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Royal Army Dental Corps

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Reference RADC
Covering dates 1813 - 2004
Held by Army Medical Services Museum
Creators Army Dental Corps, 1921-1946; Royal Army Dental Corps, 1946-

Administrative history:
The Army Dental Corps was formed on 4th January 1921 but there had been some care of the soldier's teeth prior to that date. In the 17th century dental instruments were included in the surgeons instrument chests and surgeons described the treatment of facial wounds. Soldiers were required to have good incisor teeth to enable them to bite open cartridge cases. By 1857 army surgeons were requested to try to conserve teeth and not extract them and instruments were provided for the purpose. Civilian dentists were contracted to provide care during the Anglo Boer war and afterwards in the home garrisons. Eventually officers of the Royal Army Medical Corps were allowed to train as specialist in dentistry but this was not successfully established. During the First World War officers attached to the RAMC carried out the duties of dentists but there was an extensive wastage of soldier manpower due to a lack of proper dental care. This state of affairs could not be allowed to carry on.
By Royal Warrant on 4th January 1921, the Army Dental Corps was formed as a component of the Army Medical Services. Dental Surgeons were initially granted a Short Service Commission of 6 years with the opportunity for selection to a permanent commission. Servicemen joined for an initial engagement of 7 years and went initially to The Army Dental Corps School of Instruction, which was established at Aldershot. The Corps expanded rapidly during World War 2 and found itself serving in every theatre of war.
Post war there was much reorganisation and in 1946 King George VI granted the prefix 'Royal' to the Corps and a new badge was designed. Since the end of World War 2 the Corps has continued to provide a dental service to the army and has served in every campaign and theatre of operations alongside the army.

Reports, extracts from publications and personal papers. Relating to the history of the corps from 1921 to 2004, and dentistry in the army during the nineteenth century and 1914-1918 war.

YEAR 1813/1913  [no ref. or date]


First recorded WD Efficiency Report  RADC/1813/1913/1  1813

Source of acquisition: ACCESSION NO: A. 1174

Extracts from British Journal(s) of Dental Science  RADC/1813/1913/2  1856-1909

1856: Appointment of Dentists in India
1868: Garrison Towns
1877: Barracks
1881: Health of Soldiers
1886: G Cunningham, Dentistry & relation to State
1895: India, Epidemic of Toothache
1899: Need for Qualified Dentists
1990: Mr Newland Pedley to go to South Africa, Plus extracts from British Dental Journals:
1899: Editorials, decayed teeth
1900: Dentists to the Services
1901: Hard rations - Agonies to teeth
: Editorial: South African Dentistry
: Dental Surgeons appointed in South Africa
1904: Dental Surgeons appointment at Home
1905: Soldiers with toothache
: Denture efficiency
: A civilian dental surgeon at each Hospital
1906: Army Issue Tooth powder
1907: Treatment Statistics
1908: Discharges due bad teeth
1909: British India AD Corps - 7 Dental Surgeons
Correspondence to the BDJ Jan 2nd, 1905: 'Dentistry for the Army' 'Lack of facilities'

Recipients: Queen's SA Medal Surgeons  RADC/1813/1913/3  1899-1901

'The Regiment' Cartoon 'The Toothache Parade'  RADC/1813/1913/4  1904

The Evening News  RADC/1813/1913/5  July 26 1881

Dress Regs 1911 - Officers RAMC Sword detail  RADC/1813/1913/6  1911

YEAR 1914/1918  [no ref. or date]


Enlistment Card 'Forward to Victory'  RADC/1914/1918/1  1914-1918

Nicknames of Regiments, RAMC etc  RADC/1914/1918/2  1914-1918

Summary of Dental Care Facilities  RADC/1914/1918/3  1914-1918

Dental Surgeons - Special List  RADC/1914/1918/4  1 Jan 1915

'Tommy Atkins War' derivation of Tommies  RADC/1914/1918/5  1914-1918

Schematic of Queen's (Max-Fac) Hospital, Sidcup  RADC/1914/1918/6  1914-1918

Recruit Treatment - Depot Sherwood Foresters  RADC/1914/1918/7  1915

'Treatment of Fractured Jaws'  RADC/1914/1918/8  1916

AUTHOR: Valadier

'The Dental Needs of the Army'  RADC/1914/1918/9  1914-1918

AUTHOR: F Newland Pedley

'The Great War'  RADC/1914/1918/10  1914/1918

AUTHOR: Article by Paul Higgins

John Bagot Glubb - Maxial Facial Injury Case  RADC/1914/1918/11  1914/1918

Gillies & King Plastic Surgery  RADC/1914/1918/12  1914/1918

The Lancet Mar 17

Maxillo-Facial cases histories  RADC/1914/1918/13  Jan 1917

Service Record  RADC/1914/1918/14  Dec 1917

Copy Obituary

Croix-de-Guerre award to 128 (Wx) Fd Amb RAMC  RADC/1914/1918/15  1914/1918

POW Camp Money vouchers  RADC/1914/1918/16  1914/1918

Source of acquisition: ACCESSION NO: (A1101)

AUTHOR: Graudenz (Lawson)

Report on Oral & Plastic Surgery  RADC/1914/1918/17  1914/1918

AUTHOR: Valadier/Whale 17

Splints, fractures-lower jaw  RADC/1914/1918/18  1917

AUTHOR: Kazanjian

Two cases of Plastic & Dental Treatment  RADC/1914/1918/19  1914/1918

AUTHOR: Gillies

Mechanical supports in Plastic Surgery  RADC/1914/1918/20  1914/1918


Army List  RADC/1914/1918/21  1915-21

Source of acquisition: ACCESSION NO: (A1104)

Extracts by Michelson

'An Amended Dental Service'  RADC/1914/1918/22  1914/1918

Source of acquisition: ACCESSION NO: (A81)

AUTHOR: White/Clewer/Wain

'Amazing Dentistry'  RADC/1914/1918/23  1915

Letter PC Nov 21, 1915

'A Dental Service for an Army Area' See RADC/1914/1918/22 above  RADC/1914/1918/24  1914/1918

Army List  RADC/1914/1918/25  1915-1918

AUTHOR: E Coulthard Research

CDS to Army - List data Stobie/Broderick  RADC/1914/1918/26  1914/1918

AUTHOR: E Coulthard

'Manpower of The ADS 1917'  RADC/1914/1918/27  1914/1918

AUTHOR: D E Pennefather MP

Medal citations & documents of 2Lt J McElhaw  RADC/1914/1918/28  1914/1918

Special & General List DOs  RADC/1914/1918/29  1918/1932

Extracts from BDJs and BJDS annotated 'A' to 'Z' eg 'Conditions and Treatment of Troops in the War' 'A List of Wartime dental surgeons  RADC/1914/1918/30  1915

AUTHOR: Mention of Broderick/Finlayson/Forty/Helliwell 15 Mar 1915

More extracts from BDJ 1914 - Army snippets  RADC/1914/1918/31  1914/1918

'The Army Dental Service'  RADC/1914/1918/32  1916/1918

By Alvin Mahoney Wartime DO (Special List)

Exhibition of Fracture Apparatus  RADC/1914/1918/33  1915

Catalogue 1915

'A Bullet Wound of Dental Interest'  RADC/1914/1918/34  1915

BDJ Jan 1915

Max-Facial Surgery 1914/18 - Techniques & Cases  RADC/1914/1918/35  1914/1918

Court of Inquiry (AFA2) in 1916 - Loss of Dentures Gnr Booth RA  RADC/1914/1918/36  1914/1918

'Gallipoli - The Dental Story'  RADC/1914/1918/37  1914/1918

AUTHOR: Lt Col MHR Bulluss, Royal Australian Dental Corps. Article in The Army Journal Jan 1973

Separate - Dental Treatment File Plus his AB439 Service Record  RADC/1914/1918/38  1914/1918

AUTHOR: Maintained by Capt D Wain (A78)

Separate-Valadier's Service & Career File  RADC/1914/1918/39  1914/1918

Separate - Medical History of The Great War Vol I - Dental Service - extracts highlighted  RADC/1914/1918/40  1914/1918

YEAR 1919  [no ref. or date]


Mention-in-Dispatches Capt D Wain  RADC/1919/1  16 Mar 1919

'Bone Grafting in Gunshot Fractures of the Jaw'  RADC/1919/2  1919

AUTHOR: Billington/Parrott/Round

'Control of Fragments in Gunshot Wounds of the Jaw  RADC/1919/3  1919

Source of acquisition: ACCESSION NO: (A.97)

AUTHOR: Pickerill

Chancery envelope addressed to Capt D Wain OBE  RADC/1919/4  1919

Mention-in-Dispatches Pte A A Esland RAMC  RADC/1919/5  Mar 1919

Future Status of Army Dentists Dental Service  RADC/1919/6  1919

AUTHOR: J A Mahoney. Extracts from BDJ

Wartime Med Record/Protection Certificate E S Tait  RADC/1919/7  1919

YEAR 1920  [no ref. or date]


Swimming Certificate DYRMS  RADC/1920/1  1920

AUTHOR: F C Robards

Admit Bearer Card - Royal Investiture  RADC/1920/2  1920

YEAR 1921  [no ref. or date]


Formation of the Corps Special Army Order 4/1921  RADC/1921/1  1921

Dental Treatment on Formation of the Corps  RADC/1921/2  1921

Formation Detail - Historic Brief  RADC/1921/3  1921

YEAR 1922  [no ref. or date]


School Report - LCpl R C Robards at DYRMS  RADC/1922/1  1922

14th Interim Report - RAMC Dental Corps, QAIMNS and QAMFNS  RADC/1922/2  1922

The Committee with Lt Colonel J P Helliwell CBE in attendance had to make a detailed review of Permanent Peace and War Establishments, so as to produce a complete set of Peace and War Establishments for units of all arms

YEAR 1923  [no ref. or date]


First Corps Annual Dinner - Menu  RADC/1923/1  May 11 1923

Source of acquisition: ACCESSION NO: (A.482)

DYRMS School Report - Cpl F C Robards  RADC/1923/2  1923

Army Cert of Education Cl 2 - Cpl F C Robards  RADC/1923/3  1923

'History of a Tooth'  RADC/1923/4  1923

By Capt J Birgam RAMC (Chater)

YEAR 1924  [no ref. or date]


AB 64 Pt I Soldier's Service Book E S Reeve  RADC/1924/1  1924

YEAR 1925  [no ref. or date]


YEAR 1926  [no ref. or date]


Cabinet Committee Report on the Medical Branches of the Fighting Services  RADC/1926/1  April 30, 1926

Part III: Recruitment of Dental Officers (B) Army Dental Corps
a. Introduction of Time Promotion to Major

Increase in Number of Higher Posts  RADC/1926/2  1926

Increase of Pay  RADC/1926/3  1926

Introduction of Charge Pay  RADC/1926/4  1926

Increase of Gratuity on Retirement  RADC/1926/5  1926

Introduction of a Short Service Scheme  RADC/1926/6  1926

YEAR 1927  [no ref. or date]


Personal Documents Enlisted  RADC/1927/1  1927

AUTHOR: F C Robards

Dental Standard of the Recruit  RADC/1927/2  1927

AUTHOR: Col J P Helliwell. Extract of BDJ

YEAR 1928  [no ref. or date]


Provisional Dress Regulations A D Corps  RADC/1928/1  1928

The British Dental Journal August 15th  RADC/1928/2  1928

Source of acquisition: ACCESSION NO: (A.1430)

A letter from Prof D Stafford noting that page 924 has an article on the 'Dakometer', a bite measuring instrument, being an artifact on display in the Museum.
An entry of 'The Services': AD Corps promotions Corps Annual Dinner - Guest and Officers
AUTHOR: Mather and Pearson

YEAR 1929  [no ref. or date]


Corps Cap Badge  RADC/1929/1  1929

Original design (Based on Cadmus in Greek Legend) submitted by Lt Col R W Mather AD Corps on 8 March 1929

YEAR 1930  [no ref. or date]


'Rhymes of the RAF' (The Dental Officer)  RADC/1930/1  1930

By Cecil L M Brown

Army Dental Corps Collect  RADC/1930/2  1930

By Matthew Tobias

YEAR 1931  [no ref. or date]


Seniority Roll of WOs & NCOs, RAMC & AD Corps 15th May  RADC/1931/1  1931

BDJ - 'The Army Dental Service'  RADC/1931/2  1931

By Major D Clewer

YEAR 1932  [no ref. or date]


Christmas Card from Jerusalem  RADC/1932/1  1932

Donor Anon

'Dental Sick Wastage of Active Service'  RADC/1932/2  1932

AUTHOR: Major D Clewer. Journal of the RAMC July (extract)

YEAR 1933  [no ref. or date]


YEAR 1934  [no ref. or date]


LCpl Petrie AD Corps - Secunderab Magistrates Court  RADC/1934/1  1934

Summons to a charge of 'leaving a ferocious dog at large not muzzled', 23 August

YEAR 1935  [no ref. or date]


3 General Hospital Dental Centre - Laboratory Work Summary  RADC/1935/1  1935

Report to the Army Council of the Army Advisory Standing Committee on Maxillo-Facial Injuries (HMSO) - War Office Official copy  RADC/1935/2  1935

Christmas Card from Poona India (RAMC)  RADC/1935/3  1935

Donor Anon

Senior Dental Officer's Eastern Command Conference Reports 1928 thru' 1935; File has 8 reports  RADC/1935/4  1935

Source of acquisition: ACCESSION NO: (A 1045)

H W Loveday Dental Mechanic course Certificates 1933 thru' 1935  RADC/1935/5  1935

Source of acquisition: ACCESSION NO: (A 1388)

'Five Army Cases of a Denture Impacted in the Food or Air Passages'  RADC/1935/6  1935

(RAMC Journal reprint from BDJ Nov 15th 1935)
By Maj S H Woods

YEAR 1936  [no ref. or date]


Conditions of Service, Officers AD Corps. HMSO (2)  RADC/1936/1  1936

Promotion Exam results W B Purnell  RADC/1936/2  1936

Xmas Menu 31 Coy RAMC Lahore India  RADC/1936/3  1936

Source of acquisition: ACCESSION NO: (A 1090)

Xmas Cards, AHQ India (Hammond) 31 Coy Aldridge  RADC/1936/4  1936

Invitations to functions Sgt Aldridge  RADC/1936/5  1936

Source of acquisition: ACCESSION NO: (A 1160)

AB 64 Pt 1 Sgt Aldridge (Service Record)  RADC/1936/6  1936

Source of acquisition: ACCESSION NO: (A 1159)

Royal Soc of Medicine Article 'Chronic Infection as Inefficiency in the Army'  RADC/1936/7  1936

By Maj S H Woods

Memo to ADMS Peshawar India: 'Training of Dental Personnel in Fd Ambs for Frontier Operations in India'  RADC/1936/8  1936

By Capt E C Browne

YEAR 1937  [no ref. or date]


YEAR 1938  [no ref. or date]


'An Account of Six Solid Tumours of the Jaws' (Reprint from JRMC)  RADC/1938/1  1938

Source of acquisition: ACCESSION NO: (A 1055)

By Maj S H Woods OBE

Regs MSA 'Scale of Medical Equipment for Units of a Field Force' (Amdt 3)  RADC/1938/2  1938

Source of acquisition: ACCESSION NO: (A 541)

Det 31 Coy RAMC CIMH Razmak India Xmas Menu  RADC/1938/3  1938

Source of acquisition: ACCESSION NO: (A 1091)

Print of 'An Outline of Dentistry in the British Army 1626-1938'  RADC/1938/4  1938

By Maj S H Woods OBE

'Evolution of the Dental Corps'  RADC/1938/5  1938

Editorial BDJ Nov 1

'The Army Dental Corps' DO data by rank, date & location  RADC/1938/6  1938

Extract of Army List 1938

YEAR 1939  [no ref. or date]


Public Notice - Short Service Commissions  RADC/1939/1  1939

The Daily Telegraph - Article 'Second World War'  RADC/1939/2  1939

The Times Dec 22 - Article 'Good Teeth in the Army'  RADC/1939/3  1939

Volume of 'The Army Dental Corps in the Middle East 1939 - 1941'  RADC/1939/4  1939

'Dentistry in the British Army 1626-1938' Reprise  RADC/1939/5  1939

By Maj S H Wood, BDJ Feb article

The AD Corps TA Reserve - Alpha List of Officers serving 1938-1841  RADC/1939/6  1939

EC Army List

'Report on The Army Dental Service 1939-1942' by ADDS Eastern Command  RADC/1939/7  1939

Field Service Pocket Book Pamphlet 10 'Med Services'  RADC/1939/8  1939

YEAR 1940  [no ref. or date]


'Work of the AD Corps'  RADC/1940/1  1940

BDJ Extract 1 Jul

Evacuation from Dunkirk - Presumed deaths of DO and Padre - eye witness account (data attached)  RADC/1940/2  1940

Diary of Col A B Austin 6 May - 18 Jun visit BEF  RADC/1940/3  1940

Site plan of new AD Centre, Hounslow  RADC/1940/4  1940

Conversion plan of Hut to AD Centre, Manorbier  RADC/1940/5  1940

War Schedule Brigade Camp AD Centres  RADC/1940/6  1940

War Grave detail LCpl R Harris D Mech died 25 May  RADC/1940/7  1940

Outfit Field Dental Mechanic No 2 - Contents  RADC/1940/8  1940

LG Supp 26 Jul - Lt C Harper rel comm on ill-health  RADC/1940/9  1940

Dental Administration Notes for DDADS  RADC/1940/10  1940-1941

Ops in France & Belgium Dental Service  RADC/1940/11  1939-40

H. Stobie to be T/Col whilst CDS wef 1 Feb  RADC/1940/12  1940

Army List (AD Corps) at 1 Jan (E Coulthard copy)  RADC/1940/13  1940

BDJ Conference The Dental War Committee Jun 15  RADC/1940/14  1940

BDJ Extracts

MaxFac Hospitals & Forces Treatment  RADC/1940/15  1940

BDJ Extracts

'The Army Dental Corps in Flanders'  RADC/1940/16  1940

BDJ Extracts

'Dental Treatment of the Troops'  RADC/1940/17  1940

By R J Oliver, BDJ Extracts

Dental Snippets plus-Prof Stobie as CDS  RADC/1940/18  1940

BDJ Extracts

Monthly Report May (MS) by Major W P Baxendine, OIC Dental Centre Rennes BEF  RADC/1940/19  1940

BDJ Extracts

YEAR 1941  [no ref. or date]


ADDS Eastern Comd Report on Dental Documentation 10 Jan  RADC/1941/1  1941

Command Dental Laboratory Home Establishment  RADC/1941/2  1941

'Mystery DCM' (Coe) "His Secret" Press cut  RADC/1941/3  1941

Source of acquisition: ACCESSION NO: (A 869)

ACI Jul "Memo on Preliminary Treatment of Maxillo-Facial Wounds"  RADC/1941/4  1941

ACI May "Memo for MO's on Acute Ulcerative Gingivitis  RADC/1941/5  1941

No 5 AD Laboratory Brentry, Photo etc  RADC/1941/6  1941

Source of acquisition: DONOR: C Teuma

Security Pamphlet "Moves Overseas" Dec  RADC/1941/7  1941

Source of acquisition: ACCESSION NO: (A 538)

Rudolf Hess Press article (KGB Lied) The Times  RADC/1941/8  1941

ADDS Eastern Comd "Report on The Dental Service Jan 1939 - Feb 1941"  RADC/1941/9  1941

Source of acquisition: ACCESSION NO: (A 1043)

"The Creation of Dental Specialists"  RADC/1941/10  1941

BDJ Extract

"The Army Hands out the Best Dental Service"  RADC/1941/11  1941

BDJ Extract

Award of DCM to Pte COE - Citation LG 21 March  RADC/1941/12  1941

Original MS "The Army Dental Service - Middle East"  RADC/1941/13  1941

Copy MS "The Army Dental Service in Other Areas Abroad"  RADC/1941/14  1941

YEAR 1942  [no ref. or date]


"Surrender in Singapore" 15 Feb Press cut Tokyo  RADC/1942/1  1942

German Propaganda Leaflets  RADC/1942/2  1939-42

BDJ Extracts  RADC/1942/3  1942

The Army & Vincents Ulceration AD Corps Coming of Age Jan 4; List of Casualties - MDU to Anzac Army; 80% Recruits need Dental Treatment; Mobile Lab presented by Toronto man; Course syllabus: Non-battle injuries

Papers on his POW 'dental practice'  RADC/1942/4  1942

By Capt W F Finlayson

Intro address to visiting Press reps Jun 30 (ADDS)  RADC/1942/5  1942

HM Queen Mary visit to 30 MDU Badminton April  RADC/1942/6  1942

OP 'Wild Dog' King/Cuthbertson file  RADC/1942/7  1942

'Campaign in Malaya'  RADC/1942/8  1942

By Lt Gen Sir Louis Heath

Report on the AD Service 1939 - 1942 (ADDS EaComd)  RADC/1942/9  1942

Daily Mail - copy pages (no dental refs however!)  RADC/1942/10  1942

Officers Course Syllabus - AD Corps School (BDJ)  RADC/1942/11  1942

Press Cuttings 'Coming of Age' AD Corps  RADC/1942/12  1942

POW Far East - papers re captivity  RADC/1942/13  1942

By Capt D Arkush

Italo-German Campaign Medal in Africa - Award data  RADC/1942/14  1942

The AD Corps Comforts Guild - Letter  RADC/1942/15  1942

Source of acquisition: DONOR: Mrs English

21st Anniversary Messages 16 Jan  RADC/1942/16  1942

'A Massacre at BMH Singpore  RADC/1942/17  1942

POW Germany - coded papers & misc  RADC/1942/18  1942

Source of acquisition: ACCESSION NO: (A 1091)

By Capt J Green

Daily Express War Map  RADC/1942/19  1942

Letter from Lord Nuffield to Col S H Woods - donation towards Jaw injury treatment  RADC/1942/20  1942

YEAR 1943  [no ref. or date]


ADDS Eastern Comd - Report on the Dental Service  RADC/1943/1  1942-43

"Dentistry in The Blitz-Malta'  RADC/1943/2  1943

BDJ Extract

POW notification to wife of Capt W F Finlayson  RADC/1943/3  1943

Press Cuttings  RADC/1943/4  1943

Illness in Industry, D Clewer; Dental History Card - Criminal Evd; New standard of dental service; Dental Health-ex-service; Para Dentist Corps; Dentist with Toothache; Dental Corps at Work; Reconstruction-Army Dental Triumphs; Dental Treatment under Fire; No Toothache in the Army; Right up the Line. The Honours; Mobile Dental Units

First Aid for Fighting Men.  RADC/1943/5  1943

DONOR: Pamphlet E J Bowen

POW Changi Theatre Production - Cast List  RADC/1943/6  1943

Posting Order W F Finlayson to DDMS for info  RADC/1943/7  1943

DDMS negative response - rocket to Finlayson  RADC/1943/8  1943

'The Prisoner of War' Magazine October  RADC/1943/9  1943

Field Dental Outfit Pannier No 1 Contents List  RADC/1943/10  1943

Original pencil drawings of Dental Surgery/Chair  RADC/1943/11  1943

Source of acquisition: ACCESSION NO: (A 365); (A 397)

POW Camp, Kranji, Singapore River Valley Road & Chungkai Tarsok (Smudger)

Map miniature of Italy - Allied advance from Sicily  RADC/1943/12  1943

Primasole Bridge pictures - Capt Ridler's venue when and where awarded Military Cross  RADC/1943/13  1943

YEAR 1944  [no ref. or date]


Valedictory DO letter from Med to DDDS 21 AG Jul  RADC/1944/1  1944

Citations for MC - Capts Street & Freeman  RADC/1944/2  1944

D-Day - Copy Daily Mirror and The Times  RADC/1944/3  1944

D-Day - Brochure 'Op Overlord'  RADC/1944/4  1944

NW Europe Campaign - Proof of AMS History Section  RADC/1944/5  1944

Bombay - Publicity Leaflet for Brit Troops  RADC/1944/6  1944

Kohima, Burma - Map & Press article on The Battle  RADC/1944/7  1944

PC re forwarding papers of 'Rushton' Apr 17  RADC/1944/8  1944

Blueprint of AD Centre & MI Room Middle East  RADC/1944/9  1944

Sketch of AD Centre proposed for Manorbier 29 Jul  RADC/1944/10  1944

Photocard - Oosterbek X-Roads 22 Sep  RADC/1944/11  1944

Sgt A Fisher DM Class One Certificate 11 Aug  RADC/1944/12  1944

ID Card - Maj CRH Fenton AD Corps  RADC/1944/13  1944

POW - Issue of German Propaganda leaflets  RADC/1944/14  1944

Source of acquisition: ACCESSION NO: (A 1265)

Brig Stobie CADS rel commission to hon rank of Col replaced by Brig Broderick to be CADS 1 Sep  RADC/1944/15  1944

Standing Orders & Sec Instrs 12 AD Laboratory  RADC/1944/16  1944

'Coded' letters file POW Capt Julius Green  RADC/1944/17  1944

Quarterly Report ADDS L of C Europe Apr to Sep  RADC/1944/18  1944

L of C France - Diary of Admin 21 June to 18 Aug  RADC/1944/19  1944

L of C France, Belgium, Holland continued Aug - Dec  RADC/1944/20  1944

SITREPS Dental, Jul 3 & 4, Sep 18  RADC/1944/21  1944

By Col E C Browne

Report by ADDS Eastern Comd 16 Mat 43 to 15 Mar 44  RADC/1944/22  1944

Illustrated London News layout Chungkai Hosp Siam  RADC/1944/23  1944

POW Report on Materials used  RADC/1944/24  1944

By Capt W F Finlayson

Dentures supplied at Kanchanburi Base Hosp  RADC/1944/25  1944

Source of acquisition: ACCESSION NO: (A 384)

Casualty List AD Corps Far East  RADC/1944/26  1942-44

German Propaganda Leaflets  RADC/1944/27  1944

Source of acquisition: ACCESSION NO: (A 1265)

Italian Lira - war time paper money  RADC/1944/28  1944

Japanese government issue one rupee note  RADC/1944/29  1944

AMD 6 File of war time (dental) press cuttings plus articles from BDJs, Lancet  RADC/1944/30  1944

YEAR 1945  [no ref. or date]


2nd Army - Broadcast on Radio script  RADC/1945/1  1945

By E C Browne

G Johnstone - (ex POW) Application for reg comm Nov  RADC/1945/2  1945

POW Capture data ex BEF, FAREAST, Middle East  RADC/1945/3  1945

MC citations - Hirschfield, Ridler, Street & Freeman  RADC/1945/4  1945

Initiation of 'Club' Rules  RADC/1945/5  1945

By Col E C Browne

'Numbered' Dental Centres, Home Commands  RADC/1945/6  1945

Official Honours & Awards: List  RADC/1945/7  1939-45

POW - Notice to Nippon sentries 28 Aug  RADC/1945/8  1945

By Capt W F Finlayson

Himmler's Suicide-Press & Book extracts of event  RADC/1945/9  1945

Capt (Miss) F J Campbell - Release notice 8 Aug  RADC/1945/10  1945

Sgt A Fisher-Pass & Service record  RADC/1945/11  1945

Cpl G R Sparks 159 MDU - Xmas Card from BNAF  RADC/1945/12  1945

'Dentist in the Front Line' press cutting  RADC/1945/13  1945

Rhineland-large scale map of 'Op Veritable'  RADC/1945/14  1945

2nd Army Thanksgiving Service - end of Campaign  RADC/1945/15  1945

21 AG Medical Gazette (max-fac article therein)  RADC/1945/16  1945

Harrogate School Journal (Includes DOs (OBs)  RADC/1945/17  1945

Source of acquisition: ACCESSION NO: (A 1959)

Canadian paper 'The Maple Leaf' headline 'Kaput'  RADC/1945/18  1945

City guide books - end of war tours  RADC/1945/19  1945

21AG Good Service cert 5 Apr Cpl J H Pegum 195FA  RADC/1945/20  1945

AMD Bulletin No 43 Jan 'Tissues, Blood & Shock'  RADC/1945/21  1945

Dental Treatment extract from AMS History  RADC/1945/22  1939-45

HQ Base Jugoslav Army-Valedictory to Col Gittings  RADC/1945/23  1945

Valedictory to RSM Stinson (POW Camp Thailand)  RADC/1945/24  1945

Source of acquisition: ACCESSION NO: (A 370)

By Capt C H James

Synopsis of D-Day and Normandy campaigns  RADC/1945/25  1945

Synopsis POW Official Records AD Corps  RADC/1945/26  1939-45

2nd Army 'History of The War'  RADC/1945/27  1945

By Col E C Browne

Officers Overseas War Service database 1939-45 (EC)  RADC/1945/28  1945

Medical History of The War - Galley proofs  RADC/1945/29  1945

Europe, Italy, Sicily  RADC/1945/30  1945

Middle East, Madagascar etc  RADC/1945/31  1945

DDDS AFHQ CMF - Middle East Diary  RADC/1945/32  1943-45

By Col J B Cowie

'Visual Education on Active Service'  RADC/1945/33  1945

By Dr J Dyce

Diary of Events in BLA Jan - Jun 1945 L of C (incl valedictory by DADS)  RADC/1945/34  1945

By Maj W P Baxendine

Diary of Events in BLA - period Jul to Dec 1945  RADC/1945/35  1945

'The Battle of Alamein' a precis of a Study  RADC/1945/36  1945

Source of acquisition: ACCESSION NO: (A 110)

YEAR 1946  [no ref. or date]


Regs MSA 1938 - draft amendment INDIA Nov  RADC/1946/1  1946

Field Medical Pannier No 2 Contents List  RADC/1946/2  1946

Illustrated London News p.465, Apr 27 - POW made Dentists Chair, Chungkai 1943  RADC/1946/3  1946

Source of acquisition: ACCESSION NO: (A 1337)

'Dentists in Khaki' Press cutting - Retirement of Maj Gen D Clewer DADS  RADC/1946/4  1946

The '250' Club - Formed 6 Dec - a brief history  RADC/1946/5  1946

'Times of Malta' issue Jan 15 (No dental info!)  RADC/1946/6  1946

SAO 167 - Regtl Honour 'Royal' conferred on Corps  RADC/1946/7  1946

FM Montgomery speaks at Guildhall & Portsmouth  RADC/1946/8  1946

Cpl F J Wildsmith AD Corps personal docs  RADC/1946/9  1946

Annual Dinner - speech by DADS Maj Gen A B Austin  RADC/1946/10  1946

YEAR 1947  [no ref. or date]


Field Dental Pannier No 2 Contents List  RADC/1947/1  1947

YEAR 1948  [no ref. or date]


RADC Badge (approved version) - Mather's original proposal (1928) offering similar design  RADC/1948/1  1948

Corps War Memorial Dedication - Order of Service at Depot 11 Nov  RADC/1948/2  1948

Source of acquisition: ACCESSION NO: (A 43)

Calendar w/photo of building in Luneberg where Himmler committed suicide  RADC/1948/3  1948

Source of acquisition: ACCESSION NO: (A 740)

DONOR: Col E C Browne

Broderick Prize - Constitution & Award detail  RADC/1948/4  1948

Corps origins, badge, colours, March & Nickname synopsis for Corps magazine  RADC/1948/5  1948

YEAR 1949  [no ref. or date]


Army Dental Laboratories - Medical Equipment scale  RADC/1949/1  1949

Army Dental Laboratories - Additional List  RADC/1949/2  1949

Construction of Cast Splints, plates & bar w/photo  RADC/1949/3  1949

AMS WOs/Sgts Seniority Roll 'Shadow' rank June  RADC/1949/4  1949

Training Films and Strips - Usage - WO pamphlet  RADC/1949/5  1949

AMS Standing Orders - Amendment July  RADC/1949/6  1949

AO 136 - Regimental facings - Corps Blue change back to Emerald Green  RADC/1949/7  1949

Personal letter from DADS (Maj Gen Higgins) to Corps officer with sick wife  RADC/1949/8  1949

J P Helliwell, CBE - personal summary  RADC/1949/9  1884-1949

YEAR 1950  [no ref. or date]


LCpl Burns RADC - Court of Inquiry into his absence  RADC/1950/1  1950

Don Henderson-actor and member of 50 Group Assn (1950-52) 'Whos who' entry and summary of career  RADC/1950/2  1950

Korea - Report on Dental activity  RADC/1950/3  1950

By Maj WSY Mackie

Korea - Diary of The War w/sketch maps  RADC/1950/4  25 Jun 50 to 27 Jul 1953

Amdts to Trg Notes for DCOs then DCAs RADC  RADC/1950/5  1950

AFI 1201 approval for denture work Sgt Ainsley by Col B E Gentleman  RADC/1950/6  1950

Source of acquisition: ACCESSION NO: (A 1206)

Medical Mobilisation Scale for a Field Medical Company  RADC/1950/7  1950

YEAR 1951  [no ref. or date]


Festival Year Reunion Dinner WOs/Sgts - Menu, Invitation cards etc 6 July  RADC/1951/1  1951

Medical Services Magazine Article on 29 General Hospital, Kure, Japan (Staff list w/dental)  RADC/1951/2  1951

Cpl B J Derrick - personal docs 1951-56 (ex Korea)  RADC/1951/3  1951

Field Surgical Pannier, Outfit Field Dental Anaesthesia, Field Dental Technicians - Contents  RADC/1951/4  1951

Trg Notes for DCAs - Amendments  RADC/1951/5  1951

Medical Evacuation Route (Flow Chart) Korea  RADC/1951/6  1951

Source of acquisition: ACCESSION NO: (A 1206)

Col A F Brazenor - CADS 27 Mar (to 9 Aug 1955)  RADC/1951/7  1951

16 Fd Regt RNZA (Korea) booklet  RADC/1951/8  1951

Items on Lieut (later Major) P King DSO, MC on p11, 18 & 27 (Sgt King ex AD Corps of Op 'Wild Dog' fame 1942)

YEAR 1952  [no ref. or date]


Korea File - The Mackie Report  RADC/1952/1  1950-52

Outfit Field DT, Obstacles of Inchon
Challenges & Passwords 1 Comd Div
Map of Seoul, Korean Money, Kyong Bok
Palace Guide, Miyajima Island, 1 Comd
Div Rest Centre, Outfit Fd Dental Casting. Service reminisce of Capt J J Bulow & Capt R Baines, G1098 amdts for a Mobile Dental Team, Cpl R J Wilson DCA service summary end
AUTHORS: Maj WSY Mackie, Capt J J Bulow, Capt R Baines.

Old colour print - 'Vaccine' to S L Kaplan 1 Jan  RADC/1952/2  1952

The Mau Mau Campaign, Kenya 1952-1956 - Synopsis Dental Cover & personnel  RADC/1952/3  1952

Haversack, Dental, Complete, list of contents  RADC/1952/4  1952

YEAR 1953  [no ref. or date]


Valedictory letter from Lady Edwina Mountbatten to Col JAM Gemmell re BMH (Dental) Malta  RADC/1953/1  1953

Regimental March RADC - Music Score MS plus instrumental (Para Band) arrangements  RADC/1953/2  1953

Command of HM The Queen to DADS Maj Gen Wren to attend Coronation QE II 2 Jun  RADC/1953/3  1953

Source of acquisition: ACCESSION NO: (A 743) + (A 686)

Procession Order of HM Queen & Royal Family  RADC/1953/4  1953

Extract from 'The Aldershot Story' - Centenary Parade proposal  RADC/1953/5  1953

Dental Hygienists - Press cut - The (names of) first of the few Training begins in Aldershot  RADC/1953/6  1953

'Poetic' postings of denture boxes - Crusader RN  RADC/1953/7  1953

'Corps History' Lecture read to Naval Dental Symposium, RN School Alverstoke  RADC/1953/8  1953

KOREA - Tour Report by DAO  RADC/1953/9  1953

By Lt Col E C Browne

KOREA - Britcom Coronation Parade - 2 Jun  RADC/1953/10  1953

KOREA - Personal Docs etc Capt J J Bulow RADC  RADC/1953/11  1953

KOREA - Paper money samples  RADC/1953/12  1953

YEAR 1954  [no ref. or date]


KOREA  RADC/1954/1  1954

Crown News Xmas Number
1 Comd Div Passwords
Carol Song Sheet Xmas
Press cut-Centurion tank on River Injim.
Capt W P Fletcher - loss of kit - Enquiry.
Britcom HQ Kure Corps Week
Dinner Menu

Regs MSA Section 13 - Dental Treatment  RADC/1954/2  1954

Centenary of Aldershot - Event data & narrative  RADC/1954/3  1954

Sgt H G English AD Corps 1921-54: Service Docs  RADC/1954/4  1954

Pannier Field Dental No 2 Contents List  RADC/1954/5  1954

Royal New Zealand Artillery Newsletter  RADC/1954/6  1954

Includes references to Major P King DSO, MC,RNZA (ex Sgt King AD Corps of Op Wild Dog fame)

YEAR 1955  [no ref. or date]


Easter Services Order 1 BR Corps Dental Group  RADC/1955/1  1955

Press cut-'Boer War Chocolate bar to Museum'  RADC/1955/2  1955

WOs & Sgts Med Services Seniority Roll Sep  RADC/1955/3  1955

Browne E C Col to CADS 6 Jul; QHDS 9 Aug  RADC/1955/4  1955

YEAR 1956  [no ref. or date]


Mau-Mau Campaign 1952-56; Dental Cover  RADC/1956/1  1956

Memo for DOs on Acute Ulcerative Gingivitis  RADC/1956/2  1956

MOH 'Report on Recruitment to the Dental Profession' (HMSO October)  RADC/1956/3  1956

MOD 'Forces Medical & Dental Services Committee First Report  RADC/1956/4  1956

Second Report  RADC/1956/5  1956

YEAR 1957  [no ref. or date]


Drawing of a Mobile Dental Surgery on a Bedford Truck chassis for No 32 MDU RADC  RADC/1957/1  1957

Source of acquisition: ACCESSION NO: (A 1025)

YEAR 1958  [no ref. or date]


Conversion plan of a 3-tonne Bedford Lorry to a Mobile Dental Laboratory  RADC/1958/1  1958

Source of acquisition: ACCESSION NO: (A 1024/1114)

'Careers in the RADC' pamphlet (DCAs; D Hygs)  RADC/1958/2  1958

Museum accommodation allocation  RADC/1958/3  1958

File including Minutes of Meeting to discuss the establishment of a Corps Museum 2 May

'The RADC during The Last Ten Years' - address by Maj Gen D J Muil DADS  RADC/1958/4  1958

Ack for Medals (Min) for G B Lucas Great War DO  RADC/1958/5  1958

Source of acquisition: ACCESSION NO: (A 109)

Visit Programme of Princess Margaret to QARANC Col T R Wall Comdt to meet her  RADC/1958/6  1958

YEAR 1959  [no ref. or date]


Guidance plan on finishes for a Dental Surgery  RADC/1959/1  1959

TA Exercise 'Dental Cadmus' at Depot 31 Oct - 1 Nov  RADC/1959/2  1959

'History of The Army Dental Service' (AMD 6)  RADC/1959/3  1959

Source of acquisition: ACCESSION NO: (A 1058)

Maj F E Street Medals presented thru' DADS office  RADC/1959/4  1959

Maj E J Bowen - Registration Certificate, Kenya  RADC/1959/5  1959

Cpl Hulme Skill at Arms Book  RADC/1959/6  1959

Source of acquisition: ACCESSION NO: (A 1136)

Short History of Newcastle, Jamaica - a need for new barracks to halt prevalent diseases  RADC/1959/7  1959

Source of acquisition: ACCESSION NO: (A 1427)

Valedictory letter from F M Montgomery to Col W F Finlayson  RADC/1959/8  1959

YEAR 1960  [no ref. or date]


Conference on Military Dentistry at RAM College  RADC/1960/1  1960

BAOR (HQ) Dental Conference May  RADC/1960/2  1960

Source of acquisition: ACCESSION NO: (A 1198)

Dental Cadetships - Initiation of Scheme  RADC/1960/3  1960

40th Anniversary of Formation (1961) - Committee Meeting Minutes 15 Sep - Outline programme  RADC/1960/4  1960

YEAR 1961  [no ref. or date]


40th Anniversary Clinical Meeting at RAM College  RADC/1961/1  1961

Army Medical Services (Careers) Booklet  RADC/1961/2  1961

RAMC Sport Union Hockey Marrable Cup Final 2 Mar  RADC/1961/3  1961

Modified Cadetships - AMD6 Policy Memorandum  RADC/1961/4  1961

WOs/NCOs Med Services Seniority Roll Aug  RADC/1961/5  1961

Liaison Letter No 5  RADC/1961/6  1961

Brig Taylor appointed QHDS;
WOII Hopton, WOII Hathaway to WOI;
RSM WOI Ball retires;
1st Corps Reunion of WOs/Sgts for 40th Anniversary 23/24 Sep;
Inaugural Meeting of Reunion Club W/Report

40th Anniversary celebrations - Study Period projected  RADC/1961/7  1961

- DO - Lecture material 'Ex Dentibus Ensis'  RADC/1961/8  1961

Sgt King (Op Wild Dog) - SSgt McLeod pays tribute  RADC/1961/9  1961

'Soldier' Magazine articles  RADC/1961/10  1961

'Hells Teeth' (1814) and 'Haig's Bad Tooth (1914)

'Daily Nation' African News Aug 30  RADC/1961/11  1961

AMS Magazine Autumn  RADC/1961/12  1961

Cover picture of Sgt B E Hulme laying wreath at Athens War Memorial plus new Dental Centre, Catterick Camp

Letter from Col C H James w/items for Museum  RADC/1961/13  1961

Local Tooth Brushes, by a Kenya Silviculturist  RADC/1961/14  1961

WO File 'RADC Technicians Pay Rates - A Review'  RADC/1961/15  1961

YEAR 1962  [no ref. or date]


Pamphlet 'The Army Dental Officer - A New Deal' April - (AMD 6 issue)  RADC/1962/1  1962

BDA Valediction card - 'To The Dental Service' for "Aspects of Oral Surgery" at Annual Conference  RADC/1962/2  1962

Centenary of Henry Tonks BDJ Article  RADC/1962/3  1962

Letter from D Wain, OBE (Great War DO) to DADS re his medals to be presented to the Museum  RADC/1962/4  1962

Letter from DADS re Mr Martin of Perth (wartime DO)  RADC/1962/5  1962

WOs/Sgts Reunion Weekend 22/23 Sep - Minutes  RADC/1962/6  1962

YEAR 1963  [no ref. or date]


Borneo 'Op Hearts & Minds'  RADC/1963/1  1963

WO1 Monk's (RAMC) version of his (DCA) secondment with Capt Gordon detached from Singapore to Borneo
By WO1 K Monk (LSL) RAMC

BDJ Special Forces Issue: Number 16  RADC/1963/2  1963

'An Orthodontic Service for the Army' by G S Foster.
'Training of OR in the RADC' by E C Blanthorne.
'The Law and the Dentist' by D V Taylor.
'Treatment of Fractures by Resin Cap Splints' by J H Robertson.
'Treatment of Max Fac Injuries with Minimal Facilities' by A J L Wheatley.

Medical Building Design Notes "Dental Centre"  RADC/1963/3  1963

Source of acquisition: ACCESSION NO: (A 1188)

YEAR 1964  [no ref. or date]


Sir Winston Churchill - 90th Birthday  RADC/1964/1  1964

Reply to a telegram sent by DADS on behalf of RADC

Service to mark occasion of closure of Garrison Church of St Albans Aldershot (1856-1964)  RADC/1964/2  1964

'This Church, formerly known as North Camp Church later as Marlborough Lines Church was erected as a 'temporary' Church in about 1856. The centenary was held on St Alban's Day 1956 and only now, yet another eight years later, has the structure become so unsafe as to forbid its further use'

Blank invitation card - Corps Party Sep  RADC/1964/3  1964

Borneo Press cuttings  RADC/1964/4  1964

Fluoridation of Water; Getting to the Root of the Problem;
Maj J Hardy/Lt Col Kessell - Malay language art

Permanent & Short Service Commissions Pamphlet  RADC/1964/5  1964

Borneo - Recollections of Capt J Chalmers-Clarke  RADC/1964/6  1964

Original MS - Jan to Dec service

WOs/NCOs AMS Seniority Roll  RADC/1964/7  1964

YEAR 1965  [no ref. or date]


WO File "Upgrade of Dental Hygienists to Technicians Group"  RADC/1965/1  1962-1965

Contains list of all DHygs trained and passed period 1954-1961

150th Anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo - a banquet (invitation) attended by Lt Col R Pearson  RADC/1965/2  1965

Annual Dinner 11 Sep WOs/Sgts AMS - Menu card  RADC/1965/3  1965

19th Annual Dinner of the 250 Club 30 Oct - Menu  RADC/1965/4  1965

Phillip Thorpe - a Great War patient of Valadier.  RADC/1965/5  1965

His version of treatment rendered (for a shell burst wound) MS to Mr McCauley, Historian

Aldershot Army Display, June  RADC/1965/6  1965

Programme of Events

YEAR 1966  [no ref. or date]


Standing Orders No 3 Group RADC  RADC/1966/1  1966

Dedication of RADC Standard  RADC/1966/2  1966

AMS Magazine Cover, Spring Number;
The Aldershot News Feb 11th;
Garrison Church Order of Service Feb 6th

Annual Dinner AMS 10 Sep  RADC/1966/3  1966

Menu Card (autographed)

Corps Reunion Club Members Card - Capt DHP Hopton  RADC/1966/4  1966

Deeds of Covenant RADC Benevolent Fund - Officers  RADC/1966/5  1966

Dhekelia Playhouse programme  RADC/1966/6  1966

Mr G T Peters ex AD Corps - Notice for RN Reserve  RADC/1966/7  1966

German Newspaper - Jul, Queen visits Hospital  RADC/1966/8  1966

Corps Xmas Card - New Design, photo by P Poole BEM  RADC/1966/9  1966

'Flexibility of the Dental Service' - The Group System by Col G A Elliott  RADC/1966/10  1966

'RADC Training Centre' Article by Col WSY Mackie  RADC/1966/11  1966

YEAR 1967  [no ref. or date]


'The 1930 Dinner Club'  RADC/1967/1  1967

Dinner Menu (autographed by officer host and guests) - 19 May

40th Annual Dinner RADC  RADC/1967/2  1967

Menu - 29 Sep

Maj Gen Finlayson, DADS  RADC/1967/3  1967

Inspecting Officer at Passing-Out Parade RAMC App College 8 Apr

DADS visit to the FARELF  RADC/1967/4  1967

Programme May-Jun

Pakistani 'International Pamphlet' Mar/Apr  RADC/1967/5  1967

D V Taylor Brig relinguishes CADS to Army to J H Robertson, Brig appointed 30 Apr  RADC/1967/6  1967

AGM Agenda - HQ Mess General Fund  RADC/1967/7  1967

WOs/NCOs RADC Seniority Roll  RADC/1967/8  1967

YEAR 1968  [no ref. or date]


Football match notice  RADC/1968/1  1968

MS Rheindahlen v 30 FA 8 May - RAMC/RADC Teams involved

SHAPE Medical Centre  RADC/1968/2  1968

Opening Ceremonies 12 Dec Dental Staff DO Griffiths, DT Happy & DCA F-Hawkes

41st RADC Officers Annual Dinner  RADC/1968/3  1968

Source of acquisition: ACCESSION NO: (A 668)

27 Sep Menu & Guest List

1 & 2 Dental Groups  RADC/1968/4  1968

Source of acquisition: ACCESSION NO: (A 725); (A 726)

Ladies Night - Menu
Conference Programme

Col (Retd) S Woods letter to Col E J Bowen re Museum exhibits  RADC/1968/5  1968

His case notes as SDO 1934/35

"Orthodontics in The Army"  RADC/1968/6  1968

By Col E S Foster. Article in RAMC Journal No 4

Manuscript List of Officers awarded MC, DSO, MBE, TD (not a complete list, pages missing!)  RADC/1968/7  1968

Basil Peacock MC, TD (Army but not AD Corps) replied to Lt Col E J Bowen re donating Museum exhibits, encloses brief re his POW (Nippon) stories  RADC/1968/8  1968

YEAR 1969  [no ref. or date]


The Corps Museum: Articles on - By Lt Col E J Bowen  RADC/1969/1  1969

The Corps Museum: Articles on - BDJ Feb 4  RADC/1969/2  1969

The Corps Museum: Articles on - The Dental Magazine, August  RADC/1969/3  1969

'The RADC Training Centre' By Maj G W Cox RADC  RADC/1969/4  1969

Valedictory letter from Pte Scott RAOC to RADC re supply of teeth 'in the War'  RADC/1969/5  1969

HQ Officers Mess & General Fund RADC - Rules  RADC/1969/6  1969

Source of acquisition: ACCESSION NO: (A 1180)

Book of Remembrance Northern Ireland - Cover only and Photograph Aug  RADC/1969/7  1969

Borneo 'Beer Drop' - letter from Thwaites Star Brewery confirming event in 1965  RADC/1969/8  1969

'A Study of DCA Training' By Capt DHP Hopton  RADC/1969/9  1969

'Corps Memorandum 1969' Customs and Procedures  RADC/1969/10  1969

'George Cunningham - The Man and His Message' By Colin H Davis LDS  RADC/1969/11  1969

FM Montgomery letter to DADS (Finlayson) re loss of his ink stand  RADC/1969/12  1969

Ink Stand from RADC Element of 21 Army Group

WOs/NCOs AMS Seniority Roll Sep  RADC/1969/13  1969

YEAR 1970  [no ref. or date]


New Dental Hospital & Training Centre  RADC/1970/1  1970

Revised Master Plan - May

New Dental Hospital & Training Centre  RADC/1970/2  1970

List of drawing available to Museum from Min of Public Build & Works (MPBW) Jun

AMS Handbook - Corps recruiting media  RADC/1970/3  1970

1930 Dinner Club - Menu (autographed) 8 May  RADC/1970/4  1970

Annual Dinner AMS WOs/Sgts - Menu (autographed) May  RADC/1970/5  1970

Col F G Arnold letter to SSgt P Poole re Museum  RADC/1970/6  1970

Correspondence DADS (Finlayson) to F M Montgomery re WW2 Corps presentation loss (Ink stand)  RADC/1970/7  1970

F M Montgomery letter to Col W B Purnell re signed photograph of Capt B Hirschfield, MC, AD Corps Also mentions 'his own' wartime DO, Maj W A Vale  RADC/1970/8  1970

Brig J H Robertson relinquishes CDS to Army to E D Stanhope 28th April  RADC/1970/9  1970

WOs/NCOs RADC Seniority Roll Nov  RADC/1970/10  1970

'The Lion' Cyprus News - 'Aid to Jordan' Article and pictures - 22 Fd Hosp in situ, Oct  RADC/1970/11  1970

YEAR 1971  [no ref. or date]


RADC Reunion Club - Draft Organisation brief  RADC/1971/1  1971

'Charter & Functions of The Royal Army Medical College' - Charter 11B  RADC/1971/2  1971

'Notes on an Armed Forces Dental Service' 2 Gp Directive By E J Bowen  RADC/1971/3  1971

'Notes on GP Dentistry in The Army' By E J Bowen  RADC/1971/4  1971

'Soldier' Mag-Article 'Soldiers & Surgeons'  RADC/1971/5  1971

Source of acquisition: ACCESSION NO: (A 1017)

AMS Drumhead Parade Detail Pt I Os  RADC/1971/6  1971

Source of acquisition: ACCESSION NO: (A 1006)

1/2 Gp Ladies Dinner Night & Conference Jul  RADC/1971/7  1971

Source of acquisition: ACCESSION NO: (A 1018)

Aldershot Army Display Programme  RADC/1971/8  1971

Source of acquisition: ACCESSION NO: (A 999)

AMS Drumhead Service Programme Jun  RADC/1971/9  1971

Source of acquisition: ACCESSION NO: (A 1005)

Harold Sly letter to Col James re Mobile Dental Caravan built by Hudlass, used in 1916  RADC/1971/10  1971

Press Cuttings: Golden Jubilee; Hong Kong: Maj Andrew Young BAOR: Capt Ian Smith, Tiger teeth  RADC/1971/11  1971

Lt Col W F Baxendine letter to DADS (Robertson) re wartime service  RADC/1971/12  1971

'The Mysterious A C Valadier' - an appraisal of the Great War Specialist DO  RADC/1971/13  1971

By Robert H Ivy MD DDS. Taken from the Plastic Repro Surgery Journal 1971

Review of 'The History of the RADC' By R C Sproull DDS  RADC/1971/14  1971

RADC Golden Jubilee File  RADC/1971/15  1971

Source of acquisition: ACCESSION NO: (A 1009), (A 1002), (A 1007), (A 1010), (A 993), (A 994)

'A Toast' by WO I G Blakey at Sgts Mess
RADC Jubilee Year - Bulletin Articles
BDA Meeting Jan & BDJ Article Feb
BDJ 'The Lindsay Club Visit to HQ & Trg Centre'
BDJ Galley Proof
Article by Sir Robert Bradlaw
Canadian Forces Dental Mag Article Jul
44th Annual Dinner Menu Officers Mess Sep
Order of Service & Dedication of Cope at Garrison Church Sep
RADC 'At Home' Invitation Card (Capt R J Wheeler)
Berlin Bulletin Jan - Page 9 Article

YEAR 1972  [no ref. or date]


Press Article: Carmel Teuma DT 'Making teeth for the troops' in 1942  RADC/1972/1  1972

Gen Bowen letter to P Poole re origins of No 1 Dental Group RADC  RADC/1972/2  1972

First issue of 'Dental Bulletin' HQ & TC by Editor Col R Docherty  RADC/1972/3  1972

WOs/NCOs RADC Seniority Roll  RADC/1972/4  1972

YEAR 1973  [no ref. or date]


Newbuild HQ & Trg Centre - Opening Ceremony 29 Sep  RADC/1973/1  1973

Brochure & Adm Instructions

AMS WOs/Sgts Annual Dinner - Menu (autographed)  RADC/1973/2  1973

Corps Sunday Order of Service Grn Church 30 Sep  RADC/1973/3  1973

Corps Reunion Weekend - Reg Sec letter to P Poole  RADC/1973/4  1973

Conferment of the Freedom of the Borough of Aldershot upon the Med Services 27 Jun  RADC/1973/5  1973

Illustrated Brochure and Lunch Menu

DADS letter to Carmel Teuma ex DT re exhibit  RADC/1973/6  1973

Press Cuttings  RADC/1973/7  1973

Lt Col Docherty with CIGS at Newbuild; Fangs, Bear, Polar; Freedom for the Medics; Sgt Edwin meets the Dentist's Chief; X Ray Chair; Drill Squad New 'Wide Open' HQ

'Dental Groups in the UK now and in the Future' paper by Col E J Bowen  RADC/1973/8  1973

Film script projected - King/Cuthbertson event  RADC/1973/9  1973

MOD Report of The Defence Medical Services Inquiry Committee (HMSO)  RADC/1973/10  1973

YEAR 1974  [no ref. or date]


Letter from A G Smith ex Capt to Maj H Loveday re gift of Boer War dental instruments to Museum  RADC/1974/1  1974

'Gurkha First' Press cut of Cpl Rambahadur 6GR first RADC trained & qualified dental hygienist  RADC/1974/2  1974

Mayoral Banquet & Ball 8 Feb attended by Comdt HQ & TC Col & Mrs G A Elliott 8 Feb  RADC/1974/3  1974

8 Gp Study Period May programme  RADC/1974/4  1974

Source of acquisition: ACCESSION NO: (A 1150)

Loan List - Fencing Trophies presented to Museum by Maj M O Hindle TD Jun  RADC/1974/5  1974

PC from M J Knott ex RADC re donations to Museum  RADC/1974/6  1974

Section of 'The History of Medicine' 'Papers of Charles Valadier' by J E McAuley LDS  RADC/1974/7  1974

Press Cut: Dentists meet at Garmisch (USADC) Sep  RADC/1974/8  1974

WOs/NCOs RADC Rank Seniority Rosters  RADC/1974/9  1974

YEAR 1975  [no ref. or date]


Visit programme of Brig CSF Carroll Comdr Aid Garrison to HQ & Trg Centre 21 Apr  RADC/1975/1  1975

CDS to Army, Brig E D Stanhope relinquishes appointment 25 Apr  RADC/1975/2  1975

WOs/NCOs RADC Rank Seniority Rosters  RADC/1975/3  1975

YEAR 1976  [no ref. or date]


Royal Brunei Malay Regt - Dental Dept  RADC/1976/1  1976

Source of acquisition: ACCESSION NO: (A 1228)

Presentation Paper to DADS by Maj J H Hardy & SSgt P Booth May

Invitation Card (Malay language) to Maj J H Hardy  RADC/1976/2  1976

'The Oracle' HQ & TC newsletter - 2 issues only  RADC/1976/3  1976

Programme Rugby Army v RAF 21 May - Touch Judge J C Weaver  RADC/1976/4  1976

Source of acquisition: ACCESSION NO: (A 1194)

250 Club, 30th Annual Dinner Oct Menu  RADC/1976/5  1976

Source of acquisition: ACCESSION NO: (A 1204)

TC Bulletin Jul: DT Trg: V H Ward to Maj Jun  RADC/1976/6  1976

1st Brunei Dental Conference Oct  RADC/1976/7  1976

WOs/NCOs RADC Ranks Seniority Rosters  RADC/1976/8  1976

YEAR 1977  [no ref. or date]


Corps Bulletin HQ & TC March Issue  RADC/1977/1  1977

'Country Life' Jun Article "Teething Troubles - Early Dental Practices"  RADC/1977/2  1977

'Military Medicine' Jul "Auguste Charles Valadier - A Pioneer" By Lt Col William P Cruse USADC  RADC/1977/3  1977

Press Cuttings  RADC/1977/4  1977

Lt Col Taylor takes over 7 Gp;
Fangs aint what they used to be DTs fix Tiger Mascot;
Dental Chief pulls out of town - Col E J Bowen to BAOR as Brig

'Royal Australian Army Dental Corps - Genesis' in Aus DJ Jun/Aug By Capt N T Wright RAADC  RADC/1977/5  1977

Source of acquisition: ACCESSION NO: (A 1229)

YEAR 1978  [no ref. or date]


Freedom of Stadt Rinteln for BMH Apr  RADC/1978/1  1978

Source of acquisition: ACCESSION NO: (A 1225)

Annual Reunion Weekend adm letter Sep  RADC/1978/2  1978

Letter from Univ of W. Australia (Dental Science) 'Queen Visits Mobile Dental Unit' (see Year 1941)  RADC/1978/3  1978

Corps Sunday Order of Service  RADC/1978/4  1978

YEAR 1979  [no ref. or date]


Standing Orders for Dress of Female Officers RADC  RADC/1979/1  1979

Source of acquisition: ACCESSION NO: (A 1225)

Sports Results, 100m, 200m, Long jump, relay team  RADC/1979/2  1979

Gurkha News 30 Aug Dental para team  RADC/1979/3  1979

The Two Fifty Club - A Brief History  RADC/1979/4  1979

YEAR 1980  [no ref. or date]


'Visor' Mag NID: DADS visits Portadown (P7)  RADC/1980/1  1980

Source of acquisition: ACCESSION NO: (A 1225)

'Visor' Mag NID: Bristle Parade Lisburn (6/7)  RADC/1980/2  1980

RAPC Accounts Course 'Cod' Assessment on SSgt Morgan Jul/Aug  RADC/1980/3  1980

Col T S Leonard letter - Gift of maxillo-facial first-aid kit to Museum  RADC/1980/4  1980

Press Cuttings: 'ABC of Dentistry'; Detmold's Dental Deal; Top award for Army Dentists Col F E Ashenhurst/Col R Sewell  RADC/1980/5  1980

Mr J H Cain - MS re gifts of photos and museum artifacts  RADC/1980/6  1980

Dr C Bowdler-Henry - gift of scimitar paper knife, made out of shell/bullet cases in Great War  RADC/1980/7  1980

Source of acquisition: ACCESSION NO: (A 1502)

Corps Sunday Service Order (w/APTC) 28 Sep  RADC/1980/8  1980

YEAR 1981  [no ref. or date]


Freedom of the Borough of Rushmoor - AMS - 29 May Souvenir programme, press cuttings etc  RADC/1981/1  1981

Reunion Club Initiation & Constitution detail since 1961  RADC/1981/2  1981

BDJ article Nov 17 - RADC Golden Jubilee by Lt Col J H Hardy  RADC/1981/3  1981

AMS Magazine; Front cover Capt N Russell plus other dental items  RADC/1981/4  1981

Press Cuttings: Capt Russell plus Football Match  RADC/1981/5  1981

AMS Magazine: Dental Items  RADC/1981/6  1981

Lt Col W P Cruse USADC made Hon Member of HQ Mess  RADC/1981/7  1981

Col C H James - donating items/photos to Museum  RADC/1981/8  1981

E S Tait Great War Dentist - Photograph - data re his uniform  RADC/1981/9  1981

Corps Sunday Order of Service  RADC/1981/10  1981

Rules of the HQ Officers Mess and HQ Mess General Fund  RADC/1981/11  1981

YEAR 1982  [no ref. or date]


'The Lindsay Club' Newsletter pp 23/29 'The Great War - No Dentists - ?  RADC/1982/1  1982

Treatment of General Haig & French which accelerated supply of dental surgeons to the front

The Falkland Islands War - Prologue and narrative (BDJ) by Lt Col KAC Watt  RADC/1982/2  1982

A poem by B Newsome on HMS Uganda:
Two Spanish language posters;
The Order of Service held at St Paul's Cathedral 26 Jul

'A Short History of The Army Dental Service' by Colonel W B Purnell  RADC/1982/3  1982

HQ & Trg Centre Personality List  RADC/1982/4  1982

Press Cuttings  RADC/1982/5  1982

Dental Exhibition at Farnham
Himmler's death mask at Farnham
The Falklands War

YEAR 1983  [no ref. or date]


'Dental Practice' (p6) 'Men who marched away' Great War article by Paul Higgins LDS RCS  RADC/1983/1  1983

Stafford Miller Hygienist Award to Sgt R Bevan  RADC/1983/2  1983

BDJ Article 'A Visit to the RADC Museum' by K Sugden  RADC/1983/3  1983

Plans for Nos 3 & 4 Mobile Dental Caravans destined for Falklands (Stanley)  RADC/1983/4  1983

DADS letter to RPG Sandon re Obit Mr R Battle  RADC/1983/5  1983

Press Cuttings  RADC/1983/6  1983

Militaria Exhibition (P Poole)
Globe Trotter, Mr G Peters ex AD Corps

YEAR 1984  [no ref. or date]


Corps Sunday Order of Service 30 Sep  RADC/1984/1  1984

HMS Challenger - Maj A Gaw on exchange with RN  RADC/1984/2  1984

Ceremonial uniform items on loan to Col Commandant  RADC/1984/3  1984

RADC Crest fashioned by German PW for York Show  RADC/1984/4  1984

Press Articles  RADC/1984/5  1984

Soldier Mag - Chelsea in-Pensioner Band, pianist George Mursell (ex Corps DT);
The Dental Practice - Officers & Dental paras;
Country Life - Ogilby Trust (Army Museums);
News/Mail - Sir Evelyn Wood;
Christies sale of an old dental chair;
Connaught Hospital

YEAR 1985  [no ref. or date]


RADC Association Minutes of the AGM  RADC/1985/1  1985

D Arkush (ex PW) letter to Curator re donation of drawing of bamboo dental chair in Chungkai POW Camp, Thailand  RADC/1985/2  1985

Initiation of own label Corps Claret  RADC/1985/3  1985

Daily Mirror article on Heinrich Himmler 40 Anniversary  RADC/1985/4  1985

Corps Sunday Order of Service  RADC/1985/5  1985

YEAR 1986  [no ref. or date]


8 Gp Study Period & Ladies Dinner Night 6/7 Sep  RADC/1986/1  1986

YEAR 1987  [no ref. or date]


Menzies Campbell Lecture  RADC/1987/1  1987

The Queens Hospital Sidcup Foundation in Oral Surgery

RADC Bulletin No 1 Vol 15  RADC/1987/2  1987

Maj Gen J H Robertson, Col D Bell, Lt Col DHP Hopton & Major G Kirsopp Obituaries;
Maj V H Ward Reg Sec vice
Maj G Stewart (15/12)
Maj Gen Quinlan 80 yrs:
Lt Col Duckworth 80 yrs
65th anniversary of the Corps formation Burma War Service, Maj Freddy Geldard

RADC Bulletin No 2 Vol 15  RADC/1987/3  1987

New QM Complex HQ & Trg Centre
Opened Est 5 civ DTs service ended

Visit Programme  RADC/1987/4  1987

Col J T Hennessy US Army attache

Corps Weekend Programme  RADC/1987/5  1987

Corps Sunday Order of Service  RADC/1987/6  1987

Dedication of Memorial Service to Korean War  RADC/1987/7  1987

AMS Mag  RADC/1987/8  1987

Queen Mother at Drumhead Service: Obit Maj G Kirsopp;
OStJ to Col Parkinson

P Poole letters re donations to Museum  RADC/1987/9  1987

Press Cuttings: Queen Mum to Drumhead Service  RADC/1987/10  1987

DADS Study Period Programme  RADC/1987/11  1987

YEAR 1988  [no ref. or date]


BDJ Feb 6  RADC/1988/1  1988

R Docherty, Col Comdt; First DDDDS Tri-service AVM Jones retires; Lindsay Club

Brig E Coulthard awarded CBE (NYHL) MOD list  RADC/1988/2  1988

Visit to HQ & TC: ADDS RN  RADC/1988/3  1988

Visit to HQ & TC: Brig Chaundler Comdr Ald Grn  RADC/1988/4  1988

Visit to HQ & TC: Comd Med UKLF  RADC/1988/5  1988

Visit to HQ & TC: 250 Club (Brief history)  RADC/1988/6  1988

'Le Chirurgeon' French dental mag w/Museum article  RADC/1988/7  1988

BDJ Apr 9  RADC/1988/8  1988

Prof D Stafford award: Obit S. Coplans

BDJ Aug 6: Obit, Col D Jack L/RADC  RADC/1988/9  1988

The Tournay Cup, 5-a-side Football competition  RADC/1988/10  1988

Corps Bulletin  RADC/1988/11  1988

Obit Col V Vella-Grech; Valadier - His Life by W P Cruse USADC

Letter  RADC/1988/12  1988

Gen Finlayson denture to Museum

Letter  RADC/1988/13  1988

Gen Bowen loan of items to RN?

Letter  RADC/1988/14  1988

Obit Cecil Baker oldest Assoc member

Cecil Baker (1921 AD Corps DM) - AMS Mag his life story & photo  RADC/1988/15  1988

QARANC Magazine - both issues  RADC/1988/16  1988

Press Cuts  RADC/1988/17  1988

NATO Women reservists;
Dentist Team for children;
New Army Museums complex;
Gen Sir Peter Hunt obit

GDC (Registration) research on CES Abraham, MC  RADC/1988/18  1988

YEAR 1989  [no ref. or date]


AMS Mag Feb  RADC/1989/1  1989

RADC in The Persian Gulf; Tug of War; C L Baker, A Fisher, Lt Col Jones; Obits

Soldier Mag  RADC/1989/2  1989

Capt E Cook, Krefeld; Ogilby Trust

DC International: Col Smart; Brig Coulthard  RADC/1989/3  1989

Dental Groups  RADC/1989/4  1989

Inception-Paper by Col G A Elliott plus CO lists (Photodex has pictures)

Corps Recruiting Broadsheet  RADC/1989/5  1989

Exhibition 'Pale Battalions', R Graham (Tonks use)  RADC/1989/6  1989

Rushmoor Museums Project 'Challenge' Press article  RADC/1989/7  1989

Robertson Cup (UK Groups) Football annual event  RADC/1989/8  1989

HQ & Trg Centre Xmas revue programme  RADC/1989/9  1989

Marriage of Lt Col M R Townsend & Barbara 1 July  RADC/1989/10  1989

QARANC Magazine 'The Gazette' Vol 9 No 12  RADC/1989/11  1989

B Harrison 50 Group f/video of Drumhead Service  RADC/1989/12  1989

Genesis - Australian Army Dental Corps from G E McIntosh NSW Australia  RADC/1989/13  1989

Letter from D C MacAlister re father's illness  RADC/1989/14  1989

Rambahadur Gurung, 1st Gurkha DHyg sends a plaque from Nepal  RADC/1989/15  1989

Letter to Miss P Clark FDS Seeking photo of the Duke of Connaught  RADC/1989/16  1989

War Diaries, Ogilby Trust to supply Museums?  RADC/1989/17  1989

Corps Reunion - B Harrison (50 Group) article in 'Dental Mechanic' journal  RADC/1989/18  1989

Sales leaflet for book title 'Soldiers who died in the Great War 1914-1918'  RADC/1989/19  1989

Maj Gen E J Bowen - Coat of Arms reproduction  RADC/1989/20  1989

YEAR 1990  [no ref. or date]


Musical tape & narrative of 'Nightingale and Netley' 1856-1990 (includes Med & Dental Marches) Side 2  RADC/1990/1  1990

Source of acquisition: ACCESSION NO: (A 1557/1)

Minutes of 44th Meeting Museum Trust 15 March  RADC/1990/2  1990

Statistical data of Museum structure  RADC/1990/3  1990

Monthly Death return: Jun - Lt Col Hurst & Col Lewis  RADC/1990/4  1990

Monthly Death return: Feb - Capt Julius Green  RADC/1990/5  1990

Service at St Andrews C of S receiving Corps Standard  RADC/1990/6  1990

'Army Dentist at War' Maj E Carmichael AMS Mag art  RADC/1990/7  1990

Press Cuts  RADC/1990/8  1990

BDAs Museum Registration;
Tanks for the Memory Chelsea Flower show, George Mursell;
Brig T Hely, Obit (Burma campaign);
BDA News - letter from Gen Bowen on origins of treadle engine 1871
Soldier: 'Putting a smile on the face of the Army' (Cover pic D Hyg)

Correspondence File  RADC/1990/9  1990

Assn W Yetton-Ward; BBC ask for Op Wild Dog Film; USAF need info on POW Singapore; Exhibition; Parade detail Assn; Book of Remembrance; Medloc; Siege Roll of Malta;
Sgt J Wilkinson 1939/1946; Dental Units
21 AG Assoc A R Watkinson
(Japanese POW in WW2)

Corps Sunday Order of Service  RADC/1990/10  1990

Museums Collections management policy - Master guidance document for Trustees (Somerset MMT)  RADC/1990/11  1990

YEAR 1991  [no ref. or date]


List of Iraqi Artifacts on display in Museum  RADC/1991/1  1991

DCI (Civ) 128 - Defence Estabs & staff, reductions  RADC/1991/2  1991

Donation of dentures from Mabel Harrison, d 98 years old  RADC/1991/3  1991

Monthly Death Return - Lt Col W P Baxendine, OBE  RADC/1991/4  1991

Corps Sunday Order of Service 29 Sep  RADC/1991/5  1991

Closure of Dental Units - Send Sign boards to Museum  RADC/1991/6  1991

Press Cuts  RADC/1991/7  1991

New Army uniforms for women (photo);
BDA News: Dentistry & War; 50 yrs ago Pte Coe wins DCM; Dental Practice:
WJN Collins 'In the Gulf; Canadians in Aldershot during WW2;
Mr Witherwick's (ex CDP) Lost World;
Soldier: 5 Armd Div Dental (Gulf);
A MP writes on Dental Cuts;
Malcolm Davies in Hong Kong

Correspondence File  RADC/1991/8  1991

Brig Coulthard to The Times;
Gulf artifacts from Maj Partridge;
J Arscott, 90th birthday;
Death of Mrs Croucher-loan items pass over;
R M King Book to Museum;
Iraqi items from Capt Boulcott;
USAF research into Far East POWs;
Groups - CO sequence info to Museum

The Future of the Defence Medical Services (DGAMS)  RADC/1991/9  1991

Annual Dinner (64th) Menu & Guest List  RADC/1991/10  1991

Gallantry & Other Awards to the Army  RADC/1991/11  1914-1918

Corps Bulletin  RADC/1991/12  1991

Obits Fannan & Charlton

'Operation Granby' (Gulf) File  RADC/1991/13  1991

Captured Iraqi Equipment-Bids required AD Services 70th Anniversary Dinner at Al Jubayl;
Capt (Miss) Kerry made a 'Valentine' in Saudi;
'Sandy Times' donated to Museum;
Donation of artefacts ex Gulf;
Request for Museum shop goods;
Legion Magazine article - Feb;
The London Gazette - Joint Operations Data;
Honours: Press detail on Maj E Carmichael, MBE;
AMS Magazine: Jun - 'Medics at War' Issue;
The Sun: Gulf article;
Police Badges donated from Kuwait;
Friendly Forces Medal & Script (Kuwait)

YEAR 1992  [no ref. or date]


Royal Victoria Hospital Netley - The Story  RADC/1992/1  1992

Source of acquisition: ACCESSION NO: (A 1557)

DADS Address to Officers, Corps Annual Dinner  RADC/1992/2  1992

Army Museums Ogilby Trust (AMOT) Newsletter Jan  RADC/1992/3  1992

Press Cuts  RADC/1992/4  1992

Relieving toothache in Bosnia
Dental Decorations (LSGCM) pictures
Phillip (Poole) goes for glory

Correspondence File  RADC/1992/5  1992

Royal Armouries Loans
Col Gemmell (deceased) Papers to Museum;
Maj Carmichael MBE, Citation awaited

Association 20th Weekend Programme, News & Views  RADC/1992/6  1992

AMS Drumhead Service Programme and Lunch menu  RADC/1992/7  1992

250 Club visit to HQ & TC Programme 16 Jun  RADC/1992/8  1992

Turning of Page in memory of Lt Col DHP Hopton  RADC/1992/9  1992

Exercise 'Cornish Dragon 3' - Adventure Trg brief  RADC/1992/10  1992

Early Training of Ancillary Staff - sketches  RADC/1992/11  1992

Cyprus - Profile of medical/dental cover  RADC/1992/12  1992

Museum article in Aldershot Garrison Herald  RADC/1992/13  1992

Correspondence file of Phillip Poole, BEM (Honorary Curator) covering subjects  RADC/1992/14  1990-1992

YEAR 1993  [no ref. or date]


Corps Sunday Order of Service 26 Sep  RADC/1993/1  1993

75th Anniversary Meeting - Minutes Working Party on 20 October and 16 December  RADC/1993/2  1993

Museum Trustees Meeting - Minutes 27 Oct  RADC/1993/3  1993

Citation Kuwait Liberation Medal to Maj S P Heath  RADC/1993/4  1993

AMS Mag Oct  RADC/1993/5  1993

Trg Objectives DSS & DT;
Association Lunch at Keogh

Press Cuts  RADC/1993/6  1993

Himmler's hair - relic held by Nurse

Correspondence  RADC/1993/7  1993

J W Walker Photo of Father's medals John Begg - DO Gen List 1918/20 (w/photo);
Career profile Col J A Gibson;
Lt Col Humpherson - donation of items;
Case notes Capt Chater 1914/18 war - swop;
Binding of 'History' volumes Museum Library;
Malayan Campaign Remembrance Service;
Ayrton Study - Museum Staffing;
Col Leonard - Corps History items

Garrison Herald: 23 PFA; Museum; Hospitals  RADC/1993/8  1993

YEAR 1994  [no ref. or date]


Visit: Dental Care Agency Working Group HQ TC 3 Oct  RADC/1994/1  1994

Visit: GOC Southern District HQ TC 19 May  RADC/1994/2  1994

Visit: Dep Comdr Southern District 16 May  RADC/1994/3  1994

Minutes of Meeting  RADC/1994/4  1994

Working Party 75th Anniversary 9 Feb, 31 Mar, 6 Jul, 19 Oct.
: AGM HQ Mess General Fund Sep
: AGM RADC Association Jun
*: Inaugural Charitable Trust Feb
: Museum Trustees Mar & Nov
*Incorporates HQ RADC Mess Gen Fund;
WOs & Sgts Mess Funds;
Benevolent Fund;
Donald Taylor Memorial Fund and Broderick Prize Fund

50 Group Association newsletter  RADC/1994/5  1994

Corps Sunday Order of Service Sep  RADC/1994/6  1994

Dr J Dyce - Wartime max-fac film converted to Video  RADC/1994/7  1994

Correspondence  RADC/1994/8  1994

Future of Corps & Regtl Museums;
Tonk Pastels, rotation proposal;
F Geldard offers his wartime action story, Burma etc; D Hand Bowman emphasises his hyphen;
Jimmy James to Bainbridge, Book of Remembrance; D Arkush - DADS responds to his WW2 story; Landmark Trust? Plymouth Dental Unit

Press Cuts  RADC/1994/9  1994

Keith Floyd - 'Dirty Dentist' (B Nuttall) pulls his wife; Army Braced for wave of refugees (Rwanda); QARANC lowers the flag - End of an era; Rushmoor Council gives go ahead on MAMOT (collation of local Army Museums in Arena)

Part I Orders 50th Anniversary - List of Dental Officers who landed in Normandy, D-Day plus  RADC/1994/10  1994

Story of 'Collects' of the British Army (AD Corps 1930 version on display in 1921 cabinet)  RADC/1994/11  1994

Museum Computer - Tower upgrade data by R Bevan  RADC/1994/12  1994

Visit of Oxford vocational trainees to HQ TC  RADC/1994/13  1994

AMS Magazine Feb: RADC CEGs; DOMIC Trg  RADC/1994/14  1994

AMS Magazine Sep  RADC/1994/15  1994

Combined Med/QARANC Museum at Keogh; Sport, Tennis results

YEAR 1995  [no ref. or date]


BDJs Aug/Sep/Oct  RADC/1995/1  1995

50th Anniversary ends of war articles - The AD Corps in The Far East WW2

Ald Grn Herald: Photo Spread 4 Fd Amb (Den Kit)  RADC/1995/2  1995

AMS Mag Feb: 23 Para Fd Amb in Rwanda  RADC/1995/3  1995

Guildford Mil Socy; K Reeves, Falklands Medallist  RADC/1995/4  1995

Location Lists of all Dental/Groups  RADC/1995/5  1995

AMS memo No 56: Implementation of uniformed post (DCS 15)  RADC/1995/6  1995

Defence Dental Agency Newsletter - Role of DDA  RADC/1995/7  1995

Seniority Roll Officers 30 Jun  RADC/1995/8  1995

DADS changeover - Brigs Parkinson/Roberts  RADC/1995/9  1995

DADS Study Period - Admin Instructions  RADC/1995/10  1995

Museum Photodex Library - Statistical data  RADC/1995/11  1995

DADS Lunch 28 Apr  RADC/1995/12  1995

Corps Guest Night 5 May  RADC/1995/13  1995

Corps (Yearly) Diary of Events  RADC/1995/14  1995

Dental Surgery Dress - Tri Service Maternity Wear  RADC/1995/15  1995

Col C H James - Local mag - His story as a WW2 POW  RADC/1995/16  1995

Tournay HQ Officers Mess - Information Booklet  RADC/1995/17  1995

AMS Association Luncheon 23 Jun - Menu etc  RADC/1995/18  1995

AMS Programme of Events (Blue Book)  RADC/1995/19  1995

RADC Association - Programme/Event Booklet  RADC/1995/20  1995

Press Cuts  RADC/1995/21  1995

Japanese War Criminals w/D Arkush;
Military Med Units 'in crisis';
Museums face survival test;
Chief Exec Defence Care Agency;
Brig Roberts - Charity Cheque;
Army Reform under one General;
Book Blurb - Medloc 1945-55;

HQ TC Pt 1 O Extracts  RADC/1995/22  1995

Promotion List WOs/NCOs;
75th Anniv Church Service Notice;
Defence Dental Agency Exec;
BETT Report update;
AMS data on Officers redundancy;
DDA - PDO posts

Minutes of Meetings  RADC/1995/23  1995

Museum Trustees 54th/55th
75th Anniversary Working Party
50 Group Association


HQTC Part I Orders 05 Jan - Commandant's Congrats!  RADC/1996/1  1996

BDA News - Royal Garrison Church Service News + photo  RADC/1996/2  1996

The Times - Notification 05 Jan  RADC/1996/3  1996

The Daily Telegraph - Notification 05 Jan  RADC/1996/4  1996

Programme of Thanksgiving Service (Local Members)  RADC/1996/5  1996

'A Service of Thanksgiving' Order of Service  RADC/1996/6  1996

Invitation to the Rev & Mrs Dobbin re above  RADC/1996/7  1996

Loyalty Message to HM Queen Elizabeth II  RADC/1996/8  1996

Response from HM The Queen  RADC/1996/9  1996

Above RADC/1996/8/9 notified in Unit Part I Orders  RADC/1996/10  1996

Minutes of Working Party 8 Jan  RADC/1996/11  1996

Minutes of Working Party 28 Feb  RADC/1996/12  1996

Minutes of Working Party 1 May  RADC/1996/13  1996

Minutes of Working Party 10 Jun  RADC/1996/14  1996

'Celebration' by Brig M J Newell  RADC/1996/15  1996

Unit Diary of Events  RADC/1996/16  1996

Royal Army Medical College Programme  RADC/1996/17  1996

Speech given by Dr M Seward BDA at the Donald Taylor Lecture (sound tapes of lectures contained in separate cover)  RADC/1996/18  1996

FUN DAY programme  RADC/1996/19  1996

Aldershot Garrison Herald Story & Photo spread (V H Ward)  RADC/1996/20  1996

Pencil sketch of Cadmus & Janus (sowing of teeth) vide Greek mythology  RADC/1996/21  1996

Lt Col J P Holmes awarded "sq" to Grade I Staff Pool (another Corps first!)  RADC/1996/22  1996

Army Medical Services Memorandum No 57  RADC/1996/23  1996

Items within:
Foreword by outgoing DGAMS
Ops Bosnia, Angola, Montserrat
Defence Cost Matters - Primary & Secondary Care Agencies Establishments
RAVC Project
Dental (DDA)
RAM College
Appointments, Honours & Awards
TA Restructuring

Crimefile - Incidence of theft from RADC Museum  RADC/1996/24  1996

RHQ/Museums 1HLB Management Board Meeting - Funding of Museums  RADC/1996/25  1996

Dental Support Officer Commission vacancy Part I Orders: (Lt Clare M Ramsey selected-first woman ranker (WO2)  RADC/1996/26  1996

Lt R Stephens - Trg Offr - Certificate in Oral Health Education  RADC/1996/27  1996

Letter from Lt Col A J Michelson (now deceased) to Reg Sec  RADC/1996/28  1996

Col Alan Harrison TD RADC (V) appointed QHDS 1 April  RADC/1996/29  1996

Press cutting  RADC/1996/30  1996

WO1 Gail Fletcher, (first RADC female WO1) with her husband, also an Army WO1)

Letter to Sgt W Wilkinson from Reg Sec (Corps History)  RADC/1996/31  1996

Minutes of 56th Meeting RADC Museum Trustees  RADC/1996/32  1996

AMS Blue Book Programme of Events  RADC/1996/33  1996

Article - Focus on Schools of Dental Hygiene  RADC/1996/34  1996

Army Museums Consultancy - First Impressions Review  RADC/1996/35  1996

Army Museums Consultancy - Brief on the offer by Challenge  RADC/1996/36  1996

Army Museums Consultancy - Major proposals of change  RADC/1996/37  1996

Army Museums Consultancy - Review of Corps' Museum  RADC/1996/38  1996

Minutes of the 57th Meeting Museum Trustees  RADC/1996/39  1996

FILE on the Formation of the Defence Dental Agency  RADC/1996/40  1996

Three part historic article (AB & C) RADC by V H Ward in BDA News  RADC/1996/41  1996

RADC(V) update list of officers from Army List  RADC/1996/42  1996

Daily Telegraph Notice of 69th Annual Dinner  RADC/1996/43  1996

RADC Bulletin - 75th Anniversary Edition  RADC/1996/44  1996

Aldershot Garrison Herald - dental items on POW Formosa - NS Pte Errington  RADC/1996/45  1996

RADC Corps Sunday Programme of Service  RADC/1996/46  1996

50 Group RADC news updates throughout year  RADC/1996/47  1996

Corps Guest Night Officers  RADC/1996/48  1996

Aldershot Garrison Herald - dental items pp 13/16/18  RADC/1996/49  1996

RADC Association file - Members list -obituaries  RADC/1996/50  1996

Officers Seniority Roll  RADC/1996/51  1996

Loc change DS Health Alliance Germany  RADC/1996/52  1996

YEAR 1997  [no ref. or date]


Related information: 1997 Publications with Dental Items in Second folder

MUSEUMS  RADC/1997/1  1997

Funding policy and re-location of AMS museums (3 encls)

Museums - Ogilby Trust news  RADC/1997/2  1997

Museums cuts- press release  RADC/1997/3  1997

Meeting of Trustees-Minutes  RADC/1997/4  1997

DDA- Baird Centre for London  RADC/1997/5  1997

DDA- Appointment of Chief Executive AVM McIntyre RAF  RADC/1997/6  1997

DDA Term 'Dental Auxilliary' replaces 'Dental Ancillary'  RADC/1997/7  1997

DDA - Budget return of 15% cut imposed at launch of DDA  RADC/1997/8  1997

Locations - all DDA Units  RADC/1997/9  1997

Press Cuttings Dental Items  RADC/1997/10  1997

DISK of new 'A History of The Army Dental Service'  RADC/1997/11  1997

'Heroes with a Cause' RADC POW essay based on D at W by Lt Col Robert Carter USADC  RADC/1997/12  1997

AMS Blue Book-Social Events  RADC/1997/13  1997

Field of Remembrance Lunch  RADC/1997/14  1997

50 Group newsletters  RADC/1997/15  1997

DADS 'State of the Union' address at Annual Dinner by Brig JA Gamon  RADC/1997/16  1997

Wash-up minutes of 75th Anniversary celebrations  RADC/1997/17  1997

Promotions List-Officers  RADC/1997/18  1997

YEAR 1998  [no ref. or date]


Museum Trustees Meeting/Minutes Apr & Nov  RADC/1998/1  1998

AUTHOR: Folios 1-4 in separate folder

HQ Offrs Mess RADC Minutes of meeting  RADC/1998/2  1998

AUTHOR: Folios 1-4 in separate folder

RADC Assn AGM & Minutes  RADC/1998/3  1998

AUTHOR: Folios 1-4 in separate folder

AMS Wkng party & minutes  RADC/1998/4  1998

AUTHOR: Folios 1-4 in separate folder

Offrs RADC Seniority Roll  RADC/1998/5  1998

RADC Assn Annual Reunion  RADC/1998/6  1998

AMS Programme of events  RADC/1998/7  1998

Charter for RHQ RADC  RADC/1998/8  1998

50 Gp RADC Newsletters  RADC/1998/9  1998

DDA Newsletter - Jul  RADC/1998/10  1998

DDA Newsletter - Dec  RADC/1998/11  1998

ADS historical miscellany  RADC/1998/12  1998

'Dentists at War' review  RADC/1998/13  1998

Baird Health Centre opens  RADC/1998/14  1998

Card project art work  RADC/1998/15  1998

Tourney Mess - Future?  RADC/1998/16  1998

Bamboo Chair -Chungkai ? builder at time  RADC/1998/17  1998

J Donaldson on DC Reunion  RADC/1998/18  1998

ex Capt Stewart Blair  RADC/1998/19  1998

The Health Alliance Conf & Book review  RADC/1998/20  1998

Defence Med Serv booklet  RADC/1998/21  1998

RADC Association List  RADC/1998/22  1998

DADS Annual Dinner speech  RADC/1998/23  1998

YEAR 1999  [no ref. or date]


Army Medical Services Memorandum No 58 incl: Dental Matters DGAMS  RADC/1999/1  1999

Charter RADC Reg Sec by Maj RR Taylor  RADC/1999/2  1999

Seniority Roll RADC April AMD6  RADC/1999/3  1999

Posting Order extended DADS AMD6  RADC/1999/4  1999

AMS Appointment Board No 4- 29 June and 8 July  RADC/1999/5  1999


Location Statement DDA regs  RADC/1999/6  1999


DDA Function brief  RADC/1999/7  1999

RADC Association newsletter and membership list  RADC/1999/8  1999

Col M R Townsend to be QHDS  RADC/1999/9  1999

50 Group newsletters x 2  RADC/1999/10  1999

AGM HQ Offrs Mess 24 Sep  RADC/1999/11  1999

64th & FINAL meeting of Museum RADC trustees 30 Nov  RADC/1999/12  1999


RADC Assn Meet Minutes June  RADC/1999/13  1999

Corps 72nd Annual Dinner Director's Speech DADS Brig J A Gamon QHDS  RADC/1999/14  1999

PUBLICATIONS  [no ref. or date]

BDJ Oct Tonks Drawing item  RADC/1999/15  1999

AMS Blue Book Events  RADC/1999/16  1999

RADC Charities & Orgs  RADC/1999/17  1999

DDA newsletter No 7  RADC/1999/18  1999

AMS Careers Booklet  RADC/1999/19  1999

DDA Annual Report & Accs  RADC/1999/20  1999

YEAR 2000  [no ref. or date]


Dental Surgery at Colditz Castle (POW Camp) 1942 File by J Watton.  RADC/2000/1  2000

Donated by M. Parker

'Unhealthy Cuts in Forces Budgets' Letter to TIMES by M. Newell  RADC/2000/2  2000

Association News Letter Reg Sec RADC  RADC/2000/3  2000

Staff College Stays for Use as AMS Officers HQ Mess ALD News Cutting  RADC/2000/4  2000

50 Group Spring Newsletter  RADC/2000/5  2000

AUTHOR: R Elliott Sec

Trustees Meeting AMS Museum encl Forward Plan  RADC/2000/6  2000

Appointment of Duchess of Gloucester as Colonel in Chief RADC  RADC/2000/7  2000

50 Group Winter newsletter. By R Elliott Sec  RADC/2000/8  2000

Trustees Meeting AMS Museum 3 Oct Minutes of  RADC/2000/9  2000

Redesign of AMS Museum Plot  RADC/2000/10  2000

AGM RADC Association Sept  RADC/2000/11  2000

Trustees Meeting AMS Museum April minutes of  RADC/2000/12  2000

Henry Quinlan ex DADS Obit  RADC/2000/13  2000

First ever dental cadet - AL Gwynne Obit in BMJ  RADC/2000/14  2000

AMS TA in Gibraltar (Dental Officer Lt Col Lithgow-Smith  RADC/2000/15  2000

YEAR 2001  [no ref. or date]

50 Gp RADC Spring News  RADC/2001/1  2001

Himmler Suicide query  RADC/2001/2  2001

Mag article 'The Tooth Fairy' incls RADC Museum  RADC/2001/3  2001

AG Herald - Move of RHQs to Camberley  RADC/2001/4  2001

DDA Newsletter March  RADC/2001/5  2001

AMS Museum Trustees Meet Apr - Minutes  RADC/2001/6  2001

RADC Assn Newsletter  RADC/2001/7  2001

Clive Dobson - AMS Records  RADC/2001/8  2001

HQ Mess AGM Minutes  RADC/2001/9  2001

RADC Assn AGM Agenda  RADC/2001/10  2001

The Coulthard Project by V H Ward  RADC/2001/11  2001

AMS Museum Trustees Oct  RADC/2001/12  2001

Col-in-Chief visit to RADC  RADC/2001/13  2001

RADC Bulletin 2001/02  RADC/2001/14  2001

RADC Assn AGM Minutes  RADC/2001/15  2001

Colonel Commandant RADC Appointment - Colonel A J Hawkes wef January 2nd RHQ RADC/AMD 6  RADC/2001/16  2001

DDA Newsletter Dec - Dental Teams in Sierra Leone on 'OP Silkman' by Col M Townsend  RADC/2001/17  2001

Related information: Campaign Folder in RADC/GEN04

HRH Colonel in Chief - Artist appointed for her portrait (to be hung in HQ RADC Mess) RHQ RADC  RADC/2001/18  2001

HQ AMS Officers Mess to RMA Camberley Tournai Mess closes February  RADC/2001/19  2001

50 Group RADC Summer newsletter R Elliott Sec  RADC/2001/20  2001

50 Group RADC Winter newsletter  RADC/2001/21  2001

AUTHOR: R Elliott Sec

Short history of 50 Group RADC  RADC/2001/22  2001

AUTHOR: Bernard Bond Chairman. Dent Tech No 54

DDA Annual Report - Accounts 2000/2001.  RADC/2001/23  2001

Halton DDA HQ

YEAR 2002  [no ref. or date]

AMS Museum Design Brief on redevelopment  RADC/2002/1  2002

Carl Teuma - long term Association member died -Condolences to Chair 50 Group RADC Reg Sec RADC  RADC/2002/2  2002

'Shortage of Dentists in Defence Med Services' BDA warning from THE PROBE  RADC/2002/3  2002

RADC Association 2002 newsletter  RADC/2002/4  2002


AMS Museum Trustees Meeting Minutes Oct  RADC/2002/5  2002

'Army's Chief Doctor quits as medical cover fall to new low'  RADC/2002/6  2002

Press item
The Times

AMS Museum Trustees Meeting minutes Oct  RADC/2002/7  2002

'Two Men went to War' Escapade in France 42  RADC/2002/8  2002

AUTHOR: V H Ward. AG Herald pp73

50 Group RADC Newsletter Spring  RADC/2002/9  2002

AUTHOR: R Elliott Sec

50 Group RADC Newsletter Summer  RADC/2002/10  2002

AUTHOR: R Elliott Sec

National Memorial Arboretum - dedication to Sgt G Muldoon RADC murdered in NI  RADC/2002/11  2002


RADC Wos & Sgts Mess Past & Present Dinner Club Oct w/guest Colonel-in-Chief RADC  RADC/2002/12  2002


HQ RADC Officers Mess AGM & Minutes  RADC/2002/13  2002


RADC Association AGM & Minutes Sep  RADC/2002/14  2002

Annual Dinner Address DADS  RADC/2002/15  2002

AUTHOR: Brig S J Poole

DDA Annual Report & Accounts Booklet  RADC/2002/16  2002


Visit of Colonel-in-Chief RADC  RADC/2002/17  2002

Incl Officers Mess for unveiling portrait and a Dinner in WOs & Sgts Mess RADC - Corps W/end

Appointment of Col Comdt RADC Colonel A J Hawkes vice Col B Hopkins 2 Jan 04  RADC/2002/18  2002

AMS Museum Trustees Meeting & Minutes Oct  RADC/2002/19  2002

YEAR 2003  [no ref. or date]

AMS Museum Redesign Planning Meeting  RADC/2003/1  2003

AMS Social Programme 2003 (Blue Book)  RADC/2003/2  2003

Col Comdt RADC Annual Report to Colonel in Chief RADC  RADC/2003/3  2003

OP TELIC RADC Nominations to Med Regts  RADC/2003/4  2003

HQ DDA Functional Restructuring by Directorates (3) Myers, Poole & Read  RADC/2003/5  2003

AMS Museum - return of books from long loan to Wellcome Library  RADC/2003/6  2003

Cost of moving AMS Museum to Birmingham ? Regtl Col AMS  RADC/2003/7  2003

50 Group RADC Association Newsletter Spring  RADC/2003/8  2003

AUTHOR: R Elliott Sec

AMS Museum Curator's Report March  RADC/2003/9  2003

AUTHOR: P Starling

Redisplay of the AMS Museum Grant of £292,000 from Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF)  RADC/2003/10  2003

AMS Museum Move to Birmingham to become a DMS Museum (2009)?  RADC/2003/11  2003

AMD Regtl Col

AMS Museum Trustees Meeting April  RADC/2003/12  2003

AUTHOR: Curator

DGAMS appreciation of P Starling efforts re Lottery Grant - copy to Trustees  RADC/2003/13  2003

Message fron Colonel in Chief RADC to OP TELIC RADC personnel  RADC/2003/14  2003

AUTHOR: Brigitte

AMS Museum Meeting Minutes & Trust Deed  RADC/2003/15  2003

AUTHOR: Curator

AMS Museum - RADC Tableaux proposals  RADC/2003/16  2003

AUTHOR: Brig M J Newell

AMS Museum Temporary Closure Jul to May  RADC/2003/17  2003

AUTHOR: Curator

RAMC Magazine Lt Col Dixon & DDADS  RADC/2003/18  2003

RADC Celebrations DADS Unveiling Badge  RADC/2003/19  2003

DONOR: Aldershot Herald

DADS Appointed Brigadier C M James Sept  RADC/2003/20  2003


Colonel Comdts Report Jul-Dec to Colonel in Chief RADC Commandant RADC  RADC/2003/21  2003

30th Anniversary of the RADC Trg Centre Aldershot (to become DDA)  RADC/2003/22  2003

Appointment of Col Comdt RADC - Col (Ret'd) M R Townsend vice Col B A Hopkin  RADC/2003/23  2003

50 Group RADC Summer newsletter  RADC/2003/24  2003

AUTHOR: R Elliott Sec

RADC Past & Present Regimental Dinner Oct  RADC/2003/25  2003


AMS Museum Displays plans & designs  RADC/2003/26  2003

AUTHOR: Curator

RADC Corps Weekend Sep Adm Instruction  RADC/2003/27  2003


RADC Bulletio - Foreword by new DADS  RADC/2003/28  2003

Specialist Cadre - Maxillofacial Surgery brief  RADC/2003/29  2003

AUTHOR: Brig R M Phillip Adviser

Programme of Visit by Colonel in Chief Sep  RADC/2003/30  2003


DADS Address at 76th Annual Dinner Sep  RADC/2003/31  2003

AUTHOR: Briog C M James

AGM & Meeting of the RADC HQ Officers Mess Committee Sept & Minutes 32a  RADC/2003/32  2003


Suez Canal Medal - Veteran Mike Steer  RADC/2003/33  2003

Western Press Oct

AMS Museum Curators Report November  RADC/2003/34  2003

RADC Regimental Archive (Index & Text) sent to The National Archives Kew  RADC/2003/35  2003

AUTHOR: Aleks Buszewski

AMS Museum Trustees Meeting December  RADC/2003/36  2003

AUTHOR: Curator

Promotion Courses Change for NCOs/WOs  RADC/2003/37  2003


Cheque handed over to Philip Holmes ex RADC for Gurkha children  RADC/2003/38  2003

50 Group RADC Winter Newsletter  RADC/2003/39  2003

AMS Museum Trustees Meeting Minutes Dec  RADC/2003/40  2003

AUTHOR: Curator

YEAR 2004  [no ref. or date]

Items 8-13 relevant to continuity of Corps History after 1995-2003 issue

RADC Corps Diary 2004  RADC/2004/1  2004


Col Mike Townsend Rep Col Comdt RADC  RADC/2004/2  2004


Appt of DADS (Brig James) as QHDS 19 Jan  RADC/2004/3  2004


Quote from a Lt Buxton DW Regt re dentist numbers in The Great War (1916) by Lt Col S Isherwood RADC  RADC/2004/4  2004

AFA award top footer referee trophy to SSgt Grice-Roberts RADC AFA HQ. Via AFA Refs Committee  RADC/2004/5  2004

150th Anniv of the Army in Aldershot - Freedom Parade Apr - 30 RADC to attend  RADC/2004/6  2004


Meeting of the Trustees AMS Museum -April  RADC/2004/7  2004

AUTHOR: Curator AMS Museum

AD Service Newsletter - Issue 1  RADC/2004/8  2004

AD Service Newsletter - Issue 2  RADC/2004/9  2004

AD Service Newsletter - Issue 3  RADC/2004/10  2004

AD Service Newsletter - Issue 4  RADC/2004/11  2004

AD Service Newsletter - Issue 5  RADC/2004/12  2004

AD Service Newsletter - Issue 6 (Nov)  RADC/2004/12A  2004

Cols Comdt RADC Annual Report on the year 2004 to Colonel in Chief RADC  RADC/2004/13  2004

50 Gp RADC Association Newsletter Spring  RADC/2004/14  2004

AUTHOR: R Elliott Sec

Funeral arrangements for the late Maj-Gen FE Ashenhurst (ex DDDDS)  RADC/2004/15  2004

Re-opening Ceremony of the AMS Museum on 6 May by the Countess of Wessex  RADC/2004/16  2004

Col Comdt's mid Year Brief for the Colonel-in-Chief RADC  RADC/2004/17  2004

RADC Corps Weekend 19 Sep - change of original format & venue  RADC/2004/18  2004

Programme for visit of Colonel-in-Chief to Exercise 'Surgical Collar' at Longmoor  RADC/2004/19  2004

RADC Association AGM - Agenda 18 Sep  RADC/2004/20  2004

Meeting of the Trustees AMS Museum-Oct  RADC/2004/21  2004

AGM HQ Offrs Mess RADC Sep Minutes of  RADC/2004/22  2004

Foreword to RADC Bulletin  RADC/2004/23  2004

ABF 60th Anniversary Oct. Nominations  RADC/2004/24  2004

Annual Dinner DADS Address to Guests  RADC/2004/25  2004

AMS Museum as a U.Birm Research Centre  RADC/2004/26  2004

Change to AMS Museum Trust Deed ?  RADC/2004/27  2004

50 Group RADC Association Newsletter Dec  RADC/2004/28  2004

AUTHOR: R Elliott Sec

RADC Museum as was- Happenstance & Circumstance - the story of it being there  RADC/2004/29  2004


Press Cuttings & Periodicals  RADC/2004/30  2004

AUTHOR: Arm review
AUTHOR: AG Freedom Parade
AUTHOR: AMS Prospectus
AUTHOR: AMS Museum Layout
AUTHOR: NY Honours List
AUTHOR: Obit Sandy Flockhart
AUTHOR: AMS Shopping
AUTHOR: AG Herald p.6

DEATHS/OBITUARIES  [no ref. or date]


C (Doughy) Baker (Association)  RADC/GEN01/1  Nov 1988

Capt J J Bailey  RADC/GEN01/2  Jan 1988

RJV Battle, MBE  RADC/GEN01/3  May 1982

Lt Col D Bell  RADC/GEN01/4  Jan 1987

Maj W J Black  RADC/GEN01/5  Dec 1993

C B Bowdler-Henry  RADC/GEN01/6  Jan 1981

F Bramley (50 Gp Assn)  RADC/GEN01/7  Nov 1944

Col P E Brown  RADC/GEN01/8  Apr 1968

Col E C Browne  RADC/GEN01/9  Xmas 1994

Col W C Cook  RADC/GEN01/10  May 1982

Maj G W Cox, MBE - Memorial Service  RADC/GEN01/11  No date

Col J B Cowie, MM - 70s?  RADC/GEN01/12  No date

P Colley (50 Gp Assn)  RADC/GEN01/13  Dec 1994

Claude Gary Collyer  RADC/GEN01/14  24 Aug 1975

Margaret Coulthard  RADC/GEN01/15  26 Dec 1994

Lt Col W E Duckworth  RADC/GEN01/16  Feb 1989

William Herbert Edmonds  RADC/GEN01/17  9 Feb 1994

Maj-Gen W F Finlayson, OBE  RADC/GEN01/18  Dec 1989

A Fisher (Assn)  RADC/GEN01/19  Aug 1988

Col H L Foulkes-Roberts  RADC/GEN01/20  Jan 1995

Col M Gemmell  RADC/GEN01/21  Oct 1992

Sir Harold Delf-Gillies  RADC/GEN01/22  10 Dep 1960

Col H Golding - ?  RADC/GEN01/23  No date

R Harding - ?  RADC/GEN01/24  No date

Lt Col DHP Hopton  RADC/GEN01/25  Nov 1986

Lt Col B G Hunt  RADC/GEN01/26  Jul 1990

Enid Sara Jack  RADC/GEN01/27  17 Sep 1987

Col D R Jack  RADC/GEN01/28  Jun 1988

Lt Col W F Jones  RADC/GEN01/29  Sep 1988

Sir William Kelsey-Fry  RADC/GEN01/30  26 Oct 1963

Maj G R Kirsopp, MBE - Service  RADC/GEN01/31  Apr 1987

Lillian Lindsey  RADC/GEN01/32  30 Jan 1960

Maj H W Loveday  RADC/GEN01/33  Dec 1993

Lt Col D J Mayo  RADC/GEN01/34  May 1993

Lt Col R G (Brian) Meharg  RADC/GEN01/35  Sep 1994

H B Metcalfe  RADC/GEN01/36  Feb 1988

Lt Col W A McLelland  RADC/GEN01/37  Mar 1962

Capt B (Benny) Muir  RADC/GEN01/38  Nov 1969

Lt Col G E (George) Nettleship  RADC/GEN01/39  Jan 1995

Mrs J Parsons  RADC/GEN01/40  May 1992

Capt P J Pretty  RADC/GEN01/41  Oct 1988

Mike Pulling (50 Gp Assoc)  RADC/GEN01/42  1994

Col W B Purnell  RADC/GEN01/43  May 1983

Maj-Gen J H Robertson, CB - Service  RADC/GEN01/44  Feb 1987

Brig D V Taylor, CBE  RADC/GEN01/45  Dec 1979

Col V Vella-Grech  RADC/GEN01/46  Apr 1988

Col T R Wall  RADC/GEN01/47  Jul 1992

Capt C G Walmsey  RADC/GEN01/48  Mar 1989

Col G M Warrack  RADC/GEN01/49  13 Jan 1985

Maj S G (George) Watson, MBE  RADC/GEN01/50  Mar 1995

Capt PKJ Whittaker  RADC/GEN01/51  Apr 1983

Corps Roll of Honour  RADC/GEN01/52  1939 to 1945

CLINICAL ARTICLES  [no ref. or date]


'The Button Wire as an aid to Fixation'  RADC/GEN02/1  [n.d.]

By T S Leonard

'Dental Splints'  RADC/GEN02/2  [n.d.]

By J H Robertson

'Virus Infections of The Oral Mucosa' - Anon  RADC/GEN02/3  [n.d.]

'Allergies to Local Anaesthetics' - Anon  RADC/GEN02/4  [n.d.]

'A Case of Mandibular Prognathism Corrected' by DTH Paine, D V Taylor and P Felix  RADC/GEN02/5  [n.d.]

Source of acquisition: ACCESSION NO: (A 72)

'A Report on a Survey of the Orthodontic needs of 310 Apprentices' by Prof C F Ballard and J B Wayman RADC  RADC/GEN02/6  1965

'Pte Conroy - Contracted Eye Socket' - Anon  RADC/GEN02/7  [n.d.]

'Acrylic Resin Cap Splints'  RADC/GEN02/8  1965

By J H Robertson

'Establishing a Pulp Registry'  RADC/GEN02/9  1980

By Harold R Stanley DDS

'Five Army Cases of a denture impacted in the Food or Air passages' - Woods  RADC/GEN02/10  1935

Source of acquisition: ACCESSION NO: (A 995)

By S H Woods

'Treatment of Fractures of the Mandible/Maxilla by Resin Cap Splints'  RADC/GEN02/11  1963

By J H Robertson

'Acrylic Resin Cap Splints to Support Pressure Packs after Gingivectomy'  RADC/GEN02/12  1965

By J H Robertson

'An Investigation into the Dental State of Army Recruits'  RADC/GEN02/13  1960/61

By A M Milne

'Ulcero Membranous Stomatitis and Gingivitis among Troops on Active Service  RADC/GEN02/14  [n.d.]

By F B Bowman MB

'Notes on Prosthetic Procedures'  RADC/GEN02/15  1970

By Capt A O Chick AD Corps and Capt J N Peacock AD Corps

'A Case of AUG treated with Penicillin'  RADC/GEN02/16  1945

By Capt A G Kirby AD Corps

'The Correction of Facial Prognathism'  RADC/GEN02/17  1970

AUTHOR: Brig J H Robertson and Col E S Foster

'William Robertson of Birmingham 1794-1870'  RADC/GEN02/18  1971

AUTHOR: R A Cohen FFD LDS, E A Marsland BDS FDS and C Hillam BA

'LCpl Egginton: Fracture Nasal Complex - Depressed Bridge' Anon  RADC/GEN02/19  1946

'Broken Hypodermic Needle in Jaw' - Anon  RADC/GEN02/20  1939

'Tension in Connective Tissue' - James  RADC/GEN02/21  1959

The BDJ Apr 6 1945 - Penicillin/Crowns/Maxillo-Facial Diet  RADC/GEN02/22  [n.d.]

'Treatment of AUG by Penicillin' - 1945 File  RADC/GEN02/23  [n.d.]

AUTHOR: Col H L Sheehan DDP

'A Retractor for the Vertical Sub-sigmoid Ostectomy'  RADC/GEN02/24  1968


'Jaw Injuries - Records (280) of the New Zealand Section serving in the Great War' - Frognal Section of Medical Studies  RADC/GEN02/25  [n.d.]

Donated by Dr A N Bamji FRCP

SOLDIER'S ANECDOTES  [no ref. or date]

THE GREAT WAR 1914/1918  [no ref. or date]


'Notes written on the Dental Section of the RAMC 1916 to 1919' By A Taylour ex D Mechanic  RADC/GEN03/1/1  No date

WORLD WAR 2  [no ref. or date]


Nigeria, Europe, D Day  RADC/GEN03/2/1  [n.d.]

By K H Clarke D Mech

CMF, Middle East  RADC/GEN03/2/2  [n.d.]

By J Wilkinson DCO

BEF, North Africa, CMF  RADC/GEN03/2/3  [n.d.]

By W Golder D Mech

Iceland  RADC/GEN03/2/4  [n.d.]

By G Beavan D Mech

ATS UK  RADC/GEN03/2/5  [n.d.]

By Jean Lee (nee Hawes) DCO

POW Dai Nippon  RADC/GEN03/2/6  [n.d.]

By VGL Dolling DCO

India  RADC/GEN03/2/7  [n.d.]

By G M Clifford DCO

Service in AD Corps  RADC/GEN03/2/8  1939-1946

By J H Pegum DCO

'Escape from Glory' (serial in Trade Journal, 'The Dental Mechanic')  RADC/GEN03/2/9  [n.d.]

Source of acquisition: ACCESSION NO: (A 1088)

By Harry Stork D Mech

'My War'  RADC/GEN03/2/10  [n.d.]

By A R Watkinson D Mech

'We'll Meet Again' (ATS)  RADC/GEN03/2/11  [n.d.]

By Mrs D G King DCO

'Life of My Father'  RADC/GEN03/2/12  [n.d.]

By J W Stewart D Mech - IWS

'I knew Sgt King'  RADC/GEN03/2/13  [n.d.]

By W McLeod DCO

POST + PRE-WAR  [no ref. or date]


'An ADEN Episode by W Wilkinson (DCO)  RADC/GEN03/3/1  1969

'A Lifetime in the Service'  RADC/GEN03/3/2  1916/1945

By C L Baker

'Those were the Days'  RADC/GEN03/3/3  [n.d.]

By Mrs English

'Life of R J Arscott  RADC/GEN03/3/4  1920/45

By Mrs Arscott

'A Unit of Three'  RADC/GEN03/3/5  1928/45

By Gerard Peters

'Op Hearts & Minds, Borneo  RADC/GEN03/3/6  [n.d.]

By K Monk (WO2 RAMC)

SERBIA/BOSNIA  [no ref. or date]


Gorazde Enclave - Diary  RADC/GEN03/4/1  [n.d.]

By Sgt W Gooden-Husband

Joel Brand in Sarajevo  RADC/GEN03/4/2  [n.d.]

'Theft of Personal Item from Soldiers in Gorazde - Police Report w/RADC witness  RADC/GEN03/4/3  [n.d.]

OFFICER'S ANECDOTES  [no ref. or date]

THE GREAT WAR 1914/18  [no ref. or date]


'Men Who Marched Away'  RADC/GEN04/1/1  [n.d.]

AUTHOR: Paul Higgins LDS RCS

WORLD WAR II  [no ref. or date]


BEF, India Singapore  RADC/GEN04/2/1  [n.d.]

By Eric A Moon

N Africa, S Africa, NE, ME, India, Madagascar  RADC/GEN04/2/2  [n.d.]

By D Glass

BEF  RADC/GEN04/2/3  [n.d.]

By John Maywhort

Para Fd Amb, Rhine Army  RADC/GEN04/2/4  [n.d.]

By R W Birkett

Middle East, Egypt  RADC/GEN04/2/5  [n.d.]

By H W South

'Home Via Russia' (POW)  RADC/GEN04/2/6  [n.d.]

By K C Blanthorne, OBE

West Africa  RADC/GEN04/2/7  [n.d.]

By H R Tomlin

Iraq, India  RADC/GEN04/2/8  [n.d.]

By T W Frost

'A Dentist at War'  RADC/GEN04/2/9  [n.d.]

By W H Edmonds

'The AD Corps in Thailand' (POW)  RADC/GEN04/2/10  [n.d.]

By C H James

Hong Kong 'On Looking Back' (POW)  RADC/GEN04/2/11  [n.d.]

By G Johnstone

'A Full Life' BEF  RADC/GEN04/2/12  [n.d.]

By J A Gemmell

'Introduction to The AD Corps'  RADC/GEN04/2/13  [n.d.]

By D H Ridler, MC

Humour in Uniform (FE POW)  RADC/GEN04/2/14  [n.d.]

By F J Martin

Diary 1940/41 - To Burma via India; (NB Extended Diary to 1945 is continued on DISK)  RADC/GEN04/2/15  [n.d.]

By F Geldard

'On The River Kwai'  RADC/GEN04/2/16  [n.d.]

By Basil Peacock RA, MC

UK  RADC/GEN04/2/17  [n.d.]

By R Birkett

Epilogue - Dunkirk deaths  RADC/GEN04/2/18  [n.d.]

By FJW Hooper RAMC

Far East - Singapore (POW)  RADC/GEN04/2/19  [n.d.]

By W F Finlayson OBE

Poland, Germany, Colditz (POW)  RADC/GEN04/2/20  [n.d.]

By J M Green

Thailand Death Railway (POW)  RADC/GEN04/2/21  [n.d.]

By D Arkush

Thailand Dental Surgery (POW)  RADC/GEN04/2/22  [n.d.]

By H Brennan

'Our Teeth' Synopsis  RADC/GEN04/2/23  [n.d.]

By Dr J Dyce

Burma & India  RADC/GEN04/2/24  [n.d.]

By M A Freeman MC

Iceland 'Another True Story'  RADC/GEN04/2/25  [n.d.]

By B Bland

Wartime Experiences summarised in BDJ  RADC/GEN04/2/26  1945/46

Survey of POW Dental Centre by H F Crabb
The Great Assault by ETJ Dykes
A Field Dental Laboratory M C Hart
Dentistry in a POW FE Camp by D Arkush
A DO on D-Day by F E Street MC
Experiences of a DO in Normandy by J R Hutton
Visit by a DO to the Antarctic by J Tomlinson
Work of DOs in POW Camps by D McGregor
Wartime experiences of a DO by W Golding
DOs under siege in Tobruk by R Green
Dentistry at the Dead Sea by D H Small
A DO in Captivity - TA Officer anon
USAF Bombers over Marienberg - AD Corps POW Anon

'Fifty Years On' - Colin Davis interviews Eric Cooper FDS who ended up in Colditz as POW DO  RADC/GEN04/2/27  [n.d.]

BDJ Article

LONG SERVICE OFFICERS  [no ref. or date]


History Critique, (when DADS)  RADC/GEN04/3/1  [n.d.]

By H Quinlan

'Round The World by Troopship'; 'The Coronation Procession'; 'RADC Training Centre'; 'Thrown in at the Deep End' by W B Purnell  RADC/GEN04/3/2  [n.d.]

The Treatment of Soldiers before and after the Formation of The Army Dental Corps by C V Walker  RADC/GEN04/3/3  [n.d.]

Notes on the AD Corps  RADC/GEN04/3/4  [n.d.]

By F G Arnold

The Army Dental Corps  RADC/GEN04/3/5  1927-30

By W P Baxendine

Reminiscences of a Fang Farrier  RADC/GEN04/3/6  1921-52

By J L Gibson

Reminiscences of 1921-1930  RADC/GEN04/3/7  [n.d.]

By S H Woods CBE

The Corps Badge (approved 1948)  RADC/GEN04/3/8  [n.d.]

By R W Mather

Secondment - Extra mural duties  RADC/GEN04/3/9  [n.d.]

By E D Stanhope

Malaya - Post War Developments  RADC/GEN04/3/10  [n.d.]

By E J Bowen

'In The Early Days'  RADC/GEN04/3/11  [n.d.]

By D J Muil

North-West Frontier, India  RADC/GEN04/3/12  [n.d.]

By W S Y Mackie

'A Full Life'  RADC/GEN04/3/13  [n.d.]

By J A M Gemmell

THE KOREAN WAR  [no ref. or date]


Korea (by UN Force)  RADC/GEN04/4/1  [n.d.]

By W S Y Mackie

BORNEO  [no ref. or date]


Op 'Hearts and Minds'  RADC/GEN04/5/1  [n.d.]

By J Chalmers Clarke

Loan Service in Brunei  RADC/GEN04/5/2  [n.d.]

By C M James

THE FALKLANDS ISLES  [no ref. or date]


A DO in The Falklands Islands  RADC/GEN04/6/1  [n.d.]

By K A Watt

16 Field Ambulance in the Falklands  RADC/GEN04/6/2  [n.d.]

By G K Long

Some Reflections on OP Corporate  RADC/GEN04/6/3  [n.d.]

By J F Aitken

Experiences with 2 Field Hospital  RADC/GEN04/6/4  [n.d.]

By C H Lee

THE GULF WAR  [no ref. or date]


A Dentist's Experience in the Gulf (TA Officer) by WJN Collins  RADC/GEN04/7/1  [n.d.]

GENERAL ITEMS  [no ref. or date]

VARIOUS  [no ref. or date]


'The Museum of the RADC' By Lt Col E J Bowen from BDJ  RADC/GEN05/VAR/1  [n.d.]

Camera Arm as used by the RADC Photo section  RADC/GEN05/VAR/2  [n.d.]

From BDJ

"Artillery" Weapons & Shrapnel - Mag article  RADC/GEN05/VAR/3  [n.d.]

'The Organisation of a Dental Service in The Fighting Forces' by Col D J Muil OBE  RADC/GEN05/VAR/4  [n.d.]

Source of acquisition: ACCESSION NO: (A 1169)

'A Short History of The Army Nursing Service' - anon  RADC/GEN05/VAR/5  [n.d.]

'A Short History of The Cambridge Military Hospital' by Col J F Webb MC, MD  RADC/GEN05/VAR/6  [n.d.]

'Notes on the Origins of Military Dentistry' - Anon  RADC/GEN05/VAR/7  [n.d.]

Regular & Short Service Commissions - WO pamphlet  RADC/GEN05/VAR/8  [n.d.]

Ex Dentibus Ensis-legend & Badge-lecture - Anon  RADC/GEN05/VAR/9  [n.d.]

'The Development of Maxillo-facial surgery' - Anon  RADC/GEN05/VAR/10  [n.d.]

'The Development of Dental Technology' - v/authors  RADC/GEN05/VAR/11  [n.d.]

Notes & Guide to the Museum Exhibits By E J Bowen  RADC/GEN05/VAR/12  [n.d.]

'Notes on Training in The Corps' By G W Cox  RADC/GEN05/VAR/13  1921-1971

'The Orthodontic Service' - Anon  RADC/GEN05/VAR/14  [n.d.]

'Group System - Development' By G A Elliott and V H Ward  RADC/GEN05/VAR/15  [n.d.]

Trg Notes Lectures for DCO By A N Moon  RADC/GEN05/VAR/16  [n.d.]

Source of acquisition: ACCESSION NO: (A 1371)

1971 History - Editor's Progress File By W B Purnell  RADC/GEN05/VAR/17  [n.d.]

Sports & Games - Army Dental Service  RADC/GEN05/VAR/18  [n.d.]

HISTORY  [no ref. or date]


Draft History of The Corps - Anon (Baxendene?)  RADC/GEN05/HIST/1  [n.d.]

142 pps with photos/illustrations - altogether a very good presentation of the development of the Army Dental Service - The Beginning, The South African War, The Great War, The Formation, Finally - progress to WW2

Short History of the Army Dental Service - 1660 to 1982 (The Falklands)  RADC/GEN05/HIST/2  [n.d.]

By P Poole? (A presentation paper for a lecture perhaps)

The History of the Army Dental Service  RADC/GEN05/HIST/3  [n.d.]

Source of acquisition: ACCESSION NO: (A 186)

Produced in October 1959
By the War Office, an official publication 24 pps by Lt Col A J Michelson and WOI J C Muston RADC

A History of The Army Dental Service  RADC/GEN05/HIST/4  [n.d.]

A structured draft officially approved for an Editorial Committee to study
(Newell, Coulthard & Stafford) and publication in 1996
By V H Ward

Draft 'Dentists at War' by V H Ward  RADC/GEN05/HIST/5  [n.d.]

A dental history of the ADS expressed in story form based on 'wartime' dental officer anecdotes Vanity publication paid for by the Association, proceeds to RADC Benevolent Fund

GENERAL ITEMS - UNDATED  [no ref. or date]


Women Officers Mess Dress Patterns  RADC/GEN06/1  pre 1993

Volunteers for Aldershot Military Historical Trust required (press cutting)  RADC/GEN06/2  [n.d.]

Invite to Col W B Purnell to West Yorks Regt Mess  RADC/GEN06/3  [n.d.]

The Airborne Division Brochure  RADC/GEN06/4  [n.d.]

Source of acquisition: ACCESSION NO: (A 437)

Matchlock musket accessories - colour sheet  RADC/GEN06/5  [n.d.]

Repro of Log Book page HMS 'Eurylus' (Nelson)  RADC/GEN06/6  [n.d.]

'Canoeing in Norway' by Capt J H Hardy RADC  RADC/GEN06/7  [n.d.]

Source of acquisition: ACCESSION NO: (A 1064)

Colonel Helliwell - career profile & photo  RADC/GEN06/8  [n.d.]

Photocopy of 'Op Pegasus' book page - escape of Capt D H Ridler from Germans  RADC/GEN06/9  [n.d.]

Sword Makers - Their recognition 'marks'  RADC/GEN06/10  [n.d.]

BDA Library data & What is 'The Lindsay Society'  RADC/GEN06/11  [n.d.]

Army Customs & Practices - General Matters  RADC/GEN06/12  [n.d.]

WO Instruction on Hospital Equipment - Boer War  RADC/GEN06/13  [n.d.]

Aims of the RADC Association (first draft)  RADC/GEN06/14  [n.d.]

Viewfoil of AD Corps badge  RADC/GEN06/15  [n.d.]

1991 RADC Cover plate depicting 1921 AO (70 anniv)  RADC/GEN06/16  [n.d.]

'The Army Dental Service in The Home of The British Army' by V H Ward  RADC/GEN06/17  [n.d.]

GENERAL ITEMS - UNNUMBERED  [no ref. or date]

Maps, foreign parts (including silk versions for escaping POWs WW2)
Maps, London & Britain various
Dental Centres and Equipment schematics - architects drawings

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