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Reference ABZ
Covering dates 1793-1973
Held by Bolton Archive and Local Studies Service
Extent 117 Series
Conditions of access Some records are on restricted access
Source of acquisition ABZ/83/27-28 deposited 28 June 1983
Creators Bolton County Borough Council

ABZ/1. Bolton Wanderers Football Club Burnden Park Disaster Relief Fund.
ABZ/2. Local Celebrations: Coronation of Edward VII; Death of King George V and King George's Playing Fields Foundation.
ABZ/3. Bolton Burial Board and Cemetery Records.
ABZ/4. Local Celebrations: Coronation of King George V.
ABZ/5. Transferred to ABPP.
ABZ/6. Bolton Unhealthy Areas and Dwellings Records.
ABZ/7. Bold Street Unhealthy Area Records.
ABZ/8. Visit to Bolton of King George V and Queen Mary.
ABZ/9. Coronation of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth.
ABZ/10. Visit to Bolton of King Fuad of Egypt.
ABZ/11. Local Celebrations: Golden & Diamond Jubilees of Queen Victoria.
ABZ/12. Mayoral Appeal Fund Papers Various Public Appeals.
ABZ/13. Bolton Civic Week, 1929.
ABZ/14. Local Government Boundary Commission Records, 1946-1950.
ABZ/15. Bolton Charter Centenary Celebrations, 1938.
ABZ/16. Manchester & District Joint Town Planning Advisory Committee Records.
ABZ/17. Samuel Crompton Centenary Celebrations, 1927.
ABZ/18. Bolton War-Time National Savings Campaign Records.
ABZ/19. Transferred to ABPP.
ABZ/20. Freedom of the Borough of Bolton Records.
ABZ/21. Royal Visits to Bolton Various, 1913 - 1972.
ABZ/22 - 25. Transferred to ABPP.
ABZ/26. Legal Papers: James Sherry v. Bolton Corporation.
ABZ/27 - 34. Transferred to ABPP.
ABZ/35. Bolton Civil Parish: Amalgamation of Townships and Poor Relief.
ABZ/36. Ashworth Estate Plans: New Eagley Mills.
ABZ/37. Civic Events: Miscellaneous Pamphlets, Photographs, etc.
ABZ/38. Bolton Town Hall Organ Centenary Recital, 1974.
ABZ/39. Bolton Moor Enclosure Plan and Award.
ABZ/40. Plan of Darcy Lever Township.
ABZ/41. Bolton Town Hall: Architectural Competition and Papers.
ABZ/42. Bolton Wanderers Football Club Burnden Park Disaster Relief Fund.
ABZ/43. Bolton New Civic Centre.
ABZ/44. Hall i'th'Wood Museum and Gardens.
ABZ/45. Bolton Civic Theatre Proposed, 1964.
ABZ/46. Civil Defence and Air Raid Precautions Files.
ABZ/47. Civic Restaurants.
ABZ/48. Local Authority Establishment, Wages, Superannuation; Election of Alderman.
ABZ/49. Bolton Bye-Laws.
ABZ/50 - 51. Transferred to ABPP.
ABZ/52. Bolton Election, 1874: Petition against J.C.Cross, M.P.
ABZ/53. 'The Woodland' Hostel Enquiry, 1936.
ABZ/54. Mayor of Bolton's Victory Gratitude Fund Papers, 1946.
ABZ/55. Sale Particulars of Property in Bolton Various, 1878 - 1891.
ABZ/56. Insurance Policies and Miscellaneous Correspondence.
ABZ/57. Civic Dinners and Luncheons: Menu Cards.
ABZ/58. Bolton Aerodrome Proposed at Middle Hulton.
ABZ/59. King Edward VII Memorial Fund: Nurses' Home.
ABZ/60. Royal Lancashire Agricultural Shows at Bolton.
ABZ/61. Transferred to ABPP.
ABZ/62. Civic Events and Local Celebrations Various, 1932 - 1968.
ABZ/63. Armorial Bearings, Civic Regalia, Silverware and Tableware.
ABZ/64. Bolton War-Time Vegetable Shows and Food Exhibitions.
ABZ/65. Smithills Hall Estate.
ABZ/66. 'Town Clerk's Archives'.
ABZ/67. Bolton Ring Road: Crompton Way and Moss Bank Way.
ABZ/68. Bolton and District Regional Planning Committee.
ABZ/69. Bolton Commonwealth Friendship Council: International Co-operation Year.
ABZ/70. Bolton Town Hall Inventories.
ABZ/71. Mining Subsidence and Culverts.
ABZ/72. Theatrical Employers Act, 1925: Applications for Registration.
ABZ/73. Top Storey Club Fire Diasaster, 1961. Restricted Access.
ABZ/74. Bolton Corporation Jubilee, 1888.
ABZ/75. Deaths & Funerals of King George VI, Queen Mary and Winston Churchill.
ABZ/76. Local Government Re-organisation, 1958 - 1968.
ABZ/77. Local Honours and Awards, 1960 - 1970.
ABZ/78. Civic Trust Award Scheme, 1958 - 1968.
ABZ/79. Central Criminal Court for South Lancashire Proposed.
ABZ/80. East Lancashire Territorial Force Association.
ABZ/81. Sale Particulars Bolton; Enclosure Tonge Moor; Lostock Aircraft Factory De Havilland; National Trust Enterprise Neptune.
ABZ/82. Bolton Town Hall and Civic Centre.
ABZ/83. Miscellaneous Maps, Plans & Enclosure Awards.
ABZ/84. Royal Lancashire Agricultural Show, 1927.
ABZ/85. Air Raid Precautions Records.
ABZ/86. Bolton Town Hall Organ.
ABZ/87. The Loyal Regiment and the Bolton Artillery (Freedom of the Borough, etc.).
ABZ/88. Rolls of Honorary Freemen of the Borough.
ABZ/89. Bolton Civic Theatre and Arts Centre Proposed).
ABZ/90. Weights and Measures.
ABZ/91. Miscellaneous Byelaws, Handbooks and Council Publications.
ABZ/92. Bridgeman Street Public Baths, Bolton.
ABZ/93. Local Government Re-organisation, 1966 - 1973.
ABZ/94. Transferred to BZ.
ABZ/96. Bolton Town Hall and Civic Centre Films.
ABZ/97. Alderman Henry Warburton, Mayor of Bolton Films.
ABZ/98. Octagon Theatre, Bolton Film.
ABZ/99. War Charities Act, 1940: Charity Registration and Reports.
ABZ/100. Bolton Borough Charter of Incorporation: Petition, Correspondence, etc.
ABZ/101. Civil Defence.
ABZ/102. Bolton War Memorial Improvement Scheme.
ABZ/103. John Bradshaw Gass Charitable Trust: Lectures and Art Gallery.
ABZ/104. Mayor's Certificates of Nationality and Good Character.
ABZ/105. Bolton Institute of Technology: Official Opening.
ABZ/106. Royal Visits to Bolton: Photograph Albums.
ABZ/107. Bolton Local Employment Committee.
ABZ/108. Lostock Colliery.
ABZ/109. Mining Subsidence.
ABZ/110. White Bank Estate, Rumworth.
ABZ/111. O'Hara v.Bolton Corporation.
ABZ/112. Winter Hill Right of Way Dispute.
ABZ/113. South Lancashire Rivers Catchment Area.
ABZ/114. Bolton Members of Parliament Complaints.
ABZ/115. Map of North and Central England.
ABZ/116. Bolton Development Plan Town & Country Planning Act, 1947.
ABZ/117. Bolton Precinct: Hick Hargreaves Steam Engine


Related information: For records relating to the Mayor of Bolton's Disaster Relief Fund, see ABZ/42

Public Inquiry Records and Legal Papers Blackshaw v. Bolton Wanderers Football Club and Howard

Proceedings of the public inquiry into the circumstances of the disaster at the Bolton Wanderers Football Ground on 9th March 1946, before R. Moelwyn Hughes, K.C., Sir Alexander Rouse and W. C. Johnson. Typescript transcript of shorthand notes  ABZ/1/1  Mar, 1-2 Apr, 16 Apr 1946

Parliamentary report of the public inquiry by R. Moelwyn Hughes, K.C., to Home Secretary. Printed  ABZ/1/2  Jun 1946

Parliamentary report: Departmental Committee on Crowds. Printed  ABZ/1/3  1924

File of correspondence with the Home Office regarding reimbursement of costs in case of Blackshaw v. Bolton Wanderers and Howard; reimbursement of expenditure in respect of Home Office Inquiry; police expenditure  ABZ/1/4  Mar 1946 - Jan 1948

Report of W. J. Howard, Chief Constable of Bolton, on fatal casualties at the Football Association Cup Tie, Burnden Park, with lists of exhibits and statements of witnesses. Printed  ABZ/1/5  23 Mar 1946

File of reports and newspaper cuttings regarding the disaster and the public inquiry, with list of fatalities  ABZ/1/6  Mar-Jun 1946

File of plans of Burnden Park showing turnstiles, barriers and other features with reference table  ABZ/1/7  Mar-Apr 1946

File of notes and reports for the public inquiry: local authority bye-laws and powers with regard to buildings, football grounds and theatres  ABZ/1/8  Mar-Apr 1946

Album containing seven photographs of crowds inside and outside Burnden Park between 2.20 p.m. and 3.15 p.m. on Saturday, 9th March 1946  ABZ/1/9  9 Mar 1946

Album containing thirty two photographs of Burnden Park Football Ground, stands, fences and adjoining roads, including features referred to in the Public Inquiry and damage caused during the disaster  ABZ/1/10  Mar 1946

File of newspapers containing reports of the disaster  ABZ/1/11  Undated

Bolton Evening News  ABZ/1/11/1  9-16 Mar 1946

Bolton Evening News  ABZ/1/11/2  6 Jul 1946

Sunday Chronicle  ABZ/1/11/3  10 Mar 1946

Sunday Dispatch  ABZ/1/11/4  10 Mar 1946

Sunday Empire News  ABZ/1/11/5  10 Mar 1946

Sunday Graphic  ABZ/1/11/6  10 Mar 1946

Sunday Pictorial  ABZ/1/11/7  10 Mar 1946

Sunday Times  ABZ/1/11/8  10 Mar 1946

The People  ABZ/1/11/9  10 Mar 1946

Daily Telegraph  ABZ/1/11/10  11 Mar 1946

File of legal papers, writ, pleadings and evidence: High Court, Kings Bench Division: Nellie Blackshaw, widow of John Thomas Blackshaw, plaintiff, and Bolton Wanderers Football Club and William James Howard (Chief Constable of Bolton), defendants - includes copies of plans, reports  ABZ/1/12  Mar-Oct 1946

File of correspondence relating to the case Blackshaw v. Bolton Wanderers Football Club and Howard  ABZ/1/13  Apr 1946-Jul 1947


Source of acquisition: Deposited by Bolton Central Library on 3 Dec 1974

Minute Book - Coronation Sub-committee  ABZ/2/1  Feb 1902 - Jun 1902

Coronation Letter Book  ABZ/2/2  Feb 1902 - Aug 1903

Statement of estimates and expenditure  ABZ/2/3  Jun 1902

Memorandum Book of Thomas Riley, Secretary to Coronation Sub-committee  ABZ/2/4  Undated c.1902

Bank Book  ABZ/2/5  Jun 1902 - Jul 1902

Printed Notices relating to Coronation celebrations  ABZ/2/6  Feb 1902 - Jun 1902

Tenders file - fireworks, balloon ascents, parachute descents, stand and barriers, illuminations, etc  ABZ/2/7  Mar 1902 - Jun 1902

Miscellaneous correspondence  ABZ/2/8  Feb 1902 - Jun 1902


Correspondence file - civic mourning of death of King George V, proclamation of Edward VIII, newspaper cuttings  ABZ/2/9  Jan - Mar 1936

Correspondence file - Local committee for national memorial to George V; playing field sites; copies of subscription lists, agenda and minutes  ABZ/2/10  Jun 1936 - May 1937

Correspondence file - Local Memorial Committee, National Playing Fields Association, King George's Fields Foundation, gift of site for playing field in Quebec Street, Bolton, standards required for financial support  ABZ/2/11  Sep 1936 - Dec 1939

Plans and elevations of Quebec Street Playing Fields site  ABZ/2/12  1936-39

Playing Fields subscription list  ABZ/2/13  1936

Local Playing Field Fund accounts and receipts  ABZ/2/14  1936 - 1939

Playing Field Fund receipt books  ABZ/2/15 - 19  1936 - 1937

Donors' subscription slips  ABZ/2/20  1936

Interim report of the King George's Fields Foundation  ABZ/2/21  1936 - 1946


General Correspondence and Papers  ABZ/3/1  [n.d.]

Applications for transfer of burial grant  ABZ/3/1/1  1870 - 1889

Applications for transfer of burial grant  ABZ/3/1/2  1890 - 1899

Applications for transfer of burial grant  ABZ/3/1/3  1900 - 1904

Applications for removal of a body  ABZ/3/1/4  1883 - 1904

Letters of complaint to and from the cemeteries  ABZ/3/1/5  1859 - 1904

General correspondence to and from the cemeteries, including tenders for work and scales of charges for burials and foundation of Tonge and Heaton Cemeteries  ABZ/3/1/6  1853 - 1904

General correspondence to and from the Town Hall  ABZ/3/1/7  1853 - 1904

Disputes over burials  ABZ/3/1/8  1876 - 1902

Applications to open graves for further burials  ABZ/3/1/9  1891 - 1907

Burial Grants  ABZ/3/1/10  1858 - 1901

Statutory declaration as to loss of burial grant  ABZ/3/1/11  1868 - 1892

Applications for burials to take place without production of burial grant  ABZ/3/1/12  1875 - 1904

Tonge Cemetery - abstract of title, copy conveyance, plans of land purchased from Nicholas Le Gendre Starkey, esq., for Tonge Cemetery  ABZ/3/2  1792 - 1856

Tables of fees, cemetery byelaws, and related correspondence  ABZ/3/3  1852 - 1903

Reports  ABZ/3/4  1855. Jan -May 1857

Burial Board Committee
Monthly Registrars'

Legal papers relating to Sextons' rights in Tonge Cemetery  ABZ/3/5  1857

Plans and reports relating to coalmines under Tonge Cemetery  ABZ/3/6  1894

Memoranda relating to workmen employed in Tonge and Heaton Cemeteries  ABZ/3/7  Apr - Sep 1904

Printed Notices, including public submissions of offenders, list of approved epitaphs  ABZ/3/8  1880 - 1893


Minute Book - Bolton Coronation Committee  ABZ/4/1  Mar 1911 - Jul 1911

Letter Book - Bolton Coronation Committee  ABZ/4/2  Apr 1911 - Jul 1911

Correspondence file - general  ABZ/4/3  Mar 1911 - Jun 1911

Correspondence file - bands  ABZ/4/4  Apr 1911

Correspondence file - firework displays, illuminations, decoration of public buildings  ABZ/4/5  Apr 1911 - May 1911

Financial records - order book, bills, receipts, summary of income and expenditure  ABZ/4/6  Mar 1911 - Jul 1911

Printed programmes and notices  ABZ/4/7  Mar 1911 - Jul 1911

Plans - stands etc. at Spa Road Recreation Ground  ABZ/4/8  Jun 1911


Source of acquisition: Deposited by Bolton Central Library on 3 Dec 1974.

Reports of Medical Officer of Health - condition of houses unfit for human habitation and incapable of repair  ABZ/6/1  Apr 1931 - May 1939

Reports of Medical Officer of Health - unhealthy areas  ABZ/6/2  Nov 1930 - Jun 1936

Including plans and correspondence


Correspondence, plans, legal papers (Best v. Bolton Corporation), notices of demolition, property in Bold Street, Back Cheapside, Back Mawdesley Street, Great Moor Street, Bold Court, Evans Court  ABZ/7/1  1902-1905

2 Boxes


Source of acquisition: Deposited by Bolton Central Library on 3 Dec 1974

Correspondence - general, including presentations & exhibitions  ABZ/8/1  Feb - Jul 1913

Register - seats booked in public stand in Victoria Square  ABZ/8/2  Jul 1913

Register - seats booked in Town Hall stand, Victoria Square  ABZ/8/3  Jul 1913

Plans - stands, platforms, barricades, seating accomodation  ABZ/8/4  Jul 1913

Handbooks  ABZ/8/5  Jul 1913

Official Souvenir.
Local Industries Exhibition


Minute Book - Bolton Coronation Committee  ABZ/9/1  Sep 1936 - Apr 1937

Correspondence - general  ABZ/9/2  Dec 1936 - May 1937

Correspondence - fireworks  ABZ/9/3  Sep 1936 - May 1937

Correspondence - grants to babies born on Coronation Day  ABZ/9/4  May-Jun 1937

Correspondence -illuminations  ABZ/9/5  Sep-Oct 1936

Correspondence - Old Folks' treat  ABZ/9/6  Mar-May 1937

Photograph of Loyal Address of Associations of Municipal Corporations  ABZ/9/7  May 1937

Illuminated Scroll - loyal address of Bolton Schoolchildren to Mayor  ABZ/9/8  May 1937

Children's Pageant programme  ABZ/9/9  May 1937


Source of acquisition: Deposited by Bolton Central Library on 3 Dec 1914.

Letter: Grand Chamberlain of Egypt to Mayor of Bolton - accepting invitation to King to visit Bolton  ABZ/10/1  11 Apr 1927

Correspondence - general  ABZ/10/2  Feb-Jul 1927

Correspondence - invitations to official functions  ABZ/10/3  Jul 1927

Correspondence - gift by King Fuad of £300 to Poor  ABZ/10/4  Jul-Dec 1927

List of guests at official functions  ABZ/10/5  Jul 1927

Facsimile of illuminated address of welcome  ABZ/10/6  Jul 1927

Copy of Egyptian National Anthem  ABZ/10/7  Undated


Folder: Minutes of Committee Meetings to celebrate the Golden Jubilee - Proposed Technical School and Imperial Institue  ABZ/11/1  1887

Folder: Subscription Lists, Letters, Accounts and programmes of events  ABZ/11/2  1887

Folder: Minutes of Committee Meetings to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee - Proposed extensions to Bolton Infirmary, Holidays, newspaper cuttings etc  ABZ/11/3  1897

Book: List of Subscriptions for the Diamond Jubilee  ABZ/11/4  1897

Folder: Circulars, Instructions and Order of Procession for the Jubilee Day  ABZ/11/5  1897

APPEAL FUNDS  ABZ/12  [n.d.]

Folder: Correspondence concerning donations made to the National Thanksgiving Fund  ABZ/12/1  1950

Folder: Correspondence of the relief fund for dependants of men lost aboard H.M.S. Truculent - sunk by collision in the River Thames  ABZ/12/2  1950

Folder: Correspondence of the relief fund for dependents of men lost aboard H.M.S. Affray - sunk in the English Channel  ABZ/12/3  1951

Folder: Correspondence of the North Devon and Somerset relief funds for the Lynmouth Disaster  ABZ/12/4  1952

Folder: Correspondence of the North Devon and Somerset relief funds for the Lynmouth Disaster  ABZ/12/5  1952

Folder: Correspondence and newspaper cuttings regarding Fund-Raising events for the Bolton Parish Church Organ Appeal  ABZ/12/6  1952

Folder: Cash books and receipts for donations made to the Bolton Parish Church Organ Appeal  ABZ/12/7  1952

Folder: Correspondence, minutes, accounts, draft letter of appeal and other details of the Appeal Fund for renovation and repairs of Bolton Parish Church  ABZ/12/8  18 Jan 1966 - 1969

BOLTON CIVIC WEEK: 21st - 29th SEPT 1929  ABZ/13  [n.d.]

Newspaper: "The Commercial" Article on Bolton's Industrial importance and its history  ABZ/13/1  Sep 1929

Folder: Programme and details of the events during the Civic Week  ABZ/13/2  1929

Also draft minutes of the meetings of the Reception Committee

Envelope: Invitation cards to Dinners, Concerts, Exhibitions etc. taking place during the Civic Week  ABZ/13/3  1929


[no title or date]  ABZ/14/Box 1

Folder: Correspondence, minutes and booklets from various meetings and conferences  ABZ/14/Box 1/1  June - Sept 1947

Folder: Correspondence, minutes and booklets from various meetings and conferences  ABZ/14/Box 1/2  Oct. 1947 - Oct 1949

[no title or date]  ABZ/14/Box 2

Folder: Correspondence etc. concerning the proposed Manchester County Council  ABZ/14/Box 2/1  1947 - 1948

Folder: Report from Private Meetings between the Lancashire & Cheshire County Borough Councils  ABZ/14/Box 2/2  15 Sep 1947

Folder: Report from meetings with neighbouring county Boroughs  ABZ/14/Box 2/3  Arp - Sep 1947

Folder: Report from a meeting with the Merseyside Authorities  ABZ/14/Box 2/4  25 Jul 1947

Folder: Newspaper cuttings about the Boundary Commission  ABZ/14/Box 2/5  May 1947 - Mar. 1950

Folder: Reports of Meetings to discuss the Service in particular  ABZ/14/Box 2/6  Oct 1946

[no title or date]  ABZ/14/Box 3

Folder: Proposals of Bolton Council for the Boundary Commission  ABZ/14/Box 3/1  1947

Map: Map showing the proposals of the Bolton Council  ABZ/14/Box 3/2  1947


[no title or date]  ABZ/15/Box 1

Folder: Minutes and correspondence for the proposed celebrations  ABZ/15/Box 1/1  1938

Folder: Financial Correspondence and estimates for the proposed celebrations  ABZ/15/Box 1/2  1938

Folder: Programmes, invitations and letters concerning the Garden Party held at Smithills Hall  ABZ/15/Box 1/3  1938

Folder: Letters, invitations, programmes and newspaper cuttings for the Thanksgiving Service held at Churches throughout Bolton  ABZ/15/Box 1/4  1938

Folder: Correspondence, invitations and plan of the Centenary Exhibition held at Silverwell Street  ABZ/15/Box 1/5  1938

Folder: Booklets, magazines and newspapers relating to the Centenary Celebrations  ABZ/15/Box 1/6  1938

Folder: Correspondence and newspaper cuttings concerning the visit of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth to Bolton  ABZ/15/Box 1/7  1938

Plan Borough of Bolton as incorporated in 1838  ABZ/15/Box 1/8  1937

[no title or date]  ABZ/15/Box 2

Folder: Minutes of Proceedings of General Purpose Committee  ABZ/15/Box 2/1  1938

Folder: Minutes of Proceedings of Special Sub-Committee  ABZ/15/Box 2/2  1938

Folder: Letters, seating plan, list of guests and menu for the Civic Banquet  ABZ/15/Box 2/3  15th Jul 1938

Folder: Booklets, menus, seating plan, tickets, list of Exibitors, & Newspaper cuttings for the Centenary Exhibition and luncheon  ABZ/15/Box 2/4  1938

Folder: List of guests, Insurance Cover & Invitations for Garden Party at Smithills Hall  ABZ/15/Box 2/5  1938

Folder: Invitations, accounts and seating plans for the Centenary Exhibition Luncheon  ABZ/15/Box 2/6  1938


ADVISORY COMMITTEE  [no ref. or date]

Folder: Letters, maps, memos and minutes of meetings held to establish the above named committee and outline its aims  ABZ/16/1  Jun 1920 - Jul 1922

Folder: Letters, booklets and maps concerning particular proposals forwarded by the committee  ABZ/16/2  Aug 1922 - Jan 1924

Folder: Letters, booklets and minutes of meetings held to discuss the running of the committee  ABZ/16/3  Feb 1921 - Mar 1925

Booklet & Map: Details of systems of intoducing new schemes and services under "Regional Scheme" Map (Scale 2½ to 1 mile) in 12 sections  ABZ/16/4  1925

Folder: Booklets, letters and reports concerning the function and aims of the Regional Planning Committee  ABZ/16/5  Mar 1925 - Nov 1925

Folder: Letters, reports and booklets regarding the proceedings of the Advisory committee  ABZ/16/6  Feb 1926 - Nov 1927


Manchester & District joint town planning advisory committee  ABZ/16/7  3 Dec 1925

Report upon the Regional Scheme including general survey of region, communications, zoning, places of Historic intrest, mining areas, public utility services and town planning

Manchester & District joint town planning advisory committee - constitution and functions of new Advisory Committee  ABZ/16/8  Sep 1926

Meeting of above committee held at Town Hall Manchester for election of chairman, deputy chairman appointments of Secretary, Honorary Treasurer, Audit clerks and Surveyors  ABZ/16/9  2 Nov 1927

Reports of meetings of above named committee including letters, rules of procedure, maps, statements of progress, statements of receipts and payment  ABZ/16/10  10 Dec 1927 - Dec 1937

Report on objections to draft joint planning scheme  ABZ/16/11  2-10 Mar 1938

Honorary secretary's report to the Manchester & District Joint Town Planning Advisory Committee. Items 4,5,6,7  ABZ/16/12  12 May - 13 May 1938

Report from Ministry of Health, Town and County Planning Division concerning administration of operative planning schemes  ABZ/16/13  22 Oct 1938

Report to M & D. J.T.P.A.C  ABZ/16/14  18 May 1939

Concerning resignation of Honorary Secretary to the committee, conference of council, reservation of land, regional treatment of sewage, and co-ordination of transport facilities

M. & D.J.T.P.A. C  ABZ/16/15  9 Oct 1926 - 19 Dec 1935

Correspondence, constitution of functions of the committee, letters from other planning committee's. request for contributions to the committee. Statuary rules and orders. Meeting minutes, extracts from local government Act 1929 Town Planning. Pictures of land to be turned into parks. Report on surveyors sub-committee proceedings. Town Planning interim development

The South Lancashire & North Cheshire Advisory Planning Committee formerly known at the Manchester and District Joint Town Planning Advisory Committee; resolution of M.D.C. 13 Nov 1942. Correspondence minutes of proceedings, reports and maps  ABZ/16/16  20 May 1936 - 2 May 1950

Reports of meetings, appointments of staff, report on sub-committee. Minutes of meetings, industrial survey, population survey, advancement survey  ABZ/16/17  13 Nov 1942 - 25 Nov 1947

Book: S.L. & N.C.A. Plan including revised constitution, The Advisory Area, population, climate, agriculture, public services, industry, communications, green-belt land, control of advertisements smoke abatement, new powers. also includes tables diagrams, maps and illustrations  ABZ/16/18  3 Jan 1948

Cirrcular to local authorities and joint town planning committees (England and Wales) from Ministry of Health, Whitehall; Town and Country Planning Act - including extension of powers, contents of schemes, country planning, general development orders, design and external appearance, parliamentary procedure, agreements with owners, etc  ABZ/16/19  4 Mar 1933

Cirrcular to local authorities and joint town planning committees (England and Wales) from Ministry of Health, Whitehall; Summary of circular  ABZ/16/20  11 Mar 1933

Ministry of Health Booklet, Town & Country Planning - model clauses for use in preparation of schemes (with notes); including reservation of lands, streets and building lines, building restrictions and use of land, general amenity and convenience maintenance. use, alteration, extension and replacement of existing buildings, plans approvals, appeals. Miscellaneous and schedules  ABZ/16/21  Feb 1937

Ministry of Health Booklet, Town & Country Planning - model clauses for use in preparation of schemes (with notes); including reservation of lands, streets and building lines, building restrictions and use of land, general amenity and convenience maintenance. use, alteration, extension and replacement of existing buildings, plans approvals, appeals. Miscellaneous and schedules  ABZ/16/22  Mar 1937

Booklet of the future of the Lancashire Countryside published by the council for the preservation of Rural England. Lancashire branch, including control of use of land, administration, green belts and "Lungs", housing accomodation in the Towns, Rural Industries, National Parks, Utility Services, etc  ABZ/16/23  1942

Papers dealing with town planning and the Railways  ABZ/16/24  Undated


Folder: Programmes, Invitations and Correspondence concerning the Celebrations; also booklet "Samuel Crompton and the Cotton Industry" by Bolton Independent Labour Party  ABZ/17/1  1927

Folder: Guest Lists, Accounts, tickets and Invitation Cards  ABZ/17/2  1927

Folder: a.Copy of "The Times" 10th Jun 1927. b.Copy of "The Radio Times" 3rd Jun 1927; Both papers carrying articles on the Centenary Celebrations  ABZ/17/3  Undated

Cards: Invitation Cards for the Reception and Dinner showing acceptances etc  ABZ/17/4  1927

5 Bundles

Envelope: Grand Chamberlain, Abdin Palace, Cairo to the Mayor of Bolton - Expressing regret that King George V was unable to be present at the centenary celebrations  ABZ/17/5  11 Apr 1927


Folder: Letters & newspaper cuttings concerning the visits of Tanks to Bolton as apart of a campaign to raise Armaments for the Country  ABZ/18/1  5-8 Sep 1941

Folder: Letters, Newspapers cuttings and list of subscription for "Warships Week" in Bolton  ABZ/18/2  18-25 Oct 1941

Folder: Letters, plans, newspaper cuttings, photographs & telegrams detailing the Adoption of "H.M.S. DIDO", the objective of Bolton "Warship Week"  ABZ/18/3  Dec 1941 - Mar. 1947

Folder: Letters, photographs, Bulletein & Curculars concerning the H.M.S. DIDO Welfare fund and the distribution of monies  ABZ/18/4  Dec. 1947 - May 1950

Folder: Letters, receipts & newspaper cutting of Funds raised for Bolton "War Weapons Week". Cinema slides "Dig for Victory"  ABZ/18/5  Oct - Nov. 1940

Folder: Letters, subscription list & circulars connected with Fund raising events for "Bolton War Weapons Week"  ABZ/18/6  Oct - Nov. 1940

Folder: Letters, Invitations, List of subscription and plans concerning the attempt to raise £1,000,000 during the "Wings for Victory"  ABZ/18/7  Jan-May 1943


[no title or date]  ABZ/20/Box 1

Folder: Correspondence, Estimates and newspapers for presentation of "Freedom"  ABZ/20/Box 1/1  1899-1910

a. Alderman Nicholson 1899
b. Alderman, Cannon, Messrs. Thomasson & Lever. 1902
c. Messrs T.Wilkinson and A.Carnegi 1910
d. Mr. F.Nightingale 1907

Folder: Correspondence, Estimates, and Newspaper & Photographs for presentation of "Freedom"  ABZ/20/Box 1/2  1925; 1927

a. Alderman Aspinal
b. Col G.Hesketh

Packet: Labels and Cards for places at functions  ABZ/20/Box 1/3  Undated

Folder: Correspondence, minutes, photographs, newspaper cuttings and booklets for presentation of 'Freedom of the Borough' to Alderman. J. P. Taylor  ABZ/20/Box 1/4  1938

[no title or date]  ABZ/20/Box 2

Folder: Correspondence for the presentation of Honorary Freedom of the Borough to Andrew Carnegie  ABZ/20/Box 2/1  1910

Folder: Correspondence for the proposed presentation of Honorary Freedom of the Borough to David Lloyd George. Silver Casket retained by Council  ABZ/20/Box 2/2  1919 - 1945

Folder: Correspondence for the presentation of Honorary Freedom of Borough to Alderman Aspinal  ABZ/20/Box 2/3  1925

Folder: Correspondence for the presentation of the Honorary Freedom of the Borough to Col. G.Hesketh  ABZ/20/Box 2/4  1927

Folder: Presentation Booklets for the Honorary Freedom of the Borough to persons listed above  ABZ/20/Box 2/5  1899 - 1938

[no title or date]  ABZ/20/Box 3

Folder: Correspondence, minutes, photographs, newspapers, and estimates for presentation of 'Freedom' of the Borough to Mr. J. W. Wigglesworth  ABZ/20/Box 3/1  1964

Folder: Correspondence, minutes, photographs, newspapers and estimates for presentation of 'Freedom' of the Borough to Mr. E. S. Gawne. F.R.C.S.E  ABZ/20/Box 3/2  1964

Folder: Correspondence, minutes, photographs, newspapers, booklets and estimates for presentation of 'Freedom' of the Borough to Alderman. J. Vickers. O.B.E. & The Bolton Artillery  ABZ/20/Box 3/3  1964 - 1966

Folder: Correspondence, minutes, booklets, photographs and lists of invitations for presentation of 'Freedom' of the Borough to Alderman. S. Entwistle. O.B.E  ABZ/20/Box 3/4  1969


Folder: Correspondence and minutes concerning the arrangements for the ceremony  ABZ/20/Box 4/1  Undated

Folder: Brochure, Invitation Cards and Tickets also Report on the Admission to Honorary 'Freedom'  ABZ/20/Box 4/2  Undated

Folder: Correspondence and photographs for the preparation of the Casket, Scroll and Silver Cups  ABZ/20/Box 4/3  Undated

Folder: Correspondence and plans for general arrangements and seating  ABZ/20/Box 4/4  Undated


Folder: Correspondence concerning catering and also invitation cards to the Ceremony and the Dinner  ABZ/20/Box 5/1  Undated

Folder: Correspondence and invitations to the Freedom Ceremony and Buffet Luncheon  ABZ/20/Box 5/2  Undated

Folder: Correspondence and invitations to the Freedom Ceremony and Banquet  ABZ/20/Box 5/3  Undated

Folder: Detailed accounts of all expenses connected with the Ceremony  ABZ/20/Box 5/4  Undated

Folder: Newspaper cuttings and photographs of the Ceremony in general  ABZ/20/Box 5/5  Undated

ROYAL VISITS  ABZ/21  [n.d.]

Folder: Correspondence, Newspapers, plans and details of arrangements and the visit of King George VI & Queen Elizabeth to Bolton  ABZ/21/1  20 May 1938

Folder: Correspondence, Newspaper cuttings and details of arrangements and the visit of King George VI & Queen Elizabeth to Bolton  ABZ/21/2  8 Mar. 1945

Folder: Correspondence and details of arrangement for the visit of Queen Elizabeth to Bolton  ABZ/21/3  Jun. - Jul 1954

Folder: Correspondence, plans, arrangements and Newspapers concerning the visit of Queen Elizabeth to Bolton  ABZ/21/4  22 Oct. 1954

Folder: Coronation souvenir and official programme of King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra  ABZ/21/5  26 Jun - 28 Jun 1902

Folder: Souvenir booklet for the Royal Visit of King George V and Queen Mary; Photographs and cloth plan  ABZ/21/6  10 Jul 1913

Folder: Correspondence and newspaper cuttings of the Abdication of King Edward VIII and the accession of King George VI; also Telegraph from Buckingham Palace  ABZ/21/7  10 Dec - 15 Dec. 1936

Folder: Booklet for the Duke of Edinburgh's tour of Cheshire and Lancashire; also correspondence and programmes for the tour  ABZ/21/8  31 May - 1 Jun 1972

Folder: Photographs of busts of King Edward VII, George V and Queen Mary  ABZ/21/9  Undated

Folder: H.R.H. The Duchess Of Kent and Princess Alexandra 13 - 14 October 1953  ABZ/21/10  Aug 1953 - Oct 1953

Correspondence, Menus, guest lists, police orders, photographs and newspaper cuttings

Folder: H.R.H. Princess Alexandra  ABZ/21/11  12 Apr 1961 - 22 Jul 1961

Opening of Bolton Training Centre Guide Dogs for the Blind Correspondence, guest lists, route plans, newspaper cuttings and photographs

Folder: H.R.H. Princess Margaret  ABZ/21/12  19 Sep 1962 - 7 Nov 1962

Opening of New Youth Centre at St. Aidan's Church, Hall-ith-wood 7 Nov 1962. Correspondence and press cuttings. Also list of all Royal Visits from 11 Oct 1851 to 24 Oct 1969


Folder: Correspondence:- General Purposes Committee  ABZ/24/1  4 Dec 1918 - 19 Jan 1924

Folder: Draft Minutes  ABZ/24/2  10 Dec 1920 - 30 Oct 1925

Folder: General Correspondence. Offers of information from other towns who have recently errected Memorials  ABZ/24/3  20 Nov 1924 - Aug 1925

Folder: Subscription Accounts  ABZ/24/4  1925 - 1926

Parcel: Final List of Subscribers  ABZ/24/5  1925 - 1926

Folder: Audited Accounts  ABZ/24/6  1926 - 1933

Folder: Un veiling of War Memorial, programmes, brochures and press cuttings  ABZ/24/7  16 Jul 1928

Copy Book: Minutes of War Memorial Committee Meetings  ABZ/24/8  10 Dec 1920 - 30 Aug 1934

Plan: showing layout of memorial and surrounding area  ABZ/24/9  Oct 1935


BOX 1: Arbitration between James Sherry & The County Borough of Bolton. (Compulsory Purchase)  [no ref.]  1905

Folder: Reports of the proceedings  ABZ/26/Box 1/1  Undated

Folder: Plan, estimates, Notices & Correspondence for the compulsory purchase of Property in Deansgate  ABZ/26/Box 1/2  Undated

Bundle: Valuations, Transcripts and proofs  ABZ/26/Box 1/3  Undated

Bundle: Notes of Reference, Valuations, Proofs and Correspondence  ABZ/26/Box 1/4  Undated

Bundle: Briefs, Transcripts, Bills, Minutes, Notices to Treat and Committee Reports  ABZ/26/Box 1/5  Undated

BOX 2: Arbitration between James Sherry & The County Borough of Bolton (Compulsory Purchase)  [no ref.]  1905

Folder: Correspondence, notes and transcripts  ABZ/26/Box 2/1  Undated

Bundle: Proofs, Drafts, Search Notes & Reports  ABZ/26/Box 2/2  Undated

Folder: Transcripts of the Proceedings  ABZ/26/Box 2/3  Undated



Newspapers, Proceedings of Meetings & applications for the appointment of overseers in the Bolton District  ABZ/35/Box 1/1  1895

Letters, Notices & Lists of accounts of the cost of maintenance of the Five Bury Townships of Bolton  ABZ/35/Box 1/2  1895

Minutes, Reports & Summaries of the collection of Poor Rates in Bolton  ABZ/35/Box 1/3  1896

Accounts sheet of overseers in Bolton Borough  ABZ/35/Box 1/4  1896

Letters & Accounts concerning rate receipts  ABZ/35/Box 1/5  1896

A Parochial list & Statement of Accounts for the provision of Poor Relief  ABZ/35/Box 1/6  1900

Accounts of overseers and particulars of census  ABZ/35/Box 1/7  1901 - 1904


Folder: Notices, Proposals, proceedings and Estimates concerning Union of Parishes  ABZ/35/Box 2/1  1895

Folder of Newspapers: Copies of the Bolton Journal, Guardian and Bolton Chronicle  ABZ/35/Box 2/2  6 Jul 1895

Transcripts, Notices, Receipts and Proposals for the Union of Townships  ABZ/35/Box 2/3  1894 - 1895

Statements, Reports and Balance Sheets concerning the Enquiry and appointment of Overseer of Great Bolton  ABZ/35/Box 2/4  1895

Correspondence, receipts, statements and Order of Accounts for the Parishes  ABZ/35/Box 2/5  1895 - 1899


Plan of land in Sharples, Little Bolton, and Turton belonging to Henry and Edmund Ashworth or held by them as lessees  ABZ/36/1  1833

Bank Top Village & School; New Eagley Mills; River Eagley, with sluices, goits, weirs, etc.; reference table showing names of fields & tenants, acreage, descriptions of various premises; pictorial view of New Eagley Mills

Plan of land in Turton belonging to John Ashworth  ABZ/36/2  1833

Great Oak Farm and Little Oak Farm; also New Eagley Mills and Bank Top Village in Little Bolton & Sharples; reference table; field names, acreages, etc

Plan and section of proposed diversion of Ashworth's Lane, near junction with Blackburn Road, Astley Bridge  ABZ/36/3  1893

Pamphlets relating to Civil Events etc  ABZ/37/1  [n.d.]

Source of acquisition: Deposited on 1 Aug 1980

Programme - opening of the Bolton Park and Heywood Recreation Ground  ABZ/37/1/1  24 May 1866

3 Copies

Description of the Opening of Bolton Town Hall and Visit by Price & Princess of Wales. Basement, Ground, and First Floor Plans  ABZ/37/1/2  5 Jun 1873

Particlars respecting the Public Parks, Recreation Grounds, and Cemeteries in Bolton County Borough: dates of opening of various parts etc. attached  ABZ/37/1/3  4th Aug 1898

Programme - opening of Bolton New Fire Engine Station  ABZ/37/1/4  30th Oct 1899

Presentation of Freedom of Bolton Borough to Alderman William Nicholson & Alderman W. W. Cannon  ABZ/37/1/5  6 Sep 1899

As ABZ/37/2/5 above - William Hesketh Lever and John Pennington Thomasson  ABZ/37/1/6  10 Nov 1902

Report - Land offered by George Harwood for use as a playground  ABZ/37/1/7  9 Oct 1903

2 Copies.

Programme - formal opening of Haslam Park, Wigan Rd, Bolton by Lewis Haslam, M.P  ABZ/37/1/8  24 May 1922

Programme - opening of Beaumont Rd, Bolton, by Lt. Col. Rt. Hon. Wilfrid Ashley, M.P., Minister of Transport. Plan, Photographs and description  ABZ/37/1/9  18 June 1925

Presentation of Freedom of Bolton Borough to Alderman Edmund Aspinall, J.P  ABZ/37/1/10  21 Oct 1925

Programme - unveiling and dedication of the Great War Cross, Heaton Cemetery, Bolton. Illustrated  ABZ/37/1/11  1st Oct 1927

Programme - opening of Crompton Way, Bolton, by Sir Henry P. Maybury, Minister of Transport. Illustrated  ABZ/37/1/12  24 Apr 1928

As ABZ/37/2/13 above - Moss Bank Park by Councillor Sir Thomas Flitcroft, Mayor  ABZ/37/1/13  27 Jun 1928

Programme and Desciption - unveiling of Bolton War Memorial by the Earl of Derby  ABZ/37/1/14  14th Jul 1928

Description of Bolton War Memorial and Bronze Group of Figures  ABZ/37/1/15  Undated c. 1920

2 Copies

The Book of Bolton. Illstrated. 1929 Edition  ABZ/37/1/16  Undated

Prgramme - opening of Bolton Municipal Golf Course by Alderman Henry Warburton, Mayor  ABZ/37/1/17  6 May 1931

Official Handbook - Bolton Corporation Tramways. Illustrated; descriptions of tram and bus routes  ABZ/37/1/18  Undated c. 1935

Presentation of the Freedom of the Borough to Alderman John Percy Taylor  ABZ/37/1/19  11 Oct 1938

Programme & Desciption - re-opening of Bolton Market Hall, by T. Halstead, Mayor. Plans and Illustrations  ABZ/37/1/20  5 Apr 1938

Bolton Centenary Exhibion Handbook Illustrated  ABZ/37/1/21  21 Sept - 1 Oct 1938

Bolton Centenary Luncheon - menu, acceptance acknowledgment and seating plans  ABZ/37/1/22  21 Sept 1938

Bolton Centenary Exhibtion - invitation card  ABZ/37/1/23  21st Sept 1938

Bolton Centenary - programme of Civic Garden Party at Smithills Hall  ABZ/37/1/24  16 & 20 Jul 1938

Programme of Opening of Bolton Civic Centre by the Earl of Derby  ABZ/37/1/25  20 Jun 1939

Description of Bolton Civic Centre  ABZ/37/1/26  20 Jul 1939

Memorial Booklet - Alderman Edmund Aspinall  ABZ/37/1/27  Dec 1940

Invitation to Civic Luncheon - Bolton Vegetable Show & Food Exhibtion  ABZ/37/1/28  Undated

Souvenir of the Bolton Electricity Department Jubilee Illustrated  ABZ/37/1/29  31 Oct. 1944

As ABZ/37/2/28 above - farewell visit Mr. Hartley W. Shawcross, North & Western Civil Defence Commissioner  ABZ/37/1/30  10th Mar 1945

Menu - Bolton Transport Department Abandonment of Tramways Commemoration Dinner; tram ticket, invitation, and photograph enclosed  ABZ/37/1/31  29 Mar 1947

The Book of Bolton. Illustrated 1948 Edition  ABZ/37/1/32  Undated

Presentation of Freedom of Bolton Borough to Field Marshall Viscount Montgomery of Alamein. Illustrated; timetable etc., enclosed  ABZ/37/1/33  5 Nov 1949

Photographs and Newspaper Cuttings  ABZ/37/2  [n.d.]

Civic Events and Celebrations  ABZ/37/2/1  [n.d.]

Coronation of King George V - Town Clerk reading proclamation  ABZ/37/2/1/1  1911

Coronation of King George v - Photographs of members Town Clerks Staff 1911  ABZ/37/2/1/2  Undated

13 Photo's in envelope

Town Clerks office photograph?  ABZ/37/2/1/3  1st July 1922

General Election  ABZ/37/2/1/4  6th Dec 1923

Photograph of men in office (Town Clerks Office?)  ABZ/37/2/1/5  1st November 1930

Bolton Parliamentary Election. Mayor receiving writ  ABZ/37/2/1/6  27 Oct 1931

Town Clerks office photograph?  ABZ/37/2/1/7  June 1935

Photograph of last sitting in the old Council Chambers in Bolton Town Hall, 3rd Feb 1937 (2 Bolton Evening News cuttings, one photograph  ABZ/37/2/1/8  Undated

Photograph taken at first meeting of Town Council held in New Council chambers at the Town Hall  ABZ/37/2/1/9  7th April 1937

Election of Mayor, alderman James Entwistle  ABZ/37/2/1/10  9 Nov 1938

Presentation ceremony of retirement gift to Mr. F. Fogg, Chief Committee Clerk by Mr. P. S. Rennison (Town Clerk)  ABZ/37/2/1/11  June 9 1939

Council meeting  ABZ/37/2/1/12  10th Nov 1947

Council meeting  ABZ/37/2/1/13  10th Nov 1947

Council meeting  ABZ/37/2/1/14  10th Nov 1947

Council meeting  ABZ/37/2/1/15  10th Nov 1947

Council meeting  ABZ/37/2/1/16  23rd May 1950

Council meeting  ABZ/37/2/1/17  23rd May 1950

Photgraph of Town Clerks office  ABZ/37/2/1/18  (No DATE)

Photograph of Council meeting  ABZ/37/2/1/19  (No DATE)

Members of Blackpool Council at St. Johns Centenary Bazaar  ABZ/37/2/1/20  (No Date)

Photograph of unidentified office  ABZ/37/2/1/21  (No date)

Staff outings, picnics and visits  ABZ/37/2/2  [n.d.]

Bound folder of Town Clerks Office Picnic Photographs  ABZ/37/2/2/1  1920 - 1947

Also Loose Staff Outing Photographs

Photographs of Bolton Mayors  ABZ/37/2/3  [n.d.]

William Russell  ABZ/37/2/3/1  1921 - 1922

A. Potts  ABZ/37/2/3/2  1922 - 1923

Edmund Aspinall  ABZ/37/2/3/3  1923 - 1924

John F. Steele  ABZ/37/2/3/4  1924 - 1925

2 Copies

Percy Knott  ABZ/37/2/3/5  1925 - 1926

Sir Thomas Flitcroft  ABZ/37/2/3/6  1926 - 1927

Frank Cheadle  ABZ/37/2/3/8  1928 - 1929

R. E. Roberts  ABZ/37/2/3/9  1929 - 1930

Henry Warburton  ABZ/37/2/3/10  1930 - 1931

George Sykes  ABZ/37/2/3/11  1931 - 1932

Samuel Lomax  ABZ/37/2/3/12  1932 - 1933

Ernest Monks  ABZ/37/2/3/13  1933 - 1934

John Percy Taylor  ABZ/37/2/3/14  1934 - 1935

Benjamin Kirkman  ABZ/37/2/3/15  1935 - 1936

James Alfred Russell  ABZ/37/2/3/16  1936 - 1937

Thomas Halstead  ABZ/37/2/3/17  1937 - 1938

James Entwistle  ABZ/37/2/3/18  1938 - 1939

Charles H. Beswick  ABZ/37/2/3/19  1939 - 1940

Walter W. Tong  ABZ/37/2/3/20  1940 - 1941

James Bleakley  ABZ/37/2/3/22  1942 - 1943

Fred Bentley  ABZ/37/2/3/23  1943 - 1944

Walter Bradley  ABZ/37/2/3/24  1944 - 1945

Robert Demaine  ABZ/37/2/3/25  1945 - 1946

Horace W. Taylor  ABZ/37/2/3/26  1946 - 1947

2 Copies

John H. Hampson  ABZ/37/2/3/27  1947 - 1948

2 Copies

Thomas Glaister  ABZ/37/2/3/28  1949 - 1950

Photographs of Ceremorial Presentations  ABZ/37/2/4  [n.d.]

Leigh - Honorary Freedom of the Borough to Henry Cowburn  ABZ/37/2/4/1  23 Mar 1914

Mossley - Honorary Freedom of the Borough to Hezekiah Sylees  ABZ/37/2/4/2  8 Feb 1917

Manchester - loyal address to Shah of Persia, 4 Nov 1919  ABZ/37/2/4/3  Undated

Also loyal address to the same from the Armenian Citizens of Manchester

Oldham - Honorary Freedom of the Borough to Thomas Fawsitt  ABZ/37/2/4/4  26 Oct 1921

Doncaster - Loyal address to H. R. H. the Prince of Wales  ABZ/37/2/4/5  18 May 1926

Bury - Honorary Freedom of the Borough to the Earl of Derby  ABZ/37/2/4/6  9 Sep 1926

International Federation of Master Cotton Spinners and Manufacturers' Associations, Manchester  ABZ/37/2/4/7  5 Feb 1927

Loyal address to King Fouad of Egypt on occasion of the International Cotton Congress held in Egypt

Bolton - Honorary Freedom of the Borough to John Percy Taylor  ABZ/37/2/4/8  11 Oct 1938

Construction of Bolton Civic Centre and Town Hall Extension  ABZ/37/2/5  [n.d.]

Various scenes showing work in progress  ABZ/37/2/5/1 - 14  1931 - 1935

Miscellaneous  ABZ/37/2/6  [n.d.]

Post Card - Stockport War Memorial, opened 15 Oct 1925  ABZ/37/2/6/1  Undated

Post Card - Daubhill Methodist Chapel Jubilee (Photograph of Organ)  ABZ/37/2/6/2  1936

Bolton Museum  ABZ/37/2/6/3  1936

- Memento of visit by Bangor Central Schools Illustrations of Hall i'th Wood, Cromptons Mule, e.t.c


Source of acquisition: DEPOSITED BY THE DIRECTOR OF ARTS, 27 OCTOBER, 1980

Programme of recital by Dr. Caleb Jones, Albert Hall, Town Hall, Bolton  ABZ/38/1  14 October 1974

Illustrated handbill relating to the organ, Albert Hall, Bolton Town Hall, built by Messrs. Gray and Davison of London  ABZ/38/2  Undated c. 1974


A plan of Bolton Moor and other Wastelands in the Township of Great Bolton... which the Allotments and intended Divisions thereof  ABZ/39/1  1792

Enclosure award, 22 Jun. 1807, and book of reference attached

25 inch to 1 mile ordnance survey map, with enclosure plots superimposed  ABZ/39/2  Undated c. 1900

DARCY LEVER  ABZ/40  [n.d.]

A plan of the township of Darcey Lever by Henry McIntosh, serveyor, Manchester  ABZ/40/1  1827


Plan of site of intended new Town Hall  ABZ/41/1  1864

File containing reports, plans, photographs drawings and correspondence relating to the architectural competition for the design of Bolton New Town Hall  ABZ/41/2  1864-1865

Includes the final report on the leading six designs by Professor Thomas L. Donaldson, President of the Royal Institute of British Architects

File of legal agreements, plan showing properties to be demolished, reports and contracts concerning Bolton New Town Hall  ABZ/41/3  1865-1866

Includes agreements between Bolton Corporation and the architects, Hill and Woodhouse

File of estimates, contracts, designs, copy committee minutes, advertisements and notices  ABZ/41/4  1863-1868

Bill of quantities for Town Hall Contract B  ABZ/41/5  Undated c. 1868

William Hill, Leeds and George Woodhouse, Bolton, architects; Thomas Taylor, Manchester and Bradford, Yorkshire, surveyor - excavation, drains, masonry, windows, doorways, stonework, staircases, brickwork, masonry

File of reports, correspondence, tenders and related material concerning the construction and furnishing of Bolton New Town Hall  ABZ/41/6  1872-1874

3 Folders

Architectural plans and elevations for the design 'Experientia Docet' submitted as the (winning) entry in the Bolton Town Hall architectural competition by William Hill of Leeds in 1864  ABZ/41/7  1864

1. Experientia Docet - Elevation to the Market Place.
2. Experientia Docet - Basement Plan.
3. Experientia Docet - Ground Plan.
4. Experientia Docet - First Floor Plan

Architectural plans of Bolton Town Hall by William Hill of Leeds and George Woodhouse of Bolton  ABZ/41/8  c.1866

1. Hill and Woodhouse - lithograph of Basement Plan.
2. Hill and Woodhouse - lithograph of Ground Floor Plan.
3. Hill and Woodhouse - lithograph of First Floor Plan

Architectural plans of Bolton Town Hall  ABZ/41/9  c. 1866

1. Basement Plan coloured.
2. Ground Floor Plan coloured.
3. First Floor Plan coloured.
4. Basement Plan black and white.
5. Ground Floor Plan black and white
6. First Floor Plan black and white

Architectural plans: G. Haden and Son of Trowbridge and Manchester, contractors for the heating and ventilation  ABZ/41/10  30 Jun 1866

1. Basement.
2. Ground Floor.
3. First Floor

Architectural plans referred to in the contract of 16th June 1868 between Henry Ellis and John Hinchliffe (1) and Bolton Corporation (2)  ABZ/41/11  1868

1. No.? -Ground Floor Plan.
2. No.4 -First Floor Plan.
3. No.5a -Elevation to Market Square.
4. No.6 -North Elevation.
5. No.7 -South Elevation.
6. No.8 -West Elevation.
7. No.10 -Longitudinal Section.
8. No.13 -Sections through West Corridor, Corridor under the Orchestra, Court and elevations of the Council Chamber and Mayor's Reception Room.
9. No.15 -Half roof plan, showing scantling of the ceiling of the large hall Albert Hall

Agreements, tenders and correspondence for the supply and fitting of a turret clock and clock bells at the town hall; includes agreement, tender and specification for supply of the clock by William Potts of York  ABZ/41/12  1871-1874

File of agreements, letters and booklets relating to the construction and inauguration of the Grand Organ in Bolton New Town Hall  ABZ/41/13  1873-1874

File of correspondence, plans and tenders for the installation of safes at Bolton New Town Hall  ABZ/41/14  1873-1874

Letters of application for the post of porter at Bolton New Town Hall  ABZ/41/15  1873

Bolton Town Hall Inventory: taken by Hayhurst and Taylor, auctioneers and valuers, Bolton  ABZ/41/16  Jan 1902

Inventory of the Appointments, Fixtures and Fittings, Bolton Town Hall: Lomax, Sons and Mills, auctioneers and valuers, Bolton and Manchester  ABZ/41/17  Jan-Mar 1914

1. Volume One: Basement and Ground Floor.
2. Volume Two: First Floor.
3. Index and Summary to Volumes One and Two


Mayor of Bolton's Disaster Relief Fund  [no ref. or date]

Minute book of Executive Sub-Committee, General Committee and Trustees  ABZ/42/1  Mar 1946-Mar 1951

File of correspondence, copy minutes, memoranda and reports relating to the appointment of Executive Sub-Committee and Management Committee  ABZ/42/2  Mar-Oct 1946

File of correspondence, accounts, copy minutes and agenda papers  ABZ/42/3  Mar-Oct 1946

File of copy minutes, correspondence, reports and agenda papers of Trustees' meetings  ABZ/42/4  Oct 1946-Mar 1951

File of Trustees' acceptances of appointment  ABZ/42/5  Nov 1946-Sep 1949

File of correspondence and reports relating to the trust deed and the appointment of trustees  ABZ/42/6  Mar-Dec 1946

Declaration of trust  ABZ/42/7  28 Feb 1947

File containing Public Trustees' statements of accounts  ABZ/42/8  Dec 1948-Jun 1959

File of Actuary's reports on the allocation of the fund and related papers  ABZ/42/9  Dec 1948-Jun 1959

Secretary's report to the General Committee  ABZ/42/10  Oct 1946

File of correspondence, newspaper cuttings, letters of condolence and support and promises of donations from other authorities, football clubs, societies and other groups and individuals  ABZ/42/11  Mar 1946-Mar 1947

File of letters from donors to fund with notes of receipt, 1-200  ABZ/42/12  Mar 1946

As ABZ/42/12 above: 201-400  ABZ/42/13  Mar 1946

As ABZ/42/12 above: 401-600  ABZ/42/14  Mar 1946

As ABZ/42/12 above: 601-800  ABZ/42/15  Mar 1946

As ABZ/42/12 above: 801-1000  ABZ/42/16  Mar 1946

As ABZ/42/12 above: 1001-1200  ABZ/42/17  Mar 1946

As ABZ/42/12 above: 1201-1400  ABZ/42/18  Mar 1946

As ABZ/42/12 above: 1401-1600  ABZ/42/19  Mar 1946

As ABZ/42/12 above: 1601-1800  ABZ/42/20  Mar-Apr 1946

File of letters from donors with note of receipt  ABZ/42/21  Apr 1946


File of letters from donors with note of receipt  ABZ/42/22  Apr-Jul 1946


File of letters from donors with note of receipt  ABZ/42/23  Jun 1946-Jan 1947


Register of subscribers to the fund, with amount subscribed  ABZ/42/24  Mar 1946-Jan 1947


Correspondence file: applications for permission to organise entertainments in support of the fund  ABZ/42/25  Mar-Apr 1946

Copy receipt book for subscriptions to the fund  ABZ/42/26  Mar 1946


Copy receipt book for subscriptions to the fund  ABZ/42/27  Mar 1946


Copy receipt book for subscriptions to the fund  ABZ/42/28  Mar 1946


Copy receipt book for subscriptions to the fund  ABZ/42/29  Mar 1946


Copy receipt book for subscriptions to the fund  ABZ/42/30  Mar 1946


Copy receipt book for subscriptions to the fund  ABZ/42/31  Mar 1946


Copy receipt book for subscriptions to the fund  ABZ/42/32  Mar 1946


Copy receipt book for subscriptions to the fund  ABZ/42/33  Mar 1946


Copy receipt book for subscriptions to the fund  ABZ/42/34  Mar 1946


Copy receipt book for subscriptions to the fund  ABZ/42/35  Mar 1946


Copy receipt book for subscriptions to the fund  ABZ/42/36  Mar 1946


Copy receipt book for subscriptions to the fund  ABZ/42/37  Mar 1946


Copy receipt book for subscriptions to the fund  ABZ/42/38  Mar 1946


Copy receipt book for subscriptions to the fund  ABZ/42/39  Mar 1946


Copy receipt book for subscriptions to the fund  ABZ/42/40  Mar 1946


Copy receipt book for subscriptions to the fund  ABZ/42/41  Mar 1946


Copy receipt book for subscriptions to the fund  ABZ/42/42  Apr 1946


Copy receipt book for subscriptions to the fund  ABZ/42/43  Apr 1946


Copy receipt book for subscriptions to the fund  ABZ/42/44  Apr 1946


Copy receipt book for subscriptions to the fund  ABZ/42/45  Apr 1946


Copy receipt book for subscriptions to the fund  ABZ/42/46  Apr-May 1946


Copy receipt book for subscriptions to the fund  ABZ/42/47  May 1946


Copy receipt book for subscriptions to the fund  ABZ/42/48  May-Jun 1946


Copy receipt book for subscriptions to the fund  ABZ/42/49  Jun 1946-Jan 1947


Account book - receipts and payments  ABZ/42/50  Mar 1946

Payees' account book: payments to beneficiaries of fund  ABZ/42/51  Mar 1946

File of letters and receipts from payees for payments from the fund  ABZ/42/52  Mar-Oct 1946

File of statements of receipts and payments  ABZ/42/53  Jul 1946-Feb 1947

File of claims for re-payment of income tax deducted from invested funds  ABZ/42/54  Oct 1947-Mar 1951

Account book: general bank account book of the Management Committee and the Trustees  ABZ/42/55  Mar 1946-Apr 1951

Postage account book  ABZ/42/56  Mar 1946-Mar 1951

Bank Book: Bolton Savings Bank Special Investment Department  ABZ/42/57  Nov 1946-Nov 1950

Bank Book: Bolton Savings Bank  ABZ/42/58  Nov 1946-Apr 1951

Bank Book: Williams Deacons Bank Capital Account  ABZ/42/59  Apr 1947-Mar 1951

Bank Book: Williams Deacons Bank Income Account  ABZ/42/60  Apr 1947-Mar 1951

File of correspondence, photographs, memoranda and accounts relating to donations and proceeds of special events held in aid of the fund  ABZ/42/61  Mar-May 1946

Summary of family circumstances of all those who died as a result of the disaster  ABZ/42/62  Mar 1946

Particulars of persons killed, dependent relatives and amounts granted from the fund  ABZ/42/63  Mar 1946-Feb 1947

Particulars of persons injured and details of claims  ABZ/42/64  Mar 1946

Conditions of access: Must not be produced for the public

File of memoranda, calculations, lists and summaries of allocations and payments made to relatives and dependants  ABZ/42/65  Mar-Nov 1946

Conditions of access: Must not be produced for the public

Distribution account of public trustee: Miss Beryl Rose Mooney's Fund  ABZ/42/66  Nov 1959

Conditions of access: Must not be produced for the public

Case files of persons killed in the disaster  ABZ/42/67  1946-1959

Conditions of access: Must not be produced for the public

1-7. Missing.
8. Wilfred Addison, Manchester, Mar 1946-Nov 1958.
9-12. Missing.
13. David Pearson, Rochdale, Mar-Aug 1946.
13a. David Pearson: claims from relatives, Mar 1946-Jan 1947.
14. Thomas Smith, Rochdale, Mar-Sep 1946.
15. William Hughes, Wigan, Mar-Apr 1946.
16. Harold McAndrew, Wigan, Mar-Apr 1946.
17. William Braidwood, Castleton, Mar-Oct 1946.
18. Wilfred Allison, Leigh, Mar-Apr 1946.
19. Henry Bimson, Leigh, Mar 1946-Oct 1951.
20. William Evans, Leigh, Mar 1946-Jul 1957.
21. John Thomas Lucas, Leigh, Mar 1946-Nov 1951.
22. James Battersby, Atherton, Mar 1946-Apr 1954.
23. Fred Battersby, Atherton, Mar 1946-Mar 1947.
24. Robert Bentham, Atherton, Mar 1946-Jan 1950.
25. Missing.
26. Richard Roby, Billinge, Mar-Dec 1946.
27. Thomas Roby, Billinge, Mar-Sep 1946.
28. Winston Finch, Stockport, Mar 1946-Jan 1958.
29. John Flinders, Littleborough, Mar 1946-Oct 1959.
30. Sydney Potter, Tyldesley, Mar 1946-Oct 1956.
31. James Wilson, Higher Openshaw, Mar-Jul 1946.
31a. James Wilson: claims of relatives, Apr-Sep 1946.
32. John Livesey, Bamber Bridge, Mar 1946-Jan 1958.
33. Albert Edward Hanrahan, Winton, Mar 1946-Dec 1950

Files of persons injured in the disaster, including correspondence with victims  ABZ/42/68  1946 - 1948

Conditions of access: Must not be produced for the public

1. John Yates, Atherton, Mar-Sep 1946.
2. Helen Marsden, Luton, May-Jun 1946.
3. Jack Prescott, Lower Ince, Apr-Jun 1946.
4. Harrison Richmond Browse, Astley Bridge, May 1946.
5. Evan Kenyon, Blackburn Apr 1946.
6. Albert Morris, Blackburn, Apr 1946.
7. Arthur Scotson, Blackburn, Apr 1946.
8. Mary Platt, Horwich, May 1946.
9. Lilian Ramsden, Bolton, May 1946.
10. John Wallace, Blackpool, Mar-Aug 1946.
11. Norman Webster, Bolton, n.d
12. William Foster, Wigan, Apr 1946.
13. John Fillingham, Hindley, Oct-Nov 1946.
14. Albert Rollinson, Bolton, May 1946.
15. John Rigby, Wigan, Apr 1946.
16. Frank Gore, Leyland, Apr 1946.
17. William Burgess, Bolton, May 1946.
18. Clarence Welsby, Bolton, May 1946.
19. Richard Ridehough, Rochdale, May-Jul 1946.
20. Frank Conquest, Farnworth, Apr-Oct 1946.
21. John Hughes, Little Hulton, May 1946.
22. Ronald Carter, Duxbury, Apr-Aug 1946.
23. James Bold, Pendlebury, Mar-Sep 1946.
24. Edith Preston, Bolton, May 1946.
25. Gilbert Platt, Harwood, May 1946.
26. Charles Siviter, Farnworth, Mar-Jul 1946.
27. Ernest Almond, Bolton, Mar-Jul 1946.
28. Edmund Hill, Blackburn, Mar-Aug 1946.
29. Ernest Taylor, Leigh, Mar-Jul 1946.
30. Edward Williams, Bolton, Mar-Jul 1946.
31. Henry Harold Roper, Astley Bridge, Mar-Sep 1946.
32. Joseph Harrison, Leigh, Mar-Jul 1946.
33. Anthony Heywood, Bolton, Jul 1946.
34. Walter Ascroft, Bolton, Jul 1946.
35. Jesse Taylor, Jul 1946.
36. Albert Hoyland, Moston, Jul 1946.
37. Edward Rigby Johnson, Mar-Jul 1946.
38. Arthur Scarlett, Heywood, Mar 1946-Jan 1948.
39. Alldred, May 1946.
40. Jack Bamford, Southport, May 1946.
41. Hughes, E., Bolton, Apr-Jun 1946.
42. William Dixon, Rochdale, May 1946.
43. William Hart, Chorley, Sep 1946


File: official brochure for the opening ceremony, with drafts and original material  ABZ/43/1  1939

File: correspondence, plans, maps, estimates and booklets concerning the new Sessions hall, Police Courts, Police Buildings, Offices and the Remand Home  ABZ/43/2  1926-1957

File: correspondence, copy speeches, guest lists, plans, estimates and accounts for the Official Opening Ceremony  ABZ/43/3  1939

File: newspapers and magazines containing reports of the building of the Civic Centre  ABZ/43/4  1939

Programmes of the opening of Bolton Civic Centre and openings of municipal buildings elsewhere  ABZ/43/5  1935-1939

Tickets and admittance cards for the opening ceremony, Bolton Civic Centre  ABZ/43/6  1939

Album: twelve photographs of the opening ceremony  ABZ/43/7  20 Jun 1939

Album: twenty seven photographs of external and internal features of Town Hall Extension and Civic Centre  ABZ/43/8  1939


Source of acquisition: Further Instalment, Deposited on 22nd January 1990

Block Plan - Halli'th'Wood Museum  ABZ/44/1  Undated c. 1905

Ground Plan - drawn by Grayson & Ould of Liverpool, Architects  ABZ/44/2  Undated c. 1905

Ground Plan - Attic Plan  ABZ/44/3  Undated c. 1905

Plan and Section: J. Hamer Hargreaves - ground floor, first floor, attic, site plan  ABZ/44/4  1905

Plan and Section: J. Hamer Hargreaves - elevations  ABZ/44/5  1905

Artist's sketch of proposed layout of grouds by R. Berrow  ABZ/44/6  1929

Plan of proposed layout of grounds by R. Wallace & Co. Ltd., Tunbridge Wells  ABZ/44/7  1929

Plan of proposed future development of gardens by T. E. Clark, Superintendent of Parks, Bolton  ABZ/44/8  1958

Layout plan of proposed landscaping  ABZ/44/9  1962

Layout plan of proposed terraced garden  ABZ/44/10  1962

Plan and elevations of Hall i'th Wood  ABZ/44/11  Aug & Nov 1905

Including block plan, basement, ground floor and first floor plans; includes notes on the history of the building; measured and drawn by J. Hamer Hargreaves

Plan and elevations of Hall i'th Wood  ABZ/44/12  Aug & Nov 1905

Including block plan, basement, ground floor and first floor plans; includes notes on the history of the building; measured and drawn by J.Hamer Hargreaves

Plan of revised scheme for the layout of Hall i'th'Wood grounds; drawn for Bolton Corporation by R.Wallace & Co., Ltd, Tunbridge Wells. Coloured  ABZ/44/13  Undated c.1929

Plan and elevation of a pair of semi detached villas; no location or details given  ABZ/44/14  1900

BOLTON CIVIC THEATRE - 1964  ABZ/45  [n.d.]

Folders: Letters and Tables of attendance connected with a draft report on a Civic Theatre in Bolton  ABZ/45/1  July. 1964

Folder: Letters and Reports concerning the opperating of a Civic Theatre  ABZ/45/2  August. 1964

Folder: Draft report and a list of audience attending various theatre's through - out the country  ABZ/45/3  Undated

2 Copies

Booklets: Theatre Study  ABZ/45/4  September. 1964

2 Copies

Folder: Reports and Financial Statements of the running of the Library Theatre, Manchester  ABZ/45/5  January 1958 - July 1964

Folder: Letters concerning information of running costs of The Derby Playhouse  ABZ/45/6  April/May 1964

Folder: Draft report on the Civic Theatre (Part 1) and Accounts of Income and Expenditure at various Theatre's  ABZ/45/7  April 1964

Folder: Draft report with amendments with additional comments  ABZ/45/8  August. 1964

Booklet: Report on Civic Theatre  ABZ/45/9  September, 1964

Folder: Draft Report on Civic Theatre Part I and II with amendments and additional comments  ABZ/45/10  Undated

2 Copies


Preliminary conferences relating to A. R. P. Schemes; preparation of preliminary local A.R.P. Scheme  ABZ/46/1  Jul. 1935 - Feb. 1938

Transfer of whole - time personnel to Civil Defence Work; conditions of service  ABZ/46/2  Jan. 1943 - Oct. 1945

Organisation of Air Raid Wardens' Service  ABZ/46/3  Mar. 1937 - Aug. 1941

Organisation of Air Raid Wardens' Service  ABZ/46/4  Jan. 1941 - Jul. 1946

Women's Voluntary Services  ABZ/46/5  Jun. 1938 - Oct. 1947

Women's Voluntary Services. Tenancies of Gilnow Mill, Nelson Mill, and No. 7  ABZ/46/6  Nov. 1941 - Jul. 1947

The Arcade for distribution and sorting of American Gifts of Clothing

Women's Voluntary Services. Van for distribution of clothing to the civilian population  ABZ/46/7  Dec. 1941 - Apr. 1948

Air Raid Precautions. Insurance and compensation to volunteers  ABZ/46/8  Oct. 1936 - Oct. 1945

Air Raid Precautions. Report and control centres  ABZ/46/9  Sep. 1938 - Mar. 1945

Provisional Local War Instructions. Meetings of chief officers and emergency committee  ABZ/46/10  Aug. 1939 - Dec. 1939

Evacuation Scheme  ABZ/46/11  Mar. 1944 - Apr. 1945

Evacuation Scheme  ABZ/46/12  Apr. 1945 - Sep. 1956

Billeting of Evacuees. Alleged fraud  ABZ/46/13  Feb. - Mar. 1943

Evacuation of Civil Population. Special scheme; premises requisitioned  ABZ/46/14  Nov. 1940

Civil Defence. Suspension of Powers Act, 1945; future policy  ABZ/46/15  Dec. 1945 - Apr. 1948

Prevention and Relief of Distress, and Persons Rendered Homeless by Enemy Action  ABZ/46/16  Nov. 1941 - Dec. 1942

Prevention and Relief of Distress, and Persons Rendered Homeless by Enemy Action  ABZ/46/17  Jan. 1943 - Sep. 1946

War Refugees. Premises requisitioned  ABZ/46/18  May 1940 - Oct. 1944

Emergency Feeding. Liaison with contiguous authorities (Farnworth, Westhoughton, Horwich, Little Lever, Turton)  ABZ/46/19  Jun. 1941 - Sep. 1942

Emergency Feeding. Loan of Chevrolet Trunk for transporting food from cooking depots  ABZ/46/20  Dec. 1941 - Dec. 1943

Cooking Depots. Moss Bank House  ABZ/46/21  Aug. 1941 - Apr. 1944

Cooking Depots. Eagley Lads' Club  ABZ/46/22  Aug. 1941 - Jun. 1950

Emergency Feeding Centres  ABZ/46/23  Aug. 1941 - Nov. 1946

Emergency Feeding. Mobile canteens  ABZ/46/24  Oct. 1940 - Aug. 1945

London Evacuation - Lists of children billeted (Including name, home address, and address of billet)  ABZ/46/25  July 1944

Female Staff - Directions to join Police or Civil Defence  ABZ/46/26  September 1942

Messrs. Scotts Ltd., Herbal Brewers, Bolton - Commandeering of lorries and other vehicles  ABZ/46/27  Nov. 1939 - Apr. 1941

Approval of Appointments - Rescue and Demolition service  ABZ/46/28  Nov. 1938 - Jun. 1941

Approval of Appointments - Rescue and Demolition service. Casualties Services  ABZ/46/29  Feb. 1939 - Dec. 1941

Approval of Appointments - Rescue and Demolition service. Casualties Services  ABZ/46/30  Dec. 1938 - Nov. 1944

Approval of Appointments - Rescue and Demolition service. Depot Superintendents  ABZ/46/31  Dec. 1939 - Nov. 1941

Approval of Appointments - Rescue and Demolition service. Emergency Ambulance Services  ABZ/46/32  Oct. 1939 - Jan. 1943

Approval of Appointments - Rescue and Demolition service. Rescue and Road Repair Services  ABZ/46/33  Jul. 1940 - Aug. 1940

Approval of Appointments - Rescue and Demolition service. Borough Engineer's Department, A.R.P. Shelters  ABZ/46/34  Feb. 1940 - May 1940

Approval of Appointments - Rescue and Demolition service. Police seconded to A.R.P. Headquarters Staff  ABZ/46/35  July 1939

Approval of Appointments - Rescue and Demolition service. Mutual Support Whole-Time Female Clerical Assistant  ABZ/46/36  Jun. 1940 - Sep. 1941

Approval of Appointments - Rescue and Demolition service. Temporary Clerks  ABZ/46/37  Nov. 1940 - Dec. 1941

Post - War Civil Defence Matters  ABZ/46/38  Jun. 1945 - Sep. 1948

Emergency Services Personnel. Nominal cards  ABZ/46/39  1940

Index to Correspondence  ABZ/46/40  1943 - 1948


Folder: Statistics and Accounts of the Civil Restaurants Committee  ABZ/47/1  1951


Booklets: Schedules of Wages and Working conditions (Manual Workers)  ABZ/48/1  1952 - 1964

Booklets: Establishment for Official Staffs of Corporation Departments  ABZ/48/2  1956 - 1962

Booklets: Memoranda of Local Government Superannuation  ABZ/48/3  1957

Booklets: Scheme of condition of Service  ABZ/48/4  1958 - 1964

Folder: Correspondence with other authorities and boroughs as to their methods of electing Aldermen  ABZ/48/5  30 Jul 1904 - 2 Aug 1904

Folder: Detailed Lists of Mayors, Aldermen, Councillors, Schools and Head Teachers, Committees, Businesses and Local Organizations  ABZ/48/6  May 1949 - May 1966

Folder: Correspondence with other authorities requesting details of Fair Wage Clauses and Standard Wages operated by them  ABZ/48/7  Sep 1907 - Oct 1907


Folder: By-laws concerning Parking Places in Bolton  ABZ/49/1  24 Nov. 1938

Booklet: Index to Boxes, etc in Town Hall Store Room - with list of Plans  ABZ/49/2  1925

Booklet: Record of copies of Bye-laws etc.supplied from the Town Clerk's Office  ABZ/49/3  1932 - 1951


Folder: Booklet reporting the proceedings of the Inquiry held under the Corrupt Practies Act (Municipal Election) 1872  ABZ/52/1  1874

Folder: Correspondence, Papers, Reports and Accounts to do with the Election Petition  ABZ/52/2  1874 - 1877

Folder: Tickets, Notices, Envelopes & Plan of Town Hall Concerning the Inquiry  ABZ/52/3  1874

Book: Report of the Inquiry for an alteration to the Boundary of the Couny Borough of Bolton  ABZ/52/4  Nov. 1889


Packet: Notes of Evidence concerning the Complaints against the Administration employees of The Woodland Hostel  ABZ/53/1  16th December 1936

6 copies enclosed


Folder: Receipts and Accounts concerning the Gratitude Fund donations, paid over by the Mayor  ABZ/54/1  1946

Folder: Letters, Receipts, List of Donations, Newspaper cuttings and Notices regading the Mayors Gratitude Fund  ABZ/54/2  Jan/Nov. 1946


Folder: Sale of Great Bridge Mill and Other properties and shares situated in Bolton (7 lots) with plan  ABZ/55/1  Undated

Folder: 2 Booklets of plans & Conditions of Sale for Freehold properties and Investments of Shops, Warehouses  ABZ/55/2  11 Apr. 1878

14 Lots

Folder: Map showing Sale of 30 plots for Building Land in Bradshawgate and Great Moor Street  ABZ/55/3  71 May. 1888

Book: Plans and conditions of sale for Ground Rents also Freehold & Leasehold premises in Bolton  ABZ/55/4  29 Oct. 1891


Folder: Insurance Policies for various functions  ABZ/56/1  1916 - 1935

Folder: Letters from the Bolton Borough Depts., concerning Rates, Manpower regulations and Banking Instructions  ABZ/56/2  1937 - 1957

MENU CARDS  ABZ/57  [n.d.]

Folder: Menu Cards for various Civic Dinners and Lucheons  ABZ/57/1  1905 - 1952

25 Items


Folder: Correspondence, plans and Air Ministry orders for the proposed Aerodrome at Middle Hulton; also a copy of Air Navigation Act, 1936  ABZ/58/1  29 Oct 1928 - 16 Aug 1946

Folder: Correspondence from various firms and organisations interested in the proposed Aerodrome. Advertising booklets enclosed  ABZ/58/2  1 Nov 1928 - 11 Jan 1950

Folder: Correspondence, minutes and notes with the Society of British Aircraft Costructors Ltd., (Aerodrome Owners Association) for the proposed Aerodrome. Copies of Air Navigation Acts of 1920 and 1936  ABZ/58/3  9 Nov 1934 - 31 Dec 1936

Handbook: Correspondence and notes from the Society of British Aircraft Constructors Ltd., about Town Planning, Aerodrome equipment, Legal Questions and Aerodrome fees  ABZ/58/4  17 Aug - 1 Oct 1936

Handbook: Correspondence and notes from the Society of British Aircraft Constructors Ltd., about rating of Aerodromes, aerodrome lighting and miscellaneous items  ABZ/58/5  17 Aug 1934 - 19 Sep 1936

Folder: Correspondence and minutes with the Aerodrome Owners Association  ABZ/58/6  7 Jan 1937 - 13 May 1948

Folder: Correspondence and minutes with the Aerodrome Owners Association  ABZ/58/7  1 Mar 1938 - 31 Oct 1938

Folder: Correspondence and minutes with the Aerodrome Owners Association  ABZ/58/8  3 Nov 1938 - 5 Jul 1948



File: Subscription Forms, correspondence, and contributions to the Memorial Fund  ABZ/59/1  13 Nov 1910 - 27 Feb 1911

File: Subscription Forms, correspondence, and contributions to King Edward VII Memorial Fund  ABZ/59/2  1 Mar 1911 - 26 Feb 1914

Book: Subscription Lists  ABZ/59/3  Undated

Sheets: Balance Sheets, receipts for balance and other papers. Also includes statements  ABZ/59/4  22 Oct 1915 - 12 Nov 1915

Books: King Edward VII Memorial Fund Bank Books special deposit account  ABZ/59/5  24 Mar 1911 - 12 Nov 1915

3 Items

Books: King Edward VII Memorial Fund Credit Books  ABZ/59/6  28 Nov 1910 - 28 Apr 1915

4 Items

Books: Cheque Books  ABZ/59/7  4 Mar 1911 - 4 Sep 1914

6 Items

Folder: List of subscriptions to the Memorial Fund with a Prospectus, personal applications to the Memorial Fund and general correspondence  ABZ/59/8  20 Dec 1910 - Apr 1911

Book: Index of subscribers to the Memorial Fund  ABZ/59/9  Undated

Book: List of committees and sub-committees with subscriptions and a statement of receipts and payments  ABZ/59/10  1910 - 1915

Folder: Correspondence, list of subscriptions and booklet of Appeal to the Public for the Memorial Fund  ABZ/59/11  Aug 1910 - 23 Dec 1911

Minute Book: Giving details of competition for design of the Nurses Home and arrangements to procure a bust of the late King  ABZ/59/12  22 Nov 1910 - 11 Nov 1915

Minute Book: Memorial Fund Public Meeting and details of the building requirements for the Nurses Home  ABZ/59/13  22 Nov 1910 - 11 Nov 1915

Folder: Correspondence, Lists of Committees and Subscriptions  ABZ/59/14  25 Nov 1910 - 22 Mar 1911

Folder: Correspondence, Contracts, Agreements and estimates  ABZ/59/15  2 Sept 1912 - 27 Apr 1915

Tenders for furniture for the Memorial Nurses Home. Also includes Legal Agreement to erect and complete New Steam Mains and alterations to present Heating Installation. Applications and references for the position of Clerk of Works. Tenders for construction of building, drainage system, decoration of rooms in the Nurses Home. Also a Legal Contract for the erection of the Nurses Home, Memorandums,Legal Agreement for the erecting of New Drainage Systems to the Bolton Infirmary. Tender amendments, Specifications and Bills of Quantities of Materials and Labour required for the Memorial Nurses Home and an Insurance Policy

File: Correspondence relating to Construction Instructions and general particulars of Competition; Receipts, Invitations to architects to compete  ABZ/59/16  10 Nov 1911 - 4 Mar 1912

File: Building Estimates, Notice of Appeal and various responses, press cuttings and general correspondence, also applications for the position of Clerk of Works  ABZ/59/17  6 Jan 1912 - 26 Apr 1914

Folder: General correspondence, receipts, accounts and invoices for work and services provided for the Infirmary. Also a description of the Tablet for the Nurses Home  ABZ/59/18  13 Dec 1910 - 13 Jun 1915

Folder: General correspondence, receipts, accounts, and invoices for work and services provided for the Memorial Nurses Home  ABZ/59/19  Feb 1912 - 19 Nov 1915

Also a booklet of the Clerk of Wages weekly receipts for salary, a plan for the proposed terrace to the Children's Ward, invitations to the opening ceremony, and details of the competition for the proposed Nurses' Home

Envelope: Photographs: Ceremonial Opening  ABZ/59/20  18 Jul 1914

Envelope: Invitation Cards and Progammes, Ceremonial Opening  ABZ/59/21  18 Jul 1914

Bundle: Correspondence, estimates and acceptance relating to Marble Bust  ABZ/59/22  15 Mar 1911 - Aug 1913

Bundle: Plans and ammendments for the Nurses Home  ABZ/59/23  22 Mar 1911

File: Invitation to Lord Derby to unveil the Bust, also list of subscriptions and accounts  ABZ/59/24  10 Nov 1912 - 11 Jun 1914


ANNUAL SHOW - 1927  ABZ/60/1  [n.d.]

Copy Book: General correspondence and letters of thanks for subscriptions  ABZ/60/1/1  11 Feb 1927 - 11 Oct 1934

ANNUAL SHOW - 1934  ABZ/60/2  [n.d.]

File: General Correspondence  ABZ/60/2/1  17 Jan 1933 - 16 Oct 1934

File: Circulars requesting subscriptions  ABZ/60/2/2  12 Mar 1934 - 6 Oct 1934

File: Correspondence with reference to subscriptions  ABZ/60/2/3  14 Mar 1934 - 24 Jul 1934

File: Promises to subscibe  ABZ/60/2/4  14 Mar 1934 - 20 Jun 1934

Folder: List of individual subscribers  ABZ/60/2/5  1934

Account Book: Total List of Subscriptions  ABZ/60/2/6  1934

Folder: Lists of subscriptions, statements, receipts and payments, cheques, bank books and general correspondence  ABZ/60/2/7  June - Oct 1934

Folder: List of Local Committee, draft minutes and draft lists of the Local Committee, and letters regretting inability to attend the meeting of the Executive Committee on July 27th 1934  ABZ/60/2/8  16 Mar 1934 - Aug 1934

Book: The Committee Minute Book  ABZ/60/2/9  9 Apr 1934 - 11 Oct 1934

Folder: Draft lists of Firms and Associations, Farmers and Individuals  ABZ/60/2/10  1934

Folder: Programmes, admission cards, notices, booklets and other details of the 1934 show  ABZ/60/2/11  1934

ANNUAL SHOW - 1950  ABZ/60/3  [n.d.]

HELD ON THE 2 - 5 AUG 1950

Folder: General Correspondence, press cuttings and advertising posters  ABZ/60/3/1  1950

Folder: Correspondence mainly related to subscriptions; Also press cuttings and accounts of advanced ticket sales  ABZ/60/3/2  1950

Folder: General Correspondence, lists of subscriptions and donations recieved; also copies of Appeal Letters and other printed matter  ABZ/60/3/3  24 Apr 1950 - 10 Aug 1950

Folder: Minutes of preliminary meetings, notices, booklets, memoranda, car badges and correspondence concerning arrangments for the show; also newspapers covering the event  ABZ/60/3/4  17 Aug 1949 - 5 Aug 1950

Bundle: Contribution slips of payment to the Mayor Of Bolton Show Fund  ABZ/60/3/5  28 Apr 1950 - 3 Aug 1950

CIVIC EVENTS  ABZ/62  [n.d.]

Folder: Correspondence, newspaper cuttings, booklets and details of various civic functions and events  ABZ/62/1  15 Oct 1932 - 1 Jan 1959

Folder: Correspondence, newspaper cuttings, invitations, minutes and details of various civic functions and events, also yearly reports on the Royal Patriotic Fund Corporation  ABZ/62/2  4 May 1953 - 25 Apr 1967

Folder: Correspondence, invitations, newspaper cuttings, arrangements and details of the civic reception and dinner on 5 May 1958 for the Bolton Wanderers' F. A. Cup triumph  ABZ/62/3  Mar 1958 - 27 Jun 1958

Folder: Correspondence, plans, details, invitations, accounts and newspaper cuttings of the Inaugeration Ceremony of the Mayor on 23 May and the Mayorial visit to the Parish Church on 27 May  ABZ/62/4  1 Mar 1962 - 26 Jun 1962

Folder: Correspondence, plans, newspaper cuttings, details, service programmes and photographs of Remembrance Sunday Ceremonies in 1962, 1966, 1967 and 1968  ABZ/62/5  Nov 1962 - 10 Nov 1968

Folder: Correspondence, memoranda, reports, booklets and programmes referring to Bolton's contribution to the Festival of Britain in 1951. Also a text of the speech by the Chairman of the Council of the Festival  ABZ/62/6  13 Jul 1949 - 8 Sep 1951

Folder: Correspondence, details and invitations to the Luncheon in connection with Regional Sports Council Conference held on 12th October 1965  ABZ/62/7  3 Sep 1965 - 18 Oct 1965


Including Armorial Bearings

Folder: Correspondence, attendance records, newspaper cuttings concerning the purchase and presentation of a Silver Cradle to the Mayoress (The Hon. Mrs. Wm. Hulme Lever)  ABZ/63/1  Dec 1891 - Oct 1919

Folder: Minutes, newspaper cuttings, particulars of inscriptions on Mayoral chain and other details to do with the chain; including photographs  ABZ/63/2  Aug 1850 - Nov 1966

Also particulars of cost of the chain and repairs and details of Mayor's badges. Also includes booklets and leaflets about civic insignia

Folder: Correspondence, about the purchase of a Mayoral Car giving particulars and prices of various cars, including a list of tenders received  ABZ/63/3  Feb 1948 - Dec 1963

Folder: Inventories of the Civic Regalia and Plate  ABZ/63/4  Mar 1952 - Apr 1953

Folder: Correspondence, estimates, photographs and newspaper cuttings about the new Town Mace donated by Robert Fairhurst to mark the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II  ABZ/63/5  Mar 1952 - Apr 1953

Folder: Correspondence, designs, booklets, estimates and newspaper cuttings for the presentation of silver to the Corporation to mark the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II  ABZ/63/6  Undated

Also a. Designs of Silver Rose Bowls.
b. Table plans.
c. Photographs of the presentation

Folder: Quotations for tableware, amount of china required, correspondence  ABZ/63/7  Mar 1953 - Jun 1958

Asking for samples of patterns to be forwarded, enquiries to Worcester Royal Porcelain, Wedgewoods of Barlaston, Stoke-on-Trent and to Spode, all sending quotations and samples; also includes plans for arrangement of candleabrum and bowls on the table

Designs: Three 10" size plate sample designs in Wedgewood bone Chinaware in white, green and gold  ABZ/63/8  Mar 1953 - Apr 1953

File: Notes, correspondence, copy of minute and newspaper cuttings concerning the presentation of a gift of silver consisting of a Candlelabrum and salver from the Trustees of Dr. and Mrs. Chadwick's Charity  ABZ/63/9  Sep 1954

Folder: Correspondence concerned with a gift of money to be used to commission a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II and secondly to purchase a Mayoral Jewel  ABZ/63/10  Dec 1954 - Apr 1967

Details of a competition for a Mayor's Jewel of office, design and results; also included a competition to design a plate to be presented to the Corporation of Southend-on-Sea to commemorate the coronation of Queen Elizabeth. II.
Newspaper cuttings about the presentation of the Mayoral Jewel. Also includes photographs of the Jewel and the presentation. Booklet on Design

Folder: Correspondence concerning the commissioning of a portrait of Queen Elizabeth  ABZ/63/11  Jan 1955 - Jun 1958

Details of artists and fees. Replies to requests for the Queen to sit for her portrait. The appointment of Anthony Devas to do the painting. Newspaper cuttings showing the final potrait. Also receipt for the painting

Folder: Correspondence, photographs, newspaper cuttings, and invitations. Arrangements for a dinner for the presentation of a silver Coffee Service by Bolton Co-Operation Society as a Centenary Celebration Gift to the Corporation  ABZ/63/12  Nov 1959 - Mar 1960

File: Notes and correspondence, concerned with The Velvet Screen and Coat of Arms to go above the Mayoral dais - a gift for the Council Chamber donated by Mr. John Ainsworth in memory of his wife  ABZ/63/13  Jan 1959 - Jun 1960

File: Correspondence, invoice, drawings, concerned with the purchase and design of eight silver rosebowls to be presented at a luncheon, the gift of Mr. Frank Kay  ABZ/63/14  Oct 1959 - Jul 1960

Folder: Correspondence, Minutes and accounts for the presentation of decanters and silver plate to the Borough  ABZ/63/15  Mar 1962 - Jan 1967

Folder: Correspondence, tracing, designs and an explanation of the Heraldic Terms  ABZ/63/16  Mar 1914


Folder: Correspondence, memoranda, list of advertisers, and examples of their advertisements for the 1943 show  ABZ/64/1  19 Sep 1941 - 26 Aug 1943

Also newspaper cuttings, programmes and other details of the 1941, 1942 and 1943 shows

Folder: Correspondence, letters of invitation, statement of accounts and ticket sales, and other details in connection with the 1943 show  ABZ/64/2  3 Feb 1943 - 11 Dec 1943

Folder: Correspondence, letters, invitations, minutes, accounts, invitation cards and other details in connection with the 1943 show  ABZ/64/3  4 Mar 1943 - 6 Sep 1943

Also correspondence and a letter of invitation to Lord Woolton, Minister of Food


Folder: Correspondence, maps, plans, valuations, minutes and details referring to the purchase of the Estate by Bolton Corporation in 1937, and then later improvments  ABZ/65/1  21 May 1936 - 15 Jan 1949

Also correspondence and details of the Mayor's Garden Parties held at Smithills Hall, including a programme for the 1939 Party

Booklet: Three photographs of the Estate  ABZ/65/2  Undated

Folder: Correspondence, reports, estimates, tax statements, plans, and a technical report of the Borough Architect referring to the general management and works of restoration on the Estate to enable the admittance of the public by January 1961  ABZ/65/3  4 Sep 1956 - 23 May 1961

Also Invitations to the service in Smithills Hall Chapel in December 1960


Collection of General items to do with Bolton

Envelope: Description of boundaries of Borough of Bolton. Plan of Great and Little Bolton by Lieut. Dawson R.E  ABZ/66/1  1832

Envelope: Bill of costs; Charter of Incorporation  ABZ/66/2  1838

Envelope: Photograph of Great Lever Hall  ABZ/66/3  1860

Envelope: Drawing of Bolton Town Hall  ABZ/66/4  1873

Parcel: Copy of Illustrated London News; pictures and write-up of the opening of the New Town Hall by the Prince of Wales  ABZ/66/5  1873

Envelope: 6 Copies of the Illustrated London News, together with Medal struck to commemorate the opening of the New Town Hall  ABZ/66/6  1873

Envelope: 3 photographs of Hall-i-th-Wood  ABZ/66/7  1900

Envelope: Containing presentation key in case used in opening of Townley's Nurses Home  ABZ/66/8  1901

Parcel: Photographs of Waterworks Committee Members present at the cutting of the 1st and 2nd sods for Delph Reservoir  ABZ/66/9  1908

Parcel: Photograph of Colours of the V Battalion Loyal North Lancashire Regiment  ABZ/66/10  1912

Envelope: Photograph of inspection by Surgeon General of Naval Sick Berth Reservists  ABZ/66/11  1914

Envelope: Copy of "The Times" reporting the signing of the Armistice  ABZ/66/12  12 Nov 1918

Parcel: Photograph showing use of Town Hall by National Service Authorities  ABZ/66/13  1918

Envelope: Snapshots taken at opening of Delph Reservoir  ABZ/66/14  1921

Envelope: 2 copies of Bolton's Rise and Progress  ABZ/66/15  1922

Envelope: Photograph of proposed monument - Earl Derby  ABZ/66/16  1925

Envelope: Copy of "Progress", In Memoriam, William Hesketh, Viscount Leverhulme  ABZ/66/17  1925

Envelope: Bound copy of "Scholars Essays" New Town Hall Scheme  ABZ/66/18  1925

Envelope: Copy of "The British Gazette"  ABZ/66/19  1926

Envelope: Book:- Samuel Crompton 1753-1825  ABZ/66/20  1927

Envelope: Photographs; Town Hall Site, Fish Market, etc  ABZ/66/21  1930

Envelope: Photographs of Laying Foundation Stone of the New Town Market Building  ABZ/66/22  1931

Envelope: Medal commemorating the marriage of H.R.H. The Prince of Wales and H.R.H. The Princess Alexandra. 1863  ABZ/66/23  Donated 1932

Envelope: Photograph of demolition of Old Parish Church, Churchgate, Bolton. 1866  ABZ/66/24  Donated 1932

Envelope: Photograph of C.Wolfenden Esq  ABZ/66/25  1932

Envelope: Photograph of G. Sykes, Mayor of Bolton, 1931/32  ABZ/66/26  1932

Envelope: Souvenir of the Official Opening of the switchgear extensions at Back-o'th'Bank Generating Station  ABZ/66/27  1935

Envelope: Official souvenirs of the re-opening of the Market Hall  ABZ/66/28  1938

Parcel: Photograph of presentation of cheque in aid of Red Cross P.O.W. Fund  ABZ/66/29  1943

Book: Log book of Savings Committee in the Wings for Victory Campaign  ABZ/66/30  1943

Envelope: Brochure of Waterworks Centenary  ABZ/66/31  1947

Envelope: Correspondence referring to gift of Halberds and Trumpet Pennants by Mrs. Makant  ABZ/66/32  1947

Envelope: Photograph of Statue of Samuel Crompton  ABZ/66/33  Undated


Folder: Correspondence, estimates and particulars, final accounts and other details referring to the construction of Crompton Way to connect Blackburn Road and Bury Road  ABZ/67/1  9 Apr 1925 - 11 Jan 1932

Also a copy of the Bolton Order 1925, referring to the scheme, and the particulars and conditions of sale of a plot at the junction of Blackburn Road and Crompton Way

Folder: Correspondence, plans, newspaper cuttings, reports and a copy of the London Gazette referring to The Bolton (Road Restriction) Order of 1937, and the imposition of a speed limit on the road through Moss Bank Park  ABZ/67/2  5 Aug 1937 - 30 Jun 1938

Folder: Correspondence, newspaper cuttings, list of invitations, invitation cards, general arrangements, programmes, map and accounts referring to the Official Opening of Moss Bank Way by The Right Honourable Leslie Burgin, Minister of Transport on the 9th December 1938, and the Luncheon at the Town Hall  ABZ/67/3  20 Aug 1938 - 15 Dec 1938


Folder: Correspondence, agreements, plans, minutes, notes, accounts, reports, resolutions, financial statements and oher details of The Bolton and District Regional Planning Committee  ABZ/68/1  1 Apr 1926 - 27 Nov 1928

Folder: Correspondence, agreements, plans, minutes, notes, accounts, reports, resolutions, financial statements and oher details of The Bolton and District Regional Planning Committee  ABZ/68/2  15 Oct 1928 - 19 Dec 1930

Folder: Correspondence, agreements, plans, minutes, notes, accounts, reports, resolutions, financial statements and oher details of The Bolton and District Regional Planning Committee  ABZ/68/3  1 Aug 1930 - 14 Dec 1931

Folder: Correspondence, agreements, plans, minutes, notes, accounts, reports, resolutions, financial statements and oher details of The Bolton and District Regional Planning Committee  ABZ/68/4  30 Jan 1932 - 16 Dec 1933

Folder: Correspondence, agreements, plans, minutes, notes, accounts, reports, resolutions, financial statements and oher details of The Bolton and District Regional Planning Committee  ABZ/68/5  14 Feb 1934 - 20 Dec 1935

Folder: Correspondence, agreements, plans, minutes, notes, accounts, reports, resolutions, financial statements and oher details of The Bolton and District Regional Planning Committee  ABZ/68/6  2 Jan 1936 - 10 Sep 1938

Folder: Correspondence, agreements, plans, minutes, notes, accounts, reports, resolutions, financial statements and oher details of The Bolton and District Regional Planning Committee  ABZ/68/7  22 Jun 1938 - 30 Dec 1941

Folder: Correspondence, agreements, plans, minutes, notes, accounts, reports, resolutions, financial statements and oher details of The Bolton and District Regional Planning Committee  ABZ/68/8  5 Jan 1942 - Jun 1945

Folder: Correspondence, agreements, plans, minutes, notes, accounts, reports, resolutions, financial statements and oher details of The Bolton and District Regional Planning Committee  ABZ/68/9  20 Jun 1945 - 27 Apr 1950

Folder: Reports of the surveyor of the Bolton and District Regional Planning Committee  ABZ/68/10  15 Sep 1926 - 1 Dec 1943

Folder: Town Planning Act, 1925. Bolton and District Joint Town Planning Scheme. Preliminary statement of proposals for Development  ABZ/68/11  1925

Book: Bolton and District Regional Planning Committee - Register of Employees  ABZ/68/12  19 Jul 1926 - 11 Sep 1935

Book: Bolton and District Regional Planning Committee - Service of Members  ABZ/68/13  May 1926 - Jul 1938

Folder: Correspondence. reports, schedules and drafts referring to the Review of County Districts in connection with Lancashire County Council in the Local Government Act of 1929  ABZ/68/14  1 Nov 1931 - 28 Mar 1933

Bundle: Town and Country Planning Act 1932. Bolton and District Regional Planning Scheme. Draft scheme - several copies  ABZ/68/15  Undated

Folder: Correspondence, plans, agreements, memoranda, reports, statement of accounts referring to various schemes of the Bolton & District Planning Committee  ABZ/68/16  1 Jul 1933 - 3 Jun 1940

Book: Prints of Minutes of the Proceedings of the Bolton and District Regional Planning Committee from 23 Dec 1942  ABZ/68/17  23 Dec 1942 - 31 Mar 1948

Bundle: Correspondence, memoranda, reports, agreements and other details referring to the proceedings of the Bolton and District Regional Planning Committee  ABZ/68/18  25 Nov 1926 - 2 Aug 1945


Folder: Correspondence, minutes and other details referring to the creation of the Bolton Commonwealth Friendship Council in connection with the International Co-operation Year of 1965  ABZ/69/1  1965 - 27 Jun 1966

Also details of other similar committees esstablished throughout the country


Folder: Correspondence about Water Tower near Smethurst Lane (Coal Mining Operations)  ABZ/71/1  14 Oct 1943 - 8 Jan 1947

Notes, Statement of Claim by Manchester Collieries Ltd., against Bolton Corporation in respect of coal left unworked as a pillar of support for their Water Tower near Smethurst Lane. Also plans of the area and agreements

Folder: Correspondence concerning Mining Subsidence, dealing with compensation for damages, areas affected by the subsidence, damage to buildings, sewarage and roads  ABZ/71/2  11 Sep 1945 - 12 Jul 1957

Reports, conference notices, summary of damage due to Mining Subsidence in county boroughs of Bolton, Burnley, St. Helens and Wigan and other areas. Observations by Local Authorities and other bodies. Organisation of Mining Subsidence Protest Campaign. Appointment of a Standing Committee, reports by the Committee. National Conference of Local Authorities, report of proceedings. Resolutions of the Committee. Passing of Coal Mining Subsidence Bill. Also includes explanatory and financial Memorandum of the Bill and map of areas affected by the subsidence

Folder: Correspondence, notes, memoranda, concerning Clearance Areas, redevelopment areas, the erection of new buildings, future housing policy, housing programmes, employment and education. Notes of Meetings  ABZ/71/3  26 Aug 1952 - 11 Oct 1963

Folder: Correspondence concerning the repair of Moxam Bottoms Culvert, estimate of works, costs, areas affected, compensation for any loss or damage to property and Insurance cover for employees involved in the execution of the works  ABZ/71/4  3 Sep 1959 - 3 Oct 1960

Also includes agreements between property owners and the Corporation and a map and survey of the Moxam Bottoms Culvert

Folder: List of names and addresses of people agreements were sent to and their premises. Correspondence, enclosing agreements to be signed by the person named and a witness  ABZ/71/5  15 Aug 1960 - 14 Oct 1960

Also a bundle of agreements between certain people and the Corporation in agreement to grant them a licence to enter the said land for the purpose of executing repairs to the said culvert


Harry Kenyon: Correspondence and stage periodicals  ABZ/72/1  Undated

Reginald Ashley: Correspondence and newspapers  ABZ/72/2  Undated

Gertrude Brimelow: Correspondence and periodicals  ABZ/72/3  Undated

JOHN + LUCY BRENNAN: Correspondence and newspapers  ABZ/72/4  Undated

TERRY OATES WILSON: Form  ABZ/72/5  10 Dec 1925 - 12 Jan 1926

Applications from:- Samuel Walmsley and others: Correspondence and newspapers  ABZ/72/6  Undated

Applications from:- Tony Snape: Correspondence and periodicals  ABZ/72/7  Undated

Applications from:- Tony Snape and Leslie Manners: Correspondence and periodicals  ABZ/72/8  Undated

Applications from:- The Universal Grand Opera Company Limited: Correspondence and periodicals  ABZ/72/9  Undated

Applications from:- Bernard Morris Woolley: Correspondence and periodicals  ABZ/72/10  Undated

Applications from:- Ronald Wotherspoon: Form and periodicals  ABZ/72/11  Undated

Applications from:- Evelyn Spouse: Form and periodicals  ABZ/72/12  Undated

Applications from:- D. Miles Glaister: Correspondence and periodicals  ABZ/72/13  Undated

Applications from:- John William Morgan: Form and periodicals  ABZ/72/14  Undated

Applications from:- Adenhil Presentations Limited: Form, receipt and periodicals  ABZ/72/15  Undated

Applications from:- Thomas B. Gannon Theatrical Agency: Form and periodicals  ABZ/72/16  3 Dec 1925 - 24 Jul 1963

Applications from:- John and Lucy Brennan  ABZ/72/17  Undated

Terry Oates Wilson  ABZ/72/18  Undated


Conditions of access: Closed for 100 years

Folder: Details of the Coroner's Inquest, of June 13 1961, into the Fire at the Top Storey Club, including briefs, statements and reports  ABZ/73/1  30 Jan 1961 - 13 Jun 1961

Also copy of the Annual Return of Particulars of the Top Storey Club in accordance with the Licensing Act of 1953

Folder: Press cuttings and newspaper referring to the Fire at the Top Storey Club, Crown Street, Bolton on May 1st 1961  ABZ/73/2  2 May 1961 - 15 Jun 1961

Folder: Correspondence, accounts, newspaper cuttings, orders, plan, proceedings of the Coroner's inquisitions and other miscellaneous papers, referring to the Top Storey Club Fire Disaster  ABZ/73/3  2 May 1961 - 25 Nov 1968

Folder: Correspondence, newspaper cuttings, briefs and other details relating to the Appeals of William Mc Leish against the refusal of the Justices to grant a full unlicence in respect of club premises forming part of the "Palais Ballroom", Bridge Street, Bolton  ABZ/73/4  3 May 1962 - 18 Jan 1963

Folder: Correspondence, newspapers, newspaper cuttings and other details referring to the special omnibus service for patrons of the Bolton Palais de Dance at the termination of dances  ABZ/73/5  5 May 1962 - 31 Aug 1962

Also copies of the 1930 Road Traffic Act, and The London Gazette of May 25th 1962


Book: Minute Book for proposed Bolton Corporation Jubilee - Treat to the Poor  ABZ/74/1  11 Oct 1888 - 6 Nov 1888

Including:- selected places for the entertainment. List of tickets sent out and the places they where sent to. Receipts for money sent in for the Treat and Disbursements

Letters: Correspondence concerning the Jubilee Treat. Notice:- Treat to take place on the 11th Oct 1888. Donations of money, meeting notices to arrange the event, draft Committee proceeding Minutes  ABZ/74/2  25 Sep 1888 - 18 Oct 1888

Arrangements, menus, circulars, subscription forms and some subscriptions already sent in, entertainment, names of applicants for the Treat. Invitations, list of names of people to be invited to the Mayor's Luncheon on the 11th Oct.
Subscription Forms with the amounts subscribed and signitures. Posters advertising the Treat with amendments to the wording


Folder: Correspondence relating to the Death of King George VI 6th February 1952  ABZ/75/1  6th-15th Feb 1952

Local Arrangements for the late Kings Funeral. Order of Parade; Order of Service; Hymn Sheets, Band Accounts. Newspaper Cuttings

Folder: Newspapers reporting the death of Queen Mary; Also telegram of sympathy sent from the Mayor of Bolton  ABZ/75/2  25 Mar - 1953

Folder: Correspondence relating to State Funeral of Sir Winston Churchill; Also Memorial Service on 31st January 1965  ABZ/75/3  Jan 1965


Folder: Newspaper cuttings, newspapers and plans referring to Local Government Reorganisation  ABZ/76/1  1 Aug 1958 - 16 Dec 1965

Folder: Memoranda, plans, accounts, resolutions and other details of various important reports  ABZ/76/2  1963 - 1968

SPECIAL LETTERS 1960 - 1962  ABZ/77  [n.d.]

Folder: Special letters of congratulation and thanks referring to awards recieved by local townspeople, important visitors to the town and other correspondence referring to events of particular note to Bolton  ABZ/77/1  4 Jan 1960 - 24 Dec 1962

Folder: Local Personalities; Mainly newspaper cuttings concerning honours and awards bestowed upon members of various local voluntary services and other interesting people  ABZ/77/2  Jan 1969 - Mar 1970


Folder: Correspondence relating to various applications for the Civic Trust Awards  ABZ/78/1  8 Jan 1958 - 3 Oct 1968


Folder: Correspondence, reports, plans, statistics, drafts, newspaper cuttings, drawings and minutes concerning the provision of a Central Criminal Court for the North West Area  ABZ/79/1  6 Feb 1953 - 28 Mar 1961


Folder: General Correspondence referring to the formation of East Lancashire Territorial Force Association Constitution, Appointment of Corporation Representative Member. Reorganisation of the Territorial Force  ABZ/80/1  Aug 1910 - Nov 1958


Particulars and conditions of Sale of 30 Plots of Building Land in Bradshawgate and Great Moor Street  ABZ/81/1  17 May 1888

Tonge - with - Haulgh Inclosure Award - Plan  ABZ/81/2  Jun 1910

Correspondence and plans of land at Lostock for Proposed Extensions to De Havilland Aircraft Factory  ABZ/81/3  May 1939

Correspondence, relating to The National Trust Enterprise "Neptune  ABZ/81/4  1965


Plans of proposed Civic Centre, Library, Museum and Health Centre  ABZ/82/5  1925-1931

Plans of proposed - Sessions and Police buildings  ABZ/82/6  1925-1931

Extension to Town Hall - detailed drawings of furnishings, showing telephone points  ABZ/82/7  1934

Extension to Town Hall - floor plans and furnishings  ABZ/82/8  1935-1936

Extension to Town Hall - Plans of telephones in Public Health Departments and Libraries  ABZ/82/9  1935

Extension to Town Hall - details of furnishings and extensions. (Kendal Milne & Co.)  ABZ/82/10  1936

Extension to Town Hall - furnishings (William Higgins Ltd.)  ABZ/82/11  1936

Extension to Town Hall - furnishings (Bradshaw, Gass & Hope)  ABZ/82/12  1936

Extension to Town Hall - furnishings for Police Building and Court  ABZ/82/13  1936

Extension to Town Hall - plans for carpeting  ABZ/82/14  c.1936

Extension to Town Hall - furnishings and fittings for Public Health, Library and Art Gallery  ABZ/82/15  1937

Seating Plans of the Albert Hall, Town Hall, Bolton  ABZ/82/16  1949

Architects drawing (front elevation) of proposed Co-operative Society's store at Victoria Square. (Kept with Museum collection)  ABZ/82/17  1936


Copy of plan of Bolton Moor  ABZ/83/1  c.1793

Very fragile

Plans and sections of a proposed Reservoir to be made at Great Lever Bleach works  ABZ/83/2  Dec 1850

Plan of boundary between the Townships of Rumworth and Heaton  ABZ/83/3  Oct 1857

Certificate of Award issued by the Board of Trade to the Borough of Bolton - Turin International Exhibition  ABZ/83/4  1911

Ground plan of Nurses Home, Bolton Infirmary, including estimate  ABZ/83/5  1914

Decorative Scroll for the Borough of Bolton used at the Athens Exhibition  ABZ/83/6  1920

Plans of a proposed sewer by St. Georges Road, Bolton  ABZ/83/7  1923

Plans of a new bridge over L.M.S. Railway near Lostock Junction  ABZ/83/8  1923

Plan of widening to be carried out at Tootil Bridge, Bolton  ABZ/83/9  1924-25

Plan of new road from Blackburn Road to Bury Road (Crompton Way)  ABZ/83/10  1924-25

County Borough of Bolton Town Planning Scheme - Map No. 1  ABZ/83/11  1925

Plans of extra High Tension Switch Gear at Back o'th' Bank Generating Station, Bolton  ABZ/83/12  1933

Plan of Area of Supply, N.W.Area, Electricity Commission  ABZ/83/13  1933

Plan of Borough of Bolton Wards  ABZ/83/14  1935

Plans for the Bolton Municipal Technical College  ABZ/83/15  1937

Plans of proposed nurses home and administration block at Hulton Lane Infectious Diseases Hospital  ABZ/83/16  1937

Plans, claims, notices and statements for the statutory declaration by the Town Clerk, Bolton in pursuance of the Coal Act 1938  ABZ/83/17  1939

Plans of extension schemes for Back o'th' Bank Generating Station  ABZ/83/18  1940

Plans of extension schemes for Back o'th' Bank Generating Station  ABZ/83/19  1942

Photograph taken at the Jubilee of Bolton Electricity Undertaking Luncheon  ABZ/83/20  1944

Administrative Map of Lancashire showing Local Authorities  ABZ/83/21  1940

Plans of proposed new ward boundaries of Bolton Borough  ABZ/83/22  1948

Plans for 275 KV Transmission Lines, alternative routes across Bolton Borough  ABZ/83/23  c. 1950

Plans of Transport Office, Shifnall Street, Depot at Crook Street and workshops for the Blind, Larkhill Buildings  ABZ/83/24  1953 - 1955

Plans of Technical College, Manchester Road and the Technical School, Bridgeman Place  ABZ/83/25  1955

Plans of Lostock Open Air School, and warehouse at Deansgate  ABZ/83/26  1955

Rumworth Enclosue Award and Plan  ABZ/83/27  1817

Certified copy

Halliwell and Horwich Tithe Award and Plan  ABZ/83/28  1845

Certified copy

ROYAL LANCASHIRE AGRICULTURAL SHOW, 1927 (Held July 28th, 29th and 30th, August 1st  ABZ/84  [n.d.]

1 Miscellaneous
2 - 8 Correspondence
9 - 12 Subscriptions
13 - 15 Publications
16 - 20 Miscellaneous

Minutes Book of Royal Lancashire Agricultural Show, Bolton  ABZ/84/1  1927

Folder. Circulars, forms, etc: proposing meeting of fund-raising committee  ABZ/84/2  22 Feb 1927 - 3 Oct 1927

Promised subscription forms, appeals for subscriptions, list of subscribers, notices of meetings of Local Executive Ctte, list of ticket etc. privileges to subscribers to local fund

Folder. Correspondence and other documents, including: map of proposed site of RLAS, Agreements of tenancy of land for show between RLAS and Mr John T Howarth, Mrs Sarah Heaton, and Mr Sam Roberts, suggested invitation to HRH Princess Mary to attend show, copy of list of prizes for show, correspondence concerning sleepers in possession of J.T. Greenhalgh, clipping from Bolton Evening News of 19 Jul 1927, announcement of sale of timer from RLAS, statement of receipts and payments, vouchers, report of council, collection of pamphlets relating to Burnley RLAS 1926, plan of showground, index to exhibitors of implements, list of engagements of Mayor at show, list of some hotels in Bolton  ABZ/84/3  7 Jul 1926 - Oct 1927

Lists of correspondents concerning show (Folders)  ABZ/84/4  1927

(i) Individuals
(ii) Farmers
(iii) Firms

Files of correspondence regretting inability to attend meetings from  ABZ/84/5  24 Mar 1927 - 6 Oct 1927

5 Items

Letters accepting appointment on Local Cmtte and Executive Cmtte  ABZ/84/6  1927

Letters regretting inability to serve on Local Ctte and Executive Ctte  ABZ/84/7  1927

Forms of promise to subscribe and miscellaneous correspondence  ABZ/84/8  1927

Folder. List of subscriptions forwarded to Hon. Treasurer  ABZ/84/9  1927

Book. Subscriptions  ABZ/84/10  1927

Collection of sheets of subscriptions  ABZ/84/11  1927

Payment books for subscriptions  ABZ/84/12  1927

5 Items

Programmes, Journal, tickets, catalogues of classes and prizes for the show  ABZ/84/13  1927

Collection of schedules for classes and prizes from RLAS in Manchester 1924 and Burnley 1926  ABZ/84/14  Undated

Folder. Prize lists RLAS  ABZ/84/15  1927

Folder. Suggested names for Local Committee; members of Executive Council  ABZ/84/16  1927

List of Local Committee and Executive Committee reported at meeting of Executive Committee  ABZ/84/17  6 May 1927

RLAS postage book  ABZ/84/18  1927

Paying-in book of RLAS, Manchester and County Bank  ABZ/84/19  1927

Manchester and County Bank Book of Bolton Local Fund of RLAS  ABZ/84/20  1927

Receipt Books of Local Fund RLAS  ABZ/84/21  Undated

5 Items

Handwritten drafts for prizes  ABZ/84/22  12 May 1927

2 Items


Newspaper cuttings book  ABZ/85/1  1938 - 1939

Air Raid Warnings Record Book  ABZ/85/2  1939 - 1941

As ABZ/85/2 above  ABZ/85/3  1941 - 1944


File of correspondence and papers relating to the Bolton Town Hall Organ  ABZ/86/1  1921 - 1962

Record of attendances and receipts at Organ Recitals  ABZ/86/2  1876 - 1925

Bolton Town Hall Organ: A Brief History and Description. Compiled by Arthur E. Jones, F.R.C.O., L.T.C.L., Borough Organist  ABZ/86/3  1944

Specification: Proposed organ for Town Hall, Bolton  ABZ/86/4  Apr 1872


Correspondence File - presentation of new colours to 253rd Regiment Royal Artillery (The Bolton Artillery) T.A  ABZ/87/1  Jun - Jul 1963

Correspondence File - presentation of Honorary Freedom of the Borough of Bolton to 5th Battalion The Loyal Regiment, T.A., and to 253rd Regiment Royal Artillery (The Bolton Artillery), T.A  ABZ/87/2  1963 - 1964

Includes photographs, press cuttings, guest lists, invitations, admission tickets, etc


Source of acquisition: Returned to Mayors Office, Dec 1989

Roll of Freemen admitted pursuant to the Honorary Freedom of Boroughs Act, 1885 (48 & 49 Victoria, c. 29)  ABZ/88/1  6 Sep 1899 - 5 Jun 1973


File of correspondence and reports relating to proposals for a Civic Theatre and Arts Centre in Bolton; includes survey of theatres in other towns, statistics relating to existing provisions for the Arts in Bolton, etc  ABZ/89/1  1964


Official Notice: Common Council of the Borough of Bolton to the Clerk of the Peace for the Borough of Bolton  ABZ/90/1  14 Mar 1860

- Appointment of an Inspector of Weights and Measures; commencement of exercise of powers in relation to Weights and Measures by the Borough Council. Seal


Byelaws of Borough of Bolton, made 22 Feb 1843 and altered 19 Apr 1843  ABZ/91/2  1843

Byelaws & regulations - Darbishire Recreation Ground  ABZ/91/3  12 Mar 1873

Byelaws: Hackney Carriages  ABZ/91/5  1892

Bolton Corporation Waterworks Regulations  ABZ/91/6  1872

Bolton Corporation Borrowing Powers  ABZ/91/8  1881

Regulations with respect to Inspectors and Inspection of Weights and Measures  ABZ/91/9  1890

Report on Provisions of Weights and Meaures Acts  ABZ/91/10  1878 & 1889, 1889

Byelaws: Parks and Recreation Grounds  ABZ/91/11  1890

Byelaws: Omnibuses  ABZ/91/12  1877

Byelaws: Buildings and Sewerage, etc  ABZ/91/13  1926

Byelaws: Sale of Coal  ABZ/91/14  1892

Dairies, Cowsheds and Milkshops  ABZ/91/15  1890

Byelaws: Houses Let in Lodgings  ABZ/91/16  1898

Extract from Report of Medical Officer of Health: Smoke prevention  ABZ/91/17  1893

Byelaws: Fire Escapes  ABZ/91/18  1877

Byelaws: Lights on Vehicles  ABZ/91/20  1900

Scale of Salaries, Bolton C.B. Employees  ABZ/91/21  1906

Education Committee Schemes  ABZ/91/22  1902

Byelaws: High Street Public Baths  ABZ/91/23  1903

Regulations for administration of Bolton Corporation Accident Fund  ABZ/91/23a  1903

Byelaws: Slaughter Houses  ABZ/91/24  1904

Bolton Barbers' & Hairdressers' Shops Closing Order  ABZ/91/25  1906

Standing Orders: Granting of licenses for Stage Plays  ABZ/91/26  1910

Bolton Grocers' & Provision Dealers' Exemption Order  ABZ/91/27  1912

Bolton Barbers' & Hairdressers' Shops Closing Order  ABZ/91/28  1912

Bolton Photographers' Exemption Order  ABZ/91/29  1912

Bolton Butchers' Shops Extension of Provisions and Half-Holiday Order  ABZ/91/30  1915

Bolton Butchers' Shops Closing Order  ABZ/91/31  1922

Byelaws: School Attendance  ABZ/91/32  1925

Byelaws: Tents, Vans, Sheds, etc  ABZ/91/33  1925

Byelaws: Maternity Homes  ABZ/91/34  1926

Regulations: Hackney Carriages and Taximeters  ABZ/91/35  1928

Public Assistance Committee Administration Scheme  ABZ/91/36  1929

Bolton Barbers' & Hairdressers' Shops Weekly Half-Holiday Order  ABZ/91/37  1929

Bolton Barbers' & Hairdressers' Shops Closing Order  ABZ/91/38  1929

Bolton Corporation Transport Department Byelaws & Regulations  ABZ/91/39  1934

Byelaws: Nursing Homes  ABZ/91/40  1930

Byelaws: Working Class Housing, Lodgings, etc  ABZ/91/41  1932

Registration of Births, Marriages & Deaths Scheme  ABZ/91/42  1929

Scheme for Alteration of Bolton Registration Scheme  ABZ/91/43  1935

Scheme for Alteration of Bolton Registration Scheme  ABZ/91/44  1935 - 1937

Scheme for Alteration of Bolton Registration Scheme  ABZ/91/44a  1935 - 1941

Local Government Officers' Superannuation Scheme  ABZ/91/45  1930

Registrars' Salaries Scheme  ABZ/91/46  1929

Byelaws: Wireless Loudspeakers, Gramophones, etc  ABZ/91/47  1932

Regulations: Street Collections  ABZ/91/48  1938

Byelaws: Waiting in the Streets to Enter Public Vehicles  ABZ/91/49  1940

Regulations: Domiciliary Assistance to Blind Persons  ABZ/91/50  1938

County Borough of Bolton (Public Assistance) Administrative Scheme  ABZ/91/51  1939

Byelaws: Smoke Abatement  ABZ/91/52  1939

Rules and Regulations and Table of Fees: Cemeteries  ABZ/91/53  1946

Byelaws: Employment of Children  ABZ/91/54  1948

Byelaws: Dealers in Marine Stores & Second Hand Goods  ABZ/91/55  1949

Byelaws: Boxing and Wrestling Licenses  ABZ/91/56  1950

Byelaws: Sale, Handling, etc. of Food  ABZ/91/57  1950

Byelaws: Hairdressers and Barbers  ABZ/91/58  1950

Byelaws: Sale of Contraceptives by Automatic Machines  ABZ/91/59  1950

Byelaws: Markets  ABZ/91/60  1952

Byelaws: Frost Precautions (Water Supply)  ABZ/91/61  1957

Byelaws: Provision of Draining Taps  ABZ/91/62  1959

Byelaws: Parking Places  ABZ/91/63  1957

Byelaws: Parking Places  ABZ/91/64  1938

Byelaws: Public Slaughterhouses  ABZ/91/65  1957

Byelaws: Hackney Carriages  ABZ/91/66  1958

Byelaws: Disorderly Conduct in Places of Public Entertainment  ABZ/91/67  1960

Establishment for Official Staffs of Various Corporation Departments  ABZ/91/68  1945

Byelaws: Handling & Sale of Food  ABZ/91/69  1950

Index to Streets, Lanes, Roads, etc. in Bolton C.B  ABZ/91/70  1899

Bolton County Borough Council Standing Orders  ABZ/91/71  Undated

Bolton County Borough Council Standing Orders with Code of Tendering Procedure  ABZ/91/72  Undated

Bolton (Control of Dogs on Roads) (No.1) Order  ABZ/91/73  1961

Byelaw: Wireless Sets, Gramophones, Amplifiers, etc  ABZ/91/74  1964

Byelaws: Public Meetings & Gatherings in Temporary Structures  ABZ/91/75  1965

Byelaws: Waste, Misuse & Contamination of Water  ABZ/91/76  1966

Tabulated Information: Workmen's Holidays with Pay  ABZ/91/77  1911

Correspondence relating to Workmen's Holidays with Pay  ABZ/91/77a  1911

Special Scheme: Rating and Valuation Act  ABZ/91/78  1925, 1927

Borough of Bolton Elective Auditor's Report on the Accounts  ABZ/91/79  1905

Quarter Sessions Handbook by L.Thorp & R.E.Negus  ABZ/91/80  1943

Index to Byelaws and Regulations  ABZ/91/81  Undated


Plan - basement, ground floor, first floor, assembly hall, and attic  ABZ/92/1  1919

Plan of terrazo tiling  ABZ/92/2  Undated

Plans showing proposed alterations  ABZ/92/3 - 9  1937

Sketch view of Gentlemen's Plunge Bath  ABZ/92/10  1937


File: Special Committee Proceedings, including agenda, notices, reports, etc  ABZ/93/1  Jul 1972 - Jan 1973

File: reports submitted to committee  ABZ/93/2  Aug 1968 - Jan 1970

File: Proceedings of Greater Manchester Joint Committee, Greater Manchester Metropolitan County Joint Committee, Steering Group  ABZ/93/3  Dec 1971 - Jul 1972

File: Reports of Local Authorities and Various Organizations after publication of the Royal Commission Proposals  ABZ/93/4  Jun 1969 - Jan 1970

As ABZ/93/4 above  ABZ/93/5  Feb 1970 - Feb 1971

File: Miscellaneous Correspondence  ABZ/93/6  Jun 1970 - Mar 1973

File: Spare copies of reports, proceedings, etc  ABZ/93/7  Jan 1972 - Mar 1973

Map: New Local Government Map (England)  ABZ/93/9  Undated

Map: Local Government Reorganization, Area 3 - AMC Proposals. (N.W. Region)  ABZ/93/10  Undated

Report: Bolton C.B. - Royal Commission on Local Government in England  ABZ/93/11  Sep 1969

Report: Bolton C.B. - Future of N.H.S.: Observations on the Green Paper  ABZ/93/12  Jun 1970

Report: Bolton C.B. - Local Authorities Social Services Administration  ABZ/93/13  1970

Report: National Health Service Reorganization (England): N.H.S. Note 1A  ABZ/93/14  Undated

White Paper: Reform of Local Government in England  ABZ/93/15  Feb 1970

Report: Royal Commission on Local Government in England, 1966 - 1969, Vol. 1  ABZ/93/16  Undated

Short version of ABZ/93/16  ABZ/93/17  1966-1969

Green Paper: National Health Service - Future Structure of N.H.S  ABZ/93/18  1970


File of posters, tickets, programmes and menus for the Mayor of Bolton's Grand Charter Day Ball  ABZ/94/1  11 Oct 1988


Film: F.A. Cup Final - Bolton Wanderers v. Manchester United  ABZ/95/1  1958

1 Reel

Presented to Alderman Young, Mayor of Bolton, by The Rank Organization for Civic Records


Film of construction of Town Hall Extension and new Civic Centre, including clearing of site, building plant and machinery, stone carving, etc  ABZ/96/1  c.1930 - 1939

Reel 1.

Film of construction of Town Hall Extension and new Civic Centre, including clearing of site, building plant and machinery, stone carving, etc  ABZ/96/2  c.1930 - 1939

Reel 2.


Related information: For photograph album relating to Alderman Warburton's mayoral year, see ZZ/391/2.

Film of Alderman Warburton's Mayoral Year  ABZ/97/1  1930 - 1931

Reel 1.

Film of Alderman Warburton's Mayoral Year  ABZ/97/2  Undated

Reel 2.


Film of the Opening of the Octagon Theatre  ABZ/98/1  1967

WAR CHARITIES ACT, 1940  ABZ/99  [n.d.]

General Correspondence relating to registration of local charitable organizations under the Act, including forms, memorandum and articles of association of the National Spastics Society (1953)  ABZ/99/1  1940 - 1968

Register of Charities registered with Bolton County Borough Council  ABZ/99/2  1940 - 1963

List of Charities Exempted from Registration  ABZ/99/3  1940 - 1944

Correspondence between Bolton Corporation and the Charity Commissioners relating to War Charities Act Registration  ABZ/99/4  1940 - 1955

Includes 75th Annual Report of the North London Homes for the Blind, 1955

Annual Reports, Balance Sheets and Correspondence relating to Charities Registered under the Act with Bolton County Borough Council  [no ref. or date]

Bolton Red Cross & Order of St John: War Comforts Welfare Council  ABZ/99/5  1940 - 1946

Bolton Services Welfare Joint Committee  ABZ/99/6  1947 - 1957

Bolton Ex-Servicemen's Liaison Committee  ABZ/99/7  1948 - 1950

British Limbless Ex-Servicemen's Association (Bolton Branch)  ABZ/99/8  1945 - 1967

National Fire Service (N.W.Region) Benevolent Fund, 28 Area  ABZ/99/9  1942 - 1963

Bolton Anglo-Russian Civic Committee  ABZ/99/10  1942 - 1947

Bolton Leigh and District Deaf and Dumb Society  ABZ/99/11  1948 - 1968

The Bolton Club for the Hard of Hearing  ABZ/99/12  1952 - 1966

National Spastics Society (Bolton & District Group)  ABZ/99/13  1957 - 1968

The Bolton Society for Mentally Handicapped Children  ABZ/99/14  1965 - 1969


Petition of inhabitant householders of Bolton for a Charter of Incorporation under the Municipal Corporation Act of 1835. Names of signatories  ABZ/100/1  17 Jan 1838

File of legal papers and correspondence relating to the Charter, agreement with Lancashire magistrates concerning payments for cases from the Borough; list of records belonging to the Borough in 1844  ABZ/100/2  1838 - 1844

CIVIL DEFENCE  ABZ/101  [n.d.]

Conditions of access: RECORDS CLOSED TO THE PUBLIC UNTIL 1995

File of Correspondence and Papers: Area Controller No. 101a (Bolton) Area  ABZ/101/1  1958 - 1964

Exercise Plan: Lancashire County Council Civil Defence Department - Exercise "Mermaid"  ABZ/101/2  7 May 1961

Civil Defence Plan: Home Office North Western Region - "Decem Five"  ABZ/101/3  4 - 5 Dec 1961

Civil Defence Plan: Operational Plan - 101 (East Lancashire) Sub-Region  ABZ/101/4  c.1961

File of Civil Defence Lectures  ABZ/101/5  1959


Photograph Album: Inauguration of the Scheme by the Donor, Mr James W.Wigglesworth, Honorary Freeman of the Borough  ABZ/102/1  7 Nov 1964

Includes balance sheet for Civic Centre Fountains and Floodlighting


File of correspondence and papers relating to bequest to Bolton Corporation by John Bradshaw Gass, deceased, for provision of lectures on scientific, artistic, literary and musical subjects, and for purchase of works of art for Bolton Art Gallery  ABZ/103/1  1939 - 1961

Including correspondence relating to the donation to the Art Gallery by the Trustees of the bronze bust 'Zeda Pasha' by Sir Jacob Epstein 1961


File of copies of certificates issued under seal by mayors of Bolton  ABZ/104/1  1908 - 1974

Includes letters requesting certificates relating to nationality, residence in the borough, testimonials of good character, etc


File of correspondence, invitations, programmes, luncheon menu, etc., relating to the opening of the college by Princess Margaret on 22nd April 1970  ABZ/105/1  1967 - 1970


King George V and Queen Mary  ABZ/106/1  10 Jul 1913

Prince of Wales (later King Edward VIII)  ABZ/106/2  6 Jul 1921

King George VI and Queen Elizabeth  ABZ/106/3  20 May 1938


File of correspondence relating to Bolton and District Local Employment Committee, including report on Training and Employment of Diasabled Ex-Service Men  ABZ/107/1  1917 - 1972


Estate Plan - based on 1:2500 ordnance survey, with information regarding underground workings  ABZ/108/1  c.1910


Mining Survey Map of Bolton County Borough - based on 6ins to 1 mile ordnance survey, with additions showing degree of liability to subsidence of different areas. Also shows faults  ABZ/109/1  1943


File of correspondence and papers relating to gift of estate to Bolton Corporation by members of the Haslam and Scott families. Includes plans of the house and estate  ABZ/110/1  1920 - 1931


File of legal papers relating to the removal of COuncillor James Brian O'Hara from various committees of Bolton Corporation and subsequent law suit in the Chancery Division of the High Court of Justice  ABZ/111/1  1972


Ratepayers' petition, correspondence, legal papers, newspaper cuttings and related papers concerning the Winter Hill right of way dispute (Ainsworth V. Hall and Others) and access to the moorland areas of Smithhills and Horwich via Coalpit Lane  ABZ/112/1  1896 - 1906


Map showing the boundary of the South Lancashire Rivers Catchment Area, including watersheds and principal rivers (Mersey, Douglas, Alt)  ABZ/113/1  Jul 1932


File of correspondence between Bolton M.P.s, local residents and Bolton Corporation officials relating to complaints against the Corporation  ABZ/114/1  1948 - 1963


Map: British Geographical Publishing Company, Manchester - North and Central England and North Wales; includes railways, distances, population, motor speed limits, motor vehicle registration letters, etc  ABZ/115/1  Undated.c. 1905

BOLTON DEVELOPMENT PLAN (Town and Country Planning Act, 1947)  ABZ/116  [n.d.]

File containing: Town Map, as modified by Minister of Housing and Local Government. Programme Map, as modified by Minister of Housing and Local Government. Written Statement, with Ministry approval of same  ABZ/116/1  17 Oct 1957

BOLTON PRECINCT: HICK HARGREAVES STEAM ENGINE: Tracings of Engineering Drawings  ABZ/117  [n.d.]

Plan of foundations for vertical condensing Corliss engine for Messrs Ford, Ayrton & Co., Low Bentham, co.York. (E15/1886)  ABZ/117/1  24 May 1886

Plan of foundations for vertical condensing Corliss engine - standard and baseframe  ABZ/117/2  27 May 1886


Certificate of appointment of John Taylor, of Bolton, attorney-at-law and solicitor, as coroner for the Borough of Bolton. Corporation seal  ABZ/118/1  29 May 1839


Plan of Smithills Hall Estate, showing farms and other property - D.M.McKellen, Borough Engineer and Surveyor - approx. 12 ins to 1 mile  ABZ/119/1  c.1954

Survey of various properties on Smithills Hall Estate, with names of tenants, details of rents, descriptions of buildings  ABZ/119/2  c. 1948 - 1949

Deangate Farm
Bryan hey Farm
Haslams Farm
Lomax Wifes Cottage and Outbuildings
Little Dakins Cottages
Walker Fold Farm
Harricroft Farm
Sheephouse Farm
Pendlebury's Farm
Lower Tongs Farm
Hampsons Farm
Roscows Tenement
Chadwick Close Farm
Higher Tongs Farm
Hole Hill Farm
Holdens Farm
Gilligants Farm

List of workmen employed on Smithills Hall Estate - names, jobs, ages, length of service, average wages, rents  ABZ/119/3  c.1954

Report - review of farm rents on Smithills Hall Estate  ABZ/119/4  Undated c.1954

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