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Reference MSS
Covering dates 9th century-20th century
Held by Lambeth Palace Library
Extent Over 4,000 volumes or files
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Folder icon  Carew Manuscript  MS 610  [n.d.]

These documents are held at Lambeth Palace Library

Former reference: MS 610

No further details   Parliament Roll, 23 Edw. I.--John FitzThomas of Ireland was accused in Parliament for divers offences and felonies done in Ireland. He protests he could acquit himself of them by the law, but because he would not cum ipso Domino Rege placitare, he submits himself wholly to the King's favour, into which he was received, upon giving pledges of his demeanor.  MS 610, f. 2  [n.d.]
No further details   Similar extracts from Close Roll, 7 Hen. III.  MS 610, f. 19b  [n.d.]
No further details   Similar extracts from Close Roll, 10 Hen. III.  MS 610, f. 24b  [n.d.]
No further details   Similar extracts from Close Roll, II Hen. III. [As stated before, the Close Rolls from 1 to 11 Hen. III. have been edited by Sir T.D. Hardy.]  MS 610, ff. 27b. to 29  [n.d.]
No further details   (A repetition of ff. 62b to 64.)  MS 610, ff. 54, 65  [n.d.]
No further details   Grant by Henry III. to Ralph Chichester, Chancellor of England, of the Chancellorship (Cancellariam) of Ireland, for term of his life. Westm., 4 March, 17 Hen. III. (No reference.)  MS 610, f. 65b  [n.d.]
No further details   A brief abstract of the present estate of ------ [Blank in MS.] the bishopric of Ossory;" showing the great decrease of rents of the manors of Durrogh, Upper Court, Aghore, Kilkenny, Bishop's Lough, Insnaghe, Seirkeran, Fynkor, etc. "Besides these, many other small parcels which I omit to lay down, are both detained and diminished, to the great decay of the said bishopric and no less disadvantage unto his Majesty, as in his Highness' records may appear, viz., in Magno Rotulo Ed. primi, anno regni sui decimo septimo, etc." Dated by Carew, "1619.  MS 610, f. 75  [n.d.]
No further details   Extract from the Great Roll [of the Pipe] of 19 Edw. I., viz., from the account of the Escheator of Ireland from 17 to 19 Edw. I., touching some of the above-mentioned manors.  MS 610, f. 76b  [n.d.]
No further details   Pedigree of the FitzGeralds, Lords of Desmond and the Decye, beginning with Thomas FitzAnthony.  MS 610, f. 86  [n.d.]
No further details   List of "The Lords of Parliament in Ireland as they were marshalled in the Upper House.  MS 610, f. 89  May 1613
No further details   Copy of patent of the creation of Sir Richard Wingfield as Viscount of Powerscourt. Dublin, 18 Feb., 16 James. I.  MS 610, f. 91  [n.d.]

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