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Reference EP/156
Covering dates 1662-1984
Held by Northumberland Record Office
Extent 86 files
Source of acquisition NRO.2304
Creators Church of England, Eglingham Parish, Northumberland

Registers  EP/156/1-17  [n.d.]

Baptisms; Dissenters' baptisms, Marriages, Burials  EP/156/1  1662-1775; 1701-1702, 1708, 1744-1770; 1663-1754;, 1662-1773

Includes list of fees, n.d: Archdeacon's visitations, 1723 and 1763; copy extract from the will of Mrs. Margaret Hindmarsh of Newcastle; with bequest of £50 to poor of the parish (1704).

Baptisms; Dissenters' births, Burials  EP/156/2  1765-1809; 1758-1820; 1773-1809

Includes parish population figures, 1782; baptism of a negro, 1777; memorandum re hay tithes, 1828; extracts copied from 'the old church books', including an account of moduses payable, 1715, and details re glebe 1719; printed letter and petition re proposed abolition of church rates 1837; printed address by the Rev. H.B. Tristram refuting Roman Catholic doctrines, in connection with the opening of St. Mary's R.C. church, Alnwick, 1836; copy agreement re closure of old road in West Lilburn by old chapelyard, and grant of land for burial ground, chapel and curate's house by H.J.W. Collingwood, 1828; notes re. Mrs. Margaret Hindmarsh's charity, 1828.

Baptisms; Burials  EP/156/3  1798-1819; 1798-1819

Includes copy notes re. Mrs. Margaret Hindmarsh's charity; copy letter re Shipley tithes, 1832; copy letters re closure of Bassington Foot road, 1830.

Baptisms  EP/156/4  1813-1859


Baptisms  EP/156/5  1859-1913


Marriages; Banns  EP/156/6  1754-1812, 1815


Marriages  EP/156/7  1813-1837


Marriages  EP/156/8  1837-1914

Marriages  EP/156/9  1915-1927

Marriages  EP/156/10  1927-1938

Marriages  EP/156/11  1938-1951

Marriages, Old Bewick  EP/156/12  1870-1914

Marriages, Old Bewick  EP/156/13  1915-1932

Marriages, Old Bewick  EP/156/14  1932-1947

Banns  EP/156/15  1823-1872

Burials  EP/156/16  1813-1854


Burials  EP/156/17  1854-1904


Service Registers  EP/156/18-25  [n.d.]

Register of Services  EP/156/18  1900-1915

Church Services Register  EP/156/19  1941-1947

Church Services Register  EP/156/20  1947-1952

Church Services Register  EP/156/21  1952-1961

Register of Services  EP/156/22  1961-1966

Register of Services  EP/156/23  1966-1979

Church Services Register; Old Bewick  EP/156/24  1944-1962

Church Services Register; Old Bewick  EP/156/25  1962-1977

Incumbent and benefice  EP/156/26-34  [n.d.]

Briefs and other copy legal papers re case before King's Bench, Robert Curry, farmer, of Brandon v the Rev. Reynold Gideon Bouyer, vicar of Eglingham, concerning with-holding of tithes  EP/156/26  1811-1814

(c.20 items)

Copy Quarter Sessions Order for the diversion of a footpath across Eglingham churchyard  EP/156/27  1833

Copies information: (Copy made 1905)

Order by the Chancery division of the High Court of Justice for payment of £700. (with interest) to the Ven. Henry John Martin, vicar of Eglingham, by the North Eastern Railway Company  EP/156/28  1885

Papers re Brandon churchyard and encroachment  EP/156/29  1902-1908

(c.10 items)

Includes correspondence between J.R. Carr-Ellison, the Rev. J. Allgood and the diocesan registrar; tracings of 1832 estate map and O.S. maps, tracing of plan of chapel foundations.

Two tithe redemption certificates for Ditchburn  EP/156/30  1921

Map of Eglingham parish, comprosing sheets XXII SW. and SE of O.S. 6" = 1 mile 3rd ed.  EP/156/31  1925

ioined together.

Block sketch of vicarage drains  EP/156/32  n.d. (c.1930)

Counterpart mortgage deed between the Church Commissioners and the Rev. W.D. Pawson, vicar of Eglingham, for the loan of £247 for improvements to the parsonage  EP/156/33  1956

Copy curates' licences  EP/156/34  [n.d.]

Rev. J.M. Macnaughton, 1954; Rev. Nelson, 1957; Rev. S.S. Huxley, 1959; Rev. J.P.H. Clark, 1967

Vestry Churchwardens and P.C.C.  EP/156/35-67  [n.d.]

Vestry Minute and Churchwardens' and Overseers' Account Book  EP/156/35  1653-1772

Includes church rates, n.d.: account of glebe and tithes belonging to Eglingham vicarage and dues payable to the Parish Clerk, 1715, births, marriages and burials, 1662-1663.

Vestry Minute and Churchwardens' Account Book  EP/156/36  1773-1853

Includes church rates, 1820-1852

Vestry Minute and Churchwardens' Account Book  EP/156/37  1853-1893

Includes church rates; account of Hindmarsh's charity, 1866

Churchwardens' Account and Rate Book  EP/156/38  1893-1943

Includes vestry minutes, 1893-1907

Vicar and Churchwardens, and Committee Minute Book  EP/156/39  1865-1867

Includes extracts from vestry minutes 1773-1843 (EP/156/36 above)

Vicar and Churchwardens Minute Book  EP/156/40  1868-1919

Includes churchwardens accounts, 1904-1919

P.C.C. Minute Book  EP/156/41  1920-1930

P.C.C. Minute Book  EP/156/42  1930-1943

P.C.C. Minute Book  EP/156/43  1944-1965

P.C.C. Minute Book  EP/156/44  1965-1969

Church Cash Book  EP/156/45  1930-1954

Old Bewick Chapel restoration minute and memoranda book  EP/156/46a  1865-1877

Includes minutes of Bewick National School Management Committee, 1869-1903

Old Bewick Chapel Account and Memoranda Book  EP/156/46b  1905-1933

Electoral Roll  EP/156/47  1920

Terrier and inventory  EP/156/48  1907-1921

Drawing (full size) of corbels on south gable of church  EP/156/49  1833

Letter of P.C. Hardwick Esq., Respecting the Ancient Chapel of the Holy Trinity, Old Bewick, 1851 (printed 1866)  EP/156/50  [n.d.]

Vouchees for the restoration of Old Bewick chapel  EP/156/51  1868

7 items

Faculties  EP/156/52  [n.d.]

Alterations to south transept window, 1901; Martin memorial pulpit, reading-desk and lectern, 1905; erection of brass cross above the Holy Table, 1906; Carr-Ellison memorial tablet, 1908; alterations to chancel, including communion rail and new East windows (with drawing), 1908, tower clock, 1910; Carr-Ellison and Coxe memorial tablets, 1926; installation of electric lighting; levelling of grave mounds in Eglingham and Old Bewick chapel; new baptistry, Carr-Ellison memorial tablet, and various alterations and additions to the chancel, 1959; installation of electric lighting and heating, and an electronic organ, and stone credence table in Old Bewick chapel, 1965; Pawson Memorial chapel, and vestry water supply, 1965; Carr-Ellison memorial tablet, 1972; Collingwood memorial window, 1973; Hawkes memorial window and stone, 1976; Ormsby memorial screen, 1977; new baptistry, 1979; new electric heating in Old Bewick chapel, 1980.

Bundle of plans, correspondence (mostly from Arthur B. Plummer, diocesan surveyor), etc. re alterations to church  EP/156/53  1908-1909

(c.50 items)

Bundle of correspondence, specifications, plans, accounts etc. re conversion of Old Mill into Parish Hall  EP/156/54  1912-1916

(c.50 items)

Includes Glendale Parish magazine, Dec. 1916, containing published accounts for Hall.

Book listing subscriptions for Great War memorial cross  EP/156/55  1920

Plan of Old Bewick chapel, 1933, and historical notes, marked 'Amended draft' being a copy of the relevant section in the Northumberland County History Vol XIV.  EP/156/56  [n.d.]

Executorship accounts for the estate of Mrs. EMily Theodora Gooderham, deceased  EP/156/57  1936

Includes bequest to Eglingham parish

Correspondence, etc. re bequest for the upkeep of Coxon family graves in Old Bewick churchyard  EP/156/58  1954-1956

6 items

Correspondence, plans, etc. re fabric, heating lighting, etc. of Old Bewick chapel  EP/156/59  1963-1965

(c.20 items)

Plan of proposed Pawson memorial chapel in Eglingham church, with architectural drawings of principal features, related correspondence, etc.  EP/156/60  1963-1968

(c.40 items)

Specification of repairs required to church subsequent to quinquennial report, with related papers, principally re alterations to heating system  EP/156/61  1965-1966

(c.10 items)

Architectural drawing of proposed font cover  EP/156/62  1966

Papers re pewing the Parson memorial chapel as a memorial to Archdeacon Forman, including architectural drawings, correspondence, and bank pass books  EP/156/63  1967-1970

(c.30 items)

Correspondence re restoration of church clock  EP/156/64  1972-1974

4 items

Correspondence and notes re Collingwood memorial window  EP/156/65  1973-1975

5 items

Correspondence re Hawkes memorial window  EP/156/66  1975-1976

8 items

Correspondence, architectural drawings, etc. re Ormsby memorial screen  EP/156/67  1977-1979

(c.20 items)

Statutory deposits  EP/156/68-69  [n.d.]

Eglingham enclosure award and plan  EP/156/68  1781

Administrative history:
surveyor Thomas Wilkin

Tithe awards and maps  EP/156/69  [n.d.]

Bassington  EP/156/69/1  1839

Beanley  EP/156/69/2  1843

Brandon  EP/156/69/3  1851

Branton  EP/156/69/4  1840

Crawley  EP/156/69/5  1840

Ditchburn  EP/156/69/6  1841

East Lilburn  EP/156/69/7  1840

Eglingham  EP/156/69/8  1842

Harehope  EP/156/69/9  1839

Hedgeley  EP/156/69/10  1840

New Bewick  EP/156/69/11  1840

Old Bewick  EP/156/69/12  1840

Shipley  EP/156/69/13  1841

Titlington  EP/156/69/14  1842

Titlington, altered  EP/156/69/15  1934

West Lilburn  EP/156/69/16  1840

Wooperton  EP/156/69/17  1840

Miscellaneous  EP/156/70-71  [n.d.]

Eglingham National School Cash Book  EP/156/70  1895-1912

Plan of site of Old Bewick church, scale 1: 500  EP/156/71  1910

Electoral roll  EP/156/72  1964 - 71

Deed of Sequestration  EP/156/73  12 Jan 1983

Table of Fees  EP/156/74  22 Jan 1948

P.C.C. papers  EP/156/75  1964 - 69

P.C.C. papers  EP/156/76  1970 - 80

Includes quinquennial report on Eglingham C.E.
School 1979; balance sheets, 1970 - 79 & photographs of font, n.d.

P.C.C. papers  EP/156/77  1981 - 82

Includes faculty, 10 Dec 1982

Papers re. church heating system  EP/156/78  1958 - 59

Includes report by R.W. Gregory & Partners, 26 Nov 1959

Papers re. insurance  EP/156/79  c. 1959 - 78

Includes details of insurance cover for churches in the Archdeaconry of Lindisfarne, c. 1959 & inventory & valuation of communion plate at Eglingham, 1978.

Papers re. heating installation at Old Bewick Church.  EP/156/80  1961 - 62

Includes report by R.W. Gregory & Partners, 1961

Papers re. alterations to Eglingham C.E. School  EP/156/81  1963 - 65

Includes Articles of Agreement, 1963 & plans, 1963

Papers re. Eglingham C.E. School  EP/156/82  1963 - 82

Includes plans for alterations, 1963; manager's reports, 1969, 1976 - 77 & headteacher's reports, 1980 - 82.

Papers re. Memorial House, Eglingham, particularly re. sale  EP/156/83  1973 - 84

Papers re. postal scheme for the union of the benefices of Eglingham & Wooler  EP/156/84  1981

Papers re. building of new vicarage  EP/156/85  1979 - 81

Includes plans, 1981.

Papers re. sale of old vicarage  EP/156/86  1981 - 83

Includes copy conveyance, 31 Aug 1983.

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