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Avon Papers (Personal and political papers of Anthony Eden)

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Reference AP
Covering dates 1760-1980 (predominantly 1904-1977)
Held by Birmingham University Information Services, Special Collections Department
Extent 40 series: approximately 86,000 items
Conditions of access Written application for access to the collection, accompanied by a letter of introduction, is required in advance in order to obtain permission of the Avon Trustees. Once approval has been granted, the collection is freely accessible to all registered readers.
Access to parts of this collection is restricted and some personal and financial material is not available for consultation during Lady Avon's lifetime. This material includes some papers in AP20 and AP22 and all material in AP31, AP35, AP36, AP37, AP39 and AP40. Some letters of the Royal family (AP30) and a few other papers have also been withdrawn from access at the request of the Cabinet Office.

Folder icon  Gramophone Records, Speeches and Tapes by Eden  AP2  [n.d.]

No further details   BBC record  AP2/1  18 Jan 1935
No further details   BBC record  AP2/2  10 Oct 1935
No further details   BBC record  AP2/3  9 Nov 1936
No further details   Nyon Piracy Conference. BBC record  AP2/4  21 Sept 1937
No further details   Annual banquet of the Royal Society of St. George  AP2/5-7  1938
No further details   Annapolis Speech  AP2/8  15 Dec 1938
No further details   BBC record  AP2/9-11  11 Sept 1939
No further details   BBC record  AP2/12  14 May 1940
No further details   BBC record  AP2/13  2 June 1940
No further details   BBC record  AP2/14  30 July 1941
No further details   Return from Moscow. BBC record  AP2/15-17  14 Jan 1942
No further details   A message to Norway. BBC record  AP2/18  9 Apr 1942
No further details   Speech at Belle Vue, Manchester. BBC record  AP2/19  25 Oct 1941
No further details   BBC record  AP2/20-21  8 May 1942
No further details   Message to French people after liberation of Paris. BBC record  AP2/22  24 Aug 1944
No further details   Speech at first plenary session of U.N., San Francisco  AP2/23-24  26 Apr 1945
No further details   Election messages from Winston Churchill, Mr Eden and Lord Woolton  AP2/25  Oct 1948
No further details   Territorial Army recruiting campaign. Speech at Mansion House  AP2/26  5 Oct 1948
No further details   Election messages from Winston Churchill, Mr Eden and Lord Woolton  AP2/27  1950
No further details   Election messages from Winston Churchill, Mr Eden and Lord Woolton  AP2/28  1951
No further details   Entretien avec M. Josse (?)  AP2/29  nd
No further details   Things to listen for  AP2/30  1966
No further details   Sir Winston Churchill Society  AP2/31  1969
No further details   A review of 1970, BBC recording  AP2/32  1970
No further details   Early Years: Lord Avon, BBC recording  AP2/33  1971
No further details   The U.N. Resolution on Racism: Speeches delivered by the U.N. General Assembly  AP2/34  10 Nov 1975
No further details   Recording by Lord Avon for Eden Day, Maryland Bicentennial Celebrations Annapolis  AP2/35  23 June 1976
No further details   A Silver Jubilee of Memories, (BBC recording)  AP2/37  1952-1977
No further details   Recording sent by Captain George Wright  AP2/38  nd
No further details   Interview with Lord Avon by Guy Francis of BFBS  AP2/39  nd
No further details   The Second World War, original recordings from the BBC Sound Archives 1939/45  AP2/40  1985
No further details   Where I was on Armistice Day 1918. For Belgian Radio  AP2/41  11 Nov 1968
No further details   Lord Avon on De Gaulle  AP2/42  11 Oct 1970

No further details   Official, personal and family photographs  AP5  late 19th-20th cents

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