in the third person to his own writings or activities.
Two Sections of the collection, C and G, are devoted entirely to correspondence. Each is further sub-divided as follows:
Boxes CSAC 60.4.78/C.1 - CSAC 60.4.78/C.22 and CSAC 60.4.78/G.1 - CSAC 60.4.78/G.21: individually named folders of correspondents with whom CAC had frequent and extensive exchanges and relations; these folders are all listed, dated and indexed. See introductory note on pp.134-135, 242.
Boxes CSAC 60.4.78/C.23 - CSAC 60.4.78/C.38: 'miscellaneous folders' of shorter correspondence in which more than one correspondent is included; these folders are listed and indexed. See introductory note on p.154.
Boxes CSAC 60.4.78/C.39 - CSAC 60.4.78/C.44: brief exchanges of letters, scientific and personal, not indexed.
All other Sections also contain correspondence, much of it extensive, or of interest. This has been noted in the handlist, and the names of the correspondents appear in the general index.
From about 1930, CAC almost always typed his letters and kept carbon copies. Many of these copies, in all Sections of the collection, were made on the backs of incoming letters, invitations, drafts and the like. Although many of these are of interest in themselves, it has not been possible to make a note of such cases or to index the individuals or organisations concerned.



Arrangement: Since the documents were received and processed piecemeal accurate chronological or subject order could not be maintained, but cross-references are given as fully as possible. There is an explanatory note on Boxes CSAC 60.4.78/A.5 - CSAC 60.4.78/A.11 ('Travel arrangements')

Although the boxes in this Section contain the major part of the biographical material, many folders in the other Sections also include biographical and personal information. This arises in part from CAC's distinctive correspondence style but principally from his deliberate mingling of scientific, religious and personal interest throughout his career. The most striking of these references are indicated and cross-referenced in the handlist.
Other biographical material, photographs and correspondence remain in family hands.

DIARIES  CSAC 60.4.78/A.1  [n.d.]

46 items

All the items listed below are pocket diaries, with the exception of CSAC 60.4.78/A.1.8., CSAC 60.4.78/A.1.31. and CSAC 60.4.78/A.1.38.

Diary  CSAC 60.4.78/A.1.1  1931

Diary  CSAC 60.4.78/A.1.2  1932

Diary  CSAC 60.4.78/A.1.3  1933

Diary  CSAC 60.4.78/A.1.4  1934

Diary  CSAC 60.4.78/A.1.5  1935

Diary  CSAC 60.4.78/A.1.6  1936

Diary  CSAC 60.4.78/A.1.7  1937

Diary  CSAC 60.4.78/A.1.8  1938

Diary  CSAC 60.4.78/A.1.9  1938

Diary  CSAC 60.4.78/A.1.10  1939

Diary  CSAC 60.4.78/A.1.11  1940

Diary  CSAC 60.4.78/A.1.12  1941

Diary  CSAC 60.4.78/A.1.13  1942

Diary  CSAC 60.4.78/A.1.14  1943

Diary  CSAC 60.4.78/A.1.15  1944

Diary  CSAC 60.4.78/A.1.16  1945-46

Diary  CSAC 60.4.78/A.1.17  1946-47

Diary  CSAC 60.4.78/A.1.18  1947-48


Diary  CSAC 60.4.78/A.1.19  1948-49

Diary  CSAC 60.4.78/A.1.20  1949-50

Diary  CSAC 60.4.78/A.1.21  1950-51

Diary  CSAC 60.4.78/A.1.22  1951-52

Diary  CSAC 60.4.78/A.1.23  1952-53

Diary  CSAC 60.4.78/A.1.24  1953-54

Diary  CSAC 60.4.78/A.1.25  1954-55

Diary  CSAC 60.4.78/A.1.26  1955-56

Diary  CSAC 60.4.78/A.1.27  1956-57

Diary  CSAC 60.4.78/A.1.28  1957-58

Diary  CSAC 60.4.78/A.1.29  1958-59

Diary  CSAC 60.4.78/A.1.30  1959-60

Diary  CSAC 60.4.78/A.1.31  1959

Engagement diary. N.B. This covers the period of CAC's service as Vice-President of the Methodist Conference 1959-60

Diary  CSAC 60.4.78/A.1.32  1960-61

Diary  CSAC 60.4.78/A.1.33  1961-62

Diary  CSAC 60.4.78/A.1.34  1962-63

Diary  CSAC 60.4.78/A.1.35  1963-64

Diary  CSAC 60.4.78/A.1.36  1964-65

Diary  CSAC 60.4.78/A.1.37  1965-66

Diary  CSAC 60.4.78/A.1.38  1962-66

5-year diary

Diary  CSAC 60.4.78/A.1.39  1966-67

Diary  CSAC 60.4.78/A.1.40  1967-68

Diary  CSAC 60.4.78/A.1.41  1968-69

Diary  CSAC 60.4.78/A.1.42  1969-70

Diary  CSAC 60.4.78/A.1.43  1970-71

Diary  CSAC 60.4.78/A.1.44  1971-72

Diary  CSAC 60.4.78/A.1.45  1972-73

Diary  CSAC 60.4.78/A.1.46  1973-74


15 folders

Home, School and University records.  CSAC 60.4.78/A.2.1  1910-34

Includes family photographs, school reports, notices, letters and press-cuttings of scholarships and awards; CAC's itemised account of his expenditure at Cambridge 1928-31, his letters home re job and career prospects 1931 (before the award of a Research Scholarship at Trinity College, Cambridge).

Folder inscribed 'Jobs'.  CSAC 60.4.78/A.2.2  1932-54

Related information: (See also CSAC 60.4.78/B.7.1.-4.)

Misc. applications for posts, offers of posts abroad, many with lists of publications, testimonials, correspondence. Includes:
Correspondence re teaching posts at Harrow School, Winchester College 1932.
Applications for:
Readership in Mathematics, Imperial College 1938
Lecturership in Mathematics, Dundee 1938
Chair of Mathematics, Bangor 1941
Chair of Mathematics, Swansea 1941
Chair of Physics, Dundee 1942
ICI Research Fellowship, Oxford 1945
Fellowship in Mathematics, Magdalen College, Oxford 1945
Wykeham Professorship of Theoretical Physics, Oxford 1945
Chair of Theoretical Physics, King's College, London 1946
Rouse Ball Professorship in Mathematics, Oxford 1951
Offers of posts abroad (declined) and related correspondence:
Illinois Institute of Technology 1946
Ahamabad Physical Research Institute 1949
University of Illinois 1954
Folder also includes:
Letter from R.H. Fowler on comparative merits of careers in teaching or research. 1932
Correspondence with W.P. Milne reCAC's replacing Brodetsky at Leeds University for one term. 1936
5 letters from Sir Edmund Whittaker. 1939-45
Correspondence with H.S. Allen re teaching of Pure and Applied Mathematics at St. Andrew's. 1940
Miscellaneous certificates of residence and education at Cambridge.

'Miscellaneous work correspondence'.  CSAC 60.4.78/A.2.3  1933-1965

Related information: (see also E. 13.7.)

Correspondence and reports on pupils at Cambridge. 1933-34
Invitation to review book on spectra for CUP. 1934
Scientific correspondence with Ronald P. Bell. 1942-48, 1957, 1962, 1965
Correspondence on hydrogen spectrum, with W. Mayo Venable. 1943
Correspondence with G. Rabel re his script on Max Planck. 1951
Correspondence with Oliver and Boyd re CAC's publications 1951-52

Miscellaneous correspondence  CSAC 60.4.78/A.2.4  1935-1953

Related information: (See also CSAC 60.4.78/D.7.9.)

Of CAC with Bishop of Ely re CAC's Confirmation into the Anglican Church 1935
With Charles Raven 1934, 1948-53
With Ian Ramsey 1951
R.S. 117

'Centenary Supper Party correspondence 1958'.  CSAC 60.4.78/A.2.5  1958

Related information: (See also Box CSAC 60.4.78/A.4 for papers re other anniversary celebrations)

This was a party given to celebrate publication of 100th paper by CAC's Quantum Group in the Mathematical Institute, Oxford.
Folder includes numerous letters and messages of congratulation (not indexed).

[no title or date]  CSAC 60.4.78/A.2.6

Pictures for guessing games, etc. at 'Centenary Party' 1958, painted by Miss E. Huggett (sister-in-law of D.E. Lea qv.).

'Matters associated with Vice-Presidency of the Methodist Conference 1959'.  CSAC 60.4.78/A.2.7  nd

Related information: (See CSAC 60.4.78/A.1.31. for CAC's engagement diary for the Vice-Presidential year)

Includes: miscellaneous biographical notes; sermon 'Christ confronts our age', and various shorter writings and messages for Methodist newsletters and publications; copy of CAC's speech to Conference in reply to his nomination as Vice-President; (part only) schedule of engagements undertaken, and CAC's letter of advice (July 1960) to Marjorie Lonsdale, a subsequent Vice-President, on the problems and pleasures of the office; letter of good wishes sent to CAC from 1973 Conference.

Biographical material, recollections and tributes assembled 1974-75 for compilation of Royal Society Memoir, from family, friends and colleagues.  CSAC 60.4.78/A.2.8  nd

Related information: (See also CSAC 60.4.78/A.14.2.)

Letters of condolence to Mrs. Coulson with recollections of CAC.  CSAC 60.4.78/A.2.9  1973-74

These are a selection of letters passed on by Mrs. Coulson for their biographical interest. The remainder of the correspondence received after CAC's death remains in family hands.

CAC's passports  CSAC 60.4.78/A.2.10  1936-74

Spiral-bound notebook inscribed 'Lending Library' and containing CAC's list of books borrowed from his own library.  CSAC 60.4.78/A.2.11  nd

Ledger-type notebook, containing list of books purchased by CAC for his Quantum Theory Group, with notes of sources of finance.  CSAC 60.4.78/A.2.12  nd

Folder of miscellaneous souvenirs, press-cuttings, signed menus, photographs, etc.  CSAC 60.4.78/A.2.13  nd

Exercise book, 'Geometrical Conics', begun at Clifton College and continued at Trinity College, Cambridge.  CSAC 60.4.78/A.2.14  nd

Folder of mathematical drawings by 'Coulson ma', at Clifton College.  CSAC 60.4.78/A.2.15  nd


10 folders

Correspondence exchanged with parents  CSAC 60.4.78/A.3.1  1931-43

Includes letters and press-cuttings re CAC's visit to USA to lecture on pacifism, 1937 (see also CSAC 60.4.78/A.13.3., CSAC 60.4.78/D.5.7.) and some early photographs of CAC's parents, 1905-06.

Correspondence exchanged with twin brother, John Metcalfe Coulson  CSAC 60.4.78/A.3.2  1934-70

CAC's letter of 27 October 1935 contains a spirited account of the incident when he gave up the set of rooms allotted to, and furnished by, him in Trinity to A.E. Housman, who had reluctantly accepted his doctor's advice to move into ground-floor rooms because of his heart condition. Housman occupied the rooms until his death in April 1936, but CAC declined the offer to move back into them because the alterations made to accommodate Housman had made them less attractive to him (see CSAC 60.4.78/A.3.3. below).
Folder includes a small amount of correspondence with other relatives and friends.

Miscellaneous correspondence of biographical interest  CSAC 60.4.78/A.3.3  1933-38

2 letters from A.E. Housman, December 1935, re his occupation of CAC's allotted rooms in Trinity (see CSAC 60.4.78/A.3.2. above).
Correspondence with Fellows of Trinity re this incident (see CSAC 60.4.78/A.3.2. above).
Correspondence with R.H. Fowler re CAC's deferred doctorate, November 1936
Letter from J.E. Lennard-Jones re CAC's career, February 1937
Short notes from J.J. Thomson, G.F.C. Searle
Correspondence re arrangements organised by CAC for elocution classes for local Methodist preachers
Correspondence with W.R. Dean, 1932, 1936
Letters from Patrick Duff (1935) and H.S.M. Coxeter (1932, offering CAC his rooms and furniture in Trinity)
Correspondence re pupils at Cambridge
Enquiry by CAC re External Ph.D. at London (before award of Prize Fellowship at Trinity) 1933;
Letter from CAC to Junior Bursar, Trinity College, expressing the wish that the 'bedders' for him and D.E. Lea might be excused their duties over Good Friday and Easter Monday, and allowed a holiday, 1934;
Letter from Charles Raven regretting that a visit to Ireland would prevent him from solemnising the marriage of Charles and Eileen Coulson, 1938.

Miscellaneous correspondence and accounts re purchase of books, furniture, etc. for CAC's rooms in Trinity College  CSAC 60.4.78/A.3.4  1934-35

Related information: (See CSAC 60.4.78/A.3.2. and R.S. Memoir, p.79).

Correspondence with Deans, Bursars, etc. of various Cambridge Colleges re CAC's scheme for helping unemployed men by training them as guides to the colleges  CSAC 60.4.78/A.3.5  1933

CAC's appearance before Conscientious Objectors Tribunal  CSAC 60.4.78/A.3.6  1939-40

Official documents re registration as Conscientious Objector, and arrangements for Tribunal, with CAC's statement of his beliefs, August 1940
Similar statements of belief, and correspondence from G.S. Rushbrooke and others
Related press-cuttings and printed matter.
Folder also includes correspondence with J.E. Lennard-Jones offering CAC a place in his wartime group, which CAC declined on conscientious grounds, 1939.

Miscellaneous correspondence  CSAC 60.4.78/A.3.7  1933-54

Folder includes letters on personal, scientific and religious matters, some relatively trivial, others of biographical interest.

Correspondence with Secretary, China Christian Universities Association  CSAC 60.4.78/A.3.8  1947

Re invitation to CAC to teach at 'Yenching University (CAC declined because of his commitments at King's College, London), 1947.

Miscellaneous domestic correspondence.  CSAC 60.4.78/A.3.9  1950-60

Miscellaneous notes and speeches of thanks by CAC on award of Honorary Degrees.  CSAC 60.4.78/A.3.10  nd

Related information: (See also CSAC 60.4.78/A.12.6.)


4 folders

Related information: (See also CSAC 60.4.78/A.2.5. and CSAC 60.4.78/A.2.6., Quantum Group celebrations in 1958 and CSAC 60.4.78/A.14.14., Opening of Theoretical Chemistry Department, Oxford, 1973)

CAC's 60th birthday conference in Oxford, April 1971.  CSAC 60.4.78/A.4.1  1971

Related information: (See also CSAC 60.4.78/A.14.13. for photograph)

Lists of guests and participants, greetings from friends and colleagues (not indexed).

Celebration of publications of 100 papers by Department of Theoretical Physics, King's College, London.  CSAC 60.4.78/A.4.2  1951

Correspondence, accounts, lists of guests, souvenirs.

'Reunion colloquium and travel claims' re One-day Symposium of Wave Mechanics and Quantum Theory Group, Oxford.  CSAC 60.4.78/A.4.3  1968

Arrangements, correspondence with colleagues and participants (not indexed), lists of guests.

Miscellaneous correspondence re above (not indexed).  CSAC 60.4.78/A.4.4  1968

'TRAVEL ARRANGEMENTS'  CSAC 60.4.78/A.5-A.11  [n.d.]

Related information: For similar conferences and activities in the UK, see especially Section E.

The description 'Travel Arrangements', which was that already on the folders, has been retained for convenience.
The boxes contain, in addition to travel schedules and arrangements, many other documents relating to CAC's extensive overseas lecture tours and attendance at international conferences. They include personal and scientific correspondence, notes and drafts for papers to be delivered by CAC or colleagues, comments on the above, editorial correspondence and arrangements for publication, and the like. There is also extensive correspondence and material concerning CAC's 'incidental' or 'spare-time' visits to churches, chapels, religious groups, student societies and similar organizations during his visits abroad, sometimes on behalf of official sponsors such as the British Council, the Royal Society, or Oxfam, sometimes as a result of the numerous appeals he received to visit or preach. His reports on some of these visits are included, and indicated in the list below.
The folders attest both the tightly-packed schedules CAC drew up for these visits and the variety of his commitments, as well as the punctilious care and humanity with which he discharged them.
Many of the folders include notes or texts for talks not published elsewhere or listed in the bibliography of the Memoir. References to the latter are given where relevant, as are cross-references to other sections of the handlist.

TRAVEL ARRANGEMENTS  CSAC 60.4.78/A.5  1948-1955

9 folders

Molecular Electronic Quantum Mechanics Conference, sponsored by University of Texas and National Science Foundation, held at Austin, Texas, 7-9 December 1955; and CAC's visits in USA, 4-18 December 1955.  CSAC 60.4.78/A.5.1  1955

Includes: conference programme, photograph, travel and financial arrangements, CAC's notes, abstract of CAC's paper, invitations to visit other universities (M.I.T., Universities of Minnesota, Wisconsin, Northwestern and Chicago) and related correspondence.

Symposium of the Quantum Theory of Molecules, Stockholm and Uppsala, 21-25 March 1955.  CSAC 60.4.78/A.5.2  1955

Includes: conference programme and abstracts of papers delivered, lists of participants, CAC's notes, correspondence re CAC's lectures in Oslo and Trondheim, travel arrangements.

Lectures in Belgium, 11-16 January 1954.  CSAC 60.4.78/A.5.3  1954

(Sponsored by the British Council)
Invitation and travel arrangements.

Lectures in Madrid and Valladolid 18-26 March 1953.  CSAC 60.4.78/A.5.4  1953

(Sponsored by the British Council)
Includes: CAC's notes for, and typescript of, lectures; invitations to lecture; correspondence with British Council and Spanish Embassy; CAC's report to the British Council on his visit.

Visit to University of North Carolina to deliver the McNair Lectures, and to Haverford College as Philips Visitor, April 1954.  CSAC 60.4.78/A.5.5  1954

Related information: (See also CSAC 60.4.78/D.12.1.-D.12.2.)

Includes: invitation to give lectures, schedule of visits, printed matter re both universities, correspondence from sponsors and from members of audience at lecture, including exchange with Mrs. Ellen Knox re Einstein's views on the influence of a scientist's personality on his research.
The McNair Lectures were published as Science and Christian Belief.
R.S. 165

International Conference on Theoretical Physics, Kyoto, 7-29 September 1953.  CSAC 60.4.78/A.5.6  1953

Includes: extensive correspondence re pacifism and religion; invitations to lecture; CAC's notes on Japanese scientific work.

Conference on Quantum-Mechanical Methods in Valence Theory, Shelter Island, New York, 8-10 September 1951.  CSAC 60.4.78/A.5.7  1951

Related information: (See also CSAC 60.4.78/B.1.19, CSAC 60.4.78/B.1.22, CSAC 60.4.78/G.3.4.-G.3.6.)

Includes: conference programme and printed information; ms. and typescript of CAC's contribution and his comments on other papers presented at the conference; offprints and publications; correspondence, including invitation (declined) to lecture at Harvard during visit to USA.
R.S. 131, 132, 133, 136, 137, 138

Visit to Switzerland, April 1951; Lecture tour in Holland, 5-28 March 1949.  CSAC 60.4.78/A.5.8  1951, 1949

Schedule of visit, and lectures to be given at Zurich and Basle; brief correspondence with colleagues re organization of visit.
Includes: travel arrangements and programme of lectures; extensive ms. notes and drafts for lectures on 'Methods of Molecular Orbitals', 'Methods of Atomic Orbitals', 'Hybridisation', 'Conjugated Compounds', 'Polarities and Strengths of Bonds', 'Colour', 'Future Developments', extended lecture on 'Benzene'.
Correspondence with colleagues re subjects and time-table of lectures, letters of thanks, etc.

Symposium on Chemical Bonding, organized by Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, Paris, 4-11, 12-18 April 1948.  CSAC 60.4.78/A.5.9  1948

Related information: (See also CSAC 60.4.78/B.17.6., CSAC 60.4.78/B.34.9.)

Correspondence with organiser E. Bauer re organization, and participants, and re subsequent visit to Paris by CAC; with M. Haissinsky re publication of paper given by CAC at symposium.

TRAVEL ARRANGEMENTS  CSAC 60.4.78/A.6  1956-1958

10 folders

University of Malaya - External Examiner 1958-59.  CSAC 60.4.78/A.6.1  1958-59

Related information: (see also CSAC 60.4.78/A.6.3. below)

Correspondence re lectures, examining, appointments.

Washington USA Methodist Conference, 2-6 July 1958.  CSAC 60.4.78/A.6.2  1958

Related information: (see also CSAC 60.4.78/D.7.4.)

Includes: printed matter re conference, travel arrangements, correspondence re CAC's address.
R.S. 220

Singapore and Kuala Lumpur, 8-16 May 1958. CAC was External Examiner.  CSAC 60.4.78/A.6.3  1958

Related information: (see also CSAC 60.4.78/A.6.1. above)

Includes: programme for CAC's visit, requests for visits, talks and sermons, correspondence with academic and religious colleagues and friends, typescript article 'I write as a Christian' published in Peace News 1.8.58.

'Belgium. Brussels. 10-15 April 1958'  CSAC 60.4.78/A.6.4  1958

CAC served as member of the Jury for the award of the Francqui Prize.
Includes: printed matter re Fondation Francqui, invitation to serve, correspondence with organisers and colleagues.

Colloque International sur Le Calcul des fonctions d'onde moléculaires, Paris, September 1957.  CSAC 60.4.78/A.6.5  1957

Invitation to read paper, travel arrangements, correspondence with organisers and colleagues.
R.S. 223

'From benzene to graphite', 3rd Carbon Conference, Buffalo, 10-14 June 1957. (CAC cancelled his visit because of ill-health)  CSAC 60.4.78/A.6.6  1957

Related information: (see also CSAC 60.4.78/B.39.8.)

Correspondence with organisers, arrangements for publication of paper, ms. abstracts of papers to be delivered, some scientific correspondence 1956-58.
R.S. 226

Lecture tour to Holland, 10-15 December 1956.  CSAC 60.4.78/A.6.7  1956

Schedule of lectures, travel arrangements, notes on talks to be given, correspondence re scientific and religious talks 1955-57.

International Symposium on Hydrogen Bonding, Ljubljana.  CSAC 60.4.78/A.6.8  1957

Programme, lists of participants, abstracts of papers read, some annotated by CAC; correspondence with organisers; arrangements for publication 1956-58.

9th World Methodist Conference, Lake Junaluska, North Carolina, August-September 1956.  CSAC 60.4.78/A.6.9  1956

Related information: (see also CSAC 60.4.78/D.1.5., CSAC 60.4.78/F.7.3. (Epworth Press))

Travel and visa arrangements, printed information re conference, arrangements for delivery and publication of CAC's lecture 'Nuclear knowledge and Christian responsibility', miscellaneous correspondence with organisers, delegates and participants.
R.S. 192

Arrangements for lectures delivered in USA after World Methodist Conference, September 1956  CSAC 60.4.78/A.6.10  1956

Bell Telephone Co., Murray Hill, New Jersey
University of Rochester, New York
DuPont Co. Experimental Station.
Personal and scientific correspondence re lectures and visits 1955-56.

TRAVEL ARRANGEMENTS  CSAC 60.4.78/A.7  1959-62

6 folders

Visit to South Africa, to give Peter Ainslie Memorial Lecture, and to conduct the Mission to Rhodes University, 21 July-14 August 1962.  CSAC 60.4.78/A.7.1  1962

Related information: (see also CSAC 60.4.78/D.1.7. and CSAC 60.4.78/A.7.3. below)

Includes: programme of visit, programmes for services, requests for articles, correspondence with Methodist clergy and student associations re organization and publicity for Mission etc., summary of addresses given by CAC in Belfast (January 1962).
R.S. 289

Visit to Israel, April 1962  CSAC 60.4.78/A.7.2  1962

Includes: correspondence with the British Council re arrangements for visit, programme of Pesach School in Theoretical Chemistry (Hebrew University, Jerusalem) at which CAC lectured, CAC's report to the British Council on his visits to Pesach School and to Weizmann Institute, Rehovot, and Technion, Haifa.

Mission to Queen's University, Belfast, 28 January-4 February 1962.  CSAC 60.4.78/A.7.3  1962

Includes: printed programmes, press-cuttings, etc., correspondence with organisers and with those who had attended the Mission, summary of addresses, typescript of addresses 'Science and the Mission' and 'Prelude to Mission'.

World Council of Churches Assembly, New Delhi, 17 November-8 December 1961.  CSAC 60.4.78/A.7.4  1961

Related information: (see also CSAC 60.4.78/F.6.14.)

Includes: printed material re Council and Assembly, invitations to visit and lecture on scientific and religious topics in course of visit, from many colleagues, organizations, etc., travel schedules, correspondence with scientists and colleagues in India and UK re problems of Indian science and possibilities of assistance from Britain, ms. drafts for CAC's 'Appeal to all Governments and People'.

Conference on Molecular Quantum Mechanics, Boulder, Colorado, June 1959.  CSAC 60.4.78/A.7.5  1959

Related information: (see also CSAC 60.4.78/B.1.6.)

Includes: programme of conference and abstracts of papers presented, CAC's notes taken during conference, typescript of CAC's paper 'The present state of molecular structure calculations', correspondence.
R.S. 251

George Fisher Baker Lectures, Cornell University New York, Hilary Term, January-April 1959.  CSAC 60.4.78/A.7.6  1959

Related information: (see also CSAC 60.4.78/B.9.1.-CSAC 60.4.78/B.9.21.)

(Includes many subsidiary visits and talks)
Arrangements for Sabbatical leave, personal arrangements for travel grants, house, car, school, finance, etc., correspondence re programme of lectures at Cornell, numerous invitations to lecture, to visit other universities, industrial and research laboratories, etc.; some scientific correspondence.

TRAVEL ARRANGEMENTS  CSAC 60.4.78/A.8  1963-64

5 folders

Visit to Russia, 7-22 January 1963.  CSAC 60.4.78/A.8.1  1963

CAC visited Russia under the Exchange Agreement between the Academy of Sciences of the USSR and the Royal Society. He visited Moscow, Leningrad and Kiev.
Includes: travel arrangements and schedules, background information from the British Council, the Royal Society, etc., correspondence with colleagues in UK and USSR, CAC's correspondence and reports on his visit, ms. of Preface to Russian translation of CAC's book Valence.

Correspondence with Herbert Dingle on theories and writings of G. Sapunov in connection with CAC's visit to Russia.  CSAC 60.4.78/A.8.2  1962-63

Visit to Czechoslovakia, 2-13 July 1963.  CSAC 60.4.78/A.8.3  1963

Includes: travel schedules and arrangements for lectures, some scientific correspondence and ms. notes.

Visit to Duke University, North Carolina, 3-11 October 1963.  CSAC 60.4.78/A.8.4  1963

Includes: travel schedules and correspondence on scientific and religious lectures (see also CSAC 60.4.78/D.2.7.).
During this visit CAC also delivered four Mead-Swing Lectures at Oberlin College, Cleveland, Ohio, on:
Overcrowded Molecules
The New Fluorides of the Inert Gases
Science and the Idea of God
Science, Civilization and Religion

Mission to the University, Dublin, February-March 1964.  CSAC 60.4.78/A.8.5  1964

Includes: travel schedule, miscellaneous correspondence 1962-64, typescript talk on 'Science, Power and Purpose'.

TRAVEL ARRANGEMENTS  CSAC 60.4.78/A.9  1964-66

6 folders

Visit to Fordham University, Bronx, New York, to deliver a series of four lectures, 17-30 September 1966.  CSAC 60.4.78/A.9.1  1966

Includes: Invitation and related correspondence re scheduling of visit, lectures and other engagements during stay, programme of lectures (including one titled 'Religion and Science 1983-85') (see also CSAC 60.4.78/D.2.8.), invitation and related correspondence re CAC's participation in Conference on Science and Religion sponsored by Broadway Presbyterian Church.

Lectures to Hungarian Academy of Science, 19-29 September 1965.  CSAC 60.4.78/A.9.2  1965

(Sponsored by the British Council and the Royal Society)
Includes: correspondence with sponsors re travel arrangements, insurance, etc., background information, correspondence with officers of Academy re topics for lectures, personal and scientific correspondence with Hungarian colleagues, CAC's report to the British Council on visit.

Visit to Nigeria, 1-22 January 1965  CSAC 60.4.78/A.9.3  1965

CAC attended meetings organized by World Council of Churches, and gave scientific lectures under the aegis of the British Council.
Includes: schedule of visit, correspondence and CAC's report to the British Council.

Visit to Australia, 19-27 April 1964, to deliver scientific and religious lectures in Sydney and Melbourne.  CSAC 60.4.78/A.9.4  1964

Related information: (see also CSAC 60.4.78/D.7.6.)

Includes: schedule of visit and printed programme of lectures, correspondence with Wesley College, Universities of Sydney and Melbourne re visits, topics for lectures, letters of thanks, etc.; letters to CAC following his radio broadcast.

Visit to New Zealand, 30 March-19 April 1964.  CSAC 60.4.78/A.9.5  1964

CAC's visit was at the invitation of the Methodist Spiritual Advance Committee.
Includes: correspondence with leaders of Methodist community re scheduling of visit, proposed itinerary, topics for lectures, numerous invitations from Methodist, pacifist and university groups, with letters of thanks, etc., correspondence with scientific colleagues re CAC's lectures to university departments.

Solvay Conference, 13me Conseil de Chimie, de I'Institut International de Chimie, Brussels, 25-30 October 1965.  CSAC 60.4.78/A.9.6  1965

Includes: correspondence with conference organisers for CAC to give the opening address, and for its publication in text of the Proceedings, programme, printed copies of papers to be presented and of discussions.
Includes unlabelled folder of scientific notes, calculations and drawings for figures.
R.S. 361

TRAVEL ARRANGEMENTS  CSAC 60.4.78/A.10  1966-71

10 folders

'Utah and Vancouver trip, August 1971'.  CSAC 60.4.78/A.10.1  1971; 1971

Related information: (see also CSAC 60.4.78/A.20.4.)
(see also CSAC 60.4.78/B.20.9.)

College of Science Colloquium, Utah State University: programme, official documents, correspondence 1971.
Fourth Canadian Symposium on Theoretical Chemistry, University of British Columbia: programme, list of participants, correspondence 1971.

University of Cincinnati, Ohio  CSAC 60.4.78/A.10.2  1970

CAC was Distinguished Visiting Lecturer, 3-16 January 1970.
Includes: correspondence re schedule of lectures and social engagements, invitations to visit other universities, miscellaneous printed matter, newsletters, press-cuttings, programme of symposium on molecular quantum mechanics.

Visit to University of East Africa as Royal Society Visiting Professor, November 1968-March 1969.  CSAC 60.4.78/A.10.3  1968-69

Correspondence with Royal Society and University officers re schedule of visit and topics for lectures, 23pp. typescript report to Royal Society (with covering letter to P.M.S. Blackett), and printed copy of report.

Visit to University of East Africa as Royal Society Visiting Professor, November 1968-March 1969.  CSAC 60.4.78/A.10.4  1968-69

Related information: (see also CSAC 60.4.78/B.16.1.-CSAC 60.4.78/B.16.3. for lectures, correspondence and background material on East African affairs, and CSAC 60.4.78/F.5.10. for CAC's reports on Oxfam projects in Africa which he visited in the course of this journey)

Official documents, financial arrangements re visit, photograph, press-cuttings, correspondence with universities and colleges in East Africa, correspondence with Methodist Missionary Society and Overseas Development Institute.

XXII Congress of the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) Australia, and Chemical Society meetings in Australia and New Zealand, 7-28 August 1969.  CSAC 60.4.78/A.10.5  1969

Related information: (see also CSAC 60.4.78/A.20.3., CSAC 60.4.78/B.41.10.)

Includes: CAC's schedule, correspondence re travel and financial arrangements; lecture schedules and publication arrangements; services to be conducted by CAC, broadcasts by CAC, some scientific correspondence, material and correspondence re Hon. D.Sc. conferred by University of Otago, New Zealand.
R.S. 401

Visit to Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn, to deliver a series of lectures on 'Non-Valence Reactions', 18 March-17 April 1968. Visit to Rio de Janeiro, 18-20 April 1968, and correspondence.  CSAC 60.4.78/A.10.6  1968

Related information: (see also CSAC 60.4.78/B.12.1.-B.12.5.)

Includes: correspondence re schedule of visit, proposed topics for lectures, financial arrangements, accommodation, programme of visit, many invitations to visit universities and research establishments (Rutgers, Princeton, George Washington University, Brookhaven National Laboratory, Rochester, Syracuse, McGill, Toronto, Columbia universities).

Visit to Nebraska for convocation on 'Foundations for Christian Mission', 30 November-3 December 1967.  CSAC 60.4.78/A.10.7  1967

Includes: programme of visit, correspondence with Methodist leaders, ms. drafts and typescript notes for two addresses given at convocation: 'Foundations in Scientific Understanding' and 'Foundations in Human Values'; CAC's notes, invitations to deliver scientific lectures at University of Nebraska.

Visit to University of West Indies to give valedictory service, 16-27 June 1967.  CSAC 60.4.78/A.10.8  1967

Includes: arrangements for visit, scheduling of lectures and sermons, itinerary of lectures and accommodation, correspondence re Oxfam.

'India Spectroscopy Conference, Bombay, and Oxfam visits', 4-13 January 1967.  CSAC 60.4.78/A.10.9  1967

Related information: (see also CSAC 60.4.78/B.8.10.)

Includes: programme and printed matter re conference, invitations to visit other universities and laboratories, itinerary and schedule of visits, draft notes for abstract, ms. and typescript notes for CAC's conference contribution, and those taken during conference discussions, including comments on CAC's paper by R.S. Mulliken, and CAC's reply; some scientific correspondence.
R.S. 353

Summer Schools on Theoretical Chemistry, Yugoslavia and Hungary, 1967.  CSAC 60.4.78/A.10.10  1967

Related information: (see also CSAC 60.4.78/B.4.15. drafts of lectures on Non-Valence Interaction, delivered at the School)

Includes: correspondence re scheduling, etc., programme, list of participants.

TRAVEL ARRANGEMENTS  CSAC 60.4.78/A.11  1950-74

6 folders

'Foreign engagements pending 1950-57'.  CSAC 60.4.78/A.11.1  1950 - 1957

Related information: (see also CSAC 60.4.78/D.8.6.)

Miscellaneous invitations to lecture, mostly declined or deferred (not indexed).
Includes: folder of correspondence 1953-56 re proposed symposium on The Resonance Controversy (with L. Pauling and D. Sokolov as contributors) and CAC's intended contribution 'Marxist and Western accounts of resonance'.

'Possible future visits to U.S.A. Invitations 1959-69'  CSAC 60.4.78/A.11.2  1959-1969

Related information: (see also CSAC 60.4.78/A.13.12.)

Miscellaneous invitations to give scientific and religious lectures, mostly declined or deferred (not indexed)

'Trieste Winter College, 10-16 January 1972'.  CSAC 60.4.78/A.11.3  1972

Includes: correspondence with colleagues and organisers re lectures at International Centre for Theoretical Physics, Trieste.
R.S. 430

Visit to U.S.A., 1972.  CSAC 60.4.78/A.11.4  1972

Related information: (see also CSAC 60.4.78/B.1.8. and CSAC 60.4.78/B.10.16.)

Includes: correspondence re address given by CAC at Robert A. Welch Foundation, Houston, Texas, and other visits, also lectures at General Electric.
R.S. 428

Visit to Israel, January 1973.  CSAC 60.4.78/A.11.5  1972-1973

Related information: (see also CSAC 60.4.78/A.13.14. and CSAC 60.4.78/B.1.8.)

Includes: correspondence, travel schedule, conference programmes, report by CAC to Royal Society on visits 31 December 1972-14 January 1973; to Farkash Symposium, Jerusalem; Tel-Aviv and Negev Universities; Technion, Haifa; Weizmann Institute, Rehovot.

Correspondence re CAC's last engagements 1972-74.  CSAC 60.4.78/A.11.6  1972-1974


10 items

Related information: The Brotherton Library, University of Leeds, holds the following sets of notes taken by CAC's father at Owen's College, Manchester, and Yorkshire College:
Notebook of experiments in physics carried out as an undergraduate at the Yorkshire College, 1894-96 (MS. 239)
Notebook of experiments in physics carried out at Owen's College, Manchester 1899-1900 (MS. 241)
Chemistry lecture notes, Yorkshire College, 1894-95 (MS. 242)
Physics lecture notes from January 1900 (MS. 243)
Physics lecture notes, Yorkshire College, 1895-96 (MS 244)

Account books of Alfred Coulson (CAC's father), showing itemised daily and annual income and expenditure.  CSAC 60.4.78/A.12.1.-A.12.4  [n.d.]

Account books  CSAC 60.4.78/A.12.1  1900-1915

Account books  CSAC 60.4.78/A.12.2  1918-1933

Account books  CSAC 60.4.78/A.12.3  1933-1949

Account books  CSAC 60.4.78/A.12.4  1950-1953

Includes a note by CAC about his father, left unfinished at his (CAC's) death.

Essay by CAC 'The City and County of Bristol', written at Clifton College.  CSAC 60.4.78/A.12.5  (c) 1924

Honours and awards  CSAC 60.4.78/A.12.6  1956-1973

Related information: (see also CSAC 60.4.78/A.3.10. for miscellaneous speeches of thanks by CAC for honorary degrees)

Official correspondence with universities and societies. Whenever there is material in addition to the correspondence, a note is given below.
New York Academy of Sciences, Hon. Life Membership: certificate. 1956
Société Chimique de Belgique, Hon. Member. 1962
British Institute of Radiology, Silvanus Thompson Memorial Medal and Lecture. 1963
University of Sheffield, Firth Visiting Professorship of Chemistry. 1968-69
University of Leicester, Hon. D.Sc.: copy of laureation address. 1969
University of East Anglia, Hon. D.Sc.: copy of laureation address. 1969
University of Otago, Hon. D.Sc. 1969
University of Bradford, Hon. D.Tech. 1970-72
Royal Society, the Davy Medal: copy of citation. 1970
Societas Scientiarum Fennica, Foreign Member. 1971
University of Cambridge, Hon. D.Sc.: news-clippings, copy of laureation address, menu and seating plan for luncheon. 1971
University of Sheffield, Hon. D.Litt. 1971
University of Kent, Hon. D.Sc. 1971
University of Stockholm, Hon. Fil.D. 1971
University of Hull, Hon. D.Sc. 1972
University of Manchester, Hon. D.Sc. 1971
Goodricke College, York University, member of SCR. 1972
Croatian Chemical Society, Hon. Fellow. 1972
University of St. Andrews, Hon. D.D.: copy of laureation address. 1973
King's College, London, Hon. Fellow. 1973

Numerous biographical notes on CAC, prepared for various bibliographical and reference works, lists of publications and of endowed lectures given, etc.  CSAC 60.4.78/A.12.7  nd

School exercise book, with notes on physics, lecture notes.  CSAC 60.4.78/A.12.8  nd

School exercise book 'Special Set A Chemistry. Mr. Muirhead', lecture notes.  CSAC 60.4.78/A.12.9  nd

Miscellaneous correspondence on career  CSAC 60.4.78/A.12.10  1959, 1967-74

Folder includes tribute to CAC given by Professor J.W. Linnett at Nottingham, September 1974.


18 folders

Notebook 'Long vac. term 1931': miscellaneous laboratory experiments, indexed at front of book by CAC.  CSAC 60.4.78/A.13.1  1931

Applications for Commonwealth and other Fellowships.  CSAC 60.4.78/A.13.2  1937

Press-cuttings re CAC's first USA tour, when the lectured for the Emergency Peace Campaign.  CSAC 60.4.78/A.13.3  1937

Related information: (see also CSAC 60.4.78/A.3.1., CSAC 60.4.78/D.5.7.)

Election to Fellowship of the Royal Society of Edinburgh.  CSAC 60.4.78/A.13.4  1941

Miscellaneous correspondence re membership and subscription to learned societies  CSAC 60.4.78/A.13.5.-A.13.9  [n.d.]

American Physical Society  CSAC 60.4.78/A.13.5  1939-73

Chemical Society  CSAC 60.4.78/A.13.6  1947-70

Related information: (see also CSAC 60.4.78/E.2.1., CSAC 60.4.78/E.2.2.)

American Chemical Society  CSAC 60.4.78/A.13.7  1948-70

Institute of Physics  CSAC 60.4.78/A.13.8  1952-72

Related information: (see also CSAC 60.4.78/E.4.3.)

Faraday Society  CSAC 60.4.78/A.13.9  1958

Related information: (see also CSAC 60.4.78/E.3.1.)

Election to Honorary Membership of American Academy of Arts and Sciences: correspondence and certificate.  CSAC 60.4.78/A.13.10  1963

Membership of Institute of Mathematics and its Applications, formal correspondence only.  CSAC 60.4.78/A.13.11  1964

Related information: (see also CSAC 60.4.78/B.10.4., CSAC 60.4.78/E.4.1. and CSAC 60.4.78/E.4.2.)

'Half-promises' for numerous engagements and invitations to speak (religious and scientific), mainly in UK.  CSAC 60.4.78/A.13.12  1955, 1960-66

Related information: (see also CSAC 60.4.78/A.11.1., CSAC 60.4.78/A.11.2.)

Notes taken by CAC of lectures by Professor George Temple FRS on 'Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors'.  CSAC 60.4.78/A.13.13  (c) 1965

Related information: (see Box CSAC 60.4.78/B.13.)

Correspondence, travel arrangements, etc. for CAC's last journey abroad, to receive Hon. degree at Hebrew University of Jerusalem, July 1973.  CSAC 60.4.78/A.13.14  1973

Related information: (see also CSAC 60.4.78/A.11.5.)

Includes transcript of recording of Farkash Memorial Lecture, delivered by CAC in January 1973 in Jerusalem.

'Correspondence as member of Committee of Edinburgh Mathematical Society'.  CSAC 60.4.78/A.13.15  1939-42, 1974

Miscellaneous biographical correspondence; several of these letters contain interesting thoughts and recollections of a personal and biographical nature.  CSAC 60.4.78/A.13.16  1959-73

Correspondence with and re Wadham College, Oxford.  CSAC 60.4.78/A.13.17  1971-72

'Possible scientists' peace appeal', an international text drafted by Michel Magat (Paris).  CSAC 60.4.78/A.13.18  1948

Related information: (see also CSAC 60.4.78/C.12.7.)

CAC's correspondence with Magat and other interested British scientists on the merits of the appeal.


17 items

Correspondence re award of the Lecomte de Noüy Prize to CAC for his book Science and Christian Belief 1955, and later correspondence with Mrs. Lecomte de Noüy re CAC's nomination as Hon. Member of the Foundation, and its affairs.  CSAC 60.4.78/A.14.1  1955-56, 1963-66

Related information: (see also CSAC 60.4.78/D.12.1.-D.12.2.)

Miscellaneous tributes and reminiscences of CAC  CSAC 60.4.78/A.14.2  1974

Related information: (see also CSAC 60.4.78/A.2.8.)

Collected by E.J. Bowen for the Royal Society Biographical Memoir, from Norman March, Stanley Rushbrooke, C. Strachan (of personal and scientific interest). Folder includes copy of Memoir.

Group photographs taken at CAC's Summer Schools, arranged chronologically.  CSAC 60.4.78/A.14.3.-A.14.12  [n.d.]

There is a key for all the photographs except that for 1971.

Photograph  CSAC 60.4.78/A.14.3  1957

Photograph  CSAC 60.4.78/A.14.4  1959

Photograph  CSAC 60.4.78/A.14.5  1960

Photograph  CSAC 60.4.78/A.14.6  1966

Photograph  CSAC 60.4.78/A.14.7  1967

Photograph  CSAC 60.4.78/A.14.8  1968

Photograph  CSAC 60.4.78/A.14.9  1970

Photograph  CSAC 60.4.78/A.14.10  1971

Photograph  CSAC 60.4.78/A.14.11  1972

Photograph  CSAC 60.4.78/A.14.12  1973

Group photograph of CAC's 60th Birthday Conference, held in Oxford, April 1971 (with key).  CSAC 60.4.78/A.14.13  1971

Related information: (see also CSAC 60.4.78/A.4.1.)

Correspondence and papers re dinner for members of Theoretical Chemistry Department, to commemorate its opening.  CSAC 60.4.78/A.14.14  1973

Related information: (see also CSAC 60.4.78/B.16.4., CSAC 60.4.78/B.16.5.)

Xerox of photograph of Theoretical Chemistry Building, South Parks Road, Oxford.  CSAC 60.4.78/A.14.15  nd

Photographs of CAC, taken during a lecture given in Denmark.  CSAC 60.4.78/A.14.16  (c) 1959

Photograph of Trinity College Cambridge Mathematical Society, May 1938 (with key).  CSAC 60.4.78/A.14.17  1938


13, and 17 folders

These boxes contain personal correspondence, mainly with friends made in Cambridge. The correspondents include city, local and university people, some of short acquaintance and others who became lifelong friends.
The subject matter is chiefly religion, pacifism, humanitarianism and principles of conduct. CAC's influence as an active moral force in the lives of others is clearly seen, and the letters cast considerable light on his scientific and personal development.
A full list of correspondents, with dates and a brief indication of subject matter, is enclosed with each box.
CSAC 60.4.78/A.15.1. - CSAC 60.4.78/A.15.13. B - L
CSAC 60.4.78/A.16.1. - CSAC 60.4.78/A.16.17. L - W


17 folders

Related information: (see also CSAC 60.4.78/F.1.1.)

Personal correspondence, mainly related to the 'Cambridge Group' of Methodists in which CAC played an active role 1931-38, and to Methodist activities, meetings and conferences. The subject matter and interest of the correspondence are similar to those of CSAC 60.4.78/A.15 and CSAC 60.4.78/A.16, and some of the correspondents overlap.
A list of correspondents is enclosed with the box.
CAC especially asked that his papers relating to the 'Cambridge Group' movement be preserved. A collection, including papers of the Reverend W.H. Beales, founder of the movement, is housed in the archives of Wesley House, Cambridge.

Individual correspondence folders (list enclosed in box).  CSAC 60.4.78/A.17.1.-A.17.9  nd

Cambridge Group Conference at Cardiff, 1932, organised by CAC and Eric Duncanson: programme, reports, etc.  CSAC 60.4.78/A.17.10  1932

Cambridge Group on Psychology, organised by Harold Beales: programme of activities drawn up by Beales, circular letter by CAC.  CSAC 60.4.78/A.17.11  1936

Conference Committee on Corporate Prayer: correspondence, drafts for manuals, reports of activities.  CSAC 60.4.78/A.17.12  1935

Friendship Circle.  CSAC 60.4.78/A.17.13  1948-50

Miscellaneous correspondence with friends, mainly 'Cambridge Group' 1931-38 (not sorted or indexed).  CSAC 60.4.78/A.17.14.-A.17.16  1931-38

'Children's Stories, etc.'  CSAC 60.4.78/A.17.17  1933-35

Folder of printed material, ms. notes and outlines of stories, songs and hymns suitable for children, assembled by CAC.
Letter from Eileen Burrett [Mrs. Coulson] recommending suitable material, 1935.

SUMMER CAMPS  CSAC 60.4.78/A.18  1934-42

11 folders

The box contains 11 folders relating to the organization by CAC of his Summer Camps in various parts of the country. All the folders include correspondence, details of travel and camping arrangements, a budget and journal for the camp.

Summer camp  CSAC 60.4.78/A.18.1  1935

Summer camp  CSAC 60.4.78/A.18.2  1934, 1935

Summer camp  CSAC 60.4.78/A.18.3  1936

Summer camp  CSAC 60.4.78/A.18.4  1937

Summer camp  CSAC 60.4.78/A.18.5  1937

Summer camp  CSAC 60.4.78/A.18.6  1938

Summer camp  CSAC 60.4.78/A.18.7  1938

Summer camp  CSAC 60.4.78/A.18.8  1939

Summer camp  CSAC 60.4.78/A.18.9  1940

Summer camp  CSAC 60.4.78/A.18.10  1941

Summer camp  CSAC 60.4.78/A.18.11  1942

BIOGRAPHICAL  CSAC 60.4.78/A.19  [n.d.]

9 folders

'Philosophical Transactions of the Avuncular Society. Volume two'.  CSAC 60.4.78/A.19.1  nd

Notes and reflections by CAC on factors in his own development, and especially on religion; mostly June 1930-June 1932, with one letter from Douglas Lea 1938.

'Letters to Arthur, Vol. One July 1930-July 1932'.  CSAC 60.4.78/A.19.2  1930-1932

10 letters, each separately filed and titled by CAC, on various topics: work and career at Cambridge, politics, Christian marriage, etc.

'C's ideas'.  CSAC 60.4.78/A.19.3  (various dates 1931-32)

Notes and reflections on:
'What I believe'
'Free Will'
'How to pray'
'My testimony'
'Draft. Albert Hall Speech'

'Sermons. Vol. 1 June 1931-July 1932'.  CSAC 60.4.78/A.19.4  1931 - 1932

9 sermons, each separately filed and titled by CAC.

'Short diary 1933'. Also CAC's declaration of intent to give 10% of his income throughout his life to religious purposes. 1931  CSAC 60.4.78/A.19.5  1931, 1933

Miscellaneous press-cuttings, mainly re CAC's religious activities.  CSAC 60.4.78/A.19.6  1932-62

Miscellaneous printed obituaries and tributes to CAC.  CSAC 60.4.78/A.19.7  [n.d.]

Copy of the appeal letter for the Charles Coulson Memorial Fund 'to further study and research in Theoretical Chemistry and related subjects, particularly by providing financial assistance for scholars from abroad who would wish to come to Oxford'.

Correspondence with University Library, Cambridge, re CAC's notes of lectures attended by him as an undergraduate and graduate 1931-33, and deposited by him in the Library 1970 and 1972.  CSAC 60.4.78/A.19.8  nd

Related information: (see also CSAC 60.4.78/B.13.)

The notes, 'about 2 feet or a few inches more', are of lectures by 'J.J. Thomson, Rutherford, Besicovitch, Sir Harold Jeffreys, Eddington, S. Chandrasekhar, R.H. Fowler, Blackett, Cockcroft and others', described by CAC as 'the greatest collection of physicists ever to be in the same laboratory at the same time... To work in the Cavendish at that time was almost overwhelming'.
CAC later (1972) added his notes on 'the first set of lectures ever given in this country on quantum chemistry' by Lennard-Jones in Cambridge in 1933.
He also gave various reminiscences of lectures and their methods, and an account of his own painstaking system of note-taking and writing up of material.

Miscellaneous printed matter relating to CAC's scientific and religious activities; various dates 1936-73, and a Xerox copy of the advertisement for the first appointment to the newly-established Coulson Professorship of Theoretical Chemistry, University of Oxford 1976.  CSAC 60.4.78/A.19.9  1936-1973, 1976

TAPE RECORDINGS  CSAC 60.4.78/A.20  [n.d.]

5 items

Speech at official opening of Walsall and Staffordshire Technical College, October 1962.  CSAC 60.4.78/A.20.1  1962

Sir D. Owen Evans Lectures, Aberystwyth.  CSAC 60.4.78/A.20.2  1966

Related information: (see also CSAC 60.4.78/D.4.5.-CSAC 60.4.78/D.4.9.)

Three lectures on: 'The influence of science on the Christian faith'.

'What is a human being?'.  CSAC 60.4.78/A.20.3  1969

Related information: (see also CSAC 60.4.78/A.10.5.)

Lecture, with ensuing questions and answers, given in Sydney, Australia, August 1969.

'Science and society. The human use of human beings'.  CSAC 60.4.78/A.20.4  1971

Related information: (see also CSAC 60.4.78/A.10.1.)

Lecture given in Logan, Utah, August 1971.

Cassette of letters, dictated by CAC ready for typing in the department.  CSAC 60.4.78/A.20.5  c1973

Miss R. Schwerdt describes it as 'a very typical batch of letters, probably November/December 1973' (CAC was already seriously ill, and died in January 1974).
Miss Schwerdt lists the contents as follows:
'Letters re engagement; book review; a proposed Theoretical Chemistry Institute; the future of Summer Schools; letter to OUP about new book; letter about visiting professor from Israel; letter about someone's promotion; letter to a research student in difficulties'.



The material may be divided very roughly as follows:
Boxes CSAC 60.4.78/B.1 - CSAC 60.4.78/B.27: scientific lectures, talks, addresses, broadcasts, publications
Boxes CSAC 60.4.78/B.28 - CSAC 60.4.78/B.43: research notes, working papers, publications.
The content of the folders throughout this Section varies from short manuscript notes for research projects or an informal talk to a fully-prepared lecture or scientific paper complete with its working notes, background or supplementary research material, drafts, scientific or editorial correspondence and a copy or reprint of the published text. Many of the folders bear, on the inside cover, CAC's list of the places or occasions at which the talk was delivered.
Box CSAC 60.4.78/B.15 is interesting in showing the way in which CAC conceived and developed ideas for research problems for himself, his collaborators and his teams of research students; see the note about this and similar items elsewhere in the collection.
The list below contains, as far as possible, an indication of the extent and date of the material in each folder and cross-references to similar or related material in other Sections. When a specific publication is dealt with, a reference to the Royal Society Memoir is given in the form R.S.... The conspectus may be consulted for fuller references to such listed works, but it should be stressed that many of the lectures and talks in this Section were not published.


22 folders

'The spirit of applied mathematics'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.1.1  1952

Inaugural Lecture, Rouse Ball Chair of Mathematics, Oxford.
Working notes, supplementary material assembled in preparation for lecture.
Typescript, annotated offprint.
Correspondence re arrangements for delivery and publication.
R.S. 140

'Wave mechanics in physics, chemistry and biology'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.1.2  1948

Inaugural Lecture, Chair of Theoretical Physics, King's College, London.
Working notes.
R.S. 69

'Symmetry'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.1.3  1967-69

The Faraday Lecture, the Chemical Society, Oxford, January 1968.
Working notes, ms. and typescript drafts, figures for published version.
List of places and dates of delivery is on the inside of the folder cover.
R.S. 363

'Overcrowded molecules'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.1.4  1955-64

Related information: (see also CSAC 60.4.78/B.3.9.)

Ms. of lecture delivered at Kekulé Symposium on Theoretical Organic Chemistry, London, 1958.
List of places and dates of delivery.
R.S. 240

'Compton profile'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.1.5  1947-50

Working notes and manuscript.

'What does a molecule look like?'  CSAC 60.4.78/B.1.6  1956-61

Working notes for lecture.
List of places and dates of delivery.
R.S. 251

'Bond lengths involving carbon'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.1.7  1962-63

Working notes, ms., list of slides for lecture, figures for published version.
R.S. 309

'd-electrons'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.1.8  1968-72

Lecture first delivered at Oxford Symposium on Valence and Relativity, 1968 (see also CSAC 60.4.78/E.2.3.) and which formed the basis of later papers delivered at the Robert A. Welch Conference, Texas, 1972 (see also CSAC 60.4.78/A.11.4.) and at the Farkash Symposium, Jerusalem, 1973 (see also CSAC 60.4.78/A.13.14.)
Working notes, ms., bibliography, list of slides for lecture, figures for published version.
R.S. 379, 428

'Correlation energies in atoms'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.1.9  nd

Working notes.

'What is a dipole moment?'  CSAC 60.4.78/B.1.10  1950-62

Notes, brief manuscript.

'Localised and non-localised bonds'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.1.11  1948-54

Related information: (see also CSAC 60.4.78/B.17.6., CSAC 60.4.78/B.34.9.)

Working notes, ms., typescript.
Supplementary research material.
CAC gave a paper in French in Paris, 1948, based on this material.
R.S. 49, 90, 93, 118

'Theory of carcinogens'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.1.12  1948

Related information: (see also CSAC 60.4.78/E.1.4.)

Notes, typescript of work relative to research carried out by CAC on carcinogenic hydrocarbon molecules with support of grant from British Empire Cancer Campaign.

'John-Teller effect in molecules'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.1.13  1962

Working notes.
R.S. 278, 286

'20th century revolution in Physics. Planck to Eddington'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.1.14  1958

Miscellaneous working notes for lecture on history of modern physics.

'Decline and fall of science'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.1.15  1962, 1966

Ms. notes.

'Physics and the philosophers'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.1.16  1957, 1962, 1972

Notes, ms. draft.

'Fact and fiction in Physics'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.1.17  1950-58

Notes, ms., several different typescript versions.
R.S. 241, 250

'Any more physics?'  CSAC 60.4.78/B.1.18  1949-70

Notes, ms., related offprints.
List of places and dates of delivery.

Report on a (post-conference) informal discussion on integrals, New York, September 1951. Attended by CAC, R.S. Mulliken, M.P. Barnett, H. Shull and others.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.1.19  1951

Related information: (see also CSAC 60.4.78/A.5.7.)

Annotated typescript.

'Present state of molecular structure calculations'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.1.20  1959

Closing speech by CAC at Conference of the American Institute of Physics, 1959.
Page proof.
R.S. 251

'Future of chemistry'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.1.21  1952-55

Notes, rough ms. draft.
Index of places and dates of delivery.

'Long-range forces'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.1.22  1950-54

Related information: (see also CSAC 60.4.78/A.5.7.)

Paper delivered at Conference on Quantum Mechanical Methods in Valence Theory, Shelter Island, New York, 1951.
Working notes, manuscript.
R.S. 133


21 folders

'The contribution of wave mechanics to chemistry'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.2.1  1951-54

The Tilden Lecture, The Chemical Society, delivered in London 1951 and in Glasgow 1952.
Working notes, supplementary material and related offprints.
Ms., heavily corrected typescript, list of slides for lecture, list of figures for published version.
Correspondence re arrangements for delivery and publication.
R.S. 167

'Fun with atomic and molecular charge clouds'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.2.2  1962, 1970

Notes, related printed material.

'Vibrations of large systems'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.2.3  1963-70


'Hybridization'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.2.4  1955-56

Notes, typescript.
R.S. 187

'Ionic-covalent resonance'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.2.5  1951-56

Notes for a lecture.
Typescript of 'Critical survey of the method of ionic-homopolar resonance.'
R.S. 109

'Pauling theory of metals and surface states'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.2.6  1951-59

Notes for lectures.

'Commutator relationships'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.2.7  1964-71

Lecture notes.
Includes 2 ms. drafts titled 'Ways to avoid use of the Hamiltonian' and notes and ms. draft for paper 'The use of hypervirial relationships in determining Schrödinger wave functions'.
R.S. 328

'What happens to an atom in a molecule?'  CSAC 60.4.78/B.2.8  1970-73

Notes for lecture delivered on numerous occasions (see list inside folder cover).
Ms., figures for published version.
R.S. 358, 408

'Mendeleev periodic table'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.2.9  1970-73

Related information: (see also CSAC 60.4.78/B.4.8.)

Notes for lecture delivered on numerous occasions (see list inside folder cover).
Ms., typescript for published version 'Wave mechanics and the periodic table'.
R.S. 388

'Importance of accurate electron-density determinations'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.2.10  1973

Notes, manuscript.

'Labs or computers?'  CSAC 60.4.78/B.2.11  1970-73

Notes for lecture.
Ms. of published version.
R.S. 400, 418

'Polymers and molecular solids'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.2.12  1972

Notes, typescript of abstract for paper at conference on band structure, Exeter.

'Dipole moments of excited states'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.2.13  1972-73

Notes, ms., supplementary material.
R.S. 416

'Shape of the chemical bond'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.2.14  1944-55

Notes, ms., typescript, list of slides.
Includes ms. 'Molecules and their Behaviour'.
R.S. 118

'The wave equation and its solutions'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.2.15  1949-52

Notes, manuscript.

'Chemistry and maths'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.2.16  1934-37

Notes, figures.

'Quantum theory of the chemical bond'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.2.17  1941

Lecture given at Royal Society of Edinburgh.
Notes, typescript, figures for published version, offprint.

'Energy levels of long chain compounds'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.2.18  nd


'Relation between applied maths and chemistry'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.2.19  1953

Notes for lecture delivered in Glasgow.

'Order of a bond'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.2.20  (c) 1940

Notes for lectures.

'Lies, d-n lies and statistics'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.2.21  1960

Notes for lecture.


17 folders

'Recent molecular structure lectures'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.3.1  1952

Ms. drafts of 'A simplification of Hartree-Fock method', 'The V12 plague', 'The non-orthogonality catastrophe'.

'Virial Theorem lectures'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.3.2  1952-53

Ms. draft of lecture 6 'The virial theorem'.
Ms. 'Notes on virial theorem (Hurley's Thesis)'.
2 typescripts by N.H. March (with covering letter) on 'The virial theorem in the Thomas-Fermi Theory', and 'The virial theorem for Dirac's equation'.

'Wave Mechanics and its applications'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.3.3  1949

Course of lectures at Sir John Cass College, London.
Ms. draft of lectures.
Correspondence re further course of lectures on 'Wave mechanics and molecular structure' to be given at the college by CAC.

Adult education in H.M. Forces (labelled 'Troops').  CSAC 60.4.78/B.3.4  1941

Notes for lectures, correspondence.

'Ligand-field theory'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.3.5  1966

Course of 14 lectures delivered at Harwell with Simon Altmann.
Ms., programme of lectures, correspondence.

'Methods of calculation'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.3.6  [n.d.]

Early ms. notes on molecular orbitals and various methods of calculation.

'U.V. spectra. Colloquia 1948'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.3.7  1948

Programme and typescript summaries of contributions to colloquium held at King's College, London, spring 1948.
CAC's ms. notes for his own contributions(the first introductory lecture and the concluding lecture of the series) and his notes on the lectures of the other speakers (Drs. E.M. Roe, A.D. Walsh, A. Maccoll, D. Craig, and V.A. Crawford) in the series. 26 pp.

'Molecular structure and photoelectron spectroscopy'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.3.8  1970

1 p. typescript abstract of CAC's Introductory Lecture at Oxford Conference, September 1970.
Ms. draft, presumably for same Talk.
Related offprints.

'Molecular geometry and steric deformation'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.3.9  1958

Related information: (see also CSAC 60.4.78/B.1.4. for drafts of CAC's lecture)

CAC's contribution to the Kekulé Symposium on Theoretical Organic Chemistry, September 1958, London.
Programme of the Symposium, typescript of abstract of CAC's talk.
Correspondence re arrangements for the Symposium, funded by International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry. (CAC served on the organising committee.)
Ms. notes for CAC's contribution.
R.S. 240

'U.V. spectra'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.3.10  1951-66

Sets of ms. notes on u.v. spectra, of various dates. Includes notes for lecture in Zurich, 1951.

'Valence lectures, Dundee, 1939-43'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.3.11  1939-43

Introductory notes and programme for a course of 16 lectures on 'Valence and the structure of molecules', 1939 and later.
51 pp. typescript draft of lectures.
24 pp. ms. draft of lectures on 'Spectra and Valence for Chemists', 1943.
7 pp. typescript of paper 'The orbits in benzene'.

'Statistical Mechanics ii'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.3.12  1948

Ms. drafts of various lectures in a series on statistical mechanics, delivered at King's College, London, 1948.

'Teaching of Quantum Chemistry'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.3.13  1955

Ms. draft of 'The teaching of quantum mechanics to chemists', CAC's contribution to a British Association discussion meeting, September 1955.
R.S. 185

'Statistical Mechanics Lectures'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.3.14  [n.d.]

Various sets of ms. notes for a course of 8 lectures delivered at King's College, London. All are titled and paginated.
Includes CAC's notes (24 pp.) on R.H. Fowler's book Statistical Mechanics.

'Spectra Lectures (3)'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.3.15  c1950

6 pp. typescript draft for a course of 3 lectures on spectra.
N.d. but probably c.1950.

'Critique of molecular structure'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.3.16  (c) 1942

5 pp. ms. draft/short notes for lecture(s) on above topic.
Includes 1 p. ms. notes in another (unidentified) hand.

'Metals lectures'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.3.17  1951-53

A course of 6 lectures on 'Quantum Theory of Metals' delivered at Sir John Cass College, autumn 1951, and later at AERE, Harwell, January-February 1953.
50 pp. ms. draft for delivery at Sir John Cass, with amendments and annotations for Harwell course.
Programme announcing lectures at Sir John Cass.
Correspondence re arrangements for delivery of lectures at Harwell.
Typescript of Chapter XI 'Metals' from unidentified book.
Miscellaneous ms. notes used in preparing lectures.


15 folders

Lectures delivered at Dundee University  CSAC 60.4.78/B.4.1.-B.4.5  1938-44

'Theoretical calculations of molecular structure'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.4.1  nd

Ms. of a series of 6 lectures.

'Hydrodynamics. Senior Honours'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.4.2  nd

Ms. notes.

'Dynamics' and 'Ramsay Dynamics'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.4.3  nd

Extensive ms. notes and drafts.

'Interpolation. Numerical integration. Junior Honours'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.4.4  1943

2 booklets of ms. notes and drafts, with plan of course and problems to be set, 1943.

'Statistics'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.4.5  nd

4 numbered booklets of ms. notes and drafts, and loose notes on 'Best Straight Lines'.

'Negative bond orders'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.4.6  1968-70

Ms. notes and drafts for lectures and papers on bond orders, with CAC's note on inside cover of the folder of dates and places of the lectures.
R.S. 370, 371

'X-ray levels and chemical bonding'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.4.7  1968-69

Ms. notes, offprints of published papers, with CAC's note on inside cover of the folder of dates and places of the lectures.
R.S. 301, 367

'Influence of the new maths on physics'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.4.8  1968-69

Related information: (see also CSAC 60.4.78/A.10.3., CSAC 60.4.78/A.10.4., CSAC 60.4.78/B.2.9.)

Material prepared for CAC's visit to Africa, 1968.
Notes, list of slides, correspondence, typescript of CAC's lecture on the Periodic Table adapted for delivery on the tour.
R.S. 388

'Mathematics of some radiation problems in biology'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.4.9  [n.d.]

A 'Lecture on Bacteria for Mathematicians'.
Ms. notes, typescript and ms. of lecture. n.d. but before 1944.

'Lecture on Gyroscopes'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.4.10  1930

Related information: (see also CSAC 60.4.78/B.27.2.)

Ms. of lecture given to 'Trinity Mathematical Society, 26 November 1940' (one of CAC's first lectures).

'Electron distribution in large molecules'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.4.11  nd

Ms. notes and drafts for several lectures and papers on the subject.

'Electronic Structure of the Boundary Atoms of a Graphite Layer'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.4.12  1959

Related information: (see also CSAC 60.4.78/B.39.14.)

Paper given by CAC at Fourth Conference on Carbon, held in Oxford, 1959.
Annotated typescript, and page proof.
R.S. 253

'Interatomic Forces'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.4.13  1962-67

Ms. notes for several lectures and papers on the subject, with CAC's note on inside cover of folder of dates and places of the lectures.
Transcript of CAC's principal lecture on the subject, given at King's College, London, 1962.
Folder includes proof of an earlier paper by CAC (R.S. 276).
R.S. 285, 302

'Spectroscopy and Molecular Structure'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.4.14  1950

Report by CAC on Faraday Society Discussions held at Cambridge, September 1950.
R.S. 103

'Non-Valence interactions'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.4.15  1967

Related information: (see also CSAC 60.4.78/A.10.10.)

52 pp. ms. draft, and numerous sets of figures for slides, diagrams, etc., with ms. note by CAC 'These are the Hungary lectures'.
The material was prepared for publication in a Hungarian journal, but is not listed in the R.S. Memoir.

INVITATION LECTURES  CSAC 60.4.78/B.5  1960-61

8 folders

'The Scientist and Society'
The George B. Pegram Lectures, Brookhaven National Laboratory, New York, 1961.
The lectures were entitled:
I. 'Rates of change in society'
II. 'Science and politics'
III. 'Science and philosophy'
IV. 'Science and human responsibility'
CAC began preparing the lectures for publication but the book was never completed (see CSAC 60.4.78/B.5.4. below).

Correspondence re arrangements for delivery of lecture, and invitations to CAC to speak at universities in the area.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.5.1  1960-61

Transcripts of the 4 lectures and of the discussions following the lectures.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.5.2  1960-61

Ms. drafts of the 4 lectures. Brochure advertising the series.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.5.3  1960-61

Notes and supplementary material collected by CAC in preparing lectures for publication. Correspondence with editors of Columbia University Press (CAC never completed the manuscript for publication).  CSAC 60.4.78/B.5.4  1960-61

Notes for Lecture I.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.5.5  1960-61

Notes for Lecture II.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.5.6  1960-61

Notes and supplementary material for Lecture III.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.5.7  1960-61

Notes and supplementary material for Lecture IV.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.5.8  1960-61


6 folders

'Science and human values'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.6.1  1960-61

Collection of notes (ms. and typescript) and printed material on this topic, perhaps assembled for a lecture.
Includes copy of J. Bronowski's Carnegie Lectures, 1957, 'Science and Human Values' sent to CAC by the author.

'Quantum biology'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.6.2.-B.6.6  1964-67

Course of 6 post-graduate seminars by CAC, Oxford.
Programme for 1964 course 'Applications of Quantum Theory in Biology' and for 1967 course 'Some Problems in Biochemistry' are included in CSAC 60.4.78/B.6.2. (These were fundamentally the same course, but the seminars were slightly revised for the 1967 series.) CSAC 60.4.78/B.6.4. and CSAC 60.4.78/B.6.5. are 2 folders of material on similar topics kept by CAC with his papers for this seminar series.

22 pp. ms. draft for first 5 seminars.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.6.2  nd

Miscellaneous ms. notes by CAC in preparing course, with bibliographical references.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.6.3  nd

'Some quantum theory considerations in biological problems'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.6.4  1949, 1972

8 pp. ms. notes for a lecture delivered in 1949 at University College, London, with offprint of CAC's inaugural lecture at King's College, London.
Miscellaneous later notes added by CAC when updating lecture for 1972 delivery at York University.

'M.O. Theory and biology'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.6.5  1968

1 p. ms. notes for seminar at Allen and Hanburys (pharmaceutical firm), 1968.
Letter and photocopies of articles on the use of molecular orbital calculations in the drug research field.

Numerous offprints (many are association copies) and other printed material assembled by CAC when preparing the course.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.6.6  nd


14 folders

Lectures at Leeds University  CSAC 60.4.78/B.7.1.-B.7.4  1936

Related information: (see also CSAC 60.4.78/A.2.2.)

These represent CAC's first formal university lectures, delivered at Leeds in 1936 when, at the request of W.P. Milne, he deputised for Professor S. Brodetsky. It was a lecture by Brodetsky, attended while he was still a schoolboy at Clifton College, that inspired CAC to become a mathematician (see p.76 of R.S. Memoir).
All items are ms. drafts.

'Advanced dynamics'  CSAC 60.4.78/B.7.1  nd

'Projectiles'  CSAC 60.4.78/B.7.2  nd

'Statics'  CSAC 60.4.78/B.7.3  nd

'Ramsay's hydro solutions'  CSAC 60.4.78/B.7.4  nd

Lectures delivered at Dundee University  CSAC 60.4.78/B.7.5.-B.7.14  [n.d.]

All items are ms. drafts.

'Electricity. Potential theory'  CSAC 60.4.78/B.7.5  nd

'Electricity (senior honours)'  CSAC 60.4.78/B.7.6  nd

'Gravitation'  CSAC 60.4.78/B.7.7  nd

'Partial differentiation'  CSAC 60.4.78/B.7.8  nd

'Differential equations'  CSAC 60.4.78/B.7.9  nd

'Three dimensional solutions'  CSAC 60.4.78/B.7.10  nd

'General course of mathematical physics'  CSAC 60.4.78/B.7.11  1939-40

Lectures to Maths general class  CSAC 60.4.78/B.7.12  1943-44

Lectures to Maths general class  CSAC 60.4.78/B.7.13  1944-45

Junior honours dynamics lectures  CSAC 60.4.78/B.7.14  (c) 1944


11 folders

Lectures given at Dundee University  CSAC 60.4.78/B.8.1.-B.8.7  1941-45

'Junior Honours Calculus'  CSAC 60.4.78/B.8.1  1942

Numbered booklets and loose pages for lectures.

'Junior Honours Applied Dynamics'  CSAC 60.4.78/B.8.2  1941-42

8 booklets and loose pages.

'Thermodynamics'  CSAC 60.4.78/B.8.3  nd

1 booklet.

'Permutations and Combinations'  CSAC 60.4.78/B.8.4  nd

9 pp. ms.

'Kinetic Theory'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.8.5  [n.d.]

3 booklets.

'Special class'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.8.6  [n.d.]

Extensive ms. notes.

'Calculus special'  CSAC 60.4.78/B.8.7  1943-45

Extensive sets of ms. notes, and CAC's plans and timetables of course, various dates 1942-45.

'Elementary Atomic Theory'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.8.8  1948-49

54 pp. ms. draft for course of 10 lectures (CAC's index is on inside cover of folder), and further ms. notes for tutorial work and problems.

'Wave-mechanical discussion on the significance of the K-region'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.8.9  1952

8 pp. typescript.

Related information: (see also CSAC 60.4.78/B.38.4., CSAC 60.4.78/C.1.4., CSAC 60.4.78/E.1.9.)

Report on work carried out by CAC and H.H. Greenwood for British Empire Cancer Campaign.

'Shape and Size of an Excited Molecule'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.8.10  1965-69

Several sets of ms. and typescript notes and drafts, lists of slides, diagrams and figures for lectures and papers on the subject. CAC's list of dates and places of the lectures is on inside cover of the folder.
R.S. 353, 354, 372

'Compounds of the rare gases' and 'XeF2'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.8.11  1963-69

Extensive ms. notes and drafts for lectures and papers, computer data, background material, correspondence. CAC's list of dates and places of the lectures is on inside cover of the folder.
R.S. 312


21 folders

'The Size and Shape of Molecules'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.9.1.-B.9.21  1958-59

Related information: (see also CSAC 60.4.78/A.7.6., an extensive folder of correspondence relating to the scheduling of the lectures and to arrangements for CAC's visit)

The Fisher Baker Lectures, Cornell University, New York, February-April 1959.
CAC spent a sabbatical term at Cornell in 1959. The following folders contain ms. drafts for his lectures, duplicated notes and material for the students; some folders include related offprints.

Programme of the course, notes for Lecture I - 'Introduction'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.9.1  nd

'Charge distribution in H2 - the only completely calculable situation'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.9.2  nd

'Present status of covalent-ionic resonance'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.9.3  nd

'Valence angles - particularly in triatomic molecules'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.9.4  nd

'Hybridization - dipole moments - case of H2O in detail'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.9.5  nd

'Electronegativity - d-orbital contraction - valence state'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.9.6  nd

'Electron-deficient molecules'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.9.7  nd

'Electron-correlation and the method of Configuration Interaction - excited states of molecules'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.9.8  nd

'The Hydrogen bond'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.9.9  nd

'Molecular vibrations - bond following - absolute intensities in the infra-red'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.9.10  nd

'Loose ends'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.9.11  nd

'[PI] and + electrons'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.9.12  nd

'Fundamentals of conjugation'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.9.13  nd

'Compression energy - the case of cyclobutadiene'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.9.14  nd

'Bond orders and effective charges'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.9.15  nd

'Excited states - colour'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.9.16  nd

'Influence of molecular symmetry - the ferrocenes'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.9.17  nd

'Overcrowded molecules - strain - crystal forces'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.9.18  nd

'Hyperconjugation'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.9.19  nd

'The free-electron model'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.9.20  nd

Numerous sets of ms. notes, from a variety of sources, used by CAC in preparing lectures.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.9.21  nd


16 folders

Numerous sets of ms. notes and drafts for mathematics lectures, Dundee  CSAC 60.4.78/B.10.1  1944-45

Related information: (see also CSAC 60.4.78/B.10.11.)

'Kinematics of a particle'.
'Work done by a couple in a small rotation'.
'Principle of virtual work'.
'Stability of equilibrium with frictionless systems'.
'The kinetic energy of a rotating rigid body'.
'Moment of momentum about centre of rotation'.
'Stretching of elastic bars'.
Several unlabelled sets.

Lectures on mathematics, with extensive list of places and dates of delivery.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.10.2.-B.10.10  [n.d.]

'What makes a beautiful proof?' and Typescript of 'Mathematics and beauty'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.10.2  1952-60 and nd

Typescript, with above title.
R.S. 381

'On liking Mathematics'. Presidential address, Mathematical Association.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.10.3  1969

16 pp. ms. draft.

Ms. notes for another lecture on a similar subject.
Bibliographical notes.
R.S. 387

'Mathematics and the real world'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.10.4  1955-72

Presidential address, Institute of Mathematics and its Applications, 1972.
23 pp. ms. draft, 18 pp. ms. draft (different versions).
5 pp. typescript, 18 pp. typescript (different versions).
Miscellaneous sets of ms. notes and bibliographical references.
R.S. 298, 320, 419

'Likes and dislikes in mathematics'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.10.5  1958-71

16 pp. ms. draft.
11 pp. typescript.
4 pp. ms. draft 'likes and dislikes in maths and physics'.
Miscellaneous ms. notes and bibliographical references.
R.S. 242

'Making models. What is applied mathematics all about?'  CSAC 60.4.78/B.10.6  1965-73

Typescript, for Open University programme.
Ms. notes.
Correspondence with E.T. Copson and A.D. Rawlins, 1972-73, re origin of phrase 'Applied Mathematics'.

'Mathematics and the Modern World'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.10.7  1969-72

Ms. and typescript drafts of several talks on related subjects ('Mathematics is a language', etc.).
Numerous 1 p. notes by CAC of references and quotations on the subject.

'How many different keys?'  CSAC 60.4.78/B.10.8  1969

6 pp. typescript, with illustrations.

Related information: (see also CSAC 60.4.78/B.41.2. for correspondence and drafts for this article)

R.S. 377

'How atoms hang together'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.10.9  1966-67

Address to the Junior British Association, Birmingham, April 1966, and March 1967.
Typescript, programme notes.

'The variation method: a chapter in applied mathematics'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.10.10  1958

12 pp. manuscript.

6 pp. and 16 pp. typescripts (different versions).
R.S. 243

'The nature of bonds between carbon atoms: how they vary with environment'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.10.11  1960

Proposed 'Paper symposium' organised by M.J.S. Dewar for publication in Tetrahedron.
Numerous sets of notes (ms. and typescript) of varying dates assembled by CAC.
Includes ms. draft of course of lectures given in Dundee, 1939-42, with titles similar to those in CSAC 60.4.78/B.10.1.
Correspondence with M.J.S. Dewar, 1960, re CAC's contribution.

'The scientific mind'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.10.12  (c) 1960

8 pp. typescript, perhaps for broadcast.

'Valency'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.10.13  1964

5 pp. typescript for broadcast (with amendments and annotations in another hand).
Correspondence with BBC re CAC's contribution to series 'A Few Ideas', Third Programme.
Ms. notes.
R.S. 319

'Distribution Theory'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.10.14  1955

CAC's notes on a course of lectures, perhaps delivered by G. Temple.

'Constants of the motion'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.10.15  (c) 1950, 1972-73

2 sets of ms. notes for lectures.

'd-electrons in chemical bonding'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.10.16  1972-73

Related information: (see also CSAC 60.4.78/A.11.4., CSAC 60.4.78/B.1.8.)

Address at the Robert A. Welch Foundation Conference on Chemical Research, Houston, Texas, November 1972.
46 pp. ms. (and some pp. typescript) draft.
Transcript of discussion following CAC's contribution.
List of references, and legends for figures.
Miscellaneous ms. notes.
Some correspondence with organisers.
Drawings for slides and for published version.
R.S. 428


12 folders

'Vector operators'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.11.1  1962-66

Ms. notes and drafts for courses of lectures in Oxford.

'Quantum mechanics of atoms and molecules'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.11.2  1938

Typescript and ms. draft for 'first nine lectures 1938', given at Dundee.
Includes 2 pp. typescript list 'L.J. lecture schedule', probably CAC's note of topics covered in Lennard-Jones's lectures in Cambridge, used as basis for his own teaching in Dundee.

'Introductory wave mechanics'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.11.3  1949-72

Lectures given at various dates in London and Oxford.
Ms. drafts, plan of the course, correspondence.
CAC's indexes to the courses appear on inside cover of the folder.

'Waves'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.11.4  nd

Related information: (See CSAC 60.4.78/B.11.11., CSAC 60.4.78/B.11.12.)

Extensive notes and drafts for course at Dundee.
7 numbered booklets, and loose pages numbered 'W1-W16'.

'Calculus of variations'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.11.5  1964-65

Ms. drafts, notes, list of topics, for courses of lectures at Oxford.

'Quantum Mechanics'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.11.6  1969

Ms. draft and list of topics for a course of lectures at Oxford, and a copy of 30 pp. ms. notes taken by a student of 'Quantum Mechanics (Lectures given by Prof. C.A. Coulson to 27 students - Jan. 69)'.

'Brillouin's Theorem and Hellmann-Feynman Theorem'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.11.7  1970

Ms. notes for 'Coffee-party talk', November 1970, typescript with printer's amendments for published paper.
R.S. 403

'Bounds to Eigenvalues'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.11.8  1969-71

Ms. notes for courses of lectures in Oxford 1969-71.
Notes, related offprints and research material, including copy of earlier publication by CAC.
R.S. 315

'Hellmann-Feynman Theorem'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.11.9  1961-72

Several sets of notes and lectures on the subject, including courses at Oxford 1961, 1964, 1972.

[no title]  CSAC 60.4.78/B.11.10  1958-1967

Extensive notes and drafts for courses of lectures at Oxford on large molecules, various dates, 1965-67, but also includes notes for earlier course on 'Small molecules', 1958, and correspondence 1963.

Notes for lectures on 'Heat'  CSAC 60.4.78/B.11.11  [n.d.]

Pages numbered CSAC 60.4.78/H.1-H.8, originally given at Dundee and kept with CSAC 60.4.78/B.11.4. above.

Notes for lectures on 'Differential Equations'  CSAC 60.4.78/B.11.12  1964-1966

Pages numbered DE1-DE26, originally given at Dundee and kept with CSAC 60.4.78/B.11.4., with additional material used for courses of lectures on Differential Equations at Oxford, 1964-66.


7 folders

'Non-Valence Interactions'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.12.1-B.12.5  1967-70

Related information: (see also CSAC 60.4.78/A.10.6.)

Series of lectures delivered at Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn, New York, March-April 1968.
5 folders of notes, correspondence and research material for uncompleted book based on the lectures.

Ms. drafts for lectures.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.12.1  [n.d.]

Correspondence, ms. notes and references assembled by CAC for proposed book.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.12.2  [n.d.]

Notes and material for Chapter 2 of book.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.12.3  [n.d.]

Notes and material for Chapters 3 and 4 of book.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.12.4  [n.d.]

Notes and material for Chapter 5 of book.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.12.5  [n.d.]

'Variation method'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.12.6  1957-71

Lecture given internationally (index of places and dates inside front cover).
Notes, correspondence.
R.S. 243, 261

'Present tendencies in the theory of large molecules'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.12.7  1953

Ms. notes and drafts for lecture delivered in Rochester, New York.
R.S. 160


8 folders

Related information: CSAC 60.4.78/A.13.13. Notes on lectures by G.F.J. Temple. 1965
CSAC 60.4.78/A.19.8. A folder of correspondence re CAC's donation to Cambridge University Library of his notes taken at lectures during his studies and early career there. These include notes on lectures by:
J.E. Lennard-Jones
J.J. Thomson
H. Jeffreys
A. Eddington
P.M.S. Blackett
J.D. Cockcroft
S. Chandrasekhar
R.H. Fowler
A.S. Besicovitch
CSAC 60.4.78/B.11.2. Typescript of J.E. Lennard-Jones's lecture schedule. n.d.
CSAC 60.4.78/B.25.1. Notes on lectures by J.E. Lennard-Jones on molecular orbitals. 1934
CSAC 60.4.78/B.28.2 Notes on lectures and articles by R.A. Millikan, G.I. Taylor, T.E. Stanton, H. Jeffreys, Scott. 1931
CSAC 60.4.78/B.40.15. Notes on lectures by P.O. Löwdin, J. Dunitz, E. Kapuy and others.

'Lattice vibrations'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.13.1  nd

Series of 5 lectures by D.F. Hornig.

'Vector model and atoms and molecules'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.13.2  1936

Lecture by W.G. Penney, 28 February 1936.

'Neutron diffraction by crystals'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.13.3  1949

Lectures by K. Lonsdale, April-May 1949.
CAC's notes on the lectures, printed material distributed to audience.

'Imperfections in crystalline solids'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.13.4  1955

Series of 8 lectures by A.B. Lidiard, Oxford, 1955.
CAC's notes on the lectures, printed material distributed to audience.

'He and H of atoms'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.13.5  nd

Series of 7 lectures by E.C. Titchmarsh.

One folder of notes taken by CAC at departmental colloquia or summer schools where papers were given by outside speakers or by his own students.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.13.6  1947-69

Related information: (see also CSAC 60.4.78/H.1.1. and CSAC 60.4.78/H.1.2., programmes for departmental colloquia)

The notes are dated and are arranged alphabetically by name of speaker.

2 envelopes of miscellaneous notes found inside CAC's books  CSAC 60.4.78/B.13.7  [n.d.]

Includes some minor correspondence, which is not indexed.

Notes on lectures by H. Jeffreys  CSAC 60.4.78/B.13.8  1928-29

'Statics and particle dynamics', Michaelmas Term 1928
'Rigid dynamics (i)', Lent Term 1929
'Dynamics (ii)', Easter Term 1929.


4 folders

This work was undertaken as a Research Contract with the Admiralty Department of Research Programmes and Planning for the study of electronic structure of compound semi-conductors of the zinc blend type.
Copies of the progress reports on the project, nos. 1-7, are included with the folders.

Ms. notes by CAC, including ms. draft for paper on 'Tetrahedral metallic compounds', written on verso of ms. draft of his Tawney Memorial Lecture on 'Responsibility'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.14.1  [n.d.]

Ms. drafts by CAC's collaborators, G. Doggett, D. Stocker and L.B. Rèdei for published reports on the project.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.14.2  [n.d.]

Correspondence with Admiralty, Oxford University and collaborators re establishment of contract, proposals for research, administration of grant, equipment, publication of results, etc.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.14.3.-B.14.4  [n.d.]

CSAC 60.4.78/B.14.3. 1957-60
CSAC 60.4.78/B.14.4. 1960-66
R.S. 287

IDEAS FOR RESEARCH  CSAC 60.4.78/B.15  1955-73

Related information: (see also CSAC 60.4.78/B.33.1., CSAC 60.4.78/B.35.15., CSAC 60.4.78/B.39.2.)

One box of notes found in CAC's office at the Theoretical Chemistry Department. Some of the notes are unidentified and undated, but most bear headings by CAC; many are accompanied by the relevant offprints or articles or by correspondence (which is indexed).
In addition to notes on the literature, there are notes of problems or ideas for future research as suggested to CAC by colleagues' lectures or publications, by conversation or by correspondence. Some of the notes are very brief, but some extend to 4-5 numbered pages, perhaps intended for an informal discussion paper.
Similar notes are also to be found in the correspondence folders (Sections C and G) with a heading 'Problem for ...' when CAC suggested research topics for students. Many of the notes are written on the back of correspondence, examination scripts, etc. The type of information and the technique are similar to CAC's 'Problem Book' which he kept during his early career (Item CSAC 60.4.78/H.1.5.).


5 folders

'The problems of higher education in Africa'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.16.1.-B.16.3  1968-71

A lecture delivered in London to the Royal African Society on 17 March 1971. An abridged version was published in African Affairs. See also CSAC 60.4.78/A.10.3. and CSAC 60.4.78/A.10.4., 2 folders of correspondence and other material relative to CAC's visit to the University of East Africa in 1968-69 as a Royal Society Leverhulme Visiting Professor, which formed the basis of this talk.
R.S. 407, 417

Notes on the literature, outline of lecture, ms. and typescript drafts, offprint, and supplementary material used in the preparation of the lecture.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.16.1  [n.d.]

Correspondence with the Royal African Society re scheduling of lecture and with professional colleagues interested in the problems of science education in developing countries.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.16.2  [n.d.]

One folder of numerous reports, newsletters and printed material on East Africa, especially with reference to education and science.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.16.3  [n.d.]

'Theoretical chemistry - past and future'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.16.4.-B.16.5  1973

Related information: (see also CSAC 60.4.78/A.14.14., CSAC 60.4.78/A.14.15.)

Inaugural Lecture, Chair of Theoretical Chemistry, University of Oxford, delivered 13 February 1973.
R.S. 443

Arrangements for lecture, guest-lists and correspondence. Editor's notes for published text, slides, etc. Author's (incomplete) ms. and typescript.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.16.4  [n.d.]

CAC died before completing the preparation for publication of the text of his Inaugural Lecture. The editorial task was discharged by Dr. Simon Altmann and Miss Rosemary Schwerdt.

Background notes and research material.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.16.5  [n.d.]


10 folders

'Interstitials in graphites'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.17.1  1963-67

Extensive correspondence with colleagues and with publishers re CAC's paper and its findings.
Notes, charts and diagrams, related offprints by CAC and others.
R.S. 339

'Symmetry in Chemistry'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.17.2  1970-74

Proposed article to be written by CAC for Chemie in unserer Zeit.
Correspondence with editors, CAC's notes, background material.
(CAC died before the article could be written.)

'Hyperconjugation'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.17.3  1967-74

Proposed article for Chemical Society Reviews, to be written in collaboration with J.P. Colpa.
Correspondence with editors, and with collaborator.
CAC's notes on the literature, and outline for article (dated 1967), miscellaneous background material.
(CAC died before the article could be completed as planned.)

'Wave mechanics and the alkene bond'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.17.4  1962-65

Related information: (see also CSAC 60.4.78/G.16.4. - CSAC 60.4.78/G.16.6. for CAC's correspondence with Stewart)

Introductory chapter written in collaboration with E.T. Stewart for book The chemistry of the alkenes, edited by S. Patai.
Correspondence with editor and publisher.
Plan of the book.
Folder includes correspondence with Interscience Publishers re a proposed monograph 'Recent developments in Valency Theory' to be written by CAC and Stewart in collaboration.
R.S. 321

'The meaning of resonance in quantum chemistry'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.17.5  1945-46

Ms. and typescript draft for paper, ms. drawings, editorial correspondence.
R.S. 48

'Les liaisons localisées et non-localisées'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.17.6  1948

Related information: (see also CSAC 60.4.78/A.5.9., CSAC 60.4.78/B.1.11., CSAC 60.4.78/B.34.9.)

Autograph ms. of 2 lectures written and delivered in French in Paris.
R.S. 90

'Note on an integral of A.F. Saturno'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.17.7  1968

5 pp. manuscript.
R.S. 373

'The dissociative breakdown of negative ions'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.17.8  1969

Ms. and typescript notes and drafts.
R.S. 380

'The mathematics of quantum chemistry'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.17.9  1970

CAC's diagram for paper.
R.S. 397

'Mathematics is a "language" of physics'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.17.10  (c) 1950

Ms. notes for 2 talks with this title.
Notes, quotations, press-cuttings, ms. and printed background material.


6 folders

Valence  CSAC 60.4.78/B.18.1.-B.18.4  1947-64

Related information: (see also CSAC 60.4.78/A.8.1., CSAC 60.4.78/B.39.16., CSAC 60.4.78/G.16.3.)

Oxford University Press (first published 1952).
R.S. 134

Outline notes for chapters, correspondence, notes on the literature.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.18.1  [n.d.]

Correspondence with publishers and colleagues, notes for later editions and for translations, press-cuttings, working notes.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.18.2  [n.d.]

Drawings for book.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.18.3  [n.d.]

Correspondence with publishers especially re foreign editions, and with colleagues re possible amendments and new calculations for later editions.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.18.4  [n.d.]

'Carbon-carbon bonds, being a study of bonds of fractional order'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.18.5.-B.18.6  1945

Thesis submitted for the D.Sc. degree, University of St. Andrews, 1945.

Ms. of thesis, chapters 1-24.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.18.5  [n.d.]

Typescript and drawings, chapters 1-24 (with note by Mrs. Coulson 'typed by CAC himself').  CSAC 60.4.78/B.18.6  [n.d.]


7 folders

Waves. Oliver and Boyd (first published in 1941).  CSAC 60.4.78/B.19.1  [n.d.]

Related information: (see also CSAC 60.4.78/B.35.11.)

Typescript of preface and contents page, ms. list of additions and corrections for later editions.
Copies of reviews.
Galley proofs showing corrections to seventh edition (published 1955).
Correspondence with M. Born re error in first edition.
R.S. 21

Electricity. Oliver and Boyd (first published in 1948).  CSAC 60.4.78/B.19.2  [n.d.]

Heavily amended and annotated galley proofs of first edition.
Typescript of additions to second edition.
Correspondence with publisher.
R.S. 81

The Shape and Structure of Molecules, Oxford University Press (published 1973).  CSAC 60.4.78/B.19.3  1971-73

Correspondence with colleagues and with publisher re CAC's contribution to undergraduate chemistry series.
Correspondence re permission for CAC to reproduce diagrams from previously published work by others.
Ms. notes and typescript outline of proposed book.
Typescript draft of lecture course on 'Electrons in molecules' (probably delivered abroad).
Miscellaneous ms. notes.
R.S. 422

Discussion on a paper by W.E. Moffitt.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.19.4  (c) 1948

1 p. typescript.

Correspondence and papers exchanged with editors at Pergamon Press re numerous publications on which CAC's advice was sought.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.19.5  1953-64

Titles include Dictionary of Physics, Journal of Atomic and Molecular Physics, International Encyclopaedia of Physical Chemistry and Chemical Physics.

'Note on a modified Thomas-Fermi equation for molecules'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.19.6  (c) 1950

4 pp. typescript.

'The long-range distribution around an impurity in a metal'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.19.7  1951

2 pp. typescript.

Work in collaboration with V.W. Maslen.


20 items

'Free valence paper'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.20.1  1950

Extensive correspondence, May-July 1950, with collaborators, H.C. Longuet-Higgins, and with R. Daudel re paper 'Free-valence in unsaturated hydrocarbons'.
Typescript draft by Longuet-Higgins.
3 pp. typescript draft by CAC 'Free valence in radical reactions'.
Set of ms. notes 'Free valence changes due to resonance'.
R.S. 113

'Law of alternating polarity'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.20.2  1957

8 pp. ms. draft 'Some notes on the law of alternating polarity'.
Miscellaneous ms. notes.
Correspondence, January-December 1957, with B.M. Wepster and S. Basu, on points relating to this subject.
7 pp. untitled typescript (differs from the ms. noted above).
N.B. This paper is believed to be unpublished.

'Two notes on the shape of charge clouds near a hydrogen atom'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.20.3  1958

9 pp. ms. and 9 pp. typescript draft, and some loose papers.
Ms. notes.
Copies of CAC's letters to W. Cochrane, 1958, re Cochrane's paper at a M.I.T. conference. This paper seems to have been the basis of CAC's own work on the topic. He submitted the above ms. for publication in Acta Crystallographica, but it does not seem to have been published.

'Calculation of the difference in the energies of the two systems in Hückel's approximation'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.20.4  1963-65

Correspondence with collaborator, J. Koutecky, 1965.
39 pp. typescript (probably by Koutecky).
N.B. The paper was never published.

'Correspondence and working papers for possible publication on diamond'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.20.5  1964-65

Miscellaneous ms. notes.
Correspondence with others working on the subject.

'Halogens'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.20.6  1964-66

Notes on the literature.
Miscellaneous ms. notes.
Related offprints.
Correspondence with D. Mayers and L.S. Bartell.

'B2O3H2'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.20.7  1964-70

Ms. draft (photocopy) of 'Boron-Oxygen bonds, the case of H22B22O3' sent by CAC to collaborator, J.P.M. Bailey, for comment.
Correspondence with Bailey re joint work.
Correspondence with T.W. Dingle re their earlier collaborative paper 'The B-O bond lengths in boron-oxygen compounds'.
Notes by CAC on work of others, with related correspondence.
R.S. 317, 362, 383, 398.

'Localised benzene regions in condensed aromatics'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.20.8  1967

Notes on the literature.
'Double-bond character', ms. draft.

'History of Theoretical Chemistry'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.20.9  1971

16 pp. ms. and 12 pp. typescript.

Related information: (see also CSAC 60.4.78/A.10.1.)

Closing speech by CAC at Fourth Canadian Symposium on Theoretical Chemistry, University of British Columbia, August 1971.
Miscellaneous ms. notes collected for speech.
Correspondence re proposal to publish the lecture.
Folder also includes typescript of CAC's opening remarks at Summer School on Quantum Chemistry, Yugoslavia, 1967, and related correspondence.
R.S. 360

'Problems with the helicenes'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.20.10  1970-72

Carbons of 2 of CAC's letters on the subject.
Ms. notes, related offprint.

One folder of miscellaneous ms. notes, one labelled 'CAC's policy'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.20.11  nd

'The electronic structure of molecules from the standpoint of the theory of molecular orbitals'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.20.12  1934

Thesis submitted for the Fellowship examination at Trinity College, Cambridge.
CAC was elected to this Prize Fellowship (his thesis was examined by G.H. Hardy) at the same time as Douglas Lea (see p.78 of the Royal Society Memoir). CAC typed the thesis himself with numerous figures and charts in his own hand. It was never published.
Several loose sheets have been inserted in the front of the bound volume. These include an introductory note to accompany the thesis on its submission to Trinity, a list of references titled 'Electronic structure of polyatomic molecules and valence', notes on a paper published in Modern Chemistry by Linus Pauling in 1938, and one letter (1964) loaning the thesis to a colleague.


6 folders

'Molecular Theory'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.21.1  1953-55

Article written by CAC for Encyclopaedia Americana.
Ms. of article and figures.
Editorial correspondence.
The article, described by the editor as 'much admired in this office for its lucid presentation of a highly technical subject', is not listed in the R.S. Memoir.

'Sigma bonding' and 'Pi bonding'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.21.2.-B.21.3  1969-70

Related information: (see also CSAC 60.4.78/B.24.3.)

Chapters for Physical Chemistry, Vol.5: Valency (ed. H. Eyring et al).
Working notes and papers, ms. and typescript drafts and figures.
Editorial correspondence.
Note: CAC's 'Chapter 4' (on sigma Bonds) became Chapter 5, and his 'Chapter 6' (on pi-Bonds) became Chapter 7, in the published work.
R.S. 392, 393

'Shapes of Group IIA Dihalide Molecules'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.21.4  1973

Ms., working notes, brief editorial correspondence.
R.S. 431

'Crystal growth and orientational disorder in bromoform'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.21.5  1974

Corrected typescript and figures for published paper.
R.S. 434

'The Fermi hole in atoms'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.21.6  1972-74

Work in collaboration with Russell Boyd.
First typescript version prepared by Boyd, and second ms. version by CAC.
Correspondence with collaborator, continued after CAC's death with Miss R. Schwerdt.
R.S. 442


11 folders

The Dictionary was prepared in collaboration with R. Daudel and first printed in a cyclostyled version jointly by the Mathematical Institute, Oxford, and the Centre de Méchanique Ondulatoire Appliquée, Paris, in 1954. The calculations and data, however, often date from an earlier period of CAC's work. Some of the calculations in these folders were made by members of CAC's research group.

Early calculations and working papers (beginning in 1937).  CSAC 60.4.78/B.22.1  [n.d.]

'Dihydroanthracene'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.22.2  [n.d.]

Working papers and calculations.

'Polyacenes'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.22.3  [n.d.]

Working papers and calculations.

'Polyphenyls'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.22.4  [n.d.]

Calculations (with index).

'Structure of "diphenylene"'  CSAC 60.4.78/B.22.5  [n.d.]

Calculations, working papers, typescript draft of letter to Nature (1942).
R.S. 32

'Free valence in triphenylmethyls'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.22.6  [n.d.]

Related information: (see also CSAC 60.4.78/B.35.24. and CSAC 60.4.78/C.10.12.)

Calculations, working papers, correspondence with collaborator J. Jacobs re paper of same title.
R.S. 60

'Graphite problems'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.22.7  [n.d.]

Calculations and working papers, correspondence with collaborators, G.S. Rushbrooke and M. Bradburn.

'Graphite problems' (continued).  CSAC 60.4.78/B.22.8  [n.d.]

Related information: (see also CSAC 60.4.78/B.36.5.)

Typescript of paper of the same title and of paper 'Graphite crystals and crystallites', working papers.
R.S. 70, 71

'Butadiene'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.22.9  [n.d.]

Calculations by CAC and J. Jacobs.
R.S. 105

Bound notebook of work by CAC and others on tables of integers.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.22.10  [n.d.]

Set of calculations and work on integral tables by one of CAC's research students.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.22.11  [n.d.]


7 folders

Correspondence, ms. notes and corrected typescripts of the Introduction and Values for Volumes I-IV of the Dictionary.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.23.1.-B.23.6  [n.d.]

Miscellaneous correspondence, calculations and related papers.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.23.1  [n.d.]

Introductions for Volumes I and II.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.23.2  1948

Correspondence, ms., typescript, working papers.

Values for Volume I.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.23.3  [n.d.]

Correspondence, working papers, calculations, charts.

Values for Volume II.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.23.4  [n.d.]

Correspondence, calculations.

Introductions and Values for Volumes III and IV.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.23.5  [n.d.]

Correspondence, comments and evaluations from colleagues after distribution of Volume I, ms., typescript, working notes, calculations.

Values for Volume III.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.23.6  [n.d.]

Calculations, typescript of introduction to section.

Folder of correspondence, typescripts and papers re publication of the Dictionary by Pergamon Press with the title Dictionary of [pi]-electron Calculations.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.23.7  1961-67

CAC collaborated with A. Streitweiser on this publication.
The folder includes correspondence re grant from I.C.I. towards preparation of the Dictionary.
R.S. 327

SCIENTIFIC LECTURES  CSAC 60.4.78/B.24  [n.d.]

8 folders

2 folders containing CAC's mss. of Summer School lecture notes.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.24.1.-B.24.2  1954-73

'What is atomic theory?'
'Atomic units'
'Hydrogen atoms'
'Variation theory'
'Koopmans' theorem'
'Self-consistent fields'
'Dirac scheme'
'History of Oxford'
'Effect of magnetic field on a molecule'
(B.24.2. includes programmes and lists of members for the 1960-62 Summer Schools)

'Hückel theory of organic chemistry'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.24.3  1967-73

Related information: (see also CSAC 60.4.78/B.21.2.- CSAC 60.4.78/B.21.3., Box CSAC 60.4.78/B.43.)

Ms. notes for CAC's course of lectures to second year chemists, and related correspondence.
Folder includes ms. of chapter on [pi]-bonds, published in H. Eyring's series on Physical Chemistry.
R.S. 393

'Problems in wave mechanics and quantum theory'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.24.4  1964-73

Ms. notes for course of lectures, and problems sheets for distribution to students.

Ms. notes for course of lectures on mathematics for chemists, and related correspondence.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.24.5  1973

Ms. lecture notes for a one-year course in Wave Mechanics for M.Sc. students, Oxford.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.24.6.-B.24.8  1965-74

'The hydrogen atom'  CSAC 60.4.78/B.24.6  [n.d.]

'The helium atom'  CSAC 60.4.78/B.24.7  [n.d.]

'The hydrogen molecule'  CSAC 60.4.78/B.24.8  [n.d.]

(Includes a set of notes taken by Elizabeth Colbourn, a student attending the course in 1973).


9 folders

'Recent Developments in the Theory of the Wave Equations'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.25.1  1949

Extensive ms. notes for a course of 9 lectures given at King's College, London.
Includes CAC's notes taken at lectures by Lennard-Jones on 'Molecular orbitals', February 1934.

'Introduction to Wave Mechanics'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.25.2  1952-69

Extensive ms. notes for courses of lectures, begun at King's College, London, and continued at Oxford, with regular up-dating and additional material by CAC.
CAC's indexes of the lectures, and notes on changes to be made, are included.

'Quantum Mechanics'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.25.3  1947, 1955-56

Ms. notes for an extended course of lectures.
The earliest drafts (for 30 lectures) are dated 1947; the index inside the front cover of the folder refers to a course of 32 lectures at Oxford 1955-56, and there are many additional pages of new material intercalated.

Examination problems in Wave Mechanics and Quantum Theory.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.25.4.-B.25.5  1963-71

'Lectures on Atomic Structure'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.25.6  1970-72

Course of 8 lectures given at Oxford.
31 pp. ms. text of lectures; miscellaneous sets of ms. notes and problems.
Brief editorial correspondence and corrected typescript of paper, 1969.
R.S. 390

'Why atoms combine'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.25.7  1962

Talk given on Granada TV 'Discovery' series.
Correspondence, script of talk with ms. corrections by CAC.
Miscellaneous brochures re series and participants.

Miscellaneous notes, drafts, problems and correspondence re mid-sessional examinations in physics, King's College, London.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.25.8  1950-52

Brief correspondence re external examinations at University of Edinburgh.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.25.9  1953


10 folders

'Dynamics'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.26.1  1952-54

Ms. notes.

'Vectors'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.26.2  1958-68

Ms. notes.

'Vector operators'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.26.3  1960-65

Ms. notes.

'Gravitation'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.26.4  1966-68

Ms. notes.

'Rigid bodies'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.26.5  1970

Ms. notes.

'Mechanics'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.26.6  1971

Ms. notes.

'Vector analyses'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.26.7  1965

Ms. notes.

'Electricity'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.26.8  1970

Ms. notes.

Examination papers related to some of the above lectures.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.26.9  1967, 1968

Miscellaneous correspondence, recollections and material related to Memoir by CAC of Samuel Francis Boys for the Royal Society. R.S. 429  CSAC 60.4.78/B.26.10  1972-75

Related information: (see also CSAC 60.4.78/C.24.2., CSAC 60.4.78/E.8.1., CSAC 60.4.78/G.16.5.)


7 folders

'A short historical survey of the discovery and manipulation of the knowledge gained from soap-bubbles and their allied forms of plane-films and capillarity'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.27.1  1929

36 pp. manuscript.

An essay submitted for the Grenfell Essay Prize, Cambridge.

'Gyroscopes'  CSAC 60.4.78/B.27.2  1930

Related information: (see also CSAC 60.4.78/B.4.10.)

An essay submitted for the Yeats Mathematics Prize, Trinity College, Cambridge.
88 pp. ms. and 3 pp. references.

Work on curve tracing.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.27.3  (c) 1929

Extensive notes, class exercises, diagrams.

'Problems in molecular structure'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.27.4  1933

92 pp. ms., bound up by CAC and dated 27.2.33, with a 2 pp. statement of problems to be solved, in the hand of J.E. Lennard-Jones.

Folder of material for a proposed book for 6th-formers, on the relations between science and religion, in the 'Gateway' series. The project was not completed.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.27.5  1952-66

The material includes correspondence, notes, press-cuttings, questions for discussion and CAC's answers (at various conferences, discussion groups, etc.) and typescripts of various talks and broadcasts given by CAC, not all of which are listed in the R.S. Memoir.
Various dates 1952-66
R.S. 191, 219

'Wave mechanical theory of conjugated systems' (later 'molecules').  CSAC 60.4.78/B.27.6.-B.27.7  1951-55

A proposed book, to be written in collaboration with H.C. Longuet-Higgins.
CSAC 60.4.78/B.27.6. Ms. drafts, working papers and correspondence.
CSAC 60.4.78/B.27.7. Plan of the book (9 chapters), ms. of extended version (13 chapters), and a letter re publication, 1974.


13 folders

'First bit of research. 1927'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.28.1  1927

3 pp. manuscript.

Notes by CAC on articles and/or lectures by R.A. Millikan, G.I. Taylor, H. Jeffreys, T.E. Stanton and -- Scott.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.28.2  1931

'Miscellaneous early research'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.28.3  1933-34

Letter to R.H. Fowler, 13 March 1934, enclosing 10 pp. typescript 'Report on work done and doing since June 1933'.
'Molecular structure', 27 pp., 10 March 1933.
'On separability of wave - eq. in 1 dim. with interaction for 2 electrons', 4 pp., 31 May 1933.
'The problem of an electron in an ellipse of constant potential', 12 pp., 1 June 1933.
'Bessel Functions. Addition theorems', 27 pp. and some loose papers, June 1933.
'Two electrons with interaction in harmonic oscillator', 12 pp., 24 May 1934.
'N.I.', 4 pp., n.d.
'Exponential integral', 10 pp. and some loose papers.
Numerous shorter sets of ms. notes, most labelled by CAC.

'Rochelle Salt'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.28.4  1932

Mostly notes on the literature, on colloquia talks by others or on conversations.

'Rotating dipoles and Rochelle salt'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.28.5  1932

Folder of ms. notes and drafts, index inside front cover.
Labelled with titles and 'Opus nos.' by CAC, written November 1932 and bound up October 1933.

'The problems of Rochelle salt. Dialectic constant and other anomalies'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.28.6  1932

54 pp. typescript

Perhaps for paper (not published).

'Molecular structure. Methods'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.28.7  1933

Folder of ms. notes and drafts, index inside front cover.
Section B is carbon of a 7 pp. letter to J.E. Lennard-Jones, May 1933, 'Problems in Molecular Physics'.

'Interaction Problems'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.28.8  1933

Ms. notes, July 1933, bound up October 1933.

'Interlacing spheres and cylinders'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.28.9  1933

Extensive ms. notes, calculations and diagrams, bound up October 1933.

'3 atoms on a circle'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.28.10  1933

Ms. notes, dated by CAC 'mainly September 1933'.

'Problems of 2 parabolas' (unfinished) and 'Hermite polynomials'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.28.11  1933

Ms. notes, 33 pp. and 6 pp.

'Circular ideas October 1933'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.28.12  1933

19 pp. ms. notes.

'Triatomics: linear-isosceles-equilateral'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.28.13  1933

Miscellaneous ms. notes and drafts.
Includes introductory notes by J.E. Lennard-Jones.
R.S. 2


10 folders

Extensive miscellaneous early calculations on wave functions, and 2s and 2p screening, concerning methane and neon, small and large separations.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.29.1  1933-36

This is a bulky folder incorporating several folders of notes, some labelled and described by CAC, and some loose papers.

Extensive working papers and correspondence on H3, H3+; and H3+;+;  CSAC 60.4.78/B.29.2  1934-38

Includes letters to H.M. James and G.S. Gordadse re mistake in R.S. 8, February 1938.
R.S. 2, 8

'Vibrational states of methane'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.29.3  (c) 1934

Ms. notes.

'Stark effect'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.29.4  (c) 1933-34

14 pp. ms. notes.

'Hydrogen bond?'  CSAC 60.4.78/B.29.5  (c) 1934

4 pp. ms. notes.

'W.K.B. method'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.29.6  1934

Miscellaneous ms. notes.
The folder includes a ms. 'poem' by CAC in the style of 'Hiawatha', thanking a friend for a sponge-cake.

'Comparison of Heitler-London, molecular orbital, and true wave-functions and energies'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.29.7  (c) 1934

Ms. notes and diagrams.

'Excited H2'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.29.8  1934

7 pp. ms. notes.

'Hydro'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.29.9  1934

Notes and references on water flow.

'Exponential integrals'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.29.10  1934, 1942

Work in collaboration with W.E. Duncanson.
Correspondence and working papers.


15 folders

'Numerical values of integrals'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.30.1  (c) 1935

4 sets of ms. notes.

'Self-consistent field method for molecular hydrogen'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.30.2  1934-38

Multiple drafts (numbered 0-10 by CAC) and calculations.
Includes a note by CAC 'Subsidiary calculation to help Mulliken. See correspondence Feb. 1948'.
R.S. 11

'Lengthy calculations of beastly integrals'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.30.3  (c) 1935

Extensive notes and calculations.
Includes, in separate binder, CAC's ms. 'Formulae for beastly integrals'.
These notes relate to the work in collaboration with W.E. Duncanson.

'Kekulé patterns for finding bond orders - Fries rule - unexcited states only'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.30.4  1935

Ms. notes 18 pp. + 1 p.

Short note on exchange integrals.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.30.5  nd

'Maths Club'.'  CSAC 60.4.78/B.30.6  1934

Ms. notes for a talk to be given in collaboration with D.E. Lea, in CAC's and Lea's hands.

'Radiation calculations'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.30.7  1935

Work in collaboration with D.E. Lea.
Correspondence and working papers.
R.S. 3

'Helices'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.30.8  1935

Correspondence with G.F.C. Searle.

'Polarisability of H2+; and H2 molecules'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.30.9  1935-40

5 sets of ms. notes on the subject.

Thesis submitted for Ph.D., Cambridge.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.30.10  1936

Related information: (see also CSAC 60.4.78/A.3.3.)

Plan of Thesis, chapters 1 and 2 only, autograph manuscript.

'Some thoughts on H3 Linear'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.30.11  (c) 1936

4 pp. ms. notes.

'Screening constants H2+; and H2'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.30.12  1936-37

8 sets of ms. notes and drafts.
R.S. 8

'Diatomics Zo, Z1'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.30.13  1937-38

88 pp. ms. notes and drafts, and some loose pages.

Early work on the Aromatic Molecules.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.30.14  1936-37

10 sets of ms. notes and drafts.
The folder carries a note by R.B. Mallion dated 1975, on the historical interest and seminal ideas of these notes and papers.
R.S. 9

Notes and calculations on cyclic polyenes.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.30.15  (c) 1936

7 sets of ms. notes and drafts.


14 folders

'Benzene'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.31.1  1937-46

Work in collaboration with J.E. Lennard-Jones.
Correspondence and working papers.
The folder carries a note by R.B. Mallion about the content and interest of the material.

Miscellaneous ms. notes and graphs on bond-order and length.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.31.2  1938-39

Work 'to be done'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.31.3  nd

3 pp. ms. notes.

2 sets of ms. notes, on the physical and biological properties of conjugated hydrocarbons, and on 'Evaluation of An for large n'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.31.4  (c) 1938

'Wheland method for graphite'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.31.5  1937-41

Related information: (see also CSAC 60.4.78/B.32.8., CSAC 60.4.78/B.33.2.)

Extensive ms. notes.
Includes correspondence with G.W. Wheland, 1937, 1941, and typescript plans and drafts for two papers with the title 'The Electronic structure of graphite I and II' by CAC and J.E. Lennard-Jones.
Publication of these collaborative papers was interrupted by the outbreak of war, and CAC reworked the material for later publication, in collaboration with M. Bradburn and G.S. Rushbrooke, in 1948.
R.S. 70, 71

'Various thoughts on resonance'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.31.6  1936-37

Miscellaneous ms. notes.

'Notes on the doubly excited He atom'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.31.7  nd

5 pp. ms. notes.

'[PI] Electron M.O. results on chains and rings'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.31.8  1937

Working papers.
Letter from J.E. Lennard-Jones.

'Oscillating Rotator'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.31.9  nd

2 sets of ms. notes.

'Calculations of 3-centre integrals - numerical'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.31.10  (c) 1936

Notebook of calculations.

'Bad triatomic integrals'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.31.11  nd

Miscellaneous ms. notes.

'Group theory CH4 etc.'  CSAC 60.4.78/B.31.12  nd

Miscellaneous ms. notes.

'General theory of diatomic molecules'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.31.13  nd

Miscellaneous ms. notes.

'Electron Density. H2+;. Numerical'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.31.14  nd

Extensive notes, graphs and calculations.


8 folders

'Bond orders of links in free radical chains'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.32.1  1938-39

Miscellaneous sets of ms. notes, paginated and titled by CAC.
R.S. 14

'Slater's method for graphite and tight binding'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.32.2  1936-38

Miscellaneous ms. notes.

'Dipole moments'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.32.3  1936-37

Miscellaneous ms. notes.

'Comparison of wave functions for HeH+;+; and HeH+;'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.32.4-B.32.6  1935-37

Work in collaboration with W.E. Duncanson for paper published in Proc. R.S. Lond.
R.S. 10

This folder consists of an extended exchange of letters, in which ideas are developed, calculations undertaken and checked and the finished work prepared for publication. Meetings and some personal matters are discussed, and CAC's last letter in the folder (December 1937) refers to the religious group at Leeds in the care of Miss Eileen Burrett and adds: 'You'll meet the fair Eileen and you shall tell me if you like her as well as I do! But you'd better not!'  CSAC 60.4.78/B.32.4  [n.d.]

Correspondence with W.E. Duncanson, May-June 1938.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.32.5  [n.d.]

Extensive ms. calculations for HeH+;, pages numbered 300-621.

Further calculations for paper.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.32.6  [n.d.]

'Structure of graphite - review of existing situation'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.32.7  (c) 1938

Related information: (see also CSAC 60.4.78/B.33.2.)

Folder of notes, carefully indexed by CAC.

'Self-consistent field for trigonal carbon in graphite'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.32.8  1938

Related information: (see also CSAC 60.4.78/B.31.5., CSAC 60.4.78/B.33.2.)

Work in collaboration with J.E. Lennard-Jones.
Reports and letter for Lennard-Jones.
Working papers.


19 folders

'Problems on hand'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.33.1  1936-48

Related information: (See also CSAC 60.4.78/B.15, CSAC 60.4.78/B.35.15, CSAC 60.4.78/H.1.5.)

Extensive folder of notes (many only 1 or 2 pages long) on problems and questions for research.

'Graphite: tight binding and loose binding'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.33.2  1939

Related information: (See also CSAC 60.4.78/B.31.5., CSAC 60.4.78/B.32.8.)

Several sets of ms. notes.
Includes letter to J.E. Lennard-Jones re publications on graphite, 3 July 1939.

'Classical lengths of links in aromatics'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.33.3  1939

Several sets of ms. working notes, with later amendments and annotations.
Draft of paper 'The lengths of the links of unsaturated hydrocarbon molecules' sent to Journal of Chemical Physics; it was returned with referee's comments. CAC re-wrote the paper and re-submitted.
R.S. 14
N.B. R.B. Mallion notes (1975) that this folder is of special interest.

'The Electronic structure of some polyenes and aromatic molecules'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.33.4  1938-39

Miscellaneous ms. notes, diagrams and drafts, including 'first rough draft' July 1938, and 'Revision of July 1939'.
N.B. R.B. Mallion notes (1975) 'Some of the material in this apparently unpublished paper appears in paper no.14'.
R.S. 14

'Unsaturated hydrocarbons'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.33.5  1939

Contribution to London Mathematical Society discussion, January 1939. See correspondence with W.G. Penney in CSAC 60.4.78/B.33.7. below.
12 pp. typescript.

'Polarisation problems'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.33.6  (c) 1939

Ms. notes, 4 pp. and 3 pp.

Correspondence with W.G. Penney, May 1938-February 1939 re calculation of bond orders.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.33.7  1938-39

Includes reference to London Mathematical Society discussion, January 1939, at which Penney read CAC's paper.

'Liquid sodium'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.33.8  1939

Ms. notes and draft.
Correspondence with collaborator G.S. Rushbrooke.
R.S. 15

'Note on method of molecular orbitals'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.33.9  1939

Work in collaboration with G.S. Rushbrooke.
5 pp. and 4 pp. ms. notes.
(Described as 'a classic and still much-cited paper')
R.S. 18

'Notes on the calculation of the energy of unsaturated hydrocarbon molecules'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.33.10  1939

13 pp. ms. draft.
R.S. 19

'Van der Waals force between H+; and H'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.33.11  1940-41

Ms. drafts, 52 pp. and 3 pp.
R.S. 22

'Momentum in single bonds'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.33.12  1938-40

Ms. drafts, 20 pp. and 9 pp.
R.S. 23

'Anharmonic linear oscillator vibrations'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.33.13  1940

Ms. draft, 11 pp.

'Bristol Conference'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.33.14  1946

Notes of papers by M. Polanyi, J.E. Lennard-Jones, Daudel, Gergole and others given at conference.

Working papers on specific heat of mercury at constant volume.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.33.15  1940

Includes calculations by student at Dundee.

'Momentum in [...] [sigma]-p bonds'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.33.16  1940

Correspondence exchanged with collaborator, W.E. Duncanson, July-October 1940.
Detailed comments on progress of work with some discussion of personal matters, including CAC's appearance before Conscientious Objectors Tribunal.
R.S. 24

'Momentum of mobile electrons'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.33.17  1939-40

19 pp. ms. draft 'Momentum of molecular orbitals'.
17 pp. ms. draft 'Case of Butadiene'.
10 pp. ms. draft 'Ethylene'.
6 pp. ms. draft 'Application to benzene'.
Letter from collaborator, W.E. Duncanson, November 1940.
R.S. 25

'Momentum distribution in many-electron systems'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.33.18  1940

Miscellaneous ms. notes.
Includes note from 'E.T.C.' (Copson).

'Colour of unsaturated compounds'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.33.19  1939-41

Miscellaneous ms. drafts and notes.


16 folders

'Helium'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.34.1  1941

5 sets of ms. notes and calculations, separately paginated, and numbered 1-5, and miscellaneous untitled loose pages of notes.

'Electrolytes'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.34.2  (c) 1941

Work in collaboration with G.S. Rushbrooke; miscellaneous ms. notes, and 3 sets of drafts by collaborator.

'Electron velocities in molecular hydrogen H2'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.34.3  nd

14 pp. typescript 'Origin of the problem', addressed to (unnamed) collaborator, perhaps W.E. Duncanson.
3 sets of ms. notes, separately paginated and numbered 1-3.
Miscellaneous ms. notes and calculations on the subject.

'General momentum theory'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.34.4  nd

Miscellaneous ms. notes.

'Compton line for CH4, C2H6, C2H4, C2H2'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.34.5  1941

CAC's copies of 4 letters to W.E. Duncanson on subject, April 1941.
R.S. 27

'CH4 various attempts and approximations' (continuation of above).  CSAC 60.4.78/B.34.6  1941

Miscellaneous ms. notes and calculations, 30 pp., 11 pp. and shorter notes.
CAC's copies of 3 letters to W.E. Duncanson, June 1941.
R.S. 27

'Diamagnetism of Methane'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.34.7  1941

Ms. notes and drafts.
Includes letter from H.S.W. Massey, April 1941.
R.S. 29

'Approximate molecular orbitals for 2 centres'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.34.8  [n.d.]

Miscellaneous ms. notes variously dated 1941, 1947.

'On the relation between localised and non-localised molecular orbitals'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.34.9  1941-42

Related information: (See also CSAC 60.4.78/B.1.11., CSAC 60.4.78/B.17.6.)

2 copies of 13 pp. typescript, with above title, submitted for publication to Royal Society of Edinburgh July 1942.
2 letters from Max Born, with criticisms of the paper, 1942.
Miscellaneous ms. notes and diagrams, 1941-42.
CAC withdrew the paper, on Born's advice, but gave a paper in French with similar title in Paris in 1948.
R.S. 90

'Dipole moment of CH bond'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.34.10  1940-42

4 sets of extensive ms. notes and drafts.
Correspondence re publication and referees' reports, 1942.
R.S. 31

'Wave functions of Li2 and N2'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.34.11  1941-42

Work in collaboration with W.E. Duncanson.
4 sets of ms. notes and drafts.
Correspondence with W.E. Duncanson October 1941-April 1942, with detailed discussion of the progress of the work.
R.S. 34

'Virial Theorem'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.34.12  1943-44

Work in collaboration with R.P. Bell.
4 sets of ms. notes and drafts.
Correspondence with R.P. Bell, June 1943-July 1944, with detailed discussion of the progress of the work.
R.S. 37

'Inorganic benzene B3N3H6'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.34.13  nd

9 pp. ms. draft and miscellaneous ms. notes.

'Dipole movement of C-C bonds'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.34.14  1944

Miscellaneous ms. notes, some dated 1944.

[no title]  CSAC 60.4.78/B.34.15  nd

6 sets of ms. notes and drafts on mathematical problems, probably preliminary work for paper on 'Some difficulties in teaching the D method in linear differential equations'.
R.S. 38

'Momentum in atoms'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.34.16  1942-44

Work in collaboration with W.E. Duncanson.
5 sets of ms. notes and drafts.
Extensive correspondence with W.E. Duncanson, May 1942-November 1944, with detailed discussion of the progress of the work, and some personal correspondence.
R.S. 39


25 folders

'Vibrational momenta'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.35.1  nd

Miscellaneous ms. notes.

'Dynamics Book'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.35.2  1943

4 pp. ms. outline plan for book, dated August 1943.
Other brief ms. notes.
(Work on the book was not completed.)

'Activated water'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.35.3  1943-44

Letter from D.E. Lea on subject, July 1943, and letter from CAC on subject, July 1944.

'Molecular diamagnetism'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.35.4  1944

3 sets of ms. notes and drafts, and copy of letter to W.E. Duncanson.

'Factorising wave equations and other differential equations'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.35.5  1944

11 sets of ms. notes and drafts.
2 letters from A. Erdélyi, 1944.

'Errors in second-order perturbation theory'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.35.6  nd

2 sets of ms. notes on subject.

'Energy fluctuations in bonds'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.35.7  1945-47

Work in collaboration with G.S. Rushbrooke.
3 sets of ms. notes and drafts.
Correspondence with G.S. Rushbrooke, May 1945-March 1947, and with M.S. Bartlett, H.J. Groenewald.
Includes corrected proof for published paper.
R.S. 40

'Polarisability problems'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.35.8  1945

4 pp. typescript 'Object of the work'.
2 sets of ms. notes.

'C6O2 Lattice Energy'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.35.9  1945-46

Work in collaboration with J. Weiss.
4 sets of ms. notes and drafts, and loose pages of notes.
Correspondence with J. Weiss, October 1945-July 1946, and from 'E.T.C.' (Copson).

'Anharmonic oscillator'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.35.10  1946

Mainly correspondence with colleagues on the subject.
Includes 4 pp. note by CAC 'On the shape of potential energy curves in large molecules'.

Correspondence about CAC's book Waves.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.35.11  1945-46

Related information: (See also CSAC 60.4.78/B.19.1.)

R.S. 21

'Co-operative phenomena. Time variations'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.35.12  1946

1 p. ms. notes only.

'The atomic radius of carbon'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.35.13  1946

8 pp. typescript paper contributed by CAC to Conference on Molecular Bonds, Oxford, July 1946.
CAC organised the conference, and the folder includes programme (heavily annotated), list of participants, accounts, etc.

'Representation of simple molecules by molecular orbital's.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.35.14  1946

31 pp. typescript draft and 4 pp. references.
The paper was written by invitation for the first (1947) volume of Quarterly Reviews of the Chemical Society.
Folder cover carries a note 'Golden years of M.O. Theory... Professor Coulson leads in teaching and spreading it'. (Note is by R.B. Gerber.)
R.S. 49

'Suggested researches'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.35.15  1946-53

Related information: (See also CSAC 60.4.78/B.15, CSAC 60.4.78/B.33.1., CSAC 60.4.78/H.1.5.)

Extensive lists of possible research topics for CAC and research students, various dates 1946-53, some tabulated with the names of those working on them.
The folder cover carried a note 'An amazingly broad list of subjects for his research students. List includes some topics on which Professor Coulson (and his students) made distinguished contributions (conjugated systems, for instance). Many of the subjects were not actually pursued'. (Note is by R.B. Gerber.)

Miscellaneous short notes and correspondence re various problems discussed with CAC during his consultancy with I.C.I.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.35.16  1947

Related information: (See also CSAC 60.4.78/E.3.6.)

'On the eigenvalues and determinants of certain matrices'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.35.17  1946-47

Miscellaneous ms. notes.
Correspondence with L. Goddard.

'The random-walk problem - Markoff's method'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.35.18  1946-47

Related information: (See CSAC 60.4.78/B.35.19. below)

10 sets of ms. notes and drafts.
4 pp. typescript draft for paper.
R.S. 53

'Note on the random-walk problem'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.35.19  [n.d.]

Ms. notes, calculations, notes on the literature, etc. related to above.
R.S. 53

'The electronic structure of conjugated systems II Unsaturated hydrocarbons and their hetero-derivatives'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.35.20  1945-47

Work in collaboration with H.C. Longuet-Higgins.
Miscellaneous sets of ms. notes and loose papers.
Diagrams and typescript draft of paper.
Letter from H.C. Longuet-Higgins, 1945.
R.S. 54

'Theory of mixing'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.35.21  1946

Work in collaboration with J.M. Coulson (twin brother).
2 typescript notes by CAC, 'A theory of mixing' 9 pp., and 'An alternative theory of mixing' 7 pp.
2 sets of ms. notes.
Correspondence with J.M. Coulson January 1946-January 1947.

'Chemical reactivity'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.35.22  [n.d.]

Folder containing several sets of work of different dates and types.

Heavily annotated typescript draft of paper with H.C. Longuet-Higgins on 'Recent developments in the theory of conjugated substances'  CSAC 60.4.78/B.35.22.I  1947, 1949

Related information: (See also CSAC 60.4.78/B.37.8.)

With ms. notes and ms. of a paper in French on similar subject, given by CAC at Institut des Hautes Études, Bruxelles, December 1949, under the title 'Théorie des Réactivités des Molécules conjugées et Aromatiques'.
R.S. 55, 111

'Some theories in chemical reactivity for [pi] electron systems'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.35.22/II  1962

Proposed article for Quarterly Reviews, to be written in collaboration with Brian C. Webster.
Correspondence with editors, collaborator and colleagues, continuing 1962-65.
Miscellaneous ms. notes by CAC on subject, including notes of talks or lectures by others.

'Wave Mechanics of Chemical Reactions'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.35.22/III  1967

Course of lectures given in Michaelmas Term 1967.
16 pp. ms., with some intercalated pages.

'Radial nodes'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.35.23  1946

Work in collaboration with W.E. Moffitt.
Ms. notes, typescript draft for paper 'Position of nodes in atomic wave functions'.
Correspondence with W.E. Moffitt, 1946.
R.S. 57

'Free valence in triphenylmethls'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.35.24  1947

Related information: (See also CSAC 60.4.78/B.22.6.)

Work in collaboration with J. Jacobs.
Miscellaneous ms. notes by CAC and by J. Jacobs.
Correspondence with J. Jacobs, 1947.
R.S. 60

Work on polyphenyls.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.35.25  1947

Miscellaneous diagrams of molecules, sent by R. Daudel, and carefully annotated by CAC.
Letter from Daudel 1947 proposing a collaborative paper, with detailed reply from CAC on points of difference.


16 folders

'Velocities in atoms. 1 (p) Curves'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.36.1  1945-47

Work in collaboration with W.E. Duncanson.
Miscellaneous sets of notes, diagrams and drafts, some paginated.
Personal and scientific correspondence with W.E. Duncanson 1945-47, and with editor re referee's comments on paper.
R.S. 64

'Graphite-huge molecule approximation'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.36.2  1946-47

4 sets of ms. notes on graphite, 43 pp., 55 pp., 24 pp., 4 pp.
5 pp. 'note on Riley's paper on amorphous carbon'.
2 pp. note on Pyrene.
Letter on coronene from W.E. Moffitt.
R.S. 66

'Special determinants'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.36.3  1943-47

Work on coupled systems with G.S. Rushbrooke.
7 sets of ms. notes.
Letter from G.S. Rushbrooke, 1947.
R.S. 67

'Method of spin states'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.36.4  nd

Miscellaneous ms. notes.

'Energy bands in graphite layers'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.36.5  1945-48

Work in collaboration with G.S. Rushbrooke.
5 sets of ms. notes, and loose pages.
11 pp. typescript draft of paper on 'Energies of mobile electrons in Crystallites infinite in one direction'.
Correspondence with G.S. Rushbrooke 1945-46.
R.S. 71

'H excited and H+;'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.36.6  1948

Related information: (See CSAC 60.4.78/B.36.7. below)

4 sets of ms. notes, and loose pages.
R.S. 72

'Stark effect for H'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.36.7  1946-48

Work in collaboration with C.M. Gillam.
3 sets of ms. notes on 'Stark effect'.
Correspondence with C.M. Gillam 1946-47.
R.S. 72

'5-ringed hydrocarbons'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.36.8  1948

Miscellaneous ms. notes, one bearing note by CAC 'This was agreed at Paris April 1948. To be completed Xmas 1948 if possible'.

'V = ax4 calculations'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.36.9  1947

Work in collaboration with R. McWeeny.
Miscellaneous ms. notes, some paginated by CAC.
R.S. 73

'Quinones, diradicals and free valencies'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.36.10  [n.d.]

Miscellaneous sets of ms. notes, and some loose pages, various dates 1939, 1941, 1942 and many undated.

'Fulvene'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.36.11  1947-48

Work in collaboration with A. Maccoll.
Miscellaneous ms. notes by CAC and collaborator.
Corrected proof of paper.
Correspondence with A. Maccoll, 1947.
R.S. 74

'C-H bonds and C-C [sigma]-basis type bonds'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.36.12  1946-48

Extensive ms. notes and working papers.
8 pp. typescript draft for paper 'The atomic radius of carbon'.
Correspondence 1947.
R.S. 78

'Free radicals'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.36.13  nd

Work in collaboration with W.E. Moffitt.
Draft for paper.
Letter from W.E. Moffitt, n.d.
R.S. 79

'Free valence'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.36.14  1947-48

5 sets of ms. notes, and some loose pages, on mutual polarisability problems, some dated 1947, 1948.
R.S. 83

'Para-amino-Stilbene'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.36.15  1948-49

Work in collaboration with J. Jacobs.
Ms. notes by J. Jacobs, typescript draft of paper by CAC.
Programme of meeting of the Chemical Society at which the paper was read.
R.S. 88

'Atomic wave functions'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.36.16  1942-53

Work in collaboration with W.E. Duncanson.
Miscellaneous ms. notes and calculations by CAC and collaborator.
Correspondence with W.E. Duncanson, 1942-53.
R.S. 94


15 folders

'Bacterial variation'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.37.1  1946-50

Work in collaboration with D.E. Lea.
Extensive ms. drafts, working papers and calculations by CAC and by Lea, most dated 1947.
Correspondence with D.E. Lea 1947, with detailed discussion of the progress of the work.
Correspondence with J.B.S. Haldane 1948-49 re publication of the work after Lea's death.
Ms. accounts by CAC of his work with Lea, 4 pp. ms. and 6 pp. typescript (not identical texts) given as part of a discussion at King's College, London, 1950.
R.S. 95

'Surface tension of liquid metals'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.37.2  1946-50

Correspondence and working papers, various dates.
Invitation to lecture to Faraday Society on 'Existence and Energies of Surface States' 1949.
R.S. 102

'Ultra-violet spectra of conjugated molecules'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.37.3  1947-49

Work in collaboration with J. Jacobs.
Ms. notes, draft for paper.
Extensive correspondence with colleagues.

'The addition of osmium tartrate to dinaphthylethylenes'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.37.4  nd

Miscellaneous ms. notes.
2 pp. ms. draft for paper.
R.S. 99

'Momentum functions in a central field'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.37.5  nd

7 pp. ms. notes.

'Butadiene and FMO and configuration interaction'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.37.6  1949-50

Work in collaboration with J. Jacobs and D.P. Craig.
Ms. notes, calculations and correspondence with collaborators.
Letter from J.E. Lennard-Jones, to whom the papers had been sent to referee, with his comments, 1950.
R.S. 105, 106

'R.S. Bond Conf.'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.37.7  1950

[Royal Society Conference on Bond Energy and Bond Length, 9 March 1950].
Programme of conference.
Notes, plan of contribution, and ms. draft 'Bond lengths in conjugated molecules: the present position'.
Letter from J.E. Lennard-Jones.
R.S. 110

'Quantum mechanical account of reactivity of conjugated compounds'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.37.8  1949-55

Related information: (See also CSAC 60.4.78/B.35.22.)

Extensive sets of notes and calculations, including 'ideas notes' stimulated by reading, conversations, conference papers, etc.
Typescript draft of paper 'Some recent theories of chemical reactivity'.
Continuing notes and correspondence on reactivity 1955.
R.S. 111

'Naphthalene-anthracene bond lengths'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.37.9  1949-50

Work in collaboration with R. Daudel and J.M. Robertson.
Miscellaneous sets of ms. notes and some loose pages.
Correspondence with collaborators detailing the progress of the work.
R.S. 112

'Structure of graphite. Review of existing information'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.37.10  nd

Ms. and typescript notes (c) 1950.

'Linear combination of bond orbitals'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.37.11  1949-50

Extensive notes and working papers.
Correspondence with R.D. Brown, M.J.S. Dewar.

'Strong-field polarisability'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.37.12  1946-51

Work in collaboration with A. Maccoll and L.E. Sutton.
Extensive correspondence with collaborators.
2 corrected drafts of paper on 'Hyper-polarisability'.
R.S. 120

Work on the electrostatic potential of H2 and H2+;.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.37.13  1951-53

Ms. notes, calculations and correspondence, on the problem, and ms. draft of a projected paper which was not completed.

'Factors affecting bond lengths'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.37.14  1951

Ms. notes and calculations.
R.S. 121

'Carbon-carbon bond lengths in small molecules'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.37.15  1955-56

Paper read at a Meeting of European Molecular Spectroscopists, Oxford, 7-11 July 1955.
8 pp. ms. draft for paper, + 4 pp. Appendixes.
Miscellaneous ms. notes, calculations and working papers.
Correspondence with colleagues, including invitation to give paper from 'organiser H.W. Thompson, and re research problems preceding and arising from paper, 1955-56.


18 folders

'Graphite momentum'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.38.1  1941-50

Work in collaboration with W.E. Duncanson.
Ms. notes, numerous ms. and typescript drafts by CAC and W.E. Duncanson.
Extensive correspondence with W.E. Duncanson, November 1945-October 1946, with detailed discussion of progress of the work, and some personal correspondence.
R.S, 125
N.B. Many of CAC's drafts are written on the verso of his printed applications for various university posts, 1941.

'Coulomb effects in hybridisation'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.38.2  (c) 1952-54

Ms. notes.

'Azulene'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.38.3  1951

Ms. notes 'Wave mechanics of azulene models'.
Notes for a colloquium (n.d.)
Typescript of 'Alkyl shifts in absorbtion spectra of azulene and other aromatic hydrocarbons'.
Numerous sets of ms. notes, titled 'Hyperconjugation', 'Perturbation effect', 'Azulene applications', etc.
R.S. 128

'Cancer Review'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.38.4  1950-53

Related information: (See also CSAC 60.4.78/B.8.9., CSAC 60.4.78/C.1.4., CSAC 60.4.78/E.1.9.)

Ms. notes for CAC's review article 'Electronic configuration and carcinogenesis' for first volume of Advances in Cancer Research published by Academic Press.
Editorial correspondence with Alexander Haddow.
R.S. 141

'Localisation energies (initial method)'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.38.5  [n.d.]

Ms. notes.
Diagrams for paper on Zethrene.
R.S. 143

'Diamagnetic anisotropy'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.38.6  1953

Ms. draft 'Diamagnetic anistropy of aromatics', May 1953. Probably notes for lectures.

'John-Teller effect, bond order argument'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.38.7  1953

Ms. draft 'Bond order work on benzene' with note of 'Further work'.

'Free-electron treatment for metals'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.38.8  1953-58

Numerous sets of ms. notes, many re graphite, for lectures delivered 1953-58.
Editorial correspondence with Physical Society re referee's report on CAC's paper 'Note on the applicability of the free-electron network model to metals'.
R.S. 148

'Bond-anti-bond orbitals in graphite'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.38.9  1954

Ms. notes.

'Non-additivity of interatomic forces'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.38.10  1954

Notes by CAC on paper by John Dawler and related correspondence with J.O. Hirschfelder who sent CAC the paper.

'T. Fermi relation for V1.5 vo= const.'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.38.11  1954

Ms. notes, diagrams.
Correspondence with R. Daudel, May-September 1954.
Ms. draft by CAC of note for C.R. Acad. Sci. Paris (Daudel translated it for the journal).
R.S. 159

'Quinoline, Isoquinoline, Acridine'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.38.12  1954

Ms. notes, including some on 'Mulliken's "electron density probe"' (1954).
Correspondence with A. Albert, May 1949, September-October 1954.

'Methyl affinity of aromatic hydrocarbons'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.38.13  1955

Ms. draft of paper, with notes for accompanying diagrams.
Various sets of ms.notes, not all by CAC. One set is titled 'Pyrene localisation energies'.
R.S. 166

'The free-electron network model for metals'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.38.14  1954-55

25 pp. ms. notes on ' + function metals' with 3 pp.
'Alternative proof of fundamental formulas'.
R.S. 173

'Thomas-Fermi'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.38.15  1952-54

Related information: (See also CSAC 60.4.78/B.38.17.)

Ms. notes 'Teller-Pöschl formula, etc.', with later set 'a more careful analysis to repeat pp. 5a-e of previous screed, but leading to no easily managed equation. Atoms, at best, must have a finite radius'.
Folder includes set of typescript notes in which CAC describes the method of approach to the problem (probably prepared for a student).
Folder also includes paper by N.H. March 'An improved approximate analytic solution of the Thomas-Fermi equation for atoms'
R.S. 178

'Possible f-covalency in uranium'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.38.16  1949-56

Folder of drafts and correspondence with G.R. Lester re their collaborative work.
Numerous sets of ms. notes by CAC commenting on Lester's drafts, with additional notes on the literature or on points for further investigation.
Abstracts of papers presented at Ministry of Supply Conference on Transition Metals, November 1952.
Correspondence with Lester, 1949-56, and note of Chemical Society meeting, December 1952, at which they presented a joint paper (title as above).
R.S. 187

'Thomas-Fermi Book'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.38.17  1956-64

Heavily annotated and corrected typescript of proposed book on the Thomas-Fermi model, written in collaboration with N.H. March. The book was never published.
Drafts of:
Chapter II Fundamental Equations
Chapter III Atoms and Ions
Chapter IV Molecules
Chapter V Metals
Chapter VI Astrophysical and Geophysical Applications
Chapter VII Fundamental basis of method and extension of theory
Chapter VIII Nuclei

'Statistical theory of atoms and molecules'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.38.18  [n.d.]

Set of ms. notes for course of lectures on the subject.


20 folders

'A comparison of the various representations of ethylene'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.39.1  1955-59

Ms. notes, typescript draft.
Correspondence with C. Moser and F. Birss.

'Hydrogen bond ideas'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.39.2  1956-72

Numerous sets of notes and data assembled by CAC over the years. Many are paginated, few are dated.
Typescript 'The hydrogen bond', based on a lecture before the Basler Chemische Gesellschaft, February 1963.
Correspondence re lecture by CAC to the British Gelatine and Glue Research Association, 1956.
Correspondence with W.N. Lipscomb, January 1957, re neutron diffraction work and on hydrogen bonding.
R.S. 197, 230, 231, 294

'N2O4 and related molecules'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.39.3  1957-58

Ms. notes, drafts, extensive correspondence with collaborator J. Duchesne.
R.S. 212

'Chemical valency'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.39.4  1957-58

Ms. draft of article for Winkler-Prins Encyclopaedia.
Correspondence with editor.
N.B. This article is not listed in the Royal Society Memoir.

'Fundamentals of conjugation - benzene'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.39.5  1958

Ms. notes and draft, typescript of lecture delivered to Chemical Society symposium in Bristol, and transcript of discussion following CAC's paper.
R.S. 218

'The dependence of electronic energy levels upon deformation in aromatic hydrocarbons'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.39.6  1958

Ms. notes, typescript of lecture delivered at symposium in Hull.
Related correspondence.
R.S. 222

'Two notes on the shape of the charge cloud near a hydrogen atom'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.39.7  1958-60

Typescript, editorial correspondence, referee's report.
N.B. The paper was not published.

'Benzene to graphite - the change in electronic energy levels'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.39.8  1958

Related information: (See also CSAC 60.4.78/A.6.6.)

Ms. notes and calculations.
Ms. draft of lecture prepared for delivery at Carbon Conference in Buffalo, New York, June 1957 (CAC cancelled his visit because of ill-health).
R.S. 226

'Some theoretical considerations about vibrational band intensities'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.39.9  1958

Paper delivered at Conference on Molecular Spectroscopy, London, February 1958.
Ms. notes, draft, correspondence.
R.S. 227

'Steric forces in halogen-substituted benzenes'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.39.10  1958

Ms. draft.
R.S. 245

'Thirty years of quantum chemistry'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.39.11  1958

Ms. notes, draft, correspondence.
R.S. 247

'Effect of medium on spectra'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.39.12  1958

Ms. notes, typescript of 'Theoretical considerations of the effects of the medium upon molecular energy spectra', CAC's contribution to a Royal Society discussion meeting, December 1958, on 'The effect of environment upon molecular energy levels'.
Correspondence with chairman (H.W. Thompson) re publication.
R.S. 249

'On the stability of substituted diphenylenes'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.39.13  1960

Typescript draft.
R.S. 252

'Edge carbon atoms'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.39.14  1959

Ms. notes, draft, typescript of CAC's contribution to conference on carbon, June 1959.
R.S. 253

'Lower bounds of energy - application to helium'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.39.15  1960

Ms. notes, correspondence.
R.S. 261

Preparation of diagrams for 2nd edition of Valence.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.39.16  1961

Related information: (See also CSAC 60.4.78/B.18.1.-B.18.4.)

R.S. 134

'Bond lengths in the cyclo-octatetraene dianion C8H8--'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.39.17  1960

Ms. notes, draft, typescript, related correspondence.
R.S. 264

'The electronic spectra of [pi]-electron molecules'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.39.18  1960

Ms. notes, draft, typescript of CAC's contribution to meeting of Photoelectric Spectrometry Group, February 1960.
R.S. 265

'Maximum overlap orbitals'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.39.19  1961

Ms. notes, related correspondence.
R.S. 273

CAC's comments on papers by G. Klopman, D. Peters and R. Pauncz, with replies from the authors.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.39.20  (c) 1962

N.B. See note by R.B. Mallion on folder cover.


15 folders

'Crossing of potential energy curves'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.40.1  1961

Ms. notes, and offprint of 'Internal conversion and the crossing of potential energy surfaces'.
R.S. 284

'Forces between non-banded atoms'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.40.2  1962-63

Ms. notes on miscellaneous papers and lectures by others as assembled by CAC.
Typescript of paper by CAC with above title.
R.S. 291

'Carbon valence orbitals. S.C.F. calculations'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.40.3  1960-64

Ms. notes and draft.
Correspondence with D. Mayers.
Includes ms. and typescript drafts of 2 papers by CAC: 'd-orbitals in carbon' and 'X-ray levels in sulphur'.

'Bond angles in nitrogen heterocyclic molecules'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.40.4  1963-65

Ms. notes and draft.
R.S. 308, 333

'Lower bounds for H2+;'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.40.5  1962-64

Ms. notes, drafts.
Correspondence with collaborator, B.P. Johnson.
R.S. 315

'Introduction to the density matrix'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.40.6  1964

Ms. notes for lectures.

'Vacancies in graphite'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.40.7  1964

Ms. notes, draft of 'Calculations of the formation energy of vacancies in graphite crystals'.
R.S. 322

'Perturbation theory for atoms (1/ [...] Z)'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.40.8  1962-65

Ms. notes, draft of 'A note on non-orthogonal Hartree-Fock functions.'
R.S. 330, 331
N.B. Folder includes a typescript draft of an unpublished manuscript entitled 'Perturbation theory and quantum-mechanical sum rules'.

'The Z-expansion of unrestricted Hartree-Fock atomic orbitals'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.40.9  1963-66

Ms. notes, draft, correspondence.
Draft of 'Note on the saddle-point character of Hartree-Fock wave functions'.
R.S. 318, 340, 348

'Electron in dipole field'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.40.10  1966-67

Ms. notes.
R.S. 347

'Graphite lecture'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.40.11  1967-70

Ms. notes for lectures delivered on two occasions at Imperial College, London.
Correspondence re arrangements for delivery.

'Sulphur'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.40.12  1965-68

Ms. notes, drafts (one entitled 'Inner-shell double ionization and chemical bonding, Part I Auger electrons').
Correspondence with F.A. Gianturco (collaborator), photographs.
R.S. 368, 369

'Bond length changes on ionization'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.40.13  1967-68

Ms. notes, drafts.
Correspondence with collaborator, Z. Luz.
R.S. 372

'Note on Kohl with Bonham's integrals'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.40.14  1967-68

Ms. notes, draft.
Correspondence with R.A. Bonham and D. Kohl.
R.S. 375

One folder of miscellaneous ms. notes by CAC on publications or lectures by others.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.40.15  (c) 1968


15 folders

'Group III-V compounds'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.41.1  1968-69

Ms. notes, some perhaps taken by CAC on lectures by others.
R.S. 376

'Keys-mathematical problem'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.41.2  1968

Related information: (See also CSAC 60.4.78/B.10.8.)

Notes, diagrams, correspondence.
Drafts for paper published as 'How many different keys?'
R.S. 377

'John-Teller effect in vanadium tetrachloride'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.41.3  1968

Ms. draft by B.M. Deb.
R.S. 385

'Tricycloquinazoline'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.41.4  1969

Related information: (See also CSAC 60.4.78/B.20.7.)

Computer output, correspondence, typescript draft by J.P.M. Bailey sent to CAC for comment.
R.S. 399

'Electronic structure of triapentafulvalene'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.41.5  1965-69, 1975

Notes, ms. draft.
Extensive correspondence with numerous collaborators and colleagues.
Contents of the folder are listed on the cover, with note from M.D. Poole (1975) inside.
N.B. This paper was never published.

Notes on commutation and hypervirial-type of relations.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.41.6  1970

Includes copy of letter to J.G. Taylor, October 1970.

Lecture notes on simple linear geometry and related topic in projective geometry.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.41.7  (c) 1970

'Charge distribution around a terminal atom'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.41.8  1968-69

Ms. draft of lecture at Harwell, 1968.
Ms. draft of 'Molecular objectives in elastic neutron scattering'.
R.S. 391

'Chemical bonds and complex wave functions'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.41.9  1969

Ms. notes.
Correspondence with collaborator, R.J. White.
R.S. 396

'Recent developments in valence theory'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.41.10  1969-70

Related information: (See also CSAC 60.4.78/A.10.5.)

Ms. draft and galley proofs of lecture delivered at Symposium on 'Fifty Years of Valence Theory' held in Australia, 1969.
R.S. 401

'Ring current calculations on decacyclene and related molecules'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.41.11  1969-70

Ms. notes, correspondence.

'Variation in an operator' and 'Gradients and curvature of a function in Hilbert space'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.41.12  1968-71

Ms. notes and drafts with suggestions for further work.

'Recent work on molecular structure calculations'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.41.13  1970

Ms. notes and draft of paper for publication, based on a lecture given at the Atomic and Molecular Physics Conference, Manchester, April 1969.
R.S. 404

'Magnetic properties of molecules and interpretations of N.M.R. data'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.41.14  1970-71

Correspondence with R.B. Mallion.

'Further hypervirial ideas'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.41.15  1971

Ms. notes.


12 folders

'Generalized uncertainty relations'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.42.1  1971-72

Ms. notes and draft, correspondence.

'Notes on the two-particle density matrix in [pi]-electron theory'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.42.2  1971

Related information: (See also CSAC 60.4.78/C.12.9.)

Ms. draft.
R.S. 413

'Energy values of the occupied molecular orbitals in H2O2'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.42.3  1970-71

Ms. notes, correspondence.

'Vacancy centres in the diamond lattice: a critique of current theoretical treatments'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.42.4  1972-73

Ms. and typescript drafts.
R.S. 420

'Calculations of hyperpolarizabilities using Hartree-Fock techniques'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.42.5  1970-71

Ms. notes (not all in CAC's hand).
Correspondence with R.P. Hurst.

'Calculation of zero-field splitting molecular integrals'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.42.6  1971-77

Notes and drafts for paper submitted to Theoretica Chemica Acta. The paper reached page-proof but was withdrawn by CAC in February 1972 for further investigation; it was not re-submitted. After CAC's death Dr. Roger Mallion took advice of colleagues about publication of the paper and this correspondence is enclosed in the folder.

'The inverted pendulum'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.42.7  1971-72

Notes and correspondence re paper by M.B. Glauert.

'Bond additivity and the Compton profile for molecules'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.42.8  1973

Ms. draft.
R.S. 425

'A theory of the broadening of the infrared absorbtion spectra of hydrogen-bonded species'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.42.9  1973

Notes, correspondence, page-proof.
R.S. 441

'An investigation of the short-range interactions between atoms and molecules using the Hellmann-Feynman theorem: I. Three-body forces in hydrogen and helium'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.42.10  1973-74

Ms. notes and draft by CAC, ms. draft by collaborator, D. Makin.
N.B. This paper was never published.

'On the question of paramagnetic "Ring currents" in pyracylene and related molecules'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.42.11  1971-76

Posthumous publication with R.B. Mallion.
Photocopies of CAC's correspondence exchanged with R.B. Mallion and of Mallion's correspondence exchanged with colleagues after CAC's death.
R.S. 446 (Continuation of Royal Society Memoir numbering of bibliography to those papers described in Section C as being in course of preparation.)

'Ring magnetic susceptibilities in conjugated hydrocarbons'.  CSAC 60.4.78/B.42.12  1971-76

Posthumous publication with J.A.N.F. Gomes and R.B. Mallion.
Photocopies of CAC's correspondence exchanged with R.B. Mallion and of Mallion's correspondence exchanged with colleagues after CAC's death.
R.S. 447 (Continuation of Royal Society Memoir numbering of bibliography to those papers described in Section C as being in course of preparation.)


One box of material assembled by Dr. R.B. Mallion and Dr. B.L. O'Leary in preparing a book based on the course of lectures delivered by CAC to Oxford undergraduates on the subject of 'Hückel theory of organic chemistry'. (See CSAC 60.4.78/B.24.3 for CAC's manuscript notes and drats of lectures for this course.) CAC gave the course in the academic years 1967-73; the book is based on a transcript of tape-recordings taken in Hilary Term, 1971.
Publication is by Academic Press, London 1978 and the authors have contributed all royalties to the Coulson Memorial Fund (see CSAC 60.4.78/A.19.7.)
The box includes:
-- Tape-recordings of the 8 lectures delivered by CAC in the Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory, Oxford, 21 January - 11 March 1971.
-- Transcripts of these lectures, prepared by Dr. O'Leary.
-- One file of correspondence, 1974-78, re writing and publication of the book. A list of correspondents is included with the file.
-- Photocopy of early draft of preface and foreword to the book.



The correspondence is exchanged between CAC and scientific colleagues in UK and abroad, his own research students, visiting scholars in Oxford or elsewhere, editors and publishers, scientific and academic administrators and members of the general public. The matters dealt with include:
Programmes and subjects for research
Problems, working notes and reports on research in progress
Arrangements for conferences, meetings, visits
Comments and revisions on drafts of papers for publication by CAC and collaborators
Editorial arrangements for publications
Recommendations for awards, scholarships, academic appointments
Administrative arrangements for university admissions, degrees, salaries
Research grants, applications and awards.
All the Folders relating to CAC's research students or to visiting scholars from overseas also include arrangements for accommodation, finance, travel and personal matters, and attest the pains he took to ensure the well-being of newcomers for whom he felt responsibility. Religious and personal matters are also dealt with, in accordance with CAC's refusal to separate scientific from other activities.
A short note has been made of material of particular interest or importance, and when the work refers to ascertainable specific publications the relevant number of the Royal Society Bibliography is given, in the form R .S. ....
CSAC 60.4.78/C.1 - CSAC 60.4.78/C.22 These are individual named folders as kept by CAC for his more frequent and extensive correspondence with scientific colleagues: see note on the content above. All the folders are dated, and all correspondents appear in the general index.
CSAC 60.4.78/C.23 - CSAC 60.4.78/C.38. These are CAC's 'miscellaneous files' of his shorter correspondence in which more than one correspondent is included in a folder. The content covers personal and religious as well as scientific matters, no segregation being made: see note on p.154. All correspondents appear in the general index.
CSAC 60.4.78/C.39 - CSAC 60.4.78/C.44. These are brief exchanges of letters, both scientific and personal, and are not indexed: see note on pp. 173 - 174.
Many of CAC's copies of his letters, in all sections of the correspondence, are written or typed by himself on the back of incoming letters, invitations, drafts, course notes and the like. Although many of these are of considerable interest in themselves, it has not been possible to make a note of such cases, or to index the individuals or organisations concerned.

CORRESPONDENCE  CSAC 60.4.78/C.1  [n.d.]

18 folders

ALLEN, Leland Cullen  CSAC 60.4.78/C.1.1  1958-70

R.S. 394

ASTON, John (Jack) G.  CSAC 60.4.78/C.1.2  1954-73

ATKINS, Peter W.  CSAC 60.4.78/C.1.3  1966-74

BADGER, Geoffrey Malcolm  CSAC 60.4.78/C.1.4  1948-55, 1964

R.S. 141

BALDOCK, Gordon R.  CSAC 60.4.78/C.1.5  1948-54

R.S. 102

BAUGHAN, E. Christopher  CSAC 60.4.78/C.1.6  1941, 1948, 1963-68

BERRONDO, Manuel  CSAC 60.4.78/C.1.7  1969-73

BLINDER, Seymour Michael  CSAC 60.4.78/C.1.8  1961-72

BLOOR, John E.  CSAC 60.4.78/C.1.9  1956-69

BLYHOLDER, George  CSAC 60.4.78/C.1.10  1964-70

R.S. 349, 366

BORN, Max  CSAC 60.4.78/C.1.11  1941, 1949, 1955; 1957-58

With a note by Mrs. Coulson that CAC especially asked that this folder should be preserved

BOOTH, F.  CSAC 60.4.78/C.1.12  1948-50

BOWEN, Edmund John  CSAC 60.4.78/C.1.13  1943-55, 1968

BRACKMAN, Wim  CSAC 60.4.78/C.1.14  1952-54

BRADLEY, Christopher John  CSAC 60.4.78/C.1.15  1959-67, 1973

BURTON, Ronald E.  CSAC 60.4.78/C.1.16  1961-73

BURNELLE, Louis A. T.  CSAC 60.4.78/C.1.17  1955-63

R.S. 196, 226

BASTIANSEN, Otto  CSAC 60.4.78/C.1.18  1948-65

CORRESPONDENCE  CSAC 60.4.78/C.2  [n.d.]

8 folders

CANNON, Peter  CSAC 60.4.78/C.2.1  1964-65

CARBONELL-VILA, Juan Luis  CSAC 60.4.78/C.2.2  1955-56

CHERRY, (Edward) Colin  CSAC 60.4.78/C.2.3  1948-50

CHESTER, Geoffrey V.  CSAC 60.4.78/C.2.4  1950-54

CHIRGWIN, Brian H.  CSAC 60.4.78/C.2.5  1947-57, 1966

R.S. 97

CLARKE, Donald D.  CSAC 60.4.78/C.2.6  1966-67

R.S. 380

CLAR, Eric  CSAC 60.4.78/C.2.7  1948-70

COLEMAN, A. John  CSAC 60.4.78/C.2.8  1965-73

CORRESPONDENCE  CSAC 60.4.78/C.3  [n.d.]

5 folders

COPPENS, Philip  CSAC 60.4.78/C.3.1  1966-74

R.S. 358

COSTA NETO, Claudio  CSAC 60.4.78/C.3.2  1964-68

COHAN, Norah Violetta  CSAC 60.4.78/C.3.3  1954-74

R.S. 189, 336, 337

CRAWFORD, Victor Arthur  CSAC 60.4.78/C.3.4  1946-66

R.S. 84, 144

CURL, Robert Floyd  CSAC 60.4.78/C.3.5  1963-67

R.S. 326

CORRESPONDENCE  CSAC 60.4.78/C.4  [n.d.]

11 folders

DAILEY, Benjamin Peter  CSAC 60.4.78/C.4.1  1956, 1962-65, 1970

DANIELSSON, Ulf  CSAC 60.4.78/C.4.2  1949-57

R.S. 154, 155

DAVIES, Brynmor L.  CSAC 60.4.78/C.4.3  1965-66

DAVIES, Peter L.  CSAC 60.4.78/C.4.4  1947-63

R.S. 127, 133

DEMPSTER, Michael A. H.  CSAC 60.4.78/C.4.5  1966

DECIUS, John (Jack) Courtenay  CSAC 60.4.78/C.4.6  1954-60

DINGLE, Thomas W.  CSAC 60.4.78/C.4.7  1964-67

R.S. 362

DITCHBURN, Robert William  CSAC 60.4.78/C.4.8  1950-54

DODSON, Charles Leon  CSAC 60.4.78/C.4.9  1971-73

DUNCAN, Albert B. F.  CSAC 60.4.78/C.4.10  1953-71

DUNITZ, Jack David  CSAC 60.4.78/C.4.11  1949-71

CORRESPONDENCE  CSAC 60.4.78/C.5  [n.d.]

6 folders

EILERS, James Edward  CSAC 60.4.78/C.5.1  1972-73

EISENBERG, David  CSAC 60.4.78/C.5.2  1960-68

R.S. 336, 337, 300

ELTON, Lewis Richard Benjamin  CSAC 60.4.78/C.5.3  1950-57

EMERSON, Donald  CSAC 60.4.78/C.5.4  1970-73

R.S. 434

ENDERBY, John Alfred  CSAC 60.4.78/C.5.5  1948-55

EPSTEIN, Saul Theodore  CSAC 60.4.78/C.5.6  1969-73

R.S. 396

CORRESPONDENCE  CSAC 60.4.78/C.6  [n.d.]

9 folders

FERNÁNDEZ-ALONSO, José Ignacio  CSAC 60.4.78/C.6.1  1951-72

FISCHER-HJALMARS, Inga  CSAC 60.4.78/C.6.2  1948-66

R.S. 87

FISHER, Michael Ellis  CSAC 60.4.78/C.6.3  1951-54

FLURRY, Robert L.  CSAC 60.4.78/C.6.4  1967-69

FLURRY, Robert L.  CSAC 60.4.78/C.6.5  1969-70

FORSLIND, Erik  CSAC 60.4.78/C.6.6  1949, 1953

Related information: See also CSAC 60.4.78/C.4.2.

FOSTER-JAKOB, R.  CSAC 60.4.78/C.6.7  1957-69

FUKUI, Kenichi  CSAC 60.4.78/C.6.8  1953-54

FYFE, William Sefton  CSAC 60.4.78/C.6.9  1951-55

R.S. 50

CORRESPONDENCE  CSAC 60.4.78/C.7  [n.d.]

10 folders

GAINES, A. F.  CSAC 60.4.78/C.7.1  1951

GEE, Geoffrey  CSAC 60.4.78/C.7.2  1945-65

GERGELY, John  CSAC 60.4.78/C.7.3  1948-50

GLAESER, Robert Martin  CSAC 60.4.78/C.7.4  1962-68

R.S. 323

GLOCKLER, George  CSAC 60.4.78/C.7.5  1953, 1955, 1963

R.S. 292

GOLEBIEWSKI, Alojzy  CSAC 60.4.78/C.7.6  1959-72

R.S. 256, 257, 273, 278

GOODWIN, Thomas H.  CSAC 60.4.78/C.7.7  1952-69

R.S. 280, 283, 295, 307, 309

GRAY, Louis Harold (Hal)  CSAC 60.4.78/C.7.8  1947-65

Related information: (See also CSAC 60.4.78/D.2.7.)

Includes note on mss. of Douglas Lea, and draft of CAC's memorial tribute to Gray published in British J. Radiol. 1965. Not listed in R.S. Memoir.

GREEN, Albert Edward  CSAC 60.4.78/C.7.9  1949-68

GREEN, Michael  CSAC 60.4.78/C.7.10  1960-64

CORRESPONDENCE  CSAC 60.4.78/C.8  [n.d.]

13 folders

GREENWOOD, H. H. (Tim)  CSAC 60.4.78/C.8.1  1948-72

R.S. 68

GRIFFITH, John S.  CSAC 60.4.78/C.8.2  1952-56, 1965, 1972

Related information: (See also CSAC 60.4.78/E.7.7.)

Includes correspondence and material gathered by CAC in preparation of obituary of Griffith for Nature, 1972. Not listed in R.S. Memoir.

GRIMISON, Alec  CSAC 60.4.78/C.8.3  1966-72

R.S. 293

GRUBB, Anthea  CSAC 60.4.78/C.8.4  1961-65

GUSEINOV, I. I.  CSAC 60.4.78/C.8.5  1969-72

HADDOW, Alexander  CSAC 60.4.78/C.8.6  1948-50, 1970

Includes correspondence re Rutherford's interest in biology

HALPERN, Vivian Morris  CSAC 60.4.78/C.8.7  1961-65

HAMILTON, Walter C.  CSAC 60.4.78/C.8.8  1953-73

HAMMERSLEY, John M.  CSAC 60.4.78/C.8.9  1953-65

R.S. 262

HANDLEY, Barbara  CSAC 60.4.78/C.8.10  1949-50

HAO, Vo-The  CSAC 60.4.78/C.8.11  1959

HARTREE, Douglas Rayner  CSAC 60.4.78/C.8.12  1949-56

HAWGOOD, John  CSAC 60.4.78/C.8.13  1952-62

CORRESPONDENCE  CSAC 60.4.78/C.9  [n.d.]

6 folders

HERRAEZ, Miguel Angel  CSAC 60.4.78/C.9.1  1955-64

R.S. 186, 339

HEY, Donald Holroyde  CSAC 60.4.78/C.9.2  1950-60

R.S. 166

HIBBERT, Alan  CSAC 60.4.78/C.9.3  1964-69

R.S. 348, 352, 382, 390

HIGASI, Ken-iti  CSAC 60.4.78/C.9.4  1953-68

HIGGS, Peter W.  CSAC 60.4.78/C.9.5  1950-65

HIRSCHFELDER, Joseph O.  CSAC 60.4.78/C.9.6  1935-74

R.S. 2, 8, 127, 133, 151, 267, 277, 288

CORRESPONDENCE  CSAC 60.4.78/C.10  [n.d.]

16 folders

HOCHMAN, Petr  CSAC 60.4.78/C.10.1  1964

HOLT, Anthony R.  CSAC 60.4.78/C.10.2  1961-67, 1973

HORNIG, Donald F.  CSAC 60.4.78/C.10.3  1951-68

HORVÁTH, John I.  CSAC 60.4.78/C.10.4  1957-65

HOWLETT, Jack  CSAC 60.4.78/C.10.5  1963, 1969

HUDSON, Robin L.  CSAC 60.4.78/C.10.6  1963-65

HUNTER, Geoffrey  CSAC 60.4.78/C.10.7  1964-65

HURLEY, Andrew C.  CSAC 60.4.78/C.10.8  1953-66

R.S. 288

HUTCHINSON, Douglas A.  CSAC 60.4.78/C.10.9  1960-67

INGOLD, Christopher Kelk  CSAC 60.4.78/C.10.10  1940-66

IRIBARNE, Julio V.  CSAC 60.4.78/C.10.11  1951

JACOBS, Juliane  CSAC 60.4.78/C.10.12  1950-56

Related information: (See also in general index)

R.S. 88, 91, 105, 106

JAMIESON, John B.  CSAC 60.4.78/C.10.13  1954-57

R.S. 198

JEACOCKE, John E.  CSAC 60.4.78/C.10.14  1959-64

JOHNSTONE, Derek F.  CSAC 60.4.78/C.10.15  1952-56

JORTNER, Joshua  CSAC 60.4.78/C.10.16  1961-64, 1973

R.S. 274

CORRESPONDENCE  CSAC 60.4.78/C.11  [n.d.]

11 folders

KARPLUS, Martin  CSAC 60.4.78/C.11.1  1953-73

R.S. 11, 197

KASHA, Michael  CSAC 60.4.78/C.11.2  1959-73

KITZ, N.  CSAC 60.4.78/C.11.3  1953

LAFORGUE, Alexandre L. V.  CSAC 60.4.78/C.11.4  1949-59

LAIDLAW, William G.  CSAC 60.4.78/C.11.5  1963-70

LEFEBRE, Roland  CSAC 60.4.78/C.11.6  1951-2, 1961

LOEBL, Ernest Moshe  CSAC 60.4.78/C.11.7  1962-72

LONSDALE, Kathleen  CSAC 60.4.78/C.11.8  1949-60

LOOYENGA, Hans  CSAC 60.4.78/C.11.9  1958-72

R.S. 308, 333, 371

LÖWDIN, Per-Olov  CSAC 60.4.78/C.11.10  1949-73

(Includes photograph)
R.S. 52, 97, 105, 106, 108, 340, 351

LUZ, Zeev  CSAC 60.4.78/C.11.11  1965-68

R.S. 350, 372

CORRESPONDENCE  CSAC 60.4.78/C.12  [n.d.]

20 folders

Arrangement: N.B. The contents of this box are not in alphabetical order.

MACDONALD, David Keith Chalmers  CSAC 60.4.78/C.12.1  1953-54

MACIAS, Antonio  CSAC 60.4.78/C.12.2  1962-63, 1968

MACGILLIVRAY, Archibald Dean  CSAC 60.4.78/C.12.3  1971

MACKEY, G. W.  CSAC 60.4.78/C.12.4  1965-67

McGOWAN, John C.  CSAC 60.4.78/C.12.5  1948-49

R.S. 54

MACKAY, Donald M.  CSAC 60.4.78/C.12.6  1950-61

MAGAT, Michel  CSAC 60.4.78/C.12.7  1948-49

Related information: (See also CSAC 60.4.78/A.13.18.)

MANN, David E.  CSAC 60.4.78/C.12.8  1948-49

MACLAGAN, Robert G. A. R.  CSAC 60.4.78/C.12.9  1968-73

R.S. 413

McMURRY, Henry Lewis  CSAC 60.4.78/C.12.10  1956-70

MANGINI, Angelo  CSAC 60.4.78/C.12.11  1950-70

MARQUARDT, Lutz  CSAC 60.4.78/C.12.12  1968-70

MATSEN, Frederick Alfred  CSAC 60.4.78/C.12.13  1950-63

MAYERS, David F.  CSAC 60.4.78/C.12.14  1964-71

R.S. 318

MEHLER, J. R.  CSAC 60.4.78/C.12.15  1958-59

MOFFITT, William E.  CSAC 60.4.78/C.12.16  1945-60

Related information: (See also C. 18.4. correspondence with J. Wilson)

The later correspondence deals with the various obituaries, appreciations and memorial volumes which appeared after Moffitt's death in 1958
R.S. 56, 57, 66, 79, 85

MILNER, Eric C.  CSAC 60.4.78/C.12.17  1949-51

MORDAUNT, G. Robert  CSAC 60.4.78/C.12.18  1964-66

MULLER, Norbert  CSAC 60.4.78/C.12.19  1952-59

MURRELL, John N.  CSAC 60.4.78/C.12.20  1966-72

CORRESPONDENCE  CSAC 60.4.78/C.13  [n.d.]

7 folders

NAGAKURA, Saburo  CSAC 60.4.78/C.13.1  1951-74

NEBBIA, Giorgio  CSAC 60.4.78/C.13.2  1948-52

NEILSON, Alasdair Hewitt  CSAC 60.4.78/C.13.3  1958-68

R.S. 271, 297

NEWTON, Marshall D.  CSAC 60.4.78/C.13.4  1965-72

R.S. 371

OLEARI, Luigi  CSAC 60.4.78/C.13.5  1959-68

OLIFF, Raymond Walter  CSAC 60.4.78/C.13.6  1965-72

ORGEL, Leslie Eleazer  CSAC 60.4.78/C.13.7  1951-57

R.S. 171

CORRESPONDENCE  CSAC 60.4.78/C.14  [n.d.]

11 folders

PARKER, Kenneth  CSAC 60.4.78/C.14.1  1950-54

PALMER, Arthur  CSAC 60.4.78/C.14.2  1950

PAULING, Peter  CSAC 60.4.78/C.14.3  1950

PILAR, Frank L.  CSAC 60.4.78/C.14.4  1962-63

PIMENTEL, George C.  CSAC 60.4.78/C.14.5  1954-58

PINCHERLE, Leo  CSAC 60.4.78/C.14.6  1948-56

PITTS, Eric  CSAC 60.4.78/C.14.7  1948-52

POLANSKY, Oskar E.  CSAC 60.4.78/C.14.8  1957-69

POTTS, Alexander Desmond  CSAC 60.4.78/C.14.9  1965-72

PRICE, William C.  CSAC 60.4.78/C.14.10  1946-72

R.S. 286, 341

PRYCE, Maurice Henry Lecorney  CSAC 60.4.78/C.14.11  1947-56

CORRESPONDENCE  CSAC 60.4.78/C.15  [n.d.]

12 folders

RANDIC;, Milan  CSAC 60.4.78/C.15.1  1960-74

RICHARDS, W. Graham  CSAC 60.4.78/C.15.2  1972

RIDEAL, Eric Keightley  CSAC 60.4.78/C.15.3  1951-54

RILEY, Harry Lister  CSAC 60.4.78/C.15.4  1942-48

R.S. 70, 71

RISSER, William Leigh  CSAC 60.4.78/C.15.5  1963-68

RITER, John R.  CSAC 60.4.78/C.15.6  1970-71

RIVAIL, Jean-Louis  CSAC 60.4.78/C.15.7  1965-73

ROBB, Michael A.  CSAC 60.4.78/C.15.8  1969-71

ROBERTS, John D.  CSAC 60.4.78/C.15.9  1952-54, 1961

ROBERTSON, Gerald N. van der  CSAC 60.4.78/C.15.10  1964-68

ROBERTSON, Gerald N. van der  CSAC 60.4.78/C.15.11  1969-74

R.S. 441, 444

ROBERTS, P. John  CSAC 60.4.78/C.15.12  1965-71

CORRESPONDENCE  CSAC 60.4.78/C.16  [n.d.]

12 folders

ROBERTSON, Harry H.  CSAC 60.4.78/C.16.1  1947-56

ROBERTSON, John Monteath  CSAC 60.4.78/C.16.2  1944-64

R.S. 58, 112

ROBINSON, H. R.  CSAC 60.4.78/C.16.3  1949-50

ROBINSON, Peter David  CSAC 60.4.78/C.16.4  1956-74

R.S. 216

ROE, Edna M. F.  CSAC 60.4.78/C.16.5  1947-53

ROGERS, Max A. T.  CSAC 60.4.78/C.16.6  1958-64

R.S. 268

ROLLETT, John Sydney  CSAC 60.4.78/C.16.7  1955-73

R.S. 438, 439

ROSENBAUM, Robert A.  CSAC 60.4.78/C.16.8  1958-66

ROSS, D. K.  CSAC 60.4.78/C.16.9  1971

ROSSINI, Frederick D.  CSAC 60.4.78/C.16.10  1951-54

ROUVRAY, Dennis H.  CSAC 60.4.78/C.16.11  1970-73

RUTHERFORD, Daniel E.  CSAC 60.4.78/C.16.12  1939-67

CORRESPONDENCE  CSAC 60.4.78/C.17  [n.d.]

8 folders

SALEM, Lionel  CSAC 60.4.78/C.17.1  1960-73

R.S. 30, 278

SCHAAD, Lawrence Joseph  CSAC 60.4.78/C.17.2  1955-73

R.S. 226, 266

SCHMID, E. D.  CSAC 60.4.78/C.17.3  1964-65

SCHMIDT, Gerhard M. J.  CSAC 60.4.78/C.17.4  1952-53

SCHNEPP, Otto  CSAC 60.4.78/C.17.5  1958-61

SCHOONMAKER, Richard C.  CSAC 60.4.78/C.17.6  1965-73

SCHWARTZ, Maurice E.  CSAC 60.4.78/C.17.7  1964-73

SENENT, Salvador  CSAC 60.4.78/C.17.8  1951-64

Related information: (See also CSAC 60.4.78/C.18.1.)

R.S. 168, 169, 186

CORRESPONDENCE  CSAC 60.4.78/C.18  [n.d.]

9 folders

SENENT, Salvador  CSAC 60.4.78/C.18.1  1962-73

Related information: (See also CSAC 60.4.78/C.17.8.)

R.S. 339

SEWELL, Geoffrey L.  CSAC 60.4.78/C.18.2  1948-72

SHERRY, Peter Burum  CSAC 60.4.78/C.18.3  1954-58

R.S. 193

SKANCKE, Per Njål  CSAC 60.4.78/C.18.4  1959-66

R.S. 281

SKINNER, H. A.  CSAC 60.4.78/C.18.5  1948-51

R.S. 78

SLATER, John C.  CSAC 60.4.78/C.18.6  1952-62, 1973

R.S. 108, 189

SLATER, Noel B.  CSAC 60.4.78/C.18.7  1943-62

SMITH, Darwin Waldron  CSAC 60.4.78/C.18.8  1958-68

SOLYMAR, L.  CSAC 60.4.78/C.18.9  1966-68

CORRESPONDENCE  CSAC 60.4.78/C.19  [n.d.]

17 folders

STAMPER, John Geoffrey  CSAC 60.4.78/C.19.1  1959-63

R.S. 304

STEPHEN, Michael John  CSAC 60.4.78/C.19.2  1954-67

R.S. 190, 194

STRACHAN, Charles  CSAC 60.4.78/C.19.3  1949-68

STRAUSS, Herbert L.  CSAC 60.4.78/C.19.4  1960-74

R.S. 286

STREITWIESER, Andrew  CSAC 60.4.78/C.19.5  1956-59

R.S. 327

STYLE, D. W. G.  CSAC 60.4.78/C.19.6  1949-66

SUTHERLAND, Gordon B. B. M.  CSAC 60.4.78/C.19.7  1948-56

R.S. 183

TAYLOR, Aajge  CSAC 60.4.78/C.19.8  1949-65

TAYLOR, Atu Mensa  CSAC 60.4.78/C.19.9  1962-70

TAYLOR, Robert A.  CSAC 60.4.78/C.19.10  1948-59

R.S. 124, 126

THOMPSON, Harold Warris (Tommy)  CSAC 60.4.78/C.19.11  1959-64

THORSON, Walter R.  CSAC 60.4.78/C.19.12  1966-67

Related information: (See also CSAC 60.4.78/G.21.9.)

TOMITA, Kazuhisa  CSAC 60.4.78/C.19.13  1952-72

TROTTER, James  CSAC 60.4.78/C.19.14  1960-72

TUDOR-JONES, Goronwy  CSAC 60.4.78/C.19.15  1964-67

TURNER, Almon George  CSAC 60.4.78/C.19.16  1970-72

TURNER, G. A.  CSAC 60.4.78/C.19.17  1949

CORRESPONDENCE  CSAC 60.4.78/C.20  [n.d.]

10 folders

VACIAGO, Alessandro  CSAC 60.4.78/C.20.1  1959-73

R.S. 424

WAGNER, Edward Lewis  CSAC 60.4.78/C.20.2  1959-62

WALSH, Arthur Donald  CSAC 60.4.78/C.20.3  1940-68

WASSERMANN, Arthur  CSAC 60.4.78/C.20.4  1951

WAUGH, W. A. O'N.  CSAC 60.4.78/C.20.5  1952-56

WEBSTER, Brian C.  CSAC 60.4.78/C.20.6  1961-73

WEINHOLD, Frank Albert  CSAC 60.4.78/C.20.7  1967-72

WEISS, Joseph J.  CSAC 60.4.78/C.20.8  1948-67

R.S. 61, 105, 143, 171, 179

WEISS, Joseph J.  CSAC 60.4.78/C.20.9  1955-59

WESTWOOD, Judith  CSAC 60.4.78/C.20.10  1958-70

CORRESPONDENCE  CSAC 60.4.78/C.21  [n.d.]

8 folders

WHITE, Ronald Joseph  CSAC 60.4.78/C.21.1  1966-73

Related information: (See also CSAC 60.4.78/C.17.2. correspondence with R.G. Parr)

R.S. 396

WIEBENGA, E. H.  CSAC 60.4.78/C.21.2  1953-68

WILLE, Franz  CSAC 60.4.78/C.21.3  1963-71

R.S. 134, 343

WILLE, Franz correspondence and working papers  CSAC 60.4.78/C.21.4  1966-67

R.S. 325

WILLE, Franz correspondence and working papers  CSAC 60.4.78/C.21.5  1964-65

R.S. 343

WILSON, E. Bright  CSAC 60.4.78/C.21.6  1949, 1952, 1958, 1966

WISWESSER, William J.  CSAC 60.4.78/C.21.7  1948-52

WOLLENBERG, Lionel S.  CSAC 60.4.78/C.21.8  1964-73

CORRESPONDENCE  CSAC 60.4.78/C.22  [n.d.]

4 folders

WULFMAN, Carl Eugene  CSAC 60.4.78/C.22.1  1964-72

R.S. 346

WYLLIE, George  CSAC 60.4.78/C.22.2  1946-54

YOSHIZUMI, Hiroyuki  CSAC 60.4.78/C.22.3  1953-70

ZALEWSKI, Kacper  CSAC 60.4.78/C.22.4  1960-70

R.S. 284


8 folders

ABRAHAMS, Sidney C. ACOBYAN, Raymond H. ADAMS, A. ADAMS, James A. ADAMS, Walter H. ADDISON, C.C. AHRENS, L.H. AITKEN, A.C. AKAIDA, Seiji AKAMATU, H.  CSAC 60.4.78/C.23.1  c1940s - 1950s

*ALBERT, Adrien 1949-56 ALDRIDGE, W. ALLINGER, Norman L. ALLMAND, A.J. ALLSOPP, Cecil B. AMAKO, Yoshito AMOS, A. Terence ANANTAKRISHNAN, S.V. ANDERSON, William ANDRADE, E.N. da Costa  CSAC 60.4.78/C.23.2  c1940s - 1950s

AQUILAR, Mariano ARAKI, Gentaro ARENTS, John *ARIYAMA, Kanetaka 1954 ARONSZAJN, N. ATIYAH, Michael Francis *AUGOOD, Derek R. 1950-55 AVERY, James E. AYLETT, Bernard J.  CSAC 60.4.78/C.23.3  c1940s - 1950s

*BACON, George E. 1958-65 *BADER, R.F.W. 1968-72 BAGUS, Paul S. *BAK, Børge 1947-64 *BAKER, J.W. 1947-51 *BAKER, Wilson 1942-64  CSAC 60.4.78/C.23.4  c1940s - 1950s

*BALABAN, A.T. 1959, 1968 BALDWIN, M.T.M. BALLHAUSEN, C. J. *BANYARD, Kenneth E. 1963-73 BARKER, William F. *BARNETT, Leonard P. 1969 *BARROW, Richard F. 1949-63 BARROWMAN, Thomas J. *BARTELL, L. S. 1963-69 BARTLETT, M.S.  CSAC 60.4.78/C.23.5  c1940s - 1950s

BASSOMPIERRE (CAC's carbon only) *BATEMAN, Arthur B. 1956-65 BATEMAN, J.B. BATTERSBY, Alan Rushton BAUER, P.T. BAUR, Werner H. BAXTER, Arthur H.Y. BAXTER, Ian F.G. BAYLISS, Noel S. BAZLEY, Norman W.  CSAC 60.4.78/C.23.6  c1940s - 1950s

BEAGLEY, B. BECK, Dieter BELL, F. *BELLAMY, L.J. 1958-63 BENESCH, Robert BENFEY, E. Theodore; W.A. BENJAMIN INC. and others  CSAC 60.4.78/C.23.7  1962-63

Re proposed collected volume of papers of Sir John Lennard-Jones

BENNET-CLARK, T.A. BENT, Henry A. BERG, T.G. Owe BERG, W.F. BERLIN, Theodore H. BERSOHN, R. (CAC's carbon only) BERNSTEIN, H.J. BERTHIER, G.  CSAC 60.4.78/C.23.8  c1940s - 1950s


7 folders

BHATNAGAR, Jagdish N. BHATTACHARYA, G.C. BIJL, Dirk BILLIG, E. BIRTWISTLE, D. BISHOP, E.O. *BLACKMAN, Moses 1955 BLAUNSTEIN, Robert P. BLISS, Kathleen BLOOMER, Thomas BLUM, L.  CSAC 60.4.78/C.24.1  c 1940s - 1960s

BOCKRIS, John O'M. BOLLAND, J.L. *BOLTON, H.C. 1951-60 BORGEN, Peder BOSANQUET, C.B. BOSE, A.M. BOSWORTH, R.C. BOUMAN, T.D. (CAC's carbon only) *BOURNE-AYRTON, A.T. 1957 BOVEY, René BOWMAKER, Graham *BOWMAN, Roger 1967 *BOYD, Donald B. 1969-72 *BOYLAND, E. 1947-50 BOYLE, Hugh *BOYS, S. Frank 1953-72  CSAC 60.4.78/C.24.2  c 1940s - 1960s

BRADBURN, Mary BRADFIELD, G. BRAGG, Sir (William) Lawrence BRANDÄS, Erkki *BRAUDE, E.A. 1949-55 BREMNER, J.G. BRENNER, Robert O. BREWER, Richard G. BRESCIA, Frank *BRIGHT, Father Laurence 1954 BRISTOL, George, Bishop of BRITISH TRANSPORT COMMISSION BRITTON, F.R.  CSAC 60.4.78/C.24.3  c 1940s - 1960s

BROWN, David A. BROWN, Michael G. BROWNE, P.F. *BROWNING, Hedley C. 1955 BRUNDLE, C.R. BRYAN, Monk BRYANT, W.M.D. BRYCE-SMITH, D. BUCKINGHAM, A. David BUCKINGHAM, Richard A.  CSAC 60.4.78/C.24.4  c 1940s - 1960s

BUENKER, Robert J. BULLEN, A.G. BU'LOCK, J.D. BUNN, C.W. BURAWOY, A. BURHOP, Eric H.S. BUTLER, Philip H. *BUTTERFIELD, Herbert 1951 *BYERS BROWN, William 1951, 1966-71 *BYKOV, G.V. 1960-74  CSAC 60.4.78/C.24.5  c 1940s - 1960s

CABRERA, Nicolas CADE, J.A. CADE, Paul E. *CALVERT, Ian 1960 CALVET, Raoul CAMPBELL, Neil CARERI, Giorgio CARRA, S.  CSAC 60.4.78/C.24.6  c 1940s - 1960s

CASTELL, Lutz CATCHESIDE, D.G. CAUCHOIS, Y. CAUTE, David CAVA, M.P. CAVALLI, Luigi CAYREL, R.  CSAC 60.4.78/C.24.7  c 1940s - 1960s


6 folders

*CHAKRAVARTY, Ardhendu S. 1967-69 CHAKRAVARTY, N.K. *CHALKLIN, F.C. 1949 *CHANDRASEKHAR, S. 1944-47 CHAPMAN, N.B. CHAPMAN, Sydney (CAC's recollections of Chapman for 80th birthday volume)  CSAC 60.4.78/C.25.1  c1940s - 1960s

CHARNEY, Elliot *CHERRY, E. Colin 1948-53 *CHONG, Delano P. 1966-69  CSAC 60.4.78/C.25.2  c1940s - 1960s

CHOUDHURY, M.H. CHRISTOFFERSEN, Ralph E. (CAC's carbons only) CHRISTOPHERSON, Derman G. CISEK, J. CIVIL SERVICE COMMISSION CLAASSEN, Howard H. *CLARK, C.H. Douglas 1939 CLARK, Dave T. CLARK, Robert E.D. CLARKE, Donald D.  CSAC 60.4.78/C.25.3  c1940s - 1960s

CLAXTON, Thomas H. (CAC's carbon only) *CLEMENTI, Enrico 1961-71 CLEWS, C.J. Birkett  CSAC 60.4.78/C.25.4  c1940s - 1960s

COADE, T.F. *COCHRAN, William 1948, 1953, 1958 COLEGROVE, R.K. COMPTON, Arthur H. CONDON, E.O. (CAC's carbon only) *CONNICK, Rev. W. 1957 CONWAY, B.E. COOLIDGE, Albert Sprague COON, Jesse B. COOPER, J.R.A. COOPER, Malcolm J. CORRADINI, Paolo  CSAC 60.4.78/C.25.5  c1940s - 1960s

COTLAR, Mischa COTTRELL, Thomas COUTTS, Frederick *CRAWFORD, Bryce L. 1948-56 CROMBIE, Alistair C CROSS, B.C. CROUCH, E.G.H. CRUICKSHANK, Arthur J.O. CUNDY, H. Martyn CURTIS, Lionel CUSACHS, L. (CAC's carbon only)  CSAC 60.4.78/C.25.6  c1940s - 1960s


8 folders

DAHL, J.P. DAINTON, Frederick S. DALE, J. DALGARNO, Alec DALLINGA, G. (CAC's carbon only) DARDARIAN, Gabriel *DARLINGTON, H.S. 1969 DARLINGTON, T.W. DAUBEN, Hyp J. DAWSON, B. DAWSON, Peter DAY, Colin DEAN, P.G.  CSAC 60.4.78/C.26.1  c1940s - 1970s

DE BOER, J.H. DEJAK, Camillo DEL RE, Giuseppe DELVES, L.M. DENMAN, Harry *DEPARTMENT OF TECHNICAL CO-OPERATION 1962 DESLATTES, R.D.  CSAC 60.4.78/C.26.2  c1940s - 1970s

DE WET, Jack S. DIAMOND, Richard M. DICKEY, O.B.R. *DIENES, G. Jay 1953, 1961, 1966  CSAC 60.4.78/C.26.3  c1940s - 1970s

DODD, R.E. DOERING, William von E. DOMB, Cyril DOMNITZ, Myer *DONNAY, Gabrielle 1971-73 D'OR, L. DOUGLAS, H.W. *DOUTZARIS, Panos 1954-56 DOW, Alistair  CSAC 60.4.78/C.26.4  c1940s - 1970s

DUBS, Homer H. DUKE, A.J. DUNCAN, James F. DUNHILL, Rosemary DUNLOP, Colin DUNNING, N.J. DURANT, N.J.  CSAC 60.4.78/C.26.5  c1940s - 1970s

EADES, M. EARL, J.C. *EDELSTEIN, L.A. 1957-63 EDWARDS, Allen E. EDWARDS, S. Michael EHRENREICH, Henry EKEHORN, Gosta ELEY, Dan D. ELIEZER, Isaac ELLISON, Frank O.  CSAC 60.4.78/C.26.6  c1940s - 1970s

*ELLIS, Edith M. 1954-59 (on pacifism, world fellowship and similar activities)  CSAC 60.4.78/C.26.7  c1940s - 1970s

EMELEUS, K.G. EMMET, Dorothy EUROPEAN PHYSICAL SOCIETY (CAC's carbon only) *EVANS, Griffith 1955-60 EVANS, Meredith Gwynne EVANS, Monroe V. EXLEY, Kenneth D. EYRING, Henry  CSAC 60.4.78/C.26.8  c1940s - 1970s


8 folders

FAIRBAIRN, J. Kingsley *FAJANS, Kasimir 1948, 1960-65 FARNELL, G.C. FARNSWORTH, H.E. FELDMAN, T. FELDMAN, William R. FELL, Honor Bridget *FELLGETT, Frank E. 1957 FERGUSON, John FERNANDO, B.E. FERRÉ Nels F.S. *FERREIRA, Ricardo 1961-68 FIELD, Stanley J.J.  CSAC 60.4.78/C.27.1  c1940s - 1970s

FIGGIS, Patrick FILMER, W.E. FIMPLE, William R. FINCH, G.I. (CAC's carbon only) FINE, N. FINNEY, D.J. FISCHER, E. FISHER, Hellen E. FISK, J.B. *FOOT NASH, David (Committee on Ministers and the Teaching Profession) 1961 FORD, W.P.J. FOSTER, David B. *FOSTER, Michael Beresford 1955, 1962-64 FOX, Kenneth  CSAC 60.4.78/C.27.2  c1940s - 1970s

FRANK, Harry S. FREEMAN, Richard M. FREUNDLICH, E. Finlay FRIEDEL, J. FRIEDEL, Robert A. FRIPIAT, J.J. FROESE, Charlotte FUMI, Fausto G. FÜRTH, R.H.  CSAC 60.4.78/C.27.3  c1940s - 1970s

GABRIEL, J.R. GAGE, George GARNER, W.E. (includes note by CAC on Lennard-Jones's contribution to work on molecular structure) GENT, W.L.G. GERJUOY, Edward GERO, Alexander *GERRISH, F. 1969 GIBB, Thomas R.P. GILBERT, Thomas L. GILES, Charles H. GILL, E.W. GILLESPIE, R.J. GILLESPIE, Ronald J. *GILLESPY, Ewen 1965  CSAC 60.4.78/C.27.4  c1940s - 1970s

GIRIFALCO, L.A. GOLD, Victor GOLDEN, Sidney GOODEVE, Charles  CSAC 60.4.78/C.27.5  c1940s - 1970s

GOODMAN, Colin H.L. GOODWIN, E.T. GORDASE, G.S. GORDON, M. GORDY, Walter GOROFF, Iza GOUARNÉ, René GOUTERMAN, Martin  CSAC 60.4.78/C.27.6  c1940s - 1970s

GRANACHER, Iris GRANT, Ian P. GRAVELEY, F.H. GREEN, Louis C. GREENE, Frederick D. GREGORY, C.C.L. GREGORY, N.L. GREIG, James GRENE, Marjorie  CSAC 60.4.78/C.27.7  c1940s - 1970s

*GRIFFITHS, H.B. (CAC's carbon only) 1966 GROENEWOLD, H.J. GROVES, George E. GRUBB, A.C. GRÜNFELD, Ana Veronica *GUGGENHEIM, Edward Armand 1948, 1958 GUY, H.A. GUY, J. *GWILLIAM, F.H. 1963  CSAC 60.4.78/C.27.8  c1940s - 1970s


9 folders

HADDOW, Alexander HADZI, D. HÄFELINGER, Günter HAFNER, Klaus HAINES, D.R. HALEVI, E.A. HALL, E.J.  CSAC 60.4.78/C.28.1  c1940s - 1970s

HALLA, Franz HAMEKA, H.F. HAMILTON, S. HAMMICK, D.LI. *HAN, Duk Su (CAC's carbon only) 1969 HANSON, John W. HARDING (CAC's carbon only) HARRIS, Frank E. HART, R.W. HARTLEY, Harold HAVINGA, E. HAWKEY, David  CSAC 60.4.78/C.28.2  c1940s - 1970s

HEATON COOPER, Ophelia HECHT, Charles E. HEDGES, Sid G. *THOMAS HEDLEY & CO. LTD. 1960-61 HEILBRONNER, E. *HEINE, Volker 1962-63, 1967-68 HEISENBERG, Werner (CAC's carbon only)  CSAC 60.4.78/C.28.3  c1940s - 1970s

HELSDEN, R.M. HENDERSON, J. HERBSTEIN, Frank HERRING, Joyce *HERZBERG, Gerhard 1940-73 HEWSON, Leslie A.  CSAC 60.4.78/C.28.4  c1940s - 1970s

*HIGHAM, Thomas F. 1954 HILL, F.R. HILL, G.F.S. HILLIER, Douglas V. HILLIER, Ian H. HILLMAN, John HINDLE, Alan HINSHELWOOD, Cyril Norman *HIRSHFELD, Fred 1954, 1963, 1973 HISATSUNE, I. Clarence  CSAC 60.4.78/C.28.5  c1940s - 1970s

HODGKIN, Dorothy Crowfoot (CAC's carbon only) HODGSON, Herbert H. HOFFMANN, Roald HOLLAND, W. Philip 1970-71 HOLLOWAY, John H. HOLSIEN, Erling HOLSINGER, E.C.T. HOLT, D.B. HOLT, Michael  CSAC 60.4.78/C.28.6  c1940s - 1970s

HOPPE, Rudolf HORIÉ, T. *HOWE, E. 1957 HOWE, Gunter HOWELL, K.M. HOWLETT, Jack HUANG, R.S. HÜCKEL, Erich HUETT, Basil  CSAC 60.4.78/C.28.7  c1940s - 1970s

*HUGHES, A.L. 1938-43 HUGHES, H.A. HUGHES, J.W.B. HUME, George C. HUNTER, Robert F. HUNTLEY, H.E. HURST, Robert P.  CSAC 60.4.78/C.28.8  c1940s - 1970s

HUTCHEON, J.M. HUZINAGA, Sigeru HYDE, Anthony J. HYLLERAAS, Egil A.  CSAC 60.4.78/C.28.9  c1940s - 1970s


7 folders

*IBALL, John 1953-58, 1969 IDYLL, C.P. I'HAYA, J.Y. *ING, Thomas Alfred 1958 INOKUTI, Mitio  CSAC 60.4.78/C.29.1  c1940s - 1970s



JAPOLSKY, N.S. JATKAR, S.K. Kulkarni JEFFERY, G.A. *JEHLE, Herbert 1950-57 JENNINGS, Keith R. JENNINGS, Reginald JENNINGS, W.W. Roy *JOHNSON, Keith H. 1972-74 JOHNSON, W.A.  CSAC 60.4.78/C.29.4  c1940s - 1970s

JOHNSTONE, Derek F. JOLIOT-CURIE, Frédéric JONES, R. Norman *JØ RGENSEN, Christian Klixbüll 1961-69 JOY, Hubert W. JUCYS, Adolphas Prano JUDD, Brian R. JULG, André  CSAC 60.4.78/C.29.5  c1940s - 1970s

*KAPP, Reginald O. 1951-52 KARDOS, Gilbert *KASHA, Michael 1948-59 KASTELYN, P.W. KASTLER, Daniel KATRIEL, Jacob KAUFMAN, Joyce J. KEDRO, Martin KELLY, A. KELLY, Brian T.  CSAC 60.4.78/C.29.6  c1940s - 1970s



7 folders

KLEINMAN, Leonard KLEVENS, H.B. *KLUG, Aaron 1948-49 KLYNE, W. (CAC's carbon only) KNOTT, C.W. KOBAYASHI, Takeshi KOLOS, Wtodzimierz KOOSE, Werner O.B.  CSAC 60.4.78/C.30.1  c1940s - 1970s

KOOYMAN, E.C. KRAUSS, Morris KREBS, Hans KRISHNAN, R.S. KRIVOHLAVY, Jaro  CSAC 60.4.78/C.30.2  c1940s - 1970s

KRUGLYAK, Y.A. KRYNAUW, G.N. *KUHN, Hans 1949-56 KUMLER, W.D. KWAME NKRUMAH UNIVERSITY  CSAC 60.4.78/C.30.3  c1940s - 1970s

*LABARRE, Jean-François 1965-73 LACK, David Lambert LADD, R.A. (CAC's carbon only) LAMBERT, R.N. LANCZOS, Cornelius LANDSBERG, Peter T. LANG, Andrew R. LAPWOOD, Ralph LAYZER, David LEDERBERG, Joshua  CSAC 60.4.78/C.30.4  c1940s - 1970s

LEHRER-ILAMED, Yehiel LEMAN, G.A. LEMBERG, R. LEVY, Maurice (CAC's carbon only) LEWIS, David T. *LEWIS, Greville P. 1953 LEWIS, J.C.  CSAC 60.4.78/C.30.5  c1940s - 1970s

LI, W.K. LIDE, David R. LINDBERG, Bernt LINDERBERG, Jan LINDHOLM, Einar LINDSAY, Donald LIPPERT, Ernst LITTLEWOOD, D.E. LITTLEWOOD, John E. *LOFTHOUSE, W.F. 1958-59 LONDON, Fritz (CAC's carbons only) LONG, Derek A.  CSAC 60.4.78/C.30.6  c1940s - 1970s

LORQUET, J.C. LOWRY, H.V. LUCK, Werner *LUDLOW, Peter 1960 LUFT, Norbert W. LUKES, T. LUMBROSO, H. LUNIAK, Bruno LÜTTKE, Wolfgang LYNCH, Brian M. LYNDEN-BELL, Ruth M., and Donald LYNESS, R.C.  CSAC 60.4.78/C.30.7  c1940s - 1970s


8 folders

MA, James MA, S.T. McCLURE, Donald S. McCUBBIN, W.L. McDOWELL, Charles A. McGEE, George I. *McINTOSH, Harold V. 1958-72 MACKAY, Donald M.  CSAC 60.4.78/C.31.1  c1940s - 1970s

McKERRELL, Archie McLACHLAN, Andrew D. McLAREN, Bruce McLEOD, J. Bryce MACMILLAN, Noel G. *McNAMEE, J.M. 1961 McOMIE, John F.W. McWILLIAMS, D.  CSAC 60.4.78/C.31.2  c1940s - 1970s

*MAGEE, John L. 1971-72 MAGOR, Glanville T. MAHANTY, J. MAJID ULLAH, Shamshad MAJORY, T.G. MALLONE, Ronald S. (The Fellowship Party) MANDELBROTE, Benoit B.  CSAC 60.4.78/C.31.3  c1940s - 1970s

MANN, C. Donald MANN, W.R. MANNEBACK, C. MANNING, P.P. MANWELL, A. Raymond MARGENAU, Henry MARKEY, P. MARQUARD, C.D. MARSDEN, Arthur  CSAC 60.4.78/C.31.4  c1940s - 1970s

*MÅRTENSSON, Olle 1970-71 MARTIN, D. *MARTIN, R.H. 1954, 1960, 1968 MARXHEIMER, René B. *MASIH, Jacob 1961-64 MASLEN, Edward N.  CSAC 60.4.78/C.31.5  c1940s - 1970s

MASON, Edward A. MASON, Fred MASON, John *MASON, Ronald 1955-70 MASSE, J.L. MASSE-BÄRLOCHER, Maria MASSEY, Harrie M. MATHER, Salya Haran  CSAC 60.4.78/C.31.6  c1940s - 1970s

MATHEW, N.T. MATSEN, F.A. MATSUBARA, Takeo *MATSUMOTO, Takeo 1957, 1966 MAXWELL, I. Robert MAXWELL, Winifred  CSAC 60.4.78/C.31.7  c1940s - 1970s

MAY, F.V. MAYERS, David F. MEARS, Adrian MEATH, W.J. (CAC's carbon only) MEIR, J.A. MENDELSOHN, Lawrence B. MENDOZA, E. MERER, Anthony J. MERTZ, Joseph H. METZGER, Jacques  CSAC 60.4.78/C.31.8  c1940s - 1970s


9 folders

MIDTDAL, John MILLEDGE, H. Judith MILLER, Harold MILLER, J.C.P. MINTON, Laurie MIRRLEES, James A. MITCHELL, E. William J. MOELWYN-HUGHES, E.A. MONROE, Elizabeth MOODY, Gordon E. MORICONI, Emil J.  CSAC 60.4.78/C.32.1  c1940s - 1970s

MORRIS, Denis *MROZOWSKI, S. 1950-61 MUCKLOW, E.E. MÜLLER, A.M. Klaus MULLIGAN, Joseph F. MUNSON, R. John MURRELL, John N.  CSAC 60.4.78/C.32.2  c1940s - 1970s

MURTY, J.S. *MUSHER, Jeremy I. 1961-72  CSAC 60.4.78/C.32.3  c1940s - 1970s

NABARRO, Frank R. NAGAHARA, Sigeru NAGAMIYA, T. NAIR, P. Madhavan NAKAJIMA, Takeshi NARASIMHAN, P.T. NASH, T.  CSAC 60.4.78/C.32.4  c1940s - 1970s

*NEEDHAM, Kenneth 1959 NELSON, K. LeRoi NESBET, Robert K. NEUBERGER, Albert NEWMAN, F.T.  CSAC 60.4.78/C.32.5  c1940s - 1970s

NIIRA, Kazuo NIKITINE, S. NISHIKAWA, Tetsuji NISHIWAKI, Jane and Yasushi *NOLLER, Carl R. 1950-52 NORMAN, Richard O.C. NOWACKI, W. NUKASAWA, Ka NYBERG, Stanley C.  CSAC 60.4.78/C.32.6  c1940s - 1970s

OBI, Chike O'BRIEN, Mary *OGAWA, Iwao 1953 OGSTON, A.G. OHKI, Kosuke  CSAC 60.4.78/C.32.7  c1940s - 1970s

ONSAGER. L. (CAC's carbons only) ORR (CAC's carbon only) OOSTERHOFF, L.J. OSBORN, Byrle Jacob OSBORN, Mary OSBORN, S.B. OSBORNE, Denis Gordon  CSAC 60.4.78/C.32.8  c1940s - 1970s

OSTER, Gerald OWEN, Alan J. OWEN, D. OWEN, John  CSAC 60.4.78/C.32.9  c1940s - 1970s


8 folders

PADDOCK, Norman L. PAHARI, S. *PAILIN, David A. 1969 PALMER, Michael H. PALMER, W.G. PANETH, F.A. PAOLONI, Leonello  CSAC 60.4.78/C.33.1  c1940s - 1970s

PARKER, Keith PARROTT, J.E. PARRY, R.W. PARSON, A.L. PATEL, Jashbai C. PATTERSON, Donald *PATTON, A. Rae 1959-60 *PAUL, Burton 1967  CSAC 60.4.78/C.33.2  c1940s - 1970s

*PAUNCZ, Ruben 1953-73 PEACOCKE, Arthur R. *PEARCE, John 1970 PEARSON, W.B. PEAT, F. David PEIERLS, Rudolf Ernst (CAC's carbon only) *PEKERIS, C.L. 1968-69 PELZER, H.  CSAC 60.4.78/C.33.3  c1940s - 1970s

PERKINS, Peter G. PHILLIPS, Eric PHILLIPS, Glyn O. PHILLIPS, James C. PHILLIPS, S.E.L.  CSAC 60.4.78/C.33.4  c1940s - 1970s

PHILPOT, J.St.L. PHYTHIAN, J. Edward PICKERING, Judith PICKUP, Barry T. PINCHERLE, Leo PINNINGTON, John PIRIE, Antoinette PITT, G.J. PITT, Philip PITTS, James N. PITTWELL, Laurence R. PITZER, Kenneth S.  CSAC 60.4.78/C.33.5  c1940s - 1970s

PLATT, John R. PLUVINAGE, Philippe *POLANYI, Michael 1950, 1952 POLLARD, William G. PONDY, P.R. PORTER, George POTEAT, William H. POTIER, A. POWELL, J.L.  CSAC 60.4.78/C.33.6  c1940s - 1970s

PRATT, Claire PRESENT, Richard PRESTON, G.D. PREUSS, H. PRICE, A.J. PRICE, A.T. PRICE, Charles C. PRIMAS, H. (CAC's carbon only) PRINGLE, G.E.  CSAC 60.4.78/C.33.7  c1940s - 1970s

*PRITCHARD, Huw O. 1953-56, 1963, 1973 PROUT, C. Keith PROWLES, David PRÜCKNER, Franziska PRUDEN, D.C. QUENOUILLE, M.H. QUINN, James  CSAC 60.4.78/C.33.8  c1940s - 1970s


7 folders

RADCLIFFE, J. Max RAGG, John R.G. RAI, D.K. RAMAGE, G.R. RAMAMURTY, S. (CAC's carbons only) RAMSEY, Ian  CSAC 60.4.78/C.34.1  c1940s - 1970s

RANDALL, John Turton RANSIL, Bernard J. RAO, D.V.G.L. Narasimha RAO, K. Rangadhama RAO, N. Rajeswara  CSAC 60.4.78/C.34.2  c1940s - 1970s

RAVEN, Charles E. RAYNOR, J.B. READ, John REAM, William G.B. REDGRAVE, Vanessa REDLIH, Selma REID, C. REIMAN, A.L. REINER, John M.  CSAC 60.4.78/C.34.3  c1940s - 1970s

REISS, Howard REMICK, A.E. RICHARDS, W. Graham RICHARDSON, L.F. RIDLEY, Richard O.  CSAC 60.4.78/C.34.4  c1940s - 1970s

RIGG, Martin RILEY, D.P. ROBERTS, Gwilym O. ROBERTSON, F.C. Ford ROBERTSON, John H. ROBINSON, David Z. ROBINSON, Preston, ROBINSON, Robert ROCHE, Anne Lise RODDA, S.  CSAC 60.4.78/C.34.5  c1940s - 1970s

ROGOSWKI, Fritz ROLLETT, A.P. ROOTHAAN, Clemens C.J. *ROSE, T.A. 1958-60 ROSENBAUM, Robert  CSAC 60.4.78/C.34.6  c1940s - 1970s

ROSS, D.M. ROTHEN, Alexandre ROWLAND, P.R. RUDOLPH, H.D. RUEDENBERG, Klaus RUPP, E. Gordon RUSSELL, E. John RUSTON, W.R. *RYAN, Francis J. 1950-51  CSAC 60.4.78/C.34.7  c1940s - 1970s


9 folders

SACK, Henri SADDINGTON, Denis SADLER, D.H. SAHNI, Roop Chand SÁNDORFY, Camille SANE, K.V. SANNIGRAHI, A.B. SANTOS, Emilio SAPUNOV, Georgi Ivanovitch  CSAC 60.4.78/C.35.1  c1940s - 1970s

SARGANT, Tom SARMA, C.R. SATURNO, Antony F. SAWYER, Warwick SCARF, Frank SCHAFFNER, Kenneth F. *SCHERR, Charles W. 1957-64  CSAC 60.4.78/C.35.2  c1940s - 1970s

SCHIFF, B. SCHLAPP, Robert (Robin) SCHMID, E.D. SCHMID, Gerhard M.J.  CSAC 60.4.78/C.35.3  c1940s - 1970s

SCHNEPP, Otto SCHNURMANN, Robert SCHOENTAL, R. SCHOFIELD, R. Kenworthy SCHOMAKER, V. (CAC's carbons only) SCHRAUZER, G.N. SCHULTZ, G.V. SCOTT, D. Bernard SCOTT, W.T. (CAC's carbons only) SCRIBNER, John SCRIBNER, J.D. (CAC's carbon only) SEAMAN, C.R. SEDDON, K.R. SEKI, Syûzô  CSAC 60.4.78/C.35.4  c1940s - 1970s

SEKIYA, Paul M. SETTON, Ralph SEWELL, M.J. SEYMOUR, R.C.  CSAC 60.4.78/C.35.5  c1940s - 1970s

SHARMAN, R.V. SHAW, Ronald SHAYER, M. SHELTON, H.S. SHIDA, Shoji SHKLARSKY, E. SHOPPEE, C.W.  CSAC 60.4.78/C.35.6  c1940s - 1970s

SHORIGIN, P. *SHUKLA, Awaneesh Chandra 1962-69 SHULL, Harrison SIDMAN, Jerome W.  CSAC 60.4.78/C.35.7  c1940s - 1970s

SILVERMAN, Jeremiah N. SIM, A.C. SIMON, Francis SIMON, J. SIMONETTA, Massimo SIMPSON, J.C.E. SIMPSON, William T. SINANOGLU, O. SINGH, Lakhbir  CSAC 60.4.78/C.35.8  c1940s - 1970s

SISLER, Harry H. SKINNER, H.A. SKELL, Philip S. SKLAR, A.L. SLATER, Noel B. SMILJANSKI, Smiljana SMITH, Cedric A.B. SMITH, C.J. SMITH, E.A. SMITH, Frederick A. SMITH, Grant Gill *SMITH, John 1955 SMITH, J.W. SMITH, Kenneth *SMITH, Valerie 1961 SMOKER, Paul  CSAC 60.4.78/C.35.9  c1940s - 1970s


6 folders


SPONER, H. STACHNIEWSKI, J.A. STAINIER, F.C. STAMPS, Jeffrey STANSFIELD, Roger G. STAPLETON, H.E. STEAD, Peter A. STEARE, C. STEIN, Gabriel  CSAC 60.4.78/C.36.2  c1940s - 1970s

STEPHEN, Richard O. STEPHENS, E.J. STEPHENS, J.F. STEVENSON, David P. STOECKLI, H.F.  CSAC 60.4.78/C.36.3  c1940s - 1970s

STONE, Antony P. STONEHAM, A.M. (CAC's carbon only) STONER, Edmund Clifton *STOPES-ROE, Harry V. 1968 STRACHAN, Charles STRATTON, Julius A. STRONG, Laurence (CAC's carbons only)  CSAC 60.4.78/C.36.4  c1940s - 1970s

SUCHET, Jacques P. SUNDERLIN, C.E. (CAC's carbon only) SUTCLIFFE, Brian SUTHERLAND, Gordon B.B.M. SWAINGER, Keith H. SYKES, Keith W.  CSAC 60.4.78/C.36.5  c1940s - 1970s

*SYMONS, Martyn C.R. 1966-70 SZASZ, George SZENT-GYORGYI, Albert SZIGETI, B. (CAC's carbon only) *SZWARC, Michael 1947-71  CSAC 60.4.78/C.36.6  c1940s - 1970s


9 folders

TABOURY, F.J. TAFT, Robert W. TAGG, Donovan TANIMOTO, I. *TARRANT, Gerald T.P. 1957, 1965-68  CSAC 60.4.78/C.37.1  c1940s - 1970s

TAYLOR, A. *TAYLOR, Rev. Alfred E. 1953 *TAYLOR, Arnold 1969-70 TAYLOR, John G. TAYLOR, W.H. TAYLOR, William J. TEMPERLEY, Hugh Neville V. *TER HAAR, Dirk 1951, 1958-60 THAKUR, S.N.  CSAC 60.4.78/C.37.2  c1940s - 1970s

THIRUNAMACHANDRAN, T. THOMAS, Iron L. *THOMAS, John M. 1964-73 THOMAS, N. THOMAS W.J. Orville THOMPSON, Harold Warris (Tommy) THOMSON, Colin THOMSON, Sydney  CSAC 60.4.78/C.37.3  c1940s - 1970s

THORPE, Edith *THORPE, W.H. 1956 THROWER, Peter A. THURAIRAJAN, P. THYAGARAJAN, B.S. TIBBS, Stanley R. *TILNEY, A.G. 1958-60 TODD, W.R.  CSAC 60.4.78/C.37.4  c1940s - 1970s

TOMBE, Stanislaus Awad TOMPA, Hans TORKINGTON, P. TOWNSEND, Bill B. TRELOAR, L.R.G. TRENDALL, E.R. TRICKER, R.A.R. TRINAJSTIC;, N.  CSAC 60.4.78/C.37.5  c1940s - 1970s

TRURO SCHOOL TSUDA, Keishiri TUBIS, Arnold TULINSKY, Alexander TURNBULL, Herbert W. TURNER, David TWINING, R.H. TWINN, Kenneth  CSAC 60.4.78/C.37.6  c1940s - 1970s

UBBELOHDE, A.R. (Paul) UMEDA, Kwai *UNWIN, P.C. 1955-68 URI, N.  CSAC 60.4.78/C.37.7  c1940s - 1970s


VELLER, Alfred VENABLES, John A. VENKATESAN, K. VERHOOGEN, J. VERMEULEN, Leon A. VERNEY, Stephen E. VIDWANS, D.H. VIRDEN, Jonathan J. VLIEGENHART, J.A.  CSAC 60.4.78/C.37.9  c1940s - 1970s


9 folders

WAACK, Richard WAHL, Arnold Christian WAKINSHAW, W.H. WALKER, Gavern T. WALKER, S. WALLACE, Philip R. WALTER, Robert I. WARHURST, E. WARREN, J.W. WASSERMAN, E. (CAC's carbon only) WATERS, W.A.  CSAC 60.4.78/C.38.1  c1940s - 1970s

WATKINS, George D. WATKINS, Margaret WEARING, H. WEAVER, Warren WEINSTEIN, Alexander WEISS, R.J. WELLINGTON, John H. WEPSTER, B.M. WERKHEISER, Anne H. WERTZ, John E. *WEST, Jennifer (Sister Mary Jennifer) 1968  CSAC 60.4.78/C.38.2  c1940s - 1970s

WHEATLEY, P.J. WHEELER, T.S. WHELAND, G. William WHIFFEN, David H. WHITELEY, A.J. WHITTAKER, Edmund WILKES, Maurice V. WILLIAMS, Robert J.P.  CSAC 60.4.78/C.38.3  c1940s - 1970s

WILLIS, Roy F. WILSON, Alan H. WILSON, E. Bright WILSON, J. WILSON, Katharine M. WILSON, N. WINCKLER, W.G. WIRTZ, Karl WISE, M.E. WITKOWSKI, Andrzej  CSAC 60.4.78/C.38.4  c1940s - 1970s

WOHLFARTH, E.P. WOODRUFF, Harold A. WOODS, S. Derek WOODWARD, Ida *WOOLLEY, R. Guy 1972-74  CSAC 60.4.78/C.38.5  c1940s - 1970s

WOOLNOUGH, Brian E. *WORMELL, R.L. 1957-72 WORRALL, A. Stanley WORSLEY, Beatrice H.  CSAC 60.4.78/C.38.6  c1940s - 1970s

WORT, Richard WRAY, James G. WREN-LEWIS, John WRIGHT, David WRIGHT, George F. WRIGHT, Hugh  CSAC 60.4.78/C.38.7  c1940s - 1970s

*WYBOURNE, Brian G. 1972-73 YAMAGUCHI, Tasuku YATES, E. Leighton *YEAXLEE, Basil A. 1955-64  CSAC 60.4.78/C.38.8  c1940s - 1970s

YONEDA, Hayami ZAHRADNIK, R. ZENER, Clarence ZIMAN, John M. ZUBAY, Geoffrey ZUCKER, I.J. ZUNGER, Alex  CSAC 60.4.78/C.38.9  c1940s - 1970s


These folders are presented in alphabetical order, and are not indexed.
They contain requests for information, permission to quote or reproduce material written or received by CAC; brief courtesy letters on receipt of or to accompany complimentary copies, preprints, etc.; requests to comment on or to forward mss. for publication; requests for information on appointments or career prospects; invitations to lecture or attend conferences, etc.
Many notifications of appointments or changes in staffing of departments and laboratories in U.K. and overseas occur in these documents.

Miscellaneous Scientific Correspondence  CSAC 60.4.78/C.39  [n.d.]

9 folders

A  CSAC 60.4.78/C.39.1  nd

B  CSAC 60.4.78/C.39.2  nd

C  CSAC 60.4.78/C.39.3  nd

D  CSAC 60.4.78/C.39.4  nd

E - F  CSAC 60.4.78/C.39.5  nd

G  CSAC 60.4.78/C.39.6  nd

H  CSAC 60.4.78/C.39.7  nd

I - J  CSAC 60.4.78/C.39.8  nd

K  CSAC 60.4.78/C.39.9  nd

Miscellaneous Scientific Correspondence  CSAC 60.4.78/C.40  [n.d.]

8 folders

L  CSAC 60.4.78/C.40.1  nd

M  CSAC 60.4.78/C.40.2  nd

N - O  CSAC 60.4.78/C.40.3  nd

P - Q  CSAC 60.4.78/C.40.4  nd

R  CSAC 60.4.78/C.40.5  nd

S  CSAC 60.4.78/C.40.6  nd

T - U - V  CSAC 60.4.78/C.40.7  nd

W - Y - Z  CSAC 60.4.78/C.40.8  nd


These folders are presented in alphabetical order, and are not indexed.
They contain requests for guidance on careers, help with publication of tracts and other writings, financial assistance, support for religious or charitable groups and functions, pressure groups, overseas students, deserving causes; information and references in sermons, quotations and texts; thanks for ideas or advice put forward by CAC in talks, broadcasts, etc.

Miscellaneous Personal Correspondence  CSAC 60.4.78/C.41  [n.d.]

7 folders

A  CSAC 60.4.78/C.41.1  nd

B  CSAC 60.4.78/C.41.2  nd

C  CSAC 60.4.78/C.41.3  nd

D - E  CSAC 60.4.78/C.41.4  nd

F - G  CSAC 60.4.78/C.41.5  nd

H  CSAC 60.4.78/C.41.6  nd

I - J - K  CSAC 60.4.78/C.41.7  nd

Miscellaneous Personal Correspondence  CSAC 60.4.78/C.42  [n.d.]

7 folders

L - M  CSAC 60.4.78/C.42.1  nd

N - O  CSAC 60.4.78/C.42.2  nd

P - Q  CSAC 60.4.78/C.42.3  nd

R  CSAC 60.4.78/C.42.4  nd

S  CSAC 60.4.78/C.42.5  nd

T  CSAC 60.4.78/C.42.6  nd

W - Y  CSAC 60.4.78/C.42.7  nd

Miscellaneous Correspondence  CSAC 60.4.78/C.43, C.44  [n.d.]

2 boxes of miscellaneous correspondence from eccentrics.
Not indexed.



This section includes approximately 500 lectures, reviews, sermons and addresses, broadcasts and television talks and discussions, some fully prepared for publication, others in manuscript or note form. Though some of the major invitation lectures, or addresses given to formal religious gatherings, are recorded in the Bibliography of the Royal Society Memoir, a great many more either were unpublished or appeared in small journals and newsletters with limited circulation. As one example, Box CSAC 60.4.78/D.2 ('Minor Works') alone contains 71 published items, only 5 of which are listed in the Memoir. Similarly, Box CSAC 60.4.78/D.6 contains 66 envelopes of sermons and addresses, many delivered on 10-15 occasions. Although none of these addresses are officially recorded, the numerous letters from members of congregations to whom CAC preached amply testify to the far-reaching influence of this one facet of his life.
Box CSAC 60.4.78/D.9 contains 200 published book reviews, on both scientific and religious subjects. Mrs. Coulson very kindly undertook the task of compiling a list of these reviews; it has not been practicable to itemise them in this handlist but the list is included in the box and will be a useful tool for scholars working on the collection.
Many of the entries in this section note the existence of 'background material' which was assembled by CAC in the course of writing his lectures and articles. Boxes CSAC 60.4.78/D.10 and CSAC 60.4.78/D.11 consist entirely of this sort of material culled from a variety of sources (newspapers, journals, books, conversations, correspondence, lectures and broadcasts by others). See CSAC 60.4.78/D.5.7 - CSAC 60.4.78/D.5.9, CSAC 60.4.78/D.12.3 - CSAC 60.4.78/D.12.6 and CSAC 60.4.78/F.1.4. for similar material.
Although the material in this section is closely linked to Section F (Religious, educational, humanitarian organisations), even a cursory glance at the titles listed overleaf (e.g. 'The way to God through science', 'The influence of science on the Christian faith', etc.) will reveal CAC's fundamental belief in the unity of science and religion. Section B (Scientific working papers and writings) should also be consulted for several items in which CAC expands and elaborates this theme of unity. See especially CSAC 60.4.78/B.5.1 - CSAC 60.4.78/B.5.4, CSAC 60.4.78/B.6.1 and CSAC 60.4.78/B.27.5.


14 folders

Miscellaneous articles and talks, mainly on science and religion in the atomic age  CSAC 60.4.78/D.1.1  1956, 1957 and nd

'The moral responsibility' 4 pp. ms. n.d.
'Prospect for the future' 4 pp. typescript 1957
'Prelude to the atomic age' 2 pp. ms. n.d.
'Christianity and the control of power' 9 pp. typescript 1957
'Peaceful uses of atomic energy' 4 pp. ms. 1956
'Science and the control of power' 4 pp. typescript n.d.

'Science and religion - a changing relationship'; The Rede Lecture - Cambridge University, May 1954  CSAC 60.4.78/D.1.2  1954

Related information: (See also CSAC 60.4.78/D.2.10. and CSAC 60.4.78/D.3.6. for other lectures with the same title)

Manuscript and corrected typescript with extensive background notes and correspondence. Folder includes working notes for a similar earlier lecture given to the Bristol Theological Society on 'Relation of religion to science' in 1953 on which CAC based his Rede Lecture.
R.S. 164

'Some problems of the atomic age'; The Second Scott Lidgett Memorial Lecture, sponsored by the Free Church Federal Council, Bristol, March 1957.  CSAC 60.4.78/D.1.3  1957

Related information: (See also CSAC 60.4.78/D.2.6.)

Manuscript and corrected typescript, correspondence. Folder includes correspondence with the: editor of The Nation for whom CAC wrote an article 'Moral responsibilities in the atomic age'; the article was never published.
R.S. 209

'Science and the idea of God'; The 11th Arthur Stanley Eddington Lecture, Cambridge University, April 1958.  CSAC 60.4.78/D.1.4  1958

Working notes, corrected typescript and correspondence.
R.S. 217

'Nuclear knowledge and Christian responsibilities'  CSAC 60.4.78/D.1.5  1956 - 1958

Background material, plan of lectures, manuscripts, and corrected typescripts for publication as:
(1) A lecture to the World Methodist Church at Lake Junaluska, North Carolina, U.S.A. 1956
R.S. 192, 195
(See also CSAC 60.4.78/A.6.9.)
(2) A series of articles in the Methodist Recorder. 1957
(3) A book for the Epworth Press (see also CSAC 60.4.78/E.13.3.) 1958
R.S. 214
(4) A shorter version in the London Quarterly and Holbom Review. n.d.

'Fundamental belief'  CSAC 60.4.78/D.1.6  1958

Transcript of discussion with H.C. Longuet-Higgins, broadcast on the BBC Home Service, June 1958.

'The Church in the world'; Peter Ainslie Memorial Lecture, Rhodes University, Grahamstown, South Africa.  CSAC 60.4.78/D.1.7  1962

Related information: (See also CSAC 60.4.78/A.7.1.)

Working papers and text.
R.S. 289

'The family - a part of God's creative plan'  CSAC 60.4.78/D.1.8  1966

Lecture to the World Methodist Conference on Family Life, London.
Working papers, correspondence, transcript of lecture.

'This war can be won'  CSAC 60.4.78/D.1.9  1966

Address to OXFAM Conference at Sibford School.
Manuscript and working papers.

'Should I work or not?'  CSAC 60.4.78/D.1.10  1973

Article published in the P.H.P. International Magazine, Japan.
Manuscript, extensive manuscript notes on books read, correspondence, printed version.

'Science and society'  CSAC 60.4.78/D.1.11  1973

Notes for a planned series of lectures at Warwick University which had to be cancelled owing to ill-health.

'God and things'  CSAC 60.4.78/D.1.12  1963; 1973

Manuscript of address to World Council of Churches, New York, and shorter version as published in Christian Education.
Transcript of last sermon, with same title, preached at Wesley Church, Cambridge, October 1973. This Church was where CAC preached many of his early sermons as a graduate student and Fellow of Trinity College 1931-36.

'Is there a science of man?'  CSAC 60.4.78/D.1.13  1955, 1962

CAC's notes and draft, background material.

'The Scientist's Responsibility in Society'  CSAC 60.4.78/D.1.14  1970

Related information: (See also CSAC 60.4.78/D.12.10.)

The Heriot-Watt University Lecture.
26 pp. manuscript draft.
R.S. 399

'MINOR WORKS'  CSAC 60.4.78/D.2  [n.d.]

10 folders

The description 'Minor Works' was adopted for these writings by CAC himself. They consist of manuscripts, typescripts or printed versions of short articles, sometimes with related correspondence and background material. Many are expositions of the relationship of science and religion. Most are published, but very few are listed in the Royal Society Memoir.
10 folders presented in chronological order with cross-references where necessary.

Minor Works  CSAC 60.4.78/D.2.1  1951-52

'Science and religion in partnership', in Life and Work, Church of Scotland magazine.  [no ref.]  1951

'All or Nothing', review of J. Bronowski's book The Common Sense of Science, published in Religion in Education: typescript and printed version.  [no ref.]  1951

'God the Creator', in Church of England Youth Council Newsletter.  [no ref.]  1951

R.S. 139

'Why months?' in Gartree High School magazine Pythagorean: typescript.  [no ref.]  1952

'How can Christian doctrines about miracles be true after all we learn from modern science?', in book Moral Problems: typescript.  [no ref.]  1952

'Continuous creation', paper read at meeting of the Victoria Institute, London, with related correspondence: typescript.  [no ref.]  1952

'Note on Professor H.C. Longuet-Higgins', published in Nature on his appointment to the Chair of Theoretical Physics at King's College, London (Longuet-Higgins was CAC's successor at King's).  [no ref.]  1952

'A Christmas Sermon', published in The Scouter.  [no ref.]  1952

Minor Works  CSAC 60.4.78/D.2.2  1953-55

Notes on Professor Sydney Chapman, FRS (on his retirement from the Sedleian Chair of Natural Philosophy at Oxford) and on Professor George Temple (on his election to the Sedleian Chair) as published in Nature. Includes later correspondence, 1964.  [no ref.]  1953

'Science and Religion', published in View-Review.  [no ref.]  1953

'The Gospel in a scientific age', address at School of Adult Education and Evangelism, Penarth.  [no ref.]  1953

'How old is the universe?', published in World Digest.  [no ref.]  1953

'Science and Religion', published in The Daystar.  [no ref.]  1954

'Christianity and the scientist', published in Cherwell.  [no ref.]  1954

'Building a New World', address to Methodist Conference, published in Reconciliation.  [no ref.]  1954

'Oxford's first Chancellor', published in Oxford Mail: typescript.  [no ref.]  1955

Minor Works  CSAC 60.4.78/D.2.3  1956-58

'Ban Big Scale Atomic Bomb Tests?': typescript and version as published in Together.  [no ref.]  1956

'Science is not enough', for Sunday Times: typescript, correspondence.  [no ref.]  1956

'You and the H-bomb', in Rally.  [no ref.]  1957

'Born for this hour', in Methodist Church magazine Cannock Chase and in Tadworth magazine: typescript and published versions.  [no ref.]  1958

'Facts - some of the data', in Anglican monthly Prism.  [no ref.]  1958

'Life or death?', for peace magazine Reconciliation: ms., correspondence.  [no ref.]  1958

R.S. 237

Minor Works  CSAC 60.4.78/D.2.4  1959

'A word from a scientist', in Methodist Church magazine, Cornwall.  [no ref.]  1959

'Science and faith', in The Layman.  [no ref.]  1959

'A Ciência e a fé, in Portugal Evangelico.  [no ref.]  1959

'Greetings from the Vice-President', short note published in Over to You.  [no ref.]  1959

'Science and/or Christianity', published in The Leader: ms.  [no ref.]  1959

'Chemistry on a calculating machine', in Hull University Chemical Society Journal: correspondence, typescript.  [no ref.]  1959

Minor Works  CSAC 60.4.78/D.2.5  1960

'Are we outgrowing religion?', in The Christian Replies.  [no ref.]  1960

'God's whole world', in Methodist Church (Exeter Circuit) Quarterly Bulletin.  [no ref.]  1960

'Prospect for the future', in Methodist Recorder: typescript.  [no ref.]  1960

'New Year message', in Joyful News.  [no ref.]  1960

'Science - is it a friend or foe?', in Methodist News: typescript and published version.  [no ref.]  1960

'Christmas in a scientific world', in Leicester Mayflower Messenger: correspondence, ms., published version.  [no ref.]  1960

'But Charles Darwin did not deny a Creator', in Salvation Army magazine Vanguard.  [no ref.]  1960

'Optimist or pessimist?', in Irish Advocate: typescript, published version.  [no ref.]  1960

Minor Works  CSAC 60.4.78/D.2.6  1961-62

'Oslo and Delhi - why?', in Laymen Write to Laymen: typescript.  [no ref.]  1961

'Some Problems of the Atomic Age', in The London Churchman and Review: typescript, published version.  [no ref.]  1961

Related information: (See also CSAC 60.4.78/D.1.3. for an earlier version)

R.S. 246

'Moral responsibilities in a scientific age', in Livingstonian: typescript, published version.  [no ref.]  1961

'Science tells us - how much?', in London: National Society, Society for the Promotion of Christian Knowledge: typescript.  [no ref.]  1961

R.S. 263

'The work of the layman', in The Old Palace.  [no ref.]  1962

'The university as a promised land', sermon at St. Mary the Virgin Church, Oxford, as a dedication of the academic year, published in Light and Salt Periodical.  [no ref.]  1962

'The Earth is the Lord's', in Christian Education.  [no ref.]  1962

Minor Works  CSAC 60.4.78/D.2.7  1963-65

'A communion meditation', printed copy of sermon preached at Duke University, U.S.A., with letter from the Chaplain who called it 'The finest meditation I have ever heard'.  [no ref.]  1963

Related information: (See also CSAC 60.4.78/A.8.4., papers re CAC's visit to Duke)

'Is God dead?', in Science Review.  [no ref.]  1964

'Awareness of God through science': ms.  [no ref.]  1963

'Cybernetics - what is it?', in Methodist Recorder Science Supplement: typescript.  [no ref.]  1963

Related information: (See also CSAC 60.4.78/F.4.6.)

'Dr. L.H. Gray - the Cambridge period', tribute to Gray published in British J. of Radiol.  [no ref.]  1965

Related information: (See also CSAC 60.4.78/C.7.8.)

Minor Works  CSAC 60.4.78/D.2.8  1966-67

'The rim of Hell', chapter in The Challenge, Australian Council of Churches: typescript.  [no ref.]  1966

'A scientist's view of the "Honest to God" debate', in Impetus.  [no ref.]  1966

Related information: (See also CSAC 60.4.78/D.6.14.)

R.S. 335

'The Public Schools Commission', Kingswood School Magazine: typescript.  [no ref.]  1966

'Science and creation', ms. of talk recorded on a gramophone set, issued by the Church of Scotland Youth Department.  [no ref.]  1966

'Both timid and generous', comment on the Vatican II Decree on the Apostolate of the Laity, in Bulletin of the Department on the Laity, World Council of Churches.  [no ref.]  1966

'Nineteen Eighty-three to Five', address at Association of Head Mistresses' Conference.  [no ref.]  1966

Related information: (See also CSAC 60.4.78/A.9.1.)

'Science and scripture', in Special Bulletin of Ceylon Bible Society: ms., typescript, published version.  [no ref.]  1967

'Luther and science', in Methodist Recorder: typescript.  [no ref.]  1967

'Sir John Cockcroft F.R.S.', obituary published in Methodist Recorder: typescript.  [no ref.]  1967

'Science and the supernatural', sermon preached at Great St. Mary's University Church, Cambridge: correspondence, duplicated typescript.  [no ref.]  1967

Minor Works  CSAC 60.4.78/D.2.9  1968-69

'Moral teaching without religious belief', published as 'Human Nature and Moral Rule', in New Christian: ms., typescript, correspondence, published version.  [no ref.]  1968

'Old and new in the twentieth century', in Outlook Westminster Central Hall magazine: ms., typescript, published version.  [no ref.]  1968

'Mission for the month - Uppsala 1968', in The Norman Arch.  [no ref.]  1968

'Man using', for a service at Redfield Methodist Church, Bristol: ms., typescript, correspondence.  [no ref.]  1968

'Change', the Inaugural Lecture delivered at Luton Industrial College, 28 September 1968: autograph manuscript.  [no ref.]  1968

Related information: (See also CSAC 60.4.78/F.4.3.)

R.S. 378

'Science and pacifism', address given to Methodist Peace Fellowship, Oxford: ms., typescript.  [no ref.]  1969

Related information: (See also CSAC 60.4.78/F.4.5.)

'Giving and receiving', for Sheffield University magazine Target: typescript.  [no ref.]  1969

Minor Works  CSAC 60.4.78/D.2.10  1970-73

'Science and faith - a changing relationship' and 'Technology and the Christian faith', duplicated typescript of two lectures delivered at Canterbury.  [no ref.]  1970

'The welcome', in P.H.P. International Magazine, Japan: ms. and correspondence.  [no ref.]  1971

'The role of science in developing countries', in Zenith: typescript.  [no ref.]  1971

Notes upon a book being given to the Revd. Dr. Eric Baker to mark his retirement; typescript.  [no ref.]  1971

'Live easily as the leaves grow on the tree', in P.H.P. International Magazine, Japan: correspondence, ms. and published version.  [no ref.]  1972

'Mathematics and biology', Introductory Remarks at Conference on Dynamics of Biological Problems: page proof.  [no ref.]  1973


10 folders

'The way to God through science'.  CSAC 60.4.78/D.3.1  1952, 1954

Sermon broadcast from Wesley Memorial Church, Oxford, 7 February 1954, and later published in The Listener, The National Message and by the Layman Publishing Co.
Drafts of sermon, arrangements for broadcast and publication, ensuing extensive correspondence with members of the public. As always, CAC replied to their various doubts and queries with patience and kindliness. This sermon was based on a talk given on the BBC overseas service in 1952: a copy of that broadcast is included in the folder.
R.S. 149

Sermons, Lectures, Publications  CSAC 60.4.78/D.3.2  [n.d.]

Conflict, coexistence and cooperation', ms. and typescript.  [no ref.]  nd

'Miracles and visions': ms. and typescript for CAC's contribution to book edited by R. Selby Wright Asking them Questions (published 1972).  [no ref.]  1969

R.S. 415

'Must the scientific ethic be based on religion?': manuscript.  [no ref.]  1950

Sermons, Lectures, Publications  CSAC 60.4.78/D.3.3  [n.d.]

'Moral responsibility in the atomic age': manuscript.  [no ref.]  1956

'Science and religion': typescript.  [no ref.]  nd

'Some notes on worship in the twentieth century', talk to Conference Committee on Worship, May 1960: typescript.  [no ref.]  1960

'Science and religion - teamwork or tug-of-war', article published in the Methodist Recorder: typescript.  [no ref.]  1961

Review of The Firmament of Time by Loren Eisely (2 versions, one for a BBC broadcast): ms., typescript.  [no ref.]  1961

Miscellaneous shorter talks and prayers (all are typescript)  CSAC 60.4.78/D.3.4  nd

'Praying hands'
'St. Christopher'
'Work - Bach'
'Christ of the every-road'
'Christ and Easter'

Sermons, Lectures, Publications  CSAC 60.4.78/D.3.5  1954, 56

'Science, religion and education', talk given at Young Schoolmistresses Conference, January 1955: 2 versions, plus questions and answers following lecture. R.S. 181  [no ref.]  1956

'Science and religion', evening discourse for the British Association, September 1954: draft, printed version, with CAC's letter to Dr. Archie Clow outlining his plan for the talk.  [no ref.]  1954

Related information: (See also CSAC 60.4.78/E.1.2.)

Sermons, Lectures, Publications; 'Science and religion', expanded version of talk given to the British Association, 1954. R.S. 158  [no ref.]  1954

Sermons, Lectures, Publications  CSAC 60.4.78/D.3.6  [n.d.]

'The age of the universe': typescript of 2 versions. R.S. 219, 235  [no ref.]  1958

'Scientific humanism', address delivered at Oxford Ecumenical Methodist Conference, September: typescript.  [no ref.]  1951

Related information: (See also CSAC 60.4.78/D.3.9.)

'The natural sciences': typescript of article published in An Approach to Christian Education. R.S. 182  [no ref.]  1956

Untitled talk on science in relation to the wider cultural outlook: typescript.  [no ref.]  nd

'Science and religion - a changing relationship', Commemoration Address, Handsworth College, Birmingham: typescript and printed version.  [no ref.]  1952

Related information: (See also CSAC 60.4.78/D.1.2.)

Sermons, Lectures, Publications  CSAC 60.4.78/D.3.7  [n.d.]

'Science without God': ms., typescript.  [no ref.]  nd

'Case history in Hell', in The Preacher's Quarterly: typescript. R.S. 184  [no ref.]  1956

'Social science and other science', in Methodist Recorder: typescript.  [no ref.]  nd

Sermons, Lectures, Publications  CSAC 60.4.78/D.3.8  [n.d.]

Review of The Scientific Adventure by Herbert Dingle, published in The Modern Free Churchman: typescript, published version.  [no ref.]  1952

Introduction to a lecture by D.M. Mackay on 'From Mechanism to Mind': typescript.  [no ref.]  nd

'Atomic energy: the moral issue', paper read at conference convened by Institute of Biology and Atomic Scientists' Association: typescript. R.S. 130  [no ref.]  1952

'The star of Bethlehem': typescript.  [no ref.]  nd

'Can science do everything?', draft for contribution to series 'New Thinking on old problems', in News Chronicle.  [no ref.]  1950

'The bearing of the natural sciences on the nature of man': ms.  [no ref.]  nd

Related information: (See also CSAC 60.4.78/D.6.54.)

Sermons, Lectures, Publications  CSAC 60.4.78/D.3.9  [n.d.]

'Prolegomena for series on sanctity' (probably for a broadcast): duplicated typescript.  [no ref.]  nd

'The Christian religion and contemporary science': typescript. R.S. 100  [no ref.]  1950

'The place of science as a cohesive force in modern society': typescript, corrected proof. R.S. 104  [no ref.]  1951

'The new cosmology', published in The Frontier.  [no ref.]  nd

'Some reflections on the significance of the new cosmology': lecture to Conference of Educational Associations: offprint. 'Cosmology and Christianity': published report on this lecture. R.S. 107  [no ref.]  1950

'Some aspects of scientific humanism', paper read at Southlands Conference: typescript, printed version.  [no ref.]  1951

Related information: (See also CSAC 60.4.78/D.3.6.)

'Education': ms. notes for talk at the Methodist Conference, Sheffield.  [no ref.]  1951

'Science and religion', Friday Evening Discourse, Royal Institution, 24 February 1967: ms. notes and transcript of lecture. R.S. 355  [no ref.]  1967

Misc. ms. notes by CAC for short talks, sermons, addresses, discussion contributions.  CSAC 60.4.78/D.3.10  nd


11 folders

'Science and the Christian'.  CSAC 60.4.78/D.4.1.-D.4.2  1955-57

Series of 3 lectures delivered at Manchester University under the auspices of the Student Christian Movement in the autumn of 1956: 'Science and Creation', 'Science and an Industrial Society' and 'Christian Hope in a Troubled World'. The correspondence suggests that the lectures were published but this is not recorded in the Bibliography of the Royal Society Memoir. The first lecture, 'Science and Creation', is substantially the same as CAC's contribution to a collective book titled The Debate between Science and Religion (ed. J. Wren-Lewis).

Note: N.B. This series differs from the series of lectures of the same name in CSAC 60.4.78/D.7.1.

Mss. typescripts, transcripts, background information.  CSAC 60.4.78/D.4.1  nd

Correspondence re arrangements for delivery and publication of lectures. The folder includes CAC's correspondence with N.F.S. Ferré re Science and Christian Belief.  CSAC 60.4.78/D.4.2  nd

'Christian Belief in the Modern World'. The Firth Lectures, University of Nottingham, October-November 1956.  CSAC 60.4.78/D.4.3.-D.4.4  1956

Related information: (See CSAC 60.4.78/D.11.1)

This was a series of 5 lectures based on the Riddell Lectures given in Newcastle in 1953. CAC re-wrote and greatly expanded the original material. The Firth Lectures were to be published by the Student Christian Movement Press, but CAC never completed the ms. for publication.

Background material and notes assembled for the lectures.  CSAC 60.4.78/D.4.3  nd

Correspondence with University officials and SCM Press re arrangements for delivery and publication of lectures. Folder also includes CAC's correspondence with officers of numerous religious and scientific societies who invited him to speak during his stay at the University.  CSAC 60.4.78/D.4.4  1956-64

'The influence of science on the Christian faith'. The Sir D. Owen Evans Lectures, University College of Wales, Aberystwyth, April 1966.  CSAC 60.4.78/D.4.5.-D.4.9  1962-67

Related information: (See also CSAC 60.4.78/A.20.2., tape of these lectures)

This was a series of 3 lectures with the titles 'The world of things - creation', 'The world of history - evolution' and 'The world of people - redemption'. The lectures were to have been published with the Fremantle Lectures (see below) but the ms. was never prepared for publication.

Typescript (34 pp.) of lectures.  CSAC 60.4.78/D.4.5  nd

Ms. draft of Lecture I. Background material, including typescript of several earlier lectures by CAC on similar topics.  CSAC 60.4.78/D.4.6  nd

Ms. drafts of Lectures II and III.  CSAC 60.4.78/D.4.7  nd

Folder of extensive bibliographic material assembled by CAC.  CSAC 60.4.78/D.4.8  nd

Correspondence with the University re arrangements for delivery of lectures. Invitations to speak to numerous religious and scientific societies and to preach at the local Methodist Church.  CSAC 60.4.78/D.4.9  nd

'Science and faith'. The Fremantle Lectures, Balliol College, Oxford, February 1968.  CSAC 60.4.78/D.4.10.-D.4.11  1968

This was a series of 4 lectures which used sub-stantially the same material as the earlier lectures in Aberystwyth (CSAC 60.4.78/D.4.6. and CSAC 60.4.78/D.4.7. contain drafts labelled 'Fremantle'). CAC added one additional lecture for the Oxford series which he titled 'The world of the future'.

Correspondence with the Master of Balliol in 1961 who asked CAC to suggest names of possible lecturers for the series and in 1965-68 re arrangements for CAC's own lectures.  CSAC 60.4.78/D.4.10  1961-68

Ms. draft and extensive background material for Lecture IV.  CSAC 60.4.78/D.4.11  nd

PACIFISM  CSAC 60.4.78/D.5  [n.d.]

9 folders

'Science and Life - The Ultimate Responsibility'.  CSAC 60.4.78/D.5.1  1952

Broadcast by CAC, 1 January 1952, with later broadcast of discussion between CAC and Professor K. Mather on the same subject, 15 January 1952.
Typescripts and transcripts.

'The morality of atomic warfare'.  CSAC 60.4.78/D.5.2  1954

Ms. and typescript of CAC's contribution to special issue of Atomic Scientists' Journal.
Editorial correspondence, some printed material on the subject.
R.S. 162

'Living in an Atomic Age'.  CSAC 60.4.78/D.5.3  1956

Ms. notes, supporting material and typescripts of lecture by CAC to Birmingham Teachers' Annual Conference, April 1956. (One typescript is perhaps a transcript, while the other is for publication.)
R.S. 191

'Creation, the Expanding Universe and the Christian'.  CSAC 60.4.78/D.5.4  1954

Lengthy (20 pp.) ms. of contribution to book on science and religion (probably never published).
Related correspondence.

Shorter talks, addresses, sermons, writings, on pacifism, social responsibility of science, etc.  CSAC 60.4.78/D.5.5  [n.d.]

'The Magnitude of our Task'  [no ref.]  (c) 1954

'What does a Christian Pacifist Want to Do?', address at Kingsway Hall.  [no ref.]  1954

'Moral Responsibility of Science'  [no ref.]  1954

'Scientific Curiosity and Christian Belief'  [no ref.]  (c) 1955

'The Atomic Age'  [no ref.]  (c) 1954

'Atomic Quest', introduction to book of the same title by A.H. Compton  [no ref.]  1956

'Christianity and an Atomic Age', various sets of notes for talks delivered on numerous occasions.  [no ref. or date]

'Contributions of science to peace'.  CSAC 60.4.78/D.5.6  1953

Alex Wood Memorial Lecture, London, 1953, sponsored by the Fellowship of Reconciliation.
Working notes, background material, manuscript. Folder includes copies of Alex Wood Memorial Lectures, delivered in 1952 by Canon C.E. Raven and in 1954 by Kathleen Lonsdale.
(See also CSAC 60.4.78/F.1.3., folder of correspondence with and re Fellowship of Reconciliation and p.77 of the Memoir which quotes extracts from this lecture describing Wood's influence on CAC during his undergraduate days at Cambridge)
R.S. 142

3 large folders of printed material (press-cuttings, articles from journals, brochures, pamphlets, etc.) assembled by CAC for his writings on pacifism, social responsibility of science, humanitarian and educational causes.  CSAC 60.4.78/D.5.7.-D.5.9  [n.d.]

Related information: (See also CSAC 60.4.78/A.13.3.)

CSAC 60.4.78/D.5.7. includes numerous sets of ms. and typescript notes by CAC with such titles as 'History and a way out for Europe', 'Conflict in Europe', 'Can America Keep out of the War?', 'My philosophy of peace', 'Function of the League', 'Spiritual basis of new peace movement'. These were prepared by CAC for talks and addresses delivered during his visit to the U.S.A. in 1937 to speak for the Emergency Peace Campaign.


66 envelopes

Related information: See also CSAC 60.4.78/A.19.4.

One box of 66 envelopes, each bearing title, dates and place of delivery; many with related correspondence and background material, and some containing more than one address.

'Mission notes'  CSAC 60.4.78/D.6.1  1962-64

'Problems of the atomic age'  CSAC 60.4.78/D.6.2  1959-63

'The Bible - why bother about it?'  CSAC 60.4.78/D.6.3  1957

'Science as a religion'  CSAC 60.4.78/D.6.4  1956

'Science and preaching'  CSAC 60.4.78/D.6.5  1956-57

'What do people think?'  CSAC 60.4.78/D.6.6  1963

'Opening a new school'  CSAC 60.4.78/D.6.7  1963

'Talk to parsons - this world and preaching'  CSAC 60.4.78/D.6.8  nd

'Influence of science on young people's minds'  CSAC 60.4.78/D.6.9  1957

'Baden-Powell'  CSAC 60.4.78/D.6.10  1957

'Ideality and reality'  CSAC 60.4.78/D.6.11  nd

'Responsibility to God'  CSAC 60.4.78/D.6.12  1955

Untitled talk on science and religion  CSAC 60.4.78/D.6.13  nd

'Scientist's view of Honest to God debate'  CSAC 60.4.78/D.6.14  1964-69

Related information: (See also CSAC 60.4.78/D.2.8.)

'Looking into the future'  CSAC 60.4.78/D.6.15  1958-69

'Food to feed the world'  CSAC 60.4.78/D.6.16  1969

'Do science and religion give different answers to the same questions?'  CSAC 60.4.78/D.6.17  1959-65

'Scientists' responsibility in society'  CSAC 60.4.78/D.6.18  1969-70

'Non-violent revolution'  CSAC 60.4.78/D.6.19  1970

'Is science on art?'  CSAC 60.4.78/D.6.20  1955-72

'Is God dead?'  CSAC 60.4.78/D.6.21  1964, 1972

'Faith in a secular university'  CSAC 60.4.78/D.6.22  1972

'100 years of science-religion controversy'  CSAC 60.4.78/D.6.23  1957

'Science and society'  CSAC 60.4.78/D.6.24  1968-70

'Is God a physicist?'  CSAC 60.4.78/D.6.25  1956-73

'Is Christianity any good to a scientist?'  CSAC 60.4.78/D.6.26  1971

'God and things'  CSAC 60.4.78/D.6.27  1963-73

Related information: (See also CSAC 60.4.78/D.1.12.)

'What have Christians to give to the Third World?'  CSAC 60.4.78/D.6.28  1973

'The idea of a university'  CSAC 60.4.78/D.6.29  1963

'Materialism and science'  CSAC 60.4.78/D.6.30  1964

'Science and Christian living in the future'  CSAC 60.4.78/D.6.31  1955-60

'Finding a centre of gravity'  CSAC 60.4.78/D.6.32  1961, 1964

'Wasted resources'  CSAC 60.4.78/D.6.33  1956, 1959

'Is the universe running down?'  CSAC 60.4.78/D.6.34  1960

'Salvation'  CSAC 60.4.78/D.6.35  1961

'One religion is as good as another'  CSAC 60.4.78/D.6.36  nd

'Anglican-Methodist conversations'  CSAC 60.4.78/D.6.37  1959, 1963

'Role of mathematics'  CSAC 60.4.78/D.6.38  1961-65

'Education in a technological age'  CSAC 60.4.78/D.6.39  nd

'Nature and purpose of liberal education'  CSAC 60.4.78/D.6.40  1956-58

'Christian education'  CSAC 60.4.78/D.6.41  1959-61

'Why morals?'  CSAC 60.4.78/D.6.42  1961

'What is the point of being a Christian?'  CSAC 60.4.78/D.6.43  1965

'Worship - why bother?'  CSAC 60.4.78/D.6.44  nd

'A scientist asks - answers'  CSAC 60.4.78/D.6.45  1964, 1968

'Scientific responsibility (e.g. space research)'  CSAC 60.4.78/D.6.46  1969

'Physical and chemical bases of life'  CSAC 60.4.78/D.6.47  1958-66

'John Smith - lay reader'  CSAC 60.4.78/D.6.48  1958-59

'Science, civilisation and religion'  CSAC 60.4.78/D.6.49  1963

Related information: (See also CSAC 60.4.78/D.7.5.)

'Man's control over the physical world'  CSAC 60.4.78/D.6.50  1967

'Student activism and the Christian'  CSAC 60.4.78/D.6.51  1968

'Then and now'  CSAC 60.4.78/D.6.52  1967-68

'Education in a technocracy'  CSAC 60.4.78/D.6.53  1968

'The bearing of the natural sciences on the nature of man'  CSAC 60.4.78/D.6.54  1950

Related information: (See also CSAC 60.4.78/D.3.8.)

'A scientist looks at modern poetry'  CSAC 60.4.78/D.6.55  1967

'The church - inward or outward looking?'  CSAC 60.4.78/D.6.56  1967

'Why the church' and 'Church and frontier'  CSAC 60.4.78/D.6.57  1967

'God - an unnecessary hypothesis'  CSAC 60.4.78/D.6.58  1959-60

'Christian politics'  CSAC 60.4.78/D.6.59  1963

'Science, technology and human values'  CSAC 60.4.78/D.6.60  1961

'Universe revealed by physical science'  CSAC 60.4.78/D.6.61  1956-62

'The Christian in the modern world'  CSAC 60.4.78/D.6.62  1962

'Seek good and not evil'  CSAC 60.4.78/D.6.63  1966

'The windbloweth where it listeth' (and others)  CSAC 60.4.78/D.6.64  1956-61

'The Christian in the world of growing knowledge'  CSAC 60.4.78/D.6.65  1964

'What is a human being?'  CSAC 60.4.78/D.6.66  1969-73

SCIENCE AND RELIGION  CSAC 60.4.78/D.7  [n.d.]

9 folders

Science and Religion  CSAC 60.4.78/D.7.1  [n.d.]

Typescript of four short talks or broadcasts to schools on: Windscale; motorcars, market research; international problems.  [no ref.]  nd

'Chance and necessity', sermon preached at Great St. Mary's Church, Cambridge, May 1973: duplicated typescript.  [no ref.]  1973

'Caught up in a world of revolution', talk for World Council of Churches Assembly, Uppsala, and other material relating to W.C.C.  [no ref.]  1968

'Science and the Christian': series of 6 lectures with the titles 'The Conflict', 'Reasons for Conflict', 'Faults on both sides', 'Is there a boundary between science and religion?', 'The personal element in science' and 'Synthesis - seeing big'.  [no ref.]  nd

Science and Religion  CSAC 60.4.78/D.7.2  [n.d.]

'The British Association 1951. A Preview': typescript.  [no ref.]  1951

'The place of science in the Christian faith': two printed copies of address by CAC to meeting of Research Scientists' Christian Fellowship during British Association meeting, 1951, with correspondence.  [no ref.]  1951

R.S. 115

'Can a scientist be a Christian?': typescript and ms. notes.  [no ref.]  nd

'The H-bomb tests and their possible effects', lecture in Newcastle, May: typescript.  [no ref.]  nd

'Christians and the hydrogen bomb': typescript of article for publication in a Japanese periodical.  [no ref.]  nd

'H-bombs and the Christian - No': typescript.  [no ref.]  nd

'Christianity in an atomic age': manuscript.  [no ref.]  nd

'A scientific autobiography by Max Planck', broadcast by CAC based on the book: typescript.  [no ref.]  1950

Series of three lectures: typescripts.  CSAC 60.4.78/D.7.3  1964

'What is science?'  [no ref.]  21 April 1964

'Can a scientist believe in God?'  [no ref.]  22 April 1964

'Christian faith in an atomic age'  [no ref.]  23 April 1964

'Science and the idea of God': manuscript.  CSAC 60.4.78/D.7.4  nd

'The Modern World and the Gospel of Christ', 3 versions

(1) Typescript of address delivered in Washington, D.C., 1958, and published in God's Good News.  [no ref.]  1958

R.S. 220

(2) Shorter version published in The Layman.  [no ref.]  1959

R.S. 239

(3) Same as (2) published in The Adult Student.  [no ref.]  1960

Related information: (See also CSAC 60.4.78/A.6.2.)

'Life in a test-tube: so what?': ms., typescript  [no ref.]  1959

R.S. 238

'Scientific development and Christianity': manuscript.  [no ref.]  1957

R.S. 206

'Science and management', lecture to British Institute of Management Course, Wadham College, Oxford: ms., correspondence.  [no ref.]  1956

'Whither?', in Broadsheet: typescript.  [no ref.]  nd

'Science and technology in the twentieth century': typescript.  CSAC 60.4.78/D.7.5  (c) 1950

'Finding God in science': ms., typescript.  [no ref.]  1959

R.S. 236

'A word from a scientist': typescript.  [no ref.]  nd

'Civilization, science and religion': ms. notes.  [no ref.]  nd

Related information: (See also CSAC 60.4.78/D.6.49.)

'Recent developments in science and their implication to theology': ms., 2 typescripts (which are different versions), with related correspondence.  [no ref.]  1958-59

R.S. 233

Australian Broadcasting Commission.  CSAC 60.4.78/D.7.6  [n.d.]

Correspondence with the A.B.C. re CAC's talks in the series 'Plain Christianity' and resulting correspondence from the public.  [no ref.]  1954-55

Scripts of 'Christianity in an Age of Science' (May 1964) and 'God's World' (June 1964). These were recorded during CAC's visit to Australia  [no ref.]  1964

Folder also includes ms. of CAC's talk 'A.D. 2000' (which he made the basis of his May broadcast) and the scripts of 2 other talks in the 'Plain Christianity' series by Professors F.H.T. Rhodes and L.C. Birch.  [no ref. or date]

Related information: (See also CSAC 60.4.78/A.9.4.)

'Mathematics is a language' and 'Mathematics and beauty' in BBC Third Programme Series 'How Mathematicians Think'  CSAC 60.4.78/D.7.7  1949-50

Drafts, notes, background material and correspondence with members of the public. Copies of talks as published in The Listener and copies of talks by George Temple in the same series.

Science and Religion  CSAC 60.4.78/D.7.8  [n.d.]

'I speak for myself' in English Half Hour for the Far East, 18 December 1950: typescript, script.  [no ref.]  1950

'Freedom in science' in BBC Third Programme Series, 21 December 1950: script, typescript.  [no ref.]  1950

'Science Review' in English Half Hour for the Far East, 3 January 1951: script.  [no ref.]  1951

'Science and religion', BBC Home Service, 15 January 1951  CSAC 60.4.78/D.7.9  1951

Related information: (See also CSAC 60.4.78/A.2.4.)

Transcript of discussion between CAC and Canon I.T. Ramsey, with reference to issues raised by Fred Hoyle, John Rickman and J.Z. Young. Correspondence and notes for discussion.
R.S. 117


11 folders

'Miracles' in BBC Home Service for Schools, Religion and Philosophy Series, Summer and Autumn Terms, 1951 (2 different talks)  CSAC 60.4.78/D.8.1  1951

Typescript, scripts, copy as published in Religion and Education, 1952. Copy of letter sent by CAC to all listeners who wrote him after the broadcasts.

'Christianity in an age of science', North American Service, 22 February 1952: typescript.  CSAC 60.4.78/D.8.2  1952

Related information: (See also CSAC 60.4.78/D.8.7.)

R.S. 135
'Science and the Christian faith': typescript of sermon n.d. which is very similar to 22 February talk.

Script and notes for TV Epilogue, 25 October 1953 and ensuing correspondence from listeners with CAC's replies.  CSAC 60.4.78/D.8.3  1953

Broadcast answers to listeners' questions in BBC Series, 'The Faith in the West' and ensuing correspondence.  CSAC 60.4.78/D.8.4  1954-55

Transcripts of 2 other 'Faith in the West' discussions in which CAC participated, 2 February 1954 and 20 January 1955.

'The scientific interpretation of the universe' in BBC Home Service for Schools, Religion and Philosophy Series, Spring Term 1954.  CSAC 60.4.78/D.8.5  1954

Transcripts of CAC's three talks: 'The atom and the stars', 'Life' and 'The role of man'.
Includes scripts of other talks in the series and the final discussion programme between CAC and Dr. F.A. Cockin, the Bishop of Bristol, on 'One universe'. Correspondence with producers and listeners.

Broadcasts on Science and Religion  CSAC 60.4.78/D.8.6  [n.d.]

'Science and Christianity', 10 July 1955: typescript and script.  [no ref.]  1955

'Questions on the air': discussion, 3 August 1955: ms. script.  [no ref.]  1955

'Marxist and Western account of molecular resonance' in series 'Frontiers of Knowledge' BBC European Service, 7 February 1956: script.  [no ref.]  1956

Related information: (See also CSAC 60.4.78/A.11.1.)

'Science and the Christian faith', sermon in the series 'Christians look at the news', 10 February 1957  CSAC 60.4.78/D.8.7  1957

Transcript of service conducted by CAC, as broadcast from BBC Birmingham studios, script of sermon, correspondence with producers.

Broadcasts on Science and Religion  CSAC 60.4.78/D.8.8  [n.d.]

'What I believe', transcript for London Calling Asia Series, 1 July 1956.  [no ref.]  1956

Same title: transcript with annotation 'General distribution BBC January 1957'

'Science and the good life': typescript of same talk as above.  [no ref.]  1957

'Men talking', Midland Home Service, 29 March 1957  [no ref.]  1957

Script of discussion, ms. of CAC's contribution.

'Chemistry by computation', script of discussion programme chaired by CAC, Third Programme, 14 August.  [no ref.]  1957

Broadcasts on Science and Religion  CSAC 60.4.78/D.8.9  1958

'Problems of power', Midlands Home Service Series, 9 February 1958: transcript of discussion.

'It's my belief', People's Service Series, 27 July 1958: script.  [no ref.]  1958

'Whose Responsibility?' in series 'Viewpoint', 23 March 1960: script and correspondence.  [no ref.]  1960

'In my opinion' in Woman's Hour, 19 December 1960: script.  [no ref.]  1960

'Responsibility in science' in BBC Home Service for Schools, 'The Christian Religion and its Philosophy', 10 January 1961: script and typescript.  [no ref.]  1961

'Science, society and religion', in BBC Overseas European Service, Good Friday, 1963: script.  [no ref.]  1963

'Ten to Eight talk', 23 February 1967: transcript.  [no ref.]  1967

'One world' discussion chaired by CAC in series 'Meeting Point', 22 October 1961  CSAC 60.4.78/D.8.10  1961

Lengthy correspondence, scripts, ideas for discussion, evaluation of the discussion.

Folder of miscellaneous correspondence with the BBC re broadcasts by CAC, ideas for new programmes, suggested topics for discussion.  CSAC 60.4.78/D.8.11  1948-69

Brief correspondence with Granada TV re CAC's contribution, 'Why atoms combine' in Discovery series. 1964

BOOK REVIEWS  CSAC 60.4.78/D.9  1945-74

200 items

One box containing a collection of over 200 book reviews 1946-74. The reviews are of scientific and religious books, and were written for technical journals, national and local, daily or weekly newspapers, etc.
Some of the reviews are accompanied by correspondence.
A detailed chronological list, giving the date, title and author, and place of publication of the reviews was kindly compiled by Mrs. Coulson, and is enclosed with the box.

SCIENCE AND RELIGION  CSAC 60.4.78/D.10  [n.d.]

6 folders

Miscellaneous background material and notes assembled for works on science and religion: press-cuttings, quotations, notes on books and articles; some folders include correspondence.

SCIENCE AND RELIGION  CSAC 60.4.78/D.11  [n.d.]

4 folders

As CSAC 60.4.78/D.10: background material and notes assembled for lectures and writings on science and religion.
CSAC 60.4.78/D.11.1. refers especially to Riddell Lectures, Newcastle, 1953 on 'Christianity in an age of science'.

SCIENCE AND RELIGION  CSAC 60.4.78/D.12  [n.d.]

10 folders

Science and Christian Belief, McNair Lectures, Chapel Hill, North Carolina, April 1954  CSAC 60.4.78/D.12.1  1954

Related information: (See also CSAC 60.4.78/A.5.5.)

Bibliographical material and notes assembled for the Lectures.
R.S. 165

Science and Christian Belief  CSAC 60.4.78/D.12.2  1954-57

Typescript as prepared for first edition, 1955.
Correspondence with publishers, 1954-57.

Manuscript and printed material on social responsibility of science.  CSAC 60.4.78/D.12.3  [n.d.]

Manuscript and printed material on social responsibility of science.  CSAC 60.4.78/D.12.4  [n.d.]

Background material and correspondence for lectures on science and religion, philosophy of education, etc.  CSAC 60.4.78/D.12.5  [n.d.]

Material on moral values in broadcasting. Folder includes copy of interview of CAC by W.E. Sengster re power of television and its effect on morals and church life.  CSAC 60.4.78/D.12.6  1955

'Science and religion: some philosophical questions', course of lectures in Oxford, Trinity Term 1957 with Canon I.T. Ramsey: notes and correspondence.  CSAC 60.4.78/D.12.7  1957

3 pp. ms. list by CAC entitled 'Papers, lectures, broadcasts, etc. that might conceivably make up a book'. The list gives reprint number, title and date for each entry.  CSAC 60.4.78/D.12.8  [n.d.]

'Responsibility'  CSAC 60.4.78/D.12.9  1965

The Second Tawney Memorial Lecture, Christian Socialist Movement, London, February 1965.
Notes, background material, ms. and typescript draft, version as prepared for publication.
(See also CSAC 60.4.78/B.14.1.)
Folder includes copies of other lectures by CAC which he compiled when writing the Tawney Lecture ('Moral responsibility in a scientific age' and 'Responsibility in science').

'Technology and Humanity'  CSAC 60.4.78/D.12.10  1972

Summary of lecture delivered by CAC at a Study Week held in 1972. Folder includes related material, including notes by CAC ('Scientist's Responsibility in Science' and 'The Church in a Technological Society').



Related information: See also CSAC 60.4.78/A.13.4 - CSAC 60.4.78/A.13.12, CSAC 60.4.78/A.13.15.

The material is presented alphabetically as far as possible.
The conferences, lecture-tours and addresses organised or given by CAC which are listed in this Section are those of the UK and thus complement the overseas 'Travel arrangements' folders in Boxes CSAC 60.4.78/A.5 - CSAC 60.4.78/A.11.
The organisations, publications and journals listed in this Section include both UK and overseas sources.


9 folders

Acta Crystallographica  CSAC 60.4.78/E.1.1  1948-72

Correspondence re manuscripts refereed by CAC, or submitted by him for publication.

The British Association for the Advancement of Science  CSAC 60.4.78/E.1.2  1948-63

Related information: (See also CSAC 60.4.78/B.3.13., CSAC 60.4.78/B.10.9., CSAC 60.4.78/D.3.5. and CSAC 60.4.78/D.7.2.)

Correspondence re invitations to address meetings, publication of addresses, etc.

The British Council  CSAC 60.4.78/E.1.3  1949-70

Correspondence re lecture tours by CAC and his reports on them. Reports on British Council students studying with CAC. Arrangements for foreign scientists visiting the UK. See also those folders in Section A which relate to CAC's visits abroad on behalf of the Council.

British Empire Cancer Campaign  CSAC 60.4.78/E.1.4  1948-52

Related information: (See also CSAC 60.4.78/B.1.12.)

Correspondence re grant to CAC for calculating machine for work on carcinogenic hydrocarbon molecules, and his report on the work, 29 January 1949.

British Iron and Steel Research Association  CSAC 60.4.78/E.1.5  1947-52

Minor correspondence and reports.

British Rubber Producers' Research Association  CSAC 60.4.78/E.1.6  1947-53

Correspondence re research supervised by CAC and re his appointment as consultant to the Association.

Cambridge Philosophical Society  CSAC 60.4.78/E.1.7  1948-71

Correspondence re manuscripts refereed by CAC or submitted by him for publication in Proc. Camb.Phil.Soc.

Canadian Journal of Chemistry  CSAC 60.4.78/E.1.8  1962-65

Correspondence re manuscripts refereed by CAC.

Cancer Research  CSAC 60.4.78/E.1.9  1954-60

Related information: (See also CSAC 60.4.78/B.38.4.)

Correspondence re manuscripts refereed by CAC.


11 folders

The Chemical Society  CSAC 60.4.78/E.2.1.-E.2.2  1948-66

Related information: (See also CSAC 60.4.78/A.13.6.)

Correspondence re manuscripts refereed by CAC or submitted by him for publication in the Journal of the Chemical Society. CAC's reports as referee contain extensive discussion of scientific material. Some of the correspondence deals with editorial policy as CAC was a member of the Publications Committee.

Valence and Relativity  CSAC 60.4.78/E.2.3  1966-68

Discussion meeting sponsored by the Chemical Society, under CAC's initiation and organization, in Oxford, 9-11 January 1968.
Extensive correspondence with participants, copy of abstracts, committee papers, circular letters and replies, list of participants, brochure, draft of note for publication in Nature.

Theoretical Chemistry Group of the Chemical Society  CSAC 60.4.78/E.2.4  1972

Committee papers, correspondence.

Chemical Physics Letters  CSAC 60.4.78/E.2.5  1966-74

Extensive correspondence with editors and publishers and with contributors, which is of interest for the scientific information it contains.
CAC was a member of the Advisory Editorial Board from its inception.

Chemical Physics  CSAC 60.4.78/E.2.6  1973

Related information: (See also CSAC 60.4.78/E.2.5.).

Correspondence re establishment of journal

Chemical Bond Approach Project  CSAC 60.4.78/E.2.7  1961-63

Correspondence, draft chapter for schools textbook, with CAC's comments.

Commonwealth Fund  CSAC 60.4.78/E.2.8  1956

Correspondence re review of Fellowships offered.

Council of Education in the Commonwealth  CSAC 60.4.78/E.2.9  1960


Council of Science and Technology Institutes  CSAC 60.4.78/E.2.10  1972-74

CAC was Chairman of the Board in 1973.

Conference of Professors of Applied Mathematics  CSAC 60.4.78/E.2.11  1973

Miscellaneous minor correspondence.


7 folders

The Faraday Society  CSAC 60.4.78/E.3.1  1968

Related information: (See also CSAC 60.4.78/A.13.9.)

Minor correspondence re Symposium on Molecular Quantum Mechanics, Royal Institution, December 1968. (CAC served on the organizing committee.)

Hospital Physicists' Association  CSAC 60.4.78/E.3.2  1962-71

Related information: (See also CSAC 60.4.78/E.6.4.)

Papers and correspondence, mainly re administration of Douglas Lea Memorial Fund.

International Business Machines Corporation  CSAC 60.4.78/E.3.3  1968-72

Correspondence re invitation to CAC to be 'Spokesman for England' for IBM World Trade - IBM Research Fellowship Program, recommending scientists for periods of work in IBM Laboratory, San Jose, California.

IBM Research Fellowship (tenable at Oxford University)  CSAC 60.4.78/E.3.4.-E.3.5  1962-67

CAC served as Chairman of the appointing committee.
2 folders of correspondence re establishment of Fellowship and appointment of Fellows:
CSAC 60.4.78/E.3.4. 1962-64
CSAC 60.4.78/E.3.5. 1965-67

Imperial Chemical Industries Limited  CSAC 60.4.78/E.3.6  1949-51, 1956-61

Related information: (See also CSAC 60.4.78/B.35.16.)

Correspondence re CAC's appointment as consultant to ICI for three years 1949-51, and 1957-59, and his subsequent comments on research reports.
Notes and reports of meetings: includes correspondence on academic freedom and industrial support.

The Independent University  CSAC 60.4.78/E.3.7  1971-74

CAC was a member of the Academic Advisory Committee of the University.
Correspondence and papers re planning of the University.


4 folders

Institute of Mathematics and its Applications  CSAC 60.4.78/E.4.1.-E.4.2  1959, 1964-73

Related information: (See also CSAC 60.4.78/A.13.11., CSAC 60.4.78/B.10.4.)

CAC served as its President 1972-73.
Committee papers and related correspondence; correspondence re CAC's Presidential Address 'Mathematics and the Real World'; correspondence re the Institute's membership, publications, conferences, etc. Copy of CAC's address on 'Mathematics and Biology'.
R.S. 419

Institute of Physics and the Chemical Society  CSAC 60.4.78/E.4.3  1969-70

Related information: (See also CSAC 60.4.78/A.13.8.)

Correspondence re the organization of a joint conference on photo-electron spectroscopy, Oxford, 14-16 September, 1970.

International Academy of Quantum Molecular Science.  CSAC 60.4.78/E.4.4  1967-73

Correspondence re meetings and symposia, award of Academy's annual prize.


7 folders

Related information: (See also CSAC 60.4.78/H.6.1.-CSAC 60.4.78/H.6.5.)

CAC was Oxford University's representative on this Committee, which was established in 1957 to advise the Committee of Vice-Chancellors and Principals. CAC chaired several meetings and took the initiative in corresponding with other members of the Committee re filling the offices of Chairman and Secretary when vacancies occurred. (During CAC's service on the Committee the office of Chairman was held successively by D.R. Hartree, W. Jackson and D.G. Christopherson while the office of Secretary was held by A.S. Douglas, J. Howlett and D.C. Gilles.) CAC resigned from the Committee in December 1963, his place being taken by Professor L. Fox, Director of the Oxford University Computing Laboratory.
This box contains official papers, reports and memoranda of the Committee and its Sub-Committees; CAC's notes of meetings and discussions; correspondence with Committee officers and members, and with colleagues in other universities.
The topics include: the financing and replacement of computers, charging for computer time in universities, relations with the Universities Grants Committee, reports from various university computing laboratories on their facilities and services, the composition of the Committee, drafts of the Committee's report.
Seven folders presented in chronological order

Inter University Committee on Computing  CSAC 60.4.78/E.5.1  1957

Inter University Committee on Computing  CSAC 60.4.78/E.5.2  1958

Inter University Committee on Computing  CSAC 60.4.78/E.5.3  1959

Inter University Committee on Computing  CSAC 60.4.78/E.5.4  1960

Inter University Committee on Computing  CSAC 60.4.78/E.5.5  1961

Inter University Committee on Computing  CSAC 60.4.78/E.5.6  1962

Inter University Committee on Computing  CSAC 60.4.78/E.5.7  1963-64


7 folders

International Journal of Quantum Chemistry  CSAC 60.4.78/E.6.1  1967-71

CAC was a member of the Editorial Advisory Board.
Correspondence re refereeing of papers and CAC's reports.

Joint Mathematical Council of the United Kingdom  CSAC 60.4.78/E.6.2  1964, 1972-73

Correspondence, committee papers.

Journal of Chemical Physics  CSAC 60.4.78/E.6.3  1957-70

CAC was an Associate Editor.
Correspondence re manuscripts refereed by CAC, whose reports contain extensive discussion of scientific subjects.

Douglas Lea Memorial Lecture Fund  CSAC 60.4.78/E.6.4  1948-72

Related information: (See also CSAC 60.4.78/E.3.2., Hospital Physicists' Association)

CAC was a Trustee of the Fund.
Correspondence re invitations to lecturers, management of the Fund, accounts.

Scientific Committees  CSAC 60.4.78/E.6.5  1968-69; 1971-72

Lennard-Jones Society
Correspondence re proposed formation of theoretical chemistry group.
Lindemann Trust Fellowship
Correspondence, committee papers.

London Mathematical Society  CSAC 60.4.78/E.6.6  1961-73

CAC served as Associate Editor for its Bulletin.
Correspondence re refereeing of papers, editorial policy, CAC's reports, monthly statements of papers accepted for publication.

Mathematical Association  CSAC 60.4.78/E.6.7  1959-72

CAC was the first Chairman of the Oxford Branch, established in 1959, and was President of the Association in 1968-69.
Committee papers and related correspondence, correspondence re arrangements for 1965 conference in Oxford and re the Centenary Appeal.


10 folders

Mathematics in Education  CSAC 60.4.78/E.7.1  1961-62

Miscellaneous correspondence and duplicated material on the teaching of mathematics in schools by radio or TV, and with various committees and institutions concerned.
Correspondence re submissions on Mathematics to the Robbins Committee on Higher Education, Oxford Committee for the Advancement of Mathematical Broadcasting and Television, and School Mathematics Project.

Medical and Technical Publishing Co. Ltd. (MTP)  CSAC 60.4.78/E.7.2  1972-74

CAC agreed to edit Vol.II of the MTP Review of Theoretical Chemistry.
Correspondence with contributors and publishers. (The editorship was taken over by Professor A.D. Buckingham after CAC's death.)

Molecular Crystals  CSAC 60.4.78/E.7.3  1965-72

CAC served on the Editorial Advisory Board from the founding of the journal in 1965.
Editorial correspondence.

National Coal Board  CSAC 60.4.78/E.7.4  1952, 1960-62

Correspondence re possibility of instituting a Research Fellowship on 'Study of theoretical problems on coal structure' under direction of CAC at Oxford, to be supported by the NCB.

National Physical Laboratory (Mathematics Division)  CSAC 60.4.78/E.7.5  1959-63

CAC was Chairman of the Mathematics Divisional Panel.
Correspondence re CAC's visits to Mathematics Division and his reports.

National Research Development Corporation  CSAC 60.4.78/E.7.6  1950-62

Miscellaneous reports and correspondence, mainly on automation, computer application and other NRDC projects.

Nature  CSAC 60.4.78/E.7.7  1950-73

Related information: (See also CSAC 60.4.78/C.8.2., CSAC 60.4.78/G.11.3.)

Correspondence re articles etc. submitted to CAC for references, reviews by CAC of publications; obituaries or tributes by CAC of Sir John Lennard-Jones, Dr. Linus Pauling, Professor John Griffith.

Naval Attaché's Office, US Navy  CSAC 60.4.78/E.7.8  1948-58

Correspondence re exchange of publications.

New Scientist  CSAC 60.4.78/E.7.9  1957-68

Correspondence re reviews by CAC and re biographical profile of CAC.

Quantum Chemistry Conference, Oxford, April 1961 (organized by CAC)  CSAC 60.4.78/E.7.10  1961

Programme, list of participants, invoices, correspondence, applications for grants, report by CAC of conference.


6 folders

'Variational Methods in Quantum Mechanics'  CSAC 60.4.78/E.8.1  1968-69

Quantum Theory Conference, Oxford, 1-3 October 1969: programme, brochures, information for participants, list of members, invitations and correspondence with speakers, accounts and invoices.

Philosophical Magazine  CSAC 60.4.78/E.8.2  1949, 1969-72

Correspondence re refereeing of papers.

The Physical Society (The Institute of Physics and the Physical Society)  CSAC 60.4.78/E.8.3.-E.8.6  1949-73

Correspondence re refereeing of papers. 4 folders in chronological order:

Correspondence  CSAC 60.4.78/E.8.3  1949-55

Correspondence  CSAC 60.4.78/E.8.4  1955-65

Correspondence  CSAC 60.4.78/E.8.5  1965-68

Correspondence  CSAC 60.4.78/E.8.6  1968-73


8 folders

Rencontre for Mathematicians and Chemists, Oxford, 6-8 April 1973, organized by CAC and funded by the SRC.  CSAC 60.4.78/E.9.1.-E.9.4  1971-73

Correspondence with administration of SRC re application for grant and subsequent organization of rencontre.  CSAC 60.4.78/E.9.1  nd

Invitations to mathematicians and chemists and their replies (not indexed).  CSAC 60.4.78/E.9.2  nd

List of acceptances. Correspondence with participants and with Oxford University re accommodation and programme.  CSAC 60.4.78/E.9.3  nd

Letters of comment from participants following the rencontre (indexed).  CSAC 60.4.78/E.9.4  nd

Miscellaneous reports on research projects under contract  CSAC 60.4.78/E.9.5.-E.9.8  [n.d.]

'The Electronic Theory of Transition Metals' (CAC and Altmann), Progress Reports 1, 2, 3.  CSAC 60.4.78/E.9.5  1958-59

'Studies of Bonds Involving Fluorine' (CAC and Caldow), Contract PD/57/08/R1 Progress Reports 1 and 2.  CSAC 60.4.78/E.9.6  1963-64

'The Electronic Theory of Transition Metals' (CAC, Hume-Rothery, Altmann) Contract 13/5/165/1065. Technical Reports 1, 2, 4-9.  CSAC 60.4.78/E.9.7  1961-63

'Electronic Structure of Zirconium and Titanium Metals' (CAC, Altmann and Cohan). Progress Report no.4  CSAC 60.4.78/E.9.8  1957


10 folders

Pugwash Group  CSAC 60.4.78/E.10.1  1963-74

Committee papers and announcements (very little correspondence).

Quantum Theory Conference, Oxford, 26-28 September 1973, organized by CAC.  CSAC 60.4.78/E.10.2  1971-74

Programmes and brochures, list of participants, invitations and correspondence with participants, correspondence with Oxford University re organization of conference, accounts and invoices.

Radar Research Establishment  CSAC 60.4.78/E.10.3  1950-62

Newsletters for 1950-51, 1953-54, 1956-62, minor correspondence.

The Royal Society  CSAC 60.4.78/E.10.4  1967-74

Correspondence re papers refereed by CAC or submitted by him for publication in Proc.Roy.Soc.A.
Correspondence re overseas visiting professorships (with special reference to CAC's term at University of East Africa 1968-69(see also CSAC 60.4.78/A.10.3. and CSAC 60.4.78/A.10.4.))
Correspondence re CAC's service on Royal Society committees.

Science for Peace  CSAC 60.4.78/E.10.5  1951-57

Bulletins and printed matter, correspondence re policy.

Science Progress  CSAC 60.4.78/E.10.6  1948-72

Correspondence re publications and reviews.

Scientific Computing Service  CSAC 60.4.78/E.10.7  1942-55

Minor correspondence and printed matter.

Societò Italiana di Cancerologia  CSAC 60.4.78/E.10.8  1957-58, 1974

CAC was elected a foreign member in 1957.
Minor correspondence.

Society for Freedom in Science  CSAC 60.4.78/E.10.9  1951, 1962

Correspondence re goals of the Society.

Society for the Protection of Science and Learning  CSAC 60.4.78/E.10.10  1968

Correspondence re expansion of membership.


7 folders

Society for Social Responsibility in Science, USA.  CSAC 60.4.78/E.11.1.-E.11.6  1949-71

CAC was a member of the Council from the Society's foundation.
Constitution, and other papers re foundation of the organization, very full sets of committee papers, memoranda, financial reports, correspondence, lists of members, newsletters and publicity items. 6 folders in chronological order

Society for Social Responsibility in Science, USA  CSAC 60.4.78/E.11.1  1949-52

Society for Social Responsibility in Science, USA  CSAC 60.4.78/E.11.2  1953-55

Society for Social Responsibility in Science, USA  CSAC 60.4.78/E.11.3  1956-60

Society for Social Responsibility in Science, USA  CSAC 60.4.78/E.11.4  1961-65

Society for Social Responsibility in Science, USA  CSAC 60.4.78/E.11.5  1966-69

Society for Social Responsibility in Science, USA  CSAC 60.4.78/E.11.6  1970-71

Miscellaneous newsletters.

British Society for Social Responsibility in Science and Oxford Society for Social Responsibility in Science.  CSAC 60.4.78/E.11.7  1969-70

Committee papers and correspondence.


5 folders

Solvay Conference  CSAC 60.4.78/E.12.1  1949-50

Correspondence re a possible contribution by CAC (never completed).

Theoretica Chimica Acta  CSAC 60.4.78/E.12.2  1963-73

Correspondence re papers refereed by CAC and those submitted by him for publication.

University of Botswana, Lesotho and Swaziland  CSAC 60.4.78/E.12.3.-E.12.4  1969-72

Arrangements for CAC to act as External Examiner in Mathematics 1969-72, reports and related correspondence, including invitation to visit University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg. Examinations papers and results.

Zeitschrift für Naturforschung.  CSAC 60.4.78/E.12.5  1948-49


CORRESPONDENCE  CSAC 60.4.78/E.13  [n.d.]

10 folders

One box of shorter correspondence with publishers and editors. The correspondence deals with:
- Requests to write reviews (see CSAC 60.4.78/D.9) and articles
- Refereeing of manuscripts submitted for publication
- Advice re new series, journals or books
- Replies to questionnaires
- Sponsorship of student magazines
- Requests for interviews.
As in the other sections of the collection, many of the letters contain interesting autobiographical recollections, statements of CAC's religious and moral beliefs and of his standards of academic excellence.
10 folders presented in alphabetical order

Correspondence  CSAC 60.4.78/E.13.1  [n.d.]

Academic Press  [no ref.]  1954, 1957, 1962, 1968-69

Advances in Chemistry Series  [no ref.]  1966

Aldus Books Ltd.  [no ref.]  1968

George Allen and Unwin  [no ref.]  1970

American Scientific Affiliation  [no ref.]  1962

Bailey Bros. and Swinfen Ltd.  [no ref.]  1959

Blackwell Scientific Publications  [no ref.]  1958

British Journal for the Philosophy of Science  [no ref.]  1958

British Weekly  [no ref.]  1958

Butterworths (review of Grundriss der Quantenchemie, by H. Preuss)  [no ref.]  1956, 1962, 1971

Correspondence  CSAC 60.4.78/E.13.2  [n.d.]

Calcutta Mathematical Society  [no ref.]  1958

Carbon  [no ref.]  1965-70

Chemical Society of the USSR  [no ref.]  1968

Chemisches Zentralblatt  [no ref.]  1955

Chemistry in Britain  [no ref.]  1969

Cherwell  [no ref.]  1955-67

Churchill and Benjamin Ltd.  [no ref.]  1968

Colliers Encyclopaedia  [no ref.]  1961

Computer Physics Communications  [no ref.]  1970

Cooperation Canada  [no ref.]  1973

Croatica Chemica Acta  [no ref.]  1960, 1973

Delisle Ltd.  [no ref.]  1964

Correspondence  CSAC 60.4.78/E.13.3  [n.d.]

Paul Elek Ltd.  [no ref.]  1973

Elsevier Publishing Co.  [no ref.]  1967-68

Endeavour  [no ref.]  1956

Experientia  [no ref.]  1951

Expository Times  [no ref.]  1958-59

Victor Gollancz Ltd.  [no ref.]  1958, 1966

Handbook of Physics  [no ref.]  1952-53

George G. Harrap and Co. Ltd.  [no ref.]  1960

Hodder and Stoughton Ltd.  [no ref.]  1960-61

Holden-Day Inc.  [no ref.]  1961

Correspondence  CSAC 60.4.78/E.13.4  [n.d.]

Inorganica Chemica Acta  [no ref.]  1967, 1972

International Journal of the Physics and Chemistry of Solids  [no ref.]  1961, 1971

Interscience Publishers Ltd.  [no ref.]  1954

Isis  [no ref.]  1966-67

Journal of the American Chemical Society  [no ref.]  1962-65

Journal of the Chemical and Physical Society  [no ref.]  1956

Journal of Inorganic and Nuclear Chemistry  [no ref.]  1955, 1959

Journal of Natural Sciences and Mathematics  [no ref.]  1966

Journal of Theoretical Biology  [no ref.]  1965

Correspondence  CSAC 60.4.78/E.13.5  [n.d.]

Logos Press Ltd.  [no ref.]  1967

Los Angeles Times  [no ref.]  1969

McGraw-Hill  [no ref.]  1957-59

Macmillan  [no ref.]  1955-56, 1960, 1970

Mathematical Gazette  [no ref.]  1949, 1969

Mathematika  [no ref.]  1971

Methuen  [no ref.]  1966

Correspondence  CSAC 60.4.78/E.13.6  [n.d.]

Der Monat  [no ref.]  1954

Near and Far East News  [no ref.]  1960

Thomas Nelson and Sons Ltd.  [no ref.]  1965-66

Nigerian Journal of Science  [no ref.]  1965

North-Holland Publishing Co.  [no ref.]  1964

Il Nuovo Cimento  [no ref.]  1971-72

Correspondence  CSAC 60.4.78/E.13.7  [n.d.]

Oliver and Boyd Ltd.  [no ref.]  1961

Related information: (See also CSAC 60.4.78/A.2.3.)

Organic Mass Spectrometry  [no ref.]  1973

Oxford Magazine  [no ref.]  1955-57

Oxford Mail  [no ref.]  1954

Oxford Times  [no ref.]  1955

Philosophy  [no ref.]  1956

Physica Status Solidi  [no ref.]  1968

Physics Letters A  [no ref.]  1968-69

Plenum Publishing Co. Ltd.  [no ref.]  1969

Correspondence  CSAC 60.4.78/E.13.8  [n.d.]

Quantum Chemistry Program Exchange  [no ref.]  1965

Quarterly Journal of Mathematics  [no ref.]  1955-56

Quarterly Journal of Mechanics and Applied Mathematics  [no ref.]  1954-61

Reader's Digest  [no ref.]  1959-60

Research  [no ref.]  1949

Reviews of Modern Physics  [no ref.]  1973

Routledge and Kegan Paul Ltd.  [no ref.]  1963

Correspondence  CSAC 60.4.78/E.13.9  [n.d.]

Science for Non-Scientists  [no ref.]  1962

Scientific American  [no ref.]  1963

Scientific Monthly  [no ref.]  1955

Scope  [no ref.]  1955

Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics  [no ref.]  1969

Society of Chemical Industry  [no ref.]  1955-57

Spectrochimica Acta  [no ref.]  1967

Vincent Stuart Publishers Ltd.  [no ref.]  1958

Sunday Telegraph  [no ref.]  1962

Tetrahedron  [no ref.]  1959

Time and Tide  [no ref.]  1965

Transworld Student Library  [no ref.]  1972

Correspondence  CSAC 60.4.78/E.13.10  [n.d.]

University Tutorial Press  [no ref.]  1953

Van Nostrand Reinhold Co.  [no ref.]  1969

John Wiley and Sons Ltd.  [no ref.]  1954, 1964, 1971

World Science Review  [no ref.]  1957

Zenith (magazine of the Oxford University Scientific Society)  [no ref.]  1964-68

Related information: (See also CSAC 60.4.78/D.2.10.)



Related information: NOTE: CAC was Senior Treasurer of JACARI (Joint Action Committee Against Racial Intolerance) from about 1956 until his death. Material relating to this movement, and CAC's involvement with it, is currently in the library of Professor Kenneth Kirkwood, Rhodes Professor of Race Relations, Oxford University.

Although CAC was known as a convinced Methodist and pacifist throughout his life, these folders show the full range of his humanitarian interest, expressed in religious, educational, political and social activities. In some of these he played a public and major role (for example, as Chairman of OXFAM, as Vice-President of the Methodist Conference or as a member of the Central Committee of the World Council of Churches), but others are less well known. To all he brought his distinctive power of personal involvement; many of the relatively routine letters in the folders contain thoughtful material of considerable biographical and general interest.
Most of the material in this Section consists of correspondence, reports, committee and organisational matters relative to institutions and to meetings, conference and publications sponsored by them.
With the exception of Box CSAC 60.4.78/F.7, the material is not in alphabetical order; for ease of reference, an alphabetical index to all the organisations in this Section is provided, and cross-referenced to related material in other sections of the collection are given where possible.

PACIFISM  CSAC 60.4.78/F.1  [n.d.]

7 folders

Council of Christian Pacifist Groups  CSAC 60.4.78/F.1.1  1933-34

Related information: (See also CSAC 60.4.78/A.15, CSAC 60.4.78/A.16, CSAC 60.4.78/A.17, CSAC 60.4.78/D.5.3.- CSAC 60.4.78/D.5.7)

Correspondence, programme, copies of addresses delivered at public meeting held in Central Hall, Westminster, 9 November 1934, on 'Christ's Call to Make Peace'. Ms. and typescript of CAC's contribution. Copy of Manifesto issued by Council. (CAC was Chairman of the Youth Section - see correspondence in CSAC 60.4.78/F.1.3.)
'Cambridge Group'
Numerous drafts of 'Peace Pamphlet' written by four members of the Cambridge Group Movement, and correspondence between members re pamphlet.

One file of extensive, thoughtful correspondence on pacifism, conscientious objection, use of the atom bomb  CSAC 60.4.78/F.1.2  1933-36, 1940-45

Many of the letters are from members of the Cambridge Group Movement. Letters include references to the 'Peace Pamphlet' and to the 1934 Christian Pacifist Groups meeting.

Fellowship of Reconciliation  CSAC 60.4.78/F.1.3  1934-36, 1953-57

Related information: (See also CSAC 60.4.78/D.5.6, CAC's Alex Wood Memorial Lecture, 1953)

Correspondence re meetings of The Fellowship and re establishment of a Youth Section of the Council of Christian Pacifist Groups. 1934-36
Misc. correspondence re various activities of the Fellowship (meetings, journal, Oxford University branch, etc.). Includes a substantial amount of correspondence with Japanese scientists and other interested parties re possible BBC feature on effects of atomic bomb on births in Japan. 1953-57

Extensive background material (press cuttings, poems, official letters, notices of meetings, etc.) on pacifism and conscientious objection, as assembled by CAC.  CSAC 60.4.78/F.1.4  1934-41

Includes ms. and typescript notes by CAC from the current literature, typescript of 3 articles or notes by CAC 'Something to Do', 'The Undergraduate and War' and 'Conscription of Women', and copies of 2 letters sent out by CAC to members of the Cambridge Group. Related correspondence.
Note: The material in this folder is very closely linked to the other papers in Box CSAC 60.4.78/F.1 and therefore has been left in sequence although it more properly belongs in Section D.

British Peace Committee  CSAC 60.4.78/F.1.5  1951-53

Correspondence with members and officers re various appeals, international congresses, publications of the Committee. Includes numerous printed documents issued by the committee and comments by CAC on J.D. Bernal's pamphlet 'Disarmament' (1952).
The correspondence especially relates to the Vienna Peace Congress, 1951-53. CAC was asked to be one of the sponsors of the 1952 Congress but declined. He drafted a letter to the Times (which was to be signed by several other invited sponsors) setting out their reasons for not participating. CAC's correspondence with the officers of the British Peace Committee and with Canon L.J. Collins (a signatory of the letter to the Times) exhibits the same thoughtful, careful concern which is such a feature of the documents preserved in this section of the collection.

Christian Action  CSAC 60.4.78/F.1.6  1958-69

Correspondence and printed material re work of the organization, especially re the Defence and Aid Fund. Includes drafts of pamphlet on 'Nuclear deterrent and Christian conscience'.

International Voluntary Service for Peace  CSAC 60.4.78/F.1.7  1958-67

CAC was a Vice-President for several years.
Correspondence with members and officials of the organization, especially re establishment of a branch in Oxford.


5 folders

Cambridge Sunday Schools  CSAC 60.4.78/F.2.1  1935-37

Reports by CAC (typescript and ms.) on the work of the Sunday Schools in the Cambridge area.

'The Christian View of the Family'  CSAC 60.4.78/F.2.2  1936

Document prepared for the Methodist Conference. Annotated and amended drafts and 2 pp. typescript comments by CAC.

'Christ and Unemployment Crusade'  CSAC 60.4.78/F.2.3  1936-39

Printed matter and correspondence re arrangements for CAC to speak at Leys School, Cambridge, 1936.

Correspondence re German refugees whom CAC tried to assist, mainly through the Social Welfare Department of the Methodist Church.  CSAC 60.4.78/F.2.4  1939

Institute of Christian Education at Home and Overseas  CSAC 60.4.78/F.2.5  1949-54

Printed material and copy of note by A. Comfort for publication in Christian News-letter. Annotated by CAC.


9 folders

Alliance  CSAC 60.4.78/F.3.1  1957-61

CAC became a Vice-President in 1957.
Correspondence and printed papers.

Anglo-American Theological Conferences (Oxford Institute of Methodist Theological Studies)  CSAC 60.4.78/F.3.2-F.3.3  1956-69

These conferences grew out of discussions at the 1956 World Methodist Conference at Lake Junaluska. (see CSAC 60.4.78/A.6.9.). They were held in Oxford in the summers of 1958, 1962, 1965 and 1969. CAC handled all the practical details for organizing and booking the conferences, which used Lincoln College as a base.
2 extensive folders of correspondence and printed matter:
CSAC 60.4.78/F.3.2. 1956-58
CSAC 60.4.78/F.3.3. 1960-69

British Council of Churches  CSAC 60.4.78/F.3.4  1955-69

Committee papers, correspondence, summary of CAC's address at the Conference on Scientific and Technological Education, London, March 1955.

Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament  CSAC 60.4.78/F.3.5  1958-70

CAC was one of the sponsors of the organization.
Correspondence re aims, activities and publications. Extensive printed material, issued by the organization. Committee papers.
The folder includes papers relative to the Oxford Branch of C.N.D. and to the Christian Group of C.N.D.

Central Council for the War on Want  CSAC 60.4.78/F.3.6  1958

CAC was a patron.
Minor correspondence (2 letters only).

Christian Education Movement  CSAC 60.4.78/F.3.7  1970-73

Related information: (See also CSAC 60.4.78/F.7.8, one folder of correspondence re Student Christian Movement)

CAC was a Vice-President.
Minor correspondence.

Clifton College  CSAC 60.4.78/F.3.8  1957-71

CAC's school. He was a Governor of the College.
Correspondence, agenda and notices of meetings.

Council for Volunteers Overseas  CSAC 60.4.78/F.3.9  1969-71

CAC was member of the Council from 1969.
Minor correspondence, reports, printed matter.


9 folders

Fund for Human Need  CSAC 60.4.78/F.4.1  1960-67

CAC was a patron of the Fund.
Misc. correspondence, charter, arrangements for conference, newsletters.

Institute of Christian Education  CSAC 60.4.78/F.4.2  1955-56

Minor correspondence, numerous memoranda for discussion at conference, outline for a proposed book to be published by the Institute. (Folder consists almost entirely of printed matter.)

Luton Industrial College  CSAC 60.4.78/F.4.3  1972-74

Related information: (See also CSAC 60.4.78/D.2.9. for copy of Inaugural Lecture delivered at the College, 28 September 1968, by CAC)

CAC was its Honorary President from 1972.
Correspondence, printed material re the College.

Methodist Church - VIth Formers Conference  CSAC 60.4.78/F.4.4  1955-69

CAC attended many of these annual conferences over the years.
Correspondence with organisers and participants. 1 p. note by CAC re conferences.

Methodist Peace Fellowship  CSAC 60.4.78/F.4.5  1954, 1956-58, 1962-73

Mostly committee papers and printed matter, with some related correspondence.

Methodist Recorder - 'Science Supplement'  CSAC 60.4.78/F.4.6  1959-73

Related information: (See also the numerous items in Section D, pp. which were published in the Methodist Recorder)

CAC helped to plan and launch the Supplement and was a frequent contributor.
Correspondence re planning and publication (the first issue was in November 1959), with the editor (Professor David Wright) re suggestions for articles and/or contributors.
The folder also contains numerous letters and mss. relative to a special issue of the Supplement which was devoted to psychical research. 7 pp. ms. and 3 pp. typescript of CAC's contribution 'Some comments by a scientist'. Comments by the contributors on each other's mss.

Methodist Student Work Committee  CSAC 60.4.78/F.4.7  1969

Correspondence and papers re survey on Methodist-Anglican Union.

Methodist Spiritual Healing and Psychological Committee  CSAC 60.4.78/F.4.8  1953-56

Correspondence re methods of nomination to committees and re proposed International Christian House in Oxford.

National Association for Teachers of Religious Knowledge (NATORK)  CSAC 60.4.78/F.4.9  1967-68

Correspondence and news-letters.

OXFAM (Oxford Committee for Famine Relief)  CSAC 60.4.78/F.5  [n.d.]

10 folders

Related information: (See also CSAC 60.4.78/A.10.3, CSAC 60.4.78/A.10.4, CSAC 60.4.78/B.16.1.-B.16.3.)

CAC was elected to membership of the Council of Management in 1960 and was elected Chairman in December 1965. He served as Chairman until 1971.
One box of correspondence, printed material on OXFAM's activities, notes for speeches, committee meetings.

OXFAM  CSAC 60.4.78/F.5.1  1960-65

OXFAM  CSAC 60.4.78/F.5.2  1966

OXFAM  CSAC 60.4.78/F.5.3  1967

OXFAM  CSAC 60.4.78/F.5.4  1968

OXFAM  CSAC 60.4.78/F.5.5  1969

OXFAM  CSAC 60.4.78/F.5.6  1970

OXFAM  CSAC 60.4.78/F.5.7  1971

OXFAM  CSAC 60.4.78/F.5.8  1972-73

Third World I  CSAC 60.4.78/F.5.9  [n.d.]

Reports by CAC of his visits to OXFAM projects in East Africa during his sabbatical term there  CSAC 60.4.78/F.5.10  1968-69


14 folders

National Campaign for the Abolition of Capital Punishment  CSAC 60.4.78/F.6.1  1961-69

Printed matter, minor correspondence.

Oxford Christian Movement  CSAC 60.4.78/F.6.2  1972-73

CAC was its Senior Member from 1972.

Oxford Council of Churches  CSAC 60.4.78/F.6.3  1960-71

CAC was on the Council from 1961.

Oxford Overseas Students' Hostel  CSAC 60.4.78/F.6.4  1968-70

CAC was a sponsor of the original appeal.
Correspondence, printed matter.

Oxford Pastorate  CSAC 60.4.78/F.6.5  1962

CAC was on the Council.

Present Question Conference  CSAC 60.4.78/F.6.6  1950-53

Correspondence, 14 pp. heavily corrected typescript of CAC's address 'The Longing for Truth' delivered at the 1964 conference in Oxford. RS. 145.

St. George's House, Wolverhampton  CSAC 60.4.78/F.6.7  1959-63

CAC was a member of the Board of Patrons and Advisers.
Minor correspondence, printed matter.

St. George's House, Windsor  CSAC 60.4.78/F.6.8  1967-73

Correspondence (especially re weekend meeting on Science and Human Potentiality held in December 1967), printed matter. CAC's address to the meeting was titled 'The Impact on Man of his Control of the Physical World'. Folder includes summary of his talk and CAC's notes taken at discussion.

Society for Anglo-Chinese Understanding  CSAC 60.4.78/F.6.9  1965-68

Correspondence, committee papers, printed matter re goals and philosophy of the Society. CAC resigned from the Society in 1968.

Society for International Development  CSAC 60.4.78/F.6.10  1971-73

Printed matter, correspondence.

Standing Joint Pacifist Committee  CSAC 60.4.78/F.6.11  1956-57

Minor correspondence, printed matter.

Urban Theology Unit  CSAC 60.4.78/F.6.12  1969-73

CAC was a Patron.
Correspondence, printed matter. 1 p. abstract of CAC's talk 'Technology, Science and Humanity', delivered at conference in 1972.

St. Paul's College, Cheltenham  CSAC 60.4.78/F.6.13  1957-65

CAC examined the Natural Sciences course 1956-58 and maintained his interest in the college over the years.
Misc. correspondence on reading-matter, courses and examinations, appointments, etc.

William Temple College, Rugby  CSAC 60.4.78/F.6.14  1954-63

Related information: (See also CSAC 60.4.78/A.7.4.)

Misc. correspondence re the work of the college and its courses on Responsibility in Industry, arrangements for CAC to visit and lecture, notes for his talk on 'The universe revealed by the physical sciences', 1956.

CORRESPONDENCE  CSAC 60.4.78/F.7  [n.d.]

11 folders

Miscellaneous shorter correspondence with religious, pacifist, educational and humanitarian organizations or publishers. Invitations to attend meetings, lecture, contribute articles, sign appeals.
On those occasions when CAC decided not to lend his support, he always wrote a very full and careful letter setting out his reasons for declining. Many of CAC's letters include information of personal and biographical interest.

Correspondence  CSAC 60.4.78/F.7.1  [n.d.]

Aldermaston March Committee  [no ref.]  1958

Amnesty International  [no ref.]  1972

Anglican-Methodist Student Visitation  [no ref.]  1964

Approach  [no ref.]  1967

Asia Christian Colleges Association  [no ref.]  1966

Bertrand Russell Peace Foundation  [no ref.]  1964

Birmingham Central Mission  [no ref.]  1953-54

Bradford University (Chair of Peace Studies Appeal)  [no ref.]  1971-72

British Council for Peace in Vietnam  [no ref.]  1965

British Social Biology Council  [no ref.]  1954

Correspondence  CSAC 60.4.78/F.7.2  [n.d.]

Canadian Peace Research Institute  [no ref.]  1962

Cassowary  [no ref.]  1956

Christian Frontier Council  [no ref.]  1959

Christian News-Letter  [no ref.]  1955

Christian Peace Conference  [no ref.]  1966-67

Christian Science Publishing Society  [no ref.]  1960

Committee for the Reprieve of Mosul Prisoners  [no ref.]  1961

Committee on Science and Freedom  [no ref.]  1955-58

Council for Academic Freedom and Democracy  [no ref.]  1970

Council for Education in World Citizenship  [no ref.]  1954

Crux Press  [no ref.]  1962

Cuban Defence Committee  [no ref.]  1961

Czechoslovak News Agency (ms. and typescript statement by CAC on effects of radioacfivity following H-bomb tests)  [no ref.]  1957

Czechoslovak Trade Unions  [no ref.]  1958

Daily Worker  [no ref.]  1955

Emergency Committee for World Government  [no ref.]  1972

Correspondence  CSAC 60.4.78/F.7.3  [n.d.]

Epworth Press  [no ref.]  1954-56, 1959

Related information: (See also CSAC 60.4.78/D.12.2.)

The Fellowship Party  [no ref.]  1959

Fellowship of the Kingdom  [no ref.]  1958

Hastings Encyclopaedia of Religion  [no ref.]  1970

Hydrogen Bomb Committee (Oxford University)  [no ref.]  1954-55

International Council for Christian Leadership (re 1966 conference in Cambridge)  [no ref.]  1965

International Preparatory Committee  [no ref.]  1958

International War Crimes Tribunal  [no ref.]  1967

Correspondence  CSAC 60.4.78/F.7.4  [n.d.]

Japan Council against Atomic and Hydrogen Bombs  [no ref.]  1957-62

John Wesley Society  [no ref.]  1963

Korean University  [no ref.]  1967

Medical Aid Committee for Vietnam  [no ref.]  1965

Methodist Education Committee  [no ref.]  1953

Ministerial Training Committee  [no ref.]  1958

Correspondence  CSAC 60.4.78/F.7.5  [n.d.]

The Mongrels  [no ref.]  1967-69

National Center of Communication  [no ref.]  1966

National Council for Abolition of Nuclear Weapons Tests  [no ref.]  nd

National Council for Civil Liberties  [no ref.]  1962-68

Correspondence  CSAC 60.4.78/F.7.6  [n.d.]

National Peace Council  [no ref.]  1957

New Directions  [no ref.]  1963-64

Nuffield Foundation (Overseas Development Institute/Nuffield Fellowships)  [no ref.]  1969

Order of Unity  [no ref.]  1961

Oxford City Labour Party  [no ref.]  1961

Oxford Committee (Area Campaign) for the Abolition of Nuclear Weapons Tests  [no ref.]  1955, 1958

Oxford Committee for Community Relations  [no ref.]  1973

Oxford Committee for Racial Integration  [no ref.]  1966

Oxford House  [no ref.]  1961

Peace News  [no ref.]  1957

Peace Pledge Union  [no ref.]  1965

Pulpit Digest  [no ref.]  1960

Queen's College, Taunton  [no ref.]  1964

Correspondence  CSAC 60.4.78/F.7.7  [n.d.]

Queenswood School  [no ref.]  1958

Regent's Park College, Oxford  [no ref.]  1957

Rencontre pour la Détente Internationale  [no ref.]  1954

St. Martin-in-the-Fields Discussion Group  [no ref.]  1954-55

Scientific Research Committee of the Churches' Fellowship for Psychical and Spiritual Studies  [no ref.]  1972-73

Society for Cultural Relations between the Peoples of the British Commonwealth and the USSR  [no ref.]  1952

Society for the Promotion of Christian Knowledge  [no ref.]  1950

Society of Friends' Peace Committee  [no ref.]  1949

Spectator  [no ref.]  1950

Student Christian Movement (one folder of papers re writings by CAC for S.C.M. Press)  CSAC 60.4.78/F.7.8  1951-56

Correspondence  CSAC 60.4.78/F.7.9  [n.d.]

Survey Magazine  [no ref.]  1956

Together  [no ref.]  1962

Union of Democratic Control  [no ref.]  1961

Universities Quarterly  [no ref.]  1950

Vereinigungen der Verfolgten des Naziregimes (VVN)  [no ref.]  1962-63

Women's Strike for Peace  [no ref.]  1964

World Christian Digest  [no ref.]  1955

World Constitutional Convention  [no ref.]  1961

Correspondence  CSAC 60.4.78/F.7.10  [n.d.]

World Council of Churches  [no ref.]  1961-62

World Methodist Council  [no ref.]  1956

World Refugee Year  [no ref.]  1959

World's Student Christian Federation  [no ref.]  1960

One folder of miscellaneous duplicated letters sent to CAC by various organizations to enlist his support.  CSAC 60.4.78/F.7.11  [n.d.]

Not itemised or indexed.

[no title or ref. or date]

Boxes CSAC 60.4.78/G.1 - CSAC 60.4.78/G.18 contain general scientific and personal correspondence.
The content and arrangement are the same as for Section C
(See note on pp. 134 - 135).
Boxes CSAC 60.4.78/G.19 - CSAC 60.4.78/G.22. While the general content of these folders is similar to that in CAC's earlier scientific correspondence (research problems, publications, arrangements for visiting scholars, staff, appointments, etc.) they refer specifically to the new Department of Theoretical Chemistry which CAC was instrumental in creating at Oxford (see also CSAC 60.4.78/H.11.1 - CSAC 60.4.78/H.11.13) and whose Chair now bears his name. The folders reflect his efforts to build up a thriving research team as rapidly as possible, and contain a larger element of personal information as he became progressively more unwell.
Box CSAC 60.4.78/G.22 is particularly interesting in this respect, as much of the correspondence covers the last months of his life, and was continued by Miss R. Schwerdt after his death in January 1974. CAC's solicitude for the academic and personal welfare of his students and for the continuation of his department is clear and touching, as is the sense of shock and personal loss widely felt at his death.

CORRESPONDENCE  CSAC 60.4.78/G.1  [n.d.]

6 folders

ALTMANN, Simon Leonardo  CSAC 60.4.78/G.1.1.-G.1.4  1949-72

Related information: (See also CSAC 60.4.78/B.14.)

R.S. 122, 123, 200

ANNO, Toshinobu  CSAC 60.4.78/G.1.5  1958-62, 1968-69

R.S. 269

ARTHURS, Arnold Magowan  CSAC 60.4.78/G.1.6  1960-73

CORRESPONDENCE  CSAC 60.4.78/G.2  [n.d.]

2 folders

ALI, Md. Asgar  CSAC 60.4.78/G.2.1.-G.2.2  1956-71

R.S. 229, 252, 259

CORRESPONDENCE  CSAC 60.4.78/G.3  [n.d.]

6 folders

BAILEY, John P. M.  CSAC 60.4.78/G.3.1  1966-72

R.S. 398

BAILEY, Margaret L.  CSAC 60.4.78/G.3.2  1967-74

R.S. 398

BANERJEE, Kalyan K.  CSAC 60.4.78/G.3.3  1961-70

BARNETT, Michael P.  CSAC 60.4.78/G.3.4.-G.3.6  1948-70

Related information: (See also CSAC 60.4.78/A.5.7., CSAC 60.4.78/G.4.2.)

R.S. 108, 131, 132, 12, 215

CORRESPONDENCE  CSAC 60.4.78/G.4  [n.d.]

6 folders

BASU, Sadham  CSAC 60.4.78/G.4.1  1955-65

BIRSS, Fraser W.  CSAC 60.4.78/G.4.2  1955-65

Related information: (See also CSAC 60.4.78/G.3.4.-CSAC 60.4.78/G.3.6.)

R.S. 215

BOYD, Russell Jaye  CSAC 60.4.78/G.4.3  1969-74

R.S. 421, 442

BOYLE, Laurence L.  CSAC 60.4.78/G.4.4  1965-72

R.S. 342, 344

BROWN, Ronald D.  CSAC 60.4.78/G.4.5  1947-69

R.S. 223

BRUSH, Stephen G.  CSAC 60.4.78/G.4.6  1955-71

Includes biographical notes re R.H. Fowler and Sir John Lennard-Jones

CORRESPONDENCE  CSAC 60.4.78/G.5  [n.d.]

7 folders

CARLSON, K. Douglas  CSAC 60.4.78/G.5.1  1959-67

CHANDRA, Asish K.  CSAC 60.4.78/G.5.2  1962-74

R.S. 325

CHAPMAN, John A.  CSAC 60.4.78/G.5.3  1968-73

COHEN, Maurice  CSAC 60.4.78/G.5.4  1957-72

R.S. 258

CRAIG, David Parker  CSAC 60.4.78/G.5.5  1946-51, 1954-67; 1970

R.S. 62, 74, 106

CROSSLEY, Richard J. S.  CSAC 60.4.78/G.5.6  1960-71

R.S. 292

CRUICKSHANK, Durward W. J.  CSAC 60.4.78/G.5.7  1949-73

CORRESPONDENCE  CSAC 60.4.78/G.6  [n.d.]

7 folders

DAUDEL, Raymond  CSAC 60.4.78/G.6.1  1946-52

R.S. 47, 55, 61, 82, 91, 112, 151

DAUDEL, Raymond  CSAC 60.4.78/G.6.2  1953-73

R.S. 151, 159, 223

DEB, Bidyendu Mohan  CSAC 60.4.78/G.6.3  1964-69

R.S. 385, 405

DEB, Bidyendu Mohan  CSAC 60.4.78/G.6.4  1970-73

R.S. 400, 405, 409

DE HEER, Joop  CSAC 60.4.78/G.6.5  1948-50

R.S. 114, 119

DE HEER, Joop  CSAC 60.4.78/G.6.6  1951-66

DEN BOOR, Diet H. W. (and DEN BOOR, P. C.)  CSAC 60.4.78/G.6.7  1956-72

R.S. 134 (2nd ed.), 280, 309

CORRESPONDENCE  CSAC 60.4.78/G.7  [n.d.]

9 folders

DEWAR, Michael John Steuart  CSAC 60.4.78/G.7.1  1946-64

R.S. 59, 290

DIXON, William T.  CSAC 60.4.78/G.7.2  1960-70

R.S. 280

DOGGETT, Graham  CSAC 60.4.78/G.7.3  1960-69

R.S. 376

DUCHESNE, Jules  CSAC 60.4.78/G.7.4  1946-50

R.S. 51, 77, 78

DUCHESNE, Jules  CSAC 60.4.78/G.7.5  1951-72

R.S. 408

EPSTEIN, Irving Robert  CSAC 60.4.78/G.7.6  1965-73

EVERETT, Douglas Hugh  CSAC 60.4.78/G.7.7  1939-50, 1956-57

R.S. 16

FARMER, Christine M.  CSAC 60.4.78/G.7.8  1966-71

FELSENFELD, Gary  CSAC 60.4.78/G.7.9  1954-62

CORRESPONDENCE  CSAC 60.4.78/G.8  [n.d.]

7 folders

GERRATT, Joseph  CSAC 60.4.78/G.8.1  1964-73

R.S. 396

GIANTURCO, Francesco A.  CSAC 60.4.78/G.8.2  1964-67

R.S. 367, 368, 369, 389

GIANTURCO, Francesco A.  CSAC 60.4.78/G.8.3  1968-73

R.S. 367, 368, 369, 395

GIANTURCO, Francesco A.  CSAC 60.4.78/G.8.4  1969

R.S. 395

HAIGH, Claude William  CSAC 60.4.78/G.8.5  1960-73

R.S. 169, 293

HALL, George Garfield  CSAC 60.4.78/G.8.6  1958-72

HAYWARD, Robin J. R.  CSAC 60.4.78/G.8.7  1953-65

R.S. 186

CORRESPONDENCE  CSAC 60.4.78/G.9  [n.d.]

3 folders

JOSEPH, Anthony  CSAC 60.4.78/G.9.1  1964-67

R.S. 346, 351, 359

JOSEPH, Anthony  CSAC 60.4.78/G.9.2  1968-72

JOHNSON, Burt P.  CSAC 60.4.78/G.9.3  1962-64

R.S. 315

CORRESPONDENCE  CSAC 60.4.78/G.10  [n.d.]

6 folders

KARAGOUNIS, Georg  CSAC 60.4.78/G.10.1  1958-72

KEARSLEY, Mary J.  CSAC 60.4.78/G.10.2  1954-63

R.S. 211

Work with Mary Kearsley for papers on diamond  CSAC 60.4.78/G.10.3  [n.d.]

R.S. 183, 211

KISELEV, Aleksei Alekseevich  CSAC 60.4.78/G.10.4  1968-74

KOTANI, Masao  CSAC 60.4.78/G.10.5  1950-62

KOUTECKY, Jaroslav  CSAC 60.4.78/G.10.6  1963-71

CORRESPONDENCE  CSAC 60.4.78/G.11  [n.d.]

7 folders

LADIK, János  CSAC 60.4.78/G.11.1  1957-74

LARKINS, Francis Patrick  CSAC 60.4.78/G.11.2  1965-72

R.S. 386, 411

LENNARD-JONES, John Edward  CSAC 60.4.78/G.11.3  1933-39, 1948-50

R.S. 13, 157
Includes correspondence with Lady Lennard-Jones and typescript of CAC's Obituary of Lennard-Jones for Nature, 1954-55

LESTER, George R.  CSAC 60.4.78/G.11.4  1948-61, 1967

R.S. 174, 187

LEVINE, Raphael D.  CSAC 60.4.78/G.11.5  1963-66

LEVINE, Raphael D.  CSAC 60.4.78/G.11.6  1966-73

R.S. 357

LEWIS, John T.  CSAC 60.4.78/G.11.7  1955-72

R.S. 275

CORRESPONDENCE  CSAC 60.4.78/G.12  [n.d.]

7 folders

LIDIARD, Alan Brian  CSAC 60.4.78/G.12.1  1948-73

LINNETT, John (Jack) Wilfred  CSAC 60.4.78/G.12.2  1947-63, 1968-73

R.S. 51, 108

LIPSCOMB, William N.  CSAC 60.4.78/G.12.3  1953-72

LOMER, William Michael  CSAC 60.4.78/G.12.4  1952-61

LONG, Leon H.  CSAC 60.4.78/G.12.5  1946-58, 1963-65

LONGUET-HIGGINS, Hugh Christopher  CSAC 60.4.78/G.12.6  1946-49

LONGUET-HIGGINS, Hugh Christopher  CSAC 60.4.78/G.12.7  1950-68

R.S. 37, 50, 55, 59, 78, 86, 92, 165, 215

CORRESPONDENCE  CSAC 60.4.78/G.13  [n.d.]

7 folders

MACCOLL, Allen  CSAC 60.4.78/G.13.1  1946-49, 1963, 1968-69

R.S. 62, 74

MACKRODT, William C.  CSAC 60.4.78/G.13.2  1966-72

MADDOX, John Roydon  CSAC 60.4.78/G.13.3  1946-54, 1966, 1972

MAKIN, Doreen  CSAC 60.4.78/G.13.4  1967-73

MARCH, Norman Henry  CSAC 60.4.78/G.13.5  1949-53

R.S. 98, 116, 123, 178

MARCH, Norman Henry  CSAC 60.4.78/G.13.6  1954-57

R.S. 178

MARCH, Norman Henry  CSAC 60.4.78/G.13.7  1958-73

R.S. 271, 326

CORRESPONDENCE  CSAC 60.4.78/G.14  [n.d.]

7 folders

MASLEN, Victor William  CSAC 60.4.78/G.14.1  1953-74

MASLEN, Victor William  CSAC 60.4.78/G.14.2  1955

R.S. 210

MASON, Stephen F.  CSAC 60.4.78/G.14.3  1955-62

MATTHEWS, Roger Hardin  CSAC 60.4.78/G.14.4  1970-71

MAVROYANNIS, Constantine  CSAC 60.4.78/G.14.5  1960-63

MCWEENY, Roy  CSAC 60.4.78/G.14.6  1946-50

MCWEENY, Roy  CSAC 60.4.78/G.14.7  1951-73

R.S. 73, 89

CORRESPONDENCE  CSAC 60.4.78/G.15  [n.d.]

6 folders

MOSER, Carl M.  CSAC 60.4.78/G.15.1  1950-53

MOSER, Carl M.  CSAC 60.4.78/G.15.2  1954-57

MOSER, Carl M.  CSAC 60.4.78/G.15.3  1958-67

R.S. 143, 152

MOTT, Sir Nevill Francis  CSAC 60.4.78/G.15.4  1945-58, 1968, 1972

MULLIKEN, Robert Sanderson  CSAC 60.4.78/G.15.5  1939-43, 1948-50

MULLIKEN, Robert Sanderson  CSAC 60.4.78/G.15.6  1952-74

R.S. 97, 105, 106, 123, 314

CORRESPONDENCE  CSAC 60.4.78/G.16  [n.d.]

7 folders

NASH, John Christopher  CSAC 60.4.78/G.16.1  1968-74

R.S. 414, 435

PARR, Robert G.  CSAC 60.4.78/G.16.2  1949-73

R.S. 105, 106

PAULING, Linus (contains a long critique by Pauling of Valence, and CAC's reply)  CSAC 60.4.78/G.16.3  1948-62

R.S. 105, 134, 200

POPLE, John A.  CSAC 60.4.78/G.16.4  1950-64, 1968

POOLE, Michael Dines  CSAC 60.4.78/G.16.5  1961-67

R.S. 313, 316, 322, 327

PULLMAN, Alberte and Bernard  CSAC 60.4.78/G.16.6  1946-63

R.S. 47, 58, 62, 68

RUSHBROOKE, George Stanley  CSAC 60.4.78/G.16.7  1947-73

R.S. 67, 70, 71

CORRESPONDENCE  CSAC 60.4.78/G.17  [n.d.]

8 folders

SHARMA, Chandra Shekhar  CSAC 60.4.78/G.17.1  1958-65

SHARMA, Chandra Shekhar  CSAC 60.4.78/G.17.2  1966-74

R.S. 279, 282, 290, 331

SLOWINSKI, Emil J.  CSAC 60.4.78/G.17.3  1959-60, 1968, 1970-73

STEWART, Eric Theal  CSAC 60.4.78/G.17.4  1951-59

STEWART, Eric Theal  CSAC 60.4.78/G.17.5  1960-64

STEWART, Eric Theal  CSAC 60.4.78/G.17.6  1964-68

R.S. 183, 321

STOCKER, David  CSAC 60.4.78/G.17.7  1957-62

R.S. 245, 287

SUTTON, Leslie Ernest  CSAC 60.4.78/G.17.8  1947-51, 1958-59, 1965-67

CORRESPONDENCE  CSAC 60.4.78/G.18  [n.d.]

7 folders

VAN DER WAALS, John H.  CSAC 60.4.78/G.18.1  1950-53, 1968-71

WALMSLEY, Mary  CSAC 60.4.78/G.18.2  1964-67

WALMSLEY, Mary  CSAC 60.4.78/G.18.3  1967-74

R.S. 345, 347, 437

WEAVER, Ronald F.  CSAC 60.4.78/G.18.4  1968-74

WILLIAMS, David John  CSAC 60.4.78/G.18.5  1958-60

WILLIAMS, David John  CSAC 60.4.78/G.18.6  1961-74

ZAULI, Carlo  CSAC 60.4.78/G.18.7  1955-69

R.S. 301

CORRESPONDENCE (Theoretical Chemistry Dept.)  CSAC 60.4.78/G.19  [n.d.]

22 folders

ABRAHAM, Douglas Bruce  CSAC 60.4.78/G.19.1  1972-74

BECKEL, Charles L.  CSAC 60.4.78/G.19.2  1972-74

BENNETT, Margaret N.  CSAC 60.4.78/G.19.3  1972

BERRY, R. Stephen  CSAC 60.4.78/G.19.4  1959-60, 1972-73

CHILD, Mark S.  CSAC 60.4.78/G.19.5  1972-74

CHOJNACKI, Henryk  CSAC 60.4.78/G.19.6  1973-74

COLBOURN, Elizabeth Ann  CSAC 60.4.78/G.19.7  1971-74

COLLIER, Charles H.  CSAC 60.4.78/G.19.8  1973

DUKE, Brian J.  CSAC 60.4.78/G.19.9  1971-73

FERREIRA, Ricardo  CSAC 60.4.78/G.19.10  1973-74

GIARETTA, David Leslie  CSAC 60.4.78/G.19.11  1973

GOMBERG, Martin Godfrey Luis  CSAC 60.4.78/G.19.12  1972-73

GOMES, José Alberto Nunes Ferreira  CSAC 60.4.78/G.19.13  1972-73

GOPINATHAN, M. S.  CSAC 60.4.78/G.19.14  1972-73

GRAVES, John L.  CSAC 60.4.78/G.19.15  1973

HALL, Brian John  CSAC 60.4.78/G.19.16  1972-73

HALPERN, Alvin  CSAC 60.4.78/G.19.17  1973-74

HASKINS, Peter J.  CSAC 60.4.78/G.19.18  1971-73

ISSIGONI, Margaret Joan  CSAC 60.4.78/G.19.19  1971-73

JACKSON, Malcolm  CSAC 60.4.78/G.19.20  1971-74

KLEPPMANN, Wilhelm Georg  CSAC 60.4.78/G.19.21  1973

KÖPPEL, Horst Hans Georg  CSAC 60.4.78/G.19.22  1972-78

Folder also contains correspondence re possible publication of paper 'Pure rotational spectrum of BF3' (Köppel's work in collaboration with CAC).

CORRESPONDENCE (Theoretical Chemistry Dept.)  CSAC 60.4.78/G.20  [n.d.]

12 folders

LOWE, John P.  CSAC 60.4.78/G.20.1  1971-74

MALLION, Roger Blakeney  CSAC 60.4.78/G.20.2, 3  1968-74

MUCCI, Joseph F.  CSAC 60.4.78/G.20.4  1972-74

NWACHUKU, Charles O.  CSAC 60.4.78/G.20.5  1973

O'LEARY, Brian Leonard  CSAC 60.4.78/G.20.6  1969-73

ORLANSKY, Daniel  CSAC 60.4.78/G.20.7  1973

ORTEGA BLAKE, Ivan  CSAC 60.4.78/G.20.8  1973

PAJUNEN, Petri Juhani  CSAC 60.4.78/G.20.9  1973-74

PETTITT, Brian Ackroyd  CSAC 60.4.78/G.20.10  1971-73

PULFER, James Douglas  CSAC 60.4.78/G.20.11  1973-74

PULLIN, A. David E.  CSAC 60.4.78/G.20.12  1971-73

CORRESPONDENCE (Theoretical Chemistry Dept.)  CSAC 60.4.78/G.21  [n.d.]

13 folders

RAYMENT, Trevor  CSAC 60.4.78/G.21.1  1972-73

REED, Paul  CSAC 60.4.78/G.21.2  1972-73

RØEGGEN, Inge Arvid  CSAC 60.4.78/G.21.3  1973

SCHORPP, Karl Theodor  CSAC 60.4.78/G.21.4  1972-73

SHAW, Gilbert B.  CSAC 60.4.78/G.21.5  1972-73

SHUN, Dick-Huck  CSAC 60.4.78/G.21.6  1973-74

TAVARES, Maria Amália  CSAC 60.4.78/G.21.7  1973

THOMAS, Michael W.  CSAC 60.4.78/G.21.8  1969-73

THORSON, Walter R.  CSAC 60.4.78/G.21.9  1972-74

Related information: (See also CSAC 60.4.78/C.19.12)

TOUGH, Robert John Alexander  CSAC 60.4.78/G.21.10  1972-74

TRINAJSTIC;, Nenad  CSAC 60.4.78/G.21.11  1968, 1972-74

WHITEHEAD, Michael Anthony  CSAC 60.4.78/G.21.12  1972-74

YOUNGSON, Martin  CSAC 60.4.78/G.21.13  1973-74

CORRESPONDENCE (Theoretical Chemistry Department)  CSAC 60.4.78/G.22  [n.d.]

Correspondence 1973-74, mainly re colloquia and 'coffee party' talks to be given by visiting scholars and research workers in the Department.
Much of the correspondence covers the last months of CAC's life, and was continued by Miss Schwerdt after his death. It shows his determination to maintain a thriving and lively department despite his own growing incapacity, and to arrange a constant sequence of talks and visitors throughout the academic year 1974-75.
The correspondence in this box is not indexed.


11 boxes

Related information: See also:
CSAC 60.4.78/A.2.5 and CSAC 60.4.78/A.2.6, re Centenary Party, 1958
CSAC 60.4.78/A.14.14 and CSAC 60.4.78/A.14.15, re Theoretical Chemistry Department
CSAC 60.4.78/E.3.4 and CSAC 60.4.78/E.3.5, re IBM Research Fellowship
CSAC 60.4.78/G.19 - CSAC 60.4.78/G.22, correspondence relating to the Theoretical Chemistry Department

This section relates to CAC's university and departmental work at Oxford 1952-74. The material ranges over a wide variety of topics: student admissions, course work, lecture schedules, examining, DSIR/SRC research grants, university and advisory committees, etc. The growth of the School of Mathematics during CAC's service as Rouse Ball Professor is amply documented as is CAC's care for detail and personal concern for the welfare of all the members of the Mathematical Institute. Items CSAC 60.4.78/H.7.3 - CSAC 60.4.78/H.7.7 trace the gradual emergence of the new Theoretical Chemistry Department.


5 items

Two loose-leaf notebooks containing printed notices and programmes for CAC's departmental 'coffee party' talks, colloquia in atomic and molecular structure and seminars in quantum theory.  CSAC 60.4.78/H.1.1. and H.1.2  1953-73

Related information: (See also CSAC 60.4.78/B.13.6.)

Distribution of reprints  CSAC 60.4.78/H.1.3. and H.1.4  [n.d.]

Two notebooks containing lists of CAC's reprints and of the recipients, with some correspondence re requests to be put on the mailing list.

'Problems Book'  CSAC 60.4.78/H.1.5  1953-56

Related information: (See also Box CSAC 60.4.78/B.15 and CSAC 60.4.78/B.33.1.)

Bound notebook indexed by CAC by areas of interest (Reactions, Molecular Structure, Wave Mechanics, Metals). Each section is sub-indexed by title of problem, page and date. Each entry notes how the problem was first suggested to CAC (i.e. conversations with colleagues, students' theses), a description of the problem and CAC's thoughts on how the problem might best be solved.


7 items

One box of correspondence and papers relative to the planning, building and equipping of the new Mathematical Institute.
CAC's scrupulous attention to the myriad details of the project, from the first meetings to discuss tentative requirements for the new building to his weekly notes re minor items which were faulty or lacking after the building was completed and occupied, is much in evidence.

CAC's notes, drafts, and memoranda with floor plan sketches.  CSAC 60.4.78/H.2.1  [n.d.]

3 folders of correspondence  CSAC 60.4.78/H.2.2.-H.2.4  [n.d.]

With colleagues in the Maths Department, with Oxford University Registry and Surveyor's Office, with colleagues in other universities re their suggestions, with BBC re possibility of closed-circuit television, with suppliers of equipment, with librarians of other departments and universities re design of new library. Invitation to Lord Blackett to open the new building.

Correspondence  CSAC 60.4.78/H.2.2  1959-62

Correspondence  CSAC 60.4.78/H.2.3  1963-64

Correspondence  CSAC 60.4.78/H.2.4  1965-66

Printed memoranda for circulation within the Department re meetings of Planning Subcommittee, suggestions to be incorporated into the design; press-cuttings.  CSAC 60.4.78/H.2.5  [n.d.]

Bound notebook containing lists of furnishings and requirements for each room.  CSAC 60.4.78/H.2.6  [n.d.]

Architects' drawings.  CSAC 60.4.78/H.2.7  [n.d.]


Two boxes of correspondence with and re applicants to study at the Mathematical Institute and/or the Theoretical Chemistry Department, who, for various reasons, did not come. The correspondence has not been broken down into folders or indexed.


8 folders

Quantum theory lectures  CSAC 60.4.78/H.5.1  1969-72

Printed schedules, synopses, correspondence with colleagues and Oxford University Registry, notes and memoranda.

Diploma in Advanced Mathematics  CSAC 60.4.78/H.5.2.-H.5.4  1964-74

Related information: (See also CSAC 60.4.78/H.10, correspondence with the DSIR re establishment and administration of the Diploma)

Memoranda and notes circulated by CAC, correspondence with colleagues, students and Registry, timetable of examinations, students' work schedules, agenda and minutes of departmental meetings, lists of questions for examinations. The Diploma programme later became the M.Sc. in Mathematics by course of special study.

Proposal to establish an advanced course in quantum theory which eventually became the Diploma in Advanced Mathematics.  CSAC 60.4.78/H.5.5  1963

One folder of correspondence and papers re organization and teaching of weekly classes for students doing Mathematical Moderations.  CSAC 60.4.78/H.5.6  1965, 1971

Notes and drafts of examination papers in mathematics and theoretical physics, London and Oxford.  CSAC 60.4.78/H.5.7  1950-64

Folder of correspondence re arrangements for visit to Oxford by group of chemistry students from Leiden.  CSAC 60.4.78/H.5.8  1956-57


8 folders

Committee for the Computing Laboratory  CSAC 60.4.78/H.6.1.-H.6.4  [n.d.]

Related information: (See also Box CSAC 60.4.78/E.5, Inter-University Committee on Computing)

Four folders of committee papers, annual reports, correspondence and comments by CAC.
In chronological order:

Committee for the Computing Laboratory  CSAC 60.4.78/H.6.1  1963

Committee for the Computing Laboratory  CSAC 60.4.78/H.6.2  1964

Committee for the Computing Laboratory  CSAC 60.4.78/H.6.3  1965

Committee for the Computing Laboratory  CSAC 60.4.78/H.6.4  1966

One folder of correspondence and papers re a proposal to allow individual university departments to acquire their own computers in addition to having access to the central University computing facilities.  CSAC 60.4.78/H.6.5  1963

CAC was a member of the committee which the University established to advise on the merits of the proposal. Many of the letters are replies either to CAC or to his colleagues on the committee who had written to heads of departments in other universities for views and recommendations.

Oxford Union Society  CSAC 60.4.78/H.6.6.-H.6.7  1957-74

CAC acted as science adviser to the Library Committee of the Oxford Union.
Correspondence with Librarian of the Union re purchase of books, with colleagues for their opinion on books outside CAC's field. Lists of books recommended for purchase.
The correspondence is not indexed.

Oxford Mathematical and Physical Society  CSAC 60.4.78/H.6.8  1970-73

CAC was President 1969-73.
Correspondence re arrangements for meetings and speakers.
The folder includes much correspondence arising from CAC's efforts to trace the first minute book of the Society. When his efforts proved to be unsuccessful, he deposited in the Bodleian Library in 1973 the second minute book, which covered the period 1925-54. (Bodleian Reference: MS. Top. Oxon. d. 655). The current minute book in in the Mathematical Institute.


9 folders

Committee on Applied Mathematics  CSAC 60.4.78/H.7.1  1966-67

Committee papers, correspondence and papers re revision of the syllabus.

Atlas Computer Laboratory  CSAC 60.4.78/H.7.2  1973

Applications to use its computer, correspondence.

Sub-Faculty of Chemistry  CSAC 60.4.78/H.7.3.-H.7.7  1955-73

Correspondence, committee papers, lecture schedules and synopses, architects' plans and proposals for the redevelopment of the University Science Area.
Planning requirements re allocation of space.
Suggestions, proposals and correspondence re creation of Department of Theoretical Chemistry.
N.B. A note by Miss R. Schwerdt states that 'most agenda and minutes have been removed except those particularly connected with the correspondence'.
Five folders in chronological order:

Sub Faculty of Chemistry  CSAC 60.4.78/H.7.3  1955-61

Sub Faculty of Chemistry  CSAC 60.4.78/H.7.4  1961-63

Sub Faculty of Chemistry  CSAC 60.4.78/H.7.5  1963-66

Sub Faculty of Chemistry  CSAC 60.4.78/H.7.6  1966-73

Includes letter from CAC to F. Dainton, 7 June 1970, in which he sets forth his views on the relationship he anticipates between the proposed Theoretical Chemistry Department and Physical Chemistry Laboratory.

Architects' plans  CSAC 60.4.78/H.7.7  [n.d.]

Oxford University Commission of Enquiry (The Franks Commission)  CSAC 60.4.78/H.7.8  1964-65

Correspondence, questionnaire and replies, comments on drafts of replies.

Heads of Chemistry Departments  CSAC 60.4.78/H.7.9  1973-74

Minor committee papers, some annotated by CAC.

FACULTY BOARDS  CSAC 60.4.78/H.8  [n.d.]

9 folders

Sub-Faculty of Mathematics, Board of the Faculty of Physical Sciences  CSAC 60.4.78/H.8.1.-H.8.4  1951-1962

Committee papers, correspondence re lecture schedules, syllabus, meetings of the Sub-Faculty, outside lecturers, examination results, reprint collection held at the Mathematical Institute and other items of Sub-Faculty business.
Four folders in chronological order:
CSAC 60.4.78/H.8.1. 1952-56
CSAC 60.4.78/H.8.2. 1956-59
CSAC 60.4.78/H.8.3. 1959-61
CSAC 60.4.78/H.8.4. 1962
In Trinity Term 1963 a separate Board of the Faculty of Mathematics was established.

Board of the Faculty of Mathematics  CSAC 60.4.78/H.8.5.-H.8.7  1963-73

Correspondence re students, nominations to the Board, lecture lists and synopses, Diploma, examination statutes, grants, curatorship of the Mathematical Institute, and other items of Faculty business.
Three folders in chronological order:
CSAC 60.4.78/H.8.5. 1963-66
CSAC 60.4.78/H.8.6. 1967
CSAC 60.4.78/H.8.7. 1968-73

Board of the Faculty of Mathematics  CSAC 60.4.78/H.8.8.-H.8.9  1965-74

Printed material for circulation among faculty members or for distribution to students: lecture lists and synopses, reading lists, information about post-graduate numbers, analyses of examination results.


9 folders

Committee of Management, Mathematical Institute  CSAC 60.4.78/H.9.1.-H.9.2  1963-71

2 folders.

Related information: (See also Box CSAC 60.4.78/H.2)

Correspondence, committee papers.

Mathematical Institute  CSAC 60.4.78/H.9.3  1952-70, 1973

General correspondence: draft of statute establishing Mathematical Institute, correspondence re allocation of rooms, expenditure, maintenance of buildings, architects' plans, lecture lists.
Correspondence re Mathematical Prizes Fund.

Progress Reports  CSAC 60.4.78/H.9.4  1965-73

Related information: (See also CSAC 60.4.78/H.11.17.)

Circular letters sent to all members of the department with request for a report on their work during the past year. The replies were published in the annual Reports of the Wave Mechanics and Quantum Chemistry Group.

Quantum Chemistry (Supplementary Subject)  CSAC 60.4.78/H.9.5  1973-74

Examining: examination questions, correspondence with secretary of nominating committees.

Radcliffe Science Library  CSAC 60.4.78/H.9.6  1964-68

Correspondence re library policy.

University Museum  CSAC 60.4.78/H.9.7  1954

Correspondence re meetings of the delegates, committee business.

University Registry  CSAC 60.4.78/H.9.8  1952-73

Correspondence with Registry re supervision of students, building plans for science area, research fellowships, finances, etc.

George Eastman Chair  CSAC 60.4.78/H.9.9  1960-63



6 folders

One box of correspondence and papers relative to DSIR/SRC research grants and postgraduate training awards for members of the Mathematical Institute 1963-64. The correspondence is with officials of DSIR/SRC, colleagues, students, Oxford University Registry on matters of policy, the selection and administration of awards, the establishment and periodic evaluation of the Diploma Course in Advanced Mathematics, etc.
Six folders in chronological order:

Mathematical Institute  CSAC 60.4.78/H.10.1  1963-64

Mathematical Institute  CSAC 60.4.78/H.10.2  1965

Mathematical Institute  CSAC 60.4.78/H.10.3  1966-67

Mathematical Institute  CSAC 60.4.78/H.10.4  1968-69

Mathematical Institute  CSAC 60.4.78/H.10.5  1970

Mathematical Institute  CSAC 60.4.78/H.10.6  1971-72


17 folders

Correspondence with applicants to study at the Theoretical Chemistry Department who did not take up residence following CAC's death.  CSAC 60.4.78/H.11.1.-H.11.13  [n.d.]

Related information: (See also CSAC 60.4.78/G.19.-G.21.)

Adams, William H.  CSAC 60.4.78/H.11.1  [n.d.]

Asubiojo, F.O.I.  CSAC 60.4.78/H.11.2  [n.d.]

Buchanan, David  CSAC 60.4.78/H.11.3  [n.d.]

Durham, P.J.  CSAC 60.4.78/H.11.4  [n.d.]

Keaveny, I.T.  CSAC 60.4.78/H.11.5  [n.d.]

Lavery, R.  CSAC 60.4.78/H.11.6  [n.d.]

Ohkubo, K.  CSAC 60.4.78/H.11.7  [n.d.]

Pickup, B.T.  CSAC 60.4.78/H.11.8  [n.d.]

Plowman, A.  CSAC 60.4.78/H.11.9  [n.d.]

Rai, D.K.  CSAC 60.4.78/H.11.10  [n.d.]

Rankin, J.  CSAC 60.4.78/H.11.11  [n.d.]

Wade-Wright, P.P.  CSAC 60.4.78/H.11.12  [n.d.]

Williams, M. L.  CSAC 60.4.78/H.11.13  [n.d.]

Two folders of correspondence re references, supervision, grants, etc. for those students at the Mathematical Institute who were not under CAC's supervision. Not indexed.  CSAC 60.4.78/H.11.14.-H.11.15  nd

CAC's list of research students at King's College, London and the Mathematical Institute, Oxford.  CSAC 60.4.78/H.11.16  1949-69

Progress report for 1972-73, Oxford University Department of Theoretical Chemistry.  CSAC 60.4.78/H.11.17  [n.d.]

Related information: (A complete set of the annual Reports of the Wave Mechanics and Quantum Theory Group may be found in the Mathematical Institute and the Radcliffe Science Library, Oxford.)
(See also CSAC 60.4.78/H.9.4.)

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