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Family papers of Jex-Blake and Buxton families, with deeds of Caister Hall estate

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Reference MC 233
Covering dates 1659-1949
Held by Norfolk Record Office
Extent 91 files
Source of acquisition Records received by Norfolk Record Office on 17 march 1989 (MC233/1-85)
9 April 1990 (MC233/86-90)
5 May 1999 (MC233/91) ACC 1999/29/SM/M
Creators Blake, Jex-, family of Bunwell, Norfolk; Buxton family of Fairhill, Kent; Jex-Blake family of Bunwell, Norfolk

Administrative history:
The Jex-Blake papers relate primarily to Thomas Jex Blake (1790-1868) who married firstly Elizabeth Palmer and secondly Maria Cubitt; his son Thomas William Jex-Blake (1832-1915) who was headmaster of Rugby School 1874-1887, Dean of Wells 1891-1911, and who married Henrietta Corderey in 1857; and their children especially Henrietta, principal of Lady Margaret Hall Oxford 1909-1921.

The records are listed in the following order:
Buxton family (MC 233/3-11)
Jex-Blake family, early Letters (MC 233/12, 13)
Thomas Jex-Blake and Maria Cubitt (MC233/14-17)
Thomas William Jex-Blake (MC 233/18-30)
Henrietta Jex-Blake (MC 233/31-46)
Violet Jex-Blake (MC 233/47, 48)
Arthur John Jex-Blake (MC 233/49, 50)
Evangeline Jex-Blake (MC 233/51)
Miscellaneous and genealogical (MC 233/52-57)
Household accounts (MC 233/58)
Diaries and journals (MC 233/59-61)
Printed pamphlets (MC 233/62, 63)
Family title deeds (MC 233/64)
Sermons (MC 233/65)
Photographs etc. (MC 233/66-82)
Genealogical (MC 233/83-85)

CAISTER TITLE DEEDS  [no ref. or date]

Deeds relating to property in Caister  MC 233/1 2, 680x1, 2  1659-1899

Including mortgages by Sir William Paston to William Crowe of manor of Pastons Bardolphs and Castor Pastons with lands in Caister 1659; conveyance to William Crowe and Thomas Bransby 1660; settlement by John Bedingfeld to William Drake and others on intended marriage of Judith Bedingfeld and Sir John Rous 23rd May 1749 (the Caister property having passed to Bedingfeld under will of his uncle Roger Crowe 1721): exchanges of land between Bedingfeld and Philip Nuthall 1759 and between Bedingfeld and John Feilden 1763; surrender by Rev. Edward Lockwood and his wife (being late relict of Sir John Rous of Henham) to Sir John Rous of her life estate in manor of Caister 6th May 1791; conveyance by Sir John Rous to William Burton of Caister Hall Farm 10th October 1791; sale particular for Caister Hall estate 14th July 1852 (plan in sale particular); abstract of title of Samuel Gunney Buxton and Edward North Buxton to Caister Castle estate 1899.

BUXTON FAMILY  [no ref. or date]

Game book of A.F. Buxton at Fairhill Kent  MC 233/3, 680x3  1910-1947

1 volume

Estate accounts of A.F. Buxton at Fairhill Kent  MC 233/4, 680x3  1910-1939

1 volume

Diary of tour of Egypt probably by Alfred Buxton  MC 233/5, 680x3  1879-1880

1 volume

Tour begins in Alexandria ("nothing of Cleopatra's needle can be seen as it has been boxed up previous to being taken to America"), then to Cairo visiting pyramids and sphinx, visit to Herbert Spencer and his party ("there are 3 ladies and 2 men and all are quite determined to be miserable the whole time"), then the part hire a boat and sail up Nile to Luxor, Philoe, Aboo Simbel, Wady Halfeh, and return journey as far as Maghaga when the journal ends 27th March 1880.

Diary of tour of Palestine by A.F. Buxton  MC 233/6, 680x3  1922

1 volume

The writer travels by train from Cairo to Jerusalem and by car in Palestine visiting Amman, Jericho, Syria, Tiberias and other places, then returns by train to Alexandria. Diary includes photographs; also a newspaper article re Jacob's Well.

Diary of V. Buxton  MC 233/7, 680x3  1886-1890

1 volume

Begins 24th October 1886 with journey from Bologna to Brindisi; [...] then on board the 'Mongolia' to Bombay arriving 8th November; then tour of India including caves at Ellora, Hyderabad, Agra, Amritzar, Peshawar, Lahore, Jeypore, return to England 20th January 1887. The later diary consists of record of family news, visits etc. while the winter is at Easneye, Rugby, London, Norfolk, with record of tours to France, Germany, Spain and in Derbyshire. Back of the volume is used as commonplace book containing notes on Indian history, with essays copies of poems etc.

Diary of V. Buxton  MC 233/8, 680x3  1894-1897

1 volume

Mainly record of family news, visits etc. (June 23rd 1895 "to the School for Scandal. Farmer was a very good Sir Peter, Mrs Patrick Campbell a very poor Lady Teagle"). Includes descriptions of tours of Italy in March and April 1894, Yorkshire and Northumberland May and June 1895; Alps September 1896; N. Africa October and November 1897. In back of volume, recipes and poems. [Final year in this diary is headed 1896 but this is clearly an error for 1897].

Household accounts of V. Buxton  MC 233/9, 680x4  1885-1898

1 volume

Household accounts of V. Buxton  MC 233/10, 680x4  1898-1908

1 volume

Household accounts of V. Buxton  MC 233/11, 680x4  1925-1949

1 volume

EARLY LETTERS AND PAPERS  [no ref. or date]

Three family letters  MC 233/12, 680x5  1756 - 1838

Letter from Francis Aylmer to Mr. Jex at Swanton Abbot re weather, family news, reference to French invasion and foreign affairs 15th May 1756 (MC 233/12/1); letter from William Blake at Swanton Abbot to his wife Katherine 14th May 1786 (MC 233/12/2); letter to William Jex Blake from his son R.F. Jex Blake saying that his wife has survived childbirth but the baby has died: second part of letter announces sudden death of his wife 19th March 1838 (MC 233/12/3).

Family letters and papers of Cubitt and Jex-Blake families, with list.  MC 233/13, 680x5  1755 - 1854

23 documents

Includes letter from Francis Aylmer to Mr. Jex at Swanton Abbott 1st March 1755 (MC 233/13/10); verse to Sophy on death of her son c.1814 (MC 233/13/2); envelope marked 'to my executors' containing alteration to will of Catherine Charlotte Jex-Blake 1854 (MC 233/13/15) 1755, 1814-1854.


Journal by Thomas Blake of tour made after death of his first wife, visiting Paris, Metz, Waterloo battlefield, Brussels, Antwerp  MC 233/14, 680x5  1823

1 volume

Family letters to Thomas from his son Thomas William, with list  MC 233/15, 680x5  1850-1868

5 documents

Journal of tour  MC 233/16, 680x5  1814

1 volume

Apparently by Maria Cubitt travelling with her parents and others in open carriage through south and midlands of England in 1814. Gives brief impressions of houses, towns etc. ("Royston a horrid dirty place... Hertford rather a handsome town"). At Oxford she saw the Emperor of Russia and others take degrees ("the Emperor very handsome... the Prince Regent very ugly"). With list of paintings at Burleigh.

Personal letters from Thomas Jex-Blake to his future wife Maria Cubitt, with list  MC 233/17, 680x5  1823-1824

28 documents

THOMAS WILLIAM JEX-BLAKE  [no ref. or date]

Letters to T.W. Jex-Blake and his wife on their wedding tour with list.  MC 233/18, 680x5  1857

26 documents

Some letters include references to the Indian Mutiny.

Account by T.W. Jex-Blake of last illness of his father Thomas in Brighton 3rd-6th November  MC 233/19, 680x5  1868

1 document

Letters and papers of T.W. Jex-Blake, with list.  MC 233/20, 680x6  1851-1907

32 documents

Includes letter from R. Hurn re church reform 18th March 1873 (MC 233/20/2); letters re Old Rugbeian testimonial to T.W. Jex-Blake 1887, 1890 (MC 233/20/6,7); matriculation and ordination certificates 1851-1857 (MC 233/14/12-16); genealogical papers (MC 233/14/17-21).

Letters and papers of T.W. Jex-Blake  MC 233/21, 680x6  1862-1881

5 documents

Comprising long letter to him from Mr. Chervill re Doctors Commons and re T.W.'s father Thomas 25th August 1881 (MC 233/21/1); letters to T.W. Jex-Blake from his father Thomas 1862-1868, the last endorsed 'the last letter my father ever wrote to me' (MC 233/21/2-4); letter from R. Blake Humphrey enclosing photographs of minatures of members of the family (MC 233/13/5)

Abstract of accounts of Rev. T.W. Jex-Blake for building work at Bunwell  MC 233/22, 680x6  c.1873

Letters to T.W. Jex-Blake  MC 233/23, 680x6  1886-1887

32 documents

Primarily on his leaving Rugby 1886, with list of the letters. With draft to letters by Jex-Blake to Mr. Percival (his successor at Rugby) 1886 and to Mr. Bowden Smith 1887; list of names and dates (of assistant masters?); collation of T.W. Jex-Blake to rectory of Alvechurch 19th February 1887.

Newspaper cuttings re T.W. Jex-Blake's departure from T.W. Jex-Blake's departure from Rugby  MC 233/24, 680x6  1887

Letters to T.W. Jex-Blake and to his wife Henrietta  MC 233/25, 680x6  1913-1917

10 documents

Mainly re Rugby school including letter from C.H. Sargent to Dr. Jex-Blake re Sargent's knighthood 5th March 1913; letter from James Gray to Mrs Jex-Blake praising the Doctor's work at Rugby 12th April 1917.

MS sermons of T.W. Jex-Blake, endorsed with dates on which they were preached.  MC 233/26, 680x6  nd

MS Latin sermon by T.W. Jex-Blake on opening the Convocation at Canterbury 5th August with letters of praise for the sermon.  MC 233/27, 680x6  1892

Printed sermons of T.W. Jex-Blake, with printed prize poem 'Nineveh' 1851 and m.s. sermon given at Rugby  MC 233/28, 680x7  1875

Related information: [For further sermons of T.W. Jex-Blake see MC 233/65

Presscuttings re career of T.W. Jex-Blake  MC 233/29, 680x7  nd

Papers in envelope endorsed 'dear Hetty or her children will value these'  MC 233/30, 680x7  c1863

Comprising poem in hand of T.W. Jex-Blake 1852; lines in same hand on death of Edmunds 1858; and 'how we thank thee' signed T.W. Jex-Blake, alterations in another hand; fragment of letter from Sophia Jex-Blake to her mother undated (probably 1863).

HENRIETTA JEX-BLAKE  [no ref. or date]

Letters to Henrietta from T.W. Jex-Blake while he is in India 1888, with one letter from him to her  MC 233/31, 680x7  1881

6 documents

With list

Letters from Florence Jex-Blake to Henrietta, with list.  MC 233/32, 680x7  1883-1891

17 documents

Family news etc., including reference to seeing the Rosettis (MC 233/32/3) and letters written while in Italy 1885 (MC 233/32/7-9).

Letters from Clara Jex-Blake to Henrietta, with list.  MC 233/33, 680x7  1883-1910

15 documents

Family news etc., including from Hanover where Clara is learning German (MC 233/33/3); while at Johannesburg with references to S. African politics and enclosing view of Palace of Justice Pretoria 1910 (MC 233/33/15) and other letters from Vancouver 1906 (MC 233/33/13, 14), Patras 1892 (MC 233/33/12), off Cape Matapan 1892 (MC 233/33/11), Athens, with reference to earthquake nd (MC 233/33/7).

Letters from Violet Jex-Blake to Henrietta, with list.  MC 233/34, 680x7  1882-1886

28 documents

Mainly family news written from Rugby, including reference to visit to the Alma Talmedas 1883 (MC 233/34/9) and letters written from Italy 1885 (MC 233/34/18, 19).

Letters from Violet Jex-Blake to Henrietta, with list.  MC 233/35, 680x7  1883-1886

12 documents

Mainly from Rugby but also from Rome nd (MC 233/35/1). Amalfi 1885 (MC 233/35/10), letter describing visit to Peshawar 1886 (MC 233/35/11). With letter from Violet to Louisa and list of characteristics deduced from the handwriting (MC 233/35/12).

Family letters from Katherine Jex-Blake to Henrietta or Violet, with list.  MC 233/36, 680x7  1881-1891

18 documents

Includes letters written from Peshawar 1888 (MC 233/36/13) and from Athens 1891 (MC 233/36/14-17).

Family letters to Henrietta Jex-Blake from her mother with list.  MC 233/37, 680x7  1888-1891

11 documents

Includes letters from India 1888 (MC 233/37/6, 7), from Athens 1891 (MC 233/37/4), from Rome nd (MC 233/37/2).

Family letters to Henrietta Jex-Blake from Evangeline Jex-Blake including letters written by Evangeline in Dusseldorf and Hanover  MC 233/38, 680x7  1881-1891

81 documents

Family letters from Emma Corderey and Henrietta Corderey to Henrietta, with list.  MC 233/39, 680x8  1891

4 documents

Includes one letter written from Naples describing visit to Pompeii 1891 (MC 233/39/2).

Letters from Thomas Bower Jex-Blake to Henrietta.  MC 233/40, 680x8  1909

With card from him while in Naples 1909. With printed Latin poem by the same entitled 'Hectoris Andromache' and printed death notices etc.

Newspaper cuttings, funeral notice, letters of condolence to Henrietta on death of T.W. Jex-Blake  MC 233/41, 680x8  1915

Letter from secretary to Queen Mary to Henrietta Jex-Blake on death of Henrietta's mother 23rd March  MC 233/42, 680x8  1921

1 document

Presscuttings, letters of condolence to Henrietta on death of her mother, with list.  MC 233/43, 680x8  1921

Miscellaneous letters to Henrietta Jex-Blake at Lady Margaret Hall Oxford, with list.  MC 233/44, 680x8  1884-1934

14 documents

Includes letter from A.C. [Arthur Corderey] at Caen undated (MC 233/44/2); from A.F. Buxton on S.S. Rohilla describing visit to India 9th January 1887 (MC 233/44/5); letter from B. Scott describing visits to Aberdeen and to Dunster, with ink sketch of Dunster market cross 7th September 1886 (MC 233/44/7); letter from Mrs Richard Evans in Egypt 1909 (MC 233/44/12). With birthday poem to 'Aunt Netta' by Daphne Jex-Blake 8th July 1934 (MC 233/44/14) 1884-1909, 1934.

Papers relating to work of Henrietta Jex-Blake at Lady Margaret Hall Oxford, with list.  MC 233/45, 680x8  1899-1921

Includes reports on Lady Margaret Hall 1910-1921; copies of testimonial 1899; manuscript and typescript speeches and sermons.

Presscuttings, printed testimonials etc. relating to careers of Henrietta and Katherine Jex-Blake  MC 233/46, 680x8  1916-1922

VIOLET JEX-BLAKE  [no ref. or date]

Family letters to Violet Jex-Blake.  MC 233/47, 680x9  1880-1894

Includes letters from Thomas Bowen Jex-Blake while at Eton 1890, 1891 and at Baliol College Oxford. With velvet bag with letter 'E' sown on it.

Copy of settlement on marriage of Alfred Fowell Buxton with Violet Jex Blake 5th January  MC 233/48, 680x9  1885

1 document

ARTHUR JOHN JEX BLAKE  [no ref. or date]

Various Papers  MC 233/49, 680x9  1905-1934

Printed application by A.J. Jex-Blake for post of Assistant Physician to St. Georges Hospital 1905; printed article 'Death by Electric Currents and By Lightning' by the same 1913; m.s. note re his career in Nairobi 1934.

Newspaper cuttings re marriage of Muryell Rice to Patrick Buxton 1917 and Dr. A.J. Jex-Blake to Lady Muriel Herbert 1920.  MC 233/50, 680x9  1917-1920

EVANGELINE JEX-BLAKE  [no ref. or date]

Printed notice of water colour exhibition by Evangeline Jex-Blake 1913; letter by her to the 'Times' describing stay of Prince Almayahu in England 1870-1874.  MC 233/51, 680x9  1870-1913


Copy of will of John Corderey proved 13th October  MC 233/52, 680x9  1868

1 document

Newspaper cuttings re death of Caroline Jex-Blake 1909 and Bertha Jex-Blake undated  MC 233/53, 680x9  1909

Miscellaneous family letters and papers  MC 233/54, 680x9  1901-1919

Including printed material re establishment of John Corderey memorial prize at Rugby school 1901; Rugby school victory celebration programme 1919; character study and pencil drawing of dog 'Maps'; two photographs of interior of Wells deanery undated

Envelope containing genealogical notes, including printer's proof of Jex-Blake pedigree from Burke's Landed Gentry.  MC 233/55, 680x9  nd

Letters, papers and notes re Corderey family tombs at Owslebury  MC 233/56, 680x9  1797

With pedigree of "family of Francis and Elizabeth Kelsey who took the name of Atkins by Royal Licence 17th January 1797", pedigree of Dowse family of Hurstborne.

Genealogical notes re Blake and Cubitt families.  MC 233/57, 680x9  nd

HOUSEHOLD ACCOUNTS  [no ref. or date]

Household accounts of Henrietta Jex-Blake at Rugby  MC 233/58, 681x1  1858-1912

DIARIES AND JOURNALS  [no ref. or date]

Autobiographical memoir by T.W. Jex-Blake  MC 233/59, 681x1  1907

1 volume

Mainly re experiences as pupil at Eton and student at Oxford. Dated in front of volume 16th December

Diary by T.W. Jex-Blake of last illness of his mother July 1881  MC 233/60, 681x1  1881-1868

1 volume

With transcript of his record of his father's last illness in Brighton in 1868 [see MC 233/19]

Diary by Thomas William Jex-Blake of journey to Switzerland and France August  MC 233/61, 681x1  1870

1 volume

With general tourist impressions and impressions of Franco-Prussian war in which he was caught up ("most [French soldiers] were wounded in the legs for the Prussians fire low and after some discharges their needleguns are too foul to be raised"), and vivid description of arrest at Soissons on suspicion of spying.


T.W. JEX-BLAKE  [no ref. or date]

Printed testimonials in favour of T.W. Jex-Blake for mastership of Haileybury College  MC 233/62/1, 681x1  1867

Testimonials, principalship of Cheltenham College  MC 233/62/2, 681x1  1868

Testimonials, headmastership of Rugby School  MC 233/62/3-5, 681x1  1874

Address at College of Preceptors  MC 233/62/6, 681x1  1876

Prize distribution, Bath Centre for Oxford and Cambridge local examinations  MC 233/62/7, 681x1  1892

Battle of Landsdowne 1643 (reprinted from Proceedings of Somerset Archaeological and History Society 1895)  MC 233/62/8, 681x1  nd

Historical notices of Robert Stillington, Chancellor of England...  MC 233/62/9, 681x1  nd

OTHER AUTHORS  [no ref. or date]

Prayers composed by Dr. Arnold for use at Rugby.  MC 233/63/1, 681x2  nd

Sermon preached in Rugby Chapel by Frederick Temple, Good Friday  MC 233/63/2, 681x2  1864

'Sudden Death': sermon preached at Harrow by Henry Montagu Butler  MC 233/63/3, 681x2  1882

Sermon preached in Rugby chapel by Rev. James Roberton 1st November  MC 233/63/4, 681x2  1885

Layman's address to Rugby school by T. Hughes Quinquagesima  MC 233/63/5, 681x  1891

University of Oxford, vice-chancellor's speech [in Latin] 6th October  MC 233/63/6, 681x2  1909

'Ourselves': lecture by Miss Elizabeth Wordsworth 30th October  MC 233/63/7, 681x2  1912

Hymns to be sung at funeral of T.W. Jex-Blake  MC 233/63/8, 681x2  1915

Address by W.W. Vaughan, President of Headmasters' Association at the Guildhall 5th January  MC 233/63/9, 681x2  1916

'Emancipations': address by Professor Winifred Cullis January  MC 233/63/10, 681x2  1927

Report of Headmistress [Miss E.A. Jones] on County Secretary School Clapham  MC 233/63/11, 681x2  1926-1927

With address of Miss S. Margery Fry on prize day 11th November 1927.

TITLE DEEDS  [no ref. or date]

Bundle of title deeds re family property in Bunwell, Forncett, with related papers  MC 233/64/1, 681x2  1824

Settlement on marriage of Thomas Blake with Maria Emily Cubitt 7th May

Conveyance of estate at Bunwell  MC 233/64/2, 681x2  1863

By Trustees for sale under will of James Youels deceased to Thomas Jex-Blake (plan of property in conveyance) 10th October

Probate of will of Thomas Jex-Blake 20th November  MC 233/64/3, 681x2  1868

Bargain and sale  MC 233/64/4, 681x2  1870

By John and Robert Snelling and others to Revd. Thomas William Jex-Blake of 2 pieces of land in Forncett St Peter 8th November

Abstract of title to land at Forncett St Peter  MC 233/64/5, 681x2  1870

Conveyance by Mrs M.E. Hotson and others to Revd T.W. Jex-Blake of 6a 1r 11p of land in Bunwell 11th October  MC 233/64/6, 681x2  1889

Abstract of title of Mrs M.E. Hotson  MC 233/64/7, 681x2  1889

Printed sale particular  MC 233/64/8, 681x2  1862

For two farms and land at Bunwell, this being contract copy whereby entire property is purchased by Thomas Jex-Blake 10th December

Printed sale particular  MC 233/64/9, 681x2  1889

For five pieces of land in Bunwell, plan of property in the particular, this being contract copy whereby lot 5 is purchased by George Forrester; with legal bill re purchase. 27th July

SERMONS  [no ref. or date]

Volume of manuscript sermons by T.W. Jex-Blake, mainly given at Rugby in the  MC 233/65, 681x2  1870s

1 volume

PHOTOGRAPHS ETC.  [no ref. or date]

Photograph album containing views taken in India  MC 233/66, 681x3  1888

72 photographs, mainly 9" by 11".

Photograph album containing views taken in Egypt in back views taken in Greece and France undated  MC 233/67, 681x3  1890

Family photograph album  MC 233/68, 681x4  c1890-c1895

Including news in Greece, Italy, Christmas day at Easneye 1893, photographs of children and horses Easter 1895, views of Windsor Park, Bridehead, family portraits etc.

Photograph album - family portraits  MC 233/69, 681x5  nd

Photograph album - photographs of the Jex-Blake girls and others, and general views.  MC 233/70, 681x5  nd

Photograph album, 'Alfred Buxton 1866' in front cover  MC 233/71, 681x6  1866

Containing views in Europe (Chillon 1866, Mer de Glace 1866), and England including Fountains, Rievaulx, Northrepps Hall, Overstrand church, Cromer church, 62 Threadneedle Street London, with group portraits of Rugby pupils and masters (many with the names on the back), views of Rugby school.

Photograph album entitled 'St. Margarets School', mainly school group photographs, with names  MC 233/72, 681x6  c1898-c1909

Album of press-cuttings etc. relating to Jex-Blake family, signed 'Evangeline Jex-Blake 1904' in cover.  MC 233/73, 681x6  1904

Two small albums of family portraits, mostly identified by initials only.  MC 233/74, 75, 681x7  nd

Two boxes of family prints, photographs, some with names on the back; with photographs of Wells Cathedral, Hagley Farm, unidentified rose bush.  MC 233/76, 77, 681x7  nd

Envelope containing photographs of family prints  MC 233/78, 681x7  nd

Thomas Blake (1755-1813), Judith Blake (1726-1762), Thomas Blake (1826-1906), William Jex-Blake.

Family photographs in various small frames  MC 233/79, 681x8  nd

18 photographs

Two folders of large family photographs and water colours.  MC 233/80,81, 681x9  nd

Portrait of lady on glass.  MC 233/82, 681x9  nd

Unfit for production

GENEALOGICAL  [no ref. or date]

MS notes, pedigrees, armorial notes etc. re Blake family  MC 233/83, 682x1  1837

With London Gazette of 25th August permitting William Blake to assume name and arms of Jex, and with ms pedigree of Cubitt family of Yarmouth, Catfield.

Rolled pedigree of family tracing descent from John Blake of Bunwell born 1583  MC 233/84  nd

Unfit for production

Large folder of Blake family genealogical material  MC 233/85  nd

Including pedigrees, extracts from Bunwell parish registers, transcripts of wills etc. With copy of engraving of Major Frank Astley Cubitt.

Grants of arms to William Jex-Blake 27th July and 11th September  MC 233/86, 87, P153 F  1837

Family pedigree, commencing with John Blake born 1583  MC 233/99, U62H  nd

Royal grant for William Blake to use additional surname of Jex 17th August  MC 233/89, 681 x 9  1837

Page of rough notes re family pedigree  MC 233/90, 681 x 9  nd

Photograph album  MC 233/91, 899 x 6  1884

1 volume

Family portraits, mostly identified by initials, and views of Rugby School. With (loose) note of its presentation to Miss Violet Jex-Blake on her marriage by her Sunday Girls, listing the donors' names

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