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Reference C(A)Box
Covering dates 1605-1928
Held by Northamptonshire Record Office
Extent 4554 docs
Source of acquisition Accessions 1960/23, 1971/230
Creators Cartwright family of Aynho, Northamptonshire
Arrangement Box 1 William Cornwallis Cartwright literary and political papers 1727-1908
Box 2 William Cornwalis Cartwright correspondence 1910-1913
Box 3 Thomas Barclay Cartwright and Roma Cartwright correspondence 1865-1907
Box 4 Mrs Clementine Cartwright personal papers and letters 1849-1890
Box 5 William Cornwallis Cartwright correspondence 1869 - 1889
Box 6 Diaries of William Cornwallis Cartwright 1838 - 1886
Box 7 Album of Roma Cartwright and photographs 1860 - 1890
Box 8 William Cornwallis Cartwright undated correspondence
Box 10 William Cornwallis Cartwright correspondence 1839 - 1870
Boxes 13,14 Photograph albums of William Cornwallis Cartwright
Box 15 Sir Thomas Cartwright's papers 1791 - 1849
Box 29 Fairfax Leighton Cartwright correspondence 1886 - 1906
Box 51 Miscellaneous documents 1605 - 1920
Box 53 Cartwright of Flore 1804 - 1882
Box 55 Official and political papers 19th and 20th Centuries
Boxes 61, 62 & 66 Newspapers and scrap book 1813 - 1928
Box 85 William Ralph Cartwright correspondence 1788 - 1838
Box 91 Sir Thomas Cartwright despatches and correspondence 1830 - 1841
Boxes 92, 94, 95, 96, 98 Sir Thomas Cartwright despatch books and letter books 1830 - 1849
Box 97 Sir Thomas Cartwright's papers 1815 - 1830
Boxes 103, 104, 105, 107, 108 Additional deposit of 1971

Administrative history:
Richard Cartwright (d. 1637), a barrister, acquired the manor of Aynho in 1615-1616. His son John (d.1676) supported Parliament and Royalist troops burnt the mansion in 1645. It was rebuilt after the Restoration. A succession of notable political and diplomatic personalities led the family in the 19th and early 20thC. William Ralph Cartwright (d.1847) was M.P. for Northamptonshire 1797-1846. His son Sir Thomas Cartwright (d.1850) was British minister in Belgium 1830, minister in Frankfurt 1830-1838 and ambassador to Sweden 1838-1850. He married the daughter of a German count. His son William Cornwallis Cartwright (d.1915) was M.P. for Oxfordshire 1868-1885. He was a supporter of Garibaldi and his campaign to unite Italy. His son Sir Fairfax Leighton Cartwright (d.1928) was secretary to the legations in Mexico 1899-1902 and Lisbon 1902-1905, councillor to the Madrid Embassy 1905-1906, minister to Munich and Stuttgard 1906-1908 and ambassador to the Austro-Hungarian Empire 1908-1913. He married the daughter of an Italian senator. Richard Cartwright and his son were tragically killed in 1954 and the family were forced to sell Aynhoe. It is now divided up into flats.

Extensive 19th and early 20th century correspondence, photographs and official papers. Notebooks, political and election papers of William Ralph Cartwright. Correspondence of Sir Thomas Cartwright including letters from Lord Palmerston 1831-1840, his dispatch books, 1830-1849 and letter books. Correspondence and diaries 1882-1912 of William Cornwallis Cartwright. Papers on his Free Trade mission to Berlin 1879. Letters from Frederick Lord Leighton. His travel journals 1844-1886, trips in Europe, Greece and Turkey 1847/8, Egypt and to India 1870s. Correspondence, diplomatic and literary papers of Sir Fairfax Leighton Cartwright. Correspondence of Thomas Barclay Cartwright 1865-1890 including from the German Imperial court at Potsdam and from America and Australia.
Correspondence and personal papers of the Cartwrights of Flore House 1819-1869 including Crimean letters. Lt. Gen. William Cartwright (d.1873) was the second son of William Ralph Cartwright who served in the Peninsula War and at Waterloo. His elder son Fairfax William was M.P. for South Northants, his younger son Aubrey Agar was killed in the Crimea.

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