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Avon Papers (Personal and political papers of Anthony Eden)

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Reference AP
Covering dates 1760-1980 (predominantly 1904-1977)
Held by Birmingham University Information Services, Special Collections Department
Extent 40 series: approximately 86,000 items
Conditions of access Written application for access to the collection, accompanied by a letter of introduction, is required in advance in order to obtain permission of the Avon Trustees. Once approval has been granted, the collection is freely accessible to all registered readers.
Access to parts of this collection is restricted and some personal and financial material is not available for consultation during Lady Avon's lifetime. This material includes some papers in AP20 and AP22 and all material in AP31, AP35, AP36, AP37, AP39 and AP40. Some letters of the Royal family (AP30) and a few other papers have also been withdrawn from access at the request of the Cabinet Office.

No further details   Official, personal and family photographs  AP5  late 19th-20th cents

Folder icon  Eden Family Archive Papers  AP21  [n.d.]

No further details   Correspondence with Baron de Cartier de Marchienne concerning a letter written by Lord Auckland 1795 sent by the Baron to Lord Avon  AP21/1/1  Feb-April 1941
No further details   Letter from Lord Auckland to Mr Gray, Great Britain's Chargé d'Affaires in Berlin, in which business and the state of the law is discussed  AP21/1/2  17 December 1795
No further details   Correspondence with Miss B.O.E. Malone concerning some eighteenth century family papers  AP21/2/1  Aug-Dec 1943
No further details   Paper stating that Mrs Eden should receive the money for the land she sold to Mr Hamersly  AP21/2/2  nd
No further details   William Kilgore to Townshend Eden - a bill for Greek and Latin books bought by Eden  AP21/2/3  nd
No further details   Townshend Eden on the weighing and payment for 972 barrels of corn by Ignatius Wheeler  AP21/2/4  nd
No further details   Letter from Mary Eden to her Uncle Michael, requesting new clothes to wear to the ball  AP21/2/5  nd
No further details   Money owed by Captain Campbell to Mr Eden's estate  AP21/2/6  nd
No further details   Legal opinion on whether a Lease and Release made by Lady Baltimore is valid or not  AP21/2/7  nd
No further details   Letter form Hanbury & Co. relating to paying £3319.14.3 to the administrators and executors of Lord Baltimore  AP21/2/8  24 April 1772
No further details   Robert Eden on the balance of his account  AP21/2/9  11 June 1776
No further details   Mrs Betty Eden's bill of supplies from Hanson Briscoe  AP21/2/10  23 Dec 1778
No further details   List of supplies sent to Mrs Eden  AP21/2/11  21 Oct 1786
No further details   Agreement to rent land belonging to Mrs Eden's plantation for the sum of £1500.0.0  AP21/2/12  7 Jan 1788
No further details   Articles of agreement between Mrs Eden and Mr Craycroft that the latter should work on the farmers plantation as an overseer  AP21/2/13  5 Feb 1788
No further details   Interest on monies paid  AP21/2/14  1760-1789
No further details   Money from Mrs Grace Stone to John H. Briscoe  AP21/2/15  1790-1792
No further details   Letter to Michael Stone from Mrs Turner and Raphael Thompson relating to land of the late Captain Eden bought by Mrs Eden  AP21/2/16  7 Jan 1793
No further details   Concerning land bought by Mrs Eden  AP21/2/17  Feb 1793
No further details   Money received from Mrs Betty Ann Eden  AP21/2/18  20 Aug 1796
No further details   Concerning Mr Stone, advisor of Mrs Eden  AP21/2/19  April 1797
No further details   Bond that Michael Stone will pay £67'2'9 plus interest to Robert Twedlay, James Hopkirk, etc  AP21/2/20  20 June 1799
No further details   Fees due to Michael Stone for funding and copying various legal documents including John Eden's will  AP21/2/21  April-May 1801
No further details   Costs of lawsuit. Concerning Betty Ann Eden and Townshend Eden  AP21/2/22  August Term 1801
No further details   A list of fees due to Michael Stone Attorney and to be collected by John McWilliam  AP21/2/23  1807-1808
No further details   Fees due to William B. Stone for letters of administration on the estate of Mrs B. Eden  AP21/2/24  6 Feb 1826
No further details   Fragile letters  AP21/2/25-26  nd
No further details   Photostat of a family letter from Ann Tasker to Frances Canter of 13 July 1769, plus other information  AP21/3/1  28 March 1943
No further details   Miscellaneous notes  AP21/4/1-3  1895-1974

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