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Reference 2026
Covering dates 1879-1951
Held by Greater Manchester County Record Office
Creators Shanks, Anne, fl 1984-1986, née Nixon, of Chorlton, Manchester

Administrative history:
The donor and her husband are keen family historians and have researched names and dates of their respective families. They were teachers before they retired.

Donor's paternal grandmother Anne Engelke and grandfather, William Engelke with donor's half-sister Gertrude Martha, in 1907. Studio portrait. Printed on the mount: D.P. Seamantle. Arcade, Liverpool. 9, Oldham Street, Manchester.  2026/1  1907

Negative Sheet Number 2/H33/91

Wedding photograph of donor's father and mother (Lewis Nixon to Sarah Boothby) on 4th June, 1914, at St. Luke's Church, Chorlton on Medlock. Sarah made her own dress. She was a dressmaker and Lewis was a tailor. He was born in 1890.  2026/2  1914

Negative Sheet Number 2/H34/64

Lewis and Sarah Nixon. Lewis's army number is on the back in manuscript: Pte L. Nixon 35655 13(s) Batt. Manchester Regt. Sept. 1916.  2026/3  1916

Negative Sheet Number 2/H34/65

Lewis Nixon in Salonica, wearing army uniform, towards the end of World War I.  2026/4  c1918

Negative Sheet Number 2/H35/4

Lewis and Sarah Nixon with their grandson Adrian Barton Shanks in 1955.  2026/5  1955

Negative Sheet Number 2/H35/6

Donor's uncle, Ernest Frederick Nixon, half-brother of Lewish Nixon, born Wybunbury, Cheshire, in 1885. In uniform of 7th Batt. King's Own Royal Lancaster Regiment No. 14916. He was killed 15th November 1916.  2026/6  No Date

Negative Sheet Number 2/H34/63

Battalion photograph of 2026/6. Inscribed on photograph: Fred Wright, Andover.  2026/7  No Date

Negative Sheet Number 2/H34/62

Donor's mother, Sarah Boothby and her younger sister Rose Boothby at 312 Middleton Road, Oldham in c.1900. They are standing in front of their father's confectionary shop. They are wearing clogs.  2026/8  c1900

Negative Sheet Number 2/H34/61

Sarah Boothby in c.1908. Studio photograph. Printed on the mount: J. Channock Graham. 121 Oldham Street, Manchester.  2026/9  c1908

Negative Sheet Number 2/H34/59

Sarah Boothby before her marriage in 1914.  2026/10  1914

Negative Sheet Number 2/H34/57

Sarah Nixon in 1951. She died 1958.  2026/11  1951

Negative Sheet Number 2/H34/58

Donor's maternal grandmother (Rosena Boothby), c.1908. Printed on mount: J.C. Bradshaw. 22 Victoria Street, Manchester. She came to Oldham and worked in service from 1870s. She married at the age of 13, in 1874, in Oldham Registry Office.  2026/12  c1908

Negative Sheet Number 2/H34/56

Donor's maternal grandfather, Joseph Boothby, born Macclesfield, who came to Oldham. He married Rosena (see 2026/12), being his second wife. He was a fly maker at Platt Bros. Iron Works, Oldham. Taken 1908. Printed on mount: J. Channock Graham, 121 Oldham Street, Manchester. 1 Ormerod Road, Burnley.  2026/13  1908

Negative Sheet Number 2/H34/55

Donor as baby in 1922. Studio photograph. Impressed on photograph: Exchange Studio, 15 Market Street, Manchester.  2026/14  1922

Negative Sheet Number 2/H33/89

Donor on a donkey at Blackpool in front of Noah's Ark. Cousin Edith and cousin Sidney are standing. 1923. Printed below image: The While-U-Wait Photo. Studio picture.  2026/15  1923

Negative Sheet Number 2/H34/53

Cousin Sidney Moore and cousin Amy Boothby. Dancing Polly Oliver in Sunday School production in 1921.  2026/16  1921

Negative Sheet Number 2/H34/54

Donor standing on studio chair. Dressed as cupid doll corrupted to "cupy doll", c.1924. Printed on front: Wray Studio, 105 Market Street, Manchester.  2026/17  c1924

Negative Sheet Number 2/H33/88

Edith Lewis's wedding in 1933. She lived in Cornbrook Street, Stretford. She married Frank Stockdale (standing 3rd from left). Donor's mother's sister is seated extreme right. Donor is seated on the floor, left.  2026/18  1933

Negative Sheet Number 2/H34/52

Donor as a Wren from 1944-1946.  2026/19  1944-1946

Negative Sheet Number 2/H34/51

Donor's wedding to Edgar Barton Shanks, 28 March 1951, St. Clements Church, Chorlton.  2026/20  1951

Negative Sheet Number 2/H34/49

Items 2026/21-40a are of donor's husband's family (Edgar Shanks).  [no ref. or date]

Edgar Shank's maternal grandfather and grandmother, Albert Whitworth and Mary Knott. Taken on honey-moon in the Isle of Man. They were married at St. Lukes, Miles Platting in June, 1879. Printed on mount: Geo. A. Dean Junr., Athol Street.  2026/21  1879

Negative Sheet Number 2/H35/7

Mary Knott c.1914. She died in 1926. Photograph taken so that her sons could take the photo with them into the forces.  2026/22  c1914

Negative Sheet Number 2/H34/48

Albert Knott in 1925. He died c.1933. He was a baker and then a sub-postmaster.  2026/23  1925

Negative Sheet Number 2/H35/9

Mary Knott in 1925. She died 1926. She had eight children, 6 surviving. She was the daughter of William Johnson, architect of 27, Oldham Road.  2026/24  1925

Negative Sheet Number 2/H35/10

Alfred Knott youngest son of Albert and Mary Knott (see 2026/23 and 24), in 1914 war. Born 1891 and died 1962. He was a labourer for Simpson and Godlee.  2026/25  1914

Negative Sheet Number 2/H34/45

Ernest Knott, second son of Albert and Mary Knott, (see 2026/23 and 24). Born 1890 he was killed 22 March, 1918. Shown here as Captain in the 6th Batt. Manchester Regiment.  2026/26  1890-1918

Negative Sheet Number 2/H34/46

Choir of Oldham Road Methodist Chapel on an outing. The Chapel closed 1927. Elizabeth Knott is sitting in the centre. Leonard Shanks is standing on the extreme right. They are Edgar's mother and father.  2026/27  1927

Negative Sheet Number 2/H34/47

Leonard Shanks. Studio portrait. Imprinted on mount: Fred The Portrait Specialist, 70A Market Street, Manchester.  2026/28  No Date

Negative Sheet Number 2/H34/44

As 2026/28 - he is wearing an interesting coat. He was born 1886 and died in 1947. He was departmental manager at Simpson and Godlee.  2026/29  1886-1947

Negative Sheet Number 2/H34/40

As 2026/28 - in the army on horseback in Royal Field Artillary.  2026/30  No Date

Negative Sheet Number 2/H34/41

Edgar Shanks in 1921 in the arms of his father.  2026/31  1921

Negative Sheet Number 2/H34/42

As 2026/31 - taken on the sands at Rhyl in 1923.  2026/32  1923

Negative Sheet Number 2/H34/43

Edgar with parents in 1925 in the garden at 246, Belgrave Road, New Moston.  2026/33  1925

Negative Sheet Number 2/H35/8

Edgar taken at Rhyl in 1928 riding a tricycle.  2026/34  1928

Negative Sheet Number 2/H34/38

Edgar taken outside 53 Thatch Leach Lane, Whitefield in 1938.  2026/35  1938

Negative Sheet Number 2/H34/39

Edgar in R.A.F. uniform in 1940. Printed on mount: Jerome.  2026/36  1940

Negative Sheet Number 2/H33/87

Edgar in demob suit in 1947. Printed on mount: Jerome.  2026/37  1947

Negative Sheet Number 2/H34/37

Postcard of the Old Seven Stars Inn, Manchester.  2026/38  No Date

Negative Sheet Number 2/H34/35

Reverse of 2026/38. Advertisement Line drawing of Paulden's Draper and House Furnisher, Manchester. Overprinted in red: Brooks's Bar and Old Trafford cars from Piccadilly pass Paulden's Brooks's Bar. Cars from Corporation St. pass Paulden's. Palatine Road Cars pass All Saints, one minute from Paulden's.  2026/38a  No Date

Negative Sheet Number 2/H34/36

Reply to donor's father from Assistant Commandant. Request had been made to visit donor's step-father who was German and was interned during World War One. He was being held in Handforth before being sent on to the Isle of Man.  2026/39  No Date

Negative Sheet Number 2/H33/86

Postcard, being an acknowledgement of a plaque sent to those fallen in the 1st World War. This was sent for Corporal Nixon, donor's father's half-brother.  2026/40  No Date

Negative Sheet Number 2/H34/33

Reverse of 2026/40.  2026/40a  [n.d.]

Negative Sheet Number 2/H34/34

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