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Reference MC 386
Covering dates 1696-1886
Held by Norfolk Record Office
Extent 23 files

No further details   Copy admissions, Swaffham manor, 1696-1782; copies of leases and deeds re Swaffham property 1743-1816  MC 386/1, 727 x 8  1696-1816
No further details   Deeds re lands belonging to Rev. Benjamin Young  MC 386/4, 727 x 9  1771-1779
No further details   Lease and release between trustees of Benjamin Young, clerk, to John Dugmore and his trustee  MC 386/5, 727 x 9  1802
No further details   Copy admissions etc. and abstract of title of Rev. Benjamin Young's trustees to copyhold lands of Swaffham manor  MC 386/6, 727 x 8  1802-1803
No further details   Particulars of land at Swaffham belonging to Mr. Dusgate comprised in Lot 1 intended to be sold by auction with plan  MC 386/7, 728 x 1  1815
No further details   Sale particulars of freehold and copyhold estates in Swaffham with plan  MC 386/8, 728 x 1  1815
No further details   Abstract of title to freehold part of an estate in Swaffham with abstracts of title to various copyhold hereditaments in Swaffham sold to John Dugmore  MC 386/9, 728 x 1  1815
No further details   Title deeds re Lot 1, lands in Swaffham, copy admissions 1744-1815 inc. particulars of an estate at Swaffham belonging to Mr. Dusgate 1815 and a memo of agreement between John Dugmore and Mr. Hamond to buy all of Lot 1, late of Mr. Dusgate  MC 386/10, 728 x 1  1815
No further details   Title deeds and copy legal papers re conveyance of freehold and copyhold lands in Swaffham under Lot 1  MC 386/11, 728 x 1  1815-1816
No further details   Pedigree of the family of Abraham Richard Dusgate  MC 386/12, 727 x 9  1815
No further details   Papers re John Dugmore's admission to land held of Swaffham manor upon the surrender of John Wright and wife  MC 386/13, 727 x 9  1816
No further details   Abstract of title of Abraham Sewell to a messuage in Little London in Swaffham held of Swaffham manor 1819; and a copy of John Dugmore's admission on the surrender of Abraham Sewell 1820  MC 386/14, 727 x 9  1819, 1820
No further details   Deed of feoffment of a piece of land in Swaffham between Rev. William Dalton to John Dugmore  MC 386/15, 727 x 9  1820
No further details   Papers re purchase of a pasture inclosure of 1a. 1r. 38p. in Bear's Lane near the Quaker meeting house adjoining John Dugmore's lands, under Lot 1  MC 386/16, 727 x 9  1838

Folder icon  Deed of conveyance of a piece of land in Bear's Lane held of Swaffham manor from Edward Farrer to William Dugmore  MC 386/17, 727 x 9  1839

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1 parchment

No further details   Correspondence and papers between Lynn and Dereham Railway and William Dugmore 1844-1847 inc. a plan of property situate in Swaffham belonging to William Dugmore, nd  MC 386/18, 727 x 9  1844-1847
No further details   The Times  MC 386/19, 727 x 9  1845
No further details   Copy admission of William Dugmore under the will of John Dugmore, Swaffham manor  MC 386/20, 727 x 9  1846
No further details   Grant by East Anglian Railways Co. of a right of way to William Dugmore in Swaffham with plan  MC 386/21, 727 x 9  1848
No further details   Plan of Mr. Dugmore's land in Swaffham  MC 386/22, 727 x 9  nd
No further details   Agreement for lease betwen Lt. Col. F.W.I. Dugmore to Messrs. Durrant and Henry Dutchman of farm and premises in Swaffham 1881 and letter from Dutchman re his tenancy with a list of his leases 1886  MC 386/23, 727 x 9  1881, 1886

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