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Reference D/D
Covering dates 1760 - 1976
Held by National Museums Liverpool, Maritime Archives and Library
Extent 13 Sub fonds
Conditions of access This collection is held in a reserve store and is available by advance appointment only.

Folder icon  JOHN DANSON (1766 - 1847); Father of William Danson and Grandfather of J.T. Danson  D/D/I  [n.d.]

No further details   Apprenticeship Indenture of John Danson to Daniel Doran of Liverpool - Barber, Hairdresser and Peruke-maker  D/D/I/1  1779
No further details   Bundle containing draft will of John Danson, December 1841; draft codicil, December 1843; abstracts of the will and observations of the will by J.T.D., January 1844; and letter to J.T.D. from Andrew Stewart re the will, n.d  D/D/I/2  1841 - 1844
No further details   Loose papers: draft letters from J.T.D. to his Grandfather about altering the will, 1844; and papers vouching the settlement of J.T.D.'s account with the executors of the will, 1841-47  D/D/I/3  1841 - 1847

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