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Reference D/D
Covering dates 1760 - 1976
Held by National Museums Liverpool, Maritime Archives and Library
Extent 13 Sub fonds
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No further details   Book of letters written at Grasmere to Edward Chester Danson, J.W.W.D. and Rosa Rudolf  D/D/III/1/91  May 1897 - Jan 1898

Folder icon  J.T. Danson's Economic Papers  D/D/III/12/1 - 86  [n.d.]

No further details   Pages removed from volume entitled 'Precious Metals': J.T.D.'s notes on Humboldt, etc. and press-cuttings  D/D/III/12/6  c.1850
No further details   Press-cuttings, letter (printed) to H. Carey of Philadelphia, re American Civil War  D/D/III/12/7a  nd
No further details   Bundle of press-cuttings on economic subjects including poor relief, strikes, taxation and foreign competition  D/D/III/12/8  c.1872 - c.1883
No further details   Loose papers relating to land, including printed report of Select Committee of House of Lords on the Improvement of Land, 1873 and summary of agricultural returns for Great Britain for 1883 (press-cuttings)  D/D/III/12/9  c.1873 - c. 1888
No further details   Bundle of J.T.D.'s notes on 'Property in Land'  D/D/III/12/10  n.d
No further details   Bundle of press-cuttings entitled 'M. Chevalier's Visit to England'  D/D/III/12/11  Apr 1875
No further details   Notebook containing drafts of J.T.D.'s letter to the Editor of The Times on the next naval war  D/D/III/12/14a  Jan 1898
No further details   Poster advertising A Public Dinner, given by the Working Men's Association to the defeated Radicals and MPs pledged to Universal Suffrage (J.T.D. a member of the Committee)  D/D/III/12/24  22 Nov 1837
No further details   Address and Rules of the Working Men's Association  D/D/III/12/25  n.d. c.1837
No further details   Chartism: A new Organisation of the People, written in Warwick Gaol, by W. Lovett and J. Collins  D/D/III/12/26  1840
No further details   An Address to The People of Canada with their reply to The Working Men's Association  D/D/III/12/27  n.d. c.1840
No further details   Reflections on the Past and Future of the Chartist Party by T. Clark, also letter against Condemnation of Pirate Assassination. Sent by T. Clark to J.T. Danson  D/D/III/12/28  1850
No further details   Poster advertising the Retail Booksellers Advocate  D/D/III/12/29  n.d. c.1840
No further details   Not Overproduction but Deficient Consumption the Source of our Suffering, by W.R. Greg  D/D/III/12/30  Jan 1842
No further details   Return Relating to Importation and Exportation of corn: Annual and Weekly Increase. Prices of Wheat, etc., by P. Miles (House of Commons)  D/D/III/12/31  Apr 1843
No further details   An Enquiry into the Currency Principle by Thomas Tooke (enclosed 15 Sept (1844?) a letter, Thomas Tooke, to J.T.D.)  D/D/III/12/32  1844
No further details   The Comparative merits of Direct and Indirect Taxation, by W.B  D/D/III/12/36  1846
No further details   Printed letter to Danson re sample of new weekly paper, the Spirit of the Times or the Social Reformer by Luke James Hansard  D/D/III/12/37  Feb 1847
No further details   (Prospectus, enclosed)  D/D/III/12/37a  Feb 1847
No further details   Petition to Parliament from the Operations of the Borough of Sligo (Ireland) to assist emigration (Suppl. to Votes and Proceedings, p. 103)  D/D/III/12/38  22 Sept 1847
No further details   A Few Words on Behalf of the Middle Classes of England on the Subject of Income Tax (anon)  D/D/III/12/40  1847
No further details   A Text-Book of the Constitution (Magna Charta etc.). Commentary by E.S. Creasy, MA, Professor of History, University College, London  D/D/III/12/41  1848
No further details   The Principles and Practical Operation of Sir Robert Reel's Act of 1844, explained and defended by R. Torrens Esq., FRS. Contains J.T. Danson's own notes and paper cuttings (re Bank of England)  D/D/III/12/42  1848
No further details   Absenteeism Economically Considered, read before Dublin Statistical Society by Hon. J.P. Vereker, Barrister-at-Law  D/D/III/12/43  Dec 1849
No further details   Mathematical Exposition of Some Doctrines of Political Economy, Second Memoir, by W. Whewell, DD, Master of Trinity College, Cambridge  D/D/III/12/44  Apr 1850
No further details   Les Questions Politiques et Sociales, pour M. Michel Chevalier (with cuttings and notes (3 pp.) by J.T.D.)  D/D/III/12/45  1850
No further details   Examination of Opinions on taxation in this and other countries, by George Warde Norman Esq  D/D/III/12/46  1850
No further details   Public Nurseries, by Mrs. Hobhouse  D/D/III/12/47  1850
No further details   The African Squadron Vindicated, by Lieutenant Henry Yule, Bengal Engineers (Slave Trade)  D/D/III/12/48  1850
No further details   Attempt to Ascertain the Magnitude and Fluctuations of the Bills of Exchange on Circulation, by W. Newmarch (Journal of the Statistical Society of London, Vol. XIV, pt. II)  D/D/III/12/49  May 1851
No further details   The General Principles of Taxation illustrating perfect Income Tax. Read to the Dublin Statistical Society by W. Neilson Hancock, LL  D/D/III/12/50  18 Nov 1851
No further details   Working plan of the Administrative Reform Association (London), by John Revans, Hon. General Secretary, presented to J.A. Roebuck, MP, Chairman  D/D/III/12/53  Nov 1856
No further details   Third letter to J.A.R. by J.P. Gassiot, Hon. Secretary (Statistics) with Analysis of Votes and Absences of MP's  D/D/III/12/54  11 Feb 1857
No further details   Report of Discharged Prisoners Aid Society (London)  D/D/III/12/55  20 Mar 1858
No further details   Currency no Mystery and Free Banking the Antidote for Crises  D/D/III/12/58  25 Jan 1860
No further details   Attached - letter, George Guthrie, the author, of Stranraer, North Britain, to J.T.D  D/D/III/12/58a  nd
No further details   Supplement to the Edition of Mr. McCulloch's Commercial Dictionary, 1859, re commercial treaty with France, new tariff for U.K., New Indian Tariff, etc. (London)  D/D/III/12/59  1860
No further details   A Few Words of the Nature of Banking Credits with reference to 1866 Monetary Panic by An Old Economist (London) (with examinations of Baxter's proposed preventative measures)  D/D/III/12/60  Jan 1867
No further details   A Chart of Industrial Life (Manchester and London) (Educational One Penny Pamphlet)  D/D/III/12/61  1869
No further details   Report of a Conference of the Staffordshire Discharged Prisoner's Aid Societies (presented by R. Kettle to J.T.D.)  D/D/III/12/62  5 Apr 1872
No further details   Bank v Cash-Box Set Down for Trial at Liverpool (Henry Young, Liverpool)  D/D/III/12/63  1873
No further details   Piece-Work compared to Time-Work by Frederic Hill, Barrister-at-Law, to National Association for Promotion of Social Science  D/D/III/12/64  20 Mar 1876
No further details   Economic Causes Tested and Teaching by Example - York (In Pall Mall Gazette)  D/D/III/12/65  Aug 1876
No further details   The Valuation of Railways, Telegraphs, Water Companies, Canal and other concerns with a view to Profits, by William Farr, MD, DCL, FRS (J.S.S.)  D/D/III/12/66  Sept 1876
No further details   The Earl of Beaconsfield - Cartoons from Punch  D/D/III/12/67  1876
No further details   The Memorable Speech of Joseph Cowen, MP (at Newcastle-on-Tyne) (Independent Liberal) with press comments  D/D/III/12/68  31 Jan 1880
No further details   Cutting (Daily Telegraph) British Trade Returns  D/D/III/12/79  27 Oct 1892
No further details   A Bill to amend the provision for the Government of Ireland 56 Vict., (the 'Home Rule' Bill), stitched by J.T.D., with his MS notes and MS label, to Lights on Home Rule. Special Supplement to the National Observer. Vol. IX, No. 24  D/D/III/12/80  4 Mar 1893
No further details   Tableau Oeconomique, by F. Quesnay (original 1758, reprinted 1894) for British Economic Association, London, in Facsimile  D/D/III/12/81  1894
No further details   Life of Thomas Paine, by Richard Carbile (3rd edition) (London)  D/D/III/12/82  c.1810
No further details   Anti-Maud, by a Pact of the People (London)  D/D/III/12/83  1855
No further details   Wat Tyler - a dramatic poem by Robert Southey  D/D/III/12/84  c.1820
No further details   Printed letter: Thomas Clegg, Manchester, to McGregor Laird, Chairman of the African Steamship Company (from Journal of the Society of Arts) - re supply of cotton from West Africa  D/D/III/12/85  18 Mar 1858
No further details   Handbill: Proposed New Model Lodging House for Single Men, in Liverpool  D/D/III/12/86  Nov 1859

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