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Reference D/D
Covering dates 1760 - 1976
Held by National Museums Liverpool, Maritime Archives and Library
Extent 13 Sub fonds
Conditions of access This collection is held in a reserve store and is available by advance appointment only.
Archival history Acc. No.: MMM.1977.143
Source of acquisition The collection was donated by the Executors of the Estate of the late Lieutenant Colonel J.R. Danson, in 1977.
Creators Danson family of Liverpool

Administrative history:
This collection is a rare example of a complete middle-class archive. It begins in 1779 with the apprenticeship of John Danson to a Liverpool barber and peruke-maker. John became Liverpool's leading barber and perfumer. He charged 1/- for a haircut in 1823! His son, William Danson, became rather an unsuccessful lawyer. Grandson, John Towne Danson, with whom the bulk of the archive begins had four distinct careers - journalist under Dickens at the office of the Daily News, editor (briefly) of the Globe, farmer, barrister, marine insurance underwriter. He was born in 1817, and from about 1852 until his death in 1898, kept copies of all his letters. He kept original letters received, too, of course! He kept a diary, accounts, day books, all bills, took photographs and sketched. He was interested in every issue - philosophy, economics, statistics, politics and science. His first book was a joint effort, The Inventor's Manual, 1843. Other titles followed: The Wealth of Households, reprinted by Oxford University Press in 1886, Our Commerce in War, Our Next War and a heavy share in the compilation of Reverend John Owen's The Sceptics of Renaissance, along with a continuous stream of pamphlets and articles. Like the typical Victorian, he loved to moralise; he occupied every minute in 'profitable' mental or physical activity, and sought to leave a full record of it all to posterity.
His son, Francis, by his local political and professional activity (as an average adjuster), along with consistent patronage of Liverpool University, the School of Tropical Medicine, the Institute of Archaeology and other good causes achieved much greater popularity. He was knighted on account of his work for the Admiralty in the First World War. His famous collection of antiquities has come to the National Museums Liverpool by bequest.
Much significant material relating to journeys abroad or residence abroad by members of the family has been found, including Australia, Burma, Canada, Middle East (1st World War and Egypt), France, Germany and Italy and the Low Countries.
John Towne Danson, son of an unsuccessful lawyer, was brought up in Liverpool, with strong seafaring connections on his mother's side. His uncle, James Towne, was the Captain of an African trader, owned by Sir John Tobin. He went to London to seek his fortune and had four distinct careers - journalist under Dickens at the office of the Daily News (and editor (briefly) of the Globe), farmer, barrister, marine insurance underwriter.
In 1859 he wrote a pamphlet which showed that Liverpool handled 50% in value of Britain's exports, and that some 4,451,000 tons of shipping had used the port in 1858-59. This made Liverpool unquestionably the world's greatest port, yet the local marine underwriting market was quite inadequate. Danson therefore proposed the formation of a joint stock marine insurance company. Thus on 23 June 1860, the first provincial joint stock Marine Insurance Company was set up in Liverpool, styled 'The Thames & Mersey Marine Insurance Company', with separate boards for Liverpool (the biggest), London and Manchester. J.T. Danson was appointed Secretary. In 1866 he became its underwriter, only to retire in 1880, in disgust at the growing practice of dealing with brokers. His second home, Dry Close in Grasmere, became his main residence, and there the archives accumulated
He was extremely versatile, interested in philosophy, economics, statistics, politics, archaeology and science. His first book, a joint effort, entitled The Inventor's Manual (1843), was followed by The Wealth of Households (reprinted by Oxford University Press in 1886), Our Commerce in War, Our Next War and a considerable share in John Owen's The Sceptics of the Renaissance, along with a continuous stream of pamphlets and articles. As a typical Victorian, he loved to moralise; he occupied every minute in 'profitable' mental or physical activity, and sought to leave a full record of it all to posterity.
Though 'autocratic, argumentative and dogmatic' according to the official history of the company, he had an amazing grasp of facts and figures. He was occasionally wrong, as where he prophesied the downfall of Lloyds
The family archives are, not surprisingly, vast - a unique mirror of the Victorian era and are held by the Archives Department. They contain very many items of maritime and social interest.
SIR FRANCIS DANSON Kt. (1855-1926)
Sir Francis Chatillon Danson was an original member of the University Court and Council from 1903, and Deputy Treasurer from 1903-1914. From 1902 he was a member of Committee of the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, becoming Chairman in 1913, retaining this office till his death. He was also Chairman of the Governors of the Liverpool Institute Schools, a Governor of Sedbergh School, a keen member of the Committee of the University Institute of Archaeology, as well as being President of the Liverpool Chamber of Commerce, 1896-99, Chairman of Birkenhead Conservative Party, 1896-1904, a J.P., serving from 1909 on the Mersey Docks and Harbour Board (being Chairman of the Finance Committee from 1914 on), Chairman of the Liverpool Shipwreck & Humane Society and President of the Liverpool Philomathic Society, 1913-14. In between a full-time career as head of the firm which he himself founded in 1879, F.C. Danson & Co., probably Liverpool's leading firm of Average Adjusters, he found time to serve on the Admiralty Transport Arbitration Board from 1914, and as Government Representative on the Liverpool and London War Risks Association from 1915 and to be a member of the International Law Association. He was also an active member and sometime Chairman of his own national professional association, as well as of the Liverpool Association of Average Adjusters which existed from 1882 to 1916. He was knighted in 1920.
Sir Francis was only 71 when he died. He was never able to retire from business owing to the large number of claims dating back to the 1914-18 War. He was clearly a man with many times the mental and physical energy of most men. Yet 'his active, cheery and kindly disposition endeared him to all', said the Chairman of the Dock Board, on the news of his death.
Sir Francis had always been a worker. So hard had he worked at business prior to 1898, when he took his first partner, that he had a complete nervous breakdown. Advised by his doctors to take a complete rest, he merely changed the emphasis of his activities. From this period dates his wider involvement in public work and his lifelong interest in antiquities and archaeology. His recuperative trip to Egypt is well covered by the archives. The ephemera of his voyage down the Nile include bills from Shepherd's Hotel, Cairo, and the card of Ahmed Whaba, 'Drogman and Contractor for Cairo, up the Nile, Syria and Palestine'. From this point on he found release in building the extremely fine collection of Egyptian and classical antiquities which have now joined the collections in the Antiquities Department of the National Museums Liverpool.
Sir Francis' own letters survive in 11 wet - copy letter - books covering 1884-1911 and 1925-1926. Letters received date from 1872 - the first item being a letter of advice from his father, J.T. Danson, which has been favourably compared to that of Lord Chesterfield! From 1890 the series is almost continuous, containing over 6,000 letters. Some distinct bundles are labelled 'Association of Average Adjusters', 'Chamber of Commerce' and 'Archaeology'. An index has been compiled. Among the correspondents are Professors Sir William Mitchell Banks (Anatomy); D.B. Blacklock (Tropical Diseases of Africa, Parasitology, Tropical Hygiene); R.C. Bosanquet (Classical Archaeology); A.B. Boswell (Russian History, Language and Literature); Sir Rubert Boyce (Pathology, Dean of School of Tropical Medicine, 1899-1911); F.S. Carey (Mathematics); Richard Caton (Physiology); Sir Alfred Dale (last Principal of the University College and first Vice-Chancellor of the University); John Garstang (Methods and practice of Archaeology); Ernest E. Glynn (Pathology); R. Harvey Gibson (Botany); P. Hebblethwaite (Registrar); Sir William A. Herdman (Natural History, Oceanography); E.W. Hope (Hygiene); Sir Oliver Lodge (Physics); Kuno Meyer (Teutonic Languages, Celtic); Ramsay Muir (Modern History); Sir John L. Myres (Greek); R. Newstead (Entomology); Bernard Pares (Russian History, Language and Literature); A.M. Paterson (Anatomy); Sir Charles Reilly (Architecture); Sir Ronald Ross (Tropical Medicine and Sanitation); Sir Charles Sherrington (Physiology); J.M.W. Stephens (Tropical Medicine); J.A. Twemlow (School of Local History and Records); W.O. Williams (Veterinary Medicine); Warrington Yorke (Parasitology, Tropical Medicine); also the second Vice-Chancellor, Dr. J.G. Adami; Pro-Chancellor, T.W. Alsop; Pro-Chancellor, Sir Edward Lawrence; Registrar, Dr. E. Londini and Mr. Keith W. Monsarrat (Dean of Faculty of medicine). Letters from University benefactors include those of Robert Gladstone, Treasurer of University College; Sir Alfred Lewis Jones of West Africa and Canary Islands (bananas) fame; Sir W.H. Lever (later Lord Leverhulme); John Rankin and Pro-Chancellor, H.R. Rathbone.
The correspondence relating to archaeology and the School of Tropical Medicine is especially useful, as one would expect, since they were Sir Francis' major interests.
Professor Garstang was clearly a family friend. He writes from the excavations camp at Abydos, Upper Egypt in January 1908:
Dear Mr. Danson,
Forgive some delay in writing our doings. You will know that I have been very much howbeit pleasantly occupied in making things agreeable here for my wife. She is as happy as can be & taking to an energetic English Life with much enjoyment. Our latest achievement has been to construct a tennis court which promises to be ready in about 5 days time. We are hoping that when it is marked the rain will not come & wash out the lines, & with some probability of the hope being fulfilled - at the moment it is midday with a tremendous sunlight & warmth pouring down. The paper is curling up as I write
Our marriage went off alright, it seems a long while back now, & almost too late to thank you again for your good wishes. I thought to escape the sorrowing relatives by having the ceremony at Marseilles, but 17 of them arrived by train from Toulouse. I must say they were all very nice..... She hasn't made much progress with English for except when we have English visitors or callers she rarely hears the language spoken. But I have no doubt she will soon pick it up. Enclosed photos taken when Mr. & Mrs. Russell Rea & niece called, we made a picnic into the high desert.
Our excavations are going well. We have a few choice objects already, mostly small, a stone statue, some beautiful scarabs, a censor, some bronze, ivory sphinx & wot not. I am going to propose an exhibition at Liverpool if we can find room at the Institute.
Next month I hope to go to Luxor & get you some vases.
With kindest greetings to all,
Yours very truly,
John Garstang
The correspondence as a whole reflects vividly, the many commitments of Sir Francis and leaves one with a feeling or breathlessness. His political activity coincided with the rise to power of Sir Archibald Salvidge, probably Liverpool's greatest political 'boss' of any party. A number of letters from Salvidge are present. The M.P. for Birkenhead sponsored by Sir Francis, Sir Elliott Lees, Bt., achieved some notoriety by representing his constituency while fighting in the Boer War. The letters of Sir Elliott are valuable source material regarding the War. Sir Francis was also a pioneer motorist, hence the considerable correspondence with early motor companies.
Sir Francis' two sons left no issue. Rudolph was killed at the Dardanelles in 1915. Raymond, b.1893, a confirmed bachelor, died in 1976 aged 82. The School of Tropical Medicine was one of the three residuary legatees of his estate, the others being the Old Sedberghians Trust Fund and Trinity College, Oxford, which received his magnificent library, including Caxton first editions. He served with some distinction in both World Wars, earning the M.C. in the 1st and as Lieutenant Colonel, commanding the Fourth Battalion Cheshire Regiment at Dunkirk in the 2nd. Not only letters but an interesting variety of other military documents and relics are in the Colonel's section of the archives. Other documents relate to the study and exhibition of the antiquities his father and he collected.
He continued his father's patronage of the School of Tropical Medicine, becoming its Chairman and giving some £20,000 towards a new clinic (which he intended to be an anonymous gift!). In 1953 he retired, aged 60 and also retreated to Dry Close, the house at Grasmere, which his grandfather had built when he retired in 1880. There among the books and antiquities, which had all been moved in 1940 or thereabouts from the family house, 'Rosewarne', in Bidston Road, Birkenhead (now an old people's home), when it was sold, the Colonel devoted himself mainly to his world-renowned collection of Egyptian and Sudanese stamps. Numerous letters have been preserved relating to this activity.

D/D/I JOHN DANSON (1766-1847)
Barber and perfumer in Liverpool
1-3 Personal papers, including apprenticeship indenture, draft will and correspondence 1779 - 1847
Solicitor, of Liverpool, originally; d. in Dublin
1-8 Correspondence, family and legal papers 1760 - 1844
Journalist, farmer, barrister, marine insurance underwriter
1/1-104 Letters from John Towne Danson 1852 - 1898
2/1-115 Letters to John Towne Danson 1876 - 1897
3/1-3 Property (including agriculture) 1853 - 1897
4/1-3 Family and Personal Papers (including diaries) 1839 - 1898
5/1-5 Travel Journals and Papers 1848 - 1895
6/1-4 Accounts and Investments (including personal and household, receipts and insurance policies) 1840 - 1898
7/1-4 Journalism 1835 - 1850
8/1-3 Legal Papers (including Liverpool New Exchange and Mersey Docks & Harbour Board) 1822 - 1893
9/1-62 Marine Insurance (including Thames & Mersey Marine Insurance Company) 1842 - 1891
10/1-58 John Towne Danson's Published Works 1848 - 1901
11/1-21 Statistics 1770 - 1891
12/1-86 Economics 1820 - 1898
13/1-49 Antiquarian Papers (including Portland Vase, Hadrian's and Antonine's Walls, Defensive Line of Ostorius, Hard Knott Fort, etc.) 1322 - 1891
14/1-6 Studies and Artistic Interests (including sketching and photography) c.1817 - 1896
15/1-14 Membership of Organisations and Institutions (including Liverpool elections, local government and volunteers) 1830 - 1898
16/1 - 17 Miscellaneous Printed and Written Material (including local pamphlets, maps and prints) c.1823 - 1909
17/1 - 36 Newspapers (annotated by John Towne Danson) 1841 - 1897
Timber Merchant in Burma
1/1 - 9 Letters, accounts and miscellaneous papers, re life as a timber merchant in Burma; also Ruby mines and vessel Pioneer c.1861 - 1897
Copy Letter Books and Correspondence, re Association of Average Adjusters and Public Work, 1872-1926
1/1 - 12 Letters from Francis Chatillon Danson 1884 - 1911
2/1 - 44 Letters to Francis Chatillon Danson 1872 - 1926
3/1 - 2 Association of Average Adjusters Correspondence, etc. 1890 - 1897
4/1 - 3 Archaeology Correspondence, etc. 1892 - 1925
5/1 - 8 Chamber ofe Commerce Correspondence, etc. 1893 - 1910
6/1 Grant of Arms 1913
7/1 - 15 Miscellaneous (including letters) 1875 - 1926
8/1 - 67 Newspapers 1885 - 1916
D/D/VI EDITH DANSON (c.1870-1950)
Wife of Francis Chatillon Danson
1/1 - 9 Letters to Edith Danson 1896 - 1941
2/1 - 10 Letters to Edith Danson and Francis Chatillon Danson 1898 - 1915
3/1 - 10 Diaries 1923 - 1947
4/1 Newspaper Cuttings 1926
Younger Son of Francis Chatillon Danson
1/1 - 32 Diaries 1912 - 1974
2/1 - 3 Correspondence 1925 - 1972
3/1 - 16 Correspondence, re Major Interests and Financial Papers 1906 - 1975
4/1 - 5 Philately Correspondence 1930 - 1970
5/1 - 5 Receipts, Reports and Accounts 1899 - 1976
Papers, re Members of the Lockett Family (John Towne Danson's Relatives) and their emigration to Australia and Canada
1/1 - 2 Family 1760 - 1900
2/1 - 14 Property 1742 - 1896
3/1 - 3 Finances 1775 - 1912
4/1 - 16 Lockett v Jacques 1848 - 1885
5 Miscellaneous 1847 - 1879
D/D/IX PHOTOGRAPHS, ETC. (1820-1970)
(To Be Listed)
1 Photographic Prints
2 Negatives
3 Slides
4 Plates
1/1 - 29 Dry Close Diaries 1898 - 1971
2/1 - 3 Danson Family Accounts 1886 - 1955
1/1 - 43 Maps 1848 - 1915
2/1 - 11 Statistical Graphs 1595 - 1845
3/1 - 10 Plans 1862 - 1890
4 Sketches 1886
5 Miscellaneous 1660 - 1880

JOHN DANSON (1766 - 1847); Father of William Danson and Grandfather of J.T. Danson  D/D/I  [n.d.]

Apprenticeship Indenture of John Danson to Daniel Doran of Liverpool - Barber, Hairdresser and Peruke-maker  D/D/I/1  1779

Bundle containing draft will of John Danson, December 1841; draft codicil, December 1843; abstracts of the will and observations of the will by J.T.D., January 1844; and letter to J.T.D. from Andrew Stewart re the will, n.d  D/D/I/2  1841 - 1844

Loose papers: draft letters from J.T.D. to his Grandfather about altering the will, 1844; and papers vouching the settlement of J.T.D.'s account with the executors of the will, 1841-47  D/D/I/3  1841 - 1847

WILLIAM DANSON (1793 - 1844); Father of J.T. Danson  D/D/II  [n.d.]

Loose papers  D/D/II/1  1814 - 1844

5 documents re William Danson's admittance as a solicitor to Chancery and Kings Bench. 1814
Marriage Certificate of William Danson and Elizabeth Forrest Towne. Nov 1814
Copy of Baptism Certificate of J.T.D., 1817. (copy made 1841)
Probate of William Danson's will. Jan 1844

Legal Papers of William Danson  D/D/II/2  1742 - 1823

Draft conveyances, wills, mortgages, etc., and abstracts of title. 1760, - 1824
Copy wills, abstracts of title, final concord and mortgage of lands in Llangollen. 1742 - 1818

Bundle of legal papers  D/D/II/3  1815 - 1823

Draft mortgages, conveyances, bills of sale, assignments, etc., drawn up by William Danson.

Bundle of correspondence of William Danson  D/D/II/4  1816 - 1840

63 items relating to:
i) his work as a solicitor in Dublin until 1828, then his work as a clerk in the Stamp Office, Dublin; 1827 - 1840
ii) receipts of money; 1819 - 1824
iii) his family, including letters from John Towne, J.T.D. and Edward Danson; plus the indenture of Edward Danson to George Smyth of Dublin, linen draper, in 1833. 1816 - 1835

Bundle of 8 items entitled "late W.D.: selections from a bundle of papers, chiefly letters of J.T.D. (the rest burnt)"  D/D/II/5  1836 - 1838

Diary notes of William Danson. 1837
Newspaper extract on the suicide of John Towne. Feb 1838
Essays - W.D. on locomotive carriages on an inclined plane. 1836
J.T.D. on Irish banking. 1837
J.T.D. on the state of the currency. 1837

Bundle of William Danson's personal papers  D/D/II/6  1832 - 1844

Work diary, with personal details. Jan 1832 - Oct 1835
Work and personal diary, details on health. Jan 1841 - Dec 1842
Notebook recording purchase of food and drink. Jan 1843 - Jan 1844
Medical Certificate and covering letter re W.D.'s absence from work due to bronchitis, etc. Dec 1843 - Jan 1844

JOHN TOWNE DANSON (1817 - 1898); Father of J.W.W. and F.C.D.; J.T. Danson's Correspondence: Letters of J.T. Danson  D/D/III  [n.d.]

Series of letter-books: copies of J.T. Danson's out-letters  D/D/III/1/1 - 80  [n.d.]

[Damaged by damp]

Contains 3 loose letters  D/D/III/1/1  3 Apr 1852 - 9 Mar 1853

(Not indexed)

Contains 1 loose letter  D/D/III/1/2  12 Mar 1853 - 12 Jul 1853


Contains 1 loose letter  D/D/III/1/3  13 Jul 1853 - 10 Dec 1853

(Not indexed)

Contains 1 loose letter  D/D/III/1/4  11 Dec 1853 - 14 June 1854


Contains 1 loose letter  D/D/III/1/5  15 June 1854 - 1 Jan 1855


Contains 1 loose letter  D/D/III/1/6  1 Jan 1855 - 27 Jul 1855


Contains 1 loose letter  D/D/III/1/7  27 Jul 1855 - 22 Feb 1856


Contains 1 loose letter  D/D/III/1/8  24 Feb 1856 - 5 Sept 1856

(Not indexed)

Contains 1 loose letter  D/D/III/1/9  7 Sept 1856 - 23 Sept 1857

(Not indexed)

Contains 1 loose letter  D/D/III/1/10  24 Sept 1857 - 7 Oct 1858

(Not indexed)

Contains 1 loose letter  D/D/III/1/11  21 Oct 1858 - 2 Jan 1860

(Not indexed)

Contains 1 loose letter  D/D/III/1/12  5 Jan 1860 - 15 Apr 1862


Contains 1 loose letter  D/D/III/1/13  15 Apr 1862 - 26 Aug 1863

(Not indexed)

Contains 2 loose papers  D/D/III/1/14  28 Aug 1863 - 3 Aug 1864

(Not indexed)

Contains 2 loose papers  D/D/III/1/15  9 Aug 1864 - 29 May 1866

(Not indexed)

Contains 2 loose papers  D/D/III/1/16  16 May 1866 - 2 Jan 1868

(Not indexed)

Contains 2 loose papers  D/D/III/1/17  29 May 1866 - 7 Nov 1866


Contains 2 loose papers  D/D/III/1/18  13 Nov 1866 - 10 Oct 1867

(Not indexed)

Contains 2 loose papers  D/D/III/1/19  11 Oct 1867 - 7 Apr 1868

(Not indexed)

Contains 2 loose papers  D/D/III/1/20  8 Apr 1868 - 24 Dec 1868

(Not indexed)

Contains 2 loose papers  D/D/III/1/21  5 June 1868 - 22 May 1870

(Not indexed)

Contains 2 loose papers  D/D/III/1/22  29 Dec 1868 - 12 Nov 1869

(Not indexed)

Contains 2 loose papers  D/D/III/1/23  13 Nov 1869 - 26 Jul 1870

(Not indexed)

Contains 2 loose papers  D/D/III/1/24  23 May 1870 - 13 Jul 1872


Contains 2 loose papers  D/D/III/1/25  19 Jul 1872 - 20 Jan 1873

(Not indexed)

Contains 2 loose papers  D/D/III/1/26  20 Jan 1873 - 21 Jul 1873

(Not indexed)

Contains 2 loose papers  D/D/III/1/27  21 Jul 1873 - 1 Apr 1874

(Not indexed)

Contains 2 loose papers  D/D/III/1/28  22 May 1873 - 9 Jan 1876

(Not indexed)

Contains 2 loose papers  D/D/III/1/29  24 Apr 1874 - 2 Dec 1874

(Not indexed)

Contains 2 loose papers  D/D/III/1/30  3 Dec 1874 - 4 Aug 1875

(Not indexed)

Contains 2 loose papers  D/D/III/1/31  4 Aug 1875 - 9 Feb 1876

(Not indexed)

Contains 2 loose papers  D/D/III/1/32  10 Feb 1876 - 9 Oct 1876

(Not indexed)

Contains 2 loose papers  D/D/III/1/33  7 Sept 1876 - 9 Aug 1878

(Not indexed)

Contains 2 loose papers  D/D/III/1/34  10 Oct 1876 - 17 Mar 1877

(Not indexed)

Contains 2 loose papers  D/D/III/1/35  19 Mar 1877 - 10 Nov 1877

(Not indexed)

Contains 2 loose papers  D/D/III/1/36  12 Nov 1877 - 14 June 1878

(Not indexed)

Contains 2 loose papers  D/D/III/1/37  1 Jul 1878 - 7 Mar 1879

(Not indexed)

Contains 2 loose papers  D/D/III/1/38  10 Aug 1878 - 9 Nov 1879

(Not indexed)

Contains 2 loose papers  D/D/III/1/39  24 Nov 1879 - 6 Jul 1880

(Not indexed)

Contains 2 loose papers  D/D/III/1/40  8 Mar 1879 - 18 Nov 1879

Very fragile

(Not indexed)

Contains 2 loose papers  D/D/III/1/41  Nov 1879 - Nov 1880

(Not indexed)

Contains 2 loose papers  D/D/III/1/42  Jul 1880 - Feb 1881

(Not indexed)

Contains 2 loose papers  D/D/III/1/43  26 Feb 1881 - 1 Jul 1881


Contains 2 loose papers  D/D/III/1/44  4 Jul 1881 - 11 Nov 1881


Contains 2 loose papers  D/D/III/1/45  12 Nov 1881 - 19 Mar 1882


Contains 2 loose papers  D/D/III/1/46  Mar 1882 - 17 Jul 1882

(Not indexed)

Contains 2 loose papers  D/D/III/1/47  17 Jul 1882 - 7 Nov 1882

(Not indexed)

Contains 2 loose papers  D/D/III/1/48  7 Nov 1882 - 16 Feb 1883

(Not indexed)

Contains 2 loose papers  D/D/III/1/49  17 Feb 1883 - 10 June 1883

(Not indexed)

Contains 2 loose papers  D/D/III/1/50  11 June 1883 - 4 Oct 1883

(Not indexed)

Contains 2 loose papers  D/D/III/1/51  4 Oct 1883 - 29 Dec 1883

(Not indexed)

Contains 5 loose letters  D/D/III/1/52  29 Dec 1883 - 4 Sept 1884

(Not indexed)

Contains 5 loose letters  D/D/III/1/53  4 Sept 1884 - 13 Jan 1885

(Not indexed)

Contains 5 loose letters  D/D/III/1/54  14 Jan 1885 - 9 Jul 1885

(Not indexed)

Contains 5 loose letters  D/D/III/1/55  9 Jul 1885 - 25 Nov 1885

(Not indexed)

Contains 5 loose letters  D/D/III/1/56  25 Nov 1885 - 1 Apr 1886

(Not indexed)

Contains 5 loose letters  D/D/III/1/57  2 Mar 1886 - 8 Aug 1886

(Not indexed)

Contains 5 loose letters  D/D/III/1/58  8 Aug 1886 - 14 Dec 1886

(Not indexed)

Contains 5 loose letters  D/D/III/1/59  14 Dec 1886 - 5 Apr 1887

(Not indexed)

Contains loose pages in folder  D/D/III/1/60  27 Mar 1887 - 13 Jul 1887

(Not indexed)

Contains loose pages in folder  D/D/III/1/61  13 Jul 1887 - 1 Nov 1887

(Not indexed)

Contains loose pages in folder  D/D/III/1/62  1 Nov 1887 - 16 Feb 1888

(Not indexed)

Contains loose pages in folder  D/D/III/1/63  16 Feb 1888 - 19 Jan 1888

(Not indexed)

Contains loose pages in folder  D/D/III/1/64  20 Jan 1888 - 17 Oct 1888

(Not indexed)

Contains loose pages in folder  D/D/III/1/65  19 Oct 1888 - 5 May 1889

(Not indexed)

Contains loose pages in folder  D/D/III/1/66  6 May 1889 - 5 Dec 1889

(Not indexed)

Contains loose pages in folder  D/D/III/1/67  6 Dec 1889 - 14 June 1890

(Not indexed)

Contains loose pages in folder  D/D/III/1/68  17 June 1890 - 14 Dec 1890

(Not indexed)

Contains loose pages in folder  D/D/III/1/69  14 Dec 1890 - 5 June 1891

(Not indexed)

Contains loose pages in folder  D/D/III/1/70  6 June 1891 - 8 Feb 1892

(Not indexed)

Contains loose pages in folder  D/D/III/1/71  11 Feb 1892 - 24 Oct 1892

(Not indexed)

Contains loose pages in folder  D/D/III/1/72  21 Oct 1892 - 20 Aug 1893

(Not indexed)

Contains loose pages in folder  D/D/III/1/73  Aug 1893 - May 1894

(Not indexed)

Contains loose pages in folder  D/D/III/1/74  30 May 1894 - 14 Jan 1895

(Not indexed)

Contains loose pages in folder  D/D/III/1/75  14 Jan 1895 - 14 Oct 1895

(Not indexed)

6 Mounted pages at front  D/D/III/1/76  12 Oct 1895 - 6 Apr 1896

(Not indexed)

Contains 7 loose pages  D/D/III/1/77  7 Apr 1896 - 15 Dec 1896

Last 50 pages slightly damaged by fire.

(Not indexed)

Contains 7 loose pages  D/D/III/1/78  15 Dec 1896 - 29 Apr 1897

(Not indexed)

Contains 1 loose receipt  D/D/III/1/79  30 Apr 1897 - 5 Nov 1897

(Not indexed)

Contains 1 loose receipt  D/D/III/1/80  6 Nov 1897 - 22 Jan 1898

(Not indexed)

Series of small letter-books, containing copies of J.T.D.'s letters  D/D/III/1/81 - 86  [n.d.]

Book of letters written in Northumberland, including letters to Behrens, Dr. Bryce, FCD, Jas. Picton (Chairman of Liverpool Library and Museums Committee)  D/D/III/1/81  June - Nov 1877

Book of letters written in Liverpool, including letters to T.P.D. (Phil), T. Cheesebrough, Behrens, P. Parkes, and notes on Antonine Wall  D/D/III/1/82  Jul - Nov 1877

Book of letters written in Northumberland, including letters to F.C.D., H. Lenton, Sargant, Fowler and Price  D/D/III/1/83  June - Oct 1878

Book of letters written in Glasgow and Falkirk, including letters to S. Cross, C. Taylor, W.H. Kirkby, J. Clayton, H. Lenton, F.C.D. (Also letters to D. Walker re: Dry Close.)  D/D/III/1/84  Jul 1878

Book of letters written at Southport, including letters to S. Cross, W.L. Sargant, W.B. Brimham  D/D/III/1/85  May 1879

Book of letters written in Northamptonshire to E.G. Birls, T. Newton, Sir H. Dryden, B. Price, D. Thoms and D. Walker  D/D/III/1/86  June 1881

4 books  D/D/III/1/87-90  Jan - May 1884

Tied together and labelled: 'Letters written during journey to & stay at Rome & return thence'.
Includes letters to R.M.D., F.C.B., J.W.W.D., T.P.D., Jane D., J. Bryce, MP, S. Cross, Sir Thomas Farrer of Board of Trade, Sir Robert Farquhar, E.A. Freeman, B. Price, L. Van den Bergh.

Book of letters written at Grasmere to Edward Chester Danson, J.W.W.D. and Rosa Rudolf  D/D/III/1/91  May 1897 - Jan 1898

Series of Volumes, quarter-bound in leather, entitled 'J.T.D., J.W.W.D., India', containing copies of J.T.D.'s letters to John West Wood Danson, his son  D/D/III/1/92-104  [n.d.]

Volume I  D/D/III/1/92  18 Dec 1876 - 24 Oct 1878

Volume II  D/D/III/1/93  25 Oct 1878 - 31 May 1880

Volume III  D/D/III/1/94  6 June 1880 - 17 Aug 1882

Volume IV  D/D/III/1/95  29 Aug 1882 - 3 June 1884

Volume V  D/D/III/1/96  6 Jan 1884 - 30 Oct 1884

Volume VI  D/D/III/1/97  7 Nov 1884 - 13 Jul 1887

Volume VII  D/D/III/1/98  1 Aug 1887 - 18 Feb 1890

Volume VIII  D/D/III/1/99  26 Feb 1890 - 14 Apr 1892

Volume IX  D/D/III/1/100  21 Apr 1892 - 27 Jul 1893

Volume X  D/D/III/1/101  1 Jul 1893 - 11 Feb 1895

Volume XI  D/D/III/1/102  14 Feb 1895 - 13 Aug 1896

Volume XII  D/D/III/1/103  19 Aug 1896 - 25 Mar 1897


Press-copy letters from J.T.D. to Mrs. R. Towell, with explanatory note from F.C.D.: 'This seems to be a sort of diary addressed...... to Mrs. R. Towell, who at one time lived at Grasmere but is now living at Stanwix, Carlisle (April 1898). (23 sheets removed from bound volume.)  D/D/III/1/104  Feb 1897

J.T. Danson's Correspondence: Letters to J.T. Danson  D/D/III/2/1 - 62  [n.d.]


The original bundling has been retained, although it appears to have been haphazard: the bundles do not usually fall into patterns of date, subject or correspondents. Letters from one correspondent for a particular period can therefore appear in several different bundles.

Miscellaneous letters and papers, including letters from Eliza and Margaret Danson, Edward Danson, Henry Danson, Jane Danson, letters from George Dempsey re architecture and from T.D. Keighley  D/D/III/2/1  Oct 1833 - Jul 1868

121 Items

Miscellaneous letters and bills, including correspondence with William Danson, and letter re William Danson's death, 1844  D/D/III/2/2  1835 - 1853

44 Items

Includes letters from Emma Danson (J.T.D.'s aunt) and T.A. Welton, and phrenological study of J.T.D  D/D/III/2/3  May 1835 - Dec 1856

84 Items

Correspondence with Edward C. Danson about family matters, and Edward's behaviour. Description of Queen Victoria's Coronation  D/D/III/2/4  May 1836 - Mar 1841

17 Items

Letters from William Danson, Jane Danson, Edward C. Danson and John Towne  D/D/III/2/5  Aug 1836 - Jul 1841

12 Items

Includes letters from William Danson and Margaret Danson, 1837-1844, and correspondence with Miss Mary Stewart re J.T.D.'s broken engagement to Blanche-, 1845  D/D/III/2/6  1837 - 1845

54 Items

[no title]  D/D/III/2/7  1837 - 1852

38 Items

Includes letters from Eliza Danson, 1842-1844, and letters to J.T.D. as editor of the Globe, from J.W. Freeland, R.G. Grey, H. Terfnell and G.H. Whalley.
Also statistical notes re married women, 1839-1841.
J.T.D.'s diary, recording his involvement in parliamentary business, the Globe, etc., for April 1845.

Great Exhibition  [no ref.]  1851

Include letters from Thomas Tooke re trade and prices, and letters from Rupert Kettle, barrister  D/D/III/2/8  Apr 1837 - June 1895

89 Items

[no title]  D/D/III/2/9  Jan 1841 - Oct 1856

60 Items

Includes MS of J.T.D.'s, The Inventor's Manual, 1843, and letters from Dr. A. Hume (Historic Society of Lancashire and Cheshire), Henry Danson and John McNeill (re dissolution of their partnership), correspondence and printers' account for J.T.D.'s pamphlet, The Commercial Progress of the Colonial Dependencies of the U.K., 1849.

Includes letters from R. Thom, and letters from J.T.D. to Editor of the Globe  D/D/III/2/10  Jul 1842 - Nov 1847

18 Items

Letters from Jane Danson, J.T.D.'s aunt  D/D/III/2/11  Oct 1843 - May 1844

8 Items

Includes letters from Eliza and Elizabeth Danson, Thomas P. Danson, William Dempsey, H. Findon, S. Blackburn of the Globe and L.H. Hicks  D/D/III/2/12  1843 - 1850

49 Items

[no title]  D/D/III/2/13  Jul 1843 - Nov 1853

135 Items

Correspondents include Charles Dickens, D. Thom, S. Blackburn, H. Findon, A. Doyle and members of the Danson family.
Includes 3 notebooks: literary memoranda, 1843; personal account book, 1847; daily notes and memoranda, 1853.

Includes letters from B. Hawes of the Colonial Office (re emigration and colonisation); John McNeill (re Henry Danson's debts); Eliza, Jane and Margaret Danson  D/D/III/2/14  Jul 1843 - Oct 1847

42 Items

[no title]  D/D/III/2/15  1818, 1844 - 1858

32 Items

Includes correspondence with Mrs. Lawrence re the Dansons' tenancy of Laurel Court, Ealing, 1852-1853; genealogical noted by J.T.D., compiled 1844-1848, including letter from Mary Danson to William Danson from Paris, 1818; J.T.D.'s warrant as a Special Constable, 1848.

Includes letters from Michel Chevalier, A. Hume, J. Bryce (re archaeology), William Youds (re repairs to farmhouse at Barnston)  D/D/III/2/16  Apr 1844 - Apr 1880

58 Items

[no title]  D/D/III/2/17  May 1845 - June 1851

92 Items

Includes letters from Thomas Tooke, William Newmarch, Michel Chevalier, William Farr of Registry Office, Robert Wilson of the Globe and Eliza, Margaret, Henry and Thomas P. Danson.

Respecting Daily News and leaving it, and engaging on Globe  D/D/III/2/18  Dec 1845 - May 1846

18 Items

Letters from Thomas Tooke about History of Prices which J.T.D. was helping to revise, and memoranda re printing of Volume 4  D/D/III/2/19  1846 - 1848

87 Items

'About monocleid cabinet'  D/D/III/2/20  Aug - Oct 1847

6 Items

Includes letters from Thomas Tooke, B. Hawes, Mary Stewart and J.T.D.'s bill of duties owed to Middle Temple Society, 1849  D/D/III/2/21  1847 - 1851

17 Items

Letters re birth of J.T.D.'s second son, F.C.D., and letters re society meetings and membership  D/D/III/2/22  Mar 1848 - Jan 1856

76 Items

Letters from J.W. Ridgway and J. Wilson about reduction of J.T.D.'s involvement on the Globe  D/D/III/2/23  Apr 1849

8 Items

Letters from Thomas Tooke, family correspondence and religious notes of J.T.D  D/D/III/2/24  1849 - 1887

55 Items

Letters in French, from M. Chevalier, D. Boussin, M. Capelle and M. Benjamin Dupont  D/D/III/2/25  Jan 1850 - Feb 1852

7 Items

Includes letters from J.G.W. Lockett, J.G.E. Lockett, A. Stewart and E. Burls (re J.T.D.'s handling of J.G.E. Lockett's affairs, especially property at Pen y Bryn, Llangollen)  D/D/III/2/26  Mar - Aug 1852

44 Items

Letters congratulating J.T.D. on birth of his first son, J.W.W.D  D/D/III/2/27  Aug - Sept 1853

25 Items

Correspondence with his wife, Ann Eleanor  D/D/III/2/28  Mar 1854 - Apr 1872

100 Items

Includes letters from Thomas Tooke, letters to Mrs. A.E. Danson, correspondence re Wirral Agricultural Improvement Society, Historic Society of Lancashire and Cheshire, and Statistical Society, and correspondence re prices  D/D/III/2/29  Dec 1854 - Dec 1855

119 Items

Includes letters from J. Aikin re corn trade; J. Buckland re agriculture and economics; A. Hume re Historic Society of Lancashire and Cheshire; and letters to Mrs. A.E. Danson from her sister Emma M. Lockett. and corn trade circulars (Nash & Golding)  D/D/III/2/30  Dec 1855 - Feb 1856; 1855 and 1856

105 Items

Includes letters from A. Hume; Liverpool Chamber of Commerce; J.M. Buckland and E.O. Holland  D/D/III/2/31  Feb - Aug 1856

160 Items

Letters and papers re Historic Society of Lancashire and Cheshire; Wirral Agricultural Improvement Society; Liverpool Financial Reform Association  D/D/III/2/32  June - Nov 1856

100 Items

Letters from John Aikin re Liverpool Dock Board, Limited Liability for ships, etc  D/D/III/2/33  Mar 1856 - Jan 1860

23 Items

Letters from F.C.D., M. Courvoisier, Mme. Boussin and Sr. Marguerite-Marie Danson, written during F.C.D.'s stay in Paris  D/D/III/2/34  Dec 1868 - Feb 1870

128 Items

Includes letters from G. Dufresne, P. Mastrozzi, Oxford University Press, Society of Antiquaries and Liberty & Property Defence League, 1869-1886; and letters from F.C.D. and R.M.D., 1885-1886  D/D/III/2/35  Dec 1869 - Jul 1886

130 Items

[no title]  D/D/III/2/36  Apr - May 1874

57 Items

Correspondence received during J.T.D.'s journey to Paris. Includes letters from Mrs. A.E. Danson, M. Chevalier, R.H. Nesbitt and H. Lenton of the Thames and Mersey Marine Insurance Company, F. Napier-Brown of Royal Commission on Shipping and H. Desprez of Compangnie Anonyme d'Insurances Maritimes, Paris.

Copies of letters written by J.T.D. in Germany, including letters to F.C.D., Reverend R.S. Baker, C. Von Cohausen, S. Cross, Professor Ihne, R. Ready of British Museum  D/D/III/2/37  Sept 1879

29 Items

Letters from J.W.W.D. at Rangoon and Liverpool  D/D/III/2/38  Dec 1879 - Jul 1885

9 Items

Correspondence of J.T.D. and Richard Lowndes on metaphysics, philosophy and faith, entitled 'Foundations of Faith'  D/D/III/2/39  Feb - May 1882

13 Items

[no title]  D/D/III/2/40  June 1883 - Oct 1885

144 Items

Letters from F.C.D. (whose wife Helen died in May 1885), six-monthly reports from Railway Companies and letters from Liberty & Property Defence League, Railway Defence Association, Society of Antiquaries and Kendal Conservative Club.

[no title]  D/D/III/2/41  Dec 1883 - Jan 1885

152 Items

Includes letters from F.C.D., E.M.S.D., R.M.D. and T.P.D., letters re J.T.D.'s trip to Rome with E.M.S.D., 1884, and letters from Bureau Veritas, Kendal Bank (re dividends) and Shakespeare Wood (Society of Antiquarians).

[no title]  D/D/III/2/42  Jan - May 1884

42 Items

Letters received by J.T.D. while in Rome, from J. Price of Oxford, Thomas Hodgkin and Edward A. Freeman of Edinburgh. Miscellaneous notes by J.T.D. on archaeology and other papers.

Correspondence with Grace Fletcher of Grasmere  D/D/III/2/43  Oct 1884

9 Items

Includes letters from F.C.D., E.M.S.D. and R.M.D., Sr. Marguerite M. Danson, Paris, Paoletti Mastrozzi, Rome, Douglas Stewart, Santa Cruz  D/D/III/2/44  May 1884 - May 1885

142 Items

Mainly letters from F.C.D. Also letters from R.M.D., E.M.S.D. and Kendal Bank (re dividends), and paper re railway stocks  D/D/III/2/45  1884 - 1886

139 Items

Mainly letters from F.C.D., R.M.D. and J.W.W.D  D/D/III/2/46  Jan 1886 - Jan 1887

134 Items

Includes letters from F.C.D., R.M.D., E.M.S.D., L. Van den Berghe, Sir Robert Farquhar, W. Ready, W. North, C. Sharp (Liverpool Institute)  D/D/III/2/47  Feb 1886 - Jan 1887

159 Items

Includes letters from F.C.D., E.M.S.D., Sr. M.M.D., L. Van den Berghe, S. Cross, A.T. Squarey, Kendal Bank  D/D/III/2/48  Jan 1886 - Mar 1887

111 Items

Includes letters from F.C.D., R.M.D., E.M.S.D., F. Boydell, Ambleside Conservative Club, Kendal Bank  D/D/III/2/49  Mar - Jul 1887

155 Items

Includes letters from F.C.D., E.M.S.D., R.M.D., C.E. Hill, L. Van den Berghe, G. Dufresne and letters from booksellers and tradesmen  D/D/III/2/50  June - Dec 1887

170 Items

Includes letters from F.C.D., J.H.T. Turner, F. Boydell, W. North, Clarendon Press  D/D/III/2/51  Sept 1887 - Nov 1888

150 Items

Includes letters from F.C.D., R.M.D., J.H.T. Turner, W. North, F.B. Jevons, Sir Robert Farquhar, F. Boydell, Society of Antiquaries and Kendal Bank  D/D/III/2/52  Feb 1888 - May 1889

111 Items

Includes letters from W. North, J.H.T. Turner, T. Welton, F. Boydell, C. Sharp (Liverpool Institute), Society for Promotion of Hellenic Studies  D/D/III/2/53  Feb 1888 - Dec 1889

52 Items

Correspondence with Gray Hill and A. Norman Hill about A.N. Hill becoming a partner in the firm of Hill, Dickinson & Co  D/D/III/2/54  Sept 1888

7 Items

Correspondence with Gray Hill and A. Norman Hill relating to A.N. Hill's proposed marriage to E.M.S.D., J.T.D.'s daughter  D/D/III/2/55  Dec 1888 - May 1889

9 Items

Correspondence with Sam. Plimsoll, MP, relating to the annual loss of British Shipping  D/D/III/2/56  Jan 1889

5 Items

Includes letters from F.C.D., Thomas Welton (including a poem and a discussion on faith), J.H. Turner (re River Mersey, gaol records for statistical purposes, etc.)  D/D/III/2/57  Apr - Oct 1889

149 Items

Includes letters from F.C.D., J.H.T. Turner (re Walton gaol records), T. Welton, F.B. Jevons, E. Brown (re problems besetting Ceylon tea-growers)  D/D/III/2/58  Sept 1889 - Jan 1890

108 Items

Includes letters from F.C.D., R.M.D., Sr. M.M.D., J.H.T. Turner, F.B. Jevons, A.V. Dicey, F. Boydell, W.T. Ready, W. North, C. Sharp (Liverpool Institute)  D/D/III/2/59  Jan 1889 - Jan 1891

168 Items

Correspondence with Edward Chester Danson, living in New South Wales. Includes photographs of Dry Close and photograph of pupils of Grasmere schools, 1882  D/D/III/2/60  1890 - 1897

52 Items

Correspondence with Reverend John Owen and Swan Sonneschein, publishers, about The Skeptics of the Italian and French Renaissance by Reverend J. Owen. (J.T.D. stood financial surety and proof-read the work, which was dedicated to him)  D/D/III/2/61  Sept 1891 - Mar 1893

Related information: See also section D/D/111/10

Loose Letters  D/D/III/2/62  1836 - 1898

223 loose letters, arranged chronologically.
Correspondents include members of the Danson family, Matthew Arnold, Michel Chevalier, A.V. Dicey, W. North, Duke of Portland, W. Price, H. Terfnell, Thomas Tooke
III/2/62/1 - 223 Loose Letters (1836 - 1898)
Correspondents include:
William D (1836-1841); Edward C. D (1836-1837); E.F.D. (1841); M.A.D. (1844); Henry D (1841); J.W.W.D. (1862); E.F.D. (1866); Marg D (1886); R.M. Rudolf (1896)
Arnold, Matthew, 1883
Balfor, M.J. (Irish Office), 1890
Baker, Reverend R.S., 1880
Brown, William (Liverpool Chamber of Commerce), 1862
Bryce, Jas. (Oxford Political Economy Club; Professor of Law), 1880, 1884
Carmichael, Sir Jas., 1848
Cariss, Astrup (Liverpool Institute), 1861
Campbell, John (Liverpool Chamber of Commerce), 1862
Chamerlain, Rt. Hon. J. (Secretary of State for Colonies), 1897
Chevalier, Michel, 1850, 1873
Chubb, Hammond (Bank of England), 1890
Colomb, Admiral (1897)
Dempsey, George, 1838, 1847
Dicey, A.V. (Oxford Political Economy Club; Professor of Law), 1880, 1890
Farr, William, 1849, 1876
Forwoode, L.B., 1873
Fowler, J.T., 1880
Grey, R.W., 1851, 1852
Hastings, G.W. (National Association for Promotion of Social Science), 1859
Hill, M.D. (Recorder of Birmingham), 1849
Hutchinson, E.G., 1845, 1852
Holyoake, George J., 1879
Inue, Mary, 1872
Ironson, Robert (Liverpool Chamber of Commerce), 1862
Jevons, F.B., 1890, 1897
Kettle, Rupert, 1847-1873
MacIver, D., 1873
McCullock, F., 1844
Morgan, George Osborne, 1846
Mastrozzi, Signr. [Rome], 1889
Milman, A. (House of Commons), 1897
Murchinson, Sir R., 1850
Newmarch, Willia, 1848-1873
Norris, Thomas, 1837
North, W., 1890
C. Norwood (Hull Chamber of Commerce), 1862, 1872
Parker, J. (Westminster), 1847
Portland, Duke of, 1847
Pratt, J.T., 1849
Price, W., 1877
Rendall, J.H. (University College, Liverpool), 1897
Richardson, R.T. (Captain of Cheshire Rifle Volunteers), 1880
Rawson, F.L., 1890
Rothery, H.C. (Wreck Commissioners' Office), 1884
Russell, Edward R. (Liverpool Daily Post), 1891
Ryland, Arthur (Birmingham Chamber of Commerce), 1862
Stewart, Andrew, 1852
Stewart, Jessie, 1897
Stewart, James, 1898
Sinclair, R. [Rome], 1884
?Slurk, Jas. (Statistical Society), 1851
?Terfnell, H. (House of Commons), 1849
Tooke, Thomas, 1845-1854
Trevelyan, Sir Charles, 1848
Villiers, C.P., 1850
Whalley, G.H., 1852
Wood, H.J. (Secretary of Society of Arts), 1892
Wilson, J., 1845, 1849
Wilson, R., 1882
Young, Henry (Bookseller), 1890

J.T. Danson's correspondence: Letters to J.T. Danson - Contents removed from a series of Letter-books, whose covers had decayed  D/D/III/2/63 - 72  [n.d.]

(Dates as they appear on the covers in quotation marks. Where these differ from the dates of the letters, actual covering dates are stated in brackets)

From Letter-book entitled, 'Letters from - and a few to - H.J. Danson'  D/D/III/2/63  'Oct 1836 to Oct 1844' (starts Aug 1839)

From letter-book entitled 'Letters of E.C. Danson'  D/D/III/2/64  '1840 - 1895' (starts 1841)

From letter-book entitled 'Correspondence of J.T.D. with Mary and Andrew Stewart'  D/D/III/2/65  'Christmas 1843 to end of 1844'

From letter-book entitled 'Correspondence of J.T.D. with Mary and Andrew Stewart'  D/D/III/2/66  'Jan - Oct 1845'

From letter-book entitled 'Correspondence of J.T.D. with Mary and Andrew Stewart'  D/D/III/2/67  'Oct 1845 - June 1846' (Dec 1845 - Apr 1846)

From letter-book entitled 'Correspondence of J.T.D. with Mary and Andrew Stewart'  D/D/III/2/68  '23 May 1847 - 20 June 1848'

From letter-book entitled 'Correspondence of J.T.D. with Mary and Andrew Stewart'  D/D/III/2/69  'June 1848 - Dec 1850'

From letter-book entitled 'Correspondence of J.T.D. with Mary and Andrew Stewart'  D/D/III/2/70  'Dec 1850 - Aug 1851'

From letter-book entitled 'Correspondence of J.T.D. with Mary and Andrew Stewart' (includes envelope of 27 'Stewart letters unplaced, 1842-1875')  D/D/III/2/71  'Aug 1851 - May 1852' (1842 - 1875)

From letter-book entitled 'Correspondence of J.T.D. with Mary and Andrew Stewart' (includes envelope of 27 'Stewart letters unplaced, 1842-1875')  D/D/III/2/72  'May 1852 - Sept 1859'

Series of Letter-books containing letters received by J.T.D. (Mounted in Guards); (Numbers printed on spines)  D/D/III/2/73 - 84  [n.d.]

Volume XVIII - 'Letters received (Miscellaneous), Indexed'  D/D/III/2/73  1846 - 1849

Volume XIX - 'Letters received (Miscellaneous), Indexed'  D/D/III/2/74  Sept 1849 - Oct 1851

Volume XX - 'Letters received' (not indexed) (including P.H. Rathbone, J.A. Picton, Joseph Hubback, Sir William Brown, National Association for promotion of Social Sciences)  D/D/III/2/75  1858

Volume XV - 'Correspondence with Miss Stephen'  D/D/III/2/76  May - Sept 1886

Volume XVI - 'Dublin' (J.T.D. to Mary Danson)  D/D/III/2/77  Sept 1886

Volume XVII - 'Correspondence with Miss Stephen'  D/D/III/2/78  Sept - Dec 1886

Volume X - 'Literary Correspondence' (letters from W. North, Allen A. Cooper, F.B. Jevons, A.J. Hare, Thomas Hodgkin, L. Van den Berghe, J. Bryce and others)  D/D/III/2/79  Aug 1884 - May 1886

Poor condition

'Literary Correspondence'  D/D/III/2/80  May 1886 - Jan 1887

'Literary Correspondence'  D/D/III/2/81  Feb 1887 - Nov 1888

Contents removed from a series of letter files  [no ref. or date]

From letter-file entitled 'Letters sent Mr. Owen's book' (44 items, mainly press copies of J.T.D.'s letters re Skeptics of the Italian and French Renaissance)  D/D/III/2/82  9 Feb - 5 Jul 1892

From letter-file entitled 'General'  D/D/III/2/83  1 Mar - 30 June 1892

140 Items

From letter-file entitled 'General'  D/D/III/2/84  5 Jul - 31 Oct 1892

149 Items

Contents removed from a series of letter files  D/D/III/2/85 - 112  [n.d.]

From letter-file entitled 'General'  D/D/III/2/85  1 Nov 1892 - 31 Mar 1893

149 Items

From letter-file entitled 'General'  D/D/III/2/86  1 Apr 1893 - 18 Jul 1893

162 Items

From letter-file entitled 'General'  D/D/III/2/87  18 Jul 1893 - 6 Nov 1893

161 Items

From letter-file entitled 'General'  D/D/III/2/88  6 Nov 1893 - 8 Feb 1894

122 Items

From letter-file entitled 'General'  D/D/III/2/89  9 Feb 1894 - 30 May 1894

148 Items

From letter-file entitled 'General'  D/D/III/2/90  30 May 1894 - 12 Aug 1894

148 Items

From letter-file entitled 'General'  D/D/III/2/91  12 Aug 1894 - 14 Nov 1894

170 Items

From letter-file (untitled)  D/D/III/2/92  15 Nov 1894 - 8 Jan 1895

118 Items

From letter-file entitled 'General'  D/D/III/2/93  9 Jan 1895 - 14 Apr 1895

158 Items

From letter-file (untitled)  D/D/III/2/94  Apr 1895 - Jul 1895

149 Items

Damp and Mouldy

From letter-file (untitled)  D/D/III/2/95  Jul 1895 - Sept 1895

121 Items

From letter-file (untitled)  D/D/III/2/96  11 Sept 1895 - 28 Oct 1895

98 Items

From letter-file (untitled)  D/D/III/2/97  21 Oct 1895 - 16 Dec 1895

110 Items

From letter-file entitled 'General'  D/D/III/2/98  Dec 1895 - 29 Jan 1896

105 Items

From letter-file (untitled)  D/D/III/2/99  31 Jan 1896 - 13 Mar 1896

80 Items

[no title]  D/D/III/2/100  nd

Conditions of access: Missing

From letter-file entitled 'General'  D/D/III/2/101  May 1896 - Jul 1896

124 Items

From letter-file entitled 'General'  D/D/III/2/102  Sept 1896 - 2 Dec 1896

136 Items

From letter-file (untitled)  D/D/III/2/103  24 Jan 1897 - 13 Apr 1897

179 Items

From letter-file (untitled)  D/D/III/2/104  13 Apr 1897 - 19 June 1897

154 Items

From letter-file (untitled)  D/D/III/2/105  Dec 1897 - Jan 1898

85 Items

From letter-file entitled 'From Mrs. Powell'  D/D/III/2/106  Oct 1896 - Mar 1897

86 Items

From letter-file (heading illegible) - Letters from Mrs. R. Powell  D/D/III/2/107  Mar 1897 - Oct 1897

23 Items

Contents removed from larger letter files  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D/D/III/2/108  Aug 1879 - Jan 1892

From letter-file entitled 'Letters received from, sent to, and concerning E.A. Freeman'. (Professor Edward Freeman published, The Norman Conquest in 1878-79. Invited by J.T.D. as Chairman of the Liverpool Institute to give an address in 1879. Correspondence between them continued till 1892 when Professor Freeman died of smallpox.)

From letter-file entitled 'Grasmere Commons', including lists of Grasmere householders, electors, etc., and correspondence re dispute with Manchester Corporation  D/D/III/2/109  Jul 1885 - Nov 1894

117 Items

From letter-file (untitled)  D/D/III/2/110  Jan 1887 - June 1888

223 Items

From letter-file (untitled)  D/D/III/2/111  Jul 1888 - Nov 1888

80 Items

From letter-file, containing correspondence with Frank Boydell about the publishing and sale of J.T.D.'s The Wealth of Households  D/D/III/2/112  Nov 1888 - Jul 1889

238 Items

Contents removed from larger letter files  D/D/III/2/113 - 115  [n.d.]

From letter-file entitled 'Wealth of Households: acknowledgements of copies sent to free libraries'  D/D/III/2/113  nd

218 Items

From letter-file (untitled), containing acknowledgements by Public Libraries of J.T.D.'s gifts of copies of Our Commerce in War & How to Protect it  D/D/III/2/114  Nov 1897 - Dec 1897

77 Items

[no title]  D/D/III/2/115  Sept 1896 - Oct 1896

Contents of envelope entitled 'Correspondence with William North, author of Roman Fever (11 letters re William North's difficult financial position, and his proposed work photographing insects for South Kensington Museum of Natural History).

Property Carnsdale Farm, Barnston, Cheshire  D/D/III/3/1/1 - 29  [n.d.]

Memorandum of Agreement for a lease for 35 years  D/D/III/3/1/1  15 Jul 1853

1. Julia Hibbert, guardian of Earl of Shrewsbury.
2. J.T.D.
Of Carnsdale Farm, 212 acres.
Rent £125 p.a. Also, J.T.D. to make improvement worth £600 in first 3 years.

Copy reference to valuers, by B.F. Cooke (previous tenant) and J.T.D  D/D/III/3/1/2  June 1853

Loose papers  D/D/III/3/1/3  1853 - 1887

Including receipts of rent paid to Earl of Shrewsbury, rent accounts with J.T.D.'s tenants, William Rose and John Webster, letters from S. Ginders (Earl of Shrewsbury's agent), W.B. Burnham (J.T.D.'s agent and Honorary Secretary of Wirral Agricultural Improvement Society) and J. Webster (J.T.D.'s tenant). Also 2 maps of the farm.

[no title]  D/D/III/3/1/4  nd

Account book for Carnsdale Farm, including cash and wage accounts, rent, taxes and other expenses, stock account, receipts, etc. 1853 - 1857
(Also contains accounts for Mrs. A. Upton, Henry Danson, Mrs. A.E. Danson and miscellaneous other debtors of J.T.D.) 1854 - 1857

Bundle of correspondence, mainly letters from W. Waring Percy, T. Hoggins and J.T.D., relating to the liability of Barnston rate payers to maintain Pensley Lane Road  D/D/III/3/1/5  Mar 1857 - May 1857

Field Book  D/D/III/3/1/6  1860

Bundle of letters and papers, mainly from S. Ginders, Earl of Shrewsbury's agent  D/D/III/3/1/7  Apr 1869 - Dec 1869

Bundle of correspondence, including letters from S. Ginders, J. Bould, surveyor and architect, and William Rose (J.T.D.'s tenant)  D/D/III/3/1/8  Jan 1870 - Dec 1870

Bundle of letters and papers including letters from S. Ginders, and sale catalogue of William Rose's stock and implements at Carnsdale Farm, March 1872  D/D/III/3/1/9  Mar 1872 - Dec 1872

Bundle of letters and papers including letters from S. Ginders and G. Neritt (agents for Earl of Shrewsbury) and copy declaration in Exchequer of Pleas, relating to William Rose's failure to leave the farm in proper repair, etc  D/D/III/3/1/10  May 1873 - Nov 1873

Copy pleas, Rose ats. Danson (see also bundle above)  D/D/III/3/1/11  11 June 1873

Bundle of letters and papers including list of costs in case of J.T.D. v Rose, letters from W.B. Burnham and H.G. Bolam (Earl of Shrewsbury's agent), and press cuttings of a speech by Earl of Shrewsbury at Conservative banquet, Birmingham, 1874  D/D/III/3/1/12  Apr 1874 - Nov 1874

Bundle of correspondence, including letters from J. Webster (J.T.D.'s next tenant), H.G. Bolam and T. Jones  D/D/III/3/1/13  Dec 1874 - Dec 1875

Bundle of press-cuttings about Earl of Shrewsbury, 'lordship', 'tenant right', etc  D/D/III/3/1/14  c.1872 - c.1875

Bundle of letters and papers, including W.B. Burnham's report on the farm, house and buildings, 1877, and letters from G.H. Bolam (agent of Earl of Shrewsbury)  D/D/III/3/1/15  May 1877 - Nov 1877

Bundle including tradesmen's bills, and letters from W.B. Burnham, A. Sinclair and J. Webster  D/D/III/3/1/16  June 1882 - Dec 1882

Agreement between Wirral Railway Company and J.T.D. about the railway's extension over part of Carnsdale Farm. Loose correspondence about the agreement  D/D/III/3/1/17  June 1884 - Oct 1884

Bundle of correspondence, mainly letters from W.B. Burnham  D/D/III/3/1/18  June 1884 - Dec 1884

Bundle of correspondence, including letters from W.B. Burnham, J. Webster and W.C.T. Mynors (agent for Earl of Shrewsbury)  D/D/III/3/1/19  Jan 1885 - Dec 1885

Insurance policies for buildings, household goods and stock  D/D/III/3/1/20  1856 - 1876

Barnston Highway Rate Book  D/D/III/3/1/21  1847 - 1855

Carnsdale Farm Labour Account Book. (Contains only a list of field names and a plan of the farm. Several pages have been torn out and the remaining pages are blank.)  D/D/III/3/1/22  1872

Small notebook recording J.T.D.'s business at Barnston  D/D/III/3/1/23  1872

Barnston Poor Rate Book  D/D/III/3/1/24  1872 - 1873

Agriculture in Cheshire: Five letters on Farming Agreements by a Tenant Farmer, by J.T.D. (reprinted from Chester Courant)  D/D/III/3/1/25  Dec 1855

Cheshire Agricultural Society: a Verbatim Report of the Discussions which took place at the Town Hall, Chester  D/D/III/3/1/26  Oct 1855

Wirral Agricultural Improvement Society: Report of the Committee on the Weights and Measures in use for the sale of Agricultural Produce  D/D/III/3/1/27  30 Dec 1856

Wirral Agricultural Improvement Society: A Selection from Papers Read before the Society  D/D/III/3/1/28  1862

Notebook  D/D/III/3/1/29  nd

Containing analysis of leases for Carnsdale Farm, between Earl of Shrewsbury, J.T.D. and William Rose. (Also contains: J.T.D.'s legal opinion re Joseph Rowe's claim to his share of Brick Heath Farm (near Chester?) with correspondence from J. Rowe and
S.J. Roberts, solicitor, Chester; and J.T.D.'s notes on Marine Insurance.)

Dry Close, Grasmere  D/D/III/3/2/1 - 27  [n.d.]

(Land purchased 1879, house built 1880-1883. House designed by D. Walker, architect, of Liverpool)

[no title]  D/D/III/3/2/1  Dec 1879 - May 1880

Bundle of correspondence and papers about J.T.D.'s purchase of land called Dry Close in Grasmere, from Richard Townley. Includes memorandum of agreement between J.T.D. and R. Townley.
(The purchase was complicated by a reservation of rights by the lord of the manor)

Notebook entitled 'Dry Close, Latitude 54.27.4, Longitude 3.0.47', containing rough notes and plans, accounts of wages and other expenses  D/D/III/3/2/2  Dec 1879 - Aug 1883

Notebook entitled 'Dry Close (6 in. Ord. Maps)', containing sections of Westmorland O.S. maps and miscellaneous notes and sketches relating to the building of Dry Close  D/D/III/3/2/3  c.May 1880 - June 1880

Notebook containing inventory of furniture, divided into 3 categories: to be moved to Grasmere; to be sold; and to stay at Chester  D/D/III/3/2/4  Aug 1880

Duplicate inventory of goods stored by Browns of Chester for J.T.D  D/D/III/3/2/5  Sept 1880

List of carpets, curtains and blinds at Chester  D/D/III/3/2/6  1880

Loose specifications for the residence and outbuildings, and Levi Hodgson's contract with J.T.D  D/D/III/3/2/7  1880

Notebook entitled 'Dry Close', containing rough notes and plans re building of the new house  D/D/III/3/2/8  May 1880 - Feb 1881

[no title]  D/D/III/3/2/9  nd

Bundle containing quantities of work to be done in building Dry Close, time sheets for excavating foundations, etc. Jul - Oct 1880
(Also inner-bundle of correspondence with D. Duncan, landlord of Green Fields, Little Sutton, by Chester, about payment for drain repairs and inner-bundle on painting done. 1876 - 1877 (June-Jul 1885)

Contents of letter-book entitled, 'Letters to D. Walker architect, D.C.'  D/D/III/3/2/10  Sept 1880 - Jan 1882

Bundle of correspondence, mainly from D. Walker, architect, and Tomlinson & Co., contractors. (Includes letters re bankruptcy of Levi Hodgson, original contractor for Dry Close)  D/D/III/3/2/11  Jan 1881 - Dec 1881

Loose plans of small details of Dry Close, including doors, ceilings and fireplaces. (Includes a plan of store for study, 1895)  D/D/III/3/2/12  1881 - 1883

Notebook entitled, 'White Moss Quarry', containing accounts of receipts and expenses. (The quarry was leased to J.T.D. by the Earl of Lonsdale for 2 years, and stone was quarried for the new house.)  D/D/III/3/2/13  Apr 1881 - Jul 1882

Bundle of correspondence from D. Walker and statements of account, etc., from W. Boden, surveyor of Chester; J. Tomlinson & Sons, contractors of Sheffield and D. Thomas, builder of Kendal  D/D/III/3/2/14  1881 - 1883

Royal Insurance Co., policy for the building  D/D/III/3/2/15  Dec 1881 - Dec 1882

Bundle of correspondence, notes and sketches relating to the building of Dry Close  D/D/III/3/2/16  Jan 1882 - Dec 1882

Notebook entitled, 'Journey to Birmingham, Oxford, Stratford and London, and furnishing of Dry Close'. Mainly diagrams and lists re furnishing of Dry Close  D/D/III/3/2/17  'May - June 1882'

Bundle of correspondence with Brown's of Chester about removal of J.T.D.'s household goods  D/D/III/3/2/18  Nov 1882 - Mar 1883

Bundle of accounts and correspondence about kitchen range, plumbing and roof  D/D/III/3/2/19  Mar 1886 - Jul 1886

[no title]  D/D/III/3/2/20  nd

Bundle of papers re dispute over Thirlmere Aqueduct Huts on White Moss, Grasmere, including newspaper cuttings re the dispute. Jan 1886 - Mar 1894
Copy of 3 letters from William Henry Talbot, Town Clerk, Manchester. Sept 1893 - Nov 1893
Copy of 2 letters from J.T.D. to William Henry Talbot. Oct 1893 - Nov 1893
Draft essay by J.T.D. on Commoner's Rights. 1893
List of the Holders of Common Rights in the Manor of Grasmere. 1893
Letter to J.T.D. from J. Bryce, re people to contact over the dispute. Feb 1894
2 pamphlets from the Commons Preservation Society.
Copy of the Westmorland Gazette. Mar 1894

Correspondence about stable bricks for Dry Close  D/D/III/3/2/21  Jul 1897 - Sept 1897

Architect's Plans of Dry Close, numbered 1-6 by D. Walker in June 1880 and referred to in agreements between J.T.D. and the contractors 1880-1881 (in colour)  D/D/III/3/2/22 - 27  [n.d.]

1. Block Plan, showing drainage from house  D/D/III/3/2/22  June 1880

2. Ground Plan and Basement Plan  D/D/III/3/2/23  June 1880

3. Chamber Plan (1st floor) and Roof Plan  D/D/III/3/2/24  June 1880

4. Sections through the house  D/D/III/3/2/25  June 1880

5. Front elevation and side elevation  D/D/III/3/2/26  June 1880

6. Back elevation and side elevation  D/D/III/3/2/27  June 1880

Other Properties  D/D/III/3/1 - 4  [n.d.]

Bundle of letters and papers relating to Hafod-Isaf, Llangollen, including letters from Andrew and Mary Stewart, and workmen's bills  D/D/III/3/1  1847-1854

Abstracts of Title and other papers relating to Freeland, Bromborough, which J.T.D. intended to purchase from Mr. Taunton. (The purchase did not take place.)  D/D/III/3/2  1875

Notebook entitled, 'Greenfields: Lease, etc.', contained abstract of lease and note about gas fittings  D/D/III/3/3  1875

Agreement to let and rent Woodland Craig, Grasmere, between: 1. Vice-Admiral J. Selwyn and 2. J.T.D.  D/D/III/3/4  15 Sept 1880

Family & Personal Papers  D/D/III/4  [n.d.]

Diaries  D/D/III/4/1/1-64  [n.d.]

Memoranda (22 loose sheets)  D/D/III/4/1/1  Sept 1839 - Oct 1840

[no title]  D/D/III/4/1/2  nd

Journal of occasional entries, including list of chief dates in J.T.D.'s life (pp. 22-23), accounts and occasional reviews of his professional, financial and romantic situation. 1842 - 1854
Letter half comprises a journal of J.T.D.'s domestic arrangements, with references to his publications, and a description of the late Sir Rupert Kettle, 1894. 1894
Taken up again in 1897, when J.T.D. intended to record chief events of his life, marking out one folio for each year. (Only 2 entries were made, however.) 1897

Diary  D/D/III/4/1/3a  1843

1 sheet of daily notes  D/D/III/4/1/3b  Jul 1844 - Aug 1844

Diary  D/D/III/4/1/4  Nov 1845 - Jan 1847

Related information: See also correspondence bundle 9 for diary for 9-30 April 1845.

Diary  D/D/III/4/1/5  1847

Diary (includes 3 notebooks, recording J.T.D.'s expenses: March 1847 - July 1848, August 1848 - December 1848 and January 1849 - November 1849)  D/D/III/4/1/6  1848

Diary  D/D/III/4/1/7  1849

Diary (includes notebook recording expenses, November 1849 - July 1850)  D/D/III/4/1/8  1850

Diary  D/D/III/4/1/9  1851

Diary  D/D/III/4/1/10  1856

Diary (loose sheets clipped together)  D/D/III/4/1/11  Mar 1857 - Apr 1857

'Diaries and Memoranda' (loose sheets)  D/D/III/4/1/12  1858 - 1863

Diary  D/D/III/4/1/13  1860

'Journal' (12 sheets stapled together); Series of 12 'private journals', cover inscribed J.T. Danson (numbered by J.T.D. 1-12)  D/D/III/4/1/14  Aug 1865 - Aug 1867

'Private journals'  D/D/III/4/1/15  Dec 1869 - Dec 1870

'Private journals'  D/D/III/4/1/16  June 1870 - Aug 1870

'Private journals'  D/D/III/4/1/17  Aug 1870 - Jul 1871

'Private journals'  D/D/III/4/1/18  Jan 1871 - May 1872

'Private journals'  D/D/III/4/1/19  Jul 1871 - Apr 1872

'Private journals'  D/D/III/4/1/20  Apr 1872 - Aug 1874

'Private journals'  D/D/III/4/1/21  June 1873 - Aug 1878

'Private journals'  D/D/III/4/1/22  Aug 1874 - Dec 1876

'Private journals'  D/D/III/4/1/23  Dec 1876 - May 1882

'Private journals'  D/D/III/4/1/24  Apr 1876 - Dec 1887

'Private journals'  D/D/III/4/1/25  Mar 1888 - Nov 1892

'Private journals'  D/D/III/4/1/26  Nov 1892 - Apr 1895

Diary  D/D/III/4/1/27  1895

Diary  D/D/III/4/1/28  1896

[...] Diary  D/D/III/4/1/45  June 1891 - Nov 1891

[...] Diary  D/D/III/4/1/46  Nov 1891 - Mar 1892

[...] Diary  D/D/III/4/1/47  Mar 1892 - Jul 1892

[...] Diary  D/D/III/4/1/48  Jul 1892 - Feb 1893

[...] Diary  D/D/III/4/1/49  Feb 1893 - Sept 1893

[...] Diary  D/D/III/4/1/50  Sept 1893 - Feb 1894

(Not numbered)  D/D/III/4/1/51  Feb 1894 - Jul 1894

(Numbered 19)  D/D/III/4/1/52  Jul 1894 - Dec 1894

(Numbered 20)  D/D/III/4/1/53  Dec 1894 - June 1895

(Numbered 21)  D/D/III/4/1/54  June 1895 - Nov 1895

(Not numbered)  D/D/III/4/1/55  Nov 1895 - Apr 1896

(Not numbered)  D/D/III/4/1/56  Apr 1896 - Oct 1896

(Not numbered)  D/D/III/4/1/57  Oct 1896 - Mar 1897

(Not numbered)  D/D/III/4/1/58  Mar 1897 - Sept 1897

(Not numbered); Series of volumes entitled 'Bed Room' containing notes, poetry, epigrams, etc. (Numbered by J.T.D. 1-3)  D/D/III/4/1/59  Sept 1897 - Jan 1898

(Not numbered); Series of volumes entitled 'Bed Room' containing notes, poetry, epigrams, etc. (Numbered by J.T.D. 1-3)  D/D/III/4/1/60  1888

(Not numbered); Series of volumes entitled 'Bed Room' containing notes, poetry, epigrams, etc. (Numbered by J.T.D. 1-3)  D/D/III/4/1/61  Dec 1888 - Jul 1889

(Not numbered); Series of volumes entitled 'Bed Room' containing notes, poetry, epigrams, etc. (Numbered by J.T.D. 1-3)  D/D/III/4/1/62  Aug 1889 - Sept 1890

(Not numbered); Series of volumes entitled 'Bed Room' containing notes, poetry, epigrams, etc. (Numbered by J.T.D. 1-3)  D/D/III/4/1/63  Sept 1890 -

Not Numbered, attached to Diary for May 1884 - October 1884  D/D/III/4/1/64  Aug 1894 -

J.T.D.'s Other Personal Papers  D/D/III/4/2/1-250  [n.d.]

[no title]  D/D/III/4/2/1  1853 - 1895

Original bundle of 23 letters and papers, including:
Vaccination Certificate for J.W.W.D. 1853
Letters from A. Stewart, R.S. Baker (re archaeology), F. Napier-Browne, W. Garson (re 202 Euston Road) and others. 1872
Letters from R.M. Rudolf (J.T.D.'s daughter) and J.W.W.D., plus photograph of J.T.D. 1895

Bundle of papers and letters  D/D/III/4/2/2  1836 - 1898; 1898 - 1914

Phrenological report on J.T.D. 1836
Essay by J.T.D. entitled, 'When I was Six Years Old' 1889
Document re J.T.D.'s purchase of grave space in Birkenhead Cemetery. 1897
2 telegraphs left by J.T.D. to be sent upon his death. 1898
2 copies of J.T.D.'s will (original made 5 May 1897).
Draft of the Deed of Arrangement re estate of J.T.D. 1898
12 letters of condolence sent to F.C.D. re death of J.T.D. (his father). 25 Jan 1898 - 3 Feb 1898
Press cuttings re J.T.D.'s death, with attached memorial dated 30 June 1895. 1898
Copies of formal letters of condolence sent to F.C.D. by Liverpool Institute, Bureau Veritas, T. & M.M.I. Co., Liverpool Salvage Association, Liverpool Underwriters Association. 27 Jan 1898 - 1 Feb 1898
Correspondence between F.C.D. and Hill, Dickinson, re J.T.D.'s estate. Apr 1898 - June 1898
Memos re transfer of stock to F.C.D. 1898
Receipts of subscriptions and bills of J.T.D. paid by F.C.D. 1900 - 1914
Two letters from F.C.D. to Sexton of Parish Church, Stratford-on-Avon, Warwickshire, re J.T.D.'s burial there. n.d.

8 numbered statements, with copies  D/D/III/4/2/3  1898

Re J.T.D.'s estate, including:
i) Particulars of Estate.
ii) Certificate of Value of Stocks unsold, 11 June 1898.
iv) Division of Residue of Estate.

Volume entitled 'My last wishes - To be read soon after my Death'  D/D/III/4/2/4  1854 - 1871

The list below indicates the order in which the topics arise in the volume.
Note to executors:
R. Wilson (p. 1) 1854
Mrs. Danson (p. 2)
Carnsdale Farm and J.W.W.D. (pp. 3, 4 and 5)
Account with J.G.E. Lockett and new will (p. 6)
Mrs. Danson's health (p. 7)
Birth of F.C.D. and new will (p. 7, bottom) (numbered pages end) 1856
Carnsdale Farm
Visit to Carnsdale Farm of E. Lockett 1857
Carnsdale Farm
J.T.D.'s payment of debts of J.G.E. and E. Lockett and agreement to handle their financial affairs.
Carnsdale Farm
Leasing of Carnsdale Farm to Mr. Rose in 1858 1859
Emigration to Canada of Lockett family (J.G.E.L.)
Edmund Lockett's misappropriation of J.T.D.'s money
J.G.E. Lockett's accounts
Carnsdale Farm Accounts 1860
J.T.D.'s earnings as solicitor in Liverpool.
Talks with J. Hubback re establishment of Marine Insurance Company.
Failure of Borough Bank
Locketts in Canada
Health of J.T.D.'s family
Instructions re papers, money and farm in event of J.T.D.'s death
Carnsdale Farm
Accounts between J.G.E. Lockett and J.T.D. between 1857-1859
Unhappy with wife
Formation of T. & M.M.I. Co., with J.T.D. as secretary and shareholder
Rent of house at Grassendale for 5 years
Note to wife if he should die
Mrs. Danson's contractions of debts 1861
Mary Lockett and the butcher
Carnsdale Farm and London property
E. Evans
J.T.D.'s sons at school
Death of Mr. Burls 1862
Lancashire Artillery Volunteers
Liverpool Institute
Establishment of Public Bank of Liverpool
Carnsdale Farm
Stock transactions
Mr Burls' funeral and estate
T. & M.M.I. Co.
Lancashire Artillary Volunteers (J.T.D. Captain)
Return from Scotland and resignation from Lancashire Artillary Volunteers
Marriage of J. Hubback
J.T.D.'s financial situation
Visit to Stratford
J.T.D.'s and F.C.D.'s fever
Change of address 1864
Share transactions
Expenditure for 1863
London property 31 Aug 1865
Carnsdale Farm
Mr. D.'s trip to London to see Mrs. Burls and W. Warren
T. & M.M.I. Co.
Report on children
Speculation as to length of his life
Finances 1865
Income in 1860
Average annual income
Education of children in case of his death
Annual income 1867
Speculation on financial and personal situation
J.T.D.'s health 1868
Living in country
Dissolution of formal account with Mr. Lockett
Living at Brookfield, wife pregnant
British and South American Steam Navigation Co. case, judgement not in J.T.D.'s favour
Look backward over last ten years
Bad relations with wife
Expenses and financial situation
Accounts 1869
J.T.D.'s financial worth
T. & M.M.I. Co. finances
Visit of Mrs. Burls
T. & M.M.I. Co. accounts
T. & M.M.I. Co. accounts 1870
Carnsdale Farm
Brookfield too expensive
Speculation re moving to Carnsdale Farm
Accounts of J.T.D.
T. & M.M.I. Co.
J.W.W.D.'s and F.C.O.'s future
Speculation on future re T.& M.M.I. Co.
Residence and finances
Thoughts on his sisters
Payment of debt to M. Stewart 1871
List of securities
Estimate of Property
Last wishes re wife, children
Property and funeral
New will made 1866
Instructions re Grasmere property

Common-place book  D/D/III/4/2/5  c.1853 - 1894

Contents include records of Lockett's family affairs and their London and Welsh properties
Records of Carnsdale Farm, Barnston
Genealogical notes and memoranda
Descriptions of family servants, and Charles Towne, painter (grandfather of J.T.D.)
Pedigrees of Danson family
Press cuttings, drawings, silhouettes, photographs, letters, pedometer registers, etc., including details on emigration to Canada of Elizabeth Mary Lockett (p. 258)

Common-place Book  D/D/III/4/2/6  c.1854 - c.1887

Contents include descriptions of:
William Brown
William Walbur
Jas. Aspinall Tobin
Alfred Turner
A.T. Squarey
Robert Horsfall
William Makepeace Thackeray
J. Hubback, corn-factor
Notes on members of Danson, Lockett and Warren families
Characters sketches of servants and friends
Photographs, invitations, etc. (unfilled)

Address Book  D/D/III/4/2/7  1869 - c.1893

Volume containing used medical prescriptions  D/D/III/4/2/8  1883 - 1891

Volume entitled 'Memoranda as to Life and Health'  D/D/III/4/2/9  c.1891 - c.1894

Containing a description of J.T.D.'s childhood in a context of national conditions of scarcity, and a description of life in his 70th year, and how his days are spent (largely unfilled).

Volume entitled 'The Hygiene of a Day'  D/D/III/4/2/10  c.1891 - c.1894

Containing J.T.D.'s occasional notes on personal care of the health' (subjects covered include sleep and walking, food, climate, chill, heredity, exercise).

[no title]  D/D/III/4/2/11  nd

Volume entitled 'Experiences', in which J.T.D. intended to write down some of his experiences and the knowledge he had gained over his 70-odd years (largely unfilled).

239 miscellaneous notebooks containing memoranda, notes, appointments, rough accounts, draft letters and rough jottings (not listed in detail)  D/D/III/4/2/12-250  c.1840 - 1897

2 Boxes

Family Papers Genealogy  D/D/III/4/3/1-4  [n.d.]

Loose papers  D/D/III/4/3/1  1816-1887

Copy of baptism and marriage certificates 1816 - 1833
3 genealogies 1876 - 1887
5 genealogies and notes 1876 - ?
2 letters from Rector of Wigan re Danson genealogy

[no title]  D/D/III/4/3/2  1814 - 1817

Volume containing information about the Danson family, with 5 attached documents including:
i) Copy of marriage register entry of W.D. and Elizabeth F. Towne 1814
iii) Copy of baptismal entry of J.T.D. 1817 (all copies made 1892)

Papers of minor members of the Danson Family  [no ref. or date]

Loose papers  D/D/III/4/3/3  1628 - 1889

Copy of extract and inventory of will of Ellen Danson. 1628
Notice to Thomas Danson and notice to Jane Danson from Metropolitan Railway. 1859
Accounts of property left to J.T.D.'s children by Elizabeth Burls. 1881
School report on Polly and Rosey (J.T.D.'s daughters). 1882
Notebook of stay of H.M.R.D. at Grasmere. Jul 1886 - Aug 1886
Copy of probate and will of T.P. Danson. 1886
Statement entitled 'Executors of J.T.D. - in account with Mrs. R.M. Rudolph'. 1889

Notebook containing genealogical notes on the Rudolf family from 1710  D/D/III/4/3/4  nd

J.T. Danson's Travel Journals & Papers  D/D/III/5  [n.d.]

Travel Journals & Papers  D/D/III/5/1/1-31  [n.d.]

J.T.D.'s French passport  D/D/III/5/1/1  May 1848

'Observations at Ramsgate and in its neighbourhood' (9 sides of MS)  D/D/III/5/1/2  Jul 1849

Exercise book containing transcript of notebooks used during journey taken for J.T.D.'s convalescence to Belgium, Holland and Germany (see plans below)  D/D/III/5/1/3  Sept 1852 - Dec 1852

6 notebooks containing J.T.D.'s travel notes for his tour through Belgium, Holland, Germany and France  D/D/III/5/1/4-9  Aug 1852 - Jan 1853

'Journal at Isle of Man' (J.T.D. accompanied by Mrs. D., J.W.W.D. and F.C.D.)  D/D/III/5/1/10  Jul 1862

'Diary of Visit to Leamington'  D/D/III/5/1/11  June 1863 - Jul 1863

Notebook containing J.T.D.'s observations made during visit to Paris  D/D/III/5/1/12  1869

J.T.D.'s English passport  D/D/III/5/1/13  May 1871

Notebook covering journey to Belgium and Germany  D/D/III/5/1/14  May 1871 - June 1871

'Journal at Hoylake'  D/D/III/5/1/15  May 1875 - Jul 1875

'Roman Wall'  D/D/III/5/1/16  June 1877 - Jul 1877

Notebook entitled 'At Southport'  D/D/III/5/1/17  May 1879

Travel journal of E.M.S.D. for trip to Port Said  D/D/III/5/1/18  Mar 1883

[no title]  D/D/III/5/1/19-22  1884

Visit to Rome: 2 notebooks by J.T.D. and 1 notebook by E.M.S.D.
Bundle of letters and agreements re renting apartment for 3 months, between A. Cornachi and J.T.D.

Journal of holiday at Palace Hotel, Buxton  D/D/III/5/1/23  1889

2 notebooks describing holiday in Paris  D/D/III/5/1/24-25  1889

Notebook describing trip to London  D/D/III/5/1/26  1890

4 notebooks tied together, entitled 'In London'  D/D/III/5/1/27-30  1891 - 1895

Notebook entitled 'Stratford and London'  D/D/III/5/1/31  May 1892 - June 1892

Printed catalogues, Maps and Plans  D/D/III/5/1/32-42  [n.d.]

Plan of Amsterdam. Visited in -  D/D/III/5/1/32  Sept 1852

Plan of Rotterdam. Visited in -  D/D/III/5/1/33  Sept 1852

2 catalogues of art collections in the Musée Royal, The Hague  D/D/III/5/1/34-35  n.d (Sept 1852?)

Plan of Hanover. Visited in -  D/D/III/5/1/36  Oct 1852

Plan of Prague. Visited in -  D/D/III/5/1/37  Oct 1852

Plan of Dresden. Visited in -  D/D/III/5/1/38  Oct 1852

Plan of Berlin. Visited in -  D/D/III/5/1/39  Oct 1852

Plan of Roman Wall from Wall's End to Bowness. Heavily annotated by J.T.D. Visited in -  D/D/III/5/1/40  1877

View of Rome from the Janiculan Hill. Visited by J.T.D. and E.M.S.D in -  D/D/III/5/1/41  1884

Kent: Danson Park. Visited in -; 1" O.S. Map (annotated by J.T.D.)  D/D/III/5/1/42  June 1892

J.T.D.'s Accounts and Investments  D/D/III/6  [n.d.]

J.T.D.'s Account Books  D/D/III/6/1/1-16  [n.d.]

Entitled 'Estate of W.D., etc'  D/D/III/6/1/1  Jan 1844 - Feb 1844

Entitled 'House Account at No. 8 Shaftesbury Crescent' (lodgings)  D/D/III/6/1/2  May 1845 - Oct 1846

Lodging Account, Shaftesbury Crescent  D/D/III/6/1/3  Oct 1846 - Apr 1847

Lodging Account, Shaftesbury Crescent  D/D/III/6/1/4  1851

Petty Expenses  D/D/III/6/1/5  1869

Petty Expenses  D/D/III/6/1/6  1870

'Investments'  D/D/III/6/1/7  1872 - 1886

'Investments'  D/D/III/6/1/8  1881 - 1894

'Account between J.T.D. and J.W.W.D.  D/D/III/6/1/9  1874 - 1881

'J.T.D, F.C.D. Account Current'  D/D/III/6/1/10  1882 - 1887

'E.M.S.D. with J.T.D. Account'  D/D/III/6/1/11  1887

'J.T.D. with F.C.D. Account Current'  D/D/III/6/1/12  1888

(2 other notebooks attached, one containing poems, epigrams, etc., the other an account of expenses at Woodland Craig, 1881.)

Army and Navy Co-operative Society, deposit order account book  D/D/III/6/1/13  1887 - 1890

Accounts in a small diary  D/D/III/6/1/14  1889

Bank Book  D/D/III/6/1/15  1889 - 1897

Bank Book  D/D/III/6/1/16  1897 - 1898

Investments  D/D/III/6/2/1-8  [n.d.]

Bundle of reports and statements  D/D/III/6/2/1  1850 - 1876

Including half-yearly reports of 7 railway companies. 1850 - 1868
Statements re J.T.D.'s investments in:
T. & M.M.I. Co. 1871, 1873, 1875, 1876
North Eastern Railway Co. 1874 - 1876
Midland Railway Co. 1867, 1868, 1870 - 1876
North Western Railway Co. 1871, 1873, 1874
Accounts of Globe Insurance Co. 1873, 1874

Directions of J.T.D.'s bankers about dividends on public securities  D/D/III/6/2/2  Dec 1883

Volume entitled 'Investments May 1886'  D/D/III/6/2/3  1888 (last entry)

[no title]  D/D/III/6/2/4  1886

Contents of envelope re stock transactions, including:
5 letters from Horsfall Brothers 1886
2 deeds of transfer of stock 1886
Liverpool stock and share list 10, 11, 15 May 1886

[no title]  D/D/III/6/2/5  1886

Bundle of papers and letters, including:
3 letters from Horsfall Brothers re J.T.D.'s account and stock transactions 1886
8 receipts of stock transactions 1886
Note re stock transactions 1886

Bundle of reports of 7 railway companies and a letter to J.T.D. from F.C.D., 1887  D/D/III/6/2/6  1887

Bundle of correspondence re J.T.D.'s stocks in London and North Western stock and Caledonian stock  D/D/III/6/2/7  1889

Woodhouse and Rawson Utd. Ltd. memorandum and articles of association  D/D/III/6/2/8a  1889

List of shareholders in Woodhouse and Rawson Utd. Ltd  D/D/III/6/2/8b  nd

Contents of Envelope  D/D/III/6/2/9-12  [n.d.]

Correspondence from Horsfall Brothers re purchase of shares in T. & M.M.I. Co. Letter from W. North re a loan from J.T.D  D/D/III/6/2/9  May 1890 - Sept 1890; Nov 1890

Bundle of papers re Liverpool Overhead Railway Co., including  D/D/III/6/2/10  1889 - 1893

Half-yearly report of L.O.R. Co. 1889, 1891
Invitation to J.T.D. to attend opening of L.O.R. Co. 1893
Prospectus of L.O.R. Co., with attached plan of the proposed railway line. 1889

Bundle of papers  D/D/III/6/2/11  1890 - 1893

Contents of envelope re J.T.D.'s sale of shares in Woodhouse and Rawson Ltd. 1890
Report of 'W. & R.' 1890
Letters entreating J.T.D. to purchase stock in 'W. & R.' Oct 1890 - Oct 1891
Contents of envelope
Report of 'W. & R.' 1891
Comment of T.A. Welton on finances of 'W. & R.' 1891
Newspaper report on collapse of 'W. & R.' 1893

Bundle of papers and reports  D/D/III/6/2/12  1874 - 1898

Receipt of fees paid to the Middle Temple by J.T.D. 1874
Contents of envelope re J.T.D.'s sale of Caledonian stock and purchase of Prices Patent Candle Company Ltd. stock. 1888 - 1894
Reports of Prices Patent Candle Company Ltd. 1896 - 1898
Statement of profit and loss of Prices Patent Candle Company Ltd. 1890, 1891, 1893

Loose Papers  D/D/III/6/2/13 - 15  [n.d.]

Statements of J.T.D.'s stock dividends and sales. Correspondence re 'Woodhouse & Rawson Ltd.' 1842 - 1885  D/D/III/6/2/13  1842 - 1897

4 letters from J.R. Dundas, Secretary, 'W. & R.' 1889 - 1890
5 letters from T.A. Welton, re 'W. & R.' 1890
2 letters from Horsfall Brothers re: 'W. & R.' 1890
Printed material re 'W. & R.' including
Newspaper article on F.L. Rawson 1888
Prospectus of 'W. & R.' 1889
Draft of letter to secretary of 'W. & R.' from J.T.D. 1890
Correspondence with Horsfall Brothers re stocks and shares. 1890, 1894, 1897
Amalgamation of Bank of Liverpool with Wakefield, Crewdson & Co. 1893
Frederick Leyland & Co., Shipowners - prospectus. 1892
Prices Patent Candle Co., Ltd. - report on property and affairs. Oct 1858
Prices Patent Candle Co., Ltd. - report to 12th A.G.M. 31 Mar 1859

[no title]  D/D/III/6/2/14  1887 - 1897

Contents of four envelopes:
i) Re J.T.D.'s conversion of debenture stocks. 1887
ii) Re Bents Brewery Co., from Horsfall Brothers. 1890
iii) Re Peter Walker and Sons stock. 1890
iv) Re Manchester, Sheffield and Lincolnshire Railway Co. extension stock. 1897

Original bundle of reports and papers  D/D/III/6/2/15  1896 - 1897

Half-yearly reports of 9 railway companies. 1896 - 1897
Report of the Price's Patent Candle Co., Ltd. 1896 - 1897
Report of the Equitable Life Assurance Society. 1896 - 1897
Statement of profit and loss of Price's Patent Candle Co., Ltd. 1897
Article on Prince's Patent Candle Co., Ltd. 1897
Article on annual meeting of T. & M.M.I. Co. 1897

Receipts and Papers  D/D/III/6/3/1-16  [n.d.]

[no title]  D/D/III/6/3/1  1839 - 1879

Contents of folder. (Includes petition to Italian government on behalf of Signer Depretis, 1879; discussion on Lord John Russell's views on bankruptcy and insolvency; invitation to meeting of Liverpool Trades Union Committee, 1860.)

[no title]  D/D/III/6/3/2  1844 - 1853

Original bundle. (Includes pamphlet by H. Crosley on the introduction of beet sugar to Ireland, 1851; J.T.D.'s expenses for a journey to Llangollen, 1850; list of receipts sent to Mr. Lockett for signature, 1852; account of J.T.D.'s payments on Lockett's behalf up to 1853.)

Original bundle  D/D/III/6/3/3  1853 - 1856

Original bundle. (Includes account of J.T.D.'s legacy from his half-aunt, Catherine Danson, sister of William Danson, 1858.)  D/D/III/6/3/4  1853 - 1864

Original bundle. (Includes J.T.D.'s accounts as treasurer of Wirral Agricultural Improvement Society, 1856-1857.)  D/D/III/6/3/5  1854 - 1868

Original bundle  D/D/III/6/3/6  1859 - 1868

Original bundle  D/D/III/6/3/7  1860 - 1861

Original bundle  D/D/III/6/3/8  1860 - 1865

Original bundle  D/D/III/6/3/9  1861 - 1873

[no title]  D/D/III/6/3/10  1862 - 1873

Original bundle. (Includes hotel bills for Edinburgh, Buxton, London, Glasgow and R.M.D.'s accounts covering her and J.T.D.'s trip to Belgium and Germany in 1871.)

List of expenditure by J.T.D  D/D/III/6/3/11  1869

Original bundle  D/D/III/6/3/12  1871 - 1872

Original bundle  D/D/III/6/3/13  1874 - 1876

Original bundle  D/D/III/6/3/14  1875 - 1877

Contents of a letter file  D/D/III/6/3/15  1897 - 1898

Loose receipts and papers  D/D/III/6/3/16  1838 - 1897

Household: Accounts and Insurance  D/D/III/6/4  [n.d.]

Household Account Books and Day Books  D/D/III/6/4/1-20  [n.d.]

'Accounts, Green Fields, Little Sutton'  D/D/III/6/4/1  June 1879 - Sept 1880

'Woodland Craig'. (Attached to 'Arithmetic Book' of E.M.S.D.)  D/D/III/6/4/2  Sept 1880 - Dec 1883 (Feb 1881 - Jul 1881)

'Accounts'  D/D/III/6/4/3  Oct 1880 - June 1882

'Weekly Accounts'. (Attached to book of 'Household Accounts'.)  D/D/III/6/4/4  Jul 1882 - Aug 1883 (Jul 1883 - Dec 1883)

'Weekly Accounts'. (Attached to E.M.S.D.'s 'House Account Book'.)  D/D/III/6/4/5  Aug 1883 - Nov 1884 (Nov 1882 - June 1883)

'House Weekly Accounts'  D/D/III/6/4/6  Nov 1884 - Nov 1885

Series of Day Books, containing household accounts and miscellaneous daily notes (numbered by J.T.D., 32-40)  D/D/III/6/4/7  Mar 1886 - Oct 1886

Series of Day Books, containing household accounts and miscellaneous daily notes (numbered by J.T.D., 32-40)  D/D/III/6/4/8  Oct 1886 - Apr 1887

Series of Day Books, containing household accounts and miscellaneous daily notes (numbered by J.T.D., 32-40)  D/D/III/6/4/9  May 1887 - Nov 1887

Series of Day Books, containing household accounts and miscellaneous daily notes (numbered by J.T.D., 32-40)  D/D/III/6/4/10  Nov 1887 - June 1888

Series of Day Books, containing household accounts and miscellaneous daily notes (numbered by J.T.D., 32-40)  D/D/III/6/4/11  June 1888 - Dec 1888

Series of Day Books, containing household accounts and miscellaneous daily notes (numbered by J.T.D., 32-40)  D/D/III/6/4/12  Jan 1889 - Jul 1889

Series of Day Books, containing household accounts and miscellaneous daily notes (numbered by J.T.D., 32-40)  D/D/III/6/4/13  Aug 1889 - Feb 1890

Series of Day Books, containing household accounts and miscellaneous daily notes (numbered by J.T.D., 32-40)  D/D/III/6/4/14  Feb 1890 - Sept 1890

Series of Day Books, containing household accounts and miscellaneous daily notes (numbered by J.T.D., 32-40)  D/D/III/6/4/15  Sept 1890 - Apr 1891

'Quarterly Accounts'  D/D/III/6/4/16  Jan 1888 - Dec 1893

'Accounts of J.T.D.'  D/D/III/6/4/17  June 1894 - Dec 1897

'Store Room Book (Dry Close)'  D/D/III/6/4/18  Aug 1894 - Nov 1896

'Store Room, Dry Close'  D/D/III/6/4/19  Nov 1897 - Dec 1897

'M. Donnan's Housekeeping Accounts'  D/D/III/6/4/20  Feb 1896 - Jul 1897

Insurance Policies  D/D/III/6/4/21 - 22  [n.d.]

Royal Insurance Co., policy for household goods  D/D/III/6/4/21  1887 - 1888

Royal Insurance Co., policy for household goods  D/D/III/6/4/22  1892 - 1893

J.T.D.'s Journalism  D/D/III/7  [n.d.]

Journalism  D/D/III/7/1-4  [n.d.]

Notebook containing newspaper cuttings of articles by J.T.D. (Fictional pieces, mainly 'Scenes and Sketches from the notebook of John Topline, gent.')  D/D/III/7/1  1835

Volume containing newspaper cuttings of 'Leading Articles by J.T.D.' (from the Globe. Subjects discussed include Ireland, window-tax, sugar trade, merchant-seamen, coalmining, currency and public health, Brazil, etc.)  D/D/III/7/2  1844

List of 'subjects of articles in the Globe by J.T.D.' (with cutting from the Morning Chronicle re budget)  D/D/III/7/3  1844

Notebook containing a list of the 'Subjects (of) Leading Articles written by J.D.T. (Key to III 17/2 - 17/5.)  D/D/III/7/4  Sept 1847 - 1850

Legal Papers (including Liverpool New Exchange and Mersey Docks and Harbour Board)  D/D/III/8  [n.d.]

J.T. Danson's Legal Papers  D/D/III/8/1/1-22  [n.d.]

[no title]  D/D/III/8/1/1  1822 - 1856

Original bundle of papers, including:
Papers re legal case conducted by W. Danson. 1822
Papers re establishment of National Land Registry, discussed by Law Amendment Society. 1846
Lecture notes on iron and coal. 1856?
Notes on Authors and Literature.
Pamphlet on Scottish Banking Bill with notes by J.T.D. 1845

Forms of Deeds and Notes on Conveyancing (with Index)  D/D/III/8/1/2  1833?

Parliamentary Bills and Related Papers  D/D/III/8/1/3  1839 - 1959

Printed List of Local Courts. 1839
Printed Account of Public Income & Expenditure, 1841-1843, 1845-1846. 1843, 1846
Printed Act to Regulate Issue of Banknotes. 1844
Miscellaneous abstracts of Imprisonment for Debt Bills. 1844
Bankruptcy and Insolvency Laws: suggested amendments. 1842, 1845, 1846
Bill re Bankruptcy and Insolvency Laws. 1859
Bill re Heritable Securities (Scotland). 1845
Bill re Chattel Interests. 1845
Bill re Courts of Common Law Process (and Bill for Ireland). 1845
Bill re Small Debts (Ms. note attached). 1845
Bill re Court of Session (Scotland). 1845
Process Bill re Public Works (Ireland). 1845
Bill re Liverpool Exchange. 1859

[no title]  D/D/III/8/1/4  1840 - 1841

Three small notebooks J.T.D. used to record law lectures:
Numbered Lectures 8 and 9
Numbered Lecture 10
Numbered Lecture 11

Notebook containing forms of deeds  D/D/III/8/1/5  n.d. (c.1840)

Loose case notes  D/D/III/8/1/6  1840 - 1893

Rate v Forges 1840
Sketch of client's case n.d.
Hickman v Cox 1857
Declaration 1857
Copy of Proceedings in Court of Bankruptcy against J. Fazakerley & Associates 1858
Case papers on Lester Ats. Gamble 1857
Notes on case of Mr. Smith and wife 1893
Notes on liability of shareholders for Acts of Malversation by directors n.d.

Law Extracts  D/D/III/8/1/7  n.d. (c.1841)

[no title]  D/D/III/8/1/8  1841-1843

Original bundle containing:
Legal Documents - notes on definition of title, Petitions, Affidavits, Motions. 1841 - 1843
Forms re J.T.D.'s admission to Lincoln's Grey's Inn. 1841, 1842
Personal correspondence with his father and Henry Danson. 1840 - 1843

Contents of Envelope re J.T.D.'s call to Bar  D/D/III/8/1/9  1844 - 1847

[no title]  D/D/III/8/1/10  1856 - 1859

(a) Lease of Chamber in South Street, John Street, Liverpool, from S. & J. Holme. 16 Dec 1856
(b) Two notebooks containing notes on Practice at Bar in Liverpool. 1856 - 1859

Fee Book (including loose notes and letters)  D/D/III/8/1/11  1857 - 1859

Bankruptcy and Insolvency Laws Consolidation Bill and 3 Draft Bills  D/D/III/8/1/12  1858 - 1859

[no title]  D/D/III/8/1/13  1859

Original bundle containing:
2 Pamphlets entitled, Draft Report of the Commercial Law Committee on The.... State of the Law Applicable to Collisions at Sea, as regards Limitations of the Liability of Ship-owners.
Notes on 'Draft Report' by J.T.D.

[no title]  D/D/III/8/1/14  1859

Original bundle including:
Draft Report re The Law and Limitations and Liabilities of Ship-owners.
Notes on collision at sea case.

[no title]  D/D/III/8/1/15  1863-1866

Original bundle containing:
Law Institution 'Viva Voce Examinations': Days 1 to 5 of Hallows v Fernie. 1865
Guining v Fernie (2 papers). 1866
Castellain v Fernie 1866

[no title]  D/D/III/8/1/16  1861-1865

(a) Memo and articles of Association of the National Bank of Liverpool. 1863
(b) Lecture by J.T.D. entitled, 'The Common Truths of Political Economy'. 1861 - 1862
(c) Bill of Complaint - J.T.D. v Fernie (re British and South American Steam Navigation Company). 1865

Contents of envelope re action against British and South American Steam Navigation Company Limited  D/D/III/8/1/17  1865-1866

Original bundle of papers re action brought against British and South American Steam Navigation Company Limited  D/D/III/8/1/18  1867

[no title]  D/D/III/8/1/19  1859-1871

Original bundle of papers, including:
British and South American Steam Navigation Company's final settlement with Mr T Grundy. 1871
Report by Liverpool Commercial Law Committee on reform of commercial law. 1857
Draft Report by Liverpool Commercial Law Committee on the law affecting the transfer of property. 1859

[no title]  D/D/III/8/1/20  1893

Volume entitled, 'Mrs Armstrong's Trust, 10 Nov. 1869', annotated by J.T.D.
Notes of James Green's property.
Notes on Mrs Armstrong's Trust. Apr 1893
Letter to J.T.D. from Quilter Balfour & Co., re stock values. Apr 1893

Pamphlet re the judgement in the case of Dickinson and others v Jardine and others  D/D/III/8/1/21  1868

Correspondence and documents re J.T.D.'s payment of fees to the Middle Temple  D/D/III/8/1/22  1874

Mersey Docks and Harbour Board  D/D/III/8/2/1-5  [n.d.]

[no title]  D/D/III/8/2/1  1845-1862

Original bundle of papers including:
Pamphlet entitled, Discussion in the House of Commons on the subject of Danish Claims, with attached notes by J.T.D. 1845
Return re traffic and trade of twelve major ports of U.K. between 1816-1850. 1851
Pamphlet re navigation of the Mersey. 1857
Brief prepared by J.T.D. opposing clauses and amendments re Mersey Docks and Harbour (New Works) Bill. 1858
Notes on Ms amendments re Mersey Docks and Harbour (New Works) Bill. 1858
Copy of the minutes of a general board meeting (re insurance?). 1862

Volume entitled, 'Liverpool and Birkenhead Docks Evidence 1855-1856'  D/D/III/8/2/2  1856

[no title]  D/D/III/8/2/3  1857-1858

Loose papers, including:
Liverpool town dues and c. (Return to an Order of the House of Commons.) 1857
Draft report of the Liverpool Chamber of Commerce re the election of a provisional 'Mersey Docks and Harbour Board'. 1857
Printed preliminary report of the committee on the election of the 'Mersey Docks and Harbour Board'. 1857
A bill to consolidate and amend the provisions of the several acts re the Liverpool and Birkenhead Docks, and the Port and Harbour of Liverpool. 1858
Press cuttings re meeting of the Mersey Docks and Harbour Board. 1858

Press cuttings re meetings of the Dock Board at which the 'Dock Bill' was discussed  D/D/III/8/2/4  Feb., Mar., Apr. 1858

Volume entitled 'Mersey Docks and Harbour Acts', with loose enclosures including: 1857  D/D/III/8/2/5  1857-1859

Draft report of the committee of the Liverpool Chamber of Commerce on the proposed Dock Board Elections in 1859. 1858
Printed report on Dock Board Elections. List of Dock Electors. 1858
Press cutting describing the Liverpool Dock Board. 1858
Pamphlet on the tax position of Liverpool Dock. 1859

Buildings Liverpool New Exchange  D/D/III/8/3/1-9  [n.d.]

[no title]  D/D/III/8/3/1  1843-1859

Original bundle containing prospectuses for the Liverpool New Exchange Building Co.; Bill, Statement by the Committee opposing the Bill; Act of Incorporation; draft by-laws for the company and notebook containing list of subscribers. 1857-1859
(Bundle also contains documents re dissolution of Henry Danson's partnership with John McNeill, including Deed of Dissolution 1844
Papers about Ireland: Irish Law Institute, differences between Roman Catholics and Protestants, etc.) 1843-1846

Original bundle of papers re Liverpool New Exchange Bill  D/D/III/8/3/2  1857-1858

Copy of original and amended bill to repeal the Act re the Company of Proprietors of the Liverpool Exchange. 1857 - 1858
Letter from C.S. Parker re Liverpool New Exchange Buildings Company. 1858
Circular entitled 'Proposal for the Enlargement and Improvement of the Liverpool Exchange Buildings'. 1858
Bound notes entitled 'New Exchange Buildings Company Limited'. n.d.
Proforma sketch for prospectus on the New Exchange Buildings Company. n.d.
Brief for the Corporation of Liverpool against the Mersey Conservancy and Docks Bill. 1857

[no title]  D/D/III/8/3/3  nd

Related information: See also bundle D/D/111 8/1/6

Original bundle containing 6 Bills and Acts relating to the New Exchange Building Company, and petition from the Liverpool Stock Exchange and the British and Irish.... Telegraph Co. 1857 - 1859
(Bundle also contains papers relating to J. Fazakerley's bankruptcy case 1858
Miscellaneous other papers, including George Melly's pamphlet on Juvenile Crime, 1858; report of the Liverpool Committee of the Association for the promotion of Social Science, 1859, and William Lucas Sargant's pamphlet on Defects of the reports of the Registrar-General, 1864).

[no title]  D/D/III/8/3/4  1858 - 1859

Original bundle containing proposed Bill of Incorporation, and draft prospectus of the new company.
(Bundle also contains miscellaneous other papers, including extracts from a report on education in Wales, 1847, and report of the Astronomer to the Marine Committee, Mersey Docks and Harbour Board, 1863).

[no title]  D/D/III/8/3/5  nd

Loose papers relating to the New Exchange Buildings, including copy of Parliamentary Select Committee proceedings in which J.T.D. represented the Liverpool Committee on Merchants. Mar 1858
Opinion of evidence in support of the Bill to repeal to the Company of Proprietors of the Liverpool Exchange. n.d.
Brief to oppose the above Bill. n.d.

Loose papers re Liverpool New Exchange Building Bill  D/D/III/8/3/6  1858

Narration of Opposition to Bill in Parliament. 1858
Notebook entitled 'Liverpool New Exchange Building Session 1858', containing notes on Bill by Mr. Burke. 1858
Notes re Liverpool New Exchange Bill. n.d.
Pamphlet entitled 'Final Report of the Committee...... to Oppose the Bill Promoted by the Exchange Building Co'. 1858

[no title]  D/D/III/8/3/7  1802 - 1859

Volume containing:
i) Original Liverpool Exchange Act. 1802
ii) Statement by the committee nominated to oppose the passing of the new Liverpool Exchange Bill through Parliament. Mar 1858
iii) Act to repeal Liverpool Exchange Co. Act, and to substitute other provisions. June 1858
iv) Proposal for the enlargement and improvement of Liverpool Exchange Buildings. May 1858
v) Prospectus of the Liverpool New Exchange Building Company Limited. Aug 1858
vi) Articles of Association of the new company.
vii) By-laws.
viii) Resolution of Committee of the Company of Proprietors of the Liverpool Exchange, not to sell the Exchange Buildings to the Liverpool New Exchange Buildings Company. Oct 1858
ix) Bill to repeal Acts relating to the Company of Proprietors of the Liverpool Exchange, and to incorporate the Liverpool Exchange Building Company (heavily annotated by J.T.D.). 1859
x) List of shareholders or subscribers in Liverpool New Exchange Building Company.
xi) Press-cutting of A.G.M. of Proprietors of Exchange Buildings. Feb 1859
xii) Act to repeal Acts relating to the Company of Proprietors of the Liverpool Exchange, and to incorporate the Liverpool Exchange Company, etc. Jul 1859

Volume containing Model-Clauses Act for the taking of Lands for undertakings of a public nature. (Also contains by-laws of New Exchange Building Company, Articles of Association, and Act relating to Liverpool Waterworks.)  D/D/III/8/3/8  (1847)

Volume containing Model-Clauses Act for Constitution of Companies incorporated for carrying on undertakings of a public nature  D/D/III/8/3/9  1845

Marine Insurance (including Thames & Mersey Marine Insurance Company)  D/D/III/9  [n.d.]

62 Bundles

[no title]  D/D/III/9/1  1842-1860

a) Material re the establishment of a Marine Insurance Company in Liverpool, including: 1859
2 essays and 5 pamphlets re Advantages of Local Marine Insurance Co.
b) Material re weights and measures in Britain and Ireland. 1856
Miscellaneous pamphlets (3). 1842, 1847, 1858
Loose Committee Notes. n.d.
Note from C.S. Parker. 1860

[no title]  D/D/III/9/2  1860

Correspondence and notes labelled: 'Letters etc. as to founding of Thomas & Mersey Marine Insurance Co'. Includes inner-bundle of letters from J.T.D. to Mr. Hubback, numbered 1-12, 41-130.

Memoranda of conversations with W.E. (William Ellis?) in London re estate of Marine Insurance Co  D/D/III/9/3  1860

Letter re deposits of T. & M.M.I. Co. 6 Memoranda of agreement to transfer stock  D/D/III/9/4  1864

[no title]  D/D/III/9/5  1860 - 1876

Salary records re T. & M.M.I. Co. 1860 - 1863
J.T.D.'s Commission Account. 1867, 1869, 1870, 1874, 1876

Papers re T. & M.M.I. Co  D/D/III/9/6  1860 - 1879

Papers re T. & M.M.I. Co  D/D/III/9/7  1866 - 1875

[no title]  D/D/III/9/8  1860 - 1880

a) Papers re T. & M.M.I. Co. 1860 - 1870
b) Papers re San Francisco Agency 1876 - 1878
c) Papers re Underwriters Association 1876 - 1880
d) Rates from St. Petersburg 1865
e) Miscellaneous other papers n.d.

[no title]  D/D/III/9/9  1865 - 1890

Reports of T. & M.M.I. Co. 1867 - 1871
Life Assurance Policy on J.T.D. and Bonus Notice. 1890
Report re British and South American Steam 1865
Navigation Company.

[no title]  D/D/III/9/10  1869 - 1883

Bundle including:
a) Loose papers including:
Lloyds cash account 1869
Letter by J.T.D. on American Underwriting 1883
b) Annual reports and accounts of Marine Insurance Co. 1880 - 1882
c) Correspondence from Insurance Companies re underwriting. 1883

Bundle of 'English Marine Insurance Companies' Accounts'  D/D/III/9/11  1870 - 1878

[no title]  D/D/III/9/12  1870 - 1880

Letters and papers including:
Lloyds register re surveys abroad. 1870
Foreign reinsurance by T. & M.M.I. Co 1871 - 1880

[no title]  D/D/III/9/13  1876-1883

Printed and written material including:
Pamphlet by J.T.D. re Legislation touching maritime Contracts. 1876
Page from the Economist containing article by J.T.D. 1883
3 rough essays by J.T.D. n.d.

2 sets of notes on insurance  D/D/III/9/14  1871

Reports of continental marine insurance companies  D/D/III/9/15  1875 - 1879

[no title]  D/D/III/9/16  1860-1879

Reports and accounts, including:
Report re profits of Marine Co. 1860-1877
Report by J.T.D. re letter from San Francisco Agency. 1879

[no title]  D/D/III/9/17  1878-1879

Miscellaneous material, including
Copy of Lloyd's statement of receipts and expenditure. 1878
Notes re divisional offices of agency. 1879

Private correspondence re retirement of J.T.D. as underwriter  D/D/III/9/18  1880

[no title]  D/D/III/9/19  1883-1885

a) Bundle within bundle labelled: 'Papers, Accounts and Tables used on Pamphlet on underwriting 1883-1884'. 1883-1885
b) Material re J.T.D.'s pamphlet on underwriting, including five miscellaneous pamphlets. 1883-1884

Printed reports on Merchant Shipping and Shipping Legislation  D/D/III/9/20  1884

Correspondence and documents re amalgamation of Lloyds Register and underwriters registry of iron vessels  D/D/III/9/21  1885

[no title]  D/D/III/9/22  nd

Correspondence between J.T.D. and Bureau Veritas re extension of Bureau's operations in Liverpool. 1885
Pictures of child at Dry Close. 1891

[no title]  D/D/III/9/23  nd

Correspondence between J.T.D. and Bureau Veritas re proposed annual list of wrecks and casualties. 1897
2 letters to F.C.D. 1897

[no title]  D/D/III/9/24  1860-1897

Loose papers, including:
3 letters re allotment of shares in T & M.M.I. Co. 1860
Prospectus of T & M.M.I. Co. 1860
Notes entitled 'African Risks'. 1863
Letter re the possibility of opening a marine insurance agency in China. 1864
Table of underwriting profit. 1860-1875
J.T.D.'s commission as underwriter. 1871, 1873, 1875
Annual reports of T & M.M.I. Co. 1879-1881
3 letters from M Van Den Bergh. 1886
Lloyd's list of members and subscribers. 1897

Pamphlets, volumes and notebooks  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D/D/III/9/25  1848-1891

Printed pamphlets and reports, including:
Filed reports on T & M.M.I. Co. 1848-1891
Pamphlets on insurance and underwriting, some by J.T.D., including
'Underwriting of 1872' 1873
'Underwriting in England in 1879' 1880

Volume entitled, 'Marine Insurance Rates'  D/D/III/9/26  1866

Volume entitled, 'Marine Insurance Premiums'  D/D/III/9/27  1868

Notebook entitled, 'Pilotage'  D/D/III/9/28  1869

Volume entitled, 'Paris Marine Insurance Co'  D/D/III/9/29  1874

Volume entitled, 'Report of the French Senate on the Mercantile Marine Law - Proposed'  D/D/III/9/30  1876

Volume entitled, 'Summary of the Underwriting of the T & M.M.I. Co.'  D/D/III/9/31  1860 - 1880

Volume of copy reports by J.T.D. on various marine insurance companies, plus copy directions by J.T.D. on layout of Dry Close  D/D/III/9/32  1880

Notebook entitled, 'London, April 1883', containing J.T.D.'s notes on proposed 'Lloyds Clauses' in marine insurance policies  D/D/III/9/33  1883

Volume entitled, 'Veritas', containing notes by J.T.D. on the extension of the Bureau Veritas's activities in England. (Also contains notes on 'High Street', made 1890.)  D/D/III/9/34  Sept 1885

Volume entitled, 'Marine Insurance Memos'  D/D/III/9/35  n.d

Volume entitled, 'T & M.M.I. Co. Customers'  D/D/III/9/36  n.d

Volume containing insurance and law notes  D/D/III/9/37  n.d

Series of Voyage Books of the R. and R.O. Company, giving details of ships, ship-owners, destinations, etc. (MS)  D/D/III/9/38-55  1841 - 1852, 1858 - 1862

(Purchased by J.T.D. c.1890 for use in his study of war premiums?)

Series of Voyage Books of A & W Danson (MS)  D/D/III/9/56 - 61  1845-1850

(Purchased by J.T.D. c.1890 for use in his study of war premiums?)

[no title]  D/D/III/9/62  nd

Voyage Book of 'I.Y.A.N.Y. and I.B.M.' 1854
Attached: Letter from Thomas Auckland, informing J.T.D. that he had sent him the book for his study of war premiums. May 1890

J.T.D.anson's Published Works  D/D/III/10/1-58  [n.d.]

Observation on the Speech of Sir William Molesworth, Bart., M.P....... on Colonial Expenditure and Government, by J.T.D.  D/D/III/10/1-2  Sept 1848

2 copies, one of which includes press-cuttings and notes

Ten Minutes Advice to Directors of Joint Stock Companies, by 'A Lawyer' - 3 copies  D/D/III/10/3-5  Sept 1858

Chambers of Commerce and The Government, by J.T.D. Pamphlet printed for circulation among the Chambers of Commerce of the U.K. - 3 copies  D/D/III/10/6-8  Mar 1860

The Uses of Discussion Address delivered by J.T.D. as Chairman of the College Council, to members of Queens College Union - 4 copies  D/D/III/10/9-12  Dec 1863

The Landowner in Relation to the State; Paper read by J.T.D. at annual meeting of National Association for the Promotion of Social Science - 6 copies  D/D/III/10/13-18  Sept 1864

The Wealth of Households, originally called 'Political Economy of Daily Life', published by the Clarendon Press in 1886  D/D/III/10/19-24  nd

Printers MS  D/D/III/10/19  1886

'Galley Proofs' in 2 Volumes  D/D/III/10/20-21  1885

Worked proofs  D/D/III/10/22  1885

2 letters from J.T.D. to Clarendon Press, discussing terms on which he took over the remainder of the book  D/D/III/10/23  1888

Rough notes, accounts and specimen page  D/D/III/10/24  n.d

Our Next War, in its Commercial Aspect, published by Blades, East and Blades  D/D/III/10/25 - 34  1893

Drafts, proofs and notes  D/D/III/10/25-29  nd

5 Bundles

Copy of pamphlet  D/D/III/10/30  Apr 1893

Small file containing 36 letters and 3 press-cuttings. Mainly thanks for copies of the pamphlet. (Includes a copy of the pamphlet.)  D/D/III/10/31  May - Jul 1893

File of newspaper cuttings about the navy  D/D/III/10/32  1876 - 1894

Copy of Army and Navy Gazette, containing review  D/D/III/10/33  Sept 1894

Statement of Account from publishers  D/D/III/10/34  1896

Our Commerce in War, and how to protect it, published by Blades, East and Blades  D/D/III/10/35 - 48  1897

MS drafts  D/D/III/10/35-37  nd

3 Bundles

Typescript drafts  D/D/III/10/38-40  nd

3 Bundles

1 typescript copy, and incomplete typescripts copies  D/D/III/10/41-42  nd

1 incomplete corrected proof  D/D/III/10/43  1897

1 bound copy  D/D/III/10/44  1897

File of 27 letters from F.C.D., and publishers, about the work  D/D/III/10/45  Jan 1897 - Apr 1897

Statement of Account from publisher to J.T.D  D/D/III/10/46  1896

2 draft letters by J.T.D. to the Editor of The Times, about Our Commerce in War .....  D/D/III/10/47  1897, 1898

Statements of Account from publisher to F.C.D. as J.T.D.'s executor  D/D/III/10/48  Sept - Oct 1901

Exemption of Private Property from Capture at Sea in Time of War  D/D/III/10/49 - 52  nd

Letters from J.T.D. to Editor of the Globe (newspaper cuttings and notes)  D/D/III/10/49  Dec 1862

11 pages of MS notes  D/D/III/10/50  nd

Copy of the Saturday Review, including discussion of J.T.D.'s work on the subject  D/D/III/10/51  Mar 1897

Letter from J.T.D. to the Editor of the Albion about the rights of belligerents, and 4 pages of notes  D/D/III/10/52  n.d

The Skeptics of the French and Italian Renaissance, by Reverend John Owen, published by Swan Sonnerschein, 1892. (J.T.D. assisted Owen to get the work published.) Contents removed from 4 numbered letter files, containing MSS of the Skeptics  D/D/III/10/53 - 58  nd

Related information: See also J.T.D.'s correspondence, Bundle 61

1. 423 pages  D/D/III/10/53  n.d

2. 260 pages  D/D/III/10/54  n.d

3. 252 pages  D/D/III/10/55  n.d

4. 321 pages  D/D/III/10/56  Jan 1893

Notebook containing details of the printing of the Skeptics, dates of receipt of proofs and revisions, press cuttings, proof, etc  D/D/III/10/57  1892 - 1893

[no title]  D/D/III/10/58  1877 - 1894

Bundle of 27 items, containing:
1. Agreement between: 1877
i) Longman's;
ii) Reverend J. Owen re publishing of Hours with the Skeptics.
2. Agreement between: 1892
i) Swan Sonnerschein, publishers;
ii) Reverend J. Owen;
iii) J.T.D. re publishing of Skeptics of the French and Italian Renaissance
3. Draft agreements, letters, notes and accounts, relating to the work. 1877 - 1894

Statistics  D/D/III/11  [n.d.]

[no title]  D/D/III/11/1  1827 - 1870

Original bundle of papers, including:
Legal extracts and notes of William Danson. 1827 - 1833
J.T.D.'s fees for opposing Exchange Bill and Dock Bill. 1860
J.T.D.'s profit for 1868 in account with T. & M.M.I. Co. 1870
Papers on the 'Growth of Liverpool'. 1855
Draft and published essay by J.T.D. entitled, 'The Progress of the Foreign Commerce of France...... 1830-1848". 1850

[no title]  D/D/III/11/2  1836 - 1852

Loose papers re 'prices', including:
French price list, with note by T. Tooke. 1883
Extract from Lord's Committee on Agriculture. 1836
Reviews of Tooke's 'History of Prices'. 1838
Price lists of various commodities. 1838 - 1845
Price list of cotton in Liverpool. 1850 - 1852
Price list of wheat in England and Wales. 1770 - 1849
Preface for MS on prices. n.d.
Notes entitled 'Prices - Interest'. n.d.

[no title]  D/D/III/11/3  1839 - 1850

Original bundle, including:
Notes on French Commerce 1826-1847 and 1830-1847. 1847 - 1850
Pamphlet by J.T.D. on condition of British people. 1839 - 1847
Notes on probate of wills.
Statistics re highway tolls and turnpike trusts.
French statistics (C. Moreau).
Statistics of English and Welsh counties and population.

[no title]  D/D/III/11/4  1847-1891

Loose papers, including:
Draft notes and statistics on the population of Australia, Canada and North American Colonies. 1847
Statistics and notes re French population. 1849
Table re emigration from U.K., 1825 - 1849. 1849
Letter by J.T.D. re collection and use of agricultural statistics. 1856
Contents of two envelopes re wages in Liverpool between 1855 - 1857. 1858
Report by the Liverpool Commercial Law Committee on the 'Cental' of 100lbs Avoirdupois. 1859
Table on cotton imports to the U.K., 1858 - 1863. 1876
Contents of envelope and letters re J.T.D.'s statistical work at Walton Jail. 1878
Letter from J.T.D. to the Economist and his review of the prices of commodities, 1851 - 1891. 1891
Pamphlet entitled Weights, Measures, Moneys and Interest Tables. 1891
Notes by J.T.D. subsequent to issue of his paper on the growth of the human body. n.d

Original bundle entitled, 'Statistics of the Heights and Weights of Men - aged 18-30 (Walton Jail)'  D/D/III/11/5a  1857-1888

a) Bundle entitled 'Human Body Heights and Weights 18-30', including:
Paper read by J.T.D. before Statistical Society on 'Heights and Weights etc.' 1881
Notes, tables and graphs re above papers.
b) 'Walton Jail Records 1857-1858 (computations)'. 1857 - 1858
c) 'Returns from Walton Jail of age, heights and of men received there in 1877-1878'. 1877 - 1878
d) 'Returns from Walton Jail of age, heights and weights, men received there in 1867-1868 and 1887 and part 1888 1887 - part 1888
e) 'Walton Jail Records 1867-1868 (computations)'. 1867 - 1868
f) 'Walton Jail Records Oct 1858 - Mar 1859 (half year)'. 1858
g) 'Walton Jail Records Oct 1857 - Sept 1858 (a year)'. Oct 1857 - Sept 1858
h) 'Returns from Walton Jail of age, height and weight of men received there in 1857-1858'. 1857 - 1858

Outsize file of 10 graphs re 'Statistics of the Heights and Weights of Men - aged 18 to 30'. The graph shows averages based on data relating to 4 periods: 1857-1858, 1867-1868, 1877-1888  D/D/III/11/5b  c.1888

[no title]  D/D/III/11/6  1859-1861

Original bundle of papers, including:
J.T.D.'s land and property accounts. 1859
Statement and Resolution re Liverpool Exchange Bill. 1858
Papers re L.A.V. 1861
Draft report on the introduction of the 'Cental'. 1859

Contents of envelope re the 'Cental'  D/D/III/11/7  1858-1859

Draft letter on the 'Cental'. 1859
Printed record of meeting of the Liverpool Corn Trade. 1858
Written record of meeting of the Liverpool Corn Trade. 1859

[no title]  D/D/III/11/8  1857 - 1867

Original bundle including:
a) Notes entitled 'Rights of Capital'. n.d.
Notes on banking in Liverpool. n.d.
Memo on organisation of T. & M.M.I. Co. 1867
Notes on the 'Cental'. 1859
b) Bundle within bundle, including:
Application and enrolment forms for the 15th L.A.V. n.d.
Report of the Liverpool Corn Trade re weights of grain in U.K. with attached letter to J.T.D. on the 'Cental'. 1857 - 1858
Letter to J.T.D. on the 'Cental'. 1858
Essay, plus copy, entitled 'The Shipowner's Central Scale of Proportionate Rates of Weight'. n.d.

Volumes and Pamphlets  [no ref.]  (1839-1891)

Volume entitled, Prices of British and foreign funds - shares - bullion - metals and provisions  D/D/III/11/9  1839 - 1842

Volume containing, Retrospective Mercantile Chart 1782-1839  D/D/III/11/10  1847

[no title]  D/D/III/11/11  1848-1859

Bundle of pamphlets including:
'On the Method, and the Range, of Statistical Inquiry, as applied to the Promotion of the Social Science', by J.T.D. (with draft version). 1859
'On Country dwellings for town labourers', by J.T.D., with review and draft version. 1859
'On Changes in the Condition of the population of England between 1839-1847', by J.T.D. 1848

Volume entitled, Prices of British and Foreign Funds etc. 1842-1844  D/D/III/11/12  1848

Volume entitled, Prices Sept 1848 to Jan 1849  D/D/III/11/13  1849

Paper by J.T.D. on the 'Commercial Progress of the Colonial Dependencies of the years 1827-1846'  D/D/III/11/14  1849

Volume of notes and tables for Tooke's Fifth Volume of the History of Prices, with insertions  D/D/III/11/15  1850

A short story by J.T.D.
Notes on the Commercial Progress of the British Colonies.
Diary extracts.

Census of Great Britain 1851  D/D/III/11/16  1853

Vol. I: Ages, Civil Condition etc. of people in the North West.
Vol. II: Number of inhabitants in the years 1801, 1811, 1821, 1831, 1841 and 1851, in the North West.
Pamphlet on the Census by Edward Cheshire.

Volumes and pamphlets containing statistics  D/D/III/11/17  1849-1891

Volume entitled, Colonial Statistics, compiled by J.T.D. c.1849
Volume entitled, Criminal Returns Liverpool Police, 1853-1857. 1858
3 pamphlets of annual crime statistics (Liverpool Police). 1858, 1859, 1891

Pamphlet on loans raised by Mr. Pitt during the first French War, 1793-1801, by William Newmarch  D/D/III/11/18  1855

Volume entitled, History of Prices (Analysis), 1792-1856  D/D/III/11/19  1856

Pamphlet entitled, Observations on Population Statistics, by T.A. Welton  D/D/III/11/20  1869

Volume entitled, Return from Walton Jail of Age, Height, Weight of Men received there in part 1888  D/D/III/11/21  1888

J.T. Danson's Economic Papers  D/D/III/12/1 - 86  [n.d.]

Loose papers relating to Currency, Money and Banking  D/D/III/12/1  c.1845 - c.1848

Including printed lists of Bank of England returns of notes, bullion and securities, 1845-1846; memorandum by T. Tooke for History of Prices, 1848; report on Currency System submitted to Liverpool Chamber of Commerce, by R. Webster.

Bundle of economic and other papers  D/D/III/12/2  c.1845 - c. 1848

Including notes by J.T.D. on British, U.S. and French commerce, colonies and colonial trade, currency, statistical tables relating to shipping and joint stock companies, and press-cuttings relating to commerce and finance.
(Other papers include list of J.T.D.'s books, 1846, notes from R. Torrens re J.T.D.'s review of Memoranda on Speeches of Sir William Molesworth. Mr. Hawes and Earl Grey, 1848, and part copy of court roll for manor of Fobbing with Stratford le Hope, Essex, recording surrender of copyhold land by George Spitty, preceding admittance of T. Stead Carter [missing].)

Bundle of 'Various Papers'  D/D/III/12/3  c.1846 - c.1850

Containing noted by J.T.D. and printed papers, called: 'England and Austria compared as to Revenue and Currencies'; 'Irish Distress - notes on government measures'; 'Sketch of History of the Free Trade Movement', by W. Newmarch; 'Cotton Stock, plus 2 letters, Liverpool, 1850'; 'Ballinghall on the Construction of Merchant Ships' [printed]; 'London sewage: Ellerman's plan' [printed]; 'Comparison of Imports of cotton, silk, wool and hides, 1824-1828, 1838-1843'; 'Sunday labour in the Post Office' [printed]; 'Sir Robert Peel's tariff resolutions, January 1846' [printed] and 'Mauritius: the rupee question, November 1846'.

Bundle of economic notes and papers  D/D/III/12/4  c.1849

Including J.T.D.'s notes on speculation in railway shares, and on trade of US and Canada; and printed proceedings of Select Committee on British Guiana, 1849.

Folder entitled 'Precious Metals, MS'  D/D/III/12/5  n.d. (watermarks 1849)

Containing notes by J.T.D. on Humboldt's estimates of gold and silver in South America 1492-1803 (published in the Review Trimestrielle, 1848) and notes on M. Chevalier's La Monnaie and maps of North and South America.

Pages removed from volume entitled 'Precious Metals': J.T.D.'s notes on Humboldt, etc. and press-cuttings  D/D/III/12/6  c.1850

Folder entitled 'Various Papers taken out of portfolio on going to London 7.3.57'  D/D/III/12/7  nd

Subjects covered include statistics, weather, trade, colonies and emigration, education, the cotton trade and sugar (Macfie). (Mrs. Caroline Chisholm's Australian emigration scheme.)

Press-cuttings, letter (printed) to H. Carey of Philadelphia, re American Civil War  D/D/III/12/7a  nd

Bundle of press-cuttings on economic subjects including poor relief, strikes, taxation and foreign competition  D/D/III/12/8  c.1872 - c.1883

Loose papers relating to land, including printed report of Select Committee of House of Lords on the Improvement of Land, 1873 and summary of agricultural returns for Great Britain for 1883 (press-cuttings)  D/D/III/12/9  c.1873 - c. 1888

Bundle of J.T.D.'s notes on 'Property in Land'  D/D/III/12/10  n.d

Bundle of press-cuttings entitled 'M. Chevalier's Visit to England'  D/D/III/12/11  Apr 1875

Bundle of miscellaneous economic papers  D/D/III/12/12  c.1891

Subjects covered include: Lloyds' statistics for marine insurance in West Indies, 1869; Argentine finance; Bank of England rates of discount 1845-1860; prices of miscellaneous commodities; Burma; French savings banks.

Contents of folder containing letters and papers relating to the gold reserve and the issue of £1 notes  D/D/III/12/13  1891 - 1892

Including letters from J.T.D. to Rt. Hon. W. Lidderdale, Governor of Bank of England, giving J.T.D.'s views on the proposals of Rt. Hon. G.J. Goschen, Chancellor of the Exchequer, re gold reserves; tables showing Bank of England rates of discount 1851-1860, 1861-1870, 1871-1880, 1881-1890.

Notebook containing drafts of J.T.D.'s letter to the Editor of The Times on the next naval war  D/D/III/12/14a  Jan 1898

[no title]  D/D/III/12/14b  c.1897 - 1898

Notebook containing notes by J.T.D. on prices, Colonial Office, commerce in war, abolition of the capture of private property at sea in time of war, and draft letter to the Editor of The Times. (Also contains notes on 'My start in life' - see transcription.)

Miscellaneous economic notes and papers  D/D/III/12/15  n.d

Subjects covered include: Colonial trade; Ireland; J.T.D.'s notes on H. George's Progress and Poverty and McCullock's On Taxation and the Funding System; sugar, copper.

Political Economy  D/D/III/12/16-19  [n.d.]

Bundle of lecture notes on the Political Economy of Daily Life for lectures delivered to Queen's College, Liverpool, by J.T.D  D/D/III/12/16  1876

Loose lecture notes on Political Economy  D/D/III/12/17  n.d

Headings include: Property, A Dealers Profit; A Weeks Wages; A Quarter's Rent; Chemistry of the Kitchen; Exchange; A Loaf of Bread and the Tax Collector.

Loose notes on Political Economy  D/D/III/12/18  n.d

Headings include: Preliminary; Trade Unions; Bequest Fraud; Agency; Taxation; Wages; Capital Economic Methods; Manners and Morals; Free Trade; Socialism; Land.

Loose notes on Socialism and Political Economy  D/D/III/12/19  n.d

Note: The following items are catalogued among the economic and political papers of J.T. Danson on the ground that they often bear his annotations and underlining. They were frequently sent to him for review or comment and provide complementary material for the other MSS notes in this section, as well as for his voluminous correspondence and newspaper articles.

Items bound together in a Folder of Pamphlets (of or by J.T.D.)  D/D/III/12/20 - 23  [n.d.]

Petition of Merchants of London on Free Trade to the House of Commons  D/D/III/12/20  8 May 1820

Report of Committee on the Law of Property as to a General Map of the Lands of England and Wales  D/D/III/12/21  28 Apr 1847

Some account of the Corn Laws and their Operation, reprinted from Daily News  D/D/III/12/22  28 Jan 1846

Nature No. 472, Vol. 19, including article Commercial Crises and Sunspots by W.S. Jevons  D/D/III/12/23  14 Nov 1878

Poster advertising A Public Dinner, given by the Working Men's Association to the defeated Radicals and MPs pledged to Universal Suffrage (J.T.D. a member of the Committee)  D/D/III/12/24  22 Nov 1837

Address and Rules of the Working Men's Association  D/D/III/12/25  n.d. c.1837

Chartism: A new Organisation of the People, written in Warwick Gaol, by W. Lovett and J. Collins  D/D/III/12/26  1840

An Address to The People of Canada with their reply to The Working Men's Association  D/D/III/12/27  n.d. c.1840

Reflections on the Past and Future of the Chartist Party by T. Clark, also letter against Condemnation of Pirate Assassination. Sent by T. Clark to J.T. Danson  D/D/III/12/28  1850

Poster advertising the Retail Booksellers Advocate  D/D/III/12/29  n.d. c.1840

Not Overproduction but Deficient Consumption the Source of our Suffering, by W.R. Greg  D/D/III/12/30  Jan 1842

Return Relating to Importation and Exportation of corn: Annual and Weekly Increase. Prices of Wheat, etc., by P. Miles (House of Commons)  D/D/III/12/31  Apr 1843

An Enquiry into the Currency Principle by Thomas Tooke (enclosed 15 Sept (1844?) a letter, Thomas Tooke, to J.T.D.)  D/D/III/12/32  1844

Bank of England  D/D/III/12/33 - 35  [n.d.]

Thoughts on the Separation of the Departments of the Bank of England by Sam Jones Lloyd  D/D/III/12/33  1844

Enquiry into the arrangements of 'the Renewal of the Charter of the Bank of England' and reply to Westminster Reviews Objections to Currency Regulations, by R. Torrens Esq., FRS  D/D/III/12/34  1844

Speech of Benjamin Hawes Jnr. Esq., MP opposing the 2nd Reading of the Bank of England Charter Bill  D/D/III/12/35  13 June 1844

The Comparative merits of Direct and Indirect Taxation, by W.B  D/D/III/12/36  1846

Printed letter to Danson re sample of new weekly paper, the Spirit of the Times or the Social Reformer by Luke James Hansard  D/D/III/12/37  Feb 1847

(Prospectus, enclosed)  D/D/III/12/37a  Feb 1847

Petition to Parliament from the Operations of the Borough of Sligo (Ireland) to assist emigration (Suppl. to Votes and Proceedings, p. 103)  D/D/III/12/38  22 Sept 1847

[no title]  D/D/III/12/39  Apr 1847

Off-print of Review of:
i) Discourses upon Trade by Sir D. North (first printed 1691, reprinted 1846).
ii) Sophismes Economiques, for F. Bastioat, Paris, 1846. (Article VII, from unknown journal, pp. 425-452, entitled Primitive Political Economy of England) cover missing

A Few Words on Behalf of the Middle Classes of England on the Subject of Income Tax (anon)  D/D/III/12/40  1847

A Text-Book of the Constitution (Magna Charta etc.). Commentary by E.S. Creasy, MA, Professor of History, University College, London  D/D/III/12/41  1848

The Principles and Practical Operation of Sir Robert Reel's Act of 1844, explained and defended by R. Torrens Esq., FRS. Contains J.T. Danson's own notes and paper cuttings (re Bank of England)  D/D/III/12/42  1848

Absenteeism Economically Considered, read before Dublin Statistical Society by Hon. J.P. Vereker, Barrister-at-Law  D/D/III/12/43  Dec 1849

Mathematical Exposition of Some Doctrines of Political Economy, Second Memoir, by W. Whewell, DD, Master of Trinity College, Cambridge  D/D/III/12/44  Apr 1850

Les Questions Politiques et Sociales, pour M. Michel Chevalier (with cuttings and notes (3 pp.) by J.T.D.)  D/D/III/12/45  1850
Language:  French

Examination of Opinions on taxation in this and other countries, by George Warde Norman Esq  D/D/III/12/46  1850

Public Nurseries, by Mrs. Hobhouse  D/D/III/12/47  1850

The African Squadron Vindicated, by Lieutenant Henry Yule, Bengal Engineers (Slave Trade)  D/D/III/12/48  1850

Attempt to Ascertain the Magnitude and Fluctuations of the Bills of Exchange on Circulation, by W. Newmarch (Journal of the Statistical Society of London, Vol. XIV, pt. II)  D/D/III/12/49  May 1851

The General Principles of Taxation illustrating perfect Income Tax. Read to the Dublin Statistical Society by W. Neilson Hancock, LL  D/D/III/12/50  18 Nov 1851

Financial Reform Tracts New Series  D/D/III/12/51 - 52  [n.d.]

(No. IV) Draft Report proposed by Joseph Hume, MP, Chairman of Select Committee on the Income and Property Tax (Liverpool imprint)  D/D/III/12/51  Oct 1852

(No. VIII) Black Mail to Russia; a History of the Russo-Dutch Loan by the Liverpool Financial Reform Association  D/D/III/12/52  Feb 1855

Note: This series of tracts was produced by the Liverpool Financial Reform Association, which was founded in Liverpool on 20 April 1848, for the following objects:
1. To encourage 'the most rigid economy' consistent with efficiency in Government Departments
2. To advocate 'direct taxation' (i.e. property and income taxes as against commodity taxes. All on a non-party basis).
Robertson Gladstone (brother of W.E.G.) was President.

Working plan of the Administrative Reform Association (London), by John Revans, Hon. General Secretary, presented to J.A. Roebuck, MP, Chairman  D/D/III/12/53  Nov 1856

Third letter to J.A.R. by J.P. Gassiot, Hon. Secretary (Statistics) with Analysis of Votes and Absences of MP's  D/D/III/12/54  11 Feb 1857

Report of Discharged Prisoners Aid Society (London)  D/D/III/12/55  20 Mar 1858

National Association for Promotion of Social Science (3rd Annual Meeting, Bradford, Yorkshire, October 1859)  D/D/III/12/56 - 57  [n.d.]

2nd Prospectus  D/D/III/12/56  10 Oct 1859

Programme of Music  D/D/III/12/57  14 Oct 1859

Currency no Mystery and Free Banking the Antidote for Crises  D/D/III/12/58  25 Jan 1860

Attached - letter, George Guthrie, the author, of Stranraer, North Britain, to J.T.D  D/D/III/12/58a  nd

Supplement to the Edition of Mr. McCulloch's Commercial Dictionary, 1859, re commercial treaty with France, new tariff for U.K., New Indian Tariff, etc. (London)  D/D/III/12/59  1860

A Few Words of the Nature of Banking Credits with reference to 1866 Monetary Panic by An Old Economist (London) (with examinations of Baxter's proposed preventative measures)  D/D/III/12/60  Jan 1867

A Chart of Industrial Life (Manchester and London) (Educational One Penny Pamphlet)  D/D/III/12/61  1869

Report of a Conference of the Staffordshire Discharged Prisoner's Aid Societies (presented by R. Kettle to J.T.D.)  D/D/III/12/62  5 Apr 1872

Bank v Cash-Box Set Down for Trial at Liverpool (Henry Young, Liverpool)  D/D/III/12/63  1873

Piece-Work compared to Time-Work by Frederic Hill, Barrister-at-Law, to National Association for Promotion of Social Science  D/D/III/12/64  20 Mar 1876

Economic Causes Tested and Teaching by Example - York (In Pall Mall Gazette)  D/D/III/12/65  Aug 1876

The Valuation of Railways, Telegraphs, Water Companies, Canal and other concerns with a view to Profits, by William Farr, MD, DCL, FRS (J.S.S.)  D/D/III/12/66  Sept 1876

The Earl of Beaconsfield - Cartoons from Punch  D/D/III/12/67  1876

The Memorable Speech of Joseph Cowen, MP (at Newcastle-on-Tyne) (Independent Liberal) with press comments  D/D/III/12/68  31 Jan 1880

Trade Unions  D/D/III/12/69 - 72  [n.d.]

Trade Union Poster. Wolverhampton, Building Trade, Rules for Regulating the Carpenters' and Joiners' Branch  D/D/III/12/69  31 Mar 1865

Strikes and Arbitrations by Rupert Kettle (reference to Wolverhampton Building Trade) (London)  D/D/III/12/70  1866

Unionism: Remarks on Report of the Commissioners on Trade Unions, by James Stirling (Glasgow)  D/D/III/12/71  1869

Masters and Men, by Rupert Kettle. Based on lecture in London  D/D/III/12/72  1871

Publications of the Liberty and Property Defence League, London (L. & P.D.L.)  D/D/III/12/73 - 78  [n.d.]

Municipal Socialism, by W.C. Crofts  D/D/III/12/73  1885

Radicalism and Ranson, a Lecture to Working Men, by M.J. Lyons  D/D/III/12/74  1885

Progress or Plunder (as D/D/III/12/74)  D/D/III/12/75  1885

Socialism v Individualism - Public Debate between Mrs. Annie Besant (Fabian Society) and Frederick Millar (L. & P.D.S.) in Nottingham  D/D/III/12/76  25 Oct 1890

The Remedy for Unemployment, by A.S. Martin  D/D/III/12/77  1896

Socialism and Social Discord, Lecture by W.H. Mallock to the 13th Annual Meeting of the L. & P.D.L  D/D/III/12/78  26 Feb 1896

Cutting (Daily Telegraph) British Trade Returns  D/D/III/12/79  27 Oct 1892

A Bill to amend the provision for the Government of Ireland 56 Vict., (the 'Home Rule' Bill), stitched by J.T.D., with his MS notes and MS label, to Lights on Home Rule. Special Supplement to the National Observer. Vol. IX, No. 24  D/D/III/12/80  4 Mar 1893

Torn, needs simple repair

Tableau Oeconomique, by F. Quesnay (original 1758, reprinted 1894) for British Economic Association, London, in Facsimile  D/D/III/12/81  1894

Life of Thomas Paine, by Richard Carbile (3rd edition) (London)  D/D/III/12/82  c.1810

Anti-Maud, by a Pact of the People (London)  D/D/III/12/83  1855

Wat Tyler - a dramatic poem by Robert Southey  D/D/III/12/84  c.1820

Printed letter: Thomas Clegg, Manchester, to McGregor Laird, Chairman of the African Steamship Company (from Journal of the Society of Arts) - re supply of cotton from West Africa  D/D/III/12/85  18 Mar 1858

Handbill: Proposed New Model Lodging House for Single Men, in Liverpool  D/D/III/12/86  Nov 1859

J.T. Danson's Antiquarian Papers  D/D/III/13/1 - 49  [n.d.]

Documents Collected by J.T.D  D/D/III/13/1 - 5  [n.d.]

Deed of Grant by Thomas Harding of Bustlesham and Johanna his wife, to Thomas of Appulford and Alice his wife, of house and land in Byrchhurst, Hurle (Berkshire). (Parchment, mounted on wooden block. Acquired by J.T.D. in 1896?)  D/D/III/13/1  (5th day before Epiphany 15 Edward II) 1 Jan 1322

Letter from J. Smith of Aberdeen to unknown recipient, about music  D/D/III/13/2  11 Sept 1787

Letter from R.W. Barber of Manchester, to his sister Ann of Manchester  D/D/III/13/3  21 Mar 1810

Re his coming voyage to Nova Scotia, travelling via the North Channel to avoid privateers on the SW Coast of Ireland. Has been advised to avoid the docks till he sails, "the press being so very Bold'. (William Danson's second wife or her family?)

The Portland Vase  D/D/III/13/4 - 9  [n.d.]

(J.T.D. obtained a cast from the British Museum, and made a study of the geometrical composition of the vase.)

Folder containing draft and 2 printed copies (one with accompanying photographs) of J.T.D.'s paper to the Society of Antiquaries offering a geometrical analysis of the Portland Vase, January 1882, and notes and letters from C. Sharp and C. Knight Watson on the subject, with J.T.D.'s own rough notes (including an explanatory note, 1895)  D/D/III/13/4  1881 - 1882 (1895)

22 Items

Bundle containing 2 MS copies of J.T.D.'s paper to the Society of Antiquaries, given January 1882, and correspondence with C. Knight Watson, R. Ready, H.E. Young and C. Sharp, relating to the Portland Vase, with rough notes and sketches by J.T.D  D/D/III/13/5  1881 - 1882

19 Items

Loose photographs, rough notes and sketches of the Portland Vase by J.T.D  D/D/III/13/6  c.1881 - 1882

38 Items

Outlines, ellipses and circles made by J.T.D. for some geometrical study of the Portland Vase. (Some with pieces of cork attached.)  D/D/III/13/7  n.d

31 Items

Volume entitled, Thomas Windus, FSA, on the Portland Vase, published. (Includes loose notes and sketched by J.T.D. at front of book.)  D/D/III/13/8  1845

Volume entitled, Wedgwood's Description of the Portland Vase, with notes by Thomas Windus, FSA, published  D/D/III/13/9  1845

Roman Antiquities: The Roman Walls  D/D/III/13/10-24  [n.d.]

Notebook entitled, 'Roman Wall', containing J.T.D.'s notes and sketches  D/D/III/13/10  '18 - 28 June 1877'

Notebook entitled, 'To Newcastle and to Roman Wall - Gilsland to Chollerford', containing notes and sketches  D/D/III/13/11  '5 - 18 Sept 1877'

Notebook entitled, 'Notes on Plates, Photographs, Roman Wall'  D/D/III/13/12  Sept 1877

Notebook entitled, 'Chollerford, Glasgow', containing notes and sketches  D/D/III/13/13  '15 - 29 June 1878'

Notebook entitled, 'Chollerford', recording subjects photographed and conditions at time of photographing  D/D/III/13/14  '15 June 1878'

Notebook entitled, 'Antonine Wall - Old Kilpatrick to Croyhill', containing notes and detailed plans (copied from O.S. Maps?)  D/D/III/13/15  '8 - 10 Jul 1878'

Notebook entitled, 'Antonine Wall - Croyhill to Carriden', containing notes and detailed plans  D/D/III/13/16  '11 - 15 Jul 1878'

Notebook entitled, 'Antonine Wall - Photographs, containing photographs of J.T.D. and of sketches of the wall  D/D/III/13/17  n.d. (c.1878)

Notebook entitled, 'Roman Wall - Military', containing notes on conditions of war in the Roman period  D/D/III/13/18  n.d. (c.1877 - 1878)

Notebooks entitled, 'Roman Wall: No. 1, 6 in Ord.', containing tracings of portions of 6 inch O.S. maps for the area between Bowness and Petriaina  D/D/III/13/19  n.d. (c.1878)

Notebook entitled, 'Roman Wall, No. 2: Petriaina to Busy Gap', containing tracings of portions of 6" O.S. maps  D/D/III/13/20  n.d. (c.1878)

Notebook entitled, 'Roman Wall (Antonine), No. 1, 6 in Ord.: Clyde to Bar Hill', containing portions of 6" O.S. maps  D/D/III/13/21  n.d. (c.1877 - 1878)

Notebook entitled, 'Roman Wall (Antonine) No. 2, 6 in Ord.: Bar Hill to Camden', containing portions of 6" O.S. maps  D/D/III/13/22  n.d. (c.1877 - 1878)

Notebook entitled, 'Roman Wall, No. 3, 6 in Ord', containing tracings of 6" O.S. maps for the area between Seusing Shields and Heddon on the Wall  D/D/III/13/23  n.d. (c.1877 - 1878)

Notebook entitled, 'Roman Wall, No. 4, 6 in Ord', containing copies of maps for the area between Dean Ho. and Segedunum  D/D/III/13/24  n.d. (c.1877 - 1878)

The Defensive Line of Ostorius (Northants)  D/D/III/13/25-35  [n.d.]

Notebook entitled, 'Defensive Line of Ostorius', containing J.T.D.'s plan of a Roman camp, and notes on the Roman Wall (see section above). Largely unfilled  D/D/III/13/25  n.d. (watermarks 1875)

Notebook entitled, 'Camps of Ostorius on Nene, Leam and Avon', containing maps of the area by J.T.D  D/D/III/13/26  c.1879

Notebook entitled, 'Roman Walls, Valley of the Nene', containing maps, notes and sketches by J.T.D., and train timetable for Peterborough and Northampton  D/D/III/13/27  'Sept 1879'

Notebook entitled, 'In Germany and in Valley of the Nene', containing notes on Roman history, and notes and sketches re Germany and the Nene Valley, including map of Europe  D/D/III/13/28  'Sept 1879'

Notebook entitled, 'Defensive Line of Ostorius: Sir H. Dryden's Plans', containing descriptions of the plans and history of 41 camps noted on Sir H. Dryden's maps  D/D/III/13/29  c.1881

Notebook entitled, 'Nene and Severn Line of Ostorius: detailed maps', containing J.T.D.'s maps, notes and sketches  D/D/III/13/30  1881

Folder entitled, 'Notes on Ord. Map of England touching Annals of Tacitus 13th XII c.32', Defence of Ostorius  D/D/III/13/31  n.d

Loose correspondence with Reverend R.S. Baker, R.H. Nesbitt, Charles Taylor, about Ostorius', defensive line across England  D/D/III/13/32  Aug 1869 - June 1881

9 Items

Loose notes and maps of the defensive line of Ostorius and of the Antonine Wall, including pamphlet by R.S. Baker on, The Nene Valley A Roman Frontier (1878)  D/D/III/13/33  c.1877 - c.1881

Bundle of small map-tracings entitled, 'The Nene and Severn Line of Ostorius'  D/D/III/13/34  n.d

Large-scale railway and station maps of England and Wales  D/D/III/13/35  1876-1878

(Paper on linen)

Sheet 10 - Lincolnshire 1876
Sheet 14 - Worcester to Merthyr 1877
Sheet 15 - Northampton to Cheltenham 1878
Sheet 16 - from Peterborough South 1878

The Roman Camp at Hard Knott (Cumberland)  D/D/III/13/36-38  [n.d.]

Contents of envelope: correspondence with Wilfred Hine and J.B. Bailey about the camp, and copy of poster offering a reward for the return of J.T.D.'s prismatic compass, lost at Hard Knott  D/D/III/13/36  May - June 1891

10 Items

Bundle of posters offering a reward for the return of J.T.D.'s prismatic compass, lost at Hard Knott, with a list of recipients of copies  D/D/III/13/37  June 1891

6 Items

Contents of envelope: 5 small envelopes containing photographs of Hard Knott camp, and tracing from 1" O.S. map showing the sight line from Muncaster to Hard Knott to High Street  D/D/III/13/38  June 1891

Printed and Miscellaneous Antiquarian Papers  D/D/III/13/39-49  [n.d.]

Notebook entitled, 'Coins (facsimiles) 13.c. exhibiting ships and naval implements'  D/D/III/13/39  n.d

Containing J.T.D.'s descriptions of facsimiles of ancient Sidonian and other coins made for him by Robert Ready of the British Museum (largely unfilled).

Notebook entitled, 'Egyptian Demotic'  D/D/III/13/40  Dec 1881

Containing press-cuttings, with J.T.D.'s accompanying notes, discussing the historical evidence that can be envinced from inscriptions in Ancient Egyptian Demotic.

Notebook entitled, 'Rome: Trajan's Column', containing detailed notes by E.M.S.D. on the scenes depicted  D/D/III/13/41  n.d. (1884?)

Folder entitled, 'Sculpture, etc.', containing notes by J.T.D. and E.M.S.D. on the sculptures on the walls and gates of Rome  D/D/III/13/42  1884

Loose notes by J.T.D., letters and sketches, including letters from A. Hare on the Roman pilum, September 1884  D/D/III/13/43  c. 1884 - c.1885

7 Items

'Map of Lancashire divided into hundreds, exhibiting the Catholic Chapels...... by Jas Leigh'  D/D/III/13/44  1820

Glimpses of Pre-Roman Civilization in England, by J. Boult. (Read before Historical Society of Lancashire and Cheshire, 1873, and given to J.T.D. by author in 1879.) Printed  D/D/III/13/45  1874

The Credibility of Venerable Bede, Saint and Confessor, and of his Followers, by J. Boult. (Read before Literary and Philosophical Society of Liverpool, 1877, and given to J.T.D. by the author in 1879.) 4 map tracings enclosed  D/D/III/13/46  1877

Roman Exploration at Irchester, by Reverend R.S. Baker. (2 papers read before Northants Architectural and Archaeological Society, 1878 and 1879.)  D/D/III/13/47  1880

Yelden in Bedfordshire, the scene of the battle between the Romans and the Iceni, related by Tacitus, Ann. XII. 31, by Reverend R.S. Baker  D/D/III/13/48  1881

Key to the Classical Pronunciation of Greek, Latin and Scripture Proper Names, first published 1834. Annotated by J.T.D  D/D/III/13/49  nd

J.T. Danson's Studies and Artistic Interests  D/D/III/14/1 - 6  [n.d.]

Study Notes  D/D/III/14/1/1 - 28  [n.d.]

History  D/D/III/14/1/1 - 14  [n.d.]

Notebook entitled, 'MS notes: History of Holland, Modern Treaties, European Civilisation'  D/D/III/14/1/1  1843

Notebook entitled, 'History of Civilisation in England - notes on'  D/D/III/14/1/2  c.1861

Bundle of lecture notes by J.T.D. on Columbus, Drake and Cook  D/D/III/14/1/3  n.d. (Watermark 1861)

Notebook entitled, 'Hogarth' (mostly blank). Natural Sciences and Engineering: 3 notebooks, containing MS notes on  D/D/III/14/1/4  n.d. (Watermark 1863)

Analysis of minerals  D/D/III/14/1/5  1838

Locomotive engineering  D/D/III/14/1/6  1838

Engineering, algebra, geometry, literature and philosophy  D/D/III/14/1/7  c.1837 - 1838

2 notebooks containing geological notes  D/D/III/14/1/8 - 9  1838, 1839

Notebook containing J.T.D.'s notes on geology, minerals, chemistry, light, etc., and 'Ode to Brunel, arch-excavator'. (Gives J.T.D.'s address as 4 Law Chambers, 77 Chancery Lane.)  D/D/III/14/1/10  1839

Printed 'Report of the Astronomer to the Marine Committee, Mersey Docks & Harbour Board'. Enclosed are J.T.D.'s notes on marine chronometers  D/D/III/14/1/11  1862; n.d. (Watermarks 1862)

2 diagrams of average daily temperature in England over the 50 years, ending 1889  D/D/III/14/1/12  c.1890

J.T.D.'s MS notes for a lecture on iron  D/D/III/14/1/13  n.d

1 page of MS notes on geology  D/D/III/14/1/14  n.d

Miscellaneous Studies  D/D/III/14/1/15-28  [n.d.]

[no title]  D/D/III/14/1/15 - 17  1836 - 1838

3 notebooks, numbered 5-7, containing notes by J.T.D. on philosophy, mathematics, history, law, literature, proverbs, economics and other subjects. (No. 15 includes notes on More's 'Utopia' and Plutarch's treatise on superstition.)

Notebook entitled, 'MS notes. Private', includes a key to J.T.D.'s shorthand code, notes on some oratorial speeches and miscellaneous other notes  D/D/III/14/1/18  1839 - c.1841

Notebook entitled, 'Notes from Edin(burgh) Review'. Subjects covered, include political economy, political history, politics, education, poetry, fiction, drama and science  D/D/III/14/1/19  1843

Indexed notebook containing notes on law, history, commerce and other subjects. Enclosed: G.D. Dempsey's card and a British Museum reader's request slip.) (Advert for Inventor's Manual.)  D/D/III/14/1/20  nd

Notebook entitled, 'Notes, alphabetical'. Subjects covered include law, commerce, poor law, economics, history, public health. (Enclosed: printed pamphlet on Colonial Expenditure by B. Hawes, 1848.)  D/D/III/14/1/21  c.1843

[no title]  D/D/III/14/1/22  c.1854 - c.1855

Notebook containing notes by J.T.D. on a wide variety of subjects, including government, import duties, statistics, charity, Christianity, newspapers, commerce, evil, religion, philosophy and history (14 loose pages enclosed).

Notebook entitled, 'Notes from Books. Subjects covered include law and land tenure  D/D/III/14/1/23  1883

Notebook entitled, 'Notes from Books', including notes on religion and philosophy  D/D/III/14/1/24  1883 - 1886

Notebook entitled, 'Ireland', containing notes on population, religion, occupations, local government, education, commerce, etc  D/D/III/14/1/25  c.1886

Notebook entitled, 'Theatre Francaise', containing photograph of the committee of the theatre, with notes by J.T.D. on the men portrayed (2 writers and 9 actors)  D/D/III/14/1/26  c.1889

Notebook containing notes by J.T.D. on microscopes, commerce (especially the Declaration of Paris). Includes member's ticket for meeting of British Association for the Advancement of Science, 1896  D/D/III/14/1/27  1896

Notebook containing notes by J.T.D. on the characters of C.P. (Charles Parker) and his family, and A.T. (?)  D/D/III/14/1/28  n.d

Literary and Philosophical Notes  D/D/III/14/2/1 - 18  [n.d.]

[no title]  D/D/III/14/2/1  (1817), 1835 - 1839

Bundle of miscellaneous notes, J.T.D.'s thoughts on various subjects, jottings, poems, draft letters, etc., including a partial key to J.T.D.'s shorthand code and a copy of Mr. Owen's plan for abolishing pauperism, etc., 1817.

[no title]  D/D/III/14/2/2  1837

Bound MS notes, entitled, 'An Attempt to Collate the Arguments of Locke, Hume & Reid on the question concerning the existence of Moral Liberty and to draw a true inference therefrom, by J.T.D.'.

Bound MS notes entitled, 'Journal of Facts and Thoughts'  D/D/III/14/2/3  1838 - 1841

Volume containing MS notes on law, Milton, Martyrdom, Henry VIII, Robespierre, Greek drama and poems and shorthand notes by J.T.D  D/D/III/14/2/4  1841

Several pages torn out.

[no title]  D/D/III/14/2/5  1841 - 1842

Bundle of rough notes and jottings, including notes on conveyancing, grammar and rhetoric, poetry and shorthand notes, estimate of expenses for trip to Paris, list of books to be sold, and small plans to Stratford and Newport.

Volume containing MS notes on law reform, landowning, education and other topics (largely unfilled)  D/D/III/14/2/6  1843

[no title]  D/D/III/14/2/7  1853 - 1869

Bundle of notes and papers, including legal notes, plan for a short story, rough essays on The Social Evil, Sleep, the Dangers of Liverpool, Journey to Birkenhead and diary extracts 1853-1854, 1868-1869.

Volume entitled, 'Private, During Illness', containing a description of J.T.D.'s bedroom and the objects therein  D/D/III/14/2/8  Mar 1875

Volume of 'Literary Memoranda and Table-Talk', containing notes on history, literature, religion, politics and poetry and epigrams by J.T.D  D/D/III/14/2/9  1886 - 1887

Volume of Literary Memoranda and Table-Talk, containing notes on economics, history, politics and epigrams and poetry by J.T.D  D/D/III/14/2/10  c.1887

Volume entitled, 'Short Papers and Poems'  D/D/III/14/2/11  1891 - 1896

Containing press copies of notes on Reverend J. Clifford, DD (leader of the 'Liberal Baptists'), J.H. Fronde, George Meredith (poet and novelist), W.S. Caine, C.J. Rhodes, Mme Blavatsky, L. Oliphant, J.R. Lowell, Count Tolstoi, Sir Henry James, Randolph Churchill, Emile Zola, William O. Brein, Charles Dickens (pp. 386-398), Sir Charles Russell, A.J. Balfour, Cardinal Manning and others. Also poems, literary, economic and historical notes by J.T.D

Volume entitled, 'Study'  D/D/III/14/2/12  1889

Containing literary notes, economic notes, poems, press-cuttings, epigrams, description of Mr Gladstone and miscellaneous notes.
(Loose insertions include pamphlet on Odd Fellow and Friendly Societies, by F.G.P. Neilson and pamphlet on the 1881 Census, by T.A. Welton.

Volume entitled, 'Study'  D/D/III/14/2/13  1892 - 1894

Containing descriptions of Mr Gladstone and James Bryce (Professor of Civil Law at Oxford), press-cuttings on various topics, and miscellaneous literary, economic and historical notes and poems.

Volume entitled, 'Study', containing economic, literary and philosophical notes, press-cuttings and poems (largely unfilled)  D/D/III/14/2/14  1895

Volume containing literary, historical and philosophical and economic notes, details about family and personal reminiscences, draft letters, essay on Old Age, poems and epigrams  D/D/III/14/2/15  1897

Exercise book entitled, 'of Old Age' (largely unfilled)  D/D/III/14/2/16  n.d

[no title]  D/D/III/14/2/17  1859

Notes and draft essays by J.T.D. on the following subjects:
'A Future Life for Man - how and why' (1 page). n.d
'Slavery' (3 pages). n.d
'On the Moral Significance of a Great Maritime Town' (10 pages). n.d
'On Domestic Service as a mode of Female Education' (9 pages). n.d
'Altruism: What is it?' (6 pages). n.d
'On the Acquirement & Use of Knowledge by Women' (22 pages). n.d
'The Use of Discussion' (4 pages). n.d
Notes on stealing (13 pages). n.d
Notes on kissing on stage (3 pages). n.d
Sketch of a story (3 pages). n.d
List of topics suggested for enquiry in the Department of Education (7 pages). circa 1859
Notes by Joseph Hubback on the Prevention and Reformation of Crime. 1859

Miscellaneous notes by J.T.D. on various topics  D/D/III/14/2/18  n.d

Religion and Philosophy  D/D/III/14/3/1 - 9  [n.d.]

Notebook containing, 'A Short Treatise on Superstition', by J.T.D. Dedicated to Mrs Mary Stewart  D/D/III/14/3/1  1844

'Six Evening Prayers written for use at Carnsdale House, Barnston', by J.T.D  D/D/III/14/3/2  1853 - 1858

'Lecture on Buddhism, J.T.D.' MS notes in a leather book-cover  D/D/III/14/3/3  n.d. (Watermark 1870)

J.T.D.'s notes on, The Foundations of the (Christian) Creed, by Harvey Goodwin, Bishop of Carlisle, published 1889; lent to J.T.D. by Reverend R. Towell  D/D/III/14/3/4  1890

MS and typescript notes by J.T.D. on 'The Plurality of Worlds as regarded by Pythagoras, Brewster, Whewell and Others' and 'Letters and Correspondence of J.H. Newman'  D/D/III/14/3/5  n.d; 1892

Volume entitled, 'Prayers', containing MS prayers by J.T.D. and E.M.S.D.  D/D/III/14/3/6  n.d

Volume containing, 'Dialogues on the Bible between a Father and his Daughter' (mainly unfilled)  D/D/III/14/3/7  n.d

Volume containing notes on religion, philosophy and history (mainly unfilled)  D/D/III/14/3/8  n.d

MS notes on the Song of Songs  D/D/III/14/3/9  nd

Poetry and Epigrams  D/D/III/14/4/1 - 17  [n.d.]

3 MS volumes entitled, 'Rhymes at Resting Time', by J.T.D  D/D/III/14/4/1 - 3  n.d

3 typescript volumes of poetry  D/D/III/14/4/4 - 6  n.d

Folders containing, 'Copies of Poems Under Initial Letters  D/D/III/14/4/7  n.d

(Nibbled b mice).

Book cover containing, 'Copies of MS Prose and Poems  D/D/III/14/4/8  n.d

4 typescript files of epigrams  D/D/III/14/4/9 - 12  n.d

MS volume containing c.1,600 epigrams by J.T.D  D/D/III/14/4/13  n.d

Loose pages of epigrams headed, 'Wayside conclusions by a Wayfarer' (23 pages)  D/D/III/14/4/14  n.d

Loose pages of epigrams and poems (26 sheets)  D/D/III/14/4/15  n.d

Notebook containing quotations and extracts from poems. (Enclosed: poem or song called 'Jenny Jones'.)  D/D/III/14/4/16  1843

'Scrap Book 1860 - 1883', comprising verse and prose by J.T.D. accompanying numerous photographs, newspaper cuttings, sketches, etc  D/D/III/14/4/17  nd

Drawings and Etchings  D/D/III/14/5/1 - 17  [n.d.]

Related information: See also XI/14 and III/14/17 and IX/1/13

Loose drawings and watercolours by J.T.D  D/D/III/14/5/1  1862 - 1886

Sketchbook (ink and pencil drawings)  D/D/III/14/5/2  1863 - 1864

Sketchbook (pencil drawings and watercolours)  D/D/III/14/5/3  1876

Sketchbook (pencil drawings and watercolours)  D/D/III/14/5/4  1876

Sketchbook (pencil drawings and watercolours)  D/D/III/14/5/5  1876

Sketchbook (pencil and ink drawings and watercolours)  D/D/III/14/5/6  1877

Sketchbook (pencil and ink drawings and watercolours)  D/D/III/14/5/7  1878 - 1879

Sketchbook (watercolours)  D/D/III/14/5/8  1879

Sketchbook (pencil and ink drawings)  D/D/III/14/5/9  1883 - 1884

Sketchbook containing chart of colours by J.T.D  D/D/III/14/5/10  n.d

4 engravings for use in drawing practice, by Schools of St. George  D/D/III/14/5/11  n.d

Notebook on etching methods  D/D/III/14/5/12  c.1889

Notebook on etching methods  D/D/III/14/5/13  c.1889

Notebook entitled, 'London', containing list of portraits and prints owned by J.T.D. in 1873  D/D/III/14/5/14  1873

Part of a notebook containing J.T.D.'s analysis of Hunting Scene by Charles Towne  D/D/III/14/5/15  n.d

List of prints despatched by Ernest Arnold of Dresden for the owner, J.T.D  D/D/III/14/5/16  Oct 1852

Volume entitled, 'Scraps 1852', containing numerous artistic prints (some loose)  D/D/III/14/5/17  nd

Photography  D/D/III/14/6/1 - 2  [n.d.]

Notebook containing calculations and notes on photography  D/D/III/14/6/1  1877 - 1878

Notebook containing a fixed-in pamphlet of instructions re the use of the Watkins Exposure Meter and an article entitled, 'The Elements of Photographic Exposure', by Aldred Watkins  D/D/III/14/6/2  n.d

Miscellaneous Papers and Membership of Organisations and Institutions  D/D/III/15/1 - 14  [n.d.]

Liverpool Elections  D/D/III/15/1  1830 - 1859

Loose volumes and papers including:
Volume entitled, 'List of the Liverpool Freemen who elected the Mayor in 1827'. 1830
Volume entitled, 'Liverpool Municipal Elections'. 1835
Volume entitled, 'The Poll for the Elections of Town Councillors .....' 1836
J.T.D.'s rates for St. Peter's Ward No. 7. 1859
J.T.D.'s voting papers for St. Peter's Ward No. 7. Nov 1859

Clubs  D/D/III/15/2  1852 - 1897

3 volumes of members lists:
i) The Reform Club 1852
ii) The Savile Club 1895 - 1896
iii) The Savile Club 1896 - 1897

National Association for the Promotion of Social Science  D/D/III/15/3  1858 - 1859

Loose papers and pamphlet, including:
Minutes of a meeting of the Liverpool Local Committee of the National Association for the Promotion of Social Science. 1858
3 tickets to meetings of the National Association for the Promotion of Social Science. 1858
Pamphlet on a meeting of the Liverpool Local Committee of the National Association for the Promotion of Social Science. 1859

Lecture notes taken by J.T.D. re Public Houses  D/D/III/15/3  1859

Liverpool Institute  D/D/III/15/4  1859 - 1897

Loose letters, papers and pamphlets, including:
3 letters re meetings of the evening school committee 1859
Letter from Astrup Cariss re J.T.D.'s appointment as a Trustee of the Liverpool Institute. Mar 1863
Report of the Directors of the Liverpool Institute. 1864
Report of the Directors of the Liverpool Institute. 1871
Pamphlet of an address by James Bryce to pupils of the Liverpool Institute. 1882
Report of the Directors of the Liverpool Institute. 1882
Pamphlet of an address delivered at the Liverpool Institute, by Professor Huxley. 1883
Contents of an envelope re J.T.D.'s correspondence with Dean Bradley as to his address at the Liverpool Institute. 1883
Pamphlet of an address delivered at the Liverpool Institute, by William Rathbone. 1884
Report of the Directors of the Liverpool Institute. 1897

[no title]  D/D/III/15/5  1895

Original bundle, containing:
Copy of report of examiner on the Liverpool Institute Boy's School. 1895
Contents of an envelope re examiner's report. 1895

Oxford Political Economy Club  D/D/III/15/6  1865 - 1868

Loose papers and rule book:
Rule book of the Club. 1865
Notice of a dinner meeting of the Club. Mar 1868
Notice of a dinner meeting of the Club. Nov 1868

Queen's College, Liverpool  D/D/III/15/7  1866

Original bundle of papers, including:
Draft report on the condition and prospectus of Queen's College, with attached commenting letter from Charles Sharp. 1866
Copy of tables on Queen's College sent to J.T.D. by Charles Sharp. 24 Aug 1866
Copy of corrected tables on Queen's College sent to J.T.D. by Charles Sharp. 27 Aug 1866

National Education Union  D/D/III/15/8  1869 - 1870

Volume and bundle of papers, including:
Volume entitled, 'National Education Union Authorised Report of the Educational Congress held on Nov. 3rd & 4th 1869'. 1869
Draft proceedings of the National Education Union. 1869
10 letters to J.T.D. expressing regret over inability to attend a meeting of the National Education Union. Jan 1870
List of those summoned to Town Hall meetings. Jan 1870

Society of Antiquaries of London  D/D/III/15/9  1874 - 1897

(J.T.D. elected Fellow, 10 January 1878)
Loose papers, including Reverend J.T. Fowler; archaeological report for Durham, 1874; Reverend R.S. Baker's archaeological report for Northants, 1882; archaeological surveys of Herefordshire, 1892 and 1896; letters and papers re Roman baths at Bath, 1886, and Peterborough Cathedral Church, 1897; lists of the Society for 1880 and 1897.

Liverpool School of Science and Technology  D/D/III/15/10  1890 - 1892

Loose letters and papers, including:
Correspondence re J.T.D.'s appointment as a Trustee of the Liverpool School of Science and Technology. 1890
Prospectus and syllabus of the Liverpool School of Science and Technology. 1890
Correspondence re trust fund of the Liverpool School of Science and Technology and renewal of the Dock Bond. 1890 - 1892

Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce  D/D/III/15/11  1891 - 1898

Scroll and pamphlet:
i) Scroll commemorating J.T.D.'s election to the Society. 1891
ii) Pamphlet of Charter and By Laws of the Society 1898

Miscellaneous  D/D/III/15/12  1832 - 1896

Loose papers and pamphlet, including
Invitations, notices and memorial cards. 1832 - 1893
Draft circular and concluding address by J.T.D. to the Historic Society of Lancashire and Cheshire. 1855
Plans re the fitting up of the Liverpool Free Library and Museum. Nov 1859
Letter from P.H. Rathbone re a meeting of the Trades Union Committee. Oct 1859
Notice of a public meeting re proposed new Town Hall, Birkenhead. 1859
Printed report of a meeting of the Associated Chambers of Commerce. 1860
Chamber of Commerce report on Liverpool as a financial centre. 1864
J.T.D.'s commission as a 2nd Lieutenant in the 15th Lancashire Artillery Volunteers. 1860
J.T.D.'s commission as Captain in the 15th Lancashire Artillery Volunteers. 1862
Prospectus of the Public Bank of Liverpool. 1862
Letter from T. Ellison re warehouse rates. 1880
W.H. Peake & Sons, Ironfounders, Established 1840, Catalogue of Iron Hurdles, etc. c.1860
Pamphlet of the Liberty and Property Defence League. 1883
Grasmere School accounts. 1894
Press-cuttings re a National Loaf League. 1895
Memorial to Professor W. Robertson Smith. 1895
Press-cuttings and a letter from Sergeant J. McGarr re the Grasmere and Langdale Volunteers. 1896
Banquet to Duke of Devonshire, Cheshire Premiers and others.

Bundle of British Museum readers tickets  D/D/III/15/13  1843 - ?

[no title]  D/D/III/15/14  1862 - 1876

Original bundle of tickets, invitations, etc., found wrapped in report entitled, 'Trade Accounts with Foreign Countries', including: 1867
Drill Notices of the 15th Lancashire Artillery Volunteers. 1862
Ticket for a meeting of the British Association for the Advancement of Science. 1865
List of officials of the Liverpool Underwriters' Association. 1871
Notices of meets of the Royal Rock Beagle Hunts. 1874 - 1876

Printed Material and Ephemera  D/D/III/16/1 - 17  [n.d.]

Local (Merseyside and Lancashire Area)  D/D/III/16/1/1 - 33  [n.d.]

The Stranger in Liverpool, with plates of the principal buildings and a new and correct map of the town  D/D/III/16/1/1  1823

'Why is Popery Progressing', by David Thorn, Minister of Bold Street Chapel, Liverpool. Given to J.T.D  D/D/III/16/1/2  1835

Appeal for the Liverpool Mechanics Institution - statement of general arrangements and financial position by the directors  D/D/III/16/1/3  1850

Remembrance Card for the late Mrs. William Cunningham of Everton, interred at Wavertree (died 24 September 1850, buried 28 September 1850)  D/D/III/16/1/4  1850

Holden's Original Pocket Almanack and Tide Table - Liverpool, ports of the North and the St. George's and Bristol Channels  D/D/III/16/1/5  1853

Catalogue of the Liverpool Free Public Library  D/D/III/16/1/6  1855

Second report of Free Library and Derby Museum (enclosed with 6 above)  D/D/III/16/1/6a  1854

'Mason Street Reformatory School for Juvenile Male Delinquents' - second report (being the last one)  D/D/III/16/1/7  1857

Calendar of Prisoners for Trial at Quarter Sessions (sentences not given)  D/D/III/16/1/8  23 Aug 1858

'Can Education be Made Compulsory?' - four articles from the London Enquirer, by George Melly (Liverpool)  D/D/III/16/1/9  16 Nov 1858

'The Characteristics of Schiller Dramas', with preliminary notes on the poet's life by Frederick Werner, Lecturer in German, Queen's College, Liverpool  D/D/III/16/1/10  1859

Calendar of Prisoners for Trial at Quarter Sessions (sentences not given)  D/D/III/16/1/11  1 Mar 1860

Card to admit Bearer and Friends to view high-class modern proof engravings. Walker & Ackerley, Auctioneers, 55 Church Street, Liverpool  D/D/III/16/1/12  12 Feb 1860

Speculations on the Former Topography of Liverpool and Neighbourhood, Part I by J. Boult to the Liverpool Polytechnic Society  D/D/III/16/1/13  9 Apr 1866

Part II by J. Boult to the Liverpool Polytechnic Society  D/D/III/16/1/14  11 Mar 1867

Part III by J. Boult to the Liverpool Literary & Philosophical Society  D/D/III/16/1/15  17 Dec 1870

Printed accounts of St. Peter's Church, Aintree, Liverpool, for repairs and gas. List of donations and losses  D/D/III/16/1/16  1871 - 1872

'A Law of Elliptic Motion' - deduced from laws of gravitation and compound rotations, by George Hamilton, FCS, FRAS, Professor of Chemistry, Queen's College, Liverpool  D/D/III/16/1/17  1873

Remarks on the above, by J. Clerke Maxwell, MA (with response by G.H.)  D/D/III/16/1/18  nd

'The Sixtine Madonna by Raphael', read before Liverpool Art Club by F.G. Prange  D/D/III/16/1/19  31 Jan 1878

'Institution of Mechanical Engineers' - Liverpool meeting, a detailed programme  D/D/III/16/1/20  1891

'Light Dues' - correspondence between Liverpool Steamship Owners' Association and Board of Trade  D/D/III/16/1/21  Oct 1897 - Jan 1898

'The Family Tree of the Pilkingtons (1066-1800)', drawn up by John Pilkington  D/D/III/16/1/22  1909

Folder of Drawings  D/D/III/16/1/23  1830 - 1880

a-b) Two prints of Sutton Station. c.1830 (copied c.1880)
c) Print of St. Mary's Church, Walton on the Hill. 1838
d) Windmill, St. James, Liverpool. c.1860
e) Picture of Ripley's Hospital, Lancaster. c.1850
f) Map of Liverpool City Centre. 1854

Folder of Business Ephemera  D/D/III/16/1/24  1859 - 1880s

a) A catalogue of ancient and modern books by William Palmer, 13 Leece Street, Liverpool. 1859
b) A series of 5 brochures illustrating a variety of chimney pots, their various merits and shapes, by James R. Cooper, 87 London Road; F. Braby & Co., South John Street, local firms. post-1879
c) Pamphlet on hot water heating apparatus, manufactured by John King Ltd., of Liverpool.

List of subscribers to the Liverpool Library in 1758  D/D/III/16/1/25  1758

Sketch of plans (2) of proposed earthworks at Garston Battery (with guns)  D/D/III/16/1/26  May 1861

The Treaty of France - a harangue directed to members of the Chamber of Commerce against the treaty  D/D/III/16/1/27  c.1854 - 1855

Bank Loan Form (not filled in)  D/D/III/16/1/28  c.1860

Donation List (object unnamed)  D/D/III/16/1/29  c.1851 - 1878

Leaflet for Birkenhead (South End) Conservative Club Co., Ltd., notice of first General Meeting, 15 May 1899  D/D/III/16/1/30  15 May 1899

Liverpool Philomathic Society proceedings during its 73rd session, 1897-1898, Vol. XLIII  D/D/III/16/1/31  1989

Report on present state of the Navigation of the River Mersey (1898) to the commissioners for the conservancy of the River Mersey, by Vice-Admiral Sir G.S. Nares, KCB, FRS  D/D/III/16/1/32  1899

Porcupine, Vol. XL, No.2127 (a Liverpool newspaper)  D/D/III/16/1/33  29 Jan 1898

County of Westmorland  D/D/III/16/2/1 - 7  [n.d.]

Description of the County by Sir Daniel Fleming of Rydal, AD 1671. Edited by Sir G.F. Duckett, Bt  D/D/III/16/2/1  1882

The Fraternal Arms of Sir William Fleming of Rydal  D/D/III/16/2/1a  1726

Sir James Whitehead's reply on his retirement from his candidature  D/D/III/16/2/2  1843

The Westmorland Note Book, Vol. 1, 1888-1889  D/D/III/16/2/3  1888-1889

The Meteorology of the Lake District, by J.F. Miller  D/D/III/16/2/4  1849

Sale details of Easedale House, to be sold at auction on 25 July 1895  D/D/III/16/2/5  1895

List of photographs in the Lakes, 26-30 August 1878 (26 in all)  D/D/III/16/2/6  1878

List of some landowners in or near Grasmere (with 2 inserts)  D/D/III/16/2/7  1873

Ireland  D/D/III/16/3/1 - 7  [n.d.]

Related information: See III/12/38 Petition in Parliament from Borough of Sligo, re Sligo, re emigration. 1847
See III/12/80 re 'Home Rule' of Ireland Bill. 1893

Letter to Sir R. Peel, from Sir M. Barrington, Bart., re creating a class of independent Yeomanry  D/D/III/16/3/1  24 Oct 1844

The Case of Ireland Stated, by Robert Holmes Esq. (2nd Edition)  D/D/III/16/3/2  1847

The Irish Crisis  D/D/III/16/3/3  1847

The Topic, No. 36, 'Tenure of Land and Effects of Entail', more especially as regards Ireland  D/D/III/16/3/4  15 Apr 1847

Report of the General Central Relief Committee for all Ireland, 29 December 1846 - 31 December 1847  D/D/III/16/3/5  1848

Letter and report re Gort Poor Law Union in Ireland (MS), signed by Lord Gort  D/D/III/16/3/6  1848

Letters to and from Royal Agricultural Society of Ireland re Agricultural Statistics of Ireland for the year 1855  D/D/III/16/3/7  1856

Colonial  D/D/III/16/4/1 - 4  [n.d.]

'The Administration of Governor Light in British Guiana' - with emancipation of slaves and MS letter of W.H. Holmes (printed in Guiana Times office)  D/D/III/16/4/1  1848

'East Indies and British Colonies' - names of people appointed to any judicial or legal office in East Indies and British Colonies since 1 January 1832 (473-II)  D/D/III/16/4/2  18 Jul 1848

'Hold Fast Your Colonies' by William Lucas Sargant. Presented to Birmingham Speculative Club  D/D/III/16/4/3  1871

Correspondence on the subject of recent disturbances in South African Republic presented Parliament (c.1933)  D/D/III/16/4/4  Feb 1896

The United States of America  D/D/III/16/5/1 - 7  [n.d.]

Economic Causes of Slavery in the United States and Obstacles to its Abolition, by a Southern Carolinian (printed, London)  D/D/III/16/5/1  1857

The Report of as special committee of Chamber of Commerce of New York State on 'Maritime Intercourse for Time of War' (printed, New York)  D/D/III/16/5/2  10 Feb 1860

'The True State of the American Question', a reply to Mr. Thurlow Weed by 'Fair Play' (printed, London)  D/D/III/16/5/3  15 Feb 1862

'The rate of interest and its influence on the relations of Capital and Labour', by H.C. Carey to the Constitutional Convention of Pennsylvania (printed, Philadelphia)  D/D/III/16/5/4  1873

'To the Friends of the Union throughout the Union', by H.C. Carey (printed, Philadelphia)  D/D/III/16/5/5  10 Aug 1876

'Protection of Free Trade for the USA?', discussed in two letters between Hon. Thomas H. Dudley, ex-United States Consul to Liverpool and Charles Ed. Rawlins, an ex-President of Chamber of Commerce, Liverpool (printed, Liverpool)  D/D/III/16/5/6  1880

American Economic Association - list of officers and members  D/D/III/16/5/7  Jan 1892

Agriculture  D/D/III/16/6/1 - 4  [n.d.]

The Work of Arthur Young, a quarterly journal of agriculture, by Cuthbert W. Johnson, FRS  D/D/III/16/6/1  Sept 1842

'Free Trade Fallacies Refuted' - remarks on a pamphlet by John Morton, FGS and Joshua Trimmer, FGS, entitled An attempt to estimate the effects of protecting duties on the profits of Agriculture  D/D/III/16/6/2  1846

A Word in Season, or how to grow wheat with profit  D/D/III/16/6/3  1861

'Yorkshire Agricultural Society's Cottage and Farm Agriculture', being prize design plans of labourers' cottages and farm buildings, with specifications and estimates  D/D/III/16/6/4  1862

The Arts  D/D/III/16/7/1 - 17  [n.d.]

Official catalogue of the International Exhibition - Fine Art Department  D/D/III/16/7/1  1862

'The Vatican Museum of Sculpture', a lecture by S. Wood  D/D/III/16/7/2  1869

What is an Index? - notes, etc., by H.R. Wheatley  D/D/III/16/7/3  1878

Upper Egypt: Diary of Inspection, by J. Scott  D/D/III/16/7/4  1895

Binding of Caesar, Vol. I, with pp. 3-5 of supplement of Dionysius Vossius only inside  D/D/III/16/7/5  n.d

Half of flysheet advertising, This Day  D/D/III/16/7/6  n.d

Card advertising International Bookbinding Exhibition, 27 June - 7 July 1894  D/D/III/16/7/7  1894

Notes on Magna Carta  D/D/III/16/7/8  n.d
Language:  Latin

Gallery proofs of a letter for a magazine  D/D/III/16/7/9  1876

The Magazine of Art  D/D/III/16/7/10  Jan 1891

Article on Life and Writings of Coleridge  D/D/III/16/7/11  1839

Monthly repository for 1837 (letter enclosed at front)  D/D/III/16/7/12  1837

'General Wolfe and the taking of Quebec', a French version by W.L. Sargent  D/D/III/16/7/13  1881

Royal Academy of Arts enquiry, by Robert Strange, 1775  D/D/III/16/7/14  1850

Journal of the Society of Arts  D/D/III/16/7/15  25 Jan 1856

Journal of the Society of Arts  D/D/III/16/7/16  22 Feb 1895

Presidential Address to the Royal Scottish Society of Arts  D/D/III/16/7/17  9 Nov 1896

Foreign Language Courses  D/D/III/16/8/1 - 2  [n.d.]

Greek Lessons 1 and2  D/D/III/16/8/1  n.d

German Lessons 1 to 6  D/D/III/16/8/2  n.d

French Language Books  D/D/III/16/9/1  [n.d.]

20 French texts, including plays, topics of the time and catalogues  D/D/III/16/9/1  1843 - 1893

Legal  D/D/III/16/10/1 - 7  [n.d.]

Ten Minutes Advice to Directors of Joint Stock Companies  D/D/III/16/10/1  Sept 1858

Reform of the Law, a letter to the Lord Chancellor, from J.G. Phillimore  D/D/III/16/10/2  1846

Thoughts on Law Reform and the Law Review (February 1847)  D/D/III/16/10/2a  1847

Law Reforming difficulties, a letter to Lord Brougham and Vaux by T.T. Beckett (annotated, to the Editor of the Globe, with the author's compliments)  D/D/III/16/10/3  1849

Part of a Speech by Lord Brougham (RP 17 - 87)  D/D/III/16/10/3a  12 Sept 1843

Presidential Address by E.F. Burton to the Annual Provincial Meeting of the Incorporated Law Society, 10-11 October 1877  D/D/III/16/10/4  1877

Proceedings of the Common Preservation Society for years 1888-1892  D/D/III/16/10/5  1893

Society for Promoting the Amendment of the Law  D/D/III/16/10/6  1848-1853

i) Report on the Law of Divorce. 1848
ii) Report on the Management of Property. 1848
iii) Report on the Law of Landlord and Tenant. 1848
iv) Report on the Law Reporting System. 1849
v) 10th Annual Report of the Council. 1853

Plan for amplifying the 'Transfer of Real Property', by Robert Wilson  D/D/III/16/10/7  1844

Letter on the above, by Robert Wilson  D/D/III/16/10/7a  1847

Local Government  D/D/III/16/11/1 - 3  [n.d.]

Map of London  D/D/III/16/11/1  1839

Health of Towns (with letter dated 1 December 1848 enclosed)  D/D/III/16/11/2  1848

Proposal for new towns at Windsor and Eton (with letter dated 25 March 1847 enclosed)  D/D/III/16/11/3  1847

Maritime  D/D/III/16/12/1 - 16  [n.d.]

Timetable for Bristol and Newport Steam Packets  D/D/III/16/12/1  Jul 1840

Copy of representation of London Dock Company to Board of Trade with copy of correspondence between Board of Customs and London Dock Company (including lists of Directors of East & West India Dock, London Dock and St. Catherine Dock companies) re abuses by Board of Customs  D/D/III/16/12/2  1850

Engraving of a steam engine boiler by John Emslie  D/D/III/16/12/3  17 Jul 1850

(Tinted, on card)

Certificate of British Registry of the Dorothy Mary of Caernarvon, owned by William Jones, Shipbuilders and Griffith Roberts, Master Mariner, of Portmadoc  D/D/III/16/12/4  8 Sept 1854

'On the most powerful Ironclad' - a talk given by Rear Admiral J.A. Selwyn, who sent a copy to J.T.D. (Enclosed two bills for the London and North Western Hotels, Euston Square, London.)  D/D/III/16/12/5  16 June 1879

Engineering, Vol. XLIX, including article on SS City of Paris (Inman Line), endorsed by J.T.D  D/D/III/16/12/6  18 Apr 1890

'The use of Steel Castings in lieu of Iron and Steel Forgings: for ship and marine engine construction', by Mr. William Parker, from the Journal of Iron and Steel Institute, endorsed by J.T.D  D/D/III/16/12/7  c.1890

List of steamers and tonnage of Liverpool, Brazil and River Plate Mail Steamers (trimmed)  D/D/III/16/12/8  c.1880

Bill heading of the firm as D/D/III/16/12/8 above  D/D/III/16/12/9  c.1880

Print of an old Greek vessel, single mast and oars (taken from book?)  D/D/III/16/12/10  n.d

The effect Lloyd's Register of Shipping and other organisations will have on the Art of Ship-Building, by J. Higham Richardson  D/D/III/16/12/11  1874

Observations on the Maritime Contracts Bill of 1876, by R. Lowndes  D/D/III/16/12/12  1876

Association of Average Adjusters Report of the General Meeting, 12 May 1876  D/D/III/16/12/13  1876

Lecture on Maritime Warfare  D/D/III/16/12/14  1877

Notice of meeting of General Committee of Underwriters Registry for iron vessels  D/D/III/16/12/15  12 Sept 1870

11 documents, some with names and insurance premiums, some with figures and a total, others with writing, some undated  D/D/III/16/12/16  c.1860 - c.1863

Medicine and Science  D/D/III/16/13/1 - 6  [n.d.]

History of Circumcision, by P.C. Remondine  D/D/III/16/13/1  1891

'Natural Selection, its Inadequacy', by H. Spencer (reproduced from the Contemporary Review, Feb/March 1843)  D/D/III/16/13/2  1893

The Food Collection, inventory held by the Bethnal Green Branch of the Science Museum  D/D/III/16/13/3  1872

British and Asiatic Cholera, its homeopathic treatment  D/D/III/16/13/4  c.1846

Observations on the Cure of Consumption and other illnesses  D/D/III/16/13/5  1837

Address to the British Associations, by Charles Daubeny  D/D/III/16/13/6  1856

Religious  D/D/III/16/14/1 - 6  [n.d.]

'The New Religion', a public lecture by Mr. Owen  D/D/III/16/14/1  1830

'Charge to the Clergy of Chester in 1849' by John, Bishop of Chester  D/D/III/16/14/2  1849

'The Cry of the Curates' by one of them  D/D/III/16/14/3  1849

'The 20,000 Clergy and the Present Crisis', by Reverend R.F. Hessy  D/D/III/16/14/4  1884

Les Incunabula Biblica, by De M.W.A. Copinger  D/D/III/16/14/5  1893
Language:  French

'Science: The Ally of Religion', by Sir William Dawson  D/D/III/16/14/6  1896

Trade  D/D/III/16/15/1 - 10  [n.d.]

Report to Manchester Chamber of Commerce on mildew in cotton goods  D/D/III/16/15/1  1866

Poster of Joseph Kaye & Co., giving instructions for fixing their Patent Mortice Locks  D/D/III/16/15/2  n.d

Declaration on Equitable - Measure by the Linen Drapers, Silk Mercers and Carpet Dealers  D/D/III/16/15/3  n.d

Leaflet on Kreat - Halviva on Influenza with testimonies  D/D/III/16/15/4  n.d

Flysheet for liqueur, Halviva  D/D/III/16/15/5  n.d

Business Card for Jordan's Patent machine Carving, London  D/D/III/16/15/6  n.d

A British Imperial Customs Union, by William Gow  D/D/III/16/15/7  1896

Report of the Directors of the Commercial Union Assurance Company  D/D/III/16/15/8  1880

Page of Arabic writing (both sides)  D/D/III/16/15/9  n.d

Bundle (c.40 pieces) of notes on business, measurements, etc  D/D/III/16/15/10  n.d

Transport  D/D/III/16/16/1 - 7  [n.d.]

Reply from Mr. T. Wrigley over a report circulated by London and North Western Shareholders Association  D/D/III/16/16/1  1862

Appendix to 2nd edition of The Bubble of the Ages, concerning railways. No. 1 LNWR  D/D/III/16/16/2  1848

'Lightning Express Railway Service', by F.B. Behr  D/D/III/16/16/3  1893

'Lightning Express Railway Service' - a proposal, memorandum and report  D/D/III/16/16/4  1898

4 drawings of rolling stock for the railway  D/D/III/16/16/5  n.d

Time and fare table for Shrewsbury and Chester Railway, from 1 Aug 1848  D/D/III/16/16/6  1848

Map of railways in north Britain  D/D/III/16/16/7  1877

Miscellaneous Papers  D/D/III/16/17/1 - 6  [n.d.]

Hardback cover entitled, 'Sundry Papers', with many inserts and newscuttings  D/D/III/16/17/1  Apr 1892

Bundle of loose papers  D/D/III/16/17/2  n.d

9 Pieces

Drawing described as, 'Inside Measure of a Belt'  D/D/III/16/17/3  30 Apr 1895

Drawings for Thermometer Case  D/D/III/16/17/4  n.d

Pie Chart to show variation of daily temperature and of clothing need in England  D/D/III/16/17/5  n.d

Chart to show length of life of 40 famous Roman people  D/D/III/16/17/6  n.d

Conditions of access: (Piece missing).

Newspapers: Cutting Books, Papers and Cuttings  D/D/III/17/1 - 36  [n.d.]

Related information: N.B. (See Section 7 for Key to 17/2-5)

Cutting book entitled, 'Globe articles by J.T.D. and Daily News'. (Enclosed: MS list by J.T.D. of 'subjects of leading articles in this book'.)  D/D/III/17/1  Dec 1844 - Dec 1846

Cutting book entitled, 'Globe articles by J.T.D'  D/D/III/17/2  1847

Cutting book entitled, 'Globe articles by J.T.D'  D/D/III/17/3  1848-1849

Cutting book entitled, 'Globe articles, Jan-Mar 1850 and a few later' (largely unfilled)  D/D/III/17/4  1850

Cutting book entitled, 'Newspaper Cuttings'  D/D/III/17/5  1850-1864

Miscellaneous Printed and Written Loose Papers and out-size Volumes  D/D/III/17/5a  1858-1861

Out-size volume of printed material, including: 1858-1861
Press cuttings.
National Association for Promotion of Social Science. c.1860
Proofs of Thames and Mersey Marine Insurance Company procedures.
Reports of various committees of the Liverpool Chamber of Commerce.
Association of Liverpool Corn Trade. 1858
Memorial Committee of Thomas Tooke, FRS.

Newspapers, mostly annotated by J.T.D  D/D/III/17/6-33  [n.d.]

3 loose copies of Chambers' Edinburgh Journal  D/D/III/17/6  1841-1842

Copy marked: 'Pestilence of the 14th century'. Jan 1841
Copy marked: 'New Poor Law'. Feb 1841
Copy marked: 'Story of the "Cock Lane Ghost"'. Jan 1842

5 loose copies of The Times  D/D/III/17/7  1845-1865

Supplement on the Railway Interest of the U.K. Nov 1845
Unmarked copy. Jan 1854
Copy with marked report on the Crimean War. Nov 1854
Copy with marked report on C.R. Kennedy, a fallen lawyer Feb 1864
Copy with marked report on 'America: Peace Overtures'. Jan 1865

Bundle of 43 copies of Journal des Debats Politiqueset Litteraires and 1 copy of Le National  D/D/III/17/8  1847 - 1848

Bundle of 9 French newspapers, mainly Journal des Debats Politiques et Litteraires  D/D/III/17/9  1848 - 1852

Bundle of 4 copies of the Northern Daily Times, containing reports on the British Association proceedings, Liverpool  D/D/III/17/10  Sept 1854

[no title]  D/D/III/17/11  1856-1866

6 loose copies of the Globe, with articles discussing J.T.D.'s paper on Slavery and Cotton (Aug 1856), letters by J.T.D. on Maritime Law (Dec 1856 and Jan 1857), and marked article on American privateering (Jan 1857).

2 copies of the Daily Post with 1 marked article on 'La Guerroniere on the Papal Government'  D/D/III/17/12  Dec 1859

Bundle of 1 copy of the Economist, with article on J.T.D's pamphlet on underwriting (Dec 1883), and 11 trading supplements to the Economist  D/D/III/17/13  1874 - 1885

Bundle of 2 copies of the Nieuwe Rotterdamsche Courant  D/D/III/17/14  Sept 1875 - Oct 1875

The Times with marked articles on the Treaty of Berlin, and reception of Lords Beaconsfield and Salisbury in London  D/D/III/17/15  Jul 1878

Copy of Nature, annotated by J.T.D. on 'Professor Jevon's paper on commercial crisis'  D/D/III/17/16  1883 - 1884

[no title]  D/D/III/17/17  1883 - 1884

Bundle of copies of the Morning Advertiser (marked piece of Liberty & Property Defence League), June 1884; The Standard (unmarked), Mar 1884; Punch's Almanac for 1884 (unmarked); and the Unitarian Herald (marked piece on the late Reverend C.J. Perry), Oct 1883.

Bundle of 3 copies of The Times, including Queen's Jubilee issue for 21 June 1887 and Jubilee guide  D/D/III/17/18  June 1887

Daily Chronicle supplement on 'The British Association in Newcastle'  D/D/III/17/19  Sept 1889

Bundle labelled, 'Papers received from E.C.D. (Australia)'; The Bulletin and The Sydney Morning Herald  D/D/III/17/20  Nov 1890

Daily Telegraph labelled, 'Death of Van Moltke'  D/D/III/17/21  Apr 1891

2 issues of the Spectator, containing marked article on Thomas Cooper, 'The Last of the Chartists' and J.T.D.'s letter criticising this description  D/D/III/17/22  23-30 Jul 1892

2 copies of St. James Gazette, containing a letter from J.T.D. on the fall of the rupee  D/D/III/17/23  7 Mar 1893

2 copies of Daily Telegraph labelled, 'Gladstone's introduction of the Home Rule Bill'  D/D/III/17/24  Feb 1893

Daily Telegraph labelled, 'Life of Gladstone'  D/D/III/17/25  Mar 1894

Saturday Review containing a review of 'Our Next War in its Commercial Aspect' by J.T.D., and The Times with a letter to the Editor by Admiral P.M. Colomb recommending J.T.D.'s book  D/D/III/17/26  Nov 1894

Commerce (illustrated weekly) with a review of 'Our Next War in its Commercial Aspect' and a portrait of J.T.D. and portrait of J. Bryce  D/D/III/17/27  Dec 1894

Liverpool Daily Post and Liverpool Courier, containing descriptions of R.E. Morrison's portrait of J.T.D., being exhibited at Thomas Agnew's Exchange Art Gallery, Liverpool  D/D/III/17/28  Jul 1895

2 copies of the Jubilee edition of the Daily News and 2 facsimiles of the first number of the Daily News of 21 Jan 1846  D/D/III/17/29  21 Jan 1896

Shipping and Mercantile Gazette with leading article on 'Our Next War in its Commercial Aspect'  D/D/III/17/30  Jan 1897

Commerce (illustrated weekly) with a review of 'Our Commerce in War' by J.T.D  D/D/III/17/31  May 1897

Daily Telegraph and Liverpool Daily Post with marked reports on the banquet given by Liverpool Chamber of Commerce for the Duke of Devonshire, and Journal of Commerce with marked report on F.C.D.'s speech, as President of the Chamber  D/D/III/17/32  May & June 1897

Daily Graphic and The Times, with marked reports on the banquet given by Liverpool Chamber of Commerce for the Duke of Devonshire  D/D/III/17/33  June 1897

Illustrated Papers  D/D/III/17/34 - 36  [n.d.]

Bundle of 5 illustrated papers  D/D/III/17/34  1882 - 1892

Illustrated London News 5 & 12 Aug 1882
Black and White Nov 1891
The Graphic (reporting on death of the Duke of Clarence). Jan 1892
Illustrated London News (reporting on death of the Duke of Clarence). Jan 1892

[no title]  D/D/III/17/35  June 1897

Bundle entitled 'Jubilee numbers of London Illustrated Papers' (Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee).
Illustrated London News (with supplement).
The Graphic.
St. James's Budget (with supplement).

Miscellaneous press cuttings  D/D/III/17/36  nd

JOHN WESTWOOD DANSON (b.1853 - d.c.1911) Elder Son of J.T. Danson  D/D/IV  [n.d.]

The elder son of J.T.D., who took up residence in Burma in 1876  D/D/IV/1 - 9  [n.d.]

Loose papers and notes, including  D/D/IV/1  1861 - 1898

Phrenological notes on J.W.W.D. and Mrs. Danson. 1874 and 1861
Copy of the journal kept by J.W.W.D. on his journey homeward through India. 1885
Notes and pamphlet by J.W.W.D. on Steam Ferries, 1888
Copy of the registration of J.W.W.D.'s marriage to Susan B. Gessanges. 1889
Papers re J.W.W.D.'s boat, the Pioneer, including:
Pioneer's working accounts. May, June, Jul 1890
Letter from J.W.W.D. to F.C.D. re a test journey of Pioneer. 1890
Baptismal Certificate of J.W.W.D.'s daughter, Violet. 1892.
Draft of mortgage on J.W.W.D.'s inheritance from J.T.D. 1898
2 Burmese illustrated storybooks. n.d.

Filed correspondence, re Ruby Mines of Upper Burma  D/D/IV/2  1887

Newspapers, press cuttings and photographs, including  D/D/IV/3  1889 - 1897

Article, re the development of Upper Burma. 1889
Published letter by J.W.W.D. entitled, The Threatened Rice Famine. 1891
Press report on the case of Mrs. Donaldson's petition (J.W.W.D. having her late husband's power of attorney). 1893
Photographs, including:
O.O. Parama, with notes on the side by J.T.D. 1893
J.W.W.D.'s servant, with comment by J.W.W.D. 1894
J.T.D. 1816
The weekly Rangoon Times re the case of Mrs. Lutter. 27 Feb, 2, 13, 20 Mar 1897

Volume containing letters of J.W.W.D. re Ruby Mines in Burma  D/D/IV/4  1888

[no title]  D/D/IV/5  1888-1889

Original bundle of canvas samples from R. Haywood & Sons to F. Boydell & Sons, including letter from F. Boydell to J.T.D. re canvas for Pioneer. 1888 - 1889, 1889

Memorandum of Association of the Rangoon Steam Tramway Company Limited  D/D/IV/6  1889

[no title]  D/D/IV/7  1889-1890

Filed correspondence and receipts re the building of Pioneer by A. Hall & Co., including a letter from J.W.W.D. to J.T.D. re 'coolies'. 1889 - 1890, 1889, 1890

Contents of three envelopes re Pioneer  D/D/IV/8  1889-1890

i) Re arrangement between J.W.W.D. and J.T.D. for latter to pay costs of construction and rigging. 1889
ii) Receipts and insurance documents re merchandise sent to J.W.W.D. from F. Boydell & Sons and C. Howard & Sons. 1889
iii) Capital accounts. 1890

Volume containing loose notes by J.T.D. re advice on life to J.W.W.D., copied out in part by J.W.W.D  D/D/IV/9  n.d

SIR FRANCIS CHATILLON DANSON (1855 - 1926)  D/D/V  [n.d.]

Administrative history:
Younger Son of John Towne Danson

F.C. Danson's Correspondence: Letters from F.C.D  D/D/V/1  [n.d.]

Letter-books and Loose Letters  D/D/V/1/1 - 12  [n.d.]

Series of 4 large letter-books, containing copies of letters written by F.C.D  D/D/V/1/1-4  1884 - 1911

[no title]  D/D/V/1/1  Dec 1884 - Apr 1899

Chiefly to J.T.D. (many faded); also Mrs. Woodhead (mother of his first wife, Helen), H.M.R.D. (his daughter); Mary Hill (his sister); Edith D. (his second wife); J.W.W.D. (his brother); W. Talbot Ready (dealer in antiques); A.V. Dicey (constitutional historian at Oxford).

[no title]  D/D/V/1/2  Oct 1898 - Aug 1921

To: G. Murray Wilson (Grasmere), Sir Elliott Lees (MP for Birkenhead 1894-1906); Mr. A. Birkett (Secretary of the Birkenhead Conservative Association); Mr. H. Whalley (Liverpool Institute); J.B. Ismay (Shipowner and sometime Chairman of Liverpool Steamship Owners' Association); Sir Alfred Jones (Chairman of Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine); W.F. Lawrence (Salisbury); W. Talbot-Ready (dealer in antiques); Professor J. Garstang (Archaeologist); J.T.D.; H.M.R.D.; Mrs. Woodhead; Rosa Rudolph (his sister); Mary Hill; Edith D.; J.W.W.D.; A.V. Dicey; Mr. Gibson (architect) re repairs to Dry Close; Reverend Pollock, etc.

[no title]  D/D/V/1/3  Sept 1899 - Nov 1902

To: Sir Elliott Lees; Mr A. Birkett; Mr. Gibson; Dr. B.R. Johnston (Grasmere); Major R. Ross (Professor at Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine); Mr. Edmund Taylor (Birkenhead Conservative Association); Sir Richard Temple (Lieutenant Colonel, member of Privy Council); Sister Jeanne Francois Sheeth (Mother Superior, Convent de la Visitation, Paris); Walter S. Davies (Chief Constable, Birkenhead); Mrs. Anne Lockett (F.C.D.'s grandmother); H. Whalley; Sir Alfred Jones; Egypt Expedition Fund; Rosa Rudolph; Mary Hill; J.W.W.D., etc.

[no title]  D/D/V/1/4  n.d. Dec 1902 - Jan 1911

(Many feint) To: Sir Elliott Lees; Lady Lees; The Automobile Co-operative Association Ltd.; Reverend Pollock; Mr. Burridge (Headmaster in Birmingham); A. Douglas, MP; Dr. Johnston; Countess of Lathom; E. Lawrence (Oxford); Mr. C. Lowry (Sedbergh School); Mr. F. Griffin (Birkenhead School); Ramsay Muir (Professor of Modern History at Liverpool University); Sir George White (Pioneer in British Aeroplanes, Railways and Electric Street Traction Developments); Mrs. Anne Lockett; J. Garstang; Emma Lockett (F.C.D.'s aunt), etc.
Also, 7 pages of miscellaneous letter fragments (inside book).

Series of 7 small letter-books containing copies of letters written by F.C.D  D/D/V/1/5 - 11  1898 - 1926

To J.W.W.D. and E.C.D. (F.C.D.'s uncle), mainly re estate of J.T.D  D/D/V/1/5  Feb 1898 - Apr 1898

To J.W.W.D., E.C.D. and Rosa Rudolph, re estate of J.T.D., F.C.D.'s chairmanship of the Birkenhead Conservative Association, etc  D/D/V/1/6  Apr 1898 - Aug 1898

To J.W.W.D., E.C.D. and Rosa Rudolph, re death of E.C.D., the visit of the Lord Chancellor to Liverpool, the possibility of F.C.D. standing for election to Parliament, repairs to Dry Close, etc  D/D/V/1/7  Aug 1898 - Jan 1899

[no title]  D/D/V/1/8  1859-1900

To J.W.W.D. and Rosa Rudolph re estate of J.T.D., Association of Average Adjusters, Birkenhead Conservative Association, etc. Jan 1859 - Mar 1900
Also 16 loose letters and notes (inside book) including: (May 1859 - c. 1890)
3 letters, re Wirral Volunteer Rifle Corps. May 1859
7 letters from F.C.D. to his parents May 1866
2 letters from A.V. Dicey to J.T.D. re a book sent to J.T.D. Sept, Oct 1876
Page of notes by J.T.D. re Baptism of Danson and Towne families since 1761. c.1890

To Rosa Rudolph, mainly re family matters  D/D/V/1/9  Apr 1925 - Aug 1925

To Rosa Rudolph, mainly re family matters  D/D/V/1/10  Aug 1925 - Dec 1925

To Rosa Rudolph, mainly re family matters  D/D/V/1/11  Dec 1925 - Mar 1926

38 miscellaneous, loose letters from F.C.D  D/D/V/1/12  1900 - 1923

Including: 1900 - 1923
1 letter to the Lord Chancellor re the Merchant Shipping Bill. Jul 1900
1 letter to Sir Michael Hicks-Beach (Chancellor of the Exchequer) re his visit to Birkenhead. Oct 1900
1 letter to Mr. C.H.B. Cane re ownership of Lady Wood, near Dry Close. Feb 1901
1 letter to Mr. F. Cookes re average adjusting abuses. Nov 1903
1 letter to Viscount Hayashi (Japanese Ambassador to Britain 1920-25) re J.T.D.'s book, Commerce in War. Nov 1904
1 letter to James Dryce (British Ambassador to the USA) re Professor Norman Rudolph (F.C.D.'s brother-in-law). Apr 1908
1 letter to Sir Eric Mereweather (Governor of Sierra Leone) re Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine. Dec 1914
11 pages of miscellaneous copies of letters to J.R.D. (his younger son, later Colonel Danson) (some incomplete and undated). 1915
19 letters (from a letter-book) to J.R.D. Sept 1917 - Jan 1918
1 letter to Lord Derby re School of Tropical Medicine. May 1920
1 letter to Sir Arthur Stanley (MP for Ormskirk) re Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine. June 1920
1 letter to the Duke of York re the Honorary Presidency of the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine. June 1923

F.C. Danson's Correspondence: Letters to F.C.D  D/D/V/2/1 - 44  [n.d.]

Volume given to F.C.D. by J.T.D. containing Jan 1872  D/D/V/2/1  1872-1878

Articles of Association of Bailey, Lowndes and Stockley, Average Adjusters.
Extended letter of advice from J.T.D.
2 loose letters from J.T.D. to F.C.D. re:
(a) amount of money given to F.C.D. by J.T.D. June 1874
(b) J.T.D.'s attitude to F.C.D.'s proposed marriage to Helen Woodhead (with copy, annotated by J.T.D.) Jan 1878

Bundle of 113 letters from J.W.W.D. in Burma  D/D/V/2/2  Dec 1876 - Aug 1880

Bundle of 28 letters and 16 receipt  D/D/V/2/3  1879-1899

8 letters to F.C.D. re finances of E.F.D. and Margaret Danson. Jan 1879 - Jan 1887
20 letters to F.C.D. re the death and estate of E.C.D. June 1896 - Jul 1899
Most of these have been transcribed:
Letter from E.C. Danson, to F.C. Danson - 2 June 1898:
In reply to a letter dated 22 April E.C.D. sets out details of an argument between his brother (F.C.D.'s father) and Mr. (Joseph) Chamberlain, the outcome of which had been favourable to his brother (however, not before his brother's death). E.C.D. expresses the opinion that the new bridge which F.C.D. is planning, will be one of the most impressive structures of its kind to be erected in modern times. E.C.D. then expresses his admiration for Nelson and some regret that Nelson's victories included the loss of many valuable lives (Nelson's own included). He expresses the hope that F.C.D.'s bridge will open triumphantly and cites Bacon's view of good roads and bridges facilitating the rapid transport of men and merchandise from one part of the kingdom to another. He states that F.C.D.'s bridge will mark a distinct era in the history of commerce. E.C.D. then comments on the American-Spanish war and is rather disparaging towards both sides ("the Spaniards hide themselves and don't want to be found, and the Yankees look for them but don't want to find them").
E.C.D. encloses a P.S. in which he expresses his pleasure in the fact that F.C.D.'s brother has adopted his name (Edward) for one of his boys.
Letter from Superintendent of New South Wales Police Department (Walter C. Casey), to F.C. Danson - dated 9 September 1898:
Tells the death of E.C.D. at Bective near Tamworth (N.S.W.) on the 6 September 1898. A Coroner's inquiry found that death was from natural causes. The deceased had grown steadily more infirm over the previous two years and had suffered an attack of influenza, a fortnight before his death. He was buried in the Church of England Cemetery, Tamworth on 8 September. His property was handed over to the Curator of Interstate Estates.
Letter from Bank of New South Wales, to F.C. Danson - dated 12 September 1898:
Encloses a newspaper cutting detailing the Coroner's inquiry into the death of E.C.D. Letter states that at the time of his death, E.C.D.'s balance with the bank stood at £77.
Letter from Bank of New South Wales, London Branch, to F.C. Danson - dated 18 October 1898:
Instructs F.C.D. that the Power of Attorney be made out to the Manager of the Bank of New South Wales, Tamworth (believed to be George Morrison).
Letter from Hill, Dickinson, Dickinson and Hill (10 Water Street, Liverpool), to F.C. Danson - dated 25 October 1898:
Encloses a Power of Attorney. States that F.C.D.'s signature to the Power of Attorney and to the Declaration will have to be attested by a Commissioner - this being done they should be sent to the Bank Manager (N.S.W.) asking him to administer the estate. The name of the Superintendent of Police has been inserted into the Power of Attorney because of doubt as to the name of the Bank Manager and the legality of appointing an unnamed manager.
Power of Attorney sets out F.C.D.'s relationship to the deceased and appoints George Morrison of the Bank of N.S.W., or failing him, Walter C. Casey (Superintendent of Police for Tamworth) as lawful attorney for the administration of E.C.D.'s estate.
Letter from W.F. Tribe, Solicitor, Tamworth, to the Curator of Intestate Estates in Sydney - dated 30 November 1898:
An enquiry as to the position of E.C.D.'s estate - W.F. Tribe acting on behalf of G. Morrison who is the Attorney of F.C.D.
Encloses the original Power of Attorney and a Declaration by F.C. Ros to his life with the deceased.
Letter from J.W. Garrett, Registrar of Probates and Curator of Intestates, Estates' Office, Sydney, to W.F. Tribe - dated 8 December 1898:
J.W. Garrett instructs W.F. Tribe that he has gathered together E.C.D.'s estate and now holds the sum of £75.11s.0d. as well as several items of personal property; less £12.10s.0d. owing to Creditors. The estate cannot be distributed until 20 January 1899 (three months after the expiry date of advertisement to creditors). An application by F.C.D. may then be made.
Letter from G. Morrison (Bank of N.S.W.) to F.C. Danson - dated 12 December 1898:
George Morrison states his willingness to act on behalf of F.C.D. He encloses copies of correspondence between his solicitor (W.F. Tribe) and the Curator of Intestate Estates.
Letter from G. Morrison (Bank of N.S.W.), to F.C. Danson - dated 21 January 1899
George Morrison expresses doubt as to whether or not the Court in N.S.W. will grant administration of the estate to him on the Power of Attorney. Morrison, therefore, felt it best to refer the matter to the Curator of Intestate Estates. Encloses copies of the correspondence pertaining to the situation:
Copy of letter from W.F. Tribe, to the Curator of Intestate Estates - dated 6 January 1899:
W.F. Tribe states that as the situation stands, F.C.D. may only obtain his own share of the estate and that the other next of kin must apply for their own shares separately - two of the next of kin are out of England and it would mean a long delay and expense to get Powers of Attorney for them.
Copy of letter from P.W. Garrett (Curator of Intestate Estates), to W.F. Tribe - dated 11 January 1899:
P.W. Garrett informs W.F. Tribe that the share of F.C.D. will be paid under an Order of Court upon petition and that a further Power of Attorney will be required from the other next of kin before their shares can be obtained.
Copy of letter from W.F. Tribe, to George Morrison - dated 19 January 1899:
W.F. Tribe suggests that the best way of getting over the difficulty would be for the other next of kin to give Morrison a similar Power of Attorney (to F.C.D.) thus enabling him to receive all of the assets of the estate.
Letter from W.F. Tribe, to the Curator of Intestate Estates - dated 23 January 1899:
W.F. Tribe requests that the Curator keeps the estate intact and the books and accounts in order, so that there may be no delay in administering the estate once the other next of kin send authority.
Letter from George Morrison, to F.C. Danson - dated 11 May 1899:
George Morrison informs F.C.D. that he has received Power of Attorney from F.C.D.'s brother and that he is now only awaiting that of F.C.D.'s sisters.
Letter from George Morrison, to F.C. Danson - dated 5 June 1899:
George Morrison informs F.C.D. that he has received Power of Attorney from F.C.D.'s sisters. The petition for the assets of the estate has therefore gone to the Curator of Intestate Estates. Morrison asks F.C.D. to advise him as to how much is to be spent on a headstone for the grave of E.C.D.
Letter from George Morrison, to F.C. Danson - dated 3 July 1899:
George Morrison informs F.C.D. that he has forwarded a packet containing jewellery and a box containing books and papers, all of which had belonged to E.C.D.
Letter from George Morrison, to F.C. Danson - dated 17 July 1899:
George Morrison informs F.C.D. that due to the delay in the settlement of E.C.D.'s estate, he felt it necessary to send his solicitor (W.F. Tribe) to Sydney to bring matters to a conclusion. The expenses for this trip to be charged to the estate of E.C.D. Morrison assures F.C.D. that this is money well spent and that every effort has been made to keep costs down. He encloses a statement of account pertaining to the estate.
Statement from Wright, Heaton & Co., Ltd. of shipment of goods from Mr. George Morrison to F.C.D. - dated 20 June 1899.
- Cost £2.15s.6d.
Receipt from Wright, Heaton & Co., Ltd. - sent to George Morrison - dated 29 June 1899: sets out W.F. Tribe's expenses in the settlement of E.C.D.'s estate.
Statement of account of E.C.D. - signed by R.C. Young - dated 27 June 1899.
Certificate of Insurance from New South Wales Parcel Post:
Items being sent by George Morrison to F.C.D. - insured for the sum of £8.
Letter from Mary Witton, to F.C. Danson - dated 19 April 1899:
Mary Witton tells F.C.D. of the manner of his uncle's death. E.C.D. contracted influenza around 25 August (1898). E.C.D. would not have a doctor on the grounds that it would do him no good and he was not prepared to pay £10 for a doctor "just to stand in the room and do him no good". He was looked after by Mary Witton and offered her a sum of money to aid her. However, E.C.D. was too ill to write a cheque and suggested that she obtain the money from his nephew (F.C.D.). Mary Witton expresses her initial reluctance to do this due to the possibility of E.C.D.'s nephew disbelieving her story. She states that she too has been ill and was, therefore, unable to write earlier than she did. She had received £4 from the government (Australia) but had been forced to spend it all on medical treatment (for her eyes) including a four month stay in hospital. E.C.D. died on 6 September (1898) and was examined by a Coroner who declared that death was from natural causes. Mary Witton ends by declaring that the smallest donation F.C.D. could send would be "thoughtfully received".
Receipt for payment of money for headstone sent by George Aslin to monumental mason for payment of sum owing on E.C.D.'s gravestone - dated
1 September 1899.
Receipt for burial ground fees. Receipt sent by the Wardens of St. Paul's Church - dated 31 August 1899.
Sum owing - £1.
Letter from George Morrison, to F. C. Danson - dated 18 September 1899:
Morrison encloses a final statement of account, together with the receipts for the headstone and grave. Morrison apologises for not having done this sooner and explains that this is due to his having been ill (influenza).

Bundle of 75 letters  D/D/V/2/4  1890-1891

72 letters from J.T.D. Sept 1890 - Dec 1891
3 letters from A.V. Dicey, re politics, his speech on politics and history, and his arrangements for travelling to High Field South. Nov, Dec 1890

Bundle of 21 letters and 4 telegrams  D/D/V/2/5  1891-1898

21 letters from J.T.D. (includes rough draft of a letter by J.T.D. to Mr. Whiddendale, Secretary of the Bank of England, re UK bank resources). Feb 1891 - Jan 1898
4 telegrams re J.T.D.'s death (Frank Boydell, J.T.D.'s doctor). 24 Jan 1898

Bundle of 328 letters  D/D/V/2/6  1891-1894

5 letters from Douglas Owen (Association of Average Adjusters) re committee work and his retirement. Jul 1891 - May 1892
17 letters from Pain & Blease re building work for F.C.D. Dec 1891 - June 1894
14 letters from Margaret Danson. Jan 1892 - Jan 1894
4 letters from H.M.R.D. (Nelly). Jan 1892 - Mar 1893
9 letters from J.G. Carver re average adjusting. Feb 1892 - May 1894
51 letters from J.W.W.D. Mar 1892 - Nov 1894
3 letters from W. Paige Cox re the baptism of F.R.D. Apr, Dec 1892
8 letters from K.W. Elmsle (average adjuster) May 1892 - May 1894
37 letters from Rosa Rudolf May 1892 - Aug 1894
6 letters from Mary Hill Nov 1892 - Dec 1894
5 letters from Susan Danson (J.W.W.D.'s wife). Nov 1892 - Mar 1894
3 letters from Percival C. Robin re church business. Apr 1893 - June 1894
6 letters from R.D. Rudolph. May 1893 - Dec 1894
4 letters from Jeanne Van der Berghe re F.C.D.'s help in the recovery of his daughter's property. Jan, Feb 1894
13 letters from Percy E.D. Hammond re design for F.C.D.'s windows. Apr, Sept 1894
32 letters from A. Gardiner re business at F.C.D.'s Average Adjusting Firm. Oct 1892 - May 1894
Also: A. Norman Hill; William Woodhead; Herbert Scott; B.G. Orchard re F.C.D.'s inclusion in 'Liverpool's Legion of Honour'; W. Talbot Ready; William Krebs of Johnson & Higgins Average Adjusters and Insurance Brokers re F.C.D.'s firm's delay over 2 insurance cases; Fanny Evans; J.B. Dickson; Arthur Darwood re Power of Attorney sent to J.W.W.D.; John Ditton re J.T.D.'s shares in a German company; James H. Powell re retirement of D. Owen; Thomas H. Barker (Secretary, Liverpool Chamber of Commerce) re expenses; John Carter (Superintendent, Registrar's Office, Birkenhead); Walter J. Chambers re Percy E.D. Hammond; Grace Woodhead; Mary Woodhead; Secretary, The Institute of London Underwriters re arbitration; J. Storey re sale of pictures; John Robson re health of F.R.D.; William Rudolf re his mother's financial affairs; Court & McArthur (Average Adjusters); Thomas Davis (British & Foreign Marine Insurance Co.) re charges.

Bundle of 20 letters from J.T.D  D/D/V/2/7  Feb, Mar 1892

Bundle of 105 letters from J.T.D  D/D/V/2/8  Feb 1895 - Dec 1895

Bundle of 174 letters from J.T.D. and 2 from Edward C. Danson (containing also 7 photographs of property at Llangollen)  D/D/V/2/9  Dec 1895 - Dec 1896

Bundle of 19 letters  D/D/V/2/10  1896-1898

11 letters from Edward C. Danson (some of these are transcribed Mar 1896 - Sept 1898
5 letters from Edward C. Danson to J.T.D. Feb 1897 - Jan 1898
3 letters from Marguerite Marie Danson (great aunt of F.C.D.). Feb 1898 - Oct 1898
Many have been transcribed:
Letter from E.C. Danson, to F.C. Danson - dated 23 March 1896:
E.C.D. praises the virtues of F.C.D.'s father (also E.C.D.'s brother), a man to whom a deed of dishonesty would have been a "moral impossibility". E.C.D. expresses his regret that he is unable to make an adequate mention of the "goodness" that F.C.D. has already bestowed upon him. He goes on to mention that remittances which were sent to him quarterly are now (at his own suggestion) to be sent to him half-yearly.
E.C.D. encloses a list of books which had been destroyed by fire some years ago (and which he presumably wishes to acquire again). He also expresses his wish to acquire the books of George Elliott.
Letter from E.G. Danson, to F.C. Danson - dated 20 October 1897:
E.C.D. acknowledges receipt of a letter from F.C.D, (dated 10 September 1897) in which F.C.D. had expressed his thanks for receipt of the Herald (newspaper or magazine?). E.C.D. states that, any thanks between them are due from him to F.C.D. and that he feels hopelessly indebted to F.C.D. and his (F.C.D.'s) father.
E.C.D. expresses the hope that F.C.D. will never forget his "old uncle" but would not gain the same amount of pleasure from F.C.D.'s correspondence if it caused F.C.D. to neglect the important affairs that have been committed to his charge.
F.C.D.'s brother is intending to visit E.C.D. and E.C.D. states that it would be best if F.C.D.'s brother was to write and inform him of his intended date of arrival so that he could arrange to meet him (thus saving a good deal of trouble and expense).
Letter from E.C. Danson, to F.C.Danson - dated 4 March 1898:
E.C.D. acknowledges receipt of a letter from F.C.D. (dated 2 January 1898) and two newspapers, Liverpool Courier and London Daily Graphic.
Letter from E.C. Danson, to F.C. Danson - dated 8 March 1898:
E.C.D. replies to a letter from F.C.D. which told him of the death of his brother (F.C.D.'s father). E.C.D. had been greatly shocked to hear this as there had been no previous indication of his brother being ill. In the last letter that E.C.D. received from his brother, it had told of his brother's reluctance to travel to Liverpool for a meeting; partly due to the distance and cold weather and partly because of a disagreement between himself and a Mr. Chamberlain and the possible unpleasantness that would result if they were to meet.
E.C.D. likens his brother's death to the fall of a "noble tower" and states that his brother will long be remembered for his integrity, keen intelligence, penetration and insight of the ways and doings of men. He asks F.C.D. to remember him to the rest of the family and sends his deepest sympathy.
Letter from E.C. Danson, to F.C. Danson - dated 9 April 1898:
E.C.D. tells of how he received a note from A. & E. Rudden & Co., forwarding agents to the.......... Steam Ship Co. of New Zealand, saying that they had a parcel for him. E.C.D. replied, stating his full and accurate address, and requesting to know the amount owing on the parcel. He received a reply telling him the amount due (5/6d.) and that the parcel had been sent to the address furnished by him in his letter. Repeated enquiries to the railway station, however, received the reply that there was no such parcel. E.C.D. discovered that the parcel had been sent to East Tamworth Railway Station as opposed to West Tamworth Railway Station (as requested by E.C.D. ). He blames this on the "inability" of people to recognise the name Danson or to write it legibly. The parcel was found to contain a book entitled, The Life and Work of Sir Anthony Van Wych (Flemish painter who resided in England in the days of Charles I and II). E.C.D. reflects on the great kindness of F.C.D.'s father is sending him such a present when "on the brink of death". He states that genius has been described as the unlimited capacity for taking pains but that F.C.D.'s father had something superior - the unlimited capacity for doing what is good and right on all occasions.
Letter from E.C. Danson to F.C. Danson - dated 2 May 1898:
E.C.D. is replying immediately to a letter from F.C.D. (dated 24 March 1898) due to it being of business importance.

Bundle of 146 letters  D/D/V/2/11  1896-1897

5 letters from Edward C. Danson. Dec 1896 - Nov 1897
141 letters from J.T.D. Jan 1897 - Dec 1897

Bundle of 110 letters  D/D/V/2/12  1896 - 1897

13 letters from J.W.W.D. Dec 1896 - Nov 1897
2 letters from Edmund Taylor. Jan 1897
4 letters from Rosa Rudolf. Jan 1897 - Nov 1897
8 letters from William Woodhead. Jan 1897 - Jul 1897
3 letters from W. Talbot Ready (dealer in antiquities, coins, gems, etc. - London). Feb 1897 - June 1897
2 letters from C. Freeman Murray (Secretary of the British Empire League). Apr 1897 - Jul 1897
22 letters from A. Gardiner. May 1897 - Jul 1897
7 letters from Alfred Jones (Elder, Dempster & Co., Ship and Insurance Brokers). May 1897 - Dec 1897
4 letters from G.S. Lloyd Davies (partner in F.C.D.'s Average Adjusting Firm). Dec 1897
Also: Mary Hill; C.F. Barker (Secretary, Liverpool Chamber of Commerce); E. Shrapnell Smith (Secretary, Self Propelled Traffic Association); Rutter & Co. (Auctioneers and Valuers); I. Sneddon; E. Stewart Ker; A. Norman Hill (Secretary, Liverpool Steam Ship Owners' Association).

Bundle of 79 letters from J.W.W.D  D/D/V/2/13  Nov 1897 - Dec 1899

Bundle of 50 letters  D/D/V/2/14  1897 - 1899

3 letters from George Baden-Powell (founder of the Boy Scouts). Nov 1897 - Feb 1898
5 letters from Edward Russell. Jan 1898 - Jan 1899
5 letters from James Bryce. Jan 1898 - Feb 1899
3 letters from Mr. Hodgkin. Feb, Apr 1898
2 letters from Ralph Walpole (Librarian of the House of Commons). Mar 1898
3 letters from G.H. Wittenoom. Nov, Dec 1898
2 letters from C. McArthur. Feb 1899
2 letters from A.F. Squarey. Feb 1899
Also: Richard Temple; Henry Pelham; W.C. Full (Speaker of the House of Commons); R.J. Hasebrook; John Willcox.

Bundle of 268 letters  D/D/V/2/15  1898; Jul 1898 - Aug 1898

19 letters from Alfred Jones re opening of new Post Office, Speaker for the Chamber of Commerce, etc. Jan 1898 - Dec 1898
28 letters from G.S. Lloyd re Average Adjusting business. Jan 1898 - Sept 1898
5 letters from Ann Lockett. Jan 1898 - Mar 1898
13 letters from Mary Hill. Jan 1898 - Oct 1898
12 letters from Rosa Rudolf. Jan 1898 - Nov 1898
42 letters from Frank Boydell re various matters. Jan 1898 - Dec 1898
5 letters from R. Powell Feb 1898 - Apr 1898
8 letters from A. Norman Hill re stocks and shares. Feb 1898 - Jul 1898
11 letters from Keighley, Arnold and Sismey, Solicitors re Locketts Trusts. Feb 1898 - May 1898
4 letters from Thomas H. Barker re finances of Chamber of Commerce. May 1898 - Aug 1898
7 letters from A.H. Milne re Chamber of Commerce business.
Also: E. Sharapnell Smith re arrangements for vehicle trails; William Woodhead; C. Freeman Murray; Edmund Taylor; Horsfall Brothers re shares; A. Gardiner re average adjusting business; H.B. Dawes re horses; Ernest Boydell; Thomas H. Barker re School of Commerce; R.S. Antrobus; John Wilson (Builder).

[no title]  D/D/V/2/16  1898

Bundle containing:
29 letters from T.A. Welton re F.C.D.'s investments and the arrangement of an annuity for Edward Chester Danson. Mar 1898 - Dec 1898
Cash statement of annuity. Sept 1898

Bundle of 2 letters and 20 receipts  D/D/V/2/17  1898 - 1903

2 letters from J.W.W.D. re his finances. Jul 1898, Feb 1900
20 receipts re J.W.W.D.'s bills paid by F.C.D. - Messrs. Jan 1900 - Nov 1903
Turnbull & MacLeod, MD, FRCS; Reginald R. Cross (Fine Art Dealer); Henry Young & Sons (Book Dealers); Bibby Brothers & Co.; William Whiteley (Universal Provider); W.H. Smith & Sons.

Bundle of 179 letters  D/D/V/2/18  1898 - 1899

9 letters from Edmund Taylor re Conservative Party politics in Birkenhead. Sept 1898 - Mar 1899
9 letters from Marguerite Marie Danson. Jan 1899 - Dec 1899
8 letters from Mary Hill. Jan 1899 - Dec 1899
6 letters from Alfred Jones re the establishment of the School of Tropical Medicine. Jan 1899 - Apr 1899
2 letters from R. Powell. Jan 1899
2 letters from J. Gorsyth. Feb 1899
3 letters from Henri Fromageor(?) re J.T.D.'s Our Next War &......... Feb 1899
4 letters from A.H. Milne re Chamber of Commerce business. Apr 1899 - Aug 1899
6 letters from Rosa Rudolf. Apr 1899 - Oct 1899
2 letters from Arthur Bailey re shares in Bibby Steamship Co., Ltd. Apr, May 1899
3 letters from G.S. Lloyd Davies re Average Adjusting business. May 1899 - Aug 1899
3 letters from James Ismay re an article by F.C.D. on declaring private property exempt from capture. June 1899
3 letters from Reverend F. Pott re the purchase of J.T.D.'s 'The Wealth of Households'. June 1899
3 letters from D. Beeby (Honorary Secretary, Liverpool Shorthand Writers' Association) re F.C.D. becoming a Patron. June, Aug 1899
4 letters from Leo H. Cox. June 1899 - Oct 1899
2 letters from Benedict Jones re politics. Oct 1899
Also: Frank Boydell re life at Grasmere; W. Talbot Ready; William Getely re elections at Grange and Egerton Wards; Thomas H. Barker re telephone bills; T.G. Carver; W.H. Brown re F.C.D.'s mare; L.M. Coombe (Liverpool Institute High School for Girls) re testimonial; Philip H. Hols re proposing F.C.D. as President of the Liverpool Institute; Horsfall Brothers re stocks; Professor Henry F. Pelham re addressing the Liverpool Institute; Arthur Lindley re the report of the Sub-Committee to the Liverpool Underwriters' Association re average adjustments; Walter Davis (Chief Constable, Birkenhead) re 'Penny Dreadfuls'; Alfred Jones re the need for a 'local court'.

Bundle of 97 letters, 5 plans and accounts re repairs and extensions to Dry Close  D/D/V/2/19  1899 - 1902

90 letters from Dan Gibson, Architect. Mar 1899 - Oct 1902
5 letters from Arthur Jackson, builder.
2 letters from F.C.D. to Gibson re costs.
5 plans and uncompleted printed breakdown of costs by Gibson. June 1900

Bundle of 45 letters from J.W.W.D.  D/D/V/2/20  Jul 1899 - Dec 1900

Bundle of 225 letters  D/D/V/2/21  1899-1900

17 letters (on letter head) from W.B. Brown. Nov 1899 - Sept 1900
14 letters from Ann Lockett. Dec 1899 - Oct 1900
39 letters from Elliott and Florence Lees. Jan 1900 - Nov 1900
2 letters from Mary Hill. Jan, Mar 1900
4 letters from Benedict Jones. Jan 1900 - Oct 1900
3 letters from Alfred Jones. Jan 1900
2 letters from Edmund Taylor. Jan, Feb 1900
4 letters from Marguerite Marie Danson. Jan 1900 - Dec 1900
3 letters from Thomas H. Barker. Apr 1900 - June 1900
7 letters from A. Norman Hill. Apr, May 1900
5 letters from A. Kirkland. May 1900 - Jul 1900
2 letters from Frank Boydell. June 1900 - Oct 1900
5 letters from Horsfall Brothers. June 1900 - Nov 1900
4 letters from Fanny Evans. Jul 1900 - Dec 1900
7 letters from A. Birkett (Secretary, Birkenhead Conservative Association). Sept 1900 - Dec 1900
2 letters from William Woodhead. Sept 1900 - Oct 1900
5 letters from Francis Milliner (Carriage and Harness Manufacturer). Sept 1900 - Nov 1900
3 letters from C. Freeman Murray. Oct 1900 - Nov 1900
2 letters from S. Danson. Dec 1900
Also: The China League extract from a private letter from Mr. G. Jamieson to Mr. Gundry; copy of F.C.D.' speech re the return of Sir Elliott Lees as the M.P. for Birkenhead; 2 letters from Sir Elliott Lees re his activities in the Boer War; E. Londini (Registrar, University College Liverpool); H.M.R.D. (Nelly); R. Powell; B.R. Johnston; James L. McCulloch; G.S. Lloyd Davies; L.M. Coombe (Liverpool Institute High School for Girls); T.A. Welton; George C. Thomas (Secretary, The Navy League, Liverpool Branch) re a scheme for training poor boys for the sea; H. Ackerely (Secretary, The Primrose League); George Rae; A.H. Milne; Leo H. Cox; Milner's Safe Company; William S. Mair; W.R. Coe (Wall Street, New York); W. Talbot Ready; Alfred Jones; Pain & Blease (Solicitors).

Bundle of 89 letters  D/D/V/2/22  1899 - 1902

2 letters from Henry Pelham. Dec 1899 - Jan 1900
3 letters from Elliott Lees. Feb 1900 - Dec 1902
4 letters from Richard Temple. May 1900 - Nov 1901
8 letters from E.H. Wittenoom. June 1900 - Dec 1900
2 letters from Oliver Lodge. Jul, Nov 1901
9 letters from R. Ross (Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine). Jul 1901 - Dec 1901
2 letters from Alfred Jones. Sept, Nov 1901
2 letters from A.W.W. Dale (Vice-Chancellor, Liverpool University). Feb, Sept 1902
2 letters from H.M. Hozier. June 1902
5 letters from G.F. Bradley. Nov 1902 - Dec 1902
Also: H. Roscoe; R. Norman Shaw; E. Lawrence; William M. Banks; A.W. Ward; Walter Vernon Anson; Sir Robert Mowbray; James Bryce; Blair Athole; J.G. Carver; Austin Taylor.

Bundle of 234 letters and 8 telegrams  D/D/V/2/23  1900 - 1901

10 letters from various Conservative Associations (especially from A. Birkett, Secretary, Birkenhead Conservative Association). Aug 1900 - Nov 1901
3 letters from William Woodhead. Sept 1900 - Oct 1901
5 letters from Rosa Rudolf. Dec 1900 - Nov 1901
3 letters from J.W.P. Laird re his election to the town council. Dec 1900 - Oct 1901
8 letters from Ann Lockett. Jan 1901 - Nov 1901
1 letter from Frank Boydell. Jan 1901
4 letters from Farnworth and Jardine re Teak Scantling for the house. Jan 1901 - Aug 1901
9 letters from G.S. Lloyd Davies re business at F.C.D.'s firm of Average Adjusters. Jan 1901 - Oct 1901
8 letters from H.M.R.D. (Nelly). Mar 1901 - Nov 1901
29 letters from Elliott and Florence Lees re Sir Elliot's return from the Boer War. Mar 1901 - Nov 1901
2 letters from C. Freeman Murray. Mar 1901
7 letters from C.M. Rudolf. Apr 1901
4 letters from Edmund Taylor re his health and politics. Apr 1901 - Sept 1901
8 telegrams re Edith's (Mrs. Danson's) temperature. 11 - 25 Apr 1901
7 letters from Susan Danson. Apr 1901 - Dec 1901
1 letter from T.H. Barker re F.C.D.'s re-election to the Council of the Chamber of Commerce. May 1901
13 letters from The Well Fire Co. June 1901 - Dec 1901
7 letters from Mary Hill. June 1901
3 letters from T.A. Welton. June 1901 - Oct 1901
7 letters from Alfred Jones. Aug 1901 - Dec 1901
6 letters re A.R. Andrews and his employment. Aug 1901 - Sept 1901
4 letters from E. Shrapnell Smith re F.C.D.'s appointment as a Director of the Road Carrying Company. Sept 1901 - Oct 1901
4 letters from A. and F. Reynolds. Sept 1901 - Nov 1901
1 memo from the China League re Treaty Revision in China. Oct 1901
2 letters from R. Powell. Oct 1901
3 letters from Jeanne Francoise Sheath re the death of F.C.D.'s grand-aunt, Marguerite Marie Danson. Oct, Nov 1901
2 letters from E. Londini re F.C.D.'s appointment to serve upon the Court of Governors of University College, Liverpool, for 5 years. Oct 1901
3 letters from J.G. Carver re insurance. Nov 1901
1 letter from R. Ross re private medical work in West Africa. Nov 1901
2 letters from James McCulloch. Nov 1901
Also: B.R. Johnston re medical fees; Rudolf Danson; Benedict Jones; J. Lea; Marguerite Marie Danson.

Bundle of 12 letters from J.W.W.D.  D/D/V/2/24  Jan 1901 - Oct 1901

Bundle of 6 letters and printed material re Liverpool and District Public House Trust Co., Ltd.  D/D/V/2/25  1901 - 1902

6 letters from F.R. Radcliffe re deferred shares. Oct 1901 - Feb 1902, 1901
Memorandum and Articles of Association of the Liverpool and District Public House Trust Co., Ltd. 1901

Bundle of 266 letters  D/D/V/2/26  1901 - 1902

16 letters from J.W.W.D. Dec 1901 - Oct 1902
13 letters re Birkenhead Conservative Association (mainly from A. Birkett). Jan 1902 - Nov 1902
8 letters from Ann Lockett. Jan 1902 - Oct 1902
40 letters from Elliott Lees re the appointment of magistrates, settlement of the Boer War, his school's letter, Lever's offer. Jan 1902 - Dec 1902
6 letters from Alfred Jones re a banquet for Sir Wilfred Laurier. Jan 1902 - Aug 1902
7 letters from Edmund Taylor re the appointment of magistrates and his loss of interest in party activities. Jan 1902 - Aug 1902
5 letters from Harold Whalley re Liverpool Institute activities - discipline, prize distribution, etc. Feb 1902 - Jul 1902
3 letters from H.M.R.D. (Nelly) Mar 1902 - Nov 1902
11 letters from Rosa Rudolf. Apr 1902 - Oct 1902
3 letters from Susan Danson. Apr 1902 - Dec 1902
3 letters from T.A. Welton re London Census figures Apr, Aug 1902
3 letters from Emily Paterson (Secretary, Egypt Exploration Fund) re sending volumes on work done to F.C.D. Apr 1902
2 letters from William Rudolf. Apr, June 1902
10 letters from Frank Boydell.
8 letters from G.S. Lloyd Davies re cases being handled by F.C.D.'s average adjusting firm.
10 letters from G.R. Rudolf re business at F.C.D.'s average adjusting firm.
Also: W.R. Coe (Wall Street); G. Murray Wilson re the Grasmere Hall Scheme; Mary Hill; C. Hill; R. Powell; A. Forman (Honorary Secretary of the Villon Society); C. Basil Nixon (Managing Director, Manchester Motor Transport Company) re F.C.D. taking up shares; J.M. Coombe; Leo S. Hazlehurst (Mayor) re making Mr. Bloom a Magistrate; Uncle Ted; Constitutional Association re a resolution on the agenda of the Chamber of Commerce which they want withdrawn; William Woodhead; John Wilson (builder); E.W. Hope (Medical Officer of Health, Liverpool) re F.C.D.'s election as a member of the General Executive Committee appointed to arrange a Public Health Congress; A.H. Milne (Honorary Secretary, The Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine); C. Freeman Murray (Secretary, British Empire League) re a visit to Liverpool; A.W.W.D. (Principal University College, Liverpool); Horsfall Brothers re stocks; Norman Rudolf re Serums sent to F.C.D.; Maple & Co. (Furnishings).

Bundle of 200 letters  D/D/V/2/27  1902 - 1903

12 letters from J.W.W.D. Jan 1902 - Nov 1903
4 letters from Anne Lockett. Jan 1903 - Oct 1903
3 letters from L.M. Coombe re applying for the post of Headmistress of St. Paul's Girls' School. Feb, Mar 1903
4 letters from Rosa Rudolf. Jan 1903 - Sept 1903
8 letters from G.S. Lloyd Davies re Average Adjusting business. Jan 1903 - Sept 1903
27 letters from Elliott Lees re his trip to Egypt, France and Italy; his political opinions and policies. Jan 1903 - Dec 1903
18 letters re Conservative Association activities (mainly from A. Birkett). Feb 1903 - Oct 1903
4 letters from Susan Danson. Apr 1903 - Jul 1903
2 letters from W. Talbot Ready re a marble relief and jade. May, Oct 1903
5 letters from Mary Hill. June, Jul 1903
6 letters from Alfred Jones re the attempt to get Chamberlain to come to the Liverpool Chamber of Commerce. Jul, Aug 1903
3 letters from G. Murray Wilson. Sept, Oct 1903
Also: H.M.R.D. (Nelly); Benedict Jones re his health; R. Powell; Emily Paterson re archaeological books; J.G. Carver re the Passage Court Judgeship; Charles S. Parker re the British Empire League and Corn duty; Horsfall Brothers re shares; A.H. Milne (Secretary Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine); C. Freeman Murray re agenda of a meeting of the Council of the British Empire League; Harold Whalley re Liverpool Institute; E. Rathbone re Schools Clothing Fund; Leo S. Hazlehurst re appointments to the Bench; Rules of the Liverpool Economic and Statistical Society; Constance Alsop; J.W. Alsop re Sir Elliott Lees and a meeting of the Secondary Education Sub-Committee; J.E. Gray Hill (President, The Navy League) re a benefit for the training school and F.C.D.'s resignation from the Training Home Committee; Norman Rudolf; Edmund Taylor; G.R. Rudolf re Average Adjusting cases.

Bundle of 219 letters  D/D/V/2/28  1903 - 1904

5 letters from Susan Danson. Jan 1903 - Jul 1904
5 letters from W.R. Coe re Average Adjusting Cases. June 1903 - June 1904
18 letters from Rosa Rudolf. Oct 1903 - Dec 1904
6 letters from Mary Hill. Nov 1903 - Oct 1904
9 letters from Elliott Lees re his bill "The Mariners' Votes" and politics in general. Dec 1903 - Mar 1904
5 letters from Anne Lockett. Jan 1904 - Oct 1904
7 letters from Horsfall Brothers re share transactions. Jan 1904 - Oct 1904
5 letters from W. Talbot Ready re a vase from Rhodes. Jan 1904 - Aug 1904
3 letters from Hugh R. Rathbone re university finances Jan, Mar 1904
2 letters from G. Murray Wilson re stocks. Jan, Jul 1904
6 letters from G.S. Lloyd Davies re Average Adjusting cases. Feb 1904 - Nov 1904
4 letters from C. Freeman Murray re F.C.D.'s election to the Executive Committee of the British Empire League, copy of a letter from the Rt. Hon. Lord Balfour of Burleigh, K.T. to the Secretary of the League re the "British Empire Review". Feb 1904 - Oct 1904
4 letters from Benedict Jones re local politics. Feb, Mar 1904
3 letters from Harold Whalley re Liverpool Institute. Feb 1904 - Jul 1904
10 letters from J.W.W.D. Mar 1904 - Dec 1904
3 letters from T.A. Welton re the return of papers. Apr 1904 - Nov 1904
4 letters from G.R. Rudolf re Average Adjusting and social affairs. May 1904 - Dec 1904
3 letters from the Registrar of Leeds University re the Superannuation Scheme of the University of Liverpool. Jul, Aug 1904
5 letters from Robin Rudolf (Rosa's husband) re his fall and concussion. Jul 1904 - Dec 1904
8 letters from Frank Boydell. Sept 1904 - Dec 1904
Also: F.S. Carey re Liverpool University finances; H.V. Weisse (Headmaster, Liverpool Institute); Edmund Taylor re Conference at Southampton; L.M. Coombe re prize-giving; E. Woodhead; Major F.M. Roome (Honorary Secretary Liverpool Branch of the National Service League); Henry Irving (Assistant Secretary, The Navy League) re action brought against members of the General Committee by Captain Thomas for alleged wrongful dismissal; William S. Mair re "The Bill"; R. Ross (Professor, Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine) re circulation of the United Service Journal; E. Londini re Superannuation Scheme of Liverpool University; P. Hebblethwaite (Registrar, Liverpool University); A.W.W. Dale (Vice-Chancellor, Liverpool University) re a meeting; A.H. Milne (Secretary, Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine) re Major Ross' salary in 1903; Charles Dodge (Vicar of St. Peter's Church, Birkenhead) re the poor of Birkenhead; notes to Coe re salvage.

Bundle of 160 letters  D/D/V/2/29  1904 - 1905

11 letters from Rosa Rudolf. Jan 1904 - Nov 1905
4 letters from E. Davies and Sons re F.C.D.'s mare. Aug 1904 - Oct 1905
8 letters from J.W.W.D. Dec 1904 - Sept 1905
6 letters from Crow Rudolf and Co. re the liquidation of the Maroa Steamship Co., Ltd. Dec 1904 - May 1905
4 letters from G.S. Lloyd Davies re Average Adjusting business. Dec 1904 - May 1905
3 letters from Anne Lockett. Jan 1905 - Jul 1905
3 letters from G. Murray Wilson re telephone company and politics. Jan 1905 - Feb 1905
3 letters from G.R. Rudolf re coming into partnership with F.C.D. Feb, Nov 1905
3 letters from W. Owen Williams (Professor of Veterinary Medicine and Surgery) re his appointment and salary. Mar, May 1905
3 letters from W.R. Coe re buying marbles from Mr. Cross. Mar 1905 - Oct 1905
3 letters from Elliott Lees re his sisters' voyage and work in Parliament. Mar 1905 - Jul 1905
2 letters from L.C. Coombe re the appropriation of her rooms by the Committee of the Liverpool Institute High School for Girls. Jul, Oct 1905
5 letters from John Garstang re inviting F.C.D. to become a Vice President of the Institute of Archaeology; the nature of the work of the Institute; finances. Jul 1905 - Oct 1905
2 letters from Frank Boydell. Aug, Oct 1905
4 letters from John Rankin re social engagements. Sept, Oct 1905
8 letters from Francis Rudolf Danson at Sedbergh School. Oct 1905 - Dec 1905
Also: Philip H. Holt re his resignation as Chairman of the Boys School of the Liverpool Institute; Harold Whalley re F.C.D.'s period as President of the Liverpool Institute; T.A. Welton re numbers of migrants into and from English Counties between 1881 - 1901; H.V. Weisse (Headmaster, Liverpool Institute) re his illness and the death of his mother; Alice Crompton (daughter of Emma Lockett); Mary Lipton re subscriptions to the T.P.C.C.; W.H. La Boyteaux (Average Adjuster) re a claim; F. Davey re Museum's share in Esna Excavation; A.W.W. Dale re the nomination of Mr. Alsop for membership of the Council of Liverpool University; Hugh Rathbone re Liverpool University finances; Rubert Boyce (School of Pathology, Thompson Yates Laboratories) re the financial position of the school and its importance to the community; Benedict Jones re arranging a meeting with Sir Elliott Lees; A. Norman Hill re Lockett Trust Deads; Horsfall Brothers re stocks; Mary Hill; Report of a meeting of the China Association re its amalgamation with the China League; H.M.R.D. (Nelly); William S. Mair re Parish matters.

Bundle of 239 letters and 120 postcards  D/D/V/2/30  1906

6 letters from John Rankin. Jan 1906 - Oct 1906
5 letters from Anne Lockett. Jan 1906 - Oct 1906
9 letters from G. Murray Wilson re voting for Lord Henry and the building of a Conservative Club at Grasmere. Jan 1906 - June 1906
12 letters from Henry V. Weisse (Headmaster, Liverpool Institute) re his attending a Headmasters' meeting, Mr. Rise the Physics Master, Headmasters' reports for February and June 1906. Jan 1906 - Jul 1906
21 letters from Francis Rudolf Danson at Sedbergh School. Jan 1906 - Dec 1906
9 letters from Rosa Rudolf. Feb 1906 - Dec 1906
8 letters from G.R. Rudolf re his partnership with F.C.D. Feb 1906 - Jul 1906
6 letters from G.S. Lloyd Davies re Average Adjusting business. Feb 1906 - Sept 1906
2 letters from James Alsop. Mar, June 1906
14 letters from Edmund Taylor re Mr. Mallett. Mar, Aug 1906
3 letters from C. Lowrey (School House Sedbergh). May 1906 - Sept 1906
5 letters from Horsfall Brothers re interest, rates and stocks. May 1906 - Dec 1906
3 letters from Alfred Jones re the Nigeria's claim and a meeting of the British Empire League. Aug 1906 - Oct 1906
5 letters from W.R. Coe re the appointment to his Average Adjusting Office of Mr. Clover. Sept 1906 - Nov 1906
Also: Marion Woodhead; Tom Wilson (Builder); T.A. Welton re his letter in the Saturday Review; G.C. Meister re Egyptian Vases presented by F.C.D. to Sedbergh School; C. Freeman Murray re prospectus of The British Empire Club; Patricia C. Pollock re parish funds; James H. Rea re J.W.W.D.; booking him a room in Burma; J.W.W.D.; George H. Cox re his intended resignation of the Vice Presidentship of the Liverpool Chamber of Commerce; Susan Danson; A. Birkett re visit of Sir Elliot Lees to Birkenhead; Bernard Pares re the development of Russian Studies in Liverpool; Mary Hill; W. Talbot Ready.
Letters re Liverpool University:
27 letters and 10 postcards (mainly from John Garstang) re excavations; Mr. Bosanquet; F.C. Danson's Book of the Dead; concessions in Turkish Asia Minor; exhibition by the Earl of Derby in the Public Museums of Liverpool; the founding of a chair of Egyptology.
4 letters from G. Cyril Armstrong re his duties and responsibilities in the Department of Greek. Aug 1906 - Oct 1906
3 letters from P. Hebblethwaite (Registrar, Liverpool University) re F.C.D.'s election to the University Council for a period of three years. Dec 1606
Also: A.W.W. Dale, C.H. Reily.

Bundle of 266 letters  D/D/V/2/31  1907 - 1908

33 letters from Francis and Raymond Danson (Ru and Ray) at Sedbergh School. Jan 1907 - Dec 1907
6 letters from C. Lowry (School House, Sedbergh) re his departure from Sedbergh. Jan 1907 - Sept 1907
24 letters from various motorcar companies - Humber; Chapman; Von Sobbe & Co.; Argyll. Jan 1907 - Nov 1907
4 letters from Anne Lockett. Jan 1907 - Oct 1907
3 letters from G. Murray Wilson re his forthcoming marriage and the Grasmere Constitutional Club. Jan, Nov 1907
6 letters from Henry V. Weisse re the construction of an iron Rifle Range and the quality of the pupils at the Liverpool Institute. Feb 1907 - Aug 1907
7 letters from G.R. Rudolf re Average Adjusting cases. Feb 1907 - Dec 1907
5 letters from Alfred Jones. Feb 1907 - Oct 1907
2 letters from James H. Rea re his trip to Burma. Mar, Dec 1907
7 letters from Rosa Rudolf. Apr 1907 - Nov 1907
4 letters from L.M. Coombe re prize-giving of the Liverpool Institute. June 1907 - Dec 1907
4 letters from Norman Rudolf re his appointment to the Chair of Applied Chemistry at the Indian Institute of Science. Jul 1907 - Dec 1907
6 letters from G.S. Lloyd Davies re Average Adjusting business. Jul 1907 - Nov 1907
15 letters from F. Griffin (Headmaster, The School House, Birkenhead) re his application to Sedbergh School. Sept 1907
Also: Horsfall Brothers; Lettice Hill (F.C.D.'s niece); J.W. Alsop; Elliott Lees re his silver wedding; William S. Mair; Bernard Pares; Edward Woodhead; T.A. Welton; John Wilson (Builder); F.B. Malim re a case of bullying at Sedbergh School; W. Talbot Ready re a pendant; W.R. Coe re Average Adjusting business.
Letters re Liverpool University:
18 letters (mainly from F. Davey and John Garstang) re Abydos Excavations, departmental matters, Garstang's will. Sept 1906 - Jan 1908
4 letters from A.W.W. Dale re Prise Distribution and insurance. Feb 1907 - Oct 1907
2 letters from Arthur Paterson re an appeal for the Dental Hospital Building Fund. Mar 1907

Bundle of 513 letters contained in 2 folders  D/D/V/2/32  1907 - 1909

Folder A
27 letters from H. Nelson Davy, Liverpool Manager, Humber Ltd. Nov 1907 - Aug 1909
13 letters from Anne Lockett. Jan 1908 - Oct 1908
10 letters from F.B. Malim, re F.C.D.'s appointment as a Governor of Sedbergh School and his gift of Egyptian Antiquities to the school museum. Jan 1908 - Apr 1909
36 letters from Norman, Rosa and G.R. Rudolph re Indian Institute of Science and a possible association between it and the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, re Mersey Dock Board and the Ocean Steam Navigation Co. Jan 1908 - Dec 1909
3 letters from Sir Elliott, Thomas and Florence Lees, 2 re death of Sir Elliott. Jan, Oct 1908
14 letters from Sir Alfred Jones (Elder, Dempster & Co.) re Presidency of Chamber of Commerce and Free Trade. Mar 1908 - Nov 1909
4 letters from Frank Boydell. Apr 1908 - Sept 1909
16 letters from H.V. Weisse, Headmaster of Liverpool Institute (F.C.D. was Chairman of the Institute). Apr 1908 - Oct 1909
9 letters from Bernard Pares, Professor of Russian studies at Liverpool University re visit of Russian representatives to Liverpool, and compensation for the SS St. Kilda, sunk by a Russian ship. May 1908 - Jan 1909
13 letters from G.S. Lloyd-Davies. June 1908 - Dec 1909
6 letters from W. Talbot-Ready. Jul 1908 - Apr 1909
15 letters from Horsfall Brothers (Stocks and Shares Brokers). Mar 1908 - Oct 1909
2 letters from H.R. Rathbone re Free Trade. Apr, May 1909
13 letters from the Automobile Co-operative Association Ltd. Apr 1909 - Oct 1909
Also: F.S. Powell re Sedbergh School; 2 from Robert Boyce re F.C.D.'s Vice-Chairmanship of the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine; L.M. Coombe (Liverpool Institute); G.M. Cassington re Mrs. Lockett; G.H. Cox (Birkenhead); A. Norman Hill re new articles of partnership for F.C. Danson and Co.; Thomas Kearns; Edward Russel; J.H. Heywood (Grasmere); G. Murray Wilson; J.H. Rea; J.W.W.D.; C. Freeman Murray (British Empire Club); Austin Taylor.
Folder B
Letters re Liverpool University, including:
58 letters re Institute of Archaeology, mainly from Professors John Garstang and John L. Myers. Jan 1908 - Dec 1908
11 letters re School of Pathology, mainly from Rubert Boyce and William Millhouse, Secretary. Jan 1908 - Dec 1908
3 letters from and 2 letters to A.M. Sing and Co. re Stocks and Shares. Feb 1908 - Nov 1908
16 letters re Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, mainly from A.H. Milne, Secretary. Feb 1908 - Oct 1908
8 letters from Professor Ramsay Muir. June 1908 - Dec 1908
5 letters from P. Hebblethwaite, Registrar of University. June 1908 - Feb 1909
Also: A.W.W. Dale, R.C. Bosanquet, Bernard Pares, Edward Larcey (Liverpool University)

Bundle of 483 letters in 3 folders  D/D/V/2/33  1900 - 1911

Folder A
14 letters from Robin Rudolph re money from J.T.D.'s estate and the Lockett's Trust. May 1900 - Sept 1911
17 letters from Horsfall Brothers. Oct 1909 - Oct 1911
8 letters from Leslie Scott, Unionist candidate for Exchange Division in 1910 General Election. Sept 1909 - Jan 1910
8 letters from H.V. Weisse re new pavillion and new education rates. Dec 1909 - Sept 1911
10 letters from W. Talbot Ready. Dec 1909 - Aug 1911
3 letters from G. Murray Wilson re General Election. Jan 1910 - Nov 1910
29 letters from G.R. Rudolph re General Election and business. Jan 1910 - Sept 1911
4 letters from Edgar C. Sanders, Clerk to Liverpool Police Courts. Jan 1910 - Aug 1911
8 letters from F.B. Malim, Headmaster of Sedbergh School. Feb 1910 - Nov 1911
7 letters from Hill, Dickinson and Co. re Lockett's Trust. Feb 1910 - Aug 1911
23 letters from J.W.W.D. Feb 1910 - Aug 1911
11 letters from G.S. Lloyd-Davies. Feb 1910 - Sept 1911
12 letters from Frank Boydell. May 1910 - Dec 1911
10 letters from E.D. Cuming (nephew of Mrs. Lockett) re John Towne. June 1910 - Oct 1910
14 letters re Lockett's Trust. Sept 1910 - Aug 1911
4 letters from Mary Hill re Charles Towne. Sept 1910 - Oct 1911
3 letters from E. Gray Hill (wife of John Gray Hill, Shipowner). Oct 1910 - June 1911
Folder B
Letters and printed material re:
Various motorcar companies and organisations (Cheshire Motor Works, A.A., Englebert Tyres Ltd., Humber Ltd., Automobile Co-operative Association Ltd.). Oct 1907 - Dec 1911
North British Academy of Arts. June 1909 - June 1910
The Chamber of Commerce. June 1910, Aug 1911
Bromboro Port Estate Ltd. (Liverpool) (F.C.D. a Director). Sept 1910
Also: H.B. Greenwood; Francis S. Powell; Sir Alfred Hopkinson (Vice-Chancellor of Manchester University); Miles Kirk Burton (Mersey Docks and Harbour Board); William Millhouse; H.W. Machell (Honorary Secretary of Grasmere Miniature Rifle Club); K.W. Monsarrat (Liverpool); Robert Gladstone; H.M.R.D.; Ethel, Robin and James Rudolph; E. Woodhead (Liverpool); T.A. Welton; W.H. Ralston (Honorary Secretary of Boy Scouts Wirral Advisory Council); Frank Jameson (Secretary of Mersey Boy Blue Jackets); P.W. Atkin (Liverpool); Sir Rubert Boyce; J. Gray Hill (Shipowner); James Thompson and Charles Petrie (Secretary and Chairman of the Liverpool Constitutional Association); L.M. Coombe (Liverpool Institute); miscellaneous other letters and printed material.
Folder C
Letters re Liverpool University:
31 letters re Institute of Archaeology, mainly from John Garstang. Sept 1908 - Nov 1911
9 letters re School of Tropical Medicine, mainly from A.H. Milne and Sir Ronald Ross. Jan 1910 - May 1911
4 letters from Hugh Rathbone. Feb 1910 - Aug 1911
13 letters re School of Russian Studies, mainly from Professor Bernard Pares. Feb 1910 - June 1911
4 letters from J.A. Twemlow, Secretary of the School of Local History and Records. Apr 1910 - Mar 1911
7 letters from John Rankin re motoring and Liverpool Institute. May 1910 - Oct 1911
4 letters from Ramsay Muir re University Extension Board. June 1910 - June 1911
3 letters from A.W.W. Dale. June 1911 - Nov 1911
Also, copy of letter from Professor Herdman to the Honorary Treasurer of the Liverpool Marine Biology Committee. Jul 1910
Also: William S. Mair re Rydal Church Fund; W.H. Lever re Cancer Research Fund Committee; Dutton Memorial Fund and School of Tropical Medicine; K. Meyer (Liverpool University); William Grisewood and Sons (Chartered Accountants) re Abydos Excavations and Exhibition 1909; Alsop, Stevens, Crook and Co. re W.A. Lever's gift to the University; miscellaneous other letters.

Bundle of 17 letters and printed material re Office of Sheriff of Westmorland  D/D/V/2/34  1912 - 1915

4 letters from Almeric Fitzroy of The Privy Council Office re F.C.D.'s nomination as Sheriff and F.C.D.'s nomination of others. Nov 1912 - May 1914
7 printed papers re 1914 summer assizes, including a printed parchment of the names of the special Jury with the Sheriff's seal. May, June 1914
1 letter from H.B. Greenwood. May 1915
1 copy of letter from F.C.D. to R.H. Greenwood, and statement re Accounts of Term of Office. May 1915

Bundle of 58 letters  D/D/V/2/35  1904 - 1924

2 letters from Stephen Loinch (New York) re J.B. Ismay. Mar, Apr 1904
3 letters from Lord Leverhulme re School of Tropical Medicine and his Viscountcy. Nov 1912 - June 1917
13 letters from Lord Derby and 5 rough copies of replies by F.C.D. re School of Tropical Medicine. Also copy of letter from W.S. Churchill to Lord Derby re School of Tropical Medicine and his Viscountcy. Apr 1914 - Nov 1924; Dec 1921
1 letter from A.N. Hill re Admiralty Court. Jan 1917
1 letter from Duchy of Lancaster Office. May 1918
6 letters from Lord Mersey, and 3 copies of replies by F.C.D. re War Memorial organised by F.C.D. Dec 1919 - Oct 1920
2 letters from the Society of Knights Bachelor. Feb, Nov 1920
2 letters from the Home Office re Knighthood Ceremony, and a rough reply by F.C.D. Feb 1920
Letter from Sir Douglas Owen (London Hospital, Marine Insurance). May 1920
Letter from Lord Knutsford re London Hospital. Nov 1921
2 letters re School of Tropical Medicine Laboratory in Sierra Leone. Dec 1921
1 letter from the Bishop of Liverpool re School of Tropical Medicine. Dec 1921
1 letter from Leslie Scott, M.P. Mar 1922
1 letter from Lord Lovell re National Council for Combating Venereal Diseases. Jul 1922
1 letter from M.E. Sadler (Oxford) re Liverpool Institute. Nov 1924

Bundle of 360 letters (with some printed material) in 2 folders  D/D/V/2/36  1913 - 1915

Folder A
4 letters from F.W. Mace (Mersey Docks and Harbour Board) re a bridge across the River Mersey. Jan 1913 - June 1914
3 letters from G.S. Lloyd Davies re his forthcoming operation and an Average Adjusting case. Jan 1913
7 letters from A.H. Milne (Secretary, Liverpool Chamber of Commerce) re the business and finances of the Chamber. June 1913 - Nov 1914
7 letters from various Motorcar Companies - Vulcan, Liverpool Stables and Motors Ltd. Jul 1913 - Jan 1915
2 letters from Stenon Cooke (Secretary, The Automobile Association and Motor Union) re F.C.D.'s election as a life member. Jul 1913
5 letters (one of which is from (Sir) Robert Baden Powell) re the Boy Scout Movement. Oct 1913 - Aug 1914
Pamphlet entitled The Nation's Hope (re the Scout Movement) published by The Boy Scouts' Association. n.d.
4 letters from H.V. Weisse re Liverpool Institute matters. Nov 1913 - Jan 1915
6 letters from A.W.W. Dale re unveiling of the Boyce Memorial and Mr. MacKay's resignation. Nov 1913 - Mar 1914
7 letters from the Horsfall Brothers re stock and share transactions. Dec 1913 - Sept 1914
7 letters from Alice Thomas re investments. Jan 1914 - Apr 1914
6 letters from Frank Boydell re nautical equipment and terminology. Jan 1914 - Jul 1914
8 letters from Tom Wilson (Builder). Jan 1914 - Sept 1914
2 letters from G. Murray Wilson re a print of Liverpool and F.C.D.'s planned nomination of him for High Sheriff. Feb. May 1914
39 letters from H.B. Greenwood (Under Sheriff of Westmorland) re F.C.D.'s investiture as High Sheriff of Westmorland. Feb 1914 - Dec 1914
3 letters from John Rankin. Mar 1914 - Dec 1914
7 letters from Rosa Rudolph. Apr 1914 - Dec 1914
4 letters from T.A. Welton re Census figures, a bridge across the River Mersey and stock dividends. Apr 1914
13 letters from G.R. Rudolph re G.S. Lloyd Davies' health and Average Adjusting cases. Apr 1914 - Oct 1914
14 letters from Hill, Dickinson & Co. re a building dispute between F.C.D. and Mr. Goodwin. May 1914 - Dec 1914
4 letters from Edward Wilson (Honorary Secretary, Cumberland and Westmorland Antiquarian and Archaeological Society) re books. June 1914 - Oct 1914
Also: Bridge; John T. Wood (M.I.C.E.) re bridge; George Day (Antiquities Dealer); Ramsay Muir (Professor of Modern History, Liverpool University) re his departure for India; J. Cooper Clark re F.C.D. finding an appointment for him; J.L. Hudd (Department of Parasitology, McGill University, Montreal) re the ideal situation for the proposed Liverpool University laboratory in Africa; John J. Clark (University Accountant) re position of the General Bank Account: Richard Caton re Tropical School; W.L. Thorn (Mersey Docks and Harbour Board) re Master Porters Rates; W. Herbert Garrison (Royal Colonial Institute) re membership; Alfred Jones re F.C.D. becoming a Member of the Mersey Docks and Harbour Board; William S. Ogle & Co. re F.C.D.'s outstanding account with the late W. Talbot Ready; Robin Rudolph, re T.G. Brodie as possible Professor of Physiology at Liverpool University; J.H. Rea re the Yellow Fever Bureau; List of Westmorland magistrates; J.B. Dennett re his article on the proposed bridge; Eric Mereweather (Governor, Sierra Leone) re oil extraction and the arrival of Professors Blacklock and Yorke; Appeal re Belgian Refugees; A.H. Meadows re War; Leaflet re Army Rates of Pay.
Folder B
Miscellaneous letters. c.1914

Bundle of 45 letters re alterations and repairs to 74 Bidston Road (Rosewarne, now a home for the elderly)  D/D/V/2/37  1914

39 letters from T. Middleton Shallcross, Architect. Jan 1914 - Nov 1914

Bundle of 265 letters and printed material  D/D/V/2/38  1912 - 1916

5 letters from W.G. Morgan (Secretary of the North British Academy of Arts). May 1912 - May 1916
19 letters from H.B. Greenwood. Jan 1914 - Jan 1916
13 letters from G.R. Rudolph. Jan 1914 - Oct 1916
6 letters from Dr. R. Caton re Schools of Tropical Medicine and Pathology. May 1914 - Aug 1916
2 letters from C. Petrie, Chairman of the National Unionist Association Conference. June, Jul 1914
Letter from Parliamentary Recruiting Committee. Dec 1914
4 letters from Professor W.A. Herdman re School of Tropical Medicine and 2 from his wife re Liverpool Institute. Jan 1915 - Nov 1916
11 letters from G.S. Lloyd-Davies. Jan 1915 - Oct 1916
3 letters from Rifleman J.C. McVie. Mar 1915 - June 1916
Copies of 4 letters from F.H. Devereux (Queen Victoria Rifles) to his mother. Apr 1915
6 letters from T.A. Welton re War and Post-War Commerce. Apr 1915 - Apr 1916
10 letters from H.V. Weisse. Apr 1915 - Dec 1916
4 letters from A.H. Milne. Apr 1915 - Nov 1915
4 letters from Rosa Rudolph re death of F.R.D. and 1916 Easter Rising. May 1915 - Oct 1916
2 letters from the Cheshire Automobile Club. May, Dec 1915
13 letters from Horsfall Brothers. May 1915 - Nov 1916
7 letters from J.W.W.D. May 1915 - May 1916
5 letters from E. Bristowe, Motor and Cycle works. June, Jul 1915
10 letters from Professor Ronald Ross re Research and Dysentery, and Captain Roaf. Oct 1915 - Nov 1916
3 letters from H.C. Dowdall re Average Adjusting. May 1916 - Aug 1916
8 letters from George Day. Jul 1916 - Nov 1916
Also: J.H. Rea (Eskdale); Edgar P. Rathbone (Consulting Mining Engineer, London); John Rankin; Richard Powell (Treasurer of the Mersey Docks and Harbour Board); Colonel F.M. Blood; Edward Danson (F.C.D.'s nephew) re joining the Army; Violet Danson (F.C.D.'s niece) re joining the War Office; G. Murray Wilson re "Dulce Et Decorum Est" and the War; Evelyn Murray Wilson; W.L. Thume (Mersey Docks and Harbour Board); Hugh Pinnington re bridge over the River Mersey; H.M.R.D; H.J. Kingham (Artist and Photographer); Mary E. Paley (Grasmere) re Westmorland Hospital; Thomas D. Hampston (B.E.F) re F.R.D.; C. Gray Hill; A.W.W. Dale; E.D. Casey (Registrar of the University); Colonel L.A. Clutterbuck; L.M. Coombe re her retirement as head of Liverpool Institute (Girls); Alice Thomas (Sheffield).
Report by David Jackson (Steamship Agent) re his experiences at Liverpool Dock. Feb 1915
Agenda of monthly meeting of the Council of the Liverpool Chamber of Commerce. June 1915
Report of meeting of Liverpool University Finance Committee. 1915
Report of Institute of Archaeology. 1915-1916
Copy of memo re meeting between representatives of the Cunard and White Star Lines. Jan 1916
Memo from E.E. Glynn, School of Pathology re cases of Dysentery. Oct 1916

Bundle of 43 letters, 5 Statements of Account and 1 Plan re alterations and repairs to 74 Bidston Road (Rosewarne, now a home for the elderly)  D/D/V/2/39  1915 - 1916

37 letters from T. Middleton Shawcross, Architect (Liverpool). Jan 1915 - Mar 1916
6 letters from Liverpool firms: H.R. Lathom and Co., Ltd. (Electrical Engineers); Haugh and Pilling (Builders and Contractors); E.A. Clark Ltd. (Fireplace Specialists); Musgraves Ltd. (Sanitary Engineers); J. Parkinson (Furniture). Mar 1915 - June 1915
5 Statements of Account. Dec 1915 - Feb 1916
1 Plan of Fireplace from E.A. Clark Ltd. n.d.
2 miscellaneous letters:
From Allan Sanderson (B.E.F) Feb 1915
From J. Stead (Cheshire Regiment). n.d.

Bundle of 385 letters  D/D/V/2/40  1916 - 1920

Folder A
9 letters from George Day (Antiquarian Dealer, London). Sept 1916 - Jul 1920
8 letters from Hill, Dickinson and Co. re Articles of Partnership of F.C. Danson and Co. Nov 1916 - Apr 1918
6 letters from H.V. Weisse. Dec 1916 - Nov 1917
Copies of 8 letters from Keith Chandler (friend of J.R.D.) to his parents, one from Alfred Chandler (General Manager and Secretary of Mersey Docks and Harbour Board) and Willie Uniowski (friend of J.R.D.) re the War. Jan 1917 - Dec 1917
11 letters from Reverend J.A. Legh (Ambleside) and 2 rough drafts of replies by F.C.D. re finding Legh's son a position in Average Adjusting. Jan 1917 - Apr 1917
23 letters from Rosa and Robin Rudolph. Feb 1917 - Dec 1920
4 letters from Annie Kirkland re investments. Feb, May 1917
27 letters from Richard Caton re School of Tropical Medicine and Liverpool Institute. Feb 1917 - Dec 1920
9 letters from J.W.W.D. re School of Tropical Medicine. Apr 1917 - Jul 1920
3 letters from Alfred Chandler. May 1917 - Aug 1918
3 letters from Horsfall Brothers. May 1917 - Oct 1918
9 letters from G.S. Lloyd-Davies. Aug 1917 - Oct 1920
4 letters from Robert Newstead (Professor of Entomology). Sept 1917 - May 1919
7 letters from G. Murray Wilson re the Constitutional Club and Investments. Oct 1917 - May 1919
6 letters from Margaret C. Crow. June 1918 - Dec 1919
8 letters from H.D. Rawnsley re Grasmere Hall. Jul 1918 - Jan 1920
13 letters from H.V. Whitehouse (Headmaster, Liverpool Institute, formerly named H.V. Weisse). Jul 1918 - Oct 1920
18 letters from G.R. Rudolph re Estate of Norman Hill and the School of Tropical Medicine. Feb 1919 - June 1920
5 letters from H.E.D. Blackiston (Trinity College, Oxford). Mar 1920 - Aug 1920
5 letters re League of Nations Union (F.C.D. was President of the Birkenhead Branch). Aug 1920 - Dec 1920
Folder B
Letters from: W. Weech (School House, Sedbergh); Alice Thomas (Sheffield) re investments; John Rankin (Liverpool); Professor Ramsay Muir re his retirement presents and plans for future; Lord Leverhulme re Sir Ronald Ross; A.W.W. Dale (Vice-Chancellor) re F.C.D.'s non-election to the Council of the University; L.M. Coombe (Liverpool Institute, Girls); W.R. Wattleworth (Persia); F. Williams (Secretary, District Selective Committee, Ministry of Labour, Appointments Department); Reverend M. Sayer (Birkenhead); Spink and Sons Ltd. (Art Gallery and Museum of Antiquities, London); J.H. Rea (Manager, Shipping Co., Liverpool) and his wife; Sir Ronald Ross; Punch Magazine re annual subscriptions; Isabel Newton (Secretary of the Society for Psychical Research); Mary Paley (Grasmere) re the Red Cross and War Memorial; M. Peterson (Grasmere) re organ fund; W.S. Patterson (Woking); H.M.R.D; Northern Assurance Co., Ltd.; A.L. Milne (Chamber of Commerce); R. Marsden (Medical Officer of Health, Birkenhead) re Birkenhead Priory; A.H.B. MacKenzie (Financial Agents and Investment Brokers, Montreal); Stanley Abbott (General Secretary, The Middle Classes Union); Marianne Laird (Birkenhead) re the United Kingdom Beneficent Association; H. Lindley (Average Adjuster); J.C.M. Jacobs (Bank of Liverpool and Martins Ltd.); J.B. Herdman re new Headmistress at Liverpool Institute; F. Harvey-Mabley (Maidenhead) re Standard of English Prose in Schools; C.G. Gray Hill; J.H. Hankins (Mersey Docks and Harbour Board); Mary Hill re Knighthood of A.N. Hill; A. Harvey Gibson (Chairman, District Selective Committee, Ministry of Labour); J. Hope Simpson (Director, Bank of Liverpool and Martins Ltd.) re Dock Board; H.G. Finch (Birkenhead); H.C. Dowdall M.P; H.D. Dickie (Agent, Burma) re School of Tropical Medicine; Cathie Rudolph (F.C.D.'s niece); Kenneth Bilbrough (St Dunston's House for Soldiers and Sailors Blinded during the War); Mary Lockyer (Honorary Assistant Treasurer, British Science Guild); E. Beasley re Birkenhead Military School Hospital; F.C. Beasley re War memorial; J. Bibby (Birkenhead Priory); C. Brown (Clerk, Mersey Docks and Harbour Board); Alfred Bigland (M.P, Birkenhead) re Liverpool Infirmary; J. McQuirk Hughes (British Empire Union); H.F. Burke (College of Arms, London); R. Yamashina (Vice-President of the Tokyo Chamber of Commerce); J.R.D; J.G. Adam (Vice-Chancellor of the Liverpool University); A. Paterson (Anatomical Department, Liverpool University); J.W.W. Stephens (Professor of Tropical Medicine, Liverpool); A.F. Shepherd (Appeal Director, Liverpool University); John Garstang (Director, British School of Archaeology in Jerusalem); Charles Molt re School of Archaeology in Jerusalem; W.M. Flinders Petrie (Honorary Secretary, British School of Archaeology in Jerusalem); Neville P. Edwards (Royal Colonial Institute); N.R.C. Warwick re Royal Colonial Institute; Archibald Salvidge re his Knighthood; Sedbergh School War Memorial Committee.
Miscellaneous letters, printed material, including:
Secretary's Report of the Institute of Archaeology. 1916-1917 and 1917-1918
2 Programmes re visit of the King and Queen to Liverpool Docks. May 1917
Report to the Committee of the Liverpool City Council re Post-War Housing. Nov 1917

Bundle or 32 letters and telegrams  D/D/V/2/41  1917 - 1918

29 letters and telegrams from J.R.D. Sept 1917 - Aug 1918
Copy of letter from F.C.D. to ? re a dream about F.R.D. Sept 1917
2 copies of letters from Keith Chandler to his mother. Dec 1917, Jan 1918

Bundle of 270 letters  D/D/V/2/42  1920 - 1922

3 letters from Sir Archibald Salvidge (Chairman Liverpool Constitutional Association). Oct 1920 - Oct 1922
23 letters from Rosa Rudolph. Dec 1920 - Nov 1922
12 letters from G.R. Rudolph. Dec 1920 - Sept 1922
4 letters from G. Adami (Vice-Chancellor, Liverpool University) re School of Tropical Medicine. Jan 1921 - Aug 1921
9 letters from the School of Tropical Medicine re Sierra Leone Laboratory. Feb 1921 - Jul 1921
5 letters from Sir James Warnack (Edinburgh). Feb 1921 - Oct 1922
4 letters from J.W.W.D. Feb 1921 - Dec 1921
7 letters from Colonel H. Concanon (Manager, White Star Line) re Finance Committee and London Shipping Police. Feb 1921 - Dec 1921
9 letters from G.S. Lloyd-Davies. Feb 1921 - Jul 1922
2 letters from C.W. Hopper (University Appeal Director) re School of Tropical Medicine. May 1921
9 letters from Dr Richard Caton, and 3 copies of replies by F.C.D. re the Finances and Dean of the School of Tropical Medicine. Apr 1921 - Jul 1922
4 letters from Spink and Son (Antiquities, Art Gallery and Museum, London). Apr 1921 - May 1922
7 letters from H.V. Whitehouse (Headmaster, Liverpool Institute). May 1921 - Jul 1922
6 letters from W.N. Weech re a Memorial Brass at Sedbergh School. Jul 1921 - Apr 1922
9 letters from J.R.D. Aug 1921 - Nov 1922
5 letters from Horsfall Brothers. Aug 1921 - Aug 1922
14 letters re Mersey Docks and Harbour Board. Aug 1921 - Dec 1921
2 letters from Hugh Rathbone. Dec 1921, Aug 1922
6 letters from R. Hanley (Union Club, London). Feb 1922 - Dec 1922
8 letters from R. Harvey-Gibson re Grasmere Cricket Club and death of Sir William Hartley. Mar 1922 - Nov 1922
Also: S.R. Bailey (Secretary, Burlington Fine Arts Club); Cyril Andiade (Antique Dealer, London); "Teds" (Liverpool) re Canada Steamship Lines; Hill, Dickinson and Co. re F.C.D.'s will; M.E. Williams (Assistant Secretary, Institute of Archaeology); Hilda Flinders Petrie (British School of Archaeology in Egypt); John Rankin; John Garstang; George Day; H.M.R.D.; C.G. Gray Hill re paintings; Mary Hill; Constance Alsop re the death of her husband; A.P. Belsey (Birkenhead Sea Scouts); A. Bibby re the Indefatigable; Margaret C. Crow; W.R. Coe (London) re the Association of Average Adjusters; J.L. McCarthy (Assistant Secretary, Liverpool Chamber of Commerce); Professor B. Blacklock (School of Tropical Medicine); Jackson Mournsey (Assistant Overseer, Ambleside); A. Parry (Birkenhead); Edward, Prince of Wales, re Scout Movement; C.T. Ellis (Partner in F.C. Danson and Co.); Richard Holt; Hogg, Lindley and Co. (Average Adjusters, London); A. Stanley Lee (Secretary, Grasmere Cricket Club); J.A. Legh (Ambleside); Secretary, Seamans' Hospital, Greenwich; A.R. Pennington (Carnforth); W. Paige-Cox (Chester); J.W. Smith (School House, Grasmere); E. Rawnsley re Broadgate War Memorial and the Bishop of Carlisle's Pastoral Staff; E.E. Simpson (London); F. Groom (Liverpool Institute); Waltons and Co. (Solicitors, London); Army and Navy Co-Operative Society (London); A.M. Anderson re Liverpool Shipwreck and Humane Society; Duke of York re The Royal Agricultural Society; Arthur Quigley (Curator, Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool) re a painting by Talbot-Kelly; Grace Booth (Liverpool); A.D. Tait (Universal Beneficent Society); Samuel Gleave (Secretary, National Association of Merchants and Manufacturers); Student Christian Movement of Britain and Ireland; Royal Colonial Institute; R.A. Abraham (Secretary, League of Nations Union) re Willie Uniowski; J. Lafayette (Photographer, London); F.W. Matthews (Secretary, Poetry Society, Liverpool Centre); Oxton Conservative Club; The Executive Council of the British Empire Exhibition 1923.
Miscellaneous letters, invitations and printed material, including:
A report on the British Empire Union Meetings. Mar 1921 - Apr 1921
Memo by S. Garrett re Consumption of Bunker Coals in General Average. Mar 1921
An appeal to the Genoa Conference of Free Trade (F.C.D. a Signatory). Apr 1922
A proof of F.C.D.'s entry in Debrett's Peerage, Baronetage, Knightage and Companionage. 1922
A proof of F.C.D.'s entry in Burke's Peerage, Baronetage and Knightage. n.d.

Bundle of 243 letters  D/D/V/2/43  1921-1924

Including: 12 letters re the League of Nations Union, mainly from Russel Williams, Honorary Secretary, Birkenhead Branch. Nov 1921 - Jul 1924
4 letters from J. Linden (Birkenhead) re decorations at Dry Close. Oct 1922 - Jan 1923
4 letters from Colonel H. Concanon (Manager, White Star Line) re Dock Board Finance. Oct 1922 - Nov 1924
13 letters from H.V. Whitehouse re his resignation and the War Memorial Fund. Dec 1922 - Jan 1924
12 letters from J. Mourney (Assistant Overseer, Ambleside) re Tax Assessment on Dry Close. Jan 1923 - Jan 1924
17 letters from Mersey Docks and Harbour Board re Board Finances, Bonds and Publicity. Feb 1923 - Jan 1924
3 letters from J.A. Tinne (Treasurer, Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine). Mar 1923 - Aug 1923
7 letters from Professor R. Newstead. Mar 1923 - Oct 1924
13 letters from J.R.D. Mar 1923 - Aug 1924
6 letters from N.R.C., Warwick re The King's Right to the title of Duke of Lancaster and Liverpool J.P.'s and Public House Licences. Mar 1923 - June 1923
13 letters from Dr. Richard Caton re Publicity for the School of Tropical Medicine, Research in West Africa and H.V. Whitehouse. Apr 1923 - Aug 1924
4 letters from various motorcar works. May 1923 - Jan 1924
9 letters from G.R. Rudolph. May 1923 - Nov 1924
5 letters from E. Raymond Potter re the Boys' Brigade. June 1923 - Jul 1923
3 letters from G.S. Lloyd-Davies. June 1923 - Aug 1924
4 letters from J.W.W.D. Jul 1923 - May 1924
3 letters and 1923 Annual Report from William Parkinson (Secretary, North West Branch of Free Trade Union). Aug 1923 - Mar 1924
7 letters from C. Walker (Secretary and General Manager, The Windermere and District Electrical Supply Co.) re repairs to Dry Close. Oct 1923 - Feb 1924
3 letters from P. Corkhill re F.C.D.'s Talk, entitled, Life in the Tropics. Aug 1924
Also: W.N. Weech (Headmaster, Sedbergh School); G.C. Frederick (France) re 1923 General Election; professor P. Blacklock (School of Tropical Medicine) re the Gold Coast and Sierra Leone; The General Average Committee of the Association of Average Adjusters; Edward Woodhead (Liverpool); National Council for Combating Venereal Diseases; Herbert J. Tiffin (Liverpool Institute Old Boys' Association) re War Memorial; W. Thorne (Mersey Docks and Harbour Board); Edward Casey (Registrar, Liverpool University); Professor J.W.W. Stephens; Archibald Salvidge re need of money by the Constitutional Association; Leslie Scott, M.P.; Emily (F.C.D.'s niece); N.F. Rawnsley (Guildford); Robert Rankin (Treasurer, School of Tropical Medicine); J.B. Philips (Southport); W.E. Plummer (Birkenhead) re Bidston Observatory; A. Proctor (Birkenhead) re Y.M.C.A.; H.M.R.D.; E.W. Mathews (Honorary Secretary, the Liverpool Poetry Society); L.C. Gibbons (Publisher, London) re inclusion of F.C.D. in book entitled, Notable Londoners; Horsfall Brothers; R. Harvey Gibson (Grasmere) re the British Legion; Henry Goldstone (Chief Probation Officer, Liverpool) re Hostel of Hope, Bedford Street; John J. Donnelly (Author, New York); Alfred and Ellen Dobell (Birkenhead); W. Paige-Cox (Chester); Sgd. F.M. Radcliffe (London) re Liverpool Cathedral Memorial Committee; Josephine Chance (Grasmere); Reginald Alsop (Antique Dealer, Liverpool); A.P. Belsey re Sea Scouts; G. Adami (Vice-Chancellor, Liverpool University); George Day (Antique Dealer, London); I.P. Ashwell (Headmistress, Liverpool Institute) Timetable re visit of Duke and Duchess of York to Liverpool Docks.

Miscellaneous letters and printed material (contained in two folders)  D/D/V/2/44  1899 - 1926

Folder A
3 letters from J.T.D. 1889-1897
2 letters and 9 reports re progress of J.W.W.D. and F.C.D. at Liverpool College. 1866-1867
Marriage Certificate of F.C.D. and Edith Rudolf. 1888
Birth Certificates of Francis Rudolf and John Raymond Danson. 1892, 1893
Draft of Deed and Mortgage of "Rosewarne". 9 Mar 1898
4 letters from A. Norman Hill. Mar 1898 - Oct 1907
Draft of Will of F.C.D. 5 Jan 1901
8 letters re British Empire in the 20th century. Oct 1901 - Jan 1903
10 letters from Sir Elliott Lees re Birkenhead Post Office, General Election of 1900 and Magistrates. Aug 1900 - Aug 1905
3 reports re progress of J.R.D. and F.R.D. at Birkenhead School. Summer 1902, 1903
5 letters - 2 from A. Balfour, M.P., with copy of reply by F.C.D. re proposed visit of Balfour to Liverpool. June 1903 - Aug 1903
2 letters from William M. Banks. Sept, Dec 1903
3 letters from C.S. Sherrington re Bidston Observatory. 1904-1905
2 letters from R. Threlford. Nov 1904
Also: H. Bentham Cox; T.A. Welton; Colonel Riversdale Wabrand; 16th Lord Derby; Robin Rudolf; Emily; Bishop of Liverpool; Austin Taylor; H.A. Irvines (Rugby Mar 1898 - Dec 1905
Folder B 1906 - 1926
School); Alice Derby; Dr. T. Barnado; R.L. Newberry; Alfred L. Jones; A.W.W. Dale; Philip H. Holt; 2 school reports of H.M.R.D.
3 letters from Rubert Boyce (School of Pathology). Aug 1906 - Jan 1908
2 letters from F.E. Hilton Price re Abydos Expedition. Dec 1906
3 letters from J.B. Royden re Conservative Party and A.J. Balfour. Nov 1906 - Jul 1907
Note of account of executors of J.T.D. with Rosa Rudolf. Oct 1908
2 letters from Alice M. Cecil re Lord Amherot's Library (with rough reply by F.C.D.). 1908
5 letters from A. Ralph and 1 letter from E. Ralph re history of the Danson families. Jan 1909 - Sept 1910
7 letters from the 17th Lord Derby. Jan 1911 - June 1923
14 letters re Coat of Arms and Book Plate for F.C.D. with 1 print and 1 proof of the Coat of Arms and 2 proofs of the Book Plate. 1913 - 1922
2 letters re a laboratory for School of Tropical medicine in Sierra Leone (one from Sir Eric Mereweather). Mar 1915
2 letters from H.B. Greenwood re Office of Sheriff of Westmorland. May 1915
4 letters from Lord Leverhulme re School of Tropical Medicine. Aug 1919 - Apr 1923
3 letters (2 from Lord Mersey) re F.C.D.'s appointment as arbitrator at the Admiralty. Oct 1919 - Oct 1921
Letter and draft of reply by F.C.D. re his Knighthood. Nov 1919
2 letters from Society of Knights Bachelor. Jan, Nov 1920
2 letters from James H. Warwick. May 1920, June 1923
2 letters from Sir Arthur Stanley re Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine. May, June 1920
8 letters from Frank Dicksee (Artist) with rough copy of reply by F.C.D. May 1923 - Aug 1925
4 letters from Lord Knutsford re the London Hospital. Nov 1923 - Jan 1925
2 letters from R. Talbot Kelly (Artist). Dec 1923
2 letters from Enham Village Centre for Disabled Soldiers. c.1923
Also: Donald McAlister (University of Glasgow) with rough reply by F.C.D.; E. Lawrence (Liverpool); G.J.H. Evatt (Surgeon) with rough reply by F.C.D.; A.V. Smith (York); E. Kay-Shuttleworth Jnr.; G. Geuardent (Antique Dealer); G.R. Rudolf; T.A. Welton; George Day (Antique Dealer); Sir Eric Mereweather; Gilbert Murray; W.N. Weech (Sedbergh School); J. Royden re Lord Inchcape's visit to Liverpool; Dean of Durham; W.A. Herdman (Liverpool University); Duke of Portland; Henry Bentinck; Lord Hambledon; R. Ross; Elsie Henry re General Election. 43 receipts re paintings, works of art, furniture, etc. Nov 1907 - Mar 1925

Association of Average Adjusters  D/D/V/3  [n.d.]

Bundle of 9 letters, notes and printed papers  D/D/V/3/1  1890 - 1892

Letter to F.C.D. and Co. from Mason and Curry, Average Adjusters. Mar 1890
File of Association of Average Adjusters' cases, and rough copy. Nov 1891 - May 1892
File entitled "Correspondence with Mr. Timms (re City of New York)" (Ship). Dec 1891
Report on the case of chartered freight's liability to contribute to general average sacrifices and expenses, but not to salvage charges. Feb 1892
Hand-written copy of address by F.C.D. to the Association, and a rough draft. May 1892
2 printed agenda of Annual General Meeting of Association. May 1892

Bundle or 21 letters and printed paper to F.C.D. re the incorporation of the Association of Average Adjusters  D/D/V/3/2  1894 - 1897

9 letters from F. Templeman, Secretary of the London Association of Average Adjusters. Mar 1894 - Jan 1897
2 letters from K.W. Elmside (a member of Incorporation Committee). Mar 1894 - Mar 1895
1 letter from Charles McArthur (a member of Incorporation Committee). June 1894
4 letters from Edward Hogg (a member of Incorporation Committee). Feb 1895 - Apr 1895
Printed proposed report of the Committee, and copy, and rough draft. Apr 1895
Printed report of opposition views of Mr. J.H. Powell (a member of the Incorporation Committee). Apr 1895

Archaeology  D/D/V/4  [n.d.]

Bundle of 30 letters and receipts re 1901 expedition to Egypt  D/D/V/4/1  1900 - 1901

12 letters and receipts from Thomas Cook and Son Ltd. Feb 1900 - Feb 1901
4 letters of introduction for F.C.D.:
From Bibby Brothers and Co. to William Stapledon and Sons, Port Said. Jan 1901
From Planta and Co., Liverpool, to Planta and Co., Alexandria. Jan 1901
From W.A. Williams (Standard Marine Insurance Co., Ltd.) to R.J. Mofs, Alexandria. Jan 1901
From E.A. Harrison (Thomas Cook and Son) to agents and managers of steamers at Luxor and Aswan. Feb 1901

70 loose letters, receipts, printed papers, etc  D/D/V/4/2  1892 - 1925

13 letters, 6 memoranda of purchases and 5 receipts to F.C.D. from W. Talbot Ready (London). Jan 1892 - Aug 1910
1 letter from Professor R.C. Bosanquet re Institute of Archaeology. Jan 1908
5 memoranda of purchases and 4 receipts to F.C.D. from Rollin and Feuardent (London). Apr 1909 - May 1913
9 receipts to F.C.D. from W.S. Lincoln and Son (London). May 1922 - June 1925
8 receipts to F.C.D. from Spink and Son Ltd. (London). May 1922 - Dec 1924
5 receipts to F.C.D. from Cyril Andiado (London). Oct 1922 - Nov 1923
4 receipts to F.C.D. from George Day (London). Feb 1923 - Dec 1924
1 receipt to F.C.D. from Charles Nott (London). Jan 1924
Miscellaneous items, including:
2 passes for the Egyptian "Service des Antiquitìes". Jan 1901 - June 1901
1 copy of Periods in the History and Culture - Development of Ancient Egypt. Oct 1904
2 copies of Egypt and Western Asia from the Institute. Dec 1905
1 catalogue of Exhibition of Egyptian Antiquities at the Institute. Jul 1906
Drawings and Notes. n.d.

45 loose letters, receipts, photographs and printed papers to F.C.D.  D/D/V/4/3  1905-1909

Copy of list of proposals re affiliation of Excavations in Egypt Committee with Institute (signed by F.C.D.). Sept 1905
Letter from J. Garstang re affiliation. Sept 1905
Letter from J. Garstang re Division of Antiquities (and list of division). Jul 1906
Balance Sheet for 1905-1906 Excavations at Esna. Jan 1907
Letter from J. Garstang re finds in Ptolemaic Cemetary. Feb 1907
Report for January: Abydos Excavations. Feb 1907
Report for February: Abydos Excavations. Mar 1907
2 letters from J. Garstang re progress on site. Mar 1907
Inspector General's report on Division of Antiquities with Professor Garstang. Apr 1907
Report for March-April: Abydos Excavations. Apr 1907
Abydos Excavation Fund. 1907
Finance Committee: General Estimates for 1907-1908, and Balance Sheet for year ending 30 June 1907. Oct 1907
2 letters from J. Garstang re his wife, and progress on site, with 17 photographs of finds and 2 of archaeologists in groups in the desert. Jan 1908
Group 9 (Division) Abydos. 1908
Reports for January, February and March: Abydos Excavations. Jan 1909 - Apr 1909
Letter from J. Garstang re objects bought by F.C.D. June 1909
List of objects purchased for F.C.D. at Abydos. 1909
Abydos Excavation Fund.

Chamber of Commerce  D/D/V/5/1 - 8  [n.d.]

Bundle of 19 letters and printed papers re Commercial Law  D/D/V/5/1  1893 - 1900

Printed report of proceedings of a deputation to the Lord High Chancellor re continuous sittings of Judges in Lancashire; notes by F.C.D. re same, a draft bill and a bill re same; Agenda for 1895 Chamber of Commerce Conference, including same. Feb 1893 - Oct 1895
5 memoranda, notes by F.C.D. and reports by the Commercial Law Committee of the Chamber of Commerce and the Liverpool Underwriters' Association re Marine Assurance Bill. Aug 1894 - Feb 1898
London Chamber of Commerce Journal. Nov 1895
Report on the conference of the International Maritime Committee re Collisions at Sea. Jul 1899
2 letters from Lloyds to F.C.D. and Co. re Lloyds Average Bonds. Nov 1899, Apr 1900
2 reports by F.C.D. on Limited Liability. n.d.

Bundle of 131 letters, printed papers, invitations, etc  D/D/V/5/2  1893 - 1899

104 invitations to and from F.C.D. as Chairman and President of the Chamber of Commerce, including: June 1893 - Dec 1899
A banquet for Joseph Chamberlain, M.P. Jan 1898
The First Annual General Meeting of the British Empire League. May 1898
An Address by R.A. Yerburgh, M.P., to the China League. Nov 1898
Colonial Premiers Banquet with the Duke of Devonshire. 12 Jan 1897
A Banquet for the Lord Chancellor. Feb 1899
The Opening of the New Birkenhead Post Office. Jul 1899
1 letter from G.H. Fitzmaurice re customs at Constantinople. Dec 1897
Printed notice of address by Mr. J.T. Webster on "A Proposed High Level Roadway Bridge Across the River Mersey at Liverpool". Apr 1898
Printed notice of address by Alderman George Robertson on "The Development of British and Canadian Trade through the Port of St. John, New Brunswick". June 1898
3 letters from Sir Arthur Jones to F.C.D. re New Birkenhead Post Office and proposed tramway from Prescot. Jul, Aug 1898
1 letter from J.B. Atherton to Charles McArthur re tramway from Prescot. Aug 1898
1 letter from Charles Stubbs to F.C.D. re Maritime Law Pamphlet re Liverpool School of Commerce. Aug 1898
Reprint of Report in Liverpool Daily Post on address by Mr. P.E.J. Hemelryk, J.P., on a scheme for advanced commercial day classes. Jul 1899
1 letter from Lord Derby to Thomas Barker re Presidency of the Chamber of Commerce. Jul 1899

Bundle of 80 letters, printed papers, invitations, etc  D/D/V/5/3  1893 - 1901

63 invitations and acceptances to and from F.C.D. as Chairman and President of the Chamber of Commerce, including: June 1893 - Dec 1901 (especially 1897 - 1901)
Meeting of the British Association for the Advancement of Science. 1896
A Banquet for the Chinese Minister Plenipotentiary. Dec 1899
Annual Conference of Conservative Associations.
Printed Notice re address by Mr. Alexander Siemens, entitled "Economical Supply of Power". Nov 1901, Feb 1899
Printed Notice re address by Sir E.A. Sasson, M.P., entitled "Imperial Telegraphic Communication". Dec 1899
2 pamphlets from the China League re its aims.
Reprint of report in Liverpool Mercury re the Knighthood of Aldred Jones. Jan, Feb 1901, Nov 1901

[no title]  D/D/V/5/4  1893

Bundle containing:
Printed Notice of lectures at Liverpool Nautical College and rough copy of lecture by F.C.D. entitled "Duties and Liabilities of Masters in Relation to Casualties at Sea". Oct 1893 - Dec 1893, Dec 1893

Bundle of 9 letters and papers re private property at sea in war time  D/D/V/5/5  1897 - 1899

2 letters from A.V. Dicey to F.C.D. Dec 1897, Jan 1898
4 newspaper clippings from the Journal of Commerce, Liverpool Mercury, Liverpool Courier and the Times (letter from John Ismay). Apr 1899
Rough draft of letter by F.C.D. to the Times. n.d.
Lecture and rough copy by F.C.D. entitled "War and Commerce". n.d.

Bundle of 14 letters and printed papers re free trade  D/D/V/5/6  1908 - 1910

3 letters (2 printed) from Gregory Jones to F.C.D., and 2 printed papers re Fluctuations in Wheat Trade. Dec 1908 - Mar 1909
1 letter from F.C.D. to Thomas Barker re protective tariffs. Feb 1909
2 letters from Cecil Holden, Solicitor to F.C.D. and 3 letters from F.C.D. to Cecil Holden, re Chamber of Commerce meeting on Free Trade. Apr 1909 - Jan 1910
36 pages of notes by F.C.D. re Exports and Imports. n.d.

5 loose papers and printed papers  D/D/V/5/7  1897 - 1900

Printed copy of list of members and officials of the Chamber of Commerce. 1897
Rough copies of F.C.D.'s speech as President of the Chamber of Commerce. 1897, 1898
2 copies (one presentation) of report of the proceedings at F.C.D.'s retirement as President. May 1900

Leather bound testimonial to F.C.D. on his retirement as President  D/D/V/5/8  May 1900

Grant of Arms  D/D/V/6  [n.d.]

Grant of Arms to Danson family (in presentation wooden box with two brass containers for seals)  D/D/V/6/1  Dec 1913

Miscellaneous Items  D/D/V/7  [n.d.]

Bundle of 59 letters, receipts, statements of account and notes re estate of J.T.D  D/D/V/7/1  1897 - 1898

Copy of will of J.T.D. May 1897
Probate of Will and particulars of estate. Jan 1898
6 written statements of accounts and 2 printed schedules of stocks and shares. Jan 1898 - June 1898
34 receipts and letters from insurance companies and accountants -
T.A. Welton (Executor, with F.C.D., of Estate); Farnworth and Jardine; Horsfall Brothers (stocks and shares, Liverpool); Northern Assurance Co., Ltd.; Norwich Union Life Insurance Co., Ltd., Liverpool and London; and Globe Insurance Co., Ltd. Mar 1898 - June 1898
3 letters and 1 receipt from A.N. Hill. Apr, June 1898
1 letter from Mary Hill. June 1898

Bundle of 108 letters, receipts, statements of account and notes re estate of J.T.D.  D/D/V/7/2  1897 - 1899

79 letters, receipts and statements of account, including from -
Bank of Liverpool Ltd.; Lancashire and Yorkshire
Railway; Great Central Railway; Great Western
Railway; North Eastern Railway; Great Northern
Railway; Liverpool Overhead Railway; Thames and Mersey Marine Insurance Co., Ltd.; The Metropolitan and District Railway; Horsfall Brothers. Dec 1897 - Aug 1898
1 letter from Frank Boydell (Grasmere) to F.C.D. re funeral of J.T.D. Feb 1898
3 letters from J.W.W.D. to F.C.D., 3 letters from the Chartered Bank of India, Australia and China to F.C.D. and 4 letters from Northern Assurance Co., Ltd. to F.C.D. re disposal of J.W.W.D.'s share of estate. Mar 1898 - Dec 1898
1 letter from A.N. Hill to F.C.D. Apr 1898
1 letter from H. Whalley to F.C.D. Apr 1898
1 letter from Keighley, Arnold and Sismey (Solicitors) re Lockett's Trust. Apr 1898
1 letter from F.C.D. and T.A. Welton to W. Derry (Accountant) re Mary Hill. Jan 1899
Copy of list of J.T.D.'s pamphlets. n.d.

Bundle of 21 letters, receipts and printed papers  D/D/V/7/3  1898 - 1902

4 school reports of H.M.R.D. Jul 1898 - Dec 1902
2 reports on the sanitary conditions of Rose Warne. June 1901, June 1902
4 letters to J.T.D. from the American Economic Association. Dec 1901 - Oct 1902
Report and Statement of Account of National Telephone Co., Ltd. Jul 1902
Report and Statement of Account of Grasmere Hall Co., Ltd. Dec 1902

17 loose letters  D/D/V/7/4  1897 - 1926

1 letter from J.T.D. to F.R.D. Apr 1897
3 letters, with building plan, from C.H.B. Cane, Land Agent re building sites on sale at Lady Wood, Grasmere. Jan 1901 - Apr 1901
1 letter from W. Onlep (Dorchester) to Sir Elliott Lees. Sept 1901
1 letter from H. Whalley to the Town Clerk of Liverpool re Technical Instruction of Schools. Mar 1902
1 letter from Austen Chamberlain to Sir Elliott Lees re Birkenhead Post Office. May 1903
1 letter from Lord Stanley to Sir Elliott Lees re Birkenhead Post Office. Mar 1904
1 letter from Theophilus Pinches (London) to J. Garstang re an inscription on a seal. Oct 1905
1 letter from N.C.R. Warwick to "Smile" (cousin of F.R.D. and J.T.D.). June 1914
1 letter from the Countess of Derby to A.R. Milne re the opening of a hospital ward. Jul 1914
1 letter from the Bishop of Liverpool to A.R. Milne re the opening of a hospital ward. Jul 1914
3 letters from "Fie" (Bournemouth) to F.R.D. Jan, Feb 1915
1 letter from David Bruce (Surgeon General) to Professor Herdman re School of Tropical Medicine. Mar 1916
1 letter from Leggatt Brothers (London) to W. Worthington re a painting by Charles Towne. Feb 1926

42 miscellaneous items  D/D/V/7/5  1884 - 1923

4 pages of F.C.D.'s diary - important business developments. Apr 1896 - Dec 1898
List of members of British Empire League. 1897
7 papers re "British Empire in the First Year of the 20th Century". c.May 1901 - Mar 1902
Programme of Concert in aid of Seaman's Charities on board the Majestic with the Rt. Hon. David Lloyd George. 6 Nov (?)
Draft of proposed scheme for Liverpool education. 1904
Articles of association of Goodwood Timber Co., Ltd. n.d.
Copy of petition, signed by Liverpool notables (including F.C.D.) re St. George's Hall (printed). n.d.
Programme of Marine Display on the Mersey when the King and Queen visited Liverpool to open the Gladstone Dock. 11 Jul 1913

Miscellaneous Volumes  D/D/V/7/6-8  [n.d.]

3 small notebooks of F.C.D.

An address book  D/D/V/7/6  n.d

One recording the storage place of correspondence and newspapers  D/D/V/7/7  1891 - 1924

One of references and cross-references to books and journals  D/D/V/7/8  n.d

Small book of poetry by the Woodhead family  D/D/V/7/9  c.Nov 1871

Catalogue of the Royal Academy and New Gallery Pictures '97  D/D/V/7/10  1897

Catalogue of the Autumn Exhibition of Modern Pictures, at the Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool  D/D/V/7/11  1897

Catalogue of the Autumn Exhibition of Modern Pictures, at the Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool  D/D/V/7/12  1898

Catalogue of the The Exhibition of the Royal Academy of Arts  D/D/V/7/13  1898

Catalogue of the Twenty-Ninth Autumn Exhibition, at the Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool  D/D/V/7/14  1899

Newspapers and Pamphlets  D/D/V/8/1 - 67  1885 - 1916

Newspapers  D/D/V/8/1 - 66  [n.d.]

Copy of the Times  D/D/V/8/1  29 Sept 1885

Copy of the Financial News with article entitled "Coal Prices and Prospects" (marked)  D/D/V/8/2  11 Nov 1890

Copy of the Liverpool Courier annotated "Distribution of Prizes and Address at Liverpool Institute by Professor Dicey, November 1890", by F.C.D  D/D/V/8/3  24 Nov 1890

Bundle containing copy of the St. James's Gazette annotated "Birth of F.R.D." by F.C.D., and copy of the Times  D/D/V/8/4  1 Feb 1892; 2 Feb 1892

Bundle containing 5 copies of the Times re Home Rule Bill, continuous sittings of the High Court in Lancashire and the loss of H.M.S. Victoria  D/D/V/8/5  Feb, Jul 1893

Bundle containing 2 copies of the Times re Home Rule Bill and the Victoria Court Martial  D/D/V/8/6  Jul 1893

Bundle containing copy of the St. James's Gazette and copy of the Times annotated "Birth, 2nd August 1893" by F.C.D. (birth of J.R.D.)  D/D/V/8/7  3 Aug 1893; 4 Aug 1893

Copy of the Liverpool Courier annotated "Letter from F.C.D. on continuous sittings" by F.C.D  D/D/V/8/8  2 May 1895

Copy of the Times annotated "Times 6 January/96 - Troubles in the Transvaal - Dr. Jameson" by F.C.D  D/D/V/8/9  6 Jan 1896

Copy of the Pall Mall Gazette annotated "Interview of F.C.D. Ashanti" by F.C.D  D/D/V/8/10  21 Jan 1896

[no title]  D/D/V/8/11  1846-1896

Bundle containing 2 copies of the Daily News and copy of the Liverpool Daily Post, with note by F.C.D. - "The First and Jubilee Numbers of the Daily News (the former containing two leading articles by J.T.D.). Also copy of the Liverpool Daily Post referring thereto" (marked). 21 Jan 1846, 21 Jan 1896, 28 Jan 1896

Volume of newspaper cuttings (almost empty) with miscellaneous loose cuttings (inside book)  D/D/V/8/63  1875 - 1883

Volume of newspaper cuttings (almost empty)  D/D/V/8/64  1909, 1911

Bundle of newspaper cuttings  D/D/V/8/65  1899 - 1900

Miscellaneous newspaper cuttings (in an envelope)  D/D/V/8/66  1888 - 1916

Pamphlets  D/D/V/8/67  [n.d.]

Bundle of 7 pamphlets  D/D/V/8/67  1896 - 1899

Report of Commercial Law Committee of Liverpool Chamber of Commerce. 1896
The Bullion Report. 1896
Report of the Council of the Liverpool Geographical Society. 1896
Index to Vetusta Monumenta. 1897
Pamphlet entitled Collisions at Sea. 1897
Essay entitled "Indian Currency". 1899
Pamphlet entitled The Dangers of Municipal Trading. 1899

EDITH, LADY DANSON (c.1870 - 1950); Wife of Francis Chatillon Danson  D/D/VI  [n.d.]

Letters to Edith, Lady Danson  D/D/VI/1/1 - 9  [n.d.]

Bundle of 50 letters  D/D/VI/1/1  1896 - 1916

2 letters from John Garstang. Jan 1907, Oct, 1915
2 letters from Lady Lever. May, Dec 1912
3 letters and 11 photographs from Rosa Rudolph. Oct 1911 - Oct 1914
2 letters from Ramsay Muir. Jan 1912 - Dec 1913
3 letters from Norman Rudolph. May 1912 - Mar 1915
Single letters from: J.T.D.; Sir Richard Temple; Thomas H. Barker; G. Murray Wilson; Emily D.; Marguerite D.; J.R.D. re his collection of seals; G.S. Lloyd Davies; G.R. Rudolph, Rosa Ross (London); Margaret A. Moss (Egypt).
Miscellaneous letters, invitations, etc., including newspaper clipping re funeral of G. Crow and re collapse of Messrs. Crow, Rudolph & Co. June 1912 (n.d.)

Bundle of 62 letters  D/D/VI/1/2  1900 - 1916

2 letters from R. Ross (School of Tropical Medicine). Nov 1901, Dec 1911
7 letters from Norman Rudolph. June 1910 - Feb 1914
2 letters from Lady Lever. Mar, Aug 1913
3 letters from A. Talbot (Bedford). Jul 1915 - Jul 1916
2 letters from G.R. Rudolph. Feb, Apr 1916
Single letters from: Sir Richard Temple; W. Rudolph; R. Threlfall (Birmingham); G. Murray Wilson; Margaret Dawson (Montreal); Ramsay Muir; J.L. Brierley (Oxford); Mary Hill; S. Caldwell (Bedford); Margaret A. Moss; Countess of Derby; Fred Dickinson (friend of J.R.D.); Robin Rudolph; Sir W. Lever; R.L. Newberry (Liverpool Institute); C.B. Crow (Birkenhead).
7 bank and share receipts. Oct 1908 - June 1912

Bundle of 69 letters  D/D/VI/1/3  1901 - 1915

1 letter from Margaret S. Cox of Birkenhead Preparatory School re F.R.D.'s progress. Dec 1901
68 letters from F.R.D. Feb 1903 - June 1915

Bundle of 19 letters  D/D/VI/1/4  1909 - 1916

1 letter from Rosa Rudolph. June 1909
14 letters from N.R.C. Warwick (a friend of F.R.D. and J.R.D.; a dealer in livestock in Africa, employed in the office of the Duchy of Lancaster (1923)). Nov 1913 - Sept 1916
2 letters from G. Murray Wilson. Oct, Nov 1915

Bundle of 73 letters, telegrams, etc  D/D/VI/1/5  1910 - 1917

12 letters from J.R.D. Mar 1910 - Aug 1917
46 letters from F.R.D. Jul 1914 - Jul 1915
5 letters from E.D. to F.R.D. (returned after F.R.D.'s death). Jul, Aug 1915

Bundle of 38 letters, postcards, photographs, etc  D/D/VI/1/6  1911 - 1916

Single letters from Marguerite D. (with photograph); N.R.C. Warwick (with 9 photographs); G.R. Rudolph; H.M.R.D.; William Bell Dawson (Ottawa); J. Garstang; Fred Dickinson (with 5 photographs); Sir William Lever; A.L. Martin (Tropical School Auxiliary Hospital); Reverend H.D. Ramsey (Keswick).

Bundle of 25 letters and photographs  D/D/VI/1/7  1912 - 1917

6 photographs from Rosa Rudolph, 2 of a wood, 2 of a car, 2 of young Mounties (no annotations or letter). Jan 1912
10 letters from N.R.C. Warwick. Mar 1913 - Dec 1914
1 letter from Robin Rudolph. Nov 1914
8 letters from Robert A. Wilson (most from B.E.F. in France). May 1916 - Aug 1917
1 copy of letter from Robert A. Wilson to his "Uncle George". Sept 1916

Bundle of 35 letters  D/D/VI/1/8  1914 - 1917

1 letter from Rosa Rudolph. Mar 1914
1 letter from G.R. Rudolph. May 1914
32 letters from Lieutenant Colonel Robin Rudolph. Sept 1914 - Jan 1917
1 letter from Marguerite D. May 1915

160 loose letters  D/D/VI/1/9  1915 - 1941

21 letters of condolence on the death of F.R.D., including: Aug 1915 - Oct 1915
2 letters from A. Talbot (Bedford) Aug 1915
2 letters from W. Spooner (Oxford) Aug 1915
2 letters from E. Summer (Liscard) Aug, Sept 1915
Single letters from: H.B. Greenwood; Francis Pumphrey (Stocksfield); Rosa Rudolph; J.L. Brierley.
11 letters from Robert A. Wilson (mostly torn). Oct 1917 - Mar 1919
69 letters of condolence on the death of F.C.D., including single letters from: Hugh Rathbone (Treasurer of the Council of the University); Richard Holt (Dock Board); Harold Whalley; G.S. Lloyd Davies; G. Murray Wilson; L.R. Strawson (Sevenoaks); Charles Booth (Liverpool); Sydney Jones; Lord Mayor of Liverpool; Liverpool Underwriters Association; Vice Chancellor of Liverpool University; Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine; Liverpool Chamber of Commerce. (all in envelopes, mostly torn, some sellotaped) Jul 1926 - Oct 1926
1 letter from the Queen Mother in appreciation for services rendered to England in 1939. c.1939
54 letters from J.R.D. (mostly torn). 1917 - 1940
1 letter from Hodgson, Morris & Co., Accountants (torn). Apr 1941
1 letter from H.M.R.D. (torn). n.d.

Letters to Edith, Lady Danson and F.C. Danson  D/D/VI/2  [n.d.]

Bundle of 92 items  D/D/VI/2/1  c.1898 - 1911

52 letters from J.R.D. c.1898 - Oct 1911
1 School Report of H.M.R.D. Dec 1899
19 School Reports of F.R.D. June 1900 - June 1910
17 School Reports of J.R.D. Dec 1900 - June 1910
1 letter from F.R.D. n.d.
J.R.D.'s list of seals. n.d.

Bundle of 83 letters  D/D/VI/2/2  1899 - 1911

80 letters from F.R.D. May 1899 - Aug 1911
1 letter from F.C.D. to E.D. Apr 1907
2 letters from J.R.D. May, Jul 1910

Bundle of 64 letters  D/D/VI/2/3  c.1902 - 1915

60 letters from J.R.D. c.1902 - Mar 1915
2 letters from F.R.D. to E.D. Jan 1912
1 letter from F.C.D. to E.D. Aug 1914
1 letter from Alice Thomas (Sheffield) to F.C.D. re share dealings of Alfred Thomas. n.d.

Bundle of 80 letters  D/D/VI/2/4  1907 - 1909

39 letters from J.R.D. Mar 1907 - Nov 1909
41 letters from F.R.D. Jan 1908 - Dec 1909

Bundle of 101 letters  D/D/VI/2/5  1910 - 1911

46 letters from F.R.D. Jan 1910 - Nov 1911
55 letters from J.R.D. Jan 1910 - Dec 1911

Bundle of 52 letters  D/D/VI/2/6  1913 - 1915

29 letters from J.R.D. May 1913 - Jan 1915
22 letters from F.R.D. June 1914 - Jan 1915
1 printed letter from Society of Antiquaries of London to F.C.D., re Old Sarum. Apr 1915

Diaries of Edith, Lady Danson  D/D/VI/3  [n.d.]

Diary  D/D/VI/3/1  Apr 1923 - Dec 1923

Diary  D/D/VI/3/2  Jan 1927 - Apr 1927

(62 pages unattached).

Diary  D/D/VI/3/3  Mar 1929 - Apr 1929

(Unbound and sellotaped).

Diary  D/D/VI/3/4  1935

Diary  D/D/VI/3/5  1936

Diary  D/D/VI/3/6  1938

Diary  D/D/VI/3/7  Jan 1939 - Aug 1939

(81 pages unattached, sellotaped).

Diary  D/D/VI/3/8  Jan 1940 - Apr 1940

(unbound, 3 pages torn).

Diary  D/D/VI/3/9  May 1947 - June 1947

(unbound, 4 pages torn).

Diary  D/D/VI/3/10  n.d

(Unbound, all pages torn).

Newspaper Cuttings  D/D/VI/4  [n.d.]

Volume of newspaper cuttings re death of F.C.D., annotated by E.D  D/D/VI/4/1  Jul 1926

LIEUTENANT COLONEL JOHN RAYMOND DANSON (1893 - 1975); Younger son of Francis Chatillon Danson  D/D/VII  [n.d.]

John Raymond Danson's Diaries  D/D/VII/1  [n.d.]

Charles Lett's School Boy's Diary  D/D/VII/1/1  1912

Diary  D/D/VII/1/2  1921

Diary  D/D/VII/1/3  1926

Diary  D/D/VII/1/4  1938

Diary  D/D/VII/1/5  1941

Diary  D/D/VII/1/6  1945

Diary  D/D/VII/1/7  1946

Diary  D/D/VII/1/8  1947

Diary  D/D/VII/1/9  1947

Diary  D/D/VII/1/10  1948

Diary  D/D/VII/1/11  1949

Diary  D/D/VII/1/12  1950

Diary  D/D/VII/1/13  1951

Diary  D/D/VII/1/14  1952

Diary  D/D/VII/1/15  1954

Diary  D/D/VII/1/16  1955

Diary  D/D/VII/1/17  1956

The Country Gentlemen's Diary  D/D/VII/1/18  1961

Stamp Collectors Diary  D/D/VII/1/19  1963

Diary  D/D/VII/1/20  1964

Diary  D/D/VII/1/21  1965

Diary  D/D/VII/1/22  1966

Diary  D/D/VII/1/23  1967

Diary  D/D/VII/1/24  1968

Diary  D/D/VII/1/25  1969

Diary  D/D/VII/1/26  1970

Diary  D/D/VII/1/27  1971

Diary  D/D/VII/1/28  1972

Diary  D/D/VII/1/29  1973

Diary  D/D/VII/1/30  1973

Diary  D/D/VII/1/31  1974

Diary Fragments  D/D/VII/1/32  1927 - 1965

Correspondence  D/D/VII/2  [n.d.]

Letters to J.R.D  D/D/VII/2/1  1925 - 1971

200 letters including:
20 letters from Jack Danson re work; World War I; politics; family matters; his health. June 1925 - Nov 1970
7 letters re J.R.D.'s request for a greater petrol ration. Aug, Sept 1941
12 letters from Peter Sutcliffe re his visits to Dry Close. Dec 1944 - Feb 1970
7 letters from R.G. Rudolf (Bobby) re Lady Edith Danson's death, the transfer of money to Canada, family matters, Canadian tax reform. Aug 1950 - Dec 1971
11 letters from Cathie (Edith Danson's niece) re her legacy from Lady Edith, her trip to Israel, family matters. Aug 1950 - Dec 1971
10 letters from Alan L. Miller (dentist) re J.R.D.'s dental health, rugby, war friends, his health, U.K.'s position in the world. Dec 1956 - Aug 1963
8 letters from "Joyce" re family matters, selling her house, her visit to Dry Close. Dec 1962 - Oct 1969
11 letters from the British Employment Agency re J.R.D.'s attempt to find a couple to work for him. June 1964 - Feb 1969
3 letters from David Danson re his career and his travels. Jul 1969 - Mar 1972
2 letters from Anne Rudolf re family matters. Oct 1969, Nov 1969
3 letters from Eileen Danson re the death of her husband Jack and their stay at Nuffield Nursing Home. Nov 1970 - Mar 1971
Also: List of those invited to J.R.D.'s Garden Party; R.C. Tait (The Rectory, Grasmere); P.S. Duff (Treasurer, Lake and Lune Water Board); D. Johnson (H. Day & Co., Solicitors); Beatrice Stewart; Rosalind Hill; H. Selford (Chairman, Grasmere Conservative Club); T.C. Wyatt (Bursar, Christ's College, Cambridge); Harold Wilson M.P. re taxation; Marjorie Soule re politics and family matters; Princess Alice re Belgium soldiers appeal; F.A. Benson re Over Seas Club; Y.M.C.A. special appeal and visit of Princess Royal; J.H. Lloyd Davies re the retirement of Mr. Greenwood (Secretary, Association of Average Adjusters); Manager Ambleside District Bank re Grasmere Hall Deeds; Henry Mansfield re the appointment of Trustees for Solly Ground; Edith Danson; Rachel MacAlpine re Grasmere Conservative Club; John Duke re F.C. Danson & Co.'s entry in a book on the history of Average Adjusting Firms.

[no title]  D/D/VII/2/2  1925 - 1971

244 letters, including letters from: D. Brown; "Adrian"; C.W. Minett; E.P. Hall Drake; Alexander Roche D.L.L.; Edwin Warwick; E.F. Hurt; R.A. Dundas; Piggott Brothers & Co., Ltd. re flagstaff for the Rectory, Grasmere; Douglas Kewish; Charles Spencer; Eric Adam & Co. re clock repairs; R.H. Urwick; Malcolm Johnson; Beecher Weld; North Western Electricity Board re voltage change at Dry Close; Violet Danson; Hill Dickinson & Co. re articles of national importance at Dry Close; Douglas Kewish re his job as Registrar of the Westminster County Court; Thomas Allen re his health and the arrival of Judge Maddocks; Postmaster of Kendal re new postal charges; H. Handley re J.R.D. being appointed as a Trustee of the Grasmere Conservative Club; list of deposits of archival material at St. Anthony's College, Oxford (J.R.D. depositor).

Letters from J.R.D  D/D/VII/2/3  Apr 1945 - Apr 1969

13 letters, some draft, re Grasmere Hall; Colonel Kennedy and the cancellation of a loan by J.R.D. to the Grasmere Sports Committee in exchange for life membership; fire arm registration; service offered by the London, Midland & Scottish Railway Co., Ltd.; taxation.

Major Interests and Financial Papers  D/D/VII/3  [n.d.]

Antiquities  D/D/VII/3/1  1906 - 1971

44 letters re the Danson Collection of Egyptian and Greek Antiquities, including:
Letter from Professor John Garstang re his present of a Ushabti figure to J.R.D. Jul 1906
18 letters from Spink & Sons re the purchase of part of the Danson Collection and the visit by Mr. Roche (Director, Haifa Museum). Jul 1948 - Nov 1961
10 letters from John Boardman and Rosalind Moss (Ashmolean Museum, Oxford) re the inspection of part of the Danson Collection by Sir John Beazley. Oct 1964 - Jul 1966
6 letters from Barry J. Kemp (Assistant Lecturer, Library of Egyptology, Cambridge) re his research into the unpublished excavations of Professor John Garstang at Aydos between 1906-1909. Nov 1966 - Sept 1967
11 letters from H.F. Constantine (Director, City of Sheffield Art Gallery) re an exhibit of a selection from the Danson Collection of Greek vases; delivery notes re the transportation of the pieces; printed guide to the collection with an introduction by John Boardman. Oct 1967 - June 1968
1 letter from Miss M.E. Burkett (Curator, Abbot Hall Art Gallery) re a Chinese Exhibition. June 1969
2 letters from F.R. Woodward (Curator, County Borough of Gateshead Art Gallery and Museum). Aug 1969
3 letters from A.D. Tredall re obtaining pictures of some of J.R.D.'s vases. Dec 1970
3 letters from Dorothy Slow (Keeper of Archaeology, Liverpool Museums) re her investigations of Professor John Garstang's excavations at Esna in 1905-1906. Jul, Aug 1971

Army  D/D/VII/3/2a  1915 - 1957

94 letters re J.R.D.'s army days, including:
Letter giving information re the death of F.R. Danson. Dec 1915
Copy of operation order number 7 (secret). Oct 1918
Letter from L.G. Weaver re the war. Nov 1918
Special army travel permit issued to J.R.D. Apr 1940
Chart re battles in North-West Europe. 1940 - 1942
10 letters from Arthur Crookenden re Colours presented to the Territorial Army and J.R.D.'s resignation. Sept 1940 - Dec 1947
Draft of J.R.D.'s letter of resignation. Oct 1940
2 letters from War Office re J.R.D.'s resignation. Oct, Nov 1940
Extract from a paper by Godfrey W. Mathews F.S.A. on Colonel John Bolton (1756-1837). 1941
Letter from William L. York re his army service. Apr 1942
2 letters from William Courtenay O.B.E., M.M., re life with an Australian Infantry Battalion in Papua; his career; his schedule of lecturers for 1956. Sept 1942, Oct 1955
Letter from James McGuiness re his army service. Jan 1948
Letter from Godfrey Drage re his life in the army. Feb 1948
15 letters from "Mac" re military uniforms; the King's centre-piece and silver gift bowl; general military matters. Feb 1955 - Feb 1957
Letter from Lieutenant Colonel T.H.H. Hodgson re J.R.D.'s offer to the 4th Battalion of a rose bowl. Oct 1955
10 letters from Charles Drage re his book of military history. May 1956 - Nov 1956
3 letters from A.B. Hassall re his postings in Africa. n.d.

Printed military material  D/D/VII/3/2b  1918 - 1937

Manual entitled, Battle Drill or Attack Formation Simplified by Captain B.H.L. Hart. 1918
Manual entitled, Range Table for 303-inch Vickers Machine Gun. 1937
Card entitled, "Duties of a Section Commander in the Attack", by B.H.L. Hart. n.d.
Pocket notes on the identification of German units. n.d.
S.O. Book containing names and ranks of soldiers. n.d.
Tactical training memo. n.d.
Field message book. n.d.

Trinity College, Oxford  D/D/VII/3/3  1916 - 1975

Letters and printed material, including:
Annual reports of Trinity College. 1916 - 1917, 1950 - 1952
Seating plans of Trinity College Banquets.
19 letters re the examination of J.R.D.'s library by Michael Maclagan (Librarian, Trinity College) and proposed visits by various Presidents of Trinity College to Dry Close to see the library. June 1949, June 1954; June 1949 - Mar 1975
5 draft letters from J.R.D. to the President of Trinity College re the bequest of the library. c.1950

Sedbergh School  D/D/VII/3/4  1924 - 1952

Printed material:
Bound programme of Sedbergh School memorial service. Jul 1924
Old Sedberghian Club newsletters. Oct 1944, May 1952
Old Sedberghian Club list of members and statement of accounts. 1952
Obituary of Mr. Denis Marshall, Founder of the Old Sedberghian Club. 1954
Roll of Honour of Sedbergh Memorial Cloister. n.d.
Sedbergh School songs. n.d.

Grasmere National Schools  D/D/VII/3/5  1938 - 1970

42 letters and printed material, including:
Grasmere National School's bank book. 1938
4 letters re fire insurance for Grasmere National School. Mar 1943
Printed report on proposals for the re-organisation of schools under the Education Act 1944. Feb 1946
4 letters from Mersey Docks & Harbour Board re transfer of stock to new school nominees. Sept 1947 - Mar 1952
6 administrative memoranda from Ministry of Education. Apr 1948
Letter re use of school out of school hours. Mar 1950
Letter re use of school for public meetings by parliamentary candidates. 1950
3 letters from the Bishop of Carlisle re the expansion of Casterton School. Jul 1970 - Dec 1970

World War II  D/D/VII/3/6  1940 - 1942

Printed material:
Ration Book of J.R.D. Nov 1940
Identification Card of J.R.D. as a Fire Guard in Birkenhead. Mar 1942
Card containing Air Raid Precautions. n.d.
French propaganda leaflet. n.d.

Charles Towne, Artist  D/D/VII/3/7  1940 - 1971

6 letters and 3 photographs:
Letter with picture from Canney's Ltd. re a painting by Charles Towne, inscribed, "Old Robin, Shot May 2, 1798, aged 31". Sept 1940
Letter with 2 pictures from Phillips and MacConnal Ltd. re 2 paintings by Charles Towne - Cattle and Mountain Scenery and The Horse Fair. Dec 1940
2 letters from The Boydell Galleries re paintings by Charles Towne. Oct 1957 - 1971
2 letters from Rutland Ltd. re an exhibit of the paintings of Charles Towne. Jul 1961

Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine  D/D/VII/3/8  1943 - 1973

31 letters and printed material:
Topics of the letters include:
J.R.D.'s membership of the Council; his gift of £20,000 to the School; the election of Vice-Presidents of the School. Feb 1943 - Apr 1969
Printed material:
Agenda for a council meeting. Mar 1962
Copy of "Notes on Matters Discussed at the Vice-President's Dinner". June 1969, 1970
Copy of "Notes on the Visit of Vice-Presidents to School". Nov 1970
Copy of report on work being done by members of the School in Nigeria, by M.W. Service. Aug 1973 - Sept 1973
Copy of report on a visit to India by W.W. Macdonald. Apr 1973 - Jul 1973
Copy of report on work being done by members of the school in Zaria. n.d.

Books and Library  D/D/VII/3/9  1945 - 1971

43 letters, including:
6 letters re Danson Family Bookplates, especially those designed by Stephen Gooden R.A. Mar 1945 - Nov 1970
4 letters from Henry Sotheran Ltd. (booksellers, publishers and bookbinders). June 1949 - Jul 1953
7 letters from Chas. J. Sawyer Ltd. (booksellers). Feb 1955 - Aug 1964
8 letters from Reginald Horrox (Director, The Abbots Bookshop). Mar 1955 - May 1956
2 letters from Francis Edwards Ltd. (Rare and Modern Books). Jul 1955
Letter from Stuart A. Hirst re books on Christ by George More and Somerset de Chair. June 1956
Letter from Bernard J. Farmer, M.J.I. Sept 1956
3 letters from Arthur Douglas re his viewing the Danson Library. Sept 1956
4 letters from Hugh Fattorini (Director, Antiquarian Books Ltd.) re viewing the Danson Library. Oct 1970 - Dec 1970
Paul Grinke catalogue three (65 rare books, manuscripts and drawings re fine arts). 1971
Letter from Colin H. Hamilton (Bookseller) re viewing the Danson Library. n.d

Torn Book List  D/D/VII/3/9b  n.d

Financial Affairs  D/D/VII/3/10  1945 - 1971

65 letters from:
Hodgson, Morris & Co. (Chartered Accountants); Hill Dickinson & Co. (Solicitors); Tilney, Sing, Parr & Rae (Stockbrokers); Brodrick, Leitch & Kendall Ltd. (Insurance Brokers); Lithgow, Nelson & Co. (Chartered Accountants); T.K. Holden & Son (Stock and Share Brokers); the Midland Bank Ltd.

History  D/D/VII/3/11  1948 - 1961

37 letters and printed material:
31 letters from Miss E.M. Tenison re her work - Elizabethan England (the history of this country "in relation to all foreign princes" from original manuscripts: co-ordinated with XVIth century printed matter: a survey of life and literature in 12 volumes). Sept 1948 - Jul 1961
History Direct from Evidence, an essay by L. Graham, H. Horton-Smith M.A., F.S.A. re Elizabethan England, Volumes I to IV. 1953
Error versus Fact, a Study in Contrasts 1880 and 1594, re Volume IX of Elizabethan England. 1953
Spain and England, an unpublished commentary on Volume V of Elizabethan England by Dr. Douglas Hyde. 1955

Miscellaneous news cuttings  D/D/VII/3/12  1954 - 1973

Insurance  D/D/VII/3/13  Nov 1960 - Mar 1971

49 letters re various types of insurance - house, car, stamps, etc. - from Brodrick, Leitch & Kendall Ltd.; Royal Insurance Group; British Engine Insurance Co., Ltd.

Investments  D/D/VII/3/14a  1966 - 1971

Letters and printed material:
Statement of J.R.D.'s disposal of chargeable assets during the year ended..... Apr 1968
Wood Investment accounts for the year ended..... Mar 1966, 1968, 1969
2 letters from the Midland Bank Ltd. re money received from Messrs. Tilney, Sing, Parr & Rae, and credited to the account of J.R.D. Feb 1966, Dec 1968
5 contract notes re sale of shares by Messrs. Tilney, Sing, Parr & Rae. Nov 1968
2 statements of J.R.D.'s stock holdings. Dec 1968, Aug 1971
Schedule of Interest and Dividends received under deduction of Income Tax during the years to..... Apr 1969, 1970

5 Bank Books  D/D/VII/3/14b  1915 - 1947

Martins Bank Ltd. (St. Oswald's War Memorial Prize Fund). 1922 - 1947
2. Lloyds Bank Ltd. 1910 - 1913
3. London Joint City & Midland Bank Ltd. 1920 - 1923
4. Cox & Co. 1915 - 1919
5. Lloyds Bank Ltd. 1915 - 1918

Average Adjusting  D/D/VII/3/15  c.1968

Copies of letters of advice from J.T.D. to F.C.D. Sent by J.R.D. to J.P. Duke (partner in F.C. Danson & Co.) for inclusion in a publication on the history of various Average Adjusting firms.

Miscellaneous  D/D/VII/3/16a  1913 - 1975

A Will and A Way, a drama of Westmorland village life in four acts. 1913
5 copies of Death Certificates. 1924 - 1946
Booklet re birth control devices. 1935
Programme of Requiem Mass said for Richard James Campbell Thompson. Oct 1946
List of important dates and events in Greek history with map. 1948
List of average rainfall at Rydal, Westmorland. 1901 - 1960
Notice re auction of shop and business premises, Birkenhead. Sept 1960
Copy of Abbot Hall Art Gallery quarterly bulletin. Oct 1974
Programme of the Joint Committee of Greek and Roman Societies triennial meeting. Aug 1975
Bound leaflets from David Green & Sons Ltd. (Army and Navy Stores). n.d.
Hudson's Bay Record Society Rulebook. n.d.
2 designs for J.R.D.'s bookplate. n.d.

4 of J.R.D.'s Driving Licences  D/D/VII/3/16b  1928 - 1929, 1932 - 1933, 1934 - 1935, 1956 - 1957

Philately  D/D/VII/4  [n.d.]

Source of acquisition: J.R. Danson's major interest. The letters in the following 5 boxes came mainly from:
John Gilbert; Robson Lowe Ltd.; William Frazer Ltd.; C.G. Alterskye; W.E. Lea Ltd.; Argyll Stamp Co.; J.A. Firebrace; Alexander J Sefi; P.L. Pemberton; Stanley Gibbons Ltd.; British West African Study Circle; John Taylor; I.L. Hert; The West-end Philatelist; F.S. Mumford; R.S.C. Thompson; Mosden Stamps Co.; Chas. Nissen & Co.; Frank Godden Ltd.; E.F. Hurt; The Royal Philatelic Society of London.

[no title]  D/D/VII/4/1  1930 - 1970

Box 1 c.1930 - 1950
Box 2 c.1930 - 1950
Box 3 c.1930 - 1960
Box 4 c.1930 - 1970
Box 5 c.1950 - 1970

Receipts, Reports and Accounts  D/D/VII/5  [n.d.]

[no title]  D/D/VII/5/1  1899 - 1976

Box 1 Receipts and accounts mainly of Grasmere Church of England Schools. 1899 - 1960
Box 2 Receipts for art, but mainly books. 1926 - 1967
Box 3 General receipts. c.1930 - 1970
Box 4 General receipts. c.1940 - 1960
Box 5 Annual reports of various firms in which J.R.D. may have had shares. 1970 - 1976

Lockett Trust  D/D/VIII  [n.d.]

Related information: For genealogical notes re the Lockett Family, see D/D/III/4/3/1.

Administrative history:
The archives relating to the Lockett Trust consisted of often random bundles and much loose material. A policy of breaking bundles was pursued where necessary to facilitate the process of listing. The distinction found in the list between "original bundles" and "bundles" is that the latter are attempts to make the material more homogeneous with regard to content and chronology.
E.W. Jacques became the business manager of J.G.E. Lockett in 1836, they had been school friends. In this role, he visited J.G.E. Lockett's step-mother, Eleanor Lockett, and used his influence to be nominated as co-trustee of her estate. After the death of Eleanor Lockett and J.G.E. Lockett's wife, Jacques attempted to marry J.G.E. Lockett's daughter, Anne Eleanor, who refused.
To force Anne to marry him, Jacques planned to financially embarrass J.G.E. Lockett. Thus, he lent him £800 from the estate of Eleanor Lockett, insured his life for £2,000 and took out mortgages on property in Old Compton Street and Queen Street.
J.T. Danson in 1852 met, and fell in love with Anne Eleanor. She told him the plans of Jacques and J.T.D. uncovered his dealings. The case involves the claims of Elizabeth Mary Lockett and Emma Marian Lockett, daughters of J.G.E. Lockett, on the estate of Eleanor Lockett. Jacques himself agreed in 1853 to give up all claims on the estate in return for £220, but the claims of other inheritors of the estate, and disputes over costs, prolonged the case.

The Lockett estate, after the death of Eleanor Lockett (1847), consisted of property in London and Llangollen; houses in Clipstone Street, Great Titchfield Street, Upper Marylebone Street, Charlton Street, Old Compton Street and Queen Street in London. Pen-y-Bryn, a house, land surrounding and a brewery in Llangollen. Plans of the London properties can be found in 2/1 and of Pen-y-Bryn in 2/43.
Of particular interest in this section of the collection are the items relating to railway safety (1/2/3), emigration to Australia (1/2/5 and 3/3/2), Pen-y-Bryn, and Llangollen Breweries (2/42 and 2/45), J.T.D.'s honeymoon (3/3/3) and surgical instruments (5/1).

Lockett Family  D/D/VIII/1  [n.d.]

Diaries and Notebook  D/D/VIII/1/1/1 - 3  [n.d.]

Diary of Anne Warren (married John George Lockett, died 1825)  D/D/VIII/1/1/1  1803

Diary of Anne Warren  D/D/VIII/1/1/2  1804

[no title]  D/D/VIII/1/1/3  1864 - 1910

Notebook by F.C.D. (almost empty) from information obtained from Blanche Lockett in Canada re Lockett family.
Also loose notes and letters re family, including detailed obituary of Edmund Lockett (died 1908 in Bury, Quebec, Canada) and list of offspring of E.M. Lockett's marriage to William Bourchier.

Bundles re Lockett Family  D/D/VIII/1/2/1 - 6  [n.d.]

Bundle of papers, notes and letters  D/D/VIII/1/2/1  1760 - 1875

Articles of clerkship of Henry Smith to J.G. Lockett, Solicitor and Attorney. 1810
5 letters from Mary Stewart re Edmund Lockett. 1852
Indenture of apprenticeship in farming of Edmund Lockett to James Sharp. 1854
14 letters to T.D. Keighley re Lockett and Sharp. 1854
Copy marriage certificate of J.G.W. Lockett. 1855
Notes re stealing of watch and prison sentence for J.G.W. Lockett. 1856
Copy marriage certificate of J.G.E. Lockett. 1858
List of children of Mr. & Mrs. Jeston. n.d.

Bundle of Wills  D/D/VIII/1/2/2  1760 - 1878

Probate of Will of John Hatch (brother-in-law of Thomas Kirby?). 1760
Probate of Will of Abraham Kirkman, Hammersmith. 1792
Copy of Will of Thomas Lutwidge, Whitehaven. c.1798
Changes for proving the Will of George Lockett. 1808
Copy of Will of John Warren. c.1837
2 copies of Will of Eleanor Lockett, and Probate and Epitome of Will. 1843, 1868
Will and Probate of J.G.E. Lockett. 1843, 1868
2 copies of Will of Elizabeth Burls (née Warren). 1878

Original bundle  D/D/VIII/1/2/3  1806 - 1857

25 letters mainly from Eleanor Lockett and J.G. Lockett, re family affairs. 1806 - 1857
1 letter from Eleanor Lockett to Edmund Lockett re lack of safety of railways in Britain. June 1847

Bundle of papers  D/D/VIII/1/2/4  1808 - 1908

Agreement and copy between Mr. Joseph Briggs and Messrs. Lockett, Fisher, Lockett and Carter, re relinquishment of former's business as Attorney and Solicitor to latter. 1808
Settlement previous to marriage of J.G. Lockett to Anne Warren. 1809
Settlement previous to marriage of T.W. Jeston to Miss Pope. 1823
Extracts from marriage settlement of Elizabeth Burls (née Warren). 1845
Settlement on the marriage of J.G.E. Lockett to Anne Jeston, and extracts from settlement. 1854
Appointment to Anne Jeston of £1,000 on life of T.W. Jeston. 1854
Papers re appointment of new Trustee to 1854 marriage settlement. 1867
15 letters from J.T.D. and 3 letters from Anne Lockett re appointment of W. Bevan, Solicitor, as new Trustee of 1854 settlement, and copy and 2 drafts of appointment. 1878 - 1879
Letters of administration re deaths of J.G.W. Lockett and Edmund Lockett. 1878 - 1908
Case for the opinion of Mr. Soloman re Elizabeth Burls, deceased. 1881

Bundle re The Emigration to Australia of J.G.W. Lockett  D/D/VIII/1/2/5/1-5  1855

2 posters for sailings to Australia  D/D/VIII/1/2/5/1/1-2  [n.d.]

Regular packet from London Docks to Australasia on the A1 Hope for Melbourne, Port Phillip, direct. Apply to Hall Brothers & Co., Leadenhall Street, London  D/D/VIII/1/2/5/1/1  nd

Liverpool M & T "Golden" Australian Line of Packets. Apply to owners Miller & Thompson of Liverpool or Grindlay & Co., of Bishopsgate Street, London  D/D/VIII/1/2/5/1/2  nd

List of items to take on a voyage  D/D/VIII/1/2/5/2/1-5  [n.d.]

2 intermediate lists of necessaries for a 4 month voyage from S.W. Silver & Co. of London and Liverpool  D/D/VIII/1/2/5/2/1-2  nd

List of necessaries for a lady from S.W. Silver & Co. of London and Liverpool  D/D/VIII/1/2/5/2/3  nd

List of necessaries from E. Moses & Son of London  D/D/VIII/1/2/5/2/4  nd

List of articles needed for a voyage to Australia from Grindlay & Co. of London and Southampton  D/D/VIII/1/2/5/2/5  nd

Log of voyage on the ship Hope, kept by J.G.W. Lockett (8 pp.)  D/D/VIII/1/2/5/3  Mar 1855 - Jul 1855

Letter from J.G.W. Lockett to J.T. Danson re his first impression of Australia and his future plans  D/D/VIII/1/2/5/4  19 Jul 1855

Extracts of letters from Mr. Graham in Melbourne to Mr. Sands in Glasgow re the plight of the Locketts  D/D/VIII/1/2/5/5  1855

[no title]  D/D/VIII/1/2/6  1867 - 1900

Bundle containing
6 deeds of appointment and 1 deed of disclaimer, concerning the Trustees and the marriage settlement of J.G.E. Lockett and Anne Jeston, 17 April 1854. 1867 - 1900

Property  D/D/VIII/2  [n.d.]

Trust Property in General  D/D/VIII/2/1 - 14  [n.d.]

Bundle re property of whole estate  D/D/VIII/2/1  1742 - 1863

Lists and schedules of deeds. 1742 - 1853
4 plans of London properties. 1811 - 1852
3 conveyances and assignment and drafts. 1850 - 1854
3 mortgages. 1852 - 1854
List of purchases. 1852
Report on condition of properties. 1852
Particulars and conditions of sale. 1852
Advertisement for sale. 1853
Directions to sell portions of estate. 1863

Original bundle  D/D/VIII/2/2  1774 - 1853

List of deeds of London properties. 1774 - 1825
Deed of trust re London properties. 1776
Costs of lease of 42 Upper Marylebone Street. 1851
Insurance policy of London properties. 1851
Memo re £500 mortgage. 1852
Particulars of leasehold of London properties. 1852
Conditions of sale of London properties. 1852
Particulars and conditions of sale of London properties. 1852
Assignment of London properties. 1852
14 letters to T.D. Keighley (Solicitor) re sale of London properties. 1852-1853
Miscellaneous notes. n.d.

Bundle  D/D/VIII/2/3  1799 - 1873

a) Property of William Jennings
Sale catalogue of contents of 11 Theresa Terrace, Hammersmith. 1799
Particulars and valuation of estate (including White Hart Public House). 1801
b) 1 Upper Conway Street
Agreement for lease to J.G. Lockett and bill of costs for drawing up lease. 1818
c) Francis Street
Counterpart lease. 1820
d) 16 Southampton Place
Mortgage and transfer. 1835, 1851
Papers re insurance. 1852
Loose notes and receipts. 1857 - 1863
Letter re property tax. 1858
e) 202 Euston Road
Notes and letter re sale. 1862 - 1873

Bundle  D/D/VIII/2/4  1808 - 1851

6 deeds of assignment and transfers of mortgages of J.G. Lockett and J.G.E. Lockett. Also, declaration of trust by Charles Richards to William Jacques and J.G.E. Lockett. 1808 - 1851

Bundle  D/D/VIII/2/5  1818 - 1873

Containing 5 conveyances:
a) Upper Conway Street. 1818
b) 3 re all leasehold and freehold estates of J.G. Lockett and J.G.E. Lockett. 1850 - 1854
c) 202 Euston Road.

Bundle  D/D/VIII/2/6  1844 - 1874

Loose letters from J.T.D., mainly to T.D. Keighley, re trusts, Anne Eleanor Danson (née Lockett), share of trust and rents. 1844 - 1874

Original bundle  D/D/VIII/2/7  1851 - 1885

12 letters to T.D. Keighley & Partners re Llangollen and other properties. 1851 - 1885
Report on Lockett properties. 1852
Draft lease and copy of 2 allotments of land in Llangollen. 1854
Account of Messrs. Barker, Barker & Peake with T.D. Keighley. 1856 - 1857
Case for the opinion of ? re Lockett's estate. c.1867

Original bundle  D/D/VIII/2/8  1852

Papers and correspondence re Richards v Lockett.
Papers and correspondence re Edwards (Creditor) v Lockett. May - Oct 1852
49 letters to T.D. Keighley re property and accounts. May - Dec 1852
6 letters from A.E.D. re property. Jul, Aug 1852

Bundle  D/D/VIII/2/9  1852 - 1873

Miscellaneous notes, papers and receipts re sale of Lockett property, insurance and rents. 1852 - 1873
12 letters, mainly to T.D. Keighley re rents to Locketts and sale of Lockett property. 1853 - 1873

Small book of notes by J.T.D. (almost empty) re leases and rents of London properties  D/D/VIII/2/10  1853 - 1855

[no title]  D/D/VIII/2/11  1854 - 1867

Small book of notes by J.T.D. (almost empty) re 1854 and 1867 settlements, including:
Leases of properties, investment of funds and payments on trust. 1854 - 1867

Original bundle re general repairs to Lockett properties  D/D/VIII/2/12  1865 - 1873

3 letters and 1 letter of account to T.D. Keighley. 1865 - 1873
Particulars of assignees. 1872
Miscellaneous notes. 1872

Volume of correspondence, annotated by J.T.D  D/D/VIII/2/13  1888

"The correspondence in this volume relates to the property settled by the following deeds executed on the marriage of J.G.E. Lockett to Ann Jeston in April, 1854 and the voluntary (Post-Nuptial) settlement of April, 1867".
Includes: a list of deeds, letters from Keighley and Arnold, J.T.D. and Anne Lockett, and plan of a proposed new street in Llangollen.

Original bundle  D/D/VIII/2/14  1895 - 1896

120 letters, mainly from Keighley, Arnold and Sismey to J.T.D. Also from F.C.D. and J.S. Tanqueray re will of J.T.D., title deeds of land and property, loss of voluntary settlements of 1867, sale of land in front of Llangollen Brewery, and account of Keighley, Arnold and Sismey. Also 2 schedules of deeds of trust, statements as to property under 1854 and 1867 settlements, schedule of deeds re property at Llangollen, and valuation of land at Llangollen. 1895 - 1896

Individual Properties  D/D/VIII/2/15 - 55  [n.d.]

20 Euston Street  [no ref. or date]

Original bundle re 20 Euston Street  D/D/VIII/2/15  1767 - 1818

Abstract of title. 1767 - 1809
Agreement for sale. 1808
Valuation of house. 1808
List of contents of house. n.d.
Also charge for securing 2 annuities out of the Revolution Hall Estate in Grenada - Richard Oliver Smith to Trustees for Mrs. Smith. 1818

Upper Marylebone Street  [no ref. or date]

Original bundle re 43 Upper Marylebone Street  D/D/VIII/2/16  1774 - 1852

Abstract of title and draft. 1774 - 1851
Counterpart lease. 1806
Abstract of lease. 1820
Case for the opinion of Mr. Hayes. 1852

Original bundle re 42 Upper Marylebone Street  D/D/VIII/2/17  1774 - 1852

Abstract of title. 1774 - 1851
Objections and requisitions. 1852
Draft assignment to Mr. Rawlings. 1852
8 letters from J. Wrentmore, Solicitor, to T.D. Keighley, re Mr. Rawlings's purchase. 1852

Original bundle  D/D/VIII/2/18  1774 - 1853

Counterpart lease of No. 19. 1801
Counterpart lease of messuage on corner with Great Titchfield Street. 1802
Abstract title of No. 44. 1774 - 1850
Assignment of lease of No. 44. 1820
Objections to title of No. 44. 1852
18 letters from E. Harling, Solicitor, to T.D. Keighley, re purchase of No. 44 by Mr. Nash. 1852
Rent receipts and letter re rent of No. 44. 1850 - 1852
Notes and correspondence re debt of A.J. Fuller, tenant to J.G.E. Lockett. 1852 - 1853

Bundles containing 7 conveyances re Nos. 42, 43 and 44, and house on corner with Great Titchfield Street  D/D/VIII/2/19  1801 - 1853

Original bundle re 43 Upper Marylebone Street  D/D/VIII/2/20  1853

Requisitions on the title and copy. Aug 1853
Particulars and conditions of sale (also of 58 Great Titchfield Street). Aug 1853
6 letters to T.D. Keighley re sale. Aug 1853 - Oct 1853
Draft assignment of lease. Sept 1853

Great Titchfield Street  [no ref. or date]

Original bundle re 49 Great Titchfield Street  D/D/VIII/2/21  1774 - 1852

Abstract of title. 1774 - 1852
3 letters re tenancy. 1850 - 1852
Requisitions on title. 1852
Draft assignment of lease. 1852

Original bundle re 58 Great Titchfield Street  D/D/VIII/2/22  1775 - 1853

Abstract of title. 1775 - 1850
Counterpart lease. 1815
Insurance policy. 1852
Requisitions on title. 1853
Draft assignment. 1853
Instructions to prepare conditions of sale, and conditions of sale. 1853
8 letters to T.D. Keighley re sale. 1853
Advertisement of sale. 1853

Bundle re Great Titchfield Street  D/D/VIII/2/23  1775 - 1873

Abstract of title of No. 58. 1175
Abstract of title of No. 53. 1176 - 1851
Abstract of title of No. 55. 1777 - 1852
Agreement for lease of No. 55. 1817
Counterpart lease of No. 53. 1817
Draft assignment of lease of Nos. 53, 55 and 56. 1852, 1872
Letters to T.D. Keighley re Nos. 52, 53, 55 and 56. 1852 - 1873
Insurance policy of No. 51.

Original bundle re 54 Great Titchfield Street  D/D/VIII/2/24  1777 - 1852

Abstract of title. 1777 - 1852
Counterpart lease. 1814
Agreement for lease. 1822
Requisitions and observations on title. 1852
Draft assignment. 1852
3 letters to T.D. Keighley re sale of 54 Great Titchfield Street. 1852

Original bundle re 57 Great Titchfield Street  D/D/VIII/2/25  1777 - 1873

Abstract of title. 1777 - 1852
Counterpart and abstract of lease. 1815
Requisitions on title. 1852
4 letters to T.D. Keighley re sale of 51 Great Titchfield Street. 1852
Draft assignment of leasehold. 1852
Case for the opinion of Mr. H.A. Wix. 1873

Bundle re Great Titchfield Street  D/D/VIII/2/26  1812 - 1853

Counterpart lease of Nos. 49, 51, 54 and 57. 1812 - 1842
Duplicate assignment of Nos. 49, 54, 55 and 58. 1852 - 1853

Original bundle  D/D/VIII/2/27  1859 - 1872

a) re 55 Great Titchfield Street
8 letters to T.D. Keighley re rents and sale. 1859 - 1871
Agreement for sale, and draft. 1871
b) re 10 Clipstone Street
8 letters to T.D. Keighley re rents and sale. 1865 - 1871
5 rough letters from T.D. Keighley re rents and sale. 1866 - 1872
Agreement for sale, and draft. 1871

Clipstone Street  [no ref. or date]

Original bundle re 8 Clipstone Street  D/D/VIII/2/28  1775 - 1852

Abstract of title. 1775 - 1852
Counterpart lease. 1814
Requisitions and objections on title. 1852
13 letters to T.D. Keighley re sale. 1852
Draft assignment of lease, and copy. 1852
Means as to search of Middlesex Registry Office for documents re 8 Clipstone Street. n.d.

Original bundle re 10 Clipstone Street  D/D/VIII/2/29  1790 - 1852

Abstract of title. 1790 - 1852
Counterpart lease. 1812
Assignment of lease,. 1820
Assignment of lease. 1852
6 letters to T.D. Keighley re sale. 1852

Original bundle re 11 Clipstone Street  D/D/VIII/2/30  1790 - 1852

Agreement of title. 1790 - 1850
Agreement by Mary Jackson to give up tenancy. 1846
Requisitions on title. 1852
Assignment of lease, and copy. 1852

Charlton Street  [no ref. or date]

Original bundle re 19 Charlton Street  D/D/VIII/2/31  1775 - 1852

Abstract of title. 1775 - 1850
Requisitions and objections on title. 1852
Draft assignment of lease and copy. 1852
20 letters to T.D. Keighley re sale to Mr. Ellis. 1852

Original bundle re 16 Charlton Street  D/D/VIII/2/32  1779 - 1852

Abstract of title. 1779 - 1851
Objections and requisitions on title. 1852
Draft assignment of lease and copy. 1852
Letter from G.J. Shaw (Solicitor) to T.D. Keighley. 1852

Bundle re Charlton Street  D/D/VIII/2/33  1779 - 1874

Lease of 4th house on west side of Charlton Street. 1779
Counterpart lease on messuage in Charlton Street and Clipstone Street. 1804
Abstract of lease for 11 Charlton Street. 1814
Counterpart lease of White House Livery Stables. 1821
Insurance policies for 15 Charlton Street, White House 1851, 1864, 1873
Livery Stables and 11 Charlton Street.
Rent receipt for 17 Charlton Street. 1866
Papers and correspondence re leases of Nos. 12, 17 and 18. 1872 - 1874
Papers and correspondence re repairs to 11 Charlton Street. 1873

Original bundle re 11 Charlton Street and 43 Upper Marylebone Street  D/D/VIII/2/34  1790 - 1852

Abstract of title of 11 Charlton Street. 1790 - 1850
Requisitions and objections re 11 Charlton Street and 43 Upper Marylebone Street. 1852
Case for the opinion of Mr. Hayes re 11 Charlton Street. 1852
Draft assignment of lease of 11 Charlton Street. 1852
10 letters to T.D. Keighley re sale of 11 Charlton Street and 43 Upper Marylebone Street. 1852

Original bundle re Charlton Street and Clipstone Street  D/D/VIII/2/35  1870 - 1874

Particulars and conditions of sale of 10 Clipstone Street. 1870
10 letters to T.D. Keighley & Partners re repairs necessary to property in Charlton Street and Clipstone Street. 1870 - 1873
Reports on dilapidations of Nos. 11, 17 and 18 Charlton Street and 11 Clipstone Street. 1873
Notice of repairs and draft to 11 Charlton Street and 11 Clipstone Street. 1873
Warrants of distress and notices of dangerous structures re 11 Clipstone Street. 1873 - 1874

Original bundle re Charlton Street  D/D/VIII/2/36  1872 - 1873

Agreement for letting No. 14. 1872
Agreement for letting Nos. 13, 14 and 16. 1872
6 letters to T.D. Keighley & Partners re leases, rents and repairs in Charlton Street. 1872 - 1873
3 warrants of distress and account with builder re 11 Charlton Street. 1873
Notes re Will of Philip Cox (tenant of 11 Charlton Street). 1873
List of tenants of 11 Charlton Street. 1873

Old Compton Street  [no ref. or date]

Original bundle re 40 Old Compton Street and 21 Queen Street  D/D/VIII/2/37  1795 - 1866

2 copies of abstract of title of 4 Old Compton Street. 1795 - 1865
Lease and abstract of lease of 4 Old Compton Street. 1815
35 letters to T.D. Keighley re rents and sale of both properties. 1860 - 1866
Instructions to draw conditions of sale, and particulars and conditions of sale. 1865
Requisitions on title. 1866

Original bundle re 4 Old Compton Street  D/D/VIII/2/38  1854 - 1861

Legal papers and correspondence re Barrett (tenant) v Matthews, over debts of latter, and Barrett v Lockett, and papers re insurance. 1854 - 1861
Estimate of repair work to be done. 1857
2 copies of lease and agreement for lease, and draft. 1860, 1861

Original bundle re 1, 4 and 5 Old Compton Street  D/D/VIII/2/39  1857 - 1862

2 agreements for letting, and 1 draft re No. 4. 1857, 1858
5 letters re repairs to No. 4. 1857
20 letters to T.D. Keighley re repairs and rents of Nos. 1, 4 and 5. 1857 - 1860
Weekly rent accounts for Nos. 4 and 5. 1857 - 1860
Miscellaneous rates receipts. 1857 - 1860
Miscellaneous notes and rent accounts re No. 5. 1860 - 1862

21 Queen Street, Mayfair  [no ref. or date]

Bundle  D/D/VIII/2/40  1810 - 1866

Demise of messuage. 1810
30 letters re Lockett v Hibbett (tenant), 1 lease and condition of house. 1844 - 1865
Draft agreement for lease. 1853
2 copies of reconveyance and re-assignment, and 2 drafts. 1853
Rent receipts. 1864 - 1866
Draft lease. 1865
Bill of costs to prepare lease. 1865 - 1866

Original bundle  D/D/VIII/2/41  1865 - 1866

14 letters to T.D. Keighley re sale and tenancy. 1865 - 1866
2 requisitions on title. 1866
Deed of covenant for production of deeds. 1866
Assignment of leasehold. 1866
Accounts and declarations re 21 Queen Street and Lockett Estate. 1866

Hart Street  [no ref. or date]

Bundle  D/D/VIII/2/42  1813 - 1824

Counterpart lease. 1813
Lease. 1824
Counterpart lease. 1824

Llangollen land, Denbighshire and Pen-y-Bryn  [no ref. or date]

Original bundle  D/D/VIII/2/43  1823 - 1885

1 plan in lease of Christopher Weathersley to S. Morrett. 1823
3 plans of Pen-y-Bryn. n.d.
1 plan of London properties. n.d.
3 insurance policies for Pen-y-Bryn. 1863, 1865, 1866
22 letters to T.D. Keighley & Partners re Llangollen Brewery's rent, licence and insurance, and fixtures at Pen-y-Bryn. 1872 - 1885
50 letters from Anne Lockett to T.D. Keighley & Partners re her need of money and Mr. Tanqueray's (tenant of brewery) rent. 1873 - 1884

Original bundle  D/D/VIII/2/44  1831 - 1854

Abstract of title of Pen-y-Bryn estate. 1831 - 1854
Grant of reversionary interest in estate and copy, and 2 drafts. Aug 1854
Release of reversion. Sept 1854
Case for the opinion of Mr. Nieson. Aug 1854
Case for the opinion of Mr. Hayes. Aug 1854
Instructions to prepare draft of annuity to J.G.W. Lockett. 1854
34 letters from J.G.W. Lockett to T.D. Keighley, re his need for money, the reversion and the annuity. Jul 1854 - Oct 1854
13 letters re reversion and J.G.W. Lockett's finances. May 1854 - Sept 1854

Bundle of legal papers  D/D/VIII/2/45  1831 - 1855

Abstract of title of Pen-y-Bryn. 1831
Abstract of award of allotments in Llangollen. 1849
Agreements to road at Bache. 1853
Lease of Pen-y-Bryn. 1853
Conveyance of house and lands at Pen-y-Bryn. 1855

Bundle re Llangollen Brewery  D/D/VIII/2/46  1842 - 1873

Papers re insurance. 1842 - 1853
Surrender of lease by Edward Jones. 1853
Valuation of articles in Brewery. 1853
Draft licence to assign. 1868
Draft agreement. 1868
21 letters to T.D. Keighley, mainly from Stileman & Neale (Solicitor) and J.S. Tanqueray. 1868 - 1873

Original bundle  D/D/VIII/2/47  1844 - 1874

In very poor condition

Conveyance of allotments in Bache. 1844
Conditions of sale of Pen-y-Bryn estate. 12849
Particulars of estate. 1849
Draft conveyance of freehold land in Llangollen from E.W. Jacques to J.G.E. Lockett. 1853
6 letters to T.D. Keighley. 1872 - 1874
Valuation of Lockett land in Llangollen. 1873

Original bundle  D/D/VIII/2/48  1848 - 1853

a) Re Llangollen Property
Plan of freehold estate. 1849
Conveyance of freehold estate, and copy. 1850
b) Estate of Eleanor Lockett
Account of residue of estate. 1848 - 1849
Account of Messrs. Bray, Warrens & Standing, with Mrs. Lockett's executors. 1848 - 1850
Account of Charles Richards to Henry Hammond (Solicitor). 1852 - 1853
13 letters and receipts to T.D. Keighley re shares. 1852 - 1853
2 draft appointments of new Trustee, J.T.D., and conveyance of the trust estates. 1853

Bundle  D/D/VIII/2/49  1848 - 1869

Papers re insurance and water at Pen-y-Bryn. 1848 - 1869
15 letters from Edward Parry (servant at Llangollen) re sale at Pen-y-Bryn and Lockett debts. 1850 - 1853
24 letters, mainly from Thomas Hill (Estate Agents, Oswestry) re sale. 1852 - 1853
Notes, papers, advertisement and letters re sale. 1852 - 1854
13 letters re rent and insurance of Pen-y-Bryn. 1862 - 1863
16 letters re William Booth's rent. 1868

Bundle  D/D/VIII/2/50  1850 - 1872

Lease of Pen-y-Bryn Brewery. 1850
Lease and counterpart lease of messuage, brewery and land of Pen-y-Bryn. 1853
Counterpart lease of two allotments near Llangollen. 1854
Counterpart lease of messuage, brewery and premises at Llangollen. 1872

Original bundle re Pen-y-Bryn  D/D/VIII/2/51  1853

11 letters from J. Hostage (Under-Sheriff's Office, Chester) to T.D. Keighley re lease. Feb 1853 - June 1853
2 letters from Walter Booth to J.T.D. and 1 reply re lease. Mar 1853
2 draft leases from J.G.E. Lockett to Walter Booth. Apr 1853
Miscellaneous papers re lease and mortgage. 1853

Original bundle  D/D/VIII/2/52  1854 - 1872

Case for the opinion of Mr. Nieson. 1854
Directions to sell part of estate (including 4 Old Compton Street). 1863
26 letters to T.D. Keighley re sale of part of estate, brewery rent and insurance. 1868 - 1870
Warrant of distress, and draft re brewery. 1871 - 1872
Notes re Pen-y-Bryn insurance. 1871

Original bundle re Llangollen Brewery  D/D/VIII/2/53  1868 - 1872

25 letters from J.S. Tanqueray (tenant) to T.D. Keighley, and one copy, from T.D. Keighley to J.S. Tanqueray re rents. 1868 - 1872

Original bundle  D/D/VIII/2/54  1873 - 1877

17 letters to T.D. Keighley & Partners from J.T.D., Thomas Hill and J.S. Tanqueray re rental value of Llangollen land. 1873 - 1877
Charges of Keighley & Partners re letting Llangollen land. 1874 - 1875
Agreement for letting, and draft, copy and plan. 1875

Original bundle re land at Llangollen  D/D/VIII/2/55  1895 - 1896

Conveyance, and copy. Jul 1896
Charges of Trustees of marriage settlement of J.G.E. Lockett. Nov 1895 - Feb 1896
Bill of costs of Trustees. Feb 1896 - June 1896
Statement of account re sale of land in Llangollen. June 1896 - Jul 1896

Finances  D/D/VIII/3/1 - 3  [n.d.]

Rent Books  D/D/VIII/3/1/1 - 7  [n.d.]

Rent Books of London properties  D/D/VIII/3/1/1  1798 - 1814

Rent Books of London properties  D/D/VIII/3/1/2  1821 - 1851

Rent Books of London properties (with loose papers)  D/D/VIII/3/1/3  1825 - 1838

Rent Book of Mr. Humphrey (no address) with Lockett  D/D/VIII/3/1/4  Dec 1847 - Jan 1848

Account Book of rent money paid by Thomas Britain to E.W. Jacques, acting for J.G.E. Lockett  D/D/VIII/3/1/5  1848 - 1852

Rent Book of J.G.E. Lockett  D/D/VIII/3/1/6  Oct 1853 - Dec 1853

Rent Book of London properties  D/D/VIII/3/1/7  1857 - 1859

Account Books  D/D/VIII/3/2/1 - 14  [n.d.]

Account Book of Pen-y-Bryn  D/D/VIII/3/2/1  1843 - 1850

Account Book of rents, dividends, property tax  D/D/VIII/3/2/2  1848 - 1853

Current bank account of E.W. Jacques  D/D/VIII/3/2/3  1850 - 1852

Account Book of Edmund Lockett at Oxford (with loose receipts)  D/D/VIII/3/2/4  1852 - 1857

Account Book with Greengrocer  D/D/VIII/3/2/5  1853

Shopping Account Book  D/D/VIII/3/2/6  Oct 1853 - Nov 1853

General Account Book of Edmund Lockett  D/D/VIII/3/2/7  1853 - 1854

J.G.E. Lockett's Account Book of butter sent to market  D/D/VIII/3/2/8  1853 - 1854

Account Book of advances from T.D. Keighley to J.G.E. Lockett  D/D/VIII/3/2/9  1853 - 1854

Account Book between J.T.D. and Lockett  D/D/VIII/3/2/10  1854 - 1867

Account Book of J.G.E. Lockett's creditors at Oxford and the agreement with the creditors  D/D/VIII/3/2/11  Jul 1857

Account Book of Anne Lockett with the Butcher  D/D/VIII/3/2/12  1870 - 1873

Bank Account Book of Lockett Trust  D/D/VIII/3/2/13  1910 - 1911

Account Book of Lockett Trust (F.C.D. and J.W.W.D. Trustees)  D/D/VIII/3/2/14  1910 - 1912

Correspondence  D/D/VIII/3/1 - 25  [n.d.]

Bundle  D/D/VIII/3/1  1848 - 1880

6 letters re general accounts of J.G.W. Lockett. 1848 - 1857
12 letters from J.G.W. Lockett to Mr. & Mrs. Wharton re his need for money. 1853
29 letters to and from T.D. Keighley re J.G.E. Lockett's debts and need for money. 1853 - 1880

Original bundle  D/D/VIII/3/2  1850 - 1855

Account of J.G.E. Lockett with Mr. G. Matthews for repairs to various properties. 1850 - 1852
23 letters to, and 5 copies of letters from T.D. Keighley re rents. 1852 - 1855
11 letters from Anne Lockett re rents, Edmund Lockett and J.G.W. Lockett's going to Australia.
Miscellaneous notes and rent receipts. 1854 - 1863

[no title]  D/D/VIII/3/3  nd

Original bundle of 48 letters from J.T.D. to T.D. Keighley re Lockett rents, especially in Llangollen, Lockett's accounts with Keighley and Richards, and the Danson marriage settlement. Also re honeymoon travels of J.T.D. and A.E.D. in Europe. Mar 1852 - Dec 1852

Original bundle  D/D/VIII/3/4  1852 - 1853

61 letters and receipts re debts of J.G.E. Lockett. 1852 - 1853
Notes and letters from J.T.D. and T.D. Keighley re cases brought against Lockett. Jan - May 1852
List of those who issued writs against J.G.E. Lockett. 1852
List of parties for whom Mr. Richards said he was concerned. May 1852
West Middlesex Water Works shares. 1853
Notes re expenditure of Edmund Lockett. n.d.

[no title]  D/D/VIII/3/5  1852 - 1855

Original bundle of 40 letters from J.G.W. Lockett to T.D. Keighley re J.G.W. Lockett's share of Eleanor Lockett's estate, advances from Keighley to Lockett and bemusement at J.T.D.'s handling of Lockett affairs (October 1853).

Original bundle  D/D/VIII/3/6  1852 - 1857

44 letters from J.G.E. Lockett re rents, advances from Keighley and J.G.W. Lockett's need to reform his ways. 1852 - 1855
35 letters from tenants and H. Harrison re rents. 1853 - 1857
3 letters from J.T.D. to T.D. Keighley, including 1 recondition set by J.T.D. on J.G.W. Lockett for the remission of the latter's debt (23 December 1854) and 2 draft releases of annuity. 1854 - 1857

Original bundle re the Danson marriage settlement and close trust of A.E. Danson  D/D/VIII/3/7  1852 - 1879

Marriage settlement. 1852
7 letters re shares and receipts. 1869 - 1879
Trustees account. 1872 - 1873
18 letters from J.T.D. to T.D. Keighley. 1874 - 1878

[no title]  D/D/VIII/3/8  1852 - 1888

Bundle of 41 letters to J.T.D. mainly from T.D. Keighley and Thomas Brittain (rent collector), re rents, debts of J.G.W. Lockett, expenditure of Edmund Lockett, Pen-y-Bryn reversion, and the sale of a villa in France (1866).

[no title]  D/D/VIII/3/9  1853

Original bundle of 129 letters from J.T.D. to T.D. Keighley re rents of various properties; lease of Pen-y-Bryn; shares, especially of West Middlesex Water Works; Trusteeship of Eleanor Lockett's will; Danson account with Keighley, Richards and Jacques.

[no title]  D/D/VIII/3/10  Nov 1853 - Jan 1855

Original bundle of 75 letters from J.G.W. Lockett to T.D. Keighley re advance of money from Keighley, fees for studies, shares, and his debts; and letter to J.G.W. Lockett (November 1853) re financial troubles and urging value of study at Guy's Hospital; gives information re Salop Infirmary.

[no title]  D/D/VIII/3/11  Jan 1854 - Oct 1854

Original bundle of 64 letters from J.T.D. to T.D. Keighley re rents, West Middlesex Water Works shares, accounts of J.T.D. with Keighley, Pen-y-Bryn reversion, apprenticeship in farming of Edmund Lockett to Sharp, and the character of and plans for J.G.W. Lockett.

[no title]  D/D/VIII/3/12  1854

Original bundle containing 71 letters from J.G.W. Lockett to T.D. Keighley re J.G.W. Lockett's debts, and advance of money from Keighley. Apr 1854 - Aug 1854
Also: 5 letters from J. Brinton and R.H. Bollin re debts accrued by J.G.W. Lockett in Lymm, Cheshire. May 1854 - Jul 1854

Original bundle re finances of J.G.W. Lockett  D/D/VIII/3/13  1854 - 1855

9 letters to a Mr. Clark re J.G.W. Lockett's account. 1854
55 letters from J.G.W. Lockett, mainly to T.D. Keighley, re his need for money, the selling of his shares, his utter destitution (especially 20 August 1854 and 30 October 1854) and his marriage. 1854 - 1855
24 letters and receipts to T.D. Keighley. 1854 - 1855

[no title]  D/D/VIII/3/14  1854 - 1857

Bundle of 93 letters from Anne Lockett to T.D. Keighley re advances from Keighley, rents, especially Mr. Barrett's at 4 Old Compton Street, account with Keighley, apprenticeship of Edmund with Mr. Sharp, arrival of J.G.W. Lockett in Australia (2 November 1855) and death of Mr. T. Jeston (1 December 1856).

Original bundle  D/D/VIII/3/15  1854 - 1862

Notes, accounts and vouchers re general and property matters. 1854 - 1862
35 letters from J.T.D., Anne Lockett, J.G.E. Lockett, James Hodges (Henley), T.D. Heighley and Emma Marian Lockett re Edmund Lockett's share of estate of Eleanor Lockett, debts of Anne Lockett, rents, West Middlesex Water Works shares and announcement of engagement of Emma Marian Lockett to Mr. Mourchier (1 October 1861). 1857 - 1862

Bundle re West Middlesex Water Works shares  D/D/VIII/3/16  1854 - 1873

11 letters from A. Allan (London) and 7 from Bragg and Stockdale re sale and transfer of shares. 1854 - 1855
Account of Trustees with J.G.E. Lockett re dealings in shares. 1854 - 1856
Papers and letters re transfer of shares. 1861 - 1873

Bundle re £1,000 given to Anne Jeston, later wife of J.G.E. Lockett from the insurance policy of her father T.W. Jeston  D/D/VIII/3/17  1854 - 1879

Notice of assignment of £1,000. 1854
12 letters re assignment, premium payments and Trusteeship. 1854 - 1879

[no title]  D/D/VIII/3/18  1855 - 1856

Original bundle of 64 letters from J.T.D. to T.D. Keighley re rents, West Middlesex Water Works shares, insurance and sale of Hart Street House, accounts of J.T.D. and A.E.D. with Keighley, and repairs to White House Stables and Southampton Place House.

Original bundle  D/D/VIII/3/19  1855 - 1865

5 letters to T.D. Keighley re rents, West Middlesex Water Works shares and charities in St. Pancras. 1855 - 1861
Notes and rough letters from T.D. Keighley to J.T.D. 1857 - 1862
130 letters from J.T.D. to T.D. Keighley re Anne Lockett's mishandling of the affairs of J.G.E. Lockett (especially 28 March 1857) and the debts of both, rents, West Middlesex Water Works shares; J.G.E. Lockett's account with J.T.D.; J.T.D.'s account with Keighley; marine insurance company (1860); and share of trust of Emma Marian Lockett (1861). 1857 - 1865

Original bundle  D/D/VIII/3/20  1856 - 1866

7 letters to and from T.D. Keighley re rents. 1856 - 1862
28 letters from J.T.D. to T.D. Keighley re Lockett rents and sale of 202 Euston Road (formerly 16 Southampton Place) and other properties. 1857 - 1863
16 lette4rs from H. Harrison (Solicitor, London) to T.D. Keighley re payment of Lockett's ground rent for 21 Queen Street, Mayfair. 1858 - 1866
Rent receipts.

[no title]  D/D/VIII/3/21  1860 - 1867

Original bundle of 85 letters from J.T.D. to T.D. Keighley re share of trust for Emma Marian Lockett and Elizabeth Mary Lockett, rents, sale of 202 Euston Road (1862), shares especially West Middlesex Water Works, sale of 21 Queen Street, Mayfair, will of Elizabeth Burls, Philip Warren's estate, Trusteeship of 1854 settlement (1866-1867), and power of attorney from J.G.E. Lockett to J.T.D. (1866) and release (1867).

[no title]  D/D/VIII/3/22  1868 - 1872

Bundle of 102 letters from Anne Lockett to T.D. Keighley re rents, especially Mr. Tanqueray's, dividends, account with Keighley, advance of money from Keighley and death of Robert Jeston.

[no title]  D/D/VIII/3/23  1873 - 1883

Bundle of 103 letters from Anne Lockett to Keighley & Partners re death of J.G.E. Lockett (February 1873), and illness of Keighley, rents, advances of money from Keighley, J.A.P. Lockett's share of trust (Anne Lockett was his guardian), Elizabeth Burl's will, dividends and family affairs.

Original bundle of letters taken from a file  D/D/VIII/3/24  1879 - 1896

5 letters from William Bevan to J.T.D. re Mrs. Danson's settlement and balancing of trust on appointment of Bevan as Trustee. 1879
23 copies of letters from J.T.D. to Keighley, Arnold and Sismey, and Anne Lockett re will of J.T.D., J.T.D.'s annoyance at the advancing of money to Anne Lockett, Bevan's failure to produce a copy of the 1867 settlement, and list of papers re trust sent by J.T.D. to Keighley, Arnold and Sismey. 1895 - 1896

Original bundle  D/D/VIII/3/25  Jan 1887 - Apr 1887

21 letters from Anne Lockett and Keighley and Arnold re investment of £1,000 under the will of Thomas Jeston, and copy of certificate of stock. Jan 1887 - Apr 1887

Rent Accounts  D/D/VIII/3/26-34  [n.d.]

Original bundle  D/D/VIII/3/26  1850 - 1872

Notes re rent accounts of J.T.D. and draft accounts. 1850 - 1872
J.T.D. in general account with T.D. Keighley. 1852 - 1854, 1866, 1869 - 1871
Rent accounts of A.E.D. 1853 - 1856
J.T.D. in account with J.G.E. Lockett, yearly balances. 1854 - 1863

Bundle  D/D/VIII/3/27  1852 - 1877

General accounts of J.G.E. Lockett with T.D. Keighley. 1852 - 1853, 1856 - 1860, 1872 - 1873
Draft general accounts of J.G.E. Lockett with T.D. Keighley. 1853 - 1869
Rent accounts of J.G.E. Lockett, A.E.D. and J.T.D. Lockett. 1854 - 1856
Current account of J.G.E. Lockett with T.D. Keighley. 1866 - 1867, 1872 - 1873, 1875 - 1876
Lists of Lockett London ground rents. c. 1872 - 1873
Dividend account of J.G.E. Lockett with T.D. Keighley. 1872 - 1877
Index to accounts. n.d.

Original bundle, containing current account of J.T.D. with T.D. Keighley, as to J.G.E. Lockett's rents  D/D/VIII/3/28  1853 - 1854

Original bundle, containing current account of J.T.D. with T.D. Keighley, as to J.G.E. Lockett's rents  D/D/VIII/3/29  1853 - 1855

Original bundle  D/D/VIII/3/30  1853 - 1873

Draft rent accounts of J.G.E. Lockett. 1853 - 1854
Rent accounts of J.G.E. Lockett. 1855 - 1865
18 letters, mainly J.T.D. to T.D. Keighley re Lockett rents. 1857 - 1873
Miscellaneous general accounts and vouchers. 1854 - 1872

Original bundle, containing rent accounts of J.G.E. Lockett  D/D/VIII/3/31  1854 - 1857

Original bundle, containing rent accounts of J.G.E. Lockett and 6 letters from J.G.E. Lockett to T.D. Keighley re payment of rents to J.T.D.  D/D/VIII/3/32  1857 - 1868

Related information: See D/D/VIII/3/3/39 for rent accounts of J.G.E. Lockett 1869-1872

Original bundle  D/D/VIII/3/33  1858 - 1873

Rent rolls. 1858 - 1866
Draft rent accounts of J.G.E. Lockett and J.T.D. 1860 - 1863
Rent accounts of J.G.E. Lockett. 1866 - 1868, 1872 - 1873
17 letters, mainly from tenants to T.D. Keighley re payments of rent. 1859 - 1872

Original bundle, containing rent accounts of J.G.E. Lockett and letter from T.D. Keighley to Anne Lockett re accounts  D/D/VIII/3/34  1868 - 1872

Accounts and Financial Papers  D/D/VIII/3/35-43  [n.d.]

Bundle  D/D/VIII/3/35  1775 - 1823

7 bonds of George Lockett, power of attorney to George Lockett to receive rents in Great Titchfield Street and Little George Street. 1775 - 1782
8 bonds of J.G.E. Lockett. 1812 - 1823

Bundle  D/D/VIII/3/36  1816 - 1861

Account of annual expenses of J.G. Lockett. 1816 - 1824
Llangollen shopping accounts. 1831 - 1840
Miscellaneous general accounts and vouchers. 1852 - 1856
Arrangement for payment of debts of J.G.E. Lockett. 1858
List of final instalment of debt payment to Oxford creditors. 1861
List of Lockett creditors. n.d.

Bundle  D/D/VIII/3/37  1826 - 1879

Deed of covenant and release between Mr. Fisher and Mrs. Lockett. 1826
Transfer of mortgage debt. 1830
Release by Joseph Briggs of £200 annuity. 1850
Grants of power of attorney to J.T.D. from J.G.E. Lockett. 1852 - 1866
Memo of deposit of indenture No. 2 with J.T.D. 1854
Mortgage of annuity. 1854
Papers re grant of annuity by J.T.D. to J.G.W. Lockett and grant of annuity. 1854 - 1855
General releases, and copies of J.G.E. Lockett to J.T.D. 1854, 1868
1856, 1879
3 memos, and 1 copy re life insurance of T.W. Jeston. 1857
Bond of indemnity of Edmund Lockett to T.D. Keighley.

Original bundle  D/D/VIII/3/38  1852 - 1868

Current accounts of J.G.E. Lockett (or J.T.D. acting for J.G.E. Lockett) with T.D. Keighley. 1852 - 1868
8 letters to and from T.D. Keighley re accounts. 1852 - 1867
Miscellaneous vouchers. 1853 - 1868

Bundle  D/D/VIII/3/39  1852 - c.1878

Details of cheques from T.D. Keighley to Anne Lockett. 1852
Account of Keighley's expenditure on behalf of Edmund Lockett. 1852
Current account of J.G.W Lockett with T.D. Keighley. 1853 - 1855
J.G.E. Lockett's cash accounts and sale accounts of leaseholds of 43 Upper Marylebone Street and 38 Great Titchfield Street. 1854 - 1857
Rent accounts of J.G.E. Lockett. 1868 - 1872
Dividend accounts of J.G.E. Lockett. 1871 - 1872
Account of Thomas Boyer Arnett with Keighley re a Mr. Puchett's will. 1855 - 1857
Notes re inheritance by J.G.E. Lockett's children from will of Elizabeth Burls. c.1878
Miscellaneous notes and receipts re shares.

Original bundle  D/D/VIII/3/40  1866 - 1867

Administrator's account re Elizabeth Warren, deceased. 1866
List of money and shares due to Elizabeth Mary Lockett on her coming of age. 1866
6 letters re shares. 1866 - 1867
Account of J.T.D. (acting for E.M. Lockett) with Keighley. 1867

Original bundle  D/D/VIII/3/41  1868 - 1872

Dividends accounts of J.G.E. Lockett with T.D. Keighley. 1868 - 1871
7 letters re rents and dividends and loan to J.G.E. Lockett. 1869, 1872

Original bundle  D/D/VIII/3/42  1873 - 1885

Accounts of Keighley and Bevan with Anne Lockett, as guardian of John Arthur Pope Lockett. 1873 - 1885
Papers re insurance policy of J.A.P. Lockett, in name of Anne Lockett. 1874 - 1884
29 letters from Anne Lockett to Keighley and Bevan re maintenance of J.A.P. Lockett. 1882 - 1883

Bundle  D/D/VIII/3/43  1900 - 1912

12 letters from Hill, Dickinson & Co. re appointment of new Trustee, J.W.W.D. charges for work, and final settlement of trust, and copy of letter of thanks from F.C.D. 1900 - 1912
Declaration of Trusteeship by F.C.D. 1900
Account of Hill, Dickinson & Co. with Trustees. 1910 - 1911
Letter from E.M. Bourchier to F.C.D. re final settlement. 1911
Signed statements of final settlement of trust. 1911

Lockett v Jacques  D/D/VIII/4/1 - 16  [n.d.]

Bundle, containing papers re costs of case, accounts and receipts  D/D/VIII/4/1  1848 - 1881

Cash accounts of Lockett and Jacques with Charles Richards, bills of costs of defendants and plaintiffs. 1848 - 1881
Accounts of Trustees of will of Eleanor Lockett with T.D. Keighley. Accounts of J.G.E. Lockett with Keighley. Accounts of Anne Lockett as guardian of J.A.P. Lockett, with Keighley.
File of payments and receipts by Jacques as manager of business affairs of J.G.E. Lockett. 1848 - 1852

Bundle of loose correspondence re case  D/D/VIII/4/2  1848 - 1885

a) Including letters from J.T.D., J.G.E. Lockett, E.W. Jacques, J.W. Jeston, Clarence Hall and C. Goodwin. 1848 - 1858
b) Including letters from J.T.D. and R. Stevens. 1864 - 1869
c) Including letters from J.T.D. and Mr. Bourchier (Canada), J.A.P. Lockett, J.S. Tanqueray and Miller & Miller (Solicitors) re Elizabeth Burls (née Warren) deceased. 1872 - 1885

Bundle of legal papers  D/D/VIII/4/3  1851 - 1852

Mortgage of J.G.E. Lockett to Charles Richards. June 1851
Affidavit of J.T.D. June 1852
Agreement between Lockett and Jacques and Richards and Keighley for Jacques to receive £220, give up all deeds in his possession, and not counsel Edmund Lockett against the advice of his father. Sept 1852

Original bundle containing 32 letters from Richards to J.T.D. and copy letters from J.T.D. to Richards re E.W. Jacques, Pen-y-Bryn sale and finances of J.G.E. Lockett  D/D/VIII/4/4  Apr 1852 - June 1852

Original bundle of legal papers  D/D/VIII/4/5  1852 - 1853

Case and instructions to settle various deeds of arrangement (giving background to whole case). Mar 1852
2 draft agreements between Lockett and Jacques and Richards and Keighley. Jul 1852
Release and covenant, and draft of Jacques to Lockett. Dec 1852, Mar 1853; Dec 1852
Draft release and indemnity of Lockett to Jacques. 1852
Papers re transfer of shares by Jacques.

Original bundle of legal papers  D/D/VIII/4/6  1852 - 1853

3 copies of injunction. June 1852
Brief for the plaintiff and brief answer of defendants. 1853
Miscellaneous letters and general receipts. 1853

[no title]  D/D/VIII/4/7  1852 - 1855

Bundle, containing 76 letters from Charles Richards to J.T.D., J.G.W. Lockett and T.D. Keighley re Lockett v Jacques, estate of Eleanor Lockett and Ward (creditor) v Lockett.

Bundle of legal papers  D/D/VIII/4/8  Feb 1853 - Dec 1853

Brief answer of the defendants. Mar 1853
Decree on the original hearing. Jul 1853
Affidavit of T.D. Keighley. Aug 1853
Affidavit of J.G.E. Lockett. n.d
Case for the opinion of Mr. J.V. Prior. Nov 1853

Original bundle of legal papers  D/D/VIII/4/9  June 1853 - Jul 1853

Brief for the defendants. Jul 1853
Papers re costs. Jul 1853

Bundle of legal papers  D/D/VIII/4/10  1853 - 1859

Evidence on which Chief Clerk disallowed petitioners surcharging of J.G.E. Lockett's debt of £1,000. Dec 1853
Affidavit of Thomas Jennings. Dec 1853
Affidavit of Ann Eleanor Danson. Jan 1854
The Chief Clerk's certificate. Feb 1854
Material parts of J.G.E. Lockett's marriage settlement with Anne Jeston. Apr 1854
Bond of indemnity of J.G.E. Lockett to T.D. Keighley. June 1857

Bundle of legal papers  D/D/VIII/4/11  1864 - 1869

Observations on behalf of the defendants. 1866
Brief for the plaintiffs. 1866
Brief for the defendants. 1866
Appointment of Richard Stevens as solicitor for J.G.E. Lockett and E.W. Jacques. 1866
Order on further consideration. 1867
Affidavit of T.D. Keighley. 1868
Affidavit of Frederick Walker. 1869

Original bundle  D/D/VIII/4/12  1866 - 1873

Brief for the defendants and copy. Jul 1866
Minutes of order and copy. Jul 1866
Loose general accounts. 1866 - 1867
Affidavit of Anne Lockett. 1873
Affidavit of T.D. Keighley. 1873

Original bundle  D/D/VIII/4/13  1868 - 1874

Affidavit of Bourchier (Ontario, married to Emma Marian Lockett). 1873
Affidavit of Frederick Moore Pope (married to Elizabeth Mary Lockett). 1873
Affidavit of A. Lockett. 1873
Affidavit of T.D. Keighley. 1873
Papers re costs. 1868 - 1873
24 important letters to and from T.D. Keighley re Bourchier's share of estate and Pope's share. 1873 - 1874

Bundle of legal papers re the guardian of John Arthur Pope Lockett by Anne Lockett, and the shares of the estate for the Popes and the Bourchiers  D/D/VIII/4/14  1873

Bundle of legal papers re share of estate for J.A.P. Lockett and the Bourchiers, and cost re the Bourchiers petition  D/D/VIII/4/15  1874 - 1879

Bundle of papers re share of estate for J.A.P. Lockett and his share from will of Elizabeth Burls (née Warren) including notes re history of investments previous to 1878 will and to 1881  D/D/VIII/4/16  1881 - 1885

Related information: See D/D/VIII/1/2/2

Miscellaneous  D/D/VIII/5/1  [n.d.]

Miscellaneous notes and printed material  D/D/VIII/5/1  1847 - 1879

Catalogue of surgical instruments. 1847
List of courses at Guy's Hospital. 1852 - 1853
Pamphlet re Brighton College. 1879
Pamphlet re Goodenough School, Ealing. n.d.
Pamphlet re Globe Insurance Co. and tables of premiums for various policies. n.d.


Photograph Albums and Files  D/D/IX/1/1 - 25  [n.d.]

Album containing photographs  D/D/IX/1/1  c.1860 - 1890

Album containing family photographs  D/D/IX/1/2  c.1870 - 1890

Album containing photograph of the Roman Wall, annotated with 45 loose photographs (in envelope)  D/D/IX/1/3  1878

9 small files containing photographs of J.T.D  D/D/IX/1/4  1880

Album containing photographs of family, antiquities and Dry Close  D/D/IX/1/5  1881 - 1894

Album containing photographs of family, scenery and Dry Close  D/D/IX/1/6  1883 - 1894

Large file of photographs of walls and gates of Rome  D/D/IX/1/7  1884

Album containing scenic photographs of Italy, and 3 loose photographs of Peterborough Cathedral  D/D/IX/1/8  1886; 1879

Large file of photographs of Paris and Paris Exhibition, annotated  D/D/IX/1/9  1889

Large file of photographs of Greek antiquities, annotated by J.T.D  D/D/IX/1/10  1890

Small file of photographs of J.T.D  D/D/IX/1/11  1895

Album containing photographs of family and Dry Close, annotated, with 13 loose photographs of Dry Close (in envelope)  D/D/IX/1/12  c.1890 - 1900

Album containing family photographs, sketches and prints, a copy of a Phrenological Register and 59 loose family and scenic photographs (in envelope)  D/D/IX/1/13  c. 1890 - 1956

Album containing photographs of family, scenery and Dry Close, inscribed "H.M.R. Danson Oct. 1908"  D/D/IX/1/14  1908

Album containing photographs of family, scenery, Dry Close and Sedburgh School  D/D/IX/1/15  1908 - 1913

Album containing photographs of the army and scenery in North Africa, annotated  D/D/IX/1/16  1915 - 1916

Album containing photographs of the army and scenery in North Africa, annotated  D/D/IX/1/17  1917 - 1918

Album containing photographs of the regiment in England, partly annotated  D/D/IX/1/18  1921 - 1924

Large file of 12 photographs of F.C.D  D/D/IX/1/19  c.1925

Album containing photographs of the regiment in England, with loose photograph of the officers  D/D/IX/1/20  1925 - 1933

Album containing photographs of family, army, scenery and Dry Close, partly annotated, with 12 loose photographs (in envelope)  D/D/IX/1/21  1928 - 1930

Small book of photographs of seascapes and of paintings, annotated  D/D/IX/1/22  n.d

Album containing photographs of the Austrian Alps, with 4 loose photographs (in envelope)  D/D/IX/1/23  n.d

Album containing photographs of army hospital  D/D/IX/1/24  n.d

Large file of photographs of Danson Hall  D/D/IX/1/25  n.d

Framed Photographs  D/D/IX/1/26-60  [n.d.]

Portrait of John Danson  D/D/IX/1/26  c.1820

Sketch of Robert Owen  D/D/IX/1/27  1837

Photograph of J.T.D. when called to the Bar  D/D/IX/1/28  1847

Portrait of J.T.D  D/D/IX/1/29  1854

Photograph of School House, Sedburgh, including J.R.D  D/D/IX/1/48  1911

Photograph of J.R.D. and others in Sedburgh School rugby team  D/D/IX/1/49  1911

Portrait of F.C.D  D/D/IX/1/50  c.1915

Portrait of J.R.D. in uniform  D/D/IX/1/51  c.1930

Portrait of J.R.D. in uniform  D/D/IX/1/52  c.1935

Photograph of J.R.D. and others at Senior Officers' School  D/D/IX/1/53  1938

Portrait of John Danson's wife, Anne  D/D/IX/1/54  n.d

Photograph of staff at Sedburgh School  D/D/IX/1/55  n.d

Portrait of J.R. Green (historian)  D/D/IX/1/56  n.d

Portrait of Freda  D/D/IX/1/57  n.d

Portrait of James Rudolph  D/D/IX/1/58  n.d

Silhouette of unknown girl  D/D/IX/1/59  n.d

Portrait of unknown woman  D/D/IX/1/60  n.d

Loose Photographs  D/D/IX/1/61-70  [n.d.]

51 portraits of J.T.D. (in envelopes)  D/D/IX/1/61  1850 - c.1898

39 portraits of F.C.D. (in envelopes)  D/D/IX/1/62  c.1860 - c.1920

143 portraits of J.R.D., photographs of J.R.D. and army photographs  D/D/IX/1/63  c.1914 - c.1960

Box containing 328 family portraits and photographs, including E.C. Danson (4) portrait and tombstone  D/D/IX/1/64  c.1814 - c.1960

Box of 261 (2 envelopes) miscellaneous photographs of people and portraits  D/D/IX/1/65  c.1870 - c. 1970

Alex Bain.
James Boyce.
Bright, Cobden and AN Other.
Miss Cannon.
A.V. Dicey.
P.G. Green.
Reverend H.S. Halberd.
L.H. Hicks.
Mrs. Gray Hill.
Arthur Lockett (youngest child of J.G.E.L.).
Mr. Mackay (of Fife).
J.H. Read.
Catherine E. Rudolf.
Robert G. Rudolf.
Thomas Henry Sanderson.
Thomas Waghorn.

4 bundles of photographs of Roman Wall - 500 in all  D/D/IX/1/66  1878

205 photographs of Italy and Rome, annotated by J.T.D. (in envelopes)  D/D/IX/1/67  n.d

Box of 263 landscape and scenic photographs, mainly of the Lake District  D/D/IX/1/68  n.d

Box of 472 miscellaneous photographs, including Dry Close, Woodland Crag, Rosewarne, Danson Park, Antiquities and J.T.D.'s table  D/D/IX/1/69  c.1860 - c. 1970

Outsize miscellaneous photograph  D/D/IX/1/70  c.1880 - 1900

Negatives  D/D/IX/2  [n.d.]

Glass Negatives  D/D/IX/2/1 - 65  [n.d.]

Wooden box containing 42 of Sir H. Dryden's plans of camps  D/D/IX/2/1  1840 - 1841

Box containing 12 of Sir H. Dryden's plans of camps  D/D/IX/2/2  1840 - 1841

Envelope containing 11 of Sir H. Dryden's plans of camps  D/D/IX/2/3  1840 - 1841

Wooden box containing 39 of Sir H. Dryden's plans of camps and the Portland Vase  D/D/IX/2/4  1881

Box containing 14 of interior and surroundings of Greenfields  D/D/IX/2/5  1877

Wooden box containing 39 of the Roman Wall  D/D/IX/2/6  1878

Envelope containing 2 of the Roman Wall  D/D/IX/2/7  1878

Box containing 12 of J.T.D.'s registration of birth, his parents' registration of marriage, Greenfields and the Roman Wall  D/D/IX/2/8  1878

Box containing 9 of views of Greenfields  D/D/IX/2/9  1880

Box containing 20 of interior and surroundings of Greenfields  D/D/IX/2/10  c.1880

Box containing 6 of interior and surroundings of Greenfields  D/D/IX/2/11  c.1880

Wooden box containing 33 of the building and the interior of Dry Close  D/D/IX/2/12  c.1880 - 1885

Wooden box containing 76 of family portraits and of others, including A.V. Dicey and J. Boyce; the interior of Dry Close and examples of Burmese writing  D/D/IX/2/13  c.1880 - 1889

Envelope containing 5 of the Portland Vase  D/D/IX/2/14  1881

Envelope containing 2 of the Portland Vase and Dry Close  D/D/IX/2/15  1881

Box containing 4 of the Portland Vase and a map of Rome  D/D/IX/2/16  1881 - 1884

Box containing 13 of the Portland Vase and family portraits and photographs  D/D/IX/2/17  1881 - c.1896

Wooden box of 43 of the Portland Vase and bust of Julius Caesar  D/D/IX/2/18  1881, 1897

Box containing 15 of family portraits, the building of and interior of Dry Close, and the deed of grant of land in Byrchhurst (Berkshire) by Thomas Harding, 1322  D/D/IX/2/19  c.1881 - 1898

Related information: See D/D/III/13/1

Box file containing 8 of family portraits and plans and photographs of the Pioneer  D/D/IX/2/20  1883 - 1885

Box file containing 10 of Dry Close and grounds  D/D/IX/2/21  1883 - 1886

Box containing 13 of Rome  D/D/IX/2/22  1884

Box containing 11 of Rome  D/D/IX/2/23  1884

Box containing 7 maps and views of Rome  D/D/IX/2/24  1884

Box containing 5 maps and views of Rome  D/D/IX/2/25  1884

Box containing 6 portraits of William North, J.E. Gray Hill, Reverend A.E. Riddle and L. Van Den Berghe  D/D/IX/2/26  1884

Box containing 6 portraits of F.C.D., E.D. and T.P.D  D/D/IX/2/27  1885

Box file containing 11 family portraits and others, including A.V. Dicey and J. Ellison  D/D/IX/2/28  c.1885

Box containing 9 portraits of A.A. Cooper, G.H. Randall, Howard Bliss, R. Rowett and T. Hodgkin  D/D/IX/2/29  c.1885

Box containing 12 of interior and surroundings of Dry Close  D/D/IX/2/30  c.1885

Box file containing 5 family portraits  D/D/IX/2/31  1886

Envelope containing 12 family portraits and others, including J. Boyce, A. Bain and Julius Caesar  D/D/IX/2/32  1886 - 1887

Wooden box of 50 of Dry Close, High Street and the Roman Wall  D/D/IX/2/33  1886 - 1891

Wooden box containing 32 family portraits and views of Grasmere  D/D/IX/2/34  c.1887

Box containing 16 family portraits, and interior and surroundings of Dry Close  D/D/IX/2/35  c.1890

Box containing 16 family portraits and interior of Dry Close  D/D/IX/2/36  c.1890

Box containing 11 portraits of J.T.D  D/D/IX/2/37  c.1890

Envelope containing 11 portraits of J.T.D  D/D/IX/2/38  c.1890

Envelope containing 5 portraits of J.T.D  D/D/IX/2/39  c.1890

Envelope containing 12 price diagrams, 1851-1890  D/D/IX/2/40  c.1890

Box file containing 11 price diagrams, 1851-1890, and photograph of the Pioneer  D/D/IX/2/41  c.1890

Box containing 12 of interior and surroundings of Dry Close  D/D/IX/2/42  1891

Box containing 14 family portraits, bust of Caesar and interior of Dry Close  D/D/IX/2/43  c.1892

Box containing 13 family portraits  D/D/IX/2/44  1893

Box containing 15 family portraits, and interior and surroundings of Dry Close  D/D/IX/2/45  1893

Box file containing 42 family portraits, and interior and surroundings of Dry Close  D/D/IX/2/46  1893-1897

Box containing 21 family portraits and landscapes of the Lakes  D/D/IX/2/47  c.1895

Box containing 11 portraits of E.D., and interior and surroundings of Dry Close  D/D/IX/2/48  c.1895

Box containing 15 family portraits, and interior and surroundings of Dry Close  D/D/IX/2/49  c.1896

Box containing 15 family portraits and surroundings of Dry Close  D/D/IX/2/50  c.1896

Box containing 22 family portraits, and interior and surroundings of Dry Close  D/D/IX/2/51  c.1897

Box containing 22 family portraits, interior and surroundings of Dry Close and Llangollen  D/D/IX/2/52  c.1897

Box containing 22 portraits of F.C.D. and E.D., and interior and surroundings of Dry Close  D/D/IX/2/53  c.1897

Envelope containing 4 of tables designed by J.T.D  D/D/IX/2/54  Pre-1898

Box containing 12 family portraits and landscapes of the Lakes  D/D/IX/2/55  c.1898

Box file containing 12 family portraits, with 4 negatives of Dry Close and 2 of sailing boats  D/D/IX/2/56  c.1900

Box containing 9 family portraits and landscapes  D/D/IX/2/57  c.1900

Box containing 1 large portrait of J.R.D. in uniform  D/D/IX/2/58  c.1930

Box containing 4 of interior and surroundings of Dry Close  D/D/IX/2/59  n.d

Envelope containing 1 of dining room at Dry Close  D/D/IX/2/60  n.d

Envelope containing 4 of the Pilum  D/D/IX/2/61  n.d

Envelope containing 1 of a railway set at Rosewarne  D/D/IX/2/62  n.d

Box containing 3 of garden at Dry Close  D/D/IX/2/63  n.d

Box containing 3 of garden at Dry Close  D/D/IX/2/64  n.d

Box containing 2 of garden at Dry Close  D/D/IX/2/65  n.d

Album containing 95 miscellaneous family landscapes  D/D/IX/2/66  1909 - 1920

Envelope containing 34 Egyptian and North African landscapes and people  D/D/IX/2/67  c.1915

Envelope containing 6 of regiment  D/D/IX/2/68  c.1930

Envelope containing 5 of J.R.D. and landscapes  D/D/IX/2/69  c.1935

Envelope containing 15 of family and landscapes  D/D/IX/2/70  n.d

Envelope containing 4 of landscapes  D/D/IX/2/71  n.d

Slides  D/D/IX/3/1 - 11  [n.d.]

Wooden box containing 78 slides of family portraits, Dry Close, Rosewarne, landscapes of Stanley Bay, Holyhead and Sedburgh  D/D/IX/3/1  1897 - 1917

Wooden box containing 88 slides of Furness Abbey, landscapes of the Lakes and 2 series entitled A Day at Oxford and H.M. Men of War (ships)  D/D/IX/3/2  c.1907

Wooden box containing 81 slides of Malta and North Africa  D/D/IX/3/3  1915 - 1916

Wooden box containing 80 slides of Malta and North Africa  D/D/IX/3/4  1915 - 1917

Wooden box containing 116 slides of landscapes and monuments of Egypt and the Nile, including Cairo and Luxor  D/D/IX/3/5  1915 - 1918

Wooden box containing 64 slides of North Africa and the Middle East  D/D/IX/3/6  1915 - 1918

Wooden box containing 81 slides of North Africa, the Middle East and the Holy Land  D/D/IX/3/7  1916 - 1918

Wooden box containing 84 slides of North Africa, the Middle East and the Holy Land  D/D/IX/3/8  1916 - 1918

Wooden box containing 98 slides of archaeology and monuments of North Africa and Egypt, including Assouan and Theban monuments  D/D/IX/3/9  c.1916

Wooden box containing 100 slides of the Regiment in England  D/D/IX/3/10  c.1925

Envelope containing 4 loose slides - 2 of a Mosque in North Africa and 2 of army bathers  D/D/IX/3/11  c.1915

Plates  D/D/IX/4/1 - 4  [n.d.]

Copper address plate of J.T.D. as Barrister in London  D/D/IX/4/1  c.1847 - 1853

Copper plate of geometrical study of the Portland Vase  D/D/IX/4/2  c.1881

Copper nameplate of J.T.D.  D/D/IX/4/3  1893

Copper plate of graph grid  D/D/IX/4/4  n.d

HOUSEHOLD  D/D/X  [n.d.]

Dry Close Diaries  D/D/X/1/1 - 29  [n.d.]

Episodic Diaries kept at Dry Close, completed by F.C.D. until his death in 1926, and then by J.R.D. until 1971. They include newspaper cuttings, programmes, etc. re local events. The entries became more full after J.R.D. took up permanent residence at Dry Close in 1954.

Diary Kept At Dry Close  D/D/X/1/1  1898 - 1905

Diary Kept At Dry Close  D/D/X/1/2  1905 - 1908

Diary Kept At Dry Close  D/D/X/1/3  1908 - 1910

Diary Kept At Dry Close  D/D/X/1/4  1911 - 1914

Diary Kept At Dry Close  D/D/X/1/5  1914 - 1920

Diary Kept At Dry Close  D/D/X/1/6  1920 - 1923

Diary Kept At Dry Close  D/D/X/1/7  1924 - 1934

Diary Kept At Dry Close  D/D/X/1/8  1935 - 1943

Diary Kept At Dry Close  D/D/X/1/9  1944 - 1950

Diary Kept At Dry Close  D/D/X/1/10  1950 - 1954

Diary Kept At Dry Close  D/D/X/1/11  1954 - 1956

Diary Kept At Dry Close  D/D/X/1/12  1956 - 1957

Diary Kept At Dry Close  D/D/X/1/13  1958

Diary Kept At Dry Close  D/D/X/1/14  1959

Diary Kept At Dry Close  D/D/X/1/15  1960

Diary Kept At Dry Close  D/D/X/1/16  1961

Diary Kept At Dry Close  D/D/X/1/17  1962 - 1963

Diary Kept At Dry Close  D/D/X/1/18  1963

Diary Kept At Dry Close  D/D/X/1/19  1963 - 1964

Diary Kept At Dry Close  D/D/X/1/20  1965

Diary Kept At Dry Close  D/D/X/1/21  1965 - 1966

Diary Kept At Dry Close  D/D/X/1/22  1966 - 1967

Diary Kept At Dry Close  D/D/X/1/23  June 1967 - Sept 1967

Diary Kept At Dry Close  D/D/X/1/24  1967 - 1968

Diary Kept At Dry Close  D/D/X/1/25  1968

Diary Kept At Dry Close  D/D/X/1/26  Jan 1969 - Jul 1969

Diary Kept At Dry Close  D/D/X/1/27  Jul 1969 - Dec 1969

Diary Kept At Dry Close  D/D/X/1/28  1970

Diary Kept At Dry Close  D/D/X/1/29  1971

Danson Family Accounts  D/D/X/2/1 - 3  [n.d.]

Accounts and Notebooks  D/D/X/2/1/1 - 8  [n.d.]

[no title]  D/D/X/2/1/1  1886 - 1899

Ledger kept by F.C.D. for J.T.D. 1886 - 1890
E.F. and M. Danson 1886 - 1890
J.W.W.D. (with loose receipts and 2 letters) 1886 - 1899

25 pages from notebook  D/D/X/2/1/2  1905-1941

Inventory of household linen. 1905
Inventory of E.D.'s jewellery and its value. 1927
List of investments and dividends. 1929 - 1941

7 pages from small ledger re investment income and expenditure  D/D/X/2/1/3  1921 - 1922

28 pages from notebook containing inventory of household linen at Dry Close and Rosewarne (?)  D/D/X/2/1/4  c.1929


Personal account book of E.D.  D/D/X/2/1/5  1939 - 1943

Dry Close account book  D/D/X/2/1/6  1940 - 1941

Account of E.D. with the Stock Ghyll High-Class Laundry  D/D/X/2/1/7  1941 - 1947

Cash book  D/D/X/2/1/8  1951 - 1955

Shares and Dividends  D/D/X/2/2/1 - 7  [n.d.]

Bundle of F.C.D.'s investment contracts  D/D/X/2/2/1  1881 - 1906

Bundle of F.C.D.'s investment contracts  D/D/X/2/2/2  1904 - 1916

Bundle of dividend certificates  D/D/X/2/2/3  1915

Bundle of dividend certificates  D/D/X/2/2/4  1916

Bundle of dividend certificates  D/D/X/2/2/5  1917

Bundle of dividend certificates  D/D/X/2/2/6  1918

Bundle of dividend certificates  D/D/X/2/2/7  1919

Household Receipts  D/D/X/2/3/1 - 11  [n.d.]

Bundle of vouchers  D/D/X/2/3/1  1916 - 1917

Bundle of vouchers  D/D/X/2/3/2  1918 - 1919

Bundle of vouchers  D/D/X/2/3/3  1920 - 1921

Bundle of vouchers  D/D/X/2/3/4  1933

Bundle of vouchers  D/D/X/2/3/5  1936

Bundle of vouchers  D/D/X/2/3/6  1936

Bundle of vouchers  D/D/X/2/3/7  1936

Bundle of vouchers  D/D/X/2/3/8  1937

Bundle of vouchers  D/D/X/2/3/9  1937

Bundle of vouchers  D/D/X/2/3/10  1937

Bundle of vouchers  D/D/X/2/3/11  1938

Bundle of vouchers  D/D/X/2/3/12  1938

Bundle of vouchers  D/D/X/2/3/13  1938

MAPS, ETC  D/D/XI/1/1-5  [n.d.]

Maps  D/D/XI/1/1 - 43  [n.d.]

Foreign Maps  D/D/XI/1/1-19  [n.d.]

7 maps and sketches of action in Punjab  D/D/XI/1/1  1848 - 1849

Part of chart of North Sea, including Dutch and German coasts  D/D/XI/1/2  1868

Chart of North Sea with Scottish and Danish coasts  D/D/XI/1/3  n.d

Copy of map of General Gordon's route to Khartoum  D/D/XI/1/4  1874

Topographical, ideographical and geological maps of Rome and the Campagne  D/D/XI/1/5  1878

Detailed map of Rome and surrounding districts  D/D/XI/1/6  1883

6 maps of Rome and parts of Italy  D/D/XI/1/7  1884

Map of Rome with list of ancient monuments  D/D/XI/1/8  c.1884

File containing Parker's map of the Roman Aqueducts  D/D/XI/1/9  n.d

3 maps of South Africa and Zululand  D/D/XI/1/10  1886 - 1890

Map of Mashonaland and Matabeliland, south of the Zambesi  D/D/XI/1/11  1893

Map of Upper Burma  D/D/XI/1/12  1887

Map of Rangoon, south east district  D/D/XI/1/13  1887

Map of Rangoon, north east district  D/D/XI/1/14  c.1887

Map of Rangoon, north west district  D/D/XI/1/15  c.1887

Map of Upper Burma, ruby mines and Shan states  D/D/XI/1/16  1889

Map of Burma, south east district  D/D/XI/1/17  1892

Map of major rail and sea navigation routes in south east Canada  D/D/XI/1/18  c.1895

2 maps of Crimea, 1 with view of Sebastopol  D/D/XI/1/19  n.d

British Maps  D/D/XI/1/20-43  [n.d.]

1 inch ordnance map of the hundred of Wirral  D/D/XI/1/20  1840

6 x 1 inch ordnance maps of Preston, Blackburn, Ormskirk and Wigan, Llangollen, Flintshire, Formby and Crosby  D/D/XI/1/21  1853 - 1863

Geological map of Liverpool and north Cheshire  D/D/XI/1/22  c.1855

1 inch ordnance map of Scotland (sheet 49), including St. Andrews  D/D/XI/1/23  1862

6 inch ordnance map of Westmoreland (sheet XXV), including Elterwater and Bleatarn  D/D/XI/1/24  1862

6 inch ordnance map of Westmoreland (sheet XXVII), including Kentmere  D/D/XI/1/25  1862

1 inch ordnance map, including Muncaster and Lake Windermere  D/D/XI/1/26  1865

25 inch ordnance map of Bexley, including Danson Park  D/D/XI/1/27  1865

1 inch ordnance map of Roman Wall from the Clyde to the Firth  D/D/XI/1/28  1866

6 inch ordnance map of Cumberland and Westmoreland, including the Pike of Blisco  D/D/XI/1/29  1867

1 inch ordnance map of Silloth Bay  D/D/XI/1/30  1869

Map of Llangollen  D/D/XI/1/31  1873

Map of freehold estates in West Kirby  D/D/XI/1/32  1874 - 1875

2 maps of Barnston and 1 of Carnsdale Farm  D/D/XI/1/33  1874 - 1875

2 x 1 inch ordnance maps of Mold, and Runcorn and Warrington  D/D/XI/1/34  1876

1 inch ordnance map of Rutland and Cambridgeshire, including Nene and Severn Railway Line, east end  D/D/XI/1/35  1876

1 inch ordnance map of Worcestershire, Warwickshire and Northamptonshire, including Nene and Severn Railway Line, central section  D/D/XI/1/36  1876

1 inch ordnance map of Gloucestershire, including Nene and Severn Railway Line, west end  D/D/XI/1/37  1876

Map of U.K. electoral districts  D/D/XI/1/38  1885

1 inch ordnance map of Carlisle to Newcastle  D/D/XI/1/39  1886


Map of Grasmere local board sewerage  D/D/XI/1/40  1886

25 inch ordnance map of Westmoreland, including Grasmere  D/D/XI/1/41  1915

25 inch ordnance map of Grasmere  D/D/XI/1/42  n.d

Index map to 1:500 ordnance maps of Wigan  D/D/XI/1/43  n.d

Statistical Graphs  D/D/XI/2/1 - 11  [n.d.]

Graph of corn prices  D/D/XI/2/1  1595 - 1845

Table of quantities imported and exported, and prices of wheat and wheat flour  D/D/XI/2/2  1627 - 1850

Table of wheat prices  D/D/XI/2/3  1646 - 1826

2 tables of U.K. imports and exports  D/D/XI/2/4  1821 - 1840, 1838 - 1846

Table of imports and exports of France and 5 graphs re same  D/D/XI/2/5  1778 - 1837, 1827 - 1848

2 graphs of food prices  D/D/XI/2/6  1813 - 1837, 1839 - 1845

Graphs of prices of consoles, exchequer bills, foreign exchanges and some goods  D/D/XI/2/7  1833 - 1841

Graph of public credit of various governments  D/D/XI/2/8  1839 - 1845

7 price graphs and tables  D/D/XI/2/9  1840 - 1846

2 graphs and 1 table re money in circulation in U.K  D/D/XI/2/10  1844 - 1845

Graph of prices of railway companies' shares  D/D/XI/2/11  1845

Plans  D/D/XI/3/1 - 10  [n.d.]

Plan of Exchange Buildings, Liverpool, as altered in 1862  D/D/XI/3/1  1862

Section of a Roman war gallery  D/D/XI/3/2  1878

Plans and sections of Thirlmere Waterworks  D/D/XI/3/3  1879

Plan by J.T.D. of Roman intrenchment at Ringstead Station  D/D/XI/3/4  1879

Plan of remains of Roman camp at Yelden  D/D/XI/3/5  1881

Plan of bookshelves for Dry Close Hall  D/D/XI/3/6  1885

3 plans for J.T.D.'s table  D/D/XI/3/7  c.1886

Plan of Hard Knott Camp  D/D/XI/3/8  1890

Plan of villa in Grasmere for John Gilbanks  D/D/XI/3/9  n.d

2 plans  D/D/XI/3/10  nd

1. Front elevation of house. n.d.
2. Ground plan of proposed alteration at Stanley Hall. n.d.

Sketches  D/D/XI/4/1 - 3  [n.d.]

Sketch of J.T.D.'s table  D/D/XI/4/1  1886

Unfinished sketch of the Roman Wall  D/D/XI/4/2  n.d

12 sketches, some coloured, mostly by J.T.D., including of Carnsdale House, Greenfields and Roman Wall  D/D/XI/4/3  n.d

Miscellaneous  D/D/XI/5/1 - 4  [n.d.]

Chronological graph re comparative lifespans of famous philosophers, scientists and rulers (J.T.D. included himself)  D/D/XI/5/1  1660-1880

Print of painting of J.T.D.  D/D/XI/5/2  c.1845

Mobilisation roll of 2nd Battalion of the Border Regiment  D/D/XI/5/3  nd

3 geometric studies of the Portland Vase  D/D/XI/5/4  n.d

OIL PAINTING OF John Towne Danson  D/D/XII  [n.d.]

Oil painting of John Towne Danson by J.E. Morrison  D/D/XII/1  1896

Conditions of access: This is hanging on the wall in the Curatorial Office.


Box 1; 14 miscellaneous, unlisted volumes and metal plate marked 'Danson Barnston'  D/D/XIII/1  nd

Box 2; 9 miscellaneous, unlisted volumes  D/D/XIII/2  nd

Box 3; Lloyd's Register of British and Foreign Shipping - copy belonging to the Chairman, Underwriters Association, Liverpool  D/D/XIII/3/1  1 Jul 1870 - 30 June 1871

Lloyd's Register of British and Foreign Shipping - copy belonging to J.T. Danson  D/D/XIII/3/2  1 Jul 1872 - 30 June 1873

Lloyd's Register of British and Foreign Shipping - copy belonging to J.T. Danson  D/D/XIII/3/3  1 Jul 1874 - 30 June 1875

Lloyd's Register of British and Foreign Shipping - copy belonging to J.T. Danson  D/D/XIII/3/4  1 Jul 1877-30 June 1878

Underwriters list of iron vessels, showing the class of those which have been surveyed by the Liverpool Registry  D/D/XIII/3/5  1 Sept 1883 - 31 Aug 1884

Box 4; 27 Christie's catalogues for sale, various articles  D/D/XIII/4/1  4 Jul 1977 - 2 Aug 1978

22 catalogues for stamp auctions (Robson Lowe Ltd and Bournemouth Stamp Auctions)  D/D/XIII/4/2  9 Nov 1976 - 6 Dec 1977

Box 5; Quantity of copper plates  D/D/XIII/5  n.d

Box 6; Particulars and Conditions of Sale, some annotated, of 43 Upper Marylebone Street and 58 Great Titchfield Street (9 copies)  D/D/XIII/6/1/A  2 Aug 1853

Houses and shops in Marylebone area (5 copies - 1 annotated completion copy)  D/D/XIII/6/1/B  27 Jul 1852

Estates at 21 Queen Street and 4 Old Compton Street (3 copies)  D/D/XIII/6/1/C  8 Dec 1865

Freehold Estate in Llangollen  D/D/XIII/6/1/D  8 Nov 1849

4 posters for property auctions  D/D/XIII/6/2  nd

Marylebone area (3 copies)  D/D/XIII/6/2/1  2 Aug 1853

Mile End  D/D/XIII/6/2/2  2 Aug 1853

Handbill for property at 10 Clipstone Street  D/D/XIII/6/3  5 May 1870

2 proposal forms for Britannia Life Assurance Co.  D/D/XIII/6/4  c.1850

Globe Insurance  D/D/XIII/6/5  nd

Handbook  D/D/XIII/6/5/1  n.d

2 Proposal Forms  D/D/XIII/6/5/2  n.d

4 copies of Seize and Distrain Orders, embossed John Ross  D/D/XIII/6/6  nd

10th Annual Report of the Council of the Society for Promoting the Amendment of the Law  D/D/XIII/6/7  15 June 1853

Public Notice re J.G.E. Lockett and E.W. Jacques (3 copies)  D/D/XIII/6/8  27 Mar 1852

3 notebooks, all partly used  D/D/XIII/6/9  nd

6 framed and mounted prints of Trinity College, Cambridge  D/D/XIII/6/10  nd

The Entrance Gates  D/D/XIII/6/10/1  [n.d.]

The Chapel - interior  D/D/XIII/6/10/2  [n.d.]

The Chapel (glass cracked)  D/D/XIII/6/10/3  [n.d.]

Old Quadrangle  D/D/XIII/6/10/4  [n.d.]

The President's Lodge  D/D/XIII/6/10/5  [n.d.]

The Old Library from the President's garden  D/D/XIII/6/10/6  [n.d.]

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