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Catalogue of the papers of Sir Henry Hallett Dale FRS (1875 - 1968)

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Reference MS 93HD
Covering dates 1888-1968
Held by Royal Society
Extent 1,077 files
Source of acquisition The collection was transferred to the Royal Society from the Wellcome Trust in 1969.
Creators Dale, Sir Henry Hallett, 1875-1968, Knight, scientist, physiologist and pharmacologist
Note Compiled by Cathryn May

The papers consist of official correspondence, personal files, diaries, lectures and related correspondence reprints and miscellaneous items including photographs and ephemera, with four boxes of slides. A supplementary collection was added by Lady Todd (Sir Henry Dale's daughter) in 1978, being additional papers and correspondence, with Sir Henry Dale's medals and awards.
1. Scientific Associations 1.1 - 11.3
2. Non scientific Associations 12.1 - 15.10
3. Foreign Academies 16.1 - 16.14
4. International Associations 17.1 - 17.7
93HD/2 CLUBS 18.1 - 18.7
93HD/3 COMMISSIONS 19.1 - 20.2
93HD/4 COMMITTEES 20.3 - 21.5
93HD/5 GOVERNORSHIPS 22.1 - 24.5
93HD/6 TRUSTEESHIPS 25.1 - 25.12
93HD/7 MEETINGS 26.1 - 26.16
93HD/8 PUBLICATIONS 27.1 - 28.11
93HD/9 BROADCASTS 29.1 - 29.8
93HD/11 TRAVEL 31.1 - 31.6
1. With colleagues 32.1 - 45.22
2. With other countries 46.1 - 46.8
3. With government departments 47.1 - 47.16
4. Pharmaceutical companies 48.1 - 48.6
5. Research institutions 49.1 - 49.3
6. Universities 50.1 - 50.14
7. Miscellaneous organisations 51.1 - 51.22
8. Miscellaneous topics 52.1 - 60
93HD/13 PERSONAL FILES 61.1 - 67.3
93HD/14 DIARIES 68.1 - 68.20
93HD/15 PHOTOGRAPHS 69.1 - 70.22
93HD/16 PRESS CUTTINGS 71.1 - 71.4
93HD/17 LECTURES 72.1 - 81.12
93HD/18 REPRINTS 82 - 137
1. Certificates 142.1 - 143.13
2. Autobiographical materials 143.1 - 143.13
3. Citations 144.1 - 144.2
4. Decorations 145.1
5. Personal Medals 145.2 - 145.13
6. Congress Medals 145.14 - 145.27
7. Correspondence and photos 146.1 - 146.7
8. Reprints 147 - 149
9. Miscellaneous items 150.1 - 150.14


British scientific associations, societies etc.  MS 93HD/1/1  1926-1967

Association of Clinical Pathologists: correspondence and printed material  MS 93HD/1/1/1.1  1950-1956

Association of Physicians of Great Britain and Ireland: correspondence  MS 93HD/1/1/1.2  1956

Biochemical Society: correspondence and other papers  MS 93HD/1/1/1.3  1958-1964

British Association for the Advancement of Science: Council agenda and minutes; minutes of the Audio Visual Aids and the Finance and General Purposes Committees  MS 93HD/1/1/1.4  1965-1967

British Association for the Advancement of Science: correspondence and other papers  MS 93HD/1/1/1.5  1947-1962

British Association for the Advancement of Science: Association Canadienne Française pour 1'Avancement des Sciences, correspondence  MS 93HD/1/1/1.6  1947

British Association of Allergists: correspondence and other papers  MS 93HD/1/1/1.7  1948-1955

British Association of Dermatology: correspondence and other papers  MS 93HD/1/1/1.8  1948-1967

British Cardiac Society: correspondence and printed booklet  MS 93HD/1/1/1.9  1958-[1960]

British Diabetic Association: correspondence and other papers  MS 93HD/1/1/1.10  1944-1961

British Medical Association: general correspondence and other papers  MS 93HD/1/1/1.11  1954-1959

British Medical Association: Negotiating Committee, reports  MS 93HD/1/1/1.12  1945

British Medical Association: Patents Committee, committee papers and correspondence  MS 93HD/1/1/1.13  1944-1945

British Medical Association: Science Committee, correspondence  MS 93HD/1/1/1.14  1942-1953

British Medical Association: Henry Dale film, correspondence and copies of film script  MS 93HD/1/1/1.15  1959-1960

British Pharmacological Society: correspondence  MS 93HD/1/1/2.1  1943-1957

Chemical Society: circulars and Proceedings  MS 93HD/1/1/2.2  1953-1954

Hampstead Scientific Society: correspondence and report  MS 93HD/1/1/2.3  1926-1959

Harveian Society of London: correspondence and other papers  MS 93HD/1/1/2.4  1950-1954

James IV Association of Surgeons Inc.: minutes, correspondence and membership book  MS 93HD/1/1/2.5  1964-1966

Physiological Society: correspondence and other papers  MS 93HD/1/1/2.6  [1945]-1956

Physiological Society: A.G.M., 1944, correspondence  MS 93HD/1/1/2.7  1943-1944

Renal Association: correspondence and other papers  MS 93HD/1/1/2.8  1950-1955

Research Defence Society: correspondence and other papers  MS 93HD/1/1/2.9  1944-1957

Research Defence Society: Stephen Paget Memorial Lecture, 1955, correspondence and other papers  MS 93HD/1/1/2.10  1953-1957

Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists: correspondence and notes for speeches  MS 93HD/1/1/2.11  1948-1949

Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh: correspondence and other papers  MS 93HD/1/1/2.12  1951-1956

Royal College of Physicians of London: correspondence and other papers  MS 93HD/1/1/2.13  1955-1965

Royal College of Physicians of London: Science Committee, agenda and correspondence  MS 93HD/1/1/2.14  1959

Royal College of Physicians of London: Harvey film, correspondence  MS 93HD/1/1/2.15  1928-1956

Royal College of Surgeons of England: correspondence and other papers  MS 93HD/1/1/2.16  1943-1960

Royal College of Surgeons of England: Court of Patrons, correspondence  MS 93HD/1/1/2.17  1957-1960

Royal College of Surgeons of England: Hunterian Collection, minutes and correspondence  MS 93HD/1/1/2.18  1961-1967

Royal College of Surgeons of England: Research Chair in Anaesthetics, correspondence  MS 93HD/1/1/2.19  [1958]-1963

Royal Institute of Chemistry: correspondence and other papers  MS 93HD/1/1/2.20  1952

Royal Society: Officers' meetings, minutes etc.  MS 93HD/1/1/3.1  1941-1945

Royal Society: Cultural Relations Committee, committee papers and correspondence  MS 93HD/1/1/3.2  1945

Royal Society - National Trust: Down House Committee, committee papers and correspondence  MS 93HD/1/1/3.3  1956-1957

Royal Society: Government Grant Committee, applications and related correspondence  MS 93HD/1/1/3.4  1939-1946

Royal Society: Head Bequest Committee, committee papers and correspondence  MS 93HD/1/1/3.5  1945-1951

Royal Society: History of Science Committee, correspondence  MS 93HD/1/1/3.6  1946

Royal Society: Library Committee, committee papers  MS 93HD/1/1/3.7  1947-1950

Royal Society: Medical Research Committee, committee papers and correspondence  MS 93HD/1/1/3.8  1939-1954

Royal Society: Medical Research Committee, British Himalayan Expedition, 1952, correspondence and reports  MS 93HD/1/1/3.9  1952

Royal Society: Medical Research Committee, Tropical Diseases Sub-Committee, committee papers and correspondence  MS 93HD/1/1/3.10  1938-1945

Royal Society: Scientific Relief Committee, committee papers and correspondence  MS 93HD/1/1/4.1  1952-1960

Royal Society: Scientific Relief Committee, applications, A - W  MS 93HD/1/1/4.2  1950-1958

Royal Society: Sorby Research Fund Committee, correspondence  MS 93HD/1/1/4.3  1941-1951

Royal Society: Post War Research Committees, reports and related correspondence  MS 93HD/1/1/4.4  1944

Royal Society - Nuffield Foundation: Commonwealth Bursaries Scheme, 3rd annual report  MS 93HD/1/1/4.5  1957

Royal Society: International Geophysical Year, interim statement  MS 93HD/1/1/4.6  1958

Royal Society: report on the emigration of scientists from the U.K.  MS 93HD/1/1/4.7  1963

Royal Society: general correspondence and other papers  MS 93HD/1/1/4.8  [1929]-1967

Royal Society: President's correspondence  MS 93HD/1/1/5.1  1940-1946

Royal Society: notes for and correspondence concerning Dale's Presidential addresses, and text of 1941 address  MS 93HD/1/1/5.2  1941-1947

Royal Society: election of Fellows, correspondence  MS 93HD/1/1/5.3  1940-1967

Royal Society: personal records of Fellows, correspondence  MS 93HD/1/1/5.4  1941-1945

Royal Society: Dale's personal record  MS 93HD/1/1/5.5  [1957]

Royal Society: E.D. Adrian, correspondence  MS 93HD/1/1/5.6  1950-1954

Royal Society: A.C.G. Egerton, correspondence  MS 93HD/1/1/5.7  1940-1948

Royal Society: R.A. Fisher, correspondence  MS 93HD/1/1/5.8  1941-1945

Royal Society: A.V. Hill, correspondence  MS 93HD/1/1/6.1  1935-1947

Royal Society: H.G. Lyons, correspondence and obituaries  MS 93HD/1/1/6.2  1938-1945

Royal Society: T.R. Merton, correspondence  MS 93HD/1/1/6.3  1941-1949

Royal Society: J.H. Parsons, correspondence  MS 93HD/1/1/6.4  1940-1957

Royal Society: E. Rock Carling, correspondence and printed material  MS 93HD/1/1/6.5  1958-1959

Royal Society: E.J. Russell, correspondence  MS 93HD/1/1/6.6  1942-1943

Royal Society: H.T. Tizard, correspondence  MS 93HD/1/1/6.7  1943-1946

Royal Society: circulars  MS 93HD/1/1/6.8  1961-1967

Royal Society: Horace Darwin Fund, correspondence  MS 93HD/1/1/6.9  1944

Royal Society: Mr. and Mrs. John Jaffe Fund, correspondence  MS 93HD/1/1/6.10  1952

Royal Society: Lectures, correspondence  MS 93HD/1/1/6.11  1943-1946

Royal Society: Medals, nominations and related correspondence  MS 93HD/1/1/6.12  1940-1944

Royal Society: Notes and Records, article by Dale about Michael Foster, correspondence and other papers  MS 93HD/1/1/6.13  1963-1964

Royal Society: Royal Society Club, correspondence and other papers  MS 93HD/1/1/6.14  1941-1965

Royal Society: Agricultural Research Council, correspondence  MS 93HD/1/1/7.1  1941-1944

Royal Society: Biological Council, correspondence  MS 93HD/1/1/7.2  1944

Royal Society: Conway - Evans Prize, 1944, correspondence  MS 93HD/1/1/7.3  1944

Royal Society: Victor Horsley Memorial Fund, correspondence  MS 93HD/1/1/7.4  1941

Royal Society: Imperial Agricultural Bureaux, report and correspondence  MS 93HD/1/1/7.5  1941-1946

Royal Society: Imperial Agricultural Bureaux, Hankey Committee, committee papers  MS 93HD/1/1/7.6  1942-1943

Royal Society: Institution of Civil Engineers, Ewing Medal, correspondence and copy of speech by Dale  MS 93HD/1/1/7.7  1941-1945

Royal Society: International Council for Scientific Unions, correspondence  MS 93HD/1/1/7.8  [1938]-1946

Royal Society: King's School, Grantham, correspondence  MS 93HD/1/1/7.9  1955

Royal Society: London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, correspondence and other papers  MS 93HD/1/1/7.10  1947-1950

Royal Society: National Physical Laboratory, correspondence  MS 93HD/1/1/7.11  1940-1945

Royal Society: National Radium Trust, papers relating to meetings and correspondence  MS 93HD/1/1/7.12  1939-1945

Royal Society: Woolsthorpe Manor Committee of Management, minutes and correspondence  MS 93HD/1/1/7.13  1945-1957

Royal Society: Air Ministry, correspondence  MS 93HD/1/1/7.14  1945

Royal Society: British Ecological Society, correspondence and printed material  MS 93HD/1/1/7.15  1944-1946

Royal Society: Foreign Office, correspondence  MS 93HD/1/1/7.16  1942-1943

Royal Society: Institution of Electrical Engineers, correspondence  MS 93HD/1/1/7.17  1941-1945

Royal Society: Rockefeller Foundation, minutes and correspondence  MS 93HD/1/1/7.18  1941-1945

Royal Society: Strangeways Research Laboratory, correspondence  MS 93HD/1/1/7.19  1941-1951

Royal Society: British Commonwealth Science Committee, committee papers  MS 93HD/1/1/8.1  1941-1943

Royal Society: British Commonwealth, correspondence and other papers concerning scientific co-operation with  MS 93HD/1/1/8.2  1941-1943

Royal Society: Empire Scientific Conference, 1946, correspondence and other papers  MS 93HD/1/1/8.3  1943-1946

Royal Society: France, correspondence  MS 93HD/1/1/8.4  1941-1947

Royal Society: India, medical education, correspondence and reports  MS 93HD/1/1/8.5  [1944]-1945

Royal Society: India, scientific liaison with, correspondence and other papers  MS 93HD/1/1/8.6  1942-1945

Royal Society: India, visit of Indian scientists, 1944, correspondence and other papers  MS 93HD/1/1/8.7  [1935]-1945

Royal Society: Anglo-Soviet co-operation, correspondence and other papers  MS 93HD/1/1/8.8  [1941]-1945

Royal Society: Anglo-Soviet Medical Society, correspondence and report  MS 93HD/1/1/8.9  1941-[1946]

Royal Society: American Philosophical Society, correspondence  MS 93HD/1/1/8.10  1941

Royal Society: American Physiological Society, correspondence  MS 93HD/1/1/8.11  1941-1945

Royal Society: miscellaneous correspondence and other papers  MS 93HD/1/1/9.1  1941-1966

Royal Society: Copernicus meeting, 1943, correspondence and other papers  MS 93HD/1/1/9.2  [1942]-1943

Royal Society: Einstein's broadcast, correspondence  MS 93HD/1/1/9.3  1957

Royal Society: G. Ettisch, correspondence  MS 93HD/1/1/9.4  1944-1945

Royal Society: Honours List, correspondence  MS 93HD/1/1/9.5  1941-1945

Royal Society: Newton commemorative meeting, 1942, and other Newton matters, correspondence and other papers  MS 93HD/1/1/9.6  1941-1951

Royal Society: refugee scientists, correspondence  MS 93HD/1/1/9.7  1940-1943

Royal Society: Scientific Research Register, correspondence and other papers  MS 93HD/1/1/9.8  1939

Royal Society: Tercentenary celebrations, correspondence and other papers  MS 93HD/1/1/9.9  1958-1960

Royal Society: Tercentenary celebrations, invitations etc.  MS 93HD/1/1/9.10  1960-1962

Royal Society: Tercentenary celebrations, literature  MS 93HD/1/1/9.11  1960

Royal Society of Medicine: general correspondence and other papers  MS 93HD/1/1/10.1  1938-1967

Royal Society of Medicine: President's correspondence  MS 93HD/1/1/10.2  [1950]-1951

Royal Society of Medicine: Finance and General Purposes Committee, committee papers and correspondence  MS 93HD/1/1/10.3  [1954]-1965

Royal Society of Medicine: Nuffield Lecture Committee, minutes and correspondence  MS 93HD/1/1/10.4  1958-1965

Royal Society of Medicine: Central Medical Library Bureau, correspondence and copy of address by Dale  MS 93HD/1/1/10.5  1948-1949

Society for Freedom in Science: correspondence and other papers  MS 93HD/1/1/11.1  1941-1963

Society for Visiting Scientists: correspondence and other papers  MS 93HD/1/1/11.2  1943-1959

Society for Visiting Scientists: Overseas Science Students Association, correspondence and reports  MS 93HD/1/1/11.3  1952-1953

British non-scientific associations etc  MS 93HD/1/2  1940-1967

Anglo-German Association: correspondence and other papers  MS 93HD/1/2/12.1  1952-1958

British Council: Executive Committee, committee papers  MS 93HD/1/2/12.2  1940-1949

British Council: Executive Committee, "Memorandum on Future Development", copies of memorandum and related correspondence  MS 93HD/1/2/12.3  1944

British Council: Policy Committee, committee papers  MS 93HD/1/2/12.4  1947

British Council: Science Committee, committee papers and correspondence  MS 93HD/1/2/12.5  1944-1948

British Council: Science Committee, Agricultural Panel, committee papers and correspondence  MS 93HD/1/2/12.6  1945-1949

British Council: Science Committee, General Science Panel, committee papers and correspondence  MS 93HD/1/2/12.7  1947-1948

British Council: Science Committee, Medical Panel, committee papers  MS 93HD/1/2/12.8  1945-1946

British Council: Presidency, correspondence  MS 93HD/1/2/13.1  1949-1950

British Council: R.F. Adam, correspondence  MS 93HD/1/2/13.2  1950-1956

British Council: E. Bolton King, minutes, correspondence and reports  MS 93HD/1/2/13.3  1948-1961

British Council: R. Davies, correspondence  MS 93HD/1/2/13.4  1950-1951

British Council: N. Howard Jones, correspondence and other papers  MS 93HD/1/2/13.5  1943-1948

British Council: H.R. Mills, minutes and correspondence  MS 93HD/1/2/13.6  1947-1949

British Council: A.S. Redfern, correspondence and report  MS 93HD/1/2/13.7  [1948]-1950

British Council: G.H. Shreeve, correspondence  MS 93HD/1/2/13.8  1950-1951

British Council: A.P. Sinker, correspondence and copy of Sinker's address at the A.G.M., 1956  MS 93HD/1/2/13.9  1954-1962

British Council: Visitors Department, correspondence  MS 93HD/1/2/13.10  1949-1957

British Council: broadcasts, correspondence and copies of broadcasts  MS 93HD/1/2/13.11  1942-[1955]

British Council: publications, correspondence and other papers  MS 93HD/1/2/13.12  [1943]-1966

British Council: Cavendish Laboratory, copy of article about the Laboratory and related correspondence  MS 93HD/1/2/13.13  1943-1944

British Council: Enquiry, 1944, correspondence  MS 93HD/1/2/13.14  1944-1945

British Council: International Conference of University Professors of English, Oxford, 1950, correspondence and other papers  MS 93HD/1/2/13.15  1950

British Council: Argentina, correspondence and report  MS 93HD/1/2/13.16  1945

British Council: Australia, correspondence  MS 93HD/1/2/13.17  1943

British Council: Belgium, correspondence and other papers  MS 93HD/1/2/13.18  1945

British Council: China, correspondence, reports and articles  MS 93HD/1/2/13.19  1941-1949

British Council: China II, J. Needham, correspondence and other papers  MS 93HD/1/2/14.1  1943-1945

British Council: Egypt, correspondence  MS 93HD/1/2/14.2  1943-1945

British Council: France, correspondence and reports  MS 93HD/1/2/14.3  1945-1951

British Council: Greece, report on medical education  MS 93HD/1/2/14.4  1945

British Council: India, correspondence  MS 93HD/1/2/14.5  1944-1948

British Council: Italy and Sicily, correspondence  MS 93HD/1/2/14.6  1945

British Council: Portugal, correspondence  MS 93HD/1/2/14.7  1943-1944

British Council: South America, correspondence  MS 93HD/1/2/14.8  1942-1945

British Council: Sweden, correspondence and reports  MS 93HD/1/2/14.9  1942-1945

British Council: Turkey, correspondence and other papers  MS 93HD/1/2/14.10  1942-1945

British Council: U.S.S.R., correspondence and other papers  MS 93HD/1/2/14.11  1942-1945

British Council: reports and related correspondence  MS 93HD/1/2/14.12  1943-1949

British Council: "Report on Visit of Science Officer to Austria May-July 1948"  MS 93HD/1/2/14.13  [1948]

British United Aid to China: correspondence and other papers  MS 93HD/1/2/15.1  1943-1957

English-Speaking Union: correspondence  MS 93HD/1/2/15.2  1942-1950

Institution of Municipal Engineers: correspondence  MS 93HD/1/2/15.3  1948-1949

National Book League: correspondence and printed pamphlet  MS 93HD/1/2/15.4  1945-1967

Royal Institute of International Affairs: correspondence and printed material  MS 93HD/1/2/15.5  1946-1957

Salters' Company: general correspondence and other papers  MS 93HD/1/2/15.6  1946-1967

Salters' Company: Salters' Institute of Industrial Chemistry, correspondence and other papers  MS 93HD/1/2/15.7  1955-1965

Society for Individual Freedom: correspondence and reprints  MS 93HD/1/2/15.8  1955-1965

Society of Apothecaries of London: correspondence and printed pamphlet  MS 93HD/1/2/15.9  1951-1957

United Nations Association of Great Brittain and Northern Ireland: correspondence and other papers  MS 93HD/1/2/15.10  1946-1967

Foreign academies etc  MS 93HD/1/3  1939-1965

Académie Royale de Médecine de Belgique: correspondence  MS 93HD/1/3/16.1  1945-1946

Canadian Physiological Society: correspondence  MS 93HD/1/3/16.2  1960-1966

Académie de Médecine de Paris: correspondence  MS 93HD/1/3/16.3  1948

Deutsche Pharmakologische Gesellschaft: correspondence and other papers  MS 93HD/1/3/16.4  1947-1963

Indian Academy of Sciences: correspondence  MS 93HD/1/3/16.5  1949-1954

Note: file includes correspondence with the Indian Science Congress Association, 1953-1954

Royal Society of New Zealand: correspondence  MS 93HD/1/3/16.6  1952

Académie Suisse des Sciences Médicales: correspondence  MS 93HD/1/3/16.7  1946-1959

Note: file includes correspondence with the Société Helvétique des Sciences Naturelles, 1946, and the International Society of Internal Medicine, 1950

U.S.S.R. Academy of Sciences: correspondence and other papers  MS 93HD/1/3/16.8  1947-1965

American Academy of Allergy: correspondence and printed programme  MS 93HD/1/3/16.9  1950-1954

American Medical Association: correspondence and other papers  MS 93HD/1/3/16.10  1929-1941

American Philosophical Society: correspondence  MS 93HD/1/3/16.11  1939-1950

American Society for Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics, Inc.: correspondence and other papers  MS 93HD/1/3/16.12  1949-1955

Note: file includes copy correspondence, dated 1938, concerning Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics

New York Academy of Sciences: correspondence and printed material  MS 93HD/1/3/16.13  1946-1964

New York Academy of Sciences: conference on "Antihistamine Agents in Allergy", 1947, correspondence and other papers  MS 93HD/1/3/16.14  1947-1950

International organisations  MS 93HD/1/4  1945-1962

Collegium Internationale Allergologicum: correspondence and other papers  MS 93HD/1/4/17.1  1953-1957

Committee on Science and Freedom: correspondence and other papers  MS 93HD/1/4/17.2  1954-1962

International Association of Allergists: correspondence and other papers  MS 93HD/1/4/17.3  1951

International Association of University Professors and Lecturers: correspondence and other papers  MS 93HD/1/4/17.4  1945

International Brain Research Organization: correspondence and other papers  MS 93HD/1/4/17.5  1961-1962

Note: file includes booklet concerning the XXII International Congress of Physical Sciences, 1962

International Cancer Research Organization, Inc.: correspondence  MS 93HD/1/4/17.6  1948

United Europe: correspondence and other papers  MS 93HD/1/4/17.7  1947-1955

Note: file contains correspondence with United Europe Movement, 1947-1948; International Committee of the Movements for European Unity, 1948; European Movement, 1949-1955

Clubs  MS 93HD/2  1938-1965

Athenaeum: committee papers and general correspondence  MS 93HD/2/18.1  1940-1966

Cambridge University Natural Sciences Club: Blue Book, correspondence and items relating to the Club's 2000th meeting  MS 93HD/2/18.2  1946-1960

The Club: correspondence  MS 93HD/2/18.3  1946-1965

College Club: correspondence  MS 93HD/2/18.4  1938-1966

Medical Research Club: agenda, correspondence and copies of the club's history  MS 93HD/2/18.5  1949-1953

Quekett Microscopical Club: correspondence  MS 93HD/2/18.6  1943-1957

St. Bartholomew's Hospital Paget Club: agenda and correspondence  MS 93HD/2/18.7  1948-1950

Commissions  MS 93HD/3  1945-1967

Anglo-Belgian Mixed Commission: minutes, correspondence and other papers  MS 93HD/3/19.1  1946-1954

Royal Commission for the Exhibition of 1851: minutes, correspondence and other papers  MS 93HD/3/19.2  1945-1967

Standing Commission on Museums and Galleries: minutes, correspondence and other papers  MS 93HD/3/19.3  1946-1955

Standing Commission on Museums and Galleries: minutes, correspondence and other papers  MS 93HD/3/20.1  1956-1961

War Crimes Commission, International Scientific: papers  MS 93HD/3/20.2  [1945]-1949

Note: file includes correspondence and other papers relating to the work of the War Crimes Committee, 1946-1949

Committees  MS 93HD/4  1928-1962

British Pharmacopoeia Selection Committee: correspondence and report  MS 93HD/4/20.3  1928-1958

Fleming Memorial: minutes, correspondence and other papers  MS 93HD/4/20.4  1955-1963

Home Office: Cruelty to Animals Act, 1876, Advisory Committee, committee papers and correspondence  MS 93HD/4/20.5  1947-1967

Home Office: Cruelty to Animals Act, 1876, Advisory Committee and the R.S.P.C.A., correspondence and other papers  MS 93HD/4/21.1  [1906]-1962

Ministry of Health: Therapeutic Substances Act, Advisory and Revision Committees, minutes, correspondence and other papers  MS 93HD/4/21.2  1925-1962

Museums Association: Joint Committee on Government Assistance, committee papers and correspondence  MS 93HD/4/21.3  1955-1960

Nuffield Foundation: Endocrine Research Unit, Advisory Committee, committee papers and correspondence  MS 93HD/4/21.4  1944-1946

Lady Tata Memorial Trust: Scientific Advisory Committee, minutes, correspondence and other papers  MS 93HD/4/21.5  1937-1961

Governorships  MS 93HD/5  1939-1967

Leys School: Governors' meetings, papers  MS 93HD/5/22.1  1956-[1963]

Leys School: correspondence and other papers  MS 93HD/5/22.2  1939-1962

Lister Institute of Preventive Medicine: correspondence and other papers  MS 93HD/5/23.1  1948-1957

Lister Institute of Preventive Medicine: correspondence and other papers  MS 93HD/5/23.2  1958-1966

Lister Institute of Preventive Medicine: A.A. Miles, correspondence and other papers  MS 93HD/5/23.3  1950-1966

Lister Institute of Preventive Medicine: financial support, correspondence  MS 93HD/5/24.1  1953-1955

Lister Institute of Preventive Medicine: Guinness-Lister Research Unit, correspondence and other papers  MS 93HD/5/24.2  1951-1961

Lister Institute of Preventive Medicine: Wellcome-Lister collaboration, minutes and correspondence  MS 93HD/5/24.3  1958-1961

St. Bartholomew's Hospital: correspondence and other papers  MS 93HD/5/24.4  1948-1953

St. Bartholomew's Hospital: Medical College, agenda, correspondence and reports  MS 93HD/5/24.5  1945-1967

Trusteeships  MS 93HD/6  1943-1967

Basic English: correspondence and other papers  MS 93HD/6/25.1  1943-1947

Beit Memorial Fellowships for Medical Research: correspondence and reports  MS 93HD/6/25.2  1946-1967

British Museum: sub-committee papers, correspondence and other items  MS 93HD/6/25.3  1932-1967

British Museum (Natural History): correspondence and other papers  MS 93HD/6/25.4  1955-1965

British Museum (Natural History): G.R. de Beer, correspondence  MS 93HD/6/25.5  1950-1960

British Museum (Natural History): Departmental Whitley Council, Council papers and correspondence  MS 93HD/6/25.6  1947-1949

Note: file includes papers relating to the work of the Sub-Committee on Departmental Organization, 1947-1948

British Museum (Natural History): Bird Exploration Fund, correspondence  MS 93HD/6/25.7  1949

British Museum (Natural History): Piltdown Skull, press cuttings and printed material  MS 93HD/6/25.8  1953-1955

Library Association: correspondence  MS 93HD/6/25.9  1946

National Central Library: papers relating to Trustees' meetings and correspondence  MS 93HD/6/25.10  1946-1964

Saltwell Will Trust: papers relating to Trustees' meetings and correspondence  MS 93HD/6/25.11  1943-1966

Strangeways Research Laboratory: papers relating to Trustees' meetings, correspondence and reprint  MS 93HD/6/25.12  1950-1961

Meetings  MS 93HD/7  1935-1953

Internationale Medizinische Woche in der Schweiz, 1935: correspondence, conference literature and copies of Dale's address and the ensuing discussion  MS 93HD/7/26.1  1935

XVII International Physiological Congress, 1947: correspondence, copies of addresses and other papers  MS 93HD/7/26.2  1946-1951

Symposium on Cancer, 1947: correspondence and copy of Dale's address  MS 93HD/7/26.3  1947

Premier Congrès Européen d'Allergie, 1950: correspondence and programme  MS 93HD/7/26.4  1949-1950

6th International Congress of Radiology, 1950: correspondence and copies of Dale's address; Note: file includes papers relating to the work of the International Commission on Radiological Protection, 1950  MS 93HD/7/26.5  1946-1950

Miscellaneous scientific meetings, 1951: correspondence and printed material  MS 93HD/7/26.6  1951

Cinquantenaire de la Decouverte de l'Anaphylaxie, 1952: correspondence and copies of Dale's contribution to the symposium  MS 93HD/7/26.7  1951-1953

Note: file includes correspondence concerning the Congres de Biologie Clinique, 1953

Conference on Science and Freedom, 1953: correspondence, programme and booklet entitled The Congress for Cultural Freedom  MS 93HD/7/26.8  1952-1953

Philadelphia Physiological Society: Symposium on Neurohumoral Transmission, 1953, correspondence and copies of Dale's address  MS 93HD/7/26.9  1953-1954

Joint British Medical Association - Canadian Medical Association Annual Meeting, 1955: correspondence, copies of addresses and other papers  MS 93HD/7/26.10  1954-1956

II International Congress of Allergology, 1955: correspondence and copies of Dale's contribution  MS 93HD/7/26.11  1953-1956

III International Congress of Allergology, 1958: correspondence and other papers  MS 93HD/7/26.12  1933-1959

XXI International Congress of Physiological Sciences, 1959: correspondence, programme and copies of addresses  MS 93HD/7/26.13  1958-1959

Fourth European Congress of Allergy, 1959: correspondence, copy of Dale's address and reprints  MS 93HD/7/26.14  1957-1960

Symposium on Adrenergic Mechanisms, 1960: correspondence, programme and copies of Dale's contribution  MS 93HD/7/26.15  1959-1960

Primo Symposium Internazionale Sulla Funzione Degli Instituti Nazionali di Sanita Nella Ricerca Scientifica e Nella Tutela Della Pubblica Salute, 1960: correspondence, programme and copy of Dale's contribution  MS 93HD/7/26.16  1960-1961

Publications  MS 93HD/8  1939-1963

Adventures in Physiology: correspondence  MS 93HD/8/27.1  1948-1954

An Autumn Gleaning: correspondence and other papers  MS 93HD/8/27.2  1953-1967

British Journal of Pharmacology and Chemotherapy: correspondence and copies of articles contributed by Dale  MS 93HD/8/27.3  1944-1946

British Medical Journal: correspondence and copies of articles contributed by Dale  MS 93HD/8/27.4  1920-1965

British Medical Journal: symposium on "Fifty Years of Medicine", correspondence and copy of Dale's contribution  MS 93HD/8/27.5  1949-1950

Butterworth & Co.: correspondence concerning Research  MS 93HD/8/27.6  1947-1950

Central Office of Information: correspondence and copies of Dale's statement on the Lysenko controversy  MS 93HD/8/27.7  1948-1949

Chambers's Encyclopaedia: correspondence and copies of article contributed by Dale  MS 93HD/8/27.8  1944-1964

Dictionary of National Biography: correspondence and copies of biographies contributed by Dale  MS 93HD/8/27.9  1944-1965

Discovery: correspondence and other papers  MS 93HD/8/27.10  1943-1961

Elsevier Publishing Company: correspondence and publicity material  MS 93HD/8/28.1  1947-1950

Encyclopaedia Britannica: correspondence and copies of biographies contributed by Dale  MS 93HD/8/28.2  1963-1964

Endeavour: correspondence, copies of articles contributed by Dale and reprints  MS 93HD/8/28.3  1922-1961

Excerpta Medica: correspondence and publicity material  MS 93HD/8/28.4  1947-1950

Journal of Endocrinology Ltd.: minutes of the Council of Management and General Meetings and editorial report  MS 93HD/8/28.5  1939-1943

Journal of Endocrinology Ltd.: minutes of the Council of Management and General Meetings, correspondence and other papers  MS 93HD/8/28.6  1938-1965

Lancet: correspondence  MS 93HD/8/28.7  1943-1947

Nature: correspondence and copies of items contributed by Dale  MS 93HD/8/28.8  1942-1960

Perspectives in Biology and Medicine: correspondence and copies of items contributed by Dale  MS 93HD/8/28.9  1956-1963

Note: file includes correspondence etc. relating to Perspectives in Biology, a volume of essays dedicated to B.A. Houssay, 1961-1963

Science: copies of items contributed by Dale  MS 93HD/8/28.10  1939-1940

Wingate Research Papers: correspondence  MS 93HD/8/28.11  1959

Broadcasts  MS 93HD/9  [n.d.]

British Broadcasting Corporation: general correspondence and other papers  MS 93HD/9/29.1  1942-1966

British Broadcasting Corporation: A. Clow, correspondence and scripts of broadcasts  MS 93HD/9/29.2  1940-1952

British Broadcasting Corporation: Harvey broadcast, 1949, correspondence and copies of script  MS 93HD/9/29.3  1948-1961

British Broadcasting Corporation: "This I Believe", 1952, correspondence and scripts  MS 93HD/9/29.4  1952-1953

British Broadcasting Corporation: Christmas broadcast, 1958, correspondence and scripts  MS 93HD/9/29.5  1958-1962

British Broadcasting Corporation: broadcast of article from New Scientist, 1959, correspondence and copy of article  MS 93HD/9/29.6  1958-1959

British Broadcasting Corporation: "I Remember", 1960, correspondence and copies of script  MS 93HD/9/29.7  1960-1965

British Broadcasting Corporation: 90th birthday broadcast, 1965, correspondence  MS 93HD/9/29.8  1965

Speaking engagements  MS 93HD/10  1920-1961

Philadelphia, College of Physicians, 1937: correspondence and copy of Dale's address  MS 93HD/10/30.1  1937

Röntgen Commemoration, 1945: minutes, correspondence and copies of Dale's remarks  MS 93HD/10/30.2  1945-1947

Note: file includes correspondence and other papers relating to the fiftieth Anniversary Celebration Dinner of the British Institute of Radiology and Röntgen Society, 1947

Oil Industries Club, 1946: correspondence and copy of Dale's talk  MS 93HD/10/30.3  1945-1946

Pasteur Exhibition, 1947: correspondence and copies of Dale's remarks  MS 93HD/10/30.4  1947

Institute of Brewing, 1947: correspondence and notes for Dale's speech  MS 93HD/10/30.5  1947

Queen Victoria Hospital (East Grinstead) Medical Society, 1949: correspondence and copy of Dale's lecture  MS 93HD/10/30.6  1948-1949

St. Bartholomew's Hospital Fountain Club, 1951: correspondence  MS 93HD/10/30.7  [1920]-1951

Royal Cancer Hospital, 1951: correspondence and copy of Dale's speech  MS 93HD/10/30.8  1951-1952

Oxford University Medical Society, 1951: correspondence  MS 93HD/10/30.9  1950-1951

Perse School, Cambridge, 1951: copies of Dale's address, Speech Day  MS 93HD/10/30.10  1951

Royal Free Hospital School of Medicine, 1952: correspondence and copies of Dale's address  MS 93HD/10/30.11  1952-1953

Newcastle upon Tyne and Northern Counties Medical Society, 1960: correspondence, copies of Dale's address and reprints  MS 93HD/10/30.12  1958-1961

Travel  MS 93HD/11  1949-1959

Amsterdam: Paul Ehrlich Centenary Celebrations, correspondence and copy of lecture given by Dale  MS 93HD/11/31.1  1953-1954

New Zealand and Canada: correspondence and other papers  MS 93HD/11/31.2  1949-1952

New Zealand and Canada: correspondence and other papers relating to tour of Canada  MS 93HD/11/31.3  1950-1951

U.S.A.: correspondence  MS 93HD/11/31.4  1956

U.S.A.: correspondence  MS 93HD/11/31.5  1957

U.S.A.: correspondence and photographs  MS 93HD/11/31.6  1959

Miscellaneous correspondence  MS 93HD/12  1897-1967

With/concerning colleagues  MS 93HD/12/1  1922-1965

Abdon, N.O.: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/1/32.1  1945

Adams, W.S.: correspondence and reprint  MS 93HD/12/1/32.2  1954-1955

Adrian, E.D.(1st Baron Adrian of Cambridge): correspondence and other papers  MS 93HD/12/1/32.3  1946-1966

Ambache, N.: correspondence and reprints  MS 93HD/12/1/32.4  1942-1956

Anderson, J. (1st Viscount Waverley of Westdean): correspondence, biographical memoir and biographical notes  MS 93HD/12/1/32.5  1946-1961

Andrade, E.N. da C.: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/1/32.6  1942-1949

Andrus, E.C.: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/1/32.7  1922-1938

Anitchkov, S.: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/1/32.8  1946

Azuma, R.: correspondence and reprint  MS 93HD/12/1/32.9  1948-1950

Bacq, Z.M.: correspondence and papers  MS 93HD/12/1/32.10  1934-1955

Bain, W.A.: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/1/32.11  1952-1956

Baldwin, E.: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/1/32.12  1948

Barcroft, H.: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/1/32.13  1951-1966

Barger, E.H.: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/1/32.14  1943-1946

Bauer, W.: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/1/32.15  1929-1965

Bayliss, L.E.: correspondence and printed material  MS 93HD/12/1/32.16  1955-1961

Benn, W.W. (1st Viscount Stansgate of Stansgate): correspondence  MS 93HD/12/1/32.17  1945-1946

Bergel, F.: correspondence and reprints  MS 93HD/12/1/32.18  1951-1965

Best, C.H.: correspondence and reprints  MS 93HD/12/1/33.1  1925-1967

Bett, W.R.: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/1/33.2  1937-1953

Beznak, A.B.L.: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/1/33.3  1945-1959

Bhatnagar, S.S.: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/1/33.4  1945-1954

Blount, B.K.: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/1/33.5  1950

Bohr, N.H.D.: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/1/33.6  1944-1962

Bovet, D.: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/1/33.7  1949-1965

Bragg, W.L.: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/1/33.8  1943-1966

Bronowski, J.: correspondence and reprint  MS 93HD/12/1/33.9  1951

Broster, L.R.: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/1/33.10  1951-1954

Brown, G.L.: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/1/33.11  1943-1967

Browne, D.J.: correspondence and reprint  MS 93HD/12/1/33.12  1949-1951

Browning, C.H.: correspondence and reprints  MS 93HD/12/1/33.13  1945-1946

Bruce, G.J.G. (7th Baron Balfour of Burleigh): correspondence  MS 93HD/12/1/33.14  1943-1950

Brücke, F. von: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/1/34.1  1945-1967

Buchthal, F.: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/1/34.2  1943-1946

Budberg, Baroness: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/1/34.3  1941

Bülbring, E.: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/1/34.4  1955

Burn, J.H.: correspondence and papers  MS 93HD/12/1/34.5  1942-1958

Burn, J.H.: correspondence and reprints  MS 93HD/12/1/34.6  1958-1967

Burnet, F.M.: correspondence and other papers  MS 93HD/12/1/34.7  1954-1962

Bush, V.: correspondence and other papers  MS 93HD/12/1/35.1  1943-1958

Butterfield, H.: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/1/35.2  1946-1947

Buxton, P.A.: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/1/35.3  1949-1951

Callaghan, F.R.: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/1/35.4  1951

Cameron, H.C.: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/1/35.5  1948-1955

Chisholm, G.B.: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/1/35.6  1949

Clarke, H.T.: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/1/35.7  1952

Clayton-Jones, E.: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/1/35.8  1954-1955

Clowes, G.H.A.: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/1/35.9  1950

Coca, A.F.: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/1/35.10  1948

Code, C.F.: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/1/35.11  1947-1966

Colebrook, L.: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/1/35.12  1949

Collier, H.O.J.: correspondence and paper  MS 93HD/12/1/35.13  1954-1966

Collip, J.B.: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/1/35.14  1943-1949

Cowell, E.M.: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/1/35.15  1945-1946

Dale, R.H.: correspondence and obituaries  MS 93HD/12/1/35.16  1943-1964

Dalrymple, W.C.: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/1/35.17  1950-1955

Darwin, C.G. and C.R.: correspondence and printed material  MS 93HD/12/1/35.18  1947-1960

Dean, H.R.: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/1/35.19  1943-1953

De Duve, C.R.: correspondence and reprints  MS 93HD/12/1/35.20  1945-1966

Domagk, G.: correspondence and reprints  MS 93HD/12/1/35.21  1949-1964

Donaldson, M.: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/1/35.22  1925-1946

Drury, A.N.: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/1/35.23  1942-1952

Du Vigneaud, V.: correspondence and reprints  MS 93HD/12/1/35.24  1951-1954

Eccles, J.C.: correspondence and reprints  MS 93HD/12/1/35.25  1935-1965

Edwards, G.R.: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/1/36.1  1950-1954

Ehrlich, P.: correspondence and printed material  MS 93HD/12/1/36.2  1950-1956

Eichholtz, F.: correspondence and reprint  MS 93HD/12/1/36.3  1948-1963

Elliott, T.R.: correspondence and other papers  MS 93HD/12/1/36.4  1920-1962

Emmens, C.W.: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/1/37.1  1954

Ende, M. van den: correspondence, reprints and obituaries  MS 93HD/12/1/37.2  1949-1958

Euler, U.S. von: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/1/37.3  1945-1956

Evans, B.I.: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/1/37.4  1951-1957

Note: file includes correspondence with I.B.N. Evans, 1951

Evans, H.M.: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/1/37.5  1946

Ewins, A.J.: correspondence and obituaries  MS 93HD/12/1/37.6  1957-1958

Feldberg, W.S.: correspondence and other papers  MS 93HD/12/1/37.7  1927-1967

Florey, H.W.: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/1/37.8  1943-1945

Forbes-Sempill, W.F. (19th Baron Sempill): correspondence  MS 93HD/12/1/37.9  1947-1954

Franklin, K.J.: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/1/37.10  1953

Fredericq, H.: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/1/37.11  1944-1956

Freeman, J.: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/1/37.12  1933-1938

Freeth, F.A.: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/1/37.13  1945-1951

Gaddum, J.H.: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/1/37.14  1944-1954

Gasser, H.S.: correspondence and obituaries  MS 93HD/12/1/37.15  1946-1963

Glyn, R.G.C.: correspondence and other papers  MS 93HD/12/1/37.16  1948-[1952]

Gollwitzer-Meier, K.: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/1/37.17  1949

Good, M.G.: correspondence and printed material  MS 93HD/12/1/37.18  1942-1949

Gowing, M.M.: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/1/37.19  1950-1965

Graham, J.D.P.: correspondence and paper  MS 93HD/12/1/37.20  1958-[1960]

Grant, R.T.: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/1/38.1  1953

Gray, J.: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/1/38.2  1946

Gray, O.: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/1/38.3  1952

Green, F.H.K.: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/1/38.4  1953-1966

Greenwald, I.: correspondence and other papers  MS 93HD/12/1/38.5  1950-1956

Gremels, H.: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/1/38.6  1946

Grevenstuk, A.: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/1/38.7  1948-1953

Guggenheim, M.: correspondence and reprint  MS 93HD/12/1/38.8  1945-1953

Haddow, A.: correspondence and other papers  MS 93HD/12/1/38.9  1948-1961

Hahn, K.: correspondence and other papers  MS 93HD/12/1/38.10  1945-1946

Hahn, O.: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/1/38.11  1946

Haldane, C.: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/1/38.12  1950-1953

Halpern, B.N.: correspondence and reprints  MS 93HD/12/1/38.13  1945-1964

Hance, J.B.: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/1/38.14  1945-1957

Hankey, M.P.A. (1st Baron Hankey of The Chart): correspondence  MS 93HD/12/1/38.15  1927-1964

Hartley, P.: correspondence and other papers  MS 93HD/12/1/38.16  1942-1958

Hartridge, H.: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/1/38.17  1950

Harvey, A.M.: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/1/38.18  1947-1954

Haüsler, H.: correspondence and reprints  MS 93HD/12/1/38.19  1945-1963

Heald, C.B.: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/1/38.20  1955

Hellauer, H.F.: correspondence and paper  MS 93HD/12/1/38.21  1946-1948

Hellmann, K.: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/1/38.22  1953

Heseltine, M.: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/1/38.23  1951

Hetherington, H.J.W.: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/1/38.24  1946

Heubner, W.: correspondence and obituary  MS 93HD/12/1/38.25  1947-1957

Hildebrand, J.H.: correspondence and papers  MS 93HD/12/1/38.26  1944-1952

Hill, A.V.: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/1/39.1  1939-1965

Hilton, S.M.: correspondence and reprints and proofs of papers  MS 93HD/12/1/39.2  1953-1957

Himmelweit, F.: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/1/39.3  1938-1962

Hoet, J.P.: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/1/39.4  1945-1966

Holtz, P.: correspondence and reprint  MS 93HD/12/1/39.5  1952-1953

Horder, T.M. (2nd Baron Horder of Ashford): correspondence and copy of British Spas Federation Horder Lecture, 1962  MS 93HD/12/1/39.6  1955-1962

Horning, E.S.: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/1/39.7  1943

Humphrey, W.G.: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/1/39.8  1948

Huxley, J.S.: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/1/39.9  1945-1953

Janscó, N.: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/1/39.10  1947

Jefferson, G.: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/1/39.11  1954

Jokl, E.: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/1/39.12  1946-1954

Kahlson, G.S.: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/1/39.13  1942-1948

Kapeller-Adler, R.: correspondence and papers  MS 93HD/12/1/39.14  1943-1959

Katz, B.: correspondence and reprints and proofs of papers  MS 93HD/12/1/39.15  1951-1966

Keir, D.L.: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/1/39.16  1950

Kellaway, C.W.: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/1/39.17  1954

Keynes, G.: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/1/39.18  1954

King-Hall, S.: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/1/39.19  1946-1948

Knaffl-Lenz, E. von: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/1/39.20  1951-1954

Koelle, G.B.: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/1/39.21  1949

Kotthoff, H.F.: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/1/39.22  1946-1948

Lanchester, F.W.: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/1/39.23  1945

Langdon-Davies, J.: correspondence and reprints  MS 93HD/12/1/39.24  1948-1949

Leake, C.D.: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/1/39.25  1935-1957

Lehnartz, E.: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/1/39.26  1947-1952

Loeser, A.: correspondence and reprints  MS 93HD/12/1/39.27  1943-1950

Loewi, G.: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/1/39.28  1939-1964

Loewi, O.: correspondence and other papers  MS 93HD/12/1/40.1  1932-1938

Loewi, O.: correspondence and other papers  MS 93HD/12/1/40.2  1938-1965

Lonsdale, K.: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/1/40.3  1946-1949

Lorente de No, R.: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/1/40.4  1945-1949

McDowall, R.J.S.: correspondence and reprint  MS 93HD/12/1/40.5  1944-1954

Macfarlane, R.G.: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/1/40.6  1954

MacIntosh, F.C.: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/1/40.7  1951-1954

Mackenzie, C.J.: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/1/40.8  1946-1951

MacNalty, A.S.: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/1/40.9  1953

Madsen, T.: correspondence and other papers  MS 93HD/12/1/40.10  1944-1945

Maegraith, B.G.: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/1/40.11  1954

Marble, A.: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/1/40.12  1949

Marchant, J.: correspondence and copy of Dale's contribution to What I Believe  MS 93HD/12/1/40.13  1950-[1965]

Matthews, B.H.C.: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/1/40.14  1944-1946

Mellanby, E.: correspondence and reprints  MS 93HD/12/1/40.15  1918-1952

Mellanby, K.: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/1/40.16  1943-1945

Mendel, B.: correspondence and papers  MS 93HD/12/1/41.1  1943-1957

Merck, G.: correspondence and other papers  MS 93HD/12/1/41.2  1943-1966

Moir, A.: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/1/41.3  1943

Moir, J.C.: correspondence and reprint  MS 93HD/12/1/41.4  1943-1964

Muralt, A. von: correspondence and reprints  MS 93HD/12/1/41.5  1942-1955

Muralt, A. von: copy of Dale's memoir of Otto Loewi for Ergebnisse des Physiologie and related correspondence  MS 93HD/12/1/41.6  1962-1963

Nickerson, M.: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/1/41.7  1954-1957

O'Brien, D.P.: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/1/41.8  1943-1947

Ogston, A.G.: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/1/41.9  1955

Ong, S.G.: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/1/41.10  1947

Osborne, W.A.: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/1/41.11  1943

Oshinsky, S.: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/1/41.12  1950-1951

Paget, R.A.S.: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/1/41.13  1932-1955

Papper, E.M.: correspondence and reports  MS 93HD/12/1/41.14  1957-1966

Parkes, A.S.: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/1/42.1  1942-1953

Paton, W.D.M.: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/1/42.2  1948-1962

Penfield, W.G.: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/1/42.3  1943-1967

Perry, W.L.M.: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/1/42.4  1953-1956

Petrie, G.F.: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/1/42.5  1945-1947

Pickering, G.W.: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/1/42.6  1952-1955

Pirenne, M.H.: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/1/42.7  1954

Pirie, N.W.: correspondence and papers  MS 93HD/12/1/42.8  1941-1942

Polunin, N.: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/1/42.9  1944-1947

Prigge, R.: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/1/42.10  1947-1948

Rajchman, L.: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/1/42.11  1954-1955

Richards, A.N.: correspondence and other papers  MS 93HD/12/1/42.12  1942-1966

Richards, D.W.: correspondence and other papers  MS 93HD/12/1/42.13  1945-1966

Riesser, O.: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/1/42.14  1948-1949

Riley, J.F.: correspondence and reprints  MS 93HD/12/1/42.15  1953-1966

Robinson, R.: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/1/42.16  1945-1953

Rocha e Silva, M.: correspondence and reprints  MS 93HD/12/1/42.17  1946-1966

Rocha e Silva, M.: copies of Dale's contribution to Heffter's Handbuch and related correspondence  MS 93HD/12/1/42.18  1962-1963

Rock Carling, E.: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/1/42.19  1949-1954

Roskam, J.: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/1/42.20  1951

Russell, C.S.: correspondence and reprint  MS 93HD/12/1/42.21  1943

Russell, E.J.: copies of speeches made at Complimentary Dinner for Russell's 80th birthday and related correspondence  MS 93HD/12/1/42.22  1952

Rutherford, E. (Baron Rutherford of Nelson): correspondence, Dale's notes for projected biography and printed material  MS 93HD/12/1/43  1897-1954

Salaman, N.A.: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/1/44.1  1954-[1955]

Sansom, G.B.: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/1/44.2  1952

Satake, Y.: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/1/44.3  1955

Schild, H.O.: correspondence and reprint  MS 93HD/12/1/44.4  1943-1964

Schlossberger, H.: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/1/44.5  1949

Schriever, H.: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/1/44.6  1934-1949

Selye, H.: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/1/44.7  1951-1954

Sherrington, C.S.: correspondence and other papers  MS 93HD/12/1/44.8  1925-1957

Sherwood, S.L.: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/1/44.9  1951-1953

Sims, A.: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/1/44.10  1946-1951

Singer, C.J.: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/1/44.11  1954-1960

Singer, E.: correspondence and paper  MS 93HD/12/1/44.12  1942-1949

Smyth, D.H.: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/1/44.13  1948

Soddy, F.: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/1/44.14  1950-1951

Spencer, W.K.: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/1/44.15  1946

Steenwinkel, F.L.M.: correspondence and paper  MS 93HD/12/1/44.16  1945-1946

Straub, H.W. and P.: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/1/44.17  1946-1953

Szent-Györgyi, A. von: correspondence and other papers  MS 93HD/12/1/44.18  1924-1963

Taylor, D.B.: correspondence and reprints  MS 93HD/12/1/44.19  1946-1947

Thudichum, J.L.W.: correspondence and other papers  MS 93HD/12/1/44.20  1958-1960

Tizard, H.T.: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/1/44.21  1950

Todd, A.R. (Baron Todd of Trumpington): correspondence and other papers  MS 93HD/12/1/44.22  1937-1963

Trevan, J.W.: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/1/44.23  1939-1953

Turnbull, H.W.: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/1/44.24  1944-1945

Turner, K.B.: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/1/45.1  1942-1945

Tytler, W.H.: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/1/45.2  1943-1944

Uhlenhuth, P.: correspondence and reprints  MS 93HD/12/1/45.3  1948-1953

Vogt, M.L.: correspondence and reprints  MS 93HD/12/1/45.4  1948-1957

Wada, M.: correspondence and reprints  MS 93HD/12/1/45.5  1952-1955

Weizsäcker, C.F. von: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/1/45.6  1951

West, R.: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/1/45.7  1945-1950

Whiddington, R.: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/1/45.8  1951-1952

Wigmore, E.: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/1/45.9  1948-1949

Williams, J.H.H.: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/1/45.10  1953-1960

Wilson, C.M. (1st Baron Moran of Manton): correspondence  MS 93HD/12/1/45.11  1945-1949

Wimperis, H.E.: correspondence and reprint  MS 93HD/12/1/45.12  1946-1947

Wolfe, H.R.: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/1/45.13  1953

Wolff, P.O.: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/1/45.14  1945-1949

Wood, D.R.: correspondence and reprint  MS 93HD/12/1/45.15  1948-1951

Worrall, R.L.: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/1/45.16  1944

Wright, S.: correspondence and reprints  MS 93HD/12/1/45.17  1946-1956

Wyburn-Mason, R.: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/1/45.18  1949

Young, E.H. (1st Baron Kennet of the Dene): correspondence  MS 93HD/12/1/45.19  1943-1944

Young, F.G.: correspondence and reprints  MS 93HD/12/1/45.20  1946-1959

Zander, W.: correspondence and other papers  MS 93HD/12/1/45.21  1940-1958

Zwanenberg, S. von: correspondence and paper  MS 93HD/12/1/45.22  1943-1947

Miscellaneous correspondence, concerning other countries  MS 93HD/12/2  1944-1955

Australia: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/2/46.1  1944

Belgium: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/2/46.2  1944-1946

Burma: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/2/46.3  1953

Canada: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/2/46.4  [1943]-1945

France: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/2/46.5  1944-1945

Germany: correspondence, reprints and report  MS 93HD/12/2/46.6  1945-1957

Holland: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/2/46.7  1945

India: correspondence and reprint  MS 93HD/12/2/46.8  1944-1955

New Zealand: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/2/46.9  1943

South Africa: correspondence and other papers  MS 93HD/12/2/46.10  1943-1949

Miscellaneous correspondence, with government departments etc.  MS 93HD/12/3  1914-1966

Foreign Office: correspondence and other papers  MS 93HD/12/3/47.1  1942-1953

Home Office: Dale's licence to perform animal experiments and related correspondence  MS 93HD/12/3/47.2  1914-[1943]

Home Office: return of animal experiments and related correspondence  MS 93HD/12/3/47.3  1944-1954

Home Office: Federal licences, correspondence and other papers  MS 93HD/12/3/47.4  1960-1961

Medical Research Council: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/3/47.5  1919-1967

Medical Research Council: Chemotherapy Committee, minutes and correspondence  MS 93HD/12/3/47.6  1955-1957

Medical Research Council: Chemotherapy Committee, reports on antimalarial compounds and related correspondence  MS 93HD/12/3/47.7  1944

Medical Research Council: Chemotherapy Committee, Antimalarial Sub-Committee, minutes, reports and correspondence  MS 93HD/12/3/47.8  1944-1945

Medical Research Council: Patents Sub-Committee, committee papers and correspondence  MS 93HD/12/3/47.9  1929-1945

Medical Research Council: conference on cinchona cultivation and synthetic antimalarials, 1945, correspondence and reports  MS 93HD/12/3/47.10  1945

Medical Research Council: myasthenia gravis, correspondence and reports  MS 93HD/12/3/47.11  1943-1945

Medical Research Council: Jubilee, 1963, correspondence and other papers  MS 93HD/12/3/47.12  1963

National Institute for Medical Research: correspondence and other papers  MS 93HD/12/3/47.13  [1935]-1966

Ministry of Supply: Atomic Energy Research Establishment, correspondence and other papers  MS 93HD/12/3/47.14  1951-1959

Ministry of Supply: Chemical Defence Experimental Establishment, correspondence  MS 93HD/12/3/47.15  1951-1952

Ministry of Supply: Radiochemical Centre, correspondence and other papers  MS 93HD/12/3/47.16  1952-1954

Miscellaneous correspondence, with pharmaceutical companies  MS 93HD/12/4  1940-1957

Armour Laboratories: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/4/48.1  1948-1949

Boots Pure Drug Co. Ltd.: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/4/48.2  1940-1952

I.C.I.: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/4/48.3  1943-1957

May & Baker Ltd.: correspondence and notes concerning "Plasmosan"  MS 93HD/12/4/48.4  1951

Parke, Davis & Co.: correspondence and other papers  MS 93HD/12/4/48.5  1944-1954

Roche Products Ltd.: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/4/48.6  1944-1953

Miscellaneous correspondence, with research institutions  MS 93HD/12/5  1949-1963

Chester Beatty Research Institute: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/5/49.1  1954-1955

Sloan Kettering Institute for Cancer Research: correspondence and other papers concerning dedication, 1948  MS 93HD/12/5/49.2  1948-1949

Smith, Kline & French Research Institute: correspondence and other papers  MS 93HD/12/5/49.3  1959-1963

Miscellaneous correspondence, with universities  MS 93HD/12/6  1939-1963

University of Cambridge: correspondence and other papers  MS 93HD/12/6/50.1  1943-1944

University of Edinburgh: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/6/50.2  1943-1957

University of London: Board of Studies in Physiology, correspondence and other papers  MS 93HD/12/6/50.3  1947-1966

University of London: School of Pharmacy, correspondence and other papers  MS 93HD/12/6/50.4  1948-1967

University of London: Mickle Fellowship, correspondence  MS 93HD/12/6/50.5  1953-1954

University College London: correspondence and other papers  MS 93HD/12/6/50.6  1948-[1963]

University College Hospital Medical School: address by Dale at opening of 1953/1954 session, with related correspondence  MS 93HD/12/6/50.7  1953

University of Vienna: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/6/50.8  1964-1965

McGill University: correspondence and copies of Dale's address at special Convocation, 1953  MS 93HD/12/6/50.9  1953

University of Toronto: correspondence and other papers concerning opening of the Charles H. Best Institute, 1953  MS 93HD/12/6/50.10  1953-1954

University of Turku: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/6/50.11  1951-1952

Hebrew University: correspondence and other papers  MS 93HD/12/6/50.12  1939-1946

Hebrew University: correspondence concerning F. Bergmann  MS 93HD/12/6/50.13  1950-1954

University of Pennsylvania: correspondence and other papers concerning Bicentennial Celebration, September 1940  MS 93HD/12/6/50.14  1939-1940

Correspondence with miscellaneous organisations  MS 93HD/12/7  1943-1961

American Diabetes Association Inc.: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/7/51.1  1954

Animal Welfare Institute: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/7/51.2  1952-[1957]

Asia Christian Colleges Association: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/7/51.3  1954

Association of Anaesthetists of Great Britain and Ireland: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/7/51.4  1944

Association of British Pharmaceutical Industry: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/7/51.5  1955

Association of Scientific Workers: correspondence and other papers  MS 93HD/12/7/51.6  1942-1947

Biological Council: agenda, minutes etc.  MS 93HD/12/7/51.7  1953-1954

British Empire Cancer Campaign: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/7/51.8  1947-1954

British Medical Students' Association: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/7/51.9  1947

British Social Hygiene Council (Inc.): correspondence  MS 93HD/12/7/51.10  1946

British Society for International Understanding: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/7/51.11  1947

Ciba Foundation: correspondence and other papers  MS 93HD/12/7/51.12  1947-1967

Fellowship for Freedom in Medicine: printed material  MS 93HD/12/7/51.13  1948-1956

International Planned Parenthood Federation: correspondence and reprint  MS 93HD/12/7/51.14  1958-1960

Polish Society of Arts and Sciences in Exile: declaration  MS 93HD/12/7/51.15  1952

Royal Microscopical Society: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/7/51.16  1953-1958

Royal Photographic Society: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/7/51.17  1949-1961

Soil Association Ltd.: correspondence and other papers  MS 93HD/12/7/51.18  1947

U.N.E.S.C.O.: correspondence and copies of Dale's contribution to radio science programmes  MS 93HD/12/7/51.19  1961

U.N.R.R.A.: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/7/51.20  1945

U.S. National Research Council: correspondence and copy of the Survey of Antimalarial Drugs, Bulletin No. 9  MS 93HD/12/7/51.21  1943

Universities' Federation for Animal Welfare: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/7/51.22  1944-1946

Correspondence on miscellaneous topics  MS 93HD/12/8  1941-1967

Miscellaneous I: correspondence and other papers  MS 93HD/12/8/52.1  1941-1957

Miscellaneous II: correspondence and other papers  MS 93HD/12/8/52.2  1951-1959

Miscellaneous III: correspondence and other papers  MS 93HD/12/8/52.3  1958-1961

Miscellaneous IV: correspondence and other papers  MS 93HD/12/8/52.4  1955-1962

Miscellaneous V: correspondence and other papers  MS 93HD/12/8/53.1  1958-1965

Miscellaneous VI: correspondence and other papers  MS 93HD/12/8/53.2  1947-1966

Miscellaneous VII: correspondence and other papers  MS 93HD/12/8/53.3  1947-1967

Altounyan Hospital: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/8/54.1  1951

Analgesic abuse: correspondence and other papers  MS 93HD/12/8/54.2  [1963]-1964

Anglo-French Society of Sciences: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/8/54.3  1945

Antivivisection: correspondence and other papers  MS 93HD/12/8/54.4  1936-1950

Atomic bomb: copies of Dale's letter to the Prime Minister, 1944, and related correspondence  MS 93HD/12/8/54.5  1960-1962

Atomic bomb: copies of Dale's letter to The Times, 1945, and related correspondence  MS 93HD/12/8/54.6  1957-1960

Atomic bomb: press cuttings  MS 93HD/12/8/54.7  1945-1946

Blood transfusion: copy of a letter written in 1667 by J. Denis  MS 93HD/12/8/54.8  [1943]

British abstracts: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/8/54.9  1951-1955

Cancer researches: correspondence and other papers  MS 93HD/12/8/54.10  1944-1953

Churchill's speech: copies of speech made by W.S. Churchill at the unveiling of the Royal Naval Division Memorial, 1925, and related correspondence  MS 93HD/12/8/54.11  1950-1965

Miscellaneous "C": correspondence  MS 93HD/12/8/54.12  1945

Darwin's illness: correspondence and reprints  MS 93HD/12/8/54.13  1959-1964

Histamines: correspondence and reprints  MS 93HD/12/8/54.14  1959-1963

Histamines: correspondence and other papers concerning symposium at Leiden, 1962  MS 93HD/12/8/54.15  1955-1963

Horder Memorial Trust: correspondence and sketch portrait of 1st Lord Horder  MS 93HD/12/8/54.16  1954-1956

I.C.I. Film Library: circulars  MS 93HD/12/8/55.1  1952-1953

Metric equivalents in scientific papers: correspondence and other papers  MS 93HD/12/8/55.2  1947-1948

Nobel Prizes: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/8/55.3  1937-1967

Nobel Prizes: statutes  MS 93HD/12/8/55.4  1936-1950

Old Tollingtonians' Society: correspondence, rules and newsletter  MS 93HD/12/8/55.5  1959

Pavlov bequest: statement  MS 93HD/12/8/55.6  1936

Radiology Protection Committee: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/8/55.7  1945

Sulphanimide derivatives: correspondence and other papers  MS 93HD/12/8/55.8  1943-1967

Testimonials: correspondence and other papers  MS 93HD/12/8/55.9  1950-1958

U.N.E.S.C.O.: correspondence  MS 93HD/12/8/55.10  1945

Visitors: correspondence and reprints  MS 93HD/12/8/55.11  1947-1956

Index of correspondents A-C  MS 93HD/12/8/56  [n.d.]

Index of correspondents D-H  MS 93HD/12/8/57  [n.d.]

Index of correspondents I-M  MS 93HD/12/8/58  [n.d.]

Index of correspondents Mc-R  MS 93HD/12/8/59  [n.d.]

Index of correspondents S-Z  MS 93HD/12/8/60  [n.d.]

Personal files  MS 93HD/13  1922-1967

Biographical notes: correspondence and other papers  MS 93HD/13/61.1  1932-1965

Membership of foreign societies, degrees etc.: correspondence  MS 93HD/13/61.2  1922-1950

Membership of foreign societies, degrees etc.: correspondence  MS 93HD/13/61.3  1937-1966

Membership of foreign societies, degrees etc.: correspondence  MS 93HD/13/61.4  1950-1965

Henry Dale Professorship at the Royal Society: correspondence and reprint  MS 93HD/13/61.5  1960-1962

Adventures in Physiology: correspondence and other papers  MS 93HD/13/62.1  1952-1963

Reviews, articles and published letters  MS 93HD/13/62.2  1943-1951

Reviews, articles and published letters  MS 93HD/13/62.3  1952-1965

Rutherford book: correspondence and other papers  MS 93HD/13/62.4  1950-1960

Rutherford book: correspondence with Faber & Faber  MS 93HD/13/62.5  1951-1956

Bibliography: correspondence and bibliography of Dale's scientific publications  MS 93HD/13/62.6  1963-[1964]

Publication matters: requests to reproduce Dale's work  MS 93HD/13/62.7  1944-1956

Published articles about Dale  MS 93HD/13/62.8  1936-1967

Profile of Dale in New Scientist: correspondence and reprint  MS 93HD/13/62.9  1961

Broadcasts: texts of broadcasts and related correspondence  MS 93HD/13/63.1  1940-1952

Speeches: copies of Dale's speeches and related correspondence  MS 93HD/13/63.2  1942-1953

Speeches: copies of Dale's speeches and related correspondence  MS 93HD/13/63.3  1953-1958

Speeches: copies of Dale's speeches and related correspondence  MS 93HD/13/63.4  1958-1965

Private file I: correspondence  MS 93HD/13/64.1  1920-1935

Private file II: correspondence  MS 93HD/13/64.2  1904-1948

Private file III: correspondence  MS 93HD/13/64.3  1939-1959

Miscellaneous papers: correspondence, reprints and other papers  MS 93HD/13/64.4  1947-1965

Miscellaneous papers: bibliography of collected papers of Paul Ehrlich  MS 93HD/13/64.5  undated

"Fan mail": correspondence resulting from broadcasts etc.  MS 93HD/13/65.1  1942-1954

Requests for photographs  MS 93HD/13/65.2  1946-1966

Awards: correspondence concerning honours  MS 93HD/13/65.3  1957-1958

Binding: correspondence, invoices etc.  MS 93HD/13/65.4  1944-1967

Brockwell Hall: correspondence and reprint  MS 93HD/13/65.5  1952-1967

Gerrish & Co.: correspondence with solicitor  MS 93HD/13/65.6  1945-1959

Bankers' orders, receipts etc.  MS 93HD/13/65.7  1950-1966

Appreciations, mainly of others by Dale  MS 93HD/13/66.1  1945-1967

Messages and letters of congratulation sent by Dale  MS 93HD/13/66.2  1941-1960

Programmes, menus etc.  MS 93HD/13/66.3  1928-1955

Quotations collected by Dale from various sources  MS 93HD/13/66.4  1932-[1952]

80th birthday: cards, telegrams, letters and reprints  MS 93HD/13/66.5  1954-1955

85th birthday: correspondence and press cuttings  MS 93HD/13/66.6  1960

86th birthday: cards, telegrams and letters  MS 93HD/13/67.1  1961

90th birthday: correspondence and other items  MS 93HD/13/67.2  1928-1965

90th birthday: cards, telegrams and letters  MS 93HD/13/67.3  1965

Diaries  MS 93HD/14  1941-1963

Engagement diary  MS 93HD/14/68.1  1941

Engagement diary  MS 93HD/14/68.2  1943

Engagement diary  MS 93HD/14/68.3  1944

Engagement diary  MS 93HD/14/68.4  1945

Engagement diary  MS 93HD/14/68.5  1946

Engagement diary  MS 93HD/14/68.6  1947

Engagement diary  MS 93HD/14/68.7  1948

Engagement diary  MS 93HD/14/68.8  1950

Engagement diary  MS 93HD/14/68.9  1950

Engagement diary  MS 93HD/14/68.10  1951

Engagement diary  MS 93HD/14/68.11  1952

Engagement diary  MS 93HD/14/68.12  1953

Engagement diary  MS 93HD/14/68.13  1954

Engagement diary  MS 93HD/14/68.14  1955

Engagement diary  MS 93HD/14/68.15  1956

Engagement diary  MS 93HD/14/68.16  1959

Engagement diary  MS 93HD/14/68.17  1960

Engagement diary  MS 93HD/14/68.18  1961

Engagement diary  MS 93HD/14/68.19  1962

Engagement diary  MS 93HD/14/68.20  1963

Photographs  MS 93HD/15  1925-1966

International Conferences on Biological Standardisation of Certain Remedies, 1925 and 1928  MS 93HD/15/69.1  1925-1960

Plans for new National Institute for Medical Research building  MS 93HD/15/69.2  [1930's]

Group taken outside Lister Institute of Preventive Medicine  MS 93HD/15/69.3  [1930's]

Opening of Pasteur Exhibition  MS 93HD/15/69.4  1947

British Association for the Advancement of Science meeting, Dundee  MS 93HD/15/69.5  1947

Group taken at Sloan Kettering Institute for Cancer Research  MS 93HD/15/69.6  1948

Opening of Whitla Hall, Queen's University, Belfast  MS 93HD/15/69.7  1949

Visit to Control Commission for Germany, Göttingen  MS 93HD/15/69.8  [1940's]

Portraits of Dale by Karsh of Ottawa  MS 93HD/15/69.9  1950

Bust of W.M. Fletcher  MS 93HD/15/69.10  1950

Centenary celebration, Royal Cancer Hospital  MS 93HD/15/69.11  1951

Group taken at Royal College of Surgeons  MS 93HD/15/69.12  1951

Charter Dinners, School of Pharmacy, 1952, 1953, 1960 and 1961  MS 93HD/15/69.13  1952-1961

Visit to Pharmacological Institute, Innsbruck  MS 93HD/15/69.14  1953

Visit to Graz  MS 93HD/15/69.15  1953

Honorary degree ceremony, McGill University  MS 93HD/15/69.16  1953

Opening of C.H. Best Institute and honorary degree ceremony, University of Toronto  MS 93HD/15/69.17  1953

Dale with Theodor Heuss  MS 93HD/15/69.18  [1954]

Visit to U.S.A. and Canada  MS 93HD/15/69.19  1955

Carlsberg-Wellcome meetings, 1956, 1962 and 1966  MS 93HD/15/69.20  1956-1966

Opening of Research Department of Anaesthetics, Royal College of Surgeons  MS 93HD/15/69.21  1957

Presentation to Lord Nuffield on his 80th birthday  MS 93HD/15/69.22  1957

Electron microscope, McGill University  MS 93HD/15/69.23  1959

Ceremony of admission to Honorary Fellowship of Faculty of Anaesthetists, Royal College of Surgeons  MS 93HD/15/69.24  1960

Opening of School of Pharmacy's Brunswick Square building  MS 93HD/15/69.25  1960

Hunterian Festival Dinner, Royal College of Surgeons  MS 93HD/15/69.26  1961

Faculty of Anaesthetists' Dinner, Royal College of Surgeons  MS 93HD/15/69.27  1961

Symposium on Drugs and Enzymes, Ciba Foundation  MS 93HD/15/69.28  1961

Honorary degree ceremony, University of Leeds  MS 93HD/15/69.29  1961

New West House, Leys School  MS 93HD/15/69.30  1961

Wellcome Historical Medical Library re-opening ceremony  MS 93HD/15/69.31  1962

Opening of Wellcome Institute of Comparative Physiology at London Zoo  MS 93HD/15/69.32  1964

90th birthday dinner at Leys School  MS 93HD/15/69.33  1965

Dale and others being received by G.H. Nelson  MS 93HD/15/69.34  undated

Meeting at New York Academy of Sciences  MS 93HD/15/69.35  undated

Dale at unidentified function  MS 93HD/15/69.36  undated

Barger, G.  MS 93HD/15/70.1  undated

Cannon, W.B.  MS 93HD/15/70.2  undated

Dakin, H.D.  MS 93HD/15/70.3  undated

Elliott, T.R.  MS 93HD/15/70.4  undated

Gasser, H.S.  MS 93HD/15/70.5  undated

Guggenheim, M.  MS 93HD/15/70.6  undated

Hill, L.  MS 93HD/15/70.7  undated

Hopkins, F.G.  MS 93HD/15/70.8  1938

Hunt, R.  MS 93HD/15/70.9  undated

Jensen, C.  MS 93HD/15/70.10  1938

Kellaway, C.H.  MS 93HD/15/70.11  undated

Richards, A.N.  MS 93HD/15/70.12  undated

Rutherford, E. (Baron Rutherford of Nelson)  MS 93HD/15/70.13  undated

Starling, E.H.  MS 93HD/15/70.14  undated

Straub, W.  MS 93HD/15/70.15  undated

Szent-Györgyi, A. von  MS 93HD/15/70.16  undated

Dale with G.E.W. Wolstenholme  MS 93HD/15/70.17  undated

Dale in his office at National Institute for Medical Research, Hampstead  MS 93HD/15/70.18  undated

Dale at his desk  MS 93HD/15/70.19  undated

Cuttings from the Morning Post announcing the setting up of the Wellcome Trust  MS 93HD/15/70.20  1936

Photographs, press cuttings, menus etc. relating to the presentation of the Nobel Prize  MS 93HD/15/70.21  1936

Photographs depicting various aspects of Chinese medicine and pharmacy  MS 93HD/15/70.22  undated

Press cuttings  MS 93HD/16  1922-1967

Book I: items of general scientific interest  MS 93HD/16/71.1  1933-1951

Book II: items of general scientific interest  MS 93HD/16/71.2  1947-1954

Book III: New Zealand tour  MS 93HD/16/71.3  1950

Loose cuttings concerning Dale  MS 93HD/16/71.4  1922-1967

Lectures  MS 93HD/17  1900-1964

Lectures, meetings etc. I: correspondence  MS 93HD/17/72.1  1922-1933

Lectures, meetings etc. II: correspondence and other papers  MS 93HD/17/72.2  1933-1949

Lectures, meetings etc. III: correspondence and other papers  MS 93HD/17/72.3  1949-1956

Lectures, meetings etc. IV: correspondence and other papers  MS 93HD/17/73.1  1956-1957

Cameron Prize Lecture, University of Edinburgh, 1927: copies of lecture  MS 93HD/17/73.2  [1927]

"Über kreislaufwirkungen korporeigener Stoffe", Deutsche Gesellschaft für innere Medizin, Wiesbaden, 1932: copies of Dale's communication and related correspondence  MS 93HD/17/73.3  1931-1933

"Recent Work on Hormones of the Circulation", Institute of Pathology and Research, St. Mary's Hospital, 1932: copies of lecture and related correspondence; Note: file includes copies of lectures given at St. Mary's in 1935, 1938 and 1944  MS 93HD/17/73.4  1932-1944

"Some Therapeutic Problems of the Future", Harrison Memorial Lecture, Pharmacological Society, 1932: copy of lecture and related correspondence  MS 93HD/17/73.5  1932-1933

Colloquium on ultravisible viruses, Medizinische Akademie, Dusseldorf, 1933: copies of Dale's contribution and related correspondence  MS 93HD/17/73.6  1932-1933

"Ultramicroscopic organisms and the troubles which they cause", Bedford College Lecture, 1933: copies of lecture and related correspondence  MS 93HD/17/73.7  1932-1933

"Progress in Autopharmacology", Dohme Lectures, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, 1933: correspondence  MS 93HD/17/73.8  1932-1933

Correspondence concerning address at opening of new laboratories, Merck Institute for Therapeutic Research, 1933; Note: file includes copies of talk entitled "Planning for Research in Therapeutics", given at the Merck Institute in 1953  MS 93HD/17/73.9  1932-1953

"Chemical (Humoral) transmission of nervous action", University of Louvain and Institut Leon Fredericq, Liége, 1934: abstract of lecture and related correspondence  MS 93HD/17/74.1  1933-1934

"Chemical Transmission of the Effects of Nerve Impulses", Linacre Lecture, St. John's College, Cambridge, 1934: correspondence and reprint  MS 93HD/17/74.2  1933-1956

"Chemical Ideas in Medicine and Biology", Eli Lilly Research Laboratories, 1934: copies of address and other items  MS 93HD/17/74.3  1934

"Reizübertragung von peripheren Nerven und den Ganglienzellen", Nothnagel Lecture, Vienna, 1934: copies of lecture and related correspondence  MS 93HD/17/74.4  1933-1937

"Pharmacology and Nerve Endings", W.E. Dixon Memorial Lecture, Royal Society of Medicine, 1934: copy of lecture and related correspondence  MS 93HD/17/74.5  1933-1935

"Viruses and Heterogenesis...", Huxley Memorial Lecture, Imperial College of Science and Technology, 1935: copy of lecture and related correspondence  MS 93HD/17/74.6  1934-1935

"The Active Substances in Ergot; A Thirty Years' Review", St. Mary's Hospital, 1935: copy of lecture and related correspondence  MS 93HD/17/74.7  1935

"Some Epochs in Medical Research", Harveian Oration, Royal College of Physicians, 1935: copy of lecture and related correspondence  MS 93HD/17/74.8  1935-1936

"Recent Developments in the Pharmacology of Ergot especially of Ergometrine", Dutch Society of Physiology and Pharmacology and Dutch Society of Gynaecology, 1936: copies of lecture and related correspondence  MS 93HD/17/74.9  1935-1936

"The Pharmacology of Ergot, with special reference to Ergometrine", and "Histamine, and Its Functional Significance", University of Brussels and University of Ghent, 1936: copies of lectures and related correspondence  MS 93HD/17/74.10  1935-1936

"Some Recent Extensions of Chemical Transmission", Cold Spring Harbour Symposia on Excitation Phenomena, 1936: copies of contributions by Dale and others and related correspondence  MS 93HD/17/74.11  1935-1937

"The Training of Chemists for Work in the Fields of Biochemistry and Medicine", British Association for the Advancement of Science, 1936: copies of contribution to discussion of Presidential address to Section of Chemistry and related correspondence  MS 93HD/17/74.12  1936

"Some Recent Extensions of the Chemical Transmission of the Effects of Nerve Impulses", Nobel Prize Lecture, 1936: copies of lecture and related correspondence  MS 93HD/17/75.1  1936-1937

"Nerves, Muscles and Glands - The Postal and Telegraphic Services of the Body", Leeds Philosophical and Literary Society, 1937: copies of lecture and related correspondence  MS 93HD/17/75.2  1936-1937

"Vasodepressorische Stoffe", Deutsche Gesellschaft für kreislaufforschung, Bad Nauheim, 1937: copies of lecture and related correspondence  MS 93HD/17/75.3  1936-1937

"Acetylcholine as a Chemical Transmitter of the Effects of Nerve Impulses", William Henry Welch Lectures, Mount Sinai Hospital, New York, 1937: copy of Lecture I and correspondence  MS 93HD/17/75.4  1935-1938

"Transmission of Nervous Effects by Acetylcholine", Harvey Lecture, Harvey Society, New York Academy of Medicine, 1937: copy of lecture and related correspondence  MS 93HD/17/75.5  1936-1937

"Natural Chemical Stimulators", Sharpey Schafer Memorial Lecture, University of Edinburgh, 1937: proof of lecture and related correspondence  MS 93HD/17/75.6  1936-1958

"Chemical Transmission of the Effects of Nerve Impulses", William Withering Lectures, University of Birmingham, 1938: copies of lectures and related correspondence  MS 93HD/17/75.7  1936-1938

"Chemical Agents Transmitting Nervous Excitations", John Mallet Purser Lecture, Trinity College Dublin, 1938: correspondence and reprint  MS 93HD/17/75.8  1937-1946

"The Impact of Chemistry on Biological Science", Bedson Lecture, Bedson Club, Armstrong College, Newcastle upon Tyne, 1938: copy of lecture and related correspondence  MS 93HD/17/75.9  1937-1938

"The Future of Medicine", Guy's Hospital Medical School, 1938: copy of lecture and related correspondence  MS 93HD/17/75.10  1938

"Chemical Transmission of Nerve Impulses", British Postgraduate Medical School, 1938: notes for lectures and related correspondence  MS 93HD/17/75.11  1938-1939

"The Preservation of Knowledge and Academic Freedom", Society for the Protection of Science and Learning, 1939: copies of lecture and related correspondence  MS 93HD/17/75.12  1938-1939

Correspondence concerning proposed special University of London lecture on biological standardisation, to be given February/March 1939  MS 93HD/17/75.13  1938

"Biological Standardisation", Society of Public Analysts and Other Analytical Chemists, 1939: copy of lecture and related correspondence  MS 93HD/17/75.14  1938-1939

Correspondence concerning address at the Annual Special Meeting of the Middlesex Hospital Medical Society, 1939  MS 93HD/17/75.15  1938-1939

Address at the Assembly of Faculties, University College London, 1939: copy of address and related correspondence  MS 93HD/17/75.16  1939

"Chemical Mediation in the Peripheral Nervous System and its relation to Endocrine Organs", III International Neurological Congress, 1939: copies of Dale's contribution and related correspondence  MS 93HD/17/75.17  1938-1939

"Chemical Transmitters of Nervous Effects", Chemical Society and University Chemical Society, Manchester, 1940: copies of lecture and related correspondence  MS 93HD/17/76.1  1939-1940

"Transmission of Excitation from Nerve Endings", Robert Boyle Memorial Lecture, Oxford University Junior Scientific Club, 1940: copies of lecture and related correspondence  MS 93HD/17/76.2  1940

"A New Era in Medicinal Treatment", Wilde Lecture, Literary and Philosophical Society, University of Manchester, 1941: copy of lecture and related correspondence  MS 93HD/17/76.3  1941-1942

"Sir Isaac Newton", Newton Tercentenary Lecture, King's School, Grantham, 1942: copies of lecture and other items  MS 93HD/17/76.4  1927-1942

Correspondence concerning Royal Institution Lectures  MS 93HD/17/76.5  1942-1945

"Chemistry in Modern Medicinal Treatment", Royal Institution Lectures, 1943 I: notes for and copies of lectures  MS 93HD/17/76.6  1943

"Science and Education", Founders' Memorial Lecture, Girton College, 1943: copies of lecture and related correspondence  MS 93HD/17/76.7  1942-1943

Material for 76.7  MS 93HD/17/76.8  1919-1943

"A Prospect in Chemotherapy", Frederick Price Lecture, Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh, 1943: copy of lecture and related correspondence  MS 93HD/17/76.9  1938-1943

"The Royal Society", University of London Services Summer School, 1943: notes for address, correspondence and other papers  MS 93HD/17/76.10  1943

"Modes of Drug Action", Faraday Society, 1943: copies of papers contributed to symposium and related correspondence  MS 93HD/17/76.11  1943

"Progress in the Treatment of Infections", Royal Institution Lectures, 1943 II: copies of lectures  MS 93HD/17/76.12  1943

"The Natural History and Chemistry of Drugs", Hanbury Memorial Lecture, Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain, 1944: copies of lecture and related correspondence  MS 93HD/17/76.13  1943-1944

"Accident as a Factor in Research and Discovery", Cambridge Union Medical Society and Oxford University Medical Society, 1944: copy of lecture and related correspondence  MS 93HD/17/76.14  1943-1944

"Chemical Factors in Nervous Effects", Royal Institution, 1944: copies of lectures  MS 93HD/17/76.15  1944

"Modern Developments in Chemical Therapeutics", Royal Institution, 1944: copies of lectures  MS 93HD/17/76.16  1944

"Nerve Endings and Chemical Transmitters", Royal Institution, 1945: copies of lectures  MS 93HD/17/77.1  1945

"The Methods and Aims of Scientific Research", Earl Grey Memorial Lecture, King's College, Newcastle upon Tyne, 1945: copies of lecture and related correspondence  MS 93HD/17/77.2  1944-1945

"How and Why we do Scientific Research", Hampstead Scientific Society, 1945: copy of lecture  MS 93HD/17/77.3  1945

Correspondence with Society of Apothecaries concerning possibility of Dale's giving a lecture in October/November 1945, New Year 1946 or October 1946  MS 93HD/17/77.4  1945-1946

"Modern Developments in Chemical Therapeutics", Royal Institution, 1945: copies of lectures  MS 93HD/17/77.5  1944

"The Nature of Chemotherapy", University College Hospital Medical School, 1946: copies of lecture and related correspondence  MS 93HD/17/77.6  1945-1946

"Chemical Transmitters of the Effects of Nervous Impulses", Royal Institution, 1946: copies of Lectures I, III and IV  MS 93HD/17/77.7  1945-1946

"Experiment in Medicine", History of Science Lectures, University of Cambridge, 1946: copies of lecture and related correspondence  MS 93HD/17/77.8  1945-1946

"Electric Fishes", Royal Institution, 1946: copies of lecture and related correspondence  MS 93HD/17/77.9  1946-1947

"Banting and Insulin Commemoration", Silver Jubilee meeting, Diabetic Association, 1946: copy of Dale's oration and other items  MS 93HD/17/77.10  1946-1947

"Chemical transmission of nervous effects. The present position", Medical Delegation from Belgian Universities, 1946: notes for lecture and related correspondence  MS 93HD/17/77.11  1946

"The Freedom of Science", Pilgrim Trust Lecture, U.S. National Academy of Sciences, 1946: copies of lecture and related correspondence  MS 93HD/17/77.12  1942-1948

Correspondence concerning possibility of Dale's giving a lecture at the University of Liége, between October and Christmas 1946  MS 93HD/17/77.13  1945-1946

"Chemical Transmission and Central Synapses", Hughlings Jackson Lecture, Montreal, 1946: copies of lecture and Bulletin of the Montreal Medico-Chirurgical Society, October 1947  MS 93HD/17/77.14  1946-1947

Dundee Lecture, arranged through the British Association for the Advancement of Science, 1947: notes for lecture and related correspondence  MS 93HD/17/78.1  1946-1947

"Electric Fishes", Royal Philosophical Society of Glasgow, 1947: abstract of lecture and related correspondence  MS 93HD/17/78.2  1946-1947

"Surgery and Physiology", British Postgraduate Medical School, 1947: copies of lecture and related correspondence  MS 93HD/17/78.3  1946-1947

"Chemistry and Medicinal Treatment", Third Dalton Lecture, Royal Institute of Chemistry, 1947: copies of lecture and related correspondence  MS 93HD/17/78.4  1946-1950

"The Aims of Scientific Research", Winchester Scientific and Literary Society, 1947: copies of lecture and related correspondence  MS 93HD/17/78.5  1946-1947

"The Part of Chemistry in the New Therapeutics", XI International Congress of Pure and Applied Chemistry, 1947: copies of lecture and related correspondence  MS 93HD/17/78.6  1947

"Recent Developments in Artificial Radioactive Isotopes and Their Possible Uses in the Treatment of Malignant Tumours", Ontario Cancer Treatment and Research Foundation Symposium on Cancer, 1947: copies of paper, related correspondence and other items  MS 93HD/17/78.7  1947

"Accident and Opportunity in Scientific Research", Leicester Literary and Philosophical Society, 1948: copy of lecture and related correspondence  MS 93HD/17/78.8  1945-1948

"Science in Education", Foundation Oration, Birkbeck College, 1948: copies of lecture and related correspondence  MS 93HD/17/78.9  1947-1948

Bancroft Memorial Meeting, Haemoglobin Conference, Cambridge, 1948: copies of Dale's biographical contribution and related correspondence  MS 93HD/17/78.10  1948

British Medical Association Annual Meeting, Cambridge, 1948: copies of contributions, related correspondence and handbook  MS 93HD/17/78.11  1948

"Freedom of Science", Atomic Scientists' Association, 1948: copy of lecture  MS 93HD/17/78.12  1948

"The Relations between Physiology and Surgery", Rutherford-Morison Lecture, Medical School, Newcastle upon Tyne, 1949: copies of lecture and related correspondence  MS 93HD/17/78.13  1948-1949

"Medical Research as an Aim in Life", Royal Medical Society, Edinburgh, 1949: copy of lecture and related correspondence  MS 93HD/17/78.14  1936-1949

"Some Recent Developments of Evidence on Transmission of Effects from Nerve Endings", and address at opening of the Sir William Whitla Assembly Hall, Queen's University, Belfast, 1949: copies of lecture and address, related correspondence and other items  MS 93HD/17/78.15  1948-1949

"Some Recent Developments of Evidence of Transmission of Effects from Nerve Endings", University College London Physiological Society, 1949: copies of lecture and related correspondence  MS 93HD/17/79.1  1948-1949

"Recent Developments concerning Transmission of the Effects of Nerve Impulses", Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, 1949: copies of lecture and correspondence  MS 93HD/17/79.2  1948-1949

Note: file includes correspondence concerning lecture given to the Danish Association of Natural Sciences, 1949

"The Discovery of Insulin and its Introduction into Therapeutics", II International Congress of Therapeutics, 1949: copies of lecture and related correspondence  MS 93HD/17/79.3  1948-1949

"Thomas Addison: pioneer of Endocrinology", Addison Lecture, Guy's Hospital, 1949: copies of lecture and correspondence  MS 93HD/17/79.4  1946-1951

Speech Day, Highgate School, 1949: copy of address and related correspondence  MS 93HD/17/79.5  1949

Correspondence concerning invitation (declined) to deliver Inaugural Lecture for session 1949/1950 to the Medical Faculty, University of Leeds  MS 93HD/17/79.6  1949

"Recent Evidence Concerning Chemical Transmission of Nervous Effects", and "Histamine, Allergy and Antihistamines", British Postgraduate Medical School, 1949: copy of first lecture, notes for second lecture, and related correspondence  MS 93HD/17/79.7  1949

"Some Personal Memories of Lord Rutherford of Nelson"; "Electric Fishes"; "Medical Research as an Aim in Life"; "Thomas Addison: Pioneer of Endocrinology"; "The Place of Science in a Modern Education"; "Histamine, Allergy and Antihistamines"; expression of thanks on behalf of Honorary Graduates, Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario; "Chemotherapy: Its Origin and Current Developments", and "Chemical Transmission of Effects of Nerve Impulses", New Zealand and Canadian tour, 1950: copies of lectures  MS 93HD/17/79.8  1949-1950

"Some Personal Memories of Lord Rutherford of Nelson"; "Electric Fishes"; "Histamine, Allergy and Antihistamines"; "Chemical Transmission of Effects of Nerve Impulses", and "The Part of Chemistry in the New Therapeutics", New Zealand and Canadian tour, 1950: copies of lectures  MS 93HD/17/79.9  1950

"Histamine, Allergy and Antihistamines", Charing Cross Hospital Medical School, 1950: copy of lecture and related correspondence  MS 93HD/17/79.10  1950

"The Scientific Basis of Medicine", British Postgraduate Medical Federation, 1950 and 1951: copies of lectures and related correspondence  MS 93HD/17/79.11  1949-1951

"Medical Treatment at the Beginning of the present Century", Abernethian Society, St. Bartholomew's Hospital, 1950: copies of lecture and correspondence  MS 93HD/17/79.12  1950-1952

"The Eye as a Physiological Reagent", Bowman Lecture, Ophthalmological Society, 1951: copies of lecture and related correspondence  MS 93HD/17/80.1  1949-1951

"Medicine: Yesterday and Tomorrow", British Medical Association/Royal Society of Medicine, Festival of Britain, 1951: copy of lecture and correspondence  MS 93HD/17/80.2  1949-1951

"Transmission of effects from Nerve-endings. A Survey of the significance of present knowledge", Postgraduate School of Medicine, University of St. Andrews, Dundee, 1952: copies of lecture and related correspondence  MS 93HD/17/80.3  1951-1953

Correspondence concerning talk given to the Leys School Science Society, 1952  MS 93HD/17/80.4  1951-1952

Symposium on "The Suprarenal Cortex", Colston Research Society, Bristol, 1952: copies of Dale's address, related correspondence and other items  MS 93HD/17/80.5  1950-1953

"The Future of Pharmacy and Pharmacology", Charter Lecture, School of Pharmacy, 1953: copy of lecture and related correspondence  MS 93HD/17/80.6  1952-1953

"Reizübertragungen durch chemische Mittel im ganzen Nervensystem", Austrian Lecture Tour, 1953: copies of lecture and correspondence concerning the tour  MS 93HD/17/80.7  1950-1953

"Reizübertragungen durch chemische Mittel im ganzen Nervensystem", Austrian Lecture Tour, 1953: copies of German and English versions of lecture  MS 93HD/17/80.8  1953

Address at opening of laboratories, Department of Radiotherapeutics, University of Cambridge, 1953: copy of address, related correspondence and other items  MS 93HD/17/80.9  1952-1953

"Histamine and its Antagonists", Institute of Laryngology and Otology, 1953: copies of lecture and related correspondence  MS 93HD/17/80.10  1952-1953

"Scientific Method in Medical Research", British Postgraduate Medical Federation, 1953: copies of lecture and related correspondence  MS 93HD/17/80.11  1953

"Changes and Prospects in Medicinal Treatment", Harben Lectures, Royal Institute of Public Health & Hygiene, 1953: copies of lectures and related correspondence  MS 93HD/17/80.12  1953-1954

Correspondence concerning invitation to attend Paul Ehrlich and Emil von Behring Centenary Celebration, Amsterdam, 1954  MS 93HD/17/81.1  1953-1954

"Junctional Transmission of Nervous Effects by Chemical Agents", Mayo Foundation Lecture, 1954: copies of lecture and related correspondence  MS 93HD/17/81.2  1954

"Hormones of the Pituitary Posterior Lobe", Banting Memorial Lecture, American Diabetes Association, 1954: copies of lecture, correspondence and other items  MS 93HD/17/81.3  1953-1955

Note: file includes copy of "The Changing Outlook in Medicine", speech made at a banquet at which Dale was presented with the Banting Medal, 1954

"Evidence for a chemical phase in the transmission of the effects of nerve impulses transmitted from the endings of nerve fibres...", Merck Institute for Therapeutic Research, 1955: notes for lecture and related correspondence  MS 93HD/17/81.4  1955

"Some Recent Developments Concerning the Chemical Transmission of Nervous Effects", U.S. National Institutes of Health, 1955: copies of lecture and related correspondence  MS 93HD/17/81.5  1955-1956

"Medical Aims and Ideals", Huxley Memorial Lecture, Charing Cross Hospital Medical School, 1956: copies of lecture and related correspondence  MS 93HD/17/81.6  1955-1956

"Evidence Concerning the Endocrine Function of the Neurohypophysis and its Nervous Control", 8th Symposium of the Colston Research Society, Bristol, 1956: copies of Dale's paper, related correspondence and other items  MS 93HD/17/81.7  1955-1957

"History of Knowledge of the Function of the Pituitary Posterior Lobe", Cambridge University Natural Sciences Club, 1957: notes for paper and related correspondence  MS 93HD/17/81.8  1956-1957

"How we Move and Control our Muscles", Royal Academy of Music, 1957: copies of lecture and related correspondence  MS 93HD/17/81.9  1957

"The Royal Society of London and Medical Research: A Record of 300 years", Galenicals Society, University of Bristol, 1961: copy of lecture and related correspondence; Note: file includes correspondence concerning a visit made to the Society by Dale in 1937  MS 93HD/17/81.10  1937-1961

"The Relation of Experimental Research to Medical Knowledge and Practice", King's College Hospital Medical School, 1961: copy of lecture and related correspondence  MS 93HD/17/81.11  1961

"Comparative Aspects of Neurohypophysical Morphology and Function", IXth Symposium of the Zoological Society of London, 1962: copies of Dale's contribution, related correspondence and other items  MS 93HD/17/81.12  1960-1962

Reprints  MS 93HD/18  1900-1964

Papers by Dale  MS 93HD/18/82  1909-1916

Papers by Dale  MS 93HD/18/83  1919-1926

Papers by Dale  MS 93HD/18/84  1927-1930

League of Nations reprints  MS 93HD/18/85  1925-1946

Papers by Dale  MS 93HD/18/86  1931-1935

Papers by Dale  MS 93HD/18/87  1935-1938

Papers by Dale  MS 93HD/18/88  1938-1941

Papers by Dale  MS 93HD/18/89  1941-1943

Papers by Dale  MS 93HD/18/90  1942-1944

Papers by Dale  MS 93HD/18/91  1945-1946

Papers by Dale  MS 93HD/18/92  1946-1947

Papers by Dale  MS 93HD/18/93  1948-1949

Papers by Dale  MS 93HD/18/94  1948-1949

Papers by Dale  MS 93HD/18/95  1948-1950

Papers by Dale  MS 93HD/18/96  [1949]-1950

Papers by Dale  MS 93HD/18/97  1950-1951

Papers by Dale  MS 93HD/18/98  1951-1952

Papers by Dale  MS 93HD/18/99  1952-1953

Papers by Dale  MS 93HD/18/100  1953-1954

Papers by Dale  MS 93HD/18/101  1954

Papers by Dale  MS 93HD/18/102  1954-1955

Papers by Dale  MS 93HD/18/103  1955

Papers by Dale  MS 93HD/18/104  1956

Papers by Dale  MS 93HD/18/105  1957-1958

Papers by Dale  MS 93HD/18/106  1958-1960

Papers by Dale  MS 93HD/18/107  1961-1963

Papers by Dale  MS 93HD/18/108  1963

Papers by Dale  MS 93HD/18/109  1963-1964

Papers by Dale  MS 93HD/18/110  1930-1964

Papers by Dale  MS 93HD/18/111  1900-1917

Papers by Dale  MS 93HD/18/112  1918-1928

Papers by Dale  MS 93HD/18/113  1929-1934

Papers by Dale  MS 93HD/18/114  1935-1938

Papers by Dale  MS 93HD/18/115  1939-1947

Papers by Dale  MS 93HD/18/116  1948-1952

Papers by Dale  MS 93HD/18/117  1953-1962

Dale's obituary of F.G. Hopkins  MS 93HD/18/118-119  1948

Volume listing Dale's reprints in chronological order, noting when and to whom copies were sent  MS 93HD/18/120  1914-1934

Volume listing Dale's reprints in chronological order, noting when and to whom copies were sent  MS 93HD/18/121  1934-1953

Volume listing Dale's reprints in chronological order, noting when and to whom copies were sent  MS 93HD/18/122  1954-1963

List of Dale's reprints, 1904-1963  MS 93HD/18/123  undated

Reference reprints  MS 93HD/18/124  1921-1936

Reference reprints  MS 93HD/18/125  1919-1935

Reference reprints  MS 93HD/18/126  1936-[1939]

Reference reprints  MS 93HD/18/127  1928-1937

Reference reprints  MS 93HD/18/128  1933-1942

Reference reprints  MS 93HD/18/129  1915-1942

Reference reprints  MS 93HD/18/130  1945-1950

Lady Tata Memorial Trust reprints  MS 93HD/18/131  1934-1948

Lady Tata Memorial Trust reprints  MS 93HD/18/132  1946-1956

Lectures, arranged by author  MS 93HD/18/133  1929-1959

Obituaries, arranged by subject, A-K  MS 93HD/18/134  1926-1957

Obituaries, arranged by subject, L-Y  MS 93HD/18/135  1937-1956

Reports  MS 93HD/18/136  1922-1957

Odd reprints and journals  MS 93HD/18/137  1922-1957

Miscellaneous items  MS 93HD/19  1910-1968

Pharmacopoeia of St. Bartholomew's Hospital  MS 93HD/19/138.1  1900

Membership card of the U.S.S.R. Academy of Sciences  MS 93HD/19/138.2  8 March 1942

Order of proceedings at Charter Day Convocation, Princeton University, at which Dale received an Honorary Doctorate  MS 93HD/19/138.3  19 Oct. 1946

Letter from Hans Molitor to [Dale], requesting a meeting so that he may deliver personally the good wishes of the Merck Institute on [Dale's] 90th birthday  MS 93HD/19/138.4  17 May 1965

Message of congratulations from the Merck Institute for Therapeutic Research on the occasion of Dale's 90th birthday  MS 93HD/19/138.5  9 June 1965

Group photograph taken at XVII International Congress of Medicine  MS 93HD/19/138.6  1913

Photograph of portrait of C.F. von Breda by William Bithering  MS 93HD/19/138.7  undated

Photographs of portrait of Dale by James Gunn  MS 93HD/19/138.8  [1945]

Portrait of [E. von Knaffl-Lenz]  MS 93HD/19/138.9  undated

Photograph of portrait of Anthony van Leeuwenhoek by Johannes Verkolje  MS 93HD/19/138.10  undated

Photographs of Ernest Rutherford  MS 93HD/19/138.11  1898-

Photograph of Mount Vernon House  MS 93HD/19/138.12  undated

Note from Joyce Malloch accompanying 138.14  MS 93HD/19/138.13  undated

Pen and ink drawing of view from Dale's window at the Wellcome Trust, Queen Anne Street, London W.1  MS 93HD/19/138.14  undated

Estampas de la Revolucion Espaniola  MS 93HD/19/138.15  19 July 1936

"The China Emergency". Supplement to The Osaka Mainichi & The Tokyo Nichi Nichi  MS 93HD/19/138.16  20 Oct. 1937

De Groene Amsterdammer  MS 93HD/19/138.17  2 Nov. 1946

Picture Post, Vol. 38, No.2  MS 93HD/19/138.18  10 Jan. 1948

Note: includes article about the Royal Institution entitled "Where Science meets the World"

Cartoon from Krokodil  MS 93HD/19/138.19-20  [1949]

Press cutting reporting Trofim Lysenko's "resignation" from the Presidency of the Soviet Academy of Agricultural Science  MS 93HD/19/138.21  [1956]

Life  MS 93HD/19/138.22  14 Jan. 1952

Note: includes profile of Dale

Life (International Edition)  MS 93HD/19/138.23  28 Jan. 1952

Note: includes profile of Dale

Exhibition on Bacteriological War Crimes Committed by the Government of the United States of America. Published by the Chinese People's Committee for World Peace, Peking  MS 93HD/19/138.24  1952

Photostat copies of obituaries of Dale in British Medical Journal and Lancet, with reprint of obituary from Lancet, 3 Aug. 1968  MS 93HD/19/138.25-27  1968

Slides  MS 93HD/19/139-142  undated

Additional personal papers  MS 93HD/20  1875-1968

Birth and marriage certificates; school and university certificates  MS 93HD/20/1  1888-1960

Copies of Dale's and Ellen Harriet Dale's birth certificates, and original marriage certificate  MS 93HD/20/1/142.1  1904-1960

School certificates  MS 93HD/20/1/142.2-3  1888-1892

Medical student's registration certificate and Certificate of Medical Registration  MS 93HD/20/1/142.4  1894-1903

Notebook for practical zoology, with drawings made in practical class at University of Cambridge  MS 93HD/20/1/142.5  1894-1900

Note: includes two loose sheets with notes on organic chemistry and physiology

Autobiographical material  MS 93HD/20/2  1898-1968

Correspondence with publishers concerning possible publication of reminiscences  MS 93HD/20/2/143.1  1960-1967

Autobiographical note relating to period up to c. 1920, and additional note on Benjamin James Dale  MS 93HD/20/2/143.2  1958-[1964]

Autobiographical note relating to period 1875-1904  MS 93HD/20/2/143.3-4  undated

Reminiscences (discarded material) relating to period 1894-1904  MS 93HD/20/2/143.5  1967

Reminiscences (discarded material) relating to period 1904-1914  MS 93HD/20/2/143.6-7  undated

Note on early experiments at Brockwell Hall  MS 93HD/20/2/143.8  19 July 1967

Note on work on biological standards and standardisation and its connection with the Medical Research Council and League of Nations Organisation  MS 93HD/20/2/143.9  undated

Correspondence with Landsborough Thomson concerning latter's history of the Medical Research Council  MS 93HD/20/2/143.10  1967-1968

Letter from Peter Medawar returning Dale's notes on the early history of the National Institute for Medical Research  MS 93HD/20/2/143.11  24 April 1968

Miscellaneous material for reminiscences  MS 93HD/20/2/143.12  1941-1968

Illustrative material for reminiscences  MS 93HD/20/2/143.13  [1898]-1954

Citations  MS 93HD/20/3  1937-1956

Copley Medal of the Royal Society  MS 93HD/20/3/144.1  30 Nov. 1937

Gold Medal of the British Medical Association  MS 93HD/20/3/144.2  7 Nov. 1956

Decorations  MS 93HD/20/4  1949

Grand Croix de l'ordre de la Couronne (Belgium)  MS 93HD/20/4/145.1  1949

Personal medals  MS 93HD/20/5  1889-1959

Tollington Park College  MS 93HD/20/5/145.2  1889

University of Liége  MS 93HD/20/5/145.3  1934

Free University of Brussels  MS 93HD/20/5/145.4  [1936]

Heads of Oswald Schmiedeberg and Bernhard Naunyn, presented by Albert Fraenkel at Heidelberg  MS 93HD/20/5/145.5  1936

Academie de Médecine  MS 93HD/20/5/145.6  1945

Medal of Freedom of the U.S.A.  MS 93HD/20/5/145.7  1947

Royal Society of Medicine  MS 93HD/20/5/145.8  [1949-1950]

Bowman Medal of the Ophthalmological Society  MS 93HD/20/5/145.9  1951

Banting Medal of the American Diabetes Association  MS 93HD/20/5/145.10  1954

Patron's badge  MS 93HD/20/5/145.11  1957

Ville de Paris  MS 93HD/20/5/145.12  1958

Henry Dale Medal of the Society for Endocrinology  MS 93HD/20/5/145.13  [1959]

Congress medals etc.  MS 93HD/20/6  1907-1953

VII International Physiological Congress  MS 93HD/20/6/145.14  1907

VIII International Physiological Congress  MS 93HD/20/6/145.15  1910

IX International Physiological Congress  MS 93HD/20/6/145.16  1913

XII International Physiological Congress  MS 93HD/20/6/145.17  1926

XIII International Physiological Congress  MS 93HD/20/6/145.18  1929

Medal inscribed "Alma Universitas Graecensis Carola Francisca"  MS 93HD/20/6/145.19  1943

Medal struck to commemorate silver jubilee of George V and Queen Mary  MS 93HD/20/6/145.20  1935

Medal struck to commemorate coronation of George VI and Queen Elizabeth  MS 93HD/20/6/145.21  1937

Medal struck to commemorate coronation of Elizabeth II  MS 93HD/20/6/145.22  1953

Miniature glass cup inscribed "G.R. 1937"  MS 93HD/20/6/145.23  1937

Copy of document granting Dale the Freedom of the City of London  MS 93HD/20/6/145.24  6 Feb. 1947

Stole  MS 93HD/20/6/145.25  [n.d.]

Box containing two gold studs and one gold and pearl stud  MS 93HD/20/6/145.26  [n.d.]

Head of Hans Horst Meyer  MS 93HD/20/6/145.27  undated

Correspondence and photographs  MS 93HD/20/7  1925-1968

Correspondence concerning work on muscarine said to have been done by H. King at the National Institute for Medical Research after 1942  MS 93HD/20/7/146.1  1961-1968

Correspondence concerning J.J. Abel and his work on crystallisation of insulin  MS 93HD/20/7/146.2  1966-1967

Correspondence with colleagues in physiology  MS 93HD/20/7/146.3  1966-1968

Photographs taken at II International Conference on Biological Standardisation  MS 93HD/20/7/146.4  1925

Photograph taken at the opening of the C.H. Best Institute, Toronto  MS 93HD/20/7/146.5  1953

Photographs taken at the Wellcome Centenary Dinner, Fishmongers' Hall  MS 93HD/20/7/146.6  [1957]

Photograph of presentation to Lord Nuffield to mark his 80th birthday  MS 93HD/20/7/146.7  1957

Reprints  MS 93HD/20/8  1904-1964

Reprints of papers by Dale, numbered 1-88  MS 93HD/20/8/147  1904-1935

Note: series incomplete

Reprints of papers by Dale, numbered 89-152  MS 93HD/20/8/148  1935-1950

Note: series incomplete

Reprints of papers by Dale, numbered 152-217, with list of reprints 1-217  MS 93HD/20/8/149  1925-1964

Note: series incomplete

Miscellaneous items  MS 93HD/20/9  1910-1967

Agreement with the Medical Research Council in respect of provision for superannuation, with related letter  MS 93HD/20/9/150.1  1921-1922

Sheet of plastic inscribed "'Carbon-14' presented to Sir Henry Dale O.M. F.R.S. at the Radiochemical Centre Amersham 8 April 1954"  MS 93HD/20/9/150.2  8 April 1954

Scrapbook compiled [by the Wellcome Foundation] to commemorate Dale's 90th birthday  MS 93HD/20/9/150.3  1965

Certificate of Honorary Fellowship of the Collegium Internationale Allergologicum  MS 93HD/20/9/150.4  1 March 1968

Copy of W.S. Churchill's speech at the unveiling of the Royal Naval Division Memorial on 25 April 1925. Copy of confidential letter, dated 11 May 1944, from Dale to Churchill, urging him to see Niels Bohr and commenting on prospects of success for tube alloys  MS 93HD/20/9/150.5  undated

Copy excerpt from chapter on "The Medical Prize", in Nobel, The Man and his Prizes  MS 93HD/20/9/150.6  [1950]

Ceremonial for coronation of Elizabeth II  MS 93HD/20/9/150.7  2 June 1953

Form and order of service for coronation of Elizabeth II  MS 93HD/20/9/150.8  2 June 1953

"How the Germans Bungled the Bomb" by David Irving, cuttings from the Sunday Telegraph  MS 93HD/20/9/150.9  8-22 Jan. 1967

Photostat copy of "The Reaction of Smooth Muscle of the Guinea-Pig Sensitized with Horse Serum" by W.H. Schultz, J. Pharm. Exp. Therapeutics, 1909-1910  MS 93HD/20/9/150.10  [1910]

Photostat copy of "Reaction of Smooth Muscle from Guinea-Pigs Rendered Tolerant to Large Doses of Serum" by W.H. Schultz, J. Pharm. Exp. Therapeutics, 1910-1911  MS 93HD/20/9/150.11  [1911]

Paul Ehrlich by Martha Marquardt  MS 93HD/20/9/150.12  1924

"Epidemic Influenza; A Virus Disease" by P.P. Laidlaw, Linacre Lecture, 1935. Reprinted from Lancet, 11 May 1935  MS 93HD/20/9/150.13  1935

"Paul Ehrlich" by Dale. Reprinted from British Medical Journal, 20 March 1954  MS 93HD/20/9/150.14  1954

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