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Reference RCED
Covering dates 1899-1906
Held by Lambeth Palace Library
Extent 25 files
Creators Royal Commission on Ecclesiastical Discipline, 1904
Related information The service books, manuals and parish magazines, which were submitted in evidence and identified in the Commission's published report and evidence, have been transferred to the Printed Books sequence in the Library.

Administrative history:
In 1904 a Royal Commission was set up 'to inquire into the alleged prevalence of breaches or neglect of the law relating to the conduct of divine services in the Church of England and to the ornaments and fittings of churches; and to consider the existing powers and procedure applicable to such irregularities and to make such recommendations as may be deemed requisite for dealing with the aforesaid matters'. It was chaired by Sir Michael Hicks Beach. 118 meetings were held, the first meeting taking place in May 1904. The inquiry lasted two years, and a variety of evidence was heard from clergy and laity representing both high and low churchmanship. 164 witnesses were examined, many of whom represented the Evangelical wing organised by the Joint Evidence Committee of the Church of England League and the National Protestant Church Union, and the Church Association. The report, which was siged 21 June 1906, was thereafter published together with the majority of the evidence heard by the Commission.

The Royal Commission transferred the records to Lambeth Palace on the completion of their work. These included minutes, report, publications submitted in evidence, and correspondence files. The Commission allocated a file for each correspondent or witness, numbered 1-862. However less that 10% of these correspondence files were transferred to Lambeth.

Minute Book  RCED 1  1904-6

Minutes of the meetings of the Commission, 4 May 1904-16 March 1906.
Index + 316 pp.

Minute Book  RCED 2  1906

Minutes of the meetings of the Commission, 22 March-21 June 1906.
314 pp. (pp. 31-314 blank).

Proceedings of the Commission  RCED 3  1904-5

Verbatim account of the proceedings of the Commission on 10, 17, 18 Nov. 1904, and 12, 13 Jan. 1905.
144 ff.

Episcopal Correspondence  RCED 4  1904-6

Correspondence with diocesan bishops, and the archbishops of Canterbury and York, concerning questions circulated by the Commission, and the submission of evidence. Some of the correspondence was published by the Commisssion. In the case of Archbishop Davidson and the bishops of Bristol, Birmingham, and Manchester, the papers include the corrected proofs of their evidence. The bishops concerned are as follows:
George Forrest Browne, bishop of Bristol (ff.1-37).
William Boyd Carpenter, bishop of Ripon (ff.38-44).
Francis James Chavasse, bishop of Liverpool (ff.45-57).
Lord Alwyne Frederick Compton, bishop of Ely (ff.58-81).
Randall Thomas Davidson, archbishop of Canterbury (ff.82-121).
John William Diggle, bishop of Carlisle (ff.122-7).
George Rodney Eden, bishop of Wakefield (ff.128-44).
Alfred George Edwards, bishop of St. Asaph (ff.145-52).
Charles John Ellicott, bishop of Gloucester (ff.153-8).
Edgar Charles Sumner Gibson, bishop of Gloucester (ff.159-60).
Edward Carr Glyn, bishop of Peterborough (ff.161-89).
Charles Gore, bishop of Worcester and (1905) Birmingham (ff.190-256).
John Gott, bishop of Truro (ff.257-77).
Edgar Jacob, bishop of St. Albans (ff.278-93).
Francis John Jayne, bishop of Chester (ff.294-325).
Edward King, bishop of Lincoln (ff.326-44).
Edmund Arbuthnott Knox, bishop of Manchester (ff.345-62).
362 ff.

Episcopal Correspondence  RCED 5  1904-5

Correspondence with bishops as RCED/4 relating to:
Cosmo Gordon Lang, bishop of Stepney, and (1928) archbishop of Canterbury (ff.1-9).
Augustus Legge, bishop of Lichfield (ff.10-46).
Arthur Thompson Lloyd, bishop of Newcastle (ff.47-70).
William Dalrymple Maclagan, archbishop of York (ff.71-88).
Handley Carr Glyn Moule, bishop of Durham (ff.89-109).
John Owen, bishop of St. David's (ff.110-24).
Francis Paget, bishop of Oxford (ff.125-95).
John Percival, bishop of Hereford (ff.196-206).
Archibald Robertson, bishop of Exeter (ff.207-45).
Herbert Edward Ryle, bishop of Winchester (ff.246-69).
John Sheepshanks, bishop of Norwich (ff.270-304).
Norman Dumenil John Straton, bishop of Sodor and Man (ff.305-22).
322 ff.

Episcopal Correspondence  RCED 6  1904-5

Correspondence with bishops as RCED/5 relating to:
Edward Stuart Talbot, bishop of Rochester, and (1911) Winchester (ff.1-19).
Ernest Roland Wilberforce, bishop of Chichester (ff.20-62).
George Howard Wilkinson, bishop of St. Andrews (ff.63-8).
Watkin Herbert Williams, bishop of Bangor (ff.69-79).
Arthur Foley Winnington-Ingram, bishop of London (ff.80-109).
John Wordsworth, bishop of Salisbury (ff.110-76).
Huyshe Wolcott Yeatman-Biggs, bishop of Worcester (ff.177-9).
Memorial forwarded by John Edward Cowell Welldon, former bishop of Calcutta, recommending the optional use of the Athanasian Creed, June 1905 (ff.180-259).
259 ff.

Visitation Articles  RCED 7  1899-1905

Letters and papers sent in response to the Commission's enquiry in May 1905 about episcopal and archdecanal visitations. Included are copies of visitation articles, 1899-1905. The papers relate to the following dioceses:
Bangor (ff.2-4); Bath and Wells (ff.5-8); Bristol (ff.9-10); Carlisle (ff.11-12); Chester (ff.13-20); Exeter (ff.21-4); Hereford (ff.25-33); Lincoln (ff.34-48); Manchester (ff.49-52); Newcastle-upon-Tyne (ff.53-4); Norwich (ff.55-62); Peterborough (ff.63-73); Rochester (ff.74-83); St. Asaph (ff.84-92); Salisbury (ff.93-109); Southwell (ff.110-11); Wakefield (ff.112-114); Winchester (ff.115-16); Worcester (ff.117-20).
120 ff.

Correspondence and papers  RCED 8  1904-5

Correspondence mainly with the secretary of the Commission about the submission of evidence.
The correspondents are:
Sir Edward George Clarke, lawyer and politician (ff.1-21).
Sir Lewis Tonna Dibdin, ecclesiastical lawyer (ff.22-35).
James Dixon, vicar of Willesden, 1904-5 (ff.36-8).
Thomas Wortley Drury, principal of Ridley Hall, and (1912) bishop of Ripon (ff.39-52).
The Rev. Henry Beachcroft Dunlop, vicar of St. John Withyham, Sussex (ff.53-67).
Frank Elliott, 1905 (ff.68-70).
William Robert Fremantle, dean of Ripon, (ff.71-3).
Lord Hugh Richard Heathcote Gascoyne-Cecil, 1st Baron Quickswood (1941): memorandum of evidence by, [1905] (ff.74-105).
Edgar Sumner Gibson, bishop of Gloucester (1904), 1904 (ff.106-7).
William George Harsant and Alfred Kilby of St. Katherine, Rotherhithe, 1905: copy of memorial in support of E.M. O'Hara Lee, vicar of St. Katherine, Rotherhithe, 1905 (see 16283-16331) (ff.108-119).
George Bolton Harwood, M.P., 1904 (ff.120-6). c +
The Rev. Stuart Duckworth Headlam: includes address on disorders in the church to the Guild of St. Matthew, St. Peter's Day 1904, and precis of evidence, 1904-5 (ff.127-56).
Sir Michael Hicks-Beach, chairman of the Commission, 1904-6 (ff.157-93).
Henry Tubal Hole, rector of Plympton St. Maurice, Devon 1904-5 (ff.194-201).
Home Secretary, 1904-5: correspondence with the Home Secretary and his under-secretaries or clerks (ff.202-7).
Edward Craig Maclure, dean of Manchester, 1905 (ff.208-24).
Arthur Basil Markham, 1st bart (1911), 1904-5 (ff.225-39).
Harriet A. Packer: declines to proceed with her evidence, 1904-5 (ff.240-45).
George Walter Prothero, kt. (1920), 1906 (ff.246-7).
Leighton Pullen, 1904: includes notes of present troubles in the Church of England (ff.248-57).
R. Powell Rees, J.P., 1905 (ff.258-61).
Joseph Armitage Robinson, dean of Westminster, 1904 (ff.262-72).
Canon William Sanday, Lady Margaret professor of divinity, Oxford, 1905 (The principle of comprehension in the Church of England) copy) (cf. 16332-16591, (ff.273-81).
Henry James Moore Sanders, vicar of Challow, Berks., 1904-5:. reply to criticism, 1904-5 (no. 15580- (ff.282-313).
Thomas Banks Strong, dean of Christ Church, and (1925) bishop of Oxford: precis of his evidence, 1905 (ff.314-17).
Henry Wace, dean of Canterbury, 1904-5 (ff.318-27).
Albert Ellis Blakeney Wade, vicar of Bentley, Doncaster, Yorks.: reply to evidence against, 1905 (ff.328-34).
Henry Russell Wakefield, rector of St. Mary, Bryanston Square, Middx., chairman of the group of clergy who submitted a declaration about discipline in the Church of England: copy of declaration (f.335).
335 ff.

Evidence for St. Cuthbert's, Kensington  RCED 9  1904

Evidence submitted by Robert Bickersteth, sidesman at St. Cuthbert's, Philbeach Gardens, Kensington, [1904] (printed).
138 pp.

Correspondence with the Church Association  RCED 10  1900-5

Correspondence with Henry Miller, secretary of the Church Association, 1904-5. Included are photographs of churches and a few manuals submitted in evidence (ff.1-103). Also:
A gross scandal in the diocese of St. Albans undiluted popery and idolatry in the established church under the oversight of the bishop, Church Association publication, 1901 (ff.29-36).
The way to Rome, Church Association, 1903 (ff.63-7).
Evidence collected by the Church Association from All Saints, Middlesborough (ff. 99-102).
Postcard showing rood screen at St Mary, Market Drayton (f.103) cf 6318).
Reports on churches mainly in London submitted by Emily Bruce referring to:
All Saints and the Good Shepherd, Southend, Essex (ff.105-12); Holy Cross, St. Pancras, Middx. (ff.113-25); St. Saviour, Southwark, Surrey (ff.117-20); St. Faith, Stoke Newington (ff.121-5); St. James, Hampstead (ff.126-34), including hymn for St. George's day; St. Gabriel, Canning Town, (ff.135-7); St. Ethelburga, Bishopsgate (ff.138-9); St. Mary and St. John, Hendon (ff.140-5); St. Saviour, Poplar (ff.146-67); St. Paul, Knightsbridge, Holy Innocents, Hammersmith, St. John the Baptist, Kensington (ff.168-73); church of the Good Shepherd, Southend (ff.174-82); St. John the Baptist, Holland Road, Kensington, including Guild of All Saints (ff.183-9); Old St. Pancras Church, Middx. (ff.190-8); St. Edmund King and Martyr, Forest Gate (ff.198-203); St. Mary Magdalene, Munster Square, Paddington, Middx. (ff.203-12); St. Philip, Plaistow, includes religious cards sold there, and Father Andrew, Why do you wear the rope; (ff.213-51); St. Columba, Haggerston (ff.252-4); St. John the Baptist, Great Marlborough Street (ff. 255-6); St. Peter, Staines (ff.257-8).
Evidence submitted by the following:
A.W. Brenes on St. Nicholas, Little Braxted (ff.259-60).
W.T. Hambly on Holy Trinity, Stroud Green (ff.261-3).
C.B. Lutyens, 1905: correspondence on evidence about practices in St. Paul, Bedford, and Amphill (ff.264-71).
272 ff.

Joint Evidence Committee  RCED 11  1904-6

Correspondence and papers relating to the submission of evidence by the Joint Evidence Committee (The Church of England League and the National Protestant Church Union), comprising the following:
Correspondence with Guy Johnson, secretary of the Joint Evidence Committee, 1904-6 (ff.1-97).
Correspondence with Messrs Hicks, Davies, & Hunt, solicitors for the Joint Evidence Committee, 1905 (ff.98-118).
Correspondence with J.H. Rainbow on the inadmissability of his evidence, 1904-5 (ff.119-25).
Photographs, orders of services and other papers relating to the following evidence:
R.M. Bradner on St. Silas, Hull, 1904 (ff.127- 8);
H.T. Hogan on St.Frideswides, East India Dock; St.
Mary, Penzance (ff.129-34).
Lady Lindsey on St. Margaret Pattens, London (ff.135-6).
Walter Mayo on Holy Trinity, Hastings, and St. Andrew, Worthing, Sussex (ff. 137-8).
Col. A. Porcelli on Holy Trinity, Broadstairs, Kent (f.139).
Henry Webber on St. Luke, Newcastle, and St. James the Less, Hambridge (ff.140-3); and report on a visit to Holy Trinity, Shirebrook, Notts., possibly by the same, which was not included in the published report (ff.144-7).
Postcard 'St. Wilfrid opening the annual feast at Ripon' (f.148).
Church Reform League
Correspondence with Alfred Holdsworth, secretary of the Church Reform League, together with evidence of Douglas Eyre, esq., and H.J. Torr, on behalf of the League, 1905 (ff.149-83).
English Church Union
Correspondence about the evidence of W.H. Hill, secretary, and Charles Lindley Wood, Viscount Halifax, president of the English Church Union, 1904-5. This includes:
Precis of evidence of Lord Halifax (ff.203-18).
President's letter to members and associates of the English Church Union together with bill introduced by Bishop Blomfield, and speeches of the latter and Archbishop Sumner, 1850 (printed) (ff. 220-31).
Address by Viscount Halifax to the AGM of the English Church Union on the royal commission on church courts in relation to the royal supremacy and the imprisonment of the Rev. Sidney Faithorn Green, 22 June 1881 (printed) (ff.232-7).
Appeal to the first six centuries, 1904-5 (ff.288-302), including:
The appeal to the first six centuries: a letter to the very reverend the dean of Canterbury on the mistake and mis-statement in the Church Times in respect to the answer from the New to the true Catholics (printed).
Correspondence with William Charles Edmund Newbolt, canon of St. Paul's.
List of clerical subscribers to the Appeal (printed)
302 ff.

Altar Card.  RCED 12  n.d

Altar card submitted in evidence by W.E. Bowen, 1904/5.

Memorial  RCED 13  1904

Memorial of clergy and laity organised by the English Church Union, and submitted to Archbishop Davidson, 1904.

Memorial  RCED 14  1904

List of the signatories in the preceeding memorial, arranged by bishops, clergy, nobility, laity.
268 ff.

Survey of churches  RCED 15  1901

List of churches arranged by dioceses within the provinces of Canterbury and York where vestments were worn in 1900, compiled from the Tourists' Church Guide, and published by the English Church Union, 1901.
66 ff.

Reports and surveys  RCED 16  1904-5

These comprise:
Report on the observance of Ascension Day, compiled from the Statistical returns of the parochial clergy, 1904, and arranged in alphabetical order of dioceses, 1904 (ff.1-28)
Statistical survey of church services arranged according to rural deaneries in each diocese, drawn up for the Royal Commission, c. 1904-5. (ff.29-80).
Statistical abstract from the Guide to Ritualist Churches (f.81).
81 ff.

Survey  RCED 17  1904

Statistical survey of ritualist practices in churches drawn up by the Commission.

Corrected proofs of the Commission's Report  RCED 18  1906

Corrected proofs of the evidence of various contributors, including Lord Hugh Cecil (ff.103-6), Sir Lewis Tonna Dibdin (ff.234-56), William Joynson Hicks Beach (ff.186-204), and Viscount Halifax (ff.206-33).
233 ff.

Report  RCED 19  1906

Report of the Royal Commission on Ecclesiastical Discipline, 1906.
viii + 79 pp.

Minutes of evidence taken before the Royal Commission Discipline on Ecclesiastical Discipline, Volume 1.  RCED 20  1906

List of witnesses, p.iii;
iv + 543 pp. (nos.1-7292)

Minutes of evidence taken before the Royal Commission Discipline on Ecclesiastical Discipline, Volume 2.  RCED 21  1906

List of witnesses, p.iii;
iv + 557 pp. (nos.7293-16036)

Minutes of evidence taken before the Royal Commission Discipline on Ecclesiastical Discipline, Volume 3.  RCED 22  1906

List of witnesses, p.iii;
iv + 412 pp. (nos.16037-23638)

Minutes of evidence taken before the Royal Commission Discipline on Ecclesiastical Discipline, Volume 4.  RCED 23  1906

Record of Commissioners' attendances, appendices, index, and analysis of evidence.
319 pp.

Album of newspaper cuttings  RCED 24  1904-6

Address Book  RCED 25  n.d

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