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Catalogue of the papers of Sir Eric Keightley Rideal FRS (1890 - 1974)

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Reference CSAC 62.6.78
Covering dates 1936-1973
Held by Royal Institution of Great Britain
Extent 2 boxes
Conditions of access All requests for access to the papers should be addressed in the first instance to the Librarian, The Royal Institution, London.
Source of acquisition The material was received from Lady Oliver (daughter).
Creators Rideal, Sir, Eric Keightley, 1890-1974, Knight, scientist and chemist
Note Compiled by Jeannine Alton and Julia Latham-Jackson

A Articles, speeches and writings A.1-A.16
B Notes, drafts and working papers B.1-B.10
C Committees, conferences, organisations C.1-C.12
D Scientific correspondence D.1-D.3
With few exceptions (A.1, A.2, B.2, B.3) nothing survives of Rideal's early scientific career, and very little of his long and extensive involvement in scientific committees and societies.
Most of the speeches and writings in Section A. belong to the last years of Rideal's life (1970-73); several of them are of interest in containing reminiscences of his career and of the development of colloid and surface sciences. The scientific notes and working papers in Section B. similarly belong in the main to a later period (see the introductory note to Section B), as does the small amount of surviving correspondence in Section D.
All correspondents are listed in the Index.


Articles, speeches & writings  CSAC 62.6.78/A.1  1936

'The adsorption of gases and vapours by solids'. Printer's proof with ms. corrections.

Articles, speeches & writings  CSAC 62.6.78/A.2  1937

'Intermolecular forces in two-dimensional systems', with R.C.L. Bosworth. Physica, 4.
Printer's proof with ms. corrections; copy of article as printed.

Articles, speeches & writings  CSAC 62.6.78/A.3  n.d

2 talks on 'Ecology'.

Articles, speeches & writings  CSAC 62.6.78/A.4  n.d. (c) 1970

Ms. notes, 5 pp. and 5 pp.
The second of the talks (A.4) includes a discussion of chemical warfare and reminiscences of gas attacks in 1914-18 War.

Articles, speeches & writings  CSAC 62.6.78/A.5  1970

Informal speech at Euchem Conference, Holland, April 1970.
2 pp. ms., with some reminiscences, for speech at an informal reception.

Articles, speeches & writings  CSAC 62.6.78/A.6  1970

2 copies

Speech at Inauguration of Teesside Surface Science Society, 3 June 1970.
3 pp. typescript with ms. corrections.

Articles, speeches & writings  CSAC 62.6.78/A.7  1970

Related information: (see also CSAC 62/6/78/D.I)

Speech at Roemond Conference, Holland, July 1970.
4 pp. ms. notes, with some reminiscences, including Rideal's claim that M had to invent the term Colloid Science so that the General Board C of Cambridge University] did not dare enquire as to what it was all about', and also an account of the origin of D. J. Crisp's interest in barnacles.

Articles, speeches & writings  CSAC 62.6.78/A.8  1970

'Sixty years of chemistry'.
Talk given at the opening of Unilever Research Laboratories, Port Sunlight, Merseyside, and subsequently published.
Various versions of talk, as follows:
Heavily corrected typescript and ms. draft, perhaps transcript from dictated notes, fuller and more informal than final version, 10 pp.
Similar corrected typescript and ms. draft, 10 pp.
Typescript of talk as delivered, 24 pp.
Also included is a signed offprint, sent to Rideal by the author, of R.G.W. Norrish's article 'Fifty years of physical chemistry in Great Britain', 1969, to which Rideal refers in his own talk.

Articles, speeches & writings  CSAC 62.6.78/A.9  n.d.; (c) 1970

2 copies

Speech, perhaps at conference or discussion, organised by British Petroleum Company.
2 pp. typescript

Articles, speeches & writings  CSAC 62.6.78/A.10  n.d

Memorial tribute to A.E. Alexander (J.Colloid Interface Sci., 37, 1971).
Letter from R.J. Hunter requesting memorial note, ms. draft of Rideal's contribution, typescript of final collaborative version.

Articles, speeches & writings  CSAC 62.6.78/A.11  1971

2 copies

Article for 'Shokubai', 3 May 1971.
On 'Some experiences on heterogeneous catalysis'.
7 pp. typescript

Articles, speeches & writings  CSAC 62.6.78/A.12  1973

Foreword to 'The surface of non-metals' Vol.1.
2 pp. typescript and brief correspondence.

Articles, speeches & writings  CSAC 62.6.78/A.13  n.d.; (c) 1973

'A note on "Advisers" and the Anglo-Persian Oil Company'.
2 pp. + 1 p. notes, ms.

Articles, speeches & writings  CSAC 62.6.78/A.14  1973

'The early days of IUPAC1 (published as 'Recollections of IUPAC's early days', Chem. Brit. ]0, 1974).
5 pp. + 4 pp. ms. drafts.
Includes background material supplied by Royal Society.

Articles, speeches & writings  CSAC 62.6.78/A.15  n.d

Paper on membranes, perhaps draft chapter for book, n.d.
41 pp. typescript with ms. corrections, and 1 p. ms. notes.

Articles, speeches & writings  CSAC 62.6.78/A.16  n.d

Misc. notes and drafts for speeches, anecdotes, etc.


The material, which is all in Rideal's hand, is undated and in many cases fragmentary. Where size of paper, type of pencil or ink, or some similar indication makes grouping of the notes feasible, this has been done; there are also some sequences paginated by Rideal in B.5 - B.9.

Notes, Drafts and Working Papers  CSAC 62.6.78/B.1  n.d

2 pp. summary for a course of 8 lectures on Catalysis, and '2 Supplementary lectures on Enzymes'. There is a ms. note 'D.D.E.'
(probably D.D. Eley) but it is not clear whether the lectures were given by him or by Rideal.

Notes, Drafts and Working Papers  CSAC 62.6.78/B.2  1928

Early notes, on 'Catalysis and Chemical Reactivity'(dated 1928), 'Oxidation and Reduction', etc.

Notes, Drafts and Working Papers  CSAC 62.6.78/B.3  n.d

Notes on 'Adsorption of gases', 4 pp., all bearing a note 'D' (possibly for addendum or appendix to a publication). \ J

Notes, Drafts and Working Papers  CSAC 62.6.78/B.4  n.d

Notes on 'Concepts of oxydation' with a note 'Katz'.

Notes and drafts  CSAC 62.6.78/B.5-B.10  c.1968

1968 and later, probably for book
These consist of two relatively finished sections (B.5, B.6), several identifiable sequences of paginated drafts (B.7, B.8) and two folders of fragmentary notes which cannot be attributed (B.9, B.10).

Notes and drafts  CSAC 62.6.78/B.5  c.1968

The Surface Tension of Matals'.
21 pp. heavily corrected and revised typescript.

Notes and drafts  CSAC 62.6.78/B.6  c.1968

2 copies

'Diachisis and Disjoining Pressure'.
18 pp. typescript with ms. corrections

Notes and drafts  CSAC 62.6.78/B.7  c.1968

'Diachisis and Disjoining pressure'.
2 separately paginated drafts for B.6

Notes and drafts  CSAC 62.6.78/B.8  c.1968

Rideal's folder, inscribed 'Inserts and inter facia I phases.
Ch.l P.I-264'.
Contains some paginated sequences on:
'Katalysis of metals'.
'The surface tension of metals' (ms. draft of B.2 above).
untitled (post 1970)
Also included are notes and comments on Rideal's draft in another hand.

Notes and drafts  CSAC 62.6.78/B.9  c.1968

Incomplete sequence of pages numbered 235-434.

Notes and drafts  CSAC 62.6.78/B.10  c.1968

Misc. notes and drafts, some bearing titles or page numbers but too fragmentary to be attributed. Includes offprints annotated by Rideal.


Arrangement: Alphabetical order

The items below present are all that remains of Rideal's extensive involvement in professional societies (notably IUPAC) and in official scientific policy through service on government advisory bodies
For details of the extent of Rideal's activities of this kind, see D.D. Eley, Biographical Memoirs of Fellows of the Royal Society, 22, 1976

International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC)  CSAC 62.6.78/C.1  1967-1971

Related information: (See CSAC 62/6/78/A.14 for Rideal's paper on 'The early days of IUPAC')

Correspondence and papers, 1967-71.
Mainly re Symposium on Surface Area Determination, held at Bristol, July 1969. Includes draft papers on definitions and nomenclatures, some with ms. annotations by Rideal.

Ministry of Supply.  CSAC 62.6.78/C.2-C.9  1953-1954

Administrative history:
Advisory Council on Scientific Research and Development. Rideal served as Chairrnan 1953-58.

The items below consist of correspondence with officials and with colleagues re meetings, visits to factories and research stations, changes of membership, etc.
Rideal kept separate, in alphabetical order, correspondence relating to the diverse committees, panels and boards of the Advisory Council. This order has been preserved.
With few exceptions, the period covered is June 1953 to March 1954 only.

Ministry of Supply  CSAC 62.6.78/C.2  1953

Biological Research Advisory Board.

Ministry of Supply  CSAC 62.6.78/C.3  1953-56

Chemical Engineering Committee.
Correspondence and papers.

Ministry of Supply  CSAC 62.6.78/C.4  1954

Crop Committee.

Ministry of Supply  CSAC 62.6.78/C.5  1953

High Explosives Committee.

Ministry of Supply  CSAC 62.6.78/C.6  1953

Radar and Signals Advisory Board.
Correspondence and papers,mainly re visits and discussions at R.R.E. Malvern.

Ministry of Supply  CSAC 62.6.78/C.7  1953-54

Weapons and Explosives Advisory Board.

Ministry of Supply  CSAC 62.6.78/C.8  1953

Weapon Research Committee.

Ministry of Supply  CSAC 62.6.78/C.9  1953

Secretary's list of Technical Reports for various of the above Committees, returned to Ministry 15/1/55.

Rideal conferences on Chemisorption and Catalysis.  CSAC 62.6.78/C.10  1969-1973

Administrative history:
Conferences on Chemisorption and Catalysis were held in Belfast (1962), Bristol (1965) and Nottingham (1968). At the Nottingham meeting the name 'Rideal Conference ...' was adopted after Rideal, 'who has made such important contributions to Colloid and Surface Science and who had been the chairman of the first conference'.

General correspondence 1969-73 re conferences, financial appeals and organisation. Includes statements of account, an account of the history, aims, achievements and financial supporters of the conferences, and the programme (with some ms. notes by Rideal on papers read) of the 1968 conference at Nottingham at which the name 'Rideal Conferences' was adopted.

Royal Commission for the exhibition of 1951 'Science Scholarships Committee'.  CSAC 62.6.78/C.11  1970-1972

Very little remains of Rideal's long service on this committee. The folder contains committee papers, chairman's notes and secretarial correspondence relating to the 127th and 128th meetings in April and June 1970, and one letter re the Committee, 1972.

Science Research Council.  CSAC 62.6.78/C.12  1970-1971

Correspondence and papers on various committees, panels, etc.
Letter and supporting material, on Surface Studies Panel, from R. Mason. 1970
Letter from G.D. Parfitt, on teaching of colloid science. 1970
Correspondence, committee papers and report of panel on Science of Colloidal Dispersions. 1970-71


Scientific Correspondence  CSAC 62.6.78/D.1  1970

Related information: (see also CSAC 62/6/78/A.7)

D.J. Crisp, on barnacles (with related offprints).

Scientific Correspondence  CSAC 62.6.78/D.2  1958

George L. Gaines, on ion exchange (with related offprints).

Scientific Correspondence  CSAC 62.6.78/D.3  1968

H. Mykura, on surface energy anisotropy in metals.

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