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Reference FC 16
Covering dates 1795-1995
Held by Norfolk Record Office
Extent 475 files

Folder icon  Primitive Methodist, Circuit  [no ref. or date]

These documents are held at Norfolk Record Office

Related information: For microfilm copy of baptism registers 1843-1857, 1858-1864, 1864-1869, 1879-1893 found in Great Yarmouth Methodist Temple, see MF 10

No further details   Quarterly Meeting minutes 1892-1908, 1908-1916, 1916-1932, 1932-1937, 1937-1951, 1951-1963  FC 16/208-13  1892-1963
No further details   Second Circuit, Quarterly Meeting minutes 1909-1922, 1922-1926  FC 16/214, 215  1909-1926
No further details   South Gorleston Circuit trustees' minutes and accounts  FC 16/216  1894-1934
No further details   Committee minutes 1851-1875, 1876-1889  FC 16/217, 218  1851-1889
No further details   Preachers' Meeting minutes 1876-1883, 1883-1892, 1915-1931  FC 16/219-21  1876-1931
No further details   Sunday School Committee minutes  FC 16/222  1916-1940
No further details   Quarter day accounts (moneys, and members) 1861-1872, 1911-1925  FC 16/223, 224  1861-1925
No further details   Second Circuit quarter day accounts  FC 16/225  1909-1926
No further details   Mission accounts  FC 16/226  1859-1864
No further details   Missionary accounts 1911-1916, 1916-1927, 1933-1953  FC 16/227-229  1911-1953
No further details   Second Circuit missionary accounts  FC 16/229(a)  1910-1926
No further details   Registers of members 1832-1840, 1842-1848, 1926-1930  FC 16/230-232  1832-1930
No further details   Circuit reports and chapel schedules (gaps). With same, handbill for Wellesley Road Baptist Chapel anniversary 1892.  FC 16/233-334  1832-1930
No further details   Roll books 1855/6-1933/4 and nd (gaps)  FC 16/335-404  1855-1934
No further details   Statistical summary of trust property  FC 16/405  1934-1946
No further details   Lists of trust officials  FC 16/405(a)  c. 1960
No further details   List showing number of 'star' cards returned  FC 16/406  1899
No further details   (Printed) 'An historical view of the Great Yarmouth Circuit 1822-1879' compiled by Theophilus W. Swindell, being lists of ministers, stewards, chapels etc.  FC 16/410  [n.d.]
No further details   (Printed) Temple Monthly magazine 1916-1918, 1920  FC 16/411-14  [n.d.]
No further details   (Stencilled) Methodism in Retrospect, a history of the Temple Circuit by Miss M.W. Wright (1959)  FC 16/415  nd

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