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Reference PA1716
Covering dates 20th Century
Held by Coventry Archives

Folder icon  Rolls-Royce Limited. Bristol Engine Division: 2 drawings of Olympus 20101, 20201 & 20301 compressor casing; 3 drawings of turbine  PA1716/5/11/3/5  c. 1960

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Drawing 7 & 79 compressor casing (rear) also B59432 bracket. Drawing 5 combustion chamber outer casing. Drawing 40 turbine (part 2); Drawing 39 sheet 2 turbine (part 1); 39 sheet 1 turbine (part 1)

No further details   Bristol Aero Engines Limited: Drawing TP.4087 Olympus 201 turbojet Fuel system diagram  PA1716/5/11/3/6  6 February 1959
No further details   Jets come down to earth: RB 211 unit efficiency allows mid merit prospect  PA1716/5/11/3/21  1973 - 1981
No further details   Rolls-Royce Ltd and the RB 211 Aero-engine - presented to Parliament by the Secretary of State for Trade and Industry  PA1716/5/11/3/22  1972
No further details   The aero deprived gas generator as a prime mover for Gas and Oil Transmission, by H.J. Prince  PA1716/5/11/3/23  c. 1970s
No further details   Presentation Summary: Commercial aero engine developments  PA1716/5/11/3/24  April 1982
No further details   Brochure: RB.211 in Lockheed Tristar, Propulsion System Maintainability  PA1716/5/11/3/25  July 1971
No further details   Customer Training Centre: Course Notes - RB.211  PA1716/5/11/3/26  23 January 1973
No further details   Brochure: Progress on the RB.211  PA1716/5/11/3/27  1971
No further details   Customer Training Centre: Course Notes - Rb.211  PA1716/5/11/3/28  1973
No further details   Brochure: RB.211 in Lockheed Tristar, Propulsion System Maintainability  PA1716/5/11/3/29  August 1980
No further details   Brochure: RB.211 in Lockheed Tristar, Propulsion System Maintainability  PA1716/5/11/3/30  December 1971
No further details   Brochure: RB211-524, further improving the product  PA1716/5/11/3/31  September 1984
No further details   Brochure: RB211-524 for the Lockheed L1011 Tristar  PA1716/5/11/3/32  October 1977
No further details   Brochure: RB211 - Powerful, clean, quiet...  PA1716/5/11/3/33  July 1972
No further details   Brochure: RB211  PA1716/5/11/3/34  November 1981
No further details   Leaflet: A 300B - being built today, in service tomorrow  PA1716/5/11/3/35  c. 1970s
No further details   Technical Features: Rolls-Royce RB.207/211 three shaft turbofans  PA1716/5/11/3/36  May 1968
No further details   An Account of an Engineering Investigation into the Cause of an Aircraft Engine Failure  PA1716/5/11/18  30 January 1958
No further details   Drawing Number Registers  PA1716/5/39  c.1960s - c.1970s
No further details   Armstrong Siddeley Motors Gas Turbine Production Order Book  PA1716/5/51  November 1953 - June 1954
No further details   Serration Root Index and Photographs  PA1716/5/55  c.1960
No further details   Rolls-Royce Gas Turbines for Electrical Generation and Gas and Oil Pumping  PA1716/5/82  1977
No further details   Photographs and Drawings of Camm Engines, Propulsion Engines, Friction Drive and Cyclye Systems  PA1716/5/101  c.1967

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