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Report on the papers of SIR RUDOLF (ERNST) PEIERLS, C.B.E., F.R.S. 1907-1995

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Reference CSAC 52.6.77
Covering dates 1923-1974
Held by Oxford University, Bodleian Library, Special Collections and Western Manuscripts
Extent 544 files
Source of acquisition The papers were received from Sir Rudolf Peierls in August 1974, after his retirement from the Wykeham Chair of Physics, Oxford University. They refer therefore only to his activities up to 1974.
Deposited in 1977
Creators Peierls, Sir, Rudolph Ernst, 1907-1995, theoretical physicist
Arrangement A. Biographical and personal CSAC 52.6.77/A.1 - CSAC 52.6.77/A.28
B. University and academic (at Birmingham and Oxford) CSAC 52.6.77/B.1 - CSAC 52.6.77/B.47
C. Scientific correspondence CSAC 52.6.77/C.1 - CSAC 52.6.77/C.359
D. Publications, broadcasts, reports CSAC 52.6.77/D.1 - CSAC 52.6.77/D.25
E. Conferences, symposia, invitation lectures, visits CSAC 52.6.77/E.1 - CSAC 52.6.77/E.35
F. Committees, Societies, Consultancies CSAC 52.6.77/F.1 - CSAC 52.6.77/F.50
Index to principal correspondents
Retained by Peierls: (Peierls's own memorandum about this material is included in CSAC 52.6.77/A.1)
1. All papers dealing with matters after 1974.
2. Domestic, personal and family correspondence, some relating to his early career.
3. Some private papers relating to his professional life.
4. Taped lectures, viz: 4 Pauli Lectures given at Zürich; 4 lectures (3 tapes) on 'Physics and Philosophy' given at Oxford; 1 autobiographical talk given at Clarendon Laboratory, Oxford.
United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority, Harwell, Archives:
Reports, correspondence and a diary relating to work during the Second World War. When these papers are declassified they will join those already declassified in the Public Record Office, London (see Item CSAC 52.6.77/A.21). Some miscellaneous declassified reports appear in Item CSAC 52.6.77/D.24 of the present collection.
N.B. The texts of the two versions of the 'Peierls-Frisch Memorandum' on the feasibility and power of an atomic weapon have been published in:
Britain and Atomic Energy 1939-45, M.M. Gowing, Macmillan, 1964, pp.389-93.
Tizard, R. Clark, Methuen, 1965, pp.215-217 (fuller version).
Sources for History of Quantum Physics, University of California at Berkeley: taped interview (see Item CSAC 52.6.77/A.18).
Center for the History of Physics, American Institute of Physics, New York: taped interview (see Items CSAC 52.6.77/A.1 and CSAC 52.6.77/A.20).
Note Compiled by: Jeannine Alton
Harriot Weiskittel

Administrative history:
Born 5 June 1907 in Berlin. Educated at a 'Gymnasium' (High School) in a Berlin suburb. On leaving school spent six months as a trainee technician in industry. Entered Berlin University in October 1925 as a student of physics. Transferred to University of Munich in October 1926 in the Department of Theoretical Physics (Professor A. Sommerfeld). In Spring of 1928 transferred to the Theoretical Physics Department at Leipzig University (Professor W. Heisenberg) and in Spring 1929 to the Federal Institute of Technology (E.T.H.) Zürich (Professor W. Pauli). D.Phil. 1929 Leipzig with dissertation on the thermal conductivity of non-conducting crystals; written under the supervision of Pauli. Autumn 1929 to autumn 1932 'Assistant' to W. Pauli. Autumn 1932 to autumn 1933 Rockefeller Fellowship held in Rome (E. Fermi) and Cambridge (P.A.M. Dirac, R.H. Fowler). 1933 to 1935 research in Manchester University supported by 'academic assistance' grant for German refugees. 1935 to 1937 research at Royal Society Mond Laboratory, Cambridge. 1937 to 1963 a Professor of Applied Mathematics, later changed to Mathematical Physics, University of Birmingham. 1963 to 1974 Wykeham Professor of Theoretical Physics, University of Oxford and Fellow of New College.
1940 to 1945 work on atomic energy. Initially in collaboration with O.R. Frisch to point out the feasibility and power of an atomic weapon, and later on secondment to the British Government project to work on the theory of isotope preparation, and on questions involved in the size, design and efficiency of an atom bomb. Transferred to U.S.A. in 1943, first in New York in collaboration with the isotope separation research at Kellex, later at Los Alamos.
Research work includes quantum theory of solids of electro-magnetic fields and of the solid nucleus. Some of this was done jointly with L. Landau, H.A. Bethe, N. Bohr and others. Visits to other institutions include semester at the Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, a semester at Columbia University 1959, The Battelle Visiting Professorship at the University of Washington for two quarters in 1967, and subsequent shorter visits to the University of Washington in 1968, 1969, 1970, 1971 and 1973.
Degrees: D.Phil. Leipzig 1929, D.Sc. Manchester 1935, M.A. Cambridge (ex officio) 1935, M.Sc. Birmingham (ex officio) 1937, M.A. Oxford (ex officio) 1963. Fellow Royal Society 1945, Foreign Honorary Member, American Academy of Arts and Sciences 1962, Foreign Associate, American National Academy of Sciences 1970. Awarded C.B.E. 1946, Knighthood 1968. Royal Medal, Royal Society 1959. Lorentz Medal, Royal Netherlands Academy of Sciences 1962. Planck Medaille, Association of German Physical Society 1963. Guthrie Medal, Institute of Physics and Physical Society 1968. Hon. Fellow, Institute of Physics 1974.
Founding member of the Atomic Scientists Association and member of their Council during its existence. Participant in the Pugwash Conferences on Science and World Affairs. A member of Continuing Committee 1963 to 1974. Chairman of Continuing Committee 1970 to 1974.
Married in 1931. One son, three daughters.

The collection, which consists almost entirely of correspondence written and received, covers all aspects of Peierls's career to 1974, including scientific research, service on committees, advisory boards, etc., publications, appointments, overseas visits and the like.
Because of his own highly distinguished scientific work and his knowledge of the world of physics in one of its heroic periods, his involvement with work on the atomic bomb during the Second World War and with disarmament and the Pugwash movement after it, Peierls has already attracted the attention of historians, and has given reminiscences and accounts of episodes in his life, on tape, radio, television, in print and by correspondence. Several of these have been brought together in a sub-section of Section A, items CSAC 52.6.77/A.16 - CSAC 52.6.77/A.28, and in CSAC 52.6.77/D.22 - CSAC 52.6.77/D.23. Other items not in the present collection are mentioned in Locations of other material below. Peierls's retirement from the Wykeham Chair was marked by a Symposium held in Oxford 11-12 July 1974. Correspondence with participants, and tapes of the talks and discussion, are contained, by courtesy of the organisers Dr. I.J.R. Aitchison and Dr. J.E. Paton, in CSAC 52.6.77/A.25 - CSAC 52.6.77/A.28, and include many personal and scientific recollections of Peierls and his career.


Biographical and early career CSAC 52.6.77/A. 1-CSAC 52.6.77/A. 2
Honours and awards CSAC 52.6.77/A. 3-CSAC 52.6.77/A. 9
General personal correspondence CSAC 52.6.77/A.10-CSAC 52.6.77/A.15
Autobiographical and historical reminiscences CSAC 52.6.77/A.16-CSAC 52.6.77/A.28

[no title or date]  CSAC 52.6.77/A.1

Biographical notes, bibliography. A narrative chronology entitled 'Peierls's War Years' has been extracted from correspondence with Charles Weiner and listed here for ease of reference (see also CSAC 52.6.77/A.20).

[no title or date]  CSAC 52.6.77/A.2

Early work and career:
Ms. Essay written at school on 'Today's school from the point of view of the pupil' (in German). 1923-24
Ms. notes for a seminar given in Munich (in German). 1927
Offer from Professor Dr. W. Lenz of an assistantship in the Institute for Theoretical Physics, University of Hamburg. (Ms. letter in German.) Peierls provisionally accepted the offer and then subsequently withdrew his acceptance when it became clear that Hitler would come to power in Germany. 1933

Honours, awards and elections and letters of congratulation  CSAC 52.6.77/A.3-A.9  [n.d.]

[no title or date]  CSAC 52.6.77/A.3

Certificates of honour and accompanying correspondence:
Fellowship of the Institute of Physics 1943
C.B.E. 1946
Medal of Freedom with Silver Palm, U.S.A. 1947
Royal Medal, Royal Society 1959
Foreign Honorary Member, American Academy of Arts and Sciences 1962
Honorary Associate, College of Advanced Technology, Birmingham (now University of Aston) 1963
Guthrie Prize and Medal, The Institute of Physics and the Physical Society 1967
Knighthood 1968
Honorary Fellow, The Institute of Physics 1973

[no title or date]  CSAC 52.6.77/A.4

Honorary Degrees:
D.Sc. University of Liverpool 1960
D.Sc. University of Birmingham 1967
D.Sc. University of Edinburgh 1969
Correspondence re arrangements for ceremonies and dinners, letters of congratulation.

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/A.5  1959

Letters of congratulation on the award of the Royal Medal by the Royal Society.

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/A.6  1961-63

Correspondence with Oxford and Birmingham Universities re offer and acceptance of the Wykeham Chair of Physics, Oxford.

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/A.7  1962

Letters of congratulation on Peierls's election to the Wykeham Chair.

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/A.8  1962

Award of the Lorentz Medal by the Royal Netherlands Academy of Science and Letters: correspondence with the Academy re arrangements for the presentation of the medal, text of Peierls's reply at the ceremony on 24 November, printed report of the meeting. Correspondence re arrangements to give a seminar in Leiden.

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/A.9  1963

Related information: (See also CSAC 52/9/77/E.5 for correspondence re travel arrangements to Hamburg to receive the Medal.)

Letters of congratulation on the award of the Max Planck Medal.

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/A.10  1950-65

Congratulatory letters written by Peierls and some replies from recipients (in date order).

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/A.11  1943-63

Miscellaneous personal correspondence: letters of thanks, invitations, replies to appeals, requests for interviews, etc.
CSAC 52.6.77/A. 12 includes correspondence with Mark Boxer of The Times who drew a caricature of Peierls for New College that is also reproduced on the cover of the retirement symposium volume. (See also CSAC 52.6.77/A.25.)

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/A.12  1965-74

CSAC 52/6/77/A.12 includes correspondence with Mark Boxer of The Times who drew a caricature of Peierls for New College that is also reproduced on the cover of the retirement symposium volume. (See also CSAC 52/6/77/A.25.)

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/A.13  1950-74

Correspondence re various social invitations, valedictory lectures, visits, etc.

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/A.14  1962-73

'Consumer Complaints': correspondence with airlines, shops and organisations re poor service, invoicing errors and the like.

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/A.15  1964-65

Correspondence re a gift for Madame S. Bonnevay, widow of Georges Bonnevay who had worked in Birmingham with Peierls, 1959-61: letter sent by Peierls to Bonnevay's colleagues, replies from contributors, letters of thanks from Mme. Bonnevay. (See also CSAC 52.6.77/C.38.)

Autobiographical and historical reminiscences.  CSAC 52.6.77/A.16-A.24  [n.d.]

Peierls received many requests from historians and biographers for information regarding the development of quantum physics and for his recollections and reminiscences of scientific colleagues. He answered at length the many questions put to him and commented on draft manuscripts with care and fairness. This correspondence has been brought together with other shorter material relating to the history of science and presented in date order with a brief indication of the subject matter.

[no title or date]  CSAC 52.6.77/A.16

Correspondence with W. Stanners re modern warfare and its morality (lengthy letter from Peierls on this subject). 1946
Correspondence with Alexander Sachs re his testimony before the US Senate Committee on Atomic Energy. 1946
'I am not perturbed', statement by Peierls for publication in the Sunday Express in refutation of its article of 29 October 1950, entitled 'Perturbed Men' which attempted to represent the attitude of foreign-born scientists as a result of the Pontecorvo case. (See also CSAC 52.6.77/C.42, CSAC 52.6.77/C.109, CSAC 52.6.77/C.266, CSAC 52.6.77/C.281.) 1950
Correspondence with F.G. Gregory re cancellation of invitation to Professor C.F. Powell to lecture in Germany. (See also CSAC 52.6.77/C.250.) 1953
Ms. on 'The Lesson of the Fuchs case', 7pp. with Peierls's recollections of Fuchs and his reflection on security and its consequent social problem. n.d., probably 1952. 1952
Correspondence with Professor Hugh Trevor-Roper re his statement in a review of a book on the Oppenheimer case that Oppenheimer had resided in Cambridge after the hearings. 1955
Correspondence with Martin J. Klein re biography of Paul 1957 Ehrenfest. (See also CSAC 52.6.77/C.92.) 1957
'The bias of nature', article by J. Bronowski sent for discussion with Peierls. 1957

[no title or date]  CSAC 52.6.77/A.17

Correspondence with H.V. Rowley re the history of the Atomic Weapons Research Establishment. 1958
Correspondence with Franz Bergel re apartheid in South African universities. 1959
Correspondence with Mrs. Nancy Arms re her proposed biography of Sir Francis Simon (published as A Prophet in Two Countries). (See also CSAC 52.6.77/C.281-CSAC 52.6.77/C.282.) 1960
Letter from Norwood Russell Hanson re history of the positive electron. 1960
Correspondence with Melania Serbu re transverse waves in liquid and her correspondence with the Einstein 1928-48 (in German). 1959-62
Includes correspondence with the Einstein estate and photocopy of Einstein's letter to Miss Serbu of 9 January 1929.

[no title or date]  CSAC 52.6.77/A.18

Letter from John Wheeler re the 'sources for the history of quantum physics' project (Peierls was interviewed by John Heilbron in June 1963 for this history). 1962
Correspondence with Walter Schneir re the Los Alamos project, Klaus Fuchs and the Soviet nuclear weapons programme. 1961-63
Correspondence with Ronald Clark re the Frisch-Peierls memorandum. 1963
Correspondence with Edward Lilly re the development of the concept of dislocations. (See also CSAC 52.6.77/C.229, Peierls's correspondence with Orowan, and CSAC 52.6.77/E.11.) 1964
Letter from Lansing Lamont re his book Day of Trinity and the Los Alamos project; Peierls's brief reply. 1964
Correspondence with N. Kemmer re his obituary notice of Hans Halban in The Times; copy of the notice. (See also CSAC 52.6.77/C.130.) 1964

[no title or date]  CSAC 52.6.77/A.19

Correspondence with Margaret Gowing re research for her book Britain and Atomic Energy, 1939-45: extensive comments and recollections by Peierls. Includes extracts from a June 1963 memorandum to Mrs. Gowing by Sir Henry Dale re British scientists' attitudes to the use of the bombs against the Japanese. Later correspondence re Peierls's article on Oppenheimer for the Dictionary of Scientific Biography. (See also CSAC 52.6.77/D.9.) 1961-63 1972

[no title or date]  CSAC 52.6.77/A.20

Correspondence with Malcolm D. Ferrier re Frisch-Peierls memorandum. 1965
Correspondence with A.N. Bryan-Brown re speech about V. Weisskopf (the Latin oration on the occasion of his honorary degree from Oxford where Bryan-Brown was Public Orator). (See also CSAC 52.6.77/C.322 and CSAC 52.6.77/C.330.) 1965
Correspondence with Edwin M. McMillan re Oliphant's proposal for a high energy proton accelerator. 1967
Correspondence with J. Thewlis re 'Peierls stress' and non-local potentials. 1967
Correspondence with R.S. Shankland re the Compton effect. 1969
Correspondence with Charles Weiner re his tape-recorded oral history interview with Peierls (August 1969), correction of the transcript, etc. This tape and transcript are deposited in the Center for History of Physics, American Institute of Physics, New York. A narrative chronology titled 'Peierls's War Years' (1940-44), perhaps prepared by the Center as background information for C. Weiner before the interview, has been extracted and listed separately. (See Item A.I.) 1969-73
Correspondence with Robert Reid re his book Tongues of Conscience: Peierls's comments or, the manuscript of one chapter, especially re the refugee scientists in Britain. (See also CSAC 52.6.77/D.23.) 1968-69
Correspondence with Ronald Clark re his biography of Albert Einstein: Peierls's comments on that part of the manuscript dealing with Einstein's reaction to Szilard's proposal in 1939 for a nuclear weapon. Peierls's letter includes a query of Clark's statement that fission was 'in some ways the climax of half a century's work.' 1970

[no title or date]  CSAC 52.6.77/A.21

Correspondence with David H. Frisch re his paper 'Scientists and the Decision to Bomb Japan without a Demonstration', enclosing copies of letters from Gen. Leslie Groves, Vannevar Bush and James Conant who had commented on the manuscript and on the events described therein. 1970
Correspondence with Lorna Arnold of the UK Atomic Energy Authority re Peierls's wartime atomic energy papers. When these papers are declassified they will be deposited in the Public Record Office, London. (See also CSAC 52.6.77/D.24.) 1970
Letter to Kurt Mendelssohn answering historical questions re the estimation of the critical size and the resulting work on isotope separation. (The papers do not include a copy of Mendelssohn's questions.) 1970
Remarks on the pre-history of the discovery of slow neutron capture by Maurice Goldhaber: photostatic copy of the paper. 1971
Correspondence with A. Ince of Anglo Great Lakes Corporation Ltd. who was attempting to locate a pre-print of a paper 'The production and properties of graphite for reactors' read at the Atoms for Peace Conference in Geneva, 1955. 1971
Letter to L. Van Hove re Pauli and Heisenberg. (See also CSAC 52.6.77/C.138 and CSAC 52.6.77/C.234-240.) 1971

[no title or date]  CSAC 52.6.77/A.22

Related information: NOTE: The following files also contain correspondence and/or writings of a special historical/autobiographical interest, although this list is by no means complete:
CSAC 52.6.77/C.218 Correspondence with N.F. Mott re history of metal-insulator transitions.
CSAC 52.6.77/C.265 Correspondence with P. Rosbaud re the German scientific effort during the War.
CSAC 52.6.77/D.10 Autobiographical note by Peierls for Modern Men of Science.
CSAC 52.6.77/D.18 Obituary notices of G.N. Watson, M. Born, L. Rosenfeld; Peierls's review of Lawrence and Oppenheimer and his entry on J.R. Oppenheimer for A Biographical Dictionary of Scientists.
CSAC 52.6.77/D.22-CSAC 52.6.77/D.23 Correspondence re various interviews, recordings and television appearances made by Peierls.
CSAC 52.6.77/E.11 Typescript of talk by Peierls on "The History of the 'Peierls-Navaho' Force".
Miscellaneous reviews and articles mentioned in Section D, see especially CSAC 52.6.77/D.12 and CSAC 52.6.77/D.13.

Correspondence with Richard J. Eden re Paul Dirac on occasion of Dirac's 70th birthday: 5 typescript pages of Peierls's reminiscences and recollections. (See also CSAC 52.6.77/C.82.) 1971
Correspondence with Mrs. Robert Oppenheimer re proposed biography of her husband: 4 typescript pages of Peierls's reminiscences and recollections of Oppenheimer. (See also CSAC 52.6.77/A.19, CSAC 52.6.77/D.18, CSAC 52.6.77/C.227-CSAC 52.6.77/C.228, CSAC 52.6.77/D.9.) 1972
Correspondence with B.H. Muller re Leo Szilard: notes by Muller of his interview with Peierls (June 1972) annotated, amended and expanded by Peierls. 1972
Comments by Peierls on Charles P. Enz's article on Pauli. (See also CSAC 52.6.77/C.240.) 1972
Correspondence with Charles Weiner and Otto Nathan (trustee of the Einstein estate) re some Einstein-Warburg correspondence. 1972-73
Correspondence with W.E. Frahn re the 'Bohr, Peierls and Placzek paper' (never published: see Items CSAC 52.6.77/C.29-35). 1974

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/A.23  1955-71

Correspondence re 'Journal of Jocular Physics' published on the occasion of Bohr's 70th, 70th and 70th birthdays (especially re Peierls's contribution 'The Atom that Bohr Built').
Correspondence re other verse and songs by Peierls.

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/A.24  c.1945-54

One folder of press-cuttings, especially re the dropping of the atomic bomb and the Oppenheimer security case.

Retirement Symposium  CSAC 52.6.77/A.25-A.28  [n.d.]

[no title or date]  CSAC 52.6.77/A.25

One folder of material re the symposium held in Peierls's honor on the occasion of his retirement from the Wykeham Chair. The programme of the symposium, held in Oxford 11-12 July 1974, included contributions by H. Bethe, O. Frisch, R. Berman, S.F. Edwards, G.E. Brown, D. Thouless, R. Dalitz, V. Weisskopf and D.H. Wilkinson. The file contains a copy of the initial letter of invitation, replies (of acceptance and of regret) with appreciations and reminiscences of Sir Rudolf and Lady Peierls, programme, menu for the dinner held in Christ Church, group photograph, correspondence with some of the speakers. The proceedings were published in a volume titled Rudolf Peierls and Theoretical Physics, ed. I.J.R. Aitchison and J.E. Paton, Pergamon Press, 1977.

[no title or date]  CSAC 52.6.77/A.26

One file of correspondence with Pergamon Press re the publication of the volume.

[no title or date]  CSAC 52.6.77/A.27-A.28

Two tapes of the talks and discussions.

UNIVERSITY AND ACADEMIC  CSAC 52.6.77/B.1-B.47  [n.d.]

University of Birmingham CSAC 52.6.77/B. 1 - CSAC 52.6.77/B.11
University of Oxford CSAC 52.6.77/B.12 - CSAC 52.6.77/B.14
General educational policy and ideas CSAC 52.6.77/B.15 - CSAC 52.6.77/B.16
University examining CSAC 52.6.77/B.17 - CSAC 52.6.77/B.23
References CSAC 52.6.77/B.24 - CSAC 52.6.77/B.47

University of Birmingham.  CSAC 52.6.77/B.1-B.11  [n.d.]

Related information: See also correspondence with G.E. Brown (CSAC 52.6.77/C.51-CSAC 52.6.77/C.53), R.H. Dalitz (CSAC 52.6.77/C.75) and B.H. Flowers (CSAC 52.6.77/C.102 and CSAC 52.6.77/C.103) re administration and teaching in the Department.

Peierls was Professor of Applied Mathematics (the title was changed to Mathematical Physics in 1946) from 1937 to 1963. The index to correspondents in Items CSAC 52.6.77/B.1-CSAC 52.6.77/B.8 is selective.

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/B.1-B.2  1948-63

Correspondence with visitors to the department (for meetings with Peierls or other staff members, to deliver lectures or colloquia, for examining). 2 files in date order.

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/B.3  1948-62

Correspondence with prospective research students and colleagues from other universities re possibilities for study, employment or sabbatical term in department.

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/B.4-B.5  1947-73

Correspondence with and re students: placing in jobs or research departments in other universities, publication of papers, recruiting, grant applications. 2 files in date order.

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/B.6  1946, 1951-65

Misc. short correspondence re department; structure, examining, possible industrial grants, equipment, library purchases, scheduling of lectures, finances, etc.

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/B.7  1963-64; 1969-74

Correspondence with G.V. Chester, G.H. Burkhardt, T.H.R. Skyrme, Eric Canel, re administration of the Department of Mathematical Physics following Peierls's move to Oxford.

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/B.8  1963-65

Invitation to become on Honorary Member of the Birmingham Senior Common Room. Correspondence re secretarial and administrative matters after Peierls's move to Oxford.

Peierls's correspondence with the Vice-Chancellor, University of Birmingham, during his service there.  CSAC 52.6.77/B.9-B.10  [n.d.]

In addition to dealing with matters relative to university business, the correspondence contains much information of a biographical and personal nature, such as Peierls's war work and consultancies, offers of university chairs, journeys abroad for conferences, invitations to spend sabbatical leave in institutes or universities abroad. More strictly 'Birmingham University' topics include matters relative to the organisation, administration and finance of the department, Senate and university committee meetings, arrangements for visits by distinguished scientists, university housing and construction projects, policy on retirement age for professors, social invitations, 1954 Home Universities Conference (see also Item CSAC 52.6.77/E.1) and the like.

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/B.9  1939-52

With Sir Charles Grant Robertson (one letter only). 1939
With Sir Raymond Priestley.

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/B.10  1952-58

With Sir Robert Aitken (see also Item CSAC 52.6.77/A.6, a file of correspondence re Peierls's election to the Wykeham Chair and his subsequent move to Oxford).

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/B.11  1959-61

Correspondence re a proposed research institute in mathematical physics to be linked with the Birmingham department: draft proposals by Peierls, correspondence re applications for grants from charitable foundations.

Department of Theoretical Physics, Oxford.  CSAC 52.6.77/B.12-B.14  [n.d.]

Peierls was the Wykeham Professor of Physics from 1963 until his retirement in 1974; see also Item CSAC 52.6.77/A.6, a file of papers relative to his election to the Chair. Correspondence are selectively indexed.

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/B.12  1963-74

Correspondence with and regarding students: students' queries re admission to department, placing of students for research, topics for research.

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/B.13  1963-74

Requests to visit or work in department and for meetings with Peierls; letters of thanks following visits; Peierls's invitations extended to colleagues abroad for sabbatical leave in Oxford department. Some scientific correspondence arising. (File includes typescript of a paper on 'The Education of Astonomers', a contribution to a discussion meeting on the topic to be held at the Royal Astronomical Society, prepared by D.E. Blackwell and M.G. Adam, and sent to Peierls for information.)

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/B.14  1963-74

Correspondence re departmental business: examining, supervision, structure, publications, some correspondence re university matters. Invitations and lists of guests for annual Michaelmas Term parties in the department. Correspondence with Registrar re leaves of absence, departmental allowances. (See also Item CSAC 52.6.77/E.11, correspondence between Peierls and his secretary during his sabbatical leave from the department in 1967, and Items CSAC 52.6.77/C.127 and CSAC 52.6.77/C.128, his correspondence with D. ter Haar, much of which pertains to departmental business.)

Correspondence re various aspects of university and academic policy.  CSAC 52.6.77/B.15-B.16  [n.d.]

Peierls's advice was frequently sought on such matters; his careful and thoughtful replies, often at some length, document his interest and concern.
The correspondence is in date order, and a brief note of the questions to which Peierls was responding is given below.

[no title or date]  CSAC 52.6.77/B.15

With J.C. Gunn re proposal to form Chair of Applied Mathematics at Glasgow. 1954
With R.A. Rankin re Scottish secondary school education. 1959
With Th. V. Kanellopoulos re establishment of School for Physics, Athens. (See also CSAC 52.6.77/C.164.) 1961
Lenghy letters to Whitehall (and correspondence with Sir Robert Aitken) re the government's financial policy towards universities. (See also Item CSAC 52.6.77/F.20.) 1962

[no title or date]  CSAC 52.6.77/B.16

Related information: The following files in Section C may be referred to for further correspondence re various aspects of academic policy and philosophy:
CSAC 52.6.77/C.90 S.F. Edwards
CSAC 52.6.77/C.93 L.R.B. Elton
CSAC 52.6.77/C.131 J.B.S Haldane
CSAC 52.6.77/C.135 D.R. Hartree
CSAC 52.6.77/C.163 P.K. Kabir
CSAC 52.6.77/C.168 N. Kemmer
CSAC 52.6.77/C.217 N.F. Mott
CSAC 52.6.77/C.218 N.F. Mott
CSAC 52.6.77/C.274 E.E. Salpeter

With A.G. Watts re interim year between school and university. 1965
With Sir Christopher Cox re brain drain in India. 1965
With Sir Harrie Massey re overseas students' fees. 1967
With Officers of Oxford Society for Social Responsibility in Science re their policies. 1968
With Association of University Teachers re 'direct action' over salaries. 1969
With Birmingham University Registry re history of inaugural lectures. 1972
With J.F. Allen re Science Research Council selectivity. 1971
With Peter Hancock re tape recording of material on quantum theory for use in schools. 1974

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/B.17  1951-73

Misc. correspondence re external examining (occasionally includes dissertation reports). Minor correspondence re electoral boards.

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/B.18  pre-1963

Reports on dissertations.

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/B.19  1963-66

File of papers relative to examining at Bradford Institute of Technology (Peierls acted as external examiner to the mathematics course for the Diploma in Technology): correspondence re meetings, setting of examinations, assessments of questions and of marking, recommendations for awards.

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/B.20  1946-51

Correspondence with W.H. McCrea (1951) and H.S.W. Massey (1946-49) re their external examining for the Birmingham department. See also CSAC 52.6.77/C.135 (D.R. Hartree), CSAC 52.6.77/C.168 (N. Kemmer) and CSAC 52.6.77/C.254 (M.H.L. Pryce) for further correspondence on the same topic.

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/B.21  1959-66

Commonwealth Scholarships (Peierls acted as a member of advisory panel fo the awarding committee): correspondence, reports.

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/B.22  1947-71

Requests from university officials and heads of departments for Peierls's suggestions and advice.

[no title or date]  CSAC 52.6.77/B.23

Not used.

References and testimonials.  CSAC 52.6.77/B.24-B.47  [n.d.]

Correspondence is not indexed.

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/B.24  1963-71

George Eastman Professorship, Oxford.

[no title or date]  CSAC 52.6.77/B.25-B.41

References and testimonials for individuals, arranged alphabetically by name of candidate.

[no title or date]  CSAC 52.6.77/B.25


[no title or date]  CSAC 52.6.77/B.26


[no title or date]  CSAC 52.6.77/B.27


[no title or date]  CSAC 52.6.77/B.28


[no title or date]  CSAC 52.6.77/B.29


[no title or date]  CSAC 52.6.77/B.30


[no title or date]  CSAC 52.6.77/B.31


[no title or date]  CSAC 52.6.77/B.32


[no title or date]  CSAC 52.6.77/B.33


[no title or date]  CSAC 52.6.77/B.34


[no title or date]  CSAC 52.6.77/B.35


[no title or date]  CSAC 52.6.77/B.36


[no title or date]  CSAC 52.6.77/B.37


[no title or date]  CSAC 52.6.77/B.38


[no title or date]  CSAC 52.6.77/B.39


[no title or date]  CSAC 52.6.77/B.40


[no title or date]  CSAC 52.6.77/B.41


Suggestions for appointments, comparisons of several candidates.  CSAC 52.6.77/B.42-B.47  [n.d.]

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/B.42  1950-55

Suggestions for appointments, comparisons of several candidates.

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/B.43  1956-59

Suggestions for appointments, comparisons of several candidates.

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/B.44  1960-63

Suggestions for appointments, comparisons of several candidates.

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/B.45  1963-64

Suggestions for appointments, comparisons of several candidates.

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/B.46  1965-68

Suggestions for appointments, comparisons of several candidates.

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/B.47  1970-74

Suggestions for appointments, comparisons of several candidates.


The correspondence in this section is with individuals. Other letters relating to committees, publications, university matters, etc. will be found in the relevant sections, and a complete index to the correspondence appears on pp.56-71.
When the correspondence is extensive, and/or the correspondent is of note, the material is lodged in a personal file or files, e.g., Niels Bohr, CSAC 52.6.77/C.29-CSAC 52.6.77/C.36. In cases where only one or two letters were exchanged with a correspondent on some point of scientific interest, these have been grouped together in a miscellaneous file, e.g., CSAC 52.6.77/C.1, CSAC 52.6.77/C.9, which occasionally break strict alphabetical sequence. With such exceptions, the material is presented alphabetically, dated, and with an indication of the language(s) in which it is conducted. An indication of the content is given only when it is of special personal or scientific interest. Not all the letters survive, and a note has been made in the list below in cases where only Peierls's carbon copy remains (the names of these correspondents do not appear in the general index). Cross-references are given to principal individuals, research or activities mentioned elsewhere in the collection, but when the correspondence deals with numerous projects and personnel within a department it has not been practicable to cross-reference them all.
The correspondence deals mainly with scientific matters, though it contains many personal and friendly references. Of particular interest are the long exchanges of letters with Hans Bethe (CSAC 52.6.77/C.15-CSAC 52.6.77/C.19), Niels Bohr (CSAC 52.6.77/C.29-CSAC 52.6.77/C.36), Nevill Mott (CSAC 52.6.77/C.213-CSAC 52.6.77/C.218) and Wolfgang Pauli (CSAC 52.6.77/C.234-CSAC 52.6.77/C.240), as well as the shorter correspondence with Max Born, R.H. Fowler, Werner Heisenberg, Lev Landau, George Placzek, Robert Oppenheimer and others. Peierls has drafted or approved the descriptive entries for these principal correspondents or collaborators of his earlier years.
In addition, the correspondence shows the activity and international reputation of Peierls's departments at Birmingham and, after 1963, at Oxford. His concern for the selection, scientific progress, pastoral care and subsequent career of his research students is constantly in evidence.

[no title or date]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.1

Akobjanoff, Lev 1965
Allcock, G. R. 1974
Allibone, Thomas Edward 1963-64
Apostolakis, A. J. (Peierls's carbon only) 1961
Austern, Norman 1959-62

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.2  1959-63

Aitchison, Ian Johnstone Rhind

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.3  1970

Atkinson, D.

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.4  1961, 1971

Aughtie, Frank

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.5  1957-58

Baldin, Aleksander Mikhajlovich

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.6  1971-72; 1970

Barrett, Roger
Berggren, Tore

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.7  1951, 1956-57

Bardeen, John

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.8  1947-50

Barker, Fred C.

[no title or date]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.9

Barschall, H. H. (Peierls's carbon only) 1949
Batchelor, George Keith 1968
Bates, David Robert 1949
Baynes, Tom Hamilton 1950

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.10  1951, 1961; 1949

Related information: (See also CSAC 52/6/77/C.274)

Beck, Guido
Belinfante, F. J.

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.11  1958-61

Bég, Mirza Abdul Baqi

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.12  1951-58

Bell, John Stewart

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.13  1936, 1947

Berg, W. F. (1936 correspondence in German)

[no title or date]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.14

Berliner, Arnold (in German) 1932
Berthelot, A. 1947

Bethe, Hons Albrecht  CSAC 52.6.77/C.15-C.19  1927-62

Related information: See also CSAC 52.6.77/C.197 for correspondence re Bethe's 60th birthday volume.
CSAC 52.6.77/C.15 1927-39 (in German)
CSAC 52.6.77/C.16 1946-49
CSAC 52.6.77/C.17 1950-53
CSAC 52.6.77/C.18 1954-62
CSAC 52.6.77/C.19 1964-73

Bethe and Peierls were fellow students in Munich in 1926-28 and became friends. They were together in Manchester in 1933-34, and in Los Alamos in 1944-45. The correspondence is about physics, mutual visits and invitations to colleagues, and about personal affairs. Early letters are in German, and all are full of obscure references to private jokes, to quotations from anecdotes, etc. The sequence of letters is not complete.

[no title or date]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.20

Bhabha, Homi Jehangir 1937, 1946, 1952

Blackett, Patrick Maynard Stuart  CSAC 52.6.77/C.21-C.23  1930-54

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.21  1930-38

Correspondence re scientific work: 'Pauli's suggestion about "neutrons"' (now called 'neutrinos') (1930-31); Blackett's papers seni to Peierls for his comments (1936-37). File includes a set of notes and calculations (in Peierls's hand) on 'Blackett paper I' and one page (in Blackett's hand) of notes on 'scale drawing of chamber with counters'.

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.22  1946

Correspondence re Atomic Scientists' Association, especially relating to proposed statement to be issued by the Council on the international control of atomic weapons.
(See also CSAC 52.6.77/C.54, CSAC 52.6.77/F.4-CSAC 52.6.77/F.8.)

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.23  1947-54

Related information: (See also CSAC 52/6/77/F.4-CSAC 52/6/77/F.8.)

Correspondence re Atomic Scientists' Association conferences; re scientific matters; re Blackett's book Military and Political Consequences of Atomic Energy.

[no title or date]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.24

Blackman, Moses 1938-39
Blatt, John 1953
Bleaney, Brebis (Peierls's carbon only) 1958

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.25  1953-57, 1963-70

Blin-Stoyle, Roger John
CSAC 52.6.77/C.25 1953-54
CSAC 52.6.77/*C.25 1955-57, 1963-70

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.26  1950-52, 1962

Bloch, Claude
(Peierls carbon only)

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.27  1931, 1948-54

Bloch, Felix (1931 letter in German)

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.28  1946-47

Blokhintzev, D. I. (in Russian)

Bohr, Niels Henrik David  CSAC 52.6.77/C.29-C.36  1936-60

Related information: See also CSAC 52.6.77/A.22, CSAC 52.6.77/C.9, CSAC 52.6.77/C.46, CSAC 52.6.77/C.245 for other references to or correspondence about this paper.

Peierls visited Bohr in Copenhagen repeatedly for conferences or just for consultation. The first visit was probably in 1931. The letters are about physics, about the troubles that L.D. Landau was having, and about arrangements for mutual visits.
About 1938 Bohr, Peierls and Placzek (who then spent much of his time in Copenhagen) discussed nuclear reactions and reached conclusions which were to be embodied in a joint paper. Drafts of portions of this paper were discussed in Copenhagen, on visits by Placzek to Birmingham, and by letter.
No satisfactory version had been arrived of when the war interrupted communications. Various drafts had, however, been shown or given to many other physicists so that the 'paper' was frequently cited - probably the most frequently cited unpublished, indeed unwritten, paper. After the war, there were further attempts to agree on a text, but they were finally abandoned.
Correspondence after 1946 (CSAC 52.6.77/C.32-CSAC 52.6.77/C.36) is addressed to, and signed by, 'Uncle Nick'. This refers to Bohr's nom de guerre Nicholas Baker, under which he travelled and worked during the Second World War. His older colleagues and friends adopted the name permanently in their subsequent dealings with him. Bohr's son, Aage, who escaped to England with him in the war, was known as James Baker, or Jim.

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.29  1936-37

(In German).

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.30  1938

(Some of Peierls's letters are in German).

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.31  1939

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.32  1946-48

(Includes an abstract of address by Bohr at the Physical Society Conference in Cambridge in the summer of 1946 on 'Problems of Elementary Particle Physics').

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.33  1949-50

(Includes typescript of Bohr's 'Tentative Comments on Atomic and Nuclear Constitution, 15-8-49').

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.34  1954-56, 1960

[no title or date]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.35

Related information: (See also CSAC 52.6.77/C.245, which contains another draft.)

Various typescript drafts of the Bohr-Peierls-Placzek paper; none are dated:
29 pp. typescript (top copy)
5 pp. carbon of typescript
6 pp. typescript (top copy) titled 'Evaluation of Dispersion Formula'
2 pp. carbon of typescript

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.36  1962-63, 1969

Related information: See also CSAC 52.6.77/C.68.

Correspondence re various memoirs of Bohr;

[no title or date]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.37

Bohr, Aage (Peierls's carbon only) 1958
Bowen, Richard A. 1960
Boya, Luis J. 1970-73

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.38  1959-60

Related information: (see also CSAC 52/6/77/A.15)

Bonnevay, Georges

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.39  1952-61

Boon, Michael H.

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.40  1948-51

Bopp, Fritz (some letters in German)

Born, Max  CSAC 52.6.77/C.41-C.42  [n.d.]

Related information: (See also CSAC 52.6.77/C.140, CSAC 52.6.77/D.12, CSAC 52.6.77/D.14, CSAC 52.6.77/D.18)

(Early letters in German) 1936-37
1946-54, 1963, 1967

[no title or date]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.41

1936, 1937, 1946, 1948-49

[no title or date]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.42

1950-54, 1963, 1967

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.43  1937-61

Bragg, William Lawrence
Peierls spent the academic years 1933-35 in Bragg's department at Manchester. One exchange of letters in 1937 relates to problems in which both had then been interested. The rest are about an invitation to Formi (1947) (unsuccessful) and about participants to a Solvay Conference in 1953.

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.44  1951-59, 1971

Brailsford, Alan David

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.45  1957-59

Brandow, Baird H.

[no title or date]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.46

Breit, Gregory 1964, 1968
Brodie, Laird C. (see also Takeo, M., CSAC 52.6.77/C.297) 1967
Brueckner, Keith A. 1952, 1954, 1957
Burton, W. Keith 1952

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.47  1951-59

Brenner, Sheila (see also CSAC 52.6.77/C.51)

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.48  1936, 1945, 1953

Brentano, John C. M. (1936 letter is in German)

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.49  1950-56

Bretscher, Egon

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.50  1950-51

Brode, Robert B.

Brown, Gerald Edward  CSAC 52.6.77/C.51-C.53  1949-74

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.51  1949-54

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.52  1955-59

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.53  1960-74

(Includes typescripts of 2 papers by Brown and collaborators, and typescript of obituary notice of H.W.B. Skinner by Peierls for publication in 'Nuclear Physics').

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.54  1946-51, 1965; 1973

Burhop, Eric Henry Stoneley (includes correspondence re Atomic Scientists' Association, of which Burhop served as secretary, and its publicity, press statements, officers (see also CSAC 52.6.77/C.22-CSAC 52.6.77/C.23, CSAC 52.6.77/F.4-CSAC 52.6.77/F.8).

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.55  1960-63

Burke, Joseph Terence Anthony

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.56  1948-60

Butler, Stuart T.

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.57  1956-63

Byers, Nina

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.58  1945, 1950, 1971

Casimir, Hendrik Brugt Gerhard (1945 letter in German)

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.59  1952-53

Related information: (see also CSAC 52/6/77/C.66)

Cassels, James Macdonald

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.60  1935, 1948-49, 1951

Related information: (see also CSAC 52/6/77/C.65)

Chadwick, James

Chan, Hong-Mo  CSAC 52.6.77/C.61-C.62  1955-65

(Includes drafts of papers)

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.61  1955-60

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.62  1961-65

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.63  1964-67

Chisholm, J. S. Roy

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.64  1950-57

Chrétien, Max (1950-52 correspondence in German)

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.65  1949, 1953-55

Clementel, Ezio

Cockcroft, John Douglas  CSAC 52.6.77/C.66-68  1939-66

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.66  1938-1954

Related information: (See also CSAC 52.6.77/C.59)

1938 (Peierls's carbon only), 1939-54

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.67  1955

CSAC 52.6.77/C.67 includes programme and papers relating to 'Symposium upon Machines for High Energy Physics in U.K.' Harwell, 13 May 1955, and copies of letters from British physicists in response to enquiry by UKAEA re high energy particle accelerator programme, 1955.

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.68  1956-66

Related information: (See also CSAC 52/6/77/C.36)

CSAC 52.6.77/C.68 includes a copy of draft notes by Peierls for a panel talk at MIT on 'The Future of The Physical Sciences' 1961 (Cockcroft was also a member of the panel).

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.69  1946-47, 1950

Coleman, Kenneth Ray

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.70  1948-52, 1964, 1973

Coulson, Charles Alfred

[no title or date]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.71

Cade, R. 1949
Di Castro, Carlo 1965
Champion, Frank Clive 1947
Chapman, Sydney 1940
Corben, Herbert S. 1953
Cottrell, Alan Howard n.d.

[no title or date]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.72

Delves, L. M. 1960, 1966
Dick, B. G. 1954
Domb, Cyril 1947, 1951

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.73  1956-63

Dabrowski, Janusz Karol

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.74  1946

Dale, W. M.

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.75  1949-58

Dalitz, Richard Henry

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.76  1947, 1950-61

Davison, Boris (1947 letter is Peierls's carbon only) includes correspondence with Harwell and with Chalk River and correspondence with colleagues after Davison's sudden death in 1961, obituary of Davison by W.H. Watson as published in Nature; see also CSAC 52/6/77/C.66.

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.77  1954-58

Dee, Anne

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.78  1938-39, 1948-52

Dee, Philip Ivor (all letters except that of 1948 are Peierls's carbons only)

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.79  1948-49

Deutsch, Martin

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.80  1965-68

Diamond, Witold B.

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.81  1950

Dingle, Robert Balson

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.82  1939, 1948-52

Dirac, Paul Adrien Maurice (see also CSAC 52.6.77/A.22)

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.83  1953-61

De Dominicis, Cyrano Tullio

Dyson, Freeman John  CSAC 52.6.77/C.84-C.85  1946-74

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.84  1946-52

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.85  1955-56, 1960-63, 1973-74

[no title or date]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.86

Eden, Richard John 1956
Eliezer, C. Jayam 1947-48, 1951
Elliot, J. P. 1957
Evans, Robley, D. 1949

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.87  1936-38, 1942, 1952

Easthope, Colin E. (Peierls's first research student in Cambridge)

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.88  1950-58

Edmonds, Alan R.

Edwards, Samuel Frederick  CSAC 52.6.77/C.89-C.90  1952-71

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.89  1952-54

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.90  1955-71

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.91  1946, 1947

Ehrenberg, W.

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.92  1932

Ehrenfest, Paul (in German)
Ehrenfest had published a paper 'Some queries concerning the foundations of quantum mechanics'. The file contains a letter from Peierls giving his views as to the answers, a reply from Ehrenfest asking that some of the answers be expanded and suggesting that Peierls publish his views. A further letter from Peierls discussed the points Ehrenfest had raised. He did not publish anything on this because he found that Pauli had published a reply to Ehrenfest which largely overlapped with his own ideas. (See also CSAC 52.6.77/A.16.)

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.93  1955, 1965, 1972

Elton, Lewis Richard Benjamin

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.94  1960-63

Emery, Victor J.

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.95  1957-62

Evans, James Anthony

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.96  1946-49, 1958

Ewald, Paul Peter

[no title or date]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.97

Fankuchen, Isidor (Peierls's carbon only) 1939
Feenberg, E. (Peierls's carbon only) 1939
Follett, David Henry 1947
Fowler, G. N. 1952, 1964

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.98  1950-60, 1965

Fairbairn, Walter M.

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.99  1936, 1948

Fermi, Enrico (1936 letter is in Italian)

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.100  1946-54

Ferretti, Bruno

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.101  1937, 1958-62

Fierz, M. (Fierz's letters are in German)

Flowers, Brian Hilton  CSAC 52.6.77/C.102-C.103  1950-66, 1968

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.102  1950-54

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.103  1955-56, 1968

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.104  1930-31

Fock, V. (in German)

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.105  1937-38

Related information: (see also CSAC 52/6/77/C. 146)

Fowler, Ralph Howard

[no title or date]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.106

Franz, Walter (see also CSAC 52.6.77/C.264) 1950
Fremlin, John H. 1968, 1971
French, A. P. (Peierls's carbon only) 1954
Friedel, J. 1965
Fulbright, H. W. 1951

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.107  1951, 1957

Frank, Frederick Charles (1957 letter is Peierls's carbon only)

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.108  1946-47

Frenkel, J. (includes copy of telegram to R.H. Fowler from Frenkel - n.d.)

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.109  1947-54, 1962

Frisch, Otto Robert

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.110  1937, 1947-62, 1971

Fröhlich, Herbert (1937 letter is in German); one letter 1971 re book in honour of Fröhlich.

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.111  1947, 1950

Fuchs, Klaus (1947 letters are Peierls's carbons only; 1950 correspondence is with Fuch's friends and advisers) (see also CSAC 52.6.77/A.16 and CSAC 52.6.77/C.66).

[no title or date]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.112

Gallop, J. W. 1949
Gentner, Wolfgang (in German) 1948, 1951
George, E. P. 1951
Gifford, R. D. 1959

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.113  1941-51

Gabor, Dennis

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.114  1946-47, 1952

Gamow, George (Russian and English)

Gardner, John William  CSAC 52.6.77/C.115-C.116  1945-56

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.115  1945-52

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.116  1955-56

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.117  1968-74

Garrido, Luis Maria

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.118  1956-57

Geoghegan, Gerald R. H.

[no title or date]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.119

Glueckauf, Eugen (Peierls's carbon only) 1948
Goldsack, Stephen J. 1951
Gorter, C. J. 1962
Goward, F. K. 1949, 1954
Grossman, Shlomit 1972

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.120  1936

Goodeve, Charles Frederick

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.121  1956-63, 1968

Green, Anthony M.

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.122  1953-58, 1962

Greenwood, Derek A.

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.123  1949-50, 1952, 1959

Günther, Marian (some letters in German)

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.124  1947, 1949-53

Gustafson, Torsten

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.125  1952

Gutmann, Felix

[no title or date]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.126

De Haas, W. J. 1935
Hall, Henry Edgar 1971
Hamza, A. M. 1972
Hardy, Robert J. 1967

Ter Haar, Dirk  CSAC 52.6.77/C.127-C.128  1949-55, 1963, 1967

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.127  1949-55

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.128  1963, 1967

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.129  1956-58, 1962, 1964

Haering, Rudolph R.

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.130  1947-51

Halban, Hans von (see also CSAC 52.6.77/A.18)

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.131  1963

Haldane, John Burdon Sanderson

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.132  1954, 1956

Hamilton, James

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.133  1949-57, 1959-60, 1974

Harper, Philip George

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.134  1959-63

Harrison, Michael J.

Hartree, Douglas Rayner  CSAC 52.6.77/C.135-C.136  1947-57

Related information: (See also CSAC 52/6/77/C.47 and CSAC 52/6/77/C.51)

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.135  1947-51

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.136  1952-57

[no title or date]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.137

Haslett, A. W. 1947
Hillman, P. 1956
Hogben, Lancelot 1946
Houtermans, Mrs. (in German) 1934
Howlett, Jack 1948, 1954

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.138  1930, 1931 (?), 1935, 1948

Related information: See also CSAC 52.6.77/A.21, CSAC 52.6.77/C.234 and CSAC 52.6.77/D.14.

Heisenberg, Werner (all of Heisenberg's letters are in German)
Some early letters in German about physics - mostly about the quantum theory of the electromagnetic field then developed by Heisenberg and Pauli. This includes two letters from Heisenberg to Pauli, which were passed to Peierls for comment.
The file also includes correspondence in 1948 during Heisenberg's visit to England, about a visit to Birmingham which was arranged but had to be cancelled. In Peierls's letter of 11 February 1948 there is a reference to a memorandum by Peierls 'Our relations with the German scientists' which was enclosed, but there is no copy of this (see also CSAC 52.6.77/D.12).

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.139  1937, 1946-51

Heitler, Walter Heinrich (1937 letters are in German)

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.140  1940-42, 1946-47, 1950

Hepner, Wolfgang A. (includes carbons of Peierls's letters Born, 1940)

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.141  1959-67

Herbut, Fedor

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.142  1950-53

Herivel, J. W. J.

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.143  1958-59

Hodgson, Peter [...] E.

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.144  1953-55

Hofstadter, Robert

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.145  1953, 1959

Horton, George K.

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.146  1936-39, 1947

Related information: See also CSAC 52/6/77/C.105.

Hoyle, Fred
Hoyle started research work under Peierls shortly before Peierls moved from Cambridge to Birmingham in 1937. The record does not show whether Peierls was his official Ph.D. supervisor after the move, but he worked under Peierls's guidance, hitch-hiking to Birmingham when necessary for consultation. There is correspondence from that period, and also later in connection with a joint paper, and, in 1947, comments on a paper by C. Domb. The sequence is not complete and most of Hoyle's letters are not dated.

[no title or date]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.147

Hu, Ning 1947-48
Hughes, D. J. 1954
Humphreys, C. J. 1968
Hund, F. (in German) (see also CSAC 52.6.77/E.10) 1960

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.148  1948-52, 1970

Huby, R.

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.149  1937-40

Huck, R. J.

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.150  1946-49

Hulthén, Lamek

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.151  1948, 1950

Humblet, J. (in French)

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.152  1938, 1942-43, 1947, 1958, 1967

Hume-Rothery, William

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.153  1959-64, 1966

Husain, Delawar

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.154  1966, 1970-71

Hussain, Zahur

[no title or date]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.155

Jackson, J. David 1949
Japolsky, N. S. 1962
Jastrow, Robert 1949
Jeffreys, Bertha 1950
Johnson, Derek F. 1951
Jordan, P. (in German) 1935

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.156  1969

Jackson, Daphne F.

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.157  1946-53, 1956

Jahn, Hermann Arthur

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.158  1953-59, 1964

Jenkins, Richard C. L.

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.159  1961, 1969-72

Jonah, Daniel A.

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.160  1946, 1955

Jones, Harry (1955 letter is Peierls's carbon only)

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.161  1948, 1955

Jones, Reginald Victor

[no title or date]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.162

Kahn, Herman 1961
Kapitza, Peter Leonidovich 1971
Kastler, A. 1974

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.163  1956-63

Kabir, Prabahan Kemal

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.164  1953-56, 1959-60

Related information: (see also CSAC 52/6/77/B.15)

Kanellopoulos, Themistoklis V.

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.165  1937-39, 1946

Kapur, P. L.

[no title or date]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.166

Kerley, Gerald I. 1973
Kerr, Alexander O. 1969
Kettle, S. F. A. 1965

Kemmer, Nicholas  CSAC 52.6.77/C.167-C.168  1938-62

[no title or date]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.167

1938 (in German, Peierls's carbon only), 1946, 1948-54

[no title or date]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.168

1955-58, 1960-62 (much correspondence re Peierls's external examining for Edinburgh and Kemmer's external examining for Birmingham).

[no title or date]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.169

King, D. T. 1950
Klemperer, O. 1947
Kober, H. 1939

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.170  1953-58, 1968, 1972

Kim, Young-Nok

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.171  1949, 1951

Klein, Oskar

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.172  1949-52

Klemens, Paul G.

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.173  1953, 1957

Kopal, Zdenek

[no title or date]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.174

Kramers, H. A. (1951 letter is a copy of a letter by Kramers to the Director-General of UNESCO; other correspondence is re a collection of Kramer's letters and a proposed memorial volume). 1951-55
Krans, R. L. 1966
Krishnan, Kariamanikkam Srinivasa 1946, 1953
Kronig, R. de L. 1946-47

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.175  1946-54

Krook, Max

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.176  1955-56

Kuper, Charles Goethe

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.177  1949-52, 1955-57, 1974

Related information: (see also CSAC 52/6/77/C.266)

Kynch, George James

[no title or date]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.178

Lamb, Willis Eugene 1956, n.d.
Lejcek, Lubor 1969
Van Leuven, Piet 1972, 1974

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.179  1930, 1950, 1955-58, 1968

Related information: See also CSAC 52/6/77/C.30 and CSAC 52/6/77/C.265

Landau, Lev Davydovich (in German, Russian and English)
Landau was in Zürich for a short time in the autumn of 1929, and again in the winter of 1930-31. On each occasion Landau and Peierls wrote a joint paper. There is correspondence about the first of these. Some later casual correspondence concerns in part possible visits, points arising from a conference in Moscow in 1956, about translation of books, a proposed honorary degree for Landau in Birmingham. The 1968 correspondence is about Landau's death and the obituary notices in journals.

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.180  1951-55

Lane, Anthony Milner

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.181  1955-58

Langer, James S.

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.182  1955-59

Lascoux, Jean

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.183  1952-59

Le Couteur, K. J.

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.184  1961-63

Leon, Melvin

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.185  1956-61, 1971-72

Levinger, Joseph S.

[no title or date]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.186

Lidiard, Alan Brian 1952, 1966
Lipkin, Harry J. 1957, 1961
Lippmann, Bernard A. 1966

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.187  1953-62

Lieb, Elliott Hershel

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.188  1949-50

Lindhard, Jens

[no title or date]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.189

Ljolje, K. 1963
Lüders, G. (in German) 1965
Luscombe, J. 1974
Lyttleton, Raymond Arthur (Peierls's carbon only) 1958

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.190  1948

Lucas, S.

[no title or date]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.191

McIntyre, M. E. 1974
McQuillan, Alan D. 1971

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.192  1948-50, 1955, 1959-60

MacDonald, David Keith Chalmers

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.193  1954-55

McLean, Thomas Pearson

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.194  1939-40, 1945-56, 1960

McManus, Hugh (McManus was Peierls's first research student at Birmingham University).

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.195  1953-63

Mandelstam, Stanley

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.196  1959-63

March, Norman Henry

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.197  1956-66

Marshak, Robert E. (includes correspondence re 60th birthday volume for Hans Bethe 1965-66).

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.198  1952-57, 1961-63

Marshall, Walter Charles

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.199  1955-60

Martin, Paul C.

[no title or date]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.200

Mason, Ronald (Peierls's carbon only) 1974
Mazo, Robert M. 1967
Menzel, Donald H. 1949-50
Meyerhof, W. E. 1947
Mitra, Asoke N. 1960-61
Moszkowski, Steven A. 1957
Motz, Hans 1963
Mummery, Peter W. 1957

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.201  1951-57, 1962

Matthews, Paul Taunton

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.202  1961-63

Mehta, Naren

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.203  1939, 1948, 1955

Meitner, Lise (in German and English)

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.204  1936

Meksyn, D. (includes letter on his work on infinite integrals from Meksyn to R.H. Fowler, which Fowler passed to Peierls).

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.205  1936

Mendelssohn, Kurt (in German)

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.206  1968

Mercier, Raymond P.

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.207  1961-62, 1968

Mermin, N. David

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.208  1939, 1947, 1952, 1956, 1970

Møller, C. (1939 correspondence in German)

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.209  1957-62, 1967-68

Mondragón, Alfonso B.

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.210  1950, 1959, 1973-74

Moon, Philip Burton

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.211  1949-55

Moorhouse, Robert Gordon

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.212  1956-57

Moshinsky, Marcos

Mott, Nevill Francis  CSAC 52.6.77/C.213-C.218  1936-74

In addition to scientific correspondence, there are also many letters dealing with the affairs of the Atomic Scientists' Association. This correspondence should be read in conjunction with that found in Item CSAC 52/6/77/F.8.

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.213  1936-39

(Includes typescript by Mott of 'Discussion of the paper by de Boer and Verwey' and ms. notes by Peierls on the same topic).

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.214  1946-50

(Includes copy of 15 March 1946 letter from Niels Bohr to Mott re new journal for physics; much of the correspondence in this file concerns this proposal).

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.215  1951-53

(Much of the correspondence concerns the refereeing and communication of papers for the Philosophical Magazine and Journal of Science).

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.216  1953-57

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.217  1957-61, 1963

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.218  1964-74

(Includes correspondence re proposed summer schools for solid state research students in British universities).

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.219  1950-52

Moyal, J. E.

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.220  1962-63, 1973

Murphy, George Eugene

Nabarro, Frank Reginald Nunes  CSAC 52.6.77/C.221-C.222  1946-73

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.221  1946-53

Nabarro, Frank Reginald Nunes

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.222  1955-73

Nabarro, Frank Reginald Nunes

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.223  1960-63

Nakano, Husio

[no title or date]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.224

Newton, Roger G. 1959-60
Novakovic, Ljubisav 1972
Nussbaum, R. H. 1954

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.225  1950-55, 1960-61

Noyes, Henry Pierre

[no title or date]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.226

Oliphant, Mark 1973
Oneda, S. 1957
Owen, David 1965

Oppenheimer, J. Robert  CSAC 52.6.77/C.227-C.228  1946-55, 1961, 1971

Related information: See also Items CSAC 52/6/77/A.19, CSAC 52/6/77/A.22, CSAC 52/6/77/D.9, CSAC 52/6/77/D.18.

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.227  1946-55, 1961

(Includes correspondence re arrangements for Peierls's sabbatical term at the Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, 1952).

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.228  1971

(Correspondence re memorial to Oppenheimer).

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.229  1941, 1946, 1950, 1961, 1968

Orowan, Egon (includes typescript of patent application on 'aiming device, especially for anti-aircraft artillery' 1941 and of 3 pp. draft titled 'The origin and spacing of slip bands'). See also CSAC 52.6.77/A.18 and CSAC 52.6.77/E.11.

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.230  1947-53

Pais, Abraham

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.231  1949-51, 1959

Paneth, Heinz Rudolf (now H.R. Post)

[no title or date]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.232

Papapetrou, A. 1951
Peshkin, Murray 1960
Peters, Bernard (Peierls's carbon only) 1949
Pike, E. R. 1966
Pincherle, Leo 1946, 1948
Plaskett, Harry Hemley 1951

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.233  1959-62

Paton, Jack Ellis

Pauli, Wolfgang (German and English)  CSAC 52.6.77/C.234-C.240  1930-57

Peierls was Pauli's student in the summer of 1929, and assistant from October 1929 to summer of 1932. Early letters are mostly about physics during Pauli's absences from Zürich. Later, exchange of letters about physics (and occasionally about visits) continued. See also CSAC 52.6.77/A.22, CSAC 52.6.77/C.265, CSAC 52.6.77/C.322, CSAC 52.6.77/E.16.

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.234  1930-37

(Includes postcard from Heisenberg to Pauli (Feb. 1940); see also CSAC 52.6.77/C.138).

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.235  1938


[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.236  1949


[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.237  1952

(August, one letter - October)

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.238  1953


[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.239  1955-57

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.240  1959-60

Correspondence re Peierls's obituary notice of Pauli in Biographical Memoirs of Fellows of The Royal Society, Vol.5, 1959 and his contribution to the Pauli Memorial Volume. See also CSAC 52.6.77/D.10.

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.241  1946-47, 1950; 1952, 1961

Penney, William George

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.242  1953-55

Perks, Maurice A.

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.243  1946-47, 1950; 1954-55

Related information: (see also CSAC 52/6/77/F.4-CSAC 52/6/77/F.8)

Perrin, Michael Willcox

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.244  1947, 1949

Pinl, Max (1947 letter in German)

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.245  1937-39, 1947-54

Related information: See also CSAC 52/6/77/C.29-CSAC 52/6/77/C.36, CSAC 52/6/77/F.4-CSAC 52/6/77/F.8, CSAC 52/6/77/D.12.

Placzek, George (1937-39 letters are in German) (includes typescript draft of Bohr-Peierls-Placzek paper).

[no title or date]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.246

Podolanski, J. 1952
Pool, M. L. 1949
Pound, R. V. 1959
Price, Peter J. 1951-52
Pursey, D. L. 1952, 1958

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.247  1941, 1946, 1954-56

Polanyi, Michael (includes a carbon of Polanyi's paper 'Electric dipoles and electrically induced resonance' sent to Peierls for comment). See also CSAC 52.6.77/F.4-CSAC 52.6.77/F.8.

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.248  1954-55

Polkinghorne, John Charlton

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.249  1959

Popper, Karl Raimund (one letter only)

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.250  1948-54, 1959, 1964, 1968

Related information: (see also CSAC 52/6/77/A.16)

Powell, Cecil Frank

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.251  1946-58, 1963

Preston, Melvin A.

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.252  1947-48, 1950-53, 1955

Related information: (see also CSAC 52/6/77/C.267)

Proca, Alexandre

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.253  1962-66

Da Providencia, J.

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.254  1937-39, 1948-55, 1961, 1963

Pryce, Maurice Henry Lecorney

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.255  1955

Quimby, S. L.

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.256  1948-60

Radcliffe, John M.

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.257  1951-55

Radicati, Luigi A.

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.258  1951

Raman, Chandrasekhara Venkata

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.259  1967-68

Ramanna, R.

[no title or date]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.260

Ramsey, Norman Foster 1951, 1955
Rasetti, Franco (in German) 1935
Raven, J. M. 1957
Rohrlich, Fritz 1952
Rosenberg, Harold M. 1954
Ross, Alan Strode Campbell n.d.

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.261  1947-62

Ravenhall, David Geoffrey

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.262  1951, 1953-54

Rayski, Jerzy

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.263  1952-54, 1958-59

Redmond, Peter J.

Rosbaud, Paul  CSAC 52.6.77/C.264-C.265  1947-60

(Includes much editorial correspondence when Rosbaud was associated with various publishing firms).

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.264  1947-51

Rosbaud, Paul

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.265  1953-60

Rosbaud, Paul

Rosenfeld, Léon  CSAC 52.6.77/C.266-C.267  1938-71

(Includes editorial correspondence when Rosenfeld was on editor of Nuclear Physics). See also CSAC 52.6.77/D.18.

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.266  1938-1954

1938 In German, 1946-51, 1953-54

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.267  1955-1971

1955-57, 1960, 1962-63, 1971

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.268  1947-63

Rosenhead, Louis

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.269  1946-48, 1950, 1953-57, 1959, 1961

Related information: (See also CSAC 52/6/77/F.4-CSAC 52/6/77/F.8)

Rotblat, Joseph

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.270  1948-53

Rzewuski, Jan Feliks

[no title or date]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.271

Saha, M. N. 1951
Salem, Lionel 1961
Schafroth, M. R. 1954
Schonland, Basil Ferdinand Jamieson 1956
Secord, Campbell 1948

Salam, Abdus  CSAC 52.6.77/C.272-C.273  1950-63

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.272  1950, 1954

Salam, Abdus

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.273  1955-63

Related information: (See also CSAC 52/6/77/C.189)

Salam, Abdus

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.274  1946-53, 1958-59, 1973

Salpeter, Edwin Ernest

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.275  1953-55

Schaefer, Glen W.

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.276  1948-55

Schonland, David

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.277  1955-60

Schultz, Theodore David

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.278  1948, 1950, 1960, 1964

Serber, Robert

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.279  1968-69

Sharma, Chandra Shekhar

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.280  1937-39, 1948-50, 1953, 1959

Shoenberg, David

Simon, Francis Eugene  CSAC 52.6.77/C.281-C.282  1937-55

Related information: See also CSAC 52/6/77/A.17.

(Includes report by Simon for Government Information Service on 'The constructive use of atomic energy' and of 'In retrospect', his reflections on contemporary life as pictured in the popular press).

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.281  1937-1750

1937 (in German), 1945-50

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.282  1951-1955


[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.283  1950-54

Singwi, K. S.

Skinner, Herbert W. B.  CSAC 52.6.77/C.284-C.285  1948-60

Related information: (See also CSAC 52/6/77/C.53, CSAC 52/6/77/F.4-CSAC 52/6/77/F.8)

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.284  1948-54

Skinner, Herbert W. B.

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.285  1956-60

Skinner, Herbert W. B.

Skyrme, Tony H. R.  CSAC 52.6.77/C.286-C.287  1945-57

(Includes typescript of several papers).

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.286  1945-54

Skyrme, Tony H. R.

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.287  1955-57

Skyrme, Tony H. R.

[no title or date]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.288

Seligman, Henry 1962
Smend, F. 1973
Smith, S. S. 1958
Stell, George 1970

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.289  1948, 1950-56, 1958

Sneddon, lan Naismith

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.290  1934

Sommerfeld, Arnold (one letter only, in German)
Covering letter sent with copy of Sommerfeld's letter to Raman in India about a chair in Bangalore for which Peierls was applying. The letter (now apparently last) mentioned Peierls together with Hopf, another applicant, and assured Raman that Hopf was the more suitable and deserving of the two. (See also CSAC 52.6.77/E.27.)

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.291  1961

Spalding, E. G.

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.292  1960-64

Sprung, Donald W. L.

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.293  1962-63

Stinchcombe, Robin B.

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.294  1966

Stuchlik, Karl (in German and English)

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.295  1946-56

Related information: (see also CSAC 52/6/77/C.51, CSAC 52/6/77/C.299)

Swiatecki, Wladyslaw Jerzy

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.296  1958

Szilard, Leo (one letter only)

[no title or date]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.297

Tait, J. H. 1965
Takeo, Makoto 1967
Taylor, John A. 1960
Titterton, Ernest William 1947
Trummer, Horst (in German) 1960

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.298  1968-69

Tanner, Neil, W.

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.299  1937, 1944-51, 1952, 1959, 1966

Taylor, Geoffrey Ingram (1944-51 are Peierls's carbons only)

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.300  1947-49, 1956

Teller, Edward

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.301  1956, 1961, 1965

Temperley, Hugh N. V.

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.302  1962-63

Thellung, A. E.

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.303  1959-64

Thompson, Brian Victor

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.304  1946-47, 1950-51, 1959

Thomson, George Paget (includes draft of paper on deuterons, 1946)

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.305  1961-66, 1974

Thouless, David J.

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.306  1960-66, 1968

Tuan, Tai-Fu and Tadic, D.

[no title or date]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.307

Uhlenbeck, George E. 1948
Umezawa, H. 1954
Urey, Harold Clayton 1965

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.308  1964-69

Valatin, J. G.

[no title or date]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.309

Van Vleck, John Hasbrouck 1956
Vogt, Erich W. 1955-56, 1963, 1969
Volkoff, G. M. 1953

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.310  1956, 1965

Villars, Felix M. H.

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.311  1959-62

Vinh-Mau, Nicole (neë Gilbert) (in French and English)

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.312  1933, 1950

Von Neumann, John (Peierls's carbons only) (in German and English)

[no title or date]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.313

Walkinshaw, W. 1950-51
Wassermann, G. D. 1950-51
Wentzel, Gregor 1953
Wheeler, John A. 1952, 1957

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.314  1938

Walke, Harold J.

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.315  1948-54

Waller, Ivar

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.316  1949, 1953

Wataghin, Gleb (includes copy of letter from Pauli to Wataghin)

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.317  1937, 1961

Related information: (see also CSAC 52/6/77/D.18)

Watson, George Neville

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.318  1948, 1951

Watson, W. H.

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.319  1935

Weigle, Jean (2 letters)

Weiss, Joseph J.  CSAC 52.6.77/C.320-C.321  1939-69

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.320  1939-1954

1939-40 (in German) 1941, 1946-47, 1949-51, 1954

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.321  1955-1969

1955-57, 1959-63, 1969

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.322  1947-59, 1965

Related information: (see also CSAC 52/6/77/A.20 and CSAC 52/6/77/C.330)

Weisskopf, Victor Frederick

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.323  1934

Weizsäcker, Carl-Friedrich (1 letter, in German)

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.324  1948

Whittaker, Edmond

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.325  1937-38, 1945-46, 1949-51, 1963

Wick, Gian Carlo (1937-38 in German)

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.326  1948-53, 1959

Wieringen, J. S. van

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.327  1932-38, 1953, 1963, 1970

Wigner, Eugene Paul (1932-38 in German)
(Peierls's carbons only)

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.328  1953-54

Wilkes, Maurice Vincent

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.329  1960-65

Wilkin, Colin

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.330  1950, 1959-61, 1965-66, 1970

Wilkinson, Denys Haigh

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.331  1949, 1955, 1960

Wilkinson, K. J. R.

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.332  1954-56

Wilson, Alan Herries

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.333  1947, 1949-50, 1954

Wilson, Robert R.

[no title or date]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.334

Wimperis, Harry Egerton 1954
Wong, Chun Wa 1967
Woolley, R. G. 1972

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.335  1962, 1964-65

Wong, Maurice K. F.

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.336  1939-43, 1947

Wood, A. Michael

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.337  1958

Wu, Ta-You

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.338  1948-49, 1952-55

Van Wyk, Christoffel Benjamin

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.339  1965, 1970

Yang, Chen Ning (Frank)

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.340  1966

Yellin, Joel

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.341  1960-61

Yoccoz, Jean

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.342  1954

Yoshida, Shiro

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.343  1956-58

Yourgrau, Wolfgang

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.344  1972-73

Zak, Joshua

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.345  1955, 1958

Zienau, S.

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.346  1954-55

Ziman, John Michael

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.347  1946-73

Reports on manuscript, etc. submitted to Peierls for advice and opinion by scientific colleagues and editors.

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.348  c 1950-74

Shorter scientific correspondence: requests for information, permission to quote, etc. received and made by Peierls and colleagues, exchange of reports and articles. Not indexed.

[no title or date]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.349-C.350

Shorter personal correspondence with individuals re careers, appointments, research problems. Presented alphabetically:

[no title or date]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.349

A - K

[no title or date]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.350

M - W

[no title or date]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.351-C.358

Manuscripts, theories and correspondence on miscellaneous scientific topics submitted to Peierls by amateurs and members of the public in UK and abroad; notable for the careful attention and kindness of his replies. Presented alphabetically. Not indexed.

[no title or date]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.351

B - D

[no title or date]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.352

E - F

[no title or date]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.353


[no title or date]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.354

H - L

[no title or date]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.355


[no title or date]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.356

M - N

[no title or date]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.357

P - T

[no title or date]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.358


[no title or date]  CSAC 52.6.77/C.359

'Nonsense': miscellaneous manuscripts and publications sent to Peierls by members of the public. Unanswered or with formal reply only.


Correspondence with publishers and editors  CSAC 52.6.77/D.1-D.21  [n.d.]

Re books, articles, reviews by Peierls, or submitted to him for comment. The correspondence is presented alphabetically by name of publisher or publication, and a note is given of any material of particular scientific or personal interest. The index is selective.

George Allen and Unwin  CSAC 52.6.77/D.1-D.3  [n.d.]

Misc. correspondence re Peierls's The Laws of Nature (first published 1955), translations and foreign rights; includes press-cuttings and reviews:

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/D.1  1954-58

George Allen and Unwin

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/D.2  1958-61

George Allen and Unwin

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/D.3  1964-70

George Allen and Unwin

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/D.4  1956-74

Annals of Physics
Peierls served on the Editorial Council from the foundation of the journal 1956-1972.

[no title or date]  CSAC 52.6.77/D.5

Athlone Press 1963
Atom Industry 1958
W.A.Benjamin & Co. 1961-63
Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists 1969-70
Butterworth Scientific Publications 1948-49

[no title or date]  CSAC 52.6.77/D.6

Proceedings of the Cambridge Philosophical Society 1946-56
Cambridge University Press 1958-72
Canadian Journal of Physics 1969-74
Casement Books 1953
Chatto and Windus 1971

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/D.7  1938, 1953-70

The Clarendon Press, Oxford: Editorial correspondence re Quantum Theory of Solids (published in 1955) which arose out of a series of lectures delivered by Peierls in 1953 at the Summer School at Les Houches; includes correspondence on foreign translations, second and paperback editions, and on other publications recommended or discussed by Peierls; some scientific correspondence arising. One early letter (1938) deals with a proposed book on the Quantum Theory which was never completed.

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/D.8  1966-68

Comments on Nuclear and Particle Physics.
Peierls was invited to serve as a contributor from the inception of the journal in 1966, and also on the Advisory Board.

[no title or date]  CSAC 52.6.77/D.9

Contemporary Physics 1959-64
Daily Express Book Division 1958
The Daily Herald Ltd. 1956-57
(Includes ms. of article 'Power from atoms' written by Peierls for supplement on Calder Hall, but not published).
Dictionary of Scientific Biography (see also CSAC 52.6.77/A.19) 1971-72
Discovery 1964
Elsevier Publishing Co. Ltd. 1966
Encyclopaedia Britannica 1969, 1971
Endeavour 1936-66
(Re Peierls's article Atomic energy - threat and promise (offprint enclosed), April 1947, and Nuclear matter, 1963).

[no title or date]  CSAC 52.6.77/D.10

The Financial Times 1957
(Includes ms. of article by Peierls on 'Russian Science', prepared for Financial Times but not published).
History of Science 1963-65
(Includes Peierls's review of The Concept of the Positron by N. R. Hanson).
Interscience Monographs and Texts in Physics and Astronomy 1958-62
(Peierls served on the Advisory Board from 1958).
McGraw-Hill Book Co. Inc. 1958-67
(Includes autobiographical note by Peierls for McGraw-Hill Modern Men of Science).

[no title or date]  CSAC 52.6.77/D.11

The M.I.T. Press (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) 1961, 1964
(Includes ms. of talk given by Peierls at M.I.T. Centennial, 1961, on the history and future of physics).
Mathematical Reviews 1958, 1966

Nature  CSAC 52.6.77/D.12-D.13  [n.d.]

Correspondence on articles and notes submitted by Peierls for publication, or to him for comment; also on obituaries and tributes to colleagues (includes ms. drafts or copies of several of Peierls's contributions).

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/D.12  1943-54


[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/D.13  1955-74


[no title or date]  CSAC 52.6.77/D.14

Thomas Nelson & Sons 1970
New Scientist 1958, 1964, 1969-71
(Includes Peierls's review of The Born-Einstein letters and typescript of article 'Disarmament - Utopia or Commonsense?').
The New York Review of Books 1970-71
(Includes ms. of Peierls's review of Physics and Beyond, by Werner Heisenberg, and correspondence arising).
North-Holland Publishing Company 1958-59, 1968
Nucleonics 1955

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/D.15  1954-72

Il Nuovo Cimento
(Peierls served on the Editorial Committee 1963-74).

[no title or date]  CSAC 52.6.77/D.16

Oliver and Boyd Ltd. 1962-63
Pergamon Press 1955-63, 1967, 1972
Misc. correspondence re:
Journal of Nuclear Energy (Peierls served on Advisory Board)
Progress in Nuclear Energy (Peierls served on Advisory Board)
Atomnaia Energiia (Peierls advised on translators)
Journal of the Physics and Chemistry of Solids
Pergamon Institute
And misc. requests to Peierls for advice on publications, translations, etc.

[no title or date]  CSAC 52.6.77/D.17

Physical Review 1947, 1950
Physics Today 1973-74
Science 1957
Science Abstracts 1958
Science Journal 1968, 1969
Science Progress 1964, 1965
Scientific American 1965-66
(Includes review by Peierls of The Conceptual Development of Quantum Mechanics by M. Jammer).
Society for Cultural Relations with the USSR 1966
Soviet Physics 1956, 1965-66
(Peierls provided translations of texts from the Russian journals Uspekhi Fizicheskikh Nauk and the 'Journal of Experimental and Theoretical Physics').
The Spectator 1961
Springer-Verlag 1955

[no title or date]  CSAC 52.6.77/D.18

Time-Life International 1956
The Times 1966-74
(Includes misc. obituary notices by Peierls of Oppenheimer, Born, Rosenfeld among others).
The Times Literary Supplement 1969-70
(Includes review of Lawrence and Oppenheimer).
The Twentieth Century 1955
(Includes ms. of article 'Current Problems in High Energy Physics').
University of Birmingham 1965
(Includes ms. of obituary notice on G.N. Watson).
Van Nostrand Company Ltd. 1957, 1961

[no title or date]  CSAC 52.6.77/D.19

Misc. shorter correspondence with publishers and editors re permission to quote or reprint, complimentary copies of publications sent to Peierls, etc. (Not indexed.)

[no title or date]  CSAC 52.6.77/D.20

Misc. invitations to Peierls from publishers and colleagues, to write books/articles, reviews, contributions to symposia, to serve on editorial boards, etc. (Selectively indexed.)

[no title or date]  CSAC 52.6.77/D.21

Misc. book reviews.

[no title or date]  CSAC 52.6.77/D.22

Broadcasting and television 1962-73
Misc. correspondence re interviews, recordings, television appearances for radio and television companies in UK and abroad.
The topics covered include the history of atomic physics, atomic warfare, the Fuchs case, recollections of scientific colleagues.
Programmes referred to include:
'The Bomb' (BBC Radio) 1962
Series on Quantum Physics (BBC. TV) 1963
'The Decision to drop the atomic bomb' (NBC) 1964
'The Birth of the Bomb' (Sveriges Radio) 1965
Ethical responsibility of scientists (BBC. TV) 1964
'The Struggle for Peace' (ABC. TV) 1966
On Klaus Fuchs (Radiotelevisione Italiana) 1966
Re programme on Rutherford (BBC Radio) 1966
'Growing Points in Physics ' (BBC Radio) 1966-67
(Includes script of Peierls's contribution 'The concepts of physics')
On the history of the atomic bomb (Sveriges radio) 1967-68
On current research (C.O.I. for West German radio) 1969
'Birth of the Bomb' (for American TV) 1970
'A fable in his lifetime - Paul Dirac' (BBC Radio) 1972
On Klaus Fuchs (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) 1973

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/D.23  1964-66, 1975

'The Building of the Bomb' (BBC. TV)
Peierls recorded an interview for the producer (Robert Reid) of this programme, which was screened in March 1965. Although the interview was not used in the programme, Peierls was disturbed by inaccuracies and distortions in the final version, and took up the matter with the producer, the then Director-General of the BBC, Sir Hugh Carleton Greene, and with several of his own scientific colleagues in USA. Extensive correspondence, script of the programme. (See also CSAC 52.6.77/C.19.)
When the programme was screened for a second time, unchanged, in August 1975, Peierls wrote to the Chairman, Sir Michael Swann, and initiated correspondence in The Times.

[no title or date]  CSAC 52.6.77/D.24

Misc. reports by Peierls and his colleagues, returned from the Atomic Energy Research Establishment, Harwell, after declassification in 1957 and 1958. N.B. Ms. 7 (see letter of 26 February 1958) is missing.

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/D.25  1951-74

Misc. referee's reports by Peierls on books and articles.


(Most of the correspondence and papers in this section are post-1962.)

Correspondence regarding appointments, conferences, major lectures, symposia, visits to universities/institutes / laboratories attended or accepted by Peierls.  CSAC 52.6.77/E.1-E.21  [n.d.]

The papers are presented in date order and the contents briefly summarised. An indication has been given in the handlist when the file includes a typescript or abstract of Peierls's contribution. The correspondents are selectively indexed.
See also CSAC 52.6.77/C.117, one file of correspondence with Professor L. Garrido; most of the letters deal with the planning and organisation of annual international schools in physics.

[no title or date]  CSAC 52.6.77/E.1

Addresses to the American Physical Society, New York: 1946
September 1946 (includes abstract of talk 'Electrodynamics without point singularities', but Peierls was unable to attend the conference); January 1952 (on 'Non-local field theory'). 1952
Home Universities Conference, London, December: file includes a summary of points included in Peierls's talk on 'The Supply of Teachers for Mathematics and Science' (see also Item CSAC 52.6.77/B.10). 1954
Invitation and related papers to join Commission on High Energy Physics. 1957

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/E.2  1961-62

XI International Conference on High Energy Physics, Geneva, July 4-11, 1962 (Peierls was a member of the European Advisory Committee which was to recommend to CERN a list of people to be invited).
Correspondence with officials of CERN re meetings of Advisory Committee, scheduling of and arrangements for conferences, scheduling of a lecture by Peierls to colloquium at CERN (on 'Nuclear translation and rotation as collective phenomena'), lists of British participants.
Extensive correspondence with British colleagues regarding nominations to the conference, travel grants.
Peierls's notes re instrumentation conference.

[no title or date]  CSAC 52.6.77/E.3

Conference on 'High Energy Physics and Nuclear Structure', CERN, February 25-March 2, 1963: correspondence with officials at CERN re arrangements for conference, trans-script (11 pp.) of Peierls's remarks and summary at the conclusion of the conference. 1963
International Spring School of Physics, Ravello, Italy, April-May 4, 1963: correspondence re scheduling of Peierls's visit, applications from other members of the Birmingham department. 1963
Conference of mathematicians and physicists on 'The theory and applications of analysis in function space', M.I.T., June 1963: correspondence, transcript (6 pp.) of Peierls's concluding remarks 'A Physicist Sums Up'. Invitation to Peierls to serve on organizing committee of the next conference (declined). 1963

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/E.4  1962-64

First Yugoslav Summer School on Solid State Physics, Hercegnovi, September 1-14, 1963: correspondence re arrangements to visit summer school and other institutes, travel plans, list of participants, programme, 4pp. abstract of lecture course given by Peierls on 'The concept of relaxation time' (5 lectures). Invitation to 1964 summer school (declined).

[no title or date]  CSAC 52.6.77/E.5

Correspondence re visit to Hamburg, September 1963, to receive the Max Planck Medal (see also CSAC 52.6.77/A.9). 1963
Conference on 'The Identity of the Jewish Intellectual', London, November 1963: correspondence, list of participants, transcript of Peierls's remarks. 1963
Correspondence re visit to various laboratories and institutes in France, April 1964 (see also Item CSAC 52.6.77/F.12, Institut des Hautes Etudes Scientifiques). 1963-64
Conference on Many-body Problems, Manchester, September 1964 (Peierls gave the introductory talk): correspondence, programme. 1964

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/E.6  1964-65

International Conference on Nuclear Physics, Paris, July 2-8, 1964: correspondence, programme, typescript of Peierls's concluding remarks for publication in conference proceedings.

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/E.7  1963-66

XII International High Energy Conference, Dubna, August 1964.
Copies of correspondence exchanged between T.G. Pickavance and heads of physics departments in British universities re nominations to the conference.
Correspondence re travel arrangements and grants.
(The file also includes some correspondence re nominations for the 1966 High Energy Conference in Berkeley.)

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/E.8  1964-65

Banff Summer School on Quantum Transport Theory, August 22-September 3, 1965, Alberta, Canada: correspondence re topics of lectures, list of participants, invitations to visit other Canadian universities, programme, travel arrangements, scheduling of school.

[no title or date]  CSAC 52.6.77/E.9

Visit to Yugoslavia, March 24-April 6, 1965: invitations to visit various institutes and laboratories, scheduling, travel arrangements. 1965
Symposium on 'How to teach the art of approximation', Imperial College, London, May 1965: correspondence, summary of proceedings. 1965
Visit to M.I.T., September 13-19, 1965: correspondence re arrangements for one-week visit (including original invitation extended in 1964 to Peierls to come as Visiting Professor for 1965-66). 1965
International Conference on Elementary Particles, Oxford, 19-25 September 1965: correspondence re nominations for invitations. 1965

[no title or date]  CSAC 52.6.77/E.10

Visit to Göttingen, February 1966, to address symposium in honour of F. Hund: correspondence (see also CSAC 52.6.77/C.147). 1966
Visiting Senior Physicist, Brookhaven National Laboratory, March-April 1966: correspondence re timing of visit, Peierls's correspondence with Oxford department during his absence, invitations from other institutions and laboratories in the US. 1966
Xth International Conference on Low Temperature Physics, Moscow, 1966. (Peierls originally accepted the invitation but later had to decline owing to ill health.) 1966

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/E.11  1967

Invitations extended to Peierls during his sabbatical leave at the University of Washington in Seattle, January-June 1967, with related correspondence re scheduling of his visits to other institutes, etc. File includes typescript of 'History of the "Peierls-Nabarro" Force', prepared for Battelle Colloquium on Dislocation Dynamics, May 1967.

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/E.12  1966-68

Conference on Theoretical Physics, University of Birmingham, July 4-6, 1967 'For R.E. Peierls's 60th Birthday': programme, list of members, correspondence re arrangements for conference, accommodation, publication of proceedings.

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/E.13  1966-67

International Theoretical Physics Conference on Particles and Fields, Rochester, N.Y., August 28-September 1, 1967: invitation and programme, correspondence re travel grant, participants, invitation and subsequent correspondence re visit to Stony Brook, N.Y. during week before conference.

[no title or date]  CSAC 52.6.77/E.14

Visit to M.I.T. for opening of new physics center, March 1968 (Peierls served as Chairman at one of the sessions). 1968
Symposium 'On the Use of Nimrod for Nuclear Structure Physics', Rutherford Laboratory, March 1968: correspondence, provisional programme (Peierls was to give on introductory talk and chair the final session but was unable to attend). 1968
Gordon Conference on Nuclear Structure, July 1968: correspondence re preliminary planning of conference. 1968
Conference of the European Physical Society, Florence, April 1969: correspondence re travel arrangements. 1969
III International Conference on High Energy Physics and Nuclear Structure, New York, September 8-12, 1969: correspondence re planning and financing of conference (Peierls was a member of the Advisory Committee and chaired the final session). 1969

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/E.15  1968-70

International Conference on the Three-Body Problem in Nuclear and Particle Physics, Birmingham, July 8-10, 1969. Peierls served as Co-Chairman of the Organising Committee and gave the closing summary: extensive correspondence re title, organisation and composition of conference; copies of letters of invitation to principal speakers and of their replies; provisional and final programme; correspondence re publication of proceedings and contract; Peierls's ms. notes on papers presented.

[no title or date]  CSAC 52.6.77/E.16

Pauli Memorial Lectures, Zürich, January 1970: invitation to give lectures, and related correspondence, Peierls's notes for his lectures, travel arranvements. Peierls retains the tapes of these 4 lectures (see note on p.1). 1969-70
Nuclear Physics Conference, University of Surrey, April 1970; correspondence, etc. 1970

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/E.17  1969-70

Surface Science Summer Institute, Battelle Memorial Institute, Seattle, Washington: correspondence re plans for summer school and list of participants, scientific correspondence arising.

[no title or date]  CSAC 52.6.77/E.18

Silver Jubilee of the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Bombay, April 1970: invitation and subsequent correspondence re topics for lectures, travel arrangements. 1970
Argonne National Laboratory, Illinois (25th Anniversary), November 1971, lecture on 'The state of physics': correspondence re arrangements for visit. 1971

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/E.19  1971-72

Solid State Institute, Technion, Haifa, Israel, December 1971: invitations to Peierls to come as Visiting Professor, to deliver the Wunsch Lecture, to give colloquium at the Hebrew University and subsequent correspondence re scheduling of visit. File includes a typescript of Peierls's Wunsch Lecture 'Is there a crisis in science?'.

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/E.20  1971-72

Symposium on 'Development of the Physicist's Conception of Nature', Trieste, September 18-25, 1972 (Peierls served on the sponsoring committee): draft programme with Peierls's comments and suggestions, correspondence re Peierls's lecture. (Symposium was dedicated to Dirac on his 70th birthday.)

[no title or date]  CSAC 52.6.77/E.21

Address to the Royal Society of Edinburgh, March 5 1973, 'The role of the "observer" in quantum physics - an implication for the relation of physics to biology?': invitation plus related correspondence. 1971-73
Lecture at CERN, March 28-April 4, 1973 'Some old fundamental problems of physics': invitation and related correspondence, abstracts of lectures (4), travel and accommodation arrangements, programme. 1972-73
Centenary Conference, Physical Society, Jersey, April 1974: correspondence. 1974
Visit to Laboratòrio de Fisica de Universidade, Coimbra, Portugal, December 1973-January 1974: correspondence re scheduling of visit. 1973-74

Declined invitations (and related correspondence)  CSAC 52.6.77/E.22-E.29  [n.d.]

To visit/join other universities or laboratories, to give major lectures, to attend symposia and conferences. 8 folders in date order, brief indication of contents given below. Correspondents are selectively indexed.

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/E.22  (1948-59)

Netherlands Physical Society Symposium, Amsterdam 1948
US Department of Commerce, Conference, California 1949
Carnegie Institute of Technology, Pittsburg, Chair in Theoretical Physics and Visiting Professorship 1950-52
Summer Session, University of Wisconsin 1951
Summer Session, Stanford University, Visiting Professor 1952, 1953, 1955
Trinity Term, University of Sydney 1954-55
Symposium in memory of Einstein, Technion, Israel 1956
Physical Society Symposium, London 1959

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/E.23  (1960-63)

Visiting Scientists Program in Physics, USA (4 offers) 1960-64
Institute for Theoretical Physics, Zürich (visit) 1961
Department of Physics, Centro de Investigación y de Estudios Avanzados, Mexico City, Head of Physics Department 1961
Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn, New York (visit) 1961
Summer School, University of Colorado 1962
Latin American School of Physics, Rio de Janeiro 1963
Summer Session, University of California at Los Angeles 1963
Conference on Lattice Dynamics, Copenhagen 1963

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/E.24  (1964)

Nuclear Physics Conference, Canberra 1964
Semester at IBM, New York 1964
Institute of Mathematical Sciences Symposium, Madras 1964
Nordic-Dutch accelerator symposium, Finland 1964
Galileo Conference, Bologna 1964
Labour Standing Conference on the Sciences, Oxford 1964
Symposium on Relativistic Astrophysics, University of Texas 1964

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/E.25  (1965-66)

Theoretical Physics Department, Bordeaux (visit) 1965
Conference, University of Toronto 1965
Department of Applied Mathematics, Giza, UAR, Visiting Professor 1965
Gordon Conference on Nuclear Structure and Models, New Hampshire, USA 1965
International Conference on Nuclear Physics, Gatlinburg, Tennessee 1966
Conference on Isobaric Spin, Florida State University 1966
Course on Theoretical Nuclear Physics, Trieste 1966
Summer School, Italian National Research Council, Perugia 1966
Symposium on Physical Methods in Structural Chemistry, Oxford 1966

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/E.26  (1967)

Conference on High Energy Physics and Nuclear Structure, Israel 1967
Visiting Professorship, University of Islamabad, West Pakistan 1967
Symposium, Centenary of M. Curie, Warsaw and Paris 1967
Gordon Conference on Nuclear Structure, New Hampshire, USA 1967
Nucleon-Nucleon Conference, University of Florida 1967
Summer School, University of Athens 1967
Institute of Theoretical Physics, University of Lund, Sweden 1967
25th Anniversary observance, 1st Nuclear Chain Reaction, Chicago 1967
(See also Item CSAC 52.6.77/E.11, a file of invitations received by Peierls during his sabbatical in Seattle, January-June 1967).

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/E.27  (1968-70)

Sommerfeld Memorial Meeting, Munich 1968
Cultural Congress of Havana 1968
Symposium on Contemporary Physics, Trieste 1968
Summer School, Institute of Nuclear Physics, Cracow, Poland 1968
McMaster University, Ontario (visit) 1969
Universities of Vienna and Graz, Austria (visit) 1969
Dalhousie University, Halifax (visit) 1970
Summer School and National Congress, Yugoslavia 1970
Symposium on Thin Helium Films, Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken, N. Jersey 1970
Symposium on Particle Theory, University of Texas 1970

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/E.28  (1970-73)

Symposium on water pollution, Aberystwyth 1970
Los Alamos Medium Energy Physics Faculty, Study group 1971
Symposium, Quantum Theory Project, Florida 1971
Symposium on Impact of Science on Society, The European Committee of the Weizmann Institute, Brussels 1971
Statistical Mechanics Conference, Technion, Israel 1971
Conference on Few Particle Problems, Los Angeles 1972
Symposium on the Centenary of the Boltzmann-Equation, Vienna 1972
Summer School, Institute for Nuclear Research, Warsaw, Poland 1972
Symposium, Quantum Theory Project, Florida 1973
Symposium on Correlation, Budapest 1973

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/E.29  (1973-74)

Department of Physics, University of Virginia (visit) 1973
Symposium, Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken, New Jersey 1973
Solid State Conference, Manchester 1974
Conference on low temperature diffusion, IBM, New York 1974
Conference, University of Puerto Rico 1974
Conference on Functional Integration, London 1974

Minor correspondence re symposia, meetings, conferences and visits (in date order).  CSAC 52.6.77/E.30-E.31  [n.d.]

Includes correspondence re declassification conferences in the US, 1949, 1951; proposed Emergency Committee of Atomic Scientists. Misc. announcements, invitations, programmes, letters of thanks. Correspondence re scheduling, publicity, finances, nominations, publications.

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/E.30  1946-66

Minor correspondence re symposia, meetings, conferences and visits (in date order).

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/E.31  1966-74

Minor correspondence re symposia, meetings, conferences and visits (in date order).

Correspondence re departmental/university lectures, symposia and colloquia given by Peierls in institutions or universities other than his own.  CSAC 52.6.77/E.32-E.33  [n.d.]

The papers are presented in date order with an indication of title, venue and date. The correspondents are selectively indexed.

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/E.32  1950-51, 1964-65

'The Communication Laws of Relativistic Quantum Theory', Oxford, November 1950. 1950
'Problems in the Theory of Nuclear Forces', University College, London, May 1951. 1951
'Nuclear Forces', Southampton, May 1951. 1951
'The atom, the nucleus and beyond', Birmingham, February 1964. 1964
'Disarmament', College of Aeronautics, Cranfield, November 1964. 1964
'Iteration Methods' and 'Decaying states in Quantum Mechanics', Trinity College, Dublin, May 1965 (includes some correspondence on university and scientific matters). 1965
'Realistic forces and finite nuclei', Queen Mary College, London, November 1965 (programme only). 1965

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/E.33  (1966-1974)

'Problems of Disarmament', Oxford, November 1966. 1966
(No title), Birmingham, December 1966. 1966
Seminar to Theoretical Physics Division, Harwell, November 1967. 1967
Address to the Physical Society, Sussex, March 1968. 1968
Discussion of the film 'The War Game', Oxford Scout and Guide Group Rally, October 1970. 1970
Theoretical Physics seminar, Birmingham, March 1971. 1971
'The scientist and the misuse of science', Oxford, May 1971. 1971
'The need for nuclear models', University of Aston, February 1972. 1972
'Pre-war, wartime and post-war physics', Oxford, October 1973. 1973
'The scientist and the misuse of science', Canterbury, November 1973. 1973
'Perturbation theory for projected states', Sussex, March 1974. 1974
'The origin of the difference between past and future in physics', Reading, March 1974. 1974

Invitations to give departmental/university lectures, seminars or colloquia which were declined by Peierls.  CSAC 52.6.77/E.34-E.35  [n.d.]

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/E.34  1963-68

Invitations to give departmental/university lectures, seminars or colloquia which were declined by Peierls.

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/E.35  1969-74

Invitations to give departmental/university lectures, seminars or colloquia which were declined by Peierls.


The papers are presented alphabetically as far as possible, with an indication of the dates and topics covered. The index is selective.

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/F.1  1964-74

Advisory Panel on Arms Control and Disarmament
The Panel was set up by Lord Chalfont (then Minister of State, Foreign Office) who invited Perierls to join it; the Panel was subsequently under the responsibility of Mr. Fred Mulley, Lord Lothian, Mr. A. Godber, Mr. Julian Amery and Mr. David Ennals. A list of the contents is on the file.

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/F.2  1968-72

Atlas Computer Committee
Correspondence re scheduling of meetings, matters of policy, minutes and related correspondence. Peierls served as Chairman from 1 October 1969-30 June 1972. (See also SRC Science Board file, Item CSAC 52.6.77/F.41.)

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/F.3  1951, 1957, 1963-65

Atomic Energy Research Establishment, Harwell
Correspondence re Peierls's consultancy work for the authority 1951, 1957, 1963-65, and some correspondence re meetings at Risley and Windscale 1954.

Atomic Scientists Association  CSAC 52.6.77/F.4-F.8  1946-57

Peierls was a member of the Provisional Committee of the Association from its foundation in May 1946 and took an active part in its affairs. He served as President 1948-50 in succession to Nevill Mott. The contents of the files include:
The affairs of the Association, selection of officers, policy statement, meetings, speakers, conferences, finance, letters to the Press; includes draft of Peierls's 'President's Report' for 1949-50.
The aims of the Association: civil defence, problems of atomic energy, public awareness and information, national and international security problems, the Atomic Energy Bill, the 'Atomic Train' exhibition, etc.
The Atomic Scientists' News: correspondence with editors, drafts of articles and letters for publication.
The Atomic Energy Study Group: memos, drafts and papers on various topics (some by Peierls).
Misc. drafts for articles, letters, reports etc. by Peierls.
NB The correspondence is not always complete; sometimes only carbons of Peierls's letters survive. See also CSAC 52.6.77/C.22-CSAC 52.6.77/C.23, CSAC 52.6.77/C.54.
Peierls was in particularly close and frequent touch with Nevill Mott in connection with ASA; this correspondence has been kept as a separate file, CSAC 52.6.77/F.8. Mott was the first President of ASA 1946-48, and again in 1950.

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/F.4  May 1946-1947

Atomic Scientists Association

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/F.5  1948

Atomic Scientists Association

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/F.6  1949-50

Atomic Scientists Association

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/F.7  1951-57

Atomic Scientists Association

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/F.8  April 1946-August 1951

Correspondence with Nevill Mott, (See also CSAC 52.6.77/C.213-CSAC 52.6.77/C.218.)

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/F.9  1947-50, 1956-59

British Association
Correspondence re lectures, publication of talks, invitation to join executive committee of West Midlands Area (declined).

The English Electric Company Limited  CSAC 52.6.77/F.10-F.11  1954-69

Peierls acted as Consultant to the firm 1954-67. Correspondence re visits, personal, technical advice, papers for publication, scientific research in progress.

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/F.10  1954-57

The English Electric Company Limited

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/F.11  1958-69

The English Electric Company Limited

Institut des Hautes Etudes Scientifiques  CSAC 52.6.77/F.12-F.15  [n.d.]

Peierls served on Comité Scientifique until 1974. Administrative and scientific correspondence, visits, policy and organisation of Institute, etc.

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/F.12  1963-71

(Includes correspondence 1958 with Leon Motchane describing setting up of Institut).

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/F.13  1972

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/F.14  1973-74

[no title or date]  CSAC 52.6.77/F.15

Misc. duplicated reports, committee papers, etc.

The Institute of Physics and the Physical Society  CSAC 52.6.77/F.16-F.19  1946-74

[no title or date]  CSAC 52.6.77/F.16

Awards Committee, 1963-71 (Peierls served on this committee 1963-68)

[no title or date]  CSAC 52.6.77/F.17

Misc. reports and comments on papers submitted to Peierls for reference, and by him for publication. Includes related scientific correspondence 1962-74.

[no title or date]  CSAC 52.6.77/F.18

'Report on the University Training in Mathematics for the Future Physicist'. Peierls organised and prepared this report, which was sponsored by the Royal Society's British National Committee for Mathematics with the assistance of the Institute of Physics and the Physical Society. File includes correspondence re preparation of questionnaire, drafting of report, amendments suggested by committee members, publication of report; copy of questionnaire, list of people who received questionnaire, copy of report (see also Royal Society, CSAC 52.6.77/F.39). 1965-66

[no title or date]  CSAC 52.6.77/F.19

Misc. correspondence with officials of Institute re papers for publication, invitations to contribute reviews, articles, etc. 1946-74 (Peierls was invited to serve on the Editorial Board of Journal of Physics 'A' in 1974 but declined).

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/F.20  1957-63

National Institute for Research in Nuclear Science
(Chairman: Lord Bridges). Peierls served on the Board 1957-62. Letters of appointment to Governing Board, letters by Peierls to Chancellor of Exchequer protesting against financial cuts to universities. (See also University Policy, CSAC 52.6.77/B.15.)

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/F.21  1947

New Commonwealth Atomic Energy Committee
Misc. correspondence with organisers and officials, mainly re international control of atomic energy.

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/F.21A  1967-68

Marconi Instruments Limited
Short correspondence re proposed consultancy: includes interesting letter from Peierls on relations between academic and industrial scientists.

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/F.22  1964-74

Max-Planck - Institut fur Physik und Astrophysik
Correspondence re nominations and nomination proceedings for Planck Medal (in German and in English).

The Pugwash Conferences on Science and World Affairs  CSAC 52.6.77/F.23-F.34  1960-74

'Pugwash' is an international movement for peaceful cooperation between scientists, with special reference to the dangers of new methods of warfare. It takes its name from Pugwash in Nova Scotia, where the first conference was held in 1957.
Peierls played an active part in this, as in other movements aimed at international understanding; he served also on the Continuing Committee 1963-74 and was its Chairman 1969-74, and gave the annual Pugwash Conferences priority wherever possible over other engagements.
The folders preserve the order in which Peierls kept the documents and correspondence, though there is some overlap of contents.

[no title or date]  CSAC 52.6.77/F.23-F.29

General correspondence on Pugwash affairs; Financial and administrative policy, officers and staff; meetings, conferences, topics and invitations for discussions; relations with other societies.

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/F.23  1960-64

Correspondence (includes Peierls's 'Impression of the Pugwash Conference, Moscow, November 1960').

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/F.24  1965-66


[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/F.25  1967-68


[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/F.26  1969

General correspondence (includes discussion of proposed British Society for Social Responsibility in Science, and a draft paper by Peierls 'A ban on the development of new weapons?', and letter to New Scientist).

[no title or date]  CSAC 52.6.77/F.27

1970 (Includes preliminary approaches for meeting of 'The Social Impact of Modern Biology' to be held jointly with British Society for Responsibility in Science - co-sponsorship dropped; and British Pugwash meeting on C.S. (see also CSAC 52.6.77/F.33).

[no title or date]  CSAC 52.6.77/F.28

1971-72 (Includes arrangements for 1972 International Conference, held in Oxford).

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/F.29  1972-74

[no title or date]  CSAC 52.6.77/F.30

Correspondence relating to negotiations re application by Pugwash Limited for registration as a charity.

[no title or date]  CSAC 52.6.77/F.31

Pugwash Continuing Committee 1969-74. General correspondence on Pugwash affairs; contents have some overlap with CSAC 52.6.77/F.26-CSAC 52.6.77/F.29 above, but were kept as separate file by Peierls.

[no title or date]  CSAC 52.6.77/F.32

Cockcroft Memorial Appeal. Peierls was Chairman of the Appeal Committee. Correspondence with Trustees and donors, bibliography on reactor safety, drafts of letters, of appeal, of pamphlet, copies of appeal, lists of trusts, companies and individuals.

[no title or date]  CSAC 52.6.77/F.33

Pugwash Symposium on C.S. Gas and the Geneva Protocol, 29 May 1970 (see also CSAC 52.6.77/F.27). Correspondence, programme of meeting, papers circulated for information.

[no title or date]  CSAC 52.6.77/F.34

Pugwash Study Group on Pollution, Oxford, 22 June 1971. List of participants, drafts of interim reports and correspondence with participants re amendments and corrections, requests for information re other studies in preparation for meeting.

The Royal Society  CSAC 52.6.77/F.35-F.40  [n.d.]

[no title or date]  CSAC 52.6.77/F.35-F.36

Correspondence on nominations and elections, composition and policy of sectional committees, publications policy, other Society business.

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/F.35  1951-63

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/F.36  1964-74

[no title or date]  CSAC 52.6.77/F.37

Papers and correspondence re a proposal by Peierls and N. Kurti for an enlarged or modified membership of the Royal Society 1971-72.

[no title or date]  CSAC 52.6.77/F.38

Peierls's reports on publications submitted to him for reference, or by him for publication in Proc.Roy.Soc.

[no title or date]  CSAC 52.6.77/F.39

General correspondence on Society business, invitations to serve on committees, etc.: includes short correspondence on report on mathematical training for physicists (to be prepared by Peierls, see also CSAC 52.6.77/F.18) and Peierls's reactions to the Green Paper 'A Framework for Government research and development'. 1958-72

[no title or date]  CSAC 52.6.77/F.40

Shorter correspondence re Nuclear Physics Committee, on which Peierls served 1951-52.

Science Research Council  CSAC 52.6.77/F.41-F.45  [n.d.]

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/F.41  1969-73

Correspondence re Peierls's service as member of SRC Science Board (Chairman: Hans L. Kornberg) and as Chairman, Atlas Computer Committee: includes correspondence and memoranda on policy (see also CSAC 52.6.77/F.2).

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/F.42  1965-72

Correspondence re Rutherford High Energy Laboratory: meetings, Advisory Committee on use of IBM 360/195, study groups, etc. (see also CSAC 52.6.77/F.2, CSAC 52.6.77/F.50).

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/F.43  1973-74

Correspondence re SRC Cognitive Sciences Panel, of which Peierls was Chairman.

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/F.44  1967-68

Correspondence re International Theoretical Physics Institute, submitted for consideration to SRC Nuclear Physics Committee: draft proposal and comments; Peierls's draft alternative proposal (5 pp.), minutes and correspondence.

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/F.45  1966-74

Nato Advanced Study Institute, and SRC Research Grants: misc. correspondence and reports on research projects and grant applications (not indexed).

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/F.46  1947-58

Society for the Protection of Science and Learning (formerly Academic Assistance Council). Misc. correspondence on work and circumstances of scholars abroad.

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/F.47  1947-51

Society for Visiting Scientists: includes brief correspondence re Klaus Fuchs case, 1950.

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/F.48  1968-74

United Nations Association Disarmament Committee. Peierls served on the Committee 1968-74 as Scientific Adviser, when it was reorganised as a Working Group to which he continued to act as consultant. As he was rarely able to attend meetings in person, he contributed several papers for committee consideration, often after consultation and assessment among scientific colleagues. Topics dealt with include the test-ban; chemical and biological warfare; gas centrifuges; the SALT treaties; operation Plowshare, etc.

[no title or date]  CSAC 52.6.77/F.49

Miscellaneous Committees
American Committee for the Weizmann Institute of Science 1964
(Peierls served on International Committee organising celebration of 20th anniversary of Institute).
Association of University Teachers. 1974
Birmingham Jewish Graduates Association, Presidency (declined). 1969
Center for Theoretical Studies, University of Miami (declined). 1973-74
Council for Unified Research and Education (declined). 1972
The Independent University: Academic Advisory Committee (declined). 1971
Institute of Fundamental Theoretical Physics, Academic Board (declined). 1968-69
Ministry of Aviation: Liquid Engines Division. 1965
Ministry of Supply. 1948
Natural Science Club, Oxford University. 1973
Society for Anglo-Chinese Understanding (declined). 1965
Society for Education in The Applications of Science. (See also Pugwash, CSAC 52.6.77/F.23-CSAC 52.6.77/F.34.) 1968, 1971

[no title]  CSAC 52.6.77/F.50  1955-70

CERN (European Organisation for Nuclear Research).
Correspondence re formation of Theoretical Physics Group at Geneva (1955), selection of UK research students for CERN Copenhagen (1955), careers for theoretical physicists (1969-70). See also CSAC 52.6.77/F.2, CSAC 52.6.77/F.41.

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