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Reference FC 16
Covering dates 1795-1995
Held by Norfolk Record Office
Extent 475 files

Folder icon  Wesleyan Methodist, Circuit  [no ref. or date]

These documents are held at Norfolk Record Office

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No further details   Quarterly Meeting minutes 1863-1877, 1891-1898, 1923-1937  FC 16/4-6  1863-1937
No further details   Sunday School minutes, with admissions and attendance statistics, 1817-1818, 1818-1819, 1835-1837. Primitive Methodist class tickets 1832-1833, 1836, 1851, 1854-1855, 1858 inserted  FC 16/10-12  1817-1855
No further details   Minutes etc. re Chapel trust renewals  FC 16/13  1891-1910
No further details   Auxiliary Missionary Committee minutes  FC 16/14  1845-1931
No further details   Methodist Union and Methodist Amalgamation sub committee minutes  FC 16/15  1930-1937
No further details   Circuit stewards' [...] accounts 1804-1831, 1844-1861, 1913-1934, 1935-1960  FC 16/16-19  1804-1960
No further details   Central Mission Circuit account  FC 16/20  1960-1963
No further details   Foreign Mission accounts 1845-1857, 1858-1873, 1907-1915  FC 16/21-23  1845-1915
No further details   W.M.M.S. accounts  FC 16/24  (?)1915-1932
No further details   Twentieth Century Fund subscription accounts  FC 16/25  1899-1902
No further details   Circuit schedule book, education  FC 16/32  1876-1883
No further details   Lists of members in Circuit  FC 16/34  c. 1929-1931
No further details   Papers re amalgamation of circuits and maintenance of buildings  FC 16/35  1930s-1940s
No further details   Circuit plans  FC 16/36-110  1892-1922
No further details   Circuit plans 1958-1962 and circuit magazines 1951, 1953-1957  FC 16/111  [n.d.]
No further details   Circuit magazines  FC 16/112  1958-1963
No further details   Sermon notes  FC 16/113  Early 20th century
No further details   MS history of Wesleyan Methodism in Yarmouth to 1935, with printed matter, photographs etc.  FC 16/114  [n.d.]
No further details   (Printed) W. Lorkin, A Concise History of Wesleyan Methodism in Norwich (1825)  FC 16/114(a)  nd

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