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Covering dates 9th century-20th century
Held by Lambeth Palace Library
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Folder icon  HEIRLOOMS ETC. AT LAMBETH PALACE  MS 3348  1888-1958

These documents are held at Lambeth Palace Library

203 folios

Correspondence and papers of Archbishops of Canterbury concerning heirlooms at Lambeth Palace other than paintings, busts, and plate, as follows:
Donation by Sir Henry Longley of prints sold at the sale of Archbishop Sumner's effects, 1888 (ff.1-6).
Letter from Archbishop Edward White Benson to unnamed ladies, 19 April 1891, acknowledging the gift of an eagle lectern (f.7).
Letter from Charles Lindley Wood, 2nd Viscount Halifax, to Edith Murdoch Davidson, wife of Archbishop Davidson, 3 August 1905, sending a gift of tapestry (f.9).
Donation by Arthur Christopher Benson, subsequently (1915) Master of Magdalene College, Cambridge, of an embroidered crucifix, 1911 (ff.11-16).
Deposit of the silver seal designed by Sir Christopher Wren of the Corporation of the Sons of the Clergy, 1920 (f.17).
Donation by J.N. Philpott of the jewelled morse of the cope worn by Archbishop William Howley at the coronation of Queen Victoria, 1920 (f.18).
Letter from Alston James Weller May, Bishop of Northern Rhodesia, to Mrs. Davidson, 22 May 1920, offering the gift of a Barotseland (Africa) royal mat (f.20).
Donation by the Metropolitan of Sofia of a medal commemorating the consecration of the church of St. Alexander Nevsky at Sofia, 1924 (ff.22-3).
Donation by the Greek Orthodox community in London of Greek ecclesiastical embroidery, 1929 (ff.24-30).
Inventory by the Revd. Claude Jenkins, Librarian (later Regins Professor of Ecclesiastical History, Oxford), of furniture and other effects belonging to Lambeth Palace Library, no date [20th century] (ff.31-5).
Donation by Major Frank H. Young of an ivory chalice said to have belonged to Archbishop William Laud, 1931 (ff.36-47).
List of articles deposited in the bank for safe-keeping, 1941-60 (ff.48-54).
Valuation of articles for insurance, no date (ff.55-6).
Drawings of crosses given to Archbishop Fisher: pectoral cross given by masters at Repton School (f.57); cross given by the Supreme Catholicos of all Armenians, 1956 (f.58); crosses given by the Patriarch of Moscow, c.1946, 1954 (ff.59, 61); cross given by Mar Shimun, 1954 (f.60); pectoral cross of Frederic Edward Ridgeway, Bishop of Salisbury [20th century] (f.62).
Papers about and photographs of the primatial cross and pastoral staff of Canterbury (province), 1947-56 (ff.63-77).
Statement concerning the 'Canterbury cross', 1956 (f.78).
Donation by Philip Thomas Byard Clayton, Vicar of All Hallows, Barking-by-the-Tower, and others, of a replica of a coin of Mellitus (Archbishop of Canterbury) believed to be the first British coin to bear the sign of the cross, 1954 (ff.79-95).
Donation by - Hathaway of a medal struck in honour of Archbishop William Laud, 1954 (ff.96-8).
List of Archbishop Randall Thomas Davidson's heirlooms given by Miss Mary Mills, 1954-7 (ff.99-106).
Account with photograph of the Vestments (cope and mitre) made for Archbishop Geoffrey Fisher by the Brotherhood of Saint Andrew in Japan, 1948-9 (ff.107-8).
Papers concerning insurance of the archbishop's robes, 1959 (ff.109-11).
Donation by Walter Henry Gray, Bishop of Connecticut (United States of America), of brocade hangings containing a cardinal's hat said to have belonged to Cardinal Richelieu, 1954-6 (ff.112-25).
Bible given to Lambeth Palace chapel in memory of Miss Mary Mills, 1955 (ff.126-135v).
Bequest by Miss Mary Mills of a chain of purple amethysts given to Mrs. Davidson by bishops attending the Lambeth Conference in 1920 to be handed down to successive Archbishops of Canterbury for the use of the wife of the Archbishop of Canterbury for the time being, 1955-6 (ff.136-41).
Donation by Miss Ethel Elliott-Taylor of Dresden china, 1955-6 (ff.143-59).
Donation by William Theophilus Wiggins-Davies of a lectern Bible, 1956 (ff.160-9).
Donation of a bookcase belonging to John Wordsworth, Bishop of Salisbury, 1956 (ff.170-1).
Memorandum concerning a bas-relief depicting the consecration of Archbishop Matthew Parker modelled by the Revd. Reginald Jeffcoat, 1956 (ff.172-80).
Donation by Frank Oswald Thorne, Bishop of Nyasaland, of an elephant tusk, 1956 (f.181).
Donation by Alexander Annenkoff (Russian émigré) of a cross containing relics of five saints including St. Wladimir, 1954-5 (ff.182-96).
Photographs and a letter from Edward VIII to Archbishop Lang given by Alan Campbell Don, Dean of Westminster, 1957 (ff.197-8).
Donation by W. Gordon Cardew of a medal commemorating the diamond jubilee of Queen Victoria, 1957 (ff.199-200).
List of heirlooms, 1957 (f.201).
Donation by the Metropolitan of Moldavia of a wooden cross, 1958 (f.202).
Donation by A.V. Sutherland-Graeme of a medal commemorating the trial of the seven bishops, 1958 (f.203).

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