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Catalogue of the papers of Howard Walter Florey FRS Baron Florey of Adelaide Pathologist (1898 - 1968)

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Reference HF
Covering dates 1924 - 1968
Held by Royal Society
Extent 539 files
Source of acquisition Received by the Royal Society in 1968 from Lady Florey, widow
Creators Florey, Howard Walter, Baron Florey of Adelaide, 1898-1968, scientist, experimental pathologist
Note Compiled by Cathryn May

Administrative history:
Florey was born in Adelaide, Australia. He was educated at Kyre College, Adelaide, St. Peter's Collegiate School Adelaide and Adelaide University Medical School. He worked his passage to England as ship's surgeon to take up a Rhodes Scholarship at Oxford University in 1921-192. He did research work at the invitation of Charles Sherrington at Oxford in 1923 and was then medical officer to the third Oxford University Arctic Expedition. He was John Lucas Walker Student, University of Cambridge in 1924. He was Rockefeller Travelling Fellow in America, studying microsurgical techniques in 1925; Freedom Research Fellow, London Hospital in 1926; Huddersfield Lecturer in Special Pathology, University of Cambridge in 1927; Fellow, Gonville and Caius College; Director Medical Studies, Gonville and Caius; began to study lysozome in 1929, discovered by Sir Alexander Fleming in 1922; Joseph Hunter Professor of Pathology, University of Sheffield 1932-1935; Professor of Pathology, University of Oxford 1935-1962; Nuffield Visiting Professor to Australia and New Zealand 1944; Fellow, Lincoln College, Oxford, 1935; Honorary Fellow 1962; continued research on lysozome, leading to the development of use of penicillin by 1942; involved in the foundation of the Australian National University, Canberra, especially with the design and organisation of the John Curtin School of Medical Research; Chancellor of the University in 1965; Provost of Queen's College Oxford and resigned Chair of Pathology in 1962; suffered from angina and died of a heart attack in 1968.
Florey received many honours and awards both nationally and internationally. He was elected FRS in 1941 and received the Royal Medal 1951; gave the Croonian Lecture 1954; Vice President of the Royal Society 1951-1953; President 1960-1965; FRCP in 1951; was awarded the Nobel Prize (Physiology or Medicine) in 1945 jointly with Ernst Chain for his work on penicillin. He received the Lister Medal, Royal College of Surgeons in 1945; Berzelius Medal in Silver from the Swedish Medical Society in 1945; Albert Medal, Royal Society of Arts in 1946; Medal in therapeutics from the Worshipful Society of Apothecaries in 1946; RSM Gold Medal in 1947; the USA Medal of Merit in 1948; the BMA Gold Medal in 1964; Lomonosov Medal USSR, Academy of Sciences in 1965. He was made a Knight in 1944, a Life Peer in 1965 and appointed to the Order of Merit in 1965.

Extensive, relating to almost every aspect of Florey's career in science and public life. The scientific materials include a complete run of laboratory notebooks 1924-1968, files on the work for which Florey is best known, penicillin and antibiotics 1940-1962, together with papers, research notes and photographs on mucus secretion, traumatic shock and electron microscopy. Florey's writings are reserved in the form of drafts and proofs of published items, together with relevant correspondence. His correspondence indicates the depth of his involvement in the affairs of particular organisations, notably the Oxford University School of Pathology and the Royal Society. The work of Ethel Florey (nee Hayter) and Margaret Augusta Florey (nee Fremantle) is also present.
HF/2/1 Bound volumes
HF/2/2 Penicillin
HF/2/3 Other Papers
HF/2/4 Lectures
HF/2/5 Correspondence
HF/2/6 Royal Society correspondence
HF/2/7 Scientific Policy correspondence
HF/2/8 Other Institutions
HF/2/9 Miscellaneous correspondence
HF/2/10 Travel
HF/2/11 Lectures and Speeches


Laboratory notebooks, 15 notebooks concerning work on mucus, cerebral circulation, inflammation, capillaries, tetanus, lymphocytes, gastro-intestinal tract.  HF/1/1  1924-1936

Laboratory notebook, cerebral circulation, blood vessels, mucus, lymphatics, lysozyme.  HF/1/2  1927-1930

Laboratory notebook, inflammation, mucus, lysozyme, goblet cells, Golgi bodies.  HF/1/3  1930-1933

Laboratory notebook, birth control, tetanus.  HF/1/4  1932-1934

Laboratory notebook, gastro-intestinal tract.  HF/1/5  1933-1938

Laboratory notebook, vitamin A, intestinal secretion.  HF/1/6  1937-1939

Laboratory notebook, shock.  HF/1/7  1937-1942

Laboratory notebook, gastro-intestinal tract.  HF/1/8  1938-1940

Laboratory notebook, penicillin.  HF/1/9  1940-1948

Laboratory notebook, antibiotics.  HF/1/10  1941-1946

Laboratory notebook, antibiotics.  HF/1/11  1940-1948

Laboratory notebook, antibiotics.  HF/1/12  1941-1947

Laboratory notebook, Staphylococci.  HF/1/13  1945-1946

Laboratory notebook, Dr Arriagada's culture - ayfivin (bacitracin).  HF/1/14  1946

Laboratory notebook, antibiotics - toxicity tests.  HF/1/15  1947-1952

Laboratory notebook, Mycobacterium tuberculosis.  HF/1/16  1948-1950

Laboratory notebook, micrococcin.  HF/1/17  1949-1950

Laboratory notebook, cephalosporin.  HF/1/18  1949-1950

Laboratory notebook, leucocytes, colicine, monocytes, actase.  HF/1/19  1949-1952

Laboratory notebook, mucus.  HF/1/20  1952-1954

Laboratory notebook, atheroma.  HF/1/21  1952-1957

Laboratory notebook, gastro-intestinal tract - lizard.  HF/1/22  1953-1955

Laboratory notebook, mucus.  HF/1/23  1954-1959

Laboratory notebook, endothelium.  HF/1/24  1957-1958

Laboratory notebook, atheroma - pigs.  HF/1/25  1959-1961

Laboratory notebook, electron microscopy - small blood vessels.  HF/1/26  1959-1963

Laboratory notebook, electron microscopy - endothelium, heart perfusion, mast cells.  HF/1/27  1964-1968



Collected papers (bound volume)  HF/2/1/28  1925-1932

Collected papers (bound volume)  HF/2/1/29  1933-1941

Collected papers (bound volume)  HF/2/1/30  1941-1945

Collected papers (bound volume)  HF/2/1/31  1946-1953

Collected papers (bound volume)  HF/2/1/32  1954-1960

Collected papers (bound volume)  HF/2/1/33  1961-1970

PENICILLIN  HF/2/2  1940-1962

Penicillin: miscellaneous reports, notes and correspondence.  HF/2/2/34  [n.d.]

Penicillin: correspondence and reports, A-G.  HF/2/2/35  [n.d.]

Penicillin: correspondence and reports, H-Z.  HF/2/2/36  [n.d.]

Penicillin: bulletins, reports, correspondence  HF/2/2/37  ca. 1947-1953

Penicillin: broadcasts, talks, Fellowships (Oxford University), correspondence  HF/2/2/38  1946-1961

Penicillin: reports from producers, research workers and clinicians in U.K.  HF/2/2/39  [n.d.]

Penicillin: reports from producers, research workers in U.K., U.S.A., Canada and Australia.  HF/2/2/40  [n.d.]

Penicillin: Medical Research Council, Penicillin Clinical Trials Committee; Penicillin Producers' Research Conferences.  HF/2/2/41  [n.d.]

Penicillin: U.S.A. Office of Scientific Research & Development, Committee on Medical Research - Bulletins  HF/2/2/42  1944-1946

Penicillin: U.S.A. Office of Scientific Research & Development, penicillin reports  HF/2/2/43  1943-1945

Penicillin: production in U.S.A. and U.K. - reports  HF/2/2/44  1942-1945

Penicillin: reports from U.S.A. and U.K. - clinical trials  HF/2/2/45  1940-1945

Penicillin: N.G.Heatley - correspondence and reports concerning visit to U.S.A., N.G.Heatley - notebooks on work on colicine and cephalosporin; C.M.Fletcher - notes on first clinical trial of penicillin.  HF/2/2/46  1941-1942

Penicillin: H.W.Florey's visit to U.S.S.R.  HF/2/2/47  1943-1944

Penicillin: A.G.Sanders' diary of visit to U.S.S.R. (with Florey)  HF/2/2/48  1943-1944

Penicillin: press cuttings  HF/2/2/49  1941-1944

Penicillin: press cuttings  HF/2/2/50  1944-1945

Penicillin: press cuttings  HF/2/2/51  1955-1962

Penicillin: brochures, drafts of papers.  HF/2/2/52  [n.d.]

Penicillin: press cuttings.  HF/2/2/53  [n.d.]

Penicillin: press pictures of early production.  HF/2/2/54  [n.d.]

Penicillin: drawings for slides.  HF/2/2/55  [n.d.]

Antibiotics: miscellaneous correspondence.  HF/2/2/56  [n.d.]

Antibiotics: fungus and plant antibiotic index  HF/2/2/57  1947

OTHER PAPERS  HF/2/3  1939-1960

Shock: Medical Research Council Committee on Traumatic Shock - minutes, memoranda, correspondence  HF/2/3/58  1939-1941

Shock: Medical Research Council Committee on Traumatic Shock - reports  HF/2/3/59  1939-1943

Shock: index to literature and reports.  HF/2/3/60  n.d

H.W.Florey: Ph.D. thesis (University of Cambridge) -... circulation of blood and lymph.  HF/2/3/61  n.d

H.W.Florey: miscellaneous research notes, - lymphatics, tetanus, blood vessels.  HF/2/3/62  1927-1940

H.W.Florey: miscellaneous research correspondence, - includes antibiotics, atherosclerosis.  HF/2/3/63  1953-1960

H.W.Florey - notes for proposed monograph on mucus (with M.A.Jennings).  HF/2/3/64  n.d

H.W.Florey - notes for proposed monograph on mucus (with M.A.Jennings).  HF/2/3/65  n.d

H.W.Florey - proposed monograph on mucus; photographs of gastro-intestinal tract.  HF/2/3/65A  n.d

H.W.Florey - unfinished monograph on mucus.  HF/2/3/66  n.d

H.W.Florey - discussion for paper on healing (with M.A.Jennings).  HF/2/3/67  n.d

Symposia on atherosclerosis and microcirculation.  HF/2/3/68  n.d

H.W.Florey - photographs concerning work on the aorta, endothelium, atherosclerosis, antibiotics, lymphatics.  HF/2/3/69  n.d

H.W.Florey - papers on inflammation (brought together by Florey shortly before his death).  HF/2/3/70  n.d

H.W.Florey - papers (brought together by Florey shortly before his death) on cerebrospinal fluid, lymphatics, gastro-intestinal tract.  HF/2/3/71  n.d

H.W.Florey - miscellaneous research notes, printed and illustrative material found together at Florey's death.  HF/2/3/72  n.d

H.W.Florey - miscellaneous research notes and abstracts used in preparation of papers, chiefly on endothelium.  HF/2/3/73  n.d

H.W.Florey - figures for papers concerning tuberculosis and blood vessels.  HF/2/3/74  n.d

H.W.Florey - card index of literature and experiments  HF/2/3/75  1925-1927

H.W.Florey - kymograph tracings (work done at Cambridge).  HF/2/3/76  n.d

H.W.Florey - electron micrographs.  HF/2/3/77  n.d

H.W.Florey - electron micrographs.  HF/2/3/78  n.d

H.C.Barcroft - abstracts and notes concerning gastro-intestinal tract.  HF/2/3/79  n.d

H.M.Carleton - notes, photographs, sketches (including work done with H.W. Florey) on mucus secretion, phagocytosis, lacteals.  HF/2/3/80  n.d

W.J.Cliff - illustrations for paper on healing in the rabbit ear chamber.  HF/2/3/81  n.d

J.E.French - draft of paper on endothelium  HF/2/3/82  1961

M.A.Jennings - notebooks concerning technical methods; correspondence about colon biopsy specimens  HF/2/3/83  1935-1956

M.A.Jennings - correspondence with H.W.Florey and research notes concerning work on mucus and "intrinsic factor", ca.  HF/2/3/84  1955-1964

M.A.Jennings - correspondence and notes, ca. concerning mucus secretion, atherosclerosis (pigs), research fellowships, shock (including minutes of Oxford Shock Club, 1940-1942).  HF/2/3/85  1940-1969

Bede Morris - proofs of paper on formation of lymph in the ovary.  HF/2/3/86  n.d

E.Pugatch - notes for paper on endothelium  HF/2/3/87  1964

A.G.Sanders - notes on work on lymphocytes and inflammation. E.M.Osborn - list of antibiotics from plants.  HF/2/3/88  n.d

Laboratory notebook: L.F.Dodson's work on infection of the rabbit ear chamber with tubercle bacilli.  HF/2/3/89  n.d

Laboratory notebook: R.H.Ebert's work on extravascular development of the monocyte, using rabbit ear chamber (work taken over by A.G.Sanders).  HF/2/3/90  n.d

Antibiotics (Florey et al.): correspondence: draft of veterinary section.  HF/2/3/91  1943-1950

Antibiotics (Florey et al.): penicillin section - drafts.  HF/2/3/92  n.d

Antibiotics (Florey et al.): abstracts of and references to literature for historical introduction.  HF/2/3/93  n.d

Antibiotics (Florey et al.): historical introduction - drafts.  HF/2/3/94  n.d

Antibiotics (Florey et al.): page proofs.  HF/2/3/95  n.d

Antibiotics (Florey et al.): pictures used in preparation of book.  HF/2/3/96  n.d

Antibiotics (Florey et al.): index to figures.  HF/2/3/97  n.d

H.W.Florey - photographs for an article on antibiotics.  HF/2/3/98  n.d

General Pathology (ed. Florey): correspondence, requesting permission to reproduce illustrations in 1st edition; list of illustrations included in 1st edition; abstracts of literature for 2nd edition.  HF/2/3/99  1951-54

General Pathology (ed. Florey): correspondence with contributors and publishers in connexion with 1st, 2nd and 3rd editions.  HF/2/3/100  n.d

General Pathology (ed. Florey): page proofs for 3rd edition.  HF/2/3/101  n.d

General Pathology (ed. Florey): page proofs & galleys for 3rd edition.  HF/2/3/102  n.d

General Pathology (ed. Florey): correspondence concerning 4th edition; galleys for chapters 1-4 and 6 of 4th edition.  HF/2/3/103  n.d

General Pathology (ed. Florey): correspondence, notes and illustrations for chapter 3 (inflammation - microscopical observations) of 4th edition.  HF/2/3/104  n.d

General Pathology (ed. Florey): proofs  HF/2/3/105  n.d

General Pathology (ed. Florey): photographs for 1st edition.  HF/2/3/106  n.d

General Pathology (ed. Florey): photographs for 2nd & 3rd editions.  HF/2/3/107  n.d

General Pathology (ed. Florey): graphs and drawings for 2nd edition.  HF/2/3/108  n.d

Book of abstracts of literature.  HF/2/3/109  n.d

Book of abstracts of literature.  HF/2/3/110  n.d

Book of abstracts of literature.  HF/2/3/111  n.d

Book of abstracts of literature.  HF/2/3/112  n.d

Book of abstracts of literature.  HF/2/3/113  n.d

Book of abstracts of literature.  HF/2/3/114  n.d

Book of abstracts of literature.  HF/2/3/115  n.d

Book of abstracts of literature.  HF/2/3/116  n.d

Book of abstracts of literature.  HF/2/3/117  n.d

Book of abstracts of literature.  HF/2/3/118  n.d

Book of abstracts of literature.  HF/2/3/119  n.d

Book of abstracts of literature on penicillin.  HF/2/3/120  n.d

Index to literature on gastro-intestinal tract.  HF/2/3/121  n.d

Index to literature on gastro-intestinal tract.  HF/2/3/122  n.d

Index to literature on gastro-intestinal tract.  HF/2/3/123  n.d

Index to literature on gastro-intestinal tract.  HF/2/3/124  n.d

Index to literature on gastro-intestinal tract.  HF/2/3/125  n.d

Printed research material in use by H.W.Florey at the time of his death.  HF/2/3/126  n.d

Printed research material in use by H.W.Florey at the time of his death.  HF/2/3/127  n.d

Blocks and glass plates of illustrations to papers by H.W.Florey.  HF/2/3/128  n.d

LECTURES  HF/2/4  1936-1958

H.W.Florey: Lecture Book A - lectures given at School of Pathology, Oxford.  HF/2/4/129  n.d

H.W.Florey: Lecture Book B - lectures given at School of Pathology, Oxford.  HF/2/4/130  n.d

H.W.Florey: Lecture Book C - lectures given at School of Pathology, Oxford.  HF/2/4/131  n.d

H.W.Florey: Lecture Book D - lectures given at School of Pathology, Oxford.  HF/2/4/132  n.d

Oxford University Faculty of Medicine: lecture lists  HF/2/4/133  1936-1958

CORRESPONDENCE  HF/2/5  1941-1962

Oxford University, School of Pathology: correspondence and notes concerning members of the School  HF/2/5/134  1967

Oxford University, School of Pathology: correspondence about past members A-F.  HF/2/5/135  n.d

Oxford University, School of Pathology: correspondence about past members G-M.  HF/2/5/136  n.d

Oxford University, School of Pathology: correspondence about past members M-R.  HF/2/5/137  n.d

Oxford University, School of Pathology: correspondence about past members S-Z.  HF/2/5/138  n.d

Oxford University: correspondence about Oxford teaching  HF/2/5/139  1941-1954

Oxford University: Committee of Heads of Science Departments  HF/2/5/140  1960-1961

Oxford University, Nuffield Scheme for Clinical School: correspondence and memoranda  HF/2/5/141  to 1942

Oxford University: Nuffield Benefaction Reports  HF/2/5/142  1936-1942

Oxford University, Lincoln College: memoranda and booklets.  HF/2/5/143  n.d

Oxford University: Wolfson College Trust; The Queen's College - Provost's parties.  HF/2/5/144  n.d

Cambridge University: Natural Sciences Tripos - papers, timetables for classes  HF/2/5/145  1928-1931

Sheffield University Gazette, 1948-1962, and Report, 1944.  HF/2/5/146  1944-1962


The Royal Society: miscellaneous correspondence and papers, A-C.  HF/2/6/147  1960-65

The Royal Society: miscellaneous correspondence and papers, D-Fe.  HF/2/6/148  1960-65

The Royal Society: miscellaneous correspondence and papers, F-N.  HF/2/6/149  1960-65

The Royal Society: miscellaneous correspondence and papers, O-R.  HF/2/6/150  1960-65

The Royal Society: miscellaneous correspondence and papers, R-S.  HF/2/6/151  1960-65

The Royal Society: miscellaneous correspondence and papers, S-W.  HF/2/6/152  1960-65

The Royal Society: miscellaneous correspondence and papers, W-Z; papers concerning committee meetings, A-B.  HF/2/6/153  1960-65

The Royal Society: papers concerning committee meetings, B-G.  HF/2/6/154  n.d

The Royal Society: papers concerning committee meetings, G-N.  HF/2/6/155  n.d

The Royal Society: papers concerning committee meetings, N-R.  HF/2/6/156  n.d

The Royal Society: papers concerning committee meetings, R-S.  HF/2/6/157  n.d

The Royal Society: papers concerning committee meetings, S-T.  HF/2/6/158  n.d

The Royal Society: papers concerning committee meetings, V-Z; old files of miscellaneous papers.  HF/2/6/159  n.d

The Royal Society: general correspondence  HF/2/6/160  1960-1964

The Royal Society: papers concerning meetings, Officers, outside interests of President (H.W.Florey).  HF/2/6/161  n.d

The Royal Society: miscellaneous correspondence concerning the Fellowship and the Tercentenary; with letters of congratulation to Florey on his election as President.  HF/2/6/162  n.d

The Royal Society: general correspondence, chiefly concerning outside interests of H.W.Florey as President.  HF/2/6/163  n.d

The Royal Society: papers concerning the election of Fellows to the  HF/2/6/164  end of 1965

The Royal Society: scientists from overseas  HF/2/6/165  1961-1964

The Royal Society: Tercentenary.  HF/2/6/166  n.d

The Royal Society: Tercentenary - press cuttings.  HF/2/6/167  n.d

The Royal Society: Anniversary address  HF/2/6/168  1956-1960

The Royal Society: Anniversary dinner  HF/2/6/169  1964

The Royal Society: Demographic Discussion dinner  HF/2/6/170  1962

British Musoun, Board of Trustees: minutes and related papers (H.W.Florey on Board as P.R.S.).  HF/2/6/171  n.d

The Royal Society: finance for science and research  HF/2/6/172  1961-1963

The Royal Society: European programme; I.R.C. Fellowship selection.  HF/2/6/173  n.d

National Physical Laboratory: papers, (Royal Society represented on Advisory Board).  HF/2/6/174  1960-1965

National Physical Laboratory: papers  HF/2/6/175  1963-1964

The Royal Society: Population Study Group - correspondence and papers.  HF/2/6/176  n.d

Royal Greenwich Observatory: papers (Royal Society appoints Visitors)  HF/2/6/177  1961-1965

Royal Veterinary College: East Africa expeditions (Florey, as P.R.S., Patron).  HF/2/6/178  n.d

Trend Committee: papers concerning Royal Society's evidence.  HF/2/6/179  n.d

Royal Society UNESCO Committee: papers.  HF/2/6/180  n.d


Advisory Council on Scientific Policy: correspondence concerning the appointment of H.W.Florey to the Council  HF/2/7/181  1947-1950

Advisory Council on Scientific Policy: correspondence between H.W.Florey and Henry Tizard  HF/2/7/182  1948-1949

Advisory Council on Scientific Policy: minutes and related papers  HF/2/7/183  1947-1949

Advisory Council on Scientific Policy: minutes and related papers  HF/2/7/184  1949-1950

Advisory Council on Scientific Policy: correspondence, minutes  HF/2/7/185  1963-1964


Council on Scientific Policy: reports, minutes  HF/2/8/186  1964-1965

Association of University Teachers: minutes and related papers  HF/2/8/187  1957-1962

The Athenaeum, General Committee: minutes and related papers  HF/2/8/188  1944-1966

Australian National University: John Curtin School for Medical Research - sketches for building.  HF/2/8/189  n.d

CIBA: correspondence, minutes, reports  HF/2/8/190  1965

CIBA: correspondence, minutes, reports  HF/2/8/191  1966

International Centre Covent Garden: papers concerning proposed conference centre  HF/2/8/192  1963-1964

Fleming Memorial Fund: correspondence and minutes.  HF/2/8/193  n.d

I.C.I.: correspondence and reports (Florey - scientific adviser).  HF/2/8/194  n.d

Parliamentary and Scientific Committee: General Committee, minutes and related papers.  HF/2/8/195  n.d

Miscellaneous societies: correspondence and reports, ca.  HF/2/8/196  1964-1965

H.W.Florey: correspondence with John Fulton, (personal, scientific)  HF/2/8/197  1950-1960


H.W.Florey: miscellaneous notes & correspondence, chiefly concerning universities and societies.  HF/2/9/198  1957-1967

H.W.Florey: miscellaneous correspondence  HF/2/9/199  1957-1967

H.W.Florey: miscellaneous correspondence  HF/2/9/200  1957-1967

H.W.Florey: miscellaneous correspondence  HF/2/9/201  1957-1967

H.W.Florey: general correspondence, A-B; chiefly scientific.  HF/2/9/202  1959-1962

H.W.Florey: general correspondence, C; chiefly scientific.  HF/2/9/203  1959-1962

H.W.Florey: general correspondence, D-H; chiefly scientific.  HF/2/9/204  1959-1962

H.W.Florey: general correspondence, I-M; chiefly scientific.  HF/2/9/205  1959-1962

H.W.Florey: general correspondence, N-Q; chiefly scientific.  HF/2/9/206  1959-1962

H.W.Florey: general correspondence, R-Z; chiefly scientific.  HF/2/9/207  1959-1962

H.W.Florey: general correspondence, about scientific matters.  HF/2/9/208  ca. 1945-1960

H.W.Florey: general correspondence, about scientific matters.  HF/2/9/209  ca. 1945-1960

H.W.Florey: general correspondence, about scientific matters.  HF/2/9/210  ca. 1945-1960

H.W.Florey: general correspondence, A-B; scientific & personal.  HF/2/9/211  from 1962

H.W.Florey: general correspondence, C-D; scientific & personal.  HF/2/9/212  from 1962

H.W.Florey: general correspondence, D-F; scientific & personal.  HF/2/9/213  from 1962

H.W.Florey: general correspondence, G-K; scientific & personal.  HF/2/9/214  from 1962

H.W.Florey: general correspondence, L-M; scientific & personal.  HF/2/9/215  from 1962

H.W.Florey: general correspondence, M-O; scientific & personal.  HF/2/9/216  from 1962

H.W.Florey: general correspondence, O-S; scientific & personal.  HF/2/9/217  from 1962

H.W.Florey: general correspondence, S-Z; scientific & personal.  HF/2/9/218  from 1962

H.W.Florey: personal correspondence  HF/2/9/219  ca. 1954-1967

H.W.Florey: personal correspondence  HF/2/9/220  ca. 1954-1967

H.W.Florey: personal correspondence  HF/2/9/221  ca. 1954-1967

H.W.Florey: personal correspondence, appointments.  HF/2/9/222  ca. 1954-1967

H.W.Florey: miscellaneous correspondence, 1960s; notes for speeches; licences for experiments on animals, 1935-1965.  HF/2/9/223  1935-1965

H.W.Florey: letters of congratulation on award of Copley Medal  HF/2/9/224  1957

H.W.Florey: letters of congratulation on peerage  HF/2/9/225  January 1965

TRAVEL  HF/2/10  1946-1965

H.W.Florey - travel: correspondence and notes about South American tour  HF/2/10/226  1946

H.W.Florey - travel: South American tour, - press cuttings.  HF/2/10/227  1946

H.W.Florey - travel: miscellaneous correspondence  HF/2/10/228  1950-1962

H.W.Florey - travel: correspondence, reports, brochures  HF/2/10/229  1950s

H.W.Florey - travel: brochures and souvenirs.  HF/2/10/230  n.d

H.W.Florey - travel: brochures - Spain, Canada, Brazil.  HF/2/10/231  n.d

H.W.Florey - travel: Indian Science Congress  HF/2/10/232  1960

H.W.Florey - travel: India - brochures.  HF/2/10/233  n.d

H.W.Florey - travel: Smithsonian Institution, bicentenary  HF/2/10/234  1965

H.W.Florey - travel: Moscow - brochures.  HF/2/10/235  n.d

H.W.Florey - travel: Newfoundland, (newspaper).  HF/2/10/236  1961


H.W.Florey: lectures given in U.K., (loose-leaf binder).  HF/2/11/237  1943-1952

H.W.Florey: lectures given overseas, (loose-leaf binder).  HF/2/11/238  1944-1950

H.W.Florey: lectures, (loose-leaf binder of final scripts).  HF/2/11/239  1952-1958

H.W.Florey: lectures, (loose-leaf binder of final scripts).  HF/2/11/240  1959-1963

H.W.Florey: lectures, (loose-leaf binder of final scripts).  HF/2/11/241  1964-1967

H.W.Florey: speeches, (loose-leaf binder).  HF/2/11/242  1960-May 1964

H.W.Florey: speeches, (loose-leaf binder).  HF/2/11/243  June 1964-November 1967

H.W.Florey: lectures - notes and scripts  HF/2/11/244  1943-1948

H.W.Florey: lectures - notes and scripts  HF/2/11/245  1949-1954

H.W.Florey: lectures - notes and scripts  HF/2/11/246  1955-1960

H.W.Florey: broadcasts - notes and scripts  HF/2/11/247  1945-1952

H.W.Florey: papers, speeches and talks - drafts  HF/2/11/248  1963-1966

H.W.Florey: miscellaneous leaflets & journals concerning Florey's personal appearances; biographical sketches.  HF/2/11/249  [n.d.]

H.W.Florey: lectures - miscellaneous notes  HF/2/11/250  1961-1967

H.W.Florey: Ford Dagenham Lecture; notes.  HF/2/11/251  1963

H.W.Florey: Sharpey Schafer Lecture; notes.  HF/2/11/252  1963

H.W.Florey: Fawley Foundation Lecture; correspondence and notes.  HF/2/11/253  1964

H.W.Florey - drawings for slides for lectures.  HF/2/11/254  [n.d.]


H.W.Florey - photograph albums  HF/3/255  1940s

H.W.Florey - photograph album; Brazil  HF/3/256  1946

H.W.Florey - photograph album; New Guinea, Australia, New Zealand  HF/3/257  1943


H.W.Florey: volume of diplomas and certificates.  HF/4/258  n.d

H.W.Florey: diploma from the American Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association  HF/4/259  1943

H.W.Florey: diploma, Honorary Degree, Harvard University, and correspondence.  HF/4/260  1967

H.W.Florey: diploma, Honorary Degree, Edinburgh University  HF/4/261  1957

H.W.Florey: diploma, Honorary Degree, Laval University  HF/4/262  1958

H.W.Florey: diploma, Honorary Degree, London University  HF/4/263  1961

H.W.Florey: diploma, Honorary Fellowship, Royal College of Surgeons of England  HF/4/264  1961

H.W.Florey: diploma, Honorary Fellowship, Royal College of Obstetricians & Gynaecologists  HF/4/265  1963

H.W.Florey: diploma, Honorary Degree, Hull University  HF/4/266  1963

H.W.Florey: diploma, Honorary Degree, Melbourne University  HF/4/267  1963

H.W.Florey: diploma, Honorary Degree, Glasgow University  HF/4/268  1965

H.W.Florey: diploma, Honorary Fellowship, College of Pathologists  HF/4/269  1965

H.W.Florey: diploma, Honorary Fellowship, Royal Institute of Chemistry  HF/4/270  1966

H.W.Florey: diploma, Foreign Membership, U.S.S.R. Academy of Science  HF/4/271  1966

H.W.Florey: diploma, Honorary Degree, Warwick University  HF/4/272  1967

H.W.Florey: diploma, Honorary Fellowship, Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh  HF/4/273  1967

INVITATIONS  HF/5  1962-1967

H.W.Florey: invitations accepted  HF/5/274  1962

H.W.Florey: invitations accepted  HF/5/275  1963

H.W.Florey: invitations accepted  HF/5/276  1964-1966

H.W.Florey: invitations declined  HF/5/277  1962

H.W.Florey: invitations declined  HF/5/278  1962-1963

H.W.Florey: invitations declined  HF/5/279  1964

H.W.Florey: invitations declined  HF/5/280  1965

H.W.Florey: invitations declined  HF/5/281  1966-1967

PERSONAL PAPERS  HF/6  1935-1967

H.W.Florey: miscellaneous personal papers - family correspondence, notes, cuttings, souvenirs  HF/6/282  1960s

H.W.Florey: personal correspondence concerning staff and students, notebooks, souvenirs.  HF/6/283  1935-1951

H.W.Florey: personal papers, including birth certificate; correspondence about visits, appointments; membership cards; certificates of inoculation and vaccination  HF/6/284  1942-1960

H.W.Florey: X-rays  HF/6/285  1925

H.W.Florey: passports.  HF/6/286  n.d

H.W.Florey: letters to M.Ethel Florey  HF/6/287  1921-1926

M.Ethel Florey: letters to H.W.Florey  HF/6/288  1920s

H.W.Florey: miscellaneous personal correspondence  HF/6/289  1937-1951

H.W.Florey: miscellaneous personal papers concerning family, school, university; includes correspondence from Joseph Florey to Bertha Florey  HF/6/290  1913-1914

H.W.Florey: miscellaneous personal papers, including letters of congratulation on knighthood.  HF/6/291  n.d

H.W.Florey: diaries (notes on travels)  HF/6/292  1940-1967

H.W.Florey: diaries and notebooks  HF/6/293  1926-1967

H.W.Florey: desk diaries (appointments)  HF/6/294  1946-1963

H.W.Florey: desk diaries (appointments)  HF/6/295  1964-1968

H.W.Florey: correspondence and notes about sale of books.  HF/6/296  n.d

H.W.Florey: letters to M.A.Jennings, H.W.Florey's Wills.  HF/6/297  1948-1967

Letters received by M.A.Florey on death of H.W.Florey  HF/6/298  1968

H.W.Florey: obituaries and biographies.  HF/6/299  n.d

H.W.Florey: Christmas cards received  HF/6/300  1957-1959

H.W.Florey: Christmas cards received  HF/6/301  1964

H.W.Florey: Christmas cards received  HF/6/302  1965-1967

H.W.Florey: miscellaneous souvenirs.  HF/6/303  n.d

H.W.Florey: miscellaneous souvenirs.  HF/6/304  n.d


M.Ethel Florey: miscellaneous correspondence, (personal & scientific).  HF/7/305  1944-50

M.Ethel Florey: miscellaneous correspondence, (personal & scientific).  HF/7/306  1944-1950

M.Ethel Florey: correspondence, (from The Queen's College) - personal and scientific.  HF/7/307  1964

M.Ethel Florey: notes for Clinical Application of Antibiotics and drafts of chapters 1-6 (volume 1).  HF/7/308  n.d

M.Ethel Florey: personal and professional papers concerning early work on antibiotics.  HF/7/309  n.d

M.Ethel Florey: personal and professional papers concerning clinical work.  HF/7/310  n.d

M.Ethel Florey: case notes concerning trials of antibiotics; summaries of findings, bacteriological reports.  HF/7/311  n.d

M.Ethel Florey: notes for Clinical Application of Antibiotics.  HF/7/312  n.d

M.Ethel Florey: notes for Clinical Application of Antibiotics, vols 2-4.  HF/7/313  n.d

M.Ethel Florey: drafts for sections of Clinical Application of Antibiotics.  HF/7/314  n.d

M.Ethel Florey: notes, correspondence and reprints in connexion with preparation of Clinical Application of Antibiotics.  HF/7/315  n.d

M.Ethel Florey: notes and reprints concerning work on penicillin.  HF/7/316  n.d

M.Ethel Florey: notes and reprints concerning clinical work with penicillin.  HF/7/317  n.d

M.Ethel Florey: notes and reprints concerning work on antibiotics.  HF/7/318  n.d

M.Ethel Florey: drafts for sections of volumes 3-4 of Clinical Application of Antibiotics.  HF/7/319  n.d

M.Ethel Florey: notes and reprints for work on antibiotics (for book).  HF/7/320  n.d

M.Ethel Florey: notes and reprints for work on antibiotics (for book).  HF/7/321  n.d

M.Ethel Florey: tables and drafts for early clinical papers on antibiotics.  HF/7/322  n.d

M.Ethel Florey: case notes, empyemata -  HF/7/323  1944

M.Ethel Florey: charts and photographs for clinical trials of antibiotics.  HF/7/324  n.d

M.Ethel Florey: miscellaneous clinical records and notes, Stoke Mandeville  HF/7/325  1946-1953

M.Ethel Florey: miscellaneous case notes, collected for use in Clinical Application of Antibiotics.  HF/7/326  n.d

M.Ethel Florey: case notes, penicillin treatment of eyes and hands.  HF/7/327  n.d

M.Ethel Florey: Penicillin Unit, war wounds A-H; case notes.  HF/7/328  n.d

M.Ethel Florey: Penicillin Unit, war wounds, H-W; case notes.  HF/7/329  n.d

M.Ethel Florey: Penicillin Unit, war wounds, W-Z; case notes.  HF/7/330  n.d

M.Ethel Florey: case notes, penicillin treatment of actinomycosis.  HF/7/331  n.d

M.Ethel Florey: case notes, penicillin trials - miscellaneous war wounds  HF/7/332  1942-1943

M.Ethel Florey: case notes; antibiotic trials  HF/7/333  1946-1949

M.Ethel Florey: case notes, minimal pulmonary tuberculosis; trials of isonicotinic acid hydrazide.  HF/7/334  n.d

M.Ethel Florey: case notes, minimal pulmonary tuberculosis; trials of streptomycin.  HF/7/335  n.d

M.Ethel Florey: miscellaneous case notes  HF/7/336  1950-1951

M.Ethel Florey: miscellaneous case notes  HF/7/337  1950-1951

M.Ethel Florey: war wounds photographs.  HF/7/338  n.d

M.Ethel Florey: photographs of cases (collected for use in Clinical Application of Antibiotics).  HF/7/339  n.d

M.Ethel Florey: minimal pulmonary tuberculosis - X-rays.  HF/7/340  n.d

M.Ethel Florey: file of abstracts of early penicillin literature.  HF/7/341  n.d

M.Ethel Florey: file of references to penicillin literature  HF/7/342  n.d

M.Ethel Florey: abstracts of penicillin literature.  HF/7/343  n.d

M.Ethel Florey: abstracts of penicillin literature.  HF/7/344  n.d

M.Ethel Florey: abstracts of literature about penicillin and other antibiotics.  HF/7/345  n.d

M.Ethel Florey: abstracts of early antibiotic literature.  HF/7/346  n.d

M.Ethel Florey: notes, reprints, concerning antibiotics and war wounds.  HF/7/347  1940s

M.Ethel Florey: correspondence, notes, reprints, concerning clinical trials of antibiotics.  HF/7/348  1945-1954

M.Ethel Florey: reprints concerning antibiotics and chemotherapy.  HF/7/349  n.d

M.Ethel Florey: reprints concerning antibiotics, histamine, and diseases of childhood.  HF/7/350  n.d

Annual Reports: bodies of which H.W.Florey was a member.  HF/7/351  n.d

Annual Reports: bodies of which H.W.Florey was a member.  HF/7/352  n.d

Annual Reports: societies, laboratories, universities  HF/7/353  1931-1961

Annual Reports: societies, laboratories in Australia and New Zealand; Rockefeller Foundation.  HF/7/354  1936-1959

Annual Reports: Oxford and Cambridge Universities  HF/7/355  1934-1962

Annual Reports: chiefly Lister Institute  HF/7/356  1936-1963

Annual Reports: British Council  HF/7/357  1943-1959

Annual Reports: National Chemical Laboratory  HF/7/358  1964

Annual Reports: Nuffield Foundation  HF/7/359  1947-1961

Annual Reports: miscellaneous universities, hospitals, laboratories  HF/7/360  1931-61

Illustrated London News  HF/7/361  1940-1941

Illustrated London News  HF/7/362  1942-1943

Illustrated London News  HF/7/363  1943-1944

Journals and magazines concerning antibiotics  HF/7/364  1944-1947

Society of American Bacteriologists; American Society for Bacteriology: newsletters  HF/7/365  1946-1961

American Gastroenterological Association, programmes; Organisation Mondiale de Gastro-Enterologie, statutes.  HF/7/366  1947-1961

Distillers Company: monthly summaries of antibiotics literature  HF/7/367  1945-1947

M.A.Florey: miscellaneous reprints.  HF/7/368  n.d

H.W.Florey: miscellaneous reprints, journals and clippings concerning history science and education.  HF/7/369  n.d

Books  HF/8  1929-1963

Antibiotics Annual (ed. Welch & Marti-Ibañez)  HF/8/B1  1953-1954

Antibiotics Annual (ed. Welch & Marti-Ibañez)  HF/8/B2  1954-1955

Antibiotics Annual (ed. Welch & Marti-Ibañez)  HF/8/B3  1955-1956

Antibiotics Annual (ed. Welch & Marti-Ibañez)  HF/8/B4  1956-1957

Antibiotics Annual (ed. Welch & Marti-Ibañez)  HF/8/B5  1957-1958

Antibiotics Annual (ed. Marti-Ibanez)  HF/8/B6  1959-1960

Primer Congreso internacional de Antibioticos y Quimioterapicos, Buenos Aires  HF/8/B7  1953

2 volumes

Penicilina... by Hassib Ashcar.  HF/8/B8  1946

Antibiotic and chemotherapy, by Mary Barber & Lawrence P. Garrod.  HF/8/B9  1963

Pharmacological basis of penicillin therapy, by Karl H.Beyer.  HF/8/B10  1950

British Medical Bulletin, Volume 1  HF/8/B11  1943

British Medical Bulletin, Volume 2  HF/8/B12  1944

De Koch a Waksman, by Florencio Bustinza Lachiondo.  HF/8/B13  1948

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De Pasteur a Fleming, by Florencio Bustinza Lachiondo.  HF/8/B15  1945

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Terapia antibiotica corrente, by Pietro Cocchi & Giorgio Bartolozzi.  HF/8/B17  1962

Pathologische Anatomie und Chemotherapie der Infektionskrankheiten, by Gerhard Domagk.  HF/8/B18  1947

Recent advances in chemotherapy, by G.M.Findlay. 3rd edition  HF/8/B19  1950/1

2 vols.

Penicillin: its practical application. (ed. Alexander Fleming)  HF/8/B20  1946

Penicillin: its practical application. (ed. Alexander Fleming). 2nd edition  HF/8/B21  1950

Antibiotics, by Howard Florey; (52nd Robert Boyle Lecture, 1950).  HF/8/B22  1951

Lectures on General Pathology (ed. Howard Florey)  HF/8/B23  1954

General Pathology (ed. Howard Florey); 2nd edition  HF/8/B24  1958

General Pathology (ed. Howard Florey); 3rd edition (American edition).  HF/8/B25  1962

General Pathology (ed. Howard Florey); 4th edition (American edition).  HF/8/B26  1970

The clinical applications of antibiotics. Penicillin. By M.E.Florey.  HF/8/B27  1952

Thérapeutique par la Pénicilline. Ministère de la Santé publique, France.  HF/8/B28  1947

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Index to the Transactions of the first to nineteenth Veterans Administration Conferences on the Chemotherapy of Tuberculosis 1946-1960.  HF/8/B84  1960

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Antibiotics in agriculture (ed. Malcolm Woodbine).  HF/8/B100  1962

Collected Reprints  HF/9  1913 - 1967

Penicillin A-D (arranged by author)  HF/9/R1  n.d

Penicillin E-J (arranged by author)  HF/9/R2  n.d

Penicillin K-M (arranged by author)  HF/9/R3  n.d

Penicillin O-S (arranged by author)  HF/9/R4  n.d

Penicillin T-Z (arranged by author)  HF/9/R5  n.d

Antibiotics A-B (arranged by author)  HF/9/R6  n.d

Antibiotics C-E (arranged by author)  HF/9/R7  n.d

Antibiotics F-G (arranged by author)  HF/9/R8  n.d

Antibiotics H-L (arranged by author)  HF/9/R9  n.d

Antibiotics M-P (arranged by author)  HF/9/R10  n.d

Antibiotics R-S (arranged by author)  HF/9/R11  n.d

Antibiotics T-Wa (arranged by author)  HF/9/R12  n.d

Antibiotics We-Z (arranged by author)  HF/9/R13  n.d

Antibiotics: miscellaneous papers  HF/9/R14  1953-1962

Atherosclerosis A-M (arranged by authors)  HF/9/R15  n.d

Atherosclerosis N-Z (arranged by authors)  HF/9/R16  n.d

Electron microscopy  HF/9/R17  n.d

Endothelium  HF/9/R18  n.d

Gastro-intestinal tract A-J (arranged by author)  HF/9/R19  n.d

Gastro-intestinal tract K-Z (arranged by author)  HF/9/R20  n.d

Micro-organisms: papers by Raistrick et al.  HF/9/R21  n.d

Shock A-L (arranged by author)  HF/9/R22  n.d

Shock M-Z (arranged by author)  HF/9/R23  n.d

Tuberculosis  HF/9/R24  n.d

Miscellaneous papers  HF/9/R25  1913-1935

Papers about blood, cerebral circulation, pancreas.  HF/9/R26  n.d

Papers about heart, hormones, kidney, metabolism.  HF/9/R27  n.d

Papers about nervous system, pharmacology.  HF/9/R28  n.d

Papers about pharmacology, tumours, vascular system, X-rays.  HF/9/R29  1950

Papers, 1950s; adaptation syndrome - bacteriology  HF/9/R30  1950

Papers, 1950s; cancer - Robert Chambers  HF/9/R31  1950

Papers, 1950s; chemistry - healing  HF/9/R32  1950

Papers, 1950s; heart - history, general (A-H)  HF/9/R33  1950

Papers, 1950s; history, general (I-Z) - immunology  HF/9/R34  1950

Papers, 1950s; lymphatics - secretion  HF/9/R35  1950

Papers, 1950s; Skin - Viruses  HF/9/R36  1950

Miscellaneous papers relating to H.W.Florey's research interests  HF/9/R37  1957-1958

Miscellaneous papers, chiefly relating to work on lipids with J.E.French  HF/9/R38  1952-1957

Papers by A.C.Ivy and colleagues, ca. A-G (arranged by author)  HF/9/R39  1940-1955

Papers by A.C.Ivy and colleagues, ca. H-Z (arranged by author)  HF/9/R40  1940-1955

Reprints received from Canadian Universities  HF/9/R41  ca. 1938-1946

Reprints received from Edinburgh University  HF/9/R42  n.d

Reprints received from Otago University, 1945-1953; J.A.Gunn, 1932-1939; McGill University, 1954-1962; miscellaneous papers, 1961-2  HF/9/R43  1932-1962

Reprints received from the Microbiological Research Establishment, Porton A-M (arranged by author)  HF/9/R44  n.d

Reprints received from the Microbiological Research Establishment, Porton N-Z (arranged by author)  HF/9/R45  n.d

Reprints received from Queensland Institute of Medical Research  HF/9/R46  n.d

Miscellaneous papers: histology, endothelium.  HF/9/R47  n.d

Miscellaneous papers, by Fleming (Alexander), Fulton (J.F.) and Garrod (L.P.)  HF/9/R48  n.d

Miscellaneous papers A-Be (arranged by author)  HF/9/R49  To 1950

Miscellaneous papers Bi-Bu (arranged by author)  HF/9/R50  To 1950

Miscellaneous papers C (arranged by author)  HF/9/R51  To 1950

Miscellaneous papers D-E (arranged by author)  HF/9/R52  To 1950

Miscellaneous papers F-Ge (arranged by author)  HF/9/R53  To 1950

Miscellaneous papers Gi-Gu (arranged by author)  HF/9/R54  To 1950

Miscellaneous papers H (arranged by author)  HF/9/R55  To 1950

Miscellaneous papers I-Le (arranged by author)  HF/9/R56  To 1950

Miscellaneous papers Li-Man (arranged by author)  HF/9/R57  To 1950

Miscellaneous papers Mar-P (arranged by author)  HF/9/R58  To 1950

Miscellaneous papers Q-Sk (arranged by author)  HF/9/R59  To 1950

Miscellaneous papers Sl-V (arranged by author)  HF/9/R60  To 1950

Miscellaneous papers W-Z (arranged by author)  HF/9/R61  To 1950

Miscellaneous papers, A-D (arranged by author)  HF/9/R62  1952-1959

Miscellaneous papers, E-Ha (arranged by author)  HF/9/R63  1952-1959

Miscellaneous papers, He-Mal (arranged by author)  HF/9/R64  1952-1959

Miscellaneous papers, Man-Q (arranged by author)  HF/9/R65  1952-1959

Miscellaneous papers, R-S (arranged by author)  HF/9/R66  1952-1959

Miscellaneous papers, T-Z (arranged by author)  HF/9/R67  1952-1959

Papers on general topics  HF/9/R68  1960-1967

Presentation reprints - from various countries  HF/9/R69  n.d

Presentation reprints - from various countries  HF/9/R70  n.d

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