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Reference 96
Covering dates 1949 - 1954
Held by Greater Manchester County Record Office

School staff photograph in 1949, probably Crab Lane School. Back row, left to right: Miss Orrell, a student, Miss Hewitt. Front row. Left to right: Miss Jones, Mr. Ratcliffe (deputy head), Mr. Griffith, Mrs. Hartley, Mr. Truefitt.  96/1  1949

Negative Sheet Number G17/12

Back row. Left to right: Payne, Goodwin, Ramsden, Allen, Dodds, Jackson. 2nd row. Muriel Jackson, Christine Robinson, ?, Jean Fargher, Anne Friend, Elaine Jackson, Christine Sutton, Carol Tearsley. 3rd row: Ennis, Parkinson, Hughes, Wrigley, Liownes, Tompkins. 4th row. Mildred ?, Carol Roberts, Irene Watson, Cynthia Shaol, Janice Copeland, Lorna Orrlinger, Rosemary. Front Row. Wrigley, Hopwood, Colin ?, Friend.  96/2  1952

Negative Sheet Number G17/13

Inside Old Crab Lane School.  96/3  No Date

Negative Sheet Number G17/14

Left to right: Back row. Noel Dodds, Albert Gibbons, Jack Brenman, Eric Yashes, Alan Walker, Rodney Holmes. 2nd row. Christine Sutton, Margaret Hunt, Elaine Jackson, Stella Briggs, Sheila Briggs, Jean Fargher, June Hartley. 3rd row. Kenneth Taylor, David Taylor, Derek Waterhouse, Keith France, Roger A. Payne, Frank Allen, Robert Taylor, Eric Wrigley. 4th row. Ann Friend, Carol Fernley, Christine Robinson, Ann Baker, Muriel Jackson, Janie Copeland, Carol Roberts, Mildred Turner. Front row. John Griffith, Peter Clegg, Joseph Holland, Brian J. Harris.  96/4  1949

Negative Sheet Number G17/15

Staff. Top row: Left to right: Mr. Jarver, Miss Ashwith, Peter Coleman, Front row: Mrs. Dickinson, Mrs. Ratcliffe, Mr. Griffith, Mr. Pearse, Miss Orrell.  96/5  1952

Negative Sheet Number G17/16

Back row. Left to right: Miss Ward, Miss Orrell, Mr. Jarner, Miss Ashwith, (prep class), Mrs. Haynes (looked after children at dinner time). Front row: Mrs. Barber (dinner lady at Old Crab), Mr. Ratcliffe (deputy head), Mr. Griffiths (headmaster), Mr. Pearse, Elsie (dinner lady).  96/6  1953

Negative Sheet Number G17/17

Back row. Left to right: Valerie Jones, Christopher Tompkins, ?, Ban (Stuart or Brian), Stuart Pronis, Derek Jones, Peter South, Cynthia Showl. Second row. Rosemary, Lorna. Sylvia Nuttal, Ann Walston, Lorna, Sylvia, Duddle, Anita Fearnley. 3rd row. Raymond Peacock, Friend, John Collier, Colin, Alan Porter, David Davies, Mullen, Roy, ?,. 4th row. Norma, Jacqueline, Friend and Joan Ferrel, Dilip Deighton, ?,?, Ann Jotty, Pauline, Front row, ?, ?, Bennet, John Fryant, ?, Alanor Eric Wrigley, ?.  96/7  No Date

Negative Sheet Number G17/18

The Old Crab 1954. Top row. Left to right: Mrs. Haynes (looked after infants at dinner time), Mrs. Lee, Mrs. Griffith, Mr. Lewes (attendance officer), Mr. Pearse. Mr. Jarver, Miss Haworth, Mrs. Hughes, Mr. Goostrey (caretaker). Front row. Mrs. Barber (dinner lady) Mr. Armstrong (vicar at St. Andrews), Mr. Griffiths (headmaster), Mr. Ratcliffe (deputy head), Mrs. Goostry (caretakers wife).  96/8  1954

Negative Sheet Number G17/19

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