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John Davy

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Reference JD
Covering dates 1785-1868
Held by Royal Institution of Great Britain
Extent 1.54 metres
Creators Davy, John, 1790 - 1868, physiologist and anatomist

MSS Notebooks, including juvenalia  JD1  [n.d.]

Small brown notebook; 102pp., MS; Notes on Dr B.Higgins Chemistry Course  JD1/1  1785

pp.1-2 contents
pp.3-4 Lecture 1: 11 April 1785: explanation of terms and of attraction and repulsion.
pp.5-7 Lecture 2: attraction and repulsion with aggregation and cohesion.
pp.8-10 Lecture 3: on air, fire and phlogiston
pp.11-13 Lecture 4: on air, fire and phlogiston
pp.14-15 Lecture 5: vitriolic combinations
pp.16-18 Lecture 6: nitrous acid, vaprous aerial and other combinations, nitrous Glyssi combinations, detonations and phaenomena.
pp.19-21 Lecture 7: as 6.
pp.22-24 Lecture 8: marine acid, elastic fluids and combinations. Theory of air and fire in respiration and vegetation.
pp.25-27 Lecture 9: phosphoric and fluor acid.
pp.28-31 Lecture 10: acid of borax and compounds and acetous acid.
pp.32-33 Lecture 11: acetous acid.
pp.34-37 Lecture 12: acetous acid.
pp.38-40 Lecture 13: volatile alkali, ammoniacal salts, soaps
pp.41-43 Lecture 14: earths unmetallic viz calcareous
pp.44-46 Lecture 15: magnesia, terra ponderosa.
pp.47-49 Lecture 16: argillaceous earth
pp.50-53 Lecture 17: arsenic and cobalt
pp.54-56 Lecture 18: cobalt and manganese
pp.57-58 Lecture 19: nickel and antimony
pp.59-62 Lecture 20: antimony
pp.63-65 Lecture 21: bismuth and nickel
pp.66-69 Lecture 22: lead
pp.70-72 Lecture 23: tin
pp.73 Lecture 24: phosphori
pp.74-77 Lecture 25: copper
pp.78-83 Lecture 26: iron
pp.84-88 Lecture 27: iron
pp.89-93 Lecture 28: mercury
pp.94-97 Lecture 29: silver
pp.98-102 Lecture 30: gold and silver

Notebook, cover dated 1802-1843  JD1/2  1802-1843

406pp., MS
pp.1-113 Lectures on natural history
pp.1-2 Lecture 1: the beaver
pp.2-4 Lecture 2: the lion
pp.4-6 Lecture 3: the tiger
pp.6-9 Lecture 4: the panther, leopard and hyena
pp.9-11 Lecture 5: the opossum and the otter
pp.12-13 Lecture 6: the dog
pp.13-18 anecdotes of the dog
pp.18-21 Lecture 7: the elephant
pp.21-24 anecdotes of the elephant
pp.25-28 Lecture 8: the rhinoceros
pp.29-33 Lecture 9: the camel and dromedary
pp.34-35 Lecture 10: the buffalo
pp.36-39 Lecture 11: the bison
pp.39-40 Lecture 12: the hippopotamus
pp.40-42 Lecture 13: the elk
pp.42-45 Lecture 14: the reindeer
pp.45-47 Lecture 15: the lama or peruvian camel
pp.47-48 Lecture 16: the tapier
pp.48-50 Lecture 17: the ibex or wild goat
pp.50-52 Lecture 18: the common or domestic goat
pp.52-53 Lecture 19: the chamois
pp.53-55 Lecture 20: the common hog and wild boar
pp.55-56 Lecture 21: the polar or white bear
pp.56-57 [Lecture 22]: the sable
pp.58 Lecture 23: the restless cavy or guinea pig
pp.59-60 natural productions of the Island of Ceylon
pp.60-62 Lecture 24: continuation of last subject (Ceylon)
pp.62-63 Lecture 25: the common hare
pp.63-65 Lecture 26: the ursiform sloth
pp.66-68 Lecture 27: the lemmus or lemming
pp.68-70 Lecture 28: the common seal
pp.71-73 Lecture 29: the manati
pp.73-75 Lecture 30: the bat
pp.76-78 Lecture 31: the orang-outang
pp.78-79 Lecture 32: the baboon
pp.80-82 Lecture 33: the monkey
pp.82-84 Lecture 34: of birds in general
pp.85-87 Lecture 35: the same subject continued
pp.87-90 Lecture 36: the subject concluded
pp.90-93 Lecture 37: the condor
pp.93-96 [Lecture 38]: the carion vulture
pp.96-99 Lecture 39: Falco or the eagle
pp.99-102 Lecture 40: the falcon, kite etc.
pp.103-6 Lecture 41: the owl kind
pp.106-8 Lecture 42: birds of the order of picae - parrot etc
pp.108-111 Lecture 43: raven, crow, chough, jackdaw
pp.111-113 Lecture 44: the rook
p.114 blank
pp.115-205 historical notes
pp.115-22 Pelopidas
pp.123-35 Agesilaus
pp.135-54 Eumenes
pp.154-60 Phocion
pp.161-71 Timoleon
pp.172-74 on kings
pp.175-77 Phillip, Alexander, Phyrrhus and Dionysius
pp.177-80 Of the friends of Alexander: Antigonus, Demetrius, Lysimachus, Seleucus, Ptolemaus etc.
pp.180-89 Hamilcar
pp.189-94 Hannibal
pp.195-6 Alaric the Goth
pp.196-7 Attila the Hun and Genseric the Vandal
pp.197-99 Extinction of the Western (The Proper Roman) Empire by Odoacer, first King of Italy
pp.200-5 Hannibal
pp.206-280 mathematics
pp.206-8 addition
pp.209-15 subtraction (pp.210-13 blank)
p.216 blank
pp.217-26 multiplication
pp.227-48 division
pp.249-57 addition of money
p.258 blank
pp.259-69 subtraction (money) (pp.260-64 blank)
p.270 blank
pp.271-80 multiplication (money)
pp.281-303 Hannibal
pp.304-334 astronomy (written upside-down from back)
pp.332-334 [Lecture 1]: general
pp.330-32 Lecture 2: on the motions of the planets
pp.327-30 Lecture 3: on the motion of the earth
pp.326-7 Lecture 4: moons and satellites
pp.324-5 Lecture 5: comets
pp.321-3 Lecture 6: the fixed stars
pp.320-21 Lecture 7: of the constellations on each side of the zodiac
pp.317-9 Lecture 8: of the planets more at large
pp.315-7 Lecture 9: as 8
pp.312-4 Lecture 10: of the twelve signs of the Zodiac
pp.309-12 Lecture 11: of the sun & moon & eclipses
pp.307-8 Lecture 12: on the atmosphere or surrounding air
pp.306-7 Lecture 13: on the plurality of worlds
pp.304-5 Lecture 14: the heavenly bodies prove the being & power of God.
pp.335-342 Hannibal
pp.342-51 M.Porcius Cato
pp.351-406 T.Pomponius Atticus

Book of pencil drawings, photogravures and water colours  JD1/3  [ca. 1818]

36pp + 36 loose leaves, MSS.
Includes sketch/wash of Namina cooli, Kandy (JD1/3/31) and verso drawing of Tarapane; drawing of group of volcanic rocks, basaltic formation, Grenada, W.Indies (JD1/3/36).
pp.1-6 blank
p.7 note about tarapane
pp.8-10 blank
p.11 drawing of man
p.12 blank
p.13 note and sketches of Kandyan method of preparing nitre
p.14 notes and sketches on the commata (a charm)
p.15 notes and sketches on ploughs - the Anadatpoorooa and nagoola
p.16 blank
p.17 notes and sketches of still used by Kandyans for making arrack
pp.18-20 sketches and notes on apparatus for melting silver and notes on weights
pp.21-22 notes and sketches on Kandyan oil press
p.23 sketch and notes of boulatphya (beetle bag)
p.24 blank
p.25 sketch of a Dourea
p.26 blank
p.27 sketch and notes of hiromane (coconut scraper)
p.28 blank
pp.29-30 sketches: and notes on atgalla, haka porua and koodo galli
p.31 notes and sketches of knives used by Malays and Kandyans to prepare rattan
pp.32-33 notes and sketches on musical instruments - the berrigodea, doula, tamaton, udakea, tallea and horanawa
pp.34-35 blank
p.36 sketch
Inside cover: drawing - pencil & wash

Book of sketches and notes, including Shoal Island off Sicily  JD1/4  1831-42

44pp + 27 loose leaves, MS.
p.1 sketch of fatus of squalus
p.2 sketch of sieve
p.3 sketch of rock with plants
p.4 landscape
p.5 sketch of plough
p.6 blank
p.7 notes and sketches: propagation of orange and lemon trees; transplanting trees in Zante
p.8 blank
p.9 part of sketch
pp.10-17 blank
pp.18-19 sketch - outline of fish
pp.20-34 blank
p.35 landscape
p.36 sketches: Denham, the Teme
p.37 blank
p.38 landscape
p.39 blank
p.40 sketch of fish
p.41 blank
p.42 sketches of carp
pp.43-44 notes about money.
Loose sheets
JD1/4/1 F.Beaufort, Admiralty, to J.Davy, 22 March 1842; 3½pp; MS. Is sending copy of survey made under Sir Robert Stopford's direction of the volcanic island near Sicily; comments on this. Island has sunk about 1½ ft in four years. Had not heard report that it had recently risen to the surface. Rose out of sea on 6 August 1831.
With survey of Graham Shoal, 1841; printed; JD1/4/2.
JD1/4/3 & 4 sketches of fowler's net for catching doves
JD1/4/4 verso sketch of rocks and plants
JD1/4/5 sketches and notes about Maltese pick, plough, zappone (hoe) and zappa (hoe)
JD1/4/6 sketches of Maltese reaping hook, Maltese shadala and lyra
JD1/4/7 notes on vegetation on rock at Inquisitor's palace; sketches and notes on Maltese threshing fork.
JD1/4/8 sketch of plant [fig tree]
JD1/4/9 sketch of implements
JD1/4/10-14 sketches of buildings
JD1/4/15 sketch of Zante
JD1/4/16 landscape
JD1/4/17 sketch of fig tree
JD1/4/18 notes and sketch of pruning knife used in Ithaca
JD1/4/19 notes and sketches of hoe
JD1/4/20 landscape, with notes
JD1/4/21 sketch of implement (for grinding)
JD1/4/22 sketch and note about hoe
JD1/4/23 extracts from Sir Walter Scott's diaries concerning the Shetland mill and plough
JD1/4/24 sketch of bolt [?]
JD1/4/25 sketches: fig tree, Cerigo plough
JD1/4/26 penwash landscape
JD1/4/27 sketch: horizontal wheel.

Notebook: Barbados, Trinidad, Tobago  JD1/5  1845-48

Temperature, rainfall, general notes, notes about London 1850.
152pp, MS + 14 loose leaves, MS & printed.
Inside back cover: notes on immortality.
Loose leaves
JD1/5/1 notes on rainfall, January-April 1848
JD1/5/2 printed notes: method of finding quantity of vapour by weight existing in the atmosphere
JD1/5/3 printed notes: uses to which Mason's hygrometer is applicable.
JD1/5/4 notes on measurement of vapour by weight
JD1/5/5 notes on rainfall, October-December 1845
JD1/5/6 notes on rainfall, April-May 1846
JD1/5/7 notes on rainfall, June-July 1846, Barbados
JD1/5/8 notes on rainfall, August-November 1846, Barbados
JD1/5/9 notes on rainfall, December 1846-January 1847
JD1/5/10 notes on rainfall, February-March 1847
JD1/5/11 notes on rainfall, April-September 1847
JD1/5/12 notes on rainfall, October-December 1847
JD1/5/13 notes on rainfall, May-August 1848
JD1/5/14 notes on rainfall, September-November 1848

Small brown notebook: Sicily, Lipard Islands, Italy, France, England  JD1/6  12 October 1826-February 1827

120pp., MS.
Description of travels and voyages, including details of landscape, buildings and antiquities.
pp.1-4 Palermo
pp.5-7 Alicadi and Felicandi
p.7 island of Volcano
pp.7-13 Lipari
pp.14-18 Volcano
pp.18-19 voyage to Stromboli along coast
pp.20-34 Stromboli, including description of agricultural methods
pp.34-39 Naples
pp.39-44 neighbourhood of Naples
pp.44-47 journey from Naples to Rome
pp.48-50 Terracina
pp.50-51 approach to Rome
pp.51-54 Rome
pp.54-58 journey from Rome to Florence
pp.58-63 Florence
pp.63-71 journey from Florence to Bologna; plain of Lombardy
pp.71-73 Bologna
pp.73-78 journey from Bologna to Milan via Medina and Parma
pp.78-79 Milan
pp.79-82 Milan to Turin
pp.83-88 From Turin to return to England via Rivoli, Susa, Mt Ceni and Chambercy
pp.88-89 Chambercy
pp.89-95 Lyons
pp.95-100 Chalon and countryside approaching Paris
pp.100-104 Paris and countryside to Boulogne
pp.104-5 Boulogne
pp.105-6 Dover
pp.106-7 Rochester
p.107 note about admission fees to Westminster Abbey and St Paul's.
pp. 107-9 Northamptonshire, Cornwall and Wales; general observations
pp.109-120 London to Ravenna, through France: journey with his brother, Humphry.
Enclosed between pages 68 & 69
JD1/6/1 J.E..., 9 Nov. 1855: pleased bird arrived safely; Mr Wilson would like a few of its feathers.
Verso: notes [by John Davy] of experiments on fish ova
JD1/6/2 note [by John Davy] about ability of young of river fish to survive

Small notebook, marbled cover: notes about the West Indies; extracts from literature and notes  JD1/7  n.d

45 pages, MS.
p.1 Alison on Population: quotes Sir J.Malcolm on prosperous condition of discharged soldiers of Bengal.
p.2 notes on "Excursions through the slave states" by G.W.Featherstonhaugh.
pp.3&4 A view of the constitution of the British Colonies in North America & the West Indies" by Anthony Stokes, 1783.
p.5 notes from "The West India sketch book"
p.6 account of Jamaica by William Bickford
pp.7 & 8 Stokes on the West Indies
p.9 notes from "Remarks on the Husbandry & internal Commerce of Bengal", London 1808
p.10 Von Buch on geology of Norway and Lapland
p.11 notes on the economic condition of the West Indies
p.12 Professor Walowski on labour and protectionism, at Free Trade Congress, Brussels, September 1847
p.13 Professor Ehrenberg of Berlin on polycystina (silicious rocks) in Scotland
pp.14-16 Arthur Young "Travels": notes on effects of irrigation on fertility
p.17 notes on cure for yaws
p.18 Henry Koster "Travels in Brazil", 1817: notes on sugar estates and slaves
p.19 Account of Jamaica by a Gentleman, Long resident in the West Indies, 1808: about the price of labour
pp.20-23 "Free and candid reflections occasioned by the late additional duties on sugars & rum" by John G.Kemeys London 1783
p.24 Southey's "History of Brazil": notes on sugar and on smallpox epidemic (1665).
p.25 Humbolt on Cuba: notes on sugar production
p.26 Humbolt: notes on granite of the upper Oroonoko
pp.27-29 "The merchant, citizen & countryman's Instructor: or a necessary companion for all people" by Thomas Tryon, Merchant; London 1701: notes on Barbados
pp.30-31 Brougham: An inquiry into the colonial policy; 1803
pp.32-33 Adam Smith "Wealth of Nations", ed. J.R.McCulloch, 1827: extracts about cost of free labour and of slavery
p.34 Spectator, 22 Jan.1848: article about cost of producing sugar in the West Indies
pp.35-39 Long on the history of the sugar islands
pp.40-41 Lebland "Voyage aux Antilles, 1767-1802"; Paris 1813
pp.42-45 West India Common Place Book, by Sir William Young, 1807; extracts about trade.

8 files of correspondence, notes and offprints.  JD2  [n.d.]

1: Offprints  JD2/1  1834-1866

[no title or date]  JD2/1/1

Some experiments and observations on the combinations of carbonic acid and ammonia.
Edinburgh New Philosophical Journal, April 1834; 16pp., printed, with MS emendations.

[no title or date]  JD2/1/2

Note on the early generative power of the goat.
Proc. Zoological Society London, 25 May 1847; cutting, printed.

[no title or date]  JD2/1/3

Coke poisoning in a Church: notice of the noxious effects of effluvia from a coke-fire escaping into a church during service.
Journal of Public Health, 1856; pp.33-39; printed with MS emendations.

[no title or date]  JD2/1/4

On an unusual drought in the Lake District in 1859 [Trans.R.Soc.Edinburgh] 22, Part 2, pp.313-318.
Read 17 April 1860. Printed with MS emendations.

[no title or date]  JD2/1/5

On the rainfall in the Lake District in 1861, with some observations on the composition of rain-water.
Read 7 March 1862. [Trans.R.Soc.Edin.] 23, part 1; pp.61-73. Printed with MS emendations.

[no title or date]  JD2/1/6

On the slaking of quicklime. Read at meeting of the British Association Advanc.Sci., Newcastle, 1863, pp. 15-20.
Some observations on the blood, chiefly in relation to the question, Is Ammonia in its volatile state one of its normal constituents.
Brit.Assoc., 1863, pp.20-29.

[no title or date]  JD2/1/7

On the colour of salmon. Read at meeting of British Association, Newcastle 1863. Published Edinburgh Phil.J., Oct. 1863, pp.247-249.
With Ms note of addition: ½ page, written on back of note from J.Crosfield; JD2/1/7a.
Some observations on the eggs of birds. Read at British Assoc., Newcastle, 1863. Published Edinburgh Phil.J., Oct.1863, pp.249-258.
With Ms note of addition to p.253: 2pp., written on acknowledgement of cheque from C.E.Brown-Leguard; JD2/1/7b.

[no title or date]  JD2/1/8

Transactions of the Ethnological Society of London, 1865, pp.83-95
Review VII: 1) Trans.Ethnol.Soc.Lond., Vol.1 N.S., 1861, p.378 11) Anniversary Address delivered before Anthropological Society of London, 5 Jan.1864 p.24.
Printed with MS additions.

[no title or date]  JD2/1/9

Some observations on birds, chiefly relating to their temperature, with supplementary remarks on their bones.
Proc. R.Soc. 1865, pp.440-457

[no title or date]  JD2/1/10

Copy of JD2/1/9

[no title or date]  JD2/1/11

On the congelation of animals.
Proc. R.Soc., 1866, no.86, pp.250-254

[no title or date]  JD2/1/12

On the bones of birds at different periods of their growth.
Proc. R.Soc., 1866, no.88; pp.299-306

[no title or date]  JD2/1/13

Observations on meat (butchers' meat) in relation to the changes to which it is liable under different circumstances.
Proc. R.Soc. Edin., 19 March 1866; 7pp.

[no title or date]  JD2/1/14

On the bursa fabricii of birds.
Proc.R.Soc., 15, 1866; 8pp.

[no title or date]  JD2/1/15

Copy of JD2/1/14

[no title or date]  JD2/1/16

The negro as to labour.
Notes, printed & MS.

[no title or date]  JD2/1/16a

On the character of the negro chiefly in relation [to] industrial habits. 4pp., MS
(Written on back on advertisement for bazaar in aid of St Vincent de Paul's new Female Orphanage, Dublin)

[no title or date]  JD2/1/16b

Report of address by Rev.S.W.Holt, former slave, on the emancipation movement & negro labour in Jamaica, given at Baptist Chapel, Crosby Garrett, Jamaica, 24 Sept. [?1866]

[no title or date]  JD2/1/16c

Jamaica in 1866, A narrative of a tour through the island with remarks on its social, educational & industrial condition. By Thomas Harvey & William Brewin, 1867; 2pp., MS [J.D.'s hand]
Written on back of letter from Deptford & Greenwich Unemployed Relief Fund.

[no title or date]  JD2/1/16d

Cutting from Leeds Mercury 10 Jan. 1867: report of discussion about Jamaica in presence of Mr Forster, late Under-Secretary for the Colonies, Mr Roundell, Secretary to the Jamaica Commission, and Mr Harvey.

[no title or date]  JD2/1/16e

Notes about the Shanganja race: 1½pp., MS.
Written on note about Railroad Bond interest, 1866.

[no title or date]  JD2/1/16f

Extract from Livingstone's "Zambesi", about children and the slave trade; 1p., MS.

[no title or date]  JD2/1/16g

Notes on James Hunt's view that negroes were a distinct species; 1p., MS

[no title or date]  JD2/1/16h

Note about gradation of skin colour from tropics to arctic; 1p., MS.

[no title or date]  JD2/1/16i

Notes about ability of coloured person.

[no title or date]  JD2/1/16j

Notes on the negro and attitude of the white to the negro; 1½pp, MS.
Written on note about sale of Great Eastern Stock, 1863.

[no title or date]  JD2/1/16k

Notes on Samuel Baker's communication to the British Association, Nottingham; observations on the negro character; 1½pp., MS.

[no title or date]  JD2/1/16l

Notes on the negro: extracts from writings of [Samuel] Baker; 1¼pp., MS.

[no title or date]  JD2/1/16m

Notes on "native knowledge of agriculture": extract from "Narration" [?Baker]; 1¼pp., MS.

[no title or date]  JD2/1/16n

Extract from Livingstone's African Travels, 1865; 1p., MS.

[no title or date]  JD2/1/16p

The newly discovered tiger-negro of the British Antilles: Reply by "Jacob Omnium" to Sir Samuel Baker, 27 Sept. 1866; newspaper cutting.

[no title or date]  JD2/1/16q

Notes on the effects of emancipation and on the condition of the natives: extracts from various books; 2pp., MS.

[no title or date]  JD2/1/16r

Note of Livingstone's observations on the colours of Africans; ½., MS.

2: Offprints  JD2/2  1823-1839

[no title or date]  JD2/2/1

Observations on air found in the pleura, in a case of pneumato-thorax; with experiments on the absorption of different kinds of air introduced into the pleura
Philosophical Trans., 1823; 21pp., printed.

[no title or date]  JD2/2/2

Some remarks in reply to Dr Daubeny's note on air disengaged from the sea over the site of the recent volcano in the Mediterranean.
Philosophical Trans. Part II, 1834; pp.551-554

[no title or date]  JD2/2/3

The male organs of some of the cartilaginous fishes.
Philosophical Trans. Part 1, 1839; pp.139-149.

3: Offprints  JD2/3  1836-1866

[no title or date]  JD2/3/1

Some observations on atmospheric electricity.
Trans R.Soc.Edin., 13, 1836; pp.1-6

[no title or date]  JD2/3/2

On the quarantine classification of substances, with a view to the prevention of plague.
Trans R.Soc.Edin., 15, part 2, 1842; pp.307-14.
Printed with MS amendments

[no title or date]  JD2/3/3

Notice of an unusual fall of rain in the Lake District in January 1859.
Trans R.Soc.Edin., 22, part 1, 1859; pp.41-49.

[no title or date]  JD2/3/4

On the freezing of the egg of the common fowl.
Trans.R.Soc.Edin., 23, part 3, 1864; pp.505-513.

[no title or date]  JD2/3/5

Miscellaneous observations on the blood.
Trans.R.Soc.Edin., 24, part 1, 1865; pp.19-35.

[no title or date]  JD2/3/6

Some observations on the cuticle in regard to evaporation.
Trans.R.Soc.Edin., 24, part 1, 1865; pp.111-120.

[no title or date]  JD2/3/7

Some observations on incubation.
Trans.R.Soc.Edin., 24, part 2, 1866; pp.341-350

4: Drafts of papers  JD2/4  1840-64

[no title or date]  JD2/4/1

Miscellaneous observations on the torpedo.
4pp., MS draft. Published in Archives Royal Soc., 1840.

[no title or date]  JD2/4/2

Notice of a peculiarity of structure observed in the aorta of the wild swan.
Proc.Zool.Soc.Lond., 1849, p.28. 4pp., MS.

[no title or date]  JD2/4/3

Observations on the eye of the mole, in a letter addressed to W.Spence Esq., FRS.
Proc.Zool.Soc.Lond., 1851, p.129. 7pp., MS.

[no title or date]  JD2/4/4

Ms drafts for paper: Relative to the Question do the young of the vipers seek shelter in the parental stomach. Natural History Review, 1862.
12pp., MS: written on scraps of paper containing other notes (MS & printed) + cover sheet.

[no title or date]  JD2/4/5

On the effects of scanty & deficient diet.
[ca.1864/5]; unpublished draft. 38pp MS notes + cover sheet (written on scraps of paper, backs of other notes - printed & MS).

[no title or date]  JD2/4/6

Notes on the changes which take place in the blood when excluded from air.
[ca.1863/4]; 32pp., MS (written on scraps of paper, other letters, circulars etc - MS & printed)

[no title or date]  JD2/4/7

Notes on the horsechestnut.
Lesketh How, 27 June 1864. 8pp., MS.

[no title or date]  JD2/4/8

Observations on congellated lymph: notes ca. 1862 on observations made in 1828. 8pp., MS.

[no title or date]  JD2/4/9

On the influence of air on vital action, as tested by the air pump.
[1867]; 12pp., MS.

[no title or date]  JD2/4/10

Abstract of JD2/4/9: British Association, Dundee, 1867; 3½pp., MS.

[no title or date]  JD2/4/11

Notes of examination of foetuses and dead children, including 2 year old who died of dysentery, at Malta 1828-34. 6pp., MS.

[no title or date]  JD2/4/12

Notes: design in nature. Contributed to a Ladies Society, Tunbridge Wells, 14 March 1863; sent to Miss Campbell.
18pp., MS: written on scraps, other letters etc.

[no title or date]  JD2/4/13

Some observations on the eggs of birds.
Read at the British Association, Newcastle, 1863.
Published Edinburgh Phil.J., Oct. 1863. 19pp., MS.

[no title or date]  JD2/4/14

On the temperature of the sexes.
1864. 5pp., MS.

[no title or date]  JD2/4/15

Some observations on the horsechestnut (Ascutus hippocastanum), its composition and uses.
6pp., MS; incomplete.

5: Correspondence.  JD2/5  1840-1865

[no title or date]  JD2/5/1

Robert Allan, Edinburgh, to [John] Davy, Chatham, 29 July 1840; ¾p., MS.
Is enclosing notices about [Humphry Davy's] lectures of 1811; comments on these.
With cuttings:-

[no title or date]  JD2/5/2

R.I.Lecture, 9th [Feb.], 4th lecture: heat.

[no title or date]  JD2/5/3

R.I.Lecture, 16 [Feb.], 5th lecture: electricity.

[no title or date]  JD2/5/4

R.I.Lecture, 23 [Feb.], 6th lecture: galvanism.

[no title or date]  JD2/5/5

R.I.Lecture, 2 March, 7th lecture: elements.

[no title or date]  JD2/5/6

R.I.Lecture, 9 March, 8th lecture: muriatic acid.

[no title or date]  JD2/5/7

R.I.Lecture, 16 March, 9th lecture: inflammable gas

[no title or date]  JD2/5/8

R.I.Lecture, 23 March, 10th lecture: sulphur, phosphorus & carbon.

[no title or date]  JD2/5/9

R.I.Lecture, 30 March, 11th lecture: metals.

[no title or date]  JD2/5/10

R.I.Lecture, 13 April, 12th lecture: potassium & sodium.

[no title or date]  JD2/5/11

R.I.Lecture, 20 April, 13th lecture: the earths.

[no title or date]  JD2/5/12

William Charles Kerr, London, to [John] Davy 24 Nov. 1855; 4pp., MS.
Thanks for sympathy. Refers to his wife's health.
Comments on papers concerning Humphry Davy which he is enclosing. Has found packets of letters Humphry Davy sent to Lady Davy, which she had asked to be destroyed on her death; must consult his co-executors about this.

[no title or date]  JD2/5/13

B.C.Brodie, Broome Park, Betchworth, Reigate, to [John] Davy; 26 Sept. 1860; 2½pp., MS.
Discusses John Davy's "Fragmentary Remains".
Comments on Humphry Davy. Dr Paris knew little about Humphry Davy. Invites John to visit.

[no title or date]  JD2/5/14

A letter from John Davy, M.D., FRS, to the Editors of the Philosophical Magazine in reply to certain charges made by C.Babbage, Esq., FRS etc. against the late Sir Humphry Davy, when President of The Royal Society.
5pp., printed [Phil.Mag., Dec. 1864].

[no title or date]  JD2/5/15

Remarks on the letter published by Dr J.Davy in the December number of the Philosophical Magazine by Sir J.F.W.Herschel, FRS etc. Dec.1864.
2pp., printed. Phil.Mag., Jan.1865.

[no title or date]  JD2/5/16a

Copy of JD2/5/14

[no title or date]  JD2/5/16b

A letter from John Davy, M.D., FRS, addressed to the Editors of the Philosophical Magazine, in continuation of a former one, and accompanied by documentary evidence contributed by Sir James South, FRS, and Benjamin Gompertz, Esq., FRS, in reply to a certain charge made by Charles Babbage, Esq., FRS, against the late Sir Humphry Davy when President of The Royal Society.
Phil.Mag., Feb. 1865; 4pp., printed.

[no title or date]  JD2/5/17

A letter from Sir J.F.W.Herschel, Bart., to the Editors of the Philosophical Magazine & Journal in reference to a recent communication to that work by Dr J.Davy; 12 Feb. 1865. 6pp., MS.

6: Correspondence  JD2/6  1852 - 1867

[no title or date]  JD2/6/1

J.W.Berridge, Limekiln, to [John Davy], 31 March 1852; 8pp., MS. Discusses the West Indies: economy, wages, hospital.

[no title or date]  JD2/6/2

George Gulliver, St Mark's Crescent, to [John Davy], 12 July 1854; 3½pp., MS. Discusses the appointment of British Medical Staff for the Turkish Army; work of Lloyd and Alexander Keiller on the salmon; his own work on Cotton's Country; angling.
With list of errata in "Ramble in Charles Cotton's Country", Dub.Un.Magazine, July 1854; 1p., MS; JD2/6/3

[no title or date]  JD2/6/4

George Gulliver, St Mark's Crescent, to [John Davy], 5 June 1855; 6pp., MS. Discusses fishing, sensations felt by fish, possibility of his taking a consulting practice in Northampton, Army Medical Department.

[no title or date]  JD2/6/5

George Gulliver, St Mark's Crescent, to [John Davy], 8 June 1855; 4pp., MS. Discusses work of Cuvier and Valenciennes - Histoire Naturelle des Poissons; Vogt on salmonidae; booksellers; his own studies of fish.

[no title or date]  JD2/6/6

George Gulliver, Rowsley, to [John Davy], 24 June 1855; 2pp., MS. Discusses fishing and Sir John Trollop [Army Medical Dept].

[no title or date]  JD2/6/7

George Gulliver, Edenbridge, to [John Davy], 11 April 1866; 4pp., MS. Discusses Davy's paper on butcher's meat, visit to Salisbury, memorial to George Herbert.

[no title or date]  JD2/6/8

George Gulliver, Edenbridge, to [John Davy], 22 April 1866; 4pp., MS. Discusses Davy's paper on the Bursa Fabricii. Discusses club shaped and spiral spermatozoa found in birds.

[no title or date]  JD2/6/9

William Brewin, Dunkeld, to [John] Davy, 14 Sept. 1867; 3pp., MS. Comments on John Davy's paper about the negro.

7: Correspondence  JD2/7  1855 - 1867

[no title or date]  JD2/7/1

William Yarrell, Ryder Street, to J.Davy, 20 March 1855; 3½pp., MS. Discusses Davy's book "The Angler and his friends", angling, the grayling, a fish which Humphrey Davy ate at Geneva.

[no title or date]  JD2/7/2

E.H.Sieverking, Manchester Square, [London], to J.Davy, 7 April 1860; 8pp., MS. Discusses manuscript of Davy's book [on some of the more important diseases of the Army, with contributions to Pathology

[no title or date]  JD2/7/3

Thomas Hudson, Kendal, to John Davy, 9 Oct.1860; 1p., MS. about investment in New York & Erie.
Verso: draft letter about book [.. diseases of the Army..] and possibility of finding publisher.

[no title or date]  JD2/7/4

Thomas Longman, Fort Pitt, to [John] Davy, 12 Oct.1860; 3½pp., MS. Discusses Davy's book [... diseases of the Army..] and possibility of its publication being financed by the War Office.

[no title or date]  JD2/7/5

[John Davy] to [Thomas Longman], [ca.Oct.1860]; 1p., MS. Draft letter about publication of book on the diseases of the army.

[no title or date]  JD2/7/6-8

Correspondence about investments.

[no title or date]  JD2/7/6

Laycock & Dyson, Huddersfield, 16 Aug.1859; 1p., MS.

[no title or date]  JD2/7/7

Thomas Hudson, Kendal, 16 Aug.1860; 1p., MS.
Verso: part of draft letter about publication of book on diseases of the army.

[no title or date]  JD2/7/8

Union Bank of Scotland, Edinburgh, 2 Aug.1867; 1p., MS.
Verso: notes about slavery.

8: Notes  JD2/8  1836 - 1863

[no title or date]  JD2/8/1

Notes sur la Physique No.2.
13pp., MS, French; undated.
With newspaper cutting, 6 April 1836, about obtaining an electric shock from a sheet of paper.

[no title or date]  JD2/8/2

Notes: "The following outlines of a view of Galvanism are chiefly extracted from a course of Lectures on the Galvanic Phenomena read at the Theatre of the Royal Institution by Mr Davy", 1 Sept.1801. 34pp. MS

[no title or date]  JD2/8/3

[Davies Gilbert]: Anniversary Meeting of the Royal Society, 30 Nov.1839. Address about H.Davy.
With note by Robert Siegfried, 11 Sept.1967, that paper was read 30 Nov.1829, published Phil.Mag, 1830.

[no title or date]  JD2/8/4

D.J.Cunningham: The flexor brevis pollicis and the flexor brevis hallucis in man. Anatomischer Anzeiger, 1887, pp.186-92; printed.

[no title or date]  JD2/8/5

Medical Times & Gazette, 7 Nov.1863; 2pp., printed cutting. Review of "Physiological Researches" by John Davy.

Notebook: Animal Chemistry. Lectures  JD3  1811-1813

A course of chemical lectures theoretical and experimental, delivered at the School of Medicine in Windmill Street. Vol.I: 1814-15; MS. Vol.II: 1814-15; MS.  JD4-5  1814 - 1815

Experiments on small animals, MS.  JD6  1864-7

Sketch book, Ceylon and the Lake District.  JD7  1790-1868

Notebook, of the utility of viewing comparatively sciences that have any resemblances to one another. With other scientific and philosophical notes. MS.  JD8  25 Nov. 1809

Animal Chemistry: Experiments with digitalis, 1811. MS notebook.  JD9  1811-1813

Notebook of chemical and medical experiments MS.  JD10  1811

Notebook: chemical and medical notes, including case notes  JD11  1813

Notebook containing fair copies of papers, including experiments with oliphiant gas, new volcano in the Mediterranean, carbonic acid, phosphorus, quarantine; MS.  JD12  1830s

Notebook of observations on the minute structure of the parts of the human body; MS  JD13  Undated

Notebook containing analysis of minerals and notes on medical phenomena: MS.  JD14  1810- ?

Notebook: description of Ceylon; medical notes MS.  JD15  1815

Ceylon case notes, including elephantiasis and Atkinson's disease; MS.  JD16  1816

Ceylon: excursion Kandy to the nitre caves in Doombara, MS.  JD17  1817

Kandy: general description. MS.  JD18  1817

Ceylon: general description: March-April, MS.  JD19  1818

Ceylon: general description: July-August, MS.  JD20  1818

Ceylon: description of excursions, MS.  JD21  1818-19

Ceylon: (Koormagalla - July); MS.  JD22  July-September 1819

Ceylon & Colombo Africa, St Helena, Cape of St Vincent, Ancona, Corfu, Malta, 1820-34. Descriptive notebook; MS.  JD23  1819-20

Notebook describing journey from Colombo to Adams Peak, including sketch map of route. MS.  JD24  1817

Chemical, medical and geological notes: Kandy 1817, Fort Pitt Malta 1829; MS notebook.  JD25  1821-2

Notebook describing travels to Paris and part of the coast of Corfu, with sketches MS.  JD26  1825

Notebooks describing travels in Corfu, MS.  JD27-28  1825

Corfu "Queries": notebook containing scientific observations and plans for experiments; MS.  JD29  1825

The islands round & the Coast of Corfu: MS notebook.  JD30  1825

Notes of journey through St Maura & to & through Ithaca Notes of journey through Italy; MS notebook with loose MS sheets.  JD31  1825

Notebook about visit to the Dardanelles MS.  JD32  1825

Notebook containing extracts of letters "relative to some parts of Greece & Asia Minor, written in the Spring of 1826"; MS.  JD33  1826

Notebook about Cerigo, MS.  JD34  July 1827

Notebook containing Medical notes: Malta; MS.  JD35  1827-30

Notebook containing anatomical notes; Malta; MS.  JD36  1829

Notebook: morbid anatomy, medical notes; Malta MS.  JD37  1829

Notebook: midwifery and paediatrica, Malta; MS.  JD38  1830-31

Notebook containing chemistry notes and meteorological notes, Malta MS.  JD39  1830-31

Notebook of chemical observations, Malta; MS.  JD40  1830-32

Notes on hospitals - inspections; [Malta] MS.  JD41  1831-2

Notes on diseases of the eye, Malta; MS.  JD42  1833

Notebook containing notes on the action of reagents on animal textures; observations on lime MS.  JD43  1831-2

Malta: memorabilia. MS notebook.  JD44  Undated

Notebook containing medical and meteological notes; Malta MS.  JD45  1821-38

Notebook about Sicily, MS.  JD46  [ca. 1831]

Notebooks describing the new volcano in Mediterranean, MS.  JD47-48  1831

Notebook: Matters relative to subjects of inquiry connected with the particular service in Turkey. About hospitals. MS  JD49  1840-41

Notebook about Turkey (Constantinople); MS.  JD50  April 1841

Notebook about Turkey, August 1841 and about travels in Europe in MS.  JD51  1841

Notebook containing medical notes, 1834, notes on Murrayfield 1842, and notes on deaths. MS  JD52  1834-1842

Notebook describing voyage to the W.Indies: Barbados. MS.  JD53  1844

Notes relative to the diseases etc. of the W.Indies, MS notebook.  JD54  1846

Notebooks containing general notes about the W.Indies 1831-40 and notes on Inspection tour of W.Indies, 1846; MS.  JD55-56  1831-1846

Notebook containing thermometrical observations in Barbados, 1 June 1845-18 Feb.1846; MS.  JD57  1845-1846

Notebook about Barbados, MS.  JD58  1845-6

Notebook about Barbados, MS  JD59  1846

Notebook about Barbados, MS  JD60  1846

Notebook about Barbados, MS  JD61  1846-7

Notebook about Barbados, MS.  JD62  1847-8

Notebook describing St Vincent, MS  JD63  1848

Notebook about St Vincent, St Lucia, Dominica and St Kitts, MS.  JD64  1848

Notebook about St Kitts, Antigua, Grenada and Tobago: continuation of JD64; MS.  JD65  n.d

Notebook about Trinidad and Grenada, with extracts from the Blue Books relating to Grenada, St Lucia, St Vincent and Barbados. MS.  JD66  1848

Notebook containing notes about tropical vegetables in W.Indies. MS.  JD67  n.d

Fragmentary undated notes about W.Indies; MS.  JD68  n.d

Notebooks containing angling observations with notes on birds and animals. MS  JD69-72  1850-1866

[no title]  JD69  1850-52

[no title]  JD70  1852-56

[no title]  JD71  1857-61

[no title]  JD72  1861-66

Notebook about journey from London to the Lake District, MS.  JD73  1855

Notebook about tours to France and San Remo, MS.  JD74  1866

"The Angler from Home or Fishing Excursions and Piscator Colloquies in Kenry, Isle of Lewis & Sutherlandshire; MS draft.  JD75  1850s

Salmon & Sea Trout, Isle of Lewis, MS draft.  JD76  1856-7

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