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Reference D/D
Covering dates 1760 - 1976
Held by National Museums Liverpool, Maritime Archives and Library
Extent 13 Sub fonds
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No further details   Book of letters written at Grasmere to Edward Chester Danson, J.W.W.D. and Rosa Rudolf  D/D/III/1/91  May 1897 - Jan 1898

Folder icon  J.T.D.anson's Published Works  D/D/III/10/1-58  [n.d.]

No further details   Observation on the Speech of Sir William Molesworth, Bart., M.P....... on Colonial Expenditure and Government, by J.T.D.  D/D/III/10/1-2  Sept 1848
No further details   Ten Minutes Advice to Directors of Joint Stock Companies, by 'A Lawyer' - 3 copies  D/D/III/10/3-5  Sept 1858
No further details   Chambers of Commerce and The Government, by J.T.D. Pamphlet printed for circulation among the Chambers of Commerce of the U.K. - 3 copies  D/D/III/10/6-8  Mar 1860
No further details   The Uses of Discussion Address delivered by J.T.D. as Chairman of the College Council, to members of Queens College Union - 4 copies  D/D/III/10/9-12  Dec 1863
No further details   The Landowner in Relation to the State; Paper read by J.T.D. at annual meeting of National Association for the Promotion of Social Science - 6 copies  D/D/III/10/13-18  Sept 1864
No further details   The Wealth of Households, originally called 'Political Economy of Daily Life', published by the Clarendon Press in 1886  D/D/III/10/19-24  nd
No further details   Printers MS  D/D/III/10/19  1886
No further details   'Galley Proofs' in 2 Volumes  D/D/III/10/20-21  1885
No further details   Worked proofs  D/D/III/10/22  1885
No further details   2 letters from J.T.D. to Clarendon Press, discussing terms on which he took over the remainder of the book  D/D/III/10/23  1888
No further details   Rough notes, accounts and specimen page  D/D/III/10/24  n.d
No further details   Our Next War, in its Commercial Aspect, published by Blades, East and Blades  D/D/III/10/25 - 34  1893
No further details   Drafts, proofs and notes  D/D/III/10/25-29  nd
No further details   Copy of pamphlet  D/D/III/10/30  Apr 1893
No further details   Small file containing 36 letters and 3 press-cuttings. Mainly thanks for copies of the pamphlet. (Includes a copy of the pamphlet.)  D/D/III/10/31  May - Jul 1893
No further details   File of newspaper cuttings about the navy  D/D/III/10/32  1876 - 1894
No further details   Copy of Army and Navy Gazette, containing review  D/D/III/10/33  Sept 1894
No further details   Statement of Account from publishers  D/D/III/10/34  1896
No further details   Our Commerce in War, and how to protect it, published by Blades, East and Blades  D/D/III/10/35 - 48  1897
No further details   MS drafts  D/D/III/10/35-37  nd
No further details   Typescript drafts  D/D/III/10/38-40  nd
No further details   1 typescript copy, and incomplete typescripts copies  D/D/III/10/41-42  nd
No further details   1 incomplete corrected proof  D/D/III/10/43  1897
No further details   1 bound copy  D/D/III/10/44  1897
No further details   File of 27 letters from F.C.D., and publishers, about the work  D/D/III/10/45  Jan 1897 - Apr 1897
No further details   Statement of Account from publisher to J.T.D  D/D/III/10/46  1896
No further details   2 draft letters by J.T.D. to the Editor of The Times, about Our Commerce in War .....  D/D/III/10/47  1897, 1898
No further details   Statements of Account from publisher to F.C.D. as J.T.D.'s executor  D/D/III/10/48  Sept - Oct 1901
No further details   Exemption of Private Property from Capture at Sea in Time of War  D/D/III/10/49 - 52  nd
No further details   Letters from J.T.D. to Editor of the Globe (newspaper cuttings and notes)  D/D/III/10/49  Dec 1862
No further details   11 pages of MS notes  D/D/III/10/50  nd
No further details   Copy of the Saturday Review, including discussion of J.T.D.'s work on the subject  D/D/III/10/51  Mar 1897
No further details   Letter from J.T.D. to the Editor of the Albion about the rights of belligerents, and 4 pages of notes  D/D/III/10/52  n.d
No further details   1. 423 pages  D/D/III/10/53  n.d
No further details   2. 260 pages  D/D/III/10/54  n.d
No further details   3. 252 pages  D/D/III/10/55  n.d
No further details   4. 321 pages  D/D/III/10/56  Jan 1893
No further details   Notebook containing details of the printing of the Skeptics, dates of receipt of proofs and revisions, press cuttings, proof, etc  D/D/III/10/57  1892 - 1893

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