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Reference D/D
Covering dates 1760 - 1976
Held by National Museums Liverpool, Maritime Archives and Library
Extent 13 Sub fonds
Conditions of access This collection is held in a reserve store and is available by advance appointment only.

Folder icon  Series of Volumes, quarter-bound in leather, entitled 'J.T.D., J.W.W.D., India', containing copies of J.T.D.'s letters to John West Wood Danson, his son  D/D/III/1/92-104  [n.d.]

No further details   Volume I  D/D/III/1/92  18 Dec 1876 - 24 Oct 1878
No further details   Volume II  D/D/III/1/93  25 Oct 1878 - 31 May 1880
No further details   Volume III  D/D/III/1/94  6 June 1880 - 17 Aug 1882
No further details   Volume IV  D/D/III/1/95  29 Aug 1882 - 3 June 1884
No further details   Volume V  D/D/III/1/96  6 Jan 1884 - 30 Oct 1884
No further details   Volume VI  D/D/III/1/97  7 Nov 1884 - 13 Jul 1887
No further details   Volume VII  D/D/III/1/98  1 Aug 1887 - 18 Feb 1890
No further details   Volume VIII  D/D/III/1/99  26 Feb 1890 - 14 Apr 1892
No further details   Volume IX  D/D/III/1/100  21 Apr 1892 - 27 Jul 1893
No further details   Volume X  D/D/III/1/101  1 Jul 1893 - 11 Feb 1895
No further details   Volume XI  D/D/III/1/102  14 Feb 1895 - 13 Aug 1896
No further details   Press-copy letters from J.T.D. to Mrs. R. Towell, with explanatory note from F.C.D.: 'This seems to be a sort of diary addressed...... to Mrs. R. Towell, who at one time lived at Grasmere but is now living at Stanwix, Carlisle (April 1898). (23 sheets removed from bound volume.)  D/D/III/1/104  Feb 1897

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