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Reference SAL/MS
Covering dates 10th century - 20th century
Held by Society of Antiquaries of London
Extent 1010 MS
Archival history The manuscript collections of the Society of Antiquaries of London reflect the wide interests and connections of the Fellows and have grown mainly by gift or bequest. Opportunities were also taken from the eighteenth century onwards to purchase a number of important items relating to the Society's concerns. The present Catalogue does not include the Society's archives or the separate collections of prints and drawings and brass rubbings. A few items have from time to time been transferred from these collections and numbered as manuscripts; details are given in the Catalogue entries below. The manuscripts are now numbered 1 to 1010; some of these numbers relate to very large collections (for example, SAL/MSS/520, 728, 786, 790 and 817).
In the first half of the eighteenth century growth of the collections was restricted by the lack of a permanent home for the Society. Early meetings were held in the Mitre Tavern in Fleet Street. In 1753 the Society obtained a lease of a house in Chancery Lane and in 1780 it was able to move to grander apartments in Sir William Chambers' new building at Somerset House. The move to Burlington House came in 1874. The background to these events is given by Joan Evans in A History of the Society of Antiquaries (1956).
Growth of the collections - the early years
The Catalogue of Manuscripts in the Library of the Society of Antiquaries (1816), prepared by (Sir) Henry Ellis, included 216 manuscripts and 34 rolls and charters. As will be seen, a number of other manuscripts were also acquired before this date but not numbered until later.
The early years of the Society are described by Joan Evans (1956). The activities of Fellows are recorded in the Society's Minute Books and in a remarkable group of registers (now numbered SAL/MSS/262, 264, 264B and 265), compiled by officers and Fellows, which contain transcripts and autograph accounts of current antiquarian work and discoveries, often with illustrations. Evans shows a list of early donations and purchases (SAL/MS/264, fol. 135), including churchwardens' accounts (actually accounts of overseers of the poor) of St Clement Danes, 1616 (SAL/MS/67), and a manuscript genealogy of Robin Hood (transcript in SAL/MS/264, fol. 15), both presented on 23 May 1721 by Dr William Stukeley (according to Minute Book I). Many antiquarian collections and discourses by Stukeley himself are included in the collections, although some were not acquired, or not numbered, until much later.
No provenance has been found for a number of early acquisitions and it is unfortunate that another early register, of donations and purchases, cannot now be traced in the archives. In 1735 James Theobald proposed that an exact list of benefactions and purchases be made. The new Secretary, Alexander Gordon, obtained 'a book of 4 quires of blank paper in rough-binding' (Minute Book II, 22 May, 5, 19 June 1735; Minute Book III, page 306, gives some further details of this register. It was marked 'O', described as a 'List of the donations to & purchases made by ye society'; eight pages were entered, and, at the end, other items, pamphlets, printed books and a 'Catalogue of MSS', prints and drawings and 'miscellaneous things', which included 'rolls of vellum deeds &c'. It is possible that it was kept up only during the term of office of Alexander Gordon (1735-41). The list transcribed in SAL/MS/264 may give part of the information.
Some early acquisitions appear to have been exhibited and presented as curiosities but there were other more significant gifts. An important collection of state letters addressed to Oliver Cromwell (SAL/MS/138), formerly in the care of John Milton as Latin Secretary, and mostly published (1743) by John Nickolls, junior, FSA, was presented shortly after the latter's death in 1746, by his father. The Society is also indebted to John Nickolls, junior, for the original grid plan by John Evelyn for the rebuilding of London after the Great Fire, brought by Nickolls to a meeting on 14 June 1744. The plan survives, not, as one might have expected, in the official Society register of transcripts of important papers (SAL/MS/262, fols. 147-53v), but in Joseph Ames' own register (SAL/MS/264B, p. 263). This later passed through many hands until it was presented to the Society by Dr Esmond De Beer, FSA, in 1957. An unusual gift was a fifteenth-century volume of Byzantine chant (SAL/MS/48), said to have been recovered from the Turks on the recapture of Buda in 1686, and later owned by Humfrey Wanley; this was presented by Edward Umfreville, FSA, in 1745.
An important purchase, c. 1761, was the collection of deeds relating to coinage, dating from the fourteenth to the sixteenth century, with proclamations and treatises, many formerly owned by Sir Robert Cotton (SAL/MS/116). This was relevant to the Society's current interests in producing a revised edition of Martin Folkes' Tables of coins.
The royal charter granted in 1751 enabled the Society to receive bequests. This was important. Many of the most valuable later acquisitions were bequests. The first major bequest of manuscripts (and books) was from Dr Charles Lyttelton, Bishop of Carlisle, PSA (d. 1768). This included the Lindsey Psalter (SAL/MS/59), the most important illuminated manuscript in the Society's collections, Books of Hours (SAL/MSS/13 and 19), Middle English poetry (SAL/MS/134), an unusual Slavonic heraldic manuscript (SAL/MS/54), Lyttelton family correspondence (SAL/MSS/140, 142 and 215) and substantial collections relating to Worcestershire, including the Habington collection (SAL/MSS/143-8). Lyttelton's ecclesiastical, family and social connections, and antiquarian interests, produced a greater contribution to the Society's work and collections than has sometimes been recognized.
The next substantial bequest was that of John Thorpe, junior, FSA (d. 1792), comprising the collections of his father, John Thorpe, senior, MD (d. 1750), relating mainly to Rochester and Kent, with some earlier material, and additions by John Thorpe, junior. The main Kent collections are SAL/MSS/155 to 202 but manuscripts originating from the Thorpes are scattered through the collections (see Index), and it is possible that other material of uncertain provenance, particularly items relating to Kent and medicine, may have formed part of this bequest.
It is obvious that there were many omissions from the Ellis catalogue and some items recorded as gifts to the Society in the eighteenth century got away before numbering. A documented case is that of 'The Antiquities of Boxgrove Priory in Sussex', presented by Sir Joseph Banks (Council Minutes, 8 April 1785) and lent to Richard Gough (Council Minutes, 10 November 1787). This now appears among the Gough manuscripts in the Bodleian Library (MS Gough Sussex 3; S.C. 18252). The loan to Gough was in accordance with a recent regulation that loans of manuscripts and certain other items required the express order of Council (Council Minutes, 20 February 1786), but procedures for monitoring the return of approved loans were apparently ineffective.
A more surprising loss was that of a Middle English manuscript of Sir John Mandeville's travels, recorded as a gift by Samuel Swan, junior, in Archaeologia 11 (1794), 450. The manuscript was exhibited at the meeting of 9 January 1794 when it was said to have been 'lately found' at a farmhouse in Derbyshire. Sufficient details were given (Minute Book XXV, p. 53) to place it as an abridged text of the travels; the date of Mandeville's departure is given as 1332 and the account is said to have been written in 1366. A considerable search has been made for this stray manuscript. It appeared to have some similarity to one of the Douce manuscripts in the Bodleian Library (MS Douce 33) and I am grateful to Dr Martin Kaufmann for sending me information which eliminated this manuscript from my enquiries.
The beneficial results of particular activities of officials and Fellows are well demonstrated by the achievements of John Topham, Treasurer to the Society from 1787. Topham's interests included early household books and inventories and he contributed many papers on these topics. Topham's researches and his friendship with another Fellow, Gustavus Brander, were discussed by Dr David Starkey in a talk to the Society (24 October 1996). Topham bid successfully on behalf of the Society (Council Minutes, 19 February 1790) at the sale of Gustavus Brander's library (8 to 13 February 1790) for two of the prime manuscripts in the Society's collections, the Winton Domesday (SAL/MS/154) and the inventory of Henry VIII (SAL/MS/129). It is also possible that at this same sale Topham was responsible for the recovery of the first volume of the Society's Minute Books; a volume very like Stukeley's Minutes was acquired by the Society at this sale (lot 1128). As has been seen, manuscripts were borrowed by Fellows. Topham may have known that an important item had strayed from the Society's archives. Topham acquired a substantial private library and this appears to have become confused with the Society's collections. At his death it was necessary to claim back SAL/MSS/208 and 216 from his sale, 9 to 12 February 1804 (Council Minutes, 10 February, 2 March 1804). Other items acquired by the Society at Topham's sale were possibly SAL/MSS/541, 543 and 545. It has, unfortunately, been impossible to identify the collection of deeds acquired at the same sale (lot 565). Many charters remain without provenance in the present Catalogue.
The wardrobe books of Edward I and Edward II (SAL/MSS/119 to 122) were presented by the Hon. Daines Barrington, VPSA, in 1785. The first volume was published by the Society as Liber Contrarotulatoris Garderobae (1787). Plans were made for the publication of other manuscripts relating to royal households (SAL/MSS/129, 208, 209 and 211) but only one of these (SAL/MS/211) came to fruition (in A Collection of Ordinances and Regulations, 1790). The inventory of Henry VIII (SAL/MS/129) was finally published in 1998. It is strange that the exact provenance of the Howard household books (SAL/MSS/76 and 77) is not known; SAL/MS/76 was in the collections by 1800 when it was included in John Brand's report to the Select Committee on Public Records.
Another notable bequest (1790) was one of the sources of General Roy's 'Military Antiquities of the Romans in North Britain', illustrated with many maps and plans (SAL/MS/480, previously numbered SAL/MS/214). This was published by the Society in 1793.
The astonishingly varied gift by George Allan of Darlington, FSA, in 1798, included a large collection by the Rev. William Smith relating to Oxford University (SAL/MS/72), a fifteenth-century translation of Aristotle's Politics (SAL/MS/2), prayers of St Anselm and others, twelfth-century (SAL/MS/7), works of Prudentius and Virgil, fifteenth-century (SAL/MS/44), an important fifteenth-century miscellany (SAL/MS/47), and a Koran (SAL/MS/98).
Heraldic manuscripts, which form such a large part of later accessions, are also represented in the early collections. SAL/MS/136/1-4, presented by Joseph Jekyll, FSA, MP, in 1796, include the original Antiquaries roll, c. 1352-60, a jousting cheque, and arms of sovereigns and peers. The collections of William Tillotson (SAL/MS/4, presented by Peter Muilman, FSA, in 1771), which relate mainly to Suffolk and Norfolk, include arms in churches and evidence of a now lost Buckhurst roll.
Acquisitions after 1816
The growth of the collections continued to reflect the interests of Fellows, with some purchases linked to Society policy. Funds for purchases were limited and bequests and gifts, mostly from Fellows, formed the majority of new acquisitions.
Large topographical and historical collections included the bequest in 1840 by Peter Prattinton of his extensive collections relating to Worcestershire (SAL/MS/520), and the Wakeman collection relating to Monmouthshire (SAL/MS/790), which had passed to Octavius Morgan, FSA, and was presented in 1891 by his nephew, Henry Salusbury Milman, Director. In the same year the collection of Canon John Edward Jackson, FSA, relating to Wiltshire (SAL/MS/817) was presented by his nephew. A large part of the important collection of Edward James Willson, FSA, relating to Lincolnshire (SAL/MS/786), which had been sold after his death, was later purchased from Sotheby's in 1901. Part of the dispersed collections of Bryan Faussett relating to Kent were purchased in 1991 at Sotheby's (SAL/MSS/920-2); fragments acquired earlier are in SAL/MS/723.
A generous bequest from Sir Thomas Brooke in 1908 brought another treasure to the Society. The Brooke Antiphonal (SAL/MS/450) is of value not only for its fine illuminations, which were at one time attributed to Mantegna, but for its liturgical and medical interest connected with the cult of SS Cosmas and Damian. One famous illumination depicts the miraculous transplant of a leg.
Other acquisitions have illustrations of high quality, mostly relating to antiquities. These include one of the few extant albums of the Marqués del Carpio (SAL/MS/879), a gift from Sir Augustus Wollaston Franks, Director and later President, in 1882. This represents the collection of antiquities formed by Carpio when Spanish Ambassador in Rome in 1676-82. Later wide-ranging antiquarian collections are often well illustrated and may depict items which no longer survive. One such is the large collection of Albert Way, Director (SAL/MS/700), which includes six volumes of archaeological drawings. The smaller collections of William Michael Wylie, FSA, and Bradford Wilmer, FSA (SAL/MS/871), and John Mitchell Kemble (SAL/MS/682) include illustrations of many finds at continental burial sites.
Early archaeological collections include William Cunnington's account of barrows in Wiltshire (SAL/MS/217) and Thomas Farmer Dukes' collections relating to Uriconium (SAL/MS/218). The collections of Charles Roach Smith, FSA (SAL/MS/857), bring together considerable information and correspondence on the state of archaeology in his time and are of importance in recording the early days of serious excavation, particularly at Richborough. Further material relating to Richborough is preserved in the collection of George Dowker, FSA (SAL/MS/900). There are many collections, some substantial, concerning later archaeological investigations, for instance, those of Sir Mortimer Wheeler, FSA, of Iron Age sites in northern France (SAL/MS/951), interrupted by the last war, of which the Society holds the surviving records.
Single-subject collections reflecting special interests of Fellows range from bells and fonts to stained glass and graffiti. There are many architectural collections relating particularly to churches and castles. Some are finely illustrated such as the bequest (1950) of Dr Francis Harold Fairweather, FSA, which has only recently been numbered among the MSS/(SAL/MS/1002).
The fortunate association of Sir Augustus Wollaston Franks as Director and President for many years led to the development of the Society's major heraldic collections. The Franks Bequest consisted mainly of heraldic books and manuscripts (see SAL/MSS/344-443) although his interests extended much more widely. There had been close connections with the College of Arms since the foundation of the Society. Peter Le Neve, Norroy, was the first President. Many heralds have been Fellows and many Fellows have had a serious interest in heraldry. These connections have produced many gifts and bequests. They include the large collections of Hugh Stanford London (SAL/MSS/925-36, etc.) and Oswald Barron (SAL/MS/728) and many other gifts from Fellows such as Ralph Griffin. The bequest (1926) of Lt Col George Babington Croft Lyons, VPSA, was intended to fund a new edition of Papworth's Ordinary. Important heraldic manuscripts, acquired from the Bequest Fund to assist in the preparation of this edition, included the seventeenth-century Hatton-Dugdale facsimiles of earlier heraldic sources, some no longer extant (SAL/MS/664). The Barron and London collections already mentioned came to the Society largely in connection with the Papworth project.
Another connection, with William Morris (elected a Fellow in 1894), led to the bequest (1938), by his daughter May, of Kelmscott Manor and important literary manuscripts of Morris (SAL/MSS/905-10). These have been supplemented by other gifts and bequests. Professor Ney Lannes MacMinn bequeathed (1967) autograph letters of Morris and research materials (SAL/MSS/944-5). More recently, in 1994, an interesting thirteenth-century Bible owned by Morris, which has fine embroidery repairs (SAL/MS/956), was presented by Mrs Chloe Morton. Calligraphic fragments, with a notebook, photographs and other material (SAL/MS/984), were given in 1995 by Mrs Sandys-Renton, daughter of Arthur Richard Dufty, PSA, curator of Kelmscott Manor.
Other literary autographs, with historical and artistic material, are contained in the sumptuous collections of autographs (SAL/MS/444) bequeathed by Mrs Cely-Trevilian in 1915. These have added interest in containing many documents relating to members of the Herbert and Bing families from whom Lady Vincent, the chief compiler of the collections, was descended.
Cataloguing of the collections
The first printed catalogue (1816) of the Society's manuscripts was prepared by (Sir) Henry Ellis, then Keeper of Manuscripts at the British Museum and Senior Secretary of the Society. It is uneven in content and does not include all the manuscripts acquired by that date, but serves an important purpose in giving a terminus for the acquisition of SAL/MSS/1 to 216 and thirty-four rolls and charters. Detailed lists are given of the contents of the two Peterborough registers (SAL/MSS/38 and 60) and other important manuscripts, such as the collection of records concerning coinage (SAL/MS/116). The description of the Thorpe Bequest is remarkably full given that many of the manuscripts were still in brown paper parcels (see below). Yet for other manuscripts Ellis gives little more than a note of titles on flyleaves without further investigation.
There had already been problems before 1800 about accommodation for the library and its organization (see Evans (1956), 216-18). Despite the publication of catalogues of the printed books and manuscripts in 1816 there were complaints from Fellows about access to the collections. In 1845 (Council Minutes, 18 December 1845) Council decided to appoint a Library Committee (Evans (1956), 256). It met between 3 June 1846 and 29 June 1847. Attention was mostly given to the printed books, although improvements in storage included the fitting of a cabinet for rarities and manuscripts. Robert Lemon, junior, prepared a detailed progress report on binding and rearrangement of the printed books (Library Committee, 16 November 1846), which was noted by Council on 4 December 1846. Nicholas Carlisle sent a large packet of slips relating to additional printed books and these were ordered to be laid down.
So far there was little mention of manuscripts but work was in progress. Deeds 'of various dates', found in a box left after the death of John Brand in 1806 (see below), were added to the collections (Council Minutes, 13 November 1849). At the same meeting 'certain old M.S.S.', found in apartments lately occupied by John Martin, the library clerk, who had recently died, were ordered to be placed in the library. Robert Lemon was thanked by Council (19 February 1850) for his restoration of manuscript notes concerning Algernon Sidney (SAL/MS/240, a recent gift from Benjamin Williams, FSA, 6 December 1849). Further stimulus came from a letter, 13 August 1850, from James W. Pycroft, FSA. He complained that the Ellis catalogue had not been kept up to date. He estimated that 'since Sir Henry Ellis Catalogue we have acquired upwards of 200 Volumes of Mss & Charters & therefore it would seem desirable that at least the Catalogue on our own Library Table should be made complete'. This figure presumably included the Prattinton collection which was the immediate cause of Pycroft's complaint. His letter was considered at the next Council meeting (26 November 1850) and it was decided to reappoint the Library Committee. At the same meeting Council acknowledged the offer of assistance from Sir Henry Ellis 'in the further completion of the Catalogue of the Society's Manuscripts'. Then matters moved fast for a while. The new Committee met on 11 December 1850 and resolved that attention should first be given to the manuscripts. The Treasurer, John Bruce, and Resident Secretary, John Akerman, were ordered to report on the condition of the manuscripts, and how far they had been catalogued. An interleaved copy of the printed catalogue was to be provided immediately for use in the library and a check was to be made of the manuscripts against the catalogue. It was also resolved that it was desirable that unbound sections of the Prattinton Collection should be arranged and bound. On 20 December 1850 Bruce reported that only three manuscripts were mislaid (they are now present) but that very many were in need of repair and binding. Many were 'mere bundles of loose sheets of paper, without arrangement, in a filthy state from dust, not easy to be consulted...'. The thirty-four rolls and charters were scattered through the library and needed a locker. Mr Tuckett, the Society's binder, was invited to inspect the manuscripts. The attention of the Committee was also drawn to various uncatalogued manuscripts which had been placed in a locker by themselves. The offer of Sir Henry Ellis to inspect these was accepted and the Revd Joseph Hunter had also agreed to attend with Sir Henry. By the next meeting of the Library Committee, 29 January 1851, Sir Henry reported that he had compiled a catalogue of the additional manuscripts and would have this pasted down and sent to the Library. On 22 April 1851 Sir Henry laid before the Committee his catalogue 'already printed'; it did not include the Prattinton Bequest. Unfortunately, no copy of this 'catalogue' can at present be located; it may have been merely a list. Some progress was made with binding and repairs but it was noted that more funds were needed. Work was required on the Prattinton Bequest and on Dr Bromet's recent bequest (SAL/MS/449).
Problems concerning the manuscripts could not easily be solved since the resources in time and money required were considerable. The Library Committee continued to meet. On 19 April 1853 John Bruce reported on further manuscript material (possibly that moved from Martin's apartments in 1849); much of this related to the present Archives (Ants. Corr. and Papers), to judge from some of the details given.
In 1864 there was a further campaign of action. In a report to the Library Committee on 27 January 1864 the Secretary, Charles Knight Watson, had recommended that 'the MSS now lying in paper parcels be bound, without delay, by Mr Tuckett'. But matters were not so simple. In a later report on the state of the library, 1 November 1864 (printed in Proc, 2nd ser, 3 (1864-7), 5-15) Knight Watson gave a graphic account of the scale of the problems - and the need for 'constant and unremitting care'. He reported another check of the library and changes of storage arrangements for its better protection, and made recommendations for binding. He paid tribute to Charles Spencer Perceval, FSA (later Treasurer), for 'the sorting out and arranging for binding not less than fifty parcels of manuscripts, which in their former state of confusion had been abandoned in sheer despair'. Perceval's letter of 14 November 1864 in the same report identified these as 'the residuum of the collections (and indeed the sweepings of the Library) of Dr. Thorpe...'. Some items which Perceval had regarded as rubbish and, it seems, obtained permission to destroy, may now be regretted by garden historians. The 'Notes on Botany' (SAL/MS/199, art 2, in Ellis (1816), 53; not now preserved) consisted mainly of 'schemes for planting a garden of Dr. Thorpe's, near Rochester, and of his friends' answers to his applications for seeds'. Perceval's labours are still well represented by the many soundly bound volumes of Thorpe MSS. Cataloguing the Thorpe Bequest has been a complex problem since items in many of the parcels described by Ellis were removed by Perceval and bound in composite volumes (marked by an asterisk in the present Catalogue; see the introduction to SAL/MSS/155 to 202). Perceval's detailed contents lists, interleaved in many of the composite volumes, are an admirable summary. Perceval also arranged other manuscripts for binding. One bundle (SAL/MS/203, Cottington Papers, etc.) did not impress him; he agreed with Ellis that 'of the whole bundle about twelve papers only seem of any importance'. Perceval declined to enter on a detailed examination unless 'armed with full powers to destroy everything that, in my own opinion, is clearly not worth preserving'. It is not known what, if anything, was destroyed. The remainder now seems of considerable interest. Similarly Perceval wished to have power to sort and destroy some of the materials relating to Rochester bridge. A sizeable collection (four volumes) remains in SAL/MS/198.
In a further report to the Library Committee, 3 July 1867, Knight Watson stated that he had made another check and found duplicate numbers; one of these still survives (SAL/MS/140*). He hoped that Perceval could throw light on further bundles of the Thorpe Bequest. As well as the Prattinton Collection 'there are about 40 other MSS of which I can find no record'; he reserved a note on the state of the rolls and charters for another meeting. Knight Watson and Perceval had achieved a great deal. Their remaining time must have been much occupied with the next move of the Society, to Burlington House in 1874.
In 1907 the Executive Committee (21 February 1907) asked Council 'to consider the propriety of printing a Catalogue of the Society's MSS' and suggested that Mr Herbert of the Department of Manuscripts in the British Museum be asked to undertake the work. Terms were agreed and Herbert was allowed to borrow manuscripts a few at a time (Council Minutes, 29 April, 29 May 1907, 20 January 1909). John Alexander Herbert, FSA, is now remembered for his publications on illuminated manuscripts. He held a full-time post at the Museum and cannot have had much spare time for the Society's work. It is surprisingly difficult to establish exactly what progress was made. On 30 January 1919 he was invited to attend a meeting of the Executive Committee and 'expressed his regret that he had been unable to complete the catalogue within a reasonable time' and his desire to be relieved of the undertaking. He stated that the cataloguing of some sixty of the manuscripts was 'more or less completed'. However, he proved reluctant to hand over completed work so that his remuneration could be calculated. In subsequent correspondence and meetings (Executive Committee, 25 March, 15, 29 April, 6, 20 May 1920) various estimates of completed work were given. On 26 March 1920 Herbert forwarded descriptions of seven manuscripts and on 6 May the Committee agreed that he should complete his work on SAL/MSS/1 to 72 for a pro rata fee of 17/6d per manuscript. No trace of this cataloguing project can now be found apart from correspondence, 1907-8, 1919-20, and references in minutes.
The next attempt to update the catalogue of manuscripts was pragmatic and far more successful. Mill Stephenson, a Fellow of long-standing and a member of the Executive Committee, was able to devote much of his time to his antiquarian interests, especially monumental brasses. He worked regularly in the Library and seems to have dealt with the arrears of manuscript cataloguing on a voluntary basis. He not only numbered and wrote succinct descriptions of manuscripts acquired since 1816, and some earlier acquisitions omitted by Ellis, in two volumes of Registers of Manuscripts (SAL/MSS/217 to 500 and 501 to 670), but transcribed and indexed many volumes of heraldic manuscripts. References to his work will be found throughout this Catalogue. Mill Stephenson's decision to group some accessions by subject has proved most helpful. SAL/MSS/261 to 270 relate to the Society's records and include the important group of registers already mentioned; the Franks Bequest and some other heraldic manuscripts are numbered within the series 344 to 499; SAL/MSS/501 to 656 are mostly rolls and charters.
This steady work of incorporation was interrupted by Mill Stephenson's death in 1937 and the war. The manuscripts were evacuated in 1940/1 to a number of locations and returned to London by the end of 1945. On 26 May 1949 Council decided to set up a Catalogues Sub-committee 'to enquire into the possibility of compiling and publishing catalogues of the Society's manuscripts, pictures, prints and drawings, and antiquities'. Advice was sought from Fellows. Dr Cyril E. Wright, FSA, reported on the state of the MSS collections and catalogues. He found the existing catalogues little more than inventories, and lacking in details of provenance, and recommended that a quantity of unincorporated manuscripts 'scattered in cupboards and on shelves in various rooms' should be numbered. Similar reports having been received regarding the other collections, the Catalogues Sub-committee moved towards the appointment of a cataloguer in 1950 to work on the whole range of materials. Dr Pamela Wynn Reeves (later Dr Tudor-Craig) was appointed in October 1952 and made considerable progress on the arrears of manuscript cataloguing. She recorded supplementary information on manuscripts already catalogued by Ellis and Mill Stephenson, and continued the work of incorporation to SAL/MS/791. Many large collections had to be dealt with in a summary manner and were given block numbers. In a report of 20 December 1954, when about to move to another appointment, Dr Wynn Reeves stated that she had hoped to clear the remaining unnumbered manuscripts but that 'as I drew towards the end of them further piles of manuscripts were gradually discovered in other parts of the library ...'. After 1955 some manuscripts were numbered and entered in the Registers by various officers of the Society and members of the cataloguing staff. Assistance was received from a number of Fellows concerning particular items.
Parts of the Society's collections have been catalogued in outside publications. The work and interest of three Fellows led to the publication in 1931 of a detailed catalogue of one large collection (E. A. Barnard, The Prattinton Collections of Worcestershire History). In 1951-2 Barnard catalogued additional material from the Prattinton collection which had come to light. The collection was at last numbered (SAL/MS/520), using a vacant number (in 1934 Council had decided to give accounts of the college of St Mary, later New College, previously numbered SAL/MS/520, to New College, Oxford). The Willson collection relating to Lincolnshire (SAL/MS/786) has been catalogued by Lincolnshire Archives and Lincolnshire Museum Service (1982). The earlier rolls in the heraldic collections are included by (Sir) Anthony Wagner in A Catalogue of English Mediaeval Rolls of Arms (Aspilogia I (1950); Aspilogia II (1967), 257-81, contains additions and corrections). The most important of the Society's medieval manuscripts (pre-1500) are described in detail by Neil Ker in Medieval Manuscripts in British Libraries I (1969).
A considerable amount of work on the manuscript collections was undertaken by Irvine Gray, FSA, in the early 1980s. The results were presented in his Report on the manuscript collections of the Society of Antiquaries of London 12th-20th cent (typescript, 1985) for the Historical Manuscripts Commission's National Register of Archives. Certain categories of manuscripts were excluded, heraldry (unless connected with particular families), archaeological reports and foreign and literary manuscripts, but the Report covers about half of the manuscripts numbered between SAL/MS/4 and SAL/MS/886. Other lists and calendars by Irvine Gray are preserved with the collections or in annotations to the MS Registers. Publication of the Report was considered by the Library Committee but it was decided to move forward to a fuller catalogue of the manuscript collections.
Grants were obtained from the British Library, the Marc Fitch Fund and the Pilgrim Trust (as reported in AJ 68 (1988), 388; 69 (1989), 402) and the present writer was appointed for four years part-time, starting from January 1989. The project was extended so that a fuller account could be given of several very large collections; extra time was allowed to identify strays from earlier collections and catalogue a large number of previously unincorporated papers, discovered by the librarian, Bernard Nurse, FSA, and his assistants. Many of the collections formerly scattered through the building have been suitably boxed and moved to better storage. There has been a separate programme of conservation.
Inevitably, in a collection built up over three centuries and moved from Chancery Lane to Somerset House in 1780 and to Burlington House in 1874, there have been some losses, both of manuscripts and information. Some early losses were noted above. A few manuscripts among more recent acquisitions cannot at present be traced:
1 SAL/MS/432 (part of the Franks Bequest), a small nineteenth-century manuscript relating to Throckmorton arms. Mill Stephenson has left a detailed description in the MS Register. The manuscript could not be found in 1946 and was possibly a casualty of wartime moves either within Burlington House or outside. The manuscript is not specifically mentioned in surviving lists of items moved to sites outside London (Archives, Evacuation Papers).
2 Part of a large donation, SAL/MS/800, received in December 1956. Most has been recovered from various corners of Burlington House but only one of three account books, fifteenth to sixteenth century, has been found (numbered as SAL/MS/816).
3 Small sections from the Shepard and Wakeman collections (SAL/MSS/729 and 790) were not located.
4 A small heraldic manuscript entitled 'Arms of Nobility', bequeathed by E. R. J. Gambier Howe (AJ24 (1944), 175), was placed as a printed book and cannot at present be located.
There have been problems in discovering the provenance of many manuscripts since acquisition records are uneven in coverage and detail. They consist of the early Minute Books, Lists of Presents in Archaeologia 6 (1782) to 31 (1846), references to gifts scattered through the many volumes of Proceedings and Antiquaries Journal, two volumes of Donation Books covering the years 1848-77, and the continuing series (from 1936) of Giftbooks. Purchases were authorized by Council, and some special committees such as the Croft Lyons Committee. Some records do not distinguish clearly between manuscript, typescript or printed material and in other cases the information given is so meagre that it is difficult to identify a manuscript with certainty. A considerable search has been made but some manuscripts still have no provenance. On the other hand there is evidence of acquisition which cannot be firmly linked to particular manuscripts.
1 Council Minutes, 18 February 1802. Payment of £11 13s 0d was authorized to John Brand for books and manuscripts purchased by him. SAL/MS/75 may have been one of these but there were probably others.
2 At John Topham's sale, as well as items identified in this Catalogue, the Society purchased lot 565, 'a parcel of old Deeds, some with seals' (Council Minutes, 10 February 1804). What were these? There are a number of deeds without provenance.
3 After John Brand's death in 1806 a committee was appointed to examine papers left by him with a representative of his executor, to determine what belonged to the Society. In 1812 another committee was ordered to inspect the contents of a large chest filled with manuscripts found in Brand's apartment. They reported that it contained his collections relating to Newcastle and 'one or two heraldic MSS by Mr Holland' but no property of the Society. The manuscripts appear to relate to part of SAL/MS/448, and possibly SAL/MSS/397 and 405. In 1849 deeds 'of various dates found in what is called Mr. Brand's box' were ordered to be added to the Society's collections. In 1851 the Rev. Joseph Hunter was asked to examine a small bundle of Newcastle deeds and two instruments relating to Brand's parish of St Mary at Hill. His detailed report (Ants. Papers 1851) identifies these as part of SAL/MS/448 and SAL/MS/635. Lawyers for Brand's estate were again consulted and it was ordered that the deeds should be entered in the catalogue of manuscripts. Despite the many references in the Council Minutes (4 November 1806, 4, 25 June 1812, 13 November 1849, 14 January, 11 February, 17 June 1851), it is not clear how many manuscripts were incorporated from Brand's box. They probably included SAL/MS/586 and an interesting collection of Flemish deeds (SAL/MS/649). On 17 May 1861 Council authorized the purchase from Puttick & Simpson of notebooks owned by Brand; these may relate to the Society's Archives.
4 Council Minutes 11 November 1885 authorized the purchase of manuscript and printed material relating to the Society. This cannot be identified from the brief details given.
Creators Society of Antiquaries of London 1707-
Note Compiled by Pamela J. Willetts FSA

The manuscript collections of the Society of Antiquaries of London reflect the interests of the Fellows of the Society from its foundation in 1717 to the present day. The Lindsey Psalter and Winton Domesday are the best known manuscripts, but there is a wide range of material in many languages, dating from the late tenth to the twentieth century, and including a number of fine illuminated manuscripts. The collections relate mainly to antiquities, history and law, theology and liturgy, heraldry and literature and contain many antiquarian curiosities, and there are early archaeological reports as well as recent surveys. Other illustrated records relate to antiquities, architecture and topography.
The Society's manuscript collections range from the tenth to the twentieth century. They are mostly in Latin, English, including Middle English, French, German and Italian. There are some manuscripts in Greek, Church Slavonic, other Slavonic languages, Spanish, Portuguese, Welsh, Dutch and Flemish, and Norwegian. There are two Ethiopic manuscripts, a number, mostly Korans, in Arabic, and a few in Chinese, Bengali and Hindi. Major treasures are noted above and there is a wealth of antiquarian material which deserves further attention.
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A.J. The Antiquaries Journal
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u/i Unidentified
VCH Victoria County History
VPSA Vice-President of the Society of Antiquaries
w/cols Water colours

NORFOLK, SUFFOLK  SAL/MS/569/1-10  13th - 14th century

Vellum. c. 1200-1387

Source of acquisition: Purchased from Alfred T. Everitt of Portsmouth, 1890. Council Minutes, 14 May 1890.

Language:  Latin

Ten deeds relating to the Cluniac priory of Mendham, Suff. (1, 2, 10), North Elmham, Norf. (3-6), and East Dereham, Norf. (7-9) As follows

Counterpart of an indenture  SAL/MS/569/1  19 Oct. 1385

Whereby John de Tomeston, prior, and the convent of Mendham acknowledged themselves bound to pay an annual pension to Henry, Bp of Norwich, and his successors, in respect of the appropriation of part of Schotford. Two imperfect seals. Exhibited, 1 May 1884. Proc., 2nd ser., 10 (1883-5), 103.

Deed resulting from a hearing before commissioners of the Archbp. of Canterbury  SAL/MS/569/2  nd

Of the dispute between the prior and convent of Mendham, and the prior and canons of the Augustinian priory of Butley, conc. lands belonging to the church of Weybread near Mendham; temp. Archbp. Hubert Walter (1193-1205). Exhibited, 1 May 1884. Proc., ibid., 104.

Grant by John Knych to John Dankyn of land in North Elmham  SAL/MS/569/3  15 Nov. 1320

Seal (lion, with motto 'Sum leo fortis').

Grant by Thomas Percy, Bp of Norwich, to Thomas le Deye of land in North Elmham  SAL/MS/569/4  17 Aug. 1367

Private seal of the Bp. Exhibited, 1 May 1884. Proc., ibid., 97. G. A. Carthew, The Hundred of Launditch, I (1877), 292.

Grant by Dionisia de Ty to John Attedamesende, chaplain, and Thomas Attebrigge, draper, of land in North Elmham  SAL/MS/569/5  23 May 1369

Heraldic seal of grantor. Carthew, ibid., 289.

Grant by John Pyles to Thomas Brown, senior, of land in North Elmham  SAL/MS/569/6  ?24 June 1387

(date incomplete and regnal year entered (?incorrectly) by another hand). Circular seal with device of a cock. Carthew, ibid., 296-7.

Grant by Avicia, widow of Nicholas Reymerston to Stephen, son of Adam de Shropham, of land in East Dereham.  SAL/MS/569/7  22 Sept. 1323

Seal, with cupids

Grant by Adam de Shropham to Thomas Penk of land in East Dereham  SAL/MS/569/8  28 March 1335

Small circular seal with standing figure of St Catherine holding the wheel, with a small kneeling figure.

Grant by Nicholas de Tasburgh, chaplain, to Sir William Kynges of Kymburle, chaplain, and William, son of Peter Semer of Hoo, of land in East Dereham  SAL/MS/569/9  3 May 1342

Small oval seal with head of St Edmund and the wolf. Exhibited, 1 May 1884. Proc., 2nd ser., 10 (1883-5), 101.

Grant by William de Buxsted and his wife Olive to Simon, prior, and the convent of Mendham, of land in Chediston; temp. Edw. II.  SAL/MS/569/10  13th - 14th century

Triangular seal of William de Hartingfield and oval seal of Olive, wife of William Buxsted.


Vellum roll; 7 membranes. After 1420-2.

Source of acquisition: Presented by the Rev. William Champion Streatfeild, 28 Jan. 1897. Proc., 2nd ser., 16 (1895-7), 274-6.

Tabular pedigree showing the descent of the kings of England from Noah to Henry V, with a table of the Archbishops of Canterbury ending with Henry Chicheley; after 1420-2. With texts relating to the descents and historical events. A few pen drawings (e.g. heads of Lucius, the first Christian king, and St Augustine). No heraldry.

CHAMPNEYS FAMILY  SAL/MS/571  late 16th century

Vellum roll; 4 membranes. Late 16th century

Source of acquisition: Presented with SAL/MS/570.

Illuminated pedigree showing fifteen descents of Justinian Champneys, second son of Sir John Champneys (Mayor of London in 1534) from Sir Amian Champneys knt. 'Iyvid in Kinge Henry the secoundes tyme'. Signed and attested by Robert Cooke, Clarenceux 1567-92. With a full achievement of Justinian Champneys and twenty-four shields in colour. The pedigree is extended in a 17th century hand to the grandchildren of Justinian Champneys. Text near the head of the roll gives the descent of the daughter-in-law of Sir Amian Champneys from Louis VIII of France.


Vellum roll; 2 membranes. c. 1580

Source of acquisition: Presented with SAL/MS/570.

Illuminated pedigree of the Macwilliam family showing thirteen generations with collected descents from Guildford, Lucy and Grey, and the forged connections with the Seymours; c. 1580. Signed and attested by Robert Cooke, Clarenceux. Made for Henry Macwilliam of Birdbrooke, Essex, d. 1587, whose first wife, Frances (died before Jan. 1585, date of his second marriage), is shown. With two achievements and 106 shields in colour.

CAUSTON FAMILY  SAL/MS/573  26 Feb. 1699/1700

Vellum. 1700

Source of acquisition: Presented with SAL/MS/570

Confirmation of arms and grant of a crest to the descendants of Thomas Causton of Oxted, Surrey, by Sir Thomas St George, Garter, and Henry St George, Clarenceux. With signatures of Garter and Clarenceux. The arms and crest are shown in the illuminated border.


Vellum roll. 1803.

Source of acquisition: Presented with SAL/MS/570

Certificate relating to the performance by Thomas Lane of his duties as esquire to Charles, Lord Whitworth, KB, at his installation, 19 May 1803; 21 Nov. 1803. Signed by Frederick, Duke of York and Albany, acting grand master, and W. Fauqier, registrar. Lacks seal. With the royal arms and the arms of Frederick, Duke of York, Lord Whitworth, and Thomas Lane, in colour.

RYE HARBOUR. Copy of a petition to the King in Council  SAL/MS/575  After 9 Dec. 1692

Paper roll; ff. 6, and cover, with a map (mounted on canvas), c. 1692)

Source of acquisition: Presented with SAL/MS/570.

From Robert Colepepyr (fol. 1) relating to his proposal (then before the Treasury) to restore Rye Harbour as a protection against invasion and a report against it by the Commissioners of Sewers of the Rother. With copies of related papers:- An outline of Colepepyr's proposal, fols 1v-2; his letter, 9 Dec. 1692, to the Commissioners pointing out errors in their report, fols. 2v-4v; and answers to further criticism of his proposal, fols. 4v-6v. Together with a map (mentioned on fol. 1) of Romney Marsh and district, showing ships, churches and houses in perspective view.

CRAYFORD, KENT.  SAL/MS/576  20 March 1483

With a seal (capital W, crowned); Vellum, 1483.

Source of acquisition: Presented by Kenneth Robert Henderson Mackenzie, FSA, 17 May 1866. Proc., 2nd ser., 3 (1864-7), 319.

Language:  Latin

Grant by John Mayhewe to Henry Harman, Robert Wodeford and Richard Hastelyne of land in Earde (Crayford), Kent


Vellum. 1481.

Source of acquisition: Presented by William Chapman Harnett, FSA, 5 May 1864. Proc., 2nd ser., 2 (1861-4), 406-7.

Language:  Latin

Grant by James III of Scotland to Walter, Lord Innermeath, and his wife, Margaret Lindsay, of certain lands of barony, together with the castle called 'le Redecastell'. Great Seal of James III attached (fragment).

BURTON FAMILY  SAL/MS/578  After 1662

Vellum roll. After 1662.

Source of acquisition: Presented by Frederic Ouvry, Treasurer SA, 16 Jan. 1868. Proc., 2nd ser., 4 (1867-70), 60.

Pedigree of the Burton family showing fourteen descents from James de Burton of Tutbury, Staffs., esquire of the body to Richard I, to Michael Burton of Cartledge, Derbs., living in 1662; after 1662. With attestation and signature of William Dugdale, Norroy, referring to the evidence of two books in the Office of Arms (C. 10, Visitation of Staffordshire, 1614; C. 33, Visitation of Derbyshire, 1634) and the Visitation of Derbyshire, 1662. With a coloured achievement top dexter.


Vellum roll. 1386.

Source of acquisition: Bequeathed by Thomas Wakeman to Charles Octavius Morgan, FSA, who presented it, 11 June 1874. Proc, 2nd ser., 6 (1873-6), 242.

Accounts of Thomas Carsyntoun, coquinarius (kitchener), of the abbey of Tewkesbury, for the year ending Michaelmas 1386. Latin. Published by Thomas Wakeman in JBAA, 15 (1859), 318-32.

BOWYER FAMILY-Ten deeds, mostly leases and agreements.  SAL/MS/580  1561-1767

Vellum and paper. 1561-1767. In a brown leather wallet, with embroidered design.

Source of acquisition: Presented by William Henry Hart, FSA, 19 Feb. 1863 (covering letter with the deeds)

Language:  English and Latin

Conc. Sir Edmund Bowyer and other members of the Bowyer family, and their house and estate in Camberwell, Surrey; 1561-1681, with one later copy. Latin (2 deeds) and English. Together with a case for counsel relating to the right to convey a pew in Twickenham church, with counsel's opinion, 1767. With signatures of the parties but no extant seals. Flourished penwork initials to two deeds of 1681.

ARDLEIGH, ESSEX. Grant by John Aspelonde to his wife Agnes of land Ardleigh, Essex, with two houses  SAL/MS/581  18 Feb. 1417

Vellum. 1417

Source of acquisition: Found at Ardleigh in a brown earthenware jug together with coins (not recorded). Exhibited, 4 May 1854; exhibited and presented by Kenneth Robert Henderson Mackenzie, FSA, 7 Apr. 1864. Proc., 1st ser., 3 (1853-6), 98; ibid., 2nd ser., 2 (1861-4), 376.

Language:  Latin

ETHIOPIC ROLL. An illustrated roll containing a magico-religious text with many rubrics  SAL/MS/582  18th-19th century

Vellum roll; 3 membranes. 18th-19th century

Source of acquisition: Brought from Abyssinia in 1868. Presented by Jesse Watts Russell, FSA, 29 July 1868 (Donation Book). Proc., 2nd ser., 4 (1867-70), 19 Nov. 1868, 145.

Ethiopic (Ge'ez). With coloured representations, in red, yellow and black, of Christian icons and symbols. At the head St Gabriel?; before sections of text two decorated crosses showing a face in the centre flanked by lilies and bird heads, respectively; at the foot two hand crosses. Text in two columns.


Vellum, 1273

Source of acquisition: Presented by Francis Drake, FSA, 23 Sept. 1736. Minute Book II, pp. 223-4.

Language:  Latin

Proxy from Walter Giffard, Archbp of York, to Sir John de Nevill, Constable of the Tower of London, and others, to recover a debt of £50 from Peter de Mauley ('Malolacu') at the New Temple; London, Seal of the Archbishop (fine, but head missing).


Vellum. 1393
Language:  Latin

Grant by Roger Leukenore (heir of Thomas Leukenore, knt.) to John Keynes of a croft called 'Weyteswisle', in Horsted Keynes; Small armorial seal, with crest.


Vellum. 1394.
Language:  Latin

Grant by Robert Yve, clerk, to Robert Braybrooke, Bp of London, and others, of lands in Stansted Mountfitchet and Takeley, Essex, held by gift and feoffment of John Bassingbourne and Katherine, his wife, and John Bassingbourne, their heir; Armorial seal of grantor.

LONDON-Conveyance  SAL/MS/586  31 Aug. 1549

Vellum. 1549. Possibly incorporated from the papers of the Rev. John Brand, rector of St Mary at Hill.
Language:  Latin

By Henry Codenham of London, gent., and William Pendred, citizen and founder of London, to John Hunter, citizen and butcher, of a shop, etc., in the parish of St Leonard, Eastcheap (previously an endowment of a chantry in St Mary at Hill church) Text refers to an Act of 1 Edw. VI for the dissolving of chantries. With penwork initial. Signatures and seals of the grantors (that of William Pendred with merchant's mark). Endorsed with a memorandum, 13 Sept. 1549, relating to taking of seisin, and a separate note 'for St Leonard in Estcheap from the Crown'.

JOHN NOTT  SAL/MS/587  19 Nov. 1575

Vellum. 1575.

Grant of a crest to John Nott of Shellesley Beauchamp, Worcs., gent., by Robert Cooke, Clarenceux. Arms and crest painted in the margin. The whole within a painted red border, with pen decoration. With a signature and seal (in a wooden box) of Clarenceux. Later note on the turnover of the arms of John Nott, mayor of London, 1363, described by John Stow (with reference to the 1633 edition of the Survey).

ST ALBANS. Fine in the court of Common Pleas  SAL/MS/588  3 Nov. 1593

Vellum, 1593.

Source of acquisition: Presented by George Pembroke, FSA, 27 Jan. 1774. Minute Book XIII, p. 212.

Language:  Latin

(Sitting at St Albans owing to the plague in London) between John Saunders, plaintiff, and John Clerk and Alice, his wife, deforciants, relating to a messuage, etc., in St Albans

JOHN BODLEY  SAL/MS/589  1 Dec. 1609

Vellum. 1609. Annotated at the top '14 October 1735'.

Grant of a crest to John Bodley of Streatham, Surrey, by William Camden, Clarenceux. Arms and crest painted in the margin. The whole within a narrow border (gold within a double red line). With signature of Clarenceux but lacks seal.


Vellum. 1659.

Letters Patent of Richard Cromwell, Lord Protector, appointing commissioners to administer the oath of fidelity to the Protector (form of words given) to the lords appointed to meet on 27 January; 26 Jan. 1658/9. Penwork initial 'R'. The name of Bulstrode, Lord Whitelocke, added to the list of commissioners. Endorsement 'A Commission oath to the members of the house of Lords in Parliament' 'Taylor'.

JAMES II. Commission to Daniel Sutton as 2nd Lieutenant in the Royal Fusiliers.  SAL/MS/591  18 June 1685

Vellum. 1685

Signatures of James II at the head and of Robert Spencer, Earl of Sunderland, at the foot. Traces of papered wax signet seal.

WILLIAM III.  SAL/MS/592  26 May 1689

Paper. 1689.

Warrant appointing John White to be King's printer at York; Hampton Court. Signatures of William III at the head and of Lord Shrewsbury at the foot. Papered signet seal of William and Mary.


Vellum. 1694.

Exchequer order in consideration of £100 received from Mr Godfrey Kneller, under an Act for raising money for pursuing 'a Vigorous War against France', granting him certain rates and duties of excise at the interest of 10% until 24 June 1694, and then at 14% to his daughter Catherine for life; 10 Feb. 1693/4. Engraved, with MS insertions. Portrait of William and Mary in initial 'O' of the order. Notes in bottom right-hand corner relating to payments, 1694-5, with signatures of Stephen Fox, etc. Annotated '6227' at the head; on the dorse '6227, 5915, 5944/1695'.

MORPETH CASTLE.  SAL/MS/594  13 Sept. 1698

Vellum. 1698.

Lease for 21 years of Morpeth Castle, Northumberland, by Charles Howard, Earl of Carlisle, to Thomas Gaire of Morpeth; With the signature of the Earl but lacks seal.

GEORGE II  SAL/MS/595  20 June 1727

Vellum. 1727.

Commission to Francis Franckfurt as Captain in Col. Robert Murray's Regiment at Foot. With the signatures of George II at the head and Charles Townshend, Viscount Townshend, at the foot. Traces of papered signet seal of George II.

LETTERS PATENT.  SAL/MS/596  1702 - 1747

Vellum and paper. 1702-47, with later additions.

Source of acquisition: Presented by James Herbert Cooke, FSA, 11 March 1875, to whom the documents descended from an ancestor who was Deputy Paymaster to the three last-named Paymasters. Proc., 2nd ser., 6 (1873-6), 338-9.

Four Letters Patent under the Great Seal:- (1) Creation of the office of Paymaster of Marines and appointment of Walter Whitfield as Paymaster; 16 May 1702. Engraved portrait initial of Queen Anne, and border with royal arms and badges (top border 'Sold in Cliffords Inn'). Great Seal of William III (imperfect). With a (paper) copy of the text and later memorandum, 1756, relating to the expenses of the office until 1755;- (2) Appointment of Charles Hanbury Williams as Paymaster; 8 Dec. 1739. Engraved portrait initial of George II, and border with royal arms and badges. Great Seal of George II (in a tin box). With a memorandum, 1745, relating to a warrant for payment of four regiments of marines 'last raised', to 24 Dec. 1742. In a red box, perhaps of slightly earlier date, stamped in gold, and lined with pictorial paper, showing a horseman, trees and buildings:- (3) Appointment of John Selwyn, junior, as Paymaster; 25 Dec. 1746. Engraved portrait initial of George II, and border with royal arms and badges. Great Seal of George II (in a tin box). With a warrant, 6 Aug. 1747, for payment to John Selwyn, junior, of the usual allowances for the period 25 Dec. 1746 to 25 June 1747. In a red box, stamped in gold (similar but not identical to that of (2)), lined with paper decorated with a vase of flowers and other floral patterns;- (4) Appointment of John Selwyn, senior, as Paymaster; 25 June 1747. Engraved portrait initial and border as in (3). Great Seal of George II (in a tin box). With a warrant for payment of annual allowances to John Selwyn, senior, 11 Aug. 1747, with sign manual of George II.

ROBERT PLOT  SAL/MS/597  25 Sept. 1687

Vellum and paper.

Source of acquisition: 1687. Possibly part of the Thorpe Bequest which included papers relating to Plot (e.g. SAL/MSS/180, 199 bis*)

Commission from Henry, Duke of Norfolk, Earl Marshall, appointing Robert Plot, LL.D, to be register of the Court of Chivalry. Engraved flourished heading, and names and titles of the Duke of Norfolk. Signature and papered seal of the Duke as Earl Marshall. With a memorandum of expenses for Dr Plot's Faculty. See also SAL/MS/627.


Vellum. 1832.

Commission by Arthur, Duke of Wellington, as Lord Lieutenant of Hampshire, to the Hon. Charles Harris, as Cornet in the South Troop of the Valley of the Avon Cavalry. Signed by the Duke and sealed with his signet.

INVENTORY  SAL/MS/599  1 March 1579/80

Vellum; one membrane. 1580.

Source of acquisition: Exhibited, 11 Apr. 1889, and presented by Edwin Freshfield, LL.D, VPSA, 26 June 1889 (note of presentation on the inventory). See Proc., 2nd ser., 12 (1887-9), 376-80, for a letter from the donor, 30 Apr. 1888, describing and publishing the inventory; ibid., 13 (1889-91), 2 (gift), 28 Nov. 1889.

'An Inventorie of all my houshold stuffe and other ymplementes of my house at London ...', made. An inventory, probably imperfect since there is no grand total of values, of part of a house in London. Two chambers are described as 'upon the fielde side'. Endorsed in the hand of the unidentified owner as 'An Inventory of my householdestuffe at London 1580'.


Vellum. 1657.

Source of acquisition: Presented by William Henry Hart, FSA, 17 Nov. 1870. Proc., 2nd ser., 5 (1870-3), 6.

Related information: See also SAL/MS/232, item 9 (lease of the ferry, 1614).

Assignment of the residue of a forty year Crown lease of Richmond Ferry (from 25 March 1622) by John Glynne, Lord Chief Justice, Anne his wife, formerly wife of Sir Thomas Lawley, 1st Bt., and Sir Francis Lawley, 2nd Bt., to Joseph Ash of Twickenham; 10 Apr. 1657. With signatures of John Glynne, Anne Glynne, and Sir Francis Lawley

LITTLE CHART, KENT  SAL/MS/601, 602  1496, 1524

Vellum. 1496, 1524

Source of acquisition: Presented with SAL/MS/600.

Language:  Latin

Two deeds:- 601. Confirmation by Richard Frende, senior, Thomas Andrewe, Nicholas Harte and Richard Mond, feofees of Lora Roting, in accordance with her last wish, to Robert Roting of land called 'Kempe redis' in the parish of Little Chart, Kent; 4 Dec. 1496. Two small seals, with devices; two others lost;- 602. Confirmation by Robert Roting and John Hart, in accordance with the last wish of George Bishop, to John Bishop of Kenerton (Kenarton) of lands, etc., in Little Chart; 14 June 1524. One small seal with device (broken), another lost.


Vellum. 1601

Source of acquisition: Presented with SAL/MS/600.

Bargain and sale, with attached abstract of title, of the manor of Kingston, Kent, by William Mason of Gray's Inn to Anthony Aucher of Bishopsbourne, Kent. With the signature of the vendor and a small circular seal (broken).


Vellum. 1650.

Source of acquisition: Presented with SAL/MS/600.

Settlement of rents in lands in Ickham and Wickhambreux, Kent., on the marriage between Thomas Smythe of Ickham and Anne, daughter of John Everinden of Wickhambreux. With the signature of Thomas Smyth and a small circular armorial signet (a chevron between 3 horseshoes).

GRANT  SAL/MS/605  9 Feb. 1474

Vellum. 1474.

Source of acquisition: Presented with SAL/MS/600.

Language:  Latin

Grant by Roger Graunger, chaplain, to Henry Merton and Alice, his wife, of lands in the enclosure of ('in parco de') Segroyde and in ('in villa de') Clifferowe (county not given), which he held of the enfeoffment of Henry Merton

WESTMINSTER  SAL/MS/606  16 Nov. 1580

Vellum. 1580.

Source of acquisition: Presented with SAL/MS/600.

Bargain and sale (with recital of previous deeds) of an inn called the Swan (or the Swan with Two Necks) in Tuthill Street, Westminster, and a tenement called the Unicorn or Cannockes House in King Street, Westminster, by Thomas Pearson, gent., to Thomas Cowper, yeoman. Flourished penwork initial. With the initials of the vendor.

GLASTONBURY  SAL/MS/607  26 June 1280

Vellum. 1280.

Source of acquisition: Exhibited and presented by Charles Spencer Perceval, Treasurer SA, 18 March 1880 (Proc., ibid).

Language:  Latin

Related information: See also SAL/MS/608.

Grant by Edward I to the abbot and convent of Glastonbury, Somerset, of the manors of Essebyr. (Ashbury), Berks., Baddebyr. (Badbury), Kington and Christmeleford (Christian Malford), Wilts., Bokland (Buckland), Dors., and (with advowson) Mere, Somerset; Odiham. Illuminated initial, with seated figure of the king, and partial border, with trumpet player, grotesque and birds. Great Seal of Edw. I (edges damaged). This charter appears to be royal confirmation of the final agreement of a long controversy arising from the forcible annexation of Glastonbury Abbey to the see of Bath, c. 1192. See Proc., 2nd ser., 8 (1879-81), 308-9; Dom A. Watkin, The Great Chartulary of Glastonbury (Somerset Record Soc., 59 (1947), 189).

MERE, SOMERSET  SAL/MS/608  17 Sept. 1351

Vellum. 1351

Source of acquisition: Exhibited and presented with SAL/MS/607. Proc., 2nd ser., 8 (1879-81), 309.

Language:  Latin

Appropriation by Ralph of Shrewsbury, Bp of Bath and Wells, to Glastonbury Abbey, of the church of Mere (see also SAL/MS/607), with endowment of a perpetual vicarage; Banwell. Seal of the bishop (slightly damaged at the edges). See J. Collinson, History... of... Somerset, II (1791), 274 (from Wells register).

PETERSTON, NORFOLK  SAL/MS/609  13th century

Vellum. 13th century. Modern blue folder, with seal in grey box. Exhibited by John Adey Repton, FSA, 15 May 1806 (note with the MS; Minute Book XXXI, pp. 92-3).

Grant by Sir William de Calthorp and his wife, Cecily, to the priory of Austin canons at Peterston of lands, etc., in Peterston, in Burnham Overy, Norf.; 13th century (temp. Hen. III). Latin. Seal of the priory in green wax, with counter seal of the prior. For Peterston see F. Blomefield, Norfolk, III (1769), 738; T. Tanner (ed. J. Nasmith), Notitia Monastica (1787), Norfolk, liii.


Vellum. 1317. Later (unrelated) endorsement, 16th century, 'Quitance from the Abbott to the Towne ...'.

Source of acquisition: Presented by the Rev. William Champion Streatfeild, 28 Jan. 1897. Proc., 2nd ser., 16 (1895-7), 274-6.

Language:  Latin

Grant by Margaret of France, Queen of England, to her servant Gasset de la Ruele, of lands and tenements in Ospringe, Kent, received as an escheat through the outlawry of Ralph de Chelson, and lands in Middleton hundred after the death of Margaret, widow of John de Fogheleston; Twynham (Christchurch), Hants., 12 Jan. 1317. Latin. Fragment of seal.

WESTHAM, SUSSEX  SAL/MS/611  4 Nov. 1330

Vellum. 1330.
Language:  Latin

Grant by William Holeman to Robert Donsy of a messuage and land in Westham, Sussex. Small circular seal of William Holman. Attached is a fine in the court of Queen Isabella for the lowy (jurisdiction) of Pevensey, between the same parties; 29 Oct. 1330.

IMMINGHAM, LINCS  SAL/MS/612  4 Apr. 1317

Vellum. 1317

Source of acquisition: Presented by Robert Brown, junior, FSA, 22 Dec. 1882.

Language:  Latin

Grant by Roger, son of John, son of Thurstan, to Nicholas, son of Henry Maundevyll of Immingham, of a selion of arable land in Immingham.

COURT OF ARCHES  SAL/MS/613  18 May 1375

Vellum. 1375. Exhibited and presented by Weston Styleman Walford, FSA, 17 June 1869; see Proc., 2nd ser., 4 (1867-70), 354-5, where the text is published. See ibid., 6 (1873-6), 324-6, for the clarification of one phrase.
Language:  Latin

Decree by the ecclesiastical court of appeal, sede vacante, requesting Richard, prior of Christ Church, Canterbury, to apply to the king for a writ 'De excommunicato capiendo' for the arrest of William Bassingham, layman, of the diocese of Norwich. William Bassingham had defied a previous court order in a suit by Simon, rector of St Margaret, Westwick, Norwich, conc. the unlawful detention of a missal. Seal (now detached) in SA collections. Engraving of seal, probably from the matrix, in Gent. Mag., Dec. 1785.


Vellum. 1482.

Source of acquisition: Presented by John Murray Kendall, FSA.

Language:  Latin

Grant by Thomas Gawayn to Thomas Lewston and others, of messuages, etc., in the Whelernerewe (Wheeler Row), Boccherrewe (Butcher Row) and High Street, Salisbury, and also the manor of Molshull and lands in Broadchalke, etc., Wilts.; 5 July 1482. Seal of Thomas Gawayn missing; seal of the mayor of Salisbury (one of the witnesses) appended.


Vellum. 1329. Exhibited and presented by William Thomas (Orde-Powlett), 4th Baron Bolton, FSA, 19 Feb. 1914. Proc., 2nd ser., 26 (1913-14), 99-100.
Language:  Latin

Agreement between the abbots and convents of Sawley, Yorks., and Furness, Lancs., about the tithes of the manor of Winterbourne, in Gargrave, Yorks. Seal, in green wax, of the abbot of Furness (lacks head).

SIXTUS IV  SAL/MS/616  1471

Vellum. 1471

Source of acquisition: Presented by the Rev. Edward Chisholm Dewick in accordance with the wishes of his father the Rev. Edward Samuel Dewick, FSA, 18 Apr. 1918. Proc., 2nd ser., 30 (1917-18), 159.

Language:  Latin

Bull of Pope Sixtus IV granting to the city of Genoa the right of conferring the doctorate and other degrees in canon and civil law, theology, the liberal arts and other faculties; Rome, 28 Nov. 1471. Latin. Leaden bulla missing.

KATHERINE PARR  SAL/MS/617  30 March 1546

Vellum. 1546. Exhibited and presented by William John Thoms, FSA, 24 June 1880 (Proc., 2nd ser. 8 (1879-81), 404-5, where the text is published).
Language:  Latin

Letters Patent of Queen Katherine Parr assigning the next presentation of the church of Harting, Sussex (which Sir Anthony Windsor and his son Henry had previously granted to her) to Richard Morysine, Richard Strengthfellow and Nicholas Udall (Master of Eton, playwright); Greenwich. Fragment of Great Seal of Katherine Parr (for further details of her seal see Archaeologia, 5 (1779), 232-4*; T. Willement, Regal Heraldry (1821), 74, pl. 17).

ELIZABETH  SAL/MS/618  9 May 1586

Vellum. 1586.

Source of acquisition: Exhibited and presented by John William Trist, FSA, 7 June 1888. Proc., 2nd ser., 12 (1887-9), 165.

Language:  Latin

Grant by Queen Elizabeth to John Ward of the custody of lands in Shelton, etc., Norf., and of the wardship and marriage of Ralph Shelton, son and heir of Thomas Shelton, decd.; Westminster. Second Great Seal of Elizabeth in brown wax.

NORFOLK  SAL/MS/619  16 May 1575

Vellum. 1575.
Language:  Latin

Common recovery of lands in Gedingham, etc., Norf., by Richard Atlee and John Marshall from William Stannowe; Westminster, 16 May 1575.
Seal of the Court of Common Pleas in green wax.


Vellum. 1603. See Proc., 2nd ser., 5 (1870-3), 180.
Language:  Latin

Common recovery in Mydrim (Meidrum), Carmarthen, by William John Bynon and Howell John, demandants, from John Owen and Broeus ap Evan, deforciants. Seal (of Qu Elizabeth) of the Court of Sessions for Carmarthen, Cardigan and Pembroke, in green wax. See Archaeologia, 31 (1846), 495, for an engraving of the seal (from a cast), with incorrect inscription.

SWAN ROLL  SAL/MS/621  [n.d.]

Vellum roll; 3 membranes. Temp. Edw. VI.

Source of acquisition: Exhibited by Benjamin Williams, FSA, 17 Feb. 1859, by permission of the Rev. Thomas Wilkinson who had purchased it with other items. Proc., 1st ser., 4 (1856-9), 280.

Swan roll for Norfolk containing 88 marks; temp. Edw. VI. Includes mark of several priories, mostly suppressed before end Edw. VI, and many well-known Norfolk names.


Vellum; 3 membranes, 1495

Source of acquisition: Presented by the Rev. Edward Chisholm Dewick, in accordance with the wishes of his father the Rev. Edward Samuel Dewick, FSA, 18 Apr. 1918. Proc., 2nd ser., 30 (1917-18), 159.

Accounts of Thomas Bynham, cellarer of Walsingham Priory, Norf., from Michaelmas 1494-Michaelmas 1495.

TENTS AND REVELS  SAL/MS/623  1555-1559

Vellum roll; 6 membranes. 1559.

Duplicate account with the exchequer of William More, executor to Sir Thomas Cawarden, knt. (d. 1559), late Master of the Tents and Revels; from 15 June 1555-Michaelmas 1559. The accounts relate entirely to the office held, and include details of materials used, wages, etc. Signatures of William, 1st Marquess of Winchester, Sir Richard Sackville and Sir Walter Mildmay.

SIR ANTHONY BROWNE  SAL/MS/624  1527, 1532

Paper; ff. 17, 7, 54. 1527, 1532. Small folio. Vellum covers

Source of acquisition: Possibly acquired after the Cowdray fire in 1793 (see communications by Richard Gough, Minute Book XXV, 7, 14 Nov 1793).

Accounts conc. visits of Sir Anthony Browne, knt., to France, 1527 and 1532:- (a) 'Extraordinary payments & necessary charges' paid by Robert Hall from 27 May-21 Nov. 1527. Apparently relating to Sir Anthony's visit to invest Francis I with the Order of the Garter. ff. 17;- (b) 'Charges of Mr George Browne ...', with Sir Anthony Browne, Ambassador in France; 27 May-Nov. 1532. ff. 7 (loose);- (c) 'The boke of ordinary charges of the trayne' of Sir Anthony Browne 'the kings ambassador going into France in May 1532'; 28 May-20 Nov. 1532. ff. 54.

LICENCE TO EMPARK  SAL/MS/625  24 Dec. 1530

Vellum. 1530. In a cardboard box.
Language:  Latin

Letters Patent under the Great Seal granting a licence to Christopher More, Esq., of Loseley, near Guildford, one of the clerks of the exchequer, to empark 200 acres of land, pasture and wood, and to have free warren, and fishing rights within the enclosure; Chelsea. Great Seal of Henry VIII (damaged). Elaborate penwork initial including the Tudor rose. Note of expenses of the patent attached. Endorsed with note of enrolment.

DODNASH PRIORY  SAL/MS/626  13th century

Vellum. 13th century. In a small cardboard box. Exhibited by Joseph Jackson Howard, FSA, 11 March 1858, by permission of W.S. Fitch. Proc., 1st ser., 4 (1856-9), 172; see also ibid., 2nd ser., 1 (1859-61), 109, 8 March 1860.
Language:  Latin

Release by Thomas, son of Maurice de Dodenes, to the priory and canons of Dodenes (Dodnash), Suff., of all claim in possessions which had belonged to the priory from its foundation to 8 Hen. III (1223-4). Seal of the priory (dark wax).

ROBERT PLOT  SAL/MS/627  3 Oct. 1687

Vellum. 1687. In a cardboard box.
Language:  Latin

Appointment by William Sancroft Archbp. of Canterbury, of Robert Plot, LL.D, as a notary public; Faculty seal of the former (red wax, much damaged). Text includes the oath of allegiance to James II.

DEVON  SAL/MS/628  12 Aug. 1580

Vellum. 1580

Source of acquisition: Presented by Weston Styleman Walford, FSA (d. 1879).

Lease by Sir Arthur Bassett of Omberleigh (Umberleigh), Devon, of a tenement, etc., in Barnstaple, for 99 years determined in the lives of William Bayly of Barnstaple and his sons, Jacob and Anthony, in consideration of a fine of 40 marks and an annual rent of 9 shillings. Seal and signature of the lessor.


Vellum. 1650

Source of acquisition: Presented by Joseph Jackson Howard, LL.D, FSA, 22 Nov. 1894 (see letter to Sir A. W. Franks, PSA, 23 Sept. 1894). Proc., 2nd ser., 15 (1893-5), 236.

Conveyance by Sir John Wollaston and many others to Roger Steward, merchant of London, of land late in the possession of John Boys, gent., in the parish of Leaminster (Lyminster) near Arundel, Sussex, formerly the property of the Dean and Chapter of Chichester; 28 May 1650. Many signatures. The lands were conveyed by virtue of the Acts for abolishing Deans and Chapters and the sale of their lands (1649). Some flourished initials.

POLITICS  SAL/MS/630  1606

Paper; one folded sheets. c. 1606

Source of acquisition: Presented by James Orchard Halliwell-Phillipps, FRS, FSA, 30 March 1882.

The Politik Survey of a Kingdom'; dated in the margin 'Anno Misericordiae 1606'. Dedication (in panel) to Sir Thomas Challoner, knt. Consists of a summary of categories of useful political knowledge, e.g. quantity and quality of kingdom and subjects, revenues, expenses, fighting strength, alliances, chivalry, etc. Set out on one large paper sheet (fragile at the folds). Continued on the verso. Ends with a quotation from Martial. Calligraphic flourishes.

EXETER  SAL/MS/631  1817

Paper; ff. 5. 1817

Source of acquisition: Presented by Philip Hammersley Leathes, FSA, 11 Dec. 1817. Archaeologia, 19 (1821), 417. Formerly numbered 553.

Certified copy of the foundation deed of the Free Grammar School of the City of Exeter established in the Hospital of St John Baptist; 20 Feb. 1629/30, copy made 13 Nov. 1817. Annotated (left hand corner) 'Ex autographo John Jones Penes me 12 Novemb. 1817'.

MUSAEUM MINERVAE  SAL/MS/632  18th century

Paper; ff. 4. Early 18th century. A copy of this charter was exhibited by Peter Le Neve, PSA, 2 Feb. 1726; Minute Book I, p. 183.

Certified copy of the licence under the Great Seal to Sir Francis Kinaston for the foundation of an academy of learning, called the Musaeum Minervae, with the right to a grant of arms and common seal; Canbury (Canonbury), 26 June 1635, early 18th century copy. 'Concordat cum Recordo et Examinat per me Robert Sanderson' (the historian (d. 1741) who edited vols. XVI-XX of Rymer). See The Constitutions of the MVSAEVM MINERVAE (1636) (copy in SAL); T. Rymer, Foedera, XIX (1732), 638-41.

OXFORD  SAL/MS/633  1850

Paper; ff. 11. 1850

Copy from the Surrenden MSS of the award of the Archbp. of Canterbury (John Stratford) and the Bp of Chichester (Robert Stratford) in the disputed question of jurisdiction between the University and City of Oxford; Lambeth, 7 Apr. 1348, transcript (fols. 2-11) by the Rev. Lambert B. Larking, Ryarsh vicarage, Kent, 10 June 1850 (his note, fol. 1). Latin. The original deed is now in the Bodleian Library. See H. E. Salter, Medieval Archives of the University of Oxford (Oxford Historical Society 70, i (1917)), 143.

LINCOLN  SAL/MS/634  28 Apr. 1539

Vellum roll. c. 1540

Source of acquisition: Presented by the Rev. Edward Chisholm Dewick, in accordance with the wishes of his father, the Rev. Edward Samuel Dewick, FSA, 18 Apr. 1918. Proc., 2nd ser., 30 (1917-18), 159.

Language:  Latin

Account roll for one year of John Longland, Bp of Lincoln, by his attorney, John Frankishe, conc. a clerical subsidy for the diocese of Lincoln granted
Initial with leaf decoration, pen flourishes.

ST MARY AT HILL  SAL/MS/635  6 Nov. 1555

Paper and vellum. 1555, 1556.

Source of acquisition: Incorporated from the papers of the Rev. John Brand, Sec. SA (d. 1806). Council Minutes, 14 Jan., 11 Feb., 17 June 1851.

Language:  Latin

Two documents relating to lands of the parish of St Mary at Hill, London:- (a) Copy of the will of John Bedham, enrolled at the Court of Hustings in 1473, whereby Bedham gave to the rector, churchwardens and parishioners a great garden and divers messuages situated near Tower Hill; certified copy
Seal of the mayoralty of London (broken and defaced). Vellum;- (b) Inspeximus including a copy in English of a certificate of the rector, Alan Percy, giving lists of tenants, and payments (including £8. 10 per annum to the school master, Rice William); 5 Feb. 1555/6. Paper. Folio, ff. 4., with an 18th-century transcript of the first leaf.

RADCLIFFE FAMILY  SAL/MS/636  1496, 18th century

Vellum. 1496, 18th century

Archival history:
Covering letter from John Wickham Flower, FGS, 1866, states that the pedigree came from the muniments of Capt. Chetham Strode, representative of the Chethams of Mellor.

Two documents relating to the Radcliffe (Ratcliffe) family of Mellor, Derbs.:- (a) Award by William Davenport of Bromall and others in a dispute between Jude Stafford and Robert Mellor called Robert Radclyf in a dispute conc. precedence in the chapel of Mellor with decision in the favour of the latter; 20 Dec. 1496;- (b) Pedigree of Radcliffe from Robert Radcliffe, 3rd son of the house of Ordsall, who married Emme daughter of Roger Mellor of Mellor, Derbs., headed 'The Pettigree of Mellor Hall since... 1379'; 18th century. See The Genealogist, N. S., 8 (1892), 68-9. No heraldry. A text descent (not tabular). Continued at the foot in a different hand to the children of James Radcliffe.

ELMLEY CASTLE  SAL/MS/637  1608-1615

Vellum roll; 8 membranes (not in chronological order). 1608-15.
Language:  English and Latin

Court roll of the manor of Elmley Castle, Worcs., for the years 1608-15.

ROCHESTER  SAL/MS/638  1733, 1736

Vellum. 1733, 1736

Source of acquisition: Presented by Ralph Griffin, FSA, 1922.

Two documents relating to Rochester:- (a) Lease granted by the wardens, etc., of Rochester bridge to Richard Vonsden of Strood, shipwright, of a wharf, yard and premises in Strood; 6 Apr. 1733. Seal of the wardens (dated 1624). Signatures of wardens and others including John Thorpe, senior. Flourished initial with royal arms;- (b) Licence by the wardens, etc., for Richard Vonsden to transfer the above premises to William Curling of Strood; 21 June 1736. Later seal of the wardens. For Rochester bridge see also SAL/MSS/159, 174, 198.

KENT  SAL/MS/639  1688

Vellum. 1688.

Source of acquisition: Presented by Ralph Griffin, FSA, 1922.

Tripartite indenture between Christopher Venman, gent., of Strood, James Master of Gray's Inn and others, and John Smith, merchant, and Francis Peck, citizen and draper of London, assigning a rentcharge of £104 payable out of the manor of Parlabenyoke and other lands in Frindsbury and other parishes in Kent to secure payment of £1700 and interest to John Smith according to indentures of defeasance of the same date between Christopher Venman and John Smith; 30 May 1688. Five heraldic seals and counterseals. Flourished initial and opening.


Vellum. 1583-1623. Part of a series of deeds (numbers on dorses).

Source of acquisition: Presented by Ralph Griffin, FSA, 1922.

Language:  Latin

Four deeds relating to the sale of the advowson of Stirchley church, Shropshire; (a) Sale by Nicholas Moseley and John Whitbrook, both of London, to Sir Rowland Hayward, alderman of London; 8 March 1582/3;- (b) Sale by Sir R. Hayward to Richard Halywell (Halliwell); 18 May 1585;- (c) Sale by George Halywell to Richard Dod of Dawley Magna, knt., Shropshire, and Roger Banes of Dawley; 15 May 1613;- (d) Release by Roger Banes of his moiety interest to Richard Dod; 1 Feb. 1622/3. Seals. See VCH Shropshire, 11 (1985), 192.

ALL HALLOWS THE GREAT  SAL/MS/641  17 March 1730/1

Paper. 1731

Source of acquisition: Presented by Ralph Griffin, FSA, 1922.

Lease by Robert Dobson, of St John Clerkenwell, and Francis Cooper of All Hallows the Great, to James Barrett of the same, of a messuage and tenement, etc., in All Hallows Lane, Thames St., London, for 6 ½ years at an annual rent of £24. One seal. Flourished initial.

CHATHAM  SAL/MS/642  8 Dec. 1713

Vellum. 1713.

Sale by Arkinstall Moorcock, citizen and packer of London, to Benjamin Moorcock of Chatham, of a moiety in land, etc., at Chatham, Kent; Seal (of John Bowle, Bp of Rochester, 1630-7; see Papworth, Ordinary (1874), 849, col. 2). Flourished initial.

ROME.  SAL/MS/643  1844

Paper; unfoliated, pp. 84. Two notebooks. 1844. Duodecimo. Marbled covers; lined paper over card.

Source of acquisition: Presented by Frederick William Cock, MD, FSA, 31 May 1920.

Two duodecimo notebooks containing transcripts of epitaphs and descriptions of monuments erected in Rome to Englishmen and women buried there; compiled by Sir William Lawson, 1st Bt., in 1844 (note, 12 March 1888, by his son on the cover of the second notebook). (1) Notebook containing fair copies of inscriptions;- (2) Notebook containing first or rough copies and miscellaneous notes; and (pp. 52-79, 83) a series of epitaphs of alumni of the English College in the church of the Holy Trinity, extant in 1785 and arranged by John Kirk, one of the alumni.

NOBILITY.  SAL/MS/644  1643

Paper roll. 1634.

An exact Roll of the Nobillitie of Engl: accordinge to the due right of their precedency by Creation. Made in A°: 1643'. A list of names without dates of creation, with marginal annotations by a different hand, e.g. 'Extinct', 'w.ab.'. No heraldry. Possibly made in connection with the summoning of peers to the Oxford Parliament, 22 Jan. 1644; the annotations may indicate peers who were absent. At the foot the styles of the princes Charles, James and Henry, and of George, 2nd Duke of Buckingham.


Vellum roll. 17th century.

Source of acquisition: Presented by Lt. Col. George Babington Croft Lyons, VPSA, 1920.

Some matches bothe of Hoskyns and of Bourn'; 17th century. Eight coloured coats and blazons of Hoskins and Bourn alliances. Achievement of Hoskins at the foot.


Vellum roll; 3 membranes. 1619.

Source of acquisition: Presented by Sir Charles Hercules Read, PSA, 8 Dec. 1921. A.J., 2 (1922), 174-5.

Pedigree of the family of Peryent of Digswell, Herts., certified by John Philipot, Rouge Dragon, 1619. Numerous coloured coats, crests, and achievement of Peryent. Heading 'Genealogia Clarissimae Familiae De Perient... e qua, Thomas Peryent de Birch-magna in Com. Essexiae Eques Auratus, recta linea Mascula orivndus est'. Begins with an equestrian figure of John Peryent of Gascony who came to England with the Black Prince. Some historical notes, particularly at the head. Last male entry Sir Thomas Peryent 'superstes hoc Anno 1619'.


Vellum. c. 1577. Mounted on card. In a red slipcase.

Source of acquisition: Exhibited and presented by William Minet, Treasurer SA., 1 Feb. 1923. A.J., 3 (1923), 198.

Circular 'target' pedigree recording the descent and marriage of Richard Broughton of Lower Broughton in Bishops Castle, Lancs., a member of the Council of the Marches, showing the sixteen quarterings; probably made c. 1577, the date of his marriage to Ann, daughter of Richard Bagot of Blithfield, Staffs. Identifications in Welsh or Latin. With coloured shields. Possibly designed by Thomas Chaloner of Chester. See W. J. Hemp, 'Two Welsh Pedigrees ...', Y Cymmrodor, 40 (1929), 208-25, for a detailed description (and reproduction) of the present pedigree and one of similar design recording the descent of Thomas Chaloner (now Bodl. Lib., MS Jesus Coll. R. 30).


Vellum; 7 membranes. 1692. In a tin tube, with hinged lid.

Source of acquisition: Presented by the Hon. Mrs O'Grady, 9 Dec. 1920.

Pedigree of the family of Beresford of Beresford in the parish of Alstonfield, Staffs., and various branches, made by Francis Sandford, late Lancaster Herald, and Gregory King, his successor, 1692. In a cartouche at the head an inscription beginning 'The Genealogie of the most Antient and worthy Family of Beresford ...' referring to various branches including Beresford of Colrain, and to sources of the genealogy including evidences and information of John Beresford 'now again Lord of Beresford' and records of the Heralds Office. The tabular pedigree is headed by coloured portraits of five ancestors in armour. The main line runs from John de Beresford (said to have been seized of the manor of Beresford in 1087) to the first three children (daughters) of Sir Tristram Beresford of Colrain, 3rd Bt. With many coloured shields, of very high quality, extracts from evidences, and a sketch of part of the alabaster monument of Thomas Beresford (d. 1473), in Fenny Bentley church, Derbs., showing the location of figures of his children and giving the inscriptions. Full achievement of Beresford at the foot. With a certificate of approval signed by John Dugdale, Norroy, 22 Oct. 1692, entered at the foot.

FLEMISH DEEDS.  SAL/MS/649/1-17  1136-1449

Vellum. Seventeen deeds. 1136-1449. Loose in an oval wooden box (with a label addressed to the Rev. John Brand, Sec. SA).
Language:  Latin

Seventeen deeds relating to the abbey of Afflighem and the parish and domain of Assche, Brabant, Belgium; and flemish. Mostly transactions before local officials (scavini, schepenen). roman numbers on dorsos given in brackets

Confirmation by Nicholas, Bp of Cambrai  SAL/MS/649/1  1136
Language:  Latin

(XIV). At the petition of Peter, abbot of Afflighem, of the privileges of the church of Assche, and other churches (altars). Seal of the bishop. Finely written by a named scribe: 'Ego Wirembaldvs scripsi et recognovi cancellarivs'.

Letters patent of officials of the town of Assche  SAL/MS/649/2  April 1279
Language:  Latin

(XIII). Relating to the gift to the abbey of Afflighem of the moveable goods of the brothers Soikunus and Egidius de Bucghenout (Buggenhout); Seal.

Letters patent of officials of the lord of Assche  SAL/MS/649/3  May 1293
Language:  Latin

(XII). Stating that Gerard de Ninove and William his brother were bound to the abbey of Afflighem in respect of certain lands (named) during the minority of John son of Henry de Esschene. Seal of the lord of Assche.

Letters patent of officials of the town of Assche  SAL/MS/649/4  August 1310
Language:  Latin

(IX). Relating to the payment by Walter de Wigholne to Johann called (?clawart) of an annuity of 20 shillings from properties (named) in Assche, etc.; Seal.

Statement by William van der Elst, knt., of Brussels, and representatives of Robert, lord of Assche  SAL/MS/649/5  1310
Language:  Flemish

(XVI). Relating to the agreement by Reme Egloy to a life tenancy by his mother Margrit of a property in Esschene; St Matthew's day 21 Sept. One seal extant of seven.

Letters patent of officials of the town of Assche  SAL/MS/649/6  30 May 1339
Language:  Flemish

(III). Relating to an agreement by Lisbert Vraenx, Scupers daughter, conc. access by Robert Wner? to land in Assche; (Sunday after Corpus Christi). Seal.

Quitclaim by Elisabeth, abbess of the convent of B. Maria de Rosis near Alost  SAL/MS/649/7  1345
Language:  Latin

(VII). To Thomas, abbot of Afflighem, in respect of a ten shillings annuity left to her convent by Baldwin of Esschene, knt; Feast of S. Maria Magdalene (22 July), Fragment of one seal (of two) remains.

Letters patent of officials of the town of Assche  SAL/MS/649/8  1365
Language:  Flemish

(V). Relating to a lease by Heinrich called Hurrehi van der Alfene from John Ranspoet the elder conc. lands listed; the day after ('sdeysendaechs na') St Nicholas (6 Dec.), Fragmentary seal.

Gift to the abbey of Afflighem  SAL/MS/649/9  1 April 1375
Language:  Flemish

(II). By John, burgrave of Montenake, lord of Byelrebelt, and Godent? of Montenake, lord of Grase, brothers, knts., of properties (listed) in various parishes; No seals extant.

Letters patent of John of Grimbergen  SAL/MS/649/10  27 Feb. 1378
Language:  Flemish

(IV). (Grembergen, see SAL/MS/649/14), lord of Assche, knt., notifying a grant to the prior of Wavere (dependent on Afflighem) of woods in Assche on the estate called de Marette, made in the presence of feudal vassals; 22 Jan. 1378. Flemish. Five of six seals extant. With a confirmation (attached) by John, Duke of Luxemburg, Lothringia and Brabant

Letters patent of officials of Assche  SAL/MS/649/11  late 14th century
Language:  Latin

(II or VII). Relating to a tithe purchased by the abbey of Afflighem from Baldwin de Huscenghem; Fragment of seal. Very faint and partly illegible.

Letters patent of four officials of Brussels in accordance with an order of Nicholas de Sancto Gaugerico, knt., amman of Brussels  SAL/MS/649/12  7 Nov. 1391
Language:  Latin

(XV). Relating to the sale of properties (listed) to Peter van der Herde, priest of Ermbordeghem, so that John ter Jacobs van der Alphenen could make his profession as a monk; Seals (four of five extant).

Letters patent of officials of the town of Assche  SAL/MS/649/13  20 Sept. 1393
Language:  Flemish

(XX). That Walter voer de Maen had legally acquired land from John Hurrehy van der Alfenen; Fragmentary seal.

Letters patent of officials of John of Grembergen, lord of Assche  SAL/MS/649/14  late 14th century
Language:  Flemish

(XIX). Confirming that Walter voer de Maen had legally acquired hereditary lands from Kateline called Wners?, William her brother and others, according to customs of the land; Seal of officials of the lord of Assche.

Agreement between H(enry de Sancto Gaugerico), abbot of Afflighem, and John de Grimbergen (Grembergen), lord of Assche  SAL/MS/649/15  1404
Language:  Latin

(VI). Relating to a dispute conc. the collation of the church of Assche, and the augmentation of the fruits of the chaplaincy of the BVM in the church of Mollem; Bruges, Easter Saturday. Two seals, in small wooden boxes.

Confirmation by Peter, Bp of Cambrai  SAL/MS/649/16  11 June 1404

(Formerly SAL/MS/780/22) of the preceding agreement

Letters patent by two officials of Brussels  SAL/MS/649/17  1449
Language:  Latin

(I). That they had inspected letters of their predecessors (quoted in full) to the effect that Peter de Cupe and many others (named) had come to a friendly agreement relating to a division of property, 30 May 1446, and that this inspection was made 20 Oct. 1449. Two seals (personal).

LONDON DEEDS.  SAL/MS/650/1-45  13th century-1630

Vellum (and paper); 45 deeds. 13th century-1630. In a brown index drawer. Envelopes annotated with descriptions by Charles Lethbridge Kingsford, VPSA (d. 1926), and another.

Source of acquisition: Presented by Mrs Kingsford in memory of her husband, 1927. A.J., 7 (1927), 232, 377.

Language:  English and Latin

Deeds (45) relating to property in London, Middlesex and Surrey. Mostly vellum.

Grant by Peter FitzRoger to Benedict Trenchemer of a house and quay in St Dunstan in the East  SAL/MS/650/1  c. 1250
Language:  Latin

Inquisition post mortem  SAL/MS/650/2  20 Nov. 1437
Language:  Latin

Conc. a hospice in Holy Trinity the Less in Vintry Lane formerly held by Elizabeth, widow of Robert Lovell. With testimonies that Humphrey, son of John, Earl of Arundel, was her next heir.

Lease of Cage House  SAL/MS/650/3  11 Jan. 1560/1

Parcel of Cage Rents in Chancery Lane, by Edward Leigh to Myles Doddinge, of St Dunstan in the West. Signature of M. Doddynge.

Leases of houses, etc. in Beare Alley, Chancery Lane, St Dunstan in the West  SAL/MS/650/4-6  13th century-1630

Lease by Edward Leigh to Elizabeth Hawkins, widow, of a house and garden  SAL/MS/650/4  March 1582 (24 Eliz.)

Signature and seal of Edward Leigh

Lease by the same to Susan Walter, alias Lee, of a tenement and shed. Signature and seal of the same  SAL/MS/650/5  29 March 1582

Lease by Edward Hawkins to Peter Farrington of a house and garden. Mark of the latter, with fragment of seal.  SAL/MS/650/6  6 Nov. 1585

St Mary at Axe  SAL/MS/650/7-9  13th century-1630

St Mary at Axe; Release by William Holt to John Holt of messuages, gardens, lands and tenements iuxta Pappey in St Mary at Axe  SAL/MS/650/7  7 Apr. 1554
Language:  Latin

Signature and seal of the former

St Mary at Axe; Release by Walter Strickland of Gray's Inn and Roger Mervyn to Edward Bacon of a garden in St Mary at Axe, following a recovery. Endorsed by E. Bacon  SAL/MS/650/8  15 March 1584/5

St Mary at Axe; Fine between Edward Bacon and Francis Walsingham, knt., and Ursula his wife  SAL/MS/650/9  13th century-1630
Language:  Latin

By which Walsingham recognised the right of the former in 15 messuages, 5 cottages and 15 gardens in the parishes of St Mary at Axe, St Helen, St Andrew Undershaft and All Hallows on the Wall; Hilary term 23 Eliz., 1580/1. Paper, three sheets.

Various City parishes.  SAL/MS/650/10-35  13th century-1630

Deeds relating to property in City parishes; Sale by Thomas Sarys, haberdasher, to Thomas Walker, leatherseller, of a parcel of land in All Hallows Staining, in Tower ward. Signature and seal of T. Sarys.  SAL/MS/650/10  5 Dec. 1565
Language:  Latin

Deeds relating to property in City parishes; Sale by Barnard Jennyn, Richard Bewe and others, the master and wardens of the Skinners Company, to Thomas Reade of two great messuages and eight cottages in the parish of St Antholin in Watling St. Endorsed 'The first deed of the houses in St Antholin'.  SAL/MS/650/11  20 May 1550

Deeds relating to property in City parishes; Deposition before Richard Malorie, mayor, by Robert Maddye relating to a lease of shops called the Harp and Swan in Westcheap with a recital of the assignment of the lease by Richard Leyes to Thomas Coke  SAL/MS/650/12  25 June 1565

Deeds relating to property in City parishes; Lease by Sir John Spencer of Althorp, Northants., to John Burgoyne of Sutton, Beds., of two rooms called the Cole house, with the chamber over it, in a house which the former had recently purchased from Burgoyne in Great St Bartholomew's. Signature and armorial seal of Burgoyne.  SAL/MS/650/13  13 June 1597

Deeds relating to property in City parishes; Sale by James Beard of Langley, Co. Durham, to Richard Atkyns of N. Okenden, Essex, of the Blackboye in St Benedict (Bennet) Gracechurch. Signature and fragment of seal of James Beard.  SAL/MS/650/14  2 June 1591

Deeds relating to property in City parishes; Lease by John Cornwaleys, citizen of London, to John Andrewe barber, of Le Harp in Thames St., in St Dunstan in the East; 14 Jan. Seal.  SAL/MS/650/15  1427/8
Language:  Latin

Deeds relating to property in City parishes; Sale by Sir William Chester, alderman of London, and William his son, to George and John Barne, haberdashers, of a capital messuage in St Edmund, Lombard St., recently purchased from the Drapers Company, and a yard and alley, etc.  SAL/MS/650/16  1 Jan. 1572/3

Deeds relating to property in City parishes; Sale by John Whithed, citizen and cooper, to John Swytzer, citizen and cooper, of two of five tenements in St Giles Cripplegate, purchased by him of Thomas Reve and George Cotton in March 1553, being chantry lands granted to them on 18 March 1547  SAL/MS/650/17  26 March 1555
Language:  Latin

Deeds relating to property in City parishes; Lease by Thomas Drante, vicar of St Giles Cripplegate, and the wardens of the parish goods to Andrew Sarre and others, parishioners, of a tenement adjoining the great porch on the north of the church, with a covenant that the tenement was not be used as a dwelling house but only for ward mote inquest and meetings on parish business. Signature of Thomas Drant.  SAL/MS/650/18  7 Apr. 1569

Deeds relating to property in City parishes; Lease by John Eccles, citizen and brewer, to John Palmer, citizen and draper, and Hugh Prynce, yeoman, of a messuage with shops in Reddcrosse Strete in St Giles Cripplegate. Signature and seal of J. Eccles.  SAL/MS/650/19  15 Feb. 1576/7

Deeds relating to property in City parishes; Sale by Ellys Jones, citizen and sadler, to Robert Naylor, citizen and haberdasher, of a tenement in St Giles Cripplegate. Mentions John Swetsir, decd. (see SAL/MS/650/17) as late tenant. Endorsed with delivery of seisin. Signature of Ellys Jhones.  SAL/MS/650/20  22 June 1582
Language:  Latin

Deeds relating to property in City parishes; Assignment by John Gwilliam of London to John Edwardes of Davington, Kent, of a yearly rent of £24 charged on the Bell Inn in Friday St., in St John the Evangelist. Signature of John Gwilliam.  SAL/MS/650/21  30 June 1592

Deeds relating to property in City parishes; Lease by John Howe and Margaret his wife to William Walshe of nine messuages in St Katherine Christchurch (Cree); Two seals, one fragmentary with signature of John Howe.  SAL/MS/650/22  11 Feb. 1565/6

Deeds relating to property in City parishes; Grant by Sir John Seint Leger to John Nashe, citizen and grocer of London, of an annuity of £5 out of messuages or tenements in St Katherine Christchurch lately purchased from John Howe and Alice his wife, until the sum of £15 should be satisfied, with power of distress if unpaid. Fragmentary seal with signature of Sir John Seint Leger.  SAL/MS/650/23  1 March 1575/6

Deeds relating to property in City parishes; Mortgage for £110 by Sir Henry Carew, knt., of London, and Thomas his brother, of Stonecastle, Kent, to John Hide, citizen and merchant taylor of London, of messuages in St Katherine Coleman, abutting on a messuage of Sir Henry Billingsley. With signatures of the Carews.  SAL/MS/650/24  18 June 1602

Deeds relating to property in City parishes; Demise by Thomas Hoo, gent., Philip Malpas, citizen of London, draper, and others, to John Worsop, citizen and baker, of a tenement in Lombards Hill in St Mary Magdalene, Old Fish Street. Five seals extant of six (of the first parties). Ralph Josselyn, mayor, named among the witnesses.  SAL/MS/650/25  10 July 1464
Language:  Latin

Deeds relating to property in City parishes; Agreement by Nicholas Kaye of Halifax, Yorks., seised of six messuages in Crossed Friars in Hart St. in Aldgate ward, in the right of his wife Ellyn, to acknowledge them as the property of Richard Kaye, his brother, with a view to a fine and recovery. Two seals. Item 44 in a sale-cat. (cutting).  SAL/MS/650/26  21 Dec. 1578

Deeds relating to property in City parishes; Sale by Thomas Horsman, citizen and woolman of London, to Joan Shipry, of a messuage with shops, etc., in Mark Lane in the parish of St Olave near the Tower. Signature and seal of Thomas Horsman. Endorsed with a note that Joan Shipry later married Richard Welbeck.  SAL/MS/650/27  23 June 1578

Deeds relating to property in City parishes; Sale by Thomas Offley, son of Richard Offley, late of London, merchant taylor, to Henry Offley, of a moiety of a messuage in Mark Lane in the parish of St Olave, a moiety of a messuage in Tower St., in the parish of St Dunstan in the East, and the moiety of a shop in New Fish St. Signature of Thomas Offley.  SAL/MS/650/28  4 Feb. 1589/90

Deeds relating to property in City parishes; Sale by John Decons to John Gyles of Lincoln's Inn of a messuage in Mark Lane, in which Roger Mighell, barber surgeon dwelt. Signature of John Decons. Chancery endorsement.  SAL/MS/650/29  11 Apr. 1598

Deeds relating to property in City parishes; Lease by Francis Johnson to Arthur Cutler, citizen and painter stainer, of a working house, formerly a stable, and hay loft, in Westland Place, in St Olave in Silver St. Initialled by Cutler.  SAL/MS/650/30  15 Dec. 1583

Deeds relating to property in City parishes; Sale by Valentine Dale, LL.D, executor of Dame Katherine Dormer, to Roger James of London, brewer, of messuages, etc., in St Pancras, London, formerly of Thomas, son of Robert Packington, late citizen and mercer of London. Signature of Valentine Dale.  SAL/MS/650/31  1 Dec. 1567

Deeds relating to property in City parishes; Release by John Gore to John West for the use of William West of his rights in a messuage called the Olyvanus? in St Sepulchre. Seal of John Gore.  SAL/MS/650/32  22 Nov. 1529
Language:  Latin

Deeds relating to property in City parishes; Lease by Thomas Castell, citizen and farrier to James Arme, of London, goldsmith, of a house on the east side of West Smithfield, near Long Lane in St Sepulchre. Signature of Thomas Castell.  SAL/MS/650/33  9 March 1561/2

Deeds relating to property in City parishes; Sale by Mary Nevell alias Evans, widow, of London, Robert Oldam, citizen and brewer, and Frances his wife (daughter of Mary Nevell), to Barnard Fabyan, citizen and grocer, of two messuages in St John's St., in St Sepulchre, purchased by Mary Nevell from Edward Capell, son of Sir Giles Capell, and others on 9 March 1534. Signature of Barnard Fabyan.  SAL/MS/650/34  2 Sept. 1564

Deeds relating to property in City parishes; Sale by Robert Tymperley and Johane his wife to John Tate, son of Thomas Tate, merchant of the Staple of Calais, of a messuage and garden called the Stone Place, in Fenchurch St., with a writ (Latin) directing seisin to be given as held of the king  SAL/MS/650/35  30 Apr. 1476


St Martin in the Fields  SAL/MS/650/36-37  13th century-1630

St Martin in the Fields. Demise by Everard Digby of Long Stratton, Norf., to John Basebrowne of Westminster, of two houses on the east side of the Swan near Charing Cross now used as one mansion house. Signature and seal of Everard Digby  SAL/MS/650/36  4 May 1564
Language:  Latin

St Martin in the Fields. Release by Robert Beste of Westminster to John Basebrown of the same two houses. Signature and seal of Robert Beste.  SAL/MS/650/37  5 May 1564
Language:  Latin

Manor of Stepney. Mainly copies or extracts from court rolls  SAL/MS/650/38-42  13th century-1630

Manor of Stepney. View of frankpledge relating to the admission of Richard Lane, son of John Lane, to half the lands and tenements of his deceased brother Adam. Endorsement relating to seven cottages, etc., in Aldgate St.  SAL/MS/650/38  1401
Language:  Latin

Manor of Stepney. Extract from a court roll relating to the grant by Richard Lane of three cottages in Aldgate St., formerly of Adam Lane, to Richard and Agnes Donner  SAL/MS/650/39  early 15th century
Language:  Latin

Manor of Stepney. Extract from a court roll relating to the admission of William, son of Agnes Donner, deceased, to seven cottages and a garden in Aldgate St., on the east side of Brick Lane  SAL/MS/650/40  23 Nov. 1456
Language:  Latin

Manor of Stepney. Extract relating to the admission of Katherine Denton and Agnes Tournour, nieces of Alice Snowden, to a cottage beside Whitechapel (recites their claim to admission)  SAL/MS/650/41  18 Nov. 1527
Language:  Latin

Manor of Stepney. Agreement relating to the sale by Thomas Cachemayde of Byggeswere, Glos., to John Bramston, citizen and mercer of London, of one third part of two customary tenements in St Mary Matfelon without Aldgate, with recitals relating to the surrender to John Bramston of the other two thirds  SAL/MS/650/42  26 Feb. 1542/3

Assignment of the residue of a lease (300 years) by Anne Barnesby of Lambeth, widow of John Norfolk, to George Norfolk, citizen and goldsmith, of a parcel of land, messuages, tenements, etc., in Ficketts Fields (later Lincoln's Inn Fields) in St Clement Danes, which Edward Clifton demised to John Norfolk on 1 June 1570 (recited)  SAL/MS/650/43  18 Aug. 1630

Southwark, Surrey  SAL/MS/650/44, 45  13th century-1630

Southwark, Surrey. Fine between Thomas Dixon and William Kyrton and Elizabeth his wife by which the latter recognized the right of Thomas Dixon to a messuage, garden and two acres of land in St George's Southwark  SAL/MS/650/44  Trinity term 1538
Language:  Latin

Southwark, Surrey. Release by John Swyngfyld and Richard Norton, citizen and fishmonger of London, to Robert Lyvers, citizen and fishmonger, of a messuage or tenement called the Christopher and other lands in Southwark (refers to a previous deed of 21 March 4 Edw. VI). Seals and signatures of John Swyngfyld and Richard Norton.  SAL/MS/650/45  March 1552/3

LONDON. Card index of references to London parishes compiled by Charles Lethbridge Kingsford, VPSA (d. 1926), from printed sources  SAL/MS/651  early 20th century

Paper. Two brown cloth covered index drawers, and one parcel of supplementary cards. Early 20th century.

Source of acquisition: Presented by Mrs Kingsford with SAL/MS/650/1-45, 1927.

The references are mainly to published calendars of PRO records, HMC Reports, etc., medieval-16th century. Two drawers:- Drawer I. Advowsons, All Hallows Barking-St Martin Vintry;- Drawer II. St Mary Abchurch-Trinity the Less, parishes outside the City; monastic houses, Anchorites-Whitefriars; streets and other locations, Abchurch Lane-Pudding Lane. With a small parcel of supplementary cards (unfiled):- parishes, St Alphege-St Thomas the Apostle; locations, Salisbury Inn-Worcester Inn, Strand.

LONDON DEEDS  SAL/MS/652/A, B  17th-18th century

Mostly vellum. Many seals, in poor condition; Vellum (and paper); 11 bundles of deeds. Mostly 17th-18th century. In two red boxes

Source of acquisition: Presented by Charles Lethbridge Kingsford, VPSA (d. 1926).

Language:  English and Latin

A large collection of deeds, mostly relating to London; Most of the London properties came into the hands of the Brocket family, lawyers of the Middle Temple, some through the marriage of William Brocket and Jane Dring, 1711. Other members of the Dring family, particularly Thomas and Dorothy, are mentioned in Bundles 1-3. Contents of SAL/MS/652 A partly calendared by the donor, Charles Lethbridge Kingsford, VPSA (d. 1926). See also SAL/MS/650/1-45 (earlier London deeds) and SAL/MS/651 (card index).

Five bundles:- Deeds  SAL/MS/652/A  1639-1782

Bundle 1. Deeds, including conveyances, mortgages, leases and fines, relating to a messuage in Crown Court, Chancery Lane, adjoining Bell Yard (see also Bundles 2, 3); 1656-1771. The messuage was purchased by William Brocket, 1771, from the Rev. Thomas Keighley, son of Samuel Keighley, painter stainer, who acquired the property in 1719.
Bundle 2. Deeds, mostly leases, a recovery, etc., 1639-1782, relating to a book-seller's shop and messuage called the George, in Fleet Street; other messuages in Fleet Street including the Bullhead, 1653, and the Sussex and Surrey coffee-house, 1782; and a tenement, etc., in Clifford's Inn Lane, off Fleet Street. A moiety of the George, with a moiety of a messuage in Bell Yard, and the tenement in Clifford's Inn Lane were sold to William Brocket in 1724 by Dorothy Dring (the other moieties of the George and of the messuage in Bell Yard came to William Brocket on his marriage, 1711, to Jane-Dring; see Bundle 3). Schedules of fixtures and fittings with many deeds.
Bundle 3. Deeds, mostly leases, of a messuage adjoining the Six Clerks Office on the west side of Chancery Lane; 1669-1767. With deeds, including a recovery, relating to three messuages in or near the west side of Chancery Lane which were settled on William Brocket in trust for life at his marriage to Jane Dring, 1711; and deeds relating to messuages in Bell Yard (see also Bundles 1 and 2).
Bundle 4. Deeds, leases, a recovery, etc., relating to a messuage called the Civet Cat near the Temple Bar, adjoining the Cock, afterwards the Globe and Horn, in St Clement Danes; 1657-1749. The messuage was sold to John Brocket by Sir William Duncombe, Bt., 1687.
Bundle 5. Deeds, conveyances, mortgages, a recovery, fines, relating to five messuages called the Higher Houses in Shere (Shire) Lane, Lincoln's Inn Fields; 1628-78. The messuages came to John Brocket in 1678 after a recovery.

Six bundles of Deeds  SAL/MS/652/B  1598-1784

Bundle 6. Deeds, mostly assignments, mortgages, leases, conc. a messuage used as two tenements next to the Grey Hound tavern in the Strand near Charing Cross; 1676-1781. The tenements were part of nine owned by Westminster Abbey (history recited in the first deed). The residue of a lease was assigned to John Brocket from John Lewin, 1685; the lease was subsequently renewed to William Brocket. Some leases with schedules of fittings.
Bundle 7. Extracts from court rolls of the manor of Hampstead (mostly views of frankpledge), conc. a messuage and lands in Kilburn Lane, Hampstead, with one bond and two leases; 1598-1781. The reversion of the tenancy came to Rebecca Trunkett, afterwards wife of Richard Brocket (see the marriage certificate in Bundle 8); to Richard Brocket via a recovery, mentioned 1719; and later to William Brocket, 1784.
Bundle 8. Three leases relating to a messuage in St Michael Queenhithe, described (1669) as new built in brick (after the Great Fire), and called the Harrow (1740); 1669, 1740, 1775. The messuage had come to William Brocket by 1755 (note to him inside the 1740 lease). Together with Brocket family papers:- Certificate, dated 7 Oct. 1724, of the marriage of Richard Brocket and Rebecca Trunkett in St Botolph without Bishopsgate, 6 Jan. 1717/18, and certificate of the admission of William Brocket as a solicitor, 18 Nov. 1730.
Bundle 9. Probate wills, etc., 1584-1784, with a judgment in a suit, 1732, on behalf of creditors of Henry Heron, deceased (53pp. ) and two complaints relating to a will, 1851, 1852. The wills are of:- Edward Collins of Biddenden, Kent, 1584; Henry Wrench of Hampstead, 1597; Elizabeth Mills of Berkway, Herts., 1687, proved 1693 (relating to lands in Bundle 7 and mentioning Rebecca Trunkett as a grand-daughter); Marie Spyre of London, 1694, probate, 1700; letters of administration to the principal creditor of John Saers of St Giles in the Fields, 1704; fragment of will of John Rogers, temp. Queen Anne; letters of administration of the estates of Elizabeth Brookes of Camerton, Somerset, to her father, 1735; Richard Brocket of St Clement Danes, will dated 31 Oct. 1754, probate to Susanna Lewis, surviving executrix, 18 June 1755; Sarah Henchman of St Giles Cripplegate, 1770, probate to William Brocket, 1771; second probate of will and codicil of Susan Lewis of Kensington, 1781, 1782, probate, 1784.
Bundle 10. Miscellaneous deeds, mostly relating to lands outside London; 1618-1719. As follows:- (1) Quitclaim by Sir Thomas Josselyn of Dartford, Kent, relating to lands in Essex, 1618;- (2) Tripartite agreement relating to the marriage settlement of Edward Wright and Helen Farrer, with reference to lands in Rosemary Lane, St Botolph, Aldgate, and Whitwall Grange, Herefordshire, 1677;- (3) Release and sale by John Brocket to John Cutler of lands called Lashers, in Hurley, Berks., 1683;- (4) Agreement relating to land called Bandons in Anstey, Herts., between John Brocket and John Stone of Brightwell, Oxon., 1684;- (5) Lease by James Grace of Ham in Kingston upon Thames to John Robinson, yeoman, of parcels of land in Ham field, 1686;- (6) Assignment of lease by way of mortgage of a messuage called Ham Mill House in Thatcham, Berks., by Charles Kiftell of Thatcham to Francis Butler of St Bride's, London, 1686;- (7) Temporary lease for one year, and release to secure a debt by Richard Jordan to Thomas Jordan, conc. a farm in Fulbrook, Oxon., 1694, and related inquisition temp. Will. III;- (8) Release by John Brocket to Charlewood Stuckey of Great Chelsea near Egham, in trust, of messuages in Egham, Surrey, 1701;- (9) Collateral security to Mary Bellamy, one of the administrators of the estate of William Bellamy, for debts due from Leonard Henchman, husband of Sarah, née Bellamy, the other administrator, the agreement to be void if debts paid in full, 1716. Lands and messuages in St Alban Wood Street and other City parishes mentioned as security. Includes details of sale of South Sea Company stock;- (10) Defeasance from Henry Cartwright to John Pocock relating to a money bond conc. the sale of a Scots regiment of which William, Lord Strathnaver, was Colonel, 1720;- (11) Two fragments relating to a lease to Robert Norman, late 17th century, and rent payments in London and elsewhere, endorsed Manor of Ham, 18th century.
Bundle 11. Deeds relating to the settlement of the estate of Lionel, 3rd Earl of Dysart (d. 1727), including Ham House and estates in Middlesex and Suffolk; 1729-34.

BALTONSBOROUGH. Terrier of the manor of Baltonsborgh (Baltonsborough), Somerset  SAL/MS/653  8 July 1516

Vellum; ff. 27. 1516. Folio. Vellum covers

Source of acquisition: Presented by Beckwith Alexander Spencer, FSA, June 1928. A.J., 9 (1929), 300.

Language:  Latin

Made in the 23rd year of Richard Bere, abbot of Glastonbury, in the presence of Thomas Sutton, cellerarius forinsecus (estate cellarer). On fol. 27v an imperfect record of a hallmote held 6 Nov. in the 24th year of Richard Bere before Thomas Sutton. Note, fol. 1, that the book was delivered by John Aylworth to the Lord Treasurer for the Queen's use. See G. R. C. Davis, Medieval Cartularies (1958), no. 452. For other Baltonsborough documents see K. Harris, Glastonbury Abbey Records (Somerset Rec. Soc., 81, 1991).

RICHARD DE LA POLE  SAL/MS/654  15 Feb. 1516

Vellum. 1516.

Source of acquisition: Presented by Louis Colville Gray Clarke, FSA, 30 July 1930.

Language:  French

Receipt signed by Richard de la Pole, styling himself Duke of Suffolk, for 6000 livres tournais received from Jehan Ruze, councillor of the king of France and receiver general of the finances for expenses and entertainment during the current year from 1 Jan.; dated. Richard de la Pole joined the French service in 1513 and styled himself Duke of Suffolk after the death of his father in that year; he was slain at the battle of Pavia, 24 Feb. 1524/5


Paper; ff. 8. c. 1600. Oblong quarto.

Source of acquisition: Owned by Sir Roger Twysden (1597-1672), his initials, fol. 1; in red, ibid., 'v. 8'. Presented by Sir Alfred William Clapham, CBE, PSA, 5 Oct. 1931. A.J., 12 (1932), 349.

Lists, mainly of former abbeys and priories in England, with names of founders, small tricks of arms, and values (corrodies and pensions), fols. 2v-8v. Other contents:- Names of ancient cities and towns of England with their traditional founders (Brut, Lud, etc.), fol. 1; founders of colleges, e.g. Windsor (not universities), fol. 1v; founders of friars, fol. 2.

BOLTON-BY-BOWLAND.  SAL/MS/656  18th century

Paper. 18th century. From the papers of Willoughby Aston Littledale, VPSA (d. 1930).

Related information: See SAL/MS/740.

Three papers relating to the manor of Bolton-by-Bowland, Yorks. As follows:- (1) Proceedings of courts baron of the manor of Bolton near Bowland, Yorks., held by Christopher Dawson, Esq., and Bridget Pudsey; 1745-50;- (2) Draft proclamation for Bolton Fair (Mrs Mary Littledale described as 'Lady of the Fair'). Endorsed 'written by Pudsey Dawson';- (3) Printed Proclamation for Bolton Fair.

MARTIN FOLKES.  SAL/MS/657  1736-1775

Paper. Mostly 1754-73. Quarto. In a black cloth box case

Source of acquisition: Mostly presented by the executor of Josiah Colebrooke. Minute Book XIV, 25 Jan. 1776, p. 303.

Papers relating mostly to the publication by SA of Tables of English Silver and Gold Coins (1763), consisting of reprints of A Table of English Gold Coins (1736) and A Table of English Silver Coins (1745) by Martin Folkes, PSA, PRS (d. 1754), with additional plates and explanations of the plates; c. 1756-63. Papers and drafts mostly in the hand of Josiah Colebrooke, Treasurer SA 1762-75, relating to revision of the descriptions of the plates, with proofs of the plates. The background is given by Evans (1956), 95-6. See also SAL/MS/274. As follows:- (1) 'Descriptions of Mr Folkes's Plates as he left them'. Draft descriptions and copies of letters, some from Colebrooke. Several references to work by the Rev. Andrew Gifford on revising the text. Included is a copy of 'A Scheme proposed and agreed on for revising Mr Folkes's Table of English Coins... for their Publication'. Unbound papers;- (2) 'A Description of the first eight Plates as amended by Dr Giffard'. Pages of addenda to plates with a covering letter, 21 Nov. 1757, from Colebrooke asking that Dr Gifford be urged to supply additions for the remainder. Unbound papers:- (3) 'Mr Colebrooke on Folkes's Coins'. Proofs of plates (without plate numbers) with MS text; later proofs (with numbers and headings) inserted. ff. 56, with many unnumbered insertions. Brown paper covers;- (4) Miscellaneous material relating to coins consisting mainly of 'A brief discourse of the Alterations of the Moneys of England', by the Rev. Francis Peck, FSA (see Minute Book I, 2 March 1731, p. 283). Stitched into a card folder. Loose insertions (mostly 18th century copies):- (a) Speech of Sir Robert Cotton in Council, 1626, conc. the alteration of monies (cf. SAL/MS/116, fols. 149-50);- (b) Opinion on a coin by B. Bartlet, 1664;- (c) Letter of Sec. SA to Lieut. Gen. G. A. Elliot conc. medals in the collection of the Prince of Saxe-Gotha;- (d) Note by (Daniel) Wray, 1754, conc. the Rev. Manning's account of Roman antiquities discovered near Chesterton, Hunts.;- (e) Autograph letter of Mark Cephas Tutet, FSA, to Joseph Ames conc. coins, 1758;- (f) Autograph letter of Emmanuel Mendes da Costa, FSA, conc. coins. 1762;- (g) Autograph letter of James West, FSA, conc. medals, 1768;- (h) Treasury letter acknowledging a paper on the current silver coinage by Archdeacon Sharp (Thomas Sharp, Archdeacon of Northumberland; d. 1758) communicated through SA, 1773. The paper is transcribed in Minute Book VIII, 29 Apr. 1762, pp. 431-6; see also Minute Book XIII, pp. 141-2, 148, 182.

STONEHENGE.  SAL/MS/658, 658*  1901-1925

Paper; ff. 188, 261, 25, 71, 29 (SAL/MS/658); unnumbered (SAL/MS/658*). c. 1901-1925. Folio and quarto. Folder of wooden boards, with strap (658); half leather black, with marbled boards (SAL/MS/658* (1)); blue cloth spine, with red cloth boards (SAL/MS/658* (2)).

SAL/MS/658. Typewritten copy of Col. William Hawley's diary of excavations, 1919-25. Unbound sections, stapled together. See reports by Hawley in A.J., 1 (1921), 19-41; 2 (1922), 36-52; 3 (1923), 13-20; 4 (1924), 30-9; 5 (1925), 21-50; 8 (1928), 149-76; obituary, ibid., 21 (1961), 241;- SAL/MS/658* Indexes to War Office maps of Salisbury Plain:- (1) Index compiled by Arthur H. Lyell, FSA, for the War Office after the purchase of Salisbury Plain for military purposes (see note in envelope at the back of the volume), giving references to the location of prehistoric sites, c. 1901. Ledger book. Folio;- (2) Indexes by Col. William Hawley, FSA, 1917, to two maps. See letters 17, 18 Dec. 1917 from Hawley to Sir Charles Peers, Sec. SA (PSA 1924), tipped in before each index. Quarto.

ORDER OF THE BATH.  SAL/MS/659  1815-37

Paper; ff. ix + 172. 1815-37. Folio. Green leather spine (initials. 'K W. M.'), with green cloth. Bookplates of Keith William Murray, FSA (d. 1922), fols. i, ii.

Source of acquisition: Presented by Wilfrid James Hemp, FSA, January 1933 (fol. iii). A.J., 13 (1933), 353.

Stall plates of Knights Commander of the Order of the Bath. Twenty-seven reversed impressions and 145 counter-impressions. See also SAL/MSS/359, 360. Index, fols. vi-ix, by Mill Stephenson, FSA.

ORDER OF THE GARTER.  SAL/MS/660  mostly 1822-44

Paper; ff. xii + 65. 1822-44, etc. Folio. Binding as SAL/MS/659. Bookplates of Keith William Murray, FSA, fols. iv, v

Source of acquisition: Presented with SAL/MS/659.

Counter-impressions (some in two states) of stall plates of Knights of the Garter. As follows:- 1552, reversed and counter-impressions, fols. i, ii, of the plate of Sir William Parr, brother of Qu Katherine (plate acquired by the British Museum; see Proc., 1st ser., 3 (1853-6), 151; Archaeologia, 36 (1855), 214-18); 1816 (fol. iii); 1822-44 (64 impressions); 1865 (one). List of missing plates, fol. xi. Index by Mill Stephenson, fols. viii-ix. See also SAL/MSS/357, 358, 661, 662.

ORDER OF THE GARTER.  SAL/MS/661  1713, 1822-1841

Paper; ff. vi + 79. 1822-68, etc. Folio. Binding as SAL/MS/659. Bookplates of Keith William Murray, FSA, fols. i, ii.

Source of acquisition: Presented with SAL/MS/659.

Reversed impressions (some in two states) of stall plates of Knights of the Garter; 1822-68, etc. As follows:- 1713 (one), 1822-41 (46), 1862-8 (32). Index by Mill Stephenson, fols. v-vi.

ORDER OF THE GARTER.  SAL/MS/662  1869-1906

Paper; ff. ix + 132. 1869-1906. Folio. Binding as SAL/MS/659. Bookplates of Keith William Murray, FSA, fols. i, ii.

Source of acquisition: Presented with SAL/MS/659.

Counter-impressions (132), mostly in two states, of stall plates of 74 Knights of the Garter elected between 1869-1906. With a colour plate of the Garter insignia, fol. vi, and an index by Mill Stephenson, fols. vii-viii.

HERALDRY  SAL/MS/663  c. 1830-c.1883

Paper; ff. xxvi + c. 1830-c. 1883. Quarto. Cloth, beige.

Source of acquisition: Presented with SAL/MS/659.

A herald painter's book of arms, crests, etc.; In trick. Index, fols. ii verso-xxvi verso.


Vellum (and paper). 9 + volumes. c. 1638-40, with 20th-century additions. Large quarto and (index) quarto. Bound, on acquisition, in full leather, brown, and (index) cloth, brown.

Source of acquisition: Purchased for SA from the Croft Lyons Fund by Ralph Griffin, Sec SA, from Henry Stevens, Son & Stiles, 1933 (Aspilogia, I (1950), xxiii-xxiv; Council Minutes, 22 Feb. 1933).

Facsimile copies of twenty-six medieval and sixteenth-century rolls made for Sir Christopher Hatton (1st Baron Hatton of Kirby 1643) under the direction of (Sir) William Dugdale, probably by the arms painter William Sedgwick; c. 1638-40. Sir Christopher Hatton with Sir Edward Dering, Sir Thomas Shirley and Dugdale formed an antiquarian society called 'Antiquitas rediviva', 1 May 1638, to collect and record the evidences of armory and antiquities. Dugdale and Sedgwick's Book of Monuments (BL Add. MS 71474) and Book of Seals (Northants. Record Office Finch-Hatton SAL/MS/170) and the present facsimiles of rolls are the chief surviving works of this association. See Aspilogia, I (1950), xxi-v. Received by SA as a series of unbound vellum sheets and now bound in nine volumes. Painted arms. Much of the text is written in archaic hands often as a facsimile of the sources. Contemporary pencil headings often note the ownership of the rolls at the time of copying; pencilled letters (lacking A, T, X, Y, AA) at the head of most rolls may indicate their intended order. Further MSS from the series of facsimiles are Northants. Record Office, Finch-Hatton SAL/MS/17, and BL Add. MS 37340 (parts of Writhe's Garter Book; Aspilogia, I (1950), 124); Cambridge, Fitzwilliam SAL/MS/273 (Thomas Jenyns' Book; Aspilogia, I (1950), 75). With contents lists, interleafed notes and four volumes of indexes by Mill Stephenson, FSA. The contents of SAL/MS/664 are listed in Aspilogia, I (1950), 131
Index. Four volumes (ff. 121, 172, 166, ii + 114) by Mill Stephenson, FSA, containing notes of contents, with transcripts of blazons, and indexes for the unpublished rolls:- Vol. I. Rolls 1-11;- Vol. II. Rolls 12-16;- Vol. III. Rolls 17-25;- Vol. IV. Roll 26.

Facsimile copy medieval and sixteenth century rolls  SAL/MS/664/1  1638-1640

(ff. xxi + 33). Roll 1a, b (pencil reference B). Falkirk I. D (ibid., 28), fols. 1r, v, followed directly by Nativity D (ibid., 35-6), fol. 1v;- Roll 2 (C). Caerlaverock III. A (ibid., 32), fols. 2-6v. Rolls listed as 'A' by Wagner are copies of lost originals. See also G. Brault, 'The Hatton-Dugdale Facsimile of the Caerlaverock Poem', Scriptorium, 24 (1970), 47-50;- Roll 3 (D). Parliamentary I. U (Aspilogia, ibid., 45), fols. 8-12v;- Roll 4 (M). Charles I. D (ibid., 22), fols. 14-17;- Roll 5 (O). Guillim II. A (ibid., 26), fols. 18-19v;- Roll 6 (N). Lord Marshall's Old, Pt. II. A; Pt. I. A (ibid., 38, 81; but see also Aspilogia, II (1967), 267), fol. 20r, v. Blazons and index by Mill Stephenson in Index, Vol. I, fols. 14-22;- Roll 7 (G). Sir William Le Neve A (Aspilogia, I (1950), 37), fols. 21-2. Index, Vol. I, fols. 25-38;- Roll 8 (S). Glover III. C (ibid., 7), fols. 23-4. Index, Vol. I, fols. 39-56;- Roll 9 (K). Sir William Le Neve's 2nd A (ibid., 53), fols. 25-6v. Index, Vol. I, fols. 57-76;- Roll 10 (I). Collins I. C (ibid., 24), fols. 27-33. Index, Vol. I, fols. 77-120.

Facsimile copy medieval and sixteenth century rolls  SAL/MS/664/2  1638-1640

(ff. xii + 12). Roll 11 (R). Heralds II. C (ibid., 11), fols. 1-12v.

Facsimile copy medieval and sixteenth century rolls  SAL/MS/664/3  1638-1640

(ff. xv + 25). Roll 12 (E). Dering K (ibid., 16), fols. 1-2v;- Roll 13 (Y). Collins II. C (ibid., 25), fols. 4-14. Index, Vol. II, fols. 1-56;- Roll 14 (L). Styward J (ibid., 68), fols. 16-17. Index, Vol. II, fols. 57-70;- Roll 15 (F). Lord Marshal A (ibid., 38), fols. 19-25. Index, Vol. II, fols. 71-112.

Facsimile copy medieval and sixteenth century rolls  SAL/MS/664/4  1638-1640

(ff. xii + 22). Roll 16 (Q). County A (ibid., 69), fols. 1-22v. Index, Vol. II, fols. 113-70.

Facsimile copy medieval and sixteenth century rolls  SAL/MS/664/5  1638-1640

(ff. xii + 20). Roll 17 (P). Sir William Le Neve's Book A (ibid., 120), fols. 120v. Index, Vol. III, fols. 1-59.

Facsimile copy medieval and sixteenth century rolls  SAL/MS/664/6  1638-1640

(ff. xiii + 34). Roll 18 (BB). Arms of gentry and merchants, c. 1540, fols. 11v. Copied from the present SAL/MS/443 when perfect. Published in Archaeologia, 69 (1920), 61-110. See Index, Vol. III, fols. 61-2; Aspilogia, II (1967), 259;- Roll 19 (CC). An early roll owned by Thomas Howard, 2nd Earl of Arundel, and, on the versos, a later roll, temp. Hen. VIII, fols. 13-34. See notes by Mill Stephenson, fols. vii-x verso, and Index, Vol. III, fols. 61-132.

Facsimile copy medieval and sixteenth century rolls  SAL/MS/664/7  1638-1640

(ff. xii + 5). Roll 20 (W). Arms of the sovereign and of spiritual and temporal peers in the Parliament held at Westminster, 5 Feb. 1515/16, fols. 1-5v. Published by T. Willement (1829).

Facsimile copy medieval and sixteenth century rolls  SAL/MS/664/8  1638-1640

(ff. xvi + 18). Roll 21 (no letter reference). St George G (Aspilogia, I (1950), 20), fols. 1-2v;- Roll 22 (H). Segar D (ibid., 18), fols. 4-5;- Roll 23 (Z). Letter A Roll, temp. Henry VIII, including an unusual shield for Angleterre, fols. 7-10. See note by Mill Stephenson, fol. viii, and description by Lt. Col. Whitehead, 1968 (copy with volume). Index, Vol. III, fols. 136-48;- Roll 24 (no letter reference). Achievements of knights made during the reign of Queen Mary, 1553-8, fols. 12-15v. Index, Vol. III, fols. 150-8;- Roll 25 (no letter reference). Miscellaneous achievements (14), mostly Yorkshire families, temp. Hen. VIII, fols. 17-18. Index, Vol. III, fols. 160-6.

Facsimile copy medieval and sixteenth century rolls  SAL/MS/664/9  1638-1640

(ff. ii + 49). Roll 26 (V). William Jenyns B (ibid., xxiii, 71), fols. 1-49v. Index, Vol. IV.

NOTTINGHAMSHIRE.  SAL/MS/665  18th century

Paper; ff. x + 81. 18th century. Folio. Vellum spine, with marbled boards. Printed note, fol. viii, conc. Longmate and his collection of heraldic MSS (sold 6, 7 March 1794). Bookplate of Sir George Nayler, Garter, FSA (d. 1831), fol. ii. Acquired by Sir Thomas Phillipps (Phillipps MS 11845, fols. i, ii, and label on spine). See A. N. L. Munby, Phillipps Studies, IV (1956), 178. Sale-cat, cutting, lot 906, fol. vii. Bookplates of Thomas M. Blagg, fol. iii, and Ralph Griffin, fol. iv (his notes, fol. vi, etc.)

Source of acquisition: Presented by Ralph Griffin, FSA, July 1934 (fol. iv).

Pedigrees of Nottinghamshire, copied by Barak Longmate (1738-93), mostly from Robert Thoroton's Antiquities of Nottinghamshire (1677). Index, fol. ix.

DEVON. Final concord between Anthony Monke and Richard Floyer  SAL/MS/666  [n.d.]

Vellum. 1522. Damaged by fire and preserved between boards.

Source of acquisition: Presented by Mrs C. F. Hardy, 27 Aug. 1927.

Language:  Latin

Relating to lands in Fadecote (Vaddicott in Shebbear), Yarmelegh (Yarmlegh), Shebbear, and Nyweton (Newton St Petrock), Devon; 12 Nov. 1522 ('in crastino S. Martin'). Seal of the Court of Common Pleas.


Paper; pp. xvi + 568 + unnumbered papers in envelope on back pastedown. Mid 17th century. Small folio. Leather, green, gilt-tooled, edges gilt (incorrectly lettered 'RIECES'S MS. COLLECTION').

Source of acquisition: Acquired by Ralph Griffin (note, fol. iii) at Sotheby's, 23 June 1925, lot 566 (sale of Mrs Barnard, Cave Castle, South Cave, Yorks.). Bookplate of Ralph Griffin as Sec. SA, fol. i. Presented by Ralph Griffin, FSA, February 1936 (MS register).

A collection of arms of Suffolk families, with many biographical notes and Suffolk church notes, in the hand of Matthias Gillet alias Candler, vicar of Coddenham, Suff., 1629-63. The evidence for the identification of the compiler is given in letters and cuttings, 1925-6 (in an envelope on the back pastedown). Contains detailed information, based on personal knowledge, conc. parishes such as Coddenham and Yoxford with which Candler was connected. Many coats of arms in colour. Minor corrections and additions to the MS, e.g. p. 430, in the hand of William Blois of Grundisburgh (d. 1673); see letters in envelope). Cutting, fol. iv, relating to the present MS when owned by James Conder, numismatist; other related MSS are noted by Ralph Griffin, fol. iii. For Blois and Candler see J. Blatchly, The Topographers of Suffolk (5th ed., 1988), 7, 10. Index, fols. v verso-xvi.

GRANTS OF ARMS  SAL/MS/668  1720-1740

Paper; pp. v + 171. 1720-41. Folio. Vellum, lettered 'B' on the spine. 'B 665 coats', p. v. Owned by Sir Thomas Phillipps (acquired from Thomas Thorpe, cf. A. N. L. Munby, Phillipps Studies, III (1954), 152). Phillipps MS 3557 (remains of label on spine; pp. i, v with crest). Notes by Ralph Griffin, FSA, p. v (signature, 5 June 1935; reference to Quaritch cat. no. 498, item 23 A) and his book plate, p. iii.

Source of acquisition: Presented with SAL/MS/667.

'Genealogies & Copies of original Grants Confirmations of Arms Visitations &c' (p. ii); compiled by Joseph Barrett, 1720-40. Finely executed, with tricks of arms. Many items signed and some dated by Barrett, who gives his sources (original grants, etc.). Includes pedigrees of the Hanoverian succession from Henry the Proud (pp. 2-5), George Monck, Duke of Albemarle, and many notable familes, e.g. Caesar, Danvers. Copy of a grant of supporters by John Anstis, Garter, 18 June 1741, added by a different hand, pp. 159-60. List of pedigrees, p. 1. Contents, pp. 163-71.

KENT. Several fragments, bound together, relating to Kent arms and pedigrees  SAL/MS/669  17th century

Paper; ff. iv + XVII + A-C + pp. 166 + ff. 66 + ff. 5 (unnumbered indexes), with ff. 30 (separate index). Mostly 17th century. Folio. Vellum. Old pressmarks on fol. iii:- G: 1; B. 1; F. 2. Owned by John Anstis, Garter (annotations). Bookplate of Thomas Barrett-Lennard, 17th Baron Dacre (1755-86), FSA, fol. i. Bookplate of Ralph Griffin as Sec. SA, fol. ii; note by him, fol. iii.

Source of acquisition: Presented with SAL/MS/667.

As follows:- (1) Index to the visitation at item (3) below and in the same hand (possibly that of Mr Grafton, see note by Ralph Griffin, fol. iii). fols. I-XVII verso;- (2) Pedigree of the Sonde family of Throwley, Kent. Headed:- 'Ex Rotulo Antiquo... penes Thomam Sonde de Thruleigh... Ao 1500', with additions. Arms in trick. fols. A-C verso;- (3) Visitation of Kent, apparently that of 1619, with additions. See (1) above. pp. 1-125 (lacks pp. 113-24 which may have been blank);- (4) Alphabet of Kent arms, Abdy-Rudston. pp. 127-66;- (5) Kent arms, in no apparent order, in a later hand, on leaves foliated 1-66. Annotated by John Anstis, senior, with references to College of Arms MSS, etc. Followed by an index (four leaves), and one leaf of an index to an unidentified list of arms. Together with a separate index compiled by Ralph Griffin (ff. 30; in green cloth covers).

(Returned to the author. See SAL/MS/902/1).  SAL/MS/670  [n.d.]


Paper; pp. viii + 105. c. 1763. Small quarto. Calf. Bookplate of George Chalmers, FRS, FSA (d. 1825), fol. ii. Label, fol. iii, with dealers' marks. Thorpe cat. no. 415 (1931), item 2692, fol. iv. Bookplate of Sidney Joseph Madge, fol. vi.

Source of acquisition: Presented by Dr Sidney Joseph Madge, FSA, 23 Feb. 1937 (fol. vi). A.J., 17 (1937), 366.

Language:  Latin

'Antient Customs, & Tenures of Land'. Extracts from public records, etc., complied by Dr Thomas Morell, FRS, FSA (1703-84); see p. 32. Sources given in the margins. Arranged alphabetically by parishes.


Vellum. 1575.

Source of acquisition: Presented by Pretor Whitty Chandler, FSA, Nov. 1938 (who read a paper on this deed, 14 June 1923; see A.J., 3 (1923), 415). A.J., 19 (1939), 363.

Deed by Charles Seckford, of Seckford Hall, Suffolk, acknowledging Gilbert Seckford, son and heir of Thomas Seckford, late of Idough, Ireland, deceased, as his kinsman of blood, and granting him his coat of arms and an annuity of twenty nobles; 3 Jan. 1575. Coloured arms of Seckford at the opening and two related shields (rubbed) in the top margin. Two contemporary endorsements, one signed by Nicholas Bacon. Armorial seal, brown wax, of Seckford.

NOTTINGHAM.  SAL/MS/673  26 Jan. 1646/7

Vellum. 1646/7. In a modern box. Letter from James Ward, 22 July 1907, saying that the document had been in his possession some time previously (see John T. Godfrey, MSS relating to the County of Nottingham in the possession of James Ward (Sotheran & Co., London, 1900), no. 14, pp. 15, 16, for an account of the Hacker family). With a facsimile of the deed (also reproduced in Godfrey, ibid.) and a cutting from a sale-cat. relating to this deed (item 628)

Source of acquisition: Purchased with the Sands collection of plans, 1935.

Language:  Latin

Patent appointing Richard Hacker, Esq., as sheriff of Nottingham; Half great seal of Chas. I.


Paper; ff. ii + 152. c. 1583-early 17th century. Small folio. Vellum. Dealers' marks, fols. i, 1. Note by C. E. K. (?Charles Edward Keyser, FSA, d. 1929), fol. ii, that purchased from Edwards, Marylebone High St., 16 Mar. 1899, for £6. 0. 0.

'The visitacon of Staffordshire made by R Glover als Somerset Herald Mareschall to W. Flower, als Norroy Kinge of Armes Anno Dni 1583' (fol. 1). Fair copy, with annotations, and copies of other papers, mostly heraldic. Contents:- (1) Visitation, with extracts from charters. Index, fol. 2. fols. 1-87v;- (2) Copy, imperfect at the end, of the petition to ?James I from Sir Edward Wingfield for release from prison in London owing to danger from the plague, c. 1606? Preceded by two stanzas of verse, beg. 'Obedience, Loyalte, Dewtye, feare ...'. fols. 102-4;- (3) Extracts from David Powel (1552-98), the Welsh historian, relating to the division of England among the sons of Brutus. fol. 107v;- (4) Miscellaneous pedigrees, tricks of arms, list of Staffordshire gentry, 1583, blazons, extracts from charters (with drawings of seals, fol. 148), and copies of local proclamations relating to the Staffordshire visitation. fols. 120v-52.

SOCIETY OF ANTIQUARIES. Notebook of Joseph Ames (Sec. SA 1741-59) relating to SA business  SAL/MS/675  1731-1732

Paper; ff. iii + 11. 1751-2. Small octavo. Modern vellum. Probably part of the job lot of MS commonplace books sold at Puttick and Simpson's, 15-17 Feb. 1899, lot 415 (cf. note, fol. i).

Source of acquisition: Purchased at Sotheby's, 18 Dec. 1946.

1751-2. Contains rough accounts, fols. 2-4; alphabetical list of Fellows, 1751, fols. 5-8; names of Council and officers at the time of the grant of the Royal Charter (2 Nov. 1751), fol. 9; copies of letters, 1751-2, conc. the offer to SA of rooms in Essex House (rejected, see Evans (1956), 110), fols. 9v-10; the proposed election of the Archbishop of Canterbury as a Fellow, fol. 10v; the Royal Charter, fol. 11. Cutting, fol. iii, relating to the election of Fellows, 1779.

SUFFOLK  SAL/MS/676  1560-16th century

Paper; ff. iii + a-d, 1a-c, 1-29, 39-49, 32-7. Mostly c. 1560-1. Folio. Half leather, brown, with marbled boards. Short contents list in the hand of John Anstis, Garter (d. 1744), fol. iii. Bookplate of Foster Stearns, fol. i.

Source of acquisition: Presented by Foster Stearns, FSA, 30 April 1946. SA correspondence file; A.J., 27 (1947), 211

Arms in Suffolk and a few Essex churches, and in some twenty Suffolk houses, in the hand of William Hervey, Clarenceux, collected during his visitation of Suffolk, 1560-1 (cf. College of Arms SAL/MS/G. 7), with other heraldic material; mid 16th century. The present MS appears to be an unfinished fair copy from Hervey's rough notes in BL Add. MS 4969 (see index by John A. Goodall, FSA). The Suffolk collections are preceded by a fragment of a different MS containing arms, in trick, of Kings of Scotland and their Queens, and of Scottish nobility, fols. a-c, and rough tricks of arms relating to marriages of Golding, Stowell and Fosque, etc., fols. c verso-d verso. Suffolk collections:- (1) Tricks of arms in Suffolk and a few Essex churches, Suffolk houses, matches of Townsend, Shelton, Clare, etc. (fols. 28v-9, 48v-9v). fols. 1a-c (index), 1-29, 39-49v;- (2) List of monuments, windows, etc., in some of the above churches, with a pedigree by Hervey of the Everarde family (fols. 36v-7). fols. 32 (index), 33-7. Pencil note by (Sir) William Le Neve (fol. 33), written between 1625-34: 'The Church Collections of Mr. Harvy Clarenceulx now in the hands of Wm Le Neve yorke Herauld'. Le Neve lent the MS to John Weever; see J. Blatchly, The Topographers of Suffolk (5th ed., 1988), 32. The most recent edition of Hervey's visitation is Joan Corder, Visitation of Suffolk 1561, Harl. Soc., N. S. 2 (1981), 3 (1984).

HUDSON GURNEY.  SAL/MS/677  1802-1813

Paper; ff. v + 171. 1802-13. Quarto. Leather, brown

Source of acquisition: Presented by Denis Alfred Jex Burton, FSA, great grandson of Samuel Gurney of West Ham (fols. i, ii); received March 1947 (exhibited). Council Minutes, 29 May 1941. A.J., 27 (1947), 210

Journal of a tour to France and Italy, and verse translations by Hudson Gurney (1775-1854), MP, FRS, VPSA; 1802-3, 1808, 1813. Contents:- (1) 'Journal of a Tour through France to Rome & Naples by Hudson Gurney, Esq. M. company with the Earl of Aberdeen & Revd. G. D. Whittington 1802-3' (fol. iii); 19 Nov. 1802-25 Apr. 1803. Describes travelling conditions, social events, and lists monuments and antiquities seen. Some reference to the destruction of property during the revolution, atrocities at Avignon; good reports of Bonaparte and of the Austrians in North Italy. Of more interest for social and political comment (a vendetta murder, condition of the poor in Italy) than for artistic criticism. A posthumous publication by the Rev. George Downing Whittington (d. 1807; see Venn, Alumni Cantab.), An Historical Survey of the Ecclesiastical Antiquities of France (1809), relates to the same tour. fols. iii, 1-104;- (2) 'First Part of Aucassin & Nicolette, a Tale from the Fabliaux of Le Grand ...'. A translation into English verse; 1813 (fol. 105). fols. 105-36;- (3) 'First Canto of Ariosto's Orlando Furioso ...'. A translation into English verse; 1808 (fol. 137). Gurney's translation of Orlando Furioso was printed for private circulation in 1843. fols. 137-71. Two impressions of an engraved portrait of Gurney, after J. Opie, 1797, at fols. iv verso, v verso (opposite fol. 106). See Proc., 2nd ser., 3 (1864-7), 112-13 (obituary of Hudson Gurney).

SOCIETY OF ANTIQUARIES. Materials for a history of SA compiled from printed and MS sources by Arthur William Gould, FSA (d. 1927)  SAL/MS/678  c. 1921

Paper. c. 1921. Folio. Unbound papers in a red box.

Source of acquisition: Sotheby's sale, 21 March 1932, lot 160. Purchased from B. Halliday, Leicester, 18 March 1933.

Introduction; chapters I-VII; transcript from BL Lansdowne SAL/MS/98, fol. 1 seq., of Sir H. Gilbert's proposal for a London Academy, 1570; list of members of the Elizabethan society, temp. Eliz., Jas. I; chronological table of Fellows, 1707-96; lists of fellows elected, 1797-1846; lists of officers 1572-1921; extracts from Minute Books to 1844; arms and motto; posts of housekeeper, librarian, etc., to 1921. See Evans (1956), vii.

WALL'S BOOK.  SAL/MS/679/1, 2  1530 - 1948

Archival history:
?Incorporated from the H. S. London collection.

Paper. 1948. Quarto. Unbound in a home-made folder.

Alphabet of arms compiled and written by Thomas Wall, Windsor Herald (Garter 1534-6)  SAL/MS/679/1  1530-1538

Paper; Vol. I: modern pagination 5-426 (original foliation 1-158 starting at p. 115); Vol. II: pp. 340 (original foliation 159-273, ending at p. 225). 1530, with later additions. Folio. Leather, russet (modern). Verses, etc., later 16th century, added to the titlepage, Vol. I, p. 9:- Four lines in praise of penmanship 'Dor et dargent puist amasser... qui bien scet Iouuer [jouer] de la plume', with English verse translation, and 'En passant mon temps... Dieu me pourvoye'; followed by a monogram with motto 'Tyll Than Thvs' of Longueville.

Source of acquisition: Owned by John Anstis, Garter; Anstis sale, 14 Dec. 1768, lot 514 (Vol. I, p.9, annotation; cf. SAL/MS/1010/III/1, fol. 65) when purchased for 18s. Later acquired by Oswald Barron, FSA. Purchased by SA (Croft Lyons Fund) from his widow, 1940. Council Minutes, 14 Mar. 1940. With correspondence between Toby Elmhirst and H. S. London, FSA, 1955, relating to a manuscript owned by the former, apparently copied from Wall's book.

1530 (titlepage), with additions by Wall (d. 1536) and others to after 29 Hen. VIII (1537/8), and later annotations. Titlepage, Vol. I, p. 9, inscription: 'This boke belongyth vnto Thomas Wall otherwise named Wyndesor herauld... The whiche booke by his diligent labour he dyd accumulat to gether And Wrytin yt With his aune hand And it Was made Vp In the yere of oure Lord god a thousand. fyue hundrith and therty'. Two volumes:- Vol. I. Index, pp. 11-114. Alphabet, A-O, in blazon, beg. p. 115 (original fol. 1), with 'Abraham patriarke', Arthur, 'king and oon of the nyne', Alexander. Each letter of the alphabet is preceded by a large illuminated letter of strapwork in gold or silver on a coloured ground; penwork initials to the first entry in each letter. At the end a section of additional blazons for letter B, pp. 415-22;- Vol. II. Alphabet, P-Z, pp. 1-176. Additional entries for C, pp. 153-7; H, pp. 177-9; S, pp. 207-8. At pp. 215-6, arms of the kings of England, beg. with Lucius and ending with Cadwallader. At the end crests, 'Here folowith Crestys of Noble Men' (rubric with penwork initial), pp. 227-97, with index, pp. 303-26. The crests were published by O. Barron, The Ancestor, 11 (1904), 178-90; 12 (1905), 63-98. There is possibly some relationship between Wall's Book and College of Arms SAL/MSS/L. 1 and L. 2 and the projected alphabet rolls of Garter Wriothesley (see Aspilogia, II (1967), 259; L. Campbell and F. Steer, A Catalogue of Manuscripts in the College of Arms Collections, I (1988), 21-2). BL Add. MS 6113 is another manuscript by Thomas Wall (inf. John A. Goodall, FSA).

Transcript of Wall's book by W. H. Humphreys, annotated by H. S. London, FSA  SAL/MS/679/2  1530-1538

With a typed description by Humphreys, 1948, and MS biographical note on Thomas Wall. With cuttings from Barron's publication of the crests (see above), annotated by London, and a letter from Humphreys to London, 5 March 1948, relating to watermarks, and charges.

OCTAVIUS MORGAN  SAL/MS/680  1820, 1821

Paper; ff. iii + 39. 1820, 1821. Quarto. Reversed calf. Signature of Octavius Morgan, 29 Aug. 1820, fol. i.

Source of acquisition: Presented, in 1894, in accordance with the wishes of Henry Salusbury Milman, Director SA (d. 1893), nephew of Octavius Morgan (fol. ii). See Proc., 2nd ser., 15 (1893-5), 153, 157-8.

Journal of two tours in Great Britain made by Charles Octavius Morgan, FSA (1803-88), with members of his family; As follows:- (1) 'Tour to the North of England commenced, Monday, August, 28th, & ended September, 24th... 1820' (fol. iii). Tour made with his father (Sir Charles Morgan, 2nd Bt.), brother George and sister Angelina. Mentions manufactures, architecture, people met, travel incidents. fols. iii, 1-20;- (2) 'Journal of a tour through North Wales - 1821' (fol. 20v). Tour with his father Sir Charles Morgan and his sister Angelina; commenced 24 Aug. 1821. Includes descriptions of landscape, social events and attendance at the Eisteddfod at Carnarvon. fols. 20v-39v.

OCTAVIUS MORGAN  SAL/MS/681  1827-8, 1835

Paper; pp. iii + 358. 1827-8, 1835. Quarto. Half leather, brown, spine gilt, with marbled boards, and clasp. Bookplate of Charles Octavius Morgan, fol. i.

Source of acquisition: Presented with SAL/MS/680 (fol. ii).

Journals of two continental tours; (1) 'Journal of a tour made in the years 1827 & 8 - through Holland, Germany, Italy & France' (fol. iii). Tour made with Henry Alexander Brown and a servant, Giuseppe Lambertini; 18 July 1827-mid June 1828. Places and main topics given at the head of pages. The outward route was through Belgium, Holland, Germany and parts of the Austrian Empire (Prague, Vienna) to Venice, Rome and Naples, and the return through Genoa and France. Extended stays were made in Rome and Naples where there was an eruption of Vesuvius. The descriptions of Berlin, Potsdam and Dresden include some details of buildings since destroyed. At Vienna they saw performances of plays at the Burg Theater including 'The Merchant of Venice' and 'King Lear' in German. The journal contains detailed lists and descriptions of works of art and antiquities and accounts of social occasions including the Carnival in Rome (horse race in the Corso). pp. 1-266;- (2) 'Journal of a Tour through Belgium, by the Rhine to Switzerland & thence to Paris - Made during the months of Septr. & October 1835. in company with Frederic Mundy'; 2 Sept.-22 Oct. 1835. The outward route was up the Rhine to Switzerland and the return via Paris. pp. 268-336. Index of places in both tours, pp. 343-56.


Paper; pp. iii + 467. c. 1853-5. Folio. Half leather, brown, with mock leather patterned cloth, rust and black.

Source of acquisition: Purchased from G. W. Michelmore, Oct. 1942 (for this and other Kemble papers with Michelmore, see fols. ii, iii). Council Minutes, 29 Oct. 1942.

Language:  English and German

Papers of John Mitchell Kemble (1807-57), philologist and historian, relating to archaeology with particular reference to collections at Hanover and excavations in Lower Saxony; (1) Drafts of three lectures by Kemble delivered at the opening of the Hanoverian Archaeological Museum (?1856). German. In three sections, Stone Age, Bronze Age, Iron Age. Substantially published (to p. 149), in English translation, in the edition of Kemble's papers by R. G. Latham and (Sir) A. W. Franks, Horae Ferales (1863), 36-70. pp. 1-162;- (2) Drafts and notes on stone age and bronze age implements, interments, sepulchral rites, finds, relating mainly to England and Germany. Includes drawings. Letter, pp. 201-4, of John H. Austen, 19 Dec. 1855, conc. barrow excavations in the Isle of Purbeck. pp. 163-315;- (3) Account of excavations by Kemble and Richard Meier, Lieut. 1st Light Batt. Hanover, near Soltau, June 1853, and, pp. 334-6, of excavations at Nienburg, 1816, 1817. With illustrations, including w/cols. pp. 317-36;- (4) Account of excavations by Kemble in Ripdorf, Oitzen and Molzen, June 1854. Includes sketchmaps and w/cols. pp. 337-99;- (5) Account of excavations by General Count Münster at Nienburg, 1806-31, translated from his notes by Kemble and accompanied by drawings and w/cols compared with the originals in the Hanover Museum. See Proc., 1st ser., 4 (1856-9), 62 (obituary of Kemble).

MEDALS.  SAL/MS/683  c. 1827

Paper; pp. iii + 201, 98. c. 1827. Quarto. Half leather, brown, with marbled boards.

Source of acquisition: Presented by William Debonaire Haggard, FSA, 5 May 1864. Proc., 2nd ser., 2 (1861-4), 406.

Extracts from Gerard Van Loon, Histoire Métallique des... Pays-Bas (1732-7), translated by William Debonaire Haggard, FSA (d. c. 1865) (fol. ii). Descriptions of medals connected with English history with additional historical, bibliographic and personal information. Arranged in two sections, separately paginated. At the end of the second section:- Summary descriptions of Pretender medals from the list by Edward Hawkins (published by Sir H. Ellis, Original Letters, 2nd ser., IV (1827), 360-6; see also E. Hawkins, Numismata Britannica (1852), 403-7, 611-13, etc.), pp. 54-68; tabulation of information on medals (1005), pp. 69-92; drawings of medals of George, Prince of Denmark, consort of Queen Anne, etc., pp. 94-8. See also SAL/MSS/835/A, B.

SIR THOMAS MORGAN.  SAL/MS/684  17th century

Paper; pp. i + 21. Mid-late 17th century, with 19th century addition. Unbound, in a purple folder.

'A rugged relation of Majr General Morgan(s) progresse in France & Flanders... in the yrs' ('1657 1658' added; heading, p. 1, much amended). An account of the part played by Sir Thomas Morgan (d. ?1679; see DNB) in the expedition sent by Cromwell to assist the French in Flanders, 1657-8. A draft, not autograph, with many corrections. The account was drawn up by Sir Thomas in 1675 (see his letter to Dr Samuel Barrow in BL Egerton MS 2618, fol. 127). It was first published in 1699 (reprinted in Harl. Misc., 3 (1745), 326-35, and later). The relationship of the present MS to the printed edition is unclear. Many of the corrections in the MS agree with the printed edition but there are also differences in wording. Added in a different hand at the end of the MS, p. 14, is a list of casualties (also printed, ibid.). The draft, pp. 1-14, is accompanied by a modern certified copy, pp. 15-21, of the will of Sir Thomas Morgan of Pencarne (d. 1595; see DNB), who served in the Low Countries under William of Orange.

REV. JOHN MORE  SAL/MS/685  1687-96

Paper; fols. iii + 93. 1687-96. Octavo. Leather, brown. Lacks clasps.

Diary and accounts of the Rev. John More, rector of Earl's Croome, Worcs. (d. 1701). Main contents:- Accounts, 1687-96, relating to farming, tithes, rents, etc. fols. iii verso, 1v-12, 16, 78v-93; diary, June 1694-July 1696, containing weather notes, fols. 37v-18v rev., 38-71; sermon notes, fols. 12v-15v, 16v-17; religious poems, fols. 71v-8; recipes, fols. ii verso-1, 18v. Note of a loan from his uncle, Richard Edes, with the latter's signature, fol. 85v.

REV. JOHN MORE  SAL/MS/686  1 Jan. 1697/8-3 March 1699/1700

Paper; ff. ii + 134. 1698-1700. Octavo. Vellum covers formed from a fragment of a deed conc. Earl's Croome, 17th century.

Diary, similar to that in SAL/MS/685
Includes weather notes throughout and notes for a sermon, fols. 134r, v.

MIDDLE ENGLISH TEXTS  SAL/MS/687  mid 15th century

Paper; pp. iv + 562 (some leaves foliated). Mid 15th century. Quarto. Leather (modern), light brown, gilt fillets. Modern pressmark 'I 6', fol. i. Scribbles on the original flyleaves, fols. iv, 1r, v, mostly 17th century. Title, 16th-17th century, on fol. 2, 'Prick of Conscience - the title of this booke as appeareth in ye ende of it'.

Source of acquisition: Owned by Edward Thomas Tyrwhitt Drake of Shardeloes, Amersham (see G. Eland, Shardeloes Papers (1947), pedigree). Acquired at his sale (Sotheby's, 15 Apr. 1924, lot 378) by Allan Heywood Bright, FSA (d. 1941), who bequeathed it. A.J., 26 (1946), 228

Miscellany including imperfect texts of the Prick of Conscience and Piers Plowman; Middle English, Latin. Contents (see Ker, MMBL (1969), I, 314):- (1) Pater Noster, Ave and Creed. Followed by a Latin version of 'When Adam delved ...', and other fragments. p. 3;-(2) Prick of Conscience, ending imperfectly at line 9554. Text expanded by English and Latin additions. See R. Lewis, A. McIntosh, A Descriptive Guide to the Manuscripts of the Prick of Conscience (Oxford, 1982), 84-5. See also SAL/MS/288. pp. 5-358;- (3) A form of confession beg. 'I be knowe to God ...'. Also in Bodl. Lib. MS Douce 60. pp. 359-81;- (4) Treatise on the seven deadly sins by Richard Lavenham. For other MSS see J. P. W. M. van Zutphen, ed., A Litil Tretys on the Seven Deadly Sins (Rome, 1956); A. I. Doyle, 'Publication by members of the religious orders' in J. Griffiths, D. Pearsall, Book Production and Publishing in Britain 1375-1475 (1989), 114-15, n. 24. pp. 383-411;- (5) Tractatus de decem preceptis divercis in lingua materna. Another copy in BL Royal MS 17 A.xxvi, art. 1. pp. 412-30;- (6) Visio et exhortacio sancti Edwardi Regis et confessoris et vocatur speculum sacerdotis. Many copies known, e.g. BL Royal MS 8 F.vii, art. 4. pp. 431-68. On pp. 468-70 drawings (leadpoint, ink) of decorative patterns and leaf and floral motifs;- (7) An 'A' text of Piers Plowman, ending with passus xi. See G. Kane, Piers Plowman: the A version (1960), 11, 12, 49; collated as source M in the edition by A. V. C. Schmidt, Piers Plowman (1995). pp. 470-549;- (8) Treatise on excommunication beg. 'Hyt is ordeyned ...'. pp. 552-8. At the end of the volume, in a later hand, 16th-17th century, legal notes and extracts headed 'Ex libro vetusto legum et consuetud: Angl: in archivis Domini de Heling' (Healing, Lincs.). pp. 559-62.


Paper; ff. xiii + 224. 1706, etc. Duodecimo. Leather, brown, spine gilt. 'Gennaio 1844', fol. i. '126', fol. iv.

Source of acquisition: Presented by Dr Walter Leo Hildburgh, FSA (fol. ii). A.J., 22 (1942), 242 (meeting, 28 May 1942).

'Libro de Nobili Fatto nell'anno 1706 ...' (fol. iv). An alphabetical list of families, with dates of birth, death, etc.; with later additions. Italian. Table of families precedes (fols. v-xiii).

ST PAUL'S CATHEDRAL. Records relating to St Paul's  SAL/MS/690  1766-1797

Paper; ff. v + 38. Mostly 1766-97. Folio. Half leather, brown, with marbled boards. Bookplate of William Hayman Cummings (son of Edward Manly Cummings, a later virger of St Paul's), fol. ii. List of virgers, fol. v.

Source of acquisition: Acquired by Ralph Griffin (bookplate, fol. iii) at the Cummings sale, Sotheby's, 24 May 1917, lot 1494 (note by Griffin, fol. i). Presented by Ralph Griffin, Sec. SA.

Mostly in the hand of Richard Gould (d. 1798), Dean's virger; mostly 1766-97. Consists mainly of records kept by Richard Gould as virger (from 1760), entered by him mainly in chronological order, but some later records are given at the front of the volume (fols. 1-8v). Includes:- Elections and installments of bishops and deans, dinners, convocation, burials (including Sir Joshua Reynolds, 3 March 1792, fols. 6-7v, 34-5v), fees, survey of the fabric of the choir, taken 6 May 1766 (fol. 23r, v). Some transcripts relate to earlier events, e.g. the procession on the visit of James I to St Paul's, 26 March 1620 (fol. 12), Thanksgiving, 31 Dec. 1706 (fol. 12v) and installments, etc., 1723-58 (fols. 16v-19v).

YORKSHIRE GENTRY. Pedigrees of Yorkshire families, etc.  SAL/MS/691  1774

Paper; pp. vi + 160. 1774. Folio. Vellum. Bookplates of Thomas Beckwith of York 'Painter & F. A. S.', fol. ii, and Henry Anthony Littledale, fol. iii.

Transcribed by Thomas Beckwith of York (FSA 1776), herald painter, 1774. Copied (see titlepage, fol. vi) from a MS of Stephen Walter Tempest of Broughton in Craven, which derived from collections of pedigrees of Robert Parker of Carleton (obtained from Captain Booth of Stopford, Cheshire). The pedigrees, pp. 13-157, include Tempest, Ingram, Gascoigne, Midleton, Vavasour, Fairfax, Darcy, Townley and many others.
Other material includes epitaphs of the Ingram family (pp. 51-3). At pp. 1-12, copies of short treatises (from the same source but based on Camden, etc.) on surnames, the means of attaining to the degree of gentry, the first use of seals.

WOOLFE FAMILY  SAL/MS/692, 693/A, B  1861 - 1877

Paper. Mostly 1861-77. Unbound papers in two red boxes.

Source of acquisition: Bequeathed, with SAL/MS/692, SAL/MS/693/A, by Richard Woolfe, FSA (d. 1877), together with a collection of printed books and other items. See Proc., 2nd ser. 7 (1876-8), 384-5, 442-4, 453-5.

Materials relating to the family of Wolfe, Woolfe or Woof, collected by Richard Woof (afterwards Woolfe), FSA (d. 1877), town clerk of Worcester, mostly 1861-77. As follows

'Notes for a Genealogy of the Woof Family of the Counties of Salop, Oxford, & Worcester Collected by Richard Woof Chevalier of St John of Jerusalem ...' (p. v).  SAL/MS/692  1861 - 1877

Paper; pp. v + 171. c. 1867-73. Oblong quarto. Leather, brown, blind-tooled, with a clasp. Circular bookplate of Richard Woof, p. 1; armorial bookplate of John Wolfe, p. iv.

Source of acquisition: Bequeathed by Richard Woolfe, 1877 (p. ii).

Main contents:- Accounts of the shelter given to Charles II after the Battle of Worcester, 1651, by Francis Woolfe of Madeley, Worcs., and of a silver tankard purportedly given to him by Charles II after the Restoration (for further details and discussion see the pamphlet and correspondence in SAL/MS/693/B, Box I); copies and extracts relating to the royal warrant for augmentation of the arms and crest of Francis Woolfe, 1661; pedigrees; excerpts from Madeley registers; engraved frontis-piece (p. 142), with portrait of the author, from Abraham Woofe, The Tyranny of the Dutch (1653). Photographs of views of Francis Woolfe's house at Madeley, etc., formerly inserted, are now in SAL/MS/693/B, Box II. Brief contents list, fol. iii.

An essay (draft title, on a loose fragment, fol. ii, 'The Heraldry of W. being a collection of the Arms borne by... families of that surname') on the history and genealogy of the Woolfe family; c. 1870. Unfinished fair copy. Blank shield outlines  SAL/MS/693/A  1870

Paper; ff. vi + 22. c. 1870. Small folio. Half leather, purple, with purple cloth. Inserted (fols. iii-vi) a memorandum, 1959, by Brig. R. B. Rathbone relating to the authenticity of the 'Woolfe tankard' (see further SAL/MS/692, SAL/MS/693/B, Box I).

Related information: Another fair copy, with coloured arms in SAL/MS/693/B, Box II

Two boxes of loose papers relating to the Woolfe family and to Worcester  SAL/MS/693/B  mostly 19th century

Two boxes of loose papers relating to the Woolfe family and to Worcester  SAL/MS/693/B/1/Box I  mostly 19th century

Contents:- (1) Woolfe family:- (a) Letters and papers relating to the Woolfe Bequest, 1878;- (b) Pamphlet by Geoffrey Allen-Woolfe and Reginald Rathbone, The Story of a Royal Tankard... (1975), with related papers including two letters to SA from G. Allen-Woolfe, 1974, conc. the authenticity of the Woolfe tankard. The replica silver tankard presented to SA in 1867 (Mus. Cat., no. 525) is a copy of a tankard of c. 1702;- (c) Printed sheets, part of a projected history of the Woolfe family;- (2) Worcester:- (a) Original documents:-(i) Two bifolia relating to receipts of poor rate in St Martin's Worcester, 1671, and payments to the poor in All Saints, Worcester, 1676;- (ii) 'Sidebottom's Case', relating to the Judgeship of the Court of Pleas of the City and Borough of Worcester, after June 1836;- (b) Lists of freemen (with a printed List... of Freemen... of Worcester, to 1747), MPs, sheriffs and other officials of Worcester;- (c) Lists of charters, books, etc., of the Corporation of Worcester, and extracts;- (d) Paper on the fortifications of Worcester read to Worcs. Arch. Club, 26 Jan., 20 Feb. 1861;- (e) Quarto notebook of Richard Woolfe relating to notable events in the history of Worcester, with other extracts and notes relating to Worcester, and a letter from Albert Way, 1863.

Two boxes of loose papers relating to the Woolfe family and to Worcester  SAL/MS/693/B/2/Box II  mostly 19th century

Contents:- (1) (a) Pedigree of William Wlff of Ty Gwyn, Carmarthenshire, with a note on his arms and crest, 1609 (19th century copy). Welsh;- (b) Pedigree of the Wolfes of Kildare, with brief pedigrees of Wolfes in various counties, mostly English, on the dorse;- (c) 'Woolfe-Modern pedigree'. Folder containing drafts and notes, with letters to Richard Woof, 1868-76, from George Harrison, Windsor Herald, relating to queries on the Woof (Woolfe) pedigree;- (d) 'Ancient pedigree'. Folder containing pedigrees (descents from Francis Woolfe of Madeley), one extracted from records in the College of Arms by George Harrison, Windsor Herald, 1868, another continued down to Richard Woof (Woolfe). Also included are a Welsh pedigree of Wlff (cf. Sir S. R. Meyrick's Heraldic Visitations of Wales, I (1846), 105), and letters to Richard Woof;- (2) Miscellaneous genealogical papers (two folders) including letters to Richard Woof (several from R. T. Wolfe of Woolwich); fair copy, with coloured arms, of the essay in SAL/MS/693/A; copy, 1871, by George Harrison, of Sir Edward Walker's grant of augmentation of arms, 1661; extracts from parish registers, with copies of certificates; photographs of Francis Woolfe's house at Madeley, c. 1873 (formerly mounted in SAL/MS/692); with a few engravings, etc., of Worcester, mostly 19th century.

KEMEYS FAMILY.  SAL/MS/694  [n.d.]

Paper; ff. i + 18. Mid 19th century. Folio. Half leather, brown, with marbled boards.

Pedigrees of the family of Kemeys of Kemeys, Mon., mostly compiled by Thomas Wakeman; mid 19th century. Insertions, fols. 11, 16, include two letters, 1862, 1867, from Charles Kemys Kemeys-Tinte (FSA 1886) to Wakeman. See Col. W. Kemmis, The Family of Kemeys (1888). see also SAL/MSS/313, 502 and 790 (Wakeman Collection).

Two unidentified political poems referring obliquely to the rivalry of Britain and France in the New World, the American War of Independence and the French Revolution  SAL/MS/695-696  late 18th century

Paper; ff. 8 (unnumbered) + fols. 2-26. Late 18th century. Quarto. Brown papers covers (as SAL/MS/695). On the verso of the first leaf a draft will. At the end, fol. 26v, a draft letter from 'G. D.' to his daughter-in-law.

'The Commotion'. Poem in heroic couplets, in three Cantos  SAL/MS/695  23 Oct. 1823

Paper; ff. 44 and loose insertions. Late 18th century. Quarto. Brown paper covers. In a modern envelope with SAL/MS/696.

Beg. 'Accurst the Bard that draws his venal Pen'; Canto 2 beg. 'But now precarious state of Humankind', fol. 15; Canto 3 beg. 'Next to the Multitude the Chiefs apply', fol. 29. Corrected draft. Quotation from Thomas Otway's The History and Fall of Caius Marius on the titlepage. Prose fragment, in a different hand, beg. 'Woman, thou fairest & sweetest of nature's works', signed by W. Simonds

Untitled poem in heroic couplets.  SAL/MS/696  18th century

Consists of 607 lines (lacks 1-18), fols. 2-26 (lacks fol. 1) in the same hand as SAL/MS/695. Sewn to the front of this draft are 8 leaves from an imperfect gathering (second half cut away) written in red ink in a different hand, containing a revision of a substantial part of the poem found at fol. 2. The first 11 lines of this revision, beg. 'Unwarp'd by Int'rest ...' should cover the lines missing before fol. 2. The revising hand also enters amendments throughout, alters names of protagonists and gives references (fol. 24v) to Brissot, Danton and Robespierre. There are many Virgilian echoes.

MOGULS. Portraits of the Moguls or Indian Emperors  SAL/MS/697  [n.d.]

Tamerlane the first, Mahommed Babr to Nasrodin; after 1719 (death of Nasrodin's predecessor). Eleven miniatures in gouache and goldleaf, cut from several Mogul manuscripts, mounted on dyed paper sprinkled with gold, and further mounted as an album. Probably assembled in India (inf. John A. Goodall, FSA). English text conc. each Mogul laid down on the facing versos, probably c. 1753. The portraits, said to have been 'done at Dehli', and an account of each, were exhibited to SA by Henry Johnson, FSA (Minute Book VII, 29 March 1753, p. 55). The text was transcribed into SA Register (SAL/MS/262 (64); see also SAL/MS/264/B (68)). A later note, fol. 11, refers to Cook's estimate (in his Voyages and Travels through the Russian Empire, here dated 1736) of the value of plunder from the sack of Delhi, 1739 (cf. the extract from a letter, 5 Apr. 1739, of 'Mr Johnson', counsel to the East India Council, on the same subject in SAL/MS/264 (13)).
Vellum and paper; ff. vi + 11. After 1719-c. 1753. Folio. Leather, brown, gilt corner-pieces (French), red lettering-piece on front cover, ties missing. Letter of Joseph Ames, Sec. SA, 2 Apr. 1753, to Col. Henry Johnson, fol. iv, saying that he had copied into SA Register Book (SAL/MS/262) 'the Eleven Papers which I now return'. Armorial bookplate of Christopher Beauchamp, fol. i (arms of Beauchamp and Johnson, with motto 'Toujours fidèle'), indicates that the volume descended through Henry Johnson's eldest daughter, Laetitia, who married, 1762, Sir William Beauchamp Proctor, 1st Bt.; Christopher Beauchamp, b. 1771, was the second son of this marriage (see DNB; R. Clutterbuck, Hertfordshire, I (1815), 305; W. Betham, Baronetage, III (1803), 234). Evidence for later provenance:- Signature of T. Secker, flyleaf; torn label, early 20th cent., 'Lot 63-,' front cover; letter of W. Foster, India Office, to Mr Rose, 31 March 1927, suggesting that Mr Stapleton should show the album to SA, fol. v.

MONUMENTAL EFFIGIES. Descriptive list of monumental effigies in England and Wales compiled by William Henry Richardson, FSA (d. 1909)  SAL/MS/698  late 19th century

Paper. Late 19th century. Two volumes. Folio. Half leather, black.

Source of acquisition: Presented by W. W. Richardson, 2 Feb. 1911. Proc., 2nd ser., 23 (1910-11), 175 (obituary of the compiler), 338 (gift).

Arranged by counties and parishes. Two volumes:- Vol. I. Beds.-Monm.;- Vol. II. Norf.-Yorks. and Wales. Entries give identification, date, type of effigy (material, posture), details of costume and armour, location in churches, with some bibliographic references; a few pedigrees tipped in.

PEERAGE.  SAL/MS/699  1597

Paper; ff. vi + 63 items. 1597. Small folio. Vellum, gilt-tooled. Bookplate (1908) of Francis Fane Lambarde, fol. i. On fol. iii, '20' in pencil

Source of acquisition: Presented by Brig. Gen. Francis Fane Lambarde, FSA, 28 May 1942 (giftbook entry). A.J., 23 (1943), 183.

'Baronagium Angliae Magnatum scilicet illius Regni stemmata recentiora... 1597' (titlepage, fol. iv); 1597. A professional collection of the arms of the peers of England in 1597, comprising 63 entries (1 Marquess, 18 Earls, 2 Viscounts, 42 Barons), each consisting of a full page coloured achievement, followed by tabular pedigrees to 1596. Begins with the Marquess of Winchester and ends with Baron Norris de Ricot. The coronets ensigning the shields of the marquess, earls and viscounts are of earlier form than the present coronets of rank. Many of the shields are elaborately quartered, the number of quarterings for the Earls of Northumberland and Hunsdon being 36, and for the Earl of Essex 55. Badges where given are set in semi-circles below the compartment bearing the motto on which the supporters stand. Elaborate titlepage, fol. iv, the inscription set in an architectural frame, between columns, surmounted by the royal arms standard for the period (France modern, with England), with Tudor supporters; on the entablature above the title four shields (Duchies of Lancaster, Cornwall, Normandy and Aquitaine), on the columns, dexter, Kingdom of Ireland, sinister, Principality of Wales, on the base beneath the title four shields (Counts of Chester, Anjou, Ponthieu and an unidentified shield). Original contents list, fol. iv verso. At the end of the volume a slightly later index of quarterings. Names of quarterings are added below the shields in a rougher hand than that of the pedigrees.

WAY COLLECTION  SAL/MS/700  c.1830-c.1865

Paper, etc. Mostly c. 1830-c. 1865. Forty-one separate notebooks and folders; six volumes; ten green boxes; two red boxes; three envelopes.

Source of acquisition: The Way collection, together with printed books, seals, etc., was partly presented by Way and partly by his widow, the Hon. Mrs Way. See Proc., 2nd ser., 4 (1867-70), 255, 257-9; 6 (1873-6), 207-12, 313-17, 438. Further items were presented by Way's daughter, Mrs Lewis Way, 29 Nov. 1906 (Proc., 2nd ser., 21 (1905-7), 238). The family papers in section SAL/MS/700/VII and probably the notes in section SAL/MS/700/IV (3), were presented (before 1981) by John Frederick Head, FSA (d. 1984), who married into the Way family.

Antiquarian collections of Albert Way (1805-74), FSA, Director SA 1842-6, with some Way family material; mostly. For further biographical information see Archaeologia, 62 (1911), 74-5; DNB; obituaries in Proc., 2nd ser., 6 (1873-6), 198-200, and cuttings in section SAL/MS/700/VII below.

Notebooks or small folders of notes  SAL/MS/700/I  c1830-c1865

Numbered 1-41. Arranged mainly by subjects but there is some stray material. Many include letters, drawings and other items (a shilling relating to a bet in no. 10); no. 8 includes letters relating to recent finds. See also notebooks in VII below:- Nos. 1-4. Archaic glossary. Probably relating to Way's edition of the Promptorium Parvulorum (Camden Soc., 25 (1843), 54 (1851), 89 (1865);- No. 5. Sepulchral symbols;- No. 6. Sepulchral monuments and church notes. Includes a franked letter from William Salt to John Forster, 1835;- No. 7. Early-British and Roman-British antiquities;- No. 8. Early-British gold ornaments;- No. 9. Decorative pavements and tiles;- No. 10. Armour;- No. 11. Church notes;- No. 12. Sepulchral brasses;- No. 13. Foreign monuments;- No. 14. Shropshire. Abbeys and priories;- No. 15. Celts and celt moulds;- No. 16. Metalwork, decorative arts, etc.;- No. 17. Symbolism and hagiography;- No. 18. Glossarial;- Nos. 19-31. Detailed descriptions of the coinage, etc., of Italy (19); mostly England and Europe, medals (20); Russia, Sweden, Denmark, Poland (21); Germany (22); France, Spain, Portugal (23); Naples, Sicily, Malta, Ragusa, Transylvania (24); Germany (25); United Provinces, Netherlands (26); United Provinces, Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden, Russia, Poland (27); Great Britain, Colonies (28); Austria, Germany (29); America, North and South, Barbary States, Turkey (30); France (31). See also no. 38;- No. 32. SA business including notes on exhibits, donations, extracts from minutes conc. coins and medals, portraits, with letters to Way from J. G. Nichols;- No. 33. Metalwork, ecclesiastical vestments, furnishings, prehistory;- No. 34. Mail armour. With a few extracts relating to paintings in St Stephen's chapel, Westminster;- No. 35. Inventory of SA seal impressions, compiled while Way was Director. Apparently found by Way in 1872 when he was sorting out papers at Somerset House (see letter to C. S. Perceval, Director SA, 1872, prefixed);- No. 36. Church notes;- No. 37. Inventory of impressions of Irish seals;- No. 38. Switzerland. Coins. See also nos. 19-31 above;- No. 39. Church notes;- No. 40. Abbeys and priories;- No. 41. Antiquities of Malvern, notes and correspondence, 1849-63. Octavo, etc. Leather, brown (nos. 1-4); half leather, various colours, with marbled boards (nos. 19-31, 34, 35, 37, 38, 40); re-used brown leather (no. 32); black leather folder (no. 39); green cloth folder and slipcase (no. 41); the remainder home-made folders.

Dictionary of armour, costume, etc.  SAL/MS/700/II  c1830-1865

Seven green boxes (octavo) containing loose notes, arranged alphabetically.

Archaeological Drawings  SAL/MS/700/III  c1830-c1865

Six volumes. Drawings, w/cols, engravings, printed material, with a few letters:- (1) Romano-British period;- (2) Metalwork of the Bronze and early Iron Ages;- (3) Implements of stone, horn and bone. Field monuments;- (4) Pottery;- (5) Anglo-Viking period;- (6) Fibulae. Index in SAL.

Miscellaneous notes  SAL/MS/700/IV  c1830-c1865

Three green boxes (octavo). Contents:- (1) Extracts from medieval records, notes relating to charters, church monuments;- (2) Notes on early and medieval antiquities, proof illustrations, a few original drawings, photographs (e.g. of Cromer), church notes;- (3) Notes and letters relating to ancient weights; bundle of miscellaneous notes and letters on antiquities, with transcriptions of charters. The contents of this box were formerly loose in SAL/MS/700/VII below.

Notes  SAL/MS/700/V  c1830-c1860

Three envelopes:- (1) Castles, mainly Welsh;- (2) Urns. With drawings, photographs and letters;- (3) Enamels. Including colour reproductions, drawings, engravings, printed extracts, rubbings, with a few letters.

Miscellaneous correspondence, notes, etc.  SAL/MS/700/VI  c1830-c1860

One red box. Contents:- (1) Correspondence, mostly letters to Way, with notes, proof illustrations, photographs, partly relating to the Archaeological Journal. Further letters to Way, c. 1841-c. 1861, are in Ants. Corresp. One folder;- (2) Miscellaneous drawings, notes, sketchmaps, etc., and a few printed items. One folder;- (3) Notes relating to Cookham. Octavo folder, old boards;- (4) Offprints conc. Wroxeter, with related letters. Octavo folder;- (5) Letters and notes, proof drawings, etc., relating to bronze spoons. One envelope;- (6) Notes relating to druids, Phoenicians, stone circles, etc. One envelope.

Way Family material, and papers conc. the Royal Archaeological Institute.  SAL/MS/700/VII  1236-1846

Source of acquisition: Presented by Mrs Judith Scott, FSA, May 1998. Previously owned by Dr. Francis Carolus Eeles (d. 1954)

One red box. Contents:- (1) Notebook (octavo, dark blue) of press-cuttings, including obituaries of Way, Franks and other antiquaries, and a drawing, 1845, of Way's residence, Wonham Manor, near Reigate;- (2) Earlier notebook (octavo, blue) containing notes on coronets, helmets, hatchments, dated 1783;- (3) Two envelopes of letters and notes, partly on family matters, but including general notes and letters on antiquities, transcriptions of charters and one original charter, 13th century (confirmation by Walter Cantelupe, Bishop elect of Worcester, 1236, of grants by two of his predecessors to Reading Abbey). Also included is a lithograph by Way of the medal designed by Baron Denon (Dominique Vivant Denon) to commemorate Napoleon's projected invasion of England, with legend 'Descente en Angleterre 1804'. The medal had been lent to Way's father, the Rev. Lewis Way;- (4) Two notebooks relating to Way's connection with the (Royal) Archaeological Institute:- (a) Minutes of the Central Committee of the British Archaeological Association, 26 Feb. 1845-9 Feb. 1846, that is of the seceding party of the British Archaeological Association which that year broke away to form the Archaeological Institute (later, 1866, the Royal Archaeological Institute). For the background see J. Evans, 'The Royal Archaeological Institute: A Retrospect', Archaeological Journal, 106 (1949), 1-11. Octavo. Leather, green;- (b) Inventory of the Museum of the Archaeological Institute formed at Newcastle on the occasion of the Annual Meeting in Northumberland, 20 Aug. 1852. The inventory includes drawings and letters of donors. Index of donors at the front. Press-cuttings and other printed matter relating to the meeting inserted. Quarto. Half leather, maroon, with marbled boards;- (5) Two albums of pencil, pen and wash drawings:- (a) Tour of western Scotland, Inverary to Loch Katrine via Skye, c. 1830. Oblong octavo. Leather, blue, edges gilt (watermark 1828);- (b) Tour of Derbyshire, Lake District and western Scotland, inscribed Albert Way, Leamington, July 1831. Octavo. Leather, maroon.

STATUTES.  SAL/MS/701  13th-14th century

Vellum; ff. v + 92. Early 14th century, with later additions. Octavo. Now disbound and imperfect. Fragments of flyleaves, fols. ii, iii, and of later vellum covers, fols. i, iv, v (from Chancery proceedings, King's Bench, c. Nov. 1627). Now preserved in a slipcase (black spine, with brown grained paper). Inscription, ?15th century, 'Q... scripsit scripta ...', fol. iii verso. Former pressmark 'F. 2. 48(?)', fol. 92v. Marginal annotations identifying statutes, 17th century. Later annotations include '243', fol.

Source of acquisition: Exhibited and presented by William Henry Hart, FSA, 6 March 1862. Proc., 2nd ser., 2 (1861-4), 79

Collection of statutes from Magna Carta (1225 reissue) to 31 Edw. I, with later additions; early 14th century, with additions temp. Edw. II and Rich. II. Latin and French. Tables of capitula of Magna Carta, fols. 1-4v, and contents list, fol. 5, from Magna Carta to the statute De Nova Custuma Mercatorum, 1 Feb. 31 Edw. I (1303). Main contents, fols. 6-77, as in the contents list but Magna Carta begins imperfectly at the end of cap. 4, and the statute De Conspiratoribus is not entered on fol. 73v. Additions:- Temp. Edw. II, the Modus Faciendi Homagium (Statutes of the Realm, I (1810), 227-8), Judicium Pillorie (ibid., I, 201-2) and Articuli Cleri (ibid., I, 171-4), fols. 77-81v; detached fragments, temp. Rich. II, statutes of 1 and 2 Rich. II (1378) (ibid., II, 1-11) and mandate of Rich. II to the province of Canterbury conc. subsidies, fols. 82-8; statutes of Edw. I, De Bigamis, 1276 (ibid., I, 42-3), De Conjunctim Ffeoffatis, 1306 (ibid., I, 145-7), Quo Warranto, 1290 (ibid., I, 107), Statute of Exeter, 1286, imperfect at the end (ibid., I, 210-12), fols. 88v-91; last extant leaf, Visus Franciplegii (ibid., I, 246-7), fol. 92. For other collections see J. H. Baker, J. S. Ringrose, A Catalogue of English Legal Manuscripts in Cambridge University Library (1996), passim. Three illuminated initials in poor condition:- Youth, hind and hounds, fol. 9v; foliate decoration on gold background, fol. 34v; foliate decoration, grotesque heads, and partial border, fol. 39. Rubrication and penwork initials in main contents to fol. 73v. Ker, MMBL, I (1969), 314, relates the present MS to Westminster Abbey SAL/MS/35 and others of the same group.

WILLIAM DOWSING  SAL/MS/702  c1752-1754

Paper; pp. i + 52. 1754. Quarto. Marbled boards.

Journal of William Dowsing (1596-1668), the iconoclast, 6 Jan. 1643/4 to 1 Oct. 1644; transcribed, with other material, c. 1752-4 (see pp. 34, 35). According to a note, p. 1, the transcript is 'A True Coppy of a Manuscript found in the Libray [sic] of Samll: Dowsing of Statford [Stratford St Mary, Suff.] being writtin by his farther Wm: Dowsings own hand; and afterwards sold to Mr Huse a Bookseller at Exeter change in the Strand London amongest other Books & papers Sept. 6th 1704 &c'. Written by Edward Duck, brazier of Ipswich, 1754; an edition by Trevor Cooper is in preparation. Other MS transcripts of Dowsing's journal were known; see the edition by R. Loder (1786). The journal (pp. 1-24) consists, in the present transcript, of 150 numbered accounts of the breaking of religious images in E. Anglia, including pictures, crosses, inscriptions, etc. On p. 24 is the note 'Here the MS Ends'. The remainder of the volume consists of extracts and copies partly relating to East Anglia including:- Extract conc. the branding and whipping of James Naylor, Quaker, 1656, p. 25; poems by Thomas Fuller and Alexander Brome, pp. 26-30; a recipe 'to make a Presbyterain' beginning 'Take the herbs hypocrisy & ambition', p. 31; extracts, 1752, from the register of St Lawrence, Ipswich, pp. 33-4; English translation of a Latin inscription and verses over and under the picture of Charles I lying in state formerly in the same church, pp. 37, 36; heads of sermons preached by the Rev. (Robert) Middleton, minister of St Mary's Colchester, n.d., 1725, on the Book of Common Prayer, etc., pp. 38-52. Inside the front cover, p. i, notes of four wills, 1463-76, headed St Peter's, Ipswich.


Paper; ff. v + 25. c. 1831. Octavo. Half leather, green, with marbled boards and marbled edges. 'From Sir Frederic Madden's Library 7/6', fol. ii. Madden's sale, Sotheby's, 7-9 Aug. 1873, lot 658.

Notes and drawings by Sir Frederic Madden from the Hatton Book of Seals; made c. 1831 when the MS was lent by Lord Winchilsea to George Baker of Northampton (fol. iii). The notes relate only to nos. 1-54 of the original (now Northampshire Record Office, Finch-Hatton SAL/MS/170); 'I did not proceed further with these notes FM', fol. 25. Includes drawings by Madden of seals and some loose tracings. With a list by Madden (fols. iv-v verso) of the contents of the Hatton MS when placed in his care for binding at the British Museum, June 1858. See L. C. Loyd, Doris M. Stenton, Sir Christopher Hatton's Book of Seals, Northants. Record Society, 15 (1950), xxxi-ii. See also SAL/MS/748.

SIR FREDERIC MADDEN.  SAL/MS/704  1823. 1833

Paper; ff. i + 22. 1823, 1833. Folio. Loose papers in a folder (half leather, brown, with marbled boards)

Source of acquisition: Madden's sale, Sotheby's, 7-9 Aug. 1873, lot 1144.

'Topographical Notes by F. M. (fol. i). Notes and drawings by Sir Frederic Madden relating to churches in Berkshire:- Buckland (fols. 1-5); Faringdon (fols. 6-16v); East Shefford (fols. 17-20); Wantage, dated 1833 (fols. 21-2). Drawings in ink and pencil relating to architectural features, monuments, shields in stained glass, etc.


Paper; 29 numbered items (with some unnumbered). 1828-30. Folio. Original leather, black (rebacked, 1990), gilt-tooled; in a panel on the front cover the inscription 'Epitaphs ...' quoted above

Source of acquisition: Exhibited (with SAL/MS/705/A) by Lewis Edwards, FSA, 6 May and presented 11 May 1949 (Giftbook entry). A.J., 29 (1949), 250; 30 (1950) 235.

'Epitaphs to the Memory of Robert Lemon Esq. F. S. A., Late Treasurer of the Noviomagian Society 1829' (inscription on the original binding). Papers relating to an elaborate fiction that the Treasurer, Robert Lemon, senior (1779-1835), had been murdered, his treasure stolen, recovered and used, on the direction of Robert 'Melon', to provide a prize for the best epitaph; 25 June 1828-23 Feb. 1830. Contents include letters, poems, drawings, some coloured, and a printed advertisment for the owner of the treasure. The last item is a poem 'On the return from Hell of Mr Treasurer Lemon' by H. B. (of the Temple), 23 Feb. 1830. The Noviomagian Society was founded in 1828 by A. J. Kempe and Thomas Crofton Croker as a convivial society of fellows of SA (see Evans (1956), 231, 361). Two volumes of proceedings of the society and miscellaneous papers are in the library of the Wellcome Institute of Medicine (MSS 5305-7; typed description in SA MS Register). Photocopies of Noviomagian newsletters, 1855, 1858, 1861, and extracts relating to 1891, are kept with the present MS. See further, for the Noviomagian Society, Charles Roach Smith, Retrospections, I (1883), passim, and Appendix 307-8; A.J., 27 (1947), 183-5 (the Noviomagians' chair).


Paper; pp. 65. 1844-5. Quarto. Brown cardboard, with cream spine.

Source of acquisition: Presented as SAL/MS/705

Minutes of meetings, 1844-5. Printed. With illustrations.

LENNARD FAMILY  SAL/MS/706/A-D  1520-1616

Vellum. 1520-1616. SAL/MS/706/A in a wooden box; SAL/MS/706/B-D in a modern red box. SAL/MS/706/A-C were exhibited by George Steinman Steinman, FSA, and SAL/MS/706/D by Henry Barrett-Lennard on 28 Nov. 1861 (see Proc., 2nd ser., 2 (1861-4), 27-33, for further details of these and of other MSS at Belhus).

Manuscripts from the muniments of Sir Thomas Barrett-Lennard, 1st Bt. (d. 1857), at Belhus, Essex.

Probate inventory of Henry, 12th Baron Dacre, at Chevening, Kent, and Hurstmonceux, Sussex  SAL/MS/706/A  1616

The Chevening inventory is arranged by type of furniture, etc., and dated 8 August 1616; grand total of values given as £550.5s.10d. The Hurstmonceux inventory is arranged by rooms and dated 1616 (no day or month entered); lacks end and grand total. Extracts published in Proc., 2nd ser., 2 (1861-4), 30-3. Vellum (many membranes joined to form a roll).

Letters Patent of Queen Elizabeth granting a general pardon to John Lennard of Chevening (grandfather of Henry, Lord Dacre)  SAL/MS/706/B  15 Jan. 1559
Language:  Latin

Broken fragments of the Great Seal of Elizabeth. Such pardons were frequently obtained to secure immunity from penalties due if properties held of the Crown in capite were sold or purchased without licence.

Letters Patent of James I granting a similar pardon to Sampson Lennard of Hurstmonceux (father of Henry, Lord Dacre)  SAL/MS/706/C  23 Dec. 1603

Great Seal of James I.
Language:  Latin

Common recovery of land in Sevenoaks, Kent  SAL/MS/706/D  21 May 1520

Seal of the Court of Common Pleas.
Language:  Latin

By William Nysell, John Bowle and William Coltherst, demandants, from Robert Tresse and Robert Baylly, tenants


Paper; ff. v + 125. Early 17th century, c. 1642. Folio. Vellum covers, fols. i, v, formed from a bargain and sale by John Hassall of Surrey relating to lands in St Mary at Le Savoy (Strand), 15 Sept. 1685.

Source of acquisition: Owned successively by Sir John Coel, master in Chancery; Michael Gardener of the Inner Temple, who presented it in 1699 to Peter Le Neve (note, fol. iv). Presented by Louis Francis Salzman, FSA, 20 Oct. 1950 (fol. ii; Giftbook entry). A.J., 31 (1951), 252.

An Abstract in the English dialect or tongue of all the Parliament Rolls in the Tower of London from the fourth yeare of Ed 3 to the Last Parliament of Henry the 5th ...' (fol. 4). At fols. 5-6 is a copy of a Prolegomena, 1642, by Sir Simonds D'Ewes (1602-50). According to this the abstracts were mostly made by William Bowyer, Keeper of the Records in the Tower (d. c. 1566) and partly (abstracts of three rolls) by his son Robert (appointed to the same post, 1604), and mostly transcribed by Ralph Starkey 'a most extreeme ignorant man'. Some particulars are said to have been added by Starkey from Sir Robert Cotton's transcripts and some by D'Ewes from copies in his custody. The present manuscript appears to be a copy of Harley SAL/MS/21 (see A. G. Watson, The Library of Sir Simonds D'Ewes (1966), 105, List A, no. 115; inf. Dr Colin Tite, FSA). At fols. 7-8 a 'Kalendar' of Parliament Rolls on record in 1604 and 'still kept to this day' (roll of 8 Edw. III noted as missing, fol.6). Preceding the main contents are extracts from Ordinances, 1311, forms of summons to Parliament, etc., fols. 10-16. The abstracts commence, fol. 16v, with the attainder of Roger Mortimer, and continue to the roll of 51 Edw. III, fol. 123v; later abstracts not preserved in the present volume. Written in several hands; paper and rulings vary.

FRAGMENTS  SAL/MS/708/A-E  10th-15th cenury

Vellum. 10th-15th century. Mostly trimmed fragments, largest size folio. All in a dark green folder bearing the bookplate of J. T. Micklethwaite, FSA (d. 1906)

Archival history:
SAL/MS/708/A presented in 1881 by James Fawckner Nicholls, FSA, of Bristol Free Library, to Henry Charles Coote, FSA, with SAL/MS/716; SAL/MS/708 B presented by the Rev. J. T. Fowler, 1875, to John Thomas Micklethwaite, FSA, who bequeathed it; SAL/MS/708/C from a former binding in SAL (see above); SAL/MS/708/D, E possibly acquired with SAL/MS/708/B. Proc., 2nd ser., 21 (1905-7), 294-5, 435-6 (Micklethwaite bequest and obituary)
Language:  Latin

Fragments, mainly liturgical from medieval manuscripts, partly binders' waste. Vellum.

Fragments from binders' waste, much trimmed  SAL/MS/708/A  10th-15th cenury

Fragments from two breviaries  SAL/MS/708/A/i  14th century

(a) One bifolium containing part of Passion Sunday to part of Palm Sunday. Use not identified;- (b) Two conjoint bifolia, with a lacuna in the centre, containing parts of the office for Good Friday and Easter Sunday

One leaf from a breviary containing parts of the offices of St Blaise, 3 Feb., and St Agatha, 5 Feb., from the Proper of the Saints  SAL/MS/708/A/ii  14th century

One leaf from a Psalter  SAL/MS/708/A/iii  15th century

Containing part of Psalm 80 and Psalms 81, 82; Written in England. Partial border with small initials

Fragment  SAL/MS/708/A/iv  14th century

Containing parts of the propers for votive masses of the BVM in Lent and Paschal Time

One leaf from a Sarum breviary  SAL/MS/708/A/v  14th century

Containing three lections for the office of the BVM on Saturdays and three hymns ('Iam lucis orto sidere', 'Nunc sancte nobis spiritus', 'Rector potens')

Thirteen leaves from a Sarum gradual containing parts of the Proper of the Saints (Festa Julii, Festa Novembris) and of the Common of Saints  SAL/MS/708/B  14th century

Ker, MMBL, I (1969), 314. With penwork initials (blue initials with red penwork; black initials with touches of yellow, with black penwork, decorated with heads and a grotesque). Many pages badly rubbed and probably used in bindings. Later pressmarks(?) on many leaves, e.g. 'H.2. 13 (-19)' and (cancelled) 'A.1. 2 (-5)'. c. 360mm x 240mm.

Small fragment from the lower half of a bifolium  SAL/MS/708/C  10th-15th cenury

Containing parts of the Christmas Day office (Matins, second and third nocturnes), with cheironomic neumes; 10th century. c. 80mm x 133mm (edges ragged). Apparently from the former binding of the SA copy of J. de Voragine, Legenda Aurea (1473); also preserved are three fragments of leather lettering pieces, brown, from the spine of the same volume.

Two leaves from the Latin translation of the Arabic encyclopedia of medicine, in twenty-five volumes, known as El havy, compiled by Mohammed Abu Bekr Ibn-Zacoria better known as Rhases  SAL/MS/708/D  14th century

Written in Italy. Inscription at the end, in a different hand, beg. 'Explicit translatio libri elhavy in medicina ...'. The original manuscript of the translation made for Charles of Anjou is Paris, Bibl. Nat. MS lat. 6912 (see L. Delisle, Recherches sur la librairie de Charles V, I (1907), 270-2). Pen sketch in one margin of the domed head of a bearded man. Much trimmed (present size c. 217mm x 155mm). Later ink numbers '63' and '39'.

Liturgical fragments  SAL/MS/708/E  14th - 15th century

The remains of high-quality volumes (particularly SAL/MS/E/ii)

A single leaf from a missal  SAL/MS/708/E/i  10th-15th century

Containing part of the Proper of the Saints for St Quintin, 31 Oct., and All Saints, 1 Nov.; 14th century. With a partial border and one illuminated initial. 415mm x 270mm

Portions of a Sarum gradual, in two different hands  SAL/MS/708/E/ii  early 15th century

As follows:- (a) Eight leaves containing the Ordinary of the Mass (Kyrie-Agnus Dei), including troped Kyries. With a partial illuminated border, three illuminated initials, and a number of other initials with penwork decoration in red or purple;- (b) Parts of the Proper of the Time (Sundays 1-24 after Trinity; Quatuor tempora September), ff. 8 + ff. 2; and part of the Common of Saints (Nativity of one apostle to Nativity of several martyrs), ff. 7, preceded by a stub. Small illuminated initials with sprays of foliage and flowers, and a number of fine penwork initials, some surmounted by crowns or mitres, and decorated with penwork heads. Signature 'g' at the foot of the last verso. 440mm x 320mm, but many leaves partly cut away (?initials removed).

MIDDLETON NOTEBOOKS  SAL/MS/709/1-18  1874-1893

Paper. Seventeen notebooks, and unbound papers (18), in a black box. 1874-93. Oblong octavo. Leather, black (3, 5-7, 10, 12, 14) or maroon (8, 9, 11, 13, 15-17); leather spines, black, green or brown (4, 1, 2 respectively). Together with a collection of larger drawings, many coloured and measured, relating mainly to Rome (some used to illustrate Middleton's Ancient Rome (1885, 1892)), Roman antiquities in England, English medieval architecture, consecration crosses; with a few relating to Cairo, Greek antiquities (in a red portfolio, large quarto)

Source of acquisition: Part of the collection presented by the compiler's widow, 26 Nov. 1896. Proc., 2nd ser., 16 (1895-7), 236

Notebooks and drawings of John Henry Middleton (1847-96), Litt.D., DCL, VPSA, Slade Professor of Fine Art, Cambridge, 1886, Director of the Fitzwilliam Museum, 1889-92, and of the South Kensington Museum, 1892-6 (see DNB, Suppl., III, 166; obituary in Proc., 2nd ser., 16 (1895-7), 360-1); 1874-93. Middleton practised for some years as an architect. His publications included Ancient Rome (1885, 1892), and many papers in Archaeologia, etc. The notebooks reflect his wide interests; some are used at one end for classical topics and at the other for medieval, and many have indexes. Many w/cols, plans, etc., throughout; SAL/MS/709/4 consists entirely of sketches. The notebooks have now been arranged in chronological order (Middleton's numbering, where present, given in brackets).
SAL/MS/709/1. Compsall near Doncaster, Selby Abbey, Broadway: 1874-89
SAL/MS/709/2. Rome, Cairo; 1878
SAL/MS/709/3 (12). Winchcombe, Bredon, Oxford, Deerhurst, Fitehead Neville, Dorset; 1879-81
SAL/MS/709/4 (15) Sketchbook including [...] of Cairo (mosque of Ibrahim Agha), other views of Egypt 1881 Letter, tipped in, from Middleton's widow, 10 Aug. 1896, donating pamphlets.
SAL/MS/709/5 (13) Tewkesbury, Mount Grace, Peterborough, Fifehead Neville, Dorset, and many other English locations; notes and drawings of silver; Aug., Sept. 1881
SAL/MS/709/6 (14). Churches in Glos., Norf., etc.; Tiryns, Mycenae; Italy; National Gallery; 1882.
SAL/MS/709/7 (5). Italy; consecration crosses; mosaics; Persian tiles; Sweden; Vatican collections; Avebury, Devizes; 'Rome Jan. 1884'.
SAL/MS/709/8 (9). Rome, Florence, etc.; Louvre collections; Abbey Dore and other English and Welsh locations; 1884-5.
SAL/MS/709/9 (10). Wales; Deerhurst; Italy; British Museum terracottas; 1885.
SAL/MS/709/10 (16). Romano-British antiquities; Wells, Winchester, Tintern, Chepstow Castle, etc.; 1886.
SAL/MS/709/11 (17). Odyssey, Pompeii; Nerva's forum, Greek houses; Cluny, Cistercian abbeys, etc.; 1886.
SAL/MS/709/12 (18). Greek coins; Westminster Palace; English domestic architecture; Celtic churches; 1887.
SAL/MS/709/13 (19). Acropolis: Venice, Florence, Bologna, etc.; 1887.
SAL/MS/709/14 (20). Acropolis; coins; French cathedrals; Venice; Oxford, etc.; 1887.
SAL/MS/709/15 (21). Vases, sarcophagi, Pantheon; Orange, Avignon, Nîmes; Babylon; Siena; Japanese lacquer; May-Oct. 1887.
SAL/MS/709/16 (22). Pompeii; Roman bridges, etc.; Venice; East Anglia, Kelmscott; 1888-9
SAL/MS/709/17 (24). Rings, Pompeii, Ostia, Silchester; Sicily; plan for Middleton's house in Cambridge; Renaissance medals; 1891-3.
SAL/MS/709/18. Notes on 'Early Christian Inscriptions from Portugal: Spanish Era', written on the back of proofs from Ancient Rome (1892).


Vellum roll. c. 1620. In a red cardboard tube.

Source of acquisition: Presented by Sir Geoffrey Cornewall, 6th Bt. (cf. correspondence with SAL/MS/777, also presented by him), Sept. 1946. A.J., 27 (1947), 211

Pedigree of the Skipwith family of Skipwith, Yorks., and Ormesby, Lincs. With many coloured shields. The heading states that the family derived its name from the manor of Schypwye (Skipwith), Yorks., temp. Hen. I or Stephen, and that the pedigree is based on charters and other written evidence at Ormesby in the custody of William Skipwith, lord of the manors of Skipwith and Ormesby (temp. Jas. I). There follows a note on the arms, and, in a cartouche, the descent of three generations from Patrick de Skipwith to William de Skipwith, the last to live at Skipwith (the ancient charters at Skipwith are said to be 'surrepti (sic) aut deformate'). Tabular pedigree commencing with William de Skipwith (temp. Hen. III) and ending with five children (William, Henry, Thomas, Elizabeth and Diana) of Sir Henry Skipwith (afterwards 1st Bt., 1622). With descents and shields of related families including royal descents to James I. Full achievement of Skipwith at the foot.

LEGAL PRECEDENTS  SAL/MS/711  before 1644

Paper; ff. v + 64. Before 1644. Small quarto. Vellum, with two vellum ties. Lot 498 in an unidentified catalogue (cutting, fol. v). Armorial bookplate (?of Dr Ebblewhite), with motto 'En avant', fol. ii.

Source of acquisition: Bequeathed by Dr Ernest Arthur Ebblewhite, LL.D, FSA (d. 1947; see Who Was Who 1941-50; obituary in A.J., 27 (1947), 212)

Language:  Latin

Precedents in criminal indictments probably compiled by John Stephens of Staple Inn (cf. fol. i). The indictments, fols. 1-50, include those against a cutpurse, a recusant, enchantment and sorcery, murder by witchcraft, saying and learning mass, teaching without a licence. With a list of fees belonging to the clerk of assize, fol. 61r, v. Contents list, fols. 62-4v. Note on fol. i 'The 2d of July 1644 Borrowed this booke of Mr John Stephens of Staple Inn. James Thurburne.'

HOURS  SAL/MS/712  15th century

Vellum; ff. iv + 134. Third quarter of 15th century. Small octavo. Leather, brown, blind-tooled, two clasps now missing; in a blue box. Lot 255 in an unidentified sale-catalogue (cutting, fol. ii)

Source of acquisition: Bequeathed with SAL/MSS/713, 721 by Sir Alfred William Clapham, CBE, PSA, in 1950. A.J., 31 (1951), 251, 252. Council Minutes, 30 Nov. 1952.

Book of Hours (Use of Utrecht), with calendar; third quarter of 15th century. Dutch. Contents:- (1) Calendar, in black and red, with many Netherlandish saints. fols. 1-12v;- (2) Little Hours of the BVM. fols. 13-49;- (3) Prayers on the five wounds of Christ. fols. 50-2;- (4) Prayers to the Trinity, Christ on the Cross, prayers before and after mass. fols. 52-62;- (5) Seven points of Holy Mass. fols. 62-3;- (6) Prayers to the BVM and saints, with memoriae of St Erasmus, St Sebastian, etc. fols. 63-70;- (7) Thirteen salutations (Aves) and prayers to the BVM. fols. 70-6v;- (8) Little Hours of the Cross. fols. 77-83v;- (9) 'Dat lange gebet van den sielen' and other prayers for the dead. fols. 83v-100v;- (10) Seven penitential psalms, litany, prayers. fols. 101-34v. Fine penwork decoration in Delft 'scallop' style, with small initials. Many partial borders in red and blue; full borders in red, blue, with gold studs, etc., and touches of green, and larger penwork initials, fols. 13, 53, 77, 101v. Peacock in border, fol. 13; five wounds of Christ, fol. 53 (margin); a monstrance, fol. 53v (margin); hind in border, fol. 77; pelican in its piety, fol. 101v.

PSALTER  SAL/MS/713  13th-14th century

Vellum; ff. ii + 176. 13th-14th century. Duodecimo. Leather, brown, blind-tooled (19th century)

Archival history:
Belonged, 15th century, to the sisters of the Order of St John of Jerusalem at Buckland, Somerset; inscription, fol. 5 top, 'Iste psalterium constat sororum de Bokland'. Owned by Robert Steele, Wandsworth Common, late 19th century (label on the front pastedown). Bequeathed with SAL/MS/712.
Language:  Latin

Psalter, with calendar. Written in the South Netherlands. Contents:- (1) Calendar (lacks May-August) in black. Includes Willibrord, Martin, Lambert, Bavo, Nicholas; St Thomas of Canterbury and other names erased. fols. 1-4v;- (2) Psalter, lacks opening words of Psalm I. fols. 5-155v;- (3) Canticles (Confitebor, Ego dixi, Exultavit, Cantemus domino, Domine audivi, Audite celi, Te Deum, Benedicite omnia, Benedictus, Magnificat, Nunc dimittis) and (fols. 168v-70v) Athanasian Creed. fols. 155v-70v;- (4) Fragments of the office for the dead. fols. 171-3. Many small initials in gold on blue background with white filigree decoration; a few larger initials in gold, red and blue, fols. 71v, 104, 106v. Unrelated legal fragment (refers to 1474 and 'Liber W. Colb. 2° fo ...'), fol. 174. Ker, MMBL, I (1969), 314-5.


Paper. Early-mid 19th century. Large quarto, sometimes used as oblong quarto. Unbound. Two grey boxes.

A large number of drawings relating mostly to monumental effigies compiled by Charles Hamilton Smith, FRS (1776-1859), soldier, archaeologist and artist. The drawings, mostly colour wash, with descriptive texts, are mainly of monumental effigies and other memorials of the feudal ages; to these the compiler added sarcophagi and other early monuments, and figures from stained glass, illuminated manuscripts, seals, etc. The collection was made in order to illustrate the history of costume, military, ecclesiastical and civil. The figures are depicted in restored form, not as found (see introductory text in Box 1). The drawings were made on visits to a 'vast number' of churches and museums in England, France and Germany, and supplemented by drawings of effigies made in remote spots, or derived from the sketchbooks of friends (ibid.). The arrangement is mostly chronological. Two boxes containing five sections:- I. Introductory text. Ancient monuments (Babylonian, Etruscan, Egyptian, Roman, etc.) and early medieval (Merovingian, Carolingian, early German Emperors, early medieval English);- II. Mostly English kings, knights, etc., 1100-1300;- III. Mostly English, 1300-95;- IV. Mostly English, 1400-95;- V. Mostly English, 15th century-17th century and miscellaneous earlier. C. Hamilton Smith published Selections of Ancient Costume of Great Britain and Ireland, Seventh to Sixteenth Century (1814); Costume of Original Inhabitants of the British Islands to the sixth century (with S. R. Meyrick, 1815). He retired from the army in 1820 and devoted himself to history, zoology and archaeology. See DNB. He left twenty volumes of MS notes and thousands of watercolours; many of the MSS are in the library of the Plymouth Institution, whose Trans. (1830), 255-88, give an account of his collection of drawings.

SIR JAMES THORNHILL  SAL/MS/715  19th century

Paper; ff. viii + 24. 19th century. Large quarto. Half leather, brown, with marbled boards. Bookplate, architectural, in Gothic style, of William Stevenson Fitch, fol. ii. His sale, 29 Nov. 1859, lot 200. Phillipps MS 17479. Phillipps sale, 20 May 1897, lot 758

Source of acquisition: Signature of Joseph Sim Earle, FSA, fol. vi, who bequeathed it, 1912 (fol. iv).

'A Tour Through Parts of Suffolk and Essex by Sir James Thornhill Knt in 1711' (fol. viii). A 19th century copy of part of Thornhill's original journal (now in the Victoria and Albert Museum; ed. by K. Fremantle, see below), up to the start of the voyage to Holland, 7 June 1711. Possibly made for the Suffolk antiquary, William Stevenson Fitch (1793-1859) from John Britton's copy (now BL Add. MS 34788). Text and pen drawings on tracing paper of Ipswich, Harwich, houses, views, etc., laid down within ruled panels. Engraved portrait of Thornhill by Joseph Baker, after J. Highmore (cf. F. O'Donoghue, Catalogue of Engraved British Portraits, IV (1914), 275), used as a frontispiece, fol. vii. K. Fremantle (ed.), Sir James Thornhill's Sketch-Book Travel Journal of 1711, II (1975), xxiii, gives the provenance of the present MS.

THOMAS BECKET  SAL/MS/716  12th-13th century

Vellum; ff. 6. Late 12th and early 13th century. Duodecimo (much trimmed). Half leather, brown (modern). Theological notes, Latin, written sideways in the margins of fols. 3, 4v, 15th-16th century, include the names 'lathbery', fol. 3, 'loftus profess. sacre paoie ...' (cf. A. B. Emden, A Biographical Register of the University of Cambridge (1963), 371), and I. Walles, fol. 4v. Slightly later entry 'Henry Curteson de newarke', fol. 4v. The fragments were part of a small collection of binders' waste given to Henry Charles Coote, FSA, in 1881, by James Fawckner Nickolls (Librarian of Bristol Free Library); see SAL/MS/708 for the remainder.

Fragments of two manuscripts of the verse life of St Thomas Becket by Guernes de Pont Sainte Maxence; late 12th century, and early 13th century. French. Consisting of:- (1) Two bifolia from the second version of Guernes' life, corresponding, with a few insignificant variations, to lines 1-42, 365-406, 991-1078 of the edition by E. Walberg, La Vie de saint Thomas le Martyr (Lund, 1922). Written in an early 13th century hand. fols. 1-4v;- (2) One bifolium from the otherwise lost first version of Guernes' life showing considerable divergence from the text published by Walberg. See I. Short, 'An early draft of Guernes' Vie de Saint Thomas Becket', Medium Aevum, 46, no. 1 (1977), 20-34, where this fragment is published and collated. Written in an earlier hand, probably late 12th century. fols. 5-6v. One four-line initial in red, decorated with green, fol. 1, and small initials in red and, occasionally, green in both fragments. Ker, MMBL, I (1969), 315.

HOURS.  SAL/MS/717  early 15th century

Vellum; ff. 69. Early 15th century. Duodecimo. Unbound fragment in a box.
Language:  Latin

Fragment of a Book of Hours of Dominican use; Written in England, for a nunnery, cf. the inscription in red at the foot of fol. 55:- 'Orate pro anima sororis Emme Wyntyr que fieri fecit istum librum' (Ker, MMBL, I (1969), 315, suggests an identification with Emma Winter, nun of the Dominican priory at Dartford, who owned Downside MS 26542). Present contents:- (1) Penitential Psalms, beginning imperfectly with Psalm 37. fols. 1-7v;- (2) Litany and collects, etc., including, fol. 14v, a memoria of St Christina. fols. 8-14v;- (3) Office of the Dead, noted, fols. 14v-54;- (4) Processional and other noted chants for Palm Sunday and Holy Week, beginning with the 'Pueri Hebraeorum' and ending imperfectly with 'Dominus Jesus' (for the Washing of the Feet, Maundy Thursday). fols. 55-69v. St Dominic is doubled in the litany. English rubrics to the prayers, fols. 52v-4. Further details in Ker, ibid., 315. A few penwork initials decorated with faces, e.g. fol. 33v.

Now bound with SAL/MS/285.  SAL/MS/718  [n.d.]

SOUTHWICK HOUSE. Inventory of pictures, etc.  SAL/MS/719  1737

Paper; ff. 6. 1737. Tall narrow folio. Unbound.

'Belonging to Southwick house & Stoney Deane from Mr Cock's' (fol. 2). Probably relates to the settlement of the estate of Richard Norton (see Gent. Mag., 3 (1733), 57-62, for his will); annotated 'Decbr 30th 1737 John Lawton [sic] Esqr, (fol. 1). The collection relates to descendants of Admiral Sir John Lawson (d. 1665), whose half length portrait by Lely is twice mentioned (fols. 3, 6). Admiral Lawson's daughter Isabella married Daniel Norton of Southwick House, Hants., and secondly Sir John Chicheley. The pictures at Southwick (fols. 2-3) included many famous names, Titian, Van Dyck, Tintoretto, Rubens, as well as Lely, Kneller, etc.; the Stoney Deane collection (fols. 4-5) included pictures, marbles and miscellaneous ('A Narcissus Marble fountaine ...') and drawings. At fol. 6 a list of items with valuations, in Mr Cock's hands but not received. Annotations of bequests to Mr Chicheley, Col. Norton and others (fols. 2v-3). According to the will of Richard Norton pictures not otherwise bequeathed were to go to the king. See also SAL/MS/235, fols. 6-7v.

ST ALBANS. 'Gleanings of Antiquity from Verolam and St. Albans, collected by J. Webster' (fol. vii)  SAL/MS/720  mid 18th century

Paper; ff. xi + pp. 266. Mid 18th century. Quarto. Modern cloth, red, old red leather lettering-piece on the front. Armorial bookplate of Thomas Williams, fol. i.

Source of acquisition: Owned (in 1915) by Miss Williams of Bath Purchased from Mrs Macpherson, 1951.

A collection compiled by Dr Joshua Webster (1716-1801), medical practitioner and Jacobite of St Albans; See East Herts. Arch. Soc. Trans., 5 (1912-14), 294-8. Includes notes and drawings, many in colour wash, of roman, medieval and ecclesiastical antiquities found in or relating to St Albans; the present location of many of these is not known. Prefatory material, fols. iii-xi, by Dr Webster includes a w/col copy (fol. vi) of a portrait of William the Conqueror then in his possession. Index, pp. 261-6. Items illustrated (and described as follows) include:- A fine oriental pearl from the shrine of St Alban, pp. 175-6; the sword of King Offa, pp. 250-3; the head of a crozier, dated 1070, borne by Odo of Bayeux, half brother of the Conqueror, p. 256; the head of Cardinal Wolsey's crozier, dated 1521, p. 257. Views of St Albans and Verulamium include:- A copy by Dr Webster of 'Dr Stukeley's Survey 1734', p. 24, and a double-spread colour sketch plan 'survey'd by J. W. 1745', pp. 26-7. Extracts from MSS include the Book of St Albans. References to Browne Willis, James West, MP for St Albans, and other antiquaries.

CLAPHAM COLLECTION.  SAL/MS/721/1-21  c1922; 1939

Paper. c. 1922-39. Seventeen duodecimo or octavo notebooks, two larger volumes (SAL/MS/721/15, 16) and two folders (SAL/MS/721/17, 18). Mostly cloth, black, red (SAL/MS/721/6), purple (SAL/MS/721/21); marbled boards (SAL/MS/721/7); half leather, brown, with black cloth (SAL/MS/721/16); black spines, with green paper or card (SAL/MS/721/20, 21). Now in two red boxes and two separate volumes (SAL/MS/721/15, 16)

Source of acquisition: Bequeathed with SAL/MSS/712, 713, 824, by Sir Alfred William Clapham, CBE, PSA, 1950. Giftbook entry, Dec. 1950. A.J., 31 (1951), 251, 252 (which mentions 33 notebooks). Council Minutes, 30 Nov. 1952.

Notebooks and papers of Sir Alfred William Clapham, CBE, PSA (1883-1950) relating to the history of architecture; compiled c. 1922-39. Obituary in A.J., 30 (1950), 241-2. The notes are derived mainly from bibliographic sources but some volumes contain reports made in situ. Pencil sketches, groundplans, etc., throughout; larger drawings in SAL/MS/721/7, 20.

German, Swiss, and other Romanesque architecture.  SAL/MS/721/1  c1922-1939

Italian Romanesque architecture.  SAL/MS/721/2,3  c1922-1939

German tombs; genealogical notes on the Clapham family.  SAL/MS/721/4  c1922-1939

Scandinavian and Hungarian Romanesque architecture, with notes made on a visit to Denmark, 1939. At the end notes on chevrons.  SAL/MS/721/5  c1922-1939

Spanish and Mozarabic architecture. At the end notes on English cathedrals and churches made during visits, 1931.  SAL/MS/721/6  c1922-1939

Notes and extracts mostly relating to monastic houses, particularly St Helen's Bishopsgate and Blackfriars, London. Includes notes on surveys, temp. Hen. VIII, lists of friaries, palaces near London, castles, extracts from wills relating to burial wishes.  SAL/MS/721/7  c1922-1939

'Berkshire Notes vol.iii'. Notes on churches in the Ganfield, Faringdon and Wantage hundreds, made in situ.  SAL/MS/721/8  c1922-1939

Monastic houses, list of Anglo-Saxon carved stones, with bibliography, list of foundation dates, notes on Norman mouldings in England.  SAL/MS/721/9  c1922-1939

Haverfordwest Priory excavations, 1922, notes and accounts, with other notes mostly relating to Wales.  SAL/MS/721/10  c1922-1939

Lists of Cluniac, Cistercian, Augustinian, Benedictine and other houses in England, with foundation dates; notes and lists relating to Ireland and Scotland. At the reverse end lists of saints with their emblems, notes on royal saints of England.  SAL/MS/721/11  c1922-1939

Hampshire and many other places including Wales. At the reverse end table of affiliations between abbeys, lists of houses according to monastic orders.  SAL/MS/721/12  c1922-1939

'Berkshire II'. Churchnotes.  SAL/MS/721/13  c1922-1939

Lists and notes relating to English castles, walled towns, Cistercian houses, mitred abbeys, Benedictine churches, other orders, Saxon monasteries, Irish Cistercians, etc. Contents list at the front. At the reverse end notes by C. J. H. Clapham, Oct. 1901, on 'Electrical design'.  SAL/MS/721/14  c1922-1939

Irish churches and monastic houses. Notes, with printed and traced plans.  SAL/MS/721/15  c1922-1939

Plans of monastic houses, mostly traced, some printed. With notes, including valuations. Index.  SAL/MS/721/16  c1922-1939

Notes on Carthusians, Cistercians, Cluniacs, Grey and White Friars. Includes a few letters to Clapham, 1923, and photographs.  SAL/MS/721/17  c1922-1939

Similar notes on Augustinian canons, Austin friars, Benedictines, Black friars.  SAL/MS/721/18  c1922-1939

French architecture, Albi, Caen, notes on drawings of Roger de Gaignières (from J. Guibert, Les Dessins, Paris, n.d). Also English church notes, Peter Le Neve (epitaph; second marriage). Partial contents list.  SAL/MS/721/19  c1922-1939

Barking Abbey, arms of City Companies, hospitals, etc. At the reverse end notes on the early colonisation of Britain.  SAL/MS/721/20  c1922-1939

Notes mainly on SA collections of prints and drawings.  SAL/MS/721/21  c1922-1939

CHURCH BELLS  SAL/MS/722/1-7  19th-20th century

Paper. 19th-20th century. Unbound papers and three notebooks in six red boxes and one slipcase

Source of acquisition: The collections relating to Middlesex and Oxfordshire bells were presented by Henry Beauchamp Walters, FSA (Executive Committee Minutes, 19 Nov. 1931) rubbings and other material from the collection of the Rev. Thomas Archer Turner were presented and bequeathed by his son, the Rev. Archer Turner (A.J., 12 (1932), 350; 13 (1933), 353); additions were presented by the Rev. B. R. Tucker, 1943

Collections by Henry Beauchamp Walters, FSA (1867-1944), Keeper of Greek and Roman Antiquities at the British Museum, relating to church bells in England; 19th-20th century. In 1933 Walters undertook the arrangement of the SA collection of bell material (A.J., 13 (1933), 353). The collections also include notes and rubbings made by the Rev. Thomas Archer Turner, rector of Ickford, Bucks., c. 1870 (formerly numbered SAL/MS/789), and some material by others, including L. H. Chambers of St Albans. Walters published Church Bells (1908) and Church Bells of England (1912) and many other books and papers relating to church bells. Seven boxes, etc.

MS of a book on the church bells of London and Middlesex; compiled c. 1900 (author's pencil note to the introduction). Consists of:- Introduction; chronological survey of bell founders; descriptions of bells, arranged by parishes under the City of London, county of London (as created 1888) and the old county of Middlesex. With a few notes and letters and an offprint of Walters's 'London Church Bells and Bell-Founders', Trans. of the St Paul's Ecclesiological Society, 6 (1907), 101-28.  SAL/MS/722/1  1900

Photocopies of SAL/MS/722/1.  SAL/MS/722/2  c 1900

Oxfordshire  SAL/MS/722/3  19th-20th century

(1) Black quarto notebook of 'Collections for Oxfordshire Church Bells by H. B. Walters, T. A. Turner, L. H. Chambers & others ...', including material not incorporated in (2) below. Contains notes on Oxfordshire founders, specific churches and a list of churches visited by Walters, 1890-1923;- (2) MS of a book by Walters on Oxfordshire bells; 'Written 1923. Revised 1934'. Three envelopes containing the introduction and parishes A-L, M-Y. With a letter to SA relating to the Walters collection and its sources from Frederick Sharpe, 26 Feb. 1948.

Two black quarto notebooks  SAL/MS/722/4  1921-1930

(1) Wiltshire. Notes, copies of inscriptions, press-cuttings. Letters, 1921-30, etc., to Walters, relating to Wiltshire bells, inserted. See Walters, The Church Bells of Wiltshire (1927-9) (2) 'Worcestershire Notes & drawings', including notes on Worcester founders. Contents mostly laid down. See Walters, The Church Bells of Worcester-shire (1925-32).

Rubbings  SAL/MS/722/5  1870-1906

Apparently mostly from the Turner collection, many relating to Dorset, c. 1870-9. Some later rubbings, 1906, etc.

Correspondence and photographs.  SAL/MS/722/6-7  19th-20th century

Main contents:- Letters to Walters from Frederick Sharpe, C. H. Hawkins, L. H. Chambers and many others, partly sorted; notes, e.g. on bell mortars; photographs of British and foreign bells (mostly in SAL/MS/722/7); a few line drawings. Also included are notes and correspondence of the Rev. T. A. Turner (some added to the collection in 1943 by the Rev. B. R. Tucker). See also thirty-five large folio volumes (in SA Drawings Collections) of mounted rubbings of inscriptions on bells, consisting of eighteen volumes (blue cloth) and two volumes (green) relating to separate counties, and fifteen volumes (red) relating to miscellaneous counties.


Paper; prelims + ff. 96 (mounts). 1763-1860. Quarto. Cloth, green

Archival history:
Provenance uncertain but some of the Douglas letters, and drawings by H. G. Faussett, were in the possession of Joseph Mayer (see C. Roach Smith's edition of the Inventorium Sepulchrale (1856), Preface, pp. ii-iii, Appendix, 221), and were probably acquired by him in 1854 with the Faussett collection (partly bequeathed by Mayer to Liverpool). See also SAL/MSS/920, 921

Letters, notes and drawings conc. objects found in Kentish barrows, and other antiquities mainly relating to Kent, mounted as a collection; 1763-1860. Includes Faussett and Douglas material. Main contents:- (1) Letters to, and notes and sketches by, the Rev. Bryan Faussett, FSA (1720-76), of Heppington, near Canterbury, 1763-76. fols. 1-9;- (2) Letters to and notes by the latter's son, Henry Godfrey Faussett, 1794-1801. fols. 10-18;- (3) Drawings, pencil, ink and wash, chiefly of antiquities in Bryan Faussett's collection, by H. G. Faussett, partly relating to the former's Inventorium Sepulchrale (published by Charles Roach Smith (1856); an extra-illustrated copy is in SAL). fols. 19-43;- (4) Letters, etc., from the Rev. James Douglas, FSA, mainly conc. the publication of Douglas's Nenia Britannica (1793), with prospectus, fol. 44, but including references to Flemish paintings, 1781-94. Published in Ronald Jessup, Man of Many Talents. An Informal Biography of James Douglas 1753-1819 (1975), 182-229. fols. 44-78;- (5) Letters and notes by William Boys, antiquary of Sandwich, 1773, n.d. fols. 79-86;- (6) Note and letter on the discovery of stone coffins in Canterbury Cathedral, 1787. fols. 87-8;- (7) Two letters from Thomas Wright, FSA, to Frederick William Fairholt, FSA, n.d., 1854. fols. 89-90;- (8) Miscellaneous notes including discoveries of antiquities at Canterbury and near Naples. fols. 91-6. The original documents are preceded by a typed list of contents and note on provenance by R. F. Jessup, 1952, an index, and detailed abstract of the contents. Exhibited by Jessup, 15 Jan. 1953 (A.J., 33 (1953), 149).

ELY. Transcripts from MSS relating to Ely  SAL/MS/724  1933

Paper; ff. v + 289. Before 1933. Folio. Red cloth spine, brown pasteboard. Signature of the compiler, 1933, fol. i.

Source of acquisition: Forwarded to SA from the Institute of Historical Research (letter, fol. iii).

Mostly in the British Museum and Ely Cathedral muniments (now deposited in Cambridge University Library), made by Thomas Dinham Atkinson in connection with his book An Architectural History of the Benedictine Monastery of Saint Etheldreda at Ely (1933). Many letters to Atkinson tipped in. Prospectus of the book, fols. iv, v. See also SAL/MS/783 (Atkinson collection).

SANDS COLLECTION  SAL/MS/725/1-20  1908-c.1934

Paper. Nineteen volumes and three boxes of papers. 1893, 1902-c. 1934. Folio (except SAL/MS/725/17, octavo). Maroon cloth spines, with black boards (nos. SAL/MS/725/1, 4-7, 10-12, 15, 16); cloth, red (nos. SAL/MS/725/2, 3, 8, 9, 13, 14); marbled boards (SAL/MS/725/17); cloth, black (SAL/MS/725/20).

Source of acquisition: Purchased, 1935. A.J., 16 (1936), 370 (obituary).

Collection of Harold Sands, FSA, barrister (d. 1935), relating to medieval castles; mostly compiled 1908-c. 1934. The present numbering is that of SA on incorporation (previous Sands numbers in brackets) The contents are mainly extracts from public records relating to castles and information from friends and colleagues on current work. Sketches and plans throughout.

Tower of London  SAL/MS/725/1  1908-12

IX Bibliography, pp. 81, 82. Letter to Sands from L. F. Salzmann, c. 1908, p. ii. pp. ii + 82.

Copies of English and foreign papers  SAL/MS/725/2  1910-12

X Relating to castles and Roman military remains; Index, pp. 290-4. pp.ii + 295.

Extracts from MS and printed sources  SAL/MS/725/3  1912-15

XI Index, pp. 287-94. pp. i + 294 + 01-04.

Tower of London  SAL/MS/725/4-7  1912-17

XII-XV Indexes in each volume. pp. iii + 96, i + 97, iii + 97, iii + 99.

Notes relating to castles and miscellaneous  SAL/MS/725/8  1915-after 1924

XVI pp. iii + 279

Tower of London  SAL/MS/725/9  1917-20s

XVII Index, pp. 296-301. pp. iii + 301.

Castles, English and foreign  SAL/MS/725/10-13  1924-31

XVII suppl.-XX Indexes in each volume. Insertions in SAL/MS/725/11 include a letter from Sir John Edward Lloyd, 1925, relating to Llewelyn and Bere castle, and in SAL/MS/725/13 letters from Hugh Braun and others, 1931. pp. iii + 84, i + 78, i + 189, iii + 81.

General  SAL/MS/725/14  1932-3

Includes a letter of Hugh Braun, 1932, p. 60. pp. 89.

Notes on French archives, and record of a conversation with Sir Charles Peers, PSA  SAL/MS/725/15  1 Mar. 1934

Relating to the Tower of London; 1933, etc. pp. 15.

Pevensey Site Book  SAL/MS/725/16  1910

A daily report on the progress of excavations, 28 Feb. 1910, etc. At the reverse end notes by Sands on Anderida (Richborough). pp. i + 62.

'Comic & General Note Book of years to 1893'  SAL/MS/725/17  1893

A commonplace book including riddles, poems, press-cuttings, extracts from Goethe, etc. Index, fols. i-ii. In an envelope at the end of the volume a facetious notice of change of address by Sands and A. J. Wallach, Jan. 1892, fol. iii, design for Sand's bookplate, fol. iv, two prints, fols. v, vi, in blue on Jap paper (nos. 50, 53, from a series printed by Percy Lund & Co., Bradford). pp. vi + 179.

Four files  SAL/MS/725/18  1908-c.1934

(a) Descriptions of Bodiam, Canterbury, Leeds and Tonbridge castles;- (b) Ground plans and notes on Kent castles;- (c) Lecture on Hastings castle and other papers;- (d) Papers by others:- William C. Saunders on bell ringing in London and elsewhere, with a covering letter, 6 Feb. 1901; John Murray Kendall, FSA, on Berkhampstead castle, 1922; notes on papers of George Thomas Clark, FSA (d. 1898). One red box.

Tonbridge castle  SAL/MS/725/18/A  1908-c.1934

Source of acquisition: Presented by Sydney Simmons, 1991.

Photocopies of extracts from minutes of Tonbridge Urban District Council, 1909-14, and of correspondence, 1911-12, of Harold Sands and others relating to his excavations in 1912. One file.

Correspondence with Mrs Ella S. Armitage, Duncan H. Montgomerie and others  SAL/MS/725/19  1902-29

Three files. One red box.

Two volumes  SAL/MS/725/20  1908-c.1934

(a) List of plans of castles, and notes on English churches, arranged by counties. Folio;- (b) Lists of plans, tracings and uniform scale drawings, with miscellaneous antiquarian notes. Quarto. pp. 120. Together with three green files containing typescript schedules of items of archaeological interest in the Sands collection, prepared by Furber & Maskell, auctioneers, July-Aug., Sept. 1935, after Sand's death. One grey box.
See also three volumes of extracts from Pipe Rolls relating to castles made by Miss E. Stokes, with annotations by Sands, and one volume of extracts by Sands in SAL (presented by Dr Arnold Joseph Taylor, PSA, 1976); and SAL card index relating to other material (maps, etc.) connected with Sands.

HERALDRY  SAL/MS/726  [n.d.]

Paper. 1925-8. Quarto, octavo. Unbound papers.

Source of acquisition: With a note of presentation from the compiler, 5 May 1952. A.J., 34 (1954), 287.

Heraldic notes by Major Norman Victor Lacey Rybot, DSO, FSA (d. 1961), on arms on monuments, windows, wall-paintings, capitals, etc., in French cathedrals; compiled c. 1925-9. With tricks and painted shields. Arranged in sections by cathedrals. Letter to Rybot from the Marquis de Méloizes, 1928, in the Bourges section.


Paper; ff. 15 (mounts). 20th century. Photocopies laid down on large oblong folio sheets, in a cream envelope. Large quarto home-made folder, black spine, with cream boards re-used from commercial packaging.

Archival history:
The originals (apart from the Wilkinson drawing) were found by their present owner in a Surrey bookshop, Jan. 1970. Photocopies presented by Dr John M. Blatchly, FSA, headmaster of Ipswich School, January 1973

Photocopies of MSS, drawings and engravings by or associated with Dr William Stukeley (1687-1765), owned by Dr John M. Blatchly, FSA, who has annotated the mounts throughout. Contents:- (1) Descriptive note on the contents by Dr Blatchly. fol. 1;- (2) Pen and wash drawing by Stukeley of the monument to Archbishop John Dolben in York Minster which was damaged by fire in 1829 and restored in 1951. fol. 2;- (3) Wash/pen drawings by Stukeley of (a) the back of the bust dug up at Cambridge, 1754, thought by Stukeley to be Oriuna, wife of Carausius (a mistaken hypothesis) and (b) a pyx cloth. fol. 3;- (4) Engravings or pen/brush and wash drawings of deities, Horus, Isis, etc., annotated by Stukeley with references to the antiquaries Matthew Duane, FSA, and Nicholas Mahudel, and to Montfaucon's L'Antiquité expliquée (1722) and supplement (1724). fols. 4-6;- (5) Four items:- (a) a brush drawing of the Chinese representation of the Creator deity and (b-d) engravings of Diana and the Ephesians, etc. fol. 7;- (6) Two engravings of (a) Latona on Delos and (b) the temple at Tensio Daisin at Isie. fol. 8;- (7) Pen drawings and a proof engraving of coins and medals, with annotations by Stukeley, and a note by him on a sermon of Richard Cumberland, Bp of Peterborough, and a predecessor of Stukeley as incumbent at Stamford. fols. 9-10;- (8) Sentences from the Psalms copied by Stukeley and entitled 'Sunday Morning Hymn', 'Evening Hymn' and 'Sunday'. Three sheets (originals folded). fols. 11-13v;- (9) Draft epitaph for Stukeley by his daughters, intended for St George the Martyr, Queen Square, Bloomsbury, the living held by Stukeley at the time of his death. fol. 14;- (10) Wash drawing by S. Wilkinson after an original drawing by Stukeley, now lost, of 'Six Barrows near Stevenage', fol. 15.

BARRON COLLECTION  SAL/MS/728/1-16  16th-20th century

Heraldic and genealogical manuscripts owned or compiled by Arthur Oswald Barron (1868-1939), FSA, Maltravers Pursuivant extraordinary (1937) c. 1895-1937 with some earlier material, mostly 16th-18th century. Barron edited two medieval rolls of arms (the Parliamentary roll (1885), and Randle Holme's roll (1902-4)), and planned with Sir William St John Hope and H. A. Doubleday a series of editions of rolls, some of which reached proof stage (see SAL/MS/728/9 below, a volume at SAL 173 D, and a letter of (Sir) Anthony Wagner to H. S. London, 1955, in SAL/MS/728/15). He founded and edited the Ancestor (1902-5), and was a regular contributor, under the name of 'Londoner', to the Evening News. See Aspilogia, I (1950), xxviii, 137; DNB Missing Persons (1993), 45-6. Obituary in A.J., 20 (1940), 124-5. The collection was partly purchased from Mrs Barron (Council Minutes, 30 Jan. 1941), from whom SAL/MS/679 was also acquired, and partly presented by her, 1955 (Giftbook, 29 Sept. 1955; A.J., 36 (1956), 271). Arranged as follows:-

Original Materials  SAL/MS/728/1-8  17th-18th century

Collection of pedigrees and other heraldic memoranda, many relating to the St John and connected families  SAL/MS/728/1  17th-18th century

Paper; pp. 194, consisting of an edition (16th century?) of the encyclopaedia of P. Berchorius (see J. C. Brunet, Manuel, I (1860), 818-19) used as a scrapbook. 17th-18th century. Folio. Cloth, red (modern). Former covers, leather, brown, now preserved separately; pasted on these covers MS fragments relating to sermons, late 17th century. Other separate material from SAL/MS/728/1 includes a vellum money bond of John St John to Richard Blount, 18 Nov. 1548, with seal, formerly tipped in, and further binding fragments, including lists of heraldic work done, early 18th century.

Some items (pp. 4, 6, 31, 32, 35, 39, 50) in the hand of Robert Dale (afterwards Richmond Herald); letters, 1693-9, from Dale to John Pinck, herald painter (who may have compiled the volume) at pp. 12, 24, 31, 38, 50. Pedigrees and memoranda of the Montagu family, pp. 84-160 passim (some drawn up by John Grant, April 1728, p. 153). Other contents include:- Formulary of the Coronation of Queen Anne, 23 Apr. 1702, p. 73; funeral proceedings, 1622-6, pp. 74-7; the Earl of Coventry's case (conc. his father's monument) versus Gregory King, partly printed, early 18th cent., pp. 79-80; changes in the royal arms, seals, etc., consequent on the Act of Union, with instructions from Francis Negus (MP, Sec. to the Duke of Norfolk) to John Pinck, 1707 (pp. 163-78).

Copy, in trick and blazon, of the collection of arms known as Thomas Jenyns' Book  SAL/MS/728/2  16th century

Paper; ff. 53. 16th century. Folio. Cloth, red (modern). One former cover (preserved separately), russet spine, green corners, with marbled board; red leather label of the Aston Library on the pastedown.

Listed in Aspilogia, I (1950), 77, under the unplaced copies. Ends with Amondeville. Index, fol. 52, A-C only. See SAL/MS/728/9/3 for an index by Barron.

Four collections of pedigrees  SAL/MS/728/3  16th-20th century

Paper; ff. 76, 36, pp. 100 imperfect, 63 imperfect. In very poor condition. Before 1613, with later additions. Folio. Russet spine, corners missing, with marbled boards (similar to SAL/MS/728/2); now split at the four constituent parts. In a red box.

Mostly in the hand of Nicholas Charles (Lancaster Herald, 1609-13), whose signature with the words 'by me' can be read under the deletion on a fragment laid down on fol. 1 of the first collection; before 1613, with later additions. Arms in trick. The four collections have separate foliations or paginations and may have been separate items before the present binding. As follows:- (1) Royal pedigree, William the Conqueror to the children of James I, with a later extension to Charles II, fols. lv-2. Other pedigrees include Sir William Dethick 'alias Derrick now called Garter' (resigned 1606), fol. 7; descent of Dr John Dee from Cadwallader, fols. 7v-8v; section written by William Smyth (Smith), Rouge Dragon 1597 (fols. 11v-13, 14v-19), with coloured arms of many leading families, ending with Barons Cobham and an inscription, fol. 19, 'Complementum Armoriale Willelmi Brooke... Baronis de Cobham superstes in Anno ...' (1577). A note on Sir Robert Cotton added to fol. 64v. Letter reference 'S' on fol. 2. Index, fol. 76;- (2) Pedigrees beginning with Knightly, ending with Astley. Pedigree of Jacobus Verzelinus 'Nobilis Venetus nunc Anglus 1603', fol. 26. Letter reference 'N' on fol. 1. Index, fol. 36;- (3) Begins imperfectly with Tattershall, ends Brailsford. Letter reference 'F' on the first extant leaf. Later additions to 1632, etc. Index, pp. 99, 100;- (4) Begins imperfectly with Underhill, ends with Welsh pedigrees (descent of Hawisia de Powes). Index F-Z, pp. 60-2. Ownership note of Theodore Maurice of Kenvise (?), Denbighshire (?), 1690, p. 63.

Two manuscripts bound together  SAL/MS/728/4  c 1600-18th Century

Paper; ff. 100, 47. c. 1600-early 18th century. Large folio. Russet spine and green corners, with marbled boards, similar to the former binding of SAL/MS/728/2. In a red box.

(1) Arms of sovereigns and peers, fols. 1-96, from William I (arms surrounded by smaller shields of arms attributed to Britons, Romans, Saxons, and Danes on the first recto) to the reign of Elizabeth; c. 1600 (last shield, no. 509, Peregrine Bertie, created Lord Willoughby de Eresby, 1580). Coloured arms throughout. With identifications, genealogical and historical notes for each entry. Similar collections are SAL/MSS/136/4, 347, 348, the former two also ending with Peregrine Bertie. Tipped on fol. 81 (after fol. 84) a later fragment containing well-executed drawings (pen and wash) of beasts and figures; on the verso three tricked shields. Added later, fols. 96v, 99-100v, copy of the pedigree of Andrew of Inchiquin, Ireland, confirmed by Robert Cooke, Clarenceux, 1567, with achievement;- (2) A herald painter's tricks of shields for funerals, with notes of requirements (silks, pennons, etc.), and dates from 16 Apr. 1691-17 Jan. 1693/4 noted throughout. Similar notes for 1705-7, etc., added by different hands, fols. 34-8, 39-40. Index, fols. 42-6; unrelated index fragment (A-F), fol. 47.

Fragments  SAL/MS/728/5  16th Century

Paper; imperfect fragments, 27ff. in all. Late 16th century-after 1653. Folio. Loose leaves, many in very poor condition (now conserved and mounted, 1998). Label on the front with notes of provenance:- 'Old heraldic Roll given me by Colonel Weston 1875', with a reference to the arms of Sir Hugh Wrothesley on fol. 14; note by Oswald Barron that given to him by Maj. Gen. Wrottesley, Dec. 1903.

(1) Arms, in trick, of peers from the reign of William I, beginning imperfectly with Gilbert, Lord Neville, ending, temp. Rich. I, with Hugh Longchamp; late 16th century. With genealogical and historical notes for each entry, cf. SAL/MS/728/4. fols. 3-12v, imperfect;- (2) Arms of Knights of the Garter from Edward III to Elizabeth, ending with John Casimir, Count Palatine of the Rhine (elected 1579); late 16th century, fols. 13v-26v;- (3) One leaf of arms of English peers, 14th-15th century, in trick; early 17th century;- (4) Two leaves of Welsh genealogies from Aleth, King of Dyheth (Deheubarth) to the children of Robert Griffith of Bromhall (aged 40 in 1653).

Coats of arms (160) with crests, in trick  SAL/MS/728/6  c. 1750

Paper; ff.42. c. 1750. Quarto. Unbound. In a box with SAL/MS/728/7, 8.

Begins Betts of Norfolk, ends Fitzgerald (reference to 1741, fol. 31). A professional collection. Notes from Chambers Dictionary on Enamels, fols. 1v, 2v, 3v. Index, fols. 41v-2.

Six deeds relating to lands in Norfolk and Suffolk  SAL/MS/728/7  16th-20th century
Language:  English and Latin

(1) a grant by Roger Baron of lands in Flitcham, Norf.; 10 Edw. II-1617. Small personal seals on (5) and (6). Vellum.

Eleven miscellaneous documents  SAL/MS/728/8  15th century-1816
Language:  English and Latin

Vellum and paper. As follows:- (1) Proceedings (Colney v. Passhele) at Sussex Assizes conc. disputed lands; 15th century;- (2) Release of rights to lands in East Peckham, Kent; 28 March 1554. Seals;- (3) Bond conc. marriage settlement of Mary Baron, sister of Christopher Baron of Egloskerry, Cornwall; 1669;- (4) Institution of Richard Ray to the vicarage of Haughley, Suffolk; 26 Dec. 1702, with later notes. Papered seal;- (5) Receipt to the executors of Thomas Neale of Bramfield, Suffolk; 1707;- (6) Form of oaths of Allegiance and Supremacy, temp. Geo. I (?);- (7) Assignment of the residue of a 500 year lease of lands in Sunbury, Middlx.; 1721. Seal;- (8) Bond of Martha Baron and others in £1000 to Thomas Peachell; 1729;- (9) Pedigree of the Wilson family of Norfolk to Archdale Wilson (b. and d. 1748) relating to a petition;- (10) Small booklet of rough notes including expenses at Margate, 1814, of F. and E. Barron and two others; with loose papers, bills and a printed advertisement of a Calais money changer;- (11) Release of a messuage in Berwick on Tweed; 1816.

Research materials.  SAL/MS/728/9-16  [n.d.]

Heraldry  SAL/MS/728/9/1-4  16th-20th Century

Notebooks, notes, indexes, etc.

Blazons from rolls of arms.  SAL/MS/728/9/1  16th-20th Century

See Aspilogia, I (1950), xxviii and passim:- (1) Quarto notebooks (8) containing mounted proofs, with annotations, of rolls of arms (Boroughbridge; Dunstable I and II; Falkirk (A and B texts) and Nativity; Glover's; Gwillym and Holland, with galley proof of Philipot; St George's; Segar; Heralds' and Dering). Part of the projected corpus of medieval rolls, cf. Aspilogia, I, xxviii;- (2) Quarto notebooks (6) containing MS blazons by Barron from rolls of arms (Ashmolean (two books; one mainly pedigrees with notes of blazons); Camden; Cotgrave; Grimaldi; Nativity). Box.

Quarto notebooks (11) and portions of books containing MS blazons by Barron  SAL/MS/728/9/2  16th-20th Century

From the following rolls:- Dering; Antiquaries; 'Dunn' i.e. Heralds' (two books); Rouen; Military; Ballard's; 'Calais II' (from a copy of uncertain status, see Aspilogia, I, 160); Gentry; Caerlaverock; part of Thomas Jenyns from BL Harley MS 6589, with other notes; Camden (quarto sheets, stapled); fragments of notebooks containing notes and lists of rolls. Box.

(1) Folio or larger size blazons of the following rolls:- Antiquaries; Charles'; u/i foreign (in an unrelated folder); Second Calais; u/i fragment; Thomas Jenyns; Wall's book (now SAL/MS/679; formerly owned by Barron); Matthew Paris, with notes; folio notebook of blazons from Barron's MS of Thomas Jenyns' roll (SAL/MS/728/2), and indexes (quarto) to this and other rolls;- (2) Miscellaneous heraldic notes and photographs of heraldic MSS. Box, and oblong sheets from an index (preserved separately).  SAL/MS/728/9/3  16th-20th Century

Two black tin drawers of index cards to early rolls  SAL/MS/728/9/4  16th-20th Century

(1) Cuttings from proofs (A-W);- (2) MS nominal index (A-Z) from a selection of rolls.

Notebooks.  SAL/MS/728/10-12  16th-20th Century

Four folio notebooks containing pedigrees  SAL/MS/728/10  16th-20th Century

Including Barron (no. 1).

Forty-eight quarto notebooks, etc.  SAL/MS/728/11  16th-20th Century

Containing genealogical notes from public records, PCC and other wills, parish registers, with some draft pedigrees. Notebooks 26, 38-43 relate mostly to heraldry; nos. 40-2 include tricks of arms from seals.

One hundred and thirty-one octavo notebooks relating to genealogy, from similar sources, with some notes on heraldry  SAL/MS/728/12  16th-20th Century

Notebooks 8-11 contain tricks of arms from church brasses; no. 25 includes notes on later bearers of the name of Thomas a Becket and the Becket family; nos. 26-43 relate mainly to PRO records; nos. 35, 37-9, 44, 104-8, 131 include tricks from seals on charters, etc.; no. 103 contains heraldic church notes.

Notes  SAL/MS/728/13  16th-20th Century

Five boxes:- Boxes 1, 2. Notes partly relating to the Tichborne family; notes on the Danyell, Chambers and other families, with some pedigrees;- Box 3. Transcripts from public records, PCC wills, etc.;- Boxes 4, 5. Envelopes of notes (many relating to the Goodwin family) and miscellanous unsorted notes, with a few pedigrees.

Pedigrees.  SAL/MS/728/14  16th-20th Century

Six boxes:- Boxes 1-5. Draft pedigrees in envelopes, or unsorted, with related genealogical and heraldic notes;- Box 6. Printed proofs of an alphabetical series, and miscellaneous printed pedigrees.

Correspondence  SAL/MS/728/15  16th-20th Century

One box of letters, mostly to Oswald Barron, on heraldic and genealogical matters, some relating to publications in the Ancestor, c. 1900-37, 1955. Correspondents include G. E. Cokayne, Sydney Mason Collins (one letter, 6 Dec. 1937, conc. the project for publication of rolls of arms), Lewis C. Loyd, J. H. Round, Wilmot Vaughan, (Sir) Anthony Wagner (letter, 6 Sept. 1955, to H. S. London conc. Barron's indexes to rolls (five loose-leaf books in the College of Arms) and sources used by Barron), Sir Gerald W. Wollaston, Garter, George Wrottesley.

Printed matter.  SAL/MS/728/16  16th-20th Century

Two boxes:- Box 1. Offprints, press-cuttings;- Box 2. Reproductions, photographs, bookplates, brass rubbings, line drawings and ephemera.

SHEPARD PAPERS.  SAL/MS/729/1-19  1899-1930s

Paper. 1899-1930s. In three red boxes (SAL/MS/729/4; SAL/MS/729/5-7, 14-16; 729/10, 11), one black box (SAL/MS/729/3) and six separate volumes (SAL/MS/729/1, 2, 12, 13, 18, 19). Probably incorporated from papers left by Major Shepard.

Collections of Maj. Thomas Shepard, FSA (d. 1937), relating to heraldry and to Northants.; Major Shepard was appointed by SA to collect and collate material for the revised edition of Papworth (A.J., 12 (1932), 349). See also A.J., 17 (1937), 369-70 (obituary).
SAL/MS/729/8 See SAL/MS/729/16.
SAL/MS/729/9 (Diary for January 1932). Not found.
SAL/MS/729/17. (Miscellaneous proofs of shields of arms, etc.). Not found.

Transcript of Thomas Jenyns' Ordinary  SAL/MS/729/1  1899-1930s

From SAL/MS/351 with additional notes conc. the copy owned by Sir Sydney Cockerell, and Glover's annotations in this. See also SAL/MS/736/4. The note by H. S. London inside the cover relates to a different transcript by Shepard. Quarto. Cardboard covers, contents punched.

Transcripts, with coats of arms.  SAL/MS/729/2  1899-1930s

From the Armorial de Gelre (probably from the edition, 1881), with excerpts from other rolls mainly French. With transcripts of William Belcher's church notes relating to Northants. (pp. 195-223). Contents list, fol. ii. Shepard's arms, fol. i. ff. iii + pp. 223. Quarto. Cloth, dark blue.

Index cards  SAL/MS/729/3  1899-1930s

Probably relating to the projected new edition of Papworth. Black box (found with the Russell collection, SAL/MS/773).

Letters to Major Shepard  SAL/MS/729/4  1899-1930s

Including enquiries, commissions conc. heraldry, heraldic notes, some relating to his articles on martyrs in the Universe (1932), coloured designs for arms by Shepard, a few engravings (including two sheets, 17th century), photographs and rubbings of arms, offprints and press-cuttings. Unbound.

Two notebooks relating to badges  SAL/MS/729/5/A, B  nd

SAL/MS/729/5/A. Notes derived from Froissart, etc.;- SAL/MS/729/5/B. Index of badges, by families. Cloth, grey, black.

Notebook  SAL/MS/729/6  1641

Containing mostly copies of Dugdale church notes, with other notes from the Finch-Hatton collections and a few from the Isham papers (Northampton Record Office). Small quarto. Grey pasteboard, blue spine.

Notebook containing notes on heraldic stained glass  SAL/MS/729/7  1899

Temp. Henry VIII, at Prior's Court, Chieveley, Berks. Large octavo. Marbled covers. With sepia photographs of the glass, cut out and mounted on card, annotated.

Royal heraldry  SAL/MS/729/10-11  (late medieval-George V)

A collection of illustrations, colour reproductions, postcards, cuttings, etc., sorted into folders according to reigns.
With a notebook labelled 'Royal Heraldry of England'. Quarto. Black cloth.

Album containing tracings from a manuscript book of arms.  SAL/MS/729/12  (late medieval-George V)

Formerly owned by Steward Beattie, solicitor of Northampton (fol. ii), and later in Northampton Reference Library (fol. i). Index, fols. 29-30. Quarto. Cloth, dark green, gilt.

Indented index book  SAL/MS/729/13  (late medieval-George V)

Containing blazons of arms relating to Northants. from Burke's Armory (1878). Folio. Brown card.

Offprint of an article by Sir Henry Dryden of Canons Ashby on coats of arms at Thenford and Warkworth, Northants.  SAL/MS/729/14  1899

With MS notes, photographs, and a few letters of Sir Henry Dryden, 1899, and the Rev. E. E. Dorling, FSA, 1936. Quarto. Unbound papers tied to a wooden board marked 'H. D. Canons Ashby', in a blue cloth folder.

'Roll of arms of the tournament at Stepney ...'  SAL/MS/729/15  1913

Coloured shields drawn by Shepard, to illustrate the First Dunstable or Stepney Roll, 1308 (see Aspilogia I (1950), 39-40), with further shields to illustrate the Parliamentary Roll (ibid., 42-50). With an offprint of the edition of the former (Coll. Top. et Gen., 4 (1836)). Oblong quarto. Linen.

Notes  SAL/MS/729/16  1899-1930s

(Also numbered SAL/MS/729/8). On BL Harl. MSS 6763 (W. Taylor's Northants. church notes) and 1115. ff. 7 Quarto exercise book. Grey.

Sheriffs of Northants.  SAL/MS/729/18  from 1129-1907

Pencil tricks of arms of sheriffs.
Many loose insertions including lists of sheriffs. pp. 162. Quarto. Cloth, red.

Extra-illustrated copy with coloured and tricked coats. Loose insertions of notes, cuttings and letters. Quarto. Cloth, brown.  SAL/MS/729/19  1887

W. C. Metcalfe, The Visitations of Northamptonshire

GEORGE GRAZEBROOK  SAL/MS/730-731  late 19th-20th century

Source of acquisition: The Grazebrook MSS were apparently presented by W. Osbern Grazebrook, 1923 (see list in SAL/MS/731/2). See also A.J., 15 (1935), 395.

Genealogical and heraldic researches by George Grazebrook, FSA (1831-1917). For Grazebrooks's antiquarian work and publications see Proc., 2nd ser., 30 (1917-18), 194-5

Materials for an Appendix to the 1878 edition of Burke's General Armory  SAL/MS/730  19th - 20th Century

Paper. Three volumes. Late 19th-20th century. Quarto. Brown paper, cardboard. Now in two boxes (Vol. I; Vols. II, III).

See also the copy of Burke, 2 vols. (in SAL), annotated by Grazebrook with numbers referring to Vols. I and III of this compilation. Three volumes:- Vol. I. Entries, numbered 1-5004, consisting of names and blazons according to sources noted at the front. Notes of subjects on the first flyleaf;- Vol. II. Entries numbered 1-48, extracted from notes of Col. Holles relating to BL Harl. MS 6829. Grazebrook noted that he ceased copying because his source was 'so confused';- Vol. III. Entries, numbered 1-709, derived from sources noted at the front. Subject notes on the first flyleaf.

Researchers relating to heralds  SAL/MS/731/1-2  19th-20th Century

'List of Heralds and Introductory Remarks by George Grazebrook' (p. iii)  SAL/MS/731/1  20th century

Paper; pp. iii + 58. 20th century. Quarto. Unbound, in a brown folder, with red and yellow cotton strap.

Typewritten. An account of the Kings of Arms, Heralds and Pursuivants, their titles, earliest recorded reference, etc., with (pp. 54-8) a list of heralds found in the several reigns to 1605, drawn up by Francis Thynne, Lancaster (see T. Hearne, Curious Discourses, I (1773), 159-62). Mostly based on the Anstis collections (three volumes in the College of Arms, and BL Add. MSS 9009-22).

'Heralds and Heraldry in England before the incorporation of the College of Arms in 1484'.  SAL/MS/731/2  late 19th-20th century

Paper; four bundles. Before 1895. Stitched as four rolls. Dark green box.

Draft paper (bundles A-C) and list of heralds (bundle D); before 1895. With a covering letter from Grazebrook to Sir William St John Hope, 29 Jan. 1895, submitting the work to SA Council for consideration as a paper and for publication.


Paper. 19th century. Quarto. Cardboard covers, green cloth spine; contents attached by tags.

Archival history:
Incorporated from SA records.

A chronological list of papers and letters conc. SA, Jan. 1718-16 March 1837, compiled by Sir Henry Ellis, Sec. and Director SA, consisting mainly of letters to SA, but including other matters conc. the Society or antiquities in general; 19th century. This list is now largely superseded by the card index to Ants. Corr.

JOHN YONGE AKERMAN.  SAL/MS/733-735/B  19th Century

Collections of John Yonge Akerman (1806-73), Sec. SA 1848-60; mostly 1837-53. See Proc., 2nd ser., 6 (1873-6), 192-3 (obituary), where Akerman's numerous publications are summarised. As follows

Works of John Akermans  SAL/MS/733/1-2  19th Century

Extracts from an account book kept by the churchwardens of Broad Blunsdon, Wilts.  SAL/MS/733/1  1837-8

Paper; ff. v + 110. 1837-8. Quarto. Half vellum, with marbled boards. Bookplate of Akerman (device, with motto 'Aura pravior austro'), fol. i, and signatures, Peckham, 1838, fol. v, Somerset House, 1849, fol. iv.

1606-99, and preserved in the church there in 1837 (fol. v); transcribed partly in facsimile by Akerman. Letter of Sir Thomas Phillipps to Akerman, 15 May 1851, thanking him for the loan of the transcript and offering to subscribe for five copies should it be printed, fols. ii-iii verso.

Transcript of interrogation of witnesses for William Akerman and Thomas Arden in a suit, 1569  SAL/MS/733/2  1838

Paper. 1838, etc. Quarto. Unbound.

Against Guy Clinton, vicar of Highworth, for not keeping a curate in Blunsdon; extracted from the original at Broad Blunsdon. See 735, fol. 36. Together with two envelopes of letters and notes relating to Akerman's genealogical researches on his family.

Notebook containing notes and extracts by Akerman from classical and other bibliographic sources, MSS, inscriptions, etc.  SAL/MS/734  mid 19th century

Paper; ff. v + 46. Mid 19th century. Octavo. Cloth, black. Akerman's signature, Somerset House, fol. i.

Arranged (fols. 1-25) alphabetically under subject headings including distaffs, human sacrifice, mason marks, runes, etc. From fol. 26 the notes are in miscellaneous order, including Tun and Town, burial ceremonies of the Esquimaux, further notes on runes, Carlton and Charlton. Includes drawings, pen or pen and colour wash, e.g. of Gallo-Roman drinking cups (fol. 7), Anglo-Saxon jewellery (fols. 16v-17), pottery (fols. 45v-6). Contains some SA business, e.g. lists of presentation copies, number of Antiquarians dining on Anniversary days, 1835-53, fol. 45.

Pedigrees and genealogical notes mostly relating to Akerman's family  SAL/MS/735  1837-1851

Paper; ff. vi + 36 (partly paginated). Mostly 1837-51. Quarto. Vellum, with marbled edges; pen drawing of Akerman's device on the front cover. Akerman's bookplate, fol. i, and signature, 1837, fol. v. Letter of George Richard Corner, FSA, to Akerman, 1856, fols. iii-iv verso. Illegible signature, Cambridge, fol. ii.

Pedigrees include Akerman (pp. 5, 7), Yonge (fol. 19) and miscellaneous, e.g. Shakespeare, Goethe and Cowper. At fols. 20-32 'Notices of the Family of Akerman', consisting of extracts from PCC wills, etc., and transcripts of letters from Joseph Burtt, 22 March 1849, Dr Joseph Hunter, 1844, and Sir Thomas Phillipps, 1851 (fols. 27-9v), relating to Akerman's family. Reprint from the Gent. Mag., Nov. 1865, of Akerman's letter, 10 Oct. 1865, relating to the source of the Thames, with further details of the lawsuit v. Guy Clinton (cf. SAL/MS/733/2).

List of those members of the Numismatic Society who subscribed to the testimonial for their secretary, J. Y. Akerman  SAL/MS/735/A  1841

Vellum. One folio, mounted on card. Grey folder.

Illuminated. See Numismatic Chronicle, 4 (1841), 39-41 (proceedings, 23 Dec. 1841).

'Journal of a Trip to the Lakes & part of Scotland'  SAL/MS/735/B  21 July-15 Aug. 1848

Paper; cover + ff. 6. 1848. Quarto.

Two engravings, of Rydal Hall, and Greta Hall and Keswick Bridge, laid down.

LAMBARDE COLLECTION  SAL/MS/736/1-11  1926-1934

Paper. Ten volumes and unbound papers. c. 1926-34. According to a letter from R. H. D'Elboux, 1 Oct. 1954 (with SA MSS Catalogue cards) Lambarde's library was sold many years before his death (1948); part was acquired by Ralph Griffin (who wrote SAL/MS/736/4) and some volumes of Lambarde's Kent church notes were sold by Foyles from Griffin's library during the 1939-45 war.

Collections relating mainly to Kent by Brig. General Francis Fane Lambarde, CMG, FSA (1868-1948); compiled c. 1926-34. See A.J., 28 (1948), 225 (obituary). Notebooks. As follows

Notes on heraldry in Kent churches  SAL/MS/736/1  7 June-10 Sept. 1929

'Vol V', fol. i. Index, fol. 106v. Correspondence, 1930, 1934, and notes inserted, pp./ff. ii + 106. Quarto. Black.

'Kent church notes No. 4' (fol. i).  SAL/MS/736/2  1926-1934

'Contains Lullingstone Mereworth & some stray notes of Otford Shoreham' (fol. ii). Compiled c. 1926. Insertions include a letter of Marjorie Bagot, Lullingstone Castle, conc. arms. ff. iii + 33. Quarto. Red. Signature of Ralph Griffin, fol. i.

'Mereworth'. 'Copy of Notes lent to me by the Rev. W. Moore, Rector of Mereworth 6 May 1926. Compiled for the most part by Douglas Gurney'  SAL/MS/736/3  in 1924

(fol. i). Includes details of heraldry in the Fane chapel, Nevill monuments. ff. i + 73. Octavo. Brown.

Transcripts of annotations by Robert Glover, Somerset Herald  SAL/MS/736/4  1926-1934


Related information: See also SAL/MS/729/1

In a manuscript of the Thomas Jenyns' Book formerly owned by Sir Sydney Cockerell (MS A in Aspilogia, I (1950), 75), with an index of names in Glover's additions. In the hand of Ralph Griffin and probably from his library rather than Lambarde's.

Notes of heraldic material in Zechariah Cozens, A Tour through the Isle of Thanet.  SAL/MS/736/5-6  (1793)

With excerpts (cf. SAL/MS/737/6, fol. 140) from Cozens MS History of Kent (for which see also SAL/MS/746/1). Indexes at fols. 105*, 275. ff. i-105*, 106-275. Quarto. Green spines, with grey pasteboard.

Notes of heraldic material  SAL/MS/736/7  (1794)

In Philip Parsons, The Monuments... of Kent. Index, fol. 32. ff. 32. Quarto. Black spine, with grey pasteboard.

Copy by Lambarde of a manuscript  SAL/MS/736/8  c. 1606

Owned by Major William Gurdon of Colchester (and formerly by John Gurdon of Assington Hall, Suff.; see note by Lambarde, 1926, fol. i), containing blazons of arms of sovereigns and peers from Brutus to William Cavendish (created 1st Baron Cavendish, 4 May 1605). Arms tricked in the margins. Many copies known (e.g. SAL/MSS/347, 348). The original of the present transcript was probably made for Sir William Waldegrave of Bures (cf. fol. 9). Insertions include notes on a MS containing Latin poems. ff. i + 154. Folio. Red spine, with black cloth. Presented by Frederick William Cock, MD, FSA, 1937 (fol. i).

Index of wills based on MS sources at the British Museum  SAL/MS/736/9  1926-1934

Quarto. Black cloth spine, with marbled boards.

Two volumes of church notes relating to Kent  SAL/MS/736/10-11  1926-1934

2 March 1928-11 Sept. 1934, c. 14 May 1926-23 March 1929. Mainly relating to heraldry. Indexes (loose insertion in SAL/MS/736/10; 11, fol. 195v). ff. ii + 173, 195. Quarto, red.

TORR COLLECTION  SAL/MS/737/1-6  c. 1937

Paper; no through foliation but separate foliation for parishes. Six volumes. c. 1937. Quarto. Loose leaf ring binders, black.

Source of acquisition: Presented by Brig.-Gen. Francis Fane Lambarde (presentation plates in SAL/MS/737/1, 2, 5)

Transcripts by Valentine John Torr of monumental inscriptions, notes of arms, etc., in Kent churches said (note in SAL/MS/737/1) to derive from five volumes of manuscripts of the Rev. Bryan Faussett, FSA (d. 1776; cf. SAL/MS/920) but including inscriptions copied in 1781. A few tricks of arms are included and pencil sketches of churches. As follows

Staplehurst, Kingsdown, Wormshill, Wichling, Rodmersham, Boughton under Blean, Selling.  SAL/MS/737/1  c 1937

Hinxhill, Brooke, Sevington, Mersham, Smeeth, Aldington, Lympne, Sellindge, Stanford, Stowting, Postling, Monk's Horton, Horton Priory, Brabourne, Lydd.  SAL/MS/737/2  c.1937

Canterbury: All Saints, St Alphege, St Andrew, St Dunstan, St George, Holy Cross, St Margaret  SAL/MS/737/3  c.1937

Canterbury: St Martin, St Mary Bredin, St Mary Bredman, St Mary Northgate, St Mary Magdalen, St Mildred, St Paul, St Peter, Jesus Hospital, St John's Hospital, East Bridge or King's Bridge Hospital, Maynard's Spittal, Cotton's Hospital, Cokyn's Hospital.  SAL/MS/737/4  c.1937

With blazons of arms, mainly relating to Nevill, in the hand of Maj. Thomas Shepard, FSA.

Milsted, Frinsted, Dodington, St Quintin (Picardy), Bicknor, Murston near Sittingbourne, Bapchild, Bredgar, miscellaneous epitaphs.  SAL/MS/737/5  c.1937

Thanington, Harbledowne, Hackington, Blean, Whitstable, Herne, Reculver, Chislet, Hoathe, Westbere, Fordwich, Sturry.  SAL/MS/737/6  c.1937

ST MARY'S, SANDWICH  SAL/MS/738  September 1934

Paper; ff. ii + 14. 1934. Quarto. Blue exercise book.

An inventory of heraldry in the church of St Mary, Sandwich, made by Mill Stephenson, FSA, for Brig. Gen. Francis Fane Lambarde; A note relating to the Rawe slab in St Clement's, Sandwich, fol. i; postcard from Stephenson to Lambarde, 1935, conc. the same, fol. ii.

MILL STEPHENSON COLLECTION  SAL/MS/739/1-10  mostly 20th century

Paper. Mostly 20th century. Quarto and folio (SAL/MS/739/6, 7).

Related information: See also Mill Stephenson's collection of brass rubbings presented by his stepdaughter, Mrs Price (A.J., 18 (1938), 331)

Notes and collections of Mill Stephenson, FSA (1857-1937); For many years Mill Stephenson worked on SA manuscript collections; he numbered and wrote concise entries for SAL/MSS/217-670 in the MS Register and transcribed and indexed many of the heraldic collections. See A.J., 17 (1937), 449-50 (obituary).

Collars.  SAL/MS/739/1  20th century

Arranged alphabetically under places. Folder, black.

SS Collars.  SAL/MS/739/2  20th century

Folder, black.

Arranged alphabetically under places. Reference works noted at the beginning.

Scrolls on brasses  SAL/MS/739/3  20th century

Folder, black.

Lombardic inscriptions.  SAL/MS/739/4  20th century

Folder, dark green

Begins with rubbings of separate letters and continues with notes and rubbings, reproductions, etc., of inscriptions arranged by counties. Some loose insertions.

Black letter inscriptions.  SAL/MS/739/5  20th century

Notes and rubbings of inscriptions arranged by counties. Folder, dark green.

'List of Monumental Brasses in Flanders'  SAL/MS/739/6  20th century

Contains descriptions of brasses, references to location of rubbings, bibliographical notes; compiled 1925-9. Arranged alphabetically according to the list of places at the front. Includes photographs, etc., of brasses and communications from Reginald H. Pearson and others. With an offprint of R. H. Pearson, 'A Medieval Monumental Brass at Antwerp', Journal of the Antiquarian Association of the British Isles, 1, no. 4 (March 1931), 171-3. Folder, dark blue.

Rubbings of badges, crests, etc., mostly English.  SAL/MS/739/7  20th century

Preceded by indexes. Bookplate of Mill Stephenson. pp. 90 (mounts) and indexes. Cloth, red, lacks spine.

Notes for the description of brasses at Dunstable, Beds.  SAL/MS/739/8  20th century

In M. Stephenson, A List of Monumental Brasses in the British Isles (1926), 4-5.

'Brass Notes'  SAL/MS/739/9  20th century

Notes on brasses, with photographs and illustrations, etc., and a letter to Mill Stephenson from William Gowland, 1910. Folder, green. Incorporated 1997.

Notes on the pedigree and monument of Gregory Lovell of Merton Abbey (d. 15 March 1596/7)  SAL/MS/739/10  20th century

Cofferer of the house to Queen Elizabeth. Included are copies of his funeral certificate, abstract of his will, and notes and rubbings relating to his monument in Merton parish church, Surrey. With a letter to Mill Stephenson from J. E. Jagger, vicar of Merton, 1920. Loose papers in an orange folder. Incorporated 1998.

LITTLEDALE PAPERS.  SAL/MS/740/1-8  1905-1928

Paper. Mostly 1905-28. Seven volumes and unbound papers (SAL/MS/740/2-7 in a red box; SAL/MS/740/1, 8 separate). Littledale's circular bookplate in SAL/MS/740/1, 8; his oblong plate in 5, 6.

Source of acquisition: Probably part of the Littledale Bequest of heraldic and genealogical books (A.J., 11 (1931), 341); see also SAL/MSS/741, 742.

Notes on heraldry and genealogy by Willoughby Aston Littledale, VPSA (d. 1930), chairman of the Harleian Society; c. 1905-28. See A.J., 11 (1931), 341 (obituary). As follows

'A List of the Heralds'  SAL/MS/740/1  1905-1928

Visitations and the Collections of Visitation Pedigrees that have been printed' (fol. vi), transcript from the original MS of W. Harry Rylands, 1905, in the care of the Harleian Society (fol. iv verso). With added notes and insertions. pp. vi + 361. Quarto. Half leather, black.

Lists of grants of arms to 1820  SAL/MS/740/2-3  1905-1928

Including some references not in W. Harry Rylands, Grantees of Arms (1915); c. 1926. Arranged alphabetically by families. Insertions include a letter of William Bruce Bannerman, 1927, conc. publications in progress. Quarto. Red spines with marbled or black (3) boards.

Transcripts of grants of arms  SAL/MS/740/4  c.1928


Arranged alphabetically; Preceded by a list of grants to be transcribed from the British Museum, June 1926. Quarto.

List of visitations at the College of Arms  SAL/MS/740/5  1905-1928

Copied from a notebook of Sir George J. Armytage, Bt., FSA. Octavo. Black spine, with marbled boards.

Notes on pedigrees  SAL/MS/740/6  after 1908

Octavo. Red spine, with dark green cloth.

Mainly relating to the Assheton family

Hampshire church notes  SAL/MS/740/7  c 1905

Octavo. Black spine, with marbled boards.

Including many relating to inscriptions in the old churchyard at Hordle Cliff

Heraldic scrapbook  SAL/MS/740/8  18th century-1927

Contains coloured and engraved coats, specimen colour plates or other illustrations from publications relating to heraldry, coats of arms and bookplates of the Littledale and other families, including an engraved coat of Martin Stapylton of Myton, Yorks., 1817, menu of a livery dinner of the Fishmongers Company, and, among the loose insertions, an engraved trade advertisement, 18th century, of Edward Avery, Haymarket, London, maker of phaetons and whiskeys. Folio. Homemade binding, manilla boards and mock vellum spine.


Paper; pp. 323. 1830. Folio. Brown pasteboard.

Source of acquisition: Owned by Sir Thomas Phillipps, Bt. Phillipps MS 23820 (p. 1). Littledale bequest (see SAL/MS/740).

Copy of the speech by Henry Brougham (1st Baron Brougham and Vaux; Lord Chancellor 1830-4) to the Lords Committee for Privileges on behalf of Col. William Fitzhardinge Berkeley of Berkeley Castle summing up his claim to the Barony of Berkeley by tenure; 12 May, 14 June and 7 July 1830. The petitioner was created Baron Segrave, 1831, and the claim was not further prosecuted. See GEC, II, 121.

GRANTS OF ARMS.  SAL/MS/742  19th-20th century

Paper; pp. iii + 101. 19th-20th century. Folio. Half leather, olive green. Bookplates of Joseph Foster, fol. i, and Samuel Alfred Grundy Newman (designed as a seal on a seal tag by 'G. W.'), fol. ii.

Source of acquisition: Signature of Willoughby Aston Littledale, VPSA, who bequeathed it (see SAL/MS/740)

Lists of grants of arms before 1730 compiled by Joseph Foster (1844-1905), with additions by S. A. Grundy Newman, FSA Scot. Foster's lists (pp. 1-80) are arranged alphabetically under the respective Kings of Arms. The entries are crossed through in red and are probably early drafts of Foster's alphabetical lists in BL Add. MSS 37147, 37149, later published by W. Harry Rylands, FSA, in Grantees of Arms, Harl. Soc., 66-68 (1915-17). Additions (pp. 83-101) by S. A. Grundy Newman, letters A-C only, to Rylands, Grantees.


Paper; ff. v + 103. 1921. Quarto. Vellum spine, with green cloth; on the spine 'Notes "A"'. Bookplate of the compiler, fol. i.

Notes and extracts for a history of the Mitford family compiled by Maj. Gen. Bertram Reveley Mitford, CB, CMG, FSA (d. 1936); collected 1911-14, 1919-20, transcribed 1921 (compiler's note, 20 Nov. 1921, fol. v). See A.J., 16 (1936), 369 (obituary). Partly typewritten. Notes and pedigrees relating to various branches and connections of the family, with some notes on chronology and feudal terms. Photograph of the arms of Mitford, fol. ii; a few coloured coats throughout. Extra material inserted. Index, fols. ii verso-iv.

FOREIGN ARMS  SAL/MS/744  early 18th century

Paper; ff. ii + 28. Early 18th century. Octavo. Vellum. Signature, 'Le Coulletier', fol. i. Engraving of BVM by Herman Weyer (d. 1672), fol. ii. Very faint inscriptions on the covers.

Ink drawings of continental arms. The coats, fols. 8-28, are partly arranged as an ordinary. Mostly six coats per page (one cut out, fol. 27). No textual identifications but see J. C. de Guerra, Estudios de Heraldica Vasca (1928) for some similar coats. Prefaced by an unrelated Latin text, in a French hand, fols. 1-7v, headed 'Quaedam... Ex variis manuscriptis Collecta ...', consisting of notes on units of measurement, constellations, planets and prognostications from celestial bodies, the weather and animals.


Paper; ff. ii + 108. 1924. Quarto. Unbound.

'Inventory of Furniture, Etc., at Ingatestone Hall, Essex, of which use was granted by Sir John Petre... to William Petre, in September, 1600' (printed titlepage, two copies, fols. i, ii); typewritten copy, probably made in 1924 for Mill Stephenson. The inventory is dated 26 Sept. 1600, and lists the furnishings of each room in detail. The original inventory (Essex Record Office, Petre archives, D/DP F215) is attached to a lease, 1600, by Sir John Petre to his eldest son William (afterwards 2nd Baron Petre) of the greater part of Ingatestone Hall. Published in a slightly condensed and modernised form by F. W. Steer, Ingatestone Hall in 1600 An Inventory (Essex Record Office Publications no. 22, 1954).

RALPH GRIFFIN.  SAL/MS/746/1-2  After 1921

Two notebooks of Ralph Hare Griffin (1854-1941), Sec. SA 1921. See A.J., 22 (1942), 73-5 (obituary). Griffin presented many books and MSS to SA and made the Society a residuary legatee (A.J., ibid., 241):-

A selective transcript by Griffin of inscriptions in Kent churches from Zechariah Cozens's Ecclesiastical & Topographical History of Kent  SAL/MS/746/1  After 1921

Paper; ff. iii + 260. 20th century. Octavo. Half leather, maroon, with marbled boards. Lettered on spine 'Monumental Records Vol. II. 1857'. Signature of Ralph Griffin, fol. i, and explanation by him, fol. ii, of the pseudonym (T. Mot FSM) used by Zechariah Cozens in the Gent. Mag.

(MS collection, two volumes, formerly owned by Frederick William Cock, MD, FSA (d. 1943); see the note by Griffin, fol. iii); 20th century. Zechariah Cozens (d. 1828) was master of the free school at Margate. The Cozens text is copied on the rectos; occasional annotations by Griffin on the versos. For Cozens see also SAL/MSS/736/5, 6.

Index by Griffin  SAL/MS/746/2  After 1921

Paper. After 1921. Octavo. Cloth, black.

To J. J. Howard and F. A. Crisp, Visitation of England and Wales (1893-1921; 21 volumes, with 14 volumes of notes).

THOMAS WILLEMENT.  SAL/MS/747  before 1821

Paper; ff. 16. Before 1821. Folio. Unbound.

Source of acquisition: Presented by the Rev. Edward Earle Dorling, VPSA, Nov. 1926 (label with the MS).

Sixteen pages of the autograph manuscript of Thomas Willement's Regal Heraldry (1821), with pencil drawings of arms, etc., laid down throughout. Written on the versos of cut sheets of engraved maps from Carte des Costes de France depuis Brest jusqu'a Bayone (1761) by Le S(ieur) B. Ingenr. de la Marine (cf. fol. 12v).

HATTON BOOK OF SEALS.  SAL/MS/748  20th century

Paper. 20th century. Quarto. Unbound.

Descriptions by Hugh Sadler Kingsford, Ass. Sec. SA (1878-1944) of the seals in the Hatton Book of Seals (Finch-Hatton SAL/MS/170); 20th century. See A.J., 25 (1945), 78 (obituary). With letters and lists from Lewis C. Loyd (d. 1947) to Kingsford, 14 Aug. 1937-14 Feb. 1938, relating to the originals (mostly in the British Museum) of a number of the seals and charters copied in the Book of Seals, with comments on their condition. See L. C. Loyd, Doris M. Stenton (eds.), Sir Christopher Hatton's Book of Seals, Northants. Record Soc., 15 (1950), vii-ix. See also SAL/MS/703.

ESSEX ARMORIAL  SAL/MS/749  18th century

Paper; ff. iii + 24. 18th century. Quarto. Leather, brown. '?No. 49', fol. iii.

An alphabet of arms, Ayleffe-Yong; copy of an earlier source. Consists of names, blazons and small ink drawings of charges. The heading, fol. 1, refers to Essex visitations of 1621 and 1634 but the former date may be an error for 1612. See M. Noble, History of the College of Arms (1805), xxv-xxvi (Appendix K) and T. Moule, Bibliotheca Heraldica (1822), 575, for dates of Essex visitations.

HERALDRY  SAL/MS/750  c.1839-76

Paper; ff. i + 120. c. 1839-76. Octavo. Home-made binding, vellum corners, blue paper, spine mended in grey; flyleaves of brown paper. Bookplate of Henry Gough, fol. i.

Notebook on heraldry of Henry Gough; Includes notes on royal precedence (fols. 5v-15), arms of the royal family (fols. 17-36), an answer by Henry Gough to an heraldic query (fols. 61-4; see Notes & Queries, 1st ser., 8 (1853), 219, 480), heraldic bearings (fols. 68-87), arms of seaports 'gathered for the saloon of Lord Bute's Yacht, the Ladybird, 1875-76' (fols. 91-104), arms of the Twelve Tribes of Israel (fols. 107-8v), military and naval ensigns (fols. 109-118). With tricked and coloured coats of arms and coloured drawings of ensigns. Contents lists, fols. 1, 2. Henry Gough was the author of A Glossary of Terms used in British Heraldry (Oxford, 1847); cf. SAL/MS/773/Glossary. Two notebooks of Henry Gough, barrister of the Middle Temple, are Bodl. Lib., MSS Eng.hist.e. 185-6 (S.C. 40327-8).


Paper; ff. ix + pp. 125. 1852. Octavo. Cloth, dark green.

Source of acquisition: Presented by Miss Phyllis G. Mann, 17 Feb. 1948 (fols. i, ii). A.J., 28 (1948), 223.

Diary of Thomas Crofton Croker, FSA, the Irish antiquary (1778-1854), for 1852. Contains very full entries of his engagements, travel, work on the catalogue of Lady Londesborough's rings (published 1853), his design for the monument to Richard Jones, the actor (pp. 83, 84, 97), and notes of public events such as the funeral of the Duke of Wellington, 18 Nov. (p. 95). Accounts (p. 108) are followed by miscellaneous items including a poem on visiting the grave of his father-in-law, Francis Nicholson (p. 122, fol. iv verso). Loose insertions of letters, fols. iii-ix verso, including one to Lady Londesborough, 12 Oct. 1852, asking for standing room at the Duke of Wellington's funeral. A few index references, p. 109.

REV. JOHN BRAND  SAL/MS/752  1788-1790

Paper; ff. ii + 31. 1788-90. Octavo. Half calf, with marbled boards (a commercial diary with much printed material). Bookplate (1797) of Thomas Bell, fol. i.

Diary of the Rev. John Brand, Sec. SA (d. 1806), for 1788, with additional notes to 1790. Contains entries relating to his removal to London from Newcastle (fols. 3v-4), many references to the proof reading and publication of his History and Antiquities of... Newcastle (1789), correspondence, expenses, other journeys.

MASONS MARKS  SAL/MS/753  mostly 1891-3

Paper; pp. iii + 200. 1880-93. Quarto. Cloth, green, spine mended with black cloth (a commercial scrapbook).

Source of acquisition: Presented by Dr Eric Gardner, FSA, 7 May 1931 (fol. i). A.J., 12 (1932), 349.

A scrapbook containing a collection of letters, drawings, rubbings, etc., relating to masons marks, mainly addressed to William Harry Rylands, FSA. The chief correspondent is Edward W. Cox of Liverpool; other correspondents include James Bromley of Ormskirk, William Fergusson Irvine, William E. Gregson and many others. The main collection is preceded by press-cuttings, 1880 (pp. 1-12), relating to fraudulent mediums, miracles in Ireland and Lourdes. Loose insertions include, p. 107, copies of marks, on furniture owned by Robert Burns.

HEBREW FRAGMENTS  SAL/MS/754  ?19th century

Paper; three leaves. ?19th century. Octavo.
Language:  Hebrew

Two fragments; Consisting of:- (a) Part of the Afternoon Service for the Day of Atonement, mostly portions of the Prophets. Printed. Two conjoint leaves, imperfect;- (b) One liturgical fragment. In poor condition.

KIRKSTALL ABBEY  SAL/MS/755  before 1725

Paper; two series of paginations, pp. 39, 44. Before 1725. Quarto. Front cover extant, brown paper. Signature of Frederick Royston Fairbank, MS, FSA (d.1913), on the front cover.
Language:  Latin

Transcripts by Ralph Thoresby (1658-1725) of charters and other material relating to the history of Kirkstall Abbey, Yorks. The present manuscript is part of no. 23 of the MSS in Thoresby's Museum (see R. Thoresby, Ducatus Leodiensis (2nd ed., 1816, with notes and additions by T. D. Whitaker), I, catalogue of MSS p. 74). The opening pages (pp. 1-22) are apparently transcribed from Bodl. Lib., MS Laud misc. 722, fols. 129-38 (see Thoresby Soc. Publications, 4 (1895), 169-208). Part is also printed in Dugdale, Monasticon Angl., V (1825), 530-52, as are several of the charters. The charter transcripts were made by Thoresby from the originals and contain imitations of signatures and a few drawings of seals. Thoresby's manuscripts were sold by auction in 1764 after the death of his son; see Thoresby Soc. Publications, 21 (1912), xii-xiii. For sources on Kirkstall Abbey see also Thoresby Soc. Publications, 43 (1952) (Kirkstall Abbey Chronicles).

SOCIETY OF ANTIQUARIES.  SAL/MS/756, 756/A  1718-1849

Two volumes conc. elections to SA and other business.

Lists of candidates for election with the names of their supporters  SAL/MS/756  1819-49

Quarto. Vellum.

Fols. 80v-169v. At the front of the volume accounts for the same period, fols. 1v-75v: at the end notes of publications sold, parcels sent, fols. 178v-86; printing expenses (loose insertion), fols. 189-91.

'Book of the Statutes of the Antiquarian Society of London' (fol. 1)  SAL/MS/756/A  1718-1754

Paper; ff. 191, 47. 1819-49, 1718-54.

With signature of Alexander Gordon, Sec. SA). Contents:- (1) Statutes, 1 Jan. 1718 (heading signed by Alexander Gordon), with marginal notes relating to subsequent revisions, fols. 2-4v;- (2) Subsequent orders, to 1737, fols. 5-7;- (3) Statutes and Standing Orders, as amended 23 March 1737/8, fols. 8-10v;- (4) Names of Fellows, with dates of election, and many signatures, dated 1718-51 (the first ten signatures undated), fols. 11-18;- (5) Original certificates, with signatures of supporters, 26 March 1741-28 Feb. 1754, laid down on fols. 19v-47v. Folio. Reversed calf.

HERALDRY.  SAL/MS/757  1771-1805

Paper. 1771-1805. Folio. Unbound papers in a modern salmon pink folder.

Funeral achievements, etc. (1) Funeral achievements, 1771-3, 1778, with arms in trick, including those of Mary, Duchess of Norfolk, Anthony, 4th Earl of Shaftesbury, Dr Richard Trevor, Bp of Durham, the King of Sardinia and many others. Together with material relating to grants of arms, 1786-95, with tricks, including an autograph note of Francis Townsend, Windsor Herald, FSA;- (2) 'Expences of Twenty-Two Knights of the Bath Atcheivements against the Installation May 19 1803', including payments for painting and engraving plates; with a note of 'Materials Orderd for 7 Knights of the Garter of Mr Bodley', 1805;- (3) 'The names of Royal Illustrious and Noble Personages who have been Free of the Company of Merchant Tailors ...'. List, beginning with Edward III.


Paper; pp. ii + 172. 19th century. Octavo. Cloth, purple. Labelled on the spine '38'. 'No. 38', 'Book A', p. ii verso.

Archival history:
Probably part of the Franks Bequest (see SAL/MS/761).

Notes and extracts relating mostly to the Knights of Malta (mainly from B. dal Pozzo, Historia della Sacra Religione Militare (1703-15), or the continuation (1738)); 19th century. Slightly earlier notes throughout relating to the twenty-five barons of Magna Carta, and families connected to Watts. Evidently a stray from the collections of John James Watts (see SAL/MS/761).


Paper. Mostly 1831-49. Quarto. Half leather, purple (faded to brown). Book-plate of Marcus Steinman Kemmis.

Source of acquisition: Presented by A. Hawley, 13 Oct. 1947. A.J., 28 (1948), 223.

'Letters Chiefly on Literary Subjects Addressed to G. Steinman Steinman Esq. F. S. A.'. Includes letters from John Gough Nichols, Lord Braybrooke, Thomas W. King (Rouge Dragon), Thomas Streatfeild, many clergmen in response to enquiries conc. parish registers, and others; mostly 1831-49. Contents list. Loose insertions include rubbings. For Steinman (1811-93) see Proc., 2nd ser., 14 (1891-3), 334-5 (obituary).

SOCIETY OF ANTIQUARIES. Deed of transfer of apartments allotted to SA in the new building at Somerset House  SAL/MS/760  1781

Paper; ff. 16. 1781. Folio. Cloth, red (bound 16 Oct. 1849). With a photocopy of the original paper (pea green, with pattern) hung, 1780, and (SAL/MS/760/B) copies of eight measured drawings by Firmstone & Co., 1983, of the Strand block, including the apartments occupied by SA

Source of acquisition: Presented by Christopher Firmstone, 21 July 1986.

Signed by Jeremiah Milles, PSA, and officers of SA, and witnessed by Sir William Chambers and John Yenn, architects, 15 Feb. 1781, with seven plans, annotated with detailed descriptions of furniture and fittings. Council Minutes, 15 Feb. 1781. Evans (1956), 176-7.

WATTS COLLECTION  SAL/MS/761/1-36  Mid 19th Century

Paper. Mid 19th century. Thirty-six notebooks. Duodecimo, etc. (SAL/MS/761/27-32 oblong octavo). Armorial bookplates of John James Watts in SAL/MS/761/1, 22, 23. Presentation plates from Sir Augustus Wollaston Franks, PSA, are found in many volumes.

Source of acquisition: Probably part of the Franks Bequest

Heraldic and genealogical notebooks from the collections of John James Watts, Knight of Malta (1859), of Hawkesdale Hall, Cumberland. John James Watts and Sir George Bowyer were active in re-establishing the Catholic Order of Malta in England, now the British Association of the Knights of Malta. Many of the notebooks contain notes and pedigrees relating to the Watts family. Coats of arms in trick and colour throughout. The present description retains the sub-numbers allocated by SA when the collection was incorporated. No. 31 includes contents lists for the present nos. 2, 1, 3, 24, 13, 14. See also SAL/MSS/431, 758.

English pedigrees (a few foreign)  SAL/MS/761/1-4  Mid 19th Century

SAL/MS/761/3 includes a roll of arms from Edward III to Sir Andrew Dudley (no. 330 in the roll). Leather, maroon, brown, dark green, red.

Venice, particularly Doges and their families.  SAL/MS/761/5  Mid 19th Century

Blue marbled boards, with flap.

Diary  SAL/MS/761/6  1 Jan. 1844-31 Dec. 1844; Mid 19th Century

Relating to J.J. Watts's travels in Italy and the Middle East (Rhodes, Beirut). Mostly brief entries. Binding as SAL/MS/761/5.

Foreign pedigrees  SAL/MS/761/7-10  Mid 19th Century

SAL/MS/761/10 includes a poem (front pastedown) by Watts beg. 'What splendid vision o'er my fancy flies', dated 18 Jan. 1838, Aix-la-Chapelle. Cloth, black; SAL/MS/761/10, leather, brown.

English pedigrees  SAL/MS/761/11  Mid 19th Century


(Watts descent).

Northern English and Scottish pedigrees.  SAL/MS/761/12  Mid 19th Century


English pedigrees  SAL/MS/761/13-16  Mid 19th Century


Transcript of the Caerlaverock Poem (Aspilogia, I (1950), 29-34) in SAL/MS/761/13, 14.

Scottish pedigrees  SAL/MS/761/17  Mid 19th Century


Italian arms  SAL/MS/761/18  Mid 19th Century


A few entries, in pre-printed outlines.

Blazons of arms of Knights of Malta  SAL/MS/761/19-20  1726

Vellum (Maltese cross on the cover of SAL/MS/761/20).

From R. A. de Vertot, Knights of Malta.

Pedigrees of Baldwins, de Montforts, Flemings, etc.  SAL/MS/761/21  Mid 19th Century


Notes on Le P. M. de Goussancourt  SAL/MS/761/22-23  Mid 19th Century

Le Martyrologe des chevaliers de S. Jean (Paris, 1643). Preceded in SAL/MS/761/22 by a titlepage 'Gesta Dei Per Manus Ordinis Sancti Joannis Heirosolymitani' 'By John James Watts 1833'. Maroon (SAL/MS/761/23 green) spine, with marbled boards.

Notes from topographical sources  SAL/MS/761/24  Mid 19th Century

Pedigrees with connections to Watts. A double spread of coats, fols. 60v-1, relates to the succeeding pedigrees. Leather, maroon.

Notes on biblical geography, with pencil sketches of the Middle East.  SAL/MS/761/25  Mid 19th Century

Blazons, Edw. III (no. 1) to Watts (no. 79), with a related pedigree. Marbled boards.

'A Descent from Knights of the Order of the Garter'  SAL/MS/761/26  Mid 19th Century

Beg. Beaufort. Pedigree from Edw. III to Watts. Black spine, with marbled boards.

Notes and pedigrees arranged by counties.  SAL/MS/761/27  Mid 19th Century

Red leather spine, with marbled boards.

Notes on the Templars and the Order of St John of Jerusalem.  SAL/MS/761/28  Mid 19th Century

Black leather spine, with marbled boards.

Arms of the Knights of Malta, mostly coloured.  SAL/MS/761/29  Mid 19th Century

Red leather spine, with marbled boards.

Pedigrees of families of Knights of Malta.  SAL/MS/761/30  Mid 19th Century

Watts is no. 98. Purple leather spine, with marbled boards.

Indexes and contents lists to some of Watts's collections  SAL/MS/761/31  1871

Including 'Old MSS' nos. 1-6 (i.e. present SAL/MS/761/2, 1, 3, 24, 13, 14); 'Assorted M. S. S.... June. Black spine, with marbled boards.

Miscellaneous notes, pedigrees relating to the Templars, Knights of Malta in the Austrian Army and Navy (from Imperial army lists, etc.  SAL/MS/761/32  1866

Red leather spine, with marbled boards.

Lists of families arranged by counties.  SAL/MS/761/33  Mid 19th Century

Leather, brown.

'Rotulum ffratrum Militum Hospitalis Sci Johis Jerlm in Anglia'  SAL/MS/761/34  1859

Half vellum, with marbled boards.

Compiled by Edmund Waterton and J. J. Watts. A duplicate copy made for J. J. Watts, with the signature of Edmund Waterton, 1869. No. 909 on the list is J. J. Watts

Notes on Italian grammar.  SAL/MS/761/35  Mid 19th Century

Leather, red.

Notes and extracts on the Knights of Malta, the Templars  SAL/MS/761/36  Mid 19th Century

Cloth, beige.

Including a copy of letters, 8 June 1782, relating to the English and Bavarian Langue, addressed to George III under cover to the Envoy Extraordinary of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies; and the office for the dead according to the Order of St John.


Paper; ff. ii + 71. Before 1800. Quarto. Marbled boards. 'Sep 3 Cost £3. 0. 0', fol. i.

An abbreviated and slightly edited transcript made by Lady Danvers (probably Mary, widow of Sir John Danvers, 2nd Bt., d. 1796, who herself died before 1800) from the edition by Bp Percy, The Regulations and Establishment of the Houshold of Henry Algernon Percy, the fifth Earl of Northumberland (1770); before 1800. Annotated on the flyleaf, fol. ii, 'this was wrote by Lady Davers when she was between eighty & ninety years old, witness her daughter Mary Davers'. The 1770 edition was a small impression made from the original MS in the possession of the Duke and Duchess of Northumberland for presentation to their friends (copy presented to SA, 21 May 1772; Minute Book XII, p. 421). See also the reprint (1905), with additional notes by J. E. Percy.

VOLTAIRE  SAL/MS/763  After 1767

Paper; pp. ii + 1-69; i + 70-139. Two volumes. After 1767. Quarto. Marbled boards. Labels 29, 30 on the spines.

An Answer to the Philosophy of History In a Series of Letters to the Marquiss of C+++ Translated from the French of Father Viret Conventual Cordelier... A Lyon chez Benoît Duplain... 1767' (Vol. I, p. ii). A translation of Louis Viret, Réponse à la Philosophie de l'histoire (Lyon, 1767). Two volumes. Voltaire's Philosophie was first published ostensibly in Amsterdam (1765) but actually in Geneva. See G. Bengesco, Voltaire Bibliographie, I (1882), 333-4.

LOUIS OF SICILY  SAL/MS/764  19th century

Paper; ff. 30. 19th century. Quarto. Black cloth spine, with marbled boards.
Language:  French and Latin

Coronation ordinances of Louis II of Sicily, crowned at Avignon, 1389. Transcript from J. Juvenal des Ursins, Histoire de Charles VI (1653) (2nd ed., with additions by D. Godefroy)


Paper; ff. ii x 23. 1813. Quarto. Mauve paper covers

'On the Original Colonization of Britain' (fol. ii). A paper by the Rev. Jonathan Williams, curate of Leominster, Herefordshire, addressed to Nicholas Carlisle, Sec. SA, date of receipt(?), 11 Sept. 1813, noted on fol. 23v. The paper was read to SA on 16, 23 Dec. 1813 (note, fol. 1). Mentioned briefly in Minute Book XXXIII, pp. 376, 378. It elaborates the author's view that the first discoverers and colonizers of Britain were from Asia. The argument is supported by quotations in Welsh from Taliesin (with translation) and references to Welsh triads.


Paper; ff. ii + 32. c. 1807. Quarto. Black spine, with marbled boards.

'An Account of the Cathedral Church of Norwich, relating to the progress of its building as collected from Blomfield and other Authors ...' (fol. 1). A paper communicated to SA, 16 Apr. 1807 (fol. 1), by William Wilkins, senior, FSA (1749-1819). The author was the architect who restored Norwich Castle and published a number of papers on antiquarian subjects in Archaeologia and the Gent. Mag. Reference, fol. 29v, to drawings of Norwich Cathedral purchased by SA in 1806; see Minute Book XXXI, 8 May 1806, p. 83, 16 Apr. 1807, pp. 261-6. Tipped in, fols. 30-1v, notes relating to Bishops of Norwich and the building of the cathedral from a MS owned by Meadows Taylor of Diss.

ISLE OF WIGHT  SAL/MS/767  1936-9

Paper; ff. 187, 194, 117 + 80, 104, 88, 129, 156. Seven volumes (originally eight) 1936-9 Quarto. Cloth, blue (rebound, 1965).

Source of acquisition: Presented by Miss J. Sherwin, October 1942. A.J., 23 (1943), 183.

Collections by Gerald Ambrose Sherwin, FSA (d. 1942), relating to the Isle of Wight. See A.J., 23 (1943), 186 (obituary). A detailed account illustrated by drawings, sketchmaps and photographs, with related printed material tipped in. Seven volumes:- Vols. I, II. Bronze Age; Vol. III (originally Vols. 3, 4). Iron Age; Vols. IV-VI. Roman Period; Vol. VII. Saxon Period. Indexes in Vols. I, III, IV. See also papers by Sherwin in A.J., 9 (1929), 354-71; 12 (1932), 296-8; 19 (1939), 445-6; 22 (1942), 198-201.

EGYPT  SAL/MS/768  Before 1836

Paper; pp. viii + 209. Before 1836. Quarto. Leather, red, gilt-tooled (by A. W. Bain). Bookplates of John Davidson, fols. i (round), iii.

Source of acquisition: Presented by Thomas Gerard Davidson, FSA, 1 March 1949 (fol. ii; his notes on fols. vi-viii also refer to Davidson's journals retained by the family). A.J., 29 (1949), 244.

'A Description & Classification of Egyptian Deities compiled from notes, & from sketches ...', made by John Davidson, FRS, FSA (1797-1836) when collecting 'evidences' for the British Museum, 1820-25 (note by Thomas Davidson, 1864, fol. vi). Most of the specimens described were retained by Davidson for his own collection but some were lost. John Davidson was assassinated in the Sahara (18 Dec. 1836) while travelling to Timbuctoo for the Geographical Society (note by the donor, fols. vii, viii). Main contents (pp. 1-107) descriptions of Egyptian antiquities, with illustrations, many in colour; index at pp. 105, 107. Also includes some descriptions, etc., of Asiatic, Greek and Roman antiquities (pp. 133, 157-63, 181-9). Davidson's Notes taken during travels in Africa (1839) were published privately by his brother.

BRIDGES.  SAL/MS/769/1-6  c. 1926-55

Paper. c. 1926-55. Mostly unbound papers.

Source of acquisition: Six red boxes. Bequeathed by Edwyn Jervoise, FSA, 1955. Giftbook entry, 19 March 1956.

Materials collected by Edwyn Jervoise, FSA (d. 1955) and (SAL/MS/769/1) Charles Henderson (d. 1933) relating to ancient bridges, with drafts or manuscripts of books published and other related papers. Six boxes

Old Devon Bridges  SAL/MS/769/1  (1938)

Consists of Charles Henderson's manuscript 'Materials for a History of the Bridges of Devonshire compiled May-June 1926 ...'; Jervoise's MS of the book as completed by him (preface to the 1938 publication gives details of his collaboration with Henderson); photographs (some relating to Cornwall) and notes of Henderson, with a few letters to him; printed reports by Devon county surveyors on the condition of bridges in Devon, 26 Aug. 1921. Most of Charles Henderson's papers were bequeathed to the Royal Institution of Cornwall.

NOTES  SAL/MS/769/2  1927-1930

(1) Ancient Bridges of the South of England (1930). Notes relating to Jervoise's MS (not preserved) of the book. With a copy of a MS 'Report on the River Len Bridges' (Kent), 14 July 1927;- (2) Ancient Bridges of the North of England (1931). MS and notes of Jervoise's book. With two letters to Jervoise.

Ancient Bridges of Mid and Eastern England  SAL/MS/769/3  (1932)

MS and notes of the book, with related letters to Jervoise from Lawrence Tanner and others.

Ancient Bridges of Wales and Western England  SAL/MS/769/4  1936

MS and notes of the book, with related letters from Aymer Vallance (see SAL/MS/854), William Rees, F. H. Parry Williams, and others; photographs, press-cuttings, etc.

Miscellaneous papers, mostly typescript  SAL/MS/769/5  1928-1952

Including:- (1) 'Essay on Thames Bridges... Earlier than 1700', Dec. 1934 (a prize essay). With revised copy, Oct. 1935;- (2) 'The History of the English Bridge up to the end of the Eighteenth century', with correspondence, 1937-55, relating to attempts to place the work with a publisher (MS of the book deposited with the RIBA);- (3) 'Ancient Bridges Survey', 1928, with some material relating to the 1927 survey;- (4) 'List of Bridge photographs';- (5) 'Ancient Bridges Earliest Documentary References';- (6) Excerpts from Pipe Rolls, etc. in the PRO;- (7) Miscellaneous notes and correspondence;- (8) Correspondence with the Courtauld Institute relating to the transfer of Jervoise's photographs, 1946, and with University College, London, relating to Jervoise's slides and lecture notes, 1952.

Interleaved annotated copies of the 1930, 1931, 1932 and 1936 books (signed by the author).  SAL/MS/769/6  c. 1932-52

With letters to Jervoise, formerly inserted.

HERALDRY  SAL/MS/770  19th century

Paper. Six volumes. 19th century. Folio. Half leather, purple. Bookplates of John Tuckett and Ralph Griffin, Sec. SA, in each volume.

Index to the coats of arms in the printed armories of Edmondson, Berry, Robson and Burke, with many additions from manuscript sources, compiled by John Tuckett, heraldic and antiquarian bookdealer and genealogist. Six volumes, arranged alphabetically. Printed advertisement by the compiler, tipped into Vol. I, explains the scope of the work, 'the result of sixteen years' labour'.

HERALDRY.  SAL/MS/772  20th century

Paper. Eight volumes. 20th century. Folio. Cloth, green (five volumes), and red (three volumes).

Source of acquisition: Purchased from the Croft Lyons fund. Croft Lyons Committee Minutes, 1 Dec. 1932.

Manuscript supplement to the interleaved copy of Burke's Armory (eight volumes; at SAL 318-319). The supplement, compiled by Sir Henry Farnham Burke, KCVO, Garter, FSA (d. 1930), consists of manuscript slips, arranged alphabetically, laid down in five volumes of Second Series, and three volumes of Second Series Supplement. Tipped into Vol. I of the former a typed list of Grant Books 1-71 (1637-1900).


Paper. Mostly 1860-1907. Sizes and bindings as above.

Source of acquisition: Acquired for SA at Sotheby's, 22 July 1929, lot 197, through the Croft Lyons Bequest.

Heraldic collections of Charles James Russell, herald painter; compiled 1860-1907. See Aspilogia, I (1950), xxvii. For further details see Mill Stephenson's catalogue preserved with the collection. Arranged in the following categories

Rolls  SAL/MS/773/1  1860-1907

Eighteen volumes containing coloured shields, with identifications, copied from medieval rolls of arms, etc. Detailed contents list in Mill Stephenson's catalogue (see below). Large folio (Vols. I-VII), folio and quarto. Cloth, green.

Ordinary.  SAL/MS/773/2  1860-1907

A large collection of loose sheets containing coloured shields, arranged according to charges, etc. Thirty-two boxes, black, with maroon letter-pieces.

Armory.  SAL/MS/773/3  1860-1907

'An Armorie Collected from Ancient Rolls of Arms, heraldic MSS etc.... by Charles James Russell' (titlepage, with royal arms, in Box I). A large collection of loose sheets containing coloured shields arranged by families. Typed list of rolls, with Russell's references, in Box I. Twenty-nine boxes, black, with maroon lettering-pieces.

Arm of Peers.  SAL/MS/773/4  1860-1907

Loose sheets of coloured shields, with identifications and notes. Four boxes, black, with maroon lettering-pieces.

Glover's Ordinary of Arms.  SAL/MS/773/5  1860-1907

Loose sheets of coloured shields copied from Glover's ordinary (see Aspilogia, I (1950), 3-7). Four boxes, black, with maroon lettering-pieces.

Glossary  SAL/MS/773/6  1860-1907

Materials for a projected augmented edition by Russell of Henry Gough's A Glossary of Terms used in British Heraldry (Oxford, 1847). Main contents arranged alphabetically. At the front of Vol. I a chronological table illustrating 'the rise and progress of armory' and other notes; at the end of Vol. V antiquarian notes. Indexes in Vols. III-V. Many cuttings of arms laid down throughout. Five volumes. Folio. Cloth, black, with maroon lettering-pieces.

Heraldic Notes.  SAL/MS/773/7  1860-1907

Seven volumes of notes on heraldic and antiquarian matters and one volume of index. Possibly commenced as a series under alphabetical headings according to the letters marked on the spines, but the contents of many volumes are miscellaneous. Many entries derive from Notes and Queries. The index is by no means complete but includes references to letter sequences not preserved in the present volumes. Eight volumes. Cloth, russet.

Miscellanous  SAL/MS/773/8  1860-1907

Nine boxes (black, with maroon lettering-pieces unless otherwise stated).

'St George's Chapel Windsor Rubbings from the Garter Plates on the Stalls'.  SAL/MS/773/8/1  1860-1907

Rubbings laid down on mounts, stitched in sections. Annotations and coloured shields (on versos) by Russell, throughout. One box.

Miscellaneous MS pedigrees  SAL/MS/773/8/2  1860-1907

Mostly by Russell, with printed pedigrees of the House of Stewart (by W. A. Lindsay, FSA, 1889) and Courtenay. One box.

'Miscellaneous Paintings, etc.  SAL/MS/773/8/3  1860-1907

Mainly unbound sheets of coloured shields. Three boxes:- Box I. Includes a scrapbook containing laid-down shields derived from Misc. Gen. & Her., 1, etc.; and an index made up from indexes to the Gent. Mag.; Box II. Includes a scrapbook of laid-down shields, rubbings, engravings; folio sheets of miscellaneous shields; quarto sheets of mounted shields, mostly from Wells and Somerset; tricks of shields from Rochester Cathedral; Box III. Includes lists of rolls of arms; rubbings from Winchester Cathedral and elsewhere.

Miscellanea.  SAL/MS/773/8/4  1860-1907

Four boxes:- Box I. Contains four quarto notebooks relating to the Matthew Paris and other rolls; coloured drawings of coronets, charges, etc.; index of names in Harley MS 6137 (Dering roll) and other rolls; notes on Nicholas Upton, John de Bado Aureo, etc. With an envelope of coloured shields; Box. II. Contains copies of sale-catalogues of the Russell collection (Sotheby's, 11 Apr. 1924, lot 396; 22-4 July 1929, lot 197). With two envelopes of coloured arms and notes; Box III (red). Contains engraved arms of peers from several publications, and an incomplete series of plates relating to armour in the collection of Max Kuppelmayr from Rudolph Kuppelmayr, Kunst und Kunstgewerbe der Sammlungen Kuppelmayr (Munich, 1896); Box IV (wooden). Contents:- Scrapbook (large quarto, dark green) containing a collection of shields, partly alphabetical, partly arranged as an ordinary (bar, barry); large coloured drawings and tracings including heraldry in St Thomas's church, Salisbury; copies from Harley MS 6162 of arms of England, Austria, etc.; banners; arms of the governors of an unidentified hospital ('infirmerie'), 1701; pedigree of Mainwaring from the Conquest; engraving of the West window of Exeter Cathedral and description of the East window; printed excerpts from the JRIBA and Archaeologia.

Printed Books.  SAL/MS/773/9  1860-1907

Copies (bound in green cloth) of:- J. Greenstreet and C. Russell, 'Reference List of the Rolls of Arms', Genealogist, 5 (1881), 1-18, 94-104, 168-79. Stamped in the margins with Russell number/letter references. Contents list by Mill Stephenson; two volumes of offprints lettered 'Printed Rolls Vol. I (II)', MS notes and indexes bound in; 'Glover's Ordinary of Arms' from Edmondson (1780); offprint of a paper (1874) by H. Zeller-Wertmüller relating to arms on a patrician house in Zurich (presented to Russell by Dr F. J. Baigent. 22 Dec. 1885).

Catalogue  SAL/MS/773/10  1860-1907

MS catalogue of the Russell collection by Mill Stephenson. Folio. Cloth, green.


Paper; ff. 8. 1948. Folio. Brown card covers, with black tape spine.

Source of acquisition: Presented by Hugh Stanford London, FSA (d. 1959).

Description by Hugh Stanford London of an illuminated pedigree of the Griffith family of Burton Agnes, East Yorks., with a note by Francis Thynne, Lancaster Herald, dated 1 Aug. 1604; 10 Jan. 1948 (fol. 5v). The pedigree was lent by Capt. Marcus Wickham-Boynton, descendant of the Griffiths of Wicknor, Staffs., and Burton Agnes, for exhibition at SA, 8 Jan. 1948 (A.J., 28 (1948), 113). The original is illustrated by painted figures of knights, shields, drawings of seals on charters. The present description is accompanied by three photographs of sections of the pedigree. See also SAL/MSS/931/2, 936.

NEWBY FAMILY  SAL/MS/775  1795 - c1935

Paper; four documents + 3ff. 1795-c. 1935. Folio and quarto.

Source of acquisition: Unbound papers in a brown paper folder.

Papers of the Newby family, plumbers, of Durham:- (a) Apprenticeship indenture for George Newby, son of Christopher Newby, of Westwick, Durham, to be instructed as a plumber by Robert Ford of Barnard Castle; 9 June 1795;- (b) Three certificates of admission, as freemen of the Society of Plumbers (and Glaziers), of Christopher Newby, George Dixon Newby, and Christopher Dixon Newby; 15 Nov. 1838, 6 May 1861 and 6 May 1895. Together with an account, c. 1935, by Christopher Dixon Newby of the Glazier's Charter of the City of Durham (from a copy in the record book of the Plumbers Company), the loss of the original charter, state of Durham records, etc., and part of a note from the same (typewritten copies). A typescript, 'Place Names of Durham', by C. D. Newby is preserved in SAL.

CRAWFORD PAPERS  SAL/MS/776  c. 1911-12

Paper. Mostly 1911-12. Quarto, etc. Unbound papers, in envelopes, in a brown box file

Source of acquisition: Presented by the compiler, February 1947.

Papers relating to Bronze Age finds by Osbert Guy Stanhope Crawford, FSA (d. 1957) Find-sheets, notes, drawings, drafts, etc., mainly relating to Crawford's paper 'The Distribution of Early Bronze Age Settlements in Britain', Geographical Journal, 40 (1912), 184-217, and related lectures; with some correspondence. Sorted into envelopes relating to:- Gold ornaments (with galleys of Proc., 2nd ser., 24 (1911-12), 39-49); razors; flat copper and bronze celts; tanged spear-heads; notes for the paper in Geog. Journ., 40; awls; rapiers; winged celts; flat bronze knives.

CORNEWALL COLLECTION  SAL/MS/777/1-12  late 12th century-1773

Vellum; twelve deeds. Late 12th century-1773. In a cardboard box. SAL/MS/777/1-9 were exhibited, with other items, 9 Dec. 1869, by the Rev. Sir George Cornewall, 5th Bt. (Proc., 2nd ser., 4 (1867-70), 384-409).

Source of acquisition: Eleven deeds presented by his son, Sir Geoffrey Cornewall, 6th Bt., in 1946 (through Frederick Charles Morgan, FSA; see two letters to SA, 26 Aug., 7 Sept. 1946, with the collection), together with SAL/MS/710 and a tally stick of Sir George Amyand, 1st Bt., dated 1765 (Mus. Cat., no. 561).SAL/MS/777/11 came from another source and was formerly numbered SAL/MS/689. A.J., 27 (1947), 211.

Language:  English, French and Latin

Twelve deeds, etc., relating to Edmonton, Middlx., and miscellaneous; Latin, French (SAL/MS/777/6, 8, 10) and English (SAL/MS/777/11, 12). SAL/MS/777/1-9 are further described in Proc., 2nd ser., 4 (1867-70), 384 409.

Confirmation by William, Earl of Essex, to Robert Blundus (Le Blond), of land in Edmonton  SAL/MS/777/1  after 1165

(Succession to Earldom)

Feoffment by William de Say to Thomas Romeyn, citizen of London, and Juliana his wife  SAL/MS/777/2  late 13th century

Relating to land in Edmonton. Seal of feoffor.

Feoffment by Richard de Wylehale to William de Ford of land in Edmonton.  SAL/MS/777/3  late 13th century


Release by Amicia de Thurkyld to William de Caustone of land in Edmonton  SAL/MS/777/4  1314

Sunday after F. of St Gregory, 7 Edw. II (17 March 1314). Seal.

Release by Emma, widow of Thomas Musters, to Robert Gylle, citizen of London  SAL/MS/777/5  6 Apr. 1351

Of her right to dower in Edmonton; Wednesday before Palm Sunday, 25 Edw. III. Fragment of seal.

Defeasance by John de Beaumont, Lord of Folkingham, to Thomas Charlton and others  SAL/MS/777/6  21 May 1386

Subject to a payment of rent to discharge the manor of Little Greenford, with power of distress in Edmonton; Monday after F. of St Dunstan, 9 Ric. II. Three seals extant.

Acquittance by Henri de la Tour, Vicomte de Turenne, Ambassador of Henry IV, to Sir Horatio Palavicino, legate of Qu Elizabeth in Germany  SAL/MS/777/7  1 Apr. 1591

For moneys advanced by the Queen; Frankfurt on Main. Signature and papered seal of Turenne. Attestation and impressed sign of a public notary.

Defeasance of a money bond from Sir John Cobham of Kent to William Wykeham, Bp of Winchester  SAL/MS/777/8  6 Nov. 1377

Fragment of seal of the latter.

Bull of Pope Pius V  SAL/MS/777/9  16 Feb. 1569

Exempting the Order of Friars Preacher in Ireland from episcopal jurisdiction and from payment of tithes, etc. Penwork decoration (acanthus leaves) in the heading and border. Leaden bulla in fine condition.

Defeasance of a money bond from Sir Thomas West and his wife to Sir Hugh Browe  SAL/MS/777/10  1389?

Subject to the levying of a fine of the manor and free chapel of Woodhead in Bridge Casterton (Great Casterton), Rutland, and advowson of the church of Casterton; 20? July, 13? Ric. II. Seal.

Appointment of John Boitous as one of the sixty gunners of the Ordnance Office.  SAL/MS/777/11  1 Dec. 1714

Signature of the Duke of Marlborough. Traces of a papered seal.

Bond of John Amyand in £15,000 to George III  SAL/MS/777/12  21 July 1773

For the satisfactory discharge of duties by Claudius Amyand as Receiver-General of Rates for London and Westminster. Signature of John Amyand. Small seal. Foot of document partly cut away. Claudius Amyand was brother to Sir George Amyand, 1st Bt., whose son Sir George Amyand, 2nd Bt., assumed the name of Cornewall on marriage.

BROMEHILL PRIORY  SAL/MS/778/1-33  1245-1426

Vellum; thirty-four deeds. 1245-1426. In a cardboard box. Possibly the box of old deeds forwarded by E. Pidgeon of Manchester, 28 Feb. 1872, in accordance with the wishes of his late brother Henry Pidgeon of Shrewsbury (d. July 1871; author of A Descriptive Account of Haughmond Abbey, Salop (1867)). Council Minutes, 30 Apr. 1872.
Language:  Latin

Thirty-four deeds (including 10a), relating mostly to lands in Oteringhithe (Ottering Hythe) in Methwold, Norfolk, many conc. the Augustinian priory of Bromehill. See VCH Norfolk, II (1906), 374-5; F. Blomefield, Norfolk, I (1739), 479-81. As follows

Confirmation by Hugo de Pleyz (son and heir of the founder, Sir Hugo de Pleyz) to the prior and canons of Bromehill priory  SAL/MS/778/1  12 June 1245

Of lands in Wetyng (Weeting), Methwold, etc.; Monday after F. of St Barnabas the Apostle, 29 Henry III
Seal (fleur de lys).

Grant by William, Bp of Norwich (William Middleton)  SAL/MS/778/2  15 Nov 1279

Of 30 days indulgence to those hearing mass, etc., at the conventual church of Bromehill; 17 Kal. Dec. Fragment of seal.

Confirmation by Robert de Tudenham, knight, and Eva de Rofa his wife  SAL/MS/778/3  30 June 1303

Of an annual grant of corn by William de Rofa to the priory of Bromehill; Sunday after the Nativity of St John the Baptist, 31 Edw. I Two seals.

Grant by William de Oteringhithe to his brother Henry  SAL/MS/778/4  14 April 1306

Of land in Oteinghithe; Thursday after F. of SS Tiburtius and Valerian, 34? Edw. I

Grant by the same to the priory of Bromehill  SAL/MS/778/5  2 Oct. 1306

Of land in Oteringhithe; Sunday after F. of St Michael, 34 Edw. Seal (a star device), edges broken.

Grant by the same to the same  SAL/MS/778/6  6 Feb. 1307

Of land in Oteringhithe; Monday after F. of the Purification, 35 Edw. I. Seal as SAL/MS/778/5.

Inquisition  SAL/MS/778/7  8 Jan. 1311

Conc. tenants and holdings of land in Oteringhithe, where the priory of Bromehill held 440 acres, with a list of livestock; Friday after F. of Epiphany, 4 Edw. II

Grant by William de Oteringhithe to John Stefne de Metyelwolde  SAL/MS/778/8  3 July 1317

(Methwold) of land in Oteringhithe; Sunday after F. of SS Peter and Paul, 10 Edw. II. Seal (star) as in SAL/MS/778/5, 6.

Grant by John Cecilie to John Richard  SAL/MS/778/9  22 May 1325

Of land in Oteringhithe; Wednesday after F. of St Dunstan, 18 Edw. II. Seal.

Confirmation by John de Ingoldesthorp, knight, to Ralph, prior of Bromehill  SAL/MS/778/10  1245-1426

Of a tenement in Oteringhithe; Tuesday after F. of St Dunstan, 5 Edw. III (21 May 1331). With SAL/MS/778/10a, a related quitclaim of the same date.

Grant by Agnes de Oteringhithe, wife of Walter Stede, to her daughter Emma, son John, and Anne his daughter  SAL/MS/778/11  1245-1426

Of lands in Oteringhithe; Saturday after F. of St Peter ad Vincula, 5 Edw. III (3 Aug. 1331).

Grant of indulgence by William Bp of Norwich (William Bateman)  SAL/MS/778/12  22 June 1346

Similar to SAL/MS/778/2 above. Seal.

Attorney by Marieta de Rolf de Oteringhithe to Henry de Quinton  SAL/MS/778/13  29 Apr. 1349

To deliver seisin to John Stede; Wednesday after F. of St Mark the Evangelist, 23 Edw. III

Grant by Marieta de Rolf de Oteringhithe to John Stede, and others  SAL/MS/778/14  1245-1426

Of lands in Oteringhithe; Thursday after F. of St Mark the Evangelist, 23 Edw. III (30 Apr. 1349). Seal rubbed.

Release of actions by John de Linstede, Guardian of the Friars Minor of Bakewell, to the prior of Bromehill  SAL/MS/778/15  19 June 1366

Relating to the detention of brother John de Bernham. Fragment of seal.

Grant by John de Hasting, lord of Landwade, and his wife Elizabeth, to the priory of Bromehill  SAL/MS/778/16  20 Nov. 1368

Of four bushels of corn; Monday, F. of St Edmund, 42 Edw. III Fragment of seal wrapped in cloth.

Letters patent of John Dawe, mayor of Thetford  SAL/MS/778/17  1386

Acknowledging that he held a hospice within the priory of Bromehill by special licence of the prior and not by any right of his office; 31 March, 9 Rich. II. Small fragment of seal

Grant by Matilda Grene de Stanford  SAL/MS/778/18  6 Sept. 1395

To her mother Agnes, Simon Rolf and John Sparowe, of a cottage in Oteringhithe; Monday before F. of the Nativity of BVM, 19 Rich. II. Seal (poor impression)

Grant by Nicholas Smyth, capellanus, and John Godfrey de Brandon  SAL/MS/778/19  1396

To Symon Rolfe de Oteringhithe and Margaret his wife of land in Oteringhithe; 30 Sept., 20 Rich. II. Two seals.

Grant by John Halk and Aves de Plumstede his wife  SAL/MS/778/20  1245-1426

To John Fyschere de Oteringhithe of land in Oteringhithe; Friday after F. of St Luke the Evangelist, 21 Rich. II (19 Oct. 1397). Two seals, one with a shield.

Grant by Simon Rolf and Margaret his wife  SAL/MS/778/21  8 Oct. 1408

To William Ermelyn de Wetyngh and John West de Downham of lands in Oteringhithe (long list of parcels of land); Monday after F. of St Faith, 10 Hen. IV. Two seals.

Grant by the same  SAL/MS/778/22  1245-1426

To the same of lands in Oteringhithe; same date. Two seals.

Grant by Agnes Grene de Stanford, Simon Rolf de Oteringhithe and John Sparowe  SAL/MS/778/23  1245-1426

To Ric. Ward de Feltewell of a cottage, etc., in Oteringhithe; Sunday after F. of the Nativity of BVM, 10 Henry IV (15 Sept. 1409). Two seals.

Confirmation by the commissioners and deputies of the Archbp of Canterbury  SAL/MS/778/24  27 Apr. 1411

On his visitation of the diocese of Norwich that the priory of Bromehill was in rightful possession of the appropriations of the parishes of Oteringhithe and Croxton. Fragment of seal.

Quitclaim by John West de Downham  SAL/MS/778/25  ?4 Oct. 1416

To William Ermelyn de Wetyng of lands held by feoffment of Simon Rolf and Margaret his wife; Sunday (?in the octave of) F. of St Jerome the Confessor, 4 Hen. V Seal.

Grant by William Ermelyn of Wetyng and John West of Downham  SAL/MS/778/26  3 Nov. 1417

To Richard Gebown (Gibbon) and others of land in Oteringhithe; Wednesday F. of St Wenefrid, 5 Hen. V Two seals.

Letters patent by the commissioner and deputy of John Bp of Norwich  SAL/MS/778/27  4 June 1418

On his visitation stating that the prior and convent of Bromehill had shown sufficient proof of their appropriations of the churches of Oteringhithe and Croxton and were freed from further inspection

Injunction by John Bp of Norwich  SAL/MS/778/28  7 Nov. 1423

To the prior of Bromehill relating to the plenary participation in all masses, etc., during his lifetime of Henry Wellys, Archdeacon of Lincoln, benefactor of Bromehill, and the foundation of a perpetual chantry for him, with details of fines for non-fulfilment of the duties connected with the chantry; Norwich. With a fine penwork initial touched with yellow.

Grant by Ric. Gebon (Gibbon), Will. Pygas clericus and Thos. Philip de Lakynghithe  SAL/MS/778/29  17 March 1426

To Will. Galyon and many others of land in Oteringhithe; Passion Sunday, 4 Henry VI. Three seals.

Grant by Nicholas son of Alicie de Oteringhithe  SAL/MS/778/30  1245-1426

To John Stefne de Methelwolde of lands in Oteringhithe; early 14th century. Imperfect at the end.

Grant by John de Ingoldesthorpe, knight  SAL/MS/778/31  1245-1426

To the prior and canons of Bromehill of the manor of Oteringhithe; early 14th century. Seal.

Account (in detail) of events leading to an agreement by John de Ingoldesthorpe, knight, and the prior and canons of Bromehill  SAL/MS/778/32  1245-1426

That they would give him a horse valued at 20 marks with armour, and the armour valued at 100 solidi of a knight, which the former had seen in the funeral procession of Hugo de Plaiz, if he John would grant to the priory the manor of Oteringhithe for a certain sum of money; early 14th century. One seal tag.

Quitclaim by William de la Mare de Oteringhithe  SAL/MS/778/33  early 14th century

To the prior and canons of Bromehill relating to land in Oteringhithe. Seal tag.

DEEDS  SAL/MS/779-780  13th-20th-century
Language:  English and Latin

A miscellaneous collection, possibly from several sources. Many with signatures and seals. Vellum and paper. Two boxes.

Miscellaneous deeds  SAL/MS/779/1-20  13th - 20th century

Mostly unrelated land transactions, with one court roll (SAL/MS/779/2), arranged chronologically

Grant by Thomas Charles  SAL/MS/779/1  13th century

Of Horndon on the Hill, Essex, to Ralph Hardel of London of lands and tenements in Horndon and Stanford, Essex. Personal seal of grantor.

Court roll of the manor of Tintwhistle, Cheshire  SAL/MS/779/2  1588, 1589

Lease by John Brown  SAL/MS/779/3  28 Feb. 1635/6

To Jacob Needler of London of a messuage called the Cowper's Arms, near Whitechapel Bar, Middlx.

Letters patent of Oliver Cromwell  SAL/MS/779/4  25 Feb. 1655/6

Referring to proceedings in the Court of Chancery and ordering the sheriff of Oxford to deliver lands, etc., of Michael Chadwell in Chipping Norton and Over Norton, Oxon., to Thomas Howford, citizen and baker of London, in settlement of debts. Great Seal of the Protectorate (cracked).

Assignment by John Wildman of Westminster and Peter Langston of Clement's Inn  SAL/MS/779/5  20 July 1657

To George Staveley, citizen and merchant taylor of London, of a lease of a messuage in St Alban's, Wood St., London. Seals.

Final concord  SAL/MS/779/6  22 May 1668

Between Humphrey Lowes, William Mohun, and John Vincent, and on the second part Loveday Hambly, widow, by which the latter quitclaimed to the former parties various lands, tin bounds, etc., in St Stephen in Brannel, Trethillan (Trethullan) and other places in Cornwall. Initial and seal cut away.

Grant by John Hodson, the elder  SAL/MS/779/7  25 Jan. 1671/2

To John Parnell of part of a house in Earls Barton, Northants. Seal. With a related bond and receipt.

Common recovery by Thomas Bonington and Henry Browne  SAL/MS/779/8  1678-1679

Of lands in Sutton Bonington, Notts., from Edward Palmer, junior, and Thomas Palmer; May 1678. Engraved border and arms of Charles II in the initial. With a related release of lands in the same parish by Thomas Gray and John Gray, his son, to Edward Palmer and others; 19 Feb. 1679. Seals.

Common recovery by William Martin  SAL/MS/779/9  28 Nov. 1718

Of lands in Tewkesbury, Gloucs., from Anne and Jeyne Berkeley. Engraved border and portrait of George I.

Release to Francis Heywood  SAL/MS/779/10  3 March 1742

From his younger brothers and sister of the manor of Foresthill and lands in various parishes, Oxon., Bucks., in connection with his marriage settlement. Initial cut out. Seals.

Lease by Robert Harley and James West, both of Lincoln's Inn  SAL/MS/779/11  7 March 1750/1

Acting for Henrietta, Countess of Oxford, to Thomas and George Gibson of ground off Tichfield St., Marylebone, Middlx.. Engraved initial with royal arms. Seals.

Sale by John Crocker of Appledore and Mary his wife  SAL/MS/779/12  29 Nov. 1752

To Jeremiah Ley of Munckleigh (Monkleigh), Devon, of houses in Easter Appledore, Northam, Devon. Seals.

Assignment of the lease of the manor of Thaxted and other properties in Thaxted, Essex, by Marshe Dickinson, alderman of the City of London, and Charles Smyth, to Stephen Law  SAL/MS/779/13  30 July 1754

Imperfect. Seals.

Common recovery by Philip Davies  SAL/MS/779/14  1 June 1767

Of lands in Great Burstead, Essex, from George Ward; Engraved border and portrait of George III.

Lease for one year by William Harris  SAL/MS/779/15  11 Aug. 1767

To John Kendall the younger of a messuage in George Yard, St Andrew's, Holborn. Seal.

Common recovery by Thomas Crosse  SAL/MS/779/16  28 Nov. 1767

Of a messuage in St Giles Cripplegate, London, from George Ainge. Engraved border and portrait of George III.

Lease for one year  SAL/MS/779/17  21 May 1781

Of a house in George Yard, St Andrew's, Holborn, by John Harper and William Summerfield to John Beck Heather of Long Acre. Fragments of seals.

Sale of a messuage  SAL/MS/779/18  28 Sept. 1785

Called Rhwrwch Issa in Kylycomb (Kilycwm), Carmarthen, to David Lloyd. The sale was by agreement of a number of parties whose signatures and seals appear at the foot.

Assignment in trust to Ambrose Hall, factor of the City of London  SAL/MS/779/19  Aug. 1793

Acting for the creditors of William Williams, factor, of the latter's goods and personal estate.

Assignment of ground in Marylebone, Middlx., by Humphry Hall and others to Joseph Scott  SAL/MS/779/20  17 Dec. 1795


Deeds relating to Shropshire, Somerset, Worcestershire, Yorkshire, and miscellaneous appointments, wills, etc.  SAL/MS/780/1-31  13th-20th century

Including an injunction conc. Alexander Pope (SAL/MS/780/24).

Shropshire. Deeds  SAL/MS/780/1-3  1598-1664

Lease by Edward Stanley of Tong Castle  SAL/MS/780/1  1 Aug. 1598

To Thomas Mason and others of a cottage in Tong. Part of one seal extant.

Lease by John Painton of Tong  SAL/MS/780/2  29 March 1613

To Edward Bysshton of Kylsall (Kilsall, in Donington) of a messuage and lands in Tong Norton

Lease by William Pierrepont of Thoresby, Notts.  SAL/MS/780/3  18 March 1663/4?

To Richard Pendrell of Hobald Grange, of a messuage and lands in Tong. Seal.

Somerset. Deeds  SAL/MS/780/4-5  1677 - 1772

Lease by Thomas Abbott of S. Cheriton  SAL/MS/780/4  13 June 1677

To Christian Hancock, widow, of a cottage called Penynge in N. Cheriton

Sale by Robert Jeanes of N. Cheriton to John Jeanes of a house in N. Cheriton. Royal arms in initial. Seal.  SAL/MS/780/5  13 Apr. 1772

Worcestershire Deeds  SAL/MS/780/6-9  1667 - 1707

Quitclaim by Maudlyn Parsons of Holdfast Queenhill  SAL/MS/780/6  25 Apr. 1667

To her youngest son Edward relating to land in Upton upon Severn

Sale by Rowland Taylor and Elizabeth his wife  SAL/MS/780/7  17 Jan. 1670/1

To Henry Taylor of Worcester, of land in Powick

Lease by Sir Henry Lyttelton, 2nd Bt., and others  SAL/MS/780/8  10 July 1685

To Nicholas Wood of Bewdley, of a meadow in Bewdley

Lease for one year by Richard Symonds and Elizabeth his wife  SAL/MS/780/9  26 March 1707

To Joseph Terret and Hopewell Hayward of a messuage called Taylors in Longdon. Seals.

Yorkshire. Deeds  SAL/MS/780/10-21  1595 - 1718

Sale by Robert Roodes alias Sever of Mirfield  SAL/MS/780/10  11 Aug. 1595

To Thomas, John and Henry Roodes alias Sever (sons of Thomas, decd.) of a messuage and lands in Mirfield

Grant by Thomas Staveley of Thormanby and Richard Staveley his heir  SAL/MS/780/11  8 Oct. 1658

To Thomas Tomlinson of Birdforth and Henry Thomson of Ripon of rent-charge on a capital messuage and lands in Thormanby

Will of Thomas Jepson of Mirfield.  SAL/MS/780/12  6 Jan. 1662/3

Seal. With probate.

Will of John Jepson of Mirfield.  SAL/MS/780/13  11 Oct. 1670

With probate.

Indenture  SAL/MS/780/14  26 Dec. 1693

Witnessing the grant of a thousand year lease of a messuage and lands in Heckmondwike by William Hepworth of Mirfield to George Marriot, son of Thomas Marriot, in consideration of payments made by other parties

Bond of William Hepworth of Mirfield  SAL/MS/780/15  26 Dec. 1693

To Thomas Marriot of Mirfield in £30. Seal.

Lease for one year by Bryan Bolton of Stainburn and others  SAL/MS/780/16  20 May 1700

To Thomas Weightman of a messuage and lands in Upper Boothroyd. Three seals.

Mortgage by Bryan Bolton of Stainburn  SAL/MS/780/17  21 May 1700

To Thomas Weightman of Mirfield of a messuage and lands in Upper Boothroyd

Bond of George Hurst of Mirfield  SAL/MS/780/18  10 March 1701/2

To William Turner in £1000

Lease for one year by John Turner of Mirfield  SAL/MS/780/19  24 Aug. 1704

To his son William of farms in Dewsbury and Mirfield. Seal.

Release by William Hall of Mirfield  SAL/MS/780/20  21 Sept. 1704

To John Turner relating to a money bond. Seal.

Final concord  SAL/MS/780/21  9 June 1718

Between Samuel Saunders, clerk, and Margaret his wife, and Charles Otway, LL.D, and others, relating to a lease to the latter of lands in Sedburgh

Miscellaneous. Deeds  SAL/MS/780/22-31  1404 - 1935

Confirmation by Peter, Bp of Cambrai  SAL/MS/780/22  11 June 1404

Relating to the presentation and collation of a chaplain of the BVM in the parish church of Mollem (near Assche, Brabant, Belgium)

Note: Transferred to SAL/MS/649/16

Appointment  SAL/MS/780/23  30? Dec. 1688

By William Henry, Prince of Orange, of Paul Margreeth as surgeon of the Regiment of Foot commanded by Col. John Hales. Signed by the Prince.

Injunction from the Court of Chancery  SAL/MS/780/24  6 June 1741

Served on the bookseller and publisher Edmund Curll on behalf of Alexander Pope. Part of the legal processes in Pope v. Curll. Pope accused Curll of publishing his correspondence with Dean Swift and others without permission. Half Great Seal.

Appointment of Peake Garland as a Trustee of the Epsom-Ewell-Tooting and Ewell-Kingston upon Thames and Thames Ditton Turnpike Trust.  SAL/MS/780/25  21 Aug. 1773

With signatures and seals of nine of the trustees.

Letters Patent by writ of Privy Seal creating William Aston Blount, Genealogist of the Order of the Bath, Blanc Coursier Herald, and announcing the uniting of this office and that of Genealogist of the Order of the Bath  SAL/MS/780/26  10 Jan. 1832

Engraved border incorporating the royal arms of George III, temp. 1801-16, and portrait busts of George III and Queen Charlotte.

Patent to Peter Hyde Astley and John Figgins Stephens for 'An improved construction for floating vessels ...'  SAL/MS/780/27  2 Oct. 1852

Engraved border with royal arms and badges.

Probate wills (7)  SAL/MS/780/28  1665-1853

John Beech of Lincoln, fellmonger, will 2 Aug. 1665, probate 30 Nov. 1665; Henry Brown of Westminster, physician, will 4 Feb. 1788, probate 15 Sept. 1788; Mrs Sarah Shrubsole of Holborn, will 30 May 1806, probate 25 May 1819; Mrs Elizabeth le Gros of Hackney, will 7 March 1819, probate 17 June 1819; William Norris of St Kew, Cornwall, will 17 July 1821, administration 8 Jan. 1829; David Solomon of Commercial Road, Middx., will 5 Nov. 1850, probate 23 Oct. 1851; James Hocken of Fulham and Hanover Square, Middlx., will 1 Sept. 1853, probate 14 March 1855. Most with PCC wafer seals.

Licence of Randall Thomas, Archbp of Canterbury  SAL/MS/780/29  21 June 1905

For the marriage of George Kelsey of Brasted, Kent, and Ida Seymour of Brasted. Wafer seal. Together with two wafer seals from earlier licences; and seal impression of John Reginald, Bp of Rochester, 1905.

Licence from Cosmo Gordon, Archbp of Canterbury  SAL/MS/780/30  24 July 1935

For the marriage of William Charles Vaughan of St Mary, Chatham and Jessie Packham of St Margaret, Rochester. Wafer seal.

Bundle of wax seals  SAL/MS/780/31  n.d

(11) detached from deeds.

HERALDRY; Transcripts of rolls of arms  SAL/MS/781  [n.d.]

Paper. 1865, n.d. Folio. Unbound, in a dark brown binder, labelled 'Rolls AE. A. D. G. J.'

By Charles Spencer Perceval (1829-89), LL.D, FSA, and (item 3a below) Sir Augustus Wollaston Franks (1826-97), KCB, PSA; 1865, n.d. As follows:- (1) 'Roll A'. Dering roll. From the manuscript owned by Dr Henry Wellesley (now BL Add. MS 38537). Copied before the fire at Sotheby's in the summer of 1865. Aspilogia, I (1950), 15;- (2) 'Roll AE'. Heralds' roll. From the manuscript owned by Dr Henry Wellesley (now Fitzwilliam Museum SAL/MS/297). Copied before the fire at Sotheby's when the manuscript was damaged. With a note on provenance, analysis and other notes. Ibid., 10-11;- (3) 'Roll D'. Camden Roll:- (a) Transcript by Franks from 'the real Camden roll' (BL Cotton Roll xv. 8), with index of names. Ibid., 16;- (b) From BL Harl. MS 6137, fols. 66v-72v. Ibid., 17;- (4) 'G Roll'. Segar's roll. From BL Harl. MS 6137, fols. 61-6. Ibid., 18;- (5) 'Papworth J'. Guillim's roll. From the copy by Nicholas Charles, BL Harl. MS 6589, fols. 44-5. Ibid., 26. Dr Wellesley's manuscripts (see items (1) and (2) above) were exhibited to SA, 6 Apr. 1865, before the fire at Sotheby's (Proc., 2nd ser., 3 (1864-7), 107).

LYSONS COLLECTION.  SAL/MS/782/1-15  18th - 20th century

Paper. Late 18th-early 20th century. Notebooks and papers in five boxes, with one large folio volume and one portfolio.

Source of acquisition: Presented in July 1949 by Daniel Lysons, Esq., through Lindsay Fleming, Esq., FSA, of Aldwick Grange, Bognor Regis, Sussex. A.J., 30 (1950), 235.

Papers and topographical drawings, etc., of members of the Lysons family, chiefly of the Rev. Daniel Lysons (1762-1834), FRS, FSA, FLS, rector of Rodmarton, Glos., his brother Samuel Lysons (1763-1819), VPRS, Director SA, Keeper of the Records at the Tower, and the former's son, the Rev. Samuel Lysons (1806-77), Canon of Gloucester, 1867; late 18th-early 20th century. See also SA Prints and Drawings Collections; BL Add. MSS 9408-71 (collections relating to D. and S. Lysons, Magna Britannica, 1806-22); Lindsay Fleming, Memoir and Select Letters of Samuel Lysons (1934) (letters and extracts from the collections at Aldwick Grange; copy in SAL).

Commonplace books of the Rev. Daniel Lysons.  SAL/MS/782/1-2  18th - 20th century

Two volumes. The first contains extracts relating to Dr Johnson, Mrs Thrale, Horace Walpole, and others, with printed items laid down; the second contains mostly printed material but includes an autograph note of Princess Dashkov. Octavo. Green vellum.

Notebook of the Rev. Daniel Lysons containing copies of prayers mostly for Sunday services  SAL/MS/782/3  18th - 20th century

Small quarto. Half leather, light brown, with marbled boards.

At the reverse end memoranda relating to the Lysons and connected families.

Marriage settlement (draft) of Daniel Lysons, and related family papers.  SAL/MS/782/4  1801

Papers and letters of Samuel Lysons, senior  SAL/MS/782/5  1797-1817

Mainly as Director SA, including communications by Lysons to SA, 1802-15; and letters to him from Thomas Astle, John Brand, Francis Douce, Sir Henry Ellis, Richard Gough, Richard Smirke, Charles Towneley, Robert Studley Vidal, and others

Letters from or to members of the Lysons family  SAL/MS/782/6  1791-1892

Including letters from Sarah Lysons, aunt of Daniel Lysons, Elizabeth Lysons, sister of Daniel and Samuel Lysons; letters to Samuel Lysons, senior, from Thomas Kerrich, and John Hawkins, of Bignor Park; letters to Canon Lysons, etc. With a pencil portrait of Daniel Lysons, 1826.

Etchings, engravings, pencil and wash drawings, many by Samuel Lysons, senior, relating to his publications  SAL/MS/782/7  18th - 20th century

(e.g. Antiquities at Woodchester (1797); Gloucestershire Antiquities (1803), and some probably by Daniel Lysons. The collection also contains work by other artists, e.g. Samuel Prout, and includes the coloured drawing of ancient stained glass in the church of Beer Ferrers, Devon, on which C. A. Stothard was working when he fell to his death, 28 May 1824. A drawing of Bp Northwold's monument in Ely Cathedral may also be by Stothard. Various sizes. Unbound in a large quarto portfolio, green cloth spine, with marbled boards. Presented by Sir A. W. Franks, 15 June 1882. Proc., 2nd ser., 9 (1881-3), 158-9.

Sketchbook containing pencil drawings from the antique and from life; at the end studies of trees.  SAL/MS/782/8  1824

Some items cut out. List of paintings, in Italian, at the back. Owned by Samuel Lysons, junior (afterwards Canon Lysons), in 1824. Quarto. Vellum, with flap.

Diary of a continental tour made by Samuel Lysons, junior, with H. Hippisley  SAL/MS/782/9  Apr.-Aug. 1830

Describes visits to Holland, Germany, Switzerland and France, and includes an account of the July revolution in Paris. Oblong octavo. Leather, brown.

Diary of Samuel Lysons, junior  SAL/MS/782/10  1834

Octavo. Black leather, with flap.

With cash accounts

Notes and drafts by (Canon) Lysons  SAL/MS/782/11  18th - 20th century

(1) 'The Symbol of the Cross in Britain';- (2) Marcus Aurelius Carausius (Emperor of Britain, AD 286-93), his son Silvius, and possible connections of the latter with Cornwall (inscription at St Just, Penwith).

Notes and pedigrees relating to the Lysons and connected families, some by Canon Lysons  SAL/MS/782/12  1907
Language:  Arabic

Included is a passport, for travel in Egypt

Letters mainly from Leonard Price to Mrs Lysons  SAL/MS/782/13  c. 1882-1910

(Née Gertrude Beck, 3rd wife of Canon Lysons) relating to the Lysons family.

Printed material  SAL/MS/782/14  1877-1890

Including:- Articles, press-cuttings relating to Canon Lysons; A History of Rodmarton Parish... (1890) (lecture by the Rev. Daniel George Lysons, son of Canon Lysons); J. P. Moore, A Short Account of Gloucester Cathedral (1877); miscellaneous printed matter relating to Gloucestershire, and unrelated.

Album of press-cuttings, etc., mainly relating to Gloucestershire, with some illustrative material  SAL/MS/782/15  c. 1731-1874

Includes words of poems and songs, a pen and wash view of the Thames-Severn canal (with press-cutting, 1787), and a lithograph, 1874, by J. P. Moore. Large folio. Half leather, brown, with marbled boards. Copies of D. and S. Lysons, Magna Britannia (Beds., Berks., Bucks.) (1806), and Additional Plates (1815) are preserved with SAL/MS/782. Some volumes have extra illustrations by T. Fisher, and all appear to have been owned and annotated by William Bromet (see his collection SAL/MS/449).


Paper. 1883-1946. Unbound (except SAL/MS/783/VIII, IX) and preserved in numerous boxes and binders. Letter, 25 July, n.y., from the Rev. Cyril Patrick Hankey, Dean of Ely (1951-69), relates to the offer of the MSS as a gift (SAL/MS/783/II)

Source of acquisition: Presented by Mrs Annie Gertrude Atkinson, 27 July 1949. SA correspondence file; A.J., 30 (1950), 235.

Collections of Thomas Dinham Atkinson, FRIBA (1864-1948), mainly relating to the history of architecture; Notes and drafts relating to published and unpublished works, many sketches and plans of buildings, including highly finished pencil drawings, with some personal material. Arranged by John Harvey, FSA.

Church plate of Cambridgeshire. Materials for an unpublished catalogue.  SAL/MS/783/I  1883-1946

Three boxes:- Box 1. Text (partly typescript), arranged by parishes. With illustrations (line drawings);- Box 2. Working notes and drafts for text;- Box 3. Similar notes for text; photographs and reproductions, not all relating to Cambs., with a few letters to Atkinson, cuttings and an offprint. See J. E. Foster and T. D. Atkinson, Catalogue of the Loan Collection of Plate exhibited at the Fitzwilliam Museum (1895, 1896 (illustrated)), where the project by the Cambridge Antiquarian Soc. to catalogue the church plate of Cambs. is mentioned (introduction to 1895 edition).

Orientation. Materials for a work on the orientation of churches.  SAL/MS/783/II  1883-1946

One box containing folders of notes on Egypt, the Bible and the East, etc.; one green binder containing draft text (partly typescript), with plans and cuttings. See Atkinson's article 'On the Orientation of Christian Churches', Church Quarterly Review, no. 256 (1939), 267-79.

Early churches in Rome.  SAL/MS/783/III  1883-1946

One envelope containing:- MS text, with revisions; MS lists of early churches; printed excerpts (Italian) relating to Rome; MS map of Rome by Atkinson, Nov. 1922, showing churches founded before AD 1000.

'An Architectural Atlas of England and Wales. With a descriptive index'.  SAL/MS/783/IV  1934-7

One box containing correspondence relating to the project, including a carbon copy of a letter to Methuen offering it for publication, 7 July 1936; copies of a circular letter asking for local assistance, 1935; lists of buildings included, by counties; sections of Ordnance Survey maps (10 mile series), marked in red with buildings included.

'The shrine of St Swithin', a collection of papers by various writers relating to Winchester Cathedral.  SAL/MS/783/V  1883-1946

Partly printed (see contents list). Includes offprints, cuttings, reproductions, a few photographs, original drawings, and letters to Atkinson. Red binder.

Shrines. Notes on shrines in England.  SAL/MS/783/VI  March 1938

Arranged alphabetically, Beverley-York, with drawings, plans and offprints. Also includes a translation (part summary) by R. S. T. Heseltine, from Henry Wharton, Anglia Sacra, I (1691), 610-77. Green binder.

Local Character in English Architecture. Materials for an unfinished book (a few sections published, e.g. in Proc. of the Cambridge Antiq. Soc., 40 (1944), 24-55; Hants.)  SAL/MS/783/VII  1944-1947

As follows:- A. Two boxes of revised and rough drafts, mostly arranged by counties, with some subject drafts, e.g. sculpture, roofs;- B. Nine boxes of illustrative material including reproductions, offprints, cuttings, with a few photographs. Mostly arranged by counties. Some miscellaneous and unsorted;- C. Green binder containing maps, mostly by Atkinson (a few published in 1947; see D);- D. Typescript, annotated with some illustrations, of Atkinson's Local style in English Architecture (1947).

Notebooks and sketchbooks.  SAL/MS/783/VIII  c. 1883-1946

Fifty-three notebooks and sketchbooks relating to churches, other early buildings, work on proposed publications, travels in Great Britain and France, with notes on particular subjects and books. Nos. 19-22 relate to Cambridge church plate; nos. 23-4 mainly to Ely; nos. 35-7 to France; nos. 39-52 consist mainly of subject notes (no. 39 local styles; no. 40 cottage gardens; no. 41 medieval costume; no. 43 crosses) and bibliographical notes. Some books consist entirely of pencil (a few crayon) drawings (e.g. nos. 35-7 Rouen, Paris, St Ouen; no. 38 early sketchbook fragment with loose drawings; no. 2 Stamford); other sketches, ground plans, measured drawings are included throughout. No. 53 is a diary for 1943. Five red boxes (nos. 1-12; 13-22; 23-33; 34-42; 43-52) and one separate volume (no. 53).

Volume of personal and family memoranda intended for Atkinson's son  SAL/MS/783/IX  1911-34

Including inventories of library, furniture, plate, etc. Folio. Red cloth spine, with grey board.

Miscellaneous plans, drawings, etc.  SAL/MS/783/X  1883-1946

One large box containing ground plans of early churches (with a letter to John Harvey relating to the possible revision of Atkinson's history of Ely); photographs mostly of Ely; and miscellaneous reproductions. Also included are original drawings, mostly pencil, by others, several initialled 'WMF', 1852-62, 'JW', 'WM'. With a green binder containing printed excerpts, mainly from The Builder, relating to old St Paul's, and churches in the City of London, and a copy, with many loose insertions, of the Rev. Brian Walker, On the Measurements and Valuations of the Domesday of Cambridgeshire (1884) (supplement to Cambridge Antiq. Soc. Communications 5). Other church plans, mostly tracings, are preserved in four cardboard tubes.

Large plans mainly relating to English cathedrals including five by the Rev. Robert Willis, FRS (1800-75)  SAL/MS/783/XI  1861, 1863

One folder.

See list.

DRUCE COLLECTION.  SAL/MS/784/1-25  20th century

Paper. 20th century. Mostly quarto and octavo. Seven red boxes, and separate volumes

Source of acquisition: Part of the bequest of George Claridge Druce, FSA, 1948. A.J., 29 (1949), 243, 246; 30 (1950), 235. SAL/MS/784/23-25 presented by the Rev. J. C. Dickinson, FSA, October 1966.

Collections by George Claridge Druce, FSA (c. 1860-1948), relating mainly to bestiaries and misericords; compiled 20th century. See A.J., 29 (1949), 246 (obituary). Together with three volumes relating to misericords compiled by 'J. H.' but numbered as part of the Druce collection (SAL/MS/784/23-5).

Ten scrapbooks (lettered A-K, excluding I)  SAL/MS/784/1-10  20th century

Containing notes, correspondence, cuttings, etc., relating not only to representations of animals but to churches in general. Quarto. Maroon spines, with brown cloth (A, B, D); half leather, maroon, with blue cloth (C, F-J); half leather, maroon, with brown cloth (E) or green cloth (K).

Subject and place indexes to SAL/MS/784/1-10.  SAL/MS/784/11-12  20th century

Indented index books. Small quarto. Half leather, black, with blue cloth.

Ten notebooks containing analyses of MS bestiaries.  SAL/MS/784/13-22  20th century

Contents of MSS are listed with descriptions of representations and folio references. As follows:- SAL/MS/784/13. BL Harl. 4751, 3244; Add. 11283; Royal 12 C.xix; Royal 12 F.xiii;- SAL/MS/784/14. BL Harl. 273, Sloane 3544 and 278, and Egerton 613; Westminster Chapter Library 22;- SAL/MS/784/15. Bodl. Lib., Douce 151, 167; Oxford, St John's College 178, 61;- SAL/MS/784/16. Bodl. Lib., Bodl. 602, 764, Douce 88, 132, Ashmole 1511;- SAL/MS/784/17. Cambridge, Univ. Lib. Kk-4-25, Ii-4-26, Gg-6-5;- SAL/MS/784/18. Cambridge, Fitzwilliam Museum 254; S. C. Cockerell MS; Dyson Perrins MS 26;- SAL/MS/784/19. Canterbury Cathedral Library D. 10; Paris, Arsenal 3516; Copenhagen, Univ. Lib. 673A;- SAL/MS/784/20. Brussels, Bibl. Roy. 10. 074; BL Royal 2 B.vii; Sion College L 40. 2/L. 28; BL Cotton Vespasian A vii, Stowe 1067; SAL/MS/784/21. Paris, Bibl. Nat. MSS fr. 1444, 14969-70, 14964;- SAL/MS/784/22. 'Bestiary texts transcribed or compared' containing entries arranged alphabetically by animals, with MS references. Octavo notebooks. SAL/MS/784/13, 14, 17-22, black; SAL/MS/784/15, 16, cloth, green. All in a red box.

Three volumes of notes mostly relating to misericords.  SAL/MS/784/23-25  after 1888-1902

Source of acquisition: Presented by the Rev. John Compton Dickinson, FSA, Oct. 1966

Numbered as part of the Druce collection but not compiled by him. Apparently collected by 'JH' (notes and dates throughout). The compiler derived some information from 'TAM's notes', 1888, etc. Quarto. Cloth, beige.
SAL/MS/784 Photographs. As follows:- (1) Four volumes relating to bestiaries. Scrapbooks containing photographs, other reproductions, a few drawings, etc., of buildings, MSS, furnishings, etc. Quarto. Spines mended with black tape, cloth, red (three volumes), green (one volume);- (2) Six similar volumes of photographs relating to misericords, arranged by places. Quarto. Spines mended in blue, cloth, green;- (3) One volume containing photographs in pockets, of architectural details of churches, carvings of beasts, etc. Large folio. Spine mended, cloth, red;- (4) One volume of photographs of misericords in Wells cathedral. Oblong quarto. Half leather, russet;- (5) One volume of mounted photographs of misericords in Worcester Cathedral. Quarto. Folder of cardboard, black spine, with pink tape.

HOPE NOTEBOOKS  SAL/MS/785  c. 1872-1917

Paper, c. 1872-1917. Thirty-five notebooks, mostly octavo, duodecimo, and unbound papers, in four red and three grey boxes

Source of acquisition: Partly (?SAL/MS/785/III-VII) received from Windsor Castle, through Sir Robert Mackworth-Young, FSA (Giftbook entry, 8 Jan. 1976).

Thirty-three notebooks and papers of Sir William Henry St John Hope (1854-1919), Asst. Sec. SA 1885-1910, relating to heraldry, medieval architecture, Windsor Castle, etc.. For his career and publications see A. Hamilton Thompson, A Bibliography of the Published Writings of Sir William St. John Hope Litt.D, D. C. L. (1929); Proc., 2nd ser., 32 (1919-20), 168-9 (obituary). Seven boxes.

Fourteen notebooks related to heraldry (particularly 1, 2), medieval architecture, etc  SAL/MS/785/I  19th century

Contents include:- 1. 'List of Arms and Seals of the University and Colleges of Cambridge'. See Proc., 2nd ser., 10 (1883-5), 26 Feb. 1885, 225-252, and Hope's paper in the Archaeological Journal, 51 (1894), 299-324. Black spine, with marbled boards;- 2. Order of the Garter, stall plates, etc. See Hope, The Stall Plates of the Knights of the Garter (1901). Black;- 3. Church notes, arms of bishops, bell inscriptions, epitaphs, etc. In several hands; c. 1872-5. Black;- 4. Church notes including heraldry; c. 1874-87. Black;- 4A. Fragment of a notebook containing a plan of Long Melford church, Suffolk, 1879, etc. (later notes inside covers). Oblong. Green paper covers;- 5. Arms of bishops, wooden effigies, maces exhibited at Rochester, 1886, extracts from wills, reference to the excavation of Kirkham priory, 1881; c. 1876-1905. Brown;- 6. Extracts from books and MSS. Includes a note on the opening of a vault under the watching tower, Christ Church, Oxford, 1 July 1889; c. 1881-94. Black;- 7. Church notes including heraldry; c. 1882-95. Black;- 7A. Notes and drawings relating to church and civic plate, 1884-94. Oblong. Marbled boards;- 8. English abbeys, cathedrals, with sketchplans and sections, Wells maces. Note on the lifting of two stones of the base of Odo's shrine, Canterbury, 9 March 1891; c. 1888-91. Black;- 9. Extracts from letterbooks (series H-R, etc.); c. 1889-93. Oblong. Green paper covers;- 10. English cathedrals, etc.; c. 1891-4. Black;- 11. Shrewsbury, Ludlow, Chester, etc.; c. 1894-1901, 1918. Black;- 12. Mount Grace Charterhouse; n.d. (1890s?), 1903. Maroon. One box.

Twelve notebooks relating to medieval architecture, etc.  SAL/MS/785/II  1896-1917

Contents include:- 13. Canterbury Cathedral; Jan. 1896. Black;- 14. Kirkstall Abbey; April 1896. Extracts from wills (burial wishes). Black;- 15. Malmesbury, Ilkley, Jervaulx, Wells statues, etc. Note relating to excavations at Uriconium, 25 Sept. 1899; c. 1899-1901. Black;- 16. Furness Abbey; c. 1900, 1907. Unbound;- 17. E. Anglia, churches and castles, miscellaneous church notes, Southwell, Winchester. Note relating to excavations at Richborough, 1-13 July 1910 'laid open the cross'; c.1901-10. Unbound, in black covers;- 18. Churchnotes, reredos at Christchurch, Hants., castles; c. 1902-8. Black;- 19. Wells sculpture, 1903, Glastonbury, 1909. Black;- 20. Extracts from MSS relating to architecture, church notes; c. 1903-5, 1918. Oblong. Green paper covers;- 21. Church notes; c. 1904. Black;- 22. Extracts relating to Westminster Abbey, E. Anglian churches; c. 1908-17. Pale blue cloth;- 23. Cowdray House; 1913-16. Dark green;- 24. York Minster, etc., measured plans. Note, 1915, 'Work from 9th Aug.-6 Nov. (=3 months)'. Graph paper. Dark green. One box.

Nine notebooks relating to Windsor Castle  SAL/MS/785/III  19th century

25-29. Extracts from public records. Quarto, marbled boards, with black (maroon) spines; 26, octavo, black;- 30-33. Oblong sketchbooks containing notes on buildings at Windsor Castle, with plans and sketches: Middle and Upper Baileys (30); Chapel woodwork (31); Lower Bailey and St George's Chapel (32); notes, plans (33). Natural linen (green, 32). One box.

Extracts of accounts  SAL/MS/785/IV  1825-1830

Temp. Henry VIII, from Bodl. Lib., MSS Rawl. 776, 777, 779-81, relating to Windsor. With printed material (Report from the Select Committee (1830); Estimates (1825-30)). One box.

Three folders containing the MS of Hope's Windsor Castle, an architectural history  SAL/MS/785/V-VII  1913

Three grey boxes


Paper. 19th century. Quarto and folio volumes, portfolios, etc., and one roll.

Source of acquisition: The collection was dispersed after Willson's death (Sotheby's sale, 30 May 1888). The present substantial part was purchased by SA in 1901 (Proc., 2nd ser., 19 (1901-3), 4, 13). SAL/MS/786/3/1 was presented by Mrs Binnall, widow of Canon Peter Binnall, FSA, 1989.

Collections of Edward James Willson, FSA, of Lincoln (1787-1854), architect and antiquary; with some earlier material, mostly 18th century. Willson worked with his father, then carpenter and joiner of Lincoln Cathedral, and restored the wooden ceiling of the Longland chantry; he later qualified as an architect, and as County Surveyor restored Lincoln Castle and many Lincolnshire churches. He wrote the text for Pugin's drawings in Specimens of Gothic Architecture (1821-5) and Examples of Gothic Architecture (1831-6) and collaborated with John Britton in a series of topographical publications. For further details see the Gentleman's Magazine, March 1855 (extract in SAL/MS/786/4, pp. 4-5); The Builder (6 Jan. 1855). See also C. R. J. Currie, C.P. Lewis (eds.), English County Histories. A Guide (Alan Sutton, Stroud, Glos., 1994), 250. The collections consist of a series of volumes (SAL/MS/786/1-20) and drawings, plans, engravings, etc., in portfolios and albums (SAL/MS/786/A-M) with a roll (SAL/MS/786/N). For full details of contents see the catalogue by Lincolnshire Archives and Lincolnshire Museum Service (1982; print-out in SAL).
SAL/MS/786/10 (Number not used).

Volumes.  SAL/MS/786/1-20  1808-1888

Interleaved and extra-illustrated copies of John Britton  SAL/MS/786/1-2 and 1 & 2  1808-1888

Lincolnshire or Original Delineations (1818) and The Beauties of England and Wales (1807) (Lincolnshire section). Three volumes. Quarto (SAL/MS/786/1, 2); octavo (SAL/MS/786/1 & 2). Originally half russet (red, SAL/MS/786/1 & 2) with marbled boards. Presentation note from Britton to 'Mr Wilson junr.' 'Nov 1808' in SAL/MS/786/1 & 2. Sotheby's sale, 30 May 1888, lots 290, 291.

Are albums containing drawings, notes, cuttings, etc.  SAL/MS/786/3-15  n.d

'Local Notes by Parishes & Wapentakes'  SAL/MS/786/3/1,3  19th century

Index of places, pp. 100 (mounts), each volume. Vols. I and III only. All three volumes in Sotheby's sale, 30 May 1888, lots 370-372; location of II unknown, 1984 (letter to Mrs Binnall, 22 Aug. 1984, tipped in Vol. I); I purchased by Canon Peter Binnall, FSA (d. 1980), after Sotheby's sale, 1 Nov. 1966, where it was lot 1184 (his note, p. 100); previously lot 199 in an unidentified sale. Presented to SA by Mrs E. S. Binnall, widow of Canon Binnall, 1989; III already in SA collection (acquired, 1901). Large quarto. Cloth, brown.

'Miscellanea. Portrait & Memoir of Mr. Willson - curiosities, glass, embroidery - Burial of Queen Alianor. Local notes in several parishes'  SAL/MS/786/4  19th century

Contents include a sample of hair cloth found in a coffin, 1842, p. 23; paintings, on red paper, of embroideries from Kingerby Hall chapel, pp. 33-9. Contents list. Index to local notes, pp. 75. Large quarto. Cloth, green. Sotheby's, 30 May 1888, lot 373.

'City of Lincoln. Parishes - Demolished Churches - Roads - Streets Discoveries - Recollections'  SAL/MS/786/5  n.d

Includes local reminiscences and a few letters, e.g. p. 70. Indexes. pp. 113. Large quarto. Marbled boards. Sotheby's, ibid., lot 374.

'City of Lincoln. Roman, Medieval, Modern ...'  SAL/MS/786/6  nd

Includes letters to Willson on antiquities, and printed material. Index, pp. 100. Quarto. Cloth, brown. Sotheby's, ibid., lot 375.

'Lincoln. The "Close". The "Bail"'  SAL/MS/786/7  nd

Includes many pencil, pen and wash drawings. Index, pp. 103. Large quarto. Cloth, black. Sotheby's, ibid., lot 376.

'Lincoln'. 'Notes on Cathedral Registry, dignities, duties,... the Choir... Chantries, Library... Tombs ...'  SAL/MS/786/8  nd

Includes sketchplans of locations of gravestones; measured drawings of brasses, etc. Index. pp. 101. Large quarto. Cloth, black. Sotheby's, ibid., lot 377.

'Notes for Memoirs of Bishops'. Index, pp. 100. Large quarto. Cloth, purple. Sotheby's, ibid., lot 378.  SAL/MS/786/9  c. 1808-53

'Marrat's Linconshire. The Author's Collections for continuing the work but remaining unprinted at his death'. 'Vol. I'.  SAL/MS/786/11  19th century

Notes and extracts by William Marrat, surveyor and publisher, author of The History of Lincolnshire (Boston, 1814), relating to various places in Lindsey and certain parishes in Kesteven.
Includes letters to Marrat, 1814, 1816. Index, pp. 95. Large quarto. Cloth, blue. Sotheby's, ibid., part of lot 380.

'Marrat's Lincolnshire. Vol: IInd'.  SAL/MS/786/12  1824-1831

Further notes on Kesteven and Holland, together with letters to Marrat, c. 1814, and to Willson, pp. 73-91, mostly from George Weir, 1825-31. With one letter, p. 75, from James Harrison, bellfounder, to Archdeacon Goddard, 1824. Printed material, pp. 93-7. Index. pp. 99. Large quarto. Cloth, blue. Sotheby's, ibid., part of lot 380.

'Bells - Coins - Tokens - with drawings Recollections'.  SAL/MS/786/13  19th century

Contains drawings, etc., of bells, pp. 3-30; drawings by Thomas James (d. 1826) of coins in his collection, pp. 32-45; list and drawings of tradesmen's tokens, Lincs., and elsewhere, pp. 47-53; recollections, with names and dates, pp. 54-61; further notes on Lincs. parishes, pp. 62-4; priest's hiding place, etc., at Irnham Hall, pp. 65-8. Index. pp. 68. Large quarto, blue. Sotheby's, ibid., lot 381.

'Buckden and Liddington Palaces, Stow Ch(urch) ...'  SAL/MS/786/14  19th century

With notes on Mercia, early sees, transcripts including (p. 45) an account of a visit to Lincoln in 1634 (from BL Lansdowne MS. 213), notes on the Civil Wars. Drawings, engravings, notes on Buckden Palace, pp. 2-21, Liddington, pp. 23-5. Index. pp. 68. Large quarto. Cloth, blue. Sotheby's, ibid., lot 382.

'Hospitals'  SAL/MS/786/15  1659-1768

Notes, with some documents relating to the hospitals of St John at the Mere, St Giles, Lincoln, St Edmund's at Spital on the Street, and the Malandry. Includes original documents relating to Mere vicarage, 1768, and the Malandry, 1659-1731. Also contains legal opinions, etc., conc. church leases; transcript of South Carlton Terrier, 1822, p. 81; pedigree and notes on the Wood family of Lincoln Castle. Contents list. pp. 101. Large quarto. Cloth, blue. Sotheby's, ibid., lot 383.

Transcripts, mainly 15th-16th century, of statutes, valuations, customs, etc. of Lincoln Cathedral  SAL/MS/786/16  1321-1546

Made from various sources including the Liber Niger, Novum Registrum, etc. Owned by William Snawdun, public notary (d. 1 Dec. 1559; see fols. ii verso, 97v). Contents list, fols. ii verso-iii. ff. vi + 120. Folio. Leather, brown. In sale of MSS of Sir Julius Caesar (d. 1636), 15 Dec. 1757, no. 92 (see cutting on the pastedown). Given to Willson by the Rev. Henry Vincent Bayley, DD, Archdeacon of Stow, formerly canon of Lincoln, 17 June 1832 (fol. i). Sotheby's, ibid., lot 360.

Collections for the history of the City of Lincoln by Thomas Sympson (d. 1750).  SAL/MS/786/17  early 19th century

A proctor of the Bishop's court and clerk of fabric to Lincoln Cathedral (note on the back pastedown), selected and copied, from Sympson's Adversaria, Bodl. Lib., MS Gough Lincs. 1. Contents of the Gough MS by Dr B. Bandinel, pp. 1-3, annotated with references to this transcript. Further contents lists, pp. 5, 6, and end. pp. 447. Folio. Half leather, brown, with marbled boards. Sotheby's, ibid., lot 345.

Samuel Pegge, senior, Lives of the Bishops of Lincoln (Remigius to Hugh of Wells)  SAL/MS/786/18  19th century

Copied for Willson from Bodl. Lib., MS Gough Lincs. 5 (see letter to him, p. 180, from Dr B. Bandinel, 1817). Contents list. ff. 183. Folio. Half leather, brown, with marbled boards. Sotheby's, ibid., lot 354.

BROWNE WILLIS  SAL/MS/786/19  18th Century

Browne Willis, A Survey of the Cathedrals of Lincoln, Ely... (published 1730)  SAL/MS/786/19/1  1730

Proof copy of pp. 1-330 (Lincoln Diocese) with the author's extensive MS notes. Quarto. pp. c. 340. Owned by John Cowper, Master of Choristers; given by him, 1799, to George Skelton, vicar choral and organist, from whom Willson purchased it. Formerly numbered SAL/MS/689. Quarto. Half leather, brown, with marbled boards. Sotheby's, ibid., lot 293.

The same as SAL/MS/786/19/1, interleaved, much annotated and added to by Willson. pp. 330 (plus notes). Quarto. Leather, brown, Sotheby's, ibid., lot 294.  SAL/MS/786/19/2  1730

Letters of Browne Willis (1682-1760) on antiquarian matters  SAL/MS/786/20  1714-1755

Mainly to Thomas Sympson (see SAL/MS/786/17) and to the Rev. T. Sympson, son of the preceding. Mounted in an album similar to SAL/MS/786/3-15. Includes letters (62) of Willis to T. Sympson, senior, 1732-48; (25) to the Rev. Thomas Sympson, junior, 1749-55; (3) to Archdeacon Trimnell, 1730-45; (1) from the Rev. R. Reynolds, later Bp of Lincoln, to the Rev. Mr. Palmer, rector of Ecton, 1714. pp. 99. Large quarto. Half leather, black. Sotheby's, ibid., lot 324.

Drawings, etc.  SAL/MS/786/A-N  17th-19th Century

Lincoln Cathedral  SAL/MS/786/A  17th-19th Century

Contains engravings by Hollar (1672), Daniel King and others; plans, including measured sections of pillars by Willson. Consists mainly of pencil and wash drawings by Willson including details of foliage decoration, drawings of heads, statues, etc. 204 items. Large quarto portfolio. Marbled boards, green cloth spine.

Plans and drawings, mainly of the Bishop's Palace, with some of the Vicars' Court, and Lincoln City Churches. 229 items. Large quarto.  SAL/MS/786/B  17th-19th Century

Binding as SAL/MS/786/A.

'Sculptures in Lincoln Minster'.  SAL/MS/786/C  17th-19th Century

Highly finished drawings, mostly pencil, mounted in a volume. Table of contents. ff. ii + 74. Folio. Half leather, purple. Sotheby's, 30 May 1888, lot 386.

'Drawings of Various Antiquities, and objects of Art, Roman, Medieval, etc. also of Stained-glass in the Minster and certain Parish-churches'.  SAL/MS/786/D  17th-19th Century

Contents include many paintings of glass. A similar volume to SAL/MS/786/C. Contents page. ff. 70. Folio. Binding as SAL/MS/786/C. Sotheby's, ibid., lot 387.

Drawings of Lincoln Cathedral.  SAL/MS/786/E  17th-19th Century

Apparently part of the collection owned by John Britton listed in a letter to Willson, 8 Apr. 1839, loosely inserted. Mostly pencil drawings, mounted in a similar volume. Last item a w/col view of the Cathedral by R. Cattermole. Index inserted. ff. 68. Quarto. Cloth, green.

'Tombs of the Burghersh, and Cantelupe Families'.  SAL/MS/786/F  17th-19th Century

Pencil drawings, including a fine series of weepers, and other figures on the Burghersh tomb. Includes arms, some coloured. Mounted in a similar volume. Contents page. ff. 46. Quarto. Cloth, purple, with leather spine. Sotheby's, ibid., lot 389.

'Lincoln Castle. Surveys plans, drawings, Notes... down to recent times - The Gaol - precints'.  SAL/MS/786/G  17th-19th Century

Many measured wash drawings and plans. Includes notes and reminiscences. With Reports of Sir Robert Smirke and Mr Edward James Willson on the State of Lincoln Castle (1835). Large folio. Half leather, blue. Sotheby's, ibid., lot 390.

Plans and drawings of the Bishop's Palace and Lincoln Cathedral  SAL/MS/786/H  17th-19th Century

Mostly by Willson. Also includes a pen and wash drawing of the South Porch of the Cathedral by James Smetham, 1839/40, pupil of Willson, and notes on the Palace. c. 75 items. Outsize quarto folder. Marbled boards.

Engraved views of Lincolnshire by B. Howlett.  SAL/MS/786/I  17th-19th Century

44 items. Green binder Sotheby's, ibid., part of lot 392.

'Engravings II'. Miscellaneous Lincolnshire engravings, etchings, and lithographs, mainly 19th century, mounted in a volume.  SAL/MS/786/J  17th-19th Century

Contents include engravings by B. Howlett, R. L. Wright, J. Greenwood, O. Jewitt (Jewett), and Thomas Medland (ancient gate in Lincoln Castle after a drawing by Sir H. Englefield, Bt., fol. 42), etchings by R. W. Billings and J. Le Keux. Index of places. ff. 50. Quarto. Half leather, black, with blue boards. Sotheby's, ibid., part of lot 392.

'Various Maps and Plans in the County and City, followed by local broadsides and notices'.  SAL/MS/786/K  17th-19th Century

Contents include:- Printed plans of Lincoln and Lincs.; tracing of Lincoln enclosure plan, 1811, fol. 6; plans of Lincoln Lunatic Asylum, 1817, 1822, fols. 12, 13; Cottesford Place, 1830, fol. 14; premises adjoining the Castle, 1808, before the erection of the Judges' Lodgings, copied by Willson, 1842, fol. 15; various other plans of premises in Lincoln; City Arms sale plan, fol. 24; tracing, Witham River from Lincoln Bargate Drain to Aubourn Mill and Brant to Bassingham Fen, 1827, fol. 38; various fen drainage plans; Lincoln Gasworks, n.d., fol. 44; estates in Old Bolingbroke, n.d., fol. 45; estates in Well, etc., sold 1837, fol. 46; plan and view of Riseholme estate, 1839, fol. 47; broadsheets, various, fols. 49-53. Contents list. Items mounted in a volume. ff. 54. Folio. Half leather, black, with blue boards. Sotheby's, ibid., lot 393.

'Some of Wm. Fowler's works - Varia - Impressions of Brasses'. Drawings, engravings, etc., by William Fowler of Winterton, near Brigg, Lincs., mostly relating to Yorks.  SAL/MS/786/L  17th-19th Century

Contents include Beverley and York Minsters, and the brass of Alan Flemyng in St Mary Magdalene, Newark (impression on silk), with printed prospectuses of this and other works, and letters (fol. 3v), c. 1799-1830, fols. 1-13; wash drawing by James Smetham of the Last Judgment, South Porch, Lincoln Cathedral (cf. SAL/MS/786/H), fol. 14. The brass rubbings, fols. 15-34, are apparently by Willson. Items mounted in a volume. Contents list. ff. 34. Large folio. Half leather, black, with blue boards. Sotheby's, ibid., lot 394.

Engravings of various churches and houses.  SAL/MS/786/M  17th-19th Century

Contents include views by William and Hilkiah Burgess, 1798, published 1800-5, fols. 2-13; Crowland Abbey, including SW view by Buck, fol. 15, statues on the West front by John Carter, fol. 16, West front, James Basire after Carter, 1782, fol. 33; Tattershall, James Basire (after Schnebbelie), from R. Gough, Sepulchral Monuments, II, part 2 (1796), fols. 17-21; J. Kip, Doddington Hall, fol. 23, and Grimsthorp Park, fol. 25; W. H. Toms, Hatherthorp Hall, fol. 24; aquatint (after T. Espin, 1807) of Louth Steeple, fol. 27, and engraving by Basire (after J. Wilcockson) of the same, 1774, fol. 28; W. Stennit (Stennett), Boston steeple, 1715, fol. 32, with later impression, fol. 31; Samuel and Nathaniel Buck, Large SW prospect of Lincoln, 1743, fol. 34. Mounted in a large folio volume. Contents list. ff. 34. Binding as SAL/MS/786/L. Sotheby's, ibid., lot 395.

'Plan of Lincoln Cathedral' by Willson  SAL/MS/786/N  1830

Original pen and wash drawing. With published plates of this and other plans from Archaeologia, 62 (1911). Roll.

HALL COLLECTION  SAL/MS/787/1-36  c 1920-30s

Paper, etc. c. 1920-30s. Seven grey boxes.

Source of acquisition: See correspondence, 1947, with Miss Margaret Hall, daughter of W. H. Hall, and her list of the collection, in the first box. Presented by Mrs W. H. Hall, widow of the compiler. A.J., 28 (1948), 223.

Papers and working materials of William Hamilton Hall, FSA (d. 1936), physician and surgeon, relating to Babylonian and Judaic chronology; Includes MS and typescript drafts for at least three works:- (1) 'A Great Babylonian. The Maker of the Chalak' (a measure of time), with additional heading 'Jewish Time-reckonings from Babylonia'. Preface dated 1931. SAL/MS/787/1-3, 27, 35, etc.;- (2) 'Evolution of Calendar. The Babylonians. SAL/MS/787/10, 22, 23, 31, 33;- (3) 'Studies in Albiruni/III/ On the Shorter Jewish Cycles' (i.e. the Sabbatical term; Jubilee period). SAL/MS/787/36. With notes relating to these works, tables and calculations (SAL/MS/787/4, 9, 28, 29), photographic prints and glass negatives (SAL/MS/787/5, 6, 32). The present numeration is that of Hall's daughter; see list in first box. SAL/MS/787/34 is a bound volume containing chronological lists from BC 1128-476, with occasional reference to historic events, e.g. dates of Olympic games. For a survey of styles of reckoning see The Cambridge History of Judaism, I (1984), chapter 3 (calendars and chronology).

GRAFFITI  SAL/MS/788/1-3  20th century

Paper. 20th century. Notebooks and unbound papers in three red boxes.

Source of acquisition: Bequeathed by the compiler, 1949. A.J., 29 (1949), 247 (obituary); 30 (1950), 235 (bequest).

Collections of graffiti in English churches compiled by Reginald L. Hine, FSA (1883-1949), consisting of notes, rubbings, photographs, and related correspondence and articles; Three boxes.

Box I  SAL/MS/788/1  20th century

(1) Three octavo volumes, nos. I, II, IV of a series (Vol. III was blank and not retained). Vols. I, II contain entries numbered 1-255, 256-353, on medieval graffiti. Index of places at the end of Vol. I. A few letters and photographs inserted (loose);- Vol. IV (mostly blank) contains entries 1-6 on modern graffiti. Leather (Vol. I reversed leather), brown. Hine's bookplates (two versions) and signatures;- (2) Blue linen octavo notebook containing notes on 'Masons Marks & Ecclesiastical Symbols'. Entries 1-76 arranged under places with drawings of marks. At the reverse end entries 1-17 on the significance of symbols;- (3) File of annotated rubbings of graffiti arranged under place names in alphabetical sections.

Box II  SAL/MS/788/2  20th century

(1) Correspondence including letters from G. G. Coulton, Harry Pollard, Sir Charles Peers, and many clergymen; 1916-25, n.d.;- (2) Miscellaneous notes;- (3) Offprints of articles relating to graffiti by Hine and others.

Box III  SAL/MS/788/3  20th century

(1) Photographs;- (2) Rubbings.

WAKEMAN COLLECTION  SAL/MS/790  late 12th century-1886
Language:  English, Latin and Welsh

Arrangement: SAL/MS/790/39, 40. Transferred in 1978 to SAL/MS/790/50/3, 2.
Part transferred in 1978 to SAL/MS/790/50/4.
SAL/MS/790/9. Now = SAL/MS/790/50/1.

Collection relating mainly to Monmouthshire, including transcripts from public and private records, historical notes, pedigrees, correspondence and some original charters and other documents, compiled by the Monmouthshire antiquary, Thomas Wakeman (c. 1788-1868), with some additions by Octavius Morgan, FSA (1803-88) See the obituary of Wakeman, JBAA, 25 (1869), 315. For further details of the collection see the typescript, by W. John Collett, Borough Librarian, Newport, and excerpt from the Proc. of the Monm. and Caerleon Ant. Assoc. (1893), 7-9, kept with the collection. Several volumes by Thomas Wakeman and Octavius Morgan, relating to the present collection, were published by the Association. The collection passed to Octavius Morgan and was presented to SA by his nephew, Henry Salusbury Milman, Director SA, 16 Apr. 1891. Proc., 2nd ser., 13 (1889-91), 300.

Transcripts, etc.  SAL/MS/790/1  12th-19th century

(1) Excerpts from PRO Charter, Patent (and other) Rolls, BL Add. Charter 5342 (Usk priory charter), Jesus College, Oxford (Monmouth Hospital charter) and much miscellaneous material;- (2) An original muster roll (one leaf) of the garrison of Chepstow Castle, 4 Oct. 1662;- (3) Letters to Thomas Wakeman, c. 1850-68;- (4) Printed material including:- Report to the... House of Commons (Jacob Tonson, 1719), conc. estates of popish recusants, forfeited estates, etc.; legal cases; cuttings from the Gentleman's Magazine relating to Monmouthshire; and a timetable of the Old Wye stage coach from Monmouth to Chepstow, 1857. Folio. Half leather, red, with marbled boards.

Notes on the Morgan pedigree, ending with the children of Sir William Morgan (d. 1731)  SAL/MS/790/2  Before 1731

One entry per page. Mostly blank. Folio. Vellum.

Notebooks (nine), with many loose insertions, including letters  SAL/MS/790/3  late 12th century-1886

(a) Pedigrees of Monmouthshire families, notes on the Welsh language, history, etc.;- (b) Extracts from Exchequer Rolls, etc., historical notes and pedigrees. Includes (loose) a printed programme of a concert, Monmouth, 15 August 1842;- (c) 'Of the Ancient Britons';- (d) Notes on the Liber Landavensis (NLW, MS Gwysaney I); calendar of Welsh saints, etc.; historical notes;- (e) Kemeys family; excerpts from PRO rolls; agricultural notes, etc.;- (f) Notes on British Museum MSS, PRO records; pedigrees. Printed squib (loose insertion) by 'O. M' (Octavius Morgan) relating to Dissenters;- (g) Pedigrees;- (h) Pedigrees, coloured coats of arms, etc. Loose material includes a vellum charter, 1591 (grant by Richard Wakeman, the younger, of pasture rights on Bredon Hill, in Beckford, Glos.); MS note, late 17th century, of chief rent belonging to the manor of Beckford; genealogical account of the Higford family;- (i) Pedigrees; historical notes; royal tribes of Wales. Loose insertions including printed notices of auction of property in Raglan of John Briggs, Newent, 13 Oct. 1806; and a warning of cholera in London, 1832. All quarto.

(Notes of the Cambrian Archaeological Association conference at Chepstow  SAL/MS/790/4  1854

Note: Bound diary). Not found.

Notebooks (twenty), with many loose insertions, including letters  SAL/MS/790/5  12th-19th century

(a) Extracts from PRO charters, Patent Rolls, etc.;- (b) Excerpts from PRO records;- (c) Transcripts and notes on charters, historical notes;- (d) Chronological notes conc. Monmouthshire extracted from the Liber Landavensis; druidical divinities; historical notes under places;- (e) 'The Armory of Gwent';- (f) Copies of Civil War newsletters; pedigrees;- (g) Pedigrees;- (h) Extracts from the Tintern chartulary; pedigrees; Valor Ecclesiasticus, 1535;- (i) Historical notes; calendar of Welsh saints;- (j)-(q) Genealogies and pedigrees;- (r) 'The Armory of Gwent';- (s) Sheriffs of Monmouthshire;- (t) Pedigrees. All quarto.

Loose papers  SAL/MS/790/6  1675-1744

Including:- (1) Transcripts of grant of tithes (from Patent Roll 25 Eliz., part 13); Bassaleg School deed, 1 Apr. 1675;- (2) Pedigrees of Kemeys and Morgan;- (3) Kemeys wills, and other notes on this family;- (4) Pencil drawing of an unidentified house;- (5) Excerpt from a court roll of Llanvair Discoed (surrender from Henry Heaven to William Harris), 1740;- (6) Printed material including House of Lords case relating to the estate of Sir William Morgan (d. 1731), 18 Apr. 1744;- (7) List of Welsh deeds in the Morgan collection. In a cardboard slip case.

Miscellaneous, mostly conc. Monmouthshire  SAL/MS/790/7  12th-19th century

(1) Twelve Latin charters, mostly grants to the De Bereford family of lands in Sutton Coldfield, Warws.; late 12th-14th century (no. 8 a later copy). Mounted on quarto sheets. With old photographic prints of the charters;- (2) Extracts, some 16th century, conc. property in Beckford, Glos.; other documents and transcripts relating to the same including an extent, 1604, and an indenture conc. Bredon Hill pasture, 1 Oct. 1618;- (3) Correspondence of the Higford family of Dixton, Glos., including letters of Judge Robert Tracey (1655-1735; see DNB) to John Higford, and others, c. 1720;- (4) Contemporary copy of the Institutions or Advice to his grandson (John Higford) by William Higford, set out as for publication, with poems addressed to the author and other members of the Higford family. The work was published, in abridged form, 1658. With a poem on the death of Edward Higford, 22 Jan. 1658. For William Higford (c. 1581-1657) see A. Wood, Athenae Oxon. (ed. P. Bliss, 4 vols., 1813-20), III, 429-30; DNB. For the circumstances of the original publication see the letter of Clement Barksdale to Anthony Wood, 8 Nov. 1683, in Bodl. Lib., MS Tanner 41, fol. 182v (inf. Ian Atherton, 1990). Two further copies of the longer manuscript version were owned by Sir Thomas Phillipps (Phillipps MSS 11587, 13098; the former was later sold at Sotheby's, 21-6 March 1895, lot 408; and the latter on 28-9 June 1965, lot 149; 19-22 June 1983, lot 295). The present copy omits Greek phrases in the original text. A later transcript, 1851, is BL Add. MS 45714;- (5) Poems, Latin and English, late 17th century;- (6) Copies of letters, etc., temp. Jas. II, including a letter of Magdalen College, Oxford, to a legal adviser conc. the disputed election of Anthony Farmer as their President, 3 Oct. 1687;- (7) Letters of Octavius Morgan, George Robinson (of the Cambrian Archaeological Association), etc., mid 19th century;- (8) Transcripts from surveys, 1651-1717, relating to manors of the Duke of Beaufort in Monmouthshire;- (9) Small notebook relating to Usk;- (10) Speech of James I in the Star Chamber and his charge to judges, 20 June 1616, contemporary copy made by Edward Wakeman (with an edition by Thomas Wakeman, c. 1848); legal cases, including the arraignment, 1631, of Mervin, Lord Audley, 2nd Earl of Castlehaven (see GEC); miscellaneous copies and extracts, including an account of the Battle of Navarino, 20 Oct. 1827, by Lieut. W. Morris, officer on HMS 'Genoa', sent to Miss Rogers of Dowdeswell (his future wife); pedigrees;- (11) Printed material including:- The Political Martyrs... persecuted in 1793-4... (for advocating the reform of Parliament) (London, Charles Wood, octavo); offprint, etc., by Octavius Morgan; description of a carved oak frieze from Usk priory (see SAL/MS/790/50/5); copy of the Hereford Times, 17 Aug. 1867, reporting the Hereford meeting of the Cambrian Archaeological Association. Portfolio. Half cloth, maroon, with marbled boards. Contents mostly loose.

Transcripts  SAL/MS/790/8  19th century

Including:- Valuation of lands belonging to Monmouth priory, 1557 (from BM Harl. SAL/MS/606); extent of Tregruk, 1315; survey of Chepstow, etc., 1567; extracts relating to Wentwood and from the Domesday Book; Usk charter (with note by Thomas Wakeman, 1844); Roman roads; grants of land; holy wells. Contents list, p. 170. pp. 171. Folio. Tan spine, with greenish marbled boards.

Monmouthshire Pedigrees, compiled by Thomas Wakeman.  SAL/MS/790/10-12  19th century

Three volumes containing:- Families of Welsh descent; families of Norman or English descent; miscellaneous. Many loose papers. Indexes. pp. 209, 174, 164. Folio. Tan spines, with greenish marbled boards.

Extracts relating to Monmouthshire from PRO Inquisitions, Patent Rolls, etc., and from BM Harleian MSS. Contents list. pp. 232.  SAL/MS/790/13  late 12th century-1886

Folio. Similar binding

Notes and extracts  SAL/MS/790/14  late 12th century-1886

From PRO Patent Rolls, Duchy of Lancaster records, Chancery records; copies of deeds owned by Henry M. Hawkins; comparison of the value of Monmouthshire livings in the Taxatio of Pope Nicholas I, 1291, and the Valor Ecclesiasticus, 1535. Contents list. pp. 164. Folio. Vellum.

'Records relating to the Lordship of Abergavenny ...'. Vol. I.  SAL/MS/790/15  24 May 1628

Includes transcripts from PRO Inquisitions; extracts from rentals, etc.; survey, pp. 180. Folio. Vellum.

Schedule of deeds and records to prove the pedigrees of the descendants of Llewellin ap Ivor of Tredegar and Angharad, compiled by Thomas Wakeman  SAL/MS/790/16  c.1850

With two letters of Wakeman to Octavius Morgan. Loose material includes a printed pedigree of Morgan of Pencoyd, with a note by Octavius Morgan acknowledging the work of Wakeman in compiling the pedigree from the Tredegar pedigrees. pp. 231. Folio. Vellum.

'Lordship of Abergavenny'.  SAL/MS/790/17  late 12th century-1886

Transcripts of rentals of manors. Contents list. pp. 261. Folio. Vellum.

Pedigrees of Monmouthshire families  SAL/MS/790/18-19  late 12th century-1886

Vol. 2 commences with the Morgans of Tredegar. Many loose papers including letters to Thomas Wakeman. pp. 225, 402. Folio. Half leather black, with marbled boards.

Index to pedigrees  SAL/MS/790/20  late 12th century-1886

Transcript of Usk burgage rents from a document owned by George Nichol lent to Wakeman, Jan. 1864; extracts from PRO State Papers relating to recusants. Portfolio. Purple cloth.

Pedigree of Charles Henry Compton Roberts (b. 1832), with a descriptive list and index to deeds, 21 Edw. III owned by him.  SAL/MS/790/21  1702

Together with printed material relating to the Popish Plot and (items 1-5) the attempt to murder John Arnold, JP for Monmouth, in London on 15 Apr. 1680:- (1) An Account of an Attempt Made upon... Mr Arnold (1680);- (2) Clamor Sanguinis ...;- (3) England's Second Warning-piece;- (4) The Bill of Indictment... against John Giles;- (5) The Information of Francisco de Faria (delivered at the Bar of the House of Commons, 1 Nov. 1680);- (6) Broadsheets relating to the Popish Plot:- (a) Miracles Reviv'd (1682);- (b) A Letter to Mr Miles Prance (23 Feb. 1681/2);- (c) Heraclitus Ridens (Dialogue, 11 Oct. 1681);- (d) Advice to the Men of Monmouth;- (7) An Act concerning the Sequestration of South Wales and County of Monmouth (23 Feb. 1648/9). Portfolio. Cloth, purple.

'Achau Saint o Went'. Welsh saints, early bishops, founders of churches.  SAL/MS/790/22  late 12th century-1886

With a pedigree of the kings (reguli) of Glamorgan and Gwent to illustrate the Liber Landavensis (NLW, MS Gwysaney I). Soft purple leather chemise.

Histories of Monmouth, Chepstow and other castles, Roman roads, etc., by Thomas Wakeman, read at meetings of the Monmouthshire and Caerleon Antiquarian Association.  SAL/MS/790/23  1845-1847

With a copy, by W. S. Rees, 1847, of the genealogy of Brychan derived from the MS of Llywelyn Offeiriad at Jesus College, Oxford, and notes by Rees on Welsh, Cornish and Breton saints, with a letter to Wakeman, 1845. Portfolio. Cloth, purple.

Miscellaneous  SAL/MS/790/24  19th century

(1) Transcripts and notes of charters, including the De Bereford charters in SAL/MS/790/7; schedule of deeds (Hen. III-Hen. VIII); list of books and papers in the library of the Graig (Wakeman's residence at Monmouth); money raised in the county of Monmouth by the poor rate, 1803;- (2) Pedigrees of Kemeys, Phillipps of Risca, Leigh, etc.;- (3) Criticism by Wakeman of a paper conc. the nationality of Monmouthshire;- (4) Report of the Sepulchral Monuments Committee (SA, 1872);- (5) Photographs of castles, etc., and of the De Bereford charters. Portfolio. Cloth, purple.

'Illustrations of Ancient Law Hands copied by Thomas Pryer ...' and presented by him to Thomas Wakeman  SAL/MS/790/25  1846

Source of acquisition: Presented by Miss Milman, 13 June 1894. Proc., 2nd ser., 15 (1893-5), 223.

Gives forms of alphabets, contractions; examples of texts. Quarto. Half leather, russet, with marbled boards. Signatures of Octavius Morgan and Henry Salusbury Milman, 1888, on the flyleaf.

Histories of the seven hundreds of Monmouthshire compiled from public records, etc., by Thomas Wakeman  SAL/MS/790/26-32  19th century

Now numbered (out of sequence) in the order Rhaglan, Caldicot, Wentllwch (SAL/MS/790/28 includes letters to and from Thomas Wakeman, and Octavius Morgan, with one letter from Sir Thomas Phillipps, Bt., 1851), Usk, Skenfrith, Abergavenny, continuation of Caldicot (Langston, Magor... Wentwood). pp. 189, 317, 323, 231, 255, 303, 97. Folio. Half leather, russet, with green cloth.

Miscellaneous excerpts from court rolls, etc., relating to the manor of Runston and St Peer, and other manors  SAL/MS/790/33  1546-1825

With transcripts of charters in private hands (owners named); list of churches and chapels in Monmouthshire, with dedications; extracts from the PRO; abstract of the grant of Llanthony priory to Sir Nicholas Arnold, knt., 1546, from a copy by Sir Thomas Phillipps. Maps of the manor and of the town and borough of Monmouth, 1825, by William Metcalf, surveyor. Half russet, with marbled boards.

Transcripts from Land Revenue records  SAL/MS/790/34  19th century

Of the survey of the manor of Garwaye or Garroway, Hereford, 1585, and of the rental of Sir William Herbert's possessions in Wales, 1469 (37 Hen. VI). Large quarto, folded, in an envelope.

Letters, notebooks, earlier papers, printed material, and miscellaneous notes  SAL/MS/790/35  late 12th century-1886

As follows:- (1) Letters mainly to Thomas Wakeman from W. S. Rees, Henry Hawkins, Octavius Morgan, Sir Thomas Phillipps, G. Steinman Steinman, and others; c. 1845-68;- (2) Letters mainly to Octavius Morgan from Edward Davies, Henry Prothero, H. S. Milman, Thomas Wakeman and others; c. 1851-85;- (3) Notebooks:- (a) Duodecimo (five), marbled covers, relating to the meeting of the Cambrian Archaeological Association at Monmouth, 18-21 Aug. 1857;- (b) Octavo, red, containing notes on pedigrees, heraldry, history, farm notes;- (c) Quarto (four), marbled covers, containing notes on pedigrees, Morgan family, etc.;- (4) Earlier papers, some original, including:- Assessment for taxation in Surrey, 4 Eliz.; letters (four) of Conon Parsons to his brother, John Wakeman, 1605-13; money bond of Henry, Lord Danvers, to John Wakeman, 1606; letter of William Higford to his brother, 1680/1; deed relating to an action in the Court of Common Pleas, signed by Edward Wakeman, 1688; poem on the death of William Lowther; stanzas from the Imperial camp before Belgrade, 18th century; letter to the Inclosure Commissioners conc. a claim in Aston upon Carrant, Glos.;- (5) Printed material including:- Tables of fees to be taken by Justices Clerks, 1790-1842; offprints; excerpts from county histories of Wales. One box (black spine, with brown paper) and two octavo green portfolios.

Transcripts  SAL/MS/790/36  late 12th century-1886

Mainly copies and extracts of charters, and extracts from Wentllwch rolls. One bundle.

Abstracts  SAL/MS/790/37  1864

Of wills of the Milborne (Milbourne) family, 1559-17th century. With letters of Thomas Milbourn to Thomas Wakeman, 1864. One bundle of folded papers.

Pedigrees and genealogical notes conc. Morgan of Tredegar, and other branches.  SAL/MS/790/38  late 12th century-1886

One bundle.

With indexes.

Letters, notebooks, miscellaneous transcripts and notes.  SAL/MS/790/41  1775-1886

Main contents:- (1) Letters of Thomas Wakeman to Henry M. Hawkins, 1843-62;- (2) Letters to Thomas Wakeman from W. S. Rees, with a poem, 1846, Charles H. Williams of Guernsey, 1865-7, and others;- (3) Letters of John Rowlands, 'Giraldus', Welsh secretary and librarian to Sir Thomas Phillipps, to Octavius Morgan, 1885-6, and papers conc. Rowlands including a printed account of his life;- (4) Notebooks:- (a) Duodecimo, marbled covers, containing extracts from PRO records, etc., and personal notes (conc. the estate of Wakeman's aunt);- (b) Duodecimo, red, containing notes on the Wakeman family, PRO extracts, genealogy;- (c) Octavo, green leather, containing PRO extracts, genealogy, notes on the Indian zodiac, equinox, Sanscrit, etc.;- (5) Letters, notes, printed material, and photographs relating to church plate, c. 1880-2;- (6) Earlier papers:- Letter of attorney of William Nichol, sheriff, appointing a representative in Westminster, 1775; poem, 18th century, beg. 'You Gentlemen of Monmouthshire';- (7) Photograph of a stone fragment found in the old church of St Mary's, Monmouth; drawing of a quarry tile from Caerleon Castle. Two bundles.

Transcripts  SAL/MS/790/42  18th century

Half reversed calf, with marbled boards.

Rental of Abergavenny; excerpts from Patent, Close and Escheat Rolls; notes on MPs; rectory and tithes of Chepstow; survey of the manor of Ifton, 1762; extracts from court rolls; and other copies, pp. 281. Bound volume. Folio

Miscellaneous  SAL/MS/790/43  1636 - 1867

(1) Black folder containing a contemporary copy, in a secretary's hand (endorsed 'never sent'), of a letter of William Laud, Archbp of Canterbury, to Sir Kenelm Digby after the latter's conversion to the Roman Catholic church, 27 March 1636. With a preceding note by Wakeman stating that the letter came from the archives of the Wakeman family at Beckford, Glos., with whom Laud was on friendly terms;- (2) Notes on Usk Hundred, etc.;- (3) Pedigrees, with notes and letters;- (4) Pencil sketch of the 'Druids' Altar' Guernsey, by Charles H. Williams, 1863;- (5) Note of deeds acquired by Thomas Wakeman, 1867, with an invoice;- (6) Letters of William Henry Cooke, QC, to Thomas Wakeman, 1867;- (7) Cuttings conc. murders and unusual deaths, in a folder marked 'Sheriffs of Monmouthshire'. One bundle.

Miscellaneous  SAL/MS/790/44  17th - 19th Century

(1) Papers relating to the purchase of the manor of Llebeneth by Henry Rumsey, interrupted by James Jones (Rumsey v. Lord Herbert), 1655;- (2) Notes on Chepstow, with 17th-century copies relating to the title of the Earl of Worcester to the Castle and manor of Chepstow, etc.;- (3) Papers by Thomas Wakeman for local meetings of the Monmouth and Caerleon Antiquarian Association;- (4) Transcripts and notes relating to Raglan Hundred;- (5) Transcripts of charters;- (6) Note of patrons of Monmouthshire livings;- (7) A few letters from W. S. Rees, 1846, and others. One bundle.

Genealogical notes, pedigrees, letters, etc., relating to Seys, Huntley, Herbert and many other families. One bundle.  SAL/MS/790/45  late 12th century-1886

Miscellaneous  SAL/MS/790/46  17th - 19th Century

Including:- (1) Notes on the early history of Wales;- (2) Notes on heraldry, Roman roads, British saints;- (3) Pedigrees and genealogical notes of the Morgan family;- (4) Notes and extracts from charters, a survey, 1667, court rolls of Wentwood, etc., much relating to the Morgan family;- (5) Notes on druids, Hindu divinities, King Arthur, etc.;- (6) A few letters interspersed. One bundle.

Twenty-five charters relating to Monmouthshire and Glamorgan  SAL/MS/790/47  1330-1577
Language:  Latin

Mostly Latin. Vellum. Most with seals. In a brown leather box lined with fragments of John Stevens, A Brief History of Spain (1701).

Nine charters relating to the lordship of Wentllwch (Wentlooge)  SAL/MS/790/47/A  1374-1513

As follows:- (1) Grant by Gronon ap Meuric to John Denys and David Perkin of lands in Wentllwch; 26 Oct. 1374;- (2) Letter of attorney of William Vaughan ap William Phil, to Thomas Kaerlyon, vicar of Marshfield, to deliver seisin of lands in Wentllwch to William Lewis; 28 Feb. 1478;- (3) Release by Morgan Kidwelly to Morgan John, son of Sir John Morgan, decd., of lands in Wentllwch, etc.; 4 Dec. 1494;- (4) Letter of attorney of Thomas ap Grono ap William to his son William to receive seisin of lands in Wentllwch; 31 July 1506;- (5) Grant (feoffment) by Thomas ap Grono ap William to Jenkin ap John ap Morgan and Jenkin ap Thomas ap William of lands in Wentllwch, with an English memorandum by the grantor that after death the grantees are to give account to his son William; 4 Aug. 1506;- (6) Bond by John Morgan, son and heir of Sir Morgan John, knt., and William John ap Hopkin to Lodowic ap John Gwyn to deliver seisin in the court of Yolton (in Wentlooge); 16 Dec. 1511;- (7) Grant by Jenkin Thomas ap William Llewelyn and Jenkin ap John ap Morgan to John ap William Jenkin of lands in Wentllwch from the feoffment of Thomas ap Grono; 20 March 1512;- (8) Agreement between John ap William of Marshfield and Jevan ap Llewelyn ap David ap William that the former had covenanted to give after his decease to Morgan ap Jevan Llewelyn and to Alison his wife lands in Wentllwch; 10 Aug. 1513;- (9) Counterpart of the same.

Seven charters, various parishes, Bedwellty to Kynoeth Meredith  SAL/MS/790/47/B  1330-1577

As follows:- (1) Grant by Jevan Llewelyn ap Jenkin to Nest daughter of Grono Ychan and her son of a tenement and land in Bedwellty; 14 July 1330;- (2) Grant by William Vaughan to John ap Jevan of lands in Kynoeth Meredith; 28 Jan. 1425;- (3) Grant by John ap Jevan ap Rees to William Vaughan and Margaret daughter of Rosser his wife of lands in Kynoeth Meredith; 29 Jan. 1425;- (4) Grant by Denysia late wife of John Gilbert of Cardiff widow to her daughter Christina of a tenement in Crokerton, 24 May 1437;- (5) Grant by William ap John ap Jevan to Margaret daughter of John ap Phillip his wife of lands which he had from his father in Wentllwch, etc.; 2 Sept. 1500;- (6) Grant by William ap Phil. Hopkin and Thomas Ll. ap Morgan to Llewelyn ap Morgan and Isabella his wife of lands in Bedwellty; 31 July 1532;- (7) Release by John Hughes of Caerleon to George Herbert of a messuage called the New Inn in Caerleon; 14 Feb. 1577.

Six charters, Llanarth to Machen and the hundred of Rumney  SAL/MS/790/47/C  1408-1544

As follows:- (1) Grant by Howel ap Grono ap Meuric and Ll. ap Grono ap Meuric to Howel ap Thomas of lands in Machen; 18 Nov. 1408;- (2) Grant by Morgan ap Glidd and Matilda his wife to his brother John ap Glidd of lands in Llanvedow in the parish of Llanvihangel; 7 July 1473;- (3) Grant by John Lowargh, chaplain, to Thomas ap Ll. Vaughan of a tenement in Llanvedow in Llanvihangel, in Senghenydd; 3 Nov. 1496;- (4) Admission of Thomas Collins to a messuage and lands in the hundred of Rumney (from a court roll of the chancery of Edward Duke of Buckingham, Lord of Newport); 21 Apr. 1501;- (5) Excerpt from a court roll of Lleistallabon (?Llys Tal-y-bont, near Cardiff) conc. the transfer of a messuage to Thomas ap William, Nest his wife and his son, for their lives; 3 May 1524;- (6) Grant by Rowland Morgan of Machen to William John Thomas of Oldenston of messuages and lands in Llanarth; 4 Oct. 1544.

Three charters relating to Glamorgan  SAL/MS/790/47/D  1346-1465

As follows:- (1) Grant by Jevan ap David Werean to Griffin ap Rees ap Howel of land in Kilvey, Glam.; 12 Apr. 1346;- (2) Grant by Lodowic ap Jevan Vaughan, chaplain, to Trehayne ap Philip of a moiety of lands which he had received from the latter and his wife, and of the other moiety to Thomas ap Jorvarth ap Blethyn for life; 1 Apr. 1413;- (3) Grant by William Vaughan ap William ap Phil. to his son William and his wife of lands in Gelligaer, in Senghenydd, Glam.; 5 June 1465.

CHARTERS AND DEEDS  SAL/MS/790/48  13th - 18th century

Fifty charters relating to Monmouthshire  SAL/MS/790/48/1  13th century-1616
Language:  Latin

Arranged under Magor, Marshfield, Newport, Redwick, St Bride's, and St Mellons; Mostly Latin. Vellum. Many with seals.

Magor. Six charters  SAL/MS/790/48/1/1  1378 - 1538

(1) Grant by Lodowic ap Evan, chaplain, and Roger Hick de Magor to Robert Hick and his wife of a burgage in Magor; 3 May 1378;- (2) Release by Morgan ap Jenkin to William ap John Vaughan and his wife of a burgage in Magor; 18 Apr. 1472;- (3) Grant by Thomas ap Morgan to John Pody of one acre of arable land in Magor; 4 Apr. 1482;- (4) Release by Thomas ap Jenkin to Thomas Morgan son of Sir John Morgan (no location given; ?not Magor); dated Machen, 8 Apr. 1497;- (5) Grant by Jenkin Pody of Magor to Henry Viele and his wife of a burgage in Magor; 3 Nov. 1512;- (6) Grant by Richard Bulleville to Thos. ap Howel and Ll. ap Philip of a moiety of a messuage and land in Magor; 12 Aug. 1538.

Marshfield. Ten charters  SAL/MS/790/48/1/2  1427 - 1542

(1) Grant by David ap Jevan ap David, clerk, to Jevan ap Madoc ap David of land in Marshfield; 28 March 1427;- (2) Another copy of the same (not a true counterpart);- (3) Grant by William ap Archan Vaughan, priest, to Sir David ap Jevan ap David, chaplain, of land in Marshfield; 15th century;- (4) Grant by Jevan ap Madoc ap David to Madoc ap Ll. ap Gruffuth and his wife of lands in Marshfield; 1438/9;- (5) Grant by Madoc ap Gruffuth to his daughter Nest of a tenement and lands in Marshfield; 1 May 1447;- (6) Grant by John ap William ap Jenkin to John ap Morgan, vicar of St Mellons, of lands in Marshfield; 3 Nov. 1483;- (7) Grant by Phil. ap Rosser to Thomas ap Howel and others of lands in Marshfield and St Mellons; 17 Sept. 1485;- (8) Bond by Thomas ap Grono and William his son to John ap William ap Jenkin to deliver seisin of lands in Marshfield; 27 Oct. 1508;- (9) Grant by John ap William ap Jenkin and his wife to William ap Morgan of a tenement and lands in Marshfield; 20 Oct. 1521;- (10) Bond by Rees ap Phil. and his wife to Henry VIII to abide by an arbitration decision in a dispute with William Robey and others; 18 Jan. 1542.

Newport. Six charters  SAL/MS/790/48/1/3  1432-1545

(1) Grant by John Seynt, burgess of Newport, to Master Richard Coly, vicar of St Gunleius (St Woolo's), of a tenement; 30 July 1432;- (2) Grant by Jevan ap Gruffuth ap Cronne to Thomas ap Gruffuth Vaughan of a burgage in Mill St., in the parish of St Lawrence; 2 Dec. 1449;- (3) Grant by William Davy son and heir of John Davy, to Alice Davy, widow of John, of a burgage in Coeshynges Lane in the parish of St Woolo's; 2 July 1470;- (4) Release by Jenkin John Taylor of Newport to Thomas ap Hopkin of his rights in a close called 'Bringlond' in Mill St.; 31 Jan. 1514;- (5) Lease by Thomas ap Hopkin, mayor of Newport, and others, to Ll. ap John Gwyn of a tenement pertaining to the church of St Lawrence; 22 Feb. 1519. English;- (6) Grant by John Kemeys, Lord of the manor of Rogerstone, to Matilda daughter of Jevan ap Hayle of a cottage near the castle ditch, Newport; 27 June 1545.

Redwick. Twelve charters  SAL/MS/790/48/1/4  1444-1616

For further details of items (1)-(10) see the calendar by W. H. Baker, County Archivist, Monmouth, kept with the collection. As follows;- (1) Release by Morgan ap Jenkyn ap Phelipp Esq. to John Gwyn of Redwick conc. lands in Redwick; 20 March 1454/5;- (2) Grant by Sir Thomas Morgan, lord of Langeston, to William John of Milton of a tenement and lands in Cat's Ash (near Caerleon); 10 Feb. 1494/5;- (3) Sale by John Wylkyne of Redwick to Henry Jone(s) of Redwick of lands in Redwick; 26 March 1582;- (4) Grant by John Wyllym of Porskywet, Monm., to William Morgan of Magor, of lands in Magor; 1 Oct. 1583;- (5) Release by William Morgan Bobuett of St Bride's, to Roger Wornoe of Redwick conc. lands in Redwick; 30 July 1590;- (6) Release by Matthew Harry of Llanarth and Elizabeth his wife to William Morgan of Magor, conc. lands in Magor; 3 Dec. 1598;- (7) Grant by James Morgan of Redwick, to Will. Pynner of Chepstow and John Watkin of Redwick of a messuage and lands in Redwick; 24 Oct. 1600;- (8) Sale by Thomas Hitchins of Horsley, Glos., and Ann his wife to Thomas Lowle of Redwick of a mansion house, lands, etc., in Redwick; 30 Apr. 1616;- (9) Plan of Cromvagor (Cwmfagor) in Wolvesnewton and Kilgwrrwg, Monm., including land of the Duke of Beaufort; early 17th century;- (10) Release by Edward Bassett, clerk, to Hugh Herman, and others, conc. lands in Sutton Coldfield, etc., Warw.; 7 March 1521/2;- (11) Grant by Lodwicus Mathew and Elizabeth his wife to Phil. Harding and Agnes his wife and others, of lands in Redwick; 1 July 1444;- (12) Grant by Ph. Gwyn of Redwick to John Watts of lands in Redwick; 17 March 1500/1.

St Bride's. Nine charters  SAL/MS/790/48/1/5  13th century-1448

As follows:- (1) Grant by Hen. fil. Hen. de Caldicot to John fil. David, clerk, of lands in St Bride's; late 13th century. Warranty clause excludes religious and Jews;- (2) Release by Henry Herbard (Herbert) heir of Henry, clerk, of Caldicot, to William son of Roger Thurbarn conc. lands in Heriotsfee in St Bride's; 31 Aug. 1332;- (3) Release by the same to Adam son of John Hobyn conc. lands in the same; same date;- (4) Grant by Thomas White to Roger Heming of lands in St Bride's; 21 Oct. 1383;- (5) Letter of attorney of John Whitesmith to Greg. ap Janyn to deliver seisin to John, clerk, of Newport, of pasture in St Bride's; 4 Dec. 1409;- (6) Release by John Bron, chaplain, to Will. Crede of lands held by feoffment from Grono ap Jevan in St Bride's; 29 June 1415;- (7) Release by Johanna daughter of Roger, wife of Gruffuth ap Grono ap Jevan ap David, to William Crede of lands in St Bride's; 30 June 1415;- (8) Grant by Ph. Davy to Alice Kedyk of land in St Bride's; 12 Apr. 1416;- (9) Grant by Thomas ap Morgan Vechan (Vaughan) to Richard Howeskin of lands in St Bride's; 7 Dec. 1448.

St Mellons. Seven charters  SAL/MS/790/48/1/6  1327-1519

As follows:- (1) Grant by Sir Robert de Bereford to Robert le White and Robert his son of lands in St Mellons in Wentllwch; 7 June 1327;- (2) Lease by William Howell, burgess of Bristol, to William ap Thomas ap William Madoc, Gwladys his wife, and their daughter Gwladys of a tenement in St Mellons; 8 Dec. 1475;- (3) Grant by Jevan ap Ll. ap David to Sir John Morgan of lands in St Mellons; 14 Sept. 1489;- (4) Bond of John ap William alias John Yoman to Ll. ap John Gwyn to deliver seisin of lands in St Mellons; 15 Mar. 1508/9;- (5) Letter of attorney of John ap Morgan son and heir of Sir Morgan ap John to Morgan ap Howell ap Jenkin to receive seisin of two tenements and lands in St Mellons; 24 Jan. 1512/13;- (6) Letter of attorney from Thomas ap Morgan to John David ap Ll. ap Yorothe to receive seisin of lands in St Mellons; 1 Feb. 1512/13;- (7) Grant by Ll. ap John Gwyn to William Stradling, clerk, Chancellor of St David's cathedral, and others of lands in St Mellons; 12 Aug. 1519.

Miscellaneous deeds  SAL/MS/790/48/2  1479-1722

Vellum and paper.
Language:  English and Latin

(1) Indulgence granted by brother John, guardian of the Friars Minor at Cardiff, to Howell ap Rees and Wenllian his son; 1479. Seal;- (2) Indulgence by brother John, master of the Order of the Holy Trinity and the Redemptor, of the house of Thelsford, diocese of Worcs., to Alison Davy; 1515. On the dorse are three forms of absolution;- (3) Grant by the Goldsmiths' Co. to Robert Ashurst, citizen and goldsmith, of lands, tenements and shops called Goldsmiths' Alley, etc.; 10 June 1550. Seal;- (4) Bond of Statute Staple from Giles Kemys of Newport to Roger Kemys of Bedminster, Som.; Bristol, 5 Jan. 1588. Seal. With the signature of John Barnes, mayor of Bristol, etc.;- (5) Receipts (5) and one bond to Francis Windham of Sandhill, Som., as executor of Mrs Joan Carne of Sandhill; 1613-14, 1625. See also SAL/MS/790/49/2, C(7);- (6) Bond from Mary Bodenham, widow, of Blackbrock in Skenfrith, Monm., to Thomas Morgan of Tredegar conc. the conveyance in trust for her of the manors of Dinder, Bringwyn alias Bodenham Court, etc., and the advowson of Dinder (?Dinedor, Heref.), to Edward, Lord Herbert, and others; 1640. Two copies (one, paper, with a legal opinion to Mr Morgan);- (7) Probate inventory (certified copy) of the goods of Edward Thomas of Michaelston y Vedw, Monm. (d. 15 May 1659); 23 May 1659;- (8) Note of terms of lease and use of well 'in the Great Baily' (parish not stated) by Lewis Harry to John Arney; 17 Dec. 1722.

Miscellaneous Papers  SAL/MS/790/49  1596-19th century

Miscellaneous papers relating to South Wales  SAL/MS/790/49/1  1596-19th century


Deeds and papers relating mostly to Monmouthshire  SAL/MS/790/49/1/A  1596-1684

(1) Lease by Roger Kemys of Wickwick, Glos., to Andrew Morgan of Michaelston y Vedw, Monm., of lands in Basseleg; 7 Aug. 1596;- (2) Bond of William Morgan of Peterston, and Rowland Morgan to Edward Roberts conc. lands in Peterston; 24 Sept. 1600;- (3) Bill of complaint in the Court of Exchequer, King's Bench, from Thomas Hall of London, conc. possession of chantry and chapel lands in Monm. and Glam., asking for a writ of subpoena for Edward Kemys and others to appear; Easter term, 7 Jas. I (1609). 21 sheets. Imperfect;- (4) Legal papers in Walter Jenkin v. Roger Watkin (Exchequer Pleas), partly relating to (3); 1606, 1631, etc.;- (5) Receipt by John Stevens of Sir William Morgan for the use of Thomas Morgan of Ruperra; 7 May 1622;- (6) Lease by Thomas Morgan to Edward Morice of Llanedeyrn, Glam., of lands in Roath, Glam.; 30 Nov. 1648;- (7) Lease by Mary Evans and Rowland Edwards to William George of lands in St Mellons; 13 May 1663;- (8) Letter of attorney of Edward Morice to Miles Matthew to receive moneys for Indigent Officers; 10 Dec. 1663;- (9) Release by Margaret Herbert and David Parry to William Morgan of Tredegar of a messuage in Llanthony Rytheuch, Monm.; 1 Nov. 1664;- (10) Agreement between Edward Morice and Rowland Williams of Marshfield regarding the marriage settlement of the former's grandson, a minor, conc. lands in Menethoslon (Mynyddislwyn) and St Bride's; 27 Oct. 1673;- (11) Papers relating to courts leet at Machen; 9 May 1684.

Bundle of receipts from publicans for expenditure at the election for Breconshire of Sir Charles Gould  SAL/MS/790/49/1/B  1787

Ground plan (ink) of Chepstow Castle by W. H. Greene  SAL/MS/790/49/1/C  1885


Key pedigree (printed) of Einon ap Collwyn, showing 21 descents  SAL/MS/790/49/1/D  19th century

Deeds and papers, mostly of the Morgan family of Tredegar, etc., Monm  SAL/MS/790/49/2  1605-1800

Seven bundles

Vellum and paper
Language:  English and Latin

Deeds relating to various parishes, Monm., etc.  SAL/MS/790/49/2/A  1607-73

As follows:- (1) Copy from a court roll of the manor of Cwmyoye conc. the transfer of lands in Oldcastle; 12 Aug. 1607;- (2) Grant by William Herbert, Earl of Pembroke, to Sir Thomas Morgan of Ruperra of the first presentment to the rectory of Machen; 2 Dec. 1628. Seal;- (3) Grant by David Morgan and others to Henry Herbert of a messuage and lands in Llantilio Pertholey, Monm.; 8 Aug. 1649;- (4) Grant by William Robert to Richard Roberts of a messuage in Rotherstreet, Abergavenny; 23 Oct. 1674;- (5) Release by Ann Morgan, wife of William Morgan, to Sir John Morgan of a capital messuage and lands in Machen; 4 July 1691;- (6) Letter of attorney of Charles Hutchins, rector of Trelleck, to John Hoskins to take seisin of customary lands in the manor of Liswerry, near Newport, Monm.; 6 Feb. 1695. Signatures and seals;- (7) Lease (printed form) by John Morgan of Tredegar to William Thomas of lands in Bassaleg; 3 Oct. 1710;- (8) Lease by Sir John Aubrey to Mary Morgan of a cottage in Llanmadoc, Glam.; 13 March 1728/9. With his signature and seal;- (9) Letter of attorney from Paul Morgan to two persons to receive moneys due to him as Receiver General of co. Monm.; 25 Jan. 1773. Signatures and seal.

Estate papers, mostly receipts, of Sir William Morgan of Tredegar  SAL/MS/790/49/2/B  1605-34

Estate and personal papers of the Morgan family  SAL/MS/790/49/2/C  1608-16, n.d

As follows:- (1) Acknowledgment of debt to Sir William Morgan of Tredegar by Thomas Williams; 4 July 1608;- (2) Copy of letter of Anthony Morgan to Henry, Lord Herbert, conc. charges against the former's deceased son-in-law, Anthony Morgan; Higford, 11 Aug. 1609;- (3) Note of moneys received; 1610;- (4) Note of legacies paid and debts of Thomas Morgan, decd., discharged by Anthony Morgan, junior; n.d.;- (5) Note of goods sold by Sir William Morgan to Sir Richard Fermor, 18 June 1611, with the latter's acknowledgement of debt in consideration thereof;- (6) Bond of Sir William Morgan of Tredegar to Richard Fermor of Somerton, Oxon., and others conc. the mansion house of Hayford (Heyford), Northants., etc.; n.d.;- (7) Receipt by Richard Hughes of Ewenny, Glam., and William Handley, overseers of the poor, to Francis Windham, executor of the will of Mrs Joan Carne of Sandle, Somerset, conc. her bequest to the poor of Ewenny; 17 Dec. 1616. See also SAL/MS/790/48/2, item (5);- (8) Statements by Thomas Turner and others of lands held by Nicholas Arnold under the lord of Abergavenny; n.d.

Estate and parish papers, Morgan family  SAL/MS/790/49/2/D  1646-67

As follows:- (1) Note of contribution moneys paid by Edmond Rice (Rees) of Peterson; 1 Oct. 1646;- (2) Release by John Morgan of Tredegar to his brother Thomas Morgan of lands listed, with an associated grant of rent charge and a bond; 1651;- (3) Papers conc. a marriage settlement and the estate of Edmond Morgan at Penllwyn Sarff, Newport; 1653;- (4) Letter of instruction to the Petty Constables of the parish of Llanedeyrn conc. an assessment; 1661;- (5) Rate made in Llanedeyrn; 1 June 1663;- (6) Note of moneys received by Rowland Morgan to the use of his cousin, Miles Morgan; 1666-7.

Estate receipts, and miscellaneous papers, including extracts from rolls of courts baron, 1721-6.  SAL/MS/790/49/2/E  1770-88

Accounts of payments to the Tredegar and Ruperra Volunteers on behalf of Sir Charles Morgan, Bt.  SAL/MS/790/49/2/F  1799-1800

Letters of attorney from Richard Lucas and William Winsmore, sheriffs of Monmouth, to George Evans to receive moneys due to them  SAL/MS/790/49/2/G  1766, 1768

Manorial and other papers  SAL/MS/790/50  16-19th Century

Court books (courts baron and leet) of the manor of Abergavenny., with courts leet of the manors of Pelenygg and Tregare Penrose; 17 May 1753-23  SAL/MS/790/50/1  June 1756

Two books (one imperfect), paper, in a brown leather pouch.

Note: Formerly numbered SAL/MS/790/9.

Rental of lands in Christchurch, Nash, Caerleon, etc.  SAL/MS/790/50/2  1 Oct. 1583

In the manor of Lebenith and Liswerry, of Sir William Herbert of St Julian's. Roll, vellum.

Note: Formerly SAL/MS/790/40

Survey and rental of Liswerry and Lebenith manor, Monm.  SAL/MS/790/50/3  13 March 1632/3

Roll, vellum. Four membranes.

Note: Formerly SAL/MS/790/39

Felix Farley's Bristol Journal nos. 2138, 2141 and 2191  SAL/MS/790/50/4  (10, 31 Oct. 1789, 23 Oct. 1790)

Source of acquisition: Given to H.S. Milman by Charles Hawkins (see the covering letter from Milman to Octavius Morgan, 10 May 1885)

Note: Formerly part of SAL/MS/790/41

Miscellaneous  SAL/MS/790/50/5  1843-1864

(1) MS excerpts from a priced sale-cat. of the sale of the effects of the Duke of Sussex, KG, 1843, sold by Christie and Manson by order of his executors, from the copy sent to one of the executors, Col. Kemeys Tynte of Halswell, Somerset. With two letters of Albert Way to Octavius Morgan, 29 Apr., 9 May 1864 (the second mentions a quarry tile found at Caerleon; see the drawing in SAL/MS/790/41);- (2) 'Carved Oak Cornice from the Priory at Usk'; 19th century. Printed roll. Reproduces heads, Tudor badges, coats of arms, etc. See also the printed description in SAL/MS/790/7 (item 11);- (3) Unidentified wooden block of an earthwork or castle.

PUDSEY PAPERS  SAL/MS/790/A  mostly 17th-18th century

Paper (and vellum). Five bundles. Mostly 17th-18th century. Loose papers in a box.

Source of acquisition: Found with the Wakeman Papers (SAL/MS/790) but provenance unknown.

Language:  English and Latin

Abstracts of title, copy wills, a few original deeds, litigation papers and pedigrees relating to the families of Pudsey and Jesson of Langley (in Sutton Coldfield) and Wishaw, Warws. with a few earlier documents. Five bundles:- I. Original deeds, including:- Bond of John Lisle to Thomas Fulthorp to abide by the decision of arbitrators conc. the title to the manors of Wishaw and Langley and the advowson of Wishaw, etc., 1515; arbitration award, 1607/8; marriage agreement, 1624; extract from a court roll, 1680; bond, 1695; final concord between J. Edey and Thomas Pudsey, 1698; release by Mary Scarfe to Alexander Jesson, 1765; indemnity to Alexander Jesson, 1774; printed conditions of sale of Langley estate after the death of Pudsey Jesson;- II. Abstracts of title to the manors of Langley and Wishaw, 12th-16th century, 17th century-1725; marriage settlement of George Pudsey, junior, and his second wife, Mary Gibbons, 1607; copy wills of Alexander Pudsey, DD, 1720, and Alexander Jesson, 1748-51; legal opinion conc. Pudsey Jesson's will, 1759; extract from a minute book of the corporation of Sutton relating to a grant of warren to Pudsey Jesson, 1733, and later assignment of warren by Alexander Jesson to Sir Charles Holt, 1774; parcels of land in Cooper's lease; various sale particulars;- III. Legal dispute relating to the manors of Langley and Wishaw, 1621-41;- IV. Miscellaneous, including coroner's inquest on the murder of William Pudsey by William Elson, at Birmingham, 5 Oct. 1593; notes of baptism of Richard Pudsey, 1616, and George Pudsey, 1639; power of attorney from Alexander Jesson to Henry Shaw (both of the Middle Temple) conc. the estate of Francis Jesson, 1769; letter from Henry Shaw to Alexander Jesson, on personal and business matters, before 1774;- V. Pedigrees of Pudsey, Jesson and related families, to the 17th and 18th centuries.


Paper. Mid 19th century. Unbound, in paper folders, in five grey boxes.

Source of acquisition: Presented by the compiler's sisters (letter of presentation from Miss Ethel H. Bell, 16 March 1889 in Box 5). See Proc., 2nd ser., 12 (1887-9), 140, 395.

Notes and extracts relating to royal interments by Doyne Courtenay Bell, FSA (d. 1888). Five boxes, arranged chronologically by reign, Will. I-Will. IV, with some later papers. Non-royal rulers are included, e.g. Oliver Cromwell. The notes are taken from chronicles, other historical sources, public records and some visits to sites. They cover causes of death, descriptions of funerals, incidents and superstitions, monuments and effigies and the later history of the same, including reopening of tombs. Some printed and illustrative material is included (published reproductions of effigies, a few engravings and drawings, etc.). For the later reigns there are numerous extracts from public records conc. funeral expenses, processions and other ceremonies. Printed material includes The Commonwealth Mercury, 18-25 Nov. 1658 (funeral of Cromwell); Valentine Green, An Account of the Discovery of the Body of King John (in Worcester cathedral) (1797); a copy (partly uncut) of The Times, 24 Dec. 1861 (funeral of Prince Albert). A few letters to the compiler, c. 1868-79, are in Box 5.

SOCIETY OF ANTIQUARIES. Miscellaneous papers relating to SA including papers read, statutes, election certificates, letters, etc.  SAL/MS/792  18th-19th centuries

Archival history:
Now incorporated in Ants. Papers, etc.

WILLIAM STUKELEY 'Origines Britannicae'  SAL/MS/793  Mid 18th century

Paper; paginated 3-62, with some duplicates. Mid 18th century. Folio. Modern grey folder

Archival history:
Presented by John Wickham Flower, c. 1863, to Surrey Archaeological Society (see letter, 22 March 1955). Deposited on permanent loan by Surrey Archaeological Society, 2 Dec. 1954 (Giftbook entry). A.J., 35 (1955), 282. Now preserved in Ants. Papers (Stukeley Box).

Fragment of a discourse on the origins of the Ancient Britons. Six chapters relating to Noah's Ark, the Flood, Julius Caesar, Brutus, Geoffrey of Monmouth, etc. Cites many authorities including Camden, Selden, etc. Six chapters, imperfect.

WILLIAM STUKELEY  SAL/MS/794  mid 18th century

Paper; paginated 1-93. Mid 18th century. Folio. Modern grey folder.

Archival history:
Provenance as for SAL/MS/793. Now preserved in Ants. Papers (Stukeley Box).

A similar discourse; Five chapters relating to the Deluge, the children of Japhet, the Empire of the Titans, the Celtic Empire and Albion the Great, the Island of Great Bryttane and the Cimbrians, and Addenda. Imperfect.

CASTLES. Collections of Bryan Hugh St John O'Neill, FSA (d. 1954), Chief Inspector of Ancient Monuments for Wales  SAL/MS/795/1-5  Mid 18th century

Paper. c. 1936-51. Quarto. Five green ring binders and one Melinex envelope.

Source of acquisition: Part of the bequest by the compiler. A.J., 35 (1955), 230, 285-6 (obituary).

Relating to castles, mainly medieval and mostly in Great Britain, but including foreign material; compiled c. 1936-51. Mainly notes from MS and printed sources on the history of building of castles, costs of garrisons, repairs, etc. Illustrated with drawings, some in situ, photographs, plans and related printed material. Many letters inserted. Five ring binders:- SAL/MS/795/1. Castles and earthworks, mostly temp, Civil Wars;- SAL/MS/792/2-5. Collections relating to Great Britain, Europe, with some miscellaneous material, e.g. correspondence and photographs relating to Spanish American forts.

JACOB SCHNEBBELIE  SAL/MS/796  Mid 18th century

Paper; ff. iii + 50. 1789. Oblong octavo. Leather, brown. In ink, fol. ii, '1534'.

Archival history:
Probably one of the three notebooks of Schnebbelie presented by Frederic Ouvry, PSA, 5 Dec. 1878 (Proc., 2nd ser., 7 (1876-8), 473). It is possible that the other two notebooks were split up and laid down in SAL/MS/263.

Notes and sketches, mostly pencil, made by Jacob Schnebbelie (1760-92) during a visit to Salisbury on behalf of Richard Gough; August 1789. The first sketch is dated 'Salisbury Aug 12 1789', fol. 1. Included, as well as details and a prospect of Salisbury Cathedral, 28 Aug. 1789, fol. 6, are drawings of St Martin's, Salisbury, a double-spread prospect, fols. 17v-18, one w/col landscape, fol. 15, a roof boss, fol. 23, and river views, fols. 29-32. Miscellaneous notes at the end include a descriptive list of portraits, painted 1726-35, location not given, fol. 49v. For Schnebbelie see SAL/MS/263.

WILLIAM BROMET. 'Notes made on the spot during a tour in 1840 by W. Bromet M. D. F. S. A.' (flyleaf)  SAL/MS/797  1840

Paper; 57 numbered articles. 1840. Narrow octavo, Marbled boards, with green cloth spine.

Source of acquisition: Bequeathed by the complier (d. 1850). Proc., 1st ser., 2 (1849-53), 152-3.

Church notes, with a few notes on secular buildings (e.g. Lincoln Castle), made during a tour through Northants., Lincs., Yorks., Durham, Northumberland, and back to Worcester and London; started Earls Barton 21 July, ended London 15 Sept. 1840. Contents list at the front gives the route and refers to the article numbers of entries. Some loose insertions. On the back pastedown a description of the Temple (biblical).

Note: See also SAL/MS/449 (Bromet collection).


Paper; ff. 15. c. 1864. Oblong octavo. Leather, maroon, with inside pocket and clasp.

Collections for lists of abbots, priors, deans, etc., extracted from printed and manuscript sources; Reference, fol. 4, to an exhibit by J. J. Howard, FSA, and C. S. Perceval, FSA, 16 June 1864 (Proc., 2nd ser., 2 (1861-4), 447). Apparently in the hand of Charles Spencer Perceval, FSA. Index, fols. 11v-15.


Paper. After 1852. Oblong octavo slips. Unbound papers in a red box.

Archival history:
Incorporated from SA records.

Two small collections of index slips relating to the catalogue of SA collection of proclamations to be compiled by Robert Lemon, junior, FSA (d. 1867); after 1852. The project was authorised in June 1852 (Library Committee Minutes, 26 June 1852). As follows:- (1) Series of slips arranged chronologically, 1315-1838. References are mostly to British Museum (Library) MSS, particularly Harley SAL/MS/442, printed sources, and (a few) to SA/MS/116;- (2) Slips arranged in folders by subjects, e.g. books, price of victuals, defective titles, fairs. References mostly to printed sources, particularly Rymer's Foedera, but include Harleian MSS. Robert Lemon's catalogue of SA collection of printed broadsides was published in 1866; his calendar of proclamations, in six parts, now bound in two volumes, is in SAL (Cab. Lib. E).

WILLS, ETC.  SAL/MS/800/1-3  mid 18th 19th century

Extracts from wills, and miscellaneous papers

Extracts from English wills.  SAL/MS/800/1  1791-1832

Compiled mid 19th century. Written on slips of paper tipped into an album. Preceded by a later index of names. Quarto. Cloth, green, front cover lettered in red and decorated in black and silver, with inset panel of deer, etc., in gold, black and green. Owned by George William Marshall, FSA, York Herald (d. 1905).

Papers partly relating to Messrs Elderton and Hall, merchants, with auction particulars of freehold estates of Richard Gough, Director SA, etc  SAL/MS/800/2  mid 18th century-1834

As follows:- (1) Two letters from Michael Sampson, respited prisoner in Newgate, to Mr Hall, merchant, and Sheriff Harley, complaining of his unhappy condition; mid 18th century;- (2) Invoices for goods and services supplied to Messrs Elderton and Hall, etc., 1765-9, with two later invoices, 1795, 1819;- (3) Shipping papers relating to:- (a) 'The Pomona', loading at Southwark for Plymouth, etc. Two printed notices of services, 1797;- (b) 'The Sandwich Packet'. Three bills of lading for conveyance of gold dust from Kingston, Jamaica, 1814, and two assurance agreements, August 1819;- (4) Auction particulars of freehold estates at:- (a) Cannons, Stanmore, 29 Apr. 1800;- (b) The 'Horse and Groom' in Lincoln's Inn, and five dwelling houses in Bartlett's Buildings, Holborn, 13 Dec. 1833. By order of the surviving executor of Richard Gough, deceased;- (c) Residence, etc., of Richard Gough at Forty Hill, Enfield, 11 Apr. 1834. By order of the surviving executor, named here as James Hall, of Salter's Hall;- (5) Pamphlet by H. V. Le Bas, The Charterhouse (1896), with pencil annotations. With a separate bookplate of John Paul Rylands, 1896.

Pedigree of the Dukes of Limburg and Luxemburg  SAL/MS/800/3  1810

Paper. Mid 18th-19th century. Quarto album and unbound papers. Presented by R. Marshall, of The Grange, Sarnesfield, Heref., through Frederick Charles Morgan, FSA, 1956 (his covering letter, 17 Dec. 1956, on file in SAL). A.J., 37 (1957), 267. Part of a larger gift which included SAL/MSS/801, 802, 982, and three account books, 15th and 16th centuries, one of which is SAL/MS/816 (see Giftbook entry, 20 Dec. 1956; Introduction, p. xxi).

From Salm, lived A.M 3934, to (last date mentioned) 1710); watermark 1810. With painted shields. Derived from W. Betham, Genealogical Tables (1795), Table 534, and other printed sources cited. Paper. Bifolium.

LEGH FAMILY  SAL/MS/801  17th century

Vellum roll; 2 membranes extant. Mid 17th century.

Source of acquisition: Presented by R. Marshall, 1956. See SAL/MS/800.

Pedigree of Legh of High Legh, Cheshire, from c. temp. Edw. IV; compiled mid 17th century, with additions to 1675. Lacks first membrane. Coloured shields of arms and, at the foot, a full achievement (with annotation, in a slightly later hand, that the coats were not rightly marshalled). For Legh of High Legh see Burke, Landed Gentry (1837), IV, 530-3.

DELAFIELD FAMILY  SAL/MS/802  19th century

Vellum and paper. Late 19th century.

Source of acquisition: Presented by R. Marshall, 1956. See SAL/MS/800

Pedigree of Delafield of Fieldston, Co. Kildare, from Hubert De La Feld, 1070, to the early 19th century (marriage of Lydia Delafield to Richard, 7th Earl of Cavan, 1814; latest date added 1823); compiled by the College of Heralds (heading), late 19th century. With miscellaneous notes, etc., relating to the pedigree, including a paper copy of the grant of nobility by Emperor Leopold to John Delafield (created Count of the Holy Roman Empire after the Battle of Zenta, 1697), and his lawful succession, 14 Dec. 1697; and a letter of W. J. De La Feld, 14 Oct. 1896, to George William Marshall, then Rouge Croix. For Delafield see also Burke, Landed Gentry (1837) I, 542-4.

CURWEN NOTEBOOKS  SAL/MS/803/1-10  [n.d.]

Paper. Nine notebooks and unbound papers. 1910-40, etc. Octavo. Black (SAL/MS/803/1, 9 red)

Source of acquisition: Presented by Dr E. Cecil Curwen, son of the compiler, 1958 (two letters, 28, 31 Jan. 1958, with the collection).

Nine field notebooks, etc., of Dr Eliot Curwen, MB, FSA (d. 1950), containing observations of sites and antiquities in Great Britain and Ireland; compiled mostly 1910-40. See obituary, A.J., 30 (1950), 237. Included are many sketches of camps and cromlechs, etc., and a few photographs (in SAL/MS/803/5-7). Indexes in SAL/MS/803/1-3, 8, 9. Main contents:-
SAL/MS/803/1-4. Sussex; 1915-40.
SAL/MS/803/5. Ireland; 1910, with later additions (photographs, 1947).
SAL/MS/803/6. Westmoreland; 1918. Unbound notes.
SAL/MS/803/7. Skye, N. England; 1919-21.
SAL/MS/803/8-10. West country, Cornwall and Wales (SAL/MS/803/9 includes sketches of fonts and churchyards); 1924-39.

JAMES MEW  SAL/MS/804  1880

Paper; ff. v + 129. c. 1880. Quarto. Thin black boards.

Source of acquisition: Presented by the Rev. Thomas Denis Scott Bayley, FSA, 12 May 1958. A.J., 38 (1958), 297.

Manuscripts of two unpublished books by James Mew, written in collaboration with John Ashton who provided the illustrations:- (1) 'The LEGENDS of the Creation and Fall of Man'; c. 1880? Written in a calligraphic hand. According to the Preface, fol. iv, the authors had intended to write a book on the legends of the Bible but were unable to interest a publisher in this first part. The text is based on the Bible, apocrypha, Rabbinic and other commentaries, etc. The illustrations are tracings of late medieval woodcuts. fols. 1-60;- (2) 'Spanish Street Ballads'. Translations by James Mew from printed chapbooks, 1790-c. 1880, mostly from copies in the British Museum. With illustrations traced or copied from the sources by John Ashton. fols. 61-129.

HERALDRY  SAL/MS/805  late 19th century-1905

Paper; pp. ix + 413. Late 19th century-1905, etc. Quarto. Leather, red, gilt-tooled (by Mudie). Card of the Rev. Henry L. Elliot, fol. i.

Source of acquisition: Presented by Miss J. B. Elliot, 26 Oct. 1959, fol. ii.

'The Lesser Ensigns of the Royal Families of England' compiled by the Rev. Henry L. Elliot, (fol. vii). Based mainly on printed sources listed at fols. viii verso-ix, with some references to MSS. Arranged under sovereigns, Edward the Confessor-Queen Anne, and members of their families, and including information on badges, livery collars, marks of cadency, seals, standards and supporters. With many small drawings, some coloured, and tracings. Table of royal descent from the Electress Sophia, pp. 388-93. Indexes, pp. 395-405. A few letters tipped in including one from J. Horace Round, 1910, p.106.

WILLIAM STUKELEY. 'Historia Coelestis or The History of the Heavens, being an explication of the Asterisms of the Coelestiall Sphere; whence the origin of Idolatry, and first deviation from the Patriarchal, and true Religion' by Dr William Stukeley  SAL/MS/806  1742

Paper; pp. xi + 125 (irregular) with unnumbered material at each end, and throughout. 1742. Quarto. Leather, brown, arms of Montagu on each cover. On the front pastedown the Hanoverian royal arms, and bookplate of the St John family. Engraving of an astronomical sphere laid down on the back pastedown. Presentation plate of K. S. Jewson, 12 Dec. 1958. A.J., 39 (1959), 353.

Interpretations of constellations and signs of the zodiac, suggesting identifications with biblical and mythological figures, e.g. Aquarius as Cain/Ganymede, Bootes as Noah. With wash drawings by Stukeley, e.g. 'Noah's Ark as originally design'd in the heavens'. Critical typescript notes by Walter Sampson inserted. Tipped in before p. 124 notes by Stukeley, on the verso of a letter from John Robinson relating to Lady Betty Germain's stewardship, 25 Jan. 1753. Index and Proem, pp. i-xi.

STRANGWAYS BOOK  SAL/MS/807  mid 20th century

Paper. Mid 20th century. Quarto. Photostats in a box, marbled boards.

Source of acquisition: Acquired by Hugh Stanford London, FSA, for his researches. H. S. London Bequest, 1959. A.J., 39 (1959), 354-5 (obituary); 40 (1960), 281. See also SAL/MSS/808-814, 851, 898, 925-936.

Negative photostats of BL Harl. MS 2259, a collection of heraldic memoranda compiled by Richard Strangways of the Inner Temple, c. 1454. For further details see H. Standford London, 'Some medieval treatises on English heraldry', A.J., 33 (1953), 169-83.

HERALDRY  SAL/MS/808  After 1932

Paper; ff. 9-140 (lacks 1-8, 26, 27, 33, 34, 43, 139) + index; SAL/MS/808/2 leaves numbered as SAL/MS/808/1. After 1610, etc.; after 1932. Quarto. SAL/MS/808/1 bound by Birdsall of Northampton, morocco, olive green, with inserted panels of brown morocco, lettered in gilt 'Elizabethan Armorial', with gilt festoons and arms (a boar); SAL/MS/808/2 quarto HMSO notebook.

Archival history:
SAL/MS/808/1 acquired by Sir Edward Robert Pearce Edgcumbe of Reperry Manor (bookplate), possibly from Maggs, see a letter from his son, Aubrey Edgcumbe, to H. S. London, FSA, 5 Dec. 1932, with the volume; acquired by H. S. London, FSA, from Thomas Thorp, 30 Nov. 1932 (see cutting). Bookplate of H. S. and E. M. London.

Source of acquisition: H. S. London Bequest, 1959. See SAL/MS/807.

Armorial (SAL/MS/808/1) containing arms of the gentry, including many East Anglian families; after 1610 (fol. 42), after 14 Jas. I (fol. 51), the words 'Baronet 1661' added after Young of Devonish, fol. 106. Slightly imperfect. Four shields per page, in colour. Apparently a professional collection. Many of the arms are not included in Burke's General Armory (1884). Index, partly original, partly (L-S) supplied in a modern hand. Blazons, with notes, by Hugh Stanford London (SAL/MS/808/2).


Paper. 1951. Quarto. Loose leaves in a black binder, with one red box of photographs.

Source of acquisition: H. S. London Bequest, 1959. SAL/MS/807.

Transcription by Hugh Stanford London, FSA, of Patrick's Book, now MS C. B. 56 in the Plantin-Moretus Museum, Antwerp; transcribed March 1951. The original MS was written after 1465 (reference to 4 Edw. IV, fol. 51), and is closely related to Strangways Book (photocopies in SAL/MS/807). See H. S. London, 'Some medieval treatises on English heraldry', A.J., 33 (1953), 174, 175, 183. With photographs (155) of the original MS (numbered in reverse order).

HERALDRY  SAL/MS/810  1613-1738

Paper; ff. v + ff. 7-377 + index. Before 1613-c. 1738. Small folio. Leather, brown.

Archival history:
Owned by A. P. Playfair of Holford Square, London, 1946 (fol. v). Bookplate (dated 30 Jan. 1937) of Hugh Stanford London, FSA, fol. i.

Source of acquisition: H.S. London Bequest, 1959. See SAL/MS/807.

An ordinary of arms probably compiled originally by Nicholas Charles, Lancaster Herald (d. 1613), with additions by others, including Peter Le Neve, Norroy (d. 1729); before 1613-1738 (fol. 45). Tricks of arms arranged as 4 rows of 5, with identifications. Slightly imperfect at the beginning. Index of names at the end, slightly disordered; heading (after letter P) 'Alphabettica huius libri Ordinariorum'.


'The Shields of the Saints in the Church of the Holy Trinity at Geneva' (the English Church in Geneva), emblazoned and annotated by Hugh Stanford London, FSA (d. 1959)  SAL/MS/811/1  1925

Paper; pp. xvi + 355. 1925. Quarto. Half leather, blue. Illuminated bookplate of Hugh and Madeleine Stanford London precedes p. i.

Source of acquisition: London Bequest, 1959. See SAL/MS/807.

Copy commenced January 1925 and completed 4 Dec. 1925 (p. 352), from an original dated St Stephen's day 1924 (p. xvi). Typescript with 179 painted shields. Consists of a description of shields of saints selected by London for a frieze installed in the church mid January 1925 (p. 352), with notes on the saints and the arms associated with them. With a photograph, p. x, plan of the church, p. 298, and key to location of the shields, pp. 299-304. Calendar, pp. 305-8, index of saints, pp. 342-5, and general index, pp. 346-51. Blazons of arms, pp. 316-41. Illuminated frontispiece and titlepage, pp. iv, v.

Typescript blazons and painted shields, by H. S. London, of the Holy Trinity, Blessed Sacrament, Passion, Five Wounds, and saints beginning with St Alban (no. 17) and ending with St William of Maleval (no. 132)  SAL/MS/811/2  Mid 20th Century

Paper. Mid 20th century. Unbound quarto sheets

Source of acquisition: Found with the H. S. London collections and probably part of his bequest. See SAL/MS/807.

With references to locations in England, and to MS and printed sources.


Paper; ff.x + 164. 1919. Folio. Cloth, black. Bookplate of Mill Stephenson, fol. i.

Source of acquisition: H. S. London Bequest, 1959. See SAL/MS/807.

Transcript by Mill Stephenson of the 16th century version owned by Everard Green, Somerset, FSA, who presented it to the College of Arms in 1920; copied 1919 (fol. 2). See Aspilogia, I (1950), 9-14, for other sources and for the Everard Green manuscript, p. 13. The present transcript consists of blazons, with photographs of the original tipped in, and index, fols. 4-65; blazons of arms on the dorse, with indexes, fols. 66-127v, and ordinary of the obverse, fols. 129-64 (rectos). Blazons from the earliest extant source, College of Arms SAL/MS/B 29, pp. 20-7, 13th century fragment, with photographs and index, fols. 128v-50v (versos). Notes on sources by Mill Stephenson, fols. 1-3, and list of coats, with blazons, fol. 3v, supplied from Fitzwilliam SAL/MS/297, 15th century, to replace the missing first leaf of the Everard Green manuscript. Photographs of Fitzwilliam SAL/MS/297, fols. 9, 10, 24, with typescript description of sources, 1935, and a letter from Sir Anthony Wagner to H. S. London, 1955, enclosing the transcript, fols. ii-x.

WALFORD'S ROLL  SAL/MS/813  c.1953

Paper. c. 1953. Quarto. Black binder.

Source of acquisition: H. S. London Bequest, 1959. See SAL/MS/807.

Blazons and critical notes by Hugh Stanford London, FSA, of Walford's roll (Version II, Leland's, with references to Version I, Charles's); Typescript. The roll was named after Weston Styleman Walford, FSA, who published Version I from BL Harley MS 6589, fol. 12r, v (blazons by Nicholas Charles, Lancaster), in Archaeologia, 39 (1863), 373-88. The present typescript is part of the working materials for the edition by H. S. London of Version II (Aspilogia, II (1967), 97-114, 167-204; see also Aspilogia, I (1950), 7-9). Inserted correspondence, 1953, relating to Walford's roll.

PATENT OF NOBILITY  SAL/MS/814  12 Feb. 1661

Vellum; ff. 12, 1661. Quarto. Blue velvet, with silk ties, interleaved with silk. On the back flyleaf 'No 509'

Source of acquisition: H. S. London Bequest, 1959. See SAL/MS/807.

Language:  Latin and Spanish

Patent recognizing the nobility of Francisco de los Ancos of Ainzon in Aragon issued by Nicolaus Ludovisi, Prince of Pomblín, on behalf of Philip IV of Spain. Coloured arms of Los Ancos, fol. 11v (described, fol. 5). Titlepage, fol. 2, with penwork decoration and gold lettering. Text includes four generations of descent of the petitioner, Francisco de los Ancos. Signatures of Nicolaus Ludovisi and other officials, fol. 12.

LULLINGSTONE  SAL/MS/815/1, 2  1949-61

Paper. 1949-61. Bindings as above

Source of acquisition: SAL/MS/815/1/1 and SAL/MS/815/1/3 presented by Lt.-Col. Geoffrey Wells Meates, FSA, 6 Dec. 1973 (Giftbook entry); SAL/MS/815/1/2 presented by J. Ritson, 1985 (copy letter inserted); SAL/MS/815/2 presented by Lt. Col. Meates and Cregoe Donaldson Percy Nicholson, FSA, March 1952 (formal note of presentation in the volumes; Giftbook entry, 5 June 1952). A.J., 32 (1952), 262.

Report by Lt.-Col. Geoffrey Wells Meates, FSA (1900-1985), and photographs, relating to excavations, of the Roman Villa at Lullingstone, Kent. Published by Kent Archaeological Society, Monograph Series 1, The Lullingstone Roman Villa, Vol. I (1979); Vol. II (Monograph Series 3, 1987) was published after the death of Lt.-Col. Meates. See also obituaries in Archaeologia Cantiana, 102 (1985), 289-90; A.J., 66 (1986), 505.

Publication Material  SAL/MS/815/1  1949-1961

'The Roman Villa at Lullingstone, Kent' by Lt.-Col. G. W. Meates, FSA.  SAL/MS/815/1/1  1949-1961

Photocopy of typescript. Prelims, pp. 274, 55 figs. (mostly in SAL/MS/815/1/3 below) and 84 photographs. Quarto. Red box file.

Author's copy of SAL/MS/815/1/1.  SAL/MS/815/1/2  1961

Quarto. Half leather, red.

Figures 1-4, 8-15, 17-20, 26, 28-35, 37-55.  SAL/MS/815/1/3  1949-1961

The smaller figures are inserted in the text (SAL/MS/815/1/1 above). Portfolio. Large quarto. Black spine, with brown cloth.

'Lullingstone Roman Villa. The Mosaic Floor'.  SAL/MS/815/2  1949

Sectional photographs taken by M. B. Cookson of the Institute of Archaeology, of the mosaic floor discovered in the apsidal room, Key plan and 34 sectional photographs. Large oblong quarto. Leather, black (bound by Bernard Middleton)

CRANFIELD, BEDS  SAL/MS/816  1586-93

Paper; ff. ii + 175. 1586-93. Small quarto. Vellum covers, fols. i, ii, formed from a fragment of a court roll (court baron, 1583-4, of William, Provost of Eton, held before Thomas Docwray and George Cury).

Source of acquisition: Owned by George William Marshall, FSA (d. 1905), York Herald. Presented through Frederick Charles Morgan, FSA, 1956, as part of a larger gift by R. Marshall. See SAL/MS/800.

Language:  Latin

Rental of the manor of Cranfield, Beds.; Contains other related memoranda conc, surrenders of leases, rents due to the Queen, arrears, stray cattle, etc., and several references to George Cury as bailiff of the Queen (cf. fol. 77v). Also includes references to Lewis, 3rd Baron Mordaunt, e.g. fols. 128, 142v, and a surrender of lease by John Vaux, Merchant Taylor of London, fol. 170v.

JACKSON COLLECTION.  SAL/MS/817/1-14  13th-19th century

Materials collected by Canon John Edward Jackson, FSA (1805-91), rector of Leigh Delamere, near Chippenham, Wilts., for a projected history of Wiltshire; compiled over many years and including original deeds, drawings, etc., Canon Jackson published many local and parish histories, edited John Aubrey's Wiltshire Topographical Collections (1862), and arranged and indexed the MSS at Longleat where he acted as librarian. See the memoir of Canon Jackson and list of his works in J. Stratford, Catalogue of the Jackson Collection of Manuscript Fragments in the Royal Library Windsor Castle (Academic Press, London, 1981), 11-41, 43-61; C. R. J. Currie, C. P. Lewis (eds.), English County Histories A Guide (1994), 420-1. The collection was received by SA in the form of loose papers (note by H. S. Milman, Director SA, 9 Apr. 1892, in SAL/MS/817/1); these were further sorted and arranged by the Rev. Charles William Shickle, FSA (d. 1927), who mounted the numerous papers on large sheets which were bound in massive volumes (note, ibid., flyleaf). The arrangement is mostly alphabetical by parish; SAL/MS/817/8 contains, at the end, papers relating to Canon Jackson's parish, Leigh Delamere; SAL/MS/817/13, 14 contain miscellaneous papers, some relating to Somerset and Gloucestershire. The collection consists mainly of secondary material: transcripts, notes, printed pamphlets and maps, press-cuttings, etc. Scattered through the volumes are a number of original deeds, autograph letters, topographical drawings, watercolours, early sepia prints, engravings and early printed matter, of which the more important or unusual items are indicated below. Fourteen volumes. Folio. Half leather, black (SAL/MS/817/14 with green boards), with red lettering-pieces. Presented, 16 Apr. 1891, by John Houlson Jackson, nephew and executor of Canon Jackson. Proc., 2nd ser., 13 (1889-91), 300, 315, 322.

Ablington-Axford (mounts paginated 1-141).  SAL/MS/817/1  1323 - 1851

The Alderton section, pp. 3-77, includes four deeds, 1323, p. 23; a summons to retainers from Lord Pembroke, 1554, p. 23; much relating to the Gore family including the probate will of Thomas Gore, 1697, p. 63; case and opinion relating to the vicarages of Sherston and Alderton, 1679, pp. 67-72; and w/cols and sketches of Alderton church and school, 1827-51, pp. 47, 49-57, 75. At p. 107, A Poem. The Abbey of Ambresbury, printed for T. Cadell, Strand, etc. (early 19th century): the first part of an anonymous poem beg. 'What gloomy spectre at this twilight hour', ends 'A solemn fast their memory renew'd'.

Badbury-Bradford on Avon (mounts, pp. 218).  SAL/MS/817/2  1584; 1782

Includes:- A survey of Biddestone farm, 18th century, p. 18; Severall Proceedings in Parliament (14-21 Feb. 1649), p. 34; Remarks... (1831), by the Rev. Thomas Jervis to correct the account of the death (in 1778) of his pupil, Lord William Granville Petty (given by the Rev. R. Warren in his Literary Recollections), p. 38; copy by Jackson of an old painting of Savernake Forest House (destroyed by fire, 1861), p. 91; inspeximus of the Forest of Braden, 10 Jas. I, p. 129; engravings of Bradenstoke Priory, pp. 145-59, 177; rent roll and survey of the manor of Bradenstoke, 17th century, p. 170; photograph of an old painting of Germanicus Sheppard and accounts of his mysterious death, p. 179; letter from Goddard Smith relating to Bradenstoke property and his family, 1742, p. 182; Bradford on Avon: grant of rents by Edward Norton to found a grammar school, 1584, p. 201, and rent accounts for lands of Sir Francis Walsingham in Bradford, 1583.

Bradley-Buttermere  SAL/MS/817/3  1412 - 19th century

(pp. 139). Includes:- Wash drawing by W. W. Wheatley of Stafford's mortuary chapel, N. Bradley church, p. 1; rent receipt for parsonage of N. Bradley, 1595, p. 3; arbitration award, Sir Thomas Baskerfeld v. Thomas Emons, 1554, p. 58; arms and descent of the Rolt family from Thomas Rolt de Bolnehurst, Beds., 17th century, p. 67; papers of the Horton family of Broughton Gifford, pp. 77-82, including a declaration relating to disputed cloth, Antwerp, 1562, p. 77, probate inventory of Edward Horton, 1603, p. 79, and survey of Broughton manor, 1606, p. 81; two letters from the Rev. William Hicks, rector of Broughton, on local politics, 1701, p. 85; letter from Thomas Chafyn relating to a copyhold in Bulford, 16th century, p. 91; letters of attorney from Sir William Haukeford, and others, relating to a messuage and lands in Burbage, 1412, p. 98; w/col by W. Davis (of Chippenham, d. 1856) of Great Chalfield church, p. 122.

Charlton-Connock  SAL/MS/817/4  1566 - 1861

(pp. 217). Includes:- Chippenham: w/cols and sketches of Chippenham church, shambles, etc., pp. 40-2, 53, 55, 98-102, including (p. 53) a w/col of the bridge and street by John Britton, FSA; Piety and Charity (1712), a sermon by the Rev. Thomas Frampton preached at Chippenham, p. 47; copy of poll to elect two members for Chippenham, 1818, p. 76; bond from a tailor not to make hose larger than the Queen's proclamation allowed, 1566, p. 94; court book of Chisenbury Priory Manor, 1699-1747, p. 109; pencil sketches of Chitterne church and chapel, 1854, p. 114; three printed tracts exhorting young ladies against going to balls, c. 1861, p. 95; Resolutions (1680) of the House of Commons relating to the impeachment of Sir William Scroggs, knt., Chief Justice of the King's Bench, p. 133.

Corsham-Etchilhampton  SAL/MS/817/5  13th - 19th century

(pp. 227). Includes:- Corsham: grant by Richard, Earl of Cornwall (d. 1272), of Corsham manor to the tenants, 13th-century copy; sepia drawing of almshouses and school, early 19th century; portions of court rolls of Corsham rectory manor, 1577-1684, pp. 66-74; letter of authority to a steward relating to a tenement in Corsley, 1609, signed by Carew Raleigh and Dorothy Raleigh, p. 86; papers relating to the Danvers family, pp. 112-40, including sketches from Danvers portraits at Lord Abingdon's, p. 135, bond to Henry, Earl of Danby, 1643, with signatures of Edward Hyde and Lord Hatton, p. 127, legal papers, pedigrees and notes; Case (c. 1653), Lady Croke (wife of Sir Robert Croke) and others v. Thomas Levingston, p. 175; Devizes: Speech (1818) by R. H. Brabant to the burgesses, p. 177; two wash drawings of French 'bretesc' (brattice: siege tower), pp. 188-9; lease by the Bp of Salisbury of a messuage in Netherwyke, 1544, p. 191; sale by Henry Brewyr to John Drew of the manor of Rangebourne, two mills, etc., 1582, p. 191; letter from Sir Wadham Wyndham (judge) to Sir James Thynne's agent at Longleat asking for a buck from the park, 1662, p. 194.

Easton Grey-Lyneham  SAL/MS/817/6  16th - 19th century

(ff. 118). Includes:- Kington St Michael: drawings and w/cols of the church, fols. 11v, 16, 19v, etc., some by John Britton, and of the cottage where he was born, fol. 22v, letters from Britton, 1846, 1850, fols. 22v, 23, two letters from Francis Kilvert, antiquary, relating to John Aubrey, 1857, n.d, fol. 15; schedule of the partitioning of Kington St Michael manor, 1656, fol. 26, with papers of the Snell family, 16th-17th century, fols. 24v, 27v; material relating to Easton Piers and John Aubrey including drawings and sepia photographs, 1865, of houses associated with Aubrey, Easton Manor House, the Lower House, etc., with a copy letter from Jackson to John Britton asking which was Aubrey's birthplace, fols. 34, 37v-8v; Lacock: letter from Fox Talbot to Jackson offering to show him the Lacock Abbey Magna Carta (now BL Add. MS 46144), 1869, fol. 51, many letters from Charles H. Talbot to Jackson, w/cols by Jackson of Lacock Abbey, 1868, fol. 60, and Old Lackham House, 1868, fol. 65, and by J. Davis (of Chippenham) of Bewley House near Lacock, fol. 67; description of Little Langford church by W. P. Griffith, FSA, architect, 1856, fol. 69; pen and wash drawing of the shambles, Market Lavington, by 'Davis of Chippenham', fol. 75v; two letters of the White family of West Lavington, 1665, 1675, fol. 77, pencil sketch by W. W. Wheatley of Longbridge Deverell, annotated 'Nov Cold Cold', fol. 92; colour wash drawings by Lady Houlton, of Lucknam (library, etc.), fols. 100v-101; pencil sketch of the Old Manor House, Lydiard Millicent, 1874, fol. 108v; Lydiard Tregoze: deed of the St John family relating to a farm at Dauntsey, 1714, fol. 111v, and letter from John, Lord St John, after 1742, fol. 114.

Edington-Knoyle  SAL/MS/817/7  1549 - 1867

(ff. 96). Includes:- Edington: sketches, w/cols and photographs of the church, fols. 1-3, 5v, sepia drawings of Edington priory, etc., by W. W. Wheatley, fols. 13v-14; A Sermon Preach'd at the Funeral of... Sir Stephen Fox (on 7 Nov. 1716 at Farly) by Richard Eyre, Canon of Salisbury, fol. 44; two deeds of Nicholaus de Columbariis, temp. Hen. III, relating to land in Froxfield, fols. 44v-5; three money bonds of the Rogers family, 1619-26, fol. 55v; receipt by Sir Edmund Ludlow, 15 Jas. I, fol. 61v; terrier of Hilmarton vicarage, 1704; abstract of title of land at Stock, 1599-1660, fol. 64; The Trials... against Richard Smith, Esq. and Thomas Brand Hollis (at Salisbury, 12 March 1776), fol. 66; account of a dispute relating to the title to lands in Holt, 1728, fol. 67; two letters relating to rent payable in Hullavington to Eton College, 1762, 1767, fol. 70v; release by Edward Horton to Edward Gore relating to a capital messuage at Surrendell, 1601/2, fol. 74; satirical letter to the Rev. Powys, vicar of Hullavington, from Sathanus Roy, King of Hell, 1867, fol. 74; sale particulars of Iford House and lands, 1777, fol. 79; Kingston Deverill: 16th-century extract relating to a pre-Reformation dispute with Le Mans, France, conc. tithes, with legal opinion, 1610, and letter, 1676, fol. 86; Kingswood: four leaves of churchwardens accounts, 1549, mainly relating to tithe payments, fol. 86v.

Maiden Bradley-Monkton Farley, and Leigh Delamere  SAL/MS/817/8  13th century - 1852

(fols. 51-end) (ff. 114). Includes:- Alehouse licence in Maiden Bradley, 1624, fol. 1v, and pencil drawing, annotated 'a recollection' 'C/B', 1820, fol. 5v; warrant, signed by seven arbitrators for the restoration of the parsonage of Manningford Abbott to Thomas Clarke, clerk, 1660, fol. 9; an anti-Bonaparte song, The Marbro' Landlords' Intention, by Mr Fox (sung at convivial societies in the west of England), fol. 23; grant of land in Marston, 13th century, fol. 24; release of actions by Edward Somerset of Martyn, 1561, fol. 25; release of actions by Sampson Baldwin of Melksham, 1624, fol. 29v; alehouse licence relating to Boreham in Milton Lilbourne, 1628, fol. 41; Leigh Delamere: deacon's orders, 1636, of Philip Kingsman, and Bishops court decision relating to his estate, 1675, fol. 57v-8; portions of court rolls relating to the manors of Kington and Somerford, and Leigh Delamere, 16th-17th century, fols. 60-3; court of survey of Leigh Delamere manor, after 1679, fol. 64, rental, 1680, fol. 63, agreement to lease of a moiety, 1688, fol. 63v; numerous drawings and plans, mostly of the old church at Leigh Delamere, including a w/col by Jackson of Leigh Delamere 'when I first saw it', 1846, fol. 53, and of the old rectory, 1845 and later, fols. 81v-108v; view through Jackson's study window, 1852, fol. 105v.

Malmesbury-Purton  SAL/MS/817/9  1602 - 1846

(ff. 115). Includes:- Malmesbury: rental of manor, 1658, fol. 9; bond by Nicholas Archarde, clothier, 1602, fol. 29; letter relating to his portrait from Thomas Hobbes, 15 Oct. 1675, to John Aubrey, and reply from Aubrey, 23 Oct. 1675, fol. 25; The Parliamentary Intelligencer (11 May-4 June 1660), fol. 27; Norton: poor law removal case, 1800, fol. 48; deed of manor and rectory, 1589, fol. 51; deed of house, 1695, fol. 52; particulars of manor and two letters conc. a sale offer of Norton manor to Lord Weymouth, 'found at Longleat', 1706-7, fol. 53; correspondence of the Jacob family of Norton, 1720-42, and papers relating to their estate, 1737, fol. 59v, and 1744, fol. 61; sketches by Jackson of Norton church, 1846, vicarage cottage, and plan of old pews, 1866, fols. 63v, 67v, 72v; writ in suit of Nash v. Wansbrough relating to lands in Potterne, 1661, fol. 63v.

Rodbourne Cheney-Steeple Ashton  SAL/MS/817/10  1245-1856

(ff. 116). Includes:- Survey of lands late Richard Harvest's in Rowde, 17th century, fol. 4; original drawing of the Rudge cup (Romano-British) made for Sir R. C. Hoare, 'bought at Stourhead Library sale 1883', fol. 5v; receipt for rent signed by Peter Vannes (later Latin Secretary, 1549), 1543, fol. 16v; ordination of St Nicholas's hospital, Salisbury, 1245, paper copy, 17th century (printed in H. Hatcher and R. Benson, Old & New Sarum (1843), 733-4), fol. 27; Seagry: pen drawings by Jackson of the old church, taken down 1849, and of Seagry House, fols. 56v-60; sepia photographs of Seagry church, fols. 56v, 57 (and loose); poem, Lines (in imitation of Crabbe) on Judith Pearce (murdered by a gipsy in Seagry, Nov. 1820), fol. 60; Selwood Forest: extracts, 1638, from Forest Rolls, 1227, extracts, 17th century, from Exchequer records, 1345, 1355, and later extracts by Jackson, fols. 70-80; account of Sherrington church by W. P. Griffith, FSA, 25 Aug. 1856, fol. 85; extract relating to the valuation of Wootton Bassett rectory 'pro John Thynne milit.', 23 Feb., 3 Edw. VI, fol. 96v; Stanton St Quinton: sketches by Jackson of the old church, March 1851, before restoration, fol. 102v; sketches of church, inn, etc., fol. 104v; order by the Bp of Salisbury (Thomas Sherlock) to recall the rector of Stanton St Quinton, and other non-resident clergy, 1735, fol. 105; release of claims by Henry Flower of West Ashton in Steeple Ashton, to John Harvest, 1627, fol. 113.

Rood Ashton-Tisbury, continued to Wroughton  SAL/MS/817/11  1533-1872

(ff. 114). Includes:- Steeple Ashton, Rood Ashton, etc.: sketches and w/cols including a w/col of Rood Ashton by Paul Sandby Munn, friend of John Britton, from a sketch by Britton, fol. 9v, and many wash drawings by W. W. Wheatley (see also SAL/MS/817/6), fols. 1v-11v; settlement certificate for Hester Long of Steeple Ashton to live in Edington, 1692, fol. 19; Privy Council letter to tenants of Crown lands in Steeple Ashton, signed by Robert, Earl of Salisbury, and Sir Julius Caesar, 1608, fol. 19; accounts by W. P. Griffith, FSA, of the churches of Steeple Langford, and Stockton, 23 and 20 Aug. 1856, fols. 22, 25; Stourton: grant of annuity to John Goldesney for services to Lord Stourton, 1533, fol. 32v; bond by Roger Stourton relating to John Davies indicted of murder, 1535, fol. 33v; order to stay proceedings relating to lands escheated by the attainder of Charles, Lord Stourton, for murder, temp. Eliz fol. 33v; letter from the Bp of Salisbury and John Mervyn relating to the proclamation of Queen Mary, 1553 (fragment), fol. 48; pen drawings of Stourton House including one by James Waylen from a sketch by John Aubrey, with engravings, fols. 49v, 50; four letters of Richard Jefferies of Coate to Jackson, 16, 18 Nov. 1869, 21, 30 May 1872 (another in SAL/MS/817/14), fol. 61; two letters to Goddard Smith, 1742, fol. 70; cheque for £325 to Francis Childe, banker, from the executors of the Duchess of Somerset, 1681, fol. 76; surrender of a copyhold cottage in the manor of Warminster, from a court roll, 1650, fol. 79; Mercurius Politicus, no. 601 (29 Dec.-5 Jan. 1659), fol. 83; favourable decision of the Commissioners for evicting scandalous ministers in the case of Mr Stubbs, minister of Wroughton, 1658, fol. 92v; wash drawing of Westwood church and manor house, fol. 98v; memorial to Sec. Coventry (Henry Coventry, Sec. of State (South), 1674-80) relating to the estate of William Jordan of Whitley, 'discomposed in mind', fol. 102.

Wanbrough-Wyley  SAL/MS/817/12  13th-19th century

(ff: 120). Includes:- Receipt by Jeffrye Tucker of Westbury, 23 Eliz., fol. 2v; Wilton: including engravings, notes, etc., relating to Wilton House and the Herberts, fols. 3-6; abstract of title to lands in Winsley bought by Mr Thresher, 1635-1737, fol. 8v; papers relating to the Wiltshire Archaeological & Natural History Society, fols. 36-47; 'Bibliotheca Wiltoniensis': notes, cuttings, etc., for a bibliography, fols. 48-85v; monasteries: including an inventory of goods and ornaments of chantries, free chapels, etc., of Wiltshire and New Sarum, fols. 86-7, and a survey of lands and possessions of chantries, 2 Edw. VI, fol. 87v; sepia photographs of Glastonbury Abbey, fols. 93-4.

Box of miscellaneous papers relating to Chippenham, Hinton Charterhouse and Norton St Philip:  SAL/MS/817/13  1543-1801

(1) Chippenham: copies, c. 1800, of borough charters, 1553, 1685, and other Chippenham documents; folio volume, bound in vellum, containing extracts from borough records, mostly 1598-1817, with printed papers and a pen drawing of a standing figure annotated 'from old Mr Davis's drawing Chippenham'; abstract of title to the manor of Chippenham, farms and lands, 1684-97;- (2) Hinton Charterhouse, Somerset: license, Latin, to Richard Andrews and Leonard Chamberleyn to alienate Freshford mill, formerly the property of Hinton Charterhouse, 24 July 1543, with fragment of the Great Seal of Henry VIII; deed of sale of lands in Hinton Charterhouse, 1700; case and opinion relating to tithes of Hinton, 1801; two sepia wash drawings by John Langley Fryer of Bath of Farleigh Lodge Farm, and the interior of the hall of Hinton Charterhouse, with a pencil drawing; engravings, printed matter, notes and extracts;- (3) Norton St Philip, Somerset: bastardy bond, 1673; release of lands in Norton to Judith Audry, 1703; agreement between Edward Aprice of West Ashton and Judith Audry that lands in Norton should be security for payment of £750, 1708; terrier of parish and tithes, 1637, copied c. 1780.

Miscellaneous papers mostly relating to Wiltshire and Gloucestershire:  SAL/MS/817/14  1533-1872

(1) Notes on Frankleigh House, Bradford on Avon, fol. 2; genealogical notes and pedigrees relating to various families, including the collection of Mrs Aspinall (née Lowndes) of Folkestone, Goddard, Heytesbury, Hayter and Kemble, St Loe of Newton, Skrine, Howard, with letters from the Dowager Lady Suffolk to Canon Jackson, 1886-90, fols. 3-11v, 12v-19; letter from Richard Jefferies to Canon Jackson, 20 July 1872, with press-cuttings relating to Jefferies, fols. 11v-12;- (2) 'Miscellanea Wiltoniensia', fols. 19v-59, including an original engraved design by Richard Dadd for an engraving to be given to members of the Wiltshire Friendly Society, fol. 19v; observations (eleven pages) by William Upcott, 1811, on Sir R. C. Hoare's Ancient Wiltshire, fol. 20; letter relating to his work from John Britton, 1819, to Lt.-Col. Houlton, fol. 20v; Wilts Reformatory School (report, 1863), mentioning a youth like Oliver Twist, fol. 25; signatures (cuttings) including Henry Ludlow, regicide, John Penruddock, fol. 41; printed maps including Bowen, Speed, Morden, Blome, Saxton (early coloured), Ogilby road map, and later maps, fols. 42v-55 passim;- (3) Gloucestershire, partly relating to Badminton:- Etching by J. Burden, 1809, of three ancient sepulchres found at Avening, fol. 66v; The Irish Cabinet: or His Majesties Secret Papers... (Jan. 20 1645), fol. 69; petition, signed by Lord Herbert of Raglan (3rd Marquess of Worcester, 1667; 1st Duke of Beaufort, 1682), relating to the sequestrated estates of his family, temp. Commonwealth, fol. 69; petition of Margaret, Countess of Worcester, to the Commonwealth, fol. 70; papers relating to the Duke of Beaufort's estates, c. 1700, and Case (appeal against a decree in Chancery, 1710), signed by M. Beaufort, fol. 70; letter from George Scharf relating to pictures at Badminton, 1880, fol. 81;- (4) 'Gloucestershire Miscellanea':- Press-cuttings and transcripts relating to Bristol, fols. 86-105; advertisement for Mr Castiglione's Dancing School, 1767, fol. 93; engravings of Beverstone Castle, and of Bristol, fols. 93v-5v, 96v; money bond, 4 Nov., 8 Eliz., fol. 97; A Vindication of Peaceable Robert Matthews (Bristol, 1781) by the Rev. John Casberd, DD (relating to the murder of Mrs Rushcombe), fol. 105.


Paper; 43 double (and one half) openings. Mid 20th century. Small folio. Negative photostats, unbound

Source of acquisition: Presented by Canon Peter Blannin Gibbons Binnall, FSA, 4 Dec. 1959 (Giftbook entry). A.J., 40 (1960), 282.

Photostats of the Chronicle of Thornton Abbey, Lincs., from Bodl. Lib., MS Tanner 166. The original was compiled just before the Dissolution, the last date given being 1532. Entries relate mainly to the fabric of the church and conventual buildings. See extracts by Kathleen Major, FSA, in the Archaeological Journal, 103 (1947), 174--8

SWAN MARKS  SAL/MS/819/1-18  17th-20th century

Quarto. Half cloth, tan, with red boards. Paper. Eighteen volumes. 17th-20th century. Mostly quarto. Bindings (see above)

Source of acquisition: Presented by the compiler, 28 Oct. 1960 (presentation plates in volumes) A.J., 41 (1961), 276, 278.

The Ticehurst Collection of swan marks, compiled by Norman F. Ticehurst of Smallhythe, Tenterden, Kent. Consists of transcripts and notes conc. the history of swans, copies and facsimiles of swan marks, and three original swan rolls (SAL/MS/819/15-17). See also N. F. Ticehurst, The Mute Swan in England (1957). As follows:-

Materials for the history of the mute swan in England.  SAL/MS/819/1-2  17th-20th century

Two volumes of extracts and transcripts from printed sources, public records, deeds, etc. With contents lists and indexes. ff. 297, 351. Quarto. Half leather, tan, with red boards.

Notes and other material used by William Yarrell for the chapter on the mute swan in his British Birds  SAL/MS/819/3  (1843-56)

A guard-book, including some autographs of Yarrell. Acquired by Ticehurst from Henry Sotheran, Ltd. (cutting laid down on the title page). Quarto. Cloth, green.

Transcripts of swan marks, copied from named sources, with notes on MS sources, owners of marks, and illustrations of each mark, mostly ink with some colour  SAL/MS/819/4-13  17th-20th century

List of contents of SAL/MS/819/4-12 in SAL/MS/819/4. Indexes in each volume. SAL/MS/819/12, 13 include miscellaneous topics, e.g. gamesters who owned swans in more than one region (12); swan marks derived from their owners armorial bearings (13). Quarto. Half leather, tan, with red boards (SAL/MS/819/5, 11 half cloth, maroon, with marbled boards; SAL/MS/819/12, 13 half cloth, black, with white or pale blue pasteboard respectively).

Facsimiles in ink and colour, from early rolls.  SAL/MS/819/14  17th-20th century

MS notes interleaved. ff. 58 of illustrations, notes not foliated. Quarto. Half rough leather, brown, with brown pasteboard.

Westmorland swan roll  SAL/MS/819/15  early 17th-20th century

An unfinished roll, possibly made for Sir Francis Fane, afterw. 1st Earl of Westmorland, c. 1620 (cf. fol. 2v). Similar but not identical in content to the Bromehead and Marriott rolls and probably derived from the same original (see notes by Ticehurst, fols. ii verso-iii). Label of the Earl of Westmorland, 1856, on the original vellum covers. Acquired from Francis Edwards, cat. 667 (1943), item 825 (fol. ii). Octavo. Half cloth, black, with pale green pasteboard.

Swan roll commencing with the swan marks of James I and Anne of Denmark and including the mark of Lord Wentworth (Baron Wentworth 1628; Earl of Strafford 1640)  SAL/MS/819/16  c. 1630

Source of acquisition: Acquired from Quaritch, cat. 565 (July, 1939), item 1247 (fol. i). Oblong octavo. Pigskin, with slipcase.

Arranged as royalty, nobility and commoners alphabetically. Index of names (fols. 1-5v). ff. ii + 43. Phillipps MS 2795. Phillipps stamp, with crest, fol. ii, and label on the spine.

Towneley swan roll  SAL/MS/819/17  c. 1621-4

Source of acquisition: Owned by Johannes Borret, 1707 (signatures, fols. 1, 16). From the Towneley Library (Sotheby's sale, 27-8 June 1883); acquired then by Quaritch. Owned by J. E. Harling up to 1926; sold by Quaritch to Ticehurst, 1926 (see note by Ticehurst with the volume). See also SAL/MS/819/9 for the history of the roll. Oblong folio. Half leather, green, with marbled boards.

Preceded (fols. 3-5v) by a copy of 'The Order for Swannes', from the printed order of 26 March 1598. The swan marks are on the rectos of leaves washed with brick-red paint (fols. 6-46). Marks arranged in groups according to the number and position of gaps on the edge of bills. Later MS additions on the versos including a draft indenture, 1707, and miscellaneous verse, early 18th century, relating to Adam and Eve, fol. 18, 'An Enigma', with reference to the Norwich Postman, fols. 20, 40, 43. ff. iii + 46.

Offprints of articles, etc., mainly by Ticehurst, with the chapter by William Yarrell on the mute swan  SAL/MS/819/18  mostly 20th century

See SAL/MS/819/3; Contents page gives publication details


Paper; ff. 5 + 311, 3 + 1-395; 4 + 396-980. Three volumes. 1961. Quarto. Cloth, blue.

Source of acquisition: Presented by the author, Jan. 1963 (Giftbook entry, 22 Jan. 1963).

Schools of Glass Painting in the Midlands 1275-1430' by Peter Anthony Newton, FSA (PhD thesis, University of London). Typescript. Contains an investigation of the extant glass in Derbs., Leics., Northants., Notts., Rutland, Salop., Staffs. and Warws., with information on lost glass derived from antiquarian sources such as the church notes of Sir William Dugdale. Three volumes:- I. General, with an index of iconography;- II. Topographical survey. Derbs.-Northants.;-III. Topographical survey. Notts.-Warws. A.J., 68 (1988), 396 (obituary).


Paper; ff. iii + pp. 178 + addenda. 1952. Quarto. Leather, blue, gilt fillets and lettering, with green lettering-pieces. Bookplate of John Walker, FSA, fol. i.

Source of acquisition: Presented by Miss Irene Walker, 10 Oct. 1964, fol. ii. A.J., 45 (1965), 327.

'Churchill Manor and Court Somerset 1231-1952' by John William Walker, OBE, FRCS, FSA (d. 1953). A history of the manor and court of Churchill, Somerset, connected families, houses at Churchill Court, with pedigrees, illustrations, maps, plans and photographs. Mostly typescript.

HERALDRY.  SAL/MS/821*  After 1640

Paper; ff. v + 16-191 (lacks 1-15, 24, 31, 42, 45, 48, 53, 59, 63). Mid 17th century. Oblong octavo. Cloth, dark green. Phillipps MS 11289 (Phillipps stamp, 1846, fol. iv). Owned by F. A. Heygate Lambert of Banstead, Surrey (bookplate, fol. iii); Dr Harold Bowditch, of Boston, USA (bookplate, fol. ii). Other indications of provenance: '100 Berwick MSS', fol. i; Garratts Hall Library, fol. iv.

Source of acquisition: Acquired from Dobell of London, 1930 (cutting from catalogue, fol. v), by Dr Harold Bowditch, FSA (d. 1964), who deposited it in SA, 1963 (Giftbook entry, 10 June 1963). Exhibited by T. D. Tremlett, FSA (A.J., 29 (1949), 135).

An alphabet of arms, with additional entries on the versos, continuation and a further alphabet, fols 149-91 (to Moulton), added in different hands; after 1640, with later additions. Arms in colour and trick. The first alphabet begins imperfectly with Brampton, Bowtherbe and Banckes; the last entry in the first hand is Ushar, Veall, fol. 94. The first alphabet includes references to Guillim, Display of Heraldrie (1632 or 1638 edition) and errors derived from Guillim and Yorke, Union of Honour (1640). See the introduction to SAL/MS/822*.

HERALDRY.  SAL/MS/822*  [n.d.]

Paper; ff. xi + 191 (as SAL/MS/821* with the same lacunae) and unnumbered prelims, indexes, etc. 1930. Oblong octavo. Cloth, dark green. Bookplate of Dr Harold Bowditch, FSA, on the front pastedown.

A key to SAL/MS/821* by Dr Harold Bowditch consisting of an introduction, fols. i-xi, and blazons of the arms; 1930. Typescript. Dr Bowditch suggested that the first alphabet might be dated after 1640 but before 1643 since the arms of Clifford (Henry, 5th Earl, died s.p. m. 1643) are included. He also noted the predominance of Yorkshire arms in the first part of the volume. With indexes, followed by bibliographical notes, the invoice for SAL/MS/821* and covering letter, 1963, to Thomas Daniel Tremlett, then Ass. Sec. SA.


Paper; 32 mounted tracings, titlepage, and estimate. 1807. Folio. Half leather, brown, with marbled boards.

Archival history:
Made for SA. Council Minutes, 5 May 1807.

Outline tracings by James Basire, junior, of the illuminations in the 12th-century manuscript containing the Life and Miracles of St Edmund, then in the possession of Thomas Lister Parker, FSA (d. 1858), now New York, Pierpont Morgan SAL/MS/736; Consists of 32 tracings in Indian ink on oiled paper, laid down. Preceded by an estimate, bound in, by James Basire 'for making Engravings from the Paintings of King Edmund' for SA, amounting to four and a half guineas each page, exclusive of copper and writing. According to a note by Nicholas Carlisle, Sec. SA, the estimate was shown to Council, Thursday 25 June 1807, but postponed owing to expensive works in hand.

CAEDMON.  SAL/MS/823/1-3  1655-1832

Paper. 1754. Folio, etc. Unbound.

Source of acquisition: Presented by Sir Henry Ellis, Sec. SA, 8 May 1817. Archaeologia, 19 (1821), 414.

Tracings and other materials relating to the unique source of Caedmon's metrical paraphrase of the scriptures, Oxford, Bodl. Lib., MS Junius xi, and to the publication of Caedmon

Tracings and a few drawings, some part coloured, by James Basire, junior (d. 1822), of the coloured outline drawings in Bodl. Lib., MS Junius xi  SAL/MS/823/1  Before 1822

Paper. Before 1822. Folio volume containing mounted tracings. Half leather, brown, with marbled boards.

(Second quarter of 11th century; see F. Wormald, English Drawings of the Tenth and Eleventh Centuries (1952), no. 50, p. 76). The tracings were published in Archaeologia, 24 (1832), 329-40, plates lii-civ, with an introduction by Sir Henry Ellis and descriptive catalogue of the plates by Benjamin Thorpe. See also the foreword to the translation of Caedmon's text by Thorpe published by SA, 1832. The Junius MS was published in facsimile by Sir Israel Gollancz, The Caedmon MS (The British Academy, 1927).

Caedmonis Monachi Paraphrasis poetica, ed. Francis Junius  SAL/MS/823/2  1655

Paper. 1655, with 18th century additions. Leather, brown, gilt-tooled. 'Sum Edw Lye 1740' on the titlepage.

Source of acquisition: Presented by Thomas Thorpe (letter, 16 Jan. 1835, tipped in). Archaeologia, 26 (1836), 492.

Amsterdam. Interleaved volume containing a Latin translation and manuscript notes by Edward Lye and Owen Manning. Letter of Richard Gough (tipped in, p. 106) to the Rev. Owen Manning, 26 Aug. 1779, saying that the plates of Caedmon had fallen into his hands and asking Manning to undertake an English translation which Gough would publish. At the end of the volume MS notes and calculations of publishing costs. A letter by Rowe More in J. Nichols, Literary Anecdotes, V (1812), 404, mentions Lye's translation.

Proof engravings of illustrations from the Junius MS (?not a complete series) from Figurae quaedam antiquae ex Caedmonis Paraphraseos in Genesin ...  SAL/MS/823/3  (1754)


Paper; ff. iii + 53 plans (double spreads). 17th century. Large quarto. Leather, brown. Bookplate of Sir Alfred William Clapham, CBE, PSA, fol. i.

Source of acquisition: Clapham Bequest, 1950 (fol. ii).

'Capricci dell' Architettura Militare del CA... [monogram] sotto la disciplina del sigr. Rutta Maestro Della sudta nel Collegio de Nobili di Parma' (title page). Fifty-three colour-wash plans of fortified sites consisting of technical exercises in military architecture relating mostly to imaginary sites, the object of each exercise being described in Italian in labels on each drawing; 17th century. The last drawing, fol. 53, is a plan of Valetta, Malta (before the Cottonera lines, started 1670; inf. John A Goodall, FSA). Title page, fol. iii, with decorative border of military trophies, gun carriages, etc., in brown wash.

THE BOOK OF GORLEY.  SAL/MS/825/1-2  1908-1938

Paper; prelims + pp. 199; prelims + pp. 197 (96-188 blank). Two volumes. 1908-38. Quarto. Vellum, green.

Source of acquisition: Acquired by Mrs Cecily Margaret Guido, FSA, after the death of the author (1940) and presented by her, August 1966.

Two volumes on the history and archaeology of Cranborne Chase and vicinity, Dorset, and (SAL/MS/825/2) the Roman pottery site at Ashley Rails, New Forest, by George Heywood Maunoir Sumner, FSA (1853-1940); compiled 1908-38. Calligraphically written and illustrated by numerous drawings, watercolours and sketchmaps. See the facsimile of an earlier volume of 1904-c. 1909, Cuckoo Hill. The Book of Gorley (1987), vi-xxi, for details of Sumner's work. A.J., 21 (1941), 262 (obituary). Further items relating to Sumner and his family were acquired by Hants. Record Office, Winchester in, 1995 (106M95/D1).

'The Book of Gorley - Vol: 2 by Heywood Sumner - 1908'  SAL/MS/825/1  1908-27

Contains an account of antiquities, including notes on excavations of Roman-British villages, anecdotes, notes on old maps, ancient parks, New Forest pottery sites (pp. 155-67), rainfall at Cuckoo Hill, 1912-23, extracts from Ibsley rate-books, 1829, relating to the building of the house at Cuckoo Hill. Partly derived from bibliographical sources and partly from local and personal information. Contents page.

'Excavations in a Roman Pottery Site at Ashley Rails Pitt's Wood, New Forest... 1917-18'  SAL/MS/825/2  1917-1938

Compiled 1917-18, with additions to 1938. The account of the Roman pottery made at Ashley Rails (pp. 1-41) was published (London, 1919) from this manuscript. At pp. 43-95, 189-97, other notes including extracts from court rolls of Ibsley, barrows on Ibsley Common, and rainfall at Cuckoo Hill, 1906-38 (pp. 189-97). Preface and incomplete contents page.

CLARENDON PALACE.  SAL/MS/826  1933 - 1939

Paper. 1933-9, etc. Folio, etc. Unbound papers in a black folder.

Source of acquisition: Collected by Dr Arnold Taylor, CBE, PSA, from John Charlton, FSA.

Related information: A related collection of slides was transferred to the National Monuments Record, 1982.

Papers relating to the excavations, 1933-9, at Clarendon Palace, near Salisbury, Wilts., by Professor Tancred Borenius, FSA, and John Charlton, FSA, with later correspondence; 1933-66. Consists of:- (1) Six lectures (at SA, 1933-9) by Professor Borenius relating to 1933-8 excavations. Typescript;- (2) Two lectures by John Charlton relating to 1937-8 excavations. Typescript;- (3) Correspondence, 1958-66, mainly with Mary Edmonds (Balfour), FSA, relating to lack of progress in publication, etc.;- (4) Photographic copy of Dr N. Pevsner's groundplan, 1937 (fig. 9 in Research report 45). See T. B. James and A. M. Robinson, Clarendon Palace (SA Research Report 45 (1988)).

JOSEPH STRUTT.  SAL/MS/827/1-12  mostly c. 1773

Paper. Mostly c. 1773. Various sizes. Conserved (1996) and mounted in Melinex envelopes in twelve grey fascicules, in two brown boxes. Conservation report and slides in SAL/MS/827/12.

Source of acquisition: Presented by (Sir) Thomas William Boord, Bt. (1896), FSA, MP, 1874 (Donation Book, 18 Sept. 1874).

Drawings and tracings by Joseph Strutt (1749-1802) mainly intended for engraving in his publications The Regal and Ecclesiastical Antiquities of England (1773) and Thorda...the Manners, Customs, Arms, Habits, etc., of the People of England (3 vols., 1774-6; the Society's copy includes two further tracings). Includes (SAL/MS/827/9) three pencil drawings of the tented camp of Henry VIII at the Field of the Cloth of Gold (from BL Cotton MS Augustus III), published as Plates viii, ix in Strutt Manners, III (1776), copies of illustrations in the Beauchamp Pageants (BL Cotton MS Julius E. IV) and many other British Museum and Bodleian Library MSS. Mostly consists of tracings on oiled paper, brown and very fragile. With notes and draft text (particularly in SAL/MS/827/11, 12), and annotations on mounts and interleaves. See A. Ribeiro, 'Antiquarian Attitudes', Costume, 28 (1994), 64, fig. 4.

POTTERY.  SAL/MS/828  1966

Paper; ff. (1) + iv + 184, with 15 figs. 1966. Quarto. Cloth, blue.

Source of acquisition: Presented by the author, 10 July 1966. A.J., 48 (1968), 138.

'The Medieval Pottery Industry in Great Britain' by John William George Musty, FSA (MA dissertation, University of Bristol). Typescript. An account of the origins and development of the pottery industry with an inventory of kilns and a classification of pottery products. See J. Musty, 'Medieval Pottery Kilns', Medieval Pottery from Excavations: Studies presented to Gerald Clough Dunning (1974), eds. V. I. Evison, H. Hodges, J. G. Hurst, 41-65.


Paper, c. 1890. Oblong folio. Two unbound sections, punched and held by green ribbon, in a grey folder.

Source of acquisition: Presented by the compiler, March 1891 (covering letter, 9 March 1891).

List of Christian churches and other buildings in Constantinople by Edwin Freshfield, LL.D, VPSA (d. 1918). For the compiler see Proc., 2nd ser., 31 (1918-19), 184-5 (obituary). Said in a covering letter to have been written for the late Dean of St Paul's (the Rev. Richard William Church, d. 1890). Two sections:- (1) Mostly churches and monasteries. Numbered 1-31. Information given includes Turkish and Christian names, probable dates, descriptions of buildings, mosaics and other decoration, tombs, etc.;- (2) Columns, palaces, walls, cisterns, etc. Lettered in Greek, alpha-omega. With similar information.

MAIDEN BOWER.  SAL/MS/830, 830/B  1907 - 1915

Original drawings by Worthington George Smith, FLS, local secretary for Beds., relating to palaeolithic sites in Beds. and Herts. See Proc., 2nd ser., 30 (1917-18), 199 (obituary). As follows:-

Album containing pen drawings of sites and finds at Maiden Bower, near Dunstable, Beds.  SAL/MS/830  1907-13

Paper; ff. iii + 25 (with an offprint from Proc., 27). 1907-13. Large quarto. Brown paper over cardboard. Bookplate of Worthington George Smith, fol. i.

Source of acquisition: Presented by Gerald Clough Dunning, FSA (letter, 24 Aug. 1967, fol. iii), to whom it was given by the artist's son.

With a few unpublished drawings, e.g. of the long barrow (no longer extant) in Union St., Dunstable. Contents list, fol. 1. The Maiden Bower drawings were published with Smith's paper in Proc., 2nd ser., 27 (1914-16), 143-61. See also Archaeologia, 67 (1916), 49-74.

Unpublished pen drawings relating to Gaddesdon Row, Herts., and Round Green brickyard, Luton, Beds.  SAL/MS/830/B  1907-15

Paper. 1907-15. Various sizes. Unbound.

Source of acquisition: Received from the BAA, 1951?


Paper. 1924-49. Quarto, etc. Unbound.

Source of acquisition: ?Presented by Sir Charles Clay, CB, VPSA.

Letters on antiquarian matters to (Sir) Charles Travis Clay, CB, VPSA (d. 1978) from Alexander Hamilton Thompson, CBE, FBA, VPSA, Professor of Medieval History at Leeds (d. 1952), with a few replies. Partly typescript. The letters relate to SA business, mutual research interests, including Thompson's publications. See the bibliography of his writings in An Address presented to Alexander Hamilton Thompson (1948); A.J., 33 (1953), 274-5 (obituary).

WILLIAM MORRIS  SAL/MS/832  mostly 1877

Paper; ff. 23. 1877, etc. Folio. Brown calf, with gilt decoration and lettering including the initials of the previous owner, Harold Peirce, from whose daughters the album was acquired. Papers and correspondence, 1964-8, relating to the acquisition preserved with the volume. On the flyleaf, in pencil, '89'.

Source of acquisition: Presented by Francis Wormald, PSA, in Dec. 1968. A.J., 49 (1969), 461.

An album containing papers relating to the formation and first two meetings of the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings. Autograph of William Morris who was elected chairman at the first meeting held in his house, 26 Queen Square, March 1877. Includes:- Notes on the first two meetings, March 1877, fols. 1-4; draft manifesto, fols. 5-12; draft of the first Annual Report (with a photocopy of the published report), fols. 15-22; draft letter annotated 'sent 25 June 1883', written on a copy of The Union of Benefices Act (1860) Amendment Bill (1883) to an MP asking him to oppose the bill, fol. 23. See B. Rosenbaum and R. Pearson, The Index of English Literary Manuscripts, IV, part 3 (1993), 718-19, MoW 1679.


Paper. 1851. Folio (contents mostly quarto). Buckram, red.

Source of acquisition: Acquired from Hofmann & Freeman, 1968 (previously acquired by Maggs; see correspondence with the volume). A.J., 49 (1969), 461.

'Centenary of the Society of Antiquaries 1851' (titlepage). A volume, possibly assembled for J. Y. Akerman, Sec. SA, containing 117 autograph letters and other manuscript and printed material relating to the centenary dinner, preceded by papers relating to the 1851 anniversary meeting, including signatures of those present. Includes three letters from Sir Henry Ellis, then Senior Sec., to Akerman, and two from Lord Mahon, PSA (5th Earl Stanhope 1855), conc. plans for the dinner, and 112 replies to invitations including autograph letters from Thomas Carlyle, T. B. Macaulay, W. E. Gladstone, Michael Faraday, etc. List of letters with the volume (no. 110 not acquired by SA).
See Evans (1956), 262.

WESTMINSTER ABBEY.  SAL/MS/834  before 1969

Paper. Before 1969. Quarto. Two unbound sections, punched and held by blue tags, in a folder, in a grey box

Source of acquisition: Presented by the author in 1969 (see correspondence enclosed).

'The Ladies of Westminster Abbey'. Typescript of an unpublished work by Miss H. V. Stuart (former headmistress of Sherborne) relating to women who have monuments or commemorative tablets in Westminster Abbey. Entries consist of historical and personal information and short bibliographies. No index but names of those included are given in the Contents List.

MEDALS.  SAL/MS/835/A, B  n.d., 1861

Paper; ff. ii + 27, i + 28. n.d., 1861. Folio. Half leather, brown, with marbled boards.

Source of acquisition: Presented with SAL/MS/835/A.

Related information: See also SAL/MS/683.

Two volumes relating to the collections of medals made by William Debonaire Haggard, FSA, FRAS

'A Valuation of The Haggard Collection of Medals made by Mr Young of Tavistock Street' (fol. ii).  SAL/MS/835/A  before 1864

Paper; pp. ii + 47. Before 1864. Quarto. Half leather, brown, with marbled boards

Source of acquisition: Presented by William Debonaire Haggard, FSA, 5 May 1864 (fol. i). Proc., 2nd ser., 2 (1861-4), 406.

Consists of a catalogue of medals from Henry VII to 1833, with bibliographical references; valuations entered in the last column.

Two items bound together  SAL/MS/835/B  5 Nov. 1861

(1) 'Description of English Medals relating to the Pretenders by W. D. Haggard out of his own Collection' (fol. ii);- (2) 'Description of English Medals by W. D. Haggard out of his own collection' (fol. i). Signed and dated Windsor, fol. 28.


Paper; ff. vi + 70 + 3; xv + 120 + unnumbered. Two volumes. 1897-1958. Quarto. Brown leather spine, with brown pasteboard; cloth, red. Signatures of John Foster Williams, FSA, on flyleaves

Source of acquisition: Presented by the compiler through Arthur Lumsden Bedingfeld, FSA, 1969 (letter, 19 Nov. 1969, Vol. I, fol. v). A.J., 51 (1971), 362.

Two notebooks of the Rev. John Foster Williams, FSA, containing ink drawings of monumental brasses and tomb slabs, with notes of inscriptions, and other drawings (e.g. tiles at Carew, Pembs.), plans of York Minster and Ely Cathedral showing location of tomb slabs, etc.; commenced 1897 (Vol. I)-1958 (Vol. II, fol. 57). As follows:- Vol. I. 'Various Antiquarian Sketches'. Drawings numbered 1-186. Mostly relating to Yorks., Cambs., Norfolk, Hackney, S. Wales. At the end three leaves of drawings relating to Norfolk churches, 1920;- Vol. II. Drawings numbered 1-383 and unnumbered. Mostly relating to S. Wales, Yorks., Norfolk. Many loose insertions, including letters. Indexes to both volumes, fols. iii-xv.

CASTLES.  SAL/MS/837  1963-1968

Paper; ff. (3) + 103 + 147, with many unnumbered MS insertions. c. 1963, with additions to 1968. Quarto. Cloth, blue.

Source of acquisition: Presented by the author, March 1970. A.J., 51 (1971), 378.

'The Anglo-Norman Stone Castle in the British Isles from its introduction until 1154' by John Clifford Perks, MC, FSA (afterwards Judge Perks; d. 1994); c. 1963, with additions to 1968. Typescript. Includes a catalogue of castles. See also D. Renn, Norman Castles in Britain (1968).

BELLS.  SAL/MS/838/A-G, 838/1  1971 to date

Paper. 1964-99. Quarto (SAl/MS/838/A) and folio. Cloth, blue (SAl/MS/838/A); remainder unbound sections in two red boxes.

Source of acquisition: Presented by the compiler, Feb. 1971- (in progress). Giftbook entry, 18 Feb. 1971.

(In progress). Notes on bells, mainly church bells, made by Ranald Warren Monteith Clouston, C. Eng., FSA, on behalf of the Council for the Care of Churches; 1964-99 (in progress). Duplicated or photocopied from typescript and manuscript. Consisting of detailed reports on the condition and history of bells, with some sketches and plans, arranged by counties, dioceses, etc. As follows:- SAL/MS/838/A. 'Some notes on Lincolnshire Bells Collected in 1969-70';- SAL/MS/838/B. Huntingdon, 1969-71;- SAL/MS/838/C. Cambridge, 1964-71;- SAL/MS/838/D. 'Some Notes on Manx Bells', 1976;- SAL/MS/838/E. 'Notes on the bells in the presbytery of Moray', 1976;- SAL/MS/838/F. Windsor Castle Home Farm Clock Bell (probably the clock bell from Windsor Castle, temp. Chas. I), 1984;- SAL/MS/838/G. Felixstowe Landguard Fort Clock Bell, 1995;- SAl/MS/838/1. By diocese.

ARMORIAL GLASS.  SAL/MS/839  Before 1970

Paper; ff. (pp.) prelims + 58; prelims + 93. Before 1970. Quarto. Half leather, green

Source of acquisition: Presented by the compiler, 1970 (see letter, 18 July 1970, with Vol.I). A.J., 51 (1971), 386.

'Illustrations of Armorial Glass in Origines Juridiciales by Sir William Dugdale Garter King of Arms enlarged and coloured' (title pages). A compilation by Thomas Stockton Gowland, FSA (d. 1983), based on Dugdale's Origines Juridiciales (?3rd ed., 1680) 'intended to illustrate the armorial glass at one time in the four Inns of Court and the two Sergeants' Inns as drawn in Dugdale's "Origines Juridiciales" more plainly and accurately' (Foreword, 1970, to Vol. I). Consists of enlarged coloured drawings of the arms, with blazons on facing versos. Each section is preceded by a wash drawing and description of the relevant Inn. Two volumes:- Vol. I. Inner Temple and Middle Temple, including the smaller Inns attached to these, e.g. Clifford's Inn;- Vol. II. Lincoln's Inn, Gray's Inn, and Sergeants' Inns, with an Appendix relating to coats of arms transferred on the dissolution of Sergeants' Inn, Chancery Lane. Also includes the Legal Corporations, e.g. Doctor Commons, Six Clerks' Office, fols. 67-8. Indexes to both volumes, Vol. II, pp. 69-81. See also R. C. Gale, Armorial Glass in the Inns of Court... (privately published, 1969; copy in SAL). A.J., 64 (1984), 617-18 (obituary).


Paper; ff. 2883. Seven volumes. 1969. Quarto. Cloth, black.

Source of acquisition: Presented by the author, 1971. A.J., 52 (1972), 243.

'A Neglected Revolution Family. The Lancashire Lords Willoughby of Parham and their Association with Protestant Dissent' by Philip J. Willoughby Higson (PhD thesis, University of Liverpool, 1969), FRSA. Typescript. An account of the lives and careers of the 1st-5th Barons Willoughby between 1640-1765, and their connection with religious dissent, politics and education. Seven volumes:- Vols. I, II. Thesis, with bibliography; Vols. III-VII. Appendices (12) consisting of edited correspondence, legal and economic material, pedigrees, etc., maps and plans, and many photographs. See A.J., 52 (1972), 169-84 (account of Hugh, 5th Baron Willoughby, PSA).


Paper. 1961-3. Mostly quarto. Unbound papers in a brown cardboard box (one black folder, five envelopes and loose)

Archival history:
Incorporated from SA records.

'Architectural Drawings in the Library of the S. A.'. A catalogue by Stephen Rowland Pierce, FRIBA, FSA (d. 1966), of selected architectural drawings; compiled 1961-3. Incomplete and unpublished but contains information not included in SA card index of drawings. Consists of:- (1) Black folder containing a typescript draft, arranged by artists, with indexes of artists and places. A few photographic prints throughout;- (2) Miscellaneous drafts and notes for the catalogue;- (3) Correspondence conc. Pierce's attempts to raise support for the publication of the catalogue. In a letter to A. R. Dufty, then Sec. SA, 8 Feb. 1962, Pierce stated that his work related mainly to the drawing for the restoration of the spire of Old St Paul's (one of the projects for the restoration of the steeple destroyed by lightning, 4 June 1561; see A.J., 43 (1963), 128-31), the collections of John Talman, and a detailed catalogue of the more important architectural drawings in SAL.

CHURCH NOTES.  SAL/MS/842  c. 1845-95

Paper; partly foliated. c. 1845-95. Quarto (Vols. I-X) and octavo (Vols. XI-XIII). Half leather, maroon (black, Vol. X); cloth, green or brown (Vols. XI-XIII).

Source of acquisition: Transferred to SA from the Royal Commission on Historical Monuments, April 1972.

Notebooks of Major Alfred Heales, FSA (1827-98), ecclesiologist, containing detailed descriptions mostly of interiors of churches and monuments, with other antiquarian extracts. See Proc., 2nd ser., 17 (1897-9), 423-4 (obituary). Thirteen volumes:- Vols. I-VIII. Churchnotes, compiled on visits mainly in the Home Counties, Oxford and Cambridge, 1845-92. Indexes of parishes in each volume;- Vol. IX. Index volume. Includes indexes of places and names in Vols. I-VIII, together with lists and indexes relating to a lettered series of notebooks (not in SA) compiled on travels abroad, 1851-95;- Vol. X. MS extracts (called 'Archaeological Extracts') on antiquarian matters, mostly medieval, from named printed sources:- Vols. XI-XIII. Press-cuttings and other printed material, laid down, with MS indexes in each volume, c. 1853-93.

SUFFOLK.  SAL/MS/843  10 June 1957

Paper; prelims + ff. 57 + bibliography + 160 figures inserted passim. 1957. Folio. Cloth, red

Source of acquisition: Photocopied with the permission of the author, June 1972.

'Medieval timber roofs of East Suffolk churches' by John P. Fallon (RIBA thesis). Photocopies of typescript and photographs. Examines in detail the roof structures of thirty churches. Eight chapters, bibliography and 160 figures.

SCULPTURE.  SAL/MS/844/1-6  c. 1950-7

Paper. c. 1950-7. Bindings as above.

Source of acquisition: Presented by the author, April 1973, and (SAL/MS/844/3-6) 1981.

'English Stiff Leaf Sculpture' (PhD thesis, University of London, 1952) by Pamela Wynn Reeves (Dr Pamela Tudor-Craig; afterwards Lady Wedgwood), FSA, together with working materials. An examination of English leaf sculpture in stone in the 12th and 13th centuries.
SAL/MS/844-1, 2. Thesis:- Text (pp. 418). Typescript, with annotations by the author; Plates (114 mounts). One volume (text) and one folder. Cloth, blue.
SAL/MS/844-3. Working notes arranged alphabetically under places, and subjects; two notebooks relating to Lincoln and Wells; notes on France and on Dover stiff leaf sculpture. With a small collection of proof engravings, including Gothic detail; and a folder of lectures, lecture notes, sketchmaps, reproductions. One box, red.
SAL/MS/844-4. Photographs arranged alphabetically under places. One box, red.
SAL/MS/844-5, 6. Card index arranged mostly by counties. Two steel drawers.

FARNHAM CASTLE.  SAL/MS/845/1-3  1923-1946

Paper. c. 1923-46. Bindings as above.

Source of acquisition: SAL/MS/845/1 presented by the author, 28 Jan. 1937 (Giftbook entry); SAL/MS/845/2 presented by Arthur Richard Dufty, CBE, PSA, 1973.

Report on the restoration of Farnham Castle by the Rev. Hugh Richard Huband, FSA (d. 1940), with related papers. As follows:-


Report on the restoration and reconditioning of Farnham Castle by the Rev. H. R. Huband. No. 1 of 3 copies. A volume containing mounted typescript descriptions of architectural features revealed during the restoration work, with many illustrations, mostly photographs taken of work in progress, and measured drawings. With additional notes by Huband inserted. Large quarto. Cloth, cream.

Subsidiary papers  SAL/MS/845/2  1923-1946

(a) Green ring binder containing architectural notes by Huband, mostly typescript, and photographs annotated by him; with a few sketch plans; c. 1931. Includes some material not in SAL/MS/845/1;- (b) Black quarto exercise book containing an inventory by Huband of manuscripts found in the castle in 1923. Together with loose sketchplans, photographs and reproductions annotated by Huband and Maj. Alexander Gawthorp Wade, FSA, and some correspondence, partly with Major Wade, relating to the Farnham Castle Appeal, 1946. Quarto, etc. Unbound papers, green ring binder and notebook in a brown cardboard slipcase.

Large measured architectural drawings made mainly during the restoration  SAL/MS/845/3  1931-2

Rolls. See also SA Prints and Drawings Collections.

WILTSHIRE.  SAL/MS/846  c. 1970

Paper. c. 1970. Folio. Unbound.

Source of acquisition: Photocopies by permission of the compiler (copy letter to SA, 1 Dec. 1973, with item 1).

Papers compiled by Kenneth Woodbridge, author of Landscape and Antiquity (1970), conc. antiquarian researches in Wiltshire. Photocopies of typescript. As follows:- (1) Chronological table of the researches by William Cunnington (d. 1810) and Sir Richard Colt Hoare, and associated events. Originally intended as an appendix to Woodbridge's book;- (2) Cross-references from Hoare's Ancient History of Wiltshire (1812-19) (Stations I-IV) to L. V. Grinsell's Archaeological Gazetteer in VCH Wilts., I, part 1 (1957), and Cunnington's MSS at the Wiltshire Archaeology and History Society, Devizes (copies in SAL), with notes on discrepancies. See also SAL/MSS/217, 302.

CHRISTIANITY.  SAL/MS/847  1960-1973

Paper; pp. 39 (lacks 16, 24), map, and notes (16pp). 1973. Folio. Unbound. Stapled into grey file covers.

'Christianity in the Nile Valley - Survey of results 1960-1972' by Professor William Hugh Clifford Frend, FBA, FSA, a report for the Parma Colloquium of the International Commission for Comparative Study of Ecclesiastical History (CIHEC); September 1973. Photocopies of typescript.


Paper; pp. (vi) + 112; (iv) + 166; (vi) + 176 with (ii) + 78; (vi) + 132. 1971-4. Four volumes. Quarto. Half leather, red (by W. D. Craven, Worthing).

Source of acquisition: Presented by the compiler, 1974.

'A Yorkshire Armorial' by Thomas Stockton Gowland, FSA, consisting mostly of arms of Yorkshire families; compiled 1971-4 (dates of prefaces). The present compilation is based (see Preface to Vol. I) on a larger collection of Yorkshire arms, including ecclesiastical and municipal arms (now owned by the Yorkshire Archaeological Society, Leeds). The sources were mostly, but not exclusively, printed visitations and standard reference books. Consists of coloured drawings of arms, with identifications, a few ink and wash drawings of houses, etc., and maps. Four volumes:- Vol. I. The City of York and the West Riding (part 1);- Vol. II. The West Riding (part 2);- Vol. III. The North and East Ridings and the Town and County of Kingston-upon-Hull;- Vol. IV. Appendix of arms discovered too late for inclusion in the preceding volumes, crests and badges.
The preface mentions difficulties in drawing the crests (see also letter from the compiler, 21 Apr. 1975, tipped in). Prefaces and indexes in each volume. A.J., 64 (1984), 617-18 (obituary).

EXCHEQUER DECREES.  SAL/MS/849  19th century

Paper; pp. iii + 362. Early 19th century. Folio. Half leather, brown, with marbled boards. On fol. i confused notes relating to handwritings. Bookplates on the front pastedown of John Godfrey and Ralph Griffin, Sec. SA (d. 1941).

Source of acquisition: Presented by C. E. Ranken, January 1975.

Calendar of Decrees of the Exchequer, 1-20, 28-31 Eliz., 1 Jas. I-27 Chas. II. A fair copy, early 19th century, of the present PRO IND. 16897 (which was compiled in the King's Remembrancer's Office by George Vanderzee, c. 1802). The decrees are of the equity side of the Exchequer.
Topographical index, pp. 301-48.

CULLETON INDEX.  SAL/MS/850  early 20th century

Paper. Twenty-one drawers and one envelope of unbound papers.

Archival history:
Transferred to the Society of Genealogists, 1992.

Index Nominum to selected genealogical MSS in the British Museum compiled by L. Culleton, record searcher; Paper slips arranged alphabetically by families.


Paper; ff. 4 + 131 + MS titlepage. 1948. Folio. Cloth, blue

Source of acquisition: H.S. London Bequest, 1959. See SAL/MS/807.

A detailed account by Hugh Stanford London, FSA, with blazons of arms, of the contents of 'The Book of Draughts, Monuments and Armory in Churches ...' prepared for Sir Christopher Hatton, afterw. 1st Baron Hatton, by William Sedgwick and William Dugdale, 1640-41; compiled in 1948 (fol. 4). Typescript. With an introduction, fols. 1-4, describing the original MS (BL Add. MS 71474, formerly Loan 38).


Paper; ff. 69. 1973. Cloth, red.

Source of acquisition: Presented by Brian Court-Mappin, May 1974. Giftbook entry, 9 May 1974.

'The Restoration of the Regalia to the tomb of Queen Elizabeth the first in Westminster Abbey. Research into the identity of the Collar missing from the Queen's marble effigy' by David Hubert Boothby Chesshyre, FSA, Rouge Croix Pursuivant; 1973. Photocopies of typescript. An examination of the evidence undertaken at the request of the Dean and Chapter of Westminster. Concludes that there was no clear evidence that the missing collar was a Garter collar and suggests the 'Three Brothers' pendant and collar shown in the Ermine portrait of Queen Elizabeth as a suitable model for the restoration. Chesshyre's summary, fols. 2-9, is followed by copies of related correspondence from authorities consulted, literary extracts, etc., fols. 16-69.

MEDIEVAL POTTERY.  SAL/MS/853/1-5  1964-1974

Paper. Mostly 1964-74. Unbound papers in four grey boxes and two rolls.

Source of acquisition: Presented by the author, Jan. 1975. SAL/MS/853/5 deposited 1990.

Working papers, drawings and notes relating to researches by Kenneth James Barton, FSA, on the medieval pottery of Europe; mostly 1964-74.

Working drafts for 'The Development and Dating of the Medieval Pottery of Sussex' (MPhil. thesis, University of Southampton  SAL/MS/853/1  1972

1972; copy in the Department of Medieval and Later Antiquities, British Museum). See Medieval Sussex Pottery (Phillimore, 1979). Two files. Together with galleys of K. J. Barton and E. W. Holden, 'Excavations at Michelham Priory', c. 1964.

Ireland. Correspondence  SAL/MS/853/2  1968-1974

1968-74, drafts, notes and drawings mainly relating to Dublin, including a typescript second draft of 'The Medieval Pottery of Dublin'. Three files.

France. Working notes and drafts  SAL/MS/853/3  1964-1974

Relating to visits, including Les Ouillères, Saintes, etc., and typescript drafts of the papers 'Medieval unglazed earthenwares and near-stonewares from Beauvais, N. France', Archaeological Journal, 126 (1970), 160-70, and 'The medieval blackwares of northern France', Medieval pottery from excavations: studies presented to Gerald Clough Dunning, eds. V. I. Evison, H. Hodges, J. G. Hurst (1974), 167-81. Two files, two sketchbooks and loose papers.

Scandinavia and Poland  SAL/MS/853/4  1964-1974

Working notes, drawings and correspondence conc. lecture tours, etc.; typescripts of 'Anthropomorphic decoration on Medieval Jugs ...', Arch. Lundensis, Res Medievales, 111 (1968), 43-52; typescripts and galleys of 'Some examples of medieval glazed earthenware in Sweden', Antikvariskt Arkiv, 33 (1968). Four folders.

Additional drawings relating to N. France and Scandinavia  SAL/MS/853/5  1964-1974

Two rolls.

BRIDGES.  SAL/MS/854  18th-20th century

Paper. 18th-20th century. Unbound papers. Two red boxes and one (II) black.

Source of acquisition: Part of the compiler's bequest of books and prints. A.J., 24 (1944), 174.

Collections relating to bridges compiled by William Howard Aymer Vallance, FSA (d. 1943); 20th century, with earlier material. A.J., 24 (1944), 180-1 (obituary). Three boxes. As follows:- Box I. MS notes and drafts; extracts, mainly plates, from The Builder (1911-12), The Architect (1921) and Country Life;- Box II. Letters to Vallance, c. 1911-28; engravings, lithographs, etc., 18th-19th century, arranged by counties; cuttings;- Box III. Photographs, and reproductions, arranged by places, counties. See also SAL/MS/769 (Jervoise collection).

FORTIFICATION.  SAL/MS/855  c. 1360-1539

Paper; ff. 123, with additions. 1977. Folio. Black spine, with brown card covers.

Source of acquisition: Presented by the author, 1st March 1977.

'Medieval and Early Post-Medieval Artillery Fortification in England and Wales, with special reference to Southampton' by John Robert Kenyon, FSA (dissertation for BA degree, University of Southampton, 1977). Typescript. Examines various types of gunports, with a gazetteer including sites where artillery is mentioned in contemporary documents. Vol. I (text) only; set of plates in the Dept. of Archaeology, University of Southampton. With maps, plans and figures in the text.


Paper; ff. 356. 1975. Quarto. Cloth, blue.

Source of acquisition: Presented by the author, March 1977

The Stained Glass of the Collegiate Church of the Holy Trinity, Tattershall, Lincs.' by Richard Charles Marks, FSA (PhD thesis, Courtauld Institute, London University, 1975). Typescript. Text volume only. Consists of an examination of the dispersed surviving glass of Tattershall College (founded, 1439, by Ralph Cromwell, Lord Treasurer) and reconstruction of the original arrangement and iconographical programme. See R. Marks, 'The glazing of the Collegiate Church of the Holy Trinity, Tattershall (Lincs.)', Archaeologia, 106 (1979), 133-56; The Stained Glass of the Collegiate Church of the Holy Trinity, Tattershall (Lincs.) (New York and London, 1984); Stained Glass in England during the Middle Ages (1993), 200-4.

ROACH SMITH COLLECTION.  SAL/MS/857/1-12  1843-1890

Collections and papers of Charles Roach Smith (1807-90), FSA; c. 1843-90. For Roach Smith's career and publications see DNB; Proc., 2nd ser., 13 (1889-91), 310-12 (obituary). Detailed descriptions (typescript) of SAL/MS/857/1-4 are preserved with the collection; as is the description (computer print-out) by Michael Rhodes, 1988, of MS material in SAL conc. Roach Smith, with a bibliography. See M. Rhodes, 'Some aspects of the contribution to British archaeology of Charles Roach Smith' (PhD thesis, London, 1992).

Collectanea Antiqua  SAL/MS/857/1  1848-80

Paper. Seven volumes. 1848-80. Octavo. Half leather, brown, with marbled boards

Source of acquisition: Purchased from Horace G. Commin, Ltd., Bournemouth. A.J., 55 (1975) 487.

Roach Smith's copy, interleaved and annotated, extra-illustrated, press-cuttings and letters inserted.

Volume of offprints and pamphlets, mostly by Roach Smith, extra illustrated, letters bound in  SAL/MS/857/2  1847-91

Paper. 1847-91. Quarto (contents octavo). Vellum.

Source of acquisition: Many items presented by Roach Smith to Joseph Clarke, FSA (d. 1895); subsequently acquired by Dr Frederick William Cock, FSA (d. 1943) from Francis Edwards (see Cock's book-plate and flyleaf annotations); later owned by Sir Thomas Neame, FSA (d. 1973), his signature, 1944. Purchased with SAL/MS/857/1.

Thirty-nine items, including sale-catalogues of Roach Smith's furniture and effects (C. D. Levy, 14 Oct. 1890), and library (Sotheby's, 7 Apr. 1891); many items relating to Kent. See contents list.

Letters to and from Roach Smith, and others, two engravings, printed items, etc.  SAL/MS/857/3  1842-90

Paper. 1842-90. Unbound papers.

Source of acquisition: One envelope, and one file (added 1997). Part of a larger collection later owned by Joseph Mayer of Liverpool (his sale, Sotheby's, 20 July 1887, part of lot 260, purchased by Frederick Hendriks); Hendriks' sale, Sotheby's, 28 Feb. 1910, part of lot 257. Several letters from Roach Smith, 1875-88, are addressed to J. A. Jacobs. Later acquired by Colin Franklin, FSA, who presented the collection, July 1976. One letter (of George Eastwood, 1858) came from the bequest of Anthony William George Lowther, FSA, 1972 (A.J., 53 (1973), 386).

See the descriptive list with the collection. Together with letters to Roach Smith from Joseph Clarke, 1848-9, and the Hon. Richard Cornwallis Neville, c. 1849, relating to Roman finds at Great Chesterford, Essex, and Ickleton, Cambs. Incorporated from Ants. Corresp., 1997.

Drawings and engravings relating to excavations at Pevensey by Roach Smith and Mark Antony Lower, FSA  SAL/MS/857/4  1852-3

Paper. Mostly 1852-3. Unbound papers found with the excavation report. One envelope.

See C. Roach Smith, Report on excavations... at Pevensey, 1858. As follows:- (a) Fragments of a sketchbook, detached covers, flyleaf (with note by Roach Smith, 16 Dec. 1881), and seven detached leaves (numbered 1-3, 5-8) of w/cols by Roach Smith, of Pevensey, 1853;- (b) Six pulls of engravings of Pevensey by W. H. Brooke (cf. Report, plates I, III, IV);- (c) Two letters from W. H. Brooke to Roach Smith, 13, 28 Apr. 1853, relating to sketches and drawings;- (d) Printed list of subscribers to the excavations, 1852;- (e) Ink drawing of a pig of iron found at Chedworth. The name of H. M. Scarth added;- (f) A few miscellaneous letters and papers (possibly once inserted in SAL/MS/857/2) include a certificate of the reading of the Thirty Nine Articles by the vicar in the church at Bramhill, Wilts., 1863. A photograph of Pevensey castle, c. 1854, by Dr Hugh Welch Diamond, FSA, has been transferred to SA Hugh Diamond Collection of photographs.

Papers relating to Richborough:-  SAL/MS/857/5  1843-1853

Drawings, proof cuts, etc., mostly relating to C. Roach Smith, The Antiquities of Richborough, Reculver and Lymne (1850)  SAL/MS/857/5/A  1843-1853

Paper. 1843-83. Unbound. One envelope.

Source of acquisition: The present material is part of a collection sent by Roach Smith to Joseph Mayer of Liverpool; subsequently in Mayer's sale (Sotheby's, 20 July 1887, lot 150); purchased by Arnold; F. Hendriks' sale, Sotheby's, 28 Feb. 1910, lot 255; purchased by W. Daniell; later broken up. The present portion was bequeathed to SA by William Pinckard Delane Stebbing, FSA (d. 1961). A.J., 42 (1962), 291, 292 (bequests).

Including:- (a) Drawings mostly pencil, some ink, with a few watercolours, by Frederick William Fairholt, FSA, and others, and sketches by Roach Smith;- (b) Proof plans and views of Richborough and Lymne, and proof drawings from Antiquities;- (c) Letters of Roach Smith, W. H. Rolfe, F. W. Fairholt, Albert Way and others, 1843-83;- (d) Sketchplan, ink, by Roach Smith of the Saxon cemetery at Ozingell, Kent. Further details in the description by M. Rhodes with the collection.

Letters and sketches relating mostly to excavations by William Henry Rolfe of Richborough amphitheatre  SAL/MS/857/5/B  1849-1850

Paper. Unbound.

Source of acquisition: Found in an envelope addressed to Ronald Frederick Jessup, FSA.

Consisting of:- (a) Three letters from W. H. Rolfe to Roach Smith, 31 Oct., 13 Nov. 1849, 6 Jan. 1850 (autograph copy), describing the amphitheatre;- (b) Ink sketch by Rolfe of the plan of the amphitheatre, as discovered 19 Oct. 1849;- (c) Unidentified sketch by Rolfe, 6 Jan. 1850.

Six scrapbooks relating to BAA congresses (Canterbury, 1844, Winchester, 1845, Gloucester, 1846, Warwick, 1847, Worcester, 1848, Chester, 1849)  SAL/MS/857/6-11  1844-1849

Paper. Six volumes. 1844-9. Quarto. Half leather, brown, with marbled boards.

Contents include correspondence, conference proceedings, press-cuttings, illustrations, etc. With bookplates of Charles Roach Smith.

Rev. John Collingwood Bruce, The Roman Wall (1851).  SAL/MS/857/12  1851-1854

Paper; pp. 454. 1851-4. Quarto. Cloth, red.

Source of acquisition: Presented by Dr Anthony Richard Hands, FSA, 1997.

Copy owned by Roach Smith with his bookplate. Letters of the author to Roach Smith, 1854, and John Clayton (dedicatee), 1853, inserted. With a photograph (?of the author).

PUBLIC ACCOUNTS.  SAL/MS/858  1711-1714

Paper; ff. iii + pp. 408 + index. 1711-14. Folio. Vellum.

Source of acquisition: Owned, Feb. 1959, by Anthony William George Lowther, ARIBA, FSA (d. 1972). Lowther Bequest, 1972; A.J., 53 (1973), 386.

Related information: See also SAL/MSS/859, 940-2.

Precepts Issued By... the Commissioners for the Taking Examining and Stating the Publick Accompts ...' (fol. iii). A register containing copies of letters requiring attendance before the Commissioners to provide information for their accounts; 17 May 1711-22 March 1713/14. The Commission was set up on 25 March 1711; see M. F. Bond, Guide to the Records of Parliament (1971), 136-7, for further information. Matters under examination included Navy victualling, Customs and Excise revenues, prizes taken at sea, accounts of the Warden of the Stannaries of Cornwall and Devon. Index of names and subjects at the end.

SIR HENRY SLINGSBY.  SAL/MS/859  18th century

Paper; ff. iv + pp. 151. Early 18th century. Folio. Reversed calf, blind-stamped.

Source of acquisition: Acquired by A. W. G. Lowther, 1952, from Frank B. Benger, antiquarian book-dealer of Leatherhead. See letters from Benger (fols. ii, iii) giving summary information on editions, watermarks, possible date, etc.; Benger apparently acquired the MS at Hodgsons. Press-cuttings, laid down on fol. iv, relate to the Slingsby family, and Scriven Hall, Yorks. (which was damaged by fire, Dec. 1952). Lowther Bequest, 1972. See SAL/MS/858.

Copy of the diary of Sir Henry Slingsby of Scriven (1602-58), royalist, covering events preceding and during the Civil Wars, mainly 1638-48 (pp. 150-1 refer to cultivation of his gardens, 1649); early 18th-century copy. The diary was edited selectively by Sir Walter Scott (1806); a fuller version was edited by D. Parsons (1836). The Parsons edition was based on a copy (the 'Scriven' MS) made by Sir Savile Slingsby in 1714-15 from the original diary (location unknown). The present copy is later than the Scriven MS and differs from it in some passages (see notes by A. W. G. Lowther, FSA, inserted at pp. 48-9, 88-9).

WILLIAM MORRIS.  SAL/MS/860  c. 1876


Source of acquisition: Photocopies (double spreads), provided in 1978 by Paul Needham, curator of Printed Books, Pierpont Morgan Library, where the MS was exhibited, 1976 (letter, 15 May 1978).

Catalogue of William Morris's library. Photocopies of the original manuscript, partly written by Morris and partly by his daughter May, now in the Paul Mellon collection (from the Cockerell sale, 1956). The catalogue lists 13 manuscripts (seven by Morris) and 291 printed books (the last 54 of these Icelandic). See Paul Needham, 'William Morris: Book collector', William Morris and the Art of the Book (1976), 23-7, 97, for further details.

SEALS.  SAL/MS/861  Before 1867

Paper. Before 1897. Small folio. Cloth, red.

Source of acquisition: Owned by Sir Augustus Wollaston Franks, PSA (d. 1897), signature on the original cover. Probably part of the Franks Bequest.

Copy by Herbert Arthur Doubleday (1867-1941) of the MS catalogue of the collection of sulphur casts of English personal seals presented by John Doubleday to the Department of Manuscripts, British Museum (British Library) in 1837; before 1897. Arranged alphabetically.

FRENCH ART.  SAL/MS/862  1895

Paper; ff. ii + 383, 38 plates. 1895. Quarto, and large quarto folder. Half leather, blue, with marbled boards.

Source of acquisition: ?Presented by the author.

'Essai sur les Influences Orientales dans la Sculpture et l'Enluminure Françaises au onzième siècle' by Jean Joseph Marquet de Vasselot, Hon. FSA 1922 (d. 1946); dated Paris, 31 Oct. 1895 (fol. 332). Autograph. French. An account of oriental influence on French art of the 11th century arranged by motifs, e.g. helix, palmette, tree of life, elephant. Plates (38) in a separate folder, consisting of numerous pencil and ink drawings and photographs laid down on mounts; a few cut away. A.J., 27 (1947), 214 (obituary).

LE GRAND MENHIR.  SAL/MS/863  1977-1978

Paper; two sections, ff. 62, 47. 1977-8. Quarto. Unbound sections, stapled together, in a cardboard slipcase.

Source of acquisition: Presented by Robert L. Merritt, 1978 (see copy letter, 25 Sept. 1978).

Copies of correspondence, scientific calculations and related papers used in a study of the Grand Menhir (Morbihan), Brittany, reasons for its fall, etc.; 1977-8. Published by Robert L. Merritt and Archibald S. Tom, 'Le Grand Menhir Brisé', Archaeological Journal, 137 (1980), 27-39. Photocopies of typescript, etc.


Paper; ff. iv + 210 + 72. c. 1881, with later additions. Folio. Half leather, brown, by Poynder, Reading, 1945. Bookplates of J. W. Clay, fol. i, and C. T. Clay, fol. ii.

Source of acquisition: Presented by Sir Charles Travis Clay, CB, FSA, 1977. Giftbook entry, 13 Oct. 1977.

Blazons of arms of Yorkshire families, arranged as an alphabet, with references to sources, compiled by John William Clay, FSA (d. 1888), with an ordinary of the same; c. 1881, with later MS annotations by Sir Charles Travis Clay, FSA, son of the compiler. Typescript.

CHINA.  SAL/MS/865  mid 19th century

Paper; ff. A-N + 170 (with many loose insertions). Mid 19th century. Narrow folio. Leather, black, with the initials of J. H. Packer, and clasp

Source of acquisition: Bookplate of Derek Fortrose Allen, VPSA (front pastedown). ?Part of his bequest, 1975 (A.J., 56 (1976), 351).

Pocket book of J. H. Packer of Liverpool, apparently engaged in the silk trade in Canton. The book contains many examples of Chinese 'chops' or trade seals, laid down opposite the names of the respective firms, or loosely inserted; some are elaborately decorated. Packer's seal is stamped on the flyleaf (fol. N) between his name and address. Index, fol. D. (Inf. John A. Goodall, FSA).


Paper; contents page + ff. 137 + bibliography + 59 figures. 1975. Folio. Photocopies in a binder of dark and light green cloth

Source of acquisition: Presented by the author, 1976. Giftbook entries, Jan. 1976, 24 Nov. 1977.

'Les émaux champlevés méridionaux dans les cabinets d'amateurs britanniques des XVIIe et XVIIIe siècles' by Simone Caudron (Mémoire de maîtrise d'Histoire de l'Art et d'Archéologie, Paris, Oct. 1975). French. Photocopies of typescript and of 59 illustrations. An account of Limoges-type enamels known to have been in British collections with changes of locations so far as known to the author. See pp. 101-2, figs. 45, 46, for the reliquary showing the martyrdom of St Thomas Becket in SA collections (Mus. Cat., no. 110). Includes references, with extracts, to SA Minute Books. See also S. Caudron, 'Emaux champlevés de Limoges et amateurs britanniques du XVIIIe siècle', Bulletin de la Société Archéologique et Historique du Limousin, 103 (1976), 137-68, and 'Les châsses de reliquaires de Thomas Becket émaillées à Limoges: leur géographie historique', ibid., 121 (1993), 53-83; A.J., 60 (1980), 350-2.

STOGURSEY.  SAL/MS/867  1924-1952

Paper. c. 1952, etc. Quarto. Unbound, punched, and held by red tape, within mauve boards. In a brown cardboard box.

Source of acquisition: Incorporated from the papers of Thomas Daniel Tremlett, FSA (Ass. Sec. 1961-6; d. 1972). Giftbook entries, Jan. 1976, 24 Nov. 1977.

'Discoveries in a Somerset Church', by the Rev. Basil Roberts Tucker, vicar of Stoke Courcy (Stogursey), Somerset, 1924-52; c. 1952, with an addition of 1959. Typescript. Includes references to pagan remains. At the end a series of mounted photographs of the church. The author published Stoke Courcy Stogursey - through 4,000 years (reprinted from the Bridgwater Mercury, 1939).

KNOWLES PAPERS.  SAL/MS/868/1-7  1913-1961

Paper. Mostly 1913-61, with some earlier material. Folio, quarto. Bindings as above

Source of acquisition: SAL/MS/868/1 presented by John Alder Knowles, 1961 (A.J., 41 (1961), 277; SAL/MS/868/2-7 bequeathed, 1961 (A.J., 42 (1962), 291). Some items in SAL/MS/868/7 from other donors.

Papers of John Alder Knowles, FSA (1881-1961), York glass painter and historian of stained glass; mostly 1913-1961, with some earlier material. Knowles was editor of the Journal of the British Society of Master Glass-Painters (JBSMG), 1926-39, 1945-9; see his obituary in Vol. 13 (1962), 527-9.

'Books, MSS, and Writers on the Technique of Glass Making and Painting'  SAL/MS/868/1  1961

Typescript, with MS additions. ff. 1 + viii + 174. Quarto. Cloth, black.

'The Practice of Ancient Glass Painting - A History of Technique & Craftmanship'  SAL/MS/868/2/1-3  1913-1961

Not published although announced for publication in 1921. Typed for the author by the V & A, 1930, from the author's MS. With a letter and corrections from Noel Heaton, 1947. Three volumes. Quarto. Cloth, red.

Notebooks (15) with a separate index volume  SAL/MS/868/3  nd

Mostly oblong octavo. One red box.

Notes, correspondence, bibliography of Knowles' writings, unpublished articles.  SAL/MS/868/4  1923-1949

Includes a folder of correspondence, some with Geoffrey Webb, 1923-4, and Noel Heaton, 1924-7, 1949, conc. the Couverte process. Red box (with SAL/MS/868/6/1, 3).

Press-cuttings.  SAL/MS/868/5/1-5  1926-1961

Five scrapbooks covering:- (1) 1913-26, with a few earlier; (2) 1926-7; (3) 1928-39, with a few earlier; (4) York Minster and 1945-51; (5) Various dates to 1961. Folio. Brown spines, with green boards (5, green spine, with board).

Works by others  SAL/MS/868/6/1-3  1808-1966

John Christopher Hampp (1750-1825), Norwich weaver and importer of stained glass. Notebook  SAL/MS/868/6/1  1808

c. 1808. Inside front cover, 'Mr Griffith came to Norwich January 11 1808... and teach me the art of burning and staining glass'. Attributed to Hampp by Knowles; see also JBSMG, 6 (1937), 191-8. In box with SAL/MS/868/4.

Thomas Wilmshurst, enamel painter and glass stainer (d. before 1885)  SAL/MS/868/6/2  18th-19th Century

'Notes on Representations & Exhibitions of Painted and Stained Glass'. Scrapbook of items collected by Wilmshurst, including engravings, w/cols, lithographs, a few aquatints, etc., and a copy by Thomas Jervais of the catalogue of his exhibition at Exeter Change, Strand, 1772. Presented to Knowles by E. Wyndham Hulme, who purchased it from a German dealer (JBSMG, 13 (1962), 523). Quarto. Dark green cloth.

Charles Francis Bell, FSA (d. 1966).  SAL/MS/868/6/3  [n.d.]

Notebook relating to 'English painted-glass of the Protestant Era', with some correspondence; c. 1903-16. Quarto. In box with SAL/MS/868/4.

Printed catalogues of stained glass manufacturers and sale-catalogues  SAL/MS/868/7  1804, 1862-c. 1950

35 items. Red box.

ETHIOPIC PSALTER.  SAL/MS/869  18th century

Vellum; ff. (138). ?18th century. Duodecimo. Wooden boards (one split), lacks spine.

Source of acquisition: Presented by Miss Katharine Joyce Galbraith, FSA (d. 1988), November 1979. Giftbook entry, 8 Nov. 1979. A.J., 68 (1988), 394 (obituary).

Psalter written in black and red, with rudimentary headpieces; ?18th century. Ethiopic (Ge'ez). Signatures at top of leaves, passim.

MALTA.  SAL/MS/870  1926-1954

Paper. Mainly 1926-54. Unbound papers in a green box.

Source of acquisition: Bequeathed by Capt. Henry Stewart Gracie, RN, FSA, 1979. A.J., 59 (1979), 555 (obituary).

Papers relating to research by Captain Henry Stewart Gracie, RN, FSA, on pre-historic cart tracks in Malta; mainly 1926-54. Including a typescript 'The Ancient Cart-tracks of Malta', field notebook, and written-up descriptions of tracks, with sketchmaps; photographs of tracks and neolithic temples, etc.; letters to Gracie, 1953-61; offprints and guides, and War Office maps.

W. M. WYLIE, B. WILMER.  SAL/MS/871/1, 2  1853-1881

Offprints from Archaeologia of articles mostly by William Michael Wylie, FSA (d. 1887), relating to early burial sites and finds, with extra illustrations, presented by the author to Bradford Wilmer (SAL/MS/871/1); and an album of drawings, mostly by Bradford Wilmer, of related objects (SAL/MS/871/2). See the obituary of Wylie in Proc., 2nd ser., 11 (1885-7), 369-70, and many references to him in the general index (1908) to Proc., 2nd ser., 1-20. Bradford Wilmer resided near Dieppe and was SA local secretary for Normandy. See Proc., 1st ser., 4 (1856-9), 83-6, 123-4, 205-6, 233-40.

Bound volume of articles from Archaeologia, 35 (1853) to 46 (1881)  SAL/MS/871/1  1853-1881

Paper. 1853-81. Quarto. Modern cloth, brown, retains part of the original spine, leather, brown, gilt-tooled. Bookplates of William Michael Wylie, FSA, and Bradford Wilmer, on the verso of the titlepage.

Source of acquisition: Owned by Col. L. Worthington Wilmer, who gave it in 1910 to his brother, Horace Wilmer, FSA (d. 1936), local secretary for Sussex 1921. Presented by the latter's son in 1936, at his father's request.

Many inscribed with notes of presentation from Wylie to Wilmer. The articles relate to Anglo-Saxon and other burial sites, early lake dwellings in Switzerland, antiquities from Praeneste, etc. Most (14) are by Wylie, with additional wash drawings; also included are articles by J. Y. Akerman, Abbé Cochet, R. Garucci, L. Lindenschmit, A. Cust and others. Typed contents list inserted.

Album of 311 drawings, including many w/cols, of objects ranging in date from the prehistoric to the migration periods, and derived from the British Isles, France, Germany, Italy and Switzerland  SAL/MS/871/2  mid 19th century

Paper; pp. 285. Mid 19th century. Large folio. Half leather, brown, with purple cloth.

Source of acquisition: Purchased in 1980. A.J., 60 (1980), 460.

Many are by Bradford Wilmer and W. M. Wylie, but there are also drawings and w/cols by G. Eberlein, pp. 57-73 passim, Louis Braun, pp. 67, 71, 75, J. G. Joyce, pp. 89, 97, T. Petter, pp. 154, 158, Dr F. Keller, pp. 235, 236, and others. Autograph note by the Abbé Cochet, Hon. FSA, p. 111. The archaeological sites represented are the Hallstatt cemetery, the Swiss lake villages, Etruscan tombs at Praeneste, the Wettingen hoard of Roman silver, Roman sites at Lillebonne, Hébérville, Fécamp and Silchester, the graves at Oberflacht, the Anglo-Saxon cemetery at Fairford and the Merovingian cemeteries at Rambouillet, Charnay, Beauvais and Envermieu. Some of the drawings relate to articles in Archaeologia, as bound in SAL/MS/871/1, others are published in SA Proc. and elsewhere. There are some printed illustrations, lithographs (Golden Psalter of St. Gall, pp. 29, 118, 122), engravings and early sepia photographs, including the Buddhist temple excavated at Sultanganj, p. 246.
Pencil drawing of the Yately cup, p. 280. A catalogue of the drawings is available. (Inf. Elizabeth Lewis).

LODDIGES CATALOGUES.  SAL/MS/872/1-4  1804-1849

Paper. Mostly 1804-49. Octavo. Mostly paper, a few cloth (SAL/MS/872/2 leather, brown), in a home-made folder of black and white striped cloth; SAL/MS/872/4 cloth, blue, with maroon spine.

Source of acquisition: Part of the bequest of Dr Conrad Loddiges (d. 1949); see SA correspondence, 1949, with Helena Loddiges, sister of Dr Conrad Loddiges, and Nashdom Abbey. A.J., 31 (1951), 252.

Related information: See also SAL/MS/958.

Account book and catalogues of Conrad Loddiges, and Son(s), nurserymen of Hackney; mostly 1804-49. See David Solman, Loddiges of Hackney (1995)

Account book  SAL/MS/872/1  Oct. 1839-Nov. 1841

First page headed 'Cemetery'.

MS catalogue of Orchideae  SAL/MS/872/2  c. 1834-6

Printed catalogues of Conrad Loddiges and Son(s)  SAL/MS/872/3  1804-49

The earliest has a trilingual titlepage, Catalogue of Plants and Seeds which are sold by Conrad Loddiges and Son, Nursery and Seedsmen, At Hackney, near London (1804) (followed by German and French titles). The series includes duplicates, interleaved and annotated copies. Some of the later catalogues are of special categories, e.g. Orchideae (1839, 1844), Stove Plants (1842), Loddiges Palms (1845). The last in the series is a Catalogue of Plants in the collection of Conrad Loddiges and Sons at Hackney, near London (1849). A further sale-cat. (1783) is in the Linnean Society.

Transcript by Dr Conrad Loddiges (d. 1949) of an earlier plant and seed catalogue  SAL/MS/872/4  20th Century
Language:  German and Latin

Related information: Small folio. Found (1994) with SAL/MS/958.

'Verzeichnis von Pflanzen und Saamen welch um billige Preisse zu haben sind Bey Conrad Loddiges, Pflanzschulen-Gärtner und Saamenhändler zu Hackney bey London'. Lettered on the spine 'Hortus Loddigesii 1777'. Conrad Loddiges published a trilingual catalogue in 1777 (see J. Harvey, Early Gardening Catalogues (1972), 40, 47, 49); the present transcript has a German titlepage, foreword and headings, and names of plants in Latin


Paper; pp. 109; 34 + 65 site descriptions. Before 1962. Folio. Two green folders within a larger folder, black spine, grey pasteboard.

Source of acquisition: Presented by the compiler, June 1977.

'The Fogous of Cornwall' by S. V. P. Leleux, a dissertation prepared over many years and intended for publication; compiled up to 1962. Typescript. Two folders including (1) classification of sites, tables, introduction and descriptions of 65 sites; (2) introduction, more detailed descriptions of 65 sites, and photographs. There is some duplication of descriptions in the two folders. Publication was forestalled by Evelyn Clark, Cornish Fogous (1961), see correspondence, 1960-2, in the first folder. Includes unpublished observations.


Paper; ff. 105. Photocopies, June 1980.

Photocopies of 105 pages of an untitled and unfinished manuscript (BL Add. MS 45328, fols. 1-49v) of a novel, beg. 'Our story begins in a village not so very far from London'. Published by Penelope Fitzgerald in Dickens Studies Annual, 10 (1982), 143-51. See B. Rosenbaum and R. Pearson, Index of English Literary MSS, IV, part 3 (1993), 686, MoW 1528, for further references.

MONUMENTAL BRASSES.  SAL/MS/875  19th Century 1950

Paper. Sixteen volumes. 19th century-c. 1950. Folio and quarto. Cloth, mostly beige (XI black, spine repaired)

Source of acquisition: The collection was presented by the complier to the Somerset Archaeological and Natural History Society and transferred to SA in 1982 and 1990.

Notes and descriptions of monumental brasses by the Rev. Henry Eardley Field (1858-1955); prefaces dated 1931-50, but compiled earlier. Sixteen volumes arranged by county:- I. Beds.;- II. Cambs.;- III. Derbs.;- IV. Durham;- V, parts 1-3. Essex;- VI. Hants.;- VII. Herts.;- VIII. Kent;- IX. Supplementary notes on Lancs. and Cheshire; Lincs.;- X. London and Middlx.;- XI. Norf. and Suff.;- XII. Notts.;- XIII. Oxon.;- XIV. Salop. Contents include some reproductions of brasses and printed extracts. Dated prefaces for each county giving sources and comments. Indexes of brasses under parishes for each county; indexes of arms in Vols. I and XIV. The compiler published, with John P. Briscoe, Monumental Brasses of Nottinghamshire (1904). Obituary in The Times (21 Oct. 1955).


Paper. Two volumes. 1908, with later addiions. Folio. Cloth, beige.

Source of acquisition: Presented by Professor Richard John Copland Atkinson, CBE, FSA, 1982. Giftbook entry, 18 March 1982.

A. Hadrian Allcroft, Earthwork of England (1908). Two volumes. The author's annotated and interleaved copy, containing many additional plans, drawings and correspondence.


Paper (and vellum). 1844-53, 1883. Quarto, octavo, etc. Half leather, green (brown, SAL/MS/877/3), with marbled boards; SAL/MS/877/4 in a purple box, gilt-tooled. Labels of Thomas Francis Dillon Croker, FSA, 1848, 1853, on the pastedowns of SAL/MS/877/1, 2.

Source of acquisition: SAL/MS/877/1 was owned, after Croker, by Thomas Wright, FSA, and E. A. B. Barnard, FSA; it was purchased by the BAA from the executors of Barnard's niece. SAL/MS/877/1, 3 were deposited on permanent loan by the BAA, 1982; SAL/MS/877/2 was purchased by SA from David Sturdy, 1981; SAL/MS/877/4 deposited by the BAA, 1990.

Three volumes containing memorabilia and correspondence collected by Thomas Francis Dillon Croker, FSA, relating to the first six congresses of the Association and an illuminated address; mostly 1844-9, with later additions, 1883 (SAL/MS/877/4). See also the scrapbooks of Charles Roach Smith, FSA (SAL/MS/857/6-11), relating to the first six congresses. As follows

Material relating to the first four congresses, Canterbury, 1844, Winchester, 1845, Gloucester, 1846, Warwick, 1847  SAL/MS/877/1  1844-1847

Including letters, poems, autographs of participants, press-cuttings, extracts from the Journal of the BAA, etc. Includes references to the secession from the BAA in 1845-6 of the (Royal) Archaeological Institute. For the background to the dispute see JBAA, 1 (1846), prefatory statements; preface to the Report (1845) of the first congress; Archaeological Journal, 106 (1949), 1-12; see also the minute-book of the seceding party led by Albert Way (SAL/MS/700/VII). E. Reginald Taylor, 'The Humours of Archaeology, or, the Canterbury Congress of 1844 and the Early Days of the Association', JBAA, N. S. 38 (1932), 183-234, gives a detailed account of the Canterbury Congress, participants, and the background to the secession of the AI, mostly derived from SAL/MS/877/1.

Similar material relating to the 5th and 6th congresses, Worcester, 1848, and chester 1849  SAL/MS/877/2  1848-1853

With miscellaneous cuttings to 1853

Correspondence, mostly letters to Alfred John Dunkin, editor of the Report of the Proceedings... at Canterbury... 1844  SAL/MS/877/3  1845

Mostly letters from contributors and subscribers.

Illuminated address presented by the Corporation of the Borough of Dover to the BAA on the occasion of the Association's visit  SAL/MS/877/4  16 Aug. 1883

With the arms of Dover on the first leaf, an illuminated titlepage, and partial borders to the text. Seal of the Corporation. Vellum. ff. 7.

THE GOLDEN ROSE.  SAL/MS/878  1970-1980

Paper. c. 1970-80. Quarto, etc. Unbound papers, partly in folders, in a red box.

Source of acquisition: Presented by Mrs Little through Arthur George Grimwade, FSA, March 1982.

Researches by Dr Reginald H. Little on the subject of Papal gifts of Golden Roses; c. 1970-80. Partly typescript. As follows:- (1) Red folder containing 'The History of the Papal Award of the Golden Rose'. A compilation by Dr Little following up the history of awards of the rose since the publication of Moroni's Dizionario (1852), including a copy of an article by 'A. Shield' in The Month (1900), many photographs of golden roses, cuttings and excerpts, a list of extant roses, and correspondence. With a copy of Charles Burns, Golden Rose and Blessed Sword (1970);- (2) Green folder of correspondence relating to Dr Little's researches; mainly 1970-5;- (3) Typescript copies of 'Rosa d'Oro' from G. Moroni, Dizionario, 59 (1852); 'Papal Gifts of Golden Roses and Consecrated Swords and Hats' (unpublished) by Edward Francis Twining, Baron Twining, GCMG (d. 1967).


Paper; ff. ii + 107. c. 1682. Folio. Red morocco, gilt-tooled, with gilt edges. Armorial bookstamp of the Marqués del Carpio, fol. 2; his coroneted cyphers, fols. 104, 106. On the flyleaf, fol. i, 'cajon 19' (bookcase 19); laid-down, a cutting from an English dealer's catalogue, priced at £7. 17s. 6d. On fol. ii, '105 Disegni'. Catalogue reference '101/14/14/0', fol. iii.

Source of acquisition: Exhibited and presented by Sir Augustus Wollaston Franks, then VPSA, 22 June 1882 (signature, fol. ii, and record of presentation). Proc., 2nd.ser., 9 (1881-3), 175.

Drawings of the collection of statues, busts, bas reliefs, vases, fountains, etc., formed in Rome by Gaspar de Haro y Guzmán, Marqués del Carpio, while ambassador of Charles II of Spain to Pope Innocent XI, 1676-82. Titlepage, fol. 1, pen and wash, with a large figure derived from the description in Vitruvius (cf. De Architectura, book 2), and others, of the proposal to carve the end of Mount Athos as a colossal figure of Alexander the Great (see E. H. Frankfort, 'The 'Alexander Mountain", in N. Hadjinicolaou (ed.), Alexander the Great in European Art (Institute for Mediterranean Studies, Thessaloniki, 1997); the figure is interpreted by G. Fusconi (see below) as an allegory of Rome. Above the figure are the arms of the Marqués del Carpio, and below in a cartouche the title, 'DISEGNI D'Idoli, Statue, Filosofi, Busti, Vrne piccole, Bassi Rilieui, Medaglie, Inscrittioni, Vasi di Marmi e Porfidi, Fontane di Marmi, Alabastri e Metalli Antichi e moderni; Quali comprò In ROMA... DON GASPARO D'HARO EGUZMAN, Marchese Del Carpio e Helicce ...'. Preface, Italian, fols. 2r, v, describing the formation of the collection, 1676-82, and the chief items (some acquired from the collection of the recently deceased Cardinal Camillo de Massimi), including nine Egyptian figures ('ydoli') of paragon (black marble) found at Hadrian's Villa, Tivoli, thirteen philosophers (busts), a statue of Ganymede, an antique calendar, the 'Urna dell'Vssignuolo', and several fountains including the last work of Bernini (described in detail), said to surpass that in the Piazza Navona. The preface also states that Carpio's project to have his collection drawn and published was interrupted by his promotion to Viceroy of the Kingdom of Naples, 1682, and departure from Rome. The drawings are mostly highly finished pencil; fols. 104-7 colour wash. Captions, Spanish, describe materials, occasionally artists, and in some cases provenance (Cardinal de Massimi, Cardinal Nini). They include most but not all of the items mentioned in the preface, e.g. the nine Egyptian figures of paragon, fols. 86-94, Ganymede, fol. 96, the antique calendar, fol. 98, the urn of the nightingale, fol. 100, and fountains, fols. 104-7; the Bernini fountain is not included (several stubs visible, e.g. before fol. 107). Several items from the Carpio collection were subsequently acquired for collections in Great Britain (Towneley, Blundell of Ince, Worsley and other collections, cf. fol. i). The titlepage of SAL/MS/879 is reproduced in Giulia Fusconi, 'Disegni decorativi di Johann Paul Schor', Bollettino d'Arte, 70 (1985), 159-60, fig. 31; Fusconi suggests (p. 172, n. 83) an attribution to Phillip Schor, son of J. P. Schor, who was in the entourage of the Marchese del Carpio in Naples. Rosa López Torrijos, 'Coleccionismo en la época de Velàzquez', Velàzquez y el arte de su Tiempo (Madrid, 1991), 27-36, gives details of Carpio's career and refers to manuscripts of his secretary Juan Vélez de Léon, which include an account of the Carpio collection very similar to the preface in SAL/MS/879. Beatrice Cacciotti, 'La Collezione del VII Marchese del Carpio tra Roma e Madrid', Bolletino d'Arte, nos. 86-7 (1994), 133-96, reproduces many drawings of sculpture from SAL/MS/879 and gives present locations in Spain of the originals (pp. 195-6). Carpio owned forty-three albums of drawings of which only a few survive (references in Cacciotti, ibid., 136-7, notes 39-40; see note 41 for SAL/MS/879). (Inf. on bibliography from John A. Goodall, FSA, and Enriqueta Harris Frankfort).


Paper; prelims + ff. 228; prelims + ff. 317; prelims + 70 plates (mounts). 1964. Quarto. Cloth, black.

Source of acquisition: Presented by the author, March 1982.

'Painting in Scotland from the 14th to the 17th centuries with particular reference to painted domestic decoration 1550-1650' (PhD thesis, University of Edinburgh, 1964) by Michael Rose Apted, FSA. Typescript. Three volumes:- Vol. I. Historical survey;- Vol. II. List of painters, catalogues of paintings, materials, etc.;- Vol. III. Plates.


Paper. 1982. Folio. Unbound photocopies stapled into a yellow plastic folder, in a cardboard box; with three red plastic boxes of colour transparencies made from slides used at the lecture.

Source of acquisition: Presented by the lecturer (covering letter, 17 March 1982).

Photocopies of illustrative materials handed out at a lecture (to the Heraldry Society, 24 March 1982) by Ruth Loyd Miller, on the shields of the De Veres, Earls of Oxford, formerly emblazoned in stained glass in the clerestory of the church of SS Peter and Paul, Lavenham. Based partly on tricks of the De Vere shields in SAL/MS/4, fols. 43-70. For the De Vere shields formerly in Lavenham church see also Proc. of the Suffolk Institute of Archaeology, 6 (1880), 120-30, 225-35.

ROYAL ACADEMY.  SAL/MS/882  Before 1982

Paper; ff. 41. Before 1982. Quarto. Unbound, stapled into a manilla folder.

Source of acquisition: Presented by Dudley Snelgrove, FSA, 1982.

Photocopies of signatures of Members (with dates of election, 1768-1853), Associates and Honorary Members of the Royal Academy; photocopied before 1982. Made from the original manuscript in the Paul Mellon Collection. With a typed list of signatures.


Paper; ff. ii + 67 + pedigrees A-E. Before 1942. Folio. Unbound, stapled into a manilla folder

Source of acquisition: Presented by the complier (covering letter, 21 Aug. 1942).

'The Genealogy of the House of Ibelin in Jerusalem and Cyprus c. 1115-1375', by W. A. P. Waddington. Unpublished typescript. A series of entries giving historical and other events in the lives of members of the family, followed by five pedigrees.


Paper; ff. iv + 20 (with unnumbered drawings). 1758. Quarto. Boards covered with contemporary decorative paper (?Italian) showing prophets, other biblical figures, etc. Contemporary label on the front cover 'On brick build.'. In a modern brown cloth folder. Typescript description of the MS, priced at £350, fol. iv (see also fol. ii)

Source of acquisition: Purchased by SA from Alan G. Thomas, 1983. Library Committee Minutes, 25 Nov. 1982, p. 418 (purchase authorised from 1983 budget)

Paper by Dr William Stukeley, Sec. SA (1687-1765), on the antiquity of brick building in England, addressed to Dr Charles Lyttelton, Dean of Exeter (afterwards Bishop of Carlisle; PSA 1765); July 1758 (fol. 20). Autograph. Illustrated with seven pen and ink drawings (two heightened with wash), and one engraving of Crowland Abbey (by I. Harris after Stukeley, 14 July 1724). With autograph corrections and additions. The paper was read, 6 March 1760 (Minute Book VIII, pp. 229-32).

TWO DOCUMENTS.  SAL/MS/885  1672, 1698

Paper. 1672, 1698. Folio.

Source of acquisition: Notes by James Orchard Halliwell on both documents that they were purchased at Puttick & Simpson's, 7 Dec. 1867, lots 656, 655 respectively. Presented by James Orchard Halliwell, FRS, FSA (afterwards Halliwell-Phillipps), 9 Jan. 1868. Proc., 2nd ser., 4 (1867-70), 49.

As follows:- (1) Certificate signed by Henry Jermyn, Earl of St Albans, KG, Lord Chamberlain, that James Belvielle was sworn and admitted as Gilder, Varnisher and Casemaker in Ordinary to Charles II; 1 Feb. 1672. One leaf in a paper folder. Papered seal;- (2) List of debts of Lord Robert Russell (a younger son of the 1st Duke of Bedford), signed by Lord Robert 'this is all'; with instructions signed by the Duke for the debts to be paid; 18 Nov. 1698. Four leaves in a paper folder.


Vellum. 1681.

Source of acquisition: Presented by William Henry Hart, FSA, 28 March 1867. Proc., 2nd ser., 3 (1864-7), 460.

Marriage certificate of Samuel Stanbridge of Waltham Abbey, Essex, and Susannah Whallston of Gracechurch St., London, at Devonshire (Meeting) House, Bishopsgate, London. With the signatures of numerous witnesses.

ROME.  SAL/MS/887  1957-1962

Paper (mostly graph paper). 1957-62, n.d. Fifteen volumes, in two grey boxes. Folio, quarto (SAL/MS/887/10, 11) and large oblong quarto (SAL/MS/887/12-15). Marbled spines, with cream card (SAL/MS/887/1-5, 9); Italian spiral bindings with red or orange card (SAL/MS/887/6, 7); black cloth spine, with cream board (SAL/MS/887/8); Italian, 'Arithmetica', blue card (SAL/MS/887/10, 11); Italian, sketch books, cream card (SAL/MS/887/13-15; 12 lacks covers).

Source of acquisition: Presented by George Uvedale Spencer Corbett, FSA, part author of Vols. II-V of the Corpus, July 1985.

Drawings and notes made in the preparation of Richard Krautheimer's Corpus Basilicarum Cristianarum Romae (1937-77); 1957-62, and undated. Fifteen notebooks containing measured drawings, with much critical annotation including references to excavations. Contents indicated (but not fully) on covers.


Vellum (and paper); ff. x + 24. c. 1549, with additions. Quarto. Contemporary leather, brown, spine gilt-tooled. Fragment from a 13th century service-book(?), including Luke xv. 11, 15, visible before fol. 1 and after fol. 24.

Source of acquisition: Owned by Gilbert Sheldon (afterwards Archbp of Canterbury) in 1620 (cf. fols. 1v, iv). Later owned by Frederick Henry Barnwell who presented it to Sir Thomas Cullum, 10 Oct. 1816 (fol. ii). Phillipps MS 24359 (cf. fol. x). At the back of the volume excerpts from dealers' catalogues relating to other sources, fols. vi-viii. This MS acquired from Quaritch cat. no. 776 (1958), see cutting, fol. ix. Received as part of the bequest of John Lea Nevinson, FSA (d. 1985), through his executor Claude Blair, FSA. Giftbook entry, 28 Nov. 1985. A.J., 66 (1986), 496.

'The statutes and ordinances of the moost noble ordre of Saynct George named the Gartier' (fol. 3). Consists of the statutes as revised by Henry VIII (32 Hen. VIII), naming him Defender of the Faith (see E. Ashmole, The Institution, Laws and Ceremonies... of the Garter (1672)), fols. 3-22, to which are added the new statutes under Philip and Mary, fols. 22-4; c. 1549 (see below), with additions. Marginal annotations to both sections, in different hands. This copy made for George Brooke, 9th Baron Cobham, elected KG, 24 April 1549, installed 13 Dec. His arms, fol. 2; arms of the Order, fol. 2v. The present copy is close to Bodl. Lib., MS Ashmole 773, printed in the Appendix to Ashmole (see notes by John Lea Nevinson, FSA, fols. iii-v, with other information on sources). Small initials in burnished gold on blue and magenta backgrounds with white penwork decoration.

MEDALS.  SAL/MS/889  Before 1929

Paper. Four volumes. Before 1929. Quarto. Black binders (unbound papers).

Source of acquisition: Bequeathed by Richard William Goulding, FSA. A.J., 12(1932), 349.

Catalogue by Richard William Goulding (d. 1929), librarian and private secretary to the Duke of Portland, of his collection of medals and badges. Four volumes:- A-G; H-P; R-Z; index of artists, illustrations (photographs, reproductions and cuttings), with a few letters. Goulding's collection of medals, other than those relating to Lincolnshire personages, was bequeathed to SA in 1929 (see copy of obituary, 1930, enclosed in Vol. I).

BRASS RUBBINGS.  SAL/MS/890/1, 2  1918-1922

Paper; pp. 95, 173 (prelims and indexes unnumbered). 1918-22. Quarto. Half leather, black, with black (or blue) boards.

Source of acquisition: Presented by Raphael Salaman, FSA, 1985. Obituary in SA Annual Report 1993-1994, 72-3.

'A Catalogue of Brass Rubbings belonging to Arthur and Raphael Salaman'; 24 Jan. 1918 (titlepage), with additions to October 1922. Detailed descriptions of brasses, with notes of inscriptions, costume and heraldry, compiled by Arthur and Raphael Salaman, aged respectively fourteen and twelve in 1918 (titlepage), sons of Dr R. N. Salaman, FRS, and Nina Salaman, poet and Hebrew scholar, of Barley near Royston, Herts. Two volumes containing 108 entries, with indexes. Sketches throughout.

HAYMAN ROOKE.  SAL/MS/891/1-3  1776-1800

Paper. 1776-1800. Quarto, etc. Now conserved and mounted in grey fascicules (4 + 7 + 1) in two grey boxes.

Archival history:
According to a note in SAL/MS/891/2 acquired by Sir George Armitage, FSA, at the sale of the books of the Rev. W. J. E. Rooke, 1902. A collection of artefacts (Etruscan, Roman, British), formerly owned by Hayman Rooke, with a few papers, was sold at Phillipps, 17 Sept. 1987, lots 99-111 (copy of sale-cat. with SAL/MS/891/2). SAL/MS/891/1, 2 presented by Miss E. W. Rooke, 1951. Giftbook entry, 1 Oct. 1951. A.J., 32 (1952), 262. SAL/MS/891/3 incorporated from Ants. Papers, 1997.2z891

Letters relating to antiquarian matters, interspersed with comment on SA affairs, to Maj. Hayman Rooke, FSA, of Mansfield Woodhouse, Notts., with a few from him. For Rooke see Evans (1956), 184-5, 189, etc.; A. G. Sherratt, 'Hayman Rooke, F. S. A.', Thoroton Society Trans., 69 (1965), 4-18, where some of the letters are published

Eighty letters from various persons  SAL/MS/891/1-3/1  1776-1800

Including Dr Philip Gell, Richard Godfrey (engraver) and John Throsby (Leicestershire historian). With a descriptive list by Irvine Gray, FSA.

LETTERS  SAL/MS/891/1-3/2  1780-1800

Contents:- (1) Eighty-seven letters from the Rev. Samuel Pegge, the elder, FSA, 1780-95:- (2) Thirteen letters from Samuel Pegge, junior, FSA, 1796-1800;- (3) Nine letters from Thomas Blore, FSA, topographer, 1792-3. Ten letters of Richard Gough, Director SA, 1787-96, formerly with the collection, are now in Ants. Corr. With a descriptive list by Irvine Gray, FSA.

Four letters from Hayman Rooke to John Nichols enclosing drawings for the Gent. Mag.  SAL/MS/891/1-3/3  1785-94

BROOCHES.  SAL/MS/892/1-4  1972-1987

Paper. 1972-87. Unbound papers in seven grey boxes.

Source of acquisition: Presented by Professor Charles Francis Christopher Hawkes, FSA, 1987, in accordance with the wishes of the daughters of Mark Reginald Hull, FSA. Giftbook entry, 25 Nov. 1987.

Papers, drawings, correspondence, etc., relating to the Corpus of Ancient Brooches in Britain, Vol. I, Pre-Roman Bow-Brooches (BAR 168, 1987), by Mark Reginald Hull, FSA (d. 1976) and Professor Charles Francis Christopher Hawkes, FBA, FSA; c. 1972-87. As follows:-

Professor Hawkes' copy of the final computer print-out.  SAL/MS/892/1  1972-1977

Together with a photocopy of 'The Early La Tene Brooches of the British isles' by Anne M. Wardman (BA thesis, Queen's Univ., Belfast, 1972); carbon copy of an article by Dr Grace Simpson, 'British and Iberian connexions with the early fibulae at Saalburg and Zugmantel' (1977). With a covering letter from Professor Hawkes to SA explaining the scope and background of the present collection of papers. One box.

Drafts and amendments preceding the final version, including unused text by M. R. Hull.  SAL/MS/892/2a, b  1977

Two boxes.

Original set of plates and drawings, with duplicates, rejects, and related papers.  SAL/MS/892/3a, b  1977

Two boxes.

Notes and correspondence of Professor Hawkes  SAL/MS/892/4a, b  1972-1977

Two boxes.

MILITARY EFFIGIES.  SAL/MS/893  c. 1927-35

Paper; pp. 100 and unbound papers. c. 1927-35. Folio. The collection is entered in an 18th century volume, half leather, brown, with marbled boards. Signature on front pastedown, 'Jemima Eleonora Hodgson 1806'.

Source of acquisition: Presented by the Rev. N. A. H. Lawrance, son of the compiler (see letter, 16 March 1965, with the typed article).

Descriptions of military effigies in English churches, with pencil drawings laid down on the interleaves, compiled by the Rev. Henry Lawrance (1871-1947), vicar of Dinting, Glossop, Derbs. See the note by Claude Blair in The Church Monuments Society, 7, no. 1 (Summer 1991), 18. The present collection may be the unpublished work mentioned in the preface, 1948, to Lawrance's Heraldry from Military Monuments before 1350, Harl. Soc. 98 (for 1946). Arranged in alphabetical order of locations. Bibliographical references added throughout. Together with a typed article on 'The effigies of the East Riding', photographs, etc.

GOWLAND PAPERS.  SAL/MS/894/1-4  1901-1925

Paper, etc. 1901-25. Unbound papers in four grey boxes, one roll.

Source of acquisition: Presented by Mrs and Miss Gowland, 21 Jan. 1925. A.J.,5 (1925), 219.

Papers of William Gowland, FRS, FSA (1862-1922), Professor of Metallurgy at the Royal School of Mines, London; 1901-21. See A.J., 2 (1922), 390-1 (obituary). Notes, correspondence, plans, press-cuttings, offprints and photographs

Stonehenge excavations  SAL/MS/894/1  1901-2

See Archaeologia, 58 (1902), 37-118; R. M. J. Cleal, et al., Stonehenge in its landscape, twentieth-century excavations (English Heritage, Archaeological Report 10, 1995). Eight files.

Stonehenge excavations  SAL/MS/894/2  1901-1921

After 1901, with correspondence, 1908-21. Five files; with another file relating to Hengistbury Head, 1912.

Metallurgy  SAL/MS/894/3  1899-1920

(See Gowland's contributions to Archaeologia, 56 (1899), 13-20; 57 (1901), 359-422; 59 (1920), 121-60) including notes, etc., relating to iron, tin, silver, gold and coins. With correspondence relating to excavations and finds. Files and loose material.

Metallurgy, mostly relating to bronze, copper, lead and silver.  SAL/MS/894/4  1901-1925

With a list of Japanese antiquities (see Archaeologia, 55 (1897), 439-524). Also included in the Gowland collections:- A large measured plan of Stonehenge, 1901 (Roll Room 2); in SA Museum, a large stone pounder found during excavations at Stonehenge (Mus. Cat., no. 866); and a collection of metallurgical samples from Westminster Abbey, Chester, Verulamium and Spain (Mus. Cat., no. 841).

PRICE PAPERS.  SAL/MS/895/1, 2  1877-1909

Paper. 1877-1909. Quarto, etc. Mostly unbound papers in two red boxes.

Source of acquisition: Presented by Michael Llewellyn, Carnoustie, Angus, through Central Archives, British Museum, April 1989. SA correspondence file; Giftbook entry, 7 Apr. 1989.

Lectures and other papers of Frederick George Hilton Price (1842-1909), Director SA 1894-1909; 1877-1909. See Proc., 2nd ser., 22 (1907-9), 471-2 (obituary). Archaeologia, 62 (1911), 79-80. Two boxes.

Box 1  SAL/MS/895/1  1877-1909

(a) Texts of lectures, articles and exhibits at meetings, 1881-1907, mostly relating to antiquities in London, but including Roman and Egyptian antiquities, with two lectures on the Roman villa at Brading, Isle of Wight, 1881, 1882;- (b) Letters (15) to Price including one from J. P. Emslie, 1899, with a cartoon; 1881-1908;- (c) Notebook containing lists of hieroglyphs, notes on Egyptian mythology, etc.; and addresses. Octavo. Half leather, black, with marbled boards.

Box II  SAL/MS/895/2  1877-1909

(a) Sotheby sale-catalogues relating to antiquities, annotated; 1881-1909;- (b) Photographs of clocks and Egyptian antiquities in Price's collection;- (c) Press-cuttings relating to books, Roman finds, Egyptian antiquities, with a few formal letters to Price; 1877-1908;- (d) Section of chalk cliff at Lydden Spout, Kent. Draft for a table published in Price's article in the Quarterly Journal of the Geological Society, 33 (1877), 431 seq.


Paper. Mostly 1970-3. Unbound papers in three grey boxes.

Source of acquisition: Presented by the author, 1985.

Correspondence, completed questionnaires and notes used in the compilation of A Guide to British Topographical Collections (Council for British Archaeology, 1974), by Maurice Willmore Barley, FSA; mostly 1970-3. Arranged as follows:- SAL/MS/896/1. Beds.-London. Nine files;- SAL/MS/896/2. Norf.-Wales. Nine files;- SAL/MS/896/3. Catalogues and articles on artists and collections, mostly photocopies, arranged by county.

BEAKER CULTURE.  SAL/MS/897/1-3  1925 - 1961

Paper. 1925-61. Mostly unbound papers in three grey boxes.

Source of acquisition: Presented by Mrs M. Grimes, widow of the compiler, June 1989. Giftbook entry, 16 June 1989.

Drawings, notes and correspondence of William Francis Grimes, VPSA (1905-88), Director of the London Museum 1945-56, and of the Institute of Archaeology 1956-73, intended for a corpus of beaker pottery; 1925-61. The corpus was never finished or published. For Grimes' views on beaker pottery see his papers 'The Early Bronze Age flint dagger in England and Wales', Proc. of the Prehistoric Society of East Anglia, 6 (1931), 340-55, and 'The Prehistoric period', A Hundred Years of Welsh Archaeology (Cambrian Archaeological Association Centenary volume, 1846-1946 (1949), 24-79). A corpus was later published by D. L. Clarke, Beaker Pottery of Great Britain and Ireland, 2 vols. (Cambridge, 1970).

Drawings  SAL/MS/897/1  c. 1929-38

Seven files:- Beaker groups A, B1, C; outline drawings; handled and other forms; other finds; Dutch beakers.

Correspondence, notes and press-cuttings  SAL/MS/897/2  1925-41

Correspondents include Stuart Piggott, Grahame Clark, Gerald Dunning, Christopher Hawkes. Five files:- Correspondence, 1929-34, 1935-41; miscellaneous notes, photographs, drawings, undated correspondence (1929-38); 'Collections to be visited', 1934; O. G. S. Crawford's notes, correspondence and press-cuttings on beaker pottery, 1925-34.

Beaker culture in France, Italy and Switzerland.  SAL/MS/897/3  1959-61

Notes and drawings relating to visits to museums. Three files and one notebook:- Places visited; drawings of beaker pottery (two files); notebook (red octavo) containing notes and drawings made on visits, mostly relating to daggers.

HERALDRY.  SAL/MS/898  After 1606

Paper; ff. 57 (numbered top left). After 1606. Small quarto. Cloth, brown. Repaired and rebound by the PRO, 1989. Scribbles on the last blank verso include the name Jo: Corey.

Source of acquisition: ?Part of the H. S. London Bequest, 1959. See SAL/MS/807.

Treatise on heraldry compiled from sources such as Nicholas Upton and Gerard Legh, with many personal references to bearers of arms; after 1606 (reference to Charles, late Earl of Devon, fol. 29, i.e. Charles Blount, d. 1606). With painted shields. A professional compilation. Imperfect at the beginning and possibly at the end. Present contents consist of Section I, part of Chapter II, to Section VI, Chapter VI.

IPSI SIBI.  SAL/MS/899  20th century

Photocopy of typescript. Paper; pp. 1519. Five volumes. Mid 20th century. Folio. Red cloth spines, with red card.

Source of acquisition: Bequeathed by the author, 1989. A.J., 69 (1989), 407-8 (obituary).

'Ipsi Sibi', an unpublished feminist novel set in the 1930s and 1940s by Constance Bullock (Dr Constance Bullock-Davies, FSA; d. 1989)

RICHBOROUGH.  SAL/MS/900/1-4  1826-1884

Paper. Mostly 1826-87. Folio, quarto and mixed sizes. Unbound papers in a red box.

Source of acquisition: Acquired by Dr Frederic William Hardman, FSA (d. 1942) at Sotheby's. ?Bequeathed by William Pinckard Delane Stebbing, FSA, 1961. A.J., 42 (1962), 291 (bequest of a cabinet of miscellaneous antiquities).

Notes and papers, mainly of George Dowker, FGS (d. 1899), but including earlier material by the Rev. G. R. Gleig and others, relating to the Roman fort at Richborough, Kent; mostly 1826-87. See Dowker's articles in Archaeologia Cantiana, 8 (1872), 1-17; 24 (1900), 201-19; JBAA, 40 (1884), 260-74; B. W. Pearce, 'The History of the excavations at Richborough' in Fifth Report on the excavations at Richborough (SA Research Report 23), ed. B. W. Cunliffe (1968), 251-3.

Notes and sketchplans in several hands  SAL/MS/900/1  1826 - 1865

Including original notes and sketches of the Rev. G. R. Gleig, vicar of Ash, relating to his excavations, 1826, measured plan by E. F. S. Reader of Sandwich (Dowker's uncle), and extracts by Dowker from notes of the latter conc. Gleig's excavations; with a few papers relating to excavations by William Henry Rolfe, 1843, and notes and drafts by Dowker, who excavated in 1865 with the Rev. R. Drake. Unbound papers in a paper folder.

Ground plan with sketches by Charles Roach Smith  SAL/MS/900/2  1826-1884

Annotated by Dowker. One leaf.

Related information: (see also SAL/MS/857/5).

Reports, lectures and additional notes  SAL/MS/900/3  (to 1887)

By Dowker, some published as noted above; with drawings, tracings and plans by Dowker and others, including a plan published by William Boys, historian of Sandwich, 24 Oct. 1791; with letters to Dowker from Canon W. A. Scott Robertson, 1877-8, and a copy of a letter from T. Bendysshe to T. G. Godfrey-Faussett (Hon. Sec., Kent Arch. Soc.), 31 March 1874, mentioning Dowker. Unbound papers in a brown folder.

Two letters from Dr F. W. Hardman to Jocelyn Plunket Bushe-Fox, FSA  SAL/MS/900/4  1826-1884

Then director of the Richborough excavations, 1, 7 Nov. 1923, relating to his purchase of the Dowker MSS from the Phillipps collection through Sotheby's, and offering to place them at the disposal of his correspondent or of Mr Stebbing. With a list of contents of the collection.

MEMOIRS.  SAL/MS/901  1990

Paper; pp. 229. 1990. Quarto. Green card covers, with spiral spine. In a red box.

Source of acquisition: Presented by the author, 1990.

'My Book', the unpublished memoirs of Mrs Lesley Lewis, VPSA, author of Connoisseurs and Secret Agents in Eighteenth Century Rome (1961), The Private Life of a Country House (1980), and articles on architecture; 1990. Computer print-out. The memoirs describe the author's studies at the Courtauld Institute, but relate mainly to travel and her residence abroad, mostly in the Sudan, after her marriage to the medical entomologist, Dr David James Lewis (d. 1986). An autobiographical account of his life (from Antenna, 8 (1984), 117-22), obituaries, and list of his publications are appended.

SALZMAN PAPERS.  SAL/MS/902/1-4  19th - 20th century

Paper, etc. 19th-20th century. Six grey boxes of papers, etc.

Source of acquisition: SAL/MS/902/1-3 presented by Miss Verena Smith, FSA, 1986, with a presentation copy of Sussex Archaeological Collections, 97 (1959) and a bronze plaque, 1959 (Mus. Cat., no. 551). Giftbook entries, 23 July 1982, 5 Aug. 1986. The eight family portraits in SAL/MS/902/3 were transferred to representatives of the family by Council in 1998.

Papers of Louis Francis Salzman, CBE, FSA (1878-1971). See DNB. Six boxes, etc.:-

Manuscript of Salzman's book Building in England down to 1540 (1952) and related papers.  SAL/MS/902/1  1934

The manuscript was completed by 1934 and presented to SA in 1936 (formerly numbered SAL/MS/670), but was released to the author in 1947 for publication. Four boxes:- SAL/MS/902/1/1. Text;- SAL/MS/902/1/2. Appendices and photographs for plates;- SAL/MS/902/1/3. Thirty-one notebooks containing extracts from public and private records and printed sources;- SAL/MS/902/1/4. Index to documents; transcripts of documents omitted from the book; 32 letters relating to the publication; miscellaneous notes.

Typescript of Salzman's book Edward I (1968), with seven photographs for plates.  SAL/MS/902/2  1968

One box.

Correspondence and personal papers  SAL/MS/902/3  1896-1959

Including Salzman's registration certificate as a medical student, 1896, letters from Rudyard Kipling and Hilaire Belloc, 1906, and letters of congratulation on his appointment as CBE, 1954-5; with a letter from J. Collingwood Bruce to Mark Antony Lower, FSA, 1857, congratulating him on a contribution to Sussex Arch. Coll. Together with (photographs of) eight family portraits, daguerreotypes, photographs, including John Neal, Selina Neal, Francis Neal, Henry Sinnock and a w/col of L. F. Salzman, aged 5, by his mother (née Clara Sinnock). One box.

Catalogue by Kenneth Wyndham Dickins, FSA, of Salzman papers deposited at the Sussex Archaeological Society, Lewes.  SAL/MS/902/4  19th-20th century

One file (in box with SAL/MS/902/3).

Typescript (photocopies). pp. 53. Presented by the compiler, 1991.

GALBRAITH PAPERS.  SAL/MS/903/1-6  c. 1963-81

Paper. c. 1963-81. Five grey boxes.

Source of acquisition: Presented by the executors of Katharine Galbraith, 1988, with later additions; together with a collection of photographs of early medieval sculpture in England (fourteen box files, arranged by counties, and two steel card-index drawers containing mounted photographs relating to Yorkshire churches). Giftbook entry, 23 Nov. 1988.

Papers of Katharine Joyce Galbraith, FSA (1937-88), conc. early medieval sculpture in England; A.J., 68 (1988), 394 (obituary). Five boxes. As follows:-

Malmesbury  SAL/MS/903/1  1962 - 1965

SAL/MS/903/1/1. 'The sculptural decoration of Malmesbury Abbey' (MA thesis, Courtauld Institute, London, 1962). Typescript. Red binder. pp. 198;- SAL/MS/903/1/2. Offprint, notes, illustrations and correspondence for 'The Iconography of the biblical scenes at Malmesbury Abbey', JBAA, 3rd ser., 28 (1965). One file.

Ipswich.  SAL/MS/903/2  1969 - 1974

Offprints, notes, illustrations, and correspondence for 'Early sculpture at St. Nicholas' Church, Ipswich', Proc. of the Suffolk Institute of Archaeology, 31, pt. 2 (1969); and 'Further thoughts on the boar at St. Nicholas' Church, Ipswich', ibid., 33, pt. 1 (1974). One file.

Romanesque sculpture in Yorkshire.  SAL/MS/903/3/1-7  c. 1963-74

Notes and correspondence, illustrations, and offprints. Seven files.

'Early medieval sculpture in the north east'  SAL/MS/903/4  1963

(Unfinished PhD thesis, London University, in progress from 1963; originally entitled 'The Yorkshire School of Romanesque sculpture'):- SAL/MS/903/4/1. Chapter 1. Typescript and annotated photocopy, c. 1977. Black folder;- SAL/MS/903/4/2. Introduction and chapters 2 and 3. Annotated typescript. Chapter 3 is entitled 'The decoration of Durham Cathedral'. Blue binder.

Durham.  SAL/MS/903/5/1-8  c. 1975-80

Notes, illustrations and draft chapters, on sculpture in Durham Cathedral and Castle, late 11th-end 12th century. Files 1-3 of text, 4-8 of illustrations.

Miscellanous.  SAL/MS/903/6/1-34  1964-79

Notes, pamphlets, offprints and correspondence. Includes (SAL/MS/903/6/1) the typescript of 'Notes on sculpture in Durham' intended for the 1977 BAA conference; drawings of sculpture; curriculum vitae, 1968 (SAL/MS/903/6/34). Thirty-four files.

CASTLE.  SAL/MS/904  1953

Paper; (2) + xxviii + ff.450, with a map. 1953. Quarto. Cloth, blue

Source of acquisition: Presented by Howard Colvin, FSA, 1990.

'The place of English castles in the administrative and military organisation, 1154-1216, with special reference to the reign of John' (DPhil. thesis, Oxford, 1953), by Reginald Allen Brown, FSA (d. 1989), Professor of Medieval History, King's College, London. Typescript. See A.J., 69 (1989), 407 (obituary) for his publications.

WILLIAM MORRIS.  SAL/MS/905-10  1870-1948

Source of acquisition: SAL/MSS/905-910 were bequeathed to SA, with Kelmscott Manor, by May Morris (d. 1938), daughter of William Morris. A.J., 43 (1963), 97-115.

Autograph literary manuscripts of William Morris, FSA (1834-96), with items relating to Kelmscott; 1870-94, 1920-48. For further details see B. Rosenbaum and R. Pearson, The Index of English Literary Manuscripts, IV, part 3 (1993), 473-747 (MoW references below). See also P. Needham (ed.), William Morris and the Art of the Book (1976)

Lancelot du Lake'. Unpublished translation from Lancelot du Lac  SAL/MS/905/1-4  1870-1874

Paper; ff. (i) + 1-166; 167-285; 286-382 (renumbered 1-97) + 98-307; 76. 1870-3, 1874. Folio. Half leather, green (SAL/MS/905/1,2), full leather, green (SAL/MS/905/3), leather, maroon (SAL/MS/905/4). Initials 'GBJ' (Georgiana Burne-Jones) on the flyleaf of SAL/MS/905/3.

(Paris, 1513). Morris's copy is Kelmscott Manor Library (KML), no. 63. This MS translation was in the possession of Charles Fairfax Murray by November 1873 (letter to Murray, 5 Nov. 1873, in Norman Kelvin, Collected Letters of William Morris (1984), 1, 204-5). Four volumes SAL/MS/905/1-3. Fair copy in three volumes (3 in calligraphic (archaic) script); 1870-3. KML no. 64. MoW 1519;- SAL/MS/905/4. Calligraphic fair copy of part of the text in SAL/MS/905/1; 1874. Unfinished. KML no. 65. MoW 1520.

'The Preface of Snorri Sturluson'  SAL/MS/906  c1873

Vellum; pp. vii + 97. c. 1873. Leather, olive green (The Doves Bindery, 1897). M. Tidcombe, The Doves Bindery (1991), 242, is not identical.

pp. i-vii, followed by 'The Story of the Ynglings', pp. 1-97; c. 1873. Prose, with verse additions. Consists of Morris's translations of the Preface and the first section of the Icelandic Heimskringla, with variants from the versions published by Morris in The Saga Library, III (1893), 3-7, 11-73. Calligraphic copy on vellum, with marginal annotations including drawings by Philip Webb (p. 4) and Charles Fairfax Murray (p. 15). See Joseph Dunlap, 'William Morris: Calligrapher' in P. Needham (ed.), William Morris and the Art of the Book (1976), 48-70, particularly pp. 60, 61. KML no. 50. MoW 1536 (preface), 1593 (gives further references).

'The Story of Egil Son of Scaldgrim'  SAL/MS/907  1873-1874

Paper; pp. 160 (158-60 blank). 1873-4. Quarto. Olive green spine, with vellum boards (The Doves Bindery, n.d.). See M. Tidcombe, ibid.

1873-4. Unfinished calligraphic manuscript, with flourished penwork initial. See Dunlap, ibid., 62. Morris's translation from the Icelandic Egil's Saga was first published by May Morris, William Morris, Artist, Writer, Socialist, 1 (1936), 565-636. A slightly different version of the first thirteen chapters is in BL Add. MS 45317. KML no. 49. MoW 1542; see also MoW 902, 1260.

'The King's Son and Carle's Son'  SAL/MS/908  1888-94

Paper; ff. 65 ( + two unnumbered leaves after fols. 23, 30) + two loose leaves. 1888-94. Folio. Leather, maroon.

Unfinished and unpublished draft of a prose romance. Two loose leaves contain plots of 'The Wood beyond the World' (cf. fol. 22) and an unrelated 'Plot of a tale' (on the verso of the first loose leaf). SAL/MS/908 is discussed by May Morris, The Collected Works of William Morris (1910-15), XVII, pp. xxxvii-viii. KML no. 91. MoW 1516, 1618.

The Earthly Paradise, parts 1-4 (Ellis, 1870; parts 1, 2 (5th ed.), part 3 (3rd ed.), part 4 (1st ed.))  SAL/MS/908/A  1870-1948

Paper. Four volumes. 1870. Octavo. Leather, red. Presentation copy inscribed (part 1) by Morris to his daughters Jane (Jenny) and Mary (May), 25 Dec. 1870

Part 1 contains the poem 'So many stories written here' in Morris's hand (see MoW 527). KML no. 85.

Kelmscott Manor Visitors' Book  SAL/MS/909  15 Sept. 1928-11 Oct. 1948

Paper. 1928-48. Quarto. Leather, olive green.

Signatures of visitors. Inscription on the flyleaf 'To May Morris with Lyndon Lang's love Kelmscott September 15th 1928'. Three loose leaves contain two poems 'Kelmscott' by 'H. Lilley Oct. 1943' and 'William Morris' by 'H L', n.d. The Visitors' Book for 1889-1904 is BL Add. MS 45412.

Morris Memorial Hall, Kelmscott. Account book of donations by visitors  SAL/MS/910  July 1920-48

Paper. 1920-48. Quarto. Leather, dark blue.

NEVINSON PAPERS.  SAL/MS/911/1-6  1844-97, 1904-82, etc

Paper, etc, 1844-97, 1904-1982, etc. Quarto, etc. Bindings as noted above. One red box (SAL/MS/911/1,2); fifteen grey boxes (SAL/MS/911/3); one grey box (SAL/MS/911/4-6)

Source of acquisition: Presented by the executors of John Lea Nevinson, FSA, 1985 with SAL/MS/888 and various books. A.J., 66 (1986), 496. Nevinson's notes for his writings on costume history were deposited by his executors in the Textile Department of the Victoria and Albert Museum.

Drawings, papers and diaries of George Henry Nevinson and his grandson John Lea Nevinson

George Henry Nevinson (d. before 1902), of the Probate Court, Leicester.  SAL/MS/911/1, 2  1844-97, 1904-82, etc

Three sketchbooks containing landscapes, architectural and miscellaneous drawings  SAL/MS/911/1/1-3  1844-71

Pencil, wash, w/col, etc.:- SAL/MS/911/1/1. Lake District, first page dated June 1847;- SAL/MS/911/1/2. England, including Stamford, and North Wales, 1847-c. 1871;- SAL/MS/911/1/3. Mostly Scotland, but including miscellaneous drawings, some by other artists, e.g. 'Symptoms of a Pic-nic Hampton May 1844' and a w/col by I. G. Bonney of 'Saxon Arches in Mrs Clements Garden at Reading'. Oblong quarto, dark green spine, with green boards (1); small folio, designed as covers containing pouches of drawing paper (2, 3), respectively half leather, brown, with marbled boards, and dark green leather spine, with green boards.

Letters to G. H. Nevinson, and loose photographs  SAL/MS/911/2  1862-97

Some by J. R. Weatherhead of Leicester, relating to antiquities.

John Lea Nevinson, FSA (1904-85), costume historian  SAL/MS/911/3-6  1985

For biographical notes on J.L. Nevinson see the Costume Society Journal, 18 (1984) and obituary in Surrey Arch. Soc. Bulletin, 205 (October 1985). See also A.J., 66 (1986), 505 (obituary).

Diaries  SAL/MS/911/3/1-118  12 May 1923-25 Dec. 1980

119 volumes, (including 20A and 20B). Quarto. Mostly blue cloth over stiff boards.

Family photograph album  SAL/MS/911/4  1904-8

Quarto. Cloth, red.

With additional photographs to 1965.

Offprints relating to Westminster Abbey effigies from articles in Archaeologia, 60 (1907), 85 (1936), and Country Life (1952)  SAL/MS/911/5  1907-1952

Folio. Cloth, blue. With correspondence, 1951-82, press-cuttings; and an unpublished typescript of Clothes of the effigies in Westminster Abbey', c. 1982 (two Melinex envelopes).

Personal papers  SAL/MS/911/6  1969-1988

Letters from J. L. Nevinson, 1969-84; copy of his will, 1984; two deposit receipts, 1973, 1988

BALDWIN FAMILY.  SAL/MS/912  17th Century

Vellum; two rolls, one of three membranes, the second of two separate membranes. After 1660, and late 17th century. Formerly in a tin canister, painted black. Provenance unknown.

Pedigree of Baldwin of Diddlebury, Shropshire, from George FitzBaldwin, steward of Montgomery Castle, c. 1300, to Thomas Baldwin, married (1) Dorothy Mackworth, c. 1650, (2) Ellen Morgan, showing four children, Thomas, Leighton, Gertrude and John, of the second marriage after 1660. Coloured coats. For this family see Shropshire Arch. Soc. Trans., 4th ser., 2 (1912), 133-68. Together with a ?spurious pedigree (two membranes) from Richard FitzBaldwin, shown here as son of Baldwin of Normandy, and brother of Godfrey, Duke of Lorraine, said to have married the niece (Emma) of the Conqueror, to Richard Baldwin married Margaret, daughter of Robert Martin; compiled late 17th century. This pedigree, which includes the Courtenays, Earls of Devon, differs from GEC, IV (1916), 317, and is endorsed 'Baldwyne Pedigree Forged'.

OCTAVIUS MORGAN.  SAL/MS/913  19th Century

Paper; pp. i + 73. Mid 19th century. Quarto. Leather, dark blue. Signature of Octavius Morgan, FSA, p. i.

Source of acquisition: Found with the Oswald Barron collection (SAL/MS/728).

Notebook of Octavius Morgan, FSA (1803-88) containing a copy of the inventory of 'several exquisite & magnificent pieces of Mechanism and Jewellery' (p. 1) in Cox's Museum (from the schedule to an Act, 1773, enabling James Cox of the City of London to dispose of his museum by lottery). With loose material including a printed guide (owned by Morgan's mother Charlotte Georgiana Morgan, signature) to Week's Museum (1807) (modelled on Cox's Museum).

WALTER JOHN WESTON, Heraldic collections  SAL/MS/914/1, 2  1877-93

Paper. 1877-93. Quarto. Orange pasteboard (SAL/MS/914/1); black spines, with black or marbled boards (SAL/MS/914/2)

Source of acquisition: Found with the Barron collection (SAL/MS/728) and possibly owned by Oswald Barron, FSA.

'Armorial'  SAL/MS/914/1  1892, 1893

Containing an alphabet of arms (Aa-Zouche), with based on rolls and other sources quoted; Also contains blazons of saints, emperors, kings and nobility, and notes on rolls.

Five notebooks, fragmentary, including notes on rolls, index to the Parliamentary roll, arms from seals of the barons (reference on cover to the Ancestor, 7 (1903), 248-59; 8 (1904), 100-109); 1877-91.  SAL/MS/914/2  1877-1904

W. H. BIRD.  SAL/MS/915/1-3  1891-1897

Paper; ff. 129, 131 (plus index), 106. Three volumes. 1891-7. Quarto. Black spines, with marbled boards. Signatures and addresses of the compiler inside the covers

Source of acquisition: SAL/MS/915/1, 3 found with the H. S. London collection (SAL/MSS/925-36); SAL/MS/915/2 found with SAL/MS/728. Purchased from Mrs Barron, 1941 (SA correspondence).

Three notebooks of pedigrees and genealogical notes derived from a wide range of sources including private muniments and wills; 1891-7. Indexes in each volume. With many loose insertions.

HOPE NOTEBOOKS.  SAL/MS/916/1, 2  19th Century

Paper. 1880-87, n.d.

Source of acquisition: Found with the H. S. London collection (SAL/MSS/925-36)

Two notebooks of Sir William St. John Hope (1854-1919), afterwards Ass. Sec. SA. See also SAL/MS/785.

Heraldic notebook  SAL/MS/916/1  1880-1887

Containing blazons of arms from seals (fols. 2-22), lists of rolls of arms (fols. 47v-37v rev.), notes (fols. 36v-24v rev.) on the earliest source of the Heralds' roll (College of Arms, MS B 29, pp. 20-27); commenced 20 Aug. 1880 (fol. 1), continued 1887, etc. The notebook contains Hope's first collections for a grammar of heraldry (see note, fol. 1) and is the germ of his book A Grammar of English Heraldry (1913). At the reverse end (fol. 49v) is noted a 'Scheme for an English Heraldic Library' to include publications of rolls of arms, a history and grammar, an armorial and other heraldic topics. See Aspilogia, I (1950), xxviii, for the project planned by Hope, Barron and Doubleday for a corpus of medieval arms. ff. 49. Octavo. Black spine, with marbled boards.

Notebook of extracts from Public Records  SAL/MS/916/2  19th Century

Relating to livery collars, lists of monuments, seals, etc., and cuttings from The Times on the Longford Holbein and Garter collar. With a few illustrations, mostly pen and pencil. ff. 32. Quarto. Red spine, with black boards.


Paper. Late 19th century. Quarto. Cloth, red.

Source of acquisition: Found with the H. S. London collection (SAL/MSS/925-36).

Notebook, compiler unidentified, containing mostly excerpts from 'Diurnall Occurrences... in Parliament', 6 Sept.- 29 Nov. 1641, with some extracts from the register of John (?Tychemersh), Abbot of Ramsey, temp. Hen. VI; compiled late 19th century.

GILYARD-BEER COLLECTION.  SAL/MS/918/1-3  1933 - 1984

Paper. 1933-84. Notebooks and binders, black, quarto (54) and five grey boxes of journals (37) and plans.

Source of acquisition: SAL/MS/918/3 deposited in 1985; SAL/MS/918/1, 2, deposited on permanent loan, December 1986, by Mrs Irene Gilyard-Beer through John Weaver, FSA. Giftbook entry, 12 Dec. 1986. Some plans of monastic sites 'in care', c. 13,000 slides and c. 4000 photographs were deposited with English Heritage, 1988.

Research collection of Roy Gilyard-Beer, OBE, FSA (d. 1984), Inspector of Ancient Monuments 1948-74, conc. medieval buildings of religious orders; compiled 1933-84. The collection relates mostly to England, particularly Yorkshire. Gilyard-Beer published Abbeys: An Illustrated Guide to the Abbeys of England and Wales (HMSO, 2nd ed., 1976; copy with SAL/MS/918/3). See A.J., 64 (1984), 617 (obituary). See also the typescript description by John Weaver, FSA (copy in SAL/MS/918/3, Box I), which also refers to photographs and slides.

Black quarto notebooks and three loose-leaf binders (nos. 50, 51, 53).  SAL/MS/918/1  1933 - 1984

As follows:- SAL/MS/918/1/1-51. Descriptions and documentary records of buildings arranged by site, with a few notebooks on subjects such as heraldry; compiled 1933-84. Numbered 1-49 and (Fountains Abbey) 50-1;- SAL/MS/918/1/52. Index;-SAL/MS/918/1/53. Mouldings, with drawings of sections;-SAL/MS/918/1/54. Index to monastic heraldry.

Octavo black notebooks:-SAL/MS/918/2/1-36. Journals of visits and research; compiled Oct. 1947-March 1984;-SAL/MS/918/2/37. Index. Two grey boxes.  SAL/MS/918/2  1947 - 1984

Plans (c. 1000) of English and foreign buildings.  SAL/MS/918/3  1933 - 1984

Drawings, photographs and photocopies. Arranged in 29 files, by religious order:-SAL/MS/918/3/1-7. General, churches, domestic, fortification, general monastic;-SAL/MS/918/3/8-16. Religious orders:- Arrouaisian, Augustine, Austin Friars, Benedictines, Bridgettine, Carmelite, Carthusian;-SAL/MS/918/3/17-29. Religious orders:- Cistercian, Cluniac, Dominican, Fontevrault, Franciscan, Gilbertine, Grandmontine, Hieronomite, Praemonstratensian, Tironian, Trinitarian, Valliscaulian, Victorine. Three grey boxes.

DAVID CATHCART KING.  SAL/MS/919/1-3  1936 - 1987

Paper. 1936-87. Quarto. Bindings as above.

Source of acquisition: Bequeathed by David James Cathcart King, FSA, 1989.

Journals, etc., of David James Cathcart King, MC, FSA (1913-89), castle historian; 1936-87. D. C. King was the author of Castellarium Anglicanum (1983). A.J., 70 (1990), 515, 521-2 (obituary).

Field journals  SAL/MS/919/1/1-16  1936-80

A record of visits to castles in England and Wales, including plans and photographs. At the end of Vols. 13-15 is an account of places visited during the Château Gaillard conferece, 1970-80. Seventeen volumes (numbered 1-14, 14A, 15 and (index) 16; 14A is a folder of plans to accompany 14). Cloth, blue, with red lettering-pieces.

'Crusader and Saracen Castles visited in the Near East in the years 1942, 1943, 1944'.  SAL/MS/919/2  1942 - 1944

Typescript, with plans. (ff. 7) + ff. 109 + 14 additional plans. ff. 38-59 were revised for publication as 'The taking of Le Krak des Chevaliers in 1271', Antiquity, 23 (1949), 83-92. The additional plans, figs. 1-14, are the plans for 'The Defence of the Citadel of Damascus', Archaeologia, 94 (1951), 57-96. Half leather, brown.

Castles in Wales and the Marches: Essays in Honour of D. J. Cathcart King (Cardiff, 1987), eds. J. R. Kenyon, R. Avent.  SAL/MS/919/3  1936 - 1987

Includes a memoir of King, pp. 1-3, and bibliography of his publications, pp. 217-21. Presentation copy. Full leather, brown.


Paper; ff. ii + 230 + pp. 3 + pp. 11. Mid 18th century, with additions to 1795. Folio. Reversed leather (rebacked). Armorial bookplate of Bryan Faussett, fol. ii. Armorial bookplate, 1919, of Sir Bryan G. Godfrey Faussett, KCVO (GCVO 1932), CMG, fol. ii.

Source of acquisition: Acquired (with SAL/MS/920) at Sotheby's, 12 Dec. 1991, lot 293 ii.

Collections of the Rev. Bryan Faussett, FSA (1720-76) of Heppington near Canterbury. See DNB.

Parochial collections relating to East Kent  SAL/MS/920  1757 - 1775

1757-9, with additions to 1775. Four volumes. Contents include notes on monuments and epitaphs in churches and churchyards, with transcripts of memorial inscriptions, biographical notes, coats of arms, mostly coloured, descriptions of churches and occasional notes on local antiquities. See B. Faussett, Inventorium Sepulchrale (1856), 204. Many of the monuments are described by Philip Parsons in The monuments and painted glass of... the eastern part of Kent (1794). See also SAL/MS/723 which includes notes and sketches by Faussett and letters to him:-

Contents (list on pastedown):- Kingston, Whitstable, Waltham, Petham, Stelling, Lyminge, Chartham, Hastingleigh, Elmstead, Thanington, Chilham, Moldash, Challock, Boughton Aluph, Adisham, Upper Hardres, Lydd, Godmersham, Brooke, Ashford, Kingsnorth, Willesborough, Sevington, Smeeth, Hinxhill, Staple, fols. 1-171.  SAL/MS/920/1  1758

Includes a plan of the 'Roman Intrenchment' in Petham, 1758 (the original of the plan in SAL/MS/723, fol. 19), inserted between fols. 15v-16. At fols. 79-146, a transcript of 'Some account of the Church, College... Free School &c, of Ashford in Kent', by William Warren, LL.B, curate of Ashford, 1712, with an addition by Faussett of arms omitted by Warren and further inscriptions to 1758, fols. 146-54; Faussett noted, fol. 146, that many of the inscriptions recorded by Warren had gone. Index of names, fols. 171v-4; general index of parishes in Vols. I-IV, fols. 175-6v; list of parishes (?those not included), fols. 177-8v. Extracts from poems, fol. iii.

Contents (list on pastedown):- Mersham, Westwell, Hothfield, Great Chart, Stouting, Horton Monks, Sellindge, Aldington, Brabourne, Stanford, Padlesworth, Newington, Cheriton, Folkestone, Hawking, Capell le Ferne, Alkham, Hougham, Waldershare, Sholdon, Ham, Word, fols. 1-74.  SAL/MS/920/2  18th century

Preceded by an index of personal names (ff. 12). Includes a later insertion of inscriptions, etc., at Buckland near Dover, with a drawing of the monument to Sir John Bentley, 1772 between fols. 75-7.

Contents (list on pastedown):- Kennington, Eastwell, Wye, Crundale, Saltwood, Limpne, Hythe, Postling, Elham, Barham, Bishop's Bourne, Patrick's Bourne, Bridge, Hardres Nether, Nackington, Beaksbourne, Wymingswold, Non-nington, Coldred, Acryse, Swingfield, Wootton, Denton, Goodnestone, Sibertwold, Eythorn, Barfriston, Chillenden, Knowlton, Woodnesborough, Eastry, Sandwich, Ash near Sandwich, Staple, Tilmanstone, Betteshanger, Norbourne, Walmer, Ringwold, Oxney, Cliff, Guston, Langdon, Whitfield, Sutton, Ripple, Great Mongham, Deal, fols. 1-209.  SAL/MS/920/3  1757 - 1766

Preceded by an index of personal names, pp. 1-24. Includes notes on antiquities found in Richborough Castle and neighbourhood, with a plan, fols. 152-161. Drawing of the monument for Chambrelan Godfrey in Wye churchyard, 1766, fol. 210. Later transcripts of inscriptions in Eastchurch copied by Faussett, 1757, but not noted by Parsons (1794), fols. 211-13. Coat of arms in Mr Terry's window, Lower Hardres, and note on the house, fol. 214.

Contents (list on pastedown):- Canterbury, Harbledown, Bleane, Stodmarsh, Reculver, Hearne, Fordwich, Sturrey, Westbeer, Wickham Breuy, Ickham, Littlebourne, Wingham, Preston, Elmstone, Stourmouth, Chistlett, Hoathe, Boughton, Selling, Murston, Bapchild, Wickling, Kingsdown, Staplehurst, Bredgar, fols. 1-183  SAL/MS/920/4  1758

Paper; ff. iii + 178; ii + index (ff. 12) + 77; ii + pp. 24 + 214; ii + 191 + index (ff. 12). 1757-9, with additions to 1775. Four volumes. Quarto. Vellum, with later calf spines. Bookplates, 1919, of Sir Bryan G. Godfrey Faussett, KCVO (GCVO 1932), CMG, in each volume

Source of acquisition: Acquired by SA at Sotheby's, 12 Dec. 1991, lot 293 i.

Index of personal names (ff. 12) before fol. 184. Includes notes on a Roman pavement found under the Mitre, All Saints Canterbury, fol. 1v; finds from Castle Street, Canterbury, 1758, fol. 53v; finds at Treasury Field, Ickham, fol. 145. Additional notes inserted:- Sketches of Murston church, with notes, and an inscription, fols. 184v-5; sketches and notes on Bapchild church, fol. 186; inscriptions at Wickling, fol. 187; sketches and notes on Bickner church, fols. 187v-8; inscription and sketches of Kingsdown church, fol. 189; notes on Staplehurst, fol. 190; inscriptions at Bredgar, fol. 191.

Kentish pedigrees.  SAL/MS/921  18th century

Copy by the Rev. Bryan Faussett of the visitations of Kent by John Philipot, Rouge Dragon, 1619-21, and Sir Edward Bysshe, Clarenceux, 1663-8, with additions from Faussett's own collections (see titlepage before fol. 1); mid 18th century, with later additions to 1795. Many coloured coats of arms. Pedigrees, fols. 1-208 (numbered as double spreads). Several references to College of Arms MSS C. 16 (Philipot) and D. 18 (Bysshe); for these see also Harl. Soc., 42 (1898), 54 (1906). Other contents:- (1) Three items, fol. 209:- (a) Letter to ?H. G. Faussett from Sir Isaac Heard, Garter, 29 Nov. 1785, conc. Arthur Franklyn of Wye;- (b) Letter to --? 3 Sept. n.y., conc. the family of Clarke alias Woodchurch, etc;- (c) Note conc. the parties in a conveyance, Aug. 1795;- (2) Transcript of the Tabula Eliensis from printed sources, mainly J. Bentham, History... of Ely (1771), fols. 226-7;- (3) Alphabet of arms, Adye-Wiseman, fols. 228-9;- (4) List of disclaimers at Bysshe's visitation, 1663-8 (from College of Arms MS D. 18), fol. 230. Index Genealogiarum, pp. 1-3; Index Nominum, pp. 1-11, at the end of the volume.

FECKENHAM.  SAL/MS/922  1519 - 1682

Vellum and paper. 1586-1682. In a round box, covered in leather, black, lined with fragments of an earlier deed. The documents are a sample from the parish chest of Feckenham exhibited by John William Willis-Bund, FSA, JP (further details in Proc., 2nd ser., 18 (1899-1901), 19-21).

Source of acquisition: Found (Nov. 1992) in Box 36 with seal matrices and casts.

Language:  Latin

Four documents relating to Feckenham, Worcs.
(1) Grant under the Great Seal of lands in Feckenham, belonging to St Mary Worcester, to John Clarke and Thomas Hughes, 2 Dec. 1586. Great Seal (fragment) of Elizabeth;- (2) Grant of toll, pannage, murage and stallage, etc., 18 Nov. 1619. Latin. Great Seal of James I;- (3) Sequestration of the profits of the living of Feckenham void by the refusal of the last incumbent, Henry Jackson, to subscribe before 24 Aug. 1662, to the Act of Uniformity, 25 Aug. 1662. Latin;- (4) Account by Henry Smith, constable, of receipts and disbursements of moneys received to maintain the local militia, 16 Oct. 1682.

ROMAN REMAINS.  SAL/MS/923  c1916 - c1944

Paper; ff. iv + index page + pp. 88-500 (blue mounts; stamped pagination) + five further mounts. c. 1916-c. 1944. Quarto. Half leather, blue.

Source of acquisition: Presented through the Department of Prehistoric and Romano-British Antiquities, British Museum, c. 1969 (cf. fol. iv).

'Roman Remains in NW Kent' (fol. i) by Frank Charles Elliston-Erwood, FSA (d. 1968); c. 1916, with additions to c. 1944. Scrapbook containing notes, letters, drawings of pottery, etc., press-cuttings, offprints and photographs. Index Locorum (one page) precedes p. 88.

HERALDRY.  SAL/MS/924  19th century

Paper. Mostly 19th century. Folio and oblong quarto. One box.

Rolls of arms and related notes. A small collection of mainly 19th century MSS found among the material gathered for the new edition of Papworth, without indication of former provenance. As follows (inf. John A. Goodall, FSA):- (1) Sir A. W. Franks's transcript of the blazons of the arms of England Berry (chapter 13 of the French armorial of Berry, not blazoned in the edition by Vallet de Viriville);- (2) 'Collation of Sir T. P(hillipps) Roll 14019 on Wellesley's Roll AE' (nos. 4-654, not continuous, from the Fitzwilliam version of the Heralds' roll). Copyist not identified;- (3) 'Collation of "Roll Ed. 3" by Vellum Roll in Colours from Sir T. P. No ?' (Cooke's ordinary and Balliol roll);- (4) 'Boroughbridge Roll & Index Nominum. Ordinary made by MVP 1873'. Copyist not identified;- (5) Dunstable (Stepney) tournament roll. Ordinary by MVP, 1870. It is not wholly clear to which roll these notes refer;-(6) Boroughbridge roll. Ordinary by MVP, 1873, with references to the Parliamentary roll;- (7) Dunstable 1334. MVP, 1873;- (8) Willement's roll. MVP, 1872;- (9) Loose sheet from ordinary for Vair. In the same hand as the preceding;- (10) Arms A-S from Wyndham's book;- (11) S. M. Collins: typescripts of Erdeswick's and Antiquaries' rolls;- (12) Courtrai: Goethals-Vercruyse MSS, codex 350, English section of roll with Tudor royal arms;- (13) J. A. Goodall: transcript of the Dublin version of Walford's roll, 1955;- (14) Correspondence relating to Aspilogia, II (1967);- (15) F. Wormald: catalogue entry for BL Add. MS 46354 and draft descriptions of Add. MSS 45131-2.

H. S. LONDON COLLECTION  SAL/MS/925-936  20th century

Transcripts, notes, correspondence, articles, etc., of Hugh Stanford London, FSA (d. 1959). For details of his career and publications see the biographical notice and bibliography by Sir A. Wagner in the posthumous edition (1970) of London's The Life of William Bruges (Harl. Soc., 111/12, for 1959-60). Part of the London Bequest (see also SAL/MSS/807-814); other material from the London Bequest is in the possession of Thomas Woodcock, Norroy. A.J., 39 (1959), 354-5 (obituary); 40 (1960), 281. The collection was arranged by John A. Goodall, FSA, on whose notes the following description is based.

Transcripts of armorials, English and continental, and related notes.  SAL/MS/925/1-5  20th century

For further information on many of the rolls see Aspilogia, I, II (1950, 1967); L. Campbell, F. Steer, A Catalogue of Manuscripts in the College of Arms, I (1988). Five boxes:-

Handlists of rolls of arms  SAL/MS/925/1  1957

Early grants of arms (list circulated by (Sir) Anthony Wagner, 1957), with added copies of some grants; notes on Glover I and II, Walford's roll and Parliamentary roll IIF; Heralds' roll; Charles roll IIA; Raine-Dunne roll; Fenwick's roll; Wriothesley's roll; SAL/MS/476; Ballard's book; Willement's roll; notes from Luard's edition of Matthew Paris, Chronica majora; Glover's roll, with notes.

William Le Neve's book; Wrythe's Garter armorial; Wriothesleyiana; Staffordshire roll; Hatton-Dugdale Book of Draughts; Arras roll; High Almaine roll; Holkham Hall roll, with miscellaneous notes on rolls and enamels, etc.; Colour on Colour roll; notes on BL Add. MS 45132 (Wriothesley, funeral banners).  SAL/MS/925/2  20th century

Kniveton's Cheshire armories (with notes by Dorothy Thomas); report on a comparison between the Ulster roll and Collingborne's book; herald painter's work book; Holford's London church notes, 1665; Ashmolean MSS; badges; Vincent MSS 182, 183, 184; notabilia in BL Add. MS 46354; rolls of arms A. D. 1485, notes on a proposed article by E. L. James, 1956.  SAL/MS/925/3  20th century

Collection of notebooks  SAL/MS/925/4  20th century

Reference letters for rolls and tracts; original Camden roll; Dering roll; Powell's roll; Willement's roll; Le Neve's equestrian roll; C. J. Russell drawings from Peter Le Neve's book; Shirley's roll; armorial du héraut Berry, partie inédite; armorial de Jonghe (Egerton MS 1908); grants of arms 1467-1704 (Proc., 2nd ser., 16 (1895-7), 340-56); grants of arms from Oxford, Queen's College MS H39/140 and H38/139 (two notebooks); Dan Gurney's MS; Michael Maclagan's book; Cheshire armory (from a 16th century MS formerly owned by Peter Le Neve and Thomas Martin); notes on College of Arms MS L. 10; 'Repertoire des Armoriaux Français'. Copied from the manuscript of Paul Adam-Even and annotated by London with references to copies in MS, typescript or print in his collection. Cream exercise book, with London's bookplate. Incorporated, 1998.

Mowbray's book (College of Arms MS 2nd L. 12).  SAL/MS/925/5  20th century

Transcript, photostats, notes and letter of London to Paul Adam-Even, 1951.

Medieval heraldic treatises.  SAL/MS/926/1-4*  20th century

Two boxes, three binders

General notes  SAL/MS/926/1  20th century

BL Sloane MS 3744 (photostat copy); Trevor tract; miscellaneous notes, including a Scots poem; Diego de Valera: 'Ung petit tractié de Noblesse'; Strangways book; Strangways book and the Law of Arms, 1953 (unpublished draft article); letters to Evan Jones, and B. Colgrave, 1952, relating to treatises; copy of Bartolo di Sassoferrato, De insignis et armis.

Ashmolean tract; Herald's tract; Loutfut's poem, 1494 (BL Harl. MS 6149, fols. 151-5); Peter le Neve shields; Kimbey's tract; Wrythe-Strangways shields.  SAL/MS/926/2  20th century

Strangways book.  SAL/MS/926/3  20th century

Dublin tract and roll, with photographs; unidentified treatise with tracings of shields.  SAL/MS/926/4, 4*  20th century

Early grants of arms.  SAL/MS/927  1957-1959

Another copy of the list circulated by Wagner in 1957, with notes by him, London, and Dorothy Thomas, c. 1957-9. An important collection of material being worked on for a projected collection of pre-1530 grants of arms. One box.

Notes on heraldic terminology.  SAL/MS/928  20th century

One box

Handwriting of early heralds.  SAL/MS/929  [n.d.]

One box

Mainly photostat copies of sample autographs.

Collections relating to heralds.  SAL/MS/930/1-3  [n.d.]

These relate in part to London's list in Burke's Landed Gentry (1952) and to W. H. Godfrey, Sir A. Wagner, The College of Arms (Survey of London, Monograph Series, XVI, 1963). Another set with added material since 1959 is kept by Thomas Woodcock, Norroy, at the College of Arms.
Three box files, two boxes

Biographies, typed and MS.  SAL/MS/930/1 A-C  20th century

Lists of heralds.  SAL/MS/930/2  20th century

Biographical notes on heraldic writers; extracts from state papers and the College of Arms; notes for the article in Burke's Landed Gentry; miscellanea.  SAL/MS/930/3  20th century

The notes on writers include the older writers in English and foreign languages, and contemporary writers whom London would have known.

Notes, correspondence, drafts, with some illustrations and photographs, partly relating to published articles.  SAL/MS/931/1-7  20th century

Eight boxes

Notes on English abbeys, etc., with diocesan and other corporate arms  SAL/MS/931/1  20th century

'The Angeme, Etincelle and Rais', typescript of a paper by Paul Adam-Even and London, with their correspondence, 1951;- 'Armorial Usage in England', 1945, typescript of the paper by S. M. Collins, made for Dr Harold Bowditch, with letters;- 'Rolls (Visitations) with Men of Arms', typescript by London, and correspondence with Paul Adam-Even, 1956;- 'Arms for Peace', typescripts of a lecture to SA by Dr Donald Lindsay Galbreath, Hon. FSA, delivered by London, 3 Nov. 1949 (the day after Galbreath's death), with notes and letter of London to Galbreath, 8 Oct. 1949;- Notes and correspondence on badges;- Notes and correspondence with J. B. Oldham, 1954, relating to the Beaufort book stamp;- 'Lady Margaret Beaufort, her arms and badges' and 'Beaufort Badges at Cambridge', typescripts by London, with notes and correspondence, 1951-5 (cf. Notes and Queries, 196 (1951), 559; London intended to publish a longer note on this topic);- Notes on the Bohun Psalter;- Lecture on William Bruges, delivered by London at Stamford, 1949, and a typescript on 'Seals of William Bruges, Garter, and his Parents'; together with a typescript of an unpublished book on the Order of the Garter and heralds, arising from London's work on William Bruges (see also the posthumous edition (1970) of London's Life of William Bruges, Harl. Soc. 111/12, for 1959-60);- 'Notes Heraldic and Other made by H. S. London during various leaves from 1930 onwards'. Written in a diary for 1935; last entries 1940. Incorporated, 1998.


Calopus, correspondence, 1950, photograph, rubbing;- Clarion, correspondence and notes, 1958;- Cluny horse trapper, correspondence and photographs, 1947, with photographs of another embroidery;- 'Collar of SS', file thus marked containing notes and extracts from wills, inventories, etc., partly relating to jewellery and plate;- 'Colour on Colour', typescript by London, 1954;- 'Crusader's Heraldry', correspondence, 1949;- 'Dancetty and Indented', typescript by London (see Coat of Arms, 1 (1950), 93-4);- '"Diaper" and the arms of Champagne', typescript by London, with correspondence, 1954, extracts and copies relating to the same topic, and a typescript on 'Arthurian heraldry', etc.;- E. E. Dorling, suggested amendments to the introduction of a book on heraldry, c. 1930;- Notes by London and A. Wagner on R. H. D'Elboux's Crescent and Ragged Staff armorial, with two unrelated letters of S. M. Collins to London, 1945, 1946;- French orders, typescripts of notes by London and of 'La Tapisserie aux Preux' by Paul Adam-Even, with letters to London, 1954;- Glaziers' Company arms, several typescripts by London, with a MS draft for Notes and Queries, 172 (1937), 116, correspondence, notes, etc., 1926-42;- Griffith family, genealogical and heraldic notes, and photographs from a pedigree exhibited to SA (see SAL/MSS/774 and SAL/MS/936), c. 1948.

NOTES AND PAPERS  SAL/MS/931/3  20th century

M. Maclagan, notes on hatchments in All Souls Oxford;- 'Helmets of 9 Rank', typescript of a report to Chapter by A. Wagner and M. R. Trappes-Lomax, 1951;- Elizabethan arms and crests, MS notes by London on a MS of W. J. Hemp, and other MSS, 1947;- Heraldry, typescript of a popular lecture by London, 1925, with other notes, etc., and painted shields;- Inn signs, file of painted cut-outs;- 'Instructional Rolls', typescript by London, after 1946; 'An Introduction to Heraldry', typescript of a lecture by London, 1949;- Jousting cheques, notes by London on SA MS 136, part 2, with a draft letter to Paul Adam-Even;- King's College Chapel, notes by London on royal heraldry, with letters to him, 1954.

NOTES AND PAPERS  SAL/MS/931/4  20th century

Label, two files, containing 'The Label in Heraldry', typescript by P. Adam-Even and London, notes, photographs, letters of Dr H. Bowditch, 1958;- Leyborne incised slab, 1265, correspondence, 1950, photographs relating to the slab in the Musée Lapidaire, Bordeaux, etc.;- 'Lion or Leopard', typescript of the article for Coat of Arms, 2 (1953), 291-2;- Mandeville, notes on pedigrees;- 'Minor Monsters', photographs and correspondence relating to the series of notes by London published in Coat of Arms, 3, 4 (1954-7);- Monuments, file of notes relating to Durham, Norfolk, etc., with correspondence, 1947;- Notebook entitled 'Miscellanea Volume D. 1' containing bibliographic notes by London, 1940-1;- "The New Ordinary of Arms', typescript by A. Wagner, 1940, relating to the revised edition of Papworth.

NOTES AND PAPERS  SAL/MS/931/5  20th century

Ombre or shadow, three files of illustrations, notes and correspondence relating to the article by London in Archaeologia, 93 (1949), 125-49, with other material; Austrian Orders, photocopy and translation of an article by Dr P. Kletler in Mitteilungen des St Michael (1925);- Oxford glass, notes and correspondence relating to London's review of E. A. G. Lamborn's Armorial Glass of the Oxford Diocese (1949);- 'Pattée, Patonce and Formée', typescripts and correspondence, 1955-7, relating to the article by London in Coat of Arms, 4, 5 (1957), 358-64, 26-33; see also London's note, 'Paty and Formy', ibid., 3 (1955), 285-6;- 'Patterned mantlings', typescript by London, and correspondence, 1953.

'The History of the Royal Arms of England'  SAL/MS/931/6  1953-1955

Typescripts of a lecture by London, and correspondence, 1953-5;- Royal badges, two files of photographs, notes, correspondence, 1954, and typescripts. London published The Queen's Beasts (1954) and Royal Beasts (1956).

NOTES AND PAPERS  SAL/MS/931/7  1953-1955

Rievaulx abbey, letter and photograph relating to the discovery of a roundel (?of Abbot John of Ingheley), 1953;- 'The Right Road for the Study of Heraldry', typescript by London (published by the Soc. of Heraldic Antiquaries, 1950), and correspondence;- Rooting rings, notes (on versos of London's review of Lamborn's Armorial Glass (1949));- Roundels, notes and correspondence, 1950 (a fuller study was published in Notes and Queries, 195 (1950)); 'Senois - A Heraldic Tincture?', typescripts by London and French translation (Coat of Arms, 4 (1957), 206-7);- Notes, made 1957, on A. Soloviev, 'Les Emblèmes Héraldiques de Byzance', Seminarium Kondakovianum (1935), 119-64;- 'A Square Fret', typescript by London, 1952;- Trubleville pendants, notes and correspondence, 1948-9 (see A.J., 29 (1949), 204-6);- Uckfield RDC, correspondence, etc., relating to the coat of arms designed by London, 1947;- Winchester College, correspondence with John Harvey, 1953, relating to arms in Thurbern's Chantry, etc.;- Yale, correspondence and photographs, 1953. Two boxes, the first containing the preceding items, the second unsorted notes and correspondence.

Catalogues of books in London's library; various notebooks.  SAL/MS/932  [n.d.]

One box

Designs for bookplates; other heraldic designs and paintings (from 1920s onwards).  SAL/MS/933/1, 2  From 1920

File and box.

Illustrations, etc.  SAL/MS/934/1-4  [n.d.]

Box file (SAL/MS/934/1-3) and box

Heraldic illustrations.  SAL/MS/934/1, 2  [n.d.]

Two albums of w/col drawings

Arms of countries, etc.  SAL/MS/934/3  [n.d.]

Photographs.  SAL/MS/931/934/4  [n.d.]

Correspondence  SAL/MS/935/1, 2  (c. 1949-59)

Box file and box

Annotated copies of articles and books, etc., mostly by London  SAL/MS/936/1-17  20th century

SAL/MS/936/1. A. Wagner, Aspilogia, I (1950);- SAL/MS/936/2 A-C. 'Badges', MS lecture (A), 1946, and (B) offprint (Genealogists' Magazine, 10 (1947), 65-71); with (C) offprints of 'The Broad Arrow as a Government Badge', Coat of Arms, 3 (1954), 135-6, and 'Official Badges', ibid., 4 (1956), 93-100;- SAL/MS/936/3. T. Willement, 'Banners, standards, and badges', Coll. Top. et Gen., 3 (1836), 49-76;- SAL/MS/936/4. Typed copy of 'Nobiliario de conquistadores de Indias', Soc. de Bibliófilos Esp., Madrid, 1891);- SAL/MS/936/5. 'The Geneville Brays', Coat of Arms, 3 (1954), 84-9;- SAL/MS/936/6. 'The Seal of Sir John Griffith of Wichnor and Burton Agnes', Trans. of the E. Riding Ant. Soc., 29 (1949), 27-38, and 'The Lost Brass of Sir Roger Somerville of Burton Agnes, Yorkshire', Trans. of the Mon. Brass Soc., 8 (1949), pp. 4. See also SAL/MS/931/2 above;- SAL/MS/936/7. 'The Hamaide or Humet', A.J., 32 (1952), 52-64;- SAL/MS/936/8. 'Holand Heraldry', Notes and Queries, 195 (1950), 24-8;- SAL/MS/936/9. E. Green, communication to SA on the insignia of an arch-bishopric, Proc., 2nd ser., 16 (1895-7), 394-404;- SAL/MS/936/10. 'Some Medieval Treatises on English Heraldry', A.J., 33 (1953), 169-83;- SAL/MS/936/11. 'The shadow as a charge in heraldry', lecture to SA, 30 Jan. 1947 (see also Archaeologia, 93 (1949), 125-49), and 'The Ghost, or Shadow, as a Charge in Heraldry', Notes and Queries, 192 (1947), 181-2;- SAL/MS/936/12. D. L. Galbreath, 'L'ombre héraldique', Archives Héraldiques Suisses, 42 (1928), 4-9;- SAL/MS/936/13. 'The arms of Peplesham and the Shoveller in Heraldry', Trans. of the Mon. Brass Soc., 9 (1958), 227-33;- SAL/MS/936/14. H. S. London and Canon S. W. Wheatley, 'Heraldic Decoration of the... Medieval Bridge of Rochester', Arch. Cantiana, 63 (1951), 140-3;- SAL/MS/936/15. 'The Heraldic Roundle or Rotund', reprinted from Notes and Queries, 195 (1950);- SAL/MS/936/16. 'Scintillatum Auro', Coat of Arms, 2 (1952), 111-13;- SAL/MS/936/17. 'Two Trubleville Pendandts', A.J., 29 (1949), 204-6.

TREMLETT COLLECTION.  SAL/MS/937-9  20th century

Notes by Thomas Daniel Tremlett, FSA (d. 1972), on seals, heraldry, military history, etc. (inf. John A. Goodall, FSA)

Seals  SAL/MS/937/1-6  20th century

SAL/MS/937/1. PRO seals, from class E40;- SAL/MS/937/2. Seals from PRO, AS series; Bridgwater; Taunton (Ilchester deeds); Eton College; Antrobus deeds to 1625;- SAL/MS/937/3. Seals from Berks. County Record Office; Barker; Brooke's Aspilogia; Combe; Winchester; Rawlinson collections;- SAL/MS/937/4. Seals from the Vincent collection in the College of Arms. For details of sources see L. Campbell, F. Steer, A Catalogue of Manuscripts in the College of Arms Collections, I (1988);- SAL/MS/937/5. Additional notes on Vincent SAL/MS/88, including texts of several grants of arms;- SAL/MS/937/6. Notes on heraldic seals:- a-c. Notes on the Bowditch MS (formerly in the library of the New England Historical and Genealogical Society, but now missing), with some references to Robert Glover, Joseph Holland, etc. For further details of the Bowditch MS see T. D. Tremlett, 'Seals of some Somerset Families during the Middle Ages', Proc. of the Somersetshire Arch. and Nat. Hist. Soc., 94 (1948-9), 92-110;- d. Notes on seals from Horner MSS. Four loose-leaf books, oblong quarto (1-4), ring binder (5), and four files.

Heraldic and antiquarian notes  SAL/MS/938/1-4  20th century

SAL/MS/938/1-3. Three loose-leaf books, oblong quarto;-SAL/MS/938/4. Ring binder containing notes on armorial tiles in the Abbot's kitchen, Glastonbury Abbey, roof bosses, seals and an heraldic MS in Bruton, Somerset, etc.

Notes and illustrations on medieval and Civil War military history, etc.; with papers and correspondence  SAL/MS/939  1956-67

Relating to work on the revised edition of Papworth (Vols. I, II of the Dictionary of British Arms were published in 1992, 1996). One box.

LOWTHER BEQUEST.  SAL/MS/940-2  17th century - 1971

Paper. Mostly 1930-71. Octavo, quarto, etc. Mostly notebooks or unbound papers. Part of the Lowther Bequest, 1972, which also included a collection of Civil War and Commonwealth tracts and other printed books. A.J., 53 (1973), 386. See also SAL/MSS/858, 859.

Manuscripts, notes and correspondence of Anthony William George Lowther, FSA (d. 1972), including a few 17th-18th century MSS; mostly 1930-71. See obituaries in A.J., 53 (1973), 405-6; Surrey Archaeological Collections, 70 (1974), 175. Most of Lowther's Surrey collections were transferred to the Surrey Archaeological Society, Guildford, in 1973. See their Annual Report (1973), 16, 19-20.

Civil War, Commonwealth and miscellaneous manuscripts  SAL/MS/940/1-6  1632 - 1958

SAL/MS/940/1. Small pocketbook, probably of a royalist officer, containing a transcript of John Cruso's Militarie instructions for the cavallrie (Cambridge, 1632; STC 6099), with additions from another source at the beginning and end; c. 1640. Bookplate of Sir Gervase Clifton, 4th Bt. (1666-1731). See Lowther's catalogue (SAL/MS/941/1, no. 45) where the additions are transcribed. Bought by Lowther from Lowe Bros., Birmingham. Miniature size. Leather, black, gilt-tooled;- SAL/MS/940/2. Two large quarto sheets containing an estimate of the cost of fitting out ships for the 'Summer Guard' conc. (a) ships abroad which might not return in time, 26 Dec. 1651, and (b) a list of ships known to be available, 27 Dec. 1651. See Lowther's transcripts in SAL/MS/941/1, no. 75. Grey folder;- SAL/MS/940/3. Former vellum covers, octavo, of tracts including A Perfect Relation of the Funerall of Robert Earl of Essex (1646) (an imperfect copy is preserved with the collection of Lowther tracts in SAL) now containing fragments (ff. 3) of commercial accounts, including Dutch and English names and a reference to London, ?mid 17th century. With a fragment of a prayer (see SAL/MS/940/4);- SAL/MS/940/4. Four leaves, octavo, in very poor condition, containing prayers, dated 1720. Apparently once bound with the Essex tract (see SAL/MS/940/3). Now loose in old marbled boards;- SAL/MS/940/5. Notes and tables on the elements of harmony (attributed by Lowther to Samuel Raven, after 1769), formerly inserted in Lowther's copy of John Playford's Breefe Introduction to the Skill of Musick (3rd ed., 1658). Duodecimo. With a letter to Lowther from Margaret Dean-Smith, FSA, 13 Aug. 1958, and a cutting from a catalogue of Frank B. Benger;- SAL/MS/940/6. Letters of George Leigh Mallory, mountaineer, to G. Christy, 1921-2, conc. a lecture tour.

Lowther's catalogues, notes and correspondence relating to his collections  SAL/MS/941/1-5  1930 - 1976

SAL/MS/941/1. Lowther's catalogue of his Civil War and Commonwealth manuscripts. Includes at nos. 45, 75, detailed notes and transcripts conc. SAL/MS/940/1, 2. With a Phillips sale-cat., 17 Feb. 1976 (lots 104-129, manuscripts from the Lowther collection). One envelope;- SAL/MS/941/2. Letters from Brigadier Peter Young conc. the collections, 1962-7. One envelope;- SAL/MS/941/3. Lowther's notes on tracts purchased, extracts from Pepys, etc. One file;- SAL/MS/941/4. Correspondence and bills of sale from Percy Dobell, booksellers, 1930-66, 1967-71. One envelope, one black file;- SAL/MS/941/5. Similar conc. purchases from Frank Benger, H. W. Edwards and others, 1950-70. Black box file.

Excavation notebooks and research notes, mostly conc. Surrey  SAL/MS/942/1-10  1934 - 1958

SAL/MS/942/1. Ewell House site, May 1934;- SAL/MS/942/2. Walton on the Hill, 1939-40. With an offprint from Surrey Archaeological Collections, 51 (1948), 65-81;- SAL/MS/942/3. 'The Mounts', Pachesham, Leatherhead, 1947;- SAL/MS/942/4. Bookham Grove, 1953;- SAL/MS/942/5. A Study of the Patterns on Roman Flue-Tiles and their Distribution (Research Papers of the Surrey Arch. Soc., no. 1, 1948), with annotations and insertions;- SAL/MS/942/6. St Thomas' Hospital, Southwark, and its manor at Beddington, 1948;- SAL/MS/942/7. Compton and Stoke D'Abernon church, with illustrations, and insertions;- SAL/MS/942/8. General Oglethorpe and Westbrook Park, Godalming;- SAL/MS/942/9. Notes and correspondence relating to:- Medieval roof tiles, with letters from John Harvey, 1947-8, finds at Garryduff, Co. Cork, 1946, a bronze cloisonné ornament from Crabtree Lane, Harpenden, 1946, etc.;- SAL/MS/942/10. Offprints of articles by the Rev. C. M. Lowther Bouch from Trans. of the Cumberland and Westmorland Ant. & Arch. Society, N. S. 43 (1943), 117-46.

CAVE COLLECTION.  SAL/MS/943  1899 - 1950

Paper. Mostly 1914-50. Mostly unbound papers, with a few notebooks, photographs, etc. Three grey boxes and a wooden case of index drawers.

Source of acquisition: Bequeathed, 1950, together with a large collection of photographs and camera equipment. A.J., 31 (1951), 252. Negatives and lantern slides of Cave's photographs were deposited at the Courtauld Institute and the National Monuments Record.

Correspondence, notes, drafts, etc., of Charles John Philip Cave, FSA (c. 1871-1950), meteorologist, mainly relating to medieval English church roof bosses; mostly 1914-50. Cave's antiquarian interests developed from his study of telephotography. See A.J., 31 (1951), 253-4 (obituary). Cave published many papers in Archaeologia and other journals and Roof Bosses in Medieval Churches (Cambridge, 1948). Now in three boxes:-

Box I.  SAL/MS/943/1-6  1899 - 1950

Nine files:- SAL/MS/943/1. Brasses. Letters, 1914-50, and typescript quarto sheets of notes and drafts conc. brasses on the Isle of Wight and in Hampshire. Cave published 'A List of Hampshire Brasses', Transactions of the Monumental Brass Society, 5 (1904-9), 247-91, 295-325, 343-71; 6 (1910-14), 1-42, 121-57;- SAL/MS/943/2. Uppark, Sussex; 1920, etc. Mostly notes on the families of Ford and Featherstonehaugh, with a few on furnishings, etc., at Uppark;- SAL/MS/943/3. Orientation. Letters to Cave on the orientation of churches, 1937-50, with lists and notes. Cave used some of this material in his paper on 'The Orientation of Churches', A.J., 30 (1950), 47-51;- SAL/MS/943/4. Photography. Letters conc. Cave's architectural photography, 1941-50, with a typed list of bosses and corbels, arranged by churches;- SAL/MS/943/5. Foliage. Letters, 1930-46, relating to foliage carvings and other topics, including figures in the roof of St Mary's, Shrewsbury. Together with a pencil drawing of a boss in Tintern Abbey, dated 29 July 1899, attributed on the verso to G. R. Hooper of Petersfield, and a translation of W. Wegner's paper on leaf masks (Blattmasken) in Adolf Goldschmidt zu seinem 70 Geburtstag (Berlin, 1935), 43-50;- SAL/MS/943/6. General correspondence; 1921-9, 1930-4, 1935-9, 1940-50. Four files.

Box II. Box III  SAL/MS/943/7  1899 - 1950

Letters and notes, with some photographs and plans, conc. church roof bosses of Beaulieu, Beverley St Mary, Boxgrove, Canterbury, Ely, Exeter, Gloucester, Lincoln, Norwich and Oakham. Ten files.
Similar collections conc. Peterborough, Selworthy, Southwark, Tewkesbury, Westminster and Westminster, St Stephen's Cloisters, Winchester (2 files) and Windsor. Nine files.

Card indexes. Four drawers relating to:- France and churches with bosses: orientation; bosses by subject; bibliography.  SAL/MS/943/8  1899 - 1950

WILLIAM MORRIS.  SAL/MS/944, 945  [n.d.]

Paper. 1868-99, 1915-60. SAL/MS/944: one grey box, one red box; SAL/MS/945: three red boxes, four volumes (as above) and two card indexes.

Source of acquisition: Bequeathed by Professor Ney Lannes MacMinn, 1967, together with the portrait of Morris by Fairfax Murray, and a large collection of printed items kept at Kelmscott Manor. A.J., 67 (1987), 352-4.

Collections of Professor Ney Lannes MacMinn (1895-1967) of autograph letters of William Morris, FSA (1834-96) and others, and research materials conc. Morris; 1868-99, 1915-60. Professor MacMinn was professor of English at North Western University, Evanston, Illinois. He published Creative Thinkers (1937). A more detailed list of contents is placed with SAL/MS/944/1.

Letters of William Morris, and others, with a few drawings  SAL/MS/944/1-3  [n.d.]

Autograph letters of Morris to Edith Bland, Joseph Edgar Boehm, Cecilia Brooke, A. J. Gaskin, John Glasse, Claricea Ionides, (J. and J. Leighton?), Charles Edward Maurice, E. W. B. Nicholson, William Ralston Shedden-Ralston, F. S. Ellis, and others (unidentified), 1868-95.  SAL/MS/944/1  19th century

The letters have recently been mounted in a folio volume (ff. 18 mounts). Grey card covers. In a grey box (with SAL/MS/944/2)

Together with (fol. 18v) an autograph draft by Morris conc. Gladstone and Home Rule (published in 'Notes on passing events', Commonweal II, no. 23 (19 June 1886), 89). See the list with the collection for details of purchase of these letters by MacMinn and references to publication in Norman Kelvin (ed.), The Collected Letters of William Morris (4 vols., 1984-96).


A modern covering note states that the drawings were removed in wet condition from Professor MacMinn's barge in Paris by A. R. D (Arthur Richard Dufty). In a grey folder, in a grey box (with SAL/MS/944/1)

Contents:- (1) Autograph signed note from Edward Burne-Jones to (F. S?) Ellis, n.d.;- (2) Letter from Emery Walker to Viscount Dillon asking for assistance in constructing a suit of armour for the Art Workers' Guild Masque, 18 June 1899. With an annotated pencil sketch by Walter Crane of pieces of armour;- (3) Four pen sketches by John Ruskin for Love's Meinie: lectures upon Greek and English birds (1881), with instructions to the engraver, A. Burgess, by Ruskin's secretary.

Typescript copies of letters of Morris to the press and to W. Crane, Mrs Sarah Gostling, E. Magnússon, T. B. Reed, Mr Reeves, A. Scheu and A. C. Swinburne, with annotations by Professor MacMinn, photocopies of autograph letters, etc.  SAL/MS/944/3  [n.d.]

Eleven files. One red box.

With a few notes relating to the Census of William Morris Published Letters (1940).

Research papers, theses, and correspondence of Professor MacMinn, with some personal papers  SAL/MS/945/1-8  1915-60

Related information: See also the descriptive list in SAL/MS/944/1.

Correspondence  SAL/MS/945/1  19th century

Ten files. One red box.

Of MacMinn with Sydney Cockerell, May Morris, Emery, Walker, Dorothy Walker, and others, and with the Fabian Society. Notes, copies, etc., conc. Morris letters to E. Magnússon, Reed and Nicholson. Correspondence with bookdealers conc. Morris autographs, the portrait of Morris by Fairfax Murray, 1896 (acquired by MacMinn from J. & J. Leighton, 1933), etc. With material relating to the Census and a notebook.


Nine files, and two notebooks. One red box.

Contents:- (1) Notebook, quarto, brown, conc. Morris and Iceland, 1927;- (2) Notebook, large octavo, black, containing working notes on Morris letters to the press, etc.;- (3) Typescript (ff. 37) of 'The Quarrel between William Morris and the Parliamentary Faction in the Socialist League, 1885-8, with three unpublished letters by Morris to Mrs Gostling ...', (c. 1932), with other papers conc. the same; MacMinn's copies and notes of letters from Morris to Andreas Scheu, and a translation of several chapters of Umsturzkeime by the latter.

Miscellaneous notes, transcripts, press-cuttings, correspondence, reproductions of portraits of Morris, excerpts from published sources, etc.  SAL/MS/945/3  1915-60

Eighteen files. One red box.

N. L. MacMinn, 'The Aesthetic Socialism of William Morris'  SAL/MS/945/4  1924

(MA thesis, University of Illinois. Typescript. ff. 158. Quarto. Black card.

N. L. MacMinn, 'The Letters of William Morris to the Press, 1868-95'  SAL/MS/945/5  1928

(PhD thesis, North Western University

Typescript. ff. iv + 483. Quarto. Cloth, olive-green. Kelmscott Manor bookplate.

Journal of Professor MacMinn containing entries relating to 1926-8, 1930, 1951. pp. 300 (pp. 42 entered)  SAL/MS/945/6  1926-1951

Quarto. Half cloth, maroon, with black covers.

Card indexes of references to Morris.  SAL/MS/945/7/a-b  1915-60

Two oblong cardboard boxes.

James Patton McCormick, jun., 'The Social Philosophy of William Morris reflected in his literary work'  SAL/MS/945/8  1929-1934

(MA thesis, Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois, 1934). Typescript. The thesis was supervised by Professor MacMinn. With press-cuttings on the funeral of Edward Carpenter, 1929. pp. 128. Red binder.

TREASURE TROVE.  SAL/MS/946/1-3  [n.d.]

Paper. 1895-1923, with some earlier material. Mostly unbound papers and pamphlets, with a scrapbook (SAL/MS/946/1/1). Three grey boxes.

Papers of Dr William Martin, FSA (d. 1929), barrister, relating to the law of Treasure Trove and Ancient Monuments legislation; 1895-1923, with some earlier material. See A.J., 10 (1930), 313 (obituary). Martin was General Secretary and President of the South Eastern Union of Scientific Societies, Secretary of the Congress of Archaeological Societies and member of the SA Committee appointed in 1911 to consider the law of Treasure Trove. SAL/MS/946/1, 2 relate mostly to the work of the Committee on Means for the Preservation of Treasure Trove and other Relics, appointed in 1906 by the South Eastern Union of Scientific Societies.

Treasure Trove  SAL/MS/946/1-5  1861-1919

SAL/MS/946/1/1. Scrapbook containing press-cuttings and other printed material, with a typescript by Martin on 'The Law of Treasure Trove ...'; compiled c. 1902-17. Earlier material is inserted (mostly printed, from 1861), with notes from historical sources. Folio. Cloth, dark green;- SAL/MS/946/1/2. Correspondence, general, 1895, 1905-8;- SAL/MS/946/1/3. Correspondence, general, 1909-19;- SAL/MS/946/1/4. Verulamium, 1911-12;- SAL/MS/946/1/5. SA Committee on Treasure Trove, 1911-12.

Treasure Trove, mostly printed  SAL/MS/946/2/1-5  1905-23

SAL/MS/946/2/1-3. Press-cuttings, etc., relating to finds, 1905-10, 1911-14, 1915-23;- SAL/MS/946/2/4. Pamphlets, mostly transactions of the SE Union of Scientific Societies and the Committee on the Preservation of Treasure Trove, 1905-22. Twenty-five items;- SAL/MS/946/2/5. W. Martin, 'The Law of Treasure Trove', MS draft, n.d. ff. 36.

Ancient Monuments Act  SAL/MS/946/3/1-4  1913

SAL/MS/946/3/1. Correspondence, 1912;- SAL/MS/946/3/2. Press-cuttings, mostly 1912, with a schedule for the British Association Ethnographical Survey, 1896, and a report of the Corbridge Excavation Fund, July 1912;- SAL/MS/946/3/3. Congress of Archaeological Societies: reports, 1909-12, with notes on the Special Congress, 22 July 1922, and reports to the Earthworks Committee, 1912;- SAL/MS/946/3/4. Bills, Act and Parliamentary Reports, 1910-13, with some earlier printed material.

THOMAS LEWIN.  SAL/MS/947  1805-1878

Paper. 1827-63. Folio. Half leather, brown (spine repaired in green). Crest (of Lewin?), w/col, with signature of 'Thomas Lewin E Coll Trin', laid down on fol. ii.

Source of acquisition: Signature of Frederick William Cock, FSA, fol. i, and letter of presentation from him, 20 Jan. 1933, fol. iii.

'Book of Congratulations', of Thomas Lewin, barrister, FSA (1805-77); 1827-63. See DNB. Proc., 2nd ser., 7 (1876-8), 201-3 (obituary). Scrapbook containing letters, reviews and certificates conc. degrees and honours awarded to him, and reviews of his books, A Practical Treatise on the Law of Trusts and Trustees (1837), The Life and Epistles of St Paul (1851), The Invasion of Britain by Julius Caesar (1859) and Jerusalem: a Sketch of the City and Temple (1861).

HOLY WELLS.  SAL/MS/948/1, 2  1926-1941

Paper. c. 1926-41, with earlier material. Mainly unbound papers. One red box, three grey boxes.

Source of acquisition: Presented by Mrs Stephanie Binnall, 1982. Giftbook entry, 17 Feb. 1983.

Notes and papers of Canon Peter Blannin Gibbons Binnall, FSA (d. 1980) relating to holy wells, with earlier notes on the same subject by Robert Charles Hope, FSA (1855-1926) and letters, etc., from correspondents in various counties; c. 1926-41, with earlier material. In 1928 Binnall acquired Hope's additional notes for The legendary lore of the holy wells of England (1893) and intended to publish an enlarged second edition of Hope's book to include his own research and contributions from local historians received between 1928-32. Binnall's publications (copies with the present collection) include 'The Well of Life in British Folklore' (Hibbert Journal, July 1935), 'Holy Wells in Derbyshire' (Derbyshire Arch. & Nat. Hist. Soc. Journal, 1940), 'Holy Wells in Devonshire' (Devon & Cornwall Notes and Queries, 21, 1940). See also A.J., 61 (1981), 452 (Obituary).

General papers  SAL/MS/948/1  1926-1937

Including:- Hope's MS index to holy wells, typescript introduction, 1932, by Binnall for the proposed revised edition of Hope's book, two notebooks, lectures by Binnall, offprints, postcard views of holy wells, and correspondence, 1926-37, including a signed letter, 1937, from John Betjeman conc. a possible Shell Guide to Lincolnshire. One red box.

Notes arranged by counties, including earlier notes by Hope, with correspondence and printed material.  SAL/MS/948/2  1926-1941

42 files. Three grey boxes:- Bedfordshire-Durham; Essex-Northumberland; Oxford-Yorkshire, Isle of Man, Scotland, Wales.

BURSTOW DIARIES.  SAL/MS/949  1930-1975

Paper. 1930-75. Twenty-seven volumes and unbound typescripts. SAL/MS/949/30

Source of acquisition: Presented by George Philip Burstow, 1967; SAL/MS/949/3-29 bequeathed by him, 1975; SAL/MS/949/61 presented by the Rev. John H. Boothroyd, 1983.

The 'logbooks' of George Philip Burstow, FSA (1910-75), containing detailed accounts of Brighton College, where he was a master from 1945-75, and of excavations in Sussex in which he was involved. For further details see the obituary notice in Sussex Arch. Collections, 114 (1976), xviii-xix.

'Logbooks', Vols. 3-29  SAL/MS/949/3-29  6 Jan. 1930-7 Nov. 1975

Folio. Cloth, blue, red, etc.

Contents include many photographs. Vols. 1,2, 1924, not received. 27 volumes.

Copies of letters mainly from Dr Eliot Curwen and Dr E. Cecil Curwen to Burstow, with extracts from Burstow's diaries and index.  SAL/MS/949/30  1932-67

Quarto. One file.

Typescript, 1967. With a covering letter to SA from Burstow, 1 June 1967, offering the copies. ff. 3 + 57.

George Philip Burstow', address by the Rev. John H. Boothroyd, chaplain of Brighton College Junior School, at the memorial service for Burstow  SAL/MS/949/31  6 Dec. 1975

Typescript. With three letters to Boothroyd and one from Boothroyd to SA, 1975-83.

REGALIA.  SAL/MS/950/1-3  c1952-1966

Paper. Mostly c. 1952-66, with some earlier and later correspondence. Unbound papers. Six grey boxes.

Source of acquisition: Bequeathed by Martin Holmes, FSA (d. 1997).

Papers of Maj.-Gen. Hervey Degge Sitwell, CB, CVO, MC, FSA (1890-1973), Keeper of the Jewel House, Tower of London 1952-68, conc. regalia in the Tower of London; mostly c. 1952-66 but including earlier and later correspondence. General Sitwell published The Crown Jewels and other regalia in the Tower of London (1953); 'The Jewel House and the Royal Goldsmiths', Arch. Journal, 117 (1960), 131-55; 'Royal Serjeants-at-Arms and the Royal Maces', Archaeologia, 102 (1969), 203-50; The English Regalia (with Martin Holmes, 1972); Sitwell's notes are used extensively for The Crown Jewels, ed. C. Blair (1998). See also A.J., 55 (1975), 496 (obituary); Who Was Who 1971-80.

Typescript copies of most sections of an unpublished work on reglia, c. 1966. 'One file.  SAL/MS/950/1/A  1906

Research notes, drafts, correspondence, photographs and offprints, mostly 1956-66, but including earlier correspondence of Sir George Young-husband and others, 1918-37. Mostly typescript. Arranged by subject according to Sitwell's original file numbers (missing numbers not received). As follows:- SAL/MS/950/1/1. Destruction of the regalia in 1649 and replacement in 1661 and after;- SAL/MS/950/1/2. Crowns and plate;- SAL/MS/950/1/3. Crowns;- SAL/MS/950/1/4. Sceptres;- SAL/MS/950/1/5. Orbs;- SAL/MS/950/1/6. Bracelets;- SAL/MS/950/1/7. Coronation rings;- SAL/MS/950/1/8. Spurs;- SAL/MS/950/1/9. Swords;- SAL/MS/950/1/10. Ampulla and spoon;- SAL/MS/950/1/11. Chalices and patens;- SAL/MS/950/1/12. Christening font, bason and tankards;- SAL/MS/950/1/13. Altar dish and flagon;- SAL/MS/950/1/14. Exeter salt;- SAL/MS/950/1/15. Twelve standing salts known as St George salts;- SAL/MS/950/1/16. Wine fountain;- SAL/MS/950/1/17. Maundy dish;- SAL/MS/950/1/18. Royal maces;- SAL/MS/950/1/19. Sixteen trumpets, etc.;- SAL/MS/950/1/25. Famous precious stones;- SAL/MS/950/1/45. Crown jewels and Jewel House, 1066-1966;- SAL/MS/950/1/46. Officers of the Jewel House, 1378- ;- SAL/MS/950/1/50. Scottish regalia. Twenty-three main files, some further sub-divided. Two boxes (1A, 1-10; 11-19, 25, 45-6, 50).  SAL/MS/950/1/1-50  1918-1966

Miscellaneous files consisting mostly of transcripts from PRO records, particularly Lord Chamberlain's Office (LC) series, Signet Office, etc., and from Garrards archives  SAL/MS/950/2/1-21  c1952 - 1966

As follows:- SAL/MS/950/2/1-6. Jewel House appointments, mostly conc. Serjeants-at-arms;- SAL/MS/950/2/7-12. Jewel House Account Books; fire at the Tower of London, 30 Oct. 1841; St James's Palace; Garrards;- SAL/MS/950/2/13-20. Crown jewels; circlets; maces;- SAL/MS/950/2/21. Correspondence, 1966-71, relating to The English Regalia (1972). Twenty-one files. Three boxes.

Photocopies of records, mostly from the PRO, and SA MS 108, with a list of Sitwell's files, and copy of V & A Catalogue of Lantern Slides: Regalia (1955).  SAL/MS/950/3/1-7  c1952 - 1966

Eight files, etc. One box.


Paper, etc. 1936-56. Notebooks, plans, drawings, photographs, unbound papers. Five red boxes, three grey boxes; with two grey boxes of photographs and ten folders of plans, drawings and maps.

Source of acquisition: Bequeathed by Sir Mortimer Wheeler, 1976. Photographs presented earlier. The pottery brought to England by Wheeler is kept temporarily at the Institute of Archaeology, Oxford (1994). See A.J., 57 (1977), 454-5 (obituary of Wheeler); 59 (1979), 6 (bequest), 550.

Papers of Sir Mortimer Wheeler, FSA (1890-1976), Katherine M. Richardson, FSA, and others relating to excavations and sites visited in Brittany and Normandy for a survey of Iron-Age camps. Excavation was interrupted by the outbreak of war and not all records have survived. See the reports of the 1938 expedition in Antiquity, 13 (1939), 58-79; 1939 expedition, A.J., 21 (1941), 265-70, and Sir Mortimer Wheeler, Katherine M. Richardson, Hill-Forts of Northern France (SA Research Report no. 19, 1957). The collection is summarised below. Related plans, drawings and photographs (SAL/MS/951/11) are kept separately with SA Prints and Drawings Collections. See the list with the collection for a full description.

Sites excavated  SAL/MS/951/1-6  1938-9

Le Camp d'Artus, Huelgoat, Finistère  SAL/MS/951/1  1938

Five site books. Plans, drawings and photographs kept separately (see above).

Le Châtellier, Le Petit Celland, Manche  SAL/MS/951/2  1938

Two site books. Plans kept separately.

Le Câtelier, Duclair, Seine-Inférieure  SAL/MS/951/3  1939

Three site books. Plans and photographs kept separately.

Le Camp du Canada, Fécamp, Seine-Inférieure  SAL/MS/951/4  1939

Three site books. Plans and photographs kept separately.

Kercaradec, Penhars, Finistère  SAL/MS/951/5  1938

Site books missing. Plans kept separately.

Finished drawings (kept separately)  SAL/MS/951/6  1938-9, 1956

Relating to Huelgoat, Le Petit Celland, Duclair, Fécamp, Kercaradec, Cité de Limes. 21 sheets, published in Hill-Forts (1957).

Notebook relating to a preliminary visit to northern France  SAL/MS/951/7  Dec. 1936

Containing drawings of objects in museums. Includes, fols. 2-4, notes on excavations in Palestine, 1935-6.

Museums and earthworks visited  SAL/MS/951/8  1938-9

Many of the sites were found not to be Iron Age. Much of the museum and some of the field survey was missing in 1954. Ten notebooks, including some drawings and photographs, and separate drawings and plans.

Museums and sites visited  SAL/MS/951/9  1954, 1956

Rough sketchbook and notebook. Measured drawings of sites surveyed in 1954 but not excavated kept separately.

Index cards.  SAL/MS/951/10  nd

Photographs and negatives  SAL/MS/951/11  1936-56

Two boxes kept separately.

Miscellaneous archaeological files  SAL/MS/951/12  1938 - 1955

Containing:- Reports, 1938-9; correspondence and drawings, 1938-9; hill-forts, 1938-55. Four files.

Miscellaneous administrative files  SAL/MS/951/13  1936-1941

Mostly correspondence:- 1936-9; volunteers, 1939-41; grants. Seven files.

Printed maps of north-east France. Kept separately.  SAL/MS/951/14  1936-1941

Drafts and typescripts for Hill-Forts  SAL/MS/951/15  (1957)

Three files.

DEERHURST.  SAL/MS/952/1-6  1970-91

Paper. 1970-91. Mostly unbound papers. Five boxes and seven folders.

Source of acquisition: Deposited by Philip Rahtz, FSA, November 1993.

Archive relating to excavations at the Saxon church of St Mary's, Deerhurst, Glos. Mostly typewritten. The excavations under-taken between 1971-80 by Philip Rahtz, FSA, Harold Taylor, FSA, and others, were part of a SA research project on the Archaeology of the English Church. See A.J., 55 (1975), 346-65; P. Rahtz, 'Excavations at St Mary's Church, Deerhurst 1971-73', CBA Research Report 15 (1976); H. Taylor, 'The Anglo-Saxon fabric', Deerhurst Studies, 1 (1977); P. Rahtz, L. Watts, H. Taylor, L. Butler, St Mary's Church, Deerhurst, 1971-1984 (SA Research Report 55, 1997). The archive is summarised below. A detailed description is kept with the collection. Related plans and drawings are kept with SA Prints and Drawings Collections.

Drafts by Philip Rahtz, Harold Taylor and others relating to SA Research Report 55.  SAL/MS/952/1  1975

Material belonging to Philip Rahtz.  SAL/MS/952/2  1984

Includes S. Allen, 'Mortuary Behaviour at St Mary's Church, Deerhurst' (MA dissertation, University of York, 1984); graveyard survey; paper by R. Gem on the conservation of polychrome on Anglo-Saxon sculptures; notes, drafts, correspondence; context cards; drawings and diagrams.

Interim reports.  SAL/MS/952/3  1970-91

Material belonging to Harold Taylor.  SAL/MS/952/4  1970-91

Includes lectures and reports; photographs; correspondence; drawings.

Material belonging to Lawrence Butler  SAL/MS/952/5  1970-91

Relates to Deerhurst Priory Farm-house; list of registers, deeds and papers in Deerhurst parish church.

General, relating to Deerhurst, CBA Churches Committee papers, etc.  SAL/MS/952/6  1970-91

WESSEX SARSEN STONE SURVEY.  SAL/MS/953/1-4  1974 - 1993

Paper. 1974-7, 1986-93. Four boxes of papers, maps and photographs, one box of photographs and two folders of maps.

Source of acquisition: Mostly deposited in 1975-7; Hampshire, 1993.

Records of the survey of sarsen stones (grey-wether sandstones) in Dorset, Hampshire and Wiltshire; mostly 1974-7, with additional work on Hampshire 1986-93. The project was inaugurated by SA, 23 Feb. 1974. See H. C. Bowen, I. F. Smith, 'Sarsen Stones in Wessex: The Society's first investigations in the evolution of the landscape project', A.J., 57 (1977), 85-196. The records consist of tally cards giving details of sarsens in Dorset, Hants. and Wilts., and reports, photographs, slides and maps. See the detailed list with the collections. Partly kept with SA Prints and Drawings Collections.

General.  SAL/MS/953/1  1975

Includes 'Sarsen Symposium. Evolution of the Landscape Project: News Sheet No. 2' (account of meeting at SA, 10 May 1975); list of sarsens considered, maps of sarsen distribution, etc.

Dorset. Tally cards, maps and slides.  SAL/MS/953/2  1974 - 1977

Hampshire. Reports, tally cards, maps, photographs and slides.  SAL/MS/953/3  1974 - 1993

Wiltshire. Tally/index cards, additional information, maps, etc.  SAL/MS/953/4  1974 - 1977

ROMAN ROADS.  SAL/MS/954/1-10  1952-67

Paper. 1952-67. Unbound papers. Four grey and four red boxes. Paper. c. 1900-43. Unbound papers. Seven red boxes.

Source of acquisition: Presented by the author, 1968. A.J., 49 (1969), 46.
Presented by Edward Yates, FSA (d. 1957). Giftbook entry, 15 Jan. 1957.

Papers of Ivan Donald Margary, FSA (1897-1976) relating to Roman roads. Margary published Roman Ways of the Weald (1948) and Roman Roads in Britain (2 vols., 1955, 1957). He was a member of The Viatores (an association devoted to the study of Roman roads) and contributed to Roman Roads of the South-East Midlands (1964). For further details of his work see the obituaries in A.J., 56 (1976), 359-60; Sussex Arch. Collections, 114 (1976), xi-xv. The papers are summarised below, A fuller descriptive list is kept with the collection.

Correspondence, typed descriptions of roads, maps, etc.  SAL/MS/954/1  1952-67

Eight files

Manuscript of Roman Roads in Britain: South of the Foss Way - Bristol Channel  SAL/MS/954/2  (1955)

Manuscript of Roman Roads in Britain: North of the Foss Way - Bristol Channel  SAL/MS/954/3  1957

Manuscript of Roman Roads in Britain (2nd ed.)  SAL/MS/954/4  1967

Typescript of Roman Roads in Britain (2nd ed., 1967), with further notes published in Roman Roads in the South-East Midlands (1964).  SAL/MS/954/5  1964 - 1967

Manuscript of Roman Ways in the Weald (3rd ed., with strip maps, sections and diagrams relating to the same.  SAL/MS/954/6  1965

Miscellaneous manuscripts of articles and reviews, mostly published in local journals.  SAL/MS/954/7  1974 - 1983

Maps, sections, etc., from Roman Roads in the South-East Midlands  SAL/MS/954/8  (1964)

Correspondence, notes, plans and photographs from R. W. Bagshawe member of The Viatores.  SAL/MS/954/9  nd

Notes and photographs from G. B. Berry conc. the Roman road at Kingston Deverill, Wilts.  SAL/MS/954/10  1963

CASTLES. Papers of James Charles Wall (d. 1943) relating mostly to castles  SAL/MS/955/1-3  c. 1900-43

Wall's publications included Shrines of British Saints (1905) and Ancient Earthworks (1908).

Notes, drawings, diagrams, photographs, press-cuttings, etc.  SAL/MS/955/1  1952-67

Arranged by county and name of castle. Further details are given in the list with the collection.

Notes on tithe barns, and printed cuttings mostly conc. ecclesiastical buildings.  SAL/MS/955/2  nd

Notes, illustrations, etc., relating to Roman Britain.  SAL/MS/955/3  nd

BIBLE.  SAL/MS/956  late 13th century

Vellum (uterine); estimated ff. 387. Late 13th century. Very small quarto. Present binding, sheepskin, brown, tanned, probably 17th century (see the report by Dr Mirjam Foot on file in SAL), blind-tooled panel design. Signs of missing clasp or tie fitting. Three vellum stubs between the two front vellum flyleaves.

Source of acquisition: Owned by William Morris, FSA (d. 1896). Label, front pastedown, of his library at Kelmscott House, Hammersmith; possibly no. 875 in the library catalogue, 1890 (microfilm in BL, Dept. of MSS, RP 1355). In pencil on the front pastedown '19/7'. Lot 38 in the sale of MSS and books from Morris's library (Sotheby's, 5 Dec. 1898). Subsequently item 2 (priced at £25) in a dealer's catalogue of items from Morris's library (cutting with MS). The calendar, mentioned in this cutting, is not now preserved (?cut out after first flyleaf). Dealers' prices (£10 and £25) in pencil on the first flyleaf. Pencil note, ?by a dealer, '387 leaves'. Inserted folded leaf, lined paper, gives a brief description (based on the sale-cat.?). Poem by 'F. C. B.', typed, one quarto sheet, paper, describes the MS and Morris's ownership. Acquired by Sir George H. Radford, MP (d. 1917). Bequeathed by his youngest daughter, Miss Ursula Radford, FSA (d. 1976) together with various Kelmscott Press books which passed to Kelmscott Manor, 1977. This volume was presented by her niece, Mrs Chloe Morton, 6 Oct. 1994.

Language:  Latin

Vulgate bible. Text in two columns of 52 lines. Contents typical of bibles written in France but lacks Psalms (blank vellum leaf follows Job). Includes Esdras II (after Nehemiah), Tobias, Judith, Wisdom, Ecclesiasticus, Baruch, Maccabees I, II. Prologues mostly the standard set of St Jerome (cf. the list of incipits in Ker, MMBL, I (1969), 96-7, with references to Stegmüller, Repertorium biblicum medii aevi, I (Madrid, 1950); but lacks Stegmüller nos. 357, 468, 491, 507, 513, 521, 531, 547, 553, 589, 699, 839, and includes 506, 530, 596, 601, 835. The common interpretations of Hebrew names (Stegmüller no. 7709) follow the Apocalypse. Two vellum leaves at the end of the volume have erased text, in two columns, apparently relating to liturgical readings, of epistles, etc. Two large historiated initials: at the beginning of the general prologue a portrait bust of St Jerome? (red, orange/brown, on blue background); at the beginning of Genesis a standing figure above a grotesque dragon (same colours). Penwork decoration in red and blue between columns, extended to foot of pages; some penwork drawings: crested bird (Wisdom, cap. 8), two birds (Ecclesiasticus, cap. 30), long-tailed animal (Isaiah, cap. 30). A few decorative line-fillings. Marginal annotations throughout, early 14th-late 15th century, mostly consisting of corrections, short commentaries (including a formal notes on three weanings ('tres ablactationes'), etc., apparently a reference to the weaning of Samuel, Kings I, i. 22-23); some liturgical notes in margins of Gospels, and concordances in the Epistles. Elaborate embroidered mends (date uncertain) to tears at the top and side edges of many leaves, mostly in red and blue flossed silk (one example in Ecclesiasticus, caps. 39-40, includes green). The most elaborate mend, semi-circular, occurs in Zacharias, cap. 8; within the semi-circle and below, on the recto and verso, a late 15th century hand noted words at the ends of lines affected by the tear. Similar embroidered mends are to be found in Paris, Bib. Nat., MS lat. 1045, fol. 160, and MS 3212, fol. 310; see the illustration in the exhibition catalogue, S. Coron, M. Lefèvre (eds.), Livres en broderie. Reliures françaises du Moyen Age à nos jours (Paris, 1996), no. 194 (inf. Dr. Mirjam Foot, FSA). The bible was owned by William Morris (see below).

CORDER COLLECTION.  SAL/MS/957  c. 1880-1938

Paper. Eighteen volumes. c. 1880-1938. Quarto. Half leather, brown. Bookplate of Henry Corder in SAL/MS/957/1.

Source of acquisition: Deposited by SANHS, May 1975.

Collections of Henry Corder (1855-1944), nurseryman, relating mostly to churches; compiled. Corder moved from Essex to Bridgwater, c. 1890. He was an active member of the Bridgwater Field Club and a Council member of the Somerset Archaeological and Natural History Society (SANHS). Obituary in Bridgwater Mercury, 21 Nov. 1944. He left a series of numbered bound volumes of notes, drawings, photographs, etc., relating to churches and other historic buildings. The eighteen volumes summarised below were deposited in SA by SANHS in 1975; volumes 6,8,9, 12, 17, 18, relating mainly to Somerset, were retained by SANHS; volumes 5, 7, 20 are missing. Corder's Natural History Diaries, 1903-26 (4 vols.) are also in SANHS. Contents lists of parishes, in each volume.

Essex, Norf.  SAL/MS/957/1  1880

Cambs., Devon, Dorset, Essex, Kent, Somerset, Suff., Surr., Wilts., some northern counties.  SAL/MS/957/2  1881

Essex, Norf., Suff., with an appendix on geology and natural history.  SAL/MS/957/3  c. 1880-1938

Bristol, Devon, Dorset, Essex, Hereford, City of London, Norfolk, Northants., Salop, Wilts.  SAL/MS/957/4  1903

Notts., Warws., Worcs., Yorks.  SAL/MS/957/10  1911

Essex  SAL/MS/957/11  1914

With a general index of Essex material in other volumes.

Berks., Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Hants., Herts., City of London, Wilts.  SAL/MS/957/13  1916

Durham, Heref., Lincs., Northumb., Notts., Staffs., Worcs., Yorks.  SAL/MS/957/14  1913-19

With a general index of northern counties in other volumes.

Berks., Devon, Glos., Hants., Wilts., S. Wales.  SAL/MS/957/15  c. 1880-1938

Beds., City of London, Middlx., Norf., Suff.; completed before 1923.  SAL/MS/957/16  1923

Cambs., Lincs., Norf., Northants., Oxon.  SAL/MS/957/19  mostly 1928

Derbs., Notts., Staffs., Yorks., Yorkshire dales.  SAL/MS/957/21  1927-34

Kent, Sussex.  SAL/MS/957/22  1929-33

Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Hants., Wilts. With a general index of south-west material in other volumes.  SAL/MS/957/23  c. 1880-1938

Cheshire, Derbs., Glos., Lancs., Worcs., Lake District.  SAL/MS/957/24  1934

Cumb., Lancs., Northumb., Westmorland, Scotland.  SAL/MS/957/25  June-July 1936

Cambs. (including Cambridge colleges), Lincs., Northants., Rutland, Suff.  SAL/MS/957/26  1935

Berks., Bucks., Glos., Herts., Oxon., Norf., Suff.  SAL/MS/957/27  1938

CHURCH ALTARS.  SAL/MS/958/1-6  [n.d.]

Paper. c. 1905-38. Notebooks and unbound papers. 46 volumes, 29 red and six grey boxes.

Source of acquisition: Bequeathed by Dr Conrad Loddiges, 1949, and transmitted to SA in 1951 by his sister, Miss Helena Loddiges. See SA correspondence with Miss Loddiges and Nashdom Abbey (where the material was stored during the war). A.J., 31 (1951), 252.

Collections of Conrad Loddiges, MC, FRCS (1882-1949), relating to church altars; compiled c. 1905-38. Dr Loddiges was descended from a family of horticulturalists (see also SAL/MS/872, the catalogues of Conrad Loddiges, and sons, nurserymen of Hackney). See D. Solman, Loddiges of Hackney (1995), 78. He qualified as a surgeon at St Bartholomew's, London, and was later house surgeon at Rochester. Illness at the end of his life prevented the completion and publication of his work on altars. He published a note on a 'Portable altar at Salthouse Church', Norfolk Archaeology, 24 (1932). See the descriptive list with the collection for fuller details.

Notebooks, etc. containing copies and extracts of articles on altars, presscuttings, etc.  SAL/MS/958/1  nd

Envelopes of notes, drawings, rubbings, etc., conc, altars found in churches. Arranged alphabetically by counties.  SAL/MS/958/2  [n.d.]

Forty-six volumes of notes, photographs, drawings, etc.  SAL/MS/958/3  [n.d.]

Folio. Half leatherette, brown, with stone-coloured boards. Apparently compiled in the 1930s from the earlier notebooks, etc., arranged alphabetically by churches.

Material relating to altars in specific areas in Kent and Somerset.  SAL/MS/958/4  nd

Miscellaneous material.  SAL/MS/958/5  1905-1938

Conc. altars, including lists of churches, monastic altars, Roman altars, foreign portable altars, typescript on the structure and arrangement of altars (SAL/MS/958/5/7), notebook on altar slabs, mostly 1894, of F. R. Hawkes Mason (SAL/MS/958/5/9), with a covering letter, 1927, consecration crosses, etc.

Miscellaneous.  SAL/MS/958/6  1905-1938

Notebooks relating to Hackney, Hallaton, Leics., St. Michael's, Minehead, etc., recumbent effigies in Wells Cathedral, monumental inscriptions, transcriptions of inventories of parish church goods in 1552, notes on Greek and Russian Orthodox churches, the church in Egypt, etc.

MINING.  SAL/MS/959/1-13  c. 1903-20

Paper. c. 1903-20. Mostly unbound papers.

Source of acquisition: Five grey boxes. Possibly presented by Sandar's daughter.

Notes, correspondence, drawings, photographs, etc., of Horace William Sandars, VPSA (d. 1922), relating to the early history of mining, particularly in Spain. Partly Spanish. Sandars's interest in mining arose from his professional concerns in Spain and Romania. For his publications see below. See also a communication on the Ibero-Roman silver jewellery from Villacarillo, Spain, in Proc., 2nd ser., 28 (1915-16), 56-63; 'Notes on "La Mina de la Plata"' (typescript in SAL; published in Spanish, 1924); note on recent archaeology in Spain, A.J., 1 (1921), 342-4. Obituary notices, A.J., 2 (1922), 309-10, 316. The papers are summarised below. See also the description with the collection.

Register of pamphlets, catalogues, negatives, etc., kept by Sandars (not part of the present collection).  SAL/MS/959/1  c. 1903-20

Typescripts of two articles on the bas-relief of Roman miners found near Linares, Jaen, one published in Archaeologia, 59, 311-32.  SAL/MS/959/2  1905

Notes, typescripts, photographs, etc., relating to 'Pre-Roman Bronze Votive Offerings from Despeñaperros', Archaeologia, 60, 69-92.  SAL/MS/959/3  1907

Notes, drafts, correspondence mainly conc. the Puente Quebrada on the Guadalimar river near Linares, with a bilingual typescript on the same. Also includes material on Roman inscriptions.  SAL/MS/959/4  c. 1903-20

Drawings, etc., of the Archimedean screw, typescript of 'Notes sur un Dépôt de Monnaies Romaines découvert en Espagne ...  SAL/MS/959/5  1903

Material on the force pump, and miscellaneous.  SAL/MS/959/6  1903-6

Correspondence, notes, etc., on Roman pigs of lead  SAL/MS/959/7  c. 1907-10

Typescript, photographs, etc., of the paper 'On the use of the Deer-horn Pick in the Mining Operations of the Ancients', Archaeologia, 62 (1911), 101-24.  SAL/MS/959/8  c. 1907-11

Photographs, notes, etc., of coins.  SAL/MS/959/9  nd

Passadas Mine, Calamon, and list of coins found at the Centenillo Silver Mines, etc.  SAL/MS/959/10  c. 1905

Material for 'The Weapons of the Iberians', Archaeologia, 64 (1913), 205-94, and 'False Iberian Weapons and other forged antiquities from Spain', Proc., 2nd ser., 25 (1912-13), 68-77  SAL/MS/959/11  c. 1908-14

Dolaucothy goldmine, Carmarthenshire.  SAL/MS/959/12  1910-20

Three folders relating mainly to Roman mines in Spain.  SAL/MS/959/13  c. 1903-13

POTTERY.  SAL/MS/960/1-7  c. 1900-31

Paper. c. 1900-31. Unbound papers, notebooks, etc. Three red and seven grey boxes.

Source of acquisition: Probably presented by May's daughter.

Notes, correspondence, photographs, etc., of Thomas May, FSA (d. 1931), relating mainly to Roman pottery. May was a leading authority on Roman sigillata wares. His main publications were Excavations on the site of the Romano-British Civitas at Wilderspool (1901); The Pottery found at Silchester (1916), The Roman Forts of Templebrough near Rotherham (1922) and the Catalogue of the Roman Pottery in the Colchester and Essex Museum (1930). For further bibliography see the detailed description kept with the collection.

Correspondence  SAL/MS/960/1  1926-1931

Family, 1926-31; antiquarian, 1922-31; miscellaneous, 1926-8.

Files of notes relating to pottery  SAL/MS/960/2  1915-1931

Coarse wares; smooth wares; ornamental wares; notes and drawings of pottery from Hengistbury Head (see SA Research Report 3 (1915)); late Celtic sites; photographs of pottery from Ospringe (see SA Research Report 8 (1931)); Belgic pottery; miscellaneous; miscellaneous photographs; New Forest ware.

Notebooks of details of sigillata types, etc.  SAL/MS/960/3  nd

Miscellaneous files and notebooks. See the descriptive list.  SAL/MS/960/4  nd

Potters' stamps, and related material.  SAL/MS/960/5  nd

Card index of potters' stamps on mortaria.  SAL/MS/960/6  nd

Notebook marked 'Roman Pottery', originally of Angelo George Kirby Hayter, FSA (d. 1927). See his Report on Roman Potters' Marks found in Chester (1925).  SAL/MS/960/7  c. 1925

KORAN.  SAL/MS/961  1841

Burnished paper. 1841. Duodecimo. Original binding. Leather, dark red, with gold decoration.

Source of acquisition: Presented by Gen. Sir James Handyside Marshall-Cornwall, KCB, CBE, DSO, MC, FSA, April 1969.

Koran. According to the colophon 'al-Sayyid Husain, one of the pupils of Hamid, the Qur'an reciter, copied this Qur'an [for] the leader of their armies of blessedness, may God prolong his life, al-Haj Muhammad al-Rushdi', in 1257 A. H. (1841). Arabic. Provenance Iran. Two decorated pages at the beginning, headpieces, borders, etc., in gold. (Inf. Sheila Canby).


Paper; ff.ix + pp. 119 + 46. 1845-7. Oblong octavo. Harwoods' Improved Patent Memorandum Book, leather, black, blind-tooled, with clasp. Name and address of the compiler on both pastedowns, fols. i, v.

Source of acquisition: Presented by Nicholas Barker, 1965. A.J., 45 (1965), 327.

Notebook of Alexander Nesbitt, FSA (d. 1886) containing notes on architectural features in churches and castles visited. Arranged in two sections:- England, pp. 1-119, preceded by an index, fols. ii, iii;- Ireland, pp. 1-46 (reversed), with index, fol. iv. A few notes in the front pocket, fols. vi-ix. Nesbitt published several works on architecture and made numerous communications to SA. See his obituary, Proc., 2nd ser., 11 (1885-7), 372.

FOWLER NOTEBOOKS.  SAL/MS/963/1-5  1863-1914

Paper. 1863-1920. 84 volumes and one file in six boxes. Mostly oblong octavo (SAL/MS/963/1); quarto (SAL/MS/963/2, 4; SAL/MS/963/3/2); folio (SAL/MS/963/3/1).

Source of acquisition: Presented by Mrs M. E. Collingwood, great-niece of Canon Fowler, January 1995.

Travel notebooks of Canon Joseph Thomas Fowler, FSA (1833-1924), of Winterton, Lincs. Canon Fowler studied medicine before entering the church in 1858. He was Vice-President of Bishop Hatfield's Hall, Durham, from 1870, and lecturer in Hebrew. See A.J., 4 (1924), 324 (obituary). A detailed description of the notebooks is on file in SAL.

Notebooks relating mainly to churches in England, 1863-78, and England and Europe, 1879-1914.  SAL/MS/963/1/1-74  1863-1914

The numbering is Fowler's; some of the notebooks are missing. Contents mainly church notes, with drawings and some photographs; also included notes on manuscripts, books, lecture notes, etc. Loose insertions of letters.

Extracts from the notebooks, with additional photographs; compiled from 1914.  SAL/MS/963/2/1-3  1914

Photograph albums  SAL/MS/963/3/1-2  1895, 1907, 1909

'Men I have known'; compiled 1912-20. Two volumes. Many extracts published in Fowler's History of Durham University (1904) and in the Durham University Journal.  SAL/MS/963/4/1-2  1912-1920

Photocopy of 'J T Fowler, Medical Student', by E. M. McInnes in St Thomas' Hospital Gazette  SAL/MS/963/5/1  (n.d.)

FRANCIS GROSE.  SAL/MS/964/1-13  1772-1992

Paper. 1772-1992. Five boxes. See SA Annual Report (1992-3), 56 (obituary of Dudley Snelgrove); A.J., 73 (1993), 178-80.

Source of acquisition: Mostly presented in Feb. 1995 by P. Snelgrove and Mrs M. Mackenzie, son and daughter of Dudley Snelgrove; SAL/MS/964/1,4,8 presented by Martyn Gregory (Sotheby's sale, 19 Nov. 1992, lot 255).

Collections of Dudley Snelgrove, FSA (d. 1992) relating to Francis Grose, FSA (1731-91), Richmond Herald and topographer. A large collection of drawings by Grose for Antiquities of England and Wales (1772-6) is in SAL; Grose also published Antiquities of Scotland (1789-91) and Antiquities of Ireland (1791-5). See J. H. Farrant, 'The making of Francis Grose's Antiquities: evidence from Sussex', Sussex Arch. Collections, 131 (1993), 152-8; and 'The travels and travails of Francis Grose, FSA', A.J., 75 (1995), 365-80. A fuller description of the collection is in SAL.

Folder of transparent wallets  SAL/MS/964/1  1772-1778

Containing:- Portraits of Grose, one original pen drawing by Nathaniel Dance, with engravings and reproductions (nos. 1-11); original pencil drawings by Grose of two heads of children (no. 16); autograph letters of Grose to Richard Gough, 1772, and Despard Croasdaile, 1783 (nos. 20, 22); with photographs and photocopies of portraits of the Grose family, Samuel Johnson, etc.

Three ring binders of mounted colour photographs of topographical drawings by Grose, with notes by Snelgrove, and miscellaneous.  SAL/MS/964/2  nd

Photocopies, bromide prints and photographs of Grose drawings.  SAL/MS/964/3  nd

Photocopies of Grose family correspondence 1761-95  SAL/MS/964/4  n.d

Notes on descendants of Capt. Onslow Grose.

Photographs, lists and correspondence relating to Grose drawings (now in Portsmouth City Museum) for the Rev. William Bingley's projected history of Hampshire.  SAL/MS/964/5  nd

Photocopies of Grose sale-catalogues, 1791 (library; prints and drawings) and of Grose's contributions to the Antiquarian Repertory (1775-84).  SAL/MS/964/6  nd

Notebook of Dudley Snelgrove containing Grose references.  SAL/MS/964/7  1772-1992

Lecture on Grose by Dudley Snelgrove, given at the Print, Collectors' Club, 16 Sept. 1969, with related slides.  SAL/MS/964/8,9  1969

Correspondence with D. J. Cragg editor of The Mirror's Image (1978).  SAL/MS/964/10  1978-9

Lecture on Grose by Vivien Knight given at the Paul Mellon Centre with photocopies of the illustrations and two letters.  SAL/MS/964/11  1982

Copies of articles on Grose  SAL/MS/964/12  1772-1778

Miscellaneous, including Sotherby's sale-cat., (Snelgrove sale)  SAL/MS/964/13  19 Nov. 1992

ANCIENT GLASS.  SAL/MS/965/1-3  1950-7

Paper. 1950-7

Source of acquisition: Seven files in one box, and eight boxes of card indexes. SAL/MS/965/1-2 were presented in 1986 by Robert James Charleston, FSA, former Secretary of BCAG; SAL/MS/965/3 was deposited earlier.

Records of the International Committee on Ancient Glass (ICAG) and the British Committee on Ancient Glass (BCAG). The ICAG was formed in 1950 to coordinate the production of a census of extant ancient glass by country, from its origins to c. 1200, and to prepare a written survey. The study was divided into 15 areas. The BCAG (area 1 of the ICAG) was founded in Jan. 1953 under the auspices of SA, and appointed Miss Dorothy Charlesworth to undertake the British census. This work was completed by Sept. 1955. No publication was produced by ICAG owing to lack of funds. The BCAG ceased to meet after 1959. See also D. B. Harden, 'Study and research on ancient glass: past and future', Journal of Glass Studies, 26 (1984), 9-24.

Records of the ICAG comprising minutes of the inaugural meetings, 20-2 June 1950, and strategic and progress reports, 1952-3.  SAL/MS/965/1/1-2  1950-1953

Records of the BCAG:-  SAL/MS/965/2/1-5  1953-1957

SAL/MS/965/2/1. Committee minutes and list of members, 1953-9;- SAL/MS/965/2/2. Reports on work completed by Dorothy Charlesworth, 1954-5;- SAL/MS/965/2/3. Accounts, 1954-5;- SAL/MS/965/2/4. Correspondence on progress and funding, 1956-7, n.d.;- SAL/MS/965/2/5. Notes on classification scheme for glass census, 1954; possible layout, n.d., of the proposed publication, Roman glass in Britain; and outline history of the BCAG, n.d.

Card index of Roman glass in Britain, etc., with drawings and photographs  SAL/MS/965/3/1-8  1954-5

Eight boxes, arranged:-SAL/MS/965/3/1. Class from British sites, by museum;- SAL/MS/965/3/2-5, Foreign sites, by museum;- SAL/MS/965/3/6-8. By type of glass, with some post-Roman.

ANCIENT GLASS.  SAL/MS/966/1-6  1957-1979

Paper, 1957-79. 174 files in six boxes, and one folder of artwork

Source of acquisition: Presented by English Heritage, Nov. 1993, with two fragments of pottery (now in SA Museum) and printed items (in SAL).

Notes, correspondence, drawings and photographs of Dorothy Charlesworth (1927-81) relating to ancient glass. Miss Charlesworth was appointed to compile the census of glass for BCAG (see SAL/MS/965). In 1956 she joined the Inspectorate of Ancient Monuments. See A.J., 62 (1982), 495 (obituary); D. Charlesworth, 'Roman glass in North Britain', Archaeologia Aeliana, 37 (1959), 33-58. See also the list of this collection in SAL.

Notes, correspondence, drawings and photographs relating to glass from archaeological sites in England.  SAL/MS/966/1/1-117  1957-1979

Arranged alphabetically by site (list at the beginning). Microfilm copy in the National Archaeological Record. Arranged:- SAL/MS/966/1/1-35. Aesica hoard-Cottesford;- SAL/MS/966/1/36-86. Cow Roast-Scole;- SAL/MS/966/1/87-117. Sheepen-York

Notes and correspondence on glass in museums. Arranged by museum.  SAL/MS/966/2/1-13  1957-1959

Notes and correspondence on glass from non-English sites, arranged by site.  SAL/MS/966/3/1-11  1957-1959

Notes on glass arranged by subject.  SAL/MS/966/4/1-6  1957-1959

Photographs and drawings of ancient glass, provenance unknown, or not included in SAL/MS/966/1 above. Detailed list available at SA.  SAL/MS/966/5/1-21  1957-1979

Miscellaneous notes and correspondence  SAL/MS/966/6/1-7  1959-1979

SAL/MS/966/6/1-4. Mainly relating to glass in the Guildhall and other London museums, including correspondence with D. B. Harden and Miss V. Smith. With notes, drafts and drawings for Roman Glass in Britain (see SAL/MS/965);- SAL/MS/966/6/5. List and notes on 'Discoveries of Ancient Glass in Britain, 1959-61', by D. Charlesworth;- SAL/MS/966/6/6. Catalogue of Roman glass types;- SAL/MS/966/6/7. Ray Winfield Smith, 'Authenticity of Ancient Glass' (typescript, n.d.).

DONALD HARDEN.  SAL/MS/967/1-14  1924-1983

Paper. 1924-83. Notebooks and files in three grey boxes.

Source of acquisition: Presented by Mrs Georgina Boosey, daughter of Donald Harden, May 1995, with notes and printed items on the Phoenicians (transferred to the Department of Western Asiatic Antiquities, British Museum).

Notes and papers of Donald Benjamin Harden, CBE, Hon. FBA, VPSA (1901-94), mainly relating to excavations at Carthage, 1924-5, and Punic antiquities; 1924-83. Donald Harden was Keeper of Antiquities at the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford, 1945, and Director of the London Museum, 1956-70. See obituary in SA Annual Report (1993-4), 62-3; a fuller memoir is given in Proc. Brit. Acad., 94 (1997), 513-39. For the Carthage excavations see F. W. Kelsey, A Preliminary Report on the Excavations at Carthage (New York, 1926); D. B. Harden, 'Punic urns from the precinct of Tanit at Carthage', American Journal of Archaeology, 31 (1927), 297-310. For a full list of Harden's publications see M. Newby, 'The Works of Dr Donald B. Harden' in M. Newby, K. Painter, Roman Glass (SA Occasional Papers XIII, 1991), xi-xxiv. A detailed list of the collection is available in SAL.

Notes on the excavations at the precinct of Tanit at Carthage and travels in the area.  SAL/MS/967/1/1-7  1924-5

Four notebooks and three sets of notes.

Notes and cards for Harden's classification of Punic cremation urns at Tanit, with drawings, and their contents.  SAL/MS/967/2/1-8  1924-5

Five notebooks and three files.

Correspondence mostly with Francis W. Kelsey at the University of Michigan, relating to the Tanit excavations.  SAL/MS/967/3  1925-7

Photographs of Carthage excavations and Punic antiquities  SAL/MS/967/4/1-4  c.1924-6

Plans of the site of Tanit at Carthage  SAL/MS/967/5  n.d

Notes on Punic antiquities from other sites, with drawings of pottery.  SAL/MS/967/6/1-19  1925-7

Drafts and notes for lectures, etc., on Punic urns and settlements  SAL/MS/967/7/1-3  1925, 1928, 1934, etc

Three miscellaneous squeezes of Punic inscriptions; one Semitic squeeze and one seal, published in G. Driver, 'Old and New Semitic texts'. Palestine Exploration Fund Quarterly, 188-92 (copy included).  SAL/MS/967/8  (1938)

Two photographs: aerial view of Carthage, Nov. 1947, and 'Fortresses bombing Elalomina aerodrome, Carthage, 1943' (published in The Times).  SAL/MS/967/9  1943-1947

Correspondence relating to Harden's work on ancient mediterranean imports to Britain  SAL/MS/967/10  1935-74

Classification cards for ancient mediterranean imports  SAL/MS/967/11  c. 1950

Drafts of three papers on ancient mediterranean imports.  SAL/MS/967/12/1-3  1924-1983

Miscellaneous correspondence, mostly 1932-53, with a few later letters  SAL/MS/967/13  (to 1983)

Photographs of Harden at an archaeological site, etc.  SAL/MS/967/14  c. 1980

H. M. BAILLIE COLLECTION.  SAL/MS/968/1-18  mostly 1949-82

Paper. 1949-82. 22 boxes of notes and slides.

Source of acquisition: Presented by Mrs B. M. E. Finlay, sister of Hugh Murray Baillie, October 1984.

Collection of Hugh Murray Gladwin Baillie, MBE, FSA (1916-82), relating mainly to orders of knighthood and European palace architecture and ceremonial. After war service Hugh Murray Baillie remained in Germany as a Manuscripts, Fine Arts and Archives officer; in 1955 he joined the Royal Commission on Historical Manuscripts and retired as Assistant Secretary in 1979. See obituaries in A.J., 62 (1982), 494; Journal of the Society of Archivists, 7, pt. 2 (1982), 143-6. Baillie's work on 18th century orders of knighthood was part of a project initiated by the Heraldry Society (Orders of Knighthood Committee 1961-5). The following summary is based on the analytical list of the collection, by John A. Goodall, FSA (copy in Box I).

Orders of knighthood.  SAL/MS/968/1, 2  mainly 18th century

Notes and illustrations, arranged by country and order (see list); correspondence, 1949-80; miscellaneous; slides.

Canopies.  SAL/MS/968/3-5  1979

Notes, correspondence and draft lecture on royal and ceremonial canopies, etc.; slides; slide catalogue.

Palaces.  SAL/MS/968/6-8  1950-81

Plans, illustrations, notes, etc., on the architecture and layout of palaces; slides; slide catalogue. See Baillie's paper in Archaeologia, 101 (1967), 169-99.

Material conc. the travel diaries of Elizabeth, Duchess of Northumberland (Elizabeth (Seymour), wife of Sir Hugh Smithson, created Duke of Northumberland, 1766)  SAL/MS/968/9  1967-73

Drafts, etc. conc. Baillie's article, 'An English Duchess at the Court of Bonn in 1768 & 1771', Festschrift fur Franz Graf Wolff Metternich (1974), 150-9, with an extract from the diaries; notebook on the Duchess's travel diaries for the Austrian Netherlands and the Rhenish principalities; two microfilms of the diaries.

Court ceremonial. Notes, etc on 17th and 18th century European courts and royal households.  SAL/MS/968/10  17th-18th century

Miscellaneous  SAL/MS/968/11-18  1950-82

Including:- Notes for a projected article on the history of foxhunting, 1964-5; slides, slide catalogues; correspondence, copy of HMC inventory of Baillie's papers.

SCRIPTA MINOA.  SAL/MS/969/1-5  Before 1941

Paper. c. 1910, 1941-59. Unbound papers and proofs. Two grey boxes.

Archival history:
Incorporated from SA records.

Related information: Related papers are in the Evans Archive, Department of Antiquities, Ashmolean Museum, Oxford.

Papers and correspondence relating to materials unpublished at the death of Sir Arthur Evans, PSA, in 1941. Scripta Minoa, I, was published in 1909 and Sir Arthur had planned volumes on Linear A and Linear B, and an atlas of Knossian Antiquities. Work was continued by Sir John Myres, FSA, who published the Linear B inscriptions in Scripta Minoa, II (1952). The several changes of plan regarding the publication of the Linear A material are recorded in SAL/MS/969/2, 3 below. The publication in 1945 of G. Pugliese Carratelli's edition of Linear A inscriptions, and research and discoveries by others were factors which led to the abandonment of the projected publication in Archaeologia (see SAL/MS/969/1). A shortened version by W. C. Brice was published as Inscriptions in the Minoan Linear Script of Class A (Society of Antiquaries, 1961).

Proofs for the projected publication (as Archaeologia, 95) of Sir A. Evans and Sir J. L. Myres, Scripta Minoa, III. With proofs (1958) of the projected revised publication (as Archaeologia, 98) by W. C. Brice.  SAL/MS/969/1  1952

Correspondence, mainly of Sir John Myres and William C. Brice conc. the publication of Scripta Minoa, III.  SAL/MS/969/2  1948-59

Proposals, reports and committee minutes conc. the same.  SAL/MS/969/3  c. 1948-57

Correspondence relating to the plates made before 1914 for the projected Atlas of Knossian Antiquities. With a typed statement of archaeological material left by Sir Arthur Evans at his death.  SAL/MS/969/4  1941-2

Correspondence mainly of Noel Heaton, relating to materials for the Atlas of Knossian Antiquities.  SAL/MS/969/5  1952-3

With some earlier material, c. 1910, including typed descriptions of some of the plates, edited by Evans, and a draft of a published report by Heaton on 'The Mural Paintings of Knossos'.

LOVEGROVE NOTEBOOKS.  SAL/MS/970/1-13  1883-1955

Paper. 1883-1955. Notebooks and files. Four grey boxes.

Source of acquisition: Presented by Mrs Lovegrove, widow of the compiler, August 1967. A large collection of photographs of St David's has been sent to the RCHM (Wales).

Notebooks, drawings and papers of Edwin William Lovegrove, FSA (1868-1956), relating to church architecture. Lovegrove was headmaster of Ruthin school, Denbighshire, from 1913-30. For his career see Who Was Who 1951-60. His publications included 'St. Asaph Cathedral', Arch. Cambrensis, 76 (1921), 215-36; 'St. David's Cathedral', ibid., 77 (1922), 360-82; 'Valle Crucis Abbey: its position in Monasticism: the men who built it', ibid., 91, pt. 1 (1936), 1-14; 'Church architecture of the Carolingian period', JBAA, N. S. 39, pt. 2 (1934), 330-51. A detailed description of the collection is in SAL.

Notebooks. Notes, plans and drawings of church architecture, arranged by county  SAL/MS/970/1/1-15  1892-3

Churches included are listed at the front of each volume. Mostly octavo, black; 14, 15 (quarto, dark blue, grey).

Sketchbooks, with notes  SAL/MS/970/2/1-20  1923-9

Notebooks 15-20 relate to foreign churches. Oblong octavo. Blue (8 black).

Miscellaneous notebooks  SAL/MS/970/3/1-41  1896-1923

10 contains a transcript of correspondence between Sir William St John Hope and John Bilson relating to Chester cathedral, 1918. Mostly octavo. Various colours.

Papers and photographs relating to Neath Abbey  SAL/MS/970/4/1-3  1924-30

Includes a typescript of Lovegrove's lecture, 7 Jan. 1924, and related notes (SAL/MS/970/4/1); correspondence, 1923-30 (SAL/MS/970/4/2); and photographs of excavations, 1924-8 (SAL/MS/970/4/3).

Typescript of a paper on St David's cathedral, with notes and sketches.  SAL/MS/970/5  n.d

Typescript of a paper on Chester cathedral, with a photograph, letters, 1922?, 1932, and plans.  SAL/MS/970/6  1922; 1932

Draft of Lovegrove's article on Carolingian architecture (JBAA, 39, pt. 2  SAL/MS/970/7  (1934)

Notes, cuttings and photographs relating to Welsh churches  SAL/MS/970/8  1920-36

Notes, cuttings and leaflets relating to churches in Somerset and Glos.  SAL/MS/970/9  n.d

Miscellaneous correspondence, mostly with Lovegrove  SAL/MS/970/10  1924-55

Appeal leaflets for Excavation Committees  SAL/MS/970/11  1924-32

Typescript of Helen Donovan's paper on 'The Guggle. Northleach. Gloucester', with a related letter to Lovegrove.  SAL/MS/970/12  1936

Notes, etc., of Canon Greville M. Livett (d. 1951) relating to Southwell Minster, including a notebook, 1883, plans, sketches, photographs, an etching, etc. Sent to Lovegrove by Canon Livett's widow, 28 Feb. 1952.  SAL/MS/970/13  1883-1952

HERALDRY.  SAL/MS/971/1-6  mostly 1858-91

Paper. Mostly 1858-91. Six notebooks. Quarto. One grey box.

Source of acquisition: Possibly incorporated from the papers of Thomas Daniel Tremlett, FSA (d. 1972), Ass. Sec. SA 1961-6.

Notebooks of the Rev. William Kirkpatrick Riland Bedford (1827-1905), rector of Sutton Coldfield, Warws., relating mainly to the 2nd revised edition of The Blazon of Episcopacy (1897). The compiler was genealogist and (1878) chaplain of the Order of St John of Jerusalem, and (1861) chaplain of the Freemasons' Grand Lodge. See Who Was Who 1897-1915.

Heraldic scrapbook containing illustrations of episcopal and other arms from various sources, with a few letters.  SAL/MS/971/1  1858-91

The volume was used previously for manuscript notes relating to astronomy, etc., by Richard Riland, rector of Sutton Coldfield, 1758-90, compiled while at Queen's College, Oxford, 1749-56

Lists of bishops and archbishops, arranged alphabetically, with brief notes on arms.  SAL/MS/971/2  mostly 1858-91

'Ordinary of Episcopal Arms'. Draft for the Ordinary in The Blazon of Episcopacy 167-252.  SAL/MS/971/3  1897

Notes on individual bishops and archbishops, with some illustrations, and (in SAL/MS/971/5) a few letters to Bedford  SAL/MS/971/4, 5  1858-90

Notes on the arms of peers and bishops apparently intended as an 'Heraldic Companion' (see flyleaf) to W. Courthope, The Historic Peerage of England  SAL/MS/971/6  1857

CONSECRATION CROSSES.  SAL/MS/972/1-5  1895-1916

Paper. 1895-1916. Unbound papers. Five files. One grey box.

Source of acquisition: Presented by the Council for the Care of Churches (with SAL/MS/973), May 1966.

Notes, rubbings and photographs of consecration crosses compiled by the Rev. Edward Samuel Dewick, FSA, FGS (d. 1917). The obituary in Proc., 30 (1917-18), 193, gives details of Dewick's numerous publications on liturgy and ecclesiology. See particularly 'Consecration crosses and the ritual connected with them', Arch. Journal, 65 (1908), 1-34; 'Notes on consecration crosses', Trans. of the St. Paul's Ecclesiological Society, 7 (1911-15), 177-93. The collection is arranged by county.

Beds.-Derbs.  SAL/MS/972/1  1908-10

Devon-Hunts.  SAL/MS/972/2  1903-12

Kent-Oxon.  SAL/MS/972/3  1895-1913

Salop-Sussex  SAL/MS/972/4  1908-16

Wilts.-Yorks., Wales, Scotland, etc.  SAL/MS/972/5  1903-11


Paper. 1908-49. One file.

Source of acquisition: Presented by the Council for the Care of Churches (with SAL/MS/972), May 1966.

Papers of Dr Francis Carolus Eeles, FSA Scot. (d. 1954) relating to consecration crosses. Consisting of five letters, 1908, 1947-9, including one (1908) from the Rev. Edward Samuel Dewick, two photographs, a few small rubbings, and notes mainly from bibliographical sources. With an annotated copy of E. S. Dewick, 'Consecration crosses and the ritual connected with them', Arch. Journal, 65 (1908), 1-34. See also Eeles's article 'Consecration crosses on Somerset and Dorset churches', Proc. of the Somerset Arch. and Natural Hist. Soc., 76 (1930), 22-7; the obituary of Dr Eeles (ibid., 98 (1953), 160-1) summarises his many other publications. Dr Eeles was secretary of the Central Council for the Care of Churches from 1924.

CHARLES SEIDLER.  SAL/MS/974  c. 1880-1900

Paper; pp. 135 (lacks 4-13, 18-21, 32-3, 72-5, 90-1, 100-1, 112-13, 124-7). c. 1880-1900. Quarto. lacks covers. Names of W. E. White, St Pancras, London, 10 July 1949, on front endpaper.

Source of acquisition: Presented by Dr Nigel Seeley, FSA, Oct. 1994.

Scrapbook of Charles Seidler of Hammersmith, London, previously of Nantes, relating mostly to early metalwork, prehistoric and medieval but including other antiquities, notes, cuttings, and some correspondence. Contains detailed drawings, pen, pencil, many of items in French collections, a few etchings, etc., and photographs. There are several references to Seidler's own collection. Seidler was a member of the Sociétée Archéologique de Nantes and an associate member of the Royal Archaeological Institute (1893-1900). Several communications by him, some relating to items in the present volume, were published or mentioned in the Arch. Journal (see vols. 38, 40-2, 55, 1881-98). A different volume, containing many more drawings and photographs of croziers than the present one (cf. pp. 55-60), was exhibited by Seidler to the RAI, 7 Dec. 1898 (Arch. Journal, 55 (1898), 408).

C. F. TEBBUTT.  SAL/MS/975  1923-59

Paper; 21 items. 1923-59. Unbound papers.

Letters relating to archaeology addressed to Charles Frederick Tebbutt, OBE, FSA (d. 1985). The writers are G. W. Abbott, M. Christy, W. G. Collingwood, O. G. S. Crawford, G. C. Dunning, Sir Cyril Fox, Sir Arthur Keith, Sir Thomas Kendrick, A. W. G. Lowther, Prof. A. Mawer, W. Page, H. J. E. Peake, R. A. Smith, Miss M. V. Taylor, Sir R. E. Wheeler. Tebbutt was a Huntingdonshire businessman and magistrate. His archaeological interests centred on St Neots and, after his retirement, Sussex. He published many papers in Sussex Arch. Coll., and was chairman of the Wealden Iron Research Group. See his obituary in A.J., 66 (1986), 508. The present letters are mostly routine; some relate to specific enquiries.

EDWARD DALTON.  SAL/MS/976  mainly 1844-66

Paper; pp. ii + 186. Mainly 1844-66, with some earlier and later material. Quarto. Reversed calf, blind-tooled. Bookplates of Edward Dalton, LL.D, FSA, fol. i, and the Birmingham Archaeological Society, fol. ii.

Scrapbook of Edward Dalton, LL.D, FSA (d. 1876), relating to fonts in England; with some earlier and later material. Includes many drawings, pen, pencil, wash, a few engravings, late 18th-19th cent., printed cuttings and some correspondence. Many of the drawings are by members of the Dalton family, particularly A. Dalton, 1844-6, and 'G. S'., 1854 (i.e. Geo. Shaw; see letters, 1854, 1856, pp. 179, 183). At the end of the volume is a wash drawing of the font at Biddestone, Wilts., sent by the Rev. John Emra, rector, 1869.

TARXIEN GRAFFITI.  SAL/MS/977/1-6  1956-1957

Paper. Mostly 1956-7. Six files in one grey box.

Source of acquisition: Presented by Diana Helen Woolner, FSA, 1975.

Notes, photographs, rubbings and correspondence of Diana Helen Woolner, FSA, relating to the ship graffiti discovered by her in 1956 at Tarxien, Malta; mostly 1956-7. See D. H. Woolner, 'Graffiti of ships at Tarxien, Malta', Antiquity, 31 (1957), 60-7.

Typescript supplementary note on the dating of the graffiti, 1957, with other notes.  SAL/MS/977/1  1957

Photographs and plans  SAL/MS/977/2  c. 1956-7

Rubbings and drawings  SAL/MS/977/3  nd

Photographs (6) of Sir Themistocles Zammit's excavations at Tarxien  SAL/MS/977/4  1915-19

Notes, drawings, and photographs of comparative ship graffiti, with an offprint by O. G. S. Crawford.  SAL/MS/977/5  1954

Letters mainly from Robert Stirling Newall, FSA, and Osbert Guy Stanhope Crawford, FSA, to Commander Alexander Woolner and Diana Woolner, conc. the graffiti and their publication in Antiquity, mostly 1956-7 (a few later, to 1974).  SAL/MS/977/6  1956-1974

J. R. C. HAMILTON.  SAL/MS/978  c. 1937

Paper. c. 1937. Quarto. Black ring binder containing notes and loose papers, in a green box.

Source of acquisition: Deposited by Graham Soffe, RCHM, Fortress House, 1987. Other archaeological material and lecture notes were returned to Fortress House, London, or the Inspectorate of Ancient Monuments in Edinburgh.

Notes, with many drawings and tracings, on the domestication of horses, bridle bits and chariot burials, by John Robertson Campbell Hamilton, OBE, FSA (d. 1985). Arranged by topic and country or continent. With one letter to Hamilton from John Ward Perkins (John Bryan Ward-Perkins), 1937. Hamilton joined the Inspectorate of Ancient Monuments in Edinburgh, 1948, and moved to the RCHM in London in 1954. His main publications were of his excavations at Jarlshof, and Clickhimin, Shetland, (1956, 1968). See obituary in A.J., 65 (1985), 591.

J. F. TURNER.  SAL/MS/979/1-7  1843-1886

Paper. Mostly 1843-69. Seven sketchbooks (SAL/MS/979/4 disbound). Mostly oblong octavo.

Source of acquisition: Presented by the Rev. J. F. Turner to the Royal Archaeological Institute, 1892 (presentation notes in several volumes) and probably acquired by SA with RAI library in 1900.

Seven sketchbooks containing pen, pencil and wash drawings by the Rev. James Francis Turner (1829-93) of architectural features in English ecclesiastical buildings, with some castles, houses, views and plans; mostly 1843-69, some overdrawn in ink, 1886. Many of the drawings relate to NE England. The Rev. James Turner was chaplain of Bishop Cosin's Hall, Durham, 1852-4, incumbent of Canons Ashby, Northants., 1856-8, rector of North Tidworth, Wilts., 1858-68, and bishop of Grafton and Armidale, New South Wales, 1869-93. See F. Boase, Modern English Biography (1965), III, 1046.

Holyrood, etc., and Irish views.  SAL/MS/979/1  1843

Lincoln, S. Devon, York, etc., mostly drawn in pencil in 1846 and inked in 1886 (see note).  SAL/MS/979/2  1846-86

Memorial slabs, mostly Durham, Northumberland, etc.  SAL/MS/979/3  1849

Disbound leaves relating to buildings (details, plans, sections) and views in several counties mainly Yorks., Northumberland, Durham, S. Devon, etc.  SAL/MS/979/4  1849

Plans, details, sections, etc., mostly relating to Hexham  SAL/MS/979/5  1852

Durham, Devon, Yorks., etc.  SAL/MS/979/6  1851-5

Mainly Herts  SAL/MS/979/7  1868-9

G. CLINCH.  SAL/MS/980  1880-2

Paper; pp. 39. 1880-2. Octavo. Remains of black covers. Signature of L. Forstall on the back page.

Source of acquisition: Presented by R. Busby, 1977.

Notebook of Archaeology & Antiquities' of George Clinch, FGS, FSA Scot. (1860-1921), mainly relating to flints and related sites in Kent, Winchester, Salisbury, etc. George Clinch succeeded E. C. Ireland as clerk (later librarian) of SA. He published extensively on archaeology in the VCH, Archaeologia Cantiana, SA Proceedings, and wrote several books on London. See obituary in A.J., 1 (1921), 145; Who Was Who 1916-1928.

J. G. JOYCE.  SAL/MS/981/1, 2  1875-7

Paper; ff. i + 38, 5. 1875-7. Oblong octavo pocket sketchbook, black, and (SAL/MS/981/2) foolscap, unbound.

Source of acquisition: Sent by the Rev. James Gerald Joyce, FSA, to C. Knight Watson, Sec. SA, 1877.

Sketchbook and letter of the Rev. James Gerald Joyce, FSA (1819-78), relating mainly to a recently discovered Romanesque capital from the old church at Ewhurst, Hants. The Rev. James Joyce was rector of Stratfield Saye, Hants., 1855-78. His skill as an artist and his archaeological interests, particularly Roman Silchester, are noticed in his obituary, Proc., 2nd ser., 8 (1879-81), 106-8; see also Archaeologia, 40 (1866), 403-16; 42 (1869), 309-21; 46 (1881), 329-65.

Sketchbook  SAL/MS/981/1  1875-1877

Containing (fols. 18, 19) two highly finished drawings, pencil, wash and chalk, 1877, of a fragment of a Romanesque capital, reused as a piscina, discovered in building material of the old church at Ewhurst, Hants., when this was pulled down for rebuilding (see VCH Hampshire, IV, 247-8). Also includes pencil drawings of a Norman capital on a wooden pillar at Farnham castle (fol. 6), an angel corbel (fol. 36v), Italian views (fols. 7-10), one apparently by Joyce's wife, Ellen, 1875, river views, pencil and w/col (fols. 31v, 35v), etc. Joyce read a paper on the Ewhurst capital to SA, 14 June 1877, which was passed for publication in Archaeologia. The paper was taken away by him for revision (see note by C. Knight Watson, 14 June 1877, on a Book Post Wrapper, fol. i).

Covering letter (fols. 1-5) of the Rev. J. G. Joyce to Christopher Knight Watson, Sec. SA, 10 May 1877, describing the discovery of the capital, giving his views on the dating and suggesting comparisons with other artefacts.  SAL/MS/981/2  1877

BASTARDY.  SAL/MS/982/1-3  19th century

Paper. 1814, c. 1833-42, late 19th century. Quarto. Two notebooks, marbled covers, and unbound stitched pages.

Source of acquisition: Part of the collection of papers presented by R. Marshall, of The Grange, Sarnesfield, Herefordshire, 1956. See SAL/MS/800.

Notes, drafts and printed material relating to bastardy by Thomas Christopher Banks and George William Marshall, FSA, York Herald; 1814, c. 1833-42, late 19th century.

'The Mystifycations of Genealogy: or Vagaries of Pedigree... upon the Rise, Descent and Interconnections of the Peerage of Great Britain - By an Old Antiquarian'.  SAL/MS/982/1  1833-1842

Compiled by Thomas Christopher Banks (cf. SAL/MS/982/2). The first part of a projected series intended for publication (see titlepage, fol. 1), containing accounts of the dukedoms of England (Somerset-Cleveland, 4th creation 1833), Scotland (Hamilton-Roxburgh) and Ireland (Leinster); c. 1833-42. Consists of selective historical notes on ducal families, written in an idiosyncratic style and drawing attention to irregularities of descent. Some leaves now wanting, e.g. the account of the House of Hanover (mentioned on fol. 1) and leaves in Bedford (before fol. 13) and Wellington (before fol. 33). Stitched pages. ff. i + 50.

'Royal & Noble Bastardy Curious Notabilia of Nobility ...'.  SAL/MS/982/2  19th century

Notebook containing notes and articles on bastardy mostly in the hand of Thomas Christopher Banks, genealogist (d. 1854; see DNB; F. Boase, Modern English Biography (reprint, 1965), 152-3); 1814, 1837-8, etc. Includes laid-down cuttings of most of a series of articles on bastardy by T. C. Banks, published in The Satirist, 12 March 1837-24 June 1838; the wording in some cases is based on the drafts in SAL/MS/982/1. Many marginal annotations. At the end of the volume note and correspondence of T. C. Banks, 1814, including letters to him from Ferdinand Smyth Stuart, William Skyrme and William Perry. On the back cover a print, in blue, late 19th century, of 'A Mandarins visit of ceremony'.

'The Glory of Bastardy'.  SAL/MS/982/3  19th century

Notebook of George William Marshall, FSA, York Herald (d. 1905), containing notes on bastardy including references to the articles in 982/2; Loose insertions include transcripts of poems.

F. R. D. NEEDHAM.  SAL/MS/983/1-3  16th-19th century; 1924

Paper. 1924, etc. Two octavo notebooks and loose papers.

Source of acquisition: Presented by A. R. C. Grant, librarian to the Duke of Wellington, 1971.

Notebooks and rubbings of Francis Robert Dudley Needham, FSA (d. 1971), relating to armorial bookstamps, and undated. Needham was Senior Assistant at the Bodleian Library, 1922-30, librarian to the Duke of Portland, 1930, and to the Duke of Wellington, 1948. See obituary, A.J., 52 (1972), 449-50.

Notebook containing an 'Index of Armorial Book Stamps', copied for Needham in 1924 from a notebook of Edward Gordon Duff. Arranged alphabetically by name, with a list of mottoes at the end of each letter.  SAL/MS/983/1  1924

Notebook (lacks covers) of rubbings of armorial book stamps, mostly from the Bodleian Library, with notes.  SAL/MS/983/2  nd

Rubbings, some unidentified.  SAL/MS/983/3  nd

WILLIAM MORRIS.  SAL/MS/984/1-4  c. 1868-1938

Paper. c. 1868-1938. One folder.

Source of acquisition: Presented by Miss Hobbs, 1986, to Arthur Richard Dufty, PSA, Curator of Kelmscott Manor, and transmitted to SA by his family (through Mrs S. Sandys-Renton, daughter), December 1995.

Calligraphic fragments and notebook of William Morris, with correspondence of May Morris, and photographs. See the detailed description by Bernard Nurse, FSA, at SAL. B. Rosenbaum and R. Pearson, Index of English Literary Manuscripts, IV, part 3 (1993), do not record these fragments; the references given below are to accounts in the Index of the related Morris works.

Calligraphic fragments by William Morris:-  SAL/MS/984/1/1-3  1868-1875

SAL/MS/984/1/1. Preliminary version of the first stanza of May from The Earthly Paradise (1868). Index, 479-83;- SAL/MS/984/1/2. First version of stanzas 2-5 from Verses for Pictures (first published in The Academy, 1 Feb. 1871). Index, 593-4, MoW 658-63;- SAL/MS/984/1/3. Fragment from Virgil's Aeneid, I, lines 34-89. With indications of initials in pen and pencil. Probably a draft for Morris's transcript of the Aeneid, 1874-5. Index, 487-8.

Notebook of William Morris containing notes for a speech as delegate of the Socialist League, with some notes and designs for typeface and decorations. Octavo. Red.  SAL/MS/984/2  c. 1885

Letters to May Morris  SAL/MS/984/3  1922-1938

Containing reminiscences of her father from Elizabeth Ledward, 1922, and C. H. Gamling, 1935, and letter of May Morris, 1934, to Mr Bert thanking him for his speech on the opening of Kelmscott Village Hall, 20 Oct. 1934; with an invitation to Mr and Mrs Hobbs and printed hymn sheet relating to the same event. With a cutting of an article by May Morris on her father, 1938.

Photographs, etc., including William Morris, c. 1869, Mrs Jane Morris, Jenny Morris, May Morris and her embroidery, and The Forest tapestry; with a Christmas card from May Morris (etching by D. G. Rossetti), 1910.  SAL/MS/984/4  1869-1910

ORDER OF THE GARTER.  SAL/MS/985  13 Feb. 1822

Vellum. 1822.

Source of acquisition: Annotated in pencil on the dorse 'No. 850. Ex dono A. T. Butler 5. 8. 45' (Alfred Trego Butler, Windsor Herald 1931, FSA; d. 1946).

Letters Patent of George IV for a Garter embassy to invest John VI of Portugal with the insignia of the Order. Royal sign manual and countersignature of the Chancellor of the Order. Lacks seal. Illuminated border with arms of the Order.

EPITAPHS.  SAL/MS/986  mid 18th century

Paper; pp. 165. Mid 18th century. Quarto. Vellum.

Archival history:
Incorporated from SAL.

Collection of Latin epitaphs from church monuments in the Low Countries, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, England, etc., compiled by Joannes van Beekhoven de Wind, MD (cf. front endpapers). Bound at the end of and supplementing Otto Aicher, Theatrum funebre (Salzburg, 1675). For the compiler see A. J. van der Aa, Biographisch Woordenboek der Niederlanden, 20 (1871), 301. Copied partly from printed sources (including (p. 159) Gent. Mag., May 1747, 239) but the many epitaphs from the Low Countries were probably mostly transcribed from the monuments; they include a number from Leeuwarden and Franeker in Friesland. The epitaphs from England are mostly from London, with some from Canterbury, Oxford, St Mary's Warwick, etc. The collection mainly relates to 16th-early 18th century epitaphs but includes a few medieval. Ends with an epitaph relating to the political situation in Poland, 'Epitaphium Polonae Libertatis' (p. 162). Index, pp. 163-5.

COBHAM BRASSES.  SAL/MS/987/1, 2  1832-1842

Paper. c. 1832-42. Unbound papers. Two files in one grey folder.

Source of acquisition: Extracted from the portfolio of brass rubbings for Kent (Cobham), July 1996.

Letters to John Gough Nichols, FSA (1806-73) and notes compiled or collected by him relating mostly to the brasses in Cobham church, Kent; c. 1832-42. Nichols intended to publish a series of engravings of the brasses entitled Sepulchral Memorials of the Family of Cobham (1841); see the reference (p. 341 n.) in Nichols' edition of extracts by Robert Glover from Cobham muniments, 'Memorials of the Family of Cobham', Coll. Top. et Gen., 7 (June 1841), 320-54. This project was abandoned (correspondence in SAL/MS/987/1 includes criticism of the engravings) but the plates were subsequently published by F. C. Brooke as Sepulchral Memorials of the Cobham Family (1836-74).

Letters to J. G. Nichols mostly relating to the proposed publication from E. J. Carlos, J. Morice, C. Spence, T. Streatfeild (with an envelope of cuts of seals and shields), J. G. and L. A. B. Waller, and others.  SAL/MS/987/1  1838-42

The letters from Thomas Streatfeild include personal memories of the surgeon, Sir Astley Cooper, 1st Bt., for his obituary, an anecdote relating to Warren Hastings, and information and gossip on the Twysden/Twisden family.

Notes by Nichols and others on the Cobham brasses, other memorials of the Cobham family, Kent church notes, pedigrees, etc., and lists of plates for the proposed publication  SAL/MS/987/2  1817-1841

Mostly 1832-41 (a few pages watermarked 1817, 1818 and 1829). With corrected proofs of pp. 329-54 of Nichols' edition of the Glover extracts (see above).

GLOBE CLOCK.  SAL/MS/988  1850-1852

Paper; pp. i + 11 + five drawings. 1852. Folio. Brown cloth spine, with marbled boards.

Source of acquisition: In his letter presenting the clock, 13 June 1850 (Proc., 1st ser., 2 (1849-53), 88-9), Vulliamy promised to prepare the present description.

Description, dated 10 March 1852, by Benjamin Lewis Vulliamy (1780-1854), clockmaker, of the mechanism of the globe clock presented by him to SA in 1850. With five drawings (8 figures), dated 9 March 1852. See Mus. Cat., no. 908; DNB. The silver casing of the weight of the clock is engraved with a map of the world copied from the 'Mappe-mundi Geohydrographique' by Sanson, 1687. The engraving was dated by R. A. Skelton as c. 1700 (see letter, 17 Apr. 1951 laid down on the front endpaper).

BAIRD PAPERS.  SAL/MS/989/1-4  1950-1969

Paper. Mostly 1950s-1960s. Four boxes (34 files).

Source of acquisition: Details of provenance unrecorded; deposited with a large collection of church guides.

Copies of plans of medieval churches and monasteries in Britain and Europe, particularly Hungary and Poland, collected by Michael Baird, FSA, solicitor (d. 1969); mostly 1950s-1960s. With many photographs, some correspondence and notes.

Britain, Belgium-Germany  SAL/MS/989/1/1-9  1944-1962

SAL/MS/989/1/1-4. Religious houses, mostly in Britain, Augustinian, Cistercian (3, Europe), Premonstratensian. The plans are mostly by Philip G. M. Dickinson, FSA (letters from him, 1962, in 1);- SAL/MS/989/1/5. Correspondence relating to Leicester Abbey, 1944-7, and typed copy of an account, 1931, of early excavations of the site;- SAL/MS/989/1/6. Ireland;- SAL/MS/989/1/7. Belgium;- SAL/MS/989/1/8. France;- SAL/MS/989/1/9. Germany.

Hungary (SAL/MS/989/2/1-11) and (SAL/MS/989/2/12) Switzerland, Austria, Czechoslovakia.  SAL/MS/989/1/1-9/2/1-12  1944-1962

Italy-Russia:- SAl/MS/989/3/1. Italy;- SAl/MS/989/3/2-7. Poland;-SAl/MS/989/3/8. Rhodes;- SAl/MS/989/3/9. Russia.  SAL/MS/989/1/1-9/3/1-9  1950-1969

Scandinavia  SAL/MS/989/1/1-9/4/1-4  1950-1969

SAL/MS/989/4/1. Typescript of a book on cathedrals of Sweden and Finland, c. 1948;- SAL/MS/989/4/2. Notebook, Sweden and Finland;- SAL/MS/989/4/3. Finland and Baltic states;- SAL/MS/989/4/4. Photographs.


Paper. 1895-1946. Minute books, unbound papers, etc. Four boxes.

Source of acquisition: Transferred from SA archives; SAL/MS/990/2/8 presented by Dr Ralegh Radford, FSA, 1998; SAL/MS/990/6 presented by the author, 28 March 1913 (covering letter).

The Congress of Archaeological Societies (CAS) in union with SA was established after a conference at Burlington House in 1888. The first annual congress was held in 1889; PSA and 'Ass. Sec. SA acted as President and Secretary of the Congress for much of its existence. The Congress was dissolved in 1945 and was superseded by the Council for British Archaeology founded in 1944. See CAS Annual, special and committee reports (1888-1939); see also SAL/MS/946/3/3 for William Martin's papers on the Congress, 1901-12.

Minutes (SAL/MS/990/1/1, 2) of the Standing Committee (later Council) and other committees, 1895-1918, 1919-45, and (SAL/MS/990/1/3) agendas and attendance registers, 1895-1939.  SAL/MS/990/1/1-3  1895-1945

Earthworks Committee  SAL/MS/990/2/1-8  1901-1907

SAL/MS/990/2/1. Minutes, 1901-30;- SAL/MS/990/2/2-7. Correspondence. Five folders (2-6) of stapled groups of letters, 1903-7, and (7) folder of unbound letters, typed reports and a few photographs, 1909-29;- SAL/MS/990/2/8. Papers of Isaac Chalkley Gould, FSA, c. 1900-7.

Research Committee  SAL/MS/990/3/1-2  1930-1938

SAL/MS/990/3/1. Minutes, 1930-8;- SAL/MS/990/3/2. Minutes of sub-committees, 1930-8.

Accounts  SAL/MS/990/4/1-3  1911-1943

SAL/MS/990/4/1, 2. Cash books, 1911-31, 1935-43, with statements, 1935-9;- SAL/MS/990/4/3. Petty cash book, 1926-32.

SAL/MS/990/5/1. Folder of miscellaneous business correspondence, 1939-46;- SAL/MS/990/5/2. Distribution book, n.d.  SAL/MS/990/5/1-2  1911-1943

Subject index to L. Gomme, Archaeological Papers 1665-1870 (1907). Specimen of section relating mainly to coins compiled by William Martin, FSA, 1912. Typescript (no. 1 of 4 copies).  SAL/MS/990/6  1907-1912

EPITAPHS.  SAL/MS/991  c. 1812

Paper; ff. i + 42. c. 1812. Quarto. Brown leather spine, rubbed, with marbled boards. Bookplate of John Frederick Head, FSA, fol. i.

Collection of (mostly) English epitaphs; (entry dated Oct. 1812, fol. 2v), Contains epitaphs of well-known figures such as Dr Johnson (fols. 8v-9, 39), Benjamin Franklin (fol. 9), Hogarth (fols. 11, 12v), Garrick and his wife (fols. 11v-12v), Shakespeare (fol. 13), and a group relating to the poet William Cowper (fols. 24-5, etc.). Also includes satirical or unusual epitaphs and a Dialogue (fol. 19). Some entries were copied in situ, including a number from the London area, e.g. Fulham, Chelsea, Chiswick, Stepney, Richmond and Twickenham. In a later hand a list of stocks and shares (fol. 41v), and a few index entries (fol. 42v).

ROMAN BRITAIN.  SAL/MS/992  1886-1891

Paper; prelims + ff. 153 + ff. 13-24. 1891. Unbound gatherings tied within marbled boards.

Source of acquisition: Presented by G. T. M. de M. Morgan, Oct. 1996.

Manuscript draft, with some printed material, for a work on Roman Britain by Thomas Morgan, FSA (d. 1892). Titlepage headed 'Romano-British Monographs' and dated July 1891. Loose gatherings for 18 chapters, with introduction, and a section relating to Spain. With a prospectus for Morgan's Romano-British Mosaic Pavements (1886). Morgan was Treasurer and Vice-President of the BAA and published many articles in their Journal. See obituaries in JBAA, 48 (1892), 86-8; Proc., 2nd ser., 14 (1891-3), 136.

COINS.  SAL/MS/993  c. 1700

Paper; pp. 72. c. 1700. Large quarto. Unbound.

'Dictionnaire historique et numismatique qui contient Les explications des Titres de dignités... qui se trouvent sur les médailles antiques, Grecques et Romaines'. Dictionary of forms of titles found on Greek and Roman coins with extensive commentary; c. 1700. French. Imperfect, letters A-C, ending in the substantial entry for Censor. Includes references to contemporary collectors, e.g. the cabinet of M. Foucault (p. 1), Ottavio Falconieri (d. 1676; p. 10), Jean F. Vaillant (d. 1706; p. 14). Fair copy, possibly prepared for publication.

ROYAL DOCUMENTS.  SAL/MS/994  1690-1817

Vellum. 1690/1-1817.

Miscellaneous royal documents:- (1) William and Mary: exemplification from Orlando Gee, Principal Registrar of the Court of Admiralty, of a royal commission, 12 March 1690/1, for the restitution to two merchants of Copenhagen of property seized at sea from the 'Fortune'; 16 March 1690/1. With engraved portraits of William and Mary, and border;- (2) George III: appointment of John Robert Lyons as ensign in the 69th (or South Lincolnshire) Regiment of Foot; 24 June 1783. Sign manual. Papered seal;- (3) George III: order to Commissioners in Bankruptcy to stay proceedings against Joseph and Samuel Smith of Cheapside and Coventry, mercers and drapers; 15 Nov. 1817. Partly printed. Half Great Seal (cf. Sir H. C. Maxwell-Lyte, The Great Seal (1926), 304-9).


Paper; pp. 51. After 1887. Foolscap, etc. Later annotation, 7 Jan. 1908, on covering sheet.

Speech in a debate on the right of Public Meeting. Consists of historical and legal background, citations of relevant legal cases, etc., to 1887. Summary inserted. With press-cuttings, 20 Oct. 1892, relating to the deputation to the Home Secretary (Asquith) asking for withdrawal of the Police Order prohibiting public meetings in Trafalgar Square after the disturbances in 1886 and 1887.

AUTOGRAPHS.  SAL/MS/996  After 1853

Paper. After 1853. Quarto. Tied in five groups.

Quarto sheets of descriptions of a collection of autograph letters, arranged in five groups (naval, politicians, archbishops and bishops, artists, men of letters); after 1853 (see below). Included are letters of:- Horace Walpole to Sir David Dalrymple, 21 Apr. 1765 (now in the Berg Collection, New York Public Library; W. S. Lewis, Horace Walpole's Correspondence, XV (2nd ed., 1967), 105-6, gives previous provenance including a number of London sales, the earliest traced being Sotheby's, 14-15 Apr. 1851, lot 153); Nelson to Emma Hamilton, 4 Aug. 1801 (from the Pettigrew collection (see T. J. Pettigrew, Memoirs of... Nelson, II (1849), 139); sold Sotheby's, 31 March-2 Apr. 1853, lot 203); N. Poussin to Cassiano dal Pozzo, 1? Jan. 1641 (A. Donnadieu sale, Puttick & Simpson, 29 July 1851, lot 800; Puttick & Simpson, 16-18 March 1852, lot 684); Thomas Coram to George Onslow, 12 May 1750 (later acquired by Alfred Morrison; see A. W. Thibaudeau (ed.), Catalogue, I (1883)). The descriptions are mostly in one hand; a second hand adds a few entries and refers to the 1854 edition of the works of Thomas Moore.


Paper. 1879. Foolscap.

Transcripts:- (1) New Year's gift roll, 30 Henry VIII (1539). The original was exhibited by the Rev. Francis Hopkinson, FSA, 19 June 1879 (Proc., 2nd ser., 8 (1879-81), 169). Transcribed by Mr Brewer. Folder marked 'PALGRAVE'. pp. 27;- (2) Three New Year's gift rolls, 6, 7, 41 Eliz. (1564, 1565, 1598). Originals exhibited by Frederick Haines, FSA, 6 Feb. 1879 (Proc., ibid., 41-3). The originals were then in the possession of a Mr Watts (found about forty years previously in a drawer in a piece of furniture in Serle's Coffee House, Lincoln's Inn Fields). Transcribed, with notes, by C. S. Perceval, Treasurer SA. pp. 2, 21, 20, 31. According to a note on a cutting from a former wrapper 'the idea was to get a certain number collected together for publication in whole or in part in Archaeologia.'

TRANSCRIPTS.  SAL/MS/998  19th Century

Paper. 19th century, etc. Foolscap, quarto, etc. Unbound.
Language:  English and Latin

Miscellaneous transcripts, Latin (1-4) and English:- (1) Expenses of the return journey of Geoffrey de Langley from his embassy to Tartary, 1292. Dates covered are 22 Sept. 1292-23 Jan. 1293. See PRO, E. 101/308, nos. 13-15, rolls of expenses (Lists and Indexes, XXXV (1912), 186); M. Prestwich, Edward I (1988), 313-14, 330-1. Professional transcript, watermark 1848. ff. 42;- (2) Extracts from records in the Town Clerk's Office relating to the Guildhall and Chapel, City of London:- Chapel, 1406-77; new works at Guildhall, 1411-1524. Professional transcript, watermark 1858. pp. 6 + 5;- (3) Lease by William Bewdley, abbot of the monastery of the BVM, Kingswood, Wilts., to John Rowberowe of Kingswood, his wife and sons, of a tenement in Kingswood; 1 Aug. 1537. Transcript, c. 1900. ff. 6;- (4) Exchequer patent of privilege for Hugh Sexcy, one of the clerks in the office of William Neale, knt., one of the auditors in the Exchequer in Westminster; 16 June 1582. Transcript, c. 1900. ff. 3;- (5) Confession of Thomas Scott, regicide, with a list of Cromwell's spies; 1660. See CSPD Chas. II Addenda, 651. Published by C. H. Firth in Eng. Hist. Review, 12 (Jan. 1897), 116-26. Transcript, watermark GR, late 18th century. pp. 16;- (6) Church brief authorising the raising of funds to rebuild Towyn church, Merioneth; 6 Nov. 1694. Transcript, 19th century, from the printed copy in the Chetham Library, Manchester (Coll. Procs. 2781); see W. A. Bewes, Church Briefs (1896), 295. ff. 5.

CHARLES WINSTON.  SAL/MS/999/1-3  c. 1840-63, c. 1960

Paper. c. 1840-63, c. 1960. Document wallet containing unbound papers and notebook, and card index

Source of acquisition: Found, during cataloguing, with the transcripts of SAL/MS/216 and identified (1996) by John Goodall. SAL/MS/999/1 possibly given to SA by the Royal Archaeological Institute or by Albert Way; SAl/MS/999/2, 3 presented by John A. Goodall, FSA, 1996.

Catalogue of drawings of painted glass by Charles Winston, barrister (1814-64), and notes on Winston's collections by John A. Goodall, FSA. For details of Winston's career and his publications on painted glass see Gent. Mag. (Nov. 1864), 658-60; F. Boase, Modern English Biography (reprint 1965), III, 1445. His drawings were exhibited by the Archaeological Institute at the Arundel Society in 1865 (Arch. J., 22 (1865), 93), and a catalogue by J. B. Waring was published. For the lecture on the exhibition by Gambier Parry, 31 March 1865, see the Ecclesiologist, 26 (1865), 143-58. Winston's drawings and other collections were subsequently presented by his widow to the British Museum (now BL Add. MSS 33846-33851, 35211).

MS catalogue of drawings of glass, numbered 1-772  SAL/MS/999/1  1840-1863

Compiled c. 1840 (watermark)-1863. Possibly in Winston's hand. pp. 19.

Notebook of John A. Goodall, FSA, containing notes on Winston's collections relating to glass (BL Add. MSS 33846-33851) and his collection of drawings (BL Add. MS 35211); compiled c. 1960. Octavo, red. ff. 79.  SAL/MS/999/2  c 1960

Topographical card index by John Goodall to Winston's drawings (Add. MS 35211). The printed cuttings (photocopies) laid down are from Waring's catalogue (1865).  SAL/MS/999/3  19th Century

HERALDRY.  SAL/MS/1000/1-3  19th - 20th Century

Paper. Three volumes. Mostly late 19th-early 20th century. Folio. Half leather, dark green. Signatures of William Bruce Bannerman, FSA (d. 1933), secretary and editor of the Harleian Society, in each volume.

Source of acquisition: Possibly acquired with the Littledale papers (MSS 740-2)

Transcripts of grants of arms formerly in the library of the Harleian Society; mostly late 19th-early 20th century. See W. A. Littledale, A Collection of Miscellaneous Grants... of Arms, Harl. Soc., 76 (1925), 77 (1926). See also W. Harry Rylands, Grantees of Arms, Harl. Soc., 66-8 (1915-17).

Facsimile reproductions of grants of arms, with index.  SAL/MS/1000/1  19th - 20th Century

One original grant (fol. 21) by Thomas Robert (Hay-Drummond), 11th Earl of Kinnoull, Lyon King of Arms, to Sir William Fraser of Leadclune, 1st Bt., 1807 (see Harl. Soc., 76 (1925), 82-3). ff. 22.

Transcripts of grants of arms  SAL/MS/1000/2  19th century

Apparently commenced, late 19th century, as a collection relating mainly to Yorkshire families, 1470-1630. Continued to 1906 by transcripts, in several hands, relating also to other counties. With tricks and tracings of arms. pp. 523 (blanks to p. 541).

Grants of arms  SAL/MS/1000/3  19th-20th century

Mostly 1902-21, some earlier from 1575 (pp. 54-5). Transcripts in various hands. With tracings of arms. pp. 285.

WESTMINSTER ABBEY.  SAL/MS/1001  c. 1924-5

Paper; fols. 1-350 (lacks 218-95), and separate sections. c. 1924-5. Foolscap. One red box.

Source of acquisition: Owned by Philip Murray Allan, FSA, and presented by him in 1968 (see correspondence).

Typescript copies of calendar entries for deeds in the muniments of Westminster Abbey by Dr Edward John Long Scott (d. 1918), Keeper of Muniments, selected and revised by Canon Herbert Francis Westlake, FSA (d. 1925), Custodian of Westminster Abbey. Intended for publication as the first volume of Documents at Westminster Abbey. The MS introduction by Canon Westlake indicates the scope of the proposed publication. The surviving sections relate to Middlx., Berks., Lincs., Warws., and Yorks., and miscellaneous. Indexes (incomplete) of names and places. See A.J., 6 (1926), 194 (obituary of Canon Westlake); Who Was Who 1916-1928.

FAIRWEATHER COLLECTION.  SAL/MS/1002/1-17  c. 1900-45

Paper. c. 1900-45. Thirteen binders, three volumes, one box.

Source of acquisition: Bequeathed by Dr Francis Harold Fairweather, 1950. Giftbook entry, Sept. 1951.

Papers of Dr Francis Harold Fairweather, OBE, MD, FSA (d. 1950), relating to churches and castles. Notes, measured drawings, w/cols, photographs and correspondence.

Apsidal churches of Great Britain.  SAL/MS/1002/1-2  c. 1900-45

Two binders

SAL/MS/10002/1. A-M; SAL/MS/10002/2. N-Z, Scotland, Wales and circular churches. See F. H. Fairweather, Aisleless Apsidal churches of Great Britain (1933).

Apsidal churches of northern France. One binder.  SAL/MS/1002/3  c. 1900-45

Abbeys and churches in England.  SAL/MS/1002/4-6  c. 1900-45

Three binders

SAL/MS/1002/4. A-D; SAL/MS/1002/5. E-R; SAL/MS/1002/6. S-Z and additions.

[no title]  SAL/MS/1002/7-9  c. 1900-45

Notes and press-cuttings on abbeys and churches in England. Three volumes. Vellum.

Drawings, mostly w/col and pencil.  SAL/MS/1002/10, 11  c. 1900-45

SAL/MS/1002/10. Churches and architectural details; SAL/MS/1002/11. Castles and effigies of knights. Two binders.

Welsh marches, castles, families and monuments  SAL/MS/1002/12-14  c. 1900-45

Mostly compiled in 1940s. Notes, plans, drawings and pedigrees, with painted coats. The pedigrees relate mostly to lines of descent from Norman families. Three binders.

Castles, English and foreign  SAL/MS/1002/15  c. 1900-45

Miscellaneous notes, plans, drawings, photographs, cuttings and pedigrees. One binder.

Illustrations of churches, etc.  SAL/MS/1002/16  c. 1900-45

Mounted photographs and cuttings, with a few plans. One binder, used as a folder.

Illustrations of castles and churches.  SAL/MS/1002/17  c. 1900-45

Large loose drawings, plans and reproductions. Together with the remains of a scrapbook containing pedigrees, with painted coats, relating mostly to Norman families and heraldic glass. One box.

HERALDRY.  SAL/MS/1003  16th century

Paper; pp. 5-54 extant (foliation on fols. 1-9). 16th century. Quarto. Brown leather spine, with green cloth. Cutting from a sale-catalogue laid down on p.5.

Source of acquisition: Deposited, with SAL/MSS/1004-6, by the Heraldry Society, July 1997.

'Seals of Royal & Famous Persons'. Pen drawings of heraldic seals, with some details of deeds to which they were attached; 16th century. With notes by Nicholas Charles, pp. 13-31 passim, Joseph Holland, 1588, p. 18, Peter Le Neve, p. 20; and others

HERALDRY.  SAL/MS/1004  18th century

Paper. 18th century. Quarto. Half leather, brown, with marbled boards. Bookplate of Ralph S. Allen on front pastedown

Source of acquisition: Acquired by Col. I. C. Byrne from a secondhand bookshop and presented by him to the Heraldry Society. Deposited with SAL/MS/1003.

Armorial of Somerset families, arranged in three sections relating to nobility, baronets and gentry. Painted coats on rectos and identifications on facing versos. Similar to and possibly in the same hand as the Somerset armorial by James Harris, herald painter at Bath, 1770, in the collections of the Somerset Archaeological and Natural History Society (deposited in Somerset Record Office, reference DD/SAS, FA 19); see A. W. Vivian-Neal, 'An Eighteenth century Armory of Somerset', Proc. Som. Arch. & Nat. Hist. Soc., 85 (1939), 134-50. With correspondence and notes of Col. I. C. Byrne, 1969, relating to differences between the present MS and that in SRO.

HERALDRY.  SAL/MS/1005/1-3  1831

Paper; pp. 1-187, 189-381, 383-543 + ff. xix. Three volumes. 1831. Folio. Half leather, brown, with marbled boards. John Gough Nichol's sale, Sotheby's Dec. 1874. Bookplates of Sir William Richard Drake, FSA, Arthur Vicars, Ulster, FSA, Gerald Matthew Bayliss, and the Heraldry Society, on front pastedowns of each volume.

Source of acquisition: Deposited with SAL/MS/1003.

Arms, Banners, and Standards, of the Royal Family and of the Nobility & Gentry temp: K. Henry viii ...'. Copied by Thomas Willement from MS 1.2 in the College of Arms; Willement's signature on each titlepage. Three volumes, containing laid-down tracings of arms. Indexes of mottoes, subjects and names in Vol. III, fols. i-xix. Willement was allowed to trace the arms in 1829-31; see Lord Howard de Walden's edition (The De Walden Library, 1904), introduction, p. v.

HERALDRY.  SAL/MS/1006  19th-20th century

Paper; ff. 25. 19th-20th century. Small folio. Quarter leather, blue, with grey cloth.

Source of acquisition: Deposited with SAL/MS/1003.

Achievements of arms. W/col paintings on rectos, some pencilled identifications on versos.


Paper. 1939. Quarto. Brown ring binder

Source of acquisition: Presented by Mrs Corinne Gillian Bennett, FSA, 1998, niece of Professor E. M. Wilson.

Leslie Valentine Grinsell, FSA (1907-95), 'The folklore of prehistoric monuments'. Annotated typescript, with photographs and one letter. An early version of Folklore of prehistoric sites in Britain (1976), sent in August 1939 to Edward Meryon Wilson (d. 1977) for safe-keeping.

SEALS.  SAL/MS/1008  1999-2000

Archival history:
Found among the seal casts, in 1999-2000.

Detached seal impressions from medieval and later documents. Arranged in categories. See the guide to seals by John Goodall, FSA (in preparation) for further details.

DEEDS.  SAL/MS/1009/1-7  13th century-1863

Vellum. Seven deeds. 13th century-1863.

Source of acquisition: Found among the seal casts, in 1999-2000. SAL/MS/1009/1-4 apparently presented by Wilfrid James Hemp, FSA, in 1936.

Seven deeds with seals (see the guide to seals, in preparation, for further details);- SAL/MS/1009/1. Grant of land by Ralph Madi of Acton (Aughton, Yorks.) to John of Acton, 13th century;- SAL/MS/1009/2. Release and quitclaim by John de Horbury to Gregory de Todwik, 13th century;- SAL/MS/1009/3. Grant by Hugh Foulman of Holbech to Sir William de Thorp of land in Whaplode, Lincs., 1349;- SAL/MS/1009/4. Deed of Alicia de Flete of Holbech, 14th century. Mostly illegible owing to past treatment with a reagent;- SAL/MS/1009/5. Marriage licence for James Thorneloe Horniblow of Tewkesbury, Glos., and Isabel Groom of Hillingdon, Middlx., 21 Oct. 1844;- SAL/MS/1009/6. Appointment of the Hon. Charles Amyand Harris as curate of St John the Evangelist, North Baddesley, Hants., 6 Nov. (altered) 1855;- SAL/MS/1009/7. Certificate of subscription to Articles by the same on appointment as Archdeacon of Wiltshire, 24 Feb. 1863.

HERALDRY.  SAL/MS/1010  1922-80

Paper. 1922-80. Five boxes and a portfolio.

Source of acquisition: Received from his widow in accordance with his wishes, in April 2000.

Notebooks, papers, correspondence and photographs of Dr Cyril Ernest Wright, FSA (d. 1980), relating to heraldic manuscripts, together with his drawings, w/cols and etchings of landscape and architecture. A.J., 61 (1981), 456 (obituary). Further details of the collection are available in SAL.

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