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Reference ABRAHAM
Covering dates 1925-2000
Held by Oxford University, Bodleian Library, Special Collections and Western Manuscripts
Extent ca 2,450 items. 189 boxes
Archival history The papers were received from the Sir William Dunn School of Pathology, University of Oxford, with additional biographical material from Mrs T. Mayes, Sir Edward Abraham's niece, in summer 2000.
Creators Abraham, Edward Penley, Sir, 1913-1999, biochemist

Administrative history:
Edward Penley Abraham was born at Southampton on 10 June 1913 and educated there at the King Edward VI School. He won an exhibition to Queen's College Oxford, taking a First in chemistry and acquiring a particular interest in organic chemistry. At the Dyson Perrins Laboratory in Oxford he undertook research on peptides and studied for a D.Phil. under Robert Robinson. His work included an important contribution to the study of lysozyme which was also being investigated by Howard Florey and Ernst Chain at the Sir William Dunn School of Pathology. After taking his doctorate in 1938 Abraham was able to develop his increasing interest in biochemistry at the Biokemiska Institut, Stockholm, which he attended as a Rockefeller Travelling Fellow. He returned to England the following year and in January 1940 took up a post at the Sir William Dunn School of Pathology at Florey's invitation. During their investigations of naturally occurring antibiotic substances, Florey and Chain had turned their attention to penicillin in 1938. After experiments on mice in the summer of 1940 yielded encouraging results, Abraham joined the work on the purification and chemistry of penicillin. In the course of this research he and Chain observed that the antibiotic was destroyed by an enzyme produced in a strain of E-coli. The discovery of this enzyme, named penicillinase, proved to be of great importance to future studies of micro-organisms and antibiotic resistance. Following the first successful clinical trial of penicillin on humans in February 1941, Abraham played a significant role in the elucidation of its chemical structure and in 1943, with Chain, proposed the novel beta-lactam structure with a fused two ring system. This theory was strongly opposed by Abraham's former supervisor, Robinson, who favoured an alternative structure. The issue was settled in 1945 when X-ray crystallographic study by Dorothy Hodgkin and Barbara Low confirmed the -lactam structure. Although the astonishing clinical impact of penicillin would overshadow all subsequent breakthroughs in antibiotics, the discovery of Cephalosporin C by Abraham and Guy Newton led to the appearance of a new group of -lactam antibiotics of equal importance to medicine and of greater commercial value. A culture of the cephalosporium fungus, whose antibiotic properties were first discovered in Sardinia by Giuseppe Brötzu in 1945, reached the Sir William Dunn School of Pathology in September 1948. After initial experiments by N.G. Heatley, the production of culture fluids was turned over to the Medical Research Council's Antibiotics Research Station at Clevedon in July 1949. Abraham and his colleagues succeeded in isolating a number of antibiotic substances from the culture fluids, the one producing the results originally observed by Brötzu given the name 'Cephalosporin N'. The discovery of Cephalosporin C, a substance detected in minute quantities in partially purified Cephalosporin N in September 1953, was epoch making. It was active against certain bacteria unaffected by penicillin, while being resistant to penicillinase and of very low toxicity. Cephalosporin N was shown to be a new form of penicillin and was re-named 'Penicillin N'. Despite the combined efforts of Oxford, Clevedon and the Glaxo Group there proved to be many difficulties with the production of Cephalosporin C by fermentation and it took until 1959 for Abraham and Newton to determine its chemical structure. Later that year they showed that subtle mutations of the Cephalosporin C molecule could lead to the production of more potent antibiotics which would still be resistant to penicillinase. Work aimed at producing higher yields of the nucleus of the molecule (7-aminocephalosporanic acid or 7-ACA) continued during the early 1960s, with Glaxo and other pharmaceutical laboratories licensed by the National Research Development Corporation (NRDC) collaborating with the Dunn School. The successful outcome of this painstaking work enabled studies of semi-synthetic cephalosporins to proceed, with the drugs cephalothin and cephaloridine being introduced into medicine in 1964. The NRDC's worldwide patenting and licensing scheme covering the cephalosporins eventually yielded huge royalties, for many years the chief source of income for the corporation. Abraham diverted the greater part of his royalty income into two trusts, the E.P. Abraham Research Fund and the E.P.A. Cephalosporin Fund, which he set up to support medical, biological and chemical research, especially at Oxford. After 1964 Abraham continued to conduct research on beta-lactam antibiotics, including the biosynthesis and enzyme inactivation of penicillins and cepahlosporins, while also investigating other antibiotics such as bacilysin. He maintained a strong interest in antibiotics research abroad, and travelled extensively to visit research laboratories and give lectures such as the Rennebohm Lecture at the University of Wisconsin (1966-1967) and the Squibb Lecture at Rutgers University (1972). Abraham was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society in 1958 and became Professor of Chemical Pathology in 1964. In addition to his knighthood in 1980, his outstanding contributions in the antibiotics field brought him numerous awards, including the Royal Medal of the Royal Society (1973), a CBE (1973), the Mullard Prize of the Royal Society (1980) and several honorary degrees. Abraham also contributed to academic life in Oxford as a Fellow of Lincoln College from 1948 to 1980 (an Honorary Fellow from 1980) and as an Honorary Fellow of a number of other colleges. A man of exceptional modesty, Abraham was affectionately regarded by his colleagues at all levels. He remained on good terms with both Florey and Chain after their acrimonious breach and later wrote well-received articles on both scientists for Biographical Memoirs of Fellows of the Royal Society. He married Absbjörg Harung, a Norwegian, in 1939 and they had a son. Abraham died on 8 May 1999.

Bodleian Library Reference code: GB 0161 E.P. Abraham papers NCUACS Catalogue number 103/2/02, 233 pp. The following paragraphs are intended to provide a summary of the collection, by section, and to draw attention to items of particular interest. Further explanatory notes and cross-references are found, where appropriate in the individual sections in the catalogue. Section A, Biographical, includes a variety of material reflecting many aspects of Abraham's personal and professional life. A number of his school notebooks survive, along with eighteen undergraduate notebooks. There are letters of congratulation on his election to the Fellowship of the Royal Society, 1958, and on his receipt of the Royal Medal of the Royal Society in 1973, and correspondence and papers relating to other honours and awards. Included also are correspondence concerning the history of antibiotics (mostly 1990s), correspondence and papers relating to his support of various charities and appeals later in his life, appointments diaries (1963-1992) and a sequence of personal correspondence, 1974-1998. Section B, University of Oxford, is short. The material includes correspondence and papers relating to the business of Lincoln College (1960-1996), of which Abraham was a Fellow, and building work and administration at the Sir William Dunn School of Pathology (1954-1994). Other papers, chiefly concerning social and fundraising events, reflect his associations with other Oxford colleges and organisations, sometimes through donations by the Abraham Trusts. Section C, Research, presents extensive and diverse material spanning some sixty years of Abraham's biochemical research. There are notebooks, correspondence, publications and other papers, chiefly relating to research on cephalosporins and related substances by Abraham's team and other organisations. There are a few of his notebooks dating from his period at the Dyson Perrins Laboratory and his early years at the Sir William Dunn School of Pathology; one survives from his year in Stockholm (1938/1939) as a Rockefeller Travelling Fellow. The early Dunn School notebooks include details of experiments on penicillin from 1940. There is significant coverage of the collaborative research with the Antibiotics Research Station of the Medical Research Council on the cephalosporium culture fluids in the 1950s, the work that led to the isolation of Cephalosporin C and the determination of its chemical structure. A large body of correspondence and papers relates to the involvement, through to the 1990s, of the National Research Development Corporation in the on-going research on the cephalosporin antibiotics and their commercial exploitation, the participation of licensed pharmaceutical companies such as Squibb, and legal cases concerning cephalosporin patents in which Abraham provided expert opinion. Experimental work by Abraham's team on a range antibiotics and related compounds, including Cephalosporin C, Bacilysin and beta-lactamases, is documented by a large group of laboratory notebooks dating from 1946 to 1983. They are mostly the work of Abraham's research assistants, though a few are in his hand. A small body of correspondence and papers relates to research on bacilysin from 1957 and there is also some scientific correspondence of a more general nature. Section D, Publications, comprises Abraham's drafts of scientific papers, book reviews and other articles by Abraham, dating from 1956 to 1998, and editorial correspondence. Of particular interest are the drafts and correspondence relating to his Biographical Memoirs of Fellows of the Royal Society for Howard Florey (1971) and Ernst Chain (1983). The correspondence highlights the sensitive issues Abraham had to negotiate in the preparation and drafting of the Memoirs. There are also drafts of other obituaries he wrote for Florey and Chain. Section E, Lectures and broadcasts, principally comprises drafts and correspondence relating to public lectures given by Abraham from ca 1960 to 1993. Most lectures are on the origin and development of beta-lactam antibiotics; one given at the National Portrait Gallery in 1993 surveys the discoveries of Sir Alexander Fleming. A small amount of lecture material used by Abraham for teaching is included. The papers relating to broadcasts is slight, chiefly concerning Abraham's contributions to various television and radio programmes on penicillin, the cephalosporins and the work of Howard Florey, dating from 1962 to 1991. Section F, Visits and conferences, covers the period 1955 to 1995. The material chiefly covers Abraham's participation in symposia and conferences on chemotherapy, antibiotics and, in some cases, specifically beta-lactam antibiotics. On longer stays abroad he sometimes combined attendance at symposia with lectures at universities and visits to pharmaceutical laboratories. Among the visits and conferences for which significant documentation survives are the International Congresses of Chemotherapy held in Vienna, 1967 and 1983; the Interscience Conferences on Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy held in Chicago, 1967 and 1981; and a visit to India in January 1985 which included the Asian Congress of Pharmacology in New Delhi. Included are drafts of papers given by Abraham at symposia. Section G, Societies and organisations, presents material covering Abraham's involvement in many British scientific organisations, including the Biochemical Society, the Chemical Society, the Society for General Microbiology and the Royal Society. Overseas organisations are represented by the American Academy for Arts and Sciences and the Australian National University (John Curtin School of Medical Research). Much of the correspondence in this section is general in nature, though there is material relating to lectures and addresses given by Abraham, such as the 5th L.P. Garrod Lecture for the British Society for Antimicrobial Chemotherapy in 1986. Section H, Correspondence, principally consists of scientific correspondence, 1944-1998, arranged by individual or country. The correspondents include some colleagues of Abraham, such as Norman Heatley, Henry Harris and Guy Newton, research assistants and workers in Abraham's laboratory and scientists in other institutions. The correspondence arranged by country reflects Abraham's strong interest in antibiotics research overseas and documents visits to many countries for participation in conferences and meetings. There is also a short sequence of material concerning references and recommendations. Section J, Non-text material, largely consists of photographs of Abraham, with a few of colleagues such as Guy Newton, dating from 1930-1995. Included are school photographs, portraits from Abraham's early career and several showing him with colleagues and fellow scientists taken at conferences or functions. There are also a few lecture slides and videotapes, one recording an event at the Sir William Dunn School of Pathology, at which Abraham spoke, celebrating the 50th anniversary of the published paper on the therapeutic application of penicillin.

BIOGRAPHICAL, A.1-A.115  ABRAHAM/A  1925-2000

Former reference: SECTION A


Former reference: A.1-A.10

See also G.22-G.26.

'Personal records' prepared for Royal Society, latest bibliographical reference.  ABRAHAM/A/1/A.1  1957

Former reference: A.1

Administrative history:
Abraham was elected to the Fellowship of the Royal Society in 1958. See A.20-A.22.

Autobiographical account for McGraw-Hill Modern Scientists and Engineers  ABRAHAM/A/1/A.2  1980

Former reference: A.2

'Sir Edward Abraham and the cephalosporin and penicillin stories', NRDC [National Research Development Corporation] publication  ABRAHAM/A/1/A.3  1980 or later

Former reference: A.3

Administrative history:
The article was written by J.C. Cain, Managing Director, NRDC.

Biographical articles  ABRAHAM/A/1/A.4  1981, 1985

Former reference: A.4

'Biography' for Central Office of Information, 1981 'New antibiotic from another happy accident'. 'Portrait' of Abraham, Oxford Times, 13 December 1985

'Edward Abraham: A major figure in antibiotics', The Biochemist  ABRAHAM/A/1/A.5  1990

Former reference: A.5

Biographical articles  ABRAHAM/A/1/A.6  1991, 1998

Former reference: A.6

'Description' of Abraham's career at Oxford for the University's External Relations Office, 1991. Brief biographical details for meeting of Oxford University's Chancellor's Court of Benefactors, 1998.

'Chance favours the prepared mind. A tribute to the work of Sir Edward Abraham and his distinguished colleagues at the Sir William Dunn School of Pathology'. 5 December 1991.  ABRAHAM/A/1/A.7  1991

Former reference: A.7

See also A.13.

'Sir Edward Abraham: An Eightieth Birthday Tribute', Lincoln College Record  ABRAHAM/A/1/A.8  1993

Former reference: A.8

Entries for biographical directories  ABRAHAM/A/1/A.9-A.10  1991-1997

Former reference: A.9, A.10

2 folders.


Former reference: A.11-A.40

King Edward VI School, Southampton  ABRAHAM/A/2/A.11-A.12  [n.d.]

Former reference: A.11, A.12

Administrative history:
Abraham attended the school, 1925-1932. He was subsequently a major benefactor.

Swimming certificates  ABRAHAM/A/2/A.11-A.12/A.11  1925-1926

Former reference: A.11

Oxford & Cambridge Schools Examination Board Certificate  ABRAHAM/A/2/A.11-A.12/A.12  1929

Former reference: A.12

Correspondence with Chairman of Governors, Headmaster and others  ABRAHAM/A/2/A.13-A.16  1991-1998

Former reference: A.13-A.16

4 folders.

The Queen's College, Oxford  ABRAHAM/A/2/A.17  1931-1934

Former reference: A.17

Administrative history:
Abraham was an Exhibitioner of the College, 1932-1936 where he read the Honour School of Chemistry.

Correspondence and papers. Letter of 20 November 1931 from the College informs Abraham of his election to an Exhibition.

Rockefeller Travelling Fellowship, University of Stockholm  ABRAHAM/A/2/A.18  1939

Former reference: A.18

Administrative history:
Abraham worked at the Biokemiska Institut Stockholm as a Rockefeller Travelling Fellow, 1938-1939.

One letter only from the head of the institute, H. von Euler, 18 September 1939.

Nuffield (Penicillin) Research Fellowship, Lincoln College, Oxford  ABRAHAM/A/2/A.19  1948

Former reference: A.19

Administrative history:
Abraham was a Fellow of Lincoln College, Oxford 1948-1980, Honorary Fellow from 1980. See also A.32.

Typescript note from the Rector on the terms of the Fellowship.

Election to the Fellowship of the Royal Society, 1958  ABRAHAM/A/2/A.20-A.22  1958

Former reference: A.20-A.22

Letters of congratulation, 1958. In alphabetical order. Unindexed.

A-J  ABRAHAM/A/2/A.20-A.22/A.20  [n.d.]

Former reference: A.20

K-Z  ABRAHAM/A/2/A.20-A.22/A.21  [n.d.]

Former reference: A.21

Unidentified and first names only  ABRAHAM/A/2/A.20-A.22/A.22  [n.d.]

Former reference: A.22

Certificates  ABRAHAM/A/2/A.23  1966-1967

Former reference: A.23

Rennebohm Lecturer of the University of Wisconsin School of Pharmacy, 1966-1967. Honorary membership American Pharmaceutical Association Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences, 1967.

Appointment as Commander of the Order of the British Empire (C.B.E.), 1973. A.24 Notification and letters A-H. A.25 .  ABRAHAM/A/2/A.24-A.25  1972-1973

Former reference: A.24, A.25

Official notification and letters of congratulations, 1972-1973. Unindexed.

Notification and letters A-H  ABRAHAM/A/2/A.24-A.25/A.24  [n.d.]

Former reference: A.24

Letters J-Z and unidentified and first names only  ABRAHAM/A/2/A.24-A.25/A.25  [n.d.]

Former reference: A.25

Honorary Fellowship, Queen's College, Oxford, 1973  ABRAHAM/A/2/A.26  1973

Former reference: A.26

Letters from the Provost and others re election to the Honorary Fellowship.

Award of Royal Medal of the Royal Society, 1973 A.27  ABRAHAM/A/2/A.27-A.29  1973-1974

Former reference: A.27-A.29

Correspondence with the Royal Society  ABRAHAM/A/2/A.27-A.29/A.27  1973-1974

Former reference: A.27

Letters of congratulation  ABRAHAM/A/2/A.27-A.29/A.28-A.29  1973

Former reference: A.28, A.29

In alphabetical order. Unindexed.

A-M  ABRAHAM/A/2/A.27-A.29/A.28-A.29/A.28  [n.d.]

Former reference: A.28

N-W and unidentified first names only  ABRAHAM/A/2/A.27-A.29/A.28-A.29/A.29  [n.d.]

Former reference: A.29

Knighthood, 1980  ABRAHAM/A/2/A.30  1980

Former reference: A.30

Newspaper-cutting only.

Honorary degree, University of Exeter, 1980  ABRAHAM/A/2/A.31  1980

Former reference: A.31

Correspondence re arrangements, manuscript notes of speech by Abraham.

Dinner in Abraham's honour at Lincoln College, Oxford, 1980  ABRAHAM/A/2/A.32  [n.d.]

Former reference: A.32

Photocopy of manuscript notes for Abraham's speech.

Mullard Award of the Royal Society, 1980  ABRAHAM/A/2/A.33  1980-1981

Former reference: A.33

Correspondence with the Royal Society.

Correspondence re proposed nominations of Abraham for Nobel Prize  ABRAHAM/A/2/A.34  1981, 1983 and 1997

Former reference: A.34

Honorary Fellowships of Oxford Colleges  ABRAHAM/A/2/A.35  1983, 1986

Former reference: A.35

St Peter's College, Oxford, 1983. Letter of congratulations only. Keble College, Oxford, 1986. Invitation declined by Abraham: 'But some time ago I began to feel embarrassed by the number of my Honorary Fellowships and decided that I should not allow the list to grow if the possibility of its doing so were to arise'.

Honorary degree, Oxford University, 1984  ABRAHAM/A/2/A.36  1983-1984

Former reference: A.36

Letters of congratulation; brief correspondence re arrangements.

Honorary degree, University of Strathclyde, 1989  ABRAHAM/A/2/A.37  1988-1989

Former reference: A.37

Correspondence re arrangements.

Honorary degree, Harvard University, 1997  ABRAHAM/A/2/A.38  1996-1997

Former reference: A.38

Correspondence and papers.

Opening of the Oxford University Pathology Support Building  ABRAHAM/A/2/A.39  1997

Former reference: A.39

Administrative history:
Abraham officially opened the building to which he had 'contributed so generously', 10 October 1997.

Funeral and memorial service. 1999  ABRAHAM/A/2/A.40  1999, 2000

Former reference: A.40

Draft of obituary by L.D. Sabbath. Includes memorial address by H. Harris as published in Oxford Magazine, Nougth Week, Hilary Term, 2000.


Former reference: A.41-A.66

King Edward VI School, Southampton, notebooks  ABRAHAM/A/3/1  1928, 1930, n.d.

Former reference: A.41-A.48

Notebook with label 'King Edward's School, Southampton' on front cover with pupil's name 'E. Abraham', the subject 'Physics' and the date 'Oct. 1928'  ABRAHAM/A/3/1/A.41  1928

Former reference: A.41

Used for experimental work. A list of experiments is on the first lined page at the front.

Notebook with label 'King Edward's School, Southampton' on front cover with pupil's name 'E. Abraham' and the subject 'Physics'  ABRAHAM/A/3/1/A.42  N.d.

Former reference: A.42

Used for experimental work.

Notebook with label 'King Edward's School, Southampton' on front cover with pupil's name 'E. Abraham' and the subject 'Physics. Heat & light sound'  ABRAHAM/A/3/1/A.43  N.d.

Former reference: A.43

Used for experimental work.

Notebook with label 'King Edward's School, Southampton' on front cover with pupil's name 'E. Abraham' and the subject 'Physics [rest of label torn but probably indicated that the particular areas of the subject covered were magnetism and electricity]'  ABRAHAM/A/3/1/A.44  N.d.

Former reference: A.44

Used for experimental work.

Notebook with label 'King Edward VI. School, Southampton' on front cover with pupil's name 'E.P. Abraham' and the subject 'Physics'  ABRAHAM/A/3/1/A.45  N.d.

Former reference: A.45

Used for notes on the 'Properties of Matter'.

Notebook with label 'King Edward VI. School, Southampton' on front cover with pupil's name 'E.P. Abraham' and the subject 'Physics'  ABRAHAM/A/3/1/A.46  N.d.

Former reference: A.46

Used for notes on 'The Properties of Matter'.

Notebook with label 'King Edward VI. School, Southampton' on front cover with pupil's name 'E.P. Abraham' and the subject 'Physics II'  ABRAHAM/A/3/1/A.47  N.d.

Former reference: A.47

Used for notes on magnetism and electricity.

Notebook with label 'King Edward VI. School, Southampton' on front cover with pupil's name 'E.P. Abraham'  ABRAHAM/A/3/1/A.48  1930

Former reference: A.48

Used for essays. The first essay on pragmatism is dated at the end 'Essay Club Winter Term 1930'.

The Queen's College, Oxford, undergraduate notebooks  ABRAHAM/A/3/2  [n.d.]

Former reference: A.49-A.66

King Edward VI. School, Southampton notebook with school label on front cover obscured with new blank label inscribed 'The Phase Rule'. 'E.P. Abraham' inscribed inside front cover  ABRAHAM/A/3/2/A.49  ?1931

Former reference: A.49

Used for undergraduate notes.

Notebook with 'E.P. Abraham Queen's College Oxford' inscribed inside front cover  ABRAHAM/A/3/2/A.50  1932

Former reference: A.50

Used for essays on ?chemistry. 'The composition of water and the relative atomic weights of oxygen and hydrogen' is dated 'Nov. 1st 1932'.

Notebook with 'E.P. Abraham The Queen's College Oxford' inscribed inside front cover.  ABRAHAM/A/3/2/A.51  ca 1933

Former reference: A.51

Used for chemistry notes. First page headed 'The methods for the determination of vapour density'. Latest date in the text 1933 (in note on the hydrogen isotope).

Notebook with 'E.P. Abraham The Queen's College [Oxford] 1934' inscribed inside front cover  ABRAHAM/A/3/2/A.52  1934

Former reference: A.52

Used from the front for notes on 'Isomerism'.

Notebook with 'E.P. Abraham The Queen's College Oxford 1934' inscribed inside front cover  ABRAHAM/A/3/2/A.53  1934

Former reference: A.53

Used from the front for notes on 'The kinetic theory of gases'.

Notebook with 'E.P. Abraham 1934' inscribed on the front cover  ABRAHAM/A/3/2/A.54  1934

Former reference: A.54

Used from the front for notes on 'The lesser known elements' and from the back for notes on 'Inorganic compounds'.

Notebook with 'E.P. Abraham 1934' inscribed on the front cover  ABRAHAM/A/3/2/A.55  1934

Former reference: A.55

Used from the front for notes on 'Corrosion, Passivity and the Protection of Metals'.

Notebook with 'E.P. Abraham The Queen's College [Oxford]' inscribed inside front cover  ABRAHAM/A/3/2/A.56  ca 1934

Former reference: A.56

Used for notes on 'Oxidation and Reduction in Organic Chemistry' from the front and on 'Mechanism of Reactions' from the back. Latest bibliographical reference 1934.

Notebook with 'E.P. Abraham The Queen's [College Oxford]' inscribed inside front cover  ABRAHAM/A/3/2/A.57  ca 1934

Former reference: A.57

Used from the front for notes on 'Acids and bases (continued)'. Latest date in notes 1934.

Notebook with 'E.P. Abraham' inscribed inside front cover  ABRAHAM/A/3/2/A.58  ca 1935

Former reference: A.58

Used for notes on 'Rubber', 'Ketenes', 'The basic properties of oxygen', etc. Latest bibliographical reference 1935.

Notebook with 'E.P. Abraham The Queen's College [Oxford]' inscribed inside front cover  ABRAHAM/A/3/2/A.59  ca 1936

Former reference: A.59

Used from the front for notes on 'Relativity', 'The Alkaloids', 'Structure and Synthesis', 'Carbohydrates' etc. Latest bibliographical reference 1936.

Notebook with 'Essays E.P. Abraham The Queen's [College Oxford] inscribed inside front cover  ABRAHAM/A/3/2/A.60  ca 1932

Former reference: A.60

There are essays on 'Fermentation', 'The Constitution of Alcohol and Ether', 'Aldehydes', 'Nitrification', 'The fixation of Nitrogen', etc. Latest bibliographical reference 1932.

Notebook with 'E.P. Abraham The Queen's College [Oxford]' inscribed inside front cover  ABRAHAM/A/3/2/A.61  ca 1934

Former reference: A.61

First page headed 'Essays'. However, contents may be summary notes of contents of earlier notebooks perhaps prepared for revision purposes. See A.50 for example. Latest bibliographical reference 1934.

Notebook with 'E.P. Abraham 1934' inscribed inside front cover  ABRAHAM/A/3/2/A.62  1934

Former reference: A.62

Used for notes re practical work. First page headed 'Quantitative Analysis'.

Notebook with 'E.P. Abraham The Queen's College Oxford 1934' inscribed inside front cover  ABRAHAM/A/3/2/A.63  1934

Former reference: A.63

Used for notes re practical work. First page headed 'Organic Preparations etc.'

Notebook with 'E.P. Abraham The Queen's College [Oxford]' inscribed inside front cover  ABRAHAM/A/3/2/A.64  N.d.

Former reference: A.64

Used for notes re practical work. First page headed 'Points in Physical Chemistry'.

Notebook with 'E.P. Abraham The Queen's [College Oxford]' inscribed inside front cover  ABRAHAM/A/3/2/A.65  N.d.

Former reference: A.65

Used from both ends for notes re practical work. First page at front headed 'Potassium iodate'. First page at back headed 'Gas Manipulation'.

Notebook with 'E.P. Abraham The Queen's [College Oxford]' inscribed inside front cover  ABRAHAM/A/3/2/A.66  N.d.

Former reference: A.66

Used for notes re practical work. First page headed 'Tetrahydrocarbazole'.

DIARIES  ABRAHAM/A/4  1963-1992

Former reference: A.67-A.96

30 items

Appointments diaries. The sequence lacks a diary for 1970. There are two diaries for 1978.

1963  ABRAHAM/A/4/A.67  [n.d.]

Former reference: A.67

1964  ABRAHAM/A/4/A.68  [n.d.]

Former reference: A.68

1965  ABRAHAM/A/4/A.69  [n.d.]

Former reference: A.69

1966  ABRAHAM/A/4/A.70  [n.d.]

Former reference: A.70

1967  ABRAHAM/A/4/A.71  [n.d.]

Former reference: A.71

1968  ABRAHAM/A/4/A.72  [n.d.]

Former reference: A.72

1969  ABRAHAM/A/4/A.73  [n.d.]

Former reference: A.73

1971  ABRAHAM/A/4/A.74  [n.d.]

Former reference: A.74

1972  ABRAHAM/A/4/A.75  [n.d.]

Former reference: A.75

1973  ABRAHAM/A/4/A.76  [n.d.]

Former reference: A.76

1974  ABRAHAM/A/4/A.77  [n.d.]

Former reference: A.77

1975  ABRAHAM/A/4/A.78  [n.d.]

Former reference: A.78

1976  ABRAHAM/A/4/A.79  [n.d.]

Former reference: A.79

1977  ABRAHAM/A/4/A.80  [n.d.]

Former reference: A.80

1978  ABRAHAM/A/4/A.81  [n.d.]

Former reference: A.81

1978  ABRAHAM/A/4/A.82  [n.d.]

Former reference: A.82

1979  ABRAHAM/A/4/A.83  [n.d.]

Former reference: A.83

1980  ABRAHAM/A/4/A.84  [n.d.]

Former reference: A.84

1981  ABRAHAM/A/4/A.85  [n.d.]

Former reference: A.85

1982  ABRAHAM/A/4/A.86  [n.d.]

Former reference: A.86

1983  ABRAHAM/A/4/A.87  [n.d.]

Former reference: A.87

1984  ABRAHAM/A/4/A.88  [n.d.]

Former reference: A.88

1985  ABRAHAM/A/4/A.89  [n.d.]

Former reference: A.89

1986  ABRAHAM/A/4/A.90  [n.d.]

Former reference: A.90

1987  ABRAHAM/A/4/A.91  [n.d.]

Former reference: A.91

1988  ABRAHAM/A/4/A.92  [n.d.]

Former reference: A.92

1989  ABRAHAM/A/4/A.93  [n.d.]

Former reference: A.93

1990  ABRAHAM/A/4/A.94  [n.d.]

Former reference: A.94

1991  ABRAHAM/A/4/A.95  [n.d.]

Former reference: A.95

1992  ABRAHAM/A/4/A.96  [n.d.]

Former reference: A.96


Former reference: A.97, A.98

2 items

Abraham established a number of charitable trusts with funds arising from the development of the cephalosporin antibiotics.

Letter from E.P. Abraham re cephalosporin funds in reply to an enquiry from G. Wilkinson, February  ABRAHAM/A/5/A.97  1979

Former reference: A.97

Letter from Kidsons chartered accountants, 20 February  ABRAHAM/A/5/A.98  1989

Former reference: A.98

Letter encloses photocopies of Deeds of Trust in respect of the E.P. Abraham Research Fund, 17 March 1967, the Guy Newton Research Fund, 17 March 1967, and the E.P.A. Cephalosporin Fund, 18 May 1970.


Former reference: A.99-A.101

3 items

Correspondence and papers re charities and appeals supported by Abraham. 3 folders.

HISTORY OF SCIENCE  ABRAHAM/A/7  1976, 1994-1998

Former reference: A.102, A.103

2 items

Correspondence with historians and others re the history of antibiotics, biographies of scientists etc. 2 folders.


Former reference: A.104, A.105

2 items

Correspondence and papers re arrangements made for Abraham's archives and books and re related matters.

1986-1989  ABRAHAM/A/8/A.104  [n.d.]

Former reference: A.104

1997-2000  ABRAHAM/A/8/A.105  [n.d.]

Former reference: A.105

2000 item is a list of the books transferred from Abraham's home to Lincoln College, Oxford.


Former reference: A.106-A.114

A chronological sequence of correspondence  ABRAHAM/A/9/1  1974-1998

Former reference: A.106-A.108

3 items

Includes replies to Abraham's letters of congratulation.

1974-1976  ABRAHAM/A/9/1/A.106  [n.d.]

Former reference: A.106

1979-1993  ABRAHAM/A/9/1/A.107  [n.d.]

Former reference: A.107

1995-1998, n.d.  ABRAHAM/A/9/1/A.108  [n.d.]

Former reference: A.108

Correspondence and papers with B.L. Parry and others  ABRAHAM/A/9/2  1973-1977 and n.d.

Former reference: A.109-A.114

6 items

6 folders.


Former reference: A.115

Typescript chronological list of Abraham's publications.


Former reference: SECTION B


Former reference: B.1-B.37

Invoices etc for equipment and supplies purchased by the William Dunn School  ABRAHAM/B/1/B.1-B.19  1954

Former reference: B.1-B.19

19 folders.

Correspondence and papers re the building of a major extension to the School  ABRAHAM/B/1/B.20-B.35  1964-1975, 1980

Former reference: B.20-B.35

Contents of 2 files inscribed 'Pathology - New Building'. 16 folders.

Minutes of Departmental Committee Meetings etc  ABRAHAM/B/1/B.36  1992-1994

Former reference: B.36

Miscellaneous correspondence and papers  ABRAHAM/B/1/B.37  1992-1994

Former reference: B.37


Former reference: B.38-B.61

Abraham was a Fellow of Lincoln College, 1948-1980, and a member of the College's Finance Committee. See A.19 and A.32 for further material relating to Lincoln College.

Various committee papers and other papers re general College business  ABRAHAM/B/2/B.38  1960-1965, n.d.

Former reference: B.38

'Lincoln College Appeal'. Contents of a file so inscribed  ABRAHAM/B/2/B.39-B.47  1972-1993

Former reference: B.39-B.47

Administrative history:
The college organised an appeal in 1972 for the conversion of a church into a new library and later sought funds for other projects.

Correspondence etc. 9 folders.

Correspondence and papers re general business and activities of the college  ABRAHAM/B/2/B.48-B.57  1962-1964, 1974-1996

Former reference: B.48-B.57

Included are invitations to functions and papers relating to college and committee meetings (Abraham was a member of the Finance Committee). Included in B.53 is a 2pp manuscript draft of a speech by Abraham, [?after 1980]. 10 folders.

Letter from National Research Development Corporation, with related papers  ABRAHAM/B/2/B.58  1979

Former reference: B.58

Found with papers in B.48-B.57.

Copies of papers re Junior Research Fellowships at Lincoln College  ABRAHAM/B/2/B.59-B.61  1975

Former reference: B.59-B.61

3 folders.


Former reference: B.62-B.92

17 items

Arranged alphabetically. Miscellaneous correspondence is at B.91, B.92.

Ashmolean Club  ABRAHAM/B/3/1  1990-1998

Former reference: B.62

Administrative history:
Abraham was a Supernumerary Member.

Correspondence, mostly notices for meetings.

Green College  ABRAHAM/B/3/2  1993-1998

Former reference: B.63, B.64

Administrative history:
Abraham was on the College Advisory Council.

Correspondence and papers re Advisory Council meetings and various events and functions. 2 folders.

Keble College  ABRAHAM/B/3/3  1992-1996

Former reference: B.65

Correspondence etc re EPA Junior Research Fellows.

Lady Margaret Hall  ABRAHAM/B/3/4  1978-1997

Former reference: B.66

Administrative history:
Abraham was elected an Honorary Fellow of the college in 1978.

Correspondence etc re Abraham's election to Honorary Fellowship, invitations to functions, grants to the college by EPA trusts and other matters.

Linacre College  ABRAHAM/B/3/5  1983-1996

Former reference: B.67, B.68

Administrative history:
Abraham was an Honorary Fellow of the college. The EPA Cephalosporin Fund made a donation towards a new residential building at the college.

Correspondence etc re invitations to functions and general business. 2 folders.

Natural Sciences Club  ABRAHAM/B/3/6  1969-1988

Former reference: B.69-B.71

Administrative history:
Abraham was a member.

Papers and correspondence re meetings, functions and general business. 3 folders.

Pembroke College  ABRAHAM/B/3/7  1988-1995

Former reference: B.72

Administrative history:
Abraham was a Friend of Pembroke. One or both of the Abraham Trusts donated money to the college.

Correspondence etc re invitations to functions and general business.

The Queen's College  ABRAHAM/B/3/8  1977-1996

Former reference: B.73, B.74

Administrative history:
Abraham was an Honorary Fellow.

Correspondence re functions and general business. 2 folders.

St Cross College  ABRAHAM/B/3/9  1983-1990

Former reference: B.75

Administrative history:
One or both of the Abraham trusts appear to have been benefactors of the college.

Correspondence etc re invitations to functions and other business.

St Hilda's College  ABRAHAM/B/3/10  1984-1994

Former reference: B.76

Administrative history:
Both Abraham trusts were benefactors of the college.

Correspondence etc mostly re funding of academic posts and functions,

St Hugh's College/St Anne's College  ABRAHAM/B/3/11  1995, 1997

Former reference: B.77

Administrative history:
At least one of the Abraham trusts was a benefactor of St Hugh's College.

Correspondence, mostly re invitations to functions.

St Peter's College  ABRAHAM/B/3/12  1987-1997

Former reference: B.78, B.79

Administrative history:
Abraham was an Honorary Fellow. The EPA Cephalosporin Fund made a donation to the college to help endow an existing Biological Sciences Fellowship.

Correspondence etc re functions and general business. 2 folders.

University Registry and other offices  ABRAHAM/B/3/13  1958-1998, n.d.

Former reference: B.80-B.88

3 items

Contents of file inscribed 'University Offices'  ABRAHAM/B/3/13/B.80-B.85  1958-1998, n.d.

Former reference: B.80-B.85

Correspondence etc with the Registrar and other offices and individuals within the University. Topics covered include funding for the Sir William Dunn School of Pathology, Abraham's receipt of an honorary Doctor of Science degree from the University in June 1983, and various events and functions. 6 folders.

Contents of a file inscribed 'University Registry'  ABRAHAM/B/3/13/B.86-B.87  1977-1988

Former reference: B.86, B.87

Correspondence re fundraising, events and general matters. 2 folders.

Contents of a file entitled 'Safety'  ABRAHAM/B/3/13/B.88  1989-1992

Former reference: B.88

Papers and correspondence, mostly with the University of Oxford Safety Office, re safety procedures associated with work with micro-organisms.

Wolfson College  ABRAHAM/B/3/14  1982-1995

Former reference: B.89, B.90

Administrative history:
Abraham was an Honorary Fellow of the college and a Patron of its Appeal. The EPA Cephalosporin Fund made a donation to the college.

Correspondence, mostly re fundraising and functions. 2 folders.

Miscellaneous correspondence  ABRAHAM/B/3/15  1993-1997

Former reference: B.91, B.92

Correspondence with various Oxford colleges, including Linacre College, and individuals re fundraising, donations by the EPA Cephalosporin Fund and other matters. This material was found in one original file, divided into two for ease of reference. 2 folders.

RESEARCH, C.1-C.1114  ABRAHAM/C  [n.d.]

Former reference: SECTION C

This section documents a variety of research by Abraham and his colleagues at the Sir William Dunn School of Pathology and by a number of other organisations. The greater part of the material relates to the work on Cephalosporin C and related compounds and the development of marketable cephalosporin antibiotics, though research on penicillin (from 1940), bacilysin and other antibiotics is also covered. Papers relating to the cephalosporins is dispersed through most of the sub-sections listed below. The correspondence covering the stages of the collaborative research from the late 1940s to the introduction of the first cephalosporin drug in 1964 is chiefly found in the sub-sections 'Medical Research Council', 'National Research Development Corporation' and 'Other Organisations'.


Former reference: C.1-C.206

Dyson Perrins Laboratory notebooks  ABRAHAM/C/1/A  1935-1938

Former reference: C.1-C.4

4 items

Administrative history:
Abraham worked at the Laboratory from 1936-1938, researching on peptides.

Hardback notebooks containing manuscript notes by Abraham mostly relating to experiments, including tables and graphs of experimental results. All are inscribed 'Dyson Perrins Laboratory' except C.4 which probably belongs in this set, being of very similar physical appearance to C.1-C.3 and dated 1938. Records of particular experiments are often dated.

Mostly re experiments involving Undecylenic acid, October 1935-ca June 1936  ABRAHAM/C/1/A/C.1  1935-1936

Former reference: C.1

From front notes on various experiments; from back notes on experiments involving lysozyme  ABRAHAM/C/1/A/C.2  N.d.

Former reference: C.2

Abstracts from papers on various experiments with references at end  ABRAHAM/C/1/A/C.3  N.d.

Former reference: C.3

General notes on various compounds and reactions. Inscribed '1938' inside front cover  ABRAHAM/C/1/A/C.4  1938

Former reference: C.4

Rockefeller Foundation Travelling Fellowship (Stockholm)  ABRAHAM/C/1/B  1938-ca 1949

Former reference: C.5

1 item

Notebook inscribed inside front cover 'Biokemiska Institutet... Stockholm' (crossed out) and 'Sir William Dunn School of Pathology'. The notes cover Abraham's period in Stockholm as a Rockefeller travelling fellow, 1938, 1939. Re experiments involving various enzymes, October 1938-August 1939. Paginated 1-150 (pages 1-147 used), with further notes at back. See also A.18.

Early William Dunn School of Pathology notebooks  ABRAHAM/C/1/C  1940-ca 1950

Former reference: C.6-C.14

9 items

The notebooks vary considerably in physical appearance. Some include loose pages of notes.

Re experiments involving various substances, including enzymes and intestinal mucosa, and early experiments on penicillin (June-ca October 1940). January-October 1940  ABRAHAM/C/1/C/C.6  1940

Former reference: C.6

Re various experiments on penicillin and its purification, November 1940-ca August 1942  ABRAHAM/C/1/C/C.7  1940-1942

Former reference: C.7

Re various experiments on penicillin and related compounds (including penicillanimine), and experiments unrelated to penicillin, August 1942-ca November 1947  ABRAHAM/C/1/C/C.8  1942-1947

Former reference: C.8

This notebook appears to be a continuation of C.7.

Notebook with heading 'Penicillin Analyses' on first page  ABRAHAM/C/1/C/C.9  1941-ca 1943, 1949

Former reference: C.9

From front: brief notes relating to experimental results on various compounds, May 1941-ca 1943; from back: similar notes on compounds, including cephalosporins, ca October 1949.

Various notes  ABRAHAM/C/1/C/C.10  1941-1946

Former reference: C.10

From front: notes on 'Penicillin Purifications', September 1941-ca February 1943 (some later notes may not relate to the heading); from back: notes re experiments on penicillin and related compounds, ca November 1941-ca July 1942; notes following heading 'Penicillin: Mode of Action etc... 10.1.45', January-April 1945; notes following heading 'Proactinomycin', April-September 1945; 1 further page of notes, January [?1946].

Notebook inscribed 'Spiraca and Arctium' on cover  ABRAHAM/C/1/C/C.11  1944-1945

Former reference: C.11

Notes on various experiment, July 1944-ca May 1945. Partly in Abraham's hand, partly in another's hand.

Notebook inscribed 'Abstracts' inside cover  ABRAHAM/C/1/C/C.12  ca 1945-ca 1949

Former reference: C.12

Notes on various compounds, ca 1945-ca 1949.

General notes headed 'Use of moulds in primitive medicine'  ABRAHAM/C/1/C/C.13  ca 1945-ca 1949

Former reference: C.13

Included at back is a letter to Abraham re arrangements for his lecture on 'Penicillin Chemistry', Oslo, 9 April 1946.

Notebook (cover missing) entitled 'Penicillin Abstracts'  ABRAHAM/C/1/C/C.14  ca 1948-ca 1950

Former reference: C.14

Notes on penicillin and on various other compounds and processes.

Penicillin reports  ABRAHAM/C/1/D  1941-1946

Former reference: C.15-C.206

Copies of reports (many are entitled 'Progress Reports') by various organisations in the UK and the USA detailing the progress of chemical research on penicillin, with related papers and correspondence. There are a number of different series of reports; these sequences have been maintained or reconstructed where identification was possible.

Committee for Penicillin Synthesis (CPS) reports  ABRAHAM/C/1/D/1  1944-1946

Former reference: C.15-C.147

Copies of typescript reports by various organisations, including the Sir William Dunn School of Pathology, ICI Ltd (Dyestuffs Division), Imperial College London, Merck & Co. Inc., Glaxo and the Squibb Institute of Medical Research. The reports are in a numbered sequence, 'CPS 1-698'. A few are missing. Mostly progress reports and studies on particular processes involving penicillin and related compounds. A few reports contain manuscript annotations by Abraham.

3 copies of the index to the series  ABRAHAM/C/1/D/1/C.15-C.16  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.15, C.16

2 copies include manuscript annotations. 2 folders.

Reports: nos CPS 1-106, January-June 1944 (a few dated 1943)  ABRAHAM/C/1/D/1/C.17-C.26  1944

Former reference: C.17-C.26

10 folders.

Reports: nos CPS 107-207, January-June 1944 (a few dated 1943)  ABRAHAM/C/1/D/1/C.27-C.37  1943-1944

Former reference: C.27-C.37

11 folders.

Reports: nos CPS 208-299, March-October 1944 (mostly June-October)  ABRAHAM/C/1/D/1/C.38-C.56  1944

Former reference: C.38-C.56

19 folders.

Reports: nos CPS 300-399, September 1944-February 1945  ABRAHAM/C/1/D/1/C.57-C.77  1944-1945

Former reference: C.57-C.77

21 folders.

Reports: nos CPS 400-502, December 1944-May 1945 (with a few possibly earlier)  ABRAHAM/C/1/D/1/C.78-C.99  1944-1945

22 folders.

Reports: nos CPS 503-599, April-August 1945 (with a few earlier)  ABRAHAM/C/1/D/1/C.100-C.121  1945

Former reference: C.100-C.121

22 folders.

Reports nos CPS 600-698, July 1945-May 1946  ABRAHAM/C/1/D/1/C.122-C.146  1945-1946

Former reference: C.122-C.146

25 folders.

Papers relating to meetings of the Committee for Penicillin Research, November 1944-September 1945  ABRAHAM/C/1/D/1/C.147  1944-1945

Former reference: C.147

With a few other papers found with this material.

Copies of reports by various organisations, including Glaxo Laboratories Ltd, Boots Pure Drug Co. Ltd and Imperial College of Science and Technology  ABRAHAM/C/1/D/2  1941-1945

Former reference: C.148-C.206

Many reports are inscribed 'Professor Sir R[obert]. Robinson'.

Incomplete series of reports numbered PEN.1 - PEN.150, January 1941-July 1945  ABRAHAM/C/1/D/2/C.148-C.161  1941-1945

Former reference: C.148-C.161

This series of reports was found unevenly distributed in two parts, a larger group at C.148-C.157 and a smaller group of reports tied together with a label, 'Dr Abraham' at C.158-C.161. Some later reports are stamped 'property of the Therapeutic Research Corporation of Great Britain Ltd'. 14 folders.

Incomplete series of reports numbered PEN.X. 1 - PEN.X. 54, July 1942-March 1945  ABRAHAM/C/1/D/2/C.162-C.168  1942-1945

Former reference: C.162-C.168

Some reports are stamped 'property of the Therapeutic Research Corporation of Great Britain'. This series appears to be related to that in C.148-C.161, the reports being very similar in structure and content. 7 folders.

Incomplete series of reports (copies), numbered PEN.C. 3 - PEN.C. 107, May 1943-September 1945  ABRAHAM/C/1/D/2/C.169-C.177  1943-1945

Former reference: C.169-C.177

Reports are mostly by official bodies, such as the National Research Council and include conference reports. See C.202-C.206 for further reports from this series. 9 folders.

C.178-C.183 Copies of reports entitled 'Ministry of Supply, Penicillin Production Control... Technical Papers Received from USA', 1942-1945. The material includes various different series of reports which were found in a mostly disarranged state. Sequences have been re-constructed where identification was possible. Included at C.179 is a carbon copy of a typescript by Ernst Chain entitled 'Brief account of the circumstances which led to the discovery of the chemotherapeutic properties of penicillin at the Sir William Dunn School of Pathology, Oxford'. 6 folders.  ABRAHAM/C/1/D/2/C.178  [n.d.]

Typescript papers, mostly minutes etc, re the business of the General Penicillin Committee  ABRAHAM/C/1/D/2/C.184-C.185  1942-1944

Former reference: C.184, C.185

With a few related reports found with this material. 2 folders.

Correspondence between Sir Robert Robinson and the Therapeutic Research Corporation of Great Britain, October 1942-December 1943; papers re meetings on penicillin research  ABRAHAM/C/1/D/2/C.186  1942-1943

Former reference: C.186

Contents of a file.

Miscellaneous reports and other papers, with brief correspondence  ABRAHAM/C/1/D/2/C.186A-C.201  1942-1945

Former reference: C.186A-C.201

The material is mostly typescript, with manuscript papers in an unidentified hand. At C.197 is a letter (1943) from Sir Robert Robinson to Ernst Chain. There was no indication of any original organisation of these papers and no attempt at re-arrangement has been made. 16 folders.

Contents of a file inscribed 'Penicillin History..Pen Reports..Oxford University'. Copies of typescript reports  ABRAHAM/C/1/D/2/C.202-C.206  1942-1944

Former reference: C.202-C.206

Most of the reports are from the 'PEN.C' series (see C.169-C.177) and appear to fill some gaps in the numbered sequence. Included at C.205 is brief correspondence between Sir Robert Robinson and Sir Edward Mellanby, 1943. 5 folders.


Former reference: C.207-C.286

Binders and notebooks containing manuscript notes etc by Abraham and his research assistants at the Sir William Dunn School of Pathology. The material principally documents experiments relating to the development of the cephalosporins and other antibiotics and includes tables of results, graphs, and photographs. The notes are chiefly by research assistants, though many of the binders and notebooks contain notes in more than one hand. Arranged chronologically, though material has been kept together where identified as the work, or chiefly the work, of a particular individual. 'Cephalosporin' is abbreviated to 'Ceph' on the dividers found in the binders.

Notebook, January 1946-July 1948. Notes in an unidentified hand  ABRAHAM/C/2/C.207  1946-1948

Former reference: C.207

Mostly re experiments involving B. Subtilis and ayfivin; a few other notes from back re experiments on an antibiotic produced by Staphaur[?eus]. Paginated 1-185.

Notebook, July-December 1948. Notes in same hand as C.207  ABRAHAM/C/2/C.208  1948

Former reference: C.208

Mostly re experiments involving ayfivin, continued from C.207; a few other notes from back; 1 loose page of notes at front dated June 1946. Paginated 186-230, of which 186-220 have been used.

Large binder, December 1948-November 1953. Notes mostly in Abraham's hand; the remainder in an unidentified hand  ABRAHAM/C/2/C.209  1948-1953

Former reference: C.209

Separated into sections by dividers labelled as follows: 'Alvein' (one page dated February 1949); 'Bacilysin' ([ca April]-May 1949); 'Ayfivin' (December 1948-November 1953); 'Pu[?m]ulin' (February 1951); 'Ageritin' (December 1952); 'Nisin' (June 1950-January 1952); 'Micrococcin' (October [?1951]-January 1952); 'Techniques' (pages dated September 1949, February-March 1950).

Large binder, June 1949-February 1957. Notes partly in Abraham's hand and partly in an unidentified hand  ABRAHAM/C/2/C.210  1949-1957

Former reference: C.210

Separated into sections by dividers labelled as follows: 'Cephalosporin' (June-October 1949); 'Cephalosporin N' (November 1949-June 1954); 'Methionine C.14' (June-August 1954); 'Synnematin B' (October 1954); 'Bacitracin' (1955, 1956); 'Ceph N / C14' (September 1955); 'Ceph P' (December 1949-1952, 1957); 'Nonin' (February 1957).

Notebook inscribed 'Margaret Ann Keren Pill', June 1949-March 1950  ABRAHAM/C/2/C.211  1949-1950

Former reference: C.211

Re experiments on various compounds including ayfavin, penicillin and cephalosporins, with index and further notes from back. Paginated 1-159.

Notebook inscribed 'Ann Pill'  ABRAHAM/C/2/C.212  1950-1951

Former reference: C.212

Mostly re experiments on Cephalosporin N, with index from opposite end. Paginated 1-156. Included at the front is a loose set of notes paginated 1-29, with a few unpaginated pages.

Notebook in the hand of Ann Pill  ABRAHAM/C/2/C.212A  N.d.

Former reference: C.212A

Headed 'Methods and preparations' on first page. Brief notes, probably for reference purposes.

Large binder. Notes mostly in Abraham's hand; the remainder in an unidentified hand.  ABRAHAM/C/2/C.213  1951-1962

Former reference: C.213

Separated into sections by dividers labelled as follows: 'Ceph C' (July 1954-February 1961); 'Desacetyl Ceph C' (February 1960-March 1961); 'Ceph Cc' (January 1958-July 1960); '[1-14 C] Ceph C Acetate' (June 1959-October 1961); 'Rydon Smith Comp[ound] (Cephalosporidine)' (May 1961-March 1962); 'Penicillinase on C, CA & CC' (January 1958); 'Penicillinase' (January 1960-ca February 1962); 'Ceph C Nuchar Expts' (January-February 1958); 'CA pyridine production' (January 1958-March 1960); 'CA Nicotinamide' (February-June 1958); 'CA Sulphapyridine Sulphathiazole' (June-July 1958); 'CA Glyoxaline' (December 1961); 'Ceph C conc HCl' (June 1958-December 1959); 'Mixed crystalline acid from Ceph C spots 1+2+3' (October-November 1958); 'Separated cryst. acids 1, 2 & 3' (November 1958-November 1961); 'Ceph C performic oxidation product' (November 1958-March 1959); 'Benzoyl Ceph C' (March 1959); 'Thiazole acylation etc' (October 1958-April 1959); 'Ceph C Nucleus' (July-September 1959); 'Secretin' (October 1955-October 1957); 'Pancreozymin' (March-April 1959); 'Ceph C structural considerations' (March-April 1959); 'Techniques' (one page dated May 1962); 'Polyacetylene Dr [?Landor]' (February-March 1962); Unlabelled (possibly a continuation of 'Techniques'), includes 2 graphs dated January 1951, and 1962.

Paperback notebook inscribed 'M. Read' on cover, ca May-ca October  ABRAHAM/C/2/C.214  1953

Former reference: C.214

Contains experimental data (details of the nature of experiments are not given) and general notes on chemistry and human anatomy.

Notebook inscribed 'M.L. Read' on cover, July 1954-September 1955  ABRAHAM/C/2/C.215  1954-1955

Former reference: C.215

Re experiments involving various compounds including penicillinase, synnematin and Cephalosporins C and N.

Notebook inscribed 'M.L. Read' on cover, October 1955-October 1956  ABRAHAM/C/2/C.216  1955-1956

Former reference: C.216

Re experiments involving various compounds including penicillinase and Cephalosporins C and N.

Notebook inscribed 'Mary L. Read' on cover, October 1956-January 1958  ABRAHAM/C/2/C.217  1956-1958

Former reference: C.217

Re experiments involving various compounds including secretin, Cephalosporin C, bacitracin and penicillinase.

Notebook inscribed 'Mary L. Read' on cover, January-December  ABRAHAM/C/2/C.218  1958

Former reference: C.218

Mostly re experiments involving Cephalosporin C.

Notebook in the hand of Mary L. Read, December 1958-March 1960  ABRAHAM/C/2/C.219  1958-1960

Former reference: C.219

Mostly re experiments involving Cephalosporin C.

Notebook inscribed 'M. Loveridge' inside cover (in the same hand as C.214-C.219), March 1960-November 1961.  ABRAHAM/C/2/C.220  1960-1961

Former reference: C.220

Notebook inscribed 'M. Loveridge' inside cover (in the same hand as C.214-C.220), November 1961-February 1962  ABRAHAM/C/2/C.221  1961-1962

Former reference: C.221

Mostly re Cephalosporins C and G.

Large binder, June 1955-February 1958. Notes in unidentified hand  ABRAHAM/C/2/C.222  1955-1958

Former reference: C.222

Mostly re experiments involving penicillin and Cephalosporins C and N.

Large binder labelled 'Ceph C D[ ? ]s 1961', October 1960-July 1962. Notes in unidentified hand  ABRAHAM/C/2/C.223  1960-1962

Former reference: C.223

At beginning: notes re experiments involving various compounds including alpha-aminoadipic acid and Cephalosporin C, October 1960-January 1961. Then separated into sections by dividers labelled as follows: 'Run 8 [1-14C] - valine (January 1961-March 1962); 'Run 13 [1-14C] - acetate 24hr' (February-April 1961); 'Run 16 [1-14 C] acetate 24 hrs' (May-July 1961); '[1-14C] - acetate 48 hrs' (June 1961); 'Compound P [?] Run 17 48 hr Ac' (October, November 1961); '[2-14C] - alpha Aad Run 18' (July 1961); '[3-14C] - cystine Run 19' (September 1961-May 1962); '[2-14C] alpha Aad R.24' (November 1961-July 1962); 'Run 28 alpha - oxo - glutarate 5 14C' (April-December 1961); 'Media and washed mycelium expts' (October 1961-February 1962); 'Synthesis of delta alpha - aminoadipic acid' (March-May 1961); 'Synthetic [?wash] Cephalosporidine etc' (March-July 1962); 'Radioactivity standards and backgrounds' (April 1961-February 1962).

Notebook inscribed M.L.R. Sharp, September 1961-April 1962  ABRAHAM/C/2/C.224  1961-1962

Former reference: C.224

Re experiments on various compounds including acetic acid, carboxylic acids and Cephalosporin C.

Large binder inscribed 'M.L.R. Sharp' on spine, March 1962-December 1963  ABRAHAM/C/2/C.225  1962-1963

Former reference: C.225

Separated into sections by dividers labelled as follows: 'D, L Valine uptake' (December 1963); 'Benzyl penicillin prepn' (November, December 1963); 'Est. of cpds [?compounds] 1&2 from ceph C' (March-May 1962); 'alpha - Aad -' (April-May 1962); 'Penicillaminic acid' (May 1962); 'Lysine. Arginine' (May-June 1962); 'Cephalosporidine synthesis spectra etc' (April-September 1962); 'Imidazole 1-acetic acid spectra' (May-June 1962, with a few pages dated October 1960); 'Dimethoxybenzoyl 7ACA' (September 1960, June 1962); 'DMB2 7ACA' (June-October 1962); '7ACA' (July 1962); 'Hydrolysed mycelium experiments' (July-September 1962); 'L - saccharopine' (September 1962); 'p-nitro-phenolchloracetate' (October 1962-November 1963); 'Acetyl methionine' (December 1962); 'Hog acylase I' (December 1962); 'N-chloracetic DL-alpha-NH[?]' (December 1962-Dec 1963, with one page dated April 1960); 'gamma-OH valine, gamma-OH valine lactone' (April 1963); 'Rotation of a.a. (alpha Aad) ex fermentation + 'peptides' [?] (glutathione, saccharopine)' (April-July 1963); 'Uptake of D & L Aad by washed [?susp]' (July-October 1963); 'Ceph N degredan products (maps)' (February-April 1963); 'Ceph C est. by elution' (February, March 1963); 'Disintegrated cells homogeniser' (October, November 1963); 'N-ethyl [?morpheline] [?] buffer' (January 1963); 'Ceph C stand[ard]' (November 1962); 'Addn of C14 cystine to anaerobic resuspension' (November 1963); 'C14 NaOAc' (October, November 1960, October 1962); 'Instruments Hilger' (May-October 1962); 'Instruments N. Chicago counter' (May 1962-June 1963); 'X-press Expt. 2 [?] (Miriam)' (November 1963); 'Background IDL counter' (April, May 1962); 'M.Wts [Molecular Weights]' (undated).

Notebook in unidentified hand, May-August  ABRAHAM/C/2/C.226  1963

Former reference: C.226

Mostly re 'Pyo Enzyme Experiment' and 'X-Press Experiment'.

Large binder inscribed 'JMT' on spine, October 1963-August 1965  ABRAHAM/C/2/C.227  1963-1965

Former reference: C.227

Separated into sections by dividers labelled as follows: 'Uptake after sonication' (November, December 1964); 'Cell-free system. sonicator' (January 1964); 'Demaine's and Aida's buffers' (January 1964-August 1965); 'p-Fluorophenylalanine' (May, June 1965); 'Glaxo extract - SH measurement' (May 1965); 'Measurement of SH DTNB' (March-May 1965); 'N-chloracetate alpha - Aad acid' (September-December 1964); 'delta expts sonication' (October 1964-January 1965); 'Model expts alpha - ketoadip[ic]' (January 1965); 'Pimafucin' (November, Decmber 1964); 'Assays Ceph C and Ceph N' (September 1964); 'X-Press' (July-October 1964); 'Isolation D-valine from Cephalosporium' (May 1964); 'X-Press 3 experiment' (January 1964); 'Cell-free system homogeniser' (February 1964); 'Disintegration of mycelium' (homogeniser)' (October, November 1963); 'Nessler's solution' (June-September 1964); 'Nessler's model experiment' (September 1964); 'Conway vessels' (July 1964); 'Optical configuration D and L Alanine D and L Tyrosine' (April, May 1964); 'alpha-Amino-adipic acid' (June 1964); '70% ECOH extractions MSE homogeniser' (February 1964); '[?]14C Benzyl penicillin potassium salt' (January 1964); 'Bacilysin - chromatogram (Mrs Lomakina)' (January 1964-March 1965); 'Bacilysin' (February-July 1964); 'Dowex column alanine & tyrosine' (June 1964); 'Ceph C absorption measured (Hilger)' (October 1963-July 1964); 'Assay For Prof. Jones (D.P.)' (October 1963); 'Production curve of Ceph N & Ceph C' (November 1963); 'Nuclear Chicago plateau' (November 1963); 'Calibration of Warburg manometers' (April 1964); 'Colony counts sonicator' (January-April 1965).

Large binder inscribed 'GFN Peptides' and 'Takano-san' on cover and 'G.F. Newton' inside cover. The label 'Paul' appears on the spine. October 1964-December 1968  ABRAHAM/C/2/C.228  1964-1968

Former reference: C.228

Separated into sections by dividers labelled as follows: '2 phi BWA 1' (January 1967); '2 phi BWA 2' (January 1967-November 1968); 'PBG2/3[?] G/C5, G.10 col' (July [?1967]); 'PBG2/3 G10 GC3 G10 G/C4 G10' (June, July 1967); 'PBG2&3 Ac [?Els] G10' (January-September 1967); 'PB G1' (January 1969); 'PBG2' (undated); 'PBG3' (undated); 'PBG4' (one page dated March 1968); 'TCB+PB G25-70% PYR' (February-April 1968); 'GCB+PB Separation of GSO3H & Taurine on G10 - HOAc' (March, April 1968); 'TCB+PB 2 phi BWA[?]' (April 1968); 'TCB+PB2 phi BWA POOL P3' (May-August 1968); 'POOL P2 2 phi BWA 2' (May 1968); 'POOL P1 2 phi BWA3' (May-June 1968); 'Analysis of pools from 2 BWA col[?]' (June 1968); 'P2 middle ex. 2 phi BWA 2 [?] 2 phi BWA 4' (June 1968); 'TCB+PB Pool 'GSO2H' 2 phi BWA 5' (October 1964-December 1968).

Loose pages of notes, originally from a binder. Contents of a file inscribed 'Joan Roscoe'  ABRAHAM/C/2/C.229-C.232  1964-1965

Former reference: C.229-C.232

Separated into sections by dividers labelled 'A-H'. Included among numerous topics and experiments are the following: Section A: Contents [index to sections A-G only]; B: 'Medium of H.J.O. Rogers, record of B. subtilis A14 culture' (January-June 1965); C: 'Test run on Rogers' medium, investigation of inocula' (September, October 1964); D: 'Bacilysin production [etc]' (October-December 1964); E: 'Expt. To see if [?chloramphenicol] can be extracted [etc]' (December 1964-January 1965); F: 'Treatment of bacilysin sample & freeze-drying, preparation of large quantities of acetone extract' (February-May 1965); G: 'Expt. To follow glucose utilization & bacilysin pro[?dn], further attempts to establish the identity of the radioactive & postulated bacilysin spot' (April-July 1965); 'Shikimic acid' (July, August 1965); H: 'Comparison of zones given by Cephalosporin C and bacilysin 208' (August 1965). Paginated 1-275. 4 folders.

Notebook inscribed 'LDS [Leon D. Sabath] Rabbit Expts' on cover, February 1965-January 1966  ABRAHAM/C/2/C.233  1965-1966

Former reference: C.233

Re the study of penicillin antibodies in rabbits.

Large binder, January 1965-April 1972, with one page dated 1964  ABRAHAM/C/2/C.234  1964-1972

Former reference: C.234

2 pages in the index (see below) headed 'Bronwen Loder'. Separated into sections by dividers labelled as follows: 'Index'; 'GA, GC, CV' (January 1968-July 1969); 'L-C-D-V' (July 1969-September 1969); 'L-C-L-Y' (June-September 1969); 'C-L-V Cu precipitate' (July-September 1969); 'Trityl cpds [?compounds]' (January-March 1965); 'S-benzyl cysteine' (February-December 1965, February 1969); 'Hydrazide - AC' (March-December 1965); 'Mycelium expts AC-ACV' (May 1965-January 1966); 'Mycelium expts GC' (April 1968-November 1969); 'HS-' (May 1965-January 1966, November 1968-February 1970); 'Sonication expts' (November 1965); 'Enzymes' (June 1965, March-June 1968); 'Actinonin' (January-November 1965, one page dated October 1964); 'Actinonin M. Jago' (June 1962); 'Misc' (September 1965, February 1969-June 1970); 'Atta Rhozities gargylophera' (January 1971-April 1972); 'DMB' (October 1970-September 1971). Loose material at front.

Large binder labelled 'P.B.[Bronwen] Loder' on spine  ABRAHAM/C/2/C.235  1968-1972

Former reference: C.235

Separated into sections by dividers labelled as follows: Unlabelled pages at beginning re experiments involving Park nucleotides, Cephalosporin N and other compounds (October 1969-June 1971); 'Ceph N' (September 1969-May 1970); 'Methods' (January 1968-September 1969, November 1971); 'ACV' (November 1971-July 1972); '14C-D-Val + alpha KIV' (November 1971); 'Resolution of alph Aad ' (February-May 1972); 'Hydroxamic acids' (June-October 1970); 'Glu.Gly Glu.Ala Cy SO3H.Gly' (January 1969-February 1972); 'Photoplasts' (May-December 1971); 'Cuprous mercaptides' (September 1969-July 1972); 'CFS Ceph. Sp' (May 1970-March 1972); 'CFS Penicillium' (May 1969-June 1972); 'Ceph sp. Sonicates' (May 1970-July 1970); 'P4 Complex' (June 1970-January 1971); '7-ACA' (February 1968-July 1972, one page dated November 1965); 'PS and slow spot' (November 1970-February 1971); 'Glaxo copper precipitate' (June 1969-July 1970); 'Cuprous mercaptides' (August-December 1970); 'Esters' (March 1969-August 1970); 'Model mixture a[?m]ino acids' (March, April 1969); 'ORD' (March-September 1969); 'Amino acid markers' (September-November 1969); 'Phenylacetyl Ceph C & pen[icillin] N' (March-June 1970); 'Ceph October uptake expts' (October 1969-December 1971).

Large binder labelled 'T.J.B.' on spine.  ABRAHAM/C/2/C.236  1965-1982

Former reference: C.236

Notes in Abraham's hand. Separated into sections by dividers labelled as follows: 'P. chrysogenum SC 6140'; 'Ceph C standards' (November 1975); 'Steptomyces' (January 1972, July 1974-October 1975); 'B.subtilis 6633 Rapid assay' (March 1972); 'Pen'[icillin]ase Pseudomonas' (October 1972-October 1974); 'Pen'[icillin]ase B. cereus 569 H' (July 1968, March-June 1974); 'D-amino acid oxidase - Aspergillas' (February 1968-February 1959, July 1973); 'Q176 / C21 P. chrysogenum' (January 1968-May 1973, June 1979); 'E.coli penicillin acylase' (February-March 1974, January 1982); 'Ceph CW 19' (July 1973-October 1974); 'Acremonium' (January-February 1973); 'Cephalosporium C91' (November 1965-November 1971). Paginated in part from back 1-128.

Large binder labelled 'J. Walker Bacilysin. Production expts. Early purification expts' on spine  ABRAHAM/C/2/C.237  1966-1969

Former reference: C.237

Separated into sections by dividers labelled as follows: 'Protease' (February, March 1967); 'NMR' (September 1968-March 1969); 'Bacilysin hydrolysis' (October, November 1968); 'Mass spectra' (May-November 1968); 'Crystallization' (September, October 1968); 'Terreic acid' (October 1968); 'I.R. spectrum bacilysin' (September 1968); 'Bacilysin detection' (March 1969); 'O.R.D.' [no notes]; 'LAP' (February 1969); 'Action on fungi & yeasts' (June 1966-April 1969); 'Bioautography bacilysin lactone [?]' (May 1969); 'cbz bacilysin' (March, April 1969); 'Effect of bacilysin on B. subtilis' (June 1969); 'Production of bacilysin by Warburg' (March 1966); 'N-acetylglucosamine bacillin' (January 1966-January 1969); 'Phenylacetyl bacilysin' (May 1969); 'B. subtilis mutants' (December 1966-July 1969); 'B. subtilis extracellular supernatant' (June, July 1969); 'A14 intracellular' (August, September 1969); 'Bacillin N-acetylglucosamine' (December 1968-June 1969); 'Agar AB' (December 1966-April 1969).

Large binder labelled 'J.E. Walker Bacilysin. Sephadex A25. Large scale purificatn. Compounds P1, P2, P3. Tyrosine. CrCl2 redn'  ABRAHAM/C/2/C.238  1968, 1969

Former reference: C.238

Separated into topics by dividers labelled as follows: 'Purification (cont)' (January-December 1968); 'P1, P2, P3' (September 1968-October 1969); 'p-nitrophenol TFA' (June 1968); 't-BOC Ala.Ala-' (November 1968); 'CrCl2 reduction' (September, October 1968).

'Amino acid analyses - bacilysin J.E. Walker', contents of a file so inscribed  ABRAHAM/C/2/C.239-C.240  1968, 1969

Former reference: C.239, C.240

Chromatogram graphs from experiments by J.E. Walker, with a few accompanying data sheets. 2 folders.

Large binder labelled 'Sylvia Main Book I' on spine  ABRAHAM/C/2/C.241  1965-1968

Former reference: C.241

Separated into sections by dividers labelled as follows: 'Fungal luciferin' (January-February 1966); 'Mycelium expts' (January 1966-May 1968); 'Glaxo compounds' (January 1966-February 1967); 'Glaxo ceparin [appears as 'ceporin' in the notes]' (May-July 1967); '7ACA' (July 1967); '7ACA tosylate' (February, March 1968); 'ACV and GSH' (January 1966-May 1967); 'Ethylene imine' (January, February 1968); 'Assays' (February 1966-November 1967); 'Polyamino styrene resin' (June-July 1966); 'N-phenylmaleimide [?]' (July-December 1966); 'Whatman ion exchange cellulose Amino Ethyl AE11' (August 1966); 'Anion exchange cellulose cellex PAB' (September 1966); 'Beta-Lactamase' (May 1966-April 1968); 'Actinomycin D' (June 1966); 'Spectra of tyrosine & tryptophan' (July 1966); 'Desacetoxy cephaloglycin & cephaloglycin' (January, February 1967); 'Miscellaneous' (March 1967-December 1968, with a few pages December 1965); 'Safety' (undated). Loose notes at front.

Large binder labelled 'Sylvia Main Book II' on spine  ABRAHAM/C/2/C.242  1967, 1968

Former reference: C.242

Separated into sections by dividers labelled as follows: 'Index'; '7ACA' (June 1967-April 1968); 'Ceph C + ENH2 cap:' (February-May 1967); 'Ceph C + cysteine' (April, May 1967); 'Ceph C + alpha & beta - ala' (July-October 1967); 'Ceph C + Lys[sine] & polylys' (July-September 1967); 'Ceph C + NH3' (July-October 1967); 'Reactions with Beta-lactamase' (February-October 1967); '3-methyl Ceph C' (August, September 1967); 'Deacetyl Ceph C' (October 1967); 'Ceph C + heavy metals' (October, November 1967); 'Ceph C + NaBH4' (September-November 1967); 'Misc' (February-November 1967).

Loose pages of notes, originally from a binder. Contents of a box labelled 'Jeremy and Anne'  ABRAHAM/C/2/C.243-C.250  1968-1970

Former reference: C.243-C.250

8 items

Separated into sections by dividers labelled as follows: 'Antibodies to -lactamase' (October 1968-[?November] 1970); Antibodies to C & G' (October 1968-July 1969); 'Antibodies to dc + [?dyl] c' (June-September 1969); 'phi assay' (December 1968-March 1970); 'Antibodies to rabbit RBC' (November 1968-April 1970); 'Animal log' (May-September 1969); 'Reaction pen G etc ERBC BGG' (November 1968-May 1970); 'Beta-lactam conjugates' (October 1968-June 1970); 'Haemagglutinate of pools v.s. various cells' (October 1969-June 1970); 'Hapten inhibition' (September 1969-April 1970); 'Purification of antibodies' (August-October 1969); 'Ouchterlony' (September, October 1969); 'Quant. ppts' (September-December 1969); '7ACA delta2 [ ? ] delta2' (October 1969-May 1970). 8 folders.

Notes etc (1 original binder, the remainder loose pages from binders)  ABRAHAM/C/2/C.251-C.268  1978-1983

Former reference: C.251-C.268

Numerous references indicate that this material was the work of Dr J.S. Jayatilake. The notes are all in the same hand. The loose notes in C.251-C.267 were found together.

Loose notes, October 1978-November 1980. Contents of a file inscribed 'Synthesis of ISON and conversion of ISON [arrow] Pen[icillin] N by an [?epimerase]'  ABRAHAM/C/2/C.251-C.268/C.251-C.254  1978-1980

Former reference: C.251-C.254

Paginated 1-78. 4 folders.

Loose notes  ABRAHAM/C/2/C.251-C.268/C.255-C.264  1979, 1980

Former reference: C.255-C.264

These notes appear to be a continuation of the material in C.251-C.254. Separated into sections by dividers labelled as follows: Labelled 6-APA' (October, November 1979); 'Penicillinic acid sulfone (hot and cold)' (January-[ca June] 1979); '(LLD) ACV' (March 1979-May 1980); '(LLD) ABV' (ca April 1980); '(LLD) ASV' (March-September 1980); '(LLD) GCV' (September 1979); '(DLD) ACV' (July, August 1980); '(LLD) CCV' (September 1979-September 1980); '(LLD) ACB' (March-December 1980); '(LD) - [?Decanboxy] ACV (UCV)' (September, October 1980); '(LD) Adipyl CV' (November 1980); 'Adipyl-L-cystein dipept.' (January 1981); '(LD) CV-dipeptide' (April [?1980]). Paginated 78-161 (some material is unpaginated). 10 folders.

Loose notes, October 1982-February 1983. Contents of a file inscribed 'Synthesis of 'cold' & 'hot' ACG Attempted labelling expts'  ABRAHAM/C/2/C.251-C.268/C.265-C.267  1982-1983

Former reference: C.265-C.267

In the same hand as C.251-C.264. 3 folders.

Large binder labelled 'GSJ 4 Penicillin chrysogenum. Prepn of extract & experiments'  ABRAHAM/C/2/C.251-C.268/C.268  1981, 1982

Former reference: C.268

Separated into sections by dividers labelled as follows: 'P. Chrysogenum ext. G25/S/N & G25[?]N' (April 1981); 'P. Chry: G25 NS/N CV dipep Activ[ity] / Inhi[bition]' (March, April 1981); 'P. Chryso: Assay of ASO-50, 50-65, 65-80, 80+' (April, May 1981); 'P. Chrys: protein fraction DEAE seph[?] A50' (May 1981); 'P. Chrysogenum Dyno mill II / DEAE - [?sol]' (May 1981); 'R.1221 P/C harvest[?]' (May 1981); 'Gel-electro phoresis' ([?May or June 1981] ); 'P/C R1221/1 Dyno mill large scale' (June 1981); 'P. Chrysogenum Dyno mill small scale' (June 1981); 'P/C Dyno mill 0-80% DEAE-seph R1221/2' (June 1981); 'Dyno-mill R1221/3' (June, July 1981); 'Dyno-mill R1221/4' (July 1981); 'P/C R1221/2 DEAE/AS/0.5[?]0.2' (July 1981); 'G100 calibration' (July 1981); 'P/C R1221/5 DEAE/AS G100' (July 1981); 'ACV activity' (July, August 1981); 'ACV activity 1, 2 & 3% ACV [?]' (August 1981); 'R1221/6 extract G100 / mol wt.' (August 1981); 'Effect of catalase triton x-100 G100 extract' (August 1981); 'ACV [?dimer] / [?] P. Chrys & acrem.' (August 1981); 'Km ACV - IN [?Isopenicillin N] in P.C.' (August 1981); 'G100 column' (September 1981); 'PI value' (September 1981); 'Km - Deter[mination]' (September 1981); 'ACV [?dimer] activit / also with C. acremonium' (September 1981); 'R1223 / harvest time antibiotics production' (September 1981); 'Effect of co-factors' (October 1981); '1. Effect of alpha-ketoglu[tinate] 2. DEAE in MOPS' (October 1981); 'Dyno mill R1225/1' (October 1981); 'Stability in various buffers' (October 1981) 'R1225/2 Extract prept:- 'TRIS' 7 & 8' (December 1981); 'Activity Bacilysin samples' (December 1981); 'R1225/3 dyno mill' (December 1981); 'R1225/4' (December 1981); 'R1225/5' (January 1982); 'R1225/6' (February 1982); 'R1225/7' (March 1982); 'Prep - Gel expts' (March 1982); 'Harvest of P2 in 'old' & 'new' media Dyno mill extracts' (April 1982); 'Use of chromatofocussing phenylsepharase columns' (April 1982); 'P2 in 'old' - large scale Dyno mill' (April 1982); 'Chromatofocussing 2nd expt' (May 1982); 'Use of phenylsepharase at 35% AS concn' (May 1982); '1. Harvest of P2 in old media in fermentor 2. P2 / new / shake flasks' (May 1982); P2 (350g) - Dyno mill extract' (May-July 1982).

Loose notes, originally from a binder  ABRAHAM/C/2/C.269-C.282  1979

Former reference: C.269-C.282

Separated into sections by dividers labelled as follows: Untitled notes at front (September 1979); 'Dialysis in Fe etc [?1h]' (September 1979); 'Dialysis 68 [?1h]' (August, September 1979); 'Ph 66' (August 1979); 'Co-factors 64 65' (August 1979); '50,000g 61' (July 1979); '20,000g 50,000g 60' (July 1979); '+ - DTT 20,000g 59' (June, July 1979); 'GSJ - ACV 20,000g 58' (June, July 1979); 'diffr[erential] assay 55' (June 1979); 'ACV: time' (April 1979); 'ACV / PL concn' (February-May 1979); A[encircled C]V + ACV 76' (October 1979); 'A[encircled C]V' (October 1979); 'A[encircled C]V, ACV 75' (October 1979); 'ACV / CP' (May 1979); 'JEB / ACV / 3H' 3H / 14C ACV ex JEB' (July-September 1979); 3H - isopen N' (February-April 1979); 'N purif n' (June-July 1979); '1153 N - C [?]' (January-July 1979); 'C91 / 3H alpha aad' (February, March 1979); 'dialysis DTT 1h asc 72' (September 1979). 14 folders.

Binder inscribed 'Henry Chmara Amidotransfer' on cover  ABRAHAM/C/2/C.283  1978, 1979

Former reference: C.283

Topics covered include 'Purification of amidotransferase from E-coli ESS 22-31' (October 1979); 'Action of Bacilysin in vivo inhibition of amidotransferase' (August 1979); 'Purification of amidotransferase from C[?oryne]bacterium 168' (July 1979); 'Purification of amidotransferase from Sup. 105000g' (May 1979); 'Purification of amidotransferase from E-coli MRE 600' (March 1979); 'Purification of a new part of E. coli MRE 600 and some aspects of interaction with bacilysin and anticapsin' (February 1979). Loose notes at back (some dated 1978).

Notebook inscribed 'C.P. Pang Analytical PAGE Isopenicillin N syn[?e]thetase', June 1982-November 1983  ABRAHAM/C/2/C.284  1982-1983

Former reference: C.284

Title on first page is 'Gel electrophoresis'. This topic appears to cover all the notes in the book.

Notebook in Abraham's hand  ABRAHAM/C/2/C.285  ?1948

Former reference: C.285

From front: notes re visits to universities and institutions in the USA and re various chemical processes. From back: notes on atomic physics, isotopes and various biochemical processes. References to published sources indicate a possible date ca 1948.

Manuscript numerical data, possibly relating to experiments  ABRAHAM/C/2/C.286  N.d.

Former reference: C.286

Found loose in unmarked file.


Former reference: C.287-C.357

In July 1949 the MRC's Antibiotics Research Station at Clevedon began to produce culture fluids from the cephalosporium fungus for study by the Sir William Dunn School of Pathology. In early 1952 Abraham's colleague Guy Newton was sent to Clevedon to help speed up the supply of Cephalosporin N. The improved supply enabled Abraham's team to isolate almost pure Cephalosporin N. In 1957, following Glaxo's difficulties in producing sufficient quantities of Cephalosporin C for the Dunn School's requirements, Clevedon workers discovered a mutant strain of the fungus which gave significantly higher yields. Abraham served on the Scientific Steering Committee to oversee the work of the Antibiotics Research Station, Clevedon. The majority of the papers relate to the work of the Antibiotics Research Station and its collaboration with the Sir William Dunn School of Pathology. See C.1042-C.1048 for further correspondence re the work at Clevedon.

Correspondence between Abraham and C.W. Hale of the Antibiotics Research Station, re research on cephalosporin, October 1949-December 1952  ABRAHAM/C/3/C.287-C.292  1949-1952

Former reference: C.287-C.292

Included are copies of typescript reports by scientists at the Antibiotics Research Station and the Sir William Dunn School of Pathology. 6 folders.

Contents of a file inscribed 'EPA corresp. Clevedon - Oxford - NRDC'  ABRAHAM/C/3/C.293-C.308  1949-1961

Former reference: C.293-C.308

Correspondence, mostly carbon copies of letters from Abraham to B.K. Kelly and G.W. Hale at Clevedon; included also is correspondence between Abraham, the National Research Development Corporation and Glaxo Laboratories Ltd.

1949-1954  ABRAHAM/C/3/C.293-C.308/C.293-C.296  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.293-C.296

4 folders.

1955-1958  ABRAHAM/C/3/C.293-C.308/C.297-C.300  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.297-C.300

4 folders.

1959-1961  ABRAHAM/C/3/C.293-C.308/C.301-C.307  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.301-C.307

7 folders.

Letters by Guy Newton to Abraham, ca [March- May] 1952  ABRAHAM/C/3/C.293-C.308/C.308  1952

Former reference: C.308

Drafts of papers co-authored by Abraham, with related material  ABRAHAM/C/3/C.309-C.317  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.309-C.317

Publication details given where known.

1p copy of typescript abstract of a paper entitled 'Properties of some derivatives of cephalosporin C and heterocyclic tertiary bases', by C.W. Hale, Abraham and G.G.F. Newton, Supplement to International Abstracts of Biological Sciences (IV International Congress of Biochemistry, Vienna, September 1958); letter from Hale  ABRAHAM/C/3/C.309-C.317/C.309  1958

Former reference: C.309

'The Influence of Methionine on the Biosynthesis of Cephalosporin N', by C.W. Hale, Abraham and G.G.F. Newton  ABRAHAM/C/3/C.309-C.317/C.310  1958

Former reference: C.310

18pp copy of typescript draft with manuscript revisions; 2 letters re the content and possible publication of the paper, December 1958.

'The Cephalosporin C Nucleus (7-Aminocephalosporanic acid)', by G.G.F. Newton and Abraham. Probably published under this title followed by the additional words 'and some of its derivatives', by Bronwen Loder, G.G.F. Newton and Abraham, in Biochemical Journal 79, 1961  ABRAHAM/C/3/C.309-C.317/C.311  1961

Former reference: C.311

13pp copy of typescript, with draft figures etc, with the first of the above titles and authors.

'Formation of the cephalosporin C nucleus (7-ACA) by enzymic hydrolysis of an N-acyl derivative of 7-ACA' by G.G.F. Newton and Abraham  ABRAHAM/C/3/C.309-C.317/C.312  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.312

5pp copy of typescript draft with manuscript revisions.

Copies of typescript appendices, possibly to the papers in C.309 and C.310  ABRAHAM/C/3/C.309-C.317/C.313  ca 1961

Former reference: C.313

2pp copy entitled 'Appendix 1. 'Incorporation of 1-14C Acetate into Cephalosporin C' ', by C.W. Hale, G.A. Miller, Abraham and G.G.F. Newton (possibly part of the paper published under this title, with the name P.W. Trown added to the authors, in Biochemical Journal 84, 1962). 6pp copy entitled 'Appendix 2. 'Cephalosporin CC' ', by G.G.F. Newton and Abraham. 5pp copy, with manuscript revisions, entitled ' Appendix 3. 'Cephalosporin CA (pyridine)' ', by Abraham, G.G.F. Newton and C.W. Hale.

'The Separation of Cephalosporin N and Cephalosporin C', by G.G.F. Newton and Abraham  ABRAHAM/C/3/C.309-C.317/C.314  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.314

8pp copy of typescript draft with manuscript corrections.

Copies of 5 typescripts detailing various experiments, mostly re Cephalosporin C, with manuscript revisions and annotations  ABRAHAM/C/3/C.309-C.317/C.315-C.316  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.315, C.316

Found with the draft in C.314; one typescript is inscribed 'separation paper'. 2 folders.

Typescript report by C.W. Hale, December 1956; data and photographic prints (some mounted onto cards)  ABRAHAM/C/3/C.309-C.317/C.317  1956

Former reference: C.317

Found with the material in C.314-C.316.

Copies of typescript reports of experimental results by scientists at the Antibiotics Research Station  ABRAHAM/C/3/C.318-C.320  1951-1961, n.d.

Former reference: C.318-C.20

Reports by C.W. Hale entitled 'The Extraction of antibiotics produced by Malayan actinomycete', January-March  ABRAHAM/C/3/C.318-C.320/C.318  1951

Former reference: C.318

Various reports  ABRAHAM/C/3/C.318-C.320/C.319-C.320  1957-1959, 1961, n.d.

Former reference: C.319, C.320

2 folders.

Correspondence and committee papers re the setting up and business of the Scientific Steering Committee for the work of the Antibiotics Research Station  ABRAHAM/C/3/C.321  1956-1957

Former reference: C.321

Administrative history:
Abraham was a member of the Committee which was formed in May 1956 to act as an advisory body to the Antibiotics Research Station.

Miscellaneous correspondence and papers re the work of the Antibiotics Research Station  ABRAHAM/C/3/C.322  1956-1958

Former reference: C.322

Correspondence with the National Institute for Medical Research  ABRAHAM/C/3/C.323-C.333  1950-1978

Former reference: C.323-C.333

Contents of a file inscribed 'NIMR'. Re various research on antibiotics and the preparation of papers for publication. Correspondents include Martin Pollock.

1950-1957  ABRAHAM/C/3/C.323-C.333/C.323-C.327  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.323-C.327

5 folders.

1958-1968, 1972, 1973, 1978  ABRAHAM/C/3/C.323-C.333/C.328-C.333  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.328-C.333

6 folders.

Miscellaneous typescripts and manuscript notes and diagrams re experiments, some possibly for use in the preparation of publications  ABRAHAM/C/3/C.334  1965, 1968, n.d.

Former reference: C.334

Inscriptions on some of the pages indicate collaboration with Glaxo Ltd.

Correspondence and papers re applications for research grants by Abraham to the Medical Research Council and correspondence arising  ABRAHAM/C/3/C.335-C.357  1953-1985

Former reference: C.335-C.357

Included is correspondence with other organisations and scientists re research topics, found with this material and probably related to it; and assessments by Abraham of applications by others for MRC grants.

1953-1970  ABRAHAM/C/3/C.335-C.357/C.335-C.341  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.335-C.341

7 folders.

1971-1973  ABRAHAM/C/3/C.335-C.357/C.342-C.348  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.342-C.348

7 folders.

1974-1978  ABRAHAM/C/3/C.335-C.357/C.349-C.354  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.349-C.354

6 folders.

1979-1985  ABRAHAM/C/3/C.335-C.357/C.355-C.357  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.355-C.357

3 folders.


Former reference: C.358-C.605

In 1949 the NRDC became involved in the research on Cephalosporin, helping to coordinate the results of the work done at Oxford and Clevedon. Following the isolation of Cephalosporin C in 1953, the NRDC persuaded Glaxo Research Laboratories to join the collaboration. After the elucidation of the chemical structure of Cephalosporin C in 1959 the NRDC took steps to exploit the commercial value of the antibiotic by devising a worldwide patenting and licensing strategy. With the subsequent granting of extensions to some of the patents, sales of cephalosporin antibiotics earned the corporation a total of £152 million in royalties which was shared with inventors. In order to find methods of producing the Cephalosporin C nucleus (7-ACA) in quantity, the NRDC granted options on licences to the pharmaceutical companies Glaxo, Eli Lilly, Squibb, Smith Kline and French, Merck and Pfizer (USA), Ciba and Farmitalia (Europe) and, later, Fujisawa (Japan). With funding from the Corporation new methods were discovered for the large-scale production of 7-ACA and for the conversion of the penicillin to the cephalosporin ring system, enabling a number of different cephalosporins to be produced. In 1958 Abraham accepted a consultancy position with the NRDC. The NRDC later combined with the National Enterprise Board to form the British Technology Group. See also C.1042-C.1053.

Correspondence and papers, re patenting antibiotics etc.  ABRAHAM/C/4/C.358-C.519  1952-1995

Former reference: C.358-C.519

Correspondence, with related papers, re patenting; the progress of, and the funding of, research on antibiotics (mostly cephalosporins) carried out by Abraham's team and the pharmaceutical companies; the development of marketable drugs by some of the companies; the publication of papers; and matters arising. The principal correspondents are NRDC executives and managers, in particular James C. Cain and R.S. Crespi. The correspondence was found arranged in six separate groups of files. This arrangement has been maintained, though there appears to be no obvious differentiation between these groups in terms of content.

Correspondence, mostly letters to Abraham from the NRDC and patent agents, 1952-1960. Contents of 2 files.  ABRAHAM/C/4/C.358-C.519/C.358-C.372  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.358-C.372

Included is correspondence re Abraham's acceptance of the consultancy position.

1952-1955  ABRAHAM/C/4/C.358-C.519/C.358-C.372/C.358-C.362  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.358-C.362

5 folders.

1956-1958  ABRAHAM/C/4/C.358-C.519/C.358-C.372/C.363-C.368  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.363-C.368

6 folders.

1959-January 1960  ABRAHAM/C/4/C.358-C.519/C.358-C.372/C.369-C.372  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.369-C.372

4 folders.

Correspondence etc, mostly carbon copies of letters by Abraham  ABRAHAM/C/4/C.358-C.519/C.373-C.392  1952-1967

Former reference: C.373-C.392

Contents of 4 files.

1952-1959  ABRAHAM/C/4/C.358-C.519/C.373-C.392/C.373-C.377  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.373-C.377

5 folders.

1960, 1961  ABRAHAM/C/4/C.358-C.519/C.373-C.392/C.378-C.382  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.378-C.382

5 folders.

1962, 1963  ABRAHAM/C/4/C.358-C.519/C.373-C.392/C.383-C.387  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.383-C.387

5 folders.

1964-1967  ABRAHAM/C/4/C.358-C.519/C.373-C.392/C.388-C.392  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.388-C.392

5 folders.

Correspondence  ABRAHAM/C/4/C.358-C.519/C.393-C.413  1968-1972

Former reference: C.393-C.413

Contents of 3 files. Included is correspondence re the patent extension granted to the NRDC in 1972. Included are a few letters to, or by, other individuals and companies, and draft affadavits by Abraham, mostly in connection with the patent extension referred to above.

1968-1970  ABRAHAM/C/4/C.358-C.519/C.393-C.413/C.393-C.399  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.393-C.399

7 folders.

1971, 1972  ABRAHAM/C/4/C.358-C.519/C.393-C.413/C.400-C.413  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.400-C.413

14 folders.

C.414-C.464 Correspondence etc  ABRAHAM/C/4/C.358-C.519/C.414-C.464  1973-1995

Former reference: C.414-C.464

Contents of 5 files. Included are reports on various research topics.

1973-1975  ABRAHAM/C/4/C.358-C.519/C.414-C.464/C.414-C.423  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.414-C.423

10 folders.

1976, 1977  ABRAHAM/C/4/C.358-C.519/C.414-C.464/C.424-C.438  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.424-C.438

15 folders.

1978-1980  ABRAHAM/C/4/C.358-C.519/C.414-C.464/C.439-C.449  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.439-C.449

Included at C.448 is material relating to a dinner held in honour of Abraham on the occasion of his retirement. 11 folders.

1981-1983  ABRAHAM/C/4/C.358-C.519/C.414-C.464/C.450-C.460  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.450-C.460

11 folders.

1985-1992, 1995  ABRAHAM/C/4/C.358-C.519/C.414-C.464/C.461-C.464  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.461-C.464

4 folders.

Correspondence  ABRAHAM/C/4/C.358-C.519/C.465-C.493  1958-1966

Former reference: C.465-C.493

Contents of 3 files.

December 1958-1960  ABRAHAM/C/4/C.358-C.519/C.465-C.493/C.465-C.472  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.465-C.472

8 folders.

1961  ABRAHAM/C/4/C.358-C.519/C.465-C.493/C.473-C.480  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.473-C.480

8 folders.

1962-1964, 1966  ABRAHAM/C/4/C.358-C.519/C.465-C.493/C.481-C.493  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.481-C.493

Very few letters are post 1962. 13 folders.

Correspondence  ABRAHAM/C/4/C.358-C.519/C.494-C.519  1963-1969

Former reference: C.494-C.519

Contents of 4 files.

1963, 1964. With a few letters 1965.  ABRAHAM/C/4/C.358-C.519/C.494-C.519/C.494-C.503  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.494-C.503

10 folders.

1965, 1966  ABRAHAM/C/4/C.358-C.519/C.494-C.519/C.504-C.512  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.504-C.512

9 folders.

1967-1969. Mostly 1967, 1968  ABRAHAM/C/4/C.358-C.519/C.494-C.519/C.513-C.519  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.513-C.519

7 folders.

Miscellaneous correspondence etc with BTG  ABRAHAM/C/4/C.520-C.523  1983-1985, 1988

Former reference: C.520-C.523

4 items

4 folders.

Copies of assignments and agreements (involving Abraham, Guy Newton, the NRDC and others), with related papers and correspondence  ABRAHAM/C/4/C.524-C.532  1954-1967

Former reference: C.524-C.532

9 items

9 folders.

Accounts produced in accordance with the cephalosporin revenue sharing agreements, with related papers and correspondence  ABRAHAM/C/4/C.533-C.534  1959-1963

Former reference: C.533, C.534

Found with the papers in C.524-C.532. 2 folders.

Copies of draft patent specifications for applications filed by Abraham, Guy Newton and the NRDC  ABRAHAM/C/4/C.535-C.540  1959-1962

Former reference: C.535-C.540

6 items

6 folders.

Copies of typescript reports, some co-authored by Abraham, on developments in Cephalosporin C research, with other papers concerning patents  ABRAHAM/C/4/C.541-C.545  1959-1962

Former reference: C.541-C.545

5 items

5 folders.

Contents of file labelled 'Cephalosporin C Dossier'  ABRAHAM/C/4/C.546-C.569  1959-ca 1965

Former reference: C.546-C.569

24 items

Copies of numbered typescript reports by scientists at the Sir William Dunn School of Pathology (including Abraham) and the MRC's Antibiotics Research Station, Some of the reports are also drafts of papers for publication. 24 folders.

Copies of typescript 'Reports to the NRDC on Biochemical Studies Relating to Cephalosporins and Penicillins' by the Sir William Dunn School of Pathology, one with manuscript revisions by Abraham  ABRAHAM/C/4/C.570-C.574  1969-1973

Former reference: C.570-C.574

5 items

5 folders.

Copies of typescript research reports on the cephalosporins and beta-lactamases by Abraham and others  ABRAHAM/C/4/C.575-C.583  1969

Former reference: C.575-C.583

9 items

9 folders.

Copy of legal brief relating to a dispute over patents between Dr H.S. Burton and his ex-colleagues at the Sir William Dunn School of Pathology  ABRAHAM/C/4/C.584  1961

Former reference: C.584

Schedules of patents and patent applications concerning Cephalosporin C  ABRAHAM/C/4/C.585-C.587  1960-1971

Former reference: C.585-C.587

3 folders.

Miscellaneous papers and correspondence, mostly re patents  ABRAHAM/C/4/C.588-C.604  1953-1985, 1992, n.d.

Former reference: C.588-C.604

17 items

17 folders.

'Cephalosporin Analogue 87/4', a large printed document so entitled produced by Glaxo Group Ltd  ABRAHAM/C/4/C.605  ca 1964-1970

Former reference: C.605

Containing detailed experimental results and technical information.


Former reference: C.606-C.963

Correspondence and papers, mostly relating to the various stages in the research on Cephalosporin C and other work on beta-lactam antibiotics. The organisations are mostly pharmaceutical companies. Arranged alphabetically by organisation.

Beecham Group plc  ABRAHAM/C/5/1  1970-1991, n.d.

Former reference: C.606-C.614

9 items

Administrative history:
Beecham was a manufacturer of semi-synthetic penicillins. In 1959 the company succeeded in isolating the penicillin nucleus '6-APA'.

Correspondence, mostly re requests for chemical samples for research and exchanges of information. Included are correspondence and papers re the Beecham Colloquium (September 1981): at C.612 are a copy of a transcript of a discussion at the colloquium 'The Control of Antibiotic-resistant bacteria', in which Abraham participated; and a proof, with manuscript corrections, of a paper 'The Design of New Antibiotics and Bacterial Resistance' by Abraham, probably given at the colloquium. Also included at C.614 is correspondence re Abraham's assistance to Beecham in patent litigation.

1970-1977  ABRAHAM/C/5/1/C.606-C.610  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.606-C.610

5 items

5 folders.

1978-1983, 1987, 1988, 1991, n.d.  ABRAHAM/C/5/1/C.611-C.614  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.611-C.614

4 items

4 folders.

Bristol-Myers Company (USA)  ABRAHAM/C/5/2  1973, 1978-1987

Former reference: C.615

1 item

Correspondence re studies on beta-lactam antibiotics.

CIBA Ltd  ABRAHAM/C/5/3  1961-1966, 1973-1975

Former reference: C.616-C.620

5 items

Administrative history:
CIBA was one of the companies granted a licence by the NRDC in the 1960s to research methods of producing the Cephalosporin C nucleus. Abraham gave a lecture at CIBA, Basle, Switzerland, September 1962.

Correspondence and papers. Included at C.618, C.619 are manuscript and typescript drafts (some incomplete) of Abraham's lecture entitled, 'Preliminary Experiments on the Biosynthesis of Cephalosporin C', with related correspondence. Also at C.619 is a copy of a 3pp typescript of a talk by Abraham entitled 'Gordon Conference'. 5 folders.

The Distillers Company Ltd  ABRAHAM/C/5/4  1949, 1953-1963

Former reference: C.621-C.624

4 items

Administrative history:
In the 1950s Distillers produced quantities of cephalosporin for use by the Sir William Dunn School of Pathology. The company reached an agreement with the NRDC (1959) for research into Cephalosporin C.

Correspondence etc. Included is material relating to a patent dispute between Beecham Research Laboratories Ltd and Distillers. 4 folders.

Dyson Perrins Laboratory (Oxford)  ABRAHAM/C/5/5  1971, 1978-1991

Former reference: C.625-C.632

8 items

Administrative history:
The 1970s and 1980s saw various collaborative projects on the biosynthesis of penicillins and cephalosporins involving the Dyson Perrins Laboratory, the Sir William Dunn School of Pathology and Eli Lilly (see C.633-C.881).

Correspondence and papers. Included is correspondence with Jack Baldwin re research on biosynthesis of penicillins and cephalosporins and related articles. Some correspondence relates to appointments to research and other posts, including refereeing. At C.628-C.630 are manuscript and typescript drafts of an article by Abraham and Baldwin 'The Biosynthesis of Penicillins and Cephalosporins', Natural Products Reports 5 (Royal Society of Chemistry), 1988, with correspondence re publication. At C.631 are unidentified manuscript and typescript drafts found with the material in C.628-C.630. 8 folders.

Eli Lilly and Company  ABRAHAM/C/5/6  1954-1994

Former reference: C.633-C.881

Administrative history:
Eli Lilly signed an agreement with the NRDC in January 1959 for a research programme aimed at producing substances related to Cephalosporin C (including its nucleus). This project was unsuccessful, but in early 1960 the NRDC granted the company an option on a licence allowing it to research processes of converting Cephalosporin C to its nucleus (7-ACA). It was the only licensee to achieve a breakthrough in this area, paving the way for large-scale production of the nucleus. Eli Lilly introduced its first cephalosporin antibiotic in 1964. In the following years Eli Lilly funded collaborative research projects on the biosynthesis of penicillins and cephalosporins involving the Sir William Dunn School of Pathology and the Dyson Perrins Laboratory (see C.625-C.632).

Correspondence, with related papers, mostly re research on cephalosporins.  ABRAHAM/C/5/6/1  1954-1990

Former reference: C.633-C.694

The correspondence covers a number of divisions of the company in the USA and the UK.

1954, 1957-1962.  ABRAHAM/C/5/6/1/C.633-C.642  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.633-C.642

10 items

Some correspondence 1957-1959 relates to the preparation of crude secretin. 10 folders.

1965-1971  ABRAHAM/C/5/6/1/C.643-C.662  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.643-C.662

20 items

Included at C.653-C.659 are manuscript and typescript drafts, some incomplete and disarranged (with proof at C.661), of a paper entitled 'Cephalosporin C' by Abraham and P.B. Loder in Cephalosporins and Penicillins: Chemistry and Biology, ed. by E.H. Flynn, New York 1972. Related correspondence is at C.649-652 and C.660-C.662. 20 folders.

1972-1976  ABRAHAM/C/5/6/1/C.663-C.677  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.663-C.677

15 items

15 folders.

1977-1985  ABRAHAM/C/5/6/1/C.678-C.686  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.678-C.686

9 items

At C.683 is a copy of a typescript of Abraham's introduction to Chemistry and Biology of Beta-lactam Antibiotics (Volume 1), edited by Robert B. Morin and Marvin Gorman, New York and London, 1982. At C.684 is a proof with corrections of 'Biosynthesis of Penicillins and Cephalosporins', a chapter by Abraham in Beta-Lactam Antibiotics for Clinical Use, Clinical Pharmacology 4, edited by Sherry F. Queener et al., New York 1986. 9 folders.

1986-1990.  ABRAHAM/C/5/6/1/C.687-C.694  [n.d.]

8 items

8 folders.

Drafts and copy of an agreement, December 1985, between Eli Lilly, the University of Oxford, Abraham and Jack Baldwin relating to co-operation on the beta-lactam Biosynthesis Project  ABRAHAM/C/5/6/2  1985, 1986

Former reference: C.695-C.697

3 items

With correspondence etc re the agreement and related matters, 1985, 1986. 3 folders.

Experimental notes by one of Abraham's research workers  ABRAHAM/C/5/6/3  1975-1979

Former reference: C.698-C.833

Included are graphs, tables of results, photographs, a few letters and other related papers. The notes are similar in appearance and content to those in C.207-C.286 which are in, or taken from, ring binders. The notes, originally in a large ring binder, are the contents of 4 boxes labelled '1' to '4'. Notes on pieces of card found in the boxes are inscribed 'JAH', probably indicating that these notes were the work of Joyce A. Huddleston, a junior colleague of Abraham. The notes appear to relate to some of the collaborative work between Eli Lilly and Oxford University referred to above. Found with the remainder of the Eli Lilly papers and correspondence in this sub-section.

Notes, contents of 'Box 1'  ABRAHAM/C/5/6/3/C.698-C.734  1975-1979

Former reference: C.698-C.734

Listed as two groups of folders for ease of reference.

First group  ABRAHAM/C/5/6/3/C.698-C.734/C.698-C.714  1975-1979

Former reference: C.698-C.714

Separated by dividers labelled as follows: 'alpha alpha p: DS,T,ESS', November 1979; 'time course substrates centn [centrifugation]', October, November 1979; 'cofactors undia / dialysed', October 1979; 'D-M -20OC myc[elium] 73/2', October 1979; 'D-M/2 73', September 1979; 'D-M 70', September 1979; 'Dr Young's cpd', July 1977; 'Lu43, 44 PS', September-November 1980; 'Feroceryl deriv[atives]', June-September 1976; 'clav[ulanic] acid', July, August 1976; 'GL cpds', June-September 1976; 'SGW Bioassays', March-October 1976, April 1978; 'Proto: C', April, May 1978; 'Proto: N, C 120, 250', May 1978; 'Proto stabilisers', June 1978; 'Pen N: ESS', June 1976-October 1977; 'Pen N: T', November 1976, July 1979; 'C, N + Beta I', February, March 1978; 'Beta I: cephs', January 1978; 'IN / N bioassay', February, May 1979; 'PL control', July 1978; 'Separations N, C etc', January 1977-December 1978; '10% NaCl', July 1975; 'ACUSO3H elp.', October 1975, February 1976; December 1977; 'analyser: cephs cephs oxidised', November 1977; 'mu-NH2 Lilly solv 1', June, July 1978; 'ODS - 2', March-July 1978. 17 folders.

Second group  ABRAHAM/C/5/6/3/C.698-C.734/C.715-C.734  1975-1979

Former reference: C.715-C.734

'C18 Porasil [?]', April 1975-May 1979; 'Liposomes', April 1978-January 1979; 'REV', February, March 1979; 'GSH, ACVSH [?]', July, 1975-February 1976; 'ox. stds', May 1975; 'XAD-2', July 1978; 'Lilly: N sulphoxides', March 1976; 'Axcorasil [?]', February 1975-March 1977; 'Purifn of Pen N by [?]; Sepn 7-[?] Ceph C & Pen N by acidn', March 1975; 'Pen N [to] penillic acid', March-September 1975; 'Pen purifn - [?]', June 1974-May 1976; 'TP-1 TP-2', April, May 1977; 'Detn of efficiency of counting', July 1975-July 1977; 'Streptomyces lipmanii', February-October 1975; 'C91 growth expr', May 1977-April 1978; 'G25 Pen purifn 1', July, August 1975; '2', September, October 1977; 'penillic acid', September, October 1977; 'C91 peptides', May-September 1976; 'C91 cuprous mercaptide', January-December 1975; 'Pen N [to] alpha aad [?Pen] SO3H', June, August 1977; 'alpha aadgly', October 1975-May 1977; 'A. nidulans TCA extract', January, May 1975. 20 folders.

Notes, contents of 'Box 2'  ABRAHAM/C/5/6/3/C.735-C.778  1975-1977

Former reference: C.735-C.778

This box was also inscribed 'Lilly / SWQ 3H / 14C'. Listed as two groups of folders for ease of reference.

First group  ABRAHAM/C/5/6/3/C.735-C.778/C.735-C.757  1975-1976

Former reference: C.735-C.757

Separated by dividers labelled as follows: 'L - 2, 33H[?]val 10/1', November 1975-January 1976; 'L-3-3H val 8/1', February-October 1976; 'C. acremonium mutants (Lilly)', April-July 1975; 'ACV: intra and extracellular', August-October 1975; 'Lilly: 14C val [to] ACV', June 1975; 'L-3H-val 3H / 14C = 7/1', September-December 1976. 23 folders.

Second group  ABRAHAM/C/5/6/3/C.735-C.778/C.758-C.778  1975-1977

Former reference: C.758-C.778

'L-2-3Hval', January, February 1977 (included at C.758 are a few letters to Abraham from Douglas Young of Sussex University, 1975-1977; included at C.759 is copy of a 9pp draft of paper entitled 'The Stereochemistry of beta-lactam Formation in Cephalosporin Biosynthesis', by Abraham, Joyce A. Huddleston et al, Biochemical Journal vol 169, 1978); '3H / 14C cysteines expr 1', February-April 1977; 'Expr 2', June-September 1977; '[?] cys XAD', July 1976-April 1977. 21 folders.

Notes, contents of 'Box 3'.  ABRAHAM/C/5/6/3/C.779-C.811  1975-1979

Former reference: C.779-C.811

Listed as two groups of folders for ease of reference.

First group  ABRAHAM/C/5/6/3/C.779-C.811/C.779-C.793  1976-1979

Former reference: C.779-C.793

Separated by dividers labelled as follows (with page of contents at beginning): 'LLD - ACV(1)', August 1978-January 1979; 'LLD - ACV(2)', November 1976-January 1979 (chiefly 1978); 'Ceph C ex [?]', February 1976-October 1977. 15 folders.

Second group  ABRAHAM/C/5/6/3/C.779-C.811/C.794-C.811  1975-1977

Former reference: C.794-C.811

'DTT, cys: [?]', August, September 1977; 'C91 ceph C resuspn [resuspension]', February 1976-July 1977; 'ACV content', March 1976; 'toxy content', March, April 1976; 'glass wool', January 1977; 'Radioactive cpds', January-November 1975; 'C91 Protoplast exprs 14Cval', January 1975; 'CV', February-October 1975; 'DLD-ACV', March-July 1975; 'CV(2)', February-November 1975; 'Toxin 1', January, February 1978; 'N acetyl ceph C', May-February 1976; 'N acetyl Pen N', May, June 1975; 'G10 s[?]pn acids', July 1975-November 1976. 18 folders.

Notes, contents of 'Box 4'  ABRAHAM/C/5/6/3/C.812-C.833  1977-1979

Former reference: C.812-C.833

Separated by dividers labelled as follows (with page of contents at beginning): 'mo198', October 1978; '3N / MIT', November 1978-January 1979; '[?lysate] Demain Oxford', July 1978; 'Pen N expr 3', April, May 1978; 'Demain ESS', February 1978; 'effect of Demain buffer', February, March 1978; 'Demain 3H Pen N', January, February 1978; '3H Pen N 2 tube 3', January-March 1978; 'evapn bioassay', January-March 1978; 'tris / mops', January 1978; '3H Pen N [pH] 7.5, 6.5, 4.5', December 1977; '1078 ESS tris / mops', December 1977; '3H Pen N 2', October-January 1978; 'ESS cof[actors] +/- AccoA', October 1977; '3H 1 Pen N', September-November 1977; '250 rpm ESS co f. bio', September 1977; '250 ESS [?] [?]', September 1977; '250 rpm [?]', August, September 1977; 'Demain expr', August 1977; '250 rpm ESS', August 1977. 22 folders.

Contents of a file entitled 'SWDSOP - DP [Sir William Dunn School of Pathology - Dyson Perrins] collaboration 1984-'  ABRAHAM/C/5/6/4  1961-1994

Former reference: C.834-C.881

Papers and correspondence, 1985-1994, with a few papers, 1961, 1962. Mostly copies of reports re the collaborative research carried out by Eli Lilly and Oxford University. There is also material relating to published papers and correspondence, 1985-1994. For related material see C.1071-C.1077.

'Isolation, sequence determination and expression in Escherichia coli of the Isopenicillin N-synthetase gene from Cephalosporium acremonium', by Abraham et al., Nature vol 318, 1985.  ABRAHAM/C/5/6/4/C.834  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.834

2 copies of typescripts, one headed 'working copy' with manuscript revisions, the other headed 'final copy'; letter re publication. Further correspondence etc relating to this paper is in C.836, C.837.

Drafts and copies of various reports etc, and papers re the exchange of information between Eli Lilly and Oxford  ABRAHAM/C/5/6/4/C.835-C.865  1985-1989

Former reference: C.835-C.865

31 items

None of the reports appear to be by Abraham, though his manuscript revisions are found on some. 31 folders.

'Acyl coenzyme A: 6-aminopenicillanic acid acyltransferase from penicillin chrysogenum and aspergillus nidulans', by Abraham et al., FEBS Letters vol 262, 1990.  ABRAHAM/C/5/6/4/C.866  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.866

6pp copy of typescript of paper.

'Isolation of deacetoxycephalosporin C from fermentation broths of penicillium chrysogenum transformants: construction of a new fungal biosynthetic pathway', by Abraham et al., Proceedings of the Royal Society B vol 248, 1992  ABRAHAM/C/5/6/4/C.867-C.874  1991-1992

Former reference: C.867-C.874

Correspondence re preparation and publication of the paper  ABRAHAM/C/5/6/4/C.867-C.874/C.867-C.871  1991-1992

Former reference: C.867-C.871

Included are typescript drafts, some with manuscript revisions by Abraham. 5 folders.

Further typescript drafts, some incomplete, with manuscript notes by Abraham  ABRAHAM/C/5/6/4/C.867-C.874/C.872  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.872

Material printed out from a floppy disc found with the papers in C.867-C.872  ABRAHAM/C/5/6/4/C.867-C.874/C.873-C.874  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.873, C.874

2 further drafts of the paper, with other pages of text probably related to the paper. 2 folders. The original discs are included at C.873.

2pp manuscript draft by Abraham, entitled 'The Production of Cephalosporins by a Transformant of Penicillium chrysogenum', of an introduction for a paper, with revised typescript version and further 1p typescript draft.  ABRAHAM/C/5/6/4/C.875  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.875

Possibly early drafts of the paper 'Production of deacetoxycephalosporin C by transformants of Penicillium chrysogenum: antibiotic pathway engineering', by Abraham et al., Industrial Microorganisms (possibly a publication by the American Society of Microbiology), [?1993].

8pp copy of typescript for unidentified publication entitled 'Production of deacetoxycephalosporin C by introduction of modified bacterial isopenicillin N epimerase and penicillin N expandase genes in Penicillium chrysogenum'  ABRAHAM/C/5/6/4/C.876  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.876

Miscellaneous correspondence, with reports, re progress of research  ABRAHAM/C/5/6/4/C.877-C.879  1988-1991, 1994

Former reference: C.877-C.879

3 folders.

Miscellaneous typescript reports etc by the Lilly Research Laboratories  ABRAHAM/C/5/6/4/C.880, C.881  1961, 1962, 1971

Former reference: C.880, C.881

2 folders.

Glaxo Group Ltd  ABRAHAM/C/5/7  1957-1985

Former reference: C.882-C.913

Administrative history:
In 1956 the NRDC arranged for Glaxo to join in the research on Cephalosporin C, chiefly to find ways of increasing the yields of the antibiotic from strains of the cephalosporium fungus. This was achieved after much painstaking work involving repeated mutations of the mould. Glaxo's huge investment in the research bore fruit in 1964, with the introduction of its drug 'Ceporin' ('cephaloridine') into medicine.

Correspondence etc mostly re research on Cephalosporin C, the progress of 'cephaloridine', publications and matters arising.

1957-1964  ABRAHAM/C/5/7/C.882-C.889  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.882-C.889

8 items

Included is correspondence re cephalosporin nomenclature. 8 folders.

1965-1968  ABRAHAM/C/5/7/C.890-C.897  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.890-C.897

8 items

Included at C.891, C.892 are a draft and a later copy of the script of a Glaxo film entitled 'Antibiotic from the sea'. Abraham assisted in the production of the script and appeared in the film, though not as a speaker. Included also is correspondence etc re the Conference on Cephalosporidine at New College Oxford, 13-16 March 1967, which Abraham attended; at C.895 is a copy of a typescript of an introductory talk given by Abraham at the conference entitled 'Cephaloridine. Historical Remarks'. 8 folders.

1969-1972  ABRAHAM/C/5/7/C.898-C.905  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.898-C.905

8 items

Included is correspondence etc re the International Conference on Cephalosporins, Brighton, 11-13 May 1970, in which Abraham participated. At C.901 is a copy of a typescript draft of a review of the conference by Abraham and P.B. Loder: 'Cephalosporins', Postgraduate Medical Journal, Supplement vol 46, October 1970. 8 folders.

1973-1985  ABRAHAM/C/5/7/C.906-C.913  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.906-C.913

8 items

Included is correspondence re a proposal by Glaxo to enter into a collaborative research project (which the company would finance) with the Sir William Dunn School of Pathology. 8 folders.

Imperial Chemical Industries Ltd (ICI)  ABRAHAM/C/5/8  1953-1988

Former reference: C.914-C.921

8 items

Administrative history:
Abraham held a consultancy position with ICI, 1955-1958.

Scientific correspondence re research on the cephalosporins and other antibiotics. Mostly 1953-1963. 8 folders.

Merck & Co. Inc.  ABRAHAM/C/5/9  1950-1981

Former reference: C.922-C.928

7 items

Administrative history:
Merck was one of the companies licensed by the NRDC in the early 1960s to work on the production of the Cephalosporin C nucleus.

Correspondence re research on Cephalosporin C and other antibiotics, 1950, 1953, 1958-1981. 7 folders.

Microbiological Research Station (Porton Down)  ABRAHAM/C/5/10  1948-1992

Former reference: C.929-C.940

Administrative history:
The station supplied microorganisms and microbial products to research workers. In 1961 it began a Cephalosporin C production project to assist with the research programme overseen by the NRDC.

Correspondence, with copies of reports, re work on Cephalosporin C and beta-lactamases, 1948, 1950, 1956-1978, 1992. Mostly 1959-1978. 12 folders.

Pfizer Inc. (Chas. Pfizer & Co. Inc.)  ABRAHAM/C/5/11  1960-1986

Former reference: C.941-C.943

3 items

Administrative history:
Pfizer was one of the companies licensed by the NRDC in the early 1960s to work on the production of the Cephalosporin nucleus.

Correspondence re research on Cephalosporin C and other antibiotics, 1960-1962, 1977, 1978, 1985, 1986. Mostly 1960-1962. 3 folders.

Smith, Kline & French Laboratories  ABRAHAM/C/5/12  1960-1975

Former reference: C.944, C.945

2 items

Administrative history:
Smith Kline & French was one of the companies licensed by the NRDC in the early 1960s to work on the production of the Cephalosporin C nucleus.

Correspondence etc, mostly re research on Cephalosporin C, 1960-1962, 1972-1975. 2 folders.

Squibb Institute of Medical Research (E.R. Squibb & Sons Inc.)  ABRAHAM/C/5/13  1946-1983

Former reference: C.946-C.962

Administrative history:
Squibb was one of the companies licensed by the NRDC in the early 1960s to work on the production of the Cephalosporin C nucleus.

Correspondence and papers re Cephalosporin C and proposed visits and conferences etc  ABRAHAM/C/5/13/C.946-C.949  1946, 1957-1966

Former reference: C.946-C.949

4 items

Included is correspondence re arrangements for Abraham's participation in the Sixth Interscience Conference on Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy (ICAAC), Philidelphia, USA, October 1966. 4 folders.

Correspondence etc, chiefly re a legal case involving E.R. Squibb and Sons Inc  ABRAHAM/C/5/13/C.950-C.951  1971

Former reference: C.950, C.951

Included is a draft of an affadavit by Abraham in connection with this case. 2 folders.

Lectures by Abraham  ABRAHAM/C/5/13/C.952-C.960  1972

Former reference: C.952-C.960

The Squibb Lectures for 1972 at Rutgers University, New Jersey, 20, 21 September; and at the annual meeting of the Infectious Diseases Society of America, Atlantic City, 25-27 September 1972.

Correspondence re arrangements for both events and correspondence arising  ABRAHAM/C/5/13/C.952-C.960/C.952  1971, 1972

Former reference: C.952

Drafts etc of the Squibb Lectures  ABRAHAM/C/5/13/C.952-C.960/C.953-C.957  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.953-C.957

Administrative history:
Abraham delivered 2 lectures which were published as 'Biosynthesis and Enzymic Hydrolysis of Penicillins and Cephalosporins', University of Tokyo Press, 1973.

'Biosynthesis of Penicillins and Cephalosporins', first Squibb lecture.  ABRAHAM/C/5/13/C.952-C.960/C.953-C.957/C.953  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.953

In the published version the title of the lecture is 'Aspects of the Biosynthesis of Penicillins and Cephalosporins'. 26pp manuscript draft with revisions; copy of revised typescript version with addenda.

'Beta-lactamases and their Role in Resistance to -lactam Antibiotics', second Squibb Lecture  ABRAHAM/C/5/13/C.952-C.960/C.953-C.957/C.954-C.956  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.954-C.956

58pp typescript draft, with manuscript revisions, and figures etc. 3 folders.

Copy of proof with corrections  ABRAHAM/C/5/13/C.952-C.960/C.953-C.957/C.957  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.957

Lecture given at the annual meeting of the Infectious Diseases Society of America as a contribution to the topic 'Enzymic Degradation of Antibiotics'  ABRAHAM/C/5/13/C.958  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.958

47pp manuscript draft with revisions entitled 'Enzymic Degradations of the Penicillins and Cephalosporins', with 4 further pages, possibly part of another draft version; typescript tables and data etc, probably relating to the lecture.

Correspondence arising from the lectures, chiefly re the publication of the Squibb Lectures, October 1972-March 1974  ABRAHAM/C/5/13/C.959-C.960  1972-1974

Former reference: C.959-C.960

2 folders.

Correspondence etc re general matters  ABRAHAM/C/5/13/C.961-C.962  1974-1983

Former reference: C.961, C.962

2 folders.

Upjohn Co.  ABRAHAM/C/5/14  1954-1973

Former reference: C.963

1 item

Correspondence in connection with the company's research on antibiotics, 1954, 1959-1968, 1973.


Former reference: C.964-C.989

Correspondence, and related material, between Abraham and scientists in British universities re research on beta-lactamases and various antibiotics. Included is correspondence of a more general nature including some re appointments etc. Contents of files inscribed with the name of the relevant university. Arranged alphabetically by university.

University of Cambridge  ABRAHAM/C/6/1  1955-1981

Former reference: C.964-C.967

Correspondence with scientists, chiefly in the School of Biochemistry and the Medical Research Council Unit for Chemical Microbiology, re various research on antibiotics, 1955-1965. The principal correspondent is Ernest F. Gale. 2 folders.  ABRAHAM/C/6/1/C.964-C.965  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.964, C.965

General and scientific correspondence  ABRAHAM/C/6/1/C.966, C.967  1971-1981

Included is correspondence re arrangements for the Roche Symposium on 'Aspects of Peptides and Protein Chemistry', 29 November 1971, attended by Abraham. 2 folders.

University of Edinburgh  ABRAHAM/C/6/2  1965-1981

Former reference: C.968-C.972

5 items

Correspondence re research on beta-lactamases, The principal correspondent is Martin Pollock. General correspondence is included. 5 folders.

University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne  ABRAHAM/C/6/3  1974-1983

Former reference: C.973-C.976

4 items

Correspondence etc, chiefly with R.J. Stoodley of the School of Chemistry, re research on beta-lactamases. Includes correspondence re arrangements for a lecture by Abraham at the University, November 1974, and a beta-lactamase workshop, April 1979. 4 folders.

University of Sheffield  ABRAHAM/C/6/4  1962-1974

Former reference: C.977-C.986

10 items

Correspondence and papers re research on actinonin, 1962-1968, 1974. Almost all the material is 1962-1968. The NRDC funded work on actinonin undertaken jointly by Abraham's department and chemists at the University of Sheffield working under David Ollis, Professor of Organic Chemistry. 10 folders.

University of Surrey  ABRAHAM/C/6/5  1972-1981

Former reference: C.987, C.988

2 items

Correspondence re biosynthesis of penicillins and other research on beta-lactam antibiotics, 1972, 1973, 1979-1981. The principal correspondent is Robert Thomas. Included is a typescript draft with manuscript corrections (in a hand other than Abraham's) of a paper entitled 'The Interaction of Nocardicins with Lactamase II', by Abraham et al (publication details unknown). 2 folders.

University of Sussex  ABRAHAM/C/6/6  1973-1982

Former reference: C.989

1 item

Correspondence mostly re research involving chiral cysteines. The principal correspondent is Douglas Young of the School of Molecular Sciences.


Former reference: C.990-C.1016

Administrative history:
The antibiotic bacilysin, produced by a number of strains of Bacilus subtilis, was first encountered by Abraham and his co-workers in 1946. Preliminary work on the production and purification of bacilysin was carried out by Abraham and Guy Newton, but the work ended in 1948 due to insufficient resources and the Dunn School's increasing interest in cephalosporins. Abraham and his colleagues returned to research on this antibiotic in the early 1960s.

This material was found in a number of files which were tied together.

Correspondence etc re research on bacilysin and related substances  ABRAHAM/C/7/C.990-C.995  1957, 1962-1975, 1981-1991

Former reference: C.990-C.995

6 items

Administrative history:
The correspondents comprise Abraham's colleagues and other scientists working in various countries.

Contents of a file. 6 folders.

Published papers  ABRAHAM/C/7/C.996-C.1009  1965-1970 or [?after]

Former reference: C.996-C.1009

'Production and Purification of Bacilysin', by Abraham, G.G.F. Newton and H.J. Rogers, Biochemical Journal vol 97, 1965.  ABRAHAM/C/7/C.996-C.1009/C.996-C.997  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.996, C.997

13pp manuscript draft with revisions; later typescript draft with manuscript revisions (including draft figures)  ABRAHAM/C/7/C.996-C.1009/C.996-C.997/C.996  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.996

Proof with manuscript corrections; offprint with manuscript annotations  ABRAHAM/C/7/C.996-C.1009/C.996-C.997/C.997  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.997

'Observations on the Structure of Bacilysin' by Abraham et al, Biochemical Journal vol 97, 1965  ABRAHAM/C/7/C.996-C.1009/C.998-C.999  ca 1965

Former reference: C.998, C.999

24pp typescript draft, with manuscript revisions, and draft figures  ABRAHAM/C/7/C.996-C.1009/C.998-C.999/C.998  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.998

Proof  ABRAHAM/C/7/C.996-C.1009/C.998-C.999/C.999  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.999

'Experiments relating to the Biosynthesis of Bacilysin', by Abraham and J. Roscoe, Biochemical Journal vol 99, 1966  ABRAHAM/C/7/C.996-C.1009/C.1000  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.1000

21pp manuscript draft with revisions; later incomplete 2pp typescript draft with manuscript revisions; offprint.

'Isolation of Bacilysin and a New Amino Acid from Culture Filtrates of Bacillus subtilis', by Abraham and J.E. Walker, Biochemical Journal vol 118, 1970  ABRAHAM/C/7/C.996-C.1009/C.1001  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.1001

Copy of 11pp typescript and figures etc; proof.

'The Structure of Bacilysin and Other Products of Bacillus subtilis', by Abraham and J.E. Walker, Biochemical Journal vol 118, 1970  ABRAHAM/C/7/C.996-C.1009/C.1002-C.1003  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.1002, C.1003

15pp typescript draft, with manuscript revisions, and legends for figures etc.  ABRAHAM/C/7/C.996-C.1009/C.1002-C.1003/C.1002  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.1002

Copy of revised typescript and proof  ABRAHAM/C/7/C.996-C.1009/C.1002-C.1003/C.1003  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.1003

'Antibiotic Production and Sporulation in B. subtilis', by Abraham and J.E. Walker, publication details unknown  ABRAHAM/C/7/C.996-C.1009/C.1004  [?1970 or after]

Former reference: C.1004

7pp typescript draft with manuscript revisions.

'Effect of Bacilysin on Certain Fungi and Yeasts', by Abraham and J.E. Walker, publication details unknown  ABRAHAM/C/7/C.996-C.1009/C.1005  ?1970 or after

Former reference: C.1005

2pp typescript draft, possibly incomplete, with manuscript revisions; copy of typescript revised version, with photographs for figures.

'Carbobenzoxy Derivative of Bacilysin', by Abraham and J.E. Walker, publication details unknown  ABRAHAM/C/7/C.996-C.1009/C.1006  ?1970 or after

Former reference: C.1006

Copy of 2pp typescript and photographs for figures.

25pp untitled manuscript draft of paper re experiments on bacilysin, with revisions  ABRAHAM/C/7/C.996-C.1009/C.1007  ?1970 or later

Former reference: C.1007

Untitled drafts of paper re experiments on bacilysin  ABRAHAM/C/7/C.996-C.1009/C.1008-C.1009  ?1970 or after

Former reference: C.1008, C.1009

35pp typescript draft of main text with manuscript revisions  ABRAHAM/C/7/C.996-C.1009/C.1008-C.1009/C.1008  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.1008

Part of another typescript draft of the paper with manuscript revisions; copy of typescript draft, with manuscript revisions, of captions for figures etc, with photographs.  ABRAHAM/C/7/C.996-C.1009/C.1008-C.1009/C.1009  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.1009

Correspondence with various scientists and organisations re research on bacilysin  ABRAHAM/C/7/C.1010-C.1011  1962-1965

Former reference: C.1010, C.1011

A few letters relate to the preparation of some of the papers in C.996-C.1009. 2 folders.

Reports, experimental results and research programmes etc re studies on bacilysin compiled by Abraham and his co-workers  ABRAHAM/C/7/C.1012-C.1014  1962-ca 1966

Former reference: C.1012-C.1014

Mostly typescript, some with manuscript annotations. 3 folders.

Miscellaneous notes and data, mostly manuscript, some possibly relating to the preparation of the papers in C.996-C.1009.  ABRAHAM/C/7/C.1015-C.1016  ca 1965-ca 1970

Former reference: C.1015, C.1016

2 folders.


Former reference: C.1017-C.1037

21 items

Papers and correspondence relating to Abraham's involvement in legal cases between pharmaceutical companies in the USA. The disputes concerned patents for cephalosporin antibiotics.

Eli Lilly and Company v Premo Pharmaceutical Laboratories  ABRAHAM/C/8/C.1017-C.1031  1978-1980

Former reference: C.1017-C.1031

15 items

Administrative history:
The dispute was over an alleged infringement of an Eli Lilly patent relating to cephalexin. Abraham appeared in court as an expert witness for Eli Lilly.

Correspondence and copies of documents relating to the case  ABRAHAM/C/8/C.1017-C.1031/C.1017-C.1030  1978-1980

Former reference: C.1017-C.1030

14 items

Documents include affadavits by Abraham and a copy of his testimony. 14 folders.

Material for draft of unidentified paper: mostly photographs mounted onto pieces of paper, with captions, and loose photographs  ABRAHAM/C/8/C.1017-C.1031/C.1031  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.1031

Found with the papers in C.1017-C.1030.

Correspondence and papers re legal disputes concerning a patent for crystalline cefadroxil monohydrate belonging to the Bristol-Myers Company  ABRAHAM/C/8/C.1032-C.1037  1986-1989

Former reference: C.1032-C.1037

6 items

Administrative history:
The material chiefly relates to the case Bristol-Myers Company v Biocroft Laboratories Inc., 1987. Abraham sent a declaration on behalf of Bristol-Myers.

At C.1036, C.1037 are two large files of documents: 'Exhibits to the Declaration of Sir Edward P. Abraham' and 'Exhibits to the Declaration of Jack E. Baldwin'. 6 folders.


Former reference: C.1038-C.1067

28 items

Contents of a box so inscribed.

Contents of a folder: correspondence and papers mostly relating to the early years of the Sir William Dunn School of Pathology's research on antibiotics from the cephalosporium fungus  ABRAHAM/C/9/C.1038-C.1041  1948-1949, 1952, 1961

Former reference: C.1038-C.1041

4 items

Included is correspondence between Howard Florey and Dr Blythe Brooke, who in 1948 was asked by Professor Giuseppe Brötzu to notify scientists in Britain of the latter's work on cultures from cephalosporium; correspondence between Florey and Brötzu; and detailed report and summary of work done by the Dunn School from December 1948-March 1949. 4 folders.

Correspondence between Abraham and various organisations and individuals covering the different stages of the research on Cephalosporin C, with related papers  ABRAHAM/C/9/C.1042-C.1048  1952-1964

Former reference: C.1042-C.1048

7 items

Correspondents include Guy Newton, the NRDC and the Antibiotics Research Station of the Medical Research Council. 7 folders.

Papers relating to a petition by the NRDC, to the Comptroller of Patents for him to require Dr H.S. Burton to join other inventors in assigning the Cephalosporin N patent to the NRDC  ABRAHAM/C/9/C.1049-C.1053  ca 1958-1960

Former reference: C.1049-C.1053

5 items

Administrative history:
Burton was formerly a junior colleague of Abraham who worked on Cephalosporin P and during the early research on Cephalosporin N. He subsequently claimed that his contribution to the work on Cephalosporin N should have entitled him to inclusion in patents other than Letters Patent Number 745208.

7 folders.

Contents of a file labelled 'Statement, counterstatement and evidence on behalf of Sir Howard Florey and others'  ABRAHAM/C/9/C.1049-C.1053/C.1049-C.1050  1952-1959

Former reference: C.1049, C.1050

Copies of declarations, statements etc, with other documents used for reference. 2 folders.

Contents of a file inscribed 'Evidence in reply on behalf of Sir Howard Florey and others'  ABRAHAM/C/9/C.1049-C.1053/C.1051-C.1052  1949-1960

Former reference: C.1051, C.1052

2 folders.

Copy of 'Comptroller's Report on the application of NRDC to direct H.S Burton to join with others in assigning the Cephalosporin N (Penicillin N) patent to NRDC'  ABRAHAM/C/9/C.1049-C.1053/C.1053  1962

Former reference: C.1053

Includes newspaper cutting relating to this application or a case closely connected with it.

'Cephalosporin N history', contents of a file so inscribed  ABRAHAM/C/9/C.1054-C.1059  1953-1959

Former reference: C.1054-C.1059

6 items

'A New Type of Penicillin from a Species of Cephalosporium', by Abraham and Guy Newton, VI International Congress of Microbiology, Rome 1953, Riassunti delle Communicazioni, Vol. 1.  ABRAHAM/C/9/C.1054-C.1059/C.1054  1953

Former reference: C.1054

3pp typescript draft of the paper with manuscript revisions.

'Isolation of Penicillamic Acid and D- -aminoadipic acid from Cephalosporin N', by Abraham and Guy Newton, Nature vol 172, 1953  ABRAHAM/C/9/C.1054-C.1059/C.1055  1953

Former reference: C.1055

'Cephalosporin N: a New Type of Penicillin', by Abraham et al, Nature 629  ABRAHAM/C/9/C.1054-C.1059/C.1056  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.1056

Proof of article, n.d.

2 typescript reports on Cephalosporin N research at the Sir William Dunn School and the Antibiotics Research Station, with manuscript annotations or corrections  ABRAHAM/C/9/C.1054-C.1059/C.1057  1952-ca 1958

Former reference: C.1057

Brief correspondence re Abraham's requests for chemical samples from overseas universities  ABRAHAM/C/9/C.1054-C.1059/C.1058  1953

Former reference: C.1058

Typescript lecture programme on Bacteriology and Immunity at the Sir William Dunn School of Pathology, Trinity Term  ABRAHAM/C/9/C.1054-C.1059/C.1059  1959

Former reference: C.1059

Correspondence and papers re the petition of the NRDC to extend the term of a patent (Letters Patent No. 953695)  ABRAHAM/C/9/C.1060-C.1062  1976

Former reference: C.1060-C.1062

3 items

Administrative history:
The patent concerned the Cephalosporin C nucleus (7-ACA). The petition was successful, the term being extended for four years.

Including copy of affadavit by Abraham (and copy of his affadavit for an earlier petition). 3 folders.

Miscellaneous papers and correspondence  ABRAHAM/C/9/C.1063-C.1067  1962-1995

Former reference: C.1063-C.1067

3 items

Royal Society Conversazione 23 June 1977  ABRAHAM/C/9/C.1063-C.1067/C.1063  1977

Former reference: C.1063

3pp typescript by Abraham and S.G. Waley entitled 'The Development of the Cephalosporin Family of Antibiotics' for exhibit at the Conversazione.

'A Glimpse of the Early History of the Cephalosporins', a speech by Abraham at the Harvard Club dinner, May 1978  ABRAHAM/C/9/C.1063-C.1067/C.1064  1978

Former reference: C.1064

Copy of 19pp typescript of speech.

Miscellaneous correspondence re cephalosporin research and the history of Cephalosporin C  ABRAHAM/C/9/C.1063-C.1067/C.1065-C.1067  1962-1979, 1995

Former reference: C.1065-C.1067

Included at C.1066 is a script for a BBC External Services radio programme 'Report from Britain no. 151', 1965, which mentions Abraham's work and includes a quote by him. 3 folders.


Former reference: C.1068-C.1114

Abraham's 'Report to the Rockefeller Foundation on activities in the USA during the tenure of a Fellowship from April to October 1948'  ABRAHAM/C/10/C.1068  1948

Former reference: C.1068

Copy of 19pp typescript draft with manuscript corrections.

'The X-ray analysis of the structure of Cephalosporin C', by Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin and E.N. Maslen  ABRAHAM/C/10/C.1069  ca 1961

Former reference: C.1069

Copy of 16pp typescript draft with manuscript revisions by Abraham; referee's comments and response; data found with the article.

'Broadcast for Australia' by Howard Florey  ABRAHAM/C/10/C.1070  ca 1962-1964

Former reference: C.1070

Copy of 9pp incomplete typescript draft of script inscribed 'HWF' (Florey's initials) on first page.

Typescript reports, with some manuscript notes, on experiments by some of Abraham's research workers  ABRAHAM/C/10/C.1071-C.1088  1984-1990

Former reference: C.1071-C.1088

Administrative history:
The reports appear to relate to work carried out in collaboration with Eli Lilly and Company (see also C.834-C.881). Some have annotations and revisions by Abraham.

D. Perry  ABRAHAM/C/10/C.1071-C.1088/C.1071-C.1074  1983-1985

Former reference: C.1071-C.1074

Reports etc re work on isopenicillin N synthesase. 4 folders. See H.213-H.226 for related material.

P.A. Whiteman (neé Fawcett)  ABRAHAM/C/10/C.1071-C.1088/C.1075-C.1082  1984-1990

Former reference: C.1075-C.1082

Reports re work on penicillin acylase etc. 8 folders. See H.85-H.91 for related material.

M.S. Thorniley  ABRAHAM/C/10/C.1071-C.1088/C.1083-C.1088  1985, 1986

Former reference: C.1083-C.1088

Reports re work on E-coli and C. acremonium etc. 6 folders. See H.254, H.255 for related material.

Miscellaneous papers  ABRAHAM/C/10/C.1089-C.1114  1945-1985, 1991, n.d.

Former reference: C.1089-C.1114

26 items

Included are reports, manuscript notes, experimental data. At C.1114 is a laboratory manual.

1945-1985, 1991  ABRAHAM/C/10/C.1089-C.1114/C.1089-C.1100  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.1089-C.1100

12 items

12 folders.

N.d.  ABRAHAM/C/10/C.1089-C.1114/C.1101-C.1114  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.1101-C.1114

14 items

14 folders.

PUBLICATIONS, D.1-D.288  ABRAHAM/D  1948-1998, n.d.

Former reference: SECTION D

DRAFTS  ABRAHAM/D/1  1956-1998, n.d.

Former reference: D.1-D.270

'Some Chemical and Biological Properties of New Antibiotics of the Penicillin Group', co-authored with G.G.F. Newton, Chemical Science and Industry USSR I, 1956  ABRAHAM/D/1/1  1956

Former reference: D.1

40pp photocopy of a typescript, with manuscript corrections and additions; 1p manuscript notes by another.

Articles and book reviews by Abraham, chiefly for Endeavour magazine, contents of a file  ABRAHAM/D/1/2  1955-1995

Former reference: D.2-D.10

'The Antibiotics in Microbiology', Endeavour 18, October 1959  ABRAHAM/D/1/2/D.2-D.3  1959

Former reference: D.2, D.3

Correspondence re publication with corrected proofs of article. 2 folders.

Review: Recent Progress in Microbiology, edited by G. Tunevall, Oxford 1959  ABRAHAM/D/1/2/D.4  1959

Former reference: D.4

Correspondence re publication; 1p photocopy of typescript draft of review and cutting of printed version.

Review: 'Antibiotics in Medicine', British Medical Bulletin 1960 16, no.1  ABRAHAM/D/1/2/D.5  1960

Former reference: D.5

Letter with 1p photocopy of typescript of review.

Correspondence re publication of an article 'New Penicillins, Cephalosporin C and Penicillinase', with G.G.F. Newton, Endeavour 20, 1961  ABRAHAM/D/1/2/D.6  1961

Former reference: D.6

The Molecular Basis of Antibiotic Action, by E.F. Gale et al, Chichester 1972  ABRAHAM/D/1/2/D.7  1972

Former reference: D.7

Letters re review request with 1p photocopy of printed version of review.

Review: Fifty Years of Antimicrobials: Past Perspectives and Future Trends, edited by P.A. Hunter et al., The Society for General Microbiology, 1995  ABRAHAM/D/1/2/D.8  1995

Former reference: D.8

Correspondence re publication; 1p manuscript and 1p typescript drafts of review, with corrected version.

Correspondence re unidentified article by Abraham re Cephalosporin C, February-December 1960; letter requesting review of a book, 1955  ABRAHAM/D/1/2/D.9  1955, 1960

Former reference: D.9

Correspondence with Endeavour re orders for binding cases  ABRAHAM/D/1/2/D.10  1958-1968

Former reference: D.10

'Antibiotics', Enciclopedia Medica Italiana  ABRAHAM/D/1/3  1959 or later

Former reference: D.11

Correspondence re publication, 1959; 26pp copy of typescript draft (with bibliography) with manuscript corrections.

'The Chemistry and Classification of Antibiotics', with G.G.F. Newton, British Medical Bulletin 16, 1960  ABRAHAM/D/1/4  1960

Former reference: D.12

20pp copy of typescript draft (with tables and references) with manuscript corrections and additions.

'Derivatives of Cephalosporin C formed with certain Heterocyclic Tertiary Bases', with C.W. Hale and G.G.F. Newton, Biochemical Journal 79, 1961  ABRAHAM/D/1/5  1960

Former reference: D.13

Letter re preparation, 1960; 15pp copy of typescript draft (with references etc) with manuscript corrections; 3 typescript pages of other drafts and figures, probably related to the article.

'New Penicillins, Cephalosporin C and Penicillinase, with G.G.F. Newton, Endeavour 20, 1961  ABRAHAM/D/1/6  1961

Former reference: D.14

17pp copy of typescript draft (with references and figures) with manuscript corrections and additions.

'The Cephalosporins: history and scientific background', Medical News 48, 1963  ABRAHAM/D/1/7  1963

Former reference: D.15, D.16

Correspondence re publication; 7pp copy of typescript draft, with manuscript revisions, etc and copy of revised version with figure  ABRAHAM/D/1/7/D.15  [n.d.]

Former reference: D.15

Copy of published version of the article, with extensive manuscript revisions and copy of revised version with figure etc  ABRAHAM/D/1/7/D.16  [n.d.]

Former reference: D.16

'Production of a Cephalosporinase by Pseudomonas pyocyanea', with M. Jago and A. Migliacci, Nature 199, 1963  ABRAHAM/D/1/8  1963

Former reference: D.17

4pp copy of typescript draft with manuscript corrections; proof with manuscript corrections; reprint; copy of typescript, with figures, describing experimental results, probably related to the article.

Reviews for Nature, contents of a file  ABRAHAM/D/1/9  1963-1965

Former reference: D.18-D.20

Joint review article by Abraham covering a number of publications on antimicrobial agents and chemotherapy (mostly published in 1963), including Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy - 1962. Proceedings of the Second Interscience Conference on Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy, Chicago, Illinois, October 31-November 2 1962  ABRAHAM/D/1/9/D.18  1963

Former reference: D.18

Correspondence re review requests; 8pp photocopy of review article; corrected proof.

Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy - 1963. Proceedings of the Third Interscience Conference on Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy, Washington DC, October 18-30 1963  ABRAHAM/D/1/9/D.19  1963

Former reference: D.19

Correspondence re publication; 3pp typescript draft of review with manuscript corrections and copy of later typescript draft; corrected proof.

Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy - 1964. Proceeding s of the Fourth Interscience Conference on Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy, New York, October 26-28 1964, American Society for Microbiology  ABRAHAM/D/1/9/D.20  ?1965

Former reference: D.20

4pp copy of typescript draft of review; proof; copy of typescript probably relating to one of the reviews in D.18-D.20.

Obituary of Professor Donald Devereux Woods, British Medical Journal 2, 1964  ABRAHAM/D/1/10  1964

Former reference: D.21

2pp copy of typescript obituary and cutting from off-print.

'The Cephalosporin Story', New Scientist 24, No. 217, 1964  ABRAHAM/D/1/11  [n.d.]

Former reference: D.22

6pp copy of typescript draft, with manuscript corrections, and figures; letter re publication.

'The Chemistry of New Antibiotics', The American Journal of Medicine 39, 1965  ABRAHAM/D/1/12  1965

Former reference: D.23

21pp copy of typescript draft (with references and figures) with manuscript corrections; letter re publication.

'Enzymic Behaviour of the Cephalosporins', with L.D. Sabath, Enzymologia 29 (memorial volume to Professor H. von Euler), 1965  ABRAHAM/D/1/13  1962-1966

Former reference: D.24-D.26

Correspondence re an article which Abraham contributed to a 1963 volume dedicated to von Euler on the occasion of his 90th birthday (apparently later published in the Biochemical Journal), October-November 1962  ABRAHAM/D/1/13/D.24  1962

Former reference: D.24

Correspondence re publication of 'Enzymic Behaviour', with 1p copy of typescript 'summary' of the article and copy of typescript of article for the 1963 volume (see D.24)  ABRAHAM/D/1/13/D.25-D.26  1965, 1966

Former reference: D.25,D.26

2 folders.

'The Cephalosporins', with G.G.F. Newton, Advances in Chemotherapy 2, 1965  ABRAHAM/D/1/14  [n.d.]

Former reference: D.27

Proof with manuscript corrections and revisions; correspondence re publication. See C.562, C.563 for a draft of this paper.

Review for Nature (published in 1965): Advances in Drug Research, London 1964  ABRAHAM/D/1/15  1964

Former reference: D.28

1 item

Letters re publication; 2pp copy of typescript of review and proof.

'Experiments relating to the Biosynthesis of Bacilysin', with Joan Roscoe, Biochemical Journal 99, 1966  ABRAHAM/D/1/16  1966

Former reference: D.29, D.30

21pp copy of typescript draft (with references and figures) with manuscript revisions  ABRAHAM/D/1/16/D.29  [n.d.]

Former reference: D.29

Later copy of typescript draft with manuscript corrections  ABRAHAM/D/1/16/D.30  [n.d.]

Former reference: D.30

Review for British Medical Journal: Biochemical Studies of Antimicrobial Drugs, Cambridge University Press 1966  ABRAHAM/D/1/17  1966

Former reference: D.31

Correspondence re publication and 2pp copy of typescript of review with manuscript corrections.

'The Cephalosporin C Group', Chemical Society Quarterly Reviews 21, No. 2, 1967  ABRAHAM/D/1/18  1967

Former reference: D.32

Proof with manuscript corrections. See C.567 for typescript ?draft of paper.

Articles and radio broadcasts by Abraham on Howard Florey arising from the latter's death in February 1968, with related material.  ABRAHAM/D/1/19  1939-1996

Former reference: D.33-D.114

Appreciation of Florey in obituary notice by various writers, The Lancet, 2 March 1968  ABRAHAM/D/1/19/D.33  1968

Former reference: D.33

Letter of thanks; 1p of typescript message of appreciation; off-print.

Appreciation of Florey in obituary notice by various writers, British Medical Journal, 2 March 1968  ABRAHAM/D/1/19/D.34  1968

Former reference: D.34

1p copy of typescript message of appreciation with manuscript corrections; photocopy of off-print; letter of thanks.

Obituaries for Oxford Magazine, 31 May 1968, and ?[Lincoln College Magazine]  ABRAHAM/D/1/19/D.35  1968

Former reference: D.35

Abraham's obituary for ?[Lincoln College Magazine] was a revised version of the one he wrote for Oxford Magazine. Correspondence re obituary for Oxford Magazine, with corrected proof and copy of re-print with manuscript revisions; 2 copies of typescript drafts (8pp and 9pp) of obituary for ?[Lincoln College Magazine] with manuscript corrections.

'Lord Florey', Chemistry in Britain 4, No.9, May 1968  ABRAHAM/D/1/19/D.36  1968

Former reference: D.36

Letters re 3pp typescript draft with manuscript corrections; 2pp copy typescript.

2pp manuscript draft, with revisions, of obituary; copy of typescript corrected version; off-print. Publication unknown  ABRAHAM/D/1/19/D.37  ?1968

Former reference: d.37

1p untitled typescript draft of obituary with manuscript corrections by Abraham and another. Publication unknown  ABRAHAM/D/1/19/D.38  ?1968

Former reference: D.38

Short account of Florey's life, Sunday Times Magazine, 1969  ABRAHAM/D/1/19/D.39  1969

Former reference: D.39

Correspondence re publication, May; 1p copy of typescript draft, with manuscript corrections, of short account of Florey's life inscribed 'Sunday Times April 1969'.

'Howard Walter Florey, Baron Florey of Adelaide and Marston 1898-1968', Biographical Memoirs of Fellows of the Royal Society 17, November 1971  ABRAHAM/D/1/19/D.40-D.89  1939-1974

Former reference: D.40-D.89

Administrative history:
In March 1968 Abraham was asked to write the Royal Society Memoir for which he undertook a great deal of research into Florey's life in Australia and at Oxford. Despite having to negotiate some sensitive issues, he produced an article considered by most to be authoritative and very interesting.

Correspondence and papers re Abraham's preparation of the memoir  ABRAHAM/D/1/19/D.40-D.89/D.40-D.57  1968-1971

Former reference: D.40-D.57

Correspondents include individuals and organisations with access to documentary records, former colleagues of Florey and his family and acquaintances.

1968, 1969  ABRAHAM/D/1/19/D.40-D.89/D.40-D.57/D.40-D.47  [n.d.]

Former reference: D.40-D.47

8 folders.

1970-October 1971  ABRAHAM/D/1/19/D.40-D.89/D.40-D.57/D.48-D.57  [n.d.]

Former reference: D.48-D.57

10 folders.

Correspondence arising from publication of the memoir, mostly letters of thanks from fellow scientists in receipt of copies, with congratulations and comments  ABRAHAM/D/1/19/D.40-D.89/D.58-D.64  1971-1974

Former reference: D.58-D.64

7 folders.

Copy of off-print of memoir  ABRAHAM/D/1/19/D.40-D.89/D.65  [n.d.]

Former reference: D.65

Correspondence and papers used by Abraham as background for preparation of the memoir  ABRAHAM/D/1/19/D.40-D.89/D.66-D.76  [n.d.]

Former reference: D.66-D.76

Correspondence between Florey and the Medical Research Council re grants and assistance provided by the latter for research on penicillin  ABRAHAM/D/1/19/D.40-D.89/D.66-D.76/D.66-D.69  1939-1946

Former reference: D.66-D.69

4 folders.

Carbon copies of extracts of letters by Florey, Lady (Ethel) Florey and Norman Heatley to John F. Fulton and Lucia Fulton. Paginated 1-66  ABRAHAM/D/1/19/D.40-D.89/D.66-D.76/D.70-D71  1940-1945

Former reference: D.70, D.71

Contents of a file. 2 folders.

Photocopies of letters by Florey to John F. Fulton  ABRAHAM/D/1/19/D.40-D.89/D.66-D.76/D.72  1947-1954

Former reference: D.72

Contents of a file.

Photocopies of correspondence relating to Florey's fact-finding tour to Australia and New Zealand in 1944 to visit medical establishments and photocopy of his report of the tour  ABRAHAM/D/1/19/D.40-D.89/D.66-D.76/D.73  1945

Former reference: D.73

Letters to Abraham from Florey, with related material  ABRAHAM/D/1/19/D.40-D.89/D.66-D.76/D.74  1953-1968

Former reference: D.74

Miscellaneous correspondence of Florey, mostly photocopies, with related papers  ABRAHAM/D/1/19/D.40-D.89/D.66-D.76/D.75  1945-1968

Former reference: D.75

Correspondence re Florey's life  ABRAHAM/D/1/19/D.40-D.89/D.66-D.76/D.76  1957-1969

Former reference: D.76

Miscellaneous printed and typescript material, manuscript notes by Abraham and correspondence relating to Florey's life.  ABRAHAM/D/1/19/D.40-D.89/D.77-D.89  [n.d.]

Former reference: D.77-D.89

13 items

Photographs in D.79. 13 folders.

Article on Florey in A Biographical Dictionary of Scientists, London 1974  ABRAHAM/D/1/19/D.90-D.91  1972, 1974

Former reference: D.90, D.91

8pp manuscript draft and 2 typescript drafts, all with manuscript revisions  ABRAHAM/D/1/19/D.90-D.91/D.90  ca 1972

Former reference: D.90

Correspondence re publication with further copy of typescript draft; copy of proof with manuscript corrections  ABRAHAM/D/1/19/D.90-D.91/D.91  1972, 1974

Former reference: D.91

Review for Nature 282, no. 5735 (Autumn Books Supplement, November 1979) entitled 'Florey's creative power': Howard Florey: The Making of a Great Scientist, by Gwyn Macfarlane, Oxford University Press 1979  ABRAHAM/D/1/19/D.92  1979

Former reference: D.92

Correspondence re publication and letter arising; 11pp copy of typescript of review and proof with manuscript corrections; offprint.

Revised notice for Florey in Dictionary of National Biography 1986-1990, Oxford 1996  ABRAHAM/D/1/19/D.93  1996

Former reference: D.93

Copy of proof with manuscript revisions.

Other obituaries and articles on Florey written before his death, 1950-1968.  ABRAHAM/D/1/19/D.94-D.99  [n.d.]

Former reference: D.94-D.99

2pp typescript biographical notes on Florey for unknown publication, inscribed '1950' on first page  ABRAHAM/D/1/19/D.94-D.99/D.94  [n.d.]

Former reference: D.94

'The New Provost of Queen's', Oxford (published by the Oxford Society)  ABRAHAM/D/1/19/D.94-D.99/D.95  1962

Former reference: D.95

A short article on Florey following his election to the Provostship of Queen's College. Correspondence re publication; 2pp typescript draft; proof with manuscript corrections.

Short article on Florey for 'News and Views', Nature, probably published in 1963  ABRAHAM/D/1/19/D.94-D.99/D.96  [n.d.]

Former reference: D.96

Copy of letter enclosing 1p typescript of article.

Two 12pp typescript drafts with manuscript revisions and inserts, entitled 'Stock obituary notice for The Times - 5 yearly revision', ca 1955-ca 1965; off-print of published obituary in The Times, 1968  ABRAHAM/D/1/19/D.94-D.99/D.97  ca 1955-1968

Former reference: D.97

'H.W. Florey - Nobel Prize for Medicine and Physiology 1945'  ABRAHAM/D/1/19/D.94-D.99/D.98  1968

Former reference: D.98

19pp copy of typescript obituary so entitled, probably written by Abraham.

Correspondence re declined invitation to write obituary  ABRAHAM/D/1/19/D.94-D.99/D.99  1968

Former reference: D.99

Broadcasts on Florey by, or with a contribution by, Abraham.  ABRAHAM/D/1/19/D.100-D.102  [n.d.]

Former reference: D.100-D.102

BBC radio broadcast: 'Obituary on Lord Florey', by Abraham, recorded 1 March 1965  ABRAHAM/D/1/19/D.100-D.102/D.100  1965

Former reference: D.100

Correspondence re script, with contract; 2pp typescript draft script with manuscript corrections, inscribed 'Oxford studio'.

'Portrait of Lord Florey', BBC Radio Four, 28 March 1969  ABRAHAM/D/1/19/D.100-D.102/D.101  1969

Former reference: D.101

Administrative history:
Abraham contributed an interview to the programme. The other speakers were Dr C.M. Fletcher, Dr Sanders, John Prestwich and Norman Heatley.

Correspondence re preparations; contract; 4pp photocopy of typescript script, with manuscript corrections, inscribed 'corrections put in by M[argaret] Florey'; photocopied scripts of other speakers on the programme; contract; 1p manuscript draft of a script, found with the other material in this folder and possibly related to it.

Correspondence re plans for a possible archival film featuring Florey, Abraham and / or Norman Heatley  ABRAHAM/D/1/19/D.100-D.102/D.102  1966, 1967

Former reference: D.102

Miscellaneous correspondence etc with members of Florey's family, re obituaries of Florey by Abraham and re other matters connected with his death  ABRAHAM/D/1/19/D.103  1966-1969

Former reference: D.103

Miscellaneous correspondence and papers, mostly re publications (by individuals other than Abraham) and broadcasts on Florey and the history of penicillin  ABRAHAM/D/1/19/D.104-D.105  1968-1989

Former reference: D.104, D.105

Included is a transcript, entitled 'HWF on penicillin', of part of an autobiographical tape recording by Florey, with manuscript corrections by Abraham. An inscription by Abraham on the first page states that the recording was made towards the end of Florey's life. Found with the material in D.33-D.103. 2 folders.

Correspondence and papers re fundraising for a memorial stone to Florey in Westminster Abbey (unveiled 2 November 1981) and preparations for the unveiling ceremony, with correspondence arising  ABRAHAM/D/1/19/D.106-D.113  1980-1983

Former reference: D.106-D.113

A few photographs are included (D.111, D.113). Also included at D.113 is brief correspondence re Abraham's preparation of his Royal Society Biographical Memoir of Florey, 1968. 8 folders.

Obituary of Mary Ethel Hayter Florey, Lady Florey, by Abraham, British Medical Journal  ABRAHAM/D/1/19/D.114  1966 or 1967

Former reference: D.114

2pp copy of typescript obituary and letter re publication, October 1966.

'Behaviour of alpha-Aminoadipoyl and Glutamylcysteines in the Presence of Intact and Disrupted Mycelium of a Cephalosporium sp.', with P. Bronwen Loder and G.G.F. Newton, Biochemical Journal 112, 1969.  ABRAHAM/D/1/20  1969

Former reference: D.115, D.116

Administrative history:
This paper appears to have included another paper, 'Synthesis and Some Properties of alpha-Aminoadipoyl and Glutamy Cysteines', with P. Bronwen Loder, which was initially written separately.

Letter re submission of the 2 original papers; typescript drafts, with manuscript revisions, of the 2 papers.  ABRAHAM/D/1/20/D.115  [n.d.]

Former reference: D.115

Copy of typescript draft of combined paper with manuscript corrections; figures.  ABRAHAM/D/1/20/D.116  [n.d.]

Former reference: D.116

'Some Properties of Two Cell-bound Beta-Lactamases from Bacillus cereus 569/H', with S. Kuwabara, Biochemical Journal 115, 1969  ABRAHAM/D/1/21  1969

Former reference: D.117

2 copies of typescript drafts with manuscript revisions; correspondence re publication.

'Biosynthesis of Peptides containing alpha-Aminoadipic Acid and Cysteine in Extracts of a Cephalosporium sp.', with P. Bronwen Loder, Biochemical Journal 123, 1971  ABRAHAM/D/1/22  1971

Former reference: D.118

First page of typescript of article; letter re submission of the paper.

'Specificities of Haemagglutinating Antibodies Evoked by Members of the Cephalosporin C Family and Benzylpenicillin', with J.M.T. Hamilton-Miller, Biochemical Journal 123, 1971  ABRAHAM/D/1/23  1971

Former reference: D.118A

Proof with manuscript corrections.

Review for unknown publication: Yeast Mould and Plant Protoplasts, edited by J.R. Villanueva et al., New York 1973  ABRAHAM/D/1/24  1973

Former reference: D.119

2pp typescript draft with manuscript corrections; proof.

Draft paper with the draft title 'On the (role / involvement) of microbial penicillin- and cephalosporin- acylases and / in the biosynthesis (mechanism) of beta-Lactam antibiotics'  ABRAHAM/D/1/25  ca 1973

Former reference: D.120

Administrative history:
The authors were originally given as Abraham and E.J. Vandamme, though Abraham's name has been crossed out. Inscribed 'summer '73 Oxford Univ'.

Copy of 37pp manuscript (hand other than Abraham's) and typescript draft, with manuscript revisions by Abraham.

Articles contributed by Abraham to Methods in Enzymology, Vol. 30, New York 1974  ABRAHAM/D/1/26  [n.d.]

Former reference: D.121-D.123

'Acetyl Esterase, a Citrus Enzyme', with Patricia Fawcett.  ABRAHAM/D/1/26/D.121  [n.d.]

Former reference: D.121

Correspondence re preparation of paper; 7pp typescript draft with extensive manuscript revisions; later typescript draft and revised (or final) version.

'Beta -( -Aminoadipyl)cysteinylvaline Synthetase', with Patricia Fawcett  ABRAHAM/D/1/26/D.122  [n.d.]

Former reference: D.122

6pp typescript and proof with manuscript corrections.

Correspondence re publication, with a few miscellaneous papers  ABRAHAM/D/1/26/D.123  [n.d.]

Former reference: D.123

'Biosynthesis and Enzymic Hydrolysis of Penicillins and Cephalosporins', University of Tokyo Press 1974  ABRAHAM/D/1/27  1974

Former reference: D.124

1 item

Paper resulting from an E.R. Squibb Lecture. 35pp copy of typescript with references and figures.

'Synthesis of Tritium-labelled Isopenicillin N, Penicillin N and 6-Aminopenicillanic Acid', with J.J. Usher and P. Bronwen Loder, Biochemical Journal 151, 1975  ABRAHAM/D/1/28  1975

Former reference: D.125

Letter re publication of this paper and the one described in D.126; first page of copy of typescript article; proofs with manuscript corrections.

'Behaviour of Tritium-labelled Isopenicillin N and 6-Aminopenicillanic Acid as Potential Penicillin Precursors in an Extract of Penicillium chrysogenum, with Patricia A. Fawcett and J.J. Usher, Biochemical Journal 153, 1975  ABRAHAM/D/1/29  1975

Former reference: D.126

1 item

First page of copy of typescript article; proof with manuscript corrections.

'Biosynthesis of Penicillins and Cephalosporins', with Patricia A. Fawcett, Biosynthesis IV: The Chemical Society Specialist Periodical Reports  ABRAHAM/D/1/30  [n.d.]

Former reference: D.126A

1 item

34pp copy of typescript of paper with references, figures etc; proof with manuscript corrections.

'Synthesis of delta-(alpha-Aminoadipyl) cysteinylvaline and its Role in Penicillin Biosynthesis', with Patricia A. Fawcett, John J. Usher, Joyce A Huddleston, Roger C. Bleaney, Judith J. Nesbitt, Biochemical Journal 157, 1976  ABRAHAM/D/1/31  1976

Former reference: D.127

1 item

Correspondence re publication; 32pp copy of typescript draft with manuscript corrections.

Review for The Times Literary Supplement entitled 'Bad news for bacteria', 17 December 1976: Penicillin in Perspective, by David Wilson, London 1976  ABRAHAM/D/1/32  1976

Former reference: D.128

1 item

Correspondence re publication; typescript draft with extensive manuscript revisions and 6pp corrected version; copy of proof; off-print.

Review for The Times Literary Supplement entitled 'The Molecular Key', 12 August 1977: New Worlds in Chemistry, London 1976  ABRAHAM/D/1/33  1976

Former reference: D.129

1 item

Correspondence re publication; 4pp copy of typescript of review; off-print.

'The Stereochemistry of Beta-Lactam Formation in Cephalosporin Biosynthesis', with Joyce A. Huddleston et al., Biochemical Journal 169, 1978  ABRAHAM/D/1/34  1978

Former reference: D.130

1 item

11pp copy of typescript draft with manuscript revisions.

Articles by Abraham on Ernst Boris Chain arising from the latter's death in August 1979  ABRAHAM/D/1/35  1969-1988

Former reference: D.131-D.177

Included at D.172-D.177 are papers relating to a symposium held on the occasion of Chain's 70th birthday. See D.224-D.226 for material relating to Abraham's notice for Chain in the Dictionary of National Biography.

Obituary for the Biochemical Society Bulletin Vol.1, no.5, 1979  ABRAHAM/D/1/35/D.131  1979

Former reference: D.131

Correspondence re publication and 4pp copy of typescript of obituary; off-print and copy of offprint.

Correspondence re obituary by Abraham for The International Journal of Environmental Studies, September-October  ABRAHAM/D/1/35/D.132  1979

Former reference: D.132

2 copies of typescript obituaries probably by Abraham, one with annotations by him, for unknown publications  ABRAHAM/D/1/35/D.133  [n.d.]

Former reference: D.133

Article on Chain in A Biographical Dictionary of Scientists, London 1982  ABRAHAM/D/1/35/D.134  1982

Former reference: D.134

Correspondence etc re publication and 3pp copy of typescript of the article.

'Ernst Boris Chain', Biographical Memoirs of Fellows of the Royal Society, 29, 1983.  ABRAHAM/D/1/35/D.135-D.170  1969-1988

Former reference: D.135-D.170

Correspondence etc re preparation and drafting of the memoir  ABRAHAM/D/1/35/D.135-D.170/D.135-D.141  1979-1988

Former reference: D.135-D.141

7 items

Included are a few letters re Abraham's assistance to others compiling publications on related topics and re other matters such as arrangements for the cataloguing of Chain's papers; and 3 photographs at D.141: Chain in later years; action of (?) penicillin mould on bacteria in dish. [photographs] 7 folders.

Drafts of the Memoir  ABRAHAM/D/1/35/D.135-D.170/D.142-D.159  [n.d.]

Former reference: D.142-D.159

Extensive and detailed manuscript notes on Chain's life and career extracted from cited correspondence and other documentary sources  ABRAHAM/D/1/35/D.135-D.170/D.142-D.159/D.142-D.145  [n.d.]

Former reference: D.142-D.145

4 folders.

Early manuscript draft, apparently incomplete, with extensive revisions.  ABRAHAM/D/1/35/D.135-D.170/D.142-D.159/D.146-D.148  [n.d.]

Former reference: D.146-D.148

(paginated 1-98, with gaps). 3 folders.

Typescript draft inscribed '1st Draft' with manuscript revisions. Paginated 1-60. 4 folders.  ABRAHAM/D/1/35/D.135-D.170/D.142-D.159/D.149-D.152  [n.d.]

Former reference: D.149-D.152

Copy of later typescript draft, with bibliography etc, probably the draft circulated to various individuals for comment.  ABRAHAM/D/1/35/D.135-D.170/D.142-D.159/D.153-D.158  [n.d.]

Former reference: D.153-D.158

At D.158 is a page of typescript suggested alterations to the text inscribed 'Trevor Williams', with manuscript annotations by Abraham. 6 folders.

A few typescript and manuscript pages from draft (or drafts), different to those described in D.146-D.158; drafts of figures; a few miscellaneous manuscript notes  ABRAHAM/D/1/35/D.135-D.170/D.142-D.159/D.159  [n.d.]

Former reference: D.159

Offprint of the Memoir  ABRAHAM/D/1/35/D.135-D.170/D.160  [n.d.]

Former reference: D.160

Correspondence arising from publication of the Memoir  ABRAHAM/D/1/35/D.135-D.170/D.161-D.163  1983-1988

Former reference: D.161-D.163

Mostly letters of thanks from members of the scientific community and friends in receipt of a copy, with congratulations and comments, 1983, 1984, with a few letters 1985-1988. Included are a few letters re Abraham's assistance to others compiling publications on related topics. 3 folders.

Typescript and printed background material and correspondence, used in the preparation of the Memoir.  ABRAHAM/D/1/35/D.135-D.170/D.164-D.170  1969-1976

Former reference: D.164-D.170

Correspondence between Abraham and Chain mostly in connection with the former's preparation of the Royal Society Biographical Memoir of Florey  ABRAHAM/D/1/35/D.135-D.170/D.164-D.170/D.164  1969

Former reference: D.164

Included is a copy of a funding application made by the William Dunn School to the Rockefeller Foundation in 1939 which is the subject of the correspondence.

Copies of correspondence of Chain  ABRAHAM/D/1/35/D.135-D.170/D.164-D.170/D.165  1969-1976

Former reference: D.165

Letters by Chain to Sir Bernard Katz in which Chain complains of lack of recognition in Britain, 1969. Correspondence with Government ministers and leading scientists re issues in biochemical and general scientific research, 1971-1976. Correspondence with Sir Robert Robinson, mostly re the history of penicillin, March-May 1974.

Correspondence  ABRAHAM/D/1/35/D.135-D.170/D.164-D.170/D.166  1969-1975

Former reference: D.166

Mostly between Abraham and Sir Robert Robinson, concerning claims made by Chain about his role in the development of penicillin, April 1974-January 1975; 2 unrelated letters by Abraham and Chain (copy), 1969, 1979 (found with the other material in this file).

Miscellaneous typescript and printed material (some photocopies) and manuscript notes by Abraham relating to Chain's career and the development of penicillin  ABRAHAM/D/1/35/D.135-D.170/D.164-D.170/D.167-D.170  [n.d.]

Former reference: D.167-D.170

4 folders.

Stock obituary of Chain for The Times  ABRAHAM/D/1/35/D.171  1972-1973

Former reference: D.171

Correspondence re offer to write obituary and acceptance, and re drafting, November 1972-January 1973, and 4pp typescript draft of notice with manuscript revisions; copy of revised (or final) typescript version.

'Biologically Active Substances - exploration and exploitation', a symposium to mark Chain's 70th birthday held at the Royal Society, 15, 16 June 1976  ABRAHAM/D/1/35/D.172-D.177  [n.d.]

Former reference: D.172-D.177

Administrative history:
Abraham spoke on 'The Biosynthesis of Beta-lactam Antibiotics'.

The papers relating to this event, at which Abraham gave a paper, were found with the material in D.135-D.170.

Correspondence re arrangements, with programme etc, and a few letters arising  ABRAHAM/D/1/35/D.172-D.177/D.172-D.173  1975, 1976

Former reference: D.172, D.173

2 folders.

14pp manuscript draft of Abraham's paper with revisions; 2 typescript drafts, one incomplete, with manuscript revisions; copy of 2pp typescript outline  ABRAHAM/D/1/35/D.172-D.177/D.174  [n.d.]

Former reference: D.174

Copy of typescript corrected version.  ABRAHAM/D/1/35/D.172-D.177/D.175  [n.d.]

Former reference: D.175

Publication of Abraham's paper in Biologically Active Substances - Exploration and Exploitation, edited by D.A. Hems, Wiley 1977  ABRAHAM/D/1/35/D.172-D.177/D.176-D.177  1976, 1977

Former reference: D.176, D.177

Correspondence re publication, and proof of Abraham's paper with manuscript corrections. 2 folders.

'Transport and Metabolism of Bacilysin and Other Peptides by Suspensions of Staphylococcus aureus, with David Perry, Journal of General Microbiology 115, 1979  ABRAHAM/D/1/36  1979

Former reference: D.178

1 item

Proof with manuscript corrections.

'Incorporation of 3H from Delta-(L-alpha-Amino[4,5-3H]adipyl)-L-cysteinyl-D-[4,4-3H]valine into Isopenicillin N', with Joseph O'Sullivan, Roger C. Bleaney and Joyce A. Hudleston, Biochemical Journal 184, 1979  ABRAHAM/D/1/37  1979

Former reference: D.179

1 item

Proof with manuscript corrections.

Review for Endeavour, ?1979: 'Antibiotics: isolation, separation and purification', Journal of Chromatography Library Vol. 15, edited by M.J. Weinstein and G.H. Wagman, ?1978.  ABRAHAM/D/1/38  ?1979

Former reference: D.180

Correspondence re publication; 2pp typescript of review with manuscript corrections.

'A Spectroscopic Study of Metal Ion and Ligand Binding to Beta-Lactamase II', with Graham S. Baldwin, Alphonse Galdes, H. Allen O. Hill and Stephen G. Waley, Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry 13, no.3, 1980.  ABRAHAM/D/1/39  1980

Former reference: D.181

17pp copy of typescript draft (with reference, figures etc) with manuscript corrections.

'Penicillin Biosynthesis: Conversion of Deuterated delta-(L-alpha-Aminoadipyl) - L - Cysteinyl - D - Valine to Isopenicillin N by a Cell-free Extract of Cephalosporium acremonium', with Jack E. Baldwin et al, Chemical Communications 1981  ABRAHAM/D/1/40  [n.d.]

Former reference: D.182

1 item

5pp copy of typescript draft.

'The Beta-Lactam Antibiotics', Scientific American 244, No.6, 1981.  ABRAHAM/D/1/41  1981

Former reference: D.183-D.189

Correspondence re publication, February-May 1981  ABRAHAM/D/1/41/D.183  1979, 1981

Former reference: D.183

Included a few letters, 1979, concerning other matters.

Correspondence arising, July-October  ABRAHAM/D/1/41/D.184  1981

Former reference: D.184

28pp typescript draft with manuscript revisions entitled 'Penicillins, Cephalosporins and Their Successors'  ABRAHAM/D/1/41/D.185  [n.d.]

Former reference: D.185

Included are a few manuscript notes. This appears to be an early draft of 'The Beta-Lactam Antibiotics'.

Revised version of the draft in D.187 (with the same title).  ABRAHAM/D/1/41/D.186  [n.d.]

Former reference: D.186

Draft drawings and photographic prints for illustrations, some with annotations on back, others mounted onto annotated cards; manuscript notes and drafts for ?captions; typescript drafts of captions, with manuscript revisions.  ABRAHAM/D/1/41/D.187-D.188  [n.d.]

Former reference: D.187, D.188

2 folders.

Off-print  ABRAHAM/D/1/41/D.189  [n.d.]

Former reference: D.189

'Conversion of Isopenicillin N into Penicillin N in Cell-free Extracts of Cephalosporium acremonium, with G.S. Jayatilake and J.A. Huddleston, Biochemical Journal 194 (part 2), 1981  ABRAHAM/D/1/42  1981

Former reference: D.190

1 item

Copy of 12pp typescript draft with manuscript corrections.

'Biosynthesis of Beta-Lactam Antibiotics', with J. O'Sullivan, in Antibiotics IV: 'Biosynthesis', ed. by J.W. Corcoran, Berlin 1981  ABRAHAM/D/1/43  1978-1981

Former reference: D.191-D.195

3 items

Correspondence re publication  ABRAHAM/D/1/43/D.191  1978-1980

Former reference: D.191

30pp typescript draft (with references, figures etc) with manuscript revisions  ABRAHAM/D/1/43/D.192-D.194  [n.d.]

Former reference: D.192-D.194

3 folders.

Proof with manuscript corrections  ABRAHAM/D/1/43/D.195  [n.d.]

Former reference: D.195

2 folders.

'Biosynthesis of Penicillins and Cephalosporins in Cell-free Systems', with J. O'Sullivan and J.A. Huddleston, for Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society  ABRAHAM/D/1/44  ?1980

Former reference: D.196

6pp copy of typescript with biographical note on Abraham.

'Isolation and Properties of an Inducible and a Constitutive Beta-Lactamase from Pseudomonas aeruginosa, with M. Berks and K. Redhead, Journal of General Microbiology, 1982  ABRAHAM/D/1/45  1981-1982

Former reference: D.197-D.208

8 items

Various drafts and other material re the preparation and publication of this paper. Contents of 4 files.

Contents of a file  ABRAHAM/D/1/45/D.197-D.201  [n.d.]

Former reference: D.197-D.201

2 items

Correspondence re preparation and publication of the paper  ABRAHAM/D/1/45/D.197-D.201/D.197  1978-1981

Former reference: D.197

Typescript and manuscript drafts and reports, one headed with manuscript corrections  ABRAHAM/D/1/45/D.197-D.201/D.198-D.201  [n.d.]

Former reference: D.198-D.201

4 folders.

Contents of a file  ABRAHAM/D/1/45/D.202  [n.d.]

Former reference: D.202

Typescript draft of report headed 'Paper II' with manuscript corrections.

Contents of a file  ABRAHAM/D/1/45/D.203-D.205  [n.d.]

Former reference: D.203-D.205

2 items

Typescript drafts, some incomplete, with manuscript corrections, and figures  ABRAHAM/D/1/45/D.203-D.205/D.203-D.204  [n.d.]

Former reference: D.203, D.204

2 folders.

Figures with manuscript annotations, photographic prints and manuscript notes.  ABRAHAM/D/1/45/D.203-D.205/D.205  [n.d.]

Former reference: D.205

Contents of a file  ABRAHAM/D/1/45/D.206-D.208  [n.d.]

3 items

Typescript draft with manuscript revisions  ABRAHAM/D/1/45/D.206-D.208/D.206  [n.d.]

Former reference: D.206

Later typescript drafts (submitted for publication) and brief correspondence re publication  ABRAHAM/D/1/45/D.206-D.208/D.207  1981

Former reference: D.207

Proof  ABRAHAM/D/1/45/D.206-D.208/D.208  [n.d.]

Former reference: D.208

'Inhibition of Glucosamine Synthetase by Bacilysin and Anticapsin', by Henryk Chmara, Journal of General Microbiology, ?1984. A paper was revised by Abraham prior to publication  ABRAHAM/D/1/46  ?1984

Former reference: D.209

Found with the material in D.197-D.208. Letter re publication, 1984; copy of typescript draft, with manuscript revisions by Abraham, and figures.

'Stoichiometry of Oxygen Consumption in the Biosynthesis of Isopenicllin N from a Tripeptide', with Robert L. White et al, Biochemical Journal 203, 1982  ABRAHAM/D/1/47  1982, 1984

Former reference: D.210

Correspondence re publication; 8pp copy of typescript of article; correspondence re publication of a later paper in the Biochemical Journal, 1984.

Copy of typescript of a paper entitled 'Penicillin Biosynthesis: Oxygen Stoichiometry of Isopenicillin N Synthesis in a Cell-free System', with Robert L. White et al  ABRAHAM/D/1/48  ca 1982

Former reference: D.211

On which is inscribed the same publication reference as for the paper described in D.210. The texts of the articles are different; the authors are the same.

'Penicillin Biosynthesis. Dual Pathways from a Modified Substrate', with Robert M. Adlington et al, Journal of Chemical Studies: 'Chemical Communications', 1983  ABRAHAM/D/1/49  1983

Former reference: D.212

5pp copy of typescript of paper; 3pp manuscript notes found with typescript.

'Conversion of 17O/18O Labelled -(L- -Aminoadipyl)-L-cysteinyl-D-valine to 17O/18O Labelled Isopenicillin N in a Cell-free Extract of Cephalosporium acremonium, with Robert M. Adlington et al, Tetrahedron 39, 1983  ABRAHAM/D/1/50  1983

Former reference: D.213

8pp copy of typescript of paper, with figures.

Copy of typescript of a paper entitled 'Penicillin Biosynthesis: Oxygen Stoichiometry of Isopenicillin N Synthesis in a Cell-free System', with Robert L. White et al  ABRAHAM/D/1/51  ca 1983

Former reference: D.211

1 item

This is inscribed with the same publication reference as for the paper described in D.210. The texts of the articles are different; the authors are the same.

'Penicillin Biosynthesis. Dual Pathways from a Modified Substrate', with Robert M. Adlington et al, Journal of Chemical Studies: 'Chemical Communications', 1983  ABRAHAM/D/1/52  1983

Former reference: D.212

1 item

5pp copy of typescript of paper; 3pp manuscript notes found with typescript.

'Conversion of 17 O/18 O Labelled Delta-(L-alpha-Aminoadipyl)-L-cysteinyl-D-valine to 17 O/18 O Labelled Isopenicillin N in a Cell-free Extract of Cephalosporium acremonium, with Robert M. Adlington et al, Tetrahedron 39, 1983  ABRAHAM/D/1/53  1983

Former reference: D.213

1 item

8pp copy of typescript of paper, with figures.

'Stereochemistry of the Incorporation of the Methyl Groups of 'Chiral Methyl Valine' into Methylene Groups in Cephalosporin C', with Chi-Pui Pang et al, Journal of Chemical Studies: 'Chemical Communications', 1983  ABRAHAM/D/1/54  1983

Former reference: D.214, D.215

2 items

Letter re preparation; 23pp photocopy of typescript draft with manuscript revisions  ABRAHAM/D/1/54/D.214  [n.d.]

Former reference: D.214

Copy of typescript draft with revisions (later than those in D.214)  ABRAHAM/D/1/54/D.215  [n.d.]

Former reference: D.215

'History of Beta-Lactam Antibiotics', a chapter in Handbook of Experimental Pharmacology, Vol. 67/1: Antibiotics Containing the Beta-Lactam Structure, Part 1, edited by A.L. Demain and N.A. Solomon, Berlin 1983  ABRAHAM/D/1/55  1979-1984

Former reference: D.216-D.220

4 items

Correspondence etc, mostly re preparation and publication, 1979-1984  ABRAHAM/D/1/55/D.216  [n.d.]

Former reference: D.216

34pp copy of typescript draft of Abraham's chapter, with letter  ABRAHAM/D/1/55/D.217  [n.d.]

Former reference: D.217

Copy of typescript draft with manuscript revisions  ABRAHAM/D/1/55/D.218-D.219  [n.d.]

Former reference: D.218, D.219

Stamped '23 Nov. 1982' on first page. 2 folders.

Proof and off-print  ABRAHAM/D/1/55/D.220  [n.d.]

Former reference: D.220

'Purification of Isopenicillin N Synthetase', with C.P. Pang et al., Biochemical Journal 222, 1984  ABRAHAM/D/1/56  1984

Former reference: D.221, D.222

2 items

20pp copy of typescript, with figures, and correspondence re publication; manuscript notes (hand other than Abraham's)  ABRAHAM/D/1/56/D.221  [n.d.]

Former reference: D.221

Proofs with manuscript corrections  ABRAHAM/D/1/56/D.222  [n.d.]

Former reference: D.222

'Stereochemistry of the Incorporation of Valine Methyl Groups into Methylene Groups in Cephalosporin C', Chi-Pui Pang et al., Biochemical Journal 222, 1984  ABRAHAM/D/1/57  1984

Former reference: D.223

1 item

Correspondence re publication; proof with manuscript corrections.

Review article entitled 'Benefactors' Benefactor' for The Times Literary Supplement, 27 January 1984: The Legacy of Alfred Nobel: The Story Behind the Nobel Prizes, by Ragnar Sohlman, London 1983  ABRAHAM/D/1/58  1984

Former reference: D.224

1 item

Correspondence re publication; 7pp copy of typescript draft of review; proof; off-print.

Review entitled 'The Shooter and the Shot': Alexander Fleming: The Man and the Myth, by Gwyn Macfarlane, London 1984  ABRAHAM/D/1/59  1984-1985

Former reference: D.225, D.226

2 items

Administrative history:
The review was published in a special supplement by Nature, 'Spring Books', April 1984.

Copy of 9pp typescript 'first draft' with manuscript revisions; copy of revised draft and copy of off-print; correspondence re publication  ABRAHAM/D/1/59/D.225  [n.d.]

Former reference: D.225

Letter to Abraham from Max Perutz, December 1985, enclosing a copy of his review of Macfarlane's book, entitled 'Lucky Alec', for comment  ABRAHAM/D/1/59/D.226  1985

Former reference: D.226

On Perutz's typescript are minor manuscript annotations by Abraham.

Review for FEBS Letters, ?May 1984: The Target of Penicillin. The Murein Sacculus of Bacterial Cell Walls. Architecture and Growth, edited by R. Hakenbeck et al., Berlin 1983  ABRAHAM/D/1/60  1984

Former reference: D.227

1 item

Correspondence re publication and 2pp copy of typescript of review.

Contents of file inscribed 'Oxford University Press'  ABRAHAM/D/1/61  1979-1991

Former reference: D.228-D.234

7 items

Notice for Ernst Chain in Dictionary of National Biography 1971-1980, Oxford 1986  ABRAHAM/D/1/61/D.228-D.230  1986

Former reference: D.228-D.230

3 items

For the main body of papers relating to Abraham's articles on Chain see D.131-D.177.

Correspondence re mostly re the invitation to contribute and publication, including press copy of the article  ABRAHAM/D/1/61/D.228-D.230/D.228  1985, 1986

Former reference: D.228

6pp manuscript draft with revisions; 9pp typescript draft with manuscript revisions  ABRAHAM/D/1/61/D.228-D.230/D.229  [n.d.]

Former reference: D.229

Copy of revised typescript draft with further manuscript revisions; copy of version sent to publishers  ABRAHAM/D/1/61/D.228-D.230/D.230  [n.d.]

Former reference: D.230

Notice for Sir Harry Jephcott in Dictionary of National Biography 1971-1980, Oxford 1986.  ABRAHAM/D/1/61/D.231-D.232  [n.d.]

Former reference: D.231, D.232

2 items

Correspondence re preparation and publication, December 1984-1985, and 1 letter arising, 1989.  ABRAHAM/D/1/61/D.231-D.232/D.231  1984-1989

Former reference: D.231

7pp typescript draft with manuscript corrections; copy of typescript inscribed 'Edited version'; background material  ABRAHAM/D/1/61/D.231-D.232/D.232  [n.d.]

Former reference: D.232

Correspondence with Oxford University Press re Abraham's involvement in various publications  ABRAHAM/D/1/61/D.233-D.234  1979-1991

Former reference: D.233, D.234

2 items

Correspondence re proposed book on penicillin by Abraham  ABRAHAM/D/1/61/D.233-D.234/D.233  1979, 1980

Former reference: D.233

Administrative history:
No definite plans for the book emerge from this correspondence.

Miscellaneous correspondence etc  ABRAHAM/D/1/61/D.233-D.234/D.234  1985-1991

Former reference: D.234

Administrative history:
Relates to Abraham's advisory role in various publications including the History of the University of Oxford, Oxford 1992.

Chapter for proposed book The Cephalosporin Antibiotics  ABRAHAM/D/1/62  1984-1987

Former reference: D.235-D.240

6 items

Administrative history:
The title of Abraham's chapter was 'Cephalosporins 1945-1985'. The publishers, Adis Press Ltd (New Zealand), eventually abandoned publication of the book. The material was published instead in a special supplement to Adis Press's international supplement Drugs, 1987.

Correspondence etc re proposed publication and proof of the chapter (at D.237)  ABRAHAM/D/1/62/D.235-D.237  1984-1986

Former reference: D.235-D.237

3 items

3 folders.

34pp copy of typescript draft of the chapter, with references etc.  ABRAHAM/D/1/62/D.238  [n.d.]

Former reference: D.238

Correspondence re publication of Abraham's original chapter in the supplement Drugs, and proof with manuscript corrections  ABRAHAM/D/1/62/D.239-D.240  1987

Former reference: D.239, D.240

2 folders

2 folders.

'Purification and Initial Characterization of an Enzyme with Deacetoxycephalosporin C Synthetase and Hydroxylase Activities', with Jack E. Baldwin et al., Biochemical Journal 245, 1987  ABRAHAM/D/1/63  1987

Former reference: D.241

1 item

Typescript draft with manuscript revisions; 31pp copy of typescript revised version and figures.

'Factors Affecting the Isopenicillin N Synthetase Reaction', with D. Perry and J.E. Baldwin, Biochemical Journal 255, 1988  ABRAHAM/D/1/64  1987-1988

Former reference: D.242-D.245

4 items

Correspondence re preparation and publication, 1987, 1988.  ABRAHAM/D/1/64/D.242  [n.d.]

Former reference: D.242

D.243 Typescript and manuscript draft of the article, with extensive manuscript revisions. D.244 2 typescript drafts with manuscript revisions, one including manuscript drafts of figures. D.245 17pp copy of typescript inscribed 'copy for press', with figures etc.  ABRAHAM/D/1/64/D.243  [n.d.]

D.243 Typescript and manuscript draft of the article, with extensive manuscript revisions. D.244 2 typescript drafts with manuscript revisions, one including manuscript drafts of figures. D.245 17pp copy of typescript inscribed 'copy for press', with figures etc.  ABRAHAM/D/1/64/D.244  [n.d.]

D.243 Typescript and manuscript draft of the article, with extensive manuscript revisions. D.244 2 typescript drafts with manuscript revisions, one including manuscript drafts of figures. D.245 17pp copy of typescript inscribed 'copy for press', with figures etc.  ABRAHAM/D/1/64/D.245  [n.d.]

'Acyl Coenzyme A: 6-aminopenicillinanic Acid Acyltransferase from Penicillium chrysogenum and Aspergillus nidulans', with P.A Whiteman et al., FEBS Letters 262, 1990  ABRAHAM/D/1/65  1990

Former reference: D.246

1 item

Typescript draft with manuscript revisions and inserts; 6pp typescript revised version inscribed 'Final copy revised', with figures.

'Selective Reminiscences of Beta-Lactam Antibiotics. Early Research on Penicillin and Cephalosporins', for 'Roots' column, BioEssays: Advances in Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology, Vol. 12, No.12, December 1990  ABRAHAM/D/1/66  1990

Former reference: D.247-D.250

4 items

Administrative history:
The 'Roots' column presented first-hand accounts of key discoveries or breakthroughs in the biological sciences.

Correspondence re publication with 18pp copy of amended (?final) typescript of article  ABRAHAM/D/1/66/D.247  [n.d.]

Former reference: D.247

17pp manuscript draft of article with revisions and 1p manuscript notes; typescript draft with manuscript revisions  ABRAHAM/D/1/66/D.248  [n.d.]

Former reference: D.248

Copy of revised typescript version  ABRAHAM/D/1/66/D.249  [n.d.]

Former reference: D.249

Off-print  ABRAHAM/D/1/66/D.250  [n.d.]

Former reference: D.250

Review for Nature, published 1990: Miracle Cure. The Story of Antibiotics, by Milton Wainwright, Blackwell 1990  ABRAHAM/D/1/67  1990

Former reference: D.251, D.252

2 items

6pp typescript draft with extensive manuscript revisions; copy of revised version  ABRAHAM/D/1/67/D.251  [n.d.]

Former reference: D.251

Brief correspondence etc re publication and proof with manuscript corrections  ABRAHAM/D/1/67/D.252  [n.d.]

Former reference: D.252

Undated publications  ABRAHAM/D/1/68  [n.d.]

Former reference: D.253-D.270

7 items

'Possible Intermediates in the Biosynthesis of Cephalosporin', with G.G.F. Newton  ABRAHAM/D/1/68/D.253  [n.d.]

Former reference: D.253

Copy of 11pp typescript draft so entitled, with manuscript corrections.

'The Cephalosporins'  ABRAHAM/D/1/68/D.254  [n.d.]

Former reference: D.254

Copy of 8pp typescript draft with manuscript revisions.

'Enzymes Involved in the Biosynthesis of Cephalosporin C'  ABRAHAM/D/1/68/D.255  [n.d.]

Former reference: D.255

Copy of 7pp typescript draft, so entitled, with manuscript corrections.

'Biosynthesis of Penicillins and Cephalosporins', with G.G.F. Newton  ABRAHAM/D/1/68/D.256  [n.d.]

Former reference: D.256

Copy of 40pp typescript draft, with manuscript corrections, and index of subjects.

'Beta-Lactamases and their Rôle in Resistance to beta-lactam Antibiotics'  ABRAHAM/D/1/68/D.257  [n.d.]

Former reference: D.257, D.258

58pp copy of typescript draft so entitled, with figures. 2 folders.

Untitled manuscript and typescript draft of a book on antibiotics, with extensive manuscript revisions  ABRAHAM/D/1/68/D.259-D.265  [n.d.]

Former reference: D.259-D.265

The draft is divided into sections or chapters on particular antibiotics. 7 folders.

Miscellaneous material relating to unidentified publications, or possible publications, by Abraham  ABRAHAM/D/1/68/D.266-D.270  [n.d.]

Former reference: D.266-D.270

The material mostly consists of parts of manuscript and typescript drafts and notes. 5 folders.


Former reference: D.271-D.288

Correspondence and papers re refereeing of papers intended for publication, general editorial business and publications by Abraham. Shorter correspondence is at D.284-D.288.

The Biochemical Journal  ABRAHAM/D/2/D.271-D.274  1949-1988

Former reference: D.271-D.274

Administrative history:
Abraham served on the Editorial Board, ca 1955-1960.

Included is correspondence re publication of papers by Abraham in the Journal found with the editorial correspondence. 4 folders.

Elsevier Publishing Company  ABRAHAM/D/2/D.275-D.276  1960-1964

Former reference: D.275, D.276

Correspondence, including re-print, mostly with Elsevier Publishing Company, re Comprehensive Biochemistry, edited by Marcel Forkin and Elmer H. Stotz, Elsevier 1962. Abraham wrote a chapter for Volume 2. 2 folders.

The Journal of Antibiotics  ABRAHAM/D/2/D.277-D.281  1988-1998

Former reference: D.277-D.281

Administrative history:
Abraham was an Emeritus Member of the Editorial Board.

Mostly re Editorial Board business. 5 folders.

Pharmacological Reviews  ABRAHAM/D/2/D.282  1960-1962

Former reference: D.282

Correspondence re review by Abraham of a book The Cephalosporins for Pharmacological Reviews 14, 1962.

Sherry F. Queener  ABRAHAM/D/2/D.283  1983-1987

Former reference: D.283

Correspondence etc mostly with Sherry F. Queener re Beta-Lactam Antibiotics for Clinical Use, edited by Queener et al., New York 1986. Abraham contributed a chapter to the book.

Shorter correspondence  ABRAHAM/D/2/D.284-D.288  1948-1998

Former reference: D.284-D.288

Arranged chronologically. 5 folders.


Former reference: SECTION E

58 items

LECTURES  ABRAHAM/E/1  1942-1993, n.d.

Former reference: E.1-E.52

47 items

Lectures associated with teaching  ABRAHAM/E/1/1  1942-1973, n.d.

Former reference: E.1-E.22

19 items

Lectures on pathology given by Abraham at the University of Oxford  ABRAHAM/E/1/1/E.1-E.21  1942-1971, n.d.

Former reference: E.1-E.21

18 items

Copies of lecture or course handouts for students  ABRAHAM/E/1/1/E.1-E.21/E.1-E.2  1942-1951, n.d.

Former reference: E.1, E.2

2 folders.

Contents of 2 files inscribed 'Lectures - School of Pathology'  ABRAHAM/E/1/1/E.1-E.21/E.3-E.8  [n.d.]

Former reference: E.3-E.8

4 items

Administrative history:
Lectures by Abraham to students at the Oxford University Department of Pharmacology from 1957 or earlier.

Manuscript and typescript notes and drafts for various lectures  ABRAHAM/E/1/1/E.1-E.21/E.3-E.8/E.3-E.5  ca 1957-ca 1971, n.d.

Former reference: E.3-E.5

Most sets of notes have titles. At E.3 are a page inscribed '1957' and three sets of notes which appear to relate to a card containing a list of lecture titles dated 1962. A few photographs are included at E.4. 3 folders.

Letters (invitations and acceptance) re proposed lectures by Abraham in early 1970 and early 1971  ABRAHAM/E/1/1/E.1-E.21/E.3-E.8/E.6  1970-1971

Former reference: E.6

Typescript entitled 'Haemostasis and Thrombosis', inscribed 'Pathology 1971 New Class Sheets'  ABRAHAM/E/1/1/E.1-E.21/E.3-E.8/E.7  1971

Former reference: E.7

Offprints of various lectures and papers by Abraham  ABRAHAM/E/1/1/E.1-E.21/E.3-E.8/E.8  1958-1966, n.d.

Former reference: E.8

Found with the material in E.3-E.5 and apparently unrelated to it.

'Lectures on General Pathology', contents of hard-back binder  ABRAHAM/E/1/1/E.1-E.21/E.9-E.20  [n.d.]

Former reference: E.9-E.20

12 items

Copies of typescripts of lectures, most, or all, by Abraham, many with manuscript revisions. First page (list of contents) inscribed as above. A number of the lecture titles correspond to those of some pages of notes and drafts in E.3-E.5. Some of the texts include inserted pages of manuscript notes. Most of the material shows continuous pagination (with gaps) and division into chapters, indicating that many or all the lectures formed part of a publication. 12 folders.

Hardback notebook containing notes for various lectures  ABRAHAM/E/1/1/E.1-E.21/E.21  N.d.

Former reference: E.21

Inscribed 'E.P Abraham Sir William Dunn School of Pathology Oxford' inside cover.

University of Bath seminars  ABRAHAM/E/1/1/E.22  1970-1973

Former reference: E.22

Administrative history:
Abraham spoke at seminars for staff and research students.

Correspondence re arrangements for 3 seminar talks in 1970, 1972 and 1973.

Public lectures  ABRAHAM/E/1/2  ca 1960-1993, n.d.

Former reference: E.23-E.52

28 items

Arranged chronologically, though some miscellaneous material at E.37-E.45 has not been incorporated into the chronological sequence. Material relating to undated lectures is at E.46-E.51. Invitations declined are at E.52.

First 'ONR' Lecture (banquet speech) by Abraham at the Annual Meeting of the Society for Industrial Microbiology, Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois, USA, 19-24 August 1973  ABRAHAM/E/1/2/E.23-E.25  1973-1974

Former reference: E.23-E.25

3 items

Administrative history:
The title of the speech was 'Some Aspects of the Development of the Penicillins and Cephalosporins'.

Correspondence re arrangements and arising, May-February  ABRAHAM/E/1/2/E.23-E.25/E.23  1974

Former reference: E.23

29pp typescript draft of lecture with manuscript revisions; 22pp copy of typescript of the lecture  ABRAHAM/E/1/2/E.23-E.25/E.24  [n.d.]

Former reference: E.24

Administrative history:
The lecture was published in Developments in Industrial Microbiology Volume 15.

Copy of Society of Industrial Microbiology Newsletter, July 1973  ABRAHAM/E/1/2/E.23-E.25/E.25  1973

Former reference: E.25

Contains programme etc for the Annual Meeting 1973 and a short biography of Abraham. Also a few miscellaneous papers found with the material relating to the 'ONR Lecture'.

Lecture by Abraham given at the Technische Universität Berlin, Germany, 4 June 1982  ABRAHAM/E/1/2/E.26-E.28  1982

Former reference: E.26-E.28

3 items

Administrative history:
The lecture was within the framework of the University's research branch 'Structure, Function and Biosynthesis of Peptides and Proteins'.

Correspondence etc re arrangements and arising, March-June  ABRAHAM/E/1/2/E.26-E.28/E.26  1982

Former reference: E.26

18pp typescript draft of lecture, with manuscript corrections, headed 'Berlin'; 2pp of typescript and manuscript notes  ABRAHAM/E/1/2/E.26-E.28/E.27  1982

Former reference: E.27

Other correspondence arising from Abraham's association with the Technische Universität, January-November  ABRAHAM/E/1/2/E.26-E.28/E.28  1982

Former reference: E.28

Squibb lecture, University of Nottingham, 12 May 1983  ABRAHAM/E/1/2/E.29-E.30  1982-1983

Former reference: E.29, E.30

2 items

Correspondence re arrangements and arising, July 1982-May 1983  ABRAHAM/E/1/2/E.29-E.30/E.29  1982-1983

Former reference: E.29

'The Cephalosporins - origins and future'  ABRAHAM/E/1/2/E.29-E.30/E.30  [n.d.]

Former reference: E.30

2pp incomplete manuscript draft of Abraham's lecture so entitled, with revisions; 1p manuscript draft entitled 'Slides' and typescript pages for use as slides.

Lecture by Abraham given at the Technische Universität Berlin, Germany, 24 June 1983  ABRAHAM/E/1/2/E.31-E.33  1983

Former reference: E.31-E.33

3 items

Administrative history:
The lecture was in the framework of the University's research branch 'Structure, Function and Biosynthesis of Peptides and Proteins'.

Correspondence etc re arrangements and arising, March-November  ABRAHAM/E/1/2/E.31-E.33/E.31  1983

Former reference: E.31

20pp typescript draft with manuscript revisions; 15pp typescript revised version with manuscript annotations and 1p manuscript list of slides  ABRAHAM/E/1/2/E.31-E.33/E.32  [n.d.]

Former reference: E.32

19pp manuscript notes with copies of figures  ABRAHAM/E/1/2/E.31-E.33/E.33  [n.d.]

Former reference: E.33

Probably related to the drafts described in E.32.

Talk given to the Southampton Medical Society, (arranged for) 2 October 1991  ABRAHAM/E/1/2/E.34  1991

Former reference: E.34

Administrative history:
The lecture was on the origins and developments of penicillins and cephalosporins.

Correspondence re invitation and arrangements, February-July 1991.

Lecture given at the National Portrait Gallery: 'Alexander Fleming and his Remarkable Discoveries', 31 March 1993  ABRAHAM/E/1/2/E.35-E.36  1992-1993

Former reference: E.35, E.36

2 items

Correspondence re arrangements and arising, October 1992-April 1993  ABRAHAM/E/1/2/E.35-E.36/E.35  1992-1993

Former reference: E.35

Included is correspondence etc (found with the above correspondence) re a proposed Fleming Museum in St Mary's Hospital, October 1992-February 1993.

12pp incomplete manuscript draft with revisions; incomplete typescript draft with manuscript revisions; revised typescript draft with prints and photocopied material used as slides  ABRAHAM/E/1/2/E.35-E.36/E.36  [n.d.]

Former reference: E.36

Contents of a file entitled 'Miscellaneous lectures'  ABRAHAM/E/1/2/E.37-E.45  1960-1985

Former reference: E.37-E.45

9 items

20pp typescript draft, with manuscript revisions, entitled 'Mode of Action of Antibiotics'; 9pp typescript draft, with manuscript revisions, headed 'Canberra'; 19pp copy of a typescript entitled 'The Impact of Antibiotics on Medicine'; revised version of the latter, probably for publication  ABRAHAM/E/1/2/E.37-E.45/E.37  ?1960

Former reference: E.37

Administrative history:
The lectures were probably given at the International Symposium on the Chemistry of Natural Products, Australia, 15-25 August 1960 (see F.2).

From a file inscribed 'Lectures - Australia'.

'Some Aspects of Resistance to Antibiotics', given at a seminar on infectious disease organised by the Oxford Regional Committee for Postgraduate Medical Education and Training, 16 February 1971  ABRAHAM/E/1/2/E.37-E.45/E.38  1970-1971

Former reference: E.38

Correspondence re arrangements, August-November 1970; 6pp manuscript notes for lecture; 17pp typescript draft of lecture, with manuscript revisions, and 4 typescript pages (probably used for slides).

3pp incomplete typescript draft, with manuscript revisions, headed 'Orthopaedic Centre March 1st 1975' and 3pp manuscript notes for the remainder of the lecture  ABRAHAM/E/1/2/E.37-E.45/E.39  1975

Former reference: E.39

'Beta-Lactam Antibiotics: A Brief Modern History', lecture given at the 9th International Congress of Chemotherapy, Royal Albert Hall, London, 13-19 July 1975  ABRAHAM/E/1/2/E.37-E.45/E.40  1975

Former reference: E.40

12pp copy of typescript of the lecture; programme etc.

25pp typescript of lecture entitled 'The Cephalosporins', inscribed 'History of Science April 1976', with 1p manuscript list of slides; 3pp typescript notes for the lecture with manuscript annotations  ABRAHAM/E/1/2/E.37-E.45/E.41  1976

Former reference: E.41

21pp copy of typescript of lecture entitled 'Cephalosporin', inscribed '50th Anniversary April 1977, with 2pp typescript of speech introducing Abraham  ABRAHAM/E/1/2/E.37-E.45/E.42  1977

Former reference: E.42

7pp typescript draft with manuscript revisions entitled 'Some British Contributions to Antibiotics and Progress in Chemotherapy'  ABRAHAM/E/1/2/E.37-E.45/E.43  N.d.

Former reference: E.43

Miscellaneous manuscript and typescript notes and lists of slides etc, with 2 photographs, for unidentified lectures  ABRAHAM/E/1/2/E.37-E.45/E.44  N.d.

Former reference: E.44

Miscellaneous correspondence  ABRAHAM/E/1/2/E.37-E.45/E.45  1960-1985

Former reference: E.45

Mostly re arrangements and arising, relating to various lectures; typescript of article entitled 'The Penicillin Nucleus' and 'inscribed 14 March 1959', with letter re its publication in the British Medical Journal, 1959 (found with the other material in this folder).

Undated lectures  ABRAHAM/E/1/2/E.46-E.51  N.d.

Former reference: E.46-E.51

4 items

Contents of a file entitled 'Lectures - Biochemistry'  ABRAHAM/E/1/2/E.46-E.51/E.46  [n.d.]

Former reference: E.46

Manuscript notes for 2 lectures entitled 'Sequence of Amino Acids in Proteins' and 'Hypertension'.

'The Chemistry of the Penicillins'  ABRAHAM/E/1/2/E.46-E.51/E.47  [n.d.]

Former reference: E.47

24pp copy of typescript so entitled with manuscript diagrams.

Contents of a file inscribed 'Ceph-Pen structures photographs'  ABRAHAM/E/1/2/E.46-E.51/E.48-E.51  [n.d.]

Former reference: E.48-E.51

2 items

Incomplete untitled 11pp manuscript draft with 4pp manuscript diagrams and notes; incomplete untitled 8pp manuscript draft  ABRAHAM/E/1/2/E.46-E.51/E.48-E.51/E.48  [n.d.]

Former reference: E.48

Figures for slides etc (mostly photographs)  ABRAHAM/E/1/2/E.46-E.51/E.48-E.51/E.49-E.51  [n.d.]

Former reference: E.49-E.51

3 folders.

Invitations declined  ABRAHAM/E/1/2/E.52  1988, 1991

Former reference: E.52

BROADCASTS  ABRAHAM/E/2  1962-1991, n.d.

Former reference: E.53-E.63

11 items

Contents of a file inscribed 'BBC'  ABRAHAM/E/2/E.53-E.60  1962-1986, n.d.

Former reference: E.53-E.60

8 items

BBC interview (Abraham and Guy Newton) on the subject of Cephalosporin for a television programme  ABRAHAM/E/2/E.53-E.60/E.53  1962-1963

Former reference: E.53

Correspondence re arrangements and arising, November 1962-January 1963.

4pp copy of transcription (probably incomplete) of monologue by Abraham on Howard Florey and the development of penicillin from a radio programme, 17 December  ABRAHAM/E/2/E.53-E.60/E.54  1968

Former reference: E.54

Correspondence re Abraham's assistance in research for a BBC Open University chemistry programme, June  ABRAHAM/E/2/E.53-E.60/E.55  1977

Former reference: E.55

'Antibiotics - a Failing Weapon?', BBC World Service, 21 September  ABRAHAM/E/2/E.53-E.60/E.56  1977

Former reference: E.56

Administrative history:
Abraham spoke about Brötzu's discovery of cephalosporium.

10pp typescript of programme script and copy of contract.

Correspondence re a proposed BBC radio programme on the discovery of penicillin, October  ABRAHAM/E/2/E.53-E.60/E.57  1979

Former reference: E.57

'Breakthrough' No.4: Howard Florey, broadcast in 1983  ABRAHAM/E/2/E.53-E.60/E.58  1982

Former reference: E.58

Administrative history:
A film in a documentary series on great medical figures. Abraham made a brief (non-speaking) appearance in the film and assisted in checking the script and in filming at the Sir William Dunn School of Pathology.

Brief correspondence re preparation and arising and draft script with manuscript revisions and annotations by Abraham, August-December 1982.

Horizon TV documentary about penicillin: 'The Mould, the Myth and the Microbe', 27 January 1986  ABRAHAM/E/2/E.53-E.60/E.59  1985, 1986

Former reference: E.59

Letters re Abraham's contribution to the programme.

Letters in connection with an interview Abraham gave to Radio Oxford  ABRAHAM/E/2/E.53-E.60/E.60  N.d.

Former reference: E.60

'The Cephalosporins', an educational film apparently made by E.R. Squibb & Sons Ltd to increase understanding of the cephalosporin group of antibiotics  ABRAHAM/E/2/E.61-E.62  1974-1975

Former reference: E.61, E.62

2 items

Administrative history:
Abraham assisted in the making of the film and contributed a historical introduction to it.

Correspondence re preparations and arising, with 2 typescript draft scripts of Abraham's introduction and amended version  ABRAHAM/E/2/E.61-E.62/E.61  1974-1975

Former reference: E.61

November 1974-January 1975.

2pp typescript draft script of preamble (introducing Abraham); 14pp copy of typescript programme script with manuscript revisions by Abraham  ABRAHAM/E/2/E.61-E.62/E.62  1975

Former reference: E.62

Brief correspondence re arrangements for an interview which Abraham agreed to give to Fulcrum Productions Ltd, April, May  ABRAHAM/E/2/E.63  1991

Former reference: E.63


Former reference: SECTION F

The material covers the period 1955-1995 and is arranged chronologically. Papers relating to undated and unidentified visits are at F.88, F.89. See Section H for substantial further material relating to visits and conferences.

3ème Congrès International de Biochimie, Brussels, Belgium, 1-6 August 1955  ABRAHAM/F/1  1955

Former reference: F.1

1 item

Administrative history:
Abraham, with I.M. Lockhart gave a lecture 'Hydrogenolysis of bacitracin' and, with Guy Newton, 'Antibacterial peptides related to penicillin'.

Copy of printed 'Résumés des Communications' (abstracts of the lectures).

International Symposium on the Chemistry of Natural Products, Melbourne, Canberra and Sydney, Australia, 15-25 August 1960.  ABRAHAM/F/2  1960

Former reference: F.2

Administrative history:
The symposium was organised by the Australian Academy of Science and held under the auspices of the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC). Abraham, with Guy Newton, gave a lecture 'Degradation of cephalosporin C'.

Copy of Symposium Handbook interleaved with pages of rough manuscript notes, some in Abraham's hand; copy of book of Abstracts of Papers, on 2pp of which (including inside back cover) are manuscript notes by Abraham; 2 loose pages of manuscript notes. See E.37, H.335-H.340 for related material.

Conference (Gordon research Conference) on Medicinal Chemistry, Colby Junior College, New London, New Hampshire, USA, 30 July-3 August 1962  ABRAHAM/F/3  1962

Former reference: F.3

Administrative history:
Abraham gave a lecture 'Biochemical and Microbiological Studies on Derivatives of 7-Amino-cephalosporanic Acid'.

Programme with manuscript notes by Abraham on a number of pages; letter arising, July 1962. See also H.451, H.452.

Cephaloridine Conference, New College Oxford, 13-16 March 1967  ABRAHAM/F/4  1967

Former reference: F.4

Administrative history:
The conference was arranged jointly by the Fellowship of Postgraduate Medicine and Glaxo Laboratories Ltd. Abraham chaired one session for which he gave a short introductory speech.

Letter re arrangements, with programmes; 1p copy of typescript of Abraham's speech entitled 'Cephaloridine - Historical Remarks'; 1p copy of typescript of Guy Newton's speech from the same session.

Visit to the USA, April 1967  ABRAHAM/F/5  [n.d.]

Former reference: F.5-F.10

Administrative history:
Abraham was invited to give lectures at the University of Wisconsin (one of a series of Rennebohm Lectures) and at a 'Penicillins and Cephalosporins' symposium held during the annual meeting of the American Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences in Las Vegas.

The papers described below were the contents of a single file.

Rennebohm Lecture by Abraham, University of Wisconsin, 6 April 1967  ABRAHAM/F/5/F.5-F.6  1966-1967

Former reference: F.5, F.6

Administrative history:
The title of the lecture was 'Penicillins and Cephalosporins - their chemistry in relation to biological activity'.

Correspondence re arrangements for Abraham's visit to the USA and for his lecture at the University of Wisconsin, December 1966-March 1967; programme for Rennebohm Lectures.  ABRAHAM/F/5/F.5-F.6/F.5  [n.d.]

Former reference: F.5

39pp copy of typescript of lecture, with corrections and additions, and 1p manuscript figures.  ABRAHAM/F/5/F.5-F.6/F.6  [n.d.]

Former reference: F.6

'Penicillins and Cephalosporins' symposium, Las Vegas, 9-14 April 1967  ABRAHAM/F/5/F.7-F.8  1965-1967

Former reference: F.7, F.8

Administrative history:
The title of Abraham's lecture was 'Penicillins and Cephalosporins - their chemistry in relation to biological properties'.

Correspondence etc re invitation and arrangements  ABRAHAM/F/5/F.7-F.8/F.7  1965-1967

Former reference: F.7

3pp typescript draft, with manuscript corrections, of abstract of Abraham's lecture  ABRAHAM/F/5/F.7-F.8/F.8  1967

Former reference: F.8

Correspondence arising from the two lectures and from the visit to the USA in general, November 1966-September 1967.  ABRAHAM/F/5/F.9  1966-1967

Former reference: F.9

Miscellaneous material found with the papers described in F.2-F.6  ABRAHAM/F/5/F.10  1967

Former reference: F.10

Apparently unrelated to the USA visit: correspondence, mostly with organisations in the USA, August 1966-April 1967; 2pp manuscript notes probably for a lecture (or lectures), one page entitled 'Chicago'.

5th International Congress of Chemotherapy, Vienna, 26 June-1 July 1967  ABRAHAM/F/6  1965-1967

Former reference: F.11-F.15

4 items

Administrative history:
Abraham delivered a lecture 'Synthesis and Semisynthesis of Some Antibiotics'.

Correspondence re arrangements, with conference programme, October 1966-June 1967  ABRAHAM/F/6/F.11  1966-1967

Former reference: F.11

Correspondence arising, May 1967-April 1968  ABRAHAM/F/6/F.12-F.13  1967-1968

Former reference: F.12, F.13

2 folders.

16pp manuscript draft of lecture, with corrections; 13pp corrected typescript version with manuscript annotations  ABRAHAM/F/6/F.14  [n.d.]

Former reference: F.14

Material was found with the papers in F.11-F.14.  ABRAHAM/F/6/F.15  1965-1966

Former reference: F.15

Manuscript notes and typescript lists of 'technical terms', found with, and probably relating to, the drafts in F.14; programme from the Fifth Interscience Conference on Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy and IVth International Congress of Chemotherapy, 1965, attended by Abraham; programme and other printed material, annotated by Abraham, from the Sixth Interscience Conference on Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy 1966 which he does not appear to have attended.

Visit to the USA, October 1967  ABRAHAM/F/7  1967-1969

Former reference: F.16-F.21

6 items

Administrative history:
Abraham delivered lectures at the annual meeting of the Infectious Diseases Society of America and at the Seventh Interscience Conference on Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy, both in Chicago.

Annual meeting of the Infectious Diseases Society of America, 23 and 24 October 1967  ABRAHAM/F/7/F.16-F.18  1967-1968

Former reference: F.16-F.18

3 items

Administrative history:
A provisional title for Abraham's lecture is given as 'Penicillinases and Cephalosporinases' in the preliminary programme at F.16.

Correspondence etc re arrangements for the USA trip and for Abraham's participation at the meeting, with preliminary programme, May-October  ABRAHAM/F/7/F.16-F.18/F.16  1967

Former reference: F.16

Correspondence arising, November 1967-January 1968  ABRAHAM/F/7/F.16-F.18/F.17  [n.d.]

Former reference: F.17

19pp typescript draft of lecture, headed 'Chicago', with manuscript corrections and revisions  ABRAHAM/F/7/F.16-F.18/F.18  [n.d.]

Former reference: F.18

Seventh Interscience Conference on Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy, Chicago, 25-27 October 1967  ABRAHAM/F/7/F.19-F.21  1967

Former reference: F.19-F.21

3 items

Administrative history:
Abraham, with Guy Newton and S. Kuwabara, lectured on 'Preliminary observations on the formation and spontaneous breakdown of 'Cephalosporoic acids' and their derivatives'.

Correspondence re arrangements, with programme etc, May  ABRAHAM/F/7/F.19-F.21/F.19  1967

Former reference: F.19

Correspondence arising  ABRAHAM/F/7/F.19-F.21/F.20  1967, 1969

Former reference: F.20

Included is a letter, 1969, found with the material relating to this conference.

Printed booklet of abstracts of the papers presented at the conference  ABRAHAM/F/7/F.19-F.21/F.21  [n.d.]

Former reference: F.21

Gregynog Natural Products Symposia, 1969-1975  ABRAHAM/F/8  1969-1975

Former reference: F.22-F.25

Administrative history:
The purpose of the symposia, held in Gregynog Hall, Wales, was to facilitate communication between research workers in industry and academic institutions. In 1971 the event was re-named 'European Symposium on Bio-Organic Chemistry'. Abraham participated in the 1973 and 1975 symposia.

The papers described in these folders were the contents of an original file inscribed 'Gregynog'.

1970 Gregynog Symposium  ABRAHAM/F/8/F.22-F.23  [n.d.]

Former reference: F.22, F.23

Abraham agreed to participate in the event and partly prepared a lecture, but found he was unable to attend due to a mix-up in his diary.

Correspondence re arrangements etc, with preliminary programme, July 1969-April 1970  ABRAHAM/F/8/F.22-F.23/F.22  1969-1970

Former reference: F.22

Included are a re-print of a paper co-authored by Abraham and a typescript bibliography, found with the correspondence in this folder.

'Biosynthesis of Some Peptide Antibiotics'  ABRAHAM/F/8/F.22-F.23/F.23  [n.d.]

Former reference: F.23

35pp typescript draft of Abraham's intended lecture so entitled, with manuscript corrections, and accompanying figures, tables etc.

European Symposium on Bio-Organic Chemistry: 'Microbiological Chemistry', 18-21 May 1973  ABRAHAM/F/8/F.24  1972-1973

Former reference: F.24

Administrative history:
Abraham delivered a lecture on 'Aspects of the Biosynthesis of Penicillin and Cephalosporin'.

Correspondence re arrangements, with programme etc, October 1972-April 1973.

European Symposium on Bio-Organic Chemistry: 'Biosynthesis and Biotransformation', 16-19 May 1975  ABRAHAM/F/8/F.25  1974-1975

Former reference: F.25

Administrative history:
Abraham chaired one of the lecture sessions.

Correspondence re arrangements and arising, with programme etc, December 1974-June 1975.

8th Italian National Congress of Chemotherapy held by the Società Italiana di Chemioterapia (Italian Society of Chemotherapy), Sardinia, 8-[?9 or 10] May 1970  ABRAHAM/F/9  1969-1971

Former reference: F.26-F.31

6 items

Administrative history:
Abraham was invited to give the opening lecture in a session on cephalosporins.

Correspondence re arrangements, with programme  ABRAHAM/F/9/F.26  1969-1970

Former reference: F.26

Correspondence arising, May-July  ABRAHAM/F/9/F.27  1970

Former reference: F.27

'Reflections on the Development of the Cephalosporins', Abraham's lecture, published (after editing) in Giornale Italiano di Chemioterapia  ABRAHAM/F/9/F.28-F.31  [n.d.]

Former reference: F.28-F.31

4 items

12pp typescript draft, with corrections and revisions; copy of typescript of the lecture in Italian  ABRAHAM/F/9/F.28-F.31/F.28  [n.d.]

Former reference: F.28

19pp typescript of the lecture with manuscript editing (for publication)  ABRAHAM/F/9/F.28-F.31/F.29  [n.d.]

Former reference: F.29

Copy of typescript of edited version with related photographs of chemical structures; copy of enclosing letter by Abraham, May  ABRAHAM/F/9/F.28-F.31/F.30  1970

Former reference: F.30

Copy of galley proof with enclosing letter to Abraham  ABRAHAM/F/9/F.28-F.31/F.31  1971

Former reference: F.31

Symposium on Antibiotics, Quebec, Canada, 1-3 March 1971.  ABRAHAM/F/10  1971

Former reference: F.32

Administrative history:
Organised by The Medicinal Chemistry Division of the Chemical Institute of Canada.

Programme listing Abraham as a lecturer on 'Penicillins and Cephalosporins'. See H.351, H.352 for further papers concerning the symposium.

FEBS Special Meeting on Industrial Aspects of Biochemistry, Dublin, Ireland, 15-19 April 1973  ABRAHAM/F/11  [n.d.]

Former reference: F.33-F.36

Administrative history:
Abraham delivered a lecture at the symposium on 'Biological Syntheses'.

Correspondence re arrangements and arising, with programme etc, August 1972-July 1973  ABRAHAM/F/11/F.33  1972-1973

Former reference: F.33

'Studies on the Biosynthesis of Penicillins and Cephalosporins'  ABRAHAM/F/11/F.34-F.36  [n.d.]

Former reference: F.34-F.36

Abraham's lecture, subsequently published in a 'volume' on the Symposium.

2pp copy of typescript abstract of lecture with copy of enclosing letter by Abraham, January 1973; published volume of abstracts of lectures given at the conference  ABRAHAM/F/11/F.34-F.36/F.34  [n.d.]

Former reference: F.34

11pp incomplete typescript draft of lecture, with manuscript corrections; draft figures (for ?slides) and manuscript bibliography  ABRAHAM/F/11/F.34-F.36/F.35  [n.d.]

Former reference: F.35

20pp typescript draft, with manuscript corrections and revisions, entitled 'Penicillins, Cephalosporins and the Biosynthesis of Peptide Antibiotics by Fungi', by Abraham and Patricia Fawcett.  ABRAHAM/F/11/F.34-F.36/F.36  [n.d.]

Former reference: F.36

Administrative history:
This appears to be a draft of the published version of the lecture with which Abraham required the help of a colleague due to lack of time.

Penicillinase Workshop, University of Newcastle upon Tyne, 16-18 April 1975  ABRAHAM/F/12  1975

Former reference: F.37

Administrative history:
Abraham introduced and chaired a panel discussion.

Correspondence re arrangements, with programme, March 1975. On the back of one letter (12 March) are rough manuscript notes by Abraham relating to topics and other speakers.

5th FEMS Symposium, Basel, Switzerland, 14-16 September 1977  ABRAHAM/F/13  1977-1978

Former reference: F.38-F.41

Administrative history:
Abraham gave a lecture on 'Developments in the Chemistry and Biochemistry of Beta-lactam Antibiotics'.

Correspondence re arrangements and arising, with programme etc, February-August  ABRAHAM/F/13/F.38-F.39  1977

Former reference: F.38, F.39

2 folders.

28pp copy of typescript of Abraham's lecture with manuscript corrections and revisions; copies of bibliography and figures (for ?slides)  ABRAHAM/F/13/F.40  1977

Former reference: F.40

Administrative history:
The lecture was published in a book (Antibiotics and Other Secondary Metabolites) containing the contributions made at the symposium.

Correspondence re publication of lecture with corrected proof, 2pp manuscript notes and copies of figures (for ?slides). March-May  ABRAHAM/F/13/F.41  1978

Former reference: F.41

'Future Prospects and Past Problems in Antimicrobial Therapy: the Role of Cefoxitin', Harvard Club of Boston, USA, 24 and 25 May 1978  ABRAHAM/F/14  1978

Former reference: F.42

Programme listing Abraham as an invited speaker. See H.465 for further papers re this conference.

Table Rondes Roussel Uclaf: 'Mode of Action of Beta-Lactams', Paris, 6 and 7 December 1979  ABRAHAM/F/15  1978-1979

Former reference: F.43, F.44

Administrative history:
Organised by the Roussel Uclaf Group. Abraham participated as a moderator.

Correspondence re arrangements, with list of participants etc, December 1978-November 1979  ABRAHAM/F/15/F.43  1978-1979

Former reference: F.43

Correspondence with individuals at Division Scientifique Roussel Uclaf and Roussel Laboratories re various matters, one letter arising from the above conference, October 1979-July 1980.  ABRAHAM/F/15/F.44  1979-1980

Former reference: F.44

Found with the material in F.43.

Symposia at New York  ABRAHAM/F/16  1980, 1989

Former reference: F.45-F.51

International Symposium on Beta-lactam Antibiotics: 'Mode of Action, New Developments and Future Prospects', New York University Post-Graduate Medical School, 29 September-2 October 1980. 'Launching the Antibiotic Era: Personal Accounts of the Discovery and Use of the First Antibiotics', a symposium held at the Rockefeller University, New York, on 23 October 1989. The papers relating to these two symposia were originally the contents of a file inscribed 'Rockefeller University / New York'.

International Symposium on Beta-lactam Antibiotics, 1980  ABRAHAM/F/16/F.45-F.47  [n.d.]

Former reference: F.45-F.47

Administrative history:
Abraham gave a lecture entitled 'Discovery, Chemistry and Antibacterial Properties of Cephalosporins'.

Correspondence re arrangements, with programme etc, February-September  ABRAHAM/F/16/F.45-F.47/F.45  1980

Former reference: F.45

1p manuscript notes for lecture; 13pp typescript of lecture with manuscript revisions (probably for publication)  ABRAHAM/F/16/F.45-F.47/F.46  [n.d.]

Former reference: F.46

15pp copy of typescript of ?published version of lecture  ABRAHAM/F/16/F.45-F.47/F.47  [n.d.]

Former reference: F.47

Symposium 'Launching the Antibiotic Era', 1989  ABRAHAM/F/16/F.48-F.51  1989-1990

Former reference: F.48-F.51

Administrative history:
The symposium was held to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the discovery of Gramicidin by René Dubos. Abraham gave a lecture entitled 'Oxford, Howard Florey and World War II'. Abraham's lecture and the contributions by other speakers appeared in a subsequent Rockefeller University Press publication Launching the Antibiotic Era, New York 1990.

Correspondence re arrangements, with programme, March-October  ABRAHAM/F/16/F.48-F.51/F.48  1989

Former reference: F.48

1p manuscript notes for lecture; 12pp typescript draft of lecture with manuscript corrections; 15pp typescript of expanded version; off-print of the published lecture  ABRAHAM/F/16/F.48-F.51/F.49  [n.d.]

Former reference: F.49

Correspondence, mostly re publication, 1989-January 1991  ABRAHAM/F/16/F.48-F.51/F.50  1989-1991

Former reference: F.50

Copy of Rockefeller University Newsletter including note about the symposium and some of the participants (including Abraham); copies of printed literature providing general background to the symposium  ABRAHAM/F/16/F.48-F.51/F.51  [n.d.]

Former reference: F.51

21st Interscience Conference on Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy (ICAAC), Chicago, USA, 4-6 November 1981.  ABRAHAM/F/17  [n.d.]

Former reference: F.52, F.53

Administrative history:
The subject of the conference was biosynthesis of beta-lactam antibiotics. Abraham gave a lecture probably entitled 'Enzymes Involved in the Biosynthesis of Cephalosporin C'.

First ASEAN Workshop on 'Fermentation Technology applied to the utilization of food waste materials', Kuala Lumpur 22-24 February 1982  ABRAHAM/F/18  1982

Former reference: F.53A

6pp typescript copies of 2 lectures given by Abraham entitled ' -lactam Antibiotics - an Outline' and 'Biosynthesis of beta-lactam Antibiotics - an Outline'. See H.424-H.426 for related material.

13th International Congress of Chemotherapy, Vienna, 28 August-2 September 1983  ABRAHAM/F/19  1982-1985

Former reference: F.54-F.57

4 items

Administrative history:
At the conference Abraham was presented with the Hamao Umezawa Award for Chemotherapy by the International Society of Chemotherapy and gave an Award Lecture entitled 'Aspects of the Biosynthesis of Beta-Lactam Antibiotics'.

Correspondence re arrangements, February-August  ABRAHAM/F/19/F.54  1983

Former reference: F.54

6pp copy of typescript of Award Lecture, with brief manuscript annotations, and a few manuscript and typescript notes, possibly related; 14pp manuscript draft, with revisions, of unidentified lecture (on the biosynthesis of beta-lactam antibiotics) headed 'Vienna'  ABRAHAM/F/19/F.55  [n.d.]

Former reference: F.55

Copies of 2 printed 'Proceedings' of sections of the conference, one co-edited by Abraham; printed news bulletin on the congress  ABRAHAM/F/19/F.56  [n.d.]

Former reference: F.56

Correspondence with individuals in Austria and West Germany re various matters, mostly unconnected with the congress  ABRAHAM/F/19/F.57  1982-1985

Former reference: F.57

Found with the material in F.54-F.56.

Meeting organised by E.R. Squibb & Sons Inc.: 'Therapeutics for a Changing World', Princeton University, 27 September 1983.  ABRAHAM/F/20  [n.d.]

Former reference: F.58, F.59

Administrative history:
Held to commemorate the 125th Anniversary of the founding of E.R. Squibb & Sons Inc.

Correspondence re arrangements, July-September  ABRAHAM/F/20/F.58  1983

Former reference: F.58

9pp untitled manuscript draft of lecture with revisions; first page of another manuscript draft of the same; 1p manuscript notes and 5pp annotated typescript information for lecture  ABRAHAM/F/20/F.59  [n.d.]

Former reference: F.59

607th Meeting of the Biochemical Society, Polytechnic of Central London, 19-21 December 1983  ABRAHAM/F/21  1982-1984

Former reference: F.60, F.61

Administrative history:
Abraham gave a lecture at a colloquium on 'Advances in the Biochemistry and Genetics of Antibiotic Producing Organisms'.

Correspondence re arrangements, with typescript summary of Abraham's lecture and provisional programme, November 1982-November 1983  ABRAHAM/F/21/F.60  1982-1983

Former reference: F.60

1p manuscript notes for the lecture; correspondence re publication, June-September 1984; 8pp copy of typescript published version of the lecture entitled 'Aspects of the Biosynthesis of Beta-Lactam Antibiotics', with bibliography and figures for slides.  ABRAHAM/F/21/F.61  1984

Former reference: F.61

Visit to India, January 1985  ABRAHAM/F/22  1984-1985

Former reference: F.62-F.67

5 items

Administrative history:
The principal reason for Abraham's visit was to participate in the Asian Congress of Pharmacology, New Delhi, 14-19 January 1985. After the congress he visited the Indian Institute of Technology, Ciba Geigy Research Centre, and the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (Bombay), Hindustan Antibiotics Ltd and the National Chemical Laboratory (Poona), the Indian Institute of Sciences (Bangalore), and the Central Food and Technology Research Institute (Mysore). He gave a total of five seminars. A photograph taken during this visit is at J.24.

Correspondence re arrangements, with itineraries etc, February 1984-January 1985  ABRAHAM/F/22/F.62-F.63  1984-1985

Former reference: F.62, F.63

2 folders.

Correspondence etc arising, February-March  ABRAHAM/F/22/F.64  1985

Former reference: F.64

'Penicillins and Cephalosporins and Antibiotics of the future'  ABRAHAM/F/22/F.65-F.67  1985

Former reference: F.65-F.67

3 items

Administrative history:
Lecture given by Abraham at the Asian Congress of Pharmacology.

21pp typescript draft of lecture, with corrections and revisions, and related tables and information  ABRAHAM/F/22/F.65-F.67/F.65  [n.d.]

Former reference: F.65

23pp copy of revised version with copies of material for slides; 3 additional typescript pages, possibly part of the final text  ABRAHAM/F/22/F.65-F.67/F.66  [n.d.]

Former reference: F.66

Copy of printed abstract of the lecture, with possible manuscript draft of the same; 8pp manuscript notes and draft slides; manuscript notes found elsewhere, probably for this lecture (one page is headed 'New Delhi')  ABRAHAM/F/22/F.65-F.67/F.67  [n.d.]

Former reference: F.67

Hoechst Workshop Conference on 'Regulation of Secondary Metabolite Formation', Schloss Gracht, Germany, 12-16 May 1985  ABRAHAM/F/23  1984-1985

Former reference: F.68-F.71

Abraham gave a lecture 'Enzymes Involved in Penicillin and Cephalosporin Formation'.

Correspondence re arrangements, with 2 annotated copies of programme, March 1984-May 1985  ABRAHAM/F/23/F.68  1984-1985

Former reference: F.68

Correspondence arising; brief correspondence with German scientists re various matters. April-October  ABRAHAM/F/23/F.69  1985

Former reference: F.69

3pp incomplete manuscript draft of Abraham's lecture with revisions; 14pp typescript of the lecture with additional pages of bibliographic references for possible publication  ABRAHAM/F/23/F.70  [n.d.]

Former reference: F.70

Typescript abstract of lecture with copy of earlier or expanded version; figures (for ?slides accompanying lecture)  ABRAHAM/F/23/F.71  [n.d.]

Former reference: F.71

17th FEBS Meeting, West Berlin, 24-29 August 1986.  ABRAHAM/F/24  [n.d.]

Former reference: F.72-F.74

Administrative history:
Abraham gave a lecture entitled 'Beta lactamases' at one of the Meeting's symposia.

Correspondence re arrangements and arising, November 1985-October 1986  ABRAHAM/F/24/F.72  1985-1986

Former reference: F.72

1p manuscript draft outline of lecture; 18pp copy of typescript of lecture, with manuscript corrections; additional typescript pages and figures (for ?slides).  ABRAHAM/F/24/F.73  [n.d.]

Former reference: F.73

1p typescript entitled 'Abstract'; manuscript notes for lecture; miscellaneous papers, probably relating to the lecture, including re-print of earlier article by Abraham.  ABRAHAM/F/24/F.74  [n.d.]

'50 Years of Penicillin Application', a Symposium in Honour of Abraham organized by the Technische Universitat Berlin, West Berlin, 9-12 September 1990  ABRAHAM/F/25  1989-1994

Former reference: F.75-F.81

4 items

Administrative history:
Abraham gave a lecture entitled 'From Penicillins to Cephalosporins'. See J.28 for photographs taken at the event.

Correspondence re arrangements, with programme, and correspondence arising, October 1989-December 1990  ABRAHAM/F/25/F.75-F.76  1989-1990

Former reference: F.75, F.76

2 folders.

Abraham's lecture: 'From Penicillins to Cephalosporins'  ABRAHAM/F/25/F.77-F.81  1990-1994

Former reference: F.77-F.81

3 items

Administrative history:
The lecture was published in a book 50 Years of Penicillin Application - History and Trends (Technische Universität Berlin).

Drafts  ABRAHAM/F/25/F.77-F.81/F.77  [n.d.]

Former reference: F.77

2pp manuscript and 1p typescript notes; 6pp and 2pp incomplete manuscript drafts with revisions; later 10pp typescript version with manuscript corrections and 1p manuscript list of references; 11pp typescript final version (for publication).

Figures for slides  ABRAHAM/F/25/F.77-F.81/F.78  [n.d.]

Former reference: F.78

Correspondence re publication with expanded typescript version and corrected proofs  ABRAHAM/F/25/F.77-F.81/F.79-F.81  1991-1994

Former reference: F.79-F.81

3 folders.

Penicillin Symposium, University of Oxford, 28 September 1990  ABRAHAM/F/26  1990

Former reference: F.82, F.83

Administrative history:
The event was held to mark the 50th anniversary of the publication of the paper on penicillin in the Lancet which described animal experiments. Abraham gave a lecture entitled 'Penicillin F and its Beta-lactam descendants: chance, motivation and personalities'. See J.40 for a videotape of this event, including Abraham's lecture.

Correspondence etc re arrangements, with 1 letter arising, January-October  ABRAHAM/F/26/F.82  1990

Former reference: F.82

1p typescript notes for Abraham's lecture; 1p typescript entitled 'Extract from the Will of Sir William Dunn'  ABRAHAM/F/26/F.83  [n.d.]

Former reference: F.83

Science and Medicine Conference, Royal College of Physicians, London, 6 and 7 November 1991  ABRAHAM/F/27  [n.d.]

Former reference: F.84, F.85

Administrative history:
Abraham gave a lecture entitled 'Overview: past history of penicillins and cephalosporins'.

Correspondence re arrangements, with programme, and correspondence arising, March-November F.85 18pp typescript draft of lecture, with manuscript corrections and revisions, and drafts for accompanying slides.  ABRAHAM/F/27/F.84  1991

Former reference: F.84

18pp typescript draft of lecture, with manuscript corrections and revisions, and drafts for accompanying slides  ABRAHAM/F/27/F.85  [n.d.]

Former reference: F.85

'Phenoxymethylpenicillin amidohydrolase from penicillium chrysogenum'  ABRAHAM/F/28  1995

Former reference: F.86, F.87

Administrative history:
Inscriptions on the drafts in F.86 indicate that the lecture was intended for a FEBS meeting.

Typescript drafts of a lecture so entitled, with manuscript revisions and corrections, [?1995].

9pp draft with manuscript revisions, inscribed 1st Draft'; draft with manuscript corrections, inscribed '2nd Draft - reversibility - 6-APA?'.  ABRAHAM/F/28/F.86  [n.d.]

Former reference: F.86

3 further drafts one entitled '4th Draft Oct 1995', with manuscript notes written to Abraham by another  ABRAHAM/F/28/F.87  1995

Former reference: F.87

Undated and unidentified visits.  ABRAHAM/F/29  [n.d.]

Former reference: F.88, F.89

1 page of a manuscript draft of an unidentified lecture  ABRAHAM/F/29/F.88  N.d.

Former reference: F.88

Manuscript notes by Abraham for a lecture or lectures  ABRAHAM/F/29/F.89  N.d.

Former reference: F.89

One page is headed 'New Delhi', another 'Biosynthesis'.


Former reference: SECTION G

77 items


Former reference: G.1-G.5

5 items

Administrative history:
Abraham was elected a foreign honorary member in 1983. In 1985 he gave an address to the Academy on 'Penicillin and its successors: a personal view'.

Correspondence and papers re honorary membership and address. Papers include manuscript notes and typescript drafts for address. 5 folders.


Former reference: G.6-G.20

7 items

Administrative history:
In 1981 Abraham accepted an invitation to join a newly formed Advisory Board for the John Curtin School of Medical Research. He attended its first meeting in Canberra, 24 September 1982 but does not appear to have attended subsequent meetings. Abraham's correspondent is the Director of the John Curtin School, R. Porter.

Correspondence, agenda, committee papers and minutes.

Correspondence and papers  ABRAHAM/G/2/G.6  1981

Former reference: G.6

Includes invitation for Abraham to serve on Advisory Board.

Correspondence and papers  ABRAHAM/G/2/G.7-G.9  1982

Former reference: G.7-G.9

Includes papers about the Advisory Board and its first meeting. 3 folders.

Correspondence and papers  ABRAHAM/G/2/G.10  1983

Former reference: G.10

Includes papers for second meeting of Advisory Board, 5 August.

Correspondence and papers  ABRAHAM/G/2/G.11  1984

Former reference: G.11

Includes papers for third meeting of Advisory Board, 6 July.

Correspondence and papers  ABRAHAM/G/2/G.12-G.18  1985

Former reference: G.12-G.18

Includes papers for fourth meeting of Advisory Board, 29 May and fifth meeting of Advisory Board, 25 September. 7 folders.

Correspondence and papers  ABRAHAM/G/2/G.19  1986

Former reference: G.19

Correspondence and papers  ABRAHAM/G/2/G.20  1987-1988

Former reference: G.20


Former reference: G.21-G.26

6 items

Miscellaneous correspondence and papers  ABRAHAM/G/3/G.21  1981-1997

Former reference: G.21

Correspondence and papers re Abraham's participation in the Society's programme of video recordings and related matters  ABRAHAM/G/3/G.22-G.26  1989-1993

Former reference: G.22-G.26

5 items

Administrative history:
Abraham was recorded in conversation with Professor Robert Thomas at Imperial College London on 1 May 1990. The interview was arranged by the Society's Honorary Archivist, Professor H.F. Bradford (see J.41 for a videotape of the interview).

5 folders.


Former reference: G.27-G.29

2 items

Correspondence and papers re Abraham's 53rd Royal Society British Association Youth Section Lecture 2 folders.  ABRAHAM/G/4/G.27-G.28  1980

Former reference: G.27, G.28

Administrative history:
Abraham delivered the BAYS lecture on 'Penicillin and after' at Gravesend School for Boys, Kent, 23 October 1980.

Correspondence and papers re the 1988 British Association for the Advancement of Science Annual Meeting at Oxford  ABRAHAM/G/4/G.29  1986-1988

Former reference: G.29


Former reference: G.30-G.32

3 items

Correspondence and papers re Abraham's involvement in British Council activities.

1960, 1963  ABRAHAM/G/5/G.30  [n.d.]

Former reference: G.30

1964  ABRAHAM/G/5/G.31  [n.d.]

Former reference: G.31

Includes papers re course on the use and abuse of antibiotics.

1965, 1970, 1975  ABRAHAM/G/5/G.32  [n.d.]

Former reference: G.32


Former reference: G.33-G.39

7 items

Administrative history:
The Society was formed in August 1971 at the VIIth International Congress of Chemotherapy in Prague. Abraham was invited to join the Society in 1972 and became an honorary member in 1979. In 1974 he accepted an invitation to join the Editorial Board of the Society's new journal Antimicrobial Chemotherapy. Abraham delivered the 5th L.P. Garrod Lecture to the Society on 'Beta-Lactam Antibiotics: motivation, science and luck in their past and future', 21 November 1986.

Correspondence and papers.

1972, 1974, 1979  ABRAHAM/G/6/G.33  [n.d.]

Former reference: G.33

1984-1986  ABRAHAM/G/6/G.34  [n.d.]

Former reference: G.34

Includes typescript draft of Abraham's L.P. Garrod Lecture.

1991  ABRAHAM/G/6/G.35  [n.d.]

Former reference: G.35

1992  ABRAHAM/G/6/G.36  [n.d.]

Former reference: G.36

1993-1994  ABRAHAM/G/6/G.37  [n.d.]

Former reference: G.37

1995  ABRAHAM/G/6/G.38  [n.d.]

Former reference: G.38

1996  ABRAHAM/G/6/G.39  [n.d.]

Former reference: G.39


Former reference: G.40-G.44

5 items

Correspondence and papers re publications, meetings, protein group etc  ABRAHAM/G/7/G.40-G.43  1965-1979

Former reference: G.40-G.43

4 items

1965-1968  ABRAHAM/G/7/G.40-G.43/G.40  [n.d.]

Former reference: G.40

1969-1970  ABRAHAM/G/7/G.40-G.43/G.41  [n.d.]

Former reference: G.41

1971-1973  ABRAHAM/G/7/G.40-G.43/G.42  [n.d.]

Former reference: G.42

1975-1979  ABRAHAM/G/7/G.40-G.43/G.43  [n.d.]

Former reference: G.43

Papers re symposium on 'Recent advances in the chemistry of beta-lactam antibiotics', Cambridge, 28-30 June 1976.  ABRAHAM/G/7/G.44  1976

Former reference: G.44


Former reference: G.45-G.47

3 items

Correspondence and papers re symposium on amino-acids and peptides held in March 1958  ABRAHAM/G/8/G.45  1957-1958

Former reference: G.45

Correspondence and papers re study group on resistance of bacteria to the penicillins  ABRAHAM/G/8/G.46  1961-1962

Former reference: G.46

Miscellaneous correspondence  ABRAHAM/G/8/G.47  1973-1979.

Former reference: G.47


Former reference: G.48-G.57

10 items

Administrative history:
The Council for Science and Society was founded in 1973 and published a number of reports on various social issues connected with science and technology. Abraham accepted an invitation in 1985 to join a study group on access to scientific information.

Correspondence and papers re the work of the study group on access to scientific information. 10 folders.


Former reference: G.58-G.73

15 items

Administrative history:
Abraham was elected to the Fellowship of the Royal Society in 1958 (Royal Medal, 1973; Mullard Medal, 1980).

General correspondence and papers  ABRAHAM/G/10/G.58-G.67  1958-1998

Former reference: G.58-G.67

10 items

1958-1961  ABRAHAM/G/10/G.58-G.67/G.58  [n.d.]

Former reference: G.58

1962-1963  ABRAHAM/G/10/G.58-G.67/G.59  [n.d.]

Former reference: G.59

1964-1968  ABRAHAM/G/10/G.58-G.67/G.60  [n.d.]

Former reference: G.60

1970-1972  ABRAHAM/G/10/G.58-G.67/G.61  [n.d.]

Former reference: G.61

1973-1976  ABRAHAM/G/10/G.58-G.67/G.62  [n.d.]

Former reference: G.62

1977-1978  ABRAHAM/G/10/G.58-G.67/G.63  [n.d.]

Former reference: G.63

1979-1982  ABRAHAM/G/10/G.58-G.67/G.64  [n.d.]

Former reference: G.64

1983-1989  ABRAHAM/G/10/G.58-G.67/G.65  [n.d.]

Former reference: G.65

1990-1994  ABRAHAM/G/10/G.58-G.67/G.66  [n.d.]

Former reference: G.66

1995-1998  ABRAHAM/G/10/G.58-G.67/G.67  [n.d.]

Former reference: G.67

Correspondence, papers and photographs re antibiotics exhibit for Royal Society Tercentenary exhibition  ABRAHAM/G/10/G.68-G.69  1960

Former reference: G.68, G.69

2 folders.

Correspondence and papers re elections  ABRAHAM/G/10/G.70-G.73  1959-1995

Former reference: G.70-G.73

4 items

1959-1968  ABRAHAM/G/10/G.70-G.73/G.70  [n.d.]

Former reference: G.70

1971-1979  ABRAHAM/G/10/G.70-G.73/G.71  [n.d.]

Former reference: G.71

1985-1989  ABRAHAM/G/10/G.70-G.73/G.72  [n.d.]

Former reference: G.72

1990-1995  ABRAHAM/G/10/G.70-G.73/G.73  [n.d.]

Former reference: G.73


Former reference: G.74-G.78

3 items

General correspondence and papers  ABRAHAM/G/11/G.74  1985-1995

Former reference: G.74

Correspondence and papers re Centenary Tribute to Sir Robert Robinson at the 1986 Annual Congress  ABRAHAM/G/11/G.75-G.77  1985-1987

Former reference: G.75-G.77

3 items

Administrative history:
Abraham talked on 'Sir Robert Robinson and the early history of penicillin'.

3 folders.

Correspondence and papers re article on 'The biosynthesis of penicillins and cephalosporins' written with J.E. Baldwin  ABRAHAM/G/11/G.78  1985-1988

Former reference: G.78


Former reference: G.79-G.81

3 items

Administrative history:
Abraham became a member in 1948 and resigned from the Society in 1997.

Correspondence and papers re meeting etc  ABRAHAM/G/12/G.79  1963

Former reference: G.79

Correspondence and papers re publications  ABRAHAM/G/12/G.80  1973-1975

Former reference: G.80

Correspondence and papers re publications, meetings and membership  ABRAHAM/G/12/G.81  1981-1997

Former reference: G.81


Former reference: G.82-G.90

8 items

Correspondence and papers re Abraham's applications to the Wellcome Trust for grants for equipment, travel and to modernise / extend the chemical pathology section of the Oxford Department of Pathology  ABRAHAM/G/13/G.82-G.87  1957-1965

Former reference: G.82-G.87

6 items

6 folders.

Correspondence  ABRAHAM/G/13/G.88  1979, 1981

Former reference: G.88

Correspondence with historians at the Wellcome Institute for the History of Medicine, London  ABRAHAM/G/13/G.89-G.90  1985-1989

Former reference: G.89, G.90

2 folders.


Former reference: SECTION H

530 items


Former reference: H.1-H.334

330 items

This sequence includes a large number of the scientists who researched in Abraham's laboratory including D.Phil. students, post-doctoral fellows and visiting scientists.

Baker, W.L.  ABRAHAM/H/1/1  1976

Former reference: H.1

1 item

Administrative history:
Baker was based at the Swinburne College of Technology, Hawthorn, Melbourne, Australia.

Correspondence re possibility of work on penicillin problems in Abraham's laboratory during sabbatical leave.

Baldwin, G.S.  ABRAHAM/H/1/2  1974-1992

Former reference: H.2-H.11

10 items

Administrative history:
Baldwin came to Abraham's laboratory from the University of Melbourne in 1975 to work for two years as a postdoctoral researcher on the mechanism of enzyme function. He was subsequently based at the University of Adelaide and the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research, Melbourne Tumour Biology Unit, Australia.

Correspondence and papers re career and appointments  ABRAHAM/H/1/2/H.2-H.6  1974-1992

Former reference: H.2-H.6

5 items

1974  ABRAHAM/H/1/2/H.2-H.6/H.2  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.2

1975  ABRAHAM/H/1/2/H.2-H.6/H.3  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.3

1976-1978  ABRAHAM/H/1/2/H.2-H.6/H.4  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.4

1980, 1983  ABRAHAM/H/1/2/H.2-H.6/H.5  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.5

1991-1992  ABRAHAM/H/1/2/H.2-H.6/H.6  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.6

Correspondence and papers re research and publications  ABRAHAM/H/1/2/H.7-H.11  1975-1990

Former reference: H.7-H.11

5 items

1975-1976  ABRAHAM/H/1/2/H.7-H.11/H.7  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.7

Includes correspondence and report re work of M. Tully on the production of beta-lactamase I and II, 1976.

1976-1977 and n.d.  ABRAHAM/H/1/2/H.7-H.11/H.8  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.8

Includes manuscript drafts by Baldwin.

1978  ABRAHAM/H/1/2/H.7-H.11/H.9  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.9

Includes correspondence with R.P. Ambler, Department of Molecular Biology, University of Edinburgh.

1979  ABRAHAM/H/1/2/H.7-H.11/H.10  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.10

1979-1981, 1985, 1990  ABRAHAM/H/1/2/H.7-H.11/H.11  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.11

Berks, M. (née McPhail)  ABRAHAM/H/1/3  1971-1996

Former reference: H.12-H.19

8 items

Administrative history:
Berks worked in Abraham's laboratory, 1971-1977, first as a research assistant and then as a post-doctoral researcher. She died in 1996.

Career, research, publications and personal news. 8 folders.

Betina, V.  ABRAHAM/H/1/4  1964-1972

Former reference: H.20

1 item

Administrative history:
Betina was based at the Department of Microbiology and Biochemistry, Slovak Polytechnic University, Bratislava, Czechoslovakia. He met Abraham at the 'Antibiotica Congressus' in Prague, 1964 and subsequently worked in Abraham's Laboratory for a period in 1966 on the antibiotic activity of cyanein supported by a World Health Organization Senior Research Training Grant.

Arrangements for visit, publication etc.

Blackwell, C.M.  ABRAHAM/H/1/5  1977

Former reference: H.21

1 item

Administrative history:
Blackwell was appointed to a two-year postdoctoral post in Abraham's laboratory in 1977.

Bleaney, R.C.  ABRAHAM/H/1/6  1974-1978

Former reference: H.22-H.29

8 items

Administrative history:
Bleaney was a postdoctoral organic chemist appointed to research in Abraham's laboratory on the synthesis of compounds related to penicillins and cephalosporins.

Correspondence and papers re career and appointments  ABRAHAM/H/1/6/H.22  1974-1978

Former reference: H.22

Correspondence and papers re research  ABRAHAM/H/1/6/H.23-H.29  1976-1978, n.d.

Former reference: H.23-H.29

7 items

7 folders.

Brannan, S.  ABRAHAM/H/1/7  1977

Former reference: H.30

Administrative history:
Brannan was appointed to a two-year postdoctoral post in Abraham's laboratory, 1977.

Brightwell, M.  ABRAHAM/H/1/8  1972-1975

Former reference: H.31-H.37

Administrative history:
Brightwell came to Abraham's laboratory as a research assistant in 1972 to work on the structure and function of members of the penicillinase group of enzymes.

Correspondence and papers re career and appointments  ABRAHAM/H/1/8/H.31-H.32  1972-1975

Former reference: H.31, H.32

2 items

2 folders.

Research notes, drafts and data  ABRAHAM/H/1/8/H.33-H.37  1973-1975, n.d.

Former reference: H.33-H.37

5 items

5 folders.

Brötzu, G.  ABRAHAM/H/1/9  1971-1981

Former reference: H.38-H.42

5 items

Administrative history:
Brötzu was Director of the Institute of Hygiene, University of Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy. He discovered the antibiotic properties of the cephalosporium organism in 1945 and provided it for further study to H.W. Florey and Abraham and their colleagues at Oxford University and the Medical Research Council in England which resulted in the development of the cephalosporin antibiotics. He died in 1976. For related correspondence see C.1038-C.1041.

Correspondence and papers re award of an honorary degree to Brötzu by Oxford University  ABRAHAM/H/1/9/H.38  1971

Former reference: H.38

Correspondence and papers re reception and dinner given in Brötzu's honour by the National Development Research Council  ABRAHAM/H/1/9/H.39  1972

Former reference: H.39

Miscellaneous correspondence re Brötzu's death, history of antibiotics etc  ABRAHAM/H/1/9/H.40  1976-1981

Former reference: H.40

Duplicated papers by Brötzu including 'Ricerche su di un nuovo antibiotico', Lavori dell'Istituto d'Igiene di Cagliari, 1948  ABRAHAM/H/1/9/H.41  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.41

Photographs  ABRAHAM/H/1/9/H.42  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.42

Browne, C.A.  ABRAHAM/H/1/10  1970-1976

Former reference: H.43

Administrative history:
Browne was a D.Phil. student in the Sir William Dunn School of Pathology.


Brownlee, G.G.  ABRAHAM/H/1/11  1979-1980, 1987

Former reference: H.44

Administrative history:
In 1980 Brownlee came from the MRC Molecular Biology Laboratory, Cambridge to take up the post of E.P. Abraham Professor of Chemical Pathology at the Sir William Dunn School of Pathology, Oxford.

Chaudhury, R.R.  ABRAHAM/H/1/12  1971-1993, 1998

Former reference: H.45-H.49

5 items

Administrative history:
Chaudhury was an Indian scientist who was a graduate student of Lincoln College, Oxford, 1955-1958. He pursued his career with the World Health Organisation (WHO) with a period at the Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education and Research, Chandigarh, India. Chaudhury visited Oxford for a WHO seminar in October 1971 when he renewed his acquaintance with Abraham.

Career, visits etc. 5 folders. See also H.381.

Chmara, H.  ABRAHAM/H/1/13  1978-1984, 1989

Former reference: H.50-H.52

3 items

Administrative history:
Chmara came from the Department of Pharmacology Technology and Biochemistry of the Technical University, Gdansk, Poland to work for a year, 1978-1979, in Abraham's laboratory on the antibiotic bacilysin.

Correspondence and papers re arrangements for visit, research, publication, conference, etc. The correspondence is initiated by Chmara's head of department in Gdansk, E. Borowski. 3 folders.

Coombe, R.G.  ABRAHAM/H/1/14  1971-1977

Former reference: H.53, H.54

2 items

Administrative history:
Coombe came from the Pharmacy Department, University of Sydney to spend a sabbatical year from December 1971 in Abraham's laboratory.

Correspondence and papers re arrangements for visit, research etc. Includes research reports. 2 folders.

Cornelis, G.  ABRAHAM/H/1/15  1973-1978

Former reference: H.55-H.66

12 items

Administrative history:
Cornelis came from Université Catholique de Louvain, Belgium to work in Abraham's Laboratory for a few months in 1974.

Correspondence and papers re visit, research and publications. 12 folders.

Crawford, K.  ABRAHAM/H/1/16  1958, 1959, n.d.

Former reference: H.67

1 item

Administrative history:
Crawford was a Departmental Demonstrator in the Oxford Department, commencing 1 December 1954.

Includes report on 'The enzymes inactivating Cephalosporins P and N and Penicillin'.

Crout, D.H.G.  ABRAHAM/H/1/17  1979-1984

Former reference: H.68-H.73

6 items

Administrative history:
Crout was based at the Department of Chemistry, Exeter University.

Correspondence and papers re research and publications. 6 folders.

Davies, R.B.  ABRAHAM/H/1/18  1969-1974

Former reference: H.74-H.78

5 items

Administrative history:
Davies was a D.Phil. student of Abraham's from October 1970.

Correspondence and papers re career  ABRAHAM/H/1/18/H.74  1969-1974

Former reference: H.74

Correspondence and papers re research and publications  ABRAHAM/H/1/18/H.75-H.78  1971-1974

Former reference: H.75-H.78

4 items

4 folders.

Dougall, D.K.  ABRAHAM/H/1/19  1953-1956

Former reference: H.79

Principally research reports.

Duncan, M.J.  ABRAHAM/H/1/20  1965-1971

Former reference: H.80

1 item

Administrative history:
Duncan was a D.Phil. student in the Sir William Dunn School of Pathology.

Dyke, K.D.G.  ABRAHAM/H/1/21  1966-1967

Former reference: H.81

1 item

Correspondence and papers re research and career.

Edwards, G.F. St L.  ABRAHAM/H/1/22  1974-1979

Former reference: H.82-H.84

3 items

Administrative history:
Edwards worked in Abraham's laboratory as a post-doctoral research assistant, 1974-1977.

Correspondence and papers re career and publication  ABRAHAM/H/1/22/H.82  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.82

Research notes and reports  ABRAHAM/H/1/22/H.83-H.84  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.83, H.84

2 items

2 folders.

Fawcett, P.A.  ABRAHAM/H/1/23  1971-1997

Former reference: H.85-H.91

7 items

Administrative history:
After graduating from the School of Biological Sciences, University of East Anglia, Fawcett came to Oxford to work as a research assistant in Abraham's laboratory, taking a D.Phil. under his supervision. After a period in the USA she returned to England in 1979 and resumed research in Abraham's laboratory in 1983. Correspondence and papers from 1975 are under her married name of Whiteman. See also C.1075-C.1082.

Correspondence re career  ABRAHAM/H/1/23/H.85  1971-1975

Former reference: H.85

Correspondence and papers re research, publications, etc  ABRAHAM/H/1/23/H.86-H.91  1971-1997

Former reference: H.86-H.91

6 items

6 folders.

Fisher, A.J.  ABRAHAM/H/1/24  1976-1980

Former reference: H.92-H.97

4 items

Administrative history:
Fisher undertook D.Phil research under Abraham's supervision.

Correspondence and papers re D.Phil. supervision  ABRAHAM/H/1/24/H.92-H.94  1976-1980

Former reference: H.92-H.94

3 items

3 folders.

84pp typescript draft on beta-lactam antibiotics with extensive manuscript revision.  ABRAHAM/H/1/24/H.95-H.97  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.95-H.97

3 folders.

Freeman, R.F.  ABRAHAM/H/1/25  1972-1973

Former reference: H.98

1 item

Correspondence and papers re application to undertake D.Phil research in Abraham's laboratory.

Fukumura, T.  ABRAHAM/H/1/26  1975-1979

Former reference: H.99

1 item

Administrative history:
Fukumura came from Osaka City University, Japan to research on beta-lactamase in Abraham's laboratory for a period in 1976.

Correspondence re arrangements, etc.

Fuller, K.W.  ABRAHAM/H/1/27  1970

Former reference: H.100

1 item

Administrative history:
Fuller was based at the Botany School, Oxford University.

Includes paper on proposed course on industrial biology.

Furth, A.J.  ABRAHAM/H/1/28  1971-1977

Former reference: H.101-H.107

7 items

Administrative history:
Furth was a post-doctoral researcher in Abraham's laboratory from January 1971 working on the active site of beta-lactamase enzymes. She subsequently took up a post with the Open University.

Correspondence and papers re career and appointments  ABRAHAM/H/1/28/H.101  1971-1976

Former reference: H.101

Correspondence and papers re research, publications, etc  ABRAHAM/H/1/28/H.102-H.107  1972-1977

Former reference: H.102-H.107

6 items

6 folders.

Ghuysen, J.-M.  ABRAHAM/H/1/29  1976-1977

Former reference: H.108

1 item

Administrative history:
Ghuysen was based at the University of Liège, Belgium.

Correspondence re research.

Glynn, M.F.  ABRAHAM/H/1/30  1970-1973

Former reference: H.109, H.110

2 items

Administrative history:
Abraham took over Glynn's D.Phil. supervision on the sudden death of his previous supervisor.

Principally re Glynn's Oxford D.Phil. thesis. 2 folders.

Gore, P.J.M.  ABRAHAM/H/1/31  1975-1978

Former reference: H.111

1 item

Administrative history:
Gore worked as a research assistant in Abraham's laboratory for a period from 1 February 1977.

Correspondence re career and research.

Gunetileke, K.G.  ABRAHAM/H/1/32  1967-1978

Former reference: H.112-H.115

4 items

Administrative history:
Gunetileke was a Sinhalese who came from the Department of Biochemistry, University of Toronto to spend a year in Abraham's laboratory, 1968-1969, as a postdoctoral fellow before returning to Ceylon. In Oxford he worked on problems relating to the biosynthesis of penicillins and cephalosporins. He died ca 1989.

See also H.128.

Correspondence re arrangements to work in Abraham's laboratory, subsequent career etc  ABRAHAM/H/1/32/H.112-H.113  1967-1978

Former reference: H.112, H.113

2 items

2 folders.

Research notes, September 1968-July 1969  ABRAHAM/H/1/32/H.114-H.115  1968-1969

Former reference: H.114, H.115

2 items

2 folders.

Harris, H.  ABRAHAM/H/1/33  1962-1992

Former reference: H.116-H.118

Administrative history:
Harris was head of the Sir William Dunn School of Pathology, 1963-1994 and Regius Professor of Medicine, University of Oxford, 1979-1992.

1962-1963  ABRAHAM/H/1/33/H.116  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.116

Includes correspondence re Harris's move to Oxford in 1963.

1972-1992  ABRAHAM/H/1/33/H.117  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.117

Includes typescripts 'Thoughts on the Regius Professorship of Medicine' and 'Why scientists do animal experiments'.

Curriculum vitae and bibliography  ABRAHAM/H/1/33/H.118  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.118

Heatley, N.G.  ABRAHAM/H/1/34  1948-1991

Former reference: H.119-H.121

3 items

Administrative history:
Heatley was a member of the team of scientists under H.W. Florey who produced in Oxford and tested and investigated penicillin. He also contributed to some of the early work on cephalosporium cultures. See J.48 for a videotape of lectures, including one by Heatley, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the paper describing the therapeutic properties of penicillin.

'The antibiotic from tulip'  ABRAHAM/H/1/34/H.119  1948

Former reference: H.119

Typescript and manuscript draft with manuscript comments by Abraham

1962, 1983-1991  ABRAHAM/H/1/34/H.120  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.120

Includes papers re the history of penicillin.

Copy of Yours magazine, January 1991  ABRAHAM/H/1/34/H.121  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.121

Features Heatley on the cover 'Honoured at 80 The bedpan boffin whose work saved thousands in the war'.

Hopwood, D.A.  ABRAHAM/H/1/35  1982

Former reference: H.122

1 item

Administrative history:
Hopwood was the head of the Department of Genetics, John Innes Institute, Norwich.

Correspondence re research.

Huddleston, J.A. (née Mitchell)  ABRAHAM/H/1/36  1974-1980

Former reference: H.123-H.125A

Administrative history:
Huddleston worked as a research assistant in Abraham's laboratory from October 1974. See C.698-C.833 for laboratory notes by Huddleston.

Correspondence re appointment etc  ABRAHAM/H/1/36/H.123  1974, 1980

Former reference: H.123

Research notes and drafts  ABRAHAM/H/1/36/H.124  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.124-H.125A

3 items

3 folders.

Jayatilake, G.S.  ABRAHAM/H/1/37  1978-1993

Former reference: H.126-H.131

6 items

Administrative history:
Jayatilake was a Sri Lankan organic chemist who came to Abraham's laboratory in 1978 where he worked on the biosynthesis of penicillins and cephalosporins in cell-free systems.

See C.251-C.268 for laboratory notes by Jayatilake.

Correspondence and papers re career and appointments  ABRAHAM/H/1/37/H.126-H.128  1978-1993

Former reference: H.126-H.128

3 items

Principally references and recommendations. 3 folders.

Research reports, printed material etc  ABRAHAM/H/1/37/H.129-H.131  1979-1981, 1991

Former reference: H.129-H.131

3 items

3 folders.

Jeffery, J.  ABRAHAM/H/1/38  1959, 1970-1981

Former reference: H.132-H.134

3 items

Administrative history:
Jeffery was a graduate student in the Sir William Dunn School of Pathology, 1958-1961, working on the chemistry and biochemistry of a member of the cephalosporin family. After a period with ICI (Pharmaceuticals Division), Alderley Park, Cheshire he moved to the University of Aberdeen.

Correspondence and papers re career and appointments. 3 folders.

Kasik, J.E.  ABRAHAM/H/1/39  1965-1986

Former reference: H.135-H.139

5 items

Administrative history:
In 1966 Kasik spent sabbatical leave from the Department of Medicine, University of Chicago researching in Abraham's laboratory where he worked on the relationship between penicillinase production and the sensitivity of mycobacteria to penicillins and cephalosporins. He returned to the University of Chicago, subsequently moving to the University of Iowa.

Correspondence re research, publications etc 5 folders.

Kenig, M.D.J.  ABRAHAM/H/1/40  1970-1976

Former reference: H.140-H.148

9 items

Administrative history:
Kenig came from the Beecham Research Laboratories, Brockham Park, Surrey, to undertake D.Phil. research on the peptide antibiotic bacilysin under Abraham's supervision.

Correspondence re career and appointments  ABRAHAM/H/1/40/H.140-H.141  1970-1974

Former reference: H.140, H.141

2 items

2 folders.

Correspondence and papers re research and publications  ABRAHAM/H/1/40/H.142-H.148  1971-1976

Former reference: H.142-H.148

7 items

7 folders.

Khuon, E. von  ABRAHAM/H/1/41  1984

Former reference: H.149

1 item

Correspondence re proposed television documentary about Sir Alexander Fleming.

Kiener, P.A.  ABRAHAM/H/1/42  1973-1990

Former reference: H.150-H.153

4 items

Administrative history:
Kiener was a D. Phil. student (supervisor S.G. Waley) in the Sir William Dunn School of Pathology where he later did postdoctoral work. He researched on the active sites of two enzymes triosphosphate isomerase and beta-lactamase I from Bacillus cereus.

Correspondence and papers re career and appointments. 4 folders.

Kuwabara, S.  ABRAHAM/H/1/43  1964-1993

Former reference: H.154-H.160

7 items

Administrative history:
Kuwabara came to Abraham's laboratory as a postdoctoral member of his research staff paid for by the Medical Research Council from 1 January 1966. He was already an experienced enzymologist after working in the Netherlands and at a number of institutions in the USA. At Oxford he studied two extracellular beta-lactamases (I and II) produced by Bacillus cereus. He was subsequently based at the Institute of Medical Science of the University of Tokyo, and the School of Medicine, University of Occupational & Environmental Health, Japan.

Correspondence re career and appointments  ABRAHAM/H/1/43/H.154-H.155  1964-1970

Former reference: H.154, H.155

2 items

2 folders.

Correspondence and papers re research, publications, etc  ABRAHAM/H/1/43/H.156-H.160  1966-1978, 1985, 1993

Former reference: H.156-H.160

5 items

5 folders.

Loder, P.B.  ABRAHAM/H/1/44  1956-1975, 1986

Former reference: H.161-H.165

5 items

Administrative history:
Loder was graduate assistant to G.G.F. Newton in the Sir William Dunn School of Pathology, 1957-1959 and research assistant to Abraham, 1965-1966 and 1968-1972 working on cephalosporin and penicillin antibiotics. She moved from scientific research to administration in 1972 when she took a post at the head office of the Medical Research Council.

See C.234, C.235 for laboratory notes by Loder.

Correspondence and papers re career and appointments  ABRAHAM/H/1/44/H.161-H.163  1956-1975, 1986

Former reference: H.161-H.163

3 items

3 folders.

Research notes and drafts  ABRAHAM/H/1/44/H.164-H.165  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.164, H.165

2 items

2 folders.

Luego, J.M.  ABRAHAM/H/1/45  1979-1985

Former reference: H.166-H.169

4 items

Administrative history:
Luego came from the University of Salamanca, Spain to work in Abraham's laboratory as a postdoctoral fellow.

Correspondence re arrangements to work in Abraham's laboratory including fellowship application  ABRAHAM/H/1/45/H.166  1979-1981

Former reference: H.166

Research report  ABRAHAM/H/1/45/H.167  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.167

Correspondence and papers re publications  ABRAHAM/H/1/45/H.168-H.169  1985

Former reference: H.168, H.169

2 items

2 folders.

Marston, R.Q.  ABRAHAM/H/1/46  1973

Former reference: H.170

1 item

Administrative history:
Marston was Director of the National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, Maryland, 1968-1973 (Rhodes Scholar, Lincoln College, Oxford, 1947).

Includes curriculum vitae and lists of addresses and publications.

Migliacci, A.  ABRAHAM/H/1/47  1961-1963, 1969

Former reference: H.171-H.174

4 items

Administrative history:
Migliacci came from Farmitalia, Milan, Italy to work for a period in Abraham's laboratory. See also H.366.

Also found with papers relating to Migliacci were papers relating to the work of 'Mrs Jago'. Correspondence and papers re research, 1961-1963, 1969, most undated. 4 folders.

Miller, J.M.T. Hamilton-  ABRAHAM/H/1/48  1965-1981

Former reference: H.175-H.181

7 items

Administrative history:
Hamilton-Miller came to Abraham's laboratory from Guy's Hospital Medical School in January 1967 with a Junior Research Fellowship from the Medical Research Council, subsequently moving to the Charing Cross Hospital Medical School and the Royal Free Hospital School of Medicine, London.

Correspondence and papers re move to Oxford, research, publications etc  ABRAHAM/H/1/48/H.175-H.179  1965-1979

Former reference: H.175-H.179

5 items

5 folders.

Correspondence and papers re career and appointments  ABRAHAM/H/1/48/H.180-H.181  1967-1971, 1981

Former reference: H.180, H.181

2 items

2 folders.

Newton, G.G.F.  ABRAHAM/H/1/49  1944-1997

Former reference: H.182-H.196

15 items

Administrative history:
Newton became a D.Phil. student in the Sir William Dunn School of Pathology in 1947 with Abraham as his supervisor. They continued to work together until his death in 1969. Much of the early work was concerned with antibiotic peptides such as bacitracin. Later Newton made substantial contributions to the isolation of Penicillin N and Cephalosporin C and the determination of their structures. Some of the money from the development of the cephalosporins was diverted into a Guy Newton Research Fund. His name was also commemorated in the title of a Visiting Professorship at Oxford in the Medical, Biological and Chemical Sciences which Abraham set up.

See C.228, C.308, C.1042-C.1048 and elsewhere in section C for papers and correspondence relating to Newton's work.

Correspondence and papers re career, research, publications, visits etc with Abraham and others  ABRAHAM/H/1/49/H.182-H.189  1948-1968

Former reference: H.182-H.189

8 items

Some of the letters from Abraham are undated and their assignment is tentative.

1948-1955  ABRAHAM/H/1/49/H.182-H.189/H.182  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.182

Includes reports on work done, 1952-1953 and 1953-1954.

1956-1957  ABRAHAM/H/1/49/H.182-H.189/H.183  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.183

1958-1959  ABRAHAM/H/1/49/H.182-H.189/H.184  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.184

1960-1965  ABRAHAM/H/1/49/H.182-H.189/H.185  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.185

1966  ABRAHAM/H/1/49/H.182-H.189/H.186  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.186

Includes two copies of 'G.G.F. Newton - Senior Research Officer Report on first period of office. Oct. - Sept. 1966'.

1967  ABRAHAM/H/1/49/H.182-H.189/H.187  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.187

Includes 'Report on visit to the USA by E.P. Abraham and G.G.F. Newton October-November 1967'.

1968  ABRAHAM/H/1/49/H.182-H.189/H.188  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.188

Undated papers  ABRAHAM/H/1/49/H.182-H.189/H.189  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.189

Include 'Comments by GFN on HSB[urton]'s Declaration' and 'Possible experiments to be considered for the new Honours School of Physiological Sciences Experiments in 'Chemical Pathology'.'

Letter from E.J. Farrar, Chief Chemist, to T.I. Williams at the Sir William Dunn School of Pathology, Oxford, 8 December  ABRAHAM/H/1/49/H.190  1944

Former reference: H.190

With a 'rough draft of the few experimental fermentations, using Aspergillus Fermagatus, Mut. Helvola which we have been able to set up so far'. Found with Newton's papers.

Correspondence and papers arising from Newton's death including obituaries, January-September  ABRAHAM/H/1/49/H.191-H.194  1969

Former reference: H.191-H.194

4 items

January  ABRAHAM/H/1/49/H.191-H.194/H.191  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.191

February  ABRAHAM/H/1/49/H.191-H.194/H.192  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.192

March  ABRAHAM/H/1/49/H.191-H.194/H.193  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.193

April - September  ABRAHAM/H/1/49/H.191-H.194/H.194  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.194

Correspondence about Newton or with or about members of his family  ABRAHAM/H/1/49/H.195  1971-1997

Former reference: H.195

Photographs  ABRAHAM/H/1/49/H.196  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.196

O'Sullivan, J.  ABRAHAM/H/1/50  1975-1994

Former reference: H.197-H.201

5 items

Administrative history:
Sullivan came from the Eidgenössiche Technische Hochschule, Zürich, to work in a postdoctoral position in Abraham's laboratory, 1975-1979, on the biosynthesis of penicillins and cephalosporins. He subsequently made his career at the Squibb Institute for Medical Research, Princeton, New Jersey, USA.

Correspondence and papers re career and appointments  ABRAHAM/H/1/50/H.197-H.199  1975-1992

Former reference: H.197-H.199

3 items

3 folders.

Correspondence and papers re research, publications etc  ABRAHAM/H/1/50/H.200-H.201  1977-1994

Former reference: H.200, H.201

2 items

2 folders.

Pang C.-P.  ABRAHAM/H/1/51  1975-1996

Former reference: H.202-H.211

Administrative history:
Pang was born in Hong Kong and took a first degree at Chelsea College, University of London, 1975-1978 before becoming a D. Phil. student at Oxford under Abraham's supervision, 1978-1981. He was a postdoctoral research assistant in Abraham's laboratory, 1982-1983. His career was subsequently based at the Department of Chemical Pathology, Faculty of Medicine, Chinese University of Hong Kong. See C.284 for laboratory notes by Pang.

Correspondence and papers re career and appointments  ABRAHAM/H/1/51/H.202-H.203  1978-1994

Former reference: H.202, H.203

2 items

2 folders.

Correspondence and papers re research, publications, visits etc  ABRAHAM/H/1/51/H.204-H.210  1978-1996

Former reference: H.204-H.210

7 items

7 folders.

Duplicated research notes  ABRAHAM/H/1/51/H.211  1975-1978

Former reference: H.211

Pre-date Pang's arrival at Oxford but found with papers relating to his work.

Park, J.T.  ABRAHAM/H/1/52  1970

Former reference: H.212

1 item

Administrative history:
Park was based at the Department of Microbiology, University of Umea, Sweden.

Correspondence re visit to Oxford 1970.

Perry, D.  ABRAHAM/H/1/53  1974-1989

Former reference: H.213-H.226

Administrative history:
Perry came from the University of Birmingham to work in a postdoctoral position in Abraham's laboratory, 1974-1978, on the mechanism of action of the dipeptide antibiotic bacilysin. After a period at Princeton he returned to Abraham's laboratory in 1983 to work on isopenicillin N synthetase before moving to a lectureship at the Polytechnic of Central London. See C.1071-C.1074 for related material.

Correspondence and papers re career and appointments  ABRAHAM/H/1/53/H.213-H.215  1974-1986

Former reference: H.213-H.215

3 folders.

Correspondence and papers re research and publications  ABRAHAM/H/1/53/H.216-H.221  1974-1989

Former reference: H.216-H.221

6 folders.

Research notes and drafts  ABRAHAM/H/1/53/H.222-H.226  1976, 1977, n.d.

Former reference: H.222-H.226

5 folders.

Richmond, M.H.  ABRAHAM/H/1/54  1970-1978

Former reference: H.227

1 item

Administrative history:
Richmond was Professor of Bacteriology, University of Bristol.

Correspondence re research etc.

Robinson, R.  ABRAHAM/H/1/55  1971-1990

Former reference: H.228-H.231

Correspondence re historical reflections, Robinson's scientific memoirs, biography of Robinson etc.

Correspondence with Robinson re history of penicillamine, etc  ABRAHAM/H/1/55/H.228  1971-1975

Former reference: H.228

The sequence includes Abraham's correspondence with W. Baker on the same subject and a brief outline of the work on penicillin and cephalosporin with which Abraham was concerned between 1940 and 1961.

Photocopies of Baker's correspondence with Robinson on penicillamine, and 'Some recollections of the early work on penicillamine' by Baker  ABRAHAM/H/1/55/H.229  1971

Former reference: H.229

Correspondence re section of Robinson's memoirs on penicillin sent to Abraham by Lady Robinson after his death 'for help on checking the chemistry and putting in formulae'  ABRAHAM/H/1/55/H.230  1975

Former reference: H.230

Includes corrected typescript on 'chemistry of penicillin'.

Correspondence and papers  ABRAHAM/H/1/55/H.231  1976, 1983-1990

Former reference: H.231

Correspondence, 1983-1990, is re biography of Robinson by T.I. Williams.

Sabath, L.D.  ABRAHAM/H/1/56  1962-1993

Former reference: H.232-H.246

12 items

Administrative history:
Sabath came from the Harvard Medical School, Boston, Massachusetts, to work in Abraham's laboratory as a US Public Health Service Special Research Fellow, September 1963-September 1964, his support being renewed for a second year. He returned to the Harvard Medical School subsequently moving to the Department of Medicine, University of Minnesota (Head of the Infectious Diseases Section) in 1974. In 1970 he accepted an invitation to become a Trustee of the E.P. Abraham Cephalosporin Fund.

See C.233 for laboratory notes by Sabath.

Correspondence re arrangements to come to Oxford, research, publications and visits  ABRAHAM/H/1/56/H.232-H.245  1962-1993

Former reference: H.232-H.245

11 items

1962  ABRAHAM/H/1/56/H.232-H.245/H.232  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.232

1963  ABRAHAM/H/1/56/H.232-H.245/H.233  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.233

1964  ABRAHAM/H/1/56/H.232-H.245/H.234  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.234

1965  ABRAHAM/H/1/56/H.232-H.245/H.235-H.236  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.235, H.236

2 folders.

1966  ABRAHAM/H/1/56/H.232-H.245/H.237-H.238  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.237, H.238

2 folders.

1967-1970  ABRAHAM/H/1/56/H.232-H.245/H.239  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.239

1971  ABRAHAM/H/1/56/H.232-H.245/H.240-H.241  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.240, H.241

2 folders.

1972-1973  ABRAHAM/H/1/56/H.232-H.245/H.242  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.242

1974-1975  ABRAHAM/H/1/56/H.232-H.245/H.243  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.243

1976-1985  ABRAHAM/H/1/56/H.232-H.245/H.244  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.244

1987-1993  ABRAHAM/H/1/56/H.232-H.245/H.245  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.245

Correspondence and papers re career and appointments  ABRAHAM/H/1/56/H.246  1967,1972

Former reference: H.246

Schaaf, C.H.  ABRAHAM/H/1/57  1971-1993

Former reference: H.247, H.248

2 items

Administrative history:
Schaaf was Resident Representative of the United Nations Development Programme in Ceylon when the correspondence was initiated.

Principally non-scientific correspondence but includes a few references to Abraham's work. 2 folders.

Stevens, C.M.  ABRAHAM/H/1/58  1972-1980

Former reference: H.249-H.253

5 items

Administrative history:
Stevens came from the Chemistry Department, Washington State University, Pullman to spend a sabbatical year in Abraham's laboratory, 1973-1974.

Correspondence and papers re arrangements for sabbatical, research, publications etc. 5 folders.

Thorniley, M.S.  ABRAHAM/H/1/59  1984-1986

Former reference: H.254, H.255

2 items

Administrative history:
Thorniley was appointed as a research assistant in the Sir William Dunn School of Pathology from 1 October 1984. She worked on the isolation and properties of isopenicillin N synthetase, an enzyme with a central role in the biosynthesis of penicillins and cephalosporins.

See C.1083-C.1088 for laboratory notes by Thorniley.

Correspondence re appointment etc  ABRAHAM/H/1/59/H.254  1984-1985

Former reference: H.254

Research notes and drafts  ABRAHAM/H/1/59/H.255  1986 and n.d.

Former reference: H.255

Umezawa, H.  ABRAHAM/H/1/60  1972-1986

Former reference: H.256-H.266

Administrative history:
Umezawa was Director of the Institute of Microbial Chemistry, Microbial Chemistry Research Foundation, Tokyo, Japan. He was the leading chemical microbiologist in Japan, distinguished for his discovery and study of compounds with biological activity produced by microorganisms, particularly by actinomycetes. He visited Oxford on a number of occasions, receiving an honorary degree from the University in 1981. He died in 1986.

See also H.419.

Correspondence re visits to Oxford, honorary degree etc  ABRAHAM/H/1/60/H.256-H.261  1972-1986

Former reference: H.256-H.261

6 items

6 folders.

Obituary and miscellaneous biographical information  ABRAHAM/H/1/60/H.262-H.266  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.262-H.266

5 items

5 folders.

Umezawa, K.  ABRAHAM/H/1/61  1972-1986

Former reference: H.267, H.268

2 items

Administrative history:
Kazuo Umezawa was the son of H. Umezawa. In 1973 he came to Oxford to read medicine after obtaining a Ph.D. in Chemistry at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (supervisor J.C. Sheehan).

Correspondence and papers re move to Oxford in 1973 and subsequent visits.

1972-1973  ABRAHAM/H/1/61/H.267  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.267

1976-1977, 1982-1983, 1986  ABRAHAM/H/1/61/H.268  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.268

Usher, J.J.  ABRAHAM/H/1/62  1970-1991

Former reference: H.269-H.281

13 items

Administrative history:
Usher undertook D.Phil research under Abraham's supervision, 1970-1974, working on the role of certain peptides and antibiotics in the synthesis of penicillins and cephalosporins.

Correspondence and papers re career, appointments and publications  ABRAHAM/H/1/62/H.269-H.276  1970-1991

Former reference: H.269-H.276

8 items

8 folders.

Research notes and drafts  ABRAHAM/H/1/62/H.277-H.281  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.277-H.281

5 items

5 folders.

Vandamme, E.J.M.C.  ABRAHAM/H/1/63  1973-1994

Former reference: H.282-H.286

Administrative history:
Vandamme came from the University of Ghent, Belgium to work in Abraham's laboratory during the summer of 1973 on the mode of a peptide antibiotic bacilysin which inhibits bacterial cell wall synthesis. Abraham was a member of the board of examiners for Vandamme's D.Sc. thesis in 1976.

Correspondence re arrangements for stay in Oxford, research, publications, D.Sc. thesis, etc H.286 Correspondence re career and appointments, 1985-1994.  ABRAHAM/H/1/63/H.282-H.285  1973-1977

Former reference: H.282-H.285

4 items

4 folders.

Correspondence re career and appointments  ABRAHAM/H/1/63/H.286  1985-1994

Former reference: H.286

Vanderhaeghe, H.  ABRAHAM/H/1/64  1973-1987

Former reference: H.287, H.288

2 items

Administrative history:
Vanderhaeghe was based at the Rega Instituut, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium and researched in the penicillin field. Abraham gave a lecture on 'Beta-Lactam Antiobiotics: Science and Serendipity' on the occasion of Vanderhaeghe's retirement in 1987.

Correspondence re research, visits, etc.  ABRAHAM/H/1/64/H.287  1973-1987

Former reference: H.287

Correspondence re Abraham's visit on the occasion of Vanderhaeghe's retirement and draft of his lecture  ABRAHAM/H/1/64/H.288  1987

Former reference: H.288

Vlietinck, A.J.  ABRAHAM/H/1/65  1977

Former reference: H.289

1 item

Administrative history:
Vlietninck was based at the Pharmacy Department, Antwerp University.

Correspondence re proposed research project on Levamisole, 'a new drug with immunoregulatory properties'.

Waley, S.G.  ABRAHAM/H/1/66  1969-1994

Former reference: H.290-H.297

8 items

Administrative history:
Waley was Senior Research Officer, Nuffield Laboratory of Ophthalmology, Oxford, 1954-1970 and University Lecturer in Pathology, Sir William Dunn School of Pathology, Oxford, 1970-1989. He was particularly noted for his work on the mechanism by which enzymes exert their activity by converting one chemical substance to another. He died in 1993.

Correspondence and papers re move to Sir William Dunn School of Pathology  ABRAHAM/H/1/66/H.290  1969-1970

Former reference: H.290

Research notes and drafts  ABRAHAM/H/1/66/H.291-H.296  1973-1977, n.d.

Former reference: H.291-H.296

6 items

6 folders.

Correspondence and papers  ABRAHAM/H/1/66/H.297  1989-1994

Former reference: H.297

Includes obituary by Abraham, Independent, 1 January 1994.

Walker, J.E.  ABRAHAM/H/1/67  1969-1997

Former reference: H.298-H.301

4 items

Administrative history:
Walker undertook D.Phil. research under Abraham's supervision, 1966-1969, working on the isolation, structure and biological properties of a peptide antibiotic. After a number of postdoctoral positions in the USA and Europe he became a staff scientist at the MRC Molecular Biology Laboratory, Cambridge. He was awarded the 1997 Nobel Prize for Chemistry for work on the enzymatic mechanism underlying the synthesis of adenosine triphosphate (ATP).

See C.237-C.240 for laboratory notes etc by Walker.

Correspondence re research and publications  ABRAHAM/H/1/67/H.298-H.300  1969-1997

Former reference: H.298-H.300

1969-September 1970  ABRAHAM/H/1/67/H.298-H.300/H.298  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.298

Includes photographs.

October-December 1970  ABRAHAM/H/1/67/H.298-H.300/H.299  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.299

1971-1973, 1988, 1995, 1997  ABRAHAM/H/1/67/H.298-H.300/H.300  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.300

Administrative history:
Walker's letter to Abraham of 10 August 1995 gave him 'the opportunity to write to... express my appreciation of the help and guidance that you gave me at a critical time in my scientific development'.

Correspondence and papers re career and appointments  ABRAHAM/H/1/67/H.301  1969-1976

Former reference: H.301

Warren, S.G.  ABRAHAM/H/1/68  1966-1967, 1980

Former reference: H.302

1 item

Administrative history:
Warren was based at the Sir William Dunn School of Pathology, 1962-1966, working in close association with G.G.F. Newton on the problem of the biosynthesis of antibiotics by certain fungi.

Correspondence re research and career.

White, R.L.  ABRAHAM/H/1/69  1979-1989

Former reference: H.303-H.305

3 items

Administrative history:
White came from McMaster University, Ontario, Canada in November 1979 to work as a Postdoctoral Fellow in Abraham's group on penicillin-cephalosporin biosynthesis, returning to Canada in 1981.

Correspondence re research, publications, career and appointments. H.303-H.305 Includes references and recommendations. 3 folders.

Wylie, J.A.H.  ABRAHAM/H/1/70  1968-1987

Former reference: H.306-H.334

19 items

Administrative history:
Wylie was a microbiologist and experimental pathologist. He came to Oxford in 1945 as assistant bacteriologist in the Emergency Public Health Service, temporarily situated in the Sir William Dunn School of Pathology. After two years he became departmental demonstrator in the same building. He was helped through difficult times in his later years by many friends and former colleagues including Abraham.

Correspondence and papers.

1968  ABRAHAM/H/1/70/H.306  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.306

1969  ABRAHAM/H/1/70/H.307-H.308  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.307, H.308

2 folders.

1970  ABRAHAM/H/1/70/H.309-H.310  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.309, H.310

2 folders.

1971  ABRAHAM/H/1/70/H.311-H.312  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.311, H.312

2 folders.

1972  ABRAHAM/H/1/70/H.313-H.314  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.313, H.314

2 folders.

1973  ABRAHAM/H/1/70/H.315  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.315

1974  ABRAHAM/H/1/70/H.316-H.317  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.316, H.317

2 folders.

1975  ABRAHAM/H/1/70/H.318-H.319  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.318, H.319

2 folders.

1976  ABRAHAM/H/1/70/H.320  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.320

1977  ABRAHAM/H/1/70/H.321-H.322  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.321, H.322

2 folders.

1978  ABRAHAM/H/1/70/H.323-H.324  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.323, H.324

2 folders.

1979  ABRAHAM/H/1/70/H.325  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.325

1980-1981  ABRAHAM/H/1/70/H.326  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.326

1982  ABRAHAM/H/1/70/H.327-H.328  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.327, H.328

2 folders.

1983-1984  ABRAHAM/H/1/70/H.329  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.329

1985-1987  ABRAHAM/H/1/70/H.330  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.330

Correspondence and drafts re obituary of Wylie (published in The Lancet, 7 November 1987)  ABRAHAM/H/1/70/H.331  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.331

Biographical information about Wylie  ABRAHAM/H/1/70/H.332  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.332

Including curriculum vitae and list of publications and photograph of Wylie.

Copies of Wylie's publications in the history of medicine and the history of religion  ABRAHAM/H/1/70/H.333-H.334  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.333, H.334

2 folders.


Former reference: H.335-H.495

136 items

Australia  ABRAHAM/H/2/1  1959-1995

Former reference: H.335-H.342

5 items

IUPAC International Symposium on the Chemistry of Natural Products, Melbourne, Canberra and Sydney, Australia, 15-25 August 1960  ABRAHAM/H/2/1/H.335-H.340  1959-1961

Former reference: H.335-H.340

3 items

See E.37, F.2 for related material.

Correspondence re arrangements for Abraham to give a paper at the symposium with associated visits and travel  ABRAHAM/H/2/1/H.335-H.340/H.335-H.338  1959-1960

Former reference: H.335-H.338

4 folders.

Abraham's addresses, 3 August-1 October 1960; reprint of his symposium paper, etc.  ABRAHAM/H/2/1/H.335-H.340/H.339  1960

Former reference: H.339

Correspondence arising from his visit to Australia  ABRAHAM/H/2/1/H.335-H.340/H.340  1960-1961

Former reference: H.340

Miscellaneous correspondence with Australian scientists  ABRAHAM/H/2/1/H.341-H.342  1961-1995

Former reference: H.341, H.342

2 items

1961-1966  ABRAHAM/H/2/1/H.341-H.342/H.341  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.341

1968-1972, 1976-1978, 1988, 1995  ABRAHAM/H/2/1/H.341-H.342/H.342  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.342

Belgium  ABRAHAM/H/2/2  1969-1993

Former reference: H.343-H.349

6 items

European Meeting on Medicinal Chemistry, Brussels, 14-17 September 1970  ABRAHAM/H/2/2/H.343-H.346  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.343-H.346

4 items

Administrative history:
Abraham gave a plenary lecture on 'Some contributions of synthesis and semisynthesis to antibacterial and antiviral chemotherapy'.

Correspondence re arrangements for meeting, publication of plenary lecture etc.  ABRAHAM/H/2/2/H.343-H.346/H.343  1969-1971

Former reference: H.343

Programme, list of participants, etc.  ABRAHAM/H/2/2/H.343-H.346/H.344  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.344

Typescript draft of Abraham's plenary lecture  ABRAHAM/H/2/2/H.343-H.346/H.345  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.345

Duplicated papers (? background material for lecture)  ABRAHAM/H/2/2/H.343-H.346/H.346  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.346

Miscellaneous correspondence with Belgian scientists  ABRAHAM/H/2/2/H.347  1972, 1976, 1983, 1978, 1989, 1993

Former reference: H.347

Correspondence and papers re the George Sarton Chair, University of Ghent  ABRAHAM/H/2/2/H.348-H.349  1988-1991

Former reference: H.348, H.349

Administrative history:
Abraham was chosen for the George Sarton Chair for the academic year, 1989-1990. He gave his Sarton Chair lecture on 'Reflections on the Development of the Penicillins and Cephalosporins'.

2 folders. A typescript draft of Abraham's lecture is at H.349.

Canada  ABRAHAM/H/2/3  1955-1985

Former reference: H.350-H.353

3 items

Miscellaneous correspondence with Canadian scientists  ABRAHAM/H/2/3/H.350  1955-1963

Former reference: H.350

Correspondence and papers re Symposium on Antibiotics, Ste Marguerite, Quebec, 1-3 March 1971  ABRAHAM/H/2/3/H.351-H.352  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.351, H.352

Administrative history:
Abraham gave a paper on 'Penicillins and Cephalosporins'.

2 folders. A typescript draft of Abraham's paper is at H.352.

Miscellaneous correspondence with Canadian scientists  ABRAHAM/H/2/3/H.353  1972-1973, 1981, 1985

Former reference: H.353

China  ABRAHAM/H/2/4  1982-1987

Former reference: H.354, H.355

2 items

Correspondence re review article by Abraham for the Chinese Journal of Antibiotics, with draft of article  ABRAHAM/H/2/4/H.354  1982-1984

Correspondence re visit to Abraham's department by Chinese scientist  ABRAHAM/H/2/4/H.355  1986-1987

Former reference: H.355

Czechoslovakia  ABRAHAM/H/2/5  1960-1974, 1986

Former reference: H.356-H.360

5 items

Correspondence and papers re Antibiotics Congress held in Prague, June 1964  ABRAHAM/H/2/5/H.356-H.358  1960, 1963-1965

Former reference: H.356-H.358

3 items

1960 research correspondence was found with the Congress papers. 3 folders.

Miscellaneous correspondence with Czechoslovak scientists  ABRAHAM/H/2/5/H.359, H.360  1961-1974, 1986

Former reference: H.359-H.360

2 items

2 folders.

Denmark  ABRAHAM/H/2/6  1971-1991

Former reference: H.361-H.363

2 items

Correspondence and papers re Euchem Conference on Antibiotics Biosynthesis and Function held in Aarhus 28 August-2 September 1972  ABRAHAM/H/2/6/H.361-H.362  1971-1972

Former reference: H.361, H.362

2 folders.

Miscellaneous correspondence with Danish scientists  ABRAHAM/H/2/6/H.363  1982-1991

Former reference: H.363

Germany  ABRAHAM/H/2/7  1970-1994

Former reference: H.364, H.365

2 items

Miscellaneous correspondence with German scientists.

1970-1979  ABRAHAM/H/2/7/H.364  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.364

1985-1994  ABRAHAM/H/2/7/H.365  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.365

Italy  ABRAHAM/H/2/8  1961-1991

Former reference: H.366-H.377

9 items

Correspondence re arrangements etc for A. Migliacci of Farmitalia to work for a period of six months in Abraham's laboratory  ABRAHAM/H/2/8/H.366  1961-1962

Former reference: H.366

Miscellaneous correspondence with Italian scientists  ABRAHAM/H/2/8/H.367  1962-1965

Former reference: H.367

Correspondence and papers re 6th International Congress of the International Society of Clinical Pathology held in Rome October 1966  ABRAHAM/H/2/8/H.368  1965-1966

Former reference: H.368

Administrative history:
Abraham gave a paper on 'Old and New Antibiotics' in a symposium on the evaluation of antibiotic activity.

Miscellaneous correspondence with Italian scientists and others  ABRAHAM/H/2/8/H.369  1968-1971

Former reference: H.369

Administrative history:
In 1971 Abraham stayed for a short period at the Rockefeller Foundation's Villa Serbelloni, Bellagio to write his memoir of Lord Florey for the Royal Society.

Miscellaneous correspondence with Italian scientists  ABRAHAM/H/2/8/H.370  1973-1976

Former reference: H.370

Correspondence and papers re scientific meetings held in Italy, 1978  ABRAHAM/H/2/8/H.371  1978

Former reference: H.371

Includes draft of Abraham's introductory remarks for round table on cerufoxime at 3rd International Symposium on 'Future Trends in Chemotherapy' held in Pisa, May 1978.

Correspondence and papers re symposium on 'Action of Antibiotics in Patients' held in Florence 18 July 1981 and publication of proceedings  ABRAHAM/H/2/8/H.372-H.373  1980-1981

Former reference: H.372, H.373

Administrative history:
Abraham gave a paper on 'Bioconversion of antibiotics'. The symposium was held just before the 12th International Congress of Chemotherapy, also held in Florence.

2 folders.

Correspondence and papers re symposium 'From Genetic Experimentation of Biotechnology the Critical Transition' held in Rome, 20-23 September 1981  ABRAHAM/H/2/8/H.374-H.375  1981

Former reference: H.374, H.375

Administrative history:
Abraham gave a paper on 'The development of penicillins and cephalosporins - similarities and contrasts'.

2 folders.

Correspondence and papers re international meeting on 'Trends in Microbial Resistance to Beta-Lactam Antibiotics Molecular Aspects and Clinical Implications' held in L'Aquila and Rome, 12-15 May 1990  ABRAHAM/H/2/8/H.376-H.377  1989-1991

Former reference: H.376, H.377

Administrative history:
The meeting marked the fiftieth anniversary of the paper by Abraham and E.B. Chain (Nature, Dec. 28, 1940) in which the ability of some bacterial extracts to destroy penicillin was reported. Abraham gave a paper on 'A retrospective view of beta-lactamases'. See J.29 for a related photograph.

2 folders.

'India and Pakistan'  ABRAHAM/H/2/9  1961-1987

Former reference: H.378-H.381

4 items

Contents of folder so inscribed: correspondence and papers re research, publications and visits.

1961-1969  ABRAHAM/H/2/9/H.378  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.378

1970-1979  ABRAHAM/H/2/9/H.379  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.379

1980-1987  ABRAHAM/H/2/9/H.380  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.380

'Herbal Therapeutics'  ABRAHAM/H/2/9/H.381  N.d.

Former reference: H.381

29pp typescript by R.R. Chaudhury.

Japan  ABRAHAM/H/2/10  1953-1992

Former reference: H.382-H.421

23 items

Correspondence with Japanese scientists  ABRAHAM/H/2/10/H.382  1953-1954, 1961-1962

Former reference: H.382

Correspondence and papers re IUPAC Symposium on 'The Chemistry of Natural Products Kyoto, 12-18 April 1964  ABRAHAM/H/2/10/H.383-H.388  1963-1964

Former reference: H.383-H.388

6 folders.

Correspondence with Japanese scientists  ABRAHAM/H/2/10/H.389  1965-1966

Former reference: H.389

Correspondence with Japanese scientists  ABRAHAM/H/2/10/H.390  1967

Former reference: H.390

Includes papers re the Journal of Antibiotics.

Correspondence with Japanese scientists  ABRAHAM/H/2/10/H.391  1968-1969

Former reference: H.391

Correspondence with Japanese scientists and others  ABRAHAM/H/2/10/H.392  1970-1971

Former reference: H.392

Correspondence with Japanese scientists and others  ABRAHAM/H/2/10/H.393  1972

Former reference: H.393

Administrative history:
Abraham had to cancel a visit to Kyoto for the 4th International Fermentation Symposium, 19-25 March.

Correspondence with Japanese scientists and others  ABRAHAM/H/2/10/H.394  1973

Former reference: H.394

Correspondence and papers re visit to Japan and the USA  ABRAHAM/H/2/10/H.395-H.400  1974

Former reference: H.395-H.400

Administrative history:
Abraham attended the First Intersectional Congress of the International Association of Microbiological Societies in Tokyo in early September and then flew to San Francisco for the Fourteenth Interscience Conference on Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy.

6 folders.

Correspondence with Japanese scientists  ABRAHAM/H/2/10/H.401  1974-1977

Former reference: H.401

Correspondence and papers re visit to Japan in 1977  ABRAHAM/H/2/10/H.402-H.408  1976-1977

Former reference: H.402-H.408

7 items

Administrative history:
Abraham attended a meeting to mark the 15th anniversary of the Microbial Chemistry Research Foundation Institute of Microbial Chemistry and the 30th anniversary of the Journal of Antibiotics, Tokyo, 25 and 26 October. He gave a lecture at the meeting on -lactam Antibiotics and Related Substances. Abraham also visited other locations in Japan and India and Malaysia.

7 folders.

Correspondence with Japanese scientists  ABRAHAM/H/2/10/H.409  1978

Former reference: H.409

Correspondence with Japanese scientists  ABRAHAM/H/2/10/H.410-H.411  1979

Former reference: H.410, H.411

2 folders.

Correspondence with Japanese scientists  ABRAHAM/H/2/10/H.412  1980

Former reference: H.412

Includes 'A short history of the beta-lactam antibiotics', 17pp typescript by Abraham for a volume on beta-lactam antibiotics.

Correspondence with Japanese scientists  ABRAHAM/H/2/10/H.413  1981

Former reference: H.413

Correspondence with Japanese scientists  ABRAHAM/H/2/10/H.414  1982

Former reference: H.414

Correspondence with Japanese scientists  ABRAHAM/H/2/10/H.415  1983

Former reference: H.415

Correspondence with Japanese scientists  ABRAHAM/H/2/10/H.416  1984

Former reference: H.416

Includes 'A brief history of the discovery of the penicillins and cephalosporins', 12pp typescript + references and figures by Abraham.

Correspondence with Japanese scientists  ABRAHAM/H/2/10/H.417  1985

Former reference: H.417

Includes Abraham's curriculum vitae after 1979.

Correspondence with Japanese scientists  ABRAHAM/H/2/10/H.418  1986

Former reference: H.418

Includes Abraham's curriculum vitae.

Correspondence with Japanese scientists  ABRAHAM/H/2/10/H.419  1987-1988

Former reference: H.419

Includes correspondence and papers re obituary and memorial symposium for H. Umezawa, Director of the Microbial Chemistry Research Foundation Institute of Microbial Chemistry and re Journal of Antibiotics.

Correspondence with Japanese scientists  ABRAHAM/H/2/10/H.420  1989-1990

Former reference: H.420

Includes correspondence and papers re Journal of Antibiotics.

Correspondence with S. Yamabe, System Director of Drug Research System International  ABRAHAM/H/2/10/H.421  1991-1992

Former reference: H.421

'Malaysia'  ABRAHAM/H/2/11  1976-1994

Former reference: H.422-H.429

8 items

The sequence includes correspondence with Singaporean scientists.

Correspondence with Malaysian scientists  ABRAHAM/H/2/11/H.422  1976-1977

Former reference: H.422

Administrative history:
Includes invitation from Royal Society for Abraham to consider Royal Society Inter-University Council Visiting Professorship at the University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur. Abraham visited the Department of Genetics and Cellular Biology at the University for a few days in October 1977.

Correspondence with Ho Coy Choke of the Department of Genetics and Cellular Biology, University of Malaya and others  ABRAHAM/H/2/11/H.423  1980-1981

Former reference: H.423

Correspondence and papers re First Asian Workshop on Fermentation Technology held in Kuala Lumpur, 22-24 February 1982  ABRAHAM/H/2/11/H.424-H.426  1981-1982

Former reference: H.424-H.426

3 items

Administrative history:
Abraham spoke at the Kuala Lumpur meeting on 'Beta-lactam Antibiotics' and the 'Biosynthesis of beta-lactam Antibiotics'. He also visited Singapore and Sri Lanka. See also F.53A.

3 folders.

Correspondence with Malaysian and Singaporean scientists  ABRAHAM/H/2/11/H.427  1982-1985

Former reference: H.427

Correspondence with Malaysian and Singaporean scientists  ABRAHAM/H/2/11/H.428  1986-1988

Former reference: H.428

Correspondence with Ho Coy Choke, Department of Genetics and Cellular Biology, University of Malaya  ABRAHAM/H/2/11/H.429  1989-1994

Former reference: H.429

Spain  ABRAHAM/H/2/12  1970-1993

Former reference: H.430-H.432

3 items

Correspondence re article on the chemistry of new antibiotics for Tribuna Medica  ABRAHAM/H/2/12/H.430  1970-1971

Former reference: H.430

Correspondence and papers re Third International Symposium on Yeast Protoplasts in Salamanca 2-5 October 1972  ABRAHAM/H/2/12/H.431  1972

Former reference: H.431

Correspondence with Spanish scientists re research and visits  ABRAHAM/H/2/12/H.432  1978-1981, 1986, 1993

Former reference: H.432

Sweden  ABRAHAM/H/2/13  1975-1992

Former reference: H.433-H.438

6 items

Correspondence and papers re visit to Sweden in December 1975  ABRAHAM/H/2/13/H.433-H.437  1975-1976

Former reference: H.433-H.437

5 items

Administrative history:
Abraham was invited by the British Council to visit the University of Umea and by the Pharmacological Society of Sweden to give its Scheele lecture.

5 folders.

Correspondence with Swedish scientists and others  ABRAHAM/H/2/13/H.438  1976, 1984-1992

Former reference: H.438

USA  ABRAHAM/H/2/14  1946-1993, n.d.

Former reference: H.439-H.493

54 items

General correspondence with American scientists and others  ABRAHAM/H/2/14/H.439-H.464  1946-1991

Former reference: H.439-H.464

26 items

1946-1949  ABRAHAM/H/2/14/H.439-H.464/H.439  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.439

1950-1951  ABRAHAM/H/2/14/H.439-H.464/H.440  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.440

1952  ABRAHAM/H/2/14/H.439-H.464/H.441  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.441

1953  ABRAHAM/H/2/14/H.439-H.464/H.442  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.442

1954  ABRAHAM/H/2/14/H.439-H.464/H.443  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.443

1955 January-June  ABRAHAM/H/2/14/H.439-H.464/H.444  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.444

1955 July-December  ABRAHAM/H/2/14/H.439-H.464/H.445  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.445

1956-1957  ABRAHAM/H/2/14/H.439-H.464/H.446  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.446

1958  ABRAHAM/H/2/14/H.439-H.464/H.447  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.447

1959  ABRAHAM/H/2/14/H.439-H.464/H.448  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.448

1960  ABRAHAM/H/2/14/H.439-H.464/H.449  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.449

1961  ABRAHAM/H/2/14/H.439-H.464/H.450  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.450

1962 January-April  ABRAHAM/H/2/14/H.439-H.464/H.451  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.451

Includes papers re 1962 Gordon Conference on Medicinal Chemistry.

1962 May-December  ABRAHAM/H/2/14/H.439-H.464/H.452  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.452

Includes papers re 1962 Gordon Conference on Medicinal Chemistry.

1963  ABRAHAM/H/2/14/H.439-H.464/H.453  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.453

1964  ABRAHAM/H/2/14/H.439-H.464/H.454  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.454

1965-1966  ABRAHAM/H/2/14/H.439-H.464/H.455  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.455

1967  ABRAHAM/H/2/14/H.439-H.464/H.456  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.456

Includes short article on E.B. Chain written by Abraham for Encyclopedia Americana.

1968  ABRAHAM/H/2/14/H.439-H.464/H.457  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.457

1969  ABRAHAM/H/2/14/H.439-H.464/H.458  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.458

1970  ABRAHAM/H/2/14/H.439-H.464/H.459  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.459

1971-1972  ABRAHAM/H/2/14/H.439-H.464/H.460  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.460

1973  ABRAHAM/H/2/14/H.439-H.464/H.461  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.461

Correspondence and papers re visit to the USA by Abraham in May.

1975, 1978-1979  ABRAHAM/H/2/14/H.439-H.464/H.462  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.462

1980-1981, 1984-1988  ABRAHAM/H/2/14/H.439-H.464/H.463  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.463

1990-1991, n.d.  ABRAHAM/H/2/14/H.439-H.464/H.464  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.464

Harvard University  ABRAHAM/H/2/14/H.465-H.469  1978-1993

Former reference: H.465-H.469

5 items

1978  ABRAHAM/H/2/14/H.465-H.469/H.465  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.465

Administrative history:
Abraham gave a talk on the early history of the cephalosporins. Symposium proceedings were published in the first issue of Reviews of Infectious Diseases, January-February 1979.

Includes correspondence and papers re symposium on the cephalosporin derivative cefoxitin held at Harvard in May.

1979  ABRAHAM/H/2/14/H.465-H.469/H.466  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.466

Includes draft by Abraham on 'Fleming's Discovery' for Reviews of Infectious Diseases.

1980-1984  ABRAHAM/H/2/14/H.465-H.469/H.467  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.467

1985  ABRAHAM/H/2/14/H.465-H.469/H.468  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.468

Includes partial draft, pp14-23, probably for Abraham's 1985 Maxwell Finland Lecture on the beta-lactam antibiotics.

1988, 1993  ABRAHAM/H/2/14/H.465-H.469/H.469  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.469

Lederle Laboratories  ABRAHAM/H/2/14/H.470-H.471  1959-1963

Former reference: H.470, H.471

2 items

Correspondence with colleagues at Lederle Laboratories, Pearl River, New York.

1959-1960  ABRAHAM/H/2/14/H.470-H.471/H.470  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.470

1961-1963  ABRAHAM/H/2/14/H.470-H.471/H.471  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.471

Massachusetts Institute of Technology  ABRAHAM/H/2/14/H.472-H.476  1973-1991

Former reference: H.472-H.476

5 items

Correspondence with colleagues at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology re research, visits, publications etc.

1973-1977  ABRAHAM/H/2/14/H.472-H.476/H.472  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.472

1978-1979  ABRAHAM/H/2/14/H.472-H.476/H.473  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.473

1980-1981  ABRAHAM/H/2/14/H.472-H.476/H.474  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.474

Includes Abraham and N.G. Heatley's comments on the typescript of J.C. Sheehan's book The enchanted ring: the untold story of penicillin and Abraham's foreword for the book.

1982  ABRAHAM/H/2/14/H.472-H.476/H.475  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.475

1983-1991  ABRAHAM/H/2/14/H.472-H.476/H.476  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.476

'Rutgers'  ABRAHAM/H/2/14/H.477-H.480  1957-1981

Former reference: H.477-H.480

3 items

Correspondence re visit to Rutgers and other US research centres on the occasion of Abraham's CIBA Lectures, January-May  ABRAHAM/H/2/14/H.477-H.480/H.477  1957

Former reference: H.477

Correspondence and papers re publication of lectures, June-December  ABRAHAM/H/2/14/H.477-H.480/H.478-H.479  1957

Former reference: H.478, H.479

2 folders.

Correspondence with colleagues at Rutgers and others  ABRAHAM/H/2/14/H.477-H.480/H.480  1957-1960, 1972-1981

Former reference: H.480

University of California, Berkeley  ABRAHAM/H/2/14/H.481-H.482  1977-1988

Former reference: H.481, H.482

2 items

Correspondence with colleagues at Berkeley, principally Melvin Calvin and others at the Laboratory of Chemical Biodynamics.

1977-1980  ABRAHAM/H/2/14/H.481-H.482/H.481  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.481

1982-1988  ABRAHAM/H/2/14/H.481-H.482/H.482  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.482

University of Wisconsin-Madison  ABRAHAM/H/2/14/H.483-H.493  1973-1986

Former reference: H.483-H.493

11 items

Correspondence with colleagues at Madison re research collaboration in the field of penicillin and cephalosporin biosynthesis, visits etc. Abraham's principal correspondent is C.J. Sih of the School of Pharmacy.

1973 January-April  ABRAHAM/H/2/14/H.483-H.493/H.483  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.483

1973 May-June  ABRAHAM/H/2/14/H.483-H.493/H.484  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.484

1973 July-September  ABRAHAM/H/2/14/H.483-H.493/H.485  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.485

1973 October-December  ABRAHAM/H/2/14/H.483-H.493/H.486  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.486

1974 January-June  ABRAHAM/H/2/14/H.483-H.493/H.487  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.487

1974 July-November  ABRAHAM/H/2/14/H.483-H.493/H.488  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.488

1975 January-June  ABRAHAM/H/2/14/H.483-H.493/H.489  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.489

1975 August-September  ABRAHAM/H/2/14/H.483-H.493/H.490  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.490

1977  ABRAHAM/H/2/14/H.483-H.493/H.491  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.491

1978  ABRAHAM/H/2/14/H.483-H.493/H.492  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.492

Includes papers re meeting on 'Mechanisms of -lactam Antibiotics' at Madison, 15 December.

1979-1986  ABRAHAM/H/2/14/H.483-H.493/H.493  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.493

USSR  ABRAHAM/H/2/15  1960-1984

Former reference: H.494, H.495

2 items

Correspondence with colleagues re research, visits etc.

1960-1962  ABRAHAM/H/2/15/H.494  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.494

1963-1967, 1984  ABRAHAM/H/2/15/H.495  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.495


Former reference: H.496-H.534

39 items

A chronological sequence of shorter correspondence re research, visits, publications, equipment and supplies, etc.

1944, 1947, 1949  ABRAHAM/H/3/H.496  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.496

1950-1952  ABRAHAM/H/3/H.497  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.497

1953-1955  ABRAHAM/H/3/H.498  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.498

1956  ABRAHAM/H/3/H.499  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.499

1957  ABRAHAM/H/3/H.500  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.500

1958  ABRAHAM/H/3/H.501  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.501

1959  ABRAHAM/H/3/H.502  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.502

1960  ABRAHAM/H/3/H.503  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.503

1961  ABRAHAM/H/3/H.504  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.504

1962  ABRAHAM/H/3/H.505  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.505

1963  ABRAHAM/H/3/H.506  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.506

Includes experimental results.

1964 January-June  ABRAHAM/H/3/H.507  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.507

1964 July-December  ABRAHAM/H/3/H.508  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.508

1965 January-May  ABRAHAM/H/3/H.509  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.509

Includes 'Commentary & Dialogue' for ?radio broadcast on a new antibiotic from the fungus cephalosporium.

1965 June-November  ABRAHAM/H/3/H.510  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.510

1966  ABRAHAM/H/3/H.511  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.511

1967  ABRAHAM/H/3/H.512  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.512

1968  ABRAHAM/H/3/H.513  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.513

1969  ABRAHAM/H/3/H.514  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.514

1970-1971  ABRAHAM/H/3/H.515  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.515

1972  ABRAHAM/H/3/H.516  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.516

1973 January-June  ABRAHAM/H/3/H.517  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.517

1973 August-December  ABRAHAM/H/3/H.518  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.518

1974  ABRAHAM/H/3/H.519  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.519

Includes review of book on protoplasts and article on 'Some British Contributions to Antibiotics and Progress in Chemotherapy', both by Abraham.

1975  ABRAHAM/H/3/H.520  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.520

Includes short article on the cephalosporins by Abraham for the Oxford Medical School Gazette.

1976  ABRAHAM/H/3/H.521  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.521

1977  ABRAHAM/H/3/H.522  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.522

1978  ABRAHAM/H/3/H.523  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.523

1979  ABRAHAM/H/3/H.524  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.524

1980  ABRAHAM/H/3/H.525  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.525

1981-1982  ABRAHAM/H/3/H.526  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.526

1983-1985  ABRAHAM/H/3/H.527  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.527

1986-1989  ABRAHAM/H/3/H.528  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.528

1990-1991  ABRAHAM/H/3/H.529  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.529

1992-1993  ABRAHAM/H/3/H.530  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.530

1994  ABRAHAM/H/3/H.531  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.531

1995  ABRAHAM/H/3/H.532  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.532

1996-1998  ABRAHAM/H/3/H.533  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.533

N.d.  ABRAHAM/H/3/H.534  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.534


Former reference: H.535-H.563

25 items

Miscellaneous correspondence and papers re appointments, promotions, grant applications etc  ABRAHAM/H/4/1  1958-1996

Former reference: H.535-H.549

14 items

1958, 1964-1966  ABRAHAM/H/4/1/H.535  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.535

1967-1969  ABRAHAM/H/4/1/H.536  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.536

1970-1971  ABRAHAM/H/4/1/H.537  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.537

1972-1976  ABRAHAM/H/4/1/H.538  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.538

1977  ABRAHAM/H/4/1/H.539  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.539

1978-1979  ABRAHAM/H/4/1/H.540  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.540

1980-1982  ABRAHAM/H/4/1/H.541  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.541

1983-1984  ABRAHAM/H/4/1/H.542  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.542

1985-1986  ABRAHAM/H/4/1/H.543  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.543

1988  ABRAHAM/H/4/1/H.544-H.545  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.544, H.545

2 folders.

1989  ABRAHAM/H/4/1/H.546  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.546

1991  ABRAHAM/H/4/1/H.547  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.547

1992-1994  ABRAHAM/H/4/1/H.548  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.548

1995-1996  ABRAHAM/H/4/1/H.549  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.549

Indian higher education and research institutions  ABRAHAM/H/4/2  1961-1976

Former reference: H.550-H.559

7 items

Correspondence and papers re external examining.

Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore  ABRAHAM/H/4/2/3  1961-1976

Former reference: H.553-H.558

6 items

1961-1962  ABRAHAM/H/4/2/3/H.553  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.553

1964-1965  ABRAHAM/H/4/2/3/H.554  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.554

1965  ABRAHAM/H/4/2/3/H.555  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.555

1967-1968  ABRAHAM/H/4/2/3/H.556  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.556

1968-1969  ABRAHAM/H/4/2/3/H.557  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.557

1974-1976  ABRAHAM/H/4/2/3/H.558  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.558

University of Calcutta  ABRAHAM/H/4/2/4  1965

Former reference: H.559

1 item

Malaysia  ABRAHAM/H/4/3  1977-1994

Former reference: H.560-H.563

4 items

Correspondence re external examining and refereeing for the University of Malaya.

1977-1979  ABRAHAM/H/4/3/H.560  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.560

1984  ABRAHAM/H/4/3/H.561  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.561

1985-1989  ABRAHAM/H/4/3/H.562  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.562

1994  ABRAHAM/H/4/3/H.563  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.563


Former reference: SECTION J

42 items

PHOTOGRAPHS  ABRAHAM/J/1  1930-1995, n.d.

Former reference: J.1-J.31

30 items

Abraham and family  ABRAHAM/J/1/J.1-J.15  1930-ca 1990, n.d.

Former reference: J.1-J.15

14 items

2 photographs (mounted) of school hockey teams, including Abraham  ABRAHAM/J/1/J.1-J.15/J.1-J.2  1930

Former reference: J.1, J.2

The photograph in J.1 is inscribed 'King Edward VI School. Hockey Eleven 1930'. 2 folders.

Photograph (mounted) of school rugby team, including Abraham, inscribed 'School 2nd XV 1930'  ABRAHAM/J/1/J.1-J.15/J.3  1930

Former reference: J.3

Abraham in group photograph (mounted), possibly from his undergraduate years  ABRAHAM/J/1/J.1-J.15/J.4  1932x1936

Former reference: J.4

Abraham seated on a terrace, possibly on a visit to Norway  ABRAHAM/J/1/J.1-J.15/J.5  N.d.

Former reference: J.5

Abraham and [?his wife] on a picnic, n.d.  ABRAHAM/J/1/J.1-J.15/J.6  [n.d.]

Former reference: J.6

2 photographs of Abraham standing in a room, location unknown  ABRAHAM/J/1/J.1-J.15/J.7  N.d.

Former reference: J.7

Portrait of Abraham  ABRAHAM/J/1/J.1-J.15/J.8  N.d.

Former reference: J.8

Abraham and his wife, inscribed on verso 'Dr and Mrs Abraham, June 1975'  ABRAHAM/J/1/J.1-J.15/J.9  1975

Former reference: J.9

Abraham at home, inscribed '19 February 1978, by S. Kuwabara'  ABRAHAM/J/1/J.1-J.15/J.10  1978

Former reference: J.10

Abraham, with mountain scenery in background, possibly taken in Norway  ABRAHAM/J/1/J.1-J.15/J.11  ?1979

Former reference: J.11

Portrait of Abraham in later years seated at a desk  ABRAHAM/J/1/J.1-J.15/J.12  N.d.

Former reference: J.12

Portrait of Abraham in later years  ABRAHAM/J/1/J.1-J.15/J.13  [n.d.]

Former reference: J.13

Abraham standing on a roof top, possibly of his home  ABRAHAM/J/1/J.1-J.15/J.14  N.d.

Former reference: J.14

Abraham reading in a chair in later years  ABRAHAM/J/1/J.1-J.15/J.15  [n.d.]

Former reference: J.15

Visits, events and colleagues  ABRAHAM/J/1/J.16-J.31  ca 1938-1995, n.d.

Former reference: J.16-J.31

16 items

Various photographs of Abraham and some of his colleagues and others taken at conferences and events.

Photographs, one each of Abraham [ca 1938-1950]; Ernst Chain, n.d.; and Howard Florey, n.d.  ABRAHAM/J/1/J.16-J.31/J.16  [n.d.]

Former reference: J.16

Group photograph of Abraham and other Royal Society medallists, 1980  ABRAHAM/J/1/J.16-J.31/J.17  1980

Former reference: J.17

Administrative history:
Abraham received the Mullard Prize in 1980.

Inscribed 'Sir Denys Wilkinson, Professor W.F. Vinen, Dr. J.P. Wild, Sir Edward Abraham, Dr. F.J.M Farley, Dr. C. Milstein, Professor A.W Johnson, Sir Derek Barton, Professor Henry Harris, Professor Wright'.

Photograph of a portrait of Robert Robinson with inscription: 'Pleased to have your photo in the D.P album. Original at R. Soc. rooms', 4 November  ABRAHAM/J/1/J.16-J.31/J.18  1955

Former reference: J.18

Photograph of Guy Newton  ABRAHAM/J/1/J.16-J.31/J.19  N.d.

Former reference: J.19

Abraham and Edwin H. Flynn in front of an exhibition display  ABRAHAM/J/1/J.16-J.31/J.20  N.d.

Former reference: J.20

Labelled on verso: 'Professor E.P Abraham, who was involved in the early development work on the cephalosporins in Oxford, recently visited Eli Lilly in Indianapolis. He is shown with Dr. Edwin H. Flynn, one of the Lilly scientists who contributed to the development of this new antibiotic 'family' '.

Abraham and Edwin H. Flynn in front of an exhibition display. Labelled on verso as in J.20.  ABRAHAM/J/1/J.16-J.31/J.21  [n.d.]

Former reference: J.21

Photograph of Abraham's wife with various people, including Henry Harris  ABRAHAM/J/1/J.16-J.31/J.22  N.d.

Former reference: J.22

Abraham, in later years, seated in an audience at a ?conference  ABRAHAM/J/1/J.16-J.31/J.23  N.d.

Former reference: J.23

Photograph of Abraham with Indian scientists, taken during his visit to India January/February  ABRAHAM/J/1/J.16-J.31/J.24  1985

Former reference: J.24

Administrative history:
See F.62-F.67.

The names of the Indian scientists, as inscribed on verso, are R.K. Nand, P.V. Deshmukb, Rama Rao (from National Chemical Laboratory), P.S Borkar, N.R. Chatterjee'.

Group photograph of Abraham and colleagues inscribed 'Sir Edward Abraham's visit to the Hope Library [Oxford] on Tuesday, October 10th 1989'  ABRAHAM/J/1/J.16-J.31/J.25  1989

Former reference: J.25

Administrative history:
Abraham visited the Hope Library to mark an extension to the Library made possible by a grant from the E.P. Abraham Cephalosporin Fund. Also featured are. F.B. Atkins, Curator of Mineralogical Collections; T. S Kemp, Curator of Zoological Collections; D. Spencer Smith; J.D.C. McConnell, Dept. of Earth Sciences; W.J. Kennedy, Curator of Geological Collections; S.J. Simpson, Principal Curator; G.A. Harrison, Chairman of the Committee for Scientific Collections.'

Award of Honorary Doctor of Science Degree ceremony at Strathclyde University, 13 July 1989  ABRAHAM/J/1/J.16-J.31/J.26-J.27  1989

Former reference: J.26, J.27

2 items

See also J.39.

Abraham and other Honorary graduands, including Jack Baldwin.  ABRAHAM/J/1/J.16-J.31/J.26-J.27/J.26  [n.d.]

Former reference: J.26

Abraham with Chancellor of Strathclyde University  ABRAHAM/J/1/J.16-J.31/J.26-J.27/J.27  [n.d.]

Former reference: J.27

'50 Years of Penicillin Application', a symposium organized by the Technische Universitat Berlin, West Berlin, 9-12 September 1980  ABRAHAM/J/1/J.16-J.31/J.28  1980

Former reference: J.28

Various photographs taken at the symposium, contents of an envelope inscribed 'Photographs Berlin, sent 1990', sent from the Technical University of Berlin'. Included is one of Abraham delivering a lecture. See F.75-F.81 for correspondence and papers re the symposium.

International meeting on 'Trends in Microbial Resistance to -lactam Antibiotics: Molecular Aspects and Clinical Implications', held in L'Aquila and Rome, 12-15 May 1990  ABRAHAM/J/1/J.16-J.31/J.29  1990

Former reference: J.29

Photograph of Abraham, inscribed 'Int. Congress T.M.R.A-L'Aquila and Rome May 12-15 1990.' See H.376, H.377 for correspondence re this meeting.

Visit by Abraham to King Edward VI School, Southampton, his old school  ABRAHAM/J/1/J.16-J.31/J.30  N.d.

Former reference: J.30

Various photographs, contents of an envelope inscribed 'Portrait by Daphne Tod, Sent 1991'.

Photograph inscribed 'John Walker, Admission to R. S. 1995'  ABRAHAM/J/1/J.16-J.31/J.31  1995

Former reference: J.31


Former reference: J.32-J.38

7 items

Lantern Slides  ABRAHAM/J/2/J.32-J.34  N.d.

Former reference: J.32-J.34

3 items

1 box of 3 lantern slides contained in a box labelled 'Pen. Chem.'  ABRAHAM/J/2/J.32-J.34/J.32  [n.d.]

Former reference: J.32

Slides used for a lecture.

1 box of 41 lantern slides used to illustrate a lecture or lectures on penicillin  ABRAHAM/J/2/J.32-J.34/J.33  [n.d.]

Former reference: J.33

1 box of 13 slides labelled 'Ceph. Mycelin Electron Micrographs'  ABRAHAM/J/2/J.32-J.34/J.34  [n.d.]

Former reference: J.34

Lecture Slides  ABRAHAM/J/2/J.35-J.38  1978

Former reference: J.35-J.38

1 box labelled 'Prof. Abraham' containing 18 slides. Some slides are dated 1978  ABRAHAM/J/2/J.35-J.38/J.35  [n.d.]

Former reference: J.35

1 box labelled 'Sulphanilamide other antibiotics-bioconversion' containing 11 slides  ABRAHAM/J/2/J.35-J.38/J.36  [n.d.]

Former reference: J.36

1 box of 14 slides labelled 'Pseudomonas -lactam' and 'Mary Pseudomonas Enzyme'  ABRAHAM/J/2/J.35-J.38/J.37  [n.d.]

Former reference: J.37

1 box labelled' Set 1 Baldwin' and 'Beta-lactamases' containing 16 slides  ABRAHAM/J/2/J.35-J.38/J.38  [n.d.]

Former reference: J.38


Former reference: J.39-J.43

5 items

Honorary Doctor of Science Degree ceremony at Strathclyde University, 13 July 1989  ABRAHAM/J/3/J.39  1989

Former reference: J.39

Administrative history:
Abraham was one of the graduands.

See also official photographs of the ceremony at J.26, J.27.

Series of lectures organised to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the publication of a paper on the production and therapeutic application of penicillin  ABRAHAM/J/3/J.40  [n.d.]

Former reference: J.40

Administrative history:
The venue was the Sir William Dunn School of Pathology and speakers included Henry Harris, Norman Heatley and Abraham. The main topic was the creation of the Dunn School, research and production of penicillin.

See F.82, F.83 for further material relating to this event.

'Conversation with Eminent Biochemists, E.P. Abraham in conversation with R. Thomas, Imperial College London, 1 May 1990  ABRAHAM/J/3/J.41  1990

Former reference: J.41

Administrative history:
In the conversation Abraham recollects parts of his early career, giving anecdotes, and gives a detailed account of the development of penicillin and the cephalosporins. The video case also contains two pieces of correspondence.

The title of the video is 'Penicillin and after, the Rise of the Antibiotic Era'. Video recorded for the UK Biochemical Society archives. See G.22-G.26 for further material relating to this interview.

'The Action of antibodies on Bacteria'  ABRAHAM/J/3/J.42  [n.d.]

Former reference: J.42

'Cephalosporins in Perspective'  ABRAHAM/J/3/J.43  [n.d.]

Former reference: J.43

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