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Reference 3003
Covering dates 1862 - 1912
Held by Greater Manchester County Record Office
Creators Wolf, Mrs, fl 1982, of Birmingham

Administrative history:
The donor's father, Bernard R. Simmons was born in Bristol in 1868, one of 4 children; he came to Birmingham in 1870. In Birmingham he went into the jewellery manufacturing business and had premises in Vyse Street. In 1912 he married Hanna, daughter of Gabriel and Matilda Selig from Germany. Gabriel Selig fought in the Franco-Prussian War (1870-71).
Matilda Selig died in 1932, in her 80s.
In Birmingham the Simmons family lived at 6, Harbourne Road; in 1912, the donor's parents were living at 2, Duchess Road, Edgbaston.
The donor's grandfather, Simon B. Simmons (1836-1918) came from Penzance, Cornwall; he established a jewellery firm in Birmingham. He married Rachel Joseph (1845-1901). Simon B. Simmons was the youngest of 10 children. His brothers and sisters were:
1. Fanny Simmons (1814-84) married Joseph Rintel (born 1814).
2. Pheobe Simmons, born 1815.
3. Moses B. Simmons, born 1817.
4. Catherine Simmons, born 1819.
5. Sarah Simmons born 1821, married Harris Isaacs. They had 3 children: Flora (1860-1950), Josephine and Phoebe.
6. Amelia Simmons (1825-1919) married Isaac Davidson and they had 4 children: Flora, Rose, Morris and Abraham. They lived in Ballarat, Australia.
7. Arthur Simmons (born 1825).
8. Levy B. Simmons, married Phoebe Levy. They had 2 children: Barnett and Kate.
9. Abraham Simmons (1831-1908) married Ms. Alman. They had 8 children: Phoebe (1862-1933); Flora (1858-1895); Henrietta (born 1868); Rosetta (born 1856); Hyman S. (1864-1925) and 3 others.
The donor's great-grandfather, Barnett Asher Simmons (1784-1860) was a Minister in Penzance. His wife was called Flora; she was born in 1790 and died in 1874.
This collection also contains photographs from the Joseph family. Joseph Joseph was a diamond merchant and goldsmith employing 50 workers. He lived in Highfield Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham and had 5 children, 4 indoor servants and a coachman. His brother Maurice also lived in Highfield Road, and was involved in this jewellery business.
For additional information see Zoe Josephs "Birmingham Jewry 1749-1914" and attached family tree.
All the names of those in photographs 1-146 were found written on the leaves of the album or on the backs of photographs.

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