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Reference M103
Covering dates 1788-1975
Held by Manchester Archives and Local Studies
Extent 145 series and sub-series
Source of acquisition The following records were deposited in May 1970 and April 1979 by Mr. R.D. Fletcher of Moston, formerly Secretary to the Trustees of Bennett St. Sunday School.
Additional papers (M103/4/2/3,4 and M102/4/16-19 were deposited in September 1982.
M103/4/20-23 were deposited in April 1985
Creators Bennett Street Sunday School, 1801-1966, Manchester, Lancashire
Related information Other references to the Sunday School are to be found in Archdeacon John Rushton's Visitation Papers (MS f 942 72 R121 vol.38), while the records of St. Paul's Literary and Educational Society, founded in 1843 as Bennett St. Sunday School Mutual Improvement Class, 1843-1962, were deposited in 1966 and are calendared separately at M38/. Other records of St. Paul's church are calendared at M330/1.

Administrative history:
Bennett St. Sunday School was founded in 1801 by David Stott. It first occupied premises in Gun St. and Primrose St. and in 1808 moved to George Leigh St. Ancoats. In 1818 a new building was erected in Bennett St. on land leased from the trustees of Hulme's Charity and on 13 Dec. the children marched from George Leigh St. to their new school. At first the Sunday School was connected with St. Clement's and St. Luke's, and from 1823 with St. Clement's only. Then in 1824 the trustees found themselves in doctrinal disagreement with the Rev. William Nunn of St. Clement's and so they separated the School from St. Clement's and attached it to St. Paul's.
The School was the most important Sunday School in Manchester and it remained in existence until 1966. The building was demolished in 1970 and the trust wound up in 1975 its funds being transferred to the Bennett St. Educational Foundation.

M103/1/1-4 MINUTES
1. Trustees'
2. Visitors' and Teachers'
3. Committee of Management
4. School Committee
M103/2/1-3 TRUST DEEDS
1. Bennett St. Property
2. Gifts of £100 and £20
3. Turner St. Sunday School
M103/3/1-2 RULES
1. Rules
2. Amendments
M103/4/1-23 FINANCE
1. Bond to Repay Debt
2. Committee of Management Fund Accounts
3. Committee of Management Fund Bank Pass Books
4. Centenary Celebrations and School Extension Fund Cash Account
5. Centenary Fund Statement of Account
6. Anniversary and Other Collections
7-9 Anniversary Collections
7. Accounts
8-9 Subscriptions
10. Miscellaneous Collections
11. Bequest
12-15 Statement of Accounts
16. Trustees' Invoice Book
17. Trustees' Accounts
18. Accounts for William Foster's Convalescent Fund
19. Investment Ledger
20. Building Fund Accounts
21. Subscriptions for New School
22. Payments and Subscriptions
23. Treasurers' Accounts
1. Ordering Crockery
2. Miscellaneous Correspondence
M103/6/1-3 ANNUAL REPORTS (see also M103/10/24-26, M103/11/22)
1. St. Clement's and St. Luke's Sunday School Building Fund Society
2. Sunday and Day Schools Belonging to St. Paul's Church (see also M103/1/4/1-3)
3. Societies in Connection with St. Paul's Sunday School
1. List of Managers
2. Quiver Medallists
3. Managers and Teachers No.3 Room
4. Lists of Teachers
5. Letters of Resignation from Teachers
6. Letters of Sympathy to Teachers
M103/8/1-14 SCHOLARS
1. Rolls of Scholars
2-3 Admission Registers
4-6 Attendance Registers
7. Numbers Attending Each Sunday
8. Girls' Attendance Figures No.3 Room
9. Quarterly Statistics
10-11 Reward Books
12. Books Given as Prizes
13. Books Purchased for Prizes
14. Grantham Scholarships
1. Plans
2. Repairs
M103/10-17 SOCIETIES ATTACHED TO BENNETT ST. SUNDAY SCHOOL (see also M103/6/3 and M103/20-21)
1-2 Minutes
1. Committee and Trustees'
2. Annual and Committee Meetings
3. Trust Fund of £1,600
4. Appointment of Trustees
5. Rules
6-7 Amendments to Rules
8. Scheme under National Insurance Act, 1911
9. Dissolution
10-18 Finance
10-12 Subscriptions and Sick Payments
13. Distributions of Bonuses
14. Bank Pass Book
15. Valuations
16. Annual Returns for Registered Friendly Society
17. Liability for Income Tax
18. Statements of Account
19-23 Members
19. Proposition Forms
20-21 Membership Registers
22. Address Books
23. Nominations for Payment of Funeral Allowance
24-26 Annual Reports
27. Circulars
28. Acts of Parliament
1. General and Committee Meetings Minutes
2. Rules
3. Amendments to Rules
4. Application for Change of Name
5. Scheme under National Insurance Act, 1911
6. Affiliation with Oddfellows
7-17 Finance
7. Accounts and Sick Payments
8. Cash Book
9-12 Subscriptions and Sick Payments
13. Distributions of Bonuses
14. Postage Book
15. Valuations
16. Liability for Income Tax
17. Statements of Account
18-20 Correspondence
18. Resignations of Treasurers
19. The Society's Doctor
20. Secretary's Out-Letter Books
21. Circulars
22. Annual Reports
1. Minutes
2. Statement of Account
1. Minutes
2. Rules
3. List of Directors
4. Correspondence
M103/14/1-2 BAND OF HOPE
1. Petitions
2. Circular
1. Provisional Committee
2. Programmes
M103/16/1-2 BENNETT ST. SUNDAY SCHOOL BANK (see also M103/6/3)
1. Admission Book
2. Cash Book
Member's Card
1. List of Communicants
2. Visitors' Book
3. Photographs of the Committee of Management
4. Manuscript Music Scores
5. Notes for History
6. Diary of Benjamin Braidley
1-6 Programmes
1. Whit Week Arrangements
2. Founders' Day Celebrations
3. Anniversary Services
4. Christmas Parties
5. New Year Parties
6. Pantomimes and Plays
7. Miscellaneous Printed Papers
8. Newspaper Cuttings
9. Bennett St. Memorials
10. Reports of the Present State of Sunday Schools in Manchester
11. St. Paul's Magazines
12. Service Books
M103/20-21 SOCIETIES addnl.
(see also M103/6/3)
M103/21 GIRL GUIDES (see also M103/4/14)

MINUTES  M103/1/1-4  [n.d.]

Trustees' Minutes  M103/1/1/1-4  [n.d.]

Minutes  M103/1/1/1  8 Jan 1818-30 Oct 1975

Starts as minutes of subscribers to a "Plan for purchasing a piece of land and erecting thereon a new Sunday School under the Establishment for the Instruction of Youth of both sexes." Continues as trustees' minutes until final meeting 30 Oct 1975, which records the end of the trust and the sealing of the new Scheme for the Bennett St. Educational Foundation, 12 Aug. 1975. Includes copies of trust deeds, 2 Oct. 1818, 26 May 1846, 1 Oct. 1818 and 14 Oct. 1869.

Draft letters from Benj. Braidley, Sec. to the trustees, to Rev. Wm. Nunn of Gt. Clement's.  M103/1/1/2  28 June 1824

Arrangement: Loose in M103/1/1/1

Complains about him preaching doctrines which are contrary to the Church of England, and invites him to defend himself against the charges at a meeting of the trustees on 1 July. Lists doctrines complained of.

Draft letters from Benj. Braidley, Sec. to the trustees, to Rev. Wm. Nunn of Gt. Clement's.  M103/1/1/3  20 July 1824

Arrangement: Loose in M103/1/1/1

Intends to move a resolution at a meeting on 29 July for the separation of Bennett St. Sunday School from St. Clement's Church on the grounds of his doctrinal deviations, which are listed.

Draft letters from Benj. Braidley, Sec. to the trustees, to Rev. Wm. Nunn of Gt. Clement's.  M103/1/1/4  nd

Arrangement: Loose in M103/1/1/1

List of doctrines preached by Rev. Nunn, with Biblical references to disprove them.

Visitors' and Teachers' Minutes  [no ref. or date]

Minutes  M103/1/2  14 July 1822-19 Mar 1831

Starts as St. Clement's Sunday School; Bennett St. Sunday School from 26 June 1825; record of attendance at meetings, Feb. - July [1822?]; accounts, Dec.1822 - Apr. 1826.

Minutes of the Committee of Management  M103/1/3/1-8  [n.d.]

Administrative history:
(Consisting of Trustees and Visitors, established 1827)

Minutes  M103/1/3/1  20 May 1827-9 Dec 1851

Minutes  M103/1/3/2  9 Dec 1851-11 Oct 1870

Includes leaflets of the National Education Union.

Minutes  M103/1/3/3  11 Oct 1870-13 Dec 1887

Minutes  M103/1/3/4  10 Jan 1888-3 Sept 1901

Minutes  M103/1/3/5  8 Oct 1901-11 Apr 1922

Minutes  M103/1/3/6  9 May 1922-13 Apr 1948

Minutes  M103/1/3/7  11 May 1948-11 Dec 1956

Minutes  M103/1/3/8  8 Jan 1957-11 Oct 1966

Minutes of St. Paul's Schools' Committee (est. 1840)  M103/1/4/1-3  [n.d.]

Minutes  M103/1/4/1  17 Feb 1840-11 Oct 1872

Starts with the Rules; includes
Reports of the State of the Sunday Schools Belonging to St. Paul's Church, Manchester, 1840 - 1848, Reports of the State of the Sunday and Day Schools Belonging to St. Paul's Church, 1850 - 1871.

Minutes  M103/1/4/2  28 Oct 1872-3 Apr 1908

Includes correspondence and Reports of the State of the Sunday and Day Schools...., 1874 - 1889, Report of the Bennett St. Sunday and Day Schools Attached to St. Paul's Church, 1890 - 1907.

Minutes  M103/1/4/3  3 July 1908-14 May 1946

Includes correspondence and Reports, 1908 - 1928.

TRUST DEEDS  M103/2/1-3  [n.d.]

Related information: See also M103/1/1/1

Bennett St. Property  M103/2/1/1-4  [n.d.]

Photocopy of typed certified copy 29 Mar. 1906, of trust deed enrolled in Chancery, 16 Dec. 1818.  M103/2/1/1  2 Oct 1878

1. Jos. Todd of Manchester, merch. 2a) John Allen, merch. b) Wm. Townend, merch. c) Robt. Appleton, warehouseman. d) Benj. Braidley, merch. e) Thos. Houldsworth, esq. f) Jas. Kennedy and g) Jas. McConnell, cotton spinners h) Wm. Roylance, grocer. i) Edm. Wright, merch., all of Manchester.
Land on the west side of Newton Lane or Great Newton St., formerly Oldham Rd., bounded by Five House St. on the north, and on the south by Bennett St., leased for 99 years from the trustees of the estates of Wm. Hulme, 1 Oct. 1818, subject to rent of £16 - 14 - 6, and the newly erected Sunday School, to 2 as trustees for a School for the education and religious instruction of the children of the labouring poor of Manchester and its neighbourhood, according to the tenets of the Church of England.
The trustees are to meet once a year in June to elect five people to form a Committee for the management of the school.

Bills of the trustees of St. Clement's Sunday School  M103/2/1/2  Apr 1818

C. J. H. Cooke for legal fees for lease of land from Wm. Hulme Estates near Oldham Rd. Paid 15 Jan. 1819.

Bills of the trustees of St. Clement's Sunday School  M103/2/1/3  1 Nov 1818-7 Apr 1819

R.H. Wilson for legal fees in conveying the ground and school.

Letter to Rev. J.W. Catton, Chairman of the Committee of Management of Bennett St. Sunday and Day Schools, from Hen. Taylor, Clerk to the Managers of the Hulme Trust Estates.  M103/2/1/4  8 May 1890

Would like to meet the wishes of the Sunday School expressed in a Memorial of last Jan., but the Charity Commissioners' consent would be required. Suggests the Sunday School send Memorial to the Governors of Hulme's Charity, who would be consulted by the Charity Commissioners

Gifts of £100 and £20  [no ref. or date]

Typed copy of deed of trusts of gifts of £100 and £20  M103/2/2  10 July 1875

1. Wm. Poster of Manchester, estate agent 2a) Wm. Rostron, manager b) Geo. Milner, merch., both of Manchester c) Wm. Morton of Longsight, gent d) Thos. Wm. Whittaker, cabinet maker e) Sam. Goodwin, solicitor's managing clerk, all of Manchester, five of the Committee of Management of Bennett St. Sunday School attached to St. Paul's church
£100 given by 1, 7 Dec. 1874, is vested in 2, to apply the income annually to such Superintendents and Teachers who are in poor health to enable them to convalesce at the seaside or in the country. If no one requires this the money to be used to purchase warm clothing for those in need.
Another £20 is given by 1 to apply the income to award a prize to the winner of a music competition for singing a psalm or hymn.

Turner St. Sunday School  M103/2/3/1-9  [n.d.]

Appointment of new trustees by lease and release  M103/2/3/1  16 and 17 June 1834

1a) Benj. Sandford b) Thos. Worthington c) Jonathan Dawson, all of Manchester, merchs.
2a) Rev. John Piccope, curate of St. Paul's b) John McClure c) Philip Danby, both of Manchester, merchs., chapelwardens.
3a) b) c) as 2. d) Chas. Clough, surgeon e) Benj. Braidley f) Geo. Ord g) John Mountain h) Thos Pate, merchs., i) John Taylor, wire worker j) Wm. Newall, jun., grocer k) Chas. Hickson, merch. l) John Bennett, timber merch., all of Manchester.
Land in Great Turner St., adjoining Pater Noster Row with School on it to 3 as new trustees of a school for Poor Children established by trust deed 24 June 1777, which is quoted.
Endorsement: union of school to the Incorporated National Soc. for Promoting the Education of the Poor in the Principles of the Established Church, 23 June 1865.

Petition by six teachers and thirty four scholars of St. Paul's Sunday School, Turner St., to the Church and Schools Committee  M103/2/3/2  No date

Appealing to them not to close the school.

Correspondence with the Charity Commissioner about the proposed sale of St. Paul's Charity School.  M103/2/3/3-5  16-29 Mar 1888

Charity Commissioners' Scheme authorising the sale of St. Paul's Charity School, Turner St. (founded by deed of 24 June 1777)  M103/2/3/6  9 Oct 1888

The proceeds to be applied to the Sunday and Day Schools, Bennett St.

Charity Commissioners' Scheme for general re-organisation of the Charities and amalgamation of the Charities - Charity School (Turner St.) St. Paul's Bennett St C. of E. Sunday School Subsidiary Endowments.  M103/2/3/7  197[?]

Letters from Taylor, Kirkman and Mainprice of Manchester, solicitors, enclosing above for display on church notice board.  M103/2/3/8-9  23 June and 1 July 1975

RULES  M103/3  [n.d.]

Related information: (See also M103/10/24/1,2)

Rules  M103/3/1/1-2  [n.d.]

Rules  M103/3/1/1  1875

Rules  M103/3/1/2  1899

Amendments  [no ref. or date]

Notice of alterations.  M103/3/2  13 June 1911

FINANCE  M103/4/1-12  [n.d.]

Bond to Repay Debt  [no ref. or date]

Bond of Jos. Todd, John Allen, Wm. Townend and Edm. Wright all of Manchester, merchs., with surety of £500 to repay £250 to Rev. Melville Horne of Manchester.  M103/4/1  7 Apr 1819

Endorsed repaid, 31 Jan. 1820.

Committee of Management Fund Accounts  M103/4/2/1-4  [n.d.]

Cash book.  M103/4/2/1  June 1852-July 1866

Cash book.  M103/4/2/2  Mar 1959-Oct 1966

Accounts  M103/4/2/3  Jan 1957-Apr 1970

Ledger; includes balance sheets, 1956-1966.  M103/4/2/4  Nov 1955-Dec 1966

Committee of Management Fund Bank Pass Books  [no ref. or date]

Bank Pass Book  M103/4/3/1-2  14 Mar 1928-16 Sept 1966

Centenary Celebrations and School Extension Fund Cash Accounts  [no ref. or date]

Related information: (see also M103/19/7/11-16)

Accounts  M103/4/4  14 Mar 1901-12 Mar 1910

Centenary Fund Statement of Account  [no ref. or date]

Statement of Account (audited)  M103/4/5  30 Sept 1904

Anniversary and Other Collections  [no ref. or date]

Collections  M103/4/6  1804-1964

Volume entitled "Anniversary Collections 1806 - "starts with lists of numbers of Centenary Committee, 1880, Musical Sub Committee, 1880, Treasurers to Committee of Management, 1871-1886, Secretaries to same, 1886, Sub Committee of same, 1884, Auditors to same, 1879-1888, Committee to appoint a Schoolkeeper, 1879, and various other Committees, 1879-1886, Collectors, 1885-1886, Treasures, 1877-1885, officials for each year, 1870-1888; proceeds of Collecting Boxes, 1962-1964; collections, 1804-1964.

Anniversary Collections  M103/4/7-9  [n.d.]

Accounts  M103/4/7/1-18  [n.d.]

Accounts  M103/4/7/1-17  Dec 1946-Dec 1962


Accounts  M103/4/7/18  Dec 1962-Dec 1965

1 Vol

List of Subscribers  [no ref. or date]

Subscribers  M103/4/8  1945

Letters sending subscriptions  [no ref. or date]

Subscriptions  M103/4/9/1-114  Nov 1946-Jan 1967

Miscellaneous Collections  [no ref. or date]

Collections  M103/4/10  1805-1947

Money collected for Church Missionary Soc., Bible Soc., Benevolent Soc., Hospital Sunday and cost of Parish Magazine, Whit Week, Parents' and Founders' Parties, Bank Holiday Parties, New Years' Parties, 1896-1947, collections and subscriptions,1805-1839; members of the Schools Committee for Turner St., Bennett St. and German St. Schools after the dissolution of the Union of Sunday Schools, Dec. 1839; collections and subscriptions, 1840-1946; government grants to Day School, 1865-1871, 1881, 1884-1904, School Pence 1884-1904, other grants to Day School, 1892-1919; money from Turner St. Trust, 1891-1942; various receipts and expenses compiled from Committee of Management Balance Sheets, 1898-1938.

Bequest  [no ref. or date]

Extract from the will of Mrs. Sarah Harding Hilton, granddaughter of David Stott  M103/4/11  No date

Bequeathing silver tea service presented to him by the Sunday School and £100.

Treasurers' Statements of Account  M103/4/12/1-71  [n.d.]

M103/4/12/1-62 (Manuscript)

Accounts  M103/4/12/1  25 Dec 1817-20 Jan 1819

Accounts  M103/4/12/2  20 Jan 1818-20 Jan 1819

Accounts  M103/4/12/3  11 Mar 1819

Accounts  M103/4/12/4  1 May 1820-24 June 1822

Annual Statements of Accounts (June)  M103/4/12/5  1823

Annual Statements of Accounts (June)  M103/4/12/6  1824

Annual Statements of Accounts (June)  M103/4/12/7  1825

Annual Statements of Accounts (June)  M103/4/12/8  1826

Annual Statements of Accounts (June)  M103/4/12/9  1827

Annual Statements of Accounts (June)  M103/4/12/10  1828

Annual Statements of Accounts (June)  M103/4/12/11  1829

Annual Statements of Accounts (June)  M103/4/12/12  1830

Annual Statements of Accounts (June)  M103/4/12/13  1831

Annual Statements of Accounts (June)  M103/4/12/14  1832

Annual Statements of Accounts (June)  M103/4/12/15  1833

Annual Statements of Accounts (June)  M103/4/12/16  1834

Annual Statements of Accounts (June)  M103/4/12/17  1835

Annual Statements of Accounts (June)  M103/4/12/18  1836

Annual Statements of Accounts (June)  M103/4/12/19  1837

Annual Statements of Accounts (June)  M103/4/12/20  1838

Annual Statements of Accounts (June)  M103/4/12/21  1839

Annual Statements of Accounts (June)  M103/4/12/22  1840

Annual Statements of Accounts (June)  M103/4/12/23  1841

Annual Statements of Accounts (June)  M103/4/12/24  1842

Annual Statements of Accounts (June)  M103/4/12/25  1843

Annual Statements of Accounts (June)  M103/4/12/26  1844

Annual Statements of Accounts (June)  M103/4/12/27  1845

Annual Statements of Accounts (June)  M103/4/12/28  1846

Annual Statements of Accounts (June)  M103/4/12/29  1847

Annual Statement of Accounts, (31 Dec), audited  M103/4/12/30  1891

Annual Statement of Accounts, (31 Dec), audited  M103/4/12/31  1892

Annual Statement of Accounts, (31 Dec), audited  M103/4/12/32  1893

Annual Statement of Accounts, (31 Dec), audited  M103/4/12/33  1894

Annual Statement of Accounts, (31 Dec), audited  M103/4/12/34  1895

Annual Statement of Accounts, (31 Dec), audited  M103/4/12/35  1896

Annual Statement of Accounts, (31 Dec), audited  M103/4/12/36  1897

Annual Statement of Accounts, (31 Dec), audited  M103/4/12/37  1898

Annual Statement of Accounts, (31 Dec), audited  M103/4/12/38  1899

Annual Statement of Accounts, (31 Dec), audited  M103/4/12/39  1900

Annual Statement of Accounts, (31 Dec), audited  M103/4/12/40  1901

Annual Statement of Accounts, (31 Dec), audited  M103/4/12/41  1902

Annual Statement of Accounts, (31 Dec), audited  M103/4/12/42  1903

Annual Statement of Accounts (31 Dec), audited  M103/4/12/43  1904

Annual Statement of Accounts (31 Dec), audited  M103/4/12/45  1906

Annual Statement of Accounts (31 Dec), audited  M103/4/12/46  1907

Annual Statement of Accounts (31 Dec), audited  M103/4/12/47  1908

Annual Statement of Accounts (31 Dec), audited  M103/4/12/48  1909

Annual Statement of Accounts (31 Dec), audited  M103/4/12/49  1910

Annual Statement of Accounts (31 Dec), audited  M103/4/12/50  1911

Annual Statement of Accounts (31 Dec), audited  M103/4/12/51  1912

Annual Statement of Accounts (31 Dec), audited  M103/4/12/52  1913

Annual Statement of Accounts (31 Dec), audited  M103/4/12/53  1914

Annual Statement of Accounts (31 Dec), audited  M103/4/12/54  1915

Annual Statement of Accounts (31 Dec), audited  M103/4/12/55  1916

Annual Statement of Accounts (31 Dec), audited  M103/4/12/56  1917

Annual Statement of Accounts (31 Dec), audited  M103/4/12/57  1918

Annual Statement of Accounts (31 Dec), audited  M103/4/12/58  1919

Annual Statement of Accounts (31 Dec), audited  M103/4/12/59  1920

Annual Statement of Accounts (31 Dec), audited  M103/4/12/60  1921

Annual Statement of Accounts (31 Dec), audited  M103/4/12/61  1922

Annual Statement of Accounts (31 Dec), audited  M103/4/12/62  1923

Annual statements, 30 June (typed, but signed).  M103/4/12/63  [n.d.]

Annual statements, 30 June (typed, but signed).  M103/4/12/64  1953

Annual statements, 30 June (typed, but signed).  M103/4/12/65  1954

Annual statements, 30 June (typed, but signed).  M103/4/12/66  1955

Annual statements, 30 June (typed, but signed).  M103/4/12/67  1956

Annual statements, 30 June (typed, but signed).  M103/4/12/68  1958

Annual statements, 30 June (typed, but signed).  M103/4/12/69  1959

Annual Statements, (30 June), manuscript  M103/4/12/70  1960

Annual statements, 30 June (typed, but signed)  M103/4/12/71  1961

Annual Statements, (31 Dec), manuscripts  M103/4/12/72  1961

Annual Statements, (31 Dec), manuscripts  M103/4/12/73  1963

Annual Statements, (31 Dec), manuscripts  M103/4/12/74  1965

Annual Statements, (31 Dec), manuscripts  M103/4/12/75  1966

Annual Statement for 2/9 Manchester Boy Scout Group  [no ref. or date]

Annual Statement  M103/4/13  1961

Annual Statement for 3rd Central Girl Guides  [no ref. or date]

Annual Statement  M103/4/14  1966-

Annual Statement for Social Club  [no ref. or date]

Annual Statement  M103/4/15  1966-

Trustees' Invoice Book  [no ref. or date]

Invoice Book  M103/4/16  June 1885-Oct 1914

Treasurers' Account for Mr. Wm. Foster's Convalescent Fund  [no ref. or date]

Related information: (see also M103/6/3)

Account  M103/4/18  1875-1973

Includes trustees' minutes, 10 Feb 1899 - 11 Feb 1936

Investment Ledger  [no ref. or date]

Investment ledger  M103/4/19  Dec 1880-Sept 1915

Buildings Fund Accounts  [no ref. or date]

Accounts  M103/4/20  1815-1847

Cash paid to Treasurer, 12 Oct 1815 - 10 Feb 1820; Collections from Friends, Teachers and Children of St. Clement's Sunday School for Building a New School, 29th Sept 1816 - 29 Sept 1817, general accounts Sept 1817 - Sept 1824, June 1840 - Dec 1847.

Subscriptions for New School  [no ref.]  c1816 - 1817

Subscriptions  M103/4/21  Watermarked 1839

Related information: See also M103/6/1/1

Payments and Subscriptions  [no ref. or date]

Subscriptions  M103/4/22  26 Mar 1826-25 Dec 1843

Treasurers' Account  [no ref. or date]

Accounts  M103/4/23  7 Mar 1840-30 Nov 1909

CORRESPONDENCE  M103/5/1-2  [n.d.]

Related information: (See also M103/1/4/2,3)

Ordering Crockery  [no ref. or date]

Letters from John Cotton of Wm. Davenport and Co. of Longport, Staffs.  M103/5/1/1-7  12 Aug-8 Oct 1851

Manufacturers of china, glass and earthenware, to R. Topham, about orders for crockery.

Miscellaneous Correspondence  M103/5/2/1-15  [n.d.]

From Benj. Stott of Stockport to Mr. Taylor sending names and address of Stott family.  M103/5/2/1  4 Oct 1894

From Geo. Milner acknowledging sympathy shown on the loss of Ruth Lockhart Milner.  M103/5/2/2  Aug 1895

From John Peers to T. Taylor, No. 3 Room, sending resolution about supernumerary teachers' prizes.  M103/5/2/3  23 Feb 1898

From same to same sending resolution about Visitors.  M103/5/2/4  22 March 1898

From T. Taylor to "Gentelmen" giving resolutions about teachers' leaving presents.  M103/5/2/5  18 Jan 1902

From B.A. Redfern of Harpurhey to Tom [Taylor] about the uses of the Lecture Hall.  M103/5/2/6  16 May 1904

Copy reply from T. Taylor.  M103/5/2/7  23 June 1904

From J. Chatfield of Longsight to Mr. Taylor about his connections with the school.  M103/5/2/8  1 Dec-[Post 1913]

From A. Cummings of Moston to same on his appointment as a teacher.  M103/5/2/9  23 Oct 1931

From Geo. E. Luckman to same declining to release Mr. R. D. Fletcher from No. 2 Room.  M103/5/2/10  9 June 1935

From Ancoats Hospital to Mrs. A. Richardson thanking the Sunday School for a donation.  M103/5/2/11  13 Mar 1939

From the Board of Finance of the Diocese of Manchester Ltd. to H. Taylor about long service medals.  M103/5/2/12-13  29 Nov 1944 and 2 Feb 1945

Request by Ministry of Works to purchase or lease Bennett St. Sunday School, and refusal.  M103/5/2/14-15  30 June and 1 July 1947

ANNUAL REPORTS  M103/6/1-3  [n.d.]

St. Clement's and St. Luke's Sunday School Building Fund Society  M103/6/1/1-2  [n.d.]

Volume containing First and Second Reports of the Committee of the St. Clement's and St. Luke's Sunday School Building Fund Soc., 1817 and 1820  M103/6/1/1  1817-1824

And the Third and Fourth Reports of the Committee of the St. Clement's Building Fund Soc., 1823 and 1824; and manuscript list of subscriptions (c.f. M103/4/21). Note that entered the building on 13 Dec. 1818.

Annual Reports as above, with Manuscript subscriptions, 1825 - 1829.  M103/6/1/2  1817-1829

Reports of the Sunday and Day Schools Belonging to St. Paul's Church, Manchester (from 1880, 30 Nov)  M103/6/2/1-29  [n.d.]

Related information: (See also M103/1/4/1-3)

Annual Reports  M103/6/2/1  1865

Annual Reports  M103/6/2/2  1867

Annual Reports  M103/6/2/3  1868

Annual Reports  M103/6/2/4  1869

Annual Reports  M103/6/2/5  1870

Annual Reports  M103/6/2/6  1871

Annual Reports  M103/6/2/7  1872

Annual Reports  M103/6/2/8  1873

Annual Reports  M103/6/2/9  1875

Annual Reports  M103/6/2/10  1877

Annual Reports  M103/6/2/11  1878

Annual Reports  M103/6/2/12  1879

Annual Reports  M103/6/2/13  1880

Annual Reports  M103/6/2/14  1881

Annual Reports  M103/6/2/15  1882 and 1883

Annual Reports  M103/6/2/16  1884

Annual Reports  M103/6/2/17  1885

Annual Reports  M103/6/2/18  1886

Annual Reports  M103/6/2/19  1887-1907

1 vol

Annual Reports  M103/6/2/20  1929

Annual Reports  M103/6/2/21  1930

Annual Report  M103/6/2/22  1931

Annual Report  M103/6/2/23  1932

Annual Report  M103/6/2/24  1933

Annual Report  M103/6/2/25  1934

Annual Report  M103/6/2/26  1935

Annual Report  M103/6/2/27  1936

Annual Report  M103/6/2/28  1937

Annual Report  M103/6/2/29  1938

Report of Several Societies in Connection with St. Paul's Bennett St. Sunday School  [no ref. or date]

Report  M103/6/3  1882

Church Pastoral Aid Soc., Sunday School Soc. for Ireland, Church Missionary Soc., Soc. for Promoting Christianity among the Jews, British and Foreign Bible Soc., Tract Soc., Medical Charities, Foster Convalescent Fund and Preliminary Savings Bank.

MANAGERS AND TEACHERS  M103/7/1-6  [n.d.]

List of Managers  [no ref. or date]

Volume entitled "List of Managers"  M103/7/1  1817-1955

Containing name, date admitted scholar (1817 earlist), class, dates appointed teacher, manager, visitor, trustee, date of marriage and name of spouse, date of leaving, dates of birth and death (1955 latest), and remarks, list of persons presented with testimonials for 50 years' service, 1885 - 1941; persons presented with "Quiver" medals for 20 years' service
In Sunday Schools, 1 Mar. 1898; persons receiving Manchester Diocesan Committee Silver Medals for 50 years' service, 1910 - 1946. Volume includes loose notes re people connected with the Sunday School.

Quiver Medallists  [no ref. or date]

Presentation of "Quiver" Medals to Managers and Teachers, 1 Mar.1898.  M103/7/2  1898

Copy of The Quiver Magazine and St. Paul's Parish Magazine, Apr. 1898.

List of Managers and Teachers, No. 3 Room  [no ref. or date]

Managers, 1 July 1821 - 20 Jan. 1928  M103/7/3  1821-1963

Teachers, appointed 1 July 1821 - 23 Aug. 1936, with reasons for leaving up to Sept. 1963.

Lists of Teachers  M103/7/4/1-2  [n.d.]

Volume starting as list of subscribers with amounts, n.d. Continues as list of teachers resigning,Sept. 1838-Apr. 1848 length of service, reason for resigning.  M103/7/4/1  Watermarked 1823

At the other end of the volume teachers, Sept. 1840 - 1851 with date of starting from 1821, and addresses, names and addresses of Superintendants and date of starting teaching, 1819-1842.

List of teachers started in 1850 with dates started teaching (from 1821) in No.3 and No.4 Rooms, date left and reason for leaving.  M103/7/4/2  1850-1928

Letters of Resignation from Teachers  M103/7/5/1-3  [n.d.]

From Ethel Walsh.  M103/7/5/1  8 Dec 1915

From Maud Watson  M103/7/5/2  16 Aug 1920

From Beatrice L. Thorp  M103/7/5/3  28 Aug 1937

Letters of Sympathy to Teachers  M103/7/6/1-2  [n.d.]

Letter of sympathy and appreciation from the managers and teachers of Bennett St. Sunday School to Mrs. Finch on the death of her husband, J. R. Finch, 26 Feb. 1875.  M103/7/6/1  Mar 1875

To Miss Longmore on the death of her mother.  M103/7/6/2  29 May 1918

SCHOLARS  M103/8/1-14  [n.d.]

[Rolls of Scholars] in alphabetical order (name, address, age, date of entry and class)  M103/8/1/1-2  [n.d.]

Boys.  M103/8/1/1  ante Jan 1868-Mar 1869

Girls  M103/8/1/2  ante Jan 1858-Jan 1868

Admission Registers (chronological order)  M103/8/2-3  [n.d.]

Boys  [no ref. or date]

"No. 1 Admission Register", includes new teachers, 1878-1904.  M103/8/2  23 Feb 1878-11 Dec 1953

Boys and Girls  M103/8/3/1-2  [n.d.]

Admission Register  M103/8/3/1  24 Aug 1884-6 Apr 1924

Admission Register  M103/8/3/2  14 Sept 1924-26 Sept 1965

Attendance Registers  M103/8/4-6  [n.d.]

Mixed [George Leigh St.]  M103/4/1-5  [n.d.]

Attendance Register  M103/8/4/1  3 Aug 1806-27 Dec 1807

Also includes total present, 5 Oct 1806 - 30 Apr. 1809, list of children, 30 June 1805 - 24 July 1808 with BB, CB, SB, P or T against names; books lent to children, 1806-1809; tasks set children, 1808 - 1809; fines, 12 July 1806 - 19 Mar. 1809.

Attendance Register  M103/8/4/2  2 Oct 1808-24 Mar 1811

Attendance Register  M103/8/4/3  30 June 1811-21 Mar 1813

Attendance Register  M103/8/4/4  27 June 1813-18 June 1815

Attendance Register  M103/8/4/5  2 July 1815-22 June 1817

Boys (all include Teachers' Rolls, some include Infants and most include Men's class)  M103/8/5/1-57  [n.d.]

Attendance Register  M103/8/5/1  29 June 1817-27 June 1819

Attendance Register  M103/8/5/2  4 July 1819-24 June 1821

Attendance Register  M103/8/5/3  1 July 1821-29 June 1823

Attendance Register  M103/8/5/4  6 July 1823-26 June 1825

Attendance Register  M103/8/5/5  3 July 1825-31 June 1827

Attendance Register  M103/8/5/6  1 July 1827-27 Sept 1829

Attendance Register  M103/8/5/7  5 July 1829-26 June 1831

Attendance Register  M103/8/5/8  3 July 1831-30 June 1833

Attendance Register  M103/8/5/9  7 July 1833-28 June 1835

Attendance Register  M103/8/5/10  5 July 1835-25 June 1837

Attendance Register  M103/8/5/11  2 July 1837-30 June 1839

Attendance Register  M103/8/5/12  7 July 1839-27 June 1841

Attendance Register  M103/8/5/13  4 July 1841-25 June 1843

Attendance Register  M103/8/5/14  2 July 1843-29 June 1845

Attendance Register  M103/8/5/15  6 July 1845-27 June 1847

Attendance Register  M103/8/5/16  4 July 1847-24 June 1849

Attendance Register  M103/8/5/17  1 July 1849-29 June 1851

Attendance Register  M103/8/5/18  6 July 1851-26 June 1853

Attendance Register  M103/8/5/19  3 July 1853-24 June 1855

Attendance Register  M103/8/5/20  1 July 1855-28 June 1857

Attendance Register  M103/8/5/21  5 July 1857-26 June 1859

Attendance Register  M103/8/5/22  3 July 1859-30 June 1861

Attendance Register  M103/8/5/23  7 July 1861-28 June 1863

Attendance Register  M103/8/5/24  5 July 1863-25 June 1865

Attendance Register  M103/8/5/25  2 July 1865-30 June 1867

Attendance Register  M103/8/5/26  7 July 1867-27 Mar 1869

Attendance Register  M103/8/5/27  4 July 1869-25 June 1871

Attendance Register  M103/8/5/29  6 July 1873-27 June 1875

Attendance Register  M103/8/5/30  4 July 1875-24 June 1877

Attendance Register  M103/8/5/31  1 July 1877-29 June 1879

Attendance Register  M103/8/5/32  6 July 1879-26 June 1881

Attendance Register  M103/8/5/33  3 July 1881-24 June 1883

Attendance Register  M103/8/5/34  1 July 1883-28 June 1885

Attendance Register  M103/8/5/35  5 July 1885-26 June 1887

Attendance Register  M103/8/5/36  3 July 1887-30 June 1889

Attendance Register  M103/8/5/37  7 July 1889-28 June 1891

Attendance Register  M103/8/5/38  5 July 1891-25 June 1893

Attendance Register  M103/8/5/39  2 July 1893-30 June 1895

Attendance Register  M103/8/5/40  7 July 1895-29 June 1897

Attendance Register  M103/8/5/41  4 July 1897-25 June 1899

Attendance Register  M103/8/5/42  2 July 1899-30 June 1901

Attendance Register  M103/8/5/43  7 July 1901-28 June 1903

Attendance Register  M103/8/5/44  5 July 1903-25 June 1905

Attendance Register  M103/8/5/45  2 July 1905-30 June 1907

Attendance Register  M103/8/5/46  7 July 1907-27 June 1909

Attendance Register  M103/8/5/47  4 July 1909-25 June 1911

Attendance Register  M103/8/5/48  2 July 1911-29 June 1913

Attendance Register  M103/8/5/49  6 July 1913-27 June 1915

Attendance Register  M103/8/5/50  4 July 1915-30 June 1918

Attendance Register  M103/8/5/51  7 July 1918-26 June 1921


Attendance Register  M103/8/5/52  3 July 1921-29 June 1924


Attendance Register  M103/8/5/53  6 July 1924-26 June 1927


Attendance Register  M103/8/5/54  3 July 1927-29 June 1930


Attendance Register  M103/8/5/55  6 July 1930-26 Mar 1933


Attendance Register  M103/8/5/56  2 July 1933-28 June 1936


Attendance Register  M103/8/5/57  5 July 1936-26 June 1939


Girls  M103/8/6/1-58  [n.d.]

Attendance Register  M103/8/6/1  29 June 1817-26 Sept 1819

Attendance Register  M103/8/6/2  4 July 1819-24 June 1821

Attendance Register  M103/8/6/3  1 July 1821-29 June 1823

Attendance Register  M103/8/6/4  6 July 1823-26 June 1825

Attendance Register  M103/8/6/5  3 July 1825-31 June 1827

Attendance Register  M103/8/6/6  1 July 1827-28 June 1829

Attendance Register  M103/8/6/7  5 July 1829-26 June 1831

Attendance Register  M103/8/6/8  3 July 1831-30 June 1833

Attendance Register  M103/8/6/9  7 July 1833-28 June 1835

Attendance Register  M103/8/6/10  5 July 1835-25 June 1837

Attendance Register  M103/8/6/11  2 July 1837-30 June 1839

Attendance Register  M103/8/6/12  7 July 1839-27 June 1841

Attendance Register  M103/8/6/13  4 July 1841-25 June 1843

Attendance Register  M103/8/6/14  2 July 1844-29 June 1845

Attendance Register  M103/8/6/15  6 July 1845-27 June 1847

Attendance Register  M103/8/6/16  4 July 1847-24 June 1849

Attendance Register  M103/8/6/17  1 July 1849-29 June 1851

Attendance Register  M103/8/6/18  6 July 1851-26 June 1853

Attendance Register  M103/8/6/19  3 July 1853-24 June 1855

Attendance Register  M103/8/6/20  1 July 1855-28 June 1857

Attendance Register  M103/8/6/21  5 July 1857-26 June 1859

Attendance Register  M103/8/6/22  3 July 1859-31 Mar 1861

Attendance Register  M103/8/6/23  7 July 1861-28 June 1863

Attendance Register  M103/8/6/24  5 July 1863-25 June 1865

Attendance Register  M103/8/6/25  2 July 1865-30 June 1867

Attendance Register  M103/8/6/26  7 July 1867-27 June 1869

Attendance Register  M103/8/6/27  4 July 1869-25 June 1871

Attendance Register  M103/8/6/28  2 July 1871-29 June 1873

Attendance Register  M103/8/6/29  6 July 1873-27 June 1875

Attendance Register  M103/8/6/30  4 July 1875-24 June 1877

Attendance Register  M103/8/6/31  1 July 1877-29 June 1879

Attendance Register  M103/8/6/32  6 July 1879-26 June 1881

Attendance Register  M103/8/6/33  3 July 1881-24 June 1883

Attendance Register  M103/8/6/34  1 July 1883-28 June 1885

Attendance Register  M103/8/6/35  5 July 1885-26 June 1887

Attendance Register  M103/8/6/36  3 July 1887-30 June 1889

Attendance Register  M103/8/6/37  7 July 1889-28 June 1891

Attendance Register  M103/8/6/38  5 July 1891-25 June 1893

Attendance Register  M103/8/6/39  2 July 1893-30 June 1895

Attendance Register  M103/8/6/40  7 July 1895-27 June 1897

Attendance Register  M103/8/6/41  4 July 1897-25 June 1899

Attendance Register  M103/8/6/42  2 July 1899-30 June 1901

Attendance Register  M103/8/6/43  7 July 1901-28 June 1903

Attendance Register  M103/8/6/44  5 July 1903-25 June 1905

Attendance Register  M103/8/6/45  2 July 1905-30 June 1907

Attendance Register  M103/8/6/46  7 July 1907-27 June 1909

Attendance Register  M103/8/6/47  4 July 1909-25 June 1911

Attendance Register  M103/8/6/48  2 July 1911-29 June 1913

Attendance Register  M103/8/6/49  6 July 1913-27 June 1915

Attendance Register  M103/8/6/50  4 July 1915-30 June 1918

Attendance Register  M103/8/6/51  7 July 1918-26 June 1921


Attendance Register  M103/8/6/52  3 July 1921-29 June 1924


Attendance Register  M103/8/6/53  6 July 1924-26 June 1927


Attendance Register  M103/8/6/54  3 July 1927-29 June 1930


Attendance Register  M103/8/6/55  6 July 1930-25 June 1933


Attendance Register  M103/8/6/56  2 July 1933-28 June 1936


Attendance Register  M103/8/6/57  5 July 1936-25 June 1939


Attendance Register  M103/8/6/58  2 July 1939-30 June 1940


Numbers Attending Each Sunday  M103/8/7/1-7  [n.d.]

Total number of boys and girls attending each Sunday, 1807 - 1828  M103/8/7/1  1807-1849

Numbers of children and books in each class each quarter, 1817 - 1821; books received from the Librarian and total number of books each quarter, 1817 - 1828; subscriptions and fines, 1806 - 1827; reward books bought by the teachers, 1806 - 1826; expenses of writing and accounts, 1809 - 1826; subscriptions for purchase of Bibles from the Bible Soc., 1817 - 1819; state of the Building Fund for St. Clement's and St. Luke's Sunday School, 1 Jan. 1820, including list of subscribers, numbers of children and different sorts of books in each class, quarterly, 1822 - 1847, new books received, 1842 - 1849.

Numbers in each class each Sunday  M103/8/7/2  4 Jan 1829-31 Dec 1837

Numbers in each class each Sunday  M103/8/7/4  7 Oct 1849-31 Mar 1861

Numbers in each class each Sunday  M103/8/7/6  5 Jan 1873-26 Dec 1897

Numbers in each class each Sunday  M103/8/7/7  2 Jan 1898-25 Mar 1945

Girls' Attendance Figures, No. 3 Room  [no ref. or date]

Girls' Attendance Figures  M103/8/8  5 Jan 1913-27 June 1940

Quarterly Statistics  [no ref. or date]

Quarterly totals of children and teachers' attendance, admissions, and children leaving  M103/8/9  31 Mar 1855-30 Sept 1859

Numbers in Sick Soc., Writing School, Funeral Soc., Library, Sewing Class, Prizes, Tract Soc. and Missionary Soc.

Reward Books (Names, ages, books received as prizes)  M103/8/10-11  [n.d.]

St. Clement's Sunday School, Boys and Girls  M103/8/10/1-3  [n.d.]

Reward Book  M103/8/10/1  1811-1813

Reward Book  M103/8/10/2  1814-1816

Reward Book  M103/8/10/3  1817-1822

Bennett St. Sunday School Girls' Reward Book  [no ref. or date]

Reward Book  M103/8/11  1823 - 1833

Books Given as Prizes  M103/8/12/1-2  [n.d.]

The Excellent Daughter, by White Kennett, D.D., 1807  M103/8/12/1  11 Aug 1811

Given to Mary Tongue, (aged 6) by the teachers of George Leigh St. Sunday School as a reward of merit.

The Cottager's Religious Meditations  M103/8/12/2  1810

Given to Maria Prince.

Books Purchased [For Prizes]  [no ref. or date]

Volume of books purchased from John Heywood, bookseller, of Manchester.  M103/8/13  26 Feb 1886-28 Feb 1907

Grantham Scholarship's  M103/8/14/1-3  [n.d.]

Administrative history:
(In 1897 Alderman John Grantham invested £1,000 to provide scholarships for pupils of the Bennett St. Schools.)

Volume listing winners of the Scholarships.  M103/8/14/1  1897-1932

Notification about the Scholarships.  M103/8/14/2  1897

List of Prizes Awarded by the Sunday School (printed)  M103/8/14/3  1938

THE BUILDING  M103/9/1-2  [n.d.]

Plans  M103/9/1/1-4  [n.d.]

Ground plan of school between Bennett St. and Thompson St.  M103/9/1/1  Jan 1900

Archt: Fred. Fenn of Manchester; Scale: 1 inch = 8 Ft; Size: 51 x 37 cms.

"Alterations on N.W. Wing". Ground floor and upper floor plan.  M103/9/1/2  No date

Ink and watercolours on tracing paper.
Archt: G. Wilks
Scale: 1 inch = 1 foot
Size: 55 x 39 cms.

"Alterations on N.W. Wing". Sectional plans.  M103/9/1/3  No date

Ink and watercolours on tracing paper.
Archt: G. Wilks
Scale: 1 inch = 1 foot
Size: 55 x 39 cms.

"Alterations on S.E. Wing".  M103/9/1/4  No date

Ink and watercolours on tracing paper.
Archt: G. Wilks
Scale: 1 inch = 1 foot
Size: 55 x 39 cms.

Repairs  [no ref. or date]

Tender of Jones and Jackson Ltd. of Chorlton upon Medlock, decorators, for decoration of the Recreation Room.  M103/9/2  29 June 1934


Administrative history:
(Est. 1812, Registered No. 890a)

Minutes  M103/10/1-2  [n.d.]

Committee and Trustees'  [no ref. or date]

Copy minutes of Committee meetings, 4 July 1849-21 May 1867  M103/10/1  4 July 1849-14 Feb 1943

Trustees' meetings, 27 Jan. 1904 - 14 Feb. 1943, includes copy of trust deed, June 1850.

Annual and Committee Meetings  M103/10/2/1-2  [n.d.]

Minutes  M103/10/2/1  15 June 1873-18 Dec 1934

Minutes  M103/10/2/2  5 Mar 1935-18 Sept 1951

Trust Fund of £1,600  M103/10/3/1-5  [n.d.]

Trust deed  M103/10/3/1  20 June 1850

1a) Wm. Chapman, agent b)Wm. Harper, salesman, both of Manchester 2a)and b)as 1a) and b) c) Rev. Campbell Grey Hulton of Emberton, Bucks. d)Geo. Lawton, collector e)John Turlay, agent f)Chas. Millward, machinist, all of Manchester.3 as 2 and Sam. Whitmore, draper, John Whitmore, shopkeeper, Benj. Stott, salesman, John Holmes, shopkeeper, John Crossley, schoolmaster, John Hilton, shopkeeper Thos. Longworthy, overlooker, Wm. Rostron, collector, Thos. Wm. Whittaker, cabinet maker, Robt Topham, warehouseman, Wm. Harper (as above), Reuben Sutcliffe, glass merch., John Turlay (as above), Hen. Whitmore, bookseller, Geo. Jackson, gent, John Cowle, broker, Jas. Bibby, warehouseman, Sam. Goodwin attorney's clerk, Wm. Jordan, mechanic, John Nelson, pawnbroker, Edw. Rothwell, warehouseman, Peter Young, bookseller, Wm. Moreton,hosier, Robt. Shelmerdine, maker-up, all of Manchester.
3 are trustees of £1,600 invested for the purchase of Reward Books for the Sunday School, which may also be used to make up any deficiency in the funds of the Bennett St. Sunday School Sick and Funeral Society. £1,500 of it has been lent to the Manchester and Salford Waterworks and £100 is in the Manchester and Salford Savings Bank.
Endorsement, 19 Mar. 1897, appointment of new trustees.

Copy of M103/10/3/2  M103/10/3/2  20 June 1850

Letter to Mr. Grundy from Sam. Goodwin listing persons whose signatures are required to a deed.  M103/10/3/3  9 Mar 1897

Appointment of new trustees.  M103/10/3/4  15 June 1921

Transfer of trusts of deed of 20 June 1850 solely to the use of the Sick and Funeral Society  M103/10/3/5  11 Apr 1946

The £1,600 now being represented by £1,000 Defence Bonds and cash in the Manchester and Salford Trustee Savings Bank.

Acknowledgments from Registry of Friendly Societies of Appointments of Trustees  M103/10/4/1-4  [n.d.]

Acknowledgments of Appointment of Trustees  M103/10/4/1  Nov 1926

Acknowledgments of Appointment of Trustees  M103/10/4/2  Mar 1927

Acknowledgments of Appointment of Trustees  M103/10/4/3  Mar 1931

Acknowledgments of Appointment of Trustees  M103/10/4/4  Mar 1932

Rules  M103/10/5-7  [n.d.]

Related information: (For 1814 - 1828 see M103/10/23 below)

Rules of St. Paul's, Bennett St. Sunday School Sick and Funeral Society  M103/10/5/1-5  [n.d.]

Rules  M103/10/5/1  1876

Rules  M103/10/5/2  1888

Manuscript alterations to 1876 rules  M103/10/5/3  1893

Rules  M103/10/5/4  1904

Manuscript alterations  M103/10/5/5  1904

Amendments to Rules, Certified by the Registrar of Friendly Societies  M103/10/6/1-2  [n.d.]

Amendments to Rules  M103/10/6/1  23 May 1856

Amendments to Rules  M103/10/6/2  29 Nov 1867

Amendments  M103/10/7/1-3  [n.d.]

Amendments under the National Insurance Act, 1913  M103/10/7/1  1913

Amendments  M103/10/7/2  1914-1915

Amendments  M103/10/7/3  1939

Scheme Under National Insurance Act, 1911  [no ref. or date]

Scheme, with copy of resolution of members, 26 June 1912, applying to continue the Society outside the Act.  M103/10/8  27 July 1912

Dissolution of the Society  M103/10/9/1-4  [n.d.]

Letter signed by six members of the Society proposing a resolution to wind it up.  M103/10/9/1  16 Sept 1949

Instrument of Dissolution.  M103/10/9/2  30 Dec 1950

Letters from the Registrar of Friendly Societies about above.  M103/10/9/3-4  25 May and 24th Aug 1951

Finance  M103/10/10-18  [n.d.]

Subscriptions and Sick Payments  M103/10/10/1-4  [n.d.]

Sick payments, 1 Apr. 1812 - 1 Jan 1823  M103/10/10/1  1812-1823

Funerals, 1814 - 1822, with names and ages of deceased; sundry expenses, 1814 - 1822; summary of subscriptions, 1812 - 1822.

Weekly subscriptions, with names and addresses of members, 6 Jan. 1823 - 25 Dec. 1837  M103/10/10/2  1823-1837

Sundry expenses and payments for funerals (as above), Jan 1823 - Mar 1837.

Subscriptions and payments to members.  M103/10/10/3  Jan 1838-Dec 1866

Subscriptions  M103/10/10/4  Mar 1931-Dec 1936

Payments (weekly payments)  M103/10/11/1-2  [n.d.]

"Sick Payments Book, 1884". Name, address and class of members in chronological order.  M103/10/11/1  Jan 1884-Dec 1938

Payments  M103/10/11/2  Jan 1939-Dec 1950

Payments (arranged under members names)  [no ref. or date]

Payments.  M103/10/12  1891-1949

Receipt Books for Distribution of Bonuses  M103/10/13/1-4  [n.d.]

Receipt Book  M103/10/13/1  1928

Receipt Book  M103/10/13/2  Post 1933

Receipt Book  M103/10/13/3  28 May 1938 and 24 July 1948

Includes draft letter, n.d., to someone complaining about the distribution under the Instrument of Dissolution.

Receipt Book  M103/10/13/4  1 Dec 1951

Distribution of assets of the Society in accordance with clause 5 of the Instrument of Dissolution.

Williams Deacons Bank Pass Book  [no ref. or date]

Bank Pass Book  M103/10/14  25 June 1929-11 Dec 1945

Valuations  M103/10/15/1-17  [n.d.]

Valuation, 31 Dec. 1890, and report by E. J. Farnwoth of Preston,actuary and accountant.  M103/10/15/1  23 Mar 1892

Quinquennial valuation, 31 Dec. 1905, and report by E. J. Farnworth.  M103/10/15/2  12 Sept 1906

Quinquennial valuation, 31 Dec. 1910, and report by same.  M103/10/15/3  26 May 1911

Quinquennial valuation, 31 Dec. 1907, and report by same.  M103/10/15/4  13 June 1912

Particulars for quinquennial valuation, 1908-1912  M103/10/15/5  c 1912

Valuation, 31 Dec. 1912, and report by Harrison Bros. of Leeds, accountants.  M103/10/15/6  3 Nov 1913

Memorandum on Valuations of Friendly Societies and Branches  M103/10/15/7  1913

Letters from Harrison Bros.  M103/10/15/8-12  20 Dec 1913-2 May 1917

Letter from Frank Harrison sending valuation, 31 Dec. 1922  M103/10/15/13  20 June 1923

Letter from F. Harrison to accompany valuation of 31 Dec. 1931.  M103/10/15/14  5 Feb 1932

Valuation, 31 Dec. 1932, and report by Frank Harrison.  M103/10/15/15  8 Mar 1933

Valuation, 31 Dec. 1937, and report by same.  M103/10/15/16  24 Mar 1938

Letter from John Blossom and Son of Sheffield, actuaries, with valuation, 31 Dec. 1947  M103/10/15/17  13 May 1948

Annual Returns for Registered Friendly Society (year ending 31 Dec.)  M103/10/16/1-15  [n.d.]

Annual Returns  M103/10/16/1  1920

Annual Returns  M103/10/16/2  1921

Annual Returns  M103/10/16/3  1922

Annual Returns  M103/10/16/4  1923

Annual Returns  M103/10/16/5  1924

Annual Returns  M103/10/16/6  1925

Annual Returns  M103/10/16/7  1926

Annual Returns  M103/10/16/8  1927

Annual Returns  M103/10/16/9  1928

Annual Returns  M103/10/16/10  1929

Annual Returns  M103/10/16/11  1930

Annual Returns  M103/10/16/12  1931

Annual Returns  M103/10/16/13  1947

Annual Returns  M103/10/16/14  1948

Annual Returns  M103/10/16/15  1949

Liability for Income Tax  M103/10/17/1-20  [n.d.]

Correspondence between J. Holmes, Secretary, and H. M. Inspector of Taxes  M103/10/17/1-4  25 May-21 Oct 1943

As to whether the Society should pay income tax on the £1600 Trust Fund, established 20 June 1850.

Copy opinion of C. Gandy of Manchester, solicitor.  M103/10/17/5  22 June 1944

Correspondence between the Inland Revenue, Messrs. Heath, Sons and Broome of Manchester, solicitors and J. Holmes  M103/10/17/6-20  27 June 1944-23 May 1946

About terminating the Trust so that income tax will not be payable.

Annual Statements of Account, 31 Dec  [no ref. or date]

Annual Statements of Account (manuscript, audited)  M103/10/18  1889-1934

Members  M103/10/19-23  [n.d.]

Proposition Forms  M103/10/19/163-707  [n.d.]

(Name, address, age, marital status, health, Sunday School attended).
Numbers are the original numbers of the forms.

Proposition Forms  M103/10/19/163-174  1869

Proposition Forms  M103/10/19/175-193  1870

Proposition Forms  M103/10/19/194-203  1871

Proposition Forms  M103/10/19/204-206  1872

Proposition Forms  M103/10/19/207-214  1873

Proposition Forms  M103/10/19/215-224  1874

Proposition Forms  M103/10/19/225-250  1875

Proposition Forms  M103/10/19/251-262  1876

Proposition Forms  M103/10/19/263-271  1877

Proposition Forms  M103/10/19/272-283  1878

Proposition Forms  M103/10/19/284-290  1879

Proposition Forms  M103/10/19/291-297  1880

Proposition Forms  M103/10/19/298-315  1881

Proposition Forms  M103/10/19/316-322  1882

Proposition Forms  M103/10/19/323-343  1883

Proposition Forms  M103/10/19/344-360  1884

Proposition Forms  M103/10/19/420-422  1891

Proposition Forms  M103/10/19/423-431  1892

Proposition Forms  M103/10/19/432-442  1893

Proposition Forms  M103/10/19/443-454  1894

Proposition Forms  M103/10/19/455-474  1895

Proposition Forms  M103/10/19/475-485  1896

Proposition Forms  M103/10/19/486-496  1897

Proposition Forms  M103/10/19/497-508  1898

Proposition Forms  M103/10/19/509-518  1899

Proposition Forms  M103/10/19/519-532  1900

Proposition Forms  M103/10/19/533-546  1901

Proposition Forms  M103/10/19/547-559  1902

(552 missing)

Proposition Forms  M103/10/19/560-580  1903

Proposition Forms  M103/10/19/581-598  1904

(582 missing)

Proposition Forms  M103/10/19/599-607  1905

Proposition Forms  M103/10/19/608-614  1906

Proposition Forms  M103/10/19/615-623  1907

Proposition Forms  M103/10/19/624-633  1908

Proposition Forms  M103/10/19/634-646  1909

(630 missing)

Proposition Forms  M103/10/19/647-655  1910

Proposition Forms  M103/10/19/656-659  1911

Proposition Forms  M103/10/19/660  1914

Proposition Forms  M103/10/19/661-662  1915

Proposition Forms  M103/10/19/663  1916

Proposition Forms  M103/10/19/664  1917

Proposition Forms  M103/10/19/665-666  1919

Proposition Forms  M103/10/19/667-670  1920

Proposition Forms  M103/10/19/671  1921

Proposition Forms  M103/10/19/672-673  1922

Proposition Forms  M103/10/19/674-680  1923

Proposition Forms  M103/10/19/681-683  1924

Proposition Forms  M103/10/19/684-687  1925

Proposition Forms  M103/10/19/688  1926

Proposition Forms  M103/10/19/689-696  1927

Proposition Forms  M103/10/19/697-703  1928

Proposition Forms  M103/10/19/704-705  1929

Proposition Forms  M103/10/19/706-707  1930

Membership Register  [no ref. or date]

Volume containing copies of proposal forms 163-360, 1869-1884.  M103/10/20  1855-1884

Starts with list of members admitted, 1855-1869, giving occupation, address, age, date of birth, marital status, proposer and seconder. Indexed.

Membership Register  M103/10/21/1-2  [n.d.]

Names, ages and membership number.  M103/10/21/1  1917-1936

Index to membership register  M103/10/21/2  No date

Address Book  [no ref. or date]

Address Book  M103/10/22  July 1919-1923

Nominations for Payment of Funeral Allowance  [no ref. or date]

Nominations for Payment of Funeral Allowance  M103/10/23/1-75  1895-1947

Annual Reports  M103/10/24-26  [n.d.]

Bound Annual Reports  M103/10/24/1-2  [n.d.]

Volume containing First to Eighth Annual Reports of St. Clement's and St. Luke's Sunday School Sick Society, 1814-1822  M103/10/24/1  1814-1834

Ninth and Tenth Report of St. Clement's Sunday School Sick Soc., 1823 and 1824, Eleventh to Twentieth Report of the Sick and Funeral Soc. belonging to Bennett St. Sunday School, 1825-1834; from 1828 says "attached to St. Paul's church;" also includes Rules, of the Sick Soc., 1814, 1818 and 1821 and (St. Clement's and St. Luke's), 1826, 1827 and 1828 (Bennett St.), and A Few Words of Advice to the Children of St. Clement's and St. Luke's Sunday School addressed to them at the Opening of the New School, Bennett St, Oldham Rd., 13 Dec. 1818.

21st to 47th Annual Reports of the Sick and Funeral Society Belonging to Bennett St. Sunday School  M103/10/24/2  1835-1861

Source of acquisition: Deposited Apr. 1985

Includes Rules, 1843, 1849, 1850 and 1856.

Loose Annual Reports  M103/10/25  [n.d.]

(Date is that of publication, year reported on is the preceding one).

Annual Reports  M103/10/25/28-31  1842-1845

Annual Reports  M103/10/25/60-66  1874-1880

Annual Reports  M103/10/25/69,70  1883,1884

Annual Reports  M103/10/25/73  1887

Annual Reports  M103/10/25/75  1889

Annual Reports  M103/10/25/76-79  1890-1893

Annual Reports  M103/10/25/80-83  1894-1897

Annual Reports  M103/10/26/1-47  [n.d.]

Annual Reports  M103/10/26/1-33  1905-1937

Pasted in a volume (1929 missing)

Annual Reports  M103/10/26/34  1938


Annual Reports  M103/10/26/35  1939


Annual Reports  M103/10/26/36  1940


Annual Reports  M103/10/26/37  1941


Annual Reports  M103/10/26/38  1942


Annual Reports  M103/10/26/39  1943


Annual Reports  M103/10/26/40  1944


Annual Reports  M103/10/26/41  1945


Annual Reports  M103/10/26/42  1946


Annual Reports  M103/10/26/43  1947


Annual Reports  M103/10/26/44  1948


Annual Reports  M103/10/26/45  1949


Annual Reports  M103/10/26/46  1950


Annual Reports  M103/10/26/47  1951


Circulars (printed)  M103/10/27/1-3  [n.d.]

Notices of special General Meetings to amend Rules  M103/10/27/1-2  12 Apr 1893 and 10 Jan 1903

Notice to be sent to Married Women members on ceasing to be permanently employed  M103/10/27/3  c 1911

Acts of Parliament  M103/10/28/1-8  [n.d.]

An act for the Amendment of the Law of Inheritance  M103/10/28/1  29 Aug 1833

Workshop Regulation Act, 1867, Amendment.  M103/10/28/2  25 May 1871

An Act for exempting persons professing the Jewish religion from penalties in respect of young persons and females professing the said religion working on Sundays

Trustees Appointment Act, 1890.  M103/10/28/3  25 July 1890

An Act to facilitate the Appointment of new Trustees of Land held in Trust for Religious or Educational Purposes and to make provision for vesting the Land in the Trustees for the time being

Trustee Act, 1893.  M103/10/28/4  22 Sept 1893

An Act to consolidate Enactments relating to Trustees

Trustee Act, 1893, Amendment Act, 1894  M103/10/28/6  18 June 1894

An Act to amend the Trustee Act, 1893

Old Age Pensions Act, 1919.  M103/10/28/7  23 Dec 1919

An Act to amend the Old Age Pensions Acts, 1908 and 1911 and the Debtors Act, 1869 -

Pensions (Increase) Act, 1920.  M103/10/28/8  16 Aug 1920

An Act to authorise the Increase of certain Pensions


Administrative history:
(Est. 1855 Registered No. 890)

General and Committee Meetings  M103/11/1/1-6  [n.d.]

Minute  M103/11/1/1  15 Jan 1879-24 Apr 1893

Minute  M103/11/1/2  29 May 1893-30 Dec 1901

Minute  M103/11/1/3  15 Jan 1902-27 Dec 1911

Minute  M103/11/1/4  17 Jan 1912-27 Dec 1916

Minute  M103/11/1/5  17 Jan 1917-25 June 1934

Minute  M103/11/1/6  20 July 1934-22 Sept 1947

Rules  M103/11/2-3  [n.d.]

Rules of St. Paul's Bennett St. Sunday School Adult Sick and Funeral Soc.  M103/11/2/1-6  [n.d.]

Rules Signed copy.  M103/11/2/1  1893

Rule Signed copy, above as amended, 16 Jan. 1894  M103/11/2/2  1894

Rules Published version of 2 above  M103/11/2/3  1894

Rules  M103/11/2/4  1905

With signed amendment  M103/11/2/5  31 Dec 1912

Published version of rules  M103/11/2/6  1912

Amendments  M103/11/3/1-20  [n.d.]

Partial amendment  M103/11/3/1  30 Apr 1897

Letters from E. J. Farnworth, F.S.A.A., F.S.S., actuary of Preston, about proposed amendments.  M103/11/3/2-11  24 Mar-13 May 1902

Partial amendments  M103/11/3/12  6 Mar 1903

Partial amendments  M103/11/3/13  24 Apr 1909

Partial amendments  M103/11/3/14  15 May 1913

Declaration of Robt. Mallard, Sec., in support of amendment.  M103/11/3/15  6 Feb 1914

Partial amendments  M103/11/3/16-19  [n.d.]

Partial amendments  M103/11/3/16-17  7 July and 19 Aug 1914

Partial amendments  M103/11/3/18  16 Mar 1916

Partial amendments  M103/11/3/19  31 Oct 1917

Draft amendments.  M103/11/3/20  Post 1918

Application for Change of Name  [no ref. or date]

Application to change name  M103/11/4  July 1893

From St. Paul's Bennett St. Sunday School Sick and Funeral Soc. to St. Paul's Bennett St. Sunday School Adult Sick and Funeral Society, in accordance with a resolution of 31 Oct. 1892.

Scheme Under National Insurance Act. 1911  M103/11/5/1-14  [n.d.]

Letters from E. J. Farnworth of Preston, actuary and accountant, to R. Mallard  M103/11/5/1-3  22-31 May 1912

About the Society becoming an approved Soc. under the National Insurance Act, 1911.

National Health Insurance. Preliminary Memo... as to the Position of Friendly Societies, Trade Unions and Other Bodies under the Act.  M103/11/5/4  1912

Provisional Scheme under the Act, confirmed 25 June.  M103/11/5/5  14 June 1912

Scheme under the Act. prepared by E. J. Farnworth.  M103/11/5/6  12 Nov 1913

Correspondence with the Registrar of Friendly Societies and E. J. Farnworth about the Scheme.  M103/11/5/7-14  6 May-16 June 1914

Afflication with the Oddfellows  M103/11/6  [n.d.]

Letters from the Grand United Order of Oddfellows Friendly Soc., Manchester  M103/11/6/1-11  22 Aug-21 Nov 1932

About transfering the engagements of the society to Manchester and District State Centralised Area No. 14 of the Grand United Order of Oddfellows.

Finance  M103/11/7-17  [n.d.]

Accounts and Sick Payments  [no ref. or date]

Sick payments, Feb. 1857- Dec. 1930, general accounts, Nov. 1855 - Dec. 1947 when dissolved.  M103/11/7  1855-1947

Cash Book  [no ref. or date]

Cash Book  M103/11/8  1 Jan 1912-31 Dec 1930

Subscriptions  M103/11/9/1-4  [n.d.]

Subscriptions  M103/11/9/1  Nov 1855-Dec 1878

Subscriptions  M103/11/9/2  Jan 1879-Dec 1896

Subscriptions  M103/11/9/3  Jan 1897-Dec 1909

Subscriptions  M103/11/9/4  Jan 1910-Dec 1929

Subscriptions and Sick Payments  M103/11/10/1-6  [n.d.]

Subscriptions and Sick Payments  M103/11/10/1  Jan 1891-Dec 1895

Subscriptions and Sick Payments  M103/11/10/2  Jan 1896-Dec 1900

Subscriptions and Sick Payments  M103/11/10/3  Jan 1901-Dec 1905

Subscriptions and Sick Payments  M103/11/10/4  Jan 1906-Dec 1910

Subscriptions and Sick Payments  M103/11/10/5  Jan 1936-Dec 1940

Subscriptions and Sick Payments  M103/11/10/6  Jan 1941-Dec 1945

Tables of Contributions  M103/11/11/1-6  [n.d.]

Tables A - E  M103/11/11/1-5  14 Oct 1912

Letter from Harrison Bros. of Leeds, accountants, about tables.  M103/11/11/6  18 Apr 1914

Sick Payments  M103/11/12/1-3  [n.d.]

Sick Payments  M103/11/12/1  26 Apr 1915-27 Dec 1916

Sick Payments  M103/11/12/2  28 Nov 1922-25 May 1925

Sick Payments  M103/11/12/3  7 Jan 1933-27 Aug 1934

Distribution of Bonuses  [no ref. or date]

Names and date of entry of all members as at Dec. of year prior to distribution.  M103/11/13  24 Nov 1917-1947

Distribution in 1917, 1922, 1927, 1932, 1937, 1942 and on dissolution of the Society 1947.

Postage Book  [no ref. or date]

Postage Book  M103/11/14  23 Jan 1912-27 Mar 1930

Valuations  M103/11/15/1-17  [n.d.]

Quinquennial Valuation, 31 Dec. 1895 and report by E. J. Farnworth of Preston, actuary and accountant.  M103/11/15/1  21 Sept 1896

Valuation, 31 Dec. 1900, and report by Chas. Stevenson of Manchester.  M103/11/15/2  26 Aug 1901

Valuation, 31 Dec. 1911, and report by E. J. Farnworth.  M103/11/15/3  12 Nov 1913

Letter from E. J. Farnworth about valuation.  M103/11/15/4  24 Mar 1914

Letters from the Registry of Friendly Societies and from Frank Harrison of Leeds, accountant about valuation.  M103/11/15/5-9  5 June-29 Aug 1917

Valuation, 31 Dec. 1926, report and correspondence from F. Harrison.  M103/11/15/10-17  18 Jan-31 Mar 1927

Liability for Income Tax  [no ref. or date]

Letter from Inland Revenue declining to repay income tax.  M103/11/16  31 Mar 1900

Annual Statement of Account, 31 Dec. (Manuscript, audited)  M103/11/17/1-59  [n.d.]

Annual Statement of Account  M103/11/17/1  1891

Annual Statement of Account  M103/11/17/2  1892

Annual Statement of Account  M103/11/17/3  1893

Annual Statement of Accounts  M103/11/17/4  1894

Annual Statement of Accounts  M103/11/17/5  1895

Annual Statement of Accounts  M103/11/17/6  1896

Annual Statement of Accounts  M103/11/17/7  1897

Annual Statement of Accounts  M103/11/17/8  1898

Annual Statement of Accounts  M103/11/17/9  1899

Annual Statement of Accounts  M103/11/17/10  1900

Annual Statement of Accounts  M103/11/17/11  1901

Annual Statement of Accounts  M103/11/17/12  1902

Annual Statement of Accounts  M103/11/17/13  1903

Annual Statement of Accounts  M103/11/17/14  1904

Annual Statement of Accounts  M103/11/17/15  1905

Annual Statement of Accounts  M103/11/17/16  1906

Annual Statement of Accounts  M103/11/17/21  1911

Annual Statement of Accounts  M103/11/17/22  1912

Annual Statement of Accounts  M103/11/17/23  1913

Annual Statement of Accounts  M103/11/17/24  1914

Annual Statement of Accounts  M103/11/17/25  1915

Annual Statement of Accounts  M103/11/17/26  1916

Annual Statement of Accounts  M103/11/17/27  1917

Annual Statement of Accounts  M103/11/17/28  1918

Annual Statement of Accounts  M103/11/17/29  1919

Annual Statement of Accounts  M103/11/17/30  1920

Annual Statement of Accounts  M103/11/17/31  1921

Annual Statement of Accounts  M103/11/17/32  1922

Annual Statement of Accounts  M103/11/17/33  1923

Annual Statement of Accounts  M103/11/17/34  1924

Annual Statement of Accounts  M103/11/17/35  1925

Annual Statement of Accounts  M103/11/17/36  1926

Annual Statement of Accounts  M103/11/17/37  1927

Annual Statement of Accounts  M103/11/17/38  1928

Statement of Account  M103/11/17/39  1929

Statement of Account  M103/11/17/40  1930

Statement of Account  M103/11/17/41  1931

Statement of Account  M103/11/17/42  1932

Statement of Account  M103/11/17/43  1933

Statement of Account  M103/11/17/44  1934

Statement of Account  M103/11/17/45  1935

Statement of Account  M103/11/17/46  1936

Statement of Account  M103/11/17/47  1937

Statement of Account  M103/11/17/48  1938

Statement of Account  M103/11/17/49  1939

Statement of Account  M103/11/17/50  1940

Statement of Account  M103/11/17/51  1941

Statement of Account  M103/11/17/52  1942

Statement of Account  M103/11/17/53  1943

Statement of Account  M103/11/17/54  1944

Statement of Account  M103/11/17/55  1945

Statement of Account  M103/11/17/56  1946

Printed Statement of Account  M103/11/17/57  1947

Printed Statement of Account  M103/11/17/59  1949

Correspondence  M103/11/18-20  [n.d.]

Resignations of Treasurers  M103/11/18/1-7  [n.d.]

Letters from Sam. Goodwin resigning as Treasurer of the Adult Sick and Furneral Society.  M103/11/18/1-2  29 Dec 1898

Letters to [Robt.] Mallard from G. W. Thompson on relinquishing the Treasurership of the Adult Society.  M103/11/18/3-7  13-20 May 1908

The Society's Doctor  M103/11/19/1-5  [n.d.]

Agreement of Wm. D. Sweeny of Manchester to be Medical Officer for the Society.  M103/11/19/1  30 May 1910

Letter from W. D. Sweeny regretting he must resign as Medical Officer.  M103/11/19/2  1 Dec 1912

Circular re same and request to return postcard about necessity for Society Doctor with results of poll on back.  M103/11/19/3  Dec 1912

Related information: (See M103/11/21/35)

Letters to Robt. Mallard from F. Sharpe of Isleworth and Geo. Davies of Edgeley about the same.  M103/11/19/4-5  10 and 13 Jan 1913

Secretary's Out-Letter Books  M103/11/20/1-7  [n.d.]

Out-Letter Book  M103/11/20/1  16 July 1892-24 Feb 1902

Out-Letter Book  M103/11/20/2  14 Apr 1902-25 Apr 1908

[no title or date]  M103/11/20/3

Out-Letter Book  M103/11/20/4  4 Nov 1912-13 June 1918

Out-Letter Book  M103/11/20/5  24 Feb 1917-17 Jan 1919

Out-Letter Book  M103/11/20/6  21 Jan 1919-Mar 1929

Out-Letter Book  M103/11/20/7  24 Oct 1929-26 Feb 1944

Circulars (printed)  M103/11/21/1-8  [n.d.]

Notifications of Annual Meetings.  M103/11/21/1-2  6 Jan 1900 and 9 Jan 1901

Notification of resignation of Dr. Sweeney, the Society's Medical Officer.  M103/11/21/3  Dec 1912

Circulars asking if services of Society's Doctor are required.  M103/11/21/4-5  c 1912

Notification of Annual Meeting.  M103/11/21/6  10 Jan 1914

Notification of Annual Meeting with statement of accounts, 31 Dec. 1929.  M103/11/21/7  6 Jan 1930

Notification of passing of resolution of the Society to cease to take part in the National Health Insurance Acts, 1924-1932  M103/11/21/8  11 Nov 1932

Transfering its engagements to the Manchester and District Area No. 14 of the Grand United Order of Oddfellows' Friendly Soc.

Annual Reports, 31 Dec.  M103/11/22/1-91  [n.d.]

1-59 Bound Volume, 60-91 Loose.

Annual Reports  M103/11/22/1-59  1856-1914

Volume containing the First to the Thirty Eighth Annual Reports of the St. Paul's Bennett St. Sunday School Sick and Funeral Society, 1856-1893, the Thirty Ninth to the Fifty Ninth Annual Report of the St. Paul's Bennett St. Sunday School Adult Sick and Funeral Soc., 1894-1914.

Annual Reports  M103/11/22/60  1915

Annual Reports  M103/11/22/61  1916

Annual Reports  M103/11/22/62  1917

Annual Reports  M103/11/22/63  1918

Annual Reports  M103/11/22/64  1919

Annual Reports  M103/11/22/65  1920

Annual Reports  M103/11/22/66  1921

Annual Reports  M103/11/22/67  1922

Annual Reports  M103/11/22/68  1923

Annual Reports  M103/11/22/69  1924

Annual Reports  M103/11/22/70  1925

Annual Reports  M103/11/22/71  1926

Annual Reports  M103/11/22/72  1927

Annual Reports  M103/11/22/73  1928

Annual Reports  M103/11/22/74  1929

Annual Reports  M103/11/22/75  1930

Annual Reports  M103/11/22/76  1931

Annual Reports  M103/11/22/77  1932

Annual Reports  M103/11/22/78  1933

Annual Reports  M103/11/22/79  1934

Annual Reports  M103/11/22/80  1935

Annual Reports  M103/11/22/81  1936

Annual Reports  M103/11/22/82  1937

Annual Reports  M103/11/22/83  1938

Annual Reports  M103/11/22/84  1939

Annual Reports  M103/11/22/85  1940

Annual Reports  M103/11/22/86  1941

Annual Reports  M103/11/22/87  1942

Annual Reports  M103/11/22/88  1943

Annual Reports  M103/11/22/90  1945

Annual Reports  M103/11/22/91  1946


Minutes  M103/12/1/1-2  [n.d.]

Minutes  M103/12/1/1  1 Apr 1903-4 July 1948

Minutes  M103/12/1/2  21 Nov 1948-28 Nov 1965

Statement of Account  [no ref. or date]

Statement of Account  M103/12/2  31 Dec 1941

BENNETT ST. INSTITUTION  M103/13/1-4  [n.d.]

Minutes of a Committee for Establishing an Institution for the Advancement of Moral and Scientific Education  [no ref. or date]

Minutes  M103/13/1  25 Apr - 25 Sept 1839

Includes list of lectures, 23 Sept. 1839 - 3 Apr. 1840, printed circular to teachers and scholars of Bennett St. Sunday School about the proposed Institution, 9 Aug. 1839, and notice of lecture on Astronomy by Wm. Makinson, 23 Sept 1839.

Rules  [no ref. or date]

Rules  M103/13/2  Watermarked 1837

List of Directors  [no ref. or date]

List of Directors  M103/13/3  1839-1840

Correspondence  [no ref. or date]

Letter to the Directors from St. Taylor, Sec. of the Vocal Music Class  M103/13/4  13 Dec 1839

Asking for the use of No. 2 room for practice for the class.

BAND OF HOPE  M103/14/1-2  [n.d.]

Petitions  M103/14/1/1-2  [n.d.]

Petition of twenty four Abstainers to the Committee of Management  M103/14/1/1  Watermarked 1859

Asking for the establishment of a Band of Hope in connection with the Sunday School.

Petition of sixteen people to the same  M103/14/1/2  27 Oct 1861

Asking for a Drum and Fife Band to be connected with the new Band of Hope.

Circulars  M103/14/2/1-2  [n.d.]

Notification with syllabus of the St. Paul's Bennett St. Sunday School Recreation Soc.  M103/14/2/1  1888-1889

Organised by the Band of Hope Committee and Men's Class.

Notification about the St. Paul's Bennett St. Sunday School Band of Hope Swimming Club.  M103/14/2/2  1893-1894


Provisional Committee  [no ref. or date]

List of Provisional Committee of the proposed Bennett St. Sunday School Tonic Sol-fa Singing Class  M103/15/1  No date

With teachers and scholars desirous of joining.

Programmes  M103/15/2/1-2  [n.d.]

Programme for Tea Party and Concert, Bennett St. Sunday School Tonic Sol-fa Elementary Singing Class.  M103/15/2/1  29 Nov 1864

Programme for First Public Rehearsal of St. Paul's, Bennett St. Elementary Singing Class.  M103/15/2/2  16 May 1868


Related information: (see also M103/6/3)

Admission Book  [no ref. or date]

Name, address, school attended and money deposited.  M103/16/1  8 Aug 1892-20 March 1916

Cash Book  [no ref. or date]

Bennett St. Sunday School Preliminary Savings Bank Treasurers' Cash Book  M103/16/2  17 Jan 1852-1 Jan 1885

Source of acquisition: Deposited April 1985


Unused Member's card.  M103/17  c1910

MISCELLANEOUS PAPERS  M103/18/1-5  [n.d.]

List of Communicants  [no ref. or date]

List of Communicants  M103/18/1  Apr 1851

Visitor's Book  [no ref. or date]

Visitor's Book  M103/18/2  29 Oct 1871-11 Apr 1920

Photographs of Committee of Management  M103/18/3/1-2  [n.d.]

Visitors  M103/18/3/1  1880

Superintendents  M103/18/3/2  1880

Volumes of Manuscript Music Scores  M103/18/4/1-5  [n.d.]

Sacred Music Adapted to the Psalms and Hymns as Sung in St. Paul's Church and Schools.  M103/18/4/1  1854

Presented to the trustees of St. Paul's Sunday School by Rev. Robt. Lamb, M.A.

Music Scores  M103/18/4/2  1856

Music Scores 1863, revised 1867  M103/18/4/3  1863-1867

"Music for Christmas and New Year".  M103/18/4/4  1881-1882

Vesper Hymn by Wm. Acfield.  M103/18/4/5  No date

Notes for History  M103/18/5/1-38  [n.d.]

Extracts from minutes and other notes, 1853-1928.  M103/18/5/1-13  No date

Notes in same hand on the origin of Sunday Schools in Manchester with particular reference to Bennett St.  M103/18/5/14  [n.d.]

Related information: "The Story of Bennett St. School and its Connection with St. Paul's Church", by Geo. Milner in Bazaar Album, 12-15 Apr. 1893 (M330/1/35/2)

Typed extract from Manchester Old and New, by Wm Arthur Shaw, [1894] about Manchester Sunday Schools.  M103/18/5/15  [1894]

Typed extracts from minutes  M103/18/5/16-38  1889-1938

Diary of Benjamin Braidley  M103/18/6/1-2  (1729-1845)

Source of acquisition: Deposited April 1985

Related information: (See also M103/19/9/1)

Diary  M103/18/6/1  22 Jan 1815-25 Dec 1815

Diary  M103/18/6/2  1 Jan 1816-23 Oct 1823

PRINTED PAPERS  M103/19/1-10  [n.d.]

Programmes  M103/19/1-6  [n.d.]

Whit Week Arrangements  M103/19/1/1-3  [n.d.]

Programme  M103/19/1/1  1916

Programme  M103/19/1/2  1935

Programme  M103/19/1/3  1949

Founder's Day Celebrations  M103/19/2/1-29  [n.d.]

Administrative history:
(David Stott, born 7 Sept. 1781)

Founder's Day Programme  M103/19/2/1  12 Sept [1894]

Founder's Day Programme  M103/19/2/2  11 Sept 1895

Founder's Day Programme  M103/19/2/3  12 Sept 1900

Founder's Day Programme  M103/19/2/4  11 Sept 1901

Founder's Day Programme  M103/19/2/5  10 Sept 1902

Founder's Day Programme  M103/19/2/6  9 Sept 1903

Founder's Day Programme  M103/19/2/7  6 Oct 1906

Founder's Day Programme  M103/19/2/8  15 Oct 1907

Founder's Day Programme  M103/19/2/9  19 Oct 1909

Founder's Day Programme  M103/19/2/10  18 Oct 1910

Founder's Day Programme  M103/19/2/11  17 Oct 1911

Founder's Day Programme  M103/19/2/12  15 Oct 1912

Founder's Day Programme  M103/19/2/13  21 Oct 1913

Founder's Day Programme  M103/19/2/14  20 Oct 1914

Founder's Day Programme  M103/19/2/15  19 Oct 1915

Founder's Day Programme  M103/19/2/16  17 Oct 1916

Founder's Day Programme  M103/19/2/17  21 Oct 1919

Founder's Day Programme  M103/19/2/18  26 Oct 1920

Founder's Day Programme  M103/19/2/19  18 Oct 1921

Founder's Day Programme  M103/19/2/20  17 Oct 1922

Founder's Day Programme  M103/19/2/21  16 Oct 1923

Founder's Day Programme  M103/19/2/22  21 Oct 1924

Founder's Day Programme  M103/19/2/23  20 Oct 1925

Founder's Day Programme  M103/19/2/24  21 Oct 1930

Founder's Day Programme  M103/19/2/25  20 Oct 1931

Founder's Day Programme  M103/19/2/26  18 Oct 1932

Founder's Day Programme  M103/19/2/27  17 Oct 1933

Founder's Day Programme  M103/19/2/28  16 Oct 1934

Founder's Day Programme  M103/19/2/29  19 Oct 1937

Anniversary Services  M103/19/3/1-3  [n.d.]

Anniversary Services  M103/19/3/1  5 Dec 1943

Anniversary Services  M103/19/3/2  16 Dec 1945

Anniversary Services  M103/19/3/3  14 Dec 1947

Christmas Parties  M103/19/4/1-35  [n.d.]

Christmas Party Programme  M103/19/4/1  183[?]

Christmas Party Programme  M103/19/4/2  1898

Christmas Party Programme  M103/19/4/3  1899

Christmas Party Programme  M103/19/4/4  1900

Christmas Party Programme  M103/19/4/5  1901

Christmas Party Programme  M103/19/4/6  1902

Christmas Party Programme  M103/19/4/7  1904

Christmas Party Programme  M103/19/4/8  1905

Christmas Party Programme  M103/19/4/9  1906

Christmas Party Programme  M103/19/4/10  1907

Christmas Party Programme  M103/19/4/11  1908

Christmas Party Programme  M103/19/4/12  1909

Christmas Party Programme  M103/19/4/13  1910

Christmas Party Programme  M103/19/4/14  1911

Christmas Party Programme  M103/19/4/15  1912

Christmas Party Programme  M103/19/4/16  1914

Christmas Party Programme  M103/19/4/17  1915

Christmas Party Programme  M103/19/4/18  1916

Christmas Party Programme  M103/19/4/19  1918

Christmas Party Programme  M103/19/4/20  1919

Christmas Party Programme  M103/19/4/21  1920

Christmas Party Programme  M103/19/4/22  1921

Christmas Party Programme  M103/19/4/23  1922

Christmas Party Programme  M103/19/4/24  1923

Christmas Party Programme  M103/19/4/25  1924

Christmas Party Programme  M103/19/4/26  1925

Christmas Party Programme  M103/19/4/27  1926

Christmas Party Programme  M103/19/4/28  1927

Christmas Party Programme  M103/19/4/29  1928

Christmas Party Programme  M103/19/4/30  1929

Christmas Party Programme  M103/19/4/31  1930

Christmas Party Programme  M103/19/4/32  1931

Christmas Party Programme  M103/19/4/33  1932

Christmas Party Programme  M103/19/4/34  1933

Christmas Party Programme  M103/19/4/35  1937

New Year Parties  M103/19/5/1-49  [n.d.]

New Year Party Programme  M103/19/5/1  1 Jan 1867

New Year Party Programme  M103/19/5/2  2 Jan 1869

New Year Party Programme  M103/19/5/3  31 Dec 1870 and 2-3 Jan 1871

New Year Party Programme  M103/19/5/4  31 Dec 1872 Jan 1871

New Year Party Programme  M103/19/5/5  30 Dec 1893 Jan 1871

New Year Party Programme  M103/19/5/6  31 Dec 1900 Jan 1871

New Year Party Programme  M103/19/5/7  31 Dec 1902 Jan 1871

New Year Party Programme  M103/19/5/8  31 Dec 1903 and 1 Jan 1904

New Year Party Programme  M103/19/5/9  31 Dec 1904 and 2 Jan 1905

New Year Party Programme  M103/19/5/10  30 Dec 1905 and 1 Jan 1906

New Year Party Programme  M103/19/5/11  31 Dec 1906 and 1 Jan 1907

New Year Party Programme  M103/19/5/12  31 Dec 1908

New Year Party Programme  M103/19/5/13  1 Jan 1909

New Year Party Programme  M103/19/5/14  31 Dec 1909

New Year Party Programme  M103/19/5/15  1 Jan 1910

New Year Party Programme  M103/19/5/16  30 Dec 1911

New Year Party Programme  M103/19/5/17  31 Dec 1913

New Year Party Programme  M103/19/5/18  1 Jan 1914

New Year Party Programme  M103/19/5/19  31 Dec 1914

New Year Party Programme  M103/19/5/20  1 Jan 1915

New Year Party Programme  M103/19/5/21  31 Dec 1915

New Year Party Programme  M103/19/5/22  1 Jan 1916

New Year Party Programme  M103/19/5/23  30 Dec 1916

New Year Party Programme  M103/19/5/24  1 Jan 1917

New Year Party Programme  M103/19/5/25  1 Jan 1918

New Year Party Programme  M103/19/5/26  1 Jan 1919

New Year Party Programme  M103/19/5/27  31 Dec 1919 and 1 Jan 1920

Pantomime Programme  M103/19/5/28  31 Dec 1920 and 1 Jan 1921

Pantomime Programme  M103/19/5/29  30 Dec 1922 and 1 Jan 1923

Pantomime Programme  M103/19/5/30  31 Dec 1924 and 1 Jan 1925

Pantomime Programme  M103/19/5/31  31 Dec 1925 and 1 Jan 1926

Pantomime Programme  M103/19/5/32  31 Dec 1926 and 1 Jan 1927

Pantomime Programme  M103/19/5/33  31 Dec 1927 and 2 Jan 1928

Pantomime Programme  M103/19/5/34  31 Dec 1928 and 1 Jan 1929

Pantomime Programme  M103/19/5/35  31 Dec 1929 and 1 Jan 1930

Pantomime Programme  M103/19/5/36  31 Dec 1930 and 1 Jan 1931

Pantomime Programme  M103/19/5/37  31 Dec 1931 and 1 Jan 1932

Pantomime Programme  M103/19/5/38  31 Dec 1932 and 2 Jan 1933

Pantomime Programme  M103/19/5/39  30 Dec 1933 and 1 Jan 1934

Pantomime Programme  M103/19/5/40  31 Dec 1934 and 1 Jan 1935

Pantomime Programme  M103/19/5/41  31 Dec 1935 and 1 Jan 1936

Pantomime Programme  M103/19/5/42  31 Dec 1936 and 1 Jan 1937

Pantomime Programme  M103/19/5/43  31 Dec 1937 and 1 Jan 1938

Pantomime Programme  M103/19/5/44  31 Dec 1938 and 2 Jan 1939

Pantomime Programme  M103/19/5/45  1 Jan 1948

Pantomime Programme  M103/19/5/46  1 Jan 1949

Pantomime Programme  M103/19/5/47  1 Jan 1952

Pantomime Programme  M103/19/5/48  1 Jan 1953

Pantomime Programme  M103/19/5/49  1 Jan 1955

Pantomimes and Plays  M103/19/6/1-9  [n.d.]

"Jack and the Beanstalk".  M103/19/6/1  21-24 Feb 1936

"Dick Whittington".  M103/19/6/2  No Date

"Aladdin".  M103/19/6/3  13-15 Jan 1949

"Jack and the Beanstalk".  M103/19/6/4  [Feb ?] 1953

"Beauty and the Beast".  M103/19/6/5  [Feb?] 1954

"Cinderella".  M103/19/6/6  [Feb?] 1955

"Love's a Luxury".  M103/19/6/7  29-31 Oct 1955

"What's Cooking".  M103/19/6/8  11-14 Apr 1956

"Haul for the Shore".  M103/19/6/9  1-4 May 1957

Miscellaneous Printed Papers  M103/19/7/1-19  [n.d.]

Appeal from the Visitors to Teachers, Scholars and Parents for £100 towards the building of a new church in the area.  M103/19/7/1  20 Mar 1841

Funeral anthem by Handel to be sung in St. Paul's church on the occasion of the death of Benj. Braidley (died 3 Apr., aged 53).  M103/19/7/2  13 Apr 1845

Hymn and obituary to David Stott, founder (1801) of Bennett Street Sunday School, died 26 Feb., aged 68.  M103/19/7/3  1848

Jubilee Address... , by Rev. Robt. Lamb, incumbent of St. Paul's.  M103/19/7/4  1851

Order form for engraving "The First Reformers, 1529"  M103/19/7/5  185[?]

With note that a framed copy was presented to the Sunday School by Mr. C. Rowley, 16 Oct. 1853.

Circular about Bennett Street School Men's Class stuck inside Gosse's Narrative Tracts No. 21 and No. 23.  M103/19/7/6  Mar 1871

Programme for Third Annual Industrial Exhibition. Prize Competitions and Sale of Work.  M103/19/7/7  4-6 Mar 1890

Hymns for the funeral of Wm. Quin, Cheetham Hill Cemetery.  M103/19/7/8  20 Mar 1897

Poems by Geo. Milner, performed on the occasion of the Geo. Milner Commemoration Dinner.  M103/19/7/9  9 Mar 1900

Programme for diner to commemorate Geo. Milner's 70th birthday and his presidency for 20 years of the Manchester Literary Club.  M103/19/7/10  9 Mar 1900

Circulars, subscription list and services in connection with the Centenary Celebrations and Appeal Fund.  M103/19/7/11-16  Mar 1901-Feb 1902

Service sheet for funeral at Bowden parish church of Wm. Rostron, died 9 Feb. (born 1851).  M103/19/7/17  13 Feb 1902

Suggestions of the Sub-Committee for Improving the Attendance.  M103/19/7/18  Oct 1914

Programme for Centenary Celebrations (school was built in 1818, though founded in 1801)  M103/19/7/19  1918

Includes list of donations and legacies, roll of honour of those killed during the War, and notes on the history of the school.

Newspaper Cuttings  M103/19/8/1-2  [n.d.]

Album of cuttings from The Guardian "New Bennett Street Memorials", by Philip Wentworth.  M103/19/8/1  6 May 1882-14 Apr 1883

Album of newspaper cuttings  M103/19/8/2  12 Apr 1893-17 Mar 1916

Includes articles on Geo. Milner (died 1914), Pres. of St. Paul's Literary and Educ. Soc., Sam. Goodwin, solicitor (died 1899), Rev. Robt. Lamb (1812-1872), and others connected with the Sunday School.

Books on Bennett Street Sunday School  M103/19/9/1-3  [n.d.]

Memoir of Benjamin Braidley (1792-1845)  M103/19/9/1  1845

Bennett Street Memorials: A Record of Sunday School Work  M103/19/9/2  1880

Edited by Geo. Milner, 1880 - includes biographies of Mary Sadler (1793-1814), Elizabeth Allen (d.1815), Catherine Prescott (1708-1817), Jeremiah Hale (c 1806-1818), Mary Ann Brearley (1792-1817), Simon Taylor (1797-c1815), Margaret Sheridan (c.1793-1821), Ellen Toy (née Hales, c 1796-1822), Elizabeth Taggart (1803-1823), Wm. Woodward (1810-1824), David Stott (1779-1848), Benj. Braidley (1792-1845), Geo. Milner (1799-1831), Ralph Nicholson (1803-1839), Geo. Lawton (1808-1853), Sam. Whitmore (1810-1870).

Bennett Street Memorials: A Record of One Hundred Years' Work in a Sunday School (3rd Series)  M103/19/9/3  1904

Edited by Geo. Milner and B. A. Redfern, 1904 - includes biographies of David Stott and Benj. Braidley, Wm. Tuke (1836-1861), Rev. Francis Smith (d. 1885), Rev. Robt. Lamb (1812-1872), John L. Gribbon (1846-1875), Edw. Bardsley (c 1837-1876), Jas. Aspinall (c 1820-1876), John Nesbitt (c 1833-1879), Wm. Foster (1815-1879), Geo. Anderton (1826-1884), Wm. Bamford (1825-1884), Thos. Sands (c 1833-1885), Rev. Jas. Gordon (c 1830-1885), Robt. Topham (c 1819-1886), Wm. Morton (c 1824-1886), Wm. Jordan (c 1822-1887), Hen. B. Biden (c 1835-1888), Wm. Hindshaw (1817-1888),Wm. Rostron (c 1815-1888), Jas. Butterworth (c 1851-1889), Cornelius Dale (1838-1888), Jos. Carter Lockhart (c 1840-1889), Thos. Cowle (c 1815-1890), Geo. Thorp (c 1840-1891), Clarence Arnold (c 1825-1892), Thos. Wm. Whittaker (c 1820-1893), Peter Ball (1830-1893), Alderman Abel Heywood (d. 1893), Wm. Thorp (c 1837-1894), Mary Ann E. Rostron (née Clough, c 1824-1894), Wm. Lawton (c 1826-1895), Mary Millward (née Croft, c 1810-1895), Ruth Milner (née Lockhart, 1829-1895), Chas. Millward (1810-1895), Mary Ann Hewitt (c 1829-1895), Wm. Hoyle (c 1834-1895), Peter Young (c 1816-1896), Wm. Finch (c 1849-1896), Wm. Bowers (c 1856-1896), Rachel Grantham (née Cowle, 1829-1896), Mary Nesbitt (née Milner, c 1837-1896), Wm. Quin (c 1822-1897), Mark Richards (c 1845-1897), Hannah Goodwin (née Hurst, 1828-1898), Elizabeth Derby (née Lightowlers, c 1847-1899), Sam. Goodwin (c 1824-1899), John T. Furness (1867-1900), Rev. J. W. Catton (1839-1900), Ann Brookes (née Lister, c 1852-1900), Wm. Hen. Grimes (c 1842-1900), Robertson Walker Guilmette (c 1855-1901), Francis Rigby (c 1838-1901), Thos. Phillips (c 1833-1901), Wm. Arthur Jordan (c 1876-1901), Ann Hoyle (c 1832-1903), Wm. Sterling (c 1860-1903), Agnes Wagstaffe (née Regan, 1839-1903), Wm. Hardman (c 1854-1903), Fred. Milling, Geo. Ashton (c 1858-1891), David Fruish (1878-1900), Frank Barnes (d. 1897) and Wm. Hepworth Dixon.

Reports of the Present State of Sunday Schools in Manchester  M103/19/10/1-18  [n.d.]

Bound together

Reports  M103/19/10/1  1 Apr 1788

Reports  M103/19/10/2  1 July 1789

Reports  M103/19/10/3  1 July 1790

Reports  M103/19/10/4  1 July 1791

Reports  M103/19/10/5  1 July 1792

Reports  M103/19/10/6  1 July 1794

Reports  M103/19/10/7  1 July 1796

Reports  M103/19/10/8  [1804]

Reports  M103/19/10/9  [1805]

Reports  M103/19/10/10  [1806]

Reports  M103/19/10/11  1 July 1807

Reports  M103/19/10/12  1 July 1808

Reports  M103/19/10/13  1 July 1809

Reports  M103/19/10/14  1 July 1810

Reports  M103/19/10/15  1 July 1811

Reports  M103/19/10/16  1 July 1812

Reports  M103/19/10/17  1 July 1813

Reports  M103/19/10/18  1 July 1814

St. Paul's Magazines  M103/19/11/1-4  [n.d.]

St. Paul's Magazine  M103/19/11/1  Apr 1904

St. Paul's Magazine  M103/19/11/2  Aug 1905

St. Paul's New Cross and Bennett Street Sunday School Parish Magazine  M103/19/11/3-4  Oct and Nov 1966

Service Books  M103/19/12/1-2  [n.d.]

Source of acquisition: Deposited April 1985

The Book of Common Prayer, with name of Benjamin Braidley inside.  M103/19/12/1  1801

Hymns for the Use of Sunday Schools in Manchester  M103/19/12/2  1839


Source of acquisition: Deposited April 1985

Related information: (See also M103/6/3)

Accounts  M103/20  10 Jan 1839-31 Dec 1864

GIRL GUIDES  [no ref. or date]

Related information: (See also M103/4/14)

Subscriptions and miscellaneous papers.  M103/21  1938

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