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Land Duty Reassessment Records

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Reference SO IN
Held by Nottinghamshire Archives
Creators Board of Inland Revenue

Administrative history:
The assessment of the duties of land by the Inland Revenue under the provisions of the Finance Act (1909-10) 1910 was repealed after opposition by section 57.1 of the Finance Act, 1920.
It appears, however, that some Local Authorities continued to use the earlier assessment as the basis of reassessments for rating purposes. The two classes of records below would then have been transferred to the Inland Revenue, along with the responsibility for rating from local authorities, in 1948 under the terms of the Local Government Act of that year.

SO/IN/2 Reassessment 'Field' books
SO/IN/3 Reassessment 'Note' books

Reassessment Field Books  SO/IN/2/1-9  [n.d.]

Arrangement: Contents
SO/IN/2/1. Kirkby UDC, Farms, 1928
SO/IN/2/2. Mansfield Union, 1925-1926
SO/IN/2/3. Mansfield Union, 1933
SO/IN/2/4. Mansfield Borough, 1934
SO/IN/2/5. Mansfield Woodhouse UDC, 1927-1933
SO/IN/2/6. Newark Borough, 1934
SO/IN/2/7. Southwell RDC, 1934
SO/IN/2/8. Worksop RDC, 1932
SO/IN/2/9. Worksop Borough, 1934

The Volumes in this Class are divided by their relevant local authority and date of assessment as in the contents list below.
Each volume includes properties in the streets listed with an hereditament number and map reference for each one. These are followed by a description of the nature of the property. In some areas groups of like properties, such as licensed premises or local authority buildings are grouped together.
In the following list the number in brackets is the Field Book Number, which will indicate whether survival of the books for a particular area is complete.

KIRKBY UDC, FARMS  SO/IN/2/1/1-7  1928

West Ward (I) Farms, 1-41  SO/IN/2/1/1  1928

West Ward (II) Farms, 42-72  SO/IN/2/1/2  1928

East Ward (I) Farms, 73-121  SO/IN/2/1/3  1928

East Ward (II) Farms, 122-154  SO/IN/2/1/4  1928

South Ward (I) Farms, 155-199  SO/IN/2/1/5  1928

South Ward (II) Farms, 200-217  SO/IN/2/1/6  1928

The Duke of Portland's Estate Farms, 218-249  SO/IN/2/1/7  1928

Mansfield Union  SO/IN/2/2/1-300  1925-26

Ault Hucknall  [no ref. or date]

Hardstoft and Locko Lane (W1)  SO/IN/2/2/1  1925-1926

Broomridding Farm, Astwith Common, Stainsby (W2)  SO/IN/2/2/2  1925-1926

Holmwood Lane, Stainsby, Ault Hucknall, Rawthorne & Hardwick (W3)  SO/IN/2/2/3  1925-1926

Seanor House Farm, Branch Lane, Holmwood & Stainsby (W4)  SO/IN/2/2/4  1925-1926

Stainsby Hagg Farm & The Village (H1)  SO/IN/2/2/5  1925-1926

The Village (H2)  SO/IN/2/2/6  1925-1926

Bramley Vale, White Cottage, Woodlands, Park View, Bramley Lane (H3)  SO/IN/2/2/7  1925-1926

Bramley Lane (H4)  SO/IN/2/2/8  1925-1926

Hardwick Hall (H5)  SO/IN/2/2/9  1925-1926

Blackwell  [no ref. or date]

Main Street, New Street (1)  SO/IN/2/2/10  1925-1926

Main Street, Bamford Street, Little Moor Lane (2)  SO/IN/2/2/11  1925-1926

Littlemoor Lane, The Green, Sherwood Street, Wire Lane, Morleycroft, Picture Palace, Hall Lane (3)  SO/IN/2/2/12  1925-1926

Hall Lane, Newton Hall, Holmcroft, Town Lane, Top Farm, Newton Farm, Alfreton Rd, Green Farm, Homestead Farm, Mount Pleasant, Scanderlands, Gloves Lane (4)  SO/IN/2/2/13  1925-1926

Westhorse Farm, Alfreton Rd, Mount Pleasant, Newton Villa, North Street, South Street, West houses (5)  SO/IN/2/2/14  1925-1926

Westhouses, Tibshelf Road, Allport (6)  SO/IN/2/2/15  1925-1926

Allport, Pettifor, Bolder, Midland, Tibshelf, Westhouses, Park Drive, Silver Birch Cresc, Primrose Hill, Mount Pleasant, Blackwell, Church Hill, Fordbridge Lane, Hilltop Lane, Hilltop Farm. (7)  SO/IN/2/2/16  1925-1926

Hilcote Lane, Hilcote Hall, New Lane, Twinyards Farm, Yew Tree House, Old Blackwell. (8)  SO/IN/2/2/17  1925-1926

Old Blackwell, Newton Wood, Red Barn Farm, Littlemoor Lane, Crag Lane, Churchill farm, Park Drive, Westhouses, Hilcote, Primrose Hill, Hill Top Lane, Blackwell Sidings. (9)  SO/IN/2/2/18  1925-1926

Primrose Hill, Blackwell Colliery. (10)  SO/IN/2/2/19  1925-1926

Blackwell Colliery. (11)  SO/IN/2/2/20  1925-1926

Council Houses. (12)  SO/IN/2/2/21  1925-1926

Blidworth  [no ref. or date]

Licensed Premises. (L1)  SO/IN/2/2/22  1925-1926

Lower Blidworth, Lodge Farm, Appleton Dale, New Lane, High Park Farm, Rainworth Cottage Farm, New Farm, Rainworth Lodge, Brick Kiln, Python Hill. (3)  SO/IN/2/2/23  1925-1926

Grange Farm, Boundary Farm, Far Baulker, Belle Vue, Mill House Farm, Ashwell Terrace, Main Street, White Lion Yard, Main Street. (4)  SO/IN/2/2/24  1925-1926

South Avenue, The Square, Kirklington Road, Undertakings (13)  SO/IN/2/2/25  1925-1926

Heywood Oaks  [no ref. or date]

Heywood Oaks Farm, Blidworth Bottoms, (Rural District of Southwell - 1947-51) (1)  SO/IN/2/2/26  1925-1926

Glapwell  [no ref. or date]

Glapwell (1)  SO/IN/2/2/27  1925-1926

Mansfield, North Ward  [no ref. or date]

Licensed premises  SO/IN/2/2/28  1925-1926

Westgate (1)  SO/IN/2/2/29  1925-1926

Westgate, Angel Yard, Eclectic Place, Westgate House Yard, Blythes Yard, Masons Yard, Meeting House Lane (2)  SO/IN/2/2/30  1925-1926

Westgate:- Union Street, Shaws Yard, Plantation Row, Inson Yard, St. John Street (3)  SO/IN/2/2/31  1925-1926

St. John Street, Plantation Street, Wood Street (4)  SO/IN/2/2/32  1925-1926

Wood Street, (Oak, Elm, Birch, Lime, Chestnut, Ash, Poplar, Fir, Thorn & Pine Court), Lindley Street (5)  SO/IN/2/2/33  1925-1926

Thoresby Street, Welbeck Street, Moot Hall Chambers, Mkt Place. (6)  SO/IN/2/2/34  1925-1926

Stockwell Gate (7)  SO/IN/2/2/35  1925-1926

Stockwell Gate (8)  SO/IN/2/2/36  1925-1926

Padley Hill, Herbert Street, Limekiln Place, Spencer Street, Harrington Street (9)  SO/IN/2/2/37  1925-1926

Spencer Street, Harrington Street, Bancroft Lane (10)  SO/IN/2/2/38  1925-1926

Holden Street, Botany, Bancroft Lane (11)  SO/IN/2/2/39  1925-1926

Rosemary Street (12)  SO/IN/2/2/40  1925-1926

Rosemary Street, Chaucer Street, Goldsmith Street (13)  SO/IN/2/2/41  1925-1926

Goldsmith Street, Layton Avenue, Stanton Place (14)  SO/IN/2/2/42  1925-1926

Stanton Place, Milton Street, Tennyson Street, St. John's Place, St. John's Terrace, Byron Street (15)  SO/IN/2/2/43  1925-1926

Byron Street, Corporation Street, Noel Street, Burns Street, Beardall Street (16)  SO/IN/2/2/44  1925-1926

Beardall Street, Kipling Street, Rooth Street, Walkden Street, Newcastle Street, Manvers Street, Westfield Lane (17)  SO/IN/2/2/45  1925-1926

Westfield Lane (18)  SO/IN/2/2/46  1925-1926

Westfield Lane, The Rookery, Mount Pleasant, Keir's Buildings, Devon Drive (19)  SO/IN/2/2/47  1925-1926

Sadler Street, Stafford Street, Off Westfield Lane, Redgate Street, Somersall Street (20)  SO/IN/2/2/48  1925-1926

Somersall Street (21)  SO/IN/2/2/49  1925-1926

Ladybrook Lane, George Street (22)  SO/IN/2/2/50  1925-1926

George Street, Browning Street, Ladybrook Lane (23)  SO/IN/2/2/51  1925-1926

Titchfield Street, Broomhill Lane, Hareholme Street (24)  SO/IN/2/2/52  1925-1926

Arundel Drive, Surrey Drive, Schools (25)  SO/IN/2/2/53  1925-1926

Howard Road (26)  SO/IN/2/2/54  1925-1926

Sutton Road, Brick Kiln Lane, Dalestorth (27)  SO/IN/2/2/55  1925-1926

Assorted Farms & Dalestorth Fields Hospital, Skegby Sands, Eyre House, Skegby Lane, Dalestorth House, Penniment Farm, Top Lane, Baxter Hill, Moorhaigh Lane (28)  SO/IN/2/2/56  1925-1926

Chesterfield Road (29)  SO/IN/2/2/57  1925-1926

Chesterfield Road, Cock Lane, Fairholme Drive, Debdale Lane (30)  SO/IN/2/2/58  1925-1926

Mount Street, Albion Street (31)  SO/IN/2/2/59  1925-1926

Albion Street, Bould Street, Brownlow Road (32)  SO/IN/2/2/60  1925-1926

Brownlow Road (33)  SO/IN/2/2/61  1925-1926

Bull Farm Housing Scheme (34)  SO/IN/2/2/62  1925-1926

Bull Farm Housing Scheme (35)  SO/IN/2/2/63  1925-1926

Bull Farm Housing Scheme (36)  SO/IN/2/2/64  1925-1926

Debdale Lane, New England, Mansfield Road (37)  SO/IN/2/2/65  1925-1926

Pleasley Hill, Mansfield Road (38)  SO/IN/2/2/66  1925-1926

Poplar Drive, Clarence Street, Hillmoor Street, Portland Street (39)  SO/IN/2/2/67  1925-1926

Portland Street, Little Lane, Bank Row, Hill Street, Chapel Yard, Stokes Yard, Jepsons Square, Lucas's Yard (40)  SO/IN/2/2/68  1925-1926

Hallams Yard, Merrils Yard, Meden Square, Gas Hill, Church Street, Bagshaw Street (41)  SO/IN/2/2/69  1925-1926

Bagshaw Street, High Street, Taylors Hill, Crow Hill, Crow Yard (42)  SO/IN/2/2/70  1925-1926

Moorlaigh, Penniment Lane, Sampsons Lane, Pleasley Hill farm, New Yard, Tunnel Row, Lower Radmanthwaite  SO/IN/2/2/71  1925-1926

Mansfield, East Ward  [no ref. or date]

Licensed premises (L1)  SO/IN/2/2/72  1925-1926

Licensed premises (L2)  SO/IN/2/2/73  1925-1926

Leeming Street (1)  SO/IN/2/2/74  1925-1926

Leeming Street (2)  SO/IN/2/2/75  1925-1926

Welbeck Road, Leeming Lane, Catherine Street, St. Edmunds Avenue, Church Hill Avenue (3)  SO/IN/2/2/76  1925-1926

Westgate, Clerksons Alley, Bull Yard, Thompsons Alley, Alfred Court, Eclipse Yard (4)  SO/IN/2/2/77  1925-1926

Nags Head Yard, Clumber Street (5)  SO/IN/2/2/78  1925-1926

Clumber Street, Union Court, Clumber Place, Whyatts Court, Belmont Terrace, West Hill Drive (6)  SO/IN/2/2/79  1925-1926

West Hill Drive, Clifton Place, Market Place, Church Street (7)  SO/IN/2/2/80  1925-1926

Church Street, Toothill Lane, Toothill Road, Rock Valley Road, Bath Lane (8)  SO/IN/2/2/81  1925-1926

Bath Lane, Watson Avenue, Rufford Avenue, Shirburn Avenue, Woodhouse Road (9)  SO/IN/2/2/82  1925-1926

Woodhouse Road (10)  SO/IN/2/2/83  1925-1926

Woodhouse Road, Terrace Road, Nursery Terrace, Caxton Terrace, Fosters Row, Nursery Street, Furniss Row, Strutts Yard (11)  SO/IN/2/2/84  1925-1926

Vallances Yard, Radfords Yard, Garibaldi Square, Windmill Lane, Clipstone Avenue, Park Avenue, The Park (12)  SO/IN/2/2/85  1925-1926

The Park, Edgar Avenue, Woodhouse Road, Oxford Street, Carlton Street (13)  SO/IN/2/2/86  1925-1926

Orchard Street, Dale Street, Chesterfield Road (15)  SO/IN/2/2/87  1925-1926

Chesterfield Road, Norfolk Drive, West Hill, Pheasant Hill, Charles Street, Jennison Street (16)  SO/IN/2/2/88  1925-1926

Linden Street, Little Debdale Lane, Debdale Lane, Bridge Street (17)  SO/IN/2/2/89  1925-1926

Bridge Street, James Yard, Lime Street, Rock Court, Stanhope Street, Rock Valley, Pelham Street (18)  SO/IN/2/2/90  1925-1926

Pelham Street, Pembroke Street (19)  SO/IN/2/2/91  1925-1926

Recreation Street, Cliff Street, Elm Tree Street, Ratcliffe Gate (20)  SO/IN/2/2/92  1925-1926

Ratcliffe Gate, Newgate Lane (21)  SO/IN/2/2/93  1925-1926

Newgate Lane (22)  SO/IN/2/2/94  1925-1926

Newgate Lane, Gladstone Street, Belper Street, Hardwick Street (23)  SO/IN/2/2/95  1925-1926

Heywood Street, Sandy Lane, Arthur Street (24)  SO/IN/2/2/96  1925-1926

Frederick Street, Bowling Street, Millbank Terrace, Hope Street, Redcliffe Road (25)  SO/IN/2/2/97  1925-1926

Redcliffe Road, Empire Street, Coronation Street, Bentinck Street, Birkland Street (26)  SO/IN/2/2/98  1925-1926

King Street, Harcourt Street, Skerry Hill, Scarcliffe Street, Bolsover Street (27)  SO/IN/2/2/99  1925-1926

Bolsover Street, Montague Street, Rock Street, Beresford Street (28)  SO/IN/2/2/100  1925-1926

Mill Street, Rock Hill, Carter Lane (29)  SO/IN/2/2/101  1925-1926

Carter Lane, The Rocks, Gordon Avenue, Argyle Street, Reindeer Street, Little Carter Lane (30)  SO/IN/2/2/102  1925-1926

Little Carter Lane, Warwick Drive, Pecks Hill, Francis Street, Shaw Street, Ravensdale Farm, Clipstone Road, Eakring Road (31)  SO/IN/2/2/103  1925-1926

Eakring Road, Hall Street, Smith Street (32)  SO/IN/2/2/104  1925-1926

Smith Street, Budby Avenue, Little Barn Lane, Big Barn Lane (33)  SO/IN/2/2/105  1925-1926

Big Barn Lane, Bridgford Street, Richmond Street, Crown Street, Long Mill Lane, Normanton Drive, Sherwood Plantation (34)  SO/IN/2/2/106  1925-1926

Southwell Road (35)  SO/IN/2/2/107  1925-1926

Southwell Road, First Avenue, Second Avenue, Hamilton Street, Selvin Drive, Chemical Works Lane, Oak Tree Lane (36)  SO/IN/2/2/108  1925-1926

Rainworth: Third Avenue, Fourth Avenue, West Hill Avenue, Sporting Right (37)  SO/IN/2/2/109  1925-1926

Mansfield, South Ward  [no ref. or date]

Licensed premises (L1)  SO/IN/2/2/110  1925-1926

Licensed premises (L2)  SO/IN/2/2/111  1925-1926

Licensed premises (L3)  SO/IN/2/2/112  1925-1926

Church Street, White Hart Street (1)  SO/IN/2/2/113  1925-1926

White Hart Street, Railway Arches, Eight Bells Court, Bridge Street (2)  SO/IN/2/2/114  1925-1926

Church Lane, Midworth Street, Gilcroft Row, Gilcroft Street, Dame Flogan Street (3)  SO/IN/2/2/115  1925-1926

Gilcroft Street, Brunts Street (4)  SO/IN/2/2/116  1925-1926

Ratcliffe Gate, Great Central Road (5)  SO/IN/2/2/117  1925-1926

SPECIALS: Picturedrome - Belvidere Street, Billiard Hall - Belvidere Street, Mansfield Union Work house - Stockwell Gate (5)  SO/IN/2/2/118  1925-1926

Broxtowe Drive (6)  SO/IN/2/2/119  1925-1926

Prospect Street, Roseberry Hill, Kitcheners Drive, Mount Milner, Denby Street (7)  SO/IN/2/2/120  1925-1926

Littleworth (8)  SO/IN/2/2/121  1925-1926

Newton Street (9)  SO/IN/2/2/122  1925-1926

Cromwell Street, Cavendish Street (10)  SO/IN/2/2/123  1925-1926

Rock Farm, The Rock, Kate Moody Lane, Berry Hill Road, Southwell Road (14)  SO/IN/2/2/124  1925-1926

Southwell Road, Jenny Becketts Lane, Clifton Grove, Berry Hill Lane, Lichfield Lane, Blackscotch Lane (15)  SO/IN/2/2/125  1925-1926

Market Place, Market Street (16)  SO/IN/2/2/126  1925-1926

Albert Street (17)  SO/IN/2/2/127  1925-1926

Nottingham Road, Stanley Villas, Stella Villas (18)  SO/IN/2/2/128  1925-1926

Nottingham Road (19)  SO/IN/2/2/129  1925-1926

Nottingham Road (20)  SO/IN/2/2/130  1925-1926

Nottingham Road (21)  SO/IN/2/2/131  1925-1926

Stella Street, Rutland Street (22)  SO/IN/2/2/132  1925-1926

Rutland Street, Murray Street (23)  SO/IN/2/2/133  1925-1926

Gedling Street, Clifford Street, Talbot Street (24)  SO/IN/2/2/134  1925-1926

Bottle Lane, Sandhurst Avenue (25)  SO/IN/2/2/135  1925-1926

Sandhurst Avenue, Berry Hill Lane, (26)  SO/IN/2/2/136  1925-1926

Off the Nottingham Road: Green Lane, Robin Downs Lane, Old Newark Road, Lichfield Lane, Lindhurst Lane (27)  SO/IN/2/2/137  1925-1926

Southwell Road (from Berry Hill Lane to Rainworth) (28)  SO/IN/2/2/138  1925-1926

Southwell Road (29)  SO/IN/2/2/139  1925-1926

Bleakhills Lane, Hermitage Lane, Grange Avenue (40)  SO/IN/2/2/140  1925-1926

Intake Avenue, Bleakhill's Lane, Quarry Lane, High Oakham Hill, King Edward Avenue (41)  SO/IN/2/2/141  1925-1926

Alexandra Avenue, King Edward Avenue (42)  SO/IN/2/2/142  1925-1926

Alexandra Avenue, High Oakham Road, Alkins Lane, Roebuck Drive, High Oakham Drive, Waverley Road, Stanley Road (43)  SO/IN/2/2/143  1925-1926

Stanley Road, Frank Avenue, Robert Avenue (44)  SO/IN/2/2/144  1925-1926

Stockwell Gate, Sutton Road, Queen Street (51)  SO/IN/2/2/145  1925-1926

Queen Street, Market House Place, Exchange Row, Queens Walk, Quaker Lane, Station Drive, Stockwell Gate, Belvidere Street (52)  SO/IN/2/2/146  1925-1926

Belvidere Street, Quaker Lane, Peacock Street, Garden Road, Victoria Street (53)  SO/IN/2/2/147  1925-1926

Victoria Street, Moor Street (54)  SO/IN/2/2/148  1925-1926

Victoria Street (55)  SO/IN/2/2/149  1925-1926

Victoria Street, Brick Yard Row (56)  SO/IN/2/2/150  1925-1926

Moor Street, Moor Lane, Victoria Street, Princes Street (57)  SO/IN/2/2/151  1925-1926

Princes Street, York Street, Cambridge Street, Radford Street (58)  SO/IN/2/2/152  1925-1926

Radford Street, Radford Place, Dallas Street, Stockwell Gate, Moor Lane (59)  SO/IN/2/2/153  1925-1926

Station Street, Sherwood Street (60)  SO/IN/2/2/154  1925-1926

Station Street, Clarkson Street, Commercial Street (61)  SO/IN/2/2/155  1925-1926

Commercial Square, Carlton Terrace, Commercial Yard, Grove Street, Warwick Terrace, Grove Terrace, Duke Street (62)  SO/IN/2/2/156  1925-1926

Duke Street, Beech Avenue, Portland Street (63)  SO/IN/2/2/157  1925-1926

Portland Street, High Street, Vallances Yard, Garden Square, Frisby's Yard, St. Marks Terrace, Portland Terrace (64)  SO/IN/2/2/158  1925-1926

Wharfe Road, Highfield Terrace, Lord Street, Bishop Street (65)  SO/IN/2/2/159  1925-1926

Bishop Street (66)  SO/IN/2/2/160  1925-1926

Brackler Street, Railway Side, Quarry Lane, Sibthorpe Street (67)  SO/IN/2/2/161  1925-1926

Quarry Lane (68)  SO/IN/2/2/162  1925-1926

Mansfield Woodhouse - North Ward  [no ref. or date]

Park Hall Farm, Slant Lane, Park Road, Park Avenue  SO/IN/2/2/163  1925-1926

Park Road, Parkers Lane, Charles Street, Market Place, Rose Lane, Strutts Yard, Tatles Yard, Marlows Yard (2)  SO/IN/2/2/164  1925-1926

Marlows Yard, High Street, Albert Square, Albert Street, Ley Lane, Peafield Lane (3)  SO/IN/2/2/165  1925-1926

Allcroft Street, High Street, Rose Lane, Montague Terrace (4)  SO/IN/2/2/166  1925-1926

Oldmill Lane, Gladstone Street, Gladstone Terrace, Leeming Lane (5)  SO/IN/2/2/167  1925-1926

King Street, Leeming Street, George Street (6)  SO/IN/2/2/168  1925-1926

Warsop Road, Greenhill Terrace (7)  SO/IN/2/2/169  1925-1926

Portland Street, Welbeck Road, Crooks Avenue, Poplar Street (8)  SO/IN/2/2/170  1925-1926

Peafield Lane, Newmill Lane, Mansfield Road, Tennyson Avenue, Byron Avenue, Burns Avenue, Butts Lane (9)  SO/IN/2/2/171  1925-1926

High Street, Catharine Avenue, Churchill Avenue, Leeming Lane, St. Edmund's Avenue, Woodland Grove (11)  SO/IN/2/2/172  1925-1926

Mansfield Woodhouse - East Ward  [no ref. or date]

Forest Town: First Avenue, Second Avenue, Third Avenue, Fourth Avenue (1)  SO/IN/2/2/173  1925-1926

Forest Town: Fifth - Ninth Avenues (2)  SO/IN/2/2/174  1925-1926

Forest Town: Ninth Avenue (3)  SO/IN/2/2/175  1925-1926

Forest Barn Cottages, Clipstone Road, Old Mill Lane, Warren Farm, Newlands Farm, Newlands Cottages (4)  SO/IN/2/2/176  1925-1926

Forest Town: Poplar Grove, Bolsover Colliery, Sherwood Colliery, Railway area (6)  SO/IN/2/2/177  1925-1926

Mansfield Woodhouse - West Ward  [no ref. or date]

Licensed Houses  SO/IN/2/2/178  1925-1926

York(e) Street (1)  SO/IN/2/2/179  1925-1926

Yorke Street, Crowhill Lane, Sherwood Street (2)  SO/IN/2/2/180  1925-1926

Sherwood Street, Blake Street, Cross Street, Coke Street (3)  SO/IN/2/2/181  1925-1926

Coke Street, Fletcher Street, Newcastle Street (4)  SO/IN/2/2/182  1925-1926

Debdale Lane, Sherwood Rise, Oxclose Lane, Northfield Lane, Common Lane (5).  SO/IN/2/2/183  1925-1926

Northfield Lane, Station Hill, Debdale Road, Priory Square, Priory Road, Station Street, Church Street (6)  SO/IN/2/2/184  1925-1926

Newcastle Street, Mansfield Road, Morven Avenue, Crowhill Lane, Priory Road, Leeming Lane (7)  SO/IN/2/2/185  1925-1926

Oxclose Lane, Manvers Street, Cavendish, Thoresby Road, Park Road (8)  SO/IN/2/2/186  1925-1926

Pleasley Vale, Park Road, Slant Lane, Park Street, Limestone Terrace, Common Lane (9)  SO/IN/2/2/187  1925-1926

Common Lane, Vallance Street, Oxclose Lane, Booth Street, Park Road, Station Hill, Grove Street (10)  SO/IN/2/2/188  1925-1926

Grove Street, Station Street, Spring Hill, Swan Lane, Vale Court (11)  SO/IN/2/2/189  1925-1926

Pinxton  [no ref. or date]

Wharfe Road (1) F.G.O.  SO/IN/2/2/190  1925-1926

Wharfe Road, Mill Lane (2) F.G.O.  SO/IN/2/2/191  1925-1926

Burlington House, Town Street, West End F.G.O.  SO/IN/2/2/192  1925-1926

Toll Bar, Town Street, Hill Top Farm F.G.O.  SO/IN/2/2/193  1925-1926

Wharf Lane, Church Lane, Suff Lane (1) (F.H.)  SO/IN/2/2/194  1925-1926

Birchwood Lane, Starth Lane, Pinxton Lane, Brookhill Lane (2) F.H.  SO/IN/2/2/195  1925-1926

North Street, Redgate Street, Pool Close Road, Wilson Street, Victoria Road (4) F.H.  SO/IN/2/2/196  1925-1926

Victoria Road, Platts Street, Park Lane (5) F.H.  SO/IN/2/2/197  1925-1926

Park Lane, Talbot Street, Sleights Lane, Widmerpool Street, Wharf Road (6) F.H.  SO/IN/2/2/198  1925-1926

Wharf Lane, Alexandra Terrace, Pinxton Wharf & Eppersons Row, Meadows Row, Office Rows (7) F.H.  SO/IN/2/2/199  1925-1926

Church Lane (8) F.H.  SO/IN/2/2/200  1925-1926

Slade Lane, King Street, Victoria Street, Arthur Street (9) F.H.  SO/IN/2/2/201  1925-1926

Council Houses (10) F.H.  SO/IN/2/2/202  1925-1926

Pleasley  [no ref. or date]

Pleasley, The Terrace, Teversal Road, Newboundmill Lane (1)  SO/IN/2/2/203  1925-1926

Housing scheme, Teversal Road, Chesterfield Road, Railway Cottages, Pleasley Colliery (2)  SO/IN/2/2/204  1925-1926

New Houghton, Crompton Street, Verney Street (3)  SO/IN/2/2/205  1925-1926

Verney Street, New Houghton, Stanton Street, Portland Street (4)  SO/IN/2/2/206  1925-1926

Devonshire Street, Chesterfield Road, Church Street, Pleasley (5)  SO/IN/2/2/207  1925-1926

Lodge Farm, Pleasley Park, Stoney Houghton, Pleasley Vale, Church Lane, Church Street (6)  SO/IN/2/2/208  1925-1926

Scarcliffe  [no ref. or date]

Scarcliffe Lanes Farm, Mill furnaces Factory, Park, Woodlands, Sporting Rights, Ministry of Munitions, Gildwells Farm, Aspley Grange, Bolsover Moor (1)  SO/IN/2/2/209  1925-1926

Whaley Thorns, Easthurst Terrace, Scarcliffe Terrace, Kitchener Terrace, George Street, Mary Street, Jellicoe Street, French Terrace (2)  SO/IN/2/2/210  1925-1926

Whaley Thorns: French Terrace, Nesbit Street, Selwyn Street (3)  SO/IN/2/2/211  1925-1926

Scarcliffe Village: (4)  SO/IN/2/2/212  1925-1926

Hillstown: Langwith Road, Mansfield Road, Victoria Street, Cross Street, Middle Street (5)  SO/IN/2/2/213  1925-1926

Hillstown and Palterton (6)  SO/IN/2/2/214  1925-1926

Palterton (7)  SO/IN/2/2/215  1925-1926

Lask Corner, Birch hill, Meadowpot, Poulterwell Lane, Clowne Road, Langwith Lane, Whaley Thorn, Scarcliffe, Mansfield Road (8)  SO/IN/2/2/216  1925-1926

Shirebrook  [no ref. or date]

York Road, Central Drive, Church Drive (1)  SO/IN/2/2/217  1925-1926

Nutshell Cottages, Stuffynwood Hall & Lodge, Littlewood Farm (A2)  SO/IN/2/2/218  1925-1926

Church Drive, Central Drive (2)  SO/IN/2/2/219  1925-1926

Church Drive, Prospect Drive, Sherwood Drive, Vall Drive (3)  SO/IN/2/2/220  1925-1926

Vall Drive, Recreation Drive, Field Drive (4)  SO/IN/2/2/221  1925-1926

Field Drive, Wood Lane, Acreage Lane, Swanwick Drive, Brunner Avenue (50  SO/IN/2/2/222  1925-1926

Brunner Avenue, South Avenue, Colonade, Main Street (6)  SO/IN/2/2/223  1925-1926

Main Street, Warren Terrace (7)  SO/IN/2/2/224  1925-1926

Main Street, Simpsondale Terrace, Nicholson Row (8)  SO/IN/2/2/225  1925-1926

Little Lane, Byron Street, Beech Terrace, Division Road, Avondale Terrace, Station Road (9)  SO/IN/2/2/226  1925-1926

Station Road (10)  SO/IN/2/2/227  1925-1926

Station Road (11)  SO/IN/2/2/228  1925-1926

Station Road, Vernon Street, Merchant Street, Minerva Street (12)  SO/IN/2/2/229  1925-1926

Minerva Street, Portland Road, Clumber Street, Welbeck Terrace, Morns Street (13)  SO/IN/2/2/230  1925-1926

Morns Street, Ashbourne Street, Market Street (14)  SO/IN/2/2/231  1925-1926

Market Street, Sookholm Road, Market Place (15)  SO/IN/2/2/232  1925-1926

Market Place, Victoria Street, King Edward Street (16)  SO/IN/2/2/233  1925-1926

King Edward Street, The Bodkin, Devonshire Street, Cavendish Street (17)  SO/IN/2/2/234  1925-1926

Cavendish Street, Thickley Bank, Manvers Street, Austin Street (18)  SO/IN/2/2/235  1925-1926

Austin Street, Langwith Road (19)  SO/IN/2/2/236  1925-1926

Musters Street, Lindon Street, Carter Lane, Park Avenue, Garden Avenue, Park Road (20)  SO/IN/2/2/237  1925-1926

Park Road, Sookholm Lane, (Tennis, Hockley & Cricket Clubs), Lay Lane, Brickworks, Market Place, Church Drive (21)  SO/IN/2/2/238  1925-1926

South Normanton  [no ref. or date]

Market Street (1)  SO/IN/2/2/239  1925-1926

Market Street, Hamlet Lane (2)  SO/IN/2/2/240  1925-1926

Hamlet Lane, Brights Street, Queen Street, King Street, North Street (3)  SO/IN/2/2/241  1925-1926

North Street, West Street, Lees Lane, Market Place, High Street (4)  SO/IN/2/2/242  1925-1926

High Street, Daykins Yard, Downing Street (5)  SO/IN/2/2/243  1925-1926

Hilcote Street, New Street (6)  SO/IN/2/2/244  1925-1926

New Street, Meadow Lane, Church Street (7)  SO/IN/2/2/245/1  1925-1926

Church Street, Victoria Street, Albert Street (8)  SO/IN/2/2/245/2  1925-1926

Albert Street, Duke Street, Peel Street, Gladstone Street, South Street (9)  SO/IN/2/2/246  1925-1926

South Street, B Winning Lane, Carr Lane (10)  SO/IN/2/2/247  1925-1926

"Shoulder of Mutton Yard" & "Old Post Office Yard", Main Street, Water Lane, Bottom Green (11)  SO/IN/2/2/248  1925-1926

Water Lane, Ball Hill, Mansfield Road (12)  SO/IN/2/2/249  1925-1926

B Winning Lane, Berriston Lane, South Normanton Colliery Co., Berriston Place, Mansfield Road, Range Farm, Carter Lane House Farm (13)  SO/IN/2/2/250  1925-1926

Mansfield Road, Carter Lane, Mansfield Road (14)  SO/IN/2/2/251  1925-1926

Mansfield Road, Normanton Common, Alfreton Road - Cornfield Hall (15)  SO/IN/2/2/252  1925-1926

Carter Lane, Mansfield Road, Normanton Common, Cornfield Hill (16)  SO/IN/2/2/253  1925-1926

Cornfield Hill, Starth Lane, Birchwood Lane (17)  SO/IN/2/2/254  1925-1926

Birchwood Lane, Red Lane, Alfreton Tunnel, Lees Lane, Meadow Lane, Field Lane, Meadow & Ford Bridge Lane (18)  SO/IN/2/2/255  1925-1926

Council Houses (19)  SO/IN/2/2/256  1925-1926

Blackwell Colliery Co Ltd (20)  SO/IN/2/2/257  1925-1926

The South Normanton Miners Welfare Club & Sports Ground (21)  SO/IN/2/2/258  1925-1926

Sookholme  [no ref. or date]

Sookholme Road, Bath Lane, New Cottages, parsonage, Sookholme Hill & Lodge Farm, Railway Cottages, Sookholme Lane, Carter Lane, South Street, Warsop Vale (1)  SO/IN/2/2/259  1925-1926

Warsop Vale (2)  SO/IN/2/2/260  1925-1926

Tibshelf  [no ref. or date]

Wharf Lane, Overmoor, The Hurst, Mansfield Road, Victoria Terrace, Jessamine Terrace, Heathfield Terrace, Prospect Terrace, The Vicarage, Mansfield Road, Lane End (1)  SO/IN/2/2/261  1925-1926

Lane End, Chesterfield Road, "The Cedars", "Biggin Farm", Cocktop Farm, Addison Street, King street, Waverley Street (2)  SO/IN/2/2/262  1925-1926

Staffa Street, Hardwick (3)  SO/IN/2/2/263  1925-1926

Chatsworth Street, Haddon Street, Lincoln Street (4)  SO/IN/2/2/264  1925-1926

Lincoln Street, Brook Street (5)  SO/IN/2/2/265  1925-1926

Vicar Lane, Babbington Street, High Street, Church Lane, Westwood Lane, High Street (6)  SO/IN/2/2/266  1925-1926

Bryons Yard, High Street, Richards Yard, High Street, Bank Cottages (7)  SO/IN/2/2/267  1925-1926

High Street, Royal Oak Yard, Reynolds Place, Malt House Row, Back Lane, Gordon Terrace, Manor Farm (8)  SO/IN/2/2/268  1925-1926

Morlpit Farm, Bridge House Farm, Primrose Terrace, Pit Lane, Sunny Bank, Elm Tree Row, Alfreton Road, St. Thomas Row. (9)  SO/IN/2/2/269  1925-1926

St. Thomas Row, Newton Road, Banks Farm, Foxpark, Nethermoor, Club Houses, Doe Hill (10)  SO/IN/2/2/270/1  1925-1926

Doe Hill, Nethermoor, Council Houses, Sitwell Grange Farm, High Street, Pilsley Colliery Co., Babbington Coal Co., (11)  SO/IN/2/2/270/2  1925-1926

Upper Langwith  [no ref. or date]

Stoney Houghton, Langwith Wood, Houghton Basset, Langwith, Upper Langwith, Assorted Farms. (1)  SO/IN/2/2/271  1925-1926

Langwith Junction, Eland Road (2)  SO/IN/2/2/272  1925-1926

Eland Road, Langwith Junction, Devonshire Drive (Langwith) (3)  SO/IN/2/2/273  1925-1926

Devonshire Drive, Hardwick Street, Compton Street, Hartington Street, Cavendish Street, Poniter Street, (4)  SO/IN/2/2/274  1925-1926

Bunter Street, Langwith Drive, Boundary Walk, Langwith Martings, Upper Langwith (5)  SO/IN/2/2/275  1925-1926

Warsop  [no ref. or date]

Licensed Premises (L1)  SO/IN/2/2/276  1925-1926

Warsop Vale (1)  SO/IN/2/2/277  1925-1926

Warsop Vale, Church Warsop (2)  SO/IN/2/2/278  1925-1926

Church Warsop (3)  SO/IN/2/2/279  1925-1926

Elksley Road, Budly Crescent, Jackson Terrace, Prest Avenue (4)  SO/IN/2/2/280  1925-1926

Prest Avenue, Gleadthorpe Cottages, Gleadthorpe Grange Farm, Assorts, The Burns, Church Street (5)  SO/IN/2/2/281  1925-1926

Church Street, Tophams Yard, Bennets Yard, Plough Yard, Wood Street (6)  SO/IN/2/2/282  1925-1926

Wood Street, York Terrace, Victoria Street, Albert Street, Alexandra Street (7)  SO/IN/2/2/283/1  1925-1926

Alexandra Street, Edward Street, Queen Street, Burns Street (8)  SO/IN/2/2/283/2  1925-1926

Burns Lane, Appleton Street, Warsop U.D.C. Housing Scheme, Woodland Grove, Coopers Yard, Hetts Lane (9)  SO/IN/2/2/284  1925-1926

High Street (10)  SO/IN/2/2/285  1925-1926

High Street, Sherwood Street (11)  SO/IN/2/2/286  1925-1926

Sherwood Street (12)  SO/IN/2/2/287  1925-1926

Sherwood Street, Taylors Yard, Marlows Yard, Marriots Yard, Radfords Yard, Clumber Street, Osborne Yard, Portland Street, Welbeck Street, Watson Street (13)  SO/IN/2/2/288  1925-1926

Clumber Street, Bainbridge Road, Sherwood Street, Hinds Yard, Garden Row, Eastwood Square, Ridgeway Terrace, Fenwick Street, Vickers Street (14)  SO/IN/2/2/289  1925-1926

Vickers Street, Bainbridge Road, Muschamp Terrace, Ridgeway Lane and Villas, Day Street, Longden Terrace, Newcastle Street, Hill top Farm, Recreation Ground (15)  SO/IN/2/2/290  1925-1926

Ridgeway Lane, Tichfield Street, Manvers Street, Titchfield Street, Bainbridge Road, Bentinck Terrace, Morven Terrace, Mayfield Terrace (16)  SO/IN/2/2/291  1925-1926

Woodland Grove, Mansfield Road, Burns Lane, Carr Lane, Rose Villas, Millns Yard, Claytons Yard, King Road, Sookholme Lane, Forest Road, Windmill Cottages (17)  SO/IN/2/2/292  1925-1926

Forest Road, Forest Hill Lodge Farm, Mansfield Road, Carr Lane, Westfield House Farm, Miscellaneous land, Askew Lane, Oakfield Estate, Station House (18)  SO/IN/2/2/293  1925-1926

Mansfield Road, Oakfield Estate, Allotment Gardens, Nettleworth Farm, Nettleworth Manor, Nettleworth Hall, Park Hall (19)  SO/IN/2/2/294  1925-1926

Plantations (20)  SO/IN/2/2/295  1925-1926

Birkland Avenue, Forest Road, George Street, Burns Lane, Appleton Street, Church Street, Oakfield Avenue, Mansfield Road, Laurel Avenue, Bishops Walk, Sycamore Street, Grove Road, Elm Grove, Poplar Grove, Birch Street, Wood Lane (21)  SO/IN/2/2/296  1925-1926

Wood Lane, Lime Crescent, Lilac Grove, Woodland Grove, Hatfield Avenue, Rufford Avenue, Budley Crescent, Portland Crescent, Carter Lane, Appleton Street, Church Street, Bishops Walk, Oakfield Avenue, High Street, Sherwood Street, Elmfield, Elkesley Road, Netherfield Lane, Warsop Forest (22)  SO/IN/2/2/297  1925-1926

Sherwood Street, Mansfield Road, Appleton Street, Warsop Vale, Elkesley Road, Budby Crescent, Church Street, Stonebridge Lane, Wood Street, Wood Lane, Woodland Grove, Netherfield Lane, George Street, Birkland Avenue, Sandy Lane, Grove Road, Burns Lane, High Street (23)  SO/IN/2/2/298  1925-1926

Burkland Avenue, Sherwood Street, High Street, Mansfield Road, Bainbridge Road, Elksley Road, Burns Lane, Appleton Street, George Street, Eastlands Lane  SO/IN/2/2/299  1925-1926

Mansfield Road, York Terrace, Eastlands Lane, Clumber Street, Sherwood Street, Birkland Avenue  SO/IN/2/2/300  1925-1926

Mansfield Union  SO/IN/2/3/1-21  1933

Parish of Mansfield  [no ref. or date]

Stockwellgate (1)  SO/IN/2/3/1  1933

Stockwellgate, Westgate (2)  SO/IN/2/3/2  1933

Westgate (3)  SO/IN/2/3/3  1933

Westgate (4)  SO/IN/2/3/4  1933

Leeming Street, Toothill Lane (5)  SO/IN/2/3/5  1933

Leeming Street, Handley Arcade (6)  SO/IN/2/3/6  1933

Nottingham Road, Leeming Street, Market Street, High Oakham Road (7)  SO/IN/2/3/7  1933

Church Street (8)  SO/IN/2/3/8  1933

Crow Hill Drive, West Hill Drive, Haddon Road (9)  SO/IN/2/3/9  1933

Market Place (10)  SO/IN/2/3/10  1933

Market Street, Albert Street (11)  SO/IN/2/3/11  1933

Chesterfield Road, Beech Hill, Rosemary Street (12)  SO/IN/2/3/12  1933

Victoria Street, Station Street, St. Johns Place, Union Street, Westfield Lane, St. Johns Street, Byron Street (13)  SO/IN/2/3/13  1933

White Hart Street, Queen Street, Clumber Street, Wood Street, Belvedere Street (14)  SO/IN/2/3/14  1933

Alexandra Avenue, Atkins Avenue, High Oakham Drive, High Oakham Road, High Oakham Hill (15)  SO/IN/2/3/15  1933

Layton Avenue, Norfolk Drive, Park Avenue, Terrace Road, The Park, Woodhouse Road, Rufford Avenue, Watson Avenue, Elm Tree Street (16)  SO/IN/2/3/16  1933

Stockwell Road, Chesterfield Road, Sutton Road, Berry Hill Lane, Hermitage Lane (17)  SO/IN/2/3/17  1933

Chesterfield Road, Stanley, Pelham Street, Rock Hill, Southwell Road East, Sherwood Hall Road, Gilcroft Street, Brunt Street, Broxtowe Drive (18)  SO/IN/2/3/18  1933

Clerkson Street, Exchange Row, Quarry Lane, Ratcliffe Gate, Regent Street, Market Place (19)  SO/IN/2/3/19  1933

Carr Bank, Bridge Street, Newgate Lane, Arthur Street, Bridge Street (20)  SO/IN/2/3/20  1933

Leeming Street, Westgate, Clumber Street, Market Street, Hudson Street, Stockwell Gate (A)  SO/IN/2/3/21  1933

Mansfield Borough  SO/IN/2/4/1-210  1934

Licensed premises (1)  SO/IN/2/4/1  1934

Licensed premises (2)  SO/IN/2/4/2  1934

North Ward  [no ref. or date]

Abbot Road, Chesterfield Road (4)  SO/IN/2/4/3  1934

Albion Street (5)  SO/IN/2/4/4  1934

Arundel Drive, Bagshaw Street (6)  SO/IN/2/4/5  1934

Bagshaw Street, Balmoral Drive, Clumber Drive (7)  SO/IN/2/4/6  1934

Balmoral Drive, Bancroft Lane, Clumber Drive (8)  SO/IN/2/4/7  1934

Bancroft Lane, Beardall Street, Booth Crescent (9)  SO/IN/2/4/8  1934

Booth Crescent, Botany (10)  SO/IN/2/4/9  1934

Botany, Bould Street (11)  SO/IN/2/4/10  1934

Bould Street, Brick Kiln Lane, Broomhill Lane (12)  SO/IN/2/4/11  1934

Broomhill Lane, Brougham Avenue, Browning Street, Brownlow Road (13)  SO/IN/2/4/12  1934

Brownlow Road (14)  SO/IN/2/4/13  1934

Brownlow Road, Burns Street, Butler Crescent (15)  SO/IN/2/4/14  1934

Butler Crescent, Byron Street (16)  SO/IN/2/4/15  1934

Byron Street, Carpenter Avenue, Chaucer Street, Chesterfield Road South (17)  SO/IN/2/4/16  1934

Chesterfield Road South/North (18)  SO/IN/2/4/17  1934

Chesterfield Road North, Clumber Drive (19)  SO/IN/2/4/18  1934

Chesterfield Road North, Church Street, Oxclose Lane (20)  SO/IN/2/4/19  1934

Abbott Road, Becket Avenue, Clarence Street, Clarendon Road, Cobden Place (21)  SO/IN/2/4/20  1934

Abbott Road, Beck Lane, Corporation Street, Crow Hill (22)  SO/IN/2/4/21  1934

Dalestorth Farm, Debdale Lane, Devon Drive, Fairholme Drive (23)  SO/IN/2/4/22  1934

Fielden Avenue, Gas Hill, George Street (24)  SO/IN/2/4/23  1934

George Street (25)  SO/IN/2/4/24  1934

George Street, Goldsmith Street (26)  SO/IN/2/4/25  1934

Goldsmith Street, Hareholme Street, Harrington Street, Herbert Street (27)  SO/IN/2/4/26  1934

Herbert Street, High Street, Hill Street, Hillmoor Street (28)  SO/IN/2/4/27  1934

Hillmoor Street, Hobhouse Road (29)  SO/IN/2/4/28  1934

Holden Street, Howard Road (30)  SO/IN/2/4/29  1934

Howard Road, Kipling Street, Kirkland Avenue, Ladybrook Lane (31)  SO/IN/2/4/30  1934

Ladybrook Lane, Layton Avenue (32)  SO/IN/2/4/31  1934

Layton Avenue, Lindley Street, Little Lane (33)  SO/IN/2/4/32  1934

Chesterfield Road North (34)  SO/IN/2/4/33  1934

Chesterfield Road North, Manvers Street (35)  SO/IN/2/4/34  1934

Manvers Street, Market Place, Meden Square, Meeting House Lane, Milton Street (36)  SO/IN/2/4/35  1934

Milton Street, MoorHaigh, Mount Street (37)  SO/IN/2/4/36  1934

Mount Street, Newcastle Street, New England, Nightingale Drive, Chesterfield Road North (38)  SO/IN/2/4/37  1934

Nightingale Drive, Noel Street, Oxclose Lane, Padley Hill, Peel Crescent (39)  SO/IN/2/4/38  1934

Peel crescent (40)  SO/IN/2/4/39  1934

Peel Crescent, Penniment, Plantation Row, Plantation Street, Pleasley Vale, Poplar Drive, Chesterfield Road North (41)  SO/IN/2/4/40  1934

Chesterfield Road North (42)  SO/IN/2/4/41  1934

Chesterfield Road North, Portland Street, Radmanthwaite Road, Redgate Street, Rooth Street, Rosemary Street (43)  SO/IN/2/4/42  1934

Rosemary Street (44)  SO/IN/2/4/43  1934

Rosemary Street, Ruskin Road (45)  SO/IN/2/4/44  1934

Ruskin Road, Sadler street (46)  SO/IN/2/4/45  1934

Sadler Street, Shaftesbury Avenue (47)  SO/IN/2/4/46  1934

Skegby Lane, Somersall Lane (48)  SO/IN/2/4/47  1934

Somersall Street, Spencer Street (49)  SO/IN/2/4/48  1934

Spencer Street, Stafford Street, Stanton Place, St. John's Place (50)  SO/IN/2/4/49  1934

St. John's Place, St. John's Street, Stockwell Gate (51)  SO/IN/2/4/50  1934

Stockwell Gate (52)  SO/IN/2/4/51  1934

Stockwell Gate (53)  SO/IN/2/4/52  1934

Stockwell Gate, Surrey Drive, Sutton (54)  SO/IN/2/4/53  1934

Sutton Road, Tennyson Street, Taylors Hill, Titchfield Street, Thoresby Street (55)  SO/IN/2/4/54  1934

Titchfield Street, Union Street (56)  SO/IN/2/4/55  1934

Union Street (57)  SO/IN/2/4/56  1934

Union Street, Walkden Street, Water Lane, Welbeck Street (58)  SO/IN/2/4/57  1934

Welbeck Street, Westfield Lane (59)  SO/IN/2/4/58  1934

Westfield Lane (60)  SO/IN/2/4/59  1934

Westfield Lane, Mount Pleasant (61)  SO/IN/2/4/60  1934

Mount Pleasant, The Rookery, Salisbury Road, West Gate (62)  SO/IN/2/4/61  1934

West Gate, Wilberforce Road, Wood Street (63)  SO/IN/2/4/62  1934

Wood Street (64)  SO/IN/2/4/63  1934

Balmoral Drive, Bathwood Drive, Beckett Avenue, Brick Kiln Lane (185)  SO/IN/2/4/64  1934

Brookland Avenue, Burlington Drive, Cambra Road (189)  SO/IN/2/4/65  1934

Crompton Road (192)  SO/IN/2/4/66  1934

Cambra Road, Cardale Road (193)  SO/IN/2/4/67  1934

Cardale Road, Cator Road, Chesterfield Road North (195)  SO/IN/2/4/68  1934

Radnor Place, Raleigh Road, Rosemary Avenue, Salisbury Road, Skegby Lane (203)  SO/IN/2/4/69  1934

Sylvester Street, Thorn Avenue, Woburn Place, Woburn Road (206)  SO/IN/2/4/70  1934

Abbott Road, Shaftsbury Avenue, Stacey Road, Wharmby Avenue, Wilson Street (208)  SO/IN/2/4/71  1934

Garnon Street (209)  SO/IN/2/4/72  1934

Jenford Street (210)  SO/IN/2/4/73  1934

Knoll (The) (211)  SO/IN/2/4/74  1934

South Ward  [no ref. or date]

Atkins Lane, Beech Avenue, Belvedere Street, Berryhill Lane (66)  SO/IN/2/4/75  1934

Berryhill Lane (67)  SO/IN/2/4/76  1934

Berryhill Lane, Berryhill Road (68)  SO/IN/2/4/77  1934

Bishop Street, Bleakhills Lane, Sheepbridge Lane (69)  SO/IN/2/4/78  1934

Bradder Street (70)  SO/IN/2/4/79  1934

Brickyard Row, Bridge Street, Broxtowe Drive (71)  SO/IN/2/4/80  1934

Broxtowe Drive, Brunts Street (72)  SO/IN/2/4/81  1934

Brunts Street, Cambridge Street, Caudwell Drive, Cavendish Street (73)  SO/IN/2/4/82  1934

Cavendish Street, Cedar Street, Central Avenue (74)  SO/IN/2/4/83  1934

Century Avenue, Church Lane, Church Side, Church Street, Clerkson Street (75)  SO/IN/2/4/84  1934

Clerkson Street, Clifford Street, Clifton Grove, Commercial Street (76)  SO/IN/2/4/85  1934

Commercial Street, Cromwell Street (77)  SO/IN/2/4/86  1934

Dallas Street (78)  SO/IN/2/4/87  1934

Dame Flogan Street, Derby Street (79)  SO/IN/2/4/88  1934

Derby Street, Dure Street, Exchange Row, Farnsworth Avenue (80)  SO/IN/2/4/89  1934

Fisher Lane, Forest Road (81)  SO/IN/2/4/90  1934

Forest Road, Foster Street, Frank Avenue, Garden Road (82)  SO/IN/2/4/91  1934

Garden Road, Garth Road, Gedling Street, Gilcroft Street (83)  SO/IN/2/4/92  1934

Grange Avenue, Green Lane, Grove Street (84)  SO/IN/2/4/93  1934

Grove Terrace, Harlow Avenue, Hermitage Avenue, Hermitage Lane, High Oakham Hill, High Oakham Road (85)  SO/IN/2/4/94  1934

High Street, Highfield Terrace, Intake Avenue (86)  SO/IN/2/4/95  1934

Jenny Becketts Lane, Windsor Road, King Edwards Avenue (87)  SO/IN/2/4/96  1934

King Edward Avenue, Kitchener's Drive, Laurel Avenue (88)  SO/IN/2/4/97  1934

Laurel Avenue, Litchfield Lane, Lime Tree Place, Littleworth (89)  SO/IN/2/4/98  1934

Littleworth, Lord Street (90)  SO/IN/2/4/99  1934

Lord Street, Lindhurst Lane, Market House Place, Market Place, Market Street, Meadow Avenue (91)  SO/IN/2/4/100  1934

Midworth Street, Moor Lane, Moor Street (92)  SO/IN/2/4/101  1934

Moor Street (93)  SO/IN/2/4/102  1934

Moor Street, Mount Milner, Murphy Street (94)  SO/IN/2/4/103  1934

Newton Street (95)  SO/IN/2/4/104  1934

Newton Street, Nottingham Road (96)  SO/IN/2/4/105  1934

Nottingham Road (97)  SO/IN/2/4/106  1934

Nottingham Road (98)  SO/IN/2/4/107  1934

Nottingham Road, Old Newar Road, Peacock Street, Portland Street (99)  SO/IN/2/4/108  1934

Portland Street (100)  SO/IN/2/4/109  1934

Princes Street (101)  SO/IN/2/4/110  1934

Princes Street, Prospect Place, Quaker Lane, Quarry Lane (102)  SO/IN/2/4/111  1934

Quarry Lane, Queen Street, Queens Walk, Radford Place, Radford Street, Railway Side (103)  SO/IN/2/4/112  1934

Ratcliffe Gate, Roebuck Drive, Robert Avenue, Robin Down Lane, Rick Hill (104)  SO/IN/2/4/113  1934

Roseberry Hill, Rutland Street, Sandhurst Avenue (105)  SO/IN/2/4/114  1934

Sandhurst Avenue, Sheepbridge Lane (106)  SO/IN/2/4/115  1934

Sheepbridge Lane, Sherwood Street, Sibthorpe Street (107)  SO/IN/2/4/116  1934

Sibthorpe Street, Southwell Road West (108)  SO/IN/2/4/117  1934

Southwell Road West/East (109)  SO/IN/2/4/118  1934

Southwell Road East, Stanley Road (110)  SO/IN/2/4/119  1934

Stanley Road, Station Drive, Station Street, Stella Street (111)  SO/IN/2/4/120  1934

Stella Street, Stockwell Gate (112)  SO/IN/2/4/121  1934

Stockwell Gate, St. Catherine Street, St. Margaret Street, St. Marks Terrace, Sutton Road (113)  SO/IN/2/4/122  1934

Sutton Road, Talbot Street, Three Thorn Hollow, Victoria Street (114)  SO/IN/2/4/123  1934

Victoria Street (115)  SO/IN/2/4/124  1934

Victoria Street (116)  SO/IN/2/4/125  1934

Victoria Street, Victoria Terrace, Waverley Road (117)  SO/IN/2/4/126  1934

Waverley Road, Western Avenue, Wharf Road, Whitehart Street, York Street (118)  SO/IN/2/4/127  1934

Southwell Road West/East, Windsor Road (119)  SO/IN/2/4/128  1934

Great Central Road, Green Lane, Harvey Road, Kings Mill Lane, Kitcheners Drive, Laurel Avenue, Lindhurst Lane, Litchfield Avenue, Litchfield Lane, Millersdale Avenue, Princes Street, Prospect Street, Rock Hill, Roseberry Hill (120)  SO/IN/2/4/129  1934

Alexandra Avenue, Berryhill Lane, Berryhill, Road, Black Scotch Lane, Broxtowe Drive, Windsor Road, Jenny Becketts Lane, Nottingham Road (121)  SO/IN/2/4/130  1934

Woodland Drive, Woodland Crescent (122)  SO/IN/2/4/131  1934

Sutton Road, Waterson Avenue (186)  SO/IN/2/4/132  1934

Berry Hill Road, Croft Avenue, Cromford Avenue (187)  SO/IN/2/4/133  1934

Cromford Avenue, Forest Avenue, Forest Road, Hermitage Lane, Hillsway Crescent (190)  SO/IN/2/4/134  1934

Hillsway Crescent, Matlock Avenue, Mayfair Avenue, Melrose Avenue (194)  SO/IN/2/4/135  1934

Nottingham Road, Nordbury Drive, Robin Down Lane, Sheepbridge Lane (196)  SO/IN/2/4/136  1934

East Ward  [no ref. or date]

Ashfield Avenue, Bedford, Avenue, Chesterfield Road, Eakring Road (3)  SO/IN/2/4/137  1934

Alcock Avenue (123)  SO/IN/2/4/138  1934

Alcock Avenue, Argyle Street (124)  SO/IN/2/4/139  1934

Argyle Street, Arthur Street, Ashfield Avenue, Bath Lane (125)  SO/IN/2/4/140  1934

Bath Lane, Bedford Avenue, Beech Hill Avenue, Beech Hill Crescent, Belper Street (126)  SO/IN/2/4/141  1934

Belper Street, Bentinck Street, Beresford Street, Big Barn Lane (127)  SO/IN/2/4/142  1934

Big Barn Lane, Birding Street, Birkland Street (128)  SO/IN/2/4/143  1934

Birkland Street, Blake Crescent, Bolsover Street (129)  SO/IN/2/4/144  1934

Bolsover Street, Bowling Street (130)  SO/IN/2/4/145  1934

Bowling Street, Bridge Street, Bundby Avenue, Bridgford Street (131)  SO/IN/2/4/146  1934

Budby Avenue, Carlton Street, Carter Lane (132)  SO/IN/2/4/147  1934

Carter Lane (133)  SO/IN/2/4/148  1934

Carter Lane, Charles Street, Chesterfield Road South (134)  SO/IN/2/4/149  1934

Chesterfield Road South, West Hill, Church Street, Cliffe Street, Clifton Place, Clipstone Avenue (135)  SO/IN/2/4/150  1934

Clipstone Avenue, Clumber Street (136)  SO/IN/2/4/151  1934

Belmont Terrace, Clumber Place, Whyatts Court, Columbia Avenue, J Coronation Street, Crow Hill Drive, Crown Street (137)  SO/IN/2/4/152  1934

Crown Street, Dale Street, Debdale Lane, Eakring Road (138)  SO/IN/2/4/153  1934

Eakring Road, Edgar Avenue (139)  SO/IN/2/4/154  1934

Edgar Avenue, Elm Tree Street, Elton Road, Empire Street, Francis Street, Frederick Street (140)  SO/IN/2/4/155  1934

Frederick Street, Gladstone Street (141)  SO/IN/2/4/156  1934

Gladstone Street, Gordon Avenue, Granby Avenue, Haddon Road (142)  SO/IN/2/4/157  1934

Haddon Road, Hall Street (143)  SO/IN/2/4/158  1934

Hall Street, Harcourt Street, Helmsley Road, Heywood Street, Hardwick Street, Hamilton Street (144)  SO/IN/2/4/159  1934

Heywood Street, Hibbert Road, Hope Street (145)  SO/IN/2/4/160  1934

Hope Street, Jennison Street, King Street, Leeming Street (146)  SO/IN/2/4/161  1934

Leeming Street, Lime Street, Linden Street (147)  SO/IN/2/4/162  1934

Linden Street, Little Barn Lane, Little Carter Lane (148)  SO/IN/2/4/163  1934

Little Carter Lane, Little Debdale Lane, Market Place, Market Chambers (149)  SO/IN/2/4/164  1934

Market Place, Methuen Avenue, Mill Street, Montague Street (150)  SO/IN/2/4/165  1934

Montague Street, Newgate Lane (151)  SO/IN/2/4/166  1934

Newgate Lane (152)  SO/IN/2/4/167  1934

Newgate Lane, Norfolk Drive, Normanton Drive (153)  SO/IN/2/4/168  1934

Normanton Drive, Norfolk Drive, Nursery Street, Furniss Row (154)  SO/IN/2/4/169  1934

Nursery Street, Furniss Row, Oak Avenue, Oak Tree Lane, Orchard Street, Oxford Street (155)  SO/IN/2/4/170  1934

Oxford Street, Park Avenue, Patterson Place, Paulsons Drive (156)  SO/IN/2/4/171  1934

Paulsons Drive, Pecks Hill, Pelham Street (157)  SO/IN/2/4/172  1934

Masons Yard, Russell Court, Whiteman Place, Shipmans Court, Pembroke Street, Perlethorpe Avenue, (158)  SO/IN/2/4/173  1934

Perlethorpe Avenue, Pheasant Hill, Pickard Street (159)  SO/IN/2/4/174  1934

Pickard Street, Ratcliffe Gate (160)  SO/IN/2/4/175  1934

Racecourse Road, Ravensdale Road (161)  SO/IN/2/4/176  1934

Ravensdale Road, Ravensdale Avenue, Ransom Road, Recreation Street (162)  SO/IN/2/4/177  1934

Recreation Street, Redcliffe Road (163)  SO/IN/2/4/178  1934

Redcliffe Road, Regent Street, Reindeer Street, Richmond Street (164)  SO/IN/2/4/179  1934

Richmond Street, Rock Hill, Rock Street, Rock Valley, Rock Valley Road, Rufford Avenue (165)  SO/IN/2/4/180  1934

Sandy Lane (166)  SO/IN/2/4/181  1934

Sandy Lane, Scarcliffe Street, Selwyn Street, Shaw Street, Sherwood Plantation, Sherwood Hall Road (167)  SO/IN/2/4/182  1934

Sherwood Hall Road, Shirborn Avenue, Skerry Hill (168)  SO/IN/2/4/183  1934

Smith Street, Southwell Road (169)  SO/IN/2/4/184  1934

Southwell Road West, Southern Road East (170)  SO/IN/2/4/185  1934

Southwell Road East, White City Avenues (171)  SO/IN/2/4/186  1934

Southwell Road East (172)  SO/IN/2/4/187  1934

Southwell Road East, Stanhope Street, Stonecross Lane, Stuart Street, Terrace Road, Caxton Terrace, Nursery Terrace (173)  SO/IN/2/4/188  1934

Nursery Terrace, park The, Toothill Lane, Toothill Road, Warwick Drive (174)  SO/IN/2/4/189  1934

Warwick Drive, Watson Avenue, West Gate, West Hill Avenue, West Hill Drive (175)  SO/IN/2/4/190  1934

West Hill Drive, Windmill Lane, Woodhouse Road (176)  SO/IN/2/4/191  1934

Woodhouse Road (177)  SO/IN/2/4/192  1934

Barringer Road, Birks Place, Chadburn Road, Lansbury Gardens (178)  SO/IN/2/4/193  1934

Chadburn Road, Crampton Avenue, Sanders Avenue (179)  SO/IN/2/4/194  1934

Sanders Avenue, Singleton Avenue, Taylors Close (180)  SO/IN/2/4/195  1934

Taylors Close, Ravensdale Road, Sherwood Hall Road (181)  SO/IN/2/4/196  1934

Houfton Road, Garden Avenue, Hall Street (182)  SO/IN/2/4/197  1934

Asquith Street, Crown Street, Dorothy Avenue, Firbeck Avenue, Firbeck Crescent, Francis Street, Health Avenue, Oak Tree Lane (183)  SO/IN/2/4/198  1934

Abbey Road, Alport Place, Beaumont Avenue, Beech Hill Avenue (184)  SO/IN/2/4/199  1934

Beech Hill Drive, Little Barn Lane (188)  SO/IN/2/4/200  1934

Skerry Hill, Southwell Road West, Southwell Road East (191)  SO/IN/2/4/201  1934

Big Barn Lane (197)  SO/IN/2/4/202  1934

Bradforth Avenue, Carisbrooke Avenue, Old Mill Lane (199)  SO/IN/2/4/203  1934

Charnwood Grove, Cornwall Avenue, Heather Way (200)  SO/IN/2/4/204  1934

Stainsby Drive, Teignmouth Avenue, Villiers Road (204)  SO/IN/2/4/205  1934

West Bank Avenue (205)  SO/IN/2/4/206  1934

Maltby Road, Epsom Street, Newmarket Street, Smith Street, Selwyn Street (207)  SO/IN/2/4/207  1934

Reassessment of 1938  [no ref. or date]

West Gate, Stockwell Gate, Albert Street, Market Place, Church Street, Leeming Street, Sutton Road, Nottingham Road, Clumber Street, Chesterfield Road, Regent Street (201)  SO/IN/2/4/208  1938

Bancroft Estate (212)  SO/IN/2/4/209  1938

Stonebridge Lane (213)  SO/IN/2/4/210  1938

MANSFIELD WOODHOUSE UDC  SO/IN/2/5/1-19  1927-1933

North Ward  [no ref. or date]

Ashwell Avenue, Catherine Street, Church Street, Churchill Avenue, High Street, King Street, Leeming Lane, Ley Lane, New Mill Lane, Old Mill Lane, Park Avenue, Park Hall, Park Hall Road, Peafield Lane, Stainworth Street, St. Edmunds Avenue, Warsop Avenue, Woodland Grove (12)  SO/IN/2/5/1  1927-1933

Albert Street, Ashwell Avenue, Butt Lane, Church Hill Avenue, Church Street, High Street, Leeming Lane, Ley Lane, Littlewood Lane, Northfield Lane, Old Mill Lane, Park Road, Park Hall Road, Park Hall Farm, Peafield Lane, Portland Street, St. Edmunds Avenue, Stainworth Street, Tennyson Avenue (13)  SO/IN/2/5/2  1927-1933

Albert Square, Ashwell Avenue, Burland Avenue, Butt Lane, Byron Avenue, Church Hill Avenue, High Street, Leeming Lane, Ley Lane, Louwil Avenue, New Mill Lane, Park Road, Park Avenue Estate, Park Hall Road, Peafield Lane, Rushpool Ridge, Slant Lane, Warsop Road, Welbeck Road, Woodland Grove (14)  SO/IN/2/5/3  1927-1933

Albany Drive, Albany Place, Audrey Crescent, Dorothy Avenue, Henry Avenue, Leeming Lane, Louwil Avenue, Middleton Road, New Mill Lane, Park Avenue, Rushpool Ridge, Warsop Road (15)  SO/IN/2/5/4  1927-1933

Albany Drive, Albert Street, Burland Avenue, Byron Avenue, Dorothy Avenue, Edge Hill Grove, High Street, Leas Road, Leeming Lane, Ley Lane, Louwil Avenue, New Mill Lane, Old Mill Lane, Park Hall Road, Peafield Lane, Portland Street, Rushpool Ridge, Sandgate Road, Slant Lane, St. Edmunds Avenue, Stainforth Street, Tennyson Avenue, Titchfield Avenue (16)  SO/IN/2/5/5  1927-1933

Birkland Avenue, Church Hill, Dorothy Avenue, Edgehill Grove, High Street, Leas Road, Leeming Lane, Littlewood Lane, Louwil Avenue, Mansfield Road, Meden Road, Park Hall Road, Sandgate Road, Slant Lane, Tennyson Avenue, Warsop Avenue, Woodland Grove (17)  SO/IN/2/5/6  1927-1933

Albert Street, Birkland Avenue, Butt Lane, Church Hill Avenue, Church Street, Edge Hill Grove, Freely Avenue, Harly Avenue, High Street, King Street, Leas Road, Leeming Lane, Ley Lane, Littlewood Lane, Louwil Avenue, Mansfield Road, Meden Road, New Mill Lane, Old Mill Lane, Park Hall Road, Peafield Lane, Portland Street, Portland Crescent, Sandgate Road, St. Edmunds Avenue, Stainforth Street, Slant Lane, Titchfield Avenue, Woodland Grove (18)  SO/IN/2/5/7  1927-1933

Ashly Avenue, Church Hill, Freely Avenue, Harly Avenue, High Street, King Street, Kingsley Avenue, Leeming Lane South, Mansfield Road, Melbourne Street, New Mill Lane, Park Hall Road, Titchfield Avenue (19)  SO/IN/2/5/8  1927-1933

East Ward  [no ref. or date]

Clipstone Road, Edmonton Road, Ellesmere Road, Kingsway, Lime Grove, Linden Road, Mansfield Road, Oakland Road, Old Mill Lane, Poplar Grove, Queensway, Stanley Road, Station Road, Woodland Road (7)  SO/IN/2/5/9  1927-1933

Clipstone Road, Edmonton Road, Ellesmere Road, Lime Grove, Linden Road, New Mill Lane, Oakland Road, Old Mill Lane, Stanley Road, Violet Hill, Woodland Road (8)  SO/IN/2/5/10  1927-1933

Clipstone Drive, Clipstone Road, Ellesmere Road, Lime Grove, Linden Road, Newlands Estate, Oakland Road, Off Kingsway, Old Mill Lane, Woodland Road (9)  SO/IN/2/5/11  1927-1933

Clipstone Drive, Clipstone Road, Dorothy Drive, Edmonton Road, Ellesmere Road, Langwell Drive, Linden Road, Newlands Estate, Newlands Road, Old Mill Lane, Poplar Grove, Queensway, Woodland Road (10)  SO/IN/2/5/12  1927-1933

Avenues & Allotments, Clipstone Drive, Clipstone Road, Dorothy Drive, Ellesmere Road, Fairfield Drive, George Street, Laurel Avenue, Langwell Drive, Lime Grove, Linden Road, Newlands Road, Oakland Road, Old Mill Lane, Violet Hill, Woodland Road (11)  SO/IN/2/5/13  1927-1933

Attlee Avenue, Clipstone Drive, Clipstone Road, Dorothy Drive, Drill Hall Allotments, Eakring Road, Edmonton Road, Ellesmere Road, Fairfield Drive, George Street, Laurel Avenue, Mansfield colliery, Ninth Avenue Allotments, Oakland Road, Old Mill Lane, Poplar Grove, Stanley Road, Victory Drive, Violet Hill (13)  SO/IN/2/5/14  1927-1933

West Ward  [no ref. or date]

Debdale Gate, Debdale Road, Grove Street, Mansfield Road, Morren Avenue, Northfield Avenue, Northfield Lane, Oxclose Lane, Park Road, Pleasley Vale, Shakespeare Avenue, Shelley Avenue, Sherwood Rise, Slant Lane, Station Street, Wordsworth Avenue, Yorke Street (12)  SO/IN/2/5/15  1927-1933

Coke Street, Common Lane, Debdale Gate, Grove Street, Lawrence Avenue, Morren Avenue, Oxclose Lane, Priory Road, Shelley Avenue, Sherwood Rise, Silverdale Avenue, Station Street, Wordsworth Avenue (13)  SO/IN/2/5/16  1927-1933

Common Lane, Coxs' Lane, Ferguson Avenue, Greenwood Avenue, Grove Street, Lawrence Avenue, Mansfield Road, Morren Avenue, Northfield Avenue, Northfield Lane, Priory Road, Station Street, The Circle, Vale Road, Wordsworth Avenue, Yorke Street (14)  SO/IN/2/5/17  1927-1933

Castle Street, Coke Street, Common Lane, Crow Hill Lane, Debdale Gate, Debdale Road, Grove Street, Lawrence Avenue, Mallatrat Place, Manor Road, Mansfield Road, Mayhall Avenue, Morren Avenue, Northfield Avenue, Park Road, Pleasley Vale, Priory Road, Shakespeare Avenue, Sherwood Street, Slant Lane, Station Street, Swan Lane, Thoresby Road, Vale Road, Vale Street, Wilcox Avenue, Yeoman Hill Park (15)  SO/IN/2/5/18  1927-1933

Manor Road, Mayhall Avenue, Northfield Lane, Priory Road, Shakespeare Avenue, Slant Lane, Thoresby Road, Vale Road (16)  SO/IN/2/5/19  1927-1933

NEWARK BOROUGH  SO/IN/2/6/1-61  1934

Coddington Road, Beacon Hill, Top Row, Bottom Row, Side Row (1)  SO/IN/2/6/1  1934

Beacon Hill, Clay Home, Winthorpe Road, Lincoln Road (2)  SO/IN/2/6/2  1934

Lincoln Road, Gainsborough Drive, Park Crescent, Chestnut Avenue, Cedar Avenue, Bowbridge Road, Thoresby Avenue, Belvoir Crescent, Newcastle Avenue, Rutland Avenue, Cavendish Avenue, Granby Avenue, Bromley Avenue, Clumber Avenue, Boundary Road (3)  SO/IN/2/6/3  1934

Boundary Road, Bowbridge Road, Earp Avenue (4)  SO/IN/2/6/4  1934

Earp Avenue, Hatton Gardens, Winchilsea Avenue, Milner Street, The Park (5)  SO/IN/2/6/5  1934

The Park, Jubilee Street, Lime Grove, Albert Street (6)  SO/IN/2/6/6  1934

Albert Street, Wakholm Avenue, Rufford Avenue, Harewood Avenue (7)  SO/IN/2/6/7  1934

Southend Avenue, Albion Street, Eldon Street (8)  SO/IN/2/6/8  1934

Eldon Street, Chatham Street, London Road (9)  SO/IN/2/6/9  1934

London Road (10)  SO/IN/2/6/10  1934

London Road, Newton Street (11)  SO/IN/2/6/11  1934

Harcourt Street, Smith Street, Nicholson Street, Parker Street, Whitfield Street (13)  SO/IN/2/6/12  1934

Whitfield Street, William Street (14)  SO/IN/2/6/13  1934

William Street, New Street, Sherwood Avenue, Bedlam Lane, Cottage Homes, Balderton Gate (15)  SO/IN/2/6/14  1934

Balderton Gate (16)  SO/IN/2/6/15  1934

Balderton Gate, Barnby Gate (17)  SO/IN/2/6/16  1934

Barnby Gate, Century Street (18)  SO/IN/2/6/17  1934

Barnby Gate, Cross Street (19)  SO/IN/2/6/18  1934

Cross Street, Vernon Street, Wood Street, Long Row, Cromwell Road, Wright Street, Private Street (20)  SO/IN/2/6/19  1934

Barnby Gate, Hill Vue Avenue, Vernon Avenue, Massey Street, Guildhall Street, Beacon Hill Road (21)  SO/IN/2/6/20  1934

Beacon Hill Road, Bede House Lane, Friary Road, Wellington Road, Sleaford Road (22)  SO/IN/2/6/21  1934

Sleaford Road, Lindum Street, Lawrence Street, Newstead Avenue, Welbeck Avenue (23)  SO/IN/2/6/22  1934

Cliff Nook Lane, Sydney Street, Magnus Street, Lincoln Street, Warburton Street, George Street, Appleton Gate (24)  SO/IN/2/6/23  1934

Appleton Gate (25)  SO/IN/2/6/24  1934

Appleton Gate, Kings Road, Lover's Lane (26)  SO/IN/2/6/25  1934

Lover's Lane, Alliance Street, Currie Road, Newnham Road, Meyrick Road, Wilson Street (27)  SO/IN/2/6/26  1934

Wilson Street, Slaughterhouse Lane, Queens Road, North Gate (28)  SO/IN/2/6/27  1934

North Gate (29)  SO/IN/2/6/28  1934

North Gate, Bargate, Castlegate (30)  SO/IN/2/6/29  1934

Castlegate (31)  SO/IN/2/6/30  1934

Castlegate, Millgate (32)  SO/IN/2/6/31  1934

Millgate (33)  SO/IN/2/6/32  1934

Millgate, Pelham Street, Parliament Street (34)  SO/IN/2/6/33  1934

Parliament Street, Queen Street, King Street (35)  SO/IN/2/6/34  1934

King Street, Spring Gardens, Princess Street, Crown Street (36)  SO/IN/2/6/35  1934

Crown Street, Regent Street, Edward Avenue, Clinton Street, Victoria Street (37)  SO/IN/2/6/36  1934

Victoria Street, Portland Street (38)  SO/IN/2/6/37  1934

Portland Street, Cartergate (39)  SO/IN/2/6/38  1934

Cartergate, Bear Lane, Lombard Street, St. Mark's Lane (40)  SO/IN/2/6/39  1934

Lombard Street, Stanley Street, Church Street, Church Walk, Kirk Gate (41)  SO/IN/2/6/40  1934

Kirk Gate, Middlegate, Water Lane (42)  SO/IN/2/6/41  1934

Water Lane, Middlegate, Chain Lane, Stodman Street (43)  SO/IN/2/6/42  1934

Stodman Street, Market Place (44)  SO/IN/2/6/43  1934

Stodman Street, Bridge Street, St. Mark's Lane (45)  SO/IN/2/6/44  1934

Windsor Avenue, Farndon Road, Bancroft Road, Hawton Road, London Road, Gopher Road, William Street, Railway Cottages, Long Row, Bentinck Road, Julia Street, Balderton Gate, Whitfield Street, Winthorpe Road, Beacon Hill, Magnus Street, Cartergate, Church Walk, Pelham Street, Bailey Road, Valley Prospect, Victoria Street (95)  SO/IN/2/6/45  1934

Barnby Gate, Beacon Hill, Chestnut Avenue, Dunholme Avenue, Gladstone Road, Hawton Road, Kelham Road, Lincoln Road, London Road, Newnham Road, North Road, Park Crescent, Pelham Street, Stanhope Avenue, Terry Avenue, Windsor Avenue, Winthorpe Road, Wood Street (96)  SO/IN/2/6/46  1934

Bancroft Road, Barnby Road, Beacon Hill, Beech Avenue, Beeston Road, Bentinck Road, Bowbridge Road, Bromley Avenue, Carlton Road, Cedar Avenue, Clarks Lane, Charles Lane, Charles Street Cranmer Road, Gladstone Road, Harcourt Street, Hawton Road, Holden Crescent, King Street, Lawrence Street, Lincoln Road, Mill Gate, North Road, Quibell Road, Rutland Avenue, Stanhope Avenue, Wellington Road, Windsor Avenue, Winchilsea Avenue, Windsor Road, Winthorpe Road (97)  SO/IN/2/6/47  1934

Albert Street, Bancroft Road, Barnby Gate, Boundry Road, Castle Gate, Clarks Lane, Clay Lane, Falstone Avenue, Gainsborough Drive, Harewood Avenue, Hawton Road, Kelham Road, Lincoln Road Lombard Street, London Road, Lover's Lane, Magnus Street, St. Mary's Terrace, Newcastle Avenue, Newstead Avenue, Newton Street, Salisbury Road, Tolney Lane, Windsor Avenue, Windsor Road, Winthorpe Road (98)  SO/IN/2/6/48  1934

Bancroft Road, Beacon Hill, Beeston Road, Belvoir Crescent, Bentinck Road, Bowbridge Road, Byron Close, Cavendish Avenue, Chestnut Avenue, Clay Lane, Cleveland Square, Dunholme Avenue, Elm Avenue, Falstone Avenue, Friary Road, Gainsborough Drive, Harewood Avenue, Lincoln Road, London Road, Newark Corporation, Newcastle Avenue, North Gate, Rufford Avenue, Rupert Crescent, Sleaford Road, Stanley Street, Vernon Avenue, Windsor Road, Winthorpe Road (99)  SO/IN/2/6/49  1934

Albert Street, Appleton Gate, Barnby Road, Beeston Road, Beacon Hill, Bentinck Road, Bowbridge Road, Cavendish Avenue, ClarksLane, Clay Lane, Coddington Road, Farndon Road, Gladstone Road, Hawton Road, London Road, Marton Road, Mill Gate, North Gate, North Road, Pelham Street, Rufford Avenue, Rupert Crescent, Rutland Avenue, Salisbury Road, St. Mark's Lane, Winthorpe Road (100)  SO/IN/2/6/50  1934

The Avenue, Appleton Gate, Balderton Gate, Bancroft Road, Barnby Road, Bentnick Road, Boundary Road, Carlton Road, Coddington Road, Elm Avenue, Farndon Road, Hawton Road Lincoln Road, London Road, Pelham Street, Queens Road, Sherwood Avenue, Victoria Street, Windsor Avenue, Windsor Road, Winthorpe Road (101)  SO/IN/2/6/51  1934

Bancroft Road, Beaconside, Beacon Hill Road, Beeston Road, Boundary Road, Bowbridge Road, Carlton Road, Chestnut Avenue, Cleveland Square, Elm Avenue, Falstone Avenue, Friary Road, Farndon Road, Hawton Road, Lincoln Road, London Road, Middle Gate, Mill Gate, Newton Street, North Gate, Park The, Stanhope Avenue, Windsor Avenue, Windsor Road, Winthorpe Road (102)  SO/IN/2/6/52  1934

Bancroft Road, Barnby Gate, Balderton Gate, Beacon Side, Beacon Hill Road, Boundary Road, Bowbridge Road, Byron Close, Chestnut Avenue, Crescent The, Gladstone Road, Hawton Road, Harewood Avenue, Kelham Lane, Lincoln Road, London Road, Mill Gate, Nicholson Street, North Road, Park The, Pelham Street, Southend Avenue, Stodman Street, Windsor Avenue, Windsor Road (103)  SO/IN/2/6/53  1934

Bancroft Road, Boundary Road, Bowbridge Road, Castle Gate, Cedar Avenue, Coddington Road, George Street, Hawton Road, Lawrence Street, Lincoln Road, London Road, Marton Road, Mill Gate, Windsor Road, Winthorpe Road (104)  SO/IN/2/6/54  1934

Bancroft Road, Beeston Road, Boundary Road, Castle Gate, Chestnut Avenue, Cleveland Square, Coddington Road, Corporation Houses ("Hawton Ville"), Elm Avenue, Farndon Road, Hawton Road, London Road, Massey Street, Middle Gate, Muskham Road, Newton Street, Park The, Rufford Avenue, Rupert Crescent, Salisbury Road, Welbeck Avenue, Windsor Road, Winthorpe Road (105)  SO/IN/2/6/55  1934

Bancroft Road, Beeston Road, Bentinck Road, Boundary Road, Bowbridge Road, Clay Lane, Coddington Road, Gladstone Road, Hatton Gardens, Hawton Road, Hill Vue Avenue, Holden Crescent, Lincoln Road, Lombard Street, London Road, Marton Road, Massey Street, Middle Gate, Mill Gate, Park The, Rupert Crescent, Salisbury Road, Slaughterhouse Lane, Sleaford Road, Vernon Avenue, Victoria Street, Winchilsea Avenue, Windsor Road, Winthorpe Road (106)  SO/IN/2/6/56  1934

Balderton Gate, Bancroft Road, Beacon Hill, Bentinck Road, Boundary Road, Castle Gate, Coddington Road, Falstone Avenue, Harewood Avenue, Hawton Road, Lincoln Road, London Road, Marton Road, Middle Gate, Newton Street, Rupert Crescent, Southend Avenue, Sleaford Road, Staunton Road, Windsor Road, Winthorpe Road (107)  SO/IN/2/6/57  1934

Bancroft Road, Bentinck Road, Boundary Road, Bowbridge Road, Brewery Lane, Coddington Road, Dorner Avenue, Earp Avenue, Egglestones Yard, Elm Avenue, Falstone Avenue, Greenfield Estate, Harewood Avenue, Hatton Gardens, Hawtonville, Lime Grove, London Road, Marton Road, Middleton Road, North Gate, Park The, Salisbury Road, Saracens Head Yard, Southend Avenue (108)  SO/IN/2/6/58  1934

Albert Street, Balderton Gate, Bamcroft Road, Beacon Hill, Bentinck Road, Boar Lane, Boundary Road, Coddington Road, Falstone Avenue, Hatton Gardens Harewood Avenue, Kelham Road, Kirk Gate, Lincoln Road, Lombard Street, London Road, Market Place, Marton Road, Mill Gate, Newton Street, North Gate, Park The, Saracens Head Yard, Sleaford Road, Sparrow Lane, Vernon Avenue, Winchilsea Avenue, Winthorpe Road (109)  SO/IN/2/6/59  1934

Albert Street, Boar Lane, Boundary Road, Bowbridge Road, Bus Station, Chain Lane, Chatham Street, Coddington Road, Dunholme Avenue, Handley House, Hardwick Avenue, Harewood Avenue, Lombard Street, London Road, Mill Gate, Morgan Miss, Newton Street, Park The, Sleaford Road, Southend Avenue, Victoria Street, Winthorpe Road, Wrights Yard (110)  SO/IN/2/6/60  1934

Balderton Gate, Barnby Gate, Beaumond Chambers, Boundary Road, Carter Gate, Castle Gate, Chain Lane, Clarkes Lane, Coddington Road, Hardwick Avenue, Harewood Avenue, King Street, Kirk Gate, Pelham Street, Queens Road, Southend Avenue, Stodman Street, Vernon Avenue, Victoria Street (111)  SO/IN/2/6/61  1934

SOUTHWELL RDC  SO/IN/2/7/1-95  1934

Averham (51)  SO/IN/2/7/1  1934

Bathley (3)  SO/IN/2/7/2  1934

Bilsthorpe (52, 53, 175)  SO/IN/2/7/3-5  1934

Bleasby (159, 160, 161)  SO/IN/2/7/6-8  1934

Bulcote (115, 176)  SO/IN/2/7/9-10  1934

Boughton (45, 46)  SO/IN/2/7/11-12  1934

Caunton (33, 34, 35)  SO/IN/2/7/13-15  1934

Caythorpe (61, 62)  SO/IN/2/7/16-17  1934

Carlton-on-Trent (6, 8)  SO/IN/2/7/18-19  1934

Clipstone (Local Authority) (81)  SO/IN/2/7/20  1934

Clipstone (Local and Non-Local Authority (163)  SO/IN/2/7/21  1934

Clipstone (Non-Local Authority) (82)  SO/IN/2/7/22  1934

Clipstone (Non-Local Authority) (83)  SO/IN/2/7/23  1934

Cromwell (5)  SO/IN/2/7/24  1934

Eakring (24, 25)  SO/IN/2/7/25-26  1934

Edingley (12, 13)  SO/IN/2/7/27-28  1934

Edwinstowe (54-59, 152, 156, 177)  SO/IN/2/7/29-37  1934

Egmanton (27)  SO/IN/2/7/38  1934

Epperstone (112)  SO/IN/2/7/39  1934

Gonalston (111)  SO/IN/2/7/40  1934

Grassthorpe (1)  SO/IN/2/7/41  1934

Halam (77,78)  SO/IN/2/7/42-43  1934

Halloughton (32)  SO/IN/2/7/44  1934

Hockerton (60)  SO/IN/2/7/45  1934

Hoveringham (119, 120, 121)  SO/IN/2/7/46-48  1934

Kelham (84, 85, 86)  SO/IN/2/7/49-51  1934

Kirklington (79, 80)  SO/IN/2/7/52-53  1934

Kirton (28)  SO/IN/2/7/54  1934

Lowdham (96, 129)  SO/IN/2/7/55-56  1934

North Muskham (22, 164)  SO/IN/2/7/57-58  1934

Norwell (87, 88)  SO/IN/2/7/59-60  1934

Ollerton (97, 99, 101, 102, 179)  SO/IN/2/7/61-65  1934

Ompton (16)  SO/IN/2/7/66  1934

Ossington (38)  SO/IN/2/7/67  1934

Oxton (116)  SO/IN/2/7/68  1934

South Muskham (7, 9)  SO/IN/2/7/69-70  1934

Southwell (132 - 142, 146 - 148)  SO/IN/2/7/71-84  1934

Sutton-on-Trent (42, 43, 130)  SO/IN/2/7/85-87  1934

Walesby (154, 183)  SO/IN/2/7/88-89  1934

Wellow (74, 75, 76)  SO/IN/2/7/90-92  1934

Weston (10, 11)  SO/IN/2/7/93-94  1934

Winkburn (47)  SO/IN/2/7/95  1934

WORKSOP RDC  SO/IN/2/8/1-53  1932

Blyth  [no ref. or date]

Bawtry Road, Retford Road, Little Lane (1)  SO/IN/2/8/1  1932

Little Lane, Retford Road, High Street, Nottingham Road, Lawsons Square, Worksop Road (2)  SO/IN/2/8/2  1932

High Street, Sheffield Road (3)  SO/IN/2/8/3  1932

Bawtry Road, High Street, Worksop Road (4)  SO/IN/2/8/4  1932

High Street, Bawtry Road, Retford Road, Spital Road, Red Bridge (5)  SO/IN/2/8/5  1932

Retford Road, Bawtry Road, Harworth Road (6)  SO/IN/2/8/6  1932

Carburton  [no ref. or date]

Carburton (1)  SO/IN/2/8/7  1932

Carlton  [no ref. or date]

South Carlton: Worksop-Doncaster Road, Wigthorpe, Main Road, Vicarage Row (1)  SO/IN/2/8/8  1932

South Carlton: Vicarage Row, Carlton Hall (2)  SO/IN/2/8/9  1932

North Carlton: High Road, Chapelgate, Blue Bell Yard (3)  SO/IN/2/8/10  1932

North Carlton: Low Street, The cross, Bach Street (4)  SO/IN/2/8/11  1932

North Carlton: The Cross, Pump Row, Bridge Row, Water Lane, The Square, The Green, Osborne Terrace (5)  SO/IN/2/8/12  1932

North Carlton: Osborne Terrace, The Green, Woodhouse Lane, Doncaster Road (6)  SO/IN/2/8/13  1932

Custhorpe, Doncaster Road, Sinker Hill, Long Lane, High Road (10)  SO/IN/2/8/14  1932

Long Lane, Highfield, West View, Back street, Blyth Road, Ghest Villas, The Green, Doncaster Road, Carlton Hall, High Road, Low Street (II)  SO/IN/2/8/15  1932

Doncaster Road, Custhorpe, Highfield Villas, Rotherham Baulk (VII)  SO/IN/2/8/16  1932

Doncaster Road, Long Lane, Owday Lane, Carlton Forest, Red Lane, Blyth Road (VIII)  SO/IN/2/8/17  1932

Low Street, Carlton Hall, Licensed premises (IX)  SO/IN/2/8/18  1932

Cuckney  [no ref. or date]

Cuckney-Holbeck, Budley-Worksop, Cuckney-Budley, Cuckney-Norton (1)  SO/IN/2/8/19  1932

Cuckney-Budley, Cuckney-Worksop, Cuckney-Langwith, Cuckney-Cresswell, Cuckney-Norton (2)  SO/IN/2/8/20  1932

Maltkin Row (3)  SO/IN/2/8/21  1932

Harworth  [no ref. or date]

Martins Lane, St. Martins Avenue, Doncaster Road, Nr Bawtry, Bawtry (1)  SO/IN/2/8/22  1932

Bawtry, Plumtree, Serlby, Blyth Road (2)  SO/IN/2/8/23  1932

Hesley, Bawtry (3)  SO/IN/2/8/24  1932

Martin Lane, Doncaster Road, Serlby, Grange Avenue, St. Martins Avenue (4)  SO/IN/2/8/25  1932

Grange Avenue (5)  SO/IN/2/8/26  1932

Hill Road, Styrrup Road, Alexandra Road, Baulk Lane, Tickhill Road, Grosvenor Road, Spital Road, Bawtry Road (6)  SO/IN/2/8/27  1932

Sandy Mount, Bawtry Road, Tickhill Road, Styrrup Road, Common Lane, Scrooby Road, Alexandra Road, Grosvenor Road (7)  SO/IN/2/8/28  1932

Common Lane, Tickhill Road, Scrooby Road, Styrrup Road, Church Lane, Alexandra Road, Hill Road, Grosvenor Road (8)  SO/IN/2/8/29  1932

Main Street, Styrrup Road, Low Common, Church Lane (I)  SO/IN/2/8/30  1932

Main Street, Tickhill Road, Bawtry Road, High Street, Hill Road, Blyth Road, Hill Gardens, Church Lane (II)  SO/IN/2/8/31  1932

Hill Gardens, Scrooby Road, Well Hill (III)  SO/IN/2/8/32  1932

Scrooby Road, Grosvenor Road, Alexandra Road (IV)  SO/IN/2/8/33  1932

Alexandra Road, Scrooby Road, Smite Park Road, White House Road, Droversdale Road, Main Street, Styrrup Road, Church Lane, Hill Road (V)  SO/IN/2/8/34  1932

Hodsock  [no ref. or date]

Fleecethorpe, Blyth-Worksop, Hodsock Priory Cottages, Private Drive, Bridle Road, Top Spital, Hodsock Grange, Hodsock Woodhouse (I)  SO/IN/2/8/35  1932

Doncaster Road (II)  SO/IN/2/8/36  1932

Goldthorpe, Farm Cottages and Mill (III)  SO/IN/2/8/37  1932

Doncaster Road, Plantation Lane, Forest Lodge (4)  SO/IN/2/8/38  1932

Holbeck  [no ref. or date]

Holbeck-Langwith Road, Holbeck-Woodhouse Road, Cuckney-Bolsover Road, Cuckney-Cresswell Road, Holbeck-Worksop Road (1)  SO/IN/2/8/39  1932

Holbeck-Langwith Road, Holbeck-Worksop Road, Holbeck-Cuckney Road, Cuckney-Crosswell Road, Cuckney-Bolsover Road, Holbeck-Woodhouse Road (2)  SO/IN/2/8/40  1932

Nether Langwith  [no ref. or date]

Cuckney-Langwith Road, Nether-Langwith Road (1)  SO/IN/2/8/41  1932

Langwith-Pleasley Road, Cuckney-Langwith Road, Langwith-Cresswell Road, Portland Terrace, Cockshill Lane, Jug and Glass Inn, French Terraces, Portland Road, Nether-Langwith Road (2)  SO/IN/2/8/42  1932

Norton  [no ref. or date]

Mansfield-Worksop Road, Private Drive, Norton-Carburton Road, Budley-Cuckney Road, Norton-Cuckney Road, Norton Road (1)  SO/IN/2/8/43  1932

Norton-Cuckney Road, Mansfield-Worksop Road, Norton Road, Private Road (2)  SO/IN/2/8/44  1932

Styrrup with Oldcotes  [no ref. or date]

Main Street, Blyth Road, Styrrup Road (1)  SO/IN/2/8/45  1932

Styrrup Road, Blyth Road, Main Street, Oldcotes Road, Brewery Lane (2)  SO/IN/2/8/46  1932

Main Street, Blyth Road, Serlby Road, Harworth Road, Lancaster Road, Oldcotes Road (3)  SO/IN/2/8/47  1932

Serlby Road, Bawtry Road (4)  SO/IN/2/8/48  1932

Main Street, Bawtry Road, Maltby Road, Blyth Road, Back Street, Doncaster Road, Blyth-Harworth Road (50  SO/IN/2/8/49  1932

Wallingwells  [no ref. or date]

Wallingwells Road (1)  SO/IN/2/8/50  1932

Long Lane (2)  SO/IN/2/8/51  1932

Welbeck  [no ref. or date]

Lady Bolsover Drive, Roomwood Road, Lower Wood Yard  SO/IN/2/8/52  1932

Woodhouse Hall  [no ref. or date]

Private Road, Garden Road, Worksop-Mansfield Road, Gas House Road  SO/IN/2/8/53  1932

WORKSOP BOROUGH  SO/IN/2/9/1-2  1934

North West Ward  [no ref. or date]

Sandy Lane (41)  SO/IN/2/9/1  1934

Harstoft Avenue, Highland Grove, Kilton Terrace (154)  SO/IN/2/9/2  1934


The Volumes in this Class relate mainly to the Mansfield area. They appear related to the volumes in SO/IN/2 but are a much less formal record being the initial notebook of the Valuer in the field. They deal with businesses and public buildings.

Mansfield Union.  SO/IN/3/1/1-17  1925-1926

Mansfield Parish  [no ref. or date]

North Ward (1-3)  SO/IN/3/1/1-3  1925-1926

South Ward (1, 3-6, 8, 10, 12, 14)  SO/IN/3/1/4-12  1925-1926

East Ward (1-3)  SO/IN/3/1/13-15  1925-1926

New properties, 1926 (1)  SO/IN/3/1/16/1  1925-1926

Plans, found loose in SO/IN/3/1/16/1 above  SO/IN/3/1/16/2  1925-1926

Mansfield Woodhouse Parish  [no ref. or date]

Mansfield Woodhouse Parish (1)  SO/IN/3/1/17  1925-1926

Mansfield Borough  SO/IN/3/2/1-3  [n.d.]

Supplement, 1927 (2)  SO/IN/3/2/1  1927

North Ward (NI)  SO/IN/3/2/2  n.d. (late 1920's)

East Ward  SO/IN/3/2/3  n.d. (late 1920's)

Mansfield  SO/IN/3/3/1-6  1933

Mansfield (S1-S6)  SO/IN/3/3/1-6  1933

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