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Reference FC 16
Covering dates 1795-1995
Held by Norfolk Record Office
Extent 475 files

Folder icon  Churches  [no ref. or date]

These documents are held at Norfolk Record Office

No further details   Cobholm Mission - Society and leaders' meeting minutes, January 1947 - June 1964.  FC 16/470  1947-1964
No further details   Cobholm Mission - Baptisms register  FC 16/471  Oct 1942 - May 1982
No further details   Gorleston, Beccles Road - Baptisms register  FC 16/472  Mar 1954 - Apr 1992
No further details   Runham - Baptism certificates counterfoils book, 1959-1968, 1989-1995.  FC 16/473  1959-1995
No further details   Stokesby - Baptisms register, January 1927, 1930-1994.  FC 16/474  1927-1994
No further details   Yarmouth, Dene Side (Wesleyan) - Mothers' Meeting committee minutes with, at rear, sundry accounts for outings and social events 1908-1912  FC 16/475  1908-1969

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